Israel versus Gaza

Sometimes, it just takes the momentary blaze of one lit match to start a forest fire. The assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand in 1914 is reported to have sparked the onset of World War 1. The 1968 murder of Martin Luther King unleashed angry riots and destruction in cities across the US. The Tunisian street vendor who set himself aflame in December 2010 to protest government harassment began a conflagration that quickly ignited liberation movements across North Africa and the Middle East known as the Arab Spring. The list goes on and on.

On June 12, 2014, three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped. While the country held its collective breath hoping for the boys’ safe return, its government blamed Hamas and began arresting activists. Once the bodies of the three brutally-murdered teens were found on July 1, a full-blown fury erupted in Israel. By July 2, a Palestinian teenager was abducted and burned to death in retaliation, and a long-simmering pot of distrust, hostility, and rage savagely boiled over.

In a rapidly escalating conflict, Palestinian rockets are now pouring into Israel, while Israel is raining down airstrikes into Gaza. Talk of an imminent ground invasion by the Israeli military is spreading. Meanwhile, enraged Arabs are rioting across Israel and the West Bank.

The birth of modern Israel  is given for either 4:32 or 4:37 PM on May 14, 1948, in Tel israelAviv. I prefer the latter time as it gives Scorpio as opposed to Libra rising, and therefore rulership of the chart to the intense and determined 10th house Pluto, rather than the more benign and placid 9th house Venus.  Otherwise, the difference is tiny and has little impact on most transits and progressions.

Currently, solar arc Uranus is conjunct Israel’s natal Mars (28Leo19) from February 2014 waxing through February 2015, while the progressed Midheaven (13Libra) is semisquare natal Mars from May 2014 through May 2015, and then separating. This double strengthening of Israel’s natal Mars, the planet of anger, aggression, and conflict, has been and will continue to be further activated by various transits during the time of these progressions.

The most dramatic of the recent events occurred when transiting Mars (13Libra) and then the transiting Sun (13Cancer) triggered this very inflammatory Mars/Uranus/MC progression.  Just after the initial kidnapping of three Israeli teens, transiting Mars was semisquare natal Mars (June 13 to June 16). And just after the Palestinian teen was killed, the transiting Sun was semisquare to natal Mars (July 4 to July 5). In addition, the progressed Israeli Moon is now quincunx natal Pluto (12Leo39), from July 2 through August 1 and then dissipating, signifying an increase in agitation, anxiety, and intense emotions among the population through July.

The final indicator of the current crisis may found in the 2014 Spring Equinox chart drawn for Jerusalem, where the MC of 16 1/2 Cancer is currently being squared by the station of transiting Uranus, from June 1 through July 27.     This transit points to enormous upheaval and fast-moving, transformative circumstances impacting the country through July.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the end of the matter.  There is potential for another inflammatory even around September 10 to September 11, when transiting Mars squares natal Mars, followed by some element of upset or grieving suggested by transiting Saturn sesquiquadrate natal Venus from September 10 through September 23.  Upheaval is also suggested during this period by transiting Uranus conjunct the Descendant (15Aries) of the Spring chart from late August through September 25.

Of likely even greater significance will be the period from mid-October 2014 through early February 2015, when transiting Uranus (13Aries19) will be sesquiquadrate natal Mars, joined by transiting Pluto, also sesquiquadrate natal Mars from December 6 through January 5.  These transits will occur as the solar arc progressed Uranus reaches its exact conjunction to natal Mars. In addition, the same transiting Uranus station will be conjunct the progressed IC in Israel’s chart, reaching exact in late January 2015 at 13Aries04. It is hard not to foresee significant turmoil and violence during these very inflammatory aspects.

The five-month period from October 2014 through March 2015 may well be the ultimate culmination of the fierce and escalating hostilities we are now witnessing. It will be a very stressful time for Israel, with a series of Saturn transits suggesting periods of loss and struggle amidst the anger and conflict. In particular, the Saturn station quincunx natal Venus (4Cancer49) and trine natal Moon (4Leo43) covering February and March 2015, compounded by the simultaneous transiting Uranus conjunction of the Spring Descendant (15Aries) and followed by the Uranus conjunction to the 2015 Spring IC (16Aries09) at the end of March 2015, suggest renewed upheaval and grief. This combination of aspects point to what may be the final chapter of the most recent iteration of a grueling and destructive historical quarrel.


  1. starlight says:

    Some additions and clarifications:

    Things may cool for a bit after july. There may be another briefer episode of something in September.

    The mid-October through March 2015 period corresponds with the final protracted Uranus/Pluto square and may signfify Israel getting more drawn into the metastasizing Syria/Iraq crisis. This is a very possible alternative reading of the above, and the more I consider it, the more likely it seems. The US will be tempted to get pulled into the swirling mess as well.

  2. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    In the more immediate term, do you have any thoughts on the upcoming July 16th Sun-Mars square (25 Cancer-Libra) activating the April 15th lunar eclipse degree (25 Libra)? Also the July 2ist Uranus station conjunct Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s North Node (16 Aries) in quincunx to the Saturn station (16 Scorpio)? The Saturn station also squares Israel’s natal Saturn (16 Leo). Do you see the possibility of a regional war erupting?

  3. will says:

    Oh come,oh come Emmanuel
    And ransom captive Israel.

  4. Lorrie U says:

    Republican Argument for Suing Obama Goes Down In Flames As Fact Checkers Expose the Lies

    The Republican justification for the Boehner lawsuit gets a “pants on fire” rating, as they would be suing Obama for Bush’s actions.

  5. Lorrie U says:

    As Israeli Voices Call for Reflection, Troops Amass on Gaza Border

    Israeli reactions were initially hostile following the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teenagers last week: Economy Minister Naftali Bennet called for “actions, not words,” and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised that God will “avenge their blood.” But after three Israelis were arrested and confessed to their involvement in the subsequent revenge-fueled killing of a 16-year-old Palestinian in Jerusalem, Israeli politicians and journalists from all sides tempered their messages and condemned the murder.
    The editorial staffs of two of Israel’s most prominent newspapers came out with harsh indictments of the Israeli cultural norms that fueled the revenge killing. Ha’aretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, called for a “cultural revolution” in Israel. “Abu Khdeir’s murderers are not ‘Jewish extremists,’ ” the op-ed read. “They are the descendants and builders of a culture of hate and vengeance that is nurtured and fertilized by the guides of ‘the Jewish state': Those for whom every Arab is a bitter enemy, simply because they are Arab.”

    And David Horovitz, the founding editor of the Times of Israel and the former editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post, wrote of the need for Israelis to shed their “moral superiority” over their Palestinian neighbors. “We need to face up to the fact that our ongoing rule over the Palestinians, apart from endangering Israel as a Jewish democracy, is corroding us, blackening our hearts,” Horovitz wrote. “If the Jewish state, the homeland of the Jewish nation, does not thoroughly emblemize a reverence for life, we have no particular right to be here at all.”
    The back-to-back tragedies that resulted in the deaths of four teens, Israeli and Palestinian, offered people on both sides of the conflict a chance to consider the effects of persistent hatred and mistrust—qualities that have, over the long term, become embedded in elements of both cultures. But the distraction of aggression and hostility on both sides may rob Israelis and Palestinians of this opportunity for reflection, instead entrenching each even deeper as rockets fly overhead.

  6. kiwi says:

    Lorrie, was thinking about the whole Israel/Palestine mess and it occurred to me, since you are familiar with numerology, I was wondering if you know whether there has been any work dealing with the names of countries & the resulting vibrations?
    And if anything might change substantially when/if a country/region is renamed?

  7. starlight says:

    Jerry – I think this particular phase in Israel may subside some after July, and then get rekindled briefly in September, especially 9/10 to 9/25. The Sun/Mars square mid-month is likely to exacerbate whatever tensions are going on: in Israel/Gaza, in Iraq, in Syria, etc.

  8. Lorrie U says:

    kiwi – I’ve never given it any thought and I’m not aware of anyone who has, but worth looking into…

  9. Kitty says:

    Kiwi It has been years since I have worked with this but name changes can give a different outlook. The ” value” listed here gives a number, which added up will give the different numerology outlook. If I wanted a different feel to my name–change it, add up those numbers and get a different life. Maybe? if I worked on it. Lorrie is a better expert on this for more details, It takes a lot of concentration. But, would countries agree to a name change? The whole study of this is wonderful spiritually.

    The Hebrew Alphabet

  10. Kitty says:

    Uh oh, just saw Lorrie’s post. But, still yes. Find names you like, use the Hebrew alphabet, get a value number, add that together for a new numerology number. The numerology number gives a different prospective to your life or event. I believe Madonna studies the Kabbalah, plus others, ties in great with Tarot too.

  11. kiwi says:

    Thanks Lorrie & Kitty.
    I must say I had never even considered the jewish alphabet LOL – I was thinking only in terms of English – silly me.

  12. Kitty says:

    Life is full of surprises ! You can add up your own name to see what happens. I have known people to purposely change their names, and there were some changes, but we still have the baggage of our families and environment to deal with. It can be the same as re-locating for a better Solar return, but returning to your point of origin, can give the same old problems. Astrology can make a better difference, but then countries have 2-3 charts to follow too–when they had wars or Revolutions. This is all fun to fool around with though, when you change your name–Law of Attraction can work with name changes too.

  13. alex says:

    Dailykos announced that Joe Biden will be
    keynote speaker for NetRootsNation 2014 – how cool is that?

    First Impression Natal Joe Biden & 2014 Mid-Term November Elections

    a) T-Square by Synastry

    .ELECTION DK LILITH ( VIRGO (what is lacking, how to solve it) exiled feminine power, issues of patriarchy politics / policy


    .Election Nessus @27 AQUARIUS (egalitarian self government)
    generational bad conditions


    Natal Venus @28 Scorpio – Joe Biden

    .Natal Midpoint Venus/Jupiter @26 VIRGO – JOE BIDEN

    .2014 Solar Arc Saturn @21 Leo – JOE BIDEN

  14. lunagardener says:

    Lorrie U, Kitty & Kiwi, When my daughter was real young she was a challenge. Her name added up to a 4 which I understood to be quite challenging to live through. Her name was known at 4 months pregnant and quite rare, as a friend of mine and I had made it up. I asked a channel I have worked with over the last 30 years, if it would help her if we changed her name and numerology. Her response was priceless. ‘Yes, you could possibly ease things somewhat by altering her name, but first you might want to consider from where that inspired name came from, and her souls intention for her growth and learning in this lifetime.”

  15. Anne's Aunt says:

    I am currently dealing with a beloved niece who is going thru a very very difficult time. I’m the only family member in a position to deal directly with this so I’ve been fighting for her and working to lovingly guide her. I love her. Sometimes people who go thru deep difficulties are the most interesting people and can really benefit from the process.

  16. alex says:

    there is long list of progressive politicans attending NetRootsNation this year – Elizabeth Warren will be there!

    DOB 6/22/1949, Oklahoma City OK

    Natal Mars @09 Gemini – Elizabeth Warren (N/Mercury@10Gemini)
    Natal Saturn @09 Gemini – Joe Biden

    2014 Election Mars @07 Capricorn
    Natal DK Lilith ( @07 Aries – Elizabeth Warren
    Natal Eris @07 Aries – Elizabeth Warren

  17. alex says:

    NetRootsNations 2014 – attending

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA), Rev. William Barber, Gov. Howard Dean, Sen. Chris Murphy (CT), Sen. Debbie Stabenow (MI), Elon James White, Rep. John Conyers (MI), Rep. Keith Ellison (MN), Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ), Sandra Fluke, Rep. Alan Lowenthal (CA), Rep. Gary Peters (MI), Rep. Mark Pocan (WI), Rep. Mark Takano (CA), next governor of Michigan Mark Schauer

  18. Lorrie U says:

    Numerology, like astrology and the tarot, are all based on the Kaballah. Having studied them all, they are all interconnected. While one can certainly change the vibrations by changing one’s name, you are still working through the original name (karmic). It’s kind of like progressing an astrological chart, the original is always the base and is always there, you just work through the progressions.

    When I adopt a pet, always a rescue, I almost always change the name and use numerology to give it a vibration which I think will be more positive. If it’s past experiences has brought it to a shelter, then I feel I most definitely don’t want to continue with that name. However, if it’s a stray, a name is usually picked by someone who’s doing the intake just to give it a name, so if you like it, then it’s okay to keep it.

    Usually when a person marries, the name changes and it has karmic implications as well. But if the original name was nothing more than Baby Jones, that is still the first vibration and does not go away. As we evolve and we’ve learned the lessons inherent in the birth name, we will either consciously or unconsciously have a name change to fit the new lessons or life experience. Similar to how a move to a new location will change the influence of an astrological chart while still keeping the original influences from the birth location.

    The birth chart and birth name were chosen by the soul prior to birth for specific karmic lessons. Parents are often guided to a birth name or time of birth through C-sections. It becomes our DNA through which we work out the energies we’re meant to deal with. We can make positive changes to bring in new energies, but we can’t run away from the original karmic patterns.

    I would assume the same would be true for countries to some extent. But how it is affected if it has been overtaken by another country and obliterated, I don’t know. If it’s the same country but decides to change it’s name, then maybe it still carries the same karmic influences. Just don’t know, it’s a little more complicated with countries.

  19. Anne's Aunt says:

    Unfortunately the children detention/immigration unfolding disaster might easily be Obama’s Katrina. This is growing into a massive problem which cannot all be laid at the feet of the despicable R/Ts. So far, the administration, DOJ, immigration administration, HHS, and many other agencies in the administration have acted in a terrible way. It is a growing humanitarian crisis and may well impact this administration like Katrina did Bush’s.

    “The American Civil Liberties Union, American Immigration Council, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Public Counsel, and K&L Gates LLP today filed a nationwide class-action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of children who are challenging the federal government’s failure to provide them with legal representation in deportation hearings.”

  20. alex says:

    continued: Elizabeth Warren

    Natal Midpoint Venus/Jupiter @24 Libra
    2014 Election Mercury @24 Libra (the vote)

  21. Lorrie U says:

    As a perfect example of the above, I used numerology while awaiting the birth of my grandson. He was late beyond the due date and a C-section was becoming a real possibility. Looking at various dates, I had my favorites and least favorites. However, I’m dealing with “normal” people and doctors who don’t think like I do so had little say in the matter.

    They told me the date would be the 14th unless he came sooner on his own. I said, “oh, no! not the 14th which adds up to a 5 (restlessness and addictions are often prominent in a 5). Try to make it the 15th, I said to no avail. Well, the 14th came and my daughter-in-law was to be induced about 7 a.m. They had to bump her, so I hoped it would be late enough to make into the next morning. They induced around 11:30 that morning and said it could take from eight hrs. or longer.

    Well, my grandson was born that evening at 8:21 p.m. of the 14th. When I got home, I immediately did a chart. Boy, did I get a smack in the face from spirit! His Ascendant is to the exact degree of his grandfather’s (my ex) Cancer Sun, which told me this baby was for him. He wasn’t the best of fathers, but he is a doting grandfather and is a caretaker several days a week, and this child is his sun and his moon. And since my son has such a nervous disposition, I had prayed that the baby would be an easy baby, and he is the sweetest, most loving child.

    Bottom line, we can try but ultimately Spirit/God/Creator knows best and has the final say!

  22. Lorrie U says:

    You know what, Anne’s Aunt, this is everyone’s fault and everyone’s problem in this country. Inaction and refusal to address the situation realistically for decades has created a monster which is too big to now be addressed.

    Like most things in this very dysfunctional society of ours, things have to reach critical mass before discussion can even begin, and by that time the problem is so monumental that it’s almost impossible to find a good solution.

    If things are broken in this country, then we need to look at us a society and explore our dysfunction before casting blame. We are all collectively to blame!

  23. barbk says:

    I bet you are right about the time choice for Israel’s chart Nancy, and we won’t have long to wait until we know for sure. The July 26th New Moon at 3 Leo 51 will be right on the MC of the likely ” preferred time of day” chart and the ascendant for that chart will have the NM Mars conjunct it at 0 Scorpio 26.

    The Israel chart’s Neptune in Libra (which trines Israel’s Mercury in Gemini) will be squared by the New Moon’s Venus at 10+ Cancer which will fall in the Israel chart’s 5th house promising lot’s of theatrical drama, not to mention pathos (natal Neptune in the 12th trine Mercury in the 8th). The 5th house where the NM Venus will be also symbolizes children.

    Transiting Saturn (cultural perimeters) stationed retrograde at 23 Scorpio 19, opposite the Israel Sun in Taurus, and will return to that degree in October just days after the solar eclipse at 0 Scorpio 25, which will be following transiting Saturn’s conjunction with Israel’s natal Chiron at 21+ Scorpio.

    How many buttons have to be pushed to get Israel to start a war we might wonder. Well, the channelers tell us “no more (all out) war” but this seems a temptation too great for the likes of Israel’s present leadership.

    Among the planetary astrological chart patterns identified by Marc Edmund Jones, the Bucket type fits Israel’s birth time best. Essentially in this pattern all but one planet (of the 10 traditional) will be in one hemisphere of the chart and the singleton will be in the other. In Israel’s chart all planets but Jupiter fall in the top (public) half and Jupiter in Sagittarius is in the bottom half (non-public). Not just any degree in Sagittarius, but at 27+ Sagittarius, where the Galactic Center (GC) is.

    The GC is – as Eric Francis puts it – a homing (guiding) energy source that provides humanity with direct input from the universal intelligence as to how best transcend our lower instincts such as our penchant for creating wars. With natal Jupiter (understanding the Big Picture) on a clear channel with the GC, this will be a Proving Point on how well we (as a whole) are advancing on the Evolutionary path.

    As to the meaning of a Bucket pattern, the handle (in this case Jupiter) provides a focus or release of the energy from the bucket side (all the rest of the) planets. What is interesting is how the position of the handle determines the direction of the release. Israel’s handle position indicates “the life is more impulsive or inclined to respond to an immediate rather than future promise.” (The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation, pg. 77, by Marc Edmund Jones)

  24. Anne's Aunt says:

    You’re exactly right Lorrie, This is an ongoing problem both created by and not addressed by most citizens, and all political parties in the US. The problems are everyone’s “fault”! (I lay lots of blame on the DEA which seems to rule all political parties and has not solved any problems while creating vast problems and misery, huge prison populations and social breakdown in Latin America).

    But that’s why it might grow into a Katrina. Well, probably not as bad because, frankly, those children are not US citizens. Katrina was not Bush’s “fault” either. The problems with corps of engineers, oversight, planning, disaster preparedness were also serious ongoing problems and no one party’s “fault”. Katrina was simply a disaster waiting to happen that did happen and Bush handled it very poorly! Ds and Rs (etc) did not like his response! The visual media optics were horrible and viral. Bush did a fly over. You’d think a successive D administration would have learned from that optic and Obama had actually gone to the border and met with some of the children at least for a photo-op like Bush never did.

    So far the O administration has handled this crisis extremely poorly. Progressives are not happy about it. If Rs were sane they would be delighted, but they’re insane. They are also often blatantly racist and xenophobic. Even progressive media who usually stick by a D administration because it is supporting one’s team are upset. Conservative media are largely silent or think that he is not harsh enough.

    On a happier note, pot is now legal in Washington state. I’m not a smoker but I support legalization. They and colorado are working out how the markets will function, taxes, banking, regulations etc and have been very successful so far. Challenges to change federal laws (tax and banking) are working their way up thru the courts. Progressive communities have been very successful in this. Another success has been for marriage equality which makes steady progress. This is progressive from the grass roots up!!

  25. chrys says:


    Have you ever done a chart for Hamas – it;s first major victory
    25 January 2006.

  26. chrys says:

    On 29 March 2006 a new government was formed by Hamas leader Ismail Haniya.

  27. kiwi says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful responses Lorrie.
    In a simple glance, I see Palestine adds up to an 11 and Israel adds up to a 1.
    Could it be that Palestine (historically) being an 11 has the potential for the higher vibration of 2 – partnership lessons, whereas Israel, a 1, is all about ‘me’?

  28. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Bold Progressives

    Citizens United – and McCutcheon

    A U.S. Senate committee just voted on an amendment that would give Congress and the states clear authority to limit and regulate money in politics — authority they had until the Supreme Court stripped it away.

    The amendment is now headed to the full Senate for a vote later this summer. A decisive victory in the Senate will help make campaign finance a major issue in the 2014 and 2016 elections an issue every single candidate will have to take sides on and it will put us closer to victory than we’ve been in decades.

    This amendment will make it possible for Congress and the states to end corporate spending on elections, limit how much millionaires and billionaires can spend on campaigns, and adopt mandatory systems for small-donor and public financing of elections.

  29. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Clean Money California Action Fund

    The Overturn Citizens United Act is on Governor Brown’s desk now.

    Getting the California Senate and Assembly to pass SB 1272, the Overturn Citizens United Act, was a major victory that was made possible by the more than 50,000 people who signed petitions urging the legislature to pass it.

    But SB 1272 needs Governor Brown’s signature to go onto the ballot so Californians can demand that Congress pass a U.S. Constitutional amendment that overturns Citizens United and that says once and for all that corporations aren’t people, and money isn’t speech.

    Please call Governor Brown to urge him to sign SB 1272.

  30. alex says:

    The Federal Communications Commission is taking public comment for a limited time on their proposal that would destroy Net Neutrality and allow the big telecoms to charge extra for carrying content.

    Governor Howard Dean just submitted his own public comment to the FCC opposing their two-tier proposal and urging them to adopt new rules that would protect a free and open Internet. He recorded his comments on video to help spread the word and encourage others to submit their own comments.

    These public comments matter. The FCC is listening to what the public has to say, and a strong public outcry could force the FCC to abandon this flawed plan. Over 100,000 people have submitted comments, the vast majority in opposition to the FCC’s telecom-friendly plan.

    Submit your comment now and DFA will deliver it to the FCC before their July 15 deadline

  31. starlight says:

    chrys – Wolfstar gives this as Hamas birth data: 8/18/1988

  32. alex says:

    Extreme Expression of Vesta (unhealthy narcissism, neg – enlightened self interest, pos)

    Vesta – Pluto Narcissism (age of narcissism)

    Survey Two Charts


    First House – Minor Asteroid Itokawa @05 Aries (the beginning of bad experience)

    Fifth House – Vesta @05 Leo (unhealthy narcissism)

    Ninth House – Pluto @05 Sagittarius (intense)


    First House – Vesta @22 Gemini (unhealthy narcissism)
    Pluto @24 Gemini (intense)

    Fourth House – Moon @24 Virgo (hunger to express emotional needs)

    Seventh House – Lilith Minor Asteroid (1181) @24 Sagittarius
    (resentment, inner rage)

    Tenth House – Nessus @24 Pisces (generational bad conditions)

  33. Lorrie U says:

    kiwi – Yes, that’s an excellent analysis of how those numbers could be interpreted. Certainly worth pursuing this line of thinking.

    AA – “So far the O administration has handled this crisis extremely poorly.” Personally, I completely disagree! I think messaging in the countries that these people are coming from advising them of the realities and the danger they are placing these children in is extremely important and the first step! I applaud it. Next, it’s up to individual states to send National Guard troops to the border, not the Federal govt.

    And maybe, just maybe, if we stopped creating a demand for drugs in this country, the drug cartels would cease and people wouldn’t have to flee their countries to get away from their violence.

  34. Lorrie U says:

    The Algebra of Israeli Injustice Against Palestinian Children

    What is rarely acknowledged in the news is how Palestinian children like Mohammad and Tariq pay an extraordinarily heavy price in the conflict. Before the three Israeli teenagers were found slain, Israeli forces were caught on video firing live ammunition in the town of Beitunia, killing two teenagers and injuring one, as Human Rights Watch detailed in this report. The organization, not known for taking radical positions, went as far as calling the killings a “war crime.” But the news garnered little attention compared with the media blitz over the three Israeli boys. It also elicited no serious attempt at accountability from Israeli authorities. In stark contrast, the search for the three missing Israeli boys resulted in raids on homes, the rounding up and arrests of hundreds of Palestinians and, where resistance was encountered, the killings of nearly a dozen Palestinians including a 15-year-old boy.

    Israel is the only country in the world to have a special military court for juveniles. A 2013 UNICEF report found that 7,000 Palestinian children have been “detained, interrogated, prosecuted and/or imprisoned within the Israeli military justice system—an average of two children each day.” It’s quite likely Tariq Abu Khdeir would have disappeared into this system where boys aged 12-17 are harshly interrogated, forced into signing confessions, and sentenced to months and years in prison.

  35. alex says:


    It’s clear that the Supreme Court won’t be coming to the defense of women anytime soon. That’s why courageous Democratic leaders in Congress came together and introduced legislation to reverse the atrocious Hobby Lobby decision yesterday. We could see a vote on this as early as next week.

    Republican extremists in Congress who have been waging a War on Women are threatening to stand in the way. This includes the newly elected House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who described the Hobby Lobby decision as, “ a victory for our Constitutional principles and the fundamental human right of religious liberty.”

    The GOP has already launched a campaign to mislead women voters into thinking that their party is on the side of women, lead by none other than Carly Fiorina – former Hewlett Packard CEO who tried to unseat Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in 2010. This is the same Carly Fiorina who in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision had the audacity to call the War on Women “shameless, baseless propaganda.”

    These right-wing attacks on women are outrageous, and we must fight back to demand our leaders in Washington do the right thing.

    With mid-term elections around the corner, we have the power to make these out-of-touch members of Congress re-consider their position. But we must mount a stunning show of force. We need to have the courage to come together with one strong voice and let Congress know that if they vote against the rights of women, it will cost them votes in November.

    If Republicans block this bill and don’t support a women’s right to affordable access to birth control, we need you to have our back to make sure every woman and constituent in every district across the country knows where they stand. Join the fight!

    Thank you for your courage

  36. alex says:

    continued: Extreme Expression of Vesta (unhealthy narcissism, neg – enlightened self interest, pos)

    Vesta – Pluto Narcissism (age of narcissism)

    Pluto in Gemini
    Pluto in Sagittarius

    Vesta in the Signs

  37. Kitty says:

    Perfect analysis. Numerology is great to consider, in one’s personality, or an event. It can help to fill in some blanks, to help with astrology. It can be a quick tool, for some understanding, when you don’t have all the astro info. 11 or a 2 always “baffles” me. Are they a 2 which is conciliatory and a mediator or are they an 11 which is Neptune on the spiritual side or Neptune the confused (smoke and mirrors) or other Neptune phrases? Glamorous? maybe? That is one reason that Obama can confuse me. Or,is Obama all of them? He is great and interesting to watch. Quite hypnotic! Numerology and the Hebrew alphabet are fun to fool around with.

  38. Jerry says:

    Full Moon-Sun Square Mars: War Or Peace?
    by Leslie Hale

    As we enter the full moon period and week of July 13, events in the world are escalating especially the in hot spots around the globe. Israel seems poised for war, and the civil war in Iraq is escalating.

    Iraq says “terrorist groups” have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country’s north. Iraq’s UN envoy has appealed for help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad.”(Reuters)

    The July 12, full moon in Capricorn sets off the Uranus-Pluto square bringing big events to the world and our lives if it aspects your personal chart. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the sternest of planets and for many this will be a harsh full moon.

    As the full moon concludes the Sun-Mars square is approaching over the next 7 days, and this is an angry transit. Sun-Mars transits can coincide with war, young men and the military or police, and this transit becomes exact July 19, the day before Saturn goes direct which can also increase the war like energy is it is aspecting an important planet as it is in the natal chart of Israel.

    As Mars reaches 25 degrees on July 19 this has additional significance as it is the eclipse degree of the April 16, lunar eclipse and events connected to the eclipse may occur at this time. This eclipse opposed Mars in the Iraq natal chart indicative of war, and things may reach a new level of violence around this period.


    In islamic eschatology the last ten days of Ramadan are considered the most powerful and significant (this year Ramadan which began June 28th ends on July 28th).

    Last year, the timing of the last ten days of Ramadan (associated with the “Night of Power”) combined with intercepted Al Qaeda messages led the US State Dept to temporarily close an unprecedented 21 US embassies throughout the mid east region.

    We are facing a similar situation this year. The last ten days of Ramadan beginning July 18th, has the newly self appointed Muslim Caliphate and ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi uttering a veiled threat of a possible terror attack on New York.

    Here is an article published last year explaining the significance of Ramadan and its link with terrorism……..

    Security Closures of US Embassies Across Middle East Coincide With Ramadan ‘Night of Power’

    CNS News
    Aug 2, 2013

    ( – Many U.S. embassies across the Middle East will be closed on Sunday – usually a working day in the Arab world – in what the State Department says is a precautionary measure based on “security considerations.”

    …. August 4 this year marks the 27th night of Ramadan, which according to most but not all Muslim scholars is Laylat al-Qadr (“night of power” or “night of destiny”), when Muslims believe the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to Mohammed in the 7th century.

    The Qur’an describes the night as “better than a thousand months,” and many devout Muslims stay up through the night.

    In its entry for August 4, the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center’s 2013 calendar notes: “Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power; the night of revelation of Qur’an to Mohammed, begins this evening.)”

    The 2013 NTCT calendar does not offer any further detail about the night, but in earlier editions up until 2010 (archived copy) it commented, “Islamic extremists might consider Laylat al-Qadr (“Night of Power”) especially auspicious for a terrorist attack. Islamic tradition holds that on this night rewards for deeds pleasing to Allah are magnified a thousandfold; extremists, in particular, believe that the gates of heaven are opened then for those who wage ‘jihad’ in defense of Islam to enter paradise.”

    Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, dates of holidays change each year. Major Islamist terror attacks that have taken place around Laylat-al-Qadr in the years since 9/11 include: an attack on the Indian parliament, 13 killed (Dec. 2011); suicide bombings at the British consulate-general in Istanbul, 30 killed (Nov. 2003); a suicide car bombing in Kirkuk, Iraq, five killed (Nov. 2003); bombings in New Delhi, 62 killed (Oct. 2005); and a Boko Haram suicide bombing at the United Nations headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, 25 killed (Aug. 2011).

    Leyla al-Qadr: The Night of Power

    Excerpted from Islam

    During the last ten days of Ramadan, Muslims seek and observe the Night of Power (Leyla al-Qadr). The Qur’an describes this night in a chapter named for it:

    Surah (Chapter) 97

    Al-Qadr (The Night of Power)

    In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    We have indeed revealed this message in the Night of Power.
    And what will explain what the Night of Power is?
    The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.
    Therein come down the angels and the spirit, by Allah’s permission, on every errand. Peace! Until the rising of the morn!

    Tradition holds that the Night of Power is the night that the first revelation of the Qur’an was sent down to the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims are instructed to “seek” the Night of Power during the last ten days of Ramadan, particularly on the odd nights (ie. the 23rd, 25th and 27th). It is reported that the Prophet said: “Whoever stays up (in prayer and remembrance of Allah) on the Night of Qadr, fully believing (in Allah’s promise of reward) and hoping to seek reward, he shall be forgiven for his past sins.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

    Muslims worldwide spend the last ten nights of Ramadan in solid devotion, retreating to the mosque to read Qur’an (i’tikaf), reciting special supplications (du’a), and reflecting on the meaning of Allah’s message to us. It is believed to be a time of intense spirituality, when the believers are surrounded by angels, the gates of heaven are open, and God’s blessings and mercy are abundant.

    The whole month of Ramadan is a time of renewal and reflection. As the month winds to a close, we pray that the spirit of Ramadan, and the lessons learned during it, last for all of us throughout the year.

  39. Noelle says:

    Barb K, once again, thanks for your insight

  40. kiwi says:

    Kitty, I thank you for your insight regarding numerology too.
    Regarding the 11, my numerology book mentions, among other things:
    “the number 11 has the will and determination of the 2 ones supporting the digit two…..
    ….rightfully lived up to and expressed, the 11/2 rules the masses, but spiritual living is demanded”

  41. Anne's Aunt says:


    Lorrie, now that prohibition for alcohol has been lifted, and partially for pot, how do you exactly create no demand for drugs? Got any ideas? More prohibition? Yeah, let’s criminalize all those who do not comply and conform particularly African Americans.

    If you can create no demand for drugs, by all means, go ahead. Otherwise apparently you are just fine with criminalizing non-violent drug users and jailing them for terrible sentences. Yeah you are just fine with the DEA and police on the prowl in vulnerable neighborhoods and with minorities. Apparently you are not pushing to maybe start with poverty and education, drug treatment instead of jailing and bloating the court systems?

    I guess you are positive about deporting children who are basically refugees. In the meantime, don’t provide them with lawyers, but holding pens of lots of kids with one bathroom. Apparently you don’t have any deeply held progressive ideals or even standards. This is bordering on cult worship. Seriously.

    I support the president and the D party in general, but not on everything no questions asked or no matter if they violate my principles or not. I don’t change my principles and values to suit the party or the president. That is cultish and really strange – not progressive. Just very very religious. Extremely religious people can be very irrational according to their ‘beliefs’.

  42. alex says:

    narcissism continued:

    Extreme Expression of Vesta (unhealthy narcissism, neg – enlightened self interest, pos)

    Vesta – Pluto Narcissism (age of narcissism)

    Survey Two Charts


    First House – Minor Asteroid Itokawa @05 Aries (the beginning of bad experience)

    Fifth House – Vesta @05 Leo (unhealthy narcissism)

    Ninth House – Pluto @05 Sagittarius (intense)


    Twelfth House, Moon @01 Aquarius
    Fifth House/Cusp Sixth House, Hybris @00 Leo


    First House – Vesta @22 Gemini (unhealthy narcissism)
    Pluto @24 Gemini (intense)

    Fourth House – Moon @24 Virgo (hunger to express emotional needs)

    Seventh House – Lilith Minor Asteroid (1181) @24 Sagittarius
    (resentment, inner rage)

    Tenth House – Nessus @24 Pisces (generational bad conditions)


    Eleventh House, Saturn @27 PISCES
    Fifth House, Achilles @28 VIRGO

  43. Kitty says:

    “”….rightfully lived up to and expressed, the 11/2 rules the masses, but spiritual living is demanded”——
    I like that definition, and makes wonderful sense. But, that is so hard to live up, in these times! It is a hard precarious path. All one could do is strive to live up to this, with great determination.
    Makes us want to be more careful when naming a child–and the birth data–? lol However, guess we pick the path and family before birth, so we can further fulfill lessons to be learned.
    We all know, that can get obnoxious! lol

  44. Lorrie U says:

    AA – I am spiritual, not religious. There are no easy answers on handling this crisis, albeit you seem to know them. Please do not assume to know me or what I feel or believe! And the answers to drugs comes back to my original statement that it comes down to us as a society and making conscious choices. People turn to drugs out of despair, poverty, lack of hope and opportunity. Address those problems, and drug usage will drop. But as long as we continue this bickering and finger pointing, and my ideas are better than your ideas, and I’m progressive and you’re not, our society will not reflect and grow. It’s a choice on how we want our future and our children’s future to be. I am done with this discussion with you.

  45. will says:

    I tripped my fucking brains out and smoked cannabis and took peyote and MDA and smoked opium and hashish and drank some great bourbons and whiskey……….because I loved to have fun and have different experiences and take a break from the boredom of the every-day world.

    And every once in a blue moon….. I still do!

    Sometimes its just a kick to experience an altered state. Nothing more than that.

  46. Anne's Aunt says:

    OK Lorrie – you’re “spiritual”. You seem to abandon your progressive values for your “spirituality”. You don’t need to face it – that is up to you. And it is your choice if you support deporting children refugees. That’s so “spiritual”. My ideas are not better than yours. I never said that! So your straw man is simply denial and deflection. I also, obviously do not have “all the answers” – who said or implied that except you??

    I don’t know if you have any children, raised any children, know any young people or anyone who is not of the dominant race or class. Maybe your actions and choices back up your “spiritual” words, I don’t know at all. So I don’t know if you have actually made some of those choices you dismiss so easily. You say there are no easy answers, and I agree totally. That does not mean that a spiritual person cannot have any deep core values and begin to work on those problems, from one’s only family/circle outward. ‘Practical’ is not anti-spiritual, and is in fact the highest expression of true spirituality.

  47. kiwi says:

    Carolyn Myss cites addictions of all sorts are rooted in 5th chakra imbalances and blockage – which are basically a result of inner conflict between the heart and head (4th & 6th chakras), causing us to want to avoid conscious choice of expression.
    Sadly I think this malady is at epidemic proportions in the US, as well as many other places… addicted to drugs, booze, food, blame, shopping, conflict, etc etc etc.
    Yes Lorrie, it IS all about thoughtful, conscious choice, moment to moment, not knee jerk reactions and instant gratification.

  48. Lorrie U says:

    Kiwi & Kitty – You might find this interesting from a book “Master Numbers: Cycles of Divine Order” by Faith Javane. Re. the #11 (vs. the lower vibration of 2)which is Pres. Obama’s destiny number:

    “People who have incarnated under the number 11 have not reached the heights, but they can draw on Cosmic aid for attainment. Their keyword is Altruism. These individuals will be tested for their honesty and sincerity. They will be required to practice the “Golden Rule” and to live up to the standards expected of a master number person. The vibrations of the 11 are dynamic and extreme, and must be used with great wisdom. #11’s will naturally fall into leadership positions, and this requires the best humanitarian qualities they can muster. They will realize eventually that true mastership is service to others…Individuals living under and 11 vibration must find the Light and share it with all who come within their realm, as these dawning states of consciousness work toward awareness of every increasing order in humanity.”

    Excerpts from “It’s All In Your Numbers” by Kathleen Roquemore:
    “Each number has both positive and negative aspects since nothing is all positive or all negative. The master numbers such as 11, 22, 33 are far more powerful than the other nine numbers in both positive and negative aspects, with the negative aspects far more destructive than the negative aspects of the others. The true mission of master numbers is service to their fellowman and if used for any other purpose, the results can be very bad. These numbers are only given to souls that have lived through experiences that make them fit to handle such vibrations and have actually come back as leaders and masters. They can get lost in the confusion of the material world and so lose sight of the path, but generally this is temporary. They are numbers of considerable power but also contain a lot of tension and require a lot of control.”

  49. kiwi says:

    Will, making the conscious choice of having an occasional fun, mind blowing, trip or an evening on the town, is a far cry from the mindlessness of addiction.

  50. alex says:

    Natal Dick Cheney

    Creating the National Security State: A History of the Law That Transformed America by Douglas T. Stuart


    A number of high-level meetings occurred between President Gerald Ford’s White House and CIA General Counsel Lawrence Houston. Houston, who had served the Agency as its doyen general counsel for over 25 years, secretly huddled on at least two occasions in June 1975 with Ford’s chief of staff, Donald Rumsfeld, and his chief assistant, Richard Cheney.

    Houston impressed upon both men that any prolonged and intense media scrutiny of Project Artichoke would lead to opening a Pandora’s box of legal, institutional, international and public relations problems that could destroy the CIA.

    Houston explained that the Agency’s MK/ULTRA program was far less problematic for the CIA because it had been a research-based program that initiated 153 contracts to colleges, universities and research institutions nationwide. These contractors, all stalwart and prestigious institutions like Harvard, Columbia, and Tulane Universities, could serve as viable buffers to any harsh outside attacks.

    Houston stressed that deliberate exposure of the MK/ULTRA program by essentially offering it to the press would serve to placate the brewing feeding frenzy over so-called mind control projects, and would divert any investigative attempts into the multi-faceted Artichoke Project.

    Houston additionally explained to Rumsfeld and Cheney that, along with the release of MK/ULTRA details to the media, the names of a few former CIA employees, such as Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, would also be released to the press. Incredibly, when the subject of possible federal prosecutions of CIA officials for capital crimes and felonies, such as murder and drug trafficking, came up in their discussion, Houston informed Rumsfeld and Cheney that there was little cause for concern.

    Worth noting here, was a brief adjunct discussion between Houston, Rumsfeld, and Cheney regarding related concerns about records on former Nazi scientists who had been secretly imported into the United States in the early Fifties by the State Department and Army, as part of Project Paperclip. These German scientists performed highly-classified research at the Army’s Fort Detrick and Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, some of which involved field operations in Europe.

    Background: Lawrence R. Houston, the architect of the Central Intelligence Agency, built the legal foundation on which it rests and the facades behind which it hides. In 1954 a secret agreement was struck between CIA Lawrence Houston and DOJ Deputy Attorney General William P. Rogers.

    The agreement between the CIA and the U.S. Department of Justice of Feb. 1954 put in place whereby the violation of “criminal statutes” by CIA personnel would not result in Department of Justice prosecutions, if “highly classified and complex covert operations” were threatened with exposure.

    meg·a·lo·ma·ni·ac (noun) a person obsessed with their own power

    Natal Uranus @22 Taurus – Dick Cheney
    Natal Hybris @22 Taurus – Dick Cheney
    USA Federal Government – Midheaven @22 Taurus

  51. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will, you are probably white and doing a bit of – whatever your party is – is pretty much overlooked by the DEA and cops and courts. If you are a privileged citizen then you having a bit of fun is tolerated. If you are black and do a bit of whatever you will be targeted for hunting and thrown into jail as a criminal. You also will be stopped and frisked or stopped for driving while black and searched. And you will cost us – your fellow citizens – boat loads of money. We’ll have to pay for your criminalization, prosecution, surveillance, and incarceration. Almost as good as spending our money on endless wars overseas – spend it on endless wars on drugs here at home.

    I’ve also spent enough time around young people to know they, like you, don’t mind a few altered states from time to time. It does not rule their lives as it obviously doesn’t rule yours.

    True addiction (legal and illegal substances) is not well treated by jail or getting a criminal record. Spending diverted towards the war on drugs and away from addiction treatment is, IMO, not a winning strategy.

  52. Prabhata says:

    Hanan Asrawi (Palestinian stateswoman): “We [Palestinians] are the only people on Earth asked to guarantee the security of our occupier”

    Chomsky said that Gaza is an open-air prison. The whole population is condemned, regardless of age or political association.

  53. will says:


  54. Patty says:

    “Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away” Most of Florida’s senior politicians – in particular, Senator Marco Rubio, former governor Jeb Bush and current governor Rick Scott, all Republican Climate-Change Deniers – have refused to act or respond to warnings. Rubio said, “I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it. I do not believe that the laws that they propose we pass will do anything about it, except it will destroy our economy” How can these people be in such denial, are they insane?

  55. alex says:

    Surveillance Capitalism: General Keith Alexander, NSA (retired)


    To capitalize on his recent departure from NSA military intelligence General Keith Alexander retired in March following months of revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The general is offering his security expertise to the banking industry for the fire sale price of $600,000 per month after first asking for $1 million. There are threats everywhere, Alexander warns, and “It would be devastating if one of our major banks was hit, because they’re so interconnected.”

    That may be, but Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) is suspicious that Alexander has anything useful to offer at that price—unless, that is, he’s peddling national security secrets.

    In letters sent Wednesday to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the Consumer Bankers Association, the Financial Services Roundtable and the Clearing House—all of which Alexander reportedly has approached about his services—Grayson made it clear to Alexander and those who might retain him that selling classified information is illegal.

    “I am writing with concerns about the potential disclosure of classified information by former National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander,” Grayson wrote. “Disclosing or misusing classified information for profit is, as Mr. Alexander well knows, a felony.

    “I question how Mr. Alexander can provide any of the services he is offering unless he discloses or misuses classified information, including extremely sensitive sources and methods,” Grayson continued. “Without the classified information he acquired in his former position, he literally would have nothing to offer to you.”

    Grayson’s staff says the congressman has not yet received a response from Alexander or any of the organizations that received the letter.

  56. alex says:

    America’s Secret 4th Branch of Government: The NSA kept even Obama in the Dark

  57. Apple says:

    Alex – thanks for the link to Juan Cole. The piece raises chilling questions.

  58. starlight says:

    Extremism and anti-Arab sentiment among right wing Israelis:

    There have been reports that some of the suspects (of the murder of the Arab teenager) were “football hooligans,” fervent fans of Beitar Jerusalem, a local soccer team that has a reputation for attracting anti-Arab, nationalist followers…

    …But the soccer hooligan angle was part of the larger focus on increasing right-wing extremism, including something called “price tag” attacks, and how that fed the undercurrent of hate and dehumanization of Arabs occurring in a segment of the society. The so-called price tag attacks are carried out by organized groups on the fringes of the settler movement who adhere to an “eye for an eye” philosophy, exacting a price for perceived wrongs, even if that means breaking the law…

    …Tamir Lion, an anthropologist who studies youth, said he was troubled by the changing attitudes among Israel’s young people. For many years, Mr. Lion interviewed soldiers about why they chose to enter combat units. “The answers,” he said on Israel Radio, “were always about the challenge, to show I could make it, the prestige involved.”

    That began to change in 2000, he said. “I started to get answers — not a lot, but some — like: ‘To kill Arabs.’ The first time I heard it, it was at the time of the large terror attacks, and since then it has not stopped.”

  59. will says:

    To your point, Starlight:

    Death of Palestinian Youth Puts Israeli Focus on Extremism


    Some are observing a generational shift as Jewish youth in Israel express a distinct anti-Arab attitude that wasn’t learned in the home.

  60. alex says:

    June 10, 2014 Capitol Building

    On Thursday, Speaker John Boehner released a draft resolution authorizing the House of Representatives to sue President Obama over the delay of Obamacare’s employer mandate: announcing that the House would initiate legal action over President Obama’s unilateral actions on the health care law’s employer mandate in 2013.

  61. alex says:


    Is there any precedent for this suit? How would it proceed?

  62. Kitty says:

    Lorrie U
    Thank you very much for all that great information.

  63. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Thanks for the Juan Cole piece…

    “Dueling leaks over the international embarrassment have forced the White House to a key admission: President Barack Obama did not know what the NSA was up to…How many seemingly minor scandals that force decision-makers from office are actually a conspiracy of shadowy intelligence operatives?… One can never know what politics is legitimate and what is the result of manipulation. NSA denials that they are using this material gathered on US citizens are not very credible given their officials’ repeated lies and also given their hiding of their activities from the President of the United States.”

    These are chilling statements! And also a credible threat to any person is harm to family in order to gain cooperation. I do believe that many of the incidents which happened to make Obama look bad had manipulation behind them. I will never forget that when Obama was campaigning for president, there was a major security breach at a speech where even local security people were alarmed, but the order had come from the top.

    And it appears the far right extremism in Israel is closely related to our own. Can you just imagine where we’d be had McCain/Palin been elected? Talk about a nightmare.

  64. Michael from NYC says:

    Nancy I looked up the birth date of the Likud party, it’s September 13, 1973 (no time of course) — any insights? Hamas is December 1987 but there is no date available

  65. alex says:

    I think it may be possible that ‘The Five Eye’ countries who all have NSA capabilities
    space surveillance & comprehensive ground surveillance are doing the same thing to their presidents – heads of government and besides/beyond Obama’s may have superceded their own ‘surveillance’ covert class of operatives…

    New Zealand
    United Kingdom
    United States of America

  66. alex says:

    oops what I meant to say is:
    all five countries have NSA like agencies and likely have superceded their executive governments…. which is the reason I subscribe to the premise of the movie ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

  67. ox the cat says:

    Alex I do not know if your question about precedent was rhetorical but Norm Ornstein the congressional historian feels there is no precedent but notes that lawsuits have been filed by ad hoc members of congress. I know what ad hoc means but I am not sure who would be an ad hoc member of congress.

    This information is from TPM which also notes that the Republicans are counting on a Supreme Court ruling from 2013 when the congress tried to stand up for DOMA. The SC seemed to rule in their favor and if I were guessing they hope they will rule along the same lines. With the recent decision on recess appointments.. this may be naïve but do you think that the major Republican players are in direct contact with anyone on the Supreme Court?

  68. Kitty says:

    I never agree with ” Sleazy Boehner”—
    S. Court could be in contact with major Republicans or Clarence Thomas’s wife! Cheney and Scalia are the best of buddies.

    Could Boehner Defeat Obama In Court?

  69. alex says:

    ox the cat

    for sure

  70. Anne's Aunt says:

    I’ve been ruminating on spirituality and addiction and keep thinking of Pisces.

    Quick story, I’ve known a certain guy for decades who I originally knew for his work as an artist when he was coming out in the 90s and we were in the same circle of artists. I own one of his works. He was always in and out of trouble getting fired from job after job. His jobs were all in the art field and strangely, every one of his former employers or fellow employees always have just loved him. I heard rumors that he used heroin and it turned out to be true. He became more and more addicted and ruled by his addiction until he dropped off the scene and seemed to go somewhere.

    After a couple of years he re-amerged (at least as far as I knew) studying seminary, completely clean. He finished maybe 10 years ago or so and now is ordained as some sort of ultra liberal unitarian or something. He now ministers to many many people, is greatly loved and helps so many in the mental health and healing fields. Pisces.

    His trajectory says (and he has talked about his journey) that those who sink the deepest into a compulsive altered state can rise to be the absolutely most spiritual of all people. Don’t know what his numbers are, judgements about his poor conscious choices or how his chakras are/were real or imagined by others, but his smile, bearing, entire being is beyond positive.

  71. Prabhata says:

    As a Jew living in America, the past week has changed me forever
    by: David Harris-Gershon on July 5th, 2014

  72. alex says:

    Full Moon @20 Capricorn July 12, 2014

    Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry

    USA Chiron @20 Aries (imperative finding ourselves)
    Transit Sun/ego @20 Cancer (issues Cancer/Capricorn revealed)
    USA Juno @20 Libra(imperative equal partnerships)
    Transit Moon/desire @20 Capricorn (CA/CP 12-6House issues)

    12Th House: of self-help or self un-doing
    6Th House: the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune

    Mundane: Confidence, Optimism, Importance .CHALLENGED BY. Intense Capricorn Control Issues 6TH House,

  73. alex says:

    continued: Capricorn Full Moon Chart – EDT

  74. starlight says:

    Prabhata – Thanks for the Tikkun article. Very thought-provoking. I was especially struck by this:

    Their inflamed hatred does not exist in a vacuum: it is an ongoing presence, growing by the day, encompassing ever larger segments of Israeli society, nurtured in a public environment of resentment, insularity and victimhood, fostered and fed by politicians and pundits.

    It reminds me of some of the dangers we face here with people inflamed by a slanted media stressing victimization, particularly on the Right. It also suggests a way out, if politicians and the media could be convinced to tone it down.

  75. Prabhata says:

    Starlight, I also thought it was a very good thought provoking essay. I’m glad you see it in the same light.

  76. arbo says:

    Starlight and Prabhata — I’ve long thought that if the Palestinians had a Leon Uris, things might be different.

  77. alex says:

    10 Supreme Court Rulings That Turned Corporations Into People

    1809 ( Bank of the United States v. Deveaux)

    1844 (Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston Railroad v. Letson)

    1853 (Marshall v. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad)

    1886 (County of Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad)

    1898 ( Smyth v. Ames)

    1906 (Hale v. Henkel)

    1931 (Russian Volunteer Fleet v. United States)

    1977 (United States v. Martin Linen Supply Co.)

    2010 (Citizens United v. FEC)

    2014 (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby)

  78. starlight says:

    From Lorrie’s article on the Palestinians:

    Let’s be clear here – Israel can either be a democracy or a Jewish state but it can’t be both. If Israel is to take all the land that Palestinians currently live on … if they allow them to have full rights they will cease to be a so-called “Jewish state”. If they choose to put their Jewish nature above democracy – they will only further continue the failed experiment that is Zionism. If you believe in personal property rights and human rights – you can’t support Israel as it exists today.

    This is the central dilemma in the whole mess.

  79. alex says:

    Progressed USA Venus: Plutocrats/Monopolists working their interest against the people’s interests

    2014 Progressed USA Venus @24 Aries (old money, establishment)


    2014 November 4TH Election Mercury @24 Libra (the vote)

  80. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    First, some personal news:
    I’ve reached a milestone-all my pages are up and connected:
    A sample:

    @AnnesAunt: Addiction is linked to Neptune. One of the things we have done is banish the natural desire for altered states and the mystical impulse to the fringes of society. Instead of spending time in mystery ceremonies smoking peyote, or in deep meditation, our Calvinistic society mocks such things as wasting time.

    I also remember an experiment in England where hard drugs were given to addicts at clinics. People were able to get their fix for free and medical treatment to boot. The crime rate plunged tremendously, and the addiction rate too. Why? addicts no longer had to do illegal things to come up with the often exorbitant price for drugs. In addition, the setup meant that there was no more financial incentive to sell drugs-addicts got theirs free, which meant that anyone who wanted to use had no incentive to buy.

  81. alex says:

    ALEC exposed – Center for Media & Democracy


    TV News Dumbed Down for American Viewers

    A 2009 survey by the European Journal of Communication compared the U.S. to Denmark, Finland, and the UK in the awareness and reporting of domestic vs. international news, and of ‘hard’ news (politics, public administration, the economy, science, technology) vs. ‘soft’ news (celebrities, human interest, sport and entertainment).

    The results:
    Americans [are] especially uninformed about international public affairs. American respondents also underperformed in relation to domestic-related hard news stories.

    American television reports much less international news than Finnish, Danish and British television;American television network newscasts also report much less hard news than Finnish and Danish television.

  82. kiwi says:

    congratulations Carol!

  83. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    Thanks, Kiwi. There’s a long way to go-lots more content, some tweakng for appearance, and I have to make the blogs user-friendly-but at least I have a page for every link.

  84. alex says:


    would an addiction/greed to money & power work the same way

  85. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    Checking my transits: I will have Pluto trine Midheaven for the rest of the year, along with Uranus trine Uranus inconjunct Venus in Virgo. Also, my exact Saturn return (0 Sag) is on Christmas this year-I should have realized that something was happening when I felt the need to finish up my website, organize my medical bills, and write more. I think it’s unusual (or is it?) to have a Saturn return shortly after one’s 58th birthday, but so it is.
    The last time around it lasted only a week or so in 1986.

  86. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    Sure, Alex. While everyone has a need for cash, I can see that being a way some people who have far more than they need to try to fill the empty hole in their souls. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that addiction is rewarded. Yes, the endless striving for more cash my mean wrecked relationships with family and friends (no time for them) social upheaval (people resent being used and paid less than they are due) but the same Calvinism doesn’t have much to say about that.

  87. Sharon K says:

    I don’t think the military occupation will last forever, but I also don’t see a clear way out of the mess.

    Part of the complications that have not been addressed here recently is that all over the mid-East, children are taught in schools to hate Israelis. Another aspect is the Shia-Sunni 1400 year old. grudge match/conflict. People think that the Jews and Arabs have been fighting since biblical times for various biblical reasons involving brothers; however it is my opinion that Israel would withdraw (JUST as they did from Lebanon and Gaza in the past 15 years) if they thought it would work. This Shia-Sunni grudge match, pitting Iran & Syria against Saudi Arabia, and ISIS (and, briefly, Egypt, when the Muslim Brotherhood ruled about a year or so ago), shows no sign of abating. If fundamentalist (or otherwise) Muslims cannot find peace with each other, do you really think they are going to want peace with Israel? Those other two withdrawals from “occupied” land by Israel did not bring peace any closer — the rockets have kept coming for years until the 2012 UN cease fire agreement.

    It may be that Netanyahu does not really want to give back the land, but Netanyahu will not be the leader forever. The Israeli democracy is such that it is easy to take over the prime ministership if you have the support. The unfortunate thing is that the Israeli people, many of whom until recently had wanted peace, are now turning against the Palestinians and other Arabs in general, while the nuclear talks with Iran are said to be unsustainable because of Iran’s position. Did anyone really think Iran was sincere? I, myself, have said here that they were biding time. I don’t know the circumstances and perhaps the conditions they are presented with are unfair, but I tend to think that they are very eager to have a nuclear weapon with which to threaten Israel and have a real showdown/check-mate/grudge match. It is sad to me to see so little understanding of Israel’s position. Just as African Americans are only a relatively few generations away from slavery and are far from having healed, nor has enough time passed for them to rise above poverty and oppression, just about the ENTIRE Jewish population of Eastern Europe was decimated by the Holocaust and Israel was a result of the extreme feeling of insecurity that ensued. I think you have to be African American or Jewish to really understand that healing does not happen in 50 years or even 100. Israel and Jews (except for maybe liberal American Jews) are still concerned about their security! There may be many wealthy Jews in the world, but the majority are not, and, either way, everyone is vulnerable to antisemitism and hate crimes. Anti-semetism is rampant in Europe at this time and that comes from the large Muslim populations who have been taught to hate Israel and Jews. Thus, Israel has endured rocket attack after rocket attack, calls for its demise, and, over the years, has developed a very hard line, no-nonsense position. Both sides seem to have a hard time giving in enough at the peace table or, should I say, an equal amount, or maybe both sides want too much—but that is where negotiation comes into play if both sides seriously want peace. People doubt here that Israel does, but do the Palestinians really want peace, does the Arab world want peace with Israel or are they just biding their time until they find a way to takeover. But it is Israel, with all it’s weapons, nuclear and otherwise, that it certainly does not want to use, that is on the hot spot, a very small country surrounded by many enemies, many of whom will join in with the new Palestinian nation and have a much closer footing into Israel. I am a zionist in the sense that I believe a Jewish state is the only thing that has given many of the world’s Jews, from Russian to Ethiopian Jews, to the Eastern European remnant, security. I also understand why they are so attached to that peace of land—I have been to Israel only once but there is so much Jewish history there, and the Arabs are constantly trying to erase it physically and destroy the archeological sites.

    I do not want to see others treated as second-class citizens and believe their rights should be protected, but not to the end that Israel is no longer a Jewish state. Israel absorbed the approximately 1 million Jews who were kicked out of the other mideastern countries after Israel was granted statehood—why could not Jordan and other countries absorb the Arabs who were asked to give up their homes? As it stands, I have read interviews in Haaretz (a relative honest journalistic source) with Israeli Arabs that states they like their lives in Israel and would not want to live in a Palestinian state from what they have seen of the way it would be run. I do not think Israel is all right; neither do I think it is as wrong as it seems to be painted by progressives or liberals, especially those who are younger than I. There are reasons for Israel to do at least part of what it does, and it is sad that people do not seem to be seeing it.

  88. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    Sharon, stealing their land and mistreating them terribly creates hatred even if textbooks don’t mention it. People hear terrible stories from friends, family, and neighbors. Also stealing their land and blaming them for the theft isn’t going to help matters either. Native Americans had no books or schools, but the treatment of them by the settlers spread around. There is only peace because in the end they were able to become citizens, get some land of their own, and the land theft stopped.

    I’ve become a one-stater. Only letting those who want to return and making the rest neighbors will settle the problem permanently.

  89. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    Sharon, we Christians long ago had to give up on the notion of a “Christian’ state so that everyone could be a citizen with rights. For one thing, nobody could really define what a “Christian” really was, and another, thanks to the deists and Masons who started the United States up, people began to think of faith in terms less tribal.

    Yes, the rockets are terrible, but hotheads who have nothing to lose and plenty of resentments are going to try stuff. I remember the riots in the 1960’s. Nobody really wanted them, but people who were tired of hurting lashed out. What has happened since is that there were ways for people to at least improve their lives somewhat and have a say in what happened to them.

  90. alex says:


    about GREED:

    Bankers and the neuroscience of greed

    The unconstrained power of bankers acts like a drug in their reward / addiction brain circuit , creating insatiable appetites.


    Paul Piff of the University of Berkeley found in a US-based study that ….upper class individuals were more likely to break the law while driving, to show unethical tendencies in decision-making, to take valued goods from others, to lie in a negotiation, to cheat in order to improve their chances of winning a prize, and to endorse unethical behaviour in a work situation.

    But it was not the social class itself that seemed to cause these differences, rather it was something else that was associated with it – greed.

    High social class people who were not overly reward-focused, that is to say, who were not particularly greedy, were not more likely to behave immorally and illegally, this was true only of those who were greedy.

    desire(moon), wanting, motivation, REWARD

    BASIC ZODIAC MODEL – I initiate, I need, I want, I desire

    aries – initiate (get, take)
    taurus – need
    gemini – want
    cancer – initiate (get, take)
    leo – desire
    virgo – need
    libra – initiate (get, take)
    scorpio – want
    sagittarius – desire
    capricorn – initiate (get, take)
    aquarius – need
    pisces – want

    (Harmonic Aries, desire/to initiate)

    Jupiter manifested excessively is iconic for and symbolic of GREED

    The conjunction of Jupiter-Moon, or the midpoint of Jupiter/Moon
    can indicate excessive/hyper desire/lust.

  91. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    I wonder if gambling and this addiction and ocd are linked somehow? Gamblers keep playing even when they lose because they are addicted to the “rush” of the play. Wealth addicts probably get similar highs when they can add another zero to the bank account. And OCD makes this obsessive.

  92. Anne's Aunt says:

    Carol and Sharon,

    Carol, of course the Jews’ lands were stolen, their property stolen and they were herded into camps, worked to death or outright murdered. I read your first sentence that way and realized you meant it the other way around almost discounting the holocaust. Sharon makes an excellent point that this is not one sided but rather is very complex. The idea of a state where security is a major focus for the population is nothing new. Christians and Muslims have done it for centuries and centuries. The Jews have been denied this. As long as there is violent racist anti-Semitism then Jews cannot be secure in other countries, just like they were not in Russia and in Europe for the last 2000 years. Is there an easy solution for this? Of course not, but destroying a Jewish state is not an answer.

    In fact our very country, the USA, was established in part for security for religiously prosecuted populations. We just don’t use the same terminology – we were founded by protestants but we don’t use those words. I don’t think we christians -or whatevers- in the US have any idea what it is to live in an insecure state. The closest we come is for impoverished demographics living in urban and some rural areas. We also live in one of the most internationally destructive nations on the globe – far more destructive than Israel or any other ME state. So we’re pretty quick to judge while not looking at our own global issues. Our CIA has terrorized many countries and populations. Our DEA is doing that now too! DEA functions as a global police agency and not just in this country.

  93. Anne's Aunt says:

    Carol, I really appreciate and like your ideas about addiction/altered states and Neptune. In our Saturnine culture we are very earth bound with no Neptunian recluse. We have criminalized Neptune in many ways. I think you are exactly right about our Calvinistic Puritan cultural roots. Dancing was basically criminalized in some sects along with other forms of joyful expression. We still see drugs as extremely negative to be controlled (Saturn must control!) and eliminated. Yes one can have too much Neptune, but we seem to have too much Saturn.

  94. alex says:


    about OCD:

    OCD is an ANXIETY DISORDER and can make an individual more vulnerable to addiction


    Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear or worry, repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety, or a combination of such obsessions and compulsions.

  95. margriet says:

    Starlight, remember how you described back in the end of 2008, at the heavy attacks of Israel on the Gaza-strip, that both Israel and Palestina had a natal chart which made them always feel a victim while also very aggressive (Israel) and in other ways very problematic charts. It seemed to me at that time better they would end being individual countries and start again, together, under better stars. I still think that would be the best.
    This situation is no good and leads to no good.
    Starting a jewish state was a very bad idea. A very neptunian fault, because now whenever you complain against Israel, you’re accused of being anti-semitic, but that’s such a simplistic, childish argument. It totally messes up the discussion.
    Start all over again. No country for any special religion. We’re all one world together and we have to live together if we want it or not.

  96. alex says:


    the brain circuit for addiction is ‘housed’ in and operates through the Mesolimbic_pathway

    the primodial brain is the limbic system

  97. margriet says:

    “Israel has the right to defend itself”. And what about the Palestinians? Don’t they have that right?

  98. Lorrie U says:

    Rupture of Aging Tar Sands Pipeline Beneath Great Lakes Would Devastate People, Planet and Economy

    If you were to pick the worst possible place for an oil spill in the Great Lakes. So what type of devastation would the 61-year-old pipeline cause to the environment if it bursts?

    The National Wildlife Federation said an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac would devastate the local tourism industry as well as the area’s fish and wildlife. The best way to remedy the threat, according to the organization, is to replace the pipeline under the straits.

  99. kiwi says:

    Annes Aunt – there are many more complex issues than you cite in your 6.32pm post.
    Fundamentally, the problems have arisen from mass migration escaping from persecution that have displaced/overwhelmed historical residents of a particular area – whether from Russia to Europe the 1800’s, or Europe to Palestine in the 1900’s. Fomenting ‘hatred of others’ by political leaders is a common thread also. It was Goebels who said (paraphrasing) “keep the people in fear and the leaders can do anything they want.” Add fanatic tribal-like intransigence to the mix, whether Nazi, Jewish or Muslim, the resulting powder keg, is inevitable.
    Israel was created where it is today because those in the political Zionist movement rejected land offered for Jewish refugees in British Uganda. They wanted Jerusalem and would settle for nothing less.
    Terrorism against the British (who at that time governed Palestine following WW1), by early Jewish settlers pushing for the creation of the state of Israel, came first. WW2 atrocities were the perfect opportunity to play the victim card and make it a fait accompli to put them in total control.
    The ‘victims’ have become the ‘tyrants’ – two sides of the same coin.
    I think until religion is out of the political equation, just as the US founding fathers had the wisdom to enshrine, and a generation of children begin to grow up free of fear, there will be no solution.

  100. Prabhata says:

    The policy of expulsion of the Palestinians was put in place long before the state of Israel was declared. The seeds of colonialism and occupation has germinated. It must be rejected.

    From the same website I posted before, a good essay on Ben Gurion’s strategy:

    Ben Gurion Foresaw Palestinian Expulsion in 1937

  101. Sharon K says:

    Thanks for all of your response and additions. Just a few points:
    1) Judaism, as you all already realize, is a lot more than a religion, like Christianity, it is a culture that was dying out in that part of the world.
    2) Whether it was a good idea or not to create a Jewish state (and I think it was done under very special circumstances and, of course, politics played a large role, too), the British created countries like (without looking it up) Jordan and Syria at the same time, awarding them a great deal more land.
    3) Therefore, Israel did not steal the land. A long time ago, Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and two very large temple complexes were built there only to be destroyed by the Babylonians and Romans. The Israelites were displaced and wandering. Every Jewish prayer service including the blessings said after each meal, makes reference to the Jewish home and love of Jerusalem….the seder ends with next year in Jerusalem. When the mandate divided up the land, yes, land was given to the Jewish ethnic culture (not religion per se) but so much more was given to the Arab tribes (I have read that they complained Israel got too much and, because they had oil, boundaries were shifted). The day Israel became a state, it was attacked. It was attacked again at least two more times, maybe three (I’m not looking it up). One of those times, Egypt and Syria amassed tanks on the border and Israel attacked first, deciding not to wait to be attacked, which it seemed was obviously coming. In the process of these small “wars,” Israel won land, as many countries have done before. I don’t know who else gave land back, but Israel did – the Sinai, northern Israel, and Gaza. This lands was not stolen – it was divided by the British, and then won when the Arab nations tried to conquer Israel.

  102. Sharon K says:

    Lastly, it seemes a bit simplistic to think that there is no connection between criticizing Israel and anti-semitism. It does not hold true for everyone (the connection) but sooner or later, the lines become blurred for many. I think that is the case in parts of Europe today, as well as elsewhere.

  103. Lorrie U says:

    I’m just sick of religion, racism, divisiveness, whatever name you want to put on it that divides us from our brothers and sisters in the name of “whomever”. We are HUMANS, some nice and some not so nice, but all the same underneath. The graveyard cannot distinguish a corpse’s race or religion. It all just needs to stop, now, and bickering over it isn’t solving anything. The past is the past, let it die!

  104. Lorrie U says:

    3 SuperMoons: The Tide Is High with Super-natural delight

    Says ‘Science at NASA’ (see video here: “The Summer of 2014 will be bathed in moonlight as three perigee supermoons occur in consecutive months: July 12, August 10 and September 9.” Perigee simply means that the Moon is closest to Earth compared to other lunations.
    Now, the August 10th Full Moon will be the Super-est of them all: the July 12 and September 9 Full Moons will occur on the DAY of Perigee, which is cool enough; but the August 10 Full Moon will occur at the same HOUR of Perigee. August 10 will be a powerful day. We begin building the Lighted House now which occupy further then.

    Then, after the 3MoonSuperMoon series – on October 8 the 2nd of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses (a Tetrad series) will occur. The Supermoons are prepping us for that tidal surge by building up the tidal surge of our buoyancy. Series of 3, Series of 4. Lunations. Eclipses. 2nd in a Tetrad. Patterns emerge.

    In April we experienced The Cardinal Cross within an mind-boggling Eclipse Portal, beginning the Total Lunar Tetrad. Between that time and the June Solstice (June 21, 2014) we were integrating, constantly, and dealing with oodles of retrograde influences among the most personal planet – Venus, Mars and Mercury.

    Now, we launch into a supralunaarrrrocket that will catapult us into the October Total Lunar Tetrad event. We will have a breather in November, to integrate. Then in December: the 6th of 7 Uranus Pluto Squares will occur. This is the 3rd Eye Chakra. Our vision will be more illuminated than at any time on this journey which for many of us began on August 16-17, 1987, with all jumping on the heat-seeking enlightenment missile at various times. We are lighting up the world.

    The tidal pull yanks on our core. And, as if by magic (and to continue a theme), PLUTO rises with tomorrow’s Big Full Moon Supra Moon. Pluto shows up to remind us that our Shadow Side will be more fully illuminated in one years’ time than it has been in all of recorded history. Because as we look in the direction of the Moon tomorrow, we are looking toward an unfolding historic journey – the New Horizons spacecraft is on its way to ACTUALLY MEET Pluto.

    For the first time ever humanity will directly and intimately experience Pluto. Pictures, love-notes, measurements. What are HER Moons like? What is her surface REALLY like? How icy, how unforgiving, how small, how embracing, how big, and how astounding is she. The E.T.A. of our first date with Pluto is scheduled for one year from now, in July 2015.

  105. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    Any connection between the two is because of Zionism. Christianity gave up the old concepts because of the Holocaust and because people began to really study what Paul was talking about in his intemperate remarks towards Jews and remembered Paul was a Jew himself. Paul was frustrated at his fellow Jews refusing to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah and said so in language that was just as hot-headed as he was. Those statements people began to realize was just his opinion.

    As far as saving the Jewish culture, Zionism has failed to do that. First of all, the identification of Judaism with nationalism has led to a hole in the faith itself-armies can’t do much for someone in the diaspora who needs a reason to keep living sometimes. The nationalism and oppression of the Palestinians has turned off would-be converts. And increasingly younger Jews want no part of a nationalistic and frankly imperialistic movement. The results is increasing assimilation as an escape from all that. Secondly, people are tiring of the constant demands for money for this colonial experiment-of having to constantly defend without criticsm, even constructive criticism actions that appall people of conscience. Think about it: even China gets some shade for its actions, and nobody says people are anti-Chinese for criticism.

  106. Michael from NYC says:

    Margriet you realize that Pakistan (1947) which was founded about the same time that Israel (1948) was is a modern nation state founded upon the idea of a nation for those of a specific religion (Islam) because India is dominated by Hindus. Also you don’t have to go very far to see other nations that were founded upon the idea of religion like Northern Ireland or Cambodia. In fact the idea that a state wouldn’t have an official religion is a very modern idea in terms of history. There are also states like China which require the oppression of religions to exist in their configuration: Like the Chinese Uighurs whom are Muslim or Tibet which is the central place for Buddhism.

    Another thing to keep mind is that the Palestinians are both Muslims and Christians too (not one religion). Additionally there are Arabs who are Israeli citizens because they never left (20% of the population). Then there are also other religious groups that live in Israel like the Druze and Samaritans. It should also be noted that with the Jewish population, about 50% are from Europe or Russia — but there are many folks from nations that use to have Jewish populations from Egypt to Iraq whom can never go back (especially if you look at Christians leaving Iraq, Syria and Egypt). So things are much more complex than you get in a sound bite.

    Some final food for thought: There are folks in Israel and Gaza who are opposed to the idea of a war much the same way that there were Americans who opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Those are the people who need to be empowered…

  107. Prabhata says:

    Neither the British or the U.S. or the UN owned the land that they gave away. The British could not give away India to anyone, so why accept that whatever the British did was legal? The whole principle behind it is non-binding and the reason the Palestinians could not accept it.

    But beyond that, those who use weapons to humiliate, subjugate and abuse economically a population that is not allowed to defend itself because the occupying forces are “defending” self, is an oxymoron. It’s the occupied that are defending themselves. It’s that simple.

    From a Haaretz article Jan 2011:

    Israel told U.S. officials in 2008 it would keep Gaza’s economy “on the brink of collapse” while avoiding a humanitarian crisis, according to U.S. diplomatic cables published by a Norwegian daily on Wednesday.

    Three cables cited by the Aftenposten newspaper, which has said it has all 250,000 U.S. cables leaked to WikiLeaks, showed that Israel kept the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv briefed on its internationally criticized blockade of the Gaza Strip.

    The territory, home to 1.3 million Palestinians, is run by the Islamist Hamas group, which is shunned by the West over its refusal to recognize Israel, renounce violence or accept existing interim Israeli-Palestinian peace deals.

    “As part of their overall embargo plan against Gaza, Israeli officials have confirmed to (U.S. embassy economic officers) on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without quite pushing it over the edge,” one of the cables read.

    Israel wanted the coastal territory’s economy “functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis”, according to the Nov. 3, 2008 cable.

    In a speech in January 2008, then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert appeared to spell out that policy, which has since been eased in the wake of an international outcry over a deadly Israeli raid last May on a Turkish aid ship trying to break the blockade.

    “We will not harm the supply of food for children, medicine for those who need it and fuel for institutions that save lives,” Olmert said at the time.

    “But there is no justification for demanding we allow residents of Gaza to live normal lives while shells and rockets are fired from their streets and courtyards (at southern Israel),” he added.

    Israel says it has significantly relaxed the blockade since May, with dozens of truckloads of goods entering the territory daily. Aid organizations have said shipments should be increased further.

    Palestinians say impoverished Gaza remains effectively a “prison” sealed off by Israel, and have called for an opening to allow normal trade and other links with the world.

  108. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    And Michael, we see the results in those places: constant fights and unrest. State and religion simply do not mix well for these reasons: 1) Religious tenets become state law-no matter how discriminatory they are against dissenters and minority religions. 2) Religions become corrupt because it becomes dependent upon the politicians that support it. Those religions then find themselves justifying whatever the politicians do even if it means overlooking clear violations of their faith.

  109. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sharon you bring up a really fascinating idea about religion equaling culture in many cases. Here in the US – an originally Christian nation – we celebrate Christmas. Non-practicing Christians and others not officially in the religion practice Christmas. My mother, a Christian rebel, always said she loves a holiday that celebrates a baby and where children are highlighted and basically worshiped. But it also ties in with different solstice celebrations from other religions. Traditions like gift giving, lighting candles and hearths, special foods and special feasts, taking time off of a regular schedule and being with friends and family connect us all.

    As far as land OWNERSHIP, it is always a matter of debate. Europeans did not recognize that land was not OWNED by the native nations already living here. Europeans simply assumed ownership and that basic assumption was an inherited tradition of owning and paying money for land. That is not a universal assumption. There are many problems on reservations (mini sovereign nations within the US) but one benefit is that different nations were able to retain their religions and therefore cultures to as much a degree as possible. Of course reservations were always attacked here and were always surrounded by hostile religions/cultures/ traditions and laws. Living surrounded by a sea of hostility is toxic. In the ME the idea of OWNERSHIP is so complicated and I don’t think Americans can understand that. Our european heritage and culture assumes land OWNERSHIP can be logged, recorded and therefore it legal and right. The people who have lived on those lands have a vast history and OWNERSHIP of lands is not as simple as some european tradition. Many tribes/religions/languages have their native lands there. Why on earth someone would consider any of these peoples can be relocated to, Africa, for example, is beyond me. It did not work here.

    Rather than “doing away” with religion it would be better to develop a deep appreciation for other religions and in doing so be able to grow appreciation for others’ cultures and traditions. Appreciation can grow into acceptance and even celebration of our differences. To simply be against any religious state is such a narrow view of history and is very culturally self centered.

    Also, after the age of Pisces with the rise of religion as an expression of human culture and communication it is not realistic to imagine that it will all go away. Cultivation of food was developed during our evolution and it has not gone away.

    That said, it is a constant struggle in the ME. Balance never seems to be reached.

  110. Anne's Aunt says:

    Re the idea that relocating a people tied to native lands, in the US the “Trail of Tears” was when Europeans decided to relocate a native nation to a foreign land thousands of miles away. Worked for the european settlers, but not very well for the native americans who were relocated.

  111. lisam says:

    Miko Peled, an Israeli Jew sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

  112. Lorrie U says:

    Michael – “Some final food for thought: There are folks in Israel and Gaza who are opposed to the idea of a war much the same way that there were Americans who opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Those are the people who need to be empowered…”

    Thank you for reminding us that most people want to live in peace and that it’s the extremists that keep stoking the fires.
    Good discussion everyone.

  113. Jerry says:

    From Marjorie Orr’s astrological column:

    “Gaza, 9 Nov 1917 9am EET, has Solar Arc Saturn conjunct its Scorpio Sun over the devastating Israeli attack in late Dec 2008. Now it has tr Saturn conjunct its Scorpio Sun with Solar Arc Neptune within a degree of being conjunct its Sun.”

    The above aspects mentioned might suggest that with Saturn’s July 20th station conjunct Gaza’s natal Sun (16 Scorpio) in quincunx to the Uranus station conjunct Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu’s n. North Node (16 Aries) Israeli ground troops could enter into Gaza at that time. To complicate matters; as Marjorie mentioned, Gaza’s Solar Neptune is within a degree of its natal Sun……. could that indicate Hamas introducing chemical weapons into the conflict? And if so, how would Israel respond in that scenario? Will Israel retaliate in kind? Could this develop into a wider regional war with ISIS joining in the fray? The following article points to possible ISIS involvement……………….

    Israel Is Bombing Gaza Back to the Stone Age to Get Hamas … But ISIS – NOT HAMAS – Claims Credit for Attacks Against Israel

    July 11, 2014

  114. alex says:

    Republican Governor’s up for re-election November 4, 2014

    2014 GOP GOvernor’s Elections





    New Mexico




    South Dakota







    South Carolina











    Northern Mariana Islands

    State Governments

  115. lisam says:

    OT -music to soothe the savage beast. We lost a brilliant and talented musician recently by the name of Charlie Hayden, in the midst of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. If only we would sing and make music instead of spewing hate and making war. Charlie started singing with his musical family at the very early age of 3 or thereabouts, but he contracted polio as a young teen, and as a result could no longer sing, so he took up playing bass. A few years ago, friends urged him to try singing again, and this was the result of his herculean effort. Throughout the remainder of his life, he suffered a lot of post polio pain, but he persevered in making music. He made his final journey last Friday. I’m sure it was a beautiful one for him. Relax and enjoy.

  116. starlight says:

    Jerry – That Gaza chart you are using is drawn for what city? Thanks. Those aspects are very interesting.

  117. margriet says:

    It certainly is most helpful to focus on the good aspects of any development. Very good to hear Miko Peled speak, thanks for the link, Lisam.
    I follow groups like Jewish Voices for Peace, J Street, as well as I acknowledge apartheid exists, Peace not vengeance.. etc.
    I know a few persons (Jews in Israel) who have started a community in Israel in which they want to live in harmony with the land and with each other, it has a strong buddhist touch in its philosophy and people from different religions come to their place to do retreats. I lost their website address. The only place they could find was pretty much in the desert, next to a military zone. Wonder how they are doing now…
    Sharon did anybody say there was no connection between criticising Israel and anti-semitism? I don’t think so, not here. It is just very difficult to keep the discussion clear and in my experience way too often it is automatically assumed that critic on Israel equals anti-semitism. Which is unfortunate I should say, to say the least.
    By the way I was in NYC two weeks ago and my son and I visited the UN-building. We had a guided tour in which the non-proliferation treaty came up. All countries have signed this… except 5, one of which is.. Israel.

    “I’m just sick of religion, racism, divisiveness, whatever name you want to put on it that divides us from our brothers and sisters in the name of “whomever”. We are HUMANS, some nice and some not so nice, but all the same underneath. The graveyard cannot distinguish a corpse’s race or religion. It all just needs to stop, now, and bickering over it isn’t solving anything. The past is the past, let it die!” – Thanks, Lorrie!

  118. margriet says:

    Interview with Miko Peled was interesting throughout the 9 minutes. If you have little time, try listening at 8.30 minutes into it.

  119. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    From what I can gather; the date of Nov. 9, 1917 that astrologers contend most closely identifies Gaza’s humble beginnings as a territorial entity is based on the day that the Balfour Declaration document was published and disseminated (see related info from wikipedia for historical reference: ) .

    I am assuming the capitol of the State of Palestine under British rule up until 1948 was Jerusalem. Here’s the chart for quick reference:

  120. starlight says:

    Thanks, Jerry.

  121. Anne's Aunt says:


    “Sharon did anybody say there was no connection between criticizing Israel and anti-semitism? I don’t think so, not here. It is just very difficult to keep the discussion clear and in my experience way too often it is automatically assumed that critic on Israel equals anti-semitism.”

    It has been strongly implied here, by you:

    “Starting a jewish state was a very bad idea. A very neptunian fault, because now whenever you complain against Israel, you’re accused of being anti-semitic, but that’s such a simplistic, childish argument.”

    You assume the opposite and don’t face the possibility and oven probability that anti-religion and anti-semitism could have NO part in criticizing Israel or Zionism. I don’t hear criticism of other essentially religious states….for example Tibet. There was, and still is, “bickering” about it. Tibet was an ancient ancestral land which grew into a sovereign state and it actually defined one branch of buddhism!

    For those of you who seem to hate religion you will probably not get or appreciate the following story. Many years ago a good friend of mine – the first american ordained female tibetan Buddhist priest, asked me a favor. It was to put up a traveling tibetan monk for a week or so in my home which I did. We had many long talks and really connected. This man was deeply religious, had been raised religious and was traditionally religious. He had been born in Tibet, and had to flee in 1953 when he was around 7-8 years old. His mother took he and his brother out to Nepal in a daring escape. There they waited for one year at great danger but she did not want the kids to go directly to India at a hugely lower elevation. Many tibetan children suffered lifelong medical problems because of that. They did make it to India and he went into the priesthood. He was a wonderful fellow. I took him to the Japanese gardens here that are spectacular which he loved. I saw him quietly, and rather secretively blessing the koi in the pond and, of course, just did not mention it and just left him alone. Tibetan buddhists still long for their ancestral home and ancient places of worship. Is that wrong?? I am not religious but take great joy in friends who are with all their attending customs and traditions.

    It is very unfortunate for the tibetans that they did not have a secure state. Yes, many fought to keep it. There is often latent racism and anti-semitism in very different discussions about Israel vs. Tibet. There are actually four main sects of buddhism traditionally in Tibet, with many sub-sects. The Dalai Lama is head of only one of those sects tho the west considers him the absolute spokesman for all tibetan buddhists (not buddhists in general, just ones defined by that state). Its like thinking the Pope speaks for all christians.

    Peaceful states have historically lost power and are taken over. I highly recommend Jared Steel’s “Guns, Germs and Steel” to look at how societies work on this planet. Of course peace is nice and has its place! It is not the one and only thing that is necessary for a secure and therefore peaceful state or society. Peace is often hard fought and dearly won and is the highest social expression of love combined with strength.

  122. Anne's Aunt says:

    One very positive move is to get involved in interfaith groups. They promote tolerance and appreciation of each other and are extremely beneficial to the whole.

  123. Prabhata says:

    margriet, here is a video put out by Jewish Voice for Peace. and a very good animated video that makes it easy to understand the issue that some call “complex”:

    it’s very helpful for Jews to speak up against the horrors that are happening in the occupied territories, Gaza and the rest, but that’s a small voice. We know what happened in Europe and China in the 30s and 40s. The only ones who could have stopped it in time, probably before there was a need for war, were the European governments and the U.S. But those governments turned a blind eye to the horrors. The governments know perfectly well what was going on then and what is going on now. But individually we can inform others so that the propaganda that’s been going on breaks down. It’s important that people see how the phrasing of “right to defend” for the occupier and that “democracy” in an apartheid state that excludes millions of people are oxymoron statements, all part of a propaganda that hides the main truth: Israel is an occupier and colonist as it grabs more and more land from the Palestinians.

  124. margriet says:

    Anne’s aunt: sorry, you got me quite, quite wrong.
    I guess I exaggerated by using the word “whenever”. No, not always does critique against Israel get interpreted as anti-semitism. But very often it does. Look at your and Sharon’s reaction. It feels like my words are taken upside down.

    Let’s say that IF you want to have a state built on a certain religion, you have to be very very careful. Clearly with Israel people haven’t been acting that careful when they founded it. Netanjahu saying he’ll continue until peace has been “reestablished”. There has never been peace to begin with! They advise Gaza people to flee their houses. But they have no way to go, no permission to leave the strip! Where can they flee to?

    Jewish voices for peace is aiming at two states. I’m beginning to think that won’t ever work, based partly on the predictions/interpretations of our own good old (!) Nancy’s starlight of several years ago.

    Yes Israel is an occupier and a colonist. The emperor has no clothes. Or he has very dirty ones.

  125. Anne's Aunt says:

    Margriet, I did not misunderstand your words. That is what you said. You also casually throw around words like “occupier’ and ”colonist”. You are painting with a very broad brush. You are not taking into account history – it did not start yesterday. I have strongly, and actively, supported interfaith dialog and peace for decades. That has always included Jewish voices. Also many other religions. The legal state of Israel is not like IS – Islamic State. Israel is not an extremist oppressive religion. It is a nation and has many many voices.

    I am not personally religious but I have friends of many faiths. You might just consider that choosing words like “Starting a jewish state was a very bad idea. A very neptunian fault,”…”fault”, or “No country for any special religion” could be read as repressive, or offensive, or short sighted.

    Israel has a right to exist. They have a right to be secure. It is not an ‘occupier’. Within that framework a discussion can begin. Obviously we do not have that basic framework from which to work from. There will be no peace if the basic framework cannot be established.

  126. alex says:

    November 4, 2014 Election – CA

    GOP House Representatives Majority Leader – Kevin McCarthy

    CD-23 – Central Valley: Bakersfield, Porterville, Lancaster

    Incumbent: Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield)


    Kevin McCarthy (R) v Raul Garcia (D)

    The new House majority leader (and the most powerful California GOPer) sits in the most Republican congressional district in California and has an iron grip on the Kern County Republican machine. This is also the oil capital of California, with numerous wells and bids to open fracking operations in the area.

  127. margriet says:

    Anne, First I “strongly imply”, and now I “said” so? Perhaps that shows how neptunian the problem is. I would never have said there was no connection between criticizing Israel and antisemitism, because that’s not how I think. cheerio.

    prabhata, thanks for the link to the “introductory course”.

  128. kiwi says:

    AA – your recent comment sounds a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Chill out with the accusations!

    It amazes me how often a ‘victim’ position creeps into any conversation regarding the Hebrew people/culture. That by condemning one aspect of behaviour, it is automatically assumed that you are criticizing everything about them. Perhaps by being trodden on for centuries in Europe, it is now wired into the dna.

    It seems to me the subject of todays Israel is really more about discussing an immigrant land grab rather than a place for true spiritual living. Living in history rather than the present moment. And maybe its a cultural reaction from laws outlawing land ownership for a specific religion in catholic europe for centuries.

    But are we to really believe their ‘right’ to this specific region of land today, is to be taken as ‘gods promise’ from before the days of Solomon? The mess today is a good example of bad laws on top of bad laws.

    Sharon, I understand your point of a cultural way of life that you mention – I had Jewish friends in Hawaii – but don’t you suppose by hanging on so tenaciously to ‘land promised by god’ during the time of Moses, has now outdated the spiritual point of the true teachings of that same God?

    It seems to me that, like many ‘christian’ republicans in the US, many who live in today’s country of Israel value earthy possessions over walking the talk of spiritual living. They are still behaving as if they were living in ancient, Christian Old Testament, time. Where God told them they were the best, and ‘eye for an eye’ responses were ‘sanctioned by god.’ I think it is the ‘I want what I want despite what you want’ attitude that comes through so often, that tends to rile other people.

    And by the way, living a spiritual life does not guarantee safety or comfort (eg Job). Perhaps that is part of the soul lesson for those who are choosing to incarnate in that region in these lifetimes.

  129. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kiwi, I did not “accuse” M of anything. I simply read her words. My point is that issues happening today are rooted in the past and it cannot be divorced from that.

    This is not about politics in the US or the D vs. R party. I am a strong D and I also support Israel’s right to exist and to be secure. I also support Palestinians right to exist and be secure. Pretty much everyone supports that – with the exception of some in the ME muslim countries and some in jewish Israel.

    “It amazes me how often a ‘victim’ position creeps into any conversation regarding the Hebrew people/culture.” Seriously, all demographics have been victimized and diminishing one demographic’s victimhood for another’s is – IMO – a very poor foundation for understanding and moving forward IN THE PRESENT. Yes palestinians have been and are being victimized. Yes the jews have been too – don’t forget the holocaust happened a just few decades ago. If you single out “Hebrews people” to move past so-called victimization then you must do that too for other demographics that have been obviously victimized, like the NATIVE AMERICANS and the TIBETANS and AFRICAN AMERICANS. If one is not applying the same standards for all peoples then there appears to be latent prejudice. I support affirmative action and voting rights here in the US and recognize that demographic was victimized for centuries here in the US.

    This is a real problem, from my point of view, in CURRENT negotiations in the ME. There is no real starting point for negotiations.

  130. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kiwi “but don’t you suppose by hanging on so tenaciously to ‘land promised by god’ during the time of Moses, has now outdated the spiritual point of the true teachings of that same God?” This reads to me and in my view as another way of saying my spiritual outlook is better than yours. It is “more evolved” and in a way discounts the other religions spiritual beliefs. Who are non-Jews to say that Jews need to change something they consider basic to their form of worship?

  131. kiwi says:
    what if presidents were graded not on personalities, but on body counts – interesting

  132. kiwi says:

    Annes Aunt – whoaaaa nelly! – you are certainly putting your inner slant on my words. Amazing reaction.

  133. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kiwi, I am actually not putting a slant on your words. I have directly quoted your words that I wish to respond to. If I am wrong about the meaning of your words I would appreciate you clarifying your words and what you mean exactly. I mean what exactly do you mean by saying this “but don’t you suppose by hanging on so tenaciously to ‘land promised by god’ during the time of Moses, has now outdated the spiritual point of the true teachings of that same God?”. It sounds like you don’t agree with or approve of that religious concept.

    By considering Sharon’s words and point of view I am affording her basic respect. IMO, respect is a deep form of communicating and is necessary. She has many good points which IMO should be considered in this discussion. I am not “attacking” you or anyone else here, am willingly discussing the issue.

    Let me restate my central point: This is a real problem, from my point of view, in CURRENT negotiations in the ME. There is no real starting point for negotiations.

  134. kiwi says:

    AA regarding your last paragraph – given the current entrenched starting points on both sides: agreed.

    So we can talk philosophically, spiritually, or pragmatically around and around in circles – and all positions are not black and white but shades of gray.

    The problem still comes back to how to deal today with entrenched positions rooted and justified by historical reasoning – and how far back do you want to go to lay blame for this feud.

    There are only two choices really, radically change the manner in which things are done today, or continue with more of the same cycles of violence.

    Meanwhile the energy of the rest of the world seems to get sucked into what is almost like a neverending sibling fight for might.

  135. kiwi says:

    PS Ann, – I am in no way disrespecting Sharon in any way. She has been posting on this blog for a very long time, as have I. And I always enjoy hearing what she has to say.

  136. kiwi says:

    AA, I really don’t want to get into an in depth religious discussion here with you regarding ‘god said’ dating back to the time of Moses. I have studied many different religions so the concepts are not foreign to me, nor do I presume superiority of one over another. One of my earliest childhood memories was a very clear thought – If there is only one god, why does one religion have to fight another religion? I’m aligned with Lorries sentiment earlier ‘why can’t we just all get along!’

  137. kiwi says:
    The children were “astonished to see a Jew without weapons. All they had ever seen were soldiers and settlers.”

    “My biggest struggle,” he says, “is to rehumanize the Palestinians. There’s a whole machinery of brainwashing in Israel which really accompanies each of us from early childhood, and I’m a product of this machinery as much as anyone else. [We are taught] a few narratives that it’s very hard to break. That we Israelis are the ultimate and only victims. That the Palestinians are born to kill, and their hatred is irrational. That the Palestinians are not human beings like us… So you get a society without any moral doubts, without any questions marks, with hardly public debate. To raise your voice against all this is very hard.”

  138. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kiwi “given the current entrenched starting points on both sides: agreed.” Thank you for stating that so clearly. And I completely agree with you that this is not a black and white issue and is mired in shades of grey and long histories. I was never questioning your respect for Sharon, I was saying, however, that it was where **I** am coming from.

    Here is my thinking as clearly as I can put it.

    1) Do you (not you personally, but societies and people in general) think that Israel has a RIGHT to exist? Do Jews have a RIGHT to live in a jewish state? If not then:

    a) why not? If not then is that equally applied to all religions?
    b) if not then who grants that RIGHT?

    2) If Israel does have a right to exist does it have a right to self defense and creating a secure state for its citizens?

    Answering “yes” to both questions is a ***starting*** point.

    Working for solutions are not “the answer” like you said. There is no “answer”. Working for functional solutions are always in progress. Hamas and the PLO finally granted that Israel does indeed have a right to exist even tho they are not states, and groups and individuals do not currently have the right to accept or deny a country’s right to statehood. Tensions in Israel and in fact in that part of the world have always been high – between tribes, and jews, muslims and christians. Tension will not completely go away.

    Israel is being regressive on Palestinians’ right to exist and have a secure state even tho many Israelis agree with this. International political pressure is mounting on Israel to officially recognize that right of the palestinians and to respect it. Continuing pressure for Israel to recognize palestine’s right to a secure statehood is being brought. All parties should recognize that they are not the ONLY demographic that has deep ancestral roots in that region.

    IMO if international pressure keeps growing and if the US adds its voice publicly or increases its private dealings with Israel that would be very helpful. Pressure on the US should increase to use its influence with Israel will be helpful – done in a place of respect for Israel’s right to exist and have a secure country.

  139. kiwi says:

    AA – I suggest you read the entire article about Gideon Levy that I posted above
    “The historian Isaac Deutscher once offered an analogy for the creation of the state of Israel. A Jewish man jumps from a burning building, and he lands on a Palestinian, horribly injuring him. Can the jumping man be blamed? Levy’s father really was running for his life: it was Palestine, or a concentration camp. Yet Levy says that the analogy is imperfect – because now the jumping man is still, sixty years later, smashing the head of the man he landed on against the ground, and beating up his children and grandchildren too. “1948 is still here. 1948 is still in the refugee camps. 1948 is still calling for a solution,” he says. “Israel is doing the very same thing now… dehumanising the Palestinians where it can, and ethnic cleansing wherever it’s possible. 1948 is not over. Not by a long way.”

  140. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kiwi, I agree that Israel is oppressing palestinians, like I have said before.

    Here is a very simple question. Do you think Israel has the right to exist?

    If not, do you support Obama’s support of Israel’s right to exist.

  141. Anne's Aunt says:

    Evidently international pressure on Israel and Hamas have been growing. Egypt is the usual negotiator for peace between the two and has made a proposal for a cease fire. Israel is positive about it but Hamas is not.

    Snips from the article:

    JERUSALEM — Israel and its main militant Gaza adversary weighed an Egyptian cease-fire proposal late Monday, signaling a possible de-escalation of a week-old aerial battle that has left nearly 200 Palestinians dead from Israeli bombs and has sent hundreds of Gaza rockets deep into Israeli territory.

    A senior government official in Israel, which has been preparing for the possibility of a ground invasion of Gaza, said it was seriously considering the Egyptian proposal. The initial reaction of Hamas, the dominant militant group in Gaza, was less committal, but was not an outright rejection.

    The proposal envisioned a cease-fire beginning at 9 a.m. local time on Tuesday. It called for border crossings to Gaza to “be opened,” with the movement of people and goods to be “facilitated once the security situation becomes stable on the ground.” Within 48 hours of the initial cease-fire taking hold, talks are to be held in Cairo with the Israelis and the Palestinian militant factions on conditions for a longer-term truce, according to the text of the proposal.

    The senior Israeli official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the delicate diplomacy, said a meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet had been called for Tuesday morning to discuss the proposal and that it was “being considered very seriously.”

    Hamas, which had said it was prepared to fire rockets indefinitely, appeared to want better terms. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas official in Gaza, wrote on his Facebook page: “The responses of resistance will continue until the demands of our people are achieved. Any unilateral Israeli cessation has no value in the light of the large crimes and the disastrous humanitarian situation.” Osama Hamdan, a spokesman for the Islamic group, was more dismissive. He told CNN’s “The Situation Room” that Hamas did not receive the proposal directly from the Egyptians. That, he said, meant it was “an initiative for the media — it’s not a political initiative.”


    The president repeated his criticism of what he called “inexcusable” rocket attacks by Hamas, saying that Israel had the right to defend itself.

    But he also noted what he called a longstanding “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza and said further escalation of the violence between Israel and the Palestinians benefited neither side.


    more at the link

  142. Lorrie U says:

    Israel Is Captive to Its ‘Destructive Process’

    The Palestinians in Gaza live in conditions that now replicate those first imposed on Jews by the Nazis in the ghettos set up throughout Eastern Europe. Palestinians cannot enter or leave Gaza. They are chronically short of food—the World Health Organization estimates that more than 50 percent of children in Gaza and the West Bank under 2 years old have iron deficiency anemia and reports that malnutrition and stunting in children under 5 are “not improving” and could actually be worsening. Palestinians often lack clean water. They are crammed into unsanitary hovels. They do not have access to basic medical care. They are stateless and lack passports or travel documents. They live with massive unemployment. They are daily dehumanized in racist diatribes by their occupiers as criminals, terrorists and mortal enemies of the Jewish people.

    “A deep and wide moral abyss separates us from our enemies,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said recently of the Palestinians. “They sanctify death while we sanctify life. They sanctify cruelty while we sanctify compassion.”

    The belief that a race or class is contaminated is used by ruling elites to justify quarantining the people of that group. But quarantine is only the first step. The despised group can never be redeemed or cured—Hannah Arendt noted that all racists see such contamination as something that can never be eradicated. The fear of the other is stoked by racist leaders such as Netanyahu to create a permanent instability. This instability is exploited by a corrupt power elite that is also seeking the destruction of democratic civil society for all citizens—the goal of the Israeli government (as well as the goal of a U.S. government intent on stripping its own citizens of rights). Max Blumenthal in his book “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel” does a masterful job of capturing and dissecting this frightening devolution within Israel.

    Israel is currently attacking a population of 1.8 million that has no army, no navy, no air force, no mechanized military units, no command and control and no heavy artillery. Israel pretends that this indiscriminate slaughter is a war. But only the most self-deluded supporter of Israel is fooled. The rockets fired at Israel by Hamas—which is committing a war crime by launching those missiles against the Israeli population—are not remotely comparable to the 1,000-pound iron fragmentation bombs that have been dropped in large numbers on crowded Palestinian neighborhoods; the forced removal of some 300,000 Palestinians from their homes; the more than 160 reported dead—the U.N. estimates that 77 percent of those killed in Gaza have been civilians; the destruction of the basic infrastructure; the growing food and water shortages; and the massing of military forces for a possible major ground assault.

    When all this does not work, when it becomes clear that the Palestinians once again have not become dormant and passive, Israel will take another step, more radical than the last. The “process of destruction” will be stopped only from outside Israel. Israel, captive to the process, is incapable of imposing self-restraint.

    A mass movement demanding boycotts, divestment and sanctions is the only hope now for the Palestinian people. Such a movement must work for imposition of an arms embargo on Israel; this is especially important for Americans because weapons systems and attack aircraft provided by the U.S. are being used to carry out the assault. It must press within the United States for a cutoff of the $3.1 billion in military aid that the U.S. gives to Israel each year. It must organize to demand suspension of all free trade and other agreements between the U.S. and Israel. Only when these props are knocked out from under Israel will the Israeli leadership be forced, as was the apartheid regime in South Africa, to halt its “destructive process.” As long as these props remain, the Palestinians are doomed. If we fail to act we are complicit in the slaughter.

  143. Anne's Aunt says:


    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama praised Egypt’s proposal Monday for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, telling Muslim-Americans that he’s hopeful that the plan can restore calm in the wake of a deadly wave of violence.

    -snip –

    “More broadly, the situation in Gaza reminds us, again, that the status quo is unsustainable,” Obama said. “The only path to true security is a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

    Ahead of the dinner, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee called for a boycott of all government-hosted iftar dinners, objecting to U.S. support for Israel during the conflict and alleged government spying on Muslim-Americans. Ellison said he shared the group’s concerns but disagreed with the boycott and said it was important for passionate members of the Muslim community to attend.

  144. Anne's Aunt says:

    From the NYT article, more complications:


    Egypt is widely considered the natural regional mediator in such conflicts. But Egypt’s relations with Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, have turned bitter since the military ouster last year of Egypt’s elected Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi, a leader in the Brotherhood. Under the new president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a former general who led the military takeover, Egypt has shut down most of the tunnels beneath its border with Gaza that were both an economic lifeline for the Palestinian coastal enclave as well as a major channel for weapons smuggling.

  145. Lorrie U says:

    “Do you think Israel has the right to exist? If not, do you support Obama’s support of Israel’s right to exist.”

    Of course Israel has the right to exist, just as the United States has the right to exist. And Jews have a right to exist, just as Christians, and Muslims, have the right to exist. However, I do not want to live in a “Christian” nation, I wish to live in a diverse nation which has the right for all to exist! Nor do I want to live in a Jewish nation, or an Islamic nation, I just want to live in peace with whatever my belief is or is not without question. Needless to say, I believe all have that same right and desire.

    As for President Obama, he is the president and, as such, he has to remain somewhat politically correct and unfortunately needs to pander to a very powerful Jewish influence in this country, while still trying to appease the rest of the middle east. So, therefore, he will do whatever is required of him to do as a diplomatic representative our this country, regardless of his personal feelings.

  146. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, just curious, did you write your last comment or did you quote it ?

  147. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, we had crossing comments. I wanted to ask about your comment at 1:23.

    I completely understand not wanting to live in another country. Luckily for you you don’t.

    As for president Obama do you actually know what his “personal feelings” are?? Why do you think he is just being PC in his support of Israel’s right to exist in a secure nation?

  148. Prabhata says:

    More white evangelicals than American Jews say God gave Israel to the Jewish people

    The Muslims believe that militants who die in battle become martyrs and are rewarded with virgins. The Christians believe that Mary gave a virgin birth to the only “Son of God”. From the outside, people can see clearly how illogical certain beliefs are and we roll our eyes.

    So put any historical context to any belief, but let it be just a belief, not a reason for killing.

    The rule of karma transcends all religions. It may be that what is happening in the ME is a karmic debt, and that the enmity between Israelis, Iranians and Palestinians goes back thousands of years. It’s a feud, and the reason for the enmity is forgotten, but the killing and the karma continues.

  149. Lorrie U says:

    My post of 1:23 was completely an article without personal comment.

    Of course I would have no way of knowing President Obama’s personal feelings, but I’m assuming he has them much like the rest of us. However, as a public figure representing a country, he must always be PC one way or the other, doesn’t he?

    And I didn’t say I did not want to live in another country, or that I did want to live in another country. I said I don’t wish to live in a “religious”-based country, but a free country. You do tend to misinterpret.

  150. Anne's Aunt says:


    Who said historical context was a “reason for killing”?

    And EVERYONE’S beliefs can seem strange to others. I would think that is obvious on an astrology site.

  151. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, It is hard to misinterpret your words “I do not want to live in a “Christian” nation, I wish to live in a diverse nation which has the right for all to exist! Nor do I want to live in a Jewish nation, or an Islamic nation, I just want to live in peace with whatever my belief is or is not without question. Needless to say, I believe all have that same right and desire.”

    Yes, we all have that right to decide for ourselves what our desires are. We don’t “all” have the same desires tho. We do NOT have the right to tell others what their desires should be. Negotiations have too long been stalled by thinking that one party’s desires are the only true ones and that others should not decide for themselves. Negotiations should come from a place of respect for all parties involved.

    Your ASSUMPTION that the president feels just as you do or “much like the rest of us” does not make sense to me. What exactly do you think the “rest of us” think and feel? Who are the “rest of us” in any case??

  152. Jerry says:

    Louis Acker in his blog posted at the beginning of the year articulated the current crisis quite well….

    World Astrology Forecast For 2014 And 2015

    “……………Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct (aspect of 150 degrees) to Uranus in Aries between June 11 and August 30, 2014. This Saturn Uranus aspect comes within only 9 minutes of a degree of being exact on July 20 and 21 with Saturn turning direct on July 20 and Uranus turning retrograde on July 21. The implementation of oppressive government agendas will cause widespread public anger and resistance. Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by Mars and Pluto and yet Aries is a fire sign and Scorpio is a water sign. This is potentially a very dangerous aspect that suggests ongoing skirmishes between the established power structure that wants to enslave the people and those who want freedom from corporate-government interference in their lives. The inconjunct is a very difficult aspect that combines incompatible elements. The inconjunct aspect often produces dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t type situations. This aspect contributes to the breakdown of the economic system and could suddenly bring about very dysfunctional situations in government, major financial institutions, and world wide ecological conditions. Much of what happens will depend on whether the military sides with the government or with the people.”

  153. Prabhata says:

    The common denominator among all Zionists is the claim to Eretz Israel as the national homeland of the Jews and as the legitimate focus for the Jewish national self-determination
    Eretz Israel:
    The Jewish religious belief that the area is a God-given inheritance of the Jewish people is based on the Torah, particularly in the books of Genesis and Exodus, as well as in the later Prophets.[1]

    AA, the historical context is Zionism, the belief that the land has some special meaning because the scriptures make it so. That’s the reason the land grab to give Israel the same borders the Bible delineates. That’s the reason that Palestinians must be excluded from the Zionist vision, hence the apartheid, the no-return policy of all those who left (as many civilians do during wars) in 1948. Making the lives of Palestinians who would not leave miserable by the destruction of their homes, the olive orchards, the killing, so that they have no choice but to leave the hellish land.

    Is that only obvious to the outsiders? I guess so.

  154. Jerry says:

    Hi Anne’s Aunt,

    Regarding the “Starting Point”

    I hope you don’t mind my adding an observation here. I think you unintentionally touched on something genuine when you used the phrases “I don’t know at all” and “There is no “answer”. Those phrases; to me at least, conveys the essence of what it is to be directly in touch with life. This isn’t meant as criticism mind you. This is something I personally struggle with often in my day to day affairs. It requires extraordinary introspection and candidness to honestly admit “I don’t know”. Intellectual dialogue, although invigorating, is hopelessly limited. It is not true understanding.

    A poignant question J Krishnamurti once asked of his audience: Can you look at a flower without thinking? He probes the audience a little further by adding…….

    “…..Can your mind, which is already contaminated by vanity, by knowledge, by experience, can such a mind be completely free? Can it have that feeling of complete humility? Not to know is humility. When you realize that you do not know, then you are beginning to find out (*****STARTING POINT). But the state of not-knowingness cannot be cultivated. The state of not-knowing comes only with complete humility. Then, when such a mind has a problem, in that not-knowingness, the problem gives the answer – which means, the mind that is giving answers must completely, totally, inwardly, deeply, profoundly be without vanity, in a state of complete not-knowing. But the mind objects strongly to that state. Watch your own minds. You will see how extraordinarily difficult it is for it to face itself and to say, “I do not know.” The mind objects to that statement because it wants something to lean on. It wants to say, “I know the way of life,” “I know what love is,” “I have suffered,” “I know what it means” – which is really a mind clothed in its own knowledge. Therefore, it is never innocent. It is only the innocent mind, the mind that says, “I do not know,” which has no vanity, no trimmings; it is such a mind that can find the real, which is the true answer. It is only a mind that says, “I do not know,” which receives that which is truth.”

  155. alex says:

    Streets Of Philadelphia

    Pennsylvania Governor’s Election – November 4TH 2014

    Gov. Tom Corbett (R) v. Tom Wolf (D) (DOB 11/17/1948
    York, PA)

    Tom Wolf has done it again. He is dominating his competition in the polls.

    The political upstart holds a 22-point lead over Republican Tom Corbett as the gubernatorial campaign shifts into gear for the general election, according to a Franklin & Marshall College survey released Wednesday morning.

    The poll found the incumbent trailing his Democratic challenger by 47 percent to 25 percent.

  156. Blue Raven says:

    Thank you Jerry for those words from Krishnamurti. Very helpful!

  157. Blue Raven says:

    I find it interesting that we poo-poo US fundamentalist Christians for their literal interpretation of the bible and yet accept this from the fundamentalists in Israel. We expect Christians to see the stories in the bible as metaphors but how about the promised land as a metaphor.

  158. Prabhata says:

    The “promised land” will always be a promise for most Jews because the path of the Jews is the Ten Commandments. The Commandments have been made concrete too: they are “laws”. I don’t think so. The laws of God govern the Universe and cannot be broken. One must stay diligently on the path, always coming back when one goes astray.

  159. alex says:

    Continued: PA Governor’s election – Tom Wolf

    here is a suggestion to anyone interested in political astrology;
    since this is an important election (governor) and because incumbents usually have the advantage over the challenger….

    and since in this case the D-challenger is so far ahead of the incumbent in polls in July – chart both R & D you should be able to learn new interpretation/analysis skills because the status quo-incumbent has lost his popularity and the D-challenger clearly has the momentum;

    this puts the usual political election model in reverse so this PA election should be great for practice – the elements that are weighing in favor of Tom Wolf and unfavorables for Tom Corbett should be clear to see and easily stand out in the transits and progressions;

  160. alex says:

    Continued – PA

    Gov. Tom Corbett (R)
    DOB 6/17/1949, Philadelphia PA


    Tom Wolf (D)
    DOB 11/17/1948, York PA

  161. Anne's Aunt says:

    I appreciate the honest responses to the question of if Israel has a right to exist. While no one has answered with a simple “no” several have given the reasons you do not support Israel’s right to exist. They are interesting and some are compelling.

    Assuming that these reasons do not come from a place of prejudice or anti-semitism, the same exact arguments can be used about the US right to exist and critiques of “manifest destiny” and, in theory, I agree that the US does not have a right to exist. I’m not sure by those standards which nations DO have a right to exist. When does time/history become irrelevant? I mean, if Israel and the US do not have the right to exist by the same standards when does it become accepted and OK for them to actually exist? 60 years, 100, 200, 240 years? When do you actually feel like you KNOW? and that there is a definitive “answer”? Serious question – not rhetorical.

    European “occupiers” in the US clearly do not have the moral, spiritual or ethical rights to ancient sacred grounds, including burial grounds. Yet the US has confiscated many. Even Mt.Rushmore is built over a usurped sacred ground. There are calls to destroy it to this day and return the grounds to their original worshipers – or to those who’s ancestors worshiped on those grounds. They have a good point. Has it actually happened yet? or will in the near future?

    I am a deep believer in peace and compassion between people and the earth. From this point of view I do not want endless wars and violence. If there were some spiritual leader or ultimate authority, like the Pope of popes and Dalai Lamas etc. he/she could say once and for all what is right and who gets what. But we humans are a plurality and actually working with imperfections thru not-ideal situations with each other, IMO gets us closer to peace. It does not achieve peace (which I wonder if possible here on earth with those planets and stars in the sky) but evolves to get us closer.

    I do not always agree with president Obama on every last thing but I fully agree with and support his saying this: ” The president repeated his criticism of what he called “inexcusable” rocket attacks by Hamas, saying that Israel had the right to defend itself. But he also noted what he called a longstanding “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza and said further escalation of the violence between Israel and the Palestinians benefited neither side.” In my view this is an attitude of understanding and ultimately compassion and will lead to more peace and compassion.

  162. alex says:

    Continued – PA

    Gov. Tom Corbett (R)
    DOB 6/17/1949, Philadelphia PA


    Tom Wolf (D)
    DOB 11/17/1948, York PA

    First Impression (unfavorables, momentum)

    Gov. Tom Corbett (R) – unfavorable (weight of Saturn – Corbett does not have momentum)

    2014 Solar Arc Sun @01 Virgo
    Natal Saturn @01 Virgo

    THIS IS comparable with Saturn return cycle: the cycle of Saturn represents a time to move forward-reward because prepared and ready to meet new responsibilities that the individual wants to assume OR blocked, stopped, held back because not prepared to move forward

    NEXT YOU CAN see (partial first impressions) the election CONTEST comparing natal charts:

    .(R) Corbett, N/Mercury @08 Gemini (USA Uranus @08 Gemini)

    (D) Wolf, N/Pallas @08 Gemini (USA Uranus @08 Gemini)

    .(R) Corbett, N/Jupiter @00 Aquarius

    (D) Wolf, 2014 Solar Arc Sun @01 Aquarius (Wolf has momentum)

    (D) Wolf, N/Venus @19 Libra
    2014 Election North Node @19 Libra (Wolf is perceived as solution to political/policy/economic problems – present and future needs of the voters represented in this contact)

    (R) Corbett, N/Venus @12 Cancer
    USA Sun @13 Cancer (Corbett is perceived as part of the problem)

  163. alex says:


    Defending your life (film)

  164. Lorrie U says:

    “Your ASSUMPTION that the president feels just as you do or “much like the rest of us” does not make sense to me. What exactly do you think the “rest of us” think and feel?”

    You are amazing! How you got that assumption from my statement that “President Obama has personal feelings much like the rest of us” shows a glitch in your comprehension. Nowhere did I indicate that the president feels JUST AS I DO or anyone else for that matter. And what I exactly think is that the rest of you think and feel in a myriad of ways, obviously.
    “We do NOT have the right to tell others what their desires should be.”

    Exactly my point in my comment, “I do not want to live in a “Christian nation, I wish to live in a diverse nation which has the right for all to exist!” Just as I or anyone else does not have the right to tell others what their desires should be, a religion should not dictate to others what religion they must live under.

    Since there seems to be real disconnect between what I say and what you hear, this is one reason you are exhausting to try to have a discussion with.

  165. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, You said “I would have no way of knowing President Obama’s personal feelings, but I’m assuming he has them much like the rest of us”. I am so sorry to have misunderstood you. But my direct question still stands, what do you, or anyone, ASSUME he thinks privately? Do you think there is consensus on what the “rest of us” feel?

    And, obviously, we agree on the human right (and privilege) to choose what our desires are.

    I feel it would be helpful to continue without insults. If you find having a discussion about if Israel has the right to exist is too “exhausting” please do not read my comments. Obviously from your point of view and from my point of view we are not communicating well. I’m willing to work thru that. I realize this little discussion reflects the complexities faces by all parties in that region. Diplomacy and negotiations are extremely difficult. Engaging in discussions may be better than outright fighting – difficult I understand. Maybe impossible.

  166. Marcia says:

    Tom Corbett has my birthday (month, day, and year). (You give that back!)

    I am so tired of the “Israel has a right to exist” line of argument. It’s a distraction. It’s the Palestinians who are having trouble existing, thanks to Israel, as the truthdig article shows, in the parallels between Gaza and the Jewish ghettos under the Nazis. Hanan Ashrawi said the Palestinians are the only occupied people who are required to guarantee the safety of their occupiers.
    And I think it’s Mikos Peled in the video who said that the right of return is only allowed to Jews, who left the region, pretty much, 2,000 years ago. The Palestinians don’t have the right of return, although they were driven out most recently, from their homes, their olive trees, all their possessions.
    The Israeli-Palestinian situation is a monstrous injustice perpetrated on the Palestinians by the Israelis, with the full financial backing of the U.S.

  167. Jerry says:


    A quick follow-up to my previous entry and your concerns about being misunderstood by other posters……..

    Forgive me for saying so, but whether Israel has a right to exist or not may be a redundant question. Religious and ethnic intolerance in the mid east is quite apparent and may be irreconcilable. They’ve been at it for 60 plus years and have yet to arrive at any meaningful consensus on the palestinian question. The divisions, mistrust and hatred are too great. The underlying causes of conflict have to be understood in its proper, deeper context. The real question that warrants serious discussion may not be whether national boundaries deserve recognition or not, but why is there such deep division? It goes back to the original theme I raised earlier. To forgive and to forget. But that can only occur on the individual level – you and I. To expect change to occur outwardly, a mere political adjustment that only requires persistent diplomatic efforts is to misunderstand the nature of what we are dealing with.

    Does an intellectual grasp of the issues help solve our problems? There have been many peace conferences over the years, and we are still stuck in the same old quagmire of hatred and violence. Here once again is J Krishnamurti in his words……

    Ideology prevents action

    The world is always close to catastrophe. But it seems to be closer now. Seeing this approaching catastrophe, most of us take shelter in idea. We think that this catastrophe, this crisis, can be solved by an ideology. Ideology is always an impediment to direct relationship, which prevents action. We want peace only as an idea, but not as an actuality. We want peace on the verbal level which is only on the thinking level, though we proudly call it the intellectual level. But the word peace is not peace. Peace can only be when the confusion which you and another make ceases. We are attached to the world of ideas and not to peace. We search for new social and political patterns and not for peace; we are concerned with the reconciliation of effects and not in putting aside the cause of war. This search will bring only answers conditioned by the past. This conditioning is what we call knowledge, experience; and the new changing facts are translated, interpreted, according to this knowledge. So, there is conflict between what is and the experience that has been. The past, which is knowledge, must ever be in conflict with the fact, which is ever in the present. So, this will not solve the problem but will perpetuate the conditions which have created the problem.

  168. Marcia says:

    Alex, please excuse the elementary question, but in the solar arc progression, does one year equal one degree? And (please also excuse my math) there are 65 degrees between the 26 Gemini Sun and the 1 degree Virgo Saturn?
    When does this blasted transit end already?

  169. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, interesting and astute. Of course I completely agree that warring ideologies are the root of the problems in the ME. I have control over my own personal ideologies. I cannot change another’s at will.

    The problems of violence and oppression in Israel and the ME in general cannot be ‘solved’ by methods other than negotiation and inner growth. Of course, this is just my opinion. Negotiating with and between parties that have violently opposing ideologies will not work if one ideology is dismissed, or ignored. I accept there are no real “solutions” or “answers” to the problems of violence and oppression there. Perhaps in the long run working on, and hoping their ideologies change will be beneficial to those involved. I agree with you on that.

    But we are also dealing with a current crisis. All sides are rejecting each other’s ideologies. Is is possible for them to ‘forgive and forget’? We may demand or suggest it of them but that does not address the current crisis. Peace conferences and peace negotiations have been unsuccessful over the years. But from what I can see happening there the alternative is force and violence.

  170. Prabhata says:

    There’s nothing permanent in life. If there are tenets in Buddhism that one is it. So what is Israel? What is the U.S.? Mexico? What is any nation in the world if not something that the mind has created because people materialized it? How can something of the mind have a “right to exist?” Nations and kingdoms come and go. Borders appear and disappear. The question of “right to exist” is only asked of Israel. Do the Kurds have a nation that has a “right to exist”? So ponder that one. What is “Israel” and what is “right to exist? Is it the land that God created? Is it the people? or is it an idea? Where are the borders? Who created those borders? One can say that it’s in the Bible, but unless one believes that the “Bible is the word of God”, then Israel is a myth, a dream. The whole question is nonsense, imho.

  171. alex says:

    65 years old – 65 degrees solar arc progression

    26 Gemini (aries 00, taurus 30, gemini 60 etc)
    86 + 65 = 151 (leo 120, virgo 150) 151 = 01 VIRGO

    Solar Arc Progressions have a number of rules… but simplified
    it is one degree for one year; solar arc progressing the Sun by one degree per year is the most straightforward;

  172. Anne's Aunt says:


    I am well aware of Buddhist thought, having studied it for many many years. My religion of choice is, if anything, Buddhism. So telling me, or anyone actually involved with the ME crisis that their beliefs are “nonsense” is perhaps right from your perspective. But can you force them to adhere to your beliefs?

    I will ponder the unfairness of the situation. I have, actually, pondered the unfairness of the situation and the ideologies of *********ALL********* parties involved. What I have concluded, for the moment, is that violence perpetuates itself. How would you propose to lessen the violence? I know from having so deeply studied Buddhism that the ideas that violence is a perpetuating cycle and that violence in reaction is not going to work. The Buddhists I have known are also practical people, living life here on earth. I have never met a Buddhist who thinks that forcing their views on others will help in the least, or that dismissing their beliefs and ideas as “nonsense” will create a positive movement.

  173. kiwi says:

    Does Israel have a right to exist? Yes, but the devil is in the details of how that existence manifests. Does a human have a right to exist, of course. But that right to exist does not mean carte blanche to harm others.

  174. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kiwi, I agree that the right to exist does not mean that a carte blanche to harm others is part of that right.

    The problem in this devilish situation is who exactly gets to decide and then **police** the others?

    There is already condemnation of Israel and Hamas for their violence and intractable positions. Voices of condemnation for this violence are gaining in volume. And should grow IMO.

    Does some third party get to assign itself the authority to actually take action and police these two sides? These sides have already been policing each other and ALL violent parties refuse to police themselves IMO international pressure for all violent parties to stop and negotiate is the only way to slowly come out of the violence. Does some third party get the right to say one side is wrong and another is right? OK if you say yes, then who? President Obama has already made it clear he is not choosing one side or another, but is choosing the side of stopping the violence. Egypt is calling for a cease fire.

    And if a third party grants itself the right to forcefully stop the violence who would that be? How would they force a cessation of violence?

  175. Asta says:

    If examination, scrutiny and criticism of President Obama’s actions and policies are the rights and responsibility of a thinking electorate and independent press, Israel can and should stand up to the same examination and scrutiny without cries of anti Semitism. Israel has a right to exist, but the Palestinians have a right to forge the terms, conditions and land/resource apportionment under which they will co-exist on that small plot of land.

    Israel lost a lot of credibility with me when most of the rest of the west FINALLY stood against South African apartheid(after a long activist movement)and they continued to support the South African government not only in policy support, but armament supplies to oppress the black majority.

  176. Asta says:

    that should read …” participate in the term, conditions….”

  177. Prabhata says:

    AA, you said: “So telling me, or anyone actually involved with the ME crisis that their beliefs are “nonsense””

    I said no such thing. I said (read above): The whole question is nonsense, imho.

    I was referring to the question: “Does Israel have the right to exist” That’s the nonsense. My suggestion was to ponder “what is Israel?” What is “right to exist?”. Does the question “right to exist” mean that there’s some inherent right? Why? And if there’s such a thing as “Israel”, what is it? What does it encompass.

    You said: “I have never met a Buddhist who thinks that forcing their views on others will help in the least, or that dismissing their beliefs and ideas as “nonsense” will create a positive movement.”

    I am not “forcing” my views on you or anyone. I wouldn’t know how. I’m also not dismissing your beliefs. Beliefs, no matter how unreal, are real those those who believe. And definitely, I’m not into “movements”. That’s why I said that individually one can break down propaganda. Call the spade a spade sort of thing. I believe in working individually, not in groups. I do my best for the environment. I don’t buy GMOs. I don’t borrow so I won’t be helping banks. What other people do, is their business.

  178. Francis says:

    Folks, is it just me or has there been an awful lot of contentious on this site over the last few months?

  179. pisca says:

    Francis, it’s not just you!

  180. Kitty says:

    You are not alone in your thoughts. The path of astrology and politics has de-railed–off in the weeds with too many personal stories and off our main subject. Some subjects should remain neutral, since they cannot be solved easily nor soon— I guess, hang on and this too shall pass ? LOL—-

  181. Sharon K says:

    I just want to re-iterate that when the British mandate divided up the land, a comparatively very small portion was given to the Jews, that approximately 1 million Jews living in the Arab countries, new or old, also lost their homes and possessions but did not have to live in refugee camps after that, as Palestinians do–they were accepted into Israel where they had to start from scratch. I don’t consider this a land grab. Nor do I consider 3 or 4 wars against Israel that Israel won, a land grab. Lastly, the zionists who wanted Israel as the national homeland may have been following the Jewish Bible (and as I said, you would have to go to Israel to see the large amount of centuries old Jewish archeology there), but it was more of a need at that particular point in time for a “sanctuary” for Jews where they would no longer be pursued and killed. Hence the need for a Jewish state where Jews would be safe. Israel is not an apartheid nation. Arabs make-up 20% of the population, vote, have seats in parliament and, I have just read, have mostly refused citizenship. It is just that Israel does not want an Arab majority any more than Jordan, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., want a Jewish majority. What I do agree with is that Israel is responding to the rocket attacks with stronger weapons and this is completely unfair. I don’t know if I said this before, but what I have to ask myself is why is Hamas shooting these rockets at Israel, knowing Israel will eventually respond in this way? Are they being brave freedom fighters and martyrs. I feel that the entire Arab world has from the beginning not wanted the Jews to have this land, this country, and this is a planned effort to create world sympathy. Much money went to the Palestinians and, I believe, if they stopped their attacks (Hamas), Israel would be glad to have peace and give them much support. As it stands, Israel is counterbalancing its attacks with humanitarian help—an oxymoron but I don’t know what else Israel can do. Not respond militarily and just take it? Israel has the Iron Dome and that protects it from casualties. Sorry if I seem to be stubborn but this is my opinion. At the same time, I do not want Palestinians to suffer this way and to have progress, peace, a successful, progressive life. I have a good friend in Miami who is Palestinian. Jews and Palestinians have much in common. Where I differ with the rest of you is that I assign responsibility to Hamas and to the mindset in general that really wants the Jews off the land, not a separate country under peace terms.

  182. Anne's Aunt says:

    I am truly sorry there has been contention here. The subject of this post/thread is extremely contentious.Expecting everyone to simply agree is maybe not possible, but I look forward to fewer of these very difficult transits and world peace threats.

    Prabhata saying ““Does Israel have the right to exist” That’s the nonsense.” is where you are dismissing someone’s beliefs. Not my personal beliefs. So I can personally agree or not agree with you on Israel’s right to exist. However there are vast numbers of individuals and groups who actually DO believe it. Saying that their belief in Israel’s right to exist is “nonsense” is actually dismissing their beliefs.

    I, personally, as a non jew and a non muslim can believe that I do not agree, sometimes deeply, with their beliefs. Saying that their ideas and beliefs are not actually their beliefs and ideas is not something that I feel empowered to do.

  183. ox the cat says:

    I’ll go with this too shall pass.

  184. Anne's Aunt says:

    “Hopes for an end to the bloody week-long conflict in Gaza hung in the balance on Tuesday when Israel accepted an Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire only for Hamas, the Palestinian territory’s de facto rulers, to reject it.”

    Hamas knows that Israel will not ceasefire if only they are expected to do so and Hamas refuses.

  185. barbk says:

    It’s not just you Francis. I think it is partly the manifestation of transiting Mars, as the ruler of both Aries and (co) ruler of Scorpio, the two signs that host the co-rulers of the air sign Aquarius (humanitarian concern, freedom for all), Uranus and Saturn.

    These two are, and have been, in a long-term quincunx aspect which manifests as Make Necessary Adjustments. Mars in air sign Libra expresses individual (rules Aries) and deeply held feelings (Scorpio) held by a partnership (Libra) of some kind (say a left-leaning political/astrological blog) through writing and speaking. This week transiting Mars brought the long tango with transiting Ceres and Vesta and the north node to a dramatic conclusion by conjunctions with all 3, as well as a trine to Venus who rules Libra, and an opposition to Eris in the sign he rules, Aries. The goddesses seem to approve of this robust display of energy, partly because he often lets the ladies lead!

  186. Jerry says:


    I think you are severely underestimating how we all interconnected on inner levels. Change comes from within, with each individual. Once you arrive at that simple understanding then things go easily. Modifications solely on the political level can have no lasting effect, human nature being what it is. Love is not based on coercion or for that matter any proposed legislation. It has to come from within – IN YOU first, in each individual and then it can extend itself outwardly – not the other way around.

    There is a compelling documented case of a Dr Hew Len and how he used a very simple ancient Hawaiian technique to turn an apparent impossible situation into transformation, just by recognizing the simple truth that we are all deeply connected and the sense of responsibility and feeling of compassion that goes along with that insight. It’s based on four simple phrases…….

    Here’s the article:

    How Dr. Hew Len Healed A Ward Of Mentally Ill Criminals

    Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian system that heals oneself … and the world, too

    More than thirty years ago, in Hawaii, at the Hawaii State Hospital, there was a special ward, a clinic for the mentally ill criminals. People who had committed extremely serious crimes were assigned there either because they had a very deep mental disorder or because they needed to be checked to see if they were sane enough to stand trial. They had committed murder, rape, kidnapping or other such crimes. According to a nurse that worked there in those years, the place was so bleak that not even the paint could stick to the walls, everything was decaying, terrifying, repulsive. No day would pass without a patient-inmate attacking another inmate or a member of the staff.

    The people working there were so frightened that they would walk close to the walls if they saw an inmate coming their way in a corridor, even though they were all shackled, all the time –but more than once this wouldn’t stop an aggression. The inmates would never be brought outside to get fresh air because of their relentlessly threatening attitude. The scarcity of staff was a chronic occurrence. Nurses, wardens, employees would prefer to be on sick-leave most of the time in order not to confront such a depressive and dangerous environment.

    Enters Dr. Hew Len

    One day, a newly appointed clinical psychologist, a Dr. Stanley Hew Len, arrived at the ward……..


    Here is a 5 minute video demonstration of two of those phrases – I love you/ thank you…….

  187. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, how am I understanding our connections and disconnections?

    I deeply believe if we hold each other in the light NO MATTER IF THEY AGREE OR NOT is always a path forward! Simple disagreement and logic are not acts of disconnection, rather coming to a place where one does not judge another will be very positive. In light of that I try my hardest not to pre-judge either Israelis of palestinians. I don’t judge other’s religions in a way that denies their actual beliefs or right to their own beliefs. Of course that does not mean I feel compelled to have the same beliefs.

    If you are talking about disagreements on this blog, I fully recognize that each person has the right to be their own person. I never deny that another’s beliefs are simply not valid. In that light I offer my thoughts and arguments.

    I think you are expressing your belief in prayer and private inner work – which are very positive in the outcome of things we cannot control. I think you are right about that. I DO think change comes from within – I would never deny that. I also give other humans the basic respect to have their own change come from within themselves.

    The only change I am proposing for issues in Gaza are for cessation of violence and armed conflict. I strongly propose that all violence be stopped immediately. I state that as a belief of mine. It is MY belief and I feel that I have a right to that.

    Frankly I DON’T KNOW how to get anyone, here or there, to agree. I only know that in Gaza there is no agreement. Violence IMO deters inner light and growth. I don’t demand that one side or the other NOT hold their beliefs. I see this as a recognition of deep interconnectedness.

  188. Anne's Aunt says:

    In light of that I will restate that I believe that Israel has a right to exist. I believe that palestinians have a right to exist. I, personally, don’t see those rights as basically canceling each other out or how they are actually opposed. A square (challenge to each other) maybe. No one here must be required to share my belief and I will listen to arguments against that belief. I don’t know, maybe my inner process will lead me to believe that one party or another in the ME does NOT and the right to exist. This is where I am now, willing to change, but not willing to deny my own right to my own belief and not willing to agree just to agree.

  189. Jerry says:


    If the concern is about resolution, then there needs to be an entirely different approach. I think problems arise when we view life predominantly through the prism of the mind. That is the disconnect. We pride ourselves in being academically astute about all these things, but in actual fact we know absolutely nothing because our heart is not engaged. The “noise” of the mind, with all its pre-conceived notions interferes with our observations. There is no clarity.

    We seek comfort in ideas. It gives us a sense of identity. Look more closely however and you’ll find our thoughts are merely a collection of emotions, facts and figures blended in with a kind of raison d’être: a rationale for our existence. But it all so obvious; there is very little substance to our views when it remains primarily on the intellectual level. Intellectual understanding doesn’t go very far. In fact it often serves as a cushion, a buffer if you will, to protect ourselves from life’s unpleasantries. We judge and interpret things according to our temperament when it suits our needs. We rarely approach things directly with a silent mind.

    I find Rumi, a 9th century Persian mystic’s take on things extremely eloquent. It addresses the core of what we are discussing…..

    Love Said To Me ~ A Poem by Rumi

    (a three minute video)

  190. Jerry says:

    Typo correction/ Read instead: “But it IS all so obvious;

  191. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, Rumi is one of my long time and all time favorites!

    If you think that my approach founded on respect is false, then what approach would you take? Would you take the approach of not affording others respect that they have a right to their beliefs? How would you build on that? Some people believe in other’s rights to hold their beliefs myself included and work from there as a STARTING POINT. Just how would abandoning that belief in the respect for others be helpful or is somehow a wrong approach? Do you think that denying another’s right to their beliefs would be a good approach for changing opinions and other’s beliefs? Serious question, because really I can’t see an approach from a place of basic disrespect as productive.

    Maybe that would work on an international level. I find that in a personal spiritual way the starting point of non-respect is not productive for me or anyone. I am a long time practicer of Buddhism so I am well aware of the temporary nature of things. I also am aware that we are all “heaps” (skandas) that aggregate what we call our identities. It is basic to a human existence. Denying that in others is not part of my spiritual beliefs. You may not hold that belief and, altho I do not deny your beliefs, I do respect you and your rights to hold the beliefs that you do.

  192. Anne's Aunt says:

    I will try to make this simple and clear.

    I BELIEVE that everyone on this planet has the RIGHT to their own beliefs.

    I OBSERVE that not everyone shares the same beliefs.

    I BELIEVE that loving others comes from a basic recognition of differences in beliefs and RESPECTING that.

    Those are the starting points. Further beliefs founded on the first core beliefs:

    I BELIEVE that some the rights of some people to hold their beliefs should not be denied.

    I BELIEVE that everyone has the right to exist.

    I BELIEVE that violence does not solve differences.

    Let me know if you basically disagree with me. I have the right those beliefs but I am willing to consider yours.

  193. Jerry says:

    Re: The starting point.

    Very simple. Just say “I don’t know” and see what happens. When it comes to matters of the heart, admitting that we really don’t know anything can be amazingly cathartic and transforming. We are wanting everything to be predictable and under control, but life isn’t like that.

  194. Anne's Aunt says:

    I don’t spend time denying my the right to BELIEVE that you have a right to EXIST. Maybe denying you have the right to exist (which of course leads to my killing you or murdering you and actively denying your right to exist) is a belief that I don’t have the right to. You are perfectly correct in saying my belief in other’s right to exist is not shared by all. I actually think we are all deeply connected and that denying another the very right to exist is NOT something I believe in.

    How about you? You seem to know about transformation – or at least say you do. Do you start your days with “I don’t KNOW if I have the belief in other’s right to exist is my actual belief or that I have a right to that”….. or that “I do not KNOW if I have a belief in the rights of all creatures to hold a belief”?

    “We” are not all wishing that life be predictable or under control. That is your belief. I respect you not sharing the belief of mine that other’s have a right to exist. I do not accept your belief that others are functioning from whatever part of themselves you choose to define, but you are free (and have the right) to think or feel whatever you do.

    Why not try this starting point –“I do not KNOW but I do BELIEVE in the interconnected of all life.” ?? Also “I EXPERIENCE the interconnected of all life when I open my mind to myself and others” ??

  195. Anne's Aunt says:

    Whoever this murderer is I assume he/she does not believe that other’s have the right to exist.

  196. Jerry says:


    Sorry. I’ll have to disagree with you there. In my view, having any kind of belief of any kind is a form of fear. It’s basically a psychological need to protect oneself from life’s uncertainties. It is self defeating. Why? If in the interest of not wanting to be hurt, we insulate ourselves with ideas, the sense of isolation this brings is obvious. Haven’t you ever noticed people consumed in their thoughts? They are not fully aware of their surroundings. We don’t recognize our beliefs as self imposed prisons. Why is that? It’s a very odd way of living – this need to cut ourselves off like that. Strip away the pretense of intellectual ‘armor’ and one might just discover something real and heart-felt.

    I’m not sure if you have fully read the Ho’oponopono article I shared. In any case, I would like to doubly emphasize the following passage below. I find it especially significant. It provides THE answer to the current predicament we find ourselves in. It erases all sense of blame and division in one fell swoop….


    Simply put, Ho’oponopono is based on the knowledge that anything that happens to you or that you perceive, the entire world where you live is your own creation and thus, it is entirely your responsibility. A hundred percent, no exceptions.

    Your boss is a tyrant? It’s your responsibility. Your children are not good students? It’s your responsibility. There are wars and you feel bad because you are a good person, a pacifist? The war is your responsibility. You see that children around the world are hungry and malnourished if not starving? Their wont is your responsibility. No exceptions. Literally, the world is your world, it is your creation. As Dr. Hew Len points out: didn’t you notice that whenever you experience a problem you are there?

    It’s your responsibility doesn’t mean it’s your fault, it means that you are responsible for healing yourself in order to heal whatever or whoever it is that appears to you as a problem.

  197. Jerry says:

    July Shifts And IMF Director Christine LaGarde’s Strange Speech

    Comfy Chair Astrology
    July 9, 2014

    During this month of July both Saturn and Uranus change direction, and Jupiter changes signs. Saturn and Jupiter are both economy/market/business planets, so when they shift, there is usually some correlating shift in the economy or the market. Jupiter enters the sign of Leo on July 16th, which is the sign that also happens to rule Gold. This shift bodes very well for the price of Gold and Silver for the next 12 months. So, what’s happening in the world during July that might account for these upcoming changes?

    A new video was just released that shows IMF (International Monetary Fund) director Christine LaGarde giving a speech about what to expect for 2014. (She took over from Dominique Strauss Kahn after he was charged with raping a New York Hotel Maid). It’s well known that the global elite and the bankster cabal that run the western world are heavily involved in Freemasonry, numerology and occult symbolism. Occult just means ‘hidden’. Everyone knows it, but they don’t usually come right out and blatantly say so! Well, Christine LaGarde just did.

    This video has gotten a lot of attention lately and I’ve seen it on a number of different websites with different synopses. She talks about the cycles of 7, and what to expect for 2014, using numerology. Most people watching this video understand that she is delivering a hidden message of some sort, using numbers. The majority of people seem to think she is saying the IMF is going to be doing something big on July 20, 2014. By big, some think it could be a global currency reset, or perhaps even a popping of the stock market bubble. The BIS (Bank of International Settlements – sort of the central banks’ central bank) came right out and recommended to the Fed that they should do a ‘controlled’ popping of the stock market bubble as soon as possible. That is a confirmed fact. Whether they take the advice or not…we don’t know. The Fed never does anything too overt. That is interesting, because both Saturn and Uranus change sign on July 20th. And, if there is a big shift in the economy, its most likely that Gold and Silver will be the winners, correlating with expansive Jupiter entering the sign of Gold on the 16th.

  198. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, this is becoming semantics, which in any language will not be perfect.

    You say “In my VIEW, having any kind of belief of any kind is a form of fear”. OK that is your VIEW or your OPINION. It may even be deep enough that this is a BELIEF OF YOURS. You may THINK you KNOW that, which I thought you implied is too rigid and you attempt to not do for yourself – but evidently you do. That you might not KNOW then it is a ****BELIEF**** of yours!!!

    Then, “Simply put, Ho’oponopono is based on the KNOWLEDGE that anything that happens to you or that you perceive, the entire world where you live is your own creation and thus, it is entirely your responsibility. A hundred percent, no exceptions.”

    This is a BELIEF!! or a KNOWING or an EXPERIENCE, (semantics which in spiritual writing is recognized as not communicating well) all of which you seem to want for yourself and to deny me.

    Fine, it’s not a big deal because this is a blog.

    DO YOU KNOW OR BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DICTATE TO THOSE IN THE ME WHAT THEY SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT KNOW OR BELIEVE?? That is my question. Because if you want to do that to peoples in Gaza like you seem to want to do here, then you will fit in just fine. They have been wanting and trying to deny each other’s beliefs, knowing, experiences or whatever word you want to use. It is my OBSERVATION that those kinds of approaches to difficult communications are destructive. It is not compassionate or loving or very deeply connected to other people and to our collective shared spirit.

    I have the right to have any opinion, experience, knowledge or belief that I have – JUST LIKE YOU obviously feel you have the right to yours and to pursue them with your readings. Why YOU and not ME? Why Hamas and not Israel? Why jews and not muslims? Why one neighbor and not the other?

    If you want to condemn other’s for having beliefs, or experiences, or knowledge for having their own beliefs, experiences or knowledge just the same as you do then, again, you will fit into the ME just fine. The most violent people there demand their own right to be human and at the same time dismiss and deny other’s rights to be human too. Or they demand other’s have the exact same beliefs, experience and knowing that they do.

    You do not agree with me and you have the RIGHT to not agree. Obviously you assume that you have that right without question. The peoples in Gaza also, like you, have the RIGHT to disagree. They have the OPPORTUNITY to connect with each other and work together to create peace. When the RIGHT to disagree is denied then it is simply violent power that determines who wins. Win/lose – mars. Power – pluto.

  199. Anne's Aunt says:


    Re: suffering:

    The BOOK OF JOB is IMO very illuminating. Many people have written or visually explored it. William Blake did an entire visual exploration of it. It was his last completed work. Jung wrote a very intriguing small book on it. It was his last published work.

    In the book of Job, Job is besieged by all sorts of suffering. His children are killed, he looses his property, he looses his very connection to his body which is full of boils. He blames himself since he is a god fearing man and deeply spiritual. His friends all come to tell him this is his fault or that his suffering is not spiritual. It’s all his karma. He must have some ‘bad karma’.

    Then he confronts god and they enter the “whirlwind” together. They come “face to face” and he and god see, recognize, communicate directly and become one, swirling together in that whirlwind. The story does not say what exactly Job learned, but what is does say is that this transformed Job. (and according to Jung’s interpretation) it also transformed god.

    After Job is restored, all his losses are restored. Got recognizes that his friends were “miserable comforters” and that he was right to, in a spiritual way, come together with spirit in a direct and deep way where the boundaries between human and spirit were dissolved.

    The peoples in the ME are suffering. We can tell them that this is somehow their fault and we can be “miserable comforters”.

    If you only hear the words of this story (modern translations because the original texts are very ancient and not written in modern English) and object to the use of the word ‘god’ then you will miss the deeply spiritual nature of Job’s experience. If you restrict your spiritual reading to words that tell you what (their) truths are then you will not relate to following Job on his journey of self discovery.

  200. Anne's Aunt says:

    “Haven’t you ever noticed people consumed in their thoughts? They are not fully aware of their surroundings.”

    How would you know about another’s state of mind? If you THINK you KNOW does that give you the right to judge? You apparently assume that right.

    I have seen people, adults, children, babies, elders, the sick and suffering who APPEAR to be inwardly engaged. I have also seen people in deep meditation who appear to be inwardly engaged. Or some who may be having a deep revelation. Or some who are listening to their creativity. Or they are fully aware of their surroundings yet may be completely unaware of their own inner processes and minds. Or they are children or babies and do not separate the two forms of consciousness into “inner and outer”. And very old people who appear to not be “fully aware” of their surroundings, but are engaged with their state of being. People with acute and chronic pain are often distracted and divide their awareness between their surroundings and their bodies. Who am I, and who are you to judge their consciousness? and put it on some sort of scale?

    Long long ago I began hearing other people basically judge another person’s state of mind. I have long known people who consider themselves very spiritual who assume what other’s stated of being are. Of course people have the RIGHT to make whatever observations they make, or make whatever judgements they want and I have the right to keep an open mind about others.

  201. alex says:

    (CA) – Draper Family Business (TX)

    my first notice of the Drapers’ business/family was during the 1999-2000 Bush campaign; they lent Bush their business jet to fly around the country;

    Draper Family – began with connection to Sr. George H.W. Bush

    2014 CA Elections, Tim C. Draper – funding CA ballot initiative

    Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper submitted signatures to put a measure that would split California in six separate states.

    The proposal is largely dismissed by opponents, however. They say that even if the measure were to be approved by voters, splitting the state would still require an act by Congress.

    Background: prior CA election Tim Draper spent 20 million dollars to get a ballot initiative (which ultimately failed) for the CA state general taxpayers’ funds to be spent on ‘school vouchers’

  202. alex says:

    CA-17 Silcon Valley November 4, 2014 Election

    Mike Honda is a veteran Democrat and beloved progressive stalwart seeking re-election in California’s 17th Congressional District, based in Silicon Valley. He’s a widely respected lawmaker. It’s very hard to find anything objectionable about Honda, whether you’re a liberal activist or a tech titan.

    But none of that stopped another Democrat, former Commerce Department official Ro Khanna, from challenging Honda this year anyway. Khanna’s running a muddled campaign and hasn’t been able to articulate a clear reason why he thinks voters ought to dump Honda, except that he seems to think Honda hasn’t been sufficiently lickspittle toward the tech industry.(per David Nir)'s_17th_Congressional_District_elections,_2014#Primary_results

  203. alex says:

    Sentient World Simulation – Alternative Futures

    Sentient World Simulation – You Are A Node

    Sentient World Simulation SWS

  204. alex says:

    continued: Sentient World Simulations (SEAS) You are a node

    Sentient World Simulation

  205. Jerry says:


    Based on all that you just shared, in my opinion (to use that quaint expression), your line of reasoning leaves me with the impression that you are not listening to what is being said. I think you rather enjoy intellectual banter for the sheer challenge of it. It appears we are at an impasse. I shall have to leave it there my friend. I wish you good luck.

  206. alex says:

    Government & Culture (Part 1)

    Sentient World Simulation: You Are A Node – You Are Being Adjusted

    A Continuously Running Model of the Real World

    The Sentient World Simulation’s aim, according to its creator, is to be a “continuously running, continually updated mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action.”

    In practical terms that equates to a computer simulation of the planet complete with billions of “nodes” representing every person on the earth.

    Sentient World Simulation (SWS)

  207. alex says:

    continued: Adjusted (are you well adjusted?)

  208. Anne's Aunt says:

    Good luck to you too Jerry and best wishes!

    May I suggest you actually read my words?? They’re pretty simple: I don’t believe you have the right to deny the existence of anyone else and I don’t believe they have the right to deny your existence. They and you may believe that, but don’t have the RIGHT TO DENY anyone else’s existence or act on that which is murder and violence.

    That is not very “intellectual”. It is simple.

  209. Anne's Aunt says:

    This is another example of elites actively trying to deny the existence of others:

    “It is a known mode of operation of the elitists to stage false flag attacks and other disruptive events on equinoxes, solstices, and cross quarters because these are times of intensified energy that set the tone of mass consciousness for the coming months. By staging events that cause fear and mass emotional chaos the elites attempt to stampede the public reaction into programs that serve their agenda of mass mind control, militarization, destruction of civil liberties, and centralization of power.

    The summer solstice of 2014 is of particular concern because of Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn during the week leading up to the solstice and the still applying but almost exact opposition of Mars in Libra to Uranus in Ares on the solstice itself. These are extremely dangerous aspects that could result in explosive, violent events. It seems likely that the elitists would plan a major false flag event for the 2014 summer solstice to create mass psychic shock and fear which they would manipulate to serve their agendas.”


    “The summer solstice of 2014 is of particular concern because of Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn during the week leading up to the solstice and the still applying but almost exact opposition of Mars in Libra to Uranus in Ares on the solstice itself. These are extremely dangerous aspects that could result in explosive, violent events. It seems likely that the elitists would plan a major false flag event for the 2014 summer solstice to create mass psychic shock and fear which they would manipulate to serve their agendas”

    This is from the link Jerry provided up thread

  210. Anne's Aunt says:

    This is an example of white “christians” trying to deny the existence of African Americans, and the response to that:

    “The African-American Civil Rights Movement encompasses social movements in the United States whose goal was to end racial segregation and discrimination against black Americans and enforce constitutional voting rights to them. This article covers the phase of the movement between 1954 and 1968, particularly in the South.

    The movement was characterized by major campaigns of civil resistance. Between 1955 and 1968, acts of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience produced crisis situations between activists and government authorities. Federal, state, and local governments, businesses, and communities often had to respond immediately to these situations that highlighted the inequities faced by African Americans. Forms of protest and/or civil disobedience included boycotts such as the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955–56) in Alabama; “sit-ins” such as the influential Greensboro sit-ins (1960) in North Carolina; marches, such as the Selma to Montgomery marches (1965) in Alabama; and a wide range of other nonviolent activities.”–68)

  211. Prabhata says:

    Rep. Massie speaks at Press Conference Regarding 9/11 Documents

  212. Anne's Aunt says:

    This is an example of what actually happened when the Catholic Church actively denied the right to exist to anyone not adhering to their beliefs:

    “During what is known as the Little Ice Age, Pope Innocent VIII, in his papal bull Summis desiderantes affectibus (5 December 1484), instigated severe measures against magicians and witches in Germany. The grip of freezing weather, failing crops, rising crime, and mass starvation was blamed on witches. He issued the bull to inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Jacobus Sprenger to systemize the persecution of witches.[18][19]

    “It has recently come to our ears, not without great pain to us, that in some parts of upper Germany, […] Mainz, Koin, Trier, Salzburg, and Bremen, many persons of both sexes, heedless of their own salvation and forsaking the catholic faith, give themselves over to devils male and female, and by their incantations, charms, and conjurings, and by other abominable superstitions and sortileges, offences, crimes, and misdeeds, ruin and cause to perish the offspring of women, the foal of animals, the products of the earth, the grapes of vines, and the fruits of trees, as well as men and women, cattle and flocks and herds and animals of every kind, vineyards also and orchards, meadows, pastures, harvests, grains and other fruits of the earth; that they afflict and torture with dire pains and anguish, both internal and external, these men, women, cattle, flocks, herds, and animals, and hinder men from begetting […]”[20]
    Kramer and Sprenger would later write the Malleus Maleficarum in 1486, which stated that witchcraft was to blame for bad weather. These remarks are included in Part 2, Chapter XV, which is entitled: “How they Raise and Stir up Hailstorms and Tempests, and Cause Lightning to Blast both Men and Beasts”:[21]

    “Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that, just as easily as they raise hailstorms, so can they cause lightning and storms at sea; and so no doubt at all remains on these points.”

    Taken from Wiki

  213. Anne's Aunt says:

    This is what happened when the right of others to exist was denied. I think y’all get the picture.

    “The Rwandan Genocide was a genocidal mass slaughter of Tutsi and moderate Hutu in Rwanda by members of the Hutu majority. During the approximate 100-day period from April 7, 1994 to mid-July, an estimated 500,000–1,000,000 Rwandans were killed,[1] constituting as much as 20% of the country’s total population and 70% of the Tutsi then living in Rwanda. The genocide was planned by members of the core political elite known as the akazu, many of whom occupied positions at top levels of the national government. Perpetrators came from the ranks of the Rwandan army, the National Police (gendarmerie), government-backed militias including the Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi, and the Hutu civilian population.”

  214. kiwi says:

    Jerry, thanks for your writings on Ho’oponopono – it was beginging to be used by the justice system when I lived there, especially in cases surrounding domestic violence. In Hawaiian, Ho’o is the prefix, and pono means goodness, wellingbeing, etc etc. Ponopono means to put to rights; in order or shape, etc etc.
    We could all benefit by following its methods.

    And I agree with your 12.23 post.
    I also want to thank you very much for framing your current posts in a more uplifting manner than they were a few years back.

  215. barbk says:

    Transiting Eris is in the process of stationing retrograde, exact on Saturn-day, just 12 hours after Sun squares Mars.

  216. alex says:


    thanks for the heads up – look like interesting aspects to chart:

    7/19/2014 Sun square Mars (6:31 UT)

    7/19/2014 Eris SRX @23 Aries (18:02 UT)

    Tomorrow’s Aspect Next Ten Days

  217. alex says:


    White House Chart 7/19/2014 Saturday

    (domestic news events from John Boehner and his insurgents possibly? — I find no reason to wonder if the Middle East will have news events on Saturday it seems in·ev·i·ta·ble)

    .Cardinal T-Square

    Moon Node 23 Aries/23 Libra – Mars @26 Aries 12TH House
    Sun @26 Cancer

    .Transiting Jupiter @00 Leo
    Natal Obama Jupiter @00 Aquarius

    Eris SRX @23 Aries


    South Moon Node 23 Aries (politics) – 23 Libra North Moon Node

  218. Kitty says:

    Mercury conjunct Murzims – An important announcement is coming

    instinct is that a religious message is coming either in the Israel Palestine conflict or from ISIS and the Islamic caliphate disturbances
    or– there could be more stories than normal in the news about young people, transport and travel especially by, on or near water, education, language, health and medical issues.

  219. alex says:

    Mercury conjunct Murzims


    .Cardinal Grand Cross

    Mercury conjunct Murzims @07 Cancer – Thereus @08 Cancer
    Moon @07 Aries
    Okyahoe @07 Capricorn
    @07 degrees Libra (as yet unassigned)

    Thereus (personal and professional lives kept separate; identification with one’s career; mercenary behavior; work constructively with others; or lawlessness)

    Okyrhoe (criticized or attacked, able to cope with attacks or unpopularity, ability to stand up for one’s beliefs or principles)

  220. kiwi says:

    With the middle east sucking all the attention recently, I wonder if any of you astute astrologers have looked at Rupert Murdock’s chart lately to see what he is up to?
    And wonder what are the chances for his success relating to his attempt to buy Time-Warner?
    Now that the marriage to his young wife has shredded, I guess he’s turning his attention back to his empire. I believe much of the chaos today is underpinned by his point of view peddled to the masses through his many outlets.

    Coincidentally, yesterday I was reading to my father (now in a home) out of a book of limericks that he was given years ago. I came across this:

    Rupert Murdock, with glee shouted: -“What
    A lot of newspapers I’ve got!
    I’ve just got to get
    The Beekeepers Gazette
    And The War Cry, and I’ve got the lot!”

  221. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Democracy for America

    Today, Senate Republicans did something tragically predictable:

    They blocked a vote on the “Not My Boss’ Business” Act, which would have restored access to cost-free contraception for thousands of working women in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision.

    This is just one more battle in the Congressional GOP’s long history of waging war on women.

    In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid has tried three times to pass legislation to protect women from pay discrimination. He failed each time — because the bill didn’t get a single Republican vote. In the House, Tea Party legislators have passed draconian abortion bans and cuts to spending on reproductive care.

    The bottom line is this: We will never have a country that treats women as equal human beings until Democrats start winning tough elections and kicking the Tea Party out of Washington.

    Democracy for America is working hard to hold Republicans accountable for their votes this November — but we will only succeed if we have the resources to show women everywhere what Republicans really think of them.

  222. Jerry says:


    The Ho’oponopono method is beginning to be used in the justice system in Hawaii? That’s wonderful. I would imagine Dr. Hew Len’s influence may have been instrumental in that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was appreciated.

  223. margriet says:

    Kiwi, just now I had time to read the long interview with Gideon Levy. Thank you so much for the link.

    I wrote a mail to Jewish Voices for Peace, asking them to communicate with Hamas, as well as to consider a One state- solution. I sent them the above link as well. Who knows it may influence them.

  224. Kitty says:

    We’ll soon hear how this affects our news, and announcements.
    Lots of planets energy right now!

  225. barbk says:

    alex, thank you for checking out Eris’ station stats. She is NOT to be ignored! Here’s something else to chew on if it interests you. In light of the upcoming simultaneous Uranus retrograde and Saturn direct quincunx, I wanted to see where these two last met up in a conjunction.

    We all remember the famous Uranus-Saturn opposition that took place on election day 2008 in the U.S. when Obama was chosen to be the next President. I doubt anyone remembers the 3 conjunctions between them in 1988 over 25 years ago or is very interested in their next conjunction in 2032. However, looking at the 3rd and final conjunction on October 18, 1988, it has some curious coincidences to the present period’s astrology that could cause one to marvel at the universe’s strategic plan.

    Set in Washington DC, the chart for the Uranus-Saturn conjunction had 21 Sagittarius rising, where the present transiting centaur Pholus (symbolizing some smallish type event turning into an over-the-top brawl). That means the Descendant (cusp of the 7th house of partners and open enemies) at 21 Gemini is the same degree as the U.S. Sibly chart’s Mars, so the U.S. Neptune in Virgo was square the Ascendant-Descendant (+ U.
    S. Mars) in this chart. (the 1st thing that came to me was the south-west U.S. border fiasco with it’s delusional U.S. citizens fearing diseased children coming to kill us all)

    The conjunction itself, at 27 Sagittarius conjuncts the Galactic Center, implying a significant role will be played out in this cycle of Uranus-Saturn regarding the evolution of humanity and the world in general. The Moon in this chart at 27 Capricorn conjuncts the U.S. natal Pluto, which I find incredibly revealing (Moon = People/Women and Pluto = covert power)

    The Sun of October 18, 1988, at 25 Libra is where the present day Mars (+ Vesta and Ceres and north node) are transiting and where present day Mars and Sun in Cancer will square this Saturday, the day before present day Saturn stations direct, which is the day before present day Uranus stations retrograde.

    It is the fact that these two planets symbolize, in astrology, the old ruler (Saturn) and the new ruler (Uranus) of the sign Aquarius (as in Let the Sun Shine and It Is The Dawning Of the Age. . ) that is so fascinating. The old dinosaur ways (Saturn) are being challenged (threatened) by the device-driven new ways (Uranus) and, at this point in their cycle, the quincunx, adjustments must be made in order to move ahead.

    It does not escape notice that newcomer (compared to Saturn and the other ancient gods and goddess symbolized by planets) Chiron in Pisces has been in a long trine with Saturn in Scorpio while, at the same time in a semi-sextile with Uranus in Aries. I see him playing the role of facilitator, perhaps like a Kerry between an Israel and Gaza for example.

    Add this to the situation of the ruler of the 2 signs presently being transited by these guys, namely transiting Mars, it appears that the strategy devised by the universe is to call in all the gods and goddesses to participate in this transformative overhaul. That’s how I see it anyway.

  226. Prabhata says:

    Humanity would be immensely worse off without the gifts that Jews have given all of humanity in medicine, the physical sciences, the arts, on and on. It saddens me to see ugly racism because people are conflating and Israel policies that many are against, and the Jewish people. But that’s how people’s mind operate when rational thinking is lost into emotions.

    Some of the news of the hatred against people who have nothing to do with what a government does sh

  227. Prabhata says:

    Oops — posted before I was ready.

    Some of the news of the hatred against people who have nothing to do with what a government does is very upsetting.

  228. kiwi says:

    “curious coincidences to the present period’s astrology that could cause one to marvel at the universe’s strategic plan.”
    Thanks Barbk!

  229. Sharon K says:

    Margriet, I really appreciated the article you posted by Gideon Levy and I learned a lot. I think there is more to the story but I really needed to know those things. I’ve always realized that the Israeli army can be brutal or dehumanizing at times, in the same way any army, or even police force, can be, or, at least some of the people involved in the group. I didn’t realize it was as widespread as Levy relates. At the same time, as I said, I think there is the other side of the coin, too, but I also have more to learn about it. I am certainly not a ring-winger….I want there to be peace in the Mideast and for there to be an agreement that both sides can live with. If Netanyahu does not want that, than he is the wrong leader. What he does want is for Israel’s people to be secure. There were a lot of bombings in Israel 10 years ago. So, I think Netanyahu is scared that the boundaries will not be defensible or secure enough from attack, as well as believes the radical factions will go on attacking no matter what happens — (which is also one of the reasons the army overreacts, but the bigotry/racism part of it is really painful to read about) — therefore, why even try? There is that kind of feeling on both sides. May the situation turn around, with God’s grace and the public will.

  230. Sharon K says:

    Hey! Jupiter went into Leo today!

  231. lisam says:

    I have zero faith in Kerry, as far as bringing peace to the ME, or anything else for that matter. He is just ineffective.

  232. Prabhata says:

    Nancy, Here is the info for Assad’s 3rd term.

    Syrian President Bashar Assad is set to be sworn in for his third seven-year term in office, local media reported.

    State TV said the swearing-in ceremony will go forward at noon on Wednesday, followed by a speech from Mr. Assad about his plans for the coming years, The Associated Press reported.

  233. alex says:


    Sen. Orrin Hatch plans to hold benefits for disabled Americans hostage in order to force Social Security cuts on everyone.

    A “Senate staff member” indicated that “Sen. Hatch hopes to focus on the disability issue to catalyze a broader discussion.”

    In other words, Hatch wants to prevent a temporary reallocation of funds from other programs – which Democratic and Republican Congresses alike have done in the past – in order to force a “broader discussion” of across-the-board cut in benefits for Social Security, and perhaps privatization as well.

    Right-wing wars of disinformation and demonization can be a wonder to behold, but the attacks on disabled recipients of Social Security benefits have been especially mean-spirited. Claims of “fraud” in the disability program are, simply put, counterfactual.

  234. alex says:

    The CA billionaire who wants to split CA into six separate states using CA ballot initiative November 2014:

  235. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jill Abramson interview

    ““It was said [I was fired] because of my management style,” Abramson said. “I’m a hard-charging editor and I’m sure that there were some people who worked for me who didn’t like that style. I think for a lot of people they liked that, they liked that I was kind of a stand up editor.”

    Abramson’s gender played prominently in the media coverage of her firing, but when Van Susteren asked her whether a male editor would have been fired for having the same management style, Abramson demurred.

    “What I do think broadly is that definitely, women in leadership roles are scrutinized constantly and sometimes differently than men,” she said. “Qualities that are seen as showing leadership or being assertive in men are seen — there are certain code words, ‘strident, ‘too tough,’ whatever. That’s just the world we live in.””

  236. Francis says:

    “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” should be inscribed on the threshold of any attempt for peace between Israel and Palestine. The region is engulfed in fear and hate and new generations are steeped in the same. My limited comprehension of the conflict can’t realistically see any lasting peace in the region. It seems more realistic that the war will ebb and flow reaching crises that pull in other nations to try to bring about a cease fire. I have come to accept their endless war as a reality akin to living with an incurable illness, in other words there is really nothing that I or anyone can do and I need to move on with my life by accepting it and letting go of the situation and all the anguish I feel for both sides.

  237. Anne's Aunt says:

    Palestine and Israel:

    “This means the two charts are virtually identical, with the same inner conflicts and complexes. When two individuals have the same inner complexes and enter a relationship with each other, they will constantly stimulate the difficulties inherent in those complexes. The same can be true of nations, and we have certainly seen this to be true with Israel and Palestine.

    The time difference means that the house structure is different than the Israeli chart even though all of the planets are in the same signs. I have used Cairo, Egypt as the birthplace, although using Gaza changes the angles by only 3 degrees or so. In any event, the house structure is different: the chart for the Palestinian state shows Aquarius rising rather than the Scorpio rising chart of Israel. Aquarius on the ascendant (rising) shows someone who values the collective more than the individual life; the ideal is the most important thing. The Palestinians have shown a willingness to sacrifice many lives for their ideal of returning to their homeland.”


    “Pluto will remain at this point through early November, at which point it will move into position to conjunct Jupiter. This is a long-range planetary cycle that will continue throughout the end of next year and will also involve an over the opposition between Uranus (radical thought) and Jupiter (expansion) in the chart of both Israel and the Palestinians. This transit could bring greater empowerment to both peoples if they can let go of the ego need (Leo Moon) to be right and engage in productive dialogue. Just as in relationships of individuals, however, the only way for peace to truly occur is if both are able to disengage and look within

    There is no doubt that we are in a cycle of global transformation and change that is leading up to the Uranus/Pluto square of 2010-2013. However, we cannot allow ourselve to sink into fear. FEAR can be explained as False Evidence Appearing Real, and we need to always step back and look at the bigger picture of what we are really doing here on planet Earth. As individuals we can make tremendous a difference in the world around us just by making small changes in ourselves and our own environment”.

  238. Jackson says:

    In other news, it appears that either the Russian or Ukrainian military has just shot down a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 in the Donetsk Oblast (Russia-dominated eastern Ukraine), with 295 onboard.


  239. Fe says:


    A Ukrainian Air Force jet was also downed by Russian jet today. Looks as though the Malaysian airliner and the Ukrainian jet incidents are related.

  240. Jackson says:

    The Ukrainian government is blaming it on Russian separatists (read: Russian army operatives). I read that to take out a passenger jet flying at 30.000+ feet with a surface-to-air missile, you’d have to have serious hardware, the kind only the military can access. The so-called separatists have access to Russian military hardware.

    Fox News Channel, on the other hand, is blaming the incident on U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

  241. Fe says:

    Of course Fox News would. However, I trust A-J on this one.

  242. Anne's Aunt says:

    Fe, it would be interesting to know the astrology on Fox news. Anyone have any info on that?

  243. Prabhata says:

    I don’t know about what type of hardware would be needed to intercept a plane flying very high and at a good velocity. But it’s a moving object that needs very precise instruments to intercept. Rebels, even if they have missile from launchers, don’t normally have the instruments that are associated with a combat planes or sophisticated air-defense systems. If it was shot down, my suspicion leans towards a military combat plane. Wouldn’t a radar system be needed?

  244. Sergey says:

    Ukraine has recently submitted evidence to the EU of Russia arming the separatists. Including “Buk” SAM launchers:

    One such launcher was used to shoot down a Ukrainian military transport plane several days ago.

    These launchers can shoot missiles 2.5 times higher then the 10 km that this civilian airliner was flying at.

    Also a well known separatist twitter feed was bragging about shooting down a second Ukrainian transport plane shortly before it became apparent that it was a civilian airliner instead:

    And that they have “Buk” launchers:

    The relevant tweets were quickly deleted.

  245. barbk says:

    This is eerily reminiscent of 2012’s two Sandy disasters; the hurricane in October and the school shooting in December. Now we have the two Kuala Lumpur/Malaysian jet disasters; the missing one in March and now the shot down one in July.

    Both the Sandy disasters had connections to the solar eclipse on May 20, 2012, and both the Malaysian airline disasters have connections with the solar eclipse on April 29, 2014, namely Neptune at 7+ Pisces and Chiron at 16+ Pisces.

  246. Prabhata says:

    Jackson, that article misses possibility 3: Kiev has all the hardware needed, and there have been reports that there were combat planes shadowing the Malaysia passenger plane.

    the tweet

    and all his other tweets:

    air controller (Kiev int’l airport) — Sorry — tweets are in Spanish (translator needs to be clicked)

  247. Sergey says:

    @Prabhata: Kiev has no such equipment in the area as that area is Rebel controlled. Rebels have not been using planes either so there would be no reason for Ukrainians to have fighters in the air or shoot SAM missiles. They’ve also denied doing so and the supposed Spanish air traffic controller tweet has not been confirmed anywhere at all.

  248. Jackson says:

    Prabhata, the reason that article skips over the possibility you mentioned is that, as Sergey pointed out, it’s much less likely. Donetsk Oblast is right on the Ukraine-Russian border, directly above the Sea of Azov and east of the Russian-controlled Crimea. That area is Ukraine in name only, and is controlled by Russian separatists and Russian operatives.

  249. alex says:

    Arkansas Senate Election – November 4, 2014

    Excerpt Email – Senator Mark Pryor (D)

    Challenger Congressman Tom Cotton (R):

    1. Tom Cotton doesn’t believe women deserve equal pay for equal work.

    When Congressman Tom Cotton had the opportunity to support pay equity legislation, he voted no. Cotton went out of his way to say he opposes paycheck fairness for women, even though a recent study showed that women in Arkansas earn just 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. It’s even worse for African American women (66 cents) and Latina women (53 cents).

    2. Tom Cotton said a woman’s greatest fear in life is being left by her man.

    Cotton also argued that women can’t handle divorce, saying they will, quote, “slide into…material indigence and emotional misery.”

    3. Tom Cotton doesn’t believe women can serve in combat units because of their “nature.”

    4. Tom Cotton voted against the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – not once, but twice.

  250. alex says:

    PETITION TO THE U.S. CONGRESS: We support the constitutional amendment that would give Congress and the states the authority to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions.

    If you want to see the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision overturned, you won’t believe what just happened.

    Last week, a key Senate committee referred a constitutional amendment giving Congress the power to reverse Citizens United to the full Senate for a vote.

    Now, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has filed that same constitutional amendment with the House of Representatives — and it already has 103 co-sponsors!

  251. Anne's Aunt says:

    Helpful or not? These two groups are denying the existence of each other and calling for their destruction. Are those, here, who deny the existence of Israel also calling for the destruction of Israel? If not, does anyone think diplomacy has any place in this conflict? or just let the mutual destruction just happen?

    “The Palestinian Authority makes no attempt to educate its people towards peace and coexistence with Israel. On the contrary, from every possible platform it repeatedly rejects Israel’s right to exist, presents the conflict as a religious battle for Islam, depicts the establishment of Israel as an act of imperialism, and perpetuates a picture of the Middle East, both verbally and visually, in which Israel does not exist at all. Israel’s destruction is said to be both inevitable and a Palestinian obligation. ”

    “Officials and public figures in Egypt are beginning to call for Israel and Egypt to wipe out Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which some are calling the “armed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization,” that runs the coastal enclave.”

  252. Sharon K says:

    Thank you for posting that side of the story, Anne’s Aunt. As was said here, no side is all right or all wrong–both are perpetuating wrongs on each other…it is a pretty complex situation with entrenched positions. I believe that part of what Israel does is defensiveness, knowing that the position of many Palestinians (and I don’t know how many) is to take over Israel. And, they teach their children very negative things about Israel and, by extension, Jews. Thus, Gideon Levy’s position, even though he lives there and goes to Gaza, does not seem to be the complete one.

  253. Sharon K says:

    rather, not based on the complete picture…

  254. shoalsister says:

    “SUDDEN QUIET: Less than two weeks ago, the sun was peppered with large active
    regions. Now, the face of the sun is almost completely blank. Suddenly, the
    sunspot number and the sun’s x-ray output have dropped to their lowest levels in
    years. Is Solar Maximum finished? Probably not, but the ongoing quiet spell is
    remarkable. Check for forecasts and further discussion.”

    I got sort of stuck on barbk’s use of “eerily” in describing solar eclipse connections in the twin disasters, and then this bit was in my email box…titled “Eerie Quiet Descends on the Sun” These disasters do have a quiet that descends around them, don’t they? I felt it all day and observed it in my fellow humans. My animals have also been walking soft. It is eerie…in a not scary way. There are times when the movie is very sad.

  255. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    But Sharon, after decades of mistreatment, you actually expect Palestinians to love Israel? And not say bad things about it? What has Israel ever done for the Palestinians to make them feel different? And this latest act of attempted genocide isn’t going to make them love Israel either. Add the land grabs, the displaced refugees, and the violence……

  256. Prabhata says:

    @Sergey: “Rebels have not been using planes either so there would be no reason for Ukrainians to have fighters”

    At this point suspicions has to who downed the M17 flight. But I want to correct the idea that Kiev doesn’t use fighters planes in the eastern Ukraine region. It has used them against the rebels from the beginnig. Here is a story to support that fact:

    “MOSCOW — The Ukrainian government said on Thursday that a Russian military plane had shot down a Ukrainian fighter jet in Ukrainian airspace the previous evening, a serious allegation of direct intervention by Russia’s armed forces.


    There was no immediate confirmation or denial by Russian officials. Vladislav Brig, a spokesman for one of the separatist groups in eastern Ukraine, said in a telephone interview that rebel fighters had shot rockets at two or three Ukrainian fighter jets on Wednesday evening. Mr. Brig said the rockets were fired from the ground.

    The Ukrainian government alleged a more dramatic midair confrontation, involving Russia.
    Continue reading the main story
    Related Coverage


    “Military aircraft of the Russian Federation carried out a rocket attack on a Su-25 plane of the armed forces of Ukraine, which was on a mission in Ukraine,” Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said on Thursday at a news briefing in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. “Our plane was shot down.”

  257. Jerry says:

    Israel launches its ground invasion last night. Estimated time of operation began at 10 pm local time according to the Wall St. article below. There’s a fairly exact Sun-Mars square (25 Cancer-Libra) in place that presumably activated the April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse chart. I would imagine things are going to get intense from here on out.

    Israel Launches Ground Invasion of Gaza

    Wall St. Journal
    July 17, 2014

    Israel launched an open-ended ground invasion of Gaza aimed at crushing Hamas militants after 10 days of aerial bombardment, sending thousands of troops with tanks and armored vehicles into the Palestinian territory.

    The operation began at about 10 p.m. local time Thursday after Palestinian militants fired more than 100 rockets into Israel at the end of a five-hour cease-fire meant to allow Gazans to restock on food and other supplies.

    The ground incursion was accompanied by heavy airstrikes and the most widespread warnings yet to Palestinian residents, urging them to clear out of the way of impending attacks. The operation spanned the entire border between Israel and Gaza, about 36 miles, the military said.


  258. Anne's Aunt says:

    But Carol, no one said palestinians should “love” Israelis And NO ONE has said that palestinians should not “say bad things” about Israel. Sharon certainly never said that or even remotely implied it. NO ONE here has said that or even remotely implied it! so I don’t know why you are misreading that. Why escalate this into an either/or situation which calls for violence and destruction? Are there more kinds of connections between planets, nations and individuals other than violent oppositions?

  259. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry I can’t help but think you and others actually WANT destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews. It does not seem like many here are wanting diplomacy and non-violent approaches to resolution.

  260. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    Will giving Palestinians their land back or compensation destroy Israel? No. What will happen is that people will live together in peace. You act as if you took the boot of their necks, Palestinians will immediately start a campaign of slaughter or something. I’ve heard that rationalization before: South Africa, desegregation, legalization, whatever. And when those things happen anyway, people are stunned at how peaceful things actually go.

  261. kiwi says:

    The definition of insanity: doing things the same way over and over and expecting different results.

  262. Jerry says:

    Putin’s Dangerous Proxy War

    July 17, 2014

    Vladimir Putin has been playing a dangerous game in Eastern Ukraine. On Thursday, it backfired badly.

    Ever since seizing Crimea earlier this year, the Russian president has been offering tacit – and sometimes more direct – support to pro-Russian separatist groups battling the Ukrainian government. Although Putin seems to have backed off the idea of a cross-border military invasion and has been trying, half-heartedly it appears, to disengage himself from the conflict, he’s yet to make a full break with the rebels.

    After Thursday’s shoot-down of a Malaysian Airlines flight over rebel-held territory in Ukraine’s volatile east, killing 295 people, he may no longer have much choice in the matter.

    If the rebels are responsible for the downing of Flight 17 (and from all appearances that seems to be the case), they have dealt Putin a grievous blow – one that will likely force him to cut ties with them or face even harsher economic and diplomatic censure. But whatever choice he makes, the fallout from this tragedy could reverberate for years to come. It provides an object lesson in the dangers of getting too cozy with insurgents who are neither under one’s control nor with whom one’s interests are firmly aligned.


  263. Anne's Aunt says:


    “What will happen is that people will live together in peace.”. So you think that peace, real and lasting peace will happen with force and violence? I’ve heard that rationalization before.

    Response in South Africa was to change the laws, not to take over and destroy the country or opposition with violence!! It took massive international pressure on the South African government and white population which was extremely helpful. It did not take calls for the destruction of South Africa or calls for further violence to achieve that. After the laws were changed and Mandela became president he was actually peaceful and lead the country that way. He did NOT violently exact revenge.

    Who here is saying that because they do NOT want to destroy Israel that no one should criticize Israeli politicians and government and treatment of Hamas and palestinian populations? NO ONE.

    And you REALLY think that if someone** destroys Israel they can all just live in peace and harmony with some butterflies and candy colored clouds floating by?

    **just who is going to destroy the state of Israel to achieve peace? The US? Egypt? Iran? Syria? Any one of those attempting to completely destroy that nation would have to bomb it out of existence with the murder of millions of jews and others living in that country.

  264. Jerry says:


    Are you asking for my personal opinion? From my perspective it’s all about about spiritual transformation and change. The current trends in world affairs in my view are a progression to that end.

    With that being said however, our conversation ended yesterday on a somewhat curious, strange note. Your intermittent diatribes about allowing other people the right to exist, if sincere, should naturally extend to views other than your own. In spite of your insistence to the contrary however one gets the feeling there isn’t an interested listener on the other end of the line. I sense an intransigence there. Anything added to the above opening comment “it’s all about about spiritual transformation and change” therefore would most likely be immediately dismissed out of hand. So, we shall have to leave it there.

  265. Anne's Aunt says:

    Our own CIA assassinated leaders of countries they disapproved of, or even considered a threat. Did that many times, mostly in South America. It NEVER resulted in peace where everyone just lived together in peace.

  266. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry I allow you to exist! I listen to you and show you the respect of doing so. Sometimes I don’t agree with you, or you with me. I never get the sense that you want to deny my very existence from that. Simple disagreement is NOT the SAME as denying another to exist. Why is that hard to understand?

  267. Anne's Aunt says:

    And Jerry I have never called for your destruction. I have never wanted the destruction of you personally or any of your ideas or opinions. Maybe you are being insistent on thinking that I mean something that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT!

  268. Anne's Aunt says:

    I thought this blog was liberal in orientation. I don’t know any actual liberals who think violence is the answer. I don’t know any liberals who are calling for the destruction of Israel. Even the harshest liberal critics have not called for the destruction of Israel.

  269. Jerry says:


    Verbally listening and offering a rebuttal in return…… I’m not sure that can be characterized as listening. Debate yes. But is that truly listening? But anyway, you are diverging from that original comment of yours. You wrote:

    “Jerry I can’t help but think you and others actually WANT destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews.”

    And once again, in my view, the main theme that needs to be stressed is that these conditions, may be paving the way towards major change – a spiritual transformation. You can take issue with that or accept it on face value as my “distorted” perception. However you interpret it, there’s no need to defend or argue on these points. Does it matter who is right or wrong? We may be facing a major crisis in the the near future and this little interaction of ours may not be of any consequence. What life may be asking of us is to rise above all these trivial concerns and look deeper.

  270. Anne's Aunt says:

    “it’s all about about spiritual transformation and change”. Who does not want that in your view? Everyone on earth who has an astrological chart wants that — from THEIR perspective, tho maybe not yours. I have not ever questioned that about you. You apparently do not understand my words, you but unlike you, I would never say you do it intentionally or from your personal blindness or lack of “spirituality” or try to insult you in that way! Your assumptions about me personally, my “spirituality” and intentions are simply wrong. I don’t blame you like you seem to do to me. I do not take disagreement as a personal attack or an attempt to negate my ideas or my very existence.

    I have experienced disagreement often – after all I am part of a family. I never dismiss them outright or want them to cease to exist. Actually I love them. I don’t always agree with them. I didn’t agree with my dad’s wishes for how my life should be run by me and that was a deep disagreement. We never negated our relationship over that. I know some have for survival’s sake. We are still very much connected. I talk to my mom long distance a couple of times a week, fly out to visit her several times a year and cook her 3-5 months of dinners and freeze them. I have power of attorney for my dad’s care in a nursing home, monitor it regularly, get regular updates from my mom and family and his old friends. He pretty did much to deny me the right to my existence as a free person who had the right to my own opinions and life. I still love him and am very connected to him.

  271. Anne's Aunt says:

    “these conditions, may be paving the way towards major change – a spiritual transformation”. I agree in a very theoretical sort of way. But exactly WHO is going to impose the disbandment of the Israeli government? Which person, blog, individual or other nation is going to set those ‘conditions’?

    “Does it matter who is right or wrong?” Yes it does. However do you mean one side is right and another is wrong in such an ancient and complicated situation? If so, just who is going to say that who has not already been expressing their opposing views of that is right or wrong? They, and everyone else, has been expressing their own ideas of what is right and wrong there for CENTURIES. And does violence really determine that simple idea of right or wrong? No. Hasn’t in the ME so far. Maybe the next round of violence will solve it and BOTH sides seem committed to this idea.

    When there is a movement towards the ‘right’ it is in places like South Africa where.

    When I see something I consider wrong, like the US drug laws and policies I do not call for the destruction of the US. I advocate peacefully for the DEA to be disbanded, which I know it will not in the near future. I support small steps in getting there tho, like legalizing pot and revising criminal prosecutions of addicts and horrendous jail times that I see as unfair, and often racist.

    “What life may be asking of us is to rise above all these trivial concerns and look deeper”. Yes life is always asking us to all rise above our lives to deepen our spirituality. The Buddhists say something like this: Before enlightenment you do trivial tasks and after enlightenment you still do trivial tasks.

  272. Jerry says:


    It comes back full circle to my original post. If there is truly an interest for answers to humanities seemingly unsoluble problems, we have to stay focused on the underlying causes and not treat the outward superficial symptoms. Change begins with the individual. We need to be aware of how utterly self-possessed and consumed we are with ourselves. Our petty desires and interests. That requires some degree of humility. We are the world. Change begins with ourselves.

  273. Anne's Aunt says:

    So far Obama and the US government has approached setting conditions on other countries with the use of public condemnation and then sanctions both of which are non-violent. I with Obama and the US would start to condemn Israel and actually place sanctions on it too.

  274. Helen says:

    The flight path of the MH17 jet that was shot down was diverted to pass directly over the war zone. Was originally intended to pass around the area – screencap can be confirmed for yourself here:

  275. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, you go right ahead and study the underlying causes for conflict in the ME or conflicts between religions or ethnicities or languages. You are certainly not the only one doing that. Many have for many centuries and will continue to do so.

    “We need to be aware of how utterly self-possessed and consumed we are with ourselves. Our petty desires and interests. That requires some degree of humility. We are the world. Change begins with ourselves.” Totally agree with this. I think many would. So I don’t know if you are actually addressing this to me or just speaking rhetorically. I, personally, think calls for violence are not humble. Calls for violence in the ME, or against for example abortion providers do not elevate the individual who makes them. I disagree with calls for violence in general. If I wished to call for violence I feel it would not be productive for me in my personal experience/knowledge of/relationships with others or with our collective minds. ‘We are the world’ and our active calls for more and more violence is definitely part of that. I won’t add to it.

  276. Anne's Aunt says:


    “The essence of Buddhism is compassion. I believe that compassion is the root of all our world’s religions. What is compassion? It is a desire within each and every individual to free others from suffering. When the Dalai Lama came to the US and Canada for the first time in 1979, his audiences raised the question, “What is your message to us?” He answered with one word: “Compassion.” He knew well at that time that the world of the late 20th and 21st centuries would have great need for compassion. We all have the seed of compassion, or the seed of peace, within us. …snip….Buddhists believe that the best way to help others is with the guidance of wisdom and compassion. Wisdom is like a pair of eyes and compassion, which is motivated from the heart, is like the hard drive of a computer. If we cannot help others or be good human beings ourselves, the Buddha said at least do no harm to others. The reason why Buddha said do no harm to others is that if we harm others, the harm or pain will backfire and have a negative effect upon us as well. This is a fact. In Buddhism we call this a natural law: that which is always true. If we kill one person we will gain ten or more new enemies. The more violence we engage in, the more our enemies and suffering will increase. Without compassion there will be almost no end to violence and suffering.

    We can look back on our world history. I don’t know that much about the history of the world, but let me say this. Think of a person like Hitler. I think he must have known that in order to achieve absolute power he first had to kill the people he disliked or those who opposed him, and the number of people he killed totaled some 11 or 12 million. However, many of the kinds of people he disliked increased anyway, and he died an early death. So when did he achieve happiness from his power? What was his point in creating that much violence? We have another saying in Tibet: “your bad reputation and bad influence will last far longer than your life.” This is exactly what happens. It is therefore time to change the course of history rather than repeat the same misdeeds and ruthless acts again and again.”


  277. alex says:

    DOD 7/17/2014 MH17 jet shot down over Ukraine

    Josep Lange dedicated his life to researching HIV. Since 1983, he has been studying the virus and working to develop possible treatments. Lange was the architect and principal investigator of several pivotal trials on antiretroviral therapy and on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

    “Joep had an absolute commitment to HIV treatment and care in Asia and Africa,” Professor David A Cooper stated. “The joy in collaborating with Joep was that he would always bring a fresh view, a unique take on things, and he never accepted that something was impossible to achieve.”

  278. alex says:

    Film culture 1978

    Heaven Can Wait

    “You’re the quarterback”

    “Mr. Pendleton you know where you are don’t you – this is not a dream”

  279. Jerry says:

    Not a very difficult thing to understand…..

    The problem for most of us (and I speak for myself as well) is that we divorce ourselves from what’s going on outwardly; thinking the problem is out there – separate from ourselves; that it’s the arabs or the israeli’s or whatever else ails the world. We don’t see how we are a contributing factor; that we are equally intolerant and divisive (although we rarely like to admit it). We think the conflict is distinctly different from ourselves because let’s face it; we presume to be better or more capable. There’s very little compassion and humility in this. Thinking that it’s the Israeli’s or the arabs is a diversionary tactic – a lazy, dysfunctional way of thinking. Pride is the culprit. What we don’t realize is that this elitist type of thinking comes at a cost. We sadly wonder why there is so much confusion and chaos around us; wholly unaware that we are part of it. That my friend is the disconnect.

  280. Anne's Aunt says:

    Geez Jerry “Verbally listening and offering a rebuttal in return…… I’m not sure that can be characterized as listening. Debate yes. But is that truly listening?”.

    I don’t know how exactly you define listening. You would need to communicate that to me since I don’t know what YOU actually mean by “listening”. For myself, I do take the time and make the effort to read your comments. I even take the time to respond as best I can. I don’t always agree with you or others but that does not mean I am not listening. Do you think I will change my convictions if I “listen” to all sides or to you specifically? If you or anyone else who advocates violence think I can be convinced by your verbal arguments then I can pretty much say, that even tho I will listen to all sides of arguments in the ME and will deeply consider them, I will not be convinced that violence is a right action. — from ANY SIDE.

    I hope you read and enjoy my comment about Buddhist thought. I find it relevant.

  281. Jerry says:

    You may be taking this exchange much too personally. Read my last entry (2:03 am). Consider it a summation between you and I. I don’t think there is anything more to share beyond that. At least not from my end.

  282. Prabhata says:

    Jerry says: “We don’t see how we are a contributing factor”.

    Exactly. As long as we are part, of the drama, we contribute. We don’t see the connections that a war in the ME is the same as the disputes on a highway, or with a family member. We think that there’s no connection. We may not carry weapons and do all the mayhem that soldiers do, but the emotion is the same, if not in the same concentration, like vinegar at 5% vs. 20%

  283. Jerry says:

    Re: Listening.

    Very easy. The fact is, we really don’t know anything (intellectual understanding is nothing more than posturing). Let go of all the excess baggage (pre-conceived notions) and then listen. Just say – “I don’t know”. It’s a wonderful way to start the day. Try it. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result.

  284. alex says:

    Election Day Nov 4th, 2014 is in 108 days, 14 hours, 5 minutes

  285. starlight says:

    New post up:

    Note also from the current post on Israel and Gaza:

    In addition, the progressed Israeli Moon is now quincunx natal Pluto (12Leo39), from July 2 through August 1 and then dissipating, signifying an increase in agitation, anxiety, and intense emotions among the population through July.

    The final indicator of the current crisis may found in the 2014 Spring Equinox chart drawn for Jerusalem, where the MC of 16 1/2 Cancer is currently being squared by the station of transiting Uranus, from June 1 through July 27. This transit points to enormous upheaval and fast-moving, transformative circumstances impacting the country through July.

  286. barbk says:

    . . . . but whose counting, right alex?

    Transiting Sedna has moved on from an exact conjunction with the Sun in the Israel chart but she will return and station there in January. Sedna’s myth involved a social setting wherein the young girl Sedna was coerced into a lifestyle she did not desire (marriage) because it was expected of all young girls. However, she finally did accept the marriage offer of a stranger that sounded tolerable (and she was probably tired of being pushed into a decision) that turned out to be a disaster and cost her her life. Even her society did not benefit from the union.

    It would appear (and I’m sure most citizens of Israel agree) that all other nations are demanding that Israel relinquish what she considers hers and share it with another whom she is not fond of. :) If I’m reading Sedna’s story right, it could mean that. . . if and when Israel were to finally agree to a shared space, it could mean her downfall and none of her neighbors would benefit either.

    Regarding the matter of the national election on November 4th, I have a new theory to float.

    Right now we are in the throes of a situation symbolized by transiting Uranus quincunx transiting Saturn, the 2 rulers of the sign of Aquarius. This is a point of adjustment between them in their cycle which began with their conjunction (3 of them) in October 1988. The chart for their 3rd and final conjunction has the North Node (opportunity for growth) at 13+ Pisces. A T-square with the Virgo South Node (easy to do but no growth) and centaur Pholus (some small thing turns into a real brouhaha) at 13+ Gemini.

    On Election Day this November, Chiron will be at 13+ Pisces (trine the U.S. Sun in Cancer) where the NN was in 1988 while trans. Uranus will be at 13+ Aries square the U.S. Sun. If Election Day’s Uranus in Aries is combined with the 1988 Uranus-Saturn conjunction chart’s Pholus in Gemini you get a sextile. By combining that sextile with the transiting Sun at the end of Election Day (13 Scorpio) a yod is formed with the apex point being the transiting Scorpio Sun.

    This could be an important thing if you accept the notion that Time (Saturn) is an Illusion used by human beings on Earth in order to assimilate consciousness (and growth) in small, more digestible bites. Here’s why.

    The U.S. voters (symbolized by the Moon in astrology and specifically by the Aquarian Moon in the U.S. chart) will be experiencing the agitation symbolized by the return of transiting centaur Nessus conjunct the U.S. Moon. Nessus symbolizes generations of abuses that need to be overcome. When these voters get ready to cast their votes, transiting Jupiter (understanding) at 20+ Leo will aspect the U.S. opposition between natal Chiron (20+ Aries) by trine and Juno (20+ Libra) by sextile, both symbols of suffering; Juno through lack of respect and Chiron through lack of medical knowledge.

    This “understanding” combined with trans. Nessus conjunct the People’s Moon and transiting Uranus square the U.S. Cancer Sun (while transiting Chiron trines the U.S. Sun) will stimulate any latent rebellion against government intransigence.

    Okay, now the Uranus-Saturn quincunx (need for adjustment) is at work on this day; trans. Uranus square the U.S. Sun (consciousness) and trans. Saturn (stability) trine the U.S. Mercury (thinking, voting) and the stage is set. The TRANS. SUN is coming into place at 12+ Scorpio (transformation, deeply held feelings) to perfect a yod with the sextile of TRANS. URANUS and the 1988 (Uranus-Saturn conjunction) chart’s PHOLUS at 13+ Gemini (stimulated into action by trans. Chiron at 13+ Pisces).

    At the release point (apex), transiting Sun will be in the U.S. chart’s 11th house of like-minded friends and groups which suggest to me that a large turnout – busloads even – will be voting. This transiting Sun will trine the U.S. Sun as it does every November election day.

    This makes me feel a lot like I did just before Barack Obama got elected. . . when Saturn was opposed Uranus; confident.

  287. Lorrie U says:

    Goodbye and good riddance to this thread!