13th Apr, 2014

The Cardinal Cross Begins to Emerge

The pieces are moving into place. All three corners of the Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter T-square are now within the extremely potent zone of a waxing one-degree orb and building to an exact configuration at 13 degrees 34 minutes of the cardinal signs as of April 20 and April 21. Mars is within four degrees of the fourth corner of the square where it will move into its most potent zone from April 19 through April 23. Thus, as we move further into April, even the slightest nudge can act as a spark to ignite this flammable mix.

Already we have seen minor aspects from the Moon stimulate this uber-agitated combination. When the Moon crossed 13 Leo, a 16-year-old knife-wielding student went on a slashing rampage in Pennsylvania. When the Moon reached 13 Virgo, a Fed-Ex truck crashed into a bus, causing a disastrous conflagration on California’s Highway 5 and killing ten people, including 5 high school students.

As of today, Sunday, April 13, the Moon has reached Libra, and is beginning to impact the very volatile fourth corner of the cardinal square. By 00 AM Monday, April 14, it will strongly activate this incendiary configuration through about 6 AM EDT, followed within a few hours by a conjunction with Mars. Moreover, Mercury will simultaneously move into a one-degree orb of this volatile combination for the entire day, where it is likely to dangerously stimulate the explosive Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-square.

It is very hard not to expect dangerous and uncontrollable events unfolding rapidly over the next 36 hours, followed by a highly-charged drama that continues this high-stakes situation over the next ten days. It seems likely a part of this story will take place in Ukraine, where a confrontation is already beginning to escalate between “pro-Russian military forces” and the Ukrainian military. In Vladimir Putin’s chart, Uranus putinis now in orb of an opposition to his Sun (13Libra56), while Jupiter is now in a square to it, suggesting the potential for reckless and precipitous action, as well as sudden and unanticipated events impacting him.

With Jupiter now conjunct the US Sun (13Cancer19) and Uranus in a square to it, it seems likely the US will stake out a bolder, broader, and potentially over-confident stance in relation to the rapidly escalating events over the next several days. As of April 14, Uranus will also move into a square with the Ascendant of the Spring Equinox chart drawn for Washington, DC, (14Cancer07) suggesting the additional possibility of unexpected and intense events that directly impact the nation, such as a major geological or weather event. Moreover, with the building strength of the T-square, joined by Mars as of April 19 and becoming a grand cardinal cross, disruptive and incendiary situations are likely to occur in many parts of the globe. USchart

Standing out in President Obama’s chart as he navigates these stressful days are two significant aspects. The first is the Full Moon eclipse on April 15 at 25Libra16 in a tight square to Obama’s natal Saturn (25Capricorn20). This points to a highly stressful couple of days on April 14 and April 15, and additionally to a difficult month during which his tendency to feel the sufferings and struggles of others (12th house Saturn) will be accentuated. obama

The second aspect in the president’s chart worth noting is the transit of Pluto returning to a quincunx of his Sun (12Leo33), from April 13 through June 23. This suggests the feeling of a power struggle that demands constant vigilance and focus to maintain a strong position against a determined foe or overwhelming situation.  Moreover, by late May through August, the president will be under a series of Saturn transits that springequinox14dcsuggest onerous emotional burdens and may point to one of the more difficult periods of his presidency (Saturn square the Ascendant and stationary sesquiquadrate his Venus).

I have been writing for a long time about the likely strain the coming weeks may bring to the US in one form or another. Although I often prepare charts in order to discuss other issues, I inevitably get drawn back into writing about the turmoil surrounding the cardinal cross. I am sorry if this seems repetitious, but, to me, these once-in-a-lifetime aspects describe where the world’s attention is most likely to be and so I persevere.

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