29th Mar, 2014

New Moon Launch

Although spring arrived over a week ago according to the calendar, the sharp bite of chill air in many parts of the country proclaimed a protracted, harsh winter through all but the last day or so of March. Even the much-anticipated bloom celebrated by Washington’s glorious Cherry Blossom Festival is lagging nearly two weeks behind schedule due to a notable lack of any sunshine or warmth. Despite appearances, however, March 20 has come and gone, and with it, the birth of the new astrological year, however cloaked, is upon us.

As mentioned in previous articles, this year’s Spring Equinox birth chart is particularly stressful since it incorporates the building power of the historical cardinal cross. During April, the planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars will be moving into the four corners of a square, portending an enormous amount of tension and potential upheaval in the world. The volatile and transformative Uranus/Pluto square has been with us since 2012; adding to the brewing strain of that aspect, the Jupiter/Uranus square has been within a one-degree orb since mid-February; and through the first three weeks of April, these three planets will move into an exact T-square, followed by Mars reaching the fourth corner of this “grand cross” for a few days from April 19 through April 24, likely sparking a multitude of explosive events at that time. Moreover, it seems likely that these tensions will be particularly strong in the US and Russia, since the Spring Equinox charts drawn for these nations captures one or more elements of the cardinal cross on the angles of the respective charts.

In particular, Uranus, in a very tight, hard aspect to the Ascendant in both charts, suggests sudden, tumultuous and forceful events that are likely to very directly impact the two countries and their citizens. Already we have seen the horror of one of worst natural disasters in recent years with the Oso, Washington mudslide on March 22, which engulfed 30 houses in barely a moment and left scores dead in its wake. Further weather-related or geophysical circumstances seem likely during April 2014, as well as in January and February 2015, when Uranus and Pluto will come back again to aspect the Ascendants in these two Spring charts. springequinox14dc

On March 30, the Aries New Moon will take place at 09Aries59, a little over two degrees from an exact conjunction with Uranus (12Aries20), and therefore quite close to direct involvement in the increasingly active T-square. This New Moon, the birth chart of the month, seems likely to accelerate the building tensions of the already-volatile dynamic involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. The Moon will cross Uranus and square Jupiter and Pluto on March 30. The Sun will follow from March 31 through April 3, no doubt bringing forth increasingly explosive events over these few days, the ramifications of which will continue to unfold throughout the month.

The next most notable trigger to this volatile planetary mix will come on April 14, when early in the day, the Moon will fill the fourth corner of the square, while the entire day will bring transiting Mercury to a conjunction with Uranus. As this configuration falls just before a Full Moon eclipse on April 15, the chances of an enormously heavy storm is quite strong. And, as with the Sun/Uranus conjunction early in the month, the Mercury/Uranus conjunction of April 14 may also portend explosive, unexpected and disruptive events in the geopolitical sphere, including in such hot spots as Ukraine and Syria.

At present, President Obama is actively working to put together a coherent strategy with obamahis allies to deal with Russia’s precipitous takeover of Crimea and the threat of a further incursion into eastern Ukraine. In Obama’s natal chart, we find Uranus, Pluto, the North Node, and Mars all in the 7th house. Uranus is the ruler of the Ascendant, and Pluto and Mars co-rule the Midheaven. This multi-planet combination in the 7th house points to the president’s profound imperative to work creatively (Uranus) and in partnership and cooperation (7th house) with others to achieve his goals, both in domestic and foreign affairs.  Moreover, the position of Pluto here further implies an enormous intensity, almost a compulsion, to act in concert with others, through negotiation and compromise, to achieve objectives. As long as we have known Obama, from his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, throughout the 2008 campaign and into his presidency, most notably in his dealings with Republicans and his response to the demands of foreign policy, we have repeatedly seen the president’s primary imperative to negotiate and work cooperatively in partnership with others to accomplish his intentions. There can be no question that this will always be his modus operandi.

Of interest to our current discussion is how much Obama’s inner 7th house directive is being activated during this agitated season of the cardinal cross. From March 13 through March 30, transiting Uranus has been sesquiquadrate Obama’s North Node (27Leo18), while Jupiter will be semisquare the Node from March 30 to April 10. It is here that we see his very active recent work at bringing together a united coalition and coherent strategy to handle the situation in Ukraine, as well as his ongoing discussions with allies in how best to deal with the complicated conditions in Syria.

As of March 28 and continuing through most of April, Obama’s progressed Moon is in a trine with natal Pluto (6Virgo59), setting off the intense emotions of the natal square between these two bodies, as well as the consuming imperative to find a cooperative solution to an issue. The transit of Mars in semisquare will greatly stimulate natal Pluto from March 28 through March 31, just at the time of the Aries New Moon. Moreover, transiting Neptune is presently opposing natal Pluto from March 22 through April 25, bringing inspiration and idealism to the push toward working together but possibly setting the president up for disappointment or disillusion by the end of April.

It seems likely to me that there will be some strong actions taken by the US in April, USchartlikely precipitated by the unexpected and transformative circumstances pointed to by Uranus moving to square the US Sun from March 30 through April 18, and further triggered by the Sun during the first days of the month. When Jupiter crosses the US Sun from April 10 through April 19, boldness and optimism will shape planning and operations. The Mars transit from April 19 through April 24 will complete the cardinal cross and is likely to bring some shatteringly explosive and confrontational events, possibly a kind of climax to the building tensions.

After April 25, however, it may be that the US discovers the limits of its power to shape developments. Not only does Neptune recede from the president’s Pluto signifyinginaugural13 disappointment or disillusion, but Saturn moves into a square with Inaugural Mars (20Aquarius13) through May 7, followed by Saturn opposite Inaugural Moon (19Taurus28) from May 3 through May 16, thus curbing effective action, while frustrating and upsetting the administration during the post-cardinal cross period. Perhaps most significant, transiting Uranus will move into its first of three oppositions with the US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48), from April 26 to May 16. This aspect suggests a building and unanticipated realization (Uranus) of the limits of US world leadership (Saturn in the 10th) despite the whirl of expectation and determination earlier in April.

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