10th Jun, 2014

The Red Planet

Every two years, the planet Mars, as seen from a geocentric perspective, slows down and goes into a protracted retrograde phase. The result of this is that Mars remains in the same part of the zodiac, often within the same sign, for up to eight months. In December 2013, Mars entered the sign of Libra, stationing and turning retrograde in early March 2014, turning direct again in mid-May, and not entering Scorpio until late July 2014.

Mars is about manifesting one’s will in the world, pushing one’s efforts out, often assertively if not aggressively, to make something happen. When appropriately directed and controlled, this energy can accomplish a great deal. When overstimulated and unrestrained, it can cause chaos and violence and destruction. During the prolonged periods when Mars slows down for its retrograde motion, it is more potent than usual and will impact any planet with which it interacts for a much longer time than during its normal direct course. A look through history will show that wars often break out during the slower-moving Mars retrograde periods. Certainly, increased aggression and anger are likely, and more violence is a result.

In the past six months, we have seen an increased incidence of multiple shootings, vicious attacks, dramatic accidents, and extreme weather. We have also seen the nation of Ukraine tumble into a civil war, partly as a manifestation of building tension between Russia and the Western alliance.  This latter confrontation may also be connected to the protracted Jupiter/Uranus square, as well as the cardinal cross in April, all of which has been discussed in previous articles. But it is the extended period of Mars’ slower motion and more potent impact that has further fueled an already tense situation with sharpening anger, irritability and violence.

We are now in the zone of the last major activation of this heightened Mars energy, and therefore a time when confrontations are likely to escalate, and an increase in accidents and brutality is probable. Mars is currently moving into its final square with Pluto through June 14. A few days later, it will move into an opposition with Uranus, from June 21 through June 25. Moreover, from June 12 through June 21, Mars will square the US Sun (13Cancer19) and then conjunct the US Saturn (14Libra48). These configurations suggest a protracted period in June likely to bring events that agitate and anger the US, as well as amplifying a more general upsurge in conflict, violence and explosive circumstances worldwide.  In the past few days, we have already seen a major attack by the Pakistani Taliban on Karachi airport, a white supremacist shooting rampage on police and bystanders in Las Vegas, five US soldiers killed in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, and militants taking over the Iraqi city of Mosul. These are likely to be the early incidents that occur during this very dangerous 16 days in June.

As Mars continues its journey through Libra, it will slowly begin to pick up a more normal speed. During July, it will make two more aspects that may agitate events, but these are unlikely to be as intense, dangerous or impactful as the Mars/Pluto/Uranus combination we are now in the midst of. Nonetheless, these July transits are worth mentioning and tracking.  Mars will conjunct the North Node from July 12 through July 13, and it will square the Sun from July 16 through July 19.  The latter aspect in particular may bring some confrontational situations, but again, the current amplification of Mars will be largely dissipated by then, and so no big drama is likely.

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