An Interview with Nancy

This interview with me was just posted on the site Perspectives on Practice put together by yoga instructor Melinda Hunt.


  1. will says:


    Your interview with Yoga instructor Melinda Hunt is something to savor. Your “Pardox of the Universe Theory” spoke to the most prominent conflict of my own life; walking that razor’s edge between trust in the Universe and personal desires/goals. I have a very tight Neptune Saturn conjunct in Libra in my first house; I believe this is a hallmark aspect for learning how to bring visualizations and dreams down to earth and ground them in the concrete of practicality.

    Really a wonderful interview. You have a terrific voice for broadcasting.

    Thank you for posting!


  2. starlight says:

    Thanks, will.

  3. kiwi says:

    wonderful to hear your voice Nancy, as always. Thanks for posting.

  4. Michael from NYC says:

    Congrats on the interview Nancy!

  5. connimac says:

    I really enjoyed listening to you speak from the head and the heart, Nancy. You’re obviously so very knowledgeable in astrology, but I love that you use your intuition and past life abilities as well to interpret what you see in a chart. You have definitely found your life’s calling and we are the beneficiaries of that. Thank you, and enjoy the 4th of July holiday.

  6. starlight says:

    New Post up

    Thanks, connimac, Michael, and kiwi.

  7. lunagardener says:

    Thanks for posting the interview Nancy. On my system, I found myself wishing the sound was more clear, regardless, your voice and spirit and wisdom came through. Thanks for all you do.