As Spring Unfolds

Last week the news was all about tornadoes, landslides, floods, and a couple of disastrous train derailments, one of them setting an oil-coated James River aflame.  Astrologically, we can directly link these events to the first crossing of Uranus square the Ascendant of the March 2014 Spring Equinox chart drawn for Washington, DC springequinox14dc(14Cancer07).  Potent transits involving the Ascendant of the Spring ingress chart, when drawn for the capital city of a country, describe circumstances that very directly impact the physical terrain of a nation and/or the citizens living within its borders. Uranus brings sudden, transformative, overwhelming events that often cause significant turmoil in their wake. We will see a repeat of this transit, building in strength from September 22 through October 18, 2014, and again from January 26 through February 22, 2015, with the last several days of each period by far the most formidable.

The 2014 Spring chart drawn for Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, also describes a year of significant upheaval, with the most notable and dangerous period extending fromspringequinox14kiev March 20 through June 12. During the last 10 days of March, transiting Uranus crossed the exact square to the chart MC (12Cancer07), followed by transiting Mars squaring the MC and opposing natal Uranus (11Aries45) for several days at the end of April. The latter aspects will be repeated from June 5th though June 12. The MC in a Spring ingress chart describes issues directly impacting the government and the leadership of a nation. Uranus and Mars together bring disruption, violence and rapidly shifting circumstances.

The most consequential transit to the Ukrainian Spring chart, however, comes with the protracted Mars transit to the Ascendant (9Libra24) from May 4 through May 29. This is a clear indicator of the current violence, anger, and turbulence within the country. Moreover, the same Mars station is triggering the progressed Mars square to natal Uranus (10Capricorn06) and progressed Uranus (9Capricorn50) in the Ukrainian birth chart. The progressed Mars square to natal Uranus will continue throughout 2014, although the May Mars station is likely to be the strongest period of activation of this potentially violent, rebellious, and disruptive energy.

These combined transits and progressions highlight May 2014 as likely to contain the most intense confrontations of the present situation. These circumstances will be followed by a prolonged Pluto transit on the IC of the Spring chart (12Capricorn07) suggesting a consuming power struggle and rampant feelings of suspicion pervading the country, although with far less of the overt violence manifested during the Mars station.

As for Vladimir Putin, for now, Uranus is separating from its opposition to his Sun putin(13Libra56), and with it, his tendency for extreme, unilateral action is diminishing, at least until the next crossings covering roughly the period from October 2014 through most of February 2015. In addition, transiting Saturn is now opposing his Jupiter (19Taurus45) and squaring his Node (20Aquarius00) through mid-May, pointing to his increasing awareness of the consequences of his recent, somewhat unhinged behavior regarding Ukraine, including the world’s renewed disdain and distrust towards him, as well as the economic sanctions against Russia’s elite, however muted these may be by global corporate self-interest.



  1. starlight says:

    From Jerry in previous thread:

    Also, I want to highlight the article I linked to at the end of the article above:

    The issue here isn’t the perfidy of big business: In an era of globalized commerce, big businesses will go where the money is, no questions — or as few as possible — asked. The problem that the corporate response to the Putin crisis illustrates, rather, is the inherent divergence between corporate and national interests in a globalized economy.

  2. starlight says:

    I think Putin has stirred up a hornet’s nest that he is now unable to control.

    This is also a very good article about Russia that I saw last week but wasn’t able to post here at the time:

  3. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you again, Starlight, for taking time to keep us informed, even while coping with your loss. Excellent posts. You are a National Treasure!

  4. Lorrie U says:

    This is an excellent article! At the end of it, you can sign up:

    “If you wish to join the worldwide movement to end all violence, which fundamentally depends on not terrorising our children to suppress their emotional development, you can sign online ‘The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World'”

    Human Emotions: Genetically Programmed or Socially Learned?

    The outcome for each individual is based on the unique genetic potential of that individual and, more importantly, the social terrorization experience of that individual within its particular culture, community and family. Thus, each human being is as emotionally unique as it is physically and intellectually unique.

  5. Lorrie U says:

    The Already Asked-And-Answered Questions Fox Wants To Know From The Benghazi Select Committee

  6. Teresa Hill says:


    I hope things are going as smoothly as possible for you during this time. Just talked to another good friend whose father is dying right now and told her how amazingly cooperative and sane my whole family was as we dealt with my father’s death. People who were normally loud and argumentative, weren’t. People who normally stuck their nose into everything, did not. People who normally didn’t speak at all, were perfectly civil to each other. It really was astonishing, and I’m not sure how or why, except that I had many friends who I’m sure were praying for us and sending good energy.

    So I hope some of the good wishes and prayers sent from all of us here, helped smooth the way for you and your family now.

    My friend said in all her wishes for her father’s peaceful passing, she never thought to pull the whole family into it and wish for peace and cooperation from all, but now she is.

    If you still have tasks to handle and family dynamics in the works, we’ll send you a bunch of good wishes for part to all go smoothly.

    I’ve read for years about people tending to die around eclipses and never seen it like I have this cycle. My father. My sweet neighbor’s husband of 63 years, my nephew’s friend who was only 19, your mother, my friend’s father.

    I’m turning 51 on May 10th and just read that the Sun/Saturn opposition perfections on that day. Lovely. My father died almost a month to the day before that opposition, and two weeks ago, we had new, really scary daughter drama. (She’s okay, somehow. The angels really are watching over her. She must have something really important to do, to get so many chances to live when she could have easily died or been seriously hurt.)
    And now I’m thinking, what else could possibly happen, Saturn? And that damned Sun/Saturn opposition is in my solar return, and the Cardinal Cross, too, although not as nearly perfect as it is in my daughter’s solar return.
    (Heavy Sigh) I really am an optimist. I can tell you so many ways in which my father was lucky to go when and as he did, and I believe them. I’m grateful for them. And I think I’m a really lucky woman, despite some really crap in my life as a whole.
    But right now, I’m tired. I look at all the strife in the world and think, It has to get this bad so enough people will see what’s going on and change how they feel and work to fix things. I believe that, but damn… It’s pretty bad out there right now.

  7. Teresa Hill says:

    Oh — most bizarre thing that happened last week? My former publisher, who still holds the rights to about 20 of my books — announced it’s being acquired by Rupert Murdoch!

    Very happy they’re my former publisher right now, but still … they hold the rights to so many of my books.

  8. alex says:

    Wendy Davis Democrat, candidate for Governor of Texas:

    “When Greg Abbott served on the oversight board of our state’s cancer research institute, he wasn’t looking out for cancer patients – he was looking out for his political donors. Greg Abbott should know if he has degraded the job he has he shouldn’t be looking for a promotion, and the people of Texas know that too.”

    In July of 2013 the Houston Chronicle reported, “in the more than four years Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott served on the state cancer agency’s governing board, he exercised no oversight as the agency made misstep after misstep in awarding tens of millions of dollars to commercial interests.”

    Wendy Davis:

    “I authored in the last session Senate bill 386 to hold grant recipients accountable to their grant agreements, to make the institute comply with grant review processes and to remove Atty General Greg Abbott from the oversight committee.

    Then I was very proud to help pass senate bill 895 which finally held the institute accountable to Texas transparency laws, because what happened to the institute should not have happened, period.”

    Wendy Davis:

    “The Republicans have protected overcrowded schools, ignored issues of unequal pay, and have looted tens of millions of your tax dollars from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute, a place that was supposed to be a beacon of hope for cancer patients and their families.”

  9. alex says:

    expanded on “global self interest” url attached to Nancy’s column:

    reposting this:

    <strongLSuperclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making by David Rothkopf

    Today economic clout is fueled by the explosive expansion of international trade, travel and communication—rules. The nation state’s power has diminished, according to Rothkopf, shrinking politicians to minority power broker status.

    Leaders in international business, finance and the defense industry not only dominate the superclass, they move freely into high positions in their nations’ governments and back to private life largely beyond the notice of elected legislatures including the U.S. Congress.

    The superelites’ disproportionate influence over national policy is always self-interested.

    Richard Holbrooke, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

    “Whether you like it or not, there is no way to deny the enormous, disproportionate, concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a relatively small number of people in the world today. David Rothkopf has vividly described who they are, and how they operate and interact, in his valuable and often disturbing new book.”

  10. alex says:

    Superclass list

    Former Navy Secretary John Lehman, “Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat. Why would the superclass want to give it up?”

  11. Sharon K says:

    Thanks for the update, Starlight, and for the interesting posts about the elite, all. I am very tired right now but look forward to reading these articles. Teresa Hill, glad things are better for your daughter. I like your testimony about the power of group prayers and nurturing, good, kind, loving thoughts…I, too, hope they helped Starlight. And, Teresa, we can add to the list of people who passed at the time of the solar eclipse, my close friend’s (of 40 yrs) 102 y.o. mother (which I posted about a week ago, but I wanted to make the connection to what you were saying).

  12. alex says:

    Koch backed, Evangelical Republican, Indiana Governor Mike Pence

    is working up his resume for presidential primary 2016

    DOB 6/7/1959 Natal Sun @16 Gemini


    2016 Solar Arc Sun @13 Leo
    Natal Uranus @13 Leo

  13. Jerry says:

    Crisis in the Ukraine
    by David Crook

    Stellar Insights Astrology

    The unfolding Ukrainian crisis appears linked with the current transit of Mars in Libra, as the conflict began when Mars stationed-retrograde Mar. 1. And a critical flashpoint will then be the mid May period when Mars stations direct (exact May 20 GMT) at 9 Libra, exactly conjunct the 2014 Aries ingress Ascendant 9 Libra in Kiev. The Aries solar ingress (Spring Equinox) chart sets the tone for the year 2014 per mundane astrology.

    The May 14 Scorpio Full Moon at 23 Scorpio 54 is spot on the Aries ingress Saturn (of checks and balances), which suggests a sober and heavy time in world affairs, generally speaking.

    As a reminder, I think the May 14th Scorpio Full Moon (23 ’54 Scorpio) within 17 minutes of orb in its semi-square to the near stationary Mars (9 ’12 Libra) could prove to be a catalyst in many ways. Especially noteworthy, is its trigger to the May 28, 2000 Saturn/Uranus conj (22 ’43 Taurus) and Russian Pres. Putin’s natal Pluto (22 ’43 Leo).

  14. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa Hill – Sorry things feel so heavy for you right now. I’ve been dealing with a lot of Saturn the past few years and it is a drag, but somehow it also teaches us to look at things in a different, more realistic way. Kind of makes us look at the world in a more grown-up way with an acceptance of reality, perhaps to approach and find solutions we might not have done without its’ insights. I’m sure will emerge even more wise than you are now, and you will continue to share that wisdom with others. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.

  15. Lorrie U says:

    Hooded gunmen threaten federal worker on Utah’s I-15 after Cliven Bundy ‘incites’ militia

  16. alex says:

    “I cannot even stand to look at you” — Purported statement by Congressman Pete Sessions R-TX to President Barack Obama during a meeting over the federal government shutdown.

    House Rules Committee Chairman – Pete Sessions

    H. Res. 567 Select Committee on
    2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi

    May 07, 2014
    House Rules Committee Adopts Chairman Sessions’ Resolution to Establish Select Committee on Benghazi

    Natal Sun @01 Aries – Pete Sessions, 2014 Solar Arc Sun @00 Gemini

    2014 Solar Arc Mars @15 Cancer
    Natal Ceres @16 Capricorn

  17. alex says:

    The mission of the Young Elected Officials (YEO) Network is to unite and support progressive elected leaders who share a passion for building communities that reflect values of freedom, fairness, and opportunity for all.

    The YEO Network supports elected leaders ages 35 and under as they define issues, develop solutions, and respond to the needs of their communities. By exchanging ideas, developing leadership skills, and connecting with policy development organizations, YEO Network members will be empowered to transform their political vision into progressive action.

    Through these means, the YEO Network will connect the progressive agenda at community levels across the country, ultimately producing an enduring pipeline of national leaders.

  18. Apple says:

    Helen, I passed this on to my son because it was so funny. However, he is on the ball and looked further:

    However, I wish it were so!

  19. arbo says:

    Helen, not to belabor a point, but your bank robbery post is precisely why I don’t take anything you say here seriously. You’re careless. Too careless for me, anyway.

  20. alex says:

    An idyllic Utah canyon home to ancient cliff dwellings and native burials will be the site of a protest Saturday by a group of people who plan to mount their all-terrain vehicles and ride a trail that has been off limits to motorized vehicles since 2007.

    The Bureau of Land Management is warning riders to stay out, vowing prosecution against those who ignore a law put in place after an illegal trail was found that cuts through ruins that are nearly 2,000 years old. The canyon is open to hikers and horseback riders.

    The group’s act of defiance is the latest illustration of growing tension between angry Western residents and the federal government over management of public lands. But the off-road protest isn’t expected to end in a confrontation like other recent ones.

    The BLM doesn’t plan to block access or confront the riders, said Sheriff Rick Eldredge, who has been briefed on the agency’s plans. The agency will, however, document people who ride ATVs on the prohibited trail, he said.

  21. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: CA Courage Campaign

    Something weird is going on in California. Maybe you’ve noticed.

    So what happened? As voters, we turned out in record numbers and did our part to fix a “broken” California. We voted to fix a crazy budget process through a simple majority vote. We won electoral reforms to reduce the power of political parties and insure top two vote getters – regardless of party – move on to the general election. And the best part was that the people voting began to look more like the actual people who live in California, thanks to more diverse participation. TOGETHER WE VOTED FOR A MORE PROGRESSIVE CALIFORNIA.

    But instead of listening to what Californians wanted, corporations and Big Business had a different plan – they changed their tactics and are gaming the system. We need your help to stop them.

    Big Business special interests don’t care about political parties. The Chamber of Commerce funds as many Democrats as Republicans. With corporate lobbyists funding more so called “moderate” legislators, corporations like Walmart and Chevron are expanding their political influence.

    At Courage, we don’t care about political parties either. We care about issues and values, and we will hold elected officials accountable for their actions, their money, and their votes.

    Courage Campaign has a plan. We’re going to expose any elected official that chooses to represent corporations rather than constituents. We will hold legislators accountable by educating our 900,000 whenever a corporate stooge is pretending to have your back, while he or she really represents AT&T, PG&E, or the Koch Brothers.

    It’s a big challenge but we need to start a statewide Political Action Committee to do this, and we want to make sure our members are on board.

    Let us know if you want us to take the fight to corporate-funded legislators and demand they start working for Californians like you — NOT corporate interests.

    Yours in the fight for a better California,

  22. alex says:


    Senate Majority Pac – UNDERCOVER (great video media)

    GOP candidate Thom Tillis

    Senator Kay Hagan, DOB 5/26/1953 Shelby NC
    GOP candidate Thom Tillis, DOB 8/30/1960 Jacksonville FL

  23. alex says:

    continued: North Carolina Senate Election 2014

    First Impression:

    HAGAN – Fire Trine by Synastry

    Natal Venus @22 Aries (cnj Transiting Eris @22AR)
    Natal Pluto @20 Leo (cnj Natal Tillis Uranus @22LE)
    2014 Solar Arc HAGAN Saturn & Neptune @22 Sagittarius

    TILLIS – Water Trine by Synastry

    Natal Neptune @06 Scorpio
    2014 Solar Arc TILLIS Saturn @06 Pisces
    HAGAN Natal Ceres @08 Cancer

  24. Sharon K says:

    Rep John Conyers of Detroit is getting stiffed because authorities are saying that some of the signatures he turned in are from ineligible voters and some of the petition circulators are also ineligible. He is 84 now, a really good guy, known for his work in civil rights. I hope he wins this fight!

  25. Sharon K says:

    The above was about getting sufficient signatures to get his name on the ballot.

  26. thrasybulus says:


    I read your link to excerpts from the Seeds of Destruction (previous thread)and found it unconvincing as to Al Gore’s villainy. Outside of the prime conspirators of the Rockefeller family and Henry Kissinger the author seems to focus on that arch-villain Jimmy Carter with side mentions of Cyrus Vance (once worked for the Rockefeller Foundation) and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

    I see that Gore is on the Superclass list though – along with Nelson Mandela (May he rest in peace) and Oprah Winfrey. The list seems to me a simple list of influential people without regard to an agenda.

    There is a matter that I wish you to clear up for me. There seems to be a condradiction in that the author of Seeds of Destruction places central blame for world genocide on the Rockefellers and their #1 henchman Henry Kissinger.

    The author of Superclass and the list you linked to is David Rothkopf, former Managing Director for Kissinger Associates, which is enough of an association for the first author to lump him into the depopulation conspiracy and enemy of mankind.

  27. thrasybulus says:


    I am not trivializing your concerns. As one who cannot accept the pitiful case against Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin of JFK how can I belittle another’s conspiracy concerns?

    That said, it seems obvious to me that the bad guys are so out numbered AND vulnerable that they must continuously sow division amongst the rest of us – if I may put myself in that number.

    That is one reason I am a solid Democrat, not because they are not susceptible to being corrupted by taking money from the corporate world, of course they are, but because it is within that political party that the voices of enough people can STILL make some difference.

    I believe there are also good people in the Republican party but the concentration of wealth has given a select few almost complete if temporary control of that party.

  28. alex says:


    Ambassador Richard Holbrooke validated the “Superclass” and the author; I don’t think you have better inside credible information than that ….. think what you like though

  29. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – I am outraged!

    “The Bureau of Land Management is warning riders to stay out, vowing prosecution against those who ignore a law put in place after an illegal trail was found that cuts through ruins that are nearly 2,000 years old…the off-road protest isn’t expected to end in a confrontation like other recent ones…The BLM doesn’t plan to block access or confront the riders.”

    I am furious that they will let these RWNJ lawbreakers get away with it, possibly damaging ancient ruins! But it’s okay to confront and pepperspray and arrest Occupy protesters and students??

  30. Lorrie U says:

    P.S. – And, why am I reading about this in a New Zealand news article??????

  31. Lorrie U says:

    Here’s an excellent point posted on FB:

    “Did you ever notice that Republicans are angrier with President Obama over the Benghazi incident, than they are with the people who actually killed the Americans? Why is that?”

  32. Lorrie U says:

    Police killed this teen by shoving a sharp object down his throat. They were convinced he swallowed drugs, and wanted to retrieve those drugs. Guess what they ended up finding out.

    Teen Killed After Drug-Bust Cops Restrain, Pepper-Spray Him, Shove Sharp Object Down his Throat

  33. alex says:


    good catch… New Zealand News …. I wondered that myself :-)

  34. Jerry says:

    The effects of the April 28/29th Taurus Solar Eclipse could manifest as early as the May 14th Full Moon. Here is an astro analysis from the Examiner……….

    Solar Eclipse In Taurus April 29: The (New) Age of Materialism

    April’s solar eclipse falls at 8 degrees 52 minutes of Taurus April 29, 2014 at 2:14 a.m., EST and on April 28, 11:14 p.m., PST. The Taurus/Scorpio axis represents the second/eighth houses of money and wealth along with security and this will be a theme of this eclipse…….

    ……..In President Obama’s chart this eclipse, along with the Sun and Mercury oppose Neptune in his 9th house of foreign relations. This shows a confused, muddled or deceptive situation. Mercury square his Sun showing a battle of words and possible concern over transport and younger people. Neptune will oppose his Pluto throughout the spring/summer showing a convoluted, deceptive and lengthy period of trial with those known ‘open enemies.’…….

    ……Neptune lies at 6 degrees Pisces in the first house showing issues surrounding water, oceans, gas, oil and perhaps even chemical weapons and gasses of different types. Neptune rules oil and according to Nicholas Champion, also rules war: “Because of its associations with confusion and delusion Neptune can rule war, and in this respect shows very strongly in the chart of fascist Italy where the main motive for war was national glory, and where the main result was confusion. Neptune also rules scandals, the results of confusion and deception.”

    Neptune in this position shows the suffering of large groups of people, which is pretty much a given at this time in the world, one way or another. It also casts a shadow of secrecy-deception over this chart, and events that are occurring during this period.

  35. alex says:

    PS Lorrie

    it is an AP story therefore it is widely available but seems to be ignored in US media

  36. alex says:


    the Idea

    Government has failed us. More than 90% of Americans link that failure to the influence of money in politics.

    We’re going to kickstart a SuperPAC big enough to make it possible to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.

    On May 1, Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig launched Mayday PAC: a crowdfunded Super PAC with the sole mission of forcing Congress to get money out of politics. The response so far has been overwhelming.

  37. barbk says:

    alex, how did you find out about Pence? Transiting Mars is conjunct his North Node right now. When transiting Saturn stationed retrograde in March it was one degree shy of Pence’s natal Jupiter. Saturn will reach his natal Jupiter this November after a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio (+ Venus) that will square his natal Venus in Leo.

    Also, transiting Chiron will have been square his Gemini Sun (as it has been for a month or so) in August-September in retrograde, and again in February-March 2015, that time in direct motion. A total lunar eclipse then might clip his Gemini Moon with a square just as transiting Jupiter (retro) conjuncts his natal Leo Uranus. The 1st conjunction (Jupiter to natal Uranus) is this September and the last one next April as trans. Venus conjuncts his natal Sun.

  38. alex says:

    the usual way i read google news then if something is interesting I link from there or i use search terms on google news to sweep for 2014 election news etc;

  39. alex says:


    Pence continued: as with many politicians his Saturn is activated when/as they build fresh campaigns… I always give weigh to Saturn in analysis of election candidates;

    on the GOP side especially it will be either activated Saturn or activated Neptune… I’ll use your notions and go look at his Neptune, when I’m feeling up to it, since he is an evangelical GOP
    but until I do more than first impressions, and work with your very fine transit event notation to his nata,l I’ll stick with Saturn as his presiding symbolic planet that takes the most weight in any analysis I do;

    (with further work-up I’ll take an aspect that has been the significant ‘driver’ in his life and then see how that aspect matures through 2014,2015,2016,2017)

    as you have already identified he is connected to Jupiter cycles clearly (12 year apx one year in each zodiac sign
    and the subset of 4 years which is also a common windowframe timeline for political terms or campaigns may/probably appear synchronized to stand-out events in his life)

    the thing is: I’ll have to review past Uranus aspect contacts in his natal chart to decide what weight to give 2016 aspect…
    but in anyone’s chart this aspect is ‘HIS DAY IN THE SUN';

    2016 Solar Arc Sun @13 Leo
    Natal Uranus @13 Leo

  40. ox the cat says:

    Alex as a result of your post I read about Governor Pence Very interesting. He was a talk show host. I have never heard him speak. What is your or anyone’s impression about how he communicates. Is he prone to gaffes or is he a smooth operator. I am interested in anyone’s gut feelings about him apart from astrological aspects.

  41. alex says:

    Pence continued –

    barbk, his midpoint of ju/sa is @14 Sagittarius

    Event – 2016 New Moon Solar Eclipse @09 Virgo

    2016 SE MARS @14 Sagittarius
    Natal Midpoint JU/SE @14 Sagittarius – Pence


    Natal Sun @16 Gemini – Pence

  42. alex says:

    ox the cat

    well I’ll youtube him after mother’s day to see – it’s a good question;

    clearly he will know CADENCE as former talk show host – does he have a tenor voice type? will be interesting to see;

    he is handsome (visual cortex is biggest cortex in brain
    humans are driven by the facial Symmetry of handsome)

    he seems to appear me to have Germanic face though I haven’t a clue to his ethnic background; some of it will be on his wiki but I didn’t give it a thought when I did the first survey of him;

    “Is he prone to gaffes or is he a smooth operator”

    good question thanks – I don’t know like I said after Sunday I’ll youtube him…

  43. alex says:

    ox the cat – Pence continued

    well that was easy utube; he doesn’t have charisma seems to me

    scripted – state of state speech

    media interview GOP safe territory

  44. alex says:

    Rand Paul DOB 1/7/1963

    Natal Sun @16 Capricorn

    2014 Solar Arc Sun @07 Pisces
    2015 ” ” @08 Pisces
    2016 ” ” @09 Pisces

    2017 Solar Arc Sun @10 Pisces
    Natal Jupiter @10 Pisces

  45. alex says:

    some people feel that Mitt Romney is going to run again in 2016 so if Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney run everybody else GOP is running for V.P…

    getting back to the upcoming 2014 November 4TH elections

    1) holding the Senate Majority

  46. barbk says:

    alex, I didn’t realize you had posted after your original comment on Pence, so 1st, thanks for all your effort. As to his voice which ox the cat asked about, I’ve only heard sound bites (very brief) and I (personally) don’t find him charismatic either. Actually, I was surprised that he has a Gemini Sun. My very superficial impression was much more along the line of a Taurus or Capricorn; strictly a visual impression. No quick responsive behavior (in those sound bites). . . don’t remember seeing him “talk with his hands”. His astrology already sounds more interesting than I would have guessed. I’m only curious because his state is next door to the state I live in and he is followed (somewhat) by the local media. Will be taking a closer look now.

    Rand Paul’s solar arc Sun conjunct transiting Neptune. Yep!

  47. Jerry says:

    Has anyone been following the Eurovision contest phenomenon/ winner Conchita Wurst and the controversial social issues this has brought to the international media in the past couple of days? I find it absolutely fascinating in view of the current strained Russian-West relations….

    Conchita Wurst: How Eurovision 2014’s Bearded Drag ‘Pervert’ Reviled by Russia Became The Toast Of Europe

    The Independent
    May 11, 2014

    Eurovision is over and this year’s queen has been crowned: Conchita Wurst, Austria’s drag act who has been attacked by transphobic and homophobic slurs for weeks, has won the song contest with her ballad “Rise Like a Phoenix”. Despite a barrage of offensive slurs against the 25-year-old performer, Ms Wurst was the overwhelmingly popular choice in the competition with 290 points last night.

    Ms Wurst, who was branded a “pervert” by a Russian politician Vitaly Milonov before the final, was named the winner after only 34 of the 37 countries had revealed their scores. Taking to the stage to receive her trophy, Ms Wurst said: “This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are – we are unity and we are unstoppable.”

    Ms Wurst, whose real name is Tom Neuwirth, has been accused of creating a “hotbed of sodomy” at Eurovision by homophobic Russian protesters, while Milonov, the politician who was instrumental in passing Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, accused Ms Wurst of turning the competition into the “Sodom show”.


  48. Helen says:

    Why am I not surprised?

    “You Might Get Hit by a Car”: On Secret Tape, FBI Threatens American Muslim Refusing to be Informant

  49. Lorrie U says:

    Of course, there has to be a Koch connection…

    Saturday’s Illegal Cliven Bundy-Endorsed ATV Rally Runs Through Sacred American Indian Sites

    The anti-government views of Cliven Bundy and Phil Lyman are also shared by a growing fringe of elected officials who want to sell-off or seize America’s public lands.

    According to a new analysis from the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a network of right-wing elected officials, organizations, and prominent commentators share Mr. Bundy’s anti-government views and are advancing proposals to seize or sell-off federal public lands in eight Western states.

    This network of so-called ‘Bundy’s Buddies’ includes the Koch-funded organization Americans for Prosperity, U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul (R-KY), Utah Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT), and Utah State Representative Ken Ivory. Ivory leads the American Lands Council — a group dedicated to advocating for the seizure of federal lands.
    In an alert to its members titled “Our Public Lands Are Not for Sale,” Backcountry Hunters and Anglers this week called the land seizure movement a “radical cry” that “should alarm all Americans who cherish their freedom to hunt and fish…. Our federal land system and outdoor heritage is the envy of the world and depends on keeping federal public lands out of state ownership.”

  50. ox the cat says:

    Alex I watched him on you tube. No charisma but he apparently can lie without compunction of any sort. One of the comments on the you tube noted that while he touted his Healthy Indiana on Morning Joe there are thousands of people on waiting lists unable to get insurance. Apparently the program is not successful nor does it in any way cover people like Obamacare yet he spoke glowingly about the program and acted like it was better. I think he might have the ability to fool people. That was what I wanted to know. Thank you for the links.

  51. Lorrie U says:

    Republicans have different standards based on party affiliation.

  52. Lorrie U says:

    Link to pic doesn’t work…

    “Republicans who blame Obama for every event and action in Benghazi, 5000 miles away…find it totally plausible that Chris Christie didn’t know about things going on in his own office.”

    This does seem to be the disconnect in the mind of the republicans.

  53. alex says:

    ox the cat

    …. the ability to fool people

    ok, i’ll do some research on liars and spotting liars; the aspects, points & planets then post when I get it done;

  54. alex says:

    liars – continued

    these will be the search terms:

    right-wingers have become conscienceless liars

    no compunction lying

  55. alex says:

    liars – continued

    this is good article

    but it’s family holiday… I’ll get to work on it later

  56. alex says:

    Happy Mother’s Day To Everyone;

    liar continued


    Mercury in Aspect

    Mercury is the planet of communication, verbal expression. Mercury will tell us how we communicate and what we are interested in. I will look at Mercury in aspect to other planets, and lets see how Mercury changes his communication depending on who he is paired with in the natal chart.


    Promises TOO MUCH and cannot deliver what he promised. Mercury-Jupiter can EXAGGERATE!!!! Individuals with this aspect can be very eager and enthusiastic, but they tend to lose interest, and wander off making more BIG PLANS without even putting their last idea into any practical form. The aspect has often been called full of hot air, and often they do not realize how they have exaggerated and distorted the facts because of OVER ENTHUSIASM.


    This aspect does not appear to be a LIAR. Here is what Liz Greene has to say on the aspect between these two planets in her book “Saturn a New Look at an Old Devil”.

    By Liz Greene: The curious expression of the chronic and uncontrollable liar is also one of the less attractive facets of Mercury-Saturn. But Saturn remains true to form here in that there must be present a reasonable degree of intelligence, sensitivity and complexity in order for such distortion or OVERCOMPENSATION to exist.

    Mercury-Saturn…. often is afraid of appearing dull and less intelligent to others. A lot of these individuals have significant intellectual abilities. However they can bend the truth in order to have their way with people, sometimes at worst this only creates isolation for themselves because of their critical and scheming ways . (it is an excellent aspect for the politician/goverment.)


    These types are not prone to lying, as they protest for the TRUTH, but they can often champion one idea/belief rather rebelliously. And then all of a SUDDEN these individuals can turn around and radically oppose the same statement they were championing. Which only tends to make them come across as contradictory. And if confronted with their own contradictory statements they will deny they said such an idea or belief, and be very offended. Individuals with Mercury in aspect to Uranus will often say they are MISUNDERSTOOD.

    Mercury/Neptune …. individuals with this aspect are confused as to what the truth is. They can be highly GULLIBLE themselves, and may therefore understand how other people can equally be prone to deception, and cheat and deceive other people for they know their MENTAL VULNERABILITIES. The IMAGINATIVE quality is often over emphasized and problems of perception can be created . These individuals can make mistakes in judgments and misinterpret the facts. The aspect can also manifest as SELF DECEPTION, and there is also the inability to distinguish between the real and unreal.


    This aspect has a natural investigative ability, their penetrating insights can sometimes lack sensitivity. Individuals with Mercury in aspect to Pluto may try to mentally dominate others, they find it difficult to trust others, yet it can be a form of projection as they themselves can be guilty of plotting and keeping secrets. The criminal master mind or the fighter of crime, this aspect understands the psychology of the criminal.

  57. alex says:

    ox the cat

    I began this with first midpoint to 2016 SE…. everything else needs examined after that;
    Governor Mike Pence, R-IN

    I did the math fast on midpoints (might want to double check them)

    analysis table: aspects, midpoints
    to examine with 2014, 2015,2016,2016 relevant charts


    Mercury wan inconjunct Jupiter

    ME wan quindecile Saturn

    ME wan septile Uranus

    ME wan sextile Neptune

    ME wax quintile Pluto


    me/ju @07 virgo (9/1/2016 Solar Eclipse @09Virgo, EXAGGERATE)

    me/sa @28 virgo

    me/ur @17 cancer

    me/ne @27 leo

    me/pl @26 cancer

  58. alex says:

    I had excellent visit with family – hope you all enjoyed the day;


    People who have a variant of a longevity gene have improved brain skills such as thinking, learning and memory. Researchers found that increasing levels of the gene, called KLOTHO, in mice made them smarter, possibly by increasing the strength of connections between nerve cells in the brain.

    midpoint saturn/KLOTHO should be good midpoint tool for analysis kit natal & political

  59. ox the cat says:

    That is interesting Alex because the minute I posted lie I was uncomfortable. I thought after I posted that he believes what he says in some way or has a way of convincing himself that what he is saying is at least true in some way i.e. there are SOME people who are getting insured under Healthy Indiana and that is in fact true. The other thing I noticed from U Tube was how he seemed more comfortable with men than with women. There was one woman who reached out to shake his hand and he dispatched the handshake as quickly as possible, it is just a millisecond but it was enough to make me look at his views about women and I found he is extremely conservative about women’s issues. Thanks for all the information. Very informative. That will be it for me for tonight. Hands do not want to work or type tonight.

  60. B.A. says:


    Ever seen the movie “Brazil”?

    If not, it can be found here:

  61. Helen says:

    B.A.: I haven’t seen ‘Brazil’ – I’ve seen snippets and found it unwatchable….plus the music is a meme for me! That said, Brazil is a favorite of my husband, so I will ask him about it.

    About the way people are disappeared or eliminated: it’s nearly par for the course now.

    A few years ago Paris Match had an article and one page had pictures of at least nine men – all who had died within a short time frame in various ways: cancer, accidents, suicide. This was a stastical impossiblily: a cluster of deaths that would entirely be from natural means and not provoked.

    What did these men all have in common? BP oil technicians who had expressed concerns through the company channels – not even whistleblowers.

  62. Jerry says:

    According to reliable sources, representatives in the cities and towns controlled by separatists in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine say they intend to hold a second referendum on May 18th, this time on the republic joining the Russian Federation. This takes place the day before Mars stations direct.

    Looking at the larger trend, the May 11th referendum coinciding as it does with a Moon/Mars conjunction in opposition to Venus (9 Libra-Aries); two weeks later on May 24th; one day before Ukraine’s May 25th presidential election, the Moon traverses to form a full opposition to the near stationary Mars. May 24th also has an exact Jupiter-Saturn trine. Perhaps May 24th could be a decisive turning point in this ongoing drama?

  63. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Senator Tom Udall D-NM

    Stand With Senate Democrats to Protect Medicare:

    It’s been said that a society can be judged by how it treats the elderly.

    Here in the United States, since 1965, the Medicare program has provided economic security for nearly 50 million senior citizens.

    It’s our promise to our seniors that if you work hard and pay into the system, you won’t have to choose between putting food on the table or paying for prescription drugs.

    But for years, extreme Republicans have tried to renege on this promise and to balance the budget at the expense of our senior citizens.

    That’s why I’ve joined with some of my Democratic colleagues in the Senate to support the Medicare Protection Act, and we’d like your support too.

    The Medicare Protection Act would ensure that the Medicare eligibility age is not raised and that Medicare is not turned into a voucher system. It would keep the promise of Medicare alive for all senior citizens now and in the future.

    I hope you’ll join me in supporting this important legislation.

    Thank you.


  64. barbk says:

    alex and ox the cat, try Hermes the asteroid when speaking about deception; always has something to reveal.

    And alex. . .fascinating stuff about KLOTHO! Wonder what the midpoint between Klotho and Uranus (variant) might lead to. Right now that would be about 20 Pisces-Virgo. Hmmm. .

  65. alex says:


    Mitt Romney’s Natal Sun @21 Pisces

  66. barbk says:


  67. Bob says:

    U.S. Is No. 1, China Is So Yesterday

    Josef Joffe, the editor-publisher of Die Zeit, teaches American foreign policy at Stanford University where he is also a fellow at the Institute for International Studies and the Hoover Institution. He is author of “The Myth of America’s Decline.”

  68. alex says:

    2014 Midterm Election : November 4th, 2014

    MIDPOINTS Gemini-Sagittarius Axis

    MERCURY/Uranus @17 Gemini (Obamacare)


    MERCURY/Pluto 17 Sagittarius (KOCH/GOP/TEA/LIBERTARIAN/NEOCON lies about Obamacare)

    In the mutable air/fire, Gemini/Sagittarius axis we meet the planetary rulers Mercury and Jupiter, which describe learning and the gathering of information on the one hand, and its dissemination on the other hand.

    This axis of exploration concerns the relationship between information and meaning, facts and knowledge, the student and the teacher, the primary school and the university. The poles of this axis complete and complement each other.

    If the Gemini end loses touch with the bigger picture, with the value or purpose of the information it is gathering, then everything can become trivial, superficial and meaningless, even to the point of nihilism.

    If, on the other hand, Sagittarius loses touch with Gemini, the sense of having privileged access to the one truth can lead to arrogance and fundamentalism, cut off from the detachment and relative truths of Gemini. ~ per Clare Martin

    Mercury/Uranus (Obamacare, misunderstood) per astrologyplace

    These types are not prone to lying, as they protest for the TRUTH, but they can often champion one idea/belief rather rebelliously. And then all of a SUDDEN these individuals can turn around and radically oppose the same statement they were championing. Which only tends to make them come across as contradictory. And if confronted with their own contradictory statements they will deny they said such an idea or belief, and be very offended. Individuals with Mercury in aspect to Uranus will often say they are MISUNDERSTOOD.

    Mercury/Pluto (Koch/GOP/Tea/Libertarian/Neocon lies about Obamacare) per astrologyplace

    Individuals with Mercury in aspect to Pluto may try to mentally dominate others, they find it difficult to trust others, yet it can be a form of projection as they themselves can be guilty of plotting and keeping secrets. The criminal master mind or the fighter of crime, this aspect understands the psychology of the criminal.

  69. barbk says:

    The tightening grand water trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron conjures up images of negotiators around a table hammering out details emotionally regarding such things as Ukraine’s leadership, dismantling weapons of mass destruction in Iran, and bringing home the school girls of Nigeria. It could also apply to one’s personal situations or the local political elections too, as witnessed in the ads/commercials for May’s primaries.

    The separate aspects perfect either on or close to lunations with the first being between Jupiter and Chiron tomorrow, May 14th’s Scorpio Full Moon, while Jupiter and Saturn exactly trine 4 days before the May 28th New Moon. On June 13th Saturn and Chiron exactly trine on the day of the Sagittarius Full Moon, and all 3 add that emotional (water – moon) emphasis to whatever is being hammered out, upstaging the logic and common sense approach.

    The Gemini New Moon on May 28th at 7 Gemini 21 falls very close to the U.S. Uranus at 8 Gemini 55. This New Moon is squared by Neptune (more water) at 7 Pisces 33 which falls very close to the U.S. Ceres at 8 Pisces 42 retrograde, and the Ceres myth is loaded with emotional energy. In fact, transiting Ceres (conjunct transiting Vesta) in Libra will be square transiting Jupiter and opposite transiting Uranus in Aries. For the U.S. there promises to be high drama in the news (Gemini) as Mercury in the critical degree of 29+ Gemini sextiles Venus in the critical degree of 29+ Aries, meaning things will have to be completed immediately. Mercury is very powerful (and tricky) in Gemini and I wouldn’t be surprised (well maybe a little) if some last minute clever-talk works wonders and deals are made. After all, Venus is only (arc) minutes away from her home sign of Taurus, and money talks.

    In the June 12-13 Full Moon, Venus in Taurus is very busy; a sextile with Chiron offsets her opposition to Saturn and her quincunx with Ceres and Vesta. The Full Moon in Sagittarius (22+ degrees) will be opposite the U.S. Mars in Gemini and square the U.S. Neptune in Virgo (who is sextile Jupiter at the Full Moon who is almost conjunct the U.S. Mercury!) The nodes are square the U.S. Pluto but trine (north node) and sextile (south node) the U.S. Moon and Pallas in Aquarius. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. This might be an all-nighter because transiting Pallas at 7+ Virgo opposes transiting Neptune at 7+ Pisces and they activate the earlier Gemini New Moon (May 28) at 7+ Gemini. But bottom line, there IS that grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron, and never underestimate the staying power of Neptune in his own sign. It promises to be an emotionally draining month.

  70. alex says:
    Excerpted – paraphrased:

    American politics has often been an arena for angry minds. In recent years, we have seen angry minds at work, mainly among extreme right-wingers, who have now demonstrated how much political leverage can be got out of the animosities and passions of a small minority.

    But, behind this, I believe, there is a style of mind that is far from new, and that is not necessarily right-wing. The paranoid style describes it because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy.

  71. alex says:


    John Birch Society

    Originally based in Belmont, Massachusetts, it is now headquartered in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, with local chapters in all 50 states. The organization owns American Opinion Publishing, which publishes the journal The New American
    The society was established in Indianapolis, Indiana, on December 9, 1958, by a group of 12 led by Robert Welch, Jr., a retired candy manufacturer from Belmont, Massachusetts. Welch named the new organization after John Birch, an American Baptist missionary and United States military intelligence officer who had been shot by communist forces in China in August 1945, shortly after the conclusion of World War II. Welch claimed that Birch was an unknown but dedicated anti-communist, and the first American casualty of the Cold War.

    Koch Brothers, father
    Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was one of the founding members Koch Brothers, father:

  72. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    Excellent read on the aspects! In addition to what you had enumerated, there’s an exact Mars/Moon conjunction square Pluto (12 ’46 Libra-Capr.) on June 14th the day after the Sagittarius New Moon. This will be in close t square to the US Sun AND Mars will be direct. Should be interesting to watch. Perhaps what germinated mid to late April (the Cardinal Grand Cross Square) will once again re-surface in mid June.

  73. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: June 13th – Sagittarius FULL MOON (22 ’05 Sag).

  74. alex says:

    Right Wing Libertarian NEOCON: Hoover Institute

    The Neocon Libertarian Hoover Institute Economists directed/and/staffed the political/economic policies of CA Governor Ronald Reagan (CA Governor Pete Wilson), President Ronald Reagan, President Richard Nixon, President Ford, George H.W. Bush and especially George W. Bush.

    The Heritage Foundation was established by Paul M. Weyrich with money from Joseph Coors and Richard Mellon Scaife. At the Heritage’s founding there were only two major conservative think tanks: the Hoover Institution and the American Enterprise Institute.

    List of conservative, neoconservative and libertarian think tanks,_neoconservative_and_libertarian_think_tanks.

  75. Helen says:

    Interesting snippet of Victoria Nuland being questioned in Congress:

  76. thrasybulus says:


    Someone we know also talked about the Koch brothers today.

    Superclass member Al Gore;
    “One reason our beloved United States of America has not yet grabbed hold of this crisis is that our politics are very badly broken,” Gore said. “There is no question we have seen the degrading of our country. The truth doesn’t matter the way it should…”

    But it won’t stop, Gore said, unless people stop the polluters and that is not going to be easy. While some Republicans used to support anti-pollution measures, there is now “an enforced orthodoxy in the Republican Party” to oppose such measures, he claimed.

    “It’s not complicated why they have been cowed,” Gore said. “They will face primary opponents financed by the Koch brothers and others even if they breathe the simplest truth about climate change.”

    He went on: “Are there ways to compromise? Of course. But you can’t compromise a core principle like the future of civilization.”

  77. thrasybulus says:


    Let me try to explain why I am persistant about Gore.

    I see a revolution for this country, it is the natural outcome of all dysfunctial political systems that have lost the flexability to reform themselves. My concern is which model that revolution will follow. Moderate revolutions like The Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the American Revolution of 1776, or bloody internecine struggles to the death like the French and Russian Revolutions.

    Both types will be initiated by the passionate need to correct injustices but the bloodbaths will come about by the seeming need to place all those who do not agree 100% with whatever political purity
    test holds sway at the moment, George W’s ignominious “If you’re not with us , you’re against us” demonstrates the mindset.

    This coming revolution will be driven by the passion of thousands like you that care enough to try to understand and convey to others our predicament.

    I worry when such caring and passion sees the need to condemn or lump together people like Al Gore as the problem and not an ally with whom we disagree on some matters.

    I also believe that the revolution can be avoided altogehter by the power of the ballot, but that window is closing rather swiftly isn’t it?

  78. alex says:


    please get over it I don’t like Al Gore you do so we disagree…. leave it at that and I don’t like Nostradamus predictions either; we don’t have much in common – let it go

    I post astrology notations I like to engage in conversation about the analysis of relevant timely astrology charts; I don’t usually post opinion but when I do I almost always post one or more sources to support my POV so I don’t need to converse about what I’ve posted;
    I like astrology I find to be relevant and interesting; my post about 2014 Election Gemini – Saggitarius upthread is one of my best insights into 2014 election so far; it was the result of the dialogue Ox the Cat and I had about topics that interested the both of us…

    that’s is constructive use of my time; I don’t need to defend my opinions; some people don’t like Al Gore and have good reason not to…. period end of story

    peace and light

  79. alex says:

    PS Koch Brothers

    anything anywhere that brings light on the nefarious affairs of the Koch Brothers is a public service as far as I am concerned… if you are getting the big picture on the Libertarian demise of the democracy I’m glad; it is hard to be informed with the flood of corporate media disinformation, PR and progaganda that misleads most people most of the time

  80. Lorrie U says:

    Insurers Plan To Debunk GOP’s ‘Rigged’ Obamacare Study In Front Of Congress

  81. Prabhata says:

    This is for B.A. — Hi B.A. Thanks for the heads up about Frontline ‘United States of Secrets’. It was superb. I won’t miss part 2.

  82. B.A. says:

    You are welcome, Prabhata.

    It IMHO is probably the best piece of Journalism in the last year.

    Here is a link to the on line version, available now:

  83. B.A. says:

    If you use twitter, here is a link to the online discussion:


  84. B.A. says:

    Part 2 is available next week, same time, PBS, Frontline.

  85. alex says:


    strength of connections – Klotho/Saturn

    Klotho/Uranus Midpoint (disruption of connections)

    5/16/2014 Friday
    Operation American Spring – Washington DC
    nullify all kinds of federal taxes through state legislatures
    Col. Harry Riley

    Friday 5/16/2014 Klotho @25 Aquarius

    Klotho/Uranus @19 Virgo

    Semi-Sextile Trine

    Apex Saturn @19 Scorpio


    Ceres @19 Libra
    (early morning) Moon @19 Sagittarius


    USA VESTA @19 Taurus

    (trine FRIDAY 5/16 Kloto/Uranus 19 Virgo, as yet unassigned degree
    19 Capricorn – forms grand earth trine )

  86. alex says:


    should read: Semi-Sextile KITE

  87. will says:

    Regarding “The United States of Secrets.”

    Frontline has made yet another amazing documentary. Yes, it exposes the sharp contrast between the promises of Senator Barak Obama vs. now-President Obama. But it is also does not condemn him either.

    Criticizing a President for not keeping all of his campaign promises regarding something especially as all important as national security is naive if not foolhardy. To be sure, it is only after the candidate is sworn into office assumes that he is apprized of the many enemies of and threats to the state by various intelligence advisers. Once these harsh, unpleasant facts are revealed, any leader possessed of skilled-critical thinking must reassess and recalibrate policies that might cast a dulling yet sobering patina on his once-shining, buoyant campaign covenants.

    Think about it. Haven’t we all made heart-felt promises to our friends, our family or our employees at one only to renege after unknown and/or unforeseeable circumstances require us to do so? Of course we have. Now imagine this happening on a vast scale that will disappoint tens of millions of once-supportive voters. Imagine the lonely regret embarrassment, even guilt a leader must endure in such moments.

    I am not proposing we confer a carte blanche pardon for all unfulfilled promises by our president. Nevertheless, in matters regarding the safety and protection of a nation’s people and territories, how can we hold a Commander-in-Chief in contempt for changing his mind and making difficult, even very unpopular choices, no matter what his party affiliation? It might be wise to take a deep brain-break and consider very carefully before lobbing so many turds of vitriol at Oval Office occupant.

  88. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you, Will, well said.

  89. kiwi says:

    I echo Lorrie’s words Will

  90. Helen says:

    I’m utterly amazed anybody likes that man in the oval office:

  91. will says:

    Helen, the phone is ringing; its for you; Fox News has a job opening.

    First, lets see if the story has any legs. You don’t think someone can make a false claim on Democracy Now? Think again. It could be a planted story for all anyone knows.

    And if it is a true story, God bless this unfortunate man and his family. Millions of innocent people have been dying in wars for thousands of years. Although far-from perfect, the surgical strikes made by drones are clearly a much, much better tactic.

  92. Nick says:

    “Helen, the phone is ringing; its for you; Fox News has a job opening……..Although far-from perfect, the surgical strikes made by drones are clearly a much, much better tactic. ”

    Will… Will…. Will
    Ingratiating ourselves again with the main political theme of this blog and inserting a caveat as well. Clever! A little too clever. Blind loyalty to a President because he is a “Democrat” and “Black” doesn’t wash with many people anymore. Look at the track record of the Obama administration. The administration started with altruistic motives but has failed miserably. In many ways it’s merely an extension of the international policies of the bush presidency. Ask the people stuck in Guantanamo, about the broken promises, ask the citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen about the “surgical strikes” as you called them. Why not follow the US’s handiwork as recently seen in the Ukraine.. the coup the US has funded and largely engineered yet still insists that it was a Russian invasion. Laughable.

    I didn’t even mention Syria.

    Will it wasn’t that long ago that members on this blog were attacking you for your views. At one point you said you would never blog again on this site. Glad you changed your mind. I enjoy most of your comments Will but I find it surprising that you have also engaged in this behaviour with other members who don’t share the same view as you. When Obama was voted in to the Presidency and took up office he had campaigned on “Change we can Believe in.” He has no credibility anymore outside of the continental United States. Why? The world doesn’t like liars. Thats why.
    At least don’t pretend to be the good guy. But wealthy and powerful individuals tend to re-write their own narrative. Seems this administration has been very good at doing that.

  93. thrasybulus says:


    Gasp! “I don’t like Nostradamus predictions either” lol

    Love your last line “Peace and light”

    Peace, Love and Light to you and yours.

  94. thrasybulus says:

    I do not subscribe to Obama as an Aquarian ascendent. An Aquarian ascendant is a fixed sign that pushes his new and visionary ideas regardless of their popularity. An Aquarian ascendent isn’t afraid to break new ground and go it alone.

    His Jupiter in Aquarius is enough to account for his Aquarian traits imho. He seems to me a Capricorn ascendent (reinforced by his Capricorn Saturn), adept at using and achieving power. His greatest accomplishment is the fact that he was elected at all, apologies to Obamacare.

    He doesn’t lack vision, but it is subordinate to his practical political calculations. It is possible that an Aquarian ascendant’s tendancy to kick over the traces would be controled by a Capricorn Saturn discipline but that Aquarian need to make a stand for social justice against any odds would leak out sometime, somewhere (especially given the unprecedented public pressure).

    Has No-Drama-Obama ever lost his poise and self-control? No, he is to my mind a Capricorn ascendent with first house Capricorn Saturn and first house Aquarian Jupiter–he has vision but it is subordinate to practicalities.

    A Capricorn ascendent also accounts for the success of his marriage to his Sun Capricorn wife. I’m not saying this is bad or good, I’m just saying.

  95. thrasybulus says:

    I accept Helen’s criticism of the drone policy as the right one. It is ultimately self-defeating as it will create more enemies than it will stop. I would like to think it is a stop-gap measure to transition us to some type of peaceful resolution but how many years have we been doing this?

    Obama has demonstrated over and over he only acts after circumstances and public pressure have made it safe for him too (you’d think he was a politician), so ultimately the American people are responsible.

    That said, I am thankful to have him there and trust his decency.

  96. alex says:


    Of the 56 presidential elections in U.S. history, 20 percent (11) have been won by those born under the sign of Aquarius more common than any other astrological sign.

    There have been five Aquarius presidents:


    Abraham Lincoln
    Ronald Reagan
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    William McKinley
    William Henry Harrison

  97. will says:

    Nick, Nick, Nick,

    Find and produce where I made that statement. Either you have your wires crossed or I have early onset dementia.

    Try not make assumptions Nick. It makes you look like a fool.

  98. thrasybulus says:


    That is exactly right and correlates with the USA Moon (the people) in Aquarius. Notice also that all the Aquarian Suns but Reagan died in office-Reagan survived assassination attempt just a couple of months into office. Try this interesting article;

    What accounts for the Aquarian deaths in office do you think?

  99. alex says:



    The Uranus cycle is an integral part of the Presidential Death Cycle, and without exception, every president that has died in office did so when Uranus was in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

    Uranus in mutable signs is significant because it makes hard aspects to the U.S. Eighth House, the house of death.

    (Editor’s note: WolfStar uses a Scorpio Rising chart of the United States.)


    As the legend states, the President elected in a zero year is the one scheduled to fall.

    Traditional astrologers explain this pattern by using the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. About every twenty years Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction, and it happens to coincide with the zero year. However, this conjunction is never the exact timer of the President’s death, often off by several years. Astrology does us no favors when it can’t time the cycle any better than within a few years.

    When using the Scorpio Rising horoscope for the United States, the patterns become clear. The Scorpio Rising horoscope shows the natal potential for the Presidential Death Cycle, and the planets involved by transit show the timing. Scorpio Rising itself is uniquely associated with this cycle, especially when one sees that Mars, the ruler of the chart, is located in the Eighth House of death.

    Mars is challenged by a square to Neptune, found in the Eleventh House of political ideology. At its best, Neptune here shows idealism, and belief in a political system that brings a better life for everyone. At its worst, Neptune here is delusional and fanatical. This evil side emerges during predictable Neptune transits.

  100. Lorrie U says:

    I much prefer the current man in the oval office, drones and all, than McCain and Palin–the war monger and the crazy nut job, or Romney–the vulture capitalist. We would be mired in more wars with more of our young people paying the ultimate price, and our social programs would be in the hands of wall street. So criticize away, you can’t convince me, and I don’t apologize for caring for the current man in the oval office!

  101. Helen says:

    Thanks for the swat about Fox News, Will:
    This country is guilty and many voices on the left think so, too:

    Here’s another article on the same subject you can ignore:

    “These Drones Attack Us and the Whole World is Silent”: New Film Exposes Secret U.S. War

    Anybody who lived through in the Vietnam era – you don’t feel a lingering sadness and guilt?
    No uneasy feeling about the droning policy?

  102. Helen says:

    Thanks, Nick for your comments. When I read the links posted to articles here, sometimes the articles are very critical of the current adminstration and president.. Then in the wrapup of the same post I’ll read: “I entirely support our president!”

    Say what?????

    Big cognative disconnect. It took me awhile to admit that WE are the terrorists: whole swaths of Iraq are so polluted with depleted uranium, women are advised to leave the area if they wish to have children. We’re not bringing freedom and democracy anywhere: we’ve given it up at home with the NDAA.

    Below is a recent study which was widely published. Found the BBC link since mostly MSM cuts the grade here:

    Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy
    The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite. So concludes a recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page.

  103. alex says:

    2014 Governor’s Election Texas – November 4th

    Greg Abbott – Just Not Working for You

  104. Prabhata says:

    Helen, you are the recipient of a straw man fallacy because you did not put forward the argument that McCain or Romney would have been a better choices. That wasn’t your argument at all.

  105. Prabhata says:

    Helen, you may also have fun with this one: Special pleading fallacy.

    Example #1:

    Yes, I do think that all drunk drivers should go to prison, but your honor, he is my son! He is a good boy who just made a mistake!

    Explanation: The mother in this example has applied the rule that all drunk drivers should go to prison. However, due to her emotional attachment to her son, she is fallaciously reasoning that he should be exempt from this rule, because, “he is a good boy who just made a mistake”, which would hardly be considered adequate justification for exclusion from the rule.

  106. will says:

    The US is an oligarchy but hardly alone; at this time in history so is Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India and China.

  107. alex says:


    drunk drivers are charged with ‘counts’ (maybe one to a dozen infractions) of the law in court – jurispurdence;

    court of public opinion: four year one term president ( 8 year two term president) has made 1000’s and 1000’s of decisions for protection and improvement of the nation and its citizen;

    in the present: only the extreme wingers think the president and administration has gone beyond constitution in some of those 1000’s of decisions/actions; and nobody (but the deluded) think they have violated any laws;

    the Special pleading fallacy is ‘not on point’ for presidential politics because one person who is fond of any president (like an attachment of mother to son) can state their opinion to others about how good the president is but it is not the TEST of any relevance in the real world anyway…. you are trying to demean people’s opinions who like Obama but not everything he does as president, which is realistic, unless you are a person who subscribes to the CULT of Ronald Reagan don’t think any other president was given cult status like Ronnie;

    you are being judgemental about personal opinions …..

    there is one place all political opinions are tested…..elections
    and majority wins; you are being more divisive than constructive;

    the history of a presidential administration has to be sourced by more than the journalism standard (two independent sources) and time is an element that is necessary to get the big picture with FOIA documents that become ‘unclassified’

  108. Jerry says:

    Looking further afield in the contentious Ukraine-Russian stand-off, here’s the June 13th Full Moon chart set for Kiev, Ukraine:

    This is a rather intense, incendiary full moon for the following reasons…..

    The Sag Full Moon (22 ’05 Sag) forms a close quincunx to tr. Jupiter at 22 ’49 Cancer on the ascendant (21 ’42 Cancer). Could this signify an abrupt change in the status quo in Eastern Ukrainian affairs? The Sag. Full Moon will also oppose the US Mars, the Russian Sun (both at 21 Gemini), and t squaring President Obama’s natal Mars and the US Neptune (22 Virgo). The adversarial nature of this Full Moon between Russia and the US could bring these two nuclear super-powers to the edge.

    Tr. Saturn forms an exact conj. to Ukraine’s natal Pluto at 17 ’45 Scorpio (natal Pluto in the 10th house within 3 degr.of Ukraine’s MC) opposed by tr. Venus (17 ’45 Taurus). Another intense, provocative aspect!

    Look at the nodes in the chart – 25 ’37 Aries-Libra. This will be stimulating the degrees of the April 15th lunar eclipse (25 ’15 Aries-Libra) when hostilities in East Ukraine first erupted. The Sag Full Moon 6 hours after maturation will exactly sextile/trine the June 13th Nodes and the April 15th lunar eclipse degrees.

    Powerful energies are being unleashed in mid June because the April 15th lunar eclipse when activated carries with it the potentially explosive Pluto station energies (from the previous day – April 14th). The approaching Pluto-Moon/Mars square on June 14th, the day after the June 13th Full Moon at 12 ’46 Libra-Capr. will be impacting Pres. Putin’s exact progressed Mars-Jupiter square (12 ’19/ 12 ’20 Aquarius-Taurus) and Pres. Obama’s natal Sun (12 ’32 Leo). Transiting Mars in direct motion will then in quick succession square the US Sun and conjoin President Putin’s natal Sun from the 15th to the 18th. I would venture to guess, whatever forces were held in abeyance during the aspects of the April Cardinal Grand Cross square window from April 21st – 23rd due to Mars being in retrograde motion can now find itself being expressed at this time.

    In Russia’s natal chart; tr. Uranus during this period (15 Aries) will be squaring Russia’s natal Chiron/Jupiter conj (15 Cancer) and in quincunx to natal Pluto (15 Scorpio). Does this depict Russia being mortally wounded on some level? Tr. Mars moves on to oppose tr. Uranus in t square to Russia’s Chiron/Jupiter conj. around the 23rd.

  109. Helen says:

    Prabhata: categorize my beliefs however you want, but there’s a morality issue here – but don’t
    concern yourself about that.,Rather, focus on my penchant for ‘strawman or pleading fallacies’ instead.

    Thanks for the lesson. And your own? Get off major media and a few things that don’t add up might cristallize.

    And Will, not disputing other countries aren’t subject to oligarchic tendencies – all the more reason to thank heaven that most of them are low on military might. The world has enough with the few bullying militaries out there.

  110. starlight says:

    Hi All,

    For the moment, I am still mired in my mother’s papers and possessions, working diligently to disperse all that needs dispersal and throw away the rest. I am not sure when I can focus on the blog again, but it could be several days. I have hardly been able to follow much of the news at all or handle my psychotherapy practice. It should all be sorted out soon, but for the moment there is a kind of deluge.

    xxx Nancy

  111. will says:


    Is there ANYTHING you like about the United States, let alone the sitting president? Your rhetoric seems to reflect a deep, obsessive, almost maniacal hatred for just about everything PBO and American.

    I apologize for the “swat” re: Fox News. Its just that your posts seem to have the same level of rabid, unforgiving, relentless hatred for the President and the U.S.

    I am not a self-loathing American. Although there are many things I’d like to be different in this country, I cannot think of another place I’d care to be – and I’m fairly well-traveled.

    Your rants seem to reveal a smoldering contempt for this country and its people.

  112. Francis says:

    Nancy, I believe we all support you in taking all the time you need. Please, no worries :)

  113. will says:

    Bill Maher explains Fox News success. Good for a morning laugh

  114. Helen says:

    Will, I love our country: don’t like the policies instituted by the 1% ruling class which has been pointed out in recent study as contributing to the impoverishment of this country. If you don’t reject the conclusions of this study, then why do you equate like criticisms from the lay public (me) as rants?

    Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

    “The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite. So concludes a recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page.”

  115. Sharon K says:

    Nancy, thanks for checking in and good luck to you in finishing up expediently. We are holding the fort here and exercising in our free speech right to debate things vigorously.

    In the interest of being a realist, which I think is an important position to take, I, overall, agree with Lorrie, Alex, Will. As Will said, a presidential candidate cannot hope to know what the country’s intelligence decisions are based on. This is how the world functions — we cannot expect the U.S. to become pure overnight and trust that other countries and interests will go along. The U.S. must be defensive, even if it does overstep its bounds to an extent and even cause trouble (and I do not believe that these revolutions whether in the Mideast or in the Ukraine are entirely U.S.-instigated or manipulated, even though we may try; there are passionate forces at play in the hearts & minds of the people of these countries). So, when judging Obama or the U.S., realize that, unless we know all the “facts,” we can’t make a fully-informed judgment. And, as said here, journalism is not always the best indicators of the truth or the larger picture. So, do not fault our current administration for not creating a revolution in the war of good and evil and swinging the world to the side of good, leaving ourselves defenseless. We cannot do this alone; we must be realists and function within the system, as we attempt to change it. And, regarding Obama, we cannot afford to throw away good in the service of perfection. As I’ve expressed many times here, President Obama is limited by the circumstances in which he must function…he must play the game by the existing rules to some extent, or he will not be allowed to play….he is not all-powerful and the Republican or Illuminati or whatever you want to call it, are just waiting for him to trip up so they can point out further that he is a socialist, a communist, an unpatriotic betrayer. He has to be careful and play the political game but good can occur within it, and it has—there is a whole litany of accomplishments this administration has made, and important positions it has maintained in the face of a very powerful, insidious opposition. We don’t do our country any service by giving Obama’s enemies more fuel; I try to look at the bigger picture without discounting that there are many tragic flaws here. With Obamacare, we have made a great, progressive step forward which may cause the Republicans to gain power in the mid-terms because dumbed-down racist Americans are wanting to replace our administration with, basically, religious and powerful white men who do not care about the poor as much as the Democrats do, no matter what their other flaws may be. The Democrats have traditionally been the force behind social programs, whether or not they are part of the oligarchy (which is a world that has a lot of negative associations but I don’t see why an oligarchy cannot also do good things). I see many wealthy Democrats, like Gates and Buffet, doing good things with their fortunes.

  116. Sharon K says:

    I meant to write “word” in the next to the last sentence, not “world.” And I did not mean to write “exercising in our free speech right,” but “exercising our free speech right.” Namaste.

  117. Sharon K says:

    I forgot to mention the other powerful forces manipulating these rebellions and revolutions that the U.S. must also counter, as allowing them to become further empowered would pose a security threat to our country and the world. This is a very valid and important way of looking at the situation that cannot be discounted even though there are also other extremely important ways of looking at the geo-political situations in the world, such as from the perspective of creating peace and a more equal distribution of power and resources. The second impetus is very important to me, and all of us here, and it’s tragic that we have to contend with things the way they are, but I am a realist…this is how they are. Not recognizing that might lead to further failure. I certainly am not a political expert but this is how it seems to me.

  118. Nick says:

    Some very good points Sharon K. AS for me I am just disappointed the Obama administration hasn’t had the success it so promised in 2008-9. Such a shame as PBO absolutely had a mandate to clean up Wall street, prosecute the Bush administration criminals and basically set the standard for peaceful co-existence with everyone around the world. It seems the US political system is rigged and there is no recovery in sight. Terrible shame.

  119. Prabhata says:

    Helen, I did not “categorize” your beliefs. My point about the straw man fallacy is that you made an argument about the immorality of drones, but your argument was dismissed with a straw man fallacy that the current President is a better choice than McCain or Romney would have been. You never made that argument. But that’s the nature of logic fallacies. The goal of those who dish them out is to avoid looking at the argument.

    I see that you’ve also been handed an ad hominem fallacies. (Your phone is ringing, Fox News is calling you or “Is there ANYTHING you like about the United States”, capped with “I am not a self-loathing American”) I was also handed a ad hominem: “unless you are a person who subscribes to the CULT of Ronald Reagan” People who use those lines (Stephen Colbert uses the ad hominem: “So you hate America” to get laughs. ) are not being funny but disingenuous, only pretending to engage you, while dismissing you and your argument.

    To answer your point, I agree with you about the morality issues involved. The only difference is that you are still working to make this a better world, and I lost all interest in that. I see a plutocracy that decides who the leaders will be, and the direction of world politics. Not having the money to influence those policies, I simply read to stay on top of what is going on to know the direction of world politics. That’s why I visit this blog. I find Nancy’s analysis interesting, and get links that have been helpful.

  120. kdez says:

    Cleaning up and sorting through after the death of a parent is … well, it’s taxing. I had my siblings to help me and I hope you have lots of practical support as well, along with your own good judgement in this task. You certainly have “all due respect” from me as you go through the process, as well as condolences for your loss and best wishes for all your family’s future!

  121. will says:


    Two studies does not a conclusion make. The 1% factor is affecting pretty much most of the advanced developed nations, including ENGLAND where your oft-quoted Guardian is published (if you want to see an oppressive, bloody, imperialistic history, read that of Great Britain).

    Your rhetoric virtually never supports the United States. You seem to be insistent that the U.S. is Darth Vader, Inc., and that PBO is Satan other nations and leaders have no hand in the many geo-political conflicts on the globe. Balderdash! You do not seem capable seeing the U.S. as anything but complicit in all things horrid; that is beyond unreasonable.

    Sharon K fleshed it out well in her well-thought, well-written post of this morning.

  122. Teresa Hill says:

    The process you’re going through is exhausting, I know. Cleaned out houses after two relatives’ deaths. So please, don’t worry about us. Take good care of yourself and give yourself the time you need.
    Your kids are in college, right? Know anyone who has teenage boys you can pay to help you move stuff? Because they’re fabulous for heavy lifting. We never would have survived cleaning out one house without my son and his friend.
    Although I have to say the task — seeing what people really leave behind when they leave this world — really made me think hard about what’s important and what’s not. Spiritually and just in terms of stuff. Hardly any of our stuff matters. I keep a lot less stuff now. Either love it or use it or get rid of it. Want to leave behind people I loved well and great memories, not stuff.
    Love to you while you take on this task.

  123. Sharon K says:

    Teresa Hill, I completely agree with you about stuff. As they tell you in feng shui, too much clutter and the wrong alignment of it blocks the chi, the good energy. On the other hand, you need things to slow down & guide the chi, too, e.g., a harmonious and simple arrangement of natural and supportive elements. I love the way you so succinctly describe it.

    Glad some of you liked my points; it’s difficult to sort it all out and have it make sense, but I tried.

    Nick, I understand your disappointment. My take on it is there are several levels going on in human relations and politics and some of them support each other. For example, we know politicians speak in hyperbole and make promises they know there is no guarantee they can keep…or maybe even know up front that they aren’t at all possible to keep. They are often speaking in terms of ideals and, yes, with the aim of manipulating themselves, if you will, into office. However, without that, they wouldn’t win (in my observations) and then we’d most certainly get the bad guys, instead of good guys who know how to manipulate themselves into office. As far as prosecuting the people on Wall Street (other than Madoff who was a blatant criminal) and the Bush administration people; well, there, too, calculated and hair trigger decisions are made…will this drastic move cause the economy to further collapse, damage the country’s morale, create more enemies and more obstruction? Sometimes it’s better to put your energy into making positive change rather than punishment and setting examples (sometimes) and to let karma take care of itself. When you put forth “radical” legislation, like Obamacare (that a lot of Republicans had input into but then used against the Democrats), go on to lose the next set of mid-term elections because of it, and then are faced with a completely obstructive Congress, what’s a president to do? Exercise presidential executive powers so people can further associate him to Hitler? He has been careful, yet made steps forward in this very polarized climate. Unfortunately, it seems the nature of change, especially in a climate like this one, is painfully slow. In the near future, climate change (no pun was intended but I see, on second reading, there’s a pun here) will be realized to such an immense and overwhelming extent, that dealing with it will dominate everything else and the people of this country will HAVE TO work together — that’s my feeling, anyhow.

  124. Prabhata says:

    Sharon K, the argument you put forth, is called argument from authority The President has more facts than anyone else, therefore, the must be making the right decisions. That’s a fallacy too.

  125. Prabhata says:

    Correction: therefore HE must be making the right decisions

  126. alex says:

    Sharon K

    In Ca if you make an Advanced Health Care Directive it can be registered with the Secretary of State CA office for $10.00
    then your copies of it with the card they/SOS send back to you can be given to family, health care provider and everyone else that is necessary for your final wishes to be carried out. The Advanced Health Care Directive form is no-cost printable download from the SOS page online.

    The location of the original directive is noted on the registration form. Example home in fire safe box, desk at home, bank safe deposit box etc.

    This makes things very clear.

    I have created a website with photos
    and lists of my belongings (online stock photos of each item type with description) so family can keep and/or distribute or sell if they wish; and with address of closest Goodwill/Salvation Army for appropriate items;

    I like to imagine it’s less burden to have post-death organized for family… less to deal with;

  127. Lorrie U says:

    Most of us make decisions based on information we are privy to. We make those decisions without having any real knowledge of what that decision will lead to. The best we can do is weigh the many or few options open to us at the moment. We may find that it was perhaps not the best decision, or we may find that the decision led to a better situation.

    As a parent, we have to make decisions for our children based on what we know about our child. It may often be the right decision, but sometimes we may find out later that perhaps it wasn’t the wisest.

    Outcomes are often hard to predict. The best we can do, especially when the weight of responsibility for another life or lives is upon us, is try to make a decision which we hope is for the higher good and, if it requires course correction at a later time, we reweigh our decision.

    Unfortunately, many who are responsible for making decisions may have hidden agendas, much like Cheney and Bush, but their decisions have proven to be what was the highest good for them rather than the country. They never even remotely resonated with me, nor did the people who supported them. My “gut” proved to be right.

    I do not think President Obama is a saint and walks on water, but I do think he is a moral and honest man who would like the system to be different. But, since he cannot change it alone, he can do what he can when he can and make decisions based on the hand he’s been dealt with as little harm as possible to the greater good. My “gut” tells me he is not in this just for himself.

    And to be practical, had he immediately pursued wall street/financial institutions as many would have liked him to, it would have created chaos at a time when we were trying to recover economically. Maybe it’s not a big deal to some, but the fact is that that stability led to a recovery of our 401K’s and retirement accounts which means the world to us older folks. So maybe we could say that in some eyes he made the wrong decision, but ultimately his decision led to an outcome which was beneficial to the higher good of many!

    If we don’t like the system, then it is up to us to make decisions which will lead to the higher good. I truly believe that electing Pres. Obama was for the higher good based on the choices. The real responsibility lies in the hands of the citizens and electing people who support reform of banking/financial institutions, elections, money in politics, etc. If we keep making decisions to elect morons who block every progressive movement, then we will keep having outcomes that does not lead to the higher good.

    Our decisions, not the president’s, is what keeps this country from progressing. I’m really tired of hearing rants from armchair critics which demean our country and our president, but never offer any positive thoughts, actions or hopeful solutions. Action follows thought, so be positive rather than just offering negative comments.

    And so ends my rant…

  128. Lorrie U says:

    Chris Christie Is Cooked as Former Campaign Manager Says Gov Knew About Bridgegate

    As Chris Christie delusionally continues to believe that he can be president, his former campaign manager says that he personally told him about the GWB lane closures the day before they happened.

  129. Teresa Hill says:

    One of the most interesting things I ever heard President Obama say was when someone asked him the hardest thing about the job or the thing it took me the longest time to get used to.
    He said he had to accept the fact that there would be no easy problems that came to his desk and no easy answers. If they were easy, someone else would already have solved them. Everything that gets to his desk is hard to deal with, and it may be impossible to say what is the right decision or the wrong one. Often, all the evidence or data or even expert opinions you have may be split 50-50, and he had to get used to making decisions anyway, on the 50-50 stuff. He’s an analytical man. I suspect he’d believe if he just dug deeper and knew more, the right answer would be obvious from the facts he found. But it doesn’t work like that if you’re president.

    Thank you. My MIL kept so much pure junk. Old newspapers. Pencils. Coat hangers. Tons of stuff. And in the midst of it, were some really cool things, like the telegram telling her that her husband to be was on his way home from World War II. But you really had to dig to find those kinds of things, and many of the things we found, we had no idea what they were or why they might have been special to her.
    My great aunt’s house was the same way. Stuff of her long-dead mother’s she never got rid of. Stuff of her long-dead sister’s. You just keep looking around and thinking none of it really matters.
    I think it would be good for everybody to have to clean out a house after someone dies, because I think it teaches us a lot.

  130. will says:

    “…I do not think President Obama is a saint and walks on water, but I do think he is a moral and honest man who would like the system to be different. But, since he cannot change it alone, he can do what he can when he can and make decisions based on the hand he’s been dealt with as little harm as possible to the greater good. My “gut” tells me he is not in this just for himself.

    And to be practical, had he immediately pursued wall street/financial institutions as many would have liked him to, it would have created chaos at a time when we were trying to recover economically.”

    Hear, hear, Lorrie.

    One of the most unpleasant things we learned when Eric Holder tried to mount legal action against the Big Banksters was that the legislation for the banking industry had been virtually written line-for-line by the lobbyists for the banking industry over the last 20 years. This gave the banks and bankers enormous latitude to use all kinds of loopholes and sleight of hand that was all entirely “legal.” And that is why prosecution as been all-but-impossible.

    I have been openly and harshly critical of PBO and the Dems over the last 4 years. I have gone toe-to-toe with any number of more loyal supporters of him and the party and taken plenty of heat for it – and that is perfectly okay with me. I don’t mind the attacks. I also do not feel I have to play to anybody on this blog.

    Again what is vexing and demoralizing is the incessantm destructive harping several contributing bloggers here who simply never have a good word about this president or this country. With this same group, Obama and America are always the evil, oppressive, conspiratorial forces who are working to harm or over-throw another nation or leader. It gets tired and narrow and maniacal like the lunatic-ravings of a Fox News talking head.

  131. Prabhata says:

    Here is Stephen Colbert, roasting Bush, using the “gut feeling” argument — very funny.

  132. kiwi says:

    Helen, if you were to study history, you will find that the US, and most countries, have always been ruled by the “1%”.
    Not saying that is how it should be, but the US has never been a democracy in the true sense of the word, except perhaps in pockets at a very local level. If you believe in ‘ I want my country back’ you have bit hook line and sinker into the false marketing myth of the post war era that it was ‘yours’ to begin with. You are just waking up to how things are, and have been for a very long time. Sadly, scum will rise to the top without constant honesty, diligence, and effort from those at the lower levels. Everyone has a lot of work to do.

  133. B.A. says:

    This is an extended interview from USA of Secrets. Only small parts of this were included in the broadcast. The interview is with:

    Diane Roark served as a top staff member on the House Intelligence Committee from 1985 to 2002. She fought to end the NSA’s post-9/11 warrantless wiretapping initiative, telling FRONTLINE she considered the program “unethical, immoral, politically stupid, illegal and unconstitutional.”

    This is an interview with a very bright, knowledgable person, who was congressional liason between the House Intel committee and NSA/Hayden during the period when “the program” was implemented.

    She worked for the repub majority on the committee.

    She is a sharp girl, and tried everything she could to stop it.

    If you watch any interview all year long, this is the one to watch:

    Extended interview:

  134. B.A. says:


    “I see a plutocracy that decides who the leaders will be, and the direction of world politics. Not having the money to influence those policies, I simply read to stay on top of what is going on to know the direction of world politics. That’s why I visit this blog.”

    Interesting insight.

    I wish that it were not so.

    However, seems to fit with reality.

    Sometimes the interests of plutocrats and commoners align, (ww2 era).

    Sometimes not.

    Then, some plutocrats are charitable leaders, such as Bill Gates (couldn’t stand his business practices, but his charitable work seems worthy).

  135. B.A. says:

    Another Obama 180:


    Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to propose new rules that would allow Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to sell priority access on the Internet.

    The proposed rules would end the policy of Net Neutrality, a principle supposedly supported by President Obama — but evidently not by his FCC.

    Yet not all hope is lost: Millions of activists spoke out in support of the Open Internet in recent weeks, and because of this the FCC has left on the table the possibility of restoring Net Neutrality — but it’s an uphill fight.

    And more than anybody else, President Obama can tilt the table in our favor by speaking out in support of our cause.

    Click here to tell Obama to fight for Net Neutrality:

    Net Neutrality is what stops powerful Internet corporations like Comcast and Verizon from singlehandedly killing websites by making them impossibly slow.

    Without Net Neutrality, Internet service providers could promote content that they own, and undermine content from their competitors.

    They could shake down start-ups and artists and blogs for fees — and put them out of business if they don’t pay up.

    This summer, the FCC will make a final decision about which plan to move forward with — the one it prefers which allows ISPs to discriminate against websites, or the restoration of Net Neutrality.

  136. Sharon K says:

    Prabhata, I don’t think president Obama has all the information, but I do think he has much more of it than any of us opinionated folk do, and, as Teresa Hill relayed, there are no easy answers, as the fairy tales would have us believe. And, I do believe that he is a moral, descent man.

    The U.S. didn’t prosecute those responsible for the negligence on Wall St…I’m not sure why….maybe there were too many, possibly, there was no clear-cut laws broken, but the U.S. did pass legislation to create more regulation in 2010, known informally as the Dodd-Frank Act. Street

    Teresa, those are interesting insights about what we leave when we die — a little slice of our lives, and of the history of the times in which we lived. My goal is to organize everything ahead of time but it’s hard to make the time sometimes.

  137. Patty says:

    Dear Nancy, Please know we are all sending you strength and energy for dealing with this difficult period. Thank you for this amazing meeting place of intelligent, enlightening and serious discussion.
    The Grand Cross aftermath is extremely stressful and putting our heads together here helps us to sort-out our thoughts in a very positive way.

  138. thrasybulus says:


    I am familiar with WolfStar’s USA Scorpio Asc chart but had not seen his excellent article on presidential death cycle. It is one of the best correlations of astrology principles to the subject and only comes up short for me in that I do not see America as a Scorpio asc.

    This is the USA chart I use;

    It is the chart a scientist named John Willner used. He believed that only progressions indicate important events with the orb less than four minutes and the aspects must match the astrological symbolism (something WolfStar did very well).

    Also he thought declinations as important as regular aspects, that intercepted signs have a large impact on vocation or a major avocation. Also he believed that each sign has certain characteristics that are modified by planets closely conjunct or parallel the asc.

    What in the Scorpio chart accounts for America’s place in the world. Our impact is greater than any prvious country or empire, so how do you account for it.

    In Willner’s chart the declination are all important. Pluto is parallel the Asc, basically equal to a conjunction. This gives the nation tremendous power and also accounts for America’s Eagle symbol.

    The chart also has Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter parallel the descendant. This marvelous grouping on the 7th house cusp of partners dovetails with our ability to keep a semblance of peace through the NATO alliance.

  139. barbk says:

    It was only 1 year ago, on May 16, 2013, that Edward Snowden made first contact with Glen Greenwald and at that time Mercury had just entered Gemini. Snowden’s natal Chiron is at 29 Taurus 59. A year before that, on May 20, 2012, there was a solar eclipse at 0 Gemini 20 and Pluto was at 9 Capricorn 10 trine Mars at 10 Virgo 38 and trine Vesta at 9 Taurus 05.

    Yesterday’s full moon had Mars at 9 Libra 12 retrograde, the same degree Mars will be in when he station direct on Monday, May 19th and the Sun will be at 29 Taurus. It seems likely more of Snowden’s stolen information will be revealed as the Sun conjuncts his Chiron (healing or wounding?) and Mars stations direct squaring the 2012 solar eclipse Pluto. The next day on May 20th, the Sun will be at 0 Gemini, where the May 2012 solar eclipse took place. Eclipses have a long shelf life.

  140. thrasybulus says:

    Try US history against it and see if it doesn’t work. Willner said about 40% of events are indicated by declinations alone. to get the declinations of progressed planest on astrodienst choose the “natal and progressed” chart then tap the link on the upper left of the display chart – additional tables (PDF).

    Willner placed the USA Moon (the people) in the second house correlating with our preoccupation with making money.

  141. thrasybulus says:


    I am critical of administration national security policies and yet support the President and do suffer from a disconnect.

    It is not a cognative disconnect however, it is a courage disconnect. I have chosen the easy way of protesting my concern by talking about it but not the courage to put my life on the line to back up my beliefs. I have less excuse than many as I am old enough that no one any longer requires my financial support.

    I have a question to ask you. Are you posting from jail? Have you stopped paying your taxes that support the administration’s policies?

    I may be mistaken and correct me if I am, but you have chosen the same path of accomidation as the rest of us. Such accomidation bothers you, as it bothers me. If you have done more, I pray that you tell us how to band together.

    Please do not stop criticizing policies that I agree must be stopped, but as you said we are all responsible in America, the blameless are in jail. Don’t be so judgemental of failures we all share.

    At the right time I pray we will know what to do to ease our irritated souls, until then

    Peace and Light.

  142. alex says:


    John Willner’s- USA 21 Sagittarius Ascendant, 12 Libra Midheaven Chart (5:51PM) is important chart thank you for introducing me to it;


    When I first began political astrology survey and found all the different USA charts and the arguments to support them to be undefinitive/confusing to identify ONE USA CHART; then I read Nick Campion’s POV about it; PARAPHRASE…. when a national chart has been accepted in the public domain/by consensus of interested public who use astrology it has become like the LOGO/Brand of a large business entity (recognizable iconic symbol) and because many many astrologer’s used Gemini Asc USA chart at the time ( which I found by testing to many and current at the time USA events – NOT very useful ) I questioned Champion’s reasoning represented by the ‘initial part of that assertion';

    but Campion goes onto say that… PARAPHRASE: that all of the many charts for USA ( and multiples of any nation) are useful because of their association with the history and timeframe of their creation; therefore it was a matter of chosing which chart was useful for the TOPIC/SUBJECT you are analyzing… but he goes onto say the ‘library-for reference-for source’ for all other USA charts had their CERTAIN AND PARTICULAR usefulness as well…

    at first blush that seemed to be ‘weak tea’ but Nick Campion is NOT weak tea so I practiced with his theory of national chart choices among multiple historic charts;

    I turned to early American history and read up: while the Gemini USA chart was favored during early American history…. a number of early American founding ‘fathers’ practiced astrology delineated the chart and Gemini Rising USA was promoted during the early American timeframe…..

    the American USA Chart Gemini rising is great ICONIC chart acceptedd and promoted at the beginning of US as a nation…. it is a TRADE chart/Gemini ASC. early American economic strength and vitality amassed in TRADE with Britian and other countries (the revolution re-negotiated THE TERMS OF TRADE WITH THE BRITISH EMPIRE to make the terms more favorable for American colonies/American’s to self govern)

    and like a ‘sharholder’s agreement document’ (as contract law) the American shareholders inthe new self governing sovereign nation stamped the USA LOGO/CHART with GEMINI ASCENDENT and for those who ‘spoke’ astrology symbolism the early American nation’s LOGO said TRADE – WE ARE TRADE i.e. USA’s LOGO… that’s how United States promoted the US startup nation…..

    I was satisfied with Campion’s conjecture:

    thereafter with lots of test charts and practice I came to accept US Sibley chart as the MODERN USA chart (most useful)

    when I read up on Wolfstar Scorpio Rising chart assertion: I learned sometime important… the midpoint of MOON/MERCURY (from one of his 1990’s published articles elaborates on it) the midpoint of MOON/MERCURY in Scorpio Rising chart per Wolfstar represents ALL US SECURITY INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES

    I tested the theory and found that midpoint MO/ME for ‘all natal and all national charts’ clearly and consistently is symbolic for RISK ASSESSMENT AND STRATEGIC PLANNING i.e. SECURITY INTELLIGENCE… you and I and everyone does, to some degree, risk assessment and planning to deal with those eventual or probable or likely risks; and as you know nations plan for every type of risk likely or unlikely in their security agencies assessments….

    “Voila” (there you are)

    I use Scorpio Rising per Wolfstar for USA covert analysis particiularly for domestic election events… I tested it extensively in 1998,1999,2000 for ‘COVERT ELECTION’ manipulation and found it to be very useful chart….

    I would say that the John Willner’s USA 21 Sagittarius Ascendant chart will now become my ‘go to chart’ along with US Sibley for work-up event analysis… because I have found the Sagittarius sign and the 21SAG degree quite prominent for US late 20TH century and early 21ST century in many of the political analysis charts I delineated;

    the Gemini/Sagittarius AXIS or conversely the Sagittarius/Gemini AXIS continues to be ICONIC of USA: The glyph for Sagittarius is a straightforward one — it depicts the archer’s arrow slung in a bow. This glyph symbolizes the desire for direction, a higher purpose, and abundance.

  143. alex says:

    PS USA 21 Sagittarius Rising:

    per John Willner and many other practicing astrologers:
    declination is important for analysis (and ususally the forgotten 1/2 of astrology practice)

  144. alex says:

    EXCERPT EMAIL – Food Democracy Now

    Watch the powerful expose Unacceptable Levels to find out how Your body has become ground zero over chemical pollution today.

    ‘Unacceptable Levels’ is a groundbreaking documentary that details the harmful impacts of the chemical revolution of the 1940’s as told by the pioneering vision of friendly father and filmmaker Ed Brown.

    Join Ed as he interviews top minds in the fields of science, advocacy, and law regarding the devastating impact that the lack of proper oversight over toxic chemicals is having on America’s children today!

    Follow Brown’s riveting storytelling to learn how the chemical revolution brought us to where we are, and where, if we’re not vigilant, it may take us.

    This film poses urgent challenges to our companies, our government, and our society to do something about a nearly-unseen threat with the inspired knowledge that small changes can generate a massive impact.

  145. thrasybulus says:


    Check out the propressed Pluto contra-parallel natal Venus and natal Mars.

    It is moving so slow it is grinding us to death. It has been within a 4 minute orb this entire century (even on the Sibley chart I think)and we have to endure it a while longer.

    I see it as the main culprit in 911, rise of Tea Party (anti-government since Venus rules Libra MC) and the length of our overseas wars.

    I have an intercepted 3rd/9th house and my occupations have been UPS (shipping parcels),a Communictions company, and transportation. All third house activities.

    Wilner said not everyone has intercepted houses, but if you have one and it doesn’t apply to your work or strong avocation, then the chart is wrong.

  146. alex says:


    [you are in touch with your real interests/motives and then actualized objectively them in your vocation choices; good and big deal]

    the 3H-9H axis is quite important median/house for all charts;

    objectively 4TH-10TH is physical root cause – & – results

    but according to ancient horary astrology the house prior to the one analyzed is its 12TH HOUSE = source of psyche/motives or the unconscious motives

    therefore when analyzing a chart for particulars of certain/definative ISSUES every house is considered the FIRST HOUSE and the house prior its 12TH/motive…

    I have found that to be the most useful rule as take-away from horary astrology to date for my analysis work-ups;

    it is one tool for /analysis tool kit..

    partial list

    a) I review the transits in Natural Zodiac Aries Asc etc for all political charts

    b) and the natural zodiac to ‘ground chart information’ for all charts

    c) I use the US Sibley chart (and now 21 Sagittarius ASC) for all political charts

    d) I use the horary every house is the ‘first house/12TH prior rule’ to analyze political and natal charts

  147. Helen says:

    All I said was I didn’t care for the droning president:

    “Again what is vexing and demoralizing is the incessantm destructive harping several contributing bloggers here who simply never have a good word about this president or this country. With this same group, Obama and America are always the evil, oppressive, conspiratorial forces who are working to harm or over-throw another nation or leader.”

    I used to be bothered by responses like this – no longer!

    Thanks for the cure, Will. Your disdain leaves me unmoved whereas droning people doesn’t……and I know the whole world agrees with me.

  148. Helen says:

    Very interesting:

    “As more and more cities, counties, districts, and states across America falsely declare their near- insolubility, bankruptcy warnings, fiscal deficits, and budgetary quandaries, I am left with the sinking feeling that “the people” just can’t wrap their heads around how to point out these misleading and downright fallacious claims made by their councils, mayors, and professional con-men in places of public trust.”

  149. Patty says:

    Alex, How does Election 2016 look? “‘COVERT ELECTION’ Manipulation” is a serious expatiation for 16. And I suspect after their loses, the GOP is already working their 2016-plan. Should we see a repeat…this time we must be in the streets, unlike our last non-reaction, if only on a small scale as was Montreal:

  150. Jerry says:

    Is President Obama In Physical Danger?

    In March 2011, Pavel Globa along with other well-known Russian astrologers, shamans and parapsychologists gathered at a conference in Moscow. The primary focus of discussion was devoted to future trends. The general consensus is a prediction that WWIII would begin either during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi or 5 days after the Games end……..

    “The participants of the meeting unveiled the date for the beginning of Third World War. The new war is said to begin in March of 2014, during the Olympic Games in Sochi. It is also possible that the war may start five days after the Games end.”

    Note: February 27 – 28 – Russian ‘extremists’ with ties to the Russian military began systematically taking over government buildings and airports in the Crimea five days after the Games had ended.

    Pavel Globa is the same psychic who predicted that U.S. President Barack Obama would be assassinated “like John Fitzgerald Kennedy” and the Third World War would begin after Obama’s assassination.

    That has yet to happen, but as one western journalist observes, there are some astonishing historic similarities in comparing the month of June 2014 to that of June 1914, a pivotal moment in history when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated that set off World War One………..

    June 1914 or June 2014?

    Buffalo Blog

    In a few months it will be the summer of 2014. As such it is difficult for me not to project infinite possibilities reduced to a singular historical event – the start of World War I in 1914. See, up to the actual start of the First World War, folk were completely oblivious to how dramatic a pace things would change, and it makes me wonder if the same type of reticent ease evinced by most Americans will be abruptly ended this summer given the tensions between the EU, USA and Russia.

    Now I am not saying all is exactly the same, true, different times and different events, but some of the parallels are notably similar. Now albeit in this age of sound bites, in which the TV pundits tend to accept that the cause of WW1 was singularly due to the assassination of the presumed Austro-Hungarian heir, Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a group of Bosnian Serbs from the revolutionary movement called Mlada Bosna (‘Young Bosnia’) while he and his wife were visiting Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, personally, I consider several other factors that were responsible for the war that just happened to culminate in the aforementioned event. In fact, I would even venture to say that this was just an excuse for the Austria-Hungary alliance to declare war on its neighbor in an attempt to eliminate what they perceived and completely contrived to be a ‘Serbian threat.” Now these other events, remind me strangely of what is occurring in the Ukraine in concert with the EU, Russia and the U.S.


    This year, the month of June is developing into a critical phase in geopolitical terms. According to one extensive analysis, President Putin has until early June to act against Ukraine before NATO starts galvinizing its forces and military hardware in coordination with its allies in eastern europe for scheduled war games slated for July…………

    Five Weeks Away From World War III

    David Hodges/The Common Sense Show
    April 21, 2014

    “…….The Timing for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

    It is a fool’s errand to try and predict the exact date that Putin will launch an attack upon Ukraine. However, there are some clear timetables in place that will clearly provide Putin with parameters on when he needs to act before NATO can consolidate in that period. And that period is fast approaching.
    Before “snap” military war games can commence, support personnel must be on the ground preparing for the arrival of the heavy equipment to be used in the exercise. First, the planes arrive and this will be followed by transports carrying heavy military equipment. Once these pieces are in place, the NATO troops will arrive in bulk.

    If Putin plans to take over Ukraine with a minimal amount of resistance, he must act prior to consolidation of troops. Since the first NATO snap exercises in Ukraine and surrounding countries are scheduled for late June and early July, NATO will need about five weeks to coordinate the activity. Therefore, we are entering the danger zone of when Putin must act militarily in order to minimize the level of resistance he will face. To meet the timetables of military consolidation in advance of the exercises, Putin has about four, maybe five weeks to act.”

    I would like to emphasize and caution, this is all speculative. It may not happen. Events can certainly change and/or people can psychically interpret things from their own unique perspective. Nevertheless, one has to ask; if it WERE to happen, is there anything in President Obama’s chart that would indicate an assassination in June? What immediately comes to mind is Robert Kennedy’s assassination of June 5th 1968 in Los Angeles, but that is a digression.

    Most are unaware that Pres. Obama is currently undergoing a progressed Saturn STATION (at 23 ’14 Capr.). As far as I can determine Obama’s progressed Saturn went stationary direct on March 7th of this year. The station is still in effect until late Autumn. From what I have read, a progressed Saturn station about to traverse direct in ones chart can reflect a person’s completion in what an individual has karmically set out to do in this life. Mission accomplished!

    If we are to fast-forward to the June 13, 2014 Sagittarius Full Moon (a chart I had posted earlier); tr. Jupiter (representing a journey and/or transition?) at 22 ’49 Cancer will be in close opposition to that progressed Saturn station of Obama’s (23 ’14 Capr.). Less than a half degree. The Sag Full Moon in semi-sextile and quincunx to that tr. Jupiter-Progr. Saturn opposition is also stimulating those degrees. In addition, the Neptune station (station exact on June 9th) at 7 ’35 Pisces (representing dissolution perhaps?) in close opposition to natal Pluto (6 ’58 Virgo) will be semi-square/ sesqui-quadrate to that tr. Jupiter-progr. Saturn opposition. All in all, lots of intense energy bearing down on that pr. Saturn station of Obama’s.

    As mentioned in my previous entry, the Sag Full Moon (22 ’05 Sag) is squaring Obama’s natal Mars (22 ’34 Virgo). To me, that could be indicative of a violent attack. Also to consider; retrograde Pluto (12 Capr.) in square to tr. Mars (12 Libra) will be quincunxing Obama’s natal Sun (12 Leo).

    Any thoughts on this would be most welcome.

  151. Michael from NYC says:

    Neptune in Pisces on my mind:

    = Melting of the Antarctic Ice Shelf

    = Heroin Overdosing

  152. Jerry says:

    Neptune in Pisces:

    = Inundation of universal love (Meher Baba’s Sun – 6 ’23 Pisces DOB Feb. 25, 1894 5 am Pune, India).

  153. Jerry says:

    Clarification to the above – tr. Neptune in Pisces is presently conjoining M. Baba’s Sun is what I meant to say.

  154. alex says:


    voter suppression and GOP jerrymandering ARE what is wrong with 2016; the truly seriously trained /skilled campaign planners learned how to deal with covert election fraud; they learned from the grassroots movements FROM 200 ONWARD AND THE ONES that went after Ohio election rigging THEREAFTER (etc other states) and they learned from the Obama 2008 campaign…

    it is the Voter ID suppression laws as I said and jerrymandering that WILL BE 2016 problem… otherwise the Democrats would have the majority in the House of Representatives and the Paul Ryan AS chairman of Ways & Means Committee 2015 would not be happening…

    2015: Paul Ryan’s plans are the problem; Paul Ryan’s plans are the problem; Raul Ryan’s plans are the problem and his plans ARE to screw with the federal saftey net, VOUCHERIZE MEDICARE and CRIPPLE federal government institutions through the tax code;

  155. alex says:


    should read….’learned from the grassroots movements FROM 2000 ONWARD’

    if the democrats and REAL PEOPLE WHO WANT DEMOCRACY TO EXIST ( EVEN BY A THREAD AS IT EXISTS NOW) WERE doing SOMETHING to defeat Paul Ryan in his home state in the 2014 election I might be optimistic but since Wisconsin will re-elect the bastard ( hopefully I am not informed enough and there is a movement/campaign to unseat him that will be successful!) things don’t look good as far as I’m concerned…

    I have been on Libertarian/Neocon watch since I became aware of Paul Ryan’s (and his astro- natal chart) budget plans since 2010;

    his natal chart is classic DICTATOR stuff… what is in the water in Wisconsin really? (Scott Walker-Paul Ryan)'s_1st_congressional_district

  156. starlight says:

    Alex – Is this from a verifiable time or a rectification?

  157. alex says:

    I haven’t researched it further – the time is from notation of astrotheme astrology;

  158. ox the cat says:

    Alex Mike Pence recently announced that he will be accepting the Medicaid expansion. It looks like what he really wants to do is expand his own Healthy Indiana, which needs help. His plan is viewed as more GOP friendly and I bet will be a platform ACA “tweaks”. Looks like long term planning to me.

  159. ox the cat says:

    I meant to type for ACA tweaks. This could also be a way for the GOP to counter the they do not have a plan talking points.

  160. alex says:

    ox the cat

    yes I agree Pence wants the V.P. nomination but he is mostly at this time looks like being GROOMED as the face for those ” 2016 talking points” – for Koch/GOP/Libertarian/Tea/Neocon PRIMARY

    the whole political media theater of the 2016 KOCH/Primary is to find the ‘challenge line’ against Dem-policies and the ‘focus points’ in their base that gives them the numbers and trajectory they hope for…

    I’d guess they are designing probablity maps of the electorate using different “talking points” aka ” selling points”

  161. will says:


    ” If you believe in ‘ I want my country back’ you have bit hook line and sinker into the false marketing myth of the post war era that it was ‘yours’ to begin with. You are just waking up to how things are, and have been for a very long time. Sadly, scum will rise to the top without constant honesty, diligence, and effort from those at the lower levels. Everyone has a lot of work to do.”

    You rocked it!

  162. Lorrie U says:

    Here you go, Helen, this ones for you…

    Are You Ready to Rumble? 30 Million Patriots are Descending on DC Today to Fire the President

  163. Lorrie U says:

    Kiwi – I second Will! Well said…

  164. Lorrie U says:

    Urge President Obama: Honor your pledge to preserve an open internet

  165. Lorrie U says:

    This is how change happens, not sitting in a chair complaining about it…

    What Next In The Campaign To Save The Internet?

    The campaign has pushed the door open, now we all have to go through it and raise our voices louder than Comcast’s lobbyists to save the people’s internet.
    It took millions of emails, tens of thousands of phone calls and two dozen people camping outside the FCC to push to open the door to common carrier status for the Internet. As the New Republic reported – activists seemed to have done the incredible in putting net neutrality and reclassification as a public carrier back on the agenda. Having this on the table is a major achievement. Now we must take advantage of it.
    The next four months are going to determine the future of the Internet. Will it remain free and open with equal access to all? There are powerful corporate interests that want to profit even more than they already do from the Internet at the expense of the public interest. But as a result of the public’s work this week, we now have an opportunity to create the Internet we want

  166. Patty says:

    Can Astrology show us how to touch a persons heart?
    John Chait Asks: How can PBO ‘reach’ Justice Anthony Kennedy?
    “On June 2, PBO will announce new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on existing power plants, which will be the policy centerpiece of his second term. And the primary question weighing on administration regulators as they make their decision will be *how to read the mind of Anthony Kennedy*”.
    Looking at Kennedy’s chart, any Astrological ideas/opinion/advice? (PBO reads Chait)

  167. thrasybulus says:


    I can’t comment on accuracy of WolfStar’s association of the Moon/Mercury midpoint on the Asc in USA Scorpio chart to intelligence agencies. I would question the absence of Neptune/12 House in any matters that concerns spying.

    In the Willner chart Neptune is all over the place. It is the focal square to the Asc opposition to Mars/Desc, all within 1 degree. Proposing that the Mars/Neptune square represents deceptive action, or spying, and the square opens the combination to abuses.

    The square impacts the 1st house and the 7th. The 7th meaning we spy on our open friends and enemies. Mars rules the 4th house Aries and 12th house Scorpio cusps (are they spying on us in our homes?) And most telling Neptune rules the 3rd house Pisces, house of local communications and Neptune resides in the 9th house of long distance (interstate, international) communications, internet.

    Neptune in the Willner chart directly aspects all four major angles. There is the square to the Asc/Desc axis. Then there is the parallel of Neptune within a half degree to the IC which makes it contr-parallel to the MC.

    Since Saturn is parallel to MC this gives us a Saturn parallel to MC opposed or contra-parallel to Neptune/IC. Given that Neptune symbolizes slavery and oil and Saturn represents institutions, how appropriate is it that our great national moral questions have been the peculiar institution of slavery and the corporate institution of oil, splits the center of the chart.

    ps How appropriate that Neptune is parallel (equilivant to conjunction) to the 4th house cusp (IC), the house of agriculture paired to the planet symbolizing slavery!

  168. alex says:

    EXCERPT Email: CA Clean Money Campaign

    “Governor Brown’s signature of SB 27 marks a turning point in the fight to reveal secret funders of political campaigns. It starts to shed light on dark money in California and serves as an example for the entire nation.”

    Your petitions and calls worked! SB 27 became law after more than 40,000 people signed petitions, including on CREDO Mobilize, Petitions,, and the California Clean Money Campaign website.

  169. alex says:


    my Nick Campion take-away is that a national chart has its uses on CERTAIN/particular topics…and other national charts are useful in other ways/topics;

    the Asc @08 Scorpio (and the moon/mercury midpoint) are my take-aways from the Scorpio rising chart; I have confidence that eight degrees of Scorpio is a good work-tool from experience with stack of past political charts and military-security intelligence charts ; that/those two things have been informative … I use that chart/source for those topics;

    Obama: has good fit with military-security intelligence agencies they like him a lot;
    Natal Neptune @08 Scorpio

  170. thrasybulus says:


    I posted some thoughts on your Jerry-miad at the bottom of the previous post because of the subject matter. Warning: Nostradamus is prominent.

  171. Lorrie U says:

    The US Military’s New Normal in Africa

    Since 9/11, the U.S. military has been ramping up missions on the African continent, funneling money into projects to woo allies, supporting and training proxy forces, conducting humanitarian outreach, carrying out air strikes and commando raids, creating a sophisticated logistics network throughout the region, and building a string of camps, “cooperative security locations,” and bases-by-other-names.
    The Benghazi killings, unrest in South Sudan, and now the Boko Haram kidnappings have provided the U.S. with ways to bring a long-running “light footprint in Africa” narrative into line with a far heavier reality. Each crisis has provided the U.S. with further justification for publicizing a steady expansion on that continent that’s been underway, but under wraps for years. New forces, new battlefields and a new openness about a new “war,” to quote one of the men waging it. That’s the real new normal for the U.S. military in Africa — and you don’t need to talk to Lieutenant Colonel Lee Magee to know it.

  172. will says:

    And then of course there is the matter of China…

    China’s economic invasion of Africa
    A million Chinese people, from engineers to chefs, have moved to work in Africa in the past decade. How has the trade boom changed their lives?

    Xan Rice
    The Guardian, Sunday 6 February 2011 15.29 EST

    “….But post-cold war migration concerns economics rather than politics. China-Africa trade grew from $6bn in 1999 to more than $90bn (£56bn) in 2009, roughly split equally between imports and exports: Africa’s natural resources – oil, iron, platinum, copper, and timber – flowing east to feed China’s factories, and finished goods, from flip-flops to trucks, travelling the other way. Last year, the trade is estimated to have topped $100bn. Chinese state involvement in the trade is crucial. Each year Beijing provides billions of pounds in grants and loans to African governments as a sweetener to secure raw material deals or to finance infrastructure projects that could benefit its companies.”

    “……China’s move into Africa has not all been driven from the east. Countries such as Uganda have actively courted Chinese companies, to good effect: in 2010 China replaced the UK as the biggest source of foreign direct investment. One of the largest firms to have set up in Uganda is ZTE, China’s second-biggest telecommunications equipment company. Zhu Zhenxing, 32, is its MD in Uganda. Growing up in Jiangsu, along China’s east coast, Zhu was certain about two things: he wanted to learn English, and wanted to be an international businessman. He was recruited by ZTE at a job fair, with the promise of a job abroad.

  173. barbk says:

    Just checked out the astrology for the near collision of the United Airlines plane and the U.S Airways plane over Hawaii on April 25th at 11:16 PM. This was just 2 days after the last aspects of the Cardinal Cross and all 4, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, were still within orb, with Mars on the MC and Uranus on the IC. Fortunately, Venus was trine Saturn (chart ruler) and Mercury conjunct the Sun. Ceres and Eris were in opposition and I heard earlier that it happened due to an air traffic controller error.

  174. Teresa Hill says:

    I have a friend, ex-special forces, who’s currently trying to help hold Somalia together and has been for a while now, working on a mission of the UN. I go to Google News and type in the country every now and then, and so many times, things are blowing up. People are being kidnapped and killed. It’s a giant, scary mess, but that’s what he does, handle big, scary messes. I admire him so much, am grateful for what he does, but worry about him, too.
    A lot of the weapons and terrorists fleeing Iraq and Afghanistan when we attacked flowed into Africa. Supposedly, it will be the next big battleground.

  175. Jerry says:

    Hi Thrasybulus,

    I read the article you submitted on Tecumseh’s Curse but didn’t see anything on Nostradamus. What entry (time and date) are you referring to?

  176. Jerry says:

    Ok. Found it. I think you meant to say previous “thread”; not post. I missed that one. It was the very last entry on the previous thread.

    Personally, I find the Nostradamus quatrains a little too obscure for my taste (written some 500 years ago). It also has the disadvantage of being open to many interpretations.

  177. Jerry says:

    One follow-up item of interest. The Robert Kennedy assassination chart of June 5, 1968 had a tight Mars-Pluto square configuration involved in it. Tr. Mars at 19 ’10 Gemini was in waxing square to Pluto – 20 ’10 Virgo. Close enough to the US Mars degree as is the June 13th Sag Full Moon with a strikingly similar applying Mars-Pluto square (in t square to the US Sun) to warrant some concern…………

    Ukraine Crisis Echoes 1914, German Ex-Leader Schmidt Says
    by Leon Mangasarian

    Bloomberg News
    May 16, 2014

    The Ukraine crisis reverberating across Europe recalls 1914 before the outbreak of World War I as Russia, the U.S. and European governments risk sleepwalking into conflict, said former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

    “I don’t want to encourage a third world war and especially not calls for more money for arms for NATO,” Schmidt, 95, was cited as saying in an interview with Germany’s best-selling Bild newspaper today. “But the danger that the situation intensifies as in 1914 is growing day by day.”

    Schmidt, who was German chancellor from 1974 to 1982, and fellow Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder, who held the post from 1998 to 2005, have warned against imposing sanctions on Russia and moves by the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to forge closer ties with Ukraine.


  178. barbk says:

    These recent posts (all very interesting, particularly – for me – the entry of Lorrie’s re: U.S. light footprint in Africa) have their own separate topic and yet somehow connect. Speculation on what could be happening in a somewhat calm-between-storms period. I wonder if that is a reflection of last Wednesday’s Full Moon.

    Looking at the May 14, 2014 full moon chart (in The Mt. Astrologer magazine) which includes Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta, it seems to all connect in a very relaxed way because the degrees (of all signs that have planets) don’t have wide gaps (number-wise) between them. There is a 7, a 9, a 10, a 12, a couple of 13’s, a 14, three 17’s, a couple of 19’s, a 22 (forgot Eris was included, oops my bad!), the Sun and Moon at 23, and if we include Sedna conjunct the Sun at 24 Taurus, it’s just a little leap to 28 for the nodes, and then 29 for Pallas. Everybody’s making an aspect, even if just a minor one, to somebody else. Perhaps we are picking up on this diversity that has some psychic connectivity.

    Off the chart, Obama’s Sun at 12+ Leo sextiles on-the-chart Mercury at 12+ Gemini and they form a yod to on-the-chart Pluto at 13+ Capricorn who opposes off-the-chart U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer (which is quincunx off-the-chart Obama Sun that sextiles off-the-chart U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra which squares on-the-chart Uranus at 14+ Aries who is conjunct on-the-chart Venus at 13+ Aries who squares off-the-chart U.S. Sun). I could go on but . .

    Until Tuesday evening, we have a Taurus Sun Calm bringing us down to earth. After that, Sun enters Gemini activating a 2012 solar eclipse at 0+ Gemini which activates (among other things) Edward Snowden’s Chiron, just as the stationing direct Mars activates (by square) the 2012 Eclipse’s Pluto which activates (by quincunx) Snowden’s Mercury which trines transiting, stationing direct, Mars in Libra. Does anyone have a chart on Glenn Greenwald?

  179. barbk says:

    Well, just found out that Glenn Greenwald’s Neptune at 24+ Scorpio had the full moon (23+ Scorpio) and transiting Huya, the Rainmaker at 24+ Scorpio conjunct it on Wednesday, May 14th. Also, the Taurus solar eclipse at 8+ degrees conjuncts Greenwald’s north node.
    Birth info: March 6, 1967, NY, NY

  180. Lorrie U says:

    Thought for the day…

    “The statistics on sanity say that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re OK..? (then it’s you!)”

  181. Lorrie U says:

    Speaking of mental illness…

    Rush Limbaugh is getting his comeuppance for spewing misogynistic rhetoric. Advertisers have pulled their sponsorship, and many radio stations have stopped airing his show.

    But not the Armed Forces Network (AFN), a taxpayer-funded station that broadcasts on U.S. military bases around the world—which continues to air his program.

    Meanwhile, the Pentagon faces a serious problem of sexual harassment and abuse—as more women on military bases report horrific cases of sexual assaults by other service members.

    SIGN THE PETITION to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, demanding that the Pentagon pull Rush Limbaugh’s program from the Armed Forces Network:

  182. thrasybulus says:


    Apologies for the wild goose chase and the rotten egg it laid.

  183. thrasybulus says:


    Do I count the best friends no one else can see?

  184. alex says:

    Monday, May 19th, Mars Station Direct – Grand Air Trine

    Chart, Supreme Court Building, 9:31PM

    Grand Air Trine

    Station Direct, Mars @09 Libra – 10TH House


    Moon @09 Aquarius – 2ND House


    Nemesis @09 Gemini 27 – 6TH House
    Iris @08 Gemini 56


    USA Uranus @08 Gemini

  185. Michael from NYC says:

    Jerry the funny thing is that I sense a great deal of the first world war everywhere: Everyone has economic relations in place, yet seem to be sleepwalking into war. I see this with Japan/China. China and the rest of South Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia), Russia with Eastern Europe. and now I worry about the new elected government of India which will flex their nationalism. I also see instability in Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, Syria, Nigeria and Thailand. There is something that ties all of this together — a shift of sorts. And then in the background you have the ice caps melting.

  186. alex says:

    continued – Mars Station Direct @09 Libra – May 20th

    Mars, Moon, Nemesis, Iris – Grand Air Trine

    Nemesis @09 Gemini (punishment & retribution)
    Iris @08 Gemini (truth & revelation)


    USA Uranus @08 Gemini

    From experts in the field to judical watch grassroots activists and concerned citizens; we want the same thing a) real time live cameras in Supreme Courthouse for oral arguments and decision announcements b) strike down ‘life time’ appointments for SCOTUS justices;


    Asteroid Iris astrologically shows up liars through the element of water. Iris is not really the one who punishes, that would be Jupiter’s and Juno’s job, but she is the goddess of revelation.

    May 20, 2014 Grand Water Trine – Station Direct Mars in Libra

    JUPITER @18 Cancer (wax square) Mars SD @09 Libra (wax square – internal tension, crisis in action)

    JUNO @13 Taurus (wan Bi-quintile) Mars SD @09 Libra (wan Bi-quintile – indirect influences, take-away awareness as fact or circumstance)

    In ones chart, Iris will show where you cannot succeed in lying. If you act sneaky, success in this area will be literally “put to sleep” until you learn to be more honest in your dealings.

    The rainbow/IRIS has a yearning, hopeful quality to it. Indeed justice will be done and the sunshine will prevail if you conduct your business in Iris’s house with integrity.

    The position of Iris will be where you can find your pot of gold, but only if you act with a pure heart.


    something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.: The performance test proved to be my nemesis.

    an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.

    Classical Mythology . the goddess of divine retribution.

    an agent or act of retribution or punishment.

  187. Jerry says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve been noticing those news reports you alluded to on the Vietnam – China dispute of recent days. It does look dangerous. Here’s one article on it……

    The Last Time China Got Into a Fight With Vietnam, It Was a Disaster

    May 15, 2014

    Current Sino-Vietnamese tensions are merely the latest in a series of bitter conflicts between the two countries. The last time Hanoi and Beijing pushed each other to the brink, tens of thousands perished

    Smoldering nationalist anger in Vietnam exploded into frenzied violence in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City this week as thousands of rioters swept through industrial parks north of the city’s commercial hub, razing any factory believed to be Chinese owned. After more than two decades of peace, Beijing and Hanoi are at odds again.

    China’s decision earlier this month to deploy a colossal, state-owned oil rig in fiercely contested waters off the Vietnamese coast appears to have succeeded in derailing the delicate relations between the countries.


  188. Jerry says:

    …….forgot to mention: the Hindu Nationalist Party: the BJP just won a majority in the nation-wide elections held in India.

    Why You Should Worry About the Election of Narendra Modi in India

    The Nation
    May 16, 2014


  189. Michael from NYC says:

    Jerry I think what’s happening in Vietnam is more important to the world (and America) than what’s going on in Ukraine. So much of the global economy is focused not only in China, but Japan as well. While Russia is trying to get attention I’d say that China is already a superpower. I’d also add that we should be paying closer attention to the election results in india and follow where that goes (and it will be very focused on nationalism too).

  190. Jerry says:

    Closer to home, here is a chart set for Press. Obama’s UCLA Commencement Speech at Los Angeles’s Angel Stadium – 11:30 am June 14, 2014 at the time of the exact Mars Pluto square. The ascendant degree of 6 ’40 Virgo sits right on Pres. Obama’s natal Pluto. The stadium seats 40,000 people. Hopefully security arrangements will prevent anything untoward from happening, but the timing is rather curious…………..

    See webpage flyer………..

    UC Irvine 2014 Commencement Ceremony
    June 14 at Angel Stadium, Anaheim
    Featured Speaker President Barack Obama

  191. Jerry says:

    PS Notice the Moon’s position in the above chart (15 Capr.) square tr. Uranus (15 Aries) triggering the Mars Pluto square (12 Libra- Capr.)

  192. alex says:

    5/20/2014 Mars Station Direct @09 Libra

    (water – sa, air – ma)

    Saturn @19 Scorpio

  193. alex says:

    SCOTUS blog:

    Correcting the Supreme Court


    The recent, rather high-profile mistake and correction by Justice Antonin Scalia in a dissenting opinion raises the question of how the process of publishing decisions – and correcting them – works at the Supreme Court. The answer centers on an office little known outside the Court, the Reporter of Decisions.

    Most of the work of the office is done in secret, in the secure confines of the Court building in a first-floor office past the security gates that require a code to open.

    This work includes correcting the occasional gaffe by a Justice, as in the most recent case of Justice Scalia. The controversy began shortly after the Court’s April 29 announcement of its decision in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) v. EME Homer City Generation, L.P. In an opinion by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Court upheld EPA’s rules designed to control pollution that is generated by power plants in one state but moves across the borders and causes harm in another state

    Later in the day on April 29, however, legal bloggers and other Supreme Court watchers began to discuss an embarrassing mistake in Justice Scalia’s dissent.

    Solar Eclipse @08 Taurus, April 29,201,_Antonin

  194. barbk says:

    Tomorrow I will be voting for Alice-In-Wonderland Grimes as my choice for the Democrat Party’s nomination for Kentucky U.S. Senator. One chart I use to glean information about her chances to win that seat in November is the Scorpio lunar eclipse of April 25, 2013, the 1st of 3 back-to-back eclipses which, at 5+ degrees, and conjunct Saturn (8+ degrees), was conjunct her natal Venus at 7+ Scorpio activating her natal opposition between Chiron (6+ Taurus) and Venus. It was the eclipse chart’s sextile between Chiron in Pisces and Pallas (conjunct Venus) in Taurus that triggered her Virgo Saturn (and probably her Virgo Moon); eclipse Pallas-Venus being trine her natal Saturn (+ Moon) and eclipse Chiron opposite same. Alison’s Saturn is sextile the U.S (Sibly) Sun at 13+ Cancer.

    Supporting this configuration (pattern), the following solar eclipse on May 9, 2013, at 19+ Taurus opposed Alison’s Uranus at 17+ Scorpio and was quincunx her natal Mercury-Neptune in Sagittarius. Again, eclipse Chiron was opposite her natal Saturn (and likely her natal Moon).

    The 3rd eclipse on May 25, 2013, a lunar eclipse at 4+ Sagittarius was conjunct Alison’s Sun at 1+ degrees. In fact, in all 3 eclipse charts, Saturn was conjunct Alison’s Venus (opposite natal Chiron and square natal Jupiter in Leo), and all 3 eclipse charts, the north node (16+ Scorpio) was conjunct Alison’s natal Uranus (17+ Scorpio). In all 3 eclipses Chiron was opposite Alison’s Saturn.

    On Election Day 11/4/14 (using 12 AM Washington DC) Pallas at 6+ Scorpio sextiles Mars at 6+ Capricorn (who is conjunct Pluto at 11+ Capricorn) and is quincunx (shift, adjust) the 12 AM Election Day Moon (women and/or the People) at 6+ Aries. Therefore, Election Day Pallas is conjunct Alison Lundergran Grimes’ Venus and opposite her Chiron, Election Day Mars is sextile her Venus and trine her Chiron.

    The Election Day nodes (19+ Libra-Aries) aspect the 2013 Scorpio lunar eclipse’s Mercury (19+ Aries), the solar eclipse Sun-Moon (19+ Taurus) and Jupiter (19+ Gemini), and the Sagittarius lunar eclipse Venus-Mercury conjunction (19+ Gemini). The 2014 November Election Day north node (19+ Libra) conjuncts Alice-in-Wonderland’s natal Pluto at 18+ Libra which sextiles her Mercury (21+ Sagittarius) conjunct Neptune (17+ Gemini).

    There is an up and coming centaur named Pholus who has earned the key phrase Small Start, Big Finish, (or words to that effect)and who, on Election Day, is (at 21+ Sagittarius) trine Jupiter (on the ascendant at 12 AM) at 20+ Leo. Transiting Pholus will be exactly conjunct Alison’s natal Mercury (conjunct Neptune) all day. He will also OPPOSE (as will Alison’s Mercury) Jupiter in Gemini in the last of those 3 eclipses in the Spring of 2013, which is CONJUNCT the U.S. (Sibly) Mars at 21+ Gemini (which squares U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo).

    The solar eclipse just before Election Day 2014 at 0+ Scorpio is conjunct Venus, and the Aries lunar eclipse 2 weeks before that will conjunct Uranus. This suggests to me that the feminine influence might be hidden (eclipse Moon) but will be felt in unexpected (conjunct Uranus) ways following the transformative Scorpio solar eclipse that leads up to Election Day. This could mean a surprisingly large turnout of women voters (solar eclipse conjunct Venus) or just a large number of women candidates winning their seats in Congress.

    Perhaps Alison will win and unseat Mitch McConnell. Perhaps she will wander through Wonderland for 4 years and then wake up. Perhaps she will then realize she has served as an important cog in the machinery we call government by unseating the patriarchal McConnell, and will return home to lead a more sane life in Kentucky. What more could you ask of this gentlewoman of Kentucky?

  195. Noelle says:

    Barbk, I love your posts but, boy, do I get lost. It sounds like a good outcome and that’s what’s important.

    We have Democratic gubernatorial primary tomorrow. I really like Katie McGinty but I’m not sure she has any chance. Tom Wolf is way ahead. I still think I’ll vote for McGinty. We shall see.

  196. barbk says:

    Me too Noelle . . (1) always get lost and (2) hope Katie wins.

    The astrology is so complex anymore; so many extra planets (asteroids, etc.) making so many aspects to be considered from so many charts. My own fault for not carrying a can of yellow paint to spray the path along the way. Usually too scared to go back and re-read what I’ve written. Still, those little clues hiding under the most innocent looking stones can be like finding a chunk of gold; they make my day!

  197. alex says:


    Mitch McConnell said this: it’s not his job to deal with high unemployment in Kentucky

    Allison Grimes is reminding the voters of that!

  198. Sharon K says:

    @ barbK — I don’t always have the patience to read the details you and others post (e.g., Alex) but I appreciate your scholarship and thinking processes :-) :-) :-)

  199. will says:

    It is easy to get lost in the esoteric and mythological minutia. Sometimes its nice to just get back to basics in astrology: Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn Uranus, Pluto and maybe Chiron. I believe it is how Starlight comes up with the accurate predictions so often.

  200. alex says:


    I’m hoping barbk agrees with me but regarding all those asteroids; this is the way I deal with it and have always…. any point/planet/asteroid that captures my interest becomes my focus because I trust my intutition; then I email pals or blog here and there to post and if I draw feedback that adds to amends or suggests more I’m likely to refine my first impression intutition;

    barbk always motivates & raises more questions for me – to refine my focus or affirms it… I enjoy barbk lots and lots

  201. Jerry says:

    April 21 – Fifth Uranus and Pluto Square – Grand Cardinal Cross
    from The Guru Rattana Blog


    I included the following information in my last blog so you could be aware of the energies that were being activated. Like full moons, other astrological events build in intensity as they approach. Especially if preceded by a Lunar Eclipse! We feel a sense of relief after they peak. Although this time we might not have much of a reprieve because the Taurus Solar Eclipse is coming up in a week.

    Here are the main points again. “The fifth of seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares is joined by both Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. All four planets are at 13-14 degrees! Thus they form an exact grand cross in the cardinal (action) signs. Those with planets within 3 degrees of 13-14 degrees will feel the effects most intensely.” But everyone gets a chance to wake up and to deal with life more consciously.

    “Squares and oppositions together give rise to breakdowns and breakthroughs. We become starkly aware of what is not working and what must change. Mars gives us the courage to do what we have to do. Squares indicate turning points. Definitive choices must be made. In this configuration the four major areas of our life that must be realigned, balanced, and integrated are (1) Pluto in Capricorn – our inner reality and outer contribution, (2) Uranus in Aries – our individual integrity and identity, (3) Jupiter in Cancer – our home, family, and emotions, and (4) Mars in Libra – our relationships. If you are being challenged in many aspects of your life, this explains it. Think how each challenge can support other parts of your life.

    “This is the second time Mars in Libra has joined Uranus and Pluto. The first was December 25-30, 2013. The third is June 14-25 (at 13-16 degrees) Mars stirs up passion, adds drive, and takes initiative in its quest for self-determination.” What issues confronted you in December? How are you going to handle them this time around? You will have a third and decisive opportunity to upgrade how you deal with this aspect of your lives in June.

  202. shoalsister says:

    “…esoteric and mythological minutia” ? Hard to put those three words together if you’re talking detail. But if you’re talking trivial then I find this a curious view of the big picture…ya know the one that gets richer in color and meaning when the pixels increase. Must be the artist in me…give me the riches and I will stretch to learn. Thank you barbk and Alex and all who challenge me to learn something new day by day.

  203. alex says:


    The Congressional budget exercise should not be about achieving a balanced federal budget. The budget should be developed to assure that all available resources of the nation are put to good use. There is plenty of work to be done, and we can avoid high unemployment. The federal government can employ all the resources not employed by private industry. If unemployment is high, as it is now, federal deficits are too small.

    Many will denounce deficits as causing inflation or adding to a gigantic national debt. They forget to mention that inflation is the result of demand greater than our productive capacity. But, government purchases of either goods or services from labor, which are readily available because of high unemployment, increase total production along with demand, and that benefits businesses. Such purchases are not inflationary.

    They also fail to mention that the huge national debt is in reality a huge private asset. The national debt is nothing more than government bonds that individuals, banks, and pension funds hold in their accounts as secure savings instruments.

    Forcing the federal budget to be balanced either by reducing spending or increasing taxes only hurts our main-street economy by preventing it from growing. Such austerity measures are appropriate only on the rare occasion when the economy is overheated and threatening inflation. A depressed economy, which is what we have today, requires higher spending and lower taxes.

    The threat to our future generations is not from a gigantic national debt, which is in reality a gigantic collection of safe and secure savings instruments that will be held by our future generations.

    The real threat results from the U.S. Congress’ failure to responsibly spend money into circulation to fix our failing bridges, highways, waterways, sanitation systems, public schools, state universities and other public services that we citizens rely on in our daily lives.

  204. alex says:


    minor asteroids:

    practice with the big four (feminine goddess energy – symbol for right brain)


    first then add others as you go along;

  205. barbk says:

    will, shoalsister, alex and all. . . .

    I agree with you all! will, if it weren’t for the “basics”, the foundation of astrology, none of the minutia would have meaning. If it weren’t for Nancy and some other great astrologers like her, those of us exploring the minutia would never return to Earth intact. If it weren’t for the Sun there would be no Moon.

    Speaking of minutia, here’s a bit that might have an effect on Alison Lundergan Grimes’ unseating Mitch McConnell. Transiting asteroid Alice is at 25 Taurus retrograde on November 4th, Election Day. She will oppose transiting Saturn (24+ Scorpio) and square transiting centaur Nessus at 27+ Aquarius, conjunct the U.S. Moon. However, trans. Alice will also trine the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, which Alison’s natal Ceres (26+ Capricorn) conjuncts. Understanding this little thing might well help Kentucky astrologers understand Kentucky voters on Election Day! There is BIG national power helping Alison’s nurturing appeal, while the establishment opposes her and past abuses, going back at least 4 generations, trouble the country’s voters.

    alex, this is an example of a minor “capturing” my interest. I’m learning (more and more) to trust my intuition. Learning to balance the input between (my) left and right brain.

    Shoalsister, it surely must be somewhere near the midpoint, between tiny details and big picture we aim for; if the Minutia enhances the understanding of the Whole then it is worth inclusion. If I only consider the overwhelming aspects (say Uranus square Pluto) and ignore the subtle ones (say Neptune quintile anything) I miss an opportunity to understand the Why of the outcome. It helps me avoid feeling victimized!

  206. will says:


    I too love the minutia and the mythology. As a part-time artist myself however, what is essential is blank canvas and three primary pigments; everything else is nuance, stroke and tonality.

  207. alex says:


    Will doesn’t like asteroids he told me when I first posted here and
    he’s still grinding that ax – Will likes Linda Goodman Sun signs;

  208. Lorrie U says:

    I may not always understand the details which Alex and Barbk post, but I love their insights and unique approaches to astrology. As a detail-oriented person, I can appreciate another’s detailed analysis without having to understand their process. There are many here who bring their own methods of finding answers and all add to the richness of this blog, so thanks to all who contribute their abilities to add to our understanding.

  209. alex says:


    As subjective perspective goes election day November 4TH 2014 is not that far away – tick tock we will see Alison/Alice campaign’s put up or shut up vs McConnell results. I hope you all in KY the best in moving your state forward.

    Election Day Nov 4th, 2014 is in 167 days, 6 hours, 56 minutes from NOW.

  210. will says:


    I hope you know that I very much like your posts (as I have mentioned on other threads) and that my commentary about astrology basics was not meant to be dismissive.

    I seem to have to defend myself against those who make it their business to collect offenses, looking around every corner for an insult, personal attack or ulterior motive.

    Narcissism and paranoia go hand-in-hand.

  211. alex says:

    November 4TH, 2014 Elections

    ASBOLUS: (centaur) which I think of as being the survivor. Asbolus, whose name translates to “carbon dust,” is the symbol of what all life has in common, which is the need to survive. ~ per Eric Francis

    YOD Election Asbolus, Pallas, Mars

    Apex Yod Asbolus @07 Gemini (cnj USA Uranus @08 Gemini)


    Pallas @07 Scorpio
    Mars @07 Capricorn

  212. thrasybulus says:


    “I seem to have to defend myself against those who make it their business to collect offenses, looking around every corner for an insult, personal attack or ulterior motive.

    Narcissism and paranoia go hand-in-hand.”

    Too funny. lol

  213. Mooncookie says:

    Nancy, I would like to know if you have looked at the stars for Alison Lundergan Grimes….the lady who is trying to unseat Mitch McConnell. Does it look like she will beat him?

  214. will says:

    I’m sure feeling Mars getting ready to lurch forward. The energy is building.

  215. thrasybulus says:


    I meant no offense. I thought your post was simply a great example of irony.

  216. barbk says:

    will knows I love him alex; and that I was agreeing with him. The fact is the major planets and the major aspects are major for a reason. The minor things only add color and innuendo and such; often subconsciously. The major stuff anchors us, ie. those who more or less “worship” astrology’s wisdom. I look at it this way: as long as there are good, devoted astrologers at the helm keeping an eye on Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and all the personal planets for me (and everyone), it leaves us kids more time to play among those odd things floating around out there and see what works and how it works with the bigger boys and girls.

    As far as I’m concerned asteroids, centaurs, TNOs, and all the rest either support what the majors tell us and/or add subtle undertones usually not reaching the widespread conscious level of humanity.

    Centuries ago before astrologers could even conceive of computers, I gather that most of them worked alone. Now that computers allow millions of people to study astrology, there is a need for (and are) groups of astrologically oriented folks specializing in various subjects, sharing what they research with others specializing in other topics. What used to be a lifetime’s work for one man or woman can now be immediately condensed, “saved” and shared with others all over the world.

    There is no either-or, there is only preference in the myriad ways available to utilize the information embedded in the mythology of the gods and goddesses as their namesakes make contact (mathematically) with each other.

    I will never be able to study all the various forms astrology has taken over the centuries, but it is such a delicious freedom to find something that interests me and follow where it leads. It’s a Jupiter thing I believe, you know, that “don’t fence me in”; “I like the wide open spaces” feeling you get when perusing the web? Maybe it’s more Uranian, except that I’m not looking for breakthroughs usually. I enjoy finding out what others have learned and written about and then sharing it. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, but I also like sitting in a classroom to learn astrology.

    Nobody’s gonna learn it all, but through blogs such as Starlight News, we can follow what we really love (such as politics and world current events) through the interpretations of a learned and intuitive astrologer, experienced in her (or his) field, who tolerates a great deal of wandering off topic from her (or possibly his) admirers. We learn from each other, but we can’t learn (or read) it all, no matter how much we try. Best to focus on what really moves us, and if not all of us are moved by centaurs I can live with that.

  217. will says:


    No offense taken, truly.


    really well-said. So you are a solar Sage, err, Sag?

  218. alex says:


    waxing about dictionaries – I am feeling the loss of a online scientific dictionary ( it was my go-to for years it was great reference;

    I like dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesaurus and I enjoy etymology the study of the history of words, their origins… which is another reason to enjoy minor asteroids they refine the analysis of the forces and influences in the geometry of astrology;

    having said that IRONY: to date I’ve found that the best key word for irony is the minor asteroid ‘sisyphus’

    dramatic irony:
    irony that is inherent in speeches or a situation of a drama and is understood by the audience but not grasped by the characters in the play.


    Sisyphus in the Chart

    In the astrological chart, Sisyphus may reveal where we have a tendency to repeatedly make the same mistakes or become stuck in the same pattern through fear of change. The more you fight to hold on, the heavier the burden becomes until it pushes you back to the beginning again and the cycle repeats.

    but maybe sisyphus is more of a synonym for ‘irony’ than its key word; unless until find practicing astrolger who nails it – for ‘irony’ key word/phrase with another asteroid;

    Synonym (inherently synoymns are close broad strokes, but not quite on point)

  219. barbk says:

    The ages of the Nigerian girls abducted from their school could be as young as 8 and as old as 16 based on a Google search, which means they all had Pluto in Sagittarius at birth. Presently, transiting Neptune in Pisces would be square the natal Pluto of the oldest of the girls, and transiting Mars would be opposite their natal Uranus in Aquarius.

    Presently, transiting Persephone, who in myth was stolen from her mother Ceres (Demeter), is in Aquarius and has been since before the kidnappings on April 14. On April 14th transiting Persephone was at 8+ Aquarius, where Uranus was in January, 1998 and where it also stationed direct in October 1998, 16 years ago.

    Transiting Neptune will be stationing retrograde next month and before it stations direct, it will have squared all the degrees of Sagittarius that Pluto was in in the birth charts of the oldest girls who were taken from their school in Nigeria.

    Although the planets do not differentiate between girls and boys, men and women, they do symbolize either masculine or feminine energies, and in the case of Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Mars, they all represent masculine energy. With Persephone, a symbol of feminine energy, having just covered the same ground that Uranus did 16 years ago, and because transiting asteroid Psyche was by her side on April 14th, some of these girls (or perhaps any young person born in 1998) might be shocked and confused about gender roles due to the trauma of their experience.

    These young girls or even children who have experienced war directly will serve as models for their generation (groups who have the same sign Pluto or Uranus or Neptune) when later behavior warrants it. Perhaps the only people who will get the big picture will be astrologers who understand the impact on humanity that the energies symbolized by these planets can have….

  220. alex says:

    as of today: PA D-nominee Nov 4th governor election

  221. alex says:


    Lawyers before the supreme court are under an ethical obligation to correct the record if they make false statements to the Court – even if they are unintentional – yet the Justice Department has so far refused. As ACLU deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer explained, the Justice Department has corrected the record in other cases where it was much less clear-cut whether it had misled the court.

    The government’s response, instead, has been to explain why it doesn’t think these statements are lies. In a letter to Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall that only surfaced this week, the government made the incredible argument that the “about” surveillance was classified at the time of the case, so it was under no obligation to tell the supreme court about it. And the Justice Department completely side stepped the question of whether it lied about notifying defendants, basically by saying that it started to do so after the case, and so this was somehow no longer an issue.

  222. barbk says:

    Mitch McConnell’s south node (release) has a conjunction from Chiron (wounding) on Election Day November 4th at 13+ Pisces :)

  223. barbk says:

    Mitch McConnell’s Chiron and Election Day’s Juno* are both at 10+ Leo (and Alison’s Jupiter is at 9+ Leo), while McConnell’s natal Juno at 22+ Scorpio (opposite his Saturn at 22+ Taurus and Mars at 21+ Taurus) is only 2 degrees away from Election Day’s Saturn at 24+ Scorpio. (Alison’s Juno at 6+ Aquarius trines the Election Day’s Moon (sentiment, women voters) at 6+ Aries when the chart is set in Washington DC for 12 AM). The Election Day Aries Moon squares Mitch’s natal Vesta (keeper of the flame) at 6+ Capricorn. (My mom might have added “time to douse the flame” meaning turn out the lights!)

    When McConnell was first sworn in to the Senate in 1985 transiting Saturn was at 24+ Scorpio and the north node was at 26+ Taurus moving toward 24 Taurus. Alice in Wonderland’s natal north node at 24+ Virgo trines that 1985 Taurus north node as well as Mitch’s Saturn (conjunct Mars and Uranus) in Taurus.

    Since this election day’s transiting Saturn signifies a “Saturn return” to his “birth” as a member of Congress (+ the recent north node “way to go forward” conjunction to the ’85 Swearing In south “no progress” node), it might signify a graceful transition into retirement (Saturn) for The Honorable Senior U.S. Senator from the State of Kentucky.

    *Mythology’s Queen Juno fought for equality with her king (Zeus/Jupiter) who quite maligned her on many an occasion. :) :)

  224. thrasybulus says:


    Tried Sisyphus in my chart and it provided an interesting insight. I had toyed with asteroids years ago but an overactive imagination (Moon in Pisces) allowed for so many possibilities that it rendered the experiment problematic.

    My Sisyphus (if I may claim ownership) is parallel my Cancer Mars within 45 minutes which is quite appropriate if my imagination is not leading me into deep waters (a la Nostradamus). It is also square to my Aquarius Sun within 1.5 degrees but I will concentrate on the direct contact.

    The key words that stand out for me from your linked article are futility and pointlessness. I have those feelings in spades (but not depression), an example up thread is my post to Helen where I agree with her criticisms of Obama’s policies yet still support the President.

    I tell her my position is not a cognitive disconnect but a lack of courage to take the actions that are required to effectively protest, to put my body on the line. That’s not technically true.

    I have the courage but my overwhelming sense of the futility and pointlessness (Sisyphus) of such an action (Mars) prevents me until I see some hope that the action can make some kind of difference.

    This sense of futility on top of Mars in its fall does not apply to every area of life thankfully. Mars is close sextile to MC so no problems with throwing elbows in career, Cancer Mars provides plenty of energy into homelife, Mars in 8th house provides energy for investments, etc.

    How ironic that Sisyphus should prove such an insight. LOL

  225. alex says:


    what is the arc of degrees (aspect) between your natal Neptune and Natal Sisyphus? Do you have accurate birthtime – could I know the House location of these two points?

  226. B.A. says:

    Yesterday, closed door negotiations on the House Rules Committee gutted the USA FREEDOM Act, undermining the promises of the bill’s bipartisan sponsors to help end mass NSA surveillance. In the wake of the changes, rights and privacy groups abandoned the bill, noting that it has been reduced to a shadow of its former self.

    Last summer, whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed secret, mass, arbitrary, and unconstitutional surveillance targeting the American people.

    In the year since then, Congress has done more or less nothing to change the law. It is now poised to consider what the ACLU describes as “a slight improvement” far short of “the reform bill that Americans deserve.”

    According to our colleagues at EFF:

    [T]he bill’s changed definitions, the lack of substantial reform to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act, and the inability to introduce a special advocate in the FISA Court severely weakens [sic] the bill.

    In particular, we are concerned with the new definition of “specific selection term,” which describes and limits who or what the NSA is allowed to surveil. The new definition is incredibly more expansive than previous definitions.

    Before posting a further analysis on the Just Security blog, Harley Geiger, Senior Counsel at the Center for Democracy & Technology, explained that:

    The Leadership of the House is demonstrating that it wants to end the debate about surveillance, rather than end bulk collection. The USA FREEDOM Act was a strong reform measure when it was introduced….Unfortunately, the version…that will reach the House Floor will be so weakened that it may continue to allow mass, untargeted collection of Americans’ private records in the future.

    Addressing the process through which the Freedom Act was co-opted, Amie Stepanovich from ACCESS helped identify further reasons for outrage, beyond the substance of this week’s amendments:

    It’s greatly disappointing to witness House leaders succumb to the pressure applied by the Obama administration and others, turning its back on the compromise version of USA Freedom that so many supported just two weeks ago. The USA FREEDOM Act had previously passed through two committees before being secretly watered down behind closed doors.

  227. thrasybulus says:

    Neptune Scorpio 11 degrees 10 minutes 40 seconds, 12th House

    Sisyphus Libra 28 degrees 41 minutes 21 seconds, 11th House

  228. B.A. says:

    Today, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Rules Committee reported a dramatically different version of the USA FREEDOM Act meant to reform NSA surveillance activities than what was unanimously approved by both the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees two weeks ago.

    Yesterday, Access expressed its concern after learning that House leaders and Obama administration met over the weekend to negotiate the bill and commented, “The version we fear could now be negotiated in secret and introduced on the House floor may not move us forward on NSA reform.”

    “It’s greatly disappointing to witness House leaders succumb to the pressure applied by the Obama administration and others, turning its back on the compromise version of USA Freedom that so many supported just two weeks ago. The USA FREEDOM Act had previously passed through two committees before being secretly watered down behind closed doors. Access is forced to withdraw our support of the USA FREEDOM Act,” said Amie Stepanovich, Senior Policy Counsel at Access.

    Significant changes to the USA FREEDOM Act include a modified definition of the term “specific selection term,” which was the key to the bill’s proposal to end bulk collection. The new definition offers a non-exclusive list of appropriate selectors, including a “person, entity, accounts, address, or device.” The initial definition limited the term to that which uniquely described a “person, entity, or account.” The new version also substantially weakens the corporate transparency provisions and still does not require the destruction of information incorrectly obtained under FISA Section 702. Other changes further move the bill in the wrong direction.

    Stepanovich continued, “this USA FREEDOM Act does not move us far enough forward on NSA reform. As the bill prepares to move to the Senate for further consideration, Access will continue to fight for meaningful reform of NSA practices which are not transparent, not accountable, and not in line with human rights standards.”

    The revised version of the USA FREEDOM Act is expected to pass out of the House Rules Committee later tonight and will likely be voted on by the entire House on Thursday, May 22.

  229. barbk says:

    Mooncookie, until Nancy has time to respond to your question, I will just say I believe Alison Lundergan Grimes has an excellent chance to de-throne Mitch McConnell. Do you live in Kentucky or have some other reason for being interested in this race? I DO live here in Louisville and based on my contact with registered Republicans (just a handful), they are ready to ditch Mitch. I’m not sure they would go so far as to vote for Alison, but they will not follow him blindly as they have in the past.

    Knowing there are positive and negative sides to all astrological symbols, I still am pulling for the positive in Alison’s chart. Even Kentuckians who hate Obama like Alison and, based on her chart pattern (Bundle), she is extremely focused. Her Virgo Saturn (possibly conjunct her Virgo Moon) square her Sagittarius Mars (conjunct her Neptune who is conjunct her Mercury) keeps the impulsiveness of Sagittarius tightly reigned in. With natal Leo Jupiter in a fairly wide (but within orb) trine to her Sagittarius Sun she gives off a sense of optimism and generosity that is hard to resist, yet she also has this no-nonsense frugality (Venus in Scorpio) to her attractiveness.

    I believe we Kentucky Dems have picked a winner this season and her timing is perfect!

  230. alex says:


    more than sisyphus (asteroids refine the natal narrative)

    quite major influence is the Water Element in your natal chart:

    Water – element representing emotions (water = fear of loss, which influences compensation motives – cancer sign)

    moon in pisces
    mars in cancer
    <strong)neptune in scorpio – 12 HOUSE</strong)

    Neptune: belief(s) we hold about how to make things BETTER for dot dot dot ex. ourselves, everybody, some special group, some special condition, some special thing __________ fill in the blank (unique natal individual)

    I don’t know the arc relationships between your natal water elements but whatever they are these are significant innate force and influence

    12TH House is the subconscious drive/psyche/or conscious drive for

    The Ascendant marks entry into this world at the moment of birth. The twelfth house is the house of confinement and all things that are hidden, so it is logical that emerging from the womb (the 12th house) you ascend into this world and make your first appearance.

    In your personal horoscope, the first house represents the way we present ourselves to others and the first impression we make.

  231. thrasybulus says:


    Cry me a river, there is water everywhere. Earth too. That makes mud right?

    Sun 0* 03′ 23” Aquarius 3rd House (intercepted)
    Moon 18* 08′ 58” Pisces 4th House
    Mercury 9* 26′ 40” Aquarius 3rd House (intercepted)
    Venus 16* 45′ 41” Pisces 4th House
    Mars 1* 50′ 21” Cancer 8th House (retrograde)
    Jupiter 18* 35′ 13” Capricorn 2nd House
    Saturn 21* 52′ 10” Capricorn 2nd House
    Uranus 24* 44′ 20” Leo 9th House (retrograde, intercepted)
    Neptune 9* 10′ 40” Scorpio 12th House
    Pluto 7* 42′ 53” Virgo 10th House (retrograde)
    North Node 6* 42′ 00” Virgo 10th House
    ASC 22* 37′ 08” Scorpio
    MC 2* 51′ 23” Virgo

  232. thrasybulus says:

    Correction; Neptune 11* 10′ 40” Scorpio. DANG that Mercury/Neptune square! lol

  233. alex says:


    I’m not making a natal report for you; there are 100’s of free online different types that you’d be satisfied with;

    I wanted to point out that:

    Donna Cunningham in particular( among many others ) wrote about
    (years ago can’t find the url source at the moment) what the elements, fire,earth,air,water is afraid of;

    water element represents emotion (which can get you in touch with intuition)

    water element is afraid of loss…. and as all people do sometime in their life design work out a strategy to deal with the risk of loss… on a behavior level… the sign cancer is the most intense about protecting itself… and no matter what planet resides in cancer the planet can sometime express itself by overcompensation….

    interpretation is based on: ranges of normal, medium, extreme (exterme think politics)and in some criminal cases, malignantly abnormal

    the five realms:

    collective realm
    spiritual realm
    mental realm
    emotional realm
    physical realm

  234. alex says:

    should read: what the elements ARE afraid of…. this can be seen as defensive behavior

    conversely what the elements are brave about … this can be seen as offensive behavior

    additionally what the elements THINK ABOUT A LOT

    water thinks about LOSS ALOT

  235. alex says:

    continued : Water Element, fear of loss

    Hillary The Movie was created as a false flag operation to provoke
    the political opposition to go to the FEC to get a ruling against it…. BECAUSE …. the creators of Hillary The Movie wanted to file a court case AGAINST THE FEC … so that case would go up the judicial ladder to the SCOTUS where the Roberts Corporate Court lay in waiting ready to rule in favor of denuding campaign finance laws BUT

    do you know what the Citizen’s United, Hillary The Movie Right Wing Extremists were afraid of (besides a woman as president) they were afraid of loss – water element – they were/are afraid of the global internet…. THEY are then are are still AFRAID OF THE world wide web

  236. alex says:

    continued: water element, fear of loss

    Horoscope Citizen’s United v FEC

    Partial Notations Chart: Water Element

    Cancer: South Node @21 Cancer – 4TH House/cusp 5TH

    Scorpio: Pallas @14 Scorpio – 8TH House

    Pisces: Uranus @23 Pisces – 12TH House
    Pisces: Jupiter @00 Pisces – 12TH House

  237. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Food Democracy Now

    This week in Oregon, voters in 2 counties voted to ban GMOs from being grown in those counties by a 2 to 1 margin that will protect local organic family farms from being contaminated by GMO pollen.

    Two weeks ago, the Governor of Vermont signed the first GMO labeling bill into law in the U.S., which will go into effect on July 1st 2016.

    These are huge victories, but we need to keep the pressure on! Right now, voters across the country are fighting to win GMO labeling in their states as well and they need our help.

    Already farmers and activists are out on the streets collecting signatures in Oregon and Colorado to qualify initiatives for the November election and they need your support to get the job done!

    Last year, Connecticut and Maine passed GMO labeling bills, and now activists in 25 states have introduced more than 60 bills to label GMOs. In New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and California they are working to join Vermont to help win labeling of genetically engineered foods.

    Earlier this year, Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) introduced a bill in Congress to try to kill GMO labeling for good by making it illegal for states to pass strong mandatory GMO labeling bills and trying to force weak “voluntary” standards on Americans instead. This plan is as devious as it is outrageous and we cannot allow it to stand unchallenged.

  238. barbk says:

    Tonight Brian Williams announced he had interviewed (for days apparently) Edward Snowden and this will be aired on the night of the New Moon in Gemini that conjuncts the U.S. Uranus, 10 PM, May 28th, NBC. Watch this space as Rachel Maddow would say…

  239. thrasybulus says:


    What, no pyschoanalysis freebie. Having so much water element I was afraid of

    After reading Starlight how can I ever go back to the farm (computer generated interpretations) again?

  240. Sharon K says:

    Talking about water, I have sun, jupiter, mars, venus, NN & MC in Pisces and 10 Cancer rising conj 6 cancer uranus! I don’t like oss and don’t love being alone but I am also very spiritual.

  241. Sharon K says:

    loss, not oss! I was trying to make a quick change but had already pushed the post button.

  242. Sharon K says: Green billionaire all set to lead a $100 million campaign against Republican “science-deniers!”

  243. Lorrie U says:

    Hillary Clinton’s Double Whammy

    All bets are on that Hillary Clinton will be the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and the next leader of the free world. GOP strategist Karl Rove created a quick backlash last week when he questioned Clinton’s health, saying the concussion she received in December 2012 caused “brain damage.” Bill Clinton did admit that it took six months for her to recover.

    Hillary Clinton’s horoscope (October 26, 1947; 8:02 am; Chicago, IL) shows a double Neptune influence over the coming two years, a one-two celestial punch that could knock out her chances to become president. Of course her natal chart carries the instinctive drive and ambition to achieve the highest office. Pluto, the ruler of her chart, is physically and psychologically empowered by a tight conjunction with Mars, and given administrative authority by its conjunction with Saturn.

    By secondary progression, Ms. Clinton’s Mars is at 7º Virgo, just past her Midheaven. By itself, this placement fuels her drive to be a strong player in the political realm. However, transiting Neptune is now at 7º Pisces and opposing her progressed Mars, which casts doubt over her physical fitness for the highest office. Neptune to Mars is a dissolving force, reducing the “fire in the belly” required to run for president.

    A second Neptune influence comes from Hillary’s progressed Sun, which is now at 9º Capricorn. The progressed Sun was hit by a conjunction from transiting Pluto when she had her concussion in late 2012. The progressed Sun advances at the rate of one degree per year, so over the next two years it will square her natal Neptune at 11º Libra. This makes the proverbial “double whammy” when it comes to negative Neptune influences. Transiting Saturn in her 12th house gets her in touch with these factors, forcing her to seriously consider whether or not she can overcome them.

  244. Lorrie U says:

    Oh, Oh, Kiwi! They’re coming your way…

    Sinister Franchise: Exporting the Tea Party to Australia

  245. Lorrie U says:

    Police Siege of Albuquerque: Will the Feds Prosecute Top Brass?

    Since the US Department of Justice (DOJ) released a scathing report in April, documenting the findings of a 16-month investigation into the department and accusing the APD of a “pattern or practice of use of excessive force,” two more people have already been fatally shot by APD officers, fueling a public outcry in a town where the police kill more people per capita than the New York Police Department. Since 2010, the APD officers have been responsible for 39 shootings.

  246. alex says:


    the reports free-or-fee you can download from the computer are great way to learn about your natal chart because you can compare them; if they are free you can make notes on the margins and mark them up with circles and check marks;

    you can learn from them at very low cost rather than or before investing in astrology library which you may choose to do or not;

    you have to learn over time from your own natal chart and if you are serious you’ll chart your friends and family and everything else that passes your way…

    that is how you learn astrology interpretation… most people who get their natal charts are like first year medical students who think every thing they read about is a condition from which they suffer they become instant HYPOCHONDRIACS until they learn to control their knee jerk reaction to their mind’s powerful imagination to identify with what they are studying…

    the exact is true with beginning level astrology students ( and it will stay that way until you learn how to deal with the limbic mind reflex to new and personal information)

    nuiance and understanding happens from PRACTICE it is just like learning the skill of playing a musical instrument ….. it doesn’t happen overnight;

    you have to construct a set of skills: it is kind of like de-sensitizing from PTS (really) you have to be able to read or remember the information about yourself ex. Saturn conjunct ASC in the first house, and not emotionally-mentally fight, flight, freeze react when you read the dark, serious or harsh stuff about it… you have to learn to modify the entire chart again each of the other factors… it is called weighing the factors ( similiar to interpreting/APPLYING a legal case against statute and precendent )

    but more important anything that is reported as a weakness or risk to you – you have to find through practice how to mitigate the risk or weakness and then remember to do that;

    my favorite aspect url’s online are the ones that describe the risks inherent to something and describe the mitigation to learn to control or process the risks;

    Chiron is a good analogy: it represents the universal trait that every human has – the pain of separation from UNITY…. it is a constant human condition because there is no ducking or getting away from it unless and until you take that ‘wound-suffering’ and transfrom it…into a strength IT IS A PROCESS; there are lots and lots of articles about Chiron that instruct how to do that – ONLINE for free

    learning your own natal astrology (and the art of applying analysis and narrative to any type of chart is the same) as I said before it is like learning how to cope with Post Traumatic Stress …. you have to be able to let you powerful imagination learn from the information/or experience but you can RE-LIVE the trauma each time you think of all the BAD conjunctions and oppostions and squares you have in your natal chart….

    I don’t offer astrology counseling… and I don’t do cookbook astrology online blogs….

    here when I find something interesting to explore in a chart I expand a bit on it so anyone reading it can learn to find the Salient take-away for themselves;

    you have to experience your aspects, you have to experience the 2D horoscope as the 4-5TH dimensional celestial map that it is….
    you have to understand by feeling it without flinching;

    you have to learn to moderate your powerful imagination and make it become a learning experience every time you read a chart; you have to be satisfied that your mind will focus on 3-4 things when there are 100’s of things the chart is speaking to and stick with those things and learn from it before your imagination will turn you loose to absorb the other 97 things in your chart…

    one of the reasons why I always re-draw by hand every chart is to SLOW down the urge to skip ahead… to go to basics and then build up the layers of dimension and move forward…

    I short hand political chart because it is so easily predictable….which means to me those at the leading edge of power in the collective culture of humanity are sadly mostly under-developed spritually; most of the time those who lead are people you’d never want to know in your social or family life…. most are sociopaths that have learned to pose and say the right things to get to where they want to go …..

    right on the extremely powerful lunar eclipse of 5/14/2014 Leon Panetta offered this important advise:

    Governing is not easy, you have to deal with people you may not like. Some are smart some are dumb some are honest, some are not honest. Yet governing is what you have to do to make sure democracy works. ~ Leon Panetta, 5.14.2014

    I’m sorry if it bugs you that I don’t offer counseling astrology or carve out the time and energy to work up your natal chart… I post lots of significant information and resources on this blog if you will bend to pick up what I am putting down… I think you could learn a thing or two from my keyboard tapping at least I hope so;

    you have to do it yourself /self motivated to learn astrology; I know from experience that is the only real way to benefit from having your natal chart delineated;

    as I said the stuff you can download online is rich, varied and available you can learn from it – great resource the http://www...

    astrology computer software some of the earlest stuff put on the nascent http://www... and it continues to pioneer human understand online;

  247. alex says:

    should read:

    it is like learning how to cope with Post Traumatic Stress …. you have to be able to let you powerful imagination learn from the information / or experience but you CAN’T RE-LIVE the trauma each time you think of all the CHALLENGING ASPECTS you may have in your natal chart

  248. alex says:

    BTW did anyone else notice that President Obama’s schedule put him right into the thick of all the worst challenging astro-aspects of April/May… he hit all of the peak challenging times with important travel/speeches/meetings… I thought it was great;

  249. Jerry says:

    About President Obama’s schedule….. in light of recent Russian actions in Eastern Ukraine, the gathering of world leaders for the 70th anniversary commemoration ceremonies of D Day in Normandy on June 6th, with Russian Pres. Putin in attendance should promise to be a brave display of cordial but tense relations.

    Mercury stations retrograde (3 Cancer) the following day conjunct the US natal Venus (values). It is also in square to President Obama’s progressed Sun (conjunct transiting Moon – 3 Libra). Obama’s natal Ascendant-descendant axis at 18 Aq-Leo right at the midpoint is t squared by tr. Saturn at 18 Scorpio. This leaves me with the impression Putin could be holding off on any noticeable strident moves in Ukraine until after the gathering is over. The astrological aspects on June 13th and 14th as posted earlier are formidable.

    Obama and Putin To Mark WWII Anniversary, But Unlikely To Meet
    By Lesley Clark

    McClatchy Washington Bureau
    May 8, 2014

    President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin both plan to attend ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day next month in Normandy, but it’s unlikely they’ll be meeting.


  250. kiwi says:

    no surprise there Lorrie – that is, after all, the platform from whence the Rupert Murdoch empire sprung – and still reigns supreme.

  251. Jerry says:

    A quick follow-up to the above. According to the latest polls, More than likely, because of the lack of a perceived majority there will be an almost certain second run-off election in Ukraine tentatively scheduled for June 15th (see article posted below).

    If that indeed is the case, Russia needs to militarily act on or before June 14th, before the Ukraine government is “legitimized” if Russia is to secure a Russian friendly East Ukrainian strong-hold adjoining its borders.

    Tycoon Poroshenko Needs Runoff To Win Ukraine Vote: Poll

    Business Standard
    May 23, 2014

    Pro-Western tycoon Petro Poroshenko holds a commanding lead heading into Ukraine’s Sunday presidential election but will be unable to avoid a runoff, an EU-funded poll said today.

    The billionaire chocolate baron was backed by 44.6 per cent of respondents polled on May 14-18 by two respected Ukrainian agencies whose surveys receive EU financial support.

    The figure is just short of the 50 per cent threshold the 48-year-old needs to break to avoid a June 15 runoff, leaving Ukraine in the hands of an interim leadership that lacks recognition from Russia even as the death toll climbs in clashes across the separatist east.


  252. alex says:


    Computers were made for astrology, although it took some astrologers a little time to recognize that fact. Astrologer Michael Erlewine founded Matrix Software in 1977 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the first company to create astrology computer programs and make them available to the general public. In fact, there is only one software company still in business on the Internet that is older than Matrix, and that is a little company called Microsoft.


    The use of computers in astrology began before the home computer became immensely popular. Astrologers were able to have their charts calculated by a computer as far back as 1973. This was possible through Astro Computing Services (ACS) in San Diego, CA. ACS was founded by a former IBM employee named Neil Michelsen. ACS published the first ephemeris that was computer generated in 1976, still well before computers became commonplace in our lives. Neil and the ACS staff produced more than 20 sets of ephemeredes and tables. These included atlas/time zone change reference books, heliocentric, sidereal, and planetary phenomena, as well as tables of asteroids.

  253. starlight says:

    I managed to pull together another article:

    I emptied my mom’s apartment yesterday which gave some closure, but there is still a great deal to do. Thank you again, everyone, for your support.