11th Dec, 2016

Manchurian Candidate

The noxious announcements emanating daily out of the incoming Trump administration grate like fingernails on a chalkboard. With each bizarre appointment of another rabid and insufferable executioner of our progressive democracy and each petulant and vindictive tweet, the degradation and humiliation of this once-great nation deepens.

But there is a deeper layer to all of this madness. As all the pieces in the puzzle become visible, an ever more disturbing picture emerges.  It is well known that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to greatly increase Russian power. He will need a secure and enormous source of money to do this. And what better way to enrich his nation than a renewal of the alliance between Russian state-owned oil and Exxon Mobil?

When the sanctions on Russia were instituted by Obama and friends after Putin’s incursion into Ukraine and his seizure of Crimea, the incipient alliance of Rosneft and Exxon-Mobil was canceled.  But the scheming Putin has devised a solution: anoint and empower “President” Trump, end the sanctions and reunite Russian state-owned oil and Exxon, strengthen the hold of oil in the world by weakening climate science, and ultimately enrich Russia with huge oil and gas exploitation of the Arctic, the Black Sea, and western Siberia aided by Exxon’s deep pockets, expertise, and technology.

It becomes clearer with each passing day that Trump was able to win the election through lies and manipulations, enhanced and exacerbated by Russia’s lies and manipulations.  The Orange Fascist, who is drunk on unrestrained power and blinded by narcissism, has been played by a far more wily, disciplined, and far-seeing power player –  Putin.  My biggest fear through all of this is that the US system is not muscular enough to handle the truly existential threat it now faces.

The Trumpistas seem to respect no Constitutional constraints, and there seem to be no checks in the system to balance them. Even worse, they do not see that they are the pawns of the oil barons of the world in alliance with Putin and his Russian oligarchy. If the former head of Exxon becomes Secretary of State, as planned, the final nail will be in the coffin.

Unfortunately, the GOP Congress is far too interested in partisan power and far too craven to take a stand against this building danger to the country. Like a good little puppy, it just wags its tail and follows along.  What really needs to happen is for the election to be invalidated and a new one called in 6 months. But that will never occur. As I already said, the system does not have the kind of muscle needed for true self-correction, even in the face of such corruption and contamination.  And so the United States, during the Trump administration, seems likely to pursue the greedy agenda of behemoth corporations, especially the fossil fuel industry, as well as the self-interested agenda of the Russian government.

Nonetheless, there are a few glimmers of hope on the horizon. Democratic-run states and progressive non-profits are likely to be busy suing the government to try and halt some of the more egregious attempts to sabotage existing legal protections of the environment and civil rights. It is possible that some things will be slowed down or even halted in the courts.

The other very tiny ray of hope rests in the hands of a few GOP Senators who still maintain a modicum of integrity and understanding. They will need to join with Senate Democrats and stand up against the GOP majority, acting as a check against the potential destruction of Trump’s intended malfeasance.  For now, I am pinning my hopes on the decency of men like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Rand Paul. Perhaps there are a few others.

The astrological indicators of the next few years also provide a measure of hope, at least insofar as Trump encountering some resistance and some significant headwinds.  The first period to watch begins around December 18 but goes into full strength from December 21 through January 15. Here we see Saturn’s first crossing of Trump’s South Node (20Sagittarius48), his Moon (21Sagittarius12) and opposite his Sun (22Gemini55).  This is roughly the same period that Saturn will oppose the US Mars (21Gemini23) and square the US Neptune (22Virgo25). Of great interest is that this is also the first of three oppositions of Saturn to Russia’s Sun (21Gemini10). This suggests that difficulties and frustrations will hit the US, Trump, and Russia at the same time and are quite possibly linked into the same narrative.  These configurations return with greater strength and therefore suggest far more serious difficulties from late June through mid-October 2017.

During the last few days of December, transiting Mars will oppose the October 1 solar eclipse degree (9Virgo21), while at the same time squaring US Uranus (8Gemini55) and triggering the US tertiary Sun conjunct natal Uranus (exact 12/29). This presents the possibility of a precipitating event that will be unexpected, possibly violent or confrontational, and transformative to the status quo just as we move into a high stress situation in the early weeks of January.

The eclipse of August 21, 2017, at 28Leo53, suggests another series of crises linked to the tension of the Saturn aspects in July through mid-October 2017 and again pointing to major difficulties for Trump, the US, and potentially Russia. This eclipse will be strongly triggered during the first week of September both by the transit of Mars and the stationary transit of Mercury crossing the eclipse degree. These configurations suggest significant and very challenging events in early September that continue to cause upset during the balance of the month and through mid-October. This period also includes the final crossing of Uranus square to US Pluto (27Capricorn33) and therefore may see some unexpected and striking challenges to corporate control and limitless greed (US second house Pluto). The Saturn crossing square to US Neptune and opposite Trump’s Sun in September also suggest the possibility of a financial contraction at that time.

And finally, for those of us hoping for Trump’s grandiose corporate agenda, well-seasoned with a hefty dose of piquant Russian flavoring, to run into some major headwinds, the coming Inaugural chart with its very tight Mars/Saturn square does suggest significant frustration and difficulty. It seems likely there will be no smooth sailing and lots of obstruction in the coming four years. This is something to truly be thankful for in this holiday season.


The battle lines become clearer. Thanks, Nancy. CA is girding up for the fight.

Great article – thanks. I have to believe that this bum (Trump) is so over the top that he will crash and burn. And drag all his looney tune Cabinet members with him.You know – what goes up must come down.

Thanks so much Nancy for being a beacon of light in the darkness

Walking down Grand A ensue in Oakland, CA. There is a feel in the air. Restaurants in this vibrant restaurant city are joining together to raise $$ for East Bay causes including the recent artist loft fire.

It feels like the Sixties, particularly 1968, is reborn. I feel more energized. Our community is very much awake.

Grand Avenue, not A.


Excellent analysis and forecast. Much gratitude to you for your devotion to astrology and this blog.

“And finally, for those of us hoping for Trump’s grandiose corporate agenda, well-seasoned with a hefty dose of piquant Russian flavoring, to run into some major headwinds, the coming Inaugural chart with its very tight Mars/Saturn square does suggest significant frustration and difficulty. It seems likely there will be no smooth sailing and lots of obstruction in the coming four years. This is something to truly be thankful for in this holiday season.”

Truly there is a Santa Claus!

“The noxious announcements emanating daily out of the incoming Trump administration grate like fingernails on a chalkboard. With each bizarre appointment of another rabid and insufferable executioner of our progressive democracy and each petulant and vindictive tweet, the degradation and humiliation of this once-great nation deepens.”

Gold, Nancy; gold!

Thanks Nancy!

could we finally see bi-partisanship reach across the aisle at long last?

Once gramma starts hearing that her Social Security is threatened, she’ll reach over with her cane and deliver a few knots of common sense on some GOPers heads, and the system will work as designed by the forefathers.

That is the hope.

Couldn’t come at a better time.It will be a sight to behold. Damn scary though, damn scary.

Sharon, on the last thread you questioned a comment from Helen that included a zerohedge link.
The following is an April article on the faces behind zerohedge
A former “director of contributor success” at website Seeking Alpha, Lokey said he joined Zero Hedge for $6,000 a month and received an annual bonus of $50,000, earning more than $100,000 last year. His salary helped pay the rent on a “very nice” condominium on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island, he said. Despite the compensation, he contends that he left because he disagreed with the site’s editorial vision. “Reality checks are great. But Zero Hedge ceased to serve that public service years ago,” Lokey wrote. “They care what generates page views. Clicks. Money.”

“It reminds me of a successful information operation where you mix in the propaganda stories along with other legitimate stories,” said Craig Pirrong, finance professor at the University of Houston. “There are some interesting things on it, and then there are the crazy things.”


another exerpt from the linked article above about zerohedge

“Lokey, who said he wrote much of the site’s political content, claimed there was pressure to frame issues in a way he felt was disingenuous. “I tried to inject as much truth as I could into my posts, but there’s no room for it. “Russia=good. Obama=idiot. Bashar al-Assad=benevolent leader. John Kerry= dunce. Vladimir Putin=greatest leader in the history of statecraft,” Lokey wrote, describing his take on the website’s politics. Ivandjiiski countered that Lokey could write “anything and everything he wanted directly without anyone writing over it.”

Nancy, bravo and, as we say here in Cajun country New Orleans, “Yea, you right.” You have clearly connected the dots and it remains to be seen if the press and government allow this to emerge as it is most probably the truth.

Kiwi, I do already see Zero Hedge as an unreliable website, but I think Helen’s intentions are sincere and she raised a good point about the disinformation act being a way to control the press. There’s a fine line there when it comes to freedom of speech.

My frend put up such a good post on FB that I must copy it here. SHE also connected the dots on how Trumps choices for governing clearly reflect his real intentions.

“After listening to every morning talk show- Meet the Press, Face the Nation and This Week… reading the Miami Herald and New York Times, I have come to the conclusion our president elect picked DeVos to eliminate the Department of Education, Pruitt as Head of the EPA to change EPA standards and lower restrictions for factories who pollute like Scott has ignored with the sugar factory in Florida and polluted Stuart last summer, and Puzder to keep wages down, break more unions and hire more robots who don’t need vacations. The generals are there to increase military spending as Ryan will go after Medicare and Social Security. Warning: Bush took 3.5 trillion from Social Security to pay for his wars and this is where they will pay for their military increases. Wow! This will be a hard four years. And if you get time watch Priebus on Meet the Press about the Russian hacking! Oh, my.”

Excellent article in today’s Wash Post:


This is Little Brother — millions of irrational people spreading lies, sowing doubt and fomenting violence. Thanks to Little Brother, the government — Trump and his incoming administration, in this case — doesn’t have to directly threaten the political opposition or spread propaganda on its own. Leaders only need to find indirect ways to validate supporters’ most vile emotions and make lying acceptable

“During the last few days of December, transiting Mars …” will still be the Obama administration. Could this be a period of fallout from the report Obama has asked for re the Russian hacking of the election?

Just found out another interesting thing about zerohedge.

This fellow Ivandjiiski (daniel) who started zerohedge, is purportedly the son of a man from Bulgaria who was an international commentator for a newspaper that is now known as the Duma. Skilled propagandist probably.
Beginning in 1973, Ivandjiiski (dad, krassimir) worked at the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Bulgaria. Prior to 1990 he was a special envoy and covered political and military conflicts. He has been the publisher and editor-in-chief of the monthly publication Strogo Sekretno (Top Secret) since 1994

Ya think there might be a few Russian connections?

Thank you Nancy. Happy Holiday’s to you and the entire group.


Thank you. And indeed, pure gold you offer us. We are grateful. Happy, Happy Holidays to you and yours

I join you in wishing the entire group here, Happy Holidays.

Thanks for posting the link to ‘little brother’ Nancy.
I see a frightening parallel regarding methods and tactics that motivate isis type followers in the arab world.

Hello, everybody. Maybe this has been discussed, but there’s a petition at petitions. whitehouse. gov that asks that the info re the hacking be declassified. It needs a total of 100,000 signatures by Dec 30th. Look for the one started in Nov 30.

on, but you know that…

So insightful, so informative, so beautifully written, Nancy. Thank you for all the research that goes into each of your articles, and for continuing to host this lighthouse of a site.

The more I read about the Russia hack, the more I think that Trump is being blackmailed by Russian. Especially since the RNC was apparently hacked, too, but none of the material has been released. Also, there have been rumors Trump was caught on video doing something quite bad while in Russia for a pageant.

Sharon K

I was upset to see that LA Dems let another one get past them!!!

Dems don’t fight hard they don’t fight near hard enough!

Sharon K

save yourself… some major time… the Rethugs have been lying for years… they’ve INSTITUTIONALIZED IT NOW…. don’t watch the media is my advise…. check with your reliable sources online…. you can dismiss out of hand anything any GOP/Libertarian says it’s all misdirection, disinformation and lies….

Diana, saw your post at the end of the last thread, hope you don’t mind me reposting your link for this new thread

Xavier Becerra, California’s next attorney general, said Wednesday that he and his state would stand up to President-elect Donald Trump and his administration if it becomes necessary.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Becerra said, “I don’t think California is looking to pick a fight, we’re just ready to fight if someone tries to stop us from moving forward some progressive values that have helped so many Californians.”

Becerra, a 12-term congressman and House Democratic Caucus chairman, is one of many leading the charge in California, where Democrats are already working to block some of Trump’s more controversial proposals.

Becerra, the son of an immigrant mother from Mexico and a U.S. citizen father, seems set to become the face of California’s resistance against the Trump administration, and he hasn’t been shy about announcing it.

“We’re not interested in having folks try to stop us. We’ll look at the Constitution of the United States, and we’ll look at our California constitution and recognize that as any other states, we will do whatever the U.S. Constitution allows us to do to protect our people and advance our interests,” Becerra told Maddow.


Question: what is the “birthday” of Russia? I’m guessing it’s in June, conjunct DT’s Sun. Is it the Bolshevik Revolution? Or 1991, when the Soviet Union fell? Or a different date?

Many thanks!
You write beautifully. (I teach writing.)
An insightful, informative piece:
You are pretty darn proficient at connecting dots which many don’t even see.

It is clear we are heading into darker times. The seasonal phrase, “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All” seems weak in our present context. Angst is king. The shadows seem larger. All the more reason to cultivate goodwill, i.e. the beginning, but not the end of compassion.

Courage – Compassion – Wisdom…
May we all keep the light within burning brightly that we may know our path.

Happy Holidays to you and to everyone here who follow this blog.


Thank you for another wonderful article. It is always much appreciated.

I want a bumper sticker that reads: I was right about GWB and I’m right about Trump!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays.

Alex, the Democrat didn’t stand a chance in red-state LA. He won 67% to 33%. First of all, it was a run-off which doesn’t draw voters. Second of all, the goof-ball who won (very Hillbillyish) has name recognition – he’s been around as State Treasurer for years and has held other posts. Thirdly, although NOLA is blue, like many cities, LA is solidly red – no breaking through there. The issues that are important are the conservative one. A pro-environmentalist like Campbell didn’t stand a real chance, and he is also a bit weird looking, never a plus in politics.

Nancy’s article caused me to feel a chill. I keep going back to Putin sarcastically saying on video “everyone knows the U.S. is the only super power.” He plans to get us good, as well as ally with China and Iran. We can’t let him. He is very sneaky and does have expansionist plans (as do China and Iran – in fact dismantling the Iran deal, Trump’s plan, will just strengthen Iran without all the sanctions that were in place – Russia will soon be free of theirs also). It always cracks me up when people, even here on this site, say that Putin is the peacemaker and the U.S. is promoting war, whether cold or hot. To me, this is the height of naitivity. With limited resources on earth and more in outer space, the race is on for who will be the most powerful. Russia and China don’t want war but they also don’t want friendship. Just thinking about how Trump has cooperated with them (and the Republicans in order to get their pathetic agenda across) gives me the chills, and makes me angry.

Peace on earth and all that, but be vigilent and realistic, Eliseo.

A few more details here about what the intelligence community is basing it’s conclusions on (very few, really) –


Sharon K

after Nov 8th and LA had an upcoming election date…. smart DNC would have turned everybody all the Senate /Congress officials out to support the long shot race…. Dems don’t fight enough …. it was a lost opportunity

Gina – I am using 6/12/90 at 1:45 PM in Moscow for Russia.

Alex, my husband ran for U.S. Congress in 2010, against Steve Scalese, who was so confident that he would keep his seat against an unknown that he didn’t bother to campaign. We did, however. The DNC was not going to throw away money on a lost cost and did not. It is more appropriate for the state Democratic Party to give their support anyway. My husband’s campaign manager, who worked for free, talked them into throwing something like $12-15K his way (I don’t remember exactly). He also solicited donations and made a loan that we paid back. This is how politics work. There are resources but parties are not going to invest in “lost causes.” Myron carried the Democratic vote in our district – about 20%.

As I once shared on this website, Myron’s platform was largely environmental and he spoke about the coming revolution in clean, green energy and how LA had to find other alternatives to oil and gas or get left behind. It looks like the Illuminati are doing everything they can to cause us to go extinct, like the dinosaurs, whose remains are probably part of the oil.


RUSSIA – Declaration – Natal Chart
Jun 12 1990, 1:45 pm, BADT -4:00
MOSCOW RUSSIA 55°N45′ 037°E35′

MY RUSSIA Ratification – Natal Chart
Dec 12 1991, 1:02 pm, EET -2:00
MOSCOW RUSSIA 55°N45′ 037°E35′

Russia Flag Raised – Natal Chart
Dec 25 1991, 7:25 pm, EET -2:00
Moscow Russia 55°N45′ 037°E35′

Campion’s natal chart for Russia
Dec 12 1991, 1:22 pm, EET -2:00
MOSCOW RUSSIA 55°N45′ 037°E35′

MY Rectification for Putin:

Vladimir Putin Natal
Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00
St Petersburg Russia 59°N55′ 030°E15′

Vladimir Putin – Male Relocated
Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00
Moscow Russia 55°N45′ 037°E35′

Maybe of interest or something in the right hand column.


“Fake News Hurts Real People”

“It should be mentioned that fake news does hurt real people, but when compared to falsehoods pushed by corporate media outlets, damage caused by alternative media suddenly appears laughably minimal. Repeating claims from anonymous government sources as “facts” is not journalism; it’s effectively no different than being a mouthpiece for the State. Far too often, journalists allow themselves to become parrots for unnamed diplomats, bureaucrats, and cronies, and the result is often deadly. A few examples from when major American and international news media:

-Repeated, uncritically, the lie that WMDs were in Iraq, justifying the Iraq War — helping gain public consensus for a conflict that has killed about 70,000 civilians and a quarter of a million people in total. This tragic journalistic failure is reported in detail in former New York Times reporter Michael Massing’s book Now They Tell Us.”


Free speech IS FREEDOM and should be safeguarded – now it’s debatable?

Counter-Propaganda = Propaganda:


‘Electoral College Must Not Confirm Trump Until His Possible Involvement in Russian Hacking is Investigated’


A thread on chars for Russia:

Which Russia natal chart do you use?


3 pages, 52 posts

And a thread on Putin:


Astrodienst Forum › English Language Area › Discussion: Mundane and Political Astrology

Putin’s Chart (Read 4006 times)

I looked at the Putin chart posted at the 2nd link of your post, Bob, and compared it to Trump’s and there looks to be a lot of positive synastry between them. It does explain their alliance on that level. However, if Putin’s goal is to expand and use oil money to do it, and Trump cooperates, it’s harmful for the U.S.


I understand the $logic – but it’s not enough long term thinking – – DC D-officials/members don’t go to battle…. ex siege a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.

they might have lost the special election but they would have brought fierce new psychological boundaries to LA (R state) federal political elections….. D’s are not formidable and they need to be formidable in each and every way

If that chart is correct the triple conjunction of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, on January 13, 2020, that opposes Trump’s natal Saturn is on Putin’s natal MC in Moscow.

Using that birth chart with my progressed lunar return technique to move his anlunar to that day in Moscow yields a chart with Putin’s progressed Saturn and Neptune on the Asc and return Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, on the Nadir.

Those 3 will thus be squaring the natal and progressed Saturns and Neptunes in Putin’s charts. This will be true no matter the time of birth but I was not aware of that conjunction to the charts MC when I did my chart for Putin years ago.

According to one astrologer I read, Trump’s chart is also strongly affected by this month’s Gemini/Sag full moon as well, which will be this Tuesday (13th).

Interesting fact: Donald Trump was born on a lunar eclipse—his Sun is at 23* Gemini and his Moon is at 23* Sagittarius. This Full Moon’s Sagittarius Sun sits on his Moon and the Gemini Moon sits on his Sun.

The Sagittarius Sun AND Saturn opposite the Gemini Moon and Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra form what is known as a ‘mystic rectangle’, an aspect of two oppositions whose ends both trine and sextile to each other–positively supporting the energy generated. Its highest potential is self-recognition and awareness, which can give rise to practical mysticism. (Dane Rudyhar)


Did Russia Hack The Election? Trump Doesn’t Care — And The Peril Grows

Trump doesn’t believe Putin hacked the election — worse still, he doesn’t give a crap. Grave danger lies ahead

Dec. 12, 2016


The caption to the photo enclosed below reads:

“Gals Up To No Good”


A Mystic Rectangle in a horoscope involves two sets of oppositions whose ends both trine and sextile each other, thus visually forming a large rectangular pattern across the chart. Dane Rudyhar referred to it as “practical mysticism” since it involves “two potentially awareness-revealing, illuminating oppositions that can creatively reach ideal or inspired fruition (trine influence) thru intelligent, innovative utilization of energies (sextile influence). However, much depends upon the level at which the oppositions are experienced by the individual (since the opposition aspect can also express itself as disharmony, imbalance, separative forces, and irreconcilable tension). Normally, the challenges of the two oppositions are more effectively encountered than would be otherwise expected, due to the integrative influences of the linking trines and sextiles. Conflict and discord determined here now have a stimulating, encouraging impetus for satisfying resolution, suggesting that such oppositions are less prone towards being paralyzed by impasses and stalemates. Any perspective gained can here be more self-expressively utilized in a growth-producing manner. Attempts toward productive activity in relationships are better able to be more objectively evaluated and balanced in their execution thru INSIGHT and INTUITION when this configuration is positively expressed” (from page 94 of “Dynamics of Aspect Analysis” by Bil Tierney, 1983).

Some Very uplifting vocalization for the season:

Jackie Evancho – (live from Longwood Gardens)

Steve Judd.. hot off othe presses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlzGuVnBNko

This message must be spread at every opportunity before the midterms, daily if possible.


Robert Reich

“So the next time you hear a conservative say “low taxes, few regulations, and low wages are the keys to economic business-friendly success,” just remember Kansas, Texas, and California.

The conservative formula is wrong.”

Great article Nancy which I will repost on my FB Page and a link on my Twitter page.

Russian Interference Could Give Courts Legal Authority To Install Clinton!


Charles (CJ) Thanks I love Jackie E.


UPDATE: GOP members supporting investigation of Russian interference in election

Sen Graham
Sen McCain
Sen Lankford
Sen Corker
Rep McCaul

“Julian Assange has previously said the DNC leaks were not linked to Russia. A second senior official cited by the Washington Post conceded that intelligence agencies did not have specific proof that the Kremlin was “directing” the hackers, who were said to be one step removed from the Russian government.

Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, who is a close associate of Assange, called the CIA claims “bullshit”, adding: “They are absolutely making it up.”

“I know who leaked them,” Murray said. “I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things.

“If what the CIA are saying is true, and the CIA’s statement refers to people who are known to be linked to the Russian state, they would have arrested someone if it was someone inside the United States.

“America has not been shy about arresting whistleblowers and it’s not been shy about extraditing hackers. They plainly have no knowledge whatsoever.”


Future Charts: 2020, 2021

a) State Electors Meet to Vote: 2020
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

b) Wednesday, Oath of Office January 20, 2021
Capitol Building DC

Shall Meet First Monday After The Second Wednesday Of The Month – 50 states electors vote


The statue that will come into play makes this six day rule very clear. If this is not complied with, we will see this in the Supreme Court.

3 U.S. Code § 5 – Determination of controversy as to appointment of electors

If any State shall have provided, by laws enacted prior to the day fixed for the appointment of the electors, for its final determination of any controversy or contest concerning the appointment of all or any of the electors of such State, by judicial or other methods or procedures, and such determination shall have been made at least six days before the time fixed for the meeting of the electors, such determination made pursuant to such law so existing on said day, and made at least six days prior to said time of meeting of the electors, shall be conclusive, and shall govern in the counting of the electoral votes as provided in the Constitution, and as hereinafter regulated, so far as the ascertainment of the electors appointed by such State is concerned.
(June 25, 1948, ch. 644, 62 Stat. 673.)

~ circa 2014


Tribal Politics


There’s a disturbing nugget buried deep in the remarkable study on political polarization in the U.S. released by the Pew Research Center on Thursday.

For 20 years, Pew has been using a battery of ten questions to locate a respondent on the continuum between extreme liberalism and extreme conservatism.

And it makes no sense.

Or at least, it shouldn’t.

The pollsters ask respondents to identify which of a pair of statements about a particular issue comes closest to their actual beliefs, even if the match isn’t perfect. In one example, people are asked to choose between the statements, “Government is almost always wasteful and inefficient” and “Government often does a better job than people give it credit for.”

Reading down the list, though, it becomes clear that on a totally objective basis, there’s no reason the various issues should have a conservative / liberal split.

Why on earth, for example, should there be any correlation whatsoever between your opinion on gay marriage and your opinion on whether environmental regulations are worth the costs they impose on businesses? The issues are utterly unrelated.

Why should your thinking about how much the country spends on national defense correlate with your opinions about whether racism continues to have a negative impact on the condition of African Americans? Again, the issues have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

The depressing answer is that, while these things shouldn’t correlate, they do. As the Pew researchers put it, “while there is no ex-ante reason for people’s views on diverse issues such as the social safety net, homosexuality and military strength to correlate, these views have a traditional ‘left/right’ association.”

According to people who study both politics and our brains, the reasons are real and largely intractable.

“It all kind of starts with a misunderstanding we have about how people come to have their opinions on issues,” said Vanderbilt University political science professor Marc Hetherington. “We tend to have this belief that people’s positions on the issues come first, and that they pick their party based on its positions on those issues.

“But what we’ve learned is that’s not how politics work,” he added. “Party comes first.”

As they come to their views on politically fraught questions, people are more concerned about how their conclusions will affect their status with the group they already belong to than they are with coming to factually accurate conclusions.

Most of us, at least, desperately want this to be untrue. We see ourselves as rational actors in the world, making decisions based on the facts as they present themselves.

But sadly, people who study the way our brains work when we make decisions find that this isn’t the case.

We want to be ruled by rationality, but emotion and the desire to remain a member in good standing of our social group are the real drivers of our behavior.



2016 – Tribal Politics


Politics has never seemed more tribal. In America, it’s Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. In Europe, it’s the Europhiles vs the Eurosceptics. In Turkey, it’s the Islamists vs the secularists.

In the US, Australia and Europe, the gap between liberals and conservatives, the left and the right is widening. Look at social media, and it can feel like antipathy towards the other side is becoming increasingly intense.

So, what might be driving this tribalism? Psychological research reveals subconscious forces, which – in the face of facts, experience or better judgement – prevent people seeing alternative points of view and push them into ever-more-partisan camps. And some scientists believe that many aspects of 21st Century living could be creating the perfect conditions for falling victim.

In fact, from where people live to what they read, modern life has an alarming power to entrench people’s political affiliations and views – without them even realising it.



Rush Limbaugh generated big audience from Sacramento CA and from there launched his national audience:

~circa 2014


~ circa 2015

If you think of the normal bell curve what Pew researchers are saying is that the tails of the bell curve have expanded and the statistical “curve” for political ideology is no longer “normal”.

That changing statistical curve has strong implications for the political landscape. In essence, Pew says, the most conservative and the most liberal among us are shouting at each other while the more moderate core (i.e., the diverse majority of the nation) watches in exasperated silence


Ideological Consistency Scale



Trump’s cabinet of billionaires

The most present aspect in a billionaire chart is between Neptune and Chiron.

Other top aspects that caught my attention are : Juno – Uranus


“Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, who is a close associate of Assange, called the CIA claims “bullshit”, adding: “They are absolutely making it up.”

Oh well, now we can all breathe easier

Find a chemtrail spraying lithium and serotonin and snort it, will ya?

Whether or not the DNC email leaks that went to Wikileak were from Russia, there were other reports of Russia hacking voter data bases. Also, there is a report of a server at Trump Tower that ONLY communicated with a particular Russian Bank and when they were called out on it (the bank), they stopped (I think that article was posted here). Also, I’m am not saying the CIA is trustworthy all the time but it appears to me to be the height of arrogance to second guess their intelligence sources which are probably far more fined tuned than the egoist, Julian Assange, and some DNC insider who was mad.

Alex, I cannot read the polarization articles right now but I’m sure they explain a lot. I see things getting even more polarized with the rise of racism and religious-bigotry. I agree 100% that Democrats could organize better and do more but some things are just not possible in the short-term and won’t be for a while, reason being a religious and/or fear-based ideological mindset of many in the red states that is pretty-well inpenetrable and relates to social issues as well as economic misconceptions.


“Pfishing emails” that were sent to the DNC staffers who clicked on them, allowing hackerspenetration of their computers.

Wow Sharon did you read some of the comments on that article. I had to stop. Good lord


Well the D’s motto: Inconceivable


I sure hope the Dems fight back. CNN.com has a bunch of headlines that show they are. And, remember Obama & Holder will be working towards fair redistrictinig after the census. I didn’t read the comments Diana, but, from what you said, I guess they are threatening and hateful. Such charming people in our country. It’s easy to spew hate and anger on the internet, and violent video games have their effect. Next step is real life.

I had also read that certain generations that came after me had a pluto placement that would lead to violence. I don’t have time to look into it (I’m in a 4 year and it sure has been busy and nose-to-the grindstone stuff; also saturn t. the 6th).

Bless you Nancy for shining your light rays on the road ahead. We are all demoralized from the results of this election but with Neptune large and in charge it behooves us all to not give up so soon the inherent courage of the USA experiment.

Instead of seeing our country as falling into 2nd place in whatever, try seeing all other countries as becoming equal to the USA. As for the great divide in our government so prevalent since Obama took office, see these challenges (ie. Russia beats us through the hijacking of our election) as the needed push to close that divide.

It is Neptune after all. Look at the chart for his arrival into the sign of Pisces where he is most influential; it tells the story.

When Neptune entered Pisces for the duration, Mars was opposite Venus and the Moon in Gemini squared them both. And where was Mars? Conjunct the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo, and he was retrograde.

Mars with Neptune isn’t going to be in-your-face belligerent, especially when retrograde. No, Mars and Neptune will be disguised as wimpy and fearful, all the better to fool the World. Tomorrow, the Sun opposite the Full Moon will activate that Neptune-Ingress-Pisces chart by completing a grand cross; filling the ingress chart’s empty leg of Sagittarius and starting a chain reaction.

That Sun at 22+ Sagittarius (opposite the FM at 22+ Gemini) will be exactly trine transiting Eris (known to call the bluff of even the most confident) at 22+ Aries. And she’s not alone.

Transiting Eris travels with Ceres and Uranus. Ceres doesn’t just give up when something dear to her is stolen, and Uranus, well Uranus defies expectation and he is also conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron. Therein lies the chain reaction.

U.S. Chiron (healer) opposes the U.S. Juno (partner) at 20+ Libra, where transiting Jupiter (expand) will be on Christmas Day when she trines transiting Venus (love, value, money) in Aquarius. Transiting Venus will be conjunct the U.S. PROGRESSED Mercury (thinker, trader, trickster).

In the U.S. lifetime, Mercury began in the sign of Cancer, and has already moved through Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Now in Aquarius and stationed direct, U.S. Mercury is more powerful than usual and he has learned a thing or two since 1776, and with transiting Venus. . . well don’t underestimate the power of love Baby.

The day after Christmas, Jupiter – who will be conjunct the U.S. Juno – will oppose Uranus who will be conjunct the U.S. Chiron, further activating his Full Moon companions, Ceres and Eris who trines the Sun in Sagittarius (and sextiles the Moon in Gemini) which stimulates the U.S. Neptune energy like you wouldn’t believe.

Although the sextile between trans. Saturn in Sagittarius to Jupiter in Libra won’t be exact to the minute on Christmas, they will each form a quincunx to the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus. It’s called a Yod pattern and Saturn sextile Jupiter will, shall we say, persuade the U.S. Vesta to make adjustments or allowances in her fixed Taurean persuasions.

Vesta, the Workaholic, is focused and dedicated and not easily moved off course. However, in this case, her country needs her. . . and she DOES trine the U.S. Neptune in Virgo. And she does trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn. Vesta also symbolizes investments.

Now when you look at the chart for tomorrow’s Gemini Full Moon, don’t just think “that’s Trump’s natal Sun for chrissake”. Think about how Trump is the trigger mechanism of a chain reaction that will force our feuding Congress to act together for the sake of the country they serve.

As I noted on the last thread, both Barack and Michelle Obama’s natal charts are implicated by this full moon. Transiting Mars and Pallas are conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius too, meaning we are all involved. Transiting Vesta, although now retrograde, is still conjunct the U.S. North Node in Leo and transiting Juno (partnership) is conjunct the U.S. Ascendant (this is who we are) at 12+ Sagittarius.

This isn’t your ordinary Full Moon friends, it is a pivot in the trajectory of U.S. history and you can thank Neptune for making it so. Courage!

That Assange associate quoted in the Guardian article is full of crap. Seventeen U.S. intel agencies concluded the Russians were behind the hack. Not to mention those in European countries that have warned what the Russians are up to, including targeting Merkel in Germany. Covert ops is what the Russians do. And it’s just coincidence that Trump is pro-Putin and has significant ties to him (Manafort, etc.). Sure ….

Besides, if the CIA were lying, that’s more reason to have an investigation, right, Donald?

So, when you call up a site like Alternet, and what appears now is a massive banner with the words, “Don’t let Fake News destroy our Democracy” – does this have any significance for you?


Paris, you go girl! Thank you for the mystic rectangle info. Two of the astrologers I most respect are Rudhyar and Bil Tierney.

Key thought. . “much depends upon the level at which the oppositions are experienced by the individual [in this particular case Trump] (since the opposition aspect can also express itself as disharmony, imbalance, separative forces and irreconcilable tension).” However, we all will get a chance to get the positive benefits of this Full Moon pattern.

I’m betting this Full Moon opposition between Uranus and Jupiter will be the mystic/magic potion when combined with the Sun-Full Moon opposition AND the Trump astrology (and all that Neptune energy). Thanks so much for discovering it.

Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador, has a yuuuuge ax to grind with the us. He was denied a visa earlier this year.

Harry Reid: The Trump Campaign ‘Was In On’ Russia’s Election Hacking

The outgoing Senate minority leader says the Electoral College has a “tremendous responsibility” on its hands.

“Someone in the Trump campaign organization was in on the deal. I have no doubt. Now, whether they told [Trump] or not, I don’t know. I assume they did. But there is no question about that,” Reid said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “So there is collusion there, clearly.”

“Don’t put blindfolds on,” he said. “Here is the deal: We have a situation where during the campaign, especially the last few months of the campaign, WikiLeaks was heavily involved in trying to hurt Hillary Clinton and it helped Trump. And you have Trump who said he likes Putin better than he likes Obama.”

When Comey announced his investigation into Clinton’s emails in late October, Reid sent him a blistering letter alluding to the Russian intrusion.

“Obviously, what I didn’t know … was that Comey was a front for the Republican Party,” Reid said.


“The Republican Party Has Become the Party of Hate”
“The Republican Party today is basically a coalition of grievances united by one thing: Hatred. Hatred of immigrants, hatred of minorities, hatred of intellectuals, hatred of gays, feminists and many other groups too numerous to mention. What binds them together is hatred of Democrats because they are welcoming to every group that Republicans reject”.


Violation of the Oath of Office to Protect And Defend the US

Trump on Fox New Sunday said he was too smart to need intelligence briefings….

Electors Request Intelligence Briefing On Russian Meddling Before Electoral College Vote



9 of the 10 electors requesting the briefing are democrats. This article doesn’t make it sound like much will change, Trump will still win if more of them don’t change their minds. Wake me up when this is over please. I can’t watch any longer…

Barb, when you wrote:

“Instead of seeing our country as falling into 2nd place in whatever, try seeing all other countries as becoming equal to the USA…”

I would like to see it that way but all of my instincts tell me that, at this point in time, we can’t trust some of these other countries. If something should happen in the world that would cause us to cooperate and work together as equals, that would be great, but what it tends to boil down to is not just nationalism but the fact that sometimes countries want power so they can expand and take over other countries. I know some people don’t think so but the U.S. seems to do this the least.

I just came across this website. Good writing and interesting article.

From Juanita Jean’s:
“There is not just smoke here. There is a blazing 10-alarm fire, the sirens are wailing, the Russians provided the lighter fluid, and Trump is standing half-burnt and holding a match.

Glenn Carle, retired CIA officer and interrogator.

Thanks for turning us on to Juanita Jean’s, fierywoman. I looked up her website and she’s a hoot.

Mr. Smith goes to Washington:


Thanks, Congressman Bost, for acting in the best interest of the people:
July 14, 2016 Press Release

Washington, D.C. —Rep. Mike Bost (IL-12) announced today his intention to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement if it comes before the House for a vote later this year.

‘CIA/FBI Say No Evidence of Russian Hacking, Electors Seek Unconstitutional Election Coup’

From Lionel:

There are dissenting voices in case you’re interested in something other than the MSM reading on it.


you post a lot of hate/hurt political media sources….do you have a fear fascination with hate/hurt politics?

For the Republican Party, Trumpism has brought about a reckoning that’s been decades in the making.

The Hate/Hurt Republicans


Nina Turner for 2020 !


Check out this very strange Melania video:

Hamilton Electors on The Electoral College

Video: 2 min. 14 sec


I understand Sharon, but is there any reason we can’t be the “something that should happen in the world that would cause us to cooperate and work together as equals”? You are a Pisces, why not use all that creative energy of yours to just imagine what it would be like if there was no need for a Top Dog country. I just did it, so can you. If we can do it others might do it and that energy builds.

Where’s the harm? Think of it this Christmas. Imagine a world where nobody had to starve and everyone had a home and clean water was plentiful. We are powerful when we are unified in intent. Love to you and all who gather here.

“There are dissenting voices in case you’re interested in something other than the MSM reading on it.”

Sure – but yours are almost always examples of confirmation bias combined with a scorching thought disorder.

Helen, your posts are increasingly bizarre and I wonder if you aren’t just masochistic in some way: certainly you invite the anger of others on this site and seem to revel in it. I am not suggesting that a dissenting voice is a bad thing, but you when you excoriate a site like Alternet (hardly mainstream, BTW) while sanctifying Zerohedge and various other sources of that ilk…It seems that the zanier and more ‘out there’ the sources, the more credible it is, in your view. I am happy that you have the considerable time to devote to ferreting out these alternate sources, but at some point, one has to return to earth.

Not all MSM is wrong, and in fact, there are many sources that are more than credible, well-researched and based on the ethics governing good journalism. With Trump, these will be increasingly under attack….The CT-obsessed will also contribute to its demise unless there is reasoned, reality-based push back.

“State officials are planning to examine about 20 Detroit precincts where ballot boxes opened during the recount had fewer ballots than poll workers had recorded on Election Day.”


This Russian/WikiLeaks op targeted the “Left,” not Trump voters. Hence we have certain supposed progressive voices carrying water for Putin and Russia. The evidence Russia is behind the hack is clear, from intel sources here and abroad. And now Russia/WikiLeaks is going after Germany/Angela Merkel. They’re trying to destabilize the world’s major democracies through cyber warfare. It’s no secret.


Bernie Sanders shows how to win over Trump voters in real-time ~ By Egberto Willies

Tuesday Dec 13, 2016 · 4:00 AM PST

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen former Texas Governor Rick Perry to head the U.S. Department of Energy, a transition official said, putting him in charge of the agency he proposed eliminating during his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.


barbk (above) – I like the way you think!

PYW – Is this opinion or fact?

A lot can happen between now and next Monday (the 19th). Should the electors decide to postpone their decision to vote at the Electoral College meeting until the Russian issue is satisfactorily dealt with, they are perfectly within their rights to do so……

The December 19 Electoral College Vote Must Be Postponed Until We Figure Out What’s Going On With Russian Electoral Interference


And then there is the other looming factor that can be equally problematic…….

Donald Trump Has Given Electoral College Strong Grounds To Reject Him, Say Ethicists

Trump will now almost certainly violate the constitution from day one of his presidency

December 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s postponement of an announcement regarding his many conflicts of interest could be grounds for the Electoral College to block his presidency, leading US ethicists have said.

The President-elect had promised to clear up the situation before electors meet to approve his candidacy on 19 December, scheduling a press conference for this Thursday.

But on Tuesday evening, Mr Trump announced that he would be delaying any decisions until January – meaning members of the Electoral College will be expected to vote him in despite the real danger he could violate the US Constitution from the moment he is inaugurated.




they like him they really like him

Could this be any more bizarre? Is this the Big Twit’s idea of a joke?

From Alex’ post:
“President-elect Donald Trump has chosen former Texas Governor Rick Perry to head the U.S. Department of Energy, a transition official said, putting him in charge of the agency he proposed eliminating during his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.”

Alex & Lily: Thank you.


Lilly decided to pile on Helen after my comment…. I’m not into piling on so don’t thank me


I watched the Lionel piece you submitted (CIA/FBI Say No Evidence of Russian Hacking, Electors Seek Unconstitutional Election Coup). His reasoning strikes me as being somewhat convoluted. His demeanor – rather distrustful and annoyingly dismissive of anything that strikes him as conspiratorial.

The fact is – the CIA deliberately held back on publicly releasing their conclusions until one month after the elections were over so as not to appear partisan. Details are still being withheld so as not to compromise sensitive investigative sources. Apparently Lionel chose not to take that into account in his long, rambling monologue.

Contrast that to the cogent argument put forward by Robert Reich on the necessity for accountability when the Electoral College meeting convenes in one weeks time. It’s only 8 minutes long and can be accessed here – https://www.facebook.com/RBReich/videos/1401181323227793/ .

I think you’ll find a remarkable difference in reasoning and tone. It appears Lionel loves to delve into legalese hypothesis and ideas whereas Robert presents a balanced, proportional, well informed approach.

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team apparently wants the Department of Energy to send over a list of every employee and contractor involved in brokering international climate meetings in the last five years, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The request is part of a 74-question questionnaire the transition team has asked Energy Department officials to fill out.

Other inquiries in the questionnaire — which The Washington Post noted one department official called “unusually ‘intrusive” — are about “which programs within the DOE are essential to meeting the goals of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan” and about the social cost of carbon, a metric the Obama administration has used to determine “the benefits of regulations and initiatives that lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions.”


No Alex, I wasn’t ‘piling on.” I am capable of thinking independently and from time to time I simply get truly fatigued by the matters I addressed. Have no fear: I wasn’t merely following your lead, and it’s somewhat presumptuous to think so.

Why aren’t more journalists talking about this. It is the whole reason for Russia’s meddling. This is exactly what I was saying in the article above.


Tillerson and Trump can deliver for Putin, giving him a deal that would bolster his own popularity, cement his authoritarian regime in place, and allow Russia to flex its muscles without worrying that every tank and plane might be resented by people surrendering butter for bullets.

All Trump has to do is see to it that, miraculously, the sanctions that stood in the way of the Exxon deal get neatly brushed aside and let Tillerson finish writing the largest agreement ever. With, perhaps, a few paltry billion sliding under, over, or alongside the table. Trump can also assure Russia that all that delicious oil and gas keeps getting burned and doesn’t end up stashed in the ground because of concerns over climate change.

Oh, come on – none of you are willing to question the MSM claim that Russia hacked the election Reports all over the place pointing to this being a complete fabrication:

‘US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims’

And this:

“If there was a Pulitzer Prize for fear-mongering innuendo or spurious accusations, the Times would win it hands-down. As it happens, readers have to delve much deeper into the article to find this shocking disclaimer:
“But the campaign officials acknowledge that they have no evidence. The Trump campaign has dismissed the accusations about Russia as a deliberate distraction…”

“No evidence”???”


Please link me the Snopes article debunking this…..

Helen – They didn’t need to hack the votes. They controlled the narrative during the campaign.

Perhaps, Starlight, but the concern now is: “the Russians have done it” is turning into a dangerous meme.

With practically no coverage by major media of the Standing Rock pipeline protests, who in the future is going to speak up if the alternative media is shut down based on accusations of disseminating Russian progaganda?.

Noted journalist, Robert Parry:

Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’ Guilt

“The “fake news” theme has captivated The Washington Post and the mainstream U.S. media so much that it is stooping to McCarthyistic smears against news outlets that don’t toe the State Department’s propaganda line”


Helen, most of your posts seem to originate from one sided, hair on fire, narratives. They also seem to fit your confirmation bias that anything ‘mainstream’ is wrong and has a dastardly motive, while all your ‘sources’ are lily white clean and truthful.
This is more black and white, non-critical thinking – most of truth contains shades of grey.
And I’m still shocked at how often you come to the defence of things that are pro Russia, pro trump, and questionable science.

For some people on the left, finding out that Russia has interfered with America is like finding out that a long-lost love is really cheating on them. For years, the far left narrative has been that all of the bad things out there have been due to American “Imperialism” and that Russia is simply fighting back. To find out Russia has imperialist ambitions of its own is a shock.

Well, in response to some of the posts above (and forgive me if I don’t identify the person posting):

— I have read that the Russian already did manipulate and/or hack the last German election this year, the one that undermined Merckel.

–As far as choosing people to head cabinet departments, Trump has done that right and left. It’s a very libertarian, small-government agenda, and some of the appointees (maybe most) have had 0 experience in the area to which they were appointed. I agree with the post I posted above composed by my friend, Karen. These people were appointed to atrophy or destroy federal departments.

We are truly, truly IN the Rabbit Hole. Can’t wait to see what might be coming up.

Barb, as for your comments – do you think that I never picture countries as equals getting along together in true United (Nations) fashion? Of course I do. The thing is — I am a Realist. I observe human nature and see the trends. I’ll be 66 in February. I think we have to be spiritual and idealists, but also not function like realty isn’t what it is, or it will come back and bite you.

Meant to say: as far as choosing people to head cabinet departments who want to destroy them (the departments)…

Russia (you know, those peacemakers) has announced that Syria now controls Aleppo. What a horror it has been? They also say that humanitarian efforts are next. Asad, a humanitarian? Not so sure about that.

Here’s the link:


(And by the way, Barb, that is one situation I’ve been sending a lot of love, light, compassion and tears to.)

If Russia covertly interfered in the US election it would not surprise me at all. Around 1980 in NZ the Russian ambassador was expelled because it was discovered he was funnelling $$ into the country to covertly cause disruption to the govt.
Putin desperately wants Russia to go back to that era – when he was part of the KGB

Sharon ” I think we have to be spiritual and idealists, but also not function like realty isn’t what it is, or it will come back and bite you.”

ABSOLUTELY! PS – I just turned 66 – no wonder we’re in sync so much of the time 🙂

It’s a Coup (Keith Olbermann – https://t.co/WGAEmSqyiy

Helen, “With practically no coverage by major media of the Standing Rock pipeline protests”

If, as you profess, you don’t read or watch msm, how do you know this to be fact?

Bill Herbst has just written another article “banding together”

Well let’s see how this full moon and the next weeks affect Trump, although I have seen so many predictions of how hard these times are suposed to be for Trump, so far he seems to be getting away with absolutely everything, including not releasing tax return, not dealing with business conflicts, appointing whomever he wants and having a ball at his rallies….

“RNC keeps close tabs on Electoral College vote” “GOP effort makes sure Republican electors don’t go wobbly on Trump”

Ladies, I’m 77 and I know we all can and we all do both; consider reality and make time for envisioning a better world. I never directed my words to any individual, but to anyone willing to read them.

So Sharon, I never dreamed when I wrote any of these words that you (or anyone else who might read them) would imagine that I thought you NOT wanting equality among nations. I merely hoped to take the focus off of the fear/reality of what could happen.

So sorry if I’ve offended you or anyone. We all would be healthier if we allowed as much time for our dreams to bloom as we do our apprehensions.

I believe there is a divine plan for Earth and Humanity and I believe the more we support it the sooner it could materialize. Again, I never intended a critique of you or anyone, just a lightening of the anxiety I sense in the community. A fond adieu for now.

More good information:


Salon reports that the Trump goons are contacting the GOP electors one by one and threatening them with “political reprisal” if they dare consider voting against the Fuhrer.

~ per crooksandliars

Barb, I apologize if I hurt or offended you, too. I have so many Pisces placements (sun, jupiter, mars/venus conjunct, MC, NN) that I have always been spiritual and compassionate, etc. Maybe it’s the mercury Aquarius and Moon/Pluto Leo opposition or the Uranus conjunct my first house but I’ve gotten less and less Piscean and more blunt. I was not offended by what you wrote, but I do strongly feel that there is too much greed and “evil” in the world (maybe defining evil on the spectrum from self-centeredness and selfishness down to doing really hurtful, manevolent and violent things. It’s funny, I never ever used to believe in evil because I was so firmly convinced that humans are good. I still am, but I also think we have to fight fire with fire. If enough people got together and visionized a loving, equal world and acted accordingly, would it happen? I used to think the Age of Aquarius, with the water bearer pouring water on mankind, would cause it to automatically happen. Now I am not so sure because I see too many strong-armed people taking advantage of the good ones. It doesn’t mean I’m not ready for it or will not visualize it, but I am also ready to act with strength and my wits.

I congratulate you on being still being such a clear and comprehensive thinker at age 77. You have a lot of wisdom yet are so young at heart, and kind. I was just expressing myself kind of bluntly.

Anita, regarding that Olberman post that it’s a coup, I cannot really decide if it’s a Russian coup or a Republican coup. Maybe they are helping each other? I am feeling a sense of what I felt during the Bush era where Bush & Cheney had it all locked up for years, and got away with everything. Maybe since Trump is misbehaving so soon, it won’t take as long for the public to catch on? It is very, very frustrating.

And, Kiwi, yes, we’re definitely in sync. When was your birthday? You seem like you have some Sag or Scorpio, or even Leo in your chart. Possibly some Libra. Do tell! (I always go around guessing everyone’s sign/chart and sometimes I’m pretty good, but often put my foot in my mouth — the best one was when I was invited somewhere and sat in a circle with about 6-8 other people and guessed everyone’s sun sign right 🙂 LOL!)

Oh, for heaven’s sake. All right then.

Thank you, Lily. I agree you are an independent thinker and yes, Alex was presumptuous.

My apologies to you, Alex, for somehow insinuating that you are “into piling on”. How you EVER managed to come to that conclusion is beyond me.

I wrote “visionized” – it sounds good but I was writing fast and mean to say “visualized”, of course! (Or, envisioned, as Barb wrote).

What a stupid argument! Liberals don’t have affinity for the old USSR or communism. Some if you people manufacture this garbage somwhere in the atavistic reaches of your brains! Liberals live their country, believe in alturism and defending democracy!

What a stupid argument! Liberals don’t have affinity for the old USSR or communism. Some if you people manufacture this garbage somwhere in the atavistic reaches of your brains! Liberals live their country, believe in alturism and defending democracy!

the number of electorates asking for more info on Russia’s influence of our presidential election is growing now to 40 according to thehill (I think, does it matter anymore?)

Now, we don’t know what is real or fake news anymore or who is deliverying it, so take anything related to this new administration with a pound of salt.

This I do know, he’ll send his team of lawyers to harrass you as he’s doing now to the electors if you cross him. Look at what happened to ol Mitt, he even made him publish an apology to be considered Sec.of State. Poor Mitt. DT is about getting even. Sucks to be us

I see little hope for this nation if this guy is allowed access to the country’s most sensitive information. He might sell it to the ruskies for being allowed to put hotels in Russia.

Sharon, sun+merc+venus Sag (blunt, Im sorry to say) aquarius rising, libra moon.

BarbK, you’re this site’s treasure!

I so value your writing, thank you!

Helen, the article referenced in your 2.16 post, was written by one Mike Whitney.
“Mike Whitney is an American writer who runs his own landscape company in Snohomish, Wa, U.S., Mike Whitney regularly features on ukurnet and other websites – interested in politics and economics from a libertarian perspective.”

His article is long on spurious opinion, short on real unbiased facts. So one wonders, if indeed he runs a landscape company too, how he has the time to personally thoroughly and ethically investigate and research to separate fact from gossip before he puts pen to paper?
Seems to me he is the very definition of a fake news source.

BarbK, I too am sorry if my comment offended you. I am also one that values your writing.

This is interesting – The Stock Act may be trump’s undoing (who knew?)
Coming back to bite them in the as*?

“The STOCK Act bars the President from: using nonpublic information for private profit,” the independent Office of Government Ethics, which handles executive branch ethics issues, wrote in a Monday letter to Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.).
The measure was originally designed to apply only to members of Congress. But Republicans — annoyed that it covered the GOP-controlled House and Senate but not the Obama administration — made sure to extend it to the executive branch, including the president and vice president.

Some 232 Republicans in the House and 44 in the Senate voted for the bill. Just four Republicans opposed it.


Sharon, kiwi, Apple, LG, and others, you might appreciate this writer’s perspective at this Full Moon evening . . .

“Humanity’s current view of reality is being unraveled, opening us to a far more embracing awareness that changes every facet of human life as well as our current world paradigm – perhaps in a radically disruptive way at first, but resulting in a progressive outcome in the longer term.”

That’s a bit of what Lorna Bevan says in this article at Daykeeper Journal . . .

thanks barbk!

from the Lorna Bevan article: “These deep space planets have not aligned in this way since 1446.”

That was the decade that the gutenburg press was invented. And that led to the reformation.

I haven’t finished the Bevan article yet but it is very interesting. She points to 12/26 as a turning point.

I also thought highly of the Bill Herbst article “Banding Together”, Kiwi, it makes a lot of sense. He has always had a lot of profound insight, using astrology to address social trends.


A Zerohedge article with an obvious sympathetic slant to Trump’s position on the legitimacy of his winning the election has done an interesting review on the electoral college backlash by some “defectors”. They even went to the extent of enclosing a highly impassioned video URL link; a commentary by Keith Olbermann entitled “Is There A Russian Coup Underway In America?” which I found to be right on target, albeit a little on the dramatic side. Here’s the article…..

40 Electors Demand Russian Interference Briefing Before They Vote


Given the powerful astrological aspects in play on December 19th with Mars conjunct Trump’s ascendant/ Progressed Sun degree (0 Virgo) in sesquisquare to the Mercury retrograde station/ Pluto degrees (15/16 Capr.) there could be a postponement of the Electoral College vote pending a full investigation into the nefarious Russian connections that might have unduly influenced the outcome of the US election. Of course, if that were to happen, it would only antagonize Donald Trump and his faithful followers into predictable dangerous confrontation. It would be an ominous development.

“Apparently nothing upsets House Republicans like the idea of hard-working people getting to enjoy a secure and dignified retirement.

While Speaker Ryan sharpens his knives for Medicare, Chairman Johnson’s bill is an alarming sign that Republicans are greedily eying devastating cuts to Americans’ Social Security benefits as well.

“Cutting Social Security would have devastating consequences for Americans’ retirement security. At a time when Americans are more anxious about their retirement than ever, the top Republican on the Social Security Subcommittee is rolling out legislation that cuts benefits by more than a third, raises the retirement age from 67 to 69, cuts seniors’ cost of living adjustments, and targets benefits for the families of disabled and retired workers.

“Slashing Social Security and ending Medicare are absolutely not what the American people voted for in November. Democrats will not stand by while Republicans dismantle the promise of a healthy and dignified retirement for working people in America.”



Rep. Sam Johnson (Hate/Hurt/GOP TX)

DOB 10.11.1930

Natal Sun 17 Libra

cut by more than one-third


People who are already retired would suffer benefit cuts.

Everyone with an average lifetime income over $22,000 would see their benefits slashed—in some cases by a lot.

An income of $60,000 is not exactly a king’s ransom, but nonetheless Johnson would cut benefits for these folks by a third.

Famous Republican line in 2008:
“I can see Russia from my house”.

Famous Republican line in 2016:
“I can see Russia in the White House”.

Last Thursday, Representative Sam Johnson, Republican of Texas and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee’s subcommittee on Social Security, released a plan to “preserve Social Security for generations to come, reward work, and improve retirement security” – as the first page of the bill states.

It does nothing of the kind. It is a nasty, vicious bill that would impoverish a majority of beneficiaries. Daniel Marans, reporting about the announcement of Johnson’s bill at Huffington Post wrote that it

”…would drastically reduce benefits. The bill would make the program less of a universal earned benefit and more of a means-tested safety net that aims only to provide basic support to the poorest retirees and disabled workers.”



Sam Johnson – contact info

Could this planetary turmoil we will be experiencing from now through Dec. 19th be the result of the electors doing the job they were told to do when the constitution was formed. Never in my lifetime have the framers of the constitution been so relevant. Trump’s financial motives put him right square in the middle of being unfit to be president. For this reason alone, I am not for the removal of the electoral college. At this point in time, if there is a miracle, it might be our saving grace-a balance of power to the madness. Saturn squaring the US natal Neptune…and opposing natal Mars… A t-square involving the 1st, 9th, and 7th house of the US chart. 9th house, rule of law.


Sam Johnson – contact info

Rep. Sam Johnson social security bill

Social Security’s Office of the Actuary calculated workers making around $50,000 would see checks shrink by between 11% and 35%

What might it take to turn Trumpers into progressives Democrats?


Today, Rodolfo lives with her son, “barely making it” on her Social Security income and a pension from Iowa State University, where she used to teach.


“I’m not here to represent the United States government’s interests. I’m not here to defend it, nor am I here to criticize it. That’s not what I do. I’m a businessman.” – Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for Sec. of State.

Sounds like Ned Beatty’s scene in Network:

Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at the age of 62 if they have completed at least five years of service, at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service…

Donald Trump says lawsuit filed by two faithless electors in Colorado “threatens to undermine the Electoral College”
The president-elect seems worried that if a Colorado lawsuit prevails, electors elsewhere will deem him unfit

How Big Will Boehner’s Pension Be?

A reader writes in to ask what retirement benefits Boehner will receive now that he’s handing over the speaker’s gavel and leaving Congress.
So what would Boehner make in pension for being in Congress?

The Congressional Research Service has a useful paper on this topic if you really want to nerd out on it. Here’s the short version: Anyone who serves at least five years in Congress is eligible for a pension, and everyone is generally required to pay into both it and Social Security. The amount members receive depends on both their salary in the House or Senate and how long they served.

Here’s the relevant formula for Boehner, based on when he entered Congress, in 1991. (Members who joined earlier or later may be subject to slightly different calculations, as explained in the CRS report.)

“High-3 salary” is the highest salary a member made in three consecutive years. For Boehner, that’s the speaker’s salary of $223,500. My back-of-the-envelope calculation comes up with an annual pension for Boehner of about $86,600, depending on how precisely you calculate his service time.

Boehner is 65 and will turn 66 on November 17, shortly after he leaves the House. At that point he could also begin drawing a full Social Security benefit on top of the pension.

Retirement Benefits For Members of Congress



The Bill Herbst piece spoke to me on many levels. His big perspective and all-encompassing visions reminds me much of the works of the brilliant Theodore Roszak: The Making of a Counter-Culture, Where the Wasteland Ends; Politics and Transcendence in a Post-Industrial Society and The Making of an Elder Culture: Reflections on the Future of America’s Most Audacious Generation.

Thank you for posting the Herbst writing, kiwi.

Will, I agree. Very evolved, Bill Herbst see’s the ‘big picture’, we should listen and take heed. Thanks, Kiwi!
An Electoral College Coup?

Megaphone Strategies is the firm representing the “faithless electors” trying to keep President-elect Donald Trump from winning the Electoral College vote. –


The United States Congress receives pension benefits for life.


The median net worth for a member of Congress surpassed $1 million in 2013, where it remained through 2016.

This compares to the average American household median net worth of less than $60,000.

As reported by the Center for Responsive Politics, “it would take the combined wealth of more than 18 American households to equal the value of a single federal lawmaker’s household.”


Congressional members are eligible for their own unique pension plans under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), though there are other retirement benefits available, ranging from Social Security and the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).

Currently, members of congress are eligible for a pension dependent on the member’s age at retirement, length of service, and salary. The pension value can be up to 80% of the member’s final salary.

In 2016, congressional pay was $174,000 per year, which, at an 80% rate, equates to a lifelong pension benefit of $139,200. All benefits are taxpayer-funded.

Additionally, members of Congress enjoy the same Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) as all other federal employees, which is similar to a 401(k).

More taxpayer funds are used to match congressional contributions up to 5% per year, in addition to an extra 1% giveaway regardless of how much the Congressman contributes, if anything.

Because members of Congress earn far more than the average American citizen, their initial Social Security benefits average more than $30,000 per year compared to just $18,000 for a middle-class retiree.


Nancy Pelosi Natal Chart

Charts for 15 cabinet members, or cabinet status positions. All noon charts except for Perry and located in Washington, DC.


Dr. Stephen Cohen of Princeton and New York Universities, who writes for The Atlantic and top expert on Russia on today’s Democracy Now – start at 38:30:


(video box upper right)


thanks for posting Trump’s storm-trooper hate/hurt GOP cabinet… a lot of work there


ouch ouch LOL

Re: My 2:08 am Dec. 14th post

Sorry. I got the December 19th aspects in reverse.

Tr. Mars will be at 0 PISCES in OPPOSITION to Donald Trump’s ascendant/ Progressed Sun degree (0 Virgo) and semi-square to the Mercury retrograde station/ Pluto degrees (15/16 Capr.).


RE: 12.19.2016 – ‘Faithless’ Electors (‘Faithless’ Sun 28 Sagittarius)

I used provisional time 12:12PM to bring up the symbolic transitory, twenty-nine degrees on all four angles;

Next: There is lots of stuff in this chart but keeping it simple… go for the YOD

‘Faithless’ Yod

Quaoar 29 Sagittarius – 9TH House
Admetos 29 Taurus – 2OND House
Varuna 29 Cancer – 5TH House
Vulkanus 29 Cancer

Russian Dressing – Bon Appetit


We have finally reached a point, more than a month after the election, where the media and members of Congress are actually interested in getting to the bottom of just how much Vladimir Putin’s Russia stole the election for Donald Trump.

It’s not that we didn’t know any of this stuff before — we knew lots of things! We knew the Obama administration had publicly accused Russia of meddling with our democratic process, we knew Russia had hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails, we knew thanks to great investigative reporting that Putin just might have been trying to cultivate Trump as an asset for years, and that there is a weird server in Trump Tower that only seems to communicate with a huge Russian bank. All weird stuff!

But now, since the CIA finally said “YUP Russia interfered for the purpose of getting Trump elected,” and Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are calling for investigations, while Senate Democrats are calling on the Obama administration to declassify intel and inform the public what Russia has actually done, we are getting somewhere!


It is my contention the December 19th aspects will probably activate a week long period of uncertainty and escalating tensions leading up to the December 26th Jupiter-Uranus opposition (20 Aries-Libra). Tr. Mars (5 Pisces) forms an exact semi-square- sesquiquadrate to this opposition and tr. Saturn (20 ’46 Sagittarius) precisely conjunct Donald Trump’s natal South Node (20 ’45 Sag) forms an exact sextile/trine to this Jup-Uran opposition. Could this indicate a Trump assassination attempt and/or a terrorist attack at Trump Towers (NYC)?

Here’s what Jude Cowell of Stars Over Washington has to say about the December 26th aspects affecting Donald Trump…

December 2016 Into 2017: Karmic Planets Hit The Natal Chart of Donald Trump

“…….Dec 26, 2016 Tr Saturn conjoins n South Node of the Moon, a karmic point: this double-karmic transit indicates past actions and behaviors that must be faced and expunged now for circumstances demand that they be dealt with in order for progress to be made; consequences must be accepted and there are dues to be paid; this is a separative condition of limitations he last faced in the late 1980s timed by Saturn’s 28-year cycle and family issues may be involved.”


Hi Sassygrace!
Thanks for thinking rationally and for never being mean. That can go for a lot of people here. You know who you are!! :>)

Of the 15 people seeking to be approved for cabinet positions 7 will receive direct hits from the same Jan 13, 2020 conjunction of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto that hits Trump and his son if they are still in office (them and the Trumps) or targets of legal actions at that time. Still others will receive hard aspects from Pluto during 2019 or in 2020.

Progressing the Inauguration chart to noon Jan 13, 2020, using Q2, Mean Quotidian angles, the conjunction is on the MC the next day with inaugural Sun on the Zenith that day also.

Bob, that sounds promising…
I’ve read Nancy’s overview time and time again and feel a little better. (Thank you so much!)

A month ago, someone on this blog posted a link to a Steve Judd video in which he predicted a “rocky start” for Trump in 2017 (this was pre-election) and then a surging of popularity by 2018 (Uranus trining Trump’s Ascendant and Jupiter opposing both his Sun and his Moon by then). I dread that. I really do.

Would his personal transits be of more significance than the inaugural chart? Perhaps there are other countering aspects that Judd failed to address in his brief overview…?

Maybe we’ll be released from his presidency after enriching himself and his family beyond his wildest dreams. Then we’ll have to look forward to Mike Pence! YIKES.


Ain’t naming names ‘APT29’

… according to a new report from Washington, D.C.-based cyber incident response firm Volexity. The firm’s researchers say they’ve been closely monitoring the activities of an well-established Russian malware development gang known variously as Cozy Bear, APT29, and The Dukes.

Hacking attacks launched by The Dukes were thought to be connected to intrusions at the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as well as cyber break-ins at multiple high-profile United States Government organizations, Volexity reports in a blog post published Thursday morning.


Lily, personal charts over term charts for what he experiences.

A chart I watch to help guage trump’s charts.

“Trump, Tiffany – born on 13 October 1993 at 12:50 (= 12:50 PM )
Place West Palm Beach, Florida, 26n43, 80w03 Timezone EDT h4w (is daylight saving time)
Rodden Rating A Collector: Rodden

LMR quotes a newscast given less than eight hours later

Sy Scholfield quotes “THE DONALD BECOMES A DAD AGAIN; MAPLES GIVES BIRTH AT ST. MARY’S,” by Mitch McKenney, Palm Beach Post, 14 Oct. 1993, p. 1B: “Tiffany Ariana Trump arrived at 12:50 p.m. Wednesday at St. Mary’s Hospital after a labor that began more than 10 hours earlier.” “

Nice to see you back on board Bob! 🙂
Re Tiffany – I read somewhere that she would be residing in the white house initially to be ‘hostess’ in leiu of Melania performing that role. Strange.

I do wonder if Trump is prepared to walk away from the ‘deal’ …. that’s rule #1 of ruthless deal making.
His business separation stances are seemingly so bizzare, it only make sense if he considering not doing anything regarding dissolving his business links as his undeclared plan if the president role goes south for him.
“Trump was supposed to announce a plan Thursday for how, if at all, he will disentangle himself from his business, but canceled. He has set some undefined date in January”

On Oct. 7, the Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security issued a joint statement saying that the U.S. Intelligence Community — which includes 16 member agencies — was “confident” that recent hacks into the email systems of the Democratic Party were directed by the Russian government.


Joint Statement, Oct. 7: The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations. The recent disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like DCLeaks.com and WikiLeaks and by the Guccifer 2.0 online persona are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts. These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process. Such activity is not new to Moscow—the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion there. We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.

What the hell! trumps tech meeting today and his three children are there, it’s unreal , why is he getting away with this? Will he be able to when he becomes President?

He seems to be positively gloating and having a great time that the economy is getting a bump etc, all seems to be going great, what about the full moon? When is the difficult time for him going to start?

Sorry, I know I am whining, and oh, where is Todd?

Bob, I am curious why you’d look so closely at Tiffany’s chart when Ivanka and the Junior seem much more aligned with his day-to-day travesties…In any case, thanks for your expertise, tho “personal charts over term charts” makes me a little sad, considering the positive celestial energies projected to shelter Trump in 2018….

…at least according to Steve Judd.

Lily, maybe, an interpretation of Judd is that trump might not be president anymore and be happier off and probably a lot richer, I know wishful thinking ! ????

Barb, I absolutely agree in that assessment. It’s the personality of US that has to work its way through the “We’re Number One!” mind set that wants to be materialistic top dog. We have to visualize the alternative-that all nations and their peoples are as deserving as we. We need those who can visualize that to aid in making it so. Right relations amongst nations.
You don’t happen to be in Triangles work because it sounds so… ??

I like and agree with what you said Sufi, what is the triangles work?

“Facebook Friends,
Do you remember my post concerning the unusual astrological configuration due to take place on the very day that the Electoral College meets in the U.S. to decide the outcome of the recent presidential election? That’s December 19, the day Mercury turns retrograde while it is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. As astrological students know, in mundane astrology Pluto symbolizes that which is secret or repressed. With Mercury turning the tables as it activates cloak and dagger Pluto, the flap about Trump’s alleged involvement with Putin and Russian hackers could become critical. So could Trump’s assertion that the CIA is of little use to him. These are likely to be issues which will receive high-profile attention on December 19. Remember, that day is likely to see strange developments not to have been expected before.”

Astrologer Maureen Richmond

Sufi, I also agree with what you said. I’m not into nationalism or chauvinism (maybe a small bit of national pride and love for certain things about our country). We have to remember the yin and yang, the good and evil, the two wolves. Human nature has weaknesses and we can only control ourselves. That being said, I believe that many countries are somewhat under our wing, to varous degrees, but are also very self-sufficient. We are fortunate in that, although there is a dark side to the wealth and success of the U.S., we do have enough to share, support, shore up and, sometimes, unfortunately, buy people off (but it is sometimes necessary).

Many countries on earth may want to see a network of equals, but others do not. Or, maybe it’s more accurate to refer to governments and some of the citizens in countries. When someone is not strong, they get bullied by those who have not yet advanced or who have self-interest primarily in mind (and, a certain degree of self-interest is healthy, as we know). Therefore, we shouldn’t be the most powerful, or No. 1, as you say, but we should have a network of other strong countries that support each other. If Russia, China, Iran, etc., want to be part of that network, that’s fine. It’s not all upon us that they do not seem to want to. Maybe our arrogance has alienated them, but I believe it is more than that. They are quite ambitious and have found ways to succeed. NATO and the UN and, in the past, the League of Nations, were formed for the purpose of unity of equals but, due to human nature, they are very imperfect. I do think there is value in staying strong and being able to defend oneself so others do not attempt to take advantage. Sometimes, the U.S. has been the one taking advantage (particularly certain corporations within our country) but, in the scheme of things, I think we more serve in the protector & guardian role. If we have gone overboard in exploiting others, than we have our karma to deal with. However, when it comes to human rights, I believe we have a better record (not perfect, but pretty good).

So 12/19 and 12/26 look to be important dates, indeed.

alex, fascinated by Quaoar being at the apex of the Yod on December 19th; he who dances things into being. I understand Quaoar can bring about a necessary cleansing if he is in a prominent position in a chart.

Suji, like Diana, I want to know about this study of Triangles (that’s a new one for me) and many thanks for your support.

Since Mercury stations retrograde and will be semi-square Mars on December 19th, I looked at the chart for their cycle (Mercury-Mars) that began on July 16, 2015, so as to get a grasp of their cycle’s raison d’etre. They were conjunct each other at 14+ Cancer, so they were conjunct the U.S. Sun and square the U.S. Saturn in Libra.

A focus then on the natal Sun square natal Saturn in the U.S. chart would be (one of) their primary drive(s) at this time. When the Mars-Mercury conjunction took place transiting Pluto was exactly opposite them at 14+ Capricorn. As it turns out Mercury will station retrograde nestled between the degrees where Pluto was when Mercury was conjunct Mars and where transiting Pluto will be on the 19th.

I draw from this then that transiting Mercury’s powerful position on the 19th (stationing retro and positioned between Pluto’s degree at the time of the Merc-Mars conjunction and Pluto’s present degree) . .
. . along with Mercury’s semisquare to transiting Mars . . .
. . that the U.S. transformation (Pluto) has to do with action and/or assertion (Mars), plus data and/or trickery (Mercury) and how they are combined, used and understood.

As it turns out the conjunction between Mercury and Mars (the start of their present cycle) took place just hours following a New Moon at 24+ Cancer which was conjunct the U.S. Mercury. It also turns out that transiting Pallas was at 12+ Sagittarius, the U.S. ascendant degree. Pallas was instrumental in matters of justice and had the ability to see larger patterns at work.

From this preliminary and superficial look at the astrology associated with the day of the meeting of the electors, December 19th, the gods and goddesses would seem to have quite a bit of influence. Some are telling us that we should not expect any drama, but I have my doubts this is so.

Considering how ironic (?) that on the 19th Mercury will be semisquare Mars, a point of some importance in their own cycle, and that Pluto (past and present) lies heavy on Mercury, and that the New Moon at the time of the Merc-Mars conjunction was conjunct the U.S. Mercury, well . .

. . consider too that the Mercury-Mars conjunction chart also holds a grand fire trine between Jupiter in Leo and Eris in Aries and Pholus in Sagittarius and tell me there will be no drama on the 19th.

Remember Pholus can take a small action and turn it into a yuge deal, and that Eris loves to pit one against another, and that Jupiter would gladly turn that all into a really big show, and know then that this Mercury-Mars chart has even more potential for drama.

Never seems to be a dull moment anymore.

Here we go, countdown begins…



I think the Vulkanus 29 Cancer (Varuna 29 Cancer)
is the operating factor that carries the most weight….

Wow, Very exciting (the Electors)! I’m praying/sending strength. But, I deeply suspect “The Destroy Hillary Plan” was much more about stopping any successful Female from rising to power. This Alt/Right Male Superiority thing is gaining tremendous strength and their goal/focus is to stop any/all successful Female accent in their tracks.
“How the alt-right’s sexism lures men into white supremacy”


Tiffany is the only adult family for whom I have a birth time sourced from other than memory. Having a birth time allows me to do the unique charts I do.

And my math is superb. I learned it from Abbott and Costello.

Kiwi, I just took a short break to recharge.

I am slowly catching up to barbk. She was twice as old as me when she was 3 and I was 1 but now I am just 1 year behind her.


My math is excellent but my fingers don’t always work so well. barbk was twice as old as me when she was 2 and I was 1. Why is the 3 eight next to the 2 on this keyboard?

I just corrected 3 typos, not 2, in this post.

Make that 4. My email address had a comma where a period should have been.



Hillary Clinton should immediately become a Republican and her electors should vote for her on December 19th…..!!!!


A Message for Electors to Unite For America


Only 37 Electors Are Needed to Change the Course of History

Unite For America – – WHO ARE WE?

We are citizens politically unaligned, yet united against the unprecedented threat of an unqualified candidate taking our nation’s highest office.

Unite For America is a movement of concerned citizens, organizations, unions and grassroots networks formed in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Crisis.

Well I won’t argue that alex; I remember how long Varuna and Vulcanus sat on Zero Leo before retrograding to 29 Cancer and zero Leo is also very potent. Transiting Vesta was there with them circa October 20, 2016 (when trans. Mercury and Uranus (22+ Libra-Aries were in opposition and trans. Mars was conjunct trans. Pluto at 15+ Capricorn).

Even more synchronicity on December 19th is that sextile between Saturn (19+ Sagittarius) and Jupiter (19+ Libra) who form a Yod with the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus. The Vesta hearth (or campfire maybe) will adjust the flame in proper response to what ever issues forth from your Faithless Yod.

In fact, Admetos at 29+ Taurus in the Faithless Yod will square Trump’s ascendant at 29+ Leo, and Admetos is about delay and/or frustration regarding progress.

This is what Admetos must bring to the sextile “table” he shares with Vulcanus (strength, creativity) and Varuna (justice) in Cancer on this (possibly) very historic day for the U.S. It is surely what will provide transiting Quaoar enough incentive to adjust his dancing into reality whatever will be. Que sera sera.

Lawrence Lessig says 20 Republican electors are considering a vote against Trump on December 19TH

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Well, who’s on 1st if Bob was 1 when I was 2?

Politico reports that more than 50 Democratic electors are now asking for an intelligence briefing on claims Russia interfered with the U.S. elections.



He has……

(If you’re still awake) 8pm PST
Pat Thurston to Interview an Elector who’s going rogue! Radio Listen Live:

Lamis, I’m with you.

Oh Great Sage of Astrology we all love and adore, aka, Nancy, could you pretty please look ahead to 12-22-16 over D.C.? In other words peek at the winter solstice for the country and see if there are better feelings soon?????

Wow, Fe – that NBC story makes it sound like there’s more & more evidence re Putin’s machinations.

Wow, Patty – the article you posted makes a really good point. Alt-right white male = real man (“when men were men”) = white male privilege. This explains a lot. It’s not just white males feeling left out – there’s a lot more unconscious & conscious stuff going on.

i.e., anger & rage?


““Trump was supposed to announce a plan Thursday for how, if at all, he will disentangle himself from his business, but canceled. He has set some undefined date in January”

Maybe its just his Mercury-ruled sun responding to the imminent Mercury retrograde on Dec. 19?


What has happened to you? Are you also suffering from Post-Trumpatic Election Disorder?

Saturn kicking in (yay)!…Trump ordered to 7 hr deposition in January in lawsuit where he’s suing a celebrity chef for backing out of deal involving Trump’s new DC hotel – the Chef is Mexican and did it in response to Trump’s remarks. (I wonder if Trump’s legal team will get him out of it.)


Independent Canadian journalist, Eva Bartlett, speaking about Aleppo at a United Nations conference:

Three minutes:

Eighteen minutes:

Kelly Ann Conway Interview. Totally blew me away! Trump will blow it, yet, he was most fortunate to have Conway’s guidance!



James Comey



Jessica Adams 12/12/16 (comment section)

-Please trust this! There will be nobody in the White House in 2017 who does not respect equality. The ultimate American leader will value women on the same equal basis as men. What is more, December is a shock. OK? It’s a December shock not an October surprise. And your whole world is going to be turned upside down. It will be exciting, crazy and for the whole country, one of those OMG moments that go down in American history. Hang onto your seat.

Elizabeth, can you send link, I couldn’t find it.

Also, http://aquariumage.com/Weekly_Frequency/

From Truthdig:
‘It’s 2016: Do You Know Where Your Bombs Are Falling?’

Along with a deeply divided country, the worst income inequality since at least the 1920s, and a crumbling infrastructure, Trump will inherit a 15-year-old, apparently never-ending worldwide war. While the named enemy may be a mere emotion (“terror”) or an incendiary strategy (“terrorism”), the victims couldn’t be more real, and as in all modern wars, the majority of them are civilians.

On how many countries is U.S. ordnance falling at the moment? Some put the total at six; others, seven. For the record, those seven would be Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and, oh yes, Yemen.



If you scroll down to end, Mr Singh has a new piece up about elections

I don’t know if the astrologers in this group would agree but, Richard Tarnas 2008-2020 the same as 1960-1972. So that would make Trump-Nixon. It’s two hours long.. I am still watching.


Jill – The only interesting thing that I see in that Winter Solstice chart is the Ascendant at 7 Sag, square to Mars and Neptune. Mars will reach 7 Pisces (square the WS Ascendant) around the 27th and 28th and then conjunct Neptune in that chart. This is roughly the same period when tr Mars will activate the previous solar eclipse (9Virgo21). So again, we are looking at the potential for some explosive or violent events at the end of the month. With Saturn moving to oppose US Mars around the same time, something difficult will be involving the country as a whole that continues into January.


The Jessica Adams forecast for December and January is compelling. Thank you for sharing it.


God bless your keppy.


Thank you for all you share.

Here’s another Saturnian pressure for Trump and “his” Republicans….4 million new people have signed up for Obamacare…Repealing it will create chaos!!


A coalition of progressive groups are organizing protests in all 50 states on Monday, hoping to convince enough members of the Electoral College to reject Trump when they meet at their respective state capitals to cast their votes.

The Day To Defend Democracy


Tell the Electors: #StopTrump December 19. Your state capitol. We must #DefendDemocracy Sign up: https://t.co/s7K20W0yOK

Diana, I love the way Mr. Singh cleaned up his predictions for Hillary to win and just moved forward positively. I say that because he was just so positive Hillary would win (which she did – the popular vote anyway). I guess astrological trends can be contradictory in that there is always the balancing of the positive and negative trends and we don’t know when one of them will just “upset the applecart.”

I am now excited about the December shock as pertains to the eleciton. I imagine 12/26 is significant in that respect because it’s been mentioned several times. I think if, on the very slight chance that Hillary ends up as president, it would not be a good thing at this time as it will create great conflict, probably violence, but it would be better than Pence and/or the Republicans having all 3 branches.

Will, thank you. This is such an important time in history and things changing from moment-to-moment are leading us to some unexpected outcomes. I guess we are all excited by the drama and the positive possibilities that may come out of it.

Just read this… Unfortunately folks, don’t get your hopes up too high.


Sharon, Yes I agree with what you said about Mr. Singh. Let’s see what happens.

That article is disappointing, but i just listened to the Bradcast with one elector in Colorado who was for Hillary saying he will vote for another republican. I totally agree that no good would come if Hillary were to win, it absolutely won’t happen anyway since the republicans have the vote…. This elector thinks that Trumo is a clear and present danger and is,voting his conscience Also as Brad points out, trump isn’t eleven officially the president elect until Monday if he is voted in.

I am not holding my breath for Monday, and I certainly don’t want chaos at the end of the year in terms of terrorism or anything like that , but if something were to happen politically so that trump wouldn’t be POTUS, that would be a GODsend, well it’s all in the Divines hands.

BUt. If with the amount of astrologers saying something big is going to go down toward the end of the year and beginning of new year, and nothing at all happens, I think I will have to say I have lost faith in astrology……

Diana – your last paragraph says it all. This situation still feels unreal and I want to hope he will be derailed, but …

Diana & Casey – sometimes the really big things happen behind the scenes and we, the masses, only learn about it sometime down the road.

Lets face it, change is what the majority wanted. And Change is what Trump promised – in spades.
The changes he brings from the ‘norm’ are already astonishing.

We have yet to see if the ‘change’ that Trump promised result in the long term toward a to a more fair and egalitarian society, or back to a time of dictatorial overlords.

Today, December 15, 2016 is the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights.

December 15, 1791

Well, I was thinking that if Trump didn’t get the 270 votes, Hillary might have a chance (although I think it’s not for the best), BUT, I forgot that the electors would probably just vote for a different Republican. I wonder if there will be any coordination for the one’s who do, and I sure hope there is a report or a leak or something on what happened with the briefing of the 50 or so electors on the Russian hacking. I believe that by the 26th, “something” will have happened. Whether it blocks Trump, though, remains to be seen. Maybe as was said above (or in one of the articles), he’ll be inauguarated but one or more of these current high-profile stories will cause him to be impeached. I’d rather have a different Republican than Pence though. Not sure who. When Jon Huntsman ran last time, a friend of mine (can’t tell if he is Repub or Dem – I guess he’s more Independent) liked him.

Meant also to say, thanks for that info, Eliseo. Happy BD to the Bill of Rights and may our rights stay strong and protected.


The sense one derives from the article you submitted: “Don’t look to the Electoral College to upend Trump victory” re: the survey conducted among electors, does make the situation appear rather bleak. Not very many of those among the designated electorates have the courage to buck the trend. Donald Trump and his goons will probably squelch all dissent. So, as the writer suggests – accept and move on. War with China over the Taiwan issue due to Trump’s stubborn egoistic bravado is therefore inevitable? That’s just one of many horrors one can anticipate with a Trump administration.

I wonder then, if the Dec 19th Mercury retrograde station is indeed connected to the electoral college vote, will we as a nation be experiencing a “going within” process? The Dec. 26th Jupiter-Uranus opposition could relate to all that pent-up frustration bursting out at its seams and finding a proper outlet. A spiritual renaissance underway? In any event, it’s all very fascinating.

Opinion Journal: The Hamilton Electors:
Main Street Columnist Bill McGurn on the founding fathers and attempts to undermine Donald Trump’s victory.

Jon Huntsman is a Mormon, former governor of Utah, a very successful businessman, fluent and literate in Mandarin, was Obama’s ambassador to China and IMHO one of the only actually rational, sensible R’s to have run for the nomination in the past eight years. He’s more like an old fashioned, prudent, honorable, Eisenhower era R, the kind you can live with without tearing your hair out.

He “rejects the notion that faith and evolution are mutually exclusive. In 2011, in response to a statement by Rick Perry that global warming was unproven and that evolution remains only a theory, Huntsman tweeted, “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”He said, “The minute that the Republican Party becomes… the anti-science party, we have a huge problem.”

I would have voted for Mr.Obama anyway, but was hoping JH would get the R nomination in 2012. Unfortunately, the R-base wanted red meat, (i.e. hate rhetoric) and the R-establishment gave them Romney.

I doubt the electors will go for Jon Huntsman, but were most R’s like him attitudinally, we’d all be in much better shape politically.

Pence is truly horrible. So are a number of others.
Jeb Bush has been mentioned as a possible compromise choice, one we could probably live with.

But if the electors actually do their job per the Constitution and the intent of the Founders, I have no idea whom they might choose. At this point, even a R with terribly regressive views might be better were he (and it will be a he) competent and willing to pay attention to the daily intelligence reports.

I think the best we can hope for is a Herbert Hoover followed in 2020 by a new FDR. But I’d rather an honest, honorable Hoover than what we have in Mr. Trump. He is a truly horrid and horrible embarrassment who as Michael Moore has said, is likely to get us killed.

WOW! I viewed the Bill McGurn video. The man is an unbelievably obtuse, bigoted, ideologically blind hypocrite.

Yes Eliseo, and these RightWinger’s are ready to change America!
“What the Republican Party’s power means for America” (and doesn’t look pretty):

“U.S. President Barack Obama will hold a press conference at the White House on Friday at 2:15 p.m. ET (1915 GMT) before leaving for his annual family vacation in Hawaii, the White House said on Thursday.”

From http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/12/16/1611554/-President-Obama-To-Hold-News-Conference-Friday-2-15-PM

What are the astrological markers for 12/16/2016 at 2:15 PM?

Here’s two excerpts from that dailykos article about President Obama’s upcoming press conference:

CNN is reporting that Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Russia interference has made White House decide orderly transition isn’t main priority
7:38 PM – 15 Dec 2016


NPR reporting President Obama as saying a response to Russian attack will happen:

Steve Inskeep @NPRinskeep
President Obama, in @NPR interview, says “we will” respond to Russian interference “at a time and place of our own choosing.” story shortly.
8:22 PM – 15 Dec 2016″

Did anyone post this upthread – I remember seeing Elizabeth Warren’s name.


And, someone on DU posted Carl Reiner’s Twitter thread that also has Rob’s posts. Very anti-Trump and delightful.


Sorry – correction “Here are…”

Also, Happy holidays to all! (as happy as we can be under these circumstances)

From Jude Cowell: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”
“GOP Doing Everything Possible to Dismantle Democracy The Ring of Fire”


Thanks for your thoughts. Everything for now at least appears abysmal. Mercury Retro really does have a way of revealing missteps, poor plans and bad workmanship. The shock of the election and the distraction of the holidays will soon pass. Americans will sober from the harsh shivers of winter and the gravity of their credit-card debt.

My sense is that many shocking revelations will be forthcoming over the next few weeks. I see a Capitol Hill rocking and pitching with riotous discord. The real fighting will begin in the New Year. I have faith that a great deal of good will come of our outrageous fortune.

Time isn’t of the essence – it is the essence.

Faith, forbearance and clarity for all of us. We are witnessing an astounding shared karmic view.

Eliseo, I agree with your take on Huntsman – he’s one of the few sane R’s

Let’s Nip This In The Bud:
“Cutting Your Social Security Benefits, Republican Style”
“How the GOP’s Social Security plan cuts benefits”

On December 15, 1791, transiting Mars at 22+ Virgo was conjunct the U.S. Neptune. Think Joan of Arc.

Transiting Pluto was at 20+ Aquarius, where the U.S. PROGRESSED Mercury is right now, along with transiting Damocles one degree ahead.

Transiting Ceres at 21+ Gemini retrograde was conjunct the U.S. Mars and square transiting Mars in Virgo who was conjunct the U.S. Neptune. She was also trine Pluto in Aquarius on December 15, 1791.

Transiting Vesta was at 4+ Leo retrograde, the same degree where she is now and will be on December 19th. Vesta is focus and dedication. The U.S. North Node is at 6+ Leo. Transiting Vesta will reach 6+ Leo next May.

Video – Noam Chomsky on Trump and the decline of the American Superpower


Unhappy customers at the NYTimes: check out ‘Reader’s Picks’ under the comment section:


‘Aleppo’s Destroyers: Assad, Putin, Iran’
Count ’em – 80+% of comments in this section go in this direction:

“The NYT has become an embarrassment. The reporting on Aleppo and Syria in general is more misinformation than information. I have come to resort to reporters on-the-ground in Syria such as Patrick Cockburn, Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett; academics such as Tim Anderson; and, Virginia state senator Richard Black. I also find the U.S. Peace Council’s representatives on Syria informative:

“The editorial board of the Timers cannot be trusted. They have provided fake news and propaganda that flies in the face of facts on all things Russia, they havent a shred of serious evidence to back up half of their silly assertions directed at Putin and the Kremlim. Provide the evidence without terms such as this party is “linked to the Kremlim” “it is believed” and other such nonsense.”

cherry picking comments from anonymous sources to fit your preconceived viewpoint helen

the downside of not separating from his businesses – bad reviews…
“President-elect Donald Trump has a lot on his plate right now, but he managed to carve out critical time to launch a food fight with Vanity Fair after the magazine published a scathing review of his Trump Tower restaurant.
“Trump Grill Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America”

an article on this mercury retrograde
“In summary, this coming Retrogradation is a chance for you to re-ignite your relationship with the creation of your reality. What you think, you will create”

Well, kiwi – ‘cherry picking’ works with minority opinions. Not the case here: this is a ‘sampling’ since it is reflecting the majority opinion in ‘Reader’s Picks’.

The EU has taken away access to OPEDNEWS, so you won’t have to suffer my postings from there anymore – ahhhh….the bright side to censorship. Just think, the future holds all kinds of dangers we won’t know about!

Good news is: still time to catch 22 must-see vaccine danger documentaries before these are scrubbed:


Thank you for asking about me. In your usual wisdom, quick wit and in touch with the consciousness of the Universe, you hit the nail on the head again that I am suffering from “Post-Trumpatic Election Disorder?” Plus recovering from a tough bout of pneumonia and going through all the grief stages with Hillary’s loss. A loss to an orange orangutan bully Con-Man Devil that is about to annihilate our country. It’s a surreal world !
I almost did not respond but an Aries can hardly keep their mouth shut so will jump in and hit a
wall ! I have been reading Nancy’s awesome astrological writings, barbk and other great astrological links. Some don’t bother with even giving us a link !
I can’t cope nor stomach to comment nor post any longer here because posters that do the majority of the postings are too frustrating, annoying, and infuriating !
will, thanks for always speaking the direct truth and making us get over ourselves with your direct barbs. Bingo, when we need it. But I am in no mood to tackle the personalities here anymore. There is already too much to be annoyed about! Thanks for Nancy’s kindness she gives the blog and her incredible knowledge she shares with us. Everyone is so lucky for that.
So, I plan on disappearing into one of those ‘fictitious Chem-trails’ but gear up to fight ”The Donald “, with energy I have….


‘Donald Trump is gonna get us killed’

Kitty -best wishes – and hope you get better soon..
I understand your thoughts about postings ,,,

Will thanks too!
from snowy canada ….

Here is an important news clip to watch from Canada
for those of you to watch on facebook

What if Toronto were like Aleppo?



I wish you a vigorous recovery. There is an ass-kicking viral respiratory malaise that seems to be prevalent nation-wide as of late; not like a normal flu because there is no nausea, fever or horrible headache, body-aches, etc; just constant, insufferable coughing and congestion and exhausting weakness. My special-needs brother and I were down with it for almost three weeks. Many bottles of liquid Mucinex (or generic), humidifiers and lots of rest finally turned the tide.

I respect you for doing what you need to do to, Kitty, to protect your mind and spirit. But don’t kid yourself, you still have plenty of fire-in-the-belly.


Trump has chosen an arch-right Cabinet .


How ‘We’ Will Not Survive Trump


Let’s be real. It’s a good bet to plan for the worst.


Victims: hurt feelings, passive recipients of life



BREAKING: China seizes US underwater research vessel in South China Sea, US officials say

By CathyM

Friday Dec 16, 2016 · 8:37 AM PST

The prospects pro-life judges, permanent restrictions on taxpayer-funded abortions, and a ban on abortion after 20 weeks excite pro-life activists as they await the Trump administration.

Trump is expected to move quickly to nominate a Supreme Court justice to fill the vacancy left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.


The GOP’s Real Agenda


The Republican Party is like a wounded beast rarely has it been more dangerous.

The more I think about the Rump situation the more I can’t help thinking about Icarus & Daedalus and the caution against flying too close to the sun.


Available to the Highest Bidder: Coffee With Ivanka Trump



How GOP Social Security Cuts Will Hurt You

Oh, Dear Kitty…I have missed you!
Heal and come back stronger to help us find our way out of this Orange Maze of Destruction. They may have the W.H. but we have the real sincere passion/concern/kindness and unselfish goals for America!

WAPO Explores The Fake News that destroyed HRC Election:
“Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say”

And here’s a perfect example of this ‘Fake-News’ filling minds with Garbage:
Scroll Down near end and see what they put out before the Election. This misinformation/lies swayed and influenced many voters.
This should be against the Law!!!!!
The Marshall Report (Of PURE HATE)
(Especially see the HRC 9/11 LIE)

M. re: Icarus mythology – I so agree.

President Obama’s last press conference of 2016.


“We Shall Make Obama A One Term President” May the Democrats return that intention in Spades:
FRONTLINE takes a probing look at the first four years of his presidency.

OK, this is different!

“The First Nidana”
a New Christmas Song for Buddhists
Sung to the tune of the First Noel.


Carol of the (Dharma) Bells
Christmas Music for Buddhists


What He Owes

Yes alex, and it’s so crazy because now he has just decided not to hold his conference and to wait until after he is sworn in when he will have much more power, it makes me sick to my stomach, and yet, like everything else, so far at least, he seems to get away with it!


…..posted by Joshua Recalde-Martinez, president of the Orange Coast College Republicans Club, went viral, and then the angry calls and emails started, including some death threats……

…..he is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life…..

Posting in full because some of you do not get NYT.

Are Americans Experiencing Collective Trauma?

By NEIL GROSS DEC. 16, 2016
We’re all familiar with the notion of psychological trauma — damage to an individual’s psyche caused by an extremely distressing event. But there’s also another kind of trauma: a collective disturbance that happens to a group of people when their world is suddenly upended.

Consider the Buffalo Creek flood of 1972. In Buffalo Creek, a mountain hollow in West Virginia, a coal-mining company had deposited more than a million gallons of wastewater and sludge, checked by a rudimentary dam. Rain caused water levels to rise, and on Feb. 26, the dam burst. An enormous wall of thick black waste came barreling down the hollow, destroying one mining hamlet after another. Homes, churches, roads — everything was swept away. One hundred and twenty-five people were killed.

Visiting the area the following year, the sociologist Kai Erikson found the survivors psychologically traumatized. Residents grieved for lost family members and friends. Many relived the event in flashbacks.

But Mr. Erikson noticed “collective trauma” as well. As he documented in his 1976 book about Buffalo Creek, “Everything in Its Path,” the floodwaters carried away not just physical objects but also relationships and routines that had defined life there for generations. Without these social anchors, residents struggled to find meaning and purpose. They were disoriented and disconnected in ways that could outlast even the effects of their individual psychological traumas. Socially, they were in a permanent state of shock.

The concept of collective trauma was rooted in the thought of Émile Durkheim, a turn-of-the-20th-century French sociologist and an architect of the field. Durkheim argued that norms, values and rituals were the linchpins of social order; they provided the basis for solidarity and social cohesion. Collective trauma occurs when an unexpected event severs the ties that bind community members to one another.

It’s easy to see why a town-leveling flood might have this effect, and in a recent book that builds on Mr. Erikson’s ideas, the sociologist Ron Eyerman suggests that the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina might be viewed through a similar lens. But environmental catastrophes aren’t the only source of collective trauma. Wars, genocide, financial crises, even large-scale movements of population can radically challenge established ways of living together.
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In a paper on the Polish transition out of Communism, the sociologist Piotr Sztompka has shown that changes in labor market conditions are ripe for producing collective trauma. Although the revolution of 1989 was a liberation, Polish workers were used to a planned economy. Many were unprepared for the spikes in unemployment, price shocks and heightened competition in the workplace that accompanied market reforms. Family life and friendships suffered. The trauma was registered in anxiety about the future, a nostalgic yearning for the Communist past and a decline in social trust.

As we’re seeing in the United States, mass job loss itself can be damaging to a collectivity. In 1960, 24 percent of American workers held jobs in manufacturing. Today that number stands at 8 percent. Manufacturing jobs offered workers without college degrees — men especially — wages high enough that they could support their families. But factories and mills were more than sources of income. They were local institutions. People built relationships and organized their lives around them.

As factories closed or were automated, the social structure of working-class towns and neighborhoods was undercut. Men who used to be role models found themselves out of work. Many took low-wage service sector jobs they perceived as demeaning. Drug and alcohol use rose. There was talk about how things had changed for the worse. This was the realization that a social world was gone.

Last month’s presidential election has collective trauma written all over it. For working-class white people whose communities had been hollowed out by the decline of manufacturing, the rhetoric and promises of Donald J. Trump’s campaign offered a salve. He vowed to restore the world they had lost.

But those who voted for Hillary Clinton may now be experiencing collective trauma of their own. In the aftermath of the election, they have been walking around in a daze. Some of this is because forecasts based on problematic polling strongly predicted a Democratic win. Some is fear or uncertainty about the future. But there’s more to it than that: For progressives, moderates and “Never Trump” Republicans, the political order they long took for granted — defined by polarization, yes, but also by a commitment to basic principles of democracy and decency — is suddenly gone.

In recent decades, Democrats and Republicans rarely agreed on substance, but all candidates for major office were expected to adhere to fundamental ethical norms, like “don’t threaten to jail your opponent” and “don’t celebrate sexual assault.” Mr. Trump’s victory signals that that world, with the assurances it offered that there were some lines those seeking power wouldn’t cross (or that the American electorate wouldn’t let them cross), is no longer. Rightly or wrongly, memories have been activated of historical traumas linked with anti-democratic politics, such as the emergence of fascism in interwar Europe and the rise of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.

The title of Mr. Eyerman’s book about Katrina — “Is This America?” — is a question many have been asking lately. It’s a telltale sign of collective trauma, a grasping for identity when the usual bases for community aren’t there anymore. If research on other collective traumas is any indication, it may take years, and a great deal of political imagination, for us to figure out where to go from here.

Neil Gross, a professor of sociology at Colby College, is the author of “Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?”

Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook and Twitter (@NYTopinion), and sign up for the Opinion Today newsletter.

A version of this op-ed appears in print on December 18, 2016, on Page SR8 of the New York edition with the headline: Is This Collective Trauma?

Many Thanks for the NYTimes piece.
Although of late, I’ve been teaching English, my first degree was in sociology and I was a mental health counselor for several years, before becoming a criminal investigator. Maybe that’s why the article resonated with me so well.

Collective trauma…..makes sense. It’s consistent with what I’m seeing. Unfortunately, I’ve long had a strong intuitive feeling our nation would go through what I fear is coming. I’m hoping it will not be as bad as I have envisioned.

I’m not familiar with Neil Gross’ book “Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?”

Off hand, I would assert from my experience with college teaching, professors and instructors in the Liberal Arts and Humanities tend to be Liberal and/or Progressive, but not so much in Engineering or say computer technology.

In the building where I’ve taught, most all the English dept. on first floor and the sociology dept. upstairs are pretty universally progressive. But upstairs and down the hall to another wing where the computer science courses are taught, the instructors are fairly conservative. I’ve conversed with many who are of course intelligent, but their breadth of knowledge is mostly confined to their technical field. Most express deep skepticism about climate change being anthropogenic causally.

Why? (I’m going to sound elitist in a moment.) Engineers and many in other technical fields are required to take fewer and fewer humanities type courses. The humanities and social science requirements for the technical and science students seem to be lowered in several states with each meeting of the legislature.

(Here’s the elitist part.)
Engineering and other techno-oriented and applied science fields turn out very highly “trained” individuals, but usually not very “educated” ones. It’s what the corporations want. They really don’t want employees who can actually think for themselves, or who might see any ethical problems with corporate behavior. Who knows? Thinkers might cause trouble!

And of course, who pays for the political campaigns?

Another thought re: engineers and technocrats:

A NASA engineer friend at the Space Center is like a nephew to me. I’ve known him since he was a toddler. He tells me that for the past several years, most of the engineers at NASA have believed and continue to believe they are better funded under Republican administrations.

But when you look at the math the opposite is true. Decade after decade, NASA has been treated far more generously under Dem presidents and Dem Congresses.

You would think they would be inclined to look at the evidence. But no, they continue in what I call their “ideological idolatry.”

Liberals and progressives can also be prone to this thought disorder. It happened quite a bit in the early 20th century (prohibition was originally a Progressive idea) in the 1920’s and happened again in the sixties. There are some issues Liberals continue to have difficulty facing squarely today, but their ideological blindness doesn’t compare to what obtains today with Conservatives.

For the last 40-ish years this has been primarily a Conservative Movement problem, a growing cancer within the Republican party. As time has progressed, Conservatives have regressed into fantasy land. Math, evidence, science, and facts don’t seem to phase them.

Astrologically, I’m not sure what this is. It surely has to be a malefic Neptune effect. If anyone can enlighten me on the issue, I’d very much appreciate it.

I’m also becoming convinced the internet is one of the major factors in our dumbing down into severe shallowness.

Greater access to knowledge is not the same as greater knowledge.

An ever increasing number of facts and data is not the same as wisdom.

Breadth of knowledge is not the same as depth of knowledge.

Multitasking is not the same as complexity.

There is a silver lining with the Trump election (if he gets in, of course).

Now that Trump will inevitably pull the same stunt, we’ll suddenly pay attention:

“A 2013 article published by the Guardian corroborates the pay-to-play scheme this list suggests. “Barack Obama has rewarded some of his most active campaign donors with plum jobs in foreign embassies, with the average amount raised by recent or imminent appointees soaring to $1.8m per post, according to a Guardian analysis,” wrote Dan Roberts. “The practice is hardly a new feature of U.S. politics, but career diplomats in Washington are increasingly alarmed at how it has grown. One former ambassador described it as the selling of public office.”



That was a fascinating discourse and I think your opinions are very insightful and that you’ve probably hit the nail on the head.

I agree totally that some of the most intelligent people can also be so uneducated in others, I never thought of the humanities and how engineers need to so so few, and how that would of course lead to a sort of tunnel vision. In my mind, the arts and humanities are definitely what lead to a more well rounded, caring and compassionate individual, if not that, at least an awareness of so much other than can be taught in the straight academic courses.

I also agree with what you say about a fantasy landma

Something went wrong with my last post, yes, what you were saying about fantasy land is so true, nothing can change their rigid way of thinking, not facts, not figures, they are either blind by religious beliefs that make no sense, like creationism, or fall into the trap of believeing all the conspiracies out there.

It is very disturbing, I see that most of humanity is so out of touch with reality and there will be consequences because this cannot go on indefinitely.

From Krugman:

It has long been obvious — except, apparently, to the news media — that the modern G.O.P. is a radical institution that is ready to violate democratic norms in the pursuit of power.


And from Timothy Egan:


“And so we see the clear design that Trump will use to rule: He will give us showmanship and cheap drama, put-downs and promises — the stagecraft of the world’s most powerful narcissist. And meanwhile, the nation will be governed by oil oligarchs, climate change deniers and Goldman Sachs tycoons brought in to do the real work.”

Good articles, Nancy: Unabashed clarity, courage and truth telling!

My brother-in-law, who sees the main reason behind Trump’s rise as fear of bringing in Syrian refugees and possible terrorism. I can see where that is true. I don’t, however, attribute any of that to Trump, although he might agree with it to some extent. To me, Trump is totally programed by his extremist, so-called advisors, and everything he says publicly (e.g., what China just did with the drone is ‘unprecidented’) is scripted. He just goes along, narcissist that he is.

My brother-in-law (a Liberal, by the way) also believes that Trump will do less damage than someone really competent, like Pence.

Krugman makes the point that Trump is well aware of what he owes Putin and knew all along about the plan to help him.

Of course he did!

Eliseo, loved the buddhist noel!
“being aware is beyond compare”

I know a lot of people are pinning their hopes on the 19th. Not me. My experience with Merc Retro is that it is never what you expect. It might bring an influence on the 19th, or not. It could be on the 29th, or not. You just never know and somehow, even though it isn’t Uranus, there is always an element of surprise involved with it. At least for me, but maybe that’s because I was born with Merc in Retro. People say that because of that it shouldn’t affect me. But it does, in surprising ways.

For those interested in future societal behaviour and the cost to society in general, results of a 40yr study has just been completed in Dunedin, indicating
“strong connection between early-childhood development and costly adult outcomes underscores the need for preventive health and education programmes for children and families.”


“Engineering and other techno-oriented and applied science fields turn out very highly “trained” individuals, but usually not very “educated” ones. It’s what the corporations want. They really don’t want employees who can actually think for themselves, or who might see any ethical problems with corporate behavior. Who knows? Thinkers might cause trouble!”

Ka-Pow! Agreed.


“And so we see the clear design that Trump will use to rule: He will give us showmanship and cheap drama, put-downs and promises — the stagecraft of the world’s most powerful narcissist. And meanwhile, the nation will be governed by oil oligarchs, climate change deniers and Goldman Sachs tycoons brought in to do the real work.”

Like Cliff Notes for this misbegotten admin.

Matt Taibi (Rollingstone) – The Vampire Squid Occupies Trump’s White House.

After running against Goldman as a candidate, Donald Trump licks the boots of the world’s largest investment bank.


Excerpt from Rollingstone article, GOP’s Real Agenda:


Republicans are painfully aware that a demographic tide has turned against them and that even turnout-suppressing voter-ID laws couldn’t block the re-election of a Democrat to the White House in 2012. So party officials have become even more audacious in their plans to steal elections – this time by rigging the Electoral College itself.

The Electoral College is almost exclusively winner-take-all: The top popular vote-getter in Florida, for example, receives all 29 electoral votes. To benefit future GOP nominees, however, Republicans from blue-trending battleground states are seeking to divvy up their states’ Electoral College bounty. These ploys are nothing more than dirty politics – and even GOP leaders admit it. “It’s something that a lot of states that have been consistently blue that are fully controlled red ought to be looking at,” said Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, making clear that the strategy to reapportion Electoral College votes is appropriate only for strategically important swing states, not for Texas or Georgia.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans have introduced a bill to split Electoral College votes proportionally – a plan that would have robbed Obama of eight of the state’s 20 votes in 2012. In Michigan, the state GOP has endorsed a plan to award an electoral vote to the winner of each congressional district. Because those districts were themselves gerrymandered by Republican politicians, this plan would have awarded Mitt Romney a majority of the Electoral College votes from Michigan – a state he lost by nearly 10 percent.

These state measures pale in comparison with a case now being weighed by the Supreme Court. Conservatives are hoping to nullify a bedrock provision of the Voting Rights Act, the law that brought democracy to the American South. “Section 5” of the 1965 law – renewed almost unanimously by Congress in 2006 – gives the Justice Department oversight of elections and redistricting in nine mostly Southern states. The suit is backed by the Koch-founded Cato Institute, which declared in a friend-of-the-court brief that “three generations of federal intrusion have been more than enough to kill Jim Crow.?.?.?. Without the threat of federal interference, would state legislatures feel free to engage in mischief? It seems wildly improbable, even in the Deep South.”

During oral arguments in February, the hard-right majority on the Supreme Court appeared receptive to this line of attack – which is not surprising. ….cont’d


Paris, Unfortunately and tragically, the Rolling Stone article is right. I look forward to reading it sometime soon.

I repeat what Alex knows so well and Eliseo has also spoken of – the Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives are too soft. They don’t fight back hard enough. Even when we have the advantage. I hope something happens that gets people to channel their anger into action as it did during Bush/Cheney. Thus far, I am still seeing people on FB fighting over Hillary vs. Bernie —- very unproductive!

this morning on AMJoy, Malcom Nance (security expert) wonders when Trump fell under Putin’s spell and went on to quote kgb recruitment target strategy:
“egocentric people who lack moral principles. Who are either greedy or who have exaggerated self importance”
also, very troubling segment on the show is the south Carolina repub power grab

Jessica Adams.. Millennials in astrology Generation Capricorn/Aquarius .. https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jessicaadams.com%2F2016%2F12%2F08%2Fgeneration-capricorn-and-generation-aquarius%2F&h=cAQHqEn-H

I think Trump is being blackmailed by Putin. Everything he says about Putin is so ridiculously positive you have to wonder what’s going on. And his refusal to accept the overwhelming consensus of the intelligence community that Putin was behind the hacks is ludicrous. The fact he and Russia are on the same page on this is a dead giveaway.

He also doesn’t want to be disqualified and proof of Putin’s help may cause him to lose the presidency, especially with a connection to his team.

We are so much more than this horrid election.

A Psychiatrist Who Survived The Holocaust Explains Why Meaningfulness Matters More Than Happiness
The Atlantic

by Emily Esfahani Smith, The Atlantic

“It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness.”

In September 1942, Viktor Frankl, a prominent Jewish psychiatrist and neurologist in Vienna, was arrested and transported to a Nazi concentration camp with his wife and parents.

Three years later, when his camp was liberated, most of his family, including his pregnant wife, had perished — but he, prisoner number 119104, had lived.

In his bestselling 1946 book, Man’s Search for Meaning, which he wrote in nine days about his experiences in the camps, Frankl concluded that the difference between those who had lived and those who had died came down to one thing: Meaning, an insight he came to early in life.

When he was a high school student, one of his science teachers declared to the class, “Life is nothing more than a combustion process, a process of oxidation.” Frankl jumped out of his chair and responded, “Sir, if this is so, then what can be the meaning of life?”

As he saw in the camps, those who found meaning even in the most horrendous circumstances were far more resilient to suffering than those who did not. “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing,” Frankl wrote in Man’s Search for Meaning, “the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”


“My brother-in-law (a Liberal, by the way) also believes that Trump will do less damage than someone really competent, like Pence.”

Probably correct. It might actually be better to have Clown-Face as the buffoon in charge. Maybe when enough of our population are hurting enough and when enough are sufficiently embarrassed or ashamed of Mr. Trump’s behavior, maybe when their business is sufficiently damaged by R. policies, maybe then we’ll get some positive progressive change.

Also, your comment about Dems not being tough enough:

When progressive change occurs, i.e. when the powerful become willing to give up some of their power, it is usually NOT because they’ve gained some new moral insight. It is because they see the necessity of compromise in order to hold on to any power at all. The powerful inevitably will negotiate with the seemingly more rational, or non-violent, or less hardline faction because they are frightened of the more radical, possibly violent groups.

MLK and the Civil Rights movement were successful NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR NON-VIOLENT TACTICS. It also was because there were other more radical groups WILLING TO USE VIOLENCE, either against property or against persons if need be.

The Labor movement in the 1920’s-30’s was successful for the same reasons. Ultimately, the corporate leaders were willing to sit down with the non-violent Labor leaders, and compromise, (with the government as mediator) …….as they looked over their shoulder warily at the more radical groups. Same thing with other issues in the sixties. Remember the SDS Weathermen? Black Panthers?

Dems are way too nice! In the game of good cop/bad cop, we had the luxury for 70+ years of having the Soviets functioning as our necessary left-Wing Bad Cops. Conservatives NEEDED us! They were frightened beyond all reason of the Communists. They were willing to give us some of what we wanted as we were the middle group, the “more reasonable” Left.

When you see the writing on the wall; when you see you are going to HAVE TO COMROMISE TO SURVIVE, who are you going to make a deal with? The folks who propose to take your head off without your permission, or the “nicer” folks who make many of the same demands?

Our current problem = no Hard Left to scare the bejeezus out of the Conservatives and R’s.

They feel therefore like they don’t need us. They will continue bullying their way through until we have some crazy, foaming at the mouth, rabidly radical Leftists pointing guns or missiles, and/or other scary things at them. Then they will talk to us, negotiate with us, compromise and try to ally with us to put down the foaming at the mouth crowd.

We’re in sync today.
RE: the work of Viktor Frankl and the need for meaning. I was just thinking of his Logotherapy and writing.

Further up post I said
“Conservatives have regressed into fantasy land. Math, evidence, science, and facts don’t seem to phase them.”

But there is one thing: I strongly suspect Conservatives are rigidly holding to their ideology as opposed to reality, so as to avoid cognitive dissonance. They find meaning in their Conservative world-view. If there was an alternative that would give them a much deeper and more profound sense of meaning, perhaps they would “lighten up” and open their minds and hearts…Maybe.

Our problem could be worse. Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures have far worse difficulty in maintaining a sense of meaning relative to the clash with modernity. Their acute cognitive dissonance is far more prone to lead them to violence. Mohammad said in the Hadith the mythos had to be taken literally. But if your scripture and/or folklore speaks of a stairway to heaven and you’ve been through 7th grade science, where’s the stairway? Judaism and Christianity have from their beginnings had the luxury of allegorical interpretation. No such luck in Islamic tradition unless you are involved in one of the more “heretical” sects.

So far, most of the violence American Conservatives have been involved in over the past two centuries has been more economic. (No, I’m not ignoring police shooting unarmed suspects, lynchings, KKK, etc.) But I suspect were their cognitive dissonance more intense or acute, their violence would have been more overt. Rigidly holding on to their screwball non-factual, evidence free beliefs protects them (temporarily) from the cognitive dissonance.


“Rigidly holding on to their screwball non-factual, evidence free beliefs protects them (temporarily) from the cognitive dissonance.”

Unless there’s a better theory, this sure makes sense to me.

NOW they say something? This has been obvious for over a year!!!


Three professors of psychiatry call for ‘neuropsychiatric evaluation’ of Trump out of fears he’s mentally ill

kiwi – that would be North Carolina and it’s outgoing Governor Pat McCrory and pals in the state legislature. An embarrassment for sure. Hopefully, the incoming govenor, Roy Cooper, the state attorney general, will take appropriate steps.

Obama could do things as commander in chief, but is under the illusion that DTs behavior isn’t a red flag that there is something wrong with him.

It has been the thing that has frustrated me about him. We need leadership, and not getting it. Cancel the inauguration, call for an investigation into the Russian hacking the election, delay his taking the oath of office.

We are in a crisis, for heaven’s sake…..!


Re: D’s don’t fight

Chuck Schumer is not a fighter as far as I know

Nancy Pelosi is good at taking a firm stand (more so than many many other D- officials) the hate/hurt/GOP can’t stand her

Besides no one wants to perform at the inaugural balls, except maybe Ted “dirty underwear” Nugent. The Nuge(eeew!)Kid Rock Anrea Bocelli and someone from America’s got talent. No A listers.

I sincerely hope the Dems are working behind the scenes to effectuate something for the good of the nation and not allow this obviously sick man to take office.

Circumstances have drawn me back to the Winter Solstice chart of 2012. I thought you might be interested in what it reveals alex. At that time a most prominent Yod between Saturn sextile Pluto, both quincunx Jupiter, was taking place that would greatly affect the U.S.

We think of solstice charts influencing the following 3 months, and some astrologers see it as a snapshot of the upcoming year. I wonder if it could be more than that even. Recall that nobody was talking Trump in 2012, it was all about the end of the Mayan calendar. Obama had won his 2nd term as President of the U.S.

I do think wheels were set in motion then for our present situation since the above Yod had Jupiter at the apex in Gemini conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus. Something unexpected (U.S. Uranus) would be expanded (Solstice Jupiter).

This unexpected something would be fueled (in the beginning, ie. 2012) by a sextile between Saturn in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio and Pluto in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. This has transformation of power structures written all over it. Mutual reception they call it. When one planet is in another planet’s sign and that other planet is in the 1st planet’s sign they are like peas in a pod. They work toward the same purpose.

In December 2012, Saturn and Pluto were the power planets behind Jupiter’s expansiveness which, due to his position in the Yod, was to make adjustments to what was already in place.

Jupiter was conjunct the U.S. Uranus then, and U.S. Uranus is near the U.S. descendant, also called the 7th house cusp of the partner or the open enemy. In our present day observation, Uranus could be seen as shocking disregard for protocol, and “open enemy” could be referring to Putin.

At the time of the 2012 Capricorn Solstice the nodes were at 25+ Scorpio (north) and 25+ Taurus (south). These nodes were conjunct Trump’s MC (24+ Taurus) and IC (24+ Scorpio), am I right?

At the time of the 2012 Solstice transiting Eris was at 21+ Aries, sextile the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini and the Trump Sun. Transiting Eris was also trine Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius. Eris causes dissention and Eris has only moved forward one degree between the 2012 Solstice and the 2016 Solstice. Now she is at 22+ Aries.

Eris during those 4 years has also been quincunx the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo, a degree where the transiting North Node and transiting Jupiter were conjoined just this past January.

Transiting Saturn meanwhile was conjunct the U.S. ascendant this past January. Transiting Uranus in Aries and transiting Pluto in Capricorn were still in a one-degree orb of exacting their square this past January. Transiting Neptune in Pisces was square the U.S. Uranus in Gemini this past January.

I think this January 2016 lineup was echoing the 2012 Solstice Yod (when trans. Jupiter was conjunct U.S. Uranus) because 2 of the 3 planets taking part in that 2012 Solstice Yod were, in Jan. 2016, in conjunction aspects to the U.S. natal chart (U.S. ascendant and U.S. Neptune), and the 3rd was square transiting Uranus and making history.

Meanwhile, transiting malcontent Eris was goading (quincunx) the U.S. Neptune last January and, she being conjunct the U.S. Chiron as well, her goading stimulated the U.S. natal quincunx between Chiron and Neptune. Therein lies the rub.

I haven’t checked to see what was going on in January but it had to have been affecting the U.S. People as symbolized by the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. At the time, January 2016, Jupiter and the NN were conjunct the U.S. Neptune, and transiting Neptune was square the U.S. Uranus and transiting Saturn was conjunct the U.S. Sagittarius ascendant, and Pluto and Uranus were square each other . . .
. . transiting Ceres (she who had lost all to Pluto) was conjunct the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

So, in summary, the Yod of the 2012 Winter Solstice whose apex (action point) was transiting Jupiter (who was at the time conjunct the U.S Uranus) had brought about much (Jupiter) shock and awe by the time of January, 2016. Transiting Jupiter had spanned the degree space between the U.S. Uranus and the U.S. Neptune in that 3 years + a month or so.

Now the December 21, 2016, Capricorn Solstice is upon us and has not only Eris in a conjunction to U.S. Chiron (and a quincunx to U.S. Neptune and a sextile to U.S. Mars) but she is joined by transiting Uranus and transiting Ceres. They are all 3 opposed by the ubiquitous transiting Jupiter in Libra (who also is conjunct the U.S. natal Juno).

All are within orb of a (T) square with transiting Pluto with whom transiting retrograde Mercury lacks only 2 degrees from being exactly conjunct. That will come later at the end of January, 2017.

Of course there are many, many astrological points of interest that have led us to where we are today, eclipses, cycles, etc., but I believe that the 2012 December Solstice was the major turning point between our past and our future.

Some of us were expecting much in the way of evolutionary change but didn’t see it. At least in hindsight some of us are finally getting it and we can thank Jupiter for that.

By the way, transiting Hades is conjunct the U.S. natal Jupiter right now.


Re: U.S. backward Trumpveriate nation

as with medical treatments and medical delivery systems much of the world (already advanced beyond U.S.) will continue to move forward as U.S. moves further/harder backward;

and as in free-from-fossil-fuel energy systems the world will continue to move ahead of U.S. (like Germany etc) as Trumpveriate America goes backward faster and deeper

as in science:

as in education

etc etc


re: winter solstice upthread…. great post … agreed each point you are making there….

winter solstice Sun 00 Capricorn (world point)
Capricorn (governments)

have you had opportunity to see this great to enjoy: Orbit – Earth’s Extra Ordinary Journey


Glad you liked the Buddhist Noel!
If I find more I’ll post it here.

“I sincerely hope the Dems are working behind the scenes to effectuate something for the good of the nation and not allow this obviously sick man to take office.”

Some Dems are, but not nearly enough. Dems keep playing the game of Democracy, but that’s NOT the game the R’s are playing. Dems don’t know how to play dirty. LBJ, where are you now when we need you?

John Rothmann is extremely passionate tonight about our stolen Election:
Listen Live: http://player.streamtheworld.com/_players/citadel/?sid=5865


“Three professors of psychiatry call for ‘neuropsychiatric evaluation’ of Trump out of fears he’s mentally ill”

Good start. Especially if they are Republicans. If these physicians can manage to gain the signatures of three male colleagues, the letter will gain more traction – otherwise Trump Inc. and the Breitbart boys will accuse them of playing the “militant feminist” card.


Sunday was Vigils for America – candlelight

To Putin, Trump Is Perfect

Video: 1 min. 2 sec.


“Militant feminist card.”
Very good point.
Better the effort be a mostly male Republican thing.

‘Ivanka Trump could be the most powerful first lady ever’ https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2016/12/16/ivanka-trump-could-be-the-most-powerful-first-lady-ever/?utm_term=.fa5d9d5cbaf9#comments

I also believe this election was stolen. The polls weren’t wrong, the majority of Americans want Hillary, not the shameless orange toad.

They purged everyone at KGO, but I see they kept John Rothman. He’s always the scholar and very polite.

Eliseo, I wish that Hillary had done a couple things different but we have to play hard ball with the Republicans. Twice they did this.

A few blunders,commited by Hillary but not enough to lose like she did. It was disappointing to hear POTUS say ‘cut-it-out’ to the Russians. That’s all? The future of this country hangs in the balance and that is all you’re going to say?

Apple – thanks for catching my Carolina ooops!

A healthier democracy starts right where you live

My new front page:


By: starlight on December 17th, 2016 at 9:16 pm

“NOW they say something? This has been obvious for over a year!!!”

“Three professors of psychiatry call for ‘neuropsychiatric evaluation’ of Trump out of fears he’s mentally ill”

By: Bob on January 29th, 2016 at 6:56 pm


Scott A. Bonn Ph.D.

“Wicked Deeds”

“How to Tell a Sociopath from a Psychopath”

I think Trump may be the latter. Some supporting astrology.

Natal Sun-Mars midpoint is at 115°42′. Natal Saturn at 115°43′ is conjunct.
Natal MC is at 51°48′. it is squared by his natal Mars/Pluto midpoint at 141°54′ (51°48′ + 90° = 141°48′).

He has a natal paran wherin when natal Sun is on the ascendant natal Moon is on the descendant and natal Mars is on the IC.

For birth place: Sun rises at 330°27′, Moon sets at 328°48′, Mars is on the IC at 329°26′.

By: Bob on February 28th, 2016 at 3:11 am


Oh, the irony!


RESPECT – especially what he says about the CIA.

This in the comment section:

“Everybody knows that if Putin wanted to influence US politics he’d just donate to the Clinton Foundation like everybody else.

Ron Paul supported Jill Stein in the election.

To show the politicians in Washington what we strongly oppose it may take frequent and long lasting massive public demonstrations. Such will get reporting by all forms of media unlike letters, emails, phone calls or face time visits. The demonstrations must be non-violent with advance public statements of intentions to congregate, stand, march, sing, chant, in peace and asking law enforcement to quickly subdue anyone who initiates violence. Demonstrators should all possess visual recording devices to record any violent events that may start and official response to them. Put media and law enforcement on notice. I believe Trump supporters will physically try to disrupt many demonstrations. If the “Commander in Chief” does nothing to stop them he may be at risk of being charged with inability to carry out the duties of his office.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

“By: Bob on November 11th, 2016 at 2:04 pm

People can march and also join churches and organizations to help others. There is nothing to prevent them from doing whatever they think will be helpful. But actions speak louder than words and the American and French Revolutions were not won by those who just joined churches and organized but by those who physically fought to gain their freedom from oppression. And many of them died.”

I see that the Clinton derangement syndrome is still well and alive. Hatred is never an asset.

Following up on the role transiting Jupiter has played in the U.S. political story since the December 2012 Solstice, a point when he was conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus, followed by January 2016 when he was conjunct the U.S. natal Neptune, trans. Jupiter was square the U.S. natal Sun on the days following the November 8, 2016, election.

By November 15th, transiting Jupiter would conjunct the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra. From this, I would conclude that the May, 2020 station- retrograde of transiting Jupiter-conjunct-the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn will fulfill the somewhat prophetic picture that the 2012 Capricorn Solstice painted. Possibly we won’t know how the tale ends until after the election in November that year.

In fact I believe the key to understanding the process we (the U.S. and other countries) have been going through – the shocking results of elections, lies in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. This present cycle began with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction squared by Uranus back in 2000.

The Capricorn Solstice on December 21, 2012 was a cryptic point in that cycle; Jupiter was quincunx Saturn, both participating in a Yod with Pluto.

There was another Yod in that 2012 Solstice chart and it included the sextile between the North Node at 25+ Scorpio sextile Mars at 26+ Capricorn and Ceres at 26+ Gemini who was at the apex (focal) point. (Recall Ceres’ dismay over the theft of her daughter by Pluto). Solstice Mars was only 1 degree from the U.S. natal Pluto and that’s where transiting Jupiter will be stationing retrograde in May, 2020.

Another astrological tie-in to the present position the U.S. finds itself in is the Neptune-Pluto cycle that began at 8+ Gemini and was conjunct the U.S natal Uranus, back in 1891. That chart had transiting Uranus at 27+ Libra which was trine the U.S. Aquarius Moon (symbol of the People) and square the U.S. Capricorn Pluto (symbol of the Powerful).

This transiting Uranus in the 1891 chart for the start of the present Neptune-Pluto cycle was square Venus at 27+ Cancer which opposed the U.S. Pluto and was quincunx the U.S. Moon. It would appear this cycle is/was making it easy for the People (Uranus trine U.S. Moon) to revolt, while Venus was forcing the People to make an adjustment (Venus quincunx the U.S. Moon).

I would also add a thought regarding the present position of transiting Sedna at 25+ Taurus conjunct Trump’s MC and the South Node of the 2012 Capricorn Solstice. In her myth Sedna is not satisfied with the opportunities (or lack of) offered to her by her tribe. She doesn’t want to marry but finally accepts the proposal a stranger who promises her all she could ever want.

After the marriage she discovers that he has misrepresented himself and she is very unhappy with the agreement she has made with him. She risks danger in trying to escape him as he (the imposter) is vengeful. Is there not a correlation between Sedna’s Birdman and the U.S. Trump?

Last night’s SNL opening skit really catches the essence of things:



“I see that the Clinton derangement syndrome is still well and alive. Hatred is never an asset.”

Yes, it is does not appear to serve any other purpose than to rub salt in a still-bleeding wound.

Joyeux Solstice d’Hiver et Joyeux Noël, Helen.


“Last night’s SNL opening skit really catches the essence of things:”


Nancy, I keep going back to your previous articles, for dates. From 10/30 “The Bully Boys”.. -The first half of January, however, may bring some significant difficulties. Transiting Saturn will be square to Hillary’s moon from January 5th to January 15th, concurrent to it’s square to US Neptune (1/2-1/11) and square to President Obama’s Mar’s (1/2-1-11), and just following an opposition from Saturn to US Mars (12/25 to 1/1). All of this suggest a serious problem of frustration for the US, POSSIBLY IN A FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENT or confrontation, that upsets both Obama and Clinton-(you assumed she was just about to take over based on your prediction)

.. My question is, OK she isn’t about to take over, but why would the other part of your prediction not still be valid? Couldn’t there a serious possibility that the Russia situation continues to unravel. Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow and I am very curious what is gong to happen with the electoral vote. There are planned protest at every state capitol in the country. Whatever happens tomorrow, you were predicting the dates of 12/25-1/11 back before the election in this article.

Elizabeth – The same prediction holds for Trump since his Moon is at 21 Sag and his Sun is at 22 Gemini, in exact aspect to US mars at 21 Gemini and US Neptune at 22 Virgo. they all get hit by Saturn.

Another excellent bit from SNL:


Pam from north point astrology in the week ahead forecast


CarolDuhart2 (Aquariusmoon),

Your new look is good. Site is getting better and better. Congratulations!

Steered me to youtube. I watched some videos of President Obama and Michelle. There may not be many more to come of the 2 of them together or separately either. Going to miss both of them.

From them to the View which I had not watched in many years. Here is a recent one many here may find of interest. Total vid is 35:46 but political segment is the first 19:35.


The View “White Supremacist” Alt-Right Group Chants (Complete 35:46 – watch first 19:35 for politics)

M & will – long ago I questioned the motives – 95% anti, no astrology, no higher consciousness.

Carol, looks great!

Bill Clinton, is a New York elector this year.


the SNL skit…

That was supposed to be Thank You!

Thank you Nancy for the SNL link…we so need to laugh, hope SNL will continue. Here’s a Frontline focus on HRC and Trump you may have missed, it’s worth seeing:
‘What has shaped Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — where they came from’:

Leaked documents reveal Trump’s secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson is the director of a US-Russian oil company in the tax haven Bahamas: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4046064/Leaked-documents-reveal-Trump-s-secretary-state-pick-Rex-Tillerson-owns-Russian-oil-company-tax-haven-Bahamas.html
Brilliant John Rothmann is on live right now: http://player.streamtheworld.com/_players/citadel/?sid=5865

In following the path provided by the 2012 December Solstice (when transiting Jupiter was conjunct the U.S. Uranus), a Solstice that led to the 2016 U.S. election results – a path which illuminated the January 2016 conjunction of transiting Jupiter to the U.S. Neptune, I was led to the May 28-29, 2014 Gemini New Moon at 7+ Gemini in search for answers to questions surrounding the U.S. election results. What motivated such a huge number of people to express such outrage toward the status quo?

Because this New Moon was so close to the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and because it was being squared by transiting Neptune at 7+ Pisces, and because this New Moon held a grand water trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron, I was compelled to look for influences leading to greater understanding of our recent election results.

In accepting the likelihood that the cycle between Saturn and Jupiter, as well as the U.S. natal Uranus (and U.S. Neptune) are key to gaining this understanding, it didn’t surprise me to find this 2014 Gemini New Moon held a trine between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, but I was wowed by the chart’s Chiron in Pisces that completed a grand trine with them.

The social and cultural influence described by the combined Jupiter-Saturn energy in concert is well documented. Changes are marked by the transiting aspects they make to one another during their 20 year cycle.

At this moment in 2014, as a New Moon was conjunct the U.S. Uranus while being squared by the outer planet Neptune, to see a major aspect between Jupiter and Saturn incorporating a 3rd planet made me pause to consider the implication. Chiron’s symbolism plays a strategic role in connecting the intent of outer planet positions to the inner planets Jupiter and Saturn, who in turn influence the personal planets like Mars and Mercury.

Transiting Chiron for some time now has been traveling approx. 30 degrees behind transiting Uranus. Before that phenomenon was established trans. Chiron had been in a long conjunction with transiting Neptune. At one point during that conjunction, transiting Jupiter had joined transiting Neptune and Chiron and all 3 were conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, circa 2009-2010. That is a story in itself.

By May 2014 transiting Chiron was acting as a go-between for Uranus, and transiting Uranus was between his 5th and 6th exact square with transiting Pluto. Did I mention that transiting Pluto at 13+ Capricorn was opposite the U.S. natal Sun at 13+ Cancer at the 2014 Gemini New Moon?

So, trans. Chiron inserts himself into the ring with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, a cycle about cultural and societal moves, while supporting outer planet Uranus energy in its attempt to be understood by humanity. And because this was a New Moon in Gemini (communication) and it was conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus, news would have been traveling fast.

One thing people would have been talking about would have been the resignation of Kathleen Sebelious from her post as Sec’y of H&H Services due to problems/outrage with Obamacare. The World Immigration Crisis was a big story and so was the number of unarmed U.S. black men being killed by white police and not being charged with murder.

The difficulty in this pursuit I am on is staying with the Big Picture and not getting mired down in the details. The Big Picture (too big to be absorbed my most of us) was of Saturn and Jupiter at an agreeable juncture in their cycle, while Uranus and Pluto were not in agreement at all. Or so it appeared to astrologers.

Chiron then steps into the agreeable culture cycle (Saturn-Jupiter) while not abandoning his post as a facilitator for Uranus who was duking it out with Pluto who was opposite the U.S. Sun.

Chiron also had a Yod going on at this 2014 New Moon, a kind of side gig, that included his sextile to Juno in Taurus (one degree from the U.S. natal Vesta) and they both were quincunx the conjunction of Ceres and Vesta in Libra (who were opposite trans. Uranus). I’ll need some time (and help maybe) with this one but it screams feminism doesn’t it?

Come to think of it the Hobby Lobby brouhaha over women’s contraceptive coverage by Obamacare was about to be decided by the Supreme’s in favor of Hobby Lobby. But back to the Big Picture.

Here was little Chiron involved in the local Jupiter-Saturn cycle at a point where conversation and social media and even MSM was 24-7, all the while that trans. Uranus and Pluto were in the throes of universal challenges, and trans. Neptune was screwing with the media (Neptune in 3rd house of U.S. chart while square FM in Gemini) and communication and of course, the U.S. Uranus one degree from the FM.

Little Chiron was filtering and translating all this outer chaos to the Jupiter-Saturn trine which filtered and translated it down to you and me and the rest of the country. It hurt like hell but that’s how Chiron gets attention for what’s needing attention. The mid-term election later that year would reflect it.

Ok, I was debating on whether I should link to this, but decided I would, it’s a video by a spiritual teacher called Teal Swan, she has a lot of clairvoyant talents etc, she is a bit of a controversial figure which I won’t got into why here, anyway, I usually resonate with what she says, she travels all over the world holding these workshops, I have seen her a few times in Florida….. anyway, she was just in Ireland and a participant brings up how upset she is about Trump! Said participant gets a bit annoying at the end when she says Trump needs a hug, but anyway, I feel some people here might also resonate in looking at what is happening with the house being on fire and humanity collectively choosing the forest fire with Trump to break down the system.. Teal tries to explain what is happening and fighting and doing your part, also interestingly she says she is making major changes in her life within three months, unfortunately most of us are not that fortunate …..



I had to add this quote from the teal swan video I just posted….
‘This is what you should feel sorry for, If you have got a demographic of the world that can vote for Trump, then we have way bigger issues than Trump!!!’

1989 Donald Trump

HOUSTON — They still talk about the Saturday night here 27 years ago when Donald J. Trump partied with former President Richard M. Nixon.

Dressed in tuxedos, they sang “Happy Birthday” to Texas royalty — former Gov. John B. Connally and his wife, Nellie, whose birthdays were a few days apart — as Nixon played the tune on a white baby grand piano. They dined at Tony’s, the “21” Club of Houston, and Nixon was so fond of the cannelloni pasta that he asked the owner, Tony Vallone, to write the recipe for him on a yellow legal pad. And when it was all over, Mr. Trump flew Nixon back to New York on his 727 private jet.

It happened one weekend in March 1989.

It was one of Nixon’s first public appearances since the Watergate scandalhad forced him to resign in 1974. And it was one of Mr. Trump’s first presidential experiences, as he socialized with and had the ear of a former president for two days in Houston at a gala event, an impromptu after-party at Tony’s, a Sunday brunch the next day at a River Oaks mansion and later aboard his plane.

“I think you can see a core of Trump in this,” said Barry Silverman, a Houston advertising and marketing consultant who helped coordinate the gala and was a longtime friend of the Connallys. “He obviously had a road map a lot bigger than any of us ever thought about.


Saturn transits to trumps Sun and Moon through the next 4 years from today:

Donald Trump NY – Natal Chart
Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT +4:00
New York NY, 40°N42’51”, 074°W00’23”

Saturn Conjunct Moon Dec 30 2016

Saturn Opposition Sun Jan 14 2017

Saturn Opposition Sun Jul 7 2017

Saturn Conjunct Moon Aug 20 2017

Saturn Conjunct Moon Aug 30 2017

Saturn Opposition Sun Oct 11 2017


Donald Trump and the Tea Party myth: Why the GOP is now an identity movement, not a political party


Hi Diana,

I fully resonate with what Teal Swan was sharing. We may be approaching a point of dramatic change and Trump is certainly an element of that change. When asked a time-frame, Teal Swan said that she felt it would be within a period of 3 months if not sooner. The Dec 26th Jupiter-Uranus opposition does suggest it could be just around the corner.

CIA’s coup against President-elect Trump ongoing. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/12/17/only-a-counter-coup-can-save-american-democracy-paul-craig-roberts/

GianPaolo DiCocco on 10/27/16 predicted Trump’s win, and gave the clearest astrological explanation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEtsUkRIOOk

Noam Chomsky on the new Trump era – UpFront special


2016 had lowest voter participation in 20 years (42%)

~ per Ed Tamplin

Early 2010, the US Supreme Court decisively changed the electoral process. They introduced unlimited funding, via Superpacs. If you’d ever thought elections were a sellout before that time – now they were legalizing the sale. Their only responsibility was to tell you who was doing the buying. And big business bought in to politics like never before.

The decision was handed down on January 21 2010. Less than a week before, a rather momentous event took place. The longest annular eclipse of the entire 21st century! The astrological implication is the eclipse of leadership. But it was the planetary opposition points that truly depicted this great divide between a system and its people.

Maybe I’m not enlightened enough, but I found the Teal Swan video profoundly depressing. I think there are many things in our world worth holding on to, and the thought of gleefully embracing the absolute destruction of our world in order to build something new is something with which I have a very hard time. We’ll have no choice, of course, if global destruction takes place. I can’t see myself getting to a point of welcoming acceptance of it, however.

Paris, Excellent Chomsky Interview!
Thank You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB54XxbgI0E

There is smart change and there is dumb change.
Teal Swan appears to embrace and arrogantly rationalize dumb change.

Also, Trump needs a hug? Too late. He needed genuine nurturance as a tot, hopefully before developing into a narcissist. In the 20-ish years I worked in the mental health field, I never heard of anyone with a narcissistic personality disorder being healed, cured, or otherwise trained or modified into better emotional and/or behavioral health.

But TS is correct about one thing: If Trump is actually inaugurated and serves as president, he will cause much unnecessary suffering and unnecessary death.

Today’s Mercury retrograde station timed to coincide with the Electoral College vote can be seen as the beginning of a phase. According to the following report, we officially won’t know the results until January 6th………

The US Electoral College Decides Trump’s Fate Tomorrow—But We Won’t Know What It Is Until 2017


Five hundred and thirty-eight people will convene in various places around the US on Monday (Dec. 19) to officially elect the country’s next president and vice president.

While usually considered a mere post-election formality, the vote has drawn unprecedented attention and anxiety this year—because of the chance, however small, that Donald Trump could end up not being president after all. Pressures for the electors to turn “faithless” and overturn his win have been mounting from the anti-Trump camp: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, after all, and it was recently revealed that Russia tried to intervene in the election in Trump’s favor. For the presidency to slip away from Trump, at least 37 Republican electors would have to change their minds on Dec. 19.

But even though the formal electoral vote happens Monday, the results won’t be known for several weeks. When exactly? Not until Jan. 6, 2017.




You wrote:

“There is smart change and there is dumb change.
Teal Swan appears to embrace and arrogantly rationalize dumb change.”

Glad you brought this up. Two quotes of Eckhart Tolle immediately come to mind…….

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.

…….The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”

“Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? what could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”

Well, well, well alex, the astrology of that Supreme Court Superpac decision says it all. That is when transiting Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter were surrounding the U.S. Moon in Aquarius.

Transiting Pluto was opposite the U.S. natal Venus and at the time of the solar eclipse (January 14-15, 2010) Pluto was conjunct Mercury retrograde and transiting Saturn retrograde in Libra squared them both.

The eclipse itself at 25+ Capricorn, conjunct transiting Venus also at 25+ Capricorn, was 2 degrees from the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. It was a very compact chart with 7 of the 10 traditional planets located within a span of 56 degrees; the same span of degrees in which the U.S. Moon and Pluto reside.

It is very plain that the U.S. People (symbolized by U.S. Moon) were blindsided (Neptune conjunct U.S. Moon) in a big way (Jupiter conjunct U.S. Moon). The T-square that the transiting Eclipse Pluto/Mercury and Saturn formed with the U.S. Venus in Cancer hid (eclipse) the devastation taking place on the country’s values (Venus).

Stephanie Austin (in the Mt. Astrologer magazine, Dec/Jan 2010 issue) said “Like the lunar eclipse that occurred two weeks ago, this solar eclipse is closely conjunct Venus, calling us to clarify our core values and recognize the real cost of our choices. What matters most of all? How can we use our creativity to solve the problems before us?”

Thanks for sharing alex, the astrology could not be more clear.

I can resonate with peoples points of view on what teal said. One part of me tries to recognize this Presidency as part of a change that must happen while the other is distressed because I agree that there is so much beauty and goodness that I don’t want to change.

Here is her latest blog read with predictions on 2017, a bit vague for sure, but clearly she seems to think that at present humanity seems to have chosen the cataclysmic rather than the gradual maturity and awakening.


I got from Teal Swan the sad fact that people wont/dont change unless they are forced by something outside themselves.
Also, with her analogy of the house burning – I have had the image in mind for quite a while of the Meryl Streep character in Out of Africa, initially fighting to keep the coffee shed from burning, then eventually saying resigned, ‘just let it burn’

Continual shutdown of independent news sites:



Day 5 of no OPEDNEWS here in France.

The CIA is not launching a coup against Trump. Geez. The U.S. intelligence community – not just the CIA, but 16 other agencies, too – is united that the Russians hacked in order to help Trump win. Russia is attacking democracies everywhere this way. Why do people continue to be so dense?


RE: SCOTUS super Pac decision

I’d add that: US Sibly Moon cnj T/Neptune …. ‘weakened’ the American people (collective) in a big way..

“It is very plain that the U.S. People (symbolized by U.S. Moon) were blindsided (Neptune conjunct U.S. Moon) in a big way (Jupiter conjunct U.S. Moon)”

This is the mentality we will be dealing with from now on until the insanity reaches such a level that the nation, as a whole, screams STOP.

“There’s definitely going to be changes in the health care delivery system. We can’t just continue to squeeze providers to say this is how we are going to save money. It’s forcing health care providers … into some very different actions that in most people’s opinion is unhealthy … At some point or another we have to be responsible or have a part of the responsibility of what is going on. Way too often, people pull out their insurance card.”

These words were spoken by U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, a Republican from Zeeland, Michigan. He went to give an example of what he appears to believe is “taking responsibility” for his family’s health care costs:

“I don’t know the difference or cost between an X-Ray or an MRI or CT Scan. I might make a little different decision if I did know (what) some of those costs were and those costs came back to me.”
The father of five offered a personal example of how this shift might play out. He says his youngest son fell and injured his arm. Not sure if it was sprained or broken, he and his wife decided to wait until the next morning to take the 10-year-old to the doctor’s office, instead of going to the emergency room that night. The arm was broken.

“We took every precaution but decided to go in the next morning (because of) the cost difference,” Huizenga said. “If he had been more seriously injured, we would have taken him in. … When it (comes to) those type of things, do you keep your child home from school and take him the next morning to the doctor because of a cold or a flu, versus take him into the emergency room? If you don’t have a cost difference, you’ll make different decisions.“



RE: U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga (upthread your post 3:44PM)

Well, that was stupid and dangerous not to take his son to emergency services because a broken bone presents real possibility for blood clots to travel the circulatory system and go to ex. lungs, heart, brain…. lethal possibilities…

and/or broken bone presents real possibility for fat embolism – – complications examples:

Complications from a fat embolism tend to be serious:

Pulmonary fat embolism. Widespread obstruction causes sudden death.

Systemic fat embolism. These may get lodged in capillaries of organs like brain, kidney, skin etc., causing minute hemorrhage and microinfarcts.


“The father of five offered a personal example of how this shift might play out. He says his youngest son fell and injured his arm. Not sure if it was sprained or broken, he and his wife decided to wait until the next morning to take the 10-year-old to the doctor’s office, instead of going to the emergency room that night. The arm was broken.”

Alex…it certainly was stupid and dangerous. And as others, elsewhere, have pointed out, if it was a poor family, black, white or Latino that child would’ve been whisked away from the parents and they would’ve been arrested for child abuse.


When I think of the American people being ‘blindsided – transit chart analysis… I think of Russell Tice (NSA whistleblower) who said information that he wanted to report to Congress, about NSA/DIA illegal conduct against American population, should be kept from public for 200 years…

Russell Tice worked on satellite SAP (special access programs)

NSA/DIA world: programs that are VRK

VRK = Very Restricted Knowledge typically have, at the least, a requirement of 100 year or until death, ’till the person first being “read in” [i.e. sworn to secrecy as part of access to the higher classification program] can talk about them

THEREFORE Russell Tice was saying the information he wanted to report to Congress as illegal actions against American population was above VRK access…..

NSA/DIA programs above / beyond VRK are comprised of special programs which are very compartmentalized …. that literally 40 people in the entire NSA/DIA agency know what’s going on…..




looking for hate/hurt/GOP POV


No mercury retrograde surprises in the electoral college vote. trump wins and even picked up a few more votes. His supporters will have a field day

Did you think that Trump’s Friday speech was meant to lessen, ‘nasty, mean and vicious’ in his supporters? well it was not …. it was the opposite; Trump comments were meant to harden and increase the nasty, mean vicious behaviors in his supporters …. the media does not comment on Trump’s real intentions…..



EXPLOITING physical, mental, emotional vulnerability to the loss of the victims;

engendering irreparable destruction or damage to another person;

drawing stature from destruction;
engendering irremediable distress through trauma or loss;

indulgence and greed to the end of parasitism;
creatively causing suffering:

choosing to extinguish identity, goals, dreams of those affects persons or institutions for goal of loss;

metastatic influence, inspiring others to carry out outrageous conduct;




Paul Ryan’s budget embodies a kind of savage violence that makes clear that those who occupy the bottom rungs of American society – whether they are low-income families, poor minorities of color and class or young failed consumers – are to be considered disposable, removed from ethical considerations and the grammar of human suffering.

For the first time in the history of the NBC/WSJ poll, more Americans view an incoming president more negatively than positively, i.e. poor rating = 46%, positive = 40%.


Yes Alex, and his ridiculous thank you victory rallies are so non -unifying and this and the fact that he is only pandering to his supporters who are a very small portion of America in the scheme of things should be covered, but its not, instead they cover his rallies. I literally saw on my friend’s Facebook page a pic of the crowds in his rallies with a caption something like, no this isn’t because of Russian Hacking. Its all pretty terrifying and to see all the women behind him is just so crazy..

Also, this attack in Berlin only helps his rhetoric, this has been a terrible day for Anti Trumpers

Dear Nancy, Barb K. and other astrologers, Please respond to GianPaola DiCocco!


The Corporate Food Industry Has Created a Diet That Is Literally Killing Us

Thom Hartmann investigates how to break free from what’s dangerous in your diet.


Prof. Bertonasco, I’m unable to view video on my computer. Could you summarize what it is you want a response to re: GianPaola DiCocco video?


Astrologers have brooded enough about their mis-calls of the 2016 election. Let’s remember some highlights – 11/7/00 and Bush v. Gore. The country didn’t know who the winner was, but most astrologers did, and funnily enough, it had been a fairly easy call. A stationary Mercury square Neptune, among other considerations, informed many.

Here are a few of the many correct astrological forecasts from 2000 – at times scarily accurate.

Arch Crawford, New York, NY, financial newsletter 10/2/00: “This day will not go as expected. Something really strange and unusual will make this day remarkable.”

Jacob Schwartz, Glenside, PA, New Visions magazine 10/00: “Will the next President receive a majority of the popular vote of the voting citizens of the U.S.? No. The election will be so close that both major party candidates will be able to claim a victory of sorts!”

Kim Rogers-Gallagher, Bradenton, FL, American Astrology “Tomorrow’s News” November issue: “Tuesday evening looks a bit confusing… something’s been overlooked, stalled or delayed. It’s going to be tough to tell the results until very late that evening.”

Jim Shawvan, San Diego, StarIQ.com 11/6/00: “uncertainty may develop as the count goes on. The election may be so close in some states that it may be several days before the actual Electoral College votes can be tallied with accuracy.”

Maxine Fiel, New York, Liz Smith column, Newsday: “What seems like a runaway winter could end up the loser. The winner might not be decided after the polls close.”

2017 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Feb 10 2017


Moon Phases 2017



In the meantime, late last week, we learned that the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) — the federal agency responsible for certifying the accuracy and security of electronic voting and tabulation systems used across the U.S. — was, itself, recently hacked, with about 100 user names and passwords put up for sale on the black market. The well known vulnerability exploited was one that experts say could have been easily patched (it has now been) and would have allowed access to a database of vulnerabilities in the nation’s voting and tabulation systems.

The Commission might have patched its own system earlier, but its Commissioners were very busy before the election and after, ensuring the nation (in an op-ed that was incorrect and misleading on innumerable levels) that “election officials have been working to secure our voting systems for years,” so concerns about any such manipulation of results “are overstated”.

Then, my guests today are Lulu Friesdat, filmmaker of the award-winning election integrity documentary Holler Back: [not] Voting in American Town (which I am in, but it is excellent anyway) and longtime election integrity advocate Emily Levy of RecountNow.org. Both are just back from attempting to help oversee the statewide Presidential election “recount” in Wisconsin, as requested (and paid for) by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Friesdat shares her short, disturbing new video released on Friday, revealing what appear to be machine mistallies noted by observers during the statewide “recount” of ballots by computer optical-scanners in Racine County, WI, and a stymied attempt by one observer there, Liz Whitlock, to get a hand-count of the paper ballots in question. Citing the 5% error rate by the machines that observers tallied in one small precinct in WI, Friesdat notes: “A similar error rate applied across all of Wisconsin’s 2,976,150 votes — could produce an error of 140,000 votes. Trump won Wisconsin by 22,000 votes

I’m convinced that our diets are indeed killing us or making us sick by design and causing Americans to medicate for conditions caused by the junk put in food. No surprise there.

When the sugar industry was nixed for corn sweetener, the rates of diabetes increased such that it is now a problem and a billion dollar industry in the US to control harmful sugar levels. It was retired US Sen. Bob Dole back in the day who said using corn sweetener, because it was cheaper, was good for us. It is used in so many products consumed it is indeed scary.


I watched several of Teal Swan’s clips and read some literature about her.

She be way cray-cray. An attention-seeking, hyper-sexual provocateur at best. Definitely a false profit(sic).

Russian ambassador killed in Turkey – killer referenced Allepo

I know Will, I told you she was way out there,it’s strange her video popped up yesterday while watching something totally unrelated, I have been following her off and on for years, and while I think she is nuts is some ways, ok, a lot of ways , at the same time , a lot of what she says makes sense and she has something… also excellent video with real hands on tools that any person can use to I certainly don’t drink her koolaid however I don’t completely write her off either, she has a lot of haters, if you want to see a somewhat lol normal interview with her, a Rick Archer from the amazing podcast series BATGAP, which stands for Buddha at the gas pump did an interview with her.

On another note, I was thinking about how someone posted about Kelly Anne Conway, and I was thinking how without her he could never have won, and some of the powerful women behind him and it just seems like a betrayal that women helped put this lunatic as next president, anyway,off to bed….


I am grateful you posted about Teal Swan. I’d never encountered her work. Its always a good to expose another con-person. She’s like spiritual porn.

Will you’re too funny, I think I feel a bit naughty for posting her, spiritual porn is a good term, she’s a bit fascinating and addictive lol, what a world we live in, very diverse to say the least, seriously though at one level she does make some sense, her weekly videos do anyway…
its all about the contrast remember, and boy have we gone through contrast this year, just finished watching the SNL posts from Nancy so at least am going to sleep smiling!!

I’ll take another look at some other clips. Maybe I’ll find something redeeming about Swan.

Ok Will, you should, some are good, but you’re probably better off looking at sam Harris, he’s a lot on my radar …..she a little , I try to find tidbits of wisdom everywhere , like in this blog which I am happy to have found.

I saw some pretty good escapist fantasy today – an appropriate thing to do to avoid the electoral college vote — La La Land, which has 7 Golden Globe nominations. I really didn’t expect to like it so was really surprised that it was so good…wonderful acting, directing, cinematography & music. (I know that someone else also recommended it here recently)…..and then, to come out and hear about the violence in the world today – so shocking, sad and surreal.

Mercury is now retrograde, tomorrow Saturn begins its transit of Donald’s south node, and I’m holding my breath for the 12/26 Jupiter/Uranus opposition.

Marc (Professor),

You wrote:

“Dear Nancy, Barb K. and other astrologers, Please respond to GianPaola DiCocco!”

GianPaola is a rather intense character with equally strong, argumentative pro Trump leanings. I seriously doubt he would be interested in engaging in a conversation with some of us intolerable liberals. Nevertheless, why don’t you invite him over here at Starlightnews for a chat and see what kind of response you get?

I thought it quite coincidental that Elizabeth Warren and Meryl Streep were born on the same day. I’ve just noticed that the chart for the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (which both Eliz. and Meryl’s natal Jupiter conjuncts) also holds a sextile between the Jupiter-Saturn (0+ Aquarius) conjunction and Juno (0+ Sagittarius) and that means the natal Sun’s of Meryl and Elizabeth will complete a Yod to that 2020 event.

Even more interesting is that the 2020 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (a cycle re: societal and cultural movement) happens when the transiting Sun will be at 0+ Capricorn (and conjunct Mercury at 1+ Capricorn). This means that the Yod created by Elizabeth and Meryl’s natal Sun is actually a Boomerang since the 2020 chart’s Sun is opposite their Suns.

Think of the possibilities!

Boomerangs give a Yod a specific focus, and, thanks to these 2 ladies, the focus will be on the 2020 Sun (consciousness) in Capricorn (structure) and that Sun will be semi-sextile both the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0+ Aquarius (which is where the natal Jupiter’s of Meryl and Elizabeth are) and Juno at 0+ Sagittarius.

To add further interest in these ladies’ future circumstances, they both have a natal Yod consisting of their natal Suns + their natal Uranus (surprise!) at 0+ Cancer that sextiles their natal Saturn at 1+ Virgo (conjunct their natal Ceres at 2+ Virgo) and those natal conjunctions that are in sextile to each other are also quincunx their natal Jupiter’s at 0+ Aquarius, which is where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place.

Therefore, these ladies are going to be activated themselves (I forgot to mention that their natal Mars at 8+ Gemini is conjunct their natal Mercury at 10+ Gemini, and conjunct the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini as well).

They also both have natal Sedna at 23+ Aries, conjunct their natal North Node and that is where transiting Mars will be, along with transiting Eris, 23+ Aries, at the time when the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins. Mars and Eris (and Elizabeth/Meryl natal Sedna’s) will square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn. Be still my heart.

Right now transiting Uranus (traveling in the 20-23 degree range of Aries himself, and in the company of Eris and Ceres to boot) is stirring up ideas in both of those lovely ladies’ heads. The gods and goddesses have not abandoned us. Not by a long shot. Brush up on your mythology and prepare for the end of the Patriarchy systems in this country. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Italy’s December 4 constitutional referendum failed.
Prime minister Matteo Renzi has resigned. Some believe that within a matter of months the Five Star Movement, aka “M5S” the second most powerful political force in Italy, will be in power and call for a referendum to leave the Euro and restore the Lira. That would purportedly seriously destabilize the Euro, i.e. create economic chaos. Perhaps this is one of the astrological stress points for Trump, the USA, and the world…coming up?

After exploring Teal Swan very skeptically, this video touched me deeply, as I have twin young adult Sons who are struggling though life and Teal’s response was most interesting: “My Son Committed Suicide” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7j4UBJw14M

Electorial vote:

Huffington Post is headlining this with one word: ‘Coup’….

Fake news perfection, that. Does anyone believe Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 3 million? She couldn’t fill a bathtub with her appearances while Trump had 10, 20, 30 thousand at arenas. Can the MSM fakers be reined in? I don’t mean by censorship.

MSM still has a hold…..meanwhile day 6 that I can’t call up OPEDNEWS here in France.

About the 21 billion drug industry on insulin in the US and the greed that drives costs from big pharma


Helen here you go:

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OpEdNews Op Eds 12/19/2016 at 15:59:29
Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story
By George Eliason Follow Me on Twitter Message George Eliason Permalink
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(image by GH) License DMCA Details
In the last few articles I described a soft coup . There is a strong inform and influence operation against the American people still going on. The big question today is whether Russia had any influence on the election.

In a few moments of lucidity, people hired by the originators of the operation weighed in. Their job was not only to destroy media opposing the Ukrainian coup, but weigh results. One of those results show the Democratic National Party hiring Russian propagandists and actors.

“It is entirely possible the DNC hired online trolls, regardless their geographic origin, to undermine the US President Elect, since their party is currently reeling from a crushing loss. Perhaps the DNC is hiring Russian trolls to wage guerilla warfare on Donald Trump’s nascent administration. I have no proof, so I put this in the form of a question.”- Joel Harding

In response, another senior wrote: “Perhaps we could stop telling the Kremlin their ops were so successful, when there is little evidence their activities did anything to affect the outcome, and now for something completely different. Good news . Russian propaganda is being ignored in the United States.”

We know by now that Alexandra Chalupa was the person in charge of the Democratic National Committee’s “ethnic outreach” efforts. According to Yahoo News, she was one of the 16 people that shaped the national election in 2016. In the Yahoo story journalist Michael Isikoff described her as a normal person that shaped history.

Alexandra Chalupa has been the voice behind saying Russia illegally interfered with the election. And according to her story, she was almost hacked repeatedly while researching Paul Manafort. The Democrats say this caused the Clinton defeat. No one explained why “researching” Paul Manafort, an American, would excite Russian attention.

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Strangely, every article about her neglects to mention that Chalupa and her family are not Democrats as suggested. Instead they are admitted ultra-nationalists bent on sending America to war with Russia by any means possible. And they are vocal about it.

None of the articles connect the fact that the Clinton loss is personal for the Chalupa family. At least 2 of them were going to the White House as advisors and cabinet members.

The many articles about Chalupa or a Russian influence on the election fail to mention the Chalupas admitted to violating federal law a couple of years ago. She was part of the leadership that overthrew a country the US was at peace with. If investigated, with admissions in hand, it could mean 25 years in a federal prison. Should someone tweet @realDonaldTrump?

The articles don’t touch on the fact that Alexandra Chalupa has almost instant access to “state sponsored actors” or hacktivists through Ukrainian propagandist Irena Chalupa. The Ukrainian emigres would do anything to get Hillary Clinton elected that starts a war with Russia. Do any of the articles state the Chalpupa family glorify Stepan Bandera, groups like Pravy Sektor or the murders of innocent civilians in Ukraine?

Both Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa started what was known as Digital Maidan in 2014. Andrea Chalupa is a writer, journalist, and producer in New York. Andrea helped launch online video for Conde’ Nast Portfolio and AOL Money & Finance.

– Advertisement –

Digital Maidan brought what turned out to be the Euro-Maidan coup in Ukraine worldwide. What they did was set up a means that millions of people could coordinate and lobby government officials around the world as well as raise money for the ensuing coup.

According to the Ukrainian Weekly, “Ukrainians and their supporters took to social media messaging service Twitter to digitally bombard subscribers with targeted messages to specific media and high-profile recipients, with Twitter “storms” occurring on January 20 and 27 worldwide. The effort, known as Digital Miadan, gained momentum following the initial Twitter storms. Leading the effort were: Lara Chelak, Andrea Chalupa, Alexandra Chalupa, Constatin Kostenko and others. The Digital Maidan also highlighted the Internet and social media as the most popular means for Ukraine’s citizens to get the latest news.”

The Digital Maidan was also how they raised money for the coup. This was how Ukrainian emigres bought the bullets that were used on Euromaidan. Ukraine’s chubby nazi, Dima Yarosh stated openly he was taking money from the Ukrainian emigres during Euromaidan and Pravy Sektor still fundraises openly in North America.

The “Sniper Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine by Dr. Ivan Katchanovski, University of Ottowa shows clearly detailed evidence how the massacre happened. It has Pravy Sektor confessions that show who created the “heavenly hundred.” Pravy Sektor snipers were shooting at people and police. This created conditions for the coup. This paper is taken serious academically and is currently evidence in a Ukrainian court sorting out what happened on Maidan.

It is ridiculous people won’t believe Clinton could have won the popular vote by nearly three million votes.

Even though all along it was acknowledged that trumps rallies were much larger, it was also continually said that trumps base would not be enough, a lot of voters don’t go to ralllies.

In the end the experts were proved wrong, we know now that Wikileaks, hacking, and the FBI tarnished hillary and many who might have voted for her didn’t, then there were the Bernie supporters , many of whom also didn’t. And truly we will never know if a voter machine hack also happened because it is way easier than one would think and absolutely could have been done with inside elector fraud.

Trump won by a tiny tiny margin in battleground states, period, no landslide, no mandate. The electoral system favored these battleground states and these were the ones that had more Trumps supporters. The nutty electoral system gives the winner all the votes, even in huge states like Florida.

You cant judge what happened by the cultlike crowds that Trump managed to gather and say this is an indication Hillary couldn’t have won the popular vote. And then there’s California, which his supporters would love to pretend doesn’t exist or shouldn’t exist

Of course Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million. Her margin in California alone, the biggest state in the country, was 30 points.

All the polls (or most) were showing her winning by a good margin – they couldn’t all be fake news.

Well, keep your eye on Drumpf and how his south node is doing under Saturn’s tutelage!

—and mercury’s retrograde, opposing the U.S.’s sun, and the Saturn transit of the U.S. mars


We had your access to OpEdNews blocked in the hopes you will cease generating false claims, insults to intelligence and being horrible.

There must be something more constructive for you to do in France than continue to stab and rip and stomp and otherwise continue to hate on Hillary Clinton; she lost the presidential race. You should be dancing in the streets.

We will be blocking your access to the entire Web if your sadism and cruelty persists. Next, you will go to bed without dinner. You will have your passport taken from you and you will no longer be allowed in the United States. And of course, you will be getting coal in your stockings this year. You see, Saint Nicholas voted for HRC and he is not at all pleased with your hate-mongering. Moreover, I just met with Baby Jesus and we agreed that in your next incarnation, you will be married to Hillary and you will devote yourself to her winning the offices of Master of the Universe and Omnipotent Being. She will own your soul, you mind and your body. Should be fun.

Happy chemtrails to you! Love you. Mean it!

Helen always seems to fits the divide and conquer meme by sowing seeds of discontent.
You guys said it yourselves before, genuine dems are too nice and play along with such nonsense and false arguments.
What a waste of Nancy’s bandwidth.

“In short, Democrats should learn the lesson Republicans have taught them: Don’t bring boxing gloves to a knife fight.

Never Normalize: Why Trump’s Presidency Is Illegitimate And How To Respond

I’ve been thinking deeply about the reason why Dems do not fight dirty and mean like the Rethugs and Trumpistas. The answer that comes up for me is that Centrists/Liberals/Progressives are, essentially, constitutionally incapable of being horrid maniacal assholes. That’s just not how we roll. And in spite of the wave of putrid populace vomit that “won” this election, the question is; if we ourselves employ dirty, hateful, mean-spirited tactics to put our candidates over-the-top, don’t we also run the very real risk of becoming just like the rabid Right? Do the ends justify the means or does being mean bring about our own end?

Just some passing thoughts.

Remember Kerry, over a hot mike, said about the Repubs, “What a bunch of crooks and liars;” hence, the website by that name!

I agree will. But I think the problem is more that dems tend to ‘follow’ the conversation because they believe in consensus decisions, believing that the other is an honest broker. The fact is that you cannot negotiate in good faith with an entity that believes in my way or the highway, so why try?
Like dealing with someone who is passive aggressive, timing of what you say, and strategy of how subjects are framed is really important. And to do that first, all non trumpers must agree on a strategy going forward instead of continuing to snipe and waste energy on side issues. United we stand, divided we fall.
Playing good poker does not mean that you lie outright, it means you don’t show the other player your cards before you’ve got a winning hand.

Sharon, I remember Colin Powell saying something to that effect way way way back when he was SOS. He was in Jordan, I think it was just before or just after the Iraq war – I had the distinct impression that Powell knew he’d been ‘played’ The faux news commentator was so ignorant he did not know who the king of Jordan was, and was blathering on wondering why he was speaking instead of Powell – they must have had powell wired and ready to go. Of course the live moment was soon scrubbed, never to be heard from again.

The Republicans plan tax changes to the employer-based health insurance market, in addition to their proposed repeal of the ACA. I think if their plans are enacted in their current form, the Republicans will destabilize both markets to roughly coincide with Uranus in Taurus in the US 6th house. For more info: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/healthcare/reports/2016/08/01/141954/house-gop-proposals-would-make-health-coverage-less-secure-for-all-americans-2/

Kiwi, Will & Sharon K…There must be a way we can win without resorting to their tactics. I think the solution is being smarter than smart which is how Obama won and…being resolute meaning not dropping the ball and counting chickens before they are hatched…Michigan.

As for HRC, she ran valiantly and has my utmost respect. She won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, no mean feat, and I hope she takes comfort from that.

I agree that playing dirty is not how we roll, but seems like some dems don’t recognize power tactics and thuggishness when we see them. I thought Obama didn’t (doesn’t?) recognize the truth about the Rethugs. And power is what they are all about.

I had another sleepless night after reading articles about Trump keeping his strongarm bodyguards when he’s president, and another item about how otherwise decent people try to accommodate to bad guys. I keep thinking how similar this is to Hitler’s rise. Now Trump has his Brownshirts. As for Trump’s lack of popular support–Hitler took power although his supporters were in the minority. So did Lenin. Does anyone have any points to make that would indicate that we are NOT headed for a horrible dictatorship?

On the other hand, it seems like Trump and the Republicans in Congress will clash with each other. Who is going to lead who around by the nose? Maybe the Repugs will dominate and run the dictatorship.

It’s interesting to me to read about Elizabeth Warren and Meryl Streep’s planets. I share a lot of them, being 5 days older (6/17/49, at about 1:25 am).

I still think a key strategy to becoming victorious in the trump era is to focus on local govt wherever you are and strengthen goodness and fairness – to lay an ‘attitude foundation’ for building upon in the post trump years.
The resistance movement was successful during the Hitler era because they operated locally, had secure communications to other like minded groups, and stayed under the radar.


“Playing good poker does not mean that you lie outright, it means you don’t show the other player your cards before you’ve got a winning hand.”

I agree in principle, but not showing your cards is probably nearly impossible because the cards are all necessarily vaunted in campaigning prose, platforms and policies. We must remember that the vast consensus from Camp Hillary, Camp Trump and Camp Main-Stream-Media was that Dirigible Donald would not prevail. But Trump was wily enough to wear that redneck baseball cap and indefatigably hammer away with his bald-face con which wildly-energized his populist rallies, and bullshitting the misbegotten into believing his empty promises. Then we had Comey’s comet hit just a week or so before the election and it proved to be the proverbial straw that broke the [Donkey’s] back.

Regarding divisiveness in the parties; the Rethugs appeared to be facing virtual extinction for much of the campaign – certainly seemingly more so than the Dems.

Some of the time, Evil prevails. It just seemed destined to do so in this election.

We did the best we could for 8 years. I think we just have to hang back a bit and let this nightmare unfold and wait until the lies and empty promises become painfully-apparent to the peeps who bought into them. Unfortunately, we will have to suffer along with them.

My thoughts….

Mercury retro is surely in play. My last post went into “moderation” mode.

In the meantime, a sacred Solstice to all tomorrow. And remember, the daylight starts to get longer after December 21. Gotta love those cardinal degrees.

Brilliant Pat Thurston is on KGO now. She’ll knock your socks off! LIsten Live: http://streema.com/radios/KGO_AM_810_Newstalk_Radio?gclid=CJHUoJudjc4CFQJufgodDjYHpg

Will, As Will Rogers once said: “I’m not part of any organized political party. I am a Democrat” I do wish we could be a little more enthusiastic! But listen to Pat Thurston on now, if only she was National, like Rush Limbaugh…we could wake up so many more potential voters. We are not reaching American people!

My take on what will happen, for what it’s worth. There are certain universal truths…Newton’s 3rd law..what goes up must come down & for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Put that together with..it’s way past time for Karma to give that RUMP a big fat kick in his posterior combined with the Con’s fatal flaw…always overreaching… and I believe we will see what happened to Bush repeated, an unraveling of his entire administration and business organization. It’s really a matter of when not if.

It’s a one thin mint too many scenario (Monty Python reference)

M., I agree. I have zero doubt Trump will be far and away the worst president in U.S. history. i just hope our country and the world can withstand it.

BTW, Saturn is the planet of karma, correct? 🙂


Re: IMV all the reasons you listed but I blame the devil/corporate/media who put out the message over and over that Hillary was going to win the election and for many people that was the motivator flipping the election to Trump in order to deny the MSM/media its ‘power’ … 2016 was taking back sense of personal power by striking back at the Hillary win media message….and

Trump pulled people into his ‘Adult Opposition Defiance Disorder’ spiraling vortex..

further the Martin Sheen et all plus participating citizens vs the Trump stormtroopers calling all the Republican electoral college voters to intimidate them was a no-go…..

Trump stormtrooper threats sheepled the electoral college….

Very, very Strange Bedfellows:
Sam Bee and Glen Beck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuSDfVRGI54

Yes. PYW, as I understand it Saturn is the Lord of Karma.

Happy Solstice Everyone! Have a cool yule xxx


Trump National Security Adviser Met With Leader Of Party Founded By Nazis

“This is not just any opposition party: It is one with Nazi sympathies,” a former state department official said.


Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (R) announced criminal charges Tuesday against four former Flint officials as part of an investigation into the city’s lead-tainted water scandal. The move brought the total number of people facing charges to 13.


Not sure if this has been posted before – by Louis Acker:
An Astrological Analysis of the Next 12 Years – The Astrology of the Change-over Years 2013 through 2027
noteworthy beginning 2018-19 “Uranus in Taurus will be a time of massive worldwide change in financial systems. After the collapse of the current global banking system, there will be many new experiments in how financial systems are run.”

The Astrology of the US horoscope for 2016 and beyond. Long article

Excerpt from article “DO NOT LOSE HEART! —

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good. What is needed for dramatic change is an accumulation of acts, adding, adding to, adding more, continuing. We know that it does not take “everyone on Earth” to bring justice and peace, but only a small, determined group who will not give up during the first, second, or hundredth gale.

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these – to be fierce and to show mercy toward others, both, are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do. ”



McCrory political enterprise –
North Carolina Coup


Pat McCrory (hate/hurt/GOP)

Natal Quaoar 14 Libra
US Sibly Saturn 14 Libra


Natal Sun 24 Libra
2016 Solar Arc Sun 24 Sagittarius

DOB 10.17.1956, Columbus OH

Natal Mars 13 Pisces (instinctual motivation)


Natal Venus 13 Virgo (connects in society)


Grand Fire Trine

N/N.Node 29 Scorpio
Natal Saturn 00 Sagittarius


Natal Moon 00 Aries (noon moon)


Natal Uranus 06 Leo


Natal Pluto 29 Leo
Natal Zeus 00 Virgo



Natal Moon 00 Aries (apex
Natal Zeus 00 Leo (n/pl 29le)
Natal 24 Libra (Natal NEPTUNE 29 Libra)

continued = North Carolina Coup

Natal Sedna 24 Aries

2016 Solar Arc Sun 24 Sagittarius


Sextile Kite


N/Lilith 04 Gemini
N/Chaos 04 Aries
N/Uranus 06 Leo


N/Saturn 00 Sagittarius


Under political pressure, Kuwait cancels major event at Four Seasons, switches to Trump’s D.C. hotel.

angellight – love it!

alex, interesting. I wonder how/if the 4 seasons might respond legally?

Joe Conason, in reference to Trump lawsuits, just said, “The sky is black with chickens coming home to roost.”

Joe Conason

Trump’s Broken Promise Will Doom Thousands Of His Voters



Trump’s cabinet appointees and his allies in Congress plan ruinous changes to those programs. And that will mean ruin, and in thousands of cases death, for the mostly white and working class people who depend so heavily on them.

Thank you Angellight, I feel so down.
“Trump children backpedal on charity events amid concerns over selling access”
‘Trump brothers walked back Ivanka coffee date auction and chance to meet president-elect as ethics experts say first families are dissuaded from fundraising’:

PROVE IT! (excellent)

I wish this blog had threads so I could comment directly to those asking about triangles. If you meditate or can learn to meditate, Triangles is a way to visualize and bring into being a network of spiritual energy. It is called Triangles because it takes 3 people who dedicate a regular daily time to engage in this meditation. Energy follows thought. Those of us who work with triangles are always seeking others of like mind and heart to form new triangles with or to let them know this exists.


trump’s Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 160°09′ was charged by the September 1 solar eclipse at 160°56′. It will be triggered by the February 26 solar eclipse at 339°50′. The February eclipse has Mars conjunct Uranus both in exact square to eclipse Pluto. Progressing the Sibly chart to eclipse time in Washington has that Pluto on its MC which is squared by that Mars/Uranus conjunction. Timing the eclipse in right ascension yields 299°10′ on the MC which holds Sibly Pluto at 300°18′.

Something on trump’s watch is going to go wrong just 5 weeks in to it.


I don’t know




alex, great cartoon – pretty much nails it.


Trump’s new budget director gave a speech to the John Birch Society just six months ago

By Hunter
Tuesday Dec 20, 2016 · 8:15 AM PST

Robert Reich: Like a Tyrant, Trump Is Deploying Seven Techniques to Control the Media

Democracy Now
Dec 20, 2016

Today marks the 146th day since Donald Trump last held a news conference. As the Electoral College backs Trump, we speak to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, now a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. “Democracy depends on a free and independent press, which is why all tyrants try to squelch it,” Reich recently wrote. “They use seven techniques that, worryingly, President-elect Donald Trump already employs.” We speak to Reich, who discusses how Trump uses seven techniques to control the media.



So, this is a little bit sentimental……
A couple days ago I was watching the hilarious carpool karaoke, first with madonna then with lady Gaga, and one song with lady Gaga called ‘A million reasons’, I loved so, so I downloaded her new album from Apple Music. I am not even a fan per se , but this new album is something, well some of the songs anyway, I dare anyone who might have a loved one not to listen to the song she wrote for her Aunt called Joanne which is the name of the song to not be moved to tears! Anyway, I digress!

Ever since downloading, I fell in love with this song called ‘angel down ‘ which just literally touched my soul to the core, you know how some songs can just do that. So I have been playing this song a lot, my sons and husband also loved it immediately, anyway yesterday I looked it up and found out that lady Gaga had written it for trayvorn Martin, so that touched me even more !

After what Will wrote today about democrats and the difference in thinking between republicans and, well, I can’t say it here like he did, but it was really touching because he was basically saying that there are certain things we as humans can’t and won’t stoop to, in other words when they go low we go high!

So, I was thinking about all of this and wanted to share the song with you all, so I went to find a YouTube link, unbeknownst to me, maybe not to you all, I see Lady Gaga did this song at a Hillary rally, instead of the words ‘where are our leaders’, she changes it to ‘vote for our leader’. She says we can’t let them win! It’s kind of painful to watch now that we know the outcome.

But I still wanted to share because on this solstice, the longest night , with the light about to take over the dark, I thought it was an especially powerful message , we can’t ever give up and we must be believers. It breaks my heart with all the angels down in Aleppo and in the last few days in Europe and now Mexico.

Anyway, happy winter solstice everyone , NAMASTE!

“I’ve been thinking deeply about the reason why Dems do not fight dirty and mean like the Rethugs and Trumpistas.”

I too have thought deeply about this issue for the past several decades. I largely agree with you that MOST Centrists/Liberals/Progressives are
constitutionally incapable of being horrid, maniacal, callous, heartless predators. But I think the question might be rephrased as why are “normal” people “normal?” Maybe it is better to reverse the question. Why are the R’s & T’s more disposed to all this bad behavior?

Firstly, if my mental health experience means anything, i.e. through the counseling work and the 100’s if not 1000’s of admits I’ve done in psychiatric hospitals, + the many interviews and investigations I’ve done as a criminal investigator, I’ve come to observe that statistically and generally, folks with rigid, fundamentalist (religious and/or political) type beliefs are more prone to trouble than the rest of us.

That’s not to say that Centrists/Liberals/Progressives, don’t have problems, (Aren’t we all depressed right now?) but we seem less prone to mental and behavioral problems than our more reactionary (it is not accurate to call them conservative) brethren. I think the reason for this is they suffer a far more painful, albeit unconscious existential dilemma than most of the rest of us. They tend to find their sense of meaning within their pseudo-conservative, reactionary religious and/or political beliefs. Those beliefs with a few exceptions, are almost always in conflict with modernity and reality. Modernity and reality just don’t quit. It’s in their face 24/7. This goes back to what I posted a few days ago, about cognitive dissonance.

Reactionaries hold more rigidly to their belief systems because they have to. They need to maintain their sense of meaning, and avoid cognitive dissonance. But the strategy is only partially successful. Cognitive dissonance occurs whether they seek to hide from it or not, and if experienced for a sufficiently long period, drives many to verbal and/or physical violence.

We Centrists/Liberals/Progressives are psychologically different. We are less prone to fear, are comfortable with complexity, and tend to be more optimistic. More importantly, we are inclined to find our sense of meaning and spirituality in more flexible contexts. I think we are unlikely to become “just like the rabid Right” as long as we do not engage in any ideological idolatry, pursue our goals pragmatically, and with the same passion as our opposition. We nevertheless, have to punish the opposition severely for any cheating, in order to be taken seriously.

Sadly, if Trump’s picks for his cabinet are an indication, we are in serious trouble. I believe he intends on dictatorship, and will gradually escalate the enforcement of his will through violence. And the clock is ticking.

Meanwhile, our side has dealt with Republican bullying, pretty ineffectively. The game is one in which we have no experience. We are newbies against professionals. But usually, such fascistic predators as these eventually underestimate their opposition, misinterpret reasonable, courteous, democratic behavior as weakness, and resort to some kind, of overt violence. Ultimately, they overextend themselves and force the Centrists/Liberals/Progressives to return that violence to survive. Sometimes we lose. Sometimes we win.

During the “Texas Revolution” what is now Texas, plus 5 other Mexican states revolted against Santa Ana when he revoked the constitution and assumed dictatorial powers. Those other 5 Mexican states were defeated, and Texas barely prevailed.

And we all know what happened in WWII. Our peace-loving Centrist/Liberal/Progressive forbears learned the folly of outright pacifism and isolationism. We (the Allies) were forced into violent self-defense against serious threats, i.e. against those on the very lowest levels of ethical maturity (as envisioned by Lawrence Kohlberg.)

Unless we find a way to defeat them “our way,” likely through extremely frequent, incessant, and intense lawyering, before they turn to overt, violent suppression, we ….like our WWII era parents and relatives, will face similar choices, but within our homeland. And if I read these folks correctly, I don’t think they will stop until they are either in jail, or dead. I cannot tell you how deeply these prospects sadden me.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born, and a time to die…..
Let us work and hope it does not come to that.

Wow, Jerry, Everyone should view Robert Reich’s Interview! We must Nip Trumps Tyrant Qualities in the bud!
“Robert Reich: Like a Tyrant, Trump Is Deploying Seven Techniques to Control the Media”: https://democracynow.org/2016/1/20/robert_reich_like_a_tyrant_trump

Sorry: https://democracynow.org/2016/12/20/robert_reich_like_a_tyrant_trump

In doing progressions 99.99999999999999999999999999999999 % use solar arc or Naibod rate to progress the angles. That is ok if you want to get an idea of how things fit on a yearly basis but if you want to see what is happening on a daily basis you must use Mean Quotidian angles and with that I choose the Q2 rate. That progresses the MC about 1 degree per day and yields the 289°27′ MC for the progressed Sibly chart at the White House that hits the Feb 26 solar eclipse Pluto at 290°08′ and is squared by eclipse Mars at 20°05 and Uranus at 20°33′.

If located in it’s home in Philadelphia the progressed Sibly MC sweeps transit Pluto which is squared by transit Uranus on the 25th that square then triggered on the 26th by transiting Mars. Progressing trump’s chart in DC the same way has his progressed Moon/Saturn midpoint on the progressed Asc in the evening of the 26th. But, I expect that trump will try to bury reality and attempt to justify the situation with his usual bluster. Don’t let the media help him.

If we can have no success in obtaining government of, by, and for the people, from the Congress, we must hurt them and their supporters by massive, enduring boycotts, hitting them where they will feel it. In the wallet. Purchase less, buy, cheap, buy off brands, buy used, roadside and farmers markets, second-hand stores because they are local. Use the VA, free clinics, barter what you can at every opportunity. Doing these things will expand your circle of friends or acquaintances, perhaps help to form or expand coalitions.

If jobs are lost because of such practices it must be broadcast on every social media that they are being used because the Congress is not doing the people’s business. Keep the Congress in the crosshairs of future elections and broadcast that what happened in 2016’s election can happen in any or all future elections at every level of government to get rid of self-centered, self serving, members. We can and we will take back our country by restoring fair and representative government. Step by step, election by election. Upcoming astrological aspects are showing dissonance, power struggles, change, and a rough road for trump and his band of thieves.

Slowly we turn.


barbk – Who. Who. Who.

I don’t know is on third.


In doing progressions 99.99999999999999999999999999999999 % use solar arc or Naibod rate to progress the angles. That is ok if you want to get an idea of how things fit on a yearly basis but if you want to see what is happening on a daily basis you must use Mean Quotidian angles and with that I choose the Q2 rate. That progresses the MC about 1 degree per day and yields the 289°27′ MC for the progressed Sibly chart at the White House that hits the Feb 26 solar eclipse Pluto at 290°08′ and is squared by eclipse Mars at 20°05 and Uranus at 20°33′.

If located in it’s home in Philadelphia the progressed Sibly MC sweeps transit Pluto which is squared by transit Uranus on the 25th that square then triggered on the 26th by transiting Mars. Progressing trump’s chart in DC the same way has his progressed Moon/Saturn midpoint on the progressed Asc in the evening of the 26th. But, I expect that trump will try to bury reality and attempt to justify the situation with his usual bluster. Don’t let the media help him.

If we can have no success in obtaining government of, by, and for the people, from the Congress, we must hurt them and their supporters by massive, enduring boycotts, hitting them where they will feel it. In the wallet. Purchase less, buy, cheap, buy off brands, buy used, roadside and farmers markets, second-hand stores because they are local. Use the VA, free clinics, barter what you can at every opportunity. Doing these things will expand your circle of friends or acquaintances, perhaps help to form or expand coalitions.

If jobs are lost because of such practices it must be broadcast on every social media that they are being used because the Congress is not doing the people’s business. Keep the Congress in the crosshairs of future elections and broadcast that what happened in 2016’s election can happen in any or all future elections at every level of government to get rid of self-centered, self serving, members. We can and we will take back our country by restoring fair and representative government. Step by step, election by election. Upcoming astrological aspects are showing dissonance, power struggles, change, and a rough road for trump and his band of thieves.

Slowly we turn.


barbk – Who. Who. Who.

I don’t know is on third.

Eliseo, that was truly profound and beautiful, thank you

Welcome to the new America where division, hatred, separation, ambivalence and apathy is rearing its ugly head…



Patty: You are welcome. I was down and then I began to intensify my spiritual life and dedication and am feeling much more positive. We have to give more love to overcome these divisive energies. Energy follows thought.

Kiwi: Glad you liked it. I thought it inspiring and something we could all use here.

I too thought it was so inspiring, I set it to my very special, spiritual Aunt, I will reread and reread, thank you for posting.

Prof. Bertonasco, BarbK:
GianPaolo DiCocco used the progressed charts of both Trump and Clinton to predict the election’s outcome. The guy is quite colorful, but extremely thorough in his astrological explanations. He also used the Libra ingress chart. Mr. DiCocco used Clinton’s 8:02 am chart and also gave an explanation on why it’is the most relevant chart for her in one of his videos. If you can get past the often amusing and always super-confident personality, you will find yourself schooled by his use of progression astrology. Just amazing. He used 2 books as reference: Delineation of Progressions by Sophia Mason, and The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills.

Eliseo, I loved your very thought provoking piece on why “Centrists/Liberals/Progressives are less capable of being heartless as is our American RightWing.
I think you should send that into HuffingtonPost, they would print it!

I agree I think it would be printed, its actually brilliant Eliseo

If Hillary actually had the most popular votes for a candidate who was not handed a electorial college victory, how do you account for the Democrat’s sweeping losses in state governments?


You appear to be adding apples to oranges and getting a minus number.

Patty & Diana,
Thank You for your kind words.
I’m considering it.
I’d have to tweak it a bit and I don’t know their guidelines or how to submit it. But I’m mulling it over.

Happy Solstice, Christmas and New Year Everyone………give that extra hug to someone and let’s try and make the world a better place.

Helen, go spout your hate sites somewhere else.

Your link above from ‘dailykenn’ is, among other questionable things, the originator of Kenn’s laws which follow along these lines
Kens Law#123 Fear of Islam is not a phobia. However the irrational fear of a virtually non existant Ku Klux Klan is a phobia. There is no islamaphobia. There is Klanophobia.
Kens law#111 The news about fake news is fake news.
Kens law #83 Its time for a president who doesn’t act presidential.

Robert Reich
22 mins ·

“The sleaze has already begun. A new organization led by Donald Trump’s sons called the “Opening Day Foundation” is offering access to the new President Trump during inauguration weekend — in exchange for million-dollar donations. The donations will go to unnamed “conservation” charities. Prospective donors to the “Opening Day 2017” event on Jan. 21, the day after inauguration, will receive a “private reception and photo opportunity for 16 guests with President Donald J. Trump,” a “multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for 4 guests with Donald Trump, Jr. and/or Eric Trump, and team,” as well as tickets to other events and “autographed guitars by an Opening Day 2017 performer.”

The “Opening Day Foundation” was created less than a week ago, on Dec. 14. Such nonprofits aren’t required by law to reveal their donors, allowing sponsors to write seven-figure checks for access to the president while staying anonymous, if they choose.

Fasten your seat belts. This is just the start. Beginning in 30 days, the money will flow unabated. Everything’s for sale. It’s the art of the deal.”

makes the Clinton Foundation supposed ‘misdeeds’ look like child’s play


the week ahead from Ralfee Finn

Happy Solstice Everyone! Wishing all a safe and loving Holiday Season.

~ Rose Marcus

Saturn in Sagittarius holds tight to its justification, conviction, sense of rightness, and its sense of righteous indignation.

This planetary influence is not above presenting a one-sided and/or distorted version of the truth to stack its end game.

Saturn in Sagittarius is an archetype of the hunt and the hunted; the repression or distortion of facts; lack of forthcoming and its consequences; the necessity of truth; truth as a priority, truth as a requirement.

~ per Jude Cowell

One astrological factor in the US natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 which relates to the exploitation and oppression of the American people is the plutocratic Pluto-Chiron duo with its midpoint conjoining US natal Ceres (grains, food supply, security needs…) @8Pisces, the position of the upcoming Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017



Chironite, thank you. These days astrologers often specialize in a particular branch of the art they have an affinity for and that’s great for everyone. Not only can we learn from others who are well versed in their specialty, but because there are so many diverse paths to follow in astrology, some apparently are more revealing of specific outcomes.

This gentleman appears to have found the key to forecasting election outcomes through progressions! I’m intrigued by his use of (what I will assume is) Jupiter’s ingress into Libra. That was a very exciting chart (Sept. 9, 2016) what with its Sun square Moon and Sun sextile Vesta, its Mercury opposite Chiron and its Saturn square Neptune, all while half-way between 2 eclipses. I would hope to get an opportunity to read something by Mr. DiCocco.

While I’m drawn (at this time) to cyclical patterns that interact with one another, I can’t draw conclusions so much as I can perceive patterns and sometimes even the goals of those patterns.

For example the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start reveals a pattern suggesting a challenge in general (as in the whole world) but could also possibly be a leg-up for the U.S. That would be the 2020 chart’s opposition between Neptune (18+ Pisces) and Vesta (18+ Virgo) crisscrossed with the North and South Nodes (19+ Gemini/Sagittarius) which altogether is called a grand cross.

The U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus will trine the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Vesta in Virgo and sextile its Neptune in Pisces. Elizabeth Warren and Meryl Streep have natal Venus at 18+ Cancer which harmonizes with both the U.S. Vesta and the 2020 chart’s Neptune-opposite-Vesta. This pattern, IMO, has overtones of values, investments and a disenchantment with deception.

Right now transiting Saturn is in the region of where the South Node will be at the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020; right now we could be getting a taste of what that grand cross implies will be released come 2020 and beyond. (Trump’s Moon and South Node are at 20 Sagittarius)


Mitch McConnell (hate/hurt/GOP)

The Republican senator from Kentucky pulled off some of the shrewdest political feats of the year by making bold bets aimed at benefitting himself and his party.

His biggest coup was preventing President Barack Obama from filling a Supreme Court vacancy and reshaping the judiciary for a generation.

The plan was hatched literally an hour after Justice Antonin Scalia died in February, with McConnell announcing he would block any Obama replacement an unprecedented level of obstruction aimed at a sitting president.

“All these guys are ruthless, but he just takes it to another level,” said Jim Manley, a former top aide to McConnell’s foe, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

“I defy you to find anything the guy stands for, except for partisanship. He’s ruthless in that he has no core positions.”

McConnell didn’t suddenly become shrewd when he became Senate majority leader. As Alec MacGillis, a senior editor at New Republic, details in his 2014 book, The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell, McConnell has spent decades doing whatever it takes to keep his grip on power.


Dear Helen, such a beautiful sounding name you have…but why do you constantly send out such negativity? The link stated ‘For Trump Voters’ why would you post it here? Out of Hate/Spite?


What’s been passing through your chemtrails?

What is the point of your Hillary-hating? She didn’t win the election; she failed to get the needed Electoral votes – but she did get almost 3M more certified votes in the United States. Why isn’t that enough for you? Do you hate all women? Do you have unresolved issues with your mother or a sister? What is the essence of the ax you seem insistent upon grinding here?

PS – You-Tube citations are very rarely legitimate unless it is a clip of a well-vetted news source.

I might have to reach through the screen and unplug your computer. Don’t make me come through there.


Thank you for your well-thought-out points.

I agree that that the Rethug/Tea Parties are comprised of deeply-fear-based individuals. I also agree that this is the underpinning for their white-knuckle vice-grip on their rigidly-held values/beliefs.
I acknowledge their fear and that it is largely unconscious – but retain that it is irrational. I have come to believe that there is a very thin-membrane between one willfully-ignoring facts a.k.a. ignorance and one being essentially evil. The only hope we have to grow and evolve as human beings is to become aware; awareness requires us to bring that which is unconscious into the light and critical discernment of the conscious realm. This requires effort. I happen to believe that ignorance and evil tend to languish in a fundamental form of laziness; not making the effort to choose between black and white alternatives – failing to consider the many perfectly valid and varied gradations between black and white.

I am tired of will-fully ignorant people. They make hell for the rest of us.

My thoughts.

It would be interesting to delve into McConnell’s astro transits for the next few years since he has become such a pivotal figure going forward.
I wonder what would happen if Trump manages to piss off what little integrity he has left?
Came across this old article regarding his natal tendencies, based on noon chart.
I look forward to seeing your collective astrological comments

Perhaps Helen is a professional troll and perhaps simply ignore would be the most effective means of dealing with this. Some people get a hit/high out of causing anger and dissension.


Of course you are right. Sometimes I just can’t seem to help myself.

Let me also take this time to also wish in advance all of you here a joyous Noel and a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year. Keep the faith and let’s create a world of health, love & peace….Sharon

Hi GianPaolo DiCocco/ Chironite,

Re: Your Dec 21st/ 1:03 pm post

Judging by the high accolades for Mr. GianPaulo and your style of writing, one can only assume this is in fact you – GianPaolo (incognito).

I don’t fault your knowledge of astrology nor skills; which by the way, I happen to think is quite good. What is objectionable and a sad waste of talent is your intense need for public recognition complimented only by an even more bizarre admiration for Donald Trump. Donald Trump, to all accounts is a clinically described psychopath who will within a very short order of time after becoming President, due to a well documented acute attention deficit disorder and askewed judgment will inevitably land our country and the world at large into a world war.

Dr. Deepak Chopra describes Trump as an emotional three year old who thinks with his penis. I tend to think that assessment is fairly accurate……

Deepak Chopra Breaks Down Everything That’s Spiritually Wrong With Donald Trump


Anyway, word on the street has it, the December 26th date (the Jupiter – Uranus opposition) could manifest in the form of a series of terror attacks on US soil, with President elect Donald Trump being a primary target. This is due to Saturn’s exact conjunction to Donald’s South Node on this day in precise sextile/ trine to the Ur – Ju opp. Tr. Mars will serve as a catalyst with its exact semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to the Ur – Ju opp.

I guess I think of McConnell as a tool (like Trump) in that the Universe needs him to bring about certain situations. I’m not at all sympathetic to the guy (I live in Kentucky); he infuriates me. Still, astrology illuminates his connections to the U.S.

McConnell’s Black Moon Lilith at 8+ Gemini is conjunct the U.S. Uranus. His natal retrograde Huya (Rainmaker) is conjunct the U.S. natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

Opposite his natal Mars and Saturn in Taurus is natal Juno and Iris in Scorpio. More on that further down His natal retrograde Orcus is conjunct the U.S. (Sibly) chart descendant at 12+ Gemini. Here is what Jeremy Neal says about Orcus in an article for Mt. Astrologer . . .

“For an Orcus primer, it’s key to understand that Orcus is a Hadean archetype, and, along side Ixion and Pluto, completes a trinity of mostly unconscious, often challenging drives and compulsions, which, through their deteriorating influence on our human condition, gradually help to bring us to self-awareness.”

His natal asteroid Sappho the Empath is conjunct the U.S. Chiron at 20+ Aries. Demetra George in her book (Asteroid Goddesses) says “The Sappho personality is characterized by a high degree of aesthetic refinement and romantic sensitivity.” (Who knew!)

McConnell’s natal Icarus (flew too high) is conjunct his natal Mercury at 11+ Aquarius and that puts him in touch with the outer planets at this time. I’m serious. In their present signs, transiting Pluto, Uranus and Neptune all have a potent representative occupying 11+ Aquarius in their ingress charts (2nd pass). This is probably the biggest reason I believe he is a tool of the Universe.

I also believe his usefulness as a tool is important now because his natal Saturn is exactly conjunct the starting degree of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, 22+ Taurus. McConnell’s Mars at 21+ Taurus reiterates this notion of mine. When this cycle is over in 2020, his usefulness will have been spent.

His natal Ceres is at 20+ Aquarius. That is where Uranus was in the chart for the Jupiter Saturn cycle and where the U.S. Progressed Mercury is too. In the chart for the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start at 22+ Taurus – where the McConnell Saturn/Mars is, it is squared by Uranus, where McConnell’s Ceres is, and where the U.S. Progressed Mercury is too. He fuels that cycle’s Uranus purpose as well as fomenting the Progressed U.S. Mercury’s station direct at this time.

There is also McConnell’s natal Moon in Taurus which likely forms a T-square to his natal Venus (5+ Aquarius) and Pluto (4+ Leo) which are aligned with the U.S. North (6+ Leo) and South (6+ Aquarius) nodes.

Transiting Centaur Nessus has been in a conjunction with McConnell’s natal Sun for more than a year, maybe 2 years even, and if you are familiar with that mythology then you can imagine that it has contributed to his uncooperative behavior. It is moving away now so that might explain his changing attitude more than his love of Trump.

Oddly, his natal asteroid House is conjunct the U.S. natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

It seems that in story-telling, villains are always present in order for the heroes to overcome them. They are the foil that holds the fair maiden hostage. We must wait to see who will serve as hero in this tale of villainy; surely there will be a happy ending.

Correct link for Orcus info. . .

(Mercury rx)


Re: McConnell

what points to his ‘ruthlessness’

VIDEO – Trump’s chart between now and the inauguration by astrologer Maxine Taylor:


BTW – rumor has it that Maxine Taylor will have own MSNBC segment on Rachel Maddow?. Has astrology gone mainstream?



Takeover of the billionaire class -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij-yz_fqRaU

What things in a chart denote ruthlessness?

The most obvious one is any Mars-Pluto aspect.

Sue Tomkin’s book mentions a strong emphasis on Aquarius-Scorpio fixed square.

Carter says there may be a dislike of the human race.

Certainly, the Aquarius-Scorpio person tends to be cynical about people’s motives.

This fixed combination will often produce the strongest ideas and feelings and very deepest convictions…

It can also be a ruthless, cold and revolutionary combination.

It is to be found in the individual who wants to transform the world whether for good or ill.

continued – ruthlessness

aquarius square scorpio

Natal Mitch McConnell

Aquarius square Scorpio

Natal Ceres 20 Aquarius (ME11AQ, VE05AQ)


Natal Juno 22 Scorpio


Fixed Grand Cross (world stage)

Natal Saturn 22 Taurus
Natal Chiron 10 Leo (N/DK Lilith 20LE Obama)
Natal Juneo 22 Scorpio
Natal Ceres 20 Aquarius

M – I’m authentic and perhaps you wou might pick up on the fact this crowd is unique. Never questioning MSM – one of few places left where the Stanford findings showing Bernie won the DNC primary if it weren’t for election discrepancies – all roundly refuted by those here.. Surely you don’t believe SNOPES over Stanford???

Did you know that 94 senators said NOTHING about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests? Oh, make that 93 – Senator Warren finally did. What about Obama and his justice department calling off the dogs? Now, imagine this scenerio under Trump. Outrage, right? Finally something to wake up the sleephead Dems!

Is Greenwald a troll for saying this? ‘Glenn Greenwald Slams Democrats for Attacks on Anyone Skeptical of CIA Russia Assessment’


There WERE a number of people here with differing viewpoints, but perhaps they prefered a dialogue and not a label like ‘troll’. People here are comfortably nestled in their MSM bubble, not understanding why Obama was pushing for TPP, believing regime change was bringing security to the USA, while in fact it triggered Vietnams all over the Middle East with the resulting European migrant crisis.


Thank You for your eloquent response. You make some very excellent points!

“I have come to believe that there is a very thin-membrane between one willfully-ignoring facts a.k.a. ignorance and one being essentially evil.”

“I happen to believe that ignorance and evil tend to languish in a fundamental form of laziness;”

“I am tired of will-fully ignorant people. They make hell for the rest of us.”

Will, I feel the same way. My old priest and mentor was a member of the Theosophical Society. His Christianity was therefore very Dharmic in outlook. He used to say the greatest sin was ignorance. I would amend that with my personal thought that the greatest sin is “willful ignorance.” And the moral laziness you spoke of seems to fit together pretty well with willful ignorance.

I’m not certain how to interpret this astrologically, but this generation of R’s in power is very different from many previous. Back in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s many R’s may have been misguided but were generally prudent and rational. Most importantly, perhaps as a result of their experience of the Depression and WWII, they saw the larger picture. They saw how all things are connected. The wisest servants among them were aware of their ultimate and cosmic insignificance.

But today’s R’s seem to me to be consumed by self-centeredness and greed. Greed…….not just an emotion or extreme desire. I would classify it as a process addiction. And nothing binds or blinds like addiction. Why the intellectual dishonesty re: climate change? It’s not in the interest of their corporate masters. I think we’d agree that’s pretty obvious.

I also trace their self-serving philosophy back to John Calvin. So called “modern” conservative philosophy is IMHO just some warmed over Calvinism in political and economic clothing. In Calvinism, “the surest sign of the favor of God is prosperity.” The unspoken logical corollary would therefore be “the surest sign of the disfavor of God would be poverty.”

Political/Economic translation: “Why should we help the poor? God doesn’t like them and they are bound for Hell anyway.”

Until Calvin, the trajectory of the Judeo-Christian ethos was one of a very slow, gradual increase in the value of compassion within the Western mind. Calvin reversed that. He gave people permission to hate the underdog, and if desired to kick it into the ditch. And once you’ve gone there, you can fill in the blank, plug in any group NOT like us, anyone perceived as poorer in the sense of less than us.

That attitude feeds into the issue of willful ignorance. And you are entirely right. They will foment a living hell for the rest of us for at least the next four years.

That attitude feeds into the issue of willful ignorance in the sense it becomes a block against empathy. It makes it harder to see the humanity in another or identify with another creature.

“There are innumerable reasons for Democrats to adopt the exact same strategy congressional Republicans took on day one of Barack Obama’s presidency, denying him any bipartisan support for signature initiatives. Trump is far less popular than Obama was in late 2008, so an opposition strategy based on refusal and obstruction wouldn’t carry much political risk. And given Trump’s utter moral bankruptcy, he’s also far less deserving of their comity and collaboration:

I’ve just finished a months-long research project – and it included seeing a good amount of raw stats, before they’re turned into ideologically polarizing, media ‘soundbites.’

My take on the tortured mind of the American Electorate in ’16, is that a lot peoples’ earning-power significantly shrunk under President O, and they decided to go ‘tribal,’ in response.

Human history shows us that when a group’s resource-base is significantly threatened, they’ll usually go after those who’re considered ‘outsiders,’ and embrace an ‘exclusion consciousness’ in order to bring more resources back into the fold – and that’s what America (or at least enough of it) did in ’16, in my opinion.

The numbers are pretty clear, but pollsters don’t want the American public to know just how primitive we’ve all acted, this past year!

What do you all think about this idea?

Eckhart Tolle on Astrology – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucH5da2qugE

Eliseo, regarding your comments on Calvin, coincidentally, my mother (88) just yesterday made a comment that many of todays political problems are rooted in the absolutism of Calvinism.

That’s interesting! Very insightful of your mother to see that. I’m curious as to her background, how and why she came to her conclusion.

I believe the most accurate way to see the rabbi from Nazareth is from a combination Jewish/Buddhist perspective. Many Buddhists see him as a western version of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion, known as Chenrezig in Tibetan, and feminized in China as Kwan-Yin. But if the historical JC is the western bodhisattva of compassion, I suppose Mr. Calvin, the other JC would have been the bodhisattva of its antithesis, a little anti-Christ. His theology poisoned Christianity.

Unfortunately, Calvinism is woven into the fabric of our economy, our worldview and practice. There are many who are irreligious, but nevertheless reflect Calvinistic attitudes, but without its religious clothing. It is part of the core of what we teach in business school and in economics. That’s why so many business and economics graduates are “conservative.”

IMHO many if not most New Agers have developed a very shallow misunderstanding of karma, because they’ve unconsciously misinterpreted it through Calvinistic eyes.

Dean W.,
The results do not surprise me.
We’re pretty darn primitive.

As hunter-gatherers we developed into consummate predators. Our continuing problem is that although we’ve built cities, developed civilization, etc. we are still adept at predation and can’t control those instincts. But now, instead of preying upon animals, we prey upon each other.

But as your survey has shown, there are times and circumstances in which we are more prone to this behavior.

Morning Joe mentioned the 900 seats the Democrats have lost across the nation:


Natal KellyAnn Conway Natal Sun 29 Capricorn (ruthlessness)

Natal Midpoint Mars/Pluto 06 Aries
Natal Pallas 09 Aries
Natal Eris 10 Aries
Natal Nessus 06 Gemini


Mundane hurt/hate GOP (negative political Gemini-Sagittarius)

Natal Nessus 06 Gemini (what I know about and)
Natal Cyllarus 08 Sagittarius (I’ll teach/show you)


2017 Solar Arc Sun 19 Pisces
2020 Solar Arc Sun 22 Pisces which will conjunct her Natal Chiron 22 Pisces


Natal Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

Natal Sedna 29 Aries (N/Admetos 29 Aries)
Natal Jupiter 29 Cancer
Natal Quaoar 27 Libra
Natal Sun 29 Capricorn


Aquarius Square Scorpio (ruthlessness)

Natal Mercury 01 Aquarius
Natal Ixion 02 Scorpio


Natal Venus 17 Aquarius
Natal Vesta 13 Scorpio


Natal Pholus 21 Aquarius
Natal Neptune 24 Scorpio


What things in a chart denote ruthlessness?

[The most obvious one is any Mars-Pluto aspect]

Sue Tomkin’s book mentions a strong emphasis on Aquarius-Scorpio fixed square.

It is to be found in the individual who wants to transform the world whether for good or ill.

Certainly, the Aquarius-Scorpio person tends to be cynical about people’s motives. Carter says there may be a dislike of the human race.

This fixed combination will often produce the very deepest convictions and a ruthless, cold and revolutionary combination of strong ideas and feelings.

continued – KellyAnn Conway

Natal Cyllarus 08 Sagittarius (racism)



Ode to Joy

This gives me hope that while political battles will be ongoing, that humanity is beginning to think differently about war and peace and about cooperation over conflict and real solutions to real problems.

This is Amazing!


There is nothing authentic whatsoever about you Helen. EOM.

Very good find, Elizabeth…”instead of dropping bombs, drop food”!

Evidence that the Russian military was involved in the DNC hack found by CrowdStrike, a firm hired by the DNC.



By: Bob on December 20th, 2016 at 10:08 pm

Account of negative aspects to trump chart followed by:

“Something on trump’s watch is going to go wrong just 5 weeks into it.”

My chart for Putin is going to receive negative aspects from the February 26th eclipse, to wit, eclipse Saturn conjunct natal Mars, eclipse Mars and Uranus opposite natal Neptune and square natal MC. About 7 am the next morning his progressed anlunar will have return Saturn and natal Mars on the IC.

Could it be a time of involvement by the US set in motion by President Obama (regarding the 17 agencies that say Russia hacked into the American political system) that president trump could not prevent? How could he call for action regarding action that may have benefited his election victory? Trouble in paradise for the trump-Putin bromance?

Eizabeth, that video is very inspiring. I guess that even in challenging times (or perhaps because of them), people can choose to work toward the spiritual and ethical ideals that we are so capable of…

Kiwi, about Calvinism…so interesting. I guess one could argue that any religious absolutism has the potential for sowing the seeds of great division…

Dean W.: Your research comes as no surprise at all.The tragedy is that the long-term policies of the GOP will hardly address those who’ve suffered the most. In fact, I wonder how any party platform can effectively address the negative effects on the labor market of automation and technology.

Well, the cynical plan for Trump and his minions is the implementation of a trillion dollar infrastructure program that will employ the masses and render them beholden to them for perpetuity. How they do that with tax cuts for the wealthiest is a mystery to me…but I am sure they’ll figure something out, to the nation’s detriment.

“Trump team’s threats to name China a currency manipulator and to erect high tariffs against it—drew fire in China outside official circles.

“China is now preparing some weapons,” Ms. Cheng said. China’s Commerce Ministry “is quite busy now, I’m sure.”

“Their objective will be to parry what Trump does with targeted reprisals in areas of U.S. vulnerability.”

Among China’s likely targets, say trade experts: Boeing Co. aircraft and U.S. farm exports from Midwestern Republican states. Canceled Boeing orders would hurt U.S. shareholders, labor unions and the U.S. trade deficit, prompting pressure on the new administration, said Derek Scissors, an economist at data provider China Beige Book International. As of last month, China is awaiting delivery of 292 Boeing jets.

Blocking soybean or other U.S. food exports would prompt action by Republican Senators whose constituents lack a large manufacturing base,

Beijing also could look to pressure U.S. multinationals such as General Motors Co., which relies on China as its largest sales market. “Some companies that already invest in China, we’re likely to push them to lobby Trump,” Ms. Cheng said.

To retaliate, China also could make use of informal trade barriers—making health claims against American food products, for example—that are highly technical and difficult to counter in the WTO but hurt U.S. exporters, some experts said.

“Even if U.S. companies move back to the U.S., it doesn’t mean manufacturing jobs will come back since U.S. companies will use automation to save money,” said Ms. Cheng.



About not dropping bombs…Can you imagine what humanitarian good GWB would have accomplished in Iraq by housing many people there rather than bombing them? Imagine the alternate reality if the effort devoted to destabilizing the Middle East and killing so many people had been centered on helping people?


“Until Calvin, the trajectory of the Judeo-Christian ethos was one of a very slow, gradual increase in the value of compassion within the Western mind. Calvin reversed that. He gave people permission to hate the underdog, and if desired to kick it into the ditch. And once you’ve gone there, you can fill in the blank, plug in any group NOT like us, anyone perceived as poorer in the sense of less than us.

That attitude feeds into the issue of willful ignorance. And you are entirely right. They will foment a living hell for the rest of us for at least the next four years.”

Hits the mark squarely – to my mind, Calvinism was a terrible turn in theological constructs. Manifest Destiny another.


Cardinal Air Incarnate Chart (singleton element fire, Pluto 11 Leo, galvanizing point)

DOB 1/13/1946 Boston MA

Walter V. Robinson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for The Boston Globe, where he has worked as reporter and editor for 34 years.


Grand Earth Trine

Natal Vesta 18 Capricorn, N/Venus 19CP
Natal Kronos 19 Taurus (US Sibly Vesta19TA)
Natal Cupido 19 Virgo

continued – Walter V. Robinson

The Boston Globe reports on pedophile priests


Timeline of Spotlight report stories

2002 Spotlight Report: Clergy sex abuse crisis

1/6/2002: Church allowed abuse by priest for years (Part 1 of 2)
1/6/2002: A revered guest; a family left in shreds
1/7/2002: Geoghan preferred preying on poorer children (Part 2 of 2)
1/31/2002: Scores of priests involved in sex abuse cases
2/24/2002: Church cloaked in culture of silence
2/24/2002: Hundreds now claim priest abuse
3/14/2002: Ex-Mass. bishop accused of ignoring abuse in NYC
5/12/2002: Scandal erodes traditional deference to church
8/20/2002: Ariz. abuse case names bishop, 2 priests
12/1/2002: Archdiocese weighs bankruptcy filing
12/1/2002: Battle over files intensifies
12/4/2002: More clergy abuse, secrecy cases
12/14/2002: Pope accepts Cardinal Law’s resignation in Rome
2002 Spotlight Report: Clergy sex abuse crisis
Timeline of Spotlight report investigations
1/6/2002: Church allowed abuse by priest for years (Part 1 of 2)
1/6/2002: A revered guest; a family left in shreds
1/7/2002: Geoghan preferred preying on poorer children (Part 2 of 2)
1/31/2002: Scores of priests involved in sex abuse cases
2/24/2002: Church cloaked in culture of silence
2/24/2002: Hundreds now claim priest abuse
3/14/2002: Ex-Mass. bishop accused of ignoring abuse in NYC
5/12/2002: Scandal erodes traditional deference to church
8/20/2002: Ariz. abuse case names bishop, 2 priests
12/1/2002: Archdiocese weighs bankruptcy filing
12/1/2002: Battle over files intensifies
12/4/2002: More clergy abuse, secrecy cases
12/14/2002: Pope accepts Cardinal Law’s resignation in Rome


Spotlight 2015 – ffilms.org online

His is the best explanation I have read regarding the mindset of the Trump supporter…

Not being from the South, or in any way religious, I still find them a mystery, but it helped me intellectualize their thought process…


continued – Walter V. Robinson, The Boston Globe

Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

Natal Sedna 21 Aries, Natal Hades 22 Aries
Natal Saturn 21 Cancer, Natal Mars 23 Cancer
Natal Chiron 20 Libra
Natal Sun 22 Capricorn, Natal Pholus 23CP


US Sibly Midheaven 02 Libra
Natal Quaoar 02 Libra


US Sibly Juno 20 Libra
Natal Chiron 20 Libra



Natal Sisyphus 28 Scorpio
Natal Varuna 24 Aries
Natal North Node 29 Gemini

**This*. Sorry my typing skills are a bit out of sync today…


Thank you for your post, I’m still reading it but paused to say The Tea Party people (who became Trump voters) in my area were working class who had quite a lot of hate for others going on… they hated ____ and this___ and this ___ group… I know Tea Party working class in my neighborhood who have jobs at markets and stores….. people I’ve talked to over the years…


…. 10 years back The Tea Party had long weekend convention in my area … and after the big Tea Party buzz I learned that The Tea Party called disabled people ‘professional victims’ just another group they hated…. doesn’t that sound familar…. 2016 Trump’s rallies where he directs his crowd to hate the disabled!

Barbk – thanks for your comments on McConnell

Eliseo – since you ask, my mums father taught history and her mum, orphaned at 11, was very smart and wise. She had a BA degree, rare in those days, and I too was ‘schooled’ somewhat in basic and practical greek philosophical thought and mythology from a young age by her.
Mum has no higher education but has travelled a lot, and still is a thinker and observer of human nature. She continues to be an avid reader, particularly historical novels.


The government has become an instrument for redistributing your money to the undeserving. It’s not your government anymore; it’s theirs.

That’s the take-away for me…. from the Trump/Teavariate Mother Jones url you posted…

Here’s what the ‘New Economy’ really means:


Just to let you know, it is possible to grow up in a liberal-minded and thoughtful family in the South and be “white!” My mother was an educator and father, a blue-collar worker and both active in the civil rights movement in the 60’s. Some of you sound just as judgmental as loathsome Trump supporters.

Alex, thanks for the KellyAnn Conway study. Watching the following Interview made clear what an asset she was to D.T.:
‘Kellyanne Conway On The 2016 Presidential Election’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEUyOLxMYmg


the core of KellyAnn Conway study was the

Aquarius square Scorpio (ruthlessness)
remarkable set of three natal Aq-SC squares that I posted..

feature after feature of her natal chart reveals very hardened woman with lots of hate motivators… in mundane astrology MARS in a political enterprise chart (natal chart of a political insider official) Mars identifies =instinctual motivators… in other words how that political enterprise/natal horoscope is driven by the limbic brain

she is going to get bigger and bigger over the years…..


she has prominent Gemini – Sagittarius; in two decades of looking at mundane horoscopes and election charts… I realized that the Gemini-Sagittarius in geopolitical shows were there is a focus group of people who…. participate in politics (all levels) that are motivated to “teach/show you a thing or two” … in other words ‘punishing personalities’

her GE/SG has great weight in her horoscope


Yes, for me too. The narrative he describes is so nonsensical that it makes my eyes cross and smoke come out of my ears…

But what really loses me is the acceptance of the narrative twist:

“In this feint, Trump solves a white male problem of pride. Benefits? If you need them, okay. He masculinizes it. You can be “high energy” macho?—?and yet may need to apply for a government benefit. As one auto mechanic told me, “Why not? Trump’s for that. If you use food stamps because you’re working a low-wage job, you don’t want someone looking down their nose at you.” A lady at an after-church lunch said, “If you have a young dad who’s working full time but can’t make it, if you’re an American-born worker, can’t make it, and not having a slew of kids, okay. For any conservative, that is fine.”

The victim/not victim switch. Where does the ability to make this switch come from, is it just more hate, and more need mixed together? I too can be absolutely paralyzed in fear (Sun square Saturn) but it has never made me hate filled…

However, I do not have the same personal experiences that most of these people have had….


well it reads like – – Dante’s definition of pride as “love of self that is perverted to hatred and contempt …


Lovely of you to show a lighter side; Jimmy Dore is a hoot.


If you think you have what it takes and have the desire to serve the public and to preserve the values this great nation offers, run for office and become a citizen candidate. I ran for school board in my town.

Believe me you can do a better job than what is there now running your life and starts at the local level.

The Punishing Personality Type


Every Republican presidential debate gives us an excellent opportunity to watch the punishing personality type in action.

The “punishing personality type” is the name I am giving to a person who organizes his life around punishing others.

Such people have existed by the tens of millions and continue to exist by the tens of millions. They love to punish and they need to punish.

Right under the surface, whatever that surface may look like, rages tremendous hatred and an unquenchable desire to inflict pain on others.

(The Republican Punishing Personality Type)

~ per Eric Maisel, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, bestselling author of 40 books


good for you LG!

thanks for posting ‘the punishing personality’ alex

Henri, I’m in awe of the piece you shared. I have no knowledge of The South and live in S.F. Bay Area. There by the grace of God…this piece shocked me! Do people really believe Trump can Make America Great for these Poor Red State People?

the latest from Pam Gregory – late December

Alex/Henry…Kellyann is small potatoes compared to “The Mercer Family”! They are the head of the Dragon! They’re the ones to will destroy the Middle Class & Poor on the way to the Top with their Trump Puppet!

I feel that when any of us ‘demonize’ someone else, we quickly lose the ability to find functional solutions to bad situations.

I think the current political situation is an opportunity for civic engagement, because the American populace has been out-of-touch with its own democracy since the mid-1970s, in my opinion.

I mean, depending on whose numbers you look at, only 50-60% of eligible voters took to the polls to vote for President, this time around!

Who knows, maybe Trump is doing us all a favor, by helping to reinvigorate our democracy?


it’s not keellyann big or Mercer small or vice versa… as a mundane astrologer thru KellyAnn can narrate the ‘punishing personality’ of Republians/Trump/Tea . . . and you had better prepare for him (the punishing personality Trump/Tea/GOP) people have to understand what they are up against….

“The punishing personality type never leaves and always returns. You can bet on him, you can count on him, and you had better prepare for him.

He would punish you for a nickel; he would punish you for free; he would pay to punish you.

Go ahead and give him an inch.

Go ahead and try to appease him.

See how well that works.

He is completely obsessed with punishing you and he will not rest until he has punished you to his complete satisfaction.”

Alex, You think Trump’s the Monster? I think he’s the puppet who’s way too busy making himself Great to punish we little ants. Plus, I’m pretty fearless with my Taurus/Scorpio/Leo Saturn & Leo Pluto!

Dean W.

Well said and something I’ve considered. Already, people are becoming more engaged, they’re sharing stories of hope and love. Perhaps he is doing us a favor. Whether or not he is, I do know we can rise above this and work to make the world a better place right where we are. Sometimes a new awakening requires something strong enough to force us to get up off our duffs and take action. This situation may be it. I believe we are up to the task.

I know many people who voted for Trump. they’re good people, I don’t understand why they found him acceptable other than they’ve fallen headlong into the anti-Clinton, anti anything democrat movement. Media has done an excellent job of reporting on these stories promoting hate because it sells. And, at least to my way of thinking, it’s a form of brain washing. Yet, these are good people, who I know would be there for me and for others regardless of color if something bad happens. I can’t demonize them. My goal this year is to do what I can to heal the breach, the love my fellow man and not to contribute to the hate. Ok, and I want to eat better so I’m going for Greek and Italian food this year. Just thought I’d throw in a pleasant thought for a change.

And just to throw in something different, I don’t buy into the global warming story one bit. Climate change yes, but not warming. Historic weather trends partnered with solar cycles don’t support it. We are on the doorstep of a grand solar minimum. If you’re curious, research the Maunder Minimum and what the weather was like then. Weather extremes, flooding, drought, messed up growing seasons and cold (they did call it the little ice age). There is much they are not telling us. It is our responsibility to test information, not to accept what we are bottle fed my MSM any more than the conservatives should have believed everything they were fed to promote hate of the liberals.

And now that I’m finished with that tangent, have a wonderful holiday all. May you find inner peace and love this holiday season.


I’m saying the puppet and the monster are the same ”Punishing Personalities” KellyAnn Conway has an immensely informative chart…. she’d make a whole big book for astrology study… I gave her astro-profile in brief but as far as geopolitics goes looking her up and down could be the best teaching tool for any astrologers interested in the upcoming four-eight-twelve years……. we have to know what we are up against… my fav language to do that is astrology….

Some holiday cheer with a nod to the grinch and the closing is true: ” over two million more of us—voted for her”



Terror is defined by ……

Connie, “like”

Hope you all saw Rachel Maddow’s 3-Part interview w/Kellyanne Conway last night. Found only this one Youtube link, after searching everywhere for full interview without any luck, it was fascinating watching Two Top-Notch Brilliant Women! If anyone can find the full interview, it’s powerful!
Kellyanne Conway defends (herself) Trump in Rachel Maddow interview:

Can anyone look how Trump’s chart looks on November 6th, 2018? The day of the midterm elections.

Rachel did a good job interviewing Kellanne Conway, but K.C. raises my blood pressure to a dangerous level. She has perfected the art of “answering” a question by changing the topic and smearing the other side while doing so; her bald faced lying is continuous and delivered with a smile. There are few people I have such a visceral dislike for, and she is one of them.

Trump’s Enabler-in-Chief Kellyanne Conway Will Take a White …

Jezebel-19 hours ago

After coyly pretending like she wouldn’t take a job in the White House, Trump adviser and his most energetic cable news defender Kellyanne …


Kellyanne Conway’s Political Machinations
The New Yorker-Oct 7, 2016
Kellyanne Conway, his new campaign manager, who grew up nearby, and … “I view her as an enabler,” one Trump campaign official told me.


Kellyanne Conway and the Banality of Evil

“Conway is an educated, upper middle class professional willingly taking part in a fascist political movement that poses a grave threat to the future of humanity. And worse, Conway is attempting to normalize it by adding her fake smile and soothing voice to the truly abhorrent.”

“Don’t Let Trump’s Win Fool You…
America’s Getting More Liberal”

Power in boycotts.

What trump, his cabinet and their friends and supporters understand. Hold their profits hostage.

100,000,000 is one hundred million people each day x 1 dollar per day for 10 days equals (1,000,000,000) one billion dollars withheld from their greedy little hands. 3 billion dollars in 1 month. GoFundMe. Over and over and over.

I’m wondering how he’ll punish us in the 2 states that did not vote for him and gave Hillary the 3M votes.

That by the way support the red states through taxes and are net receivers. The irony should not be missed. We’ll not see the orange toad “thank you tour” at an arena near us.

I like the idea of a boycott. A Talkingpointsmemo comment said use freecycle.org to keep from buying new products.

Kellyanne is just a blonde whose been around for eons and now finally got some respect for what she thinks makes her appear smart when she’s more of a bimbo like her boss because of her warped explanations in his defense for all his screw-ups. Another deplorable.

Does anyone here do astrology?

Looking at Nov 3, 2020 it does not appear that Pence will even be running (thinking there would be more than 1 possible aspect to either his natal or progressed chart. Nothing close except for transit Neptune at 18°20? Pisces square natal Sun (noon chart) 16°09? Gemini.

Saturn to Pence: All except 1 of these aspects in Pence’s chart occur before the mid-term elections.

Neptune 212°55? sextile 272°55? – Jan 12, 2018; Aug 23, 2018; Station at 272°45? on Sep 6, 2018; Sep 19, 2018

Saturn 275°30? conjunct 275°30? – Feb 3, 2018; Jul 8, 2018; Nov 2, 2018

Pluto 158°24? trine 278°24? – Mar 7 2018; May 30, 2018; Nov 30, 2018

Looking ahead.

“The 2018 United States elections will mostly be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. These midterm elections will take place during the term of President Donald
Trump, a Republican who won the 2016 presidential election. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United
States Senate will be contested. 38 state and territorial governorships and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.”


The Democratic party will have to take about 22 seats in 2018 to gain majority control of the House and about 6 seats in the Senate (right now it does not look like any of the 8 Senate seats up for election held by Republicans would be in danger as 7 are in deeply Red states and the other is in a moderately Red state – Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

Not up for re-election, trump does not look at all pleased that night.



“Does anyone here do astrology?”

That comment of yours probably doesn’t require a response (it’s a rhetorical question after all). But perhaps a little sharing does help. To me, more important than astrology is self-awareness. Feeling frustrated, disconnected? It’s all ok. Take a deep breath, try and relax and just allow things to be. Life can be a lot easier if you don’t resist.


please don’t need your concern really…. you seem to be trying to normalize the disasterous circumstances we face by being extra extra tolerant of extra extra outrageous political people….. we should be ‘driving defensively’ at the least instead

I posted KellyAnn Conway’s natal Aquarius square Scorpio stidy to practice the information i had from a good mundane source and it is startling accurrate analysis tool…. her chart is a lesson in current hate/hurt/GOP…. that is the skill we want … we don’t have to get our information from mass media… we have analysis tools that many people could benefit from having…

the responses to KellyAnn were all opinions all the time…. nobody has their thinking caps on….

the Conway chart is an archetype and that is good astrology… anyone interested in good astrology?


What I’m suggesting is – be more in the heart and less in the mind. Everything will fall into place if we can but learn to adjust; i.e. to regard these extraneous things with compassion and understanding. To do it the other way around (worrying about this and that) is like a dog forever chasing its tail. It won’t accomplish a thing.


the hate/hurt TrumpTeavariate/GOP are ready to figuratively ‘drop bombs’ on the American people while the soulful folk are praying the bombs screaming down through the skies on them will ‘magically’ disappear

I think praying with a missle-launcher in hand while aiming for the Trump/Teavariate bomb squads makes more common sense….

abandoning the ‘field of battle’ for a church service is not going to win the day…..

it’s not about 2020 it’s about right this instant…. did you happen to watch the Last Word with O’Donnell MSNBC last night guest Michael Moore has a history of finely tuned situational awareness… I’d watch the tape of last night’s broadcast and listen to their discussion

2017 Predictions from Politics to World Events with Astrologer Rachel Lang


Donald Trump won Wisconsin after never leading in a single public poll all year.

He won Michigan and Pennsylvania after trailing in all but one public poll during the summer and fall.

How did that happen?

Part of the answer may lie with flaws in the polling.

And part may lie with late shifts in the vote.

Late-deciding voters in these three Great Lakes battlegrounds broke sharply for Trump — a shift that largely occurred after people stopped polling.

In no battleground state was Trump’s dominance among late deciders more dramatic than Wisconsin….


Bob, so it is possible Democrats take the house in 2018?

I have no birth time but can you see how Claire McCaskill looks on that night? July 24th 1953

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has issued a call to action to her rank and file to fight Republican efforts to scrap the health care law by highlighting the risks of repeal for millions of Americans.

In a letter to her Democratic colleagues late Wednesday, Pelosi said that with the new GOP-controlled Congress and Donald Trump’s administration, “House Democrats stand ready to fight vigorously for America’s hard-working families.” She urged lawmakers to hold media events in early January to tell voters about Republican plans to repeal the law, called the Affordable Care Act, at the beginning of the year.

“As we prepare for the first week in January, we are focusing on protecting the Affordable Care Act, and protecting what the ACA does for Medicare and our seniors,” she wrote.


Mahatma Gandhi was once asked if he thought nonviolent resistance would have won WWII and he said ‘not without huge amount of sacrificial – deaths’

Has anyone looked at Obama’s chart for the next few weeks? (until the inauguration)? I’ve just gotten an intuitive shudder. Not trying to be dramatic, just concerned.

dph – I have a similar reaction to kellyann. I find I cannot watch the news these days at all. Even Rachael – I wish she would move on to subjects other than trump – there is plenty to be said on other issues around the globe.

Alex, Im very interested in astrology, but my knowledge pales in comparison to the more proficient. Hesitant to give any ‘kindergarten’ opinions that would be no use to anyone.


that’s how you learn…. speak up your focus offer

alex …. but ….. having dabbled here and there previously …… perspective without feedback can make one wonder if one is even in the right ballpark….. its a tricky thing.

Thanks, Will – we finally agreed on something!

Merry Christimas

here is what I did when I wanted an experienced astrologer to answer a question…. I emailed and asked a one sentence question… ex

Does it appear to you that the Aquarius square Scorpio aspects in KellyAnn Conway’s chart carry the most weight of the horoscope?

I’d appreciate your perspective. Thank you

(don’t ask an astrologer for a ‘conclusion’ that’s asking for a whole report…. a question doesn’t have to be perfect it has to be interesting – make it an open quesion…

that’s what worked for me I always got great replies…. when I first got astrololgy ‘live’ readings I’d ask too many questions….. I found asking one question was better…

Conway looks like a real piece of work alright. Of course, she has a lucky Sun-Jupiter opposition. She probably understands Trump better than he does.

Will be curious to see what the transits of the next few years bring to her. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction squares her Mars, at the very least suggesting a nasty power struggle with something or someone. Probably no coincidence that Trump himself will be going through Pluto opposing his natal Saturn at the same time. Something massive and devastating will shake him to his structural foundations. Perhaps the total collapse or raiding of his company and fortunes? I don’t think impeachment would be represented here. He will be forced to give up something far more substantial.

Conway will also see Pluto on her Sun, and opposite her Jupiter, just before it moves into Aquarius in 2023-4 and conjoins her Venus in Aquarius. Seems likely she will be going through some kind of dramatic “death and rebirth process” around that time, regarding her core identity, beliefs, and values. Perhaps she will come to dearly regret her role in Trump’s rise to power and his administration. I don’t think she will ever be an enlightened person in her current lifetime, nor will she emerge as any kind of activist for human rights and democratic values, but perhaps she will be forced to reevaluate and reject various aspects of her current outlook and belief system in favor of something somewhat more reasonable.

actually my emails were formatted like this:

I’d appreciate your perspective on KellyAnn Conway’s horoscope.

Does it appear to you that the Aquarius square Scorpio aspects in KellyAnn Conway’s chart carry the most weight of the horoscope?

Thank you

Sophia Mason always said… keep it simple


Conway is a central character in TrumpTeaUniverse…

just look at her Vesta conjunct South Node alone! she was born that-a-way loaded for ‘bear’

… and all the many aspects in her horoscope showing projection of her moral certainty…..

On Maddow show last night Rachel asked her why Melani Trump was suing a newspaper critical of her…. it’s stock and trade that all presidents and their families get heaps of criticisms and never sue anyone…

Conway said something to the effect ‘you have to punish’ journalists who criticize you’….she almost shrugged her shoulders with a “what do you expect’ look on her face suggesting that Rachel was missing the point… that the Trump’s must punish their opposition….

tyrancy, dictatorship…. just usual stuff for Conway

It is possible James. Will probably depend a lot on which campaign promises rethugs welch on and how much pain they inflict on their base (as well as their opposition) with their governing agenda.

It does not look good for McCaskill in the mid-terms. Using a noon chart she will have transit Saturn square her progressed Sun.

Buckeye, so very nice to see your posts. It seems like an age since I saw you name!

thanks for the feedback alex


the Rethugs already put out their 2020 strategy…. repeal Obamacare immediately and replace it “up to three years later”…. they’ll be playing bate and switch with the public in 2020 ….. the message ‘see we are going to get a healthcare plan/system done’ for you ….. it will be another fake out….

they set the window for the GAME about a week ago…… with the up to three years to “REPLACE” statements… yeah right it’s a game it’s a game it’s a game

Bob, how accurate are noon charts as a rule? Should McCaskill be written off in 2018?

McCaskills possibility opponent is Ann Wagner Sep 13th 1962. How does she look?

the only other missouri statewide race up in 2018 is Nicole Galloway, also a Dem. June 13th, 1982. State Auditor.. how does she look?

Last questions Ill ask 🙂

Having birth times would make things so much easier imo.

But than again.. there are 1 million other things going on in a persons life besides their election.. so.. its sometimes best to look in Nov and January imo.

Amazing how Ben keeps his job – bravo also to the CBS local news station in Atlanta:

‘Reality Check: 5 Problems with CIA Claim That Russia Hacked DNC/Podesta emails’


James – “Having birth times would make things so much easier imo.

But than again.. there are 1 million other things going on in a persons life besides their election.. so..”

Exactly. So I will forego looking at any others now at this busy time.


I watched that video with Rachel Lang and she seemed to imply “if” DT gets’ inaugurated.

She is not the first I have heard say this. Rachel Adams, is predicting something coming at the end of the month as well as Steve Judd.

Does anyone here think, that the astrological configurations that are suppose to be coming over the end of December, could possibly create a situation where, DT does not become the President, on January 20th?

bob probably for the best.

McCaskill could win but finds out her husband is sick, or is disappointed that Dems lost net seats. Who knows.

“It’s enough for a man to understand his own business, and not to interfere with other people’s. Mine occupies me constantly.”

“keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine.”

“Oh, I think the world’s becoming a very hard and cruel place, … . One must steel oneself to survive it and not be crushed under with the weak and infirm.”

Who the devil is making all that racket with those chains?

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all. To everyone who contributes their comments in good faith, thanks for your to ponderings & discussions around Nancy’s fascinating insights. Always interesting!

Edit: ‘your ponderings’

From my loving Vermont Bernie Devoted Leo Sister (she wrote, Share this with your Hillary Voting Friends):
Team Bernie: Hillary ‘F*cking Ignored’ Us in Swing States http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/12/20/team-bernie-hillary-fucking-ignored-us-in-swing-states.html

“Harvard professor says there are ‘grave concerns’ about Donald Trump’s mental stability”:


President Obama’s natal Chiron-Pluto opposition (5 ’19 Pisces – 6 ’58 Virgo) could indeed be impacted by the intricate December 26th configuration I had mentioned earlier (tr. Mars sq Moon @ 5 Pisces-Sagittarius)

Here’s what I had posted earlier…..

“…..the December 26th date (the Jupiter – Uranus opposition) could manifest in the form of a series of terror attacks on US soil, with President elect Donald Trump being a primary target. This is due to Saturn’s exact conjunction to Donald’s South Node on this day in precise sextile/ trine to the Ur – Ju opp. Tr. Mars will serve as a catalyst with its exact semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to the Ur – Ju opp. (*square to tr. Moon)”


Robert Reich illustrates how Trump manipulates the media

I don’t go to movie theatres too much except when our cousins from Germany come every Christmas/New Year season. This week we saw La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight. The last two were tough, sensitive, authentic personal stories of people trying to show who they are, to communicate, to deal with very difficult & sensitive emotional issues in places where they had become frozen, or hardened, or disassociated (like all of us).

I don’t want to ruin any of the stories but it struck me as interesting that the name of the main character in Moonlight was Chiron (pronounced like Sha-ran in the movie), and he certainly was a wounded individual…he was played by more than 1 actor at different life stages and all of them gave beautiful and sensitive portrayals.

Trump tweet:

Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and Dems: “In my opinion, it is humiliating. One must be able to lose with dignity.” So true!
4 hours ago – Twitter

I find this deeply disturbing…

Bob, though one more question. I am new to astrology. What exactly about Trumps chart looks so bad on election night 2018?

Joni Patry On Major Upcoming World Events via Vedic Astrology:


Trump tweet:

Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and Dems: “In my opinion, it is humiliating. One must be able to lose with dignity.” So true!
4 hours ago – Twitter

I find this deeply disturbing…

I screwed this up the first time I tried to post it… that’s how disturbing it truly is…

Here’s the full Maddow/Conway Interview.
We’re watching this great Trump trajectory at it’s pivotal beginning…with Donald believing he’s living a brilliant action-packed real life movie script created and orchestrated for him to make America Great Again for the Wealthy! He never mentions the Middle Class or Poor.

This being the only Entertainment Trump could find for his Inauguration and now:
“Rockettes will not be forced to perform at Trump inauguration”

james – http://imgur.com/05emdxB

The Chaos Theory of Donald Trump: Sowing Confusion Through Tweets

Washington Post
December 23, 2016

Donald Trump’s sudden embrace this week of a nuclear arms race — and his staff’s scramble to minimize the fallout — underscored an emerging modus operandi for the president-elect: governance by chaos.

Since winning the election, Trump has seemed to revel in tossing firecrackers in all directions, often using Twitter to offer brief but provocative pronouncements on foreign and domestic policies alike — and leaving it to others to flesh out his true intentions.

In the past week alone, Trump has publicly pitted two military contractors against each other, sowed confusion about the scope of his proposed ban on foreign Muslims, and needled China after its seizure of a U.S. underwater drone.

But nothing has created more consternation for many foreign policy experts than Trump’s assertion Thursday on Twitter that the country should “greatly strengthen and expand” its nuclear capability.

On Friday, after his staff had tried to temper his comments, Trump doubled down — telling a television talk-show host that in an arms race against any competitor, the United States would “outmatch them at every pass.”




To show how accurate progressed lunar returns are:

Terrorists attack in Germany

4 Quakes


Earthquake data is written stone by nature herself.

Two more examples with step by step instructions for technique.

Chart for Carrie Fisher heart attack not shown.

Ingrid Bergman rescue


For Carrie Fisher Heart attack not having exact time or location (Used noon and Los Angeles) PAL Nadir 257°28′ – her progressed natal Sun/Saturn midpoint 257°51′; return Saturn 258°44′. Chart not shown.

For Carrie Fisher in Los Angeles:

Secondary progressed natal (Q2 Mean Quotidian angles) MC 346°06′. Her natal Mars at 346°25 was on it.

The chart held a Grand Trine of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone!


Whoa, Helen. Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah and blissful solstice to you, too. But that link? The real Hillary is dead and she’s been replaced by clones? That is some tinfoil-hatted Trumpy stuff.

Today all things Aquarian have an opportunity to feel a sense of wholeness; a feeling of integration. Today the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, and the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, are exactly trine. That would include the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius, and that means the People of the U.S.

Where the Saturnian pull toward resisting change and the Uranian pull toward nothing but change has created a schizophrenic pattern of behavior, today and through the next few days, we all might sense a coming together between our divided parts. Hoping the holidays will ease this torturous divide; each being able to accept the other side’s view and thereby grow in stature and wisdom.

Peace and love to all.

Dec 25th greetings from ‘down under’

In keeping with Bibi’s latest visit to the US, Israel is Ed Tamplin’s topic in his posting for today

the 26th Jupiter Uranus opposition

Thanks Kiwi, I hear tell: Once Trump unleashes his Crazy-Nukes…the only safe place to live will be your Southern Hemisphere! They’re even telling people it’s wise to go there ahead of time. (Hope it doesn’t come to be)

barbk and all

Happy Holidays

Dear Nancy, Thank You so much for this ‘Warm and Wonderful Meeting Place’! where seldom is heard a discouraging word. I’m so often inspired and in Awe of Ideas and Kindness People Share!

Happy Holidays to all!
Whatever your Tradition/Religion/Belief.
And May There Be Peace on Earth!

Just Imagine what we could accomplish!
“Develop Your Imagination”

Nancy – Happy Holidays

by Neal Stephenson (Author), J. Frederick George (Author)

Neal Stephenson has quickly become the voice of a generation. In this now-classic thriller, he and fellow author J. Frederick George tell a shocking tale with an all-too plausible premise.

There’s no way William A. Cozzano can lose the upcoming presidential election. He’s a likable midwestern governor with one insidious advantage—an advantage provided by a shadowy group of backers. A biochip implanted in his head hardwires him to a computerized polling system. The mood of the electorate is channeled directly into his brain. Forget issues. Forget policy. Cozzano is more than the perfect candidate. He’s a special effect.



Aquarius Square Scorpio

Natal Ceres 01AQ
2016 Solar Arc Sun 10SC


Carl Paladino
DOB 8.24.1946, Buffalo NY
Natal Sun 00 Virgo

Natal Ceres 01 Aquarius
Natal Saturn 02 Leo


Natal Vesta 09 Aries
Natal Ixion 10 Libra


Natal Chiron 19 Libra
Natal Admetos 19 Aries

Carl Paladino, adviser to president-elect Trump

Paladino responding to a survey by an alternative weekly magazine, Artvoice.

Artvoice: What would you most like to happen in 2017?

Carl Paladino: Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Herford. He dies before his trial and is buried in a cow pasture next to Valerie Jarret, who died weeks prior, after being convicted of sedition and treason, when a Jihady cell mate mistook her for being a nice person and decapitated her.

Artvoice: What would you most like to see go in 2017?

Carl Paladino: Michelle Obama. I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.


Season’s Greetings all and may your holidays bring you respite from worry and anxiety.

kiwi, thanks for the Ed Tamplin piece and the chart for Israel. Two more things that interested me, in addition to the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle degree being conjunct the Israel natal Sun, and they are (1) the Israel chart’s Pluto conjunct Obama’s natal Sun at 12+ Leo, and. . .

. . (2) Israel’s natal Jupiter at 27+ Sagittarius (trine it’s natal Mars in Leo that conjuncts Bibi’s Mars and Obama’s North Node, and Trump’s Mars and asc., while opposing the U.S. Moon) is conjunct the Galactic Center. It reads like a movie script.

Will Israel allow Bibi’s hot head (+ Trump’s) to destroy what it has achieved? Or will Obama’s influence contain that country’s aggression?

Transiting Uranus and Eris on the Israel 7th house cusp of partners (aka the descendant) and Israel’s natal Jupiter conjunct the GC, and transiting Saturn conjunct Israel’s Jupiter in March all provide the possibility of that 2nd outcome.

Bob, omg.. that transit saturn square progressed sun.. is almost exact on McCaskill on election night 2018. I guess she should just drop out and democrats run no one 🙁

Sorry I am new to this.. what are other transits I should generally look for for elections? I know without birth times its pretty fruitless.

Anti-Trump Inauguration Rally Gaining Momentum, Trump Furious

Looks like top economist and former secretary of labor under Bill Clinton Robert Reich struck a nerve with Donald Trump when he suggested an anti-Trump concert. Trump may be furious about the idea, but the idea is gaining tremendous momentum.

The A-list line-up consists of SNL’s favorite Trump mimic Alec Baldwin, Bruce Springsteen, the cast of “Hamilton,” Lady Gaga, Sting, John Legend, and Common.



I’m beginning to think the Jan. 20th pres. Inauguration will probably go through as planned. No unexpected surprises; at least that is what I am sensing. The Trump presidency and all that it promises; may need time to unfold, like a flower – all in its due natural course.

Given Trump’s well publicized sentiments on ISIS – that “I’m gonna bomb the SHIT out of ’em!” if ISIS follows through on any of its threats to US interests, it stands to reason Donald Trump will probably act first and ask questions later if anything untoward should happen in this area.

Dates to watch out for….

The February 10th Lunar Eclipse

At 22 ’27 Leo sextile/trines Donald Trump’s sun/moon opposition (21 – 22 Gemini-Sag). Should we anticipate some sabre rattling at this juncture?

The February 22nd Mars-Pluto square

This degree stands at 18 ’37 Aries – Capricorn in t square to the US progressed Mars – Chiron opposition (18 ’00 Libra – 17 ’34 Aries). Would there be a major US terror attack at this point in time?

Most significant…..

The February 26th solar eclipse

The eclipse at 8 ’12 Pisces will square the US Uranus (8 ’55 Gemini). There is also in place an exact Mars/Uranus conj at 21 Aries in opposition to Jupiter at 22 Libra. These are all impacting Donald Trump’s node placements, sun-moon degrees and natal Saturn.

What lies behind the Victory of Donald Trump? Rise of white anger?
What a Turning Point!
Dr. Kaku’s Universe

“Remember, whoever controls the narrative controls the world, and what we’re seeing here is a battle for control of the narrative. Money and power are both conceptual constructs invented by humans and for humans, and they only work how they work as long as everyone agrees to pretend that those conceptual constructs are true. WikiLeaks and widespread internet access threw a major monkey wrench in the iron grip the political establishment had on the narrative this year, and now they’re frantically trying to get it back. The sooner we stop believing their stories, the sooner we can start telling our own.”


“Using the cover of the holidays and distracted attention, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law Friday evening — just two days before many Americans celebrate Christmas — perhaps because it contains ominously Orwellian language meant to “counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States.”


New post up:


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