2nd Jun, 2014

Summer Struggles

For those who quietly still support President Obama, it is a difficult and wearying time. The cacophony of angry noise – a constant, soul-crushing thrum from the Right for years – is gaining some traction elsewhere from recent events. The cover-up of outrageously long waits for VA care, as well as the resulting deaths from non-treatment, have justifiably angered many outside the usual cadre of antagonists.

In addition, last week’s negotiated release of an American POW from the Taliban has also begun to stir the proverbial pot. Many in the military are particularly irritated at giving up five high-value Taliban prisoners for one American who was ostensibly a deserter. Moreover, the extensive search for this soldier, after he purposefully went missing, resulted in several deaths and injuries of other service members, as the Taliban took full advantage of the situation. The military is understandably peeved at the entire series of events.

We are currently in what is likely to be a low-point of President Obama’s tenure. This period, running from May 23 through September 1, includes two crossings of transiting Saturn square to Obama’s Ascendant (18Aquarius03) and a protracted station of Saturnobama sesquiquadrate Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47). The Saturn/Venus aspect, in particular (June 12 to August 3), suggests an emotionally stressful time, much criticism, and diminishing popularity.

May and June 2014 also include Obama’s progressed Moon opposite natal Neptune (8Scorpio36) followed by progressed Moon opposite progressed Neptune (9Scorpio42), magnifying complaints of weakness, vacillation, and incoherence. Any activation of Neptune in the president’s chart will inevitably bring up these issues, which diminish with the receding impact of the transit or progression.

In the US chart, we are now being impacted by a transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate natal Venus (3Cancer06) from May 23 through June 7. This aspect will return from August 12 through September 1. The current transit began with the violent rampage in Isla Vista, California, on May 23 that gripped the nation with its horror and tragedy. The two stories mentioned earlier in this article have also been a part of this transit. Basically, Saturn USchartcombined with Venus brings sorrow and/or added responsibility (Saturn) related to those we care about (Venus), such as our veterans, our children, or simply our fellow citizens. Often such transits correspond with circumstances that generate grief and loss, while calling for responsible action and increased burden by the nation.

It should be noted that this Saturn transit sesquiquadrate the US natal Venus is at present being activated by the Mercury station (3Cancer09) from June 2 through June 9, rendering the stressful and sorrowful qualities inherent in this aspect more potent. It seems likely that other potentially upsetting stories will emerge in the next few days that bring some element of upset or grief to the national consciousness. The Moon square to Saturn on the morning of June 3 and the Sun quincunx to Saturn on June 8 will be particularly susceptible to these energies.  Moreover, the events that unfold during this difficult Saturn/Venus transit, as well as a similar one during the last three weeks of August, are likely to feed into the larger narrative of a struggling Obama during the summer months until around the first of September.

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