Summer Struggles

For those who quietly still support President Obama, it is a difficult and wearying time. The cacophony of angry noise – a constant, soul-crushing thrum from the Right for years – is gaining some traction elsewhere from recent events. The cover-up of outrageously long waits for VA care, as well as the resulting deaths from non-treatment, have justifiably angered many outside the usual cadre of antagonists.

In addition, last week’s negotiated release of an American POW from the Taliban has also begun to stir the proverbial pot. Many in the military are particularly irritated at giving up five high-value Taliban prisoners for one American who was ostensibly a deserter. Moreover, the extensive search for this soldier, after he purposefully went missing, resulted in several deaths and injuries of other service members, as the Taliban took full advantage of the situation. The military is understandably peeved at the entire series of events.

We are currently in what is likely to be a low-point of President Obama’s tenure. This period, running from May 23 through September 1, includes two crossings of transiting Saturn square to Obama’s Ascendant (18Aquarius03) and a protracted station of Saturnobama sesquiquadrate Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47). The Saturn/Venus aspect, in particular (June 12 to August 3), suggests an emotionally stressful time, much criticism, and diminishing popularity.

May and June 2014 also include Obama’s progressed Moon opposite natal Neptune (8Scorpio36) followed by progressed Moon opposite progressed Neptune (9Scorpio42), magnifying complaints of weakness, vacillation, and incoherence. Any activation of Neptune in the president’s chart will inevitably bring up these issues, which diminish with the receding impact of the transit or progression.

In the US chart, we are now being impacted by a transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate natal Venus (3Cancer06) from May 23 through June 7. This aspect will return from August 12 through September 1. The current transit began with the violent rampage in Isla Vista, California, on May 23 that gripped the nation with its horror and tragedy. The two stories mentioned earlier in this article have also been a part of this transit. Basically, Saturn USchartcombined with Venus brings sorrow and/or added responsibility (Saturn) related to those we care about (Venus), such as our veterans, our children, or simply our fellow citizens. Often such transits correspond with circumstances that generate grief and loss, while calling for responsible action and increased burden by the nation.

It should be noted that this Saturn transit sesquiquadrate the US natal Venus is at present being activated by the Mercury station (3Cancer09) from June 2 through June 9, rendering the stressful and sorrowful qualities inherent in this aspect more potent. It seems likely that other potentially upsetting stories will emerge in the next few days that bring some element of upset or grief to the national consciousness. The Moon square to Saturn on the morning of June 3 and the Sun quincunx to Saturn on June 8 will be particularly susceptible to these energies.  Moreover, the events that unfold during this difficult Saturn/Venus transit, as well as a similar one during the last three weeks of August, are likely to feed into the larger narrative of a struggling Obama during the summer months until around the first of September.


  1. will says:


    Thank you for the new thread. Clearly the president is embattled and is indeed enduring a “low-point.” I personally do not have a problem with him trading with the Taliban. I would wager that whatever information that could have been gleaned from the 5 Taliban prisoners was already harvested. To get our POW out of immanent danger due to health reasons was a good thing.

    It is exhausting to see this president go through so many trials while in office. Although some of his tsuris was likely due to his own gaffes and mistakes, the constant onslaught of vicious attacks founded in lies and political-hay-making has been, imo, relentless and unlike anything I’ve seen happen to any other president.

    I am encouraged that the pinnacle of these difficult transits will end around September 1. At least there will be a solid two months to turn the tide of perceptions before the mid-term elections.

    I hope you had a pleasant trip to New York, all-things considered.

  2. alex says:


    I’ve learned from political astrologers and practiced myself that Saturn-Venus aspect in political charts relates to ‘reform’ of some kind.

    The 11TH House transiting Saturn in US Sibley Chart seems to out-weigh the USA Venus @03 Cancer, 8TH house, of sesquiquadrate aspect – though the station takes the spotlight as far as that goes – as you said.

    sesquiquadrate: roll with the punches with change happening

    Hope all is well for you and yours.

  3. starlight says:

    Alex – The last transit of tr Saturn to natal Venus was the trine, that also activated the progressed Saturn trine to natal Venus (as does this one). That brought Hurricane Sandy. Lots of pain and suffering and the required responsibility of the country to support and pay for the mess.

    The first crossing of the current transit in early December brought severe ice and snow storms throughout the nation, including much destruction and many accidents. For Obama – the Saturn square to his Ascendant and sesquiquadrate his Venus in December brought the grief over the passing of Nelson Mandela.

  4. alex says:


    I wasn’t mentioning crisis/disaster/weather stuff just politics analysis. Reform in politics = headaches and all the attending stuff.

  5. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Nancy. Adding to the president’s criticisms is the EPA’s just-released limits on power plant emissions, creating another firestorm…

    The political fight over the rules began well in advance of their release. Last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a paper claiming that the expected rules would cost the economy $50 billion a year and eliminate 224,000 jobs. In the GOP response to the president’s weekly address on Saturday, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) said the administration is “out to kill coal and its 800,000 jobs.”

  6. Lorrie U says:

    Will – You nailed it: “It is exhausting to see this president go through so many trials while in office. Although some of his tsuris was likely due to his own gaffes and mistakes, the constant onslaught of vicious attacks founded in lies and political-hay-making has been, imo, relentless and unlike anything I’ve seen happen to any other president.”

    Obama’s Wake Up Call to Democrats: Losing The Senate Would Make His Last Two Years Unbearable

    In a long piece dedicated to understanding President Obama and the shifts he’s making in the last two years of his presidency as he comes to terms with the limited power of the office, Carrie Budoff Brown and Jennifer Epstein at Politico noted that of all of the things he cares about, the income gap most animates the President:

    “Obama is most animated by the enormous challenge of closing the income gap between the rich and poor, but he’s had to rely on only small-ball initiatives. He and his aides have charted out a schedule of executive actions through early next year, giving the West Wing a renewed focus even if the ambition pales in comparison to the early days.

    “But a presidency built on finding ways to elude Congress is a remarkable descent for a leader whose second inaugural address was an audacious call to arms for a liberal resurgence. These days his actions reflect a conclusion that his best option is to navigate shrewdly within narrow limits rather than soar above them with transformative politics.”

    Obama voters need to have the President’s back for these last two years. Getting out the vote is the best way they can show their support for his agenda and his presidency. If the Senate falls to Republicans, the nation will suffer along with the President’s frustration over his obstructed agenda.

  7. Lorrie U says:

    Republican Praises Syrian Dictator As ‘Heroic’ AFTER He Murdered Children With Chemical Weapons

    Syria’s Bashar Assad, the man who ordered chemical weapons to be used against his own people, killing and mutilating thousands of innocent men, women and children, is being praised by an elected member of the Republican party as being “heroic!”

    “I pray that the Syrian armed forces will continue to exhibit extraordinary gallantry in the war against terrorists.” That was just one line from a long, two page written letter to Assad by Republican state Senator Richard Black from Virginia. Assad posted pictures of the letter on his Facebook page in which, among other things, the Senator praised the “leader” for many aspects affecting the Jewish and Christian populations, along with “gallantry” in his war.

  8. Lorrie U says:

    Wall Street Mega-Banks Are Buying Up The World’s Water

    A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.

  9. Anne's Aunt says:

    Nancy, barbk, alex and other astrologers, what is happening in the stars regarding the NSA and domestic spying? I’m curious, it seems like such a huge and long lasting issue that I would think that large movements of the outer planets are involved. This would not just impact the USA, but China and Russia and all other major global powers.

    As far as senate races, at least in Oregon our D senator seems safe since his opponent just made some huge mistakes. And our D state organization is good and will GOTV. In red and purple states it is helpful to volunteer for the state’s D organization. We vote by mail, but in other states just driving people to the polling stations can help.

  10. Lorrie U says:

    Elizabeth Warren to Obama: Fed nominees should crack down on Big Banks

    (Mother Jones) Elizabeth Warren is at it again. On Wednesday, the senator from Massachusetts and her colleague Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) called out the Federal Reserve—the US central bank charged with setting monetary policy and regulating big banks—for being too lax on financial reform, and urged the Obama administration to fill two open seats on the Fed’s seven-member board with candidates committed to cracking down on Wall Street.

  11. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will, Yes, Obama is under attack. As I say, never underestimate the Rs and the Ts. They don’t have a blue dress with which to personally humiliate Obama, or use that to impeach him. I’m sure they’d love to impeach him on something. So they’re slinging mud and seeing what sticks. Plus he has made some mistakes. The Rs know that having power can be established in the House and the Senate, particularly the House. These elections are from smaller areas and demographics and are often jerrymandered. Rs and Ts target certain key races and pout huge amounts of money into those races. Midterm races where the president’s approval ratings are low are often lead to huge losses in that president’s party, well, almost always.

    Obama’s approval rating among Ds is extremely high 70-90%. Among Independents it is not bad, polls show 40-60% approval. Among Rs it is really horrible, just around 10%. Real Clear Politics has the poll info. I don’t see a way to raise that among Rs but maybe independents.

  12. Lorrie U says:

    America Is Becoming a Bit More Liberal. That’s Pretty Unusual Six Years Into a Democratic Presidency

    It’s a funny thing. People say they don’t like President Obama’s foreign policy, but it turns out they approve of the specific things he’s doing. They say they don’t like Obamacare, but they like the things Obamacare does. They say they don’t like Obama’s economic policy, but they largely approve of his actual positions. You see this over and over. It doesn’t look like Obama is doing much to move the country in a more liberal direction, but in his slow, methodical, pragmatic way, he’s doing just that. A lot of people might not know it, but they’re attracted by his no-drama approach to incremental social change. It frustrates those of us who want to see things change faster, but in the end, it might turn out to be pretty effective.

  13. Eliseo says:

    Lorrie U,
    Thanks for the link to the MJ article!
    I see 7 signs the world and the USA are moving in a more rational, tolerant, leftward direction.
    1. Pope Francis
    2. publication of Piketty’s book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century
    3. Evangelicals supporting climate change science
    4. Am. states legalizing marijuana
    5. Am. states legalizing Gay marriage
    6. Beginning success of Obamacare
    7. Minimum wage movement

  14. barbk says:

    Anne’s Aunt,

    Perhaps we should be looking first at the personal planets re: NSA and domestic spying. The citizens of the U.S. will have to deal with this issue on a more personal level in order to demand changes and I believe that is underway now with Mercury about to station retrograde on the U.S. Venus at 3+ Cancer. Mercury will then backtrack to 24+ Gemini and station direct. Connecting these two degrees as he, Mercury, is doing is a way of briefly focusing attention on multiple events and teaching us how to connect the dots.

    When Mercury arrives at 24+ Gemini and stations direct it will be a very potent moment and some review of previous charts can prepare us for it. Three years ago, in the Spring of 2011, the south node was transiting on and near 24+ Gemini, and there was a lunar eclipse on June 15th at 24+ Sagittarius with the Sun at 24+ Gemini. In that chart Saturn was at 10+ Libra, where transiting Mars is today. Also in that lunar eclipse chart, Venus at 7+ Gemini sits in the degree of last week’s New Moon.

    A solar eclipse on July 1, 2011 also had Saturn at 10+ Libra but this time it was Mars who occupied 7+ Gemini. On either side of these eclipses, transiting Neptune would enter the sign of Pisces, first on 4/4/11 retrograding back to Aquarius, then re-entering Pisces on 2/3/12 and this time his ingress would include a T-square with the Moon at 24+ Gemini squaring the opposition of Venus at 24+ Pisces opposite Mars at 22+ Virgo, the same degree as the U.S. natal Neptune.

    I believe trans. Mercury moving from the degree of the U.S. Venus (symbol of values and $$) back to a degree that 3 years ago held the trans. south node (release of old behavior), an opposition to a lunar eclipse, and an outer planet ingress chart that featured the Moon in a T-square will be unraveling the whole story.

    The Sabian Symbol for that degree of 24+ Gemini is of a gardener trimming large palm trees, and a keyword suggested is PRUNNING”, something to keep in mind as elections approach. The eclipsed Moon in 24+ Sagittarius has the symbol of a chubby boy on a hobby horse and a suggested keyword “FORSHADOWING”.

    So Mercury will during the next three weeks tie events from 3 years ago to today. Already, we see Edward Snowden back in the news regarding his NSA leaks in an hour long televised interview. Snowden’s Mars is at 24+ Gemini.

    Mercury’s retrograde will recall two eclipse charts that feature personal planets Mars and Venus in the same degree as last Wednesday’s New Moon (7+ Gemini) under whose auspices he will start his retrograde period. It will continue through the next Full Moon, the summer solstice and the Cancer New Moon before ending on July 1st.

    Neptune is also part of the once hidden pattern but now instrumental in the unraveling of the NSA effect on the world wide business of spying. His ingress into Pisces the 2nd time included a Jupiter opposite Saturn aspect and his own position at 0 Pisces sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn. This reveals how the personal planets bring the subject to a head (T-square between Moon, Venus, Mars). The opposition between societal symbols Jupiter and Saturn at a climatic point in their cycle and with Neptune aspecting them both in positive ways will likely play out through the cardinal squares between Uranus and Pluto ending after next year’s last square.

    Interestingly, the north node (way forward) of this Neptune ingress chart is at 12+ Sagittarius, the same degree as the ascendant in the Sibly version of the U.S. birth chart. It is a universal ploy, this spying business, and it would appear that Neptune and the U.S. will be instrumental in the overcoming of the need for such fearful tactics in the future.

    The mid-term election on 11/4/14 will find Mercury conjunct transiting Rhadamanthus (symbol of stern judgement), both at 24+ Libra and trine the July station of Mercury at 24+ Gemini, but square the U.S. natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Other indicators in the end of day chart for 11/4/14 indicate the People (Moon in Aries) conjunct the U.S. Chiron will express their feeling about many painful topics and this may include voting for any candidates who declare they will work to end the NSA surveillance program as it is now.

    This is by no means all the aspects that support this idea but hopefully it indicates how the BIG picture is woven together by the SMALL personal planets which symbolize what is most consciously recognized by human beings.

  15. DuchessofGadsden says:


    You’ve been saying for a year or more that this year would be a terrible on for Obama, but we’d all get through it, things will improve, and he’ll be ending his Presidency on a high note.

    Because you are always so amazingly accurate in so many ways, I take a lot of comfort knowing that it will be better in a year or so.

  16. alex says:

    this is a UPI story which is to say it’s main main mainstream traditional corporate media;

    beam me up Scotty is possible!

  17. alex says:

    continued: teleportation

    UK media provides science details (it is absolutely essential to take US media and go further to international sources for essence and detail because the US corporate media restricts (dumbs down) all information and of course the reason is to CONTROL the public’s right to know:

    BTW: 60 countries label GMO food: USA is in a fight to the death to ban any GMO labeling in US –

  18. Anne's Aunt says:

    Barbk, thank you so much for your insights. Lots to think about and take in about your post. I really appreciate it.

  19. Jerry says:

    A lead-in headline extracted from the Stansberry & Associates Investment Research firm:

    Write Down This Date:
    July 1st, 2014

    On this date, U.S. House of Representatives Bill “H.R. 2847″ goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, and will make millions of Americans poorer, overnight. You now have just several weeks to prepare…

    Dollar Collapse Imminent?

    H.R. 2847 and the U.S. Dollar

    by Bob Carlson/Retirement Watch

    You probably have seen an e-mail or direct mail piece asserting that a new law will cause the U.S. dollar to collapse on July 1. The communications assert that the effective date of the law will cause the dollar to collapse overnight and disrupt our economic system. Here’s a more balanced review of the issue: . The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was enacted in 2010 and is going into effect on July 1. More than likely the law will discourage some foreigners from holding U.S. assets and dollar-based assets. But the sophisticated foreigners who are affected by the law have had about four years to plan for it. The reaction to the law won’t be sudden, and much of the reaction probably happened already.

    The problem originates in U.S. government efforts to prevent future offshore-banking tax scams like the UBS one in 2009. To keep better track of the flow of assets owned by U.S. citizens, Fatca requires bankers in other countries to send the IRS information about transactions by any of their customers who are Americans. Similarly, U.S. banks have to report to the IRS info on their non-U.S.-citizen customers, so the IRS can send it on to their home countries.

    You can understand the motivation behind the rule. It’s a big connected world economy, huge sums can be transferred anywhere in an instant, and much as INTERPOL or the World Health Organization have a legitimate interest in sharing data, so too might taxing authorities. In principle, everyone should pay his or her fair share, somewhere.

    What makes the above info highly significant, is that astrologically, a lot of intense activity is building towards the July 1st date, just prior to the law going into effect. The 5 degr. Cancer New Moon conjoins the US natal Jupiter in square to the Jan 20, 2013 US Inaugural Uranus (the midpoint to the Inaug Moon-Mars square). Also implicit in the June 27th New Moon chart is an almost exact Mars-Uranus opposition (16 Aries-Libra) and in addition we also have tr. Jupiter at 25 Cancer (in opposition to President Obama’s natal Saturn) in square to the nodes (25 Aries-Libra) stimulating the April 15th, 2014 lunar eclipse.

    Following the nuances therefore, does the potential exist for a nefarious, deliberate disruption of business for the above mentioned HR 2847 law to go into effect? Or more precisely; is there a possibility of a major US terror attack to be triggered on the day of the New Moon? (see related info that immediately follows below)………

  20. Jerry says:

    The following was a Craiglist ad placed on May 21st:

    Role Players for Military Mock Simulated Disaster (Atlanta)

    Published on 21 May 2014

    Government contractor is seeking several individuals to act as role players in the simulation of a “mass casualty exercise”. Role players will participate in an exercise that will replicate civilians in the area that have been injured during a large scale disaster. Role players will be medically treated at one of many triage centers setup for the simulation as a training exercise for medical units to evaluate civilians who have been injured during a disaster.

    We are seeking individuals to take part in the exercise on June 27, 28, 29. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

    A similar ad was placed in Craiglist in March coinciding close to the time of the Fort Hood attacks. The date was changed, but there are eerie similarities –

    Craigslist Posting For Crisis Actors For A “Mass Casualty Drill” To Take Place At Ft Hood

  21. Jerry says:

    For quick reference, here’s the June 27, 2014 Cancer New Moon chart set for Washington DC…..

  22. Sharon K says:

    Thanks for reminding us the ways in which American is becoming more Liberal, Eliseo & Lorrie…and Will & Lorrie, thank you for your ongoing faith in our president. It’s too bad that greed and violence are still so prevalent in human nature but I shudder to think what our lives would be like without at least the modicum of decency and humanity made possible because of President & Michelle Obama and the Democrats. Yes, they are politicians and play the game but the forces of greed and prejudice are constantly exerting a force in the opposite direction, trying to pull us into their vortex. Nancy, thanks for constantly keeping us updated! I hope things are going well for you & your family.

  23. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon K – “Yes, they are politicians and play the game”… Can you just imagine how bad things would be if someone weren’t in playing the game to at least keep things a little in check?

  24. Eliseo says:

    More reasons for long range optimism:

    48 minute interview with Dr. Thomas Piketty, author of the best selling book, Capital In The 21st Century & with Senator Elizabeth Warren, author of the best seller, A Fighting Chance

    It is sponsored by – a group of millionaires and billionaires working for higher taxes on themselves.

    Elizabeth Warren And Thomas Piketty Discuss Nature, Causes Of Economic Inequality

  25. Jerry says:

    One pronounced feature of the June 27th New Moon (5 ’36 Cancer) in addition to its conj. to the US Jupiter (the wealth of the country) is its opposition to Fatca’s HR 2847 natal Pluto that was enacted on March 18, 2010. HR 2847’s Pluto stands at 5 ’19 Capr. Would this indicate a dramatic undermining (Pluto) of the US economy (Jupiter).

    Here is Forbes, a well respected investment journal’s take on this new law about to take effect…..

    Is America About To Stumble Into A Credit Default?
    by James George Jatras

    April 14, 2014

    Markets everywhere breathed a sigh of relief in February when the GOP-controlled House of Representatives allowed the debt ceiling to be suspended without another tussle with the White House over spending. Whatever the political or budgetary merits, the world of finance and business cheered that the “full faith and credit” of the United States government would not be compromised by failure to meet all of its obligations on time.

    The relief may have been premature.

    In less than three months the Department of the Treasury will start trimming payments on portions of the $17.3 trillion-plus national debt, with unpredictable – and unstudied – consequences. Acting in violation of legal commitments to purchasers, the Department will chop 30% from interest payments due some foreign holders of hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars’ worth of Treasury securities. Possible results of this consciously inflicted partial federal default could include mass dumping of bonds by jittery holders, a rise in the rate the government pays for debt service, and undermining the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. The impact on the U.S. and global economy is, literally, incalculable. Why would Treasury Secretary Jack Lew do this? Because he’s required to under a law of which few Americans have ever heard.

    Enacted in 2010 by an all-Democratic Congress with almost no legislative review, the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” (FATCA) was slipped into an unrelated jobs bill as a budgetary pay-for provision. Set to go into effect on July 1, 2014, FATCA supposedly is aimed at American tax cheats with money stashed abroad. But instead of singling out suspected tax evaders, FATCA creates an NSA-style information dragnet requiring all non-U.S. financial institutions (banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment and pension funds, etc.) in every country in the world to report data on all specified U.S. accounts to the IRS.


  26. ox the cat says:

    Alex what do you think about LePen winning the election in France. She wants to dismantle the EU. The French President is wildly unpopular but I think this win by LePen took people by surprise. I thought about her because the President announced today that he wants a bigger American presence in Europe.

  27. Lorrie U says:

    VA moves Bernie Sanders from stage left to center stage

    He’s a combative, self-described “democratic socialist” more prone to hand-to-hand combat with Republicans than cutting deals with them.

    But Bernie Sanders now is tasked with leading Democrats through a sensitive political dilemma that’s putting their party on the defensive.

  28. lisam says:

    How can we show our support for the President in these trying times? Seems like nothing he does could ever please the Republicans, and even some of the Democrats in Congress (Diane Feinstein is one I saw on the news tonight) who are joining with the Repubs against the President in this latest brouhaha that surrounds his decision to free Bergdahl in exchange for the Guantanamo prisoners; and Rice is under fire again. Can it get any worse? Obama looks very tired and drawn. I think the constant barrage of attacks is taking a toll on his health. What to do? :(

  29. Lorrie U says:

    Obama Says He Is In a Strong Position To Amend The Constitution and Repeal Citizens United

  30. Lorrie U says:

    Liam – I can’t help but think that Pres. Obama knows what he’s doing, knows that this Bergdahl situation would be controversial, and must have his reasons for going ahead anyway. He does tend to take the more conscious road which most repubs don’t get. I think the Universe supports him ultimately as long as he doesn’t do any harm.

  31. alex says:

    ox the cat

    I’m concentrating on domestic politics and the mid-term elections


    Ed Fitzgerald Democratic candidate for governor and the all-important secretary of state race

  32. B.A. says:

    Well, lets see:

    There is,

    1. “If you like your plan and doctor you can keep him”

    2. Spying on absolutely everyone, from a constitutional law professor, exactly opposite of Obama’s position in the campaigns…

    3. And the current attack on net neutrality, by the lobbyist appointee appointed to the FCC by Obama, in the exact opposite of Obama’s pledge re same.

    So, what would you call the above if not lies? He is somehow not involved?

    I should support this guy? And his party?

    From Kerry, “Snowden is a traitor”.

    Re NSA, the noises I hear from Hillary, indicate she is just fine with it.

    So I should support spying on absolutely everyone?

    Here is a comedy piece on Net Neutrality that brought so many people to post in objection to the FCC position that it brought down their website.

  33. Anne's Aunt says:

    lisam, no one needs to be too quiet in their support, or passive. Writing letters to the editor of local papers is good. Volunteering at one’s local and state D party organization is a great way to help and show support in an active way. If you have money to spare send it to the senate candidate you support. Supporting the whole party supports the president and makes building his legacy possible. Invest in some of the programs the administration promotes like certain green energy companies. Van Jones is working with a program that provides green jobs and training to underprivileged inner city kids.

    It’s so useful to get out there and make an effort. Of course there are things one can change and things that one cannot change. Maybe focus on independents and not Rs – they’re hopeless at this point.

  34. B.A. says:


    Though the website is up, no longer works.

    You can not leave a comment.

  35. Anne's Aunt says:

    B.A. All presidents lie. All pols lie. They’re politicians after all, not gods.

    #1, an overall improvement. And sill a work in progress. Heading in the right direction.

    #2 see Snowden ABC interview regarding surveillance and spying being technology driven, not the agenda of one man, even if president. Oversight and regulation needs to be addressed by congress and perhaps the courts. Don’t look to administrations to curb this – or any administration. Yes Obama flip flopped on this. Kerry sounds like a fool on Snowden.

    #3, big problem. Big big problem. John Oliver (spin off from Jon Stewart) had an absolutely brilliant segment of his show devoted to net neutrality. He laid it out very clearly with, of course, lots of humor. I actually think it’s a must see on this issue:

  36. Anne's Aunt says:

    B.A. just saw your comment about the fcc. Did you see that John Oliver sketch on net neutrality? I gave a link above. At around 11:11 he starts in with what you can do and says the fcc is open for public comment for the next 100 days. I wonder if that flooded the comment lines at that website. Keep trying, and I will too.

  37. barbk says:

    lisam, this is what a Gemini New Moon square a Neptune in Pisces looks like. That happened one week ago tomorrow. There is still the grand trine between Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter though and progress will be made in spite of the frivolous chatter about prisoner exchanges.

    There is also the balancing act between the recent New Moon’s transiting retrograde Saturn in Scorpio (who is in mutual reception with trans. Pluto in Capricorn) opposite trans. asteroid Juno in Taurus who is conjunct the U.S. natal Vesta who trines the U.S. natal Neptune. I see the Republicans milking this for all its worth. :) Taurus = cow

    If you think of Vesta as a work-a-holic, relentless in a project, such as undermining a black president who makes Republicans look really stupid, you can see how having a lovely trine with Neptune in Virgo (detail), a guy who can cloud any subject with camouflage, would be just too irresistible to pass. Remember all symbols have positive and negative expressions, and with transiting Juno it’s about wanting to be equal to the King.

    I feel sure the President is weary of it all, but he can handle this little skirmish. After all he has a natal Ceres in Taurus who also conjuncts the U.S. Vesta, and the transiting Juno, and trines the U.S. Neptune as well. He also has a natal Mars that conjuncts the U.S. Neptune. Two can play that game and he’s proved he can play it better than most.

  38. arbo says:

    Annie’s Aunt – Variety says Oliver crashed the FCC comments.

  39. B.A. says:

    Anne’s Aunt:

    I do not agree with you.

    All pols do not lie. I was a town councilman for 8 years, and I did not lie. I was re elected and beat my nearest competitor by 25 – 35%. I was term limited.

    I am still an elected director of two different water boards. I do not lie there either.

    Therefore, all pols do not lie. See also Wyden and Udall.

    What you have to be is un corruptable and have some strength of character. Sadly, Obama appears to lack both.

    Re NSA, it is controlled by men, not technology. The president can stop it, congress can stop it. Sadly, neither has.

    It will probably take a third party, which I will likely support.

  40. will says:

    Aside from the righteous motive of getting one of our prisoners of war released after 5 years of internment, I like the fact that PBO pulled this off by circumventing an absolutely insane, incalcitrant congress – a massive FU to the whole lot of them. He’s a constitutional scholar – I think he knew what he was doing way ahead of the curve.

    By-the-by, shame on Diane Feinstein for getting all up in her own ass about it and turning on the admin. She’s married to a billionaire government contractor hack and has been involved in quite a number of dubious military contracts with the federal government as well as the Carlyle Group.

    Feinstein needs to go. She got too close to the fire and sold out.

  41. B.A. says:


    Re Obama Care, again, we do not agree.

    Some folks, no doubt have been helped.

    My experience has been huge premium increases and huge deductible increases + being forced to pay for things I will never use.

    In any law you look to how it helps or hurts the majority of the population, that is, if you want to get elected. The Dems lost the house on ObamaCare.

    Here are the current ObamaCare numbers re real clear politics:

    In favor 39.4% Against 50.8%. Folks have had some time to figure it out, and more dislike it than like it. That will be reflected in the election.

    That, + NSA + Net neutrality does not look too good for the senate, although the R’s are worse.

    I will vote for Udall the man, not the party.

  42. ox the cat says:

    Alex OK I understand.

  43. Jerry says:

    Regarding the controversial US-Taliban prisoner exchange, as Barbk expressed earlier “this is what a Gemini New Moon square a Neptune in Pisces looks like”.

    The question uppermost in my mind is, does tr. Neptune in waxing opposition to President Obama’s natal Pluto have any part to play in obscuring the underlying issues for the President? Much to the dismay of his constituents, Obama made this unilateral decision on his own without consulting congress. The motivations are unclear.

    What should be of greater concern is the June 27th and July 1st landmark dates I have mentioned; involving the H.R. 2847 ruling to come into law on July 1st. The June 27th Cancer New Moon will be in trine to tr. Neptune and consequently in sextile-trine to Obama’s Chiron-Pluto opposition (5 ‘ Virgo – 6 Pisces). Obama has fully endorsed this legislation. At this point in time, there doesn’t appear to be any movement to repeal or postpone. We only have a mere three weeks to go. Are we sleepwalking into disaster? Will Neptune once again play into the hands of Obama’s adversaries and opponents?…..

    Excerpt from the Red Tea Newsletter article:

    July 1st, 2014: Will Obama’s New Tax Law Destroy the US Economy?

    “…….Could the US Dollar Collapse on July 1st? From this analysis, it seems FATCA really only inconveniences foreign bankers and Americans living abroad. What does Stansberry mean when they warn of the collapse of the US dollar?

    Here’s where we get into speculation. The question is, how extreme will the response of foreign banks and governments be when FATCA goes into effect? Some thinkers, including the folks at Stansberry, are concerned there will be wide-scale and catastrophic disinvestment from the United States.

    There is more than $21 trillion USD in foreign capital invested in American assets and markets, with $10 trillion of that in stocks. But groups like the Japanese Bankers Association, the European Banking Federation, and the Institute of International Bankers have warned that some of their largest members may decide to completely ditch US assets and markets in response to FATCA. The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association is advising members to completely divest from the US market.

    While large firms consider divestiture, medium-sized and small firms may have no choice but to divest, unable to meet the compliance costs of FATCA. While America is a popular place to invest money, there are plenty of other options, especially with China set to become the world’s leading economy in just a few years.

    How would massive foreign divestiture affect the US economy and the US dollar? It’s hard to say. Stansberry thinks the effect will be apocalyptic, considering America’s colossal trade deficit and our reliance on foreign investments and loans.”

  44. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Bold Progerssives

    Bold progressives Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) and Pat Murphy (IA-01) won their big primaries tonight.

    Bold progressive Congressman Mike Honda just placed first in today’s important primary in California’s 17th District.

    Honda beat his corporate Democrat challenger by double digits and moves into the general election stronger than ever.

  45. will says:

    Can Bowe Bergdahl Be Tied to 6 Lost Lives? Facts Are Murky


    WASHINGTON — Did the search for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl cost the lives of American soldiers?

    “Since last weekend’s prisoner exchange in which Afghan insurgents turned over Sergeant Bergdahl after five years of captivity, a number of the men who served with him have called him a deserter. Some have gone further, blaming him for the deaths of six to eight soldiers.

    That second claim is hardening into a news media narrative. CNN has reported in scrolling headlines that six soldiers died looking for Sergeant Bergdahl after senior American military officials say he wandered off his base. The Daily Beast published an essay by a former member of Sergeant Bergdahl’s battalion, Nathan Bradley Bethea, who linked the search to the deaths of eight soldiers whom he named. “He has finally returned,” Mr. Bethea wrote. “Those men will never have the opportunity.”

    But a review of casualty reports and contemporaneous military logs from the Afghanistan war shows that the facts surrounding the eight deaths are far murkier than definitive — even as critics of Sergeant Bergdahl contend that every American combat death in Paktika Province in the months after he disappeared, from July to September 2009, was his fault.”

  46. Anne's Aunt says:

    B.A. OK, I agree with you that not ALL pols lie.

    But when substantial money is involved most do. As I’ve said before, the problems in gov are resulting from corruption and Rs and Ds and Ts and Is are targets of corrupting forces and they ALL are corrupted (if anyone thinks the Ds are immune look at Chicago and the state of Illinois – it’s a D state and one of the most corrupt and has been for decades – Obama’s adopted home town too).

    I expect my councilpeople not to lie, or my mayor, tho I don’t live in Chicago, NYC or LA or the likes. My senators are Merkley and Wyden and tho Wyden has been constrained from telling the truth for years he has not outright lied about it. I very much like and support them both. When it comes to other reps, senators and governors then corruption grows vastly. Lobbying is a hugely corrupting influence. I pretty much expect some level of corruption at the presidential level. And I include Obama in that since I don’t have a bloated expectation of him (or any other national level pol) being a sort of god or saint. When there’s that level of money involved not allowing even a bit of corruption is almost impossible.

    As far as the ACA, I’ve known both good and bad stories. The good ones far outweigh the bad tho. I do hope and support it being improved. I was uninsurable and now can actually get insurance. A friend pays more for a policy. I actually have a policy and covered health care – and I need it. I hope the system improves. Here in Oregon sign up has been a disaster. The gov website is apparently better now but Oregon’s never worked. I used a private agent which worked out great since my financial situation is way too complicated to use the exchange. Taking single payer off the table in the first place was what I completely disagreed with Obama on. The current ACA system, with its total reliance on for profit companies to provide insurance in a way that benefits their shareholders (not the patients) – basically Romney care cubed – is a terrible idea. But I guess Obama and the Ds considered it a big win. In any case we have the ACA now and the next step is improving it.

    The NSA is controlled by men (mostly), but the technology is not controlled by the NSA. This truly is a global arms race and one in secret too. It is vital for it to come out of the shadows (Snowden) so it can be addressed both nationally and globally. As in the cold war arms race it is the big players who are competing and I’m sure both Russia and China are working hard in cyberspace. Corporations are developing new technologies too for their purposes, but the technologies can be used for other purposes.

    Just for fun, since you have served as an elected official (congrats by the way! councilman is a very important job too) do you even watch the political thrillers that are so popular these days? Like House of Cards, Game of Thrones, or even Scandal?

  47. Anne's Aunt says:

    B.A. Just read that Chomsky link you provided. My reaction is “so what’s new?”. Nations and other groups have developed their weapons in secret for a long time…well…forever. Arms races have always included secrecy. This is a fact of human history. And from what I can tell, weapons are pretty much never destroyed while still useful. (then they are put in museums). But a stasis can be reached and it is not by one party or nation (not a political party) but by either agreement (global these days) or by threats of mutual destruction.

    The difference as I see it now is that the USA is not only targeting national enemies, but its own citizens – the enemies within, and it is a wide sweep and a wide definition of enemy. Russia and China are too. In the USA this is a new realization for citizens even tho we have lived with the CIA for decades and should know better. The CIA is above and beyond the powers of political leaders and political administrations. So are its equivalencies in other nations like Russia and China.

    In practical terms this means that taking the CIA on directly will not work. Oppositions will not work, conjunctions have a better chance of change. And cyber warfare it the leading edge of war.

  48. Lorrie U says:

    Will – Thanks for the Bergdahl post above. I read this article yesterday and my takeaway is of a young, sensitive soul who was searching for a higher meaning in life and war was not the answer for him. It sounds like in his confusion over the reality of war and our country’s role in it made him take the action he did without thinking of the consequences. I think we’ve all done the same at some point in our lives, without such a serious consequence. Glad you posted this as an added perspective.

    Bowe Bergdahl: Is The Freed Soldier a Hero or Deserter?

  49. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will, yes Obama did a huge FU to congress. But actually he did it in a not very legal way. Legally he is supposed to give a 30 day notice and he did not follow that law. So his FU is a non legal show, or display of power. That is not impressive to me.

    Nevertheless I support him on this. Those detainees have been held without trial for over a decade and these had been cleared for release. Bergdahl has never been declared AWOL or even a POW. It was right that the last captive soldier should get out. Of course I think he has some value to intelligence here and that is the main reason he was bargained for. It is astounding (well maybe not so much) how quickly the Rs and Ts turn on troops if they do not reflect their pov.

  50. Lorrie U says:

    Top Bush Aide Says Dubya Can Go On Trial for War Crimes

    George W. Bush’s National Security Security Advisor Richard Clarke remarked in an interview yesterday that his old boss is liable for war crimes.

  51. Lorrie U says:

    The Wall Street Journal reports today that it was the comparison of Bergdahl’s condition in two videos that spurred the administration to action.

    Don’t jump to conclusion over Bergdahl release video

    A secret intelligence analysis, based on a comparison of Taliban videos of Bergdahl in captivity in 2011 and December 2013 that were provided to the U.S., found that the soldier’s rate of deterioration was accelerating.

    The latest video, provided to U.S. officials by mediators in Qatar, has never been publicly shown. Officials who have seen the video described Bergdahl’s condition as “alarming.”

  52. Eliseo says:

    Republicans Shouting Impeachment Have Reached Critical State Of Obama Derangement Syndrome
    Per the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein and Amanda Terkel, Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep. Rich Nugent (R-FL) have all been extremely critical of the President since the Bergdahl announcement was made. However, each of them made statements earlier this year calling for the administration to do all it can to free Bergdahl. McCain, while on a Sunday show (natch), even spoke approvingly of exchanging prisoners to bring Bergdahl home. Also, in April, Senate Republicans, led by McConnell, pushed forth a resolution declaring that no soldier shall be left behind.

    Yet, now that the President has kept the promise that America makes to all of its soldiers, ALL OF ITS SOLDIERS, Republicans have decided that this is their moment to strike and finally nail Obama.

  53. Anne's Aunt says:

    I’m sure Obama and Hagel did not care a bit about Bergdahl’s “sensitive” soul or if he is sensitive or not. They probably did not care if he was a deserter or not. But I bet they did pay attention to the credibility of threats against him and would not want an american soldier, no matter who, to be murdered on video and have that released, like was done before. We don’t know the extent of those threats but Hagel and Obama did and made the call to do the exchange right away, and not wait 30 days. I don’t think they did this just to give a big FU to congress – like “ha ha ha FU!” They are actually not that petty or stupid since what would that gain?

  54. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, *IF* Bergdahl was a young lost sensitive soul and he did abandon his post then he was very disturbed or a moron. Military training guarantees that soldiers know the consequences of such actions and other soldiers get killed. Several other souls lost their lives looking for him. I doubt anyone here has made mistakes that cost several people their lives – especially intentionally.

  55. arbo says:

    There’s a lot of speculation going on here. That’s everyone’s right. This, however, is not speculation: the president is commander-in-chief of the US military and as such holds supreme command and must make battlefield decisions. This is a Constitutional matter and as such it trumps the statute that lets Congress in on information regarding the president’s decisions. If we didn’t have a treasonous — look it up — Congress it wouldn’t be necessary to keep things from them. Call that speculation if you want, but I don’t think it is.

  56. Patty says:

    Eliseo, Absolutely we should be grateful for all the recent Progressive values achieved. Pubs think Dems are forcing ‘such a natural evolution’ down their throats.
    A small thing occurred in my family:
    “I Love You” commonly used affectionately, since the Hippie era. A sign-off when speaking to a family member/friend. But seldom would you hear a reply from anyone over 70-80 years old, sometimes a “yes”. BUT, my two 90 year old Uncles have began to say, “I Love You Too”. Makes me wonder, Is a ‘loving change’ in the air?
    Will this soldier’s experience spark an even more positive/evolved America?

  57. B.A. says:


    >>do you even watch the political thrillers that are so popular these days? Like House of Cards, Game of Thrones, or even Scandal


    My wife watches HGTV, and its unavoidable.

    I occasionally watch C-SPAN or once in a while a movie.

    The shows you mention IMHO are not reality and I am careful what I invite into my home.

  58. Anne's Aunt says:

    B.A. Of course they are not reality! I just thought you might be interested in history. House of Cards is based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Richard III (part of the wars of the roses) and Game of thrones are also based on the wars of the roses, or wars of succession. Shakespeare was a great story teller of much of those wars in british history. Only House of Cards is set in a modern setting. It’s like an Handel opera set in modern times. Not reality, just an age old political story. But I can understand not wanting to let the wars of succession into one’s home.

  59. DuchessofGadsden says:

    I think one huge problem in our culture is that a lot of people think that shows like “House of Cards” and “24” and so many others are actually based on reality. I’ve had some very frustrating conversations with people who are quite convinced of such things.

    Me, I watch very little TV most of the time. I did watch the first season of the British “House of Cards” and generally liked it. I started the second season but the complete separation from reality became too much for me.

  60. Lorrie U says:

    According to Afghan villagers who remember the night Bergdahl left his base, they say he seemed dazed and they thought he might be “high.” And, I’m sorry, but if you are a sensitive, confused soul, the mind can fracture from the horrors of war. And those troops were killed in the course of war, not because they were looking for him. I think everyone tends to jump to their own biased conclusions without all the facts. Maybe we will all learn something useful about the effects of war from this.

    Exclusive: Afghan villagers recall when Bergdahl stumbled into their midst

  61. Anne's Aunt says:

    Duchess, I know what you mean about people thinking fiction is real! I’ve always been a fan of Shakespeare and have seen several plays and one of the original first folios. I always give modern interpretations a chance. So I liked House of Cards, and the acting is very good. The wars of the roses, or successions is such complicated history and Game of Thrones, while not an exact retelling of that history make the real history so much more accessible.

    Lorrie, or he might have been counter intelligence. We don’t know at this point. In any case six soldiers were killed on missions to find him. He might have been sensitive, but he was completely insensitive to what his fellow soldiers would endure because of his actions. In any case I still think Obama and Hagel did the right thing and I doubt one useful or delusional soldier will make them, or anyone, ponder the horrors of war.

  62. Anne's Aunt says:

    ps of course Shakespeare is fiction too.

  63. Eliseo says:

    “Is a ‘loving change’ in the air?”
    I believe we are seeing a very broad sort of awakening. Some of the ideals of the 60’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction are finally coming to fruition in this Uranus/Pluto square era, I think, but in many areas and in many hearts those changes are coming very hard.

    I think, as an example, most liberal and moderate minded white people had no idea of the depth and breadth of the racism in this country until we elected B. Obama. Many assumed their neighbors had “grown up” as to race issues in the post civil-rights era. Many naively thought we had finally “Overcome” when we proudly elected our current president.

    But we’ve learned that our Black Sisters and Brothers were right all along. The racism remains, but manifests differently than in the past or as what we expected. We’ve barely begun the long healing process.

    And the other issues, gender, gender identity, gay marriage, animal rights, social class, economic fairness; there are too many other issues to address here. But the really important reality is that the number of “aware” folks is increasing, both arithmetically and by percentage, and it’s been happening for quite some time.

    Consider something I wrote as part of an academic abstract:
    “Classism has been with humanity for as long as we can remember, but the word, “classism” was not introduced into the English language until 1842. Sexism and ageism have also been with us for centuries, but the word “sexism” was not coined until 1968 and “ageism” in 1969. Racism is regarded as beginning with the modern era five hundred years ago, but we do not see the words “racialism” until 1871, “racialist” until 1917, “racism” in 1936, and the word “racist” used as a noun in 1932, and as an adjective in 1938.”

    We ARE developing the language, the words with which to see our own moral error and weakness. We are slowly, sometimes so painfully slowly becoming more compassionate and therefore more loving.

    And although the general trend is one of increasing compassion, like the moon it’s something that waxes and wanes; it goes up and down. It comes in waves and cycles, and sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t. I believe we’ve just begun another upward cycle, a waxing period if you will.

    I’m glad your 90 year old uncles have began to say, “I Love You Too”. It’s a good start. We all should practice love and kindness. That’s a given.

    “Is a ‘loving change’ in the air?” Such a simple question posed against such complex winds! But the short answer I think is yes. That doesn’t mean we should delude ourselves into thinking it’s all going to be “peaches and cream.” Nothing worthwhile is won or accomplished without struggle, and it is probable there will be strong and violent continuing opposition to the (what shall we call it?) “love wave” pushing us through our evolutionary journey.

    And so in harmony with your post:
    Peace. Love. Light. Amen. Namaste.

  64. Prabhata says:

    Guantanamo Prisoners Get to Play Video Games in a Recliner — While Being Force-Fed

    Military officials at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility are attempting to make force-feeding a little more fun for detainees. Some longterm hunger strikers can now kick back in a plush recliner — well, not literally, since their ankles are restrained by shackles — and play video games or watch TV while being tube fed a liquid nutritional supplement.

    Detainees can choose from hundreds of video games and movies, said Milton, the Guantanamo librarian who doesn’t give out his last name. They can watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland or play Portal 2. But, say, Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t available — Milton said the library doesn’t carry violent video games or movies.

    The laid-back force-feeding policy was implemented last October at about the same time prison officials were rewriting a new standard operating procedure that rebranded the hunger strikes as “long-term non-religious fasts.”

  65. Anne's Aunt says:

    Very interesting Elisio. Many of the improvements in social change are coming from the upcoming generations. Now, most 20 somethings and younger have been to mixed race schools and have friends with all races and all gender preferences. Many know and are friends with transgender people. Girls can now play sports. They simply don’t accept the same old prejudices. I’ve had several military men and women who have gone back for college degrees after serving and they are all great. These upcoming generations are leading the way to a much more progressive way of thinking and it’s great! And my mother now says “I love you” too. She was a depression child and love was way far second to survival. By far most of my friends are either gay or have a gay relative and some have trans kids. Even die hard social conservatives have gay and lesbian relatives and it’s hard not to love family. Regressive churches are losing members. Even the southern Baptists are having to modify their stances and preaching. The powers that be are still often conservative, but they will shortly (as in the next generation) be replaced.

  66. Prabhata says:

    B.A., you mentioned that you use twitter. You may already follow Jason Leopold @JasonLeopold, a freelance journalist, a great resource for info from FOIA releases that he has requested or gotten through lawsuits when the Obama administrations refuses to comply with FOIA requests. If you don’t follow him, you might want to go to his page and see if his tweets interest you. Great stuff, imho.

  67. Sharon K says:

    What do you all know and/or think about the Men’s Right’s Movement. There are some valid issues where men are supposed to be getting hurt in our society (which doesn’t invalidate women’s issues) but, instead of working together, “feminists” and “men’s right’s activists” are in an ongoing contentious battle, with Elliot Rodgers seized as an example of men’s rights activism, when there are many more substantial issues where men are supposed to be treated unfairly (custody battles, arrests in domestic rights issues, etc.)

  68. Lorrie U says:

    Lovely post, Eliseo!

    Anne’s Aunt – Some good points, but what about the sexual abuses by our young people in the military? It’s rampant. Do you think there’s a correlation between the mindset which desires to go into the military and sexual power?

  69. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, Yes I do think sex abuse is a particular problem in the military. Where there is unequal power there is abuse. I also think that it would be good to take accusations and prosecutions out of the chain of command. I know the arguments against this, but I think it would be a very valuable check.

    That said, I’ve known several military people, from a 4 star general and other officers to troops just leaving the army. All have been wonderful people! The young military people I’ve known joined because they were poor and did not have any opportunities. One became a mechanical engineer in the army, and met his wife there. They were in Afghanistan building roads and hospitals. Every military person I’ve met has been intelligent, sensitive, very hard working and curious.

    So I don’t think the entire military are abusers. But when power is restricted ONLY to chain of command then bad things happen. I very much supported Gillibrand’s proposed legislation on this. If you remember she is the jr. senator from NY who replaced Clinton and who Clinton strongly promoted. Gillibrand’s bill was shut down in the senate and replaced with Claire McCaskill’s competing bill. 17 of the 19 female senators supported Gillibrand’s bill and voted for McCaskill’s as a compromise when G’s bill was shut down.

  70. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, I strongly supported Gillibrand and feel she has a great future. I think joining the military because you’re poor and needing opportunities is a different mindset than those who join with a possible republican mindset of fighting to kill our enemies. I also understand the recruiting standards have been lowered and a lot of racist white supremacists and mentally unstable persons have joined the military. Guess it depends on what motivates you to join, but right now it’s not something to be proud of.

  71. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie I’m so glad that bill had your support – tho I’m not surprised!

    I think the military has been under enormous strain in the 2000s with two wars to conduct with an all volunteer military. Yet another reason to never support a R. Yes, standards have suffered in a big way – just as you said. Whenever Obama and Hagel try to streamline military spending the Rs have a fit.

    But I would never take pride away from so many young troop recruits. Especially since so many are from places and situations where there is simply no opportunities. My young student was from Arkansas from a very poor family. He is so bright (and has the most beautiful smile) and took an opportunity. And society denigrated viet nam vets as a way to express opposition to that war. It was absolutely the wrong thing to do to them and many have suffered because of it. Some people are just born warriors and the military can provide discipline.

    But I don’t know, personally those who saw a lot of combat. I donate to and support an organization in Portland which provides support for homeless. They provide medical and psychiatric care, housing, education, and opportunities for employment. Obama, personally, supported and facilitated (!!) giving them a large federal grant which is so great for them – they expanded to include a pharmacy on site. It’s been a model for many other cities. Many homeless are vets from all wars, and are having a very difficult time. It’s one reason the VA needs to get fixed. Unfortunately the VA is used to dealing with physical injuries but not so much traumatic brain damage or PTSD and so many vets are floundering.

    From my understanding it’s really hard to weed out off kilter troops and officers. So much depends on the chain of command.

  72. Anne's Aunt says:

    B.A. BTW that homeless organization I just mentioned, the one that provides many services including medical, psychiatric and pharmacy care, has told me that they were greatly helped by the passing of the ACA. This is one reason I support Obama. And Hillary Clinton too. Both have worked hard to support organizations that provide ground level support for the vulnerable in our society. Clinton has been a big proponent of micro loans to woman all over the globe. I’ve supported Heifer which is a similar idea.

    Heifer International gives animals and support to those who could benefit them all over the world. It is an organization worth supporting. One year I gave each of my young relatives a donation in their names giving animals that they love.

  73. barbk says:

    The astrology has been remarkable lately and I’m knee-deep in charts related to the present-day Mercury retrograde transit that starts at 3+ Cancer conjunct the U.S. Venus (+ the U.S. Karma) and ends at 24+ Gemini where, among other notable instances, there was a lunar eclipse in 2011 at 24+ Sagittarius, opposite the Sun at 24+ Gemini. Trying to get a handle on just what the “message” Mercury was delivering pertained to covers more than one subject but the Bergdahl prisoner exchange is paramount for the moment. (Before that it was Snowden whose natal Mars is 24+ Gemini)

    Never more clearly was that shown then when Rachel Maddow outlined the whole brouhaha tonight, showing how the negotiations of the same 5 Guantanamo prisoners (in exchange for Bergdahl) became public in December 2011. She also noted that when the negotiations fell through (in early 2012) it was Bergdahl’s parents who revealed that it was there son they were negotiating for, which had been kept secret up to then.

    In the primary charts I’m using, the degrees that are focal points (because of their aspects or because they relate to the U.S. Sibly birth chart), besides the 3+ Cancer and 24+ Gemini, are 7+ Gemini (only 1 degree from U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini and the same degree of the progressed U.S. Uranus), and 10+ Libra (because that’s where transiting Mars was and still is). Now that Rachel has provided actual dates in December 2011, I will be utilizing the eclipse charts (and Solstice chart) from that period too.

    Others into astrology must be as fascinated as I am by the full moon chart for June 13, 2014. There are 3 planets in 3 different signs that are each at 17 degrees and 44 minutes. How often does THAT happen? They are Venus in Taurus, Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. There is a 4th asteroid at 17 degrees – not a perfect-to-the-minute match – that forms a yod with Chiron sextile Venus and it is Vesta in Libra, and Vesta (the apex of the yod), think “invested”, is conjunct Ceres at 18+ Libra.

    While I’ve been working with the Mercury retrograde transit I’ve noticed the presence of Ceres in several instances but had not identified her role in any scenario yet. Tonight, Rachel changed that and, at least in the Bergdahl matter, his parents are clear-cut candidates. In myth, Ceres searched for her stolen daughter, leaving no stone unturned and she received little help from the other gods and goddesses. Only the crone Hekate clued her in. Today, transiting asteroid Hekate is at 18+ Libra and conjunct Ceres.

    Not only that but in the U.S. chart, Ceres in Pisces is square Uranus so any aspect to U.S. Uranus is an aspect to Ceres too. Transiting Neptune (hidden) will station retrograde at 7+ Pisces, one degree shy of conjuncting U.S. Ceres, next Monday the 9th, two days after Mercury stations retrograde on Saturday.

    Thought you would find these connective aspects interesting as they relate to current events.

  74. alex says:

    BTW: you can stream MSNBC online (free with advertisements)

  75. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    You touched on some salient points. In a May 8th entry, I examined the Saturn-Venus opp. in relation to Ukraine’s tense stand-off with Russia. The ongoing Ukraine gas supply dispute wherein Russia threatens to shut of the main pipeline that runs through Ukraine due to unpaid debt could come to a head around this time (Russia delayed the threatened cut-off from June 3rd to June 9th). Here’s the pertinent entry……

    Looking further afield in the contentious Ukraine-Russian stand-off, here’s the June 13th Full Moon chart set for Kiev, Ukraine:

    This is a rather intense, incendiary full moon for the following reasons…..

    The Sag Full Moon (22 ’05 Sag) forms a close quincunx to tr. Jupiter at 22 ’49 Cancer on the ascendant (21 ’42 Cancer). Could this signify an abrupt change in the status quo in Eastern Ukrainian affairs? The Sag. Full Moon will also oppose the US Mars, the Russian Sun (both at 21 Gemini), and t squaring President Obama’s natal Mars and the US Neptune (22 Virgo). The adversarial nature of this Full Moon between Russia and the US could bring these two nuclear super-powers to the edge.

    Tr. Saturn forms an exact conj. to Ukraine’s natal Pluto at 17 ’45 Scorpio (natal Pluto in the 10th house within 3 degr.of Ukraine’s MC) opposed by tr. Venus (17 ’45 Taurus). Another intense, provocative aspect!

    Look at the nodes in the chart – 25 ’37 Aries-Libra. This will be stimulating the degrees of the April 15th lunar eclipse (25 ’15 Aries-Libra) when hostilities in East Ukraine first erupted. The Sag Full Moon 6 hours after maturation will exactly sextile/trine the June 13th Nodes and the April 15th lunar eclipse degrees.


  76. will says:


    Many thanks for illuminating the full-moon-in-Sag-stellium-to-come. Nothing like a little drama leading up to the Summer Solstice,huh?

  77. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – “Unfortunately the VA is used to dealing with physical injuries but not so much traumatic brain damage or PTSD and so many vets are floundering.”

    That is so very true, and most of their doctors are only trained in treating the physical. The system is so outdated and unprepared for the results of Bush’s wars. Any war is bad enough, but these poor soldiers have seen things that no one should see.

    What is the name of the organization in Portland? And I love Heifer and have given similar gifts, it’s such a great idea.

  78. Lorrie U says:

    Barbk – Very interesting post! Maddow did an excellent job tonight and this info makes it even more profound! But, now I’m jumping out of my skin b/c I now realize that these aspects are lighting up my chart in so many areas that it would affect my whole life, and I’ll be starting my #1 year of new beginnings. At this point, can’t even imagine what could change, and I like things the way the are now. Yikes.

  79. Lorrie U says:

    June 2014 Integration Continues
    * Waking up to Your Ascendant Self *
    The Cardinal Cross Ripples Outward
    by Carol Ann Ciocco

  80. Bob says:

    Click on this link to get to the MSNBC schedule page. Once there bookmark the page. Click on Morning, Afternoon, or Prime Time to see links to shows in that time period. Click on the show you want to watch (“go to show” on the right side of it’s banner). You can watch shows at least 2 days back when you have time. Shows run without ads, last around 40+ minutes.

    I forget. Did I already post this once?

  81. kiwi says:

    this is off current topic, but not sure this made it to the US news. Since several here were interested at the time, thought I would post:
    reports by a cruising yachtie that she saw the Malaysian flight on fire heading south into the indian ocean.

  82. Anne's Aunt says:

    Looks like Nancy has banned me. Farewell and keep up the good fight.

  83. lisam says:

    NY Times Editorial – The Rush to Demonize Sgt. Bergdahl. Commentary on the hypocrisy of the Republicans, etc.

  84. barbk says:

    Jerry, it IS a remarkable chart isn’t it? Just noticed that Putin’s natal Ceres (lost her child) at 17+ Gemini will be square the June 13 Sagittarius Full Moon chart’s Chiron 17+ Pisces, and quincunx (adjust) it’s Saturn in Scorpio. Putin’s Saturn on the other hand, at 17+ Libra, will be conjunct the FM Vesta (conjunct Ceres) and therefore at the apex point of the FM yod (Venus sextile Chiron, both quincunx Vesta) and Saturn doesn’t adjust (change) easily. Still, Libra (Putin Sun) prefers harmony over discord.

    Lorrie, I’m very excited for you, in spite of your reluctance to change. You’re a Taurus aren’t you? :)

    will. . just a LITTLE drama? Fasten your seatbelt. This chart is loaded with innuendo and we’ve only scratched the surface! (hint: Moon and Jupiter will be in mutual reception AND quincunx. Hint #2: Eris is now into a new degree and a whole different, introspective, spiritual approach compared to her last degree which was associated with a more material proof-of-potency approach)

    kiwi, thanks for the link to the lost plane article which I’m still interested in.

  85. will says:


    “will. . just a LITTLE drama? Fasten your seatbelt. This chart is loaded with innuendo and we’ve only scratched the surface!”

    Me likey!

    Thanks again, barbk, for your beautiful work.

  86. Lorrie U says:

    Barbk – No, loaded with Virgo but 7th Hs. Uranus is 21 degrees Taurus & part of my grand trine to 10th & 3rd hs. planets. My SR asc. this year is 0 degrees Sag., an energy I’m completely unfamiliar with. Didn’t like the yrs. with Cancer & Pisces asc. (too emotional for me), like this yr. with Virgo asc. (finally got things organized and cleaned out closets which served my #9 yr. of endings). We’ll see, I’m not getting any intuitive hints.

    Kiwi – I too thank you for the lost plane link, hope it can help find it and give some closure to the poor families.

    Anne’s Aunt – Don’t think Nancy would ban you, and your post came through. Must be something else.

  87. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, I hope Nancy does not ban me. That one got thru so I’ll try to post this too. I very much enjoy talking with y’all.

    The organization you asked about, Lorrie is Also I hope your stars continue to bring you to exciting places on your journey. I looked up numerology but the google search turned up so many hits it was confusing. Do you recommend one? Thanks.

  88. barbk says:

    To be clear, the Mercury retrograde will highlight multiple topics we have discussed – and not discussed, and I believe this is necessary before the start of the new Mercury-Jupiter cycle (conjunction begins) in Leo. Loose ends will be gathered together and the New Moon chart from 9 days ago (May 28) is also connected to the retrospect Mercury is taking us on. That New Moon took place at 7+ Gemini, the same degree as the descendant (as in descend? or maybe The Other?) AND as well, the Moon’s (family, feelings) degree in the Malaysian plane take-off chart.

    It was also the degree of Venus the 2011 lunar eclipse chart on June 15th, as well as the degree for Mars in the 2011’s solar eclipse chart for July 1st. In both cases (eclipses in 2011) they were squared by Chiron at 5+ Pisces, and now, today that degree is squared by transiting Neptune at 7+ Pisces, stationing in preparation for his retrograde (review, retrospect), just as it squared the New Moon 9 days ago. Eclipses have a long shelf life.

    Sabian Symbol for 7+ Gemini . . .Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory (key phrase REVOLT AGAINST PRIVILEGES)

    Pretty timely I would say.

  89. kiwi says:

    anne’s aunt – Huh? what did I miss?

  90. Anne's Aunt says:


  91. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, my internet seems to be iffy today. Hope this gets thru. The organization you asked about is Central City Concern – maybe my links messed my comment up.

    Also, I googled numerology and got a confusing array of hits. Do you have a site you would recommend.

    Also I may have been seriously mistaken about Bergdahl’s character. If so I’m very sorry. In any case I think Obama did the right thing.

  92. Anne's Aunt says:

    Sorry I seemed to have jumped to a false conclusion about being banned. I’m glad I’m not because I enjoy talking with y’all.

  93. kiwi says:

    Nice to see your comments Annes Aunt.
    Just as an fyi, sometimes posts can be held in moderation if there are multiple links embedded in one post. And if Nancy is has other things going on in her life, like at the moment, she may not have time to get to it.

  94. Anne's Aunt says:

    Thanks Kiwi, I just hope that 5 comments I tried to make don’t show up all at once which would be annoying for everyone!

  95. Jerry says:


    The Neptune Cafe astrological website has some interesting views on Russia’s possible next move against Ukraine (economic retaliation?); keeping in mind the June 13th Full Moon has an almost exact Mars-Pluto square embedded in it……

    The Astrology of Putin’s Russia

    According to its June 12, 1990 horoscope

    Russia’s horoscope (June 12, 1990; 1:45 pm; Moscow) accurately reflects the crisis atmosphere, since its progressed Sun is now at 13º Cancer – exactly in line with April’s Grand Cross. Transiting Mars, the fastest-moving planet involved in the Grand Cross, activates the other three outer planets (Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto) over the next ten days when the most militant elements may strike. But Mars returns to this critical degree in June and also opposes Russia’s progressed Mars in July, creating an ongoing, intense military situation.

    If Russia is serious about not wanting to invade eastern Ukraine, even as pro-Russian activists in Donetsk have seized government buildings, then the next potential conflict is the escalation of economic warfare. Russia’s chart features Neptune, the natural ruler of oil and gas, in the 4th house of domestic assets. Its location at 13º Capricorn places it in the midst of the Grand Cross, forcing us to recognize that some 40% of Russian gas exports to Europe pass through Ukraine.

  96. Lorrie U says:

    Senate Democrats Begin Their Push To Amend The Constitution To Kill Citizens United

    The resolution’s sponsor Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) is pushing for a vote on the Senate floor before November. The odds of this resolution getting required support of both 2/3 of the House and Senate are virtually nil, but the point isn’t to successfully amend the Constitution right now.

    Democrats and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders are trying to call attention to the issue. Proposing a constitutional amendment is a way to get people to discuss the issue of Citizens United, and the right-wing billionaires who are attempting to purchase control of the government.

    A more realistic option for getting rid of Citizens United remains a change on the Supreme Court. With two years left in President Obama’s term, a victory by Democrats in 2016 would mean that a Democratic president would likely shift the tilt in the court with future Supreme Court appointments.

  97. alex says:

    Right Wing inherited Bush presidencies played on by NSA DJs – the penguin dance

    Bush father/son:
    Jeb Bush, 2016 GOP nominee for President
    George P. Bush, 2016 GOP nominee for Vice President

    “Dad Jeb is ‘seriously’ thinking about White House bid”

    Bush father and son:

    George H.W. Bush Sr. 41ST – US President
    George W. Bush Jr. 43RD – US President

  98. starlight says:

    Today is the last day of the Saturn transit sesquiquadrate US Venus, activated by transiting Mercury. Mercury may keep it going for a few more days but it will be dissipating. I think the critical injury to actor Tracey Morgan, a nationally beloved and known figure, could be a manifestation of this combination. I am hoping the prognosis will improve as the aspects begin to separate.

    I don’t know how the rest of you are doing, but this protracted Mercury/Saturn minor hard aspect over the past few days has been pretty rough in our house.

  99. will says:

    Internet Giants Erect Barriers to Spy Agencies

    Internet companies like Google and Facebook are working to keep governments and especially their spy agencies out of their servers after revelations from Edward J. Snowden that they had been invaded.

  100. will says:


    “I don’t know how the rest of you are doing, but this protracted Mercury/Saturn minor hard aspect over the past few days has been pretty rough in our house.”


  101. alex says:

    Saturn transit sesquiquadrate US Venus:

    mail delayed the red tape, paper chase forms for healthcare system(s) making less time more pressure to get it done – parts of this and parts of that! waiting time on social security retirement national phone number was 45 minutes; have to do that again this week (snafu)to get fixed;

    but the national phone Medicare service agents are the best of the bureaucrats each time I’ve call them I’m impressed how well trained and useful they are;

  102. alex says:

    Texas Senate Election November 4TH, 2014

    Senator and Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (is running for re-election for a third term) vs Democratic candidate David Alameel(wealthy businessman who can compete financially with GOP incumbent Cornyn)

    David Alameel (61 years old – birth data unknown)

    Alameel was born in Lebanon, emigrating to the United States when he was twenty years old. Alameel earned a Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1981 from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Alameel and his wife, Martha, have two adult children.

    Alameel worked minimum wage jobs in California before joining the Army, where he served as a pharmacy specialist at Fort Sam Houston from 1974 to 1977. After being honorably discharged and earning his doctorate, Alameel began his dental career in Dallas. He founded Jefferson Dental Clinics, a large network of dental centers.

  103. alex says:

    Friday 6/6/2014

    Bienor @05 Taurus, conjunct – Venus @09 Taurus

    Borassi @18 Pisces, conjunct – Chiron @17 Pisces

  104. Prabhata says:

    I’ve been trying to get the time Poroshenko took the oath as president of Ukraine. A tweet from the Ukraine Reporter seem to indicate the oath was taken around 9:25 a.m., June 7 in Kiev. If anyone has a more precise time, I would welcome that info.

  105. alex says:

    Virginia Senate Election November 4Th 2014

    Democratic Sen. Mark Warner vs GOP Ed Gillespie

    Democrat – Warner Natal Sun @22 Sagittarius
    Warner 2014 Solar Arc Sun @22 Aquarius

    Republican – Gillespie Natal Sun @08 Leo
    Gillespie 2014 Solar Arc Sun @26 Virgo

    Senator Mark Warner, DOB December 15, 1954, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Republican Edward W. Gillespie, DOB August 1, 1961
    born in the Mount Holly Township and raised in the Browns Mills section of Pemberton Township, New Jersey

  106. alex says:

    Gemini Sun – Libra Moon


    To illustrate just how much this pairing loves traveling to see new landscapes: using the day its patent was filed in 1908 as its date of birth, the concept of “pigeon photography” is a Gemini Sun, Libra Moon. In the age of ubiquitous satellite imagery, the idea of using pigeons to take aerial photographs may seem quaint. Back at the turn of the century it was an extraordinarily novel way to view “new landscapes from new perspectives” and to see “different vistas from different viewpoints”.

    The patent for pigeon photography was filed by Dr. Julius Neubronner, a German apothecary who also used the pigeons to deliver medicine to his far away patients.

    Gemini/Libras are very entertaining, easy-going, and make excellent conversationalists so it’s quite likely that Dr. Neubronner’s patients enjoyed the pigeons’ visits for reasons social as much as medicinal.

    It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if the pigeons even managed to engage in some type of conversation with those to whom they were delivering medicine.

    As astrologer Linda Goodman points out, when Gemini (the “Communicator”) is paired with Libra (the “Social Director”) the result is dazzling conversation and dizzying sociability:

  107. Anita says:


    Tuesday thru Friday of this week were horrible. I hope this ends soon, I can’t take much more.

  108. Patty says:

    Alex, Re-Jeb Bush, How will Jeb answer this?
    “On September 7, 2001, only four days before the “event,” Florida Governor Jeb Bush issued an executive order. This was only one business day from 911. His brother, President Bush, is due in his state on September 11th. What is the significance of this rather timely EO? “Among the reasons cited in the document for the action was prophetically “potential massive damage to life and property that may result from an act of terrorism” (Executive Order #01-261, Section 3)….However, what is most startling about EO #01-261 is its predecessor. Executive Order #01-261 concludes by revoking Executive Order #01-17 which is nearly identical to EO #01-261 except for the language addressing “potential massive damage to life and property that may result from an act of terrorism.” Issued on January 19, 2001, EO #01-17 wasn’t to expire until June 30, 2003. This raises the question as to what events occurred on or prior to September 7, 2001 that compelled the president’s brother to replace an existing executive order with another executive order which effectively inserted a reference to “acts of terrorism.”

  109. kiwi says:

    hugs to all who have been having a rough time xxx

  110. Lorrie U says:

    Patty – Thanks for the post re. Jeb Bush. Not being prone to believing in conspiracy theories (unlike my brother), I do have to say that what I’ve read about the 9/ll Bush connections does make me think there’s something that doesn’t pass the smell test.

    …Another sad fact and sad reality of our media is that Marvin P Bush, least known of the Bush brothers, was on the board of Kuwait American Securaguard that was contracted for security of both the WTC and Dulles Airport. Both were used or attacked by terrorists on 9/11.


    Washington, D.C. WASHINGTON, Jan 19, 2003 — A company that provided security at New York City’s World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., and to United Airlines between 1995 and 2001, was backed by a private Kuwaiti-American investment firm with ties to a brother of President Bush and the Bush family, according to records obtained by the American Reporter. Two planes hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001 were United Airlines planes, and another took off from Dulles International Airport; two, of course, slammed into the World Trade Center. But the Bush Administration has never disclosed the ties of a presidential brother and the Bush family with the firm that intersected the weapons and targets on a day of national tragedy. Marvin P. Bush, a younger brother of George W. Bush, was a principal in the company from 1993 to 2000, when most of the work on the big projects was done. But White House responses to 9/11 have not publicly disclosed the company’s part in providing security to any of the named facilities, and many of the public records revealing the relationships are not public. Nonetheless, public records reveal that the firm, formerly named Securacom, listed Bush on its board of directors and as a significant shareholder. The firm, now named Stratesec, Inc., is located in Sterling, Va., a suburb of Washington, D.C., and emphasizes federal clients. Bush is no longer on the board.

  111. alex says:

    I’ve always wondered why the public gives the Bush family the benefit of the doubt – don’t they read what’s on the internet!

  112. will says:

    For the sake of discussion, here is a “counter-punch” from Popular Mechanics on 911

    The 9/11 Lies Are Out There: Editor’s Notes
    Reasonable people are entitled to wish that our government had been better prepared and more alert. But those who peddle fantasies that this country encouraged, permitted or actually carried out the attacks are libeling the truth—and disgracing the memories of the thousands who died that day.

    “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion,” the great Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York was fond of saying. “He is not entitled to his own facts.”

    James Meigs
    It has been 10 years since the September 11 attacks. In that time, the American people have questioned why we were caught off guard and have demanded to know the whole story behind the events of that terrible day. But as a society we accept the basic premise that a group of Islamist terrorists hijacked four airplanes and turned them into weapons against us.

    Sadly, the noble search for truth is now being hijacked by a growing army of conspiracy theorists. A few of these skeptics make a responsible effort to sift through the mountain of information, but most ignore all but a few stray details they think support their theories. In fact, many conspiracy advocates demonstrate a maddening double standard. They distrust every bit of the mainstream account of 9/11, yet happily embrace the flimsiest evidence to promote their wildest notions: that Osama bin Laden attacked the United States with help from the CIA; that the hijacked planes weren’t commercial jets, but military aircraft, cruise missiles or remote-control drones; that the World Trade Center buildings were professionally demolished.

    These 9/11 conspiracy theories, long popular abroad, are gradually — though more quietly — seeping into mainstream America. Allegations of U.S. complicity in the attacks have become standard fare on talk radio and among activists on both the extreme left and the extreme right of the political spectrum.

    Firefighters raise the American flag at Ground Zero
    ASSAULT ON THE TRUTH: Three and a half years after 9/11, conspiracy theorists are trying to rewrite history.
    Don’t get me wrong: Healthy skepticism is a good thing….”


  113. Prabhata says:

    Never mind, inauguration ceremonies began at 10am in Kiev — I think the right time of the oath is 10:25 am

  114. alex says:

    Billionaires Sucking up Water Globally: George H.W. Bush and Family, Li Ka-shing, the Filipino Billionaires, and Others


    A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.

    Goldman Sachs: Water Is Still the Next Petroleum
    In 2008, Goldman Sachs called water “the petroleum for the next century” and those investors who know how to play the infrastructure boom will reap huge rewards, during its annual “Top Five Risks” conference. Water is a U.S.$425 billion industry, and a calamitous water shortage could be a more serious threat to humanity in the 21st century than food and energy shortages, according to Goldman Sachs’s conference panel. Goldman Sachs has convened numerous conferences and also published lengthy, insightful analyses of water and other critical sectors (food, energy).

    Goldman Sachs is positioning itself to gobble up water utilities, water engineering companies, and water resources worldwide. Since 2006, Goldman Sachs has become one of the largest infrastructure investment fund managers and has amassed a $10 billion capital for infrastructure, including water.

    In March 2012, Goldman Sachs was eyeing Veolia’s UK water utility business, estimated at £1.2 billion, and in July it successfully bought Veolia Water, which serves 3.5 million people in southeastern England.

    Sovereign Wealth Investment Funds Jumping into Water
    In January 2012, China Investment Corporation has bought 8.68% stakes in Thames Water, the largest water utility in England, which serves parts of the Greater London area, Thames Valley, and Surrey, among other areas.

    In November 2012, One of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), also purchased 9.9% stake in Thames Water.

    Not only are the mega-banks investing heavily in water, the multibillionaire tycoons are also buying water.

  115. starlight says:

    Anita – The Mercury activation is waning, but there is a solar quincunx to Saturn through around 6 PM EDT tonight. Things should improve thereafter. Yes, it has been awful. Any protracted activation of Saturn by a planetary station usually impacts a lot of people and not in a positive way.

    Prahbata – Thanks for finding the time of the swearing in. I had been using the generic noon, but yours is no doubt much closer.

  116. Prabhata says:

    Nancy, here is the website that gives 11:17 am as the time of oath (June 8, 2014, Cairo, Egypt) for El Sisi.

  117. Prabhata says:

    Nancy, btw, I think the ceremonies began at 10:30 am in Cairo. I’ve seen 10 am and 10:30, but 10:30 seems correct. The Cairo post:

    “Deputy of Supreme Constitutional Court stated that the swearing-in ceremony of Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will be held Sunday at 10:30 am”

  118. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will, the husband of a friend of mine is TP and a truther. Once he tried to convince me 9/11 was the Bush family’s doing. He wanted me to BELIEVE (as opposed to using any reasoning at all) that it was Daddy Bush himself who planned it. Many people then laid the bombs in the buildings and arranged for the planes and unsuspecting people who were ‘sacrificed’ and then pegged as terrorists. He pointed out several youtubes that he said back up his claims. In all that planning and execution not one person said anything whatsoever to anyone else. Daddy Bush’s motive was war profits. He was/is a Ron Paul fanatic and is into many crackpot conspiracy theories. He’s usually a nice guy and I was shocked to hear him dribble such nonsense.

    I really dislike conspiracy theories. If there is some question in the official story then the theory says it MUST be this other story. Leaves no room for doubt or actual exploration.

  119. alex says:


    The Guardians of Power

  120. arbo says:

    The beauty part of the 9/11 conspiracy theories — if one wants to extrapolate them to their most complicated and paranoid conclusions, thus making them unbelievable — is that they distract from the simple truths: that summer it was known that terrorists might fly large planes into buildings, which necessitated Bush’s sleeping on a ship at the G8 conference in Italy; there was a Presidential Daily Briefing dated August 6, 2001 that was hand carried to Bush, who was at his hideaway in Crawford, which he chose to not take seriously even though it was titled “Bin Laden Determined To Strike Within US Borders”; the new administration was told immediately that bin Laden should be their main focus.

    It wasn’t necessary to conspire — and it takes only two to conspire — in order to simply turn one’s back and let things take their obvious course. Official statements by National Security Advisors that they had no idea that such a horrible thing would ever happen should be taken with a large amount of salt. One can take advantage of circumstances when one knows what there are.

    These are not things that I read somewhere, but are mostly things I remember from the summer of 2001. People were distracted because they thought Gary Condit had killed an intern and that’s what they were reading about, not about the Taliban, which was blowing up ancient Buddha statues…or that Bush couldn’t sleep in a hotel at the G8 conference due to security reasons.

    All that being said, did anyone notice the calisthenics of the gate crew member in slot number two at the start of the Belmont yesterday? It seemed to me that he was more enthusiastic with his body language that he ought to have been. California Chrome lurched to his right when he broke from the gate. This morning I heard that he seems to have stepped on his own front foot.

    Oh, one more thing. The guy in slot number one moved a lot too, and that horse shied a bit to his right as well, probably further startling California Chrome. Like I said, it only takes two to conspire.

  121. Jackson says:

    The problem with conspiracy theories is not that they exist; it’s that so many people now have a default setting of “Where’s the conspiracy?” whenever an event with major impact happens, rather than starting with the simplest and most readily apparent explanation and working outward. It’s an error in reasoning that can’t be too healthy, psychologically.

  122. Anne's Aunt says:

    I had a friend who was insane about “chem” trails. Seriously nuts. Said the nano particles put in the air behind jets was meant as mind control. Same with vaccines – those nano particles forced a lifetime of mind control. Somehow traffic jams were part of the results.

  123. will says:

    I am personally guilty of having been a willing believer of conspiracy theories with the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and 911. As a kid I was deeply horrified when JFK was killed. It left a big black hole in my psyche – and that black hole got bigger and deeper with the other events. It didn’t help that I came from a profoundly abusive childhood. Perfect storm. It was really difficult for me to face the cool, dispassionate facts; an abused psyche is used to being fueled by the horror of drama and trauma; levels of fear, anxiety and distrust commingle, creating considerably distorted cognitions and hyper-vigilance.

    I am just now coming around to being resolved about JFK.

  124. ox the cat says:

    Arbo I noticed that too. Very very odd. I have mixed feelings about horseracing particularly after Barbaro was injured but I did watch the race and I will have to say I have never seen anything like that before in a loading gate. Never. It seemed like he was pushing Chrome very vigorously.

  125. starlight says:

    Thanks, Prabhata. What a difference a day makes.

  126. ox the cat says:

    Will that really makes a lot of sense.

  127. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will, I’m still not buying the JFK line. I still think it was the CIA. I may be a loonie tho.

  128. Anne's Aunt says:

    I still don’t buy into the ones like this: Sandy Hook was staged; lunar landing was staged; Barak Obama was born in Kenya — there’s more, but, thankfully, I can’t think of them at the moment. Sorry to hear about your childhood Will.

    And then every once in a while one turns out to be true. Usually its the ones about the CIA.

  129. Lorrie U says:

    AA – “every once in a while one turns out to be true. Usually its the ones about the CIA.” LOL! Yes, I think that’s why we’re all getting a little paranoid, plus the 8 yrs. of shell games by Bush/Cheney. One way to dismiss anyone taking a “conspiracy theory” seriously is by making fun of people who believe in them. The ones you pointed out are obviously outlandish, but sometimes the truth they try to hand us is a little far-fetched, so it’s difficult to discern any more.

  130. Lorrie U says:

    Arbo & ox the cat – I must say that I can’t watch horse racing the same way anymore since Barbaro. I almost look through hands over my face fearing the worst, and I’m just happy if no one breaks down regardless of who wins.

    California Chrome has a history of being fractious in the loading gate although he’s been getting better. Have to say I agree a lot with CC’s owner. It’s not a true test for the Triple Crown when putting up horses who have run three races in 5 weeks against fresh horses. Some of these big money guys come in as spoilers for the money, which is why we haven’t seen a TC winner since 1978. And when we have a real possibility, it’s usually a fresh horse that takes it in the third race. I would like to see some rules changes to make it fairer to the ones who are racing in all of them.

  131. will says:

    “If you’re like me, you read the Warren Commission Report when you were 14, convinced that you and you alone would read between the lines and figure out who really assassinated John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.

    But let’s hope (for your own sake) that you aren’t like me and that today, on the 48th anniversary of Kennedy’s death, you merely want to do a little educated digging into the man the commission deemed solely responsible for the crime: Lee Harvey Oswald…..

    Authors Don DeLillo, Edward J. Epstein and Gerald Posner respond to questions about the elusive character and contested significance of the 24-year-old former Marine.

    Two chapters from Norman Mailer’s 1996 book Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery, in which Mailer presents his conclusions on the kind of man Oswald was and the elements of his character that made him capable of killing a president — and, most likely, doing it alone.”

  132. Jackson says:

    True, Lorrie. But what I am talking about is people who, when a traumatic event occurs, immediately jump to a sub-rosa conspiracy to explain it, or they plug it into already existing conspiracy theories, without first looking at the most obvious explanations. I’m not saying that conspiracies don’t exist; I am saying that it’s important to rule out the most readily apparent explanation(s) before proceeding any musings about the secret workings of a conspiracy to explain an event. To do otherwise can be problematic.

  133. Lorrie U says:

    Attacking Their Own: Bowe Bergdhal’s ‘Muslim Traitor America-Hating’ Dad Is Actually A Republican

  134. Lorrie U says:

    Jackson – Couldn’t agree more with you! Our most recent example is the rush to judgment about Bergdahl without knowing the real circumstances. Disgusting.

  135. Lorrie U says:

    Don’t know which is more disgusting, that the republicans bribed him or that he took the bribe!…

    Va. lawmaker to resign, paving the way for state jobs for daughter, self

    RICHMOND — Republicans appear to have outmaneuvered Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a state budget standoff by persuading a Democratic senator to resign his seat, at least temporarily giving the GOP control of the chamber and possibly dooming the governor’s push to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

    Sen. Phillip P. Puckett (D-Russell) will announce his resignation Monday, effective immediately, paving the way to appoint his daughter to a judgeship and Puckett to the job of deputy director of the state tobacco commission, three people familiar with the plan said Sunday. The spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

    The news prompted outrage among Democrats — and accusations that Republicans were trying to buy the Senate with job offers in order to thwart McAuliffe’s proposal to expand health coverage to 400,000 low-income Virginians.

  136. Lorrie U says:

    Shooters in Metro ambush that left five dead spoke of white supremacy and a desire to kill police

    Details are sketchy but Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sources close to the investigation say the shooters shouted that “this is the start of a revolution” before opening fire on the officers, and draped their bodies with cloth showing a Revolutionary War-era flag. Investigators have also found paraphernalia associated with white supremacists.

  137. DuchessofGadsden says:

    Another problem I have with almost all conspiracy theories is that

  138. DuchessofGadsden says:

    (Somehow entered before I was done typing, dammit!)

    Here’s what I was trying to say: The problem I have with conspiracy theories is that they almost always involve complicated things happen that are at best highly improbably, if not completely impossible.

    For me the most obvious one is the claim that the WTC buildings had been wired and mined with explosives ahead of time. Just imagine the months, maybe years of work that would have entailed. And it was supposedly done secretly. Or that it happened in the building process. Really?

  139. Lorrie U says:

    Duchess – I agree, but there are a lot of noted engineers who have said it is impossible for the buildings to have imploded the way they did from a plane hit. If you look at the photos, they do look like a bldg. that is being demolished. Not being an engineer, I can’t say but they make a good case.

    Similarly, I’m having problems with my A/C and these people can tell you anything and you can’t question it because one doesn’t know enough to do so. All you can do is trust the experts and hope they’re not scamming you…which does happen.

  140. Eliseo says:

    RE: Conspiracy theories.
    The most important thing is these grandiose conspiracy theories serve to obscure and obfuscate the real conspiracies by the big players.
    3 big players, 4 major examples:
    (1)Nixon in 1968 sending representatives to the North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese and Viet Cong to slow down and stall the Paris Peace Talks, telling them he’ll give them a better deal if elected.
    (2)Reagan in 1980 sending William Casey to Hezbollah and the Iranians to make sure the hostages do not return to the USA until and unless he’s elected,i.e. making Carter look as weak and ineffectual as possible, also giving Iran 1500 missiles as part of the deal.
    (3)GWBush allowing a jet to fly from city to city within the USA to pick up Bin Laden relatives 2 days after 9/11/01 to prevent the FBI from questioning them.
    (4) The Bush order to troops to stand down at Tora Bora when they had Osama Bin Laden surrounded, allowing him to escape. The Bush family had done business with the Bin laden family for decades. Why spoil a good business relationship when something as unimportant as the honor and well being of the USA is at stake?

    The point is these conspiracies are documented facts, not just theories. By definition, 2 of the 3 aforementioned gentleman were guilty of treason before they were even inaugurated as president.

    No, I don’t think the Bushies had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks, but GWB’s behavior afterward appears to me to be at least borderline treason.

    But where is the present focus? Benghazi, etc.

  141. Jerry says:

    Not to be overly-simplistic on the point, but regarding possible US complicity in the 9/11 attacks…… I don’t think it is a stretch to imagine certain individuals of questionable character having some peripheral role to play in this. Individuals such as Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld; all members of the previous Bush Sr. cabinet who had an active interest in enlarging American’s sphere of influence through the ill-conceived, malevolent PNAC doctrine (Project for the New American Century – see related wikipedia article for an in-depth explanation: ).

    Bush Sr. was politically constrained during the Persian Gulf War (Jan and Feb of 1991) due to the United Nations mandate. The goal of ejecting Iraqi forces out of Kuwait was accomplished. To secure peace and not go beyond the stated objectives was politically correct. Capturing Baghdad would have been seen as further unnecessary encroachment and most likely viewed as an American aggression.

    Many contend that the original PNAC design was to gain control over the Iraqi oilfields and thus a wider hegemony in the region. This went largely unfulfilled until opportunistically enough, the 9/11 attacks occurred ten years later. Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld were once again conveniently in positions of power under Bush Jr’s leadership to follow through on the unfinished task. Conspiracy theory or not, did the US administration deliberately encourage the Al Qaeda attacks and/or discreetly look the other way in spite of the obvious warning signs of an impending attack? In view of the circumstantial evidence, I think that is a perception that won’t go away.

    On another subject equally as important, do we have another such event coming our way by the end of the month? The undermining of the value of the US dollar and a possible international currency re-set is a very real possibility. The intentions are understandable, but from all that I have read, the fall-out can be extremely disruptive. The implications are enormous. Here is a 4 minute youtube video on it:

    FATCA Explained in 4 Minutes…

  142. alex says:

    forecast 106 degrees Monday – N. CA

    roasting temeperatures ‘they say’ will go down Tues-Wed!

  143. Anita says:

    Thanks Starlight. I don’t post much but it really had to be bad for me to post the craziness – I thought it was only me. Hoping everyone has a fantastic week.

  144. Michael from NYC says:

    Silly question: Time, Inc. was just spun off today and is being publicly traded as its own stock — I take it that launching a magazine company during a Mercury in retrograde period is a bad idea?

  145. clymela box says:

    If all of 9/11 was a simple strike from those who hated us why then did that smaller building across the way come down so evenly and all the government records moved prior to the attack? Just saying.
    Those who have trashed Bowe Bergdahl and his father are,I fear, using this opportunity to feed the hatred in the hearts of those who aren’t millionaires yet because they have to pay taxes or have had to retreat to the woodlands because their beliefs frighten even their conservative neighbors.
    I understand that Bowe Bergdahl was sickened when he saw that mothers and children were being slaughtered by our magnificent weapons of mass destruction and, of late, our killing robots flying around looking for movement for our young ones in Las Vegas,LA,etc playing war games on their computers.
    I weep for that family and for the families who have lost young ones or have received their young ones home so crippled and mangled with the understanding that their vet now needs 24 hour care.
    This country is now so controlled by the military that even as I write this I wonder when I will find this used to, say, disc my Social Security,etc.

  146. clymela box says:

    I was trying to delete this but somehow it posted instead. I apologize to all of those converted to seeing things as the government explains. I was trying to delete because I just knew that some will be offended and others will be laughing. I do apologize and I promise to never again talk like this.

  147. starlight says:

    Michael – Mercury is barely moving as it begins its retrograde period. This is indeed a very bad time to start anything. They may never get moving in this endeavor.

    I had a couple of aborted efforts to do research for an article this past weekend. Nothing gelled due to the Mercury station. Now I have another idea.

    Anita – This week should be better.

  148. Anne's Aunt says:

    Interesting that the topic here in the last couple days has been conspiracy – the non movement of ideas, past and present.

    Alex, are you in N CA? If so get ready for a hot summer, and I feel for you. I lived in N CA for years and had to drive to Sacramento regularly. My junker car had no AC and temps got over 115. It’s dry heat, but so so wicked!

  149. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry & Clymela – I’m with you, you both raise good conjectures!

  150. Lorrie U says:

    The requirement for notification was satisfied…

    “Relative to the requirement that the notification be provided 30 days in advance of the transfer of detainees, the President put Congress on notice on Dec. 23, 2013, that he intended to exercise his powers as commander in chief, if necessary, ‘to act swiftly in conducting negotiations with foreign countries regarding the circumstances of detainee transfers.’

  151. barbk says:

    As the bus loads of unchaperoned children continue to arrive at Nogales, Arizona, from Central America, transiting asteroid Child continues to sit on the north node (opportunity) of the U.S. Sibly chart, 6+ Leo. We must absolutely fix our immigration problems now. Mercury’s retrograde transit from being conjunct the U.S.A.’s Venus and Karma at 3+ Cancer back to 24+ Gemini where the June 2011 lunar eclipse Sun was sitting, also when transiting Karma was conjunct the U.S.A’s Chiron (20+ Aries),is signaling a review of things, among them U.S. immigration practices. At the time of the 2011 lunar eclipse transiting retrograde Child was ready to re-conjunct transiting Pluto in Capricorn, square Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

    Back then, in June, 2011, transiting Askalaphus, the Whistle-Blower of astrology, was also at 24+ Gemini, conjunct the Sun and opposite the eclipsed Moon. From what I can gather so far, 2011 was when the ball was dropped regarding legislation on immigration, likely due to early presidential politicking (ie. hostage taking, threats of exposure, etc.)

    On that day of the lunar eclipse, June 15, 2011, Sen. Leahy had introduced the Refugee Protection Act (S1202). According to a study by Melanie Nezer in her Journal on Migration and Human Security, said “There has been no significant legislation related to the asylum process enacted in Congress in nearly a decade.”

    This year World Refugee Day is on June 20th, an observation established by the United Nations “to honor the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict and violence”. On that day transiting Mars (action) at 14+ Libra will conjunct the U.S. Saturn (rules) and trans. Mercury continues his retrograde, one day past a conjunction with the trans. Sun (consciousness). Perhaps some urgently needed action on this stalled process will take place then.

  152. Anne's Aunt says:

    My daughter has been struggling with an unknown condition for over a year now. She has been to a myriad of doctors and has had a huge array of tests. Just this morning she finally got a proper diagnosis! The log jam is breaking up – finally. Info is moving again in her life.

  153. arbo says:

    Lorrie, I imagine that certain members of Congress were otherwise occupied and in front of news cameras, complaining about the president when he tried to notify them.

    As for the Belmont, Chrome’s known unease while in the starting gate is all the more reason for that member — or members — of the crew to refrain from the calisthenics.

  154. Ardy says:

    Our conservative Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, (Australia) is about to land on U.S. shores. I apologise in advance! He is a climate change denier and friend of Rupert Murdoch. The good news is that his approval ratings are already down to 30 percent after less than a year in the job. John Oliver did a skit on him on his comedy show recently.

  155. Ardy says:

    There seems to be a constant procession of news about mass shootings (even more than usual) coming out of the U.S. Do any of you, astrologically, see any hope of changes to the gun laws in the next decade? The rest of the civilised world just shakes its head about the lunacy.

  156. Jerry says:

    Hi Ardy,

    I can’t comment on any proposed revisions in the gun laws (unfortunately the NRA has a massive lobbying influence in congress), but Mars going stationary direct three weeks ago may help to explain the uptick in violent shootings……

    NewsScope for June 9, 2014
    By Michael Wolfstar

    Mars in the Danger Zone

    In Seattle, yet another school shooting shocked the nation only two weeks after a sexually frustrated student went on a rampage in Isla Vista, California. The May 23rd incident took place just after Mars turned direct, a danger point fully described in NewsScope’s May 5 edition. Mars is currently heading into the Uranus-Pluto square, providing plenty of celestial stress on the war planet.

    The current transit of Mars is particularly influential when comparing it to the U.S. horoscope, since it’s activating the natal Sun-Saturn square. Last week we looked at transiting Pluto’s opposition to the U.S. Sun, a major astro-event in itself since it implies the breaking down (Pluto) of American institutions (Sun-Saturn) such as the Veteran’s Administration. As Mars comes along, bringing violent events in its wake, we question the loose gun laws once again.

    In the Scorpio Rising U.S. chart, progressed Mars is at 18º Libra and in the 12th house. Transiting Mars will arrive at this degree on June 30….


  157. Sharon K says:

    That’s great news, Anne’s Aunt…we’re happy for you!

  158. Lorrie U says:

    Ardy – “The rest of the civilised world just shakes its head about the lunacy.”

    We do, too, Ardy, we do too…

  159. Prabhata says:

    “The sale of ammunition – including Gw Pat.90 rounds for army-issue assault rifles – is subsidized by the Swiss government and made available at the many shooting ranges patronized by both private citizens and members of the militia.”
    Ardy: I guess Switzerland is like the U.S. “uncivilized”. But of course, there’s little violence in Switzerland, so the guns are not the problem. May I also add that Mexico has very restrictive gun laws and statistically has a low gun/population ratio? We know about the violence in Mexico. Though I would never own or use a gun, it’s a mistake to equate ownership of guns with violence. It’s the culture that’s the problem and taking away guns will not change the culture.

    Criminalize the ownership of guns, and the result will be more “criminals”, like the buyers/sellers/users of drugs.

  160. kiwi says:

    On the subject of guns in Switzerland, my understanding is that they are issued because Switzerland has no standing military.
    It seems to me that they do this in a similar manner to the US constitutional ‘right to bear arms’ through “a well regulated militia” – the govt. provides the training and weapons.
    And I presume the govt knows who has the guns and keeps track them – that’s why there is no mayhem.

  161. starlight says:

    New post up:

    Please note that I will be out of town all of next week, and this may be the last article until I come back. I will try to keep up here when I have the time, but it may be difficult.

  162. Prabhata says:

    Kiwi, it’s true that Switzerland has a high rate of guns/population due to its military system, but beyond that, guns in the hands of private individuals is high too. Not just handguns, but assault types. My point is clear: Mexico vs Switzerland. A population who is trained, and even subsidized to use guns, and owns them, vs a population that regulates guns and has low guns/population rates. If the disease is guns, then one would assume Mexico would have a lower violence rate than Switzerland. Correlation does not imply causation.

  163. Prabhata says:

    Finally, two world maps from Wikipedia:

    Map of number of guns per capita

    Map of intentional homicide by country

    I would like to take your attention gun ownership of China, Russia and Africa and Europe and their homicide rates. The lower ownership of guns does not translate into lower homicides.

  164. starlight says:

    I long ago mentioned that one outcome of this Uranus/Pluto period, especially the cardinal cross activation, might be a redrawing of borders. It looks like ISIS is creating its own Sunni fundamentalist country that will border the Shiite fundamentalists of Iran. The good news is that maybe the Kurds will finally be able to carve out their own area. Certainly they are the only effective defense against ISIS right now.

    We have also seen the redrawing begin as Russia starts to carve up Ukraine. No one knows how far that will go.