20th Sep, 2015

Joe, Bernie, and Hillary

It has come down to three candidates on the Democratic side: the warm-hearted, sitting Vice President, Joe Biden, who is not yet officially running; the insurgent Bernie Sanders, who has a passionate, growing, and energized following; and the establishment Hillary Clinton, who has been bogged down by her own caution and a well-orchestrated email “scandal”, effectively whipped up by Republicans attempting to diminish her stature.

Although “everyone loves Joe Biden” is the usual narrative, this feeling may peak to some extent by mid-November 2015. Currently, converse Venus is square his natal Sun (exact around October 5); progressed Venus is conjunct natal South Node (exact November 8); and transiting Pluto is semisquare natal Venus (passing after November 13). If these three were in effect over next year and through the election, I would suggest that the immense popularity they describe could bring him a win. But they will be dissipating very soon, leaving behind some weaker indicators of popularity that will nonetheless finish before the Democratic Convention (progressed Venus square progressed Uranus, exact in early April, and progressed Venus sextile natal Moon, exact in July 2016).biden

Moreover, there will be some strong Saturn aspects in Biden’s future, beginning in December 2015 and continuing into early 2017, which point to some emotional struggles and significant stresses which will become part of his campaign experience should he run. Saturn will move into a square with natal Saturn in late December 2015 and again for a protracted station in July and August 2016. Saturn will also station close to a sesquiquadrate with Biden’s Moon from mid-February through mid-April 2016. Although the increased energy and drive of progressed Sun square to natal Mars will be his through mid-September 2016, I see little to suggest a winning presidential run at the end of the year and think it would be best for him, already emotionally compromised by the tragic loss of his son, to sit this one out.

I am somewhat caught between Bernie and Hillary; they both look like they could win, and they both will also run into difficulties. Bernie’s immense popularity clearly holds through the election and the Inauguration, with progressed Node conjunct Jupiter into January 2017 and converse Venus conjunct converse Node through February 2017. In addition, there will be a great deal of the outgoing, optimistic, and expansive energy from strong transits of Jupiter, signifying success from December 2015 on and off through February 2017: conjunct his Node in December 2015 and January 2016; square his Jupiter for the second half of February; conjunct the Sun in late March and mid-June; and conjunct the Node again immediately after the Convention and into early August 2016. Jupiter will also station on his Venus during all of January and February 2017. These configurations point to much success and contentment.bernie

Beginning in January 2016 and running for a year, Bernie’s progressed Sun will oppose natal Uranus. This will be triggered by transiting Pluto in July and August and again from late September through just before the election. It suggests a path of fierce independence from the status quo and tumultuous and unexpected twists and turns along the way. Bernie will also gain a strong dose of combativeness from late May through mid-September with transiting Uranus conjunct natal Mars compounded by tertiary Mars square natal Sun (July through early September). This is what might be expected from a candidate moving from the primaries into the general election.

The difficulties are suggested by the transit of Saturn square to Bernie’s Sun during most of February and again from late March through late April 2016. The final crossing comes over the time of the actual election from November 2 through November 12. These periods could point to times when Hillary is showing strength in the primaries or perhaps other difficulties during the primary season. The Saturn transit square the Sun at the time of the election is also confusing, given the relatively positive aspects that show up otherwise during that time and in January. There is additionally a tertiary progressed Saturn conjunction to natal Jupiter from March 2016 through June 2017. This aspect may also put a damper on things and point to Bernie using his popularity and presence to help other Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton, rather than furthering his own candidacy.

On the whole, I would say that Bernie looks a lot stronger than Hillary, except for some interesting aspects in Hillary’s chart from August 2016 through early March 2017.   It should also be noted that I have no birth time for Bernie, and Hillary’s birth time is given as either 8 AM or 8 PM, both uncorroborated. For our purposes here, I am using 8:02 PM, giving her Cancer rising, and putting the ruling Moon in the very public realm of the 10th house and in aspect to both the Ascendant and the Mars/Pluto conjunction. But really, this chart cannot be seen as reliable and must be considered accordingly.

Hillary’s biggest problems come from the planet Neptune. Using either birth time, Neptune aspects are with her throughout the campaign. With the later chart, these issues extend into the early months of 2017 and are even more pronounced from late December 2015 through early April 2016, due to the progressed and converse progressed Moon conjunctions with natal and progressed Neptune. Otherwise, in both charts we are looking at progressed Sun square natal and progressed Neptune and progressed Mercury square natal and progressed Neptune from the second half of 2015 throughout 2016. Essentially, Neptune’s strong presence describes a murky and unsubstantiated aura of dishonesty, opaqueness, and scandal. It tends to erode and diminish that which once seemed solid and substantial. It makes it very difficult to get a grip on what is really happening.hillary2

The other problem for Hillary is the converse Venus conjunction to natal Saturn, which peaks in January 2016 in the 8 AM chart and late June 2016 in the 8 PM chart. This is one of many factors that make the 8 AM chart a better fit for a successful presidential run. The Venus/Saturn combination sharply inhibits popularity and likability, probably the biggest necessities in a campaign. If this aspect does pass by late January, and the progressed Moon/Neptune aspects are not an issue (8 AM chart), the overall outlook for Hillary would be far better.hillary

The most notable aspects in Hillary’s favor may be found in the tertiary progressions (one day equals one month calculation). There is a multi-year tertiary progressed Pluto square to natal Venus that extends into 2020 and that is triggered by transiting Pluto sextile natal Venus in January and early February 2016, as well as late May through early July and for all of November 2016. This aspect indicates a strong attractiveness and intensity in the candidate, but also adds to the highly polarized attitudes that swirl around her.

Even more significant is the tertiary Jupiter moving to conjunct natal Mars (August through November 2016) and conjunct natal Pluto (November 2016 through March 2017), joined by the tertiary Sun for all of January and early February 2017. It should be noted that Mars and Pluto are particularly important in this chart as the co-rulers of Hillary’s multiple Scorpio planets and possibly her Ascendant. This unique and potent combination of tertiary Sun and tertiary Jupiter conjunct natal Mars and natal Pluto, culminating in the Inauguration and early days of the next presidency, may well be seen as pointing to the pinnacle of Hillary’s success and achievement. Because of it, I will not rule her out as the winner in 2016 despite the confusing waves of Neptune attempting to drown out her candidacy.



Could it be that Hillary ends up being Bernie’s VP? Could that account for her being in the spotlight and happy during the election and inauguration?

I’ve been reading a lot about Bernie for a couple of months, but I watched him on TV for the first time when he was on Stephen Colbert’s show Friday night. He’s amazingly direct and plain-speaking. Just makes Hillary look that much more like someone who talks a lot but tries not to really say anything.


TV Ad: “Safe?” – Jeb Bush Can’t Rewrite History


Trudy – “many of these refugees have been in refugee camps for some time in countries in Middle East.” I’ve been aware of this for years, they have been living in horrendous conditions. Maybe our media isn’t all over it, but the info is out there. Believe Richard Engle has covered it extensively on MSNBC.

Starlight, what a truly excellent post! Thank you!

Somehow, I don’t think Biden will either run or make many waves if he does. But that is just ‘a feeling’. I do know at least one criminal defense lawyer (those people who try their hardest not to let the state kill people or put them in solitary confinement for example) who is vehemently against Biden because of his decades long ‘war on drugs’ which he now tries to distance himself from. But for decades he was one of the main voices for jailing people for non-violent drug use which resulted in mass incarcerations rates for blacks in the US. According to On The Issues site Biden is still a massive hawk on drugs and incarceration. I think Black Lives Matter activists will not take kindly to Biden – no one should IMO.

From an article written in 2014:

“Biden has sponsored more damaging drug war legislation than any Democrat in Congress. Hate the way federal prosecutors use RICO laws to take aim at drug offenders? Thank Biden. How about the abomination that is federal asset forfeiture laws? Thank Biden. Think federal prosecutors have too much power in drug cases? Thank Biden. Think the title of a “Drug Czar” is sanctimonious and silly? Thank Biden, who helped create the position (and still considers it an accomplishment worth boasting about)…

Apparently, not much has changed for Biden since then. In February, Biden said he has still not changed his mind about marijuana and boasted to TIME, “I am not only the guy who did the crime bill and the drug czar, but I’m also the guy who spent years when I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee and chairman of [the Senate Foreign Relations Committee] trying to change drug policy relative to cocaine, for example, crack and powder.”

Biden is talking about his role in helping to create federal mandatory minimum laws that have put non-violent criminals in jail often longer than murderers and rapists, and that have also targeted minorities unfairly. Seeing the damage these laws have caused, today strong majorities of Americans want to end these harsh penalties. Biden would later introduce legislation that would equalize the penalties for crack and powder cocaine

Read more at http://rare.us/story/joe-biden-is-proud-of-creating-harsh-anti-drug-laws-that-his-coke-using-son-wont-have-to-worry-about/#Do0XR2QE1HqjMfwf.99

Thanks, Starlight. Your opinion is the pinnacle for me. Your assessment, along with Barb K’s recent observations using her unique interpretations, give me great hope of a possible Bernie win! Believe it or not, from what I’ve observed, he is ultimately less controversial than Hillary with moderates, excites the progressives, appeals to younger people and some republicans who hate Hillary, and may bring along many independents. His unwavering history supports his message, his message resonates, people believe he will not back down from challenging the big money people, and people love an underdog. Many observe Hillary as an elitist in bed with big money, and viewed as divisive and untrustworthy. Maybe it is just Neptune and all an illusion, but maybe Neptune is calling for perception of a higher vision.

And in no way do I believe Hillary will ever consent to being VP! Nor do I believe Bernie would be her VP! Hillary has been floating Joachim Castro as a VP, a smart political move.

AA – I’ve watched Colbert a few times in the past couple of weeks, and feel he will indeed fill some of the political void left by Jon Stewart!

AA – Thanks for that Biden post, very insightful. I was aware of some of it and knew it could potentially be harmful. Similar with Martin O’Malley who didn’t win any fans as mayor of Baltimore in light of current issues with overreach of police enforcement.

Walking with my republican dog neighbor last evening was challenging. She commented that she likes what Jeb!* (*just elect Bernie!) has to say, likes what Trump has to say and also likes what Carly Fiorina has to say. (By this time, my tongue was sore from biting it.) Said she felt Trump was too much forceful and “we didn’t need another dictator.” (Hmmmm, wonder who she was refusing to? Bet it was PBO.) Then she said they all say these things but then when they get in, they don’t do any of it. I finally found my voice and said, “Well, as a democrat, I’m really happy about that!” and we both had a good laugh.

The Tide of History Flows Left


The right’s Planned Parenthood trap: Manufactured controversies, pliant Democrats and the decades-long plot to “defund the left”

Planned Parenthood non-troversy is the latest chapter in a 40-year crusade to cut the left off at the grassroots


The South’s aging voting machines put election integrity at risk


Starlight–interesting. Most astrologers use the 8:02 AM (not PM) birth time for Hillary.

If that’s the case, then the following holds true. “If this aspect does pass by late January, and the progressed Moon/Neptune aspects are not an issue (8 AM chart), the overall outlook for Hillary would be far better…It should be noted that Mars and Pluto are particularly important in this chart as the co-rulers of Hillary’s multiple Scorpio planets and possibly her Ascendant (using the 8:02 AM birth time). This unique and potent combination of tertiary Sun and tertiary Jupiter conjunct natal Mars and natal Pluto, culminating in the Inauguration and early days of the next presidency, may well be seen as pointing to the pinnacle of Hillary’s success and achievement.” I guess I’ll hang my hat on this, and hope that Hillary becomes our next president. What an historic achievement–our first woman president!

Somehow, Bernie does not look like a winning general election candidate, possibly due to his age or too radical policies that most Americans would find unacceptable.

I sincerely hope that Democrats do not make the same mistake as we did with George McGovern in 1972, who lost 49 states in a landslide election to Tricky Dick Nixon (of all people!). I would hope Democrats have learned something since then.

“And yet there remains a lingering sense among many Democrats that a Sanders’ nomination would spell doom for the party in 2016 — a sentiment highlighted by the fact that not a single Democrat in either chamber has endorsed the No. 2 primary contender.”

“…Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) also remembers too well the losing presidential campaigns of liberals George McGovern and Eugene McCarthy — both of whom he supported in the Civil Rights era — as well as the saga surrounding Ralph Nader, the consumer-rights advocate turned third-party candidate he blames for securing George W. Bush’s victory in 2000.”

“The latest CBS News/New York Times poll found that Clinton still holds a resounding edge, but her popularity has fallen from 58 to 47 percent in the last month as Sanders’ numbers have jumped from 17 to 27 percent.”



“This will be the last article The Washington Post writes about the 2016 campaign. There’s no point, you see, for we already know how it turns out — thanks to the combined efforts of three New York City psychics.”

“Or, to be precise: One astrologer, one numerologist/healer and one tarot card reader whose hand is guided by the archangel Michael. Over several recent visits, the three used their unique gifts to outline what we can expect from American politics for the next 16 months. And we — in service to journalism, enlightenment and the ineffable binds of the universe — present their revelations to you.”


I remember speculation that Hillary’s falls last year were signs of a secret illness. Do you see anything like that in her chart?

Ann, I really enjoyed that Washington Post article at your link.

I think who ever wins the primary election (D) will have to do well in the south.

Awe Inspiring: The earth the size of a marble and seven miles of desert to build the solar system to scale.



To Scale: The Solar System


continued – The Solar System To Scale


Thank you, Starlight!


Ann, from the Wapo link of yours: “Curious about the weird result, Lucy flipped more cards. “Something bad’s going to happen. … Power. … Something about another woman. … There’s some tragedy.” ”

I think the two women she cares most about are her daughter and granddaughter. After that it would be Huma Abedin her long time trusted assistant. I wonder if Hillary will sustain an attack from Carly who is looking like a likely R VP pick. I read somewhere (can’t remember or find it again at the moment) that a hard numbers kind of female will attack Hillary. Snort (as in Ha!), sounds like fiorina. Thank the lucky stars Sarah Palin has fallen out of favor with pretty much everyone.

Fiorina is a great actress (e.g., the line about the fetus on the table with its heart beating video that no one ever saw), but she has “baggage” my friend tells me with her bad run for office in CA and her handling of HP. She is a female Trump (?) who has her act together.

She must have really good handlers, too.

…with an emphasis on “act”

Nancy? Thank you for this article–I hadn’t realized just how much I missed reading your work. Hope you are back—how can you sit out these wild times?!

I wonder if you see the possibility of another strong Dem emerging. I love Bernie, am involved in his campaign, but I agree that he probably could never win the general. (I was in MA in 1972 and my state was the only one that went for McGovern).

I keep hoping Biden will enter the race, because under no circumstances could I ever vote for HRC. I see the machine she is building and I shudder. I have asked to be removed from any email solicitation that stumps for her. I have contributed to a number of progressive Dems in the past, so I guess my email is out there via Act Blue, maybe.

We are still seeing the effect of the Clinton presidency on our society. Everyone blames Bush alone for the Recession, but it was Clinton who allowed Glass-Steagal to be repealed, who cut funding for social programs, and who is responsible for the huge increase in incarcerations predominantly affecting young men of color. We aren’t going to be any better off with another Clinton in the White House. I also think the email thing shows a tremendous lack of judgement or just plain old common sense.

Bernie looked exhausted the other night on Colbert, and Joe has been through so much. Could you see someone emerging like one of the Castro brothers? I think Julian is more prominent nationally. Would be a great VP choice no matter what–or is he too young?

I don’t see Fiorina gaining much traction. Barbara Boxer’s team figured out how to deconstruct Fiorina effectively, and anyone else running against her will use that playbook. She’s the poster child for “f— you, I got mine” entitlement.

I don’t see Fiorina gaining much traction. Barbara Boxer’s team figured out how to deconstruct Fiorina effectively, and anyone else running against her will use that playbook. She’s the poster child for “f— you, I got mine” entitlement. Her utter lack of compassion seems deeply sociopathic.

from last thread-I’m always impressed with the astrological finds you post. This one is particularly good-http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/09/12/solar-eclipse-in-virgo-a-shift-in-our-duties/

Lorrie U
September 20, 2015 at 1:30 pm
Yes! the information is there for those that wish to have some awareness.

September 20, 2015 at 8:10 pm

Hi Pisca- that is a new website for me–
but it pretty much supports what I have come across.
Unfortunately, the “Bread and Circus” phenomena is obliterating most peoples awareness of it.

Thank you for posting it!

Jackson, when she shared that she lost a child to a drug od, I was trying not to be judgmental and to be compassionate instead (which I do feel) but I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of mom a top tier exec who works all the time could be since she probably might not have that much quality time with her kids and has to assume a kind of queen of swords persona. I liked your Cruella du’Ville (sp) reference – it fits.

Oh, if only I had a penny for every wrong thing I’ve been told by psychics, I’d be living a lot nicer.

Bernie Rising, Hillary Fading: How Bernie Sanders Is Winning the Media War


Sharon K – I believe I read the other day it was her “stepdaughter.”

“And yet there remains a lingering sense among many Democrats that a Sanders’ nomination would spell doom for the party in 2016 — a sentiment highlighted by the fact that not a single Democrat in either chamber has endorsed the No. 2 primary contender.”

That is all coming from the establishment Democrats who want a candidate they can control. Bernie Sanders is simply not that candidate. And his popularity is growing by leaps and bounds among ordinary citizens.

It’s my opinion that Joe Biden won’t run — and Nancy said as much a while back. Whatever happens in the primary season, it is beyond unlikely that Hillary would be a VP for Bernie or vice versa.

I am a huge Bernie fan, and I very much hope he is our next President. It looks possible, based on this look at his chart.

Hmm…I looked it up and it sounds like she helped bring her up (since age 6) but I really have no reason to judge her as I know nothing about her personally, very little about her professionally, and even less about her mothering/parenting. The article said Lori Fiorina was 35 when she died and had been stuggling with addiction and bulemia for years. Another thing about traction, though, is I think Carly has found her group of supporters and they will stick with her, I’ll bet, unless the negative stuff becomes too hard to ignore. Trump’s supporters seem to stick with him no matter what he says.


Thanks for the update; I haven’t absorbed all the info yet there is
a bunch to consider; made notes ; what is Bernie Sanders converse degree/sign Venus?

Thanks so much for your writings, they are always energizing and gives us more enthusiasm. I hope you are enjoying your time off, but you are missed, very much.

dailykos – EXCERPT

SUN SEP 20, 2015 AT 04:05 PM PDT

Hedge Fund Manager Buys Rights To Critical Drug, Hikes Price By 5000%

by Dartagnan

Specialists in infectious disease are protesting a gigantic overnight increase in the price of a 62-year-old drug that is the standard of care for treating a life-threatening parasitic infection.

The drug, called Daraprim, was acquired in August by Turing Pharmaceuticals, a start-up run by a former hedge fund manager. Turing immediately raised the price to $750 a tablet from $13.50, bringing the annual cost of treatment for some patients to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The hedge fund manager responsible for the price increase is named Martin Shkreli. Shkreli has a reputation as some type of wunderkind, having started his own hedge fund company while still in his 20’s. Shkreli has already drawn attention for urging the FDA not to approve drugs made by companies whose stocks Shkreli was shorting.

In July 2012, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington called for an investigation of Shkreli and others whom it charged were manipulating the prices of drug company stocks through blog posts intended to spread negative and purportedly misleading information about certain drugs.

According to CREW, Mr. Shkreli has acknowledged he has no medical expertise whatsoever. His company stands to increase sales in the magnitude of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars from the price increase, according to the article.


Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight


Daraprim, From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight

Cycloserine, a drug used to treat dangerous multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, was just increased in price to $10,800 for 30 pills from $500 after its acquisition by Rodelis Therapeutics

Heart drugs, Isuprel and Nitropress, raised their prices by 525 percent and 212 percent respectively

Doxycycline, an antibiotic, went from $20 a bottle in October 2013 to $1,849 by April 2014

Oh what exciting comments on such an excellent post! Thank you all for making this an exciting place to come to and read!

Jackson, do you have any links to Boxer’s ‘replies’ to Fiorina? I’d like to read them.

Lorrie, I agree that the ‘psychic’ view of things is limited, as are astrologers’ views (one of those ‘psychics’ is actually just an astrologer). They, plus the poll numbers and the MSM commentaries, should be seen as just a snap shot in time. And these times are so moving and murky! Everything is submerged so we are pretty much blindly swimming thru uncharted deep waters and looking towards our political leaders for some ‘sign’ or ‘guidance’ (and ENTERTAINMENT – what stories they/we tell and ‘stories’ are the best things ever!). What if we were the ‘sign’? and we were the ‘guidance’? “We” as in each person as a part of the collective. I loved hearing about your ‘dog’ neighbor – or at least your neighbor who walks her dog when you do. I think these connections with our local people are so vitally important – now more than ever for transforming our human existence on this planet – ‘our’ ‘blue gem’. Please keep sharing with us and your dog neighbors. 🙂

Drugs, including but not limited to, medical drugs are ruled by what planets? Neptune? Pluto? Uranus? others? Neptune seems relevant since the chemicals enter the waters of our bodies.

I have personally been experiencing multiple negative medication reactions this past year and 5 months. I have gotten to the point where I have stopped taking all of them, but have not cut off my medical team (tho I did get a new doctor who would partner with me – incidently a female and dropped my former male doctor. It was a process (months and years). However I am not ‘anti-medication or anti-drug.

Substances (including caffeine and sugar, gluten, proteins, statins, fats and alcohol etc etc etc) work very differently in different people’s bodies. My best friend is still alive today because of medications. One medication that keeps her alive nearly killed me this year. My mother would die if she took penicillin but I can take it just fine. There is no universal ‘bad guy’ in substances and should be no universal ‘bad guy’ in the blame either.( Maybe a ‘universal bad guy’ for synthetic MJ or some other drugs which kill easily and gain $$ for the producers). There are still buyers. My mother has ‘resistant TB’ so has to take some drugs (paid for my medicare) and I’m glad she is still alive. Big Pharma, like all drug dealers, grocery stores, coffee shops and wine bars and restaurants deal with profit. It is good to watch out for untold profits, but it is the profits that are the culprits (and those profits usually go to feed someone’s pension returns) and not the engineers of those enterprises. Too much profit, IMO, is where corruption leaks in.

I agree with you. Carly does sound like a “sociopath” !
and Sharon, I think she is putting on an “Act” ! She must want a job as a news contributor with Fox. She is delusional to think she could be Pres. or VP–
but uh oh, Palin thought she had a chance! They’re both hilarious, but dangerous!

Thanks for posting a new site for me to check out.

Julie–it’s interesting you could support Joe Biden. That is something I could never do. Who can forget Joe Biden’s misogynistic attacks against Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings for Supreme Court Justice? Who could forget it was Joe Biden who championed that arch-conservative Clarence Thomas and was instrumental in getting him a seat on the Supreme Court? The stench of that affair lingers in my memory, as I’m sure it does for many other women, who wouldn’t lift a finger to help old Joe. Afraid Joe could never be the “savior” of the Democratic Party, given his background.



SUN SEP 20, 2015 AT 07:02 PM PDT

Scientists ask for prosecution of climate deniers under RICO law
by Rob Lewis

As you probably know, the RICO Act was conceived to go after organized crime. But a group of 20 scientists has written to the Obama administration, arguing that organized climate deniers meet the criteria for prosecution under the Act.

Perhaps the key sentence:

A RICO investigation (1999 to 2006) played an important role in stopping the tobacco industry from continuing to deceive the American people about the dangers of smoking.

From today’s Politico. Talk about synchronicity.

“But that hasn’t erased the memories of how Biden presided over those hearings as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, blamed for doing little to stop the attacks on Hill and opting not to call three other witnesses who would have echoed Hill’s charges of sexual harassment. Biden almost apologetically gave Thomas the benefit of the doubt, critics say, and that stance helped put Thomas on the Supreme Court.”

“Ever since, for many women and blacks, Hill’s name conjures an image of a black woman struggling under attack by a dozen powerful white men asking aggressive questions and questioning her character.”

“If Biden decides to run for president, his path to the Democratic nomination requires him to stand in the way of the woman who could be the first female president — and issues of sex and gender will be on the table whether either side likes it or not.”

“Biden did “a disservice to me, a disservice more importantly, to the public,” Anita Hill said in an interview last spring with The Huffington Post. Calling the other witnesses could have “helped the public to understand sexual harassment. He failed to do that.””

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/biden-anita-hill-women-senate-clarence-thomas-213864#ixzz3mOJBpGeg

“In a reversal of a recent slump, Hillary Clinton rose among Democratic voters in a new CNN/ORC national poll out Monday morning, widening the gap between herself and Bernie Sanders. And if Vice President Joe Biden decides against running for the presidency, her advantage could rise even further.”

“But if Biden elects not to run, Clinton’s lead over Sanders jumps to 57 percent to 28 percent, up from 48 percent to 32 percent in the previous CNN poll.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/poll-cnn-hillary-clinton-democratic-voters-bernie-sanders-joe-biden-2016-213870#ixzz3mONXTQYL

All of the politicians have made mistakes along the way. Hilary lied about getting out of an airplane and being attacked and other things. None of them are perfect; even Bernie somewhere has his controversial moments and votes. I think or intuit Biden will run and he just might win. Biden & Bernie!

Sorry, Angellight, that was more than a mistake Biden made. It was a presidential career-killing disaster, alienating both women and blacks, the two groups which happen to be the mainstays of the Democratic Party.

Carly Fiorina “She’s the face of income inequality and the face of corporate greed”

U. S. Senator Barbara Boxer ripped GOP Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on Friday, saying that Fiorina is a “mean-spirited,” failed business leader who cared more about enriching herself than about working Americans.

Boxer, who defeated Carly Fiorina in a nasty fight for Boxer’s U. S. Senate seat in 2010, took Fiorina to the woodshed over income inequality and corporate greed:


Outsourcing—And who can forget the ad Boxer ran against Fiorina, which decimated Firorina’s campaign for Boxer’s senate seat in 2010:


This is an abomination and has been going on for years…

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys


Re. “psychics”, I believe many people do have the ability to read the energy surrounding a person or situation as it is in the present moment. However, situations are fluid and decisions or actions may take a different turn and change the outcome. Sometimes info can be given (if another’s higher self gives permission) which can bring consciousness to a situation which can then be changed to protect the individual or bring understanding to assist in making a course of action. Nothing is an absolute given as free will can change things, so it’s best to take what a psychic says with a grain of salt.

The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight
February 21, 2014

Mike Lofgren, a former GOP congressional staff member with the powerful House and Senate Budget Committees, joins Bill Moyers to talk about what he calls the Deep State, a hybrid of corporate America and the national security state, which is “out of control” and “unconstrained.” In it, Lofgren says, elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests. “It is … the red thread that runs through the history of the last three decades. It is how we had deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion or our civil liberties and perpetual war,” Lofgren tells Bill.

Lofgren says the Deep State’s heart lies in Washington, DC, but its tentacles reach out to Wall Street, which Lofgren describes as “the ultimate backstop to the whole operation,” Silicon Valley and over 400,000 contractors, private citizens who have top-secret security clearances. Like any other bureaucracy, it’s groupthink that drives the Deep State.

In conjunction with this week’s show, Mike Lofgren has written an exclusive essay, “Anatomy of the Deep State.”


Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State
February 21, 2014
by Mike Lofgren

As the United States confronts its future after experiencing two failed wars, a precarious economy and $17 trillion in accumulated debt, the national punditry has split into two camps. The first, the declinists, sees a broken, dysfunctional political system incapable of reform and an economy soon to be overtaken by China. The second, the reformers, offers a profusion of nostrums to turn the nation around: public financing of elections to sever the artery of money between the corporate components of the Deep State and financially dependent elected officials, government “insourcing” to reverse the tide of outsourcing of government functions and the conflicts of interest that it creates, a tax policy that values human labor over financial manipulation and a trade policy that favors exporting manufactured goods over exporting investment capital.

All of that is necessary, but not sufficient. The Snowden revelations (the impact of which have been surprisingly strong), the derailed drive for military intervention in Syria and a fractious Congress, whose dysfunction has begun to be a serious inconvenience to the Deep State, show that there is now a deep but as yet inchoate hunger for change. What America lacks is a figure with the serene self-confidence to tell us that the twin idols of national security and corporate power are outworn dogmas that have nothing more to offer us. Thus disenthralled, the people themselves will unravel the Deep State with surprising speed.


Ann H., I had forgotten (if I ever knew) Joe Biden’s role in the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas story. Thanks for reminding me. That makes a big difference. I have now gone from thinking that he-probably-doesn’t-have-the-stuff-to-go-the-distance, to I-would-vote-against-him-in-the-primary.

I’ve just realized that there is a grand trine going on right now between Uranus retrograde in Aries, Venus recently stationed direct in Leo and Pallas the Strategist in Sagittarius. It will be effective through the 24th, which benefit the Pope’s agenda while in the USA.

After reading the above posts, it confirms to me that Hillary, Jeb, etc. are all outreaches of and beholden to the Deep State. The only one that might possibly be an outsider is Bernie Sanders. Therefore, I’ve decided I will only support Bernie unless it’s proven to me that he is not a part of the sham establishment. I will not vote for any nominees who are part of the establishment of either party and will only vote downstream.

Two days later, Sanders draws five times as many people as Clinton to event at same university in N.H.



MON SEP 21, 2015 AT 11:16 AM PDT
John Kasich: No Food Stamps, Unless You’re White
by Maxwell



Mother Jones has a must-read piece out today describing how Governor John Kasich has systematically increased food insecurity in minority-heavy districts in Ohio while protecting rural districts with predominantly white constituents.

While in Congress in 1996, “moderate” “blue-collar” “Christian” Kasich was the architect of welfare reform legislation that, in his preferred language, eliminated food aid for a million people per month. Even that was too extreme for the Republican-led 104th US Congress, and Kasich greased the wheels for passage by inserting a provision that would create time-limited exemptions for regions under particular duress. State governors are afforded discretion in the implementation of those exemptions, and Kasich has been particularly clever in depriving communities of color of these exemptions while directing them toward white majority constituencies more likely to vote for Republican candidates.

In 1996, then-Congressman John Kasich cosponsored a welfare reform bill that, for the first time ever, put a time limit on recipients’ access to food stamps. Healthy, childless adults would be able to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for no more than three months in any three-year period, unless they were employed or in a training program for at least 20 hours a week. When Congress balked at a rule that would cause an estimated 1 million people to lose food aid each month, Kasich added an exception that would allow states to seek time-limit waivers for areas with especially high unemployment.

Ann, thanks for all the Biden info. Actually Biden is a limit for me. If the Ds go for Biden I may just have to vote independent or not vote for the top of the ticket at all. I don’t t think I could ever bring myself to vote for him. Biden’s stances and actual record is nothing at all like Bernie’s. I doubt strongly Bernie would agree to run on a Biden ticket. Rand Paul is probably too liberal to run on a Biden ticket. Maybe he could get Carly. Biden is so much less than simply ‘not perfect’ – he has attacked issues and demographics I am personally very much in favor of. “social issues” of equality are important to me. Not having the US represent “mass incarceration” of people and especially young black men is important to me and should be to everyone. After all, we are all paying for it, and the black communities are paying for it with their very lives. This should have ended a long time ago….like in the 60s?….30s?…

But, of course that is just my knee jerk reaction. I would have to see what he says. But I would not be happy about having to hear what he says.

Lorrie, I’ll read the entire Bill Moyers link soon, but thanks for the link. The ‘teaser’ paragraphs are really interesting. I’m less worried, oddly, about government surveillance than I am about corporate surveillance. Done for different reasons of course. Both are deep and pretty much hidden. I’ve been doing some anecdotal experiments with google and then seeing what ads come up. (in part I’m doing this to see if ‘news’ changes according to what I search for on google.) Then recently I was reading some article on HuffPo and decided to buy a couple of items it was talking about so I opened up a tab to amazon and started to search for the product there. I only had to type in the first letter and the suggestions popped up for what I had just been reading about! So I tried it again and then again and again. Same thing. Then I went to a ‘mom and pop’ small business website and looked at possible products and went back to amazon and it could not “guess” what I wanted to search for. Are huffpo and amazon ‘talking’ to each other in real time? I think the people who work for and with amazon are good people with good intentions. It only takes one who gets greedy. Or in publicly traded companies it is all 401k investors who want the money so that spreads culpability around even more. If anyone has any $ at all invested (and not just stuffed under a mattress) then we are all partaking in that system. We are part of the “depth” in “deep”.

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin plans to drop out of the 2016 U.S. presidential race after deciding he has no path to win his party’s nomination, a Republican familiar with the decision said on Monday.


Probably not for everyone-
Kryon -in Spain-Sept 19/’15-
Speaking of – battle of “dark and light”, the “new human”, the migrants and solutions.


The candidate who proposed building a wall between Canada & US (trying an re-capture the immigration issue from Donald Trumps’ Mexico wall)has dropped out. The people of Wisconsin will have to deal with Gov. Scott Walker as a man with fewer distractions who can 24/7 focus on WI state business for the remaining years of the governor’s term til 2018.

Angellight, Yes, all political leaders make mistakes. The test is do they move forward or just stick with the mistakes? Bill Clinton has publicly apologized for mistakes he has made (as seen in hindsight). So has Hillary (not sure about Bernie). Can you imagine Bush or Cheney doing that? Biden has made so very many bad calls yet he is sticking with them even tho it is now very apparent those calls were mistakes.

I do deeply disagree with Bernie about gun issues. I, personally, think it is a mistake to give gun manufactures blanket immunity (government protection) and think gun violence partly due to the law that Sanders supported and still supports. Here’s some info:

“As Sanders says, under the 2005 law, gun manufacturers are not held responsible if a murderer uses their gun to kill someone. But it does more than that. It gives broad protections to gun manufacturers, including for negligence, and can protect them from being sued in certain types of claims relating to the gun’s design. The Illinois case is one example where this immunity was cited to dismiss a lawsuit over the safety features of a gun that was accidentally fired by a boy. That type of technical protection would not apply to someone using a hammer.

Further, Sanders’s comparison makes it seem as if this lawsuit came about solely because people were suing gun manufacturers for making guns that somehow fell in the hands of criminals. But that is not exactly the case. Advocates and cities were suing manufacturers alleging their actions were increasing the risk that guns would fall into criminal hands. The gun industry then responded with legislation to shut down those lawsuits. Sanders’s statement is misleading and a simplification of this complex case.”


Here’s Hillary on gun control:

“But for Clinton, gun control has been a significant part of her political identity. She’s been working to regulate the firearms industry for decades, and had a front row seat the last time a president actually managed to pass any gun-control measure.

In other words: other candidates may say they’re coming for unregulated guns. Clinton really is.

No wonder the NRA has vowed to bring her down.

Her experiences in the ’90s—and the massacre of 13 people at Columbine High School in particular—seemed to shape her views and belief that the laws needed to change to better protect people.”


This is the video won me over on Hillary, she often is beaten up for not being genuine or caring but judge for yourself after watching this:




Executive who shipped tainted peanuts gets 28 years; 9 died of salmonella

1944: FDR and the year that changed history ~ by Jay Winik




Winik has been widely read by political leaders. President Bill Clinton, who has given his books as presents, and former Senate Majority Leaders Harry Reid and Tom Daschle have read both Winik’s books and talked to him about the lessons of history. So did current Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as well as President George W. Bush.

Trudy, I listened to it, and will again. Thank you so much!

Michael, I had never seen that youtube of Hillary. I’m not surprised by it. Here’s some info from her wiki page (just a snippet since there is so much. She has been all about families and laws for her entire life:

“Rodham then entered Yale Law School. There she served on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action.[36] During her second year, she worked at the Yale Child Study Center,[37] learning about new research on early childhood brain development and working as a research assistant on the seminal work, Beyond the Best Interests of the Child (1973).[38][39] She also took on cases of child abuse at Yale-New Haven Hospital[38] and volunteered at New Haven Legal Services to provide free legal advice for the poor.[37] In the summer of 1970 she was awarded a grant to work at Marian Wright Edelman’s Washington Research Project, where she was assigned to Senator Walter Mondale’s Subcommittee on Migratory Labor. There she researched migrant workers’ problems in housing, sanitation, health and education.[40] Edelman later became a significant mentor.[41] Rodham was recruited by political advisor Anne Wexler to work on the 1970 campaign of Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Joseph Duffey, with Rodham later crediting Wexler with providing her first job in politics.[42]

In the late spring of 1971 she began dating Bill Clinton, also a law student at Yale. That summer she interned at the Oakland, California, law firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein.[43] The firm was well known for its support of constitutional rights, civil liberties, and radical causes (two of its four partners were current or former Communist Party members);[43] Rodham worked on child custody and other cases.[nb 3] Clinton canceled his original summer plans in order to live with her in California;[47] the couple continued living together in New Haven when they returned to law school.[44] The following summer, Rodham and Clinton campaigned in Texas for unsuccessful 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern.[48] She received a Juris Doctor degree from Yale in 1973,[29] having stayed on an extra year to be with Clinton.[49] He first proposed marriage to her following graduation but she declined, uncertain if she wanted to tie her future to his.[49]

Rodham began a year of postgraduate study on children and medicine at the Yale Child Study Center.[50] Her first scholarly article, “Children Under the Law”, was published in the Harvard Educational Review in late 1973.[51] Discussing the new children’s rights movement, it stated that “child citizens” were “powerless individuals”[52] and argued that children should not be considered equally incompetent from birth to attaining legal age, but that instead courts should presume competence except when there is evidence otherwise, on a case-by-case basis.[53] The article became frequently cited in the field.[54]”


“An Illinois native, Hillary Rodham graduated from Wellesley College in 1969, where she became the first student commencement speaker, then earned her J.D. from Yale Law School in 1973. After a stint as a Congressional legal counsel, she moved to Arkansas, marrying Bill Clinton in 1975. She co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families in 1977, became the first female chair of the Legal Services Corporation in 1978, and was named the first female partner at Rose Law Firm in 1979.”


Ouch ! others have noticed Biden’s problem too! I am sick of Walker, and very happy he dropped out.

Biden’s ‘Anita’ problem




Carly Fiorina Backer Once Said The Rich Should Get More Votes
“You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes,” businessman Tom Perkins proposed.

MSNBC Up with Chris Hayes: today had panel that picked Fiorina apart her professional record and especially her campaign proposals for foreign policy and military…. each and every point she made that they reported on was revealed to be pure bunk – she is a no-nothing and the basis her pronouncements are faulty factually flawed political positions

Another thought about Hillary, she is a damned good lawyer and legal mind. Whoever the next president is will have the opportunity to appoint one or several supreme court justices. I think she would be very very smart about who she would put forth for nomination. We could get the opportunity to see the supreme court turn towards the left.

Anne’s Aunt
“Trudy, I listened to it, and will again. Thank you so much!”

You are very welcome!!
I find it great for balance and grounding.

Lorrie, thanks for the link to the Bill Moyers essay. Seems to me that Pluto would be the best planet to symbolize the Deep State. We haven’t even made it to the U.S. Pluto (27+ Capricorn) return yet and I’m already looking beyond that.

The U.S.Pluto return will occur first in February 2022, but trans. Pluto stations retrograde less than a degree away from the natal Pluto in April, 2021. By then we will have already started the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle (12/21/2020) at 0+ Aquarius.

Right now the progressed U.S. Pluto at 29+ Capricorn is traveling with U.S. prog. Icarus (who flew too high) and U.S. prog. Tantalus, an overly self-confident mortal son of Zeus, who scorned the gods, and because of it he and his lineage paid a terrible price. That’s where we are in the story right now. We (the USA) have progressed to where the Deep State (Pluto) is flying too high and is scorning the gods.

Come 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn begin their new 20 year societal cycle, Uranus (will break rules to expose truth) and Black Moon Lilith (pushback from being scorned) will be square the U.S. natal nodes (in Sibly chart) at 6+ Taurus. A signal that we’ve reached a time of reckoning.

Also at the time of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 2020, the asteroids Atlantis (think Snowden and the NSA), Sphinx (secrets) and Minerva (Roman version of Pallas the strategist) will all be conjunct the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Sedna at 27+ Taurus will trine the U.S. natal Pluto and the Moon at 27+ Pisces will sextile the natal Pluto. Not sure what that means but will study it.

Also in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn chart, Mars (war) conjunct Eris (war) at 23+ Aries will square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn. All this leads me to think/feel that the Deep State will be in deep trouble.

Transiting Pluto will reach the U.S. natal Pluto (exactly) in March 2022, where Venus and Mars will also join him at 27+ Capricorn. Natal Pluto, transiting Pluto, transiting Venus and transiting Mars. At the same time, Sun and Moon (New Moon) at 12+ Pisces will square the U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, and the transiting Neptune at 22+ Pisces will oppose the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. That’s a lot of meaning to sort through, but it sounds like the gods want a word with the Deep State folks.

The transiting Pluto will catch up with the U.S. progressed Pluto (29+ Capricorn) in February 2023 and that will go off and on through November 2024. By July 2025, all 3 transiting outer planets will have changed signs; Pluto into Aquarius, Neptune into Aries and Uranus into Gemini, all 3 between the degrees of 0 and 3. A whole new set of cycles to ponder. In the meantime, we have the next 10 years to absorb it all.

Barb K! You are amazing! As usual…

Barb, it sounds like the gods want a word with ALL of us! Icarus flew too high, and, as you say, his entire lineage was made to suffer the price. We (most here at least) are part of the US lineage. We chose to be a part of it. We get to participate in the suffering inflicted by the gods and also the transformation(s) too.

“Also in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn chart, Mars (war) conjunct Eris (war) at 23+ Aries will square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn. All this leads me to think/feel that the Deep State will be in deep trouble.” Could also be written as “Also in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn chart, Mars (sex) conjunct Eris (sex) at 23+ Aries will square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn. All this leads me to think/feel that the Deep State will be truly fucked.”

Exciting times.

Good article BarbK

But I am having a hard time catching my breath after reading
AA’s interruption–be a while before I stop laughing!!!

“Could also be written as “Also in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn chart, Mars (sex) conjunct Eris (sex) at 23+ Aries will square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn. All this leads me to think/feel that the Deep State will be truly fucked.”

Good one!


Moon-Pluto aka ‘Hades Moon’

Judy Hall wrote ’The Hades Moon: Pluto in Aspect to the Moon’

There is an equally ‘deep state’ that is positive and life giving – and it is growing. It is new, yet very old. Several systems and charities started many years and decades ago. They fly under the radar. I’m extremely skeptical about charities in general – especially the ‘big ones’ that attract lots of $$. So before I ‘get on board’ with a charity (or a kind of thinking) I always look at the board members and google each one and look at who they are. Often they seem to find me if I’m lucky enough to pay attention at some point.

I’ll share one I ‘found’ recently. I donated $50 to them today (after researching them for over a week and knowing several IRL people in common who directly knew about them). I am ‘suffering’ from huge medical bills and also expenses from just about everything structural in my life breaking this past year (pluto conj my natal chiron in my 6th house) but I think I can find $50 to send to them. To hell with my $tens of thousands I owe to others, I’m going to find $50 to send. Here’s the link: (I think of this as donating to the macro thru the micro) (and the other way around too, come to think of it)


Well. . . . . . .!

Tim Stephens Vancouver astrologer says:



The U.S. field is far too crowded. I write this blog for free, so I’m not going to spend 20 hours doing 20 charts and trying to pick a winner. I’ve already written (many many months ago) that Hillary shouldn’t run, and that I liked Jeb Bush. However, as a reader pointed out, I had the wrong birth data for Jeb Bush, so that needs another look. And – I’m almost scared to say it – Hillary’s popularity should rise over the months ahead. I still say she should not run, though.

I also wrote that Trump’s popularity would decline (generally, from mid-August 2015 to Sept. 2016). I thought we’d see a decline sooner than now, but I think we’ll see it in a rather spectacular way before the end of 2015. Trump, I think, has one option: to become a kinder, gentler Trump, to use his front-runner position to become (or copy) a statesman, to reach out to Latinos, etc. Note that both Republican debates occurred when the Moon was in the two most negative, or “energy and charisma draining” signs for Trump – Taurus and Scorpio. Since I doubt the FOX or CNN programmers follow astrology, I have to rack this up to fate, or destiny. It’s fitting (and says a lot about Republicans) that the person who is ascending and eating into Trump’s pollster lead, is another angry, aggressive, mostly humorless, narcissistic personality, Carly Fiorina. They are peas in a pod, but would make (if it came to that) a volatile Pres-VP combo – he’s a Gemini, she’s a Virgo. Geminis face 12 months of blissful rest, joy in the home, and love of nature (and real estate luck). Virgos face 12 months of prominence, recognition, and approval from bosses and VIPs. The very thing that’s bringing Donald to rest is energizing and boosting Carly. (The two debates, by the way, were in very favourable moon signs for Carly. More “fate.”)

Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister running for re-election, has the face of an angel. A plump, duck-faced angel. Many of his political cronies and appointees are either in jail or in court, defendants in criminal cases, or under investigation by the RCMP. He’s Canada’s Richard Nixon. His campaign consists largely of attack ads on his opponents…. Several months ago I wrote here that (Liberal) Trudeau would defeat Harper. At the time, for some reason, I completely forgot Tom Mulcair, the NDP leader, whose party was the official opposition, and held far more seats than Trudeau’s. I’ll soon try to erect Mulcair and Trudeau’s charts, to opine about a winner. For now, having said “Trudeau,” I’ll stick with that.”

“A trump is a playing card which is elevated above its normal rank” — Wikipedia

I guess I will have to weigh in the ‘amazing’ Trump. I don’t see a thing that will stop his candidacy. Any stress won’t come until after November 2016.

Hillary, I suspect will continue to have difficulties into the end of this year. I see lots of stress especially in November – December 2015. Whatever it is, it seems to impact Chelsea just as much or more. I hope that Bill’s health is not the reason. Things do get better for Hillary in 2016. If she can hang on until then, she might make it, but It looks very iffy to me. She has a better chart to beat Trump than Bernie, if she’s still running. But just looking at the charts, I’d say Trump’s chart looks better than Hillary.

As to Bernie, I’m guessing that he too won’t have an easy time towards the end of 2015, at the same time that Hillary is having her difficulties. And Saturn will definitely darken his Sun in 2016.

Bottom line, I think Mr. Trump couldn’t have chosen a better time to run.

Children of Monsters: sons daughter of dictators
by jay nordlinger

Jay Nordlinger’s new book, Children of Monsters, examines the lives of the children of 20 brutal dictators, revealing that while some followed in their father’s footsteps, others were torn between normal lives and outsized privilege.


Bernie Sanders will speak to striking Washington contract workers on Tuesday ahead of Pope Francis’s arrival in the capital.

Politico reports the workers, employees at the U.S. Capitol and other federal buildings, are striking to encourage President Barack Obama and Congress to adopt a $15 minimum wage.

The Way Ahead to 2019: A Revolution to Come

When Bergoglio was elected Pope on March 13, 2013 – a papal ‘birth’ moment – transiting Pluto was on the same spot as his birth Mercury; it’s an aspect that promises a complete change not just in what is said and how it’s said (Mercury), not just tinkering, but in thought. The potential consequence is some kind of revolution (Pluto).

Because Mercury-tr Pluto is on the chart point to do with the Pope’s relationship with the world, there is likely to be opposition and hostility.


Information only——-

Schedule: 2015 Apostolic Journey Of Pope Francis To The United States Of America


“House Lawmakers Brainstorming Some Good Things To Say About Poor People Before Meeting Pope Francis

WASHINGTON—Gathering together outside the House chamber to trade ideas Tuesday, the nation’s lawmakers reportedly brainstormed complimentary things they could say about poor people when they meet with Pope Francis later this week. “This guy’s really interested in the poor, so we should have something nice to say, like, I don’t know, how they’re salt-of-the-earth people or how they’re humble or something like that,” said Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), one of several dozen representatives who stood around struggling for nearly half an hour to come up with any positive associations they felt toward the country’s impoverished population. “Boy, this is hard. The bottom line is that we can’t say anything that will come back to bite us later, like implying that they’re in need of assistance or that they deserve better. Let’s just scrape together a sentence or two vaguely praising them and then we can move on to something much more comfortable, like abortion.” At press time, Boehner was frustratedly shaking his head after realizing he and his colleagues would likely have to come up with something positive to say about peace, as well.”


Haha!! Looks like they missed someone:


Court Orders Whale Protection, U.S. Navy to Restrict Sonar


Award-Winning Film Producer is Exposing the Prison Industrial Complex — and We Need to Help


In The Stars Over Washington article “Sept 2015: Cosmic Events and Pope Francis to Washington DC” Jude Cowell writes:

“…. the September 13th Solar Eclipse @20Virgo falls within orb (1’13”) of the natal Neptune of Pope Francis (December 17, 1936.) As you know, Neptune is the planet of the Divine Source on a positive level, the masses, mass media, the glamour of the silver screen, things that spread (like propaganda and ideas), and many other negative Neptunian possibilities. As you may know, Pope Francis was born during a Saturn-Neptune opposition phase so adding its usual ‘wild card’ status which all eclipses are capable of, the September 13th Solar Eclipse contains somewhat negative themes which may catalyze or activate his natal Saturn-Neptune opposition. Perhaps this will be expressed by his topics such as how we treat the weak, poor, elderly, and ill (Saturn-Neptune) among us.”



Reviewing the Popes US itinerary and an astrological ephemeris I noticed the 26th evening during the Popes visit to Philadelphia, there will be a Moon/Chiron conjunction (18 Pisces) opposite Pope Francis’s natal Neptune (18 Virgo). Uranus at 19 Aries closely quincunxes natal Neptune while opposing natal Mars (19 Libra). There may be safety issues involved here. Just how extensive the concern is, can be seen both in the ISIS threat issued last year on the Pope’s life and the local US authorities logistical nightmare of providing the ‘largest security operation in US history…..

Pope Francis, ‘People’s Pope,’ Is Security Teams’ Headache

New York Times
September 22, 2015

WASHINGTON — As one of the lead Secret Service agents for President Obama on Inauguration Day in 2009, Joseph P. Clancy experienced the difficulty of protecting someone surrounded by throngs of supporters who want to get close to a leader they adore.



I enjoyed the Canadian astrologer. Thanks for the unique approaches to US politics! Love it when we get different perspectives. I go off on tangents, and randomly pick up some good astrology sites. Most of what I do is ” by accident”!

Saturn in Sag: Nothing to Hope About, Nothing to Fear

Saturn is tasked with making us face reality, being in the here and now and bringing us the experiences that we must meet in this life. There are many versions of what this might mean for us, and how change can arise from a deep acceptance of what is before us. There is something in the combination of Saturn in Sag suggesting that as our perspective changes, our view of what is Real changes, too.
Some of the keywords for Saturn — patience, diligence, discipline — are three of the Six Perfections taught in Mahayana Buddhism.


GREAT, to hear from you..

Love, love is a verb, love is a doing word…

Pope Francis goes to the White House on Wednesday morning. Some 15,000 people have been invited to the arrival ceremony on the South Lawn.

Prabhata, good to see you. Let’s hope that the good stuff in Trump’s chart applies to stuff other than his presidential candidacy….it’s so hard to believe that he could be taken that seriously. I do think his next debate performance will be improved, though, after they analyze his 2nd one. I’ll be he is going to start brushing up on his policy info.

Peter’s back! Peter Jennings. . . on MSNBC. . thank you Pope Francis.

Been wondering about this…. terrorist controlled places are losing their best people who are leaving as fast as they can. What is left for them (IS, Assad, Putin etc)? Pluto is not controlling Neptune? :


“The refugee crisis is also becoming a crisis for ISIS, as Syrians reject the group’s claim that the so-called caliphate offers a safe haven, and the refugees instead opt for the dangerous journey to Europe.

In recent weeks, ISIS has put out almost a dozen videos with messages that denounce the refugees, threaten them with the horrors of living among “unbelievers” and plead with them to join the caliphate.

“The idea that they are not heading to ‘ISIS land’ is a slap in the face,” says Alberto Fernandez, who ran the State Department’s counterterrorism communications unit before recently joining the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“They are leaving because their relatives were killed by Assad,” he says of the refugees. “That’s the ISIS demographic, but the people brutalized by Assad are not turning to ISIS.

And that has rattled the group, according to Fernandez. The media coverage of the refugee exodus is impossible to ignore even in areas under ISIS control, he notes.

“You can’t avoid heart-wrenching pictures of people going West,” he adds. It is an affront to the basic ISIS ideology, he says, for a militant group that believes it is a sin for Muslims to live in inclusive Western societies.

For these ideological militants, “real Muslims” must become part of ISIS, and “if you are trapped in the West, go kill someone,” says Fernandez, describing the basic message of the Islamic State. The rejection by so many Syrians has prompted ISIS to try to counter the narrative.

“The majority of Sunni Muslims who oppose President Bashar Assad’s regime also reject the ISIS hardline ideology. No amount of propaganda videos can counter the image of desperate Syrian families, on the move with their children, willing to sacrifice everything on the gamble for a better future in Europe.

“If you look at the people who have left Syria in the past few years, it’s the best people,” says Fernandez. These are people who aspire to a middle-class life.””

Barbk…did you mean another person when you said Peter Jennings (the newscaster?)? He died a few years back.

Jeb Bush says he’d repeal net neutrality
Washington Post-1 hour ago

Not sure what to say about Jon Rappaport’s latest blog-

The Pope Appeareth
by Jon Rappoport
September 20, 2015

““Religions and, yes, even certain ‘economic systems’ have preached poverty as the way to salvation, or at least a ‘more honest’ life. Poverty is promoted as a kind of test of faith. But the promoters always had cash in the bank. The catch is this: in order to reap the spiritual rewards, a poor person has to remain poor. Otherwise, how can he continue to know true glory? The modern version of this is: a victim is a victim forever. Otherwise, he might eliminate the need for ‘social justice’ and the con artists who peddle it. Don’t spend a few dollars cleaning up the contaminated water systems in Third World countries. Don’t give back good growing land that was stolen. Poverty and starvation are glamorous. They give rise to humanitarian ideologies that front for theft and destruction on a grand scale.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

He’s here. The Pope. And his covert Jesuit message is: let’s get rid of separate nations, eliminate private profit for the middle class, and return to those glorious days of the Middle Ages; my Church flourishes under those conditions; we know how to deal with wall-to-wall misery; oh, and here’s the collection plate….”

So here is an interesting take on that Volkswagen debacle:

“Why would Volkswagen do this? The answer is obvious – ALL American cars are programmed to waste fuel on purpose, to heat up the catalytic converters so less carbon monoxide is produced (after the catalytic converter burns it off) and as it turns out, a LOT of fuel is wasted this way, many many miles per gallon worth. A car that runs too clean won’t heat the catalytic converter up enough for it to function. Having a catalytic converter is all just a corruption enforced arbitrary rule when clean emissions can be accomplished the correct way in any computer controlled car – by burning the fuel perfectly to begin with. Volkswagen basically “broke the law” by producing cars so efficient a catalytic converter was not needed, and they shut off the fuel wasting process that heats the catalytic converter up enough for it to work.

No one noticed any stink, because the cars did not make any stink to begin with, and the benefit was much higher fuel economy than any other equivalent cars on the road.

So my question is, why would a corrupted government mandate cars have fuel wasting catalytic converters added to them that produce more CO2 while delivering less mileage, when carbon dioxide is the real threat they are all talking about and no excess carbon monoxide is produced by clean burning Volkswagens anyway, even without the converter?

OBVIOUS ANSWER: Global warming is a HOAX, they all know it, but they are confident they can keep the people stupid, while circumventing all possibility of high fuel economy cars being made simply because they have mandated an intentional waste of fuel….”

Thank you Sharon. What can I say? A senior moment of excitement. . meant Brian Williams of course.

Re: Volkswagen

Is “interesting” the preferred new synonym for “bonkers”?

Trudy – I’d say that Jon Rappoport’s interpretation of what Pope Francis is saying might be somewhat biased by his feelings toward religion.

Ha! Jackson (and all), “interesting” and “bonkers” are pretty much the same thing these days. At least it depends on one’s point of view and everyone gets a point – of view. Maybe (just maybe) ‘interesting, possible, bonkers, completely nuts’ etc are all flying up in all our faces during these change times and WE are the ones who have to make sense of it all?

The intersection of bonkers, possible, interesting and life saving are all converging in my personal life and career right now. My legs work, then they don’t work. Same with my car and the lights in my home (luckily they work in my work space…so far. My computers work, then don’t work, then work again. Same for my efforts at giving — and taking my space. Same with my nervous system, gut function and pain levels. Same with my family and friends. Same with my career and ability to make (and spend) money on myself and family. (the art, however is just pouring out with incredible flow and speed and lots of it looks bonkers).

It seems to me like people are making choices during this time. Do we choose to evolve and endure the pain and discomfort of that? or do we choose to make huge efforts to stay just the same as always, loving those well worn emotional paths? Do we choose to flush the toilet even tho there is no poo in it and waste that water with a 1.8 gallon (or 1.2 gallon for low flow) water flush? Do we choose to smile at some person on the street who is obviously suffering and receive a smile in return, or they smile first and then we can smile back? It seems like the very tiniest things done these days matter. I see how I both get slimed and send out slime. I slime myself every time I send out slimy negative thoughts/emotions to others, and I wish to stop that in myself. That is even tinier than a tiny action – it is a fleeting thought and feeling – and an even fleeting-er intention.

IMO we are the droplets that are making up the tsunami of change that is happening right now. That big wave depends on the droplets to exist and function. I won’t go on because it would sound even more ‘bonkers’ and I would freak myself out to even type it. But I will say thank you to all here, commenting or not, Thank you. And thank you to starlight for this blog and forum. I’ll also quote a slogan (despite my ‘cynical attitudes’) We are the Change we’ve been Waiting For!

Clinton, the Asian pivot and everything you need to know about neo-liberalism

In this election, Sanders’ democratic socialism is the only electable alternative available to the neo-liberalism that has been embraced by the Democratic and Republican political duopoly. His supporters would do well with Democratic voters to figuratively hang neo-liberalism and the TPP around Secretary Clinton’s neck like a lead life “saver” at every opportunity. Should he decide to run for President, the same holds for Vice-President Biden as well.


Secretary Clinton’s TPP claim is verifiably false

After a meeting Thursday with leaders of labor unions, who oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Secretary Clinton claimed, “I did not work on TPP.” She then added: “I never had any direct responsibility for the negotiations at all.” Award-winning, investigative reporter, David Sirota, has exposed that assertion as false in his International Business Times article “Cables Show Hillary Clinton’s State Department Deeply Involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

As Secretary of State, Clinton publicly promoted the pact 45 separate times. Now that her Democratic presidential rivals are making opposition to the deal a core issue of their campaigns, Clinton is claiming she was never involved in the initiative.


September 22, 2015 at 9:35 pm
Re: Volkswagen
Is “interesting” the preferred new synonym for “bonkers”?
..sure could be!
I don’t know my catalytic converter from my Volkswagen. It just seems when the whole MSM jumps on one thing–It seems at some point, you find out later something else is at it’s bottom. What floated thru my mind was …is there a corporate war going on??

Thanks for your take on “bonkers” AA. Entertaining!


Lorrie U
September 23, 2015 at 12:42 am

Yes, Lorrie U
I’m sure that Jon Rappoports’ take on the Pope is biased by his(none)religious feelings.

Having been inside the Catholic box–getting out of it and exploring and questioning it’s history and systemic controls-some of his questions have also crossed my mind.

Lorrie, I agree that Rappoport’s view might be colored by his ideas of piscean religion. I don’t think ‘religion’ (in the pisces sense of the word) will disappear in the age of aquarius. After all agriculture has not disappeared after the age of taurus. But religion will become ‘aquarius-ized’ more and more. I, personally, cannot tell what lens he is looking thru when he writes about the pope (or anything else- I don’t regularly read his stuff) so I don’t know, or cannot assume, what lens he is looking thru. But I don’t think like he does, and I don’t get the ‘hit’ of hate from what Trudy quoted, so it might be worth considering. At least for a moment…. before saying “nahhhh” (which I will probably do since I ‘like’ this pope overall and think, even tho he is not perfect, he is a nice step forward and is actually very sincere and compassionate).

Blessings to you and your health issues.
May they be soon resolved!

Trudy (I have to google this to complete this idea….) OK. Did you see the “Lord of the Rings”? (movie or books). In the movie it is very telling at the end of the trilogy that the “Eye” of Sauron cannot see the tiny hobbits and gets distracted by the ‘big things’. At the very moment of change (when the “one ring” gets cast into the fire and is destroyed) the “Big Eye” finally becomes aware and looks around frantically. And in vain. It is too late, the ‘ring’ (= the old ‘unity’) is destroyed and a path towards a new rulership in middle earth is possible and even probable. Reminds me of the ‘One Eye’ of the MSM. The MSM is a great way to see the collective consciousness and it just misses so much. Then suddenly it ‘gets it’ and focuses on what it thinks is the ‘problem’, not realizing that it itself is a part of the ‘problem’.

IMO there IS a ‘corporate war’ going on. Actually, I know this because my daughter has to deal with some of it in her work. They are GIANTS. Amazon.com, wall mart.com, groupon, etc etc etc, they are all at war. They love each other, but are also at war (oh how like a nice/not nice ‘sex relationship’ that can be). The consumers are the fallout and the ‘collateral damage’. So are their shareholders since the massive corporatoins sometimes shoot themselves in the foot trying to stomp out competitors and to, basically, survive.


MMA Comments for the Week Beginning September 21, 2015

“This promises to be another interesting week based on the principles of Financial and Mundane Astrology. It will be a challenge to maintain a sense of humor, for these are aspects of the more serious type. Saturn is now in Sagittarius, a time when political correctness – and the consequences for violating those arbitrary boundaries – will likely reach new heights of annoyance for the masses, and outrage by the overly vocal few. This week might offer an example of this dynamic, for on Thursday, September 24, Pluto the terminator goes direct (ends its retrograde motion, which means its influence is stronger than usual), and the very next day, the aggressor Mars will square the unyielding Saturn. If there is a fight to be had, this is not the best of time to be in the wrong place saying the wrong things to the wrong people. If you want to survive this threat, then better hold your impulses to yourself. If you are going to go into battle, you better make sure you have back up.
How will this affect equity markets? Well, September 28 is a highly charged lunar eclipse, and also the midpoint of Mercury retrograde. If the cannon explodes, as it has in recent mid-Mercury retrograde periods, there could be quite another plunge….”

Anne’s Aunt
September 23, 2015 at 1:32 am
Ya nailed it!
Thank you!

Tuesday: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump


Democratic senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders joined striking workers at the United States Capitol Tuesday morning. The low-wage workers are employed by federal contractors to provide services in federal buildings, yet they earn less than a living wage and some even face weeks without pay when Congress is on recess. The workers are trying to get the pope’s attention as he arrives in Washington, DC, with a group of them writing a letter asking him to meet with them:

We want you to know that even though we serve the wealthy and the powerful in the Congress, we earn so little that we live in utter poverty.
We sleep on the streets because we cannot pay the rent.
We go to bed hungry because we can’t put food on the table.
We endure sickness because we cannot afford health care.
We earn so little that we sacrifice our dignity to support our kids.
We work such long hours that our unborn babies have died.
We may be invisible to the wealthy and powerful we serve everyday – but we know we are worthy of a more abundant life as children of God.

Hillary Clinton opposes Keystone XL Pipeline

Donald Trump defends his reaction to anti-Muslim statement

A fascinating asteroid line-up is developing and it connects to the September 27th lunar eclipse deeply impacting the US natal chart. The eclipse at 4 ’40 Aries-Libra forms a conjunction to the Vesta (5 ’56 Aries) Juno (4 ’06 Libra) opposition in t square to the US natal Jupiter (5 ’55 Cancer) and the asteroid Hades (5 ’36 Cancer).

To put this in perspective, in 1950 there was a Mars-Uranus square at 5 Cancer-Libra on these very same degrees and war erupted on the Korean peninsula (June 25, 1950):


Natal Jupiter symbolizes a nations wealth and well being. Here are various detailed descriptions of the asteroid entities involved……

Observations by Mark Lerner of Earth Aquarius News

Asteroids Vesta & Juno

Vesta symbolises anything related to national safety/security……

While the positive side of Juno is emotional empowerment, joy in marriage and primary partnerships, equality, fairness, honest diplomacy and the creation of much beauty, charm and elegance, the shadow side is terrorism and rage by the disenfranchised — particularly by those radical groups who may be small in numbers, but nevertheless rich in their righteous indignation about having no power and being constantly controlled and manipulated by higher-ups and authority figures


Observations by Lorna Tedder of The Spiritual Eclectic

Hades, from my research, is more about death and sorrow, though there are variations of the meaning. It’s unpleasant to say the least. Probably the best benefit, if there is one, is that it can “prune” away the old stuff, whether we like it or not.

Observations by Arlene Kramer of Uranian Astrology

Hades: All that is unpleasant, useless, antique, or deeply buried. The occult … Hades is misunderstood, because many think only of the negative meanings: dirt, garbage, sewage, sickness, poverty, mistakes, and all things ugly and sinister. There is a positive side that deals with antiquity, depth, and past lives. Hades advances 1°01′ per year, so its orbit around the Sun takes a little over 360 years.

Observations by Madalyn of Madalyn Hillis-Dineen: Astrologer

Many think Hades represents bad news, the underworld, and everything horrible. This is certainly not the case! While some definitions of Hades deal with disease, poverty, lack, loss, and death, it is important to look at the glyph for this planet. An arc surrounding a cross at the top represents it: the cross represents the collective consciousness, spirituality, and dream worlds. Hades is the keeper to the portal to the dream world. This is a planetary energy that is a combination of Saturn (discrimination), Pluto (transformation, destruction), and Neptune (dreams, spirituality). In an astral travel I once had, Hades was explained to me in this way: While Neptune is frequently associated with spirituality and dreams, one must be careful to stay afloat the planet and avoid the dark waters of Hades by power of addiction. When hades comes into your life, it is to destroy what no longer serves your highest good and instead replace it with something new and better. Much like the Saturnine energy, Hades is not all fast in showing change and things may seem stagnant for a period of time before we are able to move on. However, the thing to learn from Hades is that we must keep a smile and that life still goes on, no matter how awful or challenging it may seem. When we are open to change, welcome it in our lives, and do not resist it, we will begin to reap the benefits. An important planetary configuration is when Hades is conjunct the Sun; this will often manifest as a person who has deteriorating health, or extremely complicated health issues; these are natural healers and will provide the very best care over anyone else. Hades also represents antiquity, the past, and is a key point when working with past life astrology because it is a strong indicator of the person’s past life experience.

Alex, is Bernie a Democrat or an Independent Senator?



Attack Ads


Trump attacks Bush


Are we sure it was 40 years ago

continued Janet


Alex, I don’t understand the cartoon. If you could, please explain.


Thank you Jerry, it was very thoughtful to give the various observations of the meaning of these symbols, particularly Hades. It is all too easy to slip into a totally negative interpretation (or a totally positive one) with the symbols, just out of habit. We do live in a dualistic world and everything has a plus and a minus perspective.


the configuation Jerry noted – the T-Square – could be
a grand cross by synastry…. anything ? (as yet unassigned degree in early Capricorn to fill in the cross) come to mind for you;

one way to think about it is US Sibley Eris 08 Capricorn



. .As well, you might recall that in the Greek birth chart the Moon and Pluto are conjunct at 4+ Libra (which squares the Greek Venus at 3+ Cancer). Next month transiting Chiron in retrograde movement will return to the Greek chart’s Jupiter at 17+ Pisces retrograde. This natal Jupiter is in a T-square with the natal Greek chart’s nodes (NN 18+ Sagittarius, SN 18+ Gemini).

So in the Lunar Eclipse on September 27-28th, Chiron will be T-square the Greek nodes, and conjunct the Greek natal Jupiter, while the Eclipse Sun and Juno will conjunct the Greek natal Moon-Pluto that the eclipsed Moon and Vesta oppose.

Since the U.S. Sun (13+ Cancer) is exactly conjunct the Greek chart’s ascendant, I wondered if these 2 countries might be working on a plan for helping in the refugee/migrant crisis, since the U.S. solar return chart’s north node is at 4+ Libra and conjuncts the Greek Moon-Pluto conjunction as well as the eclipse chart’s Sun.

It might explain (in part) the transiting Hades conjunct the U.S. Jupiter. Also, the Greek Venus and the U.S. Venus are both at 3+ Cancer!


I tend to focus on US domestic matters more than overseas….

when the cobwebs clear something might turn up;

Nothing comes to mind at the moment alex, but these eclipse aspects stay active for some time. The transiting Sun will reach Capricorn in December which could trigger that pattern.

On November 14th there is a Full Moon at 22+ Taurus, the same degree as the start point of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle we are in now. In that chart (May 2000) Uranus in Aquarius was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus. That would fit the “aid and support” idea, between U.S. and Greece. In the 2015 November full moon, Venus will be at 3+ Capricorn and fill the T-square (eclipsed Moon this weekend) empty leg.

Also in that November full moon, transiting Jupiter (generosity) will, at 13+ Libra, be conjunct the U.S. Saturn (14+ Libra) and square (provides impetus) the U.S. Sun (13+ Cancer.) Transiting Saturn (gives form) at 15+ Sagittarius will be opposite the degree where the Venus-occult-Sun occurred in June, 2012. Now that seems realistic, remembering that the Great Attractor is at 14+ Sagittarius, tugging us all toward higher consciousness!

Thanks for the link; I’ll read it before the day is over.

Nothing comes to mind at the moment alex, but these eclipse aspects stay active for a long time. The transiting Sun will reach Capricorn in December which could trigger that pattern.

But on November 14th there is a Full Moon at 22+ Taurus, the same degree as the start point of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (all about societies) we are in now. In that chart (May 2000), Uranus in Aquarius was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus. That sounds fitting regarding the “aid and support” idea, between U.S. and Greece. In the 2015 November full moon, Venus will be at 3+ Capricorn and fill the T-square (eclipsed Moon this weekend) empty leg.

Also in that November full moon, Jupiter (generosity) will, at 13+ Libra, be conjunct the U.S. Saturn (14+ Libra) and square (provides impetus) the U.S. Sun (13+ Cancer.) This Nov. full moon’s Saturn (gives form) at 15+ Sagittarius will be opposite the degree where the Venus-occult-Sun occurred in June, 2012. Now that seems realistic, remembering that the Great Attractor is at 14+ Sagittarius, tugging us all toward higher consciousness!

Thanks for the link; I’ll read it before the day is over.

It’s been a weird couple of days for me. Sorry for the duplicated comment. . . I got the impression that the first try wasn’t accepted, so I changed some wording and tried again. I guess that’s why (changing words) it got through.


then first up: “In the 2015 November full moon, Venus will be at 3+ Capricorn”

9/27/2015 Lunar Eclipse Chart & 2015 November Full Moon Chart

T-Square forms Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry (world stage)

US Jupiter05Ca,Hades05Ca
Juno05Lib, Sun04Li
Nov. Full Moon Venus30Cp

I’ll have to study up on the full moon chart

opps – typo

should read:

November Full Moon Venus03Cp

Yesterday 1,000,000 children from 5,000 schools came to gether to meditate for world peace at the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Buddhist temple in Thailand.

then November Full Moon chart seems significant to me:

“November full moon, Jupiter (generosity) will, at 13+ Libra, be conjunct the U.S. Saturn (14+ Libra) and square (provides impetus) the U.S. Sun (13+ Cancer.) This Nov. full moon’s Saturn (gives form) at 15+ Sagittarius will be opposite the degree where the Venus-occult-Sun occurred in June, 2012. Now that seems realistic, remembering that the Great Attractor is at 14+ Sagittarius, tugging us all toward higher consciousness”

and it’s Venus fills in the Cardinal Grand Cross/LE 9/27
these are important times…. I’ll put some thought into an analaysis

thanks barbk for your thoughts

11.25.2015 full moon 03 gemini (5:45PM)


venus is at 19 libra
pallas is at 8 capricorn

so I’d fill in the Cardinal Grand Cross Synastry (9/27)

with Pallas


Quantum Leap: Info Teleported 60 Miles

Listen, I’m gonna sign off for a while as this solar eclipse which was exactly conjunct my natal Neptune (20+ Virgo) is messing with me big time. But, just to clarify something from my duplicate comments above, the November Full Moon at 22+ Taurus (the same degree where the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place) will happen in November 2016, not 2015. Doesn’t mean it isn’t just as effective, but not until 2016.

I’m just going to remain silent and read stuff or watch the Pope for a few days. Be well.

you’ve been contributing/sharing your analysis big time; enjoy yourself

Barbk, Namaste

–and to everyone else here as well.

Voter pledge is also insurance that Bernie Sanders won’t get robbed at the Convention next year


Big Pharma, petrochemical companies and criminal banksters paid Bill and Hillary Clinton more than $100 million to give speeches

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050971_Hillary_Clinton_political_donations_PACs.html#ixzz3md9dY5lV

Barb, I will, too, miss you on your vaca from commenting and expanding your energies when you probably need to concentrate them for a while.

A little back story — I have a ‘computer guy’ who I’ve worked with for over 20 years. He is brilliant actually. And we have gotten to know each other over the decades. My computer (my work computer) broke recently and he finally got to my studio/office to work on it tonite. He is an avid astronomer and we talked about some astronomy news tonite while waiting for my computer to compute. We compared our awe(s) on the new Voyager2 photos of Pluto. I asked him about the planetoids and specifically Sedna. I told him I like astrology because of the archetypal nature of it and also because it is a 2D visual map, tho I felt that sometimes those ‘2D maps’ did not work. He said it was because most of the planets are in a plane and not all bodies orbiting the sun work that way.

Also he said that our sun has an atmosphere. It is different from the earth’s. As I understand it the sun’s atmosphere is radiant. Pluto is sort of erratic in orbit – more than the other planets and asteroids. The planetoids that lie beyond Pluto, like Sedna, do not fall into that plane. (he said a lot, a lot more info, but I am too tired to recount it). I wondered if that makes them less ‘readable’ on a 2D astrological chart. He said that is one reason he does not pay much attention to astrology even tho he has a deep interest in astronomy and archetypes. It said to me that we think we can read movements of heavenly bodies on a 2D chart, that those charts are basically flawed, in a deep way – FROM A NON-EARTH CENTRIC POV.

In the time of Copernicus the mass mentality went from the earth as center of the universe to the earth orbiting around the sun – this was a massive mass consciousness thing. Now we may be going thru a similar shift in mass awareness. The sun is not the center of the universe = the ‘chart’. We may need new ‘charts’ – new astrological and astronomical imaging (2D maps?) to image our understanding of ourselves and the heavens. We are in a massive ‘change time’. I wonder what it would have been like in the change times when ‘suddenly’ the sun was the body that the earth (=us humans) the body what we orbited around. It must have been so disorienting for those people! But people survived and consciousness grew into that new scientific realization. Maybe now, astrologers need to develop an entirely new way to ‘map’ archetypal planetary and other-planetary and star body energies? Just some thoughts. Might be ‘crazy’ but I’ve been deep in computer minutia for the past many hours, and before that, in legal minutia. At least my car is temporarily fixed and should run for a couple of months. My legs work too, for distances of up to 20′ at a time without a walker or a cane (still lots of pain tho). Minutia counts (at least for me).

To: Anne’s Aunt

True Center of our Universe

Earth [just about the slowest stuff shot out of the Big Bang Explosion] as part of the Milky Way Galaxy which is part of the local group of galaxies are right near the Center of our Universe and mapped by SDSS [Sloan Digital Sky Survey – telescope located at Apache Point Observatory (APO) in Sunspot, New Mexico] is in the center of their graph at http://blog.sdss.org/2010/07/07/boss-finishes-200-plates/

For a real physics treatment, not obscured by century old math see: The Big Bang Book. Preview available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Big-Bang-Book-Where-Demonstrated/dp/0967035317

“Perhaps the sexism—in both overtly hostile and less visible but still insidious ways—has helped stoke the fires of animosity towards Clinton while, at the same time, creating an almost impossible standard for her. Unlike her male opponents, Clinton has to be far more careful and measured in what she says and does. To be free from a strict choreography of words and actions is a form of male privilege that Hillary Clinton cannot access.”

“On a more visceral level, some Americans still wince at the idea of a woman in the Oval Office. When it comes to sexism in American culture, very little has changed since the 2008 election. Indeed, things may have gotten worse.”

“Our culture is stubborn; it changes at a glacial pace. If we look at Hillary Clinton from another angle, the enthusiasm gap is less remarkable than we thought. Perhaps it is the expected response to a complex woman who has a long and tangled history in politics. Perhaps the ambivalence toward Hillary Clinton is evidence that we still have a long way to go before we openly accept a woman who spills over the strict parameters and rigid boundaries that our culture constructs.”


Barb K…sending love and gratitude for your generous sharing of your insight and wisdom.
May these transits move in beneficial and balanced ways for you.
Seeing you surrounded and embraced by Divine Love.

“Earlier this month, I announced on Twitter that I planned to report on the disconnect between Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and black voters. Immediately, some of Sanders’s self-described supporters raided my mentions with patronizing tweets.”

“Over the past few months, Sanders’s predominately white backers have used Twitter to target any black activist or journalist who dares question the candidate’s civil rights record. The battle reveals a long, simmering racial divide in the progressive movement that continues to go unacknowledged. If Sanders wants to win black voters, he’ll need to address it.”

“A series of Gallup polls this summer found that Sanders has a +13 favorability rating among African Americans, compared with Hillary Clinton’s +68 favorability rating. There are many reasons for Sanders’s poor polling with African American voters: his unknown name, the limited diversity of his home state, his shaky response to interactions with Black Lives Matter protesters. But the social media battles have shown that Sanders’s supporters also have become a major hurdle for the candidate in building a positive image with the black electorate.”


Pope Francis ln America
by Leslie Hale

Sept. 24, 2015

The Pope arrives in America September 22, amid a week of intense astrological transits. Thursday morning the Pope will address Congress as Mercury squares Pluto. This is a transit of propaganda, with different sides trying to convince each other of their position. Situations can be revealed and there often no desire to compromise. This transit will fall on the Sun of the US chart in the house of open enemies and I expect conflict and anger in several areas. Mars squares Saturn and this represents conflict, anger and frustration. Typically, this produces situations that involve police and or the military and nothing would surprise me. These transits fall on the eve of a powerful eclipse in Aries.

Jupiter is still in opposition to Neptune and this is a transit that fuels religious debates. Some will experience this as a time of spiritual awakenings, while others will view the Pope’s visit as religious propaganda. Let’s take a look at the astrology of the current Pope.



Race for Arctic oil poses $43 trillion risk to global economy

Increased activity in the Arctic has brought more companies, more government entities and ultimately more people into an Arctic environment that remains one of the world’s most challenging in which to operate. Increased economic activity and human presence has sparked fears of both environmental disasters and military escalation as the five states with Arctic borders—Russia, Canada, Norway, the United States and Denmark (through its self-governing territory Greenland)—attempt to bolster their security postures there.

Of those states driving the increased military tempo in the Arctic, Russia has taken a clear lead, reopening Soviet-era airfields and naval bases and conducting large-scale military exercises in the region.


My favourite is #1 and #25!
And now for something completely different!

?”Figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently used in a humorous situation.”

?”Where there’s a will, I want to be in it,”

3. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

??4. If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.??

6. War does not determine who is right – only who is left.??

8. Evening news is where they begin with ‘Good Evening,’ and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.

??9. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.??

10. A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station.??

12. Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says, ‘In case of emergency, notify:’ I put ‘DOCTOR.’??

15. Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.??

16. A clear conscience is the sign of a fuzzy memory.??

17. You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.??

20. I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not so sure.

??21. You’re never too old to learn something stupid.??

22. To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.??

23. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.??

24. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.??

25. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Charles, how does the color coding in the sdss link work? wave length, frequency? I think I’ll get your book. I am in no way a scientist, tho I enjoy it. “mapping” and “sequencing” are areas I find interesting. I’ve painted planets and ‘space objects’ many times, and just finished a painting that includes several planets depicted as drawings on a wall. The zodiac I find interesting because it is 2D and the solar system is not. So the heavens are not just 2D, and events are neither, nor are our very bodies.

I think about things in a very visual way, so that I picture direct aspects of planets as ‘lines’ of influence. But like in a rain storm, the lines of rain are mitigated by winds which are not visible. Maybe the same thing with the sun’s atmosphere? It blows lines of influence around perhaps. Perhaps from the planets too? Uranus’s influence is erratic as experienced by us humans. Sometimes I picture it as invisible winds blowing around its influences making them notoriously unpredictable.

I know 4D imaging is possible in science (biology esp) and also astronomy. Videos set in motion (time=4thD) the 3D bodies of the planets etc. But these are not usually used for astrology as far as I’m aware. I suppose it would be possible to present a 4D ‘snapshot’ (a ‘chart) for an astrological event (like a natal chard) and even start to map the magnetic and radiant winds. Maybe they would look like a programable lava lamp.

Please excuse my ramblings – had a very strange flowing set of dreams last night and my brain is still a bit frazzed, so these musings might very well be very off the mark.

This comment is for those who track such transits in detail – Transiting north node was Exact conjunct my Saturn when my dad passed recently. All is good.

Thinking of you, and sending light and energy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom but hope you can relax and take the spiritual, healing benefits from Neptune.


I started a site called NoMoreFakeNews.com
I didn’t stop investigating and publishing, but my field of operation widened. My first big question was: Who really runs the world?
And my second was: Whoever they are, how do they manufacture reality for the population of Earth?

…These people, these contacts, were insiders.
They had deep knowledge in their fields:
Propaganda, finance, hypnotism, mind control, medicine, intelligence operations…
They were unwilling to be cited as on-the-record sources in my articles. They knew they would suffer consequences if they went public.
When I was sure, I began to interview them.
I wasn’t certain where all this would go.

But gradually, I realized I was getting very high-level information on The Matrix. But this was the real Matrix.

As one of my sources described it:

“Imagine a factory that turns out illusions. And these illusions are woven together to make up what we think the world is.”

The actual Matrix involves a number of areas: government; money; energy; the military; intelligence agencies; medicine; mega-corporations; psychology and mind control; science…


ever since the first printing press the wealthy power elite have used all printed publications, journals (and if they couldn’t ) created their own ‘greenwashed’ publications, journals to carry their DISINFORMATION messages…. before the printing press…. well I have to zzz now and I’m not going to comment on stuff you or anyone else can google for themselves;

Trudy, Alex, I have never ‘believed’ in evil. I’ve always thought that humans were basically good and were maybe making mistakes in their efforts to be their idea of good. And that their idea of good was similar to mine – good is for all people and animals and plants etc. Good is what gives life (it is ‘god’/love itself). I figured that is what everyone wants.

But recently I’ve seen in a couple of family members that they do not actually share those basic notions. Read about the ‘dark triad’ of personalities. Read that a 4th is sometimes included which is ‘everyday sadist’. This has caused me to look deeply into myself and question my basic views, beliefs and values. (and I’ve been trying to ‘see’ into astrological charts to understand the archetypes involved thinking that might help).

So far, what I’ve gotten out of that is I might have been wrong in assuming everyone wants the same values that I do. Sometimes the absolutely ‘nicest’ people actually want to inflict pain and the ‘roughest’ ones actually want to spread love. So it is not apparent in their ‘style’ of living and interacting. But the ‘fruits’ of their actions are different.

So I cannot write off ‘big pharma’ (for example) as ‘completely bad’ since I know some of the chemists who work for pharma companies are well intentioned people. And some people who work for charities are actually sending out hate and destructive energies. These are just examples. Writing off vast swaths of people still does not work for me. In medicine (big pharma) penicillin works just fine for me, but it would kill my mother. So there is not a universal ‘bad guy’ there either. Same with rich people and poor people. Rich does not necessarily = bad, and poor does not necessarily = good. I’ve personally known very extremely wealthy people who are trying to help and save people’s lives (tho they always seem to do so very under the radar of the MSM) and I’ve known extremely poor people who want to destroy others. It sort of depends on how one experiences ‘privilege’ or ‘not privileged’. Does one feel gratitude? Or resentment? For oneself and for others? We do actually experience both, but the (IMO) key is what to we want, or more importantly, CHOOSE to feel? and then do we CHOOSE to feel that over and over and over again? Is ‘good’ simply a habit we cultivate? I think so.

I think, now, that an astrological chart cannot get to the real crux of the matter for people. The natal chart is perhaps the material we are given (or choose?) but what we do with it is way beyond a reading of the energies, no matter how deep and archetypal. No 2D (or 3D or 4D) chart can express deep love/light/god nor can it express choosing to form a habit of hate/resentment/jealousy/evil. I also think that at this time we have to choose our emotional habits very carefully. It is just a sense I get, so I could be totally wrong about this. I just see it in everyone around me – everyone. People are choosing to evolve or to remain in comfortable habitual grounds. I’ve done that (many times) but then the grounds shifted anyhow. So I had to come to those choices again, and again…. I wonder how the planets feel about this (for themselves). I wonder if the ‘archetypal’ energies themselves are shifting.

Kiwi, I noticed your post….So sorry for your loss…it sounds like you are at peace with it. I don’t know much about the effects of the transiting north node….maybe someone else here can fill in some details (or I can google it).j

Barbk…Have a nice, peaceful, tranquil, regnerating time. I sometimes feel like I need to get away from it all & go within.

The final Blood Moon occurs this week – end of the world?

This Full Moon will require a conscious effort to identify and clarify our needs and desires (Mars/Aries) and develop a plan (Virgo/Saturn) to fulfill them in a way that maintains balance and harmony in our personal relationships and our relationship to the outer world (Libra/Venus).



you should google it…

kiwi sorry for your loss

September 25, 2015 at 1:39 am
Speaking of north nodes….

“Because the lunar nodes are connected to fate and destiny, an eclipse which is tightly connected to the lunar nodes will often bring with it an event or an eruption into consciousness of a lesson that will affect us for many years to come. These occurrences aren’t always obvious when they occur – sometimes they take quite a while to manifest….”

Many Blessings to you!

thanks for the good wishes guys – Im doing fine, it was expected and he’d been ill for some time.
What was the really big surprise to me was the timing, and that NN transit EXACT! Blew me away!


every natal chart has a planet/aspect signature (sometimes more than one)that is activated at life passages – significant events…

you have to study your chart, find the signature that comes into focus at those times and then analyze interpret how it operates – study up on waxing/applying transits to the signature(s) to become proactive;

your father’s passing was expected (Saturn usually symbol for father in natal chart but there are exceptions)the waxing transiting north node applying it’s energy to your Saturn (in hindsight) was the the timing agent in your natal chart;

I’m guessing though that the degree of Saturn (and transiting N.N.) is sensitive in your chart because exact cnj with T/NN is an 18 year epoch…. you might consider degree sensitivity as a focus to your natal chart


above comment should be addressed to kiwi

Pope Francis began the third day of his U.S. trip by delivering an address to the joint houses of Congress, advising them on a few key issues such as climate change, immigration, and division of wealth. Here are the highlights of the pontiff’s speech:

Reluctantly told Congress that God loves them
Offered to send two battalions of angels to aid in the fight against ISIS
Overcame stage fright of delivering potentially controversial remarks by imagining every congressman in audience crucified
Unexpected detour into systemic issues in nation’s fish and wildlife management
After each standing ovation held hand to ear and yelled, “I can’t hear you, D.C.!” to even louder applause
Not even one goddamn soundbite to use in Planned Parenthood debate
Some stuff about Moses that was kind of hard to follow
In moment of candor, admitted how difficult it is to feel sympathy for those who are homeless
Cautioned about growing pothole on Constitution Avenue
Bunch of shit about hope and healing
Five minutes spent ripping apart Sen. Orrin Hatch’s voting record
Concluded remarks to sound of members on both sides of aisle openly weeping, hugging each other, and apologizing for wrongdoings


AA- Your wisdom gives me comfort. Your posts have measure, and that soothes me.

To: Anne’s Aunt regarding your September 24, 2015 at 3:21 pm question

Charles, how does the color coding in the sdss link work? wave length, frequency? I think I’ll get your book.

Are you asking about the link or the pictures in the SDSS web site?

I believe that you will be able to easily follow my Big Bang Book which is designed to be understood by anyone in a high school freshman science class. Many documented details combined to complete the picture of how the Big Bang BANGED. No math used or required.

Don’t hesitate to ask about anything in my book.

Preview at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Big-Bang-Book-Where-Demonstrated/dp/0967035317

Announcement from Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

He will resign end of Oct 2015.

Discussion MSNBC paraphrase: this allows him to work with Democrats members to avoid government shutdown with the resulting rebellion of Tea Party House members who would call for a new speaker election beginning a process that has potential to be disruptive to the Rebpulican party ( and Congress! )


Natal Chart


and Boehner will resign his congressional seat on Oct 30th as well

potential next Speaker of House

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

Jeb Harsarling (R-TX)

both sequester pushers


re: John Boehner

Oct 2015 Transiting Ceres will reach 27 Capricorn
Natal Jupiter 27 Capricorn – John Boenhner

Announcement Resigning 9/25/2015
T/Ceres 25 Capricorn

Nancy nailed it in this post. http://starlightnews.com/wordpress/2014/06/mccarthy-fills-cantors-shoes/

Hmmm….Cantor has natal saturn (3 Pisces) sq natal moon (3 Sag) with the current Saturn transit comming up on that….I would like to see it as it giving him emotional strength to pull this off, and, additionally Jupiter will be transiting his natal uranus/pluto conj in Virgo pretty soon, and in about a month give or take, venus will be there. I’m no astrologer, obviously, and I don’t know the other guy’s chart (I can’t more than glance at either of them now as I have a project due) but I would take a CA Republican over a TX Republican any day of the week! (Jeb Harsaling dob 5/29/57; McCarthy: 1/26/65)

Not Cantor, McCarthy, and “coming” with 1 “m” — sorry for all the typos – I’m kind of nervous right now.


I do have Jeb Harsarling (R-TX) horoscope – both Mark Andrew Holmes and I worked on it during the ‘sequestration’ timeframe.

I don’t have the time to un-file his chart and comment; maybe later some time from now.

Hope I’m not late for the Chaos alex, that was what I call a Uranian moment; Boehner resigning. Makes me think he has natal Moon at 19+ Libra (opposite transiting Uranus at 19+ Aries retrograde) and/or Aries on the MC. Thanks so much for providing the birth chart.

I’m amazed that he did this when Mercury was retrograde. Still. . .

Transiting Eris probably made him do it. She is at the focal or release point of a yod made up of Boehner’s natal Mercury at 22+ Scorpio that sextiles the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Maybe he thought his timing would get him under the radar (somewhat) because of all the Pope coverage. Or maybe he wanted to capitalize on the increased viewership (thanks to the Pope). Whatever. Trans. Eris is making sure it causes disruption.

Speaking of Chaos (as I did), it is transiting at 21+ Gemini retrograde, exactly where the U.S. natal Mars resides.

And speaking of Gemini, details run amok, data overload, it’s enough to drive one up the wall. I love it though (Venus in Gemini) but combined with all the Neptune going on, I long for the long perspective. Nancy, where are you?

It is probably because of Jupiter (big picture) being in Virgo (orderly details), still with his head in the sand (can’t see the forest for the details. .) from the opposition he made with Neptune, which is still effective even now. But, during my 36 hour sabbatical, a piece of info uncovered seems worth sharing. It’s about the U.S. natal Neptune. It’s about next January.

On January 27, 2016, transiting Moon, Jupiter and the North Node will all join together with the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo. I chose the time of 7:02 PM EST in Washington DC to chart because it puts the Moon 3 arc minutes past the NN and 3 arc minutes before conjuncting Jupiter who is retrograde. It puts the Moon at the midpoint between NN and Jupiter. (See? It’s these little details. . ) All of them on top of the U.S. Neptune who disregards detail. At the same time, Mercury will be conjunct Pluto at 15+ Capricorn and Mars and Juno will be conjunct at 12+ Scorpio. That’s pretty interesting but there’s more. Try to focus.

Transiting Chiron at that time will be at 18+ Pisces moving forward and on his way to an exact opposition to the U.S. Neptune in April.

In this same chart though, he is also less than a degree from an exact sextile to the U.S. Vesta (19+ Taurus), so even at this degree (in January) transiting Chiron supports a yod formation with the U.S. Juno (20+ Libra) which would put Juno at the apex of the yod, the point of release. Trans. Chiron sextile US Vesta, both quincunx US Juno.

Then we remember that U.S. Juno in Libra exactly opposes the U.S. Chiron at 20+ Aries, turning the yod into a boomerang. Boom, it all comes out through the U.S. Chiron in Aries. (Transiting Uranus will be back there in April!)

Transiting Eris, at that time busily irritating the U.S. Neptune et al in her quincunx to those transiters over U.S. Neptune, is also sextile Hermes and Damocles, both at 22+ Aquarius in this same chart. You guessed it, another yod.

It’s not tight, but it’s legal; Eris the discordant sextiles Hermes the trickster conjunct Damocles (careful where you sit)and all 3 are making a quincunx (adjust in order to make things work) U.S. Neptune + trans. NN + trans. Moon + trans. Jupiter retro. Now how in hell do you get Neptune to adjust?

You bring in the transiting North Node, Moon, and retro Jupiter to act as a shield or give form. Geez, it’s like being in a rubber room.

I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but put it on paper, draw a picture, see how it all fits together. Take the long view. We are in a process that, on the surface looks designed to drive us all mad. But it’s to loosen us all up. Shake us out of our dependency on logic and all left-brain functions. Go with your feelings. . just a little. The Pope would approve.

These are times of preparation. Right now we can use only one side of the brain at a time. We can switch back and forth pretty fast when necessary, but some day. . . coming sooner than we would imagine, we will be able to use both sides of our brain simultaneously. No shit.

We mustn’t lose our perspective just because we are being bombarded with information. Don’t get entrenched (I did) in the facts. Trans. Chaos is conjunct the U.S. Mars in Gemini. But if you do get entrenched, just remember that there’s a bigger picture and sooner or later, Nancy is going to explain it all to us. Aren’t you Nancy?


I’ll need some time to read/study up on your comment above – thanks for weighing in on this important issue.

Thanks, Barb K! Glad to see you back in the mainstream. Yes, minds are exploding today. The Pope’s presence in N.Y at the 9/ll Memorial, his speech to the U.N., Boehner’s announcement is a lot to take in. I heard that Paul Ryan does not want the speaker position, and McCarthy is in a #8 year of success, so will probably get it. He is one of those that supports sequester and could make things even worse as far as divisive leadership.

Thanks, Sorah, for reminding us of Nancy’s previous post! Very interesting.

Janet, Thank you!

Charles “Are you asking about the link or the pictures in the SDSS web site?” yes. This is why:


“”The goal of this study was to help us fathom this most mysterious part of biology,” Lichtman said in a Harvard video about the research. “Our goal in this case was to do that by looking at brains and describing them at very high resolutions.”

Using the new imaging technique, the researchers collected tens of thousands of ultra-thin brain sections — each one-thousandth the thickness of a single strand of hair — on a single film strip. They were able to create images of these sections at high resolution by using new software tools to color the neural connections. ”



From what I can tell, the color coding is aiding in presenting confusing complex information (in this case a brain cell full of neural networks) to be more easily understood (by our brain cells). I don’t read math, but I can read color and visuals. Apparently reading information visually is very common. I have never studied either math or science, but I have had an interest in science issues for a long time. I had a brain surgery in 2006 and am still in contact with my neurosurgeon. He sent me a book this summer which I’m trying to get thru. I understand it completely having experienced it in creating paintings, and I understand all the stuff about the eyeball, but the brain stuff (chemistry, physics etc) is new to me hence the slowness. “Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing” by Margaret Livingstone.

I find the micro and the macro (the universe) seem to clearly reflect each other and function in similar ways. So when I look at astronomy charts it always helps me to see them color coded (= translated into the visual spectrum that I can see, which is just ROYGBV <- sometimes that includes Indigo too.

I'm very much looking forward to receiving your book which I've ordered.

Doesn't Pluto station and go direct today?

Jeb Hensarling
DOB May 29, 1957, Stephenville, TX, using noon CST

Nessus 22 Taurus 33 23N51
Jupiter 22 Virgo 00

Cosicosi 1 Aries 01 4S17
Neptune 0 Scorpio 17

Yi Xing 10 Gemini 17 23N08
Ouro Preto 8 Sagittarius 55 R 6S39

Eris 9 Aries 26
Sun 8 Gemini 04

Saturn 11 Sagittarius 14 R

Zwingli 20 Scorpio 47 R 18S00
Venus 20 Gemini 00

Dallas 4 Libra 48 0N01
Uranus 3 Leo 54
Ceres 3 Gemini 08

Mony 16 Libra 17 R 19S07
Mars 15 Cancer 44
Chiron 17 Aquarius 24 R

D’arrest 3 Cancer 39 14N25
Vesta 2 Aries 37

.Midas (to make money, desire to make money)
.Nessus (boundary issues, unattractive and serviceable, traditionally advantaged groups and vested interests)
.Cosicosi (not caring)
.Yi Xing (the desire or ability to repair or solve problems)
.Zwingli (“by the book”; rigid or fundamentalist outlook)
.Transylvania (attitude toward civilization and its institutions)

.Dallas (conservatism)
.Mony (money)
.Ouro Preto (the dark side of money and its influence)
.D’arrest (reactionary, backward, to stop, obstructionism)


Perry, Walker, Boehner . . . Next?

Bob – If wishes come true, all republican candidates and tea party puppets! Oh, and a few middle east dictators.

I just backed Sen. Sanders’s & Rep. Cummings’s bill to rein in prescription drug costs. Join here:


Thanks for the amazing new post. There are so many distractions right now, that it is hard to keep our minds on track !! It will be great to hear from Nancy.

Old / But interesting analysis!

Galactic Profile: John Boehner, Weeper of the House
APRIL 1, 2011

In a sign that the cosmos is always up for a good joke, we see that Boehner’s 24 Scorpio Sun opposes asteroid Niobe at 27 Taurus, named for a woman in Greek myth who famously wept, and continued to shed tears even after Zeus took pity on her and turned her to stone. Niobe’s weeping stemmed from the loss of all her 14 children, and one of Boehner’s triggers appears to be based in his personal and family history, as he frequently tearily recounts his origins. But Niobe’s loss originated in her own pride in her family, whom she compared with Leto’s divine progeny to the latter’s detriment, whereupon Apollo and Artemis killed them to revenge their mother.


Bernie Sanders Warns That The Republican Crazy May Get Worse Without John Boehner Around

Some liberals and Democrats are celebrating the demise of Boehner, but the only thing that is certain is that conflict and instability that has been brewing within the Republican Party has now bubbled up to the surface.

Sen. Sanders properly diagnosed the situation. When a very conservative Speaker like John Boehner can’t control the extremists in the House, the stage is being set for the situation to get much worse before it gets better.


Obama Administration Set To Take Away Money From Cities That Criminalize Homelessness


“The U.S. will come to talk to us when they have a black president and the world has a Latin American Pope.” – Fidel Castro, 1973.

I guess he was a prophet!

AstroCast: September 23-October 5, 2015

The Sun also marks a significant cycle shift on September 23rd when he reaches the gateway of Libra marking the Equinox point. As the symbol of a Being’s core life force, the Sun at zero degrees Libra directly opposes the Aries point, which represents new beginnings of the budding individual.

On a global level, it is cosmic synchronicity that the United Nations has its annual gathering of heads of state when the Sun is in the sign of the diplomat.
Following on the Jupiter/Neptune opposition that will be in effect through the rest of this month (see last AstroCast), it is clear the mandate for solving the refugee crisis in Europe is and should be a high priority. Just hours after the Sun enters Libra, he forms a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, adding stability and a sense of purpose to his relationship building endeavors.
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 27th. The Moon in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra focuses on the polarity between going it alone or in partnership.



(I stopped at the paragraph after ….Transiting Chiron… will sketch that out later;

! the 1/27/2016 is an interesting chart – thanks for point it out
I’ll unpack it later when I have some time.

Pope Francis is a big ‘hit’ in NYC he is having lovely day and the people who have had his audience seem to be feeling really close to him…. it’s great to see such openness

Here’s our take at Planet Waves:


Thankyou Fe

Well, in the news it says U.S./China have made a new agreement on stopping cyber theft AND we are workin with Russia against IS…those are some positive steps. (I think the Pope’s vibes are powerful and are strengthening the positive force field :-))

I guess this all relates to the super moon and the eclipses, etc., including Boehner’s resignation.

I guess you ARE right Sharon, it all relates to the super moon and the eclipses, etc. It’s all part of a big, even huge process, pushing us forward (or maybe upward would be a better term). It’s so big we can’t comprehend it, but we can see snatches of the Plan through the astrology of the events that we are forced to witness. I would go so far as to call it a Divine Plan even.

If you go to Fe’s link and read her excerpt from Pelosi’s remarks, there is below that a comment I made regarding the astrology behind Boehner’s resignation. That way I won’t have to repeat it all here, and aren’t you grateful for that?

Today John’s natal Venus degree was where trans. Pluto stationed direct, 12+ Capricorn. John’s Venus squares his natal nodes.

We can sense the changes, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding it a lot less scary than I would have a couple of years ago. And I’m a big scaredy cat. There is a sense of order in these changes, not visible really, but maybe the Pope’s effect on the USA has given me more confidence. He is so clear in his mind and heart about what his role in life is that he is fearless.

I’m thinking that John Boehner has gotten some of that clarity too and when you realize that his natal north and south nodes square his natal Venus, and they have, for a couple of years now, been transited by Uranus and Pluto, who have pummeled that natal T-square, you can understand why he appears to be happy now. These are evolutionary planets, Uranus and Pluto, and Neptune too, and that’s the name of the game now.

Lorrie that is a priceless quote from Fidel, thanks for sharing it. Thanks too to alex, Sharon, AA, Mary and Kitty for your support in my mini-meltdown. And Kiwi, I totally understand your being amazed by the astrology at your dad’s passing. It is a turning point. I’ve come to have a healthy respect for the nodes of the moon, natal and transiting. They symbolize more than just this lifetime, they symbolize a path we are on.

Rachel discussing how the Republicans have made Boehner more of a political punching bag then Nancy Pelosi or even Obama…. ‘I quit’

and the meager do-nothing experience of Kevin McCarthy the least prepared guy to be in line for Speaker (third in line to presidency)

Barb: “There is a sense of order in these changes, not visible really, but maybe the Pope’s effect on the USA has given me more confidence. He is so clear in his mind and heart about what his role in life is that he is fearless.”

I have been having the same feelings! And ‘fear’ is changing too. Actually ‘time’ is changing, maybe slower maybe faster, maybe fuller. Can’t tell. It just has felt distinctly different for about 3 weeks now. BTW, Barb and Fe I really enjoyed your link Fe and Barb’s comment too. “Governance does not = government” is great too from Pelosi.

I saw this on FB today and think it is the perfect sound tract for today and yesterday.


I read your analysis of John quitting under Fe’s article at Planet Waves, Barb….it is well explained and makes sense. It also makes sense that this has been in the works since May (and probably gnawing at him for much much longer than that), and possibly was even planned to happen now (but maybe without a definite target date until his communication with the Pope triggered things, as you suggested). It’s just that he’s shown himself to be a very committed & responsible guy, gritting out the craziness, so I find it a little hard to believe there isn’t a plan, with a probable successor lined up and even hand picked (yes, I know the successor is “elected”). At the same time, I’m glad for Boehner that he is free–he’s paid his dues.


The members of Congress are in the catbird seats…. the public must not have enough of a well developed sense of empowerment if they ‘buy any spun/baloney from the political class.

It’s our burden to ‘speak truth to power’ it’s their burden to be ‘straight’ with us…. and when does that EVER happen!

That’s why we feel the Bern… his perspective on the change in GOP/KOCH/Libertarian/Neocon leadership is the one I’ll give weight to; it’s clear to everybody in the chattering classes (media) that for the public the timing of this change will lessen
the dialogue and increase the gridlock making it worse for the common good.


The Secret of the Seven Sisters

A four-part series that reveals how a secret pact formed a cartel that controls the world’s oil.


On August 28, 1928, in the Scottish highlands, began the secret story of oil.

That August night, the three men decided to stop fighting and to start sharing out the world’s oil. Their vision was that production zones, transport costs, sales prices – everything would be agreed and shared. And so began a great cartel, whose purpose was to dominate the world, by controlling its oil.

Four others soon joined them, and they came to be known as the Seven Sisters – the biggest oil companies in the world.

But the real story, the secret story of oil, begins far from Africa.

In their bid to dominate Africa, the Sisters installed a king in Libya, a dictator in Gabon, fought the nationalisation of oil resources in Algeria, and through corruption, war and assassinations, brought Nigeria to its knees.

Oil may be flowing into the holds of huge tankers, but in Lagos, petrol shortages are chronic.

The country’s four refineries are obsolete and the continent’s main oil exporter is forced to import refined petrol – a paradox that reaps fortunes for a handful of oil companies.

Encouraged by the companies, corruption has become a system of government – some $50bn are estimated to have ‘disappeared’ out of the $350bn received since independence.

But new players have now joined the great oil game.

China, with its growing appetite for energy, has found new friends in Sudan, and the Chinese builders have moved in. Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is proud of his co-operation with China – a dam on the Nile, roads, and stadiums.

In the Caucasus, the US and Russia are vying for control of the region. The great oil game is in full swing. Whoever controls the Caucasus and its roads, controls the transport of oil from the Caspian Sea.

Tbilisi, Erevan and Baku – the three capitals of the Caucasus.

The oil from Baku in Azerbaijan is a strategic priority
for all the major companies.

From the fortunes of the Nobel family to the Russian revolution, to World War II, oil from the Caucasus and the Caspian has played a central role. Lenin fixated on conquering the Azeri capital Baku for its oil, as did Stalin and Hitler.

On his birthday in 1941, Adolf Hitler received a chocolate and cream birthday cake, representing a map. He chose the slice with Baku on it.

On June 22nd 1941, the armies of the Third Reich invaded Russia. The crucial battle of Stalingrad was the key to the road to the Caucasus and Baku’s oil, and would decide the outcome of the war.

Sharon, I also think there ‘must be a plan’ but McCarthy was supposedly so surprised that he did not believe Boehner and Boehner had to tell him 5 times to make him listen. There maybe IS a plan, but it is just not theirs (see Barb’s comment: “There is a sense of order in these changes, not visible really, but maybe the Pope’s effect on the USA has given me more confidence. He is so clear in his mind and heart about what his role in life is that he is fearless.”).

The news is stranger and stranger. I often check in to The Onion for the latest news (just as good, as Jon Stewart or Colbert, or John Oliver and the rest) but they can be more timely. The Onion may not have the viewership as the big comedians on the TV, but they are consistent and relevant in so many areas of life. Headline on The Onion today: “Boehner Resignation Leaves Massive Leadership Vacuum In Congress Intact”. No news, just the headline. Perfect. ….McCarthy ‘news’ : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/kevin-mccarthy-boehner-resigns_56055982e4b0af3706dbe485

Alex I sense (and think and feel) that many people are waking up to our congress and its disfunction. If the R party goes totally TP then they will shoot themselves fatally in the foot, tho we may all have to suffer for that since we, collectively, are responsible for our congress. I also sense that people will ‘feel the Bern’ but also, more deeply, want some sense of continuity, experience in federal governance, history of human rights (in actions), links to our past (the past that worked, at least in the general economy which is good for the middle class which most – and most here- are. I sense that even tho we are being dragged into radical change in our personal and social lives we also want a link to the stability and structure of our history (saturn). So I think, at least on the D side, that Hillary will be the D choice in the primary. she would be the best, IMO, for supreme court nominations, even over Bernie. But I’ll go for either. Not Biden tho. OK maybe Biden over any R candidate. Our read of “the public” is basically from the MSM but that is not the only source of info on ‘the public’. I think several US charts (charts of how we see ourselves and charts of how others see US (Scorpio chart) show that we are in a massive change time(s). We, as parts of the US public, are all involved with the cosmic changes. So is everyone on the planet and the US is not the center of the universe, the solar system or even the planet. Everyone is waking up to that. Obama’s tenure ushered that awakening in for us. He may not have consciously intended that but, no matter, his tenure, so far, HAS ignited that massive realization for the masses in the US. Also I think it is important for everyone to take stock, every day, of the local environment (and that includes human animals) and to sense the waves of change (or not) in our physical neighbors. That is more telling than the MSM news. “News” is always a lagging indicator.

On a personal note: I have been feeling the burn today. I have had such a active, stressful couple of days that it has set off my nervous system just as it was starting to calm down from medication reactions and a major surgery. I ‘feel the Burn’. Don’t think that is, necessarily a ‘bad’ thing, just painful. Even tho we may not all be ‘feelin the Bern’ we are all actually ‘feeling the burn’.


15 miles Northeast of Fort William Scotland

8/28/1928 (evening)

Radix chart (7PM) signature

Saturn 12 Sagittarius – 10TH House
Mars 12 Gemini – 4TH House


Alex what was your ‘scotland’ link/comment relevant to? I ask since my oldest niece is very near there. ( I am not ‘getting ‘ these links) not trying to be obtuse, but just am anyhow.

I think Boehner was forced out.

My speculative chart on John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives in the U.S. Congress. I did the work on his natal 5 years ago from a single event and have used the chart through all of his showdowns since then with excellent results.

These charts are for the announcement of his plan to leave his post on October 20th instead of waiting until his elected term is over. He had called a press conference to make the announcement but did not attend and let an aide make the announcement.

I think he was asked to resign as early as last Friday and probably informed then that the Republican Party would not back him for re-election. He was probably given a week to formulate his announcement and to recover from any shock sustained at being approached with the party decision.

The chart for the Republican Party was the work of my cyber friend who posted as JohnTWB or Blazingstar. His full name was John Thomas Wyder Battalana. Sadly, he passed away from cancer on May 25, 2015 in Jakarta.

The charts on Boehner.


Typo above. Should be “October 30th”.

barbk, re your comment from your 9.32 post re the nodes – just looked at my son’s chart also – coincidence!….. transiting Saturn was conjunct his natal north node!!
This death is hitting him quite hard – he does not yet have the spiritual connection to fall back on.

Bob, I would tend to think you are correct. Here’s the “official story” that also factors into his decision: http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/25/politics/why-john-boehner-quit/

Anyone have any thoughts about transitions mars conjunct with the fixed star Reg?

People are making their choices:

“WASHINGTON — Nearly 30,000 foreign recruits have now poured into Syria, many to join the Islamic State, a doubling of volunteers in just the past 12 months and stark evidence that an international effort to tighten borders, share intelligence and enforce antiterrorism laws is not diminishing the ranks of new militant fighters.

Among those who have entered or tried to enter the conflict in Iraq or Syria are more than 250 Americans, up from about 100 a year ago, according to intelligence and law enforcement officials.


“Continue reading the main story

News Analysis: On Syria, Putin Is Catering to an Audience at HomeSEPT. 26, 2015
Secretary of State John Kerry, left, with Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, at the United Nations on Saturday.Shifting Direction, Kerry Aims to Include Iran in Efforts to End the Conflict in SyriaSEPT. 26, 2015
Mohammad Smarat, who was shot near his home in Syria, with Saleem Omar, a physiotherapist, at a hospital in Amman, Jordan.Hospitals Devastated in Syria, War-Wounded Seek Treatment in JordanSEPT. 26, 2015
Images from recordings at Gatwick Airport show, from left, Khadiza Sultana, Shamima Begum and Amira Abase passing through security before flying to Turkey.Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London GirlsAUG. 17, 2015
Alex, a 23-year-old Sunday school teacher from rural Washington State, spent hours a day online learning about Islam from supporters of the Islamic State.ISIS and the Lonely Young AmericanJUNE 27, 2015
Her Majesty’s JihadistsAPRIL 14, 2015
A 12-year-old girl in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.The Islamic State Is Forcing Women to Be Sex SlavesAUG. 20, 2015
In a speech before the United Nations on Wednesday, President Obama asked the world to join the fight against the Islamic State.In U.N. Speech, Obama Vows to Fight ISIS ‘Network of Death’SEPT. 24, 2014”


Like I have often said the final battle (of the old age transitioning into the new one – tho not the final one) will be one of gender, Sexism is by far deeper than racism. The battle against women ( often by women ironically ) is the deepest human battle so far. Read into this clip and follow the link if you can (and have NYT subseription) to see this. IMO Obama is the best person (partly because of his mixed race and a male), and maybe then Hillary (because of her gender), to address this from the US pov. The Pope has been instrumental – bless him! Many others not in the US are working on this and the US is a ‘lagging indicator’ on this issue (but not on others) (IMO of course).

IS (and ‘terrorists) is not going away at this point in time!! IMO this is the leading edge of the spiritual battles happening on our planet at this point in time. We need to see this and address it. All other issues will follow – poverty, homelessness/refugees/, war, nation state vs rogue state issues, and so on down in importance. Our national issues of ‘middle class’ (‘feel the bern’) are in there too, tho not at the top. Where does Bernie stand on these actual important global issues? How would he handle this (these issues) and what would he do — and who does he know who he could ‘call in favors’ from??? He is just giving a bunch of high energy speeches to US people about US people (same as all the others for the most part – at least that is what the MSM in the US is reporting on)? What is any nation state going to do? Is it not now down to us, individuals, to do something? We can.

AA, I think every little bit helps and what the Pope is POURING his energy into since his appointment and now here in the U.S. is not just a little bit. You know the butterfly theory, and the stone-in-the-pond-ripple theory….What the Pope is doing is reverberating on a very large scale since he is such a powerful man, just by virtue of the position alone, by more so by his virtue.

I agree about the sexism, particulary with fundamentalist groups that live solely by the old Testament, which includes some Jewish and Christian groups. However, it is the Muslim groups like ISIS that use their religion that brain wash themselves and use their religion on a mass scale as an excuse for primative, barbaric acts that are worse than just sexism. As of now, the world, for better or worse, is aligning against ISIS and what it stands for, includling human trafficking. This includes Europe, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, etc. I believe that this alignment just might be a good thing – we shall see – but at least the world will eventually defeat ISIS.

Meanwhile, we all have to do the inner work and the joining as groups and nations in important missions and causes, economic, environmental, food, water, shelter, survival, etc., as this promotes cooperation and changes paradigms and belief systems slowly. It is human instinct to protect its own interests and it takes effort to think of others, but, often, cooperating is a superior means of solving problems. As we have discussed here, climate change alone will force the world to concentrate on survival and I think the countries with the most clout (U.S., China, Russia) will cooperate (I know that it’s iffy but it’s what I would like to believe), although there will be those nations, groups and individuals that will attempt to seize resources by force and violence. Anyway, thank you for your thoughts.

Bernie Sanders Is Surging And Has Cut Hillary Clinton’s National Lead By More Than Half

The contest for the Democratic nomination is between Clinton and Sanders. The NBC News poll backs up what every previous poll about the Democratic contest has found. It isn’t that Hillary Clinton is unpopular with Democratic voters, but that Sen. Sanders is gaining in popularity.

The support for Sen. Sanders that was once most visible in the early primary states has spread to the national polls, which means that Democrats have a real contest for their nomination.


The crisis has lifted. The Trump fever has broken! Since Nancy opened a new vein there have been 200+ comments, and only 5 of them mention Donald Trump. Those were between September 20 at 1:21PM and September 23 at 5:55AM, meaning that no mention of the Donald has been made on this thread for over 4 days! If we can do it, then others can too.

On a different note, transiting Ceres at 25+ Capricorn came to this degree in late August. In September she stationed direct there, and moving forward now she will leave 25+ Capricorn in early October. This is the same degree where Pres. Obama’s natal Saturn resides. Obama’s Saturn is in the 12th house which his Saturn rules.

The 12th house is symbolic of (among other things) what happens behind closed doors. While the U.S. focus has been on the Pope for several days, and John Boehner’s resignation caught us off guard, transiting Ceres, remains in a trine with transiting Sedna at 25+ Taurus retrograde. President Obama has natal Vesta at 25+ Taurus too.

The President also has natal Pallas the Strategist at 25+ Pisces sextile his natal Saturn (where transiting Ceres has been for over a month) in his 12th house of secret dealings.

A natal Pallas in Pisces (water) on the cusp of the 2nd house (resources, values). .
who sextiles both a natal Vesta (what we invest our energy in) who is presently sharing space with trans. Sedna,
and as well, also sextiles a natal Saturn (what we give form to) who has been sharing space with a transiting Ceres for over a month, is a Pallas making plans behind closed doors.

The President also has natal Uranus at 25+ Leo who also squares natal Vesta in Taurus and he is as well, the 3rd planet in a 3-planet pattern called a Yod (or Finger of God) with natal Saturn and natal Pallas, and is positioned at the apex where that energy is released. The President’s natal Uranus is in his 7th house of partners. Michelle Obama, his main partner has natal Sun at 26+ Capricorn, where transiting Ceres will move to once she gets off the President’s natal Saturn.

It would seem then, that a possible initiative regarding water (Pallas in Pisces) and earth (Vesta in Taurus) might be forthcoming from the President; something ground-breaking (Uranus) and dramatic (in Leo), and Michelle Obama, who has been “persuaded” (husband’s Uranus at point of yod in 7th house) will be involved in it.

Or it could be the other way around. She might have persuaded him. Michelle Obama has natal Ceres at 12+ Sagittarius, conjunct the U.S. (Sibly version) ascendant.

I thought you would like something to think about while we wait for the other shoe to drop.

A peek forward to note that transiting Saturn will reach 12+ Sagittarius on January 9th, 2016. Then a New Moon at 19+ Capricorn will trine the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus (who trines U.S. natal Neptune and Pluto). The New Moon (January 10, 2016) includes a conjunction between the North Node and retrograde Jupiter at 23+ Virgo, travelling in the same direction, backward to the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, where they meet up with the transiting Moon on January 27th.

I need to unpack it all too, using diagrams and stick figures. Maybe it’s just obsession, but there is a there there I’m sure.

Once that provides a possible picture, then we go back to the earlier info on the Jupiter-NN-Moon-conjunct U.S. Neptune to flesh it out. (Might also connect with the November full moon comment I posted twice, the one with the wrong date, that had Venus in Capricorn filling the empty leg of today’s lunar eclipse opposite Sun and square Hades-conjunct U.S Jupiter/Venus) Neptune works is such mysterious ways.

Barbk – very interesting.

I love this! http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/26/us/pope-in-three-words/index.html I also “shared” on FB a photo of an inman & rabbi shaking hands with the pope standing there looking appropriately emotional. I also like this Zuckerberg “meme” http://money.cnn.com/2015/09/26/news/mark-zuckerberg-united-nations-poverty-internet/index.html

To Angellight, Anne’s Aunt, Azizi, Kitty, Kiwi, Lorrie U, Mary, Sharon K, Trudy, Will,
I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts and spiritual support through the trying time of my wife Su’s twin brother’s suicide.

Scott’s body was cremated and services have been performed. But it will take some time for me and others to process the sadness and anger.

My wife, Su seems to be doing better than all the rest of us with this. Her Buddhistic/RomanCatholic/NewAge-ish faith sustains her well; that and the fact she is at peace with her own terminal illness. But unlike Scott, (who was not afflicted with primary biliary cirrhosis) as far as we know she has a few years left yet, particularly if she can find the strength to embrace a Vegan diet. Her hereditary disease prevents her from being able to process well ANY animal fat. Gradually it destroys her liver.

She’s feeling well, has obtained a very good job in Olympia, WA and will probably soon receive a promotion. I hope to join her in Olympia by June when I’m done with my duties here in Texas.

I’m under more stress than I’ve ever been, teaching freshmen university students, grading papers, taking MY graduate courses, getting MY homework done and trying to meet the deadline for my rather unusual and many say revolutionary thesis. Needless to say, I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m hoping to be freer after the middle of October.

If I’m successful with the thesis, (I have a fear it may be disapproved) derivative essays will go out to the Journal of Hate Studies at Gonzaga University, the Southern Poverty law Center in Georgia, to Pope Francis and to the Dalai Lama. (I met and conversed with the Dalai Lama several years ago, but I doubt if he remembers me.) All of those I mentioned will likely be very interested in my theory, and hopefully find it very applicable to their spiritual and political work.

Again, thank you all for your kind thoughts and well wishes on the event of my brother-in-law’s suicide. Blessings to all of you.

“First, 56% of Democratic voters are women, who prefer Clinton to her rivals. And unlike Obama, who held Clinton to just 20% of the nonwhite vote through much of 2008, Sanders is trailing Clinton by 40 to 60 points among nonwhite Democrats. Pundits seem to enjoy questioning Clinton’s ability to energize the Obama coalition, but Sanders hasn’t been able to get out of the teens in terms of support among blacks or Latinos. Biden fares better, but he’s not Obama either.”



Thanks for the update, eliseo.

Sending more healing and blessings your way.


Well I unpacked but I haven’t analyzed yet

Pres. Obama

Natal Pallas 25 Pisces
Natal Saturn – 12TH House(where T/Ceres has been for over month)


January 9th, 2016

T/Saturn 12 Sagittarius (US Sibley ASC)

New Moon January 10, 2016

New Moon 19 Capricorn
US Sibley Vesta 19 Taurus

New Moon North Node
Jupiter 23 Virgo rx
US Neptune 22 Virgo,


I have found the 8.8 Ph water enhanced with minerals and electrolytes improves conditions for biliary duct tree

Bob, Boehner was generally happy to say goodbye to the speakership. Came in singing zippity do dah to his press conference and left singing it. I think his private talk with Pope Francis inspired him and he wanted to do the right thing. He kept mentioning the golden rule and probably was crying and wanted atonement for his so called “sins”. Pope Francis trip to Cuba and U.S. has dealt a heavy blow to the dark forces and materialism. I remember that Pluto planet with the heart and then Venus and Jupiter together a few weeks past. We are entering or maybe have already entered a higher arc of Aquarian energies. This is just the beginning of things to come.

Alex: A wow story! The Seven Sisters…,

Eliseo: Continued prayers for you and your wife. Never give up hope that miracles and a healing can occur.

Elisio, wow. You and your wife are really being bombarded with so many things these days! Please give your wife (and yourself) my best wishes and some white light. Also some green light which is very healing. I think maybe Alex’s idea about the ph of water is good, tho I don’t know that condition. I do know that water and body ph are important. Also, a nice fat to use is coconut oil! I use it in cooking and rub it on my skin as well. I’m very excited about your thesis! Will be so interested to be able to read it when (not if) it gets published.

Lorrie U: “The U.S. will come to talk to us when they have a black president and the world has a Latin American Pope.” – Fidel Castro, 1973.”

I guess he was a prophet!”‘

That is Profound!

Barb, thats a lot of ’25-26′ degrees! I looked up the sabian symbols for several of the degrees you talk about. They are:

25-26 deg Capricorn

A Nature Sprit Dancing In The Iridescent Mist Of A Waterfall

25-26 deg Taurus

A Spanish Gallant Serenades His Beloved

25-26 deg Leo

After The Heavy Storm, A Rainbow


I feel that change is now flowing from top to bottom, bottom to top, and laterally and inter-dimensionly too. Re: water issues: water is a big topic in my neck of the woods. Saw several friends today for a leisurely brunch (I cooked it) and we talked water for quite a while. I researched my water usage (from my bills and calling the water bureau. Found out my average is 60 gallons a day, which is very much average usage. As of my last bill for the previous 3 months my usage has dropped to under 20 gallons a day. I did it by making a few small changes in my daily habits. Same with my power usage and my garbage has dropped to around a quarter of what it used to be. My recycling is about the same, but my re-using things has gone way way up. It was not hard to do. All the while I’ve also been experiencing much physical pain and bad mobility issues (tho I’m not confined to a wheel chair). I don’t have an active body infection (they have checked over and over) but I’m always hot. I honestly feel like my very body is re-organizing itself and that process involves a period of destroying the old organization.

I see this all over, in others and in institutions. The process of destruction is so closely linked to chaos and to creativity and to transformation. It’s not a ‘healing’ process, but rather one of (maybe?) a deep pruning. Trees must not like being pruned at all (and I know that dogs often hate to have their nails clipped). But soon after, they seem pretty happy with the cutting away of useless material which leaves a space for other things (like growing or running). I see these major leaders doing this too. And these are just the leaders we ‘see’ (our collective conscious – reflected often by the MSN). But I know there are leaders who are not registering in our collective awareness. They function in the awareness of some people but not in the ‘masses’ of people.

Our collective sub-conscious is going crazy right now. I see this in the arts often. The arts is a place where one can see our collective sub-conscious (or un-conscious).

Tonite is the eclipse. I plan to go outside to a place where I can see it.

IS, Russia, Iraq, US, Iran. Excerpted from the NYTimes for a quick read:


“The Iraqi military announced Sunday that it had agreed to share intelligence about the Islamic State with Russia, the Syrian government and Iran, an agreement that caught the Obama administration off guard. …The Iraqi military said in a statement that the new agreement was necessary because thousands of volunteers who have joined the Islamic State have come from Russia. Asked if he welcomed the accord, Secretary of State John Kerry said it was important that the United States and Russia coordinate….“I think the critical thing is that all of the efforts need to be coordinated,” Mr. Kerry said at the start of a meeting in New York with Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister. “This is not yet coordinated. I think we have concerns about how we’re going to go forward, but that’s precisely what we’re meeting on to talk about now.” …As Russia has engaged in a military buildup at an air base near Latakia in Syria, President Vladimir V. Putin has sought to assemble his own coalition against the Islamic State, one that includes the Syrian government and Iran. …With about 3,500 American advisers, trainers and other military personnel in his country, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq has cast himself as a vital member of the United States-led coalition to combat the Islamic State, and has not joined the Russian-led coalition. But Iraq has also quietly enabled the Russian military buildup in Syria and has cooperated with Iran, from which it receives military support….Mr. Kerry, however, stressed that there was much to be done if the two sides were to effectively coordinate. “Our presidents will be meeting tomorrow,” Mr. Kerry said. “This is the beginning of a genuine effort to see if there is a way to de-conflict, but also to find a way forward that will be effective in keeping a united, secular Syria that can be at peace and stable again without foreign troops present, and that’s our hope.””

Sharon, I always just love reading your comments! I agree about the pope, IS, religions too. One little thing, you wrote: However, it is the Muslim groups like ISIS that use their religion that brain wash themselves and use their religion on a mass scale as an excuse for primative, barbaric acts that are worse than just sexism.” I see the mass rape, human slavery (of women primarily), murder of females (and some males considered too ‘feminine’), to be the core of what sexism is. It has been the core of human civilization for many millennia. Yes, merely not paying a woman equally, or not inviting her to an important meeting, or mildly groping her (all very common in the US) is sexism, but sexism is so much more than that. Females have been raising and teaching their children (all genders) that this is the way things are to be done. IS members all had mothers. More people, in general, are raised by mothers than fathers too. In my view, sexism is the structural core of our hunan systems and to challenge that is to invite change at some of the deepest levels of humanity.

Of course you meant this, I’m sure. Your comment just gave me an opportunity to vent a little! Thanks, I needed that. 🙂

AA, I don’t disagree with the sexism part; I just was thinking of ALL the humans and animals (I just saw something really distrbing having to do with the slaughter of horses by fundamentalist Muslims) that ISIS destroys, not to mention historical architecture.

Eliseo…I’m glad to hear from you. Su is such an amazing lady and I sense your anger having to do with her brother squandering his life when hers is so precious and she and you are trying to be good stewards of it. As I once said, ours is not to judge, God is the only judge. That is the only position that makes sense to me, no matter what we conceive of God to be.

I can empathize with your proftessional situation, too — you really do have your plate full. You will be so relieved when it is over and you can then attend to your thesis — which I hope and pray will be accepted (and, if not, you can revise, right?). It kind of reminds me of Stephen Hawkins’s life as we saw in “The Theory of Everything.” His dissertation was just a completely new paradign shift and they liked it!!!

I am almost a vegetarian and can tell you a little about how I do it. There are some really good vegetarian “meat” products that don’t use much soy and/or don’t use denuded soy. I also eat Alfresco eggs which are very high quality, and some fish about 1-2 times a week. Let me know if you want to hear more about my diet when you have time. Vegetables soups can be really great especially with things like lentils, other types of beans, brown rice, quinoa, and good herbs and spices thrown in.

Sending prayers, love & light to you two beautiful people.

Full moon eclipse retrograde Mercury : If you meet someone new today and get the feeling this could really be the love of your life, go immediately into the witness protection relocation program.


Eliseo – Good to hear from you, as always. Thank you for the update. Keeping you and your wife and family in my thoughts and prayers.

Synthetic Heroin for Children and Profit


Did you know…

Mayor Bernie Sanders establishes the Burlington Community Land Trust, the first municipal housing land trust in the country for affordable housing. The project becomes a model emulated throughout the world. It later wins an award from Jack Kemp-led HUD.

How about this. . .

Obama Saturn + trans. Ceres
Obama Vesta + trans. Sedna
Making a financial investment (Vesta) toward containing (Saturn) the loss (Ceres) and abuse (Sedna) of Earth’s resources on land (Ceres) and water (Sedna).

and/or this. .

Obama Pallas sextile Obama Saturn + trans. Ceres
form a yod to
Obama Uranus at apex
A strategy (Pallas) to contain (Saturn) and protect (Saturn and Ceres) the environment (Ceres) forces a shift (double quincunx) in patterns/thinking thanks to an inventive (Uranus) breakthrough (Uranus).

along with this. .
Obama Uranus square Obama Vesta + trans Sedna
Rebellious partner (7th house Uranus) challenges investing (Vesta) in measures that curb abuse of water. . or women (Sedna).

Lorrie: “If you meet someone new today and get the feeling this could really be the love of your life, go immediately into the witness protection relocation program.” hahahahaha! (I think?). I actually met a new man/person last night who is an excellent lawyer who is now ‘my’ lawyer who is going to bat for me this week on a pressing issue (he agreed to work for free for me – or on a trade for art). It has to be resolved by Oct 10. Merc is retrograde till Oct 9th, so who knows? I’ve given repeated instructions to him and my friend (a woman who is also an excellent lawyer and who brought him in since he is an expert in a specific kind of law this case requires) that I do want to move forcefully but nicely and do not want to harm any of the people who are attacking me (and I’m in the right and the law will back that up – I want justice, not revenge – and I’m willing to go into debt to do this ‘right’).

Barb, your 12:13am comment (it is only 9:50pm here) is one of the reasons I keep coming to Starlight! I think about your analysis “maybe all of the above” – so both apply and probably more. Astrology as a reflection of life is ever more complex and beautiful! Keep it coming (if it works for you).

Wrote this to my mother today (with the specifics ‘x’ cleaned up):

“Today, after a hugely full day of ‘stuff’ starting at 7am, I finally got to work in my studio around 5pm exhausted and in pain – I needed the meditative relaxation I get from painting. Around 8:15 I quit my studio for the day (too short a day working), came upstairs and started some food and poured a glass of really nice rose wine that ‘friends’ brought today which a ‘brunch bunch of friends’ did not finsh.

Then I walked out into my driveway to see if I could see the moon. It happened to be the EXACT moment the eclipse was the most complete! What luck!! I almost fell over (literally – had to put the wine down, not even take a first sip, and steady myself, with how beautiful it was – all orange and yellow and red. Now (8:45pm) it is still cool but, then it was huge and there was not even a speck of whiteness on it. This may sound stupid, but I feel that this is a very good sign for us all – all people etc on the planet.

I feel that the Pope, ‘some family issues and visits’, and this eclipse are all good signs. The pope spoke about ‘families’ today very movingly. I think our ‘families’ are both biological and spiritual. “Family” is bigger than just our DNA, but always includes it! I agree with the Pope that ‘family’ is the core of human existence – not the ‘individual’ (tho the individual is included in ‘family’). ”

But I’ll admit to you, dear starlight friends, that I actually started crying. Not sure why. Elisio and Su were in my head, my health and family issues, all my family and friends’ health and family issues, everything Barb writes here, art, what my IRL astrologer friend says (she is also an expert), and many many other things (sort of like a life flashing before my eyes at the moment of death, tho I’m still here to type this) — NOT in that order. Actually not in ANY order whatsoever. It all flooded in at one time looking at that beautiful full eclipse.

Like that kid in that popular youtube said “IS THIS REAL LIFE??”. <—Haha!!

Barb, Yessss! No one here paid any attention to Trump this past period of time. No one even commented on your observation about it. He has made his ‘shock’ moves (uranus) and I think the pope’s visit to the US will de-fuse Trump’s bombs of hate towards immigrants, women and pretty much everyone who is not cool with Trump himself (the immigrants he ‘likes’ are “nice and productive” and the females he ‘likes’ are “good looking”) or who suck up to Trump. But he has created (or exposed) damage, and will continue to do so until those who love him (and ‘follow’ him) become dis-illusioned with their symbolic head/spokesMAN. (please note – that even tho I am a biological female, I do not ‘hate’ males. In fact I rather love them.)

Maybe, at times too much – heh. I often do not think that the symbolic leaders of cultural demographies – like the ‘good’ Ds and Rs etc or the ‘feminists’ or ‘black people’ or ‘immigrants’ etc etc – are actually real messengers of those messages? Those who our collective consciousness(es) select (referenced by the MSM and a bunch of ‘cool’ blogs etc etc) are often not the real heart of those movemenst towards human equality. Or they are not the only leaders in those movements. Sometimes they work against progress actually because they attract such ‘Beatle mania adoration’ and then that functions as actual deterrents to progress in the very issues that the people cast in the role of ‘leaders’ want.

On the blood moon: “I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.
Acts 2:19-20 NIV”

“For a so-called “Christian Nation”…as some very proudly call America…there’s something sinfully wrong to that notion, when you live in a Country without pity! When laws are being made that criminalizes a Human Being for having the misfortune in life of being poor and homeles …”


Ben Carson closing in on Trump! “I believe the Ben Carson gain is because he said a Muslim shouldn’t be President and then didn’t back down when the leftist PC Muslim loving news media came at him…,”


“In the words of John F Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”


Sociocultural Anthropology – Wall Street


Gillian Tett DOB 10 July 1967

She became renowned for her early warning that a financial crisis was looming.

During the years 2005–2007, Tett applied her skills in ethnographic research to J.P. Morgan and discovered that the insular culture was leading to the creation of financial instruments that had little basis and that could cause severe economic disruption.

Sociocultural Anthropology – Wall Street


An Anthropologist on What’s Wrong with Wall Street, Time, July 22, 2009


What I found in my research was that in many ways investment bankers and how they approach work became a model for how work should be conducted.

Wall Street shapes not just the stock market but also the very nature of employment and what kinds of workers are valued. These firms sit at the nexus — they are the financial advisers and sources of expertise to major U.S. corporations and institutional investors — and from this highly empowered middle-man role, what they say has a lot of influence.

The model that came to be dominant in the 1980s was one of constant change. The idea is that there’s a lot of dead wood out there and people should be constantly moving, in lockstep with the market.

What would you want to see change?

I would hope that folks in the Obama Administration would somehow link bonuses to long-term corporate productivity or long-term shareholder value — long-term meaning four to five years instead of five months or a year — and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act.

These are big reforms, but they’d give you a more stable landscape to make even more changes




ANDY Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist, has given some of the more thought-provoking speeches of any central banker in recent years. His latest effort is bound to capture a few headlines, not least because it heads off in three separate, but interesting, directions.


From behind bars, Madoff spins his story

By David Gelles and Gillian Tett

No matter how many times we read about Madoff, his tale never loses its ability to shock. Over at least 16 years, Madoff deceived investors, regulators, banks and associates. His Ponzi scheme – a fraud which involves paying old investors with funds from new ones – made him extraordinarily wealthy.

He took in $20bn in capital from investors including European nobility, average American workers, worthy charities and his own close-knit family and Jewish community. Madoff’s scheme was the largest in history.

Just scratching the surface but it has me so excited that I want to post about it.

Charts not fine tuned yet but I am wondering if the GOP will be almost run out of Washington in the 2016 elections. Hardest, almost impossible to believe: Dems taking the House. Hoping that in their attempt to show the base that they will be tougher now that Boehner is out they pass legislation before 2016 elections that turns many away from them.

Come on Bernie, give me something to work with.

“Mr. Boehner is quitting because he found himself caught between the limits of the politically possible and a base that lives in its own reality. But don’t cry for (or with) Mr. Boehner; cry for America, which must find a way to live with a G.O.P. gone mad.”

http://t.co/zB9r1O7U1K Paul Krugman

Royal Dutch Shell is ending its controversial offshore exploration in Alaska after failing to find sufficient amounts of oil and gas, the energy giant said Monday.


Bob! Now I’m excited too, keep us posted!
Apple, dreams do come true it seems!
Angellight, thank you for Paul Krugman
Anne’s Aunt, thank you for your kind words. Hang in there.

I believe we are seeing the effect of breaking the “mutual reception” between trans. Pluto and trans. Saturn. Once Saturn crossed the threshold between Scorpio and Sagittarius (Thursday the 17th), the mutuality ceased.

Mutual receptions take place when each of two planets are in the signs ruled by the other. Their energy feeds off of each other; compliments each other; as if they were one. Now that Saturn is no longer in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, the Pluto/Scorpio intensity is diminished and the Saturn/Capricorn energy is refocused.

In this case of mutual reception, it would seem that the purpose was to concretize (Saturn’s job) the below-surface malignancy (what Pluto reveals); to make it visible and give it a name and then exorcise it. Mission accomplished.

this is good coverage of the eclipse


outstanding photos of lunar ecliopse supermoon


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Lorrie, I hope that you have suffered no serious injury and that you heal quickly. Short prayer and best wishes for you.

The charts I run for Hillary indicate that she will not fare well in the coming debate. Damage control indicated the 14th and 15th.


A week after Trump backed out of a planned question and answer session with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), Clinton’s campaign has agreed to the same format at an October 15 event in San Antonio.

Clinton will be in San Antonio for the first “Latinos for Hillary” organizing event … The Q&A with the Hispanic chamber will be at 11 a.m. and Clinton’s event will be at 12:30 in Historic Sunset Station.

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