5th Apr, 2014


People like stability. They like to know what to expect. But under today’s historical configuration of volatile planetary alignments, with Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and soon Mars moving relentlessly into a Cardinal Grand Cross, the world is experiencing an unusual amount of instability and unpredictability. The recent New Moon on March 30 followed by the Sun crossing Uranus, while also aspecting both Jupiter and Pluto through April 3, has brought a wave of shifting sands and unexpected circumstances in many areas, often changing the anticipated trajectory of events.

Much has happened in the past week since the Aries New Moon. The once-promising Middle East peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are suddenly in shambles, with Israel balking at a promised prisoner release and the Palestinians returning to the UN for increased recognition and protection. Both actions are essentially deal breakers, and the negotiations are barely hanging by a thread.

The chill between Russia and the West is increasing by the day, with almost all cooperation on a number of fronts effectively cancelled. In direct defiance of the US, Putin declared on April 2 that he will arm President Assad of Syria with deadlier and more effective weapons, seemingly throwing down the gauntlet for a proxy war with the US and its allies.

Moreover, there is growing concern that the infamous Ring of Fire, which surrounds the Pacific Ocean with dangerously shifting tectonic plates and latent volcanic eruptions, is suddenly becoming active. There have been a series of earthquakes in and near Los Angeles in recent weeks, the most potent being a 5.1 on March 28, with some milder seismic events following over the next few days. In Iquique, Chile, an 8.2 quake caused extensive damage on April 1, just as the Sun/Uranus conjunction moved very close to exact.

In the political realm, the Supreme Court on April 2nd, unexpectedly aimed another debilitating blow to the vestiges of campaign finance law, further opening the floodgates to the nefarious corruption of big money into the political process. The Roberts Court has determined that money is equivalent to speech, and campaign money should be largely unregulated as a way of protecting freedom of speech. To my mind, this is a false flag operation, since the only real winners are the oligarchs who increasingly control most of the wealth in the US. If freedom of speech were truly at issue, the new McCutcheon ruling, as well as the Citizens United ruling that preceded it, would not have virtually wiped out the so-called free speech of 99% of the population by drowning it under the deluge of cash from the few hundred fat cats that now control the process. Those who support this ruling can talk about free speech all they want, but most of us will never be heard among the cacophonous clanging of the billionaires’ chump change.

A further manifestation of the activation of this incendiary Uranus,/Pluto/Jupiter configuration arrived with yet another deadly shooting at an American military base. The Fort Hood shootings, which took place on April 2, shocked and upset  Americans, once again bringing gun issues to the forefront.

On a more positive note, another unexpected circumstance of recent days was the surprising success of Obamacare enrollment: 7.1 million signed up for the exchanges and an additional 3 million were added to the Medicaid rolls. This was a huge, unanticipated boost for the president and enabled over 10 million people to gain health insurance who otherwise would have been been unable to do so.

In today’s world, the many struggles between entrenched power structures, both economic and political, and those who want to be free of the oppressive constraint of the current reality is a multi-year manifestation of the Uranus/Pluto square, felt primarily from 2011 through 2015. This stress has been exacerbated by the two-month Jupiter/Uranus square from mid-February through late April 2014, sparked by the precipitous and reckless action (Uranus) of Vladimir Putin due to his sudden annexation of Crimea, which in turn has led to a tense confrontation between Russia and the West. A similar protracted Jupiter/Uranus opposition in late 1962 brought us the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unfortunately, the acute phase of the current crisis is not yet resolved, with 40,000 Russian troops still menacingly posted along the border of Eastern Ukraine. As the Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter T-square builds in intensity from now through April 20, and with Mars further inflaming the situation from April 19 through April 23, this and other situations are likely to escalate. As we have seen in recent days, destabilizing situations on many fronts are quite possible.

Some times over the next few weeks when the tensions are most likely to increase, either from sudden, precipitous actions, unexpected weather or other natural events are as follows:


Sunday, April 6, afternoon through about 8:30 PM, EDT, when the Moon crosses Jupiter, squares Uranus and opposes Pluto;

Monday, April 7, through around 6 PM, EDT, during the Sun/Mars opposition;

Monday, April 14, midnight to 6 AM with the Moon moving into the opposition of Uranus and square to Jupiter and Pluto, and all day, through 00 AM  (EDT) Tuesday, with Mercury moving to conjunct Uranus. All of this culminates just hours before the Full Moon eclipse, suggesting the possibility of a big storm or heavy flooding, as well as other stressful and incendiary situations suddenly erupting;

From April 15 through April 20, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will be moving into a tighter and tighter T-square. Mars will join this T-square making it a Grand Cross from April 19 through April 23. This period is likely to be highly inflammatory, bringing a more exaggerated and intensified version of the kind of events we have already seen: acute and violent confrontations; precipitous, transformative actions; explosions; accidents; and dramatic earth and/or weather events.


Although the highly unusual and historical Cardinal Cross will be over by late April 2014, the Uranus/Pluto square still has one more protracted period during which it may leave its mark on mankind. This stretch of time will cover from late November 2014 through mid-March 2015. The huge confrontation between deeply entrenched power (Pluto) and the desire for freedom and equality (Uranus), especially insofar the latter are in conflict with the Plutonian power centers, will very much be playing out in many ways as this last phase unfolds.

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