Putin Ascendant

After the July 17 catastrophic destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, there was a brief moment of hope that Russian President Vladimir Putin might back down. The missile that brutally annihilated the vulnerable civilian aircraft had come from Russia. The training in the use of the launcher, and possibly even its manning, was done by Russians who had been specifically sent by Putin into Ukraine to create chaos and weaken the regime.

Many had speculated after the horrifying carnage and the world’s angry reaction that Putin might put some distance between Russia and the insurgency. Many had thought he might move to dissipate the potential threat to Russia’s economy and attempt to regain his stature among the international community after the naked aggression of the past months. Many were wrong. If anything, Putin is escalating the conflict, bringing in yet more weapons and troops. Moreover, Russian artillery has been reported to be shooting at Ukrainian positions and shelling targets from across the border.

Putin has been stirring up trouble in Ukraine since February 2014 when the corrupt Russian puppet regime of Victor Yanukovich was overthrown and a more pro-Western government took its place. Since then, Putin has been actively inciting an insurgency, infusing the ethnic Russians living in the eastern part of Ukraine with highly trained Russian military agents, as well as arming them with high-tech weapons. The first casualty of this effort was the Crimean Peninsula, which in March became part of the Russian Federation. Since then, Russian thugs have been infiltrating other parts of eastern Ukraine, using the same tactics and provoking a civil war which is rapidly morphing into a war between Ukraine and Russia.

The July missile attack on a Malaysian civilian aircraft flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and the death of the nearly 300 innocent civilians aboard has galvanized and infuriated the world.  Previously cowed by Russia’s control over a big chunk of European energy imports, the countries of the EU are taking a second, less-intimidated and more emboldened look at what is happening. More aggressive and punishing sanctions are being put into place in response to Putin’s naked aggression and expansionism.

Unfortunately, a look at the charts at both Vladimir Putin and Russia tells us that this period of aggression and expansionism is likely to continue at least through March 2015 putinand possibly beyond. Both charts are subject to the potency of the Uranus/Pluto square, which has been aspecting Putin’s Sun (13Libra56) and Russia’s Neptune (13Capricorn48) since the early months of 2014, with Uranus continuing through most of February 2015 and Pluto remaining in aspect through November 2015. This particular combination points to how Putin is exercising his will (the Sun) heedless of the opinions of the world community (Uranus), and fueled by his own paranoia and a need to exercise excessive power (Pluto) or succumb to the perceived dominance of the West. It also describes the connection between Putin’s unilateral and excessive actions and over-amped, propaganda fueled Russian nationalism (Uranus/Pluto in aspect to Russian Neptune) he is consciously unleashing.russia

Another extremely significant configuration in the Russian chart is the progressed Sun conjunct natal Jupiter (15Cancer13) which will grow in potency from August 2014 through August 2015 and then begin to dissipate. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and success, and this progression will also be intensely stimulated by the Uranus/Pluto square, suggesting a period of unilateral and unexpected (Uranus) Russian expansionism and manipulative power plays (Pluto) over the coming year. Times of particular concern, when either Uranus or Pluto will be in direct aspect with natal Jupiter are August 16 through September 21, 2014, and February 1 through May 26, 2015, with particular emphasis on late February through mid-March when both Uranus and Pluto are active.

Aggressive action is usually accompanied in some way by an increased stimulation of Mars, the war planet. In Russia’s chart, converse progressed Mars has been in a square to the natal Sun (21Gemini10), waxing through mid-July 2014. Although this aspect is now waning, the solar arc progressions in Russia’s chart reveal an almost simultaneous trine from solar arc Pluto to natal Mars (8Aries49) peaking on December 1, 2014, and solar arc Jupiter trine natal Mars, peaking on March 24, 2015. This combination pointing to heightened Mars action, running alongside the Uranus/Pluto transits to natal Neptune (self-delusion, hyper-nationalism) and natal Jupiter (reckless expansionism) is enough to signal significant trouble coming from Russia over the next year.

As for Putin, he will remain extremely popular in his country through October 2014 with solar arc Venus square to the Sun. His intensified appeal will return in late 2015 with converse Sun square natal Venus through most of 2016. For the moment, despite appearances, he is quite stressed due to the long Saturn station from June 1 through late August opposite the Sun (17Taurus10) and square the Ascendant (17Leo) of his presidential chart (5/7/2012, 12:10PM). Clearly the world’s pressure is beginning to upset him greatly and hinder some of his plans in the near term. In addition, his converse progressed Moon will be conjunct both converse (20Leo57) and natal Pluto (22Leo43) from mid-August to mid-October 2014, signifying a great deal of stress and anxiety behind whatever machinations he exhibits. But tensions for him diminish by late October, and the many aspects described above point to some significant, aggressive and expansionist actions at some point from late October 2014 through March 2015. This, of course, parallels the final phase of the epoch-making, multi-year Uranus/Pluto square as it works its transformational mojo on geographical, political, financial and social forces around the globe.


  1. will says:

    Time again for Rocky and Bullwinkle to get rid of Boris and Natasha, Dollink.

  2. Anne's Aunt says:

    Very interesting post Nancy!

  3. Jerry says:

    ‘Most Serious International Crisis Since Cuban Missile Crisis”

    Stephen Cohen (Professor Emeritus, Russian Studies at Princeton and NYU): US & Russia Close To War

    CNN News
    July 25, 2014

    Youtube Video: 3 min 45 sec


    International experts and academics offer insights on the global danger of the ongoing unrest between Russia and Ukraine

  4. Kitty says:

    Here’s hoping Saturn keeps Putin stressed and Neptune keeps him foggy and paranoid ! Thank you very much for your in depth coverage again .
    I have so much respect for your tireless energy towards predictions, and this site. Your guidance and patience is amazing and appreciated.

  5. Jerry says:

    Just a quick follow up to the above; the August 10th Full Moon has tr. Mars at 8 ’38 Scorpio in precise opposition to the Pentagon’s natal Sun at 8 ’38 Taurus (no orb) and as mentioned earlier will be activating the April 29th solar eclipse (8 ’51 Taurus)…..

    Apr 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse A Direct Hit To Pentagon Natal Sun 8Tau38

    Stars Over Washington

    On April 29, 2014, a Solar Eclipse @8Tau51 directly hit (conjoined) the Pentagon’s natal Sun (leadership.) A view of the Pentagon’s natal chart (April 29, 1942 10:30 am EWT) may be seen here….



  6. Suzy says:

    Australian Mundane Astrologer Ed Tamplin is touching on issues that Starlight had also predicted way back. He has more about the UN at the link.
    The United Nations Human Rights Commission vote is a stark representation of Pluto – the masses – now opposing the July 4 1776 birth Sun of the USA. The opposition means exactly what it implies. Pluto is the challenge to transform your relationships and in a national horoscope it represents international alliances.

    In the aftermath of September 11 2001, with Pluto sitting at the Ascendant of the US horoscope, President George W. Bush issued the world with a provocative ultimatum – you are either with us or against us! Most nations united behind the USA, in a war on terror. Following the selective expansion of these military operations (on dubious evidence) into countries like Iraq, the United Nations held back. It went ahead anyway.

    Then came the collapse of the global economy with little to no metered punishment of the culprits, the Edward Snowden revelations of global spying of unimaginable proportions. And as the international community witnessed a sharply polarized nation of growing wealth disparity, they began having genuine doubts about the USA being a model country of the ‘free world’.

    Pluto opposing the Sun is a signal to rebuild international relations in a new and different way, as well as exposing the reasons for their fracture. It also talks of covert and influential cabals and lobby groups affecting the leadership in the US chart. Although the US demands immunity for their own combat forces from the International Criminal Court, having an ally like Israel charged for crimes against humanity may further erode their credibility within the global community. The US Israel relationship is destined for change within the coming years – it’s an astrological certainty.

    The horoscope of the United Nations is extremely challenged in 2014. Reformative Pluto is now at the administrative Midheaven of the United Nation’s horoscope, timed for 16.50 hours, October 24 1945, in Washington when the organisation was ratified. Pluto also squares the UN Jupiter – planet of judicial process. Right now on July 27 2014 the Leo New Moon and Jupiter squares the UN Sun, as warlike Mars moves across it. Should we rename it the Ignited Nations? Click here for the combined charts.

    The ongoing revolutionary Uranus and Pluto square will impact on the United Nations Midheaven, again in mid November as combative Mars joins Pluto at the same Midheaven. This may signal a major conflagration. Even the United Nations birthday horoscope is a Solar Eclipse with peacemaker Venus. Will funding be threatened? It’s little wonder that a new Cold War has emerged – fresh financial alliances, like BRICS, are taking shape – and the Israel Palestine issue is again at the center of UN debate.


  7. starlight says:

    Suzy – Thanks for the Tamplin article. I think we are facing a big crescendo of the final protracted Uranus Pluto square, igniting of all the current tensions in the late fall 2014 and winter/spring 2015. Russia (Neptune at 13 Libra and Jupiter/pr Sun at 15 Cancer) and Putin (Sun 13 Libra) are involved. Israel (Mars at 28 Leo) is involved; the US is involved (Sun 13 Cancer).

  8. alex says:

    2014 Election Countdown
    100 Days
    November 4, 2014

  9. lisam says:

    Miko Peled wants to change the way American Jews influence American policy in Israel. In this youtube video, he’s the guest speaker at an American Jewish gathering. He speaks, and fields some questions. He advocates a one state solution, which I believe is the only feasible solution at this point in time:


  10. kiwi says:

    thanks for sharing lisam

  11. will says:

    Putin will never succeed in any lasting fashion in this affair; his influence, to my mind, has already crossed its MC, if you will – and has nowhere else to advance but toward the nadir. Unfortunately, he will act out like the thug he is until he is finally crushed by an international alliance.

    Also, with respect to the Ed Tamplin post – I’ve never embraced Pluto as “the people” – rather the entrenched establishment, rife with corruption and rot from within.

  12. Prabhata says:

    Egypt (1922 chart), natal Moon 14Libra23, Al Sisi’s (11-19-1954 12pm chart), natal Sun is 26Scorpio32 — I suspect this coming November Egypt will have a few outbursts of tensions too.

  13. Francis says:

    I’m thinking we should look more closely at BRICS, which could mitigate the effect of Western sanctions on Russia. BRICS, now courting nations in Latin America sees itself as an alternative to the IMF and I think will rise in power and influence as the USA contends with a Pluto return in a few years. Although China seems to be the mastermind behind BRICS, Russia will play a critical role in BRICS as an important founding member.

  14. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Democracy For America

    Join me in saying “Happy Birthday” to DFA.

    Over the last decade, DFA has played a critical role in getting 802 game-changing progressive candidates elected — including candidates in every single state. I don’t know how many progressive champions will run for office this year or in the years to come, but I know that I want them to have the same kind of hands-on, grassroots support that DFA members have given me.

    DFA fought shoulder-to-shoulder with me to defeat Scott Brown in 2012, but that’s not the only way they’ve had my back. Over the past year, they’ve made my fight for the middle class their fight — and they have doubled down on leveling the playing field for working Americans, fighting with energy and passion.

    When I introduced my very first bill, the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, more than 50,000 DFA members signed a petition supporting it. Together, we fought back against cuts to Social Security, helping President Obama decide to drop “chained CPI” from his budget completely.

    Real reform in Washington is tough, and making change is always an uphill battle. But when we fight, we can win. And that’s why we need strong organizations like DFA that will boldly advocate for progressive solutions today while training up young talent to fight for what we believe in tomorrow.

    Let’s wish DFA a very “Happy Birthday” together and say thanks for a ground-breaking decade of activism.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren

  15. Anne's Aunt says:


    ““Death to the Jews” chanted the crowd waving the black flags of the Islamic State, or ISIS as it used to be known. They were looking for new supporters for their cause, the creation of a worldwide caliphate answering to the man who now calls himself Ibrahim: a zealot too radical even for Al Qaeda who has stormed through Syria and Iraq carrying out mass executions, crucifying rivals, beheading enemies. But these marchers were not in Syria or Iraq; they were in The Hague in The Netherlands. And their message was one tailored to the disaffected young descendants of Muslim immigrants in Europe.”

  16. Anne's Aunt says:

    more from the Daily Beast article:

    “Many of the demonstrators covered their faces with Palestinian scarves or balaclavas. “Anyone who doesn’t jump is a Jew,” someone shouted as the whole group started jumping in a scene that might have been ludicrous if it weren’t for the hateful message. “Death to the Jews!” the crowd shouted in Arabic.

    This scene last Thursday came in the wake of an earlier demonstration supposed to defend the Palestinians suffering in Gaza, which turned quickly into a hatefest targeting Israel, with people carrying placards that screamed “Zionism is Nazism.” But while the comingling of pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic sentiment has become all too common in European protests in recent weeks, that the battle flag of the Islamic State waved in the streets of The Netherlands on July 24 is something new and particularly dangerous.”

  17. alex says:

    IOWA SENATE ELECTION – November 4th, 2014

    Ernst (R) v Bradley (D)

    Excerpt Email: DFA

    Keep Iowa blue by electing Bruce Braley to the U.S. Senate.

    There’s nothing too extreme for Joni Ernst. She would vote for a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality. Joni Ernst wants to ban all abortions — even in the terrible cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother. Those aren’t just radical ideas, they’re an attack on working people, women, and LGBT Americans. Joni Ernst won’t address real problems or put Americans back to work.

    With these radical positions, Joni Ernst walks in lock-step with the Tea Party extremists — and out of sync with middle class Americans and their values.

    During his time in Congress, Bruce has secured back pay owed to our veterans, helped 100,000 unemployed Iowans get back on the job, and fought for equal pay for equal work. He believes that every woman has the right to consider the hardest of choices with her doctor. And he won’t support the impeachment of our president.

  18. lisam says:

    Hmmmm……..well I am now more than ever convinced that ISIS is a creation of the CIA. Maybe somebody should go take a peek in that huge U.S. embassy in Bhagdad and see what’s cooking!

  19. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, anyone else share your theory on the CiA? If so do you have any links?

  20. Anne's Aunt says:

    Oh, Lisam I see that you are getting this or agreeing with Alex Jones. You know he is a famous conspiracy theorist who deny’s the moon landing and says the US is behind the 9/11 attacks.

    Here is where I read your theory:

  21. Lorrie U says:

    Paul Ryan’s Poverty Plan Is a Scheme To Shift Federal Funds To Corporations

    Not only is Ryan’s plan an experiment in privatization, government control of poor Americans’ lives, and a slick way to give Republican states another tool to shift federal funds to religious organizations and corporations, it is as far from compassionate.


  22. lisam says:

    OMG! Alex Jones said the same thing?? Wow! Believe you me, I do not read Alex Jones, or any other conspiracy theorists, but maybe now I should pay attention to what he says! No, I came to this conclusion all by myself. All you have to do is observe, and have a thinking brain. The US has/had the capability to take this ISIS leader, and his rag tag bunch of men out any time they chose, yet they have been allowed to flourish, and look where the organization started out – iit sprang out of the Syrian rebel group, and gradually made its way to Iraq. It is clearly billed as a “terrorist” group, so why has it been allowed to flourish to the extent that it has? It could only have done so under the auspices of some power that still exercises control over there. Notice how the ISIS group circumvented Bhagdad where the US embassy is situated, but it managed to take cotrol of the oilfields in Mosul. I also asked myself the question – if America has withdrawn its troops from Iraq, why does it need to maintain that sprawling embassy in Baghdad? And that led me to another question as to why the US embassy in Libya was attacked. What was really going on there? I’ll now go and read the Alex Jones report out of sheer curiosity. Thanks for posting the link.

  23. clymela box says:

    Well thank you everyone for all your info and thoughts. I am not anywhere really except that I will be supporting DFA and I hate what the Israelis and the US are doing and have done to the Palestinians. In my heart I am a Jew and I know that Jews do not accept the cruelty that has been and is rained down on the Palestinians/ The racism shocks me as it comes from the killers represented by Israels Prime Minister.

  24. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam you might also try googling your idea. Lots of libertarian conspiracy theory sites pop up. It appears that most think the world including the islamic world revolves around the US.

  25. lisam says:

    The powers of darkness are in their final throes, and they don’t like the light being shined on them, because they need to hold on to their power; so they will try every trick in the book to remain hidden, while continuing to foment unrest all over the world. They will only go when the entire planet has been reduced to rubble. I wonder if they already have a spaceship waiting to take them to Mars, or some other destination (lol), or if they plan on going down with the ship. Let’s hope that light prevails before all is lost.

  26. lisam says:

    Thumbs up for the DFA.

  27. Kitty says:

    We may not have all the facts in YET, about the CIA/ISIS/ Ukraine/Bengazi, but the CIA has a factual history of causing problems– Putting the Shah into power in Iran, The Iran/Contra Affair and chaos in Central/S. America. JFK wanted to dismantle/re-arrange the CIA, but his death stopped that agenda. I just keep a watchful eye on the news and what “might be going on behind the scenes”—the same as keeping tabs on the GOP real agenda! Obama has a difficult role, just keeping up with his enemies!

    A Timeline of CIA Atrocities




  28. pisca says:

    lisam and kitty — I’m glad to see we are on the same page!

  29. lisam says:

    Kitty, that’s a very impressive CIA laundry list. Thanks for the info.

  30. Kitty says:

    we should all just keep informed.
    GW Bush gave Geo. Tennant the Medal of Honor–lol


  31. lisam says:

    Kiwi – my pleasure.

  32. lisam says:

    The other thing I noticed, is how news about ISIS is slanted to inspire FEAR among us, as though the powers that be are preparing us for something, like maybe another “terrorist” attack?

  33. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, how is ‘the news’ slanted to inspire fear about ISIS? It’s hardly covered at all in the US. Many people just seem to want to ignore it. News mostly seems to come from arabic and european sources. No one disputes the statistical facts or ISIS’s goals. ISIS , however, DOES use fear to get conquered territories to accept them. Who is fear mongering besides them? Which news sources?

  34. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lisam, your theory is shared by:

    “Iran’s English-language daily newspaper, the Tehran Times, recently ran a front-page story describing the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria’s (ISIS) June offensive in Iraq as part of a U.S.-backed plot to destabilize the region and protect Israel. The story was an English translation of a scoop by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), which cited a purported interview with National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden.
    “The IRNA story appears to build on, or may have even started, an Internet rumor that has assumed truthlike proportions through multiple reposts and links. No mention of a “hornet’s nest” plot can be found in Snowden’s leaked trove of U.S. intelligence documents, and even though Snowden has not publicly refuted the claim, it is safe to assume that the quoted interview never took place. (IRNA has been known to report stories from the satirical Onion newspaper as fact.) Yet Iranian government officials and independent analysts in Iran alike cited IRNA’s report as definitive proof of ISIS’s American and Israeli origins.

    Back when former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in power, it was not unusual to see IRNA echoing specious wild theories dreamed up by the leadership, but since the more moderate Hassan Rouhani assumed the presidency in August 2013, the security establishment’s nuttier fantasies of deranged plots against Iran have been largely reined in. That is, until ISIS spilled out of Syria and started setting up camp next door in Iraq, where Iran has tight ties with the Shi‘ite-dominated government in Baghdad.”
    “In its previous incarnation as an Iraqi al-Qaeda affiliate, ISIS has been responsible for thousands of Shi‘ite deaths in terrorist attacks since its formation in 2003. The group’s current success in Iraq — by some estimates it now controls a third of Iraq’s territory, including the city of Mosul — has as much to do with its considerable funding and military prowess as it does the weaknesses of the Iraqi state, led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, an Iranian-backed Shi‘ite who has alienated Iraq’s large Sunni minority. Now that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has declared himself the emir of a caliphate spanning the Syrian-Iraqi border, he continues to advocate violence against members of the Shi‘ite sect, whom he calls apostates, and has threatened to destroy Shi‘ite holy sites in an attempt to ignite an Islamic sectarian civil war. That would likely cause the Iranian-backed government in Baghdad to collapse, forcing Iran to send in troops and sparking a region-wide conflagration.

    Yet Iranian government officials refuse to accept that there is a sectarian root to ISIS’s agenda, or that ISIS was able to advance in part because of Sunni discontent. ”


  35. Trudy says:

    Great posts – thank you!
    While I thought I was aware – that “timeline” left me with my
    mouth open!!
    LOTS and Lots of Ho’opono’pono

  36. Kitty says:

    I wonder if Putin will ” blow this off too?” Paying this amt.
    would cause trouble for his expansions and taking over other countries !?

    Russia ordered to pay $50B for seizing oil giant Yukos


  37. Anne's Aunt says:

    Do you all realize that ISIS is Sunni and is fighting Shia? Iran and Iraq are Shia. The Sunnis ruled Iraq which had Shia majorities. Bush the Idiot backed the Shia in 2003 by deposing the Sunni ruler. The CIA will not back the Sunnis which ISIS is.

    “The divide between the Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam is both ancient and still highly consequential today. In Syria, a Sunni-majority country dominated by members of a Shiite sect, fighting that began as anti-government has taken on sectarian overtones. That has spilled over to Iraq, which is Shiite-majority and has a predominantly Shiite government but is increasingly troubled by Sunni rebels. And the region’s major powers have long pushed sectarian interests, with Shiite-majority Iran on one side and Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia on the other.”

  38. kiwi says:

    Whether or not the cia is involved with isis, I find it incredibly sad that cia misdeeds over the preceding decades have garnered such incredible mistrust by regular people, that the concept seems totally within the realm of possibility.

  39. kiwi says:

    On another note, has anyone tried to access the msnbc website today (msnbc.com)? I keep getting ‘bad web address’ message this afternoon and wonder if for some reason they have are off air or having some other major problem – or whether I’m being somehow blocked because I am in NZ

  40. Kitty says:

    I agree with you, that it is sad about our CIA. I feel sadder that we lost JFK, and Robert Kennedy, who could have made changes with it. I have no problem getting MSNBC site and watch it on my computer too. I really hope it clears up for you.

  41. Anne's Aunt says:

    kiwi, I totally agree about the CIA! They have done many atrocities and crimes over the years – in our names and with our money.

  42. Helen says:

    Germany is mulling over greater independance from the US sphere:


    Is anyone aware of the weekly demonstrations in Germany against NATO, the American Fed,
    IMF? Not covered in major media.

    Google search link to the many articles on it:


  43. Kitty says:

    Thanks for your BRIC post. I gave BRIC no attention, before.
    Brazil, Russia, India, China–an alliance that is troublesome !
    The Forbes link is far too long, but scanning it, helps with history.

    Faced With Western Freeze-Out, BRICS Bank Is a Coup for Russia


    The BRICS Bank Is Born Out of Politics


  44. Jerry says:


    The Financial Times covered that Russian story as well (the $50 billion legal judgment against the Russian govt.) and ends the article with a quote, a startling admission from an undisclosed source….

    “…..One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine. “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”

    Putin’s aggressive behavior in the Ukrainian civil war is becoming increasingly evident and alarming to western observers.

    As a reminder, the Aug. 10th Full Moon (18 Aq.) will be activating the Aug. 11, ’99 solar eclipse; Putin’s Jupiter-Node t square (19 Aq-Leo-Taurus) in t square to tr. Saturn and Ukraine’s natal Pluto (17 Scorpio).

    Astrologer Tom Chase discusses some of his personal impressions on the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse (18 Aq) in relation to Vladmir Putin. Putin’s initial rise to power as Prime Minister of Russia (second in command) on Aug. 9, 1999 coincided within two days of this fixed grand cross square 8/11/99 solar eclipse. This could provide some comprehension to Nostradamus’s quatrain….

    “In the year 1999, in the seventh month, from the sky there comes a great king of terror, to bring back the great king of the Mongols, Mars rules triumphantly, before and after.”

    Here is Chase’s youtube video clip published May 5, 2014

    Russia To Invade Ukraine Soon? Civil War? Prophecies Nostradamus and Bible (video length: 7 min. 20 sec.)


    The following article explains why the seventh month of 1999 relates to the zodiac calender year July 23 to August 22 and not as some historians mistakenly believe to the Julian calender July 1 – July 31.

    Nostradamus — King of Terror
    Marshall Masters

    Table of Contents

    The year 1999, seventh month,

    PAGE SUMMARY: The first line of this quatrain is the most controversial, since it sets a specific period of time. For those with an interest, but little background in the writing of Nostradamus, the tendency was to pull out the calendar and to count months. The problem was that Nostradamus did not mean the first month of 1999, the last, or any month in-between. In this insightful analysis, published Nostradamus expert Clarence Gregory tells us that “The seventh month of the Zodiac, of the calendar year 1999 is Leo, July 23 to August 22.” This puts the August 11, 1999 eclipse over Turkey mentioned in……..



  45. Bob says:

    Kiwi, I tried to get into MSNBC at about 10:30 pm, CDT, Monday night (about 1 hour before your post time) and got the msg that I did not have permission to access the domain “on this server”. I was using Fire Fox. I could access it using Internet Explorer. This was true for all of my links (I have separate links for every show and one for msnbc.com).

    About 2 am, CDT, (about 7 pm your time) on Tuesday, July 29th I got in by going to msnbc.com


    then going down and clicking on “PRIMETIME”, then choosing the show I want to watch from the page that opens.

  46. Jerry says:

    One minute video clip comments on Putin

    Hillary Clinton’s view of Putin…..

    Putin is arrogant and tough


    US President Obama Calls Russian Putin “Bored Kid in the Back of the Classroom”


  47. Jerry says:

    Continued from above….

    George W. Bush: Putin Dissed My Dog Barney


    Steven Seagal Says Vladimir Putin Is The World’s Greatest Leader


  48. Jerry says:

    One last video clip. A little comic relief. Putin on the move…..

    2014 EPIC Putin The BOSS Goes To Work
    (video length: 7 min. 22 sec.)


  49. Jerry says:

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Putin sings “Blueberry Hill” at a dinner function among the Hollywood stars in Los Angeles. It’s a classic…….


  50. kiwi says:

    thanks for the responses regarding msnbc.
    Must have been a glitch on their end or the ‘internets’ for a period of time I guess. It cleared up for me later in the evening.

  51. Francis says:

    Kitty, thank you for the Forbes link to BRICS article. Frankly I am surprised people are slow to wake up and realize geo- politics is now changed with the New Development Bank. Developing nations, spurned and exploited by the West are being courted. Imagine what will happen when I predict Iran will join making any sanctions imposed on them merely an inconvenience. AND what could be a response by BRICS nations if one of their nations is attacked militarily or even just threatened?? AND why shouldn’t BRICS model itself after NATO in order to “protect” it’s investments? The world is now changed and the USA is bickering and distracted.

  52. starlight says:

    I have been less attentive than usual over the news of late. I don’t know if this has been discussed much in the media, but I have been wondering if the war in Israel actually began with a kind of false flag moment. By this I mean that Netanyahu immediately started blaming Hamas and started harassing Hamas and Palestinians in response to the kidnapping of the three boys. It was in response to this that Hamas began the rocket attacks after a long period of truce. Had Israel responded more as if this event were a criminal action by a few miscreants and not perpetrated by Hamas, we might not have a war right now. I have to wonder if Netanyahu used the kidnapping as an opportunity to go after the tunnels and break down Hamas, even knowing that the kidnapping didn’t really fit their MO or make sense strategically for Hamas to have been the perpetrators. In any event, I think this will turn out to have been a big mistake and will stir up far more trouble than expected, much like Bush’s use of 9/11 to create two wars with really disastrous results. Any thoughts?

  53. lisam says:

    Starlight, what struck me as strange about the sequence of events with Israel/Palestine, is that this trouble arose as soon as Abbas and the PLO decided to join ranks. I think that enraged the Israeli gov’t. Next came the kidnapping, and Israel used this as an excuse to blame Hamas, and enter Gaza and launch an assault, resulting in a couple of deaths, and a few being dragged of to prison. It was at this point that Gazans started firing rockets into Israel. Whether this was a false flag operation or not, I don’t know, but I am suspicious of the sequence in which events unfolded, and if this war continues much longer, I feel other nations in the region will be drawn in.

  54. will says:


    Perhaps having framed one or maybe even two murders as criminal homicide would have been “reasonable.” But it was three Israeli boys which to my mind ratchets it up to a whole other dimension in that particular region of the world. To your point about the tunnels; “mowing the lawn” is a phrase used to describe just how routinely Israel dismantles Hamas’ tunnels.

    It is fairly clear to me that Hamas assassinated the three Israeli boys as an act of war; it is no coincidence that their rockets were so heavily stockpiled and that launching so many of them was immediate and has been essentially unceasing.

    Hamas stirred the hornet’s nest; unfortunately, Israel’s response has been utterly disproportionate and insane.

  55. Apple says:

    I think that’s exactly what happened, Starlight, including 9/11.

  56. lisam says:

    In my above post I meant to say ” as soon as Abbas and the PLO formally announced that they were joining ranks with HAMAS and becoming one gov’t representing the Palestinian people.”

  57. lisam says:

    Starlight – not sure if this is a good source to use, but here is the news of the pact between Abbas and Hamas. Sorry, the name of Abbas’ party is not the PLO, but Fatah.


  58. starlight says:

    Will – Check these out from last night’s Chris Hayes:

    see 2 videos from the show of July 28:

    Violence and Reprisals in the Middle East
    and Making Sense of the Middle East Chaos


  59. Jerry says:

    Astrologically, a key point to remember is that the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers were discovered July 1st, the same day Mercury went stationary direct precisely on Israel’s natal Uranus (24 ’23). The Israeli government started bombing Gaza in retaliation that very same day. Could have been a sudden knee jerk reaction (Uranus) with the intention of delivering an unmistakeable message (Mercury) to Hamas that Israel would not tolerate that kind of behavior.

    This harkens back to the previous Mercury direct station of February 28th (18 Aquarius). That marked the period when Russia sent in its pro Russian mercenaries into Crimea sending shock waves of incredulity to the outside world. 18 Aquarius is a sensitive degree in Ukrainian-Russian relations for reasons which I stated earlier. The August 10th Full Moon (18 Aquarius) could bring events to a head over there.

  60. alex says:

    BRICS first meeting: NYC 2006

    BRICS next meeting: Yekaterinburg, Russia 2008

    BRICS official summit: Yekaterinburg, Russia – 16 June 2009

    New Development Bank agreement: Durban, South Africa – 27 March 2013

    BRICS Development Bank & Reserve created: Fortaleza, Brazil – 15 July 2014



  61. Kitty says:

    I agree with your thoughts. The alliance with Hamas and Fatah set Netanyahu on the attack, plus putting up more obstacles with the US/Iran negotiating. Sadly, this could cause Israel more troubles.

  62. starlight says:

    Is Obama to blame for the world’s crises?


    …the belief persists that the difference between a bad outcome and a good outcome is a willingness by the U.S. government to exercise leadership or show toughness or otherwise get involved. In practice, our interventions often exact a terribly high price for a dismal result. If there are two ways to get a dismal result, maybe we should choose the one that doesn’t cost us thousands of lives or billions of dollars.

  63. lisam says:

    Just saw this article about the kidnapping of the Israeli kids on Yahoo. It reports that 6 Palestinians were killed, and 400 (mostly members of Hamas) were arrested, following news of the kidnapping.


  64. alex says:

    BRICS New Development Bank & Reserve continued –

    The convertibility of India’s currency was a complex issue and (from memory) one of the prime reasons India has long history of being barter/trade partners with Russia and China (…as well as countries do most of their trade with nations on their borders)


  65. Prabhata says:

    The Gospel of Thomas didn’t make it into the Bible, but saying #28 is my favorite. Being blind in the heart is our disease.

    Jesus said:

    “I took my stand in the midst of the world and I appeared to them in flesh.
    I found that they were all drunk; I did not find any of them thirsty.
    And my soul became distressed for the sons of men
    because in their hearts they are blind and they do not see.
    For they were empty as they came into the world,
    and they are still empty as they are seeking to leave the world.
    But as for now they are drunk.
    When they shake off their wine, then they will repent”

    Excerpt From: Das Abra And Nicholas Perrin. “The Gospel of Thomas (Enhanced Version).” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/ZM-lz.l

  66. Trudy says:

    I suspect that:
    – the BRICS
    – the goings on in Israel (they would loose financial support from US
    should something happen to the dollar)
    – the Ukraine
    – plus most of the other goings on are all related to:
    “All wars are bankers wars” 43 min

  67. lisam says:

    There is something wrong here. The name of this group is morphing faster than a chameleon changes colors. It was first known as ISIL. Once it established itself in Iraq, it became known as ISIS. Now it is being referred to simply as IS (Islamic State). Now, all the reports that are made public about this group claim that they are more extreme than even Al Qaeda. So here is the US, hunting down and eliminating the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Al Qaeda anywhere they can find them, yet this extremist group is allowed to roam freely right under the nose of the US embassy in Bhagdad, capture oilfields, and spew their extreme propaganda in full sight of the world. I had to laugh looking at this photo of one of its members, because he looks like Dart Vader posing for a photo op. My guess about all this is that somebody needs oil prices to soar, so they could make some money. Maybe that sounds simplistic, but I really can’t take this group seriously, inspite of their extremist propaganda. They may want to get into the movies with all the weird costumes they’re parading around in.


  68. Helen says:


    White House pursuing plan to expand immigrant rights
    “Roughly 5 million of the estimated 11 million people who entered the country without legal authorization or overstayed their visas could be protected under a leading option the White House is considering, according to officials who discussed the proposals on condition of anonymity.”



  69. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam you cannot take ISIS seriously because of their OUTFITS in some photos? With civilian death tolls topping 5,500 in the first six months of this year I would think their outfits are the least important thing about them.

  70. lisam says:

    Well, what’s a few more corpses after the “Shock and Awe” in Iraq?

  71. alex says:


    Reduce the influence of Money in Politics

    Endorses: IOWA – 03

    STACI APPEL (D) v Davis Young (R)

  72. kiwi says:

    A few years back, perhaps just before or when binladen was killed, I recall someone saying that Dr. Zawahiri’s chart would gain in strength/agression in a few years time.
    Since we have not heard anything about him of late, and his origins go back to being sorely mistreated in prison over the Palestinian issue, I have to wonder if somehow he is involved in an overall strategy behind the scenes as far as isis and hamas are concerned. It was Zawahiri, after all, who was the key strategist behind bin Laden’s actions. Bin Laden was the money man and the mouthpiece but Zawahiri was the brains.
    Has anyone looked at his chart lately? I’ll have to search out his birthdate again.

  73. Prabhata says:

    On that video about all wars being bankers’ wars is interesting. I don’t know how correct the “history” is.

    This I know from experience: Debt is a sure way to the poor house. Maybe it’s because I used to be an accountant. It didn’t take an Einstein brain to figure out that if I borrowed, the cost of whatever I used the money for skyrocketed and any “sale” savings went out the window. I’ve been using save-and-pay for whatever. Everything I buy is with cash. Sometimes one has to use a credit card, but I’m sure to payoff that credit card so that my end-of-month balance is always zero. I keep telling people not to get into debt, and that debt is a form of slavery. Few listen to me. Those who think they can beat inflation by borrowing are fools. Oh, well…

    On Immigration:
    Immigration is not the problem. The real problem is policies towards poor nations. People want to work, and if they can’t find work in their own lands, they will move to where work is available. The US doesn’t have jobs, but poor immigrants don’t know that. “Immigration reform” won’t fix the immigration problem here and it will certainly not fix the problem in poor nations.

  74. will says:


    Thank you for posting the Chris Hayes clips; it certainly adds shades of questionable motivations with respect to Israel – and yet it does underscore questionable and obfuscating “rhetoric” still coming from both sides; an utter Pandora’s Box of Spites and Chaos; there is plenty of shame and disgust to go around.

  75. Prabhata says:

    Also on the bombing of Gaza. I suspect that all those homeless Palestinians will be given an “opportunity” to leave their land and become refugees in some land that is not near the occupied territories controlled by Israel.

    It doesn’t take an Einstein-brian to see the obvious. It is only a matter of time for Israel to take back Gaza.

  76. Prabhata says:

    Oops. Einstein-brain not Einstein-brian.

  77. Francis says:

    Trudy, I agree with your points about many world events being related. My own thoughts involve China as the mastermind and presents as reasoned, rational good guy and Russia in role as irrational, aggressive bad guy. And I see BRICS as developing a new international economic and political viable challenge to Western power.
    Alex, thank you for your research on BRICS! I am not sophisticated enough to cast a horoscope, let alone interpret it :) but would eargly absorb your astro insights on BRICS.

  78. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata, I totally agree with you about debt. High debt is a terrible financial strain on people. I taught my daughter this and she tries, sort of. But her school is paid off at least and her car too. I have been ‘advised’ to take out more debt – it’s the accepted way to live in the US. I ignore that advice.

    lisam, I’m certain you are joking with your ‘what’s a few more corpses’ comment. It’s sort of funny actually. I think that joke might be lost, however, on african americans and white ‘sympathizers’ were terrorized in the US by terrorists dressed in white (instead of black) sheets. But these photos are also funny. #14 especially.

  79. kiwi says:

    Ah yes, debt – so many of today’s problems are rooted in that.
    I am grateful to the lessons my father taught me – work hard, invest wisely, don’t make the banker rich.
    “The second vice is lying, the first is running in debt.”
    -Benjamin Franklin
    “Never spend your money before you have it.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  80. Salemone says:

    Somewhat off topic but does anyone have astrological insight into the Ebola crisis that seems to be basically a plane ride away from any country? Any astrological comparison to the 1918 pandemic?

  81. Kitty says:

    It appears that Germany is having bigger plans. This link can get out of control sometimes but has interesting info.
    Cozying Up to the BRIC Wall
    Merkel Goes to China


    Thanks for all the BRIC info. Lots to read and catch up on…

  82. alex says:

    November 4TH, 2014 Mid-Term Elections

    Marilinda Garcia (NH-02): President Obama “has Many, Many Impeachable Offenses.” “When asked if she would vote to impeach President Obama Garcia said, “I would..He has many, many impeachable offenses it seems to me in terms of his disregard for our Constitution alone.” [New Boston Republican Committee Debate, 2/06/14]

    Gary Lambert (NH-02): Would Not Close Door on Supporting Impeaching President Obama. “You heard me how I feel about winning, so first I gotta see whether or not that would work, whether or not we could win. Then I‘ll evaluate it at that time…I’m with you on this but we gotta keep our eye on the ball.” [New Boston Republican Committee Debate, 2/06/14]

    Ryan Zinke (MT-AL) Pledged to Support Impeaching President Obama. “During the debate, held May 27, tea party activist and fellow House candidate Drew Turiano asked Zinke whether he would support efforts to impeach Obama […]‘And then I do believe we can put the president on the run. He’s had six years of doing his will to this country, and I believe that’s intentional dismantling of American power both domestically and abroad,’ said Zinke. ‘So is impeachment in the cards? Let’s hope we have the votes.’ Turiano, not completely satisfied with Zinke’s response, replied, ‘Is that a yes or a no?’ ‘Yes,’ said Zinke.” [Huffington Post, 6/02/14]

    Rep. Steve Scalise “Refused to Rule Out a Drive to Impeach President Barack Obama.” “The third ranking Republican official in the House refused to rule out a drive to impeach President Barack Obama during an interview with Fox News Sunday.” [MSNBC, 7/27/14]

    Rep. Jeff Denham: Would Not Discount Impeachment. In August 2013, Denham said: “If our Commander in Chief that was reelected in this country decides to break the Constitution it is a challenge to hold him accountable. And he’s done it several times now.” When asked if he would support impeachment, Denham said: “Impeachment is a, is a very serious issue. I think that you have to prove that the leader of the free world has done something that is so far against American beliefs that, and this trust that he’s been sworn into that you remove him. You know I think that him trying to move beyond these phony scandals is something that opens the door for us to investigate further. IRS targeting people, targeting individuals, targeting political organizations is a huge issue that we’re going to hold him account on. But the biggest issue for me thus far in this presidency has been Benghazi […]So depending on how far these investigations go we could get into a scenario where the president has broken the law.” [North Valley Tea Party Club, 8/14/13]

    Rep. Kerry Bentivolio: It Would be “Dream Come True” to Impeach President Obama. “Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, R-Mich., Monday said it would be a ‘dream come true’ to write a bill to impeach President Obama after constituents asked what he is doing to stop the president from ‘doing everything that he’s doing against [the] Constitution.’ ‘If I could write that bill and submit it, it would be a dream come true,’ Bentivolio said at the Birmingham Bloomfield Republican Club Meeting. ‘I feel your pain. I stood twelve feet away from [the president] and listened to him. I couldn’t stand being there, but because he is president I have to respect the office. That’s my job, as a congressman. I respect the office.’ Bentivolio, a former Santa Claus impersonator and reindeer farmer, went on to say that he has already asked various lawyers and scholars to advise him on ‘how [he] could impeach the president of the United States.’” [ABC News, 8/21/13]

    Rep. Steve King: House will Impeach President Obama if He Acts on Immigration Reform. “Rep. Steve King (R-IA) believes the House of Representatives will immediately begin impeachment proceedings if President Barack Obama unilaterally grants work permits and amnesty to millions more illegal immigrants by the ‘end of summer’ […]‘From my standpoint, if the president [enacts more executive actions], we need to bring impeachment hearings immediately before the House of Representatives,’ King said. ‘That’s my position and that’s my prediction.’” [Breitbart, 7/26/14]

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Impeaching President Obama a Possibility. “Rep. Jason Chaffetz says President Barack Obama’s handling of the government’s response to the Benghazi terrorist attack could be an impeachable offense and vows to continue digging at the “lies of highest magnitude” from the White House. ‘It’s certainly a possibility,” the Utah Republican said Monday when asked about impeachment. ‘That’s not the goal but given the continued lies perpetrated by this administration, I don’t know where it’s going to go. … I’m not taking it off the table. I’m not out there touting that but I think this gets to the highest levels of our government and integrity and honesty are paramount.’” [Salt Lake Tribune, 5/13/13]

    Rep. Michele Bachmann: Option of Impeaching President Obama Should Not be Dismissed. “Bachmann stopped short of saying that Obama should be impeached, but when asked, said that option shouldn’t be dismissed. ‘As I have been home in my district, the 6th District of Minnesota, there isn’t a weekend that hasn’t gone by that someone says to me, ‘Michele, what in the world are you all waiting for in Congress? Why aren’t you impeaching the president? He’s been making unconstitutional actions since he came into office,’ Bachmann said.” [Politico, 5/16/13]

    Rep. Blake Farenthold: House has Votes to Impeach President Obama. “Rep. Blake Farenthold thinks the House of Representatives has the votes to impeach President Barack Obama in response to an inquiry about the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate, but said at a town hall meeting he doesn’t think it would be the best approach. ‘A question I get a lot, ‘If everybody is so unhappy with the president, why don’t you impeach him?’ Farenthold, a Texas Republican, said at a town hall meeting Saturday according to a video posted on YouTube. ‘I’ll give you a real frank answer about that, if we were to impeach the president tomorrow, we would probably get the votes in the House of Representatives to do it.’” [Politico, 8/12/13]

    Rep. Steve Stockman: “I’m Considering Filing Articles of Impeachment Against Barack Obama.” “Mr.Stockman said Mr. Obama has repeatedly broken his oath of office to uphold the Constitution, and in response, he’s seriously mulling legal action. ‘I’m considering filing Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama,’ he wrote on his website, as reported by The Blaze.” [Washington Times, 1/30/14]

    Rep. Jack Kingston: Congress Will Start Looking at Impeaching President Obama “Very Seriously.” “Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) declined to comment this week when asked whether he supports impeaching President Barack Obama, but in a radio interview two weeks ago, he said it was a very serious possibility […] ‘Not a day goes by when people don’t talk to us about impeachment. I don’t know what rises to that level yet, but I know that there’s a mounting frustration that a lot of people are getting to and I think Congress is going to start looking at it very seriously.’” [Huffington Post, 7/16/14]

    Rep. Randy Weber: “The President Deserves to be Impeached.” “‘The president deserves to be impeached, plain and simple,’ Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas) said at an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation.” [The Hill, 7/15/14]

    Rep. Joe Barton: Impeaching President Obama “Debatable.” “Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), who voted to impeach President Bill Clinton in 1998, said that doing the same for Obama was ‘debatable.’ ‘I think it’s debatable. I certainly think the president has gone out of his way to not enforce some of the laws that the Congress thinks he should be enforcing,’ Barton said.” [The Hill, 7/15/14]

    Rep. Michael Burgess: Impeaching President Obama “Needs to Happen.” “Impeaching President Barack Obama ‘needs to happen,’ Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) told a local tea party group, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Tuesday. Burgess spoke, the paper said, in response to an attendee’s suggestion that the GOP-controlled House use impeachment to stop Obama from ‘pushing his agenda.’ ‘It needs to happen, and I agree with you it would tie things up,’ Burgess reportedly responded. ‘No question about that.’” [Politico, 8/09/11]

    Rep. Ted Yoho: House Should Threaten to Impeach President Obama. “Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) told colleagues that the House should pass legislation with new steps to secure the border, and tell Obama if he didn’t implement it, they would impeach him. ‘He either enforces the laws on the books—as he was hired and elected to do—or he leaves Congress no option. This is not our choice, this is the President’s choice and I would advise him to uphold the law on the books,’ Yoho said in a written statement after the meeting.” [Breitbart, 7/25/14]

    Rep. Paul Broun Backed Impeaching President Obama. “Rep. Paul Broun, a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia, indicated during a tea party-sponsored candidate forum this weekend that he would support the impeachment of President Obama. Candidates at the Gilmer County GOP forum, including Broun, were asked by a questioner: ‘Clinton was impeached for perjury. Obama has perjured himself on multiple occasions. Would you support impeachment if presented for a vote?’ Broun, along with two other candidates, Derrick Grayson and Eugene Yu raised their hands, according to video of the event obtained by ABC News (watch video above). Neither Rep. Phil Gingrey nor Rep. Jack Kingston attended the forum.” [ABC News, 2/03/14]

    Rep. Louie Gohmert Pushed Impeachment of President Obama. “Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Tuesday amped his recent impeachment rhetoric by claiming that President Barack Obama was ‘getting close to a high crime and misdemeanor’ […]Gohmert also repeated his recent warning that if Republicans force the U.S. to default on its debt by refusing to raise the debt ceiling then it ‘would be an impeachable offense by the president.’” [Raw Story, 10/15/13]

    Rep. Lou Barletta: House Probably has Votes to Impeach President Obama.“Rep. Lou Barletta says the House ‘probably‘ has the votes to impeach President Barack Obama. ‘He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws and ignoring the checks and balances,’ the Pennsylvania Republican said of Obama on the Gary Sutton radio show on Monday. ‘The problem is, what do you do? For those that say impeach him for breaking the laws or bypassing the laws — could that pass in the House? It probably could. Is the majority of the American people in favor of impeaching the president? I’m not sure.’” [Politico, 6/17/14]

  83. Sharon K says:

    Even though I understand Israel’s plight very well in regard to Hamas’s charter and tactics, I have to say that I am again, as I have been in 2 of the 3 last war events, very disappointed in Israel. In some ways, Israel is its own worst enemy because it thinks it is providing peace for itself in the short-term, but it is generating lots of negative retaliation and karma in the longer-term. All of this killing is just mind-shattering. Surely there has to be a better way, even if Hamas is a dedicated jihadist organization, in addition to Gaza being a place of desperation and despair (and for good reason). I believe both are true. I might also mention that it’s been said here several times that Israel and Palestine have the same chart and, with Israel having several planets in Leo, and Jupiter now going through Leo, when it aspects other positive planets, things may change for the better, and since Palestine has the same chart, it should work for them, too.

  84. Jerry says:

    Marjorie Orr weighs in on the mid east crisis (she alludes to the upcoming combative Aug. 1st Mars-Jupiter square)…..

    Astro puzzler – Israel winning a dishonourable battle From: Marjorie. (29 Jul 2014 17:45)

    …………..Both Israel and Hamas seem set on a suicide mission. Hamas since they will see Gaza almost obliterated. But Israel will also reap the whirlwind – winning the battle to lose the war. They are perceived to have split away from their ethical moorings and are losing what global support they had with every day’s devastation in Gaza. More Jews and Israelis are speaking out to say ‘not in my name’. The broader Arab world, not always that concerned with the plight of the Palestinians, are getting more incensed by the day, with anti-semitic attacks across Europe. There will be repercussions undoubtedly in the Middle East.

    I keep staring at the Israel chart expecting to see a chink of light. But an 8th house Taurus Sun square Saturn (Pluto) Mars in Leo and exactly square the Mars/Saturn midpoint with Saturn Pluto in the 10th is entrenched beyond rational thought and won’t budge this side of a total catastrophe. Their persecution complex rooted in their terrible history has turned them into persecutors in a way that has to ultimately prove self-destructive.



  85. Jerry says:

    August 2014 Full Moon in Aquarius (extracted from the Dark Pixie Astrology website)

    A full moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are exactly opposing one another in the zodiac. It tends to signal a time of endings, culminations, and things coming to fruition.

    A full moon occurs at 2:09PM ET at 18 degrees 2 minutes of Aquarius. In Aquarius, we crave freedom and independence above all else, ad if we don’t get it, we’ll fight for it. We can see people rising up to fight for the freedom they believe is in jeopardy. We’re rebellious, not wanting to be told what to do, who to be, or what to say. We have our own dreams, and we want to pursue them as we wish. This full moon is square (difficult aspect) transit (moving) Saturn, and opposite (difficult aspect) transit Mercury. We feel stifled and push against it, avoid our responsibilities, or create problems of our own doing and restrict ourselves. We have trouble communicating properly, and our words are laced with emotion. This full moon is also sextile (positive aspect) transit Uranus, which is the ruler of Aquarius, so we showcase this sign more purely and easily, embracing the energy. If you’re an Aquarius Sun, Moon, or mid-Aquarius rising, you may feels the effects of this moon most.

  86. Jerry says:

    Addendum to the above post. Just as a reminder, the Aug 10th 18 ’02 Aq Full Moon will be in exact opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s natal Pluto (18 ’00). See chart for quick reference: http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Benjamin_Netanyahu

    The above description of Aquarius rebelliousness in the Full Moon chart is quite applicable to the current astrological aspects that are hitting Netanyahu’s chart of late. In light of the controversial news reports leaked in the press yesterday of a testy phone conversation between Netanyahu and Pres. Obama whether true or not, it underscores the tensions that are building between the US and Israel…..

    White House: Israeli reports of Obama-Netanyahu tensions are ‘totally false’

    The Guardian
    July 29, 2014

    Offices of Israeli and American leaders denounce purported call transcript as criticism of US in Israeli media mounts

    The White House denounced reports in the Israeli media on Tuesday that purported to reveal details of a tense private telephone call between president Barack Obama and Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    The reports, which the Obama administration were “shocking and disappointing” fabrications that did not bear “any resemblance to reality”, came after US officials fiercely rejected a series of other slurs directed against the US secretary of state, John Kerry, which have also appeared in the Israeli media in recent days.



  87. alex says:

    A free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox that exposes the role money plays in Congress.

    Displays on any web page detailed campaign contribution data for every Senator and Representative, including total amount received and breakdown by industry and by size of donation.

    Puts vital data where it’s most relevant so you can discover the real impact of money on our political system.


  88. Prabhata says:

    Unfortunately, a different sort of violence is reserved for Jews who disagree with the Zionist agenda. Their views are rarely carried by the regular media. Anyone outspoken Jew who seeks peace with the Palestinians must also endure the hatred thrown at them by Israel and Zionists living outside Israel.

    The risk of opposing Israel in the US
    by Ruth Fowler

  89. Prabhata says:

    Sharon K, there is NO Palestine. There’s no Palestinian state. I know, I know. Palestinians refused to accept that the UN mandate. But whatever the reason, there’s no state and there’s no chart. The chart is only in someone’s imagination as far as I’m concerned.

  90. Prabhata says:

    I wish I knew Hebrew to confirm if these Israelis are really chanting:
    “There’s no school tomorrow,there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!”

    Are their hearts that hard?

  91. Kitty says:

    Will, Thanks, watching this too. It is riveting and
    mind boggling. Perfect timing for this broadcast!

  92. will says:


    Timing is perfect indeed…reminds us all just how much more insane the U.S. was in Iraq under the Bush Reich. Certainly puts things in a sobering perspective.

  93. Kitty says:

    I totally agree. It is great for the US viewers to see the the truth in the “No Plan Ineptness” of the Bush Admin. Reminder of how Bush/Cheney got us into a disaster.

    Thanks for your list of deplorable, as to what I think of as “traitors”.
    I do not think they will go as far as Impeachment, but they will continue to incite hate and disrupt any hope for progress for Pres. Obama. But then that is their main plan. However: Dems have made a lot of money from this rhetoric !
    Joni Ernest is so annoying and obnoxious, reminds me of Palin. We can’t have her win.. My knowledge of astrology is “clutsy”, but know enough to get by in life, with the help here, with great lessons and info. Ernst’s birthday is 7-1-1970, with Sun/Mars in Cancer. I hope she is caused enough stress with Uranus/Pluto to not win. But, she is a 7 path, and has had far too much Luck in her life !

    Dem super-PAC hits Ernst for Koch ties


  94. alex says:

    IOWA Senate Election November 4, 2014

    Bruce Braley (D) v Joni Ernst (R)

    BRALEY: DOB October 30, 1957
    Grinnell, Iowa

    ERNST: DOB July 1, 1970
    Red Oak, Iowa


  95. alex says:

    IOWA Senate election continued –

    The Koch brothers are spending millions supporting Joni Ernst’s campaign because Joni Ernst shares their priorities: privatizing Social Security and cutting Medicare’s guaranteed benefit to pay for tax breaks for oil billionaires.

    Kitty : I’m looking at the natal charts and election chart I’ll have to carve out some time before I comment

    First Impression – ERNST Natal N. Node @05 Pisces
    OBAMA Natal Chiron @05 Pisces

  96. alex says:

    Kitty – – Iowa Senate Election
    (analysis – haven’t really begun it yet )

    having said that

    Ernst is running against Obama & (Obamacare) vs Braley as an afterthought… according to MSM her attacks on Braley are that he is a sockpuppet for Obama

    obviously the DNC media ad: Ernst is a sockpuppet for KOCH/GOP

    ok those are the campaign messages strike and counter strike… but it is on-the-ground politics for Iowa Election Day, Nov 4th, 2014 in 96 days, 10 hours, 36 minutes that is going to count I don’t know how Iowa is feeling…haven’t studied up on it yet;

    I’ll be looking at the astro-numbers

  97. alex says:

    Kitty –

    brainstorming here but I’d like to see media that has the messsage
    KOCH/PENTAGON is the future with ERNST as a US Senator…

  98. starlight says:

    Sharon – I totally agree with you.

    Even though I understand Israel’s plight very well in regard to Hamas’s charter and tactics, I have to say that I am again, as I have been in 2 of the 3 last war events, very disappointed in Israel. In some ways, Israel is its own worst enemy because it thinks it is providing peace for itself in the short-term, but it is generating lots of negative retaliation and karma in the longer-term. All of this killing is just mind-shattering.

  99. Jerry says:

    As we all know, America is Israel’s sole military benefactor. In view of the horrendous carnage in Gaza; this places the US in an extremely awkward, uncomfortable position – guilt by association.

    The US/Israeli composite chart has Pluto square Chiron at 5 Scorpio-Aquarius. On Aug 5th Mars will be activating those degrees at 5 Scorpio. Tr. Jupiter follows suit on Aug 9th and 10th at 5 Leo.

    Here is the US/Israeli composite chart:


    One astrological website defines the Pluto square Chiron aspect in a natal chart in the following terms…….

    You have very deep emotional experiences that force you to face your issues about power, intimacy and loss. You have some very difficult choices to make regarding the use of your power. You may be strongly inclined to challenge all sexual taboos and rules, and to embrace your shadow side. Self-healing depends upon squarely facing your obsessions, attachments and buried rage, otherwise you may be strongly inclined to hoard and misuse your power, acting out your unresolved feelings in potentially destructive ways. If you do your deep psychological work you can become a powerful force for healing and awakening, creating a dimensional bridge that can be used by others as well as yourself. You can be very charismatic and compelling in your role as mentor, guide and healer.

  100. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sharon and Starlight, I agree about Israel’s tactics. Horrible and very badly thought out. I find them shocking.

    I also find ISIS shocking. There was another massacre by ISIS in Tikrit of HUNDREDS of shia.

    “And predictably, among the followers of ISIS, it is a YouTube smash.
    These scenes are a carbon copy of how the Nazis massacred Jews in the Soviet Europe before they perfected the gas chambers. They rounded them up, trucked them to their execution site and shot them to death to be dumped in mass graves.”

  101. Kitty says:

    That is the real perfect brainstorm KOCH/PENTAGON. Iowa in general is another state that makes me Cringe. I read that it has become a vacation spot for GOP politicians. Rand Paul is to spend 3 days there in Aug. Iowa has been having dozens of meetings there, since Jan. Any excuse, they can think of ! to have a Conference there, including a birthday celebration for Gov. Branstad. If the crazies aren’t in Texas, they’re in Iowa !

    Amazing and chilling info about the Pluto square Chiron aspects..

  102. alex says:

    MN-Senate Election 2014

    “Rigged” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzh9KTh2KrU

  103. clymela box says:

    Okay-I have to wade in here. First we only need to refer to earlier maps of Palestine to see what has happened to Palestinians. This is karmic for all of the West-“we” have never resolved the antisemitism that led to the hideous destruction of Jews in the 20th century.
    I hate what Israel is doing and the report of 82+% of Israeli support just staggers me. I am also wondering why Israel is surprised now by the tunnels. Israel is fat on US military supplies why wouldn’t they have better spying going on. I am thinking that the mass murder of children and old folks is a termination plan much as we would attack mice,rats,cockroaches.
    I am so sickened by what is happening that I have been turning away from the “news”

  104. will says:

    CNN just ran an interview with the Palestinian/American boy who was viciously beaten by Israeli officers. It would appear that the televising of this brutal attack (while the child was already zip-cuffed) was for Palestine a kind of Rodney King flash-point that ignited the rocket-reprisal.

  105. will says:

    The kid’s name is Tariq Khdair.

  106. alex says:

    Iowa Senate Election November 4, 2014 – continued

    Background: Chiron (finding ourselves)

    2014 Solar Arc Chiron @09 Aries – Braley (D)

    Natal Chiron @10 Aries – Ernst (R)

    Election Uranus @13 Aries


    Election Jupiter @20 Leo
    2014 Solar Arc Sun @22 Leo – Ernst (R)
    Natal DK Lilith @22 Leo – Ernst (R, (patriarchal society issues)


    Natal Venus @22 Sagittarius – Braley (D)


    Election Eris @22 Aries (conflict,discord,lawlessness)

    Eris exposes hypocrisy and takes an eye for an eye. per Marina Macario

    ELECTION MERCURY @24 LIBRA (the vote)

    Natal Mars @23 Libra – Braley (D)
    Natal Jupiter @26 Libra – Ernst (R)

    The Iowa Senate Election: analyzing the dynamics of the fire trine aspect would be best represented with a graphic but here in comments can’t draw you a sketch so use your imagination:

    From the ARIES VERTEX of the ELECTION FIRE TRINE the opposition axis holds election Mercury (the vote) you might think of that axis point as a lever (driving the aries vertex into dynamic, kinetic action: whenever I analyze trines I look for possiblity of an opposition aspect going to one vertex to discover any momentum that might be driving the trine aspect and Iowa Senate election 2014 is a good example of leverage on a trine aspect…..

    Kitty – this aspect illustrates the astro-energy picture of the day in Iowa… I’m still working on a forecast from the synergy of strengths/weaknesses for possible outcome of the Iowa Senate election;

  107. Bob says:

    Ernsty may suffer political mutilation on election day 2014.

    Transit Mars-Pluto midpoint at 280°09′ opposite natal Sun at 100°16′ (100°16′ + 180° = 280°16′).

    Sometime between November 15th and 23rd transit Saturn will square her progressed Sun in right ascension.

    Leading up to the election transit Saturn will have been opposing her natal and progressed Saturns and will conjoin her natal and progressed Neptunes in right ascension in early December.

    Meanwhile, back at the Baley ranch . . . . . . .

    Baley natal Venus at 262°28′ trined by transiting Jupiter at 143°28′ (143°28′ + 120° = 263°28′).

    Natal Uranus at 134°10′ squared by transiting Venus at 223°15′ (134°10′ + 90° = 224°10′).

    Progressed Jupiter at 206°21’conjunct natal Sun-Jupiter midpoint at 205°39′ (could be nearly exact depending on birth time).

  108. Bob says:

    I am using 0 hours, CST, November 5th, for transits in the above post.

  109. alex says:


    Bruce Braley campaign ad: Ernst on minimum wage


    Ernst (R) was asked if, like 65% of her fellow Iowans, supported an increase in the minimum wage.

    Ernst: I do not support a federal minimum wage.

    Ernst: Every state has a different economy, different cost of living. I don’t believe that’s the role of the federal government.

    Ernst: the current minimum wage of $7.25 is “appropriate for Iowa”


    The Braley (D) message – Ernst is too extreme for Iowa

  110. lisam says:

    Okay, i’m not so crazy after all speculating about a connection to ISIS and the CIA. I found some support for my conjecture on Ed Tamplin’s website. I decided to read through his entire site, because he has some really interesting observations posted there about the ME, and I found the below paragraph, which kind of bears out my feeling that ISIS might have some connection to our CIA. You can read more about the oil and all the players jostling for it on his website.


    Enter ISIS, the latest evolution of many-headed hydra of Al Queda. ISIS, a well financed collective of insurgents, is determined to create a geographic corridor of power in north-west Iraq and Syria. Conveniently they also provide a platform for potential western military involvement in Iraq – at the President’s request.

    But, wait a minute, aren’t ISIS cut from the same Sunni cloth that the coalition of the willing was so willing to overthrow? Shouldn’t we instead be looking at the real ‘weapons of mass extraction’, notably the oil and energy companies involved? Already the Kurds are claiming oil rich Kirkuk as captured land.

    It’s hard to imagine ISIS aren’t doing multiple favours for their fellow sponsors the Saudis, CIA operatives, the Kurds and other interests keen to push Nouri al-Maliki out of office. The Iraq President’s secondary progressed Sun, now semisquaring Neptune, not only signals trouble with oil – yes Neptune is the planet of oil and chemicals – but also great deception. With transiting Neptune also moving to square his Mercury, al-Maliki is probably getting doubly duped for his troubles.

  111. alex says:

    correction/amend upthread comment

    ERNST – minimum wage

    Ernst: Every state has a different economy, different cost of living. I don’t believe that’s the role of the federal government (to set a national minium wage)

    Ernst: the current minimum wage of $7.25 is “appropriate for Iowa”

  112. alex says:


    I think Bob nicely covered the IOWA forecast before I got to it:

    “Progressed Jupiter at 206°21?conjunct natal Sun-Jupiter midpoint at 205°39? (could be nearly exact depending on birth time).”

    Progressed Jupiter @26 Libra – Braley (D)
    Natal Midpoint Sun-Jupiter @25 Libra – Braley (D)

    and those Braley powerful points, sitting with the Election Mercury @24 Libra (lever/leverage that drives the election fire trine by synastry for the astrology analysis) FAVOR Bruce Braley to succeed in the Senate election;

  113. Prabhata says:

    Tariq Khdeir is cousin of Abu Khdeir (burned alive) in Israel. The beating of Tariq is not an uncommon experience for Palestinians. The beating of Tariq made the US news because he’s American, not because it was unusual. The US media seldom, very seldom reports IDF abuses. To find out what is going on to Palestinians one has to go outside mainstream media. Not even Aljazeera reports IDF abuses because they are too common. Only the most unusual, like burning alive a kid, is reported.

    Children are killed, imprisoned and abused by the IDF and settlers all the time.

  114. alex says:


    what is the notation in longitude for –

    “Sometime between November 15th and 23rd transit Saturn will square her/Ernst progressed Sun in right ascension”

  115. Kitty says:

    This is great news. I appreciate all the astrological news. Eris in Aries, alone sounds like Eris on Steroids ! She is a hypocrite. Progressed Jupiter favoring Braley is great. Iowa needs more Dems to protect their wind farm escalation and those jobs. A relief to know Braley is favored. Pryor in Arkansas is ahead of Cotton-
    -” today “…

  116. alex says:

    Kitty – Eris is quite slow moving therefore I weigh it in a chart for prominence when other dynamic factors point to it….

    here in IOWA I’d assign Eris to Koch/Media…

    Koch & (Marc Rubio, R-FL) have heavily contributed to Ernst… and it is Koch’s money paying for the attack ads on Braley… that is why IMV Ernst is now even in polling even with Braley…

    Braley’s message campaign and ad designers seem up to the task of
    countering the Koch attack ads … Koch money used to flood the airwaves is one of the controlling factors significantly driving the Senate election in Iowa…

    the national movement to ‘nullify’ (to use an Ernst-favorite-word) ‘Citizen’s United decision’ is the encompassing IMPORTANT 2014 issue;

  117. alex says:

    and: http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/07/30/3465997/ernst-iowa-climate-senate-race/


    Storm clouds are beginning to gather for Joni Ernst, the Republicans’ contender for Iowa’s Senate seat this November.

    Within the last month, several liberal and environmental groups have targeted her with campaigns aimed at highlighting her climate positions and the money she’s received from the Koch Brothers and other fossil fuel groups.

    The latest — a rather slick production from NextGen Climate — promises to be the first in a series taking Ernst to task for valuing moneyed interests like Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform over the needs of everyday Iowans.

    The ad buy will run for five weeks starting Wednesday in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities, and will total $2.6 million.

    NextGen Climate is the super PAC set up by billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, and it has promised to drop $100 million this election season going after candidates in several clear races who have denied the validity of climate change.

    (Tom Steyer is a board member of the Center for American Progress, the sister organization of the Center For American Progress Action Fund, which houses ThinkProgress.)

    Back in June, the group hit Ernst for opposing the Clean Water Act in a debate and for stating in May that “I have not seen proven proof that [climate change] is entirely man-made.”

  118. Trudy says:

    excellent find re:
    “weapons of mass extraction”
    Thank you!

  119. Anne's Aunt says:

    How is ISIS funded? ISIS has no need for support from the CIA or any other organization.

    “On June 10, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, moved on Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. The advance blew the uniforms off hapless soldiers and police officers, and left prison cells and bank vaults emptied of their contents. In the largest bank holdup in recent memory, ISIS operatives reportedly stole up to $400 million in cash. Flush with money, ISIS will have the resources (as well as the territory) to establish itself as the hub of a global terrorist movement in the heart of the Middle East. There are no Treasury paratroopers to send in to seize the cash, or bank regulations to issue to stop ISIS from spending it.

    These three episodes reflect a deep problem for the United States and its allies that has been evolving for several years. The campaign to disrupt and dismantle terrorist financing after 9/11, which met with much success and once caused Osama bin Laden to bemoan the lack of funding in Al Qaeda coffers, has given way to a new reality. The metastasized, Qaeda-inspired terrorist movements have learned to raise millions of dollars locally, while the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have resurrected the terrorist funding networks of old. Terrorist funding is now both local and global.

    Donors and everyday citizens from the Persian Gulf and other sympathetic corners of the world, witnessing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, have been funneling money to the most effective forces fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad there, namely Qaeda-affiliated groups and ISIS. Smartly, these groups have realized they must match their brutal militancy with charitable services, akin to the governance and charity models of groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. This makes it difficult to differentiate funding to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees from support for terrorism.”

  120. Bob says:


    “what is the notation in longitude for –

    “Sometime between November 15th and 23rd transit Saturn will square her/Ernst progressed Sun in right ascension” ”

    That would be between October 7th and the 17th, depending on her time of birth. As you know, Saturn’s influence is probably noticeable as it approaches exactness, peaking at exactness, then fading after it has passed.

  121. alex says:

    Here is attack message from the Ernst campaign: veteran’s affairs hearings in DC – I think this is important issue that the Braley campaign has to rectify since Ernst has a strong millitary resume and she just did National Guard duty ( aka West Wing the Santos campaign ).. so I go back to the image and message of a

    KOCH/Pentagon…. Koch branded and Koch controlled Pentagon under influence of the Senate contender Joni Ernst


  122. alex says:

    Bob did I miss the longitude for Ernst Progressed Sun in your comments? – could you include that in your reply…

    Saturn waxing and Saturn waning I understand

  123. alex says:


    Solar Arc progressed Sun for Ernst is 22 Leo

    is secondary progressed 2014 Sun Ernst the same?

    T/Saturn 21-22 Scorpio Oct 7-17TH square @22 Leo

    since Ernst made her career out of living in ‘a man’s world’ in the military (she is 44 years old) still current and active in the military and because she is an over-achieving, self motivated political individual I’d say generally that Saturn transits are not much of a problem for her… she knows how to
    deal with and take the positive of Saturn energy;

    “Leading up to the election transit Saturn will have been opposing her natal and progressed Saturns and will conjoin her natal and progressed Neptunes in right ascension in early December

    what is the longitude notation for her Progressed Neptune

    would you expand the narrative on that?

  124. alex says:

    Iowa Senate Election – Ernst Natal Neptune & Solar Arc Progressed Neptune

    2014 Solar Arc Neptune @12 Capricorn – Ernst


    Election Pluto @11 Capricorn

    the debate about waxing or waning to/from a conjunction is kind-of controversial and I don’t treat waning from a conjunction the same way I would waning from other aspects….

    this to me is a signnificant conjunction and I’d rule out the conjunction energy narrated as ‘waning’ or lessening it force at least for now; I’m going to focus on the heightened profile of her SA Neptune-T/Pluto give it some thought;

    I’d have to go back to look at Ernst’s Natal Aspects to Natal Neptune and how transiting Neptune factored into significant events in her life(charts) before I could comment on Ernst’s Neptune’s effect in the election…

    I’ll try to find some time to do that in the next few days;

  125. Bob says:

    Saturn begins October 12th at 21°40′ Scorpio and ends the day at 21°46′ Scorpio. Ernst’s progressed Sun that day is at 21°45′ Scorpio.

    I used a noon chart for her date of birth. The Sun moved 0°57’13” that day so the natal and by extension the progressed positions could be 0°28’36.5″ more or less than the noon natal and therefore, the progressed position.

  126. Bob says:

    Am a little tired right now. Went to emergency room earlier this month as I had symptoms that might accompany a stroke or heart attack.

    I think you can find those positions using your astrology program. The conjunction of transit Saturn to natal or progressed Neptune could accompany a time of depression.

  127. kiwi says:

    oh my Bob, sending best wishes for your future health.

  128. Lorrie U says:

    Bob, I’m also sending best wishes and blessings for your health! You are a very special person and contributor here, so keep us informed.

  129. alex says:

    Bob, keep well – go to the doctor and take heart medication for high pressure if it is recommended… less salt and weight reduction will help over time but high blood pressure is really bad for the body and it works destructively faster than getting into better heart health shape…can always stop blood pressure medicine if weight loss makes the difference in BP;

    I had a heart attack in the late 1990’s at home before I had medical treatment – I took a Bayer aspirin…put hot water bottle on my chest and large ice pack on my spine…then I used my right hand to move my left hand arm in slow circles ( all the while in a cold sweat with blood clot stopping oxygen flowing to muscle tissue in left arm )

    classic heart attack:

    the cold pack on spine was to slow down the heart attack symptoms pulsing up spine … the cold pack managed the paniced nerve signals from sending me into cascading direction of SHOCK … which I would not have recovered from;

    the hot pack on heart/chest was to encourage/increase arterial circulation to heart and lungs;

    and the slow circle movement on left arm was to encourage/increase blood flow past the blood clot stopping arterial circulation to the muscle tissue…. I kept this slow arm movement up until I feel asleep exhausted from the pain and experience of the heart attack;

    I managed to keep out of going into shock working on the symptoms at home before I got medical help… I lost some function in my left arm permanently

  130. alex says:

    Iowa Senate Election – November 4TH

    I can not find the date of Joni Culver Ernst marriage date (her husband’s second marriage; they met when she was in college ROTC and he was a military officer)

    I am guessing her HS graduation was either 1987 or 1988

    her grandmother died 11.23.2001

    Ernst served in military in Kuwait 2003-2004
    she became county auditor in 2004 & 2008
    became State Senator in 2011 (special election) & 2012

    from this I gleaned:

    Natal Midpoint Mercury-Chiron @20 Taurus
    Natal Saturn @19 Taurus

    this is the aspect I’ll be looking at for election chart 2014 and Senate 2015 swearing-in chart…

  131. Anne's Aunt says:

    Alex, what interesting and useful info on dealing with a heart attack before medics arrive. I’m glad you were so informed.

  132. alex says:

    Joni Ernst – IOWA Senate candidate

    Natal Midpoint Mercury/Chiron @20 Taurus
    Natal Saturn @19 Taurus

    it is clear that she knows what is best for herself (from her history and the ME/Chiron – N/Saturn coinciding with peak events in her life – from what I can weigh so far …

    but the question remains: does Ernst know what is best for Iowa

    she is extreme right wing conservative and her views of US policies are twists to fit the cult of the right wing; she is more than status quo plus for patriarchial society; and women are in particular jeopardy from her career as an ambitious politican;

  133. alex says:


    survival instinct with a bit of know-how to avoid shock

  134. Anne's Aunt says:

    Alex, also great info if a parent has a heart attack!

  135. alex says:

    Election Semi-Sextile Kite: Synastry

    Election Mercury @24 Libra
    Election Saturn @24 Scorpio (apex, nose of kite – lift)
    USA Midpoint AC/MC @23 Virgo


    24 Taurus(as yet unassigned) tail, of kite, drag


    Natal Neptune @28 Scorpio (ERNST’S belief what is best for ____ (Iowa residents), belief what is best for ___ (USA)
    Election Nessus @27 Aquarius (generational bad conditions)
    Election DK Lilith @28 Leo (patriarchial issues)

    forms Fixed Grand Cross
    with (as yet unassigned) 24-28 Taurus

    if assigned to fixed star Algol @26 Taurus

    then in Semi-Sextile Kite ALGOL is tail of kite, drag
    or Election Fixed Grand Cross then ALGOL goes on world stage


    Lever/leverage from/involving Fixed Grand Cross – Synastry
    Actually because it is bit too complicated to comment on momentum
    that carries force to ERNST NATAL NEPTUNE @28 SCORPIO

    I’d only say here that her Natal Neptune @28 Scorpio is a controlling feature for the outcome of 2014 Election for her and the rest of US(a)

  136. alex says:


    Election Semi-Sextile Kite: Synastry

    Election Saturn @24 Scorpio
    Election Mercury @24 Libra (apex, nose of kite – lift)
    USA Midpoint AC/MC @23 Virgo


    24 Aries(as yet unassigned) tail, of kite, drag

    that was an oops… have to look at it for awhile to assign
    24 Aries

  137. Kitty says:

    Hope you are feeling better very soon. Take good care of yourself.

    That was amazing information, and happy you survived all that !
    Thanks, this info could help us all.

  138. alex says:

    I have not used the GOP chart for years but since there is a chart
    published by astro newsletter that is new to me http://www.astroamerica.com/newsletters/2011-september06.pdf
    that I find credible I did a review of GOP Chart and …..

    “A dictator can easily rule a nation of drunks.”

    Natal Neptune @28 Scorpio – ERNST
    Election SK Lilith @27 Leo
    GOP Saturn @25 Taurus – ALGOL @26 Taurus (fine line between wisdom and madness
    Election Nessus @27 Aquarius
    .square ERNST NATAL NEPTUNE (what she believes is best for IOWA and USA)

  139. Prabhata says:

    I don’t believe that the weapons were lost. So where did they go? Those weapons were either sold in the black market by corrupt officials (very possible) or went to some group with the knowledge of intelligence agencies. Duplicating information in the database was simply a way to hide the “missing” weapons.

    U.S. loses track of weapons shipped to Afghanistan


  140. Patty says:

    It’s very edgy watching the Sun swing through Leo.
    Israel’s Natal Pluto>12,Saturn>16,Mars>28 all LEO.

  141. Bob says:

    Leading up to the election transit Saturn will conjoin her natal and progressed Neptunes in right ascension in early December.

    Back after a 3 hour nap. Thank you to all for your good thoughts. Not sure where I am on the health scale. Records indicate my last serious checkup was March 6, 1997, so hadn’t seen a doctor in more than 17 years. My blood presure was high that night (had symptoms all day but went to bed thinking everything would settle down with some sleep but was awakened when the tingling in my right arm went hyper) but as they checked it every hour it kept going down and was in the moderately high range when I was released the next day. Have done occaisional checks since then and had readings in the normal, mild ,and moderate range. The doctor thinks the arm tingling may be caused by Carpal Tunnel. Will have to get that checked. I did get a prescription for HBP medication which I filled but decided not to take yet. I had a cold for the first time in 5 or 6 years a few months ago and decided to take some aspirin the 3rd day in. After taking some I noticed the expiration date on the almost full bottle was October 2010.

    Having a conversation with some new aquaintences last week and when I mentioned that I was approaching my mid seventies they said that they had guessed I was in my sixties or possibly in my fifties going by the way I look and present myself. I have had this response from people through the years regarding my age according to them because of the way I look, act, and sound (I think a lot of misdirection is caused by my strong voice added to my active behavior – professionals of many years in broadcasting have thought that I may have been, or should have been, in the field).

    Now back to Joni with thanks and apologies to Shirley Ellis.


    Joni, Joni, Bo-Boni, Bonana Fanna Fo-Fony, Fee-Fi-Mo Moni
    Now say Bo (Bo)
    Now Joni with a B (Boni)
    Now Bonana Fanna Fo (Bonana Fanna Fo)
    Then you say the name again with an ‘F’ very plain (Foni)
    Then a Fee Fi and a Mo (Fee-Fi and Mo)
    Then you say the name with an ‘M’ this time (Moni)
    There isn’t any name that we can’t rhyme


    Ernst natal Neptune is at 28°31′ Scorpio will be conjoined by transit Saturn in longitude on December 10th, her progressed Saturn will have been visited on December 6th.

    In right ascension the dates will be December 6th and the 9th.

  142. Bob says:

    Strike “Leading up to the election” which begins my last post – poor editing by me.

  143. lisam says:

    Is this the Hooponopono everybody’s been talking about? It’s a beautiful song/music, and the singer has a very soothing voice, except it’s in some foreign language that I don’t understand. Doesn’t diminish its beauty though. Subtitles are in Spanish. Seems like it’s all about LOVE, which is better than hate.


  144. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bob, glad you are feeling better. I hope you continue to improve. Are you going to a doctor now? Might not be a bad idea.

  145. Kitty says:

    I suspect the weapons were sold on the black market. Afghanistan is very corrupt. We ” lost” weapons and millions of dollars in Iraq. But, “what difference does it finally make”, when we leave equipment and probably more weapons, when we pull out of a country! We’ve left a trail of military equipment in many countries! More money up in smoke.

    Patty——I agree Times are Edgy and I scared myself reading about Algol—lol—
    Alex is right “”(fine line between wisdom and madness”

    ALGOL was regarded by the ancients as the most evil star in the heavens, but is its reputation warranted? If it was truly so malevolent then we would find it common in serial killers. We just don’t find it there, though it is present in some dictators. But it is true that Algol has a connection with death and pain. The medical term Algology means the study of pain.


  146. lisam says:

    Oh, here’s a translation (of sorts) of the song I posted above. Lovely!

    English translation of the mool mantra ( the song) Ek Onkar There is only One God Sat Naam Truth is his name Karta Purkh He is the creator Nir Bhau He is without fear Nir Vair He is without hate Akaal Moorat He is immortal, without form Ajooni He is beyond birth and death Saibhang He is self-illuminated Gur Parsaad He is realised by the kindness of the true Guru.

  147. alex says:

    Algol – the study of pain + Venus

    Venus (social relationships) but in the EXTREME it is anti-social i.e. sociopath

    Algol – is the perfect candidate in extreme range for SADIST

    Midpoint of Venus/Algol would be insatiable sadist IMV

    there are lots of medical sadists in human history… 20th Century Nazi medical sadists and there are/were more than a few USA/Canadian medical sadists and psychology sadists put to work by the CIA

    as I was working up ERNST chart and history of transits to her charts I thought that the Natal Midpoint Mercury/Chiron @20 Taurus cnj natal Saturn @19 Taurus I got the feeling that if I was working on a chart for medical astrology that that configuration would be a fair representation for medical practioner who had a ‘God complex’

    opposition research for that is best left to professional researchers… but I wonder if ‘God complex’ applies to Ernst

    ‘God complex’ in medical astrology practice and power politics, aren’t an exact interchangeable thing but I think the opposition research team might consider figuring it out;

  148. alex says:

    Excerpt Email:

    Stop Joni Ernst and Sarah Palin from impeaching President Obama by electing Bruce Braley to the U.S. Senate.

    There’s nothing too extreme for Joni Ernst. She would vote for a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality.

    Joni Ernst wants to ban all abortions — even in the terrible cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother.

    Those aren’t just radical ideas, they’re an attack on working people, women, and LGBT Americans. Joni Ernst won’t address real problems or put Americans back to work.

    With these radical positions, Joni Ernst walks in lock-step with the Tea Party extremists — and out of sync with middle class Americans and their values.

    That’s why we need you to pitch in for Bruce Braley for Senate.

    During his time in Congress, Bruce has secured back pay owed to our veterans, helped 100,000 unemployed Iowans get back on the job, and fought for equal pay for equal work.

    He believes that every woman has the right to consider the hardest of choices with her doctor. And he won’t support the impeachment of our president.

  149. alex says:


    Senator Udall (D) v Rep. Gardener (R)

    Cory Scott Gardner: DOB August 22, 1974
    ‘War On Women’ Koch/GOP/Tea/Libertarian/Neocon

  150. Jerry says:

    In spite of growing international protests, Netanyahu vows to press on….

    Israel Calls Up 16,000 Reservists As Netanyahu Vows To Destroy Hamas Tunnels ‘With Or Without A Cease-fire’


    AND….. in spite of Obama’s obvious disenchantment with Israel’s ever widening military intervention in Gaza………

    U.S. To Resupply Israel Military

    Aired July 30, 2014 – 14:00 ET


    BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Great to be with you all on this Wednesday. I’m Brooke Baldwin.

    Let’s get to some news just into us here at CNN. CNN has just learned that the United States has agreed to resupply Israel’s military with multiple types of ammunition. What types of ammunition? Why specifically? Let’s go to the Pentagon, to our correspondent there, Barbara Starr, who has this reporting.

    Tell me what exactly this resupplying of the Israeli defense forces really means, Barbara.


    U.S. officials are telling me they have agreed to resupply Israel with ammunition at its request. Now, clearly, this is part of the U.S. commitment to the defense of Israel, according to administration officials. They say Israel is not running out of ammunition, it is not an emergency. But Israel has made a request for resupply of several types of ammunition, and the U.S. has now agreed to it…..



  151. kiwi says:

    lisam – here is an utube English version about Ho’oponopono set to music – very soothing. Enjoy

  152. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: DNC

    Well, here we are.

    Republicans have blocked, filibustered, and obstructed countless pieces of legislation, and they’ve shut down the government. So what’s left? Now they’ve voted to sue the President of the United States.

    It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And you know what? I can guarantee you that these guys are not done attacking this President.

    If you want to see the next trick they have up their sleeves, just wait — because it’s coming. But if you’ve had enough make sure we beat these guys in November, and put Democrats back in charge of Congress.


  153. alex says:

    Larry Ellison – 3rd richest in USA & 5th richest in world

    YIKES I remember the cost of living in 1977; and I didn’t have a stock or equity fund that returned 49.4 Billion on a $1,200 investment… yeah I know apples oranges but GEEZE

    In 1977, he founded Software Development Laboratories (SDL) with two partners and an investment of $2,000; $1,200 of the money was his.



  154. Kitty says:

    This is only the tip of the iceberg for all of past CIA tactics too—I doubt if their covert activities will be stopped in the future.



  155. lisam says:

    Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews Israeli professor Ilan Pappe in Haifa about events unfolding in Israel. He also sheds light on the kidnapping of the 3 Israeli teens. Video/transcrpt.


  156. lisam says:

    Kiwi, thank you for that video – wonderful philosophy!

  157. Prabhata says:

    Hillary’s campaign should stress one of her major successes as Secretary of State:

    Libya Islamic militias declare control of Benghazi


    When it comes to stupid foreign policy, the Republicans and Democrats are ONE, can’t separate McCain’s fp from Democrats.

  158. Anne's Aunt says:

    One area that Hillary Clinton differs vastly from any R kind of diplomacy or FP is shown in this article from Heifer International:

    “Since taking the oath of office in January 2009, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has flown almost 900,000 miles and visited 102 countries and counting. In that time, Clinton visited with rebel leaders in Libya, supported rebuilding work in Afghanistan and addressed issues from religious freedom to climate change and human trafficking. She has focused her work on improving the lives of women and children since her days as Arkansas’ first lady. Today, the nation’s top diplomat is one of history’s most notable champions for women. To achieve world peace and security, she says, women are the key.”
    “From Northern Ireland to Liberia to Nepal and many places in between, we have seen that when women participate in peace processes, they focus discussion on issues like human rights, justice, national reconciliation and economic renewal that are critical to making peace, but often are overlooked in formal negotiations. They build coalitions across ethnic and sectarian lines, and they speak up for other marginalized groups. They act as mediators and help to foster compromise. And when women organize in large numbers, they galvanize opinion and help change the course of history.”
    “The International Fund for Women and Girls was established in April of 2010 in order to provide flexible, rapid, targeted and high-impact grants to nongovernmental organizations working to meet the critical needs of women and girls around the world. It was established with the realization that no one, not the government, not the private sector, not civil society can solve the problems facing women and girls alone. What we’ve done is to try to bring people together in these public-private partnership networks. The fund invests in efficient and innovative solutions to combat violence, improve health and education, promote climate change solutions and create economic and political opportunities for women and girls. The fund allows organizations to move quickly and effectively to address new challenges and advance creative ideas through flexible grants and rapid funding. It prioritizes investments in women and girls that enhance local ownership, community engagement and capacity building.”

  159. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata, you are right in that D and R foreign policies are very similar. On the subject of Israel’s occupation of Gaza even so-called liberal congressional members are pro-Israel:

    “Sen. Bernie Sanders, a darling of the left who identifies as a democratic socialist, was curt. His tone changed suddenly when the topic shifted from the Veterans Administration bill that he had been shepherding through Congress to Israel’s operation in Gaza.
    “That’s not where my mind is right now,” he told the Beast”.

    “Warren’s statement on Israel consumes far more space than any other foreign policy issue on the page (she makes no mention of China, Latin America, or Africa). To justify what she calls the “unbreakable bond” between the US and Israel, Warren repeats the thoughtless cant about “a natural partnership resting on our mutual commitment to democracy and freedom and on our shared values.” She then declares that the United States must reject any Palestinian plans to pursue statehood outside of negotiations with Israel. While the US can preach to the Palestinians about how and when to demand the end of their 45-year-long military occupation, Warren says the US “cannot dictate the terms” to Israel.”

  160. alex says:

    November 4TH 2014 Election Midpoint

    Midpoint Neptune/Chiron @08 Pisces
    USA Ceres @08 Pisces (climate change, women’s issues)

    Chiron/Neptune (overcoming unrealistic idealism)

  161. Kitty says:

    All the Losers are showing up for Loser Joni Ernst in Iowa !
    She seems like such a crass opportunist—
    “”Algol – is the perfect candidate in extreme range for SADIST””
    She also seems to fit this Algol description. Her first ad was appalling, but she got attention!

    Marco Rubio is Iowa-bound for fundraiser for Joni Ernst

    IA-SEN (OPEN): Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will both be in Iowa and attend a fundraiser for state Sen. Joni Ernst (R) this Saturday, helping her as she looks to narrow a fundraising gap against Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa).


  162. alex says:

    Ceres key word ‘nurturing’ – Mundane Ceres is about…

    .USA Ceres(agri-businesses, grain, wheat etc)
    .Mother earth nurtures(environmental issues, climate change)
    .Women nurture (women’s issues)
    .GDP(gross domestic product is the market value of all offically recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a year)

  163. Kitty says:

    Argentina’s Default ————-

    There should be some international law to prevent hedge funds from buying countries–?
    But then, that would be no fun for the Rich—-Must be like Monopoly ?

    Billionaire Republican Donor Pushes Argentina Into Default



    August 22, 1944 –Birth date
    Many Virgo planets! Precise and Critical

  164. Lorrie U says:

    Son of Hamas: Israel Needs to Finish Off Hamas

    Mosab Hassan Yousef (Son of Hamas Founder) reveals the truth about how Hamas Terror group aims to kill civilians and uses Palestinian Children as human shields…said that the only way to save the lives of Gazan civilians was for Israel to Finish Off Hamas.


  165. alex says:


    Joni Ernst was endorsed by Sarah Palin, who among other things, liked that Ernst announced during the GOP primary that she grew up on a farm and castrated pigs…. she is a Tea Party favorite;

  166. lisam says:

    There are many factors that influence the decisions that politicians make – not just here in the US, but all over the world. For instance, let’s take ex-PM of Britain, Tony Blair. He is one of the few people who still insists that it was the right thing to invade Iraq in 2003. Turns out he’s close friends with Rupert Murdoch – close enough that Blair is the godfather of one of Murdoch’s children. The campaign finance system we use to elect our politicians here in the US, plus lobbying, are the main factors that drive their decision-making. Money still talks. I don’t understand why it takes millions, and sometimes billions to elect a president, which makes him beholden to certain wealthy individuals, and corporations; and in Congress, they always have to think about their constituents, and that is still an over-simplification of our complex political system. Change is not going to come easy. It will be long and difficult, and I don’t know how many will have the stamina for it. One of the things President Obama promised to do if he was elected, was change the campaign financing system, but after 6 years in office, he still hasn’t been able to do so. In fact it took a step backward, when the Supreme Court, this year or last i forget when, voted to increase the amount of money that could be donated by an individual or corp. in presidential campaigns, so we took a step backward there. Also involved is who’s behind the mainstream media, which influences public opinion.

  167. Lorrie U says:

    Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down?

    Why poor white Southerners keep voting for policies that screw them and how this hurts the rest of the nation.


  168. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, very chilling about Hamas.

  169. alex says:


    Udall (D) v Gardener (R) ‘War on Women’

    Senator Mark Udall: DOB July 18, 1950

    Rep. Cory Scott Gardner: DOB August 22, 1974

    First Impression

    Natal Semi-Sextile Kite by Synastry

    2014 Solar Arc Sun @28 Virgo – Mark Udall (D)


    Natal Noon Moon @28 Leo – Mark Udall (D)
    Natal Sun @28 Libra – Cory Gardener (R)
    Natal Uranus @28 Libra – Cory Gardener


    Fixed Star Scheat @29 Pisces (great misfortune or positive effect on mental creativity)

  170. lisam says:

    Well you have to also ask why do the Palestinians need Hamas? Before Hamas, there was Yassir Arafat and the PLO. They did not get the Palestinians any concessions, and Arafat died barricaded in his office by the Israeli army. Then came Mahmoud Abbas, who was an even bigger failure while the Palestinians were still living under occupation, which left a vacuum for Hamas to step in. So maybe if Israel ends their brutal occupation, and reaches a fair settlement with the Palestinians, there will be no need for Hamas, or any other organization like it. But the truth is that Israel’s present Prime Minister, and his Likud party are just as bad as Hamas, and have the same aims for Israel as Hamas purpotedly has for Gaza, except that Netanyahu’s government is recognised as legitimate, and has full US support, while Hamas is labelled as a terrorist entity. Decimating a civilian population and reducing their homes to rubble is not the answer. The boy shown speaking in that video is probably too young to even know his history.

  171. kiwi says:

    ‘give me liberty or give me death’ attributable to Patrick Henry, is also the battle cry sounded by today’s gaza residents. Given their conditions for the past 50 years or so, are we so surprised.

  172. kiwi says:

    interesting – I just posted a comment and it is “awaiting moderation” – no links within the post, so, I wonder if Nancy’s blog is being scanned by big brother for word content?

  173. Sharon K says:

    I knew that the son of the Hamas founder had written a book about them several years ago. The situation is really a mess. Both sides are right and wrong. I do think that Hamas’s ultimate aim to destroy Israel is one of the reasons for this mess, and Hamas’s charter was written in the ’80s….therefore, they have not altered their position since and, although Israel gave up land, Hamas has not softened, it seems.

  174. Sharon K says:

    That’s an interesting opinion piece about the South dragging the nation down. It has its beauty and its good points but I have to say that I agree with the premise that it is.

  175. Jerry says:

    “…..Before Israel occupied Gaza, it was controlled for some years by Egypt, which borders Gaza on the west. Israel took it from Egypt during the 1967 war between the two countries, and until 2005 it occupied the Gaza Strip in the same way that it has occupied the West Bank through today.”

    Extracted from an article entitled “11 crucial facts to understand the Israel-Gaza crisis”

    The Israeli-Arab war of June ’67 commenced June 4th and ended 6 days later on June 10th. Remarkably, the ending of hostilities happened to coincide with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 3 Leo right on Israel’s Moon/MC degrees. The current roots of the Israeli-Hamas conflict can be seen from that point in time.

    Today’s 72 hour ceasefire scheduled to begin 8 am local time in Gaza coincides with an exact Mars-Jupiter square (3 Scorpio-Leo) stimulating those very same degrees when Israel first occupied Gaza and the West Bank territories. Based on that simple observation, I don’t think the cease-fire will hold longer than the agreed 72 hours. Israel has made a point of declaring that it will not waver on its objective to completely eliminate those Hamas tunnel networks – ceasefire or not.

    Here’s an interesting astrological review of the current crisis……

    Eyeless in Gaza

    The Oxford Astrologer
    July 22, 2014

    The astrology of Israel’s relationship with Gaza is quite straightforward. On June 5 1967, Israel launched the Six Day War which resulted in the annexation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Jupiter had just entered Leo and was conjuncting Israel’s Moon, the Lion of Judah at the very top of the Israeli chart. The Moon is, of course, our home, where we live. Jupiter is expansion. Israel expanded her territory — and power. Jupiter’s transit through Israel’s 10th house that year saw a huge increase in the country’s power and prestige in the world. This took place during the mid-60s conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Mars, the warrior was, as it is today, in Libra, and Saturn was trining that Israeli Moon.

    On 15 August 2005, Israel’s borders shrank again. In the intervening 30-odd years, Israeli settlers had moved into Gaza. They were forced to leave. Saturn, the planet of contraction, was on that Israeli Moon. Jupiter was at 15° Libra, the very same degree that Mars had occupied during the Six Day War. Today, we are in the fourth Jupiter in Leo cycle since 1967. (1978/9 – peace treaty with Egypt, 1990 – First Gulf War, 2002/3 – Second Gulf War). Jupiter is on Israel’s Moon again, but this time Uranus and Pluto have reached the hostile square aspect, and Saturn is, of course, in Scorpio, Israel’s first house in the horoscope. Saturn is about taking responsibility, its about borders, its about foundation.

    This transiting Saturn is exactly squaring Israel’s natal Saturn, and it turned direct two days ago, which means it’s pretty much stationary. Israel is being tested. Israel’s standing in the world is being tested too, but also Israel’s sense of identity. What does it really mean to be a “Jewish State”? How has it come to this — you start with a dream of freedom and you end up creating the biggest open prison on earth on your doorstep?



  176. lisam says:

    Did anyone notice that the stock market fell 317 points today?

  177. Kitty says:

    I noticed that! but had no time to seriously consider it! Maybe Congress not completing many bills, Border, Ex/Import bill?
    Lots of loose ends.

  178. Prabhata says:

    Oh, which comes first, the chicken or the egg…

    The problem is not Hamas, the PLO or PA. If Israel desired peace, it had the opportunity to do so with PA/Abbas, and even the with Arafat during the Clinton years(* below). I don’t doubt for one minute that the Palestinians would abandon Hamas. But it’s not going to happen because before there was Hamas or the PLO, Israeli policy has always been to take ALL the Palestinian land. That’s a fact, and Israel’s policy has not deviated from that policy since 1948. As professor Ilan Pappé explains in his book, the leaders of Israel came up with Plan D, and went about a ethnic cleansing in 1948. At that time Jews were about 4% of the Israeli population and were given almost half of the land by the UN. Here is a quote:

    “The [U.N. 1947] Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognized. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it.” — Menachem Begin, Iron Will p.25

    Eretz Israel is discussed by Wikipedia. Here is the page and you can look at the map. Plan D is to take over 80% of the 1947 land partitioned by the UN. The cleansing and land grabbing started in 1948 and has continued non-stop.

    The map that Israel proposed (nicknamed “leopard skin” for its disconnected spots) during the Oslo Accords to the Palestinians was so outrageous, that Arafat could not accept it. Palestinians would have been under Israeli rule with that map.

    Here is the image of that map http://www.radioislam.org/historia/zionism/novpg5.gif

    Bottom line: Israel will not stop its war against Palestinians until the land is cleansed of Palestinians. Then there won’t be any need for war. But nothing is forever. Kingdoms/nations/empires come and go.

  179. Prabhata says:

    I meant to post the Wikipedia link for Eretz Israel


  180. alex says:

    Mondale Humphrey vs CIA postal spying on Americans’ mail for
    20 years – Church Committee, 1975



    CIA admits using news to manipulate the USA, 1975

  181. alex says:

    I’m listening to youtube videos on 1975 Church Committee Hearings

    but making note (without source until videos are done playing) that General Alexander, Former director of NSA now a private consultant, is charging 1Million per month to clients to instruct them how to avoid being spied upon and to avoid surveillance of the u·biq·ui·tous NSA spying that encompasses EVERYBODY; Rep. Alan Grayson has asked (I think) the DOJ to investigate whether Alexander is sharing NSA classified information for his 1Million per month fee;

  182. Anne's Aunt says:

    Hamas sounds a lot like the US teaparty. The southern teaparty also had land taken away that they wanted to control during the civil war. BTW, history goes a long way back in general. Since the civil war the ruling government has imposed laws on them that they do not like, like civil rights laws and taxes. They feel ‘occupied’ by the federal government and many want out of the union. They, too, are getting crazier and crazier and sometimes violent – at least violent rhetoric. They are hate filled. They represent districts that do not 100% want them, tho many do. They want to practice their own kind of religion. They want to be able to practice their own religion in public spaces – even government spaces like praying in schools. They feel repressed. They organize. They do not want to add to the US federal government, but rather want to destroy the federal government.

    I think these two are very similar reactionary groups.

  183. Kitty says:

    I have been unable to reach this site, nor post on it ??

    Yes, yes, I saw Ernst’s ad and thought is was disgusting! Crazy as being ” Mama Grizzly”–and “toting that gun”. -lol–
    Both Sarah and Joni, I think, are an embarrassment for the whole country.

    At first I thought Mars in Scorpio until mid-Sept. was too long but maybe in trine with Chiron, we’ll have real passion for Healing Time. We have so many things, that needs healing.

    Mars in Scorpio, 2014

    will remain in Scorpio until mid-September.

    Mars will harmonize with Neptune in early August which will help to soften the intensity a bit and enhance our intuition and compassion. The depth of Mars in Scorpio helps to give definition to the Neptunian desire to transcend and create, so this is a wonderful time for artists.
    By the end of August Mars will align with Saturn and trine Chiron which will reveal a new face to the Mars dynamic: the teacher and healer. Under this aspect we will find ourselves in situations that take us deep into the subconscious realms to search for truths that offer freedom and healing. The combination of Mars and Saturn can be somewhat frustrating as things don’t unfold exactly the way we want them to. But overall this can be a very positive planetary combination.


  184. alex says:

    Donald Cameron – CIA MK Ultra Mind Control

    Cameron was a psychiatrist involved in the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) MKULTRA mind control program. He served as President of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association and the Society of Biological Psychiatry during the 1950s.


    Donald Cameron DOB, 24 December 1901
    Bridge of Allan, Perthshire, Scotland

    I am going to analyze/research Cameron’s natal chart (and CIA radix chart) for the midpoints Algol/Venus midpoint = insatiable sadist; Mercury/Chiron midpoint = God complex


    The Most Dangerous Game-MK Ultra

    The Most Dangerous Game traces the history of the previously top-secret more…CIA mind control operation MK-ULTRA: from the covert importation of Nazi scientists at the end of WWII, to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted on the patients of world famous psychiatric researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron.

  185. alex says:


    I googled searched and found a message from wordpress admin that they were doing ‘Maintenance’ yesterday and that various functions were and would be unavailable for awhile; of the sites I read most often wordpress has the most interruptions – they might at least post ‘working on site will be back in little while’ kind of message :-)

  186. Bob says:

    I checked when I could not get in, got a message that the site was up, and sent Nancy the following email:

    SUBJECT: Can’t Access Blog

    I get this message:

    “Error establishing a database connection”

    But when I check on http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://www.starlightnews.com/wordpress/google.com

    I get this:

    It’s just you. http://www.starlightnews.com is up.

    Why am I being blocked?


    So it appears the site was up but blocking attempts to get in.

  187. Lorrie U says:

    This site has been hacked before, maybe someone playing…

  188. Noelle says:

    Thanks, Lorrie U for the article on Clinton v Warren. I’m just finishing Eliz. Warren’s latest book. She is so impressive but I’m not so sure she wouldn’t be able to do more good as a Senator than as pres. She would be such a lightening rod for all those Right-wingers. It might be just like Obama who has so much trouble getting anything through Congress.

  189. Lorrie U says:

    Noelle – Yes, I think I agree that she is more effective as a Senator and something I heard floating about as a future Supreme Court justice. I think she is too progressive for mainstream America which could be very divisive as president, plus I think her lack of foreign affairs experience would be a detriment. Then again, I really doubt the extremist right-wing will accept anyone in the middle or left in either party and will continue their divisive ways unless they are voted out, like Cantor.

  190. Anne's Aunt says:

    I think Warren is great in the senate! She is not ready – yet – to run for head executive office. But with more experience she will!

    She is liberal on economic issues, but has no FP experience and does not even have many positions that she has endorsed, other than Israel. When Clinton was first lady Warren was in the process of switching from the GOP to the democratic party. She also does not have nearly the human rights experience that Clinton does, nor the women’s or LGBT rights record. Hopefully she will come out strongly for those rights.

    She switched parties in 1995 at the age of 46. She voted R for economic reasons.

    “Warren voted as a Republican for many years saying, “I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets”.[16] She states that in 1995 she began to vote Democratic because she no longer believed that to be true, but she says that she has voted for both parties because she believed that neither party should dominate.[24]”

  191. Bob says:

    Anne’s Aunt:

    ” Glory, hallelujah, I just phoned the parson,
    “Hey, Par, get ready to call!”
    Just like humpty dumpty,
    I’m ready to fall. ”

    “I’m Sitting on Top of the World” – Music by Ray Henderson, lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young.

    I will probably check up on the carpal tunnel possibility in my right hand and arm.

  192. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bob, HUH?

  193. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bob, good to check up on the carpel tunnel. Lots of ways to treat it other than surgery.

  194. alex says:

    at wordpress forum there is mid-july post from admin that they were
    testing the beta version of something new.. ironing out kinks

    and date 7/30/2014 in forum that admin. posted they were temp down for maintenance

  195. barbk says:

    Excellent find alex; Election Day midpoint for transiting Neptune and Chiron conjuncts U.S. Ceres. There are two stories in two different issues of recent Mt. Astrology magazine that relate (1) the cycle between Neptune and Chiron to the ecosystem (conjunction took place in February 2010, at 26 Aquarius) and (2)Ceres and Climate Change. I’m short on time but would be glad to give details on those articles and the issues they appear in if you or anyone would like.

  196. alex says:

    continued: Donald Cameron – CIA MKULTRA psychologist

    his natal chart is going to keep me busy for awhile beyond what I’ll post as first impression in this comment… complex chart with aspects that are bristling with relevance;

    First Impression: CAPRICORN DEGREES

    chiron @06 capricorn (exact cnj midpoint mercury/saturn)


    MIDPOINT ALGOL/VENUS @06 Libra (insatiable sadist)

    OPPOSITION ASPECT – PLUTO cnj MOON (oppression of others)

    pluto @17 gemini
    noon moon @17 gemini
    uranus @18 sagittarius

    ceres @27 aries
    mars @23 capricorn
    prometheus @23 cancer

    (to form cardinal grand cross {world stage}, when libra degree is assigned)

  197. alex says:


    thanks for sharing…of course always look forward to your thoughts

  198. alex says:

    you too can buy back your ‘right to privacy’ for 1Million per month as a client of Gen. Keith Alexander:


    According to reports, prospective clients of Alexander’s, namely large banks, will be billed $1 million a month for his cyber-consulting services. Recode.net quipped that for an extra million, Alexander would show them the back door (state-installed spyware mechanisms) that the NSA put in consumer routers.


    Rep. Alan Grayson

  199. Kitty says:

    Alex and Bob,
    Thanks for the info about the site being down. Makes it more understandable !

  200. Kitty says:

    I doubt if sanctions will hit British football, but it would be humorous, if it really happened ! Reading about all these Russian billionaires has been like reading a dramatic novel or trashy tabloid paper. From false imprisonment by Putin to their lavish lifestyle with suicides, homicides, divorces and mistresses ! They have an amazing history!

    Chelsea Football owner Roman Abramovich could be hit with sanctions, hints David Cameron


    Russian oligarch

  201. alex says:

    CIA- continue

    Natal Donald Cameron, CIA MKULTRA psychologist


    Ceres @27 Aries


    Prometheus @23 Cancer


    CIA MERCURY @22 LIBRA (Sept 26,1947 chart)


    Mars @23 Capricorn

  202. Bob says:

    ” Glory, hallelujah, I just phoned the parson,
    “Hey, Par, get ready to call!”
    Just like humpty dumpty,
    I’m ready to fall. ”

    Was referring to the fact that I am getting OLD. Maybe ready to fall.

    I never felt like I was getting, uh, ‘up there’, until I turned 71.

    July 3rd my thumb and right hand were tingling and going numb. As the day went on this became more persistent and spread up the arm until by bedtime it was constant and from shoulder to fingertips.

    Being me, I went to bed thinking everything would get back to normal after a nights sleep. But I was awakened when the tingling went hyper – so I called a friend to take me to the emergency room.

    Outside of low grade pain I live with 24/7 I feel like a 10 today. Sweet!

  203. alex says:

    continued: Donald Cameron, CIA MKULTA psychologist

    NEPTUNE @00 Cancer (apex)


    VESTA @00 Sagittarius
    CHAOS @05 Aquarius


    MIDPOINT Mercury/Chiron @01 Capricorn (God-complex)
    SUN @02 Capricorn

    The danger of this configuration is that it can become too self-contained, seeming to control the individual rather than the other way around.

    The Boomerang Aspect:


    Boomerang looks very much like the Kite configuration except that the opposition is connected to the apex planet of the Yod.

    The Opposition in the Boomerang is similar also to the Opposition in the Kite as it adds an important piece of perspective to the configuration.

    According to Joan, the fourth planet in the Boomerang typically added an important element that seemed missing in the Yod; a sense of understanding what the goal will be.

    The opposition provides an added focal point in regards to timing and actions which is missing with the Yod.

    The semi-sextiles connecting the opposition to the base of the Yod are also integral in blending the energies of the Yod into a unified force.

    The danger of this configuration is that it can become too self-contained, seeming to control the individual rather than the other way around.

  204. barbk says:

    Has there been any discussion regarding the upcoming Aquarius Full Moon on August 10th that is conjunct Obama’s ascendant (and the Sun conjunct his descendant)? Sorry I’ve been away for a few days and haven’t caught up on comments.

    The timing – recess for legislatures – provides the President a rare astrological period regarding how he experiences his Aquarius ascendant. The rulers of that sign, Uranus and Saturn are now slowly separating from their (almost perfect) quincunx (adjustment) that had been tight for months. With no transiting planets in Aquarius during the period of that aspect, most of the adjusting was experienced by individual’s via their natal Aquarius planets.

    Now, with this Aquarius Full Moon which aspects both rulers of that sign (sextile to Uranus, square to Saturn), we can all get a sense how much the Saturn side influences our sense of fixed Aquarius energy compared to how much it is influenced by Uranus. The U.S. Moon is in Aquarius. Will we see the rebel Aquarius or the pragmatic Aquarius in the People and the President, or a mix between them?

    There’s also transiting Chiron to consider. He who symbolizes the Maverick will trine Saturn and semi-sextile Uranus, while making a quincunx to the Sun opposite the Full Moon. Jupiter in the Aquarius Full Moon chart is conjunct the U.S. North Node (exact on the 15th) likely means expanded opportunities. Hopefully not for the Keystone pipeline.

  205. Anne's Aunt says:

    Bob, no wonder you look young! You have such an amazing positive attitude. Its extremely wearing and stressful to live with chronic pain – at any level. I did it for 7 years and now I am in awe of anyone who has to deal with pain. It sounds like you are actually “putting the pieces back together”.

    Any advice on how to live with low level chronic pain? Relaxation? meditation?

  206. alex says:

    EXCERTP EMAIL Rep. Alan Grayson: Bold Progressives

    In my first term in Congress, despite representing an area that had been Republican for 34 years, I stuck my neck out to pass a bill to prohibit Wall Street from using bailout money for bonuses — and passed it in nine days.

    I created and implemented a mandatory mediation program that cut foreclosures in half and was adopted throughout the State of Florida. I mocked the Tea Party, saying the GOP healthcare plan was “don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly.”

    So what happened? The Republicans declared me their #1 target that year. The Koch Brothers, the Chamber of Commerce and the GOP joined hands to set an all-time record in “outside expenditure” sewer money in a House race — a tsunami of blistering, slanderous attack ads. And I lost by 18 points.

    Beaten but unbowed, I ran for the House again in 2012, and with the help of PCCC members, I won in the biggest comeback in the history of the House.

    I need your help again to win in 2014. We now have less than 100 days. Can you donate to my campaign?

    Remarkably, I was the only Member of the House, Democratic or Republican, to get most of his 2012 campaign funds from small donors giving less than $200.

    And ever since, I’ve been doing good things for good people. On Thanksgiving night 2012, before I was even sworn back into office, I went to a local Walmart and handed out brown paper bags to the workers. The bags had three things inside: a turkey sandwich (hey, it was Thanksgiving), a bag of chips, and a letter explaining the right to organize.

    Last year, I wrote more bills than any other Member of Congress, in the House or the Senate. And in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party House, I passed more amendments than any other Member, Democratic or Republican, even though I lose on every single party-line vote.

    Here are some of our progressive successes:

    Moving $40 million from the military budget to the biomedical research budget — to find a cure for cancer.

    Increasing the budget for bilingual housing counseling by 50% and for free tax assistance for seniors by 50%.

    Protecting our privacy by preventing the NSA from forcing other agencies to incorporate weaknesses into encryption standards.

    Introducing a “contractor death penalty” that eliminates federal contract dollars for contractors who commit crimes or fraud.

    And that’s not all. I wrote a petition against “any and every cut in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits” that drew 3 million signatures, and I delivered that petition to the Speaker and the White House. That put an end to the so-called “chained CPI” scam.

    And in my outspoken opposition to U.S. military intervention in Syria (including seven national TV interviews in a single day), I not only kept us out of another war in the Middle East, but also established the vital principle that when it’s our money, and our blood, then it’s our decision.

    That’s why Slate magazine called me the “most effective Member of Congress.” That’s why Business Insider said I am the most productive Member of Congress. That’s why Time magazine called me a “stand-out” exception in a do-nothing Congress.

    And that’s why all those right-wing nuts are desperate to get rid of me: Because I’m a progressive who gets things done.

    You may have heard how Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid has been calling out the Koch Brothers, America’s 3rd and 4th richest billionaires, for their dishonest saturation propaganda and attack ads. Well, good for him. But Harry Reid is not on the ballot this year. He serves for six years.

    I was on the ballot in 2010. And I posted one article after another about the Koch Brothers’ evil empire of lies. So the Koch Brothers then spent $4,000,000 on a public crucifixion — the average voter in Orlando saw 70 disgusting personal attack ads against me. And they won.

    Fast forward to 2014. I have been pointing out in the Huffington Post and elsewhere that the Koch Brothers are the primary beneficiaries of the Keystone XL pipeline, because they own so much of the refinery capacity on the Texas coast where the pipeline would terminate. That pipeline means billions of dollars for the Koch Brothers, and Planet Earth be damned.

    So now the Koch Brothers are gunning for me again. The Koch Brothers have been running ads against me in my district since last November. One ad features two veterans who complain that I want government healthcare for all, and wouldn’t that be just terrible! (One of the vets is on Medicare; he should ask his doctor to check him for irony-poor blood.) Another Koch Brothers ad condemns me for being President Obama’s “collaborator.”

    And they’re not the only ones. Listen to who else has been attacking me lately: Bill O’Reilly. Sean Hannity. Mark Levin. Mike Huckabee. Allen West. Even Joe the Plumber. It’s a confederacy of cretins, a legion of losers, a posse of pinheads, an organization of the out-to-lunch — but they’re gunning for me.

    Let me tell you how the Koch Brothers work. They put their little toes in the water before Labor Day. Then between Labor Day and Election Day, it’s a big, fat belly-flop.

    We have to be prepared, and we have to be prepared now. Our campaign already is paying 15 canvassers to brave 90-degree heat in Orlando, going door to door to spread the word. But we don’t need 15. We need 50. We have less than 100 days to go, and we can’t afford to waste a single one of them. The future is now.

    I’d like to think that we are less than 100 days from victory. But that depends on you. It’s up to you. Every dollar that you contribute counts, just as you count.

    You have a bold, fearless progressive in Congress who is constantly figuring out ways to win — not just win elections, but win on policy and embody our progressive principles in law. And you see that he is under attack — for that very reason. What are you going to do about it? Will you help?

    I can’t turn to the lobbyists and the multinational corporations and the millionaires and the billionaires to help me. They’re the ones who want me out, because I am unbought and unbossed.

    I have only one chance at political survival: You.

    You can count on me.


    Rep. Alan Grayson

  207. kiwi says:

    “You can’t taper a Ponzi scheme: Time to reboot”
    “One thing to be said for the women now heading the Federal Reserve and the IMF: compared to some of their predecessors, they are refreshingly honest.”
    …. more

  208. alex says:


    whenever anything happens that’s weird from my computer I usually try to find out what is happening to other people first and I do that by googling search terms that address the issue… I started with ‘error message’ + starlightnews… but then moved on to forum at wordpress; I usually figure what is happening to me is also happening to thousands of other people because we are all collectively connected thru various web servers;

    I check up on how the collective of people online are experiencing network problems because I know absolutely nothing about computer operations and can’t determine if it is my computer only and it follows that I can’t fix my own computer if it is having a ‘nervous-digital-breakdown’ :-)

    my kids always tell me wait it out if there is a disruption from the web browser because it is usually a server problem;

    long long time ago a Apple support tech told me if I needed to check out if my own computer was having serious instability problem to run a game program and see if I got consistent results… because game programs use all the capabilities of the computer at the same time.. if a game is stuck or having errors then your own computer is needing some work;

    with that advise I got the One-On-One basketball game program and played it.. what became clear was that the scores were not adding up correctly and on that basis alone APPLE replaced my computer with new one by-passing the retail outlet tech support where I had purchased the APPLE computer ….

    keep it simple is a good motto…

  209. Anne's Aunt says:

    kiwi, that was an amazing article. Thanks for sharing.

  210. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sharon, wow. Your links are chilling. This is from your second link:

    “Two of the most senior Hamas leaders appeared on Hamas TV yesterday saying that Hamas loves death like Israelis love life.

    A recorded statement by Hamas Chief of Staff Muhammad Deif, prepared during the current Gaza war, Operation Protective Edge, announced: “Today you [Israelis] are fighting divine soldiers, who love death for Allah like you love life, and who compete among themselves for Martyrdom like you flee from death.””

  211. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, you are going back to plans from 1947?!!!! In 1978, Begin and Anwar Sadat won the Nobel Peace Prize together, and in 2000 Clinton brokered a deal between Arafat and Rabin (an Israeli president who was murdered by a countryman for working for peace with the Palestinians and a 2-country solution). There may be more to it than I realize, but my impression about the peace deal is that it gave Palestinians everything they wanted except the right of return of all of their descendants. Arafat turned it down but I have read that later on he was sorry he did not accept it. As I’ve said here many times, land was also taken from Jews in the Middle-East, up to 1 million, when the partition was made and the piece of land given to the Jews was originally somewhat larger but was cut down when oil-rich Arabs complained. The Arabs more than got the lion’s share of the deal. You need to expand your mind a bit.

  212. Sharon K says:

    Also, Sharon is the one who realized that he had to accelerate a 2-state solution and largely pulled out of Gaza, evicting Israeli settlers forceably. This was after land was also given back to Lebanon in the Golan Heights. This was all part of a plan to give back land if Palestinians showed they were going to be partners in peace. I do think that the plan has gone awry and that Israel is now somewhat two-faced about it in that they say they want peace but are hogging the water rights, to my knowledge, and undermining the plan for peace; however, I believe that that their leaders tried for a long time to make it work and they could not find a partner. I agree with Netanyahu when he says there is no partner for peace. I think Israel no longer wants to extend itself and has gotten negative about the prospect of giving back more land and having peace between two nations due to their experience with Hamas, etc. For a long time, there was a strong peace movement in Israel and the peace candidate, Lipni, was on the verge of becoming prime minister but instead Netanyahu was voted in, just as Sharon was years earlier. When a country feels insecure and that they need protection, they vote in more conservative leaders.

  213. lisam says:

    I think there is one crazy woman, possibly two on this blog. Lol.

  214. Sharon K says:

    Maybe even three or four.

    By the way, the story is starting to be reported that the tunnels, which are 25 ft underground, were meant to be infiltrated this year on Rosh Hashona (in Sept) when Hamas, en masse, was going to kidnap mucho Israelis and take them back to Gaza as well as keep them in the tunnels so they couldn’t be destroyed. Their plan was to ultimately take over Israel, but that plan has been foiled.

  215. Anne's Aunt says:

    I guess that means that anyone who does not agree with you is “crazy”. Well, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia against other Arabs, also don’t agree with you.

    “This is unprecedented in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” says CNN’s Ali Younes, an analyst who has covered the region for decades. “Most Arab states are actively supporting Israel against the Palestinians — and not even shy about it or doing it discreetly.”
    It’s a “joint Arab-Israeli war consisting of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia against other Arabs — the Palestinians as represented by Hamas.”
    As the New York Times put it, “Arab leaders, viewing Hamas as worse than Israel, stay silent.”
    “Israel’s ongoing battle against Hamas is part of a wider regional war on the Muslim Brotherhood,” says the Soufan Group, which tracks global security. “Most Arab states share Israel’s determination to finish the movement off once and for all, but they are unlikely to be successful.”
    “From the perspective of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and some other Arab states, what the Israeli Prime Minister is doing is fighting this war against Hamas on their behalf so they can finish the last stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Younes says.
    “Arab governments and official Arab media have all but adopted the Israeli view of who is a terrorist and who is not. Egyptian and Saudi-owned media are liberal in labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as ‘terrorists’ and describing Hamas as a ‘terrorist organization.’ It’s a complete turnabout from the past, when Arab states fought Israel and the U.S. in the international organizations on the definition of terrorism, and who is a terrorist or a ‘freedom fighter.'”

  216. Sharon K says:

    However, it is not the last stronghold, it seems. ISIS is.

  217. Anne's Aunt says:

    Maybe Islam is being fought to embrace the modern outside of the ME but not there. Hamas and ISIS are fighting shia. Neither are a modern version of Islam and are actually very regressive.

    “Iraq: Isis warns women to wear full veil or face punishment
    Sunni insurgents issue guidelines in mosques on how clothes should be worn to prevent women ‘from falling into vulgarity'”

  218. Bob says:

    Anne’s Aunt:

    The pain has been with me for about 15 years and I long ago made the decision not to go under the knife so I decided to accept it.

    Years ago I meditated for 20 minutes every day and it was good for me but I gradually drifted away from it. I also taught myself self hypnosis and used it with very good results but drifted away from that also. Both were experiments long before the work accident which I believe resulted in the pain about 10 years after it happened. As Father Time has his way with me it gets progressively stronger but I have not yet decided to take pro-active steps to deal with him (it).

    Long ago I decided that a human mind was among the most powerful things known to humans, perhaps the most powerful. Even today, when I am walking, thoughts are able to help me stand up straight which helps me to walk more briskly. I use the thoughts “Stand up straight.” or “Don’t shuffle.” Both have the same effect. When I think “No pain, no gain.” the pain, which is aggravated by the walking, immediately lessons and sometimes goes away completely.

    When I quit smoking a year and a half ago I made no conscious decision to do so before hand but that sort of experiment turned into a decision to keep going with it. Nothing to it. Most of the money saved has been given to charities, people in need, and some gifts for a few friends. I walked several miles to a restaurant I used to frequent to leave tips for all of the waitresses who were not working when I had tipped those who were working during a previous visit. The same at a Subway shop I go to. Sharing the good fortune. I have given some cash to strangers also.

    A simple man with simple tastes and blessed with good health.

    About a month ago I was talking with a computer tech and he asked what was the most beautiful thing in the world. Without a moments hesitation I replied “A smiling or laughing person.” To me that is true without any qualifiers other than that it not be at the expense of somebody’s misfortune.

  219. Anne's Aunt says:

    Very inspiring Bob. Thank you for sharing that.

  220. will says:


    It might be a good idea to ask your physician for a cervical MRI. I deal with cervicobrachialgia and the incidences have gotten much more frequent and protracted over the last year. It started for me with alternation numbness, tingling and intense pain in my forefinger and thumb and has now spread to the neck, shoulders and arms.

  221. Lorrie U says:

    Bob – Do you know the source of your pain? Could the tingling be from pinched nerves in the neck or spine? Do you get chiropractic adjustments? Also, low laser therapy helps with pain. My dog who died last year at 14 had been receiving low laser therapy the last eight months which greatly helped and improved his mobility.

  222. alex says:

    your comment upthread, August 10th Full Moon – Obama – well said

    I made a few notes… to comment in next day or two

  223. alex says:


    good call I was going to say the same thing – pinched nerve…

    as we get older the disks between the vertebra have less utility (less support to cervical vertebra) and neck vertebra slip out of alignment easily and then comes the pinched nerve in arms…

    getting the right support for head and shoulders during sleep is one way to solve waking up with numb arms and hands

  224. Prabhata says:

    Sharon K, I’m old enough to remember the 67 War. At the time it meant nothing to me. Being non-Jew or Palestinian or Arab and not being political, that war was like when one hears of some war in Africa. Oh, it’s bad, and one goes on the rest of the day without thinking about it. Then came the horror in the Olympics, and that tilted my view towards a dislike of the PLO and by association the Palestinians. Then of course Camp David, and all seemed to go in the right direction, but then came Lebanon and one war after another. It was at this point that the pieces of the puzzle were not fitting. And I began to learn more about Israel, its beginnings and the Palestinians. 1948 is very relevant today because Israeli policies are grounded in its beginning. The Palestinians commemorate Nakba Day every year. That’s how relevant 1948 is to them. To understand that one half of the Palestinian population was sent into exile and that their villages were destroyed as Israel took possession of the land even before the UN partitioned the land. Palestinians have a right to fight for rights denied to them. They are less than second class being in the occupied territories. You know that settlements are going up and their homes can be bulldozed at the will of the government. Any dissent will be crushed. This kind of environment is the perfect recipe for a radicalized population. Mandela, fought with every tactic available to win rights. That’s my point. If you have a few minutes, I will give you a link to a talk History Professor Ilan Pappe gave at the Australia Press Club. It’s a half-hour overview about Israel’s history. But I found the questions from the audience extremely good and worth listening to.

    History of Israel:Stolen Land of Palestine by Ilan Pappe

  225. Kitty says:

    Thanks for all the good advice in checking on computer problems and disconnects. I never would have thought of a Goggle Search! I’ll try all those good tips, if I have a problems again. I always think it is me, that I caused some kind of glitch ! Great that you got a new computer from Apple–really nice. ” keeping things simple” can pay off sometimes— Hooray for that !

  226. Trudy says:

    excellent video Prabhata!
    Helps to unravel and understand some of the energies
    trapped in the vortex of Israel/Palestine and area!

  227. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    To understand the August 10th Full Moon (2:09 pm EST) in its wider context you’d also have to factor in another critical component. There is an exact Mars opposition to the April 29th, 2014 solar eclipse (8 ’52 Scorpio) occurring later on in the evening (11:52 pm EST).

    The April 29th solar eclipse is quite intense considering its Grand Cross Square aspect still in effect – Mars (11 ’52 Libra), Jupiter (14 ’43 Cancer), Uranus (13 ’58 Aries), Pluto (13 ’32 Capr.).

    Here are some of Joni Patry’s observations about this eclipse. I’ve highlighted the pertinent sections below. I took the liberty of deleting the degrees mentioned because it is quoted in vedic calculations……..

    Sensitive Degrees and Eclipses

    For astrologers eclipses are very important for prediction. April 29, 2014 is the day of a very significant solar eclipse. The alignment of the Sun and Moon symbolize the lights in our world coming together, as they obliterate each other’s light this is an indication of secrets coming out of the darkness.

    The planets involved at the time of an eclipse will flavor the energy that is revealed. As Saturn is opposed the Sun/Moon conjunction this will bring to light all that has been hidden globally and personally.

    The most significant property of an eclipse in terms of prediction is that the degree the Sun and Moon join at the time of an eclipse becomes a sensitive degree. This degree should be watched as through it is a land mine that will create an explosion or event when other transiting planets aspect this degree. – snipped –

    …….Mars opposes Uranus and square Jupiter and Pluto. Uranus as the planet of air travel and airplanes conjunct Mercury, planet of travel (debilitated) does indicate problems with air travel. And events do happen in a series of threes. There will be unexpected explosions with world strife, crises and earthquakes erupting around the world.

    ……The solar eclipse is powerful and alludes to great loss with the Sun/Moon and Mercury all in the nakshatra Bharani. This is a very sharp nakshatra ruled by Yama, the god of death. Mars and Mercury exchange signs (parivartana). This will be a very contentious and difficult month for President Obama based on his navamshas chart and the U.S. chart.

    This month, hidden agendas and secrets are revealed. At the time of a solar eclipse many secrets come out into the open. This is an important solar eclipse because it involves Saturn. This means there are many political leaders that will face the truth and have to be accountable. Saturn pertains to reality and there is a lot that will be uncovered.


  228. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: Please read instead “There is an exact Mars (8 ’52 Scorpio) opposition to the April 29th, 2014 solar eclipse (8 ’52 Taurus) occurring later on in the evening (11:52 pm EST).”

  229. alex says:

    Washington DC ASC @21 Scorpio – 2014 August Tenth, Full Moon

    First Impressions


    Mars @08 Scorpio – USA Sibley, 11TH House (legislature, Congress)
    Natal Neptune @08 Scorpio – Obama, Natal 9TH House


    ASC/DES (horizon, latitude DC, polarity, axis)

    Washington DC ASC @21 Scorpio – 2014 August 10TH, Full Moon
    Natal Ceres @20 Taurus – Obama

    Mundane astrology:

    First House ASC @21 Scorpio is ‘The People’
    USA Sibley cusp 12TH @22 Scorpio (house of Politics ~ per Jude Cowell)


    Natal Ceres @20 Taurus – Obama
    USA Vesta @19 Taurus (security issues)

    Obama announced Friday that Congress didn’t/wouldn’t work on solving the immigration problem & funding request by Pres. Obama therefore he would act alone (find and fund by executive order)

  230. alex says:

    EXCERPT – Full Moon By Marina Macario

    The Moon aspects by themselves are about balancing.

    Moon opposite Mercury surfaces as an internal battle between the logical mind and gut instinct.

    But the restlessness creates energy constantly in a state of flux, like the tides washing in and out. This is very creative and self-purifying with a huge need to communicate fluctuating moods to a wider audience.

    Moon opposite Lilith; The Moon and the Black Moon are such polar opposites, that in an opposition they could actually end up cancelling each other out.

    A successful balance of these two would mean that the domestic moon can restrain Lilith from going too far off the rails and lusty Lilith could break some of the moons stagnating habits.

    However Saturn is critiquing this balancing act, while the Sun is combust Lilith conjunct Mercury.

    The Moon square Saturn makes us grow up quickly, while deep inside Saturn’s armour is a very soft-centred needy child.

    However with this tough Super Moon we are loathed to show any fragile sides to our character, so most of this month we will appear very strong, capable and most of all independent.

    Sun square Saturn however will make us feel tested and criticised. We may feel that we have too many challenges to overcome at this full Moon.

  231. alex says:

    animal lovers – found this great video at dailykos front page


  232. alex says:


    You know what our problem is,” said the federation’s Political Committee chairman, Lee Saunders, “It’s turnout. We have prioritized the election races and we have to get our people out. The local unions are being mobilized.

    If we get our people out, we win and if we don’t – well then we have problems. “We cannot have a repeat of 2010,” he warned. “That would be a disaster.”

    Regarding Wisconsin, Saunders said “Mary Burke (the Democratic candidate for governor) is running an excellent campaign” against Scott Walker (the incumbent Republican), whose law stripped 200,000 state and local workers of bargaining rights, and their unions of dues. “Individual unions and will be heavily involved,” there, said Saunders. “The economy in the state is still suffering,” which will help Burke, he added.

    In Florida, Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist “is in a close race” against his GOP successor, right-wing former hospital chain CEO Rick Scott. Crist will win only if all of labor mobilizes in unity against Scott, Saunders warned.

    “No one is giving up on the House,” said Bill Samuels, the federation’s legislative director. That’s why we have Pelosi speaking here today.”

    Saunders defended the decision to concentrate heavily on the state races, however, saying “state houses and legislatures are covering a lot of ground” in laws that affect workers. Since Congress is dysfunctional. We have to involve voters in local politics.” Saunders talked about the races in the different key states.

    In Ohio, he said, there is a problem because the incumbent GOP governor, John Kasich, “has a lot of money. Ed Fitzgerald has to raise more money and we will try to help with that.” Kasich is being challenged by Ed Fitzgerald, the Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) executive.


  233. Helen says:

    Recently featured on C-SPAN – no longer tucked away on a conspiracy site:


    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

    “Richard Gage talked about his group, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which claimed that the World Trade Center was brought down by explosive demolition on September 11, 2001. The group was founded in 2006 and said its mission was to “expose the official lies and cover-up surrounding the events of September 11, 2001 in a way that inspires the people to overcome denial and understand the truth.”

  234. lisam says:

    Prabhata! Thank you for that very informative video of Professor Ilan Pappe, in which he covered a broad spectrum of issues on this topic. I am a great admirer of his, because of his lucid thinking, congenial disposition, and wonderful sense of humor! I believe that truth will prevail – too bad it has to cost so many lives. There was one subject of particular interest to me that he covered, about the popular boast of the Israelis that they made the desert bloom. I have always thought that this was a bad idea, because it disturbed the ecological balance of the earth. You can’t fool Mother Nature, and she will always exact a price for this transgression. Already you can see signs of this in what is happening in California where most of it was desert which was forced to bloom, and we are reaping the consequences today – one of which is constant wildfires, and terrible water shortages. Some have criticized the Palestinians for not developing the land enough, but I think they showed more respect for it by choosing to live in harmony with it, and adapting to the conditions, rather than forcing it to be what it wasn’t supposed to be. I don’t know what the English translation for your name is, but you are certainly a beacon of truth in this world.

  235. Kitty says:

    Lorrie U.
    Thanks for Jon Stewart, he is always great.
    The South has given us a head-ache for years, and their actions, do affect all of us. I think that fear, religion and social issues keeps them downtrodden . It would be such a Sweet Victory for a Dem to win Gov. in Kansas–right in ” Koch Territory” . Brownback is a 6 Path which is usually harmonious and family orientated, but wonder if he has been too easily manipulated by the Koch Bros.? and taken in by the wrong family ?

    What Happened When an Extremist, Christian Fundamentalist Got to Run a Whole State–


    Born: September 12, 1956 (age 57),Garnett, KS

  236. Prabhata says:

    Lisam, there are several youtubes with Professor Ilan Pappe. You can search for those. There are several Jewish historians that have looked at the documents and agree on the destruction of villages and the eviction of half the Palestinian population in 1948. They are just not willing to call it “ethnic cleansing”. But $hit, by any other name…

  237. lisam says:

    Pardon me for finding this humorous if it offends anybody, but it’s a quote from Israeli professor and historian, Ilan Pappe that I find amusing. He has a wicked sense of humor.

    ” Most Zionists don’t believe that God exists, but they do believe that He promised them Palestine”

  238. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, true about California experiencing drought. Unfortunately climate change has heightened the problems there and everywhere else too. OR and WA always have fire seasons too. Still most of us are fed with food from CA. Olive oil, olives, nuts, grapes and wine, rice, cranberries, dairy and dairy products, artichokes, dates, figs, kiwifruit, olives, persimmons, pistachios, prunes, strawberries, green onions and lots of fruits and veggies. Much of the organic foods are from CA. CA has vastly cleaned up its ground water and air qualities in the last 30 years. CA along with OR and WA produce enormous amounts of the countries best veggies, orchard fruits, meats, nuts, grains, and with a nice amount organic (local organic foods are a big thing on the west coast). The best cold water fish, like salmon and halibut come from OR and WA not to mention the shellfish (yum dungeness crab). OR and WA also irrigate. Irrigation is a very ancient technology going back to Egyptians who flooded lands as far back as 1800BCE, and China has ancient irrigation too. They respected nature.

    Prabhata, don’t you find it interesting that whenever a people (moon of a group or nation) feels threatened they want a leader who is strong, aggressive and warlike? Russians support Putin, palestinians support Hamas, Israelis support Netanyahu, we in the US supported Bush after 9/11 in Afghanistan. The teaparty supports Ted Curz.

  239. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, not sure you realize but Buddhists do not believe that “god” exists either. It is still a religion.

  240. Prabhata says:

    Buddhists don’t believe in God or anything. How can that be a religion? It’s not. It’s a practice. All Buddhist sutras are aphorisms, wisdom pointing the way, not something to adhere to.

    Our practice gets us nowhere and we achieve nothing (“Be here now” is that reminder).

    “I gained nothing at all from Supreme Enlightenment” — Buddha

  241. Helen says:

    Interesting how sometimes one can’t tell the difference between certain spiritual sites and Neo-Nazi ones:


  242. Anne's Aunt says:


    “Whether Buddhism is, or is not, a religion depends upon how the word “religion” is defined. Lots of people have their favorite definition; some think that theirs is the only valid meaning for the term.

    Some definitions required a religion to include belief in the existence of one or more deities; this would classify most expressions of Buddhism as a non-religious since it is essentially a non-theistic religion.

    Other definitions do not require religion to include belief in a deity; these would probably include Buddhism as a religion.”


  243. barbk says:

    There is an aspect pattern I had never heard of until 2 days ago called The Finger Of The World, in which 2 planets in a square both form sesquiquadrates to a 3rd planet. There is one in today’s Jupiter-Mercury conjunction chart (the beginning of their new cycle) and there is also one in the chart for the Fukushima disaster, March 11, 2011.

    Todays Jupiter-Mercury conjunction squares Mars and all 3 form sesquiquadrates to Chiron, while on March 11, 2011, at the time of the disaster, the Moon squared Neptune (conjunct Chiron) and they all were sesquiquadrate Saturn.

    Here’s what Dane Rudhyar says about this (new-to-me) pattern in his book Astrological Aspects-A Process Oriented Approach, written with his wife, Leyla Rael:

    If there is any meaning in calling the quincunx/sextile configuration a ‘Finger of God’, one might consider calling the analogous sesquiquadrate/square configuration a ‘Finger of the World’ – for it challenges one to concrete action (square) that must be well-advertised and disseminated, but which at the same time should stand on its own as an almost self-evident answer to a pressing social or evolutionary need.”

    Well, we’ve seen how the Fukushima disaster has played out; confusion and pain (Neptune + Chiron) for the People (Moon) as symbolized by the square. Another astrologer, Clare Martin, at Astrodienst, says of the Finger of the World pattern, “The focal planet here is the one that makes two sesquiquadrates which will drive the individual to integrate and actively resolve the challenge of the planets in square.”

    From that, I gather that – regarding Fukushima and the resulting challenges – it is Saturn (2 sesquiquadrates from Moon and Neptune-Chiron) that symbolizes how those challenges will be “actively resolved”. Two things, time and government are Saturn keywords.

    If today’s square to the Leo Jupiter-Mercury conjunction – both communicators – from the Scorpio Mars (action, violence) expresses as behavior based on strong emotions, challenged by dramatic communication, then it follows that it will be up to Chiron the Healer to “actively resolve” the challenges symbolically brought about by the square in today’s chart.

    Two astrology writers in two different issues of The Mountain Astrologer magazine have written articles about what has been happening to the Earth itself. One wrote about Ceres’ influence on climate change and the other about the Neptune-Chiron cycle and its influence on the ecosystem. If the upcoming election’s chart bears a midpoint between transiting Neptune and Chiron that conjuncts the U.S. natal Ceres, then it is likely that the election itself could have some bearing on how today’s aspect pattern plays out.

    Obviously, the ecosystem and climate change aren’t the only way Ceres, Neptune and Chiron express their energy, but it is something to be aware of in the coming weeks before the elections. When Saturn stationed retrograde in March he was opposite Sedna who symbolically protects deep sea waters and the life within them. Saturn will return to that degree and, on Election Day, he will again oppose Sedna, while also making a trine to the U.S. Mercury. In Kentucky, where I live, coal mining pollutes drinking water.

    Thanks alex for all your work on the election day astrology, and to Jerry for discovering the April solar eclipse connection to this Full Moon which could reveal something along these same lines. I will be re-reading both of your comments now that my mind has been emptied onto this page and there’s room for more!

  244. margriet says:

    Starlight, I agree with the line of events as you described on July 29, 2014 at 10:41 am, concerning Israel’s renewed push for war. But I’m shocked by the way you described the events in Ukraine/Russia in your main article!
    “Putin has been stirring up trouble in Ukraine since February 2014 when the corrupt Russian puppet regime of Victor Yanukovich was overthrown and a more pro-Western government took its place. ….. The first casualty of this effort was the Crimean Peninsula, which in March became part of the Russian Federation. Since then, Russian thugs have been infiltrating other parts of eastern Ukraine, using the same tactics and provoking a civil war which is rapidly morphing into a war between Ukraine and Russia.”
    The “corrupt Russian puppet” was undemocratically kicked out by the Ukrain parlement, one day after an agreement for Ukrain’s future had been drawn up by Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the US. He was thrown out from one day to the other unilaterally which is considered undemocratic when it happens to a country the US doesn’t like, however, surprise, this time there was no sign of complaint from the West. The US was happy about this undemocratic putch from the start. Isn’t that strange?
    An UNDEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED more pro-Western government took its place and the US was happy.
    The Crimean peninsula became part of Russia in pretty much the same way as the pro West government was installed in Kiev. So if it was ok to throw out the president in Kiev, how could it have been wrong to do so in the Crim?
    The most amazing thing you write is that you seem to know for a fact who shot down the plane. This though the researchers are still working there, doing the research.
    I’m sorry Starlight, I always love your work and you’ve made some amazing discoveries over the years, but these days you surprise me.

  245. margriet says:


    The moral duplicity in the U.S. political class is breathtaking. Squeezed in between news stories of the ongoing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, U.S. President Barak Obama announced expanded economic sanctions against Russia for its alleged support for what the media calls “pro-Russian separatist forces” in Eastern Ukraine. The U.S. action could not have been a more dramatic illustration of the cognitive dissonance and ethical double standards of the Obama administration and the U.S political class.

  246. Trudy says:

    The information in your post is something I ran across a number of years ago-perhaps not as graphic–
    They were part of my tossing my rigid belief systems overboard – one by one-
    At first, I was aghast and horrified – now its “well, of course!”
    While I am NOT an atheist – I perhaps follow Bill Maher’s take on religion – if we learned to take back our power and stopped feeding it to an outside entity we might just find the “God within” and the world would begin to make some sense!!

  247. Lorrie U says:

    Kitty – Horrified to learn that I share a birthday with Brownback! Thank goodness, different year, different path.

    The #6 is “family” oriented, family including those close to them and in their community. It does not extend itself to “others” outside their immediate realm, it is not universal service. The negative six can be cynical, egotistical, suspicious, a domestic tyrant, jealous and have misplaced sympathy causing a resentment of being of service to those who they feel don’t deserve it. Also, if you look at the 9+3+3=6, the energies are scattered, there is no focus, the #3 likes things to be easy and not look too deep. Main challenge is the #9 (humanity) so he finds it difficult to connect with the larger community, but is devoted to his inner circle of community.

  248. Lorrie U says:

    To clarify my above statement, the #9 was the first life cycle with the #6 challenge, the #6 challenging the inclination to be of service to the #9 earlier in life. The remaining #3 life cycles then take over and the #9 influence fades and the #6 becomes predominant.

  249. Stefanie says:

    Sharon, just wanted to point out that that link you posted from Tablet Mag is by a woman who works for a rabidly far-right organization that I know well — know someone that works there. If you parse her points, it’s pretty easy to see that none of the people she mentioned, if they were alive to speak, would support Israel as it is today. It’s actually a ridiculous, absurd argument for her to make. I’m not defending the peope she’s mad at, I’m just saying it’s really quite silly propaganda. Just like much of what’s coming out of right-wing Israel supporters now — meaningless talking points to compete in the PR war. There is no there there.

    Happily, many Jews of conscience are waking up and taking a stand against the Netanyahu gov’t and their gruesome abuses of power. I am so heartened and releived to see my Jewish/Israeli brothers and sisters finally taking a stand agains the brutality of the occupation and what it has wrought.

    Also — Hamas did not start this, iif you read upthread you’ll see a post by Nancy about the idea that it was a false flag. I have been posting since the war began about this. I don’t think it’s a false flag in the sense that Israel had anything to do with killing those boys — I just think they used this as a pretext for war, much in the way that Bush/Cheney used 9/11 to go into Iraq. Starting a war was not in Hamas’ best interest – they had just formed a unity governement with Abbas. This was antithetical to Netanyahu’s ability to retain the power given to him by his far-right wing base — he’d finallly have to pursue an agreement. Since he does not actually want peace, why not use the kidnapping of three Israeli boys, not done by Hamas, as an excuse to rile up the country into a war frenzy? That’s what happened — and here we are with 64 IDF solidiers dead and 1000s of massacred Palestinians. But boy oh boy is Netanyahu popular now — the great protector. He can’t lose and that’s exactly what he wanted.

  250. Anne's Aunt says:

    Stephanie, but Hamas does benefit from this war. I don’t disagree with you about people waking up to Likud, but Hamas is not innocent:

    The attacks are Hamas’s response to the Palestinian unity government falling apart. The unity government is limping. Even though Hamas is a signatory to the documents that established the government and chose four of its cabinet-level ministers, it has no official members in the government, and the Palestinian Authority was withholding salaries from Hamas civil servants in the Gaza Strip even before the latest escalation began. After Hamas operatives abducted and murdered three Israeli teenagers earlier this month, Fatah reportedly realized that it was better off going it alone.

    “At the end of the day, the unity government collapsed by itself,” Ido Zelkovitz, a scholar at the Jerusalem-based Mitvim Institute, told Business Insider. Yet the rocket attacks send a message to Fatah that they can’t afford to cut Hamas out of the political process, even after the abductions. And it potentially rallies the Palestinian street around them at a time when the group seems to be at its weakest. As Zelkovitz put it, “From their own perspective, Hamas is ready to sacrifice their own infrastructure and their own members in order to be back into the political process in the Middle East.”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/hamas-benefits-from-escalation-in-gaza-2014-7#ixzz39Hp0FfAD

  251. alex says:


    Alison Grimes(D) v Mitch McConnell(R)

    Their speeches head to head – this is politics! Allison’s take aways are GREAT, she really wrapped it up

    Watch the whole video even Mad-Mitch … you might not see
    political speech like this for long long time…

    TODAY 8/2/2014

  252. Sharon K says:

    The deaths are TRAGIC, Stephanie, more so for the Gazans, but I don’t buy that Hamas is not accountable. None of us know the real truth, we just read stuff and have opinions. It is true, however, that 2 senior Hamas members said in a TV interview a few days ago that they love death like Israelis love life. I don’t know the exact story about the tunnels but they have been working on them for 12 years so they could, when the time was right, kidnap many Israelis, etc. And, yes, I agree with Anne’s Aunt’s post that they don’t want to be cut out of the political process. To me, they are more radical than most Israelis (although there definitely are radical, right-wing Israelis) and they started these rocket attacks again, sending Israelis all over the country running to bomb shelters. Israel waited 3 days and retaliated. Another factor is that countries like Jordan, Saudi Arabia and others are now speaking out about Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. So, the upshot to me is that both sides are right and wrong and are caught up in a negative cycle but I feel Hamas’s ideology is driving it. Israel also has to clean up it’s act but if this keeps up, we will have more and more right wing Israelis. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/08/02/Saudi-King-Publicly-Blames-Hamas-for-Gaza-War.

  253. Sharon K says:

    Also, if Israel had not gone in, they would not have known the extent of the tunnels as well as the plans. The irony is that the rocket attacks and the military installations in dense and vulnerable civilian areas causes Hamas’s people to be massacred but they have said that they love death. They must be held accountable for their provocations and their radical agenda. Some people say that Israel wants to keep all of the land. I don’t believe that it’s true, myself, but I do that things are going in that direction as the people are sick of the rocket attacks. How can you negotiate peace and a two-state solution with people represented by Hamas?

  254. alex says:


    you introduced me to the Boomerang and it’s a doozy, now you’ve introduced me to ‘Finger of the World’ Yikes…. thank you I always look forward to your comments;

  255. Kitty says:

    Lorrie U,
    You are nothing like Brownback !! Thanks for more clarification on the path 6 and 3’s. You confirmed, what I thought of the Negative 6. When he was a Sen, he rented a home with other Sen. and Reps from the group ” The Fellowship/ The Family “. They are the group that ‘Ruins’ the Nat. Prayer Breakfast every year. My opinion !—-I think Tom Coburn and ex-Sen. Ensign too! Ensign resigned for fooling around with his staffer! The families that he has attached himself to, make me cringe! I hope Kansas sees him for who he really is and finally vote him out.


  256. Kitty says:

    I saw part of the repeat program of Richard Gage/911 tonight on C-span—which was amazing! to be seen on C-span but right after that program they had a man on that disputed Conspiracy theories–

    Eichenwald was just on so should be in C-span new videos—I have not checked on it yet !–After the first hour of 911 and seeing the “Asbestos” filled towers come down, for the first time. I thought it was a controlled demolition, But kept quiet for fear I was losing my mind–lol—-but 5 years later I heard of a group and went to several different meeting of 911, including one by Gage. It was nice to find others that believed as I did. However the facts are complicated and not sexy, so it is hard to keep a group going. Gage does a great job, but will probably take 100 years for any real truth to come out. We still don’t know all about JFK ? 911 has been a great tool to start wars, have the public constantly under surveillance, and make more money for the Military Ind. Complex ! Our lives have become amazing !

  257. alex says:



    As happened six months later on 9/11/2001, this March 2001 television pilot episode is about a hijacked commercial airplane that crashes into the World Trade Twin Towers NYC

    The Lone Gunmen
    – pilot episode television show on March 4th, 2001

  258. alex says:

    continued – 9/11/2001

    Banker’s Trust-AB Brown, the firm that placed the 9/11/2001 “put options” on United Airlines stock was, until 1998 managed by A.B. Krongard the no. 3 man at the CIA, who resigned shortly after Goss arrival in December 2004.


    Krongard joined the Agency full-time in February 1998, following a 29-year business career. During his private sector career, he served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Alex. Brown & Sons, the nation’s oldest investment banking firm, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Bankers Trust.


  259. alex says:

    continued – 9/11/2001

    Pentagon Biography on Dov Zakheim:

    Dov S. Zakheim was sworn in as the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense on May 4, 2001.

    Dr. Zakheim has previously served in a number of key positions in government and private business. Most recently, he was corporate vice president of System Planning Corp., a technology, research and analysis firm based in Arlington, Va.

    He also served as chief executive officer of SPC International Corp., a subsidiary specializing in political, military and economic consulting.

    During the 2000 presidential campaign, he served as a senior foreign policy advisor to then-Governor Bush.

    Original Source File:

    Quotes regarding Dov Zakheim, and his public thoughts about PNAC, Project for a New American Century.

    In a document called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” published by The American Enterprise’s “Project for a New American Century”, System Planning Corporation (SPC) International executive, Dov Zakheim, called for “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” being necessary to foster the frame of mind needed for the American public to support a war in the Middle East that would politically and culturally reshape the region.

    A respected and established voice in the intelligence community, his views were eagerly accepted, and Dov went from his position at Systems Planning Corporation to become the Comptroller of the Pentagon in May 2001.

    Perhaps not so coincidentally, it was an SPC subsidiary, TRIDATA CORPORATION, that oversaw the investigation after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.


  260. Sarah-an Israeli says:

    I beg all of you to find a way to hold the pain on all sides of this conflict. The suffering is beyond description. And not all of the fears are inflated. My husband suggested that nobody from any other country be permitted to land in Ben Gurion unless they promised to help us solve this excruciating problem. Crazy suggestion, I know, but from the heart of a father terrified for his beautiful peace-loving son, in the army, in Gaza. But there is truth here – a plea that all of you don’t fan the flames, make us fit into your own agendas, your own angers and your own hatred. I wish, for example, that Europe would be willing to say – please don’t follow our path – we’ve shed rivers of blood and know how fruitless and cruel it can be. Instead, they stand as “beacons of morality” (my God) and judge from afar – opening a crack into Jew-hatred that will only push us here in Israel back into our darkest and most alone of places. Be a witness for us. Hold us with love. We can’t get out of this alone. Too much damage – and much of it predates this conflict by centuries and centuries and centuries.

  261. Prabhata says:

    LOL. Netanyahu knows who’s in charge. From the Guardian:

    Sources familiar with conversations between Netanyahu and senior US officials, including the secretary of state, John Kerry, say the Israeli leader advised the Obama administration “not to ever second-guess me again” on the matter. The officials also said Netanyahu said he should be “trusted” on the issue and about the unwillingness of Hamas to enter into and follow through on ceasefire talks.


  262. Kitty says:

    Well, that was weird and scary! I’d never heard about The Lone Gunman, but that was back in the day, when I did not watch TV. Really too much of a coincidence ? Looks like we had a void in the sales of arms, that needed to be filled ? I wonder who wrote this story for the Lone Gunman?
    Now, I remember these Krongard brothers !
    Memories of Bush’s ruckus with the psychiatrists and torture all came back , with your posts. Their ideas were outrageous. Zakheim, was Romney’s Mid-East adviser too, according to your wikipedia post.! Seriously, there were so many corrupt Bush people, that it was hard to keep up with ! Also, the inter-weaving of all these characters, we need a graph—We don’t have whistle-blowers, because they are all guilty–tell on one and it is telling on yourself–lol. Thanks for all this research, and I’m sure we can connect the dots to some in the CIA/etc of today!

    from wikipedia
    Krongard resigned from the CIA shortly after the arrival of DCI Porter Goss in September 2004. While at the CIA, he was the connection between Erik Prince of Blackwater Security Consulting and the CIA. Through his influence, Blackwater was able to receive its first black contractor——————–

    The Ballad of Cookie and Buzzy

  263. Eliseo says:

    “Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down?”
    Good article. Thanks! I’ve been following this and related issues since I was in HS. As a mostly left of the Democrats person who grew up in the very culturally “southern” part of Texas this is very serious for me.

    “Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down?” Of course it is! Social scientists and other academics have known this for decades. Some astrologers, notably Eric Alan Meece in his book Horoscope for the New Millennium, http://philosopherswheel.com/ strongly suspect there will indeed be a schism or parting of the ways of some kind between the Red and/or Southern states sometime in 2020’s, although as I recall Meece holds out the hope/interpretation it will be an amicable divorce. Maybe we just get tired of one another after well over a decade of political gridlock and antipathy.

    But here’s the irony: “We may be out of water by 2040.” Although my teaching and academic specialties are in comparative religion, sociology and history, I’ve been reading climate science articles since the 60’s when I was in high school. IMHO the old confederacy plus most of the American southwest will suffer very serious water shortages much sooner than 2040, (California’s current drought will likely not end in our lifetime) and Mexico even sooner still. But of course Southern legislators don’t believe in global warming and likely won’t address it until it is much too late. The desertification process will obliterate the South and Southwest, even were we to all suddenly wake up and go carbon negative. Again, IMHO, my home state of Texas will likely not exist within 100 years. Nor will the other aforementioned areas. Too hot. Too dry. And my hometown will be under water. There are some extraordinary and expensive technological fixes which could be taken which would probably save the larger cities and communities. But it likely won’t happen. After all, global warming is just a “liberal hoax!” Another southern secession of some kind is probable, but if successful, it will be dust in their mouths, quite literally.

  264. Jerry says:

    An interesting astrological phenomenon unfolds as we approach August 10th and then onwards to the latter part of the month. As mentioned tr. Mars forms an opposition to the April 29, 2014 solar eclipse (8 ’52 Taurus) at the time of the 8/10/14 Full Moon (Mars conjoining Pres. Obama’s natal Neptune). The August 25th New Moon; tr Jupiter will then take its turn forming an exact opposition to the 4/29/14 eclipse. The Mars/Saturn conjunction will be in close quincunx to Uranus in the Aug. 25th New chart as well. Here is one astrologers view on the aspects…….

    Mars Conjunction Saturn In The Sky: August 25, 2014

    by Astrology for Aquarius

    Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Saturn on August 25, 2014 at 7.31pm UT. And it’s a very dangerous high-discord astrological event. The conjunction aspect brings the matters ruled by Mars and Saturn into prominence and each country has its own chart that operates through its current socio-economic and political environment. Mars is the planet of violence and those countries where violence is a feature of daily life – particularly the war zones – will feel the full impact of this astral onslaught. Under this aspect dangerous countries will do dangerous things. And the tensions between feuding countries (Israel and Palestine) will escalate.

    Mars is the planet of war, violence, the military police, industrial workers, accidents, fires, alcohol fueled violence, guns, bombs, strife, gambling, banditry, hate, revenge and anger. Saturn is the planet of safety, security measures, economy, poverty, mining and miners, farming and farmers, the laboring class, land, destructive weather events, natural disasters, loss grief and despair. Around the globe the aspect marks for a surge in fighting, war fears, land grabs, territorial disputes, rage and grief, heavy casualties, destructive weather events, natural disasters, loss and suffering, a manufacturing slowdown, accidents and fires.



  265. Helen says:

    From 2013: Untold story of the Middle East:

    “Shalom, who is the energy and water minister, addressed the conference on “The Untold Story of the Middle East: Justice for Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries,” hosted by the World Jewish Congress, marking the 65th anniversary when one million Jews were forced out of their homes in Arab countries.

    Shalom is himself one of the Tunisian Jews who fled his country for Israel in 1959, after the new independent government, elected in 1956, began passing anti-Jewish laws.

    He spoke of how the Jobar synagogue near Damascus was burned earlier in 2013, and how communities in Iraq, and Yemen, which were once thriving, are now “desolate cemeteries.”

    “Today, much of the world remains silent on this issue. This injustice cannot continue. The Arab countries must accept responsibility for the billions of dollars of property confiscated, and for the suffering of the one million Jews who had no choice but to flee for their lives.”


  266. alex says:


    Business / They’ve got your number
    There are people trying to reduce all of our behavior to algorithms. Then they will know what we’re going to do even before we do.


    We’re always hearing that the language of mathematics is the language of the universe. For years scientists have been searching for the simplest, most basic mathematical presentation that will make order of the universe. They’re looking for a number, a formula, an algorithm that will give meaning to our world and explain everything.

    The appearance of Google on the stage of history provided the ultimate proof that a single algorithm can indeed create order out of chaos. It can find the proverbial needle in the haystack: locate a picture that we’re looking for, find the address we’re interested in, present the text that we want, all in a split second. We were all so amazed. What Google did with information on the Internet is what the “numerati” are doing with us. The irony is mind-boggling.

    The numerati, explains Baker in his book, are the new elite. They are the numbers crunchers who have graduated from the math and computer-science departments, who work in small start-up companies or giant technology firms, who collect and absorb the information called “our lives.” They process it, put it into equations, and try to produce something from it. That something – what a surprise – is usually money.

  267. margriet says:

    Articles to refresh the memory about the order of how things happened in Ukraine in the past months:


    Aside from that, I’d like to share with you what a Russian man told me last week. I met him at Thich Nhat Hanh’s budhist monastery “Plum Village” in South West France. He’s an intelligent person, like you and I, and much into mindfulness and meditation. I asked him how he saw Putin, if he thought it was a dictator or a tyrant, as some people are saying. He didn’t think so. He firstly pointed at the enormous propaganda that’s being spread out everywhere. He said he feels free to do what he wants in his city, St Petersburg. According to him, the main reasons for the fighting and for the Russian involvement in Eastern Ukraine have to do with Nato. The prospect of having the “pro-Western government in Kiev” sign up with Nato was one step too far.
    I understand that. Imagine the Cold War had ended differently; the wall would have fallen, and then Western Europe would have joined the Warschaupact, and Mexico and Cuba as well. And then the Canadian parliament would have ousted its “pro-US puppet president”. Can you just imagine that? Can you imagine the US would not do anything to influence the preceedings in Canada? Imagine it would do so and Moscow would call sanctions on you because you’re not working together with the Warschaupact. Wow.
    He said Putin had to do something and thought “allowing the Crimea back into Russia” was a good thing to do – as it seems to me too by the way, but you already know that.

    Thich Nhat Hanh, vietnamese monk, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the 60s, by nobody less than Martin Luther King. Until now, he has not received it. But Obama has, he already got before he had barely done anything as a president. My friend questions the peacefulness of Obama. He says some of his speeches (for instance the one before a military academy, not so long ago) just sound like a call for war. Coming from a man who got the Nobel Peace Prize. Barack “We tortured some folks” Obama.

    Another interesting thing was that he has friends in Ukraine. They served together in the military, back in the days when it was still Soviet Union. He says when he and his friends (in St Petersburg) get together for meditation sessions, they dedicate their energy to the people in Ukraine.
    He says there are strong ties between Russia and the Ukraine and he has no doubt relations will get better in the end, and deplores the pain.

    Well I hope reading this view is of interest to you, it certainly was to me.

    One more thing: gay rights. He says it’s not like it’s being painted in many Western media; he says gay people can live the way they want without problem. It’s just that when it becomes like propaganda that you enter the problematic area. Then he said there are states within the US where gay people still endure bad treatment. And it’s not long ago (as Will reminded in the last thread) it was impossible to believe gay marriage would ever become legal in the US.

  268. lisam says:



  269. lisam says:

    Margriet, thanks for informing us with your links, and post. Every government has its propaganda machine, so it’s left up to the citizens in every country to separate the truth from fiction. It takes a lot of long and arduous research sometimes, but we have to make the effort in the hope for a better and more peaceful world in which to live, if that is ever possible.

  270. Jerry says:

    In Ed Tamplin’s article posted above, a passing reference, although brief, does seem to acknowledge the possibility that next weeks Aquarius full moon could activate aspects to the Aug 11, ’99 solar eclipse…..

    “Next week, on August 11, we have a Full Moon that is re-activating a threatening Solar Eclipse from 1999. Cool heads are needed now.”

  271. alex says:


    great catch – Ed Tamplin, War Astrology


    Progressed New Moon

  272. Anne's Aunt says:

    Margriet and Sarah-an Israeli, thank you both for your very compassionate and humanitarian comments. Proposing tolerance and love for each other is always right.

  273. alex says:

    Lifetime Lunar Phases – where you can order report for Progressed New Moon and the other Personal Lunar Phases for a Lifetime


    I don’t find the ‘lifetime lunar phases’ listed online but it is
    listed in their printed professional astrologer’s catalogue… probably can ask their 800 phone operator about it;

    one page report – reasonable cost

  274. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sarah – an Israeli, I also fear and actually see the beginnings of anti-semitism, Jew hatred, here in the US. The war in Gaza seems to be a spark for that.

    Deaths of palestinians are always in the headlines in the US. But deaths of shia and christians, even tho they VASTLY outnumber those in gaza are ignored, or, like lisam, simply laughed off. One almost has to read about ISIS in news sources out of the US and the US news is simply ignoring it for the most part. It often seems like deaths caused by jews are more egregious than deaths caused by radical muslims. It is scariest when it seems almost righteous and borderline jew-hatred.

  275. alex says:

    Lifetime Lunar Phases – where you can order report for Progressed New Moon and the other Personal Lunar Phases for a Lifetime



    one page report – reasonable cost

  276. Kitty says:

    Prabhata and lisam,
    Have you seen these articles ? Cheney’s recent rhetoric against Obama makes more sense—to him ?

    Lord Rothschild,Dick Cheney and Rupert Murdoch invest in Genie Oil & Gas


    24 February 2013
    Cheney-Linked Company to Drill in Occupied Golan Heights


    The Ed Tamplin post on War—was fantastic—thanks

  277. Anne's Aunt says:

    I hope Starlight writes more on ISIS and Hamas.

  278. Stefanie Weiss says:

    Sharon – I’m saying this with love and peace in my heart – but you posted a piece from BREITBART. Let’s stick to reality when talking about issues of such gravity. I have seen alarming emails from my (conservative) Jewish family about this plan to kill many Jews on Rosh Ha Shanah — but there’s no proof at all. It’s all conjecture, conjuncture that feels propagandistic on its face.

    I just want it clear that nothing I’ve said is an endorsement of anything Hamas has done. I hate them as much as you do, and hold them responsible for many horrors, upon their own people and Jews. Yet, this that doesn’t mean that the Netanyahu government is blameless or justified. This situation is far from black and white.

    Which is why is it so, so essential for us to vet our sources and only share information that’s provable — or else we contribute to the mess on the ground there, by stirring up our friends and their friends, and so on, with a game of telephone that will get us nowhere, and solve nothing.

  279. Stefanie Weiss says:

    I found this letter from Tel Aviv very moving and insightful. Much of what we’ve seen come out of Israel has been right-leaning, but not all of it:


  280. Prabhata says:

    kitty, I can’t stomach anything Cheney.

    I don’t need to add more information to what is already well documented to see Cheney as he is.

  281. lisam says:

    Margriet, I was wondering if the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and the resulting decision to impose sanctions against Russia might have anything to do with the fact that they are sheltering Snowden there, and perhaps the downing of the Malaysian plane was deliberate and not accidental? Just speculating.

  282. Prabhata says:

    “I told you I was sick” — Epitaph of the hypochondriac.

    Some of us understand that we create our own reality. Our bundle, beliefs and perceptions, is the foundation of each reality. So wherever we go, we take our bundle and recreate our reality. Unhappy people take their bundle, creating their unhappiness wherever they go. The same goes for happy people. Our happiness, sense of security, and overall well being is not dependent on external forces.

    I may be wrong, but it’s a thought. Maybe those who emigrated to build a new home in Palestine carried their bundle of insecurity and made it real in the state of Israel.

  283. Prabhata says:

    The Ukraine upheaval was created by the U.S. It’s been the reason to start an economic war against Russia. The U.S. couldn’t go to war with Russia, so it is attacking Russia’s economy. Why, you may ask. Well, duh, the petrodollar. Both China and Russia are working overtime to dethrone the dollar. You have to understand that both are unhappy about US dollar policies. China is stuck with billions of dollars that cannot spend fast enough before the dollar loses value, and Russia wants to get away from using the dollar when it sells its gas.

    Both China and Russia have established trade deals specifically putting aside the dollar and using their own currency when trading with other nations. Ukraine is the excuse for the economic war against Russia, and it’s bound to fail.

  284. Helen says:

    You sure got that right, Prabhata: Hebrews/Jews have had LOTS of conflictual baggage through history:

    Greek Syrians, Romans, Christians, Russian/Polish progroms, Holocaust, Arabs. In 1920, the Nationalist Socialist Party stated this:

    “None but members of the nation may be citizens of the State. None but those of German blood may be members of the nation. No Jew, therefore, may be a member of the nation.”

    In 1933 no more pretense about it and thugs in the SA and SS were given a free hand in their treatment of the Jews. I recently had a conversation with someone whose father (young man in Germany) successfully convinced his entire family to leave around this time. Desite his family being perfectly integrated into German society, what made this young man so adamant about departing Germany was his closest gentile friends turned on a dime and exhibited the reigning animonsity – something he never thought would happened. His family immigrated to Israel.

    I can’t imagine someone who had years of being marginalized in society, losing jobs, schooling, reduced to subsistance. Then having family members disappear (deportations), surviving a concentration camp, liberation, then sent back to the camp since there was nowhere else to go, After months of placement procedures, being sent to Palestine – possible detour in a refugee camp in Cyprus, then learning you’re the sole survivor of your family.

    IMAGINE THE NEXT PART of this person’s existance:
    the British leave and he has to fight in the 1948 war after partition, continually being vigilant because of constant isolated attacks. His son now fights in the 6 day war, then a grandson who fights in the Yom Kippur war.

    Must have been tens of thousands of people who have had this shared experience – a lifetime of trauma none of us can even fathom. Thanks for bringing this up so tritely, Prabhata.

  285. margriet says:

    “There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way” – that’s what the Buddha said, 2800 years ago. The present moment is a wonderful moment, we just need to learn to see it.

    Lisam, I was thinking about the same thing: what the influence of Snowden is in all this. It probably also plays a role, his actions had so much backlash in many different countries and the US can’t get him. ‘s Got to make them irritated.

  286. Kitty says:

    I agree about Cheney, he and Liz are both disgusting. His going into the Golan Hts. is one more appalling act !

  287. Lorrie U says:

    Came across this, thought you might find it interesting or entertaining. I have no opinion one way or the other…

    Air Algerie AH5017, Air France 447, Malaysian MH370 and MH17: Vanishing Aircraft, “Numerology”, and the Global Elite


  288. Lorrie U says:

    BTW, “I have no opinion one way or the other…” For some strange reason, I find that this is true in most matters these days.

  289. Lorrie U says:

    Looks like ISIS is getting it’s message out…

    Has Social Media Become a Weapon of Terror?


  290. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, I heard about that video. I just can’t watch it. How horrific! Interesting about social media terror.

  291. Sharon K says:

    Very good and moving comments here. I appreciate them all and see truth in all of them. That’s how we piece together all the elements that are contributing to the complexity of the Mideast and world situation in general that reflect the war mentality that has existed since creation, I guess. And, Stephanie, I don’t believe that you blame only the Israeli government and not Hamas. At the same time, overall, I haven’t seen a whole lot of balanced criticism here. We think we know things that we do not. Of course, I don’t know for sure about the Rosh Hashona attack but I do know many tunnels were found that housed handcuffs, etc. What I wrote was “it is being reported…” — I never said it was a certainty. I am not sure that any of us can understand all of the sides of the issues, it is a lot more complex than left wing/right wing…both in Israel AND in the U.S. It is our right to criticize but much criticism seems trite when we really don’t know enough to comment, myself included, although I do feel I am contributing pieces of the truth, pieces that are not always acknowledged or acknowledged by many here or by many Liberals. My last comment is that, vis a vi what I said about only knowing pieces of the story, the bottom line for me is that within reason, we are all right. It is possible for there to be right and wrong on all sides. Even people like the Neo-cons and Bush and Cheney have been right in certain respects. Unless we can see that, we are stuck in the us and them, polarized way of looking at things.

  292. Prabhata says:

    Helen, I think the history you’ve gone over is but a scant portion of the history of Jews.

    I’m not a psychologist, therefore whatever I say, it’s worth nothing. I also don’t know the history of Jews, except the Bible and a few instances of Jews being evicted again and again. It seems to me that their history is one of living in bondage, exile, and hard times.

    Now, If I got on the couch and told my psychiatrist that all the landlords have evicted me, and if I look at the history of my family, they too experienced eviction from most landlords, the doctor would ask me to detail what I did to create such conflict because I’m the CONSTANT. It’s clear to me that it’s not a landlord problem; it’s a tenant problem.

    Carrying the bundle only recreates the same life again and again.

  293. Sharon K says:

    Would that it were so simple, Prabhata. It goes back to the us and them mentality that is directed at those who are different, and, to some extent, successful. Jews were only allowed to work at certain jobs in Europe so they became estate and money managers. It is also a culture that emphasizes scholarship. There may be a problem in thinking that we are “chosen.” Whatever that means, it does not have to mean superior. It might just mean chosen to deliver a message.

  294. Prabhata says:

    From Wikileak’s cables (Manning leak)

    IDF abuses such as looting, beatings, vandalism of property and the use of the local population as human shields. But by far the strongest reverbration in Israel was that created by the Israeli organization “Breaking the Silence”, which collected testimony from 26 unnamed IDF soldiers. All of the soldiers had been involved in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, and testified to instances where Gazans were used as human shields, incendiary phosphorous shells were fired over civilian population areas, and other examples of excessive firepower that caused unnecessary fatalities and destruction of property.


  295. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata, allegations about using human shields have been made against BOTH sides.

    Also, it is convenient to reduce the holocaust to eviction of tenants. You forgot the part about the extermination of entire families.

  296. alex says:



    Christine Lagarde

    Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

    Christine Lagarde – Excerpt (intern to future Sec of Defense William Cohen)


    During her year in America, Lagarde worked as an intern at the United States Capitol, as Representative William Cohen’s congressional assistant, helping him correspond with his French-speaking constituents during the Watergate hearings.

    Thank you for the upthread link to:

    The Global Elite

    Remarks made by IMF chief Christine Lagarde 1/15/2014 at the National Press Club:

    “Now, I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven, okay? Most of you will know that seven is quite a number in all sorts of themes, religions. And I’m sure that you can compress numbers as well.

    So if we think about 2014, all right, I’m just giving you 2014, you drop the zero, 14, two times 7. Okay,that’s just by way of example, and we’re going to carry on.

    So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects.

    It will mark the hundredth anniversary of the First World War back in 1914.

    It will note the 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven – of the Breton Woods conference that actually gave birth to the IMF.

    And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 25th, okay.

    It will also mark the seventh anniversary of the financial market jitters that quickly turned into the greatest global economic calamity since the Great Depression. The crisis still lingers.

    Yet, optimism is in the air. We’ve left the deep freeze behind us and the horizon looks just a bit brighter. So my hope and my wish for 2014 is that after those seven miserable years, weak and fragile, we have seven strong years.

    I don’t know whether the G7 will have anything to do with it, or whether it will be the G20. I certainly hope that the IMF will have something to do with it.

  297. Prabhata says:

    Sharon K, I agree that being different, e.g. gay, brown in a white society, etc. leads to prejudice. But if I’m told that the Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians and then finally the Romans exile the whole population, then it’s not prejudice. If once the same people arrive in Europe and again they are exiled from Russia, France, Spain, and I don’t know what other country, then one has to look at the constant.

    But I’m not a psychologist. All I know that as we say in Zen: “Wherever you go, there you are.” One has to let go one’s history and see every moment as new, otherwise we recreate the same history.

    There’s an addiction to wounds, as Caroline Myss explains in her talk: Why People Don’t Heal. I heard that talk in the 90s, but I see that the talk is available on youtube


  298. alex says:

    continued – IMF director (numerology)

    author of upthread article:

    Dr. Jason Kissner is Associate Professor of Criminology at California State University. Dr. Kissner’s research on gangs and self-control has appeared in academic journals. His current empirical research interests include active shootings.

  299. alex says:

    continued – Christine Lagarde (IMF)she was the first female director of law firm Baker McKenzie


    Lorrie this is a long long wiki and the survey of its history is interesting but the first impression stuff as a take-away for me is at the bottom of the page under the coroporate firms that Baker McKenzie represents….

    in the two recent Forbes article headlines:

    a) The Four Companies that Control the 147 Corporations that Own Everything….


    The link to this article is embedded in the first forbes url – the blog will not accept more than one url per comment.

    b) The 147 Corporation that Own Everything…

    Baker McKensie is the legal guardian for those companies that OWN EVERYTHING

  300. alex says:


    Natal Benjamin Netanyahu – War Astrology

    First Impressions: South Node @16 Libra (ruler of Libra VENUS)

    Natal Neptune – conjunct – Natal South Node (internal realities)

    Natal Chiron @07 Sagittarius
    ASC @11 Sagittarius
    Natal Venus @12 Sagittarius</strong)


    Astrology and Reincarnation by Steven Forrest

    Neptune conjunct South Node:


    All aspects to the south node other than the conjunction refer to forces that acted upon the person in the prior-lifetime. They point to external realities.

    The south node primarily represents unresolved wounds, tragedies, limitations and failures from the past which potentially interfere with our ability to fulfill our soul-contract in this lifetime.

    The south node is always in the past. By definition, since evolution carries us forward, we were less evolved then. We are haunted by this part of our soul history, and vulnerable to repeating it. Even the “good stuff” in the south node feels tired and overly familiar. We already know it, so there's no compelling need to learn it again.

  301. Kitty says:

    Perfect info on Netanyahu. S. Node can be a difficult hurdle.

  302. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata if countries exile a people it is not prejudice? LGBT are exiled and murdered today in counties. They had no rights here in the US until recently. I’d say that was prejudice.

  303. Anne's Aunt says:

    Also ISIS exiles and murders christians. I’d say that is prejudice.

  304. Anne's Aunt says:

    If a christian country like Germany exterminates an entire population of jews, and LGBT and it is NOT prejudice, then what, in your view, is it exactly?

  305. alex says:


    First Impression Netanyahu

    Past Life Karmic Astrology Analysis:

    Neptune @15 Libra, conjunct, South Node @16 Libra (ruled by Venus)

    internal realities carried from past life embodied in Venus aspect, sign, degree, natal conditions and circumstances

    Present lifetime per Fire Sign Sagittarius (no boundaries): Chiron, ASC, Venus

    Natal Chiron @07 Sagittarius
    ASC @11 Sagittarius
    Natal Venus @12 Sagittarius


    Moon @19 Libra (desire)
    desire attached to/tied to past life point/planet representations
    Neptune @15 Libra
    South Node @16 Libra (past life)

    NEPTUNE @15 Libra (10TH house)
    .semi-sextile (difficult associations)
    Saturn @13 Virgo (9th house)



    Saturn in Virgo may have experienced a general lack of boundaries while growing up.

    Compulsive Do-er

    In an effort to create structure, Saturn in Virgos may go overboard with compulsive habits that look neurotic to the outsider. There’s a craving for inner purpose, but often that seems elusive. The key to finding an anchor of the self lies with the body, and its particular intelligence. This can make Saturn in Virgos devoted to constantly refining their health regimen.

    Natal Midpoint:

    Mercury/Chiron @08 Scorpio – Netanyahu
    (midpoint’s extreme key, ‘God complex’)


    OBAMA, Natal Neptune @08 Scorpio

  306. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Connecting the dots: 147 companies own everything and Lagarde’s statement “I’m just giving you 2014, you drop the zero, 14, two times 7″…hmmm, very interesting I would say. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger.

  307. alex says:


    As an astrologer there is one aspect (that I look for from) ZERO
    ARIES point to 15 degrees Virgo in any and all natal charts that I think universally applies and it is the 165 Quindecile (QD) from Zero Aries. http://www.noeltyl.com/techniques/990801.html

    QD – obsessively driven (obsessively compulsively driven)

    Natal Saturn @15 Virgo
    ZERO Aries


    Natal Midpoint Mercury/Chiron @08 Scorpio
    wan septile (momentum 53 wide wax sextile)
    Natal Saturn @15 Virgo

    I’ve been practice charting/testing with midpoint Mercury/Chiron (to various aspects) as ‘God complex’ (an extreme key in the range of manifestations ME/Chiron)

    Many readers of this blog know his life story, his history and his relationship much better than than I do but I wonder does ‘God complex’ come to mind when you think of Benjamin Netanyahu and his deeds in the world (as far as I know he is a committed NEOCON)

    For those who use astrology to analyze people on the world stage…. how does ‘God complex’ weigh in on his lifepath?


    A person with a god complex may refuse to admit the possibility of their error or failure, even in the face of complex or intractable problems or difficult or impossible tasks, or may regard their personal opinions as unquestionably correct.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    (accomplished, highly educated person)

    1996–1997 Minister of Science and Technology
    1996–1999 Minister of Housing and Construction
    2002–2003 Minister of Foreign Affairs
    2003–2005 Minister of Finance
    2009–2013 Minister of Economic Strategy
    2009–2013 Minister of Pensioner Affairs
    2009–2013 Minister of Health
    2012–present Minister of Foreign Affairs
    2013–present Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs

  308. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, the Jewish culture is very strong and committed to it’s laws and traditions, and does not easily assimilate. I believe that is the root of its troubles. In the days of the Babylonians and Romans, tribes & nations were warring against each other continually (it was the Age of Aries) and, at two different times, Israel was taken over. (In fact, TOMORROW is the commemoration of the two times the Temple was destroyed, once by Babylon, the second by Rome.) The situation with Egypt is completely different. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers; he went to Egypt and began interpreting dreams for the Pharaoh, thereby saving Egypt from famine. He sent for his family and the Jews grew and thrived but kept their own culture, were looked at suspiciously (just as illegal immigrants are looked at today), and were made slaves by the Egyptians for 300 years. I don’t know the exact historical details but imagine there is a lot of truth to the narratives in the Old Testament because history used to be largely oral with stories passed down over the ages. As far as Persia (Iran), I believe there was a good relationship between Persians and Jews but would have to look it up.

  309. lisam says:

    Prabhata, I loved your allegory of the landord/tenant concept in your August 3, 10:11p.m. post. It made me lol. Never heard it explained quite like that before, and also your August 3, 10:47 p.m. post….so true when you look at it from that perspective, but you realize that some people will not want to look at it that way, because they are just comfortable with their old way of thinking, and their crutch will just be pulled out from under them if the problem is seen in a different light. Excellent posts. I did watch the Caroline Myss videos, so it all makes sense. I see I have a lot of posts to catch up on, but it’s late and I’m tired, so will do that another day. Thanks for your insights.

  310. Prabhata says:

    Sharon K, I think it’s something that the Jewish people will have to figure out. All I’m putting out there is that as an outsider, the little I know about the history of Jews tells me something needs correcting. As I said before, if I told my psychiatrist all the problems I have with different people, then it comes to the constant. I would be the constant. If Jews don’t assimilate, as you say, then that separateness creates issues. People don’t like “outsiders”. The human psyche is tribal in nature and suspicious of anyone foreign.

    It doesn’t look like all that ethnic cleansing to create a homogeneous Jewish state will turn out well.

  311. Helen says:

    Sharon K – like so many other things, ‘chosen people’ is mocked or willfully misunderstood.

    All this means is the Jews (Hebrews) were the chosen people to deliver the word of G-d (Five Books of Moses) – the basic message being there is but one G-d.

    Anyone that’s ever seen the Ten Commandments will understand this.

  312. Helen says:

    Jews don’t assimate? They’ve been called the ultimate cosmopolitans! Does anybody know the current Prime Minister of France is Jewish? Princess Caroline’s daughter just christened the baby she had with a Moroccan Jew – this is the royal house of Monoco! Half the Jews in the United States marry outside their religion.


  313. Kitty says:

    I have a negative view of Netanyahu, so it is difficult to find his positive traits ! The post below, comes from your link about Saturn in Virgo.
    My astro knowledge is ” simple”.. With Bibi’s Venus in the first house, he can be charming, but also can really be in love with himself. Bill Clinton has that too.
    Moon/Neptune–Spiritual/ religious or can be deceptive/ have illusions–
    Mercury/Neptune–Visionary thoughts/or deceptive
    Mars/Pluto—Driven/Extreme aggression, passion

    Netanyahu has great leadership potential, but feel he needs to embrace his spiritual side and work on that. Being a Libra, he would have a desire to please, surround himself with agreeable patrons, However, if those patrons were negative, he could be easily persuaded to be negative, also. He seems to have aligned himself with the hard right-wingers, and that could have come from lacking boundaries when he was young, as you mentioned. He’s probably searching for that
    “god complex” ?? He has finally achieved the approval of the Israeli people., and I think for now, it is his way or the high way! He appears to have lost that wonderful Libra negotiating abilities, or chosen to discard them ?

    “”Having Saturn in Virgo may mean feeling used and abused, or always under someone’s thumb. The victory comes when Saturn in Virgo finds personal power through self-healing. When they’ve cleaned up their act, they’re ready to maintain this delicate balance by serving others.””

    Alex, yes Netanyahu is very intelligent and moves through the elite crowds very smoothly. umm–power and money. Yes, I think he has a ” god complex”–savior complex—I think his Mars/Pluto– still within orb of each other, gives him the obsession for power. I wish he’d change friends and get back to the Libra “artsy side”–!!

  314. kiwi says:

    alex – how does the ‘god complex’ aspects pan out with cheney? – he seems to be a candidate based on his behaviour.

  315. alex says:


    what does Cheney have to do with God ? he is Old Nick the Prince of Darkness…. try meglomaniac astro-analytics see if that fits

  316. alex says:


    Mars – Pluto (Saturn) is a whole other study in the context of WAR ASTROLOGY…. I haven’t yet absorbed everything Ed Tamplin has to say on Netanyahu .. I’d keep reading up on that I’m going to;

  317. Kitty says:

    Yes, I agree that it is another area of study. Israel’s chart is similar. I’ll read Tamplin too—Thanks.

  318. alex says:


    These are the two charts that you might consider comparing for analysis:


  319. lisam says:

    Kitty, upthread re: Rothschild/Cheney/Murdoch – it’s always about power and resources isn’t it? Looks like the final grab for land and resources has started. Also enjoyed the excellent astrological analyses of Netanyahu by you and Alex.

  320. lisam says:

    Alex, thanks for the links to atro.com lunar phases – very interesting. Haven’t finished reading them all yet, as the articles are quite lengthy, but I have a special affinity for the moon :)

  321. alex says:


    Excerpt Email – Food Democracy for America

    Congressman Mike Pompeo, the man who introduced federal legislation in Congress to kill states’ rights to label GMOs is currently locked in a tight race in Kansas’s 4th District.

    Pompeo is not just any member of Congress, he’s the lead author of H.R. 4432, known as the DARK Act, and he’s leading the charge in Washington DC to kill GMO labeling and steal our basic democratic right to know what’s in our food.

    The good news is that Congressman Pompeo has a serious primary challenger, former 4th District Congressman Todd Tiahrt who believes state GMO labeling shouldn’t be killed by Congress and has Pompeo’s number. Todd Tiahrt is telling Kansas voters “I choose Mom’s over Monsanto.”

    With less than 72 hours to go in this race, Pompeo’s lead continues to shrink and the polling is now within the margin of error.

    Your voice could help send a message to Washington DC and Monsanto’s friends in Congress – the GMO labeling movement is taking the fight to crony capitalists and Monsanto’s days are numbered!

    Thanks for participating in food democracy. You have a right to know what you’re feeding your family.

  322. Anne's Aunt says:

    KItty my astrological views are simple too. I also see venus in the first house as ‘wearing the heart on the sleeve’ – emotions right out there, not hidden and covered up. I know a couple of people with this.

  323. lisam says:

    Just reading the morning news. More bombing and killing of the Palestinians inspite of Netanyahu’s claim that he is drawing back. In one incident, people in line for food at a UN center were bombed and killed…..so heart-rending. Netanyahu and the Israeli army have become killing machines. Netanyahu in his rage, has lost his moral compass if he ever had one. I don’t want to post the links from Yahoo here to cause any more controversy, but these are unspeakable crimes against a beseiged people.

  324. Anne's Aunt says:

    anti-semitism is on the rise:

    “Rising tide of anti-semitism in Britain as Jewish people face backlash over bloodshed in Gaza
    Over 100 hate crimes recorded this month, more than double usual number
    Attackers invoke the Holocaust and even shout ‘Heil Hitler’ at victims
    Bricks thrown at Belfast’s only synagogue, smashing windows
    Rabbi attacked by four Muslim teenagers outside school in Gateshead
    Bomb threat and stones thrown at a boy on a bike in North London

  325. Anne's Aunt says:

    More jew-hatred:

    “The lights are going out in the land of the Enlightenment.

    The violent, anti-Semitic nightmare Europe thought it would never see again after the Nazi Holocaust is raising its ugly head once more, this time on French soil.

    Jew-hatred, mostly among France’s six and a half million Muslims, is reaching such threatening proportions that an increasing number of the country’s 500,000 Jews feel forced to leave their native land to ensure their safety. At one Jewish agency that assists French Jews to emigrate to Israel the telephone, it was reported, “does not stop ringing.

    “Authorities banned the second demonstration after the first one saw two synagogues and a kosher grocery store attacked, all accompanied by shouts of ‘Death to the Jews’. But the ban didn’t make any difference. The demonstration went ahead anyways. Mob rule and barbarism won out over law and order. And the government’s apparent powerlessness, or unwillingness, to enforce the ban was very noticeable.”

  326. lisam says:

    Netanyahu is not doing Israel or the Jewish people any favors. His actions are bound to have repercussions all over the world.