It is not even the middle of 2014 yet, and Republicans are desperately trying to poke holes in the steadily rising Hillary balloon.  Echoes of a traumatic brain injury and a debilitating geriatric decrepitude were swirling around the internet, until it became clear that the source was Karl Rove, whose name is synonymous with the most scurrilous of manipulative smear campaigns.  True to form, Rove is attacking Hillary Clinton on her greatest strengths: her extraordinary intelligence, her wide-ranging grasp of the issues, and her quality performance as Secretary of State. His wily goal is to plant seeds of doubt, elucidating for us the old adage: the Devil works with a grain of truth.

Astrologically, we are once again encumbered with an unreliable birth time. I will be using 8:02 AM, but, unfortunately, it is largely unconfirmed. This means that we must put an asterisk by any significant aspects to the Moon, the Ascendant, or the Midheaven, essentially discounting them.  There are numerous other promising aspects to consider, but the ones to the Moon in the 8:02 AM chart are particularly favorable. Oh well. hillary

At present, Saturn has just passed the second crossing of Hillary’s Mercury (21Scorpio24) and possibly her Ascendant (22Scorpio08*). This transit has been synonymous with the scurrilous attacks aired by Rove and his irritating echo, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee.  We may see another round of this or some other aggravation from mid-September through mid-October 2014 when the final Saturn transit occurs.

What I find most interesting in Hillary’s chart are the multitude of tertiary progressions that are triggered by transits from now through early 2017. Tertiary progressions are calculated by counting one day for each month, just as secondary progressions are calculated by counting one day for each year. In Hillary’s tertiary progressions, Pluto has moved into a waxing one-degree orb square with natal Venus (16Scorpio14) for several years, exact in March 2020, and very slowly dissipating thereafter. This progression will be triggered by transiting Uranus quincunx natal Venus from late May through mid-August 2014 and again from mid-March through early April 2015, as well as by transiting Pluto sextile natal Venus in January and early February 2016 during the early primaries, and from November 1 through December 11, 2016, during and just after the election.

The highlighting of Venus is extremely important in political campaigns as it intensifies the attraction of the candidate and increases the devotion of supporters.  Although this tertiary progression is not as potent as a secondary Venus/Sun progression, the periods when it is activated by strong transits will magnify its effect. This Pluto/Venus combination will add to Hillary’s appeal and popularity, although it will also increase the proverbial Pluto tendency of hyper-scrutiny that can be very uncomfortable, although largely expected when running for high office.

Also of note is the tertiary Jupiter opposition to natal Mars (14Leo00) from August through mid-December 2016, overlapping with tertiary Jupiter opposite natal Pluto (14Leo51) from late November 2016 through March 2017. This natal Mars/Pluto conjunction describes Hillary’s powerful presence, strength, and resilience. These two planets are also the co-rulers of her stellium of planets in Scorpio and possibly also her Ascendant, thus giving them exceptional importance in the chart.  Jupiter will expand the impact of this conjunction and also add the mood of optimism and success during the election, its immediate aftermath, and right through the next Inauguration. Moreover, the tertiary Sun will conjunct natal Mars, natal Jupiter, and tertiary Jupiter, covering the period from late December 2016 through mid-February 2017, further intensifying this very promising combination.

One point of caution, however, comes from the progressed Sun square to natal Neptune (11Libra21) during 2015 and peaking on February 1, 2016. This suggests some indecision, heightened expectation, and self-deception, as well as the likelihood of Rove and his cohort spreading vicious lies whenever possible. The good news is that it will begin to separate in  February 2016, bringing more pragmatism, realism, and organization to her campaign as the year unfolds.

Although the position of Hillary’s Moon (22Pisces50) remains questionable, nonetheless, I want to note that the Jupiter station in December 2015 and January 2016 will oppose that Moon, and the Jupiter station in January and February 2017 will be quincunx that Moon, suggesting great success and an optimistic mood in the early primaries, as well as during the weeks before and after the Inauguration, assuming this position is accurate.  What is accurate, however, is Bill Clinton’s Jupiter (23Libra13) which will be in the midst of a Jupiter return during January and early February 2017, suggesting he will be his most jovial and expansive self, surely a very good sign for those who seek a Hillary presidency.


  1. will says:

    Terrific news,Nancy. Glad to see her finally get her shot. It will be very interesting to see how PBO will serve to help her achieve her objectives during her presidency.

    On another note, I had no idea a pushead could have such a long lifetime; someone has to just lance Rove like the carbuncle he is.

  2. thrasybulus says:

    Thank you Nancy for putting yourself out at such a time. May your efforts shower you with Blessings.

    SharonK, what a beautiful stellium of planets in Pisces, you must have empathy beaming out of your eyeballs.

    alex, there is no need to apologize for not interpreting my planets, the fault is in myself AND in my stars dear Brutus.

    I posted my planets to see if you had any more theories you wanted to test but did not clarify my intention. Classic Mercury square Neptune (lack of clarity, confusion).

    I have long ago compensated for this tendency in my non-virtual world by thoughtful focus. In the virtual world my Uranus square ASC, with Uranus rulership of comupters, seems to unbind that restraint somewhat.

    If you want me to test a particular asteroid’s effect on my chart this guinea pig is at your service (that goes for barbk too), if not no problem.

  3. thrasybulus says:

    Hillary’s chart above is a chance to test Willner’s intercepted sign theory and the power it exerts in vocation/avocation.

    Hillary has Leo intercepted in 9th house opposed by Aqaurius interepted in the 3rd house. Does this combination reflect the type of work she does?

    The 9th house is the stronger of the two having 3 planets to none in 3rd.

    9th House of foreign lands (Secretary of State), long trips (most traveled Sec State in history), long distance communication, mass communication, law (she is a lawyer after all).

    Her job as First Lady is primarily one of mass communiction though she did do a stint on the failed healthcare bill in 93-94.

    This seems to me to fit well enough to think it is the correct chart within at least a couple of degrees.

    The stellium in the 12 house also rings true as it is the house of public service and the self-sacrifces that requires. That reflects her story too imho.

  4. Sharon K says:

    Thanks Thrasybulus…and, with my Leo Moon and Aquarius Mercury, I’m pretty people oriented and have a big heart. By the way, what is the origination of your name, I’ve always wondered…it sounds like something from Greek mythology. Nancy, thank you so much for making the time to post this piece on Hillary…I hope her health holds out. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  5. alex says:


    you’ll want to test the asteroids in more than one/your chart…. make a collection of go to charts that you keep at your desk; from time to time I’ll make a list of asteroids new to me in astro.com my page (mostly political charts) and run them as default setting with every chart I delineate for test and practice; in the last year I think I’ve changed my default setting or added to it 3-4-5 times maybe more…. I draw lots of charts;

  6. Jerry says:

    Hillary Clinton: Is 69 Too Old to Win?

    Wall Street Journal
    April 2, 2014

    As calls mount for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016, some of her friends and confidants have expressed concern about the toll two years of campaigning—not to mention four or eight years in the White House—would have on the former secretary of state.

    Mrs. Clinton will turn 69 years old just before Election Day 2016, which would make her the second-oldest president after Ronald Reagan, who was also 69 and a few months on Election Day.



    Here’s one interesting view extracted from the comment section of the above article……..

    1:59 pm April 4, 2014
    A Dem wrote:

    I am a Democrat and have been a big fan of the Clintons. But she is too old now, and I don’t say that because of her numerical age or her sex. I say that because she looks and moves like an old person. (Many people at her age do not.) We all know the truth that everyone ages differently. She is aging badly (or not as well as the job would require) and it just looks like she might not have the energy that the job demands. That is a perception problem that could have real implications on many fronts. Her inability to handle the rigors of the SOS position backs that up – and she’s not getting younger. Her husband aged tremendously in office, like most presidents do, and he began his first term 20 years ago. She may have been and was a viable candidate once, but the country picked its first African American president instead of its first female president. There will be a female president soon, but Hillary’s chance to be that woman has passed. I also think that people expect a more youthful, energetic president now because most of us understand how stressful the job is. BTW, while Romney was older too when he ran, he looked and moved like a much younger person.

  7. alex says:

    Countdown to November 4TH Elections


  8. alex says:


    Rep. Cory Gardner,R
    Sen. Mark Udall,D

  9. Sharon K says:

    If Hillary isn’t going to be a viable candidate, who is? Elizabeth Warren, most likely, will be made to look as extreme as they tried to make Obama look. At least with Hillary, we also get Bill, but if Hillary is not going to win because of the perception that she is too old (and the Secretary of State stint did seem hard on her), than who has a good chance of wining. One of the reasons Obama won and is as supported as he is, is because many people want a centrist, moderate president.

  10. barbk says:

    will. . .land sakes you sure do know how to drive home a point! :)

    Jerry, on one level (of me) I agree with your brutal assessment. On the other hand, she really IS not committed to the race and she might surprise us all by declining. Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot!

    In any event, what Nancy says about Hillary’s Mars-Pluto conjunction (that squares her Venus in Scorpio) in Leo is so revealing. There is something compulsive in Hillary’s determination to “see it through to it’s conclusion”, I believe she is answering a higher calling even if the price is her health.

    Transiting Uranus stationing retrograde in July after trining that natal Leo conjunction this month will re-connect to it in a more “thoughtful” way late September and most of October when something “unexpected” could surface. Meanwhile, also in July at the same time Uranus is stationing, transiting Saturn will station DIRECT exactly conjunct her Venus; could be something she just can’ say no to.

  11. Lorrie U says:

    Posted on FB by The Blue Street Journal

    KNOW YOUR HISTORY: Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. They then held a parade of 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children where they marched, sang and celebrated.


  12. alex says:




    Two well-known figures in Republican politics are coming to New Mexico to campaign for Gov. Susana Martinez.

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to appear at a Las Cruces fundraiser for Martinez on June 14 at the Ramada Palms, according to an invitation to the event obtained by the New Mexico Telegram website Thursday and shared with The New Mexican.

    Also, a campaign stop this month by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, first reported by the online Real Clear Politics last month, was confirmed Thursday by the Martinez campaign.

    These appearances are just the latest examples of high-profile national GOP leaders reaching out to Martinez, who is running for a second term as governor and is seen as a possible pick for vice president in 2016. Martinez repeatedly has said she has no interest in being on the national ticket.

    Next week, Martinez is headed for Chevy Chase, Md., to attend a re-election fundraiser at which “honored guests” include several potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates, including U.S. Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, vice chairman of the Republican Governors Committee.

    circa 2013


    Gov. Susana Martinez met with national Republican figures Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor at a gathering sponsored by conservative political donors Charles and David Koch.

    The twice-annual meeting sponsored by the Koch brothers was held at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort outside Albuquerque.

  13. alex says:


    May 15, 2014

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called for amending the U.S. Constitution to bar big money donors from having an outsized impact on the nation’s elections, saying billionaire donors were mounting a “hostile takeover” of America.

    “Amending our Constitution is not something any of us should take lightly, but the flood of special interest money in our American democracy is one of the glaring threats our system of government has ever faced,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “Let’s keep our elections from becoming speculative ventures for the wealthy.”

    The amendment, sponsored by Sens. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), would reverse the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United and 2014 McCutcheon rulings, as well as part of its 1976 Buckley v. Valeo ruling, and restore certain congressional authority to regulate the raising and spending of money, including that of super PACs.

    The dramatic escalation of spending by independent political advocacy groups — especially the network of outfits sponsored by the billionaire Koch brothers — was the last straw for Reid, who has been railing against the Kansas oil magnates all year.

    He cited them specifically in announcing his support for changing the constitution, noting they wrote in a memo they plan to spend at least $125 million on elections this year through their group Americans for Prosperity.

    “This memo was sent to a select group, the ultra-rich, mega rich,” said Reid. “The memo was entitled, quote, ‘Confidential investor update,’ close quote. How fitting … The Koch brothers’ hostile takeover of the American electoral system, to call something an investor update. You see, these billionaires are dumping unseemly amounts of money into a shadowy political organization. Their donation is an investment in an America rigged to benefit themselves at the expense of the middle class.”

    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Reid’s No. 3, first revealed in April that Democrats were planning to vote on the constitutional amendment.

    “The Supreme Court has equated money with speech, so the more money you have the more speech you get, and the more influence in our democracy. That is wrong,” Reid said Thursday.

    “Every American should have the same ability to influence our political system. One American, one vote. That’s what the Constitution guarantees,” he added. “The Constitution does not give corporations a vote, and the Constitution does not give dollar bills a vote.”

  14. alex says:

    2014 New Mexico Senate Election

    Tom Udall | Current New Mexico Senator

    Election 2014 The New Mexico Senate seat to be contested is currently held by democrat Tom Udall.

    2014 Election Tom Udall was sworn in on January 3rd, 2009 and is serving his first term in office.

  15. thrasybulus says:


    Thrasybulus is a Greek hero circa 400 BC. After Sparta defeated Athens in the decades long Peloponnesian War they forced onto democratic Athens the government of what has come to be known as the Thirty Tyrants.

    Thrasybulus refused to accept the tyrants and gathered around him one hundred like-minded warriors that formed the nucleus of a movement that miraculously threw out the tyrants.

    I use his name in the hope that history will repeat itself!

  16. alex says:

    Presidential Debate (West Wing) – GOP Ten Word Slogans


    GOP – Ten Words

    GOP Frank Luntz – Ten Word Slogan Strategist

    1. Government – Washington
    NEVER SAY: Government
    INSTEAD SAY: Washington

    2. Privatization/Private Accounts – Personalization/Personal Accounts
    NEVER SAY: Privatization/Private Accounts
    INSTEAD SAY: Personalization/Personal Accounts

    3 Tax Reform – Tax Simplification
    NEVER SAY: Tax Reform
    INSTEAD SAY: Tax Simplification

    4. Inheritance/Estate Tax – The Death Tax
    NEVER SAY: Inheritance/Estate Tax
    INSTEAD SAY: The Death Tax

    5. A Global Economy/Globalization/Capitalism – Free Market Economy
    NEVER SAY: Global Economy/Globalization/Capitalism
    INSTEAD SAY: Free Market Economy

    6. Outsourcing – Taxation, Regulation, Litigation, Innovation, Education
    NEVER SAY: Outsourcing
    INSTEAD SAY: Taxation, Regulation, Litigation, Innovation, Education

    7. Undocumented Workers – Illegal Aliens
    NEVER SAY: Undocumented Workers
    INSTEAD SAY: Illegal Aliens

    8. Foreign Trade – International Trade
    NEVER SAY: Foreign Trade
    INSTEAD SAY: International Trade

    9. Drilling for oil – Exploring for energy
    NEVER SAY: Drilling for oil
    INSTEAD SAY: Exploring for energy

    10. Tort Reform – Lawsuit Abuse Reform
    NEVER SAY: Tort Reform
    INSTEAD SAY: Lawsuit Abuse Reform
    11. Trial Lawyer – Personal Injury Lawyer
    NEVER SAY: Trial Lawyer
    INSTEAD SAY: Personal Injury Lawyer

    12. Corporate Transparency – Corporate Accountability
    NEVER SAY: Corporate Transparency
    INSTEAD SAY: Corporate Accountability

    13. School Choice – Parental Choice/Equal Opportunity in Education
    NEVER SAY: School Choice
    INSTEAD SAY: Parental Choice/Equal Opportunity in Education

    14. Healthcare “Choice” – “The Right to Choose”
    NEVER SAY: Healthcare “Choice”
    INSTEAD SAY: “The Right to Choose”

  17. alex says:

    West Wing Democratic Campaign Strategy

    all I’m saying is the since Newt Gingrich to 2014

    all 2014 GOP candidates are ten word slogan (Luntz) sockpuppets

    all 2016 GOP candidates will be (Luntz) sockpuppets

    maybe every time GOP candidates speak someone should raise
    the issue that except for black and white days when there are clear moral imperatives because those are days marked by ‘body counts’

    the nation is too big for 10 word slogans

  18. alex says:


    I have to amend what I said upthread

    it should read:

    the economic-political issues influencing and impacting lives of American citizens are too nuisanced for 10 word slogans

  19. thrasybulus says:


    That link to the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal about Hillary’s agedness is a little too pat for me to believe it was not planted. But whether it was planted or not is irrelevant to the fact that they are going to use the media to trumpet the age/health issue.

    I think it is naive to believe Rove’s allies in the national security state have not accessed her medical records and are prepared to present them in the most damaging light possible.

    She has been under a tremendous amount of stress for two decades. Her progressed Pluto is contraparallel (opposition) progressed Uranus within 4 minutes since 2003 regardless of her exact birthtime. If she is a Scorpio ASC, however, that Pluto rulership of Scorpio has and is putting her body under strain as this aspect will remain minutes apart for years to come.

    She is a fighter and the rest will do her good, but this aspect I think requires us to look at the real possibility of Hillary not running.

  20. thrasybulus says:


    I agree with you and would add that Dems carry a list of the words so that every time a reporter asks about what their opponent said, they can point out he “Speaks for LuntZ and NOT America.”

    Let LuntZ put that in his focus group and smoke it.

  21. thrasybulus says:

    If Hillary were not to run I do not totally despair of Democratic chances in 2016. Free-for-all primaries have usually brought out a battle tested candidate for the nomination.

    Elisabeth Warren is outstanding but I question if she can appeal to enough people in the general election as a “Massachusetts Liberal”

    Sen Tom Udall, enviromentalist, pushes back on unrestricted spying and as mentioned above is pushing back on big money control of politics. From New Mexico, swing state, albeit a small one.

    Love their policies but widespread appeal yet to be proven. Cuomo will certainly run if Hillary doesn’t and as New York’s Governor would be christened by the media as the new instant frontrunner imho.

    Gov Deval Patrick of Massachusetts might run. Ex-Gov of Montana Schweicker a possibility.

  22. Jerry says:


    As you suggested, in this era of youtube and the instant one minute sound-bite, the perception of age i.e. a politician being in their declining years could be a factor in swaying a voters mind (note: that one persons comment I posted – below the article). Personally speaking, I don’t think Hillary has the same stature and stately personal charisma as let’s say…… the former Prime Minister of India; Indira Gandhi. But then, what appeals to the American voter may be a bit different.

    In a lighter vein, who can forget Pres. Reagan’s humorous response to the question put by a moderator during the 1984 Reagan-Mondale debates regarding the age issue……


  23. kiwi says:

    Regarding Hillary’s age, a new study on age perception might play into how a run by her might be received.
    The new old age is 80

  24. alex says:


    you are going to like the Democratic field of candidates….
    really I know you are….. and they are all going to be nationally electable ( maybe not Senator Bernie Sanders but I could be wrong about this ) many people hopes Senator Sanders runs to put the grassroots issues front and center – he does it like nobody can

    you’ll like all the Democrat field and they are GOOD

  25. Michael from NYC says:

    Jerry dare I suggest that health and age don’t matter? If you think about how bad FDR’s health was in his last term (and he died in office) it certainly didn’t stop him from being one of the best Presidents of the 20th century. Also we know now that JFK was in really bad physical shape his whole life, yet he got us through the Cuban Missile Crisis:


    Also with the age thing I’d point to Queen Elizabeth II who is now 88 (and was a mere 69 in 1995) — or Shimon Peres who is now age 80.

    Something in my gut tells me that this may be her moment. I also see 2016 as a huge tilt back to the left. There’s also a generational thing going on: There’s a deep hunger in boomers to fix the mistakes of the past as a legacy to their kids (you see that in her love for Chelsea). I also think that even if she was a one term President that she could have quite the impact in a very short amount of time — especially if the Dems could sweep the house and senate. I also sense that we’re at the start of a long term swing back to liberalism — much like the period of 1932 until about 1979:


    Lastly: She’s a sun scorpio — think of the transformative effects of James Polk (who should be better known) or Theodore Roosevelt.

  26. Eliseo says:

    Michael from NYC,
    I agree. I also feel in my gut we are beginning to experience a tilt back to the left. Hillary is too hawkish and right of center for my taste, but I think she would be perceived by the American public as a “not too far left centrist.” She probably would have the backing of Big Business, but like all politicians, I feel she would ride the tide as we move further left.

    Also, another indication we’ll soon be moving further left. Farmers Insurance and 20 other Ins. companies are suing the City of Chicago for ignoring the science of climate change. They pay the claims to individuals but are holding the politicians responsible for not having the city prepared. If they win their suit, there will be further legal suits. If that happens politicians will pay a real price for climate denial.

    Lloyd’s of London and their American extension have not done so yet but are also friendly to suing the politicians for ignoring climate change.


  27. Eliseo says:

    Another indication the public is moving leftward, at least on climate issues:

    Evangelical Group: Climate Change Is A ‘Pro-Life’ Issue


    A group of Evangelical Christians are calling on Florida Gov. Rick Scott to create a plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change, hoping that their message will resonate with Scott’s staunch Christian values.

    Rev. Mitch Hescox, president of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), is leading the group’s campaign for Scott to recognize climate change as a major threat in Florida. EEN is collecting signatures for a petition asking Gov. Scott to create a plan for climate change, one which so far has garnered about 12,000 signatures. Hescox told ThinkProgress that EEN chose to focus on Florida because of its vulnerability to climate change — Floridians, especially in the Southeast region of the state, are already struggling to adapt to rising seas that lead to sunny-day flooding and stronger storm surges.

    “We wanted to help the evangelical church understand in Florida that climate change is not a liberal issue or any issue other than a people issue,” he said.

  28. Jerry says:

    Hi Michael,

    Queen Elizabeth as head of state; represents the historic monarchy of Great Britain (unelected) and as such, is merely a figure head. She has no voice in official government public policy.

    As for FDR and JFK; they lived in a different time. Being under the intense scrutiny of the public eye didn’t exist then (re: JFK’s extra marital affairs for example). But with that being said, I do understand the sentiment behind backing Hillary. She’s very likeable. It’s just that I’m not as confident as you are that the republican’s will overlook this particular vulnerability of hers. The likes of Karl Rove and company have a very different view of politics. They like to play hardball.

  29. Jerry says:

    Today May 25th, 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of the World Wide Web at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Astrologically, May 25, 1994 had an absolutely amazing yod formation in the heavens which speaks to that powerful moment in history. Pluto at 26 Scorpio (transformation) in sextile to Uranus at 26 Capricorn (innovation in the business sector) with Pluto and Uranus both forming a 150 degree quincunx to Mercury at 26 Gemini (communication). Here’s an article explaining how it all began……..

    A Brief History Of The Internet: How The World Wide Web Has Changed Our Lives Over The Past 20 Years

    ABC News
    May 25, 2014

    Twenty years ago Tim Berners-Lee launched the World Wide Web in a bid to better share information.

    Little was known about the technology and even less about the possibilities it would bring to those in the years ahead – that we would shop from the comfort our lounge rooms, doctors would examine patients from miles away and information would be at our proverbial fingertips. With the support of his employer, CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research), Sir Tim invented the World Wide Web in 1989. It was released to the public by CERN in 1993, launching entire industries and revolutionising old ones.

    The World Wide Web arrives (1994)

    On May 25, the first International Conference on the World Wide Web opened in Geneva, Switzerland. Attendee Mark Pesce says, “if the web can be said to have had a starting gun, it fired on that Wednesday morning at CERN”.

    Mr Pesce says a packed auditorium listened to Mr Berners-Lee and other experts in the emerging technology discuss the potential of the World Wide Web.



    Here’s a fascinating 3 minute interview with Mark Pesce on that historical occasion of May 25th, 1994…

    Mark Pesce Recalls Electric Atmosphere At The Internet’s ‘Big Bang Moment’


  30. barbk says:

    If I heard it correctly, President Obama’s secret flight to Afghanistan to visit the troops took off at 11:27 PM, May 24th, giving us a chart with the Sun in Gemini conjunct the President’s natal Moon. Further supporting the nurturing purpose of the Memorial Day weekend trip, the solar return chart for the U.S. has Ceres at 5+ Leo conjunct the U.S. (Sibly chart) north node (6+ Leo).

    Also the U.S. solar return chart has the Moon (nurture) at 9+ Gemini (short trips) sextile Venus at 9+ Leo (affectionate display) that goes on to form a yod with Pluto at 10+ Capricorn (father figure), the degree where transiting Pluto will station direct in September. The solar return Pluto is at the apex point of it’s yod with Venus and Moon, suggesting a deeply felt parental quality in the visit intent on reinforcing the family ties.

    The U.S. Sibly birth chart has asteroid Child at 10+ Pisces (sacrifice) which is sextile (little effort involved) the U.S. solar return Saturn (paternal nature) but is square (challenged) the solar return Moon (mommy) and quincunx (must adjust) the solar return Venus (symbolizing value).

    The take-off chart has Pluto in Scorpio near the ascendant in the 12th house (backing up the veil of secrecy of this trip) as it opposes the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer. The chart’s north node in Libra and Mercury in Gemini both trine the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius, confirming that the Public (the People) will approve of this gesture. Transiting Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron, now in a grand water trine, imply a healing of wounds on the level of government and society will result from this action.

    The MC (outcome) in Scorpio suggests the trip will have a transforming effect, and that it trines the U.S. asteroid Child and the U.S. Sun shouldn’t hurt the President in the eyes of the World. Even at home it will help as the U.S. PROGRESSED Moon is at 9+ Scorpio and conjunct the MC of the chart for the trip.

    The trip chart’s Moon at 20+ Aries exactly conjuncts the U.S. natal Chiron, with the trip chart’s Moon (and natal Chiron) evenly spaced between Uranus (15+ Aries) and Venus (25+ Aries). Ah hah!

    The trip Moon rules the trip chart 7th house of The Other( as well as Open Enemies), and is conjunct both outer planet Uranus (unexpected) and personal planet Venus (affection) providing a surprise nurturing for the wounded as it celebrates the service of the U.S. military. It’s something only a dual talented Sun in Gemini could pull off so well; bravo!

  31. Michael from NYC says:

    Jerry: Uranus + Pluto = we are coming back to the 30s (FDR) and the 60s (JFK).

    Also young adults who are now 22 years old are now the populous age in the US. Millennials aren’t obsessed with youth like their boomer parents — and they will be the ones to show up in a Presidential year. The older ones also see Hillary as “mommy” and standing for the “good old days of the 90s when i didn’t have to worry”.

    i strongly suspect there is something bigger at work — i don’t know what that is (past lives? destiny? karma? cycles?) but there is something bigger there.

    i suspect something similar is going on with the current pope as well. things are going in a new direction. a bit painful at points, but that’s an echo of the 30s and 60s.

    PS the one time i met her was right after 9/11 when she first became the senator for NY in a previous life — i should have known then, but it seemed unlikely

  32. Michael from NYC says:

    PPS i also didn’t realize this, but she was born in Chicago — and started life as a Rockefeller Republican — and supported this guy:


    …there’s a bigger Obama connection there i never knew about before.

  33. will says:

    BREAKING NEWS Sunday, May 25, 2014 2:11 PM EDT

    Pro-European Billionaire Claims Victory in Ukraine Presidential Vote

    KIEV, Ukraine — KIEV, Ukraine – With their country caught in a fierce tug-of-war between Russia and the West over a new 21st-century security order, Ukrainians on Sunday elected Petro O. Poroshenko, a pro-European billionaire, as president, turning to a soft-spoken businessman to lead them out of six months of wrenching turmoil including an on-going separatist insurrection in the east.

    Mr. Poroshenko, a confectionary tycoon known as the “Chocolate King\,” anda longtime veteran of Ukrainian politics, declared victory as exit polls showed him with a wide lead over his strongest rival, the former prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko. He appeared poised to easily clear the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a potentially divisive runoff.

    Despite formidable obstacles in the east, where armed separatists largely prevented balloting from taking place on Sunday, and in Crimea, which Russian now claims as its own, election officials reported robust turnout throughout the rest of the country.



  34. Anne's Aunt says:

    Elisio, Actually Hillary is not right of center on the issues. She is as far left as Warren is and a bit more left than Obama. Here is a good review of her issue stands and voting records. http://www.ontheissues.org/Hillary_Clinton.htm

  35. Sharon K says:

    Alex, you are right about the excellent slate of political leaders in the Democratic Party. With Evangelists moving towards climate change, and Eliseo’s item about Farmers & other insurance companies suing Chicago, I’m beginning to believe that climate change might be a major, major election-year policy issue by 2016! Good for Senator Udall of CO, although I’m not yet giving up on Hillary. Also, Castro being nominated for Secretary of Healthy & Human Welfare is very exciting…the 2016 Democratic primary race and Convention is going to be electric (Duval! Warren! Davis!)

  36. thrasybulus says:

    I think what gives me the impression (like Eliseo) that Hillary is in the center right is her vote for the Iraq War Resolution, otherwise Aunt Anne is right that Hillary’s positions are left of center.

    Eliseo, I think our perception of Hillary as hawkish is abetted by that Scorpio ASC, or is it the Scorpio ASC that makes her hawkish? both? The old riddle of which came first, the hawk or the egg.

    With Sisyphus agitating my sense of futility I remember that Bill Clinton and Obama hold standard left of center policy positions and still the country was/is pushed rightward by a zealous minority.

    And I do not think Hillary should withdraw from contention because of being challenged about her health, only worried that her health might actually be a physical obstacle. If it is only a political question she can dispel it by her usual robustness and grit on the political campaign trail.

  37. Anne's Aunt says:

    Hillary and Obama have basically the same amount of hawkishness. That’s why he named her SOS and not, say, health and human services. She is significantly left of him on issues concerning women and children. She is a tough and smart woman and had dealt with as much sexism as he has racism.

  38. thrasybulus says:

    As for the country tilting back to the left I think we the people have been there for a while now. The Democrats have won the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.

    That is with ever increasing legal obstacles placed in the way of left leaning voters. Indiscriminate voter purges, computer generated gerrymandering, voter id, stripping the voting rights act of teeth to protect minority voters, corporate citizenship to allow unlimited money influence.

    We have been losing this battle in the legal system and in the national security bureaucracy. Sen Reid finally exhausted his Biblical obligation of turning the other cheek 7 times 70 and muted the filibuster of most federal judges and this will have the biggest impact, imho, on returning the country to the people.

  39. thrasybulus says:

    Guys, do you realize we have not had a Democratic Chief Justice of the Supreme Court since 1953? If not for the fact that Earl Warren was a liberal Rebublican we would be in an even greater world of hurt.

    That means that the modern Democratic party, stripped of its rascist wing in the 1960’s, has not appointed a single Chief Justice.

  40. barbk says:

    Yes, but does she have the prerequisite natal aspect to the U.S. Moon? Of course she does! Her natal Uranus (breakthroughs) at 25 Gemini 56 is an absolutely perfect choice; symbolically indeed, and it is a trine aspect (easily accomplished) to the U.S. Moon at 27 Aquarius 10.

    In fact Hillary has lots of connections to the U.S. chart when we scour the minor planets. Here are a couple of my favorites:
    Photographica an asteroid and Vulcanus a Uranian point, both at 22+ Gemini retro (delayed) are not far from her Uranus and they conjunct the U.S. Mars which might explain her hawkish voting. Natal Vulcanus and Photographica also square (challenge) the U.S. Neptune in Virgo. Think of this Neptune in it’s fudge-the-facts guise for a moment.

    In myth, Vulcanus was a talented although crippled lad and could forge beautiful and useful things from iron and other metals. Once his mother – who had rejected him – was giving his adoptive mother some grief so he created a beautiful chair of gold and silver as a gift for his real mother, Juno. But when she sat down on it, it became a trap she could not escape from. :) Thus his father Jupiter got him to release Juno by giving him Venus as his bride. Blackmail or just the power of persuasion?

    Now think about Vulcanus, the maker of beautiful traps, combined with Photographica’s ability to capture and relate images, joining forces with the U.S. Mars (action), in the sign of communicative Gemini (2 versions) in the house of partners and open enemies. . . . . .

    In square with the U.S. Neptune, a younger Hillary might be easily deceived but a mature Hillary would be a challenging adversary. You’d better believe it.

    Toro the Bull, an asteroid in Hillary’s chart at 28+ Libra also trines the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. Toro symbolizes strength, competitiveness and can be a real bully too. Natal Toro also squares (challenges) the U.S. Pluto (hidden power) at 27+ Capricorn (establishment) which could come in handy for a sweet little lady President.

    We’ve only seen the tip of Hillary’s talents I’m guessing, and we ain’t seen ‘nothing yet.

  41. thrasybulus says:

    Interesting observation barbk. I would submit that at the very least the breakthrough that her Uranus conjunct USA Mars and trine USA Moon shows is that if she retires today, she more than any other single person is responsible for American acceptance that a woman is capable of being President.

    That is not meant to slight all those accomplished women on whose shoulders she stands.

  42. Jerry says:

    Unofficial results of the relatively calm and smooth Ukrainian elections indicate Petro Poroshenko “the chocolate businessman billionaire” won 56 per cent of the vote thus eliminating the need for a second run off vote in mid June.

    Poroshenko was born in the city of Bolhrad, Odessa Oblast, on 26 September 1965. One quick look at his chart (using 12 pm local time as the standard) reveals that his birth occurred under an exact Pluto-Uranus conjunction, an astonishing bell-weather in the political climate he was elected. Does anyone know the exact time of his birth?

    What Does Poroshenko’s Election Mean for Ukraine?

    Bloomberg News
    May 26, 2014

    May 26 (Bloomberg) — Ukrainians elected billionaire Petro Poroshenko as president, handing him the task of stemming deadly separatist violence that’s threatening to rip the former Soviet republic apart. Daryna Krasnolutska explains what the election means for Ukraine on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

    Video: 2 min 55 sec.


  43. Jerry says:

    An excellent in-depth look at the newly elected Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. His political views as seen in an exclusive BBC HARDtalk interview conducted in November of last year……..


  44. Jerry says:

    My apologies. The above 8 minute video segment of the BBC HARDtalk interview is an incomplete version.

    Here then is the entire 25 minute interview:

    BBC HARDtalk with Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian Businessman

    Video length: 24 min 20 sec


  45. Jerry says:

    The next critical date to be mindful of – June 3rd.

    Ukraine Crisis

    Ukraine Can Kneel or Starve
    by Marc Champion

    Bloomberg View
    May 21, 2014

    Now that the prospect of a hot war in Ukraine has begun to recede ahead of Sunday’s presidential election, the struggle for control of the country is returning to a more familiar battlefield: natural gas. Since the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine’s corrupt elites, unable to pick between cheap Russian gas and political independence, have tried to have both. When President Viktor Yanukovych was forced to choose last year, he went for cheap gas.

    That enraged many Ukrainians, because they understood it meant institutionalized corruption and permanent vassalage to Russia, so they tossed Yanukovych out. Yet the tightly linked questions of how much independence Ukraine can have and how much it must pay for gas remain unanswered. The coming natural gas war could turn hot as soon as June 3, should Russia’s OAO Gazprom follow through with its threat to cut off Ukraine’s gas supply — and therefore the European Union’s.



  46. Anne's Aunt says:

    thrasybulus, (btw I like your name) I hope it’s true that the US is turning to the left. I know it will in the long term. Most young people are very progressive on social issues – and that includes drug policies. But this country is very divided. I’ve been reading a conversation about how much the deep rural south differs from the urban north culturally and politically.

    I would love a Clinton/Warren ticket. That way Clinton could usher in a future Warren presidency. As it is now Warren does not have the executive experience or the high profile (like Obama did) that she needs to run at the top of a ticket.

    I heard Van Jones give a commencement speech at Pitzer college recently. It was extremely inspirational. If you get a chance watch it – he is a very powerful speaker and the 18 minutes fly by. His story is very uplifting and challenging.


  47. Eliseo says:

    Anne’s Aunt
    I examined the material about Hillary at the website you listed. Evidently from the conventional American perspective you are right in your assessment. I stand corrected.

    I think perhaps thrasybulus is right. My perception of Hillary as hawkish probably has been abetted by her Scorpio ascendant, and her vote for the Iraq War Resolution.

    But like Thomas Frank, I believe you can’t have a center if you don’t have a left.

    I see the political spectrum quite differently from many. Our so called “Left” here in the USA, from an historical and international perspective is not in my humble opinion very “left-ish” at all.

    I am not a Liberal. Nor am I a Conservative. Liberals want to fix the current system to make it work better. As an advocate of Economic Democracy, I am for an alternative system. But, I’m also a pragmatist.

    I very much agree with you that Hillary “is a tough and smart woman and had dealt with as much sexism as he has racism.” Although I see her (and Obama as well) as too sympathetic to Corporate America for my taste, and she has some issues I don’t agree with, (no such thing as a politician anyone of us agrees with 100%) I would nevertheless vote for her in a heartbeat, especially as compared to anyone the Republicans would dredge up.

    As I’ve often said and written, the Democrats are the party of compassion, but are often lacking in wisdom. The current crowd of Republicans have neither compassion nor wisdom.

  48. Anne's Aunt says:

    Eliso I agree with much you said. However when she was on the board of Walmart she advocated for women’s issues and women’s treatment and promotion and salaries in the company. Yes, she gives speeches that are paid – even commencement to men’s . But when men give speeches and are paid it seems to make no waves. Somehow her’s are.

  49. Anne's Aunt says:

    Obama’s HAMP program was missing a few advances of Clinton’s HARP advocacy. Both took large donations from large corporate interests. Politicians that are successful do. Small steps politically. Obama was a huge step in the social arena. And he was rather successful in stopping the great recession. I hope, and expect, he will support Clinton as she did for him. She may make more steps in the left direction.

  50. kiwi says:

    wonder what the right wingers will say about this – Tehran executes billionaire businessman for bank fraud – https://nz.finance.yahoo.com/news/iran-billionaire-executed-over-2-104931105.html

  51. alex says:

    2014 Election – Democratic Turnout – North Carolina


    Perhaps the key Senate race in the country is in North Carolina, a Republican-leaning swing state.

    Wake is North Carolina’s second-biggest county, but it consistently casts more votes than the biggest—Mecklenburg, home to Charlotte.

    Hagan took slightly more than 54 percent of the two-party vote against Dole in 2008, four points better than Obama performed on the same ballot. Two years later, incumbent Burr performed a bit better than Hagan in his reelection bid, winning 56 percent of the two-party vote.

    In each of these elections, the winner of the state also won Raleigh’s Wake County. Hagan took the county by 15 points in 2008; Burr won it by a point in 2010.

    Because Florida and Ohio, with their famous, key counties like Hillsborough (Tampa) and Hamilton (Cincinnati), don’t feature Senate races this year, Wake might very well be the key county this year.

    Hagan needs to win it again, and not just by a few points, which will be a challenge given the significant turnout problems Democrats face in North Carolina midterms.


  52. will says:


    You posted: “wonder what the right wingers will say about this – Tehran executes billionaire businessman for bank fraud”

    Frankly, with the exception of a very rare few (like Warren Buffet)I wouldn’t mind seeing the lot of them befall a similar fate….or perhaps spend life sentences using their dubious skills to raise $$$ for higher purposes than wanton avarice.

    I think the 18th century French novelist hit the mark squarely:

    “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”
    – Honore de Balzac

  53. starlight says:

    will – Great quote!!

  54. will says:

    Global Ruling Class: Billionaires and How They ‘Made It’
    By Prof. James Petras
    James Petras Website 23 March 2007

    “…Over half of the current billionaires (523) came from just 3 countries: the US (415), Germany (55) and Russia (53). The 35 per cent increase in wealth mostly came from speculation on equity markets, real estate and commodity trading, rather than from technical innovations, investments in job-creating industries or social services.”


    “Virtually all the billionaires’ initial sources of wealth had nothing to do with building, innovating or developing new efficient enterprises.”



  55. Jerry says:

    A change of pace…….

    NORTHERN INDIA (a short art video)

    Video Length: 4 min 24 sec


  56. Eliseo says:

    Kiwi &
    Have you seen the cover of the June American Spectator?
    The Iranians are not the only ones focused on the execution of billionaires.

  57. alex says:

    2014 Governor’s Election – Maine

    Gov. Paul LePage (R) v Rep. Mike Michaud (D)


  58. Anne's Aunt says:

    Glen Greenwald said he will reveal the names of the victims/targets of NSA spying. This could be big and very disruptive. Is there any astrology on this? I’m simply not that good at reading the charts.

    Has the he NSA become a rogue agency?

    “The man who helped bring about the most significant leak in American intelligence history is to reveal names of US citizens targeted by their own government in what he promises will be the “biggest” revelation from nearly 2m classified files.”


  59. thrasybulus says:

    Eliseo: “I see the political spectrum quite differently from many. Our so called “Left” here in the USA, from an historical and international perspective is not in my humble opinion very “left-ish” at all.”

    I think you are on to something. One of the best benefits of a two party system is that it has generally kept out extremists in national elections by forcing candidates of both parties to the center to get their majority.

    There was, pre-Reagan, a considerable liberal faction within the Republican Party. Can a two-party system survive when extremists gain control of one party?

  60. thrasybulus says:

    Anne’s Aunt,

    My first impulse was to bet that most of the names on Greenwald’s list will be to the left of the Republicans. But that’s not necessarily true. The corporate elite that run the Republican Party have to keep tabs on the extreme right too.

    The corporate elite (yes alex I do believe in a form of the Superclass) is so small a group that they have to constantly manipulate groups. They constantly fund state constitutional amendments on abortion and gay rights to keep the Evangelical wing of the Republican party voting.

    This elite also plays on racism, anti-government sentiment, fear of gun confiscation, etc., to get the Tea party vote. Their problem is that the monster they created in the Tea party turned and almost ate them alive.

  61. Anne's Aunt says:

    The overton window has moved right in the last 40 years or so. It’s due for a swing back. I hope.

    Elisio what is “Economic Democracy”? Is that like a libertarian idea of a free market?

    Ds and Rs differ on many policies, but both parties are heavily influenced by donations and lobbyists. I think that’s only going to get worse with corporate donations. Both parties have problems with corruption. I grew up in chicago and it was a D run state. So many of the governors end up in jail for fraud.

    Areas that the parties are pretty much in lock step includes the war on drugs. We spend vast amounts on the DEA which is often a rogue agency, and vast amounts of money to prosecute and jail non-violent drug users. We pay for the DEA to raid and destroy state sanctioned and legal medical pot growers. We spend vast amounts on the CIA and the NSA. Both parties deport undocumented immigrants and break apart families.

  62. Anne's Aunt says:

    thrasybulus, It will be interesting (and unpredictable, at least to me) what names are released. If it’s Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber I can understand it. Who wouldn’t want to listen into them?

    (just kidding!!!)

  63. thrasybulus says:

    Where did the Tea party come from? I believe they are primarily that mixture of anti-govt libertarians and racists that left the Democratic Party and supported George Wallace in 1968 and 1972 until he was shot.

    After Wallace was paralyzed he left the 1972 race and almost all his supporters that voted, voted for Nixon and the Republicans. This group was quite content with Reagan’s dog whistle appeals to racism but split from the Republicans again over taxes when Bush was forced by Reagan’s tripling of the national debt to raise taxes.

    They found another champion in Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996 which guaranteed Clinton’s election victories. Perot’s appeal was mainly with the libertarian wing of the group, but those of the racist bent went along as there was not better protest option.

    Then came the 2000 election. Continued on next post.

  64. Anne's Aunt says:

    My understanding of the tea party history is that is started (a group using that name) under Bush, protesting his unfunded wars. Then in 2009 it changed leaderships and protested the bank bailouts. Big funders moved in like the Koch brothers and pretty much bought the grass roots movement. They rallied small town people by highlighting Obama’s dis of rural people (a political mistake like Romney’s 47% talk at a private fundraiser). Since then it’s economic libertarian inception it has attracted racists and evangelicals and, well basically, nuts. I read one tea party blog in order to know what they are about and from what I can tell they are about hate. They hate the corporate Rs and they even more hate the Ds and they even more hate Obama. It’s actually stunning the level of their hate. They hate Michelle and the kids. They hate Christie for even talking to Obama during a disaster. Can that level of hate be emotionally satisfying for them? They use their hate as a bonding tool and community is built around it. Very scary.

  65. thrasybulus says:

    A very important view of the 2000 election imho; http://cursor.org/stories/fascismvi.php

    “So in 2000 came the Buchanan takeover of the Reform Party. He managed to do this with a maximum of acrimony, so that the party became split into its Buchananite wing — which largely was the white-nationalist faction — and its Perotite wing. Buchanan’s side won the war and got to carry the party’e banner in the national election.

    And then Buchanan selected a black woman as his running mate.

    The white nationalist who had been Buchanan’s footsoldiers abandoned him immediately. And where did they flee? The GOP, of course. As David Duke’s manager explained it to a reporter: “[A]fter Buchanan chose a black woman as his veep he now thinks that ‘Pat is a moron’ and ‘there is no way we can support him at this point.'” The Democrats — with a Jew as the running mate — were threatening at the time to win the race outright. The combination of all these factors herded the far right handily into voting Republican.”

    The Reform Party had automatic ballot access and millions of dollars in govt matching funds due to Perot’s election totals. Buchanan threw it all away and in August, weeks before election day Buchanan has “emergency” gallbladder surgery that takes him off the campaign trail completel and leaves his black female running mate as the face of the party. I’d like to see those medical records!

  66. thrasybulus says:

    Anne’s Aunt,

    You may be right about the Tea party origins and the Republicans simply usurped it as they did the Reform Party. The libertarians are not naturally supportive of corporate Republicanism and have to be scared or manipulated constantly by the elite.

    Remember that all the main culprits in our tragedy grew up in the Nixon administration. Pat Buchanan was a speech writer, Daddy Bush was Chair of Republican Party and Ambassador to China, Cheney and Rumsfield worked together under the Price Control Administration when Nixon imposed price controls (ironic ain’t it).

  67. thrasybulus says:

    To clarify, Anne’s Aunt, I agree with you about the origins of the use of the name Tea Party, my point is that they are the Wallace and Perot voters rebranded.

  68. Anne's Aunt says:

    They certainly are now.

  69. Jackson says:

    I’m pretty sure that the organizational roots of the modern Tea Party got their beginning in California in the early 2000s, and grew out of the successful campaign to recall Democratic Governor Gray Davis. The political consultants behind the drive, Sal Russo and Howard Kaloogian, were old California Republican Party hacks aligned with Ronald Reagan. Once the recall was successful in installing a Republican governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the focus of the apparatus was shifted from California to national politics, and the Tea Party was born.

    There have been a few malefic political forces that got their start here in Sacramento: the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan.

  70. Anne's Aunt says:

    And from what I can tell they are old enough to be Wallace and Perot voters. The tea parties are populated by older folks which, hopefully, does not bode well for a long future.

  71. Anne's Aunt says:

    Interesting Jackson. Do you think it was the gun ‘rights’ advocates that forced his recall?

  72. Eliseo says:

    Anne’s Aunt
    “Elisio what is “Economic Democracy”? Is that like a libertarian idea of a free market?”

    No, not at all. Although some Left Libertarians (mostly in Europe) are comfortable with the idea.

    “Economic Democracy” is also known as “stakeholder democracy,” “market socialism,” (although the Chinese also use this phrase with a profoundly different meaning) and “cooperative capitalism.”

    There are many different models and varieties (theoretically) of market socialism, but it is essentially a form of economy in which the entrepreneurial spirit and our present marketing system are retained, but with a much higher percentage of businesses manifesting as cooperatives or in which other forms of employee ownership would prevail. In most cases the means of production would not be owned by the state, but by the people in the form of their various cooperatives.

    Corporations might or might not exist, but if they did would be profoundly different entities from what obtains today. They certainly would not have the legal status of persons, would not exist in perpetuity, would need to have their charters renewed on the basis of whether or not they continued to serve the public good (like before the Civil War) and in most cases would be at least 51% employee owned.

    Dairy farmers don’t need some know-nothing party appointed commissar to tell them what to do. (Certainly didn’t work for the Soviets!) It is more democratic, humane and economically advantageous for them to form a cooperative and elect their own business agents. (In most countries dairy farmers already do their business as cooperatives.)

    Social democracies attempt to achieve greater economic stability and equal access through policy measures, i.e. taxes, subsidies, social welfare programs, etc.

    Alternatively, market socialism is designed to achieve very similar goals through quite different patterns of enterprise ownership and management.

    Personally, I don’t believe any one type of system will ever prevail. And I think it is better that way. I think we’ll still need government to do the many good things government does best. I’m all for public libraries, public education, publicly owned utilities, and single-payer health care.

    Although from a very early age to the present I’ve considered myself a democratic socialist, I suppose the system I’m probably describing here quite poorly could be considered both capitalist and socialist and neither. In any case, if you are interested, Wikipedia has some decent articles on economic democracy and market socialism, as well as some good references to good authors on the subject.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for the inquiry.

  73. thrasybulus says:

    Jackson, The appearance of the Tea Party brand in Caifornia so soon after the demise of the Reform Party in 2000 and their connection with Republican political operatives would seem to reinforce the article I linked to.

    These people were not willing to identify as Republicans then, but Republicans have to stoke their fears so they vote AGAINST Democrats — not FOR Republicans. The Obama presidency united them in 2010 with the Republicans against the common “enemy” and their numbers have forced the Party rightward even farther.

    Anne’s Aunt, I don’t know if the majority of Tea people may be actual Wallace/Perot voters, but there are many that share the same beliefs that are younger. This strain of thought is as old as the Republic; the Anti-Masonic Party, the Know Nothings of the 19th century.

  74. alex says:

    The Sacramento-based GOP political consulting firm Russo Marsh and Rogers founded the Tea Party Express through its political action committee Our Country Deserves Better (OCDB) in the summer of 2009.

    The Tea Party Express is a California-based group founded in the summer of 2009 to support the Tea Party movement.


    Meckler and his family began promoting the idea of a Tea Party protest in Sacramento, California on February 27, 2009.



    In 1984, David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch of Koch Industries founded Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE), a conservative political group whose self-described mission was “to fight for less government, lower taxes, and less regulation.” Congressman Ron Paul was appointed as the first chairman of the organization.

    The CSE lobbied for policies favorable to corporate interests, particularly tobacco companies. The CSE started the Tea Party movement in 2002, but it did not take off at the time.

    In 2003, Dick Armey became the chairman of CSE after retiring from Congress.

    In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy split into FreedomWorks, for 501c4 advocacy activity, and Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Dick Armey stayed as chairman of FreedomWorks, while David Koch stayed as Chairman of Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

    The two organizations would become key players in the Tea Party movement from 2009 onward.

  75. alex says:

    according to Southern Povery Law Center – CALIFORNIA has the most organized HATE groups…….

  76. alex says:


    Is the H.L. Mencken Club an Extremist Hate Group, or Just a Bunch of Weary Old White Guys?

    Photos from 2009 show beaming attendees posing with the guest of honor, Pat Buchanan.


  77. alex says:


    Some conservatives unhappy with House Speaker John Boehner’s leadership are looking for a replacement, and recent moves by Texas Republican Jeb Hensarling are fueling speculation he wants Boehner’s job in the next Congress.

    Hensarling, who was part of Boehner’s leadership team two years ago but left to chair the House Financial Services Committee, gave an expansive speech last week hosted by Heritage Action for America, a group that frequently and publicly clashes with Boehner.


    The five most commonly used asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron) are used in the analysis with the following:

    Midas (to make money, desire to make money)

    Nessus (boundary issues, unattractive and serviceable, traditionally advantaged groups and vested interests)

    Cosicosi (not caring)

    Yi Xing (the desire or ability to repair or solve problems)

    Zwingli (“by the book”; rigid or fundamentalist outlook)

    Transylvania (attitude toward civilization and its institutions)

    Dallas (conservatism)

    Mony (money)

    Ouro Preto (the dark side of money and its influence)

    D’arrest (reactionary, backward, to stop, obstructionism)

    Jeb Hensarling (was a GOP member of Super Committee, aka Super Congress who ushered in the ‘sequester’)

    May 29, 1957
    Stephenville, TX
    noon CST

    Nessus 22 Taurus 33 23N51
    Jupiter 22 Virgo 00

    Cosicosi 1 Aries 01 4S17
    Neptune 0 Scorpio 17

    Yi Xing 10 Gemini 17 23N08
    Ouro Preto 8 Sagittarius 55 R 6S39
    Eris 9 Aries 26
    Sun 8 Gemini 04
    Saturn 11 Sagittarius 14 R

    Zwingli 20 Scorpio 47 R 18S00
    Venus 20 Gemini 00

    Dallas 4 Libra 48 0N01
    Uranus 3 Leo 54
    Ceres 3 Gemini 08

    Mony 16 Libra 17 R 19S07
    Mars 15 Cancer 44
    Chiron 17 Aquarius 24 R

    D’arrest 3 Cancer 39 14N25
    Vesta 2 Aries 37

  78. Anne's Aunt says:

    Elisio, thanks so much for your response. Very interesting. I’m going to spend some time thinking about your words and looking at your links. On first blush it seems like it would not work in today’s political climate but it may be a great goal to work towards.

    I am not in favor of killing anyone for a revolution (not saying you are!). But on first reading your ideas are so interesting and leftist populist thinking (which I fully advocate) then a swing of the overton window to the left might allow an opportunity for this kind of thinking and practice.

  79. Lorrie U says:

    My brother is a Ron/Rand Paul supporter and an evangelical Christian. He began his evolution back when as a supporter of the John Birch Society and Barry Goldwater. Somewhere along the way, he became disappointed in Goldwater for some reason or another. He is very big on the second amendment and wants to bring back the gold standard and limit govt. Also big on conspiracy theories. I think he’s a blend of Libertarian/Tea Party/Dominionist. They are all dangerous, but the Libertarian brand seems more focused (and covert) while the TP/Dominionists seem to be more radical. The only thing we have in common is our distrust of big pharma and the use of alternative therapies. Hard to believe we grew up in the same family.

  80. Anne's Aunt says:

    I cannot understand the Dominionists. What do they think?

    I know a ron paul supporter and he is very much a ‘truther’. He actually thinks that daddy Bush orchestrated the 911 attaches. Personally. I wonder if it is all about the gun rights issues and fear of a central government that dictates those ‘rights’. Bringing back the gold standard seems as irrational as digital currency to me.

  81. alex says:


    Social Darwinists is used as a tool to argue that governments should not interfere in human competition in any way; and that the government should take no interest in regulating the economy or reducing poverty.

    Paul Ryan House Republican budget plan: partial sampling of the consequences of this budget – massive new cuts in annual domestic spending exactly the areas where we’ve already cut the most.

    This is not conjecture. I am not exaggerating. These are facts. This is the math. – President Obama

    The year after next, nearly 10 million college students would see their financial aid cut by an average of more than $1,000 each.

    There would be 1,600 fewer medical grants, research grants for things like Alzheimer’s and cancer and AIDS.

    There would be 4,000 fewer scientific research grants, eliminating support for 48,000 researchers, students, and teachers.

    Investments in clean energy technologies that are helping us reduce our dependence on foreign oil would be cut by nearly a fifth.

    If this budget becomes law and the cuts were applied evenly, starting in 2014, over 200,000 children would lose their chance to get an early education in the Head Start program.

    Two million mothers and young children would be cut from a program that gives them access to healthy food.

    There would be 4,500 fewer federal grants at the Department of Justice and the FBI to combat violent crime, financial crime, and help secure our borders.

    Hundreds of national parks would be forced to close for part or all of the year.

    We wouldn’t have the capacity to enforce the laws that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food that we eat.

    Cuts to the FAA would likely result in more flight cancellations, delays, and the complete elimination of air traffic control services in parts of the country.

    Over time, our weather forecasts would become less accurate because we wouldn’t be able to afford to launch new satellites. And that means governors and mayors would have to wait longer to order evacuations in the event of a hurricane.

    “This is not your father’s Republican Party. This is a different party than I’m used to it really is different.” – V. P. Joe Biden

  82. alex says:

    Disposable Americans

    The GOP’s Real Agenda – How the GOP became the party of the Rich


  83. alex says:


    Deconstructing the Dominionists, Part 1 (Five Parts)

  84. Anne's Aunt says:

    Elisio, very interesting links. You must have some interesting planets contributing to both your idealism and pragmatism.

    It seems like a very old human pendulum. Maybe co-ops could get some traction at this point in time. The Supreme Court seems to be with us for a long time in the future and mega corporations have favor with the majority there.

    My opinion is that corruption spoils economic systems. (and political ones too) The process of corruption is very basic to humans – and actually to all of life. I think of it as a disease. Sometimes it’s better to cut it out and sometimes it’s better to holistically treat the entire system. Or both.

    One thing I really liked about Clinton and SOS was that she met with rape victims in Congo. These women are the most vulnerable and least empowered people on the planet.

    “During her visit, Clinton hoped to shine a light on the use of rape as a tool of war. To that end, America’s top diplomat announced the United States would provide $17 million “to prevent and respond to gender and sexual violence in the DRC.”” http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/International/story?id=8305857

    The empowerment of women and the inclusion of more women into the power sectors would be a great step towards a fairer system.

  85. alex says:

    Black Moon Lilith: Most Extreme Negative Expressions

    hostile resentment
    violent fantasy

    I delineated the Virginia Tech shooter’s natal chart and the shooting when it happened and studied #h13 osculating apogee lilith aka black moon lilith; it was significantly activated;

    in 2001 the Isla Vista rampage killer (college student) natal chart and incident chart also had significant #h13

    and now 2014 Isla Vista college shooter (chart I have not yet drawn) but shared similar traits and backgrounds: they all were diagnosed with various forms of mental illnesses before they were teens; were given psychotropic drugs on and off or continuiously; had on occasion or had continuious psychicatric therapy; the parents knew their sons were mentally ill and barely managed under mental health treatment and sent them to college somehow hoping for the ‘best’ = delusion arising from ‘dream/goal’ turns into nightmare because the parental dream, hope for normal-son was based in DENIAL… and refusal of/and disregard for reality;

    the natal dark moon lilith in the charts I’ve drawn
    represent another common trait all three rampage revenge killers shared; they all wanted to have relationships and after being rejected by young college women the three rampage/killers conceived/brought about their plans for violent revenge; the most extreme expressions of #h13 lilith; personal hope/dream turns into delusion and then into violent fantasy nightmare;


    Isla Vista Rampage Killers
    2014 & 2001 & Virginia Tech Shooter

    oscillating apogee lilith

    Neptune Cafe did a political analysis of Mitt Romney’s Natal Black Moon Lilith


    Q. How did you get involved with Lilith?

    A. I’ve been vaguely aware of Lilith for quite some time, but not until Romney was defeated in the 2012 election did I fully grasp the importance of Lilith in the horoscope. See the NewsScope article below, “Romney’s Black Moon Lilith”, for what turned out to be a turning point in my appreciation for Lilith.

    Q. Where is the U.S. Lilith?

    A. She conjoins the U.S. Neptune and squares Mars. Lilith is associated with Americans’ passion for guns and sex. By secondary progression, Lilith and Mars will be conjunct in the U.S. 12th house in 2023, a very powerful configuration that is already creating havoc. See the article on James Holmes for more on this subject.



    BML is often associated with resentment, anger and hate. Romney’s natal Lilith is located at 4º Capricorn in the 8th house of other people’s money. BML here represents his reliance on campaign contributions from wealthy benefactors. Naturally, BML has a shadow side, and Romney – loathing his own need to beg for money – belittled the 47 percent of Americans who are “victims” and “dependent upon government”.

    Romney’s Black Moon Lilith forms a stressful quincunx to his North Node at 5º Gemini, where it creates a so-called “missing step” in his karmic path. Consciously integrating Lilith into his personality means understanding his own financial dependence, and accepting that others are working out their finances as best they can. On May 17, 2012 when his 47 percent remarks were secretly taped, Romney’s progressed Moon was squaring natal BML.

  86. Virginia says:

    I really hope Hilary becomes president, if only to give the Repugs hives – I can just hear them foaming and raving – delicious! Bill would have to take a back-seat, or appear to, but we’d have a great two-for-one deal. I’m not sure how Warren would get along with him – if he got too friendly she’d probably hand him his ‘gentleman parts’ deep-fried.

    Of course Hillary would be called Madame President, but what would Bill be called – First Gentleman? I doubt even his supporters could say that with a straight face. I keep imagining him on the porch of the White House, sitting in a squeaky, beat-up old rocker with his grandchild on his lap and a gunny-sack full of peanuts on the floor and shells strewn all about, greeting guests with that lethal folksy charm.

    Hilary has written a new book “Hard Choices”, and she says she considered calling it “’The Scrunchie Chronicles: 112 Countries and It’s Still All about My Hair'” http://tinyurl.com/m9dry64

  87. alex says:

    continued: Black Moon Lilith

    astronomy & astrology:


    Black Moon Lilith Osculating Apogee Lilith #h13

  88. B.A. says:

    There are hints.

    Every now and then, we get a glimpse that implies “reality” is not what we expect it to be:

    “When you have rights that you know that you have from when you were a kid, and then you’re told they don’t exist because it is national security, that kind of changes things. Is this really happening? And you realize nobody is going to stop these guys.”

    This part 1 of a 5 part series running in Canada’s National Post. The quote above is from part 3.

    There are two more parts yet to be published.


  89. alex says:

    continued: Black Moon Lilith #h13 aka osculating apogee lilith

    In humanistic astrology discussion of ‘shadow’ self/unconscious
    what is not integrated from the shadow self (distasteful, unappealing or unaccepted factors of ourselves) into the aware conscience/consciousness then the ‘shadow/rejected/self loathing state of mind’ is PROJECTED onto others….

    Projection is a frequent issue included in astrology analysis:

    opposition aspect bring out issues of PROJECTION if integration is not brought about between the opposition elements,sign,house,celestial bodies;

    Lilith: describes perigree and apogee points
    in the innate DYNAMIC of Lilith functions –
    the unintegrated, self-loathing self creates a kinectic projection that goes beyond the dynamic dialectic of perigree and apogee points (or opposition aspect points)


    Anatomy of a Secret Life: The Psychology of Living a Lie
    by Gail Saltz

    Excerpt: secret (SELF) unexamined self, unaccepted self and PROJECTION ONTO OTHERS – when an individual will not/does not accept something about themselves it becomes projected onto others as resentment, hatred, anger, blame;

    The most malignant secrets are the ones that remain in our unconscious, causing us to repeatedly act out.

    While most people’s secrets aren’t as dramatic as the stories related in this book they serve as a cautionary tale of how a secret is formed, lived, justified—and eventually exposed.

  90. alex says:

    continued: Black Moon Lilith aka osculating apogee lilith #h13


    Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era
    by Michael Kimmel


    Kimmel believes it comes down to aggrieved entitlement: the school shootings perpetrated by middle-class white male students, the men’s-rights movement, white supremacists, the fathers’-rights groups, etc.

    There is, he elaborates, a strong (and getting dangerously stronger) feeling, among some white male Americans, that they are losing their place in society. The era of entitlement, when the good jobs and the best stuff was the white male American’s due, has passed, replaced by a society in which—at least in the skewed view of the people about whom Kimmel is writing—white males are being systematically marginalized, passed over in favor of minorities and women.

    The angry white man, says Kimmel, isn’t able, or perhaps willing, to face the simple truth: the era of entitlement is over. The book takes a scary look at a group of people who are trying, ever more desperately, to hang onto a world that no longer exists.

  91. Eliseo says:

    “I really hope Hilary becomes president, if only to give the Repugs hives – I can just hear them foaming and raving – delicious!”

    I think she would probably give them a great deal more than hives. I suspect she’d give them some real honest to God double barrel H-E-L-L and they deserve it!

    At the least, she’d fight back very effectively, and deftly put the hate screeching, paranoid nutjobs in their place. Of course, IMHO for many of them “their place” quite properly should be serious jail time, but it remains to be seen as to whether she would direct the Justice department to go there.

    “and It’s Still All about My Hair”

    And I think she would call the media on their rampant, unrelenting sexism, i.e. how they view and write about female politicians as well as what national and international stories they cover and/or fail to cover.

    May it be so!

  92. thrasybulus says:

    Excellent background on the Tea party alex. Don’t forget Fox News role in promoting it. If it aint on TV…

    Lorrie, heavy karma with the brother, bummer.

  93. Lorrie U says:

    Thrasybulus – Thanks! It’s not bad really, we see each other once or twice a year and don’t discuss religion or politics. Even his children don’t listen to him anymore and their wives roll their eyes. I like his wife pretty much, and my other brother who’s similar to me is usually there, too. Believe it or not, he’s really a likeable guy as long as you don’t talk about those subjects. Whenever he starts to “enlighten” me, I just tell him he’s been brainwashed. He thinks I’m going to go to hell, and I think he’s already there.

  94. starlight says:

    Hi All – I am going to New York tomorrow for a few days. I wanted to write something today before I left but there are too many crazy family dynamics going on. So I will just make a couple of points:

    The protracted Mars activation in the Ukraine chart and the Ukraine Spring chart continue through 6/2 and 5/29 respectively. We can hope the situation calms somewhat after that.

    The US has Saturn sesquiquadrate Venus right now. It came into orb with the California shooting spree and is likely to manifest with some more painful and upsetting stories before it passes on June 7. More on this soon, hopefully around Monday.

  95. barbk says:

    Maya Angelou dies at age 86.

  96. Virginia says:


    Just as the advent of a black president revealed the previously unsuspected racism in so many public figures, so would Hilary as president spotlight their pervasive sexism. It helps to make us aware of how much is yet to be healed in our society. But the new generation gives me much hope that racism, sexism and so many other ‘isms’ have no place in the future – their future, built upon our own.

  97. barbk says:

    Americans idolized Maya Angelou and with her natal Mars (26+ Aquarius) conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon (27+ Aquarius) and Sibly Pallas (26+ Aquarius) the feeling was mutual. Maya’s natal Neptune at 26+ Leo retrograde near her ascendant and opposite her Mars and the U.S. Moon gave her the ability to “see” her country and countrymen and women through a filter of compassion, especially since she had been blind during her early years. With the transiting south node (release) at 27+ Aries in her 8th house of death and trine her Neptune, ruler of the 8th house, it appears her passage was a smooth transition from this dimension to the next.

    Her death also seems to have been uncomplicated and quick as transiting Uranus at 15+ Aries was between her Sun (chart ruler) at 14+ Aries and Jupiter at 16+ Aries in the 8th house. The transiting asteroid Vesta, symbolizing dedication, focus and the welcoming fire of the home hearth was stationing direct at 16+ Libra, opposite her Jupiter and Sun and transiting Uranus, and near her natal Libra Moon. I believe this was Maya’s choice, to leave this plane with the transiting, stationing, direct Vesta in her 2nd house of Values, reminding us all of the importance of home and love. She was, and always will be, treasured.

  98. lisam says:

    I loved, and was in awe of Maya Angelou as a woman/poet/speaker/writer/teacher. She was so wise, and made lemonade with every lemon she received in life. I particularly loved all her wise sayings, one of which encapsulated the way she lived her life and which made it so trumphant. She said – If you are always trying to be “normal”, you will never know how amazing you can be. She lived that saying.

  99. lisam says:

    “triumphant” is what I meant to say.

  100. alex says:

    Right now the California Senate is debating a bill that would label GMO foods in CA!

    The bill is in the most difficult phase: getting on to the Senate floor!

    Ask your Senator TODAY to vote YES in support of SB 1381.

  101. Fe says:

    “The US has Saturn sesquiquadrate Venus right now. It came into orb with the California shooting spree and is likely to manifest with some more painful and upsetting stories before it passes on June 7. More on this soon, hopefully around Monday.”

    Thanks for posting this, Starlight. We are looking squarely into some ancient wounds in this country, instigated by this event.

  102. barbk says:

    Apologies, should have said Maya’s natal Sun and Jupiter conjunction, the transiting north node as well as transiting Uranus were in her 9th house not her 8th house. Although her natal Moon WAS in her 2nd house, transiting, stationing direct Vesta was in the 3rd house of communication.

    What WAS in her 8th house was her Venus-Mercury conjunction in Pisces and her NATAL Uranus in Aries.

  103. alex says:




    Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine has plans to award state legal business to firms that have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign, reports Randy Ludlow of the Dispatch

  104. Anne's Aunt says:

    Virginia, Obama has had to deal with tremendous amounts of racism from the tea people and the Rs and Fox. Hillary faced tremendous amounts of sexism from ALL sides and from the MSM. She was mocked for her looks and serving tea parties and called every name in the book by ALL sides of the political spectrum. She’s been accused of murder, brain damage, lying about her brain damage by Rs, and made to look very right of center by Ds. She was called a “Big fucking whore” over and over on the loudspeaker by Randi Rhodes at a fundraiser for Obama – tho he DID NOT sanction it – but neither did he repudiate it. Clinton people came very close to racist statements about him too. Tea people seem to absolutely hate both Obama and Clinton. If she runs the left is going to have to become more self aware of their sexism for her to succeed.

    If both serve as President then that is a step in the right direction. Obama has been a wonderful role model for many and Clinton has too. Both make mistakes and neither are perfect. But politicians that work their way into national election games must know how to play hard ball sometimes. Obama has been getting on the job intensive training in how to deal with hatred and opposition. Clinton has a longer experience with it. I’ve been shocked at the vitriol directed at both spouses – and children. That is very dirty politics and crosses the ‘playing hard ball’ line IMO.

    But never discount the power of the R party or the T party. They are viscous and smart (as in wily) and are extremely well funded. They don’t shy away from lies. At least Clinton does not to make friends with them. She’ll work with them (as they all have to) but she does not expect friendship. I’d love to see her build a couple of beautiful traps for Rs.

    I don’t know if this is true, but I think both have had to modify their images. He is very nice and conciliatory, maybe as a way to combat the angry black man stereotype. She has had to appear more hawkish and aggressive to combat the weak woman stereotype. Certainly understandable to me.

  105. kiwi says:

    I would love to see Hillary as president.
    I had the strong feeling before Obama was elected that he was absolutely the right person for the time – that he would begin to lay the groundwork for much needed changes, but that he would only be the bridge to get there – he would not be the one to be able to effect real change.
    I have the feeling now that Hillary would be the best one able to implement what has begun to be put in place. Not to mention the wonderful symbolism of a female president. I sure hope she runs.
    She knows how the game is played, domestically and internationally, can hit the ground running with not much new stuff to learn, has the balls to play with the corrupt boys in control, and is very smart and hardworking. In this day and age I would say that’s about as much as the average person can realistically expect with the current political sewer filled with so many rats.

  106. lunagardener says:

    No more Clinton’s, No more Bush’s. Too much animosity and drama in both camps. Can we please move on?

  107. lunagardener says:

    May 28, 2014 at 2:03 pm Thank you for checking in and reporting on Maya Angelou’s transits. She was a divine being.

  108. alex says:


    Awhile ago you suggested I chart Hermes in whatever incident horoscope I was discussing at the time…. today is the first time
    I’ve begun to run hermes through some charts;

    any thoughts on Hermes?

  109. Anne's Aunt says:

    lunagardener, Who would you support on a D ticket for president? Is he/she electable? I get the purity thing and wanting ‘new blood’ (a newbie) for president, but where is the pragmatism in that?

    I think the Ds are too timid to drastically cut back on the war on drugs which incarcerates non violent users till our prisons are over packed and until we start to outsource prisons. They are too timid on scaling back domestic spying. And too timid on improving immigration, continuing and even increasing deportations and tearing apart families. The Rs are way worse. Way worse.

    But I think you are right if you mean that identity politics play a too great part in selling a presidency – or any other elected office. Unfortunately that often leaves out policy. I doubt that Jeb bush will win the R primary, but hillary clinton might very well win the D’s. The animosity and drama are what we as collective citizens who are media consumers, demand. It’s unavoidable. Sure there are specialty blogs where like minded people and insulate themselves but, sadly, and actually, the MSM runs things.

    When Hillary went to the Congo and met with rape victims in a war zone (first SOS to go to an active war zone) it hardly got any press. Her scrunchies do tho. And if you think getting rid of those names is going to eliminate animosity and drama I think you are mistaken. Look at what Obama has faced and he was “no drama”. Drama found him and will find anyone who runs for a high profile office.

  110. Lorrie U says:

    Re. whether Clinton will or will not be the presidential nominee, I think 2014 is too soon to predict where the collective energies will be in 2016. 2014 is a #7 year of reflection and contemplation, 2016 will be a #9 year (Endings)followed by 2017 as a #1 year of New Beginnings.

    I truly believe that the collective consciousness is reaching a point of rejection of the status quo and anything that smacks of continuing in the same vein as the past will be anathema to voters. I think the country will be looking for new, innovative ways of moving forward politically and for more contemporary faces familiar with our changing viewpoints and lifestyles. Perhaps Hillary can make the case that she is the new face of the future, but I think the younger generations resonate more with Chelsea. I guess a lot will depend on who shows up to vote and what we feel will be a “new beginning” in politics.

  111. DuchessofGadsden says:

    I know this is an opinion contrary to many here, but I do not think Hilary Clinton is at all a good choice for President more than two years from now.

    First of all, she’s too old. Yes, she is. She’ll have turned 69 by election day in 2016. She is already aging poorly.

    But more to the point, she does not represent a progressive future, despite all the wishful thinking to that end. She represents the past. As well as corporate interests. We do not need another Clinton in the White House. Nor do we need another Bush. What we need is genuinely new blood.

    Personally, I hope that Elizabeth Warren will be persuaded to run. Yes, she’s not that much younger than Hilary, but she looks and behaves far younger. As for her denials of running in 2016, I want to point out that originally she had no intention of running for the Senate seat she won so readily.

    I hope Nancy looks at Elizabeth Warren’s chart soon, and I hope that it shows very favorable portents.

  112. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – California Clean Money Fund

    California Senate Passes, ‘Overturn Citizens United Act’

    In a major step towards overturning the Supreme Court’s terrible Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions, the California State Senate just passed SB 1272, the Overturn Citizens United Act!

    SB 1272 would let Californians demand on this November’s ballot that Congress pass a U.S. Constitutional amendment that says once and for all that corporations aren’t people, and money isn’t speech!

    Now it goes to the Assembly where we’ll fight to pass it this summer.

  113. alex says:

    HERMES #69230

    Internet Bill of Rights 4/23/2014 Sao Paulo (7AM)

    Hermes @12 Aries
    Uranus @13 Aris


    Jupiter @13 Cancer


    Mars @13 Libra


    Pluto @13 Capricorn

  114. lunagardener says:

    Anne’s Aunt May 28, 2014 at 11:39 pm With most voters now identifying as Independents, I would love to see a candidate that represented them.

  115. Anne's Aunt says:

    Hi, -warning that a bit of a rant follows. I mean this as a very friendly, I’m on your side, kind of rant. Please don’t take offense!

    That’s just my point Laurie, Obama was fresh blood (a newbie) and we did get something new. But novelty does not usher in new creative thinking. Sometimes it works the other way depending on the level of experience the candidate has with dealing with the existing structure of government. Obama wanted to change the structure of “washington” and go all post partisan, basically creating one huge single party as a result. But this country is founded on opposition. Our legal system is adversarial (which is a great form of legal argument). He did not even get a toe in the post partisan door. Maybe partly because of racism and partly from his niceness and idealism and partly from his inexperience at dealing with a right wing congress. He’s learned now thank goodness. Maybe we do want a young person for president. I think the youngest can be 35 (bummer) but we could get a high profile rock or movie star to run. I’m sure that would speak to the youth, but not to the voting block of retirees – who vote the most of any demographic. This country is so divided right now that an independent (usually the extremes of the legacy parties stances) would further polarize citizens.

    You may be right that the spirit is changing in the US and is reaching a boiling point but be careful what you wish for. Revolutions are unpredictable and progressives and liberals would be fighting the gun and tea people. It might be just what the true power players want because in the end they would control it. Even if extremist progressives chopped all the 1%’s heads or shot them or bombed them it would not get a positive result. That is IMO, of course.

    Lundagerdener I would love to see a candidate that represented the independents that I know. However I don’t know tea party kinds of independents. There is the Green party and the Peace party, the America First party, and the Libertarian party – to name just a fraction of independent parties. Of course those candidates like to preach to their respective choirs and have no high level executive experience and no high level experience with a congress. Warren is getting closer but has NO FP experience.

    I think running a white house and congress it a lot like anything else, like running a business. It’s important to know as many people one is working with as possible, and to know the opposition and competition. Someone very inexperienced with high level administrative governance, high level congressional law making and high level politicking, IMO, would be bungling so much to learn the requisite functioning of government that he/she would not be a step in the right direction at all.

  116. Teresa Hill says:

    Anne’s Aunt,
    I think President Obama sees himself as a very reasonable man, someone who’d been able to bring people from different sides together to get things done, and he expected to be able to do that as President. And did not expect or expected to be able to overcome the partisanship that is Washington these days and Republicans who were willing to fight to block everything if they didn’t get their way.
    That was his mistake, I believe. Thinking he could get the other side to be reasonable. He couldn’t. I’m not sure if anyone could.
    I do think he’s really made more people see the current Republican power base show itself for who it really is and more and more people are waking up and seeing that blocking everything and taking extremist views are not working well for our country. That and the changing demographics — younger, less white, more accepting on all levels, gives me hope that whoever is president next will have an easier time. And President Obama will have helped paved the way for that.
    Also, as I’ve said before, expect absolutely amazing things from both the president and Michelle Obama after he leaves office. They’ll both be so young, are so energetic, will no longer be trapped by the office of the Presidency and will be free to take on any problems or issues they wish. I think they’ll be able to bring incredible power, intelligence and money through fund-raising to any cause they choose. And you know, they’ll be involved in public policy/issues. They will not retire and paint pictures of themselves in the bathroom.

  117. Anne's Aunt says:

    teresa, I agree with what you wrote. And it was a bit naive of the democratic machine to put him in office. A person can see themselves in a certain way but in reality it takes and established machine to move a candidate along. A therapist helps people, deeply sometimes, but analyzing congress and providing therapy would not be effective as a leader.

    He was a great campaigner! and he knew how to play hard ball and dirty – he did that in Illinois many times. That is what it takes to rise to power. I’m not sure what you mean by bringing people together from different “sides”. He did not work across the isle in Illinois or in the US senate. Maybe his tenure in the US senate was too short for him to be able to establish across the isle relationships. Maybe you meant something else?

    His two elections have been an inspiration to many!! His second election confirmed the country does not want leaders like Romney (thank god). His policies regarding deportations, drug wars, incarcerations, spying, indefinite detentions and even women’s rights issues have been a bit less inspiring. But if it is identity politics then he is a master player, On policy he is not.

    I also hope and trust he and Michelle and their children will be very active and beneficial after his presidency! Carter and Clinton have done such amazing work in their own styles post presidency. It will be interesting to see how he keeps giving.

  118. Eliseo says:

    Does anyone know who actually writes the checks for our Supreme Court Justices?
    I’ve searched extensively but have come up with nothing. It seems to me that since our SCOTUS has decided that money = speech, they don’t need to be paid in money anymore. Why not have whomever writes and signs their checks just go talk to them a bit once a month?

  119. Anne's Aunt says:

    Laurie, what do you mean about year numbers?

  120. Anne's Aunt says:

    oops, meant Lorrie. Sorry

  121. Jerry says:

    Whoever decided to hold the inauguration ceremony for the newly elected Ukranian President elect Poroshenko on June 7th didn’t have the presence of mind to consult with an astrologer. Mercury stations retrograde on that day at 3 Cancer in precise square to Poroshenko’s Sun/Mercury conjunction (3 Libra – DOB Sept. 26, 1965)……

    Petro Poroshenko to Be Inaugurated as Ukraine President June 7


  122. lisam says:

    I agree with lunagardner. I’m tired of the Clintons, Bushes, et al. Just as the Bushes would like to see Jeb as President of the U.S. some day, the Clintons have the same desire for Chelsea. I’m tired of the hegemony. Is that all there is? The whole governance of the U.S. has to be turned on its head for any meaningful change to take place in this country. Tired of the same old, same old.

  123. Lorrie U says:

    Bernie Sanders is an Independent, one who appeals to many for his zeal and one whom age would not matter because he appeals to the new trend in thinking. He has said he may run and I think a lot of people will be pushing him to do so. Now, an Independent President–that would definitely be a “New Beginning.”

    Anne’s Aunt – I am using Numerology to determine the universal years.

  124. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lisam, do you want the same for the Obama’s? Do you want Michelle to never run for office – or the girls? Bill Clinton came out of even more disadvantaged origins than Obama and both won second elections. Therefore you must think that Michelle and the girls should not have their own hard fought political careers too? EVERY presidency creates a hegemony. Are you for term limits too?

    And Neither of you has said who you might want for a new (I suppose) D candidate? Sure we can all wish for “something new” but what and who is it you are wising for? I know what you are wishing against. But who are you for and are those candidates at all viable? Say the R’s put up someone like Bobby Jindal or Peter King or Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or Lindsay Graham or Scott Walker — If you would be fine with any of those presidents then OK. I would not!!! So who would you think could beat them?

  125. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, I would love for Bernie Sanders to run in the next D primary – it might push the Ds to the left a bit. But, most likely, he would have to run as an independent since he is one. Then he would have to have a national party organization to run. Ralph Nader could not even get on the ballot in many states. In his last bid he ran on several party tickets in the states he could get organizations to work for him in. The most successful independent presidential bid was Ross Perot. He got nearly 19% of the vote in 1992.

    The T party may split from the Rs in 2016 and then there would be an opening for a socialist to run. But I still think the D or R party will win, as they always have.

  126. Lorrie U says:

    A lot of repubs and dems are leaving their parties and becoming registered as Independents. That means a lot of their money will be going with them if they get a candidate they feel they can back.

  127. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, it is true that the legacy parties are loosing members. To run a viable presidential candidate needs money, lots and lots and lots of money. And there needs to be an organization to get a candidate viable. The organization files or petitions to get on the ballots in each state, gets and processes donations, created and hosts campaign events and raises public awareness of the candidate and their stances and records, recruit and train and organize volunteers, contacts news organizations and blogs, knocks on doors, create campaign materials and distribute them, and get out the vote.

    If Bernie Sanders does run as an independent and makes a viable run I’d consider him. But only if I was certain that the R would lose to a D. Otherwise I will go with a D candidate.

  128. Bob says:

    Eliseo you have just changed the U.S. economy. Nobody has to get a paycheck from now on. Thank you Supremes – you get full credit. Deal with it. In one fell swoop you turned the country into a truly free state with the approval of ‘Big Business’ and the 1%ers. Until now. Of course nobody has to pay for anything with cash money anymore.

    Happy days are here again!!
    The skies above are clear again!!
    Let us sing a song of cheer again!!!
    Happy days are here again!!

    Altogether shout it now!!
    There’s no one who can doubt it now!!
    So let’s tell the world about it now!!!

    Oh my!!!!

  129. alex says:

    Becuase Senator Bernie Sanders of course could win a general election against
    Rob Portman or Jeb Bush of course he could!

  130. alex says:

    2014 Colorado Senate Election November 4TH

    Senator Mark Udall faces Rep. Cory Gardner, R-CO November 4TH Senate Election:

    Rep. Gardner is well funded and popular in Colorado. Gardner’s past votes include banning same-sex couples from adopting children, allowing LGBT discrimination and opposing granting hospital visitation rights to same-sex couples in the state.

    Gardner also supports personhood legislation, which would give legal rights to fertilized eggs.

  131. alex says:

    Friday May 30TH – Protest Shareholders Meeting



    Friday, May 30th. Protest and visuals start at 8:00am ET. Press conference and remarks at 9:00am ET. Lowe’s Shareholder Meeting starts at 10:00am ET.

    “North Carolinians are deeply concerned about the threats facing our state insect, the honeybee,” said Levy Schroeder, Executive Director at Toxic Free NC. “Lowe’s should be truly bee-friendly and take toxic pesticides off the shelves.”

    Neonicotinoids have been the focus of many recent studies, which have found repeatedly that even small amounts of the chemical have been found to have ‘sub-lethal’ and even deadly effects on wildlife. Earlier this year, the European Union issued a two year moratorium on the use of neonics. The latest study, conducted by Harvard University and released on May 9th, 2014, strengthens the link between neonicotinoid pesticides and the collapse of Honeybee colonies.

  132. alex says:

    survey the news for those interested in North Carolina:


  133. Noelle says:

    I have had a series of irritating aggravations since Tues., May 20th. Can someone tell me if there is something going on astrologically that would make me so irritable and all of these frustrations occur. I looked at the Ephemeris and the only thing I can see is that Mars has been 9 degrees Libra and my Ascendant is 8 degrees Libra. Help!

  134. clymela box says:

    Noelle- I don’t know what else is going on with transiting Mars and the rest of your chart but intuition tells me that you are being honest about some built up frustration.

  135. Noelle says:

    Clymela Box, could be. I’ve been hoping that a job that I want would open up by now and it hasn’t and the one I’m in is getting more and ,more frustrating.

    Thank you.

  136. will says:


    I have had a flurry of SOS calls from my clientele since May 20; I believe it was initiated by Mars beginning to wake up and lurch forward after almost three months of retrograde; and then of course, we are in the shadow of Mercury retrograde which usually expresses in some form of turbulence.

    Hang in there Noelle – you had a direct hit with that conjunction of Mars to your ascendant. But you’ve been through much worse. Hang loose and don’t take it personally.

  137. Noelle says:

    Thanks, Will. Good advice.

  138. Anne's Aunt says:


    a Sanders/? ticket (Nader, Stein?…some other independent)) ticket will beat a, say, Ryan/Rubio or Walker/Cruz Rand Paul/some conservative female hispanic ticket? Maybe in Vermont. But it’s fun to think about that’s for sure. And if Sanders runs as an independent, which his is, then you’ll have to include a say, Clinton/Warren or clinton/Castro ticket too. I think independent tickets are good and I hope he runs.

    If Sanders decides to become a D and run at the head of a ticket then he’ll have to run against Clinton Biden Warren Castro. And his running mate would be…?…someone in that field? or some independent? or someone the entire D machine will be able to organize and rally for?

    The spirit of change has to bubble up, and I think it is. Politics is not a leading indicator of change, in fact it often lags behind, but not always. LBJ did manage to create medicare, and pass the civil rights act and the voting rights acts (along with many other things tho he is remembered for his war) and that was after decades if not centuries of seething changes.

    As I say never underestimate your adversary – the Rs and the Ts. They have mega money too. The Tparty has organized from the bottom up starting with local school boards and have been well funded for those ‘grass roots’ efforts. Cagy.

  139. Lorrie U says:

    Maybe by 2016 we will have succeeded in overturning Citizens United? That would be a game changer…

  140. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, that would be fantastically great.

  141. Lorrie U says:

    Documents Show the VA Debacle Began Under George W. Bush

    The Bush administration was aware of the backlogs and secret waiting lists but failed to fix the problem.


  142. alex says:

    Anne’s Aunt

    if wishes were horses

  143. alex says:

    2014 Election ( Last Solar Eclipse 2014 October 23RD )

    White House 5:58 PM Chart

    First Impression: 1House – 7House Axis

    Minor asteroid #15760 @01 Taurus (powerful ideology)



    New Moon Solar Eclipse @00Scorpio
    Venus @00Scorpio
    Pallas @01 Scorpio

    Axis 4House – 10House

    Midheaven @13 Capricorn
    IC @13 Cancer

  144. alex says:

    Wisconsin: Cook Poll – Wisconsin Governor’s Race “Tossup”

    Gov. Scott Walker


    Mary Burke (did I spell that correctly? )

    are neck and neck in last weeks polls and now this week

  145. kiwi says:

    As much as I absolutely love Bernie Sanders, if he ran I fear it would be a redo of Ralph Nader or Ross Perot, and we all know how that turned out. Just look how he was stopped in his tracks regarding his bill to get money for the veterans. Has anyone looked at his chart though?

  146. Patty says:

    Mark Twain said: “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”.

    “Wise people have always told us of the perils of hatred: that it is all-consuming, like a wolf inside the hater, gnawing away from the interior. “Wrath,” says Shakespeare, makes one “deaf.”
    A thought-proving piece: “Hatred: The Republicans’ Core Problem”.

  147. alex says:

    Senator Bernie Sanders

    Natal Chart:

    First Impression

    2014 Solar Arc Sun @28 Scorpio


    Natal Saturn @28 Taurus

  148. alex says:

    Maine: Triangulation

    Independent candidate for governor in Maine Eliot Cutler and GOP Gov. Paul LePage’s are coordinating attacks against Democratic candidate for governor Mike Michaud


  149. Anne's Aunt says:

    I’m not sure I can understand the animosity towards Hillary Clinton (other than from Rs). Some are willing supporters of Obama and Warren and Sanders all of which are left of center. Hillary and Warren are moderately left of center, Sanders is more left of center and Obama is right to all of them. So it is not policies so it must be identity politics. Hillary is an older woman, but Warren is a woman and is not that much younger. So what is the identity that Clinton has to those here that you perceive Clinton has that you don’t like. And if facts don’t back you up and you don’t care anyway, why? I really don’t understand.

  150. thrasybulus says:

    For me, Hillary carries some of my anger at Bill’s triangulations. The most important vote in her Senate career was to allow W to invade Iraq and most of our present problems flow from that tragic mistake.

    She took the path of political expediency when if she had taken the course of political leadership and courage she would have won the 2008 nomination as Obama would have had no issue to differentiate himself from her. I supported Obama over Hillary on this issue.

    She is capable and if she wins the nomination I will whole-heartedly support her. But as she has never recognized her Iraq vote as a mistake I will consider voting for other candidates and cannot say whom I would support.

  151. thrasybulus says:


    Without a doubt the VA scandal goes back aways. But this is the first “legitimate” scandal I believe Obama has faced. He has been President over 5 years so he owns it.

    I say legitimate because I don’t think this scandal has roots in Republican dirty tricks like Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, etc. It seems to me that if the Republicans knew about this earlier they would have brought it out at election time instead of now.

  152. thrasybulus says:

    Anne’s Aunt, if I had to vote right now I would vote Hillary. Electability, experience, ability.

    Someone would have to trump these attributes somehow.

  153. alex says:


    if you had a vote right now you’d be voting in the very important 2014 November 4TH midterm elections – to take back the majority in the people’s House of Representatives and for your Senators to stay in the majority;

    Election Day 2014 is in 157 days, 9 hours, 6 minutes

  154. alex says:


    Lorrie’s post – MotherJones, puts the VA scandal squarely in the Bush Administration’s camp

  155. Anne's Aunt says:

    I know a lot of people blame (or are equally angry at) Hillary and Monica over Bill. Somehow the women are always to blame. Poor Bill – the women are to blame. And all the women are good for as their identity goes is to be attached to a man. They don’t get their own identities.

    How about her vote against FISA and Obama’s vote for it – even tho he said he wouldn’t? I think the VA scandal is nothing compared to Snowden’s leaks. Have you watched his ABC interview? I think Obama’s vote for FISA shows he is very on board with government surveillance, =spying on americans. His residence to public debate on this or reigning in the NSA is the most scary issue I can remember since the bay of pigs.

  156. Anne's Aunt says:

    Just to be clear, I support Obama but not on every last little thing. I did not like his FISA vote and I do not like his support of NSA spying. I’m sure he is doing this for his own political expediency.

  157. thrasybulus says:

    Anne’s Aunt,

    You are right about spying and FISA votes and Obama has been as, and probably more politically expedient than the Clintons. I never blamed Hillary for Bill’s bimbo eruptions.

    It is just hard for me to simply excuse a vote that allowed the unilateral invasion of another nation in the name of the American people. I ask myself is this what most Germans felt like as Hitler took them into Poland? As enormously wrong as Obama’s FISA vote was, it does not reach the same category as the harm wrought by self-aggrandizing war.

    I accept Obama as I accepted Bill and as I will accept Hillary as the best of a bad situation until the American people decide they want to change things.

  158. thrasybulus says:


    I dare not endanger my status as an idealist by realistic consideration of the upcoming election. lol

    I live in Arkansas so get to vote in a crucial Senatorial contest to hold Mark Pryor’s seat. Have an open 4th district congressional open seat vacated by the tea party guy running against Pryor. Due to heavy gerrymandering , not sure Democrats can take that seat back but our nominee is Clinton’s former FEMA Director James Lee Witt and we have a real chance.

  159. thrasybulus says:


    My complete confidence in W’s incompetence remains steadfast. My difficulty is that the Obama administration, which has done some marvelous work within the VA as I understand it, either failed to correct this glaring problem or were unaware of it for 5 years.

    Since my observation of Obama and Shinseki is that they are too competent to not fix the problem that leaves us with the conclusion that the problem was hidden from them by the VA bureaucracy – intentionally or unintentionally.

    And if the VA bureaucracy has done this, then the Libertarian/Republican view that government is ineffecient at best and criminal at times is justified, or am I missing something.

  160. kiwi says:

    From what I gather, much of the VA scandal is in large part due to minimal, if any, increases in facilities & staff to cope with the huge influx of patients because of a) refusal to fund from gop; b)george’s wars; and c) the new eligibility of many past veterans such as those from Vietnam for things like agent orange etc which, like ‘gulf war syndrome’ from daddy bush, was too nebulous for VA to agree to treatment before now. This has been a long time in coming. My brother-in-law was severely injured in Israel’s 6 day war in the 60’s (USS Liberty) and it took an awful lot of persistence by my sister-in-law to get him the treatment he deserved because ‘it never happened.’ Now he is in the system, his care through Tripler in Honolulu has been really good. The gop wants to milk the scandal because they want to privatize the VA health system too. They see a potential cash cow for some, like they’ve done to the prison system. Horrors!

  161. alex says:


    Cotton is a dangerous crank …. hope Dems can shut him out;



    Little Rock television station KATV announced Tuesday that Ross and Hutchinson agreed to participate in an hour-long debate on Oct. 7. The debate will be held at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and will air live statewide on KATV, in conjunction with KHBS/KHOG and KAIT. It will also be live-streamed on station websites.

    Hutchinson and Ross are ex-congressmen who easily won their parties’ nominations in last week’s primary.

  162. alex says:

    continued Oct 7TH debate AR


    in 2006 Dick Cheney campaigned for Hutchinson when he ran and lost for governor…. is that why he lost 2006?

    Mike Ross needs to nail the debate Oct 7TH

    Hutchinson is polling higher than Ross while the Dem Governor is campaigning for Ross;

    Neptune – Moon – Nodes (Mercury)

    Debate Oct 7TH Mercury is @19 Libra (Election Nov 4TH North Node @19 Libra)

    Hutchinson’s Natal Neptune @18 Libra
    Election N.Node @19 Libra, Debate Mercury @19 Libra


    Ross (noon) Natal Moon @20 Aries
    conjunct Election South Node @19 Aries


    Post Debate: Oct 8TH Full Moon @15 Aries cnj Uranus @15 Aries

    Debate Uranus @14 Aries (GOP brand doing well)
    Hutchinson Natal Venus @14 Sagittarius

  163. alex says:


    October Surprise: America’s Hostages in Iran and the Election of Ronald Reagan by Gary Sick


    Gary Sick, with impeccable credentials as one of America’s leading authorities on Iran, presents a thoroughly documented, convincing appraisal of what he describes as nothing less than a political coup.


  164. alex says:



    Gary G. Sick is an American academic and analyst of Middle East affairs, with special expertise on Iran, who served on the staff of the U.S. National Security Council under Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan. He has written two books on U.S.-Iran relations, in addition to a number of co-edited books and numerous articles and scholarly contributions. He also maintains a blog.




  165. Bob says:

    So that is why the Sibly chart barfed all over it’s progression when Raygun was inaugurated.


  166. alex says:

    great chart!

  167. alex says:


    Interview with Russell Tice


    Abby: I guess the next question, who is administering the surveillance?

    Russell Tice: That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that. It looked like, the plugging in of these phone numbers was being done in the evenings at NSA. So almost it was like being done on the sly even so that most NSA employees did not know what was going on. Now, a high-level person at NSA told me this was being directed from the vice president’s office. That would be Vice-President Dick Cheney. I don’t know that for sure but that’s what I was told from a very senior person at NSA.

    Abby: so a high-level person of the Bush administration official. The next question is: why? Why was it being done? I mean, the first that comes to my mind is blackmail.

    Russell Tice: I don’t know the answer to that either.

    Abby: What do you think? I mean, based on your experience, Russ. What could the reason be, for wiretapping and spying on people like Obama, Judge Alito, Petraeus, …

    Russell Tice: I think you hit the word. To me, I don’t know for sure, but that would be a means of control. If you were to look and be able to listen to everybody’s conversation for years on end for a period of time you could probably find out perhaps some salacious information that could be used to control that individual. Now if you say the intelligence community… I noticed that the intelligence community is not being hit with the sequester, the intelligence budget. Well, how is that possible? Is there some kind of leverage that is being placed on our three branches of government, to make sure that the intelligence community gets what they want? In other words, is the intelligence community running this country, not our government?

    Abby: And I guess that begs the question, what, is there some shadow government at play? I mean are we talking about the industrial military complex here, what do you think? As an insider and draw your research and people you have talked to, who is running the show here, Russ?

    Russell Tice: Well, remember, I don’t know for sure, I just know that a whole lot of people got wiretapped. If I had to guess, I would say it’s the upper echelon of the intelligence community that is running this show.

    Abby: It makes me wonder about people like Dick Cheney. Are they still working behind the scenes? We know that these people have been working in the administration behind the scenes for decades. I mean, Kissinger, all these people, they’re kind of, who knows, do you think they’re still vetting people like Obama, to get him in the position that he is in. But you know what? Political opponents have been spying on each other for decades so how is this different now?

    Russell Tice: What’s different about this is at the Orwellian scale. This is the everything scale. This is not just Richard Nixon going after a few, you know, enemies’ list. This is everybody and everything. And now NSA is literally tapping every communication, every digital communication in this country, content, not just the metadata, the content. And when they’re saying, “well, it’s not that far,”once again, they’re lying. They continue to lie about the full capability.

  168. alex says:


    James Bamford Says NSA “Exploiting” U.S. Citizens
    C-Span 2

  169. alex says:

    is everybody here voting November 4TH 2014 ?

  170. lisam says:

    I’m voting on Nov. 4th this year – most definitely.

    Forgive me for posting this here, because it’s really off topic, but I want to share the best tribute I’ve seen to Maya Angelou, coming from a rapper no less, but its similar to my thoughts about her, even though we were not personally acquainted. Like Nelson Mandela, she had a stellar presence. Her natal chart must present a good example of what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary.


  171. Anne's Aunt says:

    Interesting interview with Tice, Alex. I was vaguely aware of him, but as he says he was just words and Snowder had evidence (not paper tho). It’s a nice history of the early days after passing the Patriot Act. I have no doubt that both Bush and Cheney knew and condoned, even promoted domestic spying. They were criminals and have not and will not face justice in this country at this time. Their furthering of the CIA and Homeland security and the NSA will have extremely far reaching consequences far beyond their illegal wars even.

    Is there a shadow government? Are they puppets? Is Obama a puppet? also in the interview:

    “Tice: The previous president in April of 2004 condescendingly pointed at a camera and said: “We only do such things with a court order.” Now I did not know at the time that the president was lying, because I did not know how high up that went. But now we know President Bush was lying blatantly to the American people. So now President Obama is lying to the American people. Is it because he is being controlled? I don’t know. But I certainly know when he was Candidate Obama – even though I was a Republican and I heard that he wanted to stop these things, that he was going to make sure that we didn’t have national security letters just willy-nilly – I was for Obama even though I was a conservative. – See more at: http://whowhatwhy.com/2014/01/16/transcript-another-nsa-whistleblower-russell-tice/#sthash.igOKNQR9.dpuf

    But Obama voted AGAINST FISA during his campaign. Sure he can say anything he likes, but when it comes to action voting records count.

    In case anyone questions if I support Obama let me list some of the very good things he has accomplished: ACA, stimulus, Lilly Ledbetter, repealing don’t ask don’t tell, improved relations with China, drew down two wars and has not gotten embroiled in another long lasting war, turned around american auto industry. Its my list and I think it is long. So I am proud to have voted for him.

    And for anyone who would vote for obama and then sanders over clinton I have to wonder. If you would vote for obama, who is right of clinton and then an older white man who is left of clinton and not consider voting for her I think there might be a little sexism in that decision.

  172. Anita says:

    Yes Voting 11/4/14.

    Thanks Lisam, Great tribute for a beautiful strong woman who has inspired me so much over the years. I’m not into rap but this I appreciate. She’s gone but we are left with her inspirational words.

  173. alex says:

    Anne’s Aunt

    figuring out what NSA – Presidient(s) is/are up to is above our pay grade we aren’t in the loop; we don’t have military or security intelligence or state department or justice department background ( know inside politics or history)

    we can read up on people who have had those experiences in this instance all the NSA whistleblowers in last 15 years etc… you should read everything there is on Russell Tice…he wanted to go to Congress to tell them about violations of law done by the NSA (hearing was scheduled) but the NSA went to Congress and then Congress cancelled the hearing;

    he was ‘special access programs’ satellite specialist;

    you have to read a bit between the lines because he is still under
    pain or penalty of going to jail if he directly drops information on the public; what I posted was as far as I know his latest interview and the information about Cheney was the first time he used his name ( I think I’ve read everything Tice has given to the public so far)

    important people former NSA are trying to tell American citizens what they can without incriminating themselves getting charged and taking jail time; so they pose questions; use language that ‘raises questions’ to spur further investigations;

  174. alex says:


    California lawmakers this week narrowly rejected a bill that would have mandated the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the state of California, following heavy lobbying against the measure from the food and biotechnology industries.

    The bill, which needed 21 votes to pass the California Senate, garnered 19 votes in favor and 16 against.

    Yet its backers say the close vote is actually a victory, given the industry’s efforts to defeat it.

    “This is one of the top bills [the food and biotechnology industries] wanted to defeat this year,” Rebecca Spector, West Coast Director at Center for Food Safety, told Common Dreams. “They really wanted kill this bill.

  175. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – As much as I would like a woman president, I would vote for Bernie Sanders over Clinton unless I felt it would enable a republican to win. I am not sexist, it is a personal feeling of trust, or distrust, of the Clintons who are so buddy-buddy with the Bushes. Time to clean out the attic…

  176. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Thanks for the Russell Tice post. Very interesting!

  177. Lorrie U says:

    Big Money Behind a Big Merger

    As the merger moves forward in D.C., we are likely to see a lot more Comcast and Time Warner Cable money flooding into state politics. If the merger goes through without a peep from power players outside the beltway, we will know just how much campaign cash it takes to keep the states quiet.


  178. Lorrie U says:

    Cherrios Switches to Non-GMO After Activist Complaints

    The company has issued a statement saying that they have removed GMO corn, corn syrup, and sugar beets from their Original Cheerios. They also promise not to use GMO ingredients in their original Cheerios product. The change doesn’t apply to other types of Cheerios.


  179. Noelle says:

    Lorrie U couldn’t agree with you more re Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary.

  180. thrasybulus says:

    Bob’s chart takes me down memory lane of my first election preceded by alex’s mention of October Surprise. 1980 was my first election — voted for Reagan, voted against 1st term Governor Clinton. Reagan of course won and Clinton lost but came back two years later.

    You could say I drank the coolaid as I voted for Reagan again in 1984 and Daddy Bush in 1992. It was Gary Sick’s book on the October Surprise that opened my eyes to what was going on in the country and my first vote for a Democratic nominee was Bill Clinton in 1992.

    It wasn’t that I ever strongly supported Republicans, it was the fact that as a low information voter I was obviuosly susceptible to their attack ads.

  181. thrasybulus says:

    alex posted;

    “Abby: What do you think? I mean, based on your experience, Russ. What could the reason be, for wiretapping and spying on people like Obama, Judge Alito, Petraeus, …

    Russell Tice: I think you hit the word. To me, I don’t know for sure, but that would be a means of control.”

    Believe it or not my tedious history of the implosion of the Reform Party in 2000 was supposed to lead into General Petraeus and his exposed emails but became so long I let it stand alone.

    In short, according to a FOX reporter she was sent to Afghanistan by Roger Ailes to get Gen. Petraeus to run against Obama. Petraeus declined saying he would rather be CIA Director.

    I cannot believe that Ailes and the cabal did not already know of Petraeus’ affair and would use it exactly as Tice says, “a means of control.” As it was, they supported, if not facilitated, his desire to become CIA Director and exposed him in the run up to the election amidst the “Benghazi Affair” in order to generate the maximum impression of scandal against Obama.



  182. thrasybulus says:

    Kiwi, I agree that most of the VA scandal is blown out of proportion, but there is a kernal of legitimate scandal. Shinseki would not have resigned otherwise. As I wager that most voters, at least the older ones, are like I once was, a low information voter, they will be susceptable to that blaring propaganda machine.

  183. Bob says:

    Couldn’t get back to this sooner – was working on another project. Here is the link to a chart for President Obama’s inauguration. It is the ttransits to the Sibly chart. This was a historic event and you would expect strong aspects. They are there. I agree with Cyril Fagan’s point that it is not the so called nature of the aspect but the qualities assigned to the point making the aspect that determines the nature of it. Squares from Jupiter are good, Trines from Saturn are not.

    I did these charts in 2008.


    PS – If Hillary is sworn in 2017 it will be a historic event also. Not impressed by transits to her chart or Chelsea’s.

  184. Bob says:

    Anybody here from Oklahoma?


    You can Google up the whole routine (video with sound). Just thought some of the language might be offensive to some.

  185. thrasybulus says:

    Sex scandal has been the weapon of choice since the CIA was purged in 1974 through 1977. Pat Buchanan’s affair affected 2000 election;


    The above Roger Stone has been a busy bee. Not only involved with Buchanan and Reform Party destruction but was the man behind Elliot Spitzer’s sex scandal;


    Congressman Anthony Weiner broke no laws and as far as I know none of the recepients of his lewd photos complained yet he is hounded until he resigns. Was the fact that he was demanding investigations into Judge Clarence Thomas’s finances a reason to expose his emails. Surely only the paranoid think so.


  186. Anne's Aunt says:

    Alex I’m sure Snnoden was more than aware of the non-traction Tice got and how he has been intimidated and threatened. Has anyone actually watched the ABC interview? What he says should blow everyone’s socks off!

    Lorrie, women are often sexist and some don’t mean to be and are not even aware of it. To tie a woman’s identity to a man is sexist. Sorry, but it is. And what do you mean “the Clintons” are “buddy buddy” with Bush? Does that include automatically their wives? After Obama retired is he never supposed to work together with any former president like in Haiti? Or Is Carter bad because he posed for former president photos? Obama is the one who has constantly tried to be buddy buddy with republicans but it’s bad when former presidents try that — even after working hard against them in their active administrations?

    What you are relying on is identity politics. You prefer optics to policies. Maybe it is your image that you are worried about not wanting to support “that woman” and think of yourself as being loyal to Obama like this is the 2008 primary all over again. (BTW its over now) And not supporting a candidate who (if nominated) will be Obama’s successor but supporting a candidate who will not win and who is also another man is not progressive. Whatever it is you are valuing style and optics over substance and policies. You are not as progressive as you say you are. And Yes, indeed, it is sexist to make a woman’s identity all about her husband.

  187. alex says:

    I’m so glad to hear you are voting in November 4TH elections good choice !

  188. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – Sorry, but I can dislike a woman, not because she’s a woman, but because I don’t like her as much as I like, say Elizabeth Warren for example. I can dislike a man, not because he’s a man, but because I don’t like him. I can dislike a black/Hispanic/whatever person, not because they are black/Hispanic/whatever, but because I just don’t like them. It is an energy thing. Either I resonate with a person’s energy, or I don’t, nothing more nefarious than that. Last I heard, I have the right to dislike someone without being labeled.

  189. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, you have every right to feel any way you want and say it. You are free to dislike what you perceive as someone’s “energy” and prefer that to policy. You have the right to dislike that woman who ran against Obama.

    I suspect you are an extremely loyal person much to the benefit of your friends. You might be an ‘enemy of my friend is my enemy’ type.

    It is my observation tho that when someone uses a man’s identity to define a woman – as in “the Clintons” do something that Bill does – it has a sexist undertone. You also have every right to do this too.

    Most voters are like you. They look at who they “like” and who’s energy they like and then vote accordingly. All voters across the very wide spectrum are like that. It’s called identity politics. That is why candidates are so packaged and staged. Everyone has a right to vote this way.

  190. kiwi says:

    Thrasybulus – I think, like a good soldier, Shinseki is falling on his sword for the higher good of not letting the issue of ‘him’ cloud the bigger issue. His resignation solves nothing. It seems to me the only thing he did wrong was to order lower wait times, and not realize his subordinate administrators said yes sir, but in an absolutely dishonest manner.

  191. Anne's Aunt says:

    thrasybulus, Alex and anyone following Snowden and /or NSA issues,

    The NYT is running a great article on domestic spying: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/01/us/nsa-collecting-millions-of-faces-from-web-images.html?_r=0

    It is unclear exactly who the NSA is targeting but rather seems like they are casting a wide net while fishing for ‘something’. I don’t want to quote too much from the article so I’ll just do some snips. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius?

    “The National Security Agency is harvesting huge numbers of images of people from communications that it intercepts through its global surveillance operations for use in sophisticated facial recognition programs, according to top-secret documents.

    The spy agency’s reliance on facial recognition technology has grown significantly over the last four years as the agency has turned to new software to exploit the flood of images included in emails, text messages, social media, videoconferences and other communications, the N.S.A. documents reveal.”


    “The agency intercepts “millions of images per day” — including about 55,000 “facial recognition quality images” — which translate into “tremendous untapped potential,” according to 2011 documents obtained from the former agency contractor Edward J. Snowden. While once focused on written and oral communications, the N.S.A. now considers facial images, fingerprints and other identifiers just as important to its mission of tracking suspected terrorists and other intelligence targets, the documents show.”


    lots more…about what agencies are doing and sharing… They don’t use state driver’s licenses yet but they use pretty much everything else. They declined to say if they use facebook and other social media. Congress has pretty much ignored this issue so far not providing standards limits and regulations. Rampant use can lead to false identifications. “It is not clear how many images the agency has acquired.”

    “The agency’s use of facial recognition technology goes far beyond one program previously reported by The Guardian, which disclosed that the N.S.A. and its British counterpart, General Communications Headquarters, have jointly intercepted webcam images, including sexually explicit material, from Yahoo users.”

    snip. and of interest..

    “In addition, the agency was working with the C.I.A. and the State Department on a program called Pisces, collecting biometric data on border crossings from a wide range of countries.

  192. kiwi says:

    It occurs to me that darth cheney has been under the radar of late ….. and I would not trust what he is up to at all. Has anyone looked at what the planets have in store for him in the next couple of years?
    People driving a shadow govt would not surprise me at all. I wonder how close the concept behind the entire ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ narrative is? Fiction often preceeds revelation of truth.

  193. thrasybulus says:

    Anne’s Aunt said; “It is my observation tho that when someone uses a man’s identity to define a woman – as in “the Clintons” do something that Bill does – it has a sexist undertone.”

    That’s interesting. To be clear my disappointments of Bill’s policies and not his personal failings do bleed over onto Hillary. I can easily justify my conflation of Bill and Hillary by their political partnership but it would be dishonest of me to say I ever thought about its fairness to Hillary.

    OK, I thought about it and I believe it is fair in this particular case but I will be more aware of issue in the future. If I did blur the line between associating Bill’s politics and personal behavior, and being unaware I probably have, I was wrong.

  194. thrasybulus says:


    I don’t disagree with anything you have said about the VA scandal but I believe you dismiss too easily Shinseki’s responsibility in overseeing how his orders are carried out. It may have been impossible for him to find out if enough high ranking officials keep it from him but it is still his responibility.

    May I ask, has your brother-in-law ever talked about the USS Liberty incident? I have seen it stated that many survivors say the Israelis attacked the ship knowing it was American and continued to shoot sailors in the water until help arrived.

  195. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – Uummm, I think when I say I like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren I’m looking at policy and like their “energy” because their policies and actions resonate with me. I like what they do, not what they say. I find Hillary likeable enough (gee, that sounds familiar), but there are others I like somewhat better. Has nothing to do with her husband or Obama, so get off the sexist kick, it doesn’t apply here. She’s done a lot for women in the world and in politics and I have great respect for her. End of discussion for me at least.

  196. kiwi says:

    Yes, back in the 90’s I heard from him the first hand story surrounding the USS Liberty – and was given the book http://www.amazon.com/Assault-Liberty-James-Ennes-Jr/dp/0972311602 (my brother-in-law’s photo appears in it) – that’s what opened my eyes to the behind-the-scenes shenanigans within govt. For 30 years the survivors were ordered not to talk about it and it was only due to the freedom of information act that things began to be unveiled, but many questions remain. They were paid ‘hush money’ at the time from the Israeli govt (probably sourced via us tax dollars though.) He still has emotional turmoil when talking about it – about being curled up on deck in agony with napalm burns and shrapnel for 24hours or so – the 47th anniversary will be on june 8th.

  197. thrasybulus says:

    Kiwi that is so very interesting, give him a strangers thanks for his service when you contact him again.

    Have you come to any conclusions on the matter? An accident or false-flag attempt to bring USA into the short 1967 Arab-Israeli War (June 5-June 10)?

  198. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, OK. You never said anything about policy, but whatever. You said you just like how you resonate with how you see their ‘energy’. Please feel free to disregard my mentioning of it being sexist saying that “the Clintons” are buddy buddy with “the Bushes”. I’m absolutely sure that does not define you and that you are not a sexist person!!

    thrasybulus, I was also very disappointed with some of Bill’s policies. I was also disappointed with Hillary’s Iraq vote. I was also disappointed by some of Obama’s policies and votes including his FISA vote. But I support each, not because they have a perfect record – in my personal recording that is. But overall I think they have all contributed very positively. Being president, or even a US senator is an extremely difficult job. Hounded by enemies, domestic and international they have to navigate their goals thru congress and thru their administrations. Being president truly takes a village and sometimes the villagers go astray. Being president is not like being god, or a god, a president cannot know all the parts and must rely on others.

    And I do not blame Obama for the NSA mess. As Snowden says in the ABC interview it is really about the technology advancing so fast that oversight, guidance and regulations cannot keep up. Plus the NSA is way too secretive and opaque. Domestic spying is a huge issue, and not really tied to any political administration. I think it will be a problem no matter what administrations follow.

    I honestly see it as the advancing age of Aquarius. Electronic connections, community if you will, are connecting us all, willingly or not, into a new global whole. This is an entirely new idea of community. The new forces are not individual religious martyrs, as in the age of Pisces, but are the many that are tying us all into new networks.

  199. thrasybulus says:

    We are all part of the 99%. That is 99% of our differences are insignficant or simply misunderstandings.

  200. kiwi says:

    One more thing Thrasybalus – regarding Shinseki’s resignation, I do respectfully disagree. Too many honest, but scapegoated, leaders have been forced out because of gotcha politics. Under that logic, every president should be forced to resign for every failure of government to address any number of long-in-the-making problems.
    Regarding the Liberty, the reason behind it was probably because USS Liberty was covertly monitoring communications surrounding the Israeli/Egyptian conflict, and the Israeli’s did not want that. So, oooooops, my bad. The crew on deck maintains the US flag was clearly visible, that they could clearly see the faces of the Israeli pilots on their initial flybys because they were so low, and waved at them. Imagine their surprise when the strafing began afterwards.
    And Pres. Johnson inexplicably recalled the military assistance that had been immediately sent to their aid – pressured heavily no doubt from someone – but who exactly?
    When help finally arrived after almost 2 days, the injured were taken to Germany, the wounded ship was taken under tow out of the area and that evidence was immediately scrapped.

  201. alex says:


    World’s First Electric Generator

  202. alex says:

    Admiral Grace Hopper: Hermes
    DOB December 9, 1906, New York City


    A pioneer in the field, she was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer, and developed the first compiler for a computer programming language


    Pioneering computer expert Admiral Grace Hopper
    had Hermes semisextile Chiron and Chaos (groundbreaking),
    decile Mercury,
    sextile Saturn and Chariklo,
    and opposite Neptune (vision).

  203. alex says:


    Mitt Romney

    Aquarius (Egalitarianism)
    Natal Hermes @05 Aquarius

    Natal Pallas @24 Aquarius
    Natal Iris @25 Aquarius



    Like Mercury, Iris bridges two worlds, Iris is the marriage of water with air, since her father was a marine god and her mother a cloud nymph.

    Asteroid Iris astrologically shows up liars through the element of water. This could be through cleansing, tears that well up out of nowhere or even alcohol. Iris is the goddess of revelation.

    In ones chart, Iris will show where you cannot succeed in lying.

    If you act sneaky, success in this area will be literally “put to sleep” until you learn to be more honest in your dealings.