The Red Planet

Every two years, the planet Mars, as seen from a geocentric perspective, slows down and goes into a protracted retrograde phase. The result of this is that Mars remains in the same part of the zodiac, often within the same sign, for up to eight months. In December 2013, Mars entered the sign of Libra, stationing and turning retrograde in early March 2014, turning direct again in mid-May, and not entering Scorpio until late July 2014.

Mars is about manifesting one’s will in the world, pushing one’s efforts out, often assertively if not aggressively, to make something happen. When appropriately directed and controlled, this energy can accomplish a great deal. When overstimulated and unrestrained, it can cause chaos and violence and destruction. During the prolonged periods when Mars slows down for its retrograde motion, it is more potent than usual and will impact any planet with which it interacts for a much longer time than during its normal direct course. A look through history will show that wars often break out during the slower-moving Mars retrograde periods. Certainly, increased aggression and anger are likely, and more violence is a result.

In the past six months, we have seen an increased incidence of multiple shootings, vicious attacks, dramatic accidents, and extreme weather. We have also seen the nation of Ukraine tumble into a civil war, partly as a manifestation of building tension between Russia and the Western alliance.  This latter confrontation may also be connected to the protracted Jupiter/Uranus square, as well as the cardinal cross in April, all of which has been discussed in previous articles. But it is the extended period of Mars’ slower motion and more potent impact that has further fueled an already tense situation with sharpening anger, irritability and violence.

We are now in the zone of the last major activation of this heightened Mars energy, and therefore a time when confrontations are likely to escalate, and an increase in accidents and brutality is probable. Mars is currently moving into its final square with Pluto through June 14. A few days later, it will move into an opposition with Uranus, from June 21 through June 25. Moreover, from June 12 through June 21, Mars will square the US Sun (13Cancer19) and then conjunct the US Saturn (14Libra48). These configurations suggest a protracted period in June likely to bring events that agitate and anger the US, as well as amplifying a more general upsurge in conflict, violence and explosive circumstances worldwide.  In the past few days, we have already seen a major attack by the Pakistani Taliban on Karachi airport, a white supremacist shooting rampage on police and bystanders in Las Vegas, five US soldiers killed in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, and militants taking over the Iraqi city of Mosul. These are likely to be the early incidents that occur during this very dangerous 16 days in June.

As Mars continues its journey through Libra, it will slowly begin to pick up a more normal speed. During July, it will make two more aspects that may agitate events, but these are unlikely to be as intense, dangerous or impactful as the Mars/Pluto/Uranus combination we are now in the midst of. Nonetheless, these July transits are worth mentioning and tracking.  Mars will conjunct the North Node from July 12 through July 13, and it will square the Sun from July 16 through July 19.  The latter aspect in particular may bring some confrontational situations, but again, the current amplification of Mars will be largely dissipated by then, and so no big drama is likely.


  1. alex says:

    Thanks Nancy for June-July Mars Table:

    June 21 to June 25
    I think the Mars opposite Uranus will be the most personal transit

    a) mars square pluto – – we have been experiencing that – anybody effected by this aspect will be in another progressive phase/step/stage of mars square pluto

    b) mars square USA Cancer – – anyone effected by this aspect may have institutional process phases or bureaucratic phases/steps to deal with;

    c) mars conjunct USA saturn @14 libra – – this looks objective not subjective ( though there will be exceptions )

  2. alex says:

    continued Mars

    when Moon @15 Gemini

    the midpoint Moon/Mercury @00 Cancer (world point)

    for security-intelligence issues

    both collective – public

    or as personal individual issue

    if you synastry your natal chart to ZERO CANCER

    you will have some idea by house to house aspect

    what the issue might be BUT include two other aspects

    that relate to the Midpoint aspect to Natal Chart

    to get clearer focus what the issues might be

  3. will says:


    Terrific profile of a “slow-moving,” smoldering Mars; the evidence of its forward movement and agitation of transits is evident in the headlines; and its activations will likely be exacerbated by the upcoming full moon as well as the summer solstice.

    Time for everyone to chill.

  4. alex says:

    Nancy again thanks for the Mars notations it reminded me to look at my natal chart : the personal issue is whether the legal firm I’m
    in discussion with should be sending a ‘demand’ letter on my behalf…. I want them to at least be ready to pull the trigger on the letter (and more) if I don’t get the recipient to comply with their legal obligation that they have ignored;

  5. Anne's Aunt says:

    Re: guns. Guns in the US or Mexico (or other countries like Pakistan and other parts of the world) have very different uses than in Switzerland. In the US and Mexico guns are often used to ‘regulate’ and ‘enforce’ illegal ‘laws’ around the war on drugs. The war on drugs is very tied to gun violence. Needless to say I am very against the war on drugs and extremely against the DEA.

    I think it is obvious by this point that restricting guns in any meaningful way will not work in the US. I have thought that a hefty tax on manufacturers of ammo or importers of ammo would be a good idea and dedicate the revenues to treating victims of gun violence. US gun violence has gotten so out of hand now that even the NRA sounds reasonable from time to time (see Jon Stewart’s take on this).

    As a country born of revolution and with vast lands to pioneer and conquer guns have been here since the inception of european rule. And actually guns are an essential part of survival for many – hunting and fishing being a way that many are fed, even in this day. In many parts of the country, like rural areas and inner city areas they are law enforcement – at least for the laws of those lands. Our police are armed and have misused those powers, especially in those areas. Now, many rural areas are cutting back on their police and sheriffs. No tax kind of stuff. Armed neighborhood watches are taking over. That’s bad, but the police are often part of the problem and can terrorize in those areas.

    The Rs often say it is a mental health issue, but what is the solution there? More tax money for mental health? They say no, of course. Mandatory lock up in mental institutions? Gives psychiatrists too much power, and drives people away from treatment, and, of course who is going to pay for that. More mental health drugs? Who’s going to pay, and do they work? Everyone get guns? Silly, and against my religion (what ever that may be). Even restrictions on sales of new guns won’t work at this point. Education is good, but not a real short term solution, tho I think it is good and might be helpful long term.

    My friend’s T husband is, of course, a gun nut. But every year he legally kills an elk and gifts friends with his home make elk sausage. It IS a gift and is delicious and the elk is killed humanely and quickly. Other than that I don’t eat much meat, but when I do it is organic free range locally raised or line caught.

    Oh, and thanks for the good wishes Kiwi!

  6. Prabhata says:

    Ann’s Aunt, Mexico and Switzerland are just examples. You can discuss how Switzerland, or Germany or any other country uses guns. If you want to go off a tangent, that’s fine, but what you post doesn’t change are the facts behind the statistics over many years. Hi rates of gun ownership do not translate into higher homicidal rates.

  7. Anne's Aunt says:

    Prabhata If you read my comment I never say there is a direct link of gun ownership to violence. I’m saying, here and in other countrie, it is cultural and is aggravated by a violent police history, ridiculous wars on drugs, incarcerations, and the DEA.

  8. will says:

    Myth vs. Fact: Violence and Mental Health
    by Lois Beckett ProPublica, June 10, 2014, 3:30 p.m.

    Dr. Jeffrey Swanson (Shawn Rocco/Duke Medicine)

    After mass shootings, like the ones these past weeks in Las Vegas, Seattle and Santa Barbara, the national conversation often focuses on mental illness. So what do we actually know about the connections between mental illness, mass shootings and gun violence overall?

    To separate the facts from the media hype, we talked to Dr. Jeffrey Swanson, a professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine, and one of the leading researchers on mental health and violence. Swanson talked about the dangers of passing laws in the wake of tragedy ? and which new violence-prevention strategies might actually work.

    Here is a condensed version of our conversation, edited for length and clarity.

    Mass shootings are relatively rare events that account for only a tiny fraction of American gun deaths each year. But when you look specifically at mass shootings ? how big a factor is mental illness?

    On the face of it, a mass shooting is the product of a disordered mental process. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist: what normal person would go out and shoot a bunch of strangers?

    But the risk factors for a mass shooting are shared by a lot of people who aren’t going to do it. If you paint the picture of a young, isolated, delusional young man ? that probably describes thousands of other young men.

    A 2001 study looked specifically at 34 adolescent mass murderers, all male. 70 percent were described as a loner. 61.5 percent had problems with substance abuse. 48 percent had preoccupations with weapons. 43.5 percent had been victims of bullying. Only 23 percent had a documented psychiatric history of any kind ? which means 3 out of 4 did not.”


  9. alex says:

    it looks like I probably won’t have to go legal – I’m beginning to get response from department that had obligation to make notification about health care but it is wait and see if it continues to go that direction… at least the log jam in communication broke for today;

  10. thrasybulus says:

    Eric Cantor has sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind as his tea party children have turned and consumed him.

    He has lost his primary! Vive la revolution!

    Let’s see what the devil does when he has nothing to left to lose.

  11. Jerry says:

    The dire situation in Northern Iraq, with Al Qaeda rebel forces swiftly gaining the momentum; a spillover from the nearby civil war in Syria, is reminiscent of the fall of Saigon in ’75 after the departure of US forces several years earlier. Baghdad could be next…..

    ‘Serious’ Security Concerns As Iraq’s Second-Largest City Falls To Militants

    WASHINGTON – A major outbreak of violence and unrest in northern Iraq — where Al Qaeda-aligned insurgents effectively toppled the country’s second-largest city — is fueling concerns in Washington that security is rapidly deteriorating, a little more than two years after U.S. troops left the country.

    The city of Mosul fell to Al Qaeda-affiliated militants on Tuesday. The White House and State Department condemned the five-day escalation of violence in the oil-rich region “in the strongest possible terms.” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the bloodshed “has led to a serious deterioration of the security situation in that city.”….. snipped……

    ……….. Republican Sen. John McCain said the takeover of Mosul was a reflection of President Obama’s failure to leave a U.S. force in Iraq to help assure stability. He said the latest surge in sectarian violence, along with the stunning collapse of security forces in Mosul, may be a warning sign of what’s to come when American troops pull out of Afghanistan later this year.

    “There’s no doubt that we could have left troops behind, as we have in Korea and Germany and Bosnia, and didn’t, and so it is now chaos, and so you will see greater and greater attacks and … chaos in Iraq,” McCain told reporters, according to Reuters.

  12. TJ says:

    Eric Cantor just lost his seat to a Tea Partier! Caught people by surprise. He can’t run in the general as an Independent, though he could as a write-in. He’s such an ambitious political animal, I’m wondering if he might decide to run as a Republican candidate for the Presidency? Anyone ever looked at his chart?

  13. thrasybulus says:

    Military force seems to be McCain’s answer for every problem no matter how deep the hole we have already dug.

  14. Jerry says:

    Iraq’s natal chart calculated for July 14, 1958/ 7 am Baghdad has a Moon/Venus conj. at 19/20 Gemini in opposition to Saturn at 20 Sagittarius. The upcoming June 13th Sag Full Moon (22 ’06 Sag) could be a major influence in the military equation for the Nouri al-Maliki government. In addition, Iraqi’s natal Mars at 25 Aries opposed by the April 15th lunar eclipse, will later on in the month, have the nodes align with Iraqi’s Mars and t squared by tr. Jupiter. Here’s the Iraqi chart:

  15. barbk says:

    TJ, now THERE’S a thought; Eric Cantor for President! It could happen though because trans. Jupiter is within orb of his north node in Cancer right now. His natal Venus at 22+ Taurus is where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000 happened and we are still in that cycle. Also, his Sun at 15+ Gemini is where the Venus-occult-Sun (conjunction) happened in 2012, and that is a rare event.

  16. Jerry says:


    Regardless of McCain’s views, in astrological terms the present rout in Iraq (without tangible US military forces on the ground) may be a reflection of the US progressed Mars that went stationary retrograde back in 2006. We have been questioning our military involvement in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan for some time now. In the near term, especially as tr. Mars propels forward in direct motion and conjoins the US progressed Mars by the end of the month, I suspect the situation could turn very violent and bloody.

  17. barbk says:

    When transiting Jupiter reaches the U.S. natal Mercury at 23+ Cancer on Wednesday the 18th we may hear if Cantor has big plans. In Friday’s Full Moon chart Eris (23+ Aries) squares Jupiter (and the U.S. Mercury) but is trine the Sagittarius Moon (The People), and Eris does love to get everyone up in arms.

  18. thrasybulus says:


    It seems to me that the retrograde Mars reflects our having overextended our resources and calls for husbanding our resources. As Kipling said at the height of the British Empire;

    Far-called, our navies melt away;
    On dune and headland sinks the fire:
    Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
    Is one with Ninevah and Tyre!
    Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,
    Lest we forget — Lest we forget!

    Plus, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the reason we didn’t keep troops there is because the Iraqi’s didn’t want us too.

  19. will says:


    Re: Eric Cantor

    Best news in a long time, That girl cray-cray.

  20. thrasybulus says:


    I hope so, I will breathe easier after Congress recesses at the end of June for the July 4th holiday.

    He is still dangerous until he is out of office.

    I still have fears of a coup d’etat centered around him and barbk’s timing of June 18th is spot on I think.

    Thankfully I’m usually wrong.

  21. will says:


    Yup. Cantor inhabits a hateful, punishing soul. Makes me skin crawl with crumbs.

  22. will says:

    The New York Times | BREAKING NEWS ALERT
    BREAKING NEWS Tuesday, June 10, 2014 8:18 PM EDT
    Eric Cantor Loses G.O.P. Primary, According to The A.P.
    In a stunning upset, Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House majority leader, has lost the Republican primary to Dave Brat, a Richmond-area college professor who ran to Mr. Cantor’s right.”

    Don’t know anything about Dave Brat. That he is to Cantor’s right isn’t necessarily comforting; but I’d wager anyone other than Cantor is a blessing.

  23. barbk says:

    will, I believe we can thank the May 28th New Moon (7+ Gemini) square Neptune (7+ Pisces) and conjunct the U.S. Uranus (8+ Gemini) for this gift.

    Now, on Thursday, the Full Moon. . . possibly conjunct Cantor’s Moon in Sagittarius (or possibly opposite the Gemini New Moon more likely) it will be Pallas the Strategist at 7+ Virgo opposite Neptune possibly giving us an inkling as to how the Democrats will respond. His birth date is June 6, 1963.

  24. kiwi says:

    gun homicide relationship to gun ownership ratio worldwide
    Seems to me countries with the strictest laws regarding guns combined with the least corruption, have the lowest rates.

    NZ: 22nd in ownership has a 0.16 ratio
    Australia: 42nd in ownership has a 0.14 ratio
    Can: 13th in ownership has a 0.51 ratio
    Mex: 42nd in ownership has a 9.97 ratio
    Columbia: 91st in ownership has a 27.09 ratio
    Switz: 3rd in ownership has a .77 ratio
    US: 1st in ownership has a 2.97 ratio

  25. alex says:

    David Brat is a Christian Reconstructionist


    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost the Virginia GOP primary to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat … a Christian Reconstructionist who cites 16th century theologian John Calvin as an influence. Just what we need, another extreme right wing religious fundamentalist in Congress.

  26. Lorrie U says:

    Eric Cantor lost because of immigration reform, of which any possibility is now dead for a long time to come.

    Barbk – Are you saying it looks good for Cantor if he runs for president in 2016?

    Disturbing that the cretin’s Venus conjuncts my 7th hs. Uranus and trines my Sun/Venus/Neptune/Mars. I’m naturally attracted to unusual types, but I am violently repulsed by him!

  27. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Yes, this guy says “God” in every other word! This also shows that turnout really does matter, since one month ago Cantor was ahead by 34% in the polls and people probably figured he was a shoo-in.

  28. will says:


    Looks like he’s toast. The arch-right-wing Calvanist who defeated Cantor is approaches cartoonish dimensions.

    I thought of you when this interesting factoid came my way:

    The word “cereal” comes from the Godess Ceres as she lorded over grain. Astrology and mythology are all around us when we become aware.

  29. alex says:

    VIRGINIA District 7 – November 4, 2014

    GOP David Brat vs. Democrat Jack Trammell

  30. Salemone says:

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

  31. TJ says:

    Thanks, bark! Will, I agree we can’t breathe easy until Cantor is out of office. And Alex, yes, David Brat is a Christian Dominionist and a follower of Ayn Rand to boot. For the life of me I can’t put Christian and Ayn Rand together, but somehow Tea Partiers do it. Here’s what David Brat has written:

    “His academic curriculum vitae indicates the he is currently working on a book project titled “Ethics as Leading Economic Indicator? What went Wrong? Notes on the Judeo-Christian Tradition and Human Reason.” He has previously published works titled “God and Advanced Mammon – Can Theological Types Handle Usury and Capitalism?” and “An Analysis of the Moral Foundations in Ayn Rand.”

    He’s better than Cantor only in that as a freshman he won’t have the power Cantor does. I gather his Democratic opponent, Jack Trammel, doesn’t have a chance since it’s a strongly Republican district. Just the fact that he’s a Sociology professor and works with the Disability Office at the college may doom him in a red state Republican district.

  32. Prabhata says:

    One of the best resources out there is Wikipedia. Here is Dave Brat’s info.

    Born Jan. 15, 1962 (some city in the Midwest)

    Dave Brat
    Republican candidate for
    Virginia’s 7th congressional district
    Election date
    November 4, 2014
    Opponent(s) Jack Trammell (D)
    Personal details
    Born David Alan Brat
    Political party Republican
    Spouse(s) Laura Brat
    Children Jonathan
    Residence Henrico, Virginia
    Alma mater Hope College (B.A.)

    Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
    American University (Ph.D)[1]
    Profession Professor (economics)
    Religion Roman Catholicism[2][3]

  33. Prabhata says:

    Because Brat graduated (BA) from Hope College, Holland MI, it’s possible Mr. Brat was born in Michigan.

  34. Prabhata says:

    Yup. Politico says Brat was born in MI.

    Appearing on Fox News after the race was called, Brat disputed the characterization of the race as being simply a battle between the tea party and establishment. He said he had won support from Republicans across the board who were attracted to his espousal of fiscal conservatism and “faith in God.”

    “The press is always out to have these exciting stories to sell papers, and people actually do care about policy,” he said. “I give 30-minute stump speeches on policy and the press made fun of me. …Well the American people are ready for serious issues.”

    Brat’s top strategist for much of the race was John Pudner, who operates an Atlanta, Ga.-based political consulting firm, Concentric Direct. Pudner spent the first two months of the contest working for Brat directly, then split off in March to start a Brat-backing super PAC.

    Speaking by phone Tuesday night, Pudner said he was in shock. There were times during the race when he felt hopeful, he said, but even Brat’s strongest supporters didn’t see this coming.

    “I think we’re all waiting to wake up to see if this really happened,” he said.

    On Fox News, Brat called his win a “miracle.”

    “I think the people are just ready for some major changes in this country,” he said, “and I was blessed. It’s a miracle.”

    Read more:

  35. Prabhata says:

    I found that Mr. Brat was born in Alma, MI. Huh, a religious person born in a town called “Alma” The word “alma” is Spanish for “soul”

    In the interview

    BRAT: Quick recap. Born and raised in Alma, MI, a small town in Michigan. Went to Hope College studied business, went to work for Arthur Andersen Consulting information systems in Detroit, Chicago for a little bit. Felt called to seminary had some religious background at Hope College, went to Princeton Seminary with the intention of teaching systematic theology,

  36. Prabhata says:

    For those who are interested, AP called the race for Mr. Brat at 8pm EDT.

  37. Jerry says:


    Re: US withdrawal of forces in Iraq.

    Apparently, the point of contention between Iraq and the US government on whether the US would leave behind a relatively modest contingent of military “trainers” in Iraq is based on an unacceptable condition the Iraqi government placed on the Obama administration. See related article….

    Iraq Wants U.S. Troops In 2012

    October 5, 2011

    Iraqi leaders want American military trainers to stay in the country beyond the year-end deadline for American troops to leave, but said the forces should not be given immunity as the U.S. has demanded.

    The Iraqi political leaders said they agreed on the need for the U.S. trainers to stay, but noted they would deny the remaining troops immunity from Iraqi law, the Associated Press reported Tuesday. This could mark a deal breaker for the U.S. — the Pentagon has said immunity from prosecution is critical for keeping troops in the country.


    Anyway, returning back to the primary point of discussion: the US Progressed Mars turning retrograde. I would interpret that to mean – a turning within; adopting a more introspective, conciliatory stance in regards to its use of the military. Lest we forget, Pres. Obama as US senator in 2003, was an early opponent of the Iraq war from the very beginning. Five years later, he was voted into office on the motto “Change that we can believe in”. To me, that fits perfectly into the description of the US progressed Mars entering its retrograde phase.

  38. alex says:


    great job on the facts! the news is all about the upset – how will it effect the House of Representatives – not by much with the district 7 seat ending up in the hands of a freshman holding a two year term (hotly contested again in 2016) but the effect is about how Tea Party is organized to do one thing – obstruct the Democratic president, Democratic party and demise the federal government as much as possible;

    Tea Party is party of anarchists – they may call themselves refomers or Libertarians …. but they are anarchists and/or nilhilists and/or souless Any Randites

  39. barbk says:

    Lorrie. . . not at all! Although I realize what I wrote must sound that way, I was just saying I could see how he might have the support (in his mind) to run for President. He must have come into office on the coattails of the 2012 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which was on the same degree as his Venus (22+ Taurus).

    That 20 year cycle, primarily a measure and indicator of cultural and societal movement, was squared by Uranus in Aquarius that year. Since I’d heard he’d been in office for 13 years and the conjunction was 14 years ago, his heart (Venus) was in that “movement” (which most of us didn’t pick up on in a personal way.)

    Eric Cantor doesn’t have any (major) natal planet in aspect to the U.S. (Sibly chart) Moon at 27+ Aquarius, which apparently has been true of the majority (if not all. . I’ve not checked it out) of U.S. Presidents.

    This primary election was a wake-up call as to how much fear is in the country (among the people) about “foreigners” taking away the “rights and privileges” of the native (ha ha!) born Americans. It has squeezed out all the tolerance for acceptance of the down-trodden coming here to escape abuses in other countries.

    I’m not saying those people don’t have a right to be afraid; it’s what they’ve been taught and/or experienced. They forget it’s what brought their ancestors here and what this country (once) symbolized. It’s part of the “what’s mine is mine” attitude, a negative side of Taurus and the period between 2000 and 2020 is the last in the series of earth sign Jupiter-Saturn cycles for a long time. The next several 20 year cycles will take place in air signs, and I’m sure they will bring out the worst of them (air signs) also!

    Another reason I heard (TV) Eric Cantor lost was that his gerrymandered district now included a lot of rural (rather than city) areas that he had not visited since that change had happened.

  40. alex says:


    November 4, 2014
    Anarchists Perspective

    Uranus in Aries (anarchy)
    Saturn in Scorpio (order)
    Minor asteroid Chaos in Gemini

    Grand Water Trine

    Midpoint Saturn/Uranus @13 Scorpio (balance of anarchy – order)
    Sun @12 Scorpio


    Chiron @13 Pisces


    USA Sun @13 Cancer


    Anarchist Aspect (fickle, erractic, moody,restless) in Election Chart

    11PM Moon @19 Aries
    S. Node @19 Aries (politics)


    Chaos @19 Gemini

  41. starlight says:

    I would really like to get the birth data of Jack Trammell. I can’t find it so far. If he could run a strong campaign and show how crazy Dave Brat is, he could actually win.

  42. starlight says:

    Very interesting article about ISIS and its growing power.

    Since U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq in December 2011, the al-Qaeda affiliate they spent years battling to vanquish has expanded its reach to the extent that it now controls what amounts to a state of its own across vast areas of Syria and Iraq.
    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) effectively governs a nation-size tract of territory that stretches from the eastern edge of the Syrian city of Aleppo to Fallujah in western Iraq – and now also includes the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

  43. Jerry says:

    The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham Captures Mosul and Advances Toward Baghdad

    Jun 11, 2014

    The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has achieved the goals of its major year-long offensive with the fall of Mosul and the collapse of the Iraqi Security Forces north of Baghdad. ISW assessed in October 2013 that ISIS sought control of terrain, particularly in Ninewa; that Mosul is the prize within the province; and that ISIS’s goal was to fragment the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) starting from Mosul. ISW also predicted that Ba‘athist group Jaysh Rijal al-Tariqah al-Naqshabandia (JRTN) would cooperate in wresting Mosul from government control.

    Enemy groups are moving south toward Baghdad on June 10, 2014. ISIS and JRTN have been heading southward toward Baghdad, following the roads south from Mosul to Taji and from Kirkuk to Baghdad. These groups have set conditions for a Baghdad offensive since January.


  44. Eliseo says:

    Jack Trammell, age 50 born in Berea, Kentucky. Looking for birth date and time. Anyone had any luck?

  45. ox the cat says:

    No Luck. Interesting that he worked on the Clinton and Dukakis campaigns but there is no notation that he worked on the Obama campaign. He wrote for the Washington Times on a regular basis. Someone could pay for the information on one of those sites that requires payment for information I just don’t want to set up something that I have to remember to cancel.

  46. alex says:

    Kevin McCarthy CA-23 (running unopposed in 2014) may be the replacement for Eric Cantor as House Majority leader;,_Kevin

  47. Lorrie U says:

    Bergdahl’s writings reveal a fragile young man

    This camouflage case arrived at the home of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s friend Kim Harrison several days after he disappeared in Afghanistan. Inside was Bergdahl’s laptop computer, a journal, a copy of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” a cracked Kindle, as well as military papers in which Bergdahl named Harrison as the person who would receive his body if he was killed.
    According to Coast Guard records, Bergdahl left the service with an “uncharacterized discharge” after 26 days of basic training in early 2006. The term applies to people discharged before completing 180 days of service. No reason is specified in such discharges, and a Coast Guard representative said no further information was available.
    With two wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008, the Army was meeting recruitment goals by issuing waivers that allowed people with criminal records, health conditions and other problems to enlist. According to a 2008 Army War College study on the subject, the Army was issuing waivers at a rate of one for every five recruits at the time.

  48. Lorrie U says:

    One thing that comes to mind with all of the school shootings, I think 74 since Sandy Hook. These kids that are doing them are approximately 15-17 yrs. of age. From their early formative first years of their lives, they were constantly barraged with images from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, they heard the horrors of Abu Graib and discussions about torture and waterboarding.

    Depending on the mindset in their homes, many were brought up believing that you invade your enemy, you kill and torture them, and that’s okay if you’re one of the “good guys” defending us from the “bad guys.”

    Why would we then be surprised that a small portion of these kids think it’s okay to settle their dispute or perceived wrongs with “others” in such a manner. They were probably subjected to daily rantings of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and right-wing media and parents who supported such thinking. They are mentally unstable from a daily dose of being fed hate and fear.

    Prabhata got it right on the last thread, what we have is a cultural problem, not a gun problem. It is a mindset that has infiltrated young minds, poisoned so many already fearful minds. Guns in the hands of such minds is the problem.

    President Obama got it right when he said it is time for our nation to do some soul searching!

  49. virgo says:

    Jack Trammell born January 23, 1964. No time of birth. This is according to Wikipedia, so it may not be true.

  50. starlight says:

    Virgo – Thank you. The birth date wasn’t there this morning. It has clearly been updated.

  51. Lorrie U says:

    The Tea Party Appears To Have Replaced Eric Cantor With an Idiot

    Brat has the rhetoric about Adam Smith and the Founding Fathers that the tea party loves, but he appears to know nothing about politics and issues. David Brat is in way, way, way over his head, but it seems that he would fit in well with the other House tea party ideologues who have wrecked Congress, because they have no interest in learning how to govern.

    Eric Cantor was a lot of things, but he wasn’t an idiot. The tea party will take another step towards accomplishing their goal of killing the few last living brain cells in the GOP if David Brat wins in November.

  52. alex says:

    Election November 4, 2014 – Virginia


    First Impression – Synastry with Election

    Fixed Grand Cross

    Election Jupiter @20 Leo


    Election Saturn @24 Scorpio


    Trammell Saturn @22 Aquarius


    Brat Jupiter @22 Taurus

  53. alex says:


    incredible Grand Square:

    jupiter – saturn

    jupiter – saturn


  54. Fe says:



    “In the coming months, I look forward to a spirited campaign where can talk about the issues that matter to our community, and how we can get Congress re-focused on the priorities that truly matter to us.”

    John Kent Trammell, 50, assumed the mantle of Democratic nominee Monday only after being nominated by a party committee. No candidates had entered the party’s primary. On his initial campaign Web site, Trammell sketched out a brief campaign platform focusing on the reform of student loans and special education and greater access to higher education.

    A statement from Trammell posted Tuesday night repeatedly invoked President John F. Kennedy: “My experience suggests to me that America continues to be a place where others look to for inspired leadership and innovation, a place where opportunity is not defined by how much wealth one accumulates, or what your family tree looks like, but where the quality of one’s ideas and the breadth of one’s character still matter.”


    Maybe Trammell can get this right and come from the Liz Warrren wing of the Democratic Party.

  55. Patty says:

    Wow, Thank you Nancy, for the ‘head’s-up’.
    I’m sure Israel would love having a President Cantor! (I share Israel’s birthchart)
    Jude Cowell has an interesting take on the up/coming Friday-the-13th Full-Moon.

  56. alex says:

    Election Dallas @20 Taurus(conservatism)
    Election Chaos @19 Gemini (anarchy – Tea Party GOP insurgents)

    Election November 4, 2014 – Virginia, District 7 (Republican demographic district)


    First Impression – Synastry with Election

    Fixed Grand Cross

    Election Jupiter @20 Leo
    Midpoint Dallas/Saturn @24 Leo


    Election Saturn @24 Scorpio


    Trammell Saturn @22 Aquarius


    Brat Jupiter @22 Taurus
    Election Dallas @20 Taurus

  57. alex says:

    continued: Dallas Minor Asteroid (conservatism)

  58. thrasybulus says:

    If Sunni led ISIS is advancing on Baghdad how long will it be for the Shiite led Iraqi government to ask for aid from its Shiite led neighbor Iran?

    How long will Iran stand aside even if present Iraqi govt doesn’t ask for help? I would not allow a terrorist state to grow next door if I were in Khomenei’s shoes.

    Given this possibility, I have to think that Obama/Pentagon has to be considering sending a small force if he can get Iraqi govt to accept. Turkey too is threatened by a Jihadist state on its border and has an interest in intervening.

  59. alex says:

    Brat v Trammell – Virginia District 7

    The race may not be the first battle of academics for a seat in Washington, but it is almost assuredly the first time two faculty members at the same small liberal-arts college are going toe-to-toe to represent Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

    Mr Brat is an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College outside Richmond, while Mr Trammell teaches sociology and heads up the college’s disability-support services.

    The Democratic candidate is an intrepid writer, with two dozen books of poetry, fiction and military history in publication or ready for review. He is also a farmer, with seven children.

  60. starlight says:

    Mars is now moving into square the US Sun for about a week, during this major Mars activity. It is possible we may do some short term military action to hold back the ISIS attack.

    Saturn is also just moving into a long station sesquiquadrate Obama’s Venus. He will no doubt be blamed for “losing” Iraq. But if we had stayed another year or two, this would still have happened, only later. The truth is we should never have gone there in the first place, destabilizing it and unleashing the sectarian animosity that had been controlled by Saddam Hussein, a secular Sunni by the way.

    And remember, we are also in a ling term period of Uranus square to US 10th house Saturn, which I read as painful, unexpected lessons in the limits of our power, coming in surprise bursts (like now).

  61. thrasybulus says:

    I believe the Iraqi govt would invite us in and they cannot wait too long because of the Iranians. They know we will leave afterward. They cannot be sure the Iranians will!

    Cantor will resign his Majority Leader position effective July 31. Elections for new Majority Leader and leadership vacancies created by anyone moving up the ladder will be held June 19 (barbk’s Eris associated date).

    I will hold my breath until that election is passed. Not paranoid, just cautious. OK, maybe paranoid. lol

    Cantor has endorsed Rep. McCarthy as has Fred Upton the Chair of the Commerce Committee.

  62. barbk says:

    alex, what do your sources have to say about asteroid Isis? For me personally, she literally pulls the pieces together (my natal Isis is in Virgo). Martha Lang-Wescott says “Sibling relationships; issues involving ‘scattered’ locations, ideas, people and things; fragmentation; sense of needing to ‘get or put it together”; desire to make things whole.

    There is no such thing as coincidence IMO, and that includes ISIS of Iraq, which so far seems to be following the mythological reputation.

  63. barbk says:

    Nancy, I agree about Obama being blamed and wanted to note that while Mars squares Pluto now he also sextiles the U.S. ascendant of 12+ Sagittarius. Flying reconnaissance perhaps?

  64. alex says:


    I haven’t applied or practiced with ISIS for political charts; where is it in the November 4TH election chart?

  65. alex says:

    The Ayn-Rand Loving Billionaires and Vast Right-Wing Machine Behind David Brat

    David Brat’s “surprise” win over Eric Cantor was in the works for years, and it has unaccountable, hard-to-trace money written all over it.


    Dave Brat’s victory wasn’t just a fluke, and he isn’t just some Tea Partying economics college professor from Virginia.

    Both he and his victory have dark money written all over them.

    Back in 2008 during America’s financial collapse, BB&T Bank was one of the many big banks that crashed. In order to stay afloat, that bank took a $3.1 billion bailout from the Bush administration.

    At the helm of the bank at that time was John Allison, an Ayn Rand-loving CEO.

    According to The Street, during his time as CEO of BB&T, Allison regularly used the BB&T Charitable Foundation, “to provide grants to schools that agree to create courses on capitalism that feature the study of ‘Atlas Shrugged.’”

    Meanwhile, according to New York Magazine, Allison gave $500,000 to Randolph-Macon College to hire Dave Brat, so that he too could teach the Ayn Rand libertarian philosophy as an economics professor.

  66. Ardy says:

    According to this table, the U.S was fourth amongst nations for recorded homicide by gun.

  67. Ardy says:

    Sorry, meant to add that the table is per capita.

  68. Ardy says:

    sorry, my posting is up the creek today … it is 10th per capita

  69. Ardy says:

    ‘Saturn is also just moving into a long station sesquiquadrate Obama’s Venus. He will no doubt be blamed for “losing” Iraq. But if we had stayed another year or two, this would still have happened, only later. The truth is we should never have gone there in the first place, destabilizing it and unleashing the sectarian animosity that had been controlled by Saddam Hussein, a secular Sunni by the way.’

    Thanks Nancy for this perspective. It’s a terrible thing to think all that death & destruction on all sides has, essentially, been for nought. I suppose the same fate awaits Afghanistan. Although I do believe there as justification for attacking the regime there that harboured Al Qaeda.

  70. barbk says:

    alex, she’s at 15 Leo 40 at midnight, 12 AM on the 4th, conjunct Nemesis at 14 Leo 32, and square Hybris at 15 Scorpio 09 and Venus at 14 Scorpio 12, and sextile Child at 15 Libra 50.

  71. arbo says:

    Trammell is a Virginia farmer who’s also an intrepid writer of poetry, fiction and military history? Really? A gentleman farmer, I’ll wager. Sounds familiar. Sounds promising. I wonder if his ascendant is Aries. Is he tall? :)

  72. thrasybulus says:


    Great article on tea people funding, though it seems to me that Cantor’s loss might be unintended consequences or they would have given more direct money to Brat campaign.

    What afterall did the big money boys gain by defeating Cantor? He would have pretty much given them everything they could ask for.

    The establishment Republicans allowed the anti-government loons in the tent and now they can’t govern! Who would have thunk it?

  73. alex says:


    what do you think about:

    David Brat (alternet article) who is the Kochtopus SHILL & confederate for the (Koch/Cato delusional Libertarian Randian ideologues)their PLANT / Poser /Pretender the deceitful Hermes, the trickster-god #69230 and hustler;

    Is there a better fitting asteroid than Hermes for David Brat?

    Election Hermes @22 Scorpio (ISSUE: Koch’s Virginia hustler, the shill in the election)

    Fixed Grand Cross

    Election Jupiter @20 Leo
    Midpoint Dallas/Saturn @24 Leo


    Election Saturn @24 Scorpio
    Election Hermes @22 Scorpio (election issue)


    Trammell Saturn @22 Aquarius


    Brat Jupiter @22 Taurus
    Election Dallas @20 Taurus

  74. thrasybulus says:


    The astrologer John Willner was doing a study on the Presidents before he died and using his system he came up with some interesting ascendents for the few I’ve seen.

    Lincoln, Jackson, Wm Henry Harrison and Reagan as Aries ascendents. All tall, high cheekbones, natural leaders

    Kennedy and Ike as Capricorn Ascendents, though he acknowledged Ike was very hard to nail down.

    Garfield and FDR as Leo Ascendents.

    McKinley as Aquarius Ascendent.

    I got these few from an article on presidents who died or nearly died in office.

  75. alex says:

    continued: David Brat, Koch Libertarian Hustler (Hermes)

    or maybe #12927 Pinocchio (Koch puppet) would be better fit?

    Election Pinocchio @18 Virgo

  76. Jerry says:

    Interesting to note; the June 25, 2014 Mars-Uranus opposition (16 Aries-Libra), with Mars in direct motion forming a final t square to the current Uranus-Pluto square will be activating the same cardinal degrees where Mars was positioned in the charts of the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941 – 15 Aries) and the October 7, 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan (16 Capricorn). Subsequently, two days later, the June 27, 2014 New Moon at 5 Cancer will be activating the Mars-Uranus square in the Korean war chart of June 25th, 1950 (5 Cancer-Libra). I’m explaining this as a brief introduction to the following article…..

    Transit Of Mars: America’s Long March To War
    by Mark Anthony Robinson
    April 2014

    In our system of astrology, Mars is, among other things, the Lord of War. Taking roughly two years to make one complete circuit through the zodiac, it passes through each sign in an average of about two months. However, once every two years it goes into ‘extended play’ mode, remaining in one sign for nearly nine months.

    It is during this time that Mars is retrograde. Presently, Mars is preparing to enter such an ‘extended play’ transit yet again, this time going retrograde in the sign of Libra. This is hugely important for a whole host of reasons, which I hope to lay out and make clear over the course of this article. Mars entered Libra on Dec. 8, 2013, and will remain there until July 25, 2014, some eight and a half months; it will go retrograde on March 1, 2014, at the 27th degree of Libra, and will station direct on May 20, 2014, at the 9th degree of Libra, about three and a half months. These degree notations of Mars’ stations are very important, as they play a very prominent role in world affairs now and into the near future.

    In my preparation for this article, I have found an alarming pattern with regard to the United States’ own horoscope, and the particular transits of Mars. You see, the U.S.’ Mars, by secondary progression (SP), had entered Libra for the first time ever in its national history on Sept. 15, 1940, and would remain there until March 2, 2170 — some 230 years! This is because, for the U.S., it too would be experiencing, by progression, Mars retrograde. In fact, in the U.S. chart, SP Mars would go retrograde on July 20, 2006, and at the 18th degree of Libra (so that brings our total of sensitive ‘Martian degrees’ to three thus far: the 9th, 18th and 27th degrees of Libra). In fact, in the U.S. progressed chart for today’s date, Mars is indeed at the 18th degree of Libra. (The U.S.’ SP Mars will be retrograde for some eight decades!)

    This is important because I’ve found in my research that almost every time the U.S. has gotten itself involved in a military conflict since its SP Mars entered Libra, transiting Mars at the time was in a cardinal sign. The cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — all have a special relationship with Mars, as these are the signs where Mars is dignified/rules (Aries), is fallen (Cancer), is in detriment (Libra) and finally, is exalted (Capricorn).


  77. Prabhata says:

    Ardy, you link shows the U.S. was fourth, 9329 deaths with firearms, but in order to compare those deaths, one has to look at the population. Homicides/population makes the data comparable between the high and low population countries. Not only that, ratios vary from year to year. A rolling average of several years would be better

  78. Prabhata says:

    Twice I’ve had the system post before I had corrected or finished my post. Sorry for errors, like “you link” instead of “your link”

  79. Lorrie U says:

    Interestingly, Rachel Maddow showed today’s polls in VA and it appears that immigration reform was not the reason for Cantor’s loss. Voters in his district favor reform by high percentages, which makes me think it’s somewhat possible if Trammell runs a smart campaign, he just might be able to pull off a win.

  80. ox the cat says:

    Many of the people we have discussed recently have a type of hypnotic charisma which is sometimes tied to a psychopathic or sociopathic personality. They are able to induce trance states which allow them to push a message that really goes against the voters best interest but is somehow lost in translation. I think this is a component of why it is so hard to understand why people vote against their own interests.

  81. arbo says:

    Lorrie, as I watched Brat trying to look like a serious candidate today and heard again and again how disliked Cantor was, I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t that Brat won so much as Cantor simply lost. When I saw Rachel’s show it made me feel that, like you said, maybe the gentleman farmer from Virginia can pull it off.

    thrasybulus, Jefferson also had an Aquarius ascendent.

  82. alex says:

    GOP David Brat, candidate District 7 VIRGINIA – on MSNBC: audio

    David Brat – video, victory speech

  83. alex says:

    65,000 person(13%) low voter turn out District 7, Virginia

    cantor v bart

  84. starlight says:

    Very tight Mars square to Pluto continues to intensify today (exact early Saturday with major trigger from transiting Moon at same time); also Venus opposite Saturn today. Not only is Iraq in flames, but BBC now reports that 3 Russian tanks have crossed the border into Ukraine.

    It is as if all of the smoldering fires that were barely contained are erupting into a huge conflagration during this Mars transit. Mars opposite Uranus will be most intense from the 21st to the 25th.

  85. starlight says:

    I long ago mentioned that one outcome of this Uranus/Pluto period, especially the cardinal cross activation, might be a redrawing of borders. It looks like ISIS is creating its own Sunni fundamentalist country that will border the Shiite fundamentalists of Iran. The good news is that maybe the Kurds will finally be able to carve out their own area. Certainly they are the only effective defense against ISIS right now.

    We have also seen the redrawing begin as Russia starts to carve up Ukraine. No one knows how far that will go.

  86. alex says:

    correction: District 7 Virginia turnout

    I was listening to MSNBC this morning that is where I got quote 65K voters and 13% low voter turnout…

    the following article says that 13% turnout in district 7 is HIGH turnout… get this … 5-10% turnout is typical for primary that’s incredible really to think about such small amount of people determine the outcome of the elections!


    According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, typical primary turnout in Virginia is between 5% and 10%.

    Turnout of registered voters in the 7th District Tuesday was 13% – higher than most recent Virginia primaries.

  87. Lorrie U says:

    If you thought Eric Cantor was bad, wait until you get a load of David Brat. I hope the senior citizens in his district are paying particularly close attention. “Talk to your parents and Show them proof what republicans will do if in total control of this great country of ours.”

    David Brat, the Libertarian Who Beat Eric Cantor, Doesn’t Believe in the “Common” Good

    Brat has called for slashing Social Security, Medicare, and education spending and says “rich” nations don’t have to fear climate change.

  88. starlight says:

    We are going to hear more and more of this, even from former Obama allies. This is the Saturn station hitting his Venus. He will be blamed exactly as this article by a veteran describes:

    Then, by declining to provide a long-term security assistance force to an Iraq not yet able to handle the fight itself, we pulled defeat from the jaws of victory and increased the peril our Iraqi friends would face. By not training and equipping Syrian freedom fighters in the summer of 2012, we provided an opportunity for al-Qaeda to rebuild strength in the region. The renewed Sunni insurgency in Iraq joined with the worst of the anti-Assad forces in Syria present a threat greater than the fragile Iraqi government can handle on its own.

  89. Lorrie U says:

    It sounds to me that what is happening in Iraq is similar to what happened in VA. Folks are joining up with their enemy because they’re angry at a particular person, kind of a “better than him” mentality even if they’re worse.

  90. arbo says:

    Nancy, I don’t believe that it’s the job of the military, let alone an individual soldier, to decide what we fight for. But if he needs to blame someone for the mess he needs to look to George W Bush, who started it in the first place. I can’t bring myself to read this WaPo piece yet.

  91. will says:

    What comes up on the screen of my mind is that David Brat’s star will fizzle as fast as it rose. His purpose was to get rid of Cantor. When the pundits get a hold of Brat and expose his particular brand of insanity, he’ll be sucking air.

  92. Eliseo says:

    Lorrie U,
    “These kids that are doing them are approximately 15-17 yrs. of age. From their early formative first years of their lives, they were constantly barraged with images from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, they heard the horrors of Abu Graib and discussions about torture and waterboarding.”

    I think you are on point here. If not consciously, at least unconsciously, youth take behavioral cues from those in power, even when they are rebelling against them. Our leaders in the past few years haven’t exactly been paragons of virtue in the conduct of morally unnecessary wars.

    Both Left & Right seem to miss the point (or points)about guns and violence in the US. Practically everything proposed so far is either a band aid on an egregious wound or and/or is unenforceable. Yes, we need universal background checks; (polls show even NRA members are for that by 75 to 80% though NRA leadership is against. Most of the other ideas show ignorance of firearms and local gun psychology and again are unenforceable. The stallion is already out of the barn, been out long enough to sire much progeny!

    What we really need to do is address the alienation of our youth, particularly our male youth. But of course that would require major government intervention, like maybe a nationally mandated mental health program in the context of single payer or maybe socialized medicine. But of course Americans at this time won’t pay for that, so I guess we’ll continue with school shootings.

  93. kiwi says:

    speaking of babies, does anyone have any insight that might be helpful regarding babies born during this recent cardinal cross?
    Ive been helping a young mother/couple neighbor get through a rough patch – lots of issues with families, inlaws, etc. etc. born May 7th 7.52am. whangarei NZ

  94. Anne's Aunt says:

    I agree that Brat will disappear soon. But the Rs know they absolutely cannot compromise on anything or they will lose primaries. R’s will get even more intractable and belligerent, even if that seems impossible now. The Ts are strangling the Rs and it is ugly. I do hope Hillary runs because she might be able to take on such hostile idiots.

  95. Gypsi says:

    I am at the vet’s office just now and can’t look this up, but isn’t there a particularly bloodthirsty fixed star at 22 Taurus? I know I distrust that degree for some reason.
    Great article, great discussion everyone.

  96. thrasybulus says:

    So, Lorrie posts; “Interestingly, Rachel Maddow showed today’s polls in VA and it appears that immigration reform was not the reason for Cantor’s loss.”

    Then arbo; “I watched Brat trying to look like a serious candidate today and heard again and again how disliked Cantor was, I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t that Brat won so much as Cantor simply lost.”

    alex informs us that 7th district turnout is high at 13%, the average being 5-10%. So possibly double usual turnout.

    starlight links to article that scientifically blames the loss on Cantor being a dick, but does helpfully point out that Cantor’s pollster had him up by 34 points weeks before election.

    Lorrie then points out how Brat’s positions on slashing Social Security and Medicare.

    I listened to a snippet of Brat speech on NPR today where is is attacking the US Chamber of Commerce as corrupting the market place.

    Continued for speculative conclusions.

  97. thrasybulus says:

    As satisfying as Cantor’s loss is for me something is not right here.

    No pollster is that bad! People don’t turn out in very high numbers without major motivation, often anger. Being a dick is not enough and as pointed out in Starlight’s link it is usually an advantage in Tea people circles. And when they do, the demographic that turns out in the highest numbers are the elderly.

    Are we to believe they are so angry at Cantor they are going to support someone who is going to cut of their retirement income!

    It is possible that Democrats crossed over to vote against Cantor, but that takes a lot of organization (media) and people will only do that if they think it has a possibility of success–there were no signs that it was even a remote possibility. Cooter Jones lone plea to the contrary.

    Brat attacks the Chamber of Commerce, he proposes undercutting the safety nets for the elderly. He is an ivory tower idealogue and political novice out spent at least 25 to 1.

  98. thrasybulus says:

    Warning: wild speculation!!

    Did Cantor stuff the ballot boxes to revive fear of the Tea People within the Republican caucus? The Tea Party was all but dead until this “political earthquake.”

    And he resigns his Majority Leader position immediately so that a new leadership vote takes place increasing the chaos within the Republican House as they scramble to replace him. And before the fear vanishes and rational analysis takes hold.

    Admittedly this is outlandish and driven by my Nostradamian interpretations of Cantor in a larger plot agains the government. Hopefully the June 19th vote will come and go and then I can find a therapist. lol

  99. thrasybulus says:

    One last thing and I’ll shut up. He would have to lose big enough where no recount scenario was possible, otherwise he cannot take advantage of the newly created fear of the Tea people by resigning so fast.

    I could maybe accept a squeeker–but to go from 34 point ahead to lose by 11 without so much as a whisper asks to much of me. Afterall, in the famous Truman over Dewey comeback, pollsters stopped polling 6 months before the election because Truman was so far behind, and that accounts for the surprise.

  100. barbk says:

    Another reminder that we are still under the spell of Neptune in Pisces square the last New Moon in Gemini. There is fog, illusion, deception as well as competing forms of spirituality (all under the Neptune umbrella) and they are getting in the way of the words and communications (Gemini). As for the surprise, remember that the Gemini New Moon was conjunct the U.S Uranus (never expected that!) just shy of the 7th house cusp of partners and/or open enemies.

    Something to think about celebrating is the upcoming conjunction between two sisters, goddesses of ancient worlds who are represented by dwarf planet Ceres and asteroid Vesta. For more than a year they have travelled together, 5 or less degrees apart. Even 2 years ago they were only separated by 6 degrees and now, on July 5th, one day after the U.S. official birthday, they will conjoin at 21 Libra 54. Both goddesses were worshiped for their gifts to mankind; the growing of one’s own food from Ceres and the perpetual warmth of a hearth fire from Vesta, thus insuring that families could safely remain together.

    With the Sun traveling through the sign of the Family, it seems a new (conjunctions symbolize new beginnings) appreciation of family harmony (conjunction in Libra) is being fostered, supported as it is by the north node only a couple of degrees away, and even Mars accompanies them in a show of respect for balance and peace between masculine and feminine.

    Why not keep that in mind this American birthday holiday when – if you’re lucky – sharing a special meal with loved ones. The U.S. chart has another goddess asteroid, sister to both Vesta and Ceres, and her name is Juno and she’s at 20+ Libra, just one degree from her transiting sisters. She opposes the U.S. Chiron in Aries, so maybe this transiting conjunction symbolizes a healing time between family members; a new found respect for the individuality (Chiron in Aries) of each person even if they are markedly different from other family members.

    Just a thought.

  101. Prabhata says:

    thrasybulus, I think you’re on to something (smelling a rat), but I believe you’re on the wrong path.

    Here is the more likely scenario: 1) Dems picked their candidate in a convention, not the primary. Did you know that? just before the June 10 vote (7th?). 2) The primary was an open primary, hence Dems could vote in the Republican primary. 3) Having no candidate to vote for because the Democrats kept under wraps who the nominee was until right before June 10, the Dems decided to throw a curve and voted against Cantor.

    We’ll never know how many Dems voted for Brat.

    But guess what, V-07 was drawn to be conservative (new boundaries) for Mr. Cantor. So if the turnout in November is larger than this past June 10, it’s unlikely that a Dem will be elected.

    Just my observations.

  102. thrasybulus says:

    Prabhata, your right as far as it goes.

    alex noted that primaries in this district average 5-10% turnout. Here we have a 13% turnout – in an OFF YEAR election! I could be mistaken, but that number is the entire turnout Dems and Reps.

    So given that an off-year primary is probably 5-7% average turnout, do you think twice as many people of both parties turned out?

    Your point is absolutely correct about the Congressional candidate, but it would be interesting to know how many local races were contested in the Dem primary, Judge, Sheriff, Mayor, that kind of thing.

    Also we have the same crossover primaries here in Arkansas and the Dems did once in the late 1980’s crossover to defeat a Republican Congressman running for Governor (against our Bill). But his Republican opponent was well known and very well financed and it was extremely narrow race, and the Dems promoted the crossover tactic and the Congressman lost a very close primary.

  103. barbk says:

    Jerry, Mars’ degree on the day of the Pearl Harbor attack (15+ Aries) is already being activated by transiting Uranus, also at 15+ Aries; kinda like a bad dream.

  104. Prabhata says:

    thrasybulus, I think there were no other D races in district 7. All I know is that Trammell announced his candidacy on FB, not the press. If you go to his FB page, he joined on June 9. So he declared his candidacy the day before election night.

    I simply add 2 + 2. You are right about the turnout too. The voter guide shows district 7 holding a Republican primary: Brat and Cantor. District 8 was a D primary. Here is the voter guide I looked at:

  105. Lorrie U says:

    Thrasybulus – Maybe it really was a miracle from God??

    Read that the DNCC will not be helping Trammell, he’s on his own. But he’s gotten a super pac behind him, so something/somebody is pulling some strings somewhere…

  106. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Democracy For America

    Now is the time to go all in. Together.

    Americans are fed up with congressional Republicans and ready for change. Eric Cantor and John Boehner have spent the last four years running this country into the ground. They keep giving the billionaires whatever they want, while the economy stagnates and the middle class suffers. Voters are sick of it and are ready to fire Republican incumbents.

    The Tea Party is becoming even more extreme. Eric Cantor helped implement one of the most radical political agendas in American history and it wasn’t enough for the Republican base. If we don’t take Congress back from the Republicans, Eric Cantor and John Boehner will be replaced in the House leadership by people even further to their right.

    Eric Cantor’s defeat is a reminder that Howard Dean was right: Democrats have to contest every race. You never know when an opportunity will arise to pull off an unexpected victory. DFA members are working hard to support good progressive candidates in races across America, in campaigns up and down the ballot. That gives us a good chance to win — but only if we step it up.

    Anything can happen in 2014. None of the pundits saw this coming. They thought Eric Cantor was invincible and that Republicans were sure to win big in November. But voters have a mind of their own.

    Our base is larger than the Tea Party. If we mobilize them to fight against income inequality, we can rack up some big wins in 2014.

  107. alex says:

    KIND serves as the leading organization for the protection of unaccompanied children who enter the US immigration system alone and strives to ensure that no such child appears in immigration court without representation.

    We achieve fundamental fairness through high-quality legal representation and by advancing the child’s best interests, safety, and well-being.

  108. alex says:

    Mary Burke (Wisconsin Democratic Candidate for Governor, November 4TH, 2014)

    Is Scott Walker working for us when he calls raising the minimum wage a political gimmick?

    Is he working for us when he drains money from neighborhood schools? ?

    Is he working for us when, he messes with the personal health care decisions of women?

    Is he working for us when he turns away hundreds of millions in Medicaid dollars and 70,000 people lose their health care?

    And, is he working for us when he throws up roadblocks to voting?

    No, Scott Walker is not working for us.

  109. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – I love Mary Burke! She sounds great and ready, good messaging. Hope she can win!

  110. Lorrie U says:

    Meet the man hoping to turn Cantor’s district blue

    Virginia Democratic congressional nominee Jack Trammell answers questions about his policy views and Eric Cantor’s loss.

  111. alex says:


    Trammell knows how to answer media questions – that’s good

    Mary Burke has been polling EVEN with Scott Walker….
    she certainly could win it!

  112. Lorrie U says:

    Sanders Puts His Foot Down–Breaks With The Political Elites Of Both Parties Over The Fed Reserve

  113. barbk says:

    Nancy, transiting retrograde Mercury will conjunct the transiting asteroid Isis at 29+ Gemini around 9-10 PM EDT on Wednesday the 18th. Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct the U.S. Mercury at 24+ Cancer (ruler of U.S. 7th house).

    Transiting asteroid Nemesis (goddess of revenge) will still be in late 22+ Gemini and square the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo, having just left the degree of the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini.

    Transiting asteroid Osiris, named for the goddess Isis’ husband (and king), was the one Isis “found all his torn pieces and put him back together” will be at 8+ Gemini and conjunct the U.S. Uranus.

    Thought you might want to be aware just in case the U.S. makes a secret surprise strike at that time. As a bonus, transiting asteroid Sauer, named for a “principal” engineer in flight mechanics at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will also be at 29+ Gemini.

  114. thrasybulus says:

    2014 7th Dist. Primary
    Brat 36,110
    Cantor 28,898

    2012 7th Dist. Primary
    Cantor 37,369
    Bayne 9,668

    2012 was a presidential election year but Virginia holds a separate ptimary date for president and I couldn’t find that any other down ballot races were held.

    Since presidential turnout didn’t affect turnout my previous rant on the doubling of turnout is not right. (Note to self, verify facts before rants)

    However, turnout was 38% over 2012 primary and there was no Dem primary in 2012 either. Brat improved on Cantor’s 2012 opponent by over 350%. That downgrades the numbers, imho, from impossible to highly improbable. Now I will try to just “Let It Go”.

  115. alex says:


    isn’t it incredible Brat v Trammell both work for the same college; seems like Trammell has communications skills, and supporting is lining up for him AND Brat has said some really stupid stuff about Hitler and capitalism plus as soon a retirees in his district find out he wants to take/cut their social security and medicare…. Trammell might have an even playing field…. if they debate that would be good

  116. thrasybulus says:

    alex I agree. Trammell has chance if he starts now to show Brat’s stand on the issues before the publicity men can remake him. If he waits he will never have enough money to counter the ad men.

    He ought to line up speeches at every retirement community in the district for starters. What did Brat say about Hitler? Don’t you think it strange that anti-semtism is not given as a factor in a extreme right wing victory?

  117. alex says:

    April 9, 1860 – Paris
    First recorded sound of human voice (before Edison)

    Chart First Impression:
    Fire Trine

    Sun @19 Aries
    Saturn @19 Leo
    Sisyphus @19 sagittarius

    Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville designed the phonoautograph, which is widely considered the earliest sound-recording machine.

    “No one had really looked at sound waveforms before so he didn’t really know,” said Peter Alyea, a digital conservation specialist at the Library of Congress. “So he created basically what is, in current and modern terms, an oscilloscope.”

  118. alex says:

    House Representatives Majority Leader

    Kevin McCarthy R-CA

    Raúl Rafael Labrador R-ID (Tea Party)

    are running for intra-party election for R-Majority Leader

    additionally: McCarthy is unopposed in CA 2014 election

    2014 IDAHO: Labrador v Ringo

    Republican Raúl Rafael Labrador is an American politician who has been the U.S. Representative for Idaho’s 1st congressional district since 2011.

    DOB – December 8, 1967, Carolina, Puerto Rico, U.S.

    Shirley G. Ringo
    DOB – October 29, 1940 in Fort Collins, Colorado

  119. alex says:

    continued: 2014 November 4th Election IDAHO

    Labrador v Ringo

    Labrador 2014 Solar Arc Sun @02 Aquarius
    Labrador 2014 Solar Arc Saturn @22 Taurus

    Ringo 2014 Solar Arc Sun @19 Capricorn (T-square with Nodes)
    (Election Nodes 19Libra – 19Aries)

    Ringo 2014 Solar Arc Saturn @25 Cancer

  120. alex says:

    SCOTUS decisions: June 2014


    Between now and June 26, the Supreme Court will rule on issues from the Affordable Care Act to abortion clinic protections to labor unions.

  121. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, it is shocking that the D organization will not support Trammell! VA went blue in 2008, and this T candidate is very weak and, well, horrible. I hope the Ds will “evolve” on this.

  122. ox the cat says:

    Act Blue has raised about 51,000 for Jack Trammell. Kos has raised close to a grand so far. Someone mentioned a Pac too.
    I will be interested to see how much the Republican Pac’s give Brat.

  123. Lorrie U says:

    ox the cat – Brat will have Koch Bros. money…

  124. Lorrie U says:

    GOP Senator Calls Veteran’s Care ‘Entitlement’ We ‘Can’t Afford’

  125. thrasybulus says:


    Upthread you noted that Thomas Jefferson also has Aquarius Asc. According to John Willner’s theory the dominant physical attribute of an Aquarius Asc is the square or lantern jaw, which gives the head a close to square appearance.

    Google images of Jefferson and McKinley show their square jaws prominently. McKinley’s head is squarer probably due to his Sun also being in Aquarius. Willner believed that the Sun sign applied to the skeletal structure and the muscle and tissue structure was representative of the Asc sign.

    Jefferson’s height was likely due to his Aries Sun, though some images show him with a somewhat v-shaped chin (a Virgo characteristic) which would indicate Mercury very close (probably a parallel) to his Asc. Mercury on the Asc of such a prolific writer makes sense.

    Look at google images of Rob Lowe, similar to Jefferson. Obvious Aquarius square jaw but his v-chin is much more noticable. Also the straight nose, another attribute of Virgo Asc. Lowe has Uranus in Virgo so I think we would not go far amiss in bestowing upon him a Virgo Asc that is conjunct or parallel Uranus. Uranus being the ruler of Aquarius would give him some Aquarian attributes.

    Since I didn’t see a birthtime for Lowe he could just as easily be the reverse — an Aquarius Asc with Mercury parallel to it. Would have to investigate deeper to be sure but I lean to the Virgo Asc with a conjuntion to Uranus giving a more sparkling image than simply Aquarian Asc alone.

  126. thrasybulus says:

    And this is just another reason I have not accepted Obama as an Aquarian Asc. No square jaw.

    It would be easier if Obama didn’t fit so well Willner’s descriptions of Capricorn Ascendents. Ovate head shape, ears with little or no lobes which can make the ears seem to stand out from the head.

    Willner described Capricorn Asc as excellent dancers denoting a control of body in structured movements, a quality that I consider applicable to Obama’s basketball abilities and his general poise.And a drive for power, ambition.

    I cannot reconcile Obama’s constant straddling of every issue with a fixed sign Aquarian Asc, Aquarians are the types who make stands on issues regardless of public acceptance and attain office only when the public comes to their veiw of the issues – Lincoln on slavery expansion, Reagan and McKinley were the unmovable icons of “free markets”.

  127. ox the cat says:

    Lorrie you are right he will probably be doing the backstroke in cash.

  128. Sharon K says:

    But maybe, Thrasybulus, the ascendent is not who you are but how you look and express yourself. Isn’t there a tall thin Aquarian type, as well as the fact that the Aquarian/Leo axis seems relate well to rhythm and music, and Obama’s habit of coming across as, friendly, open, non-judgmental and non-competitive but wanting consensus and a team-attitude seems Aquarian to me.

  129. Noelle says:

    Thrsybulus, might I ask what your ascendant is?

  130. kiwi says:

    I don’t buy the square jaw theory for aquarius rising.
    Does not fit me in the least little bit!

  131. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    In reviewing the aspects for July, I noticed your comments earlier in this thread. You seem to indicate that the intensity of the aspects will be behind us by then. You wrote….

    “….Mars will conjunct the North Node from July 12 through July 13, and it will square the Sun from July 16 through July 19. The latter aspect in particular may bring some confrontational situations, but again, the current amplification of Mars will be largely dissipated by then, and so no big drama is likely.”

    I wonder if you see any significance in the following aspects –

    July 16th: Mars (25 Libra) square Sun (25 Cancer) activating the April 15th lunar eclipse (25 Libra).

    July 19th: Saturn stationary direct (16 ’38 Scorpio) quincunx Uranus retrograde station (station exact on July 22nd) at 16 ’30 Aries.

    Here are some brief commentaries from:


    The manifestation of the Uranus-Saturn quincunx will be reflected in rise in covert activities among nations, possibilities of natural as well as man-made calamities and political and social turmoil in places like Russia (Ukraine) and China. Non-democratic countries are likely to see shift of power from one faction (or dictator) to another. Religious activities around the world will likely to appear more secretive than open.

    From Willow’s Web

    We can expect continued awkwardness with many adjustments necessary between our blazing paths to the future (Uranus in Aries) and all the unfinished business and half-learned lessons that have accumulated (Saturn in Scorpio).

  132. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: Re: The Saturn-Uranus quincunx.

    According to the Cafe Astrology ephemeris, Saturn stations direct at 2:58 pm EST on July 20, 2014 (16 ’38 Scorpio). The following day – a little over 28 hours later, Uranus stations retrograde at 7:36 pm EST on July 21, 2014 (16 ’30 Aries)

  133. alex says:

    decans of the horoscope – each sign has 3 ten degree decan ruled
    by a planet expressing different nature and characteristics….

    may be why you don’t recognize the ascendant

  134. arbo says:

    Sharon K and thrasybulus, my understanding of the ascendant is that, simply put, it’s one’s mask. How you present yourself or what people see. Also there are physical characteristics, like Scorpio ascendants with their thick and unruly hair and penetrating eyes.

  135. Jerry says:

    On further analysis; regarding the July aspects….

    From Ed Tamplin’s World Predictions For 2014

    “…..The horoscope of 911 will be re-activated in 2014. It fields the Grand Cross on it’s Ascendant. The progressed Sun of the 911-attack chart comes to square Mars (1 ’26 Capr.) by July of 2014 with the progressed Moon joining, as the progressed Midheaven squares Pluto. Solar arc directed Mars also squares the Ascendant from late January.”

    On July 20th Saturn stations in exact opposition to the Moon (16 ’38 Scorpio-Taurus) at 11:20 am EST. It seems to fit perfectly within the above description of Tamplin’s regarding the 9/11 Mars. In addition to the Saturn-Uranus quincunx, the July 20th Saturn station-Moon opp. will be activating by semi/sesqui-square the 9/11/2001 chart’s progressed Sun (1 ’24 Libra – conjunct the US Midheaven) square the 9/11 progressed Moon (1 ’16 Cancer) and in t square to the 9/11 progr. nodes (1 ’54 Cancer-Capr.). That’s quite an amazing confluence of aspects coalescing all at the same time. Would that indicate a US terror attack?

    Here’s the WTC 9/11/01 progressed chart for July 20th, 2014……

  136. Jerry says:

    Typo: Sorry about that. Read instead: “….the 9/11 progressed Moon (1 ’16 CAPRICORN)”

  137. alex says:

    July 20, 2014 Saturn Station Direct:

    July 21 – Senate in session

    Tuesday 22 July 2014 Georgia – Primary Runoff (Senate-R, H01-D&R, H10-R, H11-R, Supt-D&R)

  138. alex says:

    Georgia: November 4TH 2014 Senate Election

    D-Michelle Nunn


    (No Republican captured 50% of the vote in the May 20 primary, Rep. Jack Kingston and businessman David Perdue will face off in a July 22 runoff)

    either Kingston or Perdue

  139. Anne's Aunt says:

    The way I was first introduced to the idea of rising sign is that it is part of the overall identity of moon, sun and rising sign. The noon is where one already has a PHD – where one is most comfortable and tends to return to as comfort (whether it is comfortable actually or not). In the school of life the sun is where one’s energy goes – one’s major.

    The rising sign is where the identity is moving, perhaps a sun placement in the future. Trying on a new identity whether it fits right now or not so much. It is the 101 class one really wants to take. I’ve never thought of rising sign as a “mask” because that has a bit of a false ring to it.

  140. barbk says:

    Jerry, if nothing else, Mars rules both Aries (Uranus) and Scorpio (Saturn). Thanks for pointing out this tie-in with 9/11.

    One manifestation of Mars energy is the rage we feel when someone we love is killed or dies suddenly without warning. When it is a group of people feeling this rage, as when a plane crashes or a school shooting results in multiple deaths, mass rage can result in blind fury or organized action. Long, lingering deaths also have embedded rage but it is mixed with other feelings like hope or denial or patience.

    My impression, in hindsight, is that the Malaysian missing plane, the Turkish coal mine disaster, the South Korean ferry boat sinking all happening within a short period of time and induced these Martian responses, just as 911 did in the U.S. Perhaps this is for the purpose of stimulating the Mars energy and focusing it.

    Bear with me on this. . . . .

    The day AFTER Mars squares Sun (26+ Cancer) in July, Mars will reach the degree he stationed retrograde last March 1st, 27+ Libra, and trine the U.S. Aquarian Moon. That day (when he reaches the degree where he stationed retro and begins to move forward from it) is the day Saturn stations direct in Scorpio and the following day, with Mars still at 27+ Libra, Uranus (the Awakener) stations retrograde in Aries. Both Scorpio and Aries are ruled by Mars. Mars, now into “fresh” territory will still be trine the U.S. Sibly chart Moon (27+ Aquarius).

    Fresh Mars trine U.S. Moon might signal easy access to fresh rage regarding 9/11, and/or focused rage.

    Saturn also stationed retrograde in March (right after Mars did the same), at 23+ Scorpio. Saturn won’t pass that degree and be in fresh territory until the day before the November U.S. election. Saturn rules timing and containment (form). Just as Saturn reaches this new territory (24 Scorpio and beyond) Mars will conjunct Pluto (co-ruler of Scorpio) on November 10th, the day after the Sun reaches 16+ Scorpio, the degree of Saturn’s still potent station direct. Sun = consciousness.

    With the Awakener Uranus retiring from the push forward, Mars, co-ruling with Pluto, the sign of Saturn’s transit will likely produce a contained and focused rage, perhaps even new laws (Saturn).

    By the end of November Saturn reaches 27+ Scorpio and will square the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius. Transiting centaur Nessus (awareness of generations of abuse) will be conjunct the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius, just as he will be on Election Day.

    My hope is that the rage, long suppressed, by U.S. citizens over the needless and brutal deaths of loved ones will take the form (Saturn) of action (Mars’ rage) against supporters of the NRA and their ilk. My hope is that their rage will take the form of voting out any supporters of gun law restriction.

  141. Jerry says:


    Well expressed. Mars transiting back over its March 1st retrograde station (27 Libra) on July 22nd will also be in square to the US Pluto (27 Capricorn). Within the same 24 hour period Uranus stations retrograde (the momentum of going within). Lots of deep introspection going on there on different levels.

  142. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – Your explanation of the meaning of the rising sign sounds similar to my learning. Daniel Giamario, Shamanic Astrology, uses the shamanic archetypes of the signs. From the Shamanic Astrology Handbook:

    “The Sun describes the type of fuel a person burns and thereby supplies the means to accomplish the intent for the current life. Since the Sun is the fuel and not necessarily the emerging archetype, a person may or may not display all of the characteristic qualities associated with their Sun sign.”

    “The moon position describes the area of mastery, or talents and skills, a person has already attained; it also describes the areas where there may be addictions or attachments. The Rising Sign and Venus or Mars, describes what type of training a person intends to undergo in the current life, and it is the ‘way out’ or liberation point. The training a person has signed up for in the current life indicates the new territory they intend to investigate, learn about and master. The Rising Sign is the main factor on the chart that describes the enlightenment path for an individual.”

  143. starlight says:

    Jerry – while all of the astro events you mention may bring some tense or confrontational action or increased violence, I continue to think that these two weeks of Mars translating Uranus and Pluto are the most volatile and transformative. Witness Iraq and the Cantor political earthquake.

    I have no doubt July will be rough. The Saturn station is very close to the sesquidrate to Obamas Venus …19 minutes orb. It is likely to be a difficult time with no simple answers to

  144. starlight says:

    BTW I am writing frommy iPad in Florida. So if your post is on moderation I can’t fix it until Thursday or Friday . You may have too many blinks or have activated junk mail status for some reason.

  145. barbk says:

    That’s true Jerry, such remarkable timing that Mars will trine U.S. Moon (the People) and square U.S. Pluto all at once allowing the People (Moon 27 Aquarius) to express their rage with ease, while challenging the established, deeply embedded power elite (Pluto 27 Capricorn)to play fair. Transiting Mars returning to the starting point of his retreat will still be in a square with transiting Sun who will oppose U.S. Pluto, putting Mars in a T-square, diplomatically (Libra) drawing out the opposing trans. Sun (consciousness) and natal Pluto (snake brain) to “move” on something (Cardinal signs of T-square).

    Do you suppose there will be a debate or town hall of sorts? Perhaps the Sunday morning talk shows on July 20th will prod open these divisions between the entrenched and conservative right and the liberal left via their guests for the show. I’ll mark my calendar!

  146. thrasybulus says:

    SharonK; “the ascendent is not who are but how you look and express yourself.” I agree with that, appearance. And since motivations are represented elsewhere I think “mask” is not totally inappropriate a description.

    Very good points on the consensus building aspects of Obama. With a 12 degree Capricorn ascendent he still has Jupiter in Aquarius in his first house. This also gives him a Libra MC explaining his consensus style of governing.

    Libra is the consensus builder not Aquarius if I’m not mistaken. Aquarius is the visionary and utopian but that vision but their fixed quality usually expresses itself by having people accept their views. Of course this does not mean I’m right and your wrong as aspects, signs and harmonics, (maybe even asteroids) have modifying effects.

    An Aquarius ascendent gives Obama a Scorpio MC. Does Scorpio represent Obama’s public reputation or how he governs or does Libra? If he has an Aquarian asc and Scorpio MC, two fixed signs, the intransigent quality would of the fixed sign would be inescapably dominant imho.

    Non-competitive? I think Hillary would think differently and I have read Obama invites professional level basketball players to his pick-up games and they are told if they hold back they will not be invited back.

    Noelle, I am a mop-headed, thick eye browed Scorpio ascendent modified somewhat by Sun and Mercury parallel to it witin 2 minutes.

  147. thrasybulus says:

    I will now give a blanket apology for all past and future typos or I would be endlessly apologizing.

    Kiwi, what do you see as your Aquarian Asc traits?

    Anne’s Aunt and Lorrie, I don’t think your comments about ascendents are incompatable with “mask” or physical definitions. Your description just seems focused on the more spiritual functions of the asc.

  148. Anne's Aunt says:

    I see these shamanic readings as deeply psychological. I suppose spiritual would work too. We are born with both as our psychologies are our main tools to express and accomplish our spiritual intensions and expressions.

    Mr. T, I think your ideas about Obama not having a scorpio MC is very interesting and I think it is spot on. He is extremely competitive, otherwise he would not have risen to such power at all. And he did with amazing speed. He picked his teem to compete and like any leader, likes to win. Leaders are needed for that. They lead for…a win….whatever that may be to them and those they lead.

  149. thrasybulus says:

    A very thorough analysis of Cantor’s loss. I like it of course because I basically agree with it. Uses data to rule out immigration, Dem crossover, redistricting as major factors. Says Cantor lost because nobody liked him (30% approval rating) and bad constituent services and hubris (no baby kissing, backslapping).

    So, the things we have data for are eliminated, it seems to me everything else is conjecture. I have become deeply skeptical since being told that the exit polls in Florida in 2000 were 500% percent off because voters lied to pollers.

  150. thrasybulus says:

    Anne’s Aunt,

    My Sun and Mercury in Aquarius is disdainful of what you think of my ideas.

    My Moon/Venus conjunction in Pisces is grovelingly thankful that you would even consider them. lol

  151. thrasybulus says:


    Rulership of the decans interested me as I studied Willner’s ascendent descriptions. I have twin brothers who, while not identical, outside the family no one else could tell them apart until high school.

    They are big athletes, 6 foot 3, over 200 lbs, gregarious, undoubtedly Leo Ascendents though their birthtime has them as Virgo asc. The only way we could tell them apart was that one had a higher forehead than the other.

    I could not account for the physical difference until I read something on decan rulerships which with Willner’s descriptions of the effect of planets on asc gave me a possible explanation.

    Jupiter rules the 2nd decan of Leo and Mars the 3rd. Willner states that Sagittarius and Gemini ascendents have long, relatively narrow faces as well as being the tallest signs generally.

    I thought the twin with the higher forehead (the first born) might have been born in the Jupiter ruled 2nd decan and the other twin with a slightly rounder forehead was born in the Mars ruled 3rd decan. I forget how many minutes apart their physical birth was. Willner has Aries headshapes as ovate (similar to Capricorn but with regular ears).

    Otherwise I am at a loss to account for the physical difference astrologically.

  152. Anne's Aunt says:

    Mr. T, my sun and mercury in aquarius and my venus in pisces appreciate your comment.

  153. barbk says:

    Jerry, I want to thank you for including the progressed chart for 9/11. I can’t say that I have even used the “natal” 9/11 chart and have only viewed it when other sites provided it. Had you not linked it here I might not have noticed that on 9/11/2001, transiting Saturn was only arc minutes from the degree that, in 2012, Venus occulted the Sun, 15+ Gemini. I find that compelling and significant in it’s symbolism.

    Later that month Saturn stationed retrograde at 14+ Gemini and did not reach the 15+ degree until just before he opposed Pluto at 16+ Sagittarius. On the day Saturn DID reach the exact degree of Venus’ transit of the Sun, 15 Gemini 44, Mars (god of war) was exactly at 24 Gemini 00, the same degree where this present Mercury retrograde will station direct.

    Also on that day, May 19th, 2002, at dawn in Washington DC, Uranus (at 28+ Aquarius, 1 degree past the U.S. Moon) was trine Venus (28+ Gemini) to the degree and square the Sun (28+ Taurus) to the degree. On June 5, 2012, in the chart for the Venus-occult-Sun, Jupiter was a 28+ Taurus, the same degree where the Sun was at dawn on 5/19/02, when Saturn arrived at 15 Gemini 44.

    Among the news stories at that time around 5/19/02, was one about the large amount of money coming in for the buildup of the CIA, and how the death of the son of LA Clippers owners, Scott Sterling, was ruled accidental. Mysterious synchronization between then and now IMO.

  154. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    Re: The July 1st, 2014 Mercury station at 24 Gemini…

    The only thing tangible that comes to mind is FATCA coming into law on that day (details have been posted in this forum here: ). Some have argued this law could in time undermine the value of the US dollar.

    Looking slightly ahead, if the weakening of the dollar becomes apparent in the days following the Mercury station should we expect to see volatility in the financial markets as soon as the July 12th full moon or perhaps when the markets open on the first business day of the week – Monday morning the 14th? The 20 Capricorn full moon t squares the Mercury/Saturn conj. (20 Aries) in the chart of the US coinage act of April 2, 1792. This chart is generally used as a bell-weather among astrological savvy investors to track the movements of the US dollar. Here’s the chart…….

  155. Sharon K says:

    I guess Obama’s Leo sun is personally competitive and there is no doubt that he is presidential and a leader, although it seems he had to grow into that role. I guess when I called him non-competitive, I was tuning into his tendency to give others a chance to be heard, to be inclusive, and to govern by consensus— but when push comes to shove, he has learned to take charge. And, yes, his competitive streak did come out when running for election — he ran for president much sooner than I thought he would, and he always runs a very tight, competitive campaign (and basketball game as well). I also have a Pisces venus (as well as sun, jup, and mars), and an Aquarian mercury opp a Leo Moon/Pluto conj.

  156. Noelle says:

    BarbK, for those of us who are not astrologers, could you tell us the meaning of planet positioning, pls., when you post as above. Thanks so much.

  157. alex says:

    EXCERPT Email:

    Stand with the California Clean Money Campaign in asking to get SB 1272 to an Assembly floor vote in time for it to appear on this November’s ballot.

    Corporations aren’t people, and money isn’t speech!

    The Elections Committee passed SB 1272. Now it goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee and if it doesn’t pass it quickly enough, SB 1272 won’t get onto this November’s ballot.

    Ask the Appropriations Committee to pass SB 1272 right away!

    Corporations aren’t people, and money isn’t speech!

  158. barbk says:

    Noelle, as you can see from Jerry’s post above, the “meaning of” the planets positioning can and will cover multiple categories, and even when we select a category of personal interest, we can only guess/sense/theorize about how it will manifest, based on astro symbols. What all people interested in astrology can do (it’s the easy part) is see when 2 or more planets form an aspect, or when a sensitive degree (say a previous eclipse degree, or a degree position of a planet in a previous event such as Uranus at the time of a devastating hurricane) will be triggered by a future planet.

    We can determine the KIND of energy by the planet (say if it’s Mars conjunct the sensitive degree of a previous event, something Marsy like fighting or action taken), and HOW IT WILL MANIFEST by what mode of operation the sign of the sensitive degree is in. If it is Gemini it will be a communicative manifestation, if Pisces, perhaps artistic or emotional. Finally any aspects to that planet in that sign and that degree will be taken into consideration.

    Then by combining that info with the event related to the sensitive degree (hurricane, eclipse) we can envision what the outcome of the combined energies might produce. We who attempt this will utilize previous examples of this combination of energies, and/or intuition, and/or a download of inspiration coming from who knows where.

    Jerry’s post above suggests “Keeping Track Of Assets” would be a good example of what Mercury’s stationing direct on July 1 at 24+ Gemini (see my comment on previous thread, June 5 @ 10:44 PM) might suggest when combined with the start of his retrograde at 3+ Cancer – the degree of the U.S. Venus ($$).

    Further combine this information with how the lunar eclipse in 2011 at 24+ Sagittarius (opposite the Sun at 24+ Gemini) panned out (which might need some research if your memory is as bad as mine!) and any other connections to other events or other degrees occupied by planets on July 1st, could further shape your guess/theory of the meaning of the planet position(s). If I have some inkling about the meaning of those planet positions when I post, I will include them, if not I will just point them out along with the connections they make to past and future events (hurricanes, eclipses, etc.) for others who might be interested in drawing conclusions.

    For now my instincts suggest that Saturn on 9/11, when he was just short of the future aspect between Venus and Sun (called Venus-occult-Sun) which happened in June 2012 at 15+ Gemini (square Mars in Virgo), was drawing a line in the sand.

    Many theories exist about what the rare Venus-occult-Sun aspects “mean”, but it’s rarity signifies importance and Venus means love and Sun means consciousness, so from this we can ascertain that “a rare opportunity to become conscious of the importance of love” is at the core of that event’s symbolism. Perhaps Saturn (often a symbol of hard times and endings) in his 14+ Gemini position was calling attention to where it must all end; this symbolic tragedy the U.S. experienced on 9/11/01.

    Months later Saturn WOULD reach the 15+ Gemini degree of the future Venus-occult-Sun aspect, and on that day in May 2002, Mars would be at 24 Gemini, the future degree of Mercury’s station direct (July 1st 2014), possibly bringing Martian energy (action taken, aggression, fighting) associated with both 9/11 and Venus-occult-Sun to bear on the upcoming Mercury station.

    That would link the symbolism attached to the event of 9/11/01, via Saturn’s later making a conjunction with the (future) Venus-occult-Sun event of 2012. We are told that TIME doesn’t exist except in the lower dimensions of experience and that we here on Earth just can’t (not ready yet to) wrap our minds around a concept of “no such thing as time, just the NOW”. (Sometimes astrology almost makes me believe that!!!)

    If Mercury is a messenger, and if retrogrades symbolize review periods,
    *and if ending Mercury’s review period connects with events of 9/11 (through Saturn’s 9/11 degree position that “fell short” of connecting to a 2012 event about LOVE),
    *that extended through months of waiting (Saturn finally reaching the degree of the future LOVE event)
    *until Saturn (who gives form over time) DOES arrive at 15+ Gemini, connecting him to a happening in the future,
    *which is further enhanced by Mars (action, aggression) simultaneously (along with Saturn’s form giving) denoting another future event (7/1/2014),
    *that of Mercury’s retrograde ending on the same degree where, in 2011, the Sun opposed an eclipsed Moon.

    You see, astrological symbols are a shorthand. Some astrologers, NOT Nancy, foresee possible situations without explaining how they arrive at these conclusions, giving the impression that their insight doesn’t have anything to do with logic. Learning the meanings of the planets, signs and aspects takes much of the voodoo out these insights and (1) shortens the space occupied by writing out the observations and (2) allows the reader to apply the insight described by the symbols to many varied situations and subjects.

    You probably already realize this, but since the Sun’s still in Gemini, I’m just blabbering on and on, and maybe there are others besides yourself who may wonder why I don’t delineate a planet’s position. Well, just this one time. . .. .

    Saturn = A Form of,
    Venus occult Sun = consciously loving in spite of,
    Mars = aggressive actions taken,
    retro Mercury = (has) after consideration,
    Mercury station direct = arrived at the time for,
    Uranus trine Venus = a breakthrough in values
    Uranus conjunct U.S. Moon = (which) enlighten the People’s feelings
    Uranus square Sun = even as it challenges their consciousness
    May 2002 Sun conjunct June 2012 Jupiter = to expand

  159. Anne's Aunt says:

    Obama is extremely competitive politically. He played some very low brow moves against is mentor Alice Palmer in Chicago for his first run for office. It was a very slimy move. He played dirty politics again in his Illinois senate race against Jack Ryan when he had his campaign reveal the terms of Ryan’s sealed custody settlement from his divorce. Very dirty again. He courted and won the backing of the Chicago political machine/mafia. He’s very smart in that way.

    He is more than not afraid to play very low and dirty and I wish he had done so more often against republicans while president in his first term. We know he knows how to play a campaign. He did have a learning curve in how to lead a country, when and how to work with Rs. I still think he has made many valuable contributions and was happy to vote for him.

  160. kiwi says:

    Thrasybulus, in answer to your question, I don’t understand why there are still questions regarding the accuracy of Obama’s birthtime on this website, unless there is still the belief that the birth certificate is a fake. I do not.
    The Hawaii dept of Health certificate looks identical to my son’s in format, and nobody I know in Hawaii has ever had the remotest reason to question the integrity of the Hawaii dept of health records.

    Having said that, I think his competitiveness comes more from his Leo sun than his rising sign.
    These are a few traits that I see him as having as an aquarian ascendant, ruled by Uranus, and that I can also relate to with my aquarius rising:
    Ability to juggle several things at once and handle things that come up out of left field unexpectedly; willing to embrace/trial new ideas if they seem to make common sense; willing to change course or tweek if things are not working; able to look dispassionately/analytically at the big picture and/or the long view; at times, an affinity for the sentiment ‘I love humanity, its people I cant stand.’
    I also think that perhaps his progressions having advanced to Aries rising and Capricorn midheaven may be coloring some of his current modus operandi.

  161. thrasybulus says:

    Interesting gathering of Mercury in Aquarius and Pisces Venus people. Maybe we should hold a convention! lol

    SharonK, with all that Pisces and the Moon/Pluto opposition to Mercury how do you get past your intuition to think at all? I mean it seems like thinking would interfere with your intuitive “knowing”. Not saying that you don’t think but that your inspirations are usually correct enough that thinking just fills in the blanks.

    You said you were “tuning in” when considering Obama’s characteristics and I bet you do that for everything. A very wise man once told me to let your heart tell you what is right and wrong and then let your head get you there.

  162. thrasybulus says:


    To quote the line from the band Kansas’ song ‘Carry On Wayward Son'; “If I claim to be a wise man it surely means that I don’t know.”

    I have no doubts whatever about Obama’s birth certificate, that is actually what I am working from. John Willner whom I quote almost as much as Nostradamus (it is true, I have no thoughts of my own!), espouses a system that he called Spiritual Birth Time.

    His lifetime study of astrology and the Edgar Cayce readings led him to believe that birth certificate times record a physical birth but that the horoscope is based on a soul birth time which can precede the physical birth by up to 4 hours.

    I have read several of his books and believe his system has merit but remain open to counter arguement. My Aquarian Mercury is always in search of other viewpoints to test validity of any idea and your gracious description of your Aquarian asc qualities adds that much more to my meager knowledge.

    here are his books;

  163. Anne's Aunt says:

    Interesting discussion!

    I actually can see Obamb’s AC and MC as scorpio and aquarius now progressed to cap and aries. Scorpio strikes me as the best strategizer possible. Cap and aries, what a great combination to compete for the top executive job! His north node is still in leo in the 7th house of partnerships and open enemies. Also makes sense to me. His prog sun is in Libra which is the great compromiser (not in a bad way) and fair to all. Seems like a pretty perfect combo to me.

  164. Anne's Aunt says:

    typo – Obamb=Obama

  165. Anne's Aunt says:

    Question (hope this is not just too stupid)… How close do the sun and merc need to be to be considered combust? And if they are what does that mean?

  166. thrasybulus says:

    Well played Anne’s Aunt. I have generally ignored the quality of the signs the progressed planets/angles enter as expanding the field so wide as to explain anything, but you are right it fits Obama very well. Does this method fit your personal horoscope?

    Someone else will have to tell you about mercury combust, I need to have a living example to assimilate my astrology lessons for some reason.

  167. alex says:

    Election 2014:

    Tea Party Koch Libertarians who don’t believe in the ‘Common Good’ who don’t want a democratic republic to have/support a middle class, or a society with safety nets, with retirement benefits/pensions, with universal health care, or regulations mechanisms to even the playing field;

    are exemplified by Koch confederate Dave Brats GOP economist from Virginia running running in the Novembmer 4th 2014 election to replace Eric Cantor;

    his Koch-Liberatarian-Tea vision of economy-government is in the extreme represented by Chaos, and Mars anger;

    November 4th, 2014 Election chart: Gemini-Sagittarius Axis

    Minor Asteroid Chaos @19 Gemini (Koch-Libertarian-Tea economic and government policies)


    Midpoint Mars/Ceres @20 Sagittarius (those people angry about government ‘common good’ policies)

    The Other Base: Leo – Aquarius Axis

    Jupiter @20 Leo (with the ability to challenge hysterical rejection of ‘common good’ policies and the will to express focus for its support)


    Midpoint Moon/Vesta @17 Aquarius (egalitarian/aquarian instinct/skills/determination for the ‘common good’)

  168. Lorrie U says:

    I’ve always felt Obama had Scorpio prominent in some way–his sarcasm often reflects my own!

  169. Bob says:

    For a good lift read the comments – all of them. The money saved on prescriptions by millions of people will be spent in other areas of the economy and help to give it a surge, possibly resulting in more jobs. It’s still like it was when Bill ran – “It’s the economy, stupid.” Let’s keep going and sweep the Republicans out of control at every level for years to come.

    A quick look around July 22 has me thinking the Prez lands another blow to the empty suit Rethugs.

    We have the numbers – we can get just about everything we want if we get out the vote. Keep on everyone you think needs reminding, even take them with you to vote. If the money-bags see we are very serious about creating change might they be inclined to loosen their purse strings a little (or even a lot!) more.

    Let’s get control, strengthen it in ’16, then raise taxes on the 1% (or maybe the 2 and 3% too), collect on the off shore accounts and shut off the unneeded subsidies.

    Find a way to force Congress to be in session at least more than 1/2 (or maybe 2/3s :) – ) of the working days of the year.

  170. Bob says:

    That’s a nice picture of the President, only thing missing is this –

  171. alex says:

    Film: The Adjustment Bureau – Men who Rule your Fate

    The Politican’s Life Plan – Free Will Explained by Thomson

    The Plan’s Wrong

    How much do your choices matter, and how much is your life laid out for you? We know that everyone is oppressed by bureaucratic structures which impose themselves on us in our modern day lives.

    So bureau ‘Proctors’ are out there on the street making small adjustments, re-calculations that keep us on track with ‘THE PLAN’ but when the ‘case book’ lines begin to shift executive oversight is needed; the ‘Men who Rule your Fate’ (the big ones) are brought in – the Executives, the Legal Department, the Intervention Team and the movie version of God as the secret Chairman:

    The film encompasses a sub-narrative which shows the ‘Adjustment planning process’ is also kind of oppressed by its own bureaucratic structure.

  172. alex says:


    guiding the fate of humanity the adjusters have abilities that range from “freezing” people to make behavioral changes to turning normal doors into geography-leaping portals;

    What the Hell is going on?

    Your plan and we are determined to keep it that way

  173. alex says:

    November 4th, 2014 Election:

    Marc Jones has spoken of the nodal line as the“axis of fate. It refers to two basic approaches to existence.

    Political Moon Nodes: relationships, working and political associations, forecast symbol representations depending on where the emphasis goes/comes from;

    North Node @19 Libra


    South Node @19 Aries
    Moon (11PM) @19 Aries

  174. Sharon K says:

    Thrasybulus – I AM pretty intuitive (also have sun & jup in the 9th and uranus conj my cancer ascendant) and I believe my mother was pretty intuitive also The ironic thing is that most people don’t get it or appreciate it, including my husband! It can be pretty frustrating. It’s nice to be among other intuitives who “get” it.

  175. Jerry says:

    Iraq Has Multiple Natal Horoscopes

    Stars of Washington
    June 14, 2014

    Historically there exists more than one natal horoscope for the region the West calls ‘Iraq’. Here are a few that are listed in Nicholas Campion’s The World Book of Horoscopes with a few current planetary transits added:

    Iraq (Kingdom): August 23, 1921 6:00 BGT -3:00 Baghdad (proclamation ceremony)

    Iraq Independence: October 3, 1932 10:30 GMT Baghdad (British mandate terminated)

    Iraq Republic: July 14, 1958 4:00 GMT Baghdad

    As for the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, there are two horoscopes which may be valuable concerning the current take-over by I.S.I.S., an organization consisting of of Sunnis, the ones the Bush-Cheney regime kicked out of government in order to install Shi’ites, grab oil and loot antiquities, and to further Bush Sr’s “heralding of a new world order” which he brazenly had announced as the justification for waging his “Operation Desert Storm” on January 15, 1991 and using Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait as the trigger:

    1. A temporary constitution was signed “by Iraqi representatives on the US appointed Governing Council in Baghdad at 1:35 pm on March 8, 2004.”

    2. “The formal transfer of sovereignty to Iraq took place at 10:26 am on June 28, 2004 in Baghdad, and this should be the basis of a new national chart.” (N. Campion)

    – END of QUOTE –

    If we are to take Nicholas Campion’s logical choice for the June 28, 2004 Iraqi national chart seriously, and progress the chart to June 25th (in just one weeks time), we will find an interesting synchronicity. There is an exact progr. Sun/Saturn conjunction at 16 ’44/16 ’49 Cancer in t square to the June 25th Mars-Uranus opposition (16 ’13 Aries-Libra).

    In order to save Baghdad from falling into the hands of the militant Al Qaeda organization of ISIS, will the US become mired in a bombing campaign against these radical forces in Iraq by the time we reach the June 27th Cancer New Moon? The New Moon at 5 Cancer conjoins the US Jupiter natal degree.

    The following is a dual Iraqi progressed/transit chart set for June 25th…….

  176. starlight says:

    Very interesting Jerry. Next week is round two of this transit and with Mars/Uranus directly hitting that progressed opposition, you have directly tied the action to explosive events in Iraq. Maliki is ineffective and overwhelmed (PR sun/Saturn) and Mars/Uranus might unseat him or certainly hit him unexpectedly and very hard.

    The Jupiter transit opposite US Pluto, also qincunx US Moon, the last few days of June and the first few days of July suggests perhaps a briefly bigger US footprint and some successful actions or at least some optimism. But the Saturn station 135 degrees from Obama’s Venus, exact around the same period, suggests he is very upset, perhaps over the collateral damage of any strikes.

    I continue to think that Uranus returning to oppose US Saturn from mid July through September brings sharp awareness of the limits of US power to control wild events unfolding.

  177. barbk says:

    Transiting Venus will soon leave the degree where Jupiter and Saturn made their conjunction in 2000, and her influence on this 20 year cycle, part of much greater cycles in history, may linger for a while, or not. What is at stake in this last half of that cycle ending in 2020, is what has been deemed to be of value (Taurus) within societies and cultures, and what has been discarded as something to grow beyond, such as war.

    Hopefully, the President’s natal Mars at 22+ Virgo (conjunct the U.S. Sibly Neptune) will resonate with this trine of Venus energy and not be influenced by the calls from those ancient voices of an old and obsolete social order.

  178. Anne's Aunt says:

    Mr T, I have merc combust. When I was growing up my father was very abusive and domineering. It seemed to be his mission in life to put me in my place – or rather the place he thought I should be which was subservient and to be just like him. He picked on me specifically. Naturally I grew up with no self confidence and wandered around the country for years and years looking for something. I also, from the very beginning learned how to communicate non verbally – as in visually and developed those strengths to a very high degree. I slowly gained self esteem, strengthened my functional ego, and separated my forms of communication from ego. I developed what I regard as a very healthy disregard for charisma and charismatic leaders and look at them in deeper ways. I think that describes pretty well my combust and the progressions in life.

  179. Lorrie U says:

    Natural antibiotics to stockpile now: 10 herbs and foods that kill superbugs

    Learn more:

  180. alex says:

    Lorrie the url you posted for 10 natural antibacterial antibiotics did not list apple cider vinegar…. it is major antibacterial

  181. alex says:


    there is a combination product called cyclone cider that is really effective ( unfortunately tastes terrible good for travel kits and home health kits ) I use plain old pure apple cider vinegar put a few drops in any liquid and it goes to work right away;

  182. thrasybulus says:

    SharonK, I would think that your Mercury opposed to Moon/Pluto would throw up obstacles to easily communicating to others your intuitive insights. A classic example!

    Anne’a Aunt, that is an astrology lesson I can assimilate! The only thing I remember from past readings about Mercury combust is that the Sun basically swallows the functions of Mercury into itself. Thus if the Sun is the “ego” you would not be able to consciously separate your thinking from your ego.

    It sounds somewhat like your communication skills were enhanced because they are so attuned to your Sun energy. Is that your experience? If you like to read fiction you should try ‘The Mirror of Her Dreams’ and sequel ‘A Man Rides Through’ by Stephen Donaldson. It might be your life story.

    You did however come out of it with an enhanced BS detector. I hope you found some of what you were looking for, sounds like you did.

  183. thrasybulus says:

    Lorrie said as my arguments on Obama’s Libra MC began sinking; “I’ve always felt Obama had Scorpio prominent in some way–his sarcasm often reflects my own!”

    Thanks for throwing me a rock Lorrie. lol

  184. gypsi says:


    anything on that list will work like doxycycline on Lyme Disease? Just had to get a dog a scrip, also used in slow kill for heartworms, and the price is 10 times higher than last year, and only going up. this is not a patent issue, and I don’t think it is a cost of manufacture issue. But ticks love climate change and Lyme Disease is serious business.

  185. Anne's Aunt says:

    Mr. T “Thus if the Sun is the “ego” you would not be able to consciously separate your thinking from your ego.” That is about right for me as a kid – even a very little kid. Everything I said (merc) my father would deride and he would deride me personally (sun). (He was a drunk). The conjunction is supposed to give a strong intellect tho. The progression has brought my sun and merc out of conjunction which has helped me personally. It’s one reason I consider progressions important. But I’m not nearly as good as Nancy and others here at reading charts and I was taught to do that shamanic approach which has significant differences from some other ways of reading charts.

  186. Lorrie U says:

    Gypsi – Unfortunately, doxyclycline is the only thing that works for tick fever/lyme disease. The price is being manipulated here in the U.S. and I know it’s created a hardship at our shelter. They are using alternatives wherever possible, but not for this disease.

    Since I live fairly close to the border, I go to Mexico for my dental. I pay $4.00 for ten pills, so can get 100 pills of 100 mg for $40.00, which is reasonable compared to almost $200 at a local pharmacy.

    If you go online, you can get the same prices if not better at Canadian pharmacies which is what I’d do if I didn’t go to Mexico. You just need to provide a prescription. Here is one of the ones I have filed away for possible future use:

    My dog is a carrier and has to be on it for the rest of his life as it affects him neurologically. One pill a day keeps it under control and if he becomes symptomatic, I increase it to two a day.

    Hope this helps. The greed in our healthcare system is unconscionable!

  187. Sharon K says:

    Thrasybulus – what you said about mercury opp the moon/pluto conj explains a lot, and right now Saturn is squaring it and I’m having to put my ego aside because people are misunderstanding me right and left.

  188. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sharon K, my (limited) knowledge of pluto/moon conj opp merc is that there is a high degree of awareness of how one’s communication does not express one’s deep perceptions. The saturn sq is highlighting that and calling you to develop that merc capability to actually communicate your perceptions in a way that will actually communicate your ideas in a way that others can understand in a concrete way. Your other planetary placements then can lead you to the ‘how’ of that.

  189. alex says:

    well the only way I can see Wendy Davis countering this ad buy is to go after his 30 year record – has to be in spanish and english
    she can’t go after his lovely multi-cultural family, his faith or his honesty….

    his 30 year record could be the focus – who did he help Texans or corporations and the wealthy elite?

    TEXAS candidates for governor:

    Greg Abbott v Wendy Davis

    Abbott’s Spanish speaking TV ad aired during World Cup Games


    ROSIE PHALEN: “Meeting your in-laws is never easy.”

    MARY LUCY PHALEN: “But when we met Greg Abbott, we knew that he was someone special.”

    ROSIE PHALEN: “His values are our values. Faith, family and honesty.”

    MARY LUCY PHALEN: “He is a loving husband and father to Cecilia and Audrey.”

    ROSIE PHALEN: “For more than 30 years, Greg has been someone that we could count on.

    MARY LUCY PHALEN: “And as governor, Texas can count on him too.”

  190. alex says:

    I’ve been thinking about the Progressive Congressional Caucus

    I think they should re-brand themselves immediately as the

    ‘Common Good Caucus’…. they have to make that their logo message
    and cause; ‘progressive’ does not have resonance it really does not speak to anybody but the few misunderstood, the disinfranchised, lonely marginalized political/and /grassroots progressives

    ‘Common Good Caucus’ speaks to everyone’s interest

    (even the know-nothing but annihilate/enslave everybody but business and wealthy elites – the stupid deluded conservative/Christian/Libertarians eventually are going to have to wake up and realize they can’t have a supply/demand economy just among themselves – they could sell/trade/finance just themselves the rich but then that is a death spiral)

  191. alex says:

    Texas Atty. General Greg Abbott:

    Abbott has described his job as “I go into the office in the morning, I sue Barack Obama, and then I go home.”

    Abbott born 1957 + 30 years = 1987 record onward

    he raised the question: can real Texas citizen ‘count on’ Abbott
    or just a thin slice of the wealthy elite and for that matter
    is the Latino population better off from 30 years of service by Greg Abbott?

  192. alex says:

    Texas not the place for Rick Perry afterall?


    What do you know? It turns out Texas Gov. Rick Perry has an ulterior motive for spending so much time in California. Sure, he’s selling his state to California businesses, promising lower taxes and less regulation. And yeah, he’s positioning himself for a second run at the Republican presidential nomination.

    But it also looks like he could be fixin’ to move here when he leaves office at the end of the year.

    At least that’s what he told Mark Leibovich of the New York Times magazine, who sat down with the Texas governor recently in Beverly Hills at the Jewish deli Nate ‘n Al.

  193. alex says:

    Texas Greg Abbott


    The attorney general’s office under Greg Abbott has approved more than $3 million in state contracts for a law firm that has been a generous political contributor — providing $200,000 to Abbott’s campaigns in the past 12 years.

    Zac Petkanas, a spokesman for the Davis campaign, said the approval of contracts for campaign contributors adds to concerns over Abbott’s dealings. He cited a Houston Chronicle report showing that the attorney general, whose office also must approve bonds issued by local governments, has collected $200,000 in contributions since 2012 from law firms that served as bond counsel on those projects.

    “This is yet another example of Greg Abbott — the ultimate Austin insider — looking out for other political insiders instead of hardworking Texans,” Petkanas said.

  194. Noelle says:

    Starlight, according to the new NBC?WSJ poll you are right on about Obama’s popularity diminishing at this time, You do see it bouncing back later don’t you? What a mess.

  195. alex says:

    continued: Greg Abbott of Texas – political insider

    Background: Abbott was appointed to a judgeship by then Texas Governor George W. Bush Jr.

    TENTH DEGREE AQUARIUS (cruel callousness, might makes right)

    RE: upthread post Greg Abbott, quote from article

    “This is yet another example of Greg Abbott — the ultimate Austin insider — looking out for other political insiders instead of hardworking Texans,” Petkanas said.

    I agree with the above quote:

    2014 Solar Arc Saturn for Greg Abbott is @10 Aquarius.

    I’ve named the 10AQUARIUS the ‘Neocon Sign/Degree’ because it significantly represents the natal charts of Dick Cheney Sun @10 Aquarius, and George W. Bush Natal Ceres @10 Aquarius.

    I analyzed 10Aquarius as a pivitol point during the Cheney/Bush years to test transit events and natal charts etc for weight of Neocon politics and policies.

    10AQUARIUS tested out in my chart practice as ‘proof of concept’ for the cruel callousness of ‘might makes right’ NEOCON symbolism.

    Natal Paul Ryan Venus @10 Aquarius cnj Sun @09 Aquarius

    Ryan’s budgets clearly embody the cruel callousness of his vision for giving all economic-government advantage to business and individual wealthy elite in total disregard for the ‘Common Good’

    Ryan’s aim and ambition for 2015 is to chair the ‘Ways & Means’ House of Representives commitee. This is a very powerful position.


    The Committee of Ways and Means is the chief tax-writing committee of the United States House of Representatives.

    Members of the Ways and Means Committee are not allowed to serve on any other House Committees unless they apply for a waiver from their party’s congressional leadership.

    The Committee has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs, and other revenue-raising measures, as well as a number of other programs including:

    Social Security
    Unemployment benefits
    Enforcement of child support laws
    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    Foster care
    and adoption programs

    The U.S. Constitution requires that all bills regarding taxation must originate in the House of Representatives. Since House procedure is that all bills regarding taxation must go through this committee.

  196. starlight says:

    Noelle – I think things improve in 2016, maybe even the second half of 2015. This current period is one of the worst. Probably part of that is the fiasco in Iraq and no good answers.

  197. alex says:

    WISCONSIN – District 1 Election – November 4, 2014

    Paul Ryan v Amar Kaleka

  198. alex says:


    Question: Based on what?

    “I think things improve in 2016″

  199. alex says:

    Technetronic Controlled Behavior:

    Book 1970 – Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era by Zbigniew Brezezinski

    book online

  200. alex says:

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    “Technology will make available, to leaders of major nations, a variety of techniques for conducting SECRET WARFARE, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need to be appraised.”

  201. kiwi says:

    This from Marjorie Orr regarding the middle east is interesting:

    Middle East – old colonial fault lines being wiped out From: Marjorie. (14 Jun 2014 10:53):
    Robert Fisk who writes in the Independent ( is always good on the Middle East casting a cynical eye on Western governments’ political spin. His thought today on the ISIS/Iraq catastrophe is that we’re seeing the end of the Sykes-Picot agreement. This was a secret deal struck during World War 1 on 16 May 1916, effectively carving up the Middle Eastern remnants of the (hopefully about to be destroyed) old Turkish Ottoman Empire between the Brit and French colonial powers. It betrayed the Arabs and indeed Lawrence of Arabia who had fought to give the Arabs freedom if they helped in the war effort.
    Much of the problem today stems from that super-power backroom deal which imposed artificial borders without thought for ethnic or sectarian divides. The French got Syria and the Lebanon; the Brits got Palestine, Jordan and Iraq.
    The Sykes-Picot agreement has a Taurus Sun on the point of a Mars in Leo opposition Uranus – so Fixed, dominant, but also explosive. Plus an emotionally downbeat Saturn in Cancer with Venus Pluto also in Cancer.
    9/11 was really what blew the lid of the Middle East as far as Western control was concerned. At that point Tr Uranus was making its 1st return. Tr Neptune was just past its Half Return from Aquarius and in the years following from 2008 tr Pluto made its Half Return from Capricorn. So definitely a time of huge significance for what was a thoroughly disreputable agreement.
    Oddly on 9/11 the Solar Arc Jupiter was exactly conjunct the Sykes-Picot Saturn perhaps lifting Arab depression. With tr Jupiter conjunct both.
    As we see the Sunni Shia feud escalate it may be that these western-imposed 20th century borders get redrawn.
    With tr Uranus square tr Pluto battering at the Sykes-Picot Saturn at 13 degrees Cancer over the next two years old emotional hurts will be addressed.

  202. Lorrie U says:

    Interesting post, Kiwi! Thanks!

  203. alex says:

    EXCERPT dailykos

    Jeb Bush Wants Your Child’s Data

    6/18/2014 diary by dizzydean

    In the last few days, two reports have come out form the business wing of think-tank-land, both of which should be chilling for the future of public education. And yes, The Jebster co-chaired one of those reports.

    In a nutshell, the main thrust of both reports, one by the Aspen Institute and the other by AEI, is that more student data needs to be made available to educational entrepreneurs. Why? So that they can datamine everything a student does at school and provide the student with an “individualized learning program”.

    This thing gets ugly very quickly.

    The Basics

    Big Data and “educational entrepreneurs are salivating at the chance to get at all of the information that they see as currently locked away in the schoolhouse. One of the leading companies in this area of student datamining is Knewton.

    Video opening: “So the human race is about to enter a totally data-mined existence.”

    As Audrey Watters has written at Hack Education, student data really is the new oil.

    Of course, the emerging fields of education data mining and learning analytics rarely if ever frame themselves in terms of surveillance and policing. Not explicitly at least.

  204. alex says:

    Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney’s New World Order
    by Mark Crispin Miller

    In ‘Cruel and Unusual’ Mark Crispin Miller sees a regime comparable to the most ruthless authoritarian dictatorships of the modern era and warns that Americans are being skillfully duped by a corrupt government and a complicit mass media into blithely accepting the curtailing of their liberties and the eradication of their democracy.

    Address Before a Joint Session of Congress on the End of the Gulf War (March 6, 1991) George H. W. Bush

  205. alex says:

    continued: Jeb Bush

    It is commonly assumed that there is no aristocracy, let alone a nobility, in America. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In his work, Ancestors of American Presidents, Gary Boyd Roberts of the New England Historic Genealogical Society reveals nineteen presidents descended from Edward III.

  206. barbk says:

    Thanks kiwi, love the long range view of the present situation in Iraq made by R. Fisk and analyzed by M. Orr. Those people aren’t nearly as crazy as they are made out to be; they definitely have their reasons to rebel.

    Regarding the agreement signed on May 16, 1916, the south node (not a path toward successful growth) would have been conjunct Neptune (illusion) in Leo (dramatic), while the north node (opportunities for growth) in Aquarius (all are equal) would point to the future Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that will begin the next 20 year societal-cultural cycle. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen until the end of 2020. But after waiting this long, what’s another 6 1/2 years?

    It also explains why the U.S. has been the heavy in this breaking down of the “secret deal” as the Saturn on that day at 13+ Cancer conjuncts the U.S. Sun. Good riddance to that old agreement.

  207. Sharon K says:

    Thanks, Anne’s Aunt….that might be actually happening but it’s somewhat painful to deal with the obstacles. It’s interesting to observe while it’s happening, though. Thank you to both you & Thrasybulus for this information.

  208. alex says:


    Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu faces a challenge from three Republicans, including Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy and retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness.

    “We’re steadily ramping it up,” said Maness, whose Tea Party-backed campaign released a new video this week.

    The third GOP candidate is businessman Paul Hollis. Under Louisiana’s election system, all of the Senate candidates will appear on the ballot on Nov. 4. If no candidate receives more than 50%, the two top vote-getters will face off Dec. 6.

  209. alex says:

    bringing people to the process

  210. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sharon K, I’ve had so many problems with not being able to communicate myself and my own obstacles to that! I so relate to you in that! I’ve overcome my obstacles over the decades by finding my own voice and style, and now, at 61 I finally am simply not afraid. Fear was, to me, a huge obstacle. Fear of what others would think – or did think – and fear that I was just cracked since I did not speak the language (or the heart) of most.

    Fear that I would be misunderstood, and fear that whatever I had to communicate would be stupid (like my father often told me) or put down (which he did too). I held on to that for far too long. Now he had dementia and I have power of attorney for all his medical care I see him very differently. I can care for him like he never did for me. And I am getting too old to be ruled by fear. I don’t know if fear drives you, it just did for me. Best wishes for your continued progress !

  211. Anne's Aunt says:

    Also fear that I would lose what I had, or thought I had. I lost it anyway in transits where I shed what was not real – for me. Fear of losing something – like a marriage or friends or family – was a huge obstacle for me. By not communicating who I actually am I lost them anyway and now I have gained them back. Well not that bad marriage, but I don’t miss that loss at this point. Now I consider it a blessing that I don’t have to live day to day with someone who, like my father, looked down on me and what I had to communicate.

  212. alex says:

    Koch Brothers Industries going to spend $300 million on 2014 – 2016:


    Charles and David Koch wrapped up their annual summer seminar on June 16 in Dana Point, California, at the St. Regis Monarch Bay resort—a fitting location for two men whose combined net worth is more than $100 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The highly secretive mega-donor conference, called “American Courage: Our Commitment to a Free Society,” featured a who’s who of Republican political elites.

  213. alex says:

    Koch Elections 2014

    Koch Candidate Elections 2014: (partial list)


    Koch candidate, Rep Tom Cotton (AR), v Mark Pryor (D)

    Democrat U.S. Sen. Mark Udall v Koch candidate, Cory Gardner (CO)

    Kosh candidate Jim Jordan (OH) v Janet Garrett

  214. barbk says:

    It has occurred to me that Mars’ reputation rests mostly on his warrior posture and his lack of thought before taking action. Everyone has a will (we have a very special will here at Starlight News :) ) but will alone won’t get things accomplished without Mars’ energy. I’m talking about initiative.

    Webster: . . .n, 1.the action of taking the first step or move; responsibility for beginning or originating 2. the characteristic of originating new ideas or methods; ability to THINK (my caps) and act without being urged; enterprise

    Without Mars, especially in Libra, there would be no petitions to sign coming to our email box, no informative websites linked to comments, no starlight news. Mars in his normal capacity (to get us up out of bed in the morning for example) keeps the soul and body from vegetating. Thank you Red Planet for being there.

  215. barbk says:

    Today transiting Mars (action, initiative, anger) is conjunct the U.S. Saturn (government, institutions, regulations)

  216. alex says:


    …the difference between the spiritual realm and the physical realm is CHOICE; physical Mars relates to/is tied to the ‘instinct’ to survive; motive is another matter after that… instinct – is limbic brain; though we have a choice (by motive) where to direct Mars energy the instinct itself is RELEX triggered; it is hardwired to act/react it does not originate with will it originates with reflex/unconscious – we can direct reflex/instinct thereafter with will when we make reflex/instinct become to be consciously directed (by willing it so)

    the spiritual realm, with spiritual matters we have to initiate spirit by CHOICE… we have to choose to express spirit ( choosing consciously to express spirit) or spirit does not become manifest;

    Isabel Hickey – the five realms

    collective realm
    spiritual realm
    mental realm
    emotional realm
    physical realm


    A reflex action is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus.

  217. alex says:

    primary elections are political battlegrounds > and more so than general elections > prone to be driven or directed by political hatred and/or by political villains who feed off hatred or utilize hate to manipulate others;

  218. will says:


    Mille grazi for your compliment and play on Mars’ will; it was timely as I just woke from a vivid dream wherein I lost an old friend – it was very visual and potent and I woke up with a dreadful plunging feeling in my heart.


  219. arbo says:

    Sure, Helen. And I’m compelled to remember Axis Sally. Sorry…

  220. Anne's Aunt says:

    Helen, “”Russian propaganda” is more trustworthy today than American propaganda. “?? Seriously?

  221. Prabhata says:

    Helen, Americans know the news are worthless.
    Take a look at this graph from Gallup poll.

    Not that Gallup is that great, but it’s a measure. Not local, but all D.C. political news is massaged for propaganda purposes. BTW, that includes U.K. media. Though it can present a fairer U.S. news, if it is a news item where the U.S. and the EU are working together (Ukraine), you will not get good reporting.

    The only U.S. newspaper that barely passes my test is McClatchy.

  222. alex says:

    June 19th – EXCERPT NYT

    Prosecutors in Wisconsin assert that Gov. Scott Walker placed himself in the middle of an elaborate effort to illegally coordinate fund-raising between his campaign and numerous conservative groups during efforts to recall him two years ago, according to records of their investigation unsealed on Thursday.

  223. alex says:

    continued: Scott Walker – court documents unsealed – NYT article

    First Impression June 19, 2014

    NATAL VESTA @29 Sagittarius


    T/Sun @28 Gemini cnj T/Mercury @28 Gemini

    NATAL MOON(noon)@17 Scorpio


    T/Saturn @17 Scorpio

    NATAL JUNO @14 Libra


    T/Mars @14 Libra (USA Saturn @14 Libra)

  224. Helen says:

    We’re not talking about propoganda, we’re talking about first rate American reporters being silenced because it doesn’t fit the narrative that we’re the good guys – reporters that have previously worked for the NYTimes such as Seymour Hersh and Chris Hedges – reporters with an honest fiber left.

    Simplistic reasoning that American sins makes Putin into a choir boy All one has to do is get off major media…..articles such as the previous one posted are all over the map. They can’t keep the lid on this much longer – the situation is getting too ugly. I’m aghast at the “see no evil” mentality – is our country going to fall hard.

  225. arbo says:

    Gee, Helen, what would we do without someone such as yourself to set us all — so ill informed as we are — on the right track?

  226. Anne's Aunt says:

    Well, Helen you might be right. We’ll see. But the link you provided did indeed say “”Russian propaganda” is more trustworthy today than American propaganda. “ And it cites only amateur youtubes as sources. And your link also says “And Vladimir Putin isn’t wreaking nearly as much havoc as is Barack Obama — the traitor for whom I voted, because he wasn’t as blatant about his evil, as the Republican candidate was.” Yeah, simplistic.

    But I do not doubt that the US uses and spins propaganda like all other nations. Maybe you could provide a better link that is not itself steeped in spin and propaganda.

  227. alex says:

    MSNBC – is saying the Scott Walker information unsealed and reported on today where federal prosecutors are accusing him of being the central figure in a criminal conspiracy; include an email from Club for Growth – and KARL ROVE showing that Rove was lead in battling the recall election for Walker…..

  228. Helen says:

    Thanks for the gratuitous snide comment, Arbo. Yes, in your world there is no room for debate, is there?

  229. alex says:

    Natal Synastry Rove – Walker

    First Impression – Mystic Rectangle

    ROVE NORTH NODE @23 Pisces


    ROVE KRONOS @23 Taurus


    ROVE South Node @23 Virgo
    Walker Pluto @22 Virgo
    Walker Venus @23 Virgo


    ROVE JUNO @22 Scorpio
    Walker Neptune @23 Scorpio

    Transneptune – KRONOS

    “Standing above” or “rising above” material realities is key here. The crescent faces downward, yet is located above, in the superconscious, hovering over the cross of matter.

    This symbolizes subjecting physical realities and assets to higher ideals based in the superconscious. In contrast with Neptune, Kronos has grasped full understanding of the ideals, and is now systematically bringing material reality up to meet them.

    But if the crescent outweighs the cross, there is arrogance and a detachment from daily reality, where one assumes oneself, as an extension of one’s ideals, to be somehow superhuman, in an ivory tower.

    If the cross outweighs the crescent, one clings to the status of accomplishments, rests on laurels, loses sight of the transpersonal purpose of one’s talents, or makes the mistake in believing that the gifts and talents one has serve only to build up one’s ego and fatten one’s pride rather than serve humanity.

  230. Anne's Aunt says:

    There’s room in MY world for debate Helen. But the link you provided does not rise to the level of debate. There’s some videos from somewhere and the writer calls Obama a traitor and prefers Putin. It doe not say ANYTHING about Hersh or Hedges being censored – or any journalist for that matter. What’s to debate?

  231. thrasybulus says:

    Republican leadership election goes off without a hitch spoiling another perfectly good conspiracy theory. Reality, thou art a cruel taskmaster!

  232. alex says:


    Kevin McCarthy (Bakersfield CA) replacing Cantor as House Majority Leader

    is running unopposed 2014 – next opportunity to depose him is 2016

  233. alex says:

    continued: Kevin McCarthy

    responsible for the day-to-day running of the chamber and deciding which bills come to the floor for a vote

  234. kiwi says:

    I enjoyed the Charlie Rose interview with Michael Morell regarding current and future middle east overview – good big picture in depth overview, which the cutsy political soundbytes never portrays. Julia Dreyfus follows – clip at the end is funny.

  235. alex says:

    Walker-Rove-coordinated scheme


    Prosecutors claim Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was at the center of a plan to illegally coordinate fundraising with an array of outside conservative groups to help him and several Republican senators survive a 2012 recall election, newly released records show.

    The prosecutors’ filings include a quote from an email in which Walker tells Republican strategist Karl Rove that a top campaign aide, R.J. Johnson, was leading the coordination effort and praises Johnson’s work.

    “Bottom line: R.J. helps keep in place a team that is wildly successful in Wisconsin,” prosecutors say Walker wrote in the May 4, 2011, e-mail. “We are running nine recall elections and it will be like running nine congressional markets in every market in the state.”

    Johnson also was a top adviser to Wisconsin Club for Growth, one of the organizations helping to fight the recall. Prosecutors claimed Johnson used the Club has a hub for coordinating political activities of Walker’s campaign and other groups, including the Republican Governors Association and Americans for Prosperity, a national group tied to billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.

  236. Chokyi says:

    Anyone have some astro info about President Obama’s speech this afternoon – how it will be received? Any info on Sen. McCain’s chart in relation to this? Pardon me if I missed comments on this already.

  237. arbo says:

    You’re welcome, Helen.

    Annie’s Aunt, you’re a much nicer person than I am. And I wonder if we’re being concerned trolled. :)

  238. Lorrie U says:

    After Taking Down Scott Walker Prosecutors Are Closing In On Chris Christie

    The Christie and Walker investigations have followed the same textbook format. Prosecutors in both Wisconsin and New Jersey are systematically picking off the aides and others with knowledge surrounding the Republican governors in order to get to the big fish. Rumors and stories about abuse of power and corruption has been swirling about Walker and Christie for years, so it isn’t a shock that both have prosecutors hot on their tails.

    “Wildstein, portrayed as the mastermind behind Ft. Lee’s traffic problems, has made proffers to Fishman’s investigators — hoping to trade information to the prosecutor in exchange for gentler legal treatment — but Fishman has cut no deals with anyone so far, and the looming indictments have encouraged Christie’s PA appointees to sing. “Don’t underestimate what Wildstein has on Christie,” says one source. “And Wildstein and Baroni have both turned on Samson. If Samson doesn’t give Fishman Christie, Samson is toast.”

  239. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – I can certainly relate to your evolvement into your own self. It’s wonderful, isn’t it!

    Arbo – Helen and B.A. are great at throwing bombs on this site, especially anti-Obama and anti-U.S., and getting things riled up, been doing for it years.

  240. Lorrie U says:

    Captured Benghazi Suspect Confirms Video Prompted Consulate Attack

    In a report from the New York Times last Tuesday, Ahmed Abu Khattala, the captured terrorist behind the Benghazi attacks in 2012, told officials the attack against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was revenge for an American-made online video that was seen as an attack to Islam and a smearing of the prophet Muhammad.

    So here’s what we have; The New York Times, the CIA , Susan Rice and the White House were all correct and the conservative pundits, Fox News, the Republicans on the Benghazi select Committee, Darrell Issa and everyone else were making stuff up as they went along, as usual. The four Americans in Benghazi are dead. I hate to break it to you Republicans, but Hillary didn’t do it, Obama didn’t do it, Eric Holder didn’t do it, Susan Rice didn’t do it, the IRS didn’t do it. It was the stupid video, and other anti-American sentiments that had been burning for quite sometime that did it.

    Republicans, I will tell you what YOU did, however. You exploited the deaths of four honest, hard-working Americans to try to win a presidency, to try to bring down a president, and to try to make it seem like you care about the American people. Guess what? None of that worked out for you.

    Countless hearings, countless briefings, and over 25,000 pages of documents given to scandal hungry Republicans on Capitol Hill to peruse over. Now the truth is coming from one of the master-minds behind the attacks. It will not be long before the GOP discredits what Khattala has to say, and they will continue to whine and drag this Benghazi stuff on from another angle.

    All of this explains why the GOP has been attempting to discredit his capture for the past 24 hours. Now they are sweating bullets because even people like Glenn Beck are admitting that liberals were right about foreign policy all along.

  241. Lorrie U says:

    Bad day for republicans…

    Republican Attorney-General Greg Abbott Humiliated in Federal Court Ruling

    The fact that Texas violated the Voting Rights Act with its redistricting efforts in 2011 proves the VRA remains necessary to protect the voting rights of Texans from their state’s Attorney-General and his political ambitions. Texas is also one reason that Congress should get moving on an updated pre-clearance formula that has been languishing because of Republican obstructionism since January this year. Fortunately, hearings on the proposed law will occur next Wednesday.

  242. Sharon K says:

    Anne’s Aunt – It’s a great thing to find your voice and to over- come fear. I had done that to a large degree in life (with some help from a good therapist), but Saturn squaring my moon/pluto conjunction, opposition mercury is causing me to feel much less articulate & heard. However, the great thing about astrology is that we know it’s temporarily—I’m trying to see what it’s I’m supposed to learn. I’m putting my ego on the side in most cases but in others, such as a long-time friendship, I find myself unwilling to sublimate my identity and feeings as I had been doing (which was triggered by something the friend said to me that I felt was the final straw). Life is too short to spend it in power struggles with people who insist on them, so sometimes it’s better to walk away or take a break in order to reflect on things, rather than expend energy asserting oneself. As far as parents go, sometimes strong-willed parents come across as critical and realize it — I went through something similar with my mother, and it was a great relief to watch her mellow out, which was one of the positives that came out of her having dementia, and allowed us to stop fighting and become closer again.

  243. arbo says:

    I remember BA from way back, Lorrie, but not so much Helen. Although I could’ve missed her. And concern trolling isn’t exactly new. But lauding Russians is currently pretty popular, albeit fairly recent… :)

  244. Anne's Aunt says:

    Wasn’t there a Helen from a long time ago who was a huge Clinton fan (I am too) and was an astrologer and posted lots of links? But that Helen did not seem to hate Obama, and link to sites where he is called a traitor and evil – which she felt “compelled” to post. Who knows, she may return for a debate. I don’t mind those who others call ‘trolls’. Often they’re just people who don’t agree. I don’t like spammers tho or trollers who are very insulting for no other reason than to insult.

    I think BA is very legit and has a valid point of view and should be heard. I don’t agree with most of his views, but that is beside the point.

  245. arbo says:

    Yes, I agree about BA. Helen has always reminded me of a libertarian Helen at another site. I wonder if she went to Washington High in Los Angeles.

  246. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, everyone has a valid point of view and should be heard. That being said, if I wanted to hear those viewpoints, I can watch Fox News, etc. To come to a site where you know the host and majority of bloggers share a different viewpoint and just post contradictory viewpoints aims to upset rather than create a positive reaction. I come here for morale support in a world that I feel alien in, as many of us do, trying to find refuge with higher-minded individuals. Even when we disagree, we are usually able to find some common ground and mutual respect, but some seem to delight in diluting the dialogue to create a reaction rather than interaction. I try not to engage unless I have the energy, which often I do not.

  247. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon K – “I’m trying to see what it’s I’m supposed to learn.”

    “…I’m putting my ego on the side in most cases but in others, such as a long-time friendship, I find myself unwilling to sublimate my identity and feeings as I had been doing…Life is too short to spend it in power struggles with people who insist on them, so sometimes it’s better to walk away or take a break in order to reflect on things, rather than expend energy asserting oneself.”

    Sounds like you’ve already learned it!! Once we’ve learned it, it gets easier. Well done! Now you are the teacher.

  248. Helen says:

    Lorrie, thanks for being gracious. I’ve never attacked anybody on this site, and by the way, this was to share with liberals, too, are disillusioned with our Dems….and foreign policy – is that news to you?

  249. Helen says:

    Name calling now, trolling? Ha! Look at the aggregate of what I’ve posted here – geez….

  250. Anne's Aunt says:

    But BA is not a Fox person, a R, a T or a libertarian. He is very much a leftist which many Ds are. Any strong politician or political supporter will only be made stronger if there is push back from his or her base. As a political supporter I do appreciate that and it broadens my thinking and understanding. And I think criticizing the ACA from the left is valid. The law is very flawed. The whole system of health care in the US is very flawed, and the ACA has not cleared that up at all. I supported Medicare for all but I accept the ACA and hope it will be improved. He also criticizes domestic spying and I agree that the surveillance state we are growing into is dangerous. I don’t, however, think that any one leader can stop that like no one leader has ever been able to stop an arms war at any time. Surveillance is a huge issue globally and, like in other arms races, is extremely tricky to navigate.

  251. Prabhata says:

    Helen, blogs are so yesterday. If you use twitter, I could follow you.

  252. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sharon K, Kiwi and Lorrie, it is great to be able to hear each other’s stories and appreciate them!

  253. Anne's Aunt says:

    Helen, it is not clear why you are commenting. The link you posted is not clear. You do not seem interested in an honest debate. Perhaps you could clear some of those things up?

  254. alex says:

    New GOP House Majority Leader – Kevin McCarthy

    2016 Solar Arc Sun @06 Aries
    2016 Solar Arc Saturn @24 Aries

    Nov 8, 2016 McCarthy stands for re-election

    2016 Election Day is in 871 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes

  255. arbo says:

    Helen, I sincerely apologize for accusing you of being a libertarian from Washington High School.

  256. Lorrie U says:

    I guess what I object to most are posts that just criticize and demean our president and our country, whether it’s coming from the right or left. What we need is objective assessments with perhaps some positive suggestions, ideas, etc. as to how to make things better. Armchair quarterbacking by those who do not have access to the same info that those who are having to make the hard decisions and choices does not qualify as expert opinions. When this blog goes negative, it reflects what’s wrong in the world in general, and it’s not a nice place to visit.

  257. B.A. says:

    By a substantial and bipartisan margin, 293 to 121, representatives moved to ban the NSA from searching warrantlessly through its troves of ostensibly foreign communications content for Americans’ data, the so-called “backdoor search” provision revealed in August by the Guardian thanks to leaks from Edward Snowden.

    The move barring funds for warrantless searches “using an identifier of a United States person” came as an amendment added by Zoe Lofgren, Democrat of California, and Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, to the annual defense appropriations bill, considered a must-pass piece of legislation to fund the US military. Also banned is the NSA’s ability, disclosed through the Snowden leaks, to secretly insert backdoor access to user data through hardware or communications services.

    “I think it’s the first time the House has had the opportunity to vote on the 4th Amendment and the NSA as a discrete item. It was an overwhelming vote,” Lofgren told the Guardian. She said the vote succeeded despite efforts of what she called “the intel establishment.”

    The NSA considers its ability to search for Americans’ data through its massive collections of email, phone, text and other communications content a critical measure to discover terrorists and a sacrosanct prerogative. Its authorities to do so stem from a provision, called section 702, of a key 2008 surveillance law, the Fisa Amendments Act, which Obama endorsed as a legislator and presidential candidate.

    During a March hearing of a government privacy board, lawyers for the intelligence community sharply disputed that such warrantless searches are illegal or unconstitutional, as civil libertarians consider self-evident. They contended that NSA ought to be able to search for US data at their discretion since Section 702 authorizes the prior collection of such communications.

    “That information is at the government’s disposal to review in the first instance,” Rajesh De, the NSA’s senior lawyer, argued to the panel.

    The NSA and its allies contend that searching through the data for information identifying Americans is qualitatively distinct as a privacy issue from an explicitly banned practice called “reverse targeting,” whereby the NSA deceptively structures its broad, foreign-focused interception powers to intentionally collect communications of Americans or people in the United States.

    Lofgren cautioned that appropriations bills containing controversial provisions do not have smooth roads to passage. But, she said, the vote “helps the Senate understand that the House of Representatives on an overwhelming basis, bipartisan, wants the 4th Amendment respected.”

    She continued: “It should change the trajectory of this.” 

  258. alex says:

    yeah Lorrie I agree: where is the astrology and numerology I wonder?

  259. kiwi says:

    Well said Lorrie! I think that applies to so many in the journalist trade today also – they make their living by stoking controversy. Its much easier to throw stones and tear things down than do a beautiful repair job.

    I had not heard of this quote from Goering before and recently come across it through a documentary – the neocons certainly took this page from the master of propaganda for their playbook:

    “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” Goering.

  260. kiwi says:

    PS: Happy Solstice everyone!

  261. Sharon K says:

    Thanks, Lorrie, I’m trying to learn but it ain’t easy. Sometimes I have something to teach, but not about this area yet — I’ll let you know when I feel clearer about all of this…at least I can put my ego aside much or some of the time. And thanks to you, too, Anne’s Aunt, for your nice comment about sharing each other’s stories.

    Hey, let’s all start from square one and just respect someone’s right to have a different opinion and to pass it up (as much as possible) if it doesn’t suit us. Helen has been around here for a while and, while I disagree with you about the president, Helen — because we can’t throw away good in service of perfect, or ideal, especially when our country is so “bifurvicated” (good word!)–I’m willing to hear or read a good part of what you have to say…but maybe I missed something here, though?

  262. Anne's Aunt says:

    This is great news BA. From the NYT; “The amendment also barred the N.S.A. and the Central Intelligence Agency from using funds in the bill to “request or mandate” that an American corporation alter a product to permit surveillance of it.”

    This is what happens when things are brought to the light of day like Snowden did. Governments, leaders, administrations etc should not be above valid criticism.

    Oddly, (NYT): “Also on Friday, the Obama administration announced that it had obtained from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court another 90-day extension, to Sept. 12, of the N.S.A. program that is systematically collecting bulk logs of Americans’ phone calls. That program would be overhauled and replaced if Congress enacts the USA Freedom Act.”

    Then form the intelligence director:

    “Consistent with the President’s March proposal, in May, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3361, the USA FREEDOM Act, which would, if enacted, create a new mechanism for the government to obtain this telephony metadata pursuant to individual orders from the FISC, rather than in bulk. The bill also prohibits bulk collection through the use of Section 215, FISA pen registers and trap and trace devices, and National Security Letters.

    Overall, the bill’s significant reforms would provide the public greater confidence in our programs and the checks and balances in the system, while ensuring our intelligence and law enforcement professionals have the authorities they need to protect the Nation. The Administration strongly supports the USA FREEDOM Act. We urge the Senate to swiftly consider it, and remain ready to work with Congress to clarify that the bill prohibits bulk collection as noted above, as necessary.”

  263. barbk says:

    Speaking of propaganda, in the last couple of days Mercury’s retrograde path put him into conjunctions with transiting asteroid Isis (Wednesday) and transiting Sun (Thursday) and today we learn that the jihadist group ISIS has taken to social media to air propaganda and recruitment films.

    In a few days we will be out from under the influence of the Gemini (communication) New Moon which was exactly square Neptune (illusion, disillusion) and that will come in the form of the Cancer New Moon next Friday, which happens to conjunct the U.S Sibly chart Venus at 5+ Cancer.

  264. Prabhata says:

    The sheep of Orwell’s Animal Farm were always supportive of the pigs. So I will quote Howard Zinn:

    “Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…”
    ? Howard Zinn

  265. Prabhata says:

    Spin it as positively as you wish:

    Border agency’s watchdog under investigation for coverup
    WASHINGTON — The internal affairs division of U.S. Customs and Border Protection is being investigated for falsifying documents, intentionally misplacing employee complaints and bungling misconduct reports as part of a coverup to mask its failure to curb employee wrongdoing, a McClatchy investigation has found.

    The inquiry of the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency also involves a much broader array of allegations, including an inner-office sexual relationship between two high-ranking officials, who themselves sometimes oversee investigations of similar illicit affairs. According to three Customs and Border Protection officials, investigators quietly interviewed witnesses this spring as part of a potential criminal case that reflected badly on the leadership of former division chief James Tomsheck and at least two of his deputies.

    The investigation already was under way when the Obama administration earlier this month removed Tomsheck, who had run the internal affairs division since 2006.

    The allegations taint a unit that must grapple with recurring accusations that Customs and Border Protection personnel have abused migrants, including children, taken bribes and conspired with drug cartels.

    “There were so many allegations of wrongdoing involving the internal affairs division you’d need a flow chart to sort them all out,” said one of the agency officials, who asked to remain unnamed because the inquiry is ongoing. “It’s insane because this division is supposed to be looking into employee misconduct, yet it is being accused of the very same corruption it is supposed to be investigating.”

    The internal affairs division has been further shaken by two suicides of internal affairs officers in less than a year, including one retired veteran Secret Service agent who had overseen the division’s Houston office.

    Tomsheck was ousted earlier this month amid complaints that his unit failed to complete investigations of excessive use of force by border agents. But those complaints, McClatchy has determined, were only part of the story.

    Read more here:

  266. alex says:

    Koch Media Money Attack Ad for Scott Walker against his challenger Mary Burke ( who is polling even with Walker )


    Republican Gov. Scott Walker has launched an attack ad against Democratic challenger Mary Burke the day after documents were made public that show prosecutors say Walker was at the center of an illegal campaign fundraising and coordination scheme.

    Walker’s campaign released the ad Friday morning, less than 24 hours after the documents were released in conjunction with an ongoing lawsuit by Wisconsin Club for Growth challenging the investigation.

  267. Lorrie U says:

    These recent posts address progress with positive action to problems that exist within our system, which is promising rather than demoralizing.

    Kiwi – That post with the quote from Goering is chillingly accurate unfortunately. And Happy Solstice to you and all…

  268. Jerry says:

    Weekly Weather June 16, 2014
    by Anne Ortelee Astrologer

    “……. On July 1, HR 2847 becomes law, as Mercury stations to go direct. Among HR 2847’s provisions is a requirement to track US Citizen’s bank accounts and financial holdings overseas. Overseas institutions such as credit unions, stock markets and banks have to report to the IRS the balances held in each country by citizens. Failure to report results in substantial tax liabilities to the institutions of 30%. Many institutions are simply refusing to offer accounts or cancelling accounts rather than deal with the new reporting requirements.

    Between the HR 2847 law coming into effect and combining it with the recent deal struck between China and Russia regarding trading oil without using the US dollar as the trading currency, our ability to (recklessly) print vast sums of money is under direct threat. There should be major sell offs in the various stock markets over the next few weeks as people adjust their holdings and positions. Expect lots of turbulence in our stock market as Uranus rules the 8th house of the Solstice chart and stands as the highest elevated planet in the chart. Jupiter’s square to the nodes of Fate, ruling the Midheaven and the employees/workforce (the original purpose of the bill), suggests the law of unintended consequences is about to bring some unintended consequences home to roost. Saturn in Scorpio in the fifth house ruling the seventh of other people and eighth of investments….Saturn’s day and Saturn’s hour speaking loud and clear.”

  269. Jerry says:

    “…. Stodgy old Saturn remains in trine with Chiron and draws closer to its exact inconjunct with the freedom-loving nature of Uranus, this latter aspect now only little more than a degree away. Their connection gets closer and closer heading into late July, leading up to their mutual station on July 20th and 21st. This next thirty days or more is thus a bit dicey in this regard. Saturn and Uranus represent a distinct polarity; one says “stop” while the other cries “go, go, go!” We have a push within us to be getting on with it, whatever we feel that we must accomplish in the way of breaking free of old patterns, and yet there is that pull from within that holds us back into old and well worn tracks.”

    Excerpted from…..

    Henry Seltzer ~ A Last Quarter Moon Of Reorientation

  270. Helen says:

    Wonderful! Finally a true Dem again:

    Strongest Antiwar Statement Yet from a Congressional Candidate

    “It’s quite common to say you’ll only back wars when “U.S. national interests are at stake” or when the U.S. is threatened, but those phrases can usually be defined to mean anything at all, including U.S. troops halfway around the globe getting into a shoot out. That’s not what Gaughan has said. He has said there must be a threat to the United States in the United States. That’s a rejection of at least the past 70 years of U.S. war making.
    It’s also common to claim that one will take a decent position against wars if asked by the President. That’s not what Gaughan has said. He has said that he will abide by the Constitution, which does not allow presidents to make wars, and that he will not permit the executive to wage wars except under the narrow circumstances described.

    We’re not going to find better than this around here for a long, long time to come, and I doubt anybody can find better elsewhere in the country.”

  271. alex says:

    OHIO November 4TH, 2014 Election for Governor

    Democrat Ed FitzGerald v GOP Governor John Kasich

    Natal Sun @17 Cancer
    2014 Solar Arc Sun @03 Virgo

    Kashich DOB
    Natal Sun @22 Taurus
    2014 Solar Arc Sun @24 Cancer


    How the Koch brothers stole Ohio

    Gov. Kasich’s Democratic challenger says national interests helped kill Ohio’s renewable energy mandate

  272. Anne's Aunt says:

    Helen, Gaughan is very nice on paper – a dream list actually for a liberal D. I looked for him on “On the Issues” which lists candidates positions and voting records and they don’t list him. They do list Robert Hurt for the 5th district in VA as congressional candidate. His stances on issues seems very conservative. I wonder why Garghan is not listed. Do you live in VA?

    BTW, you never cleared up your earlier comment about Obama as a traitor.

  273. alex says:

    Re: upthread Kevin McCarthy url posted by Lorrie

    November 4th 2014 CA election

    GOP Jeff Denham v Democratic opponent Michael Eggman

  274. alex says:

    Re: continued upthread article Kevin Mccarthy Majority Leader
    posted by Lorrie

    KOCH GOP candidate David Valadao v Democrat Amanda Renteria

    November 4th 2014 Election

  275. Helen says:

    Above article points to this one:

    Sunday Shows Turn To Discredited Iraq War Architects For Iraq Analysis

    Annie: Obama a traitor? Don’t recall writing this, but certainly the entire ruling class on both sides have betrayed the 99% by representing corporations over the best interests of we, the citizens. Case in point – this 2013 online documentary where 80,000 chemicals are in use and very few are regulated:

    Huffington Post said it’s a ‘must see’ and professors from UC Berkeley and University of Wisconsin are interviewed, so this is not something someone knocked together in their basement.

  276. alex says:

    oops rotten link – try this:

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday night accused President Barack Obama and other Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education and said that a rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for “a hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital.

    Jindal spoke at the annual conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group led by longtime Christian activist Ralph Reed. Organizers said more than 1,000 evangelical leaders attended the three-day gathering. Republican officials across the political spectrum concede that evangelical voters continue to play a critical role in GOP politics.

  277. alex says:

    continued: Jindal

    his 2014 Solar Arc Sun @02 Leo is marching towards his Natal North Node @17 Leo ( when he will be 58 years old ) he’s going to be a trouble-maker for a long time!

    January 2015 & October 2015

    Transiting Saturn will conjunct his Natal Neptune @01 Sagittarius
    in political astrology that is ‘low tide’ he might attract a significant Democratic challenger then but at the same time it could be his further consolidation with evangelical Christians… in medical astrology it is vulnerability towards illness; in financial astrology it is again ‘low tide’ weakness;

    anyone who has the time to chart the major events in his life to see how his Natal Neptune played out during peak times can shred some light on how Natal Neptune will function when 2015 Transiting Saturn makes its conjunction then;

  278. Apple says:

    Here’s an antidote to Bobby Jindal, Ralph Reed, et al:
    Berlin House of One: The first church-mosque-synagogue?

    A beginning perhaps but I’d prefer the Imagination of John Lennon.

    Helen, I appreciate your warnings.

  279. Sharon K says:

    Jindal is a champion ass-kisser — I really dislike the guy — I don’t see him having any real backbone.

  280. Sharon K says:

    Helen, I respect your opinion but I am way too much of a realist, and I like it that way. In an ideal world, well change may be going in that direction somehow….but in the real world we are dealing with now, I would take the lesser of the evils any time, any old time, lest we descend into chaos as exists in the mideast. If we feed the libertarians and Tea Partiers, and the militias, by criticizing the government we have, the government we’ve had for a long time, and is not going to change overnight, and with comments like Bobby Jindals, we will certainly have civil war and martial law.

  281. alex says:

    Sharon K

    read his wiki and his secondary progressions – he has staying power which by definition means ass-kissing keeps him in the game!

  282. alex says:

    Ralph Reed: From Purgatory to Power
    August 31, 2012

    When Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, was discovered to have raked in millions of dollars from the super lobbyist — and eventually convicted felon — Jack Abramoff, Reed wound up in political purgatory.

    But outraged by the election of Barack Obama, and responding to what he describes as God’s call (via Sean Hannity), Reed returned to start the Faith and Freedom Coalition with the aim of toppling Barack Obama from the White House.

    This week, Moyers & Company tracks Reed’s rise, fall, and return: does it signal a new revolution, or an old racket?

  283. alex says:

    Unclaimed Territory – by Glenn Greenwald


    Using Christian conservatives for fun and profit

    Jane Hamsher zeros right in on an exchange of monumental importance which took place on Meet the Press yesterday, involving accusations of wrongdoing exchanged between close Bush ally Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, and top Bush campaign official Ralph Reed.

    In addition to sweeping some of the most prominent pro-Bush faces into the center of the Abramoff corruption net, this episode powerfully illustrates how the Republican Party has long exploited, with total cynicism and dishonesty, the Christian conservatives who constitutes such a critical and loyal part of its base.

    The significance of this part of the Abramoff scandal could be huge if used properly. For that reason, it’s worthwhile to review the basic facts.

  284. Prabhata says:

    I’ve not read anyone advocating chaos. Rational people avoid using fallacies, e.g. straw-man when engaging in discussions.

  285. Prabhata says:

    It makes no sense to bring McCain and Romney into the picture when discussing Obama’s policies. None. Those two were left behind in 2008 and 2012 respectively. To bring them as if we know what the outcome of their policies would be has not foundation in reality. Obama’s policies can only be discussed based on their outcome, not candidates that never made it into the WH.

  286. Anne's Aunt says:

    Helen, I am beginning to think that indeed you are just a bomb thrower. You do not know why I had the idea that you said Obama is a traitor? Really? You post a link which says Obama is a traitor then seem to actually forget that you did that, and never follow up or engage about it. You refuse to actually debate! Your links throw around words like they do not mean anything. You say that the ‘ruling class’ betrays the 99%, which might be true from a certain point of view, but that does not make them ‘traitors’ in the legal sense. Maybe you want to simply eliminate certain heavenly bodies and planets from the system. Even if you could just bomb them out of existence, there would be still be imbalances and problems.

    The entire system is evolving and cannot be instantly changed. Even revolutions do not change the underlying systems they just rearrange the power players who then play the same games.

  287. alex says:

    Helen perhaps you would consider being angry with yourself first –

    I’d like to suggest the well-spring of your anger is the perception you have of your own helplessness to do anything to make the conditions that anger you BETTER

    if you get in touch with your anger over the perception of your helplessness I feel sure you will find your talent to do something about the things you are angry with

    just expressing revolving anger at this and that is very tiring I’m sure it must be tiring for you and it’s tiring to see anger posted ad infinitum;

    let loose your conscience from being held hostage by the feeling of helplessnes… and go with your re-born innate talent and make things better