Explosive Events

It has been a difficult summer for President Obama. It seems like every hot spot in the world is erupting simultaneously, each with its own set of intractable problems. Iraq is fracturing into three parts – controlled alternatively by violent Sunni extremists, the Kurds in the North, or a dysfunctional and tyrannical Shiite government – and may be impossible to suture back into one piece. Israel and Gaza are once again at war, with Israel now invading its relentless foe. Meanwhile, Syria’s civil war continues apace, with Assad beginning his third term with taunts of “I told you so” to the world, while his ravaged nation overflows its borders in a massive refugee crisis.  The violent clash between the Ukraine and Russia is again escalating, with the horrific rocket attack on a Malaysian Air passenger jet subsuming the conflict in a global furor. And, at home in the US, the Southern border is awash in children seeking refuge from violence and poverty in their Central American homelands. There are no easy pickings here.

From late May through September 1, the president is under a combination of Saturn transits that point to the frustration and difficulty he is currently under. Most notable is the extremely stressful, protracted Saturn station sesquiquadrate his Venus (1Cancer47) from June 12 to August 3. The conflicting desire to care for these refugee children (Venus), while constrained by numerous legal, financial, and political limitations (Saturn) seems aptly described by this transit.

Also notable is the number of potent and slow-moving Mars transits occurring during this Saturn/Venus period in Obama’s chart. These describe the unusual number of global conflagrations of violence we have seen erupting in the past few months that have created the context for much of the ongoing stress impacting the president. Most recently, during the Mars/North Node conjunction from July 11 through July 13, there was a huge escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza. Then, on Monday, July 14, a brief window of hope occurred for a ceasefire. This glimmer was rapidly extinguished when Hamas continued its rocket launches into Israel. The ceasefire was attempted as the Mars/Node conjunction (23Libra59) began to separate and just before the Sun/Mars square (24 -27 Cancer/Libra) began to take hold, from July 16 through 19. Now, with the Mars/Sun square in full swing, Israel has begun an invasion.

Another manifestation of the explosive Mars/Sun square has been the catastrophic destruction of a Malaysian Air flight over Ukraine, ostensibly by a rocket launched by pro-Russian rebels. This dangerous aspect is likely to bring further violence and convulsive events before it passes, especially during the afternoon and evening of July 18 (EDT) when the Moon forms a T-square with these two fiery bodies.

By July 19 or July 20, as the Sun/Mars square begins to wane, hope for an actual ceasefire in Israel might become more realistic. Sunday, July 20, is also the day that both Uranus and Saturn change direction and begin to separate from a multi-week quincunx. This has been strengthening the Uranus transit square the MC of Israel’s Spring chart MC (16 ½ Cancer), another highly agitating and volatile configuration that will continue through July 27.

If no ceasefire between Israel and Gaza comes just after July 19, the next likely time for a cessation of hostilities may come in the last couple of days of the month or the first couple of days of August.  By August 3, the Saturn sesquiquadrate to Obama’s Venus will begin to wane, somewhat easing the various pressures on him until Saturn moves into a square with his Ascendant 10 days later for the duration of the month. Thus, some of the current intractable crises may ease during that 10 day period between August 3 and August 13.

It seems likely, however, that some kind of stressful event, perhaps a late summer super-storm, will occupy the president and the nation during the second half of August.  This period will see the final crossing of Saturn square to Obama’s Ascendant (18Aquarius03) while Saturn will also be sesquiquadrate the US Venus (3Cancer06) at the same time. The Mars/Saturn conjunction (17Scorpio40) on August 23 through August 24 is likely to exacerbate whatever circumstances are unfolding.

For the present, the current Sun/Mars square is taking a huge toll. The world is in a furor over the nearly 300 lost lives in a blown up passenger jet, while Israel prepares to widen its ground offensive in Gaza. The explosive violence of this aspect will continue to wreak havoc until it begins to wane in the early hours of July 19 in Washington and closer to mid-day in Israel and Ukraine.


  1. starlight says:

    Excellent article posted by Jerry in the previous thread, discussing potential ramifications of the shot down airliner:


    Also note that the converse progressed Mars square to Russia’s natal Sun, discussed in previous articles on Russia, begins to wane in mid-July, i.e. NOW. So perhaps some of their military adventuring will dissipate after the smoke clears on this horrific event.

  2. Jackson says:

    I think yesterday may be referred to in the future as the day Vladimir Putin jumped the shark.

  3. Ardy says:

    May I say, Jackson, I said exactly the same thing about Putin to my husband today. Putin’s reaction to the murder of 300 people on board the plane was disgusting and unacceptable; and IMO separated him from civilised discourse.

  4. starlight says:

    Jackson – That is such a great phrase. Perfect description of what has transpired.

  5. fergie says:

    It seems that all the stars are always against the President either beginning, or about to end. (Saturn this and that with Mars around the corner) When does any good happen for him if ever in his term? Does Saturn ever go away for a while… is there ever respite?
    Thank you for all your work.

  6. will says:

    Starlight, you wrote:

    “Also notable is the number of potent and slow-moving Mars transits occurring during this Saturn/Venus period in Obama’s chart. These describe the unusual number of global conflagrations of violence we have seen erupting in the past few months that have created the context for much of the ongoing stress impacting the president.”

    Curious as to why you believe these world-wide events are so personally involved in President Obama’s chart? It almost implies that he is the center of the entire globe, with every conflagration in every nation translating into a transit in his very own birth chart – as if he is the sun itself and everything revolves around him. I understand how his chart would relate to this country – but how do events in entirely different nations and regions become a part of his personal transits?

  7. Prabhata says:

    Buddha: ““Now, Kalamas, don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought.”

    Zen is particularly strong on this teaching, to go after the truth by being open: “Don’t know”. The only thing we know is our own experience, but even that is colored by our limited senses and limited understanding.

  8. margriet says:

    Ostensibly: “seeming or said to be true or real but very possibly not true or real”.
    Starlight wrote “ostensibly by a rocket launched by pro-Russian rebels”
    The plane left from Holland, and there were at least 180 Dutch passengers on board (Dutch = from Holland). (I am also Dutch).
    However, the Dutch government doesn’t assume yet the plane was shot by pro-russians/Putin. They want it investigated ‘until the bottom stone has been turned up’. They reason that if they’d start blaming now, chances for a serious investigation will only diminish.
    Putin said he also wants an independent investigation; the Dutch government takes it from there.
    So I don’t know if Putin is on the shark yet.

  9. alex says:



    Southern black voters don’t usually play a decisive role in national elections. They were systematically disenfranchised for 100 years after the end of the Civil War. Since the days of Jim Crow, a fairly unified white Southern vote has often determined the outcome of elections.

    This November could be different. Nearly five decades after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, black voters in the South are poised to play a pivotal role in this year’s midterm elections. If Democrats win the South and hold the Senate, they will do so because of Southern black voters.

  10. Lorrie U says:

    shoalsister (on previous thread) – “My animals have also been walking soft” – Interesting; I’ve noticed the same thing in mine as well.

  11. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – Thanks for your last post on the last thread, especially comforted by the last two paragraphs. Since it’s important and could be overlooked, I’m reposting it here:

    Transiting Sedna has moved on from an exact conjunction with the Sun in the Israel chart but she will return and station there in January. Sedna’s myth involved a social setting wherein the young girl Sedna was coerced into a lifestyle she did not desire (marriage) because it was expected of all young girls. However, she finally did accept the marriage offer of a stranger that sounded tolerable (and she was probably tired of being pushed into a decision) that turned out to be a disaster and cost her her life. Even her society did not benefit from the union.

    It would appear (and I’m sure most citizens of Israel agree) that all other nations are demanding that Israel relinquish what she considers hers and share it with another whom she is not fond of. :) If I’m reading Sedna’s story right, it could mean that. . . if and when Israel were to finally agree to a shared space, it could mean her downfall and none of her neighbors would benefit either.

    Regarding the matter of the national election on November 4th, I have a new theory to float.

    Right now we are in the throes of a situation symbolized by transiting Uranus quincunx transiting Saturn, the 2 rulers of the sign of Aquarius. This is a point of adjustment between them in their cycle which began with their conjunction (3 of them) in October 1988. The chart for their 3rd and final conjunction has the North Node (opportunity for growth) at 13+ Pisces. A T-square with the Virgo South Node (easy to do but no growth) and centaur Pholus (some small thing turns into a real brouhaha) at 13+ Gemini.

    On Election Day this November, Chiron will be at 13+ Pisces (trine the U.S. Sun in Cancer) where the NN was in 1988 while trans. Uranus will be at 13+ Aries square the U.S. Sun. If Election Day’s Uranus in Aries is combined with the 1988 Uranus-Saturn conjunction chart’s Pholus in Gemini you get a sextile. By combining that sextile with the transiting Sun at the end of Election Day (13 Scorpio) a yod is formed with the apex point being the transiting Scorpio Sun.

    This could be an important thing if you accept the notion that Time (Saturn) is an Illusion used by human beings on Earth in order to assimilate consciousness (and growth) in small, more digestible bites. Here’s why.

    The U.S. voters (symbolized by the Moon in astrology and specifically by the Aquarian Moon in the U.S. chart) will be experiencing the agitation symbolized by the return of transiting centaur Nessus conjunct the U.S. Moon. Nessus symbolizes generations of abuses that need to be overcome. When these voters get ready to cast their votes, transiting Jupiter (understanding) at 20+ Leo will aspect the U.S. opposition between natal Chiron (20+ Aries) by trine and Juno (20+ Libra) by sextile, both symbols of suffering; Juno through lack of respect and Chiron through lack of medical knowledge.

    This “understanding” combined with trans. Nessus conjunct the People’s Moon and transiting Uranus square the U.S. Cancer Sun (while transiting Chiron trines the U.S. Sun) will stimulate any latent rebellion against government intransigence.

    Okay, now the Uranus-Saturn quincunx (need for adjustment) is at work on this day; trans. Uranus square the U.S. Sun (consciousness) and trans. Saturn (stability) trine the U.S. Mercury (thinking, voting) and the stage is set. The TRANS. SUN is coming into place at 12+ Scorpio (transformation, deeply held feelings) to perfect a yod with the sextile of TRANS. URANUS and the 1988 (Uranus-Saturn conjunction) chart’s PHOLUS at 13+ Gemini (stimulated into action by trans. Chiron at 13+ Pisces).

    At the release point (apex), transiting Sun will be in the U.S. chart’s 11th house of like-minded friends and groups which suggest to me that a large turnout – busloads even – will be voting. This transiting Sun will trine the U.S. Sun as it does every November election day.

    This makes me feel a lot like I did just before Barack Obama got elected. . . when Saturn was opposed Uranus; confident.

  12. Anne's Aunt says:

    My previous comment seems to have not gone thru and I think it maybe was that link. I’ll re-post it without the link:

    Excellent article Nancy. One of the astrological links from the last thread (I think it was Jerry’s) said something about beware of deceptions and false flag operations. I wonder if it was actually Putin who ordered that missile attack, if it was a Putin sanctioned group of russian separatists, if it was some radical break off group of separatists or? Hard to tell for CERTAIN at this point in time. BUK missiles are not easy to come by so it could be assumed it was some group that has some connections and power. Russia and Ukraine are busy pointing fingers at each other and trying to get an audience for that (actually much like Israel and Hamas). Altho not 100% obvious it seems likely, to me, that russia was involved and therefore Putin.

    “The scale of the disaster could prove a turning point for international pressure to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, which has killed hundreds since pro-Western protests toppled the Moscow-backed president in Kiev in February and Russia annexed the Crimea peninsula a month later.” (huffpo)

    So far the US has been most vocal in its condemnation of Russia and president Obama has boldly stated that very clearly. Since this happened with a Malaysian plane coming from Amsterdam with no intention of stopping anywhere near Ukraine, the Europeans seem to now be drawn more into this.

    “Vice President of Malaysia Airlines Europe Huib Gorter told reporters that the 15 crew members on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were all Malaysian nationals. He gave a breakdown of the known nationalities of the 280 passengers: 154 were Dutch, 27 were Australians, 23 were Malaysians, 11 were Indonesian, six were from the United Kingdom, four were from Germany; four were from Belgium, three were from the Philippines and one was Canadian. Authorities were still trying to determine the nationalities of the other passengers.”

    There seems to be intentionally set confusion about who and why this attack originated and what was the source of the missile.

  13. Lorrie U says:

    I thought President Obama looked horribly tired and aged this morning, God bless him!

  14. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will I think major world events could be seen in Obama’s chart, just as it would in Putin’s, Ukraine’s, Malaysian airlines, and all directly involved.

  15. starlight says:

    will – The border crisis effects him the most, but all of these things add pressure. He tries to handle things cautiously and without over-committing the US. He gets barraged with criticism (Saturn) for that. His admintration’s efforts for peace in Israel are a dismal failure. One could say much of this does not effect him and he really has little power to do much, but he is responsible for crafting some kind of US policy to deal with all of these situations. And they are all impossible. There are no successes embedded here, no happy outcomes, and lots of blame even if undeserved.

  16. Anne's Aunt says:

    I do think president Obama deeply wants immigration reform. He was a strong advocate of the Dream Act. I’m sure he cares about these children refugees. I do wish, however, that he had made the show of visiting them. But, yes, he would have probably faced incredible and non-productive criticism about that from extreme R/Ts.

    Not caring does not seem to be a problem for him. It is a problem for him that there are no easy answers to issues. And he has to work within Bush’s legacy and with extremist opposition. Not easy to navigate and he makes some mistakes which deserves a little criticism from his base which does not mean non-support.

  17. lisam says:

    Until conclusive evidence is in, no one should jump to conclusions about which side downed the Malaysian plane. In this article, one US official puts forward an opinion that it was downed by Ukranian separatists, based on info that he has.


  18. Anne's Aunt says:

    I think it’s good to remember that Likud is not the same as Israel and Hamas is not the same as Palestine. Both are, at best, political parties with their own party stances.

    “Hamas was founded in 1987 (during the First Intifada) as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.[3][4] Co-founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin stated in 1987, and the Hamas Charter affirmed in 1988, that Hamas was founded to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation and to establish an Islamic state in the area that is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.” from wiki

    For example if the Tea-party called for the destruction of, say, Canada or Washington DC would that be considered workable? I doubt it!

  19. alex says:

    Everyone in advertising is buying exhaustive records of your purchases—all your purchases—and comparing them to your viewing habits so that they know which ads you saw and whether or not they changed your behavior.


  20. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, I really appreciated your comment about ‘how to listen’ on the last thread. Thank you for sharing that.

    The very act of listening to what we disagree with or what is banned from being said is subversive. Here’s some Buddhist thought on the act of listening:

    “The Buddha encouraged people to think for themselves, to reason out and test for themselves and not to be bound by any blind belief. No dogmas find footing in his teachings. The religion of Vedic sacrifice was the predominant cult followed by the majority of people in India at his time, and there were penalties for any infraction of the rules. If a man of a unacceptable caste listened to Veda-reciting, his eardrums would be ruptured as a punishment. If any of the lowest caste uttered any passage of Vedas his tongue would be cut off. If any person of the same low caste would somehow enter any of their holy centers and watch their ceremonies their eyes would be gorged out. People of other classes or castes had to pay respect and cater to the needs of Brahmins with no questions whatsoever. Such was the situation in ancient India at the time of the appearance of the Buddha”

  21. starlight says:

    Fergie – I have always maintained that this four years would be far more difficult than the previous one. Being president during all the sturm und dram of the Uranus/Pluto square is not small thing. Plus the Inaugural chart has that very tight Moon/Mars square which points to lots of anger in the country, much of it aimed at the administration.

    There are still some difficult patches for the president, and the current one is certainly one of them. My sense is that November 2015 onward will show a great improvement. Until that time, the US is under Pluto opposite the US Sun, and the Sun in the chart of a country describes its leader. So there will be enormous power struggles with the GOP and maybe with Putin, as well as other issues that come up. The Saturn “patches” will come and go, with some periods worse than others. It is not all bad but it is a very stressful time in the world and the country.

  22. Anne's Aunt says:

    Also, the job of president is not a stress free and happy job. It’s a very difficult job requiring all inner resources. The greatest leaders are often judged by the difficulties they dealt with and how they deal with them. So, I don’t think wishing for a happy stress free chart for Obama is really rooting for him

  23. Trudy says:

    Interesting information re: crash
    4 minutes


  24. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, I couldn’t agree with your post more. Prejudging = prejudice. It is so difficult to not have an opinion but no opinion is ever final as there is so much more we do not see or know.

  25. lisam says:

    Interesting photo captured by motorist showing the parting of clouds during a storm, looks almost biblical :)


  26. will says:


    I agree with you about the border crisis because that is directly affecting the homeland. Not so much with things abroad although I do agree he takes gobs of undeserved blame from Fox News, et al.

  27. Prabhata says:

    Sharon K, our prejudgements are taught. We are born empty. The trick is to “see” the prejudgements. It gets easier as one meditates more and more, catching our reactive patterns, like robots.

  28. Prabhata says:

    Unfortunately, I put down this book about a year ago, reading only half of it.


    “Everyone is governed by his own set of reactions to impressions—that is, to life—whether he is revolutionary or conservative, or good or bad in the ordinary sense. And these reactions are his life. Mankind is mechanical in this sense.”

    Nicoll, Maurice (2012-01-21). Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky 1 (Kindle Locations 1743-1745). TRANSCRIPT solutions. Kindle Edition.

  29. Prabhata says:

    I know that the sentence about reactive patters (10:11pm) has a dangling modifier. Nicoll Maurice says it clearly.

  30. starlight says:

    And we wouldn’t want to forget ISIS during this Mars/Sun square:


    Iraqi Christians are fleeing Mosul after Islamist militants threatened to kill them unless they converted to Islam or paid a “protection tax”.

    A statement issued by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis) was read out at the city’s mosques.

    It called on Christians to comply by midday on Saturday or face death if they did not leave the northern city.

  31. Lorrie U says:

    Rachel Maddow tonight made a pretty convincing case for the Russian-trained rebels firing the missile which downed the plane, supported by a NATO commander’s report from two weeks prior that the Russians were training and providing the rebels with such type of missile.

  32. Stefanie Weiss says:

    Hi friends,

    What a trying time for planet Earth — I hope everyone is faring well. I am really ready to end the constant sobbing that I’ve been doing for the last week while watching the news. When I watch events unfold in Israel/Palestine — all I can do is weep and say, “When will it end??!!” I have a dear, old friend in Tel Aviv, who has sent me video of Iron Dome destroying missiles over her home. She runs to the shelter with her three children when the alarms sound.

    And yet. I have closely followed the BDS movement – a boycott of Israeli products much like the one that ended apartheid in South Africa. I believe at this point that it is the only way to end the occupation, stop the settler movement from expanding, and stop the brutal blockade of Gaza, which doesn’t prevent Hamas from getting weapons — it just prevents children from getting medicine and food. This will actually set the stage for the end of Hamas; military action will not.

    It feels like we’re at a tipping point now. All the other skirmishes of the past years, even the official operations like Cast Lead in 2009, left our consciousness after the news cycle ended. I don’t think that will happen this time. Social media, the Uranus-Pluto square, the Arab Spring — all these forces, I believe, may work together to create a mass movement to end the occupation finally — for both Jews (I am one) and Arabs, this is the only way to have lives again.

    Two articles I’ve shared in recent days speak directly to this issue, without polemics. Naomi Klein makes an exceptionally articulate call for the expansion of BDS in the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2009/jan/10/naomi-klein-boycott-israel?CMP=twt_gu

    And in the Forward, an excellent Jewish news source, a terrific piece about how to have less inflammatory conversations about this hot-button issue without divorcing your friends, which also lists some of the common insults one side shouts at the other:


    PS: The Mars/Saturn square is squaring my Sun and (loosely) squaring/opposing my Mars — I am OVER it! Have had a headache the last three days.

    Love and peace to all.

  33. starlight says:

    Alex and Lorrie – Thanks for posting the Rachel Maddow segment. I had thought she was away this week and missed her show for the last two nights. I just spent an hour catching up.

  34. Helen says:

    “During a phone interview with CBS News Thursday morning, Captain Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was questioned why Malaysia Airlines flight 17 would be flying over Ukraine’s border with Russia despite ongoing political unrest in the area.
    Sullenberger, the veteran of the 2009 Miracle on the Hudson landing, is an aviation expert for CBS News, and was asked by Anchor Scott Pelley why a commercial plane would be flying over an area where two aircraft have been shot down just this week.
    “That is one of the big questions right now,” said Sully. “The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has barred U.S. Airlines from flying over this area for some time.”


  35. will says:

    Umm, because it was flying at close to some 36,000 feet altitude (not normally within range of land-based artillery; and airlines take routes that are the shortest distance between two points in order to economize on expensive jet fuel.

  36. alex says:

    Rick Perry and GOP state leaders go on trial and the verdict could mean big things for Voting Rights Act


    The litigation pits the plaintiffs, who have been joined by the Obama administration, against Texas and its Republican state leaders, including Gov. Rick Perry in his official capacity.

    The Texas defendants, represented by Greg Abbott, Texas attorney general and Republican gubernatorial nominee, have denied that they drew redistricting maps in a discriminatory way that intentionally divided or over-concentrated minority populations, so those groups lost the opportunity to elect representatives of their choice.

    DOB Governor Rick Perry March 4, 1950 (10:40 AM) Haskell, Texas

    7/14/2014 San Antonio Court (civil rights,discrimination law case)


    7/17/2014 T/Pholus @21 Sagittarius
    Natal Chiron @21 Sagittarius – Rick Perry

    8/23-24/2014 YOD by Synastry – Rick Perry

    T/Uranus @16 Aries


    T/Mars & T/Saturn @16 Scorpio


  37. will says:

    We are all Arabs; we are all Jews.

  38. Anne's Aunt says:

    Yes, the plane was at 36,000 feet and flying over eastern Ukraine where there has been no history of any events like this. They do not fly over Crimea.

  39. Anne's Aunt says:

    Hillary Clinton gives an interesting view of just what the job of president entails. I think she has enormous respect for president Obama and knows what he is dealing with. Her comments about the office of the president start at around 2 minutes.


  40. alex says:

    continued: Texas Civil Rights Discrimination Law Case 7/14/2014 (trial began)

    Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry

    Apex Transiting Moon @23-24 Aquarius
    Natal Mercury @23 Aquarius, Natal Jupiter @21AQ – Rick Perry


    7/14/2014 T/North Node @23 Libra


    Natal Dk Lilith @20 Leo – Pres. Bararck Obama


    7/14/2014 T/South Node @23 Aries

  41. alex says:

    CORRECTION – TX civil rights discrimination case, Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry should read: MYSTIC RECTANGLE

    VERTEX Transiting Moon @23-24 Aquarius
    Natal Mercury @23 Aquarius, Natal Jupiter @21AQ – Rick Perry


    T/South Node @23 ARIES


    Natal Dk Lilith @20 LEO – Barack Obama


    T/North Node @23 Libra

  42. alex says:

    Continued: Texas civil rights discrimination law case (trial began 7/14/2014 Monday)

    Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry (world stage)

    Natal North Node @08 Aries – GOVERNOR RICK PERRY


    Natal Venus @08 Capricorn – Attorney General Gregg Abbott


    Natal South Node @08 Libra- GOVERNOR RICK PERRY



    T/Mercury @08 Cancer 7/20/2014
    T/Venus @08 Cancer 7/25-26/2014

  43. alex says:

    continued, Perez v PERRY: TX discrimination, civil rights trial

    Earth Grand Trine (sun,saturn,moon)

    2014 Solar Arc Sun @17 Taurus – RICK PERRY


    Natal Saturn & Natal Moon @16 Virgo – RICK PERRY


    Transiting Moon @16 Capricorn 8/10/2014

  44. Helen says:

    For the past two weeks, Malaysian flight 17 followed recent directives to avoid the war zone in the Ukraine. Last Thursday they decided to save on gas – okay, Will.

  45. kiwi says:

    New post from Marjorie Orr:
    Putin’s own chart is bedevilled by the tr Uranus square tr Pluto square in hard aspect to his 13 degree Libra Sun this year and next. Into 2015 tr Uranus moves to oppose his Saturn and thereafter Neptune – so a longish period of high anxiety and discouragement with tr Pluto square his Sun/Saturn in 2015/16 which is depressingly stuck. Along with a disappointing tr Neptune conjunct Mars/Jupiter midpoint.
    In the immediate few months he has tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter in Sept and square his Pluto in Oct – so his enthusiasm and power for manoeuvre will be at a low ebb.
    His Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10pm, is equally unhappy with tr Neptune opposing his Mars all year bringing a sense of panicky failure, returning exactly again in the final days of this month through August. He’s also got tr Pluto opposing his Sun/Mars exactly now which is frustrated and enraged and that runs till late Nov this year. Over the coming six months Solar Arc moves to close the square to the 5th house Pluto to exact which suggests a feeling of high instability with perhaps yet another major jolt to dent his image. And diminish his prospects.
    The Russia 1917 chart’s relationship with the USA certainly shows a major reversal of diplomatic chemistry with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Pluto now and moving back to conjunct the Uranus in the autumn. With tr Pluto moving to square Uranus Pluto from 2015 for three years; plus tr Pluto trine Sun Saturn in 2015/16 – which will be very heavy going indeed.
    The Russia 1917/EU relationship chart has an exact hit at the moment with the jolting, high tension tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn as well as the suspicious, miscommunication tr Neptune square Mercury. Again that relationship will worsen through 2015 and for several years beyond.
    The Russia 1991 relationship chart with both EU and the USA has much less showing at the moment.

  46. Lorrie U says:

    So, Helen, what are you saying? That Malaysian Airlines decided to just play along and let one of their passenger jets be shot down just his once?

  47. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, Helen appears to be saying that the pilot made a terrible decision and it was HIS fault. Or that money is to blame for the flight path.

    I think she is ignoring some facts. Like the pilot and the airlines had the permits to fly. There are many dangerous countries they do not fly over. The flight dispatcher federation monitors and does not allow flight paths over dangerous zones including war zones. There had previously been no reports from any country of disturbances over eastern Ukraine.

    ICAO recently issued a State letter advising States and their air operators of a potentially unsafe situation arising from the presence of more than one air traffic services provider in the Simferopol Flight Information Region (FIR). The loss of MH17 occurred OUTSIDE of the Simferopol FIR and ICAO stands ready to support the accident investigation upon request.

  48. Anne's Aunt says:

    oops, my last paragraph should have been in quote marks as it is a quote from the link at the end.

  49. Lorrie U says:

    Book Review: “War of the Whales: A True Story” A book by Joshua Horwitz

    This is why the book is so clarifying. Nobody—perhaps especially not Navy men and women—wants to harm intelligent, grand, long-hunted and sometimes near-extinct whales. But a system is in place that pushes us all in that direction anyway…Their message is that modern sonar kills whales as collateral damage during training exercises as surely as commercial fishermen once killed them for oil with mechanized harpoons—a practice widely seen now as barbaric.

    Harmful, unintended consequences, which accompany so many technological advances, need to be discussed and debated, not denied or wished away. By telling the sonar-and-the-whales story in such detail and breadth, the author may provoke a more substantial debate about what human advances and priorities are doing to the rest of the planet.


  50. Lorrie U says:

    Robert Reich: Children fleeing to the U.S. are ‘refugees of the drug war we created’

    Robert Reich, President Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor, recently put the so-called immigration crisis in perspective by reminding Americans that the women and children who were escaping to the U.S. were “refugees of the drug war we’ve created.”
    The former Labor Secretary explained in a July 14 post why the “United States is not a detached, innocent bystander” when it came to the refugee crisis.

    For decades, U.S. governments supported unspeakably brutal regimes and poured billions into maintaining them ($5 billion in El Salvador alone). Implacable opposition to communism—often defined as virtually any reformer—gave these regimes a blank check. The result is a legacy of dealing with opponents through extreme violence and a culture of impunity. Judicial systems remain weak, corrupt, and often completely dysfunctional. After the cold war ended, the United States lost interest in these countries. What was left was destruction, tens of thousands dead, and massive population displacement. The percentage of people living below the poverty line is 54 percent for Guatemala, 36 percent for El Salvador,and 60 percent for Honduras. More recently gangs, organized crime, and drug cartels feeding the US market have become part of this unholy mix.


  51. Prabhata says:

    Flying over a war zone is an accident waiting to happen. The U.S., Russia, (gasp) the Ukraine military, Israel, and others have made that same mistake. It adds to the tragedy when a horrible error is used to advance political points with the help of the press. If the USG really has factual information that the rebels did it, or that Russia gave the complex to the rebels, the USG should own that information publicly and give it to those investigating M17. “Anonymous sources” making such claims is nothing but propaganda. I shall remain open and dismiss propaganda as garbage.

    ? July 3, 1988: US warship Vincennes shot down an Iranian passenger plane over the Persian Gulf, mistaking it for a threatening warplane. All 290 people aboard are killed.


  52. Prabhata says:

    Paul Craig Roberts has written a very sensible article as to what might have gone wrong with M17.

    What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner? — Paul Craig Roberts


    That’ of course is a good read for anyone who doesn’t already know that the rebels did it, and that the rebels own the Buk complex that “a AP journalist” saw — no name for that “journalist”

  53. Prabhata says:

    Btw, notice that the U.S. shot a passenger plane because of mistaken belief that it was a warplane. Yet, recent articles make the point that mistaking a commercial plane with a warplane is almost impossible, an idiot type of mistake.

    The Vincennes had trained personnel? and the gadgets to differentiate between a commercial airline and a warplane. It had to be a mistake because only psychopaths would kill shoot on a commercial plane on purpose.

  54. starlight says:

    A good reminder of the facts in Ukraine by Anne Applebaum:


    Before there is any further discussion of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, it’s important that one point be made absolutely clear: This plane crash is a result of the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, an operation deliberately designed to create legal, political and military chaos. Without this chaos, a surface-to-air missile would not have been fired at a passenger plane.

  55. Prabhata says:

    Applebbaum is no different than most US media. But common sense must be part of our understanding. This is important because when one looks at Russia’s interests, with all those gas pipelines in the Ukraine, it’s common sense that it would want to keep the gas flowing to its customers. So chaos in the Ukraine is not in Russia’s interest. Is chaos in the Ukraine in the EU’s interest? Not really. They depend on the Russian gas. Why would Nuland, McCain (gasp!) and other U.S. officials go to Ukraine at the height of the demonstrations in Kiev to stoke their demands that their ELECTED president resign? Think about that. McCain is not democracy’s friend. Something is going on here. As much as a group of Americans don’t like Obama and would just love for him to resign, nobody would accept that kind of behavior from our own citizenry and less from a foreign. Was the president of the Ukraine someone who maybe should not have been elected? Just as much as George Bush. It happens. The oligarchs in Ukraine have been in charge since it became a republic. When one only reads U.S. media, one might as well be primed for propaganda, and when it comes, it will be digested like sugar. When a leak of a conversation between Nuland (State Department in charge of Russian affairs) and the US ambassador to the Ukraine was made available, the US media made a big deal that Nuland said “FU the EU”. That was it. Oh, but listen to it,


    and one finds out that the US was, as the ambassador says, midwifing a new government. I’m not a foreign affairs expert, but I do have common sense and it tells me that the Ukraine is part of Russia’s interests like Mexico and Latin America has been to the U.S. Not only must Russia use all those pipelines to deliver gas, its essential export to its customers in the EU, it wants its borders secure. Chaos next door is not in Russia’s interest.

    Why did the US want to insert itself into Ukraine? I don’t know, but it’s certainly something that should be looked at. I know that the US has lots of gas supplies and that the price of natural gas is very cheap. That may be part of it, wanting to sell gas, take away that market from Russia. Congress has moved to lift the ban of gas exports.

    Russia acted with such speed to incorporate Crimea as part of Russia, that it left the Obama administration looking foolish. Was the US wanting to take away an important port from the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean? I don’t know, but that is possible too.

    Whatever the reasons for the US to inject itself into Ukrainian politics and create the chaos that is now part of Ukraine, yes with the help of Russia, one cannot deny that the US doesn’t have its hands clean on this matter.

    Like Nuland said, the US spent $5 billions to insert itself in the Ukraine. Even if the USG spent fewer dollars than that, it means the US is very much interested in “democracy” in the Ukraine. And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell.


    One final point, the US has been working overtime to stop pipelines that go around Ukraine. Those pipelines would make Ukraine worthless. Europeans, I think, understand that the Ukraine mess is to advance US policy and are not enthusiastic about hurting their own economy to help the US. Therefore, the sanctions from the EU have been minimal. Also I’m not going to post the conversation that shows the shooting during the demonstration in Kiev were coming from people inside the demonstrators.

  56. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata, not sure if I am understanding you. Are you saying that Obama needlessly inserted the US in Ukraine and that forced the situation to become between Russia and the US – and no longer between Russia and Ukraine? Obama acting like an international terrorist?

  57. margriet says:

    Applebaum’s article seems to make Russia more or less responsible for the rebellion in Eastern Ukraine because they helped giving them weapons, instructions, etc.

    An analogy: The US gives Israel weapons, instructions, etc.
    IF Applebaum indeed means that the US government is responsible for the war in Gaza and thus that the US is capable of stopping the fighting there, yes, then she’d have a point!

    Like Prabhata said, don’t forget that the Ukranian parliament ousted its democratically elected president. The US had no problems with that.

  58. alex says:

    Sunday Poll Released: Landmark Communications

    (Until 2008, the company, Landmark Communications, now Landmark Media Enterprises, was one of the country’s largest privately held media companies)



    In a poll by Landmark Communications released Sunday, Democrat Michelle Nunn has a commanding lead against both of her potential challengers in Georgia’s US Senate race. Against Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) Nunn is up by eight points, 49% to 41%. The poll also shows her with a nice lead against businessman David Perdue as Nunn leads him 48% to 42%. Perdue and Kingston are heading into a GOP primary runoff this coming Tuesday.

    Besides this race, Dems have a very good chance of flipping another Republican-held seat. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in real danger of losing to Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes this November. Polls show the race in a virtual tie and Grimes has been able to energize Democrats in Kentucky. Also, McConnell’s insistence on running against Obamacare is likely to backfire as the health care law has been a raging success in Kentucky. Toss in the fact that Grimes has attracted national attention, with big names coming to Kentucky to campaign for her, and all the arrows point to an embarrassing loss for McConnell.

    Contrast & Quick Summary of 538 forecast as of 7/15/2014:
    Their ‘best case senario’ for Democrats holding the Senate is 51-49 but you would not have liked that they/538 use wide % range that GOP could take the Senate but that at a rather high chance.

    HAVING SAID THAT HERE IS EX. SAMPLE OF DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Landmark poll 7/20 and 538 poll 7/15: (538 averages a number of polls to come up with their forecast but I think many of their sources are corrupted)

    538 forecast 7/15: Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, has all the fundamentals going for him: President Obama is deeply unpopular in Kentucky, McConnell is an incumbent, and Democrats haven’t won a statewide federal race in Kentucky in 18 years. They haven’t won a Senate race in 22 years. In May, I estimated that these factors knocked down Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes’s chances of winning by nearly 30 percentage points, from the low 40s into the teens.

    On 7/15 the 538 site suggested the Democrats were in a perilous fight with the GOP for Senate majority but what they should have said IMO is that USA is in a perilous fight with the Extreme conservative right wing gop / libertarian/ tea/ neocon/ SCOTUScorporatecourt to hold back their demise of our democracy and that 2014 mid-term elections are a true crossroads because of the cumulative effects of Citizen’s United et al SCOTUS handing the wealthy /elite / corporate means to transform USA into consolidated Plutocracy/Oligarchy, and with GOP gerrymandering and with GOP/SCOTUS demise of voting rights protections – making 2014 the perfect storm.

    On the other hand I think Americans get the big picture so they know 2014 is a perfect storm; though I don’t expect but I do hope GOTV will increase a great deal to work in our favor (I could be wrong); I do think that the Democratic political organizations and politicians both state and national are working together and smarter than they have in a long long long time…. and that could make the favorable difference for US(a) in 2014.

  59. alex says:


    EXCERPT 7/20 Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald:

    While Governor Kasich has decreased state taxes by billions overall, he has raised the sales and commercial-activities taxes, proposed increasing the oil and gas severance tax, cut the homestead property tax exemption for more well-off seniors, and for new property-tax levies eliminated the 15 percent share the state had been paying.

    Add that to cuts in school funding and the state’s local-government fund — money promised when the state enacted an income tax in the early 1970s — that are forcing schools, municipalities and townships to either cut services or raise taxes.

    Then note that state spending under the current Kasich-approved general-fund budget, in part driven by increased Medicaid outlays, is increasing by double-digit percentages both this year and next — while the governor at the same time chides local-government officials to live within budgets that are not enjoying similar increases.

    “It’s easy for your bank account to look good when you take it out of your neighbors’ bank account.”

    Paula Watson, chairwoman of the county’s Democratic Party, said she thinks FitzGerald’s message will resonate in conservative areas.

  60. Anne's Aunt says:

    “Fighters from Al-Qaeda-breakaway group the Islamic State have stoned a woman to death for adultery, in the first such execution of its kind in rebel-held northern Syria.

    The stoning, first reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and confirmed to Al Jazeera by two activists, took place in a public square Thursday evening in the town of Tabaqa, Raqqa province. Activists said the woman was tried in an Islamic sharia court, but that witnesses to her alleged offense were never identified and that the man involved was not charged with any crime.”


  61. alex says:

    continued – OHIO:


    Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) signed into law a contentious bill the legislature passed rolling back state renewable energy standards.

    His Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald, thinks he can make the subject key in his case against Kasich. The reversal on energy policy, FitzGerald said in an interview with The Huffington Post, is “a very big deal.”

    “There really was a bipartisan consensus in this state that it made sense to support the encouragement of clean and renewable energy,” said FitzGerald, reflecting on the near-unanimity on renewable energy and energy efficiency standards when they were passed into law in 2008.

    The new law, SB 310 freezes the mandated increases in renewables and efficiency for two years, then reduces the standards when they come back into effect.

    “In a state that’s had a very mediocre economic recovery, this is going to cost jobs and that’s something people in Ohio are very sensitive about,” said FitzGerald, now the county executive of Cuyahoga County. He previously served as an assistant county prosecutor and special agent for the FBI.

  62. alex says:

    Midpoint Pluto/Sun = corruption : Natal Jack Abramoff

    Casino Jack (netflix)



    Jack Abramoff, DOB February 28, 1958, Atlantic City, New Jersey

    USA – Jack Abramoff
    (partial list)

    USA Saturn @14 Libra
    Abramoff, North Node @13 Libra 31

    USA Uranus @08 Gemini
    Abramoff, Mars @08 Gemini

    USA Fed Gov Midheaven @22 Taurus
    Abramoff, Nessus @22 Taurus

    USA Ceres @08 Pisces
    Abramoff, Sun @08 Pisces

    APEX (life, nose of kite) Semi-Sextile Kite
    Abramoff, Natal Midpoint Pluto/Sun @05 Sagittarius


    Natal Saturn @05 Capricorn
    Natal Neptune @06 Scorpio


    Natal Mars @08 Gemini( drag, tail of kite)
    (dynamic energy, instinct to survive)

  63. alex says:

    continued – Abramoff

    TEN DEGREES AQUARIUS (re: Bush/Cheny/Ryan)

    Late 20TH Century,early 21ST Century – Neocon Degree & Zodiac Sign

    Natal Pholus @10 Aquarius – Abramoff

    Natal Midpoint Mercury/Saturn @12 Aquarius – Abramoff

  64. kiwi says:

    this is a test post

  65. kiwi says:

    posted a couple of things yesterday and they must have gone into the ether

  66. Anne's Aunt says:

    ISIS has given christians in Mosul a warning to leave or convert to Islam or to be killed if they stay or pay a sharia tax. Most have fled.

  67. Lorrie U says:

    Israelis Gather on Hillsides to Watch and Cheer as Military Drops Bombs on Gaza

    People drink, snack and pose for selfies as the Palestinian death toll mounts.


  68. kiwi says:

    Lorrie, Echos of similar hatred of others also present in US right wing. What horrifies me is the disproportionality.
    At 285 deaths in Gaza, that is around .02% of Gaza’s population, wheras Israeli deaths amount to .00002% of its population.
    To put it into perspective, the same percentages if based on the US population, would be 63680 Palestinian deaths, versus 63 Israeli.
    Its all very well to “advise” Palestinians to leave homes and take shelter. But where are they supposed to go?

  69. Lorrie U says:

    kiwi – I think what we are seeing is the separation of those who love from those who fear. Those who love are moving more into the higher dimensions of reality while those who fear are still in a third dimensional reality. Supposedly, they can coexist on planet earth until those who cannot stand the higher vibrations leave it, while those who raise the energetic vibrations and hold the light will live simultaneously without experiencing the difficulties directly. I guess that’s why it’s so important to disengage from the constant barrage of news and remain centered.

    I heard that listening/seeing the news over and over again has the same impact on a person as one who is actually experiencing it, so it can be beneficial to everyone if we disengage somewhat when we need to. How distressing it must be for world leaders to have to continuously deal with these difficulties and make wise decisions when their beings are being impacted by such negative vibrations. I guess it’s important to send them light and positive thoughts to help sustain them.

  70. kiwi says:

    this link is what I tried to post yesterday

  71. kiwi says:

    interesting, I just tried to post the same link that would not go through yesterday, and it failed again.

    It was about hooponopono and world peace

  72. kiwi says:

    the web link is in one word – peace within is world peace

  73. kiwi says:

    Really strange – I wonder why that weblink seems to be blocked for posting to wordpress?

  74. Angel says:

    New ~ pristine PASSPORTS being held near the crash debris of Flight MH 17 – the world’s latest
    false flag event…and more revealed.


  75. kiwi says:

    This is a clip from one of the articles at that website:

    Ho’oponopono – Peace & Women
    I have been saying this for a while; Peace is going to come from women.
    Remember my story in Maracaibo, Venezuela? When I told my Arab students that I wanted the opportunity to talk with Arab women? So, they helped me by gathering a group of women, and then invited me to one of their homes to share my message.

    The person that organized this meeting didn’t tell them I was Jewish. At that point they could only see me as someone that thought as they did, and was looking for the same things. No surprise, we are all family. We all want Peace.

    I mentioned to them: “if you think about it, are our sons and daughters, the ones we love the most, the ones paying the price for our wars.” “We keep replaying memories, we keep fighting for our ancestors, and ultimately, we keep having our children die for them”

    Intellects create wars. Intellects do not know how to create peace. The intellect thinks it knows better, the intellect keeps replaying the memories from our ancestors. The anger and hate in the Middle East is not between our sons and daughters, but between our intellects and memories replaying.

    We can’t solve the problems of the wars in the Middle East by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

    In Israel, I discovered that besides the many groups of Jewish and Palestinians working together in schools, and through the arts, etc., there are also many women groups uniting. This is so encouraging to me, because it proves one more time, there are no differences, and by letting go of our memories, beliefs and judgments, we let go of what we believe are our differences.
    ………. more

  76. Lorrie U says:

    kiwi – Sometimes there are links imbedded within an article which sends it into moderation. That is a lovely post, perhaps just try posting the link only.

  77. Lorrie U says:

    This is a 6-min. excerpt from Jonathan Goldman’s Merkaba of Sound CD. The sounds and visuals are wonderful and worth experiencing…


  78. Lorrie U says:

    Angel – Re. your above post, one word: WOW!

  79. alex says:

    MICHIGAN Governor Election Nov. 4TH 2014

    July: Gov. Rick Snyder,(R) v. Mark Schauer,(D) 46%-43%

    May: Snyder v. Schauer 47%-38%


    July: In the race for Michigan’s open U.S. Senate seat, U.S. Rep. Gary Peters (D), leading former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land (R), by 9 percentage points 45%-36%

    May: Peters v. Land 44%-38%

  80. kiwi says:

    Lorrie, there must be something within the name link itself because I even tried posting typed as just one word without the http or .com and it still would not post

  81. Prabhata says:

    Kiwi, is this the link you want to post?

    Ho’oponopono – Peace & Women

    I have been saying this for a while; Peace is going to come from women.


  82. Anne's Aunt says:

    It so tragic that the people of the Gaza strip are represented by Hamas! By refusing to a cease fire they have offered their OWN PEOPLE up for sacrifice. I think Israel is concerned with protecting its population, Hamas is demonstrating that could care less about their population.

    Hamas is nearly identical in ideology with ISIS and the new self-proclaimed caliphate.

    “On the ideological level, the religious commitment to genocide of the Jewish people in Israel repeats itself in the messages made ??by leaders of Hamas and the terrorist arm of the organization. Similarly, in their remarks they also repeat the striving to reestablish the Islamic Caliphate, with its capital in Jerusalem, as part of a global revolution whose final destination is the release of Spain (Andalus) and Rome (the capital of the Vatican) ahead of a global Islamic rule.”

    There are two differences:

    “Hamas and ISIS differ in two key issues: In the alliance Hamas signed with Shiite Iran (which angered Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which see Iran as a strategic threat) and in the willingness of Hamas to play the political game on the outside while applying ideological limitations. As part of this, and unlike ISIS, Hamas is willing to cooperate with human rights organizations to achieve its goals – the most important one at this stage being the tying of the hands of the IDF in attacking targets in Gaza, which means in practice to provide Hamas with a “licence to kill” Israelis while using civilians as human shields.”

    both quotes are from http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2014/07/20140716-162800.html
    (Sun News is from India)

  83. kiwi says:

    thanks so much prabhata, yes. Not sure why it would not post for me. There are several other articles at that website also

  84. Anne's Aunt says:

    ISIS on women:

    ISIS says: “We have established the brigade to raise awareness of our religion among women, and to punish women who do not abide by the law,” says Abu Ahmad, an ISIS official in Raqqa. “There are only women in this brigade, and we have given them their own facilities to prevent the mixture of men and women.”

    (if you click this site you will get to see some fully covered women, in black, carrying weapons.


    In separate incidents in a span of 24 hours, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) carried out executions against two woman in Syria, sentencing them to death by stoning over allegations of “adultery”.
    Unconfirmed reports claim that in at least one case, the woman was sentenced to death as her new husband found that she was not a virgin.

    Women cannot thrive, let alone live, under ideological and extreme Islamic rule. For people here who have visited Israel women expect to come out of a visit alive.

  85. Anne's Aunt says:

    ps go to the link about women being stoned for the revealing photo. Someone took that photo.

  86. Prabhata says:

    Kiwi, here is the page that lists all the peace articles. People can browse and read those articles that interests them — you can post the name of the articles that you want to highlight


  87. alex says:




    The Democrat that wins the primary will challenge Rep. Paul Ryan (R) in the November 4TH 2014 election.

  88. Jerry says:

    We are approaching the 27th day of Ramadan on Thursday July 24th. Muslim scholars call it Laylat al-Qadr the “Night of Power” or “Night of Destiny”. It is regarded as the most powerful day of the calender year in Islamic culture. See related post of July 10th explaining why the US State Dept. views this particular day with much concern; a day that Islamic extremists might choose for a spectacular terror attack…….


    Astrologically there is an exact Sun-Jupiter conjunction (1 ’52 Leo) on July 24th precisely conjunct the Saturn-Uranus quincunx midpoint (1 ’34 Leo). Mars at 29 Libra is within two degrees of square to this configuration.

  89. starlight says:

    kiwi – the article you posted wasn’t in moderation. It was in the spam folder. I have no idea why. Here is the link:


  90. kiwi says:

    thanks Nancy – must have been those pesky ethereal gremlins LOL

  91. alex says:

    The making of the US surveillance state 1898–2020.


  92. Jerry says:

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict certainly appears to be intensifying with each passing day AND there are no apparent signs of an Israeli exit strategy being discussed. Which makes one wonder where all this leading.

    Has anyone noticed? The July 27th new moon (3 Leo) conjoins Israel’s natal Moon/ MC degree with tr. Jupiter nearby (2 Leo) squared by Mars (0 Scorpio). Tr. Mars is exactly on Israel’s asc in the New Moon chart. Here’s the chart for quick reference:


    Anyone care to venture an opinion on this? Barbk. You mentioned the July 27th new moon’s conjunction to Israel’s Moon/ MC in passing a while back. What do you make of it?

  93. Roderick says:

    Starlight: There are still some difficult patches for the president, and the current one is certainly one of them. My sense is that November 2015 onward will show a great improvement. Until that time, the US is under Pluto opposite the US Sun, and the Sun in the chart of a country describes its leader.

    So the GOP keeps control of the House and wins enough of a majority in the Senate that they initiate impeachment and it takes up most of the 2015.

    I wonder why we even bother electing Democratic presidents since they are always either cleaning up a Republican mess or they are just placeholders like Clinton until the next Republican president.

  94. starlight says:

    Roderick – That is one reading but I can’t guarantee that is how it will play out. The Pluto transit can describe a foreign policy power struggle, a political one, an economic one, and/or an environmental one. Essentially, the country and the president are struggling over where the boundaries of their power lie. Exercising too much or too little feels threatening. And don’t forget that Putin has the same transit: Pluto square his Sun at 13Libra56, through October 2015. Hard to not think he is part of the ongoing conflict.

  95. starlight says:

    Regarding Israel: currently tr Mars is sextile natal Mars(now conjunct solar arc Uranus) from July 20 to July 22. Hence the big escalation and sudden unexpected attacks. Tr Uranus will be square to the MC in the Spring chart through July 27. Things may calm after that. Progressed Israel Moon is quincunx natal Pluto, so tensions continue through August 1, but could be a ceasefire to discuss between 7/28 to 8/1.

  96. Kitty says:

    Long, amazing and impressive.

    Explosive, Inside Story of How John Kerry Built an Israel-Palestine Peace Plan—and Watched It Crumble


  97. barbk says:

    Thanks Jerry, re: Saturn-Uranus midpoint info. Off the top of my head I would guess that The People (Israel) are going to speak up regarding how their government is responding to the shelling (natal Moon/MC). Set in Israel, the New Moon has Aquarius on the MC. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn who are quincunx (adjustment between them) and have just reversed directions. . . . now Uranus is the one that is retrograde and Saturn is the one moving direct.

    With the Sun-Jupiter conjunction taking place at the midpoint of the Saturn quincunx Uranus aspect, it is important to consider the old cycle between Jupiter and Mercury now coming to a close. When it began on May 27, 2013, the north node was at 16+ Scorpio (only 2 degrees from Israel’s south node), where transiting Saturn is now. Juno – a symbol of equal partnership – at 17+ Aquarius (ruled by Uranus and Saturn) was square the nodes.

    On August 1 and 2, a week after NM/Night of Power-Destiny the picture is of a new cycle beginning (and an old one ending) between Mercury (communication) and Jupiter (Big Picture). As they make their conjunction (on Israel’s MC) they will square Mars (on Israel’s Asc.) and Mars is the ruler of the signs Uranus and Saturn occupy at this time of their quincunx.

    Also at that time (Jupiter-Mercury conjunction), Venus (18+ Cancer) will trine Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. She will square Uranus who is now retrograde. To me that speaks of “containment” (Saturn) being favored over “rebellion” (Uranus). Saturn will be close to Israel’s south node (14+ Scorpio) which suggests “letting go” is the way to move forward.

  98. barbk says:

    P.S. Transiting asteroid Siva is conjunct Saturn at 16+ Scorpio. Siva symbolizes a catabolic process that precedes insight; a breakthrough, according to Martha Lang-Wescott (treehusemountain.com)

  99. barbk says:

    sorry, should have checked spelling before hitting Post Comment button. Here is the full address:

  100. Anne's Aunt says:

    While the outrage continues, here and in much of the US about Israel, where is the outrage for ISIS? Are Israeli jews worse than Islamic Sunni ISIS? Here are some links in case no one is following this.


    “While international attention has been fixated on the disintegration of Iraq and the expansion of the so-called caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Sunni insurgents have moved their offensive back into Syria with a newly acquired haul of US-made weapons and cash.


    Cushioned by the impunity offered them by a largely unresponsive international community, and the inability of the Syrian and Iraqi armies to defeat them in battle, Isis’ latest advances in Syria have further destabilised the already frail dynamics in the region.”


    “The Islamic State militant group is on the rise in Iraq and Syria after crushing Baghdad’s plans to retake Tikrit. Hundreds of troops have been captured and 270 people were murdered in a Syrian gas field following the jihadists’ biggest attack yet.”


    “the violence in Iraq has killed more than 5,500 civilians over the first six months of the year, according to a report by the United Nations that documents the massive humanitarian toll of the Sunni militant offensive.

    The Islamic State (Isis) and other Sunni insurgents seized control of the city of Falluja, as well as part of nearby Ramadi in Anbar province in early January. The militants then launched an offensive in June that has brought a huge swath of northern and western Iraq under their control.

    In its report, the UN mission to Iraq says at least 5,576 civilians were killed and another 11,665 wounded from 1 January until the end of June. Another 1.2 million have been driven from their homes by the violence, it adds.”

  101. lisam says:

    Alex, thanks for that very informative and enlightening link in your July 21, 3:12 a,m, post. It was worth every minute spent on reading it.

  102. Anne's Aunt says:

    Starlight, I posted a comment that went to moderation and I think it was because it listed three links. BBC, RTnews and The Guardian. I’m not sure if your site has limitations on the number of links that can be made in one comment. I think they’re all fairly common kinds of links, at least the ones to BBC and The Guardian are. Would you let me know the site guidelines on links? Thanks.

  103. alex says:


    along those lines:

    Meet the Spies Doing the NSA’s Dirty Work

    This obscure FBI unit does the domestic surveillance that no other intelligence agency can touch.


  104. alex says:


    UPSIDE – Excerpted / & / Paraphrased

    USA waning economic influence is being replaced by USA information warfare.


    If eavesdropping on anything you say, write, or do could increase someone’s wealth or influence you are a potential target.

  105. barbk says:

    alex, I too want to thank you for the link to the Nation’s article “Surveillance Blowback”. The many dates provided give substance to the dates for when the U.S. (Sibly’s) progressed planets made significant changes.

    For example the U.S. progressed Mars turned retrograde in 2006, but was stationing before that between 2003 – 2006. In 2004, John Ashcroft was hospitalized and “top aides” stormed his room in order to get re-authorization for the Internet metadata collecting, for which they were only delayed a couple of months in getting, and which FISA then rubberstamped.

    It gives fresh perspectives on natal (Gemini) Mars – now progressed into Libra and retrograde – as to the meaning of a progression’s attribute, “internalization”.

    As well, the progressed U.S. Sun went into Aquarius in 1975 and left in 2004. Those dates covered the intensification of the country’s focus on technology, just as when the U.S. Sun progressed into Pisces in 2004, the U.S. (as a whole) became more confused, paranoid and delusional, as well as elevating its consciousness of the world around it.

  106. barbk says:

    . . . . . it also helps me to understand why we can’t afford a NASA manned space program, the NSA program is too expensive to allow it!

  107. barbk says:

    I also meant to note that from June 30 through July 2, transiting Mars was at 18+ Libra, the same degree as the U.S. progressed Mars. Wasn’t that when Ramadan started?

    Lorrie U, just saw that you had reposted (from last thread) my favorite theory regarding the November election. So glad somebody even SAW it and how thoughtful you were to repost it. I believe you were the person who posted that Ramadan started on the 1st of July, am I correct?

  108. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – Not me, I have no knowledge of Ramadan. And you’re welcome, thought it was an important post not to be missed. Thank you for all your thoughtful insights and contributions!

  109. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – “If eavesdropping on anything you say, write, or do could increase someone’s wealth or influence you are a potential target.”

    Whew! That lets me off the hook, anyway. I can’t even increase my own wealth or influence!

  110. Lorrie U says:

    Just One Hedge Fund Dodged $6 Billion in Taxes, Senate Committee Finds

    Sen. Carl Levin’s Subcommittee on Investigations looked into some shady banking practices and reported that a hedge fund of Renaissance Technologies LLC found a clever way of cheating the IRS.


  111. starlight says:

    Anne’s Aunt – Two links maximum, otherwise moderation. If that doesn’t work, try just one. I will post the comment for you.

  112. Lorrie U says:

    This is an interesting idea!…

    Bill Blum: We Need Elizabeth Warren on the Supreme Court


  113. alex says:

    USA history is hard to find ! isn’t it…. it is long hard research to find a resource that isn’t a copy of a myth and/or a myth built on disinformation or propaganda;

  114. Lorrie U says:

    Bernie Sanders: This situation is out of control and costing lives. The article has a graph of the billions made annually by Big Pharma on just four medications in the USA.

    At $1,000 A Pill, Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi Rattles Medicaid Programs

  115. Sharon K says:

    This is what Jerry quoted above on the timeline for Ramadan..if this is true, it began a few days before July 1…

    “We are approaching the 27th day of Ramadan on Thursday July 24th. Muslim scholars call it Laylat al-Qadr the “Night of Power” or “Night of Destiny”. It is regarded as the most powerful day of the calender year in Islamic culture. See related post of July 10th explaining why the US State Dept. views this particular day with much concern; a day that Islamic extremists might choose for a spectacular terror attack…….”

  116. Kitty says:

    Oh Great ! Different dates, Different countries !

    When is Ramadan 2014?
    Ramadan is expected to begin on or around June 28, 2014 and will finish on or around July 27, 2014.
    Update (27 June 2014): Ramadan will begin on Saturday, June 28th in most of North and South America, and on Sunday, June 29th in most of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

    Note: The exact dates of Islamic holidays cannot be determined in advance, due to the nature of theIslamic lunar calendar. Estimates are based on expected visibility of the hilal (waxing crescent moon following a new moon) and may vary according to location.


    Ramadan 2014 began in the evening of
    Saturday, June 28
    and ends in the evening of Monday July 28th—-
    It will begin on Sunday 29 June in the UK, according to the Saudi Arabian declaration, and will continue for 30 days.

    The holy month starts at sunset, or when the new crescent moon is spotted. There is some consideration as to when Ramadan begins, as dates are based on astronomical calculation, meaning that the fasting starts at different times in different countries.


  117. kiwi says:

    Kitty – “different dates different countries”
    This would only be due to the date line and time differences
    – eg a full moon in NZ is one calendar day ahead of that same full moon in Hawaii, even though the moon rises in Hawaii only 2 hours before NZ.

  118. Kitty says:

    Thanks, for more clarification. After I read it a second time, and checked on the new Crescent Moon dates, it made more sense.
    I just never pd. attention to Ramadan, until now.

  119. Jerry says:

    As mentioned, there seems to be some variance and interpretation on this. The predominant consensus among muslim scholars is that Laylat al Qadr falls on the 27th day of Ramadan (July 24th according to most sources I’ve consulted on the internet), but technically speaking it can extend itself to the very end of Ramadan if one chooses (note: the July 27th New Moon fits within that time frame)…….

    Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Destiny)

    Muslims see the Prophet Mohammad (also known as Muhammad) as the last prophet who received God’s word and wrote it down to form the Koran (Qu’ran). He received the Koran’s first verses, when he meditated in the Cave of Hira near Mecca, now in Saudi Arabia. The anniversary of this date is known as Laylat al-Qadr.

    While many commentators believe the date of this night is the 27th day of Ramadan, there are differing opinions. The day will most likely fall in the last 10 days of Ramadan, and is likely to be on an odd-numbered day, depending on the interpretation of the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed’s sayings.


    Al Jazeera news has been giving extensive coverage on the conflict in Gaza. The scenes of destruction and suffering among the civilians is horrific and heart-rending. It’s difficult to imagine what it’s like to be caught up in the cross-fire. The Israeli military tries to pinpoint their targets, but so many innocent civilian casualties and deaths seems so abhorrent to ones senses.

  120. kiwi says:

    Right now I am struggling with an overwhelming sense of anger and injustice for innocents.

    I just finished watching Amy Goodman on Democracy Now on TV (yes here in NZ!) – she was interviewing by phone a Norwegian doctor working at one of the gaza hospitals – and he was saying the hospital had been bombed too. And was pleading for it to stop.

    I keep thinking of my brother-in-law aboard the USS Liberty that was bombed deliberately and unrelentingly in the 6 day war and know the physical and mental trauma he has undergone since then. I wonder what fresh damage is being done to so many more lives, so many children. Another generation of psychological and physical damage. When will this madness end????!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Jerry says:

    The enveloping storm in the mid east…..

    With ISIS Now Controlling 35% Of Syria And Most Of Its Oil Fields, Iraq Issues An Ultimatum To The US

    July 21, 2014

    Remember when the extremist Al Qaeda spinoff ISIS (or, now known as Islamic State following the formation of its own caliphate in the middle of Iraq and Syria) was still a “thing” two weeks ago? In this case out of sight does not mean out of mind, and while the world has found a new story line to follow in the middle east with the war between Israel and Gaza, now in its 14th day – whenever it is not busy responding to emotional appeals about the MH 17 crash – ISIS has continued to expand and as Al Arabiya reports it “is now in control of 35 percent of the Syrian territory following a string of victories, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Friday.”

    What’s more troubling is that ISIS holdings now include nearly all of Syria’s oil and gas fields. While these are hardly significant on a global scale, they certainly allow ISIS to preserve its self-sustaining and self-funding status.



    Incidentally, a possible turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the Aug 2nd Mercury/Jupiter conj. square Mars (3 ’51 Leo-Scorpio).

  122. Roderick says:

    Roderick – That is one reading but I can’t guarantee that is how it will play out. The Pluto transit can describe a foreign policy power struggle, a political one, an economic one, and/or an environmental one. Essentially, the country and the president are struggling over where the boundaries of their power lie..
    The problem is not that it’s an either-or situation, but a both-and situation.

    The reason that Putin is embolden is because the various divisions within America have been exposed since Obama became president and what type of traitors Republicans have been and continue to undermine the President because they ‘lost their country’ on November 6, 2012.

    Even if the Republicans only win nominal control of the Senate in November and don’t have the votes to convict President Obama after the House impeaches him they have already backed themselves into a corner by supporting the lawsuit against the President to placate the TeaParty goons and they have no choice but to go all the way.

    This is the same party that impeached a sitting president for lying about a bj after they entrapped him by having some dreg file a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

  123. starlight says:

    Roderick – I agree it will be a struggle on many fronts. It began in January with the advent of the confrontation developing in Ukraine and a mini Cold War reemerging. It also seems to include this lawsuit, although I find it hard to see how the suit can go anywhere. They have no standing whatsoever. They probably hope it continues until the election.

    And I am very concerned about the election, but there is not enough clarity to make any kind of prediction except that it is not a BIG win for the Dems. I am not even sure what that means.

  124. starlight says:

    There is an interesting way to look at the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the ISIS take over of parts of Syria and Iraq. They both could be construed as forcing a push in finding alternative energy sources and moving us away from fossil fuels. Our dependence on fossil fuels has given Russia a hold over Europe and the global energy markets. This may now be the same with ISIS and the situation in Syria and Iraq. The world has refused to move aggressively on finding alternative energy sources and is way too dependent on fossil fuels and the dubious state actors that supply them. Perhaps this is the Universe’s way of pushing mankind into the right direction. Just a random thought…

  125. ox the cat says:

    Does anyone know who the judges were who just wrote the decision that the ACA subsidies are illegal in some states? I am just curious who appointed them.

  126. Roderick says:

    Appeals court throws out federal Obamacare subsidies

    A U.S. appeals court has struck down subsidies for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act in states that use federal marketplaces to buy coverage. Two of three judges in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruled that Obamacare restricts subsidies only to exchanges that have been “established by the state.” The ruling has the potential to undermine much of the ACA as it could make purchasing policies unaffordable. It would affect the vast majority of the nation, as only 16 states and the District of Columbia have established their own marketplaces, while the remaining 34 states use the federal government’s HealthCare.gov


  127. Roderick says:

    starlight: And I am very concerned about the election, but there is not enough clarity to make any kind of prediction except that it is not a BIG win for the Dems. I am not even sure what that means.

    I remember from a previous thread that you stated that there would be some type of Saturn event four days after Election Day and what I was thinking is that there will be a couple of races that would be too close to call and they would decide control of the Senate and my interpretation is that the Republicans would win and gain control of the Senate by 51-49 or 52-48.

  128. ox the cat says:

    I found the information. Two Republicans Griffiths and Randolph.
    Think Progress has a good article on this issue. Apparently Randolph had a rabidly anti-Obama care stance . This is not good for the Republicans. They have no plan, the ACA was their plan. The meme for 2014 looks like “start over”. Good luck with that. Looks like they knew what the ruling would be before the ruling came down.

  129. ox the cat says:

    OK. Whiplash. The Fourth Circuit just UPHELD the subsidies. Dueling orders. Very interesting.

  130. Prabhata says:

    Looking at the ACA astrology chart, the Sun is in Aries, opposite Saturn in Libra (3/23/2010 at 10:57AM WH). ACA’s rules will be interpreted very narrowly by the courts, and will continually deal with hurdles. It’s the nature of the bill.

  131. Anne's Aunt says:

    “The Organization, as everyone calls it, stood accused of pimping out the young women in its shelters, which Jumaa said is a lie commonly used to slander Iraqi groups advocating for women’s rights. She convinced the policeman of her innocence but the militia wouldn’t be waiting to hear her out. Asaib Ahl al Haq is the group believed to have slaughtered 29 women alleged to be prostitutes last week in the upscale neighborhood of Zayouna.

    Advocating for women’s rights has never been safe work in Iraq but as the war empowers radical religious groups, it’s growing more dangerous. In an earlier conversation, Hanaa Edwar, who heads the Iraqi Al-Amal Association, another NGO in Baghdad that works on women’s rights issues, warned about the rise of the militias’ power. “The militias try to replace the rule of the law,” she said. “The armed groups are trying to replace the security forces. This is a horrible thing for the country.””


  132. alex says:


    The lone dissenter, Judge Harry T. Edwards, said: “This case is about appellants not-so-veiled attempt to gut [the ACA.]” He went on to say that the appellants “rely on a specious argument that there is no ‘Exchange established by the State’ in States with HHS-created Exchanges and, therefore, that taxpayers who purchase insurance in these States cannot receive subsidies.”

    Financial analysts and the market quickly determined that the D.C. ruling should have little effect on the market, or the law for that matter. All the major health insurers joined much of the rest of the market in positive ground on Wall Street, with most up 2% or more.

    Clay Brockman, analyst for Height Securities, said in a note to clients that while the ruling serves as major setback to the Obama administration, the government is likely to vigorously appeal it. He noted the government plans to make a rapid “en banc” appeal that keeps the tax credits in place.

    That appeal to the D.C. court puts the matter in the hands of a panel of seven Democrat appointees and four Republican appointees. While that appeal is being heard, the subsidies remain in place for Obamacare recipients in federal marketplaces.

    Ana Gupte of Leerink Research said in her note to clients that it’s likely the administration will find a way around it even if it ultimately loses this case in the U.S. Supreme Court.


  133. lisam says:

    Anyone interested in ending the Israeli occupation of Gaza, the date is July 24! Americans of all stripes are joining in solidarity on that date. Not sure if I posted the right link, but info can be found anywhere on the net. Code Pink, Jewish Voice For Peace(JVP) are some of the groups taking part. The list is growing!


  134. Anne's Aunt says:

    Starlight, I think your idea about forcing a new thinking about fossil fuels is really interesting. I hope it goes that way! Unfortunately at this point in time I think it will only force looking for a different SOURCE of fossil fuels.

    Green energy, so far, has only had limited success, but there is a MASSIVE amount of research being done in alternative energies. Solar power works but here in the NW it is extremely inefficient and expensive. I wanted to get one solar panel on my roof but was told it gets too much shade, and that I would heed to entirely switch my power source to solar because an alternative added source of electricity cannot be patched into my house only, but only the grid. Completely solar would not really work in the NW and would be extremely expensive.

    I have oil heat and cannot afford to switch to gas, which is a fossil fuel anyhow. I keep my house temp setting at 60 degrees – 65 for guests, and I close off all rooms except my work area and kitchen area. But I still use oil. I have friends who think oil and gas should be much more expensive to force change. But it also will cause extreme hardship for many many people especially the poor. Please science, please hurry!

  135. Angel says:


    Agreeing whole heartedly with your prescient 9:33AM post today:

    “There is an interesting way to look at the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the ISIS take over of parts of Syria and Iraq. They both could be construed as forcing a push in finding alternative energy sources and moving us away from fossil fuels.”

  136. kiwi says:

    AA – regarding alternatives to oil – just came across this quote

    “if we use our fuel to get our power, we are living on our capital and exhausting it rapidly. This method is barbarous and wantonly wasteful, and will have to be stopped in the interest of coming generations. The heat of the sun’s rays represents and immense amount of energy vastly in excess of waterpower …. The sun’s energy controlled to create lakes and rivers for motive purposes and transformation of arid deserts into fertile land ….”
    Nikola Tesla Sept 9, 1915

    I wonder how the mood of the middle east would change if there was nobody willing to buy their oil; the effect on the money and corruption that has followed.

    One issue that never be dared mention is that the US has unconditionally supported Israel because it is a strategically located ‘buffer zone’ for global oil interests, much more so than the religious component. Religion is just the excuse.

  137. alex says:

    FLIP 17 House Representative seats to (D) November 4TH, 2014




  138. Anne's Aunt says:

    Kiwi, I agree that solar power has enormous potential! I am so glad that so many scientists are working to develop efficient ways of collecting it, storing it, and adding that power to our power grid.

    Actually our restrictions on emissions has cleaned up air (not totally of course, just some) in major cities. LA used to have much more air pollution. California’s ground water is also much better than it was 30 years ago (I have a good friend who just retired from water testing in CA). The earth can heal herself if we don’t get in the way.

    A huge energy hog which also has growing pollution is china. The smog in some cities is choking like a thick haze that never goes away. There’s lots of use of coal.

    We are scientifically moving in the right direction. Now if we can find the $$ and political will…. We’ll need to go against vastly powerful oil and gas advocates. Pluto and Neptune.

  139. Kitty says:

    Let’s hope so——-

    How Obama’s court strategy may help save Obamacare


  140. Jerry says:

    Tracking events in the middle east, it’s interesting to note that the Aug. 10th Aquarius full moon (18 ’02 Aq); which hypothetically speaking is a culmination of all that transpires beginning at the time of the July 27th new moon, will exactly conjoin Pres. Obama’s asc.; oppose Israeli Prime Min. Netanyahu’s natal Pluto (18 ’00 Leo) as well as Israel’s natal Saturn (16 ’25 Leo); and form a t square to tr. Saturn (16 ’53 Scorpio).

    Additionally, the Aug 10th full moon Mars degree at 8 Scorpio conjoins President Obama’s natal Neptune and will by default activate the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse by opposition (8 Taurus). Will President Obama lose his grip on the unfolding events in the mid east at this juncture?

    Here is Leslie Hale’s interpretation of the April 29th eclipse…..

    Solar eclipse In Taurus April 29: The (New) Age of Materialism

    April’s solar eclipse falls at 8 degrees 52 minutes of Taurus April 29, 2014 at 2:14 a.m., EST. The Taurus/Scorpio axis represents the second/eighth houses of money and wealth along with security and this will be a theme of this eclipse.

    The grand cross is ushering in a new area and we may not see all of the events and changes in the world for a while or weeks to come. We have seen many events occur and most of us have felt or experienced the stressful energy in some way, personally, especially the cardinal signs.

    Not all events relating to the grand cross will be negative, and it will bring in revolutionary ideas and events, unexpected twists and turns and allow us to go in new and different directions. Eclipse energy is not easy however, and this eclipse will set off more events.

    While the lunar eclipse of April 15 affected Cardinal signs, this eclipse will have more of an effect on the fixed signs-Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo, or those who have fixed planets in their charts.

    The ascendant of this chart is Aquarius at 5 degrees, the sign of the people, groups and the collective as was the lunar eclipse.



  141. alex says:




    According to the Democratic leader in the U.S. House, the road to her party winning back control of the chamber winds through the Sunshine State. U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., offered her take on Democratic chances to flip the U.S. House in November — and said it comes down to Florida.

    Speaking to the Washington Post, Pelosi said that she sees a way for Democrats to pick up 25 seats from Republicans and flip the chamber. Currently, Democrats need to win 17 seats to wrest control away from the GOP.

    Pointing to a decision from Judge Terry Lewis last week that ruled the seats currently held by U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., and U.S. Rep. Dan Webster, R-Fla., do not pass constitutional muster, Pelosi said it could help Democrats in the Sunshine State.

    Lewis ruled that the seats violate the Fair District amendments passed by Florida voters in 2010. Legislative leaders said earlier this week that they would not challenge the decision but asked for redistricting not to occur until after the 2014 elections, noting that absentee ballots had already been sent out to members of the military voting in the August primaries.

    “Florida, you know, is big for us,” Pelosi told the Washington Post. “We’ll see how it goes. We have a few and we won that [legal] decision. Now we’ll see what the judge says about where we go from here, for now and for the future, but it really was necessary. It was a major involvement all around. But worth it.”

    “I want 25, so how do we get 25?” Pelosi continued. “Well, it depends on how we do in Florida.”

    “How many do you think are in play now in Florida that they’ve made that ruling?” Ed O’Keefe from the Post asked Pelosi.

    “It depends on the judge,” Pelosi answered. “He’s called in the lawyers. That’s what I read in the papers. What I’ve read in the papers is that he’s calling in the lawyers, and I don’t know what he’ll do next. Could be three seats, but what it does is, even if it’s not three seats, it’ll make our others easier.”

  142. Sharon K says:

    Here is an example of a pro-Palestinian attitude quickly spilling over into being anti-Semetic – in France…


  143. Kitty says:

    Helps if I get the correct Link
    Great that Obama and Senate worked to pack the courts.

    How Obama’s court strategy may help save Obamacare

    the full court now has seven judges appointed by Democrats and four by Republicans. It took only an hour or so for the administration to announce that it plans to ask the entire bench to review the decision.
    “The president for his whole first term dragged his feet and didn’t seem to think judges were really a priority. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he decides he needs to move on what I’d argue is the least busy circuit in the country. … This is the payoff for him.”


  144. Lorrie U says:

    Kitty – He’s a chess player…

  145. alex says:

    Planned Parenthood’s political arm is embarking on the most aggressive campaign it has ever waged in Texas, with plans to spend $3 million to turn out voters for Democratic candidates including Sens. Wendy Davis for governor and Leticia Van de Putte for lieutenant governor.

    July 21, 2014

    The new PAC, called Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, is intended to bolster the top of the Democratic ticket, along with a slate of state House candidates and the Democrat running for Davis’ open Senate seat.


  146. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    The Palestinian unrest and resentment against Israel’s occupation of Gaza is understandable, given the intolerable conditions over there (see related article: http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2012/11/israel-soldiers-testimony-idf-gaza ), but of course that in no way justifies resorting to violence. It’s like steam building up in a pressure cooker, sooner or later, if the underlying causes are not resolved it will explode into an uncontrollable situation. And just what are the underlying causes? J Krishnamurti expresses it quite succinctly……..

    “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”

  147. Jerry says:

    The August 11, 1999 solar eclipse (18 ’21 Leo) has often been referred to as the ‘Eclipse of the Century’. This eclipse consists of a rare powerful grand cross square in fixed signs involving Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Sun and Moon. Some astrologers feel due to the sheer magnitude and depth of this eclipse that subsequent transits, if intense enough, could release the potent energies of this eclipse (see related article that immediately follows below). It can be argued therefore that the upcoming August 10th full moon is one such poignant transit. For one, it is categorized as a super moon (its perigee bringing it in closest proximity to the earth). At 18 ’02 Aq., within a quarter of the degree of 8/11/99 eclipse it is certainly a relevant force to be considered. More significantly, tr. Saturn will have reached exact opposition to its 8/11/99 position, conjoining the 8/11/99 Mars position (16 Taurus-Scorpio), quite an extraordinary coincidence in astrological achievements. Could we surmise then that this karmic planet will manifest the inherent eclipse energies of Aug ’99? Here is the Aug 10, 2014 Full Moon chart for reference: http://1vlvnaa07ry3zp66wnhasyel1.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Full-Moon-August.jpg

    And here are two articles dwelling on the Aug 11, ’99 solar eclipse (the first one is an excerpt, explaining the dormant capabilities of the ’99 eclipse)……

    by the Chrysalis Foundation

    As we come to the end of the millenium, we all feel a quickening in the evolutionary pace. The frequency is ascending on the planet at an exponential pace as we approach the shift in consciousness that the Earth and humanity are destined to make. With this come the necessary crises that are both catalysts and tests upon the path. Crisis points arrive when the individual and collective ego patterns that are retarding soul evolution must be faced. At times the magnitude of the crisis requires an extensive death and rebirth—”a dark night of the soul”—during which pure spirit or Monad descends ever more deeply, birthing a more expanded and luminous octave of soul life. It seems possible that the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse marks the beginning of such a collective initiation with all its crises and opportunities.

    It is important to realize that August 11 is not an just an event, but the beginning of a process that will go on for year or so in great intensity, with the effects playing out for a number of years. The potency and duration of the effects are a result of the magnitude of the power in the configuration and the long-term cycles with which this particular eclipse resonates. It might be helpful to review this and other information throughout the following year, especially at times when the solar and lunar cycles trigger the solar eclipse degrees as well as other planets, especially the more potent outer planets. Each time this happens, the basic dynamics in the August 11 configuration will be re-energized again.

    by Gary Brand – written July 5, 1999

    Solar eclipses occur about every six months but only about one-third of them are total (when the Moon covers the entire disk of the Sun). Total eclipses of the Sun are symbolically the most powerful of all eclipses. There is some variance among astrologers regarding the effective period of a solar eclipse but a conservative view is that each eclipse has impact from the month of its occurrence until the month before the next eclipse. The total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 is highly unusual and is receiving much “astro-hype” (hype among astrologers and astrological aficionados) because three other planets form a grand cross with the eclipse. On this date, Sun and Moon are aligned (conjunct) at 18°21′ of Leo, Uranus is opposite them at 14°40′ Aquarius, Saturn at 16°53′ Taurus is square (meaning conflict/tension) them and Mars at 16°51′ Scorpio is opposite Saturn and square the Sun, Moon and Uranus. The following chart illustrates this planetary configuration and you can see the cross in the center. Grand crosses involving the Moon as one of the four points of the cross are not that uncommon but grand crosses that consist of four planets (or the Sun and three planets) are rare indeed. A grand cross involving a solar eclipse (Sun and Moon as one point) is so rare that this is the only one in this century! Because no living astrologer has seen the effects of an eclipse such as that of August 11, it has us all wondering what the possible ramifications will be.

    ……. The cross contains four right angles called squares. These squares represent conflicts we are challenged to resolve or act out and they can be expressed positively or negatively. The following are but a few examples intended to stimulate your thinking. One of the squares is Mars in Scorpio square Uranus in Aquarius. This symbolizes: the reformer – for good or ill; survivalist isolationism or self-sufficiency and intentional community; the destructive application of power resulting in chaos (i.e. ethnic cleansing) or the transforming power of small groups of like-minded people with a common cause. Saturn in Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius could manifest as the realization that protection and preservation of all life is a key to Earth’s future and it represents the widening gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” An enlightened response would be to forgo some pleasures and comforts (by consuming less) in order to preserve the environment of threatened species. Sun and Moon (the eclipse) in Leo square Mars in Scorpio symbolizes issues of power and control. It calls for our vigilance because, in a worst-case scenario of a series of crises, governments could curtail personal freedoms in the name of national security. We would all benefit by rising above or directing our passionate desires and feelings toward loving one another and using our willpower to create good. The last square is Sun and Moon in Leo square Saturn in Taurus. Those with ego-based attachments to money or power may stubbornly resist forces of change. A challenge of this square is selfish hoarding for Y2K vs. sharing what we have without fearing that we are losing in the process.



  148. alex says:

    Kentucky Senate Election – November 4TH 2014

    Alison Grimes (D) challenger to Senator Mitch McConnell


  149. Ardy says:

    I’m not sure where this lies, astrologically speaking, but here is a remarkable powerful statement from the parents who lost their 3 children along with their grandfather in the ‘downed’ airplane last week:


    A message to the soldiers in the Ukraine, the politicians, the media, our friends and family.

    Our pain is intense and relentless. We live in a hell beyond hell.

    Our babies are not here with us — we need to live with this act of horror, every day and every moment for the rest of our lives.

    No one deserves what we are going through.

    Not even the people who shot our whole family out of the sky.

    No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for our children, for Mo, for Evie, for Otis.

    No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for Grandad Nick.

    No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other.

    This is a revelation that gives us some comfort.

    We would ask everyone to remember this when you are making any decisions that affect us and the other victims of this horror.

    So far, every moment since we arrived home, we’ve been surrounded by family and friends. We desperately pray that this continues, because this expression of love is what is keeping us alive. We want to continue to know about your lives, all the good and all the bad. We no longer have lives that we want to live by ourselves. So we’d like to take the chance to thank everyone, all our incredible friends, family and communities, and to tell you all that we love you very much.

    We would also like to thank the people at DFAT; the local co-ordinator Claire and most sincerely, Diana and Adrian from The Hague, without whom we would not be here. We ask the media to respect the privacy of our family and friends — pain is not a story.

    Yours truly

    Anthony Maslin & Marite Norris


  150. alex says:

    North Carolina Senate Election – Novembmer 4TH, 2014

    by PPP, July 22, 2014.

    The latest PPP poll shows incumbent Democratic Senator Kay Hagan growing a lead over Republican State House Speaker Thom Tillis.

    Hagan leads Tillis 41/34 with Libertarian Sean Haugh receiving 8% of the vote and 16% of voters still undecided. The gap between Hagan and Tillis is even wider among women where Hagan leads Tillis 44/27.

  151. Ardy says:

    I thought this comment from the U.N. Secretary General sums up the Israel/Palestine conflict – if only this would happen:

    “My message to Israelis and Palestinians is the same: Stop fighting. Start talking. And take on the root causes of the conflict, so we are not back to the same situation in another six months or a year,”

    Nancy – & others – is there any chance this will happen in the next … oh, lets say … decade or so?

  152. Francis says:

    Color me cynical and fed up, but I don’t believe that IF, and it is a big if, if the Dems take the House that they would put populist policies in place that would restore our middle class. I have hope they will take the House and do what they say. But… I think we need a real political revolution which separates money from politics. Too many Dems, and I would say ALL of the Republicans are owned by corporate interests. Like legislation to reform Wall Street, legislation to restore the middle class would be hyped, then watered down and would business to continue as before. Right now we have a corporate stooge in charge of the FCC who is about to give the internet over to the cable companies… I think he was appointed by the President but not sure and hope not but if he was appointed by Obama then I think it is true that actions speak louder than words. Even though I feel increasingly cynical and fed up I will still vote and will vote Dem but only until there is a viable political alternative… maybe when Pluto enters Aquarius…

  153. Anne's Aunt says:

    Ardy, that is a truly heartbreaking and remarkable letter. Thanks for sharing.

    Alex thank you for that tidbit about planned parenthood!

    Francis, agree. I don’t think it’s particularly cynical tho, just clear eyed and realistic. Small steps.

  154. Lorrie U says:

    Ardy – Thanks for posting that powerful letter! I heard it on the news this morning, but reading it makes it even more poignant. And the scene of the arriving bodies and hearses in Holland was excruciating. Sometimes pictures like that have a greater impact on the heart and mind leading to a consciousness shift than anything else. Let’s hope that these events lead those creating the chaos into new paths of reconciliation.

  155. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry – Your 6:54 am post of the Krishnamurti quote is very profound and appreciated. Thank you.

  156. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, I do not mean this in any way as a deep criticism, but you can sometimes sound “holier than thou” in your views on the conflicts in Gaza. Of course every human on earth identifies too much with their form and it underlies all problems. It is true for war torn areas and peaceful areas.

  157. Prabhata says:

    #eyeroll. “The Palestinian unrest and resentment against Israel’s occupation of Gaza is understandable, given the intolerable conditions over there, but of course that in no way justifies resorting to violence.”

    But Israeli soldiers’ violence against a weak people is justifiably understandable? What is happening in Gaza is not a fight. It’s a killing field.

    To ask a people subjected to violence since 1948 to behave non-violently is not only unlikely, but it’s to ask them to be enlightened. I find that sort of reasoning, cloaked with the word “understandable” nothing less than hypocrisy. It’s not okay for ANYONE to engage in violence, but unfortunately that’s how our animal instincts operate. Individually each one can work to become peace, but it’s not reasonable to work towards peace by standing on a soap-box and preach others to be enlightened and be peaceful while they are being massacred.

  158. Lorrie U says:

    Prabhata – You make a good point. I think the Palestinians’ demands in order to achieve a cease fire are extremely understandable and justifiable. Unfortunately, Israel keeps its same stance and refuses to budge, so doesn’t sound like anything will change.

  159. Prabhata says:

    Lorrie U, from the beginning of the current violence, and I don’t know why, I “knew” this time would be different. Palestinians have reached their moment: “Give me liberty or give me death!.”

    Israel is not willing to give an inch of territory or freedom to Palestinians. It’s decimation as time goes on. Behind Israel’s policies is the US designing it and fomenting it. If the US had been an honest broker for peace, we would have had peace a long time ago, but that’s not the case.

    I’m sorry to say, but that’s how bleak I see the Palestinian situation.

  160. alex says:

    WISCONSIN GOVERNOR’S Election – November 4TH, 2014

    Democratic challenger Mary Burke v Gov. Scott Walker (R)

    Among the larger universe of registered voters, Walker holds a 46-45 lead over Burke.

    But among the tighter screen of likely voters, it is Burke staked to the one-point edge (47-46).


  161. Eliseo says:

    “Color me cynical and fed up……I will still vote and will vote Dem but only until there is a viable political alternative… maybe when Pluto enters Aquarius.”

    I agree entirely and completely. As I recall, Pluto will enter Aquarius but retrograde back a couple of times, but finally enter Aquarian space on the U.S. election day November 5, 2024 between 4 and 5 am est. Pluto will remain in Aquarius then I think for about 20 years.

    We don’t get our USA Uranus return until the 2027-2028 period.

    Personally, I don’t think we will get much if any of the revolutionary change we truly need until then. Election day in 2024 may turn out to be extraordinarily consequential. I have little doubt there will be some political violence associated with the coming transformations in the next several years; but let us hope we can get “to” AND “through” the coming “real change” period 10 years hence without civil war or too, too much bloodshed.

    But, please don’t misinterpret me here. None of the above provides an excuse to cease working for the social, economic, political, cultural, and spiritual progress we need.

  162. Anne's Aunt says:

    Of course it is understandable why palestinians want to fight! It is just so tragic they are represented by Hamas who refuses a cease fire under which negotiations might be possible. Just because Israel’s conservative leader’s polities are wrong that does not make Hamas’s policies right.

  163. margriet says:

    The UN-council of human rights has agreed to do an investigation into any violations of human rights during the Israeli offensive in Gaza. There were 47 voting members on that council. 29 were for and there were 17 blank votes. Only one country voted against, guess which country that was…

    Sharon, the demonstration in Paris you were writing about, has been misrepresented. Muslims were not attacking the synagogue, they were just marching. However, when they were close to the synagogue, they were met by a jewish group whose name I forgot and who were supposedly extremists. They evoked the confrontation. So… that changes the picture doesn’t it? Media are too keen on saying anti-semitism is on the rise.
    As a matter of fact I have been hearing on ARTE (a joint french-german tv channel) that people shouldn’t think critique of Israel is the same as anti-semitism… are we changing slowly that would be great.
    Actually, in Paris, there are demonstrations every day now against the fighting in Gaza and pro-Palestina. They’re growing larger. Without incidents.

  164. Anne's Aunt says:

    Interesting Margriet. Do you have a link for your source of information?

  165. Sharon K says:

    Israel has given Gaza (which has been in foreign hands over the centuries–it is very tropical and an important port in the Mideast) back to the Palestinians and Hamas has stopped it from developing by pouring money into weapons and tunnels through which to attack Israel. And, they now have a closer footing from which to attack Israel, instead of sitting down at the peace table. I know that Israel builds settlements. This is not a cut and dried issue and I’d like to remind you that there is more than one side to the story. Why does Hamas attack Israel first, with rockets, knowing Israel will retaliate in the areas where the rocket launchers are located? (and, tragically, civilians are there and have been killed). Hamas wants to sacrifice its people it seems so public opinion will go against Israel even harder.

    On a separate, non-political note…Jupiter just left Cancer and my first house. I have always heard that Cancer was associated with teaching and, although I have wanted to try teaching my entire life, I have avoided it due to some emotional and physical blocks. This summer I’ve been put in a position where I have had to teach (I guess I could have said no, but it wouldn’t be a good idea), so I’ve had to stretch myself and try it, and lo and behold, I’m somewhat good at it and love it, especially the population that I’m teaching…Jupiter’s goodbye gift to me as it left my first house.

  166. Francis says:

    Eliseo, that will be one doozy of an election! In 2024, if I am still alive and viable at 70 I hope to be part of the action. Cheers!

  167. Sharon K says:

    CNN has two short articles called “Hamas’s endgame and “Israel’s endgame.” I think they provide a pretty good description of the objectives of both sides. Unfortunately, although Hamas wants as its objectives the blockade to end and the tunnels with Egypt opened, what’s noted as it’s first objective is “the destruction of Israel.” Israel objective is to weaken Hamas so that they will have peace from the rockets until Hamas rebuilds and comes back stronger (which is part of the terrible spiral that is in play here). Israel is not happy at all with what it feels it has to do in Gaza but sees no other alternative. How can you give land to a group of people who insist that it will not stop until it sees your destruction?



  168. Prabhata says:

    “Hamas wants to sacrifice its people it seems so public opinion will go against Israel even harder.”

    Blaming Hamas for the violence perpetrated on Palestinians is like blaming the woman who’s raped because 1. She had what the rapist wanted.

    The Palestinians are living under a military occupation. When Obama says: “No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders” that statement is only true for Israel, not the Palestinians. And of course never mind Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan for over 10 years.

    To charge that Hamas is willing to sacrifice its people to get sympathy, is cruel by any standards. But if that’s what Israel is saying (I don’t know but it sounds like Israeli propaganda), then that’s a measure how desperate the Palestinian people are. They are hoping, through their suffering, to show to the world what they live under, the boot of the Israeli military.

  169. Jerry says:

    Hi AA,

    The article I submitted in that entry regarding Gaza: “Israeli Vets Speak Out: What Really Goes On In Gaza” is a wake-up call and self-explanatory. If you haven’t read it I would strongly advise you to do so. As Pabhatta wisely said, there are two versions to every story. The point that I was trying to make is that unless the root cause is eradicated there will be no end to the recriminations and counter recriminations. What’s going on over there is sheer madness. To identify with one group or the other and then to appropriate blame is to thoroughly misunderstand the situation. Objectivity is critical. Anger and violence merely perpetuates the problem.

  170. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata, “Blaming Hamas for the violence perpetrated on Palestinians is like blaming the woman who’s raped because 1. She had what the rapist wanted.”

    I don’t know if you are a woman, but I am and I find that quote by you to be offensive. Unless you are a woman who has faced sexual violence then please do not so casually compare what two political entities to that.

    And NO it is not the same thing. Do you know ANYTHING about Hamas? You sound very anti-Semitic. Do you realize that the Israeli government is NOT THE SAME THING as the Israeli people or that Hamas is NOT THE SAME THING as the palestinian people?

    You seem anti-Semitic because you are outraged at the jewish state but not any of the muslim violence. I have pointed out the murders – slaughters actually – and rapes and treatment of women by ISIS and you don’t seem to care. You care only for the palestinian people, and not the jewish population in the ME.

    Jerry, that is what I’ve been saying all along! Have you been reading MY comments? There are actually more than two opposing sides of a story (oppositions are not the ONLY kinds of relationships) and stopping the violence in order to negotiations and dig deeper is essential to any sort of peace. I don’t identify with either group – as many here seem to do. I actually want to consider them BOTH – which many here seem to not want to do. Why is it so hard to understand that this is what I am saying? Maybe you are merely thinking in opposites. I am not.

  171. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    Re: Your 1:58 am July 23rd post.

    I think you misunderstood what is being said. Of course it may be unrealistic to expect others, especially those who have suffered decades of violent oppression to find their way out of the morass. I was speaking in general. Are we aware for example that we are emotionally invested in a certain way of thinking? Sometimes we tend to unconsciously think of ourselves as the victim of circumstance when confronted with an injustice and to compensate, we retaliate. It gives us a sense of purpose when we adopt the “us against them’ mentality. There’s no compassion in that. This is not a phenomenon narrowly confined to the Palestinians or the Israelis. It applies to all of us. Nationalism and religious intolerance are a breeding ground for war. Those values need to be questioned.

  172. Anne's Aunt says:

    If the Israeli conflict with Hamas could be expressed in US political terms, the Likud party would be republicans and Hamas would be the teaparty. Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban are all very similar to our teaparty.

  173. Jerry says:


    It appears we are going in circles. My submitting the quote by J Krishnamurti was with the intention to get to the core issue. You found that to be an objectionable ‘holier than thou’ response. I think you may be getting a little to heated up over this and taking this all too personally. I don’t wish to devolve this into a personal one on one debate.

  174. lisam says:

    Anyone with any shred of conscience cannot condone the treatmant meted out to the Palestinians on a daily basis by Israel, and this is only seen on a global scale when the two peoples are at war. The Palestinians are subjected to deliberate harassment, abuse, and humiliation by the Israelis who have set up checkpoints throughout Gaza and the West Bank in order to make life as difficult as possible for the Palestinian people just in the course of going about their daily business, It takes children going to school, and university, and adults going to work, twice as long to get to their destination because of these many checkpoints they must pass through on their own lands, while the Jewish settlers are free to travel freely and without hindrance anywhere they choose. In addition, Israel destroys and displaces the Palestinians, by bulldozing their homes, fruit orchards, gardens, and olive groves -depriving them from earning their livelihioods, and appropriating their land. No human being can live under these dehumanizing conditions for any length of time, and the Palestinians have been enduring these punitive actions for decades. When they try to fight back, they are either killed, or thrown into an Israeli prison without trial, and accused of terrorism. Israel employs these tactics to provoke them into commiting acts of desperation, so they can then use this as an excuse to further launch large scale attacks from air, land and sea as a means of annihilation of the populace. All this is properly documented by human rights organizations. Israel is and has always been a garrison nation. It is past time to put an end to this travesty. i am not even going to go into the role America plays in keeping this vicious cycle alive, and repetitive.
    Call to action for anyone wishing to free the Palestinians from their oppressors – tomorrow Thurs, July 24 is the day. Do whatever you can to relieve these people of their suffering. All you need to do is make a trip there to see the degradation that they endure every day. It has to stop.

  175. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, I agreed with your link about Krishnamurti. Did you miss the comment where I said that? What’s there not to agree with? . I just am a bit frustrated that while I do read and respond to and AGREE with your things about Krishnamurti and your view of “spirituality’ you don’t seem to return that. Yes, it seems that you are preaching at me without listening.

    First the violence must stop by ALL sides for any peace or moving towards peace. That, once again, is my point. Apparently many here do not agree.

    I find it a bit disturbing that so many on Starlight are advocating violence as a solution, as if was WAS the answer.

  176. Anne's Aunt says:

    oops, as if WAR was the answer.

  177. Jerry says:


    Re: Your 1:24 pm entry. No. I didn’t miss it. What you were suggesting is that to share the J Krishnamurti quote (which seemed acceptable to you) and the Mother Jones article (which wasn’t) was…… well let’s use your words so there won’t be any room for interpretation here “I do not mean this in any way as a deep criticism, but you can sometimes sound “holier than thou” in your views on the conflicts in Gaza.”

    I didn’t offer any political views on Gaza. Were you referring to the Mother Jones article? It was based on the true personal accounts of the Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

    Anyway, once again, can we move on? I don’t find this kind of exchange meaningful or helpful.

  178. Eliseo says:

    Me too Francis! Let’s take of ourselves and live to see it!

  179. Sharon K says:

    As bad as some of the Israeli soldiers can be (just like the U.S. police are to certain minorities, as something of an analogy, not an exact one), there was a reason for this approximately 10 years ago, and there would still be one if not for the Israeli electronic wall — suicide bombers and other types perpetuated violence upon Israeli civilians. One of the things I wrote that to me is a bottom line but which everyone here “conveniently” forgets to address is Hamas’s mandate to destroy the state of Israel, plain and simple. They are in control in Gaza so to give Gaza freedom is to give Hamas and its sister and brother organizations the freedom to continue on with its objective. Plain and simple. I am more than sorry for the people of Gaza – as I think everyone in Israel is. But we are not talking about “the people” – we’re talking about Hamas…the group who put their rocket launchers in a hospital, daring Israel to bomb it.

  180. Eliseo says:

    That was supposed to be Let’s take care of ourselves, etc.

  181. kiwi says:

    In most media stories about countries and politics you hear names of the politicians and spokesmen on behalf of a particular political party.

    I can’t say that I have ever heard the name of anyone within the Hamas party, or how many are in a ‘cabinet’ that makes decisions. They are usually only painted with broad brush stories that Hamas did this or did that, as if Hamas was a single person. Is this public facelessness of the political party deliberate? Are we to believe that all members of Hamas are in lockstep with no allowances for individuality? If so, who is the dictator of policy?

    To me it is like saying, if one is a Republican then it must be assumed automatically that one concurs and supports without qualm the radical political agenda that a Michele Bachman or a Ted Cruz, etc., have pushed, and base our response decisions only on that.

  182. Prabhata says:

    Hi Jerry, I quoted you and I thought your statement was clear. Maybe you didn’t post what you meant.

    I’m well aware with Krishnamurti’s teachings, and as Osho said, that whatever identification we believe in, is the result of where were born. God doesn’t create Americans, Jews, Catholics, Indians, Democrats or Republicans. Identification then is a creation of the mind.

    I take that teaching to heart, that’s why I say that individually one has a choice, but not as a group. I must have a passport with a name and many other identification lines. I don’t believe in any of them. I was born nameless and empty, and that’s what I work to go back to.

    But the Palestinians and the Israelis believe in their identification. Israelis are not killing human beings, they are killing Palestinians. Hamas is like saying USG. That’s who they elected to be their leaders. And just like in any war, people will support their leaders. The idea that Hamas uses civilians as human shield is a Israeli concoction. Americans would support and would hide weapons if necessary to fight an external force. It’s not complicated. It’s nature. Defending the group has a higher value in nature.

    All beings fear death the most. It doesn’t matter if it’s a low level insect or human. Death is the root of all fears and the greatest fear. Yet, we see a honey bee stinging, to defend the group, even if individually that bee dies. It’s then not unusual to see the same m.o. from humans. It’s nature.

  183. Kitty says:

    Alex, Thanks,
    for the reminder of Fla’s redistricting, witch can give Dems bigger hopes! and info on the new PAC, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes with intent for a Wendy Davis win…
    Oh, to get rid of the obnoxious GOP’s agenda-, would be such a breathe of fresh air, and enlightenment for the country !

  184. Anne's Aunt says:

    Jerry, I am so ready to move on with this. In case you could not understand, I was reacting to your using your spiritual leader to “school” others, like myself and Sharon on how to approach the situation in Gaza. I said, and I mean that it is easy to agree with Krishnamurti. I do. Yes, the spiritual way is the best.

    Yet you offer no practical way of even approaching that. If all you intend is to quote your spiritual leader then that may not be the best way to actually stopping violence or even to understand the situation deeply.

  185. Anne's Aunt says:

    Now for some good news: Colorado’s ban on gay marriage struck down.

  186. Jerry says:


    Quite frankly, I don’t think there is any political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma. There has to be an integral understanding that goes beyond borders. And as you and I both agree, that has to come from within, from the heart, with each individual. E. Tolle shares an excellent insight into this. First it comes with acceptance (offering no internal resistance) and then only can compassion rise from within. It comes back to humility. Not an assumed humility mind you, but an acceptance of our limitations. Then a space can be experienced that incorporates ‘the other’.

  187. Jerry says:


    Spiritual leaders? I would rather think of it as just plain common sense. Coincidentally enough, I just replied to Prabhata on that issue (refer to my 1:31 am post above).

  188. Prabhata says:

    “I don’t think there is any political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma.” — Jerry

    I agree. But it’s sad.

  189. alex says:

    Kitty – here is another good cause:


    Excerpt Email: BOld Progressives

    “Candidates for sale turn to K Street lobbyists for help; candidates with a conscience turn to the PCCC. The PCCC is the foundation of a future America based upon the fundamental principles of justice, equality, and peace.” — Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-9)

    This is what Congressman Grayson had to say as we reached a big fundraising milestone this week: over $1,000,000 raised directly from 122,851 small-dollar donations for progressive candidates and campaigns this cycle. National press is eating this up. Our milestone has already been covered by NBC, CNN, Politico, and the Washington Post, and many more.

    Help get the word out about the people power of our small-dollar donations and encourage more people to join us by sharing the graphic on Facebook.

  190. Michael from NYC says:

    You know not that long ago people claimed that there could never be peace in Northern Ireland, and while things aren’t perfect today you’d have to admit that peace was in place. There have been times in the past where the situation in Israel and Palestine was more stable, and there’s no reason that it can’t get back to that.

    There are people on both sides who want peace, and it’s a small minority that’s the problem if you really think about it. In the past there have been leaders on both sides who had an interest in something more stable, the problem is that the stars never quite aligned up so it happened on both sides at the same time. But I think if you give into cynicism, and if you take sides then you’re in fact the reason why peace hasn’t happened.

    I’d also apply that same mindset to the problems of America: If you get trapped by the mindset that nothing can change or get better then you’re part of the problem. And if you look at so many Republican talking points they really embrace cynicism in the worst way disguised as cold hearted pragmatism. But the reality is what they’re pushing makes thing harder on everyone.

    It’s safe to assume that nobody reading this experienced the great depression as an adult, but that era forced a real shift to what people accepted. Of course before the stock market crash there were a number of events like the triangle shirtwaist factory fire that changed the mindset of America. In fact if you look at the mindset of the 20s you’ll see a mirror of the Thatcher mindset that has owned the right since the late 70s.

    But I think things can and will change very quickly — and if you look around you’ll see hints. Have you noticed how gay marriage is becoming very real? Keep in mind that this was the campaign issue that Bush used in a negative way to win the White House ten years ago in 2004. Have you noticed how we went from Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren in the Senate? Have you noticed that more people have health insurance now? Or have you spoken to a bunch of twentysomethings about their world views? Yeah those kids in college debt that will soon be supporting their parents who lost their retirement? Those kids aren’t fans of the wisdom of the marketplace.

    Also look at the old guard: Rupert Murdoch is 83 years old. Dick Cheney is 73 and won’t live to see 80. Half of Fox News’ viewers are 68 and older. The heart of the Republican party is with Reagan who was born 103 years ago in 1911. Even the youngest powerhouse Republicans are middle aged members of Gen X. The world is about to move on…

  191. Jerry says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m not sure I would agree with that view. As far as my understanding goes, the Protestant-Catholic dispute in Northern Ireland was a rather low level civil war confined within the borders of the UK.

    In the mid east on the other hand, the dynamics of Arab-Israeli tensions is far-reaching. Oil, that valuable commodity that keeps world economy running is the primary reason (in my opinion) why there will never peace. The big powers such as Russia, China and the US and the oil conglomerates that they represent all have a big stake in that area of the world. Driven by economic interests and vying for influence, whether intentional or not, they will make sure that regional tensions are kept at a fever pitch; stoking the flames of religious and national animosity to their advantage. Greed is the main culprit.

    It’s why Bush, Cheney and company went to war in 2003. Strategic interests (oil) was the main motivating factor.

  192. Jerry says:

    Typos. Sorry about that. Please read instead: “……that keeps THE world economy running is the primary reason (in my opinion) why there will never BE peace.”

  193. margriet says:

    Link about the UN Human Rights commission voting to investigate violations of human rights in Gaza, with the US voting the sole contra-vote: http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/2664/Nieuws/article/detail/3696599/2014/07/23/VN-beginnen-onderzoek-naar-geweld-in-Gaza.dhtml That’s in dutch.

    News about the Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Paris: it’s in the daily news on television and in the newspapers here in France.
    I don’t remember where I read about the jewish ‘extremist’ group who allegedly provoked the fighting, but it was on a site that seemed reliable to my standards.

  194. margriet says:

    Sad article..


    Sayed Kashua: why I have to leave Israel
    The Arab-Israeli author moved to Jerusalem as a child and has devoted his life to telling Israelis the Palestinian story. But last week he decided to emigrate with his family to the US.

  195. clymela box says:

    Michael of NYC-I agree with you. Even when regular airlines have their planes,full of passengers,blown out of the sky I still believe that there is a new world coming.

  196. clymela box says:

    Prabhata-your response regarding identity and how this functions in the world moved me so deeply. This is so much the truth of our existence. I pray that more and more of us move rapidly through “our lessons” so that we can be free to know that we are indeed born naked and nameless. UMHH! I am thinking of my love of animals and their loving lives that I have shared. when I say loving I am not writing for Disney-I know enough about blood shed and fights for food/shelter/peace.

  197. Noelle says:

    Michael from NYC, I love you! Thanks so much for your post and your wisdom.

  198. Anne's Aunt says:

    Michael fromNYC, you make so much sense!

    I have a 20s daughter, two 20s nieces and a teen nephew, all of which I am very close with. They and their extended groups of friends of all races are often around. One of my nieces is a lesbian. I have taught 20 somethings. I know from personal experience that this upcoming generation has a very different outlook than mine and an extremely different outlook from my mother’s.

    I also have many gay and lesbian friends (I’m in the arts) and many friends who have gay, lesbian and transgender children. My midwestern relatives are very conservative and are very anti-gay but now that they have a lesbian in their family are starting to soften up. Love and family may work slowly, but it does work over time.

    Not one of the young people I know are lazy entitled freeloaders like some older people like to say (every generation they say that). The girls have been able to play sports learning to work as a team just like the boys did.

    I have so much hope in change coming from them. I know they will not be perfect, no generation is. But one thing they do is accept people’s differences in a way that my generation or any previous generation did.

    I think you are right in that the stars have not arranged yet for positive change in the ME in general or in any specific area of the ME yet. But, at least in the Israel/palestinian conflict I think there is a great desire for basic change there. I am not so sure about Iraq and Syria or with ISIS.

  199. Anne's Aunt says:

    Also, as Kiwi says there is so much potential for new energy sources, and they are being slowly developed. We will see a very slow movement away from the dominance of oil and gas.

  200. Anne's Aunt says:

    More good news:

    European Court Finds Poland Violated Human Rights By Allowing Secret CIA Detention

    ” a statement explaining its ruling, the court said the interrogations and ill-treatment of the suspects at the facility in Stare Kiekuty, a remote village in northern Poland, was “the exclusive responsibility of the CIA and it was unlikely that the Polish officials had witnessed or known exactly what happened inside the facility.” It argued, however, that Poland should have ensured that individuals held in its jurisdiction would not be subjected to degrading treatment. “For all practical purposes, Poland had facilitated the whole process, had created the conditions for it to happen and had made no attempt to prevent it from occurring,” the court said.”

  201. Prabhata says:

    Clymela, I’m heartened that you understood how identification is detrimental to our spiritual growth. The task is to unlearn, letting go, of concepts that we’re not even aware they exist in the subconscious.

    On peace in Northern Ireland. Huh, how long did it take for that peace to become reality? Well, only decades if one counts from the 1970s, and longer if one counts from the split of Ireland in 1922. And even longer if one counts from the British invasion in the 1600s. Imagine that, Ireland got its independence (most of the territory, anyway) after hundreds of years of being under UK military occupation, responsible for much suffering of Irish people. Military occupations are difficult to maintain when the occupiers separate themselves from the locals. Spanish kicked out the Moors (700s invasion) after 700 years of occupation. Most of the time religion becomes the identifier between the invaders and locals. It’s easier to unite with emotional religious passion. But any identification is helpful to warring factions. I don’t know if Northern Ireland will ever become part of the Irish Republic, but I wouldn’t bet $1 against it. Has peace come to Northern Ireland? For now it has.

  202. connimac says:

    So well said, Michael from NYC! Yes, there is a shift underway toward a better world and we simply have to keep reinforcing the positive changes as you just did and then try to contribute our share of positive change. Thanks for the uplifting comment.

  203. alex says:

    Ohio Governor’s Election November 4TH, 2014:
    Fitzgerald (D) v Kasich (R)


    Excerpt Email: from Ed FitzGerald’s (D) gubernatorial campaign

    After donating over $62,000 to Kasich’s 2010 campaign, White Hat Management literally wrote the charter school law for Ohio without a single legislator present.

    It’s time to focus on effective education, not what’s best for Kasich’s campaign donors.

    It’s time to hold Governor Kasich accountable and end his failed experiment on Ohio’s schools.

    Join me and tell Kasich: Our kids’ futures are not up for sale. Stop taking money from public schools and giving it to failed charter schools run by your wealthy friends.

  204. alex says:

    Elizabeth Warren: Willing To Fight For It


    Elizabeth Warren’s natal chart narrates her abilities as an effective message maker.

    CANCER (mundane astrology ‘The Family of Man’)

    Natal Sun @00 Cancer – Elizabeth Warren
    Natal Uranus @00 Cancer – Elizabeth Warren

    .VIGINTILE (18 degree aspect, opportunity for higher awareness)

    Natal Venus @18 Cancer (in touch with, relationship to)

    NOVEMBER 4TH 2014 ELECTION – Elizabeth Warren

    NATAL MERCURY @10 Gemini (message) – Elizabeth Warren
    NATAL MARS @08 Gemini (USA URANUS @08 Gemini) – Elizabeth Warren

    .WAX SESQUIQUADRATE (resistance to challenge)

    Election Mercury @24 Libra (the vote)

    MYSTIC RECTANGLE SYNASTRY (sextile, trine, sextile, trine)

    Election Nessus @27 Aquarius
    Natal North Node @23 Aries – Elizabeth Warren
    Election Sisyphus @25 Leo
    Natal South Node @23 Libra (cnj Election Mercury @24 Libra)
    Election Nessus


    Election Sisyphus @25 Leo (relentlessly working against)
    Election Nessus @27 Aquarius (egalitarian & generational bad conditions)

  205. Prabhata says:

    Obama administration knew Islamic State was growing but did little to counter it

    Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2014/07/24/234353/obama-administration-knew-islamic.html#storylink=cpy

  206. Sharon K says:

    For those who are interested, here is information on Hamas’s Charter calling for the destruction of the state of Israel and having it become an Islamic state. It’s from Wikipedia and there are footnotes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas_Covenant

    Also, in doing some internet research, I have found that the act of using human shields has occurred on both sides, Israel, and Palestine. There is no definitive evidence (although I have seen youtubes) but many reports and I am sure some of them are true. There is also the fact that, while using it’s funds to prepare for war and having more sophisticated weapons this time around, Hamas has not built bomb shelters for its citizens although Israel has for its citizens. That being said, I think Israel is, as I have thought in the past, going overboard in its attacks, and the civilian casualties are unconscionable.

  207. Jerry says:

    Sharon, to expand on what you just expressed above, here is an excellent, well written editorial that addresses the thoughts of many……………

    Losing The Moral High Ground
    by Eugene Robinson
    July 24, 2014

    The civilian death toll in Gaza from Israel’s latest incursion is appalling. The right to self-defense is inalienable, but it is not free from moral constraints.

    As of this writing, nearly 750 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli assault began, including dozens of children. On Thursday, a compound housing a United Nations school – crowded with Gaza residents who had fled their homes to seek shelter – was shelled in an incident still under investigation by the Israeli Defense Forces. Palestinian officials said 15 people were killed and scores injured.

    I support Israel. I abhor Hamas. But unleashing such devastating firepower on a tiny, densely crowded enclave in which civilians are trapped – and thus destined to become casualties – is wrong by any reasonable moral standard.

    The Israeli government’s motivations in Gaza deserve to be taken seriously. In the end, however, they do not justify the onslaught that is now in its third week. For Israeli military action to be justifiable, it must be proportionate. What we’re witnessing is not.



  208. lisam says:

    Well, the carnage continues in Gaza, and has now spread to the West Bank, as they start demonstrating in protest against what is going on in Gaza.

    There is something strange about this new group ISIS. Everything that is reported about them, seems to be well orchestrated/staged, and in the extreme, and it seems as though they are moving around freely and not encountering any opposition! It almost seems surreal! It has been purpoted that Al Qaeda was created by the CIA. Notice that we do not hear the name “Al Qaeda” being bandied about in the media anymore? The new watchword is ISIS. Perhaps it’s the latest invention of the CIA? Lol.

  209. Jerry says:

    A major escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with violent unrest spreading to the West Bank and East Jerusalem in protest of what’s going on in Gaza…..

    Israeli Soldiers Kill Three Palestinian Demonstrators In West Bank Protest

    The Guardian
    July 25, 2014

    Army says it has used ‘riot dispersal means’ against protesters but refuses to comment on live round use

    Israeli soldiers have shot and killed three Palestinian protesters and wounded about 100 on Thursday in confrontations with several thousand people demonstrating in the occupied West Bank against a 17-day-old Israeli offensive in Gaza, Palestinian medical officials said.



  210. alex says:

    The Last Word – Lawrence O’Donnell live now:

    is discussing Paul Ryan’s Block Grant Utopia/GOP/Scam Budget

  211. Sharon K says:

    I have just read that the tunnels that Israel is destroying were constructed for purposes of an invasion that would encompass thousands wearing IDF uniforms, accompanied by a larger onslaught of rockets, including from Lebanon. You may call this propaganda, but it is true that the rockets attacks were coming from Gaza for days before Israel retaliated….in some strange way, we do not know what comes first the chicken or egg. What I do know is that Hamas are Suni Muslims, like ISIS, but unlike Iran, although they are armed by Iran for Iran’s own purposes. They believe in having an Islamic state throughout the Mideast, including Israel and living according to strict Islamic law. I cannot imagine that people on this board would be too happy about that prospect. Israel is a Democracy, an imperfect one, but a Democracy that believes in freedom and cannot extend it to Islamic militants to do whatever they want to Israel. Israel would not use its nuclear arsenal in this situation and there would be a very messy war. Please do not confuse the fact that Gaza is crowded and suffering with the fact that Hamas and Islamic Jihad and similar groups want to take over Israel. I hope you all can see both sides. As much as we all want peace, I have a hard time believing that those with a strict Islamic ideology who believe they have God on their side in their conquests and will never give it up, can ever be partners in peace. They also use propaganda in educating their children so can we put our hope in the upcoming generations? Israel is a very developed country and, as I have said, the money given to the Palestinians could have been used similarly, for development. When Began was alive, he was willing to compromise in 2000 with Arafat, except for the right of return, and, instead, wanted to compensate the Palestinians financially rather than have all the thousands of descendants return. This was the sticking point. This is a politico-religious situation but when religion of this type is an ingredient, we are in trouble. You may say that Israel also feels God is on their side. Well, Israel is always hoping such and does want to keep the land of Israel but would be willing to negotiate, I strongly believe. If Hamas recognized Israel and negotiated in good faith, and there was trust and security, the people might quickly turn over the government to more of a peace candidate like Tzipi Livni.

  212. Anne's Aunt says:

    “More than 700 people were killed in clashes over two days between pro-government forces and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) militants in Syria.”

    “The violence in Iraq has killed more than 5,500 civilians over the first six months of the year, according to a report by the United Nations that documents the massive humanitarian toll of the Sunni militant offensive.”

  213. Anne's Aunt says:

    ISIS is currently committing ethnic cleansing and destroying ancient sites, like the Taliban did with Buddhist monuments.

    I just don’t know why ISIS does not get much media attention in the US. Really can’t fathom why. Anyone have a guess?

  214. alex says:

    Radical muslims are raised and vow to the death to destroy/annihilate the entire Western culture; it is their mission; whatever isn’t Islamic radical theology has to be destroyed and that is there credo – period end of story;

    Do you remember a West Wing episode where the White House is crashed and Josh is sheltering in place with visiting high school students and to use the ‘down’ time he answers their question about what is (Islamic) terrorism ; Josh composes an SAT type question and asks:

    “Islamic extremist is to Islam as _______ is to Christianity.”
    After hearing from the students, Josh writes down his answer: “KKK. . . . It’s the Klan gone medieval and global.)

    Islamic terrorists hate that Western women can have lives not controlled by men, not under the surveillance of the family male members at all times etc etc etc etc etc

    WELL — http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/iraq-turmoil/isis-militants-order-iraqi-females-undergo-genital-mutilation-n163871

    ISIS Militants Order Iraqi Females to Undergo Genital Mutilation

    ( obviously they don’t want women to have orgasism it could lead to independence from the oppression of men it could even lead to lesbian relationships! you fill in the blanks___ what could it lead to ! )

    someone upthread said that ISIS might be a CIA creation – – thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis

    ISIS and Al Qaeda seem quite real to me… the CIA use sociometrics to set up/expand/escalate cultural fears that already exist in order to exploit and drive societies into chaos… because when there is chaos they can get their thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis mojo going; this is similar to ‘shock doctrine capitalism’… where they create the crisis then they exploit the crisis to their benefit;

    CIA exploits cultural fears/phobias/myths/legends maybe they have created some stuff out of whole cloth but in this case I think ISIS and Al Qaeda were not created by CIA husbandry but I do think the CIA ‘mid-wived’ them for their own purposes;

  215. Anne's Aunt says:

    Alex, I don’t think the CIA created or even promoted ISIS. It has taken over large parts of Iraq and Syria causing even more destabilization. They are ethnically cleansing christians and destroying ancient christian sites. Their slaughter rates are astronomical! We are not fighting a common enemy. ISIS has set its site on completely taking over all of the ME including Israel.

  216. Anne's Aunt says:

    “Islamic extremist is to Islam as _______ is to Christianity.” The crusades.

  217. alex says:

    A.A. you have an opinion about everything…. and most of it seems kinda wrong to me… do you study astrology – was wondering

  218. alex says:

    House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has rebranded himself as an advocate for the poor, albeit with his own makers-versus-takers Ayn Randian twist.


    Paul Ryan Has a Plan for the Poor. It’s Terrible. His 2015 budget could sink America’s neediest deeper into poverty.

  219. lisam says:

    Alex, appreciate the CIA explanation :)

  220. lisam says:

    I think the whole world has gone mad.

  221. Lorrie U says:

    Prabhata – “Obama administration knew Islamic State was growing but did little to counter it”

    With the growing Islamic State inflamed by previous U.S. administrations, the extremists are growing like a swarm of locusts destroying everything in its path. What exactly do you think the Obama administration can do to counter it, short of war, which the American people distinctly are tired of and are trying to recover from two unpaid for wars at their expense?

    And, how do you know what it might be doing behind closed doors to counter it? Kind of like finding Bin Laden? We don’t know, so it’s all just conjecture.

  222. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – “Islamic terrorists hate that Western women can have lives not controlled by men, not under the surveillance of the family male members at all times etc etc”

    Gee, kind of sounds like our right wing GOP/TP men…Hope ISIS isn’t giving them ideas and mutilation is next!

  223. Lorrie U says:

    Americans are rightly horrified by the religious extremism of groups like ISIS in the Middle East, but the fact is, religious extremism is also a very real threat in the US.

    The Rise of the American Taliban

    It may be 2014, but the religious extremism and oppression that the Puritans brought with them to America in 1620 is alive and well today.

    It’s alive and well in people like Jody Hice, and other so-called “Christian” hard-righters, who still think that women should be subservient to men and that only Christians should participate in our government.

    Americans are rightly horrified by the religious extremism of groups like ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East, but the fact is, religious extremism is also a very real threat right here and right now in the US.

    And our history proves that, if religious extremists and religious hard-righters are allowed to get in positions of power, the results are pretty ugly.


  224. Lorrie U says:

    An Incident In New Orleans Shows How Religious Freedom Can Become Religious Tyranny

    This week evangelical anti-choice activists congregated in New Orleans to protest a woman’s right to choose, and took their religious tyranny into the sanctuary of a church, interrupted a service, and loudly informed congregants they do not worship according to the “true faith” and warned them to repent.


  225. Prabhata says:

    Lorrie U, I only posted an article from McClatchy that has gone through congressional testimony and after analysis and talking to people came up with the understanding that the administration was not surprised by the advance of ISIS, but was well aware months ago of that fact. Hopefully you read the article and are not going just by the headline. McClatchy bought Knight Ridder news service. It had the best report during the run up to the Iraq War. It has remained the most independent news source that I know.

    Clearly the Obama administration has moved with advisers and other ways to help Iraq. Could it have done that same thing months ago? I only have questions. As Alex comments, is that group supported by US intelligence? The facts are murky as to what is happening. One can see that ISIS helps the US disrupt the Hezbollah/Assad/Maliki/Iran friendship because Hezbollah and Maliki Iran have to put their resources to fight ISIS. That much is clear. It doesn’t really take a tin foil hat. I don’t know. I only get questions and time will give the answers. I’m also well aware that ISIS extremism is not different than Saudi Arabia, and the US is OKAY with that. We know that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were helping the extremists in Syria. Saudi Arabia is a ally and an enemy of Iran and Assad. The article only provokes more questions.

  226. Lorrie U says:

    Prabhata – My questions were really rhetorical and not aimed at you personally. My questions were aimed to make people think about what can we really do? It’s like most of us, we wish for things to be a certain way and we may try everything we know how to make it so, but when there are others involved with free will, we can’t make them unless we use force, and we’ve had enough of that. As you say, the article only provokes more questions. Ultimately, I guess we have to trust the process and the Universe, but in the moment, that is near impossible.

  227. alex says:


    the Koch/GOP/Tea/Libertarian/Neocons are the American Taliban (no an original idea)

  228. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, I totally agree that there is not much the US can do at the moment about ISIS.

    Alex, what opinions of mine do you think are wrong? Just asking. Is it that I don’t think that the US and the CIA are responsible for ISIS? Yes, I am very interested in astrology, that is why I am here. You know Starlight’s post here is called “Explosive Events” where she says

    “It seems like every hot spot in the world is erupting simultaneously, each with its own set of intractable problems. Iraq is fracturing into three parts – controlled alternatively by violent Sunni extremists, the Kurds in the North, or a dysfunctional and tyrannical Shiite government – and may be impossible to suture back into one piece.”

    She is spot on with this.

  229. Prabhata says:

    Lorrie U, you and I think very differently. I don’t believe that an administration is helpless, even when it appears to be that way. That’s why maybe I think that there’s more to the story that it appears. For one, you notice that Congress is kinda silent about it. That says a lot to me. The media has been reporting what is going with ISIS, but it’s not that interested. It’s like all of a sudden, a group that is seen as a threat, not only to US interests, but to the US itself since those people can extend their acts beyond Iraq and Syria, are ignored. Are those military advisers in Iraq what they appear on surface, or are they a smokescreen to make it appear that the US wants to help Maliki, but their work is more to help the US monitor Iran and Hezbollah? Intelligence on those two is minimal and now that they are in Iraq, more information can be gathered. My focus is not in the administration doing or not doing, but more reading the tea leaves.

  230. shoalsister says:

    Thank you Michael NYC for that perspective. Downright soothing.

  231. Jerry says:

    For better or worse I think the situation in Israel will have to play itself out in dramatic form to its natural conclusion. There are a number of astrological turning points here. The July 27th New Moon conjunct Jupiter (2/3 Leo) activating the Israeli Moon/MC (3/4 Leo) degree and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s progressed Jupiter (4 Aquarius) is one such juncture. The Aug 1st Mars square Jupiter (3 ’40 Cancer-Libra) is another that will most likely ratchet up tensions even more.

    As previously explained, I fully expect the August 10th Full Moon that will have a direct impact on Israel, the US and Russia for an absolute culmination that could involve all the major world powers.

    The reason why all the elements are there for an explosive situation and cannot be resolved through diplomacy can be understood by reading the following article……

    Gaza’s Dilemma: Deadly War Or Suffocating Israeli Embargo

    LA Times
    July 23, 2014

    Fatima Helles desperately wants Israel’s war with Hamas to end. Her family of 19 was driven from its home in the northern Gaza Strip by fierce Israeli shelling. All of them moved in with her husband’s family, but the fighting followed them there. They are now living under a tree at Gaza City’s main hospital, Shifa.

    But when asked whether she supports efforts to negotiate a cease-fire, the grandmother hesitates. “I don’t want to die. I don’t want my people to die,” she said. But she doesn’t want life to go back to the way it was either. “We can’t breathe,” she said. “Most of my kids can’t find work. We live on handouts.”
    It is a common sentiment on the Gazan side of this war. Despite more than two weeks of intense shelling that has claimed nearly 700 Palestinian lives and sent more than 100,000 people fleeing from their homes, many insist that they want their leaders to keep fighting until they achieve Hamas militants’ stated demand: an end to the years-old embargo on Gaza.

    Israel and Egypt impose tight restrictions on movement in and out of the narrow coastal strip, which has been controlled by the Islamic militant group since 2007. They say the blockade is necessary to limit Hamas’ access to materiel, including the rockets it has been firing by the hundreds at Israel.

    But Palestinians say it has choked economic development in Gaza, separated families, prevented young people from getting an education and kept residents isolated from the world. “I think the fact that people, even in the midst of this terrible physical destruction, are still talking about the economy is testament to how devastating the closure has been for people living in Gaza,” said Sari Bashi, cofounder of Gisha, an Israel-based legal center that advocates for greater freedom of movement for Palestinians.



  232. Eliseo says:

    Anne’s Aunt,
    “Islamic extremist is to Islam as _______ is to Christianity.” The crusades.”

    Good guess, but no, not at all. The history of the 12 crusades is quite complex and is not nearly as black and white as many would suppose. Furthermore, overt, and mostly highly structured wars fought by the medieval rules of war don’t resemble the kind of terrorism we experience today. Some of the Crusades (on both sides) were very noble and idealistic in conception, but of course no war is ever ideal or noble in its execution. All wars are nasty, gruesome affairs and karmically dirty, regardless of the purity of intent. Such is the naïveté of humans. Southern and Eastern Europe, North Africa and most of the Middle East had been Christian for quite a few centuries before having been taken by the sword by the Muslims. Christians saw the first Crusade, which began in 1095 as a defensive campaign, an effort to reclaim Christian lands and liberate their sisters and brothers under Islamic rule. Both sides erroneously (IMHO) believed GOD was on their side, just like today, and a few of the Crusades were about the suppression of perceived heresies, having nothing to do with Islam.

    Although at this point their violence has been primarily of the emotional and economic variety, with occasional bursts of physical violence, I would fill in the blank with Fundamentalist Dominionists. I suggest taking a good look at the literature re: the religious right, perhaps Frederick Clarkson’s book, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy.

  233. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: The Aug 1st Jupiter square Mars – 3 ’40 Leo-Scorpio

  234. Anne's Aunt says:

    Alex, I would actually like to know which opinions of mine you consider “kinda wrong” Can you articulate them or just vaguely accuse me of being wrong?

    Here are some of my stated opinions:

    That ISIS is a threat.
    That ISIS is not a US creation – not everything is
    Both Israelis and palestinians have a right to exist
    That violence is not the answer
    That realistic practical steps towards peace are necessary
    That women are equal
    That women have a right to their choices and bodies
    That young people have more open views of differences like race gender and sexual orientation than our
    That Obama is doing a good job at FP and is SO MUCH BETTER than some hot head R/T
    That I support a much more open immigration policy and that I do not agree with deporting refugee
    children (I know this is not a popular opinion)
    That drug policy is unfair and our prisons are a big problem
    That state’s legalization of marijuana and same sex marriage is a great move in the right direction
    That the outer planets are actively involved in the ME

  235. Anne's Aunt says:

    Elisio good points. Yes the technology today in war making is far different. The only point was that the crusades were intentional attempts of a kind of ethnic/religious cleansing. Christians were trying to “reclaim” their ancient lands, but those lands had many ancient dwellers, not just the christians. It was an ideological series of wars. True that some christians considered it a purely defensive war to further prevent Islam. They are also seen as attempts by the roman catholic church to displace Islam from what they considered the sole and rightful occupation by christians (even tho the roman catholic church had never occupied the holy land).

  236. Jerry says:

    To get an idea of the upcoming intense astrological aspects affecting Hamas’s chart: http://www.stariq.com/Main/Articles/P0009485.htm ……………………………………….

    during the August 10th Full Moon – tr. Mars (8 ’38 Scorpio) is within a degree and a half of conjoining Hamas’s natal Pluto (10 ’00 Scorpio) and in exact opposition to the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse (8 ’52 Taurus). Tr. Pluto (11 ’25 Capr.) is within a half degree of squaring Hamas’s natal Mars (11 Aries). Quite a lethal combination!!!

  237. Eliseo says:

    ” Islamic terrorists hate that Western women can have lives not controlled by men, not under the surveillance of the family male members at all times etc etc etc etc etc.”

    That nails it! But this is also generally true of all of our modern fundamentalist and far right groups. Although not the only core causal factor, at the root of all of these movements is a certain male sexism, a desire to put the genie of female freedom, especially sexual freedom back into the bottle.

    For tens of thousands of years women have been the prisoners of their own biology. Reliable, almost 100% effective birth control, having come forth in the 60’s under the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, takes women and all of us out of that prison. Not just one of the normal 500 year cycle cultural/technological developments, it is comparative to the mastery of fire or the invention of the wheel.

  238. alex says:


    Well said:

    the chart I have for birth control pill was date it was first approved 6/23/1960 Silver Springs VA

    Uranus-Pluto (drastic change)

    Uranus @18 Leo
    .15 degree aspect (will get done)
    Pluto @03 Virgo

    24th-harmonic aspects (15,75,105,165)

    Quattuorvigintile — 15° 1/24

    Squile — 75° 5/24 considered a hybrid between a square and a sextile.

    Squine — 105° 7/24 considered a hybrid between a square and a trine.

    Quindecile 165° — It is supposed to be associated with an unrelenting headstrong determination, with disruption and upheaval.

  239. Eliseo says:

    Anne’s Aunt,
    Actually, the RC Church in conjunction with the Eastern Church (known together as The One Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church before their 1054 schism) had occupied and controlled the holy land for quite a long time before the Muslims conquered it. Under Roman Empire and Christian aegis Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina.

    Some of the Crusades were indeed a religious cleansing, but were never ethnic in the modern sense. And though you did not mention it, race was certainly not a factor. Muslims believed they had God’s message correct but Jews and Christians had somehow messed it up, contaminated it. Christians believed Islam was a bizarre heresy. Both sides superstitiously believed great spiritual, and physical harm would result from the Holy Land being occupied and controlled by “ungodly” people. Both sides were quite afraid of the wrath of God, were they to not perform their sacred duty in winning back that Holy Land.

    The several crusades were ideological, but the opposing sides were really quite similar in their worldview and god concept. That is NOT the case today with Radical Islam or the Jewish, Christian and other varieties of far right fundamentalism vs. what they so vehemently and often violently oppose. Today our conflict is between two radically different worldviews, that of modernity or what some academics call post-modernity and the older world and god-view of Islam and the more literalist Jews and Christians.

    Therefore, it is again a good guess, but inaccurate to say Islamic extremism is to Islam as the Crusades are to Christianity. But perhaps we’ve veered off topic here and need to return to more astrologically oriented discussion.

  240. Eliseo says:

    6/23/1960 Silver Springs VA. Thanks! That is very helpful. According to Wikipedia,on that day “Enovid, the first FDA approved contraceptive drug, became available in pill form at pharmacies throughout the United States.”

  241. alex says:


    practicing astrology taught me to explain a thing with ten words or less, weighing in and ruling out until the salient concept is clarified; I could pay more attention to TYPOS and spelling though!

    the CIA’s stock and trade is deception and by cultivating/programing/conditioning degenerative obsessions anxiety and fears into their fabric and vision of national security they create diabolic methods and means of operations;

    world history of security intelligence services (at their core) they become the ‘biggest bastards of all’ — bigger than the ‘other’ guys bastards/the enemy in order to defeat them/or defend against them … and that is their BIG EXCUSE

  242. alex says:

    Excert Email: Democracy For America

    To send a Social Security hero back to the U.S. Senate, with the primary coming up fast on August 9, Brian Schatz needs our help urgently. http://www.democracyforamerica.com

    We have just two weeks left to protect Social Security from a corporate Democrat — by re-electing progressive hero Brian Schatz to the Senate.

    The stakes are high. Schatz’s opponent in the Democratic primary for the Hawai’i Senate seat, Colleen Hanabusa, voted for the Simpson-Bowles plan that would have cut Social Security benefits. If Schatz wins, it will send a message to Democrats across America that attacking Social Security is a losing proposition.

    Hanabusa has been desperately trying to evade responsibility for her vote to cut Social Security and Medicare. At a recent debate, Schatz looked directly at Hanabusa and asked if she regretted her vote for the Simpson-Bowles plan to cut Social Security. She tried to say her vote wouldn’t have cut benefits or raise the retirement age.

  243. lisam says:

    Gotcha Alex!

  244. starlight says:

    From yesterday’s Wash Post editorial board:


    Hamas’s offensive tunnels should not be confused with the burrows it has dug under Gaza’s border with Egypt to smuggle money, consumer goods and military equipment. The newly discovered structures have only one conceivable purpose: to launch attacks inside Israel. Three times in recent days, Hamas fighters emerged from the tunnels in the vicinity of Israeli civilian communities, which they clearly aimed to attack. The ­concrete-lined structures are stocked with materials, such as handcuffs and tranquilizers, that could be used on hostages. Other tunnels in northern Gaza are designed for the storage and firing of missiles at Israeli cities.

    The resources devoted by Hamas to this project are staggering, particularly in view of Gaza’s extreme poverty. By one Israeli account, the typical tunnel cost $1 million to build over the course of several years, using tons of concrete desperately needed for civilian housing. By design, many of the tunnels have entrances in the heavily populated Shijaiyah district, where the Israeli offensive has been concentrated. One was found underneath al-Wafa hospital, where Hamas also located a command post and stored weapons, according to Israeli officials.

    The depravity of Hamas’s strategy seems lost on much of the outside world, which — following the terrorists’ script — blames Israel for the civilian casualties it inflicts while attempting to destroy the tunnels. While children die in strikes against the military infrastructure that Hamas’s leaders deliberately placed in and among homes, those leaders remain safe in their own tunnels. There they continue to reject cease-fire proposals, instead outlining a long list of unacceptable demands.

  245. starlight says:

    Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus are in the process of setting off the Uranus Pluto square from July 21 through August 1. Thus we are seeing lots of unexpected and explosive events. With those aspects passing and Uranus moving from the opposition to the Israeli Spring chart after July 27, I am hoping August will see the end to this horror.

  246. lisam says:

    Apple, that is what made me think that the mutilation thing was CIA propaganda, because it is not practised in Islam. It’s a cultural custom practised by certain African tribes.

  247. alex says:

    funny thing I ‘get me’ too, lisam

  248. lisam says:

    Well, I don’t think that lifting the blockade on Gaza is an unacceptable demand. The blockade is cruel and inhumane, and has been in place for 7 years now, so I agree that it should be a condition of the ceasefire. The blockade amounts to an open air prison for the Gazans! And America forks over money to Egypt to make sure that they keep their border with Gaza closed. Don’t forget that Hamas was a democratically elected government that both Israel and America refused to recognize, and the easy way to do that was to brand them as “terrorists”, and I have to give them credit for the innovation of the tunnel system, because what other recourse do they have? Israel is by far the superior power. Do you expect them to stand there with their arms folded while they are oppressed and attacked? I think many people forget that most of the Israelis who held high positions in the government until recently, including past Prime Ministers, were considered terrorists by the British, so it’s a case of the coalpot calling the kettle black.

  249. lisam says:

    They don’t have that sprawling US embassy in Iraq for nothing, let me tell you.

  250. lisam says:

    Jerry, thanks for the link to the L.A. Times article in your July 25, 2:23 a.m. post. My heart goes out to those people. Where there’s life, there’s hope.

  251. lisam says:

    I’m not given to any form of religiosity, but this article from HuffPo certainly packs a punch – in case you missed it – When Israel Remembers Their Covenant…..


  252. Anne's Aunt says:

    I’ve been looking around for astrology on Shiite and Sunni sects of Islam. I found this. I’ll quote from part of it but I don’t want to copy the whole thing as I think that might be a violation of copyright. The whole post is interesting tho.

    Starlight, do you have any suggestions about how to approach the astrology of Shiite vs Sunni Islam?

    “The chart I have here is from Astrologer Gary Lorentzen who cast one for an announcement by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the rebels. He declared in Aleppo, Syria, that from that moment on he considered the Islamic State of Iraq co-existent with the Syrian Al Qaeda branch, effectively changing the ISI (Islamic Sate of Iraq) to the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

    This is a nasty looking chart with an explosive stellium in Aries, the sign ruled by planet of war Mars also sitting on the Midheaven. We have the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus all in this 10th house, so this was a very public statement of intent and one that promised direct and independent action, self determination and a no nonsense go ahead attitude. Again you can the influence of Saturn retrograde inconjunct to Uranus direct, thus with Uranus having the upper hand this is an amalgamation that would break the mould of old structures and administrations. Certainly their use of the internet and technology to grow and administrate their movements and recruitment highlights this inconjunct aspect as well as Uranus being conjunct to Venus and Mars. Venus and Mars together in Aries in conjunction is not slow in coming forward and always looks for the next target and the speed that ISIS has swept through parts of Iraq bares up this conjunction.

    There is an intense, underground and brutal side to ISIS with Pluto square to the Midheaven, the Moon the planet of emotions as well as the chart ruler and Uranus, the planet of revolution and their actions so far very much reflect this square. This is a vicious, unpredictable square laced with emotion and this goes to the very heart of this chart and to ISIS as an ideology and group, with the potential for unspeakable acts in protecting ISIS’s security.”

  253. Anne's Aunt says:

    Elisio, “Actually, the RC Church in conjunction with the Eastern Church (known together as The One Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church before their 1054 schism) had occupied and controlled the holy land for quite a long time before the Muslims conquered it. Under Roman Empire and Christian aegis Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina.”

    Actually the jews occupied those lands long before the christians or the muslims.

  254. Prabhata says:

    I was taught by a very good teacher to always test my logic. This was related to math, and it was a simple method. Use extremes in the equation. We all think we’re special, and our logic goes out the window when situations apply to us or our group. “Put yourself in his/her shoes” is a good way to check if I’m being logical in social cases. If it’s not okay for another person, out of the blue, to kick my teeth out, it’s not okay for me to do the same to another person, or a dog, for that matter.

    What if Palestinians were Jews and their land was occupied since 1967, and all that’s been going on since then. What if it were Jews, fighting the best they could under the circumstances, against great odds building tunnels to find relief by inflicting damage to the occupiers. What if the situation since 1948 was the same for Jews?

    Nobody is special and deserves dispensation to injure others.

  255. CaseyM says:

    Well put Prabhata. That’s an excellent way to make sure my logic is on track. Talks easy, probably not always easy to swallow. Thank you.

  256. kiwi says:

    What is missing in the discussion of religious movements past, is that they have all been a front for political movements of their day. By invoking ‘god’s will’ the leaders gave themselves authority over the masses. Fear is a marvellous tool for politicians.
    I’m reminded of Matthew 23 where Jesus was speaking to and about Abraham’s descendants who lived in Palestine. “beware the scribes and pharisees”
    The leaders of today on all sides have much to answer for in the hereafter.

  257. thrasybulus says:

    Thursday Reuven Rivlin sworn in as new Israeli President. Described as a right-wing hawk he unabashedly supports a Greater Israel and opposes any Two-state solution. He replaces Shimon Perez who has long been a symbol of Israeli moderation and peace with Palestinians.

    Are the domestic political restraints on Netanyahu removed?

  258. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, did you even read this Washington Post piece posted by Starlight, or anything that I wrote?

    “Hamas’s offensive tunnels should not be confused with the burrows it has dug under Gaza’s border with Egypt to smuggle money, consumer goods and military equipment. The newly discovered structures have only one conceivable purpose: to launch attacks inside Israel. Three times in recent days, Hamas fighters emerged from the tunnels in the vicinity of Israeli civilian communities, which they clearly aimed to attack. The ­concrete-lined structures are stocked with materials, such as handcuffs and tranquilizers, that could be used on hostages. Other tunnels in northern Gaza are designed for the storage and firing of missiles at Israeli cities.

    The resources devoted by Hamas to this project are staggering, particularly in view of Gaza’s extreme poverty. By one Israeli account, the typical tunnel cost $1 million to build over the course of several years, using tons of concrete desperately needed for civilian housing. By design, many of the tunnels have entrances in the heavily populated Shijaiyah district, where the Israeli offensive has been concentrated. One was found underneath al-Wafa hospital, where Hamas also located a command post and stored weapons, according to Israeli officials.

    The depravity of Hamas’s strategy seems lost on much of the outside world, which — following the terrorists’ script — blames Israel for the civilian casualties it inflicts while attempting to destroy the tunnels. While children die in strikes against the military infrastructure that Hamas’s leaders deliberately placed in and among homes, those leaders remain safe in their own tunnels. There they continue to reject cease-fire proposals, instead outlining a long list of unacceptable demands.”

  259. Kitty says:

    Everywhere I read is that Rivlin and Netanyahu are enemies. We’ll see as time goes on ?

    Reuven Rivlin elected Israeli president: Benjamin Netanyahu’s bitter enemy


  260. Anne's Aunt says:

    I think many here mistakenly think Hamas is left wing and Israel is right wing. Or that palestinians are not actually ruled by Hamas. Hamas is an extremist military wing. In this country the left and right are lining up to support their team. They take a side. Problem is there are more than two sides. There is the side of peace and both the US political wings ignore that.

    The left wing in the USA has allied itself with Islam and pretty much seems to hate jews and/or Israel. Again thinking in oppositions. They completely ignore extreme movements in Islam, like Hamas and ISIS and seem to be willfully blind to the misogyny and racism in the movement. They seem to ignore the stonings, the beheadings the strict dress codes and policing of thought and belief.


    “Suddenly, the romantic, Left-wing perception of a minority group, which invariably casts them as victims of oppression, runs up against an unwelcome reality, such as the fact that they’re all raving anti-Semites.”


    “Ramdani is understandably disappointed. Not because she’s finally woken up to the fact that her beloved Gaza is, in fact, a one-party state controlled by a bunch of Islamist thugs who have scant regard for the rights of women or, indeed, any other minorities. No, she’s disappointed because Hamas has thrown away an opportunity “to draw attention to what is arguably the most pressing political problem in the Middle East, if not the world, today”. That’s Israel’s “oppression” of Gaza and the West Bank, obviously, not the state-orchestrated genocide currently taking place in Syria.

    That’s the problem with reality checks. You’d think a Left-wing feminist might be pulled up short by the discovery that the “Islamic resistance movement” she’s making common cause with turns out to be deeply misogynistic. But no. The important thing is to stay focused on the wickedness of Israel. As Albert Einstein said, “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”:

  261. Prabhata says:

    I could never support what was done to the Iraqi people. Yes, the Iraqi used the most gruesome tactics, but so did Americans, and the Iraqis didn’t invade the U.S. Occupations are not pretty. People don’t receive you with flowers, as Cheney expected.

    Sharon K, I read those posts, and they prompted me to post what I said. I’m totally aware that the tunnels are offensive in nature. It’s natural. It was natural when Iraq was occupied, and it’s natural in most occupations. Sometimes people don’t fight back, but that’s not the normal.

  262. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata, I wonder if you oppose any extremist religious group? Do you oppose the US Teaparty? Do you oppose women’s rights? Just wondering. It’s ‘natural’ for religious extremists to severely curtail human rights – women’s rights.

  263. alex says:

    Leo New Moon July 26, 2014


    Fixed Grand Cross

    Mars @00 Scorpio (ingress Scorpio from Libra since Dec 2013) – 2014 Leo New Moon


    Natal Jupiter @00 Aquarius – President Obama


    Natal Moon @00 Taurus – V.P. Joe Biden


    Jupiter @02 Leo, Sun & Moon @03 Leo – 2014 Leo New Moon


    This chart and fixed grand cross aspect narrates an Iconic representation of the (GOP) HR committee vote to move forward on the Boehner lawsuit against President Obama (House of Representatives vote expected this coming week, last week before August HR recess)

  264. Anne's Aunt says:

    Did you support the Taliban?

  265. Jerry says:

    August 2014 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report/Moon Valley Astrologer With Celeste Teal

    The New Moon of July 26, 2014 falls at 4° Leo. -snip- In the New Moon chart cast for Washington, D.C., Capricorn is on the Ascendant, suggesting a cautious, steady, enduring attitude among the nation’s people; conservative in thought, dedicated to duty and responsibility, and capable of great perseverance with Saturn sextile Pluto.

    The New Moon falls in the Seventh House, along with three other planets, so this brings a focus to changes and new developments surrounding foreign affairs and relations with other countries. The New Moon is closely conjunct Jupiter while square Mars on the Midheaven. The configuration suggests an expansion or escalation of warring factors abroad. There could be an International crisis. War may follow. A martial spirit abroad causes unrest. There are troubles from foreign quarters with many discussions and decisions required. There is tension. Negotiations of large scale proportions may take place but snags in negotiations are possible. In response to a problem or threat from abroad, the U.S. may take the offensive and embark on new military strategies. There is risk involved, with the tendency to rush, over-expand or scatter forces.

    Mars on the Midheaven tells us that military matters will come to the fore and there are movements of the Army or Navy. Scorpio on the Midheaven suggests a change of status for the U.S., likely getting more involved in conflicts abroad due to a significant threat to the country’s interests. We may be dealing with extremists. Taking action, control and protective measures is suggested by Saturn in the Tenth House. Mars on the Midheaven indicates trouble for the government and is associated with danger of crimes or assaults directed against persons in high places. Alternately, there could be the illness or death of someone of high status or leadership.



  266. alex says:

    continued – Leo New Moon

    “It is clear that Republicans will do anything to distract attention from their special-interest agenda of obstruction and dysfunction,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Thursday. “While Democrats work to jump-start the middle class, Republicans are wasting time and taxpayer dollars on another hypocritical, partisan and preposterous lawsuit against the president.”


  267. alex says:

    continued: chart Leo New Moon (posted by Jerry)


    Midheaven – Mars @00 Scorpio (fixed grand cross)

  268. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, read Hamas’ charter. They are strict Suni, like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda and ISIS, an extremely virulent branch it seems, and their aim is to delete Israel and create an overall Muslim State with everything that goes along with it, including Jihad. It so happens that, BECAUSE of their election of Hamas, there is a strict blockade of Gaza by Israel. Why did they elect Hamas? There are many reasons why you elect the wrong people. In Hamas’s case, they kicked out their opposition, Fatah, so there was really no choice. Are these people suffering and needing to dig tunnels to get goods and supplies? Yes. But Hamas has a different plan and THAT is what Israel is fighting against. Ariel Sharon gave Gaza, with certain limitations, to the Palestinians as a first step to see how it would work out. It hasn’t worked out thus far. Is it because of the Israelis or because of Hamas? I mean the article that you said you read, Prabhata, notes that mega-bucks are sunk into weapons and military instead of the lives of the people. Is it because Israel is so bad and people are desperate or is it because the plan is to decimate Israel even if everyone has to die trying?

  269. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata why do you identify so strongly with Hamas?

  270. Lorrie U says:

    What’s the Matter with Libertarianism?

    Its models of human nature and society are terminally deficient.


  271. Lorrie U says:

    Seeing one side of a situation does not preclude one from being able to the other side of a situation as well…

  272. Jerry says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m not seeing a “fixed Grand Cross” in this chart (with Mars – 0 ’27 Scorpio conjunct the MC). Are you using minor asteroids or fixed star calculations?

    I do think it significant however that Pres. Obama’s natal Jupiter (0 ’52 Aq.) and the US 2013 Inaugural Sun (0 ’48 Aq,) are being adversely affected.

  273. alex says:

    jerry you didn’t read my post the fixed grand cross is composed of new moon and biden and obama geeze

  274. Prabhata says:

    AA, your LACK of logic is breathtaking. Are you familiar with projecting? From your statements, it seems you run you life “For this” and “Against that” and you assume everyone else is like you. Clearly logic is NOT something you’ve developed. You say your an artist. It makes sense about your lack of logic.

    People for and against rarely see things clearly. Their emotional attachment blurs everything. What happens in Israel will happen whether you or anyone else are for or against. Que será, será.

  275. Jerry says:

    Even more fascinating………. the Aug. 10, 2014 Full Moon in opposition to Mercury (18-20 Aq-Leo), the culmination of the July 26th new moon will be activating the 2013 US Inaugural chart’s Mars-Moon square (19-20 Taurus-Aq – with Uranus at the midpoint). Here’s the US inaugural chart for quick reference:


  276. Jerry says:


    Ok. I did in fact read the Dark Star Astrology article you submitted.

    Regarding your enumeration of the aspects posted immediately below that link however, you must realize that when you frequently post long exhaustive lists of numbers and figures that may be of personal interest to you but not to others, you’re going to lose a captive audience after a while. My suggestion? Keep things simple.

  277. Kitty says:

    Most “super” supermoon of 2014 on August 10

    Three years ago, when the closest and largest full moon fell on March 19, 2011, many used the term supermoon, which we’d never heard before. In the following years, we heard this term again to describe the year’s closest full moon on May 6, 2012, and again on June 23, 2013. Now the term supermoon is being used a lot. Last month’s full moon – on June 13, 2014 – was also a supermoon. But the August full moon is even more super! In other words, the time of full moon falls even closer to the time of perigee, the moon’s closest point to Earth. The crest of the moon’s full phase in August 10, and perigee, fall within the same hour.

    March 19, 2011 – Libyan civil war: After the failure of Muammar Gaddafi’s forces to take Benghazi, French Air Force launchesOpération Harmattan, beginning foreign military intervention in Libya.
    May 6, 2012 and June 23, 2013 nothing exciting !

  278. alex says:

    Jerry I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt either you are a dense hypocrite or you are trolling for attention by flamethrowing possibly looking to provoke a fight for sport or darker motives…

  279. alex says:

    per Ralfee Finn

    Excerpt week of July 24TH

    Mars, upon entering Scorpio, moves into an exact square with the Sun.

    On a personal level that Scorpio intensification coupled with the Sun/Mars square, could translate into a need to vie for control, even when there’s no need for control.

    So unless it’s absolutely necessary, avoid getting embroiled in situations that are only about who’s the boss

  280. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata, no. it seems like YOU are the one identifying with one “side”. I am on the side of peace! You dismiss Sharon’s arguments out of hand. You say:

    “Sharon K, I read those posts, and they prompted me to post what I said. I’m totally aware that the tunnels are offensive in nature. It’s natural. It was natural when Iraq was occupied, and it’s natural in most occupations. Sometimes people don’t fight back, but that’s not the normal.”

    You say that it is “normal” for Hamas to attack Israel. Is it equally “normal” the other way around? Do you actually see both sides? And by saying it is “normal” for Hamas to attack I assume you condone it by saying it is “normal”. Do you equally condone Israel attacking Hamas? Would that be “normal” to you too? Are YOU putting yourself in both shoes?

    Then when I ask you some questions you respond by personally insulting me. I have never personally insulted you or anyone on this site. You insult my “logic” and will not say just what in my “logic” is illogical.

  281. Jerry says:


    Nothing of the kind. I thought I was being helpful and constructive. You ended your remark with “Geez”, implying exasperation that I wasn’t ‘listening’. In my reply, I was merely suggesting that if you want to have an engaged dialogue here, it would be in your interest to keep things simple. Nothing personal about it. Just a helpful, friendly suggestion.

  282. Jerry says:

    Russia Shelling Ukraine In New Escalation: US
    by Yashwant Raj

    Hindustan Times
    Washington, July 25, 2014

    The United States on Thursday said Russia was shelling Ukrainian military targets from across the border, which, it said, established Moscow’s direct and escalating involvement.

    But it would not definitely say if the two Ukrainian fighter jets brought down recently — after the MH17 tragedy — were shot by Russians, or separatists who bragged about it.

    The United States linked Russia last week to the shooting of the Malaysian Airlines flight saying the SA-11 missile system used was far too complex for rebels to operate.

    And now it has alleged direct Russian role in Ukraine.

    “(We) have evidence that Russia is firing artillery from within Russia to attack Ukrainian military positions,” said state department’s Marie Harf, citing “intelligence”.



  283. alex says:


    It’s head-spinning, all of it. We’ve finally reached the point where the do-nothing, delay-everything, don’t-even-allow-a-vote-on-measures-a-majority-of-Americans-favor Congress has reached its logical position. They will not legislate. But they will litigate.

    “Their big idea has been to sue me,” the president said earlier this month, unable to sustain a giggle. “That’s what they’re spending time on.”

    To Boehner, the stunt, brought to you by the talk radio and Fox News wacko-sphere, is no laughing matter. He says the imperial president has governed by executive order, overstepping a Congress that will not govern by any order. Obama has issued 182 executive orders in his presidency, through the end of June. The tyrant.

    The sainted Ronald Reagan issued 381 executive orders. The benign Dwight Eisenhower rolled out 484 of them. And Calvin Coolidge — Silent Cal, hero of young fogies in bow ties, asleep at the presidential wheel — signed more than 1,200 executive orders. Sue ’em all, retroactively.


  284. alex says:

    I can’t hold your hand Jerry you have to get out pencil and paper and think a bit… I post first impressions and important aspects if you want to see the big picture it’s always best to work it out for yourself rather than have someone spell it out for you… this is Nancy’s blog she does the writing and reporting… I comment on things I find important that may be of interest to other persons thinking along the same lines if I get an interesting reply from someone who has a good thing to add or fresh perspective that is always fun or useful or both;

  285. Jerry says:


    My friend, if the intent is to have a civil discussion about the aspects, that can be done. Personal condescending remarks such as “I can’t hold your hand Jerry you have to get out pencil and paper and think a bit” doesn’t help matters.

    We had a genuine misunderstanding. I tried to clarify things from my end. I thought I was clear. I have nothing further to add.

  286. alex says:

    Jerry here is my originating comment: alex, July 25, 2014
    at 10:35 pm, Leo New Moon July 26, 2014 – I mean this, please read it before you give any comment that would be my suggestion;

    it answers your downthread question: “I’m not seeing a “fixed Grand Cross” …are you using minor asteroids or fixed star calculations?”

    The Grand Cross – Leo New Moon

    The important driving force of the fixed grand cross is Mars ingress into Scorpio (it has been a Libra Mars since December 2013) that makes it the significant vertex of the Grand Fixed Cross.

    The Transiting Moon @01 Leo(earlier in the day before the exact New Moon conjunction)is a fighting planet/sign aspect; Moon – Mars and the energies do not mix well in cardinal or mutable but in the fixed signs (lethal) where there is an urge to annihilate it is a hard to control aspect under any circumstances so as a political icon of the ‘sue & impeach’ GOP congress Moon-Mars narrates that the tensions they have with Obama have emerged into a real conflict ( they voted the lawsuit out of committee for full HR vote sometime in the coming week)

    The Grand Cross: transiting Mars, transiting Moon (moon,jupiter,sun – NEW MOON {new cycle} begins for GOP issue of discontent now that it has become official House of Representative business) Natal Moon – Biden, Natal Jupiter – Obama;

    I began the Leo New Moon series of comments to compartmentalize the elements and to highlight them… now I’ve weighed them for you with text narrative…..

    between yesterday and today I’ve taken care of important necessary life/medical routines – can I get back to those or do you need more?

  287. Jerry says:


    I realized in reviewing my responses that I could have been more congenial. My apologies.

    You wrote:

    Jerry here is my originating comment: alex, July 25, 2014
    at 10:35 pm,

    Leo New Moon July 26, 2014.

    Sorry. You lost me. You are inferring that the text you just posted is contained somewhere in that July 25th 10:35 pm entry of yours? It is not.

    I’m sure your intentions are sincere, but I am finding this dialogue of ours a little too repetitive and tedious. Will you forgive me if I bow out here? Maybe we can continue some other time.

  288. Jerry says:

    US Evacuates Embassy in Libya Amid Clashes

    ABC News
    July 26, 2014

    The United States shut down its embassy in Libya on Saturday and evacuated its diplomats to neighboring Tunisia under U.S. military escort amid a significant deterioration in security in Tripoli as fighting intensified between rival militias, the State Department said.



  289. Prabhata says:

    Dog passes out from overwhelming joy of seeing her master after 2 year absence abroad. One can’t help but feel the joy expressed by that dog.


  290. Kitty says:

    Thanks for posting Dog/Joy video for all to see. It is fabulous and so heart-warming. It is wonderful to get wrapped up in the happiness of the dog.

  291. Kitty says:

    Coincidence ? Super Moon March 19, 2011 – Libyan civil war: After the failure of Muammar Gaddafi’s forces to take Benghazi, French Air Force launchesOpération Harmattan, beginning foreign military intervention in Libya.
    In anticipation of Most “super” supermoon of 2014 on August 10, 2014 ?

  292. alex says:

    Jerry here is the thing – (I’ve known for some time) clearly demonstrated in your recent series of replies, you don’t follow my train of thought in chart analysis and from the use of regular language, meaning or intention with ordinary construction and force of words.

  293. alex says:

    Kevin McCarthy will be officially sworn in as GOP Majority Leader on July 31.

    McCarthy, whose district is 35 percent Latino (compared to Cantor’s district at 2 percent), said that immigration reform is over for 2014.

  294. alex says:

    Excerpt – The New Yorker:

    To illustrate his emphasis on personality as a factor in foreign affairs, Biden recalled visiting Putin at the Kremlin in 2011: “I had an interpreter, and when he was showing me his office I said, ‘It’s amazing what capitalism will do, won’t it? A magnificent office!’ And he laughed.

    As I turned, I was this close to him.” Biden held his hand a few inches from his nose. “I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.’ ”

    “You said that?” I asked. It sounded like a movie line.

    “Absolutely, positively,” Biden said, and continued, “And he looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, ‘We understand one another.’ ” Biden sat back, and said, “This is who this guy is!”

  295. Stefanie says:

    I just wan to pipe in here to say first — that I am Jewish. Second, that I am on the left. One can be against the occupation, against the Israeli assualt and blockade of Gaza, against 1000 people dying — hundreds of chldren — and still not be “pro-Hamas”. I am entirely, 100 percent against Hamas — but I am also enirely, 100 percent agaisnt the disgusting policies of the rabid, right-wing Israeli leadership, who are equivalent in many many ways to the Bush/Cheney administration.

    Criticising Israel doesn’t make you anti-semitic. I love my people, and I want a two-state solution — but bombarding Gaza and raining bombs on people’s houses is not going to bring that.

  296. Trudy says:

    WOW-Mars in Scorpio is alive an well on this thread!!

    British Astrologer”s-interpretation of the current ISIS/Uranus/Pluto squares–from June 28/14 – 23 minutes
    She sees Pluto as a feminine/Gaia planet(something I had not considered). SHE (Pluto) is feminine-and she is BACK -she is pissed-

  297. Trudy says:

    That should have been “Pluto/ISIS/Gaia is feminine-and SHE is BACK – SHE is pissed-“

  298. will says:


    Terrific differentials you just posted – really clarifying.

    Hamas is simply another name for The Muslim Brotherhood. There is virtually nothing redeemable about this terrorist group who wants to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth; evidently it is being largely funded by Qatar.

    Unfortunately, Israel’s counter-punch to Gaza is greatly disproportionate….and the reason so many children are being slaughtered is because over half of the population of Gaza and Palestine are 15 and under.

  299. Patty says:

    Trudy, thanks for the link, this is truly an amazing video and it blew me away! With my May 1948 (Israel) birthchart I’m experiencing great strife. And Thank you Nancy, for this calm/sane/intelligent meeting place.
    Jim Wright has another extraordinary essay up, as always…Warning: “An Eye For An Eye In The Country Of The Blind”.

  300. Trudy says:

    Thanks Patty!
    And I completely concur with the article you posted!
    I am working hard to withdraw my energy from all the trauma that is going on. Besides withdrawing from most TV/violence on the internet – I am using an old trick by – I forget who – who stated that(if you believe in past lives or just the past-) we are all involved in everything.
    I say something to the effect of:
    “I apologize”
    “Please forgive me”
    “I am sorry”
    “I love you”
    It seems to help me whenever intense emotions/anger surface and I become much more calm and balanced. By the way, I have been saying it a LOT not just for world events but personal. It seems to work whenever I feel twisted!

  301. kiwi says:

    Trudy – thanks so much for the link to that lovely interview!
    And thanks too for mentioning what, in essence, Jerry mentioned upthread: Ho’oponopono –
    (Im sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.)

  302. Anne's Aunt says:

    Beautifully said Stefanie. I have quite a number of Jewish friends who feel *strongly* exactly like you said.

    What is your take on Netanyahu? Is his election comparable to the US electing Bush? Hamas is certainly being reluctant to a cease fire but Netanyahu is also. They are both intractable on some of their conditions.

    “US Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris on Saturday to hold talks on a possible ceasefire in Gaza with the foreign ministers of Qatar and Turkey – major state supporters of Hamas – and top French and British diplomats.
    Kerry has been on a tour of the Middle East and Egypt this week in an attempt to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas-led militants in Gaza.
    “We are working toward a brief seven days of peace. Seven days of a humanitarian ceasefire in honor of Eid in order to be able to bring people together to try to work to create a more durable, sustainable ceasefire for the long [term],” he told reporters.
    An Israeli source, who declined to be named said that Netanyahu’s security cabinet had turned down the proposal for a longer-term ceasefire because it would not allow Israel to carry on hunting down Hamas’s tunnel network that criss-crosses the Gaza border.

    “Kerry’s proposal leans (too much) towards Hamas’s demands,” said the source.
    Hamas, which wants an end to an Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza before agreeing to halt hostilities, has yet to respond to the ceasefire proposition.”

  303. alex says:

    EXCERPT EMAIL: Democracy For America

    Thank you for all that you do.

    The only way we can stop Republicans from passing offensive legislation like the Paul Ryan “poverty plan” is to save the Senate from GOP control this November. Democracy for America is building a program to do just that but we need your help.

    If we lose the Senate this year, the Tea Party will be able to pass all of the poisonous legislation they want — and they’ll destroy any chance we have of making any headway during the Obama presidency.

    Thank you for all that you do

    On Thursday the Tea Party’s favorite House member, Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, released his plan to deal with poverty — and in doing so once again proved that Republicans have absolutely no clue what it’s like to be poor in this country.

    Some of his ideas were condescending and offensive, like his recommendation that poor people be required to sign “life contracts” with the government that would subject every aspect of their lives to monitoring and potential “sanctions”.

    Some ideas — like turning the social safety net over to states like Mississippi and Arizona as chunks of money that they could spend as they see fit — are just plain dangerous to our most vulnerable citizens.

    Time and again Ryan and his Republican friends have stood firmly on the side of the 1%, refusing to raise wages, voting to cut off unemployment benefits and supporting drastic cuts to vital programs for the poor.

    We’re not going to sit by and let that happen. DFA is working hard for strong Democratic Senate candidates everywhere from Maine to South Dakota. We know they can win — but they need our help if they are going to compete with the deep pockets of the Koch Brothers.

  304. ox the cat says:

    Trudy thanks so much Brilliant!!!!

  305. Trudy says:

    Thanks Kiwi!
    – thanks to Jerry
    – and now I can honour the origins

  306. rc says:

    Stephanie , are you saying a two state solution will bring peace ?

    I Believe That Killers Kill Because They Like To

    I do not believe that race, religion, or causes have anything to do with it.

    When People Begin to realize this The Killers will become the hunted and eliminated.

    Keep your Faith strong and Sword Ready if needed.

  307. alex says:

    Astrology Analysis: Mars Ingress into Scorpio

    Today’s Saturn sits half-way through it’s return cycle and carries a special force in today’s Leo New Moon Chart. Saturn @16 Scorpio sits in opposition to the August 11, 1999 Saturn and that ‘ain’t nothing’ to sneeze at: for those interested in astrology forecasting SATURN @16 Taurus in the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse played an important role in the Iconic Symbolic Fixed Grand Cross ushering in the 21Century.

    An element of the shape of things to come for 21Century is being ‘announced’ so to speak by the inscription in today’s Leo New Moon Chart with Saturn in Scorpio in opposition to 1999’s Solar Elipse Saturn in Taurus.

    Having said that: the Moon is the fastest moving planet (luminary) it is used extensively for analysis in astrology; and it should be weighed in or ruled out as the driving force in chart analysis.

    The Moon’s square aspect to ‘Ingress Mars in Scorpio’ carries the chart’s momentum and Mars has the greatest weight in the chart IMV.

    Leo New Moon in addition:

    Moon/Saturn Midpoint @24 Virgo
    Pallas @23 Virgo


    USA Sibley Midpoint AC/MC @23 Virgo

    AC/MC Midpoint

    The crosspoint of latitude (line Ascendant-Descendant, horizon) and longitude (line Midheaven/Immun Coeli) is the exact place of birth. This midpoint should inform us about the situation and conditions at birth, the first real life experience. This experience might be of importance for the rest of your life. It makes a difference if you were born having pain, being exhausted or feeling love and care coming your way.

    Political Astrology – birth of USA chart, analysis of its AC/MC Midpoint @23 Virgo

    So here are the important elements in today’s chart – I’ll leave the rest of it to you to work out.

  308. Suzy says:

    alex @July 26, 2014 at 2:51 pm
    Excerpt – The New Yorker:

    Alex do you have a link to the “New Yorker” article with Biden/Putin?

    My read of your snip from the article is that the two of them were having a back slapping laugh about “Capitalism.” Putin was playing along with Biden.. Here’s some info you might have missed about the big joke between them:


    Joe Biden’s Son to Frack Ukraine

    by Chip Northrup on May 13, 2014

    After Joe went to the Ukraine to promote fracking, his son has signed onto the board of the largest local gas producer. How convenient. And no, I’m not making this up. A family that fracks together stays together.

    The son of the US vice-president has been chosen to take charge of energy firm Burisma’s legal unit – a decision based purely on merit, of course . . .

    Bidens Frack Ukraine
    Hunter Biden, with his father, US vice-president Joe Biden.
    Name: Hunter Biden.
    Age: 44.
    Appearance: Chip off the old block.
    His names rings a bell. Is he related to someone famous? He’s the son of Joe Biden, the US vice president.
    What is he, sort of a wayward, ne’er-do-well playboy type? Not really. He’s a graduate of Yale Law School and a former senior vice-president at MBNA America Bank.

    Good for him. During the Clinton administration he worked in the US Department of Commerce. He’s presently a partner in an investment firm. And counsel for a national law firm. And an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

    I get it: he likes to keep busy. He has even found the time to join the board of a gas company called Burisma Holdings Ltd.
    Never heard of it. Perhaps that’s because it’s a Ukrainian gas company; Ukraine‘s largest private gas producer, in fact. He’staking charge of the company’s legal unit.

    Isn’t that a bit fishy? Why do you say that?

    Because he’s the vice-president’s son!

    That’s a coincidence.
    “This is totally based on merit,” said Burisma’s chairman, Alan Apter.

    He doesn’t sound very Ukrainian. He’s American, as is the other new board member, Devon Archer.

    Who? Devon Archer, who works with Hunter Biden at Rosemont Seneca partners, which is half owned by Rosemont Capital, a private equity firm founded by Archer and Christopher Heinz.

    Who? Christopher Heinz … John Kerry’s stepson.

    I think Putin’s propaganda people can take a long weekend; their work is being done for them. What do you mean?
    Hasn’t Joe Biden pledged to help Ukraine become more energy independent in the wake of its troubles with Russia?

    Well, yes.

    And isn’t Burisma, as a domestic producer, well positioned to profit from rising gas prices caused by the conflict?

    Possibly, but Hunter Biden is a salaried board member, not an investor. According to anonymous sources in the Wall Street Journal, neither Rosemont Seneca nor Rosemont Capital has made any financial investment in Burisma.

    So it’s not fishy at all? No one’s saying that.

    Do say: “Somebody needs to get involved in Ukraine’s corporate governance, and it might as well be a clutch of rich, well-connected American dudes with weird first names.”

    Don’t say: “Thanks, Dad.”


  309. alex says:

    continued: Leo New Moon

    Recently upthread Eileso used the phrase: the introduction of the birth control pill (1960) released the female gender from the ‘prison of biology’ and many people believe its introduction is akin to the invention of the wheel.

    Many scientifically and technologically oriented people think the invention of the transitor was the greatest invention of the 20TH Century but I think that is still up for debate.

    If reliable birth control had been available for the last 100 years that would have ‘bent the arc’ of history towards humanity’s relationship with JUSTICE – it certainly would have changed USA history for the better IMO.

    You could look at the Koch/GOP/Tea/Libertarian/Neocons aka ‘The American Taliban’ world view through the lens of women’s history.

    The 2014 Leo New Moon, the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, the radix chart of birth control pill 6/23/1960 Silver Springs CA analysis could clarify what you and your genertions are up against under their influence.

  310. alex says:

    Suzy – here is what you do if someone isn’t available to answer your questions… go to google and use your question as a search term – – search engines are modern ORACLES…

    Try this “Joe Biden + looks in Putin’s eyes + you haven’t got a soul” search term:

    Well that was the point of my comment – the character of Joe Biden as US leader face to face with Putin ( US nemesis-rival ) Joe is the real deal. Putin is known for intimidating and setting up world leaders when he is in meetings with them… I think Joe represented the US very well at that particular moment, don’t you?

    When Putin had meeting with Angela Merkel he brought along his trained ‘attack dog’ knowing that Merkel had an aversion to them ( if memory is correct she had a traumatic experience with attack dogs) and Merkel DIDN’T BLINK.. one of the reasons I like her and she is fluent in Russian language as well!

    Joe knows how to ‘bring it’ – this was the point of my comment.

    About Ukraine and about fracking: well I wasn’t commenting on that and I don’t think I’ll weigh in on how to solve energy independence and fracking on these blog threads… but you go ahead!

  311. Kitty says:

    Wow, fantastic posts from the Guardian. Thanks for finding this.
    Great information–as usual from here !

  312. Kitty says:

    Thanks so much for your post and glad to know,someone else can feel ” twisted”, I have had to say and think the same things you have but have added
    watch my Ego
    watch my pride
    This has helped to balance myself too, personally and try to get through this chaotic period !

  313. lisam says:

    This is a more detailed discussion of the Alison Chester-Lambert video that Trudy posted upthread. What fascinates me is the way she treats the different energies of Uranus and Pluto. I’ve always been a little scared of that dark energy associated with Pluto, but the way she explains it, makes me see how we should accept it as part of ourselves and nature – quite instructive. It seems to be the only logical explanation for cases of mass extinction such as take place during plane crashes, wars, violent acts of nature, and such. It’s just as Clymela said somewhere upthread, that she believes that a new/better world is being birthed inspite of the seemingly senseless mass loss of life in recent times.

  314. fierywoman says:


    Trudy — that prayer comes from Hawaii, it’s called Ho’oponopono.

  315. clymela box says:

    I have read the new post but came back over here to check out what went on while I was away.
    Alex-I so agree with you regards Joe Biden. I would love to see him President although I fear for the safety of such a soulful leader who has looked the truth of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn straight on and came out the leader that he has become. I hate the way he is treated by the Obama administration.