11th Mar, 2014

Cascading Events

The crisis in Ukraine is developing into an escalating clash between Russia and the West, with Vladimir Putin totally dominating the chess board. The Russian president has rapidly moved his troops to take over Crimea, including all of its military installations, while simultaneously strangling all communications, other than the justifications unleashed in his dishonest and manipulative propaganda campaign.  A huge concern at present is whether Russia’s quest for more territory will expand to include a far larger chunk of Eastern Ukraine than taken during the current Crimean occupation. On this issue, Putin’s warnings about the spread of “chaos” in that region seem ominous.

As discussed many times on Starlight News, the Ukrainian situation is a manifestation of the extremely rare, prolonged Jupiter/Uranus square that extends from mid-February through late April 2014. The last time a similar aspect held the world in its grip was during October and November 1962, during the protracted Jupiter/Uranus opposition that coincided with the Cuban Missile Crisis. More recently, on August 21, 2013, the first exact crossing of the present Jupiter/Uranus square occurred when Bashir Assad executed a massive chemical weapons attack against his foes.

As can be seen in all three examples – today’s Russian incursion, the Cuban crisis, and the chemical attack – an aggressive ruler has dismissed the boundaries of accepted behavior and acted precipitously to implement his will, while shocking and upsetting the world due to an egregious violation of global norms.  And it is the planet Uranus, currently magnified exponentially by a stationary Jupiter, that describes this impulse to breach any boundary that is restrictive, heedless of the norms of the status quo, and likely to cause sudden, unexpected, explosive and transformative events.

Unlike the situation in 1962, which ended in retreat after coming right to the edge of the nuclear abyss, this Jupiter/Uranus aspect will be further stimulated by transits of Pluto and, briefly, Mars, covering the period from April 1 through April 24. There will also be some powerful triggers to the very volatile Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto combination from the transiting Sun, March 31 through April 3, and transiting Mercury, April 13 through April 15. Transiting Mars is likely to ignite some very violent and explosive situations from April 19 through April 24.

Although present events suggest that the rapidly changing and very volatile circumstances in April will be an escalation of the current Ukrainian situation, other possibilities must not be completely ruled out. A sudden and consuming shift in the Syrian civil war is possible, as are dramatic and destructive weather events or other natural phenomenon that dominate global attention.

There are several charts which, collectively, point to numerous countries being involved in some way in the heightening tensions and expected drama of April. As has been discussed in previous articles, the US Sun (13Cancer19) is under a prolonged oppositionUSchart from Pluto from February 1 through May 19, which describes a building power struggle with a perceived opponent, as well as a deeply felt need to stay vigilant and push hard or the opposition will overwhelm the situation. This building confrontation will be exacerbated and transformed by unexpected, precipitous and harsh actions or events, signified by Uranus moving into a square with the US Sun from March 30 through April 18. Moreover, Jupiter will conjunct the US Sun from April 10 through April19, often a sign of America flexing its military muscle, as well as a time of strong patriotic fervor. In addition, the Washington, DC, Spring Equinox chart Ascendant, 14Cancer07, will be squared by Uranus from mid-April through May 2, an indication of direct US involvement in some kind of sudden and potent event that demands a response.  Again, a dramatic foreign policy springequinox14dcsituation and/or a natural weather or geophysical phenomenon are possible.

In the Russian Spring Equinox chart, the Ascendant is 13Libra28, and it will be opposed by transiting Uranus from April 1 through April 20, and squared by Pluto from March 20 through May 10. This suggests powerful, sudden and transformative events directly impacting Russia during April. Vladimir Putin’s Sun is 13Libra56, and it too will be opposed by Uranus, from April 12 through April 29. These two oppositions from Uranus suggest a strong-willed opponent will push the boundaries of expected behavior and impact Russia in some way during this time. All of the above-mentioned aspects are likely to be further triggered into a potentially violent confrontation by transiting Mars from April 19 to April 24.springequinox14moscow

In 2014, there are two New Moon charts involving the reigning Uranus/Pluto square, and therefore indicative of particularly stressful months birthed at the moment of those New Moons. The first, on January 1, is discussed in an earlier article. At that time, the New Moon was conjunct Pluto and, when drawn for Washington, DC, in the first house. It was also square to Mars. That was the month when the Polar Vortex swooped down into the mainland US, bringing with it sub-zero temperatures and record snowfalls. It was also the month of the horrific chemical spill that poisoned the waters of West Virginia for weeks.

The second New Moon that involves the Uranus/Pluto square is the New Moon of March 30, 2014.  At this time, the Sun/Moon conjunction (10Aries00) will be conjunct Uranus (2 degree19minute orb) and square to Pluto. When drawn for London, this chart has Uranus conjunct the Descendant, by transit crossing exactly opposite the Ascendant (13Libra41) from April 6 to April 24. Mars will be conjunct the Ascendant from April 20 through April 23. Knowing Britain is a significant ally of the US and a fellow member of NATO, we could be looking at a combined military event, although a huge environmental event is also possible.

The March 30 New Moon chart when drawn for Madrid has an Ascendant of 12Libra39, with Uranus making the exact crossing in opposition from March 30 through April 5. Mars will cross the Ascendant from April 20 through April 23. Given that the sudden, swift events unleashed by Uranus, at least initially, will impact Spain before Britain, one possibility is certainly a destructive megastorm that moves Northwest across the channel. The Mars transit from April 19 to 24, however, will impact every chart mentioned above, and would seem to suggest a vicious spurt of violence that may relate to geopolitical events.

And finally, the Spring Equinox chart, drawn for Ankara, Turkey, points to that nation’s involvement in the rapidly escalating events of late March and April. Uranus will transitspring2014turkey the Descendant of that chart (12Aries24) from March 20 through April 1, triggered by the transiting Sun from March 31 to April 2. In addition, Uranus will square the MC of that chart (14Cancer17) for the second half of April. And, as with all of the other countries impacted by the strongly transformative and potent punch of Uranus in April, unexpected and fierce events are likely. Moreover, Turkey is a member of NATO and could get involved if those forces are called upon in response to the situation in Ukraine, or it could get pulled further into the Syrian civil war which has already begun to stray across the Turkish border. However, it plays out, Turkey will be yet another country to watch during late March through April 2014, when volatile and tumultuous planetary energies shake up boundaries, relationships and the status quo in many areas of the world.

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