23rd May, 2014


It is not even the middle of 2014 yet, and Republicans are desperately trying to poke holes in the steadily rising Hillary balloon.  Echoes of a traumatic brain injury and a debilitating geriatric decrepitude were swirling around the internet, until it became clear that the source was Karl Rove, whose name is synonymous with the most scurrilous of manipulative smear campaigns.  True to form, Rove is attacking Hillary Clinton on her greatest strengths: her extraordinary intelligence, her wide-ranging grasp of the issues, and her quality performance as Secretary of State. His wily goal is to plant seeds of doubt, elucidating for us the old adage: the Devil works with a grain of truth.

Astrologically, we are once again encumbered with an unreliable birth time. I will be using 8:02 AM, but, unfortunately, it is largely unconfirmed. This means that we must put an asterisk by any significant aspects to the Moon, the Ascendant, or the Midheaven, essentially discounting them.  There are numerous other promising aspects to consider, but the ones to the Moon in the 8:02 AM chart are particularly favorable. Oh well. hillary

At present, Saturn has just passed the second crossing of Hillary’s Mercury (21Scorpio24) and possibly her Ascendant (22Scorpio08*). This transit has been synonymous with the scurrilous attacks aired by Rove and his irritating echo, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee.  We may see another round of this or some other aggravation from mid-September through mid-October 2014 when the final Saturn transit occurs.

What I find most interesting in Hillary’s chart are the multitude of tertiary progressions that are triggered by transits from now through early 2017. Tertiary progressions are calculated by counting one day for each month, just as secondary progressions are calculated by counting one day for each year. In Hillary’s tertiary progressions, Pluto has moved into a waxing one-degree orb square with natal Venus (16Scorpio14) for several years, exact in March 2020, and very slowly dissipating thereafter. This progression will be triggered by transiting Uranus quincunx natal Venus from late May through mid-August 2014 and again from mid-March through early April 2015, as well as by transiting Pluto sextile natal Venus in January and early February 2016 during the early primaries, and from November 1 through December 11, 2016, during and just after the election.

The highlighting of Venus is extremely important in political campaigns as it intensifies the attraction of the candidate and increases the devotion of supporters.  Although this tertiary progression is not as potent as a secondary Venus/Sun progression, the periods when it is activated by strong transits will magnify its effect. This Pluto/Venus combination will add to Hillary’s appeal and popularity, although it will also increase the proverbial Pluto tendency of hyper-scrutiny that can be very uncomfortable, although largely expected when running for high office.

Also of note is the tertiary Jupiter opposition to natal Mars (14Leo00) from August through mid-December 2016, overlapping with tertiary Jupiter opposite natal Pluto (14Leo51) from late November 2016 through March 2017. This natal Mars/Pluto conjunction describes Hillary’s powerful presence, strength, and resilience. These two planets are also the co-rulers of her stellium of planets in Scorpio and possibly also her Ascendant, thus giving them exceptional importance in the chart.  Jupiter will expand the impact of this conjunction and also add the mood of optimism and success during the election, its immediate aftermath, and right through the next Inauguration. Moreover, the tertiary Sun will conjunct natal Mars, natal Jupiter, and tertiary Jupiter, covering the period from late December 2016 through mid-February 2017, further intensifying this very promising combination.

One point of caution, however, comes from the progressed Sun square to natal Neptune (11Libra21) during 2015 and peaking on February 1, 2016. This suggests some indecision, heightened expectation, and self-deception, as well as the likelihood of Rove and his cohort spreading vicious lies whenever possible. The good news is that it will begin to separate in  February 2016, bringing more pragmatism, realism, and organization to her campaign as the year unfolds.

Although the position of Hillary’s Moon (22Pisces50) remains questionable, nonetheless, I want to note that the Jupiter station in December 2015 and January 2016 will oppose that Moon, and the Jupiter station in January and February 2017 will be quincunx that Moon, suggesting great success and an optimistic mood in the early primaries, as well as during the weeks before and after the Inauguration, assuming this position is accurate.  What is accurate, however, is Bill Clinton’s Jupiter (23Libra13) which will be in the midst of a Jupiter return during January and early February 2017, suggesting he will be his most jovial and expansive self, surely a very good sign for those who seek a Hillary presidency.

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