21st Feb, 2017

The Latter Days of February

We are one month in, plus a day or so. And while the Kool-Aid drinkers still believe in the grandiose fantasies of their orange-hued savior, the rest of us are fiercely wondering how we can excise this rabid malignancy from the national soul. Unfortunately, impeachment or the path described by the 25th Amendment depend on too many, either in Congress or the Cabinet, who are fanatical Kool-Aid junkies themselves or who fear the votes of those who are.

It may be that circumstances need to get much worse before those who should act will do so. Or we may be able to peel away the most heinous of Trump’s entourage and find a way to stumble forward to the next election. Already, conspiracy theorist Michael Flynn is gone as National Security Advisor, replaced by the sane, stable, and serious Lt. General H.R. McMaster.  A near-universal chorus of joyful hosannas was heard in the wake of that choice. Given the planetary picture of this summer, there is some sliver of hope that Steve Bannon will be the next reprobate to be exiled. Time will tell.

In the meantime, besides the ongoing and gripping national psychodrama into which we have all been painfully drawn, there will inevitably be domestic and international crises that will demand a clear and concise, and hopefully rational, response from the current White House. Much will be learned and many conclusions will be drawn from those moments.  As of today, we are in the zone of the waxing, one-degree orb of the second of three Jupiter/Uranus oppositions, this one running from February 21 through March 2.  The previous opposition (12/18 to 12/28/16) brought with it the assassination of the Turkish ambassador, the Berlin terrorist attack, the Jordanian terrorist attack, and the downing of both a Libyan and a Russian aircraft. This 10 day period is also likely to bring an upsurge of violence, explosions, and transformative events. In particular, the periods to watch for agitation, sudden and explosive events, and increased aggression are: February 21 through early February 23 due to the Mars square to Pluto; February 24 through early February 25 due to the Sun semisquare to Uranus; February 25 through the evening of February 26, and especially dangerous period, due to the Mars conjunction of Uranus and opposition to Jupiter.

Also of interest in the current astrological climate, is the transiting Jupiter conjunction to natal Jupiter (22Libra43) in the Inaugural chart, running from the Inauguration through February 24, and the transiting Uranus opposition to Jupiter in the Inaugural chart that runs from February 19 through March 13. The overlapping of these aspects, from February 20 through February 24, suggests transformative, successful and grand gestures from the Trump administration. The choice of General McMaster and likely a new, more legally-crafted immigration order seem to fall in this window.

Moreover, with the Uranus transit opposite natal Jupiter continuing through March 13, we can expect more boundary-busting, untraditional, and grandiose actions from Trumpworld. Some of these may be aggressive responses to some of the events that transpire during the Jupiter/Uranus opposition from February 21 through March 2. But the Jupiter/Uranus opposition may also incite a fierce reaction from the population, especially with the Mars conjunction to Uranus on the weekend of the 25th and 26th.

As for the possibility of a Trump impeachment or removal from office, I thought it useful to at least look at Mike Pence’s chart for any time frame when things might step up dramatically enough to suggest such a change. The period from May 2018 through March 2019 is the only one that I found. During this period, his progressed Sun will conjunct his natal Uranus (joined by a Jupiter square from mid-June through mid-July 2018), while transiting Uranus will be square to his natal Venus and semisquare his Sun. These configurations suggest big, powerful changes and a strong surge of independence. Without a birth time for him, I am somewhat handicapped, but 2018 and early 2019 will be a significant and transformative time for him one way or another.


Awesome — as usual. I agree other heads will roll but I think Bannon will be the head roller not the rollee.

2018 would be a good period for Pence’s ascension, since the Republicans would be vulnerable during midterms and they won’t be able to afford more of Trump’s shenanigans.

Trump’s next spate of “court-proof” deportations are probably going to run up against the nationwide human wall of more protests. Anything he will try will run up against the resistance or the courts.

As for me, nothing could beat the fast rise and steep fall of Milo Yiannopoulos, pedophile fan boy of the Alt-Right. That was this Not My President’s Day weekend’s best moment so far.

Thanks again Nancy for yet another article
Fe, mid terms are what sprang to my mind too

this just in from Marjorie Orr too – Trump administration 8 horse chariot with no driver



Thanks for the link. Marjorie Orr just described, in her reserved British way, a “sh*t show”.

Interesting that Bernie Sander’s said recently while on Chris Hayes’ show, something to the effect of “watch what happens or wait ’till you see what happens on Feb. 25th.”

Many thanks for your cogent and sober analysis! Although a growing majority would like to see Trump removed “yesterday” it just won’t and can’t happen until it is to the advantage politically of the majority R. Party. Overwhelming and compelling evidence of impeachable offenses will likely be labeled as fake news propaganda until it is advantageous to the R’s to do otherwise.

Furthermore, it is not clear we would be any safer or better off with Pence or any of the other Radical R’s, were they to replace Mr. DJT. At least DJT serves very well in his role of inspiring Resistance.

You may well be correct. We may be stuck with this bizarre clown until next inauguration January 2021.

Perhaps barbk is right. DJT’s role may be clarification. Sometimes you have to make an egregious mistake and stare at the bad consequences squarely before you can progress further with confidence. A good example would be Prohibition. I think the era we’ve entered will likely demonstrate the paucity, inadequacy, and practical implausibility and impracticability of far right, privatize everything ideology and practice. Perhaps this is the only way that particular vampire might be staked and exorcised from the American psyche.

Starlight, thank you. More great insight!

Trump looks very subdued today, along with his press secretary. Something is definitely coming down the pike.

Thanks for the Marjorie Orr link!
If here take is correct, DJT is not and will not be having fun for quite a while.

So, an active shooter at a Houston Hospital and a horrid plane crash in Australia. Plus Trump starting up with immigrants again. Jupiter Uranus is in gear and escalating. I am hoping things calm some after March 13.

At a town hall meeting an Iowa Farmer Warned R. Senator Chuck Grassley (who talked endlessly of “death panels in 2009) that Obamacare Repeal Will Create ‘One Great Big Death Panel’

I think it is a good meme we can use.

Obamacare Repeal = One Great Big Death Panel

Great post indeed, hopefully even though we may have him for a while it is all playing out as it should.

Sorry, the Sam Harris link is https://www.samharris.org/podcast/full_archive

It is his conversation with David Frum and they talk about exactly what Nancy says about impeachment and how unlikely it will happen any time soon. Also they talk extensively about the tax returns and how rich this Presidency is going to make Trump and his family.

Also of interest is how the liberals so far are not going about reactions to Trump quite the right way, although Frum seems to think the only hope is resistance from the people.

Sharon K and Janet, I am a fellow pisces ,my fiftieth birthday is this coming Monday and I leave for Barbados this Friday.

And someone else on this blog has the same birthday, i can t remember right now.

Beautiful Nancy, Thank You!
“For decades they hid Jefferson’s relationship with her. Now Monticello is making room for Sally Hemings”

Bernie Sanders to speak at Kansas Democratic Party convention Feb 25TH

Former National Security Council Spox Writes Op-Ed to Explain How Trump Led Him to Quit CIA



You and I have the same birthday. Hope you have a great vacation!

A commenter on the Marjorie Orr post linked above says that “you must only get your news from Brietbart or Infowars” and that all other news sources, including networks, etc. are “fake news”. The Koolaid is strong…

Sorry, I meant Diana.

Thank you for the updates, Nancy and for another dose of your excellent writing. I heard the good news that they never found an active shooter at the Houston hospital (although someone was heard to shout “drop the gun” and shots were heard), but the Australian crash that killed 4 Americans on a golf trip (I think) — all successful men who were retired — is sad news, as all such accidents are.

I guess we have to be realistic about how soon Trump will leave office. I am hoping something will be leaked that is too big to ignore. At the same time, Pence scares me as more conservatives will trust and support him – he will come across as reliable and stable after Trump. So I agree with you, there, Eliseo. It may be better to have Trump inspire the resistence if only we could get rid of Bannon. He is smart but everyone has their Achilles heel(s).

Eliseo, I also liked these insightful and very well put comments of yours:
“Sometimes you have to make an egregious mistake and stare at the bad consequences squarely before you can progress further with confidence. A good example would be Prohibition. I think the era we’ve entered will likely demonstrate the paucity, inadequacy, and practical implausibility and impracticability of far right, privatize everything ideology and practice. Perhaps this is the only way that particular vampire might be staked and exorcised from the American psyche.”

It’s nice to know who my fellow Pisceans are onboard. Wishing you, and any other fellow fish, joyful birthdays & a happy, healthy year!

Just saw this on Facebook’s Resist Trump page:

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is inviting comment and COUNTING CALLS before it decides whether to approve Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council.
Call! 202-224-4751. (You don’t have to talk to anyone.)
Just say:
“Hi my name is ______. I am from ____[give your state] and am an American citizen. I oppose Steve Bannon being confirmed to sit on our National Security Council.”

Alex, Could you re-post that Sander’s quote? We should be echoing LOUDLY Bernie’s Sander’s Positive Statements…
They are slogans! They should tap Bernie to come up with more quotes!

The rise and fall of Milo Yiannopoulos – how a shallow actor played the bad guy for money
Like Donald Trump, Yiannopoulos grew out of a grotesque convergence of politics and the internet, and thrived by turning hate speech into showbusiness

Trilby, happy birthday to you on Monday. I will be checking this blog because it always cheers me up.

By the way, I saw that comment about the real news being breitbart and infowars, I thought it was a joke, scary scary indeed..

And I saw on twitter that it is rumored that Alex Jones from Imfwars might be a special advisor to WH or some such thing, not sure if it’s true but nothing surprises me anymore!

Thank you, Nancy.

Check this:


Diana & Trilby – happy birthday to you both!

Patty, thanks for posting the info on sally hemmings & montecello. Interested because a very close girlfriend is married to one of their descendants. Fascinating family history.

I echo Kiwi.
Happy Birthday to you, Diana and Trilby!

Nancy has called our attention to the Uranus factor in this weekend’s astrology; Sun semisquare Uranus and Mars conjunct Uranus specifically, as well as the wee-bit-stretched Pluto-square-Uranus, along with Jupiter-opposing-Uranus which can’t be emphasized too much.

And then there’s the solar eclipse at 8+ Pisces on Sunday, which recalls (to my mind) the September 1st (2016) solar eclipse at 9+ Virgo. Both eclipses were or will be square the U.S. natal Uranus (didn’t see that coming) at 8+ Gemini.

Perhaps this is common to have eclipses so close together in degree and in aspect occurring within a 6 month period of each other, I just don’t recall seeing it before and I’m awed. The Sept 1st eclipse in Virgo was opposite Neptune (10+ Pisces) and T-squared by Saturn (10+ Sagittarius) who was only 4 degrees behind Mars.

Not so this Sunday’s eclipse, although there IS a grand cross between Mars-Uranus-Eris in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra squared by Vesta in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. The energy is ripe for explosive dissention and violence, but once again it is Neptune setting the scene.

Last September’s eclipse Neptune was at 10+ Pisces retrograde and Sunday’s eclipse Neptune is at 11+ Pisces. In both eclipses there is a fogging of perceptions – no hard edges; September’s Neptune opposed the eclipse and Sunday’s Neptune is conjunct the eclipse. In both cases Neptune was square the U.S. Uranus in Gemini. Do I sense a subtle vs. shocking approach trying to make us more conscious?

Bailey recalls that Bernie Sanders said something cryptic about Feb. 25th on TV and alex noted that Bernie would speak at the Kansas Dem Party convention on the 25th. Well, I wonder what he has up his sleeve now.

I say that because Bernie’s MC at 8+ Virgo opposite his IC at 8+ Pisces accommodates the energies of both the Sept. Virgo solar eclipse and Sunday’s Pisces solar eclipse. Not only that but transiting Uranus is about to reinvigorate Bernie’s natal Mars at 23+ Aries retrograde. Not only that, Bernie’s natal Mars is opposite his natal Venus in Libra. How can the two meet in harmony I wonder.

I’m only suggesting that with so much emphasis on transiting Uranus in these volatile times that that energy needs an outlet. Recall as well that Bernie’s natal North Node (path forward) is conjunct the U.S. Neptune, and Neptune is very much in the air right now. The U.S. Neptune in Virgo needs form and it has Bernie’s NN. Transiting Neptune in Pisces needs form and it has it in Bernie’s IC (nadir, that from which he springs, roots).

Bernie’s IC you may or may not recall is the apex point (release) of a natal Yod it shares with Bernie’s natal sextile between his Chiron in Leo and his Vesta in Libra and for some time transiting Neptune in Pisces has availed himself to Bernie’s IC. Now there is going to be an eclipse there too. Chiron and Vesta as a team are hard-working, dedicated, focused and aim to heal. An eclipse as a stimulus to a Yod’s apex is helping manifest the required adjustment at Bernie’s roots.

This might or might not be relevant, but on Sunday, at the time of the eclipse, Saturn will be at 26+ Sagittarius. Bernie has natal Ceres at 26+ Sagittarius and when Bernie was born the (transiting) Galactic Core was at 26+ Sagittarius. It is now moved to 27+ Sagittarius.

The Galactic Core is considered by many to be a location from which universal wisdom is emitted or transmitted, and Saturn is symbolic of energy so condensed that it is solid. If this is so, and both the GC and Saturn are joining Bernie’s Ceres these days then what would that look like?

Ceres symbolizes nurturing. Ceres in Sagittarius would nurture with wisdom perhaps. Something about people and countries far away from our home maybe since Sagittarius has to do with foreign countries and their people.

Ceres is also associated with the loss of something dear, particularly a child. She was, in her myth, not above starving the people (no nurture) until she got information on where her child had been taken. Call it leverage but it worked.

Most of all Ceres is associated with agriculture, climate change, damage to the Earth as in fossil fuel mining. and even weather. To my thinking, Bernie could talk about any of the Ceres related topics and touch a nerve in a crowd. He’s done it before.

If you were to take Bernie’s Ceres in Sagittarius (+ trans. Saturn and GC) and Trump’s Mars in Leo and the transiting Uranus in Aries together you would have a grand fire trine. Saturn and Uranus co-rule the sign of Aquarius with Saturn symbolizing the traditional Aquarian and Uranus symbolizing the modern Aquarian.

Just imagine then, with trans. Saturn and Uranus making the 2nd of 3 trines (harmony) this May, if the U.S. Aquarian Moon that symbolizes the U.S. People, could find a platform where the traditional and the modern could come together on some agreeable idea which the Universe (GC) could support . . .

. . and that would reflect well on Trump (natal Mars trine trans. Uranus and trans Saturn), what a wonderful world this could be.

So, why not Bernie Sanders getting that ball rolling. Do you suppose that’s what he has up his sleeve? Bernie the Peacemaker? Why not? He’s certainly not a long-time Dem nor is he a Pub, but he has the People’s best interest at heart. He’s a practical Virgo. With Uranus ready to break through walls and Neptune being all about dreams coming true, that Chiron-Vesta sextile of his might just be the Key.

A Refugees Welcome banner was put across the Statue of Liberty! Exciting!



Montenegro’s chief prosecuter states that Russia attempted to kill their PM in a coup last Oct. to stop them from joining NATO! I believe that!


You Are Brilliant!
As always, very interesting!
Thank You!

Diana and Trilby,

Happy, Happy Birthday! Wishing you both an amazing year.

Sharon K,
Thanks for the kudos. I didn’t have time to edit those remarks. I notice I was a bit redundant with “practical implausibility and impracticability.” Also, this, not that particular vampire is correct.

You nailed it on Bannon. I’m coming round to the notion the key to our safety under the DJT administration is not to oust Trump, (then only to be replaced by Pence) but to get rid of Bannon and any other apocalypticists advising the president.


A federal judge in Texas ruled Tuesday that the state can’t cut off funding for Planned Parenthood over secretly recorded videos taken by anti-abortion activists in 2015, which critics said were misleading and heavily edited.

“A secretly recorded video, fake names, a grand jury indictment, congressional investigations — these are the building blocks of a best-selling novel rather than a case concerning the interplay of federal and state authority through the Medicaid program,” U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks wrote in an order in Austin.

“Yet, rather than a villain plotting to take over the world, the subject of this case is the State of Texas’s efforts to expel a group of health care providers from a social health care program for families and individuals with limited resources,” Sparks wrote.


U.S. Military To Create Its Own Internet – Slashdot
Nov 13, 2004


ESnet: The 100-gigabit shadow internet that only the US government has access to
October 20, 2014

Barbk and Bailey,

Senators Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders are calling for nationwide protests on February 25th to voice their opposition against the repeal of the ACA. Nothing cryptic about it……..

Feb 11, 2017

Dear Colleague,

As the February recess approaches, the Republican Party’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act is in chaos. Public support for the law is at an all-time high, while the number of American supporting its immediate repeal without a replacement has dipped below 15 percent. The American people increasingly understand that throwing 20 million people off of health insurance, privatizing Medicare, raising prescription drug costs for seniors and doing away with life and death patient protection provisions is not acceptable. The majority of Americans want to improve the ACA, not destroy it.

That is why on Saturday, February 25, we are encouraging Democratic senators to lead rallies in their states. This is not a Democratic issue, a Republican issue or an Independent issue. The overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of political persuasion, understand that we have to go forward on healthcare, not backwards.

For more information on how to organize your rally, please contact Ari Rabin-Havt with Senator Sanders.

At this moment your leadership is crucial. We look forward to working with you to make our February 25 events a great success.

Thank you in advance for your support.



Charles Schumer

United States Senator


Bernard Sanders

United States Senator

Barb, if Bernie could come up with something that reflects well on Trump, that could be very unifying and possibly even move Trump a little more left. He actually was a Democrat and had a more Liberal outlook at one time, and I am sure that all these attacks are only making him more calcitrant in a sense.

Barb, loved your post re: Bernie. Need to find out where he’s meeting here in KS on the 25th. Likely Topeka, I’m assuming. If the crowds are anything like they were when he spoke in KC, not to mention the numbers of people caucusing for him here, it’s already too late to think of getting a seat!

“A Warning, the GOP Cancer Lobby Will Murder You and Strip Your Family Bare”
Trump wants you to get cancer so the GOP can take your stuff and get you out of the way and you should have known it all along: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/02/20/a-warning-the-gop-cancer-lobby-will-murder-you-and-strip-your-family-bare/

Concerning the shooting at the hospital in Houston – no shooter found, no bullets, no guns….after they evacuated over half the hospital. I live in Houston.
The cool news was after a month of trying to get Ted Cruz to respond to constituents phone calls (Staffers hung up or took the phones off the hook) or trying to email (they were ignored) people came to his office in downtown Houston and held their own town meeting – without Ted. The anger is mounting, the GOP are cowards! There is word that Joaquin Castro (D- San Antonio) wants to run against Cruz! There’s hope right there!

Found the Bernie Sanders quote:
“We are looking at a totally new political world,” he said. “If we play by the old rules, we will lose and they will win.
Our job is not to play by the old rules.”

New Rules should be Pushing LOVE & KINDNESS! Positive Messages:
“Where there’s a will there’s a way to Fix Obamacare!” (Bumper Stickers)
Totally Opposite CONs Pushing Hate!

This may be Bernie’s Time To Shine!
Swing Voters like him and most of the country hasn’t experienced his wise common sense wisdom. Bernie Sanders just may be The Key!

“Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles: ‘The truth is that Trump is a pathological liar”

Robert Reich: 7 Signs of Tyranny!

Happy Birthday Diana & Trillby!

Neptune in Pisces – Key Words (toxic level of un-reality, pre-text, pretense)

Neptune corresponds to gradual and seamless changes in reality that work so subtly and slowly and with such hypnotic force that we are frequently not even aware of their effects until they have long passed.

We underestimate the magnitude of these changes at our peril, just as a tsunami may pass almost unnoticed in the open ocean, but somewhere where it clashes with unyielding structures, it unleashes its chaotic fury. ~ By NICK OWENS

continued – Neptune is Pisces Until 2025

Mitch McConnell
DOB 2.20.1942


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) voted against the nomination of Elaine Chao for secretary of transportation. Chao happens to be the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

Elaine Chao
DOB 3.26.1953, Taipei, Taiwan


“So which is it? A vast, dark government conspiracy exerting unconstitutional control over the President and his policies using leaks? Or a White House in disarray and a President who desperately fears an investigation into his campaign’s contact with Russia — something that could undermine that which is most dear to him, his presidency?

I know where I’d put my money.”

continued – Elaine Chao


Sun in 5° Aries
Moon in 17° Leo
Mercury in 21° Pisces (r)
Venus in 1° Taurus (r)
Mars in 4° Taurus
Jupiter in 20° Taurus
Saturn in 25° Libra (r)
Uranus in 14° Cancer
Neptune in 22° Libra (r)
Pluto in 21° Leo (r)
North Node in 9° Aquarius (r)
Chiron in 20° Capricorn

Russian Interference Could Give Courts Legal Authority to Install Clinton!


Petition Before Supreme Court Seeks to Nullify Election!


continued – Elaine Chao’s temperment shown by Two YODS – One Square Aspect (shown by blue lines)

Her Square Neptune in Libra to Chiron in Capricorn sets up the two Yods (forcing issues)

Face planes of the aspect in blue lines: (inconjunct,sextiles,square)

Composition of the aspect in blue lines: two yods – one square

Pluto – Moon (apex)

Mercury (apex)




Sun in 5° Aries
Moon in 17° Leo
Mercury in 21° Pisces (r)
Venus in 1° Taurus (r)
Mars in 4° Taurus
Jupiter in 20° Taurus
Saturn in 25° Libra (r)
Uranus in 14° Cancer
Neptune in 22° Libra (r)
Pluto in 21° Leo (r)
North Node in 9° Aquarius (r)
Chiron in 20° Capricorn

Russian Interference Could Give Courts Legal Authority To Install Clinton

12/10/2016 (updated)


A 1994 federal court ruling out of Pennsylvania may offer some clues to Clinton supporters as to possible legal rationale for removing an elected official from office and replacing them with their erstwhile opponent.

When Transpluto closely conjuncts the natal Sun (dominating perfectionist) ~ per Lynn Koiner

Continued … McConnell – Chao

Five Department Transportation Issues to Watch Under Trump


Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Elaine Chao

Natal Transpluto 04 Aries – McConnell


Natal Sun 05 Aries – Chao


Natal Mars 21 Taurus – McConnell


Natal Jupiter 20 Taurus – Chao


Natal Sun – 01 Pisces – McConnell
Natal Venuse 01 Taurus – Chao

continued… Trump,McConnell, Chao


Issue: privatization of department of transportation structures


Oath of Office (Vesta in Cancer cusp of 4TH House)


Oath of Office Midheaven in Capricorn (10TH House)

Elaine Chao, Trump’s Transportation Secretary, told senators Wednesday during her confirmation hearings that their a “major challenge is to unleash the potential for private investment” to pay for future transportation updates.

She did not respond when asked about how funds will be allocated to pay for Trump’s infrastructure goals, telling the senators on the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation that, “We need more resources to build, repair, refurbish our infrastructure.”

Chao did suggest using “innovative financing tools” that can “take full advantage of the estimated trillions in capital that equity firms, pension funds and endowments can invest.”



Yes. I agree. Chinese actions against US forces in the South China Sea could very well take the form of economic retaliation.

38 minutes into a 50 minute documentary entitled: “China vs USA- Empires at war-South China Sea Conflict-Documentary 2017” a reference is made to the February 27, 2007 “flash crash” that shook the Shanghai stock exchange and financial markets world wide. It was thought to be a deliberate manipulation by the Chinese government; a not so subtle message to show that China had economic clout and should not be trifled with. Here we are Feb 27th, 2017, exactly ten years later, the potential for sending another such similar message is very real. Here is the transcribed quotation……..

“…..One has to learn to decode the battles in this new war. Sometimes there are small events that seem harmless at first. Thus on 27th of February 2007 the main American stock indexes plunged. Paris had just lost three per cent and New York is in an uproar. The cause of this mini crash began with a tornado that originated on the other side of the world in Shanghai. Suddenly and with no apparent reason the stock market there lost 9 per cent and took the whole planet down with it. Nobody really understands what happened. But in New York they pondered the lesson. China had just shown that it could use its new economic to destabilize its adversary’s; above all when they are weakened; like the United States by the sub prime crisis.”


Thank you Nancy for another thought provoking article.

I want to share this post from a commentor over at Talking Points Memo:

“The only money they currently see fit to appropriate is for security for Comrade Chaos, his soon-to-be ex-wife, his spawn and his properties around the world. The GOP: Special Victims Unit has priorities, you know.”

Love it!

American Nazi’s:


Among the most iconic and unforgettable images of the Holocaust are photos of Jews being marched at gunpoint through the streets of Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw, of grim-faced adults holding the hands of terrified children, on their way to the labor and death camps of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sachsenhausen. Under the Nazi regime, these deportations were entirely legal. The Jews had not only been stripped of their citizenship but criminalized, portrayed as a cancer on society that had to be removed.

Just the other week, 680 people were deported from the United States, but one searches in vain for similar images. What we mostly see are pictures of a young man, alone, his head nearly shaved, photographed from the back, handcuffed and pressed up against the car waiting to take him away. These images support the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) claims that nearly all of the deportees are men who have been convicted of felony charges. Bad dudes.

But a very different story has begun to emerge – of women with children, of hard-working men – people who have committed some minor infraction, or none at all, and who have been ripped out of their lives and sent to countries they left as children…

I hope there are big protests this weekend over this. The Jupiter /Uranus energy is creating a crazed over-reach by Trump, and the addition of Mars suggests intense anger and possibly violence over the weekend in response.

Starlight: I will repost, but is this serious? Is this article saying they are deporting Jews?

Nancy, read the whole article and it is not referencing Jews, although they too are being harassed.


Bernie said that?! Wow. Do you have a link for the Bernie/Chris Hayes show? I would like to see that.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Thank you so much, Nancy, wonderful article. I am grateful to have the critical dates spelled out. Love, Celeste

I forget who it was, but someone on this blog had Todd’s twitter address. I’d like to look up his tweets — would you mind listing his address again?

Angelight – The article is referring to the current roundup of immigrants in the US and the attempt to demonize them, and how it is reminiscent of how the Nazi’s treated the Jews.

Thank you alex for that info on Neptune in Pisces. I’ve been thinking about the transit of Neptune along with the natal U.S. Neptune, and about the nature of the sign of Cancer, as they relate to what is transpiring in this Cancer Sun nation of ours.

Your quote from Nick Owens about Neptune’s pattern of influence on one being “. . gradual and seamless changes in reality that work so subtly and slowly . .” is testimony to Neptune’s power. Like the crab that symbolizes the sign of Cancer, it can be deceptive in its motivation.

A big part of the sign Cancer and why it is associated with the Crab is its protectiveness. When a Cancer person is fearful of some outside threat (real or imagined or some combination of both) it throws up boundaries or walls like a fortress. Neptune’s specialty is wearing away boundaries.

Transiting Neptune is now coming into a trine aspect with the U.S. natal Cancer Sun, while trans. Neptune has already been conjunct the U.S. natal Ceres (another protective, nurturing symbol), natal Nessus, natal Child in Pisces which all three square (a challenge to) U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini. This U.S. natal pattern has often rattled the Cancerian cage of U.S. citizens who immediately want to draw up the bridge and keep the rascals out. Natal Uranus is near the 7th house cusp of “the other”.

Meanwhile the U.S. Neptune in Virgo has been transited by the likes of Jupiter (increase), Ceres, Uranus (revolt) and Eris (discord) which the U.S. Neptune does not resist but instead absorbs.

Never mind that trans. Uranus and trans. Pluto have also been bashing away at the U.S. Sun square Saturn pattern; an assault on its traditions, ego (sense of identity) and everything else it has taken for granted for centuries.

These are growing pains that, for all intent and purposes, must be suffered through if this nation is to become the adult in the room.

Jon Meacham wrote an article “Our historical ambivalence about immigrants is a great American paradox” in Time magazine’s Feb. 13, 2017 issue. In it writes:

“In 1952, Pres. Harry Truman vetoed a bill – Congress overrode him and passed it anyway – that perpetuated the quota system from the isolationist 1920s. ‘Today we are protecting ourselves, as we were in 1924, against being flooded by immigrants,’ Truman wrote to Congress. ‘This is fantastic. The countries of Eastern Europe have fallen under the communist yoke – they are silenced, fenced off by barbed wire and minefields – no one passes their borders but at the risk of his life. We do not need to be protected against immigrants from these countries – on the contrary we want to stretch out a helping hand . . . to succor those who are brave enough to escape from barbarism.’ Truman was calling on our better selves. We didn’t listen then, but one of the great things about America is that redemption is always possible. At least thus far.”

In 1952 transiting Uranus was conjunct the U.S. Cancer Sun and square the U.S. Saturn in Libra. At the same time trans. Saturn-conjunct- trans. Neptune (in Libra and conjunct the U.S. Juno) and trans. Pluto (in Leo) each were semi-sextile the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo.

Whenever the outer planets rattle the Cancerian cage this way we tend to want to fill the moat with alligators just like the crab retreats to its shell. Once again it is time to grow.

I made the call to Homeland Security, very easy and made me feel empowered!

Who did you report?

“Unfortunately, impeachment or the path described by the 25th Amendment depend on too many, either in Congress or the Cabinet, who are fanatical Kool-Aid junkies themselves or who fear the votes of those who are.”

I heard an interview on radio today with Mary Graham, who has just published her book,
Presidents? Secrets: The Use and Abuse of Hidden Power.

She described three flaws with the 25th amendment.

(A) The VP and cabinet, the people who make the determination as to the president’s well – being and fitness to serve are likely to be partisans who are most loyal to the president.

(B) There is no requirement to obtain an examination by a physician, psychiatrist, or other qualified medical expert.

(C) There is no requirement to inform the public as to why they’ve determined the president cannot serve.

I’m sorry, I thought someone posted this:

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is inviting comment and COUNTING CALLS before it decides whether to approve Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council.
Call! 202-224-4751. (You don’t have to talk to anyone.)
Just say:
“Hi my name is ______. I am from ____[give your state] and am an American citizen. I oppose Steve Bannon being confirmed to sit on our National Security Council.”


In response to your post, I saw Lawrence O’Donnell’s piece Monday night on the man Trump should truly fear — Pence!

“Lawrence O’Donnell laid out the reasons why Donald Trump could virtually lose his presidency to Vice President Pence.

This riveting Lawrence O’Donnell excerpted video clip should put the fear of Pence in Donald Trump’s psyche. Given Trump’s apparent fragile mental state, it may just be a matter of time.

“Every day the New York Times reporting is adding to the corruption file of the Trump Administration,” Lawrence said. “And they are not the only news organization doing that. All of which makes Mike Pence the most dangerous man in Donald Trump’s life. And at some point, even Donald Trump will realize that.””

More here:



Thank you for the info. I just called and left a message.

Many Thanks for your response and the link.

I think in the long run, Pence is more dangerous than Trump. He is far more “conservative” and by personality comparison seems more congenial, rational and stable. He also has actual governing experience, which would likely render him more efficient and capable of accomplishing far more harm. Furthermore, his seeming stability, etc. would inspire LESS Resistance.


In previous article you wrote:

“In both charts, the ultimate dispositor of the entire chart is Neptune, suggesting that the coming administration, as well as the 115th Congress, will be steeped in delusion, unrealistic expectation, and hyped-up ideology rather than hard, practical reality. This will inevitably lead to disappointment, disillusion, confusion, and entangled circumstances.”

I think it’s safe to say that this playing out in town halls all across the nation. My question is whether or not they’ll come to their senses.

The media needs to interview the people attending these town halls to give face to the fact that these are real people and not just “professional” protestors. Let the public see what the GOP is trying to discredit.

I just heard this and didn’t know if anyone had commented about it. I thought it would be of much interest here.

Astronomers find 7 nearby planets tht could hold life..


I posted it yesterday, Ja, but hadn’t done it yet so thank you for posting it again. I just called & left a message, too.

a small victory in today’s NRA climate of guns and god

“Writing for a nine-judge majority, U.S. Circuit Judge Robert King said that weapons such as M-16s and the kind that “are most useful in military service” aren’t protected by the Second Amendment as interpreted by the Supreme Court in the landmark District of Columbia v. Heller decision. That ruling limited the right to ownership of handguns for self-defense within the home.”

Why Trump Should Be Troubled!

Excerpt – “Trump’s tweet praising the Russian president in the middle of all of this subterfuge is troubling enough, but there is one fact that has gone relatively unmentioned: Trump either knows exactly what Flynn said, or he is incompetent. He has the full authority to ask for the raw FISA-acquired material. He could read the transcripts, listen to the recording himself, or have an intelligence analyst sit down with him and go over the conversation in detail. But Trump has never indicated he knows what Flynn said. Worse, in the 77-minute press conference, no reporter asked him that simple yes-or-no question, “Have you read the Flynn transcript or listened to the recording?” So at this point, Trump either knows the same information that has alarmed so many levels of the national counterintelligence experts in government and is unconcerned, or he has failed to ask for details while proclaiming he would have told Flynn to do exactly as the former national security advisor had done. Or the worst option—Trump knew ahead of time what Flynn was planning to do, and the “attaboy!” tweet to Putin was part of it.”


Senate Intell Committee to go after Flynn & Trump’s Tax Returns!

“Now we know why the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee seemed so quietly satisfied after their committee’s secret basement meeting on Friday afternoon. Based on her words today, it appears that Republican Senator Susan Collins has sided with the Democrats to give them a majority within the committee, forcing a serious investigation into Donald Trump and Russia. And Collins is now publicly laying out her next steps in the investigation.”


Bernie will be speaking at the Washington Days dinner in Topeka, Kansas, on Saturday, February 25, 2017. This is a yearly Democratic Party event.

I used to live in Kansas and attended this event several times. I got to see Bill Clinton one time, and Barrack Obama another. Very nice.

Here’s a link for more information: https://www.kansasdems.org/washington-days-2017/

It doesn’t say anything about tickets for the dinner being sold out, so perhaps it’s still possible to get one.

Here is another verification from the AP on Senate Intelligence Committee ready to subpoena for 45’s tax returns:


Many happy returns, Nancy.

‘Captain Chaos’! That’s an excellent name. I shall alternate that with ‘Don the Con’.

As a by the by, my contacts in the higher education sector here in Australia tell me conferences in the US are being put on hold, cancelled and/or moved to other countries because of Captain Chaos. Of course there is opposition to the man in general and what he has said on so many topics, but there is also genuine concern about whether people flying in will be allowed into the country to attend said conferences.

Thanks for the info about the potential release of the tax returns; that surely is the key to the downfall of Don the Con.

All over the Net Republicans shocked by all the Bernie Sanders Loyalists out in full force! We should be helping to pull the Bernie Wagon!

Well, we’re getting obstreperous behavior at the town halls now; not exactly violence, but anger and yelling. And we’re getting some violence in the form of resistance in North Dakota with tepees being set aflame, and the Democrats of Senate Intelligence Committee has just found a Republican pal in the form of Collins from Maine, paving the way for a genuine probe into Trump/Russia. This eclipse is just getting started.

Rasmussen and Politico polls report that Trump has a 48-50% approval rating. Let’s see what happens after this eclipse.

sorry for the following long post – copied from facebook

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks like Trump is actually making America great again. Just look at the progress made since the election:

1. Unprecedented levels of ongoing civic engagement.

2. Millions of Americans now know who their state and federal representatives are without having to google.

3. Millions of Americans are exercising more. They’re holding signs and marching every week.

4. Alec Baldwin is great again. Everyone’s forgotten he’s kind of a jerk.

5. The Postal Service is enjoying the influx cash due to stamps purchased by millions of people for letter and postcard campaigns.

6. Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying record growth in sales of anti-depressants.

7. Millions of Americans now know how to call their elected officials and know exactly what to say to be effective.

8. Footage of town hall meetings is now entertaining.

9. Tens of millions of people are now correctly spelling words like emoluments, narcissist, fascist, misogynist, holocaust and cognitive dissonance.

10. Everyone knows more about the rise of Hitler than they did last year.

11. Everyone knows more about legislation, branches of power and how checks and balances work.

12. Marginalized groups are experiencing a surge in white allies.

13. White people in record numbers have just learned that racism is not dead. (See #6)

14. White people in record numbers also finally understand that Obamacare IS the Affordable Care Act.

15. Stephen Colbert’s “Late Night” finally gained the elusive #1 spot in late night talk shows, and Seth Meyers is finding his footing as today’s Jon Stewart.

16. “Mike Pence” has donated millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood since Nov. 9th.

17. Trump has succeeded where thousands of history teachers failed – now everybody knows who Frederick Douglass was.

18. Melissa FREAKING McCarthy.

19. Travel ban protesters put $24 million into ACLU coffers in just 48 hours, enabling them to hire 200 more attorneys. Lawyers are now heroes.

20. As people seek veracity in their news sources, respected news outlets are happily reporting a substantial increase in subscriptions, a boon to a struggling industry vital to our democracy.

21. Live streaming court cases and congressional sessions are now as popular as the Kardashians.

22. Massive cleanup of facebook friend lists.

23. People are reading classic literature again. Sales of George Orwell’s “1984” increased by 10,000% after the inauguration. (Yes, that is true. 10,000%. 9th grade Lit teachers all over the country are now rock stars.)

24. More than ever before, Americans are aware that education is important. Like, super important.

25. Now, more than anytime in history, everyone believes that anyone can be President. Seriously, anyone.

I don’t hear much about all the immigrants, illegal or otherwise that employ 45’s various resorts and hotels in the US.
It will be interesting to see the no neck narcissist hire his deplorable brethren at the same rate of pay he gets away with exploiting the brown crew that clean his rooms.
In Iceland at least, they hire the Polish, they are the darkies of Europe(no offense meant).
Even 45’s family winery is feeling the hurt. They need pickers for the Dump winery and looking to hire for those back breaking jobs people desperately want to snatch from the darkies.


PLUTO MARS: Outbound Probe | A Capella Science

Very cute/cool Alex!


Happy Birthday!

Great Post! LOL!

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders says more than 100 rallies will take place from coast to coast on Feb. 25 to fight Republican attempts to take health care away from 20 million Americans.

Or Just Imagine This: Bernie’s Sanders Fire Side Chats on The Internet!
America would absolutely love that! Bernie could Interview People, Elizabeth Warren, Young People! Share goals and dreams for America.
The possibilities are endless!
(Fireside chats just like given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944)
(Bernie suggested our only hope was to fight this fight in a different way)

“‘There was a sea-change here at the NSA with an order that came from president Obama 17 days before he left office where he allowed the NSA who used to control the data, it now goes to 16 other agencies and that just festered this whole leaking situation, and that happened on the way out, as the president was leaving the office.

“‘Why did the Obama administration wait until it had 17 days left in their administration to put this order in place if they thought it was so important. They had eight years, they didn’t do it, number one. Number two, it changed the exiting rule which was an executive order dating back to Ronald Reagan, that has been in place until 17 days before the Obama administration was going to end, that said the NSA gets the raw data, and they determine dissemination.”


The Explosive Astrology of February-March 2017
by Jessica Adams

I was sitting down to write your weekly horoscope column the other day, when I noticed an explosive series of patterns in the skies. As they trigger the charts for the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia and North Korea we are clearly looking at radical change affecting all of them. Worldwide, though, there is a hugely increased risk of war games, terrorism and rioting as March arrives.

Clearly, the protests against the new, politically extreme world we are all living in, show a pressure-cooker situation which people are expecting to blow. The astrology says, it will blow in the final week of February and first week of March. In fact – many nations around the world, as well as the natural world itself (volcanoes, earthquakes) seems likely to mirror what the horoscope is telling us. All times here are set for London, below.



Before I forget, once again, Happy Birthday, Nancy! Same to all the hug-able Pisces Sharon, Trilby, and Diana. (My partner is also a Pisces, and definitely hug-able.).

Then, your article, Nancy, is once again thought provoking (which has spurred all sorts of good comments to which I thank all of you). In addition to this is a clear-eyed piece by Bill Herbst. He’s definitely on a roll!



I was following Jessica Adams very closely leading up to the election and even before the inauguration. She said, that whoever is in the White House will respect women. Clearly, she was wrong. I have lost a lot of faith in her predictions.

She is not the only one to see the patterns for the end of the month into March. I follow several different astrology sites and pages and everyone is calling this one.

I am not disputing your post. Just mentioning that I was really disappointed in her. Perhaps I put to much into what she said, in my own desire for her to be right. Sadly, she was not.

“For those living in the United States the eclipse of August 21 is particularly notable as it is the first eclipse in 38 years to cover the entire continental USA. Eclipses catalyze events in the regions that they travel in and this eclipse, dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” will also conjunct President Trump’s ascendant and Mars in Leo, dramatically altering his course and our collective course as well. ”

From Astrologer, Jan Detrich


That was great! Thank you for sharing.


I found Jessica Adams’ comments surrounding the late Feb/ early March aspects to be interesting. But as you say, perhaps her perceptions may be inaccurate in other areas. Her alternative use of the US birthchart of January 2, 1776 for example seemed a bit odd to me.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars flow every month from Russia to its former soldiers living in the United States, usually unseen and unchecked.

But now U.S. investigators are examining whether this river of pension benefits intended for Russian military veterans is somehow mixed up in efforts to undermine last fall’s U.S. election and and put President Donald Trump in the White House.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article133879684.html#storylink=cpy

Obama’s lawyers unite to protect our democracy


Donate if you can.


McConnell Covered Up CIA Reports That Russian Hacks Were Aimed At Electing Trump | Crooks and

http://crooksandliars.com/2016/12/mitch-mcconnell-squelched-disclosure … via @crooksandliars

Starlight, thanks!

thanks for posting the politico article Nancy. Very comforting. I have had a feeling that ethical and knowledgeable people would be already teaming up and working together behind the scenes…..

Thanks for the belated BD wishes, Karen Lee. Sending a hug back to you & all here.

As far as Jessica Adam’s article, I found it alarming and a bit over the top, compared to everything else written, even though she does back up her comments with history. (In fact, she answers one of the comments who says that she is terrified by telling her “don’t let the astrology scare you” – after first expressing it in such a way that would scare anyone!) I guess the bottom line is expect some intense or violent events now through the first week of March, which echoes Nancy (who has a much better way of stating things). I would be interested in the cover-up to which she is referring since there are so many of them these days, largely around Russia’s influence in the election.

Bill Herbst’s writing is far more sane. I find him to be quite brilliant.
“It would be miraculous if some shift in collective consciousness occurred that
allowed such a change to greater inclusion, more of us, and fewer of them. My
understanding of history suggests that such a mass event is unlikely. The only
dependable way for that kind of profound spiritual maturation to happen is one
person at a time. If we need a miracle, though, then we may as well try to
create one ourselves.
As individuals, our challenge is to live as sanely as we know how, as simply as
we can, and with as much love as our hearts can feel. I understand that this
commentary contains precious little solace, but the good news is that love still
matters. Doing what we can to let our love flow out to those we care for while
expanding who we include as “us” — despite our fears and the trauma of these
times — is meaningful, important, and worth the effort”

Sometimes it feels like that at some point while I was asleep one night aliens must have transported me to another planet in an alternative universe and/or reality.

Steve Bannon actually described Trump as “the greatest public speaker … since William Jennings Bryan.”

I guess now orange is purple and green is white! Neptune is KING! I haven’t seen this much delusion since I last worked with very confused psychiatric patients. At least they had an excuse.

From the NYT’s:

Democrats opting for total war on Trump after trying to seek compromise

” It’s time to expose how incoherent the Republican party has become with Trump as its leader. Take the parts of Trump’s agenda that help working people of all colors, and let the Republicans in Congress block them.”

Confusion among the U.S. residents, yes, Eliseo, but Steve Bannon, although confused, is a coldly calculating and a liar (when he needs to be).

Did you guys see Steve Miller with his white power sign in the photo of him when he spoke publicly to the press about how we must “obey” the president.

And, at the Conservative conference today the first speaker, one of the conference planners, in trying to distance their organization from Spencer and the Alt-Right called them extreme left-wing fascists.


Steve Bannon actually described Trump as “the greatest public speaker … since William Jennings Bryan.”

Another instance of Bannon trying to manipulate Trump by outrageously lying about Trump’s abilities– and I’m sure Trump will believe it, even though he can’t string together a coherent thought or sentence. I hate the way Trump speaks. I think it’s an insult to Williams Jennings Bryant, who isn’t alive to defend himself.

Nate Silver has piece on Healthcare: “Republican Health Plans Have Winners And Losers, Just Like Obamacare” https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/republican-health-plans-have-winners-and-losers-just-like-obamacare/

Yet, it’s hard to understand. when you see this Map: “Countries That Provide Universal Health Care” https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/06/heres-a-map-of-the-countries-that-provide-universal-health-care-americas-still-not-on-it/259153/

Why the Greatest Nation on Earth, The USA, can’t figure out how to cover their own people!

Or maybe they do think he is still alive, just like Frederick Douglass–“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice,”

Eliseo, I guess Bannon has learned to get the agenda he wants when he masterfully strokes the fragile ego of don the con.

@todd4real is the handle for Todd.
But there hasn’t been much activity He’s very quiet right now

It would be really great if the press started pushing a meme of mandatory ‘nonprofit healthcare’ for catastrophic illness in conjunction with the ACA debate, versus supporting “profit vultures” feeding off the misery of those who lose at the roulette wheel of health.

Oh but I forgot – that would affect the $3trillion+ private industry related profit margins – capitalism at its finest?

Thanks, Diana. I googled and it now seems to be Bud @ Todd4real. His profile picture is good. It’s of an eagle trying to unentangle the American flag from a Russian hammer and sickle…however, I did not see a lot of recent political tweets. Todd was great during the election and I wish him well.

trilby227 & Kiwi & Sharon K,
You guys nailed it I think.

Massaging/Manipulating DJT’s ego is the most probable logical answer. Either that or Bannon’s judgement IQ is less than zero. It should have been obvious to me, but I was thinking in terms of my former training in drama and public speaking. In other words, I was in shock. It was like saying Tab Hunter was the greatest actor of all time.

Pence says ‘America’s ObamaCare nightmare is about to end’


latest article from Raye Robertson – Diary of a mundane astrologer – regarding this eclipse

It’s so ironic, Eliseo, that those voting for Trump (I am trying hard not to use insulting terminology to describe them) were so elated that he was apolitical when he and his group are SO political that they are trying to be all things to all people and are doing it very badly. For example, reassuring Netanyahu while employing white supremists. His supporters thought he would have the integrity that many politicians are missing..where the truth is that he has no integrity, no cohesiveness, no center, no moral compass, and they cannot see it. Yes, orange IS the new purple and we are down the rabbit hole with Alice.

Anyway, I think I’ll let NanceGreggs from Democratic Underground say it (what I think of Trump voters) for me.


Kiwi, I scanned Raye Robertson’s comprehensive article and missed a lot of details but caught the emphasis on Trump’s propensity to call out the Nat’l Guard to round up immigrants and beef up the military and flirt with war because of the cliche that war is good for the economy. For some reason, I cannot see the U.S. military & nat’l guard totally cooperating with him on his inhumane and foolish follies.

Elizabeth, most astrologers interpreted the election energies different than the final result on the ground. And Jessica was not the only one to point to feminine energy on the rise. Sometimes it is hard to interpret exactly how things will play out. I want to add though, I do think it is true that the real power of women has actually been amplified since the election in the form of activism unseen before, despite age old patriarchal attempts to silence them. I include in that, the feminine and loving energy that is being expressed by enlightened men too.

I agree, kiwi.

Myron is competing in an internat’l competition to earn marketing help for original ideas that will encourage renewal energy uses and battery storage. His idea, “Customer Lowered Electricity Price,” has to do with customers being paid by their utility to use electricity when the wholesale prices of the electricity purchased on the marketplace by the utility are low (for example, a lot of the electricity purchased during the night – by the utility – comes from wind power plants and it is cheaper). This can also save the utility money and the more one invests in energy efficiency and batteries, the more money is saved and the higher the rebate. It can be implemented in an automated fashion, with a smart meter.

You do need to create an account by putting in a user name, password, and email address, but it’s a great effort and I don’t think they will email anyone and bother them (you can always unsubscribe or use a little-used email address, but I’m sure your email address will not be used/abused).

What you do is go to the following link and click on “Login to Vote for this Solution”. The login and password boxes come up and underneath that, you can click on “Create an Account”. After creating the account, the next screen will allow you to click on “Vote for this Solution again”. His solution is great but we have a hard time getting the local utility company (Entergy) to work with demand side solutions and can use the marketing help. In fact, in partly due to Myron’s hard work opposing it this year, Entergy has been pressured into stepping back on their plan to build a new, gas-turbine powered power plant – which they tried to sell due to it being run on gas instead of oil or coal. They have admitted that the population size does not warrant it.


Of course, I meant to write “renewable” energy, not “renewal,” “partly,” not “in partly” and “Vote for This Solution” again.

Thanks guys.

I find what I’m seeing very, very scary. I grew up surrounded by many who were very proud of their ignorance. Ignorance for them was a kind of purity, whereas knowledge was dangerous as it would “lead you away from the Lord.”

I sometimes find all this purposeful, willful ignorance and delusion overwhelming. For being knowledgeable, I was beaten many times in my youth; and when not beaten shamed and humiliated continuously because I could not hide my knowing.

My Midheaven is 10 degrees 34 minutes of Pisces.
My natal Moon is at 24 degrees 22 minutes Pisces. As Neptune moves through Pisces, I am galled by the temerity of these people.

I cannot help but feel that all this ignorant, delusional posturing will somehow turn into some kind of terrible violence. I hope I am wrong.

The rhetoric reminds me of the screwball stuff the Nazis said before WWII. Hanna Arendt pointed out they had to say those things to justify their later actions.

Eliseo, just came across this young man for the first time – he talks about the upcoming eclipse in pisces and relates it to a personal emotional processing perspective. I found it interesting and thought you and others might be interested…

Eliseo, I’m so sorry and angry that you had to have such direct experience of the hate and fear that ignorant people and their children (bullies) exude. Somehow it contributed to the depth of your soul and mind and made you the amazing human being that you are today. You have so much knowledge and insight, and ability to put the pieces together and express the big picture eloquently. I don’t know what to expect of these ignorant people but I do know that if Trump goes down, there will be repercussions somehow and the most vulnerable among us (as my friend Alan Rosenberg called it on FB) – immigrants, those identifyingi as LGBT, the poor, racial and religious groups, will be targets. I am Jewish so I expect to be a target, too, somehow.

Sharon K,
Also RE: the link to “Stupid.”
My mentor, Fr. John who was a lifelong Theosophist, used to say there was no greater sin than ignorance. I would amend that to, willful and purposeful ignorance. It is one of the more important roots of what we call “evil.”


Open thread for night owls: Surprise! Not. Sessions rescinds phase-out of private federal prisons

By Meteor Blades
Thursday Feb 23, 2017 · 8:00 PM PST

Sharon K,
Thank You for those very kind words. I sent you the lyrics to one of my songs, Pretending To Be Normal.

Thank You as well. I won’t have time to view the video until the weekend, but will get to it as soon as I can.

This is eye-opening. Somehow Truthdig readers aren’t in agreement with Judy Woodruff’s (of PBS) views on ‘Fake News’ – like this comment:

“I ALWAYS consult PBS when I want to know what the State Department and CIA want me to believe! PBS is an invaluable source of deep state propaganda.”


Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch Begin Drilling for Oil in Syria — a Violation of Int’l Law


Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War


An article in Oil & Gas Journal in 2000 titled “Drilling Technology for Mars Research Useful for Oil, Gas Industries,” co-written by an executive from Dick Cheney’s Halliburton discusses the potential for an oil industry on Mars, and goes into detail about the steps needed to make equipment that would work on the red planet. The article said:

“NASA’s Mars exploration program, despite recent setbacks, presents an unprecedented opportunity for both investigating the possibility of life on Mars and for improving our abilities to support oil and gas demands on Earth.

This is an opportunity that warrants the support of both government and industry leaders. During initial planning workshops, researchers and officials from NASA, the NADET Institute, the US Department of Energy, three national laboratories, and select industry representatives identified 16 technologies that would be required to meet the drilling, downhole evaluation, and safety needs of the Mars missions. They also agreed that success requires cooperation between NASA, DOE, and industry.”



But closer examination reveals Bush’s moon and Mars aspirations could yield a decidedly early political bonanza for the Bush administration and a financial bonanza for some of the administration’s corporate friends, like Halliburton Co.

Yes, that’s the same Halliburton where Vice President Dick Cheney was chief executive officer before he joined Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign ticket and from which he still receives deferred compensation.

That’s the same Halliburton that went on to reap multibillion-dollar no-bid military contracts in Iraq and whose subsidiary, KBR, is under a Pentagon investigation for a possible $61 million in overcharges on its imports of Kuwaiti oil to Iraq.

Halliburton has had its eyes on the moon and Mars for quite a while. Halliburton scientist Steve Streich helped author an article in Oil & Gas Journal two years ago titled “Drilling Technology for Mars Research Useful for Oil, Gas Industries.”

The article described the exploration of Mars as an “unprecedented opportunity” for the drilling industry and a “great potential for a happy synergy” between space researchers and “the oil and gas industry.”

Another revealing piece in the February 2001, issue of Petroleum News, unearthed last week by Joe Conason at Salon.com Web magazine, reported that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Los Alamos National Laboratory were working with Halliburton, Shell Oil Co. and Baker Hughes Inc. to identify drilling technologies that might work on Mars in the search for water and other signs of life–and possible mineral wealth.


“We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less“

I don’t know if anyone posted this article already.
It has a practical sense. He recommends to not read more than half an hour a day of bad news.


I call them: The Alt/Right Sperm Club!
“It was a chaotic attempt at authoritarianism”

Muslim Ex-Staffer Describes ‘Monochromatic Male Bastion’ of Trump’s White House

This Conservative Political Action Conference and Bannon’s pledge to “deconstruct the administrative state” is freaking me out!

In Buddhism, ignorance is the cause of our cyclic suffering.

This little light of mine….

Oh…and this easy way to flood the WH with notes of persistence en masse!


Perhaps this maelstrom we find ourselves in now has purpose. I’m thinking along the lines of detachment from the familiar, or what is “right” as opposed to what is “wrong” or unfamiliar.

Once, when I was a youngster I became detached from my mother in a large department store. After a while, rather than being intrigued by all the objects for sale, a panic took over my senses and I knew I was out of my safety zone.

I think these days many of us are having that feeling and I’m pretty sure that is the work of Neptune;it’s a sense of being lost, of being detached from the familiar. The experience of being detached I’ve found can be fun for a while but it doesn’t last.

We have here at Starlight News a sense of familiarity and safety. I find that being exposed to so much that is unfamiliar is quite destabilizing for many humans. Maybe all humans. Maybe all of life. To regain a sense of familiarity, safety and sanity leads to (I’ve found) a re-examination of one’s values. In astrology, Venus rules Values and Venus also symbolizes the lower (human perception) octave of what Neptune symbolizes.

Long exposure to the unfamiliar and then a return to the familiar sets up a process where one mulls over what is really of value and that leads to a Saturn kind of process. Saturn establishes.

Long term Saturn establishment though can become too solidifying and that’s where Jupiter balances the established with some much needed unfamiliar views and perceptions. That can work over a long period of time but then even that routine becomes too habitual and Life requires a kickstart.

Uranus specializes in kickstarts; he comes from somewhere out of the blue and shocks us out of complacency. Mercury, the astrological symbol of the communication and thinking process, is a human perception level (lower octave) of that Uranus energy.

While Uranus kickstarts humanity (and maybe the planet Earth too) a new source of energy is required to nourish the new thoughts that Uranus has inspired. That’s where Pluto’s specialty of regeneration steps in. It can be painful to have what’s been buried for so long brought to the fore of consciousness. The Sun symbolizes consciousness and one of the things the Moon symbolizes is habits. In the U.S. natal chart, the Moon rules the sign that the Sun is in, Cancer.

The Sun rules the sign of Leo and Donald Trump is the personification of Leo energy expression. In the chart I use for the U.S., the Sibly chart, the sign of Leo is on the 9th house cusp.

Thoughts of travel and higher education usually come to mind when the 9th house of any chart is mentioned. In his book The Astrological Houses Dane Rudhyar says about the 9th house . .

. .”It refers in general to whatever expands a person’s field of activity or the scope of his mind – long journeys, close contacts with other cultures and with foreigners in general, and those ‘great dreams’ which reveal to the open conscousness facing life-changes the meaning of past, present, and expectable events as well as the trends of individual and collective destiny.”

Donald Trump then activates the U.S. natal 9th house process, a house where Neptune, although in a different sign, is also located.

It would seem then that the Donald is the outer shell of a life lesson course for the U.S. The habits (an expression of Moon energy and Moon rules U.S. Sun) of the U.S. People and their government processes have an assignment to complete in order to move on to the next grade level.

Russian Flags Waved During Trump’s Speech at CPAC!


One of the multiple ways feminine energy is activating now: on Feb 24 at midnight, witches worldwide cast spells to prevent Trump from doing harm. Note this is not hexes or curses to harm him, but a binding to seek to restrain him from doing harm.

White House bars NYT and two other news outlets from briefing today:


The other two outlets were CNN and Politico.

Barbk thanks so much for putting your knowledge into language that we can understand! You are brilliant!

wow trilby – I suspect the WH will suffer great harm from this in the long term. Now the media will really be motivated to dig for nefarious deeds

TJ – I sure hope the binding is focused on the evil minions supporting trump too – as well as the core dark energy behind the throne!

this will make the religious right nuts apoplectic – the pope condemns hypocritical catholics and says some athiests are better because they do good deeds.

By the way, we had a TJ teaching at my university until recently.

RE: your 2:04 pm posting.

Sounds like a “magical” restraining order. He certainly needs one! I would hope it extends to his backers and minions as well. I’m nervous about removing him from office as I believe his replacement would likely be worse, but a restraining spell seems about right.

English and European Witches cast a spell on A. Hitler during WWII of a very similar variety to that which is suggested for Mr. DJT.

“Congratulations to Time and AP for not attending today’s gaggle in protest,” New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker wrote to the White House press corps email list.”


Evidence here of what I wrote the other day about conferences being cancelled because of Trump.


Here are some of the biggest changes that would take place if something like the House GOP draft bill were to become law:

Help paying for health insurance

Financial assistance for people buying coverage would change dramatically. Instead of tax credits that vary based on income, people would be eligible for tax credits that vary based on age, with older customers getting bigger credits.

This would work out as a nice tax break for people whose incomes, today, qualify them for only a little assistance or none at all. But it means that working- and middle-class people would tend to lose assistance that currently makes it possible for them to buy coverage in the first place.

Critically, the GOP proposal would also eliminate extra subsidies, available under the Affordable Care Act, that reduce out-of-pocket expenses for people whose incomes are below 250 percent of the poverty line, or about $60,000 for a family of four.

Younger versus older people

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t allow health insurance companies to charge older people more than three times the price for a younger adult. The House GOP plan would increase that limit to five times, although states would have flexibility to set their own rules. This might mean lower premiums for some younger consumers, but older people could pay considerably more.

Health insurance benefits

Under the Affordable Care Act, all private plans must cover a variety of benefits, including hospitalizations, prescription drugs, contraception, mental health and maternity. Under the House GOP bill, states would be permitted to establish whatever “essential benefits” they wanted, and leave out the rest.

The bill also includes a clause that would allow insurers to continue offering “grandfathered” plans, which are exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s standards for benefits and pricing because insurers were selling them before the law took effect. It’s not clear whether these plans would be available to people not already enrolled in them. If they are, that could undermine other regulations on insurance.

Pre-existing conditions and the individual mandate

Insurers today cannot deny coverage or charge higher premiums because of health status, as long as people sign up during annual open enrollment or qualify for an exemption for a reason like a move or a new job. But under this proposal, insurers could increase premiums by 30 percent, for up to a year, on people who do not maintain “continuous coverage,” meaning that they let their coverage lapse for more than two months. This would have the biggest effect on lower-income people and people juggling jobs ? particularly because, under the GOP proposal, they would be getting less financial aid from the government.

The proposal would also eliminate the individual mandate. The mandate exists to make sure healthy people buy coverage, rather than waiting until they get sick. The continuous coverage provision is supposed to serve the same function, but many experts believe it is not as effective.

Medicaid funding

House Republicans propose repealing the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion by eliminating the additional federal funding for it. The federal government and states jointly finance Medicaid, and states historically paid 25 percent to 50 percent of the costs, but the Affordable Care Act provided at least 90 percent of the funding for the expansion population. This draft bill would reduce it to the share paid for other Medicaid beneficiaries.

The bill also calls for a far more radical change to Medicaid. Since its inception in 1965, Medicaid has been a federal entitlement like Medicare and Social Security, so the government has been obligated to cover the costs of any eligible person without limit. House Republicans want to eliminate this entitlement status and instead send states a flat sum ? known as a per-capita cap ? per enrollee.

This would leave states on the hook for any costs above that amount, which would be smaller than federal funding today. That would likely lead states to remove people from the rolls, trim benefits and/or cut payment rates to medical providers, reducing coverage and access to care.

High-risk pools

In an attempt to make up for scrapping the Affordable Care Act’s guarantee of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, the House Republican bill would set aside $100 billion over a decade to finance state programs that would cover people with the highest medical costs.

This could take the form of high-risk pools, which is a reform Republicans have long favored. Prior to the ACA making them obsolete, these high-risk pools existed in a majority of states, dating back to the 1970s. Inadequate funding, high premiums and lengthy waiting lists meant only a tiny percentage of people otherwise uninsurable had access to this coverage.

The proposed $100 billion investment would be substantially more than what previous proposals, such as Price’s, allocated. But even so, the investment would probably fall far short of providing coverage for all the people who need it. Both liberal and conservative health experts have speculated that high-risk pools really need more like $150 billion to $250 billion over that time period.

Paying for the plan

The proposal would wipe out much of the Affordable Care Act’s funding, including new payroll taxes that fall exclusively on the very wealthiest Americans. To make up for some of that loss, the bill would start subjecting a portion of the most generous health plans to taxes. Today the premiums for employer-sponsored insurance do not count toward taxes, so this would effectively be a new tax on the most expensive insurance policies, which many middle-class people hold.

Economists across the political spectrum have long called for such a change, and the Affordable Care Act actually has a version of this proposal, known as the “Cadillac tax.” But the idea of taxing health benefits is highly unpopular, which is one reason Congress voted two years ago to postpone introduction of the Cadillac tax.

* * *

One question looming over all of this is how these features could become law. In order to advance legislation in the Senate, where it would normally take 60 votes to overcome a Democratic filibuster, Republicans hope to use the budget reconciliation process, in which a simple majority can pass a bill.

But reconciliation rules prohibit consideration of changes that don’t directly affect the federal budget, and some of the changes in the draft bill ? like those affecting insurance regulations ? might not pass muster with the Senate parliamentarian, an adviser to the Senate who interprets those rules.

Another question is how long the transition to a new system would take. The draft bill envisions full implementation by 2020, but that’s not actually a lot of time for insurers to prepare for what would be an entirely new insurance market. And with the individual mandate coming off the books right away, insurers, who are right now making plans for 2018 and are already worried about covering their costs, might worry about attracting enough healthy customers to make their policies financially sound.


Ja, thanks for the delightful news about our beloved (ex) Kentucky Gov. Beshear You never know how good you got it until it goes away. I won’t miss his remarks thanks to you.

kiwi, thanks for your support and all you share with us here.

“Eliseo, Your mention of English/European Witches cast a spell on A. Hitler during WWII” led me to this:
“Was Hitler defeated by witchcraft”? Including Gerald Gardner, the man who became the father of modern witchcraft. Interesting: http://www.meta-religion.com/Esoterism/Magick/was_hitler_defeated.htm

“Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories.”

Story just out recently in the Washington Post. Strange interaction somewhat disputed by Comey and McCabe about who contacted whom, but no dispute about how Burr (NC-R Head of Senate Intelligence Committee) and Nunes (CA-R Head of the House Intelligence Commiteee) called various press agencies to say that there was nothing to indicate that Trump and Russian officials had any contact during the 2016 campaign. So, just as Nixon tried to get the intelligence committees to do his bidding, here goes the Trump administration.

If, indeed, Comey and McCable did have a quiet talk with Priebus before this story broke, then they are compromised as well. They are offering no comment. Priebus went on Fox News on Sunday to say he had it from the Intelligence Agencies higher ups that there was no truth to the NYT report about Trump and Russian Intelligence. As I said, Comey and McCabe are not commenting.

So that makes Burr, Nunes and possibly Comey and Nunes…STINKY. And Neptunian.

Let’s see what this Mars/Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Vesta grand cross brings out.


does this site load/open?

Muhammad Ali’s son, an American, was detained at Ft Lauderdale airport — immigration demanded to know if he’s Muslim


Dan Rather, “This is an Emergency”

“For all who excused Mr. Trump’s rhetoric in the campaign as just talk, the reckoning has come. I hope it isn’t true, but I fear Mr. Trump is nearing or perhaps already beyond any hope of redemption. And now the question is will enough pressure be turned to all those who enable his antics with their tacit encouragement. There has been a wall of unbending support from virtually every Republican in Congress, and even some Democrats. Among many people, this will be seen as anything approaching acceptable. And mind you, talk is cheap. No one needs to hear how you don’t agree with the President. What are you going to do about it? Do you maintain that an Administration that seeks to subvert the protections of our Constitution is fit to rule unchecked? Or fit to rule at all?”


First portion of Rachel last night is well worth watching. She puts it all together:


Thanks for the link.

The story that Aleister Crowley also conducted an anti-Hitler ritual has been debunked, but the August 1, 1940 Witch ritual evidently really occurred. Seventeen male and female Witches were present.


Perez is the new chair, beating Ellison 235 to 200. I sure hope the party can come together over this as the 2 top candidates reflected a divide and Bernie endorsed Ellison from the beginning. It is a strong divide as there are different schools of thought: go all in on being progressive, or be somewhere where voters like the Rust Belt Trump supporters will see a reason to vote Democratic. Sigh. I guess this is going to reflect the Mars/Uranus conjunction as well as the solar eclipse.

Well, Ellison has been appointed the Deputy Chair….the two of them working together could be really good.

…appointed by Tom Perez, that is.

Well, the transiting Moon was/is conjunct the U.S. natal Moon as that Democrat Party Chair was determined. That decision would seem to reflect the mood of the U.S. People or the Masses rather than anything particularly challenging or disagreeable. It’s a good start to a cycle – be it a cycle for the duration of this Chairman’s term or merely a one month cycle as the world turns.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction at 21+Aries sets well with the U.S. natal Mars at 21+ Gemini as well as being just one degree past the U.S. Chiron at 20+ Aries. The fact that they, Mars-Uranus are opposite Jupiter at 22+ Libra, who trines the U.S. Mars in Gemini looks like a relatively harmonious decision was made. However, transiting Eris must be considered along with Mars and Uranus.

My feeling is that during this timeframe nothing is guaranteed to be permanent, not countries, not political parties not affiliations. This is a chart that reflects the Bowl pattern in that all the major (10) planets are found on one side of a chart while the other side is empty. In other words, one-sided.

A bowl holds something. Marc Edmund Jones in his book The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation says “The outstanding characteristic of the bowl temperament is its marked sense of what is self-contained in contrast with what the self cannot hold, and this takes an everyday form in an advocacy of some cause, the furtherance of a mission, an introspective concern over the purpose of experience.”

Further he says ” . .his [bowl] orientation to the world arises from division; that is frustration and uncertainty.” That sounds about right. Perhaps in a few years, a decade maybe, the political parties will reflect a more unified approach to the world rather than a divided stance . . . when the People/Masses are ready for it.

Have you all seen this? He’s back!


Just in sociological terms, the Dems are headed by a diverse team of people of color and the Republican party is basically white bread. By 2020, people of color were supposed to be in the majority but that was before all of this deportation started. We shall see.

Is there any astrological assessment of the Democratic party? Is there going to be a healing of the two factions or is it more likely that they will splinter and possibly even a third party come out of this? I know Perez picked Ellison as vice-chair, but I don’t think that is going to be enough to smooth over the progressives in the party.

This will put a crimp in their Scary Rabble Rousing Talking Points!
“Trump national security adviser wants to avoid term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’, sources say”

I located 2 charts for the Democratic Party –

1) First one is by Michael O’Reilly (Wolfstar)
2) Second one is from Jude Cowell (Stars Over Washington).



Scroll down after post opens. All posters are, or were top notch astrologers.


Posted November 7, 2004 by John TWB

“P.S. .. By my lonesome reckoning, each of the two national political parties was born at the time of a national platform adoption at a party nominating convention: the Democrats on May 27, 1844 @ Baltimore, MD, a Monday mid-afternoon, when the nomination of James Polk and the platform adoption included a plank formalizing the party’s name change to the party’s “stile” as we recognize it today; and the Republicans on July 6, 1854 @ Jackson, Michigan, a Thursday mid-afternoon, at which the national party’s stile was there first adopted as well ….. Just something to consider … (The co-incident Republican party/George Bush birthday of July 6th must amount to something in the cosmic scheme of things).”

No comment at this time. Too dizzy.

“The Resistance Is the Majority of Americans — NOT a New Tea Party”
TIME MAGAZINE: http://time.com/4676825/democratic-resistance-tea-party/?xid=homepage


This is a good summary. I think one strategy has to be to try and turn Trump against Bannon. Point out that Bannon is manipulating Trump. That he keeps him under control by praising him but is really the one in charge, That is bound to infuriate Trump. Bannon is the Trump Whisperer.

Well, the uranus/mars aspect has struck here in New Orleans, along with the eclipse I guess, as a guy driving a truck, who sounds like he was very high, hit a crowd watching a parade a few hours ago today. There are many parades this week, culminating in Mardi Gras on Tuesday. 12 people were injured, they are saying critically. May they recover well and may all beings be safe!

Second try.

Recovered enough to work with John’s Dem chart using JFK assassination, Nixon resignation, and shock of Hillary’s loss.

Amended time to 2:47 pm, LMT, in Baltimore and 2:45:18 pm, LMT in the White House.


1963 March On Washington – If I Had A Hammer


Light One Candle


This Land Is Your Land (Not dissing Woodie or Pete)

one of the things that strikes me about some of the talk coming out of some republicans over the past day or so, they are talking already about upcoming elections in terms of strategies as if it were a football game – the feeling I get seems not too dissimilar from the origins of chess aka war strategy, where the object is for royals to win, to hell with the pawns.

Marjorie Orr has interesting comments on the Binding chart!

under a uranus/mars aspect over thirty years ago my wallet & passport were stolen waiting for cashier at checkout…. my attention was on my fussing ten year old …. while a person bumped into me (which is how a pickpocket distracts so you aren’t focusing on a hand stealing from your pocket/purse)

I cancelled everything super quick as well as reported the passport theft to local police… no damage but the first hand experience brought on several adaptations to my safety routines;

Where did Steve Bannon get his worldview? From my book.


Neil Howe, co-author of “The Fourth Turning” speaks on the theory and Bannon’s obsession with it.

I have a question: I had two friends die yesterday. Last year I had four friends die between July and Dec. my Jupiter is at 9 Virgo, in my 10th house. This eclipse was in my 4th house. September’s was of course right on my Jupiter. Could the eclipse in 10/4 and involving Jupiter create some kind of “death surrounds you” thing? They have been different levels of friends, from very close, to business connections. Yet all of them had interacted in my life in some way. Just courious.

My husband and I sang “Light One Candle” at our wedding in 2002, Bob, and we sang it again at a Hanukah party we gave a few months ago (in our own amateur way; my stepson does a yearly party at our house now – almost all the guests are not Jewish and they love attending). That song really resonates for me.

Henri, I cannot speak to the effects of the eclipse on your chart (and you might have to give more information), but I always generally associate death with houses 8 & 12, and friends with 7 and 11, although I’m sure there are many transits that can indicate it. I lost 2 friends in this past month. One had nothing to do with the eclipse – she was a childhood friend with whom I reconnected on FB; the other was a friend’s brother from Miami – where I used to live – who had just retired, and was loved for his original puns, and loving attitude. Maybe it is a spiritual thing that has to do with people are leaving this plane? I’d be interested to hear the astrologers comments on this.

Bob, I’m glad you are feeling better…take it easy, and take good care of yourself, please. You are loved here.

Same goes for Alex, who has shared some of her health challenges. You are loved here, too.

Today’s Nicholas Kristoff:


The truth is that among the biggest losers from Trump policies will be you Trump voters, especially those of you from the working and middle class. You were hoping you’d elected a savior, and instead Donald Trump is doing to you what he did to just about everyone who ever trusted him: He’s betraying you.

Thank You Starlight!
Kristoff nailed it of course.

“This promise of “access” is an echo of Marie Antoinette. In Trump’s worldview, starving French peasants wouldn’t have needed bread because they had “access” to cake.”

“But while you voted for Trump because you put faith in his gauzy pledges, I bet he will do no better with campaign promises than with marriage vows.”

The latter quote can be a good meme to use when talking with R’s. … Perhaps as a question intended to sow doubt. “Do you think he’ll do any better with his campaign promises than with his marriage vows.”


you are a good hearted person… although I shared some info about my health quite some time back…. I kind-a regret that

Exactly, look at someone’s track record; otherwise, you are fooling yourself if you think they are going to be any different. It’s all in there their character. “A man’s character is his fate.” – Heraclitus

Or, as W famously said:

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.”

Thank you, Alex, and I understand. I have shared personal things too that make me wince a little. However, for you and others who have, I can just say that it endears you (collectively) to us and helps us understand what you’re dealing with, and makes you more human. Also, you have shared some really constructive information. Despite disagreements and sometimes petty anoyances, I think we all love each other here.

I echo Sharon’s thoughts and feelings about you. You are a blessing to this blog. Thank You for being you!

Oh my oh my…Poor Marie Antoinette being blamed for words she never said. And just as an aside, the law in France at the time was, if bread wasn’t available the people were allowed to purchase brioche/cake for the price of bread.

What actually destroyed the French economy was several bad winters and paying for the American Revolution. As for the Queen… a vicious, vile campaign, quite like what was done to HRC, was waged against her in the hopes of destroying her and by extension, her husband the king, by those who wanted the crown. Ironically, the person who was primarily behind the campaign of smears, Phillipe, Duke of Orleans, lost his head in the very revolution he helped start.

As we now know, things aren’t always what they seem.

Eliseo – Sharon
ok you two bring humanity to the blog…. I like to bring information lol

BuckeyeShadow’s link of the article by one of the writer’s of The Four Turning is really good. It explains what the four estates are. I never made the time to read about it completely.

“Where did Steve Bannon get his worldview? From my book”


Just an update about the 25 y.o. “kid” who hit the people in the crowd yesterday. He had almost 3x the legal blood alcohol level. His grandmother said he works hard and is never in trouble. Sad, sad, sad.


For all of Bannon’s obsession with Howe and Strauss’ generational theory, he doesn’t appear to have a clue about astrology, not that he’s let on at least. If he knew what was coming, he’d probably be even more paranoid and freaked-out. Not that he could stop it. Bannon clearly represents the rotting tail-end of the current era about to collapse and be swept aside, not the green shoots of a new one sweeping in and rising up from the ashes of the old.

Also found a nice write-up on Robert Mercer, too. The reclusive hedge-fund billionaire who funded Trump’s campaign. I’ll post the link when I can. Seems the Mercers are vehemently against climate change. Gee, you think they’ll be singing a different tune when their residence in NYC is literally underwater? Stupid, arrogant people with money.

Mercers! I can believe they don’t care a whit for the environment. They are primaries in the fight to destroy part of our dear Teddy Roosevelt park so they can erect a monster of a bldg. I think I read somewhere their future, astrologically, doesn’t look lovely. Que sera, sera.

Sharon, I heard that old saying as, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I suspect Trump voters don’t want to feel the second, shame on me, so they deny Trump’s lies and betrayals.

Eliseo, while I have taught at college level (world religions) I’m not the TJ you mentioned. TJ is an old family nickname. I go by a different name professionally. I loved your view of the binding, that it’s a “magical” restraining order.”

I did not really expect you were the TJ I know. He is a devout Episcopalian who taught English at my university and likely would have nothing to do with astrology.

Incidentally, I too have taught world religions, aka comparative religion. But of late, I’ve mostly taught writing. But frankly, I’d rather be teaching history. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the correction!
We learn something new every day when we have an open mind.

Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs identifies as a Male. He just won the Texas state girls title! Will Conservative wake-up?

You are welcome Eliseo…..contrary to popular belief she was an amazing woman who got a bad rap. Singlehandedly she supported, and brought to world attention, the fabrics, porcelain, fashion and furniture of France. After she was beheaded those industries suffered terribly until the Empress Josephine came along and brought her influence to bear.

That is so interesting, M. Thank you for the information.


Eclipse’s Mercury, South Node today hit Putin on his Moon which is 135′ from his natal Saturn.

His natal Mars is being hit by transiting Saturn.

Transiting Vesta has just crossed his natal Uranus which is semisquares his natal Moon, squares his Sun and squares his Mercury.

I’m not sure he’s having a good time. Can’t kill all the protesters. Maybe he’ll start another war or something to divert attention.

Was the unexpected Oscar wrong announcement for Best Picture part of the eclipse? Shocked a lot of people!

Not to mention the wrong picture announced was a white fantasy (euphemism) but the actual award went to a movie based on the journey of a black character named Chiron!

Besides the “wounding” perhaps the story reflects an incoming paradigm shift?

Well, Mars/Uranus in Aries (I’m guessing) brought some unpredictabililty to the Oscars tonight, when Warren Beatty read the wrong card (which he said was in the envelope he & Faye Dunnaway were handed) and gave the best picture award to the wrong picture. After the “La La Land” producers gave their ecstatic acceptance speaches, they had to announce that there was a mistake and “Moonlight” was the real winner! Lots of chaos. Lots of political statements were also made tonight, all done beautifully. Two winner were from the countries with the travel ban so others read their statements. One in particular was so right-on. He spoke of the disrespect shown towards the people from his and the 6 other countries that are part of the ban. Best Jimmy Kimmel line was about Trump tweeting about a particular thing at 5 a.m. tomorrow on the toilet. He also tweeted @realDonald Trump that Merryl says hi. Lastly, he recognized Merryl by calling her over-rated and similar adjectives, than spoke of all of her nominations and wins at the Oscars.

Hadn’t seen your comment, T.J., when I posted. As much as I liked La La Land, I was thrilled that Moonlight won best picture as well as supporting actor (Mahershala Ali, who is of the Muslim faith) and adapted screenplay. Also, Viola Davis won yet again, for Fences, (she is an extremely talented actress). The term diversity was used quite a few times as well as freedom, inclusion, and similar words tonight. One of the people I mentioned above who did not attend was the director of the best foreign film selection, The Salesman. I just remembered that he intentionally stayed home out of respect for those affected by the travel ban in the 7 countries. I think one other winner was from a Mideastern country and also did not attend. I do sense a paradigm shift, T.J., directly related to Trump’s actions.

Viola Davis’ speech was awesome. I loved the short, witty, and on the mark, political arrows.
Even the chaos at the end – in some manner, to me, reflected politics – the winner wasn’t really the winner ………… and everyone was left thinking/feeling – is this real, or not?
I mentioned, I think last week, it will be interesting to see what cultural tone the new films coming out from Hollywood will be setting.

Post by Astrologer Chani Nicholas answered my question:

Neptune conjunct this moon likes to confuse all the things while the Mars/Uranus conjunction likes a shocking upset.
Just happy justice was served. All the feelings.

“The end of Sarah Palin is here”
She made a nice profit for herself:
“What the closure of Palin’s PAC — and the remarkably small amount of spending on actual candidates for office — makes clear is that a) her time as a national leader for Republicans is over and b) Palin’s prime interest was never really anything other than promoting her own political brand”.

What Trump has brought America:
“He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one” “They tried to tell him that they had done their [master’s degrees] in Kansas in 2006 and had been staying there with valid work permits”

“The situation seems to be pretty bad after Trump took over as the U.S. president. I appeal to all the parents in India not to send their children to the United States in the present circumstances,”

Interesting: Jude Cowell writes:
June 6, 2017 Third Reich: Progressed New Moon in Taurus
“This got me thinking about how the Third Reich recently had its Uranus Return/s to natal Uranus degree (19Ari53). These returns were exact on June 17, 2015 (the day after Mr. Trump first announced his presidential bid from behind the shadows of a New Moon @25Gemini), September 4, 2015 (Rx), and March 31, 2016, dates which cover America’s 2016 Campaign period and as we now know, the Klan and ‘alt-right’ folks were preparing to move into the White House under the coattails of Mr. Trump. And so a new cycle of Uranian activities (ex: politics) has begun for Old World Nazis, and I assume, for neo-Nazis, with a devilish force still plaguing the world.
In closing, here are two links–one to an essay concerning The Rise of Nazism in Germany (opinions are the author’s own). The other contains Astrology and also an interesting video concerning The Fascist Plot to Take Over the US in 1933.
Continued: http://www.starsoverwashington.com/


Trump Budget To Call For Increased Military Spending And Major Cuts To EPA, State Dept.

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump are holding rallies in towns and cities across the country on Monday.


President Trump is proposing a massive $54-billion increase in defense spending while cutting domestic spending and foreign aid by the same amount, the White House said Monday.


continued – budget cuts

Funding for the current fiscal year is set to expire on April 28. The administration is expected to make a supplemental request before then for money to go to the military — and possibly a wall on the Mexican border.

alex. . today, Monday from 11 AM to Noon (EST) these celestial bodies were all at 22+ Aries:
Moon, Mars, Uranus, Eris, Echeclus (centaur), who symbolizes mental balance between abstract and linear logic (per Phil Sedgwick)

I know Sabian Symbols aren’t your thing but here is what 22+ Aries is anyway . .

Keynote: Fecundity
Key phrase: Inner Fulfillment
(per Dane Rudhyar in his book An Astrological Mandala)

ooops. . . Moon was in Pisces NOT Aries, my bad.

I’ve been expecting this. We’ll see how far they get. The Trumpanzees are busy working to make anti-DJT or anti-Repub “protests” illegal, but DJT “rallies” are OK.

Here Comes the Police State: New Laws Aim for Brutal Crackdown on Protest

Draconian bills are advancing at state level under cover of Trump’s “law and order” platform.


patty, this week ed tamplin is also making comparisons to 3rd reich


new meaning for GOP just popped into my head:
Greedy Overlords Party

“Greedy Overlords Party”
I love it!

Thanks for the Tamplin link. Ed Tamplin seems to anticipate an American Reichstag Fire event. That is extremely logical. I too have been expecting such an event. I suspect the Dumpanzees will use it to declare martial law, or some other egregious scenario.

Be grateful you are in NZ one of the finest, safest and best places to be on Earth. I at least half way regret not having moved to NZ decades ago when I had the opportunity.

When this era is over I’m afraid we Americans will need to apologize to the world at large.

“The frenzy to vilify Russia and put the kibosh on the potential for detente is now undermining open democratic discourse about U.S. foreign policy — while defaming advocates of better U.S.-Russia relations in ways that would have made Joe McCarthy proud. So, President Trump’s expressions of interest in improving relations with Russia — among his few lucid and constructive statements about anything — are routinely spun and smeared as corroborations of the meme that he’s in cahoots with the Russian government.”


Certainly keeps the wedge big is this pie chart:

Yeah, Prez Trump is in there to give contracts to his buddies and privatize everything.

So, which is it? War with Russia or detente with Russia…talking out of two sides of his mouth.

I think he’s trying to keep his base happy with the detente angle while he increases the military thinking they won’t notice (?)

Marjorie Orr thinks Sarah Palin is due to set off fireworks in a couple of months

Paul Ryan has turned off ALL of his public telephones & fax machines in response to protests in favor of Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Medicare, etc. And he is NOT accepting signed petitions; instead he’s TURNING AWAY voters who deliver the petitions.
So, let’s see what 67 million postcards looks like in his driveway.
Please start mailing postcards to his HOME:
Probably best to copy and paste to reach most people.

Responding to Ja (2/27, 4:55 p.m.), this has been going around for a while, but it is unproven. Here is the Snopes link. Whenever I see instrux to copy and paste, I get suspicious. http://www.snopes.com/paul-ryan-blocking-calls-and-faxes/

Great idea about the avalanche of letters, Ja, so ‘Harry Potter’ from the 1st book when the muggles tried to avoid news. Love it.

No wonder they’ve begun banning Protests. This is happening in Arizona. (Blow up full screen)
Anti-Trump Protest:
The woman, who is 4-foot-5 and less than 100 pounds, was shoved to the ground during the “Day Without Immigrants” demonstration in Tucson, Arizona

Thank you Cimbalok for Snopes.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Demand your lawmaker support the “Resolution of Inquiry” into Trump’s conflicts of interest and his team’s contact with Russian officials

Daily Call to Action: Urge the House Judiciary Committee to support the Resolution of Inquiry introduced by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), which would require the DOJ to provide to the House all records related to investigations of Trump and his campaign pertaining to Russia, as well as conflicts of interest stemming from the President Trump’s failure to divest.

The House Judiciary Committee is expected to debate and vote on the bill on Tuesday. While it has been expected that the Committee will defeat the measure on a party line vote, this weekend Darrell Issa (R-CA) expressed support for a special prosecutor in the Russia matter.

In light of Issa’s call for a serious investigation, it is quite possible he will support the Inquiry. Issa’s statement suggests constituent pressure for a serious investigation of the President’s Russia ties and conflicts is building and having an effect on some Republicans who will be required to vote on the record on Nadler’s Inquiry.

Call the House Judiciary

Committee at (202) 225-3951 and tell them you support the Resolution of Inquiry;
If your Representative is on the House Judiciary Committee, call and ask him/her to support the Resolution of Inquiry. Use this link to determine if your Representative is on the Committee and for district office numbers;

Read the Indivisible Guide’s action plan for further information/guidance: “Mandate Disclosure on Trump’s Conflict of Interest”

Participate in National Call-in Day Demanding #DivestDonald

Call your Senators today demanding they co-sponsor Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bill to end Trump’s conflicts of interest:


What can you do today

Washington peculating about Trump/Russia ties as you all well have heard by now. Daryll Issa making noises that he’s a good boy scout (Clinton won his district and he’s up for re-election in 2018) by calling for an independent prosecutor. Even George Bush II called for an investigation. Issa telling Session to recuse himself…

I’m looking back to my previous predictions about this Eclipse, and I still think it presaged the whole Trump/Russia debacle to blow up!
Each day brings some new driblet of news. Each day, the noose gets tighter.

More driblets please…

The leader of AZ’s senate won’t hear the bill that penalizes planning a protest as a precursor to a riot. He says that too many are saying that they want to restrict free speech when that, of course, was not the intension (hee hee).


And, sadly, Trump has made the decision to cut back on his morning tweets. His aide said it was because he stopped watching Morning Joe (more BS) I wonder if it was Jimmy Kimler’s comment last night about expecting a tweet about something this morning at 5 a.m. while Trump was on the toilet? (To me, that went a little too far — it may have made Trump decide to oneup him and be more dignified?)


a little diversion from Politics:


Trump Said:
“I haven’t spoken to Russia in 10-Years”

Did you all see Rachel Maddow’s First Story tonight? Unbelievable & undoubtedly clear Trump connection to Russia!
The Show repeats 9pm pst & 12 est.
Wow…This is the end of Trump!

A source informed of the budget plans told E&E News Trump will push for a nearly $2 billion cut to EPA’s $8.1 billion budget.

A source told Politico Trump also “proposed reducing EPA’s 15,000-strong workforce to 12,000, a level not seen since the mid-1980s.”


continued – EPA

Top officials told Axios to expect “massive, transformational cuts, particularly to climate-change programs.”


Ellison bringing Tom Perez with him as a guest to Trumps speech tomorrow


Donald Trump represents the death—and the stupidity—of Third Way politics

By Mark Sumner
Monday Feb 27, 2017 · 5:00 PM PST

Nemesis (#128), named for the Greek goddess of vengeance and retribution.

2017 Oath of Office

NEMESIS 00 Capricorn – 8TH House
Quaoar 00 Capricorn – 8TH House
(quaoar, preconditions for chaos)
Oath of Office 2017 Horoscope


2017 Oath Grand Fire Trine

Pholus 29 Sagittarius – 8TH House
Varuna, Vulkanus 29 Leo -4TH House
Ceres 26 Aries -12TH House



Resist Calendar


This wlll bring more strife:
‘Donald Trump has accused former president Barack Obama and his people” of organizing the demonstrations that have roiled city streets, airports and town halls during the first weeks of his presidency’. ‘In an interview with Fox and Friends, which will air on Tuesday morning in the US, he also suggested Obama and his allies were behind the leaks of classified information from the White House to the press’. More:
(The hidden hand of Obama-new meme)

It touched my heart…
This Monkey Found a Homeless Puppy Living on the Street and Decided to Adopt Him as His Own! http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/monkey-adopts-homeless-puppy/

Margin Call (film)



The FBI and Donald Trump: Understanding their strange alliance is key to unpacking the Russia scandal

There are two stories that keep bubbling up to the surface no matter what else is going on: the investigations into Trump’s possible connections to Russia and his holy war against the press. Indeed, according to Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press,” the two are related. On Sunday’s show Todd reported an apparent pattern: Every time a news organization publishes another story on the Russian investigation, Trump has another tantrum about the media. It’s like clockwork.


continued – Russia – Trump

Once again, James Comey and the FBI have Trump’s back in a crisis. An independent investigation is urgently needed

James Comey, born on 14 December 1960 in Yonkers, New York. time of birth isn’t available, chart set for 12 noon.

Semi-Sextile Kite by Synastry

(apex) Mercury 10 Sagittarius
Jupiter 10 Capricorn
Neptune 10 Scorpio


Fixed Star Aldebaran 09 Gemini

Fixed star Aldebaran is found at 9º Gemini 47’ in the right eye of the bull in Taurus. It is probably the most famous of the four Archangel stars representing St Michael. God’s military commander and opposite his nemesis Antares in the Scorpion.


continued – James Comey

Aldebaran – Antares



continued – James Comey

Vengeance – Retribution

Aldebaran – Antares
Taurus – Scorpio


NATAL NEMESIS 10 Libra (vengeance, retribution)


Natal Eris 09 Aries
(The iconic 10 Aries hate-hurt Trump/Tea/GOP degree)

continued- James Comey

Next Semi-Sextile Kite

(apex) Admetos,Sedna 26-27 Aries

Ceres,Chiron 27-28 Pisces
Nessus 26 Taurus


IXION 26 Libra (creates trouble, with one’s disregards/distain for others)

Disdain can be either a noun or a verb. As a noun disdain means the general attitude of something or someone being beneath consideration or not valuable enough for respect


New Commerce Secretary at nexus of lucrative Trump Russian deal!

With a line that runs through newly confirmed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Rachel Maddow connects the dots between a billionaire Russian oligarch and a Donald Trump deal worth tens of millions of dollars. Duration: 21:44


continued – IXION (creating trouble, one’s disregard/distain for others)

How We See Others

Disdain can be either a noun or a verb. As a noun disdain means the general attitude of something or someone being beneath consideration or not valuable enough for respect

People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (Netflix, Fx)

Steve Judd.. Global March 2017


This is funny, sad, and maybe a sign of hope.
DJT called for a rally. He got several all over the nation. Evidently the largest was in Denver, 250 people!
see the photos

“the pro trump rally in Atlanta had literally tens of people”

Donald Trump’s Call For Millions To Rally Fizzles
Events around the nation draw the few and the proud.


Could be we’re going to war with Russia after all. That was the reason MANY aware liberals and
millennials didn’t want Hillary – they understood the top neocons were writing opeds in the
Washington Post how she presented the best challenge to Russia. So, what did we get?


They have all bases covered, but then they would…..another insane administration.

Here’s Paul Craig Roberts’ newest:

“After one month in office the goal has changed from reduced tensions with Russia to greater tensions. Greater tensions might soon be upon us. There are plans to occupy part of Syria with US troops in order to prevent Syria with Russia’s help from reuniting the country. Part of Syria is to go to Turkey, part to the Kurds, and Washington will keep a chunk. This way Washington can keep the turmoil going forever. The Russians brought this problem on themselves. Ever hopeful for Washington’s cooperation against ISIS, Russia dallied in cleaning out ISIS. The prospect that Trump would work with Russia as part of better relations assumed that Trump would actually be in charge, which has turned out to be delusional.”


Laugh with Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert
a must see for your sanity.


Those Russians are just such angels. Try as they might, they just can’t get the U.S. to cooperate with them in a peaceful process.

Holy Moly! Check out the chart for tonight’s trump address to congress! Scheduled for 9pm, 2/28/17, Washington DC.


Where is the chart? Good or bad?

Trump’s Ties to Russia!


To me it seems that this is or should be about national security. Putin’s picks, Tillerson and Wilbur Ross are now privy to U.S. intelligence and secrets. I cannot believe that Congress is not protecting us better from this threat.

The chart for tonight has the Jupiter/Uranus opposition across the horizon line and in hard aspect to the MC. Mars is separating from Uranus but still active. The Sun is moving into a conjunction with Neptune. I think all of this suggests the almost exact Jupiter opposition to Uranus will be dominant: shock and awe; grandiose gestures; big, bold statements, much of which are based in illusion (Sun/Neptune). The Moon conjunct Venus may help him to seem charismatic, but the energy is pretty intense.

Thanks Starlight, for, again and always, your excellent delineation. And then there is Pluto on the IC squaring the horizon and the Aries stellium.

I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to watch tonight, but now I think I will, just to see how it all plays out.


Pressure Works: Booker and Casey Join Bernie on Drug Reimportation Bill.

By TomP
Tuesday Feb 28, 2017 · 10:29 AM PST


Billionaire Robert Mercer & Steve Bannon have been working w/ Cambridge Analytica to change the way Americans think.

“Trump’s New Conspiracy Theory: Blame Obama for public backlash” Wouldn’t be surprised if he’ mentions that tonight: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/trumps-new-conspiracy-theory-blame-obama-public-backlash

Excerpt – “Over the past weeks, Palmer Report has been reporting on the mysterious round-the-world gallivanting of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, who spends most of his time at his home in Monaco but has a habit of flying into whatever city Donald Trump happens to be visiting at the time. And thanks to an exposed multibillion dollar money laundering scheme on the part of a bank that’s closely tied financially to both Rybolovlev and Trump, we think we know why.”


Trump and DeVos Hatch a Deceptive Scheme to Push School Vouchers


Thanks for the heads-up Nancy. I would add that transiting Mercury (communicate, thinking, commerce) will be exactly conjunct transiting centaur Nessus (deceit, abuse of power), both at 5+ Pisces.

If we layer Trump’s shifty Neptune at 5+ Libra and the U.S. natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo together with the transiting Mercury + Nessus at 5+ Pisces it produces a Yod and the part of that Yod that must acquiesce to shifting it’s position is the transiting Mercury/Nessus.

I guess if we look at what the trans. Mercury symbolizes here it will include Trump’s speech, but the Kentucky former Governor’s speech as well. It would include all the media coverage and all the blogs and all the tweets that will follow too. Be on the lookout for the deceptive (even more than usual with Mercury) words meant to trick the naïve into a costly mistake thanks to Nessus’ presence.

Angelight, Why is our Government not holding Trump accountable? Rachel Maddow’s program last night focused on this and was brilliant, wish I had a link

While Reading Ray Grasse’s The Dawn of Aquarius – The Turning of the Great Ages:

Grasse drew the picture of all the tumult we’re experiencing:

“Transitional Symbols on the Brink of Aquarius”
“With one foot in the Piscean Age behind us and the other in the Aquarian Age before us, we find ourselves caught between radically contrasting, and sometimes conflicting, value systems”.

Piscean Conservatives are clinging to the past. We need to enlighten them!

“One thing the Trump admin said to news anchors today which is interesting: DREAMers shouldn’t fear deportation”
In a meeting with news anchors, President Trump said it’s time for compromise on an immigration bill, a major departure from the way he has framed the issue in the past.

To give some more depth to my previous notation of transiting Mercury’s position tonight I looked at the Jupiter-Uranus cycle start, the cycle they are midway through as of their opposition. There were 3 conjunctions in 2010-2011, the 3rd and final one on the same day as a solar eclipse on January 4, 2011.

That solar eclipse was at 13+ Capricorn and opposite the U.S. natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. Jupiter and Uranus were at 27+ Pisces and opposite Juno at 28+ Virgo. The U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn was trine Juno and sextile Jupiter and Uranus.

There was also a conjunction between transiting Neptune and Chiron at 26 and 27 Aquarius that day and they were exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Moon and Pallas conjunction. To complicate things further, transiting Pluto and Pallas were conjunct at 5+ Capricorn which is sextile where tonight’s Mercury-Nessus in Pisces is tonight.

As the major theme of tonight’s chart is the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, their cycle’s astrology is also important. Therefore the influence of the January 4, 2011 solar eclipse (coinciding with the 3rd and final conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus) will also be triggered by the present astrology.

I won’t belabor the point other than to say that the January 4, 2011 eclipse chart’s Venus at 26+ Scorpio which was square the Neptune-Chiron conjunction that was conjunct the U.S. Moon-Pallas in Aquarius which – when combined – forms a T-square with Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo.

For whatever it’s worth, transiting Sedna at 25+ Taurus would complete a grand fixed cross with the above T-square (and she’s still in orb of a conjunction with Trump’s MC). Sedna was tricked in her myth and she paid a price which she extracted from her tribe in the form of worship.

After she died she became a goddess over all animals in the sea and if her people wanted to eat they had to pay tribute to her in order to catch the fish, etc. that provided them food. I find that intriguing.

I know I implied that I was through with the point I was making but it so happens that Ceres (another food related symbol) was at 0+ Aquarius at the time of the 2011 eclipse and that’s where the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts in 2020. It’s all connected and Jupiter is the thread that connects it. There now I’m through.

FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier
(this may be related to Maddow’s Show)

When the present moment’s Mercury and Nessus at 5+ Pisces links up with the above discussed solar eclipse chart’s Pluto-Pallas at 5+ Capricorn they form a Yod to the U.S. natal North Node at 6+ Leo. This in turn becomes a Boomerang when considering that the U.S. South Node is at 6+ Aquarius. It is triggering a release of some kind for the U.S. (south node effect). How I could have forgetten this is beyond me.

I think that all of the powerful energy at the 22-23 Aries degree will probably help energize Trump’s approx 21-22 Gemin/Sag sun & moon. I hear he is going to talk about the infrastructure bill and a plan to grant legal status to long-time immigrants. This will help him. I hope this does not close peoples’ eyes to what he & the Repubicans really are, though.

All the talk about how it’s going to be hard for trump but for the most part I think he and his people think it has been great, now his speech tonight is well received, he seems to be having a great time


Sharon K thanks for your thoughts.

Diana, I think we are gonna have to wait a minute for it to settle and have the deceit of the speech become apparent. People are looking and hoping for normal, so it seems they are trying to delude themselves that he is becoming that. He isn’t and won’t and that will yet again become apparent. IMHO it’s the yod at work.

I always say: The unaware are unaware they are unaware. Terrible analogy!

“Bill Nye compares Trump to people who believe in astrology: They’re so invested in belief they ignore facts”
“Science Guy” Bill Nye explained the pathology of President Trump and why his administration is clamping down on government agency scientists, diagnosing the president with suffering from “cognitive dissonance.”

his audience looking none too happy


patty: re bill nye: to quote nick campion once again:”astrology is not a belief system, it’s a phenomenon.”

After Outcry, Arizona GOP Kills Bill That Would’ve Treated Protesters Like Terrorists


Unfortunately, several other states are considering similar legislation. This is not over yet. But if AZ R. legislators can see how bad this would be, …well that bodes well.

Henri, I totally agree,

“People are looking and hoping for normal, so it seems they are trying to delude themselves that he is becoming that. He isn’t and won’t and that will yet again become apparent.”

Schumer: Dems Are Done With Trump


After 40 days, Schumer says he’s about through with the blustery commander in chief.

“Trump …….. has moved so far to the right that I don’t see any place we can work with him,” Schumer said.”

Carryn Owens fought back tears. Grief visible in her face, the widow of William “Ryan” Owens, a Navy SEAL killed less than a month ago in the Trump administration’s first counterterrorism operation, wore a strained smile and applauded as President Trump paid an extended tribute to her husband.

But the raid, the first overseas operation approved in the Trump presidency, triggered a sustained storm of criticism. ­Numerous elements of the operation went wrong, resulting in not only Owens’s death but also a score of likely civilian casualties and the destruction of a $75 million aircraft.


You wrote:

“All the talk about how it’s going to be hard for trump but for the most part I think he and his people think it has been great, now his speech tonight is well received, he seems to be having a great time


The debt ceiling limit will be breached by March 15th. From there onwards; by most credible estimates; it could take up to 5 to 6 months for the economic well being of our country to start to unravel…….

“Bloodbath” Begins March 15; Debt Ceiling Hits; Treasury to run out of cash by June – NO FOOD STAMPS OR WELFARE THIS SUMMER?


Former White House Budget Director David Stockman has dropped a rhetorical bomb in his latest interview saying a deal made in October, 2015, between then-Speaker of the House John Boehner and then-President Barack Obama, will slam the country to a halt.

“I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017. That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015. That holiday expires. The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion. It will then be law. It will be a hard stop. The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash. We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate. By summer, they will be out of cash. Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises. Everything will grind to a halt. I think we will have a government shutdown. There will not be Obama Care repeal and replace. There will be no tax cut. There will be no infrastructure stimulus. There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.”



So…. what’s happening in August astrologically?

August 21, 2017

It is being dubbed as The Great American Eclipse (28 Leo). The eclipse conjoins Trumps n. Mars/Asc degrees (26/29 Leo) in exact trine to Uranus (28 Aries). The eclipse also conjoins North Korea’s natal Saturn and the Israeli natal Mars, so whatever drama unfolds at this point in time, we could expect it to have repercussions with those aforementioned countries. Simultaneously with the eclipse date – Mars at 20 Leo trines the near stationary Saturn at 21 Sag (conjunct Trump’s Moon opposite his n. Sun) and in opposition to the US Mars (21 Gemini). Jupiter at 20 Libra sits right at the midpoint.

British astrologer Adrian Duncan seems to feel all these powerful alignments could have a positive effect, but given the various predictions of a possible debt ceiling/economic meltdown in August, I would expect something far more serious.

Here’s the article by Duncan….

by Adrian Duncan


Patty, I feel the same way you do in regards to the government not doing more to protect us from this Russian coup.

Here is the Rachel Maddow link connecting the dots; must see TV.


Debt Ceiling Halt 3.15.2017 (crisis) Mundane Astrology

RE: Jerry’s post March 1st, 2017
at 6:27 am

Debt Ceiling
Horoscope Capitol Building

5TH House (ruled by Mars in Aries in the 6TH house)

Venus 10 Aries (iconic hate/hurt GOP/Tea party)
Uranus 22 Aries
Eris 22 Aries
Part of Fortune 23 Aries

birth rate, as well as schools (with the 3rd), and is linked to the economy through speculation and the Stock Exchange, although the actual stocks and bonds belong to the 2nd House.

Lucifer’s Rectangle In Debt Chart


The astrological chart configuration termed a Mystic Rectangle has, ostensibly, a rare and special case configuration called Lucifer’s Rectangle. Like a Mystic Rectangle, Lucifer’s Rectangle is formed either by two trines or two opposition aspects that are conjoined with two sextile aspects. Unlike a Mystic Rectangle, Lucifer’s Rectangle must have the entities composing it (planets, asteroids or points) located only in the following four signs: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. Additionally, a Lucifer’s Rectangle must be only in earth and water elements.

Lucifer’s Rectangle in Debt Chart

North Node 03 Virgo
Mars 03 Taurus (6TH HOUSE)
South Node 03 Pisces
(Fixed Star Alkalurops) 03 Scorpio in 12TH HOUSE (public institutions)

Alkalurops: lying in wait, politicians charged with the guardianship of the people

continued – Mundane Astrology
(public institutions) 12th House Debt Ceiling Crisis Chart

Fixed Star Alkalurops (the tip of his spear) in Bootes Constellation
(wealth of monarchs and temple finances will be in their keeping)

Alkalurops: lying in wait, politicians charged with the guardianship of the people



12TH House Public Institutions – Debt Ceiling Crisis Horoscope

This is for you Barbk:



“It was a surreal experience,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) told The Huffington Post moments after Trump’s address. “We have a reality show host in the White House masquerading as the president of the United States of America and half the country is still in complete shock.”

For freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a constitutional law professor, it was unlike anything he’s ever heard.

“To me, it actually felt a little bit like The Hunger Games at points. There was something kind of dystopian, science fiction about the experience,” he said. “I looked up and I saw [former House Speaker] Newt Gingrich and suddenly I felt that I was transported to a different world.”


Mother Jones Investigations

“Do Your Job!” Hundreds of People Shout Down Jason Chaffetz Over Lack of Trump Probe

Go to Jail. Die From Drug Withdrawal. Welcome to the Criminal Justice System.

This Senator Is Hell-Bent on Getting Out the Truth About Trump and Russia

Betsy DeVos Wants to Use America’s Schools to Build “God’s Kingdom”

The Crazy Story of the Professor Who Came to Stay—and Wouldn’t Leave

Dr. Orange: The Scientist Who Insists Agent Orange Isn’t Hurting America’s Veterans

Obama Orders a Review of Russian Meddling in the US Election—But How Much of It Will Be Public?

Democrats Intensify Push for Probe of Russian Meddling in 2016 Campaign

Senior Senate Democrat Calls for Congressional Probe of Russian Meddling in US Election

White Nationalists See Trump as Their Troll in Chief. Is He With Them?


alex, these Huffington Post (story) quotes drive home the hidden message within the January 4, 2011 solar eclipse and how it relates to our “Now” reality. Thank you so much for posting them.

Of the aspects I noted last night contained within that 2011 eclipse chart, it has got to be the Neptune and Chiron conjunction in Aquarius that is key to understanding the relevance in what we witnessed last night, as well as everything else that’s happened since last November 8th.

Not only did trans. Neptune and Chiron conjunct the U.S. natal Moon in that 2011 eclipse chart, they squared Venus at 26+ Scorpio (who was trine the Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces – opposite Juno in Virgo – which was also at the beginning of their cycle that is now reached its midpoint).

Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo squared the 2011 eclipse Venus (who sextiled Juno) and Trump’s Mars was opposite the 2011 eclipse chart’s Neptune at 26+ Aquarius (conjunct U.S. Pallas which is conjunct U.S. Moon) and Chiron (who was conjunct the U.S Moon).

Also his birth chart’s IC is just 2 degrees from the eclipse chart’s Venus in Scorpio.

This natal Trump Mars gave us the makings of a T-square configuration in both the 2011 eclipse chart and that same day’s Jupiter-Uranus cycle-start chart, a cycle that we are now half-way through. It most certainly put the delusions of becoming President of the U.S. into Trump’s subconscious or whatever.

I should note also that transiting Uranus in Aries is now poised to become the apex point of a Yod when combined with the sextile between Juno and Venus in that 2011 solar eclipse chart that was also the start of the Jupiter-Uranus present-day cycle which is now at it’s half-way point.

This Yod will be in effect starting in May, off and on through January, 2019. I believe that will result in unexpected “adjustments” in our concept of Family (trans. Uranus in U.S. natal 4th house), perhaps instigated by the recent Women’s March.

It is my feeling that we are on the threshold of new global awareness, especially regarding women. Barbara Hand Clow has written that Chiron symbolizes a key into increased awareness. I believe that the appearance of Trump in U.S. government is a sign we have reached that threshold. (Trump’s Chiron and Juno are conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn)

The lack of reality in what we see happening – where others pretend that what is happening is perfectly normal – is due in large part to Neptune. Neptune’s transit and his cycles with transiting Jupiter and Chiron, back when they all gathered at the site of the U.S. Moon in 2010 and 2011, signal a dissolution of what we had accepted as reality. Meanwhile a new reality is taking shape.

To back that up there is an ancient Australian god named Altjira who created the Dreamtime (heaven) for humanity but failed to leave instructions as to how it was to operate. There is a TNO (trans Neptunian object) named for this god and he stationed direct at 8+ Gemini exactly one year ago. This is the same degree as the U.S. natal Uranus, god of breakthroughs such as technology.

So the dreamtime god of Australia, combined with Neptune’s amorphous influence on Humanity suggests (to me anyway) that we are on a path, we of the world and we of the U.S. specifically, to take us beyond the old patriarchal belief systems and into a world where justice is blind to gender, race and creed.

We must adjust to these illusions and learn to navigate this world while simultaneously learning how to operate it as it was meant to be operated. One giant step for mankind!

Thanks ja! Last night was only the 2nd time I have ever been at odds with Rachel Maddow who, along with other talking heads, criticized the Dems for choosing Gov. Beshear to follow Trump’s speech. I thought they totally missed the point and am glad that this Huffington Post writer did not.

Henri, is the yod you referred to the one that involves the U.S. North Node and Trump’s Neptune? If so bravo and thanks. Transiting Mercury and transiting Nessus, when combined, can be quite convincing because neither is above deceit. Especially in Pisces!

continued – Debt Ceiling Crisis Chart

A) Lucifer’s rectangle ( the fall – refusing to serve humanity)


B) Lucifer, minor asteroid

The Opposition (ruin, civil disorder, violence, limbic brain the fear or flight response)

Debt Lucifer 05 Sagittarius – 1rst House


Fixed Star Prime Hyadum – 7th House (bringer of tears)

Jerry – Thank you for the information about the debt ceiling crisis. Like most people, I had forgotten about that agreement. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as he makes it out to be, but it could be that and worse.

Alex – thanks for the additional info on the debt ceiling crisis. I’ll admit, I don’t understand much of what you post, but I get the definite impression this could be awful.

There has been much talk about the August eclipse and this certainly seems like a serious candidate for how that will play out.

I learn so much here. Thanks all.


RE: Debt Ceiling

It was Jerry’s post that alerted me to the debt ceiling crisis …

did you read the attachment to my post… the Lucifer Rectangle Aspect by Kepler College… it’s a good source don’t you think?

the chart’s aspect, The Lucifer Rectangle is a ‘door’ thru which the Trump/hate/hurt/GOP/Tea Party will bring severe damage to the United States….. exactly as described by the influence of the aspect….by “refusing to serve humanity”

further upthread I posted an article by Boots Hart on OJ Simpson…. that one (long) essay can teach you all the fundamentals of astrology ..

here is more of her work:

Thank you!
It’s happening. God bless eclipses!

Amazing moves now happening. White House Council telling Trump people to preserve all documents…Congress now in agreement to investigate…

The stages are being set…

Pass the popcorn. MSNBC has two hour special on these topics 9-11pm EST.

Bet Wilber Ross is under the radar of the investigative bodies of the USA now…FBI and all the others, CIA, NSA…


Washington Post with just out story of Sessions meeting Russian Ambassador several times before Trump got nominated…and during confirmation, Sessions denying contact with Russians…lying like Flynn only this time to Senate…for what reason? Who knows…

SCOTUS ruling in Virginia case seen as “yet another blow against GOP’s use of racial gerrymandering to artificially inflate their power”


so anyone have any takes on how mr sessions’ chart looks for this year?


I remember this from the last month,


sorry to post so much, one last thing,
a quote from NYT’s:

“In terms of presidential and party politics, this is really dynamite. The prospect of an administration planting bread crumbs that would be picked up after they were out of office, hoping the crumbs would eventually lead the career people to start asking the right questions. It is an extraordinary strategy and has no historical precedent.”

An incredible story.

I like your posts, Ja!

I watched much of the special on MSNBC re: Russia’s connection with the Trump administration and/or businesses and alas, there was only speculation but lots of interesting innuendo too.

It is however, a time of eclipses and on Feb 10, 2017, the eclipsed Moon was at 22+ Leo, the same degree as Putin’s natal Pluto.

Also at the Solar eclipse on Feb 26, 2017, Saturn was at 26+ Sagittarius, the same degree as Putin’s natal Mars.

These planets with rather sinister reputations (when seen or used negatively) are trine each other in Putin’s nativity and Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo is conjunct Putin’s Pluto and trine Putin’s Mars.

The fact that trans. Uranus in Aries is already trine Putin’s natal Pluto and within orb of a trine to his natal Mars (where trans. Saturn is) certainly give weight to the innuendo re: speculation of Trump’s relationship with Putin and you know darn well you can’t keep a good story down for long.

Looking at the most recent birth chart for Russia (June 12, 1990, Moscow, 1:45 PM or 9:45 UT) puts the Sun at 21+ Gemini, right between Trump’s natal North Node (opportunity) at 20+ Gemini and his natal Sun (consciousness) at 22+ Gemini.

This version of Russia’s birth chart contains a square between Uranus at 8+ Capricorn retrograde and Mars at 8+ Aries which, when combined with Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, forms a T-square; problematic in the best of circumstances.

Then there are the nodes in Russia’s chart, North at 8+ Aquarius and South at 8+ Leo.

If you take the U.S. natal Uranus (unexpected) in Gemini (inquisitive) at 8+ degrees and combine it with Russia’s South node (no longer serves and ready to release) at 8+ Leo that forms a sextile. Their combined quincunxes to the Russian Uranus at 8+ Capricorn then creates a Yod, also referred to as a Finger of God.

Add in Trump’s Mercury (ruler of his Sun’s sign) in Cancer opposite Russia’s Uranus and you get a Boomerang. The Buck Stops Here at the Boomerang point and if I had to make a guess, I’d say that Trump will be the light that shines on some nefarious activity between U.S. business (or just Trump’s business) and the Kremlin.

I’m also intrigued by a connection between the January 4, 2011 solar eclipse that is connected to the present day astrology by way of the present opposition in the Jupiter-Uranus cycle which began the same day as the 2011 eclipse.

That eclipsed Sun and Russia’s birth chart Neptune are both at 13+ Capricorn, the degree that opposes the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer. Whatever is going on, it’s been going on for at least 6 years.

I’ve no doubt that Uranus (and sidekicks Eris and Mars) at this eclipse time in opposition to Jupiter (the midway point in their cycle that began at the eclipse in 2011) . .

. . and their participation in a transiting grand cross which they share with the transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposite transiting Vesta (investment) in Cancer have triggered this ménage a trois (Putin, Trump, Russia).

We could even go so far as to suppose that Putin’s natal Ceres (nurture) conjunct Trump’s Uranus (lawlessness) suggests a cultivation of Trump’s self-serving tendencies by Putin toward investing in Russian opportunities.

But this is astrology after all, not facts, and I’m only guessing at the possible meanings that can be read into these coincidences. 🙂

Very impressive story from NY Times! Thank You!
Watergate process took about 50 months before RM Nixon resigned. I’m wondering how long this one will take. It could be longer with a R. Congress.

Semi-Sextile Aspect (Mundane Astrology)

KEY PHRASE: difficult associations

2017 Oath of Office Chart

4 Element “door” aspect (semi-sextile, inconjunct, opposition)

Eris 22 Aries, 12TH House (fire)


Lucifer asteroid 22 Scorpio, 7TH House (water) ‘The Fall’, Refusing to Serve Humanity


Jupiter 22 Libra, 6TH House (air)


Federal Gov Midheaven 22 Taurus, 1RST House (earth)




difficult associations (semi-sextile)
forced issues (inconjunct)
challenges (oppositions)


Lucifer asteroid 22SC
Federal Gov Midheaven 22TA

Lucifer asteriod, Operant Behavior (Operant behavior is done because it produces some type of consequence)


European Southern Observatory – Time Lapse Video


Nancy Pelosi: Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath And Must Resign
“Sessions is not fit to serve as the top law enforcement officer of our country.”


continued – Jeff Sessions

DOB 12.24.1946 Selma AL

Mutable Grand Cross by Synastry (world stage)

N/North Node 11 Gemini


Transiting Mercury 10 Pisces


N/South Node 11 Sagittarius


N/Lucifer asteroid 10 Virgo

Jeff Sessions Horoscope


Another brilliant Jessica Murray http://mothersky.com/2017/02/vive-la-resistance-part-one-inside-gate/ on the role of the free press, how it’s being distorted.

She mentions FB and how devolved communications are. I’m not fond of FB for the reasons she cites. Any “discussion” is often brief, assertions without evidence. Add to that the emoticons, a truly debasing way to respond. Can you imagine if we actually communicated (in person) with exaggerated grinning, scowling, crying, etc.? As if our vocabulary had lost all nuance, subtlety or meaning? It’s what we’re witnessing now in this administration. Lies are the truth, and the truth is what I tell you it is.

Trump does not look well today as collaborators are falling one by one. I do not wish him any harm; he could do the right thing and resign.

The following on Attorney Jeff Sessions was written by Louise Mensch, who is on top of her game!

Excerpt “Jeff Sessions Recruited Carter Page, Under FBI Investigation. Even those who are only loosely following the Russian hacking story must be aware of the names of Carter Page and Paul Manafort, and of the FISA warrant, which Ii reported was issued to the FBI’s counter-intelligence division in Connecticut on October 15, 2016, concerning the activity of the server in Trump Tower and of two Russian-linked banks, Alfa Bank and SVB (Silicon Valley Bank). Jeff Sessions was first announced by the Trump campaign as its ‘National Security Adviser’. He was next announced by the Trump campaign as its ‘Foreign Policy Adviser.’ Senator Sessions has no experience in either of these areas of policy.
Senator Sessions must explain why he chose Carter Page, who went to Russia in July and reportedly met with Sechin on sanctions and the head of Russian intelligence, Igor Diveykin, charged with hacking America’s election.”

(More at the Link)

Nancy, in your previous post you wrote —

“Unfortunately, in Trump’s chart, transiting Uranus will be in sextile to his Sun from February 25 to March 16. There is already a conjunction between Trump’s natal Sun and Uranus. Thus, the transit is likely to be felt and intensify his already stark tendency for precipitous and unexpected behavior. We can expect a very quick and bold reaction to whatever comes at him during this period. With the progressed US Moon in a semisquare to natal Pluto, peaking on March 2 and moving to conjunct the 12Sagittarius57 Ascendant from February 20 to March 18, it is possible that some of these violent events will directly impact the US (Ascendant) and cause consternation and upset (Moon/Pluto) here. Only time will tell how these energies will unfold.”

I don’t know if the recent revelations coming out are violent in nature but it might have a violent reaction in Trump; and I guess violent is also synonymous to disruptive. You were spot on with this prediction.

Thank you Sharon K!


After an earlier draft to repeal and replace the bill leaked to the press — and was widely panned by conservatives — House Republicans have come up with a new draft that they’re keeping in a locked room in the Capitol.

Republican lawmakers aren’t allowed to take a copy out with them. No one else is allowed to read it — including Senate Republicans.

Does this qualify, and does it sound familiar? The WSJ also has covered this recent story.


March 7TH VOTE California
Human Voter Guide: March 7 last-minute voting help and where to vote early


Measure H
If approved by 2/3rds of Los Angeles County voters, Measure H would do the following:

Generate approximately $355 million annually through a ¼-cent County sales tax to exclusively fund proven ways to reduce and prevent homelessness. These include physical and mental health care, housing services, case management, job counseling and substance abuse treatment.
Help an estimated 45,000 families and individuals move from homelessness to permanent housing in the measure’s first five years—and enable 30,000 more to avoid becoming homeless.

Measure H would directly benefit children, foster youth, seniors, battered women, disabled individuals, veterans and other homeless adults. Provide essential services to accompany an increase in housing being built for homeless families and individuals, construction that voters have approved by wide margins.

Ensure accountability and effectiveness of expenditures through a Citizens’ Oversight Advisory Board and independent auditor who would issue annual reports.

Measure H represents a key component of the County’s Homeless Initiative, an unprecedented collaboration that last year pinpointed 47 strategies to reduce and prevent homelessness. The widely-praised effort involved more than 100 community organizations, 30 cities and an array of County departments and experts.

Already, through well-targeted spending, the numbers of families and veterans on our streets has dropped significantly. Shelter residents are being given access to permanent housing, services and employment at ever higher levels. Hundreds of individuals are being rapidly rehoused and are on a path to paying their own rent. New County health teams are in the field bringing health and housing to hundreds more.

Measure H would provide essential ongoing money to support these innovative, proven strategies, which share this ambitious but achievable goal: Real help. Lasting change.

continued Measure H, March 7TH
California VOTE


Chuck Schumer demands Jeff Sessions resign, seeks special prosecutor for Russia investigation


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y. speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 2, 2017, about news reports of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ contact with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.


Interesting Sessions chart.

Sessions’ outer wheel (which I guess means his progressed chart) has his Mars, Moon, Sun, and MC in the 12th in Pisces, which is where Neptune is.

Talk about a person’s outer persona and public stature dissolving before our eyes!


?Trump’s Net Neutrality-Hating FCC Chair Is Already Gutting Public-Interest Regulations

But movements can counter him.

Comey possibly under fire

From Huffington Post today:

“some, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), were clearly irked to keep learning of Trump administration contacts with Russians through the media, and left open the chance that they would also call for recusal.

Graham said he would meet with FBI Director James Comey on Thursday to discuss the ongoing Russia investigation, and demand to know whether Sessions is a subject of the probe.

“Somebody is leaking this crap and it’s putting people like me in a terrible spot,” Graham told reporters. “So I’m going to meet with the FBI director today, and I’m going to look him in the eye, and he’s going to tell me there’s an investigation or there’s not, and if he doesn’t tell me he’s going to have a hard time.”

As mentioned before on one of my previous posts, this Eclipse heavily impacts Comey’s Pluto, NN conjunction at 8+ Virgo for starters. Pluto of eclipse now sitting one degree past his natal Saturn (17+ Cap). There are many other “boings” going on right now, but these are heavy enough.

Transiting Vesta now at 20+ Cancer about to go direct on March 14th. She will hit the US natal Mercury around April 14th, 15th.

I have a personal question about transits to my chart in April.

In the period of 4/9 through 4/13 or longer, I may be going to some events in Cambridge, MA with my husband having to do with the next stage of the competition he’s in (he is among 10 finalists and has to pitch his idea to judges). It is also Passover so we will be attending Seders and meeting people.

At the time, retrograde venus square retrograde saturn at 27 Pisces are transiting my 10th house venus/mars natal conjunction in Pisces (Venus 24°46’57; Mars: 22°53’46). T Chiron is at 26 Pisces at that time period, too. I am a little worried about going and am thinking of staying home as I am expecting there to be some disappointments and hurt on my part. We also may invite my 35 y.o. stepson who is very close to my husband, and when together, he makes a lot of effort to include me, which I appreciate, but sometimes I feel left out and not considered. Do you guys think I should stay home? The transits seem to promise learning some lesson that is possibly painful, or, maybe, conversely, helping my husband out in an empathetic way and putting that over my own well being (since he needs assistance with all that’s going on for him, and during his talk as well). The 10th house is my public self, and I will be meeting lots of new people and think this means I won’t make a good impression!

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated.

Sharon did you change the birth time or is it from your BC?

retro venus is 27 Pisces and retro Saturn is at 27 Sag, which conjuncts my husband’s 28 jupiter in his 5th house.

It’s from my bc, Bob.

Your original post is on the mark or very close to it IMO Sharon. Not a most enjoyable period whether you go or not. Perhaps because of empathetic feelings you experience brought on by circumstances you cannot control. Your natal Saturn has progressed to 26°21′ Virgo and is being squared by transit Saturn stationing at 27°47′ Sag.

Using my charts I see periods which seem to be enjoyable in the period interspersed with some which are not. The last day (if it is the 13th) may be the most enjoyable but also contains strong Saturn influences (possibly relieved to be leaving). The period around arrival at home may not be most joyful.

Your chart relocated to Cambridge has Mars on the MC.

Jefferson Sessions certainly does have a have lots of action in his natal 12th House!

Brilliant Analysis from David Frum:

1) Sessions story today is a sinister confirmation of central thesis of my autocracy article: 2) Donald Trump is a uniquely dangerous president because he harbors so many guilty secrets (or maybe 1 big guilty secret). 3) In order to protect himself, Trump must attack American norms and institutions – otherwise he faces fathomless legal risk 4) In turn, in order to protect their legally vulnerable leader, Republicans in Congress must join the attack on norms & institutions 5) Otherwise, they put at risk party hopes for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to remake US government in ways not very popular with voters 6) American institutions are built to withstand an attack from the president alone. But … 7) … they are not so well-built as to withstand an attack from a conscienceless president enabled by a hyper-partisan Congress 8) The peculiar grim irony in this case is that somewhere near the center of Trump’s story is the murky secret of Trump’s Russia connection 9) Meaning that Trump is rendering his party also complicit in what could well prove … 10) … the biggest espionage scandal since the Rosenberg group stole the secret of the atomic bomb. 11) And possibly even bigger. We won’t know if we don’t look 12) Despite patriotic statements from individual GOPers, as of now it seems that Speaker Ryan & Leader McConnell agree: no looking.


Sessions is the tip of the iceberg. The public must, must, must demand to see Trump’s tax returns.

“Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War” “What lay behind Russia’s interference in the 2016 election—and what lies ahead?”

We The People:
“Immediately release Donald Trump’s full tax returns, with all information needed to verify emoluments clause compliance”.
Sign Petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immediately-release-donald-trumps-full-tax-returns-all-information-needed-verify-emoluments-clause-compliance

For March – http://soothesayer.com/

Governors met on Obamacare replacement plan with Pence


Here is a comment from NYT’s:

“The Sessions bell cannot be un-rung.

Instead of the black dress, Mar-a-lago vs. Camp David weekends, the silly stock market frothiness, Kellyanne’s uncouth behavior, and all other such diversions, it will behoove us all a lot better if we focus on THE most significant and still unsettled issue of our times, our Republic, and of this new administration’s provenance – The Russian Connection. It is our duty to keep a laser focus on it, despite the daily side shows that keep getting ginned up to keep us amused and bickering, while this important issue somehow fades away from the public’s mind.”

Ukraine’s Front Lines


People are also asking why the Russian Ambassador was at the Republican Convention meeting with Trump aids, and then the only input the Trumpers had into the platform was to stop supplying arms to those fighting Russians in Crimea?!

Bob, thank you very much for taking a look at that! I guess I will have to use my best judgment and decide what to do. Mars rising sounds like I could end up coming on to strong when it’s not really about me.


I see a certain (irony?) I’m not sure what to call it in number

“10) … the biggest espionage scandal since the Rosenberg group stole the secret of the atomic bomb.”

Roy Cohn, the virulent, far-right Gay, NY attorney who advised Joseph McCarthy and persecuted other Gays was also one of the prosecutors against the Rosenbergs. He was also an extremely important mentor to DJT.

From Russia with love – – new trump theme song?

He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch
A spider’s touch
Such a cold finger
Beckons you to enter his web of sin
But don’t go in

Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can’t disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her
It’s the kiss of death from

Mister Goldfinger
Pretty girl beware of this heart of gold
This heart is cold

Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can’t disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her
It’s the kiss of death from
Mister Goldfinger
Pretty girl beware of this heart of gold
This heart is cold

He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold
He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold

I highly recommend checking out the Soothesayer link that Apple posted for Linda Schurman’s March column. She covers everything that’s happening, especially the challenges to the world economy, and her writing style is terrific. She is neither optimistic nor pessimistic but doesn’t shrink from the realities.


“Wake Up, Republicans: This Could Be the Democrats’ Tea Party”
“When we showed up at town halls eight years ago, Democrats dismissed us and underestimated the power of protesters. They were wrong then, and the GOP is wrong now” When we showed up at town halls eight years ago, Democrats dismissed us and underestimated the power of protesters. They were wrong then, and the GOP is wrong now”.

Anyone know how legitimate the following zerohedge report is (posted below)? If there’s truth to the story, it is very reassuring and heart-warming…….

Valerie Jarrett Moves In With Obamas In DC “To Lead The Fight & Strategy To Topple Trump”

by Tyler Durden
March 2, 2017

Obama’s goal is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment, The Daily Mail reports according to a family friend. To help him “lead the fight and strategy to topple Trump” his longtime consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, has moved into The Obama’s house with them in Washington.

After Eric Holder’s comments yesterday:

Barack Obama is getting closer to making his public reappearance in politics, his friend and former Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday.

Holder said he’s been talking to the former president about ways — including fundraising and interacting with state legislators — that could help the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which Obama asked Holder to chair last year.

“It’s coming. He’s coming,” Holder said, speaking to reporters at a briefing for the new group. “And he’s ready to roll.”

Throughout, Holder said, Obama “will be a more visible part of the effort.”

It appears Barack Obama is building his team, as The Daily Mail reports, he is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of the nation’s capital – just two miles away from the White House – into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump.

Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.

And Obama is being aided in his political crusade by his longtime consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, who has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion with the former president and Michelle Obama, long time best friends. Jarrett played a vital – if at times low-key – role in the Obama presidency. She lived in the White House, dined with the Obamas, and help shape his domestic and foreign policies.



Jerry, snopes – “Kevin Lewis, Barack Obama’s post-presidency spokesman, called the story “absurd” and devoid of facts, stating to us that Jarrett was neither moving in with the Obamas nor launching a political movement intended to oust President Trump from office.”


Thanks for the feedback from Snopes. That was helpful.

Perhaps Obama is taking a “watchful” interest behind the scenes (Trump had accused Obama and his supporters of being the source of recent leaks), but perhaps it is not as much as some reports are suggesting.


The SemiSquare Aspect is where two planets are forty five degrees apart. This is related to the Square Aspect described above but it is only half the Angle. This is where the circle is divided by eight.

Square Aspects tend to indicate energy that is blocked between two planets or parts of the individuals psyche.

With the SemiSquare this energy appears to be even more deeply blocked and thus it manifests as external events. A person is forced to address difficulties in their psyche because these continually manifest as events in the outside world that need dealing with.

With this fact SemiSquares can lead a person to great achievements as the energy of the Square is given tangible form in the external world.

People with these aspects often develop great persistance, endurance and productive results in their efforts to control and reconcile these difficult combinations of energy.



Eliseo, in regards to No. 10, my sentiments exactly. To me that was like my “wow” moment. This is serious stuff; no telling how many secrets Russia has learned from the Putin picks in the White House and cabinet.

continued – 22 degree Leo of the Lunar Eclipse for 2.10.2017 and its semi-square aspect to
Trump’s significant Natal Chiron 17 Libra – Jupiter 17 Libra degree located in his natal 2OND house
(well being, peace of mind, self-worth)

The the collusion to Russia-Putin-Trump can be measured for its tangible effects from the Lunar Eclipse and thereafter ongoing…. as a means for chart analysis

continued – Trump-Russia-Putin

Tangible effects from 2/10/2017 Lunar Eclipse @22 Leo to Trump.

Trump is forced to address difficulties in his psyche because these continually manifest as events in the outside world that need dealing with.


After the first 13 days of Donald Trump, many Americans are wondering what in the world is wrong with new president – including the highest ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

After hammering Trump for naming white supremacist Steve Bannon to the National Security Council while dismissing actual national security figures, Pelosi brought up GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s idea to require presidents to pass a mental exam.


2.10.2017 Llunar Eclipse – Trump



BREAKING Carter Page Reverses Story, Says He Met Russian Ambassador. And CNN Says Kushner Did Too.

by Troutfishing

EPA Head (Destructor) Scott Pruitt lied massively in his confirmation hearing

by Torta

[Update] Trey Gowdy tell us there is a TRANSCRIPT of Jeff Sessions’s call to the Russian ambassador?

by bejammin075

Dan Rather

Every once in a while in Washington, the fuse is lit for what seems to be a big scandal. Much more rarely does that fuse lead to an explosion of the magnitude we are seeing with Russia and the new Administration, and frankly the Republicans in Congress.

How can anybody say, with all this billowing smoke and sights of actual flames, that there is no need to at least independently investigate whether a fire is burning down the very pillars of our democracy?

The pressure is obviously starting to mount as leading Republicans are now calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

This comes in the wake of serious and credible evidence reported by a vigilant press that the Attorney General, mind you the top law enforcement man in the United States, perjured himself in testimony to the Senate about meeting the Russian ambassador during the election.

Sessions is but the latest person close to President Trump who seems to be ensnared in a story that is more worthy of Hollywood melodrama than the reality of the governance of our country.

Democrats are calling for Sessions to resign, and this story could move very quickly.

We are well past the time for any political niceties or benefits of the doubt. We need an independent and thorough investigation of Russia’s meddling in our democracy and its ties to the President and his allies.

We don’t know what we don’t know. Perhaps there are perfectly innocuous reasons for why Mr Trump won’t release his tax returns, why he has continued to speak admirably about President Putin and why his aides and advisors seem to be so close to Russia. That’s why we need an investigation.

The press is doing an admirable job. But there is only so much it can do without such things as subpoena powers. Let’s just make this clear. This is about a foreign and hostile power trying to influence our election while being in contact with close aides to the presidential campaign that the Kremlin wanted to win.

Furthermore, there are serious questions about Mr Trump’s longstanding ties to Russian money and influence peddlers. We don’t know where this might go, but it isn’t going away.




The Sessions/Russia timeline is astounding. So much smoke there must be fire.

By khaavren
Friday Mar 03, 2017 · 6:22 AM PST


Donald Trump appears to have a number of people around him that have extremely close ties to Russian billionaires and Vladimir Putin.

Let’s start with the curious real estate deal between Donald Trump and shadowy Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

In 2006, Donald Trump purchased a Florida mansion and estate for $40 million. Only two years later, along comes Dmitry Rybolovlev to buy the estate for 250% more than Trump paid for it. It was the most expensive home in America.

This week it was completely torn down and it appears Rybolovlev never set foot in it.


The ultimate case for a special prosecutor and the eventual resignation of Donald Trump

By Jen Hayden
Thursday Mar 02, 2017 · 10:56 AM PST

Mike Pence Horoscope


Michael Richard “Mike” Pence (born June 7, 1959)

Putting on my tinfoil hat–Does anyone think Melania has anything to do with this Russian thing–like convincing him to act this way toward Russia? Her father was a communist bigwig in Slovenia, could she be some kind of communist plant? I don’t know, I guess this idea come up in my mind a few times. Has anyone looked at her chart?

Sharon K: Soothsayer article very interesting and informative.


I think we should revisit that Ivanka and Putin’s girlfriend vacationed together last summer for nearly a month. Girl talk or a means to pass on info from the orange turd to Putin and vice-versa?

Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump`s old, old friend sworn into the cabinet as commerce secretary.

Wilbur Ross is an American businessman, long-time friend of Donald Trump. Not much experience in international banking but inexplicably ended up the majority shareholder in a Cypriot bank with all sorts of ties to Vladimir Putin and to a Russian oligarch who somehow through some intermediary, we don`t know who, ended up stuffing $60 million into Donald Trump`s wallet, paying him $100 million for something that Trump had just bought for $40 million, and that the oligarch apparently had
no personal interest in whatsoever, he never even bothered living in it and
maybe never even visited.


continued Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Louis Ross Jr. (DOB November 28, 1937, Weehawken, New Jersey)



Yes, I agree.

Love that line, Alex —

“So much smoke, there must be fire.”

The number of Trump associates who have been accused of having undisclosed contact with Russian agents, or who have reportedly been investigated by the F.B.I., now stands at six: Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager; Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer; Roger Stone, a longtime political associate; Carter Page, an oil-industry consultant who acted as one of his foreign-policy advisers; Flynn; and now Sessions.


Three weeks before Election Day, Donald Trump Jr. left the campaign trail and the country to speak at a private dinner in Paris organized by an obscure pro-Russia group that promotes Kremlin foreign policy initiatives and has since nominated Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize.


sound track


What Trump didn’t want you to see him signing

The deconstruction of the administrative state will not be televised.



On the same day that Jeff Sessions was sworn in, Trump quietly signed an executive order to change the order of succession at the Justice Department if the attorney general resigns.


Ugggg….watching “oily” Mike Pence on CNN, smoooothly covering for his private email server, Sessions as being a man of integrity who could have answered the question more clearly but clearly it was unintentional. Also, they are shortly going to repeal and replace Obamacare at the same time and no American is going to be left behind. Paul Ryan stood next to him with a gloating little smile, looking relieved that they finally have someone who can communicate the Republican BS so smoothly. So disgusting…

after server, insert: “and speaking of” Sessions as being a man of integrity…

James Comey, FBI director and seemingly pro-Republican political meddler, has been accused of “withholding crucial information” regarding the ongoing probe by Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. The same committee that is currently investigating the Russian connections alongside—but apparently not with the full cooperation of—the FBI.

After a meeting with Comey, Schiff came away unsatisfied, and had this to say to reporters:

“I would say at this point we know less than a fraction of what the FBI knows…I appreciate we had a long briefing and testimony from the director today, but in order for us to do our investigation in a thorough and credible way, we’re gonna need the FBI to fully cooperate, to be willing to tell us the length and breadth of any counterintelligence investigations they are conducting. At this point, the director was not willing to do that.”


The U.S. government has never been totally transparent, and it shouldn’t be in many cases, but I believe President Obama was so much more honest in comparison.

trilby re your 11.46 post:
that thought regarding Melania’s father has crossed my mind before – I don’t think Melania herself is overtly involved though, merely an unwitting prostitute archetype dupe.
Seems to me from what I have read, daddy and husband have many traits in common – opportunistic salesmen driven by lust for power and wealth.

Thanks to those who responded to my earlier question on Sessions.
Marjorie Orr has just written another piece on him saying relationship chart with trump looks frosty from march 7th


Sharon K,
RE: Mr. “Oily” Pence:
I think pence would be a worse president than DJT. He is just as radical, seems more rational by comparison, has sense enough to not talk about grapping ladies’ genitalia on a hot mike, and is far more trusted by the R’s than DJT. He also carries some really toxic religious baggage.

My hope is that when DJT goes down, Mr. P. will go down with him. Still…that doesn’t leave us with a president who will veto all the coming deconstructive legislation the R’s will inflict upon the Am. people and/or the world.


RE: “Ivanka and Putin’s girlfriend vacationed together last summer for nearly a month.”

Have we any verified sources for this? Is this a real fact, or is it something else? If this is true, (and it seems plausible) it is a pretty remarkable connection, i.e. more “smoke” indicating the presence of fire.

Rachel Maddow Is Now Growing 3 Times Faster Than Fox News As Her Ratings Surge! http://www.politicususa.com/2017/03/03/rachel-maddow-growing-3-times-faster-fox-news-ratings-surge.html

(Rachel’s kind presentation of her programs are what impresses me, she’s always a smile and wink)
If you missed this show, it’s interesting:

Here’s Rachel’s Birthchart:

Eliseo, I looked it up and, regarding Ivanka Trump & Putin’s “girlfriend” (I forget her name), apparently Ivanka & she are long time friends and she & Jared were friendly with her when she was Murdock’s wife, so….Putin is a sidebar.


There were pictures of them vacationing together. I remember looking at the pics on Huffington Post or some similar trusted sites. I

Louise Mensch was asked whether she still believed Comey was a patriot and she answered

“Never believed otherwise. GOP Heads of both House and Senate intelligence deeply compromised, for all I know suspects.”

So she believes that Comey has not briefed Congress because there may be suspects in GOP party that he is also investigating in regards to this matter.

Using a noon chart Ross has the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto at 241°09′. The August 21 total solar eclipse at 151°00′ will be in exact square to it.

Saturn and Pluto on the day of Ross’ birth only moved seconds of arc the whole day.

If Jeff Sessions Will Not Resign, He Should Be Impeached!
The founders anticipated circumstances like this, which is why they outlined the Impeachment Process.

Sharon K,
Ivanka Trump’s friend, Wendi Deng Murdoch claims to NOT be dating V. Putin; but who knows? It might be something she needs to hide.

Russian ex-gymnast, Alina Kabaeva and her two children is rumored to be Putin’s secret wife and kids. Putin divorced his former wife a few years ago. He is fiercely secretive about his private life, and of course controls Russian media.

Who knows what the truth of all this is?

Rarely do I take time to scope out the minor planets in a chart, but I do spend a lot of time with the U.S Sibly chart. Therefore, when I discovered that U.S. natal Mercury and U.S. natal Jupiter were related by a minor aspect called a vigintile I was curious.

Vigintiles, when perfect, have 18 degrees separating them and the U.S. Sibly Mercury and Jupiter have 18 degrees and 16 minutes between the two degrees they inhabit. Robert Wilkinson says this aspect (a waxing vigintile) “shows us the birth of the possibility of a gift or specialization . .”

Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker in their book The Minor Aspects said “Individuals [countries] having this first family of aspects [which includes the vigintile] in their charts have the opportunity to work with energies that transcend the physical level of manifestation. One of the abilities unique to this family of aspects is the capacity to understand the inner relation between seemingly isolated sets of circumstances.”

U.S. Mercury and Jupiter are further related by sharing the same sign of Cancer. They also share a relationship with the U.S. natal Neptune in that U.S. Mercury sextiles U.S. Neptune and Jupiter was once the solitary ruler of the sign Pisces until New ruler Neptune was discovered.

Even though Mercury and Jupiter are considered rulers of the two polarized signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, in this case at least – the U.S. birth chart, they share common ground. U.S. Neptune may not have rulership of the 3rd house in the U.S. Sibly chart, but that’s the house his sign of Pisces occupies.

Once again there is common ground between Mercury and Jupiter because of Mercury’s association with the 3rd house of any chart. Jupiter as former or “co” ruler of Pisces can claim a relationship as well to the U.S. 3rd house. Most importantly though, transiting Neptune (associated with both U.S Mercury and U.S. Jupiter) is now transiting through Pisces and the U.S. 3rd house.

The 3rd house of any chart can refer to any means of communication, data, the written or spoken word, words transmitted electronically and pictures. The 3rd house is about education at the primary level and it also is associated with short distance travel and automobiles.

However, when we get on the internet we do engage in 3rd house activity but we also engage the 9th house symbolism of networking as well as higher education and all things foreign. The U.S. natal Neptune occupies the 9th house of the U.S. Sibly birth chart.

There are lots and lots of ways to see the symbolism of Neptune such as lack of visibility or a fuzzy visibility, drugs, film, fantasy, solvents, art, spirituality, water and untruths among them. In the case of the U.S. populace, there is going to be more than a fair amount of Neptune exposure whenever we communicate with others during this period.

So, getting back to Wilkinson’s remark about the vigintile being capable of showing us the birth of a “possibility of a gift or specialization” I surmise that such a gift would relate to communication through networking that has the power to confuse as well as create (Neptune) and/or connect isolated sets of circumstances (vigintile) while also educating (3rd and 9th houses of Sibly).

This gift or specialization then, having had 240 years to develop . . has it reached its capacity or is there some further advance coming in the near future; some ability to network beyond our wildest Neptunian dreams?

In the U.S. Sibly chart Sagittarius is on the ascendant (ruler Jupiter) and Gemini is on the descendent (Mercury) so any meeting between these two planets affects how the U.S. sees itself (asc) in relationship to the other (desc.) At the time of the 3rd and final conjunction between transiting Mercury and Jupiter last year it was just 4 weeks before the U.S. Presidential election.

This cycle between trans. Jupiter and trans. Mercury is renewed annually and is not specific to any country, but this present cycle of Jupiter and Mercury,
*because the meeting between them happened as transiting Saturn was conjunct the U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, and
*because trans. Pluto at 14+ Cap was square the U.S. Saturn (and Trump’s Chiron and Juno) and opposite the U.S. Sun
*while trans. Neptune in Pisces squared the U.S. Uranus . . .
. .the U.S. will be having a primary role in the world’s experience of information until the next cycle starts this coming October.

I thought you might possibly benefit from being aware of this phenomenon as it is part of a much bigger picture.

In addition to these personalized planetary transits to the U.S. Sibly chart when trans. Mercury and Jupiter met, there was Uranus in Aries in a quincunx to the U.S. Neptune and a sextile to the U.S. Mars in Gemini, and this is having an effect the U.S. Mercury and Jupiter as well.

The chart for this conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, when set in Washington DC, had its ascendant conjunct the U.S. Sibly chart’s MC (reputation), and the conjunction itself was only 5 degrees from the Sibly MC.

Of the major planets in this conjunction, when set in DC, only Uranus was above the horizon and it was in the 7th house of partnership. This might suggest that most of the ingredients involving U.S. communication and thinking would take place internally (bottom half of chart) and that would be mostly about “self aka U.S.” rather than the rest of the world.

Having Uranus in the 7th house in this cycle of Mercury-Jupiter, insofar as the U.S. was concerned meant there would be unexpected things coming from “the other” be it partner or open enemy. Again, this cycle started 4 weeks before Trump was elected President of the U.S.

Knowing that the U.S. natal chart’s aspect between Jupiter and Mercury could be providing “the ability to understand the inner relations between seemingly isolated sets of circumstances” which could be the driving force to getting to the bottom of Trump and Russia, well that’s not such a minor thing IMO.

So far, I don’t see anything particularly explosive happening in late Feb, early March, even with this whole Sessions thing, today it seems mostly blown off, I live iN Orlando and I know people happily going to see him, Mum continues to drink the koolaid, everything going just fine in trump land, they still talking about his wonderful great amazing speech

Am I missing something?

Putin’s supposed ‘girlfriend’ who vacationed with Ivanka was Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdock’s ex-wife.
I really don’t think she was ever Putins girlfriend – Tabloids are often quick to put a girlfriend/boyfriend label on people even if not true.




RE: decile 36 degrees of arc


The decile (36°) is related to the quintiles, calling to order and structure, to talents and power.

thanks for the link on that ebook alex.
lots to read and learn


Philo Farnsworth, inventor of television, who also was instrumental in the development of radar, had Tesla conjunct the North Node, decile Jupiter (philosophy)


Ivanka Kushner vacationed with Wendi Deng, Putin’s girlfriend, who is also the ex-wife of — wait for it — Rupert Murdoch.

Here it Comes From Trump Twitter Post:
“I hereby demand a second investigation, after Schumer, of Pelosi for her close ties to Russia, and lying about it”.

But a file photo from Pelosi’s 2010 meeting with Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev shows Kislyak at the table across from Pelosi — then House speaker — and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.). Medvedev had been in the country for a meeting with President Barack Obama a day earlier and stopped in on Capitol Hill to meet with congressional leaders as well.
Asked to square Pelosi’s comments with the photo of the meeting, a spokesman said Pelosi simply meant she never had a solo meeting with Kislyak.
“Of course, that’s what she meant,” said the spokesman, Drew Hammill. “She has never had a private one-on-one with him.”

The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics: http://www.politico.com/gallery/2017/03/the-nations-cartoonists-on-the-week-in-politics-002408?slide=0

With America’s Many Problems To Fix….
This broke my Heart: US considers separating women and children who cross Illegally into US! How Low&Cruel can they go? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/mar/03/us-immigration-proposal-women-children-separation-border
(I don’t want to live in a country that would even consider this)

Kellyanne Conway Says: ‘alternative facts’ was my Oscars blunder. Senior White House adviser says media should have let her ‘brush off’ mistake, equating it with the best picture award going to the wrong film’

Senator Chris Coons believes FBI has transcripts that show Russian leaders at highest levels colluding with Trump campaign to impact election.


Why now?

The world is at a crossroads. Social and environmental tensions are growing. Technology has made the global village increasingly interconnected and interdependent. People everywhere are seeking transformative ideas, new resources, and new leadership to ensure a more peaceful and sustainable future.

And, through NEXUS, younger generations rise to meet the challenge.


Trump to Undo Vehicle Rules That Curb Global Warming


Does Stephen Miller Speak for Trump or Vice Versa

Why would anyone watch Rachel – she barely acknowledged Bernie – 90% identity politics.

Any news on the pipeline, Rachel?
1. Media shapes our political consciousness, and informs us as to the scope of what is “realistic” and “possible.”

2. In other words, it is time for the American people to understand that corporate media in America is not some kind of “objective” entity that sees its function as providing, as best it can, “truth” to its viewers, listeners, and readers”

3. Today as a result of massive mergers and takeovers, six corporations control 90 percent of what we see, hear, or read. [Comcast, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS: And they tell you what they want you to know and believe: the “truth” is what they say it is.]

4. The current media situation in America, where a handful of giant corporations controls the flow of information, is a very serious threat to our democracy.


Anyone or organization who is critical of Rachel Maddow must be the “enemy”. She is a courageous, complete and fabulous reporter often leading the way for other journalists. I just saw a report where she is the number one watched show and has outdistanced Fox News.

The Official White House Resistance Operation

In solidarity with others who were courageous enough to create #altgov twitter accounts, pushing back against President Trump’s attempt to silence dissent and inconvenient facts, we are committed to supporting the resistance by revealing the inner chaos and incompetence of President Trump’s White House. We are White House staffers, working at various levels, operating in secrecy to reveal hidden truths of the Trump administration to the American people.

We are the resistance of the White House. We are the voice in the dark that speaks in silence and hides in the foreground. We are the Rogue POTUS Staff.



I hope Rachel’s show continue to soar. She is doing courageous work.

Patty, Angellight, Janet,

I think Rachel is great too. I’ve been watching/listening to her since she was on XM radio. Enjoy her format – always very informative.


It’s natural to direct our fury at Trump and to want to see him gone. But it was the wider American right that, over more than two decades, feasted on bigotry, ignorance and contempt for science, facts and the compromises required by democratic governance – it was that right that incubated Trump and Trumpism.

John Ambrose Fleming


DOB 11.29.1849
Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Natal Sun 07 Sagittarius
Wax Decile
Natal Pallas 12 Capricorn


Fixed Grand Cross (world stage)

Natal Mercury 26 Scorpio
Natal South Node 27 Aquarius
Natal Moon (noon) 28 Taurus
Natal North Node 27 Leo

Grand Fire Trine

Natal Chiron 01 Sagittarius
Natal Saturn 01 Aries
Fixed Star Talitha 01 Leo (executive control)

Thank you Nancy; Guardian writer Jonathan Freedland’s perspective captures the essence of the threads of the fabric that, when woven together, reveal just how threadbare the cloth (from which the Pub Party was cut) has become. In fact, both parties and the U.S. public as a whole have lost sight of their original principles/values.

There is an interesting astrological coincidence (which I’ve always heard was impossible) I would like to hear your (and anyone else interested) thoughts on.

Vladimir Putin was born one month before the Nat’l Security Agency (NSA). Therefore the Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter in both birth charts are essentially in the same places. The NSA and Putin have a lot in common.

Putin’s birth date is October 7, 1952 and NSA’s birth date is November 4, 1952. Ironically, they both have the same sign Moon in Gemini and both are within orb of a conjunction to the U.S. Uranus.

In both the Putin and NSA charts the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra sextiles the Pluto in Leo. These sextiles form a Yod – 2 of them – when joined with the transiting Chiron in Pisces who has been opposite the U.S. Neptune in Virgo. This creates 2 Boomerangs, or the Back Atcha aspect.

The U.S. Neptune then is semi-sextile both the Pluto and the Neptune-Saturn conjunction in the NSA chart and Putin’s chart.

The lunar eclipse on Feb. 10th was conjunct both Putin’s and the NSA’s Pluto in Leo. Jupiter at that eclipse was conjunct both chart’s Neptune in Libra. The eclipse sextile between Moon (eclipsed) and Jupiter formed a Yod with the eclipse chart’s Chiron in Pisces which was opposite the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo. Again, the Boomerang thing.

Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini squares the U.S. natal Neptune. Trump’s Sun also aspects the Neptune and Pluto in both the Putin and NSA charts.

As it happens, Putin was born when transiting Mercury was conjunct transiting Neptune adding the personal, more conscious level to his natal sextile between Neptune (+ Saturn) and Pluto. That natal Mercury at 23+ Libra has had transiting Jupiter conjunct it, including the eclipses in February. Is this Putin leaking info?

The sextile between the eclipse Jupiter and eclipsed Moon that formed the Yod with eclipse Chiron that squared Trump’s Sun did all kinds of things to the U.S. Neptune (which squares the U.S. Mars which conjuncts Trump’s Sun).

Even more remarkable was that the eclipse chart’s Pluto at 18+ Capricorn because it was opposite the natal Uranus at 18+ Cancer in both the Putin and the NSA charts. Ah yes, nothing activates a natal Uranus better than a transiting Pluto!

In the grand scheme of things then it seems, to me, destined that Putin and (at least one of) the U.S. Intelligence operations has brought the Trump phenomenon into the U.S. history book to shake (down or up) the complacency of government bodies, political parties and even the unconscious common constituents in our country.

Outrageousness seems to be the theme of the shaking and it isn’t escaping any of us. However much Neptune (natal and transiting) disguises or blurs things, we seek answers. That’s a Pluto thing I’m sure, you know, compelled or driven .
. .

In just over a week from now the Full Moon will conjunct the U.S. Neptune and the U.S. Neptune is in a slightly wide – but still in orb – trine with the U.S. Pluto. That U.S. Pluto in Capricorn will sextile the full moon’s Mercury in Pisces and that Mercury will be square the full moon’s Saturn in Sagittarius who is conjunct the Galactic Center. More leaks, more whodunit.

Is it destiny or is it karma or is it just coincidence then that the March 12 Full Virgo Moon-conjunct-U.S. Neptune will see the transiting Neptune at 12+ Pisces forming a square to the U.S. ascendant of 12+ Sagittarius. It’s all so confusing.

This is crazy:
“Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/03/04/trump-accuses-obama-of-nixonwatergate-plot-to-wire-tap-trump-tower/?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_pp-trumptap-813am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.c2cf439ce61d

He’s also complaining about McCarthyism, but I think he means Melissa.

A spokesman for Obama has denied it.

Yes it IS crazy, but…

I think it more likely the FBI and/or various Am. Intelligence agencies were secretly wiretapping DJT and accomplices, but cannot yet reveal that until the investigation is over.

We can surmise that other GOPers may have been wiretapped as well, but not by Obama.

See Angellight’s posting March 3rd, 2017 @ 4:58 pm.

Excuse me, Helen, but –with all due respect — you’re beginning to remind me of Tokyo Rose.

What was I thinking? Trans. Pluto in the upcoming lunar eclipse will be at 19+ Capricorn, not 18+ Cap. So that means he, trans. Pluto has been opposite those two natal Uranus’s for weeks now.

I seem to recall you are in Australia. Have I confused you with someone else?

I’m wondering how aware Aussies (and others) are that the majority of our citizens voted against Mr. DJT, and do not support his insane agenda.

A predictable response from trump – the master of reflect and deflect tactics, as well as fake newser.
(Obama birth certificate lie stoker perfect example)
With so many under his ‘spell’ or at least under Russian mafia/dark money control, one can only pray that the universe will assist/allow truth and good to triumph.

Eliseo, the president can’t order “wiretaps” despite the apparent confusion about it. However, he IS in the position to know about them and declassify the information to prove his point. Unless, of course, they have the goods on him, in which case they won’t be telling him about it.

This is the president’s opportunity to fall in line with the rest of us and demand and independent investigation so the matter can be put to rest Assuming he’s interested in the truth coming out.

No, Eliseo. I’m not an Aussie. Just a mouthy American.

Never mind. My last correction was me confusing myself; the original post (re: trans. Pluto opposite Putin and NSA Uranus) stands as is.

arbo. . LOVE the Melissa McCarthy snark!

Arbo, Axis Sally is another similar character – perhaps more ethnically fitting in this case

this is a scary thought

Maybe it may have been a dream but I don’t think so. I seem to remember overhearing trump say something like he thought that Prez O might be having his phones tapped or somebody he can’t reveal might have said they heard he was possibly thinking of doing it. Or something like that.

The reason I am not posting about these intermediate developments is that I do not believe anything strong enough on its own merit or added to the existing knowledge provides enough evidence to take trump down. That straw will probably come around August 21.

Around that time the crumbling of trump’s subterfuge and defenses will begin and will result in his removal in January 2020.

Could be. Might. Maybe. Possibly. You never know. Could, might, maybe will possibly happen something like that.

Sorry to have confused you with someone else. My apologies. A few years ago, someone with a similar but male sounding name used to post here occasionally from Australia. I wonder what ever happened to “him.”

And yes, you are correct. The president cannot order wiretaps but would certainly know it was done. I should not have omitted that.

Kiwi wrote: “One can only pray that the universe will assist/allow truth and good to triumph”. Indeed!

I was going to suggest The Hundredth Monkey Theory…And came across this absolutely mind blowing video:
The 100th Monkey Theory (Collapse-Michael Ruppert) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoMT7qkqPUY

By August 21, are you referring to this coming August 21, 2017? … OR 2018? OR 2019?

It was 50 months from the time of the beginning of Woodward & Bernstein’s investigation to the date of RM Nixon’s resignation.

If it is indeed the 2017 date, it seems plausible to me the process would take longer than Watergate as I suspect quite a number of high ranking RePubs presently in office would also be implicated. As David Frum pointed out in his 21 points in 2-5:

2) Donald Trump is a uniquely dangerous president because he harbors so many guilty secrets (or maybe 1 big guilty secret).

3) In order to protect himself, Trump must attack American norms and institutions – otherwise he faces fathomless legal risk

4) In turn, in order to protect their legally vulnerable leader, Republicans in Congress must join the attack on norms & institutions

5) Otherwise, they put at risk party hopes for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to remake US government in ways not very popular with voters

When Nixon went down, he damaged but did not destroy the R. Party. They recovered. But this situation is different. What Nixon & Co. went down for was an egregious abuse of power, but DJT & Co.’s “collusion with a hostile power” amounts to treason.

BUT…how quickly we forget. In 1968 Nixon ordered his operatives to “treat” with the N. Vietnamese and Viet Cong to sabotage the Paris Peace Talks to increase his probability of election over HH Humphrey. It worked. Years later when the “peace” was negotiated, it was on essentially the same terms as in 1968. Meanwhile thousands more Vietnamese, American, Australian & other lives were lost unnecessarily.

In 1980, to increase his probability of election, R. Reagan sent his operatives to Iran to “treat” with them regarding the hostages. Reagan & Co. made a deal with the Iranians, i.e. some missiles for the hostages. The Iranians were persuaded to not deal with Carter and continue holding the hostages. Quite oddly, the hostages were released on Reagan’s inauguration day! How many people went Hmmm that day?

In both cases, the candidate “treated” with a “hostile power” to assure the probability of election. By definition, that is treason. In both cases, had justice been done, both men, as a minimum should have served a life sentence in federal prison.

What DJT & Co. have purportedly done is therefore nothing new. The difference is that neither Nixon or Reagan suffered an obvious narcissistic personality disorder. Neither one bragged over an open mike about their sexual successes with women. Both won either a plurality or a majority of the popular vote as well as the electoral vote. And both were far more prepared to actually govern relative to their past political experience.

In my view, neither history or karma are fair. They just are.


Aug 21, 2017, the date of the total solar eclipse that lands on trump’s DC Asc and has it’s Saturn on his natal Sun-Moon opposition. That day his secondary progressed chart has his progressed Mars and Neptune (terror) on the MC (Q2 progression, Mean Quotidian angles).

Transit Saturn will also be opposite the progressed Sun in Trump’s wife’s chart at the time of the eclipse.

Many Thanks! Makes sense.

Janet, yes, Rachel doing courageous work, along with many reporters who are standing up for democracy and truth. WE must keep them in our prayers.

John Rothmann and Comments on KGO is on FIRE!!!: If interested Listen Live: http://streema.com/radios/KGO_AM_810_Newstalk_Radio?gclid=CJHUoJudjc4CFQJufgodDjYHpg

‘Rachel Maddow connected another dot last night’. Read: Keith Pickering has an excellent DIARY on the Rec list on WHY Trump’s phone tapping claims are such an important story, and connecting some dots very nicely. But there’s another dot we can connect on that line. http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/3/4/1640165/-Rachel-Maddow-connected-another-dot-last-night

‘The Republicans aren’t just killing health care, they’re killing any hope of Retirement for Millions’ (for Baby Boom)

Jessica Murray has written part 2 of ‘viva la resistance – sea of lies’

‘Social media is a perfect fit for the Trump brain, an organ that has proven itself creepily savvy without being intelligent.’ (more)


Eliseo, I don’t think the Republican Party is going to be able to put itself back together this time, not with it’s Neptune Return fast approaching in 2018. Whether you use the Feb 20 1854 chart or the Jul 6 1854 chart, their natal Neptune is between 14-16 degrees Pisces, degrees that Neptune will be transiting starting next year.

Confusion, corruption, and dissolution will abound for the GOP and all associated with it these next few years. The corruption is already plainly evident and includes not only 45 and much of his cabinet, but also such Republican luminaries as McConnell. The confusion is likely also evident among those who took DJT at his word that he would bring back manufacturing jobs, etc. Those within the party who oppose him–McCain, et al–may very well be tasked with picking up the pieces and trying to put together some kind of new conservative party in the coming years, perhaps one that is more rational and intellectual than the stupefyingly obstructionist and anti-government 1854 entity.

This once in 165 years transit for the GOP also coincides with the devastating Saturn-Pluto transits DJT faces in 2019 as well.

Your analysis is heartening. If you are correct, and from what I can tell it certainly makes sense, this bizarre process we are living through will largely resolve within the next four years. I’ve been more focused on the Pluto and Uranus returns of 2022 and 2028 not realizing the significance and immediacy of the Neptunian influence.

In other words, looking at Anglospheric karma I’ve been wondering if what is happening now in the USA is more like the Interregnum in England 1649-1660, or like the Presidents Zachary Taylor/Millard Fillmore demise of the Whigs 1848-1854.

Although our times have much in common with both those eras, your analysis points toward the latter and shorter scenario, the demise of the Whigs. This bodes ill for the R’s but doesn’t necessarily bode well for Dems. We shall see of course.

I’m hoping that concomitant with the Pluto and Uranus returns we will get necessary constitutional reforms like instant runoff voting, the end of gerrymandering, the permanent depersonalization of corporations, and especially what FDR presented January 11, 1944, his “second bill of rights”, i.e. economic rights.

Although called “Conservatism” what passes for today’s Republican ideology is nothing of the kind. It is a vampire that desperately needs to be dispatched. If DJT aids in that process, albeit painful for us all, he is a blessing in disguise.

Interesting Tweets from @AngryWHStaffer who claims he/she works at the White House and that it is a disaster!

“There are three Russian guests staying at Mar a Lago this weekend. They are not members. Have no clue who they are.

POTUS plays so much more golf than the media knows. The idea this is a “working weekend” is a joke. It’s a naps/golf/naps weekend.

None of the wifi networks at Mar a Lago are secured. We do government business on the public wifi. Can’t stress enough how screwed this is.

I cannot believe we’re in Florida again. This has to be the most unsecure work environment I’ve ever been in.”

Buckeyeshawdow: Yes, I second Eliseo’s comment. Gives us hope that this regime and GOP party are finally meeting their Karma!

“This is not a case about contested facts, this is a case about contested meanings.'”Hynes went on to explain to the jury that they could, in the words of the 4th Circuit of Appeals, acquit for any reason which appeals to their logic or passion.

In powerful testimony, James Ricks told the jury about meeting the families of drone victims and seeing the wreckage of hellfire missiles. Jurors were brought to tears several times. Daniel Joseph Burns said, ‘Would any of us deem it acceptable for our precious loved ones to be sacrificed for another nation’s anticipatory self-defense? Of course not! Moreover, if drones were being aimed at my children by another country, I would hope with all my might that the citizens of that country might try and stop their country’s illegal and immoral actions.’ Ed Kinane told the jury in clear and powerful language about his time living in Iraq during the war and about the terror sown by drones…”


Anybody . . correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the progressed U.S. Sun at around 11 to 12 degrees of Pisces, and the transiting Neptune is almost to 12 degrees (as in 11 Pisces 50ish), and they are well within orb of a trine to the U.S. natal Sun at 13 Cancer 19 . . .

. . and isn’t transiting Neptune in, and has been for quite a while in the 3rd house of the Sibly U.S. birthchart, the house that represents the media, neighbors and grade school . .

. . oh, and the U.S. natal asteroid Child is at 10+ Pisces and that natal Child sits next to the U.S. natal villainous Nessus at 9+ Pisces and he sits next to the U.S. natal overly-protective Ceres at 8+ Pisces and they all square the U.S. Katie-bar-the-door Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and if so . . .

. . would that not constitute grounds for some really crazy, and childish nightmares and gossip and headline news?

There is some child-like delight to be found in the excitement of “things out of the ordinary”, things like train wrecks and so on, and that’s understandable.

What concerns me is that there are many of us in this country that are frightened out of our wits because of the headlines and the gossip and the nightmarish possibilities that have been conjured up because of the reports from these two sources.

If you are one of these people then please understand that the drama we are surrounded by is for effect. It is, like any good whodunit story, meant to grab your attention.

We, the People of the United States, are starring in a world-wide release of a spectacularly creative endeavor to raise awareness of deplorable evil, abusive use of power and we the People will, in the end, prevail . . .we are going to be the Heroes in this tale.

What I’d like to know is that if Donald Trump has submitted any tax returns to the U.S government then why can’t the U.S. government take a look at them and settle the matter of whether he has had dealings with Russia. If he hasn’t filed his taxes then why can’t the U.S government seize any properties or whatever the government does to citizens who don’t file taxes.

It is beyond me why this orange bogeyman has gained more power than the bogeyman we have known for a century, the IRS . . . .unless it is so a new Hero can step forth and rescue us all from the clutches of this tyrant. And by that I’m not thinking John McCain, but then, who knows?

I, like many of you brilliant contributors to Starlight News, have had a great deal of fun examining the possible outcomes of this mystery drama, this thrilling piece of U.S history we are experiencing that is like none before it. But lest we all get sucked up into the very realistic but still illusionary stagecraft of the daily dramatic events, we need to get a grip.

Keep your feet on the ground so that those around you will have a role model. (Transiting Saturn, aka The Ground, is sextile the U.S. Moon which symbolizes the People and that is helping.)

The next full moon on March 12 will exactly conjunct the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo. That FM along with the U.S. Neptune will exactly quincunx transiting Uranus and Eris, urging the unexpected, dramatic and vituperative responses which will surely come forth and there will be an unseen reason for this.

The stage is set but hold your applause until the curtain comes down because . . well I won’t spoil it. Just trust that generations after yours will wonder what it was like to be there when it happened and to witness it like you will be doing.

March 12th! I’ll mark my calender, barbk.

Angellight, don’t you think that if the Angry WHStaffer is a real staff member, the WH would have stopped him/her already?

Rebecca Solnit posted, “Courtesy of Paul de M., a timeline of Trump’s Russian interactions going back to 1987. With links.”

Trump and Russia, An Exhaustive Timeline 1987-2017

Lots of dates and descriptions. I’m sharing here in case anyone wants to check dates for astrological reasons.

Sharon K : Supposedly he is incognito and they do not know who the person is. I do keep an open mind and am not fully convinced if they are real or not.

barbk: I think the “hero” has to be a collective group of enlightened people. Aquarian energy is group conscious. I believe it will have to be a mass call of a group of heroes to answer this call to step up and fight for democracy. We have to stop looking for a hero and be that hero ourselves. And so far, through the many protests around the world standing up for immigrants, religious freedom and tolerance, and against bigotry, hatred, etc., we are becoming those heroes.

It sounds real, Angellight. However, you see how slick the Trump team is at manipulating, hacking, whatever—I can’t see them not knowing about this or allowing it to go on. As the president, he can get any IT expert to track it down. However, maybe it’s still under their radar.

BarbK – My understanding is that DJT’s tax returns can be subpoenaed by an investigative commission with subpoena powers – and I think only an independent prosecutor has that power.

I like your comments about the drama! Did you see SNL’s movie trailer spoof? Too funny- perfect.


SE Cupp on The Alt/Right
(You may have seen her on TV, she’s a gutsy Republican)
“Beyond the alt-right, is Donald Trump’s America really about anarchy”?

comment on WSJ:
“GOP always knew a colored person would ruin the country… Just didn’t know the color was ORANGE!”

March on Mississippi


The press is still falling for the trump-bait of him dictating the news cycle with his outrageous claims.
It would be great if some could take a breather, step back for just a minute, and start headlines of their own – like – mar a largo gives a whole new meaning of ‘pay to play access’ – makes the Lincoln bedroom controversies look like preschool.

Is this what Trump is crying about?
When Obama was disseminating Trumps illegal transgressions?

“Why Is Obama Expanding Surveillance Powers Right Before He Leaves Office?”

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist:

Donald Trump’s Greatest Allies Are the Liberal Elites

“But this will never happen within the Democratic Party. It refuses to prohibit corporate money. The party elites know that if corporate money disappears, so do they.

They will press forward repeating the same silly slogans and trying to use the now ineffective Force choke on their political enemies. They may have lost control of the Congress and the White House and hold only 16 governorships and majorities in only 31 of the states’ 99 legislative chambers, but they are incapable of offering any meaningful alternative to neoliberalism and empire. They are devoid of a vision. They can only moralize. They will continue to atrophy and enable the consolidation of an American fascism.

Fyodor Dostoevsky excoriated Russia’s bankrupt liberal class at the end of the 19th century. Russian liberals mouthed values they did not defend. Their stated ideals bore no relationship to their actions.”


“Sneaking the Russian ambassador in thru the basement of Trump Tower — Trump’s personal home — secretly bringing him up to the top floors, and later telling us that Trump “never met the ambassador” while the Russian was inside his own home(!), would be enough for me to want to investigate further. Much further.

Trump thought yesterday he would try to get in front of the Russian scandal by claiming HE was the “victim” of President Obama. A smart move by a clever man. Make it seem that the wiretap is the crime — instead of the ACTUAL crime that the wiretapping was going to expose — namely, the illegal collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials. ”


On the subatomic level, the distinction between observer and object disappears. Time flows both forward and backward symmetrically, location becomes ‘nonlocality”, indeterminate, and ‘matter’ is mostly empty space. What we ‘see’ has more to do with our consciousness than anything that might be ‘out there’.

Aries & Backward Causation Ram
by Kim Falconer

The designers of the zodiac denoted (ARIES) by the symbol of the ram, noted for the ‘directional force’ of its headlong charge. Yet curiously in some old zodiacs the ram is shown not charging, but with its head turned to look back on itself, and the direction from whence it has come.

This gesture seems to tell us something important about the relationship of consciousness and self-awareness to the forward movement of the universe, namely that awareness is oriented in the reverse direction to the thrust. Mysteriously, consciousness and will face different ways.” –Dennis Elwell 1987


The Astrological Sedna
Determining the astrological significance of Sedna requires time and observation. Considerations include mythology, collective movements at the time of discovery and events, internal and external, that link to natal and mundane chart activation. Astrologer and author Dennis Elwell cautions against giving excessive weight to singular episodes in the mythology and not enough to empirical experience. Though mythic themes are insightful, events coinciding with Sedna discovery must be considered equally.

Sedna’s discovery heralds the expansion of not only our solar system but our capacity for conscious awareness as well–a new paradigm for humankind.

From Swiss Ephemeris

Date | Sedna |
| |
01 Jan 2000 | 15 ta 21 Rx 5°03 |
01 Jan 2001 | 15 ta 54 Rx 5°11 |
01 Jan 2002 | 16 ta 27 Rx 5°19 |
01 Jan 2003 | 17 ta 0 Rx 5°27 |
01 Jan 2004 | 17 ta 34 Rx 5°35 |
01 Jan 2005 | 18 ta 7 Rx 5°43 |
01 Jan 2006 | 18 ta 42 Rx 5°52 |
01 Jan 2007 | 19 ta 16 Rx 6°00 |
01 Jan 2008 | 19 ta 51 Rx 6°08 |
01 Jan 2009 | 20 ta 25 Rx 6°16 |
01 Jan 2010 | 21 ta 0 Rx 6°24 |
01 Jan 2011 | 21 ta 36 Rx 6°32 |
01 Jan 2012 | 22 ta 11 Rx 6°41 |
01 Jan 2013 | 22 ta 47 Rx 6°49 |
01 Jan 2014 | 23 ta 23 Rx 6°57 |
01 Jan 2015 | 23 ta 59 Rx 7°05 |
01 Jan 2016 | 24 ta 36 Rx 7°14 |
01 Jan 2017 | 25 ta 12 Rx 7°22 |
01 Jan 2018 | 25 ta 49 Rx 7°30 |
01 Jan 2019 | 26 ta 26 Rx 7°39 |
01 Jan 2020 | 27 ta 4 Rx 7°47 |
01 Jan 2021 | 27 ta 41 Rx 7°55 |
01 Jan 2022 | 28 ta 20 Rx 8°04 |
01 Jan 2023 | 28 ta 58 Rx 8°12 |
01 Jan 2024 | 29 ta 37 Rx 8°20 |

James Comey, born on 14 December 1960 in Yonkers, New York. time of birth isn’t available, chart set for 12 noon.


Natal Sedna 27 Aries (Admetos 25AR)


Ixion 26 Libra


continued IXION, mundane astrology

(oath breaker, horrifying lack of regard for the value of someone else’s life)

Ixion is a point which recalls and tests our very conception of what it means to be wholly conscious while in the process of choosing how to go about being purely and mortally human.

Patty, that article in the Atlantic about the NSA and Pres. Obama expanding its powers is very interesting. On the day Obama did that, Thursday, January 12, was when the Full Moon in Cancer occurred.

The FM opposite the Sun in Capricorn were both part of a grand cross that also included Jupiter in Libra and Eris, who was conjunct Uranus and Ceres, in Aries. All 4, Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Eris were at 22+ degrees of their signs.

The NSA chart has natal Neptune at 22+ Libra, the same degree as transiting Jupiter that day.

It is also the degree of Taurus where, in 2000, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place, starting a new cycle that is mostly associated with the movement within governments. Uranus in Aquarius (technology) was square Jupiter-Saturn.

The Full Moon (exposure) itself on Thursday, January 12th, would seem fortuitous regarding this present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, a cycle that began before 9/11, as that FM was sextile the Taurus Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

The fact that Obama’s Mars at 22+ Virgo, along with the U.S. natal Neptune, is trine this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction degree, and was trine the transiting Capricorn Sun that day of the full moon, while also being square Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini, lends credence to Trump’s suspicions. The plot thickens.

As an aside, on the day of the Full Moon in Cancer, the North Node at 3+ Virgo and the South Node at 3+ Pisces made a T-square to the NSA natal Mercury (data) at 3+ Sagittarius.

Pres. Obama’s natal Moon at 3+ Gemini would complete a grand cross in mutable signs.

Also, consider that transiting Nessus (think poison, revenge, abuse of power) was at 3+ Pisces and conjunct the transiting South Node (release). What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Transiting Arachne (web weaver) was at 17+ Scorpio at the time of the FM on January 12. She was sextile Pluto (expose to the light of day) at 17+ Capricorn and she was also trine Mars at 18+ Pisces.

She also formed a quincunx (requiring adjustment) to Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini (which trines his Jupiter (too much) at 17+ Libra).

This means that the trans. Arachne (entrapment) and the trans. Pluto on the day Obama did his thing formed a Yod to Trump’s Uranus causing (astrologically) the spontaneous combustion of this weekend I reckon’.

I would like to point out, Barb, that Trump accused Obama of ordering the wiretapping (right?), whereas what actually happened is that Obama approved the removal of restrictions so that the intelligence agencies had greater access to surveillance if they suspected a crime — if I’m I reading the Atlantic article correctly (as I just skimmed it).

I say that to address that, even though what Obama did may “lend credence to Trump’s suspicions” in a general sense, he didn’t order the wiretapping. Those involved may have been aware that he supported it though.

Three possibilities:
A. DJT is a paranoid lunatic who is fantasizing his fears.
B. He is using a made up Breitbart story for distraction.
C. He really was wiretapped, but Obama did not order it. There was a fisa warrant on him, and the FBI and/or other Intel orgs are in process of investigating him.
I suspect the last option.

Sharon, yes and yes. That’s how I read it.

Full Moon’s Jupiter “expanded” the NSA’s Neptune, and the rest of the grand cross “challenged” that expansion. While the Jan 12th transiting Jupiter played a part in the fractious grand cross, it also trined Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini.

My guess is that this “ease” of transiting Jupiter trine Trump’s natal Sun (contributing to his sense of entitlement) could have caught him with his pants down, ie. he didn’t think anyone was watch/listening although the FM’s sextile between Pluto and Arachne had Trump’s Uranus (apex of a Yod) within its sights.

While the Sun opposite the FM was part of the transiting grand cross it also was trine the U.S. Neptune and Obama’s Mars in Virgo which squares Trump’s Sun. There’s the rub.

Because of the NSA’s newly expanded powers, the USA’s experience of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle benefited, in that January 2012’s Cancer Full (shining light) Moon (when the expansion happened) was sextile the Jupiter-Saturn degree in Taurus (which trines the U.S. Neptune in Virgo, just like the Sun opposite the FM was).

Therefore, a grand trine was created between the Jan. 12, 2017, FM’s Sun in Capricorn, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2000 in Taurus and the 7/4/1776 Neptune in Virgo + Obama Mars. Easy peasy energy flow.

Remember too that Jupiter and Saturn were being squared by Uranus in Aquarius at the time of that cycle’s initiation. (that Uranus, in 2000, was also conjunct the U.S. progressed and retrograde Mercury in 2000). I see that Uranus in the Jupiter-Saturn chart as breaking through the U.S. PROGRESSED and retro Mercury which could symbolize both the thought processes and the communications systems in our country.

If Trump was already under surveillance it is possible then that his personal phones in New York WERE tapped (due to Russians calling in) unbeknownst to Obama at the time. Now if whichever agency (CIA?) could also have access to NSA’s records no laws were broken, thanks to Obama’s move on the day of the January Full Moon. Am I wrong?

Obama then “fulfilled” a goal of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (Uranus square Jupiter-Saturn) as well as January’s Full Moon “prophecy” by materializing the role of the U.S. natal Neptune.

Even more connections (persuasion) between pre-911 and “now” comes in the form of the January 12th FM chart’s sextile between Juno (partner) in Sagittarius (foreign) at 22+ degrees . .

. . and Jupiter (foreign), Juno’s husband, in Libra (partner) that together formed a Yod with the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus being the apex point of the Yod.

That would put the Mercury at 22+ Scorpio in the Neptune-Uranus cycle chart, circa 1993, as the end all-be all in a Boomerang pattern, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

the talking heads on morning joe are visibly shaken at trump’s weekend antics = govt crisis. And, interesting interview with New Yorker writer on damming info “trumps worst deal”

A fourth possibility:
Maybe the Russians wiretapped Trump at Trump Tower, and DJT has misidentified the culprits.

Eliseo, perhaps a bit of truth in all four possibilities.

I concur re: some truth in all four possibilities.
But I’m beginning to wonder if DJT is experiencing audio hallucinations.

“The Week Ahead for March 6 – 12, 2017
There’s something to be said for stability and order. Regularity of routine and consistent, rhythmic effort stand at the foundation of many a success in life.
In the last few weeks, there’s been a blast of quite the opposite from astrological influences, as Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars teamed up to spark the arrival of new circumstances, creativity, change, and positive excitement for some, while it evoked nothing but hyperbole, erratic behavior, upheaval, disruptions, and unfounded accusation from others. Is anybody ready for a tamping down of the intensity? Say maybe a more reasoned dialogue? How about time to get down to basic tasks and establish order in daily affairs? It sounds good to me.

That’s just what this week has in store as transiting Mars moves out of contentious and testy Aries and into methodical Taurus. The shift happens on Thursday, March 9, just a few minutes past 6:30 pm CST.

By midweek, mind and matters settle into a meaningful groove, as Mercury makes the mild and insightful sextile to Pluto on the overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday. Close on the heels of this nice influence will be Sun sextile Pluto, affecting Tuesday and Wednesday, and helping everyone focus productively on priorities and purposes. ”

Astrologer Maureen Richmond from her FB Page


Eliseo, there’s every possibility he’s projecting. He usually is. But that’s probably the same thing as paranoia.

kiwi, when I heard them this morning I couldn’t help but remember that they helped foist him on us.

All the Craziness, and I don’t mean to minimize the seriousness of it, regarding DJT’s accusations of a felony against BHO may be obscuring something else we need to pay attention to…

N. Korea’s capacity to strike the USA, Japan,
S. Korea, China, and Russia with a nuclear missile. I know of nowhere else on earth we are more likely to get into a vastly bloody, nasty war.

Marjorie Orr, a few years back, did natal charts for aircraft carriers of the UK and USA. It was obvious they would be at war in 2019-2020.

Considering my post about Marie Antoinette when I read the piece below I just had to laugh.


as a history geek let me just say

fuck off comparing any of the Trump women to Marie Antoinette

is Ivanka trying to run a country and procreate with a stranger she married at age 15 while living in a court 100x more rigid, formal, and judgemental than the one she grew up in?


then the comparison doesn’t hold and you’re dragging an already-misunderstood historical figure through the mud, one whose popular image is 10% a product of her actual mistakes (which I’m not denying) and 90% a product of sexist bullshit about how women are vain frothy empty-headed creatures who can’t possibly understand Man Things like budgeting

I’m over “(Insert Woman In A Position of Political Or Social Prominence) is a modern day Marie Antoinette” as a whole.

Shout it out louder for the people at the back!! ????????”

Eliseo, I vote for a DT being a paranoid nut job. But, there may be aspects of the other two involved, as well. Many of us techies (pro & amateur) found the story of the Trump Org server (hosted by Cendyn)… supposedly an email marketing server… was basically blind DNS’d and only discovered accidentally. This server was a “closed” system, communicating with very few others; the chief among them the two Russian servers of Alfa bank.

In addition, immediately after the story hit the news (at least online), the server was taken offline and stayed that way for a short period of time. When it came back up, the DNS had been completely reconfigured, but it still only “spoke” to the Russians.

Someone… I believe at Cendyn… said they thought this was just a mass marketing email blaster for hotels, etc… which would make sense. Except that the mail never went to any other “properties” anywhere else in the world. Also, they admitted there were emails on the server that didn’t fall under the “mass mailer” specs. These were more emails from someone to someone else… not about hotels, etc. (shrug)

THIS is about the time I remember hearing about a FISA warrant possibly being issued (back in 2016)… but it was on the Russian Alfa server, not the Trump Org server. And legally, this would make sense, as FISA is *suppose* to deal with suspect foreign communications. Who else gets trapped by that… well, they can be 6 degrees of anybody, anywhere.

As you can tell, I definitely didn’t go into server security as a career field. Too much cognitive dissonance awaits me there. But Obama allowed the sharing of data from one 3-letter dept to another, the lack of which GW Bush said was a reason they “missed” 9/11. (yeah, right…)

If the NSA applied for a FISA warrant for Alfa’s server which was directly configured to Trump’s Org server, then whatever info they gleaned from it would then be available to the FBI, CIA, etc.

I do know Obama and admin stated they made a mad dash to save everything their dept heads found to make sure it was available for the next admin… and if they were smart, they made backups in case those files were “accidentally” deleted.

Were there other warrants? No idea… but I wondered at the time this story hit, WHY no one was screaming about it at the time.

Here’s a link to the follow-up story the reporter wrote, where he tries to weigh all angles of the situation. Very interesting reading, IMO. The original one was way too technical for many, I fear… which may be why it never grew legs.


M., I like your way of thinking! Found an article over on DU today that kind of follows that… link is to Harvard Business Review (follows) and the headline is: Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

Story is about the headline, but also contrasting that with why the way is blocked for so many competent women to reach for higher offices. I loved this last line…

“The result is a pathological system that rewards men for their incompetence while punishing women for their competence, to everybody’s detriment.”


Some days I just have to close the one political blog I still read somewhat regularly. It’s too depressing, to anxiety-producing for someone already diagnosed with GAD, and raises my blood pressure way too high!

Today was one of those days. Two things that disturbed me most:

Trump’s new “Immigration Ban” is pulling protection away from families of DEPLOYED military forces. This includes spouse, children, parents, etc. DHS started this program back in the early 2000’s at the –request– of DoD. So much for Trump listening to the Generals, eh?

FYI… I’m a veteran. I simply can not imagine being deployed in a war zone and getting a call from my spouse that the government I’m risking my life for, as well as killing for, is deporting my family. Cohesion, military preparedness, and presence of mind while on duty will all suffer horribly. And I have no doubt that both our military suicide rate, as well as the numbers of those KIA, will increase once again.

At one time, the plan was to grant citizenship to those who volunteer for our military, as well as their immediate family. If you believe enough in what the U.S. (used to) stand for to join our military and fight on the front lines, we owe you at least the opportunity to live as a citizen in the country. If this order stands… no more. Much more of this, and you may see the active Draft reinsituted in THIS country again… as the Dutch (?) recently enacted. After all, if all Trump thinks of us who believe strong enough in our country’s ideals to serve and fight and die for her is as just so much “cannon fodder”… that attitude from the 60’s and 70’s is GONNA make a comeback, bigly!

The 2nd one story that tripped me out was OUR government denying Kazir Khan the **right** to travel to Canada to speak at an engagement. EXCUSE me… freedom of movement inside and outside this country by U.S. Citizens is NOT a “privilege”… it is a constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT.

If Trump can do this cause this war fallen’s father dissed Trump, what other “rights” will he feel justified in denying us in the name of his ego? Tyrannical Dictator, anyone?

Oooh… just writing about it spiked my BP. I think I’m going to pour myself a small glass of Mead and try to relax before bed. Otherwise, it’ll be another night of night terrors again.

BTW… I just turned 61 first week of Feb. Am I thru my Saturn return? Or are influences still gonna be felt for a few more years? I have seen a couple of different “ages” at which people say it starts while researching.

Hey slightkc,
Take care of yourself as best you can. Do what you have to keep your anxiety level at a manageable level.

This may not help, but you are not alone. Both the Am. Psychiatric Association & Am. Psychological Association have reported in a goodly number of journalistic rags that since the election about a third of our work force is not getting much of any work done at work right now. WHY? Trump! people are very freaked out & afraid. Many face losing health care, maybe their SS, and are just plain scared for the nation.

I’ll send some good thoughts & vibes your way. We all need those right now, don’t we?

Donald Trump Will Decide Whether You Get Overtime Pay


barbk, You’re amazing! You always bring such Astrological brilliance to Nancy’s Blog! And I’m so proud you found those Amazing Data Connections perfectly meshing with Obama’s actions on that specific date!
“Why Is Obama Expanding Surveillance Powers Right Before He Leaves Office?”

One site I read, is selling these very cool T-Shirts, if anyone is interested:
“”Nevertheless, she persisted.”
(I’m buying one for each of my sisters):

slightkc, thank you for your service to our country. As an Aquarius, maybe you have capricorn planets that are currently being transited by pluto (just a guess). To stay calm, I take a multi-b vitamin every day and golden milk every night and I think it’s helping me remain calm. Sending love & light —

Recipe for Golden Milk (aka “Tumeric Tea”).

I learned how to make it with a different recipe but couldn’t find it. If I used this one, I’d cut it in half, use a little black pepper instead of cayenne (pepper helps you absorb the curcumin in tumeric, I believe), skip the minced ginger as I don’t like the little pieces, and add enough honey to make it the level of sweetness I like. While it’s warming, I stir it vigorously just long enough to mix it well.

From The Nation – Dennis Kucinich:

Our Political Economy Is Designed to Create Poverty and Inequality

“Poverty is not an abstraction. People wear it on their faces, carry it on their backs as a constant companion—and it is heavy.

In America today there are tens of millions of people with a hard-luck story. Tens of millions out of work, in ill health, in search of affordable rent, having neither a place nor a home to call their own; millions of people for whom, as Langston Hughes put it, life “ain’t been no crystal stair.”


Rachel Maddow’s Trump Coverage Has Rocketed Her To The Top 10 Of TV Ratings
“There have been numerous polls that show Donald Trump sinking to historic lows in approval. He currently resides at a pitiful 43 percent. That puts him at the bottom of the past nine presidents (going back more than sixty years) at this point in their terms. And that makes him the most unpopular new president in as long as this poll has been done”.

Trump with help from Russian Intelligence will be targeting (wire taping) journalists!


“Not to be missed: Senate Republicans just quietly eliminated the Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces order. ”


Thank you slightkc


Thank you. You are not alone in the anxiety you are feeling.

I sit here with my heart in my throat because I feel helpless that no one can do anything to abate or stop the madness that is taking place in our government.

The GOP’s plan to replace the Affordable Care Act would rip health insurance away from millions of Americans, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Tuesday, arguing that the measure “couldn’t be worse.”

“This will make millions of people — it’s a question of 10, 15, 20 million people — off of having health insurance,” she said during an interview on CBS’s “This Morning.” “It will be the biggest transfer of wealth from low- and middle-income people to wealthy people in our country.

“Show us the numbers as to how many people will be thrown off. It couldn’t be worse.”


GOP Plan Targets Poor, Sick, Elderly While Providing Tax Cuts for Wealthy



The hate/hurt Trump GOP/Tea Party’s AHCA cuts taxes on rich people, who are literally the only beneficiaries here.

Every tax on the wealthy gets repealed, for a savings of about $7 million a year for the richest 400 households ($195,000 a year for the top 0.1 percent). Health insurance CEOs even got a bonus, lifting the $500,000 deduction cap on their executive pay, in one of the most obvious attempts at buying favor I’ve seen in Washington in a while.

And the one tax that was supposed to replace everything, a cap on the employer tax deduction for insurance plans, got lost in the shuffle (The “Cadillac tax” on certain high-end plans lives on, but it’s pushed out until 2025, which is a nice way of saying it will never take effect).

It has occurred to me that the anxiety over the state of affairs in U.S. government/political circles is a symptom of the transition from polarized thinking and feeling to unity thinking and feeling. After all, we gather at Nancy’s blog knowing that at least 90% of those gathered here will relate to our anxiety.

If our anxiety includes those times when we feel adrift at sea with no land in sight then that is the Neptune Effect. If nothing makes sense regarding the actions in Washington, DC or sometimes even in our state legislatures, that too is the Neptune Effect.

If our heart breaks every time we hear about the abuse of a child or native Americans protecting their water rights or innocent people who travel to America from somewhere else and are then delayed and mistreated, well, that too is the Neptune Effect.

Anytime it seems as though all the stability and/or traditional ways of living are being uprooted or dissolved it is Neptune’s energy clearing the way for what will replace those comfortable and familiar patterns. Much as it is for a baby being born or a mother giving birth, it is not a fun experience.

If however, we can bear it there will be enormous rewards once the transition has been completed. If we could only see, as from a distance, what the reasoning behind all the change was about, it would help us endure and supply us with patience and objectivity.

Alas, there is no guarantee (that we are consciously aware of) that could engender that patience and objectivity. We hear of people who pray together and visualize a bright and shining future and perhaps even engage in it ourselves, but where’s the assurance it will come to pass?

As you know the 2 sides of the brain work in different but compatible ways – – if we let them. One side, the left brain, uses logic while the other side, the right brain, uses feeling.

Cultures throughout history have developed one side or another, failing to unite the two methods of Knowing. Our culture has subverted the feeling, imaginative side as impractical as it is (apparently) not geared to growth. Now we are learning better.

I had an experience I had no intention of sharing but now I will. I was watching the TV, but not really listening to the jibber-jabber about congressional procedures when another picture superimposed itself over the TV screen, like a double exposure, and it was of about 6 or 7 men in the White House and one of them was Trump.

The other men were handcuffing Trump and guiding him toward the door.

I’m only sharing what my right brain was seeing and it was equally if not more powerful than what my left brain was failing to comprehend. I must say it put a smile on my face and I was feeling less anxious, much less anxious.

We have been molded from birth to put aside those moments of imagination as okay for children but not for grown ups, and everybody knows that being a grown up is better than being a child, right?

I’ve no training in mental development from child to adult but like many others, I see in Trump a thwarted child. A boy child that saw all the benefits of being an adult but was denied the feelings in childhood that would have created a better balanced adult. Now he is in charge, or so he and many of his followers think.

If it is the intent of the Universe to advance human beings it surely would start with giving equal power to the two sides of our brains. Some call this thinking with our hearts and that works for me. However, it takes time to accept that what you have known as true and honest all your life is a misconception; that you must instead incorporate new truths and learn to balance them with the older truths in order to be whole.

We have been taught to not only disregard or at least control the feeling, imagination side of being human, but to fear it. All too often when that side of human nature breaks out of its confinement it does appear as madness. I believe we are in a process that is designed to break that pattern of developing from child to adult.

I also believe that rather than being just a despicable adult, Donald Trump is a manchild in arrested development. Whose gonna discipline this 70 year old now?

I believe the Universe will – in time – reign in the present President’s seemingly mad, mad behavior and we can recognize that plan through understanding the symbolism of the outer planets, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus.

Meanwhile we should all try to allow our right brain some freedom to conjure up alternative realities and get some balanced thinking started. Don’t be afraid, it’s just pretend, right?

Single Payer Allies

PNHP has been leading the movement for single payer national health insurance for two decades. In 2005, PNHP National Coordinator Dr. Quentin Young helped found a sister organization for non-physicians, Healthcare-Now.


I don’t think Paul Ryan’s nasty little bill will pass muster with those he needs to vote for it. In fact, the opposition to it is rapidly growing, especially with Breitbart.

“But why would the Breitbart-inspired conservative movement take down a repeal plan pushed by Ryan and ostensibly backed by Trump? Breitbart’s longtime honcho, Steve Bannon, has long considered Ryan an obstacle to his vision for the future of the Republican Party ? and he could use any failure to repeal and replace Obamacare against Ryan in the future.”


musical interlude – trump lies, courtesty of Gilbert and Sullivan

“PARIS (AP) — WikiLeaks on Tuesday published thousands of documents purportedly taken from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence, a dramatic release that appears to provide an eye-opening look at the intimate details of America’s cyberespionage toolkit.”


barbk, I love your comment! Your Astro Comments are usually way over my head.
Tell us your Sun Sign, please?

Also: “Republicans’ Obamacare repeal plan would cut taxes on the wealthy”

#BREAKING: House Intelligence Cmte to hold first public hearing on Russia probe-March 20

#trumprussia #russiagate

(I can’t help but worry for Rachel Maddow). If you missed last night’s program, it’s another huge chunck in the Drump puzzle/entanglements with ‘The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’. This could be the Key in removing him. The show links to this piece: “Donald Trump’s Worst Deal” (Imagine Blackmail)
‘The President helped build a hotel in Azerbaijan that appears to be a corrupt operation engineered by Oligarchs tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’.
Where’s your Tax Returns Donny?

Great comment, barbk, and that’s why I can’t help but feel some empathy and compassion for him. He really doesn’t understand at a high enough level.

Sharon, you are truly showing your empathetic spiritual nature – Bravo!
The greater percentage of me is not there yet, sorry – LOL

On another note, does anyone have any psychological insight as to why don the con always includes his middle initial ‘J’ when referring to his name in relation to his political pronouncements?

I cannot recall anybody else doing this on a routine basis publically – seems to me its usually only done when swearing an oath in a court process setting.

Very empathic Barb and Sharon, well Hitler and Sadam had a messed up childhood too, the fact remains having Trump in the position he is in is dangerous to us all. He is a man child but when you see his smug look coming off his plane and such, I find it hard to feel any sympathy with someone like this, perhaps at some deep level I can , knowing he is really so very insecure….

Kiwi, I believe 45 does that because it sounds really impressive and important to him, its all part of his narcissism and super ego, he refers to himself in the third person a lot too as in Donald J Trump, the man clearly has a psychological disorder bigly!

Thank you for your kind words, Eliseo. My life -is- totally upside down now in all kinds of ways… which is why I asked about how long Saturn Returns last. (gryn) I do what I can, when I can, as I can. Bad stress causes Lupus flares bad enough to keep in bed, and I don’t think I’ve made it thru an entire 2-week pay period without a sick day since Jan.

Part of it IS my doing. Not trusting that what little I had in my IRA would be there when I turn 70, I took what I had and bought a house for cash. Needs a lot of remodeling work that hubby is trying to do, but egads… I didn’t realize how HARD this would be at our ages! Anyway, we may not be able to eat once I quit working, but we’ll at least have a roof over our heads.

Thanks to those who recommended the Tumeric tea. I’ve never tried that in a tea… but I do use tumeric on a regular basis due to my lupus pain. Also, both B and D vitamins. Seems I can’t get my “D” levels to normal, no matter what I do. That is a big aspect of fighting stress, pain, fatigue, and depression.

I’m also glad for the clarification of “Golden Tea”… since DT, I’ve found myself cautious of anything starting with “Golden…” (LOL)

barbk, if you can find compassion for DT, I’ll hand the award to you.

He “supposedly” has all the money in the world, and yet has never tried to seek help in adjusting to Reality. He knows his childhood and background, and while there may not be many examples to liken him with, those that are out there are ones like the kid who did a hit and run and got off because of the negativity of the “affluent” affect.

Perhaps, for their emotional health and resilience we (govt) should redistribute all that wealth so they are not forced to be so negatively impacted.

It might burst a few of those bubbles they live in, and clue them in to how everyone else lives.

RE: “Astrologer and author Dennis Elwell cautions against giving excessive weight to singular episodes in the mythology and not enough to empirical experience.”

I’m glad you included that thought from Elwell. Over the decades I’ve known some very good astrologers, and some that weren’t. I have long suspected that many misinterpretations may be precisely because of the phenomenon Elwell described.

My read is that the more ancient the connection between the mythology and the astrology, the more accurate it is likely to be. With newly discovered planetoids, etc. I am more skeptical.

In ancient times the mythology grew in connection with the actual experience on the ground of the effect of the planet, aspects, etc. concerned. Not so with many of the modernly discovered objects. I feel in many case we do not have sufficient data accumulated to make an accurate interpretation.

“Anyway, we may not be able to eat once I quit working, but we’ll at least have a roof over our heads.”

I relate to that! I’m 65 and will probably never be able to retire. I’ve gone through about seven vocations/professions. Now I’m on my eighth, teaching college students. BUT… I anticipate DJT & the R’s will severely cut education funds. This means tuition will skyrocket and we will have fewer students. Fewer students means fewer teaching positions.

Meanwhile I’m accumulating my poetry, songs, stories, essays, and potential novels that I may get them all published. I also have two pet theories I hope to promote and a state legislature to lobby when I return home to WA state this summer. I’ll be surely busy, but considering the new (political) circumstances I’m not real sure how I’ll be making a living.

But then again, when I was eighteen a professional astrologer told me I would not be “truly successful” until later in life. I think maybe she was looking at all my retrograde planets. In any case, now IS MUCH LATER!

slightkc — I’ve been reading about microbiomes lately — apparently if your gut isn’t functioningnwell, it can’t absorb even the great stuff you’re tossing down there. There’s a book by a guy named (something like –) Keller? Kellner? Check it out!

Good article on Vault 7:

‘Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed’

“Since 2001 the CIA has gained political and budgetary preeminence over the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The CIA found itself building not just its now infamous drone fleet, but a very different type of covert, globe-spanning force — its own substantial fleet of hackers. The agency’s hacking division freed it from having to disclose its often controversial operations to the NSA (its primary bureaucratic rival) in order to draw on the NSA’s hacking capacities.”

FAQ at end of article:


Listen folks, I did not mention having compassion for Trump, that was Sharon. I did however, search (my mind and his chart) for reasons as to why he was such a prick and why he has been thrust on we-the-people and the rest of the world.

My natal Sun in Cancer, conjunct Chiron and Ceres and quincunx my natal Moon in Aquarius has been working on some kind of agreeable view of the situation we are all in. If we are all one then he is also part of us. For whatever reason, the time was NOW to deal with the problem and I think the problem was that not all of us are/were equal.

I’m saying I believe the problem – why we have Trump here and now and in charge – is that not all of us (who can vote) are real smart people.

It is something we can do something about.

Education, good education for all young people. It’s a start. In some cases that will mean that the teachers will be in conflict with the views of the parents of these children, but at least in the decades to come these young people will have a shot at breaking out of the family tradition of ignorance.

The best way, apparently, to make we-the-people conscious of this lack amongst us is to foist Donald Trump to the forefront of our consciousness. n’est ce pas?

I’m over-simplifying a complex problem but it is a place to start change. Transiting Neptune is in the 3rd house of the U.S. chart and that is about elementary school. Neptune dissolves and erodes.

Transiting Uranus is in the 4th house of the U.S Sibly chart and that is family. Uranus disrupts.

Transiting Pluto has been in the U.S. 1st house of self awareness and is now in the U.S. 2nd house of values. Pluto exhumes and brings out in the open what was hidden and unconscious. Once exposed it must be transformed.

These 3 outer planets are collective in nature. Symbolically they share the burden of awakening humanity so it can leap forward. In the U.S. chart all 3 of the outer transiting planets have been activating sensitive points (planets), all at the same time.

We, as a whole, are just beginning to come out of the shock phase of this process. At some point we will move forward into the planning stage – some of us are already there.

At the end of 2020 transiting Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct at 0+ Aquarius and Pallas the strategist and planner will be right with them at 4+ Aquarius.

Pallas will sextile Chiron the Healer and Teacher at 4+ Aries. All of them, Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas and Chiron will be either in the U.S. 2nd house of values (Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas) or the 3rd house of elementary school (Chiron) and will be pushing an agenda for a comprehensive strategy to make kids smarter than they and their parents are now.

At the time of the Jupiter-Saturn new cycle start in 2020 transiting Moon in Pisces, symbolizing family, will be semi-sextile the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius and sextile the U.S natal Pluto in Capricorn, and she will be void of course.

I feel this symbolizes an end to certain family handicaps (perhaps single parent families would be an example) that have stood in the way of children getting a good education, among other problems.

In the meantime we shudder to think of the possible catastrophes waiting to befall us because, so far, nobody has come up with a solution to end this charade of a democratically elected U.S. President. Do we dispense with all the rules and fall into chaos to remove him, or do we manufacture a solution to put him away that will cover everybody’s ass. It’s no use pretending that this could possibly go on for 4 whole years.

Let’ see what next Sunday’s Full Moon reveals. It shines right on the U.S. Neptune (square Trump’s Sun) and, when the chart is set for Washington DC, the ascendant is conjunct the U.S. Uranus. Expect the unexpected.


We are far past recusal. Jeff #Sessions lied under oath. Anything less than resignation or removal from office is unacceptable.

In Jungian terms, Trump symbolizes unintegrated shadow not only his own but on the collective level as well. Shadow cannot be integrated until it is made conscious and that is how Trump functions for the collective. Pluto is shadow or what is or has been hidden. Some will choose to remain in shadow. The irony of Trump is that he is completely unconscious yet he functions to expose all that is shadow. We cannot effectively deal with shadow until it is out in the open so this becomes the thin silver lining to this horrific black cloud. Unlike Germany in the 30’s, our individual task is to resist in any way we can.

Barb K, that’s very helpful but I thought the 3rd house was communication also and if you think about it, voting is a form of communication and so is protesting and letting our elected officials know our values. That makes a little more sense to me than grade school education which takes a long time to come to fruition. Just a thought.

Dear Bailey, thanks for sharing and of course you thought right; the 3rd house is all those things but as my posts tend to be long and since space here is at a premium, I tried to stick to the point I was making. There were LOTS of other things I left out but grade school is where education begins and if we don’t start there the foundation we want to build our new vision on will be weak.

ellie, that was great; the more ways we can explain the phenomenon of Trump the more widely understood it will become. Some of us relate best to astrology others to psychology others to a smack up the side of the head. We must get the collective shadow integrated if we are to ascend rather than continue to go around in circles that only get deeper.

My friend Judith Gayle, the astute writer formerly a regular on Planet Waves and a tireless supporter of educating the masses, wrote a blog post in January that is required reading for anyone who wants to understand (a Sadge thing) how to make things right. Check her out. . .


Ellie, I love your interpretation.

thanks for all your words of wisdom barbk

Barbk Thank you for posting the link for Judith Gayle. I was searching around for her voice yesterday to see if she was still posting somewhere. I have missed her perspective for the last year or more! She quoted your voice beautifully!

“The American Hospital Association announced Tuesday its opposition to the GOP’s healthcare reform plan”

The AMA has come out against the GOP plan as well.

wow – scientists think ceres has volcanos that spew ice instead of hot lava


This will take your breath away!
A family searches for a better future.
(Scroll past the article on “Trump’s Illegal Business Dealings with Azerbaijan”) https://www.justice.gov/criminal-fraud/foreign-corrupt-practices-act
There but for the grace of God…
“The Journey from Syria, Part One”

Not for the faint of heart….


kiwi, I appreciate all your words and perspectives as well. Thank you.

lunagardener, I miss her too. She meant to activate her old blog but then got caught up in local politics and it has taken all her time and energy. Hopefully she will soon be back; we need her.

So many astrologers have left the internet lately, Boots Hart is leaving (or has already) and the guy at Daykeeper Journal who uses the asteroids with personal names left too. I was afraid Nancy had bolted for the door but thank goddess she’s back.

I miss the astrologer who did the New Moon and Full Moon reports in the Mt. Astrologer magazine, Stephanie Austin, as well.

Elisio, the ACA/Obamacare birthday is in a couple of weeks and I just realized that transiting Saturn in Sagittarius has been sextile the ACA chart’s Neptune which at that time was conjunct the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

Saturn has also been square the ACA chart’s Uranus at 26+ Pisces which was not that far from the ACA Sun at 2 Aries 55. Saturn stations retrograde next month in the same degree where he will be for weeks (27+ Sagittarius) and that’s the same degree as the Galactic Center.

That ACA natal Sun in Aries was opposite Saturn at 1 Libra 09 (the same degree as the U.S. natal MC) and the solar return for the ACA is on March 23.

With the focus to soon be on the Aries Equinox (March 20) and that chart’s Moon exactly conjunct Saturn, both at 27+ Sagittarius, both sextile the U.S. Moon and both square the transiting Pallas (plans) at 26+ Pisces and Chiron at 25+ Pisces . . .

. . and still in orb of a trine with trans. Uranus in Aries, it looks like emotions will be running high all Spring with The People (Moon) over attempts to cancel out Obamacare. Expect demonstrations.

The solar return chart for ACA/Obamacare will have Mercury at 17+ Pisces in a trine with the ACA’s natal chart South Node at 17+ Cancer while trans. retrograde Venus will form a T-square with the ACA natal Moon-Pluto opposition.

Wouldn’t it seem then that something would be released (South Node) from the original ACA law this year and it would have to do with money (Venus) of course, and finding a balance between the Powers that be (Pluto) and the People (Moon)?

Also, the natal ACA Venus at 20+ Aries has been in the thick of a grand cross with the transiting Uranus et al in Aries, opposite Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn opposite Vesta in Cancer and it will be part of its new solar return chart. So to will the solar return’s Neptune be conjunct the natal ACA chart’s MC and its natal Borasisi. We may worship it but is it real?

Someone really needs to publically and continually spell out the fallacy of gop’s mantra ‘the free market will fix healthcare”
– before the ACA ‘the free market’ WAS in charge…….
Didn’t work too well then, did it.
How can we penetrate the fog of so many gullible lemmings?

janet, I read Marjorie orr’s comments about the mid terms earlier. Yes, discouraging. Because I cannot imagine Trump changing his behaviour, I wonder if by that time Pence is in charge and they are all in rabid right heaven? I guess only time will tell.
Even more reason for us all to call on and build strength with our own inner resources and personal local networks, sooner rather than later.

Along the lines that you have emphasized, Barb, regarding how
important early and middle school education are (and one of my interests in social work graduate school which I completed about a year ago) –

Contrary to popular belief, there are some very successful movements across this country that are not only creating new educational opportunities but models for entire enviroments (safe & beautiful housing, a great school, a recreational/athletic center and a golf course) for poor kids. These are spearheaded by private/public partnerships. The statistics say that poor kids start school something like one year behind in reading and math ability and social skills, and they often stay behind. At the same time, there are more high school graduates than ever before, although it doesn’t mean they are college-ready or have a good basic education in all cases.

Anyway, here are two of the best models I have seen.

East Lake Foundation – started by a billionaire in Atlanta in the last 20 years who leveraged private and public funds along with government programs to create entire environments for kids.


The Harlem Children’s Zone has been tremendously successful in growing a model for education and development.


Research also shows that poor kids who are integrated into classes with kids of higher socio-economic levels who have had better educational opportunities, end up doing much better themselves.

President Obama was well aware of this; hence, his emphasis on free early childhood education for all.

There IS hope, and with the help of the planets that Barb just delineated, hopefully these great models will spread.

I just glanced at Marjorie Orr’s article, too. I want to point out that she only reviewed the charts of 3 Democrats (Schumer, Pelosi, Obama). What about all the other dynamic ones like Sanders, Warren, Booker, and, I’m sure, there are more. Maybe Schumer & Pelosi are being replaced; hence, their bad moods 🙂


In one of Marjorie Orr’s previous post she suggest, astrologically, that Warren would not do well in the upcoming election.


“Everyday we learn of more #TrumpRussia ties. Follow along & connect the dots on our new site. #ProtectOurDemocracy

https://swalwell.house.gov/issues/protect-our-democracy …”

Well, for the Republicans to do well, they would have to con the people into thinking their programs were good, but the empirical evidence will contradict that so, I just don’t see it sticking, even if it’s Pence. I just watch something called “Democrats Live” streaming online and it was a format where Tom Perez and Keith Ellison answer questions together, and spoke a great deal about the ACA vs this new replacement, and other weaknesses of the Republicans (anti-union, etc.). I was very impressed by the fire in the belly displayed by the two of them and how well they worked together (I even looked at their respective charts afterwards). It’s promising. Also, the Castro brothers are up and comers on the Democratic side.

About the housing/education/wellness model I mentioned above, East Lake Foundation is one of the fund raising legs, but the organization itself is called Purpose Built Communities. If you go to the site, and pass your cursor over the networks tab, you’ll see the approximately 15 cities where they have established them. There is one in New Orleans and they just opened up the brand new golf course that attaches to it. The kids get to learn about and play golf, and a nice percentage of the high membership fees goes back to the school and wellness/recreation outlets in the community.


What I neglected to mention is that the community is usually placed on the site of run down, dangerous, and violent public housing. There was a great government program, Hope IV Housing (the latest name for it) that’s been supplying money all over the country to replace public housing with multi-economic housing where some of it is subsedized and some is sold at market value.


As to Marjorie Orr I have to say, some of this should be taken w/ a grain of salt. I like her posts but noted that with only one, Ryan, did she have a birth time. Secondly, someone may be happy, even though they don’t get all they want, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that their happiness lies in politics. Paul Ryan may be kicked out and finds he’s very happy being a mega-lobbyist. You can never say anymore. As I believe MO did say in one of her pieces a while back. So let’s see what we see as time moves on.

Janet, the MO cast doesn’t surprise me at all, should it come to be. Maybe at this point I’m too cynical… or maybe this “conspiracy theory” has hooked me in… but I don’t think we’ll ever have a reliable, true election again until we go back to paper ballots WITH a paper trail, and that ballot is -standardized- across the states and territories. No more “hanging chads” and no more electronic voting that can be tampered with hardware and/or software -wise. It was a dream but everyone should have realized if there was a way to turn that new tech to evil purposes, it would be done.

Further, I doubt seriously the Repubs have fairly won an election since the SCOTUS gave the presidency to GW Bush. Because that was 2000, they gerryrigged the country, minus a very few states. I was one, and I was in one of the only two counties in KS that vote reliably Dem every election. I was moved to a republican precinct, just to make sure MY vote counted even less that it did. Gotta love Brownback… /sarcasm

Please, Please Send Her Energy:
“Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Donald Trump is “blatantly defying” the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause”

Eliseo… I empathize. I’m going to try to work into my 70’s, tho it’s not what I want, to be sure. There is still so much I want to do and learn, and there just isn’t enough time left at the end of the day… nor energy, to be truthful. I don’t want to drop dead behind my keyboard someday!

However, my disabilities may take the work-or-not choice out of my hands at some point.

My sis-in-law and I have been talking about moving us and our hubbies to Oregon at some point in the future. I have a friend in Seattle who’s tried for years to get me to move up there, and I, at one time, had family around Puget Sound. It sure would be nice to find myself among those with like minds, for a change.

Frankly, I’d like to start a modified commune for us old-timers. Maybe at apartment complex, where we each have our own apartments, but a community kitchen/room to take care of each other when the checks run low…

Of course, that “commune” would -have- to be VERY pet friendly! (LOL)


From your lips to a higher power ears. Your take makes me feel a tad better.


I agree with the sentiment in your 10:46pm post. And I also believe now that Russia is involved in our elections, we may not see a democrat elected soon. Sigh.

Don’t know if anyone else has discovered this site, but ran across the URL in a comment on DU… thought I’d share it with ya’ll. It DID bring a small ray of hope to my day, as far as DT followers were concerned. Sometimes, their reasons for turning against them seemed pretty petty… but… hea, whatever it takes to begin the wake-up process, right?


One more “good” thing about Trump — he’s probably the only “president” who could make GW Bush look like a winner in the job!

MSNBC poll ….. key question

do you think country is going in right direction – 47% ( his poll numbers variety Q’s all higher than D’s)

the democrats (paraphrase) like more high 20’s like less high 30’s
and individual D-leaders the same

people like Trump….

GOP Health Care Repeal Bill An Act Of ‘Malice,’ Not ‘Mercy’

“There is no mercy in a system that makes health care a luxury,” Rep. Joe Kennedy said.

I am not pinning my hopes on the Midterms for a major change that benefits progressive, grassroots forces, not for Marjorie Orr’s analysis, but more for the general tenor of the times and my own knowledge of them. We’ll still have Pluto in Capricorn then, with Saturn joining in. “Grim and heavy” might be an understatement. But again, I can’t emphasize enough how much this is not truly the start of a new age of darkness, but its ending. All that Capricorn energy starts to shift into Aquarius two years afterwards. The end of 2020, and the eve of 2021, regardless of the outcome of elections then, will bring new reason for hope and a brighter future–or at least reason to fight for one, maybe even in spite of the outcome.

I will say that the longer 45 remains in the White House and the Republicans in power with him, the weaker the presidency and the US govt. as we know it will become, with respect to its legitimacy in the eyes of the American people and the rest of the world. You can see it happening now, but the amount of distrust and loss of respect will only deepen with his chaotic, incompetent style, and with Paul Ryan coming after the benefits of those who can least afford to part with them like a half-witted thug, too stupid to realize how his marks will react to his shenanigans and how they will seek retribution from him once fully aroused.

It may very well be by the time the US Pluto Return is exact in 2022 that the whole edifice of the US Federal Government has become completely illegitimate in the eyes of the people, that the stage is set for its collapse. But woe to the likes of Bannon if they think their ill-founded wish will come true in the way they envision it.

Seattle itself has become too expensive but Puget Sound is still a great area. My wife (now in Olympia), plus a close friend who teaches at TX A&M San Antonio, and I have been planning some self-sustaining, ecological, “modified commune” like villages for some years. According to our financial business plan, each one will “give birth” to another. We plan to begin establishing them probably in 2018 in Oregon and Washington, at least at first. We will of course look at the astrology relative to our business plan.

Although we’ve been talking and planning for several years, the current political milieu as it evolves we believe makes our vision that much more important for our survival and well being.

slightkc, I’ve been toying with similar ideas, you know, commune style living where everybody pitches in with the work and expenses but there is a general attitude of agreement on philosophical ideas and values and of course, pets.

I do love my privacy and am not fortunate enough to have a lot of nearby friends/family with whom I can have a deep conversation about topics I love such as astrology or even about immigration or what’s going on around the world for example.

Therefore I live alone and prefer it but various factors suggest that I will be leaving my condo in the next few years and I’m checking out alternate life styles. In the meantime, thank goodness for the internet!

Bill Herbst wrote an article on this kind of living arrangement making a comeback, not the 60’s commune so much as a group of like-minded people sharing living quarters, expenses, belongings such as furniture, etc., chores, meals and so on.

There are websites about co-housing communities which I intend on researching in the near future so it’s an idea whose time has come. I’ve imagined a small hotel-like home where everyone could have separate quarters for sleeping and bathroom facilities but share dining and conversation rooms and maybe gardening or games or movies too.

This concept would, I imagine, really start spreading big-time once we get out of the Taurus cycle of Jupiter and Saturn and move into the Aquarius phase. Hope springs eternal.

interesting article by Maya del Mar from 2003, revisited: ‘why corporations rule the nation’

“…….We have, then, work to do in coming to terms with our earth heritage. And corporations are in the forefront of this work and probably will continue to be. In these earth cycles, they can be particularly effective.
It is up to we the people to watchdog and control them, and perhaps to even change their mandates so that service to the general welfare becomes a priority………..”

Excerpt “The first real sign of trouble came last summer, when Republican officials were putting together the party platform at their national convention in Cleveland. As regular readers know, when Republican officials were putting together the party platform, Donald Trump and his campaign team were completely indifferent towards the document and the process – with one notable exception. The only thing Team Trump quietly pushed was a subtle change to make the Republican platform more in line with Russia’s foreign policy preferences. One GOP congressman was quoted saying soon after that the “most under-covered story” of the Republican convention” was Team Trump’s efforts to change the party platform to be more pro-Putin.

About a month later, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked the then-candidate about this. “I wasn’t involved in that,” Trump said. “Honestly, I was not involved.” Told that members of his team were responsible for pushing the platform in a direction Russia wanted, Trump added, “Yeah. I was not involved in that.”

Left unresolved is why Team Trump found it necessary to change the platform, and who on the Republican’s team pushed for the change. As Rachel noted on last night’s show, this report from Politico brings the story into sharper focus.


Rachel Maddow did a phenomenal job last night connecting the Russia/Trump dots and then concentrated on Secy of State Tillerson and how he gutted the State Dept. getting rid of seasoned employees who have worked there 20, 30, 40 years.

BuckeyeShadow, very interesting and encouraging but at my age (75), I’d like to see things improve before 2022. Not too much I can do about it.

New post up:


kiwi, I’m so grateful that you posted the link to Maya del Mar’s 2003 article re-posted on Daykeeper Journal. I treasure her writing but have drifted away from checking in monthly to that site since her death.

In this article she alludes to the broader picture of the Jupiter-Saturn cycles w/o going into the intricate weaving together of the cycles that can be off-putting. Frankly, I’d forgotten about the old superstition that when a U.S. president comes into power the same year (ending in a zero) as a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (in an Earth sign) which starts the cycle, he will die in office.

Pres. Geo. W. Bush broke the cycle. But, what if, in this last cycle in the Earth series, the LAST president at the END of the cycle, rather than the 1st, were the one to die in office?

Just a thought.

I’m also thankful for getting to re-read Maya’s wise words about the meaning of Earth signs and also her acknowledgement of the U.S. natal chart’s grand trine in earth signs (Pluto, Neptune, Vesta). Her words “The consumer culture, the sea in which we live, is run by corporate image-making, advertising and media control” gives fresh meaning to having natal Neptune in Virgo so near the MC of the U.S. Sibly chart.