Abusive Attacks

Since the beginning of the Obama presidency, conservative legislators in the US Congress have developed a certain pattern in their attacks on the president.  First, they sabotage, block, and decry every initiative he attempts and every legislation or appointment he puts forth. They then complain loudly and bitterly that he is ineffective. We have seen this pattern unfold in every area of policy over the past five plus years. In recent days, it has emerged, yet again, over the crisis at the border, and is more flagrant than ever.

After weeks of vitriolic ranting about Obama not containing the current influx of minors at the Southern border, Congress has refused to even consider the president’s proposed legislation to deal with the issue. When the House was unable to pass even its own, right wing-agenda-fueled legislation, Speaker John Boehner said that the president should act on his own to deal with the matter. Astonishingly, this comment came one day after Boehner’s caucus had sued the president for acting on his own on a minor tweak of an equally politicized and entangled issue – the Affordable Care Act.

Eventually, the House GOP actually gathered together to pass an extremely ill-considered bill on the border crisis that would be dead on arrival in the Senate, and sure to earn a veto if it ever made it to the president’s desk. Their actions were, once again, transparently about political posturing and not about actually dealing with a very real crisis.

Sadly, today’s GOP has devolved into a pattern reminiscent of that found in all toxically abusive relationships. In these interactions, there is an obsession in the abuser with belittling, attacking, and disempowering the designated victim, hoping to break him or her down into an impotent, easily-controlled mockery. Interestingly, after President Obama’s initial attempts at placating his rabid political opposition, the president has increasingly refused to play the game on the Republicans’ terms.

In the Drama Triangle first described by Stephen Karpman in 1968, there are three roles often morphing from one to another and then back again, that emerge in dysfunctional interactions: the Victim, the Persecutor, and the Rescuer. Republican politicians and the right-wing media are extraordinarily adept at framing everything in terms of perceived victimization, which easily transmutes into the justifiable rage of the perpetrator. In their all-consuming narrative of grievance, the Right sees itself as victimized by the government which wants to take their money (taxes), their freedom, and their guns. They feel victimized by the president, as well as his supporters, seen as mostly minorities in this rendering, who want to take away their country, discriminate against “White Christians”, and live on government handouts paid for by “real” Americans. They see themselves as seriously harmed by the “homosexual agenda” and maliciously manipulated by the “global warming conspiracy”. The list goes on and on, with each issue inevitably articulated in the same framework of victimization, and leading inexorably to the seemingly legitimized, rage-filled fury of the perpetrator.

The path away from this unhealthy pattern of the Drama Triangle is two-fold. The first part consists of the cultivation of appropriate boundaries: developing respect for those with whom we disagree; discontinuing mind-reading assumptions about the motives and character of others; fostering an ability to discuss differences without all-consuming, personal attacks or overinflated fears; and graciously tolerating that the world will not always bend to our will.

The second requirement in getting off the Drama Triangle merry-go-round is that the Victim, an essentially powerless role if embraced, must take responsibility for him or herself, no longer depending on the Perpetrator for vengeance or the Rescuer to take control.  When President Obama tells the GOP that if they won’t act, he will, he is essentially refusing the Victim role, and the powerlessness that goes with it, and taking responsibility himself for getting the job done. Given the pathological dysfunction in today’s government, this is truly an exceptionally salubrious effort.

The word coming out of the White House after Congress’ dereliction of duty with regard to the border crisis is that President Obama will handle the issue through executive order. This will no doubt give the GOP apoplexy when the details are known, but it seems at present the only way out of the current critical situation.  As has been mentioned numerous times on this site, the president is coming out of a two-month period of inordinate criticism for his policies and very low approval ratings, due to the Saturn obamastation sesquiquadrate his Venus (1Cancer47) culminating on August 3.  The separation of this aspect suggests some relief from the constant barrage, at least in the short term. Also of significance at present is the tertiary progressed Sun conjunction to Mars (20Aquarius13) and semisquare Uranus (5Aries14) in the Inaugural chart from July 24 through August 24, suggesting a more aggressive stance by the administration and willingness for more unilateral action.

Likely unrelated to the border issue, there is an indication of difficulties during the second half of August that will upset a number of people due to some kind of dramatic event, possibly a superstorm or serious accident or a random act of violence. Saturn will make its final crossing sesquiquadrate US Venus (3Cancer06) and square to inaugural13Obama’s Ascendant (18Aquairus03) from August 12 through September 1. The precipitating circumstances for this distress may well occur at some point from August 21 through August 25, during the Mars quincunx to Uranus (August 21 through 23) or the Mars conjunction with Saturn (August 23 to August 25), with all five days being a time of greatly increased tension.

If I were to suggest a time for President Obama to announce his plan regarding the border crisis, I would point to early on the morning after Labor Day. Jupiter will be moving towards its first crossing conjunct his Sun at that time, exact from September 7 through September 12. This would give the new policy a few days of positive attention before the last Saturn crossing opposite Inaugural Moon (19Taurus38) and square Inaugural Mars (20Aquarius13), with a combined impact from September 9 through September 28. These latter aspects seem likely to rekindle GOP attacks on the president.

On the whole, the president seems likely to fare better in September and October 2014 than he has over the past two months during the stress of the Saturn station. But the overwhelming turmoil in the world is not likely to abate any time soon. The extremely destabilizing volatility of the Uranus/Pluto square, directly impacting so many charts of today’s major players, will continue with us and likely intensify from October 2014 through March 2015, as these two planetary powerhouses continue to stir up all manner of transformation across the globe, much of it violent and enormously disruptive.

As for the Republicans, it is not anticipated that they will diminish their endless attacks in the coming months. They may well gain more seats in the November election, although it is hard to see how the next Congress could do more than the current one to thwart the president at every turn as he continues his struggle to navigate the dangerous waters of today’s world. It would be nice if Americans would pay careful attention.


  1. Anne's Aunt says:

    continued anti-semitism on the rise:

    “”Nothing, including the dramatic military confrontation in Gaza, justifies any such transgressions in Europe.”

    The statement comes in the wake of demonstrations across Europe, in cities like Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Amsterdam where support for the people of Gaza crossed over into anti-Semitism this weekend and even turned violent.

    Over the weekend, pro-Palestinian protesters in France targeted Jewish shops, threw rocks, bottles and smoke bombs at police and tried to storm several synagogues, shouting “Death to Jews!” and “Hitler was right,” according to widespread news reports.

    Similar cries were heard at protests in Germany. Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told reporters: “Never in our lives did we believe it possible that anti-Semitism of the most primitive kind would be heard on the streets of Germany.”

    A demonstration in London over the weekend attracted 15,000, with speakers calling for Palestine to be free “from the river to the sea,” and waving Hamas and Hezbollah flags. Following the rally, young vandals attacked property as well as Jewish individuals.”

  2. lisam says:

    Starlight, I have noticed President Obama coming under attack from all sides. I read this recently, but was ashamed to post it, because I thought Barney Frank was a staunch Democrat, but it seems as though he has joined the ranks of the Republicans in attacking the President.


  3. Anne's Aunt says:

    continued anti-semetic attacks in europe:

    “STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Anti-Semitism is on the rise across Europe – big time.

    Experts who spoke with WND and recent surveys indicated hatred of Jews is soaring to record levels throughout much of the region.

    In some countries, such as Greece, Hungary and Ukraine, anti-Semites are even serving openly in parliaments and official bodies.

    Many areas also are seeing surging numbers of reported attacks on Jews and anti-Semitic attitudes.

    More recently, an Israeli diplomat stationed in Cyprus was forced to leave the post after her 15-year-old son was bullied and eventually beaten and shocked with an electric device because of his Jewish faith.

    “On the physical level, there are bad things going on, especially I would say in Europe, France being the country that right now is seeing most of the physical assaults against Jews,” said Alvin Rosenfeld, director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism at Indiana University and the author of the recently published book “Resurgent Antisemitism: Global Perspectives.”

    “There are French Jews today leaving the country – they feel insecure. They’re not leaving in large numbers, but they are leaving,” Rosenfeld told WND. “And other countries as well: in Scandinavia, Jews feel insecure and some are leaving; in Belgium and the Netherlands, things are uneasy. So there’s a lot going on that needs to be taken seriously.”

    In parts of Eastern Europe, the problem is getting serious as well, experts say.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/surge-of-anti-semitism-sets-off-alarms/#VlWMH5LoRYy5LRDF.99

  4. Anne's Aunt says:

    Starlight, good post. I’m glad Obama is rejecting the ‘victim’ role.

  5. Anne's Aunt says:

    In case it was missed at the very end of the last post:

    anti-semitism is on the rise:

    “Rising tide of anti-semitism in Britain as Jewish people face backlash over bloodshed in Gaza
    Over 100 hate crimes recorded this month, more than double usual number
    Attackers invoke the Holocaust and even shout ‘Heil Hitler’ at victims
    Bricks thrown at Belfast’s only synagogue, smashing windows
    Rabbi attacked by four Muslim teenagers outside school in Gateshead
    Bomb threat and stones thrown at a boy on a bike in North London

  6. Anne's Aunt says:


    More jew-hatred:

    “The lights are going out in the land of the Enlightenment.

    The violent, anti-Semitic nightmare Europe thought it would never see again after the Nazi Holocaust is raising its ugly head once more, this time on French soil.

    Jew-hatred, mostly among France’s six and a half million Muslims, is reaching such threatening proportions that an increasing number of the country’s 500,000 Jews feel forced to leave their native land to ensure their safety. At one Jewish agency that assists French Jews to emigrate to Israel the telephone, it was reported, “does not stop ringing.

    “Authorities banned the second demonstration after the first one saw two synagogues and a kosher grocery store attacked, all accompanied by shouts of ‘Death to the Jews’. But the ban didn’t make any difference. The demonstration went ahead anyways. Mob rule and barbarism won out over law and order. And the government’s apparent powerlessness, or unwillingness, to enforce the ban was very noticeable.”

  7. Kitty says:

    Thank you, it will be great for Obama to have some reprieve in Sept/ Oct.

  8. starlight says:

    lissam – With the Saturn station impacting Obama’s Venus for two months running, the criticism has been overwhelming – from both friends and foes. I think it will ease up some now, although the Inaugural chart has that Moon/Mars square which suggests lots of anger over the entire four years. One of the reasons I suggested renewed attacks in September is the final Saturn crossing of that Moon/Mars square in the Inaugural.

    The next stressful grouping of aspects for obama, not the usual stress and opposition but the kind that cuts the deepest, will come in January, from April 10 to May 20, and finally in October 2015. These are when Saturn will quincunx his Venus and Saturn will oppose his Moon. These two aspects run back to back with a few days in between. The first two of these will occur concurrently with a solar arc Moon opposition to his Saturn, peaking in April 2014 (already active now). I think things generally improve after May 2015 as this particular solar arc progression dissipates.

  9. Kitty says:

    Wow ! The Tamplin charts of Netanyahu/Israel are amazing. Thanks so much, and I will study these. I am so disappointed that the right wing Israelis have connected so easily with our right wing Republicans.

  10. Jerry says:

    Invasion Alert: Russia Is Disguising Troops As ‘Peacekeepers’ On Border, Claims Ukraine

    Daily Express
    August 4, 2014

    UKRAINE yesterday alleged Russia has placed forces disguised as “peacekeepers” on its border amid new warnings about a possible invasion.

    The claims were issued as residents of Donetsk and Lugansk in the rebel-held east were preparing for a “siege” from Ukrainian troops.

    Security chiefs in Kiev released details of a build-up on Russian territory and in neighbouring Belarus and claimed 10 tanks had crossed the border and were heading towards Donetsk.

    National Security and Defence Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko said: “Kiev has long feared if Russian troops invade from the east they will do so under the pretext of ‘peacekeeping’.”

    Russia denies it has put military hardware into separatist hands.


  11. Anne's Aunt says:

    Robert Hand has a fascinating astro analysis of ISIS (I’ve snipped parts but the entire post is a good read):

    ISIS or “The Islamic State” and the Declaration of a Caliphate – Part 1
    Certainly the most important news event of the last several months and possibly of the last several years is the declaration by ISIS ( Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham) is the declaration that its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been declared the Caliph of all Muslims. This seems to me to be a historical event worthy of the major grand cross in April and all of the smaller ones that have been formed by various inner planets aspecting Uranus, Pluto, and Mars. Jupiter has already moved away from the rest of the grand cross. As of this writing on July 3, 2014 the sun and Pluto are moving into close opposition which will perfect on July 4 on the solar return of the Declaration of Independence.
    …..The data for this chart are as follows: April 9, 2013 at 10:45 AM Aleppo, Syria. The American Atlas database and Gary Lorentzen agree on the time zone and both the chart on the website and the chart cast by solar fire have the same Ascendant within one minute. Therefore, I have to assume that we have the correct time zone data.
    In this post I discuss this chart and its implications. In the next post I will talk about a possible chart for the declaration of the Caliphate.
    The first chart that I want to look at is the chart of the declaration of the name ISIS. This is the chart from Gary Lorentzen. As Saunders points out, the most extraordinary thing about this chart is the Midheaven and five planets in Aries. It is also worth noting that Saturn is in Scorpio. That means there are six planets in the chart plus the Midheaven of which the sign ruler is Mars. That seems quite sensible for what has clearly declared itself to be a warrior state. However, if we look at the condition of Mars, it is combust. In medieval astrology combustion was considered to be the worst impediment a planet could have. But there are other considerations here which I believe mitigate the combustion. In this case the combust Mars is in its own sign Aries and the Sun is exalted in Aries and is the triplicity ruler of Aries as well, making the Sun the Almuten of all of the Aries planets and points. Also, the Sun is only one degree away from the traditional degree in the sign of its exact exaltation. The Sun’s exaltation degree is usually written as 19° Aries, however that means anywhere from 18° 01′ to 19° 00′. The Sun here is at 19° 39′ Aries which puts it in the next degree from the exact exaltation degree. But be that as it may, we have a highly dignified Sun-Mars conjunction that disposes of most of the chat
    …Now let’s look at that stellium in Aries. It is always a good start to look at what the Moon is doing. What is the first aspect of the Moon makes after the time of the chart? Obviously, it is already very close to the conjunction with Uranus. And Uranus, of course, was already by this date making its square to Pluto. This Moon-Uranus conjunction is closely conjunct the Midheaven and the Moon is the ruler of the Ascendant. I think that we can all agree that this is a truly excellent chart for a revolutionary statement! The conjunction of Mars and Venus is interesting, too. While it may seem strange and possibly it is (although Venus, too, is combust), there is something that many modern astrologers may not be aware of. And this will seem very strange in the context of the recent history of the Middle East. It has been the tradition in astrology since the early Arabic era that Islam is ruled by Venus! The following are two passages which which state the assignment of the planet Venus to religion. These come from two sources, one Arabic and Islamic, the other European and Christian. The first source is Abu Ma’shar from the work usually entitled On the Great Conjunctions.
    …Third, and very curious, the data of this chart are for a time about a day before a New Moon. The next New Moon occurred on April 10, 2013 at 11:35 AM in time zone -2:00. This is an odd time of the month to declare the beginning of the new movement or a new phase of an existing one. It suggests that this chart was not elected. After all, the rules for astrological elections in modern Arabic astrology are precisely the same as those in medieval Arabic and Latin astrology. They are all the same astrology. There’s only one explanation that would be consistent with this chart having been consciously chosen. The traditional interpretation of a chart set just before a New Moon and, for that matter, just afterward, is embodied in the medieval aphorism which goes something like this (paraphrase), “That which you would wish to keep hidden, do in the dark of the Moon.” It is interesting that this change of name that occurred at this time did not immediately make much of an impression on anybody.

    more at: https://www.facebook.com/robert.hand.98284/posts/538850166237798:0

  12. Kitty says:

    CIA reeling from spy scandal


    C.I.A. Chart—-

    Zip Dobyns quotes newspapers in hand at the time, “Congress passed the Defense bill which included the formation of the CIA at noon and it was rushed by police escort to the airport where President Truman was already on a plane, headed to see his dying mom. The plane was delayed while he signed the bill and it took off immediately after, at 12:30 PM. This would put the signing somewhere between 12:20 and 12:25 PM.”


    The plane was delayed? to get this bill into law? lol– I can’t see any changes ahead for the CIA, with Jupiter transiting its Sun. It can be made to look like that ” shining points of light” as per Old Pres. Bush, the old Directer of the CIA. Saturn transiting its Moon/ Jupiter, it will just stay more covert. Nothing was done to Jose Rodriguez, who destroyed the Torture Tapes..
    We have another Saturn/Pluto conjunction natal chart too !

  13. Linda Gomez says:

    Nancy, enjoy all your insightful predictions. Is there any indication which way the Senate will tilt in November? I’m getting nervous.

  14. Arthur says:

    Anne’s Aunt, since it seems so important to you, I expect you know the Palestinians are Semites as well as the Israelis. You can’t pick a side and accuse the other of being anti-semitic.

  15. Anne's Aunt says:

    I added the *s. lisam this should give you a chance to LOL around and have a good time.

    BAGHDAD // The Islamic State took over Iraq’s biggest dam yesterday, witnesses said, while gaining control of two Kurdish towns and an oilfield.

    ****If the take over of the dam is confirmed, it would sharply raise the stakes in the groups’ bid to topple the Baghdad government. Control of the dam could give it the ability to flood major cities.****

    The gains by the Sunni militants have forced thousands of residents to flee from the religiously mixed towns of Zumar and Sinjar, towards the northern self-ruled Kurdish region, the UN said.

    Some were trapped in an open rugged area.

    The Mosul governor Atheel Al Nujaifi, who fled to the largely autonomous Kurdish region when the Islamic State and allied Sunni militants seized Mosul in June, said the two towns fell after fierce clashes that erupted the day before.

    A resident in Sinjar said the militants blew up a small revered Shiite site and two Yazidi shrines. Yazidis are a Kurdish-speaking sect and religious minority.

    Another resident in Zumar said they took over at least two small oilfields.

    The UN mission in Iraq, known as Unami, said as many as 200,000 civilians, mostly Yazidis, have fled to a nearby mountain but were surrounded by militants.

    Read more: http://www.thenational.ae/world/middle-east/islamic-state-takes-over-two-towns-and-now-controls-mosul-dam#ixzz39SODLGAv
    Follow us: @TheNationalUAE on Twitter | thenational.ae on Facebook

  16. Prabhata says:

    According to this website, http://www.revisionisthistory.org/palestine19.html

    The attempt on Mashal’s life was around 10:15 a.m.

    “He said he had just got out of his car to enter his office Sept. 25 at 10:15 a.m., when he was attacked by two people.”

    The Moon at that moment in Amman, Jordan was 22Cancer54. Could the moon have been opposite Mashal’s natal Moon? At 7pm on May 28, 1956 Ramallah, (Mashel’s birthday), the moon was 22Capricorn11

  17. lisam says:

    My first impression of the group ISIS/ISIL/IS was that it was deliberately created for some purpose, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the religion of Islam. I am saying this because of the way it came about, and the scale of the atrocities that are being associated with it as reported by the media, AND the way they were allowed to flourish inspite of it. I see something far more sinister here. I think the powers that be are prepping us for something even bigger than 9/11, as you notice the phrases that are being used to describe this group as being “more extreme” and “more brutal” than Al Qaeda, yet nothing is being done to stop them, especially as they seem to be threatening the oil supplies in Iraq. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, and at the time that 9/11 occurred, I accepted it at face value, but when various sources started reporting on strange coincidences surrounding the 9/11 event, and all those who benefitted by it, such as in the stock market etc., I sat up and started taking notice, and the 3 countries that I found to be implicated, were the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. I think all the unrest and instability you are seeing now, that is taking place between Israel/Palestinians, Russia/Ukraine, and all the other conflicts and unrest taking place around the world, current and recent, as in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, even the African group BokoHaram (Nigeria/Kenya), the wars in Sudan – they are all centered around natural resources – oil/gas/water, and it’s not the heads of states, or the elite who are paying the price in death and deprivation, It’s we, the ordinary people, and I’m sure these powers, however they are described, whether it’s the New World Order or whatever, have no qualms about sacrificing their own people in order to achieve their goals. Even the so-called Arab Spring is now beginning to look more like The Arab Winter, with nothing really having changed for the ordinary people on the ground. So it looks like all the heads of state got together and decided on a plan for the demise of ordinary folks. Either that, or the prophecies in the Bible are being fulfilled, or they are self-fulfilling. Then you have Christine Lagarde of the IMF giving that strange address – I really don’t know what to make of it, and maybe I’m just being paranoid, but we will see as time goes on, how things unfold. I am not even sure if all the world leaders are acting in concert, or as separate entities. And don’t believe all of the public rhetoric and grandstanding displayed by some of the heads of states. They are doing their wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, that we are not privy to. Leaders who do not want to go along with The New World Order, will be eliminated, then the populatons will be pitted against each other whether it’s related to race, sects, political affiliation, religion which usually end up causing civil wars, resulting in great loss of life, which is a form of culling the human population – just the ordinary people, not the elite.

    Astrologically, I have to read in more detail, that ISIS article by Robert Hand, and pay attention to the comments, though since nobody really seems to know the actual time of inception for the group, how can any information be accurate? Sorry for taking up so much space with my rant.

  18. starlight says:

    Linda – Every time I set out to get a reading on the election, I get stuck. I have tried several times. I know it is not a big win for the Democrats. The only question is if we lose the Senate or hang on by one vote or maybe two. There are a lot of contradictory indications, but I am leaning toward a loss. The solar arc Moon opposition to natal Saturn in Obama’s chart is triggered by Saturn from 11/1 to 11/13. Saturn will also be square to his natal Uranus (the chart ruler) from November 3 to 13. These are not good.

    But his solar return which I think (hope) happens in DC this evening, has Jupiter opposite that chart’s Ascendant through November 5. That may help some. Meanwhile, Uranus will be square to the US Sun, exact on November 8, which suggests a surprise or a big change. There are a few transits that peak on the 8th, so I wonder if there is a race or two that will decide the whole thing that isn’t decided until then.

    Upon consideration, besides the continuing blockage of all appointments, I don’t see how things will be that different. The filibuster keeps everything stuck in the Senate already and the GOP House, well…

  19. lisam says:

    ISIS will be used to do the dirty work of getting rid of Iraq’s PM, because that is what is expedient at this point in time for the powers that be.

  20. starlight says:

    New ceasefire deal. Now that some of the aspects have shifted, the timing is right for it possibly to stick for now.


  21. Fe says:


    The President is in C today.


  22. Fe says:

    I meant DC, not C, today.

  23. Lorrie U says:

    Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies: Social media campaign goes viral (PHOTOS)

    As the Israeli operation Protective Edge has so far claimed over 1,000 dead, users have been flooding the web with dozens of photos of Jews and Arabs together showcasing peace and love, under the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies.


  24. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, neither the US or Israel would back – or start ISIS. Possibly Iran as a Sunni state but only a possibility. Not Saudi Arabia. They are now extremely rich on their own. They do not need support or funding from any other group and never have. See this link about who is saying what about who:


    ISIS is targeting Iraq and Syria for the moment. They want to establish a (radical) Sunni state and grow from there. They are not concerned about US policies, politics or wars. Iraq and Syria were both weakened by wars and vulnerable – that that is what they have targeted.

  25. Lorrie U says:

    P.S. – What happened to short posts with links?

  26. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, Syria, which ISIS is attacking, is not in the top 10 oil exporters in the world. What “powers that be”, other than ISIS itself, would be backing ISIS attacks on Syria?


  27. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, sorry about the long Robert Hand comment of mine. I was not sure if a link to facebook would work.

  28. Lorrie U says:

    Obama’s Solar Return/Israel’s Fully Engaged Pluto

    On the plus side, notice that Lilith is trine Uranus, which is the ruler of his SR chart. This configuration infers that he has strong support for his independent actions and his leadership role (Uranus is in assertive Aries). So, as usual, Obama has both powerful enemies and fully engaged supporters. But with the SR Sun closely quincunx (150º) Pluto, the coming year looks exceptionally intense and confrontational.

    Another Big Plus is the SR Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Leo, which trines the Sagittarius Midheaven. Since Jupiter rules the Midheaven and is favorably aspecting it, we can see how Obama’s expressed optimism (Mercury-Jupiter) concerning foreign affairs (Sagittarius) is a most promising set-up. Perhaps these planets in the 6th house of health, and favorable aspecting the Part of Fortune, indicate that Obamacare will survive as his signature accomplishment. This is in spite of pending legal challenges, signified by Saturn in the 9th house.


  29. Kitty says:

    I agree with you ISIL is very suspicious! Fighting factions/countries blame each other–I can’t believe that ISIL all of a sudden appeared out of the Dust–and we were blind-sided–?
    I can’t believe someone did not know about the fall of Egypt’s Mubarak either? With all the surveillance that US and Israel does, I can’t believe either country would be caught off guard
    We’ll see as times goes on–

  30. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam and Kitty,

    google is your friend:

    ISIL can trace its roots to Tawhid and Jihad, a Sunni group which rose against the US and Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.
    Baghdadi led the group, which continued to attack sectarian and US targets, until he was killed by US and Iraqi forces in 2010.

    He was replaced by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, whose real name is Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim al-Badri. It was from this point that the group began its international rise.

    Little of Baghdadi’s history is known, but it is understood he spent five years in prison after being captured by US forces in Iraq in 2005.

    In 2012, Baghdadi turned his attention to expand his operations to Syria, sending commanders across the border as the civil war worsened and rebel factions began to fight among themselves.
    In a statement on April 17, ISIL stated that al-Qaeda was “no longer a base of jihad, adding that its leaders had “deviated from the correct path”.

    By this point his group had established itself as one of the most powerful in Syria, fighting it rivals to control northern and eastern parts of the country, including lucrative oil fields.

    In January of 2014, ISIL turned its attention back to Iraq, sending a force to Anbar province and taking over Fallujah and the provincial capital, Ramadi, in the face of a weak and disorganised Iraqi response.

    (good source for ME news)

    These are just pieces of the article.

  31. Suzy says:

    Revisit of Ed Tamplin’s Article from post on last thread and speculation about his comment at the last of the article about the “Eclipse of 1999″:

    After Jerry and Others pointed out that Ed mentioned revisit of Solar Eclipse of 1999…I tried to search what that Eclipse was about and why there would be a “revisit.” I didn’t find much that I could connect…but am posting two links after the intro to Tamplin’s article.



    This week’s column is about war and the people who make it. How their potential is often very predictable, allowing that the conscious choices also rest with those involved. It’s an astrological lesson on how Mars is the planet of the battle and how it functions in an individual’s chart, as well as on a collective level.

    If you don’t follow astrology closely, you may be amazed. You should find that astrology not only ‘works’ – but it works exceptionally well. The correspondences you’re about to read, between the charts of the nation of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rebel Hamas leader Khaled Mashal are as undeniable as they are lethal.


    SOLAR ECLIPSE of 1999:

    And this:

    http://www.greatdreams.com/eclipse.htmby Joseph E. Mason

  32. Suzy says:

    Starlight, Nancy…your prediction for a Cease Fire that might have some lasting power is within your Timeframe of August 2…give or take..

    I think you called that one! Let’s hope that real negotiations can begin now.

  33. Trudy says:

    For what it is worth:

    “Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi was born of two Jewish parents and is a Mossad agent.”


  34. lisam says:

    Signing a ceasfire does not guarantee peace if nothing changes on the ground. True peace can never be achieved like this overnight, given the unspeakable violence that was inflicted by Netanyahu on the Palestinian population, and I don’t think that he is capable of bringing peace to Israel, because he does not possess peace within himself. If Israel wants true peace, they will have to find another leader. Can you understand how much new trauma he has brought to the Palestinian survivors of this latest conflict? They are still finding scores of dead bodies buried beneath the rubble. There was so much death and destruction, that there is going to be a lot of damaged psyches apart from all the physical damage that was wrought. And some of the psychological damage will be permanent, so he might just have created a new generation of terrorists. Henry Siegman in an interview with Democracy Now said something that really left an impression on me concerning the German Holocaust. He said that it wasn’t so much what Hitler and his SS men did to the Jews that inflicted so much trauma, but the fact that the German people (the majority of them) were complicit in this, by just standing by and allowing it to happen. That is a wound that some Jews are still carrying around with them. The videos/transcrpts of the Siegman interviews below are somewhat lengthy.



  35. Kitty says:

    I like Al Jazeera’s reporting—but, I am not ready to make a judgement about ISIL right now. I don’t trust it, but not convinced yet as to where it comes from–

  36. lisam says:

    Trudy, when I first opened that link, I’m sure I saw something about him being in prison from a certain year to a certain year, but when I opened it a second time, I am not seeing it anymore. It’s like it disappeared.

  37. lisam says:

    oops! Lol. Sorry Trudy. It was on Anne’s Aunt post that I saw that version with the years he was imprisoned.

  38. lisam says:

    I notice of late a new word cropping up in the media – “Levant” that is being used over and over. Will have to look that up. I think it came into being with that new group ISIS, I believe when it was called ISIL (ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND THE LEVANT) ? I don’t know why they keep changing their name. Makes me have to look it up all the time to see what it means. Grrrrrr!

  39. Kitty says:

    Lorrie U,
    Thanks very much for posting Obama’s Solar Return.

  40. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, if you actually go to and read my last link about the origins of ISIS you would see that ISIS grew out of ISIL. It is a very reliable and informative link.

  41. lisam says:

    Pisca, is there some website where the public can access Snowden’s released documents?

  42. alex says:


    August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse – Fixed Grand Cross (world stage)


    Among other things this is the last solar eclipse of the 20TH Century and used by astrologer in the same way the Equinox charts are used to forecast during the spring and fall for the rest of the years.

    The last solar eclipse of the 20th Century ushered in the 21rst ‘New American’ Century and is considered to have been the celestial ‘imprimatur’ of the anticipated circumstances and conditions that would prevail at the beginning of the century.

    Most astrologers felt or believed that it was symbolic of a terrorism chart leading to war(s).


  43. alex says:

    2104 Democratic Senate Majority

    The corporate media has to make the election cycle a horse race how will they get readers and advertisers otherwise. Here is a recent example of political winger site that predicts who is vulnerable (take it with a grain of salt).

    I’ve posted urls – comments on these Senate elections you may have seen that despite the wailing and nashing of teeth the Democrats are doing well. The only race I haven’t studied up on is Montana.
    That will be a challenge for Democrats but the others on this list are either holding their own or showing strong outcome potential.

    1. Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont.

    2. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark.

    3. Sen. Mary L. Landrieu, D-La.

    4. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C.

    5. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska

    6. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo.

    7. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. (the lone GOP on the right winger’s list…. hummm well it’s McConnell’s race to lose and Allison Grimes is making him sweat)

    8. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.

    9. Al Franken, D-Minn.

    10. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.

  44. Kitty says:

    Thanks for the post last week about Kentucky’s Fancy Farm. Grimes speech against McConnell and “for Kentucky” was fabulous.! But the Fuddy/Duddy that McConnell is gave a lame speech about Obama! He has no ideas, a terrible speech maker, so all he has to offer is same old criticisms of Obama–! His speech was worthless, as he is ……..
    I thought this a humorous article..

    Grimes Is As Tough As McConnell — And As Nasty


  45. alex says:


    Mitch McConnell is so scared he won’t agree to debate her!

  46. Kitty says:

    That is hilarious, but he should be scared!

    Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont.—NO
    Walsh has made a mess of his life and career!– I think he will lose. The others look strong enough for now–I think the other Dems will stay. Cotton made a mistake of criticizing Pryor’s faith. McConnell is up in the air–but, He has many old crook friends and Rand Paul has stood beside him too much ! I hope Kentucky realizes how much they all need their ObamaCare.

  47. Jerry says:

    War Games Fuel Fears of Russian Push Into Ukraine

    Irish Times
    August 5, 2014

    Russia’s military has started a new round of war games near Ukraine, where pro-Moscow rebels are calling for urgent help from the Kremlin as Kiev’s forces bear down on their strongholds.

    Rebels call for Moscow’s help as Ukraine forces tighten hold on eastern regions. The separatists reject Kiev’s new pro-western government and want eastern Ukraine to be ruled by Moscow, but they are increasingly isolated in the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk as they struggle to maintain supply lines to Russia. Moscow denies allowing fighters and heavy weapons to cross into Ukraine, and rejects claims that rebels used one of its Buk missiles to bring down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on July 17th, killing all 298 people on board.

    Russia also dismisses allegations that it is shelling Ukrainian army positions, despite US satellite evidence and apparently incriminating posts placed on social media sites by Russian servicemen near the frontier. But as Kiev’s troops encircle Donetsk and Luhansk and intensify shelling of rebel positions – killing dozens of civilians – separatist hopes and government fears rise of possible direct military intervention by Russia.



  48. Jerry says:

    Re: The Russian war games this week…….

    The Aug. 10th Full Moon at 18 Aq. conjunct Vladmir Putin’s Nodes (18 Aq.-Leo) quincunx natal Uranus (18 Cancer) and in t square to natal Jupiter (19 Taurus) suggests to me Putin may decide to blatantly intervene into the Ukrainian conflict this weekend.

  49. alex says:


    I’m hoping KY realizes more than needing Obamacare – they need good Senator and Allison would make things better for KY

  50. pisca says:

    lisam- I have read some of the Snowden docs but (since I’m looking for them) I can’t remember what site! I find information at The Guardian, Aljazeera, rt, firedoglake and the Intercept. Forget American msm: they are too busy demonizing the messenger and hiding the truth!

  51. Jerry says:

    One more article. Intelligence experts feel Putin’s actions can be dangerous and unpredictable…….

    Winging It: Putin Has No Master Plan for Ukraine Crisis, Officials Say by Robert Windrem

    NBC News
    August 5, 2014

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has been “improvising” throughout the Ukraine crisis and still appears to have no long-term strategy for either cementing the gains of pro-Russian separatists or withdrawing from what is quickly becoming a protracted military crisis, according to U.S. officials and outside experts on the Kremlin.

    “There’s been a lot of improvisation by Putin and it’s been a challenge to anticipate,” said one senior U.S. official familiar with intelligence on the continuing conflict along the Ukraine-Russia border.


    The U.S. officials, who spoke with NBC News on condition of anonymity, said Putin’s spur-of-the-moment moves run a high-risk of “unintended consequences,” pointing to the apparent accidental shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17, allegedly by rebels armed with Russian surface-to-air missiles.



  52. starlight says:

    Jerry – Putin has tr. Uranus opposite his Sun – unexpected and sharp action – and tr. Pluto square his Sun – enhanced fear of danger leading to aggressive action this year and early next. Thank goodness Jupiter and Mars are now out of the equation. But these aspects will be strong during the last phase of the Uranus/Pluto square in late 2014 and early 2015. The danger he represents is nowhere near done.

  53. Roderick says:

    Kitty: McConnell is up in the air–but, He has many old crook friends and Rand Paul has stood beside him too much ! I hope Kentucky realizes how much they all need their ObamaCare.

    The problems with red state Democrats is that they are too afraid to publicly embrace the African American vote because they fear that will scare away some whites who may vote for them which means that the Democrats ends up campaigning as Republican lite candidates not giving the voters a real contrast between the candidates which ends of depressing any enthusiasm among Democratic voters.

    The problem with issues like ObamaCare is that the people who would benefit most live in Republican dominated red states which have not only refused to create state exchanges or websites, but are keeping information from those who qualify by not allowing Obamacare navagators in health clinics based upon the lie that they are potential identity thieves.

    Add to that those who would benefit most from programs like Obamacare are the least likely to vote which allows Republicans to dominate with a high poverty levels like Kentucky, Florida, and Texas.

  54. Prabhata says:

    lisam, re your 12:43 am today (where to find Snowden documents)

    If the story was related to Europe, US, China or Brazil, Snowden wanted a domestic media outlet to disclose the information. In addition, Snowden set up his disclosures in such to be given to individual reporters who had demonstrated independence from USG pressure to self-censure. For that reason, the NYT was skipped. So you don’t have to bother looking for Snowden’s disclosures there. For German associated documents, Der Spiegel was selected (stories first appear in German, but are eventually posted in English). For Brazil, O Globo, and for the U.S. related documents, WP and The Guardian. In each case, what was most important for Snowden was the reporter, not the newspapers. Therefore, The Guardian, when Greenwald was there, received a huge batch.

    The documents are not easy to read because they require understanding computer logic. I suggest that you start with The Guardian and the WP because they have reported the stories when Der Spiegel and O Globo did the initial disclosing. The Guardian has compiled all its stories related to Snowden in one spot. I don’t know if the WP (I’ve read them as the stories were released) has done the same.

    If you are really interested in reading the original documents related to the stories, Wikileaks has compiled a searchable data base. I’ve found most documents to be way beyond my level of computer literacy. But the stories disclose the related documents too. Once the story is released, the supporting documents are part of the story.

    I hope this helps.

  55. Prabhata says:

    Correction my 11:38am : In addition, Snowden set up his disclosures in suchto be given to individual reporters

  56. Kitty says:

    I agree with you that too many Democrats in red states have to act like Republican Lite. I think Thad Cochran in Mississippi got lucky with a cross-over African-American vote. It is so frustrating that the poor states do not vote in their own best interests, year after year !

  57. Anne's Aunt says:

    Progressve American Muslims Find Faith While Challenging Taboos On Sexuality and Gender


  58. will says:


    Your use of Karpman’s classic Drama Triangle to explain some of the stultified dynamics between the Congress and the White House is illustriously on-point. True, PB0 has finally decided to shift from his arguable excessive tendency to compromise and placate the rabid right. As such, this shift should, given time, help to dismantle the model and diffuse the dynamics. One can only wonder however, how long it will take for the persecutor and rescuers to stop playing out their roles; only then will there be a chance of a significant breakthrough in the stalemate.

  59. anita says:

    This post excellently explains the dynamics of abusive relationships. I appreciate the clarity. I wish more people were aware of this energy in the dysfunctional treatment of our President by the House Republicans. I haven’t kept up with the Astrology…now to study the rest of your post and comments. Thank you.

  60. alex says:

    2014 Florida Governor’s Election – November 4TH

    Crist (D) v Scott (R)

    Charlie Crist DOB 7/24/1956



    Under Rick Scott, the scales are tipped in favor of the wealthy, the special interests, and the corporations. “Fair Shot Florida” is about giving everyday Floridians a chance at success.

  61. margriet says:

    Arthur, you had a point!

    This article was updated by Zack Beauchamp on July 11, 2014, before the war started. I’m posting it for people who say anti-semitism is growing. Something else is growing too.

    Reading the Israeli press, you get a sense of profound national reckoning. After members of Hamas murdered three Israeli students in the West Bank, which inspired national outrage, a group of Israelis burned a 16 year old Palestinian alive — allegedly in retaliation. Israelis have dealt with Jewish terrorism before, but the national revulsion at the murder makes this time feel different. “This is a wake-up call,” Shlomo Avineri, one of Israel’s most respected political scientists, told the New York Times. “A line has been crossed … this is absolute evil.”

  62. kiwi says:

    I may get pilloried for this, but it seems to me that there was also a healthy dose of persecutor/victim/rescuer in full swing when a homeland for the jewish people was sanctioned by those in control and carved out of Palestine.

  63. Anne's Aunt says:

    Margriet, apparently racism is growing in Israel. Racism and jew-hatred is growing internationally.

  64. lisam says:

    Prabhata, Pisca – thanks for the Snowden websites info.

  65. Sharon K says:

    Thanks for the updates on these very important Senate races, Alex. If, for some reason, the Republicans make gains this time around, it might just be what we Democrats, Liberals, Progressives & Independents need to galvanize us…I always worry about complacency. I don’t have time & energy to campaign, but I can donate.

  66. Kitty says:

    Blair is making more mischief now.!

    The Corruption of Tony Blair–Astrology————


  67. Anne's Aunt says:

    Republicans these days are horrible! Steve King and Rand Paul were greeted and then asked questions about “dreamers” from a couple of “dreamers”. Watch Rand Paul take off instantly and Steve King’s horrible response:


  68. alex says:


    Glad you can donate that’s needed;

  69. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Yes. I agree. As you had mentioned, the ongoing Uranus Pluto square bearing down on Putin’s Sun over the next year or so can certainly be a decisive factor. I understand. I was looking at the more immediate trends. A Russian invasion of Ukraine appears increasingly imminent and although there is a lull in the Israeli-Palestinian fighting, things can quickly unravel over there at a moments notice. My attention has been drawn to this weekend and the Aug 25th New Moon for the various astrological aspects previously outlined. The Full Moon on Aug. 10th is categorized as a super-moon (its perigee bringing it in its closest approach to earth this year) and Mars will be simultaneously activating the April 29th lunar eclipse. It should prove to be an interesting two weeks in any case.

  70. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: April 29th SOLAR eclipse.

  71. lisam says:

    Kitty, nice article on Blair in the Oxford Astrloger. I actually liked him when he first came into office, because he appeared to be so well-spoken, with a winning personality etc. But then he did a 180 degrees which caught me by surprise. And once he signed up for Bush’s war in Iraq, that was it. I washed my hands off him. His ex-friend Robert Harris accurately describes his metamorphosis-no wonder he’s an ex-friend now, haha. There’s an old saying “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. Since he started hobnobbing with the rich and famous, i guess some of Murdoch has rubbed off on him. He comes across now as one of the opportunistic wealthy right-wing Republicans that we have here. I’m sure he’ll feel very comfortable in their company.

  72. Prabhata says:

    I’m going to remember this Pluto-Uranus square as the aspect of suffering. The suffering of people in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine is too horrible, too sad.

    Iraqi Yazidis stranded on isolated mountaintop begin to die of thirst

    BAGHDAD — Stranded on a barren mountaintop, thousands of minority Iraqis are faced with a bleak choice: descend and risk slaughter at the hands of the encircled Sunni extremists or sit tight and risk dying of thirst.

    Humanitarian agencies said Tuesday that between 10,000 and 40,000 civilians remain trapped on Mount Sinjar since being driven out of surrounding villages and the town of Sinjar two days earlier. But the mountain that had looked like a refuge is becoming a graveyard for their children.

    Unable to dig deep into the rocky mountainside, displaced families said they have buried young and elderly victims of the harsh conditions in shallow graves, their bodies covered with stones. Iraqi government planes attempted to airdrop bottled water to the mountain on Monday night but reached few of those marooned.

    “There are children dying on the mountain, on the roads,” said Marzio Babille, the Iraq representative for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “There is no water, there is no vegetation, they are completely cut off and surrounded by Islamic State. It’s a disaster, a total disaster.”


  73. ox the cat says:

    Starlight did you write at one time that Mitch McConnell did not look like he would be happy on election night?
    I am also interested in the Christ/ Scott race in Florida if anyone has any astrological insight at this time. The race appears to be tied. Tourism and jobs are up in Florida which unfortunately helps Scott. My intuition tells me that near the end of the race something good will turn Charlie’s way.

  74. alex says:

    ox the cat

    Mitch McConnell has new campaign media video where Mitch’s wife calls Alison Grimes – Anti-Kentuckian!

    oh yeah that is going to stick :-)

    then he does Alison a favor and mis- states his record on ‘Violence Against Women’ legislation…

    you know there are going to be truth-busters swooping in to shred him on that….

  75. ox the cat says:

    Sounds like he is not running his usual campaign. His remarks at Fancy Farm were flat. Everyone in Kentucky knows Alison Grime’s Kentucky roots. Mitch tried to take a swipe at Bill Clinton. I will be interested in Bill’s responses when he sweeps through coal country in Kentucky stumping for Alison. Pretty tired and every other word I type is wrong and has to be redone so I will catch up with everyone tomorrow.

  76. Kitty says:

    I thought Blair was great too, when he first came into office. He does have a lot of charisma, and thought he would be a good leader. I was stunned when he became a partner of GW’s!
    His bigger circle of friends now, is more stunning. Joining the Quartet, has him brokering bigger deals. The Rothschild/Cheney/Murdock/,BP Oil- gas resource deals are not last ditch efforts to grab land. The Gaza oil/gas resources have been there since approx. 2000. Will Palestine get a cut in all these deals–lol–
    Now, I am shocked to read that the UN oversees the finances.
    Really,? how does the UN keep neutral, in all this ? Too sad and frustrating that so many stories/groups turn out to be a bigger complex problem–
    I’ll do research and then ” bam”‘ get hit in the head with another door opening, with more sordid details ! and start researching again–lol
    Interesting to see the outcome of the latest cease-fire, and how Tony play his part again ?

    Quartet on the Middle East
    Tony Blair announced that he had accepted the position of the official envoy of the Quartet, the same day he resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and as a Member of Parliament on 27 June 2007.[5] The approval came after initial objections by Russia.[6] The United Nations is overseeing the finances and security of his mission.[7]

    McConnells’ latest ad using his wife is hilarious. Lucky for Dems it shows how stupid they really are with their campaign.

  77. Lorrie U says:

    Prabhata – Your post about the Iraqi Yazidis is heartbreaking! “I’m going to remember this Pluto-Uranus square as the aspect of suffering” seems to be a fitting statement. Feels like I’m in mourning these days.

  78. Anne's Aunt says:

    Alex, very very unfortunately some D group has made a couple of racist statements about Choo. They’ll make hay out of it.

  79. Kitty says:

    I can’t take much more World Drama—
    Prabahata and Lorrie U, it is a sad time of mourning.
    I get out of my depression by picking out a Republican and get angry about him !

    Supermoon in Aquarius and the Sun/Mercury square Saturn: transformation

    The full moon occurs at 2:09 P.M, August 10, EST. This moon is potentially one of the most explosive of the year and the above transits (Sun-Mercury in Leo) will oppose it, creating clashes and stress.
    If you have fixed planets in your personal chart at 16-18 degrees of Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio or Taurus, this aspect will affect your chart. How it affects it depends on what is in your chart and what it is aspecting.


    Alex and AA
    I did not think it was racist at all. Fox news made it racist. All that was said was “that Choa was not from Kentucky–“–One Tweet—
    Fox News left out the part of it being an ad against Grimes, being anti-Kentucky. Fox will keep spinning this lie !

  80. Jerry says:

    The Mars/Saturn conjunction (17 ’40 Scorpio) of August 25th (coinciding with the Virgo New Moon – 2 Virgo) is within a hairs breath of conjoining Ukraine’s natal Pluto (17 ’45 Scorpio). The Mars/Saturn conjunction also forms a close quincunx to tr. Uranus (16 ’03 Aries). The New Moon closely conjoins Ukraine’s Sun (0 ’58 Virgo). This leads me to believe that whatever transpires this weekend in Russian/Ukraine relations during the August 10th Full Moon (18 Aq.), tensions could build towards the latter part of the month. Astrologer Joni Patry explores the ramifications for August and arrives at a similar conclusion (using vedic calculations)……….

    Spiritual Insights and Predictions August 2014

    The planetary aspects are intense and dangerous the entire month of August as Mars and Saturn transit together. I specifically predicted that the day planets cross over the 0-3 degree Libra this would activate a dangerous event. This was the day that the Malaysian Airplane was shot out of the sky and the war in the Middle East escalated. Mars was 1 degree Libra. This was the degree that Mars stationed March 1, 2014. When a planet stations before turning retrograde of direct this degree becomes sensitive. Mars is the planet of war and anger. Not only did transiting Mars transit over this degree but it also was combined with Rahu at this sensitive degree. Rahu and Mars are anger and aggression magnified. Rahu magnifies any planet it is conjunct.

    Now in August Mars is approaching Saturn. They will conjunct August 25 on the New moon. This means the pressure will continually grow and reach a pivotal point at this time. The world will continue to be in a disturbed unsettled state.

    The fear in the world will grow and consume the masses. There is chaos and confusion mounting. What can we do? I believe these disturbing times can make us look to the most important issue that we so conveniently forget when times are comfortable and easy, which is the main reason why we are here, our spiritual growth. When there is no way out, the only way is within. We all seek a force beyond ourselves when we feel out of control and helpless. The reality that we all will die and have to leave this world puts life into perspective. It helps us realize what is truly important. It isn’t making more money, or getting ahead in our work. Many people who have had near death experiences have major life changes. One thing they all said is that they wish they had spent more time with their families and had made peace with loved ones. These difficult experiences are a wake up call for us to get back on track with the meaning and purpose of our lives.



  81. alex says:


    I feel sure Alison Grimes is ready for this new phase – the hate campaign – that they designed for the ad to bring about; she certainly knows McConnell’s tactics and will respond:

    Alison Grimes DOB 11/23/1978, Maysville KY

    First impression:

    Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry (world stage)

    Natal Pluto @18 Libra – Alison Grimes
    Election North Node @19 Libra


    Natal Vesta @19 Capricorn – Alison Grimes


    Election South Node @19 Aries


    Natal Lilith #1181 asteroid @19 Cancer (confrontational) – Alison Grimes

  82. alex says:

    continued: Alison Grimes – KY

    Natal Fixed Grand Cross (world stage)

    Jupiter @09 Leo


    Venus @07 Scorpio


    Juno @06 Aquarius


    Chiron @06 Taurus

  83. alex says:

    Mitch McConnell – (R, KY)
    DOB 2/20/1942

    Natal South Node @14 Virgo (past life)

    .Wax Quindecile (obsessively driven, obsessive compulsive)


    Zero Point Aries



    Midpoint N/Venus/ALGOL @00 Libra (insatiable sadist)

  84. alex says:

    continued: Mitch McConnell KY

    Natal Sun @01 Pisces


    Giovarduino @01 Virgo 11 R
    (social stratification, forcing preconceived ideology,disposing of facts when-if they don’t fit the theory)


    NATAL Pallas @02 Aquarius 04 (declination 4N57)


    Typhon @01 Aries 28
    (clash of the Titans)

    Alison Grimes – KY

    Natal Fixed Grand Cross by Synastry (world stage)

    Jupiter @09 Leo
    McConnell Natal Pluto @04 Leo


    Venus @07 Scorpio


    Juno @06 Aquarius
    McConnell Natal Venus @05 Aquarius


    Chiron @06 Taurus

  85. alex says:

    continued: Mitch McConnell – KY Senate November 4, 2014


    Natal Incarnation Fixed Earth, Singleton Element Water Sun @01 Pisces (galvanizing, polarizing point Natal Juno @22 Scorpio)

    The missing function (singleton) expresses as a ‘projection’ to the degree that the natal individual disavows their unconscious, unresolved inner conflicts.

    The destructive or unconstructive expression of the SUN: manifests when any sense of hurt for what is missing remains unexplored or unexamined and becomes grounds – or – justification for projection (blaming others, making excuses).

    Natal Sedna @20 Aries
    USA Chiron @20 Aries

    USA Juno @20 Libra

    NATAL DK Lilith (astro.com) @08 Gemini
    USA Uranus @08 Gemini

    Natal Saturn @22 Taurus
    USA Federal Government Midheaven @22 Taurus

  86. alex says:

    CORRECTION: Mitch McConnell

    Natal Incarnation Fixed Earth, Singleton Element Water Sun @01 Pisces (galvanizing, polarizing point)

    Natal Juno @22 Scorpio (overcompensation)

  87. lisam says:

    Kitty, re: your remark concerning Choo/Fox News, and Alex – from the previous thread about Cheney as megalomaniac. I just read that Murdoch’s bid to takeover Time-Warner failed, but I’m sure he’ll try again with some other company. He wants total control over the media. These megalomaniacs have insatiable appetites, and won’t be content until they swallow up the whole world.


  88. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty that’s not the comment I was referring to. It was this:

    Progress Kentucky: tweet “This woman (photo of Elizabeth Chao) has the ear of @MconnellPress. She is his wife! May explain why your job moved to China!”

    “Elaine Chao, who came to America from Taiwan at the age of 8, is a successful businesswoman and a graduate of Harvard Business School. She has also served our country in numerous positions, most recently as Secretary of Labor during the George W. Bush administration. She also served for a time as director of the Peace Corps. Having worked with Elaine during my time in the White House, I can say you will not find a more principled, honest and decent individual.”
    “It didn’t take long for Kathy Groob, the founder of the pro-Democrat PAC Elect Women, to start mocking Chao’s heritage on Twitter. “She’s not from KY…She is Asian and [President George W.] Bush openly touted that,” Groob said. In other tweets, Groob referred to Chao as McConnell’s “Chinese wife,” and said McConnell is “wedded to free trade in China.”

    She later deleted her offensive tweets and deactivated her Twitter account. National and Kentucky Democrats, to their credit, quickly denounced her remarks.”

  89. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, Ha! great news about Murdoch! from your link:

    “Murdoch, who is Fox’s chairman and CEO, cited Time Warner’s management and its board’s refusal to come to the table to discuss a takeover as one reason for the stunning turnabout”

    Helen, probably it’s reported on other right wing conspiracy sites like infowars/Alex Jones. Maybe look for it in reliable news. The Onion comes to mind.

  90. Kitty says:

    I heard about Murdock’s buying spree,and bet he’ll try again! Murdock is outrageous. If he’d gone to prison, for the hacking scandal, we would not have to put up with this? When these megalomaniacs band together, how can we stop them? how can Obama stop them? I am surprised at how many articles are out now about Blair, but doubt if this exposure will stop him.! They all do try to swallow us up !

    Tony Blair Has Used His Connections to Change the World, and to Get Rich


    Turning a Blind Eye to Israeli Atrocities: Middle East “Peace Envoy” Tony Blair Parties as Gaza Burns


  91. Kitty says:

    I agree with Alex, that Grimes will be able to handle any attacks from McConnell. The tweets were still from one person, Kathy Groob. Even the Daily Beast leaves out that the response from Groob was because of the ad that said Grimes was ” anti-Kentucky”.
    Fact is that Grimes is more Kentucky than Chao, it was ok for Dem Party to apologize. But Groob, still got her message out! I have often marveled as to how Elaine is Choa one day and Mrs. McConnell, the next. This must be a financial advantage that Mitch uses! Elaine Choa as Sec. of Labor, I thought was a big conflict of interest. By using Choa, McConnell could fool the public again. Mitch is a Master of Deception. I hope Kentucky finally realizes this, and his attacks on Obama are baseless!

  92. Jerry says:

    Hi Helen,

    The report you cited are coming in from several different sources. Primarily NATO and US officials according to the following article……

    Nato Warns of Russian Preparations To Invade Ukraine

    The Telegraph
    Aug 6, 2014

    As Ukrainian forces close in on Russian-backed rebels in Donetsk and sanctions threaten to bite hard in Moscow, fears are deepening of a Russian military intervention

    Russia is preparing to send troops into eastern Ukraine under the pretext of mounting a humanitarian mission to save Russian-speaking separatist rebels in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Nato and US officials have warned.

    Russia has now massed 20,000 troops on its border with Ukraine and it is conducting a week of military exercises in a show of force to intimidate Ukrainian government forces who are now pressing the rebels, deepening fears of a Russian intervention.



  93. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty, I agree that this will not derail the D in the election. It does not help tho.

    But it is never good when some D spokesperson engages in racism. Saying what she did could be compared to saying “that wife of his is AA and will push him to have a pro-africa agenda (or, worse, a pro-welfare agenda) and she is not as Kentucky (or whatever) or as american as we are”. Or that “Barack Obama is a foreign name and he is black, he must not be from america”.

    And don’t marvel at women who use both last names. Many women do, or keep their own. Some use their own names for their own businesses and then appearing at some function of her husbands is addressed by her husband’s name. That happens ALL THE TIME for professional married women. Not good to attack her for being a woman who is very similar to many other (usually progressive) women.

  94. lisam says:

    I didn’t realize that there was so much information out there about ISIS, along with possible disinformation, but of all the articles I’ve seen, this one seems to be the most plausible, and closest to the views I share. And remember the Chechnyan/Chechen brothers Tsarnaev of the Boston Marathon bombings? Well, it all seems to kinda tie in with them too, so the BM incident could well have been a false flag op as well, that probably went awry. No wonder they had to be finished off, including one of their friends in FL who was killed while being questioned by the FBI. I know the younger bro was captured and is still in prison, but what are the chances that he will get a fair trial? Anyway, here is the one I settled on, and anybody can get this info. Just google “who is the leader of ISIS”, or something like that, and a bunch of links will come up. There is even a Time mag article out there, but I think they know even less. The reason why this ISIS op has been such a source of mirth for me, is that the Secret Service of whatever countries are involved here, are so transparent with their propaganda, that anyone of average intelligence has a good chance of seeing thru their ruse. It looks like the IQs of the Intelligence Agencies operatives have taken a dramatic plunge.


  95. barbk says:

    alex, In my excitement over reading all the Kentucky election season posts here, I may have missed something. Did you say anything about Mitch McConnell’s south node (time to release old methods) at 13+ Pisces and the Election Day position of transiting Chiron at 13+ Pisces? If not, what’s your reading on that?

    On the other hand Alison’s Saturn at 13+ Virgo is conjunct Mitch’s north node, an encouragement to “get real” and take the path to retirement? Maybe my over-optimistic interpretation, but I like the way that lady stands up to the Republican machine in Kentucky. She’s quite focused for a Sagittarian what with all her major planets within a 132 degree span. That’s focus.

    Alison’s Jupiter at 9 Leo conjunct’s Mitch’s Chiron at 10 Leo, opposite his Mercury at 11 Aquarius, which trines his Jupiter at 11 Gemini. The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s natal Sun is also at 11+ Gemini.

    On Election Day the sextile between trans. Sun (11 Scorpio) and trans. Pluto (11 Capricorn) will form a Yod with Kentucky’s Sun and Mitch’s Jupiter at 11 Gemini (which is trine Mitch’s Mercury, which opposes his Chiron which is conjunct Alison’s Jupiter, a Jupiter which will have been squared by the transiting Sun two days before Election Day). KY’s Sun and Mitch’s Jupiter at the apex of the election day yod signals a need to adjust.

    Maybe not important, but the Election Day Sun will also form a T-square to Mitch’s opposition between natal Chiron and Mercury.

    I’m also thinking (feeling, hoping) that Alison’s Pluto conjunct election day’s north node (19 Libra) and her natal Vesta (19 Capricorn) forming a T-square with the transiting election day nodes attests to her diligence and dedication and persuasion, including getting out the vote. The U.S. Sibly birth chart’s Vesta (investment) at 19+ Taurus is trine Alison’s Vesta.

    Just so you know, Kentucky’s natal Vesta (invested in) at 10+ Leo is conjunct Mitch’s Chiron at 10 Leo and Alison’s Jupiter, 9 Leo. It is where transiting Juno (partnership) will be on Election Day (10 Leo retrograding back to 9 Leo).

    Again, just so you know, Kentucky’s natal Pholus, the centaur who was known to initiate a small event which turned into a big brouhaha, is where transiting Neptune is right now, 6+ Pisces retrograde!

    Lastly, Juno in the U.S. Sibly birth chart at 20+ Libra, will be-getting a conjunction from the transiting north node (opportunities) off and on this month due to retrograde motion. After that, the transiting north node (opportunities) will move and stay at 19+ Libra through early November; over 2 months.

    Then, the transiting north node (opportunities) will move to 18+ Libra on November 9th and will exact the conjunction to Alison’s Pluto (18+ Libra) through December 4th. Perhaps it has something to do with Kentucky’s (in)Vesta(ment) at 10 Leo? :)

  96. Kitty says:

    Hagel is concerned too !

    Hagel: Growing Threat Of Russia Invading Ukraine


  97. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Grimes #5 Yr. of Change going into a #6 Yr. of Service to Others, while McConnell will be in a #3 next year (time for social activities–I became unemployed in a #3 year!), so maybe Grimes will pull it off!

  98. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, I actually read your link on ISIS. It’s interesting and we’ll have to see if this plays out. There’s lots of disinformation about Snowden these days.

  99. lisam says:

    I remember on a recent episode of NBC Nightly News, the Military announced that they were issuing new unifoms. The camouflage pattern had changed, and a reporter jokingly asked if it was designed for desert warfare, so that might be a clue as to where the next war will take place.

    I’m beginning to think that since MSM is so controlled, that the anchor persons could be dropping us subliminal messages, which is the topic in my next post.

  100. lisam says:

    I am wondering if this recent Ebola outbreak might not be another excuse to cull the population, just as AIDS reportedly also started in Africa. Well, leading up to the Ebola outbreak, I don’t know if any of you noticed, that NBC NN a couple of nights in a row, were discussing how bacterial viruses were not being properly stored at the CDC, etc. Then came the Ebola outbreak. So it was as though the media was dropping a hint. Anyway, the link below suggests that there was advanced warning that an Ebola outbreak was imminent. This is on top of all the conflicts that are taking place in the world – probably designed to keep the masses off balance.


  101. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, I hope you will consider on reading this link. Origins of the Snowden conspiracy theory is Iran and the theory is debunked:

    “The IRNA story appears to build on, or may have even started, an Internet rumor that has assumed truthlike proportions through multiple reposts and links. No mention of a “hornet’s nest” plot can be found in Snowden’s leaked trove of U.S. intelligence documents, and even though Snowden has not publicly refuted the claim, it is safe to assume that the quoted interview never took place. (IRNA has been known to report stories from the satirical Onion newspaper as fact.) Yet Iranian government officials and independent analysts in Iran alike cited IRNA’s report as definitive proof of ISIS’s American and Israeli origins.”


  102. Prabhata says:

    Jerry, you’ve been predicting the Russian invasion of Ukraine since Russian annexed Crimea. The problem is not that you’ve been wrong, but WHY you’ve been wrong.

    It’s still the same media that bamboozled Americans about aluminum tubes and that Hussein had WMDs. I suggest you become more critical of your sources. If the source is “high official” or “anonymous”, it’s misinformation that USG officials are feeding reporters who act as stenographers, voices of propaganda.

  103. Anne's Aunt says:

    Attacking a candidates wife, or husband almost always is very horrible. Attacks on Michelle Obama have been a good example.

    “Any attempt to interfere with that freedom is downright treason to Starnes, such as the recent removal of Chick Fil-A sandwiches from the vending machines of a South Carolina high school. For Starnes, this is an egregious offense linked directly to the evil machinations of our First Lady who has “declared war” on America’s (and Jesus’) favorite chicken! Starnes allegation is, as usual, just another southern fried lie and baseless personal attack. But he loves Jesus (and Chick fil-A) and Jesus loves fat kids, so it’s all good…”

  104. Kitty says:

    Alex and barbk
    I love your astro analysis, although it gets complicated for me sometimes to understand. Keep it up ! You both mentioned

    “”Natal Pluto @18 Libra – Alison Grimes
    Election North Node @19 Libra””

    I will take this as a positive sign that Grimes will transform (Pluto ) the election and Kentucky and will win ?
    and I like Lorrie U’s numerology!

  105. Fe says:


    I would look to other sources aside from Russia Times to confirm. RT is the new Pravda, a propaganda newspaper by Russia for western audiences.

  106. alex says:


    my eyes are tired so I’ll read your comment later but if I noted that McConnell’s North node was 13 …. Virgo … it is not

    Mitch McConnell Natal North Node is 14 Virgo as far as I know

  107. Kitty says:

    I don’t see Elaine Choa as your ordinary woman using a maiden name, nor being similar to other women using their maiden name.
    Yes, many women keep their maiden names, in their professions, and more power to them. But, she and Mitch are a high profile couple, that thrive on deception, and take advantage of any situation for their own selfish pleasures. Since she uses her name as Choa, as Sec. of Labor and on the Board of the Heritage Foundation, “she removes herself as wife,” in many areas and when it is convenient for her ! I personally, have no respect for either one, and no trust, in them, no matter what they do, or call themselves.–Neither one is helping the country.

  108. Prabhata says:

    Go to RT and Press TV. Go to all news outside the US and read, listen with skepticism. You will be glad you did.

    There’s no newspaper or media outlet in the US that’s a good source of news. NONE. They are all as bad or worse than RT (McClatchy excepted). The good thing about RT is that you know it is biased. Therefore, one reads it with skepticism. Everyone should have the same skepticism of ALL US news outlets. It’s the US media that sold the aluminum tube bamboozle. Never forget that. The media has not changed one iota.

  109. Prabhata says:

    To make my point about RT, please show me its biases. Give me the links to that shows me RT bias.

  110. Lorrie U says:

    Good news…
    Man in isolation since Monday in NYC hospital has tested negative for Ebola. http://bit.ly/1knze1X

  111. Lorrie U says:

    And then there were…four?

    Only four races – Kentucky, Iowa, Louisiana, and Colorado – have no clear leader at the moment. If we assign all the other races, that gives 48 Democrats/Independents and 48 Republicans.


  112. lisam says:

    I don’t know about biases, but actually all information being released by the media has some degree of bias, depending on the source the info is coming from, so I think RT is no more biased than say the NYT. What I know for sure is that ISIS is not what we are asked to believe it is. Evidence on the ground does not add up to the media reports, and some information is downright prpaganda, as in the female population being ordered to submit to genital mutilation. That is what made me look closer at the group, as the propaganda was meant to strike fear into the hearts of the public, and once more evoke the spectre of “Islamists terrorists”. The 9/11 event really provided the media and the public with a good excuse to villify Muslims. If ISIS is a clandestine operation, and Snowden divulged info about it, I’m sure journalists and the media that they work for, will not be allowed to release it to the public.

  113. Anne's Aunt says:

    Obviously you do not have any respect for her. Rs have no respect for Michelle. More power to some women and not to others? Do you want to play the same games as Rs? If some D made that claim about Chao they would be called sexist – and rightly so. Different standards for Rs than Ds as far as progressive tolerance of women’s choices go? A woman’s life is more than being a “wife” even if she is married. But I’ll let my friend who has a R husband that she should stop using her professional name and only use her married name because she is a “wife”.

  114. Prabhata says:

    lisam, news become murky when our intelligence agencies are involved. When intelligence agencies are involved, the truth must be sought.

    I posted here, on July 24 (Explosive Events):

    Obama administration knew Islamic State was growing but did little to counter it

    Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2014/07/24/234353/obama-administration-knew-islamic.html#storylink=cpy

    Yet, most news sources (not McClatchy) are telling Americans that ISIS was a surprise to the US. Things don’t add up.

  115. Fe says:

    BTW, I do agree with you Prabhata, you should be skeptical and skeptical of ALL media, especially covering the Ukraine situation. So no one story is right, but fragments of story keeps coming.

    We monitor this with our PW staff. We have one who actually lives in the Ukraine.

  116. lisam says:

    Prabhata, thanks for that link. I think the US created a big mess there, and now don’t know how to fix it. It’s almost like a dark comedy. But my opinion is that they need this ISIS group to get rid of Maliki, because he was put there by the US, and now that they have discovered that he was the wrong candidate, they will have to replace him, but in order to safe face, they don’t want to do it themselves, so ISIS will be a convenient tool for that, and I think that we are also being prepped for another “terrorist attack”, but where and on what scale, I don’t know.

  117. lisam says:

    “save face” is what I meant.

  118. lisam says:

    In other words, ISIS will be the new bogeyman to replace Al Qaeda.

  119. lisam says:

    Sorry for being repetitive, but in my post about the Ebola virus, NBC Nightly News two nights in a row ran a report on how virus samples were not being properly stored and SECRURED at the CDC. I omitted the word “secured” in my previous post. Just after that, came the news about the Ebola outbreak, so I found that to be a strange coincidence.

  120. alex says:

    Iowa Senate Election Novemeber 4, 2014

    Bruce Braley (D) v Joni Ernst (R)

    Braley is no rock star but Ernst is an extreme winger ….

    Democrats made it clear by leaving Braley unchallenged in the primary, that if they turn out, they’ll mostly vote for Braley. The better question is who will attract the largest voter registration contingent, so called no-preference registrants, which for the most part is expected to vote away from extremes of either party. – per blogforIowa

  121. Sharon K says:

    I think the ISIS group’s ability to be destructive is going to go a lot further than just ridding Iraq of Maliki. I can’t imagine the U.S. wanting them to be in power!

  122. lisam says:

    Okay, I just remembered that the viral samples that they were speaking of was the smallpox virus. I think I’ve covered everything now. Had to jog the old brain some more.

  123. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sharon K, I agree about the US not wanting ISIS in power. It IS the new al quaeda and has its roots and beginning in al quaeda.

  124. Kitty says:

    lisam — Prabhata
    Gathering truth is a pathetic ordeal. ISIS will replace Al Qaeda.
    Remember, we have Al Qaeda ” on the run”…We now have Ebola too!
    I think we have too many lose ends right now–Iraq,Syria,Ukraine,Libya that we don’t who are the good guys and who are the bad. Too many don’t want any Iran/US agreements.
    News has been made murky and confusing. Fear can keep the masses in line. I expect anything could happen now ! Hope I make
    sense ?

  125. Prabhata says:

    Remember: most propaganda is through omission, not commission. Not informing is the best way to tilt the scale.

    If one is skeptical of ALL media, why are be afraid to read RT? Is it because Kerry called it propaganda? Ha! The State Department is the biggest source of misinformation and outright propaganda. During the Iraq War, Bush called Aljazeera propaganda, and even attacked AJ studio and killed one of its reporters.

  126. Prabhata says:

    Why are? oops. Sorry. I meant to type: why be afraid.

  127. lisam says:

    Kitty, you make perfect sense.

  128. Prabhata says:

    A surprise attack is about the best weapon an invading army has. If Russia invades eastern Ukraine, it will not send signals with troop buildup. It doesn’t need to because Ukraine is next door. Russia can sum up a big force in a matter of hours and invade Ukraine.

    If true, that Russia has a troop buildup near the Ukraine/Russia border, I think Russia is concerned that NATO will send troops to Ukraine. That’s the only reason Russia would buildup its troops at the border.

  129. barbk says:

    Lorrie – thanks for yet another positive result for Ky’s Grimes!

    Kitty – love your positive spin and feel the same way about Grimes’ Pluto conjunct the Election NN. That Election NN (19+ Libra), could also possibly be conjunct the Kentucky natal (blue ?) Moon (of Kentucky :) ) in late Libra. With Kentucky’s Jupiter at 21 Libra retrograde, and the transiting NN right now at 21 Libra, it moves only 2 degrees in 3 months! In fact, it will sit at 19 Libra through all of September and October (making a conjunction with transiting Mercury* THREE TIMES due to his retrograde in October) and finally exacting a conjunction to Alison Grimes’ Pluto on the day before Thanksgiving.

    *Interestingly, at the time the north node starts it’s long stay at 19 Libra this month (August), transiting Mercury will conjunct Alison Lundergan Grimes’ north node at 24+ Virgo (exact on the 29th). Connecting the dots.

    alex – McConnell’s “true” north node is 13+ Virgo, the “mean” (averaged out) north node is 14+ Virgo retrograde. Not a lot of difference.

  130. Kitty says:

    barbk and Alex—
    This is Too Funny—Crazy McDaniel, from Mississippi, attacking McConnell. GOP in-fighting and T. Party backlash could help Grimes win, too.

    McDaniel: McConnell Sold His Soul For Power, Money

    Rios asked McDaniel to respond to the fact that some Kentucky voters say they won’t support McConnell because of his support for Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) in the Senate primary and to the Minority Leader’s push to “crush the Tea Party,” according to a Right Wing Watch recording.


  131. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    You wrote:

    “The problem is not that you’ve been wrong, but WHY you’ve been wrong.”

    You’re suggesting that one shouldn’t believe anything that one reads or hears in the mainstream media even if the sources are quoted?

    My friend, if being unbiased and raising ones awareness is important to you, perhaps that above statement of yours should be re-phrased and questioned in the following manner…..

    “The problem is not that you’ve been emotionally worked up about this, but WHY you’ve been emotionally worked up?”

    Personally, I think it’s entirely possible to distinguish between biased reporting and a focused, truthful narrative, providing one is somewhat detached. That’s the beauty of professional journalism – to convey the facts.

  132. Helen says:

    Russia is conducting military exercises 700 kilometers from the border, exercises which were scheduled a year ago.

  133. alex says:


    my eyes are kind-of recovered; you noted and included KY points/planets having significant contact to McConnell


    Election Juno @10 Leo
    Jupiter @09 Leo – Alison Grimes
    Chiron @10 Leo – Mitch McConnell


    Election Sun @11 Scorpio


    Mercury @11 Aquarius – Mitch McConnell


    2014 SOLAR ARC SUN @13 TAURUS – Mitch McConnell

    YOD BY SYNASTRY (need for adjustment)

    Jupiter @11 Gemini – Mitch McConnell
    Kentucky Sun @11 Gemini



    The Election Sun sextile Pluto (base of Yod) marks a succinct iconic time in the history of Kentucky Sun @11 Gemini as seen through the lens of the YOD’s synoptic focused apex/goal – not an ordinary election event.

    The chart I used for upthread comment was copy/paste from google that did not attribute source but the delineation included the glyph for Sedna and Eric-PlanetWaves uses that glyph more so than other astrologers if memory serves….

    and SEDNA @20 Aries – Natal McConnell tied to USA Chiron @20 Aries
    .opposite. USA Juno @20 Libra .conjunct. ELECTION N.NODE @19 Libra

    speaks to his Senate role as constitutional representative and Minority Leader, the go to guy for ‘the people’ under MCCONNELL’S SEDNA influence; does he embody the ‘victim or the victimizer’?
    no additional digital pixals are needed to inscribe how he at his work & by his behavior than that IMV;

  134. Helen says:

    Look what just aired on Russian TV:


  135. Trudy says:

    I just run across that same video and debated on whether this website was ready for it?!
    Haven’t seen it all–but it will be interesting to see what the rest of the world thinks!
    This is what David Wilcock cautions:

    “Without knowing what is wrong, we cannot hope to transform it into something that is right.

    For this same reason, I applaud the Russians for making this documentary — even though it could be categorized as “fear porn” due to its content.”

  136. Helen says:


    I should tag on a disclaimer: that post was to show the extreme stuff Russian TV is showing about the US – not that I necessarily approve the message.

    Some things are worthy of debate. What IS interesting though is: this is directly from David Wilcock’s YouTube channel.

    But I’m living in an SCI-FI universe already: chemtrailed days in a row – all natural sunlight gets blocked out, most food GMO’s, pesticides. irradiated…..supermarket food is a minefield. Headaches from the Wi-Fi and Smartmeter; new generation asthma medicine: it rips my insides like glass-shards whereas before it went down like butter; and has cut out all deep breathing – can’t yawn anymore.

    We have to be more vigilant and start asking questions – why is this allowed?


  137. Jerry says:

    One noticeable aspect in Putin’s chart that is clearly a danger period for a potentially bold, aggressive miscalculation in the ongoing Russian-Ukraine crisis occurs at the time of the Aug. 25th Mars/Saturn conj. (17 ’40 Scorpio). It will be in close trine to Putin’s natal Uranus (18 ’23 Cancer) and in t square to Putin’s nodes (18 ’37 Aq.-Leo). Here’s an analysis of what may be Putin’s various options……………

    What Is Putin’s Endgame In Ukraine?

    Aug. 7, 2014

    The accusations are ominous. Russia has fired weapons into Ukraine and boosted the number of troops near the border, officials have told CNN.

    And the Kremlin is staging a new round of military exercises this week. Western leaders stepped up sanctions, but Russian President Vladimir Putin shows no sign of backing down.

    What’s his endgame?

    “He’s got lots of options here, and he’s playing it,” retired Gen. Wesley Clark told CNN this week.

    “He’s like someone fumbling with a lock, trying to find the right key to open the door.”

    Here’s a look at several goals Putin could have in mind…….



  138. alex says:

    Colorado Senate Election – November 4, 2014

    Udall (D) v Gardener’s (R) War On Women

    Cory Gardener’s eight year crusade to ban forms of birth control and his history of sponsoring a bill to make abortion a felony


    UDALL – In Here


  139. Prabhata says:

    It’s a long link because it’s a Google search. But you can see a list of reports by the OSCE that state shells fall into Russian territory. Not one instance (I also searched for that) has OSCE reported that Russia has fired into Ukraine. The OSCE is in Ukraine investigating abuses.


    Why is Ukraine accusing Russia of doing what Ukraine is a culprit? I don’t know. But clearly, Ukraine lies like a rug.

  140. alex says:

    WEALTH INEQUALITY : college education use to create wealth now it creates burdensome debt

    DEBT Financial Astrology – Water Element,Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

    The 4th, 8th, and 12th house are the Karmic houses. These houses are also the water sign houses and the houses in one’s horoscope that most affect your finances and prosperity.

    The 4th house which is ruled by the Moon, is the house that deals with the income needed to provide for one’s daily needs,and household expenses, such as food and rent. Just as the Moon changes signs this house and it’s ruler, the Moon can fluctuate and change. The 4th house is a wealth building house. accumulation of property and assets is ruled by your 4th house.

    The 8th house deals with banking and credit and also other’s money to which we have access to, such as a spouses income, or inheritance. It rules debt and all of our subconscious urges. Since money can be a very personal thing, the 8th house then, rules these very personal feelings towards possessions. It’s where we are selfish! The 8th house is ruled by the planet Pluto.

    The 12th house is a serious house because it deals with debt, financial debt and karmic debt. It rules fears, and our ability through faith and belief to overcome our fears which debilitate us. The 12th house is ruled by Neptune, and explains how we interact with reality, fantasy, and belief in what we cannot see, faith. Normally debt has to be cleared or dealt with before we can move on to the future. We usually are not allowed to proceed forward or we are somehow blocked and given ample chances for clearance, from moving on to the future before we have dealt with the debts of the 12th house and the past.


  141. alex says:

    continued – wealth building

    Citigroup First Trade Chart 12/4/1998 9:30AM Manhattan NYSE

    Boomerang by Synastry

    Pluto @08 Sagittarius – Citigroup


    Midpoint Chaos26TA/ALGOl26TA/Venus21SG @08 Virgo – Citigroup
    Midheaven @09 Scorpio – Citigroup


    Eight Degrees Gemini (assigned to USA Uranus @08 Gemini)


    CITIGROUP First Trade Date 12/04/1998


  142. alex says:

    continued – wealth building


    Average Student Loan Debt Could Cost A Household $208,000 Over A Lifetime

  143. starlight says:

    Someone posted a birth chart for ISIS first declaring a Caliphate for back in 2013. Could you please post the source article again. The chart is pretty breathtaking but I need to confirm it is accurate. Thanks!

  144. lisam says:

    Prabhata, I was thinking about that post where you said that you will remember the Uranus/Pluto square as an aspect of suffering? Well, you omitted one thing – death. Uranus represents the rebel and freedom fighters. Pluto represents death and destruction on a mass scale, so what I think the Uranus/Pluto square signifies, is people who are willing to die or sacrifice their lives for the sake of freedom, and there will be many who will have to pay that heavy price, because Pluto represents death on a mass scale. The Palestinians are the ones who are in the forefront right now, but there are people all over the world who are being oppressed/repressed by their governments or rulers. These governments and rulers are represented by Pluto – they bring death and destruction resulting from rebellions. The scale of the death and destruction that we witnessed in the recent massacare of the Palestinians and their infrastructure is an erxample of a Pluto act, but hopefully some positive transformation will follow, because Pluto also represents transformation, but because the square is a hard aspect, the transformation will come at a heavy price. The Uranus/Pluto square can also represent mass death that results from plagues that appear out of nowhere, and since Uranus also represents violence, it can also signify mass daeth resulting from violent weather. I think we are also being set up for another world war. Every war has to have a villain. Al-Baghdadi will be this villain in the ME. Whether he is a true villain or one created just for this purpose, I don’t know, but he will be used as an excuse for American troops to re-enter Iraq, and start another war. This time though, it will involve the entire region. I think we will also have a civil war in America, and Obama will be made to appear as the villain. We already know that the rabid right-wing consider him a Muslim, and you know what the connotations of that are, plus he is a usurper, because they insist that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, as his birth certificate proves. All the attacks being made on him now, are laying the ground work for a civil war.

  145. lisam says:

    Jupiter is the planet of peace, so we may finally have peace when Jupiter makes some benign aspect to another planet, or planets. Maybe when it trines Uranus. I haven’t looked at the ephemeris, but the planet Jupiter will have to be involved. I don’t know who is responsible for naming this group of which Al-Baghdadi is the leader, whether they are responsible, or it is an outside source, and I was wondering why it keeps changing. It is now known as Islamic State, because who wants to go to war with a goddess (ISIS) ?

  146. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Paul Saunders of Solaris Astrology had written an excellent article on ISIS about a month ago complete with chart and other interesting details. Here’s the URL link…….


  147. lisam says:

    Starlight, make sure you read the comments below those articles, because some commenters question the accuracy of the date. Not sure there is any accurate chart out there. You may have to do your own research.

  148. Kitty says:

    Thanks, glad I make sense!–I sometimes hesitate to put in print, what I feel .

    More problems from Russia ……

    Snowden gets 3-year residency permit in Russia


  149. lisam says:

    Pisca! That’s a treasure trove of information. Haven’t had time to read it yet, but it’s on my to do list. Thank you!

  150. Helen says:

    Everybody admires the endless resolve for the Palestinians to get back their homeland Reminder: the Israelis dislodged their settlers from Gaza in 2005 and pulled out. This only prompted calls for the Palestinans to renew the struggle where no acrifice is too great.

    One could ask, when are they going to realize they’re not getting their grandfather’s house back? In another 60 years? A top French leftist intellectual, Michel Onfray, asked just this question last week. But what does that matter when your stated goal is the complete anniliation of the state of Israel and its inhabitants.

    Ethnic cleansing?

    Just as WWII and Hitler’s Germany effectively wiped out Jewish life in Europe, so did the expulsions of Jews from Middle Eastern countries after the state of Israel was born.
    However, that leaves 6 million Jews in Palestine.

    Here is an alternate plan:


    6 million Jews in a aggregate population of 300 million is 6 million too many.

  151. lisam says:



    You can add to the above list, and cogitate on what a square (hard aspect) between these two planets can manifest in the outer world.

  152. starlight says:

    Thank you, Jerry and Kitty.

  153. barbk says:

    Many thanks Kitty for catching and passing on that link re: McDaniel vs McConnell.

    Alex, hope your eyes are feeling (and working) well now. Thank you for the new info on the yod that Election day’s Sun sextile Pluto makes with the Kentucky Sun. Wow.

    Thank you too for catching the Sedna (victim) placement in McConnell’s chart, tying him to the U.S. chart’s opposition between Juno (never enough recognition!) and Chiron (wounded), loved that. His Sedna is also conjunct his natal Hades too! In fact, thanks for all your hard work and diligence regarding the 2014 state races which you have been at for over a year as I recall. You must have a powerful Vesta and a conveniently placed Pluto too to stay as focused as you have been on this topic! Other commenters from other states must be as grateful as I.

    Helen, re: deep-breathing problems. . . Fe wrote a great article at Planet Waves recently (unable to remember the title) where problems breathing deeply was noted by several of her readers. I attribute it – in part at least – to the constant state of tension we are living in; not being able to relax enough to take deep breaths.

  154. Prabhata says:

    lisam, thanks for your insight. After I posted, I reflected on the reason for the suffering. The 30s was a Uranus/Pluto square too. It too was a period of ethnic cleansing: The Holocaust, Stalin’s Collectivization in Siberia, and the U.S. repatriation of Mexicans. But there might be more instances if I searched the history books.

    So yes, Pluto is the planet that prompts us to get rid of things we don’t need, or fix what’s broken. Unfortunately, sometimes it is groups of people that get in the way of the ideal life some entertain. Clearly Kiev wants those Russians out of THEIR land, and ISIS wants those heathens out of their ideal caliphate, and Israel wants a Jewish state that has no room for another people.

  155. Anne's Aunt says:

    Starlight, I posted a link to Robert Hand’s dates earlier this thread on August 4, and also a history of ISIL/ISIS earlier with some info. It has been a growing and expanding organization so an exact single birth date might not be possible.

    If you follow the links I’ve provided here you will get a better idea of the timeline of ISIS.


    “Baghdadi would in 2012 declare a merger between ISI and the Nusra Front, another al-Qaeda-inspired group led by a former lieutenant to Baghdadi, to form the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.”
    “In a statement on April 17, ISIL stated that al-Qaeda was “no longer a base of jihad, adding that its leaders had “deviated from the correct path”.”
    “In January of 2014, ISIL turned its attention back to Iraq, sending a force to Anbar province and taking over Fallujah and the provincial capital, Ramadi, in the face of a weak and disorganised Iraqi response.”
    again the link is:


    “The Islamic State’s (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) declaration of a caliphate is an attempt to assert itself on other groups, but its demands of allegiance and its vision of returning to a ‘purer’ era has been greeted by many with derision and rejection.

    Fighters loyal to the group’s proclaimed “Caliph Ibrahim ibn Awwad”, or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as he was known until Sunday’s announcement, are inspired by the Rashidun caliphate, which succeeded the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century, and is revered by most Muslims.

    As its feared and fearsome leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi personifies the brutality, determination and ambition of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

    Not since Osama bin Laden has a leader been held in such reverence among Sunni fighters, scored such stunning and shocking victories, and threatened so much of the established order.

    But unlike Bin Laden, whose vast wealth aided his elevation to the “sheikh”, Baghdadi has literally fought his way from ordinary beginnings in northern Iraq to lead what is perhaps the Middle East’s most feared irregular armed force.

    So emboldened by his success on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, Baghdadi has challenged the very leadership of al-Qaeda, denouncing them publicly as deviating from the cause and stating he is the true heir to Bin Laden’s legacy.

    Little of Baghdadi’s early life is on record. It is known that he was born Awwad Ibrahim al-Badri al-Samarri to a religious family in Samarra in 1971. He studied Islamic history as a student and, according to sympathetic websites, gained a doctorate from Baghdad university in the late 1990s.”


  156. Prabhata says:

    A must see photo


    World turned upside down in #Ukraine: #Maidan priest throwing molotov cocktails & stones against #Klitschko’s guys.

  157. Anne's Aunt says:

    This is the chart for the declaration of the new caliphate. I googled, “caliphate declaration date astrology” and it popped right up.


    “Pollux is a dark influence and it suggested to me the rise of a new damaging ideology. Now Jupiter has progressed onto the star Procyon, a star of taking the initiative and of taking the opportunities while they are there, and indicating the change or progression of one state to another. This duly has happened as the planet of faith linked up with this star. The connections of the outer planets to the stars always tell the story and they have again this time. Jupiter in visual Astrology is known as “the pretender to the throne” and now we have a new one in the form of ISIS, and in particular it’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. It is interesting to look at the timing of this announcement a bit more closely so that we can track the progress of this dangerous development in this most volatile of world regions.

    The chart I have here is from Astrologer Gary Lorentzen who cast one for an announcement by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the rebels. He declared in Aleppo, Syria, that from that moment on he considered the Islamic State of Iraq co-existent with the Syrian Al Qaeda branch, effectively changing the ISI (Islamic Sate of Iraq) to the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

    This is a nasty looking chart with an explosive stellium in Aries, the sign ruled by planet of war Mars also sitting on the Midheaven. We have the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus all in this 10th house, so this was a very public statement of intent and one that promised direct and independent action, self determination and a no nonsense go ahead attitude. Again you can the influence of Saturn retrograde inconjunct to Uranus direct, thus with Uranus having the upper hand this is an amalgamation that would break the mould of old structures and administrations. Certainly their use of the internet and technology to grow and administrate their movements and recruitment highlights this inconjunct aspect as well as Uranus being conjunct to Venus and Mars. Venus and Mars together in Aries in conjunction is not slow in coming forward and always looks for the next target and the speed that ISIS has swept through parts of Iraq bares up this conjunction.

    There is an intense, underground and brutal side to ISIS with Pluto square to the Midheaven, the Moon the planet of…….

  158. Prabhata says:

    A story to lift one’s spirit

    Indonesian girl, thought lost in 2004 tsunami, reunited with parents


  159. Prabhata says:

    Orangutan amuses crowd with mock suicide stunt


  160. Anne's Aunt says:

    I was wrong about Iran’s possible alliance with ISIS. ISIS is sunni and iran is shia. Here is a link explaining the sunni and shia populations in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan. Also Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and beyond. Iraq is now partly sunni.

    Look how tiny Israel is!

    Iran is probable very threatened by ISIS.


    “A Sunni-dominated Levant would not necessarily be hostile to the US, though it is likely to bear some grudges for US inaction in Syria. But it would likely be severely hostile to Israel. A galvanized Syrian population and a revolutionary government, plus their support for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, could introduce dangerous new frictions, at a time when the Likud Party in Israel is moving even further to the right. Increased Syrian-Israel tension is likely to be one outcome. A strengthened Hamas might well be another (Hamas is realigning away from Syria-Iran and toward Egypt-FSA).”

  161. Helen says:

    Thanks, barbk, for the heads up on Fe’s article – definately will take a look.

    Ironically, Prabhata, any two state solutions maps drawn up during the many attempts for a peaceful solution have always had Palestinians in Israel, but no Jews in Palestine.

    Why don’t you read the Jerusalem Post once in awhile to balance out Press TV?

  162. barbk says:

    lisam, thanks for bringing the goddess Isis back into the discussion. I just checked and found that the asteroid Isis was in a grand water trine (as well as conjunct Venus) in the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction chart which coincided with the cease fire agreement. August 2, 2014, is the start of that new cycle between Mercury and Jupiter, a chart which, in their past cycles, I’ve found quite revealing.

    This newest chart has Mars (4+ Scorpio) 132 degrees from Chiron, while the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (3+ Leo), which squares Mars, is 136 degrees from Chiron. A perfect sesquiquadrate is 135 degrees but allows an orb of 3 degrees between planets.

    I’ve mentioned it here already at starlight news, but there is an aspect pattern called the Finger of the World in which 2 (or in this case, 3) planets who are in a square, each form a sesquiquadrate to a 3rd planet which creates a triangle when connected by straight lines. It resembles the yod in that way, but having a square at the base (instead of a sextile as in the yod) describes an entirely different set of circumstances.

    Dane Rudhyar, who coined this name, says about the Finger of the World pattern that it should “stand on its own as an almost self-evident answer to a pressing social or evolutionary need.”* Clare Martin (Astrodienst) says of this pattern that the focal point of the Finger of the World aspect (in this case Chiron) “will drive the individual to integrate and actively resolve the challenge of the planets in square.”

    That would be Chiron (in the chart for the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction) at the focal point of the Finger of the World, aspect, and because Pisces Chiron is also in the exact grand water trine with Scorpio Saturn and Cancer Isis (+ Venus), the timing is excellent to bridge (Chiron) this war of antiquity which takes place not-so-far from the Nile River that goddess Isis ruled.

    Another note regarding the chart for the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (that will be effective until August 2015) is a trine between the Moon (the People) in Libra and Juno (partnership) in Gemini, suggesting that “talking” (air signs) is not out of the question regarding a peaceful solution. The strong emphasis on harmonious feminine energy (Isis, Venus, Moon, Juno) in this chart (noting that in between the Moon and Mars is Ceres and Vesta making a chain conjunction) seems key in how to make peace happen.

    When I consider Isis’ role in any chart where she is prominent, the phrase “putting the pieces back together” is the 1st thing popping into my mind.

    Perhaps of no importance, the asteroid Karma in this chart is at 12+ Sagittarius, the same degree of the ascendant in the U.S. chart we most prefer, the Sibly chart. Would this not suggest that the U.S. sees itself (ascendant) as paying back (Karma) for its contribution to the profuse loss of life happening in Gaza, thanks to its military defense support for Israel?

    The trine in this Jupiter-Mercury conjunction chart between the Moon (+ Ceres + Vesta + Mars) and Juno is also trine the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, where the People (Moon) have expressed emotional distress over the useless loss of life in this war. Haven’t we had enough of this stupid behavior? Could this be PART of why transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus have been beating up on the U.S natal Sun? Could there actually be a reason for all this madness?

    In addition to watching transiting Jupiter, maybe we should also watch for when transiting Chiron returns to 13+ Pisces, stations, and goes direct as it trines the U.S. natal Sun at 13+ Cancer from late October through mid January. A lot could change between now and then. A lot of healing could take place thanks to those changes.

    Transiting Jupiter will conjunct the U.S. north node (path to opportunities) at 6+ Leo soon, and be quincunx (adjustment) transiting Neptune at 6+ Pisces (exact on August 15th). By election (U.S.), Jupiter reaches 20 Leo to trine U.S. Chiron (20 Aries) and sextile U.S. Juno (20 Libra). Soon thereafter Jupiter stations retrograde in early December. Take a look at your ephemeris for the March 2015 Full Moon at 14+ Virgo in which Chiron conjuncts the Sun. It includes a Venus-Uranus conjunction at 14+ Aries (that opposes the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra) squared by Pluto at 15+ Capricorn. You will also see that Jupiter at 14+ Leo is trine the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries. Perhaps the start of peace in the valley?

    * Astrological Aspects, A Process Oriented Approach, page 124, written by Dane Rudhyar and Leyla Rael, Aurora Press

  163. Trudy says:

    I watched that Russian video–it is simply a documentary for
    David Wilcock’s and Fulford’s views put into dramatic documentary style-Wilcock is American – Fulford is Canadian – both have been digging deep.
    is David’s website – extremely well documented perhaps a bit wordy.

    I was amused by the “+16″ that kept showing up – are they interested in the welfare of their younger viewers? What a concept!

  164. kiwi says:

    barbk, I am so appreciative of your insightful posts – cant say I understand all of them, but you are certainly able to get across the gist of what it all means. Thank you.

  165. lisam says:

    Starlight, did you notice that the August 10 full moon this month lands right on Obama’s ascendant? Have you mentioned this before in an article that I missed? It could be something that affects his health, or worse. I don’t want to be an alarmist, but with the way the verbal attacks on him have been intensified, I think he may be facing a threat to life and limb, but apart from the transits, you’ll have to look at his progressed chart. It could be related to the upsetting dramatic event that you mentioned in your article around Aug. 21 -25. Whatever it is, I think he’s in for a bumpy ride with this full moon.

  166. I have two questions, completely off topic. One, if you are calculating a chart using Astrodienst, it doesn’t look like they calculate for Daylight Savings Time. Do you need to subtract for DT before calculating? Two: What would your comments be on a relationship where one person’s Point of Fortune is exactly conjunct another person’s Ascendant. Thanks for any comments re this.

  167. lisam says:

    The next new moon on Aug 25 will square his natal moon.

  168. alex says:


    wonderful updates – thank you

  169. Lorrie U says:

    Like Kiwi stated, your insightful posts are so appreciated! Seems hopeful…

  170. Lorrie U says:

    Aug. Astrology for Leos (Pres. Obama):

    “Last month, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, crowned you the celestial favorite when Jupiter moved into Leo for the first time since mid-2002 to mid-2003. This is the start of a glorious year that will extend to August 11, 2015…Beginning August 11, 2015 and extending to September 9, 2016 will become your most rewarding financial year ever, and certainly your best in the decade. That year will expand and build upon all you started during your present time with Jupiter in Leo.”

    Sounds like he’ll survive the Full Moon and New Moon…

  171. Lorrie U says:

    On August 10th, the potent Aquarian Supermoon (a Full Moon at its closest to Earth) joins the configuration challenging us to face our fears and be open to change. At the time of the Moon’s opposition to the Sun in Leo, they both align with Saturn in Scorpio in a tight T-square alignment that demands us to truly show up for, and remain present with, whatever needs attention in our lives. Saturn’s presence between the aloof Aquarian Moon and the showy Leonian Sun sets a serious yet passionate tone that compels us to identify our highest priorities and make a commitment to allocate the limited resources at hand to that which is most important. The Full Moon also aligns with Uranus in Aries, which infuses the creative energy of the Sun and the Moon’s need for collaboration with innovation, adding a sense of excitement, or perhaps the unexpected.

    See more at: http://www.sherastrology.com/2014/08/astrocast-august-7-21-2014/#sthash.SQ7D1m5i.dpuf

  172. lisam says:

    Warnings for terrorist threats from IS are already going out. This one is for Norway. Doesn’t Norway have oil?


  173. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, Usual is already 20% Arab so what you said about Israel only wanting Jews is not true. What is true is that Israel wants to keep Jewish control, just as the Arab countries, which are significantly larger and populated with largely Arabs, want to keep control. Hence, Israel does not want there to be an Arab majority in Israel, one of the reasons Gaza was given to the Palestinians (now controlled by Hamas who use the money military not infrastructure). To this end, Israel does not want to grant right of return to all of the relatives of the original Arab residents, but they have offered right of return to a certain percentage and financial compensation to the rest. What was said here is correct—Hamas and other Muslims want to take over Israel

  174. Sharon K says:

    I have to say that I am in favor of the U.S. airstrikes and humanitarian aid drops on the minorities who are surrounded by ISIS and running out of supplies. I just feel that we need a very strong strategy with other nations involved, including M-E ones, against ISIS, who is now very well funded.

  175. Anne's Aunt says:

    It is so strange that there are many here who (almost violently) and strongly oppose a jewish state, but don’t have a word to say about Islamic state. Guess there is a double standard.

  176. Kitty says:

    All your posts and ideas are awesome–Thanks very much for the info and new–knowledge—Wow!

    Some random oil news—–

    Turkey forbids completion of gas deal with Israel until peace with Gaza


    Turkey: Striving to Realize Energy Dream
    Now, the deepening crisis in Ukraine, a key transit state for Russian energy, is providing an incentive for the development of a new export option, namely tapping into reserves located in “”Kurdish-controlled areas of Iraq, an area that borders southeastern Turkey.””- “One way to effectively discipline Russia is to create an alternative to the Gazprom monopoly on most of Europe’s gas services,”


  177. Jerry says:

    Obama Authorizes Airstrikes In Iraq if Islamic Militants Advance Toward City Of Irbil

    By JULIE PACE and ROBERT BURNS Associated Press
    August 07, 2014

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama announced Thursday night he had authorized the U.S. military to launch targeted airstrikes if needed to protect Americans from Islamic militants in northern Iraq, threatening to revive U.S. military involvement in the country’s long sectarian war.

    He also said the U.S. military had carried out airdrops of humanitarian aid to Iraqi religious minorities under siege by the extremists.

    “Today America is coming to help,” he said in a late-night statement from the White House. The announcements reflected the deepest American engagement in Iraq since U.S. troops withdrew in late 2011 after nearly a decade of war.



  178. alex says:

    EXCERPT EMAIL: Food Democracy Now

    This week, an army of amazing grassroots volunteers from the Right to Know Colorado campaign delivered 167,950 signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to qualify a ballot initiative to label GMOs for this November’s election.

    The volunteer driven campaign in Colorado crushed the required 86,105 signatures to make it on the ballot by nearly double and already the opposition is heating up and we need your help now to make sure we can defeat Monsanto and the GMO Lie Machine.

    If you donate your donation will be matched 3 to 1 by the incredible teams at Mercola.com and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps.
    Don’t miss this chance to have your gift matched by pitching in whatever you can to triple your impact.

  179. alex says:

    Tobacco settlements are creating new fiscal headaches for states, driving some into bailouts or threatening to increase the cost of borrowing in the future.

    EXCERPT: Crooks & Liars

    ProPublica’s analysis is the first to measure the magnitude of the high-risk debt involved in the tobacco deals and to calculate how much Wall Street’s dealmakers earned.

    It also shows how much of the tobacco money has been securitized 2014 that is, turned into payments that go to investors. As of this year, at least one out of every three dollars coming in under the settlement is pledged to investors, according to bond disclosures and payment data from the National Association of Attorneys General, which tracks the flow of funds.

    The sure winners so far: Investment bankers from Citigroup, the now defunct Bear Stearns and others who, along with consultants and lawyers, have pocketed more than $500 million in fees for their financial engineering, ProPublica estimates. They now stand to make more as the governments look to rework old deals and try to get even more tobacco cash upfront.

    In part, the troubles in the tobacco bonds arise from the same kind of miscalculation that led to the housing bubble.

  180. starlight says:

    A quick rundown on the planets: tonight through Saturday morning, Saturn square to the Sun and Mercury. Early tomorrow, probably already felt tonight, the Moon conjunct Pluto and then square Uranus. In other words, lots of stress and things not going so well the next couple of days. Feelings of burden and responsibility heightened. The Moon translation of the Uranus/Pluto square tonight and tomorrow suggests sudden attacks and surprises.

    I wish we weren’t going into possible airstrikes under so much Saturn, could be some bad collateral damage or other problem.

    Events tonight could also be seen as the beginning of the Saturn sesquiqudrate to US Venus and square Obama’s Ascendant: extra feeling of burden and responsibility for him and some grief and loss somewhere for some Americans.

  181. Kitty says:

    Thank you very much for the update. You mentioned

    “grief and loss somewhere for some Americans.”
    Just a thought, but Hawaii is having 2 hurricanes tonight/tomorrow.
    But, there is so much grief around, that it is difficult to pin-point! So sorry, that Obama faces so much turmoil, all at once.

  182. alex says:

    People who take out significant college loans score worse on quality-of-life measures, a trend that persists into middle age, according to a recent poll of college graduates.

    Even 24 years after graduation, students who borrowed more than $25,000 are less likely to enjoy their work and are less financially and physically fit than their counterparts who graduated without debt.

    For more recent college grads, the discrepancy is even more pronounced.

    Gallup finds the starkest differences among these groups in the areas of financial and physical well-being. Higher debt signifies lower likelihood of thriving in these two areas of well-being.

    Graduates who went the deepest into debt to obtain their college degree, for instance, are far less likely to be thriving than graduates who took out no debt, by 15 percentage points in financial well-being and 10 points in physical well-being.

    The pattern is similar for graduates’ sense of purpose, although those who borrowed over $50,000 are just as likely to be thriving in this element as those who borrowed $25,001 to $50,000. The relationship is less straightforward for graduates’ community well-being, though again, graduates who took on the most debt for their degree are less likely to be thriving in this element than those who did not take out any loans for their undergraduate education.


  183. starlight says:

    It could be that this military involvement lasts just through August along with this Saturn transit square his Ascendant. It is a weighty responsibility until it is done.

  184. lisam says:

    Lorrie U, you should take a look at Kitty’s Aug. 6, 3:14 a.m. post with a link to the Aug 10 full moon from the Examiner. It’s a good read. She is using the USA chart, and mentions Mars being in the 12th house in reference to President Obama, but she never mentions that the full moon falls on his ascendant at 18 AQUARIUS?

  185. lisam says:

    Oh Kitty – Hawaii also experinced an earthquake, but nothing major.

  186. Kitty says:

    Amazing how much chaos we have ! and have not reached 8-10–yet !

    Who are the Yazidis and why is Isis hunting them?


    What does Hamas want, and what may it get?


  187. alex says:

    Midpoint Study (Gen. Lemnitzer – Gen. Eisenhower )


    General Lyman Lemnitzer, DOB 8/29/1899, Honesdale PA
    Chief of Staff of the United States Army
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

    Dwight Eisenhower DOB 10/14/1890
    (early in career Lyman Lemnitzer assigned to Dwight Eisenhower’s staff and continued the association)

    First Impression:

    Lemnitzer – Natal YOD

    Natal Pholus @05 Cancer


    Natal Uranus @04 Sagittarius
    .(cnj N/Venus @05 Sagittarius – Eisenhower)
    Natal Chaos @03 Aquarius
    .(cnj N/Jupiter @02 Aquarius – Eisenhower)

    NATAL CONJUNCTION SERIES – Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer

    aspect relationship Mercury, Chiron, Saturn

    Hygiea @12 Libra
    Midpoint Mercury/Chiron @13 Libra (God complex)
    Mars @15 Libra
    Midpoint Mercury/Saturn @18 Libra
    Eisenhower Sun @20 Libra

  188. alex says:


    NATAL CONJUNCTION SERIES – Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer

    Date of Death (DOD) 11/12/1988

    aspect relationship Mercury, Chiron, Saturn

    Hygiea @12 Libra
    Midpoint Mercury/Chiron @13 Libra (God complex)
    Mars @15 Libra
    1988 DOD Venus @15 Libra

    Midpoint Mercury/Saturn @18 Libra

    1988 Solar Arc Sun @05 Sagittarius
    Natal Uranus @04 Sagittarius

  189. kiwi says:

    Kitty, re Hawaii and hurricanes. I would be surprised if they cause too much damage.
    Back in the 70’s when I was involved in boats and the ocean on the big island of Hawaii, and because weather reporting was somewhat scarce back then, I started tracking hurricanes based on marine barometric pressure reports. I spent many nights up waiting for chaos, but calm reigned.
    Then I figured out the pattern – that the ones that form between mexico and hawaii seem to be deflected when they get close to the big island’s 13k+ft mountains and usually fizzle out while travelling north on the east side of the islands.
    The 2 (Iwa & Iniki) that were really bad during the time I lived there, both formed rapidly due-south of the big island and travelled up the west coast of all islands. The other destructive hurricane, Dot, which was before I lived there, I think followed that same pattern.

  190. alex says:

    continued – obituary excerpt, Lyman Lemnitzer

    DOD 11/12/1988

    Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer served as commander of United Nations forces in the Korean War, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, died of kidney failure at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington. He was 89 years old.

    DOD Cardinal Grand Cross

    Natal Sedna @07 Aries


    Natal Midpoint Algol/Venus @08 Cancer
    .(conjunct, 1988 Chiron @06 Cancer)


    1988 Venus @07-08 Libra, November 5th-6th


    1988 Neptune @08 Capricorn

  191. Kitty says:

    Thanks about the earthquake–glad to know it did no harm.

    You’ve had an amazing life! You have given me great info to watch out for in the future. You’ve experienced the real thing! I have friends that live in Honolulu, who say they are fine, but I’ll still fret until this is over. But, the directional facts, helps me to ease the worry. Thank you.

  192. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty, I’m so glad you posted that link about the Yazidis. I was going to earlier today (apparently ISIS beheaded a bunch of their boys but could not find it in the official news outlets yet) but I thought no one would click on a link if I posted it.

    Also thanks for that informative link on Hamas Israel negotiations.

  193. Bob says:

    Transit Mars conjunct ISIS Saturn on Aug 12 could coincide with hard blow to them. Very hard.

  194. alex says:

    Kentucky Senate Election – NOvember 4, 2014

    Excerpt: themonitor.com

    ALison Grimes shared the stage with more than a dozen retired and active coal miners from the United Mine Workers of America, which endorsed Grimes over the weekend.

    The union represents 2 percent of the state’s active coal miners and is not affiliated with a mine in eastern Kentucky. But the organization does boast about 10,000 retired Kentucky coal miners.

    “Mitch McConnell may be for coal, but he’s not for the coal miner. That’s the difference,” said Buddy Miller a retired coal miner from Browd.

  195. barbk says:

    . . . . 10,000 retired VOTING coal miners I hope. thanks alex – GO GRIMES!

  196. barbk says:

    The U.S. solar return (birthday) chart has the Sun (13 Cancer) in the ongoing T-square configuration with Uranus and Pluto but also the Moon at 12+ Libra. A cardinal cross. The Sun also participates in a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio in this year’s solar return. Then there is also the Jupiter (27 Cancer) T-square the nodes in Libra (north) and Aries (south) indicating a crossroads choice between the “I” (the old tried and true way that gets us nowhere) and the “We” (partnership, balance, thoughtful, way forward).

    Consider the present day north node at 21 Libra that conjuncts the U.S solar return chart’s battalion of:
    Ceres conjunct Vesta, both at 21 Libra 52
    + Mars at 20 Libra 09
    + north node 24 Libra 49
    all conjunct the U.S Sibly chart’s Juno at 20 Libra. They all oppose the U.S. Sibly chart’s Chiron at 20 Aries. The U.S. is divided between it’s solar return Mars in Libra amongst the goddesses Vesta and Ceres and NN, while he rules the opposite sign of Aries, where the natal chart’s wounded warrior Chiron resides.

    Then recall that the U.S. natal (Sibly) chart’s Mars is at 21+ Gemini and that means there are 2 ways to express. U.S. natal Mars sextiles the present south node (goes nowhere) and trines the present north node (opportunities) which is where the U.S. solar return (chart for the year) battalion of Mars, Ceres, Vesta and north node are.

    Which would you choose? Well, the U.S. solar return ALSO has the centaur Pholus at 21+ Sagittarius, opposite the U.S. natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and square the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. In addition the solar return Mercury at 24+ Gemini means there will no doubt be a lot of talk about how to use the U.S. natal Mars energy (21 Gemini), not to mention a lot of trickster (Gemini) energy and a lot of sleight of hand (Neptune) energy.

    Pholus is the symbol of a small beginning turning into a big brouhaha, but also symbolizes confronting old unaddressed issues and bringing them to and end.

  197. Kitty says:

    Great article————————-

    Islamic State in Turkey—August 7, 2014

    The biggest danger to the region — including Turkey — and arguably the world at the moment is not Russia’s expansionism or the Israel-Gaza conflagration, but Islamic State (IS), formerly ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). IS has become so powerful that it now controls entire swathes of Iraq and Syria and has unsuccessfully attacked the borders of Jordan and Lebanon.


    -As ISIS Pushes Closer Towards the Border, Turkey Grapples with the Threat


  198. lisam says:

    I was listening to a program this morning on NPR about how the blockade on Gaza has affected their economy. The host said that Gaza once had a thriving economy with a number of exports, and one of their top export items was red roses, because they seemed to grow better there than anywhere else, and I thought to myself that it must be because the earth there is soaked in the blood of so many innocents.

  199. lisam says:

    I also found out that the western powers must be in control of the various names used to define IS, because in their own language they call themselves Daash (sp?), and I do remember seeing that name in one of the NSA transcripts from Snowden.

  200. Bob says:


    Release No: NR-416-14
    August 07, 2014

    Statement on Iraq by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

    “The U.S. military will also remain ready to conduct targeted airstrikes, if necessary, to help forces in Iraq fighting to break the siege of Mount Sinjar and protect Iraqi civilians trapped there. In addition, we are prepared to conduct airstrikes to protect American personnel against ISIL terrorist convoys should they approach Erbil.”


    U.S. Aircraft Conduct Targeted Airstrike in Northern Iraq

    Release No: NR-419-14
    August 08, 2014
    Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby on Airstrikes in Iraq

    At approximately 6:45 a.m. EDT, the U.S. military conducted a targeted airstrike against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists.

    NOTE: Would be 1:45 pm, BAT, in Iraq.

  201. lisam says:

    Are they ever going to get it right on Iraq? I remember the invasion began under a VOC moon, so that might account for all the blunders.

  202. Lorrie U says:

    Bob – “Transit Mars conjunct ISIS Saturn on Aug 12 could coincide with hard blow to them. Very hard.”

    You are always a ray of sunshine…

  203. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, look at how many words are currently in use for “Venice”! They should just decide on “Venice” so that we americans can read about them. They keep changing the name too. Now they call their city “Venezia” !


  204. Kitty says:

    Reading that Gaza war cost Israeli economy $1.4 bln
    Gaza wants seaport opened again———-

    Hamas: Ceasefire extension contingent of seaport establishment

    Brussels – Europeans Pressing For Gaza Harbor Development


  205. Jerry says:

    ISIS terror leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdad, the newly appointed Islamic caliphate designate had made what some people are now considering to be a veiled threat some five years ago when he uttered his parting words upon being released from a US detention center: ‘I’ll see you guys in New York’. The suggestion as some serious minded people are viewing it – a US terror attack.

    And now a video tape just released yesterday…….

    ISIS: We Will Raise Flag of Allah In White House

    Friday, 08 Aug 2014

    The Islamic State has warned the United States that it plans to attack America and raise “the flag of Allah in the White House.”

    “I say to America that the Islamic caliphate has been established,” Abu Mosa, a spokesman for the terror group, also known as ISIS, told Vice Media in a video interview posted online Thursday.

    “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.”



    The date and time of astrologer Paul Saunders calculations for the ISIS chart (April 9, 2013) has its north node sitting at 16 ’59 Scorpio in close conjunction to the Mars/Saturn conj. of Aug. 25th (17 ’40 Scorpio). Mars and Saturn will in turn quincunx tr. Uranus (16 ’03 Aries) and the US progressed Chiron (17 ’26 Aries). In view of the US airstrikes on ISIS positions today, America may be stirring up a hornets nest and not even realize it.

  206. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty, great links! The first one is especially chilling and the entire read was fascinating. Here’s a bit of an excerpt from the middle of the link I found interesting (also note the reference to the crusades):

    ” thousands of foreign fighters have flocked to join IS. Many of them are European, American, and Turkish, drawn by jihad romanticism or even the lure of loot and power (much like the Crusades that, under cover of religion, allowed Europe’s disinherited younger sons to amass a fortune and gain territory to rule). The fact that there are now IS members with EU and US passports has spooked Western intelligence agencies. And these radicalized young men will be going home and bringing the jihadi virus with them.”

    Now Iran is sending revolutionary guard fighters into Iraq to fight ISIS:

    “Two battalions of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are reported to be operating in Iraq to combat the offensive campaign being waged by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) against the Iraqi government. In late June, a spokesman for ISIS announced that it was shortening its name to the Islamic State and would rule its territory as a Sunni Muslim caliphate overseen by its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Islamic State, an al-Qaeda offshoot, has seized much of northern Iraq since June.”


  207. lisam says:

    Kitty, re: your link to article “What does Hamas want…….” It is just more theater of the absurd. The first absurdity is that the Palestinians are asked to negotiate terms for their freedom with their oppressors. Egypt’s present gov’t came to power by a military coup, and threw the members of the legit gov’t plus many of their loyalists in prison with death sentences hanging over their heads. They are paid by the US to cooperate with Gaza’s arch enemy, Israel, in keeping the Palestinians oppressed, and keeping their border with Gaza closed. The second absurdity is that they have to negotiate with Israel to lift their blockade so that they can function as a free society, and in addition they must be de-militarized, so all they will have to protect themselves with, are sticks and stones against Israel’s military might. Israel can only be a gov’t of sadists. I don’t see any hope for the Palestinians, but I do see an all out war occurring in the region, much to the delight of the fundamentalists of all stripes.

  208. lisam says:

    Jerry, please. It’s all empty rhetoric and meaningless propaganda, but it’s serving the purpose of their enablers.

  209. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty, that is such a hopeful idea from Europe for Gaza!

  210. Kitty says:

    You are right. I know it is absurd, but just put out the info, for us to know what Hamas/Palestine will not get. Looking at Israel’s chart, I can see no peace nor co-operation. The US team in Cairo is troublesome–but everything is right now–I may have to break up some of these links–Negotiations/cease fires look like such a sham and not getting to the root of the problem. I am posting too much, but news is complicated ! Propaganda makes it complicated

    Why is the US on the sidelines as Cairo talks collapse?
    The US has little credibility with Israelis and no influence over Hamas’


    Martin Indyk Resigns As US Mideast Envoy; Deputy Frank Lowenstein To Fill Position



  211. Kitty says:

    Lowenstein lands at Podesta Group
    OCTOBER 3, 2011

    Podesta Group
    Podesta Group acts as a lobbyist for Egypt on U.S. policies of concern, activities in Congress and the Executive branch, and developments on the U.S. political scene generally,’ according to forms filed with the Justice Department in 2009.”[6][12]
    They also received revenue of $900,000 over the last two years from the “European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, a Brussels-based organization sympathetic to Yanukovich and his political party”


  212. Kitty says:

    The article about Turkey and ISIS, scared me to death–lol—
    Gaza as a viable seaport is only a “hopeful mirage”! ain’t going to happen! Facing reality, really hurts.

  213. Prabhata says:

    My spiritual teacher was right.

    This teacher proclaimed, with tongue in cheek, that God is drama, but doesn’t forget to spice thing with a a little humor. Whenever I see some horrible event, almost always, it’s followed by one that brings out a chuckle.

  214. lisam says:

    Oooo! Julio sounds like a classic Uranus/Pluto storm, and if it strikes around the full moon, might be bad news.


  215. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty, I agree it will probably not come to pass, but at least the international community is starting to work together to come up with creative positive potential ways of dealing with this. Other ways than escalating war.

    This is a very informative map. Israel is tiny and Iran is starting to look like an island.


  216. Bob says:

    Breaking this post into parts rather than waiting for approval which is slow in coming.

    August 2, 2014 at 12:53 am


    It might be a good idea to ask your physician for a cervical MRI. I deal with cervicobrachialgia and the incidences have gotten much more frequent and protracted over the last year. It started for me with alternation numbness, tingling and intense pain in my forefinger and thumb and has now spread to the neck, shoulders and arms.”

    Hi Will,

    Watch video in first link just for info. Do not purchase (just my opinion).

    Iused the exercises in the next 2 yesterday anf have noticed some relief of the tingling and the numbness is almost completely gone today.


    to be continued.

  217. Bob says:


    Top 3 Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


    Self Acupressure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


  218. Bob says:

    ” Lorrie U
    August 2, 2014 at 1:01 am

    Bob – Do you know the source of your pain? Could the tingling be from pinched nerves in the neck or spine? Do you get chiropractic adjustments? Also, low laser therapy helps with pain. My dog who died last year at 14 had been receiving low laser therapy the last eight months which greatly helped and improved his mobility.”

    Hi Lorrie,

    The arm symptoms are recent and I think all of the time I spent on the computer may be the cause of the problem. See post addressing Will for relief info.

    I did try chiropractic adjustments for a hip/back problem which probably has its roots in a set-to with a couple of bikers in 1984 but, except for the immediate effects then, after healing, did not bother me until about 15 years ago. Found some simple to do acupressure exercises for Sciatica yesterday and after trying them am walking almost pain free, without a limp today.

    Sciatica Pain Relief


    What a help the internet can be for finding help – for FREE!

  219. lisam says:

    Sometimes I feel like it’s atrologers writing some of the articles on Yahoo, lol.

    The U.S. Postal Service is another institution that could use a Uranus/Pluto overhaul. Their services have rapidly deteriorated over the past few years.

  220. Prabhata says:

    July 2007:

    As a candidate for president, Obama said the United States should not use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq wasn’t a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there. “Well, look, if that’s the criteria by which we are making decisions on the deployment of U.S. forces, then by that argument you would have 300,000 troops in the Congo right now – where millions have been slaughtered as a consequence of ethnic strife – which we haven’t done,” Obama said in an interview with The Associated Press.

    January 2014:

    “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama told The New Yorker, speaking of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”


  221. kiwi says:

    Ive long thought that the war(s) in the middle east are mostly to do with who gets control of oil rich lands. I have the distinct impression that ISIS is also following that playbook – who controls the money from controlling the oil wells, and the convenient use of ‘religion’ as the rallying cry.
    Which set of thugs will triumph? It still comes back to greed and using fear as a means to gain that money.
    The sooner we all get to use renewables for our energy needs the better.

  222. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bob, have you heard of Prolotherapy? Many people think it is great and I’m going to try it. There might be one in your area. You can google it so see.

  223. alex says:

    Texas Governor’s Election – November 4, 2014

    Wendy Davis goes on the offensive –


  224. will says:


    I am so glad you are getting relief; lucky for you it is just carpel tunnel (although very painful) and not cervical/brachial spinal involvement.

    Best to you!


  225. Bob says:

    Hi Auntie,

    I am surrounded by them and they are coming out of the woodwork! What have you unleashed on me?

    I have a friend who has been getting injections periodically for years.He has been suggesting that I submit (go under the needle) for years.

    What if I started to like injections, became addicted to them? Who knows what I might start injecting! (Testosterone – I could be the baddest 70+ on the block, super duper hair growth formula – locks down my back like back in the day, truth serum – er, uh, maybe not.)

    Just kidding. But thanks for the tip.

    “Who’s afraid of the big bad woof, big bad woof, big bad woof . . . who’s afraid of the big bad woof, tra la la la la.

  226. alex says:

    OT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_of_Earth#Latitude_model

    Multiple Earth Gravity (Time to fall 100 m and)


    sun 9524 mph)

    mercury (61 mph)

    venus (94 mmph)

    earth (99 mph)

    moon (40 mph)

    mars (61 mph)

    jupiter (161 mph)

    saturn (110 mph)

    uranus (95 mph)

    neptune (106 mph)

    pluto (25 mph)

    eris (29 mph)

  227. alex says:


    sun (524 mph)

  228. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bob, I would rather go under the needle at this point than face another hip replacement! (and who knows maybe I too will come to love going under the needle, tho testosterone injections are not what I would look for). The doctor who I’m going to see does injections with stem cells (one’s own) and in some cases can rebuild the joint altogether. Hope so!

  229. Kitty says:

    Good news on Grimes is a ray of hope–thanks. I read that Bill Clinton campaigned with her yesterday. Voters in Kentucky, should read the link below and know the real Choa/McConnell–

    Mitch McConnell’s wife sits on the board of a group working to kill the coal industry


  230. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bob, oh and also hope it goes well for you. Would love to hear about it if you decide to try it.

  231. Bob says:

    From Explosive Events; Anne’s Aunt, July 25, 2014 at 12:35 pm


    Commenters question both charts:

    Regarding ISIS: “I would question the date of the 9th of April you have, as there were much earlier reports issued that the announcement was made on the 8th April and not the 9th.” NOTE: Saturn only moved 4 minutes of arc (using longitude or right ascension) between April 8th and 9th. Would not affect date of Mars conjunction.

    Regarding the Califate: “However, the 1900 +- time is incorrect. The statement was made just after ‘noon.’ ”

    Using a mundane chart taken from the Sidereal toolbox, but done in the Tropical, and using my progression technique for lunar returns is what got me to Aug 12. The Caplunar located to Irbil and progressed to the 12th at 12:49, BAT, has almost identical angles as the progressed chart for ISIS in the same location and at the same time – MC: 14°51′ Leo to 14°54′ Leo; Asc 8°50′ Scorpio to 8°53′ Scorpio. Meaningful – who knows?

    The Caplunar has an excellent record in prognostication when paired with my technique, which has an excellent record when used with any lunar return. In this case the progressed Caplunar RAMC is 137°18′, having Caplunar Mars on it at 136°33′ along with ISIS progressed Saturn there at 137°01′ and natal at 137°08′, and transit Mars at 138°45′. Mars to natal Saturn being swept (activated) by progressing angles.

  232. Bob says:


    Lucky, blessed, or karma, I will take it.

  233. Bob says:

    “In this case the progressed Caplunar RAMC is 137°18?, having Caplunar Mars on it at 136°33? along with ISIS progressed Saturn there at 137°01? and natal at 137°08?, and transit Mars at 138°45?. Mars to natal Saturn being swept (activated) by progressing angles.”

    should have read “on the Asc” not “on it”.

  234. Bob says:

    Anne’s Aunt, that would be great if the rebuilding took place!

    Wishing the best for you.


  235. arbo says:

    Bob, try night wrist supports. They keep your hands and wrists in a neutral position while you sleep. Before I used them I used to wake up with numb arms and hands. Futuro makes a good one.

  236. Sharon K says:

    Some comments in regard to the following remarks:

    “Kitty, re: your link to article “What does Hamas want…….” It is just more theater of the absurd. The first absurdity is that the
    Palestinians are asked to negotiate terms for their freedom with their oppressors.” Hamas does not just want Gaza’s freedom…they want the freedom to important weapons and materials to take over Israel, and make it a fundamentalist Muslim country. It does not want peace. Unfortunately, the blockade is causing people to suffer. The tunnels to Egypt are closed. But those tunnels being opened and the blockade being lifted would just allow more weapons and tunnel building material in.

    “Egypt’s present gov’t came to power by a military coup, and threw the members of the legit gov’t plus many of their loyalists in prison with death sentences hanging over their heads.”

    After a year of Morsi, there were huge protests against him that went on for weeks before the military stepped in. I have a friend in Egypt, an astrologer that I met through Pat S., who used to post here quite often, and he told me (after I asked him to explain) that many people do NOT want the Muslim Brotherhood in power (Morsi’s group) and they do not want to Islamitize Egypt. They much rather have the government they now have. Insofar as these death sentences, we do not get to hear the real story. We use the death penalty in the U.S., whether or not you or I are for or against it, and it is used discriminate, with cause. Perhaps, there is also cause in the case of these men.

    “They are paid by the US to cooperate with Gaza’s arch enemy.” Yes, Egypt IS paid by the U.S. just as many countries are, particularly in the Mideast, and aid is sent to the Palestinians as well (or used to be).” You should be glad that the Muslim Brotherhood is not in control of Egypt and that Egypt is our ally. It’s kind of naive to think that fundamentalist Muslims (and the Muslim Brotherhood are) do not pose a danger to the world.

    “Israel, in keeping the Palestinians oppressed, and keeping their border with Gaza closed. The second absurdity is that they have to negotiate with Israel to lift their blockade so that they can function as a free society, and in addition they must be de-militarized, so all they will have to protect themselves with, are sticks and stones against Israel’s military might.”

    Israel’s military would have no reason to fight them with their might if they didn’t bombard southern Israel with rockets (not sticks and stones). About 10 years ago, it was suicide bombers in Israeli cafes, buses and restaurants. If the blockade is lifted, Hamas has made it clear that it will again rebuild and find a way to attack Israel. Their plan for the tunnels would really have put Israel under a barrel as there would have been hundreds of hostages. Israel is not oppressing Palestinians because they want to…it is a matter of defense. I would like to add that whether Hamas was behind the kidnapping of the 3 Israeli boys or not, or whether Hamas shot off rockets and broke the cease-fire this morning or not, I find it hard to believe that Hamas is not aware of what goes on and pulling the strings.

    “Israel can only be a gov’t of sadists.” I don’t believe this, although I believe that Israel can be heavy handed. Their aim right now was to weaken Hamas to the point that they would leave Israel alone—however, this time, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are on Israel’s side because they see who the trouble maker is. It is natural for the Gazans to support them if they help them, but their support was decreasing and now that Israel has been provoked into bombing and killing(which I am sick over and ashamed), voila — Hamas is again a strong leader, leading the Palestinians into the fire, really.

    “I don’t see any hope for the Palestinians, but I do see an all out war occurring in the region, much to the delight of the fundamentalists of all stripes.” I do not accept that Israel and the U.S. are in the same category as radical Muslims who want to control and suppress their people (many residents of countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, especially women, do not want to live that way) and, in many cases, kill non-believers of all ilk, including and especially Westerners, Do you think this would change if Palestinians were 100% free of Israel? I don’t.

  237. Kitty says:

    August 2014: New Millennium Horoscope Triggered by Pluto


    Why the US is bombing ISIS in Iraq

    two basic motivations for the ISIS advance. One is simple opportunism: not every Kurdish unit is equally strong, and ISIS will take any territory it thinks it can, given the chance. The second is more strategy: they likely want to cut off Iraq’s Kurds from Kurdish communities in Syria, where ISIS is fighting a second front against the Syrian government. “They’re trying to cut off geographic links between those two territories,” he said.


  238. Prabhata says:

    Beyond Torture: The CIA’s Shameful Kidnapping of a 12-Year-Old Girl

    A rendition victim is now speaking out to highlight this aspect of the controversy. Today, she’s a 23-year-old college student working toward a degree in the humanities. When her family was kidnapped she was a frightened 12-year-old girl.

    The whole article:

    OMG, I forgot. It’s from that libertarian magazine (snark)

  239. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for posting the video, Bob!

  240. Lorrie U says:

    6 Holocaust Survivors Who Fight Against Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians

    The lesson of the Holocaust should be “never again” for anyone, including Palestinians.


  241. Helen says:

    World Ignores Christian Exodus from Islamic World


    “While the world fixates on the conflict between Israel and Hamas—and while most mainstream media demonize Israel for trying to survive amid a sea of Arab-Islamic hostility—similar or worse tragedies continue to go virtually ignored.

    In Ethiopia, after a Christian was accused of desecrating a Koran, thousands of Christians were forced to flee their homes when “Muslim extremists set fire to roughly 50 churches and dozens of Christian homes.”

    In the Ivory Coast—where Christians have been crucified—Islamic rebels “massacred hundreds and displaced tens of thousands” of Christians.

    In Libya, Islamic rebels forced several Christian nun orders serving the sick and needy since 1921 to flee and killed several Coptic Christians, causing that community also to flee.
    In Muslim-majority northern Nigeria, where hardly a Sunday passes without a church bombing, Christians are fleeing by the thousands; one region has been emptied of 95% of its Christian population.

    In Pakistan, after a Christian child was falsely accused of desecrating a Koran and Muslims went on an anti-Christian rampage, an entire Christian village—men, women, and children—was forced to flee into the nearby woods, where they built a church, to permanently reside there.

    Despite all these atrocities, exoduses, and even genocides, the mainstream media seems to spend every available moment airing images of displaced Palestinians and demonizing Israel for trying to defend itself. Yet Israel does not kill Palestinians because of their religion or any other personal aspects. It does so in the context of being rocketed and trying to defend itself from terrorism.

    On the other hand, all the crimes being committed by Muslims against Christians are simply motivated by religious hate, because the Christians are Christian.”

  242. Bob says:

    Will Maliki be gone?

    Right now he has transit Uranus opposite natal Mars-Neptune midpoint, followed by opposition to natal Neptune. Will repeat oppositions to all natal points and midpoints and progressed Neptune in 2015 but I think he will be gone this year.

    Maliki, July 20, 1950

    In right ascension:

    Transit Saturn square to natal Pluto (142°16′) on Monday, November 3rd, 2014.

    Transit Saturn square to progressed Pluto (144°14′) on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014.

    Transit Saturn conjunct progressed Mars (235°20′) on Friday, November 28th, 2014.

    In longitude:

    Transit Saturn square natal Pluto on Friday, August 15th, 2014.

    Transit Saturn square progressed Pluto on Sunday, September 14th, 2014.

    Transit Saturn conjunct progressed Mars on Thursday, December 4th, 2014.

  243. Jerry says:

    Hi Lisam,

    About the ISIS threat and your understandable sentiment: “It’s all empty rhetoric and meaningless propaganda.”. I don’t know. Could be. But let’s be clear, for the sake of discussion, I’m merely looking at the possibilities.

    Unfortunately, the experts, the US State Dept. and various other western governments are taking a different view from yours and they’re in a position to know. They see the ISIS threat as real and growing.

    Will ISIS Plan A 9/11-Style Terror Plot Against The U.S.?

    CBS News
    June 16, 2014

    Republicans are sounding the warning that the next 9/11-like terror plot could emerge from the regions of Iraq and Syria that are currently dominated by an extremist group bearing down on Baghdad.

    As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – which has already captured the cities of Tikrit and Mosul and is threatening to take the capital city as well – grows in strength and numbers, will it pose an immediate threat to the United States homeland as well?



    ISIS, AKA Islamic State, Warns Of Sleeper Cell Attacks On U.S. Interests In Retaliation For Bombings

    International Business Times
    Aug 8, 2014

    Islamic State isn’t about to take President Obama’s airstrikes quietly. The Sunni militant group, formerly known as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), on Friday called for sleeper-cell attacks on U.S. interests worldwide through its social media accounts, after the president authorized targeted airstrikes in Iraq.



  244. Kitty says:

    It is very disappointing that torture criminals were not prosecuted and the CIA still runs amuck–but I honestly know that Obama can’t do anything. Did you read that this family was rightfully compensated !

    UK pays £2.2m to Libyan after rendition

    Lorrie U
    Always thank you, for your posts–

    Bob—–Thanks, Hope Maliki goes Soon—-

    Helen—Thanks for always keeping me informed

  245. Prabhata says:

    Kitty, that’s right. Obama CAN”T DO anything.

  246. Prabhata says:

    Americans have come to believe a powerlessness of Obama’s presidency. I think it’s detrimental to the stature of Obama and the presidency. Sometimes presidents DON’T want to do.

    Feinstein, a senator that’s to the right of most Democrats, is pressing for the release of the senate torture report. She knows that Obama has all the laws and power to release it. I think this is one of those things Obama DOESN’t want to do.

  247. Jerry says:

    Northern Iraq

    Tr. Mars is presently conjoining President Obamas’ natal Neptune (8 ’37 Scorpio) and ISIS’s natal Mars (9 ’37 Scorpio). It also forms an opposition to the April 29, 2014 solar eclipse (8 ’52 Taurus). This clearly reflects the dilemma (Neptune in the 9th house of foreign affairs) the Obama administration is facing.

    The US military strikes; intended to curtail the ISIS advance on Irbil the capitol of Iraq’s Kurdistan region and air drops of aid to the Iraqi refugees to alleviate the growing disastrous humanitarian situation is based on containment rather than any actual long term strategy. Tr. Jupiter in Leo will be squaring these very same degrees later on in the month. It’s possible we might witness some kind of dramatic explosion in hostilities in this region in two weeks time. We may have taken on too much responsibility without any clearly defined exit strategy.

  248. alex says:

    W. Virginia Senate Election – November 4, 2014
    Coal Mining Issues – Jobs

    Natalie Tennant (D) v Shelly Capito (R)

    First Impression


    Natal Jupiter @05 Virgo – Tennant (D)


    2014 Solar Arc Saturn @02 Gemini – Tennant (D)


    Election Neptune @04 Pisces (elements of distortion)


    Natal Sun @03 Sagittarius – Capito (R)


    Natal North Node @24 Aries


    strong>Natal South Node @24 Libra – Tennant (D)


    Election Mercury @24 Libra (the vote)

    Natal Neptune @25 Libra – Capito (R)(what Capito believes is best for ____ W. Virginia, USA)


    Natal Neptune @25 Scorpio – Tennant (D) (what Tennant believes is best for ____ W. Virginia, USA)


    Election Saturn @24 Scorpio


    Natal Pluto @25 Leo – Capito (R)


    Election Saturn @25 Scorpio

    USA Neptune – USA Mars

    Election Pholus @21 Sagittarius


    Natal Pluto @22 Virgo – Tennant (D)
    USA Neptune @22 Virgo


    Natal Jupiter @23 Gemini – Capito (R)
    USA Mars 21 Gemini


    Election Pholus @21 Sagittarius

  249. alex says:

    continued W. Virginia (issues)

    fossil fuel & alternative energy technology
    polluting from coal (industry) – coal jobs in West Virginia



    The state is a global hub for chemicals, a national hub for biotech industries and a leader in energy, while having a diverse economy in aerospace, automotive, healthcare and education, metals and steels, media and telecommunications, manufacturing, hospitality, biometrics, forestry, and tourism.

  250. alex says:

    continued West Virginia – mining layoffs (average salary nearly $85,000)

    By mid-October two mines employing 462 people could be shuttered.



    Coal’s decline was projected before EPA offered the emissions rule. The industry employed about 123,200 coal miners last year, almost 20,000 fewer than in 2010, according to federal Mine Safety and Health Administration figures.

    Next year’s projected coal haul for Central Appalachia is supposed to dip to 113.6 million tons nationally after reaching 185 million tons in 2011, according to the federal Energy Information Administration.

    “I think it would be a real tragedy if working families in West Virginia wrongfully believe that if the EPA regulations stopped, then coal mining would come back,” said Ted Boettner, executive director of the West Virginia Center on Budget & Policy.

    The reality is a somber one in southern West Virginia’s coalfields, where many residents know no other way to make a living.

  251. alex says:

    continued – The Koch Brothers want Shelley Capito to win the Senate seat of W. Virginia.


    Rep. Shelley Capito was the only member of Congress from West Virginia to vote against the Robert C. Byrd Mine Safety Act.

    The Koch brothers are pouring millions into West Virginia. Americans for Prosperity created a West Virginia chapter in February.

    Koch-funded political groups work to break every union in the country, fight against a higher minimum wage, want to privatize Social Security and turn Medicare into a voucher program.

  252. lisam says:

    Lorrie U, thanks for that article on the 6 Holocaust survivors. They are all truth/light bearers. Too bad we don’t see these types of articles in MSM, but I guess their backers are too busy sowing the seeds of discord and conflict. It’s what sells the news, and keeps the pot boiling.

  253. Kitty says:

    Thanks for the Wendy Davis ad too. Hagan getting some help. I was surprised to see Murray Energy is still in business. My opinion, they should have been run out of town, years ago! Glad you remind us of these races ! W.Va. is tough for Dems.

    Coal industry boosts Tillis’ campaign coffers; Duke Energy gives to Hagan


  254. lisam says:

    Jerry, you might have misunderstood what I was trying to say about that very voluble rag-tag bunch of IS. You should pay attention to their threats, but more importantly is who their financial backers are. They are using the same Boko Haram playbook if you listen to their rhetoric, and grizzly deeds, but as the saying goes, follow the money trail, and see where it leads, and you will discover the true purpose of this group. I was reading up on IS, and I found out that the group existed as far back as 2004, but they were probably obscure back then.

  255. lisam says:

    Kitty – great info. It must take a lot of deep digging to find those articles! Lol.

  256. lisam says:

    Prabhata, President Obama is between a rock and a hard place. If he allows too much to be revealed, he might become a CIA target.

  257. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, I would love to read some of the links you have been reading about ISIS. Would you share some?

  258. Prabhata says:

    lisam, you are correct about ISIS operating going back to the 2003 Iraqi War. Wikileaks got a huge collection of secret cables, and right now the website is tweeting relevant cables. Here is one such cable:


    Why was #ISIS (ISI) so effective in #Mosul? Its networks were already there

    17. (S//REL TO USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, NZL) Analysis of Constant Hawk motion imagery between October 1 and November 5, 2008, revealed eight locations that are probably linked to AQI/Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) SVBIED networks in Mosul. Further Constant Hawk vehicle backtracking revealed a probable link between two separate SVBIED attacks that took place on December 1 and 4, 2008, in western Mosul. Both of these attacks targeted Coalition forces mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles inside convoys. Geospatial analysis reveals insurgents are increasingly attacking convoys and patrols and high-profile MRAP vehicles using SVBIEDs in the city. AQI/ISI insurgents will probably continue to target convoys and patrols in Mosul on the basis of their ability to effectively carry out these attacks. Insurgents may also be selectively targeting high-profile MRAP vehicles with SVBIEDs both for propaganda purposes and for their ability to defeat these heavily armored Coalition vehicles. 18. (S//REL TO USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, NZL) AQI/ISI is the predominant insurgent group operating in Mosul and is affiliated with a majority of SVBIED attacks in the city. There were multiple Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces offensive operations in Mosul during 2008 that have degraded AQI/ISI’s ability to carry out attacks. However, the latest series of SVBIED attacks show that AQI/ISI still has a residual capacity to conduct high-profile attacks in Mosul.

  259. Anne's Aunt says:

    Starlight, that Friedman interview with Obama was great. Thanks for linking to it. I especially liked this:

    “Is Iran being helpful? “I think what the Iranians have done,” said the president, “is to finally realize that a maximalist position by the Shias inside of Iraq is, over the long term, going to fail.”

    Iran, which is shia, is now an island of shia in a sunni sea. ISIS is, of curse sunni. Iran is actually now fighting ISIS in some spots near its border.

    The entire interview was good and I’m glad the president is being so level headed about the entire ME region.

    Starlight, did you find the charts I linked to helpful?

  260. Kitty says:

    “Obama doesn”t want to do”–concerning the CIA–
    Hummm! I am not so sure, will ponder it more, But I think lisam is right, Obama does need the CIA, but given past history, it has, Obama could be a target!? My memory was jogged and found the article below, that the CIA, was one of the first groups that he met with. I thought that strange at the time, and still do!?
    He soothed the nerves of the CIA, from the beginning. I think, he’ll do the best he can. There is a conspiracy theory, out there, that say Obama worked for Business International, for a year, right after college, that was supposedly a front for the CIA? I’ve developed no opinion on that one. There are too many conspiracies out there! More thoughts later———–

    April 20, 2009,

    Obama Thanks CIA, Acknowledges “Difficult” Days
    Day 91: Obama Holds First Cabinet Meeting, Thanks CIA


  261. Lorrie U says:

    Like all such types of agencies, the CIA is necessary to keep us safe, but also has it’s dark side since it operates in the shadows, which makes it dangerous. I think it’s healthy that Obama treads lightly with them. Have you ever praised someone you didn’t quite trust just to “keep them close” so you could observe them? I have.

  262. Lorrie U says:

    Republican Dreams Shattered as Koch Ideology Flops In Red State Kansas

    If any American took the most extreme Republican members of Congress and combined them into one super-conservative, they would produce Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. Brownback is a religious right extremist, Koch brother and ALEC ideologue, anti-government teabagger, and Bush-economic sycophant with an equally hard-right legislature taking Kansas in the direction Republicans want to take America. The state of Kansas is precisely what Koch-Republicans envision for America if not for those pesky Democrats in the Senate and the White House, and they want voter approval to replicate for the entire country what the Kochs and Brownback’s administration did for Kansas.


  263. Lorrie U says:

    Mike Hoyt: Strong progressive. My blog eats conservatives for lunch (visit my blog at mhhoyt.wordpress.com)

    Good blog. This is a really good one…

    Why we needed a stronger central government


  264. Anne's Aunt says:

    ISIS puts out a magazine. They have just released their second issue. It is a very slick glossy and well designed magazine. It is long – 40 pages and highly produced. They poured lots of $$ into producing it. There is an english translation of the first issue, with pictures that has been archived and is available to see online. It does not target/address/talk to western readers at all. It’s fascinating to look at including from a cultural perspective. Takes a minute to load:


  265. Anne's Aunt says:

    Also the subtitle for the magazine is “Until it burns the Crusader armies in Dabiq”

  266. Lorrie U says:

    Joan Bramhall, Former Christie Official, Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide


  267. starlight says:

    Anne’s Aunt – I think the issue now, which Obama’s seems to have grasped as per the Friedman interview, is the extremists versus the moderates. It has surpassed the Sunni versus Shiite civil war and is far more dangerous.

    And yes, the charts were very helpful. Thank you. I ran the same chart info for the declaration of the Caliphate but got 15 Capricorn rising instead of 00 Cap. Also, when I looked in Wikipedia for the first announcement of ISIS by Baghdadi, it says April 8 instead of April 9. So I am cautious in trusitng my data too much. Oh well.

  268. Kitty says:

    Wow, this thing is amazing ! Thanks. Wondered how this got published/etc–more background info-

    Dabiq: What Islamic State’s New Magazine Tells Us about Their Strategic Direction, Recruitment Patterns and Guerrilla Doctrine


    Dabiq: the smiling face of Iraq-Syria ‘caliphate’

    In design, it strongly resembles the Inspire magazine published by Al Qaeda’s franchise in the Arabian Peninsula that disseminated bomb-making instructions and aimed to engender “lone wolf” militants, a goal achieved in 2013 with the Boston bomber brothers.


  269. Lorrie U says:

    Why in the world would we want to circulate a glossy propaganda magazine about ISIS? Who’s funding their slick infomercial? And, BTW, this is the group McCain wanted to arm in Syria.

  270. Kitty says:

    Here are more dates. Don’t know if this helps or just makes it more confusing?

    Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant


    – Islamic State of Iraq declared 15 October 2006[7][8]
    – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant declared 9 April 2013[9]
    – Caliphate declared 29 June 2014[4]

    29 Jun 2014

    Lorrie U,
    I agree, who is responsible–Indication that Inspire magazine is published by Al Qaeda’s franchise in the Arabian Peninsula.
    Really? ” an Al Queda fanchise in Arabian Peninsula”? Would not be surprised if McCain is in cahoots with them.

  271. lisam says:

    Starlight, if you are looking for the info on when the Caliphate was declared – June 28, 2014 @ 14:35h, but I don’t know the location. You will have to read AA’s link at 5:40 p.m., and Kitty’s first link at 6:30 p.m.

  272. lisam says:

    I think the declaration was made in Mosul.

  273. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, I don’t know any westerner who “circulates” Dabiq, tho I’m sure many do, hence the english translation. If you object looking at it don’t look. Those who want an interesting education in the culture of ISIS may want to look.

    Starlight, moderate forces in Islam are mainly outside of the ME. The US has mostly moderate muslims. The ruling forces in the ME that are Islamic are not moderate. Not Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, or Saudi Arabia (they’re capitalistic sort of, but on women’s rights and power of the state they’re very extreme), parts of Afghanistan, and Pakistan, or parts of Turkey. Lebanon is moderate.

    The current struggle(s) are not modern vs old Islam in the ME. The struggle(s) are for POWER.


    ” For more than a decade, the United States has been reaching out to the Muslim world, courting Islamic moderates even as it wages war with religious extremists. Washington’s efforts have been concentrated mostly on the Middle East, with little success. The Americans might do better to focus on another region that has an equal claim to being Islam’s true heartland — the new nations along the old Silk Road through Central Asia.

    While violence rages on in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the predominantly Muslim countries of the former Soviet Union — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan — are experimenting with secular governments and free markets. Their efforts have had many fits and starts, but the West should recognize that their struggle to come to terms with modernity holds huge potential for the Muslim world as a whole, and may someday serve as a template for promoting peace among warring nations. Yet Washington continues to underestimate their cultural importance and potential impact.
    Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama both spoke glowingly of the Arab world’s spiritual and scientific contributions to humanity. Both men counseled the Arab people to embrace a “true Islam” that champions intellectual tolerance and embraces secular learning. But against their wishful words lay the reality that fewer foreign books were being translated and published in the entire Middle East than in Spain.
    “Yet it may be in Central Asia, rather than the Middle East, Pakistan or Indonesia, where the ideals that both Presidents Bush and Obama have espoused will be most actively pursued in coming years. ”

  274. lisam says:

    The Caliphate declaration chart has Asc. at 5 Scorpio with Saturn in the first, and Merc is Rx., so it looks like they’ll have to be going back to the drawing board several times.

  275. lisam says:

    Mercury Rx might also account for why their name keeps changing.

  276. Kitty says:

    Another Astrological perspective —-
    Sabian symbols are Interesting

    Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 8/9-10/2014: Full Moon in Aquarius


  277. lisam says:

    This is a real comedy of errors. Britain says it will make food drops imminently to the Yazidis, the minority group that was stuck on the mountain, but most of them who are still alive have already fled in to Syria where there is a Kurdish community. So, IS might get the food instead, lol.

  278. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty, I went to your link but it was unclear what you were referring to. Could you point out the relevant part?

  279. Anne's Aunt says:

    Oops Kitty – found the part you were referring to. Very interesting. I wish him the very best with these trying times.

  280. alex says:


    Leo Aquarius

    Me – We

    I rule – people power

    my decision – let’s put it to the vote

    check out my achievements – it’s a team effort

    Artist – Scientist

    Lover – Friend

    Master – Free Agent

  281. kiwi says:

    off topic, but a really cool interview with James Cameron – is this part of Uranus energy for future out of the box thinking I wonder?

  282. alex says:

    continued – August 10TH


    Chiron @16 Pisces

    .wan inconjunct

    N. Node @22 Libra

    Dk Lilith @17 Leo
    Sun @18 Leo

  283. Trudy says:

    Not astrology-a discussion of the present energies and how to deal
    with them. Current events-at the 6 min onward – says that Obama is a “lightworker”


  284. Kitty says:

    SkyMarvels was fascinating. Thanks.
    Video of W.Va was great too, and shows the tough situation they are in! W.Va. is beautiful country, but wondered for years why they have not diversified in business/economics? It is still so poor and distressed !

    Britain’s food drop sounds like a comedy of errors! Really,
    “late to the wrong table ” !

  285. alex says:

    South Dakota Senate Election – November 4, 2014

    Rick Weiland (D) v. Mike Rounds (R), Independent Larry Pressler

    Rick Weiland 15 second media ads:



  286. starlight says:

    lissam – I am using June 29, 2014, although I am not sure of the time. I have been using 7:54 PM, which I found somewhere. But I found in many places “Sunday, June 29.” and some places “Sunday morning”. I am going to have to rework everything to just before sunrise, based on this:


  287. Helen says:

    Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17:

    “Finally, the New Straits Times and Parry both cited retired Lufthansa pilot Peter Haisenko, who has pointed to photographic evidence of MH17 wreckage suggesting that cockpit panels were raked with heavy machine gun fire from both the port and starboard sides. “Nobody before Haisenko had noticed that the projectiles had ripped through the panel from both its left side and its right side. This is what rules out any ground-fired missile,” Parry wrote.”



  288. lisam says:

    Starlight, don’t use that chart, because all your predictions will be wrong. The Caliphate was declared in Mosul on June 28, 2014 @ 14:35 hours. This is information coming from their own source (glossy mag & The Jamestown Foundation from AA’s and Kitty’s links). I did a chart at astro.com, and it more accurately describes them – Scorpio Asc., Mars in the 12th, and I’m glad you mentioned the foreigners, because the 9th house has Sun/Moon/Jupiter, so you couldn’t get a better description of them than that. And that website automatically takes into consideration the difference in the Time Zones.

  289. lisam says:

    Starlight, the chart I used from Astro.com also gave them Mercury RX in Gemini which I think accounts for the many name changes they’ve had, and if they are really committing all the atrocities that have been attributed to them, then they need to change their name yet again from Islamic State, because the religion of Islam does not condone that type of behavior. They sound more like savages.

  290. lisam says:

    As for that WP article – it’s mostly rubbish. I don’t know who this IS group is but mark my words, this group will be blamed for some future attack(s) around the world, which would require the US (and maybe their allies) to go back into Iraq and start another war – hello regional war!

  291. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, please tell us what your sources of information are and what you have based your opinions of ISIS on. Is this just a feeling? Are you reading Alex Jones again?

  292. lisam says:

    Trudy, I agreed with much of what the guest on that show said in the video that you posted. I wouldn’t go as far as describing Putin and Obama as lightworkers, but I will say that Obama is under a lot of constraints as to what he can say in public, so he has to couch his language in dimplomatic double-speak, so it’s hard to know what he really thinks, and for how much of his actions we can hold him accountable.

  293. lisam says:

    I think IS should change its name to BS, if they are the ones choosing their ID, because all the group does is re-inforce the negative image of Islam and Muslims everywhere, as portrayed in the media and which has been accepted world-wide; so much so, that the word “terrorist” has become synonomous with the word “Muslim”. When the Norwegian, Anders Breivik in 2011 mowed down 66 youths at a political youth camp, and bombed gov’t headquarters resulting in the death of 8 others, he was referred to as a “far-right fanatic”. No mention was made of his race/religion/ethnicity, and the world’s response to this crime was muted. Israel, which has been terrorizing the Palestinian population on a daily basis for decades, is held up as a model democracy in the ME. I definitely see double standards here. Leading up to world war 2 the Jews were the perceived villains. This time it will be the Muslims who bear that label.

  294. Kitty says:

    I’ll add 3-4 links that gives some History or off topic completely!
    They may help or not? There is so much quick evolving news, and propaganda that it is hard to stay on topic–? I’ll blame it on the Full Moon–lol–

    lisam——yes, Isis/BS is re-enforcing the negative Muslim and attracting the same too !

    Possible collapse of Kurdish militia may have spurred US action, analysts say

    Launching airstrikes against Sunni militants in northern Iraq is aimed as much at supporting the Kurdish militia, a staunch U.S. ally for the past two decades, as it is at protecting U.S. personnel and preventing humanitarian disaster, analysts and diplomats say.


    Turkey rules out military intervention against Islamic State


  295. Kitty says:

    Major players in the Iraq conflict The hotspots in Iraq


  296. lisam says:

    Pisca, that is a really informative article about the CIA/Ukraine connection. We have to address the truth whenever we see lies being propagated, and make a stand for justice wherever we see injustice, because the world is reaching a point now where the lines between good/evil and truth/lies are becoming blurred. Maybe everybody is too busy shopping as Bush Jr. advised us to do after the 9/11 attack, or we are being kept so occupied with just trying to survive, that we don’t have time to see what’s happening around us.

  297. lisam says:

    Kitty, yes. I forgot to address what caliber of people IS will be attracting with that kind of violent culture that they seem to be advocating.

  298. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kitty, thanks for the excellent links! Your 1:01 link should be a primer of what’s what in the region. The last paragraph is very telling:

    “Although there is no love lost between Maliki and al-Sadr personally, the government has appeared more tolerant of the two groups since the Sunni threat escalated, allowing them to stage huge rallies with weapons in Sadr City. If the Islamic State lays siege to Baghdad, expect al-Sadr’s group to play a much bigger role in defending the capital.”

    This, again, is a further escalation of extremism in Iraq as Maliki is even more entrenched.

    From your link about the Kurdish:

    ““Everyone has underestimated (the militants). They are not some ragtag group — they are highly organized, equipped and funded with a strong strategic vision,” the envoy said.

    The West may have overestimated the peshmerga’s strengths, said Afzal Ashraf, a fellow at London’s Royal United Services Institute, a military and security think tank.

    “The peshmerga are essentially a large militia, not an army,” Ashraf said. “They lack equipment and training.”

    “The militants obviously have the advantage of choice where to attack, and they have been able to exploit this (by striking) where the peshmerga were weak.””

  299. Lorrie U says:

    Helen – No one was able to inspect the wreckage for quite some time and the rebels had plenty of opportunity to create whatever scenario they wanted!

  300. Lorrie U says:

    ABC showed footage this morning from inside an IS camp and it is absolutely chilling! They are most definitely a threat to be reckoned with and no doubt in my mind intend to harm the U.S. When they state “we’ll see you in N.Y.” and “we will reside in the White House”, they may just be baiting us, but if we do not respond, we may as well get out the white flags and decide to die or convert.

  301. Prabhata says:

    My psych professor:

    “Sherman said: ‘War is hell’, and Sherman went about making sure it was.”

    IS/ISIS is barbaric, but so is the US military. The US used bulldozers to bury alive Iraq soldiers in their trenches in 1991. I remember reading the story in 1991 and I almost threw up.

    U.S. Army Buried Iraqi Soldiers Alive in Gulf War


    The barbaric side of human nature is often displayed by those engaged in war. So let’s not believe that it’s only the IS who are engaging in barbaric actions. The shock-and-awe of the Iraqi War was also barbaric.

    And I’m not defending IS, I’m simply stating that it’s an error to see “them” as barbaric and see our military as wearing the white hat. I have no doubt that the Yazdis on the mountains were in a desperate situation, but all information points that the reason Obama is bombing Iraq is to help the Kurd. That’s why the “program” (bombing) as he calls it, will take time. IS has engaged in horrific acts, but Obama did nothing. It seems that IS was doing what Obama wanted, create chaos for Maliki. But Obama didn’t expect the Peshmerga would fold when engaging a large IS contingent.

    And I will leave you with this quote:

    “”There are no innocent civilians. It is their government and you are fighting a people, you are not trying to fight an armed force anymore. So it doesn’t bother me so much to be killing the so-called innocent bystanders.” Curtis Lemay — The Rise of American Power

    General Lemay is responsible for firebombing Tokyo and killing around 100,000 civilians.

  302. Lorrie U says:

    That NYT article also states, “The Army said it knew the operation would kill Iraqis who did not surrender or otherwise get out of the way, but said the tactic spared the lives of American soldiers who would have had to leave the safety of their armored vehicles and fight Iraqi troops hand to hand in the trenches.” So in other words, they did have an option but chose to die. And Gen. Lemay is one person’s opinion, he does not speak for the collective. People are evolving and times they are a’changing, old soldiers are thankfully passing away.

  303. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, I’m sure we can come up with a lot of horrendous acts the U.S. has engaged in in the past and, possibly in the present, but there are degrees of barbarism and much of what the U.S. does (except when we invaded Iraq) — much, not all, but nothing is 100% as we know & we can’t expect it to be — is defensive. We don’t know why Obama waited but the U.S. often waits as it is a big step to take to commit ourselves militarily in another part of the world. We are damned/criticized if we do and damned/criticized if we don’t, and it is a large commitment, to engage ourselves in bombing and acts of war. Human nature being what it is, as much as none of us want war, we have not yet reached the stage where we can get along without it, so the U.S. cannot disarm any more than any country can, unless we could all do that together and trust each other. Burying soldiers alive is a criminal and horrible act and was going way too far. The difference to me is that the ideology of the current, fanatical, radical, jihad-seeking Muslim allows them to believe they have the right to seek out non-believers and kill them…at least that is my impression. As I said, there are degrees on the continuum. I still rather live in the U.S. than any other country in the world (except maybe Canada but I’d have to look into that further), with Barack Obama as my president.

  304. Sharon K says:

    I also think we have to be careful of our language and our generalizations, and our comparisons. I have read that 20 or 25% of Muslims are radicals. I’m sure it’s hard to pin down the numbers, and we don’t know if that means they support violence or perpetrate it themselves, however that is quite a lot of people and ISIS has upped the ante. So people generalize it to all Muslims. I don’t but it is understandable that people are scared and defensive and don’t want to take chances. One person made a point to me that there could be a majority of peaceful Muslims bu the aggressive, violent ones will take them over and force them to do what they want. The Jews were seen as the villains but not because a faction of them committed violent acts (btw, a rabbi walking to synagogue, in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Miami that was near where I lived, was shot this weekend) but because they were hardworking and successful and different. Are Palestinians terrorized on a daily basis by Israel? I have read accounts of some soldiers being rude or strict or brutal in some cases, to varying degrees, having been trained to encounter suicide bombers and radicals or freedom fighters or resistance fighters (whatever name you want to use) who were able to get through into Israel in the early 2000s, and would still be doing it if they could. To say Palestinians are terrorized by Israelis on a daily basis sounds like a non-evidenced-based generalization to me.

  305. Helen says:

    Alternative and European press has many articles on the Kiev coup and downed airliner that doesn’t fit into the Western corporately own media narrative. Some of you here were surprise to recently learn about the BRICS countries when in fact this has been covered in the alternative press for the past two years in a consistant manner. Do you have any idea what would prompt this letter?


    Steven Cohen of the Nation Magazine has been one major media voice that has written about the distortions and half truths on Ukraine – he’s especially scathing about the NYTimes.

    There are weekly demonstrations in Germany that are anti–NATO, IMF, American Fed, as well as anti-EU.

  306. Prabhata says:

    Barbaric acts are always excused by those who commit them and their supporters. The ISIS, the Shia, US military, etc., etc., will always excuse their barbaric actions as necessary.

    Dropping one atomic bomb was not enough.

  307. starlight says:

    lissam – I keep redoing these charts. I was going to write up something today but I keep redoing everything. The 14:35 time, is that local time or GMT? I know they timed it with the beginning of their holiday. But I also heard at the time that they declared on S8unday morning. Can you post again the source for that time on the 28th? thanks.

  308. starlight says:

    I tried 4:35 PM in Mosul, which I think is the 2 hour difference from GMT. 29 Scorpio rising. That would be great if correct since there will be a Saturn station there next year.

  309. lisam says:

    Starlight, hold on. Don’t do anything yet. I’ll post the sources in a little while.

  310. lisam says:

    The magazine gives the day as the first day of Ramadan and the time as 14:35 hours. I am not sure exactly what day was the first day of Ramadan in Iraq, but I think it was around that time. But the article in Kitty’s link verifies that date. The reason I think it’s correct, is because the chart has Scorpio rising with the ruler Mars in 12th house. The leader of this group, Al Baghdadi is described as secretive (12th house), and Scorpio Asc, (cunning). Anyway, I think this is the closest to authentic you’ll find out there.

    From AA’s Aug 9, 5:40 p.m. post

    From Kitty’s Aug 9, 6:30 p.m. post

  311. lisam says:

    I forgot to add that if you use the astro.com website to draw up the chart, they already have the time difference factored into the chart, so you don’t have to worry about that. The chart has 5 Scorpio on the Asc.

  312. lisam says:

    Lorrie U, how was ABC able to get into the ISIS camp to acquire that footage? Did they say?

  313. lisam says:

    Starlight, I think the time quoted in the mag is local (Iraqi) time.

  314. will says:

    Helen and Prabhata,

    My hope for you two is that you will find another country to live in that is more suitable for you. Perhaps Iraq or Syria would be good for you. You wouldn’t have to be under the rule of the President you despise so much and be surrounded by U.S. citizens for whom you hold in such bitter contempt.

  315. lisam says:

    Prabhata, the “Shock and Awe” campaign that was waged in Iraq was brutal and savage. First of all, to name a campaign thusly, that you know will create a lot of death and destruction is in itself perverse. I remember footage from the first few nights showing the carpet bombing and the incinerated bodies of women and children which were conveniently described as “collateral damage”. The women and children were hiding in bomb shelters, but the US was using these bunker busters because they thought Sadaam was hiding in one of them. Now, when footage of that war is shown, as in the recent Frontline, they completely omit that part of it, and start out by showing you the statue of Sadaam being pulled down from its perch which was followed by destruction and widespread looting of Iraq’s antiquities to which Rumsfeld reacted with a big smile. A second wave of violence followed with the insurgency, and of course the rest is history.

  316. lisam says:

    meant to say as in the recent PBS Frontline docu.

  317. alex says:

    Rush Limbaugh, has written a children’s book series called “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans.”

    He’s teaching his audience about American history through the conceit of a time-traveling character named Rush Revere and his talking horse named Liberty.


    Rush Limbaugh’s third-grade nightmare: Introducing his new civil rights curriculum

    The gasbag has found a creative new way to pump up book sales — and it’s very bad news for America’s children



  318. Helen says:

    Thanks for your good wishes, Will. I’m in France where we’re not fracked, GMO’d, no student loan crisis, people aren’t in debt (in fact the government complains we’re saving too much!) No NDAA to disappear us and where we can be assured of really owning the title of our home, plus no co-pays on medical and lastly no army guarding the poppy field of Afganistan.

    Good pastries, too!

  319. Kitty says:

    Thanks for the “firedog lake” article. Yes, there are many things that we do not want to face, but we have had “strange happenings”” for years!
    Too many secret deals and groups, that it is hard to face. We had the Russian/Georgian problem in 2008, that McCain was involved in too. ?
    I picked up the link below, from the comments section, in your article from FDL. (long and boring )– I have found over the years, that we have to be alert, sift through the news, and not be gullible. We have to balance things, and come to our own conclusions! Astrology helps so much too.

    Cold War Allies:
    The Origins of CIA’s Relationship with
    Ukrainian Nationalists (s)


  320. Prabhata says:

    The majority will support anything if it’s under the flag of their nation, tribe, kingdom, etc. They have bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

  321. will says:


    Hopefully you will stay there although wondering if you really are so content under the Sacre’Bleu what with your endless sniping and contempt for all things American. Maybe you can take in Prabhata as a guest and live in wrathful bliss of PBO and America. Just think of the conspiracies your your combined paranoia will conjure up!

  322. Prabhata says:

    “No Man is justified in doing evil on the grounds of expedience.” — Teddy Roosevelt

    I agree.

  323. Prabhata says:

    I do not lose sight of the source that gives me life as well as my natural rights and my duty to ALL life.

  324. alex says:

    continued – Rush Limbaugh

    First Impression – Natal Yod

    Natal Hades @27 Aries (apex)


    Natal Juno @27 Scorpio
    Natal Cupido @26 Virgo



    2014 Election South Node @19 Aries


    Natal Mars @22 Aquarius


    2014 Election North Node @19 Libra


    2014 Election Jupiter @20 Leo
    Natal Pluto @19 Leo

    (2014 Election South Node)

  325. alex says:

    are you ex-patriot American or from other nation and moved to France?

  326. alex says:

    continued – Rush Limbaugh

    Negative Expression of Kronos: there is arrogance and a detachment from daily reality, where one assumes oneself, as an extension of one’s ideals, to be somehow superhuman, in an ivory tower; clings to the status of accomplishments, rests on laurels, loses sight of the transpersonal purpose of one’s talents, or makes the mistake in believing that the gifts and talents one has serve only to build up one’s ego and fatten one’s pride rather than serve humanity

    Natal Kronos @22 Taurus


    USA Federal Government Midheaven @22 Taurus

  327. will says:


    I just had a seance with Teddy Roosevelt. He claims he never even said that.

  328. Apple says:

    Will – “America – Love It or Leave It” Are you subscribing to this Vietnam era low in democracy?

  329. Sharon K says:

    Maybe it’s the cup half-full philosophy, or the realism philosophy, as in our country has its flaws, as does human nature, and sometimes there are even reasons for what the U.S. does that we don’t readily see. It’s also a good practice to point out what we do right here in the U.S., and what we love about living here. I’ve lived elsewhere and decided that I prefer the U.S. France might be great, and I admire the countries in Europe a great deal for many reasons, but I’m Jewish so I don’t think I will be moving there any time soon.

  330. lisam says:

    omg, Hillary has already gone into campaign mode, criticising Obama, like she did in the Presidential prmaries. The only positive I see in this is that she might get the Democrats some seats in the Mid-Terms?


  331. Trudy says:

    I’d just like to say that I have enjoyed the wide ranging discussions and view points of the various intelligent posters–for a while I was concerned with the “eyes wide shut” syndrome and considered deleting this website from my favourites.

    There have been many eyeopening viewpoints that I hope will continue!!

  332. thrasybulus says:


    France is ahead of USA in many things but its Achille’s heel is its inability to assimilate minorities, specifically Islamic minorities into French culture. Actually I think most European nations have this problem.

    I bring it up not to denigrate France or the French – Love them – but my paranoia concerning Eric Cantor’s American coup will not completely rest until he is out of Congress. Nostradamus sees (according to my near-sightedness) that if Cantor ascends to the Presidency there will follow a series of events swiftly leading to WWIII.

    One aspect of this war is the rise of Islam within Europe that will paralyze France and Germany. If events advance Cantor into the line of presidential succession, I advise you to immediately leave France for America, if you cannot Normandy will be the safest place in France. French Savoy/Geneva area would be the only haven in southern France.

    Let’s hope I’m as crazy as I sound.

  333. Kitty says:

    Of course I agree. We need our eyes open and to be alert. This country is a great, beautiful place with Democratic laws in place. Obama does the best that he is allowed. It is some “”People”” with greed and a lust for power that can take hold of things and ruin our country. The US has a great foundation , but some ” People” running it, abuse that good faith! Open discussions and ranting keeps us aware, so that maybe we won’t be so gullible and duped with the likes of Bush/Cheney again ?

  334. lisam says:

    One thing I can say about Hillary – she’s a true opportunist.

  335. Prabhata says:

    Those who left the body should be allowed to rest in peace. There’s no need to talk to them. If we need to quote them, we have books (and the google, as GWB calls it) to check their quotes.

    According the The Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations – Second Edition – by Margaret Miner and Hugh Rawson — page 243

    “No Man is justified in doing evil on the grounds of
    expediency.” — Teddy Roosevelt, The Strenuous Life, title essay, 1900


  336. arbo says:

    lisam — you say that like there’s something wrong with it…

  337. Kitty says:

    Hillary–“ouch” that hurts but here is more insight !

    Why Hillary Clinton spoke out on Obama


  338. will says:


    See Sharon K’s take on what I wrote – she knows my soul.

    And to answer your question, of course not. But this sitting president (and the lion’s share of those who post herein)are still mopping up after Bush II’s Invasion of Iraq. In as much as President Obama did his best to keep his promise to end the Iraqi War and wind-down Afghanistan, the hornet’s nest that GWB stirred is proving impossible – the Spites and Furies are out of Pandora’s Box and we, as a nation, are between Scylla and Charybdis – damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Now is not the time to berate and cripple our nation or her President. If ever there was a time to galvanize the nation and get behind him, it is now.

    Forgive me for waxing patriotic now and again. I do not hate our country. I am not a complete malcontent.

  339. Lorrie U says:

    Well said, Will…

  340. will says:

    Since when are Teddy Roosevelt’s quotes golden? Hardly a Buddha or a Gandhi?

  341. Eliseo says:

    “the hornet’s nest that GWB stirred is proving impossible – the Spites and Furies are out of Pandora’s Box and we, as a nation, are between Scylla and Charybdis – damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Now is not the time to berate and cripple our nation or her President. If ever there was a time to galvanize the nation and get behind him, it is now.”

    You and Sharon have spoken the sad truth. Well said, Will. Very well said.

  342. will says:

    Mille grazi, Eliseo. Mille grazi.

  343. will says:

    Many thanks, Lorrie.

  344. Sharon K says:

    Glad to be on the same page with so many here, particularly people like Will (thanks, Will, xo), Starlight, Anne’s Aunt & others. I respect everyone’s opinion here – but I like to see people be open minded to all sides and not just 1 or 2….and it’s always good to be a glass half-full kind of person. I am not afraid to criticize but I do love my country. It’s human nature that’s the problem…at the same time, I have always heard that we need the yang to appreciate the yin and vice versa…we live in a material world of polarities.

  345. Kitty says:

    No wonder Maliki really wants to hang on to his job! This sounds terrible! He is too much like Saddam Hussiem, and Maliki needs his family to keep their job too. I never pd. attention to this son Just more pressure on Obama/US and cleaning up a bigger hornets nest that Bush/Cheney created—

    Thursday, 17 April 2014
    Rise of ‘Hamoudi’: is Maliki’s son the new Uday?

    “business consultant“at the Iraqi embassy in Washington DC.


    7 Jul 2014


  346. will says:


    Such a Scheyne!

  347. Bob says:

    My post with charts.

    No matter what time of day is used for the Caliphate on June 29 the resulting chart Saturn will be under stress on Aug 25th, the date of a New Moon.

    I used a Sun rising chart (not claiming it is the right timed chart). It works out pretty good when relocated to Irbil and progressed to the date bombing against ISIL began – see second chart.



  348. Anne's Aunt says:

    I agree that now is NOT the time to criticize Obama. I wish Obama had listened to her and Carl Levin about Maliki. But we have moved on from there at this point. Obama trusted Maliki and probably does not now.

    “BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki lashed out on Sunday at U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton who had called for him to be replaced and criticized the U.S. military for killing civilians.”

    “BAGHDAD, Aug. 26 — Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki on Sunday extended his tongue-lashing of foreign politicians who have questioned his government, saying that Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Carl Levin needed to “start making sense again” after the senators, both Democrats, called for his ouster.”

  349. Bob says:

    My post with charts.

    No matter what time of day is used for the Caliphate on June 29 the resulting chart Saturn will be under stress on Aug 25th, the date of a New Moon.

    I used a Sun rising chart (not claiming it is the right timed chart). It works out pretty good when relocated to Irbil and progressed to the date bombing against ISIL began – see second chart.



  350. Prabhata says:

    Psst, Will, psst, I’ll tell you a secret, but don’t tell anybody because they’ll think you’re nuts: There’s no U.S. and there’s no Canada, or U.K. or any other nation. Oh, and there’s no money either. It’s all a game that we agree to play. No one says “I agree”. We’re simply born in the game and just play along, never seeing it’s all make-believe.

  351. will says:

    Pssst, Prabhata. Pssst, if its all a worthless game, then why do you care so much? Why are you so obsessed with being an uber-critic if its all make-believe? Hmmm?

  352. Helen says:

    Alex – I’m as apple pie American as they come: born in Detroit, raised in Indiana, went to high school in the middle of a cornfield. Go back to my hometown every year although no family members live there anymore plus visit siblings in Indianapolis and St. Louis. Married a Frenchman and moved to France eons ago.

    We should criticize more often, but ‘kill the messenger’ seems to be a popular meme on this site!

  353. alex says:


    really it is more like you are here and gunning for us; are you doing it for sport? boredom; do you think anyone who holds a difference view needs to be converted; are you on some kind of mission- it’s bothering; you rant and sound off – but wha’ts the point of making all this fuss, what do you have in common with astrology buffs?

  354. Prabhata says:

    Will, I never said it was a “worthless” game. Read what I wrote. That word is not there.

  355. Jerry says:

    The Iraqi political stand-off in Baghdad is rapidly deteriorating as President Nouri Al Maliki fiercely resists stepping down and allowing due process.

    Today’s Mars opposition to the April 29, 2014 solar eclipse (8 ’52 Taurus-Scorpio) conjoins the Iraqi sovereignty chart’s Moon (6/28/04 at 8 ’20 Scorpio) and is nearing the charts Node placement (9 ’38 Taurus-Scorpio). President Al Maliki’s progressed chart reflects the turmoil as well with progressed Mars at 7 ’54 Scorpio in square to progr. Venus 8 ’27 Leo and trine to progr. Uranus at 8 ’17 Cancer. Most significantly is the Aq full moon’s exact opposition to Al Maliki’s progressed Pluto (18 ’12 Leo)…….

    Forces Loyal To Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki Deploy In Baghdad Streets, Sparking Coup Fears

    The Sydney Morning Herald
    August 11, 2014

    Baghdad: Special forces loyal to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki were deployed in strategic areas of Baghdad on Sunday night after he delivered a tough speech indicating he would not cave in to pressure to drop a bid for a third term, police sources said.

    A bloc comprising Iraq’s biggest Shiite parties is close to nominating a prime minister, the deputy speaker of parliament said on Monday, directly challenging Mr Maliki.

    Haider al-Abadi’s comments in a tweet came after police sources said special forces and Shiite militia loyal to Mr Maliki had been deployed in strategic areas of Baghdad. An eyewitness said a tank was stationed at the entrance to Baghdad’s Green Zone, which houses government buildings.



  356. Helen says:

    I’m not answering that, Alex – you’re opinion is way off and I’m totally sincere and not baiting anyone – whew!

  357. Noelle says:

    Is there something I’m missing? Why don’t all of the Middle Eastern countries unite and go after ISIS. Why are we the only ones doing anything? There must be some reason I just don’t get.

  358. alex says:

    Helen your time stamp will answer it – do you know about horary astrology August 11, 2014 at 9:19 am

  359. lisam says:

    In light of Hillary’s article published in the Atlantic, I have a better understanding of Obama’s interview in the NYT. Glad I voted for him in the 2008 presidential primaries instead of her.

  360. lisam says:

    I believe time stamps only apply to where the server you are using is physically located. I’ve seen websites of people who live here with a GMT time stamp because the server is physically located in London.

  361. alex says:

    With Liberty and Dividends For All: How To Save Our Middle Class When Jobs Don’t Pay Enough


    Finally, A Simple Plan That Can Reverse Inequality and Save America’s Sinking Middle-Class


    SR: Your solution comes from taking a close look at what you call the “river of money” flowing in the American economy, and redirecting or redistributing the wealth that comes from the assets and institutions all citizens share. You call it “co-owned wealth.” So break this down for us. What should be shared? What is co-owned wealth?

    PB: Even though good-paying jobs are in decline, there’s a lot of wealth in our economy. It produces an enormous amount of wealth. So the economy, as a whole, is okay, but the money isn’t flowing to labor.

    So if we want to have a middle-class we have to take somehow from the wealth that we actually do have, and spread it around in ways that aren’t tied to people’s time-clock labor. All right, so what is all that extra wealth out there that doesn’t come from labor? A lot of it, if you really start to dig deeper, below the surface, is wealth that is either stuff that we inherit—like all the gifts of nature; the soil, the water, the air, the minerals, the trees, etc. Also, a lot of our wealth comes from stuff that society created—all of our science, knowledge, techologies, that stuff.

    Plus, and here’s the key to it, there’s a lot of social infrastructure—such as the financial systems, or legal systems, our copyrights and patent laws. All of these create enormous amounts of wealth. This is wealth that is not created by individuals, not created by private corporations, but created by society. So what I’m saying is that some of that wealth should be shared equally among everybody. And that would be the basis for supplementing labor income.

  362. will says:


    You’ve declared your own jihadha
    You’re acting like a snottha
    Your bagging on Obama amounts to noddha
    You think you are smarter but probably nottha
    Your priciples leak like wet ricotta
    You make less sense than the art of Dada
    You might have a brain clottha
    Your thought process is slip-shoddha
    Maybe you should kneel and pray to Goddha
    Or chill and smoke some primo pottha
    Or talk to your muddha and your faddha
    Or stay a few weeks at Camp Granadha
    Or buy some new shoes at Pradha
    Or sit back and read Harry Pottha
    Or maybe watch La Strada
    Or listen to a sonatha
    Or fight Jake La Motta
    Or pray at a grottha
    Or lend me a quattha
    Or don’t even botha
    Its getting hottha
    Did you just fattha?
    Oh, it doesn’t even mattha
    So have fun alottha

    Over and outtha

  363. alex says:


    this blog is East Coast Time… for purposes of charting horary… some samples of horary charting (it is ancient astrology therefore arcane astrology and a pain in the A*@#^#*)

    but it is being adapted for modern use by astrologers who practice it;


    Horary astrology, one of the oldest forms of astrology is used to answer a specific question, usually, but not always, involving a yes or no answer. Meaning, “of the hour”, Horary is founded on the premise that the answer to a question lies in the moment it is asked. The existence of a problem implies that the solution also exists and is held in the moment of inquiry. The Horary chart is calculated for the time the astrologer receives and understands the question.

    Frawley suggests that the chart carries its own time frame depending on the question. Each chart can have 3 broad time frames, short, medium and long but the fixed units for these depend on the nature of the question. So for the question above, minutes might be short term, hours medium term and days long term.

    If the question is ‘when will I meet Mr Right?’, weeks might be short term, months medium term and years long term.

    So Frawley says Angular House or Fixed Sign = slow (long term)
    Succedent House or Mutable Sign = Medium
    Cadent House or Cardinal Sign = Fast (Short Term)

    Clearly the combination of Sign and House need to be considered.

    Frawley also adds an additional point. For some questions ‘volition’ needs to be considered, i.e. can the querent do something to hasten the outcome.

    As planets in Angular Houses have accidental dignity, this might speed things up if the querent could act in such a way as to effect the outcome and chooses to do so.

    On the other hand planets in cadent houses have little accidental dignity and this indicates that the querent has little chance of effecting the outcome even if they choose to act, so in that case being in a cadent house might slow things down a little.

    That’s clearly requires some application of judgement on the part of the Astrologer.

    How may time units are involved is usually taken from the aspect between significators. The key here is to calculate how far the applying planet has to move in order to perfect the aspect. This is not obvious from the chart and requires consulting an ephemeris.

    For example if Venus at 4 degrees Libra is applying to Mars at 10 degrees Libra the distance to perfection is NOT 6 degrees (assuming both planets are direct). Mars does not stand still and wait for Venus, so Venus will take more degrees to catch up moving Mars. An ephemeris will tell when and at what degree the aspect is perfected.

    The ephemeris will also indicate whether the aspect will be perfected much earlier because Mars turns retrograde and comes to meet Venus or the aspect is NEVER perfected because before Venus catches up Mars, it turns retrograde and moves away. This is called Refrenation.

  364. lisam says:

    Just my feeling that CIA/Mossad/M16 are using IS for the purpose of entrapment. Sounds far-fetched I know, but something on the ground doesn’t add up.

  365. lisam says:

    They have to get their propaganda right before I can believe who they say they really are. Same for that crazy Boko-Haram group.

  366. Kitty says:

    Feels like ” shadow boxing”” here—
    With 393 comments, I see no criticism of Obama–there are criticisms of everything else in the world, but not Obama !!
    What ? One opinion allowed here, and that’s it ??

  367. Kitty says:

    This is so long, that I hesitated awhile to post it !
    Was there any particular reason you picked Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer?

    Because all I see is in the info below, from Wikipedia, that you posted. You have opened up a whole new can of worms for me and made my eyes cross-! LOL– I have always been dubious of the Dulles Bros./CIA– and can now add Lemnitzer to my list- and he is connected to Cubans/Watergate Burglers–?? For years, there has been a list of dubious characters, that I should do more research on— There are so many inter-twinings of a list of characters, that the list becomes overwhelming at times—

    As Chairman, Lemnitzer weathered the Bay of Pigs crisis
    Lemnitzer approved the plans known as Operation Northwoods in 1962, a proposed plan to discredit the Castro regime
    Within a few months, after the denial of Operation Northwoods, Lemnitzer was denied another term as JCS chairman.[2] Author Richard Cottrell suspects Lemnitzer of the key role in the Kennedy assassination, out of revenge for the demotion and for being soft on communism.[3]
    Lemnitzer retired from the military in July 1969. In 1975, President Ford appointed Lemnitzer to the Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (aka the Rockefeller Commission) to investigate whether the Central Intelligence Agency had committed acts that violated American laws and allegations that E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis (of Watergate fame) were involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
    The Rockefeller Report is seen by many as a “whitewash,” and was certainly superceded by the Church Committee’s work in scope and depth.

  368. Helen says:

    Yeah, Kitty: they’ve already railroaded a couple other disillusioned Dems out the door. They ‘ll correct you by saying that the party is now ‘centrist’ and if you take issue with that you’re no better than Fox News. Excuse me, but I’m an old fashion all for unions Dem. YES, my party is too Wall Street BIG CORPORATIONS now.

    Awhile back Fe and I disagreed about the Bundy Ranch episode: we had polite and civil exchanges about it – how it should be and no jabs of a personal note.

    However there seems to be a Ministry of Truth at work here now – not good.

  369. alex says:

    Sabian Symbols can be helpful as a useful memory system – but way back then the creators of Sabian didn’t and couldn’t show their ‘work product’ (how they got to their conclusion) for degree/sign theme they offered that they had a spiritual connection to a ‘guide’ or some such thing I find Sabian kind-of silly and useless….no one can duplicate their work and test for its relevance;

    but if Sabian symbols get you to re-write each and every degree/sign after you bring your experience into the mix and you put together some symbolic mne·mon·ic devise for yourself, so to speak, then it would have some good utility…

    most people use Sabian symbols as ‘cookbook’ astrology… copy paste they don’t APPLY anything from their own experience and they don’t diligently analyze; good astrologers have skills that test and analyze all the existing astrology concepts

    there are what 6 billion people in the world so divide that by 360 degree zodiac and that is how many people have the same Sabian symbol…. and that means very broad generalization;

    intepretation generalizations (a starting point) in astrology are a given but then practicing astrologers APPLY weighing in and ruling out many many many other factors… to analyze a chart for meaning and relevance; it is like factorial models in math – –

    Factorials: They can show how many different ways there are to order or arrange a set of things. For example, if you have 5 books on a shelf, and want to know how many different ways there are to order or arrange them, simply find the factorial of 5:

    5! = 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120


    6! = 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720

    experienced astrologers know from experience that they reduce all the generalizations to their own personal skill set of tools and that may be reduced to 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 versions of how they practice first draft chart interpretations… after first draft… well you’d have to ask each astrologer what they know and how they apply it;

    astrology should lead you to find out how many different ways there are to order or arrange general concepts for your first working draft of a chart;

    Sabian symbols are ‘take it or leave it’ or ‘all of nothing’… silly not credible stuff ….. lots of people use them though… and lots of people don’t

  370. Helen says:

    Darn – I sort of liked mine!

  371. alex says:


    it always amazes me own much myth, legend and propaganda of historical accounts that I simple accepted because it is repeated often (and inaccurately)

    the history of US military oligarchy complex is interesting:

    I think I ran across something
    on 911 investigation website that mentioned Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer and that got me started because I hadn’t heard of him which lead to more research for sources that weren’t public domain Pablum ….

  372. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bush and the CIA did install Maliki. I think it is more than fair to criticize Obama for keeping Bush’s CIA installed PM in Iraq. Clinton and Carl Levin, after a visit to Iraq in 2006, strongly criticized during Bush. Clinton conti
    nues to do so.

    ““I have a name for you,” the C.I.A. officer said. “Maliki.”

    Among the Americans, Maliki was largely unknown, though he served on the committee charged with purging the Iraqi government of former members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party. “He’s clean,” the C.I.A. officer said; he wasn’t corrupt, and he had no apparent connection to terrorist activities. “We haven’t got any evidence on him.” And, unlike Jaafari, Maliki was “a tough guy,” seemingly able to defy the Iranian regime.

    “The operation, called the Charge of the Knights, nearly ended in disaster. The Iraqi Army was underequipped and underprepared, and its ranks started to fall apart soon after the fighting began. Maliki flew into downtown Basra, landing at an old palace, which was surrounded by Sadr’s militiamen. The mortar fire was relentless; Maliki’s chief of security, whom he had known since childhood, was killed. In Washington, Brett McGurk, a national-security aide, walked into the Oval Office and put a map of Basra in front of President Bush. The map showed Sadr’s forces everywhere. “Maliki was this little red dot in the middle,” McGurk recalled. Bush, unfazed, said, “Make sure he wins.””

  373. lisam says:

    This post is for those interested in the Palestine/Israel struggle, and how you can help the Palestinians free themselves from Israeli oppression. Article by Mark Braverman – Ilan Pappe is widely quoted. It’s very lengthy, but very informative. You can save it for later


  374. Anne's Aunt says:

    More from the New Yorker article I linked to above:


    “We used to restrain Maliki all the time,” Lieutenant General Michael Barbero, the deputy commander in Iraq until January, 2011, told me. “If Maliki was getting ready to send tanks to confront the Kurds, we would tell him and his officials, ‘We will physically block you from moving if you try to do that.’ ” Barbero was angry at the White House for not pushing harder for an agreement. “You just had this policy vacuum and this apathy,” he said. “Now we have no leverage in Iraq. Without any troops there, we’re just another group of guys.” There is no longer anyone who can serve as a referee, he said, adding, “Everything that has happened there was not just predictable—we predicted it.”

    Indeed, months before the election, American diplomats in Iraq sent a rare dissenting cable to Washington, complaining that the U.S., with its combination of support and indifference, was encouraging Maliki’s authoritarian tendencies. “We thought we were creating a dictator,” one person who signed the memo told me.

    Iraqi and U.S. officials, both current and former, tell tales of extortion, bribery, kickbacks, and theft. Many involve the siphoning of Iraq’s oil revenues, which last year exceeded ninety billion dollars. Others describe the corrupt use of Iraqi banks to tap the black market in dollars. In the past few years, several government contracts have turned out to be entirely fake. In 2011, the government cancelled a $1.2-billion contract to build ten power plants, and announced that the Canadian company hired to do the work existed only on paper. “The corruption is Olympian,” the former senior C.I.A. official told me.

    Crocker saw in Iraq one final unintended consequence of America’s long war: the state that we created doesn’t work without us.

  375. Kitty says:

    Yes, the US military oligarchy is extremely complex and interesting.

    I had not put Lemnitzer, into the perplexing, CIA/ Bay Of Pigs/JFK assassination problem either. Not to say he is guilty, but he certainly sounds suspicious! We have been fed the correct pablum for years, and yes repeating the same story over and over again, can make it appear true.

    Maybe it was the JFK assassination or the Iran/Contra investigation, that some details just did not make sense. I get so tired of investigations getting white-washed, details left dangling, or overlooked. That is where astrology can fill in blanks and help. I find it so sad and frustrating that guilty parties are not held accountable–that they will pop up again, in some higher elevated post ! or we give them the Medal of Freedom. There are ” dark/evil People” in this country and “too big to fail”,problems, ” that we cannot correct– but we don’t personally have to accept the propaganda we are fed. Thanks for Lemnitzer, and when I have more time, I’ll research his activities more !

  376. alex says:


    let’s not forget the military are highly ‘trained’ killers (and every country has them)

  377. Kitty says:

    as you stated—“”Just my feeling that CIA/Mossad/M16 are using IS for the purpose of entrapment. Sounds far-fetched I know, but something on the ground doesn’t add up.””
    I find things are strange! Who is really on first? Battles are too complex, and running amuck across borders. Whose side are we on in Syria/Libya–who are we really arming?

    I find your posts informative–sometimes uncomfortable, but still info, that we need to consider– Since we are doing quotes around here–right now! I’ll add another–lol—-

    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

    Albert Einstein

  378. Lorrie U says:

    AA – It wasn’t a matter of whether Obama approved of Maliki or not, he was at the time the ELECTED official of that country which we had to honor.

  379. will says:


    Exactly! Hard to believe AA is bashing him for allowing the democracy Iraq fought for to unfurl, naturally.

  380. Lorrie U says:

    Gee, even Morning Joe is furious at the Sunday talk show GOP media circus criticizing the President for what they created. Who’d a’thunk it…

  381. Lorrie U says:

    Will – LOL! It’s the old “magic wand” syndrome…he’s either weak or superhuman.

  382. Anne's Aunt says:

    *I’m* not “bashing” Obama at all! I fully support him and his presidency. That was a New Yorker article. If anyone thinks any president is above a little criticism they want to either worship the president or worse. A completely uncritical view of any leader is also ultimately not good for that leader.

  383. Lorrie U says:

    The US just closed a deal with Qatar (said to be sponsoring Hamas) to sell them around $11 billion of weapon systems including Patriot missiles and Apache helicopters

    Should the United States stop selling arms to both sides in the Middle East?

    American arms manufacturers do around $150 billion dollars a year in business and provide around 700,000 jobs to American workers. It is a big business, with a powerful lobby group and a massive interest in making sure the world stays in a state of perpetual war. Companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin pay millions of dollars in campaign donations – on both sides of the aisle – and to lobby the US Government every year, which is not surprising as the government is responsible for more than 80 percent of Lockheed Martin’s sales around the world.

    And, while the US Government has given Israel around $30 billion in aid during the last decade – 75% of which has been used to buy weapons from US companies – they also just closed a deal with Qatar (said to be sponsoring Hamas) to sell them around $11 billion of weapon systems including Patriot missiles and Apache helicopters. Furthermore, the United States has made tens of billions more in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Egypt over the years – the people of neither country being big fans of Israel. And, let’s not forget that the United States Government (it doesn’t matter which party was in power) has also armed Iran and Afghanistan.

    Ultimately, as General Butler was well aware, arming both sides in a conflict is the best way to ensure a state of perpetual war and make a few people a lot of money.


    And P.S. – Please do not place sole blame on Obama as many would like, this is an issue with Congress and money in politics. Our whole political structure is corrupt.

  384. Anne's Aunt says:

    I’m critical of Obama’s continued support of Maliki, until June of this year. He was considering Chalabi. I’m critical of Clinton’s support of military intervention in Syria.

  385. Lorrie U says:

    AA – I would say that I do get a little defensive of Obama, I love the man and feel he is unjustly attacked from many sides with little support. It feels like a constant barrage for any action he may or may not take. However, I do recognize that he is a human being and subject to error like us all. That is why I approve of his weighed and cautious responses, and I feel that he makes the best decision based on the facts as he knows them in the moment. Now everyone wants to know what is the end game! How about “we don’t know, we’re taking it one day at a time.” It works for me…

  386. ox the cat says:

    I think the problem for me is that Obama is bashed 24/7 and maybe some people come to this site for a respite. One of the primary lessons you learn growing up is to assess the people around you and take the temperature of the situation, as in it is not appropriate to be gleeful in somber situations. You tailor your affect to your surroundings in some instances. Not all but some. I would never go to right slanting sites and post. I would know it would be annoying. Just my two cents.

  387. Lorrie U says:

    ox the cat – “the problem for me is that Obama is bashed 24/7 and maybe some people come to this site for a respite.” Exactly! And sometimes it does almost feel gleeful.

  388. Anne's Aunt says:

    Obama is bashed 24/7 by republicans and tea party. Members of his party support him in large percentages. But the Rs and Ts are ruthless and have been since JFK. They can be despicable.

  389. lisam says:

    Jerry, thanks for that newspaper article on Iraq and Maliki. Looks like they’re getting ready for a showdown. Maliki has to go – he just exacerbated the problems in Iraq. Hope they find someone better to replace him.

  390. arbo says:

    It was apparently all too much for poor Robin Williams. This will bother some people as much as politics bothers others.

  391. CaseyM says:

    Lorrie, I think the government has contingency plans for all possibilities. Climate change and any resulting collapse are certainly worth considering and having a plan for. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t have so many preppers. :-)

  392. Kitty says:

    1952 is the only birth data, I can find for now–Another problem, I’m sure Obama has to tolerate !

    Who Is Haider Al-Abadi? Iraq’s New Prime Minister

    Born in 1952 in Baghdad.–is an Iraqi politician and spokesman for the Islamic Dawa Party. ( same party as Maliki )


    “His name would probably not have been put forward without the approval of the Americans and the Iranians””’


    The Dawa party is led by Nouri al-Maliki, who is also the current Prime Minister of Iraq. The party backed the Iranian Revolution and also Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini during the Iran-Iraq Warand the group still receives financial support from Tehran despite ideological differences with the Islamic Republic.

  393. Julie says:

    Thank you poet Will for the big laugh! You are hilarious; and I did appreciate the implicit Boston accent at the ends of many of the lines. Grateful to have something put a smile on my face on these grim days.

  394. barbk says:

    I loved reading your mini-rant on the Sabian Symbols alex. It is logical and based on personal experience, and I admire that. On the other hand, I’ve had a lot of experience using Sabian Symbols (after the fact) and they have often provided reinforcement of astrological conclusions. But not always.

    What I think is happening here is an acceleration of the pace in the blending (alchemy) of the rational (logos, masculine) thinking function with the psychic (eros, feminine) intuitive function. Because the (so called) feminine way of “knowing” has been suppressed (discredited) for so long, it (unconscious, intuition) isn’t as fully developed (conscious) as the logical, rational, accepted, promoted, rewarded way of arriving at a conclusion.

    We all have both, but some of us have developed one path of achieving knowledge over the other path, and therefore favor one side (yang or yin) over the other (yin or yang). As we move further into this transitional state of being, or as we become more “conscious”, both forms of Knowing will finally become balanced and – eventually – blend, so that we can slip from logos to eros and back to logos without even realizing it is happening.

    In fact, I believe complete “understanding” is so hard to achieve because both forms (of understanding) are over-developed in individuals to the point that they have little or no regard for the other side. Both forms are necessary to be whole. Perhaps our American-Western European negotiators would have more success if they could not only learn the language of the people they are negotiating with, but the way they draw their conclusions too.

    And I don’t mean the crazed barbarians of any country or culture who may become spokespeople of a group, but rather those who represent the middle road of their country or culture. For now though, we shouldn’t let ourselves be so drawn (polarized) to one way of ascertaining truth that we become blind to other paths that achieve it. I would say that Neptune is largely in charge of that process, and subtle are his ways. Like dreaming. Haven’t we all had dreams that provided answers to long analyzed problems that resisted pure logical thinking?

    The Mind is a Beautiful Thing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but the Heart takes a different route that is just as beautiful and when the two combine their efforts it is transforming.

  395. Prabhata says:

    It’s very interesting that Patrick Cockburn sees the the rise of ISIS similar to the rise of fascism in the 30s. I don’t know if he’s aware that the astrological aspects of the 30s and now are similar.
    The excerpt and link to the article below

    And the Beginning of a New Dark Age
    The End of Iraq


    People congratulate themselves that it is no longer only the Shia who are on the offensive. But in practice Isis’s seizure of a leadership position in Syria and Iraq’s communities will most likely prove to be a disaster for them. Isis is being used as a vanguard movement that will not allow itself to be easily displaced and, like the fascists in Italy and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, will seek to crush anybody who tries.

    The Sunnis have ceded a commanding role to a movement that sees itself as divinely inspired and whose agenda involves endless and unwinnable wars against apostates and heretics. Iraq and Syria can be divided up, but they cannot be divided up cleanly and peacefully because too many minorities, like the million or more Sunni in Baghdad, are on the wrong side of any conceivable dividing line. At best, Syria and Iraq face years of intermittent civil war; at worst, the division of these countries will be like the partition of India in 1947 when massacre and fear of massacre established new demographic frontiers.

    the full article:

  396. Kitty says:

    Always, Love your wise posts, and astro knowledge. Thanks.

  397. will says:


    Happy to be of service.

  398. alex says:


    the practice of astrology is known as a discredited superstitious pastime (though the public is not as judgmental loves to read daily astrology and enjoys it as entertainment and diversion;

    astrology uses analytical practices that are quite valid and have great utility for those who do the work and learn the skills….
    intuition is absolutely useful and necessary part of the astrology practice…and like astrology because it builds good mental analytic discipline;

    ….I have nothing against spiritual practices but in case of applying ‘spirit’ received information/Sabian symbols to do astrology case work-ups drives astrology back into the disregarded, fringe regions IMV;

    I’m hoping astrology will become closely linked to quantum physics in the future and not to séances; and/or closer to physical principles of cosmology rather than quasi-spirituality/religion;

  399. alex says:

    barbk – continued

    “using Sabian Symbols (after the fact) and they have often provided reinforcement of astrological conclusions”

    ok well that speaks to TESTING your hypothetical/hypothesis/premise of your analysis for a chart… that’s testing a premise and is the basic process … upon further examination your research additional information either supports your theory/premise or it does not and that process is the means of testing for relevance…. that’s all practical and purposeful and deliberate… that’s TESTING;

    you include Sabian symbols after the fact to test.. I don’t

  400. Kitty says:

    The military killers are a chilling fact! and one to be wary of…
    McConnells “conflict of interest” is infuriating! He is more appalling everyday and such a disaster for progress in the country! Ky. has to get educated and get rid of him….

    How many ships are in Mitch McConnell father-in-law’s fleet and guess which flags they fly?


    Tax Avoidance: Mitch McConnell In-Law Registers His Ships In Liberia To Avoid U.S. Taxes


    Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) introduced a bill to stop inversions in July, but McConnell has already suggested that bill, like Senator’ Breaux’s over a decade ago, should go nowhere:

  401. kiwi says:

    As true today, as then …..
    Krishnamurti on war
    “….Obviously what causes war is the desire for power, position, prestige, money; also the disease called nationalism, the worship of a flag; and the disease of organized religion, the worship of a dogma……”
    ” ….But we are fed on beliefs, ideas and dogmas and therefore we breed discontent….”

    Just want to add, I am so sad at the passing of Robin Williams.

  402. Lorrie U says:

    Kitty – Great posts re. McConnell father-in-law! Thanks!

  403. Eliseo says:

    ” I’m hoping astrology will become closely linked to quantum physics in the future and not to séances; and/or closer to physical principles of cosmology rather than quasi-spirituality/religion;”

    YES! What a pregnant sentence! Currently, quite a large number of scientists are blinded by a Cartesian worldview and ignore basic principles of the philosophy of science in their criticism of astrology. These same scientists are so very focused on their particular piece of the discipline that they lose sight of how far from that Cartesian view science has moved. It is of course, psychologically difficult to adopt or reconcile the discoveries of our theoretical physicists with our common everyday experience.

    The red herring is of course the argument about causality. In a Newtonian/Cartesian sense we’ve not yet discovered what might be the causal link(s) reflected in astrology. Perhaps it may be related to the gravitational effects on the magnetospheric activity of our sun, which in turn affects the magnetospheric activity of the earth, which would affect the inner and outer “magnetosphere” of we individual humans per our unique relation with our solar system at birth. (This would in part reflect the thought of Dr. Percy Seymour and some of my own thought.) We are perhaps electromagnetic beings in biochemical clothing?

    Conversely, the innate causal relationships may have more to do with synchronicity in a quantum sense we are yet to understand. (Richard Tarnas writes about this in Cosmos and Psyche.)

    Although I’ve been a deeply religious person all of my life, (albeit in my own Judaeo-Buddhist-Christian way, I share your hope entirely that “astrology will become closely linked to quantum physics in the future and not to séances,” or other spiritual and/or psychic (Neptunian) pursuits, etc. I anticipate scientists will probably discover the causal links more or less by accident; may perhaps “invent” their own astrology, but call it something else, and never give credit to astrologers themselves, past or present.

  404. Lorrie U says:

    Great quotes, Kiwi! If only people who want peace would just say “no” to war instead of being manipulated by those who profit, no one would fight because the manipulators are cowards who use others for their gains.

  405. Lorrie U says:

    The New Iraqi Monster America Helped Make

    A New York Times article glimpses America’s role in creating the leader of ISIS—the violent Islamic group “redraw[ing] the map of the Middle East”—and confirms the line by English poet W.H. Auden: “Those to whom evil is done do evil in return.”


  406. Helen says:

    Robin Williams:

    I saw him many times in the early days when he was doing standup at the Comedy Store and Improv in LA. Some of us talked about how he should absolutely be discovered. Remember, Jay Leno and David Letterman were doing the same rounds at the same time trying to make it, too, . Anyway, we couldn’t believe how it was taking so long with Robin because he was that good.

    But he wasn’t my favorite. I’m not surprised they put him in a sticom like Mork and Mindy – his routines and gestures were so ‘out there’, I had the feeling sometimes he was connected to ‘source’. He was so brilliant, it was scary; how often do you experience THAT sensation over someone?

    I was standing right in front of him once – he looked at me and I was ready to say something to him, but then thought, nahhh…..better geniuses be left in peace.

  407. alex says:

    Kitty what a great find/important article on McConnell’s conflict of interest;

    Eliseo “I anticipate scientists will probably discover the causal links more or less by accident….”

    astrology and applied science share relationship to how planets orbit each other….Kepler’s laws of motion;

    other for-instances:

    the scientific principle(s) that include (background: somewhere in mid-1940’s when US began bouncing radio signals off the moon) REFLECTION (optics) might be linked with the knowledge of astrology analysis…. and with center of mass/orbit… or lunar power and tidal behaviors;


    EARTH’S AND MOON’S CENTER OF GRAVITY – both orbit their common center of mass—a point known as the “Earth-Moon barycenter.”

    and Subject: lunar power


    there is use of declination (celestial orbit coordinates) and planet velocity in some astrologer’s practices; and some astrologers refer to comparative aspect force….direction, momentum;

    I’d like to see an astrologer with sufficient science background right now test chart analysis against a) escape velocity b) or to see if aspects analysis might have any relationship with geocentric orbit; that would be ‘fun’ for me!

  408. alex says:

    Robin Williams – a lovely human being, rest in peace


  409. alex says:

    Fundraising Email Excerpt: Democracy for America

    Did you see the razor-thin U.S. Senate primary election results over the weekend?

    With all but two precincts counted, Brian Schatz — a critical progressive Senator from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party — has a narrow 1,635 vote lead over Colleen Hanabusa, a corporate Democrat trying to unseat Schatz from representing Hawai’i in the senate.

    Here’s the catch: Those two remaining precincts still haven’t voted yet. Because of storm damage from a hurricane that hit Hawai’i right before the election, the state is allowing 8,000 voters to submit absentee ballots in the coming days.

    Those voters will decide whether Brian Schatz continues to stand alongside Elizabeth Warren to fight for progressive values, or if he’s replaced by a corporate Democrat who we can’t trust on the issues that matter most. There’s going to be an all-out fight for those final votes. We have to win them.

    DFA is mobilizing to help make sure Brian Schatz wins those two precincts. Brian Schatz is a strong supporter of protecting and expanding Social Security benefits. His opponent, Colleen Hanabusa, voted for the Simpson-Bowles plan that would have cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.

    Schatz’s support for expanding Social Security is a big reason why he is leading so far in the election returns. That’s why this race in Hawaii is so important. If we can help Schatz win these last two precincts, we can show Democrats across America that protecting and expanding Social Security is good politics as well as good policy.

    We have a few weeks to secure two more precincts for a progressive hero — or risk losing them to a corporate Democrat.

    Thank you for helping a progressive leader,
    Democracy for America

  410. barbk says:

    Love you alex, love you Kitty and your attack McConnell dog too, love you Eliseo!

  411. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – I think one astrologer who comes close to what you wish for is Philip Sedgwick. His understanding of the universe and how it works makes him an outstanding astrologer/scientist. He uses astrology as it was originally–wedded with astronomy.

  412. Kitty says:

    Just Info—-Friends in Hawaii worked on Schatz campaign.

    Colleen Hanabusa hasn’t lost the Hawaii Senate primary yet. But she almost certainly will.


  413. Helen says:

    “Former FDA official Scott Gottlieb, M.D. warns that under current CDC procedures, healthy Americans who show no symptoms of the virus could be detained indefinitely if Ebola hits the United States.

    In an article for Forbes entitled If Ebola Arrives In The U.S., Stopping It May Rely On Controversial Tools, Gottlieb, former Director of Medical Policy Development for the Food and Drug Administration, asserts that Ebola is likely to arrive in the U.S. and that if it does the CDC will invoke powers to “hold a healthy person against his will.”


  414. Helen says:

    And something SO WONDERFUL in Toronto:

    “Since launching their campaign, 100k Homes has earned more than their goal of housing 100,000 homeless people. The total number of homeless people housed is now at a whopping 105,580! It’s incredible to see such a massive effort being made to solve this major issue.”


  415. barbk says:

    alex, Eliseo, Barry Goddard wants to weigh in on the art of astrology. Shall we let him?


  416. lisam says:

    How impartial could the Brookings Institution’s thinking be, if some of their members come from the CIA?
    This article from the NY Times is about Al-Baghdadi, the leader of IS. I picked it up from one of Lorrie U’s posts.

    U.S. Actions in Iraq Fueled The Rise of a Rebel


  417. alex says:

    Kitty – HI – hope he wins his primary and keeps his Senate seat in the general election November 4th… thanks for the article

    Lorrie, (thank you for reminder about) Phillip Sedgwick’s notations for upcoming – – I’m going to look at charts for those dates:

    Saturn cnj Vesta 9/13
    Mercury SRX Scorpio – 9/28
    Saturn cnj Ceres 10/04
    Vesta ingress Sagittarius 10/06
    Mercury SRX Libra

    Challenges: October 24th venus, sun, pallas in Scorpio

    I’m thinking Vesta ingress Sagittarius Oct 6th as a mundane domestic political chart with the November 4th chart might be interesting comparative;

  418. alex says:

    Aug 17th

    since Aug 16th the starlightnews page does not load it comes up a blank page… I know nothing about computer but wordpress page says it had made over 200 changes in the last four months… if wordpress did and automatic then it is likely their network not working correctly… that is a guess

  419. alex says:

    continued – I posted the comment immediately above from the cache page of starlightnews… don’t ask me what’s happening… computer stuff is not my cup of tea – I hope the dysfunction clears up soon;