The Bear Growls

With Vladimir Putin getting approval from his rubber-stamp parliament to deploy troops to Crimea, the volatility in Ukraine continues to escalate. The first phase of the crisis, a confrontation between Western-oriented Ukrainian citizens and the Russian-backed President Victor Yanukovych, ended with the thuggish Yanukovych fleeing the country and his political opposition taking control of the government. The second phase, more aggressive involvement of Russia as it effectively takes over Crimea and attempts to destabilize the new Ukrainian government, is in full swing.

The US and its allies in Western Europe are loudly decrying Russian military intervention, but Putin remains unperturbed. Needless to say, no one is suggesting violently confronting his troops, although some possible economic penalties have been mentioned. One small bit of good news in all of this is that Russia cutting gas supplies to Ukraine would be a less potent threat than it once was. The US shale gas boom and other shifting sources of supply have resulted in the decreasing price of this energy source and the shrinking of Ukrainian dependence on Russian gas.

The long Uranus station square to Ukraine’s Ascendant (8Capricorn41), from late October 2013 through early January 2014, combined with the square to Ukraine’s natal Uranus (10Capricorn06), from mid-January to mid-February 2014, provided enough ukrainerevolutionary fervor to ignite the fiery eruption that led to the successful ouster of the brutal kleptocracy of  Victor Yanukovych. The still-active, protracted Jupiter/Uranus square, from mid-February through late April, seems to be the signature aspect in the ongoing confrontation, with the push for independence from tyranny (Uranus) magnified and energized (Jupiter) for a sustained period. The strengthening of Uranus by Jupiter also points to the fast-moving and transformative nature of day-to-day events, as well as describing the willingness of Putin to act in defiance of previous international agreements and largely ignore global condemnation.

As Russian Federation troops move into Crimea and shut down the two airports there, the situation is becoming increasingly unstable.  We know from the Ukrainian chart that the Ukrainian people are energized and angry through the first week of March, due to the progressed Moon square to natal Mars (25Virgo05). We also know that they will go through a three-week period of considerable stress and upset from March 16 through April 9, when Saturn transits square to the natal Moon (22Aquarius09). Progressed Ukrainian Mars will remain in a square with natal Uranus (10Capricorn06) through 2014, suggesting that feelings of anger and rebellion continue through the year, though without the intensified drama of January and February.

The Russian chart is also quite revealing. Here we find that converse progressed Mars has moved to a square with the natal Sun (21Gemini10), waxing to exact around mid-July. russiaThis aspect points to the goals of the country (the Sun) becoming more aggressive and potentially militarized (Mars) in late 2013 through the summer of 2014. Moreover, the converse progressed Russian Moon is currently conjunct converse Mars (21Pisces), exact around mid-March, strongly activating the already aggressive Sun/Mars combination from mid-February to mid to late March. Any transit to 21 degrees, especially of a mutable sign, will tend to set this potent combination off: the Moon on March 1, 8, and 16; Mercury (trine the Sun) on March 8; the Sun conjunct the converse Moon/Mars on March11; and Mars trine the Russian Sun from March 30 through April 2.

It should also be noted that transiting Saturn will be quincunx the Russian Sun from April 6 through April 26. This suggests some opposition or frustration in Russia in the implementation of its goals. April is also when the US chart lights up with Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter joining Pluto in hard aspect to the US Sun. it is not impossible to imagine some kind of global action that pushes back against Russia at this time, possibly having some short-term impact. USchart

But there may be a greater, long-term consequence found in the transit of Pluto opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19), now in its first phase, from February through late May 2014. This aspect will return in December 2014 and early January 2015, and then again from July to early November 2015. It describes a sense of anxiety in a power struggle that demands attention and vigilance. The battle can be with the elements as a result of fierce storms, with financial conditions, or with an actually perceived enemy whose power seems relentless and difficult to deal with. As Putin continues to oppose the US on several significant policy issues, and as he wields a very big stick in Ukraine which no one has any realistic capacity to truly thwart, it seems that a two-year sense of struggle with Vladimir Putin may be part of what this Pluto transit is about. As Rachel Maddow recently described on her show, “It is not the Cold War anymore, but there is a chill wind in the air.”


  1. alex says:

    starlight – it seems that Putin will have influenced 2014 elections and the 2016 as well don’t you think?

  2. Todd Bennett says:

    Putin’s request to Parliament explicitly states “in accordance with international agreements.” He may ignore global condemnation but he worded to avoid sanctions, carefully calling it a security mission and not an invasion. The most important news is that the Ukrainian military is not going to resist, and the U.S. has made zero military movements in response. -CBS.

    It is quite possible even likely that the U.N. delivers sanctions in April, but nobody is going to stand in his way militarily. It is not a part of the NATO map. Knock on Poland’s door, then we will talk.

  3. starlight says:

    I agree – no one will oppose him militarily. What blew me away when I found it was the converse Moon conjunct converse Mars square the Russian Sun. That lunar aspect peaks in mid-month, which suggests there may be further aggression at least until then.

    I had to keep revising this while I was writing it because the situation kept changing. Typical of Uranus activity.

  4. starlight says:

    alex – I don’t know how this will impact the elections. It is not even close to finished unfolding. I am concerned about a kind of mini Cold War. Putin will be under the same Pluto transit square to his Sun, although it doesn’t fully hit until him the end of the year. It doesn’t get there this April.

  5. Todd Bennett says:

    Starlight are you still fairly confident in your take that our nation does not suffer a huge national tragedy? And are the Uranus Mars Pluto lit up chart potentially indicative of a major U.N. security council move, that, given later Saturn, perhaps fails? That would seem to fall in line with challenge to implicit challenge to our global standing, IMO.

  6. starlight says:

    Crimean coup seen as Putin’s payback for takeover in Ukraine:

  7. starlight says:

    Todd – This is Uranus we are dealing with, which is by definition unpredictable. There are little pockets of upset for the US, but those look like week-long ravages from bad weather, although I cannot guarantee that. But Uranus square the US Sun followed by Uranus square the Ascendant of the Spring chart in April, the latter simultaneous to very tight Pluto opposite the Sun. I do not know what that will bring. Certainly rapidly changing circumstances, a big story of some kind. unexpected events that are transformative, etc. Saturn stress comes briefly 5/23 to 6/7 with a sesquiquadrate to Venus; same again from 8/12 to 9/1.

    Uranus opposite US Saturn could impact our world standing in a negative way: 4/26 to 5/16 and 9/3 to 9/30/14. We should be careful what we threaten because we will look very weak if we can’t pull it off, and I don’t know how we could stop Putin if he really got going. Both Uranus and Pluto will be hitting the US 10th house Saturn over the next year and a half. I think this may be the time we realize we don’t rule the world anymore.

  8. Todd Bennett says:

    Obviously you know my fears, but my read on this is that the U.N. is going to tell Obama to pound sound-no sanctions, though a major attempt will be made, a power struggle will ensue, and Russia will win that diplomatic struggle. To the barstool basketball fan it may not sound like a big deal, but the pattern may repeat and Putin will have neutralized us with a pen, not a bomb. That is a big deal geo-politically, but in the long run, better for us as we will finally stand down. I am glad we stopped using the term grave mistake for example, to buttress your point on what we threaten.

  9. lunagardener says:

    i have been Lighting some candles for the people of Ukraine,the families that are always displaced and ruined by the worlds power trippers. I am wondering at this point in time, if those that try to dominate, will fail in their attempts at control. Russian forces moving in now, as Mars turns retrograde back into Libra? The power trippers don’t seem all that smart to me. It may take years to sort out, but I don’t see that we are living in a time when the tyrants keep their power for very long any more, especially if they try to use military might or underhanded means.

  10. alex says:

    First Impressions:

    9/3 to 9/30/14 (9/24 New Moon cnj USA MC @01 Libra)

    9/30 Sun @06 Libra – 9/3 Sun @10 Virgo

    9/14 Venus @10 Virgo (degree/sign Askalaphus 3/1/2014 opposite
    New Moon 10 Pisces)

    9/13 Mars ingress 00 Sagittarius

    New Moon – Sept 24, 2014 – 6:14 (GMT) – 1 Tishrei – New year 5775 begins ; Rosh Hashana 5775 (9/24/14) also marks 12:36 on the cosmic clock. 5775 features three eclipses aligned with three major turning points in the year: Sukkot in the fall on the full moon of the solar Libra transit, the 1st of Nissan, which is parallel to 1 Aries, and Passover, the full moon of the solar Aries transit. More here:

  11. Todd Bennett says:

    Blast from the past!
    Look at 12-02, the planets were worse I think. My point is, aren’t you curious to see how malefic and warlike the planets are for Romney and McInsane for the upcoming time period? I think has aggravated as I am at Obama, he is a thinker, and might just think us out of a disaster the others would have embraced. He will probably have to look weak and ineffectual to do it, but I would be more worried about big problems if it looked like his response made him popular. Sometimes the only option is to swallow hard and drop your gun.

  12. alex says:

    EXCERPT [measurement comparison utilized, twice the diameter of a human hair]

    ….this is something to think about because the dimensions of human hair was a reference for gravity variation in earth/ocean topography from Gravity Probe B satellites in space 2003 to ( can’t recall when the mission was complete) they also used the dimension comparision to the width of human red blood cell to suggest a visualization for the precision of measurement from space for gravity variations/changes of earth/ocean and later moon surface measurements;

    …the Earth itself formed 4.5 billion years ago as a ball of molten rock, meaning that its crust formed relatively soon thereafter,100 million years later.

    For a rock of such importance, it is rather small. It measures only about 200 by 400 microns, about twice the diameter of a human hair. The age of the crystal also means that the crust appeared just 160 million years after the very formation of the solar system.

  13. will says:

    I’m no geopolitical specialist but my take is that the Russian mentality is such that it does not respect or respond to anything but brute, in-your-face, vicious and unrelenting, skull-cracking force. Again and again, Russia has proven herself the kind of country that once gets an inch, takes a mile. Of course I am hopeful that the conflagration chills out – but my gut tells me it won’t be possible without some real bare-knuckles, vicious opposition.

    Assholes don’t take “nice” for anything more than cowardice; its programmed deep in the aggressor’s DNA – Putin is an asshole with a flaming Napoleanic complex and Russia has the giant scorching asshole of a bolshevik bear.

  14. starlight says:

    Todd – The pattern with Obama has been that he seems to hold back and people want more assertiveness, but then it proves that he was right. He is thoughtful and a chess player. Astrologically, the ruler of the Aquarian rising chart is Uranus in the 7th, hence the desire to negotiate and compromise. The co-ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant is Saturn in the 12th, hence all of his behind-the-scenes activity that we don’t see but is percolating quietly. I also think his Mars trine Saturn is very steady, cautious and effective, but not impulsive at all.

    I think as aggravated as I am at Obama, he is a thinker, and might just think us out of a disaster the others would have embraced. He will probably have to look weak and ineffectual to do it, but I would be more worried about big problems if it looked like his response made him popular. Sometimes the only option is to swallow hard and drop your gun.


  15. starlight says:

    Obama is pulling out of the G-8 conference scheduled to be in Russia. He announced it after talking to Putin on the phone. I wonder who else might pull out.

  16. Todd Bennett says:

    Major retaliation, war, nuclear, or otherwise would probably not result in a popularity drop that you foresee. Relentless moaning about his weakness on cable news would. Two it is a good sign his Mars, nor our US Mars is affected correct?

    Also, is there any good news astrologically, any trines in our favor? And does it look, astrologically, like Russia could directly sneak attack us or our interests, or are the aspects not that bad, and of course the same question goes for North Korea. Thanks.

  17. Ardy says:

    Hiya all. I stay in touch with all the news here although I don’t post much, so thanks to everyone for keeping it interesting.
    I seem to recall a prediction that Russia would be of major importance astrologically to Pres Obama. I wonder if anyone else remembers this and if it was one of Nancy’s posts?

  18. Ardy says:

    There has been some kind of terror attack in China, too, at a train station. Horrifying, but interesting to see what is going on there too.

  19. ArtCulturePeace says:

    re: Ukraine

    A good source of unfolding/up-to-minute/live-updates:

    At 8:05GMT Latvia & Lithuania have invited NATO involvement. And it has earlier been reported that the nation’s economic situation (enfeebled by corrupt leaders) also makes it an inviting take-over candidate for the Intl. Monetary Fund types.

    Julia Tymoshenko,former uber-wealthy Ukranian oil baronness & head of state whose first language is Russian has reportedly made these comments:
    “Our main weapon is complete peace of mind.”
    “They (Putin)want a war scenerio like Abkhazia and South Ossetia”…

    And evidently there are alot of pro-Putin ethnic Russians in Crimea, as well as gangs (Christian? Political?) on motorcycles mobilized there that are loyally aligned w/Putin. So the ‘invasion’ isn’t totally hostile to some of the Ukranian people living there.

    In terms of these volatile times/events…it is the people themselves, (not the few/high profile figureheads, the shadowy strategists, the paid armies, corporate/paid saboteurs, media propagandists) who must energetically choose their fate by not being proxy war pawns, for the future to belong to themselves & their children, imv. For while astrology offers a map of themes, timings, challenges, potentials…it is up to each Ukranian to choose their intentions, behaviors, integrities, outcomes with wisdom & without fear. In such self-empowerment the people of Ukraine can presently create/demand/write their own future,imv.


  20. will says:


    I am compelled to be the devil’s advocate;

    “The pattern with Obama has been that he seems to hold back and people want more assertiveness, but then it proves that he was right.”

    Aside from earnestly pushing for ACA which has been a long-time coming and in the works for decades (starting with HRC’s brutally-thwarted efforts), what would some of those crowning, “in-spite of it all,” against-all-odds” moments for the President be thus far?

  21. Lorrie U says:

    Can’t you just agree to disagree and let it go?

  22. starlight says:

    will – During the 2008 campaign, everyone wanted him to be more aggressive, but he did a brilliant job letting McCain hang himself instead. Classic Obama.

    Also, everyone was pressing him to issue an executive order about Don’t ask, don’t tell, to get rid of it. But he knew another president could just bring it back. He wanted legislation. It took a lot longer, but was permanent. Mars trine Saturn in earth signs: slow, steady, determined and reaching completion.

    Those are the two that come to mind.

    Todd – The only time I see any Mars show is up is the transiting Jupiter station conjunct Obama’s Mars, and square the US Mars at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. I don’t really see that as military action, but there is a small possibility. Otherwise, there is nothing that suggests war to me. The current Russian aspects in the converse chart, on the other hand, are a good example of an intensified Mars. Also in Assad’s chart, with progressed Mars over the past few years square to natal Uranus, then natal Pluto and now natal Sun. We know where that has gone.

  23. will says:

    Are you addressing me Lorrie? I wasn’t addressing you. I was specifically asking Starlight – and with any hope, I’m looking for an uplifting, positive response from her.

    Please try not to personalize it and make it about you. Please.

  24. Todd Bennett says:

    Wow could there be a war without us? Or maybe we just let it fizzle out and fade away, more hopefully. The term transformative event on U.S. soil you wrote in May I think has worried me ever since, but it seems unlikely to be a military strike if we stand down.

    That in mind, could whatever affects us in April big be not related to the Ukraine thing?

  25. will says:


    Fair-enough; thank you. I needed that.

    May President Obama win more battles with his very cool head.

  26. Anne's Aunt says:

    Obama is a brilliant politician. He knows how to win and plays hardball, and sometimes down and dirty. Most successful politicians have played dirty from time to time, and Obama is no exception and with his very quick rise in office he has been especially brilliant at that. And slogans.

    Oddly, progressives expected him to be progressive or liberal or follow democratic party platform and he didn’t for the first 5 years of his presidency. He was “post partisan”.

    His political rhetoric is passionate but his actions are not – they’re ‘cool headed’ and very very cautious and always have been. The only thing he has passionately pushed for in his presidency (besides his elections) is for Romney care and including republican ideas in government.

    That said with his pattern of holding back on policy it may serve us well.

  27. Bob says:


    Keep it down!

    OK. Here’s the plan. We get Putin to shut off oil to Europe then we argue that for humanitarian reasons in order to supply oil to Europe the Keystone XL Pipeline must be approved because it will be much better delivery than by truck. TA-DA! Mission accomplished! The oil is going to be moved. It is just a matter of how it is going to move. Once it’s built we don’t deal with highway tolls, trucker’s wages, possible strikes, and lots of other little people BS. More boodle, bread, cabbage, clams, dinero, dough, gelt, kale, lettuce, lolly, lucre, loot, moolah, pelf, scratch, shekels, simoleons, sugar, wampum, for us! We’ll make The Wolf of Wall Street look like a pauper.

    No matter that oil from the pipeline will never have any effect on that situation. It is the right thing to do. We must help them! Save them! We’re on a “Mission from God” just like Jake and Elwood! Just sell it. Sell it like the Bible a dear, departed, mother ordered as a gift for [insert person] just before before she passed over to a better place. Or to keep little orphans from freezing to death while thay make artificial flowers with the wind and snow blowing in through the broken windows of their tenement rooms.

    Go forth and prosper!

  28. Helen says:

    I tend to agree with this article below: it’s not wholly about Russia, it’s about US interventionist policies:

    One comment mentioned:
    “It seems likely that the admin sought to bully Russia into a military response to create a new rationale for the military kleptocracy.”

    Which seems to telescope nicely with this weeks request by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel for in increase in the Pentagon budget.

    We’ve put ourselves in Russia’s sphere of influence and there’s blowback. Think how well we’ve done in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria….

  29. Richard says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Will about Russia. Putin could not care less about the threat of sanctions, whether we pull out of the upcoming G-8 Summit, or even whether we try to have Russia expelled from the U.S.

    He wants the Soviet Union back, and taking over Ukraine would be a great first step for him (I hope nobody is naive enough to think he would stop with Crimea).

    I’m usually totally against U.S. intervention, especially military (Iraq and Afghanistan were obviously mega-disasters for us) but with Ukraine, I keep having uneasy feelings about us doing nothing but low key threatening, which would only embolden Putin to try God only knows what as his next step…

    Mr. Putin is indeed the classic schoolyard bully who only understands counteractions greater than his own…

  30. Richard says:

    …of course in my last post I meant “expelled from the G-8″, not the U.S.

  31. alex says:

    Primaries TX – this Tuesday

    Abbott’s lead in some polls against Wendy Davis has been widening.

    Greg Abbott, R-candidate for TX governor, may get away speaking with ‘forked’ tongue – both sides of his mouth because of this:

    “It’s nothing new to me,” he said, noting the ethnic background of his wife, Cecilia, who has Mexican-American ancestry. Abbott said his election would not only mean Texas would have its first Hispanic first lady, but it’s first Catholic governor.


    BROWNSVILLE — As City Commissioner Ricardo Longoria Jr. introduced Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, to a crowd at Linear Park Saturday morning, the announcement was met with thunderous applause.

    “You’re in Democrat country now,” Longoria said, turning to that party’s frontrunner in the gubernatorial primary, which will be held Tuesday.

  32. lunagardener says:

    I have a Ukranian friend on FB who posted links to watch what is really going on in the Ukraine.

  33. Kdez says:

    I think interpreting the current aspects in terms of Putin vs Obama, or Russia vs USA, or East vs West is missing the real point of what is going on. ArtCulturePeace said “…it is the people themselves, (not the few/high profile figureheads, the shadowy strategists, the paid armies, corporate/paid saboteurs, media propagandists) who must energetically choose their fate…” and this is the real drama of our times.

    The significant actors are the ordinary/extraordinary people in the streets – in the Arab Spring, in Ukraine, and elsewhere. In Syria they have paid a terrible price – popular uprisings can be brutally repressed, or subverted by better-organized and funded extremists and goons. I’m not that optimistic about the outcome, but if you focus on the personalities of a few leaders, or insist on playing at geo-political grand strategy, you are missing the whole point, cosmically and on the ground.

  34. alex says:


    The old adage is that you can’t beat something with nothing.

    The Democrats, including Obama, have a record to run on:

    Against this backdrop, the GOP, by choice, is offering nothing but attacks on the ACA, scandal-mongering on Benghazi and IRS missteps and a roadblock against any fiscal initiative that would improve the economy and put the many unemployed, under-employed and out of the labor force to work.

    There are many signals pointing to 2014 Republican vulnerability, including:

    – The 2013 Elections:

    – The Congresses of the Past Three Years:

    – Public Policy and the Lack Thereof on Three Levels:

    – Demography:

    – The GOP has a gender problem:

    – Trouble in the States:

    – Divisions:

  35. starlight says:

    As I read the editorials about how much or how little Obama should act against Russia, all I can think of is the building energy of the Pluto opposition to US Sun: we must act or we are overtaken and diminished by weakness; if we do too much, we get sucked into a dangerous confrontation, etc., etc.

    This WP editorial describes what we can do using economic activity to push Putin. I think this whole thing is turning into a gargantuan battle of wills (Pluto/Sun). When Uranus joins the fray in April, big sudden things will change the landscape quickly. Right now, we are involved only peripherally.

    The same Uranus transit in April will be opposite Putin’s Sun, meaning he will be hit by unexpected sudden events as well, or perhaps he will cause them by taking the law further into his own hands. I think the opposition here implies the events will come to him (from the US energized with Jupiter on its Sun and Pluto opposed?)

    The Sun in a country’s chart stands for the leadership, as well as the country’s goals. So this transit is very much about Obama and how he defines what to do, where to draw the line, how much is too much or too little.

  36. Todd Bennett says:

    See that is what scares me, you say that Putin is affected to, and big things, change the landscape, even literally and the like. Could big things be sanctions, kicked out of the U.N. and NOT strike counterstrike? Surely you can see what is giving me a bleeding ulcer right? Although if we come to him, it has to be diplomacy, I do not believe we would attack his forces directly, not without a whole lot more Mars in the picture.

    One question, Pavel Globa predicted WWIII five days after the Olympics. Is it possible Putin planned this and timed it to screw with heads?

  37. Helen says:

    Starlight, I wonder if the nuclear problem of Fukishima is going to see the light of day in a big way shortly. Look at today’s ticker tape headlines on NETC – Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center:

  38. starlight says:

    Todd – Pluto can be very paranoid: if I don’t act to take full control, I will be devastated in some way. Putin has Pluto conjunct the MC and the South Node in Leo. Yes, all the worst traits (South Node)of Pluto – control, manipulation, paranoia, power games, played out on the world stage (MC).

    Saturn is coming back to square his Pluto through March, then in April it squares the MC and the South Node. I would think these will hold him back or frustrate him in some way. But in the long term, I speculate we are looking at a mini-cold War for the next 20 months or so (Sun/Pluto in US chart and Sun/Pluto in Putin chart). No war, but lots of tension, possibly proxy wars, and economic battles. If we act aggressively with the banking system, and then they withhold gas exports (also causing prices to spike impacting our economy), it could get quite nasty. We don’t necessarily need guns for people to fear for their basic security. This thing is also likely to wax and wane and then wax again as the planets cross and recross circa 13 degrees. At least this is my working theory so far. Unpredictable Uranus may come and change everything all at once in April.

  39. starlight says:

    Helen – If the West Coast is suddenly flooded with Fukishima radiation, that could be another manifestation of the the fear and sense of powerlessness that comes with Pluto. Let’s hope it won’t come to that, but Pluto was discovered with nuclear energy so there is a definite affinity. the good news is that for the first three weeks of April, Jupiter will be sesquiquadrate US Moon and then conjunct the Sun (through 4/19). That offers a sense of optimism and protection (could also be saber rattling).

  40. starlight says:

    From Simon Tisdale in the Guardian:

    And as for Nato, which describes itself as the greatest military alliance the world has ever seen, even Obama can have no illusions about European support for a military response to Putin. Germany’s Angela Merkel was feted in London last week as the powerful leader of Europe. But Germany does not do wars any more, only peacekeeping, and that reluctantly. Berlin’s interest is in trade, which means keeping Russia, whose energy supplies keeps the lights on and the factories running, sweet.


    Putin is a child of the cold war, a former KGB agent who has said he regards the collapse of the Soviet Union as a great tragedy. For this “catastrophe” he blames the west, principally the US. Beyond the specific concerns raised in Ukraine, his number one strategic motivation is revenge for 20 years of geopolitical humiliation.


    For Putin, Russia’s interest (and his own) would be massively served if US and European interference, as he sees it, in Ukraine is knocked back decisively. The lesson would not be lost on Georgia (which he gave a hard smack, without consequences, in 2008), Moldova, Armenia, Belarus and any other borderland states tempted to flirt with the west.

  41. Helen says:

    Thanks for the clarity on the situation, Starlight. Incredible about Pluto + nuclear discovered together!

  42. Todd Bennett says:

    So Pluto/Sun and Uranus square could be two DIFFERENT things then?
    And the Globa question, since you disagree this is WWIII I would then assume Putin timed it to screw with people’s heads, or because he thought it would be auspicious timing.

  43. barbk says:

    Seeing now that Russia’s Sun is conjunct the U.S. Mars which squares the U.S. Neptune explains a lot of the projection our government has always assigned to Russia (natal U.S. Mars in natal 7th house). Thanks for including Russia’s chart in this article Nancy. If Pres. Obama really DOES play chess I bet he can figure out Putin’s next move even before Putin has decided what it is. I say that because Putin’s north node in Aquarius conjuncts Obama’s ascendant and their natal Moons are only 1 degree apart!

    It’s possible, I would think, that some of Putin’s bravado is left-over from the long preparation for the Sochi games. With his Leo MC conjunct his natal Pluto which sextiles his 12th house Neptune-Mercury (and Saturn) conjunction in Libra, it’s isn’t too surprising to find transiting Hybris (hubris) at 21+ Libra (retrograde) conjunct the natal 12th house Neptune. Putin’s natal sextile of Pluto and Neptune form a yod with Russia’s converse progressed Moon-Mars conjunction, a perfect foil for an over-active ego that wants to keep the media spotlight on himself.

    alex, during the period of September 2012 transiting Askalaphus was conjunct the U.S. north node in Leo. After the Benghazi attack, when Susan Rice made appearances on all the Sunday morning talk shows, the transiting Sun (23 Virgo) squared her natal nodes (north 23 Gemini, south 23 Sagittarius) signaling a cross-road opportunity for her. Transiting Iris (the lady messenger) at 20 Scorpio was opposite her natal Jupiter (seeing the big picture) at 20 Taurus rx.

    Trans. Askalaphus didn’t make aspects to her natal chart (except to semi-sextile her Mars) but because her natal Saturn is conjunct the U.S. Aquarius Moon and transiting Heracles was also conjunct her Saturn and the U.S. Moon, I consider the personal attacks on her one of Heracles’ 12 labours performed for the Obama presidency.

  44. will says:

    Drone Putin.

  45. frs says:

    I know someone referenced this article earlier today but what is intriguing about this is the the quote from Stephen Cohen. Cohen is one of the most astute observers of Russia and a long time CBS News consultant on the subjects and he infers that the US was behind the entire events of the past few weeks in the Ukraine and plotted to remove the Ukraine President. There is a lot more that is not clear (pluto) as to these events.

  46. starlight says:

    I wonder if Putin will hold on and keep Crimea, then wait for a bit. Then, later in the year, when the planets come back, go for another ex-Soviet satellite, when no one expects it. In the Russian chart I am using, progressed Sun will be conjunct Jupiter starting in August 2014 for a year, and during that time, transiting Uranus will be square Russian Jupiter. It is hard not to see more expansion then.

  47. alex says:


    askalphus: your first comment gave key phrase as :

    ‘informatino revealed for first time’ – I’ve done a few practice charts since then with askalaphus using that key phrase; I think it is a good working key phrase…. so ‘origins, information revealed for the first time’

    what do you think?

  48. Todd Bennett says:

    Still trying to figure out in the transformative disruptive Uranus/Pluto square is as a result of aggression.

  49. Todd Bennett says:

    Researching meanings of transits, it looks like it could very well be the U.N. fails to give sanctions, or somehow lets us down. Uranus opposite US Saturn, (relationships you trusted disappoint or turn on you.)

  50. VENUS says:


    An great astrologer i knew, Edwin C. Steinbrecher (Jungian analyst – 3rd generation astrologer), taught that if we visualize an inner office in our meditation, invite in a guide of choice…
    and then invite each of the hostile-high energy pair (square-opposition etc.) planetary archetype – in our natal/transits chart – into this special office w/ the intention to negotiate peace with them…
    we would have peace of mind.

    They each in turn will gladly tell you exactly what upsets them about the other one(s) – and in the negotiations – will tell you what they need – in order to feel secure and in harmony with the other(s).
    At the end – hugs all around – and one’s personal life flourishes…simple relationship repair-shadow work:)
    Why not explore this w/ the squares and oppositions in Putin’s chart-Russia’s-USA chart.
    Worth a try, imv. We have the Power!

    “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us.
    The revolution that will save the world, is ultimately a personal one.”
    ~Marianne Williamson

    “Since everything and everyone is a reflection of our minds,
    Everything and everyone can be changed by our minds.”

  51. Apple says:

    Here is an interview with Stephen Cohen by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! which aired Feb. 20th. It gave me pause. Some of it covers the leaked tape of our State Dept. people, sounding as if plotting a coup in Ukraine. One of the parties on the phone is Victoria Nuland, who is married to Robt Kagan, co-founder of the infamous Project for A New American Century (PNAC). This Project has continued apace since 2001.

  52. barbk says:

    Nancy, “when no one expects it” is typical of Uranus so I’m sure it will cross Putin’s mind to just do it. Probably in July you will have a clearer picture of his intentions (if anyone can do it!) There is a full moon in July at 20+ Capricorn that will trine Putin’s Jupiter (19+ Taurus) and trans. Mars will conjunct trans. north node (24 Libra) that will conjunct Putin’s Mercury (23+ Libra) that sextiles his Pluto (22+ Leo). (Venus will have just passed a conjunction to Russian Sun too.)

    alex, it works for me. The more you check his where-abouts, even when it’s not about “leaks” or whistle-blowers, the more you will understand how to interpret him, depending on what he aspects and in which charts.

  53. alex says:


    things beyond ordinary realms: I apply midpoints mercury/neptune and uranus/neptune with psyche and other asteroids to chart synthetic telepathy, and for false memories – synthetic rem dreams in chart analysis;

    satellite radar interferometry is used to measure Earth’s surface topography; it is also used for NSA covert directed EM-energy to electrical brain synapses

    wiki, excitatory_synapse


    There are two different kinds of synapses present within the human brain: chemical and electrical. Chemical synapses are by far the most prevalent and are the main player involved in excitatory synapses.

    Electrical synapses, the minority, allow direct, passive flow of electrical current through special intercellular connections called gap junctions. These gap junctions allow for virtually instantaneous transmission of electrical signals.

  54. alex says:


    I like the askalaphus key phrase we discussed for mundane charts;

  55. Todd Bennett says:

    Here is your stinkin Pluto square Sun.

    They are going to eviscerate him politically, for trying to keep the world from tearing apart.

  56. Lorrie U says:

    Apple – This was posted on Feb. 20th on previous thread…

    Ukraine Clashes Fueled by U.S. Meddling as Manifest Destiny’s Child Strikes Again

    The violent clashes unfolding in Kiev are directly linked to policy decisions and money flow from Washington DC.

    But don’t take my word for it. Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State, old the National Press Club last December that the US has “invested” $5 billion in organizing a network to achieve US goals in Ukraine in order to give “Ukraine the future it deserves.” What Nuland means by Ukraine’s future under EU overlordship is for Ukraine to be looted like Latvia and Greece and to be used by Washington as a staging ground for US missile bases against Russia.”

  57. Lorrie U says:

    This is wrong on so many levels…

    Hundreds of Students Arrested at White House Protesting Keystone XL

  58. alex says:

    The Oscars Goes to:

    The 7TH Harmonic – Septile Series – USA Sibley Chart

    There are notations/url for USA Sibley Chart 7TH Harmonic Aspects:

    The 7th harmonic is said to have Uranus-Neptune flavor,energy linkings not entirely of this world as well as creative inspiration, but also mental and emotional difficulties and tenuous connectedness with the physical universe;religion.

    First Mention :-) USA Sibley Chart, Midpoint Opposition

    mo/pl @12aq21


    ve/ne @12le45

  59. will says:


    Good to see you back.

    To all of you who worry so much; may you enjoy some peace. It is difficult to witness so many of you worked up into such painful levels of anxiety and fright. I urge you to have faith and know that like everything else we’ve been through, this too shall eventually pass.

    I can almost assure you that we are not going to see anything like a WW III or nuclear holocaust. We might see some tension and some big challenges, but try not to hurt your own minds by this excessive spinning and speculation.

    We none of us know how this will all work out – but we can either add to the freak-out or find our own center, quiet our minds and our hearts and go to the very wonderful place in the middle of our hearts and minds.

    Don’t worry – really. We’re going to be alright.


  60. Helen says:

    Someone mentioned Stephan Cohen (professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton University); this is from a recent discussion on Democracy Now:

    “…………So if the crowd manages to essentially carry out a coup d’état from the streets, that’s what democracy is not about. But here’s what the European Union did back in November. It told the government of Ukraine, “If you want to sign an economic relationship with us, you cannot sign one with Russia.” Why not? Putin has said, “Why don’t the three of us have an arrangement? We’ll help Ukraine. The West will help Ukraine.” The chancellor of Germany, Merkel, at first thought that was a good idea, but she backed down for various political reasons. So, essentially, Ukraine was given an ultimatum: sign the EU economic agreement or else.

    Now, what was that agreement? It would have been an economic catastrophe for Ukraine. I’m not talking about the intellectuals or the people who are well placed, about ordinary Ukrainians. The Ukrainian economy is on the brink of a meltdown. It needed billions of dollars. What did the European Union offer them? The same austerity policies that are ravaging Europe, and nothing more—$600 million. It needed billions and billions.”

    Full transcript:

  61. roderick2012 says:

    Todd Bennett: They are going to eviscerate him politically, for trying to keep the world from tearing apart.

    As if they haven’t been doing the same thing over the past five plus years.

    Dude lay off the caffeine.

    BTW are you related to Armageddon Jerry?

  62. Jerry says:

    And now the economic fall-out……..

    Stocks: Hit By Rising Turmoil In Ukraine

    CNN Money
    March 3, 2014

    Escalating tensions in Ukraine are rattling world markets, pushing global stocks down and sending U.S. stock futures lower.

    Russia has moved forward with military intervention in Ukraine, and Ukraine’s new leaders are accusing Russia of declaring war.

    The political conflict has pushed the country to “the brink of disaster,” Ukraine’s interim prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Sunday.

    This comes despite threats of serious sanctions against Russia from the U.S. and Europe.

    Political risk expert Ian Bremmer from Eurasia Group is calling this crisis “the most seismic geopolitical events since 9/11.”


  63. Jerry says:

    Hi there Roderick,

    I can’t speak for Todd, but my attention was drawn to that not so subtle jab directed at me. Very thoughtful and kind of you. I assume you object to some of my commentary here. Perhaps some of us are looking at potential changes ahead, and I would hasten to add and emphasize POSITIVE changes. I view it as a spiritual awakening. You apparently have a different impression on what I’ve been expressing here, which is ok. We all have varying opinions on things and are free to voice those thoughts here without fear of being judged too harshly.

    Rather than reiterate ad-infinitum what was expressed before (re: the spiritual ramifications involved), on a more mundane level, here’s an item of interest for you…..

    It’s an article dated March 2011. It cites various Russian astrologers attending an astrological conference. The general consensus among the astrologers and parapsychologists attending (according to the article) stated and I quote: “…..the beginning of the Third World War (WWIII) could be in the month of March 2014, probably five days after the Olympic Games end in Sochi”.

    Putting that in perspective, the “Russian invasion” began on Feb 27th (at first covertly) with unidentified gunmen taking over the parliament buildings in the Crimean capitol Simferopol. The following day, on the 28th two airports were overtaken. With the airport seizure on the 28th, it became obvious to intelligence gathering sources, Russian forces were on the move. Relating that to the article posted below; the closing ceremony at the winter olympic games in Sochi on Feb 23rd coincided 5 days later with those attacks, which begs the question, are we on the edge of something remarkable occurring mid to late April? The jury is still out on that. I agree. It’s all highly speculative, but I wouldn’t be so complacent if I were you. Things can happen rapidly and unexpectedly. If you are unprepared, well, that’s your look-out.

    Anyway, here’s the article……

    Third World War Likely To Begin In March 2014 After Olympic Games: Russian Astrologers

    March 28, 2011
    by D. Chaitanya

    Awesome predictions are made by the Russian Astrologists and parapsychologist in Russia who gathered on 24th March to discuss on forecasts for near and distant future of Russia and Globe. According to Pravda, the Astrologers and parapsychologists who gathered revealed that the beginning of the Third World War (WWIII) could be in the month of March 2014, probably five days after the the Olympic Games end in Sochi, even though they did not say exactly in which country the WWIII would begin. Pavel Globa a Russian Astrologist cited that three eclipses that are going to occur in June-July this year would show tough times for Russia and there will be six eclipses in total which could be a catastrophic year that occurred 20 years ago when world’s biggest Soviet Union collapsed, and these eclipses are going to cause lots of trouble in this year warned Pavel Globa.

    This year armed conflicts would occur in Balkans and Terrorists would plant bombs in Nobel Prize distribution ceremony. Pavel Globa further warned that this year could be compared to the year 1939 the year proceeding World War II. Pavel also revealed that the East African revolutions would gradually spread towards Russia and Central Asia and these domino effects are the effects of Black Moon. U.S.-allies aerial attacks on Libya occurred when Black Moon allied with Sun. Japanese twin-disasters are also the results of Black Moon allied itself with Uranus. Such affects would also fall on Syria and Yemen in future’ said Pavel.”


  64. Squallo says:

    Washington and London warned Putin that if Russian troops return to their base in the Crimea, Russia will face “significant losses”

    The commander of the Black Sea Fleet Ukrainian military delivered an ultimatum, say the Ministry of Defense

    If until 5:00 am tomorrow, they will not give up, start a real assault units and parts Armed Forces of Ukraine over the Crimea

  65. starlight says:

    Thoughtful piece from Fareed Zakaria:

    Washington cannot do much to stop Vladimir Putin as he creates facts on the ground in Crimea. But step back and consider what a strategic disaster this is for him. Ukraine has slipped out of his orbit and most of the population there is going to be hostile to Russia for generations. Countries like Poland that had eased up relations with Moscow will now view it with great suspicion. All European countries will put their relations with Russia under review. Even China will surely oppose the brazen violation of national sovereignty, something Beijing is always concerned about. Within Russia people have seen that Putin is terrified of a democracy movement and will brutally oppose it, not really the image he wants to present.

    So Putin gets Crimea, which is only 60 percent Russian. Parts of it will be deeply hostile to this Russian takeover – including the population of Crimean Tartars, who are Muslim and getting radicalized. Remember, Crimea is in the Northern Caucasus, the area where Russia has been battling a ferocious Muslim insurgency.

    So even as he lines up one more piece – or half piece – on his chessboard, Putin will find that the price he has paid for it will be quite high.

  66. Todd Bennett says:

    Starlight lets compare thoughts. I think he holds at Crimea as his markets are taking a hit, we pursue some kind of international slap, he sneaks a little bit more of Ukraine later. As you said, the tensions continue without the intensified drama, leading me to believe no war in Ukraine, so he must be holding for a while. This seems a slow bleed, a piece here a piece there.

    OTOH my thoughts on the square is that we are hit with calamitous weather and our standing in the world challenge may be a combination of failure to get the international body to stand up to Putin, but more directly in the short term, have our poor infrastructure and inability to respond effectively to the weather also blamed on Obama. Other possibilities are the Iranians close the Strait of Hormuz as part of sanction retaliation, but I see this as less likely. The Pluto pattern so far, and continues to be, bad weather, and my understanding is that once patterns in astrology start, they rarely shift. Thoughts?

  67. Noelle says:

    Will, well said. Thank you.

  68. Squallo says:

    !!!! Unconfirmed reports #Ukraine warship Slavutych in #Sevastopol is now under attack by #Russia|n Naval fleet

  69. Squallo says:

    The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting Monday on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The meeting is scheduled to take place at 3:30 p.m. ET.

    Read more:

  70. starlight says:

    Todd – Let us stick to what we know. April brings the cardinal cross and activates the US chart, Putin chart, and Spring chart for both countries. May brings US pr Moon quincunx natal Uranus (x 5/23) and Pluto ending first phase of opposition to US Sun (5/19) and Uranus first square to Russian Jupiter. This looks like upsets, surprises, pushing the envelope and potential crisis in both countries, especially in April. Tensions between the two countries are strong through most of May. Also, big storms and/or terrorist attacks in either country are possible. Things seem to calm or at least go to the back burner for a few months after that.

    Then late September through mid-March 2015 bring all kinds of activations of the US and Putin charts. (I think of Putin as “l’etat c’est moi” so his chart and the Russian chart are almost interchangeable in my mind.)

    Spring Equinox in DC and Moscow, Putin Sun, and US Sun hit again by Uranus (October), and then the protracted Uranus/Pluto square comes (11/22 to 3/16/15), with Pluto and Uranus hitting US Sun and Putin Sun and both Equinox charts extensively. Whatever we see developing in the next two months will come back in spades at the end of the year and into 2015, but without the optimism and protection of Jupiter.

    I think the biggest danger from Putin comes with tr Uranus square Russia’s Jupiter (15Cancer13) while Russian progressed Sun is conjunct Jupiter. Most notably August through September 2014 and late February to mid-March 2015. Note also tr Pluto will be opposite Russian Jupiter all of February to mid-March 2015. So, regarding Putin, he may step back from further aggression after he consolidates Crimea. But he could go wild later in the year, beginning perhaps as early as late August and certainly during Uranus square Pluto through March 15. I worry more about that period. And yes, all kinds of wild weather or terror attacks in Russia and maybe here are also possible with these crazy planets.

  71. starlight says:

    The other thing to remember is that converse Moon/Mars aspect to Russian Sun through mid-March. Russia is feeling very aggressive now and the people are behind it.

  72. Squallo says:

    Euromaidan PR ‏@EuromaidanPR 18s
    ‘Official communication with almost all Ukrainian military units in #Crimea are blocked’ StateBorderGuardService of #Ukraine

  73. starlight says:

    Russians issue ultimatum on two Ukrainian war ships.

  74. Squallo says:


    Did you know that John Titor the supposed time traveler that has many failed predictions, says that in his timeline, that according to him is very similar to ours, the nuclear exchange between East and West occurred on March 12 2015. He said that almost 12 years ago.

  75. Todd Bennett says:

    So what you are saying is, these planets could have multiple surprises, some connected, some not, some completely out of the blue? And as far as Putin, my thinking is since he started this under Pluto, (sow the seeds of one’s own destruction) this may end when the world economically suffocates him. His war tank may simply be emptied in a couple of years. But if it starts, how does it stop? And the earlier question, the Globa question, would a manipulator like Putin plant something like that kind and use it as propaganda or use the timing to intimidate?

  76. Todd Bennett says:

    If he has many failed predictions, why do you bring up that one?

  77. Squallo says:

    Olivier Knox‏@OKnox·16 secs
    Boehner: Putin’s a “thug.” It’s time for (unspecified) sanctions against Russia. “Enough is enough.”

  78. Squallo says:


    @RT_com: BREAKING: Russian Defense Ministry dismisses 0300GMT #Ukraine ultimatum reports as ‘total nonsense’

  79. will says:

    Dear Noelle,

    Big Smile.

    Happy Mardi Gras, Everyone! For you Catholics out there, here’s an idea:

    Give up worrying for Lent!

  80. starlight says:

    Remember the protracted Uranus/Jupiter square that goes through about the third week in April. The protracted opposition came in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. That is the only similar aspect I could find in the 20th Century. this is yet another indication of things building though April and then calming somewhat thereafter.

    Todd- “So what you are saying is, these planets could have multiple surprises, some connected, some not, some completely out of the blue? ”


    Let’s hope it remains economic, but if Putin keeps pushing, we could come to the water’s edge. Mars is involved in April, especially from 4/19 to 4/23.

  81. Squallo says:

    Ukraine Crisis: Vladimir Putin ‘in Another World’ Angela Merkel Tells Obama

    German chancellor Angela Merkel has reportedly told Barack Obama that after talking to Vladimir Putin she was unsure whether the Russian president was “in touch with reality”.

  82. Sharon Katz says:

    Nancy, good piece by Zakaria…the only thing I question that he said is that China is worried about brazen violations of national sovereignty??? That one didn’t go by me.

  83. Todd Bennett says:

    Starlight, and specifically to Starlight, if you were me and RIGHT NOW you had the option to leave the country with your family before that Mars 4/19 aspect would you, or is that paranoia from Pluto? Be honest I can take it.

  84. starlight says:

    Probably paranoia. Are you under a Pluto transit now? And when does it start to separate if you are?

  85. Jerry says:

    About the current astrological climate and Russia’s propensity for aggression. Just a brief reminder….. the April 15th lunar eclipse (25 Libra) activates Russia’s progressed Mars (25 Aries) t squares Pres. Obama’s natal Saturn (25 Capricorn) and is within a 2 degree orb of triggering last Saturday’s (3/1/2014) Mars station (27 Libra) in square to the US Pluto. I would expect East-West tensions to rise dramatically as we approach the mid April period.

    Of special interest is the scheduled March 30th referendum by the Crimean Supreme Council on the same day as the Aries New Moon (10 Aries). This new moon exactly squares Ukraine’s natal Uranus (10 Capricorn) leading me to believe Ukraine could descend into civil war, culminating at the time of the April 15th lunar eclipse (a two week gestation period).

    Here’s more info on that referendum…….

    Crimean Supreme Council Backs Referendum’s Rescheduling For Mar. 30

    Kyiv Post
    March 3, 2014

    The Crimean Supreme Council presidium has backed the initiative for the Crimean referendum on the subject of enhancing the status and powers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to be rescheduled for Mar. 30, 2014, according to a resolution passed at its Monday session.

    The Crimean Supreme Council’s permanent commission for legislation, organization and public relations has been instructed to draft a Council resolution changing its earlier resolution, of Feb. 27, 2014, N1630-6/14b “On the organization and conduct of the republican (local) referendum on the questions of improving the status and powers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” to bring the referendum date forward from May 25 to Mar. 30.


  86. Squallo says:

    I think that situations will deteriorate throughout March until we will have a de facto state of war in mid April, we will see the death of the UN, things will calm down as both sides prepare to wage war until the end of the year when battle will begging, and in February or March of 2015 we could have the final confrontation, and probably the end of the war.

  87. Todd Bennett says:

    Starlight 12-7-76 STL MO 3:56 pm. Not sure how to tell the transits yes, I am “speaking” the language” more than reading it. So your main concern is not homeland war, this I can (with fair confidence) shelve?

  88. Lorrie U says:

    The Crimean Crisis and the Middle East: Will Syria and Iran Be the Winners?
    ose in the Middle East opposed to Russian backing for the Baath regime in Syria are also unhappy about the Russian intervention in Crimea.

    Turkey is the country with most at stake. In essence, it is surrounded by countries it which Russia has intervened, with Syria to its south and Crimea just across the Black Sea to its north. Turkey has a special interest in Crimea. Today, on the order of 12% of the 2 million residents of the peninsular are Tatars, i.e. Turkic-speaking Muslims, though before Russia’s annexation of the territory from the Ottoman Empire in 1784, it was all Tatar. Russians immigrated in (they are now almost 60% of the population, with a quarter being ethnically Ukrainian). Stalin ethnically cleansed the Crimean Tatars during WW II, but after the fall of the Soviet Union some 300,000 have gradually returned. Turkey is as interested in the fate of the Crimean Tatars as Russia is in that of the Crimean Russians.

  89. Squallo says:

    United Nations NATAL CHART

    October 24, 1945
    4:45 PM
    Washington, D.C.

    Transits from now until April.

    Mar 3, 2014 (Feb 10, 2014 to Mar 22, 2014) sat trine mars

    Mar 10, 2014 (Feb 18, 2014 to Mar 28, 2014) Ura Sqr MC

    Mar 20, 2014 (Mar 1, 2014 to Apr 6, 2014) Ura Trine Plu

    Mar 22, 2014 (Mar 18, 2014 to Mar 26, 2014) Mars Sqr Sat
    Note that Saturn is in the 4th House

    Mar 25, 2014 (Mar 21, 2014 to Mar 28, 2014) Mars Sqr Mars
    Note that Mars is also in the 4th House

    Mar 27, 2014 (Feb 1, 2014 to Apr 8, 2014) Jup Oppos MC

    Mar 29, 2014 (Mar 26, 2014 to Apr 1, 2014) Mars Trine Moon

    Apr 6, 2014 (Apr 3, 2014 to Apr 8, 2014) Mars Oppos Asc

    Apr 9, 2014 (Mar 23, 2014 to Apr 27, 2014) Ura Oppos Jup

    Apr 13, 2014 (Apr 11, 2014 to Apr 16, 2014) Mars Trine Ura

    Apr 15, 2014 (Apr 5, 2014 to Apr 23, 2014) Jup Sqr Jup

    Apr 25, 2014 (Apr 22, 2014 to Apr 29, 2014) Mars Conj Jup
    Note that Mars is retrograde and Jupiter is in the 6th house of health.

    Apr 29, 2014 (Apr 26, 2014 to May 4, 2014) Mars Sxtil Plu

  90. Todd Bennett says:

    Pretty much optimistic/positive.

  91. Squallo says:

    Apr 25, 2014 (Apr 22, 2014 to Apr 29, 2014) Mars Conj Jup
    Note that Mars is retrograde and Jupiter is in the 6th house of health

    Meaning that the grand cross hill impact in full the Jupiter of the UN chart

  92. Squallo says:

    Meaning that the grand cross will impact in full the Jupiter of the UN chart

    Errors made in haste.

  93. Todd Bennett says:

    Squallo, who is “we”? What war? Ukraine and Russia, the U.N. is not going to dissolve, forget that. It may lose Russia however.

  94. Todd Bennett says:

    The grand cross is transitional, not explosive. We may disagree on that.

  95. Squallo says:

    It could go bigger than Ukraine any moment.

  96. Squallo says:

    BTW without Russia and China, the UN isn’t but a mere friends reunion, not an international body.

  97. Emmy says:

    JUST IN: The @UN Security Council will meet at 3:30pm ET today to discuss

  98. Emmy says:

    Sorry to discuss Russia/Ukrainian situation – wonder where the planets will be?

  99. Squallo says:

    This one is funny if it is true.

    PzFeed Top News @PzFeed
    RIGHT NOW: An assault on UKR Navy HQ being done by titushki with baseball bats, with heavily armed RU troops behind them. Via @20committee

  100. Todd Bennett says:

    Sky should be ashamed of itself. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said: “China has always upheld the principles of diplomacy and the fundamental norms of international relations.

    China was careful to use neutral language. Irresponsible headlines don’t help. And broad agreement, is not dissimilar to what Kerry himself said.

  101. Todd Bennett says:

    Squallo why do you refuse to see any optimism?

  102. Squallo says:

    Putin’s Crimea move could give China ideas

    Taiwan?, Japan?

    Sorry for so many posts.

  103. Emmy says:

    Sorry to interfere in this friendly fight, but why would China go after Japan – unless it has gas or oil it needs?

  104. Squallo says:


    Sorry but I don’t see bad things as bad, even death isn’t bad, they are just changes in the matter, Universe rearrange itself, life will go on even with a nuclear war, universe will hardly notice our absence.

    Maybe the spirit will hear our prayers and intervene, but eater way, there is going to be a profound change in this human existence that is more probable to be “bad” than to came in contact with an extra terrestrial civilization of angelic beings.

    Perhaps after all of this, we humans let loose of that fears that haunt us and keep us from advancing in other fields. But death sometimes is necessary.

  105. Squallo says:


    Japan holds military drill as S. China Sea islands dispute widens

    China Is Preparing For “Short And Sharp” War With Japan Over Disputed East China Sea Islands: US Officer

  106. Squallo says:


    I think yes, that insignificant Island has oil

  107. Emmy says:

    I saw an interesting picture that showed how the Ukraine is important to Russia for the natural gas it has. I believe it comes down to “Whats in for me?” that we go to war. Greed and Profits….

    Russia wants its territories back because they are desperate for resources and money. Either way, its not a good situation, but I think in the end cool heads will prevail. I think.

  108. Emmy says:

    Thanks Squallo

  109. Todd Bennett says:

    The trend has been to be many things, not just one, especially weather. The longer we go without mentioning military, the less likely the cross has to do with a hot war, albeit, this may be an especially explosive cold one with Europe’s gas and the Strait of Hormuz at stake.

  110. Squallo says:

    Europe Can’t Even Agree On Russian Trade Sanctions

    So how are they going to stop Putin?

  111. thrasybulus says:

    I would like to propose a different scenario than a Russia – West confrontation. I believe Iran is still the dangerous flashpoint in international relations.

    The ONLY thing preventing Netanyahu from bombing Iran is Obama and Biden, and with all my problems with Obama’s other policies for this he deserves humanity’s thanks since it would be so politically beneficial for Democrats in the short term to use military force on Iran.

  112. thrasybulus says:

    There is also another domestic political situation that has might possibly develop. Boehner announced today he will seek another term as Speaker of the House. Tomorrow is the Texas primary for US Senate pitting incumbant Republican John Cornyn against a tea party Republican Congressman.

    Though I agree with Bob’s analysis a few threads back that the Tea Party is dead, that only applies to its long-term electoral appeal. At the present moment the vagaries of history still leave the tea people with the balance of power in Congress.

    I believe that they have not moved on displacing Boehner with Cantor because Boehner might simply retire at the end of the term out of frustration. Boehner’s reelection announcement together with a stunning upset (Jupiter square Uranus) in tomorrow’s primary might embolden Cantor to make his move now as the threat of further tea party primary challenges will strike fear in the cowardly caucus of conservatives and they will dump Boehner to appease right-wing Republican primary voters.

    Cantor, two steps from the presidency and Netanyahu wants to bomb Iran. Pray for Obama and Biden if Cantor becomes Speaker!

  113. Sharon Katz says:

    Russia, China, Iran & Syria are allies — I’m beginning to get the picture ~

  114. barbk says:

    Squallo, you make a good point; “either way there is going to be a profound change in this human existence”, and the outer planets, all aspecting one another, provide the basis and reason for change. Uranus square Pluto provides the impetus for change, but it is Neptune that manipulates us into going forth with change.

    If Putin weren’t involved in the discussion of war and such, would we even be thinking abut it? It is Putin, as seen in Putin’s birth chart, that drives all the emotional responses reported by the media and discussed on the internet. We are aware that Putin’s natal Sun at 13+ Libra is square transiting Pluto at 13+ Capricorn. Impetus aplenty right there, but that puts him into the grip of the Pluto square Uranus aspect.

    It is the Neptune energy that makes him (and therefore us) seem crazy and that stems from transiting Neptune (5+ Pisces) aspecting his natal Neptune (21+ Libra). With 136 degrees between them it is well within the 3 degree orb of an exact 135 degree sesquiquadrate. This is the aspect of the square family that equals 3/8’s of a circle, and one of the aspects that “bring dramatic occurrences into the life that demand immediate attention, work and practical action” (F. Sakoian and L. Acker in their book The Minor Aspects). Neptune to Neptune can come across as a little crazy.

    Consider then that transiting Neptune at 5+ Pisces (and in his own sign for Pete’s sake) ALSO aspects Pluto via the illogical (because it divides the circle by 7 which is an irrational number since it can’t be divided equally) aspect called septile (51.4 degrees separation). Therefore nothing about Putin’s Sun square trans. Pluto, which is being irrationally aspected by Neptune in Pisces (a pretty cloudy and confusing combination in itself), is going to make sense to anyone but Putin.

    Add to that the natal Neptune in Putin’s chart being pushed by transiting Neptune through the sesquiquadrate aspect (dramatic occurrences, ie. Kiev takeover by “radicals”) which he sees as crazy-making, leaves him no choice but to show strength/force, and that means his Mars at 26+ Sagittarius must kick into operation.

    Now up until a couple of years ago, the Galactic Center was at 26+ Sagittarius, where it was in all of our birth charts including Putin. The GC is now centered at 27+ Sagittarius, but have no doubt it’s influence on all of us remains at 26+ Sagittarius, and especially Putin who “hears” it as a call to arms.

    In mid February transiting Mars at 26+ Libra was sextile Putin’s Mars and then moved on to 27+ Libra where on Saturday it stationed retrograde, putting Mars in a sextile to the present degree of the GA (27+ Sagittarius) for a total of 17 days. The Galactic Center provides “inspiration” to those who have connections (aspects) to it, and Putin will have had about a month’s worth of GA influence to his natal Mars by the March Equinox.

    Finally, transiting Neptune forms a decile to transiting Uranus. A perfect decile is 36 degrees and Neptune and Uranus are currently 35 degrees apart but will reach 36 degrees separation before the end of the month. It is a division of a circle by 10, which when added together equals “1”, the “number associated with will power, action and new beginnings” (The Minor Aspects).

    In my estimation, Putin is a catalyst for the “profound change” Squallo mentions, and if it takes making him (Putin) crazy as a loon then that’s what the Universe will deliver unto him, mainly through Neptunian influences. It’s the Universe’s way of getting through to us whatever is needed to move us into position for that Profound Change. If it means scaring the bejezus out of us then watch and learn. It is a process, an evolutionary thrust forward for mankind. It is alchemical in nature and we each play a part in the shift, but Putin is the star of the show for this particular part of the process.

    An alternative to Neptune power that can make one crazy is faith. If you can put your faith in a higher power that doesn’t resort to meaningless death and destruction, then you will find it easier to go through this change. Don’t know who to credit with this oft-spoken phrase but “let go and let God” would be a better way to handle the Neptunian energy (which IS the primary influence IMO) than fear and drugs. But you already knew that I know.

  115. Lorrie U says:

    BarbK – Beautiful! “If you can put your faith in a higher power that doesn’t resort to meaningless death and destruction, then you will find it easier to go through this change.”

    Thank you for your insightful and positive analysis of such a profoundly important transitional event!

  116. Lorrie U says:

    Ukraine’s Twelfth House

    The condition of the 12th house planets in mid-Capricorn explains why this country is becoming the epicenter of April’s Cardinal Grand Cross. Juno, the partnership asteroid, is next to some seriously heavy planets (Uranus, Lilith, and Neptune), symbolizing the secret alliances and hidden power plays over Ukraine’s allegiance. The four planets involved in April’s Grand Cross are all aligned with Ukraine’s 12th house planets, with exact hits to Black Moon Lilith.

    What makes the situation a powder keg is that Mars, by secondary progression, is at 9º Libra and heading into a square with natal Uranus at 10º Capricorn. Challenging Mars-Uranus combinations are infamously volatile and violent. This situation is already a major factor and becoming more explosive over the coming year. The most immediate concern is the extent of Russia’s incursion into Crimea. With transiting Pluto in the 12th house and conjunct Black Moon Lilith over the next two weeks, a large-scale invasion becomes a real possibility.

  117. Lorrie U says:

    Pension scandal hypocrisy snags Governor Christie’s ‘comeback trail’

    This comes on top of a new mini-scandal that broke last night…

  118. Squallo says:


    You hit the nail right on the head, you even give new meaning for me of my own ideas, that was sensational, sadly I find it hard for Humanity to learn the lesson the other way, it’s not that we are not capable, but I believe that our species it’s just too young, and need to be teach the hard way.

  119. Betsy says:

    Since when did Starlight News become an outpost for pro-war comments? Unreadable.

  120. Squallo says:

    I thought that all people here were grownups whit good criteria.

  121. Lorrie U says:

    Squallo, I’m sure we all understand your concerns about the possibility of war, as we all have, and I personally don’t feel you are pro-war. I would not take anything personally, I’m sure no one wishes you ill and we appreciate your input and concerns.

  122. Squallo says:

    If you only open your eyes to see the beauty things in life, you will never grow your wisdom and consciousness. You will always be running scared of your true self, a powerful and magnificent, yet merciful and humble being.

    Fight fear with contemplation.

  123. Squallo says:

    Lorrie U

    You’re a real love.

  124. Jerry says:

    An American friend of mine presently in India received an e mail from a Ukrainian friend of his this morning. The Ukrainian friend is an attractive, articulate young lady who lives close to Donetsk in the eastern part of the country. An excerpt from the letter reveals a glimpse of the heart-rending anguish felt in the current political stand-off. It puts a personal spin on the events unfolding over there….

    “…….The situation in Ukraine is very bad. We are preparing for war. The army mobilization started two days ago. Mr.Putin is going to take my country. It is terrible that he is ready to start a war between totally similar people with the same language, culture and religion. It is terrible that we will fight against “brothers”. Anyway, people are ready to give their lives to protect Ukraine from people who come to our country with weapons. Everyone who would come with weapons will succumb and die from these weapons. All the world wants peace, but Mr. Putin doesn’t understand it. We have a terrible economic situation as well. The price of food and other goods is rising fast, so life has became much more difficult then it was, almost intolerable. My country needs to make reforms, but when the Russian Federation is approaching us – it is very difficult to do. I pray for peace. I pray that love will win!”

  125. alex says:

    2014 Solar Arc USA Saturn @12 Gemini


    USA ASC @12 Gemini



    USA Sun @13 Cancer

  126. alex says:

    EXCERPT EMAIL – Food Democracy Now

    When Monsanto says “coexistence”, what they really mean is: “We will contaminate organics”.

    You might have heard a new term floating around the Internet – “Coexistence”- an idyllic term to promote the fantasy of GMO and non-GMO crops living in harmony side by side. But Monsanto and the USDA’s new “coexistence” plan is a road to extinction for America’s organic farmers. And if approved, it will mean the end of organic food as we know it.

    Right now the U.S. Department of Agriculture is working with biotech lobbyists to finalize a plan so Monsanto’s GMO crops can contaminate organic and non-GMO farmers’ crops at will. Even worse, the USDA’s new plan could force these farmers to pay for crop “contamination insurance” to protect themselves against unwanted contamination by Monsanto’s patented genetically engineered genes.

  127. alex says:

    oops correction – Solar Arc Saturn USA @12 Gemini


    (should read) USA ASC @12 Sagittarius

  128. tetramorph says:

    “which begs the question, are we on the edge of something remarkable occurring mid to late April?”

    That’s a great question, Jerry, since it can fall more ways than one. What if they threw a war, and no one came? NATO seems under-interested in Ukraine and Russia faces exclusion from the G8 along with other economic impacts — the Russian stock market lost $60 billion yesterday!!!!

    Putin IS a Plutocrat — this is about the transformation of Plutocratic Power, right? Just say “NO!” to unbridled power from money (Mars Rx in Libra squared off the Big T).

    The whole world is truly changing before our very eyes, and that means a transition away from the “old” ways of doing things, not more “To Be Continued…”

    This mornings’ headlines:

  129. alex says:


    I find your newest post and the one before last on Russia and the world ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ !


    Texas Primary: where GOP are fighting for atty. gen, comptroller,commish of agri, commish of railroads… run-offs expected in May;

    3/18/2014 Illinois next primary

    flood of primaries May-June to follow;

  130. starlight says:

    The two templates I found for Uranus square Jupiter are the Cuban Missile Crisis and the recent chemical weapons attack by Assad in August (the day of the first exact crossing of the square). Both are about rulers stepping beyond accepted limitations (Uranus) and causing an unexpected crisis. Putin has now done the same thing.

    The Uranus/Jupiter square continues through the third week of April. Another way to look at it is that this explosive apect will be intensively triggered by Pluto and Mars in April. So that could mean more unexpected actions that are outside accepted behavior that change the trajectory in a minute. And again, somehow, as of April, with Uranus, Jupiter and Mars coming to trigger Pluto opposite the US Sun, the US suddenly gets very involved in this or another crisis, imo.

    The one hopeful thing is that at least one measure of the aggression currently in the Russian chart seems to dim after 3/16. But Uranus moves to hit the Russian spring chart as of April 1, just as it goes into orb of US sun square, so maybe that is when the US moves to respond?

  131. starlight says:

    Jupiter goes direct on the 6th of March and will again be heading towards the exact square with Uranus. They are currently 30 minutes of orb from exact, the widest separation they get to during these two plus months. Exact square comes April 21, followed immediately by Mars opposite Uranus and square Pluto April 20 to April 23.

    Please check your own charts for the last 10 days of April. Saturn is moving into a square with my Moon (20Aquarius30) for that period. I would be interested to see if there is a pattern of Saturn transits on this site for that period, or if this is likely to be more personal.

  132. Helen says:

    Stephen Cohen, Princeton professor and noted expert on Russia, has written this for the Nation magazine:

    Distorting Russia
    How the American media misrepresent Putin, Sochi and Ukraine

  133. Helen says:

    Poisoning for profits is becoming abusive:

    “Through the EPA’s new standards, the amount of allowable glyphosate in oilseed crops such as flax, soybeans and canola will be increased from 20 parts per million (ppm) to 40 ppm, which GM Watch acknowledged is over 100,000 times the amount needed to induce breast cancer cells. Additionally, the EPA is increasing limits on allowable glyphosate in food crops from 200 ppm to 6,000 ppm.”

    This is after last weeks news:
    Monsanto’s Roundup Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples

  134. alex says:


    do you have significant decisions coming up then? mo-sa

    April 29 2014 looks like significant Solar Eclipse @08 Taurus

    family has new moon contact SE
    and family T/SA, those in computer innovation tech industry, have creative contacts with those charts (I expect upturns not downturns but challenges none-the-less)

  135. starlight says:

    alex – My mother will be 96 in April. Saturn to my Moon can always be about taking care of her. Her solar return will be on April 21 during the cardinal cross. So all things are possible.

  136. alex says:

    starlight – continued

    April 8th Window XP no longer supported

    there should be plenty of personal computers having disfunction

    problems until they update or patch or change or whatever

  137. alex says:


    congrats on family matriarch reaching 96 y/o family must be proud of keeping her with you all, that’s wonderful

    mars @14 libra on 4/21 SR – USA saturn 14 libra
    jupiter @13 cancer on 4/21 SR – USA sun 13 cancer

    are you expecting any medicare – social security issues with her day to day to change/improve/ or get more red-tape-ish?

  138. alex says:

    starlight – continued

    are there any government services (among many and various) that might be helpful to her;

    Welcome to the Eldercare Locator, a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families.You can also reach us at 1-800-677-1116.

  139. alex says:


    thanks for the info: I just put flaxseed products into my diet now many have to take them out again…

    all around bad news Monsanto monopoly influences gov health safety for the worse;

  140. Todd Bennett says:

    04/20/2014 Aspect Todd Orb Worth
    Sun Trine Mercury 1°46′ 140
    Venus Square Sun 0°08′ -166
    Mars Sextile Neptune 0°45′ 136
    Mars Conjunction Pluto 0°47′ 258
    Mars Trine Midheaven 1°25′ 60
    Jupiter Square Pluto 0°14′ -58
    Saturn Opposition Jupiter 2°07′ -138
    Uranus Trine Mars 1°18′ 75
    Uranus Trine Neptune 0°16′ 48
    Uranus Opposition Pluto 0°15′ -78
    Uranus Sextile Midheaven 0°24′ 60
    Pluto Square Pluto 0°03′ -20
    777 -460 317

    All in all not too bad, Squallo do not opine. You could see black in a bleached snowman. Nothing personal, but need objectivity not pessimism.

  141. Todd Bennett says:

    Anyone else including Starlight please do evaluate.

  142. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry – Thanks for sharing the personal comments from a woman actually living the moment in the Ukraine. It’s insightful to get a personal perspective like that, and much more informative than the media spin! Hopefully you will be able to share more…

    Helen – Excellent posts re. Monsanto! Thank you for the information, will share…

  143. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – A quick look at my chart indicates a strong Mars square Mars on April 21st, Jupiter sextiles my Mercury (and conjuncts my Part of Marriage, but I’m not married). Other than that, I don’t see much else.

  144. Jerry says:

    Hi Lorrie,

    Yes. Thanks for the feedback. I will keep you posted on any further communications.

  145. Helen says:

    Aside from the obvious human health problems engendered by GMOs and glyphosate, say goodbye to the bees and Monarchs. In Indiana – my homestate which is covered wall to wall with corn and soybeans, I know a hunter who won’t eat the deer he kills anymore since they forage in pesticide laden fields next to the woodlands.

  146. alex says:


    the Arabic parts were more of less superseded by development and practice of midpoint astrology… the ‘parts’ are past tools that were useful then but the present tools-midpoints have fresher harmonic perspective working as a parallel system to ‘parts’ but morein modern/relevant way;

    your modern part of marriage is your natal Sun/Moon midpoint… it is point of great natal intergration; and that point plus aspects to it are important for ‘timing’ issues… sun/moon midpoint is favorable, useful for unfolding/advancing goals and things you want to have happen;

  147. Todd Bennett says:

    Ukraine tensions seem, seem to be cooling, just like barbk said they looked like they would. Putin is using terms like last resort so I really think we need to calm down on this side, and accordingly, we need to back off the sanctions until we have some calm, frank discussions collectively. All he has really done so far is secure his bases.

    We are treating him with suspicion, rather than a modicum of understanding, akin to the town gossips who can’t forget the construction worker stole a car as a kid, we have to let the cold war mentality go. Accordingly, I think we will and this is the paradigm shift Nancy has been talking about.

  148. Anita says:

    Anita 4/20/14
    Mercury Opposition Saturn 2°32′ -172
    Mercury Opposition Neptune 0°35′ -187
    Mercury Trine Pluto 1°51′ 69
    Venus Sextile Mercury 0°18′ 282
    Venus Conjunction Venus 2°51′ 400
    Venus Conjunction Mars 2°42′ 380
    Venus Trine Uranus 0°05′ 99
    Venus Opposition Midheaven1°54′ -140
    Jupiter Opposition Mercury 2°53′ -177
    Jupiter Trine Venus 0°16′ 116
    Jupiter Trine Mars 0°06′ 109
    Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 2°30′ 240
    Jupiter Sextile Midheaven 0°42′ 100
    Saturn Square Moon 0°07′ -128
    Pluto Conjunction Mercury 2°43′ 262
    Pluto Sextile Venus 0°26′ 146
    Pluto Sextile Mars 0°17′ 132
    Pluto Opposition Uranus 2°20′ -59
    Pluto Trine Midheaven 0°31′ 10

  149. Todd Bennett says:

    Now as far as that Russian astrologer goes, take a look

    He says in 2014 there will be war-he did not say WWIII. That is projection.

    He says accidents U.S. will not be, financial problems but not until after Obama leaves office, before 2018. No mention of global calamity at all.

    And finally

    “Another astrologer, Pavel Globa, predicted that the Year of the Horse will bring many changes that will benefit energetic and active people. More conservative and sluggish people will find it harder to accommodate to the changes, he said in comments published on the website.

    He also warned about a buildup of aggressive sentiments in the country and in Russia’s foreign policy in the second half of 2014. He said that Russia and China will have a tremendous influence on the global economy, and that the Russian people are capable of changing the course of events.”

    I think if he thought WWIII was coming, he would have been more explicit about. The takeaway? Pravda trolled us, probably at the behest of the Russians, who knew they were coming for Crimea after Sochi and timed it to scare the world. But if this is true, Globa allowed himself to be used ad is of no use to the respectable astrological community.

  150. alex says:


    I know the climate crisis debate is misunderstood, controversial still for !some! and not yet got enough focused attention but having said that;

    I don’t use climate crisis/change as something to analyze with astrology I use the ‘extinction of human beings’ as the issue that is in every government around the globe used as a ‘probable’ coming from many many issues that impede/influence the extinction-or/ sustainablity of humankind itself;

    so it is a POWER issue used by governments and shadow governments and international global cartels to formulate their policies around their self-interest (in many cases these entities ‘hedge’ their self-interest strategies into break-down of human-kind dimishing going extinct and human-kind holding it own….)

    but the plans are on the table and IMV those are the probablity- profitablity-plans that are relevent among power-elite….

    what best suits them of course includes many versions of delusion; among those are libertarian billionaires and millionaires who are a good example of the ‘human extinction’ issue surfacing… they don’t mind discussing their survival plans being the superior pull yourself up by your bootstraps entitled crowd… in those public discussion can see some outlines of the un-discussed established-interests that are being charted/navigated/shaped with human extinction the center of their focus;

    I could be wrong but that’s how I chart until better perspective comes to mind;

    humankind extinction – humankind sustained

  151. starlight says:

    Pluto opposition US Sun = paranoia, fear of a grave and gathering threat and the need to push back hard so we won’t be harmed in the future. This exactly describes how we feel about Putin right now: if we don’t stand up to him, he will steamroll everyone. Pluto continues to oppose US Sun through May 19. This doesn’t mean we aren’t overreacting, but it is how we feel under Pluto.

    This Thursday around mid day(using EST), the Moon, 25 Taurus, will be in minor hard aspect to Uranus, Jupiter and then Pluto. Very early morning next Monday, March 10, the Moon will conjunct Jupiter and square Uranus. Also Monday, Mercury will move to square Saturn. So trouble possible on early Monday (EST) leading to general upset (Mercury/Saturn). Roughly, Wednesday to Saturday, this week, Mercury semisquare to Uranus, sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Activates the whole mess. Any trigger to the Uranus/Jupiter square has potential for trouble.

    By the way, the new president of Ukraine has the Sun at 10Aries40 give or take. Uranus and Jupiter right there. Ha!

  152. Squallo says:

    Here is my chart

    June 12 1978
    03:00 AM
    Durango Mexico
    24´02″N 104´40″W

    Neptune 16´50″ Sagittarius
    Uranus 12´56″ Scorpio
    Pluto 13´56″ Libra
    Moon 03´14″ Virgo
    Mars 29´03″ Leo
    Saturn 25´35″ Leo
    Venus 25´24″ Cancer
    Jupiter 11´34″ Cancer
    Sun 11´34″ Gemini
    Mercury 18´25″ Gemini

    Since last year I was aware that the Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars Grand Cross was going to hit my chart and that the Uranus Pluto square, and the Jupiter Uranus was going to affect me also, so I was waiting to see if I could find what was going to be the issue that was going to changed, but with Uranus involved, I knew that there could be surprises and unexpected things.

    Last year when I had Jup Conj Jup Aug 18, Jup Trine Ura Aug 25, Jup sqr Plu Aug 31, Ura sqr Jup Sept 6, suddenly my mother fell and broke her nose, she had an hemorrhage and was in the hospital to the point of dying. So I knew that what was going to transpire this year was going to involve death of family members.

    So there I was, waiting for this transits to see what kind of revolution will that bring in my life. The first transit was January 17 Jupiter square Pluto, my wife was late, so I mentioned that the next day I was going to have that transit because she was going to take a pregnancy test, so the day started.

    Friday morning I waited for her to go to the lab, then I went home to see what was the result, she said that she didn’t wanted to have a baby, because she was so confused and she needed time, she wanted to rent a house to think about her life, and that night she was going to take some pills to fix the problem.

    I thought, this is it, what else could go wrong?. So I went to my Job very disturbed and in the evening, we were at home, she said that she was going to go for the pills, I said I didn’t want that but that I couldn’t force her, it is her body, so she left. The phone ringed, it was my father, he said, your sister just died.

    My wife took the pills regardless of what I said to her. That was the worst day of my life.

    I know now that when Life wants to teach you something or change you in some way, it wont be nicely, it will be radical, abrupt, and strict. Life, the Spirit, God, whatever you want to call it, isn’t week of heart, I´m not saying that he, she, or it is mean or bad, just that it wont hesitate to act or change your life upside down saying “ooh… poor thing”.

    So here I am, I don’t know if by being honest, I say something that alters the world of someone else, because I´m not going to said just what other people want to hear.

    And speaking about the coming transits, well, they are going to hit us whether we like it or not, specially people like me who has planets in direct aspect to this mess. I have Ura sqr Jup March 17th, Jup conj Jup April 1st, Plu sqr Plu Apr 14th, Mars conj Plu Apr 22th, Jup sqr Plu Apr 23th, Ura oppos Plu Apr 28th, Mars sqr Jup Apr 30.

    So fasten your seat belts.

  153. alex says:

    continued: probablity-profitablity-plans by power-elite

    whether their plans have some of all good ideas or bad ideas,
    impossible delusions – probable likely-hoods, successful or unsuccessful however they will be put into action/trajectory…..

    and they will be regressive – the consolidation/centralization of
    power/money is THE PROBLEM that needs solved….

    what leads, or follows and/or grows if balance goes towards creative innovation rather than regressive, repressive consolidation of power will ‘seed’ better chances for us all;

  154. Lorrie U says:

    OT but interesting…

    What Happened To Solmon Northup And Patsey After The Events Of ’12 Years A Slave’?

    The two main characters in ’12 Years A Slave’ both vanish from the historical record. But the means of their disappearance tell us a great deal.

  155. Squallo says:

    Joseph Weisenthal @TheStalwart

    Ukraine Reporter ‏@StateOfUkraine 10m
    #Ukranian base in #Yevpatoria is now being stormed by #Russian forces.

    Sorry if this alters someone, but this tells us that things will continue to escalate.

  156. Lorrie U says:

    Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says

  157. alex says:

    In the Crimea, Ukraine has an air base, Belbek, outside Sevastopol, a military garrison on the west coast at Yevpatoria and an army base at Kirovsk, near Feodosiya.

    All three are surrounded by Russian forces. There is also a border guard contingent at the ferry port of Kerch across the straits from Russia’s Black Sea coast, although the contingent there has already reportedly surrendered to Russian troops.

  158. SarahG says:

    Thanks for the Nation article Helen. It is getting exceedingly difficult to find alternative opinions to those of the MSM (which is, btw, the main point of this article). I hope people will throw some financial support to them. There seems surprisingly few who are willing to step outside this distorted new normal of the propaganda war being waged.

    Here’s a excerpt:

    Such factual distortions point to two flagrant omissions by Snyder and other US media accounts. The now exceedingly dangerous confrontation between the two Ukraines was not “ignited,” as the Times claims, by Yanukovych’s duplicitous negotiating—or by Putin—but by the EU’s reckless ultimatum, in November, that the democratically elected president of a profoundly divided country choose between Europe and Russia. Putin’s proposal for a tripartite arrangement, rarely if ever reported, was flatly rejected by US and EU officials.

    Please support our journalism. Get a digital subscription for just $9.50!

    But the most crucial media omission is Moscow’s reasonable conviction that the struggle for Ukraine is yet another chapter in the West’s ongoing, US-led march toward post-Soviet Russia, which began in the 1990s with NATO’s eastward expansion and continued with US-funded NGO political activities inside Russia, a US-NATO military outpost in Georgia and missile-defense installations near Russia. Whether this longstanding Washington-Brussels policy is wise or reckless, it—not Putin’s December financial offer to save Ukraine’s collapsing economy—is deceitful. The EU’s “civilizational” proposal, for example, includes “security policy” provisions, almost never reported, that would apparently subordinate Ukraine to NATO.

    Any doubts about the Obama administration’s real intentions in Ukraine should have been dispelled by the recently revealed taped conversation between a top State Department official, Victoria Nuland, and the US ambassador in Kiev. The media predictably focused on the source of the “leak” and on Nuland’s verbal “gaffe”—“Fuck the EU.” But the essential revelation was that high-level US officials were plotting to “midwife” a new, anti-Russian Ukrainian government by ousting or neutralizing its democratically elected president—that is, a coup.

  159. SarahG says:

    Ban on domestic propaganda overturned

    The 2013 NDAA overturned a 64-year ban on the domestic dissemination of propaganda (described as “public diplomacy information”) produced for foreign audiences, effectively eliminating the distinction between foreign and domestic audiences. [35][36] Amendments made to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987 allow for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to be released within US borders.

    It is unclear what the current status of this Thornberry-Smith provision is in the 2014 NDAA..

  160. Squallo says:

    NATOSource ‏@NATOSource · 6m
    .@zbig Brzezinski: US airborne units should be on “high readiness for some immediate airlift to Europe”

  161. Todd Bennett says:

    Squallo I am sorry your loved ones died, but you are a pessismist and raising tensions almost single-handedly here. Zbig is an old man with an opinion, not an old man still in authority with an opinion.

    Why don’t you try to find something optimistic rather than casting doom on the site? Nancy has told us until she is blue in the face that there is not much Mars or Saturn to indicate a war or mass tragedy, rather that while there may be some unexpected weather or terrorism this is likely to herald an era, where maybe, for once, we mind our own *&^%$%$#@ business. The trend of this Pluto has been weather. Another paradigm that needs to change is our reluctance to tackle climate change.

  162. Squallo says:


    Seriously, peace to you, I hope your anger eases with time.

  163. rc says:

    You may be on to some thing here,

    Eric Cantor

    The birth Chart info you seek may require a special connection.

    Do Foresee a presidential candidate ?

  164. azizi says:


    Here’s a link to a post that focuses on Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o’s natal chart: Nyong’o

    Quoting from that page:
    “Thanks to her winning the coveted Herschel Williams Prize for “outstanding acting” during the 2011-2012 school year while she was at the Yale School of Drama, we know that Lupita’s middle name is Amondi. Amondi means “born at dawn” in the Luo language. On March 1 in Mexico City (Lupita’s birth location), sunrise historically happens around 6:54am and dawn at 6:32am. Assuming the March 1, 1983 birth date is correct, here’s her chart [chart given with comments]

    Sun 10 Pisces 21
    Moon 9 Libra 34
    Mercury 21 Aquarius 4
    Venus 8 Aries 9
    Mars 3 Aries 28
    Jupiter 8 Sag 50
    Saturn 4 Scorpio 11
    Uranus 9 Sag 2
    Neptune 28 Sag 58
    Pluto 29 Libra 18
    True Node 1 Cancer 33
    Chiron 23 Taurus 7

    As an aside, Lupita Nyong’o identifies as Mexican-Kenyan (since she was born in Mexico of Kenyan parents). Her ethnic group is Luo, the same as President Obama’s father.

  165. Jerry says:

    Eric Francis does an excellent astrological analysis on the pivotal moment when Ukrainian Pres. Yanukovich fled the country. The chart set for 5:16 pm local time of February 22nd has a lot of interesting components to it. Here’s the article:

    What Astrology Says About The Ukraine Situation

    Anyway, what is striking about this particular chart when Pres. Yanukovich fled the country is the fairly exact Uranus-Jupiter square (10 Aries-Cancer). Russia’s official line is that it had militarily intervened at Pres. Yanukovich’s request. I think this says a lot about what may be coming up when Crimea holds its referendum on March 30th, the day of the New Moon (10 Aries). I suspect with Russia consolidating its hold on power on March 30th, unrest and tensions will escalate dramatically from that point onwards.

    As Nancy astutely pointed out, the new interim President of the Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov has his Sun at 10 Aries. This is right where Uranus was located on Feb. 22nd in its square to Jupiter. It should be interesting to see what develops at the time of the March 30th New Moon/ referendum. Looking at Oleksandr Turchynov’s chart (March 31, 1964 Kiev 12 pm) I find it absolutely fascinating that he has an exact natal Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at 27 Aries. This was opposed by the Mars station (27 Aries) on March 1st when Russia’s military intervention was in full swing, hence his intense vocal denunciation, calling it a declaration of war. For all the positive developments of a new and more open Ukrainian government, I wonder if the April Neptune transit at 6 Pisces in opposition to Turchynov’s natal Uranus (6 Virgo) is an indication that his tenure as president will be short-lived.

  166. Prabhata says:

    This is for Squallo

    Hi, I looked at your chart, and my take is that you are out of the planetary influences of Neptune. Tr Neptune oppose your natal Moon and Saturn, unsettling aspects. Neptune can be deadly, and I mean it literally. I wouldn’t worry about the grand cross; it will be a fizzle, a nothing. I think the whole of March is the difficult month, but it should not affect you. I think your next trying time I see for you is 2015. Stay in the NOW, and you will be able to handle everything. Take care.

  167. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: Sorry about that. The March 1st Mars station – 27 Libra (not Aires).

  168. will says:


    I support you in your take of events even though I don’t agree with your interpretation of the possible outcomes of the astrology. Clearly you have had personal experience attached to some gnarly transits that have clearly shaped your perceptions.

    No one has the right to personally invalidate your reality. And you have probably come to realize that a few posters here are highly anxious and slip into an overwhelming tail spin at the drop of a cautionary adjective. They get upset by anything other than blue skies, rainbows and unicorns. I support your less than rosy predictions.

    We will just have to take it all one day at a time.

  169. azizi says:

    Here’s another quote from that same website about Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o: :
    “Her [Lupita Nyong’o] mentality/intellect is her most dominant personality trait….but she’s also neurotic: This is because her Mercury is considered to be peregine, as it makes no major aspects to any other planets within normal orb values. Peregrine planets are very dominant in an individual’s personality. with a peregrine Mercury, Lupita likely has a very neurotic aspect to her persona.

    With her Mercury in humanitarian Aquarius, Lupita generally feels that her intellect must be applied to humanity and innovative social service in a major way. Lupita will not be happy playing a bunch of “regular” acting roles. Her mentality necessitates that her acting roles be connected to some larger social purpose (which is why her debut role as Patsy in “12 Years A Slave” was a perfect vehicle for her talents). Given this placement, it is no surprise that her filmmaking debut involved calling attention to the plight of albinos in East Africa, her acting debut (“Shuga”, on MTV Africa) involved highlighting HIV/AIDS issues, and her film debut (“12 Years A Slave”) involved highlighting the brutality of U.S. slavery.

    With her Mercury configured at the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint (a Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in a chart indicates amazing success), Lupita is likeliest to have her biggest success in an endeavor that involves successful promotion of a cause. More specifically, transforming others in relation to her home/heritage, the public/some partnership, and a major institution in some way (institution as in a hospital/prison). This is because Mercury is located in the 12th house of institutions and compassion, Mercury is also the significator of both her 4th House of home/heritage and the 7th House is the house of partnerships/the public. Her Jupiter is in the 10th House of career, and also the significator of that house. Her Pluto is in the 8th House of transformation, and is the significator of the 9th House of publishing/internationalism.”

  170. azizi says:

    I need to say that I don’t agree that Lupita is neurotic.

  171. will says:


    Thank you. Based on a generic 12noon chart, I think Cantor will be in a less-than-jubilant mood after the November elections. But I do not possess nearly the same astrological skills as others who post herein.

  172. Lorrie U says:

    Why Much Of What You’ve Read About Ukraine Isn’t Quite Right, As Explained By Ukrainians

  173. thrasybulus says:

    I see that Senator Cornyn is at 62% with 16% reporting thus keeping intact my unblemished record for prognostications. Cornyn was born Feb. 2, 1952 giving him a T-square and maybe a grand cross with Venus depending on birthtime. The T-square is as follows;

    Jupiter 10 41 Aries
    Uranus 10 44 Cancer
    Saturn 13 54 Libra

    Todays transits being

    Jupiter 10 26r Cancer-conjunct his natal Uranus; square Saturn and Jupiter
    Uranus 10 53 Aries-conjunct natal Jupiter, square Uranus; opposition to Saturn.
    Pluto 13 09 Capricorn-opposition natal uranus; square Saturn and Jupiter

    I thought so many hard transits within 1 degree orb would indicate bad news for Cornyn. Perhaps the transits reinforced each other somehow adding strength instead of weakness?

    I especially thought the exact degree transits of Jupiter on Uranus and vice-versa in exact square to each other indicated surprising outcomes and overconfidence. Perhaps the Swamis among us have some insight?

  174. Sharon Katz says:

    Hi Prabhata!!!

    Re: Lupita: As far as her being neurotic, aren’t we all a little neurotic? (Whatever that means; only Woody Allen knows).

    Here’s an AMAZING & GREAT speech Lupita made about cultural images of beauty – it will really touch you and bring tears to your eyes – she’s like a young, beautiful, black Audrey Hepburn — she is so intelligent & speaks so beautifully!

  175. Sharon Katz says:

    I think it might be interesting (and I’m not asking anyone to do it but I don’t want to put in the time right now) to take a look at Ellen DeGeneres’ chart–I think her consistently good, and now better performance at the Oscars is going to help her career, so I guess something might be going on in the 10th -

  176. alex says:

    Wendy Davis’ fundraising outpaced Abbott in the last half of 2013 but she’s still considered a heavy underdog.

    money helps

  177. Squallo says:


    Thank you for pointing that out, I haven’t looked it that way Jupiter sqr Pluto just acting like a trigger.

    Will: Same.

  178. alex says:

    Wendy Davis – continued

    Lawrence O’Donnell played her speech “I know in my heart we can do this”

    “Greg Abbott is the status quo”

    “I’m running for the future of Texas”

  179. barbk says:

    When transiting Jupiter and Saturn trine on May 24th, Saturn will be square Putin’s north node at 18 Aquarius and Obama’s ascendant at 18 Aquarius, as well as Putin’s south node and Obama’s descendant both in Leo. Transiting Saturn will also conjunct the Ukraine’s Pluto (17 Scorpio), which squares Putin’s nodes and Obama’s asc/desc.

    Opposite transiting Saturn at 18 Scorpio is Putin’s Jupiter (19 Taurus) the U.S. natal Vesta (19 Taurus) and Obama’s Ceres (20 Taurus). The Ukraine’s natal Chaos, Child and Hephaistos* are all between 18 and 20 Taurus.

    In addition to trans. Jupiter at 18 Cancer trine Saturn on May 24th, transiting Chiron at 17 Pisces will create a grand trine in water with them. This means that transiting Jupiter and Chiron each are sextile the placements in Taurus:
    Putin’s Jupiter, U.S.’s Vesta, Obama’s Ceres and the Ukraine’s Chaos, Child and Hephaistos*.
    Transiting Jupiter and Chiron trine the Ukraine’s Pluto as well as transiting Saturn.

    To my way of looking at it, there is a window of opportunity for Putin/Russia, Obama/U.S. and Ukraine to rise above the present Fixed Sign friction (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus) through some creatively (Ukraine’s Chaos) negotiated humanitarian (Putin’s Jupiter, Obama’s Ceres, U.S.’s Vesta, Ukraine’s Child) construct (Hephaistos) and thereby save face :) for everyone.

    I think this because on that day, May 24th, the Sun at 3 Gemini will conjunct Putin’s Moon and Obama’s Moon. Mercury at 26 Sagittarius will conjunct Putin’s Mars and the Galactic Center and sextile Venus. Ceres at 18 Libra will trine Putin’s north node and Obama’s ascendant, both in Aquarius. The North Node at 28 Libra will sextile the Ukraine’s Venus at 28 Leo and the South Node at 28 Aries will sextile the U.S.’s Moon at 27 Aquarius. Mars in Libra doesn’t square or oppose anyone.

    There’s a touchy-feely energy in the air and Uranus will be opposite the magnetic, irresistible Great Attractor at 14-15 Sagittarius. It could be a “break-through” kind of day.
    * Hephaistos (aka Vulcanus) was a lame god who created beautiful things. He is the god of craftsmen, artisans, sculptors and especially those who work with metal.

  180. will says:


    re: touchy-feely good stuff – yay!

  181. will says:

    A great result of the Affordable Healthcare Act

    As Full Disclosure Nears, Doctors’ Pay for Drug Talks Plummets

    As transparency increases and blockbuster drugs lose patent protection, drug companies have dramatically scaled back payments to doctors for promotional talks. This fall, all drug and medical device companies will be required to report payments to doctors.

    by Charles Ornstein, Eric Sagara and Ryann Grochowski Jones
    ProPublica, March 3, 2014, 9:50 p.m.

    Some of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies have slashed payments to health professionals for promotional speeches amid heightened public scrutiny of such spending, a new ProPublica analysis shows.

    Eli Lilly and Co.’s payments to speakers dropped by 55 percent, from $47.9 million in 2011 to $21.6 million in 2012.

    What the New ‘Collaborative Media’ Can Mean
    Tracking the Money

    Our Dollars for Docs Database
    We compiled two million records from all the companies that have disclosed their payments to doctors so far. Search for your physician.

    Pfizer’s speaking payments fell 62 percent over the same period, from nearly $22 million to $8.3 million.

    And Novartis, the largest U.S. drug maker as measured by 2012 sales, spent 40 percent less on speakers that year than it did between October 2010 and September 2011, reducing payments from $24.8 million to $14.8 million.

    The sharp declines coincide with increased attention from regulators, academic institutions and the public to pharmaceutical company marketing practices. A number of companies have settled federal whistleblower lawsuits in recent years that accused them of improperly marketing their drugs.

    In addition, the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, a part of the 2010 health reform law, will soon require all pharmaceutical and medical device companies to publicly report payments to physicians. The first disclosures required under the act are expected in September and will cover the period of August to December 2013.

  182. alex says:

    OT –
    free online internet speed test

    Please note that your Internet speed may vary throughout the day.

  183. Jerry says:

    There are two reasons why the March 30th Crimean referendum may be a decisive moment in Russian-Western relations.

    1) Europe and the US are divided over the issue of the imposition of sanctions. Europe has deep economic ties to Russia and may not have the political will to impose sanctions at least not immediately. The prevailing opinion from what I have read is that it may take some time to build consensus utilizing incremental steps until the Russian seizure of Crimea is ‘politically legitimized’ via the March 30th plebiscite. See related article:

    Europe Allies Divided Over Russia In The Face of Ukraine Crisis

    The Voice of Russia Radio
    March 4, 2014

    NATO member states held urgent talks on Tuesday where they claimed to be standing together “in the spirit of strong solidarity” and pledged their support to Ukraine. And yet the division between European allies and the United States could hardly be overseen, considered deep economic interests that some of Europe’s powerhouse nations have in Russia.

    While the former Eastern bloc reverted to Cold War rhetoric, some of their Western European partners showed signs of reluctance to crack down on Moscow with US-proposed economic sanctions.


    2) The March 30th New Moon at 10 Aries in close conjunction to Uranus square Pluto will be activating the Jan 1, 2014 New Moon chart (Jan 1, 2014 New Moon at 10 ’57 Capr. conjunct Pluto – 11 ’16 Capr. square Mars – 11 ’51 Libra).

    Moscow warned that serious financial consequences could result if the west imposes any significant sanctions. Essentially an economic war is being threatened. That’s enough to upset the apple-cart….

    Putin Economic Adviser Warns Russia Will Sell U.S. Bonds And “Crash” Financial System

    March 4, 2014

    “……..A senior adviser to Putin said this morning that if the United States were to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Moscow might be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off loans to U.S. banks. – snipped –

    …..Russia could reduce to zero its economic dependency on the United States if Washington agreed sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, politician and economist Glazyev said, warning that the American financial system faced a “crash” if this happened.


  184. alex says:

    Background: 2019 CHIRON Ingress Aries (Washington DC charts)
    2/19/2019 Tuesday – Transiting Chiron @00 Aries

    SATURN CONJUNCTS PLUTO 2020 (SA-PL cycle apx 33 years, last conjunction 11/8/1982)

    Mundane Astrology SA-PL (necesscity fight for one’s existence, harsh reform, issues of violence, brutality, assaults)

    2020 SATURN conjunct PLUTO @22 Capricorn (1/12/2020)

    2020 Sisyphus @00 Cancer (1/12/2020)
    2020 Chiron @01 Aries (1/12/2020)

    PROSERPINA: Grand Fire Trine 1/12/2020 (early 1/13/2020 T/Moon)

    Mundane Astrology Prosperina: this is a work chart to apply Proserpina and understand how it operates in mundane astrology

    NATAL PROSPERINA(feminine passivity & sublime altered states)

    PROSERPINA (spring, above ground)
    Persephone (winter, below ground)

    The two feminine alter-egos of the Persephone/Hades/Pluto Myth
    PROSERPINA (aka – before Pluto takes her hostage)
    Persephone (aka- after Pluto/Hades takes her hostage)

    PROSPERPINA (transitions, other-worldly realms, and sacrifice/letting go)

    The asteroid Proserpina is named in honor of the goddess of the dead, consort of Pluto, she who was known as Persephone to the Greeks.

    Proserpina/Persephone seems to have little personality of her own – passive feminine energy:

    As the innocent maiden, abducted by Pluto/Hades into the underworld, she was scarcely distinguishable from her fertility goddess mother Ceres/Demeter.

    As Pluto’s wife and queen of the underworld, though, she receives the souls of the dead and as such, is also a guide to other realms and levels of being, and the deepest places of the psyche.

    The asteroid Proserpina seems to manifest as an energy of innocence and ignorance that learns a very great deal by hard experience.

    Neg. Proserpina (tend towards line of least resistance, passive or helpless, consequences of unaware or unassertive responses, transitions of life involving letting go of what has ceased to be viable)

    Pos. Proserpina: (altered states of being, open up to stimuli of life, adaption/change in response environment)

    PROSERPINA: Grand Fire Trine 1/12/2020 (early morning 1/13/2020 T/Moon)

    PROSPERPINA @27 Aries


    Pallas @27 Sagittarius (GC @27 Sagittarius)
    Pallas is feminine energy – mundane astrology – strategic politics


    Moon @27 Leo (early 1/13)

  185. alex says:

    2020 Proserpina continued

    should read

    Pos. Proserpina: (altered states of being, open up to stimuli of life, adaption/change in response TO environment)

  186. Lorrie U says:

    Obama to Netanyahu: Israel Faces Int’l Sanctions Over ‘Permanent Occupation of West Bank’

  187. clymela box says:

    Thanks so much for the information and birth details for Lupita Nyong’o’. I was so touched by her during the Oscars.

  188. azizi says:

    You’re welcome re comments about Lupita Nyong’o’.

    I’ve a friend in Pennsylvania where I live who is Luo. He confirms the information about the meaning of Lupita’s Luo middle name (fyi the masculine Luo language name for male born at dawn is “Omondi”.

    Also, fyi, since I’m interested in name origins/meanings, I looked up information for the name “Lupita”.

    Lupita is a nickname for the female name Guadalupe.

    “Guadalupe, or Guadeloupe (Spanish pronunciation: [?waða?lupe]) was an early Arabic/Latin compound-word, Guadi is dry riverbed and Lupe is Wolf so that the name is Wolf-river, Guadalupe, or Guadeloupe may refer to:

    Titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary:
    Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of Mexico, the Americas, and secondary Patroness of the Philippines”…

  189. alex says:

    suggestion SR mother: analyze natal midpoints
    moon/mars (strong response) & moon/neptune (weak response) to the
    transits (& other) in timeframe of interest…

  190. kiwi says:

    I like what Linda Schurman wrote at the end of her latest article

    “It is hard to find our spirit in these turbulent times. The world we knew is dissolving around us into the fires of war, the mists of a changing climate, and the dehumanizing current philosophy of mechanistic materialism which would deny the existence of spirit altogether. Witness the recent notion that computers and robots will soon “replace” us.

    It is hard to find our hearts in these times that rewards selfishness and promotes a deification and glorification of narcissists who currently rule the world of big money and finance. Certain pundits on the media and in politics love to blame the poor, ethnic and racial minorities, the elderly, and the disabled for their collective fates and make their careers beating up this very large segment of the human population.

    It is hard to find our minds in an age of seeming insanity. More and more people are getting a “diagnosis” and moving into the world of prescription drugs as they are simply unable to cope with their lives “falling apart”. Many of our “diagnosed” children are shooting each other in movie theaters and schools. Many of our “diagnosed” veterans are returning from the nightmare of war, broken in both mind and body.

    The tide is beginning to turn. Spirit is asserting itself. Our hearts are beginning to wake up in love again. Our minds are beginning the long journey back to sanity by reclaiming their connection to spirit and heart and all the rest of us reaching out to one another as a new resonance is felt by a few, and then millions. The future is arriving and is unstoppable.”

  191. Fe says:

    I like what Josh Marshall at Talking Points memo has to say about Putin:

  192. Jerry says:


    Excellent article. Especially poignant is the author’s assertion……

    “…..Russia really is principally a regional power, making reckless but basically reactive moves right on its doorstep. Very few countries with great power pretensions are comfortable with the idea that their sphere of influence does not extend beyond their sovereign territory”.

    I had an interesting discussion about this with a Russian friend of mine the other day. We rarely discuss politics and so I was quite taken aback when the subject came up and he matter-of-factly revealed that he was pro-Putin. I didn’t probe too deeply, but based on what he was saying my impression was – to the average Russian, Putin may very well be Russia’s “Ronald Reagan”. He instills confidence. Russia’s dwindling influence in world politics and most particularly the Russian Mafia extending its sphere of corruption inside the inner corridors of government, Putin is perceived as a man who can re-establish Russia’s integrity. He is assuming the role of a strong domestic and world leader. The perception may be slightly askew, but it is very real, and a major factor in what may be driving Russia towards that more hard-line stance on the Ukraine issue. They are drawing a line in the sand. They are re-asserting themselves on the world scene.

  193. Lorrie U says:

    Kiwi – Thanks for that uplifting post written by Linda Schurman!

  194. will says:


    Thank you for the Talking Points piece by Marshall; highly intelligent.


    Re:Schurman piece – I heart you.

  195. SarahG says:

    VERY interesting interview on Charlie Rose tonight with Kissinger about Russia and the Ukraine.
    Won’t be posted until tomorrow:

  196. Helen says:

    Sharon K – WONDERFUL SPEECH by Lupita, thanks for sharing. I often go for a bite to eat on weekends in an area of North African/African immigrants. Yes, I see the storefronts filled with various kinds of whitening creams. Unfortunately, women from India also feel the pressure. Hopefully this will change and Lupita is such an inspiration!

  197. Jerry says:

    According to my calculations Russian President Putin has an exact progressed Mars-Jupiter square in mid April at 12 ’20 Aquarius-Taurus forming a close t square to his natal Venus (11 ’42 Scorpio). This forms a grand cross square to Pres. Obama’s natal Sun (12 ’32 Leo). Does history have a way of repeating itself?

    Hillary Clinton Compares Russian Moves In Crimea To What Hitler Did In The 1930s

    Business Insider
    March 5, 2014

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Russia’s plan to issue passports in Ukraine’s Crimean region is like the “population transfers” carried out by Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s, Ruby Cramer of Buzzfeed reports.

    Last week, the lower house of the Kremlin’s legislature passed a bill that would allow “Russian-speaking citizens of the former USSR, irrespective of nationality, who are in danger of a real threat of ethno-cultural, political, or professional discrimination” to acquire Russian citizenship.

    “Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the 30s,” Clinton is quoted as saying at a fund-raiser in Los Angeles yesterday, according to a report by Karen Robes Meeks of The Long Beach Press Telegram. “All the Germans that were … the ethnic Germans, the Germans by ancestry who were in places like Czechoslovakia and Romania and other places, Hitler kept saying they’re not being treated right. I must go and protect my people and that’s what’s gotten everybody so nervous.”


  198. Squallo says:

    I don’t know how legit is this site but…

    U.S. Satellites Detect Planes at Russian Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility

    March 5, 2014 10:36 PM EST — (TRN) — U.S. Department of Defense satellite imagery has detected the arrival of more than thirty (30) Russian nuclear bombers to the airfield adjacent to Russia’s Borisoglebsk national level nuclear weapons storage facility (Voronezh-45) and has observed numerous transfers from the storage facility to the aircraft, which are now standing-by along the two runways at the airport.

  199. Squallo says:

    Acording to sources this site is legit, all recent postings have been accurate and confirmed in mainstream news shortly thereafter (ie naval war ship deployments).

    But I really don’t know.

  200. Squallo says:

    It could be true, because Putin will try to bluf or blackmail before giving up.

  201. Squallo says:

    On the other hand i’m hearing that Hal Turner is a nut job.

  202. alex says:

    Natal Astrology:

    Special Topics – Intercepted Houses

  203. Michael from NYC says:

    Pluto in Capricorn 2008 to 2023 = A shakeup in the order of the world

    My thinking is that Ukraine is really about the rise of BRIC countries (brazil/russia/india/china) and the sunset of Europe. Right after the fall of the USSR (August 24, 1991) everyone was talking about the EU which would with the Euro even replace the dollar (January 1, 1999). The harsh reality of the eurozone (Jan 1, 1958) today is that you have depression level rates of unemployment in spain/italy/greece, the economy of france is stagnent and germany depends on china for exports and russia for fuel. NATO was a cornerstone of US power in this context, and that feels like it doesn’t matter anymore.

    2023 is only 9 years away, but I can already tell than many powerhouse economies of the 20th century (Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Saudi Arabia) will be sidelined by economies like China, Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Iran. The US would still be a player in that world, but without economic allies Japan and Germany it’s going to be a real shift.

  204. Helen says:

    Squallo – they claim Alex Jones is a nutjob, but he was asked to be the end of year keynote speaker at Oxford University – yes, THE ONE in Oxford, England.

  205. Jerry says:

    Ok. New development…..

    Updated/ Ukraine Crisis: Crimea Referendum On Joining Russia To Be Held March 16

    European Union leaders will meet for an emergency session in Brussels on Thursday

    The March 16th Virgo Full Moon chart set for 7:08 pm Kiev, Ukraine: has the Full Moon (26 Virgo) conjunct the Ukrainian natal Mars at 25 Virgo. Jupiter conjoins the MC at 10 Cancer in square to Uranus (11 Aries) close to the descendant. The ascendant at 8 Libra triggers the Russian Mars-Uranus square (8 Aries-Capr.).

  206. Francis says:

    Thanks Jerry. From my limited knowledge about astrology, unless I’m wrong, it looks like the Ukranian people will be fired up and vote for independence and Russia will be angry.

  207. alex says:

    mundane astrology tool:

    this is handy url to check: any search terms – ex.

    worldwide trends

    US politics


    etc etc …

    and here is URL that breaks down world wide trends hour by hour

  208. starlight says:

    Expect something to happen, perhaps in the Ukraine crisis or possibly elsewhere, on Monday, March 10. We are looking at the very early hours, until around dawn, Eastern Standard Time or mid day/early afternoon in Ukraine.

    You will remember that the Ukraine crisis escalated on February 18 with the shooting of the protesters. That was the time I had picked for potential trouble at the Olympics. I got the right time, wrong place.

    Well, similar planets are coming Monday: the Moon will spark the Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto configuration with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, followed by Mercury square Saturn all day.

    I would expect some sudden, provocative action, possibly someone (Putin? Assad?) pushing the envelope on what is acceptable behavior and shocking everyone, and then a day of people disturbed and upset by the new situation.

  209. alex says:

    EXCERPT Email: Senator Chuck Schumer

    We had the support. I was going to write to you today to tell you that a bill was being introduced in the Senate to heed President Obama’s call and raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour

    Instead, I have to tell you that a bogus study on the law’s effects came out, and people are having second thoughts. We just delayed the bill a couple weeks so we can work on winning people back over — and that means right now is the most crucial time to show public support for increasing America’s minimum wage.

    I’m already working with supporters of Daily Kos and dozens of my colleagues and their supporters to take action — including Senators Tom Harkin, Barbara Boxer, Sherrod Brown, Kirsten Gillibrand, Heidi Heitkamp, Mazie Hirono, Patrick Leahy, Claire McCaskill, Jeff Merkley, Jack Reed, Jeanne Shaheen, Tom Udall, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Ron Wyden.

    But we need as big a group of supporters as possible to show the momentum for giving America a raise.

    We need you.

  210. starlight says:

    Jerry – That is some full Moon chart, even bringing Mars into the equation with a quincunx to the Sun. The following evening/night will have the Moon again setting off the volatile T-square, this time opposite Uranus and creating a Grand Cross. I would expect some serious repercussions and possibly violence after the election, certainly through the night of the 17th.

    I have to wonder if Crimea actually votes to NOT leave Ukraine, causing an upset and maybe a shift in what everyone expects (Uranus). I guess we will see.

  211. alex says:

    in the Sibley chart with transits March 10th midpoint mo/ma @02 libra (strong response) – provocation directed at US?

  212. alex says:

    Nancy – continued midpoint

    correction: moon/mars midpoint transit March 10th chart

    @02 VIRGO

    I’m doing kitchen errands, charging vacuum stick battery etc etc… better focus on that for now – yikes!

  213. Bob says:

    The situation in Ukraine will not be settled quickly. From looking at the chart given for Putin – if it holds – it could continue simmering up to the middle of April when another plateau is reached. His chart shows major stress beginning around April 18th and lasting for about 1 week.

    Long term – I did a transit search of hard aspects from transiting Saturn to his natal and progressed charts for the next 2 years. The last 6 months had none. Could he be gone in 18 months? Maybe from trying to wrestle a real wild bear and not a trained one.

  214. starlight says:

    CNN article also shows similarities to Hitler in 1938 when he took Austria:

    But the real problem goes much deeper. In both cases the claim of a right of protection of ethnic brethren was only one element of a larger worldview. Hitler in fact cared little for ethnic Germans in Austria or for Austria itself. Its destruction of Austria was meant to show, as it did, that all standards of the European system were subject to corruption if a single man took a single risk.

    What Europeans decide to see in the Ukrainian revolution might in the end define Europe. The interwar European system was based on the principle of state sovereignty. No doubt this was an imperfect and incomplete moral and legal basis for international relations. And yet its violation meant the end of the system itself. When Europe’s leaders abandoned Austria in 1938, they were conceding to Hitler the right to define the new rules of the new order.

  215. alex says:

    I have an older sibling (10 years) having birthday this week; I’ll look at her chart with transits etc sometime TH or FR; I’ve got to get household ship shape for now;

  216. alex says:

    Wed: Pres. Obama

    Excerpt – 2014 Midterm Elections

    When I talk about minimum wage, not only is it good policy but the majority of the country, including half of Republicans, agree with it. You go into a room — I don’t care how conservative a county — and you ask, do you want your daughters to be treated the same on the job as your sons, everybody is going to say yes.

    But our political system is not reflecting that consensus, and that’s what we are fighting for. And that’s why these midterms are so important, as Deval said. I won’t go through a litany of the challenges we’ve had with a certain set of Republicans in Congress that have then set the tone for the entire party, because it’s not uniform. When you talk to them privately, there are still folks in that party who long to get stuff done and work in a bipartisan basis, but they’re intimidated by the “say no” crowd.

    But we have to recognize that part of it is up to us. It’s not just on them. In the midterms, Democrats too often don’t vote. Too often, when there’s not a presidential election we don’t think it’s sexy, we don’t think it’s interesting. People tune out. And because the electorate has changed, we get walloped. It’s happened before and it could happen again if we do not fight on behalf of the things we care about in this election — not keeping our eye to the next election. And nobody is going to be more invested than me in having a Democrat succeed me, to consolidate and solidify the gains that we’ve made during my presidency. But right now, we’ve got to make sure we’re fighting in this election.

    And the DNC helps. The DNC can make sure that instead of restricting the franchise for people all across the country, it’s expanded. The DNC can make sure that the message we’re talking about on minimum wage or equal pay or immigration reform gets out there and people hear it and they recognize how that can have an impact on their own lives.

  217. Squallo says:

    BRUSSELS, March 6 (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said a referendum announced by Crimea’s parliament on Thursday on joining the Russian Federation was “illegal and incompatible with Ukraine’s constitution.”

  218. Squallo says:

    Russians sink a boat off Ukraine coast – their own

    Ukraine Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Alexei Mazepa said Russian sailors pulled the anti-submarine vessel Ochakov out of a naval junkyard and sank it in the straits that connect the Black Sea with a body of water known as Donuzlav Lake. He said the act was intended to prevent Ukrainian navy ships from leaving a nearby base and going to sea.,0,5215300.story#ixzz2vCpNH0Ei

  219. Squallo says:

    President Obama on Thursday signed an executive order readying sanctions and visa restrictions on individuals the administration said were responsible for “destabilizing Ukraine.”

    “The President has signed an Executive Order that authorizes sanctions on individuals and entities threatening the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine; contributing to the misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine; or purporting to assert governmental authority over any part of Ukraine without authorization from the Ukrainian government in Kyiv,” said the White House in a statement.

  220. Squallo says:

    Ukraine crisis: Obama says Crimea referendum would ‘violate international law

  221. starlight says:

    Today is when Jupiter turns and goes direct, thus bringing a further escalation to events. The Moon through the morning has been semisquare to tr Jupiter and tr Uranus, thus exacerbating today’s escalation: the announcement of the referendum sooner than expected.

  222. Squallo says:

    I know Pravda is state sponsored, but this time is better that it is, so we can see the thinking of Russia´s government.

    Pravda: “High probability of Russian assault on Crimea this night”, air strikes not ruled out — military source

    “but the danger will persist to the end of the weekend”

  223. starlight says:

    The bottom line is that this just keeps escalating through April, with the US getting much more active around April 1 and thereafter. By the end of April, things begin to calm down, but the situation will be irrevocably changed from how it was before the crisis began.

  224. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for updating us with your insights, Starlight!!

  225. Squallo says:

    Russian Warship Sunk Off Crimea Pic

  226. alex says:

    the rest of the story:


    Yevpatoria, Ukraine: An anti-submarine boat may have been the first casualty of the Russian incursion into Crimea, but it was hardly an act of violence, much less war: The Russian navy sank one of its own, junked vessels to create an obstacle, a Ukrainian official said on Wednesday.

  227. Todd Bennett says:

    On the whole, so far the administration is royally screwing this up. I don’t know what, who or why they are doing everything wrong, but this referendum is good news-no it is great news. Putin is not the one in need of an off ramp, Obama is. Caught between hawks and his own insecurities, he is the one miscalculating. Let Crimea do what it wants, back off the sanctions and approach Putin with this plan-acknowledge the validity of the vote, the exact opposite of the wrong thing, and pledge to jointly protect against instigators if Putin pledges the same regardless of how it turns out.

    If he wins, a join task force of observers will protect, but if he loses, same deal. Express to him his best move to achieve his goals is through democracy, not militarization. But if Obama presses the sanctions, goes to the U.N. he is going to be humiliated before the world and harm our economy more than theirs. This may be the challenge to our standing. Nancy in my opinion the referendum is not an escalation, as the timing works well with above as Ukraine would be mourning a split. But if it is administration’s position that Crimea can not vote to join Russia we have a problem, and diplomatically we will lose on the global stage.

  228. Todd Bennett says:

    The good news lacking heavy Mars, Obama probably will not be dumb enough to have us go hot, AND THIS IS THE MAIN THING so yes I support him, but I do fear what we are headed for is an unprecedented rebuke of our will and unrelated, historically bad tornadoes. Town killers on the same day, that sort of thing. But it may not be in the places you would suspect, Uranus, or even forecast ahead of time. Jupiter is conjunct our ascendant during that crucial time so I think we will avoid a huge tragedy, but long term if the U.N. castrates us politically Putin has a free hand to move on other targets, which is what I expect will happen.

  229. will says:

    Not so fast. Crimea’s “independence” is cause for much debate and discussion.

    “The Autonomous Republic of Crimea …is an autonomous republic in the southeastern region of Ukraine that officially belongs to Ukraine albeit enjoying great autonomy and having its own constitution.[6][7][8] Crimea itself is located within a peninsula bearing the same name, the Crimean peninsula, a peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea comprised by Crimea and the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol.

    The Cimmerians, Bulgars, Greeks, Scythians, Goths, Huns, Khazars, the state of Kievan Rus’, Byzantine Greeks, Kipchaks, Ottoman Turks, Golden Horde Tatars and the Mongols each controlled Crimea in its earlier history. In the 13th century, it was partly controlled by the Venetians and by the Genoese; they were followed by the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire in the 15th to 18th centuries, the Russian Empire in the 18th to 20th centuries, Germany during World War II and the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and later the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, within the Soviet Union during the rest of the 20th century until Crimea became part of independent Ukraine with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    The Autonomous Republic of Crimea is an autonomous parliamentary republic within Ukraine[6] and is governed by the Constitution of Crimea in accordance with the laws of Ukraine…”

  230. Jackson says:

    Meanwhile, Governor Krispy Kreme was mouthing off at the CPAC rally:

    “Mister President, what are we paying you for?”

    Um, I got this: We are paying him to remain cool and measured during a period of volatile political instability abroad. We are paying him because you or one of the other nutjubs in your party would have pushed the nuke button by now, or sent in American troops, thus initiating a global debacle.

  231. DPH says:

    So interesting… Nancy shows us the parallels between the current transits and those in effect during the Cuban Missile crisis. Today, right on cue, one of the cover stories on the Huffington Post has Stephen Schesinger saying that the President is borrowing his strategic approach from JFK’s play book during the Cuban Missile crisis!!

  232. will says:


    Re: Gov Krispy Kreme at CPAC rally: unmitigated meatball gall. He really is a big puke of bad lasagna.

  233. will says:

    Re Christie,

    Its going to take a whole lot more than trimmed length of bowel and a new haircut to delouse Bag o’ Doughnuts.

  234. barbk says:

    Nikita Khrushchev’s granddaughter Nina Khrushcheva made more sense than anybody so far regarding Putin’s strategy. Tonight on Chris Hayes’ show she said Putin didn’t want all of Ukraine for Russia. In so many words she said it would stretch him too far to “defend” all in Ukraine who wanted to stay with Russia, but Crimea he DID want, and that’s what Kerry should be negotiating right now.

  235. starlight says:

    We are paying him because you or one of the other nutjubs in your party would have pushed the nuke button by now, or sent in American troops, thus initiating a global debacle.


  236. Lorrie U says:

    Well said, Jackson! Thank you.

  237. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Jackson: Dang, talk about hitting the nail on the head with your clever and succinct rebuttal of Governor Chris Christie weak-a**sed so called put down of President Obama on what are we paying you for.

    You just hit that bad boy out of the park with your answer. Dude I want you on my team.

    barbk: Watched Nina Khrushcheva’s interview as well and I was like HELLO is anybody else here listening. Especially those in our government, who can make a difference. To sarcastically mimic Chris Christie: Will you please listen to intelligent people about the current crisis in the Ukraine, especially Crimea. Because big boy that is what we are paying ALL of our government officials for. Including you Governor. We are paying all of you to be wise, to be sagacious, and knowledgeable. Especially during these difficult times. Not some loud-mouthed jack-a@@ who is to quote the late great James Brown. ‘Just Talking loud and saying Nothing’.

  238. Jerry says:

    An interesting explorative analysis on that March 2011 article………..

    Notes On An Uncertain Future/Predicting World War III
    By J.R. Nyquist
    January 20, 2014

    “A friend in Europe reminded me that on 24 March 2011 a group of “well-known Russian astrologers, shamans and parapsychologists gathered to discuss forecasts for the near and distant future.” Since almost nothing of importance in Russia occurs without the state or the FSB having a “finger in the pie” (so to speak) it is worth taking notice of Russian predictions – whatever the source. Readers are directed to the 2011 article titled Third World War to Begin during Winter Games in 2014.” – snipped –

    …… In the case of the assembled astrologers and parapsychologists in Russia, how did they arrive at the March 2014 date for the start of World War III? The best predictions are often made by those who have sources on “the inside.” If an astrologer is trying to boost himself, wouldn’t it be prudent to have friends in the special services or General Staff? After all, such predictions would greatly strengthen the livelihood of any self-respecting astrologer or parapsychologist. Therefore we may ask if the Russian astrologers are merely reflecting an open secret within Russia’s ruling circles. As it happens, an answer to this question is ready at hand. I received a note from a practicing non-Russian astrologer about the March 2014 time frame for World War III. Apparently, in the lore of astrology, 2014 looks rather frightening. In the previous version of this present article I had mistakenly assumed the aforementioned astrologer was concerned about events in March, and I took that to mean there was nothing else behind the Russian astrological predictions except astrology. Silly me. The story is even more interesting insofar as there are no (I am told) astrologically justified reasons for the Russian astrological prediction. found nothing especially frightening about March 2014. And this leaves me wondering out loud: why were the Russian astrologers, who regularly serve the Russian General Staff and KGB, registering concerns for March 2014? Again, we may be looking at something that has more to do with inside knowledge of intentions which, in trying to look credible, must reflect what superiors already believe is set to happen. This is significant, and perhaps other experts can contact me and weigh in on the matter. It is not a question here of believing in astrology, by the way. It is a question of why Russian astrologers and shamans would underscore the Winter Olympics and March of 2014 as the beginning of World War III.


    Update/ Mobilizing for World War III
    Commentary of 3 March 2014

    I began this series of commentaries on 20 January with the title “Predicting World War III.” In that first piece, I related how a group of well-known Russian astrologers, shamans and parapsychologists had predicted the beginning of World War III for March 2014. And here we are, at the outset of a serious crisis that might easily escalate to world war. A reader of this blog recently noted, “Either this thing has gotten away from Moscow, or Moscow has much bigger plans in store dead ahead.”

    Yes, things have gotten away from Russia, and bigger plans are in store. This is obvious from the Russian military invasion of Crimea. At this point, why should the Kremlin worry about an open display of violence against innocent people? The military balance has already shifted in Russia’s favor, with China preparing for war against Japan in the Far East. In truth our military readiness is not what it should be. (See End of American Military Dominance: Hagel announces steep U.S. defense cuts in aircraft, ships, troops, weapons.)

    America has been fighting a war against terrorism for the last twelve years. We have been diverted and misdirected. Our military policy has shifted away from preparing against a major adversary and we are not ready. Furthermore, which European country is prepared to fight Russia? Only Ukraine is preparing to fight, and Ukraine is hopelessly outgunned.


  239. Trudy says:

    Succinct explanation of current (Mar 4) Ukraine and global monetary situation – starts two minutes in (18 minutes)–

  240. will says:


    Schmidt is an interesting guy – and the economic-reset he is suggesting makes a heck-of-a-lot more sense than WWIII. But again, we’ll just have to take it “one-day-at-a-time.”

    Thank you for posting it.

  241. Squallo says:

    Russia won’t do anything until the sochi paralympics are over 16th of March.

  242. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,
    re: growling bear

    Overheard: “I don’t have time for another Putin/Obama high stakes game of chicken kiev over a cri-me-a-river…I have a sick, medically-diagnosed delusional father who’s terrified of strange people he sees walking thru walls and who interfere with his newspapers, stovetop and stuff…I’ve had to take his guns away from him to make sure he doesn’t mistakenly kill himself or anyone else. Come to think of it…it’s kinda the same thing.”

    Global cease-fire and universal disarmament anybody?

    Overheard re: CPAC
    Those rifle-loving guys must have weak minds and teenie weenies. But that doesn’t exactly explain Sarah…well sort of…

    A great day to everybody! E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua! Blessings all!

  243. ArtCulturePeace says:

    re: CPAC
    In case you missed it:×412.jpg

    And March 7-8=National Day of Unplugging. See you folks in a few days…Digital Detox, Lent and all :-)

    Warm aloha everybody! Blessings all!

  244. Trudy says:

    Thanks Will!

    Despite the drama– it will all work out!
    My take is to treat all of this much like we treat
    “drama queens”
    Let them play out their “drama” while we work on our internal balance and allow that “Holographic” to displace their stuff!

  245. Lorrie U says:

    Russian astrologers predicting WWIII is kind of like our Evangelical Christian/Tea Party/RWNJ’s trying to start a war to fulfill their Armageddon fantasies.

    As ACP pointed out, most people nowadays are trying to figure out ways to survive their daily life and have no time to indulge in this nonsense any more, including the ridiculous amount of media time given to the moronic CPAC, which is really CRAP (Conservative Ranting and Pandering).

  246. Lorrie U says:

    WATCH: Eight Year Old Raises Funds To Pay Schoolmates’ Lunch Debts

    Cayden and his mother, Amber Melke-Peters, started collecting cans and bottles. They asked friends and neighbors to help out. They were able to raise $64, which Cayden turned into the school. This paid for over 100 lunches. A local radio station picked up the story, and donations began pouring in.

    ‘No Kid Goes Hungry’ pays for hundreds of lunches. Cayden and his mother have launched a fundraising campaign, called “Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry.” They have already paid for several hundred lunches with the donations. They plan to cover the cost of at least 5,000 more this week. Cayden’s mother says that they have gone from paying for lunches at his school, to paying for students’ lunches in the entire county.

  247. Lorrie U says:

    From 3/3/2014 Matthew’s Message:

    Turbulence in the Ukraine will bluster on, but there is insufficient momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential for eruption into a widespread battleground.

  248. Lorrie U says:

    From 3/3/2014 Matthew’s Message:

    Turbulence in the Ukraine will bluster on, but there is insufficient momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential for eruption into a widespread battleground.

  249. lunagardener says:

    Jackson! Glad to hear your voice here again. I appreciate how a few well chosen words can get right to the point and make me smile.

  250. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    lunagardener, can’t tell you how glad I am that you are back posting. Just hearing your “voice” makes me happy.

    Missed you. Lisa.

  251. CaseyM says:

    I wish we had a like button. ACP I loved your post re: overheard.

  252. lunagardener says:

    Lisa L. Robinson a thousand thanks!
    ACP, I had to share your ‘overheard’ post on the FB http://www….thank you, that was excellent. Nancy…thanks for the posts and space you create here.

  253. lunagardener says:

    A strange hyperink sneaked into my last post….sorry, do not bother to click on it folks….

  254. andre says:

    Queen Elizabeth will reach her 88th solar return on 21 April right in the middle of the cardinal grand cross and only a few days from a New Moon eclipse. Ed Tamplin predicts she will then announce her abdication. Saturn just turned retrograde on her third Saturn return conjunct her MC and Prince Charles’Sun. Charles could be crowned King when Saturn returns to this position at a further eclipse in the fall.

  255. Helen says:

    BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse investigates the links between the new Ukrainian government and Neo-nazis:

  256. barbk says:

    Thanks andre, I hadn’t looked at the Queen’s chart for some time. Transiting Saturn IS hitting her T-square, stopping just short of her natal Saturn at 24+ Scorpio but square her Jupiter (22+ Aquarius) opposite Neptune (22+ Leo).

    Most telling is the transiting south node (letting go) conjunct her Sun (0+ Taurus) and on it’s way to her natal Chiron 28 Aries, just as transiting Chiron is conjunct her natal Venus at 13+ Pisces.

    The times they are a’changing.

  257. margriet says:

    What I find difficult is that I seem to agree with Putin.. I mean, one day they made a big agreement and the next day they said the president wasn’t recognized as the president anymore. Isn’t that a coup d’état? It doesn’t strike me as democratic.. Then again, the response in the Crimea doesn’t seem that either, but it looks to me as that they did the same thing. Am I the only one thinking this?

  258. Helen says:

    Margriet: there are experts not often featured on the Sunday morning shows because their narratives are different: one is Stephen Cohen. His bio:

    Stephen F. Cohen is a professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University. His Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War and his The Victims Return: Survivors of the Gulag After Stalin are now in paperback.”

    Two recent articles:

  259. starlight says:

    Margriet – You have a point about it being a coup when Putin’s puppet was thrown out. Of course, Yanuchovich stole billions from Ukraine while they wallowed in debt, etc. But the thing that scares people is the parallel with how Hitler began. And it is also the first time Russia has tried to annex part of another country since post World War 2 period.

    Hillary touched on the same thing recently.

  260. Sharon Katz says:

    One thing that is not being talked about enough, imho, is the rampant corruption in the Ukraine, and under the deposed president, who was Putin’s man. He channeled sums of money to his son’s company (for one thing) – and, apparently, now, there are billions missing from the Ukraine government’s coffers. His lifestyle was over the top with luxury and excesses, it has been found. This is what the people have revolted against in the Ukraine. The Crimea is about 58% Russian but, other than that, why is it Putin’s business?

  261. Sharon Katz says:

    Also, the Crimea, which is beautiful, not too cold, and on the North Sea and a location centered within the configuration of Europe/Russia, the Mideast/Asia and Africa, is where the WWI peace treat was signed. It appears to be an important, desirable location, with an ethic Russian majority (24% Ukrainians, 12% Muslim Tartars. Apparently, it and the Ukraine’s political status over the centuries and vis a vi Russia has been constantly changing with the changing political scene. It seems to be a matter of national pride to Russia to not see it, as part of the Ukraine, go over to the European Union, if my understanding is correct.

  262. rc says:

    Hi Margriet

    I found Others That may see it The way You do,


  263. Helen says:

    Ask the citizens of Greece, Spain and Italy if they are happy with the way things in the EU are run.

    When the world’s economy took a hit in 2008 and Iceland went bankrupt, it jailed its bankers, threw the IMF and World Bank out and went its own way without outside interference. At this moment it is retracting its membership application for admittance in the EU.

    The EU is a trojan horse of austerity. Sure, it’s wrong for the previous president of the Ukraine to treat his position like a corrupt fiefdom – but what happens when the IMF (read Goldman Sacks) loans money at 11% like they did to Greece….UNABLE to pay it back, the Greek government then conducts a firesale of its infrastructure. It’s all there in the book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.

    I live in the EU – can’t fault the Ukrainians like the Americans thinking we live in a desirable place…which we do but it’s a real fight now to maintain it. Lobbiests in Brussels were recently successful in getting GMO corn approved in the EU despite most members NOT WANTING IT. Have any idea who these lobbiests are and where they are from?

  264. margriet says:

    Thanks for your reactions.
    Helen- great articles, those by Stephen Cohen.
    rc, me agreeing with Netanyahu would be even weirder than me agreeing with Putin, but heck: we’re all one world and one people.
    I also live in the EU, and Ukraine brings the story close to home. Starlight, whether Putin is like Hitler, I don’t know, I’ve seen more people whom I thought were like him and scarier than Putin (dutch politician geert wilders for instance). Yes, the EU is a monster, but getting rid of it is at this point impossible. We should handle it carefully and indeed, that doesn’t always work. We should learn quickly.
    I read that this Russian secretary , I think it was Lavrov, said that if the West raises sanctions, they will hit back on us like a boomerang. Perhaps that’s the Pluto-Sun effects acting up.

  265. Lorrie U says:

    Any astrological thoughts about the missing plane enroute to China and two stolen passports? Is terrorism a possibility since Mar. 8 is one of the dates Starlight has pointed out to watch?

  266. barbk says:

    Yeah Lorrie, the plane left Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 12:24 AM local time on 3/7/14 (per CNN). The Moon at 24 Taurus was opposite Saturn at 23 Scorpio. In May 2012 there was a solar eclipse (0+ Gemini) that had Jupiter at 24+ Taurus and I’m looking into that chart too for clues.

    The takeoff chart has Sagittarius rising so Jupiter rules it and Jupiter (multi-national) is in the 8th house at 10+ Cancer (family) having just stationed direct on Thursday makes it potent. Jupiter (excessive) is squared by Uranus (unexpected) at 10+ Aries (individual) in the 5th house and midway between (semi-square) them is the Moon (family) at 24 Taurus ($$$) in the 6th house.

    When something disappears mysteriously the first thing that comes to mind is Neptune and Neptune in the 4th house at 5+ Pisces forms a septile (divides the circle by 7 and 7 is an irrational number because it can’t be divided equally) with Pluto at 13+ Capricorn in the 2nd house. Septiles indicate a fork in the road (or air in this case) of destiny.

    Pluto is also in a septile aspect with Saturn at 23+ Scorpio retrograde. So far we have Jupiter in the 8th house (other people’s money) opposite Pluto (secretive) in the 2nd house of money and the ruler of Scorpio (banks, insurance companies) who septiles Saturn in Scorpio and is in mutual reception with Pluto (acts like a conjunction) and Saturn is opposite the Moon in Taurus ($$$) that conjuncts Jupiter in the 2012 solar eclipse in Gemini. I get the impression that it has something to do with money, especially other people’s money.

    Neptune in the take-off chart (3/7/14) is in the north bending (receptive) of the (moon’s) nodes in the May 2012 solar eclipse chart; north 5 Sagittarius and south 5 Gemini. In a complex pattern combining the solar eclipse (Sun-Moon 0 Gemini) and Pallas (planner) in the solar eclipse chart (0 Aries) and Ceres (daughter was kidnapped) in the take-off chart at 1 Scorpio retrograde, you get a yod with take-off chart’s Ceres at the apex (release point) and Neptune (disguise) in the take-of chart trines Ceres at 1 Scorpio retrograde.

    Considering that Pluto in the take-off chart makes two irrational aspects (to Saturn and Neptune), opposes the ruler of the chart Jupiter, squares Uranus and sextiles Chiron, my guess (and it’s a wild one) is it’s hostage taking, and ransom driven. Either that or it’s about insurance money. Pluto also sextiles the Sun (16+ Pisces) who squares Chaos (16+ Gemini) and conjuncts Borasisi (symbolizes misguided allegiance)at 16+ Pisces as well as Chiron.

    If not, it would make a good movie don’t you think?

  267. There are two people who were traveling on stolen passports on tha plane. What kind of people buy/steal/sell stolen passports? In this case I doubt they were refugees/stateless folks wanting a place to go. China’s not all that welcoming for those types. I’m thinking terrorists or underworld types who were on a mission of some sort. They would need to travel on stolen passports because they knew they would be on someone’s list-Interpol, immigration, or even worse.

    The aspects sound like that plane was inherently defective-enough so that a minor push was probably enough to explode the plane. But what could disintegrate a plane so completely?

  268. Just in:

    Ticket purchase adds to mystery. Just by looking at the headline, they say that the two that had the stolen passports bought them together….

  269. Lorrie U says:

    This type of aircraft has an excellent safety record. A plane usually doesn’t just disintegrate unless there was a bomb onboard, which is highly likely if there were two questionable persons with stolen passports. They were on the Interpol list but obviously someone didn’t check their database. Very strange…

  270. Lorrie U says:

    I am speechless…

    Pallin’ Around With Putin: Conservatives Jump the Patriot Shark With Moscow Pro-Life Summit

    Conservatives have jumped the patriot shark. Siding with Putin over Obama, conservatives justify holding their World Congress of Families summit meeting (referred to as the “pro-life Olympics”) in Moscow even after the Ukraine crisis because “Putin doesn’t threaten our national security, Obama does.”

    Funding this little gathering of patriotic freedom lovers is a close Putin ally. Pallin’ around with Putin? The summit also includes a joint session with the Russian parliament, according to Right Wing Watch.

    A pro-life gathering in Moscow and wishing Putin were running America – this is what American conservatives have come to.

  271. Julie says:

    From what I have heard/ read about the flight, anyone disembarking in Beijing would have needed a visa from China, and China is supposedly very thorough in the checks they do for a visa. The two people with the stolen passports were supposedly travelling on to Europe. So not sure if that would have obviated the necessity of a Chinese visa so that they could board with less scrutiny. Does anyone know if Beijing functions as a major transfer center; it seems like Kuala Lumpur would be a place that one could board flights to Europe, so not sure why they would have gone via Beijing. If they even were going to Europe…

  272. Lorrie U says:

    Julie – They say that radar images show the plane began to turn around prior to disappearing. Maybe they were being hijacked and trying to reroute the aircraft? Just heard also that the wing of that aircraft has been recently repaired due to clipping another plane, so perhaps a malfunction also? Wouldn’t explain disintegration though.

  273. barbk says:

    In the take-off chart the centaur Asbolus was at 0+ Gemini, the same degree as the solar eclipse in May 2012 whose Jupiter conjuncts the take-off chart’s Moon in Taurus. Phil Sedgwick says Asbolus was an “intuitive Auger” and spelled this way an auger is a tool for boring holes OR (per Webster’s New World Dictionary) an Auger effect is “the excitation of electrons within an atom initiated by the absorption of energy, as from cosmic rays. .”

    There is also an Auger shower, “a shower of electrons, photons, etc. resulting from the COLLISION (my caps) of primary cosmic rays with atomic nuclei in the atmosphere.”

    However, if Sedgwick’s site misspelled the word and instead meant augur that would be someone who interprets omens, or an omen itself. Because he said Asbolus was an “intuitive” Auger I’m inclined to think he meant “augur”. Still, the whole cosmic ray thing has piqued my curiosity. Or maybe I should say peaked.

    Sedgwick also refers to Asbolus’s negative manifestation as “failing to follow instincts”, or a mundane interpretation would be “risk taking”. Curious, don’t you think?

    Here’s another thing; Asbolus in the take-off chart and on the “partnership” descendant (2+ Gemini) trines Venus at 0+ Aquarius in the 3rd house of communication. Both Venus and Asbolus aspect Ceres at 1+ Scorpio retrograde in the groupy 11th house who sextiles Pallas (29+ Leo retrograde) in the long distance travel 9th at the MC (0+ Virgo). Ceres and Pallas form a yod with Juno at 2 Aries on the cusp between the 4th (family) and 5th (creative or kids) houses. One of Juno’s interpretations is “partner” or partner not treated equally. She also can symbolize support for the disenfranchised. Juno in this chart is sextile Venus and Asbolus.

    Ceres is in a protracted pattern where she is conjunct Vesta and the north node and Mars while sextiling Pallas, all of them now in retrograde. There are too many meanings that can be augured from this setup to discuss here, but one concept might be Ceres (angery mother) + Vesta (workaholic) + north node (opportunity) + Mars (force) sextile (easily combines with) Pallas (lady with a plan) and together they put pressure (via their quincunxes to) Juno (defends the poor, minorities, etc.) who is sextile Venus (money, connections) at the same time she (Juno) sextiles Asbolus (drills holes or tells fortunes). Have we ruled out sabotage?

    Yesterday I overheard (TV in other room) that all the employees of a company were on board that plane. Did I hear that right? Otherwise, I’m going with the cosmic ray lead.

  274. alex says:

    Rand Paul – continued


    For a second consecutive year, Senator Rand Paul won the Conservative Political Action Conference’s straw poll for 2016 presidential candidates. It wasn’t even close.

    Paul finished ahead of Texas Senator Ted Cruz by a 20% margin, winning 31% of the 2,459 votes cast.

    Retired neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson finished third with 9%.

    The New Jersey governor, Chris Christie came in fourth with 8%.

  275. alex says:

    00-degrees, Gemini – Background


    The new moons have been cycling down to a fresh reset by the time of the New Moon of May 20-21, 2012 at 00-degrees of tropical Gemini.

    The New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20-21, 2012 begins a new lunar cycle that will last to February 2015.

    This new moon is also an annular eclipse of the Sun by the Moon that will occult the main star of the Pleiades.

  276. barbk says:

    Thx alex. . maybe the Pleiadians are behind this. Has anybody read anything from Lauren (think with your heart) Gorgo lately?

    That company, Freescale, a company which manufactures semiconductor chips, had 20 employees on board the missing plane.

  277. alex says:


    Freescale – continued


    On 26 February 2013, Freescale Semiconductor announced the creation of the world’s smallest (by size) ARM-powered chip

    The chip competes with the Atmel M0+ offerings, which are the low-power leaders in the industry.

    One application that Freescale says the chips could be used for is swallowable computers.

    Freescale already works with a variety of health and wellness customers.

    Both the Fitbit and OmniPod insulin pump use Freescale chips.

    Freescale’s Insanely Tiny ARM Chip Will Put the Internet of Things Inside Your Body | Wired Design

  278. alex says:


    global astrology covers the standard fixed star astrology on the

    non-standard quick search of the web found that: the Pleiadians ETs are trying to help the human race by spiritually advancing many of us;

  279. Sharon Katz says:

    I’ve heard lovely things about the Pleiadians – I have a good feeling about them. One recent headline I just saw on Democratic Underground said that the group responsible for the knife attack in China is under consideration as being responsible for the plane tragedy.

  280. alex says:

    MAR 11, 2014 | 07:47:00 PM | APOGEE | 26 CA 51

    Earthquake 6.9 off CA Northern Coast

  281. shoalsister says:

    barbk – this is for you…Hijacking considered…yeah, a movie.

  282. alex says:

    while back someone ( can’t recall who ) asked me about chart construction and the issue was longitude; I didn’t post url at that time but I found really good one tonight:

  283. alex says:

    Business Green – Excerpt

    MPs have urged The Bank of England to investigate its exposure to a so-called “carbon bubble”, whereby billions of pounds of fossil fuel assets will become massively overvalued if the world is successful in tackling climate change.

  284. starlight says:

    Very disturbing and potentially astute piece from WP:

    But Putin is no longer bound by the constraints of nation-state warfare. Years of confrontations with separatists, militants, terrorists and stateless actors influenced his thinking. In Crimea, Putin debuted a pop-up war — nimble and covert — that is likely to be the design of the future.

    First, the hidden army appeared out of nowhere. Soldiers-of-no-nation were outfitted for troublemaking and street-fighting. These troops, denied by Putin, are also seemingly unconstrained by the laws, rules and conventions governing warfare — Putin’s biggest brush-off yet to international order. They are Putin’s hybrid of soldiers and terrorists: hidden faces, hidden command-and-control, hidden orders, but undoubtedly activated to achieve state objectives. The lack of an identified leader gums up the international community’s response: There is no general with whom to negotiate a cease-fire or surrender; if violence erupts, there is potentially no way to end it short of stopping each gunman.

    These irregular forces are also a psychological menace for the local population and Ukrainians nationwide, who don’t know where else the hidden army awaits.

  285. alex says:

    CEOs Face Rising Shareholder Interest in Managing Corporate Climate Risks


    Activist investors will put forward a record 142 shareholder resolutions during the upcoming proxy season asking corporations to strengthen their environmental commitments in areas ranging from greenhouse gas reductions and energy efficiency to deforestation and water use.

    The resolutions, a list of which was released Friday morning by the nonprofit group Ceres, cover a broad range of topics and industries.

    But a common thread running through many of the documents is a demand for greater transparency about the risks associated with the production and use of carbon-based fuels and the resulting greenhouse gas.

  286. alex says:

    Illinois March 18TH: Next Primary Elections (after Texas)

    List of Illinois primary election races for March 18, 2014

    On 3/6/2014 the U.S. House of Representatives voted 229-183 to block U.S. EPA’s plans to limit power plant carbon emissions

    House Passes Bill to Block Obama Climate Plan

    ILLINOIS U.S. Representatives, voting YAY H.R. 3826 (block EPA)

    District 7 – Davis (R, IL)

    District 12 – Enyart (D, IL)

    District 14 – Hultgren (R, IL)

    District 16 – Kinzinger (R, IL)

    District 6 – Roskam (R, IL)

    District 18 – Schock (R, IL)

    District 15 – Shimkus (R, IL)

    Not voting District 10 – Schneider (D, IL)

  287. barbk says:

    Thx shoalsister. . having Saturn (23 Scorpio 18 rx) in the 12th house opposite the Moon in the takeoff chart does support the hijacking theory and Saturn does rule the 2nd house ($$) in that chart.

    More to ponder. . a 2nd solar eclipse in 2012 was at 21 Scorpio 56 about 1 1/2 degrees away from where Saturn was at the time of the plane’s takeoff on 3/7. This one on 11/13/12 was a total solar eclipse, unlike the May 0+ Gemini annular eclipse (shadow doesn’t entirely blot out the Sun).

    The November eclipse featured a grand WATER trine between Saturn, Chiron and Ceres emphasizing emotional energy but what caught my eye was the square between Neptune at 0+ Pisces and Mercury at 0+ Sagittarius that would complete a T-square with the earlier May eclipse (Sun-Moon) at 0+ Gemini. It makes me think we should be looking for something associated with 0 Virgo to complete the picture.

    As it happens, the midheaven (MC) of the takeoff chart is at 0 Virgo, with Pallas (planner, strategist, warrior) at 29 Leo 32 rx. As a completion of a mutable cross, Virgo brings service, detail, discernment, focus and health to the table.

    However, Pallas (plots, strategizes) in the November eclipse chart at 22+ Pisces (unclear) squared Vesta (invested in, dedication) at 23+ Gemini (data, communication), both retrograde (delayed). In the earlier May eclipse chart Venus (what’s of value) was at 23+ Gemini, retrograde and she trined Saturn (diminished, enclosed, structure, government) at 23 Libra (partners) 45 retrograde. Pallas (square Vesta) energy following Venus (trine Saturn) energy; it’s why the computer people on board interest me.

    On March 26th, 16 days from now, transiting (retrograde) Mars will return to 23 Libra 45. On that day transiting Mercury trines transiting Jupiter (both direct motion) and transiting Venus at 19 Aquarius will be conjunct the takeoff chart’s Mercury. I’m am hoping this means we will get news (Mercury) maybe even some good news (Venus) and finally be able to put the pieces together and see the big picture (Jupiter).

    In the meantime, next Sunday’s Full Moon chart sports a complex pattern involving the Sun-Moon opposition, the nodes, Mars, Pallas, Mercury, Vesta and Ceres that needs to be untangled. After that the Aries Equinox chart (a piece of work in itself) has Venus (13 Aquarius) semi-sextile the takeoff chart’s Pluto (13 Capricorn) and Chiron (13 Pisces) doing her LEVEL best to lift up and air out the thought processes (earth + water = mud). Since she will also be trine November 2012’s (2nd) eclipse Jupiter in Gemini (which squares Chiron and quincunxes Pluto in both the takeoff and equinox charts), perhaps aerial views might prove enlightening.

  288. Squallo says:

    Joni Patry

    Certified International Vedic Astrologer

    “All around the world there are major social uprisings and this involves issues of corruption and power. The people have the courage to fight against what they believe is wrong and are taking their power back. Mars rules anger, violence and war, but most importantly it is the planet of courage. Bullies, dictators, and corrupt politicians are fueled by the power of Mars, but when the people become outraged and have had enough the fight back becomes a riot surmounting into war. This is occurring in Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey, Libya, Syria, Malaysia and even in the state of Arizona. But now the concerns and stakes are getting bigger as Russia is becoming involved in the Ukraine’s riots. This could lead to a world war, which the Mars, Rahu conjunction suggests.”

    “The grand Cross will be exact on April 22 where Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter will all be 19 degrees of the mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini). This will bring the events to a head. And as Mars stations at 14 degrees Virgo May 19th there will be violent social uprisings. The social unrest is going to cause great loss to the world. There are many countries that have 14 degrees of Virgo as a sensitive point, Turkey, Russia, China, Germany, Greece, North Korea, Ukraine and Libya.

    Additionally, the Solar Eclipse that occurs April 29th will occur at 14 degrees of Aries, where Mars will station at 14 degrees of Virgo in May which is the full 8th aspect of Mars. Looking at all these heavy indications there may be a world war.”

  289. Squallo says:

    Susan Miller, astrologer to the stars: ‘April’s so scary I’m giving classes on it’

    “April’s so scary that I’m giving classes on it,” she says, tracing a series of points on her impossibly complicated astrology chart. “Look, we have a perfect square on 15 April – 15 April! You’ve got Jupiter at 12, and Uranus at 13, and Pluto at 13, and Mars at 16 – but wait! It’s going to get a little bit worse.” She furrows her brow while she studies the chart. “Look at 29 April!” I look. “Some people feel the stock market is…” She pauses for such a long beat that I offer to complete her sentence: “…going to crash?” She shakes her head. “This is even worse – we’ve not had this since the American Revolution.”

  290. Venus says:

    Barbk…any illucidating asteroids re Malaysian flight?

  291. alex says:


    (not about the downed aircraft)

    wee-bit of untangling Sunday, 3/16/2014 Full Moon

    Semi-Sextile Kite (mundane astrology semi-sextile = difficult associations)

    Apex Moon @26 Virgo
    Pallas @27 Leo
    Mars @26 Libra (Equinox N. Node @28 Libra) Vesta @29 Libra


    Sun @26 Pisces

    The Equinox chart Thursday, 3/20/2014

    Sun/Moon Midpoint (mundane astrology – intergrated focus)


    USA Mercury @24 Cancer

  292. Suzy says:

    Ed Tamplin’s Weekly Comments on Crimea/Ukraine:

    Although Russia gifted Crimea to the Ukraine in February 1954, conditional upon retaining naval bases, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has its own constitution. On May 5 1992, Crimea declared independence reliant upon a referendum, which gained an overwhelming 80% support. Citizens of Crimea hold dual Russian and Ukrainian citizenship.

    The horoscope of Crimean Independence is cast for 7 pm May 5 1992, in the capital of Simferopol – see chart here. The Crimean autonomy horoscope, like the Black Fleet, also features a Taurean Sun, this time opposing Pluto, indicating reliance on a powerful partner. Currently Saturn, the planet of tradition and often restriction, Saturn sits upon the Pluto, as it will all year.

    Crimea’s allegiance to Russia is undisputed. During 2006, when US marines entered the peninsula for joint NATO/Ukrainian naval exercises they incited massive protests. Signs adorned the bay proclaiming ‘occupiers go home’. The Crimean parliament declared Crimea a NATO free territory. It forced the abandonment of the exercises, and withdrawal of NATO.

    On March 6 2014, the Crimean parliament voted 78 to nil with eight abstaining, to become part of Russia and to hold a people’s referendum on March 16. The decision will be fully decided through the ballot box. As 58% of the population are Russians as against 24% Ukrainian, the result seems a foregone conclusion. The Crimean independence horoscope would also support this as the progressed Ascendant comes to transforming Pluto.

    As the EU expands further into the Ukraine, Crimea is a notable absentee, despite protests from western leaders, who in the space of one week seem to be redefining democracy. What seems fine for the Ukraine, even before their May 25 elections, is not so okay for Crimea – despite a pending referendum? But then we’re not really dealing with democracy in any of these developments.

    Now the Ukraine is torn between a relentless globalization agenda set by the USA, Eurozone and IMF, and a revived Russia seeking greater global prominence. The unmistakable message is, might is right, whichever side of the political fence you take. Those who willingly hand over their weapons of mass destruction watch as their sovereignty is usurped by superpowers that zealously cling to their own nuclear agenda as the primary means of global control and profit.

  293. Venus says:

    barbk…ooops just saw your 3-9-14 /2:41pm post re asteroid aspects re Malaysian flight…thanks :)

  294. Lorrie U says:

    Pres. Obama re. climate change, “We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat earth society.”

  295. Personal observation: the Grand Cross-Pluto trines my Midheaven and sextiles my Mars, Jupiter sextiles my Midheaven and trines my mars. Uranus semi/sextile Mars and inconjunct my Midheaven.

    What do you think of all of this energy?

  296. Squallo says:


    I’m no expert whatsoever, but I think that trines and sextiles are easy going transits. It really depend on the houses your planet are, but it could mean a reminder of some change that you need to make, or culmination of some change.

  297. Squallo says:


    Most probably culmination, because of the grand cross.

  298. shoalsister says:

    barbk – check out this tweet…wow, human trafficking?! Those goddesses may be telling us an amazing story!

    Jim Sciutto ? @jimsciutto
    Breaking: US officials say still early but more & more signs loss of #MH370 NOT terror-related, fits pattern of human trafficking
    7:08 PM – 10 Mar 2014 from Washington, DC, United States

  299. barbk says:

    Carol D, as long as there aren’t any squares or oppositions I’d say all systems are go. :)

    Which raises the question: if all the experts say it would be madness for a pilot to not notify ground that he was turning his plane into another direction, what if that pilot had a gun to his head?

    It also brings to mind that maybe the Universe thinks we are too dependent on technology so I checked out where asteroid Atlantis was at the time of take-off and it was at 23+ Leo, square Saturn at 23+ Scorpio and the Moon at 24+ Taurus.

    With so much mystery connected to the missing plane I looked to asteroid Sphinx’ whereabouts at take-off time and it was conjunct trans Neptunian Orcus both at 4 Virgo, both retrograde. With the Moon conjunct Sedna (23 Taurus) and opposite Saturn (23 Scorpio) the specter of deep Neptunian waters seemed the likely location of the missing plane. After all Orcus and Sphinx were only 1 degree from an exact opposition to Neptune in the missing airplane’s takeoff chart.

    So maybe all the tantalizing coincidences between the takeoff chart and the two solar eclipse charts from 2012 are just that; coincidences. But there are so many of them! Orcus and Sphinx are connected to the Scorpio eclipse in November 2012 through their opposition to Chiron (4+ Pisces) stationing direct, and sextile Saturn at 4+ Scorpio, and quincunx Uranus at 4+ Aries retrograde.

    In fact if you combine the takeoff chart’s Orcus conjunct Sphinx to the November 2012’s Saturn and Uranus, you get a yod with Uranus as the release planet. If you take the November 2012’s Neptune (0+ Pisces) square Mercury (0+ Sagittarius) and add it to the Sun-Moon at 0+ Gemini in the solar eclipse chart for May 2012, you get a T-square with an open leg at 0 Virgo. 0 Virgo is where the MC of the takeoff chart is located.

    0 Virgo is also where Pallas the Planner was when Juno entered Aries on March 3rd. Pallas and Juno formed a yod with Ceres (1 Scorpio) and Vesta (29+ Libra) and the north node (29 Libra) and Mars (27+ Libra) who was square Venus at 27+ Capricorn. Juno was in the drivers seat of that yod as well as being on the Aries Point (the World Point). Moon was conjunct Uranus (both at 10+ Aries) at the time Juno entered Aries last Monday, and Moon-Uranus squared Jupiter at 10+ Cancer who was stationing to go direct the morning the plane went missing. The Sun was sextile Pluto and conjunct Chiron.

    There are a dozen or more coincidences like this, some point in this direction, some in that direction and I have to admit it is either a wild goose chase or something so complex it defies a simple definition. I would be happy to supply more if there is intrest, but the fact is that the two 2012 eclipse charts apply to everybody and everything, as does the Juno ingress chart. It is only the missing plane’s takeoff chart that clearly applies only to the missing plane.

    Several experts on TV news have used the word catastrophic to describe what could have happened to the missing plane. On her websight (, Martha Lang-Wescott describes the asteroids Siva and Siwa as a catabolic (breakdown or breakthrough) process that precedes insight. She also says it (they) refer(s) to the Far East (including Vietnam, India, China, Malaysia, Japan).

    At the time of takeoff, asteroid Siva at 4+ Sagittarius conjunct the ascendant was square Sphinx and Orcus at 4 Virgo as well as squaring Neptune at 5 Pisces. Asteroid Siwa at the time of takeoff was at 27+ Aquarius (conjunct the U.S. Moon by the way) and trined Mars at 27 Libra. Siwa was also in the north bending (receiving universal directives) of the Moon’s nodes (29 Libra-Aries), so I’m leaning more and more towards divine intervention by the Pleiadians in their space ships until we get more news.

    Thanks alex for getting the ball rolling with the full moon and equinox astrology, and thanks Venus for being interested (like me) in the asteroids!

  300. barbk says:

    wow shoalsister, I wasn’t quite ready to read that! If it were that and if the trafficking was for prostitution purposes, I’d look to Vesta first and she was conjunct the north node (29+ Libra) and part of the yod headed up by Juno. wow!

  301. barbk says:

    Nope, Siwa wasn’t in the north bending, scratch that. It was Venus at 0+ Aquarius that was in the north bending of the nodes getting the universal directives, and she was sextile Juno making a yod to Pallas (29+ Leo) who was opposite Pandora and Nessus (ugh) both at 29 Aquarius. Venus was also opposite Black Moon Lilith at 0 Leo.

    Wish I’d taken that nap.

  302. Squallo says:

    Are We Stumbling into World War III?

    Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus-New York University and Princeton University / Contributing Editor-The Nation Magazine & Author, Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War

  303. tetramorph says:

    What in the world are you posting, Squallo?

    “Joni Patry

    Certified International Vedic Astrologer….

    where Mars will station at 14 degrees of Virgo in May (18th) which is the full 8th aspect of Mars. Looking at all these heavy indications there may be a world war.”

    um, maybe I’m missing something, but Mars Stations D at Libra 9 from roughly May 8th to June 1st — that’s a crazy long time on a single degree for Mars (and my, he has been moving slowly as well, of late) — please post accurate information!!!!!!!!!

    Sabian Symbols for the correct Mars station degrees:

    8-9 deg Libra

    Three “Old Masters” Hanging On The Wall Of A Special Room In An Art Gallery

    9-10 deg Libra

    Having Passed Through Narrow Rapids, A Canoe Reaches Calm Waters

  304. Jerry says:

    Hi Tetramorph,

    Joni Paltry, although American, uses vedic astrological calculations for her work. Vedic astrology is widely practiced in Asia. The difference between the Vedic (tropical) and Western (sidereal) zodiac is approx. 23 degrees. Here’s an article explaining the variances…..

    Western Astrology vs Vedic Astrology

  305. Squallo says:


    Vedic vs Western Astrology
    Interpretive Differences between Western and Vedic Astrology
    The first thing you will notice when you compare a Western and Vedic chart is that the Vedic chart looks very different. You are probably familiar with the round shape of a Western chart; the Vedic chart is square. If you are familiar with Western astrology, upon careful examination, the Vedic chart will appear to have planets aligned with the wrong constellations (signs). A natal chart [or a birth chart] reading reveals the differing sign and house changes of planets in the Vedic chart.