27th Jul, 2014

Putin Ascendant

After the July 17 catastrophic destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, there was a brief moment of hope that Russian President Vladimir Putin might back down. The missile that brutally annihilated the vulnerable civilian aircraft had come from Russia. The training in the use of the launcher, and possibly even its manning, was done by Russians who had been specifically sent by Putin into Ukraine to create chaos and weaken the regime.

Many had speculated after the horrifying carnage and the world’s angry reaction that Putin might put some distance between Russia and the insurgency. Many had thought he might move to dissipate the potential threat to Russia’s economy and attempt to regain his stature among the international community after the naked aggression of the past months. Many were wrong. If anything, Putin is escalating the conflict, bringing in yet more weapons and troops. Moreover, Russian artillery has been reported to be shooting at Ukrainian positions and shelling targets from across the border.

Putin has been stirring up trouble in Ukraine since February 2014 when the corrupt Russian puppet regime of Victor Yanukovich was overthrown and a more pro-Western government took its place. Since then, Putin has been actively inciting an insurgency, infusing the ethnic Russians living in the eastern part of Ukraine with highly trained Russian military agents, as well as arming them with high-tech weapons. The first casualty of this effort was the Crimean Peninsula, which in March became part of the Russian Federation. Since then, Russian thugs have been infiltrating other parts of eastern Ukraine, using the same tactics and provoking a civil war which is rapidly morphing into a war between Ukraine and Russia.

The July missile attack on a Malaysian civilian aircraft flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and the death of the nearly 300 innocent civilians aboard has galvanized and infuriated the world.  Previously cowed by Russia’s control over a big chunk of European energy imports, the countries of the EU are taking a second, less-intimidated and more emboldened look at what is happening. More aggressive and punishing sanctions are being put into place in response to Putin’s naked aggression and expansionism.

Unfortunately, a look at the charts at both Vladimir Putin and Russia tells us that this period of aggression and expansionism is likely to continue at least through March 2015 putinand possibly beyond. Both charts are subject to the potency of the Uranus/Pluto square, which has been aspecting Putin’s Sun (13Libra56) and Russia’s Neptune (13Capricorn48) since the early months of 2014, with Uranus continuing through most of February 2015 and Pluto remaining in aspect through November 2015. This particular combination points to how Putin is exercising his will (the Sun) heedless of the opinions of the world community (Uranus), and fueled by his own paranoia and a need to exercise excessive power (Pluto) or succumb to the perceived dominance of the West. It also describes the connection between Putin’s unilateral and excessive actions and over-amped, propaganda fueled Russian nationalism (Uranus/Pluto in aspect to Russian Neptune) he is consciously unleashing.russia

Another extremely significant configuration in the Russian chart is the progressed Sun conjunct natal Jupiter (15Cancer13) which will grow in potency from August 2014 through August 2015 and then begin to dissipate. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and success, and this progression will also be intensely stimulated by the Uranus/Pluto square, suggesting a period of unilateral and unexpected (Uranus) Russian expansionism and manipulative power plays (Pluto) over the coming year. Times of particular concern, when either Uranus or Pluto will be in direct aspect with natal Jupiter are August 16 through September 21, 2014, and February 1 through May 26, 2015, with particular emphasis on late February through mid-March when both Uranus and Pluto are active.

Aggressive action is usually accompanied in some way by an increased stimulation of Mars, the war planet. In Russia’s chart, converse progressed Mars has been in a square to the natal Sun (21Gemini10), waxing through mid-July 2014. Although this aspect is now waning, the solar arc progressions in Russia’s chart reveal an almost simultaneous trine from solar arc Pluto to natal Mars (8Aries49) peaking on December 1, 2014, and solar arc Jupiter trine natal Mars, peaking on March 24, 2015. This combination pointing to heightened Mars action, running alongside the Uranus/Pluto transits to natal Neptune (self-delusion, hyper-nationalism) and natal Jupiter (reckless expansionism) is enough to signal significant trouble coming from Russia over the next year.

As for Putin, he will remain extremely popular in his country through October 2014 with solar arc Venus square to the Sun. His intensified appeal will return in late 2015 with converse Sun square natal Venus through most of 2016. For the moment, despite appearances, he is quite stressed due to the long Saturn station from June 1 through late August opposite the Sun (17Taurus10) and square the Ascendant (17Leo) of his presidential chart (5/7/2012, 12:10PM). Clearly the world’s pressure is beginning to upset him greatly and hinder some of his plans in the near term. In addition, his converse progressed Moon will be conjunct both converse (20Leo57) and natal Pluto (22Leo43) from mid-August to mid-October 2014, signifying a great deal of stress and anxiety behind whatever machinations he exhibits. But tensions for him diminish by late October, and the many aspects described above point to some significant, aggressive and expansionist actions at some point from late October 2014 through March 2015. This, of course, parallels the final phase of the epoch-making, multi-year Uranus/Pluto square as it works its transformational mojo on geographical, political, financial and social forces around the globe.

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