8th May, 2014

As Spring Unfolds

Last week the news was all about tornadoes, landslides, floods, and a couple of disastrous train derailments, one of them setting an oil-coated James River aflame.  Astrologically, we can directly link these events to the first crossing of Uranus square the Ascendant of the March 2014 Spring Equinox chart drawn for Washington, DC springequinox14dc(14Cancer07).  Potent transits involving the Ascendant of the Spring ingress chart, when drawn for the capital city of a country, describe circumstances that very directly impact the physical terrain of a nation and/or the citizens living within its borders. Uranus brings sudden, transformative, overwhelming events that often cause significant turmoil in their wake. We will see a repeat of this transit, building in strength from September 22 through October 18, 2014, and again from January 26 through February 22, 2015, with the last several days of each period by far the most formidable.

The 2014 Spring chart drawn for Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, also describes a year of significant upheaval, with the most notable and dangerous period extending fromspringequinox14kiev March 20 through June 12. During the last 10 days of March, transiting Uranus crossed the exact square to the chart MC (12Cancer07), followed by transiting Mars squaring the MC and opposing natal Uranus (11Aries45) for several days at the end of April. The latter aspects will be repeated from June 5th though June 12. The MC in a Spring ingress chart describes issues directly impacting the government and the leadership of a nation. Uranus and Mars together bring disruption, violence and rapidly shifting circumstances.

The most consequential transit to the Ukrainian Spring chart, however, comes with the protracted Mars transit to the Ascendant (9Libra24) from May 4 through May 29. This is a clear indicator of the current violence, anger, and turbulence within the country. Moreover, the same Mars station is triggering the progressed Mars square to natal Uranus (10Capricorn06) and progressed Uranus (9Capricorn50) in the Ukrainian birth chart. The progressed Mars square to natal Uranus will continue throughout 2014, although the May Mars station is likely to be the strongest period of activation of this potentially violent, rebellious, and disruptive energy.

These combined transits and progressions highlight May 2014 as likely to contain the most intense confrontations of the present situation. These circumstances will be followed by a prolonged Pluto transit on the IC of the Spring chart (12Capricorn07) suggesting a consuming power struggle and rampant feelings of suspicion pervading the country, although with far less of the overt violence manifested during the Mars station.

As for Vladimir Putin, for now, Uranus is separating from its opposition to his Sun putin(13Libra56), and with it, his tendency for extreme, unilateral action is diminishing, at least until the next crossings covering roughly the period from October 2014 through most of February 2015. In addition, transiting Saturn is now opposing his Jupiter (19Taurus45) and squaring his Node (20Aquarius00) through mid-May, pointing to his increasing awareness of the consequences of his recent, somewhat unhinged behavior regarding Ukraine, including the world’s renewed disdain and distrust towards him, as well as the economic sanctions against Russia’s elite, however muted these may be by global corporate self-interest.


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