A Shifting World

The historical cardinal cross of April 2014 is now just beginning to wane. It has brought no major earthquake or volcano or tsunami in its wake. But it has brought with it a seismic shift in the tectonic plates of the world’s geopolitical reality. Established international norms accepted since the end of World War II and codified in various treaties have been breached by a newly assertive Russia, which is presently aspiring to a revival of the more glorious stature and heft of its Soviet antecedent.  Besides the obvious peril of this sudden emergence of Russian aggression to the stability and territorial sovereignty of Ukraine, and potentially several other former Soviet states, the Kremlin’s not-so-covert provocation and bullying tactics threaten to sabotage certain pillars of international law. Essentially, those who aspire to be a part of the community of nations have long agreed that seizing the territory of another sovereign nation is forbidden. Will crossing the border to “protect” ethnic cousins now become normalized if Russia manages to do so with relative impunity? The ramifications if this becomes the new standard could become a significant challenge to global stability.

At present, the Western alliance does not want to even contemplate a military response to Russia’s intrusive tactics in Ukraine. This is likely to change only if Vladimir Putin decides to actively move against a member of NATO. Economic sanctions, on the other hand, are the weapon du jour, and President Obama is orchestrating a punitive sanctions plan with Europe should Moscow refuse to deescalate the volatile situation it has engendered.

There are, however, some difficulties in establishing an effective sanctions regime. Europeans rely heavily on Russia’s oil and gas exports which make tailoring sanctions against Russia’s lucrative energy sector potentially damaging to Europe’s economy. Moreover, there are several global energy corporations with billions invested in Russian oil and gas projects that may not be beholden to any national interests and will simply pursue the maximization of their profits irrespective of any geopolitical concerns. It is possible that these two factors will conspire to limit the impact of any punitive plan created to thwart Russia’s expansionism.

In the near term, the tension building between Russia and the US seems likely to build through much of May, with the Pluto station continuing opposite the US Sun USchart(13Cancer19) through May 19, the Pluto square to the Russian Spring Equinox Ascendant (13Libra28) continuing through May 10, and the Pluto quincunx to Obama’s Sun (12Leo33) continuing through late June. These Pluto transits suggest that all parties to this Cold War-esque conflict are walking a razor’s edge path between too much aggression that might cause a backlash and too little aggression that might allow the adversary to exercise too much power. Moreover, this intense struggle, a hallmark of Pluto, is fraught with anxiety and manipulation. Pluto will return to aspect these sensitive degrees, as well as Putin’s Sun (13Libra56), in December 2014 and January 2015, and from June through November 2015, likely igniting other periods of intensified wrangling and power struggle between Russia and the US.putin

The good news for now is that Jupiter, the planet of success and expansionism, has passed the square to Putin’s Sun as of April 23, and Uranus will move past the opposition to Putin’s Sun and the square to Russia’s Neptune (13Capricorn48) after April 29. This may begin to calm Putin’s willingness to defy established norms (Uranus) in the immediate future, while it also quiets some of the more provocative appeals to Russian nationalism and hyperbolic expressions of Russian grievance (Neptune) in the immediate future.

Transiting Uranus, however, will return to oppose Putin’s Sun from late September 2014 russiathrough mid-February 2015, simultaneous to its return to the square of Russia’s Neptune during roughly the same period.  We can expect another round of nationalistic fervor and righteous grievance fueling whatever drama is unfolding at that time.

Another aspect of great significance is the progressed Russian Sun conjunction to natal Jupiter (15Cancer13) from August 2014 waxing through August 2015. Moreover, this progression will be strongly charged by transits from both Uranus (15Aries) and Pluto (15Capricorn) during the same period, and continuing to impact the waning progression through 2015.  This suggests a time of growing strength, expansion, and economic success for Russia that will not begin to diminish until late 2015. By 2016, when transiting Uranus moves into a square to Russia’s Saturn (24Capricorn12), and Pluto moves to square Putin’s Saturn (17Libra27), limitations and difficulties will be experienced. With the end of the strong stimulation of Russia’s Neptune by late 2015, disillusionment after unrealistic expectations also seems likely.

Besides the continuing Pluto opposition to the US Sun from February 2014 through November 2015, denoting this ongoing tension and power struggle, the US will also have a prolonged transit of Uranus square its Sun (13Cancer19) from October 2014 through early February 2015 pointing to unexpected challenges and volatility during the same period when many of the above described situations will occur, since the same Uranus and Pluto transits will be impacting Putin’s Sun, Russia’s Neptune, and to some degree Russia’s Jupiter.

During much the same time-frame, transiting Uranus will be opposed to the US Saturn (14Libra48) while Pluto will be in square to that point. As of April 26 through May 16, we are in the first crossing of the Uranus square to US Saturn.

My sense of these two transits to the US 10th house Saturn from late April 2014 through December 2015, is that the US will undergo a significant transformation of its global footprint, becoming leaner and more limited in definition, but ultimately more focused and effective.  This process will coincide with and seems likely to be related to the ongoing struggle with Russia that has been unleashed in the past few months. It also seems likely that President Obama will receive a great deal of criticism over the limitations and restructuring of American power from May 2014 through April 2015 due to Saturn transits to the Moon/Mars square in the Inaugural chart (late April to mid-May and September 2014), as well as Saturn transits in his own chart including the prolonged sesquiquadrate to his Venus (June 12 through August 3, 2014) and the opposition of Saturn to his Moon (January through April 2015).  By 2016, a softer wind is likely to ease many tensions that are impacting President Obama, and he will begin to be appreciated for all he has done, including navigating us through this mini-Cold War that Russia has recently thrust upon us.


  1. starlight says:

    By the way, Pluto opposing the US Sun is now waxing again until May 17. This will bring not only tensions with Russia but many smaller battles for “survival” or against other powerful forces, including weather and other natural events. Watch for transits to activate, including early tomorrow AM, Eastern time, when the Moon will square Pluto. Several heavy weather events are forecast as this Moon square to Pluto builds.

  2. Sharon K says:

    Beautifully-written article, Nancy. I truly admire your clear-thinking ability to organize and pull all of this together, and then express it so well. Let’s hope that whatever happens whether internationally or domestically, the Republicans are not able to use it to leverage power. I have a feeling from what you said that we (the Democrats, Obama) will hold it together and be successful in our damage control. I know that many people think the Democrats and the Republicans are two sides of the same coin and we need Progressive change. My take on it is that I would far prefer to see Democrats maintain power as the U.S. changes and is more able to accept and support Progressive change. As my friend on facebook just wrote, the U.S. oligarchy is well-entrenched and it will take a lot to loosen that hold, and on the media as well.

  3. will says:

    Terrific analysis and interpretation, Nancy. This whole ‘balancing on a razor’s edge smacks of Mars being well-heeled under Libra’s leash of We-vs.-Me diplomacy.

  4. alex says:

    Why I support Mary Burke for Governor
    26 APRIL 2014
    By Sen. John Lehman

    {I like what he has to say but IMV he doesn’t not write well so I edited him}


    What I’ve seen Scott Walker do to this state has depressed many people, and some have lost faith that the Wisconsin we all knew is now gone forever.

    In over twenty years of public service, from my years as a high school teacher to today as a state Senator, I’ve never seen a governor willfully cause this much destruction to the state of Wisconsin.

    I entered the race for Lt. Governor because I cannot sit on the sidelines while we fall further behind.

    Our state has seen our reputation as a laboratory of democracy tarnished by Scott Walker’s pay-to-play culture of corruption that prioritizes the needs of a wealthy few over the greater good.

    {paraphrased} It’s time we had someone in the Capitol fighting for us, creating jobs and providing relief that helps the people of Wisconsin get ahead.

    {paraphrased} We can not continue to have a governor who believes the path to prosperity is built on a “divide and conquer” strategy that pits worker against worker and neighbor against neighbor…. letting all the gains go to the top and offering a trickle for the working class.

    {paraphrase} Mary Burke and I both know that we have a long road ahead of us to beat Scott Walker and his political war chest, pumped full by out of state billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers.

    I believe the way to end the division and return Wisconsin to greatness is to elect Mary Burke our next Governor.

    I look forward to serving as her Lieutenant Governor and putting people back to work, leveling the playing field for our middle class families and moving this state forward.

  5. will says:

    I’m re-posting this from the end of the last thread:


    This might be interpreted as a manifestation of the diminished power and influence of the United States you have been writing about with respect to the current transits on U.S., Inaugural and PBO charts.

    European Firms Seek to Minimize Russia Sanctions


    “With the showdown over Ukraine escalating and President Obama warning Moscow of a tough new round of sanctions, Russia and its allies in the European private sector are conducting a separate campaign to ensure that they can maintain their deep and longstanding economic ties even if the Kremlin orders further military action.

    European banks and businesses are far more exposed to the Russian economy than are their American counterparts. Trade between the European Union and Russia amounted to almost $370 billion in 2012, while United States trade with Russia was about $26 billion that year.

    As a result, they have lobbied energetically to head off or at least dilute any sanctions, making it hard for American and European political leaders to come up with a package of measures with enough bite to influence Moscow’s behavior in Ukraine.”



  6. Patty says:

    Brilliant post Nancy, thank you so much!
    Bill Hurbst’s 2013 article on The Grand Cross is an interesting re-read.
    “OK, so when does this tumultuous alignment
    happen in the USA chart? General timing of the transiting Grand Cross during the mid 2010s is fairly obvious. Precise timing of the alignment, however, is not as straightforward as it might seem”.

  7. Patty says:

    P.S. Bill Herbsts latest post: http://www.billherbst.com/Comm11.pdf

  8. tanklv says:

    Starlight: Do you have any analysis of Ukraine’s chart? I seem to see Obama’s, USA’s, Russia’s, Putin’s, but nothing on the Ukraine.

    I find it sadly interesting that the last time Ukraine was independent, it lasted for 21 years. Now it’s going on twenty years +-…

  9. tanklv says:

    I can’t seem to find backup for my post of the previous independence – maybe it was a lot less than 21 years – maybe only a few…

  10. lisam says:

    What I have observed from previous eclipses, is that events associated with the eclipse don’t necessarily happen on cue, but actually occur months/weeks/days before or after said eclipse in both personal and world events, due to different types of triggers, some of which we are not even aware of. Also watch for any planets going stationary forward or RX especially within eclipse season, and especially if making hard aspect with some sensitive point in the horoscope (individual or nation/state).

  11. lisam says:

    watch transits of planets/nodes (conj/opp/square, etc.) and new/full moons to eclipse points going forward.

  12. alex says:


    Eclipse Geometry

    2015 Eclipse

    The first two eclipses should be interesting (haven’t examined second two yet)

    Solar Eclipse @29 Pisces 3-20-2015
    Lunar Eclipse @14 Libra 4-4-2015
    Solar Eclipse @20 Virgo 9-13-2015
    Lunar Eclipse @04 Aries 9-27-2015

  13. Jerry says:

    Slavyansk, Ukraine is quickly developing into a potential dangerous flashpoint for Russian-Ukranian hostilities.

    1) The OSCE western military observer hostages are being held in Slaviansk with the Russia govt. stating that they may intervene militarily to ‘rescue’ them.

    2) The only problem with that scenario is that Russia has also been bitterly complaining an estimated 15,000 Ukrainian troops have amassed there, effectively cordoning off the city to outsiders. A pretext has been established. It’s not too difficult to imagine what would transpire next if the Russians decide to go in to “save” the hostages.

    Here are the pertinent articles…….

    Russia Threatens To Send Men To ‘Rescue’ Western Hostages

    Sunday Express
    April 27, 2014

    KREMLIN grandmaster President Vladimir Putin was playing a ­dangerous gambit last night as he threatened to edge the Ukraine ­conflict towards a full-blown war.

    Russia stacked up the tension by warning that it will send in troops to “rescue” seized Western hostages held by pro-Moscow rebels. The incredible excuse to flex ­military might came from the Russian envoy to the international monitoring organisation, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He apparently warned that Moscow was ready to take all steps to free ­German, Swedish and Danish ­observers seized in the eastern rebel stronghold city of Slaviansk.

    Separatists loyal to Russia detained the OSCE observers earlier in the week, claiming the party, which was accompanied by Ukrainian military officers, were really Nato spies.
    They showed off military identification cards and insignia which they claim were taken from the detainees. OSCE described the detainees as “human shields” and said they were being kept under appalling conditions, with one of the hostages in urgent need of medical attention.



    Russia Complains of Large Ukrainian Troop Buildup In East

    By Ralph Ellis
    April 27, 2014

    Kiev, Ukraine (CNN) — A perilous face-off intensified Saturday when Russia state news complained that Ukraine had mobilized 15,000 troops in the suburbs of Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine “in order to wipe out the city and its residents.”

    Quoting a Russian Defense Ministry source, RIA Novosti said satellite photos showed the force forming around the city that has become a friction point between the Ukraine military and pro-Russian militants. The Defense Ministry source said the number of Ukraine troops put the pro-Russian militants at a disadvantage because the latter are “armed only with small amount of pistols and shotguns.” Many eastern Ukraine residents have Russian roots and sympathize with Moscow.

    The source said the photos showed about 160 tanks, 230 infantry combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, mine throwers and multiple-launch rocket systems. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly criticized Kiev’s use of force against Ukrainian civilians.



  14. starlight says:

    tanklv – Here is an article from March 19 that includes a bit on the Ukraine chart and the Ukraine Spring chart:


  15. alex says:

    March 17, 2015

    Pluto – Uranus – 15 Capricorn-Aries

    Sun Pisces

    Moon Aquarius

    Mercury – morning star (20d from Sun)

    Venus 29 Pisces – evening star (33d from Sun)


    SOLAR Eclipse March 20, 2015 (5:36AM ET) @29 Pisces 27

  16. Lorrie U says:

    Now We Know: Economic Inequality Is A Malady — Not A Cure

    …the furor over Thomas Piketty’s stunning bestseller, Capital in the 21st Century – and especially the outraged reaction from the Republican right – suggests that this fresh import from la belle France has struck an exposed nerve.

    What Piketty strongly suggests is that the structures of capitalism not only regenerate worsening inequality, but now drive us toward a system of economic peonage and political autocracy.


  17. Eric C says:

    Hello Everyone, I read the comments quite often but don’t really tend to comment. I also read about astrology, and I read some people saying something to the effect of this alignment as being anti-climatic, or that there was a lack of blatant in-your-face events to signify it.
    But as the fast-moving planet and “trigger” of the the outer planetary influences, couldn’t this retrograde Libran Mars be misleading? Could Mars bring particular assertion once it returns to the degree that it turned retrograde? Once it enters Scorpio? I wonder if there is some latent internalized effects of Mars waiting to be unleashed once it’s retrograde cycle is over. I sort of see the retrograde Mars as a catapult, having been pulled back with energy pent up. Just a thought….

  18. SarahG says:

    Map of the world after ice melt, sea rise:

  19. SarahG says:

    GENEVA — The UN human rights chief called on the United States on Friday to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, saying the indefinite imprisonment of many detainees without charge or trial violated international law.

    Navi Pillay said the hunger strike being staged by some inmates at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in southeastern Cuba was a “desperate act” but “scarcely surprising.”

    “We must be clear about this: The United States is in clear breach not just of its own commitments but also of international laws and standards that it is obliged to uphold,” the UN high commissioner for human rights said in a statement.


  20. Eliseo says:

    Lorrie U,
    Glad you mentioned Piketty’s new book. It is eliciting enormous excitement in academic circles.

    Despite our predilection to look at more overt political, military and economic market events, the publication of the English language edition of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” may well turn out to be the most important
    socio-political event of this period of Uranus-Pluto oppositions.

    Some of my colleagues suspect Piketty may be as important in our ongoing history of ideas as Karl Marx and Adam Smith. As I won’t have time to read his book until this summer, I’ve not yet made such a judgment, but I do get that feeling.

    When the semester is over I hope to look at the charts for publication dates of economic theory/history books which have been major game-changers and compare to Piketty’s new book. (Wealth of Nations, 1776 – Das Kapital, 1867 – etc.) Amazon lists the publication date for the first (English language) edition (already sold out) as March 10, 2014. I don’t yet have a date for the original version in French.

  21. will says:

    Eric C,

    “I sort of see the retrograde Mars as a catapult, having been pulled back with energy pent up. Just a thought….”

    And a very interesting thought, indeed. Your interpretation is as good as anyone’s, Eric. Its the divine art of timing.

  22. Eliseo says:

    I meant squares, not oppositions.

  23. Jerry says:

    Hi Eric C,

    I assume you are referring to the Mars retrograde station of March 1st (27 ’31 Libra). Mars goes forward on May 19th but doesn’t hit that 27 Libra degree until July 21st and then ingresses into Scorpio on July 26th. As far as the Ukrainian crisis goes, Russia will have to move before the crucial May 25th Ukrianian Presidential elections i.e. before the status quo in Ukraine is legally legitimized. Refer to the following article…

    Excerpt from Thomas Friedman’s New York Times Opinion Editorial:

    It’s All About May 25

    “…..The first test will come on May 25 when Ukraine holds presidential elections. Putin is working to prevent or discredit those elections by bombarding the more pro-Russian eastern Ukraine with propaganda that the Maidan movement was led by “fascists” and using his agents and hooded local thugs to keep the region in turmoil so people won’t vote.

    Our job is to back Putin off so the elections can happen. That may require more sanctions right now. The Ukrainians’ job is to make sure elections are relevant by electing a decent, inclusive person, who will work to ensure Ukraine’s unity and clean up its corruption. We can deter Putin, but only Ukrainians can threaten his legitimacy. If a majority here votes in a free election to move toward Europe and away from Moscow, Putin has a real problem. It is a huge rebuke of his warped vision, coming from right next door.”


    HOWEVER, what is interesting about the Mars station degree in mid May (9 ’01 Libra), something Nancy has alluded to, is that the May 14th Full moon (23 ’54 Scorpio) forms an exact semi-square to the Mars station. The 5/14/14 Scorpio full moon also exactly opposes Israel’s natal Sun (23 ’40 Taurus) AND activates the March 2nd Saturn retrograde station (23 ’19 Scorpio); a period when the crisis in Crimea was in full swing. Could we see events in the mid east and Ukraine come to a boiling point in mid May? This bears watching.

  24. Teresa Hill says:

    Hi guys,

    I was thinking the Cardinal Cross had been so much easier than I feared, too. My father died on April 9, but still … we’d been expecting it for so long, and he’d reached the point where death was a relief to him. It’s odd and sad to be without him, but I honestly have to be happy for him. No more pain. And he wanted most to die without ever ending up in a wheelchair or a nursing home, and he got his wish. I really am grateful for that. He was a wonderful father.

    And then tonight, my daughter ended up back in jail. DUI. Again. The Cardinal Cross has been brutal with her and the way her crap hits me as a mother. But I really thought we were done. Guess not. Saturn is opposite my natal Sun and squaring two more of my natal plants and it’s sitting exactly on her IC, so … we’ll see what this does to her home and marriage. It hasn’t even been a year yet.

  25. will says:

    Teresa Hill,

    I am glad your daughter is safe, albeit in jail and in trouble. My understanding of DUI is that it is actually quite common for first-timers to have another DUI fairly soon after the first. She is alive, thank God. Forgive me for leaning into the pain, but a DUI can often be a form of the person acting-out suicide.

    Saturn sitting on your daughter’s IC is hallmark for taking care of deeply-seated psychological issues. If there are resources for her to be in a good rehab program, that would be ideal. Is this the daughter that just brought you a grandchild?

    I will put Teresa Hill’s daughter in my mass intentions.


  26. alex says:

    3/17/2015 Venus @29 Pisces


    3/20/2015 NEW MOON SOLAR Eclipse @29 Pisces 27 (what will you bring forward from the dream phase/Pisces to the action/Aries phase)

    The 29th degree of any sign is known as the Anaretic degree. Most astrologers concur that this degree has an urgency to it; it’s as if the planet (at that degree) wants to jump into the next sign. It marks the end of one cycle (especially significant because Pisces is the last sign) and the start of another.

    The qualities of that sign are amplified, forcing you to pay attention so you can finish up, let go and start something new.
    ~ by Nadia

    U.S. recent history: the war in Iraq began with the Sun at 29 degrees Pisces

  27. alex says:

    continued – 29 degrees Pisces ~ per BOOTS HART

    Twenty-Nine degrees Pisces is about water in the literal sense (floods), the emotional sense (regrets, tears), and the monetary sense, Pisces is in part concerned with pensions, dividends, royalties and all forms of money which is “unearned” in the sense that it isn’t tied to an hourly wage.

    Uranus passing over 29 Pisces coincided with the disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The firing on Fort Sumter, which officially started the “war” part of the Civil War, occurred with Sedna (the need to individuate) conjunct Neptune (ideals versus illusions/disillusionment) with both at 29 Pisces.

    Venus (our ability to concrete things)at 29 Pisces symbolizes “survival security” and “can I get through this” angst.

    Uranus reached 29 Pisces in November of 1927 and went direct at
    29 Pisces in December 1927, staying there until it committed to transiting Aries in January of 1928…this is when Trotsky left Russia, leaving Russia in the hands of Joseph Stalin.

    On the plus side, this 1920s version of Uranus at 29 Pisces had Ford unveiling the Model T of fame and assembly line fortune. This example—merely one of many—shows us that 29 Pisces/Virgo can have a very positive effect, too. The assembly line and the Model T as a “mass market” vehicle were in their time very innovative—very Uranian, very “so everyone can have an easier time” positive Pisces.

  28. Helen says:

    Another stellar candidate for the GOP:


    UGH – worth reading, but only after you get your first meal down…..so disheartening.

  29. Helen says:

    Piketty’s “Capital” Is A Hit. So What Comes Next?
    “When a product sells phenomenally well, as Thomas Piketty’s new book is currently doing, popular economic theory says that means one of two things: either it’s filling a substantial unmet demand, or the product is exceptionally well executed. In the case of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” both statements are true.
    We are told that “Capital” is now at the top of the Amazon sales charts, outselling even mass-market novels with movie tie-ins like “Divergent.” That kind of meritocratic success story is, as Piketty’s work demonstrates, increasingly rare.

    Piketty has given us a superior product. He has brilliantly and eloquently analyzed the crisis of inequality that threatens the global economy. The question now is, what do we do about it?”


  30. tetramorph says:

    Eric C, Mars is moving very slowly, and has been ever since the incursion into Crimea began — stations are potent, but this one is a full 10 degrees off of the current mid-cardinal degrees that appear to be “hot.” After the station Direct, Mars begins to move quickly, spending only a day or so on the initial “incursion” degree. With Mercury ruling Russia’s chart, I have to wonder if there will be a changing of minds….

    I wonder, too, about the effect of the mutual reception between Pluto and Saturn that has basically been going on during the entire Ur. Sq. Pl. time frame, and IF Saturn has been kind of keeping a “lid” on things, so to speak (the structure of containment/limits). The only square between Ur. & Pl. without the influence of mutual reception will be the 2015 square. I’m feeling like that will be the major square of the entire cycle.

  31. Jerry says:

    Here’s an interesting article (posted below). I’ve read it several times and found it informative and well written…….

    Russian Regular Forces To Invade ‘NewRussia’ Between May 4 And 9?

    April 19, 2014

    This “Open Letter to the Friends of Ukraine,” by a guest columnist who writes under the pen name of Irina Gokieli, dated April 19, offers the author’s pessimistic scenario of forthcoming events in what Vladimir Putin now calls “NewRussia.” “NewRussia” encompasses southeastern Ukraine and parts of Moldova. She predicts an invasion by regular Russian troops near the end of the first week of May under the pretext of restoring order, although she does not rule out, as an alternative, an alliance of Putin with certain Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs. Notably the author makes a persuasive case that the long-term consequences of an invasion of “NewRussia” by regular troops will spell the end of Putin’s Russia as we know it!

    The author is a prominent member of Ukrainian civil society and an acute observer of the events of the last few months. The letter is printed with permission of its author.



  32. Angel says:

    A Call to send Light to the Ukraine:


  33. Blueraven says:

    Sarah G
    I have thought several times about commenting on the US’s violations of international agreements but had decided to just leave it until I saw your links. As we all know the Bush administration was one violation of international agreements, our constitution etc, etc etc. after another. And Obama’s inability(?) to close Guantanamo is an ongoing violation of human rights but then so is our prison system and on and on.
    But…..the past is past and some how we do have to go forward and while striving to change our inexcusable violations still call out the inexcusable behavior of others. Yes, we are self righteous hypocrites, one of our most obnoxious national traits, but IMV Obama represents our evolution toward a new role in the world and my prayer is that this means that we as a nation face ourselves squarely and take a role as mature partners instead of school yard bullies. (a la Putin).

  34. alex says:


    Independence Chart Ukraine
    8/24/1991 ~ per Tara Greene


    There are a few different Birth charts for Ukraine both of which have Capricorn Ascending but this one is adjusted for the correct time zone.

    In November of 2013 Saturn crossed the MIDHEAVEN of the UKRAINE which brings power struggles, authority, military might, old karmic battles in the Light.

    Saturn has recently crossed PLUTO in the 10th house, so BIG POWER STRUGGLES with the world drawn in.

    SATURN just turned Retrograde on March 2 at 23 degrees Scorpio and it Squares the UKRAINE’S MOON, the people and their feelings. The heavy SATURN weight that the people have been living under is triggered.

    Saturn also squares Ukraine’s JUPITER in LEO. Who is the King? will expand and escalate these power struggles.

    Saturn will Retrograde back over Ukraine’s PLUTO again so more POWER STRUGGLES, bloodshed, pain, violence, torture, secret police until Saturn turns Direct @ 16 degrees Scorpio on July 19TH.

    The SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 29 at 8 degrees Taurus occurs opposite Ukraine’s CERES in Scorpio at 6 degrees.

    Ukraine is an important agricultural area and CERES rules grains & agriculture.

  35. Sharon K says:

    Teresa, let’s just hope and have faith that this is a temporary relapse and wake-up call for your daughter. I, too, will put her on my “intention,” visualization and prayer list. :-)

  36. starlight says:

    Interesting article on how Soviet repression is reemerging within Russia, as well as in its foreign policy (vis a vis Ukraine).


    Gone these 23 years, the Soviet Union is suddenly alive and well again in the minds of a giddy cohort of the Russian elite. Not the ideology, please — but the gravity, the cold-eyed assertion of power abroad and at home, and the allegiance demanded by the state.

    The equinox of Russia’s “Soviet spring” coincided with the appearance of the men in green who took over Crimea for Moscow. It blossomed with a wave of patriotic denunciations of fellow citizens and a torrent of new restrictive legislation.

    On Tuesday came another sign: media reports that the Interior Ministry was banning foreign travel by every one of the nation’s police officers. And other law enforcement agencies were said to be following suit, so that as many as 4 million state employees may find themselves unwelcome to leave. And maybe their spouses and children, too.

  37. Helen says:

    “Ukraine is an important agricultural area and CERES rules grains & agriculture.”

    Good point, Alex: now that the new government is looking towards the West, the ‘wonders’ of biotech will be at their doorstep.

    By the way: since the EU is the second most lobbied entity besides Washington, countries in the EU are having to pass their own laws against GMO crops and glysophate:



    If anyone cares to be updated on biotech news that isn’t flattering to the industry, please refer to sites other than major media.

  38. Jerry says:


    Re: “In Russia, A Soviet Revival Grips Leadership

    The ‘little green men’……. reminiscent of the Nazi ‘brown shirts’ era?

    Here’s What It’s Like Living Under Suspected Russian Troops In East Ukraine

    Business Insider
    April 27, 2014

    The crisis in Eastern Ukraine has reached a new and dangerous phase this weekend. The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has reported that the capture of OSCE observers in Slovyansk – three Germans plus one German interpreter, a Czech, a Dane, a Pole and a Swede – is the work of Russian military intelligence (GRU).

    On Saturday, the SBU proclaimed that this abduction has been orchestrated by the Kremlin – it named the GRU Colonel Igor Strelkov as the boss of this operation – with the intent of using the OSCE observers as “human shields.”



  39. starlight says:

    Jerry – This abduction of UN observers could be a game changer and bring in a much more aggressive and unified response from the West. Maybe Putin wants to be able to step in as the white knight to calm the situation after orchestrating it. All I can think of is that Pluto is again waxing toward the opposition to the US Sun for the second crossing.

  40. Kitty says:

    With all that is going on, I have forgotten when does ” Obama’s Abyss” stop and he looks better, as he should ?
    I also think that a good astrological consultation is better than any Rehab !

  41. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Good stuff re. 29 degrees Pisces…Thanks!

  42. starlight says:

    Kitty – I think things will start to improve after April 2015, and then more so in 2016. The coming 12 months will be tough.

  43. SarahG says:

    Blueraven, thanks for at least responding. Mine seems a lone voice in an increasingly ‘nationalist’ point of view on this site. In response to your comment I can only suggest you peruse the international news. The U.S. modus operandi in foreign affairs is hardly in the past. It is ongoing. And the U.S. and it’s Nato allies had a hand in the Ukraine coup that has led directly to this crisis.

  44. Lorrie U says:

    Helen – “Piketty has given us a superior product. He has brilliantly and eloquently analyzed the crisis of inequality that threatens the global economy. The question now is, what do we do about it?”…

    Maybe: How Elizabeth Warren’s Own Book Makes The Case She Should Run For President

    “I am determined — fiercely determined — to do everything I can to help us once again be the America that creates opportunities for anyone who works hard and plays by the rules. An America of accountability and fair play. An America that builds a future for not just some of our children but for all of our children. An America where everyone gets what I got: a fighting chance,” Warren writes.


  45. Kitty says:

    Thank you very much for the information. Obama does not deserve all the negativity, but we can try and tolerate this until April 2015. Thank you for all the positive energy, that you give us.

  46. alex says:



    when I find charts complex to analyze (overpacked with events) in the present I like to look further out in time to chart some other relevant one then pull back and look again at the events in the present

  47. alex says:


    … it’s long term project GMO stuff:

    the Ukraine in under shock doctrine policy terms now…. they don’t have the leverage and they are going to have to give to get help restabilizing … it’s not what you want to see it’s not what I want to see happen….the GMO push there can be the message HERE to people who are fighting pushing back against GMO;

    we need to remind ourselves that the burden is more on us now to do the work to make the changes to make it better until such time that Ukraine and EU can relegate their activism to less than crisis/conflict domestic conditions once again;

    I was watching something about post WWII Germany and the take away I remember about was that it took until the late 1980’s for Germany to re-build itself after WWII….

  48. alex says:

    Partial List of 2014 Governor Elections

    The Governor’s veto pen can make a big difference in GMO fight here at home.

    15. Hawaii (D): Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) is not popular and up for re-election

    14. Kansas (R): Gov. Sam Brownback (R) is not popular and up for re-election.

    13. Georgia (R): Jimmy Carter’s grandson running for governor, Democrats are pumped up about the coordinated campaign here.

    12. Arizona (R): With Gov. Jan Brewer (R) officially retiring.

    11. Colorado (D): Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) up for re-election.

    10. Wisconsin (R): Scott Walker up for re-election.

    9. Ohio (R): Gov. John Kasich (R) up for re-election.

    8. South Carolina (R): South Carolina where it’s tough for a Democrat to win statewide.

    7. Connecticut (D): Gov. Dan Malloy (D) has a real race on his hands against Republican Tom Foley.

    6. Michigan (R): Republican seeking reelection in a blue-leaning state.

    5. Illinois (D): Gov. Pat Quinn (D) has his opponent self-funder Bruce Rauner (R).

    4. Arkansas (D): Mike Beebe (D) up for re-election.

    3. Florida (R): Crist’s (R) up for re-election.

    2. Maine (R): Gov. Paul LePage (R) up-popular, bit this isn’t a two way race.

    Democratic Rep. Mike Michaud has to worry about independent candidate Eliot Cutler, allowing LePage what he probably shouldn’t have – a chance.

    1. Pennsylvania (R): Gov. Tom Corbett (R) remains the most vulnerable governor in the country.

  49. will says:


    “And the U.S. and it’s Nato allies had a hand in the Ukraine coup that has led directly to this crisis.”

    That is quite a condemning statement. I wonder if you would mind backing that up with some hard evidence.

    Believe it or not, the U.S. is not behind every bad thing on the face of the Earth. Some of us, even some who work for the gubmint’ are good, responsible principled people.

    If I remember correctly, Russia has a long, long history of casting quite a dark shadow of its own in terms of tyranny, oppression and ruling with an iron fist.

    Remember The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle? Boris and Natasha…..”Yes, Dollink!”

    Putin is pretty much the embodiment of evil – like Dick Cheney on Borscht and wodka. Think about it – Putin headed the KGB. How dark can one be? Eastern Promises – Now Eastern Broken Promises.

    Nope, this big slimy booger called the invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine gets wiped on Putin.

  50. barbk says:

    alex, the solar eclipse on September 13, 2015, has the moon’s nodes on the Aries Points , 0 Libra north and 0 Aries south; a world event. The Sun Moon (20+ Virgo) are 2 degrees from the U.S. (Sibly) Neptune at 22+ Virgo and transiting Neptune (8+ Pisces) conjuncts the U.S. Ceres and squares the U.S. Uranus in the 6th house near the 7th house cusp. Transiting Neptune also opposes trans. Jupiter at 7+ Pisces (conjunct U.S. Ceres). Too much Monsanto corn? Enough is enough.

    Meanwhile transiting retro Ceres at 25+ Cap (conjunct Obama’s Saturn) joins forces with transiting Sedna (Save our Seas) and asteroid Hera (aka Juno) at 25+ Taurus for a cleanup our planet campaign. This would support the eclipse Venus in Leo sextile eclipse Mercury at 14+ Libra where U.S. Saturn resides. The eclipse Pluto squaring eclipse Mercury is exactly opposite the U.S. Sibly Sun (consciousness) in Cancer (home).

    The eclipse Sun-Moon opposes eclipse retrograde Chiron at 19+ Pisces. Transiting asteroid Nemesis exactly conjuncts the U.S. Neptune (both at 22+ Virgo) while asteroid Isis (putting back together all the scattered pieces) at 19 Virgo 52 conjuncts the eclipsed Sun and Moon.

    The eclipse chart Uranus at 19+ Aries is quincunx (adjustment) all 3 (Sun-Moon-Isis) and also conjuncts the U.S. Chiron at 20+ Aries who oppose U.S. Juno at 20+ Libra. (Chiron the chiropractor?)

    The theme I’m picking up is botanical in ‘nature’ and with Saturn in the anaretic degree of Scorpio it’s urgent and transforming.

  51. barbk says:

    P.S. Michelle’s natal Sun at 26+ Cappy sextile her Juno at 25+ Scorpio is probably the one behind that cleanup campaign, and her Ceres (12+ Sagittarius) conjunct the U.S. Sibly ascendant that squares her natal Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo and her Chiron in Pisces and then trines her Jupiter at 12+ Aries makes it a sure bet.

  52. alex says:


    Thnxs for putting the Solar Eclipse 9/13/2015 into focus as well as the 14 Libra activity; GMO is big fight ongoing;


    9/3/2015 DK Lilith @00 Libra

    9/3/2015 UR 19 ARIES (2014 Election South Node @19 Aries)this has synchronicity with Internet Bill of Rights (4/23/2014) legal privacy from mass surveillance

  53. alex says:


    I’ve been looking at geothermal (results after investment change over is free heating/cooling) the initial up front costs are high though but worth it;

    I have been hoping home owners with equityand/or cash flow would move the geothermal movement forward… what’s better than free heating/cooling;

    this is particular good solution for USA east coast home owners willing to take the plunge much of the east coast is dependent on heating oil ….. expensive, polluting and the costs are unpredictable putting extra pressure on home owners;



  54. SarahG says:

    Hi Will,
    I’m simply sick of the U.S. covert efforts at destabilization around the world and I think if you lived in Europe or abroad and had more of an international exposure to the news the U.S.role wouldn’t be such a mystery or difficult to discover….even with the reach of the internet. We are extremely insulated from so much through our MAM and to come to this site and see all that nationalistic propaganda parroted is not only disappointing, boring and one sided but also is no way to a solution or holistic approach. I’m no apologist for Putin, but have learned to listen to other pov’s. Seeing things from one side never produces solutions. But it does come down to what sources one relies on for information so I’ll try to provide a few for you to pick from regarding our involvement in the Ukraine coup…or you can search for it yourself if you’re interested enough. Of course you won’t find it in the MSM. Why would they print that? I’m pro-government btw,but I don’t see a representative government anymore. And I think plenty of people understand that but don’t know what to do or how to respond. But that is one of the big ‘shifts’ upon us as Pluto removes the U.S.’s curtain. We need to really look at and embrace our dark side and acknowledge our hand in the current world situation but that, or course, not something that’s easy to stomach particularly since it requires change at the root level. We always find someone to demonize and Putin is certainly a good hook. But we ought to be looking for ourselves in him. Just as an exercise try wearing the words pointed at Putin and see if they fit. By the way, to avoid having my posts hung up in monitoring, I’ll just post the article URL’s in separate posts:

    Chronology of the Ukrainian Coup

  55. lisam says:

    In one of the comments in the articles provided by SaragG’s links, I came across this term:
    “Kochsuckers”. I am still laughing so hard, can’t stop. Sorry if I offend anyone, but that is the best laugh I’ve had for the week, maybe month?

  56. tanklv says:

    What part of “Ukrainian Troops” being in the Ukraine is somehow “wrong” to the Russian bastards? I should think that is EXACTLY where Ukrainian Troops belong, as opposed to the fascist Russians invading the Ukraine and causing all this shit to begin with…

    Not content with oppressing the Ukrainian People for centuries, when the Ukrainians finally wrenched freedom for themselves, these Russian colonialist fascists now want to re-conquer them…nice…


  57. Eric C says:

    Thanks guys for your remarks on my comment! They were very interesting to read.

    From a personal standpoint, the past couple of weeks have had glimmers of unexplained euphoria, then tension. I have Mercury at 13 degrees Libra, and wondered how it would impact me….

    I’m a singer, I developed laryngitis that peaked on the 23rd and has been decreasing since! Doesn’t Mercury have to do with communication and the voice?

  58. will says:


    Thank you for the links. Parry’s a good writer but I think he’s got this one wrong. Conflating Putin’s invasion of Ukraine with Bush’s invasion of Iraq isn’t a very legitimate position as its like saying two wrongs make a right. U.S. was wrong to invade Iraq – but it doesn’t at all legitimize Putin’s incursion into Ukraine; and the fact that Crimea was moved into Ukraine’s jurisdiction as an administrative move many years ago doesn’t mean Putin can have it back now. Parry is not making much sense to me other than to disparage the U.S.


    Kochsuckers – hilarious!

  59. Teresa Hill says:

    Thank you for listening, guys. And for all the good energies toward my daughter.

    It’s my niece who’s pregnant now and my other niece who has a young daughter. My daughter just has very late-diagnosed ADD (absolutely no hyper there) and maybe borderline personality disorder, definitely some depression and panic issues. But actually, her life has been going really well. She got married a year ago. She’s in massage therapy school. She’s taking her meds. She tends to fall apart or do something self-destructive (not suicidal) when you least expect it and everything is going well.
    Arraignment tomorrow afternoon, so … we’ll see what happens and how tough her husband and I can be. 1st time for the new husband dealing with her in jail. It really freaked me out the first time. You get calmer and tougher the 2nd.

  60. Michael says:

    Fascinating and useful analysis of how the current crisis will play out. Kudos.

    The following is Principle VI of the Nuremberg Tribunal, from the trial that we so thoughtfully made happen. These principles are part of international law.

    “(a) Crimes against peace:
    (i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
    (ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

    Without any doubt, the Bush administration violated both (i) and (ii) in Iraq and the Obama administration violated (ii), clearly and repeatedly, in Libya and Syria.

    Something has infected the ruling elite to be involved in these crimes. Invading Iraq was insane – over one million dead Iraqis (mostly form civil strife let loose by the invasion). Libya and Syria were U.S. engineered conflicts in which we were on the same side as Ql Qaeda aligned fighters (also, without doubt).

    Other countries violate the “crimes against peace” principle. But we don’t live there.

    How can Bush and Obama get away with doing this in our name? A majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents opposed the Iraq invasion before the WMD lies. 60% to 80% of Americans opposed involvement in Libya and Syria. Yet, the rulers and those who own them somehow got these egregious military actions.

    The Ukraine is another case of meddling. If Putin sponsored a coup in Mexico that installed a government that openly derided the United States and had a leading candidate who spoke of “killing Americans and their leader” (as leading Ukraine presidential candidate Yulia Tymochenko did on tape) you can be sure the U.S. would be involved in challenging that just as Russia is involved in challenging the coup installed government of the Ukraine.

    It would be helpful to know what frightening inner processes allow Obama, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton to participate in the destruction of Libya and Syria? The immorality of participating in this type of destruction is hard to grasp.

    Yulia Tymochenko – http://youtu.be/6RxSzSWbcxo
    Libya lies http://tinyurl.com/q2djr6v
    Syrian rebels loyalty to Al Qaeda http://tinyurl.com/k723nsd

  61. SarahG says:

    So you work for the gubmint?
    Your response seems a surprisingly shallow reading of Parry’s article, which was provided mainly in answer to your question about U.S. involvement in the coup (along with the other articles). Are you saying the the U.S.’s actions in Ukraine are legitimate? Do we have any responibility for the current crisis? And what about these covert coup attempts that seem so questionable to you though no secret to historians of U.S. policies. It has been our modus operandi. Are you actually asking if this is true?
    As for Russia’s actions in Crimea …wrong or right….
    I think Russia has a great deal at stake with all of this pressure on their border and if this were happening on our border then I am quite sure the U.S. would have a similar response. We would not permit it.

  62. Jerry says:

    Possible Ukraine Timeline

    The May 11th Referendum

    I think Russia will wait until the proposed East Ukrainian referendum is voted upon before sending in their troops. Refer to the following article….

    Donetsk Republic Council Approves Referendum Question

    Voice of Russia
    April 25, 2014

    The council of representatives of territorial communities, political parties and public organizations of the Donetsk people’s republic has approved the wording of the question for a referendum on May 11, 2014.

    The question proposed for discussion is: “Do you support the act on state independence of the Donetsk people’s republic?”, according to Slavgorod, a Slavyansk-based website.

    The election commission of the Donetsk people’s republic will have until May 6 to prepare invitation and voting ballots. The voting proper is to be held from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. on May 11, the council resolved. The referendum will be funded through donations from public organizations and individuals, Interfax reports.


    So, is there any indication of something occurring on May 11th astrologically that should be cause for concern? There is in fact an exact Mars-Moon conjunction (9 ’30 Libra) in opposition to Venus (9 ’36 Aries). This is triggering Ukraine’s Progressed Mars-Uranus square (9 ’44/ 9 ’50 Libra-Capr.). It is also t squaring Pluto in the chart of Pres. Putin’s May 7, ‘2012 Russian Inauguration swearing-in ceremony (9 ’22 Capr.).

    With additional Russian sanctions coming online approx. the same time as the April 29th Solar Eclipse/ New Moon, I would make an educated guess that this rather complex sordid affair could come to a climax at the time of the May 14th Full Moon (23 ’54 Scorpio), not only because of the aspects mentioned earlier (Scorpio Full Moon in semi-square to the near stationary Mars), but because the Full Moon is in close t square to President Putin’s natal Pluto (22 ’43 Leo). As a reminder, this Full Moon forms an opposition to the May 28, 2000 Saturn/Jupiter conj. (22 ’43 Taurus) coinciding with Putin’s first term as president (May 7, 2000).

  63. Prabhata says:

    Thank you for that chronology from Counterpunch. http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/03/05/chronology-of-the-ukrainian-coup/

    I had listened to the Nuland and Ambassador Pyatt conversation (youtube available to anyone who searches for it), but I had missed other critical information, like the emails to Vitaly Klitschko. And that timeline doesn’t include the leaked conversation between Estonian FM and Ashton, also youtube, discussing the deaths of Maidan.

    I just don’t understand why having a pro-West government in the Ukraine is so important, even if it means a confrontation with Russia. That’s the missing piece.

  64. will says:

    No Sarah G. I don’t work for the government. You made an assumption. Contrary to another assumption; I’ve actually traveled outside the country fairly extensively.

    I just don’t agree with Parry’s take on this issue in spite of his writing accolades and awards. There are plenty of conservative writers I also don’t agree with. Plenty of people can write well and turn a pithy phase; but rhetoric is rhetoric; it necessarily make the writer more correct on an issue.

    There are several bloggers who post here who have a deep, seething contempt for the United States. I’m not one of them. I like this country more than most I’ve visited.

    That’s how I roll.

  65. Jerry says:

    Sarah G,

    You wrote:

    “……I think Russia has a great deal at stake with all of this pressure on their border and if this were happening on our border then I am quite sure the U.S. would have a similar response. We would not permit it.”

    Given some hypothetical situation, perhaps George W. and his cronies would have schemed up something (based on past performance). But the post Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan misadventures has done something to our nation (Progressed Mars went stationary retrograde in 2006). The current administration may not have the nationalistic fervor nor the ambition to resort to overt military force if it can be avoided (we are dreadfully in debt up to our eyebrows). There are checks and balances in place that wouldn’t allow it in any case. At least not in this day and age. I think the US is a little more sophisticated than that. We have the economic tools to persuade others whether fairly or unfairly to follow international agreements and/or American policy, and even that is not always successful (aka Iran and North Korea).

    I think the concern here for many people is that Russia is slowly backsliding into its nostalgic, stalinistic, violent past and that could be rather disturbing to watch if you are on the frontlines.

  66. will says:

    Teresa Hill,

    Waves of grace and blessing in your direction and surrounding your daughter and son-in-law.

  67. SarahG says:

    Will, apparently you didn’t get my humor about your reference to gubmint. I just hoped you would respond to your original question about U.S. covert ops and coups but you seem to be skirting it. If you are suggesting that because I or others who question our foreign policy and other issues have an innate loathing for this country you’d be dead wrong. Don’t psychologists encourage self examination? I guess you interpret that as disloyalty but I consider it vital to any hope for change or true democracy BECAUSE I love this country. Why is it so threatening or seen as negative? I have to say I am surprised at this whole exchange but hey, I see I’m rocking the boat here as there really is no room for the perspective I bring. So….see ya.
    Jerry, I’m much more concerned about the direction the U.S. is sliding in. Onward through our Pluto transit…

  68. Jerry says:

    Hi Sarah G,

    Perhaps you haven’t considered this from a humanistic perspective. Just my view mind you…….

    If one has the capacity to look at these conditions in its entirety, then really speaking these divisions of nations are no longer relevant. I don’t feel these are random events. It’s all part of a natural process that with maturity allows us to go deeper into understanding. With technology and spiritual awareness at our beck and call, we are becoming linked up to each other on inner levels as never before. I feel the purpose of the Uranus-Pluto squares are there to bring us closer to a place of spiritual understanding and connectedness.

  69. tetramorph says:

    A very hard night in parts of the nation’s mid-section. Reports are preliminary, the death toll is expected to climb. My thoughts and prayers for the victims and communities hit.



    Today (4/28) and tomorrow are expected to be worse in terms of storm strength.

    Record lows out west, which means another round of unstable weather after this severe outbreak is over.

    If this pattern of Arctic lows swinging down persists (which it has since January), May could be a long and costly month in the US.

  70. Blue Raven says:

    Sarah G,
    Actually, I do read several international news sources and listen to foreign radio reports. My husband is from Germany and I lived in Europe for many years beginning at the age of 17. Attending university there I got to know people who brought my attention to some of the US’s machinations in the name of protecting us from Communism. Now they continue I am sure in the interest of Capitalism. My antenna are on full alert for the propaganda machine. But since Obama something has shifted.
    I think Jerry is on to something with his observation that the division of nations is no longer as relevant. The issue now is
    those with greater consciousness are changing the world and these people come from every nation and tribe on Earth. The news that is reported by the media is for the most part the tip of the iceberg. What is really happening now is a change in consciousness and the resulting manifestations of that change.

  71. B.A. says:

    Hillary seems quite comfortable with government spying on you, or at least you finding out about it.


  72. will says:


    Yes, SarahG. The US uses covert operations – and so does every other developed nation. I am wondering what you point might be.

  73. alex says:

    blue raven

    I think that divisions of nations don’t matter as much to some people but I think that happens as a parallel phenomena;

    at the same time ask yourself do you see people’s conscious behavior towards each other improving’ – take US as example I think people have coarsened, hardened, become more polarized and hostile to each other over ‘anything’ that puts a ‘burr under their saddle’ and if it’s not a real thing it’s an imagined thing…

    look at our leadership – corrupt posers…who would want to know most of them except other corrupt posers; do you think preaching or hoping or wishing that everybody would do the right thing will accomplish it? of course you don’t but what will you defend with your life if it came to it?

    I am not a pacifist never have been I think you have to ‘stand for something or you will fall for anything’ I think you have to have military with their duty to safeguard against entities/nations that have hostile intent to US;

    Obama I think got it right in that he believes that US should lessen the tensions between nations with hostile intent whenever possible; you recall during the Bush era it seemed like the global/national community was permanently disgusted with US before Obama administration efforts it was going to stay that way… the world believed US had lost it way for good under BUSH/CHENEY/NEOCON administration;

    we do have more problems than that though; the problem we seem to have is the deep corruption of the security intelligence agencies as long as they say something in for national security they do it whatever the hell it is;

    Obama’s goodwill of course has not at all worked with the US racists and haters within the US; Obama offered cooperation and friendship and they countered with rejection and more hatred…

    we are a long way from ‘spiritual modified’ corporate governance, national governance, state governance

    do you recall the buzz years past about Google founders motto ‘do no evil’ WHAT A JOKE…. sheriff’s killing people at the drop of the hat, pharmacists/hospitals/corporations declare they can’t in Christian conscience let women have reproductive safe health care ; the list is long…

  74. SarahG says:

    Will, I’m really disappointed at your dishonesty or irresponsibility in taking ownership of your part in this conversation. You seemed surprised by my original suggestion that the U.S. had covertly participated in the coup in Ukraine which had influenced this crisis and asked me to provide you with my sources for that info. So I did. Then your response didn’t even address that issue so I followed up with some pointed questions which you also didn’t address. My point is that like you, the U.S. is being dishonest about their part.
    You’re original message:

    “And the U.S. and it’s Nato allies had a hand in the Ukraine coup that has led directly to this crisis.”

    That is quite a condemning statement. I wonder if you would mind backing that up with some hard evidence.

    Believe it or not, the U.S. is not behind every bad thing on the face of the Earth. Some of us, even some who work for the gubmint’ are good, responsible principled people.

    I do promise to not bother this blog with my issues or concerns about how the U.S. handles itself in foreign policy as it seems a very unpopular subject and especially seems to always go back to being interpreted as a criticism of Obama (god forbid). I don’t think Obama is in the driver’s seat but is more a figurehead for the real powers. With the current corruption in our system it seems inevitable regardless of how one judges the overall intentions of any administration. And I think polarizing comments and demonizing other leaders as this blog does is just more of the same manure the MSM dishes out that divides us and gets in the way of real change. How could this way of seeing the world ever lead to bringing the world together ‘spiritually’ as has been suggested or otherwise if the messages and basic mindset of division continue like this? THere is a very conservative tone in the stoic protection of the status quo and the accompanying rhetoric here on this blog. And I don’t see any value in participation here any longer.

  75. Trudy says:

    I will be very disappointed to see you leave SarahG,
    Your very balanced, well explained and documented views are much needed.
    I often feel schizophrenic when I read the wider news channels and then read some of the current rhetoric.

  76. will says:



  77. starlight says:

    Have a look at the Ukraine Spring chart:


    Note that Uranus (11Aries45) is close to an exact square to the MC (12Cancer07). As of today, at the time of the attempted assassination of the mayor of the 2nd biggest city in Ukraine, Mars had retrograded to 12Libra06, exactly square to the Spring MC and moving into the opposition with Uranus. Through the rest of today, Mercury will be sextile the MC while quincunx transiting Mars.

    The actual transit of Mars to the Ascendant of the Spring chart will be from May 5 through May 29.

  78. Apple says:

    SarahG Yours is not a lone voice, and while mostly a lurker, I have always appreciated the questions you’ve brought to the conversation. I hope you will keep posting.

  79. barbk says:

    As part of the Shifting World astrology I believe history will reflect on the increased attention given to the racist remarks made by individuals during this period. The NBA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling is only the latest to gain notoriety for his bigotry, and only days before him the Nevada rancher Clive Bundy dropped jaws nationwide with his revealing remarks of personal prejudice.

    Astrologers will then (and could now) point to the broadcasting planet Jupiter’s transit through heritage-sensitive Cancer for this phenomenon, as it squared transiting Uranus (revelation) in Aries (individuals) and opposed Pluto (deeply unconscious) in Capricorn (established society). As we know, in the U.S. Sibly chart this transiting series of squares activates the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer square Saturn in Libra aspect.

    This particular juncture in the series of seven squares, the 5th, has received the additional energy of Jupiter (symbolizing societal growth) in Cancer and Mars (a symbol of action and aggression), demurred in Libra and somewhat delayed by retrograde, all of which is speeding up the evolutionary process indicated by the series of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto.

    Last year the Washington Redskins name change debate got national attention after a conjunction between Mars and Jupiter transiting in Cancer, along with their individual squares and oppositions to transiting Uranus and Pluto. The long march of transiting Pluto to reach the U.S. natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) for it’s first “return” on February 20, 2022, encompasses this cardinal cross of 2014 and the noxious toxicity of bigotry is only one of the elements embedded in the U.S. natal Pluto to be purged through exposure to the light.

    Just before that Pluto return happens there will be a total eclipse of the Sun on December 4, 2021, taking place on the U.S. Sibly ascendant degree of 12+ Sagittarius. Later that month on December 24th transiting Saturn (resistant to change) at 11+ Aquarius and transiting Uranus (change) at 11+ Taurus will exactly square each other. For the U.S., Uranus would be quincunx (adjust) the U.S. chart ascendant and be in the Sibly 5th house of games, creativity, kids. Saturn would be sextile the U.S. chart ascendant and in the 2nd house of values and material possessions.

    I believe this will mark a pivotal point in U.S. history since transiting Uranus will also be sextile the U.S. natal Sun (13+ Cancer) creating a yod with the U.S. ascendant (+ solar eclipse conjunction). The U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius will be at the apex (combining of energy from Uranus in Taurus and the U.S. Sun in Cancer) as release point of the yod (need to act). That release point ascendant will be aided by it’s sextile to transiting Saturn (materialized) in Aquarius.

    But that’s not all. Before the solar eclipse on 12/4/21, there will be a LUNAR eclipse at 27+ Taurus on November 19, 2021, which will trine the U.S. natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) and square the U.S. Moon (27+ Aquarius). Something emotionally challenges (lunar eclipse) the U.S. People (Moon) just as transiting Pluto (trine the lunar eclipse) is finally starting to make the exact (1st) conjunction to the U.S. Pluto; the famous Pluto Return.

    As the year 2021 comes to an end, transiting Mars will conjunct the U.S. Sibly natal ascendant (12+ Sagittarius), transiting Mercury and Venus will oppose the U.S. natal Mercury (24+ Cancer), and all 3 of these planets are “personal” with easy access to the average American’s consciousness. Transiting Jupiter (an indicator of societal growth) in Aquarius will conjunct the U.S. Moon in December 2021, and transiting Saturn (an indicator of societal containment) also in Aquarius will be sextile the U.S. ascendant (how U.S. society sees itself). We know transiting Uranus will quincunx the U.S. Ascendant and sextile the U.S. Sun, and transiting Pluto will be making a conjunction to natal Pluto, which leaves only Neptune and Chiron as the other major indicators of universal change in question.

    Turns out that transiting Neptune at 20+ Pisces (from mid October ’21 through mid January ’22) will be only 2 degrees from exact opposition to U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo (exact in 2021 and 2022), and transiting Chiron (healer) at 8+ Aries (individuality) stationing direct will be sextile the U.S. natal Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini (speech). It looks like a loud and clear message from the zodiac’s archetypes to the U.S. government and its people that it must now grow toward it’s mandate to lead humanity to a higher expression of its potential. One of those paths to growth must be the overcoming of prejudice.

  80. Helen says:

    SarahG: Apple is right, you should stay!

    While we’re 90% leaners to the political left on this site, there is a divide between those who remain resolute in their faith in Obama and the Dems, while others (like myself) think we’ve had a corporate coup and the current adminstration and Dem leadership is implicit in the current meltdown of America – NEVER as much as the Republicans, but they have their corporate/Wall Street sponsors, too. Example: did I ever imagine that Barbara Boxer would vote FOR the NDAA?

    Another thing: how is one even to find any worthy news when mainstream print and visual media hightlights Zimmerman/Martin and the Malaysian flight ad nauseum and ignores or spins issues like NDAA, fracking, GMOs? This is another divide with those on this site who remain satisfied with major media, while others think it has been wholely corrupted. Huffington Post only covered the worldwide march against Monsanto by a blurb four days later on the financial pages of their site – one of myriad things over time that starts to raise questions on the real intent of certain media with people like me – and with others on this site, not so much.

    Also, I live in Europe and follow the French and English media – but anyone can do this through the net.

    I know you prefer a real exchange with those who see things differently. I don’t appreciated being swatted down when others don’t concur…..but there are lots of decent people here, don’t get discouraged.

    Here is an article that isn’t going to prompt an unanimity, but along with the terrific astrology, this is what makes this site enriching:


  81. Lorrie U says:

    I believe a few threads back I posted re. U.S. providing money to the Ukraine prior to the “invasion” by Russia which may have provoked Putin.

    However, when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the newly-independent Ukraine had the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world. It became a non-nuclear nation in 1996 when it sent the last of its nuclear warheads to Russian for dismantling.

    In return for giving up its nuclear weapons, the Ukraine, the U.S., Russia, and the United Kingdom signed the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, pledging to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity, a pledge that was broken by Russia’s 2014 military intervention in Crimea.

    We are supporting the Ukraine’s right as we agreed to in whatever way we can. Right now it is with sanctions. That does not make us the bad guys, nor does it make Pres. Obama a clone of Bush.

    The U.S. cannot remain isolationists in the world and the present is not the past. We must stand by those who do harm to their citizens, with the minimal use of our troops. We have lost a whole generation of young men and women who will never had the privilege of having children and growing to old age. Not to mention the damage done to our economy by endless wars. It will take time but the trend is away from division and slowly moving to a global village. I don’t think our present position in defending Ukraine is wrong, and I do think Putin is on an unrealistic power trip. I applaud our President in applying sanctions to support the Ukraine until their own people make their own decisions about the future of their country.

    Our history is not pleasant and not one most of us are proud of, but we have also done a lot of good in the world.

  82. CaseyM says:


    You are certainly not alone in your thoughts about this country and the direction we are moving. Just because one person disagrees with you is no reason to quit. Several others are stepped up to the plate in agreement. We need balance in these discussions. you and a few others bring that balance. And you point me to sites I might not have found otherwise. There are so many bogus internet news sites, I appreciate it when someone points me to something new that tells the other side of the story without getting crazy. Our country has changed a lot during my life and the last 10-20 years has really seen it snowball. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my perspective. This is a time of change and sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

  83. Lorrie U says:

    Helen – I believe most of us here on this site are very well aware of the right-wing takeover of our mainstream media, while many in the country do not. We are not all ignorant of other viewpoints and news sources. However, we all have varying degrees of how we interpret that news, some more biased against the present administration than others. Some condemn, while others see the limitations in present-day politics. And, while the dems need support and money from the well-heeled, not to keep a hand in the game would mean complete takeover by the republicans. There is no doubt in my mind which party has the edge in what direction I want my country to go in. The real answer is in getting money out of politics, but with the conservative leanings of our House and SCOTUS, good luck with that. Just don’t put them all in the same boat, sometimes one has to associate with the enemy in order to win the day. I know, I’ve done it and I’m usually the last man standing.

  84. Lorrie U says:

    RW’s ‘Bundy’ hypocrisy: GOP-run states rewriting land rules to FORCE FRACKING on landowners


  85. alex says:


    you said it all with your comment :-)

  86. Lorrie U says:

    Polls Show Rising Acceptance for Obamacare

    As it turns out, the majority of Americans say they are okay with businesses adding a nominal surcharge to each bill in order to help pay for their employees health coverage.


  87. Apple says:

    Lorrie U – In many ways I think President Obama is doing the best he can with the hand he was dealt. Lately, though, I wonder whether or not the spy organizations that have operated for years and years can really be contained by anyone and whether they have a life of their own with no accountability.

    On another note – from barbk’s post just above: The long march of transiting Pluto to reach the U.S. natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) for it’s first “return” on February 20, 2022, encompasses this cardinal cross of 2014 …
    — what do you think this number might mean 2202022 ?!

  88. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – Thank you so much for your informative posts. You clearly help us understand the energies of the times and where it’s leading us. Which then makes all the angst an acceptable part of the process. We are making inroads in consciousness because of the conflicts, so all really is in Divine Order.

  89. alex says:


    wonderful tutorial on Ukraine history ….


    that is key to understanding how US is engaged with Ukraine and clarifies so much;

    I’ll get right on the radix chart for the memorandum

    Dec 5, 1994 signed in Budapest Hungary

    let see what was I doing in 1994 ( I did not have the internet until 1998) I had cable news and thought it was big waste of time
    and I was quite busy with not yet grown up family … ahhh now I remember December clear as a bell :-)

  90. alex says:


    my local store recently got in certified non-GMO beets (the other stuff I buy says organic or natural but those labels are fudged all the time not reliable) the difference is remarkable and absolute easy to discover because beet sugar effects blood glucose can measure the difference immediately, if you care to, to see how different the uptake of non-GMO food is as opposed to GMO food on pancreas. liver. kidneys, gut and brain….

    can’t beat a good beet carrot casserole!

  91. Lorrie U says:

    Apple – Well, 22 is a master number, keyword is Master Builder. The following link gives a good analysis of the importance and power of the number. If you add 2202022, it equals 10 reduced to “1” which is the number of New Beginnings!


    The Master Number 22 symbolizes the principle of precision and balance. When it senses its full capacity as a ‘Master Builder’, it can achieve what is hardly imaginable. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams a reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers.

    It has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4 energy. It is unlimited, yet disciplined. It sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some material form. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership and enormous self-confidence. Because of its great power, the number 22 may result in outstanding ascendancy or disastrous downfall. Number 22 is the number of the Spiritual Master Builder on the Material plane. 22 synthesizes and expands the powers of 11.

    Number 22 is one of the power and accomplishment. Its colours are cream and coral and its symbol is the Cross. Its keyword is ‘Light.’ There is four times the power and energy in this vibration so there is four times the strength to use on the material plane. This is the God energy brought to the material plane and put into form, and this vibration holds with it a great deal of responsibility.

    The keywords are co-operation and harmony, wherever the vibration is found — the opportunity to co-operate with God’s plan on earth.


    Sounds good to me…

  92. barbk says:

    Lorrie, that Budapest Memorandum that President Clinton and Boris Yeltsin signed (December 5, 1994) had Neptune at 21+ Capricorn (conjunct Uranus 24+ Capricorn and Moon at approx. 17+ Capricorn) which squares Putin’s natal Neptune at 21+ Libra (conjunct Mercury at 23+ Libra) and trines the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo (trine Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and Vesta at 19+ Taurus, and square Mars at 21+ Gemini). There was something very delusional but also spiritual about that agreement right from the gitgo.

    That said, Putin’s natal Jupiter at 19+ Taurus is conjunct the U.S. Vesta (investments) at 19+ Taurus which strikes me as potentially positive in that they are conjunct 3 minor bodies in the Ukraine chart (8/24/91). Asteroid Child at 19+ Taurus, asteroid Hephaistos (builder of durable things) at 20+ Taurus retrograde, and TNO Chaos at 18+ Taurus retrograde.

    With some luck and patience it could mean that if the U.S. invested (Vesta) in the manufacture of durable goods (Hephaistos) in a new start-up venture (Child) with the Ukraine during it’s time of turmoil (Chaos), it would be to Putin’s good fortune (Jupiter in his 7th house) to join in with them and it would put him on a path to gaining more respect. (Putin’s natal Jupiter is square his natal north node at 19+ Aquarius and south node at 19+ Leo.)

    I believe that much of what we witness in Putin stems from his south Leo node which is conjunct natal Apollo. The south node represents the past and in Leo there is often a need to be the center of attention; a hero. By veering to the futuristic Aquarius north node there is potential for group humanitarian growth for this man. Utilizing his 7th house Jupiter as it sits at the crossroad between his north and south node paths would enable him to participate in something positive for this ravaged country and lead to the love and admiration he so craves.

  93. kristl says:

    SarahG, I almost never post here anymore because I got tired of being viciously attacked for disagreeing with certain people here and because it is so apparent that this will always happen if anyone dares to question Obama. And this post will possibly not show up any time soon.

    I still lurk because occasionally there is a rational, balanced point of view and some interesting links. While I would be sorry to see you go I do totally understand your reluctance to deal with the hatred and vitriol that rears its ugly head from the people who cannot tolerate even intelligent questioning about the current governments policies.

    I am absolutely sure that there will be outrage at this post also, but I will not respond to any of it. I only posted this because I felt compelled to let you know that there are many readers who will miss you but will not post to say so because they know they will most likely be attacked for doing so.

  94. Lorrie U says:

    Another Republican Down as FBI Investigates Lobbyists Close To Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

    “Of concern to the FBI were behind-the-scenes financial arrangements related to Brownback’s privatization of the state’s $3 billion Medicaid program. The governor’s branding of KanCare handed to three for-profit insurance companies exclusive contracts to provide Medicaid services to 380,000 of Kansas’ disabled and poor.”


  95. Lorrie U says:

    Since when is disagreeing with another’s point of view an attack? Perhaps one defends their position because they feel they are being attacked? When presenting an opposing viewpoint, it is always courteous to do so in a respectful manner, because disagreeing with someone does not make you right and them wrong, just a difference in how one sees things.

    If someone offends you, just ignore it and move on to the next post or present your argument in a manner which does not denigrate another’s. Isn’t that the place to which we are hoping to evolve the world. How can we heal the world’s divisiveness by example of disrespect of another’s opinion? Can’t we just agree to disagree without it being considered an “attack”?

  96. barbk says:

    Thank you alex, and thank you apple for your question to Lorrie, and thank you Lorrie for the symbolism of the date for the U.S. Pluto return. I’m aghast as to how it synchronizes with the Ukraine chart’s Hephaistos in Taurus conjunct the U.S. Vesta and Putin’s Jupiter. I’d not refreshed my screen before I wrote that response to your 4:43 PM comment and didn’t see any of those comments until after I posted it. There are butterflies in my stomach I swear!

  97. Lorrie U says:

    Surprise! Tea Party Groups Picking The Pockets of Their Base

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” ~ Lyndon Johnson. [Wow! Did he really say that???]

    This sums up the Tea Party. Since 2009, a group of flustered conservatives have taken to the mainstream to protest what they feel is an intrusive, dismantled, over-spending government. What is truly astonishing is that the people who donate to Tea Party organizations are those who benefit from food stamps, the Affordable Care Act, and take the most in federal subsidies. While these Tea Party supporters protest wasteful spending, they have no idea that their donations are not going towards electing their candidates, but expenditures for midterms. AKA – their getting their pockets picked.


  98. alex says:


    First Impression: Memorandum with Ukraine, Radix Chart 1994

    Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage) non-proliferation agreement

    Cyllarus @23 Aries (restore stablity,security after an incident)
    USA Mercury @24 Cancer
    Sisyphus @23 Libra (enduring endeavor)
    Neptune @24 Caparicorn

    I’ve given some thought to Sisyphus recently and it tests out well
    for it’s prominence in political charts/political endeavors… the myth and the key phrase for sisyphus relates to ‘enduring endeavors'; this cardinal grand cross/square is a firm and serious agreement tied to USA Mercury in Cancer….

    many astrologers have given much of their time and thought towards investigating Cyllarus; I’ll add the links (the comment box won’t take more than two url’s at time from my computer) this comment will be continued…..



  99. Lorrie U says:

    Obama Just Sanctioned ‘The Scariest Man On Earth’

    Sechin, like Putin, is a former KGB officer. He has been called Russia’s “Darth Vader” and the “scariest man on Earth,” because of his background in espionage and what Institute of Modern Russia’s Donald Jensen once called his “reputation for ruthlessness.” As The Guardian has reported, during Putin’s first presidential term, Sechin often worked behind the scenes in the Kremlin, leading U.S. officials to joke he was a “sort of urban myth, a bogeyman invented by the Kremlin to instill fear.”


  100. barbk says:

    . . . and kudus to your advice re: differing opinions. I would only add that we all are highly sensitized due to the present energies that challenge us from all (cardinal = action) directions as well as being on a fast track grand (water = feeling) trine between Jupiter (over the top), Neptune (unclear) + Chiron (wounded, wounder, healer), and Saturn (inflexible). Some of us are pretty defensive of our president due to so many years of personal attacks on him. We will have to practice controlling our automatic reflex to defend him like a mother bear and allow for less bias views of him to be expressed. Down team!

  101. Lorrie U says:

    “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

  102. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – I have so many aspects that related to both Obamas, so they do resonate with me. Interestingly, so many of the aspects you keep throwing around are in my chart–18-22 degrees Virgo (Sun/Venus/Neptune), 26 degrees Capr. (Mars) and a few others that it makes me wonder how this will affect me. I am really enjoying the energies right now, I’m not having anything negative, and my son who has all the angles being hit directly seems to be having only positive life changes happening. So far, so good…

  103. alex says:

    continued: Memorandum Non-Proliferation Ukraine

    DECLINATION – Notation

    parallel(strength) & out-of-bounds(weakness)

    Ceres 22 degrees 55′ NORTH


    Sun 22 degrees 21′ SOUTH
    Mercury 22 degrees 03′ SOUTH


    Pallas 30 degrees 25′ SOUTH

  104. thrasybulus says:


    Hope you stay, I also believe that interests in the West are complicit in the Ukraine coup that led to Russia’s intervention. I am not so sure that Ukraine’s problems would not have developed anyway given its now obvious internal divisions (shades of Yugoslavia?). I believe that the situation of Obama being a figurehead is more complicated.

    In financial and defense areas he initially brought into his administration good old boys that worked for the status quo. Kennedy also had Treasury and Defense secretaries who were Republicans and like Kennedy I believe that Obama has learned from his mistakes but a president is not a dictator and must accomplish his agenda incrementally except in times of crisis as when Obama blew his opportunity to reign in Wall Street at the beginning.

    I agree with LorrieU that America has acted honorably in standing by Ukraine though direct war is unthinkable with Russia. I seriously doubt Russia invades Ukraine and if they did it would entangle them in a proxy war which they cannot win if they people do not want them e.g., America in Vietnam, USSR in Afghanistan.

    Both Putin and Obama are walking a tightrope of domestic political pressures and Obama has cleaner hands. Obama has a Mercury square Neptune which imho has allowed him to be duped by others and sometimes self-deluded but I have not detected the most negative manifestation of the square which is outright and intentional deception.

  105. Lorrie U says:

    ECLIPSE VORTEX – Rare Ring of Fire Eclipse conjunct Sirius – April 29, 2014

    http://conta.cc/1lqHvjl via #constantcontact

    Eclipses occur in pairs (or threes, but always in pairs). The partner to tomorrow’s eclipse – ie the eclipse that opened the April 2014 Eclipse and Cardinal Cross Vortex – was a Total Lunar Eclipse (TLE) that occurred on April 15, 2014 and was seen over the US. That eclipse was part of four Total Lunar Eclipses (called a Tetrad) which will occur between now and September 2015.

    The next TLE of the Tetrad (the 2nd of 4) will occur on October 8, 2014 in the same signs as the April 15 TLE (Libra and Aries), with the Sun and Moon reversing their signs. The Moon will appear 5.3% larger than it did during the April 15 eclipse. The eclipse take place near a location in the Pacific Ocean about 1200 miles SW of Hawaii. The entire October 8 eclipse will be visible from the Pacific Ocean and regions immediately bordering it. The northwestern 1/3 of North America will also witness all of the stages.


    At the time of the April 29, 2014 eclipse, the planet Jupiter *and its 67 moons* will be conjunct the star Sirius, The Shining One. This gives the April 29, 2014 Ring of Fire eclipse a Sirian quality. Perhaps it is a an instantaneous portal (49 seconds enclosed between 6 minutes on either side) to the energies of that great star.

    It seems to me that this represents a very rare and auspicious opportunity to raise our consciousness to the exquisite energies of Sirius. Because Jupiter is in the nurturing sign of Cancer, it is open to all! And yet it has a ring-pass-not feel to it. Many will experience it; but only those who are profoundly silent and are able to tune in for 12 minutes (especially listening and attuning for 49 seconds in the middle of that 12 minutes – 6 minutes before and 6 minutes after) will access the encoded light and information, perhaps even stellar travel, hidden in this eclipse. Many will hear, a few will listen. Many will see, but a few will envision with the inner eye.

  106. SarahG says:

    Thank you all for the supportive posts. I”m glad I checked back in because I had no idea you were there (aside from Helen). I do wish you’d all join in the conversation more frequently so there is a better balance. I, for one, would like to hear your thoughts. I do think I will step away from this blog for awhile just for a much needed break but I’m posting this to thank you for reaching out from ‘lurksville’ and to clear some things up before I go. I don’t want or need to draw this out any more. I’ve read similar posts by those who get into personal exchanges on this and other blogs and it’s usually pretty boring for everyone else to wade through them. So lets move on.
    I am not leaving because I felt ‘attacked’ or because someone disagreed with me. I just felt the exchange was disingenuous from the get-go and was both surprised and disappointed. I am glad my efforts to provide information weren’t in vain and that there were some of you who were genuinely interested in the topic and links I provided.
    Also, want to say that I’m guessing if we could look back to our own conversations being discussed on blogs (mainly by Dems) during the Bush years we would see long diatribes on the destructiveness of the polarization and divisiveness deliberately perpetrated by their propaganda machine at the time. “Evil doer”—remember that one? So when I see that insidious polarization continuing to rear its ugly head in my own thoughts or in blogs or conversations I want to call it out.

    I hope we can move along now and I apologize for my part in the drama. Thank you again for speaking up on my behalf.

  107. thrasybulus says:

    Here is some food for thought about America’s role in the world from Edgar Cayce. http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/library/pdf/jaffin-burtonWheeler.pdf

    Cayce stated in his trance readings that anti-war Sen. Burton Wheeler of Montana, a noted isolationist, was the best man to fill the presidency in accordance with American ideals in 1940.

    Cayce stated that Wheeler (a Democrat) would become president if he ran but that it would be best if he ran as a Republican. In the end Wheeler did not run and turned down the vice-presidency under Roosevelt because he felt it would compromise his anti-war principles. An unknown anti-war businessman named Wendell Willkie switched parties and became the Republican nominee in losing to Roosevelt in 1940.

    Wheeler opposed Roosevelt’s sanctions (oil, steel embargo) against Japan as a violation of America’s traditional neutrality and as an action possibly leading to war with Japan. It is generally acknowledged that today that the sanctins led to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into WWII.

    As a modern day supporter of our sanctions against Iran and now Russia, and one who would almost certainly have supported Roosevelt’s embargo in retaliation for Japanese atrocities in China this puts me in somewhat of a quandry as I highly respect Cayce’s work.

    I also believe in Ben Franklin’s saying “that a bad peace is better than a good war” which puts my sanction support in a somewhat contradictary position. I rationalize it by believing that sanctions allow for opposing foreign atrocities short of war. Am I deluding myself?

  108. B.A. says:

    It is not stupidity, so what is it? Lying, ignorance, or authoritarianism?

    Fact-checking Hillary Clinton’s comments on Edward Snowden and the NSA


  109. Apple says:

    SarahG – You express yourself so well and I for one will look forward to your return.

  110. thrasybulus says:

    Markos at Daily Kos notes here http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/04/28/1295299/-Republicans-flail-as-they-lose-their-ONE-BIG-ISSUE-for-November#comments (he links to Washington Post blog) that the Tea Partiers are trying once again to oust John Boehner from the Speakership, an enterprise that rivals repeal of Obamacare in their consistancy.

    I have occasionally posted when circumstances seemed possible about Eric Cantor replacing an ousted John Boehner such as last month during the Texas primary when there was a tea party challenge to establishment Republican Minority Whip Sen. Cornyn, a challenge that fizzeled out but if it had succeded would have possibly jeopardized Boehner’s position as Speaker.

    I have done this because of, what else? one of my misinterpretations of Nostradamus!

    Century 8 Quatrain 68
    The old Cardinal deceived by the young one,
    He will find himself out of his dignity disarmed:
    Arles do not show that the duplicate is perceived,
    Both Liqueduct and the Prince embalmed.

    Century 3, Quatrain 34
    When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
    The monster will be seen in full day:
    Quite otherwise will one interpret it,
    High price unguarded: none will have forseen it.

    These are the two most relevant quatrains that describe what I believe to be Cantor’s rise to the presidency through a hidden right wing coup that begins with ousting John Boehner, the old Cardinal.

    The second and third lines of quatrain 68 are badly translated but I will not waste your time correcting them unless circumstance warrants.

    Quatrain 34 I believe narrows the timing. If, as usual, the tea party faction is unable to give Boehner the heave-ho, Boehner’s primary is next Tuesday, May 6 and perhaps the primary Repubs will do it.

    Either way, the whole concept is so far out that I will not mention it again.

  111. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Food Democracy Now


    Last week something historic happened in Vermont. In an incredible move, the Vermont Legislature passed the first in the nation “no strings attached” GMO labeling bill. This means that Vermonters will have GMO labels appearing on their shelf as early as July 1st, 2016, when H.112 goes into effect. And the great news is that Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has indicated that he will sign the bill into law!

    Unfortunately, right now in Washington DC, there are serious efforts in Congress and the FDA to kill GMO labeling in the U.S. for good.

    At Food Democracy Now!, we’ve been warning you about this for more than a year. The more success that we have as a movement in our fight to label genetically engineered foods, the more that Monsanto and the food manufacturers will strike back with devious ways to undermine our most basic democratic rights.

    Last year, when no one was looking, Congress passed the Monsanto Protection Act, now Representative Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), a darling of the Koch brothers, has introduced a bill in DC that will kill any effort to win mandatory GMO labeling here in the U.S. This is outrageous and must be stopped!

    It’s time to pass a strong mandatory GMO labeling bill in the U.S. to protect consumers and uphold our basic democratic rights. Every voice counts!

    Earlier this month, Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association finally found somebody to carry their dirty water to kill GMO labeling in Congress. Now, the dirtiest names in the chemical and junk food industries have now joined forces with the Koch brothers’ favorite Congressman, Mike Pompeo of Kansas, who has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for states to pass mandatory GMO labeling bills! Instead, Pompeo’s bill calls for “voluntary” labeling standards that would prevent the FDA from ever requiring real GMO labeling.

    Even worse, this deceptive new bill would codify the FDA’s current failed voluntary labeling system, which NO company has “volunteered” to comply with in 13 years, and allow foods labeled as “natural” to contain genetically engineered ingredients.

    Already, Pompeo’s bill has found several Democrats to support its deceptive claims, including Reps. G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina and Jim Matheson of Utah, who have signed on as co-sponsors, joining Republican Reps. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Ed Whitfield of Kentucky.

    Tragically, just as the GMO labeling movement is on the verge of succeeding here in America, Monsanto and the GMA are working harder than ever to kill any chance of real reforms. Don’t let them get away with it!

    Tell Congress and FDA: Don’t betray the American public on GMO labeling. Demand mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and don’t let Congress destroy our only hope of protecting our families, our farms and our food from untested and unlabeled GMO food. Every voice counts.

    Without mandatory labeling of GMO foods, consumers are being left in the dark about the foods we are purchasing and feeding our families. In 2013 alone, over 50 GMO labeling bills were introduced in 26 states, including Pennsylvania, Washington, Minnesota, Illinois, and New Hampshire and incredibly, with your help, GMO labeling bills were passed last year in Connecticut and Maine, but neither of these bills go into effect until 4 other states pass them – so we still have our work cut out for us.

    Now, Monsanto and the junk food companies at the GMA are desperate to peddle the same illusions regarding GMOs and labeling as they have for the past 22 years.

    FDA Commissioner Hamburg Says “No Need” for GMO Labeling and GMOs are Perfectly Safe?

    Just last month, FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg testified in front of the House Appropriations Committee telling House members that the Obama Food and Drug Administration intended to finalize “voluntary” standard exactly like Monsanto, the GMA and now the Koch brothers’ Representative Pompeo are calling for.

    FDA Commissioner Hamburg stated before Congress that “it’s unnecessary to labels for foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients”. Hamburg even went so far as to claim that the FDA has “not seen evidence of safety risks associated with genetically modified foods”.

    If you thought there were adults taking care of our food supply and looking out for the best interests of the American people – think again.

    Please stand with us to help stop Monsanto and Big Food companies from corrupting our laws and democratic process. Every voice counts!

    After all the hard work that our friends in Vermont have accomplished, it’s time to take a stand. At Food Democracy Now! we want to thank our allies and champions in Vermont, including NOFA Vermont, Cedar Circle Farm, Vermont PIRG, Rural Vermont, Organic Consumers Association, Mercola.com, Center for Food Safety, Dr. Bronners with a special shout out to organic farmer Senator David Zuckerman, Rep. Teo Zagar and Gov. Peter Schumlin for standing strong and making GMO labeling a reality – let’s take it to the next level in ALL 50 states!

  112. will says:

    Casey M:

    “Just because one person disagrees with you is no reason to quit.”

    Good way to put it.

    SarahG, it wasn’t a personal “attack.” I just don’t agree with your point of view.

    That’s all there was to it, really.

  113. alex says:

    circa 2013:

    Senate Bill 1087, which Gov. Abercrombie signed on June 27, 2013 makes solar photovoltaic systems, as well as solar thermal water heaters and big-ticket energy efficiency upgrades, available to all underserved customers by eliminating the thorny issue of the upfront costs.

    On-bill financing enables residential or commercial property owners or renters to avoid the initial out-of-pocket expense to install energy improvements.

    Upgrades are instead financed with loans paid back via a line item on the customer’s monthly utility bill. If the property is sold or transferred, the loan stays with the meter and would be taken over by the new property owner or tenant.


  114. Jerry says:

    This is off topic, but felt it important enough to post it here. It appears legitimate…..

    Don’t Use Internet Explorer, Homeland Security Warns

    Latin Post
    April 28, 2014

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has issued a formal warning to anybody using Internet Explorer: stop using it until Microsoft can patch up severe bug.

    The zero-day exploit was discovered by security firm FireEye Research Labs on Saturday and allows for hackers to install malware and steal personal information. In other words, it’s potentially bad.



  115. tanklv says:

    Thrasybulus: Do you even know WHY the US and other countries placed sanctions on the RACIST FASCIST Japanese? BECAUSE THEY WERE INVADING AND RAPING THE CHINESE WITH IMPUNITY!!!

    Just like Putin and the Russians are doing in Ukraine.

    The Allies were COURAGEOUS and RIGHT to do so, and the Fascist Japanese refused to stop their RAPE of China and Korea.


    Stop with the revisionist history attempts…

  116. tanklv says:

    Just because that WAR CRIMINAL bush illegally and criminally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, does not mean that this time it is wrong to help defend Ukraine against Russian aggression…

  117. alex says:



    The Annular Solar Eclipse April 28-29, 2014 at 9 Taurus Pt. 1 – Who Does It Affect and for How Long? by Robert Wilkinson

    This Solar Eclipse will have a very beneficial effect for a very short time. All eclipses shut something down, taking away elements of our lives no longer true for us. Over the next 2+ months many will go through endings while finding a form of “immortality through giving of self to the race.”

    Taurus is the sign of values, resources, and capturing concrete forms of things. It is how Scorpio, the sign of elimination, purification, and regeneration of power, externalizes. So old ways of holding on to things and people will end, with the void sure to attract new forms of these.

    Because this Eclipse lasts 12 minutes from start to finish, it’s of extremely short duration, so will only have an impact for about 1/5 of a year, or a little over 10 weeks. Thus it won’t be in effect as long as the recent Total Lunar Eclipse, a far more important and life-altering event. Here we “find ways to create inner happiness” despite outer conditions, and let go of old attitudes about things and people, with the void sure to attract new forms of Taurus energies by early June at the latest.

  118. shoalsister says:

    Good grief. This is astrology we are studying. Mundane Astrology. We study the heavenly maps, we find correlation in the world around us and within us. We learn according to our own path, by our own chosen methods. Me, I learn by watching, listening, and reflecting. Many here learn by teaching and sharing (and I am constantly grateful for the likes of you!)

    On the other hand there are others who seem to think they will learn by debate; others by force along with the probable consequences (ouch)To you, the hand wringing, sniping, berating victim folks – just chill. Watch the movie. Learn something about astrology. You’re like people talking aloud during the best parts…you know the real intense-requiring-full-attention parts. Shhhhh…please.

  119. ox the cat says:

    I was reading Mythic Astrology which noted that the ancients believed that during an eclipse the mighty will fall. Shoalsister good post.

  120. tetramorph says:


    “With some luck and patience it could mean that if the U.S. invested (Vesta) in the manufacture of durable goods (Hephaistos) in a new start-up venture (Child) with the Ukraine during it’s time of turmoil (Chaos), it would be to Putin’s good fortune (Jupiter in his 7th house) to join in with them and it would put him on a path to gaining more respect. (Putin’s natal Jupiter is square his natal north node at 19+ Aquarius and south node at 19+ Leo.)”

    That’s awesome & exactly how this crisis needs to be approached!

  121. will says:


    Echoing tetramorph’s comment. Beautiful interpretation full of soul-glow.

  122. starlight says:

    This WP editorial pretty much sums up what I see for Obama over the next 12 months or so. Complaints that his foreign policy is not aggressive enough and that the US is no longer the effective deterrent it once was.


    Also the lowering poll numbers. Americans like it when their presidents are aggressive and stomp on the bad guys, while paying little attention to actual repercussions of such action.

  123. DPH says:

    I’m curious- how do others here interpret Vesta? I’d love to get a better handle on her influence.

  124. starlight says:

    I am amending my previous prediction. Obama’s most difficult period goes from April 2014 through October 2015, pretty parallel the rest of the Uranus/Pluto transits hitting the US Sun. After that he seems to get his mojo back. But during this period, we can expect low poll numbers and criticism for various things including the GOP’s favorite, weakness. Some of the latter is Neptune opposite the ruler of his MC, Pluto.

    I am also quite concerned about the coming election. I hope they push through as many appointments as they can this year. I will look further into this now that it is getting nearer, but I think the very best we can hope for is a one or two vote majority in the Senate. And that is very optimistic.

    And finally, these severe storms are not just Pluto opposite the US Sun but also Uranus square to the Spring Equinox Ascendent (physical body of the country) through early May.

  125. Jerry says:

    Referring back to Barbk’s earlier comment regarding the US Vesta placement; astrologer Mark Lerner of the Earth Aquarius News magazine equates Vesta with America’s security. Mark writes in his article entitled: ‘A New Series of Presidential Oaths':

    “……Because the transiting Moon at the new Oath of Office (Jan. 20, 2013) is at 19+ degrees of Taurus — uniting with America’s natal Vesta from our national birth on July 4, 1776 — the key theme of safety and security will be very prominent throughout the next four years of the second Obama administration. I see this as the cyber-space hazards of hackers and terrorists who want to bring down our web-online grid system — so crucial to running our government, economy, and society as a whole.”


    What may well turn out to be a major flashpoint in the Ukraine debacle is that on May 14th, approximately 8 hours before the Scorpio Full Moon reaches full maturation, the Moon conjoins Saturn at 19 ’44 Scorpio precisely (no orb) in opposition to Pres. Putin’s natal Jupiter (19 ’44 Taurus) which in turn forms a grand cross square to Putin’s nodes (19 ’59 Aq-Leo). The fact that America’s natal Vesta is involved here – does that indicate the US could be drawn into a war with Russia?

    Here is an astrological definition of tr. Saturn in opposition to natal Jupiter from one astrological website:

    Saturn Opposition Jupiter

    Unchecked growth may encounter resistance. Circumstances may make it difficult to press forward, and you may have to make adjustments to continue your advancement, although you may dislike taking the necessary steps. Events likely occur that make you acutely aware of wherever you have gone too far or perhaps not far enough. This is sometimes a reality check for exceeding what is prudent. Wherever greed plays a role in your life, it may become highlighted as disproportionate. It is possible what once seemed a sure thing may now appear less certain.

    It is only if you have lost a sense of proportion that this period can bring such strong measures. It is a time, however, to rebalance whatever is off center by setting limits and assuming responsibility, especially for whatever has grown unchecked. One purpose of this cycle is to make clear that the process of growth requires regular intervals of expansion and contraction to unfold properly. Since change can be seen as a constant to life, no state of progress (or deterioration) can last forever without modification. Here the forces of expansion in your life may require corrective action to keep them strong and ready for the next surge forward.



  126. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight says, “…during this period, we can expect low poll numbers and criticism for various things including the GOP’s favorite, weakness.”

    Since I perceive Pres. Obama’s “weakness” as a STRENGTH, I am going on record that I will defend him every time I see or hear a comment about poor poll numbers and suggested weakness. Please don’t label me as a delusional Obama supporter, it is my choice to defend a person who is acting in a responsible way which I support.

  127. Lorrie U says:

    New Lead? Possible MH370 Wreck Site Found 3,000 Miles Away

    Officials will investigate possible aircraft wreckage spotted thousands of miles away from the area where searchers have been hunting for missing Flight MH370, Malaysia’s transport minister said Tuesday.

    “We are aware of a report citing the detection of potential aircraft wreckage in the Bay of Bengal,” acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein said.

    “We identified chemical elements and materials that make up a Boeing 777 … these are aluminum, titanium, copper, steel alloys and other materials,” Pavel Kursa from GeoResonance told Australia’s 7News.

    “The wreckage wasn’t there prior to the disappearance of MH370,” Kursa’s colleague David Pope added, according to 7News.


  128. Lorrie U says:

    Dem Poll: Support for Implementing Obamacare Rises in Battlegrounds

    Even districts currently controlled by the GOP, support for repeal—46 percent last December, compared to 47 percent supporting implementation—is now 42 percent, a full 11 points behind the 53 percent who support allowing the law to go into effect.

    The shift seems to have come via Independents, who have seen a massive swing away from supporting repeal by a 12 percent margin in December to supporting implementation by 7 percent today.


  129. barbk says:

    DPH, I’m not one of the others but if you have an image of Vesta from her mythology it might help in getting a handle on her various meanings in astrology. Vesta kept the fire burning in the old days so maybe you could think of her keeping the lights on or keeping the electricity on, although that might be more a Uranus thing. She was dependable and hard working so is associated with workaholics. Another trait is dedication to a purpose. Her mythology goes way back through various cultures and runs deep as a feminine provider of needs.

    Some astrologers fixate on the vestal virgins who were Vesta’s priestesses and relate her symbol to healing sexuality, but primarily she is a home and hearth goddess, protector of the family as well as community as Jerry’s comment indicates. She was Saturn’s eldest child, the first one he swallowed, and the first to be freed by her brother Zeus so she is also associated with “firsts” or new start-ups. Her wish was to remain unmarried and that could indicate a certain characteristic associated with modern women. She is symbolic of light (her asteroid is the brightest) and warmth and not detachment of feeling.

    If you google “Vesta, mythology, astrology” you will find many who have interpreted her placement in charts who are glad to share their experiences. Financial astrologers consider her symbolic of investments.

    tetramorph and will thank you for your comments. I’m so glad this interpretation resonates with you as it did me. There are many, many ways this combination could be configured but that’s what came to me.

  130. clymela box says:

    Okay! I am so excited here. I was born with Vesta conjunct the n node and the Sun. I have come to think of Vesta in my chart as inspiring studies of a deep nature and most of this has taken place in my home with my family around me. I have thought of Vesta as a spiritual support and teacher. Reading other astrologers thoughts is wonderful.

  131. clymela box says:

    I also wanted to say that I am standing with Obama as representing more of the new age although his Saturn function is much heavier than I realized.

  132. alex says:

    Vesta key word: dedication/devotion

    Because of many fussy technical terrestrial criteria, most notably an iron core and a crust similar to those of Mercury, Earth and Mars, astronomers granted Vesta an upgrade to protoplanet.

    As with any planet in the solar system, we can examine where Vesta is closest to the Sun to determine what she finds most urgent, and where she crosses the ecliptic to gain a sense of her mission statement.

    Vesta’s perihelion (a heliocentric measure) is 13 Sagittarius 45 – very close to the Great Attractor. Her north node, also seen from the Sun’s point of view is 13 Cancer 45.

    With a combination of a fire sign orbital element and signature from the sign archetypally seen as the home, it is perfectly appropriate these signatures apply to the planet of the fire focal point of the house and sacred temples. ~ per Philip Sedgwick

    Vesta’s orbital period is 3.63 years, its distance from the Sun varying between 321 and 385 million km (200 and 239 million miles). Vesta’s orbit is inclined at 7.1 degrees to the ecliptic.



    Iconic image/symbol for Vesta: keeping the flame of hearth (heart of the home) – someone committed to tending the flame;

    All asteroid female Goddesses relate to the ‘right brain’

    Vesta shows where you are devoted to something – a cause, project, person, belief. Vesta indicates where you capable of being utterly focused with a single aim.

    The house she tenants in your chart often shows the area of life where you take full responsibility and make sacrifices for the greater good. You may be very private about this area of your life simply because it is very important to you and you want to keep it free from impurities from the outside world.

    Asteroid Vesta suggests where you are dedicated and willing to work hard, putting aside your personal wishes as necessary. Vesta gives you the quiet passion to maintain your focus, always keeping the end goal in sight. ~ per Leah Whitehorse

  133. thrasybulus says:


    I suggest you reread my post of “revisionist history” again, and do it more slowly.

  134. DPH says:

    Thank you for the information about Vesta. Very helpful!

  135. Sharon K says:

    Today, the day of the solar eclipse, my best friend’s 102 y.o. mother died. Her daughters took care of her over the years and kept her young & vital and were with her until the end. I’ve known them for almost 40 years. She had a 20 degree Aries sun conjunct mercury and the NN, and venus in about 24 degrees of Pisces, which is now being transited by venus. I have heard it said here before that world leaders die on solar eclipses…I told my friend that about 4 days ago, sensing that’s what might happen, since she was so close, and it did.

  136. will says:

    I had a vision for a TIME Magazine cover; it would have all of the various FOX News jackholes like O’Reilly and Hannity etc. with the large letters HATRED INC. superimposed.

  137. Helen says:

    A trusted ID central database? No thanks!


    “Testing is set to begin next month on a pilot program that could lead to the introduction of a Chinese-style ID system for Internet users, an “identity ecosystem” that critics fear would create a backdoor to government regulation of the world wide web.”

  138. Helen says:

    But we already have the NSA!


    “State officials in Michigan and Pennsylvania have been awarded roughly $2.4 million in federal funds to test an online ID system that’s been called a “driver’s license for the internet,” and it could soon exist from coast to coast.

    The “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” program has been in development for years, but it’s about to finally be rolled-out to a degree in two locales in order to see if using government-certified IDs on the web is something worth considering on a much larger scale.”

  139. Jerry says:

    Christopher Kevill, a Vedic Astrologer assesses the Ukraine situation. He also expects the standoff between Russia and Ukraine to peak in mid May. He uses sidereal calculations (23 and a half degrees variance to that of the western tropical system)

    Tensions Rise In Ukraine As Putin Weighs His Options

    Modern Vedic Astrology
    by Christopher Kevill

    (26 April 2014) The Ukraine Crisis remained front and center last week as Russian troops massed on its eastern border while NATO beefed up its military presence in nearby Poland. Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be ignoring diplomatic efforts and Western economic sanctions aimed at defusing the situation as the world is entering a new and dangerous Cold War 2.0. Putin seems unwilling to accept the new pro-Western government in Kiev and is giving aid to pro-Russian factions in Eastern Ukraine. If Russia sends its army into Ukraine, it would mark a new phase in the crisis which will send shock waves throughout the world.

    As I have written previously, the current Mars retrograde cycle is one possible culprit for this geopolitical impatience and brinksmanship. Mars turned retrograde back on March 1st and will culminate its backwards journey through the sky on May 20th. Mars retrograde may be less about the implications of the backward direction of the red, warrior planet than its velocity. When a planet is retrograde, it is moving more slowly than normal. As a rule, slower moving planets have more energy and become more prominent in their effects. It is not too surprising that this slow moving Mars is correlating to a greater sense of conflict and an inability to compromise…….

    …….I am expecting the crisis to reach its peak tension in mid-May just before Mars returns to direct motion. Mars is due to station direct……



  140. alex says:


    Ukrainians believe significant Russian action in Ukraine will happen sometime between May 9 and May 11. ~ General Wesley Clark, April 28th, 2014, Global Conference – Milken Institute

  141. alex says:

    Nancy thxs for fixing all those comment boxes on Vesta… the computer had an a temporary allergy to Vesta info as one post!

  142. Suzy says:

    Ed Tamplin’s “Weekly Watch” is out with a long, but fascinating, read:


    But it is not merely on international lines that the Jupiter Uranus and Pluto T-Square plays out. Evidence has shown that it also works on an internal level. The revolutions that have coincided with this rare formation have also been internal. And with this in mind it is interesting to note the timing of the planned May 16 2014 March on Washington by the movement known as Operation American Spring.

    While everybody is looking for the nemesis on the outside, such as a building Cold War against Russia and/or China, perhaps they should also be looking on the inside. It may be easy enough to simply write off the disenfranchised as another Tea Party, under this Grand Cross, but the planetary timing suggests otherwise.

    Close to 250 years ago, when reformative Pluto last transited these corporate Capricorn degrees, the predominant issue in the country, that grew to be the USA, was tax and representation. The Founding Fathers were fighting what they considered an economic imbalance. Today, the majority are feeling the same way.

    The modern ‘aristocracy’ are the heads of multinational companies, paying little or no tax and whose CEO’s draw exorbitant remuneration packages. And it is interesting to hear the words of the Founding fathers resonating through social networks and in speeches of those now considered radicals. For the Founding Fathers were also branded radicals and traitors.

    There is something real happening. It is the spirit of the times. It began with the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia as Jupiter came to meet Uranus. Now the two planets are have moved to square each other. It is the next developmental stage. But joining that square is Pluto. And each time all three align like this, the rebel yell grows stronger. The ‘Spring’ is not confined to the Middle East. And the Grand Cross is not about to go away in a hurry.
    It might be interesting also to add that when Martin Luther King joined another quarter of a million marching on Washington on August 27, 1963, Uranus was joining Pluto. They too have now reached the developing square. King delivered his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. It is not enough to return to the past. The vision here must be of a better future. It’s not enough to reminisce of what was. It’s to plan what should be.


  143. Lorrie U says:

    ‘The results are profound'; Stem cell therapy used to treat animal ailments


  144. Lorrie U says:

    ‘Straight From The Horse’s Mouth’: Former Oil Exec Says Fracking Not Safe

    Retired Mobil VP confirms technology is dangerous and untested


  145. B.A. says:

    The FCC’s endorsement of a fast lane “would be just one more way the playing field is tilted for the rich and powerful who have already made it,” wrote Senator Elizabeth Warren in a Facebook post. “Our regulators already have all the tools they need to protect a free and open Internet – where a handful of companies cannot block or filter or charge access fees for what we do online. They should stand up and use them.”


  146. alex says:

    4.30.2014 ~ Senate Republicans blocked legislation to boost the federal minimum wage rate to $10.10 an hour.

    Democratic Senate Campaign Fundraising: Excerpt Email

    Grimes’ and Nunn’s Primaries, Southern Seats – May 20TH

    Democrat Michelle Nunn has a real chance to win an open seat in Georgia. We know that Michelle has been running a great campaign but winning will be a matter of turning Georgia Democratic voters out to the polls.

    Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes is in a strong position
    for a victory over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. It would mean defeating one of the biggest advocates for dark money in elections: McConnell actually testified on behalf of dark money before the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case.

    We are working hard to elect them and with your help we will take these Southern seats and keep the Democratic majority in the Senate.

  147. alex says:


    You just know the U.S. will be the last country to use stem cell therapy for HUMANS – it’s been known, clear and certain, for long long time that stem cell therapy will reverse and cure Parkinson’s disease and diabetes to name only a few of the debilitating medical conditions that can be overcome with stem cell treatment.

  148. alex says:

    oops – upthread 2014 November Election comment

    should read: Senate Minority Leader Mitch

    Gawd forbid he stays on and the GOPers were to win the Senate Majority!

  149. Patty says:

    “I had a vision for a TIME Magazine cover; it would have all of the various FOX News jackholes like O’Reilly and Hannity etc. with the large letters HATRED INC. superimposed”. -Will

    Will, please add: “Rabble Rousing, Ill-will & American Disharmony” to that.
    There’s a Cartoonist, Bill Day, who posts on Politicususa…a great site! I’ll pass this on to him: http://www.politicususa.com/?s=cartoon&x=0&y=0

  150. will says:

    Hear, hear, Patty. I’d love to begin a grass-roots movement to make Fox News the most unpopular channel on television.

  151. starlight says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I won’t be posting for several days. My mom died suddenly this evening and there is now a lot to attend to.

    Love to all,

  152. barbk says:

    Lorrie, two more indications we are right at the threshold of “disclosure” and a breakthrough in mass consciousness. Thank you for the info on stem cell therapy and the first hand testimony on the dangers of fracking. Thanks too to alex for the Democrats email seeing Alison Lundergan (rhymes with alice-in-wonderland) Grimes’ as a serious contender for Ky’s Senate seat. This last month has put many of us on point and in anticipation of “something big” happening. Many of us are also feeling vulnerable what with the planets throwing their weight around from all directions. Even if you weren’t devastated by flooding or some other headline news event, its likely you are feeling bombarded by life on several fronts.

    It’s no wonder we wonder how we will manage all the situations we have to deal with when you think about it. Uranus and Pluto and Jupiter and Mars driving us to the brink in some capacity, and yet, not over the edge. I believe we must thank the planets in water signs for that, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter (who plays in both the cardinal cross and the grand water trine). That energy churning the zodiac waters is there to help us find balance if not salvation.

    In astrology, water symbolizes emotional sense (like earth symbolizes common sense) and the outer planets of Pluto and Uranus operate on an unconscious level for most of us. When Jupiter (a societal level energy) and Mars (a personal and very conscious level of energy) got involved with the machinations of Pluto and Uranus, we felt it and that sense of vulnerability became conscious.

    The 3rd outer planet, Neptune has kept a low profile during the series of squares between Pluto and Uranus but has been quite involved nonetheless. On April 23rd as Mars completed his exact aspects with Uranus and Pluto – the last exact aspects of the grand cardinal cross – Neptune slipped into the 7th degree of Pisces and Mercury entered the sign of Taurus to give us a new focus for our thoughts.

    Neptune was exactly 36 degrees (a decile aspect) from Uranus and 54 degrees (a tri-vigintile aspect) from Pluto. These 2 aspects are part of a group of aspects dividing the circle into 5, 10, and 15, subtly using spiritual willpower in harmonious ways. The 3 outer planets were in cahoots! They would push humanity’s buttons forcing them to use their instincts and feelings to deal with insurmountable problems (think about fast rising waters) rather than relying solely on logic or cognitive reasoning.

    So while Neptune was coordinating the unconscious energy in subtle ways with Uranus and Pluto, Chiron (an intermediate energy that facilitates an awareness, often through pain, of the unconscious) was within orb of trining the two societal-cultural planets Saturn and Jupiter in their respective water (feeling) signs. Pretty clever, huh?

    Honestly, I don’t think there was a lead planet in this plot but hey, Jupiter the 1st ruler of Pisces and Neptune the newest ruler of Pisces do have common ground er, water, while Neptune and Chiron have a long (recent) history of being roadies through Aquarius. Now on April 23rd, they were less than 10 degrees apart. Here is the Sabian Symbol for their midpoint degree:


    Centuries and centuries of patriarchal rule has all but numbed the feelings (feminine) into submission to the logical mind (masculine) and humanity as a whole is paying the price of this imbalance. We have polarized our reasoning and comprehension to the point where the universe has stepped in to assist in a rebalancing of our gifts of Knowing. While our mental facilities have been pushed to the edge by the cardinal cross, the water grand trine energies have stepped up to the plate and saved many of our sorry butts from disaster. I think we could consider the symbolism of the LA Clippers team wearing their shirts inside out as an effective display of their feelings.

    There is a feeling in the air that something big is happening. Don’t depend on your left brain to supply all the answers, share the space with your right brain. Don’t be surprised if the heart knows the answer. We are being tested.

  153. alex says:


    Test: can we keep the Senate Majority

    Dr. Annette Bosworth, GOP candidate for Senate from South Dakota – Email Excerpt





    Joe Biden – Excerpt Email

    If you want to make sure that bills like Paul Ryan’s budget have no chance of making it to the President’s desk, you should be very, very concerned about not letting the Republicans take over the Senate in November.

  154. kiwi says:

    Oh Nancy, my sincerest condolences. Will be keeping you in my thoughts. xx

  155. Eliseo says:


    I am truly sorry for your loss. I do not know how we from afar might assist, except in holding you, your mother and your family in prayerful light. That you have from me, and I am sure from many others on this blog as well. Namaste – Shalom – Pacem – Amen.

  156. Fe says:


    So sorry for your loss! Remember you gave a circle of love surrounding you. My prayers for you and yours.

  157. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – So very sorry for your loss, especially difficult to bear when unexpected. My prayers and blessings to you and your family for comfort and gentle acceptance.

  158. DPH says:

    Nancy- I’m so sorry to read of your mother’s passing. Sending you love and light at this sad time.

  159. Sharon K says:

    Nancy, So sad to hear of the sudden loss of your mother…Sending you & your family light & love and prayers.

  160. Helen says:

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, Nancy…..love and wishing you the best in this most difficult hour, Helen

  161. Iris says:

    My sincerest condolences, Nancy, on the unexpected loss of your mother. Adding my love, light and thoughts to the circle for you and yours that you may be surrounded with love through this difficult time.

  162. Barb says:

    Nancy, deepest sympathies for your loss, and wishing you peace and strength at this difficult time.

  163. alex says:

    Condolences Nancy wishing you peace and wonderful memories.

  164. barbk says:

    We all grieve for your loss Nancy. Much love to you and your family.

  165. Aglo says:

    I grieve for your loss Nancy my deepest condolences.

  166. connimac says:

    Waves of love to you, Starlight, as you say your final and formal goodbye to your mother. The beautiful community you’ve gathered on this site stands with you!

  167. Apple says:

    Starlight – I am so very sorry to learn of the loss of your mother. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. One’s world is suddenly changed. Take your time.

  168. Jackson says:

    My condolences, Nancy. Very sorry to read of your loss. My sympathy to you and to yours.

  169. Teresa Hill says:

    I’m so sorry about your mother. I hope you find comfort in your many memories of her.

  170. Anita in DC says:


    May God bless you and your family with Peace during this time. ((Hugs))

  171. starlight says:

    Thank you all for your kind words and warm wishes. They are much appreciated.

  172. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Dear Nancy, I am so very sorry and saddened by the very abrupt and sudden lost of your mother. I know this a very difficult and very trying time for you, David and your very well brought up thoughtful and loving children. My deepest and warmest condolences to all of you.

    I am not trying to be to forward and “speak” for everyone who visits your wonderful and insightful blog but I must tell express this to you.

    ‘When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed’. By Maya Angelou.

    Nancy this is so you! You have given so much to many of us here and we all are very grateful. Just know that through it all you have been a great daughter, even when you didn’t know it.

    Warm regards and many continued blessings to you and your family.

    Lisa L. Robinson

  173. rc says:

    elohim yevarekh otakh

    to you and the fam

  174. shoalsister says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. This is a tough one. Just yesterday, a year and a few months after my mom died, I was thinking that Mom’s really never leave us. I see her smile and hear her voice so clearly. She is still giving me the props when needed…as always.

  175. Sharon K says:

    rc, I love your blessing. Shoalsister, you are so right. I am also sorry for your loss. Nancy, we are all with you in love & solidarity, at this time.

  176. ox the cat says:

    My condolences Nancy. I am so sorry for your loss.

  177. arbo says:

    Nancy — Words fail, but my thoughts are with you.

  178. tetramorph says:

    Nancy, very sorry you lost your mom.

  179. Suzy says:

    Starlight, Nancy..

    So, sorry to hear of sudden loss of your Mother. Condolences to you and your family during this sad time.


  180. Kitty says:

    I am very sorry for you and your families loss. My healing thoughts and prayers are with you. You have great inner strength, which you may draw comfort from. Thank you for your time and that strength, that you give all of us.

  181. Bob says:

    May you find the consolation you need at this time Nancy.

    I must say reading of your mother’s passing was a shock that took my breath away. I really don’t have words. Nothing seems adequate. Blessings to you and yours.

  182. alex says:



    Mobilizing doctors:

    Wesley Clark tells us that Russia has started mobilizing doctors in St. Petersburg, which is typically a precursor to additional action.


    “I hope they will take this seriously, not just the sanctions,” says Clark. “It’s an expression of intent — where one sanction starts many can follow, as Iran has discovered. You start messing with sanctions you can end up with your economy being broken.”

  183. Helen says:

    Reads like an Onion article:


    “Wall Street’s domination over the American political system would likely continue under a Clinton Administration. Hillary Clinton has already said she believes anti-Wall Street rhetoric is “foolish.” That banksters are necessary not parasites.”

  184. alex says:



    “The fact that shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles were used against our armed forces clearly indicates that this is a not a ‘peaceful protest,’ in the Donetsk region but a well-trained and armed professional subversive group committing acts of terrorism and sabotage in order to destabilize the region,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

    At the end of the early morning assault, Mr. Avakov said Ukraine had taken control of nine checkpoints leading into the city and were moving to cut off a number of key railway junctions.

  185. Nick says:

    Hi nancy,
    Like the others before me I want to say I feel very sad for you having lost your dear Mom. In many ways this blog is much more than a forum of ideas and current astrological debate. We are like an online family and you are an integral part of our extended family. We all sensitive to you, your loss and any needs you may have. May you find comfort in the midst of your sorrow. We send you our love and await your return.

  186. starlight says:

    Again, many thanks to all of you. Your words of support and sympathy are really deeply appreciated.

    My mother had done pretty well for her 96 years which made me think she would live close to forever. When she passed, it was very unexpected but also very swift and painless. This was a great blessing. The family is working through its initial shock and settling into a big weekend gathering, mostly around my house, and a funeral on Sunday, which we are in process of preparing for.

    Again thank you all for being such an embracing presence for me.

  187. alex says:

    2014 November 4TH Elections

    Republican governors have to defend 22 governorships in November compared to only 14 for Democrats.

  188. alex says:

    WISCONSIN: 2014 November 4TH Governor’s Election

    Former Commerce Secretary of Wisconsin, Mary Burke is giving Governor Scott Walker R-WI a serious challenge. “I’m focused on making things work.” ~ Mary Burke

    In the seven months since Democrat Mary Burke announced her candidacy, she has put nearly 30,000 miles on her Ford Escape traveling the state. Because of the divided electorate, this is going to be really close election.

    She says Walker’s refusal to accept Medicaid expansion makes “no common sense and no economic sense,” and his turndown of $800 million in federal money to build high-speed rail service to connect to Chicago was “definitely just political. We could use those jobs.”

  189. alex says:

    TEXAS: 2014 November 4TH Governor’s Election

    Excerpt: Burnt Orange Report

    A recent poll by Emerson showed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis within 7.5 points of Greg Abbott with 8.9% still undecided, and found that over 21% of Texans view themselves as Independents.

    Even though PPP polls seem to use a methodology that favors the GOP’s institutional advantages, positive signs can be gleaned from how these polled individuals feel about issues that go beyond partisanship.

    Expanding the electorate through voter registration efforts is a priority for the Democratic Party. Their eye is on the 1.3 million Texans who voted for Barack Obama for President in 2012 but did not come out for the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

    That number would have been enough to put Democrats over the top in 2010. In 2014 if voters are reached and the case is made, it will be enough for Wendy Davis to win.

  190. barbk says:

    Hey alex, my guess is that the animals don’t depend on handouts to survive. Their survival (like the majority of people who need food stamps) might be augmented by handouts (food stamps) but they won’t replace the native skills that keep them alive in the wild (society). Nice try Republicans but I’m not convinced.

    Looking at the major planets on Election Day, a couple of things could support the Dems keeping the Senate. This is subtle, but I am encouraged by Neptune’s novile aspect with Uranus which will be exact between these retrograde planets in September but still within orb in November. The novile (40 degrees and 1/9th of a circle) is a member of the same family as the trine (1/3rd of a circle) but more subtle and on a higher harmonic. It suggests to me that voters favor a change toward compassion (spirituality) in the government, though not necessarily on a conscious level.

    Neptune in Pisces will also be trine the midpoint between the U.S. Jupiter and Venus in Cancer which also favors a kinder, gentler voter. In June, transiting Neptune will station retrograde one degree before reaching the U.S. natal Ceres (food and nurturing) and at election time will be only 4 degrees away from U.S. Ceres. Transiting Neptune will actually conjunct the U.S. Ceres in March-April and August-September (retrograde) in 2015. The final conjunction with U.S. Ceres (and square to U.S. Uranus) will be in January and February 2016.

    Transiting (symbolizing societal interaction) Jupiter (generous) at 20+ Leo (generous) will trine the U.S. 4th house Chiron at 20+ Aries favoring the support of relieving U.S. family suffering on Election Day, although transiting (also societal symbol) Saturn (restrict) at 24+ Scorpio trines the U.S. Mercury (24+ Cancer) who will also be squared by transiting Mercury at 24+ Libra.

    The transiting north node at 19+ Libra (for over 2 months!) will be only 1 degree from the U.S. Juno (advocate for the disenfranchised) at 20+ Libra. The NN will be conjunct U.S. Juno in mid to late August so at that time we may see events that could affect voting decisions in November. On election day the north node degree’s Sabian Symbol is:
    A RABBI PERFORMING HIS DUTIES. Keynote: The ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition (VOTING?) in order to serve and inspire one’s fellow men (AND WOMEN!).

    Finally, on election day the Moon (the People) in Aries will square Pluto, quincunx transiting Sun-Venus and conjunct Uranus but that transiting Sun-Venus in Scorpio conjunction trines the U.S. Sibly Sun in Cancer. On the other hand Mars in Capricorn (ruled by restrictive Saturn) who rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio will conjunct the U.S. progressed asteroid House, often interpreted to symbolize the U.S. House of Representatives. Mars will also be sextile Neptune in Pisces and U.S Ceres. Moon’s quincunx to Sun-Venus shows ambivalence for voters conscious decision making.

  191. alex says:


    great review for 2014 November 4TH mid-term elections:


    Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry

    Election midpoint moon/mercury @21 cancer
    Election uranus 13ar, south node 19ar, moon 19ar, eris 22ar
    (after election) MARS @21 capricorn, 11.24.2014
    Election north node 19li

    Fixed Grand Cross by Synastry

    2015 Swear-In Jupiter @21 Leo
    USA Federal Gov Midheaven @22 Taurus
    2015 Swear-In Mars @24 Aquarius
    2015 Swear-In Midpoint Jupiter/Mars @22 Scorpio
    (conjunct, 2014 Election Saturn@24 Scorpio)

  192. Patty says:

    Nancy, Sending warm/loving thoughts to surround you and your family.
    Here’s a new, very interesting theory on Benghazi. Wonder how the astrological aspects of that day could shed light on the probability of this theory:

  193. alex says:

    West Virginia: 2014 November 4TH Senate Election

    Koch Brother’s political dirty tricks in W. VA.


    Democratic candidate for Senate 2014, West Virginia Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant warned voters that ‘Americans for Prosperity’ a conservative nonprofit backed by billionaires Charles and David Koch, has distributed “misleading” and “confusing” voter registration mailings.

    Leaflets, sent out to at least eight different counties, warned residents that if they did not update their voter registration before April 22, they could become ineligible to vote in the upcoming May 13 election. The mailer also included a voter registration card and prepaid envelope.

    The Secretary of State warned residents to discard the mailers. “We were made aware of this situation because there was a large number of confused citizens calling our office and the offices of county clerks asking questions about why they had to update their voter registration information. The secretary of state’s office did not send this mailer, and it did not come from county clerks.”

  194. alex says:

    2014 November 4TH SENATE Elections;

    There are 21 Democratic held Senate seats are up for election versus 15 Republican held Senate seats.

  195. barbk says:

    alex, looking at a chart for 12 AM on 11/4/14 in Washington DC, Jupiter is right on the ascendant. Since this is a chart regarding a government election, I would consider Jupiter as expansion of government and Saturn as containing and/or condensing government. Saturn in the 4th house squares Jupiter as you would expect in this situation. The Sun rules the chart because of Leo rising and the Sun at 11+ Scorpio is conjunct Venus at 14+ Scorpio on the IC (roots) and Venus rules the Taurus MC (outcome).

    She trines Chiron in the 8th house of shared resources in this chart and also trines the U.S. natal Sun. There’s a lot of interesting astrology here to play with but the emphasis on expansion (Jupiter on the asc) and shared resources (Sun-Venus in Scorpio trine Chiron in the 8th) looks promising for the Democrats agenda.

    The Moon (the People) in Aries, also in the 8th house (but near the cusp of the 9th house of law) suggests the people are looking out for their own (Aries) interests (no surprise), thinking independently (Aries) and are looking at those shared resources (8th house) when they go into the voting booths (Moon rules the secretive 12th house).

    This 12 midnight chart has a locomotive pattern where the power is determined by the lead planet in an empty trine(where there are no major planets in a clock-wise aspect) and in this chart that is Jupiter who widely trines Uranus in Aries. At the end of the day the Moon will reach 20+ Aries and be exactly trine the chart’s Jupiter as well as conjunct the U.S. chart’s Chiron. With so much advantage to Jupiter in this chart and with Saturn at a disadvantage (not elevated and ruling the empty 6th house below the horizon, as well as square Jupiter) seems encouraging for the Democrats in November’s election.

  196. kristl says:

    My sympathies also. So glad it was quick. Your interaction and communication with her won’t stop, of course. It will just be on a different level.

  197. alex says:


    thank you for your 2014 election forecast.. very helpful

  198. Sharon K says:

    Thank you, barbk…that sure makes me feel good!

  199. alex says:

    Sharon K

    barbk is showing a path/projection/trajectory for D-win but don’t be disarmed the 2014 elections are going to be hard, close,tough,rough elections and there has to be motivated GOTV to connect to the probablity of a win;

  200. Sharon K says:

    Also, Barbk & Alex, Barack Obama has his sun sign at 12 Leo and he has 18 Aquarius rising, so Jupiter will have made a pass over his sun sign earlier in the fall, and its placement in 20 Leo on election day will fall in early degrees of his 7th house which sounds like he’ll be happy (a simplistic interpretation, I know) I don’t know when Jupiter will reach 27 Leo but that’s the degree of the U.S.’s moon that we often talk about.

  201. Sharon K says:

    No, I agree, Alex…can’t let our guard down.

  202. Sharon K says:

    Just put Wendy Davis’ birth info into astro.com and transiting Jupiter in Leo will be right on her 20 degree Leo Mars and opposite her moon-saturn conj in Aquarius….what do you think that means? Is the position of governor of Texas being decided that day? (11/4/14)

  203. alex says:

    Sharon K

    Texas has been solid red for decades…. Wendy Davis has a big tough campaign to work on and yes her election is November 4, 2014; the Lt. Gov D-candidate is popular and Latina she and Davis are campaigning together, plus Davis has begun working with the D-candidate for state senator whom she beat (when she won her seat) he carried South Texas counties and may be able to help her carry what she did not capture before…. if Democrats can help each other and they bring D-voters to the polls they have a chance – something they haven’t had in long long long time in Texas;

  204. Jerry says:

    by Linda Schurman

    May 2014

    Full Moon at 23 degrees Scorpio on May 14th, (conjunct the last Saturn station to go retrograde) and opposition Sedna, Mercury at 23 degrees of Taurus hits that opposition on May 4th, New Moon May 28th at 7 degrees of Gemini conjunct the USA Uranus and square transiting Neptune at 7 degrees Pisces, Venus is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto May 14th, Mars goes direct at 9 degrees of Libra on May 19th.

    The Waging of Wars We Do Not Want:

    The entanglements of this transiting Mars (violence and conflict) in Libra since it entered the sign in December as it goes back and forth over the Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter angles, involving the Sun/Saturn square in the chart of the U.S.A., set us up for a series of wars that we do not want. In addition, Neptune (confused and vague) in Pisces, is exactly square the Uranus in the chart of the U.S.A., that, when it is activated (the American Revolution, the Civil War, WW II) tends to pull us into wars both domestically and abroad. Our recent drone attacks on terrorists in Africa and Pakistan point to a different way of waging war without waging war on sovereign nations.

    As I predicted in previous newsletters, in the style of Saturn in Scorpio and the old Cold War tactics, Vladimir Putin has directed his Russian forces to take over the Crimea in Ukraine and is now threatening to annex the whole nation, which is currently engaged in ethnic and civil conflict over who will rule. Simultaneously, we are sending military forces and equipment into the area as we launch economic sanctions against Russia. With Mars going direct this month, we will likely be pulled more directly into the conflict.



  205. Salemone says:

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. May you take comfort in each other and in all the wonderful times you had with your Mother. She will always be with you.

  206. alex says:

    does anyone know if reverse racism (Latina women against white women) is going to defeat Wendy Davis’ campaign (blond, white) if Texas women want men to keep them in their place then electing Greg Abbott will do that;

    the Democratic Governor’s Association chairman is THIRD WAY and he says they aren’t going to help Wendy Davis; all of this is bad news; how long are women voters in Texas willing to wait just to get a Democratic Latina women to run for goveror; cutting off their noses to spite their faces!

    suddenly her campaign seems in trouble… but I can’t find up to date information anywhere… something, as in nothing, is brewing right now in her campaign that I can find except for the usual pundits dumping on her;

  207. tanklv says:

    Starlight: My deepest condolences to you on the passing of your mother. Take comfort in the fact that you had 96 years with her! That is truly amazing. No matter how long someone we love lives, it is always too short when they go. My father’s mother lived to 102, and I falsely assumed that my parents would likewise live long – but both of them passed in their 70’s and it was simply devastating. When my mom’s mom passed, I could not be there, and I didn’t realize the impact it must have had on her, and really should have comforted her more.

    As time goes by, the sadness turns to quiet peace/calm as the good memories of life with them takes over our consciousness.

    Time does heal…

  208. barbk says:

    alex is right. The astrology for election day shows the people are ambivalent and if Democratic voters stay home all will be for naught. I’m thrilled to hear that Wendy Davis will have transiting Jupiter conjunct her natal Mars though!

    There is another minor (subtle) factor that will be affecting the (would-be) voter; transiting centaur Nessus will have returned in retrograde to conjunct the U.S. natal (Sibly) Moon at 27+ Aquarius. Centaurs bring awareness (consciousness) to us in repeatedly annoying ways, and Nessus’ specialty has to do with abuse of power that has gone on for generations.

    In Texas this might mean any minority group (women, Hispanics, etc.) which feels it has been denigrated through government power would be ripe for voting for Wendy. If enough one-on-one (Wendy and voter) contact can be made with Democrat and Independent registered Texans (Moon will be in Aries [the Individual] on election day) there is a good chance the ambivalence can be overcome.

    Venus rules the midheaven (MC) sign on November 4th in Washington DC, symbolizing outcome, but she is actually conjunct the IC or the roots of this 12 AM chart. To be successful, Democrats must beat the bushes looking for disgruntled folks (even if not registered yet) who can emotionally connect (Venus in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces as well as trine the U.S. Sun in Cancer) with the wounds that Wendy just might become a symbol of. There is a lot of feminine energy out there just waiting to be tapped. Even on this election day the Moon in Aries will trine Juno (equality) in Leo and Ceres (mothers who lose their kids, farmers, tree huggers) in Sagittarius.

    Best of all, transiting Vesta will be at 14+ Sagittarius (only 2 degrees from the U.S. ascendant of 12+ Sagittarius) and she is trine Uranus (breakthroughs) at 13+ Aries. Vesta symbolizes the work-a-holic, the dedicated and focused person with a purpose. She will knock (him or) herself out to keep the fire burning (passion) in order to maintain safety and security for the whole (family, community, nation). Vesta will be conjunct the Great Attractor, a powerful gravitational pull we (the Earth) are being drawn toward which seems to promote the development of free will and consciousness – in the individual as well as the species. Conjunctions are new beginnings.

    Vesta will also be opposite the place where – in June, 2012 – Venus occulted the Sun in Gemini. That was the 2nd of 2 such aspects that occur in pairs (which rarely happen) and symbolize an evolutionary directive; to wit, thinking (Gemini) with the heart as well as the head. Oppositions are opportunities to reflect (much like a full moon reflects) and at the time of the last Venus occult Sun, transiting Vesta was at 16+ Taurus (where the Sun will be this Tuesday) and trine Mars at 16+ Virgo.

    To me this says that in order to evolve, hard and focused work (Vesta trine Mars in Virgo) will be necessary to offset the challenges against the directive for bringing the heart into the thought process (Mars-square-Venus + Sun in Gemini).

    There is a path but we must clear it so that others can follow.

  209. alex says:


    I went from google news, to El Paso News, to Dallas news, to Austin news and do you know that El Paso News & Austin news online don’t even have an index for ‘politics’ and what was in google – and dallas on wendy Davis was going on three weeks old; I find that curious; how the hell do people in Texas get their news solely on local TV or CNN teevee or Fox?

    Greg Abbott has a Latina wife (that might be enough to satisfy the Latina women voters and if it is what a shame) so far it doesn’t seem to matter that he is firmly against equal pay ( pays his own women staff less than any other state office holder ) women’s reproductive rights, he is firmly an elitist with his education policies, has kept his mouth shut on immigration issues ( but everybody knows where he stands – the conservative punishing policies) won’t expand Medicaid, so on and so forth…. I mean Texas voted for Perry for what three terms ( George W Bush as governor ) and now they are going to roll over for Greg Abbott… I can’t seem to wrap my mind around this;

    in Ca we have conservative owned and operated local news and a progressive/liberal majority population… that’s all it really takes to control the outcome in politics ” Money & Media ” I’ve seen it over and over on Ca ballot issues and GOP sham false narratives and propaganda;

  210. alex says:

    Excerpt: Democracy for America

    Democracy for America: Leticia Van de Putte is a forward-looking leader who will stand up to the far right. When Wendy Davis led the charge against harmful GOP legislation in the People’s Filibuster, Van de Putte stood with her and spoke out against the lawmakers who tried to silence the voices of women. Working with Davis as governor, she will support small businesses, local schools, and equality for all Texans.

    DFA gave early endorsement of Davis in October, which was its first of the 2014 election cycle. The group says it has more than 38,500 members in Texas.

    Maybe the Democratic governor’s ‘Third Way’ politics is STILL organized against Howard Dean (DFA) I don’t know but I don’t like the VT. governor who is currently the chairman of Democratic Governor’s association – he is THIRD WAY/WAVE corporate clone.

    2014 Midterm election is about the last vestiges of democracy itself holding on; it is not about the personalities of D-candidates it is about whether USA goes total oligarchy and this election cycle is the crossroads…. that’s what is so important about electing D-candidates who are not corporate clones/clowns;


  211. Sharon K says:

    Alex, well-stated and sad: “…that’s all it really takes to control the outcome in politics ” Money & Media ” I’ve seen it over and over on Ca ballot issues and GOP sham false narratives and propaganda;”

    Jerry, thanks for posting Linda Schurman’s monthly column, Soothsayer….she is one of my favorites – and I recommend that people click on the link and read the full column.

  212. alex says:

    Sharon K

    Wendy Davis’ campaign has to send the message that Texas/WOMEN need to seize this 2014 opportunity to add another woman’s voice to power and that this 2014 opportunity must not be missed;

    Davis campaign has to put economic health in terms of the best balance for Texas is for the established status quo from oil money to become incentivized to join with strategies that move optimisticallly for better economy built on people / women making a living wage and not by rigging politics and policy for the 1%;

    Greg Abbot is firmly in the camp of blocking equal pay;

  213. pisca says:

    alex- it’s not just Texas… ALL USA mainstream media is owned by the same few corporations!
    Here is a TX msm that covers elections (you can decide their spin!):


  214. pisca says:

    Here is Van De Putte’s few – but now famous- words which sparked a ROAR in the Texas Senate last summer:


  215. alex says:


    thanks……yeah it is a trick corporations-oiligarchy-plutocrats learned a long time ago…. control the media and control the distribution of information;

  216. alex says:

    The 1% and the .01% ultra-wealthy hoarders are driving the ‘do-nothing’ climate crisis death spiral:


    Several studies have been done since the Great Recession revealed that many CEOs, who devastated our economy, weren’t only greedy that they bombed at their jobs, while 10% are psychopaths. Some studies have also revealed that the wealthier they were, the more likely they were to be more narcissistic and more unethical.

    So unless they were lucky enough to be born into wealth, many of these “job creators” were using nefarious means to accumulate their vast wealth—contrary to the popular myths that they accomplished this with just hard work or a great idea.

    The other psychological disorder which is related to greed is hoarding. Since the financial crisis, the wealthy have become the nation’s top cash hoarders, filling up deposit accounts and money markets at a rapid clip in offshore banks accounts.

  217. barbk says:


    I saw on tv this AM – MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, for those who still have tv’s – a group, big group in Texas, who are supporting Wendy Davis, going door-to-door bringing the good news to their fellow citizens. See if they (MSNBC) don’t have some way to connect to that group, or whatever way Google can find them (wish I could remember what they call themselves) to see what all they are doing to spread the word. We ARE at a crossroads alex; good point.

    shoalsister. . . can you help us out here?

  218. pisca says:

    The Democratic Party in Texas often does not support its own candidates, but here is a website:


    barbk, there are many groups trying to get Wendy elected, some outside of the (not-so-supportive) Dem Party.

  219. Patty says:

    This short TED Talk is amazing!(7-min)
    Filmmaker uses Time-lapse technology to show unseen dimensions of life as we know it, from ocean currents to dragonfly wings.

  220. alex says:

    ‘Battleground Texas’ after a year of existence has over 16,000 active volunteers and made a show of strength, a couple weeks ago, when it knocked on 55,000 doors over a weekend in support of Wendy Davis.


  221. Lorrie U says:

    New Matthew’s Message up:

    “Let us quell concerns about Russia’s aggressiveness in Ukraine—it will not lead to all-out war. Vladimir Putin doesn’t want a war and he’s not all wrong by attributing the turmoil in part to interference by the United States.”


  222. barbk says:

    Hey you found it! Here is Melissa Harris-Perry’s story about Battleground Texas. . .

    “Turning the largest red state in the country blue would be a tectonic political shift, potentially consigning Republicans nationally to permanent minority status. It’s a long-term project and few observers expect Davis to make it happen this year, despite the excitement around her candidacy among Democrats. But it will ultimately succeed or fail based on whether Battleground and its allies, using techniques pioneered by the Obama presidential campaigns, can expand access to the ballot for Texans who for years have been discouraged and deterred from making their voices heard.”


  223. alex says:

    NBC is owned by GE the big big big defense industry corporation…. everything they do with media is to influence news towards corporate interests…

  224. alex says:


    CBS (CIA) ABC (security intelligence)
    NBC (GE defense)

    most national & local political polls are published to ‘influence’ and undermine voters by mislead them….most polls fakes stuff;

    my motto: media is the devil

  225. alex says:



    Disney had been aiding the cloak-and-dagger set long before “synergy” became an entertainment industry buzzword: Walt Disney himself worked closely with the FBI, according to the agency’s files.

    “Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, former and current Disney officials have been advising and sometimes joining the intelligence community to help with everything from spy technology to intelligence analysis,” CQ observes.

  226. Sharon K says:

    Loved Matthew’s message, Lorrie, thanks for posting. Lots in there about animals! Beautiful stuff!

  227. Jerry says:

    Hi Lorrie,

    Re: Mathew’s messages. The characterization of Russian President Putin’s intentions (that he doesn’t want war) seems puzzling. It contradicts practically all of Putin’s words and actions to date. Given President Obama and German leader Angela Merkel’s perceptions on the matter as expressed in public statements, it appears they don’t seem to share Mathew’s optimism. It would be ideal if there was a shred of positive rapprochement, but in terms of actions on the ground, Putin hasn’t made any efforts towards reconciliation. He’s just piling on more and more threats and war rhetoric as the situation slowly deteriorates with time.

    The thing to watch is how tr. Mars impacts the Ukrainian-Russian composite chart as we go forward (refer to the following chart: i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q791/babajani2/Ukr-Russia_zpsb3b8456c.gif ).

    Mars stationed retrograde at 27 ’31 Libra on March 1st in precise square to the US Pluto (27 ’31 Capr.) and the Ukraine-Russian composite chart’s Saturn (27 ’52 Capr.) occurring as it did, just as the Crimean crisis reached its peak.

    On May 14th, the near stationary Mars (9 ’12 Libra) exactly squares the Ukr.-Russian composite charts Uranus (9 ’12 Capr.) in semi-square to the Scorpio Full Moon (23 ’54 Scorpio). Could this indicate a sudden flare-up (Uranus) of war (Mars) between the two countries and where does the US factor in all this? We are at a very dangerous precipice here. On May 14th – Pluto retrograde at 13 ’22 Capr. is in waxing opposition to the US Sun (13 ’19 Cancer) and tr. Uranus (14 ’44 Aries) in waxing opposition to the US Saturn (14 ’48 Libra). The synchronicity is astonishing. Only a two to 4 minute orb on each side in this powerful Uranus Pluto square. Will America be drawn into a war with Russia? Only ten days to find out.

  228. Jackson says:

    Actually, Alex, NBC-Universal is now owned wholly by Comcast, not a defense contractor but a pretty right-wing company.

  229. Jerry says:

    Sorry. That Ukr-Russia composite chart URL link was inactive. Let’s see if this works……..


  230. Helen says:

    “A beautiful island in Hawaii called Molokai has been subject to biotech giantMonsanto for some time now, and the results of Monsanto’s actions on the island is beginning to show very dark conclusions. The residents of the island of Molokai seem to be getting sicker and sicker as Monsanto continually carriesout their actions near villages on the island. Some are suggesting the island has become a laboratory and the islanders are the lab rats being tested.”

    This year’s March Against Monsanto is on May 24:


    Take note: last year’s march with an estimated two million participants worldwide was
    ignored by mainstream media – or nearly: Huffington Post did have a blurb on it four
    days later in their financial pages.

  231. Helen says:


    You know, the people behind Bundy in Nevada are ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing a thing or two about ‘government intrusion’. Are you prepared for this?

    “Michigan residents lost their “right to farm” this week thanks to a new ruling by the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development. Gail Philburn of the Michigan Sierra Club told Michigan Live, the new changes “effectively remove Right to Farm Act protection for many urban and suburban backyard farmers raising small numbers of animals.” Backyard and urban farming were previously protected by Michigan’s Right to Farm Act. The Commission ruled that the Right to Farm Act protections no longer apply to many homeowners who keep small numbers of livestock.
    Kim White, who raises chickens and rabbits, said, “They don’t want us little guys feeding ourselves. They want us to go all to the big farms. They want to do away with small farms and I believe that is what’s motivating it.”


  232. alex says:

    NBC was owned by GE a big big big defense industry corporation and Comcast bought it recently….

    Launch date NBC
    November 15, 1926 (radio)
    April 30, 1939 (television)

    National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network. It is headquartered in the GE Building in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, with additional major offices near Los Angeles and in Chicago

    Formed in 1926 by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), NBC is the oldest major broadcast network in the United States. In 1986, control of NBC passed to General Electric (GE), with GE’s $6.4 billion purchase of RCA. GE had previously owned RCA and NBC until 1930, when it had been forced to sell the company as a result of antitrust charges.


    General Electric Formed 1889


    1942 General Electric develops the first American jet engine

    1949 GE Armament Division test-fires the M61 Vulcan rotary cannon

    1962 General Electric scientist Bob Hall[ invents the solid state laser

    GE Aviation
    GE Capital
    GE Energy Management
    GE Global Research
    GE Healthcare
    GE Home & Business Solutions
    GE Oil & Gas
    GE Power & Water
    GE Transportation


  233. alex says:



    With $18.8 million spent in 2013, Comcast has the seventh largest lobbying budget of any individual company or organization in the United States. Comcast employs multiple former US Congressmen as lobbyists.

    Comcast spends millions of dollars annually on government relationships. Comcast employs the spouses, sons and daughters of mayors, councilmen, commissioners, and other officials to assure its continued preferred market allocations.



    Comcast is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

    Comcast is also a member of ALEC’s Communications and Technology Task Force and ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force

  234. alex says:


    The Education of Ronald Reagan: The General Electric Years and the Untold Story of his Conversion to Conservatism


    Based on a newly discovered collection of private papers as well as interviews and corporate documents, The Education of Ronald Reagan offers new insights into Reagan’s ideological development and his political ascendancy.

    Thomas W. Evans links the eight years (1954-1962) in which Reagan worked for General Electric—acting as host of its television program, GE Theater, and traveling the country as the company’s public-relations envoy-to his conversion to conservatism.

    In particular, Evans reveals the profound influence of GE executive Lemuel Boulware, who would become Reagan’s political and ideological mentor. Boulware, known for his tough stance against union officials and his innovative corporate strategies to win over workers, championed the core tenets of modern American conservatism-free-market fundamentalism, anticommunism, lower taxes, and limited government.

    Building on the ideas and influence of Boulware, Reagan would soon begin his rise as a national political figure and an icon of the American conservative movement.

  235. alex says:

    “Call it for Bush” GE CEO, Jack Welch

    General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who signs the checks for the folks at NBC News, ask NBC chief Andrew Lack to call the presidential election in favor of George W. Bush well before the 2000 election was actually over. He ultimately the one who gave the order to actually do so. ~ per prwatch.org

  236. Helen says:

    Exhibit A on why not to trust MSM:


    Read the comments: they’re not buying it either.

    Reminds me of another recent media travesty:


    Prevailing wisdom is: if the MSM says it, believe the opposite!

    And why spell out ‘SAFE’ in capital letters?

  237. barbk says:

    In my dream I was walking along the edge of a sidewalk. It was night and the sidewalk wasn’t narrow, but was filled with people; street venders, loud and unstable people who weren’t going anywhere but who seemed ready to physically draw me into their circle, but I was determined to get past them to my destination. Sometimes I would be shoved off the curb by the crowd but not into the street. Later, after I’d been awake and wondering about the meaning of the dream, I read this on Daykeeper Journal about the Hero’s Journey (May 2014, Digging for Gold) by Lorna Beven . . . . .

  238. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry – I’ve been reading MM’s for years and it always seems unlikely for the predicted outcomes to be possible at the time. However, it is ultimately correct.

  239. Bob says:

    barbk and everyone else too. You can watch any or all of the MSNBC programs by clicking on the first link below.

    This link will take you to MSNBC’s weekday morning schedule. You can select “Saturday” or “Sunday” to see schedules for those days here also. At the bottom of the page you can click on “Afternoon” or “Primetime” to see the shows in those time slots. Clicking on a show allows you to watch it with advertising removed (about 42 minutes in length on average). By clicking on thumbnails on the right you can go to that segment of a show and skip the current or next one in line.

    I have edited the schedule pages to present the entire list of offerings, showing time, personalities, and show name for weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


    Monday – Friday Morning EST

    5 AM Richard Lui, Veronica De La Cruz, First Look

    5:30 AM Thomas Roberts, Way Too Early

    6 AM Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, Morning Joe

    9 AM Chuck Todd, The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd

    10 AM Chris Jansing, Jansing & Co.

    11 AM Tamron Hall, NewsNation with Tamron Hall

    Monday – Friday Afternoon EST

    12 PM Andrea Mitchell, Andrea Mitchell Reports

    1 PM Ronan Farrow, Ronan Farrow Daily

    2 PM Joy-Ann Reid, The Reid Report

    3 PM Ari Melber, Krystal Ball, Touré, Abby Huntsman, The Cycle

    4 PM Alex Wagner, NOW With Alex Wagner

    Monday – Friday Primetime EST

    5 PM Ed Schultz, The Ed Show

    6 PM Al Sharpton, PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton

    7 PM Chris Matthews, Hardball with Chris Matthews

    8 PM Chris Hayes, All In with Chris Hayes

    9 PM Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show

    10 PM Lawrence O’Donnell, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

    Saturday Morning EST

    5 AM Chris Matthews, Hardball with Chris Matthews

    5:30 AM JJ Ramberg, Your Business

    7 AM Alex Witt, Weekends with Alex Witt

    8 AM Steve Kornacki, Up With Steve Kornacki
    9 AM Steve Kornacki, Up With Steve Kornacki

    10 AM Melissa Harris-Perry, Melissa Harris-Perry
    11 AM Melissa Harris-Perry, Melissa Harris-Perry

    Saturday Afternoon EST

    12 PM Alex Witt, Weekends with Alex Witt
    1 PM Alex Witt, Weekends with Alex Witt

    2 PM Craig Melvin, Craig Melvin
    3 PM Craig Melvin, Craig Melvin

    4 PM Karen Finney, Disrupt With Karen Finney

    Saturday Primetime EST

    5 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    6 PM MSNBC Documentaries
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    9 PM Lockup
    10 PM Lockup

    Sunday Morning EST

    7 AM Chris Matthews, Hardball with Chris Matthews

    7:30 AM JJ Ramberg, Your Business

    8 AM Steve Kornacki, Up With Steve Kornacki
    9 AM Steve Kornacki, Up With Steve Kornacki

    10 AM Melissa Harris-Perry, Melissa Harris-Perry
    11 AM Melissa Harris-Perry, Melissa Harris-Perry

    Sunday Afternoon EST

    12 PM Alex Witt, Weekends with Alex Witt

    1 PM Patrick J. Murphy, Taking the Hill

    2 PM Craig Melvin, Craig Melvin
    3 PM Craig Melvin, Craig Melvin

    4 PM Karen Finney, Disrupt With Karen Finney

    Sunday Primetime EST

    5 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    6 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    7 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    8 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    9 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    10 PM MSNBC Documentaries


  240. Bob says:

    barbk and everyone else too. You can watch any or all of the MSNBC programs by clicking on the first link below.

    This link will take you to MSNBC’s weekday morning schedule. You can select “Saturday” or “Sunday” to see schedules for those days here also. At the bottom of the page you can click on “Afternoon” or “Primetime” to see the shows in those time slots. Clicking on a show allows you to watch it with advertising removed (about 42 minutes in length on average). By clicking on thumbnails on the right you can go to that segment of a show and skip the current or next one in line.

    I have edited the schedule pages to present the entire list of offerings, showing time, personalities, and show name for weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

  241. Bob says:


    Monday – Friday Morning EST

    5 AM Richard Lui, Veronica De La Cruz, First Look

    5:30 AM Thomas Roberts, Way Too Early

    6 AM Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, Morning Joe

    9 AM Chuck Todd, The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd

    10 AM Chris Jansing, Jansing & Co.

    11 AM Tamron Hall, NewsNation with Tamron Hall

    Monday – Friday Afternoon EST

    12 PM Andrea Mitchell, Andrea Mitchell Reports

    1 PM Ronan Farrow, Ronan Farrow Daily

    2 PM Joy-Ann Reid, The Reid Report

    3 PM Ari Melber, Krystal Ball, Touré, Abby Huntsman, The Cycle

    4 PM Alex Wagner, NOW With Alex Wagner

    Monday – Friday Primetime EST

    5 PM Ed Schultz, The Ed Show

    6 PM Al Sharpton, PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton

    7 PM Chris Matthews, Hardball with Chris Matthews

    8 PM Chris Hayes, All In with Chris Hayes

    9 PM Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show

    10 PM Lawrence O’Donnell, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

  242. Bob says:

    Saturday Morning EST

    5 AM Chris Matthews, Hardball with Chris Matthews

    5:30 AM JJ Ramberg, Your Business

    7 AM Alex Witt, Weekends with Alex Witt

    8 AM Steve Kornacki, Up With Steve Kornacki
    9 AM Steve Kornacki, Up With Steve Kornacki

    10 AM Melissa Harris-Perry, Melissa Harris-Perry
    11 AM Melissa Harris-Perry, Melissa Harris-Perry

    Saturday Afternoon EST

    12 PM Alex Witt, Weekends with Alex Witt
    1 PM Alex Witt, Weekends with Alex Witt

    2 PM Craig Melvin, Craig Melvin
    3 PM Craig Melvin, Craig Melvin

    4 PM Karen Finney, Disrupt With Karen Finney

    Saturday Primetime EST

    5 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    6 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    7 PM MSNBC Documentaries
    8 PM MSNBC Documentaries

    9 PM Lockup
    10 PM Lockup

  243. barbk says:

    At the Full Moon on May 14th, she will be at 23+ Scorpio and the Sun at 23+ Taurus, the degree Sedna presently occupies. However, Sedna will make one of her rare degree changes on the 9th, vacating it just in time for the Sun to move in. That degree’s Sabian symbol is AN INDIAN WARRIOR RIDING FIERCELY, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING FROM HIS BELT.

    I’ve not heard anyone attribute prophecy to Sedna but she HAS been in that degree off and on for over a year now and there has been a lot of war chanting and tomahawks thrown of late which we grant the cardinal cross credit for (specifically the Pluto-Uranus series of squares). Still, I wonder if, by Sedna leaving that degree’s fearsome symbol just before the Sun occupies it, might she be predicting something for us. Hmm..

    The Sun symbolizes consciousness, whereas Sedna could be said to symbolize unconscious (underwater) feelings, and in this timeframe, underwater (unconscious) feelings have been threatening to say the least. If a full moon symbolizes light thrown on a particular subject, in this case it would be Scorpio stuff, like “other people’s property”, and if the unconsciousness of Sedna gives way to the consciousness of the Sun it could be dealt with more directly don’t you think?

    This full moon has an almost perfect trine between Jupiter (17 Cancer 11) and Chiron (17 Pisces 09) with Vesta (17 Libra 07) square Jupiter and quincunx (adjustment) to Chiron.

    Vladimir Putin’s Saturn is at 17 Libra 27 (conjunct full moon’s Vesta) and the Ukraine’s Pluto is at 17 Scorpio 45 forming a grand trine with the full moon’s Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. The full moon’s Saturn at 19+ Scorpio will reach the Ukraine’s Pluto (17+ Scorpio) in June at the same time that transiting Sun reaches 17+ Gemini.

    This would mean that transiting Gemini Sun (consciousness) would trine Putin’s Libra Saturn (which is conjunct his Neptune and Mercury, and the full moon’s Vesta). Transiting retrograde Saturn then would bring substance and stability to Ukraine’s Scorpio Pluto while also forming a grand trine with the full moon’s Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. Think of Vesta as Investment for the moment.

    With (unconscious) Sedna vacating the warrior scalp collector degree leaving it to the (conscious) Sun to shed light on it, along with the full moon’s reflection from “other people’s property” Scorpio, some tranquility might be reached (grand water trine between Ukraine’s (unconscious) Pluto and now transiting (conscious and stabilizing) Saturn in Scorpio and the full moon’s Chiron and Jupiter). Perhaps the dawning of the age of Aquarius is arriving, perhaps not, but before you poo-poo the idea, here is the Sabian symbol for Sedna’s NEW degree. . . .
    A VAST PUBLIC PARK which Dane Rudhyar likens to “COLLECTIVE ENJOYMENT”

    Okay, okay Putin doesn’t seem a very reasonable man, but darn it he IS a Libra, and his Sun conjuncts the U.S. Saturn, and with the transiting Sun next month trine both his (1) Sun and then his (2) Saturn and then his Neptune and Mercury. . . .

    Sedna may be telling us that it’s time to quit the saber rattling/scalp collecting and chill out a little. Feed the birds in the park and share the space with your fellow humans. Even take your shirt off and get some Sun. Vlad would like that. (P.S. Vladimir’s Ceres is at 17 Gemini 17 so when the Sun reaches 17 Gemini and Saturn reaches 17 Scorpio, Mercury will be stationing retrograde and so will Neptune. The pressure’s off for a while. Relax!)

  244. alex says:


    MAY 9TH – Friday

    The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is accepting written comments through May 9, 2014 on its new proposal to limit harmful carbon pollution for new coal and gas-burning power plants.

    These new rules are the EPA’s first step towards enacting President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. Next, they’ll be taking an even bigger step—placing limits on carbon pollution for existing power plants.

    The way the public responds to this first step will set the precedent for ongoing action, and may shape the EPA’s future policies.

    Excerpt Email: Courage Campaign

    This is our chance! For the first time in our nation’s history, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to place limits on carbon pollution for new power plants that will dramatically reduce toxic carbon emissions that lead to climate change

    Corporate polluters are already pulling out all the stops to block these essential regulations, and unless folks like you and I take action, they might succeed.

    Now is our chance to lead the way on the greatest challenge that we, and our children, all face — climate change.

    It won’t happen without us.

    ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) — the infamous right-wing lobbying group — just launched a shady new campaign to use state attorneys to lobby for the coal industry and take down the EPA.

    Tell EPA Administrator McCarthy that you support the proposed limits on power plant pollution and that you want the EPA to continue to take bold action on climate change.

    We owe it to our children to fight.

    Thank you for having the courage to protect our environment.

  245. will says:


    I enjoy your prose and interpretations. Thank you for your measured, well-composed posts.

  246. alex says:


    BY David Cay Johnston


  247. alex says:

    What a coincidence every time a Bush runs for president the fossil fuel industry (colludes with a willing partner in existing pipelines or existing refineries, or in the financial markets and energy merkets) to push/gouge up their profits by rigging this that or the other thing;

    stir your memories about how Enron unfolded – the timeline 1999, 2000, 2001:

    it’s A + B = C

    I recall when Poppy Bush was running against Clinton oops the Ca oil/gas refineries had a series of unfortunate fires; they were ‘forced’ to raise their prices lack of supply to meet the demand, oops and there were a number of other unexpected, sudden oops oil/gas conditions that oops raised the price of gas in October just before the Clinton v Bush election – oops

    Bush cabal – oil/gas prices – oops politics

  248. alex says:


    The Barreling Bushes by Kevin Phillips

    Four generations of the dynasty have chased profits through cozy ties with Mideast leaders, spinning webs of conflicts of interest.

    From root to branch, the Bush family’s rise to power and wealth has gone hand in hand with the fortunes of the oil industry and the military-industrial complex. ~ Kevin Phillips

  249. alex says:

    Bush Family Values: War, Wealth, Oil

    EXCERPT – Earth Island.org

    The General Accounting Office (GAO), filed an unprecedented lawsuit to obtain the names of the industrialists who met with the Bush Administration to shape his National Energy Plan.

    One participant was grudgingly revealed by Cheney early on: Former Enron CEO and George W. Bush’s most generous campaign contributor, Kenneth Lay.

    Cheney admitted that he and/or his staff met at least six times with Lay on energy policy issues. Congressmember Henry Waxman (D-CA) subsequently identified 17 different provisions of the Bush National Energy Plan bill that would have benefited Enron.

    At least one Executive Order on energy policy was virtually identical to draft proposals submitted by the American Petroleum Institute.

  250. azizi says:

    With regard to the Sabian symbol “AN INDIAN WARRIOR RIDING FIERCELY, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING FROM HIS BELT.” [from barbk’s
    May 4, 2014 at 6:36 pm post], I wish that some astrologers would exert the effort to remove outdated, racist images from descriptions of Sabian symbols. This is not the only example those symbols that I’ve read. The wording of those symbols which were written in 1925 when racism was more widely accepted reinforce and perpetuate stereotypical images of People Of Color who still face institutional and personal racism today.

    I mentioned this regarding another Sabian symbol, but I can’t find that comment now & I can’t specifically remember that particular image besides that it was about Black people.

    I just wanted to note this for the record, although I recognize that the meanings of the images that the spiritualist-medium Elsie Wheeler saw while working with astrologer Marc Edmund Jones could very well be accurate even though I consider how she phrased some of those images to be more than unfortunate.

  251. barbk says:

    I think the pendulum swings both ways azizi, and now you symbolize (in a manner of speaking) how society is swinging to the opposite side from when Elsie’s images rose into her consciousness. At that time the traditional white American had a still-conscious fear of the Native American as he was portrayed in fiction and what have you.

    So although an offensive symbol now for a different reason, the sub-conscious (of Elsie and other white people) produced this image that evoked fear rather than pure racial bias I think. Anyway, that’s what I’m going with in my interpretation, but like you, I look forward to when such images are gone, more so because such fear will no longer be a constant of the human psyche.

    There are already a number of more modern degree symbols available, but as I’m an old person myself, I’ve always had a connection to the Sabians. I see them more for their spiritual connotation as we move forward on a path of enlightenment and evolution, to a time when there will be no pendulum swing of duality. No offense meant.

  252. Helen says:


    “The Supreme Court refused to hear the case concerning Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which permits the military to seize U.S. citizens and hold them indefinitely in military detention centers without due process, means that this provision will continue to be law. It means the nation has entered a post-constitutional era. It means that extraordinary rendition of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil by our government is legal. It means that the courts, like the legislative and executive branches of government, exclusively serve corporate power—one of the core definitions of fascism.”

  253. azizi says:

    Thanks for your comment , Barbk.

    I appreciate what you wrote.

    I’m curious about those alternative astrological degree systems that you mentioned.

    Would you please post the names of one or more of those systems with or without links as I don’t know how to search for information about them online?

    Thanks again!

  254. barbk says:

    You are a sweetheart will; have you read about the recent exploration (not the 1st) of the 1857 shipwrecked Central America that was loaded down with gold? It was a news story released today at Beltane when the Sun reached 15+ Taurus. Ironically, on the day the ship went down due to a hurricane, transiting Jupiter was at 15+ Taurus. Other coincidences include a square between Leo Mars and Taurus Pluto then, evoking thoughts of the recent Cardinal Cross and its Mars-Pluto square. Transiting Black Moon Lilith at 20+ Scorpio back then is where transiting retrograde Saturn is today. Is history repeating itself I wonder?

    On the day that ship sank (August 24) there was a big bank scandal and between the two events a panic ensued bringing down the New York Stock Exchange which came to be called the Panic of 1857. Two years later the U.S. Civil War began. Today’s Beltane Sun sextiles Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces as this story of greed, gold, death, panic and war resurfaces. It is Chiron’s job to teach and it is Jupiter’s job to provide understanding; whatever way it can. I think this is one of those ways.


  255. will says:


    Fascinating story about the shipwrecked Central America. I suppose we will have to see if the planetary transits rekindle similar tumult in the markets.

    Thank you.

  256. alex says:

    John Nelson, RCA Radio Propagation Analyst (heliocentric aspects to Sun)



    AstroDatabank notes that John H. Nelson was not an astrologer though his work was of great interest to the astrological community.

    He was an American radio propagation analyst working for RCA who made significant discoveries about heliocentric aspects between the planets and their impact on the quality of radio communications.


    Radio propagation is affected by the daily changes of WATER VAPOR in the troposphere and IONIZATION in the upper atmosphere, due to the Sun.

    Radio propagation is the behavior of radio waves when they are transmitted, or propagated from one point on the Earth to another, or into various parts of the atmosphere.

  257. alex says:


    thanks for the association of beltraine, gold recovery from 19th century ship wreak and the civil war;

    I’ve not studied up much on American civil war but I do find the economic conditions leading up to the civil war interesting;


  258. barbk says:

    azazi, I was unable to find NEW versions of degree interpretations (maybe they don’t exist after all) but here is a site that has book reviews of two older (non-American, thus no native americans used) Charubel’s and Sepharial’s, plus some others.


    Lynda Hill has given new interpretations to the old Sabian system that are quite popular too and she can be found at sabiansymbols dot com

  259. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Food Democracy Now

    National Day of Action

    Let’s turn up the heat on Monsanto! On May 9, 2014 at 3 pm EST – 12 pm, PST we’re taking it to the streets to tell Wall Street its time to sell Monsanto’s stock.

    This coming Friday, May 9th we’re having flash mob protests in select cities across the U.S. at Fidelity Investment offices to let them know that we’re serious about dumping Monsanto’s toxic assets.

    Fidelity alone owns more than $3.2 billion in Monsanto stock. In total, Fidelity manages more than $4.6 trillion in assets and more than 20 million customers in the U.S. – Are you one of them?

    Two weeks ago, Food Democracy Now! launched our Monsanto divestment campaign and things are off to an amazing start!

    Already, the phone lines at Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street have been ringing off the hook and thousands of you have reported calling your financial advisors and discovering that you inadvertently owned shares of Monsanto’s stock that were hiding in your mutual funds, 401K or pension funds.

    The great news is that many of you took immediate action and asked your advisor to sell those funds and invest in more socially responsible funds. That’s incredible and exactly how real lasting change is going to happen!

    Join us to take the Monsanto Stock Plunge global! Launch an event in your town or city and join our partners Natural News, Organic Consumers Association, Cornucopia, Green America, GMO Inside, Millions Against Monsanto, Babes Against Biotech, Food Babe, Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition, Institute for Responsible Technology, GMO Free USA and March Against Monsanto.

  260. Fe says:

    Azizi, Barbk-

    Here is Linda Hill’s interp of 24 Taurus from her website:

    TAURUS 24

    “You, or someone else, can be recognized for your abilities as a successful leader who is prepared to put themselves at risk to be successful. The risks you have taken are marked by rewards that are admired and respected. There’s a need for caution here, though, as the “us or them” mentality can lead to problems on every level. Be strong, but don’t take advantage of others or allow them to take advantage of you.

    Claiming one’s soil and one’s due. Fighting for one’s territory. Trophies of conquest. Aggression. Basic instincts. Territoriality.

    The Caution: Displaying success to intimidate others. Domination and ruthlessness. Taking things because one can. Violation of other’s space. Testosterone.”

    Interestingly, one could use Putin as a new example for 24 Taurus, at least in his perceived handling of the Ukraine. Same goes for the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  261. B.A. says:



    Apparently, only you and I see this on this blog.

    This law is not subtle, and its application will not be subtle.

    The right and practice to spy on everyone, and the right of indefinite detention, by the military, of citizens, here, without appeal, or even being heard by a court… Both supported by Obama administration… the “constitutional lawyer” I voted for to prevent this.

    Combine these two, and you have all the tools needed for turn key tyranny.

    Some see it, and have warned on it, and are trying to prevent it.

    Worthy of support:

    Ron Wyden, Mark Udall, Justin Amash, Rand Paul.

    Party labels do not apply.


  262. Lorrie U says:

    B.A. to Helen:
    “Apparently, only you and I see this on this blog.”

    Just b/c someone doesn’t comment doesn’t make you the only ones who “see this.” Kind of denigrating, really…

  263. Lorrie U says:

    “If the American public had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this country, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.” George HW Bush, December 1992, in an interview with Sarah McClendon

    Prescott Bush (father of HW/grandfather of W), along with Federal Reserve founders Paul Warburg and John D. Rockefeller, laundered money to Hitler, before and during his rise to power. Bush was the only one to have his company seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The Bushes, Warburgs, and Rockefellers are part of the root of the two party stranglehold.

    Abby Martin highlights the top five companies that aided Nazi Germany during the height of WWII, calling out companies such as Hugo Boss, IBM and Ford.


  264. Lorrie U says:

    In Deep South Where GOP Rejected Obamacare, Tens of Thousands Die Unnecessarily Every Year

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 900,000 people a year die of five leading causes in the U.S., and that 20 percent to 40 percent of these deaths are preventable (i.e., 180,000 to 360,000 needn’t die).

    …by its policies, the Tea Party is contributing to the death of more Americans every year than al-Qaeda is polishing off in Syria or Iraq.


  265. B.A. says:

    The chairman of a key committee in the House of Representatives agreed to move on a major surveillance overhaul on Monday, after months of delay.

    The decision, by the Republican chairman of the House judiciary committee, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, breathes new life back into the USA Freedom Act, a legislative fix favoured by privacy advocates to prevent the US government from collecting domestic data in bulk.

    The judiciary committee is expected to take action on an amendment encapsulating the provisions of the USA Freedom Act on Wednesday at 1pm. Congressional aides expected it to pass the committee with bipartisan support, setting up a fight on the House floor.

    Goodlatte, who had been hesitant to endorse the bill, written by former committee chairman James Sensenbrenner, will now vote for it personally.

    Goodlatte’s decision comes despite pressure by the House Republican leadership, which preferred an alternative bill, written by the House intelligence committee leadership, that would permit the government to acquire Americans’ data without a specific prior judicial order for it. Additional pressure came from a desire on all sides to avoid surveillance-related amendments to unrelated, critical bills slated for floor consideration later this month.

    An attempt by the intelligence committee and the House leadership to circumvent Goodlatte’s committee and pass the rival bill is said by observers to have galvanised Goodlatte’s decision to move forward on the USA Freedom Act. Internal committee negotiations on modifying the USA Freedom Act for passage intensified after the House intelligence committee unveiled its bill in March.

    See more at this link:


  266. Lorrie U says:

    Azizi – I get your point! However, the past is the past and we can’t rewrite history or deny it. What we can do is acknowledge what the intruders into this country did to cause the American Indian to retaliate in such a manner. As Fe pointed out in her post, Lynda Hill does a really great job of interpreting the Sabian Symbols in today’s terms while still using the same terminology.

  267. Lorrie U says:

    In Texas, A New Bush Launches Political Career With Leap Into Oil And Gas Interests


  268. Lorrie U says:

    A great read!!

    After the Cross, the Breakthrough


  269. Lorrie U says:

    Holy Moly…

    132 Nations Want Out of the Cabal Banking System

    Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the ‘tin-foil’ hat conspiracies, increasingly proven to be true, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is the center of a secret global economy that has bailed out American International Group Inc., huge insurance companies like AIG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co., J.P. Morgan,Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank AG, among others.

    The secret cabal’s control over international markets is becoming less of a mystery as increasing numbers of markets reveal themselves so obviously to be fixed. The cabal cheats the 99 percent with Libor interest rates, foreign exchanges, and gold, silver, and platinum price fixing. Then there’s high-frequency trading (HFT), where Wall Street banks use supercomputers to monitor incoming stock market orders, analyze their likely impact on prices, and place orders ahead of those trades to capture a bit of the price impact, called ‘stealing’ if it were properly named.
    Just a few weeks ago, 132 nations decided they’ve had enough of the ‘secret’ money jig we’ve all been dancing to. One of the largest coalitions of developing nations in history has urged Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, to provide, “as soon as possible…alternative options for banking services.” 132 countries, including China are done with the funny money scheme.


  270. azizi says:

    Thanks to all who have responded to my post.

    However, for the historical record, I feel compelled to note that the history of scalping both before and after White people came to what is now the USA is very complicated. Here’s an excerpt from an article about that topic http://www.hawthorneinsalem.org/ScholarsForum/MMD2263.html

    “Based on markings on skulls, drawings, linguistic clues, and the diaries of 15th- and 16th-century explorers, their [a historian at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, James Axtell’s and fellow historian William Sturtevant’s] conclusions were ultimately published in a 1981 book, “The European and the Indian,” which argues that the practice of scalping in North and South America predated the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

    “Scalps were not mere trophies or booty of war, however,” Axtell wrote. “The whorl of hair on the crown and especially male scalp locks, braided and decorated with jewelry, paint, and feathers, represented the person’s `soul’ or living spirit. To lose that hair to an enemy was to lose control over one’s life, to become socially and spiritually `dead’, whether biological death resulted or not.”

    English settlers adopted the practice as a retaliatory measure, he said – and then added a new twist by offering bounties to their Indian allies for scalps taken from hostile tribes…

    But the English took scalping into their own hands when the Indians could no longer be relied upon, and it became an accepted – if unpleasant – reality of Colonial life. By 1723, Massachusetts was paying 100 pounds sterling for the scalps of male Indians aged 12 and over, and half that for women and children. The scalps were then burned or buried.”…

  271. Lorrie U says:

    Diagnosing Paul Ryan’s psychopathy: Arrogant, manipulative, deceitful, remorseless

    High-functioning psychopaths have been known to invent full-blown personas for themselves on the spot, only to drop them and adopt another when it suits them. And when challenged for their inconsistency, they have no trouble simply denying everything outright — you’re the one who’s crazy, they’ll helpfully explain.


  272. Virginia says:


    I just read that you mother has passed. I’m so sorry for you loss.
    It’s hard to be reminded that the souls we know and love are ours to share, but not to keep. May you be comforted by many happy memories of her.

  273. barbk says:

    Thanks alex for the additional info on the 1857 economic crash.

    fe (and Lorrie U), you know what else Lynda Hill’s interpretation for that symbol reminds me of? The 200+ stolen school girls who are being sold at $12 each.

    My immediate thought was of Ceres whose daughter was stolen by Pluto and today transiting Ceres has moved retrograde back to 20+ Libra as has Haumea, the fertility goddess of Hawaii. Vesta who keeps the home fires burning too is still by her side at 18+ Libra as the sextile they formed with Pallas in Leo for so long has broken up due to Pallas stationing direct on April 8th.

    As far back as the March 1 New Moon in Pisces these 3 goddesses, along with the north node and Mars in late Libra (all moving retrograde or clockwise on a chart), were in lockstep for purposes unknown. In that chart they formed a yod with Juno at 28+ Pisces, putting all that (quincunx) energy on her back for demanded adjustment. Juno symbolizes gender equality as well as support for the disenfranchised. In hindsight the meaning is pretty clear. American education, especially for females is forbidden and punishable in the eyes of the captors.

    The following Virgo Full Moon on March 16 had the Ceres-Vesta-NN-Mars sextile Pallas group in a yod with the Sun (consciousness) at 26+ Pisces opposite the full Moon in Virgo who was the target of all that concentrated energy. The Aries Equinox on March 20, in a chart set in Washington DC, had the sextiling Ceres et al forming a yod with the MC (outcome) in late Pisces which trined the U.S. (Sibly) Mercury in Cancer. The word was to get out to America this Spring about the story of the kidnapped girls and it would light a fire of outrage.

    Transiting Neptune, also in Pisces (and trine the U.S. Jupiter) was conjunct Mercury in this equinox chart and he was trine the U.S. Venus at 3+ Cancer. The Moon was at 17+ Scorpio where transiting Saturn will be in June.

    At the Aries New Moon on March 30, the sextile between Ceres-NN-Vesta in Libra and Pallas in Leo continued, with Venus in Aquarius opposite Pallas, and Juno in Aries (conjunct Uranus) squared Pluto. Nigeria is a strong holdout in the decomposition of the ancient patriarchal system and it symbolizes all we have come to detest about brute force.

    On April 15th’s Libra Lunar Eclipse – a day after the school girls were kidnapped – the eclipsed Moon was conjunct Ceres exactly and sextile Pallas the Warrior goddess. Juno and Eris were conjunct the Sun and opposite Vesta. The cardinal cross was poised to perfect (April 23) and Chiron formed a 40 degree aspect with the Sun called a novile, a 3rd harmonic of the trine but more subtle. It is this aspect that moves us to find a way to heal this affront to the mothers and fathers who have lost their daughters to terrorists.

    The goddess sextile had deteriorated by the Taurus solar eclipse on April 29th but Pallas formed a quincunx (more adjusting) with Venus as she sat at the south bending of the Moon’s nodes, a point of release and a crossroad symbol. Go forward or retreat.

    Today Ceres and Haumea sit on a degree symbolized by A SUNDAY CROWD ENJOYING THE BEACH in the Sabian system. The sea symbolizes the unconscious as well as the planetary Mother principle, according to Dane Rudhyar. Opposite Ceres and Haumea at 20+ Aries is Hermes the Trickster and Ophelia who symbolizes madness. This Sabian symbol is A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING and here Rudhyar sees it as “the primordial struggle for survival of the fittest” and describes its meaning as OVERWHELMING POWER. These kidnapped children will in time become mothers themselves. What will happen to these newborns and who will determine how they grow up?

  274. barbk says:

    I was in such a hurry I left out that the U.S. chart’s Juno is at 20 Libra 28 and opposite Chiron at 20 Aries 08 in the Sibly version (7/4/1776, Sagittarius rising).

  275. Condolences to you and your family, starlight. Be comforted by the memories you have of her.

  276. Jerry says:

    Just in time for the May 9th Victory Day celebrations…..

    “…….. Monday, Putin signed into law legislation making it a crime to deny Nazi war crimes or spread deliberately false information about the actions of the Soviet Union during World War II. Those convicted could face up to five years in prison.

    The Kremlin has used national pride over the Soviet war victory to consolidate Russian society behind Putin. These patriotic feelings also have figured in a relentless Kremlin-driven propaganda campaign to denigrate the Ukrainian authorities by describing them as fascists and neo-Nazis.”


    For further info on the significance of May 9th, refer to the following article…

    Pro-Russia Splinter State Issues Call to Arms in Eastern Ukraine

    NBC News
    May 5, 2014

    Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine called for an armed insurrection against the country’s new Western-backed government on Monday. The Donetsk People’s Republic, a self-proclaimed splinter state that has taken over parts of the country’s Russian-speaking east, issued the call to arms.

    The group urged people to use the “unconditional right of all the citizens to take up arms and to conduct a sacred war.” It said the insurrection would take place on Friday, the anniversary of Victory Day when Nazi Germany capitulated to the Soviet Union in World War II.

    “We urge you to mark Victory Day on May 9 the same way as our grandfathers and great grandfathers did, to give battle to the … new fascist boot that is stamping on our land, burning, killing and crippling people,” it said in a statement on its website.



  277. Betsy says:

    Starlight, I’m curious about whether you have written about Operation American Spring and what May 16th onward looks like in Washington? If you have already adressed this, can you (or someone) please point me to that information? Is this just a nothing event that turns into a rightwingers failure as all of their other planned marches/coups have turned out (as I am hoping) or does it look like there might be some tensions in Washington in the near future?

  278. will says:

    Death Rate Fell in Massachusetts After ’06 Health Care Law

    The mortality rate in Massachusetts dropped sharply after the state overhauled health care in 2006, a study has found, offering evidence that universal coverage has saved lives, health economists say.


  279. alex says:

    Senator Bernie Sanders – “Just the facts, ma’am ”


  280. Helen says:

    B.A: Interesting you should say “party labels do not apply”. When the final Senate vote was came in for the NDAA, I was shocked that some of the most liberal lights, like Barbara Boxer voted FOR it. Meanwhile there were ten brave senators that voted against it divided between party lines.

    The right/left divide is meaningless when in fact it is the 99%/corporatist state divide.
    Reminder: liberals and conservatives BOTH make up the 99% – a fact that is the subject
    of this recent book:

    “Ralph Nader returned to the political stage with a new book, Unstoppable, whose triumphant subtitle is The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State. To kick off his publicity tour, he has argued that liberals should “definitely” impeach President Barack Obama, abandon the “international militarist” Hillary Clinton, and instead embrace Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) as a possible leader of his dream coalition.

    To what end? In the book, Nader writes that by marrying the Left with the libertarian Right, we can cut off government support for corporations and have “honest government,” “fair taxation,” and “more opportunity.” Nader sees relatively low-hanging fruit in opposing “sovereignty-shredding global trade agreements, Wall Street bailouts, the overweening expansion of Federal Reserve power, and the serious intrusions of the USA PATRIOT Act against freedom and privacy.”

  281. alex says:

    2000, Gore – Nader = Bush

    2016, Clinton – Nader = Bush

  282. alex says:


    the Republicans $$$$$ paid for Nader’s (Green Party) media and incidental expenses….. the GOP/Tea/Libertarian/Neocon/Koch etc will line up to make political contributions to Nader 2016

  283. Helen says:

    Memo: Clinton has been outed in progressive circles: Nafta, repeal of Glass/Steagall.

    Watch the PBS documentary on how that played out with the truly nauseating cast of financial fraudsters – the ones Obama placed BACK into service in 2008 (Larry Summers):
    Intro to Frontline’s ‘The Warning:


    Gore would have continued the stealth dismantling of the Middle Class.
    We’re not where we are by Republicans alone…..

  284. alex says:

    oops should read:

    2016, Clinton – Rand/Nader = Bush


  285. alex says:

    Helen you are a peach and you are it seems to me a purist

    I would rather pitch myself off a tall building then to live the Bush era over again with another Bush….

    but there must be purist…. Hillary is nice and messed up and she is Third Way/Corporate…. better than NEOCON Bush….

    Nader is a subversive…. Rand Paul is racist, misogynist and all kinds of Libertarian LUNATIC like all Libertarian Utopians he is delusional

  286. alex says:

    Democrats failed miserably by allowing Alito, Roberts, Thomas to be confirmed I remember the confirmation hearings I watched the entire nauseating Hollywood on the Hill stage play

    ps Helen – Gore is an idiot but better than BUSH

  287. Helen says:

    I could preach to the choir or come on this website and be called a peach (!)

  288. barbk says:

    alex, your ability to cut to the core (where nothing is pretty) simplifies the choice for the simplest of voters, and that’s a good thing. Gone are the days when we (thought we) could vote our principles alone. It’s down and dirty politics (much like war is) and we need to see our goal clearly. Thanks for providing that clarity!

  289. barbk says:

    Helen, the conjunction of Ceres (goddess of agriculture) and Haumea (Hawaiian goddess) has new meaning since I found your comment (May 4, 2:28 AM) regarding Monsanto and the Hawaiian island of Molokai.

    I repeat, in the U.S. (Sibly) chart asteroid Juno (defender of the disenfranchised) is joined by transiting dwarf planets Ceres and Haumea. U.S. Juno is opposite U.S. centaur Chiron (wounding) who is being transited by asteroids Hermes (trickster) and Ophelia (madness). It’s the Planetary Mother Principle (ocean beach) vs the Pugilist. So glad you posted this info, even though I’m late getting to it.

  290. arbo says:

    Helen, I don’t think Nader is a solution to anything. But if you’re sincere, perhaps you should check out May One Super PAC. Just a suggestion.

    alex, if it weren’t for Al Gore we quite possibly wouldn’t be communicating with each other at all. He didn’t invent he internet, but he had a lot to do with seeing that it was funded. I know words are cheap, but they tend to reflect a lot about the one employing them. Just a thought.

  291. alex says:


    ouch that hurt! – gore is an idiot he couldn’t persuade in all these long decades about climate crisis because he is inauthentic (I’m not repeating the media narrative) by his choices ( the ones the public knows about) he showed that he is ‘do as I say not as I do’ he wasn’t taken seriously because insiders knew he that about him; insincerity is a bad quality for a politician;

    the media figured out how to destroy him because they knew him to be vain and all about image; they knew he had no core/strength he had nothing to go to when it was time to fight so they mauled him alive;

    could he have been any worse in the debates…. he was awful; good time to fail miserably;

    as a politician he was all about IMAGE – more than most – he wanted to be president and ran his campaign as if he was expecting to collect an award he had already earned; he had ambition to be president but he didn’t run to represent people who counted on him to win…. he ran a LOUSY LAZY campaign and he let himself get pushed aside by SCOTUS…but before that he didn’t organize the Florida recount, by getting the right defense/offense team to make sure BushCO couldn’t steal his lunch money in Florida;

    I blame him for failing when the stakes were so high – he ran a lazy lousy campaign; we all have been paying for it for years and will continue to pay more years for his shortcomings;

  292. Michael from NYC says:

    Something everyone should realize is that a President isn’t a king: You can pass legislation without the House and Senate. And if you look at health care reform it was very difficult to that even with the Democrats controlling the legislation (and that was one reason why we lost the house). The President is also a captive to having to raise money, so money interests will always have a bigger say in what happens (a good example of this would be NAFTA under Clinton). But that said you’ll always do better with a Democrat in the White House even if you just make a bit of progress. For example if you look at the Supreme Court, many of the justices messing things up can be traced to Reagan and the elder George Bush. I think it was Howard Dean who said it best “if you want a perfect candidate to run for office then you should be the one to run”.

  293. arbo says:

    Hi, Michael, I’m pretty sure you meant “You CAN’T pass legislation without the House and Senate.”

    That being said, one is even more helpless when one is merely a candidate.

  294. alex says:

    France: No GMO


    The French government on Monday officially banned any strain of genetically modified corn from growing in its soil.

    The prohibition is effective immediately and comes as France’s top court upheld and the Senate confirmed an existing ban on all current and future varieties.

  295. Bob says:

    “Lorrie U
    May 5, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    Holy Moly…

    132 Nations Want Out of the Cabal Banking System”

    To go with Lorrie’s post above.


    Developing Nations Seek U.N. Retaliation on Bank Cancellations
    By Thalif Deen

    “The draft resolution, a copy of which was obtained by IPS, is an “agreed text” which has the blessings of all 132 countries, plus China.”

  296. Bob says:

    Rand Paul can never become President as a Rethug. His hair is too messy.

    Picture Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan. Bush, and Shrub. Not a hair out of place. Just sayin’ there are signs.

  297. thrasybulus says:


    I have great respect for Al Gore but do not blame Nader for the 2000 election loss – the election was stolen. You could argue that Gore was to blame for the election being close enough to steal but I believe that the main cause for that was Bill Clinton unzipping his pants + FOX news first full election cycle and its impact.

    There are those that blame Gore for running away from Clinton as stupid but I suggest you look at the New York state election returns in which Gore polled over 360,000 more votes than Hillary for senate (and that is with Nader supposedly draining votes from him) which pretty much obliterates that arguement imho. http://uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/compare.php?year=2000&fips=36&f=0&off=0&elect=0&type=state&all=1

    As far as his not walking the walk on the enviroment that is just right-wing BS. He is not perfect but the fact that he has been attacked so often by the right-wing propaganda machine is, imho because of his integrity and intelligence.

    He had the forsight to to push throught the funding/legislation that created the internet; he was the only Democrat with a national reputation that opposed the Iraqi war resolution (Hillary, Kerry, Edwards all voted for it);

    He chaired the Gore Commission on Airline Safety that proposed tough security measures that would probably have prevented 911 had they been implemented; http://www.cnn.com/US/9609/05/airport.security/

    And the thought that Climate Change has been set back because of dubious charges of Gore’s insincerety is laughable though it is true that those ignorant of the scientific studies routinely deflect any discussion of its validity with an Al Gore reference.

  298. barbk says:

    There is an interesting connection between the U.S. and Pres. Obama’s offer to the Nigerian government (which was accepted as you have probably read or heard) to help in the search for the missing school girls. Because the dwarf planet Ceres is so obviously a perfect symbol for this kind of outrageous act, I’ve drawn a chart for when Ceres stationed (retrograde) on February 27th, and set it in Washington DC. It is very revealing that the Sun (symbol of consciousness) in this chart is in the 2nd house of what we value and prize, conjunct Neptune in Pisces (both sign and planet symbolizing grief and sacrifice and bondage) and trine Jupiter in Cancer, the plant symbolizing understanding in the sign that symbolizes family.

    The Sun at 8+ Pisces in this Ceres station rx chart also conjuncts the U.S. (Sibly) Ceres in the same degree. U.S. natal Ceres squares U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini in the 6th house of service and is very near the 7th house cusp of partnership. Uranus symbolizes technology, breakthroughs, and a disregard for rules of any kind.

    When planets (appear to) go retrograde the commonly held belief is that they are initiating a review of certain subjects that have already been addressed, but inadequately. As they station their energy intensifies due to the planet’s lack of movement and that intensifies the degree of the zodiac where the station occurs. At 2+ Scorpio, transiting Ceres’ stationing intensified that degree with a Sabian Symbol picture of A DELICATE BOTTLE OF PERFUME LIES BROKEN, RELEASING ITS FRAGRANCE. Dane Rudhyar believed the significance of the symbol is summed up by the word SURRENDERED.

    Astrology is a language of symbols; things that most people can identify with. Sometimes the symbolism is hidden and sometimes it is blatant – in your face – like Ceres is in this instance. On the other hand, a symbol of detestable subject matter is Hades, a Uranian Point (no actual body has been discovered but its orbit is followed by many astrologers) that draws attention to repulsive things we would rather not look at or discuss. In this chart, Hades is at 1+ Cancer retrograde and exactly conjuncts the descendant, the 7th house cusp of partners and open enemies.

    I could write pages about the symbolism in this chart but tonight I only want to make anyone reading this aware of what is happening and why. In my opinion it is a universal call to address the subject of inequality between men and women, the subject of human trafficking and the fall of the entrenched patriarchy, seen here in its most obscene and archaic form. If we are to move forward (upward) as a species at this critical time in human history, we must address – as a whole – the multitude of problems (global warming, financial tyranny, abuses of all kinds, etc.) we (as a whole) have become almost complacent about. This chart for this planet addresses only a fraction of them.

    The horizontal line across a chart between 1st and 7th houses symbolizes the divide between what is personal (below) and what is public (above), what is conscious (above) and what is not so conscious (below). This chart for this country, USA, has a symbol associated with the “other”, the 7th house cusp on the conscious-public side, and it represents what is repugnant to us and is avoided. The degree of the 7th house cusp and the Uranian Point Hades has the Sabian Symbol of A MAN ON A MAGIC CARPET HOVERS OVER A LARGE AREA OF LAND, and a keynote of “The ability to expand one’s consciousness by stabilizing one’s point of view at a higher level.” A higher level.

    Opposite, at the other end of the chart’s horizon at the ascendant (1st house cusp) is the symbol THREE ROSE WINDOWS IN A GOTHIC CHURCH, ONE DAMAGED BY WAR, and it’s keynote is “The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.”

    This chart’s Sun, with all its connection to the symbol of Ceres, set in the U.S. Capitol, in the 2nd house of what is deemed of value, couldn’t be more clear. The country (citizens, government, religions, organizations) must step up to the plate and face the repugnance of that which these young girls have likely sacrificed their lives for; awareness of and the elimination of slavery, denigration of women and tolerance (look the other way) of brute force against the vulnerable. This chart has Mars (action) at the MC (public) and it trines the U.S. Moon, a symbol of the People but also a symbol of womanhood, specifically motherhood. We owe it to our children to make the world better and this is one of the places to start.

  299. will says:


    “Rand Paul can never become President as a Rethug. His hair is too messy.”


  300. barbk says:

    Magnificent! If I ever did see her I was young and didn’t know who she was. Thanks will, she’s quite photogenic!

  301. alex says:


    Reclaim Democracy – corporate personhood


    Proposed Constitutional Amendments

  302. will says:


    Yes, she is quite the glamour girl; rumor has it she sleeps around.

  303. Lorrie U says:

    Jeb and Hillary Are the Wrong Candidates for 2016

    Voters are expressing a seemingly permanent bitterness at Washington and our country’s governing class. This year’s midterms are likely to be the fourth of five wave elections since 2006. If 2016 is another change election, being the candidate of the past will be a burden that won’t be easily overcome.


  304. alex says:


    How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data


    BY Janet Vertesi


    How do science, technology and society influence each other?

    As a sociologist and historian of science and technology, I am interested in many facets of the interrelation between science, technology and society.

  305. alex says:



    “Meet The Woman Who Did Everything In Her Power To Hide Her Pregnancy From Big Data”

    Facebook is the most immediate offenders for data collection.

    You said you quit all Google products two years ago. What was the breaking point for you?

    When Google knew I was engaged before anybody else did, that did it for me.

    Wait, what?!? How did that happen?

    Google reads your email, reads your chats. It knows what you’re searching for. It sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake. And the server is economically incentivized to remember.

    The way to make money on the internet these days is to get people to exchange personal information for free, and you get them to do that by making them think they’re just interacting with the service: sending an email or searching or chatting with a friend. But there’s this underlying architecture there.

    Google just updated their privacy policy to explicitly state that they read your emails and your chats to better serve you targeted advertising. The final straw for Google was when they changed the privacy policy in 2012, and that they aggregated information about you on all these platforms

  306. alex says:


    you believe what you believe about Gore because you have accepted his media persona;

    brief survey: behind the mask

    he is quite the elitist; this is somewhat recent peek at it but he has always been about culling the human population aka Rockerfeller Institute; Al Gore told the World Economic Forum …it is his desire to reduce the growth of human population.


    Gore is a corporatist of the highest order (if you think Hillary is bad…. Gore is worse)

  307. alex says:

    Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by William F. Engdahl

    This skillfully researched book focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish its control over the very basis of human survival, the provision of our daily bread. Control the food and you control the people.

    This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO. Engdahl takes the reader inside the corridors of power, into the backrooms of the science labs, behind closed doors in the corporate boardrooms. The author reveals a World of profit-driven political intrigue, government corruption and coercion, where genetic manipulation and the patenting of life forms are used to gain worldwide control over food production.

  308. Jerry says:

    Did Putin Blink On Ukraine? Or Was That A feint?

    Chicago Tribune
    May 8, 2014

    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday that he was pulling Russian troops from the border with Ukraine and urging pro-Russian separatists to delay a referendum on sovereignty that they had hoped to hold on Sunday. Putin claims he wants to give diplomacy a chance to resolve the Ukrainian crisis that … he had a huge hand in creating.

    Did Putin blink because Russia’s wobbly economy is seriously threatened by economic sanctions that have been imposed by the U.S. and Europe, sanctions that are focused on Russian business tycoons and Putin cronies? Or is Putin merely trying to give himself some diplomatic distance while separatists in Ukraine continue to destabilize the country? In that scenario, Putin would build some plausible deniability with these latest maneuvers, then send Russian troops to “stabilize” Ukraine as chaos builds. Hey, he tried the diplomatic way first. Didn’t he smile on plans to hold a May 25 presidential election?

    One reason to suspect a Putin feint is that Russia’s major trading partners in Europe — the ones who could do serious damage to Russia’s economy and Putin’s oligarch buddies — have resisted broader sanctions. Save Ukraine? Not if it means disrupting business with Russia.



  309. Jerry says:

    Why May 9 Will Be A Date To Watch In Ukraine

    Washington Post
    May 7, 2014

    It’d be tough to overstate how much World War II still resonates in Russia. Take its naming: It’s no “Second World War” in Russia, it’s The Great Patriotic War. Then consider the death toll: 27 million Soviet citizens dead, according to one estimate. Horrifying events that took place on Russian soil, such as the Siege of Leningrad and the Battle of Stalingrad, are not forgotten.

    This week, that’s especially important. Remember that in Russia, May 9 is Victory Day: the anniversary of the day that the Soviet Union announced that Nazi Germany had surrendered. And Victory Day isn’t just a big day for Russia. It’s a big day for all former members of the Soviet Union who fought together in the war. This year, it may be an exceptionally complicated day for one country in particular: Ukraine.



  310. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – “Al Gore told the World Economic Forum …it is his desire to reduce the growth of human population.”

    With 9 billion people on the planet, I think we absolutely need to reduce the growth of human population!

  311. Lorrie U says:

    HHS: Hospitals are safer places to be with Obamacare

    The Affordable Care Act prevented 15,000 hospital-related deaths in 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services reports. It’s also saved $4.1 billion in costs, and prevented 560,000 hospital-related injuries in 2011 and 2012. That means more than half a million fewer falls, bad drug reactions, or hospital-based infections.


  312. Lorrie U says:

    Republicans Freak Out as Some In FEC Want Fox and Conservative Media Treated Like PACs

    Republican FEC Chairman Lee Goodman is sparking a right wing freak out by claiming that some in the FEC want to treat conservative media such as Drudge and Fox News like political action committees.

    The truth that Goodman doesn’t want to face is that conservatives already control the media. Newscasts are now corporate owned and monetized for profit. The top cable news network is Republican mouthpiece Fox News. The Sunday morning shows are all heavily biased towards Republicans. Talk radio is dominated by conservatives. The only media where liberal have an advantage is the Internet.

    Conservative media is mainly funded by the same people and corporations that fund the Republican Party. Conservative media should be treated as PACs because they are involved in daily partisan political activity. In contrast, PoliticusUSA does not accept any funding from any individual or organization, nor do we donate to/endorse any candidates.

    What conservatives are most terrified of is the return of the Fairness Doctrine. Short of the FCC restoring the Fairness Doctrine, conservatives fear that the facade will be blown off of their propaganda machine, and they get treated like the political operatives that they are.


  313. Jerry says:

    Another view from a different perspective (tr. Saturn in opposition to Putin’s natal Jupiter?)……

    Putin’s Ukraine Move Shows Wariness Of Overplaying Hand

    Times Of India
    May 8, 2014

    MOSCOW: Vladimir Putin’s call for pro-Moscow separatists to postpone an independence referendum in eastern Ukraine shows the Russian president has achieved as much as he can for now without taking the potentially catastrophic step of sending in troops. The Russian president’s assertion that he has withdrawn forces from the Ukraine border — the White House says it has seen no evidence of this — was a clear sign that he wants to take the heat out of worst East-West row since the Cold War.

    It may also indicate that the Russian economy, on the brink of recession, is feeling the pain of the Western sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis. Analysts predict the separatists will heed Putin’s call to postpone Sunday’s vote. The greatest fear in the West, and in financial markets, was that Russia would send the 40,000 troops Nato says are massed on the border into Ukraine, biting another chunk out of the former Soviet republic following Moscow’s March annexation of the largely Russian-speaking Crimean peninsula. That seems to be off the agenda for now and Russian markets soared in reaction to Putin’s words.



  314. alex says:


    Al Gore: the thing is his cultivated image/persona is as a populist but he is an elitist aka Kissinger’s (Rockerfeller Institute) policy for population control – “Sterilize or Starve” (World Bank policies, Foreign Aid, Trade Agreements, GMO sterile seeds vs. farmers, bombed backed into the stone age, etc)

    GOP/Liberterian/Koch/TeaParty/Neocon: “if you get sick die quickly” – no health care for US citizens! GMO poisoned food! etc etc etc

  315. alex says:


    the drive behind extreme US income inequity is ‘population control’ how is that working out for 99% of us?

    FYI: quality of life


    The Drinkable Book


  316. alex says:


    Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making
    by David Rothkopf

    Political scholar Rothkopf (Running the World) has written a serious and eminently readable evaluation of the superpowerful.

    Today economic clout— is fueled by the explosive expansion of international trade, travel and communication—rules. The nation state’s power has diminished, according to Rothkopf, shrinking politicians to minority power broker status.

    Leaders in international business, finance and the defense industry not only dominate the superclass, they move freely into high positions in their nations’ governments and back to private life largely beyond the notice of elected legislatures including the U.S. Congress.

    The superelites’ disproportionate influence over national policy is always self-interested.

    “Whether you like it or not, there is no way to deny the enormous, disproportionate, concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a relatively small number of people in the world today. David Rothkopf has vividly described who they are, and how they operate and interact, in his valuable and often disturbing new book.” —Richard Holbrooke, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

  317. starlight says:

    I have emerged to write a brief piece and create a new thread. I am still inundated with all kinds of things that need addressing but I wanted to get this out.


  318. thrasybulus says:


    I see we both suffer from “doomsday mania”. But unfortunately I think we have reason to be foreboding, though I continually have to remind myself we can change the future or the warnings are pointless.

    What you posted about the Russian invasion of Crimea seems to mesh very well with Nostradamus’ predictions. I posted this quatrain earlier thinking it might refer the our recent April 20 Easter Sunday;

    IX 31

    The trembling of land at Mortara,
    The tin island of St. George half sunk;
    Drowsy with peace, war will arise,
    At Easter in the temple abysses opened.

    At the time I mentioned that Mortara is also an anagram for Sumatra. Since Easter has come and gone I at first simply thought another false alarm. But then I looked for recent earthquakes in Sumatra-not hard to find.



    The first link is to a Sumatra quake just hours before the Russian invasion. The second link is to a quake on March 5. March 5 happened to be the first day of Lent- the six week period of fasting that precedes Easter Sunday.

    So if we consider Lent as an integrel part of Easter! I don’t think I’m stretching it do you? Then the timing of the floods in the UK in February make the quatrain darn near perfect.

  319. thrasybulus says:

    Nostradamus and Pavel Globa also agree in the central role Obama plays in the beginning of WWIII but Nostradamus provides a lot more detail.

    Quatrai 57 Century 2
    Before the conflict the great wall will fall,
    The great one to death, death too sudden and lamented,
    Born imperfect: the greater part will swim:
    Near the river the land stained with blood.

    The key here is the word swim or nager in French. But change the “a” in nager to “i” and we have the Latin word niger or “black”, so the line reads;

    Born imperfect: the greater part black:
    Is this a description of a man born of multiracial parents who is outwardly black. Does it not make a little better sense?

    The great wall that falls is the wall dividing East and West and the death here comes before that wall is breached.