In a few days, the 22nd Winter Olympics will begin. They are being held in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, a stone’s throw to the west of the most dangerous area in Russia today, the North Caucasus.  The Chechen separatists in this part of the country command an active insurgency repeatedly proven capable of devastating attacks committed in their quest for independence. These insurgents have recently issued pointed threats to the coming Olympic activities.  As a preview, they have already delivered two suicide bombings in late December to an important transportation hub in the region.

The Olympic sites in Sochi are currently brimming with security, but the surrounding area is far more vulnerable, especially the transportation routes by rail and road.  Many family members and supporters of the athletes are choosing to stay home rather than risk what is largely perceived to be a potentially hazardous situation.

Astrologically, the building Jupiter square to Uranus is beginning to be felt and will move into a protracted one-degree orb of extreme potency from February 15 through April 21. The first exact square during this period will come on February 26. The Olympics will run from February 7 through February 23. Thus, the entire period of the Winter Games will be increasingly under the building intensity of the Jupiter/Uranus square.

The Jupiter/Uranus square is essentially a magnification (Jupiter) or an over-optimistic, potentially reckless (Jupiter) push to rebel against seemingly unjust or uncomforatbly restrictive limitations (Uranus). It can also point to outside-the-box creativity (Uranus) in solving intractable problems. We have seen it manifest in a government pushing the limits of acceptable behavior, such as Syria’s use of chemical weapons on August 21, 2013, during the first exact crossing of this aspect. And we are currently witnessing numerous movements throughout the world of people rebelling against the perceived injustices of their governments (Ukraine, Thailand, Syria, Iraq, etc.). This Jupiter/Uranus aspect suggests a two-month period of significant instability in some areas and possibly increased violence or unexpected, rash behavior. It is not at all impossible to imagine that it may ignite some kind of dangerous drama during the Sochi games, although this extremely volatile energy could manifest anywhere.

There are a few periods during the time-frame of the Games when the waxing Jupiter/Uranus square is more likely to be ignited, either in or near Sochi or possibly elsewhere in the world.  The first of these is in the early morning hours on February 11, roughly between 12 and 5:30 AM in Sochi (up to 9:30 PM EST, February 10). The Moon will be square to Uranus and conjunct Jupiter, while the building energy of the Jupiter/Uranus square is 30 minutes shy of a one-degree orb. This configuration will be followed by a Sun/Saturn square for the rest of the day, suggesting possible upset and sorrow following what could be an early morning surprise event.

The second time of concern comes on February 18, somewhere between noon and 5 PM in Sochi (up to 9 AM EST). Here we have a Moon/Jupiter/Uranus T-square, followed by Mercury square to Saturn through mid-morning the following day. Again, a tumultuous, sudden event is followed by a day of stress and difficulty.

The third time during the games that seems significant is the very early morning of February 23, the day of the closing ceremony and evidently an important date for the Chechen rebels. Up to about 7:30 AM, the Moon will trine Uranus and quincunx Jupiter, but the Jupiter/Uranus square is only 16 minutes from exact and therefore very volatile. Interestingly, this aspect is followed by a Sun/Neptune conjunction, suggesting confusion and chaos rather than sorrow. Given the importance of transportation as the games end, we may see some difficulties in that area. Transportation and logistics may also be affected at the beginning of the games by a very slow-moving Mercury turning retrograde, causing delays and frustrations.


  1. alex says:

    sidebar: with the Olympics you will also find that TV commericals are loaded with political NLP (Neurolinguistic programming images and language) I’m sure there will be more out there than I catch I tend not to watch broadcast TV and lots of (conditioning of collective unconsciousness commercials are there )

    the reason I mentioned it – last night I saw one and darn I had headache which blocks short term memory / forming long term memory storage…. I’ll watch for it again….

    NLP commericals are very low ball subconcious stuff common in all forms of advertising but when it is important election year as this is 2014 and then 2016 the commericals are loaded with NLP…
    I’ve been discussing them and experiencially studying them since 1999….

    the commerical I saw last night was racist themed… and of course the more humorous or silly the advertisement/commerical the most they are masking what they don’t want concious,alert minds to see/catch-onto…. NLP images, language, text is aimed at the unconsious mind…. IMV it is very powerful stuff

  2. Sharon Katz says:

    Sad about Philip Seymour Hoffman dying of an O/D….he was a really talented man who must have been unhappy & suffering in spite of his success.

  3. Patty says:

    Thank you Nancy, for the head’s-up. And Alex, your on the SuperBowl commercials reminds me of an article I recently read:
    “Sometimes politics can rear its ugly head even when it comes to Super Bowl commercials”
    Read more:

  4. alex says:

    _ I don’t subscribe to NYDailynews … it’s all blocked out

    could you except some of the text and post it?

  5. Sharon Katz says:

    Any football fans out there care to make a predictions, astrological or otherwise? I like football and have for the last 20 yrs since I 1st learned to understand it in my 40s because my place of employment & alma mater was wining nat’l championships in those days. It’s a risky sport but one that takes much hard work & natural ability & mental strength that includes playing overcoming pain, fear, demoralization. I’m kind of hoping Manning & his Broncos will win – anyone else here interested in the Super Bowl?

  6. John Roth says:

    I think this is backwards. I’d read it as Jupiter (Government Authority) in conflict with rebellious change elements (Uranus), and since Jupiter is the faster moving planet it’s the Government that has the initiative. I think this is, in fact, the pattern we’re seeing.

    Another way of looking at it is Jupiter (excess, representing the Olympic Games themselves) in conflict with unpredictable and uncontrollable changes. Under this interpretation, regardless of the actual tension points, it will not end well. The GLBT issues I’m seeing might be a part of this interpretation.

  7. will says:

    Obama has officially become Bill O’Reilly’s bitch. Talking heads are now more powerful than the Office of the President. What was PBO thinking when he agreed to this interview? Hint: it wasn’t courage or intellivence

    Obama clashes with Fox News’s O’Reilly over record – NBC Politics…/22548073-…4 hours ago – In a combative Super Bowl Sunday interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, President Barack Obama …

  8. B.A. says:

    Obamacare effecting middle class employees:

    How do you recon these folks will vote?

  9. Lorrie U says:

    I guess B.A. prefers the republicans’ answer to the ACA???…

    GOP’s ACA Alternative Falls Apart As Eric Cantor Admits The Truth Behind the Lie

    The Republican alternative to the ACA is already falling apart as Majority Leader Eric Cantor admitted on Face The Nation that the plan is the same one that voters already rejected when John McCain and Mitt Romney both lost with it in 2008 and 2012.

    The whole GOP ACA alternative scheme is already falling apart. Their alternative would result in a 35% tax increase for the 150 million Americans who get their health insurance from their employer, and take away healthcare from 9.3 million Americans.

  10. Lorrie U says:

    I reckon they’ll vote to keep “Obamacare” and just fix it.

  11. will says:

    O’Reilly interviews O’Bama

  12. B.A. says:

    The vote I am speaking of is for the next congress.

    My guess, is this will be remembered.

  13. alex says:


    Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, Crossroads GPS fundraising fell by a precipitous 98% from 2012. There was Rove’s election night meltdown on Fox, but more importantly almost all of American Crossroads, Crossroads GPS spending was largely ineffectual in their targeted races.

  14. alex says:


    Eight Democrats plan to run for the party’s nomination to challenge Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in the Nov. 4 election.

    “In two years, especially with Hillary Clinton on the top of the ticket, she’s going to do real well in Pennsylvania,” said longtime Pennsylvania Democratic operative Larry Ceisler. “So it will be a good year for Democrats downballot.”

  15. Jerry says:

    U.S. Dollar Debasement Leads to Collapse of Currency 2012 – 2015

    Commentary by William Stickevers
    June 3, 2012

    The U.S. Dollar horoscope is based on the Coinage Act, passed by the United States Congress on April 2, 1792, time unknown – set for 12:00 pm, in Philadelphia, PA which established the United States Mint and regulated the coinage of the United States. This act also established the dollar as the unit of money in the United States, declared it to be lawful tender, and created a decimal system for U.S. currency. – snipped –

    …….. The Uranus-Pluto alignments 2012 – 2015 will make a number of stressful hits on the U.S. Coinage Act Sun and M.C. peaking in intensity shortly before the April 14th, 2014 Uranus-Pluto square. Therefore we can say the continued debasement of the U.S. Dollar will likely result in a currency collapse during that period.


    Big Change Coming – Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014

    by Barbara Hindley
    Jan. 11, 2014

    There’s going to be a shakeup in April!

    As most of you may already know, we’re on the midst of a transformative Pluto Uranus square, which has been in effect for the last couple of years, and will continue to be in effect for the next couple of years. It’s an aspect of huge change on a global level, as we’ve seen politically, economically and in the extreme weather patterns, as well as on a personal level.

    Everyone is going through their own personal revolution in some way, and some more than others. Everyone is being forced out of their comfort zone somehow, and the people with planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely to be going through the most change.

    Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn, and now Jupiter in Cancer is also in the mix, t-squaring them both. So, what happens in April? Mars happens! The God of War happens. Mars is in Libra, and he goes retrograde on March 1st, and stays retrograde until May 17th, 2014. Mars is the planet of assertion, aggression, sex, anger, how you get your needs met, how you go after what you want, competition, sports, war, combat etc….you get the idea. Mars is not happy in the sign of Libra anyway, so his energies tend to come out a little warped, or in a more passive aggressive kind of way. But, when Mars goes retrograde, then his energies get repressed, and that’s when people can explode.

    In mid April, the Uranus Pluto square becomes exact, and Jupiter comes in to make it an exact t-square, and then Mars comes in to make it an EXACT DEGREE grand cross! All the planets will be at 13.5 degrees of cardinal signs.

    It’s quite stunning really, how these 4 planets come together so precisely, which makes their energies all come together and release at exactly the same time.

    April 20th is when it is at the beginning of its most intense phase, as the Moon is in Capricorn and triggering the whole thing, and then its on April 22nd when Mars moves into its exact position and squares the already existing exact T-square.

    This is probably the most volatile and intense time of the last few years. We can expect acts of terrorism, natural disasters, earthquakes, extreme weather, and either war or an escalation of some military conflict. These planets are all in cardinal signs, which are action signs. Things happen in action signs.


  16. alex says:

    Pennsylvania 2016 Senate Election: incumbent Senator Pat Toomey
    up for relection (51% win in last election)

  17. alex says:



    Ohio — Legislative Democratic leaders on Wednesday asked a federal prosecutor to investigate whether Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office broke any federal laws in awarding legal contracts to campaign donors.

  18. Karen says:

    Volatile energies indeed, Nancy! The only thing in this otherwise wide-eyed look at Sochi is that perceived injustices are quite real for far too many. There is something terribly sinister about a banking cabal that can rob an entire country of its wealth in order to concentrate that wealth in hands that believe they deserve far more than anyone else.

    And Jerry, to go along with your post, the suicide deaths of bankers in Europe (and apparently China) though I can’t find any reliable news on it. This writer claims that the suicides were the result of job stresses. But then, Astro Anne has a different take this morning.

  19. alex says:

    astroanne EXCERPT

    Of particular importance was the SECOND Jupiter-Pluto opposition, echoing and bringing back into focus the financial debacle of 2008 when Pluto went into Capricorn in January 2008, right AFTER Pluto joined with Jupiter at the last degrees of Sagittarius in December 2007.

    This APRIL 2014, we have the third of three Jupiter Pluto stand offs in the sky. We have a rocking, life altering set of eclipses and a Cardinal Cross full of malefic planets right on the USA Sun and Saturn square.

    Combining that with the recent suicides of bankers in England as well as the drop in amounts and changes regarding what you can withdraw from your “on-demand” checking or savings accounts, I suggest you develop over the next month or two a “cash stash”.

    It is a good idea to take some of your money off the stock and bond table and convert it into cash. Cash out some of your riskier positions. It looks like there will be a major financial correction or some kind of large global event that affects the world’s financial markets.

    Essentially NOTHING was done to the banksters after they stole billions of dollars in collateralized debt obligations. They were deemed “too big to fail”. Now Jupiter and Pluto combined with Uranus and Mars combine to ask the question “Really? Too big to fail? Sounds like hubris to me!” So be conservative. Take money off the table before they start to fight and duke it out.

    Saturn in Scorpio in the late degrees of Scorpio is in the Cancer decant of Scorpio ~home based, family oriented, conservative emotionally and cautious financially.

    Traditionally, Saturn in Scorpio brings epidemics (AIDS, Polio, Tuberculosis, Influenza) and financial difficulties or restructurings. So continue to nurture your health with bee propolis, greens and vitamins and be very conservative in your investments, including preserving them by removing the excess or the cash that you know you need from the stock market before the correction in April.

    I was a member of an investment club for the past 12 years. We decided to disband this year so I sold our portfolio off at the beginning of January. If we had waited until this week to sell it, we would have lost $15,000. Yes, $15,000 in a month. Yes, partly Venus retrograde but also we are part of a major Jupiter-Pluto cycle where it is time to “pay the piper” so to speak. So don’t let the piper get any more of your money than you absolutely have to give up!

  20. alex says:

    Eclipse Schedule 2014

    Year: 2014
    Lunar Eclipse Apr 15 2014 (GMT 7:45) 25° Libra 16′
    Solar Eclipse Apr 29 2014 (GMT 6:02) 08° Taurus 51′
    Lunar Eclipse Oct 8 2014 (GMT 10:53) 15° Aries 05′
    Solar Eclipse Oct 23 2014 (GMT 21:44) 00° Scorpio 25′

  21. alex says:


    Specifically 16TH-17TH-18TH

    Cardinal Grand Cross – The USA SUN SQUARE LIBRA … in mundane astrology it represents the patriarchial institutions and culture of USA; other people should add to the su-sq-sa notation

    Mars @14/15 Libra cnj USA Saturn @14 Libra
    Jupiter @13 Cancer cnj USA Sun @13 Cancer
    Uranus @13 Aries
    Pluto @13 Capricorn

  22. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All & Blessings all on this amazing Starlightnews forum!

    *Alex, re: Jupiter-Pluto opposition & banksters…
    It seems some are feeling the effects of this along with the long-running core pressurings/transformations Pluto/Capricorn singularly also demand:

    Also, the questions of fundamental Pluto/Capricorn existential threat, beyond just the economic, also include those explored by Tom Engelhardt in this excellent/brilliant piece (don’t be put-off by the trivial headline) on the fundamental issues of climate change/nuclear power/waste/war:

    Blessings all… E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua…May Peace Prevail on Earth….and specifically to this thread…in Sochi! :-)

  23. starlight says:

    Philip Seymour Hoffman: the Saturn station was on his natal Neptune (21 Scorpio36)AND the Pluto transit was in minutes of a square to his natal Saturn (12Aries27). Two very stressful aspects at the same time. Very tragic.

  24. starlight says:

    A very good summary of Putin and his failure to rebrand Russia at Sochi:

    The civilized world will pray that the terrorists don’t succeed. But it may also have cause to reflect on how, exactly, Russia came to have some of the world’s most virulent homegrown Islamic jihadists. The simple answer is that Putin launched his career in 1999 by invading the then-autonomous Caucasian republic of Chechnya. He crushed its secular and democratically elected government, destroyed its capital with indiscriminate artillery fire and then claimed that anyone who resisted was a terrorist whom he would “rub out in the outhouse.” His propaganda proved self-fulfilling, and the extremists he created have endured.

    Reflection on Chechnya naturally leads to consideration of Syria, where Putin has backed the regime of Bashar al-Assad in a nearly identical strategy for combatting what began as a mass secular protest movement. The results are the same: the appearance of a Syrian al-Qaeda corps that did not previously exist. A few months ago, many believed that Putin had nevertheless succeeded in resuscitating Assad, and with him Russia’s place in the Middle East. He had prevented U.S. airstrikes and diverted the West into negotiating with the regime.

    Yet now Putin’s Syria gambit is curdling. Last week Assad’s envoys to the Geneva peace talks embarrassed even the Russian delegation with their histrionic antics, while the State Department reported that Assad’s fulfillment of a promise to hand over chemical weapons “has seriously languished and stalled.” On the ground, massive deliveries of Russian arms to Assad’s forces have failed to break a stalemate, and independent analysts are predicting a renewed rebel offensive in Damascus this spring.

    Syria may not benefit much from these developments, but Russia and Putin are paying a price. A man deeply preoccupied with his self-image as the bare-chested ruler of a superpower saw himself humiliated at an E.U.-Russia summit last week, denied the traditional dinner by Europeans disgusted by his foreign policy. That came after President Obama failed even to mention Russia or its leader in his State of the Union speech. The “reset” of U.S.-Russian relations, which allowed Putin to present himself as the natural counterpart to the U.S. president, has been rubbed out.

  25. starlight says:

    John Roth – Jupiter is not the faster-moving planet this month. They are moving at close to the same pace, and, for part of the time, Uranus is moving faster.

  26. barbk says:

    Nancy, thank you for your efforts in finding (combined) aspects that will or could trigger newsworthy events during the Sochi games. Years ago (before the Cardinal signs carried such powerful and sustained influence) these kinds of observations would put us (as a whole) on alert and prepare us for shocking and/or disastrous world or national news, as well as giving us a heads-up in our personal lives.

    Now, it seems, we are on an almost constant alert aren’t we? Through this process of hyper-active vigilance we (as a whole) are awakening ancient “skills” for adapting and dealing with stress as well as honing in on a changing set of values. It’s through these tiny incremental changes in our survival skills and our growing awareness of what really matters to us as individuals (and as a species) that we are ripening (evolving) into someone (something) new and (hopefully) better.

    From a perspective of time and distance (not easy to do when we are in the thick of it!) this process appears to weed out those elements of the whole which retard growth and strengthen the elements which foster growth. Isn’t this the reason that the observance/celebration of Olympic games endures over centuries? Those who develop strength and skills become renown and admired and emulated, while those who don’t are eliminated.

    Of course, this is only on the physical level (combined with mental development of focus and technique) of skill that tests our greatness. And it is still a competitive (polarized) exhibition of achievement; there are winners and losers, yet these games provide incentive for the young to emulate the superb achievements they witness – reward.

    As the games, like any event that gains world-wide attention, experience threats of danger, the polarization becomes apparent if not clearly understood. During these times (mid Saturn-Jupiter cycle) any long-standing tradition or institution (Capricorn) will be exposed (Pluto) and then challenged (squared) by newly emerging (Aries) and rebellious (Uranus) factions of society.

    As transiting Saturn stations to go retrograde opposite the degree where the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle began in May, 2000, we should also look back and note that the transiting nodes (of the Moon) are also approaching a cross-roads point in their cycle. In May 2000, the north node had just entered Cancer (28-27 degrees) and on February 23, 2014, a date you point out when the Moon will aspect both Uranus and Jupiter who are only arc minutes from their exact square, we should observe also that the north node will leave Scorpio and enter Libra, shifting the cosmic path of opportunity and intent to the air element and cardinal modality, away from the water element and fixed modality.

    Sochi might – one day – be viewed as a turning point on many fronts. Any overt aggression taking place at this time will revolve around societal clashes of course, but we as individuals might look back and realize that our own way of thinking/feeling also shifted. Ideas of new ways to approach problems will have begun to take shape around the time of the Sochi games.

    I don’t begin to grasp the complexity of how the universe goes about it’s business of evolution, but I do know what a valuable tool astrology is in dignifying the process as orderly and meaningful. Without you and other equally exceptional astrologers, we of the masses would be blindly moved down the conveyor belt of growth and evolution without a clue. Many thanks for what you have done so far and what I hope you will continue to do for a long, long time.

  27. starlight says:

    Note that Mercury is moving retrograde this week, and the Mercury station is already being felt in the many snowstorms today and those being predicted for later in the week impacting in large swaths of the country. The station is also in an almost exact trine to the US progressed Saturn which is square to US natal Venus. I think this heightens the aggravation effect.

    Mercury station: paralyzed or much-slowed communications and transportation.

  28. alex says:

    EXCERPT Democracy for America email….

    Last Wednesday, the U.S. House voted to cut a horrifying $8.7 billion from food stamps. Next week, the Senate will face the same bill.

    Almost all of the food stamp cuts come from 16 states and the District of Columbia — including California. The rest of the nation is left virtually untouched.

    But wait, that’s not all — 15 of these 16 states voted for President Obama twice, and 28 of their 32 senators are Democrats. In other words, these cuts are targeted overwhelmingly at poor folks in blue states.

    This latest version of the Farm Bill cuts food stamps and overwhelmingly impacts low-income folks in blue states. Tell your Senators to vote “no” on the Farm Bill.

    We’ve been fighting an uphill battle for months and we are now in the last moments. As frustrating as it is, keeping on the pressure is the best way to discourage Senators from making a costly mistake.

  29. barbk says:

    re: Philip Seymour Hoffman, of course, it just had to be Neptunian.

    re: Chris Christie, I don’t think he’s toast. . yet. To the contrary, transiting Neptune (could be dissolution, could also be illusion) will conjunct his natal Jupiter in late March (exact in April). Also in March transiting Jupiter will stop short of re-conjuncting his natal Mars (9+ Cancer) but will maximize a trine to his natal Neptune (11+ Scorpio) while squaring his natal Mercury (10+ Libra). This double Jupiter-Neptune influence emphasizes the Pisces factor (old ruler Jupiter, new ruler Neptune), probably through confusion, lies (whose telling the truth?) and chaos. This period doubles or even triples (if it turns out Neptune rules his chart) the likelihood that nothing will stick to Christie that would totally take him down.

    However, when transiting Mars in Libra conjuncts his natal Mercury (10+ degrees) in May (retrograde) and again in June (direct), some new allegations could surface. All but one of Christie’s major planets (with possible exception of Moon) are in the first half of their signs. Only Venus is in a late degree, 29+ Libra. Jupiter’s transit over 29+ Cancer (July) could cause him to over-extend a relationship but once Pluto and Uranus get past the half-way point in their signs, basically the end of 2015, he will be past the worst of it.

    I believe Nancy said something to the effect that Christie didn’t look jubilant on election day 2016, and what with trans. Neptune having spent a long period transiting his Jupiter (conjunct Chiron) opposite Pluto (and soon after opposite his Sun) by then, I would imagine much of his lust for the presidency would have dwindled. This episode in his life will be very draining wouldn’t you think?

  30. Lorrie U says:

    Wow, Alex! Thanks for posting re. the targeted states being blue states. I saw this email but overlooked reading it (so many emails, so little time). This is a very important insight which needs to be shared.

  31. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – Re. your post giving a summary of Putin and his failure to rebrand Russia at Sochi, it reminds me of the similarity of the hubris of George Bush. The fact that we have somewhat taken a different fork in the road from Putin’s will hopefully serve us better than how it’s playing out for Russia.

  32. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – “Through this process of hyper-active vigilance we (as a whole) are awakening ancient “skills” for adapting and dealing with stress as well as honing in on a changing set of values. It’s through these tiny incremental changes in our survival skills and our growing awareness of what really matters to us as individuals (and as a species) that we are ripening (evolving) into someone (something) new and (hopefully) better.”

    A lovely post, but I found the above statement especially profound! Thanks…

  33. Lorrie U says:

    The Transformational Politics of Marianne Williamson

    The North Node in the networking sign of Aquarius is more about collective transformation. Transiting Saturn is now squaring her Lunar Node axis, testing her ability to shift her focus from personal to collective change. Her first hurdle arrives on June 3 (California’s primary) when transiting Neptune is exactly conjunct her Midheaven. That presents an overly idealistic, starry-eyed situation. But with transiting Saturn simultaneously trine her Sun-Venus, she has the organizational skills and financial resources to pull it off.

    The Winter Olympics and Black Widows

    Russia’s progressed Mars is now at 25º Aries, a critical degree when considering terrorist threats. During the course of the Winter Games, between February 7 and 23, transiting Mars ranges from 24º to 27º Libra. In other words, it will be opposing Russia’s progressed Mars during this entire interval, a huge red flag that warns of enemy action.

    Amanda Knox Re-Convicted

    As to whether or not Amanda and her boyfriend killed her roommate, Meredith Kercher, there’s no astrological evidence to support this.

    Over the next two years, she will find safety in Seattle and be protected by the American legal system as her progressed Sun goes on to trine natal Saturn in Sagittarius.

  34. alex says:

    – I saw something on MSNBC or CNN? early morning wasn’t closely watching so most of it flew by but somebody’s poll survey ( could have been a really rigged one for all I know ) said that a year after the 2012 election Romney would have defeated Obama….

    that’s why I think he is raising his profile to run…. based on polls like that he thinks he was cheated, he thinks it’s his destiny to be Pres. he things voters are stupid and vulture capitalists should creatively destroy the democracy for the plutocrats/oligarchs benefit….. that’s why he’s itching for it;

  35. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Oh, yah, the signs are all there that Romney is thinking 2016…

  36. Lorrie U says:

    Is Freeing a Duck Terrorism?

    A lawsuit filed today seeks to strike down the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Politicians, industry and law enforcement too long employed the rhetoric and apparatus of national security to counter effective animal advocacy, labeling those who exercise constitutionally protected rights “terrorists.”

  37. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry – Thanks for posting “Big Change Coming – Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014″ blog. I just sent it in a lengthy email to my son who has this impacting him in a major way! Has a lot at 13 degrees cardinal signs, and explains a lot of what I’ve been seeing with him. If he doesn’t get a handle on things, he might implode. I’ve not been comfortable around him lately because of the tension. Thankfully, I’m not affected much at all, so hopefully I can help be a stabilizing factor now that I know what we’re dealing with. So, thank you…

  38. alex says:

    Novile Degrees: 1776 USA Sibley Chart, Moon @27 Aquarius
    (novile degrees – the future, what we are becoming)


    moon/mercury @10 Taurus (security intelligence agencies)

    uranus/neptune @00 Leo
    mercury/n. node @00 Leo

    juno @20 Libra


    The ‘novile’ degrees of the zodiac taken from 0 Aries are: 10 Taurus; 20 Gemini; 0 Leo; 10 Virgo; 20 Libra; 0 Sagittarius; 10 Capricorn; 20 Aquarius. People with these degrees prominent carry the novile energy regardless of whether they have a novile pattern or not.

    Noviles always describe an initiation and in a natal chart describes the initiations to be undertaken this lifetime. The level of intensity is described by the planets and signs involved in the novile aspect or pattern. E.g. if a person has Moon novile Pluto, then the level of emotional intensity will be very high.

    If novile aspects are connected in a novile pattern it suggests that this lifetime is part of a series of initiations that to some degree or another have been successful.

    If the novile pattern involves a trine this suggests that the trine (indication of a successful initiation) enables the person to succeed with the other planets involved in the pattern.

  39. alex says:

    Novile – continued USA

    9TH HARMONIC, Novile

    The ninth harmonic shows the future – what we are headed toward, what we are producing, what we are becoming. It is the goal of our chart.

  40. Squallo says:

    Senators say John Kerry admitted U.S. failure in Syria

    “He acknowledged that the chemical weapons [removal] is being slow-rolled, the Russians continue to supply arms, [and] we are at a point now where we are going to have to change our strategy,” Graham said.

  41. Sharon Katz says:

    Dell and Disney are having moderately large layoffs & the Dow has gone down by 5% in 2014…not good signs?

  42. barbk says:

    Lorrie, so glad to hear you can relate to my perspective of this zeitgeist. Thanks for sharing.

    alex, you have included the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius in your piece re: noviles. Is there a transiting novile aspect to her? I know that natal U.S. Ceres is 41 degrees apart from the U.S. Pluto and a one degree orb is acceptable. I hadn’t been aware of the novile degrees before you introduced them and find the information reveals esoteric qualities that might be overlooked otherwise.

    Because noviles are the third harmonic of the trine and are considered harmonizing aspects (though more subtle than trines), I will have to think about my own natal novile between Venus and Mercury (I would think that a fairly common one) to see if it really could be describing the “goal” of my chart!

    What about bi-noviles (80 degree separation) or as I refer to them as double noviles? Can these also show the future?

  43. kiwi says:

    Barbk – May I also echo the sentiments of Lorrie posted at 4.51!

  44. Jerry says:

    Hi Lorrie,

    Just out of curiosity…. what natal planets are being affected in your sons chart and in what houses?

    On a more global scale, what is significant to me is that the 4/2/1792 US dollar chart’s Sun at 13 ’38 Aries, with that Grand Cross square forming in the early Spring; there is every indication that the worlds economy is ready for a major over-haul. The excesses will have to be wringed out of the system. It’s part of a natural cycle that occurs every so often. Nothing new in this. But nevertheless, a daunting and turbulent phase. It’s already happening. Yesterday’s 300 point drop in the Dow might be a reflection of that jitteriness.

  45. barbk says:

    kiwi, thank you so much. Nice to find out when someone resonates with your thoughts.

    alex. . add another Wow! to your collection; just figured out that transiting Uranus is 42 degrees away from the U.S. Moon and the Moon (and Sun) have a 2 degree orb for noviles. This is so special!!! Things are making sense now what with transiting Uranus being in harmony with the U.S. Moon. Many thanks.

  46. Helen says:

    Close friend in Northern Indiana had his snowball char and shrink without dripping water – also smelled like plastic…as in this video:

    Have any of you tried it?

  47. Helen says:

    Protest at your own risk!

    Incredible article, Lorrie, on the duck liberation movement. Some states have made it an offence just to PHOTOGRAPH a CAFO.

  48. alex says:


    I’ll do some more work – you raised some good questions….

    in reverse order: bi-noviles (future?) don’t know I’ll have to do more research on 9TH harmonic…

    your natal venus novile (40) mercury: years ago the first natal
    expression I learned for 40 degree aspect was ‘key word, completion’

    I’ll excerpt a few samples of 9th harmonic found tonight ( not done exploring the subject yet) but until I’ve practiced and tested something personally I don’t give it much weight when sorting significance in an analysis of a chart…i stick with what I know then integrate new information after I’ve had opportunity to practice/test with it;

    Evolutionary Astrology:

    in case of 40 degrees – completion … I’d think your writings here are great example of your skill at expressing spiritual relevances in astro-narratives which you do so well… it comes so easily for you; if noviles truly show ‘the future, what we are becoming’….. then they inclusively reflect the past as well … key – completion that comes from wisdom and experience from past life (lives) …. venus-mercury in favorable aspects is indication of ‘refinement’ which describes your POV on spirit matters;

    US Ceres, wan novile, US Pluto: I hadn’t considered that, I’ll give it some thought

    US Moon @27 Aquarius:
    07Aries – 17Capricorn….
    transiting Uranus certainly activated 07Aries
    transiting Pluto certainly will do the same 17Capricorn

    The ninefold division of the chart, the 9th harmonic, corresponds to the novile (40º) aspect, used extensively in Vedic astrology.


    The Novile is an Aspect of 40 degrees and is that of the circle divided by nine.

    The Aspect is not a relationship which is inherent in the Signs, and is an expression of a spiritual reality. The number nine, according to most mystical cosmologies, is the number of human potential, as commonly expressed by a variety of experiences of spiritual unfoldment. The way to this end is through effort and trial.

    The Binovile is an Aspect of 80 degrees and is a multiple of the Novile. It is an extension of human potential beyond the scope of the individual into that of the collective.

    The Trinovile is an Aspect of 120 degrees, and is the Trine.

    The Quadranovile is an Aspect of 160 degrees and is a multiple of the Novile.

    It is an extension of human potential beyond the scope of reality into that of potential eventuality. Thus, the Quadranovile identifies functions of being that connect with unexpected alternative possibilities.

  49. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry – My son’s Asc. 13 degrees Libra/7th hs. cusp 13 degrees Aries, within 5 degrees of his 18 degrees Jupiter/Mars conj. in 7th hs. His 4th Hs. cusp 15 degrees Capr., 10th hs. cusp 15 degrees Cancer conj. his 10th Hs. Saturn. He has increasing responsibilities on an already full plate, and if he doesn’t manage his stress better, I’m afraid it will further deteriorate his physical being.

    You said, “what is significant to me is that the 4/2/1792 US dollar chart’s Sun at 13 ’38 Aries, with that Grand Cross square forming in the early Spring.” Do you feel that people with money in retirement IRA’s should have their funds transferred out of any growth funds into CD’s? How does one not lose everything in their retirement IRA’s?

  50. Jerry says:

    Hi Lorrie,

    Regarding investments…… IRA’s or CD’s are US government sponsored and are linked to the US dollar. I’m not in a position to advise but there has been considerable discussion on a possible “global currency re-set”, a devaluation of international currencies expected to commence sometime in early April. Whether these reports are true are not, I’m not sure. But if there is substance to these rumours the US dollar could depreciate as much as 30 per cent overnight once the policy is implemented. Here’s an article with some of the details……

    Global Currency Reset: Is It Real?

    The Intertubes are buzzing with talk of a global currency reset, usually in conjunction with a sale of a DVD that the seller alleges contains secrets that “the elite” have imparted to him that will make the difference between survival and adject ruin in your life. The most cogent of these is by Pastor Lindsey Williams here.

    The basic argument is that Christine Lagarde has secured agreement from some 204 nations to enter into a new managed float currency system that, however, will move currencies toward new exchange rates based on national “assets.” America, being the premier debtor nation in the world, would be devalued in its new channel, especially relative to the yuan. This of course is what a lot of people would like to see happen to stimulate exports. This system is allegedly to be kicked off by the end of first quarter 2014. There will be some sort of gold-backed or basket-based new international reserve currency introduced.

    Obviously America is hit by stagflation as goods from China increase in price by 30 percent or so. Simultaneously the government in 2014 or 2015 will seize 30 to 50 percent of public and private pension funds to pay down government debt.

    I have little doubt that the dollar’s reserve currency status is weakening. Many significant trade deals have been recast in the past few years out of dollars into other currencies, or in some cases, into commodities. But if such negotiations for a global currency reset have taken place they have been kept very quiet.


  51. Gina says:

    Lorrie,I think I understand where you’re coming from. I’m seeing this coming Cardinal cross affecting me big time.(and BTW,to whomever, it’s “Affecting” not “Effecting.”) My natal Sun is at 13 Cancer, conjoining my Venus at 16 degrees Cancer, which opposes my Saturn at 15 degrees Capricorn. If we’re talking about increasing responsibilities, health issues (Saturn’s in my 6th house), and the possibility of burnout, I’m there. At this point, I’m willing to pay a good astrologer for their insight. In any case, Alex, I’m going to check out that 9th harmonic and look for some noviles in my chart, and see if that helps.

  52. barbk says:

    Many thanks alex, new views and vistas to explore. Can hardly wait to get started.

    I’m not sure when the Sochi games actually begin on Friday (not being a sports enthusiast), but at 8 AM in Sochi on Friday the Moon (22+ Taurus) will oppose Saturn (22+ Scorpio). The 2000 conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter (a society-defining aspect) was at 22+ Taurus and had a square from Uranus at 20+ Aquarius. The Moon at 2+ Aries was 42 deg. ahead of Uranus and 50 deg. behind Jupiter and Saturn, putting her (with her extra degree of orb allowance) in a novile (40 deg) with Uranus and a septile (51 deg. 26 min.) with Jupiter and Saturn.

    These aspects, not being “inherent” but rather of a “spiritual” nature (per suggests to me that this 20 year cycle ‘twixt Jupiter-Saturn, with it’s fixed square to Uranus, wants to force a dialogue between them through the interpretive Moon (masses, emotions, unconscious) aspects they make with her. On top of that, the Sun on Friday will be at 18+ Aquarius in a T-square to Moon opposite Saturn, but also only 2 degrees away from where Uranus was in the chart for 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction it squared. It has an echo.

    The 2000 chart DOES boast a trine between Uranus and Mars (17+ Gemini) which also trines the Sun this Friday and that puts me in mind of the Sochi sporting events that start on Friday. (17 Gemini is also only 2 degrees from where Venus occulted the Sun, itself a rare event, in 2012. THAT event had a square from Mars.) Mars can represent sporting competition as well as assault and anger. Could this Sochi event provide a breakthrough (Uranus) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s recalcitrant (Taurus!) history so far? Could this break-through be dependent on the wide-spread, under-utilized “spiritual” natures of the masses (Moon)?

    Before Jupiter and Saturn get to their trine in May they will each be making small and large adjustments (aspects with other planets) along the way. Jupiter and Saturn aren’t personal (visible and fast moving) planets and they aren’t outer (invisible and slow) planets, but they are receptive to both types and they represent us on a societal, cultural and group level. It is quite possible that these Sochi games will have an important influence on how the trine between Saturn and Jupiter will look and feel in May, and how it all plays out until they meet again in Aquarius in 2020. Breaking it down into bite-size minor aspects adds nuance to the boldness of the major cardinal cross aspects, making them easier to digest as well. I’ll be paying attention to the people of Sochi; the masses, athletes and government reps, and how they interact. Simultaneous dharma and karma interaction

  53. alex says:


    1 degree orb – waning novile usa ceres (41) usa pluto
    the other significant relevant aspects to USA important Pluto @27 Capricorn need to be considered to weigh the influence of the Novile aspect and the planets, signs and elements involved;

    waning (by definition is past the peak effect of an aspect therefore not in the ‘crisis in action’ phase – I use key phrase –
    ‘taking lesson from’ for waning (the specific planets/signs in aspect) or condensed to other key words – ‘the take away'; it can be described as, ‘what you have learned that has great utility for you’

    and in the case of US novile ceres-pluto my first impression to answer your question partially would be: the lesson founders of America learned from the highs/lows of being colony of the British empire and applying what they learned to creating US constitution (and other founding documents) so the take-away, the lessons learned or the utility take-away by being subject to colonial rule from Britian..

    completion…. sufficient understanding of governmental experiences plus their own studies of world history
    (the founders were well educated men(women?) capable of launching a new nation/enterprise,a new government…. first impression

    Ceres continues: ceres in USA chart is big topic that I haven’t near studied enough; having said that the first ceres references I found, when being introduced to the subject, were from financial astrology in that ceres which represents GDP

    Gross Domestic Product – GDP


    Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a year, or other given period of time. GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country’s standard of living.

    Neptune Cafe (Michael Wolfstar – Michaeal O’Reilly)
    has a page of ceres articles you might find useful…

    his key phrase for ceres: ‘ceres seeks to empower others’…

    Ceres in Pisces: empowers others by imparting a sense of connectivity to a larger whole…. and the negative ceres – feelings of abandonment or helplessness…

    though the US GDP does not quantify the condition (state of mind/emotion) of the population as a whole as part of GDP other countries do and they value the ‘happiness’ of their national population as an important point of value to empowerment/ and potential for it their national GDP basket of values…

    the closest I think USA comes to considering the populations condition is, to borrow a well worn rhetorical phrase, “we have the most productive workers in the world” though that leaves out whether the economy is driving parents to work two or three jobs to make ends meet, or whether a regressive economy forces people into life long debt…

    we might improve USA if we thought to include in our yearly GDP the populations’ ‘happiness’ as an important element – quality necessary for a productive nation;

  54. alex says:

    remember (aliceportman) the novile degrees as well as the novile aspects… the degrees are

    zero aries
    zero leo
    zero sagittarius

    as astrologers we understand the important value of the cardinal signs as points of self initation; and the novile are another set of important points derived for the fire sign elements…
    somewhat different but noviles as based in orientation to FIRE

    zero aries
    10 taurus
    20 gemini
    zero taurus
    10 virgo
    20 libra
    zero sagittarius
    10 capricorn
    20 aquarius

  55. Gina says:


    Thank you so much for this lesson in noviles. Turns out, I’ve got Mercury in zero degrees Leo, and my Mars at 10 degrees Taurus is hitting that novile aspect with a friend whose Sun is 0 Aries. She’s been on my mind a lot lately.

    I don’t have any exact noviles myself, but I did discover the binovile between my Mercury and my Mars, and the Quadrinovile with my Venus and my Jupiter at 26 Sagittarius.

    And on a different subject re: Philip Seymour Hoffman: we Neptune in Scorpio folks have quite a row to hoe. I’m seeing how for us, drugs are especially dangerous. Does this placement make us especially vulnerable to addictions of many kinds?

  56. alex says:


    oops correction should read:
    novile degrees

    zero aries (10 taurus, 20 gemini)
    zero LEO (10 virgo, 20 libra)
    zero sagittarius (10 capricorn, 20 aquarius)

  57. Linda Gomez says:

    Lorrie,Alex,thanks for posting about the farm bill – again…..ABC: It is said in the Congress: Anything But California, among the most progressive in the nation along with New York,and sends the most federal dollars than it takes back- but is targeted over and over by the Tea Party in the HOuse.
    Maybe the rich Silicon Valley will make up the difference and step to the plate (pun intended) :-)

  58. Lorrie U says:

    Gina – “If we’re talking about increasing responsibilities, health issues (Saturn’s in my 6th house), and the possibility of burnout, I’m there.”

    Exactly what I’m seeing with my son, and your hits seem to be right on planets, so that is really impacting you! It helps to be conscious of what’s happening and why. Do whatever is needed to take care of yourself. Lots of rest, healthy diet, calming music, rescue remedy/essential oils that help reduce stress, and it’s okay to say “no” when it’s just too much. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and keep us informed as to how you are doing!

  59. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – I’m a little fuzzy on the novile info you’ve been posting, and not sure if it applies to me. I do have Mercury at 10 degrees Virgo in 10th hs., conj. Moon @ 7 degrees, no other aspects. Is that a good thing? Or nothing?

  60. Lorrie U says:

    State of the Union per HuffPo headlines today:

    Deficit Lowest Since O Took Office

    MEANWHILE, Austerity Takes A Toll: Budget Cuts Slow Chemical Leak Probe… Reduced Rent Aid Squeeze Minnesota’s Poor… Homeless Shelters Struggle… Slashed Budget Hits Senior Nutrition… Food Stamps On The Cutting Board

  61. Lorrie U says:

    Even if Gov. Christie did not have before-hand knowledge of the lane closures, former Gov. Rendell pointd out that he took no action whatsoever during the closures which he’s now admitted he did. If you hear about the bridge closures and the problems encountered, you don’t just ignore it unless you are complicit in some way. And the fact that key people in his administration are refusing to comply with subpoenas to supply documents does not help.

  62. alex says:


    I noted your comment: son has cardinal natal cross – self initiating individual… when you study his natal chart there will be one aspect that takes priority because it has a history of being triggered by transits more than any other aspect….

    this is one way to examine his chart for the upcoming cardinal square in April….

    you want to begin to identify that aspect starting with
    jupiter and saturn, then uranus….

    but if his natal mars is sensitive to transit triggers that would be important then look at transits to his mars to identify the issue where he might express the tension/stress…

    plus you know from experience what his stress trigger points are….

    all of that goes into proactive stress release consideration…

    the way I try to handle this with family under stress is to
    follow their lead not the other way around… if something is hard for them to handle they avoid talking about it (a universal behavior for all people) for awhile until emotions settle… kids-adult kids- no matter what age are oriented to mother as omnipresent or omnipotent, all-powerful way back imprint to brain when kids are infants…. when they are under stress one word from mothers is the drop of water to a glass already full of water…it spills over…

    none-the-less at the first ur-pl square my daughter and I had an emotional meltdown something rare for us but it blew over the same day and it was of course over nothing (except the stress she was feeling at the time)

    these stress times with family reminds me of the scene in film Erin Brockovich when she came home late from work…goes into her son’s room to wish him goodnite and he turns away from her, she says to him I know I’ve been really busy but don’t you want me to do well at work to help the family (paraphrase) I was home last night for dinner, her son replies, but you were reading documents all through dinner… she goes on to say more and her son yells ‘alright’ and turns away again… he just can’t hear another word from her….

    extreme kindness (something that you are by nature ) is the only thing that seems to work… in line with Buddhist teaching that everyone in physical body is ‘suffering’ some kind of pain, physical, mental, motional,spirtual….everyone does… this is the basis of compassion teaching in Buddhism…

    I have to remember to slow-way down when my kids are under stress
    let them say the first word and have the last word, my message in one or more forms under these circumstances is … you can say anything you want or not, we can talk whenever it feel comfortable to you or not at all …

    I can identify with you and your son under stress. I hope the building collective tension passes over you both without incident or meltdowns

  63. alex says:

    mercury 10 degree virgo (10th house) is novile degree

    the way I approach astrology tools that I don’t understand is to but it aside …. I know eventually I’ll take an interest in it again and then might have a better window to understand it…

    so if novile isn’t something you relate to now… then don’t..
    that’s what I’d do and have done on astro topics or for that matter any topic fer-instance :-) math topics… when I was older I did some remedial math that I didn’t like or was interested in as k-12 student… better now than at school age;

    you have a prominent mercury moon conjunction… me-mo involves securing oneself with strategic information… stability is 10th house issue placement for you they are prominent and foremost…
    uncertainty of any kind engages your intellect and emotion you want to ‘solve’ for sake of stability purposes…

  64. Gina says:

    Thank you so much, Lorrie! Will do.

  65. Lorrie U says:

    Dear President Obama: Tar Sands and Keystone XL Are More Dangerous Than an Iranian Atomic Bomb

  66. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – The only problem I have with my son is that he resists alternative ways to health which I subscribe to, so I don’t push him. With his Pluto-Moon aspect, I’ve learned subtlety so we don’t clash. It feels very karmic, and I have had to accept that he must make his own choices even if it kills him. The problem is that he has Libra rising and his wife is Scorpio. He does everything to please her even if it’s not what he wants. They have a 15-mo.-old son and now she wants another baby. He’s admitted to me recently that he doesn’t feel like he can handle another baby, but I know he’ll give in. She would like to stop working but they need her salary and she has a big student loan debt. In addition to a demanding job with increasing responsibilities, he does most of the household chores on the weekend. I keep my mouth shut and help where I can, but it’s hard to stand by silently.

  67. barbk says:

    You know alex, they recently determined that there is evidence that water exists on Ceres. To me this means a re-evaluation of how to interpret the symbol of Ceres astrologically. Adding a touch of feeling (water) to the Ceres symbol could perhaps give us a sense of the “happiness” quotient now. Perhaps even a new format for determining the GDP that includes the “human potential” could be the result.

    I’ve just found a binovile (an extension of human potential beyond the scope of the individual into that of the collective) between the U.S. Saturn (14+ Libra) and the U.S. Mercury (24+ Cancer). Between U.S. Ceres and U.S. Mercury there are 136 degrees making possible a 135 degree sesquiquadrate or sesquadrate (per which reveals “challenges of circumstantial focus”.

    If the sesquadrate “identifies functions of being that provide trials and learning experiences” isn’t it possible that the U.S. Mercury sesquadrate U.S. Ceres (now with water) could provide some form of “collective” (binovile = collective human potential) data to U.S. Saturn via his binovile with U.S. Mercury, which could be incorporated into the GDP? I mean, if other countries can do it, why can’t we? Progressed U.S. Mercury will be stationing direct at 20+ Aquarius in 2 or 3 years and that’s where Uranus was at the start of this Saturn-Jupiter cycle!

    The case for the novile between U.S. Pluto and Ceres being (in part) lessons learned by founding fathers (Pluto now become instinctive reaction) from being subject to British Rule (Mother Ceres) is stunning insight. Thank you again.

  68. Lorrie U says:

    Subpoenaed Christie Staffer is Wife of Gas Co. Pres. Behind Big NJ Pipeline Project

    This new natural gas angle fits in nicely with the entire GOP worldview. One wonders if this really might unravel all the way up to the Koch Brothers!

  69. barbk says:

    Agree Lorrie…the puzzle pieces come one at a time but they always connect, fitting somewhere into the big picture. I’ve been trying to get a date for when Wolff & Samson incorporated. . know it was in 1972 so that means Neptune (when incorporated) is having a square from transiting Neptune now.

  70. alex says:

    I working on unpacking your comment there is alot of information there

    my first impression is – 1) there are more sources for sesquiquadrate aspect to add to your astro-tool kit

    there was a time when I wondered about sesquiquadrate 135 polygon – vs 150 yod

    Yod is about ‘forced’ change which back then I equated with more energy that sesquiquadrate and more power but over the years having practiced and tested with both I’d have to tip it towards
    sesquiquadrate; yods in charts are something that need mastered to get the best from it whereas

    I think sesquiquadrate is a ‘shift’ in power… or an adjustment in power as well as a change agent…. have to roll with the punches more than decide a course of action;

    all the other many observations you made are interesting/fascinating…. I do have to take the time to unpack them

  71. alex says:

    ceres is ‘seeding’ the universe (with water) it is like comets; comets ware frozen water they ‘seed’ water in its orbital path;

    titian moon + primordial ingredients for life


    The hazy atmosphere of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, may contain complex organic molecules that are the building blocks of life as we know it, a new study suggests.

    In the lab, researchers simulated possible chemical reactions occurring high up in the nitrogen-rich atmosphere of Titan. They found that various complex molecules, such as amino acids and nucleotide bases, could form without much prodding.

    “We can do this entirely in an atmosphere,” researcher Sarah Horst, a University of Arizona graduate student, said in a statement. “We don’t need liquid water, we don’t need a surface. We show that it is possible to make very complex molecules in the outer parts of an atmosphere.”

    The molecules synthesized in the experiment include the five nucleotide bases found in the genetic code of life on Earth — cytosine, adenine, thymine, guanine and uracil — and the two smallest amino acids, glycine and alanine, researchers said.

  72. alex says:

    that is a complex set of circumstances… I would be looking like a know it all ( ignorant ) butt-in-ski if I tried to unravel even a bit of it;

    the balance of power in a mated-couple is a really private matter that usually can’t be understood from the behaviors you can see; the only thing I’d do is ask him to weigh the pros-cons with his wife doing the same and then summarize privately to each other
    the best judgment they can make about their futures….he has to contribute sperm to make a baby it’s as much his decision as hers;

  73. Bob says:

    Hillary’s health. Faints and falls. How many that we do not know about. How many readers have had as many or more episodes in the last 8 years? Remember, we may not know about all she may have had.

    Many different sources for the material so I am not listing any of them.

    Clinton told The News in 2007 that she was diagnosed with a clot behind her right knee in 1998.

    Clinton has a history of fainting, having experienced a brief spell in 2005 during an appearance before a women’s group in Buffalo.

    Former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fell and broke her elbow on June 17th, 2009 while walking on her way to the White House.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had another fall, this time while boarding a plane. On January 12th, 2011, the former First Lady was traveling to Yemen when she tripped and fell while walking into the plane, but was unhurt.

    Her doctors announced that she was being treated for the condition on Monday, causing alarm over the secretary’s health following a concussion she suffered from a fall on December 9, 2012. In hospital on Sunday, Dec 29th.

    She was diagnosed with a concussion on December 13 and hadn’t been seen in public since Dec. 7. … THE MORE LIKELY CULPRIT, HE SAID, IS A GENETIC PREDISPOSITION … . (Caps used by me to draw attention to the material.)

    The 2:18 am birth time has the Saturn-Neptune midpoint on the Asc. . What that might indicate in the context of physical health I do not know.

  74. alex says:


    If Hillary is 2:18Am then to drive home a point ‘Ad Nauseam’ (getting sick of hearing myself talk :-) about it)

    Natal Novile Degrees

    Natal Jupiter @00 Sagittarius
    Natal Sun/Moon Midpoint @10 Capricorn

  75. Lorrie U says:

    Bob – That may very well be why HRC hasn’t really definitively committed to running but just keeps teasing the issue…

  76. Lorrie U says:

    GOP Scheme Attempts To Trick Voters Into Donating To Wrong Candidate

    he National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is using deceptive tactics to raise funds for republican candidates. Using web addresses such as “”, along with the campaign photos of several female democratic candidates, the NRCC has come up with a new way to trick voters into unknowingly donating money to their candidates.

  77. Bob says:

    With Hillary being touted as a shoo in to be nominated and then win the election but my charts not showing same all I can think of that would prevent her experiencing both is a health situation which would cause her to decline or to drop out.

    Her natal Pluto at 14°51′ Leo in longitude is at 139°33′ in right ascension (19°33′ Leo). Transit Saturn today at 230°57′ is only 1°24′ from exact square (139°33′ + 90° = 229°33′). It will be exact on April 23rd (Apr 26th to prog Pluto) and finally in Oct (7th prog, 10th natal).

    Beyond Oct 2014 the only hard major aspects from Saturn to natal or progressed planets in her chart are to Mars and Jupiter, not as serious as the square to her Plutos this year.

    Chelsea’s chart may be the one to watch for difficulties for her mother’s health (Saturn to Moon or Venus matching difficult transits to her mother’s chart).

  78. Bob says:

    Above should have read “Beyond Oct 2014 until the 2016 election the only hard major aspects from Saturn to natal or progressed planets in her chart are to Mars and Jupiter, not as serious as the square to her Pluto’s this year.”

  79. Sharon Katz says:

    Reading on DU about more potential layoffs yesterday & today – Radio Shack to close 500 stores, Time, Inc & United Paper having layoffs. I remember reading about this type of thing during Bush’s term, leading up to the Recession….I don’t like hearing about it again!

  80. alex says:


    American patients will soon be able to get their medical test results directly from the laboratories that perform them under new regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

  81. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All, Wow!

    *barbk…upstream posts invaluable, elegant, wise…mahalo
    *SharonKatz…yes, lots of corps planning major lay-offs. Sorry to be a tad cynical, but feels/looks like a planned attack to the US economy. Here’s some comeupance for intl. banksters:
    *alex…always particularly interested in your astro data/info, and yod info
    *Lorrie U…always appreciate your links/insights

    More Pluto/Capricorn; Neptune/Pisces awakenings:
    “Let’s be real, let’s not make a joke of ourselves.”~Pat Robertson

    Blessings all!

  82. ArtCulturePeace says:

    More examples of Pluto/Capricorn purges:

    “We’re talking about the largest criminal investigation in the history of the army.”~C. McCaskill, Senator:

    $257M Mormon tithes in jeopardy in UK as their Fraud Act of 2006 is taken to court facing off beliefs vs facts:

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka honua.

  83. Lorrie U says:

    Sign and support: The Government by the People Act––the public campaign finance bill

  84. ArtCulturePeace says:

    re: Pluto opposition to some boomer Uranus positions
    Hearing from random folks about old wounds, old domestic violence wounds/memories seeking healing and seeing the impulse in several people to heal family/personal dysfunctions, release the past moving forward to healthier futures. Painful yet exciting openings for individuals and the nation, imv. The sources of unconscious dysfunctions are being explored by courageous folks and this is such a powerful, long-term cause for celebration for the entire planet, imv. Not easy, but a cause for gratitude, breakthroughs to peace, imv.

    “When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”~Victor Frankl, Auschwitz Survivor

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua.

  85. alex says:


    Debate Creationism: Bill Nye, the science guy vs. Ken Ham

    another reason to luv science again;

    Lawrence O’Donnell last word msnbc reported on the debate yesterday and Bill Nye was on air for interview; especially good segment:

    A good week for bad socialism

    With the passage of the Farm Bill and America’s annual celebration of Super Bowl Sunday, it’s been a good week for some of America’s worst kinds of socialism.

  86. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Alex,
    Much appreciate the Nye/Ham YT link!

    re: SuperBowl
    It is being reported that the SuperBowl was a most viewed TV programming in history of the nation. What does that say about the state of our nation, wondering?

    All the best! :-)

    re: Sochi
    Been hearing on public radio that some of the participants are having issues with their phones being hacked & projects remaining incomplete, such as housing, snowboarding tracks (this was a couple of days ago, may be ok now)…i do so hope that the global focus can be on the athletes and their performances rather than olympics-as-yet-another-proxie-war!

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka honua

  87. starlight says:

    Regarding Sochi and the mess found in the housing and communication issues there, Mercury is just about stationary, making all logistics dysfunctional. Also, a million people are without power here from the current storm. Never begin a big event going into a station/retrograde. People need astrologers to set them right!! :-)

  88. alex says:

    Excerpt Email, Bold Progressives:

    In 2012, the Koch brothers raised over $400 million to influence elections.

    Our democracy should not be owned by the Koch brothers. Today, PCCC co-founder Adam Green is joining House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Rep. John Sarbanes, and allies to take back our democracy and unveil the Government By The People Act!

    This exciting new bill will help reverse the impact of Citizens United and end the legalized bribery that pervades Congress.

    The Government By The People Act is already sponsored by over 100 Representatives — now, we need to pressure the rest of Congress to endorse this bill by showing massive public support.

    The bill will match small-dollar donations with public funds, turning a $25 contribution into $175 — or $100 into $700. This will incentivize candidates to pay attention to everyday voters, not big-money donors.

    We’ve been preparing for this bill for the last few months — helping to craft it, organizing support among our allies, and building a 100,000-strong grassroots army ready to make calls and attend events to pass reform.

    Over 30 progressive, labor, and good government organizations have endorsed this bill — as have the Sierra Club and the NAACP. That’s because our chance of success on every issue goes up if we break the influence of big-money interests.

    We’ll tell Nancy Pelosi and reformers in Congress how many people supported this bill in the first 24 hours, and work with them to generate support in Congress.

    We’ll also inform the media — and plan phone calls, events, and other activism — to keep momentum for this bill strong. Together, we’ll even make reform a campaign issue in 2014.

    Thanks for being a bold progressive. And thanks for supporting bold reform.

  89. alex says:

    EXCERPT Email, Courage Campaign

    Income inequality has become the defining issue of our time. Tea Party Republicans can no longer ignore it. But rather than address it, they’ve begun stealing our very words to push the same-old right-wing social agenda.

    We saw this in the Tea Party’s response to the State of the Union delivered by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) when he called the Affordable Care Act an “inequality Godzilla that has robbed working families” — even though it has already expanded affordable healthcare to over 9 million Americans.

    He said:

    “Inequality is denying viable, unborn children any protection under the law, while exempting unsanitary, late-term abortion clinics from basic safety standards. It’s denying citizens their right to define marriage in their states as traditionally or as broadly as their diverse values dictate.”

    While the President’s attempts to move our country forward without Congress are a strong first step, the only real solution to stop the gridlock in Washington is to take back the House of Representatives in November’s mid-term Congressional elections.

    To win, we only need to take 17 seats from Republicans, and California can deliver nearly a quarter of those seats — by ousting four vulnerable Tea Party candidates that we have already started to target.

  90. Sharon Katz says:

    Just for something a little light:

    Hey, I think you guys can access this! Facebook celebrating it’s 10 year BD by making a video about your life with the click of a link! It’s really cool how it grabbed the most special things I’ve shared on FB from my past & present….so I thought for those of you who have never seen me (I only know one person on here who has)…Voila, Sharon Katz, the Facebook movie – Happy Aquarius when all things are possible – and if you can’t access it, I’m sorry, and I guess you’ll have to friend me!

  91. will says:


    Like! This is one helluva Mercury event. Good Lord!

  92. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Nice. I think you have to press the area in the viewers screen that displays the word ‘share’ and then it gives you a personalized URL link (the link you provided didn’t have one). Just out of curiosity to see if it works….. here’s mine (press HD to get a clear image):

  93. starlight says:

    Will – This Mercury station (at 3 Pisces) is particularly stressful in the US because it is lighting up the progressed Saturn (3 Scorpio) trine natal Venus (3 Cancer) in the US chart. Despite the fact that it is a trine, the progressed Saturn trine to natal Venus is several years of Saturn impacting US Venus. We had Hurricane Sandy when transiting Saturn crossed 3 Scorpio.

  94. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon and Jerry – When I click on your links, all I get is my own pictures. That’s nice for me, but I wanted to see yours…

  95. Lorrie U says:

    Wow! Watching Clay Aiken’s video on Lawrence O’Donnell. He’s running for Congress as a Dem in NC, and it is one of the most powerful, intimate sharing I’ve ever seen. Of course, all the gay bashers and haters are already attacking him.

  96. will says:


    Many thanks for explaining the ‘enhanced’ dynamic of this Mercury station. It seems that whenever Saturn is involved, there are always themes of stain, difficulty and hardship. The snow and cold here are unrelenting. How’s by you, dear host?

  97. Bob says:

    Sochi Hotel Warns Reporter To Not Let ‘Very Dangerous’ Water Touch Her Face

  98. starlight says:

    Will – For this recent storm, at least, we seem to be just south of some magical line. Everywhere north has had lots of snow and ice. We had a tiny bit of ice but otherwise, just rain. What a relief!!

  99. Jerry says:

    Hi Lorrie, Sharon,

    Ok. Just discovered an easy, convenient way of doing it. FBook allows one to go directly to the URL link without being logged on to Facebook. Just click on your “A Look Back” video posted on your wall page. You can copy and paste the URL address from your navigation address bar or click on the “Get Link” located below the viewers screen. Here’s mine:

  100. Jerry says:

    PS To get a clear image just click on HD

  101. Sharon Katz says:

    Jerry, thanks I will try that as soon as I can…meanwhile, I’m pulling an “all nighter” to get my school work done….can you guess? I’m a 1 deg pisces sun and guess what aspect is affecting me? Anyway I look forward to seeing your & Lorrie’s movies if I can get it to work (tomorrow). Namaste.

  102. alex says:

    Unfortunately this critique of myRA makes sense:


    It’s pretty clear, then, that myRA is an effort to distract from the burgeoning Social Security expansion movement, offering an alternative that remains grounded in the private market, to throw liberals off the trail.

    Instead of going ahead and endorsing Social Security expansion, Obama introduced myRA, a glorified savings account deducted from your paycheck in amounts as little as $5. It’s portable from job to job, and it earns a small amount of interest, the same as the Thrift Savings Plan for government workers. The account can never go down in value, and it’s backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. Plus, you can withdraw the funds whenever you want without a penalty.

    This is a nice thing to have, but has little to do with retirement. Americans don’t need a new savings account vehicle; they need higher wages so they can actually manage to save a few dollars out of every paycheck.

    The notion of [social security] expansion gradually picked up adherents, from activist organizations like and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to think tanks like the New America Foundation. In November, Elizabeth Warren endorsed expanding Social Security in a speech on the Senate floor. The expansion movement had some momentum, and tangible legislation from liberal Tom Harkin and moderate Mark Begich to rally behind.

    Every benefit of the myRA – portability, easy access, protected investment, small interest accumulation, government protection and no fees – could be accomplished through an interest-bearing savings account distributed through the post office, as it did from 1911 to 1967.

    Postal banking avoids one potentially malign implication of myRA. The accounts are capped at $15,000: After that, the account holder must roll them into a Roth IRA, subjecting the money to the whims of the market – and handing it over to Wall Street fund managers.

    You can see myRA in this context as a veal fattening pen for small savers before they get led into the Wall Street slaughterhouse. The administration has yet to finish the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, which would force investment advisers to act in the best interests of their clients. Until that gets done, it’s foolhardy to funnel more savings into Wall Street’s hands.

  103. alex says:


    Moon, the emotional body:

    I’m going to be working with this astro-principle for political practice charts (I found the link this morning) it will take a number of days for me to get around to it (errands, other stuff)

    what to do you think of the info?

    6th From Moon – Dislike, Disgust, Aversion, Hatred

    The 6th house is a place with several negative connotations.

    The 6th house is in aversion to the 1st house, which represents our self and the physical ‘us’.

    The 6th angle represents what is anathemic to us, that which has an unsupportive effect on our being.

    It represents things like disease, conflict, debt, servitude, etc.

  104. alex says:


    I regret offering advise to you about your son; please excuse the intrusion on your privacy

  105. alex says:


    continued 6TH from Chandra (Natal Moon)

    Chris Christie:
    would be a good test for natal chart for this: what is the time of the hypothetical chart you delineated for Pisces ASC?

    Accusations (true or false), blaming, litigation, argument, scapegoating, exploitation, injustice, broken promises, pain of dishonesty, and worse things emotionally devastating

  106. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – You never have to apologize, your advice and insights are always welcomed by me! What you said re. my son reflects my sentiments also, but history has proven that his wife usually gets her way ultimately and then they live with the consequences. I intuitively pick and choose my moments of subtle input, but he will do whatever he can to please her because that’s what he does. For my grandson’s sake, I must be the non-interfering mother-in-law and just be supportive in all ways that I can.

  107. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry! I really enjoyed your FB link, it was fun getting to know you better! Thanks for sharing it.

  108. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Thanks for posting re. the myRA accounts, always good to get a solid perspective and this seems to offer such.

  109. Lorrie U says:

    Bob – Your post re. the water in Sochi is horrifying. It looks like pee. And the hotel conditions, not to mention the slopes the athletes have to contend with, is beyond belief. What were they thinking??

  110. alex says:


    yeah that’s how it is with adult/kids

  111. starlight says:

    Kremlin warns of possible intervention in Ukraine aginst the coup:

  112. alex says:

    9TH harmonic, novile degree: used by Vedic astrologers and some western astrologers; other western astrologers call the novile series minor aspects;

    because I’m taking a survey of Vedic… I’m going to stay with
    Chandra (Moon) Chart and Lagna Chart (Ascendant) to introduce myself to the topic;

    you can find wiki pages on Lagna chart and Chandra chart for brief explaination of them;

  113. Jerry says:

    Note to Lorrie (and Sharon), Feel free to send me a FB friendship request.

  114. barbk says:

    alex, I used 7 PM for a Christie chart so as to get Jupiter (conjunct Chiron) on the ascendant. Looking forward to checking out your two links and will get back regarding that in a couple of days I hope. Can’t wait to hear what sense you get of this hypothetical chart in your study as it puts the Moon very near the ascendant. (We who love to play with astrology can make anything fit if we try hard enough!)

    Christie seemed to me (when I last saw him before my cable line was cut on Tuesday) to be petulant like a child (poor little me) for being accused of any wrong doing, but that Scorpio Neptune trine Pisces Jupiter + Chiron (not to mention a Moon so near the MC) trine trans. Jupiter in Cancer makes it all too easy to fool all of the people some of the time.

    Here’s something I will be testing. The Uranus ingress to Aries (2nd time) chart (3/11/11) is extraordinarily linked to the U.S. Sibly chart, esp. if you use the minor planets. It’s Moon is conjunct the U.S. Uranus, Mars is trine the U.S. Sun, Saturn is conjunct the U.S. Saturn, Neptune is conjunct the U.S. Moon, Ceres is conjunct the U.S. Pallas (conjunct U.S. Moon), the Sun is square the U.S. Mars, Chiron is trine the U.S. Venus and Juno is conjunct the U.S. Neptune. Also the MC is conjunct the U.S. Sun (when using Washington DC for location) and Uranus (0 Aries) is conjunct the U.S. IC. On February 21, transiting Uranus will be at 10 Aries 19, where Jupiter was at the time Uranus was at 0 Aries on 3/11/11.

    I see no major trans. aspects to trans. Uranus exact on or within a day of that date, but on Feb. 26, trans. Jupiter will square trans. Uranus, putting the Sochi games, as Nancy suggests, under this aspect’s influence. It also puts Christie’s Mercury (10+ Libra) opposite transiting Uranus and square trans. retrograde Jupiter. (remember Christie’s Mars in Cancer at 9+ degrees squares his natal Mercury.) If we hear of anything Christie says (or something said about him) of a volatile nature on Feb. 21, I believe it will give some validity to the Uranus ingress chart’s usefulness as a tool for studying the evolution of the U.S.

    ArtCulturePeace, thank you for your kind words, as well as your observations regarding trans. Pluto opposite Boomer natal Uranus’s. This would be a vital healing cycle indeed. So many people, so little time.

  115. alex says:

    I’ll give some thought to Christie’s 7pm chart – thanks

    in the vedic-Sidereal system:
    his Natal N.Node @14 Cancer
    Natal S.Node @14 Capricorn

  116. Sharon Katz says:

    Thanks, Jerry…see if this works! And, by the way, I did friend you and I loved your film – you’ve posted such lovely images….I even think I caught a glimpse of you here and there and it’s so nice to put a face to the name!

  117. Sharon Katz says:

    For anyone who views my video, I wanted to point out that the photo of the hand that appears behind my face in the first shot belongs to a female chaplain who placed it on the Western/Wailing Wall in Israel on a group trip to Israel and I saw a great photo opp there. The next photo that appears is a plate of 5 types of smoked fish that my family & I shared at Barney Greengrass on NY’s West Side. The pretty woman to my right at the end is my mother-in-law. There’s also a high school graduation photo of my first boyfriend, Bobby, and a 1920s or 1930s photo of my dad when he was young, also named Bobby…and there are several photos of my husband, Myron, the nice man with the glasses. Probably more info than you wanted to know! I think FB did a great job pulling some very special photos (I’m sure it’s random but it doesn’t seem as such). Lorrie, I’d love to see your FB movie and any one else’s who would care to share!

  118. Jerry says:

    Received the FB request. Thanks Sharon. I enjoyed looking through your timeline. Very nice looking family I might add. It brings a new personal, warm dimension to the sharing here.

  119. Helen says:

    Recent captivating speech of Dane Wigington (of on the effects of weather modification on our climate and environment:

    Must see if one wants a clearer picture behind the recent abnormal weather we’ve been having.

  120. alex says:

    Sesquiquadrate Aspect 2/4/2014 – JUNO

    Juno in Pisces sesqui-quadrate to the North Node in Scorpio,

    semi-square South Node in Taurus, (cover as much ‘ground’ as can

    under the circumstances to bring things to their conclusion


  121. alex says:


    Thank you for the video ‘Engineering Weather’ it stuck and stopped and then I reloaded it and I’m listening to it now;

    this is an excellent video

  122. Helen says:

    You’re welcome, Alex. This very articulate speech is being posted on countless sites at the moment.

    The Guardian just yesterday published an article on Bill Gate’s support of geoengineering:

  123. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Any thoughts on the US debt ceiling imbroglio? The deadline expires today just as Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury stations direct at the end of the month, a time when the US Treasury warns that funds to keep the government running will be exhausted – BUT keep in mind, Mars goes stationary retrograde opposite the US Pluto the following day, on March 1st and Saturn follows with its retrograde station at 23 Scorpio on March 2nd.

    My personal thoughts – if Republican brinkmanship is allowed to play itself out to the very edge, it could have negative consequences on financial markets. Could the US lose its much prized triple A status as a result?

    Skating Close to the Edge, Again, on the Debt Ceiling

    New York Times
    February 6, 2014

    WASHINGTON — Here they go again.

    As of Friday, the Treasury will no longer have the authority to issue bonds as necessary to pay the government’s bills. In a matter of weeks, the government could run out of cash and begin defaulting on some payments unless Congress acts to raise the official ceiling on the national debt. And once again, Congress is struggling to avoid a potential fiscal and economic train wreck.

    But this fourth debt ceiling standoff in three years is taking place in an atmosphere of fatigue and caution rather than brazenness and conviction. A confrontational parliamentary tactic that came in with a bang might finally be exiting with a whimper.

    “This is the dying gasp of a dead-end strategy,” said Representative Peter Welch, a Vermont Democrat. “I think this fight is over.”

    Even as some Republicans continued to hunt for one policy concession or another to demand from Democrats in exchange for lifting the ceiling, leadership has indicated it has no appetite for brinkmanship — particularly as Republicans head into a midterm campaign for control of Congress where they feel they have an upper hand, given the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act and President Obama’s low approval ratings. And the White House has made clear that it has no intention of giving Republicans anything in exchange for increasing the limit.

    But there is always a risk, remote as it may be, that something could go wrong. The Obama administration has warned that Congress has less time for its deliberations — even if they are less heated — in the latest merry-go-round.


  124. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: March 1, 2014/ Stationary retrograde Mars in LIBRA will be in square to the US Pluto (Capr.).

  125. alex says:

    EXCERPT – Joe Biden:

    As for 2016, Biden said he will base his decision to run on “whether I am the best-qualified person to focus on the two things I’ve spent my whole life on: giving ordinary people a fighting chance to make it, and a sound foreign policy that’s based on rational interests of the United States, where we’re not only known for the power of our military but the power of our example.”

    “Doesn’t mean I’m the only guy that can do it, but if no one else I think can, and I think I can, then I’d run,” he added. “If I don’t, I won’t.

    He’ll decide by summer 2015 whether he’ll wage another campaign for the White House.

  126. alex says:



    Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana tapped Lt. Gov. John Walsh to the U.S. Senate on Friday, shaking up a race that could play a role in which party holds power after the midterm elections.

    Walsh, who has already declared his candidacy for the November elections, will replace Democrat Max Baucus, who is headed to Beijing as U.S. ambassador to China.

  127. starlight says:

    Jerry – I had missed that one. Thanks for pointing it out. A Mars station square Pluto could mean a projection of US power of some kind, especially as it comes with Uranus square Jupiter becoming exact in late February.

    Re: debt ceiling, I am concerned. Pluto is opposite the US Sun now, so dangerous power struggles are increasing. I will try and put it altogether if I can carve out some time this weekend.

  128. Lorrie U says:

    Democrats Demand To Know How Much The Republican IRS Witch Hunts Are Costing Taxpayers

    Democrats Sandy Levin and Elijah Cummings demanded to know how much Issa’s IRS ‘investigations’ are costing the taxpayers. They suggest the total is “well into the millions of dollars.”

  129. VENUS says:

    Interesting Chris Christie and “Bridgegate” astroid chart–you may have seen–by Alex Miller:

  130. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon – Tried to watch your video but FB said content was unavailable and to try later, so I will. Unfortunately, mine won’t produce a video saying I haven’t posted enough.

  131. Sharon Katz says:

    Well, I tried doing what Jerry said to do, Lorrie. Oh well. It would be nice, though, if we could all see each other after all of this time.

  132. Jerry says:


    Don’t know what it’s about, but based on the reports I’ve seen, the early March aspects could be related to the economy. A few blogs are abuzz with comments by former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker on his concerns for March of this year which falls in line with that persistent rumor of a possible international currency re-set in March or April……

    WA Times: Volcker sees US Economic Disaster by March 2014

  133. barbk says:

    Jerry, nice catch re: Mars stationing retrograde squaring U.S. Pluto on March 1st. Thanks!

    I was looking at Mars in the March 1st Pisces New Moon chart as it relates to a configuration that I’ve been delving into. It’s minor, subtle and relates primarily to the ladies, but not completely. It involves the asteroids Pallas, Vesta, Juno and minor planet Ceres, as well as the nodes and Mars. This chart most closely depicts the pattern where – in their forward and backward motion – the “ladies” form an undulating yod. Rather hypnotic!

    For some time trans. Vesta has been shadowing (following) Ceres and in this chart they are one degree apart as Vesta stations retrograde. She is in the same degree as the north node, 29+ Libra and only 2 degrees behind them is the stationing retrograde Mars, who as you noted, will square the U.S. Pluto. Ceres at 1+ Scorpio retro (+ all the above mentioned bodies just behind her) sextiles Pallas at 1+ Virgo retrograde in this chart. Their combined sextile forms a yod with Juno at 28 Pisces 53, at the apex.

    My attention has now been called to Juno’s position half-way between (semi-sextile) the U.S. Pluto and the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, giving it greater focus on the U.S. astrology.

    I will just say that the dialogue (precise aspects) between the ladies goes back to (at least) late January when retro Pallas opposed direct Juno, but this particular setup, the yod pattern, runs through the exact aspects between them all from Feb. 27 when Pallas exactly sextiles Ceres through to March 6 when Juno is exactly quincunx Ceres, with lots of interesting exchanges along the way.

    I believe this yod speaks to the political discourse regarding women’s reproductive issues, the fight over equal rights for gay marriage, a path to citizenship for illegals, and several other hot topics. Just today I heard a female (U.S.) athlete at Sochi hoping these games would afford the recognition and opportunity for women’s sports events to become equally important with men’s sports events. There is a hunger in the universe and these goddesses intend to address it.

    The ladies yod in the New Moon chart for March 1, with its focus on Juno (she who was a queen demanding equal recognition and power from her king) being quincunxed (making adjustments) by the indefatigable Vesta, the relentless Ceres (remember her search for her daughter?) and Pallas (warrior, strategist, a woman doing a man’s job) will, over the course of next month, square Jupiter (March 23), conjunct Uranus (March 25) and square Pluto (March 27).

    Juno is also a symbol for giving support to the disenfranchised. She will sesqui-quadrate trans. Saturn in her month long tour too, giving her not only access to the universal movers and shakers (Uranus, Pluto) but also the cultural and societal-governmental deciders (Saturn and Jupiter). She even gives a curtsy to Neptune as she semi-sextiles him on March 13 and as well to Chiron on March 30. A goodwill tour par excellence.

    Juno’s credentials for this important assignment includes a period from May through October last year at or near the midpoint of the transiting (Moon’s) nodes signifying impending crossroad choices to be made. She stationed retrograde at 19+ Aquarius and interestingly, the U.S. progressed Mercury has been languishing at 20+ Aquarius for a while as he prepares for his station direct in that degree in just a couple of years. Putting it all in perspective is the fact that Uranus, in the chart for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, was also at 20+ Aquarius, squaring the two societal symbols! Expect change.

    As we are almost 14 years into the 20 year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn, a cycle which began at 22+ Taurus, the sign of values, this Juno in the March 1 New Moon chart symbolizes some urgency in discharging her duties. She will be aided by transiting Saturn (in this March 1 chart) only one degree past the opposition degree to the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and he will exact an opposition to that conjunction twice more before November 2014. Saturn will trine Jupiter for the 3rd and final time in May, between those two oppositions to 2000’s new cycle degree, and they will be joined by Chiron in Pisces, making it a grand trine in flowing water signs.

    If my feeling is right, we are in an exciting part of history where grand transitions are (and will be) taking place. I will try to remember that when setbacks seem impossible to recover from and there is just too darn much work to get done. But there is a sense of support from the universe in the astrology for these changes to happen. Mars, Sedna and the Moon’s nodes all play a persuasive part as we move forward.

    Judging from what other commenters say and Nancy tells us, it is a daunting time to be on Planet Earth, but the rewards for believing in our values and not giving in to fear and discouragement can make it all worthwhile. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but the alternative is just not acceptable.

  134. Lorrie U says:

    Venus – Very interesting post re. Christie! Thanks!

  135. 0x the cat says:

    I read that some financial people think there will be an “event” on March 4th that will change things on the financial front and that the decisions that are made will be extremely crucial for the future. These folks could be way out there but they note that Warren Buffet is sitting on a ton of cash. I wonder if this has anything to do with Congress and the debt ceiling.

  136. alex says:

    INGRESS, JUNO @00 Aries
    4:49AM 3/3/2014

    Partial Celestial Events – Early March

    27 Libra, Mars SRX 3/1/2014 – Saturday (station retrograde)
    23 Scorpio, Saturn SRX 3/2/2014 – Sunday (station retrograde)
    00 Aries, JUNO 3/3/2014 – Monday (ingress zero aries point)
    10 Cancer, Jupiter SD 3/6/2014 – Thursday (station direct)

  137. alex says:

    General Prediction Speculation; George P. Bush III
    DOB 4/24/1976

    Natal Sun @02 Gemini:
    2014 George P. Bush III is running for Texas Land Commissioner (posted media URL awhile back on the power of Land Commissioner in TX, more than the public would think!)

    Stepping Stones – Solar Arc Sun

    2014 Bush III – 38 years old – Solar Arc Sun @10 Cancer

    2018 Texas Governor’s Election – Bush III 42 years old
    Solar Arc Sun @14 Cancer
    Uranus Cycle: Transiting Uranus opposition Natal Uranus
    Mid-Life Crisis /or/ OTHER at 42 years old

    2020 Presidential Election Year – Bush III, 44 years old
    Solar Arc Sun @16 Cancer

    2024 Presidential Election Year – Bush III, 48 Years old
    Solar Arc Sun @20 Cancer

  138. alex says:

    continued 2020 Presidential Election Year

    I predict that the 2020 NSA/DOD/CIA will have advance technology to produce real-time live ‘thought bubbles’ but won’t allow itto get to the commericalization stage for another 60 years when individuals can opt to have their personal ‘stream-of-thought bubbles’ displayed publically above their heads (while the NSA/DOD/CIA will have ACCESS TO everyone’s ‘thought bubble’ irrespective if they have opted-out of public display)

    Background: u·biq·ui·tous/universal thought-bubble technology will evolve from NSA/DOD/CIA brain-reading technology (brain reading tech u·biq·ui·tous/universal circa Late 20TH Century-Early 21ST Century

    Presidential year journalism in 2080 will be about attempting to create GOT-CHA incidents by hacking presidential candidates ‘thought bubbles’ during the campaign season;,_2080_(The_Second_Renaissance)

  139. alex says:

    Juno @00 Aries 3/3/2014

    3/3/2014 YOD (Boomrang 9/24/2014)

    Juno apex Yod
    Ceres @01 Scorpio
    Pallas @00 Virgo

    opposite 9/24/2014
    Sun Zero Libra (Ingress)

    SUN @00 Libra
    mo @27virgo
    me @27libra
    ve @22virgo
    ma @06scorpio
    ju @14leo
    sa @19scorpio
    ur @15aries
    ne @05pisces
    pl @11capricorn (SD 9/23/2014)
    mean node @19libra
    chiron @14pisces
    dk lilith @22leo

  140. alex says:

    continued 2080 presidential election year

    2080, early version home food replicators (3D print injection food), which will be licensed to dispense a certain brand of breakfast cereal (founded in 1877, purchased by global transnational cola company 2001)

    licensing for Brand-Food to home food replicator, a big business enterprise, will be testing the strength of legal enforcement in appeals court for copyright infringment if maple syrup and fruit is added to their hot cereal brand;

  141. alex says:

    Oops, correction:

    the word copyright SHOULD READ – TRADEMARK infringement

  142. barbk says:

    alex, what a remarkable chart this Juno ingress Aries chart is! Moon exactly conjunct Uranus, both 10+ Aries – in the 2nd house for chart set in Washington DC – exactly square Jupiter in the 6th house at 10+ Cancer rx. Good grief. For me to get 00 Aries 00 for Juno I had to set it for 4:57 AM instead of 4:49 AM.

    Mars 27+ Libra square Venus 27+ Capricorn, Mars square U.S. Pluto and trine U.S. Moon, Venus conjunct U.S. Pluto, semi-sextile U.S. Moon.

    Sun 12+ Pisces conjunct Chiron 13+ Pisces sextile Pluto 13+ Capricorn, with Sun and Chiron trine U.S. Sun 13+ Cancer and Pluto in this chart opposite U.S. Sun.

    Saturn 23+ Scorpio conjunct MH (25+ Scorpio) and trine U.S. Mercury (23+ Cancer). Bucket pattern with Jupiter as handle (an important and rather uncompromising direction of interest). So glad you posted this info; I might never have known!

    Love your predictions. . .thought bubbles; yikes!

    Does Bush III have any aspects to the U.S. Moon (27+ Aquarius)?

  143. alex says:

    I was ranting…sarcasm and cyn·i·cism mostly fantasy and extrapolation

    Only true prediction: George P Bush III will run for governor then president sure as the sun rises

    but then something so predictable as that is simply not a prediction it is a cultural political cliche

  144. alex says:


    I used for the timing of JUNO00Aries, Washington DC… I narrowed it minute by minute til I got to 4:49AM bingo… does not use seconds in their data input log box only hour/minutes;

  145. alex says:

    continue Juno00Aries

    Transneptune Points


    cupido @24sg
    hades @16li
    kronos 207ca
    apollon @29li59
    vulkanus @27ca
    poseidon @11sc

  146. alex says:


    Oops the chart time is 4:59AM at

    kronos @07 Cancer

    vulkanus @27 Cancer opposite USA Pluto @27 Capricorn

  147. alex says:


    – chart 3/3/2014 Juno00aries continued


    Vulkanus @27 Cancer (3/3/2014 JUNO,ZERO,ARIES chart)

    41 degrees (wan novile)

    2016 Transiting Node @08 Virgo

    121 degrees (wan trine)

    USA Pluto @27 Capricorn

    41 degrees (wan novile)

    2105 Transiting Neptune @08 Pisces
    USA Ceres @08 Pisces

    USA CERES @08 Pisces (wan novile) USA PLUTO @27 Capricorn

  148. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,
    Blessings all.

    *Alex re: GPB III
    Yes, have researched some into this family’s history/ties to Saudis/oil/politics/cia/Carlyle Group etc. and they are reportedly referring to GPrescottBIII as ‘Bush 47′.

    He appears to be the annointed one of the family with middle name after the patriarch Prescott, the man with business ties to Nazi Germans, who was brought before Congress because of those ties.

    2020 aligns with US Pluto Return cycle. When GHWB took his oath of office, he placed his family bible and took his oath on it having covered the bible of George Washington with his family bible (this symbolic sense of coup is documented in Gov archives). My belief is that the family story/plan involves this GPW III in the take-over dream they have. (GWB ‘joked’ about wanting to be dictator like his Saudi friends). This destiny dream/plan also explains how poor Jeb (the one not named George) has been shy about running for president to date, as i believe he is avoiding national Bush-burn-out to make way for his attractive, Spanish-speaking part Latino son GPB III. I do hope there is some kind of divine intervention, for if my speculations are correct, ‘Bush 47′ could become the official monarch/dictator they’ve been grooming the nation for…because by 2020, if nothing is done to mitigate the panopticon surveillance state being created today, it would be a very easy coup by then. Certainly we’ve seen the lengths to which such a plan has already been advanced with the 2000 stolen election, etc.

    Meanwhile, the joys of seeing Sochi athletes co-existing with respect together at the opening ceremonies give hope for the human species. And how the Russian people must be thrilled as well. They have a long history, much culture and their people have suffered much along the way. My Polish grandmother had valid reasons to hate Russians. I do not. May these Olympic games remind us all of our shared humanity so that when the next profit-driven-patriot cries for war, we all refuse to answer the call for more blood-letting and instead demand peace through peaceful means.

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua.

  149. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Re: Christie
    * Venus….your link analyzing asteroids and Christie is downright spooky in terms of specific people/actions involved! Here is a re-post for those who haven’t seen it yet:

    Meanwhile, Fukushima dramatically and predictably devolving:

    It is being reported that thyroid cancer is now presenting among young Fukushima/Japan residents. This catastrophe is still being largely ignored by corporate media here and there. Japan may find itself isolated from the rest of the world in future because of this event and gene-altering toxins still spewing unabated and unresolved. This is such a huge issue that touches all of the planet. Surely, if/when the scientists/best minds of the planet get together, mitigations will be found & implemented. At least that is my prayer.

    Warm aloha all.

  150. will says:

    Ox the Cat,

    I could be off percentage-wise, but didn’t Warren Buffet turn over some 90% of his entire fortune from Berkshire over to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation some 10-12 years ago?

  151. alex says:


    the url you posted alex-miller notes Solar Eclipse Sept 1, 2016
    @09 Virgo at last of the campaign season for November 2016 presidential election (in reference to Christie)

    In reference to Jeb Bush:


    2016 Solar Eclipse @09 Virgo – Apex of YOD
    (conjunct George W. Bush Natal Mars @09 Virgo)

    Natal Venus @09 Aries – Jeb Bush
    the 9TH degree Gemini(as yet unassigned)

    If Joe Biden happens to be campaigning or debating or interviewing
    he is prominent on Sept 1, 2016 with Natal Saturn @09 Gemini & (N/Uranus @02 Gemini – Biden) which happens to be conjunct George P. Bush III Natal Sun @02 Gemini aka GPrescottBIII as ‘Bush 47?

    maybe Joe will be teaching the public some Bush-history-lessons

    he has my vote :-)

  152. alex says:

    excuse me – here comes the correction

    Yod Apex, Solar Eclipse @09 Virgo

    YOD base

    @09 Aquarius sextile @09 Aries

    Dick Cheney Natal Sun @10 Aquarius, Paul Ryan if memory is working has Natal Venus @09 Aquarius, then George W. Bush has Natal Ceres @10 Aquarius;

    Joe Biden has a Square to the Solar Eclipse. He can teach NEOCON history AND Bush history lesson any day of the week as far as I’m concerned !

  153. barbk says:

    Glad you got the little (harder to find) ones alex; thank you! Did you know that Pandora and Arachne, both at 27+ Aquarius in the Juno ingress Aries chart, conjunct the U.S. Moon? No kidding. Pandora sets it free and Arachne catches and eats it. (or maybe the other way round)

    Sarcasm and cynicism today, reality tomorrow. :)

    Regarding Juno ingress Aries chart, 3/3/14, sure, Uranus rules Aquarius rising chart and is conjunct the Moon exactly, and is in a T-square with Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto in Cap, BUT did you know that Uranus (and Moon) form a septile (51.4 degrees) with Mercury?

    Mercury in the 1st house at 18+ Aquarius, which is one degree away from where Juno (whose ingress chart this is) stationed at 19 Aquarius 0. She entered 18+ Aquarius on May 28 and left 18+ Aquarius on July 2. She was in 19 Aquarius 0 degree from June 14 through June 15 and all the rest of the time between May 28 and July 2 she was in 18+ Aquarius where Mercury is in this ingress chart.

    I think she was telling us something and the best I’ve come up with is her (within orb) position of being in the north bending of the nodes at the time. From this position she would have received input/thoughts/directives from the universe that would express outwardly (as opposed to the south bending which does not easily express outwardly).

    Now when Juno enters Aries her goal (for the duration she’s in Aries) would seem to revolve around the T-square, and with Uranus and the Moon at the fulcrum point of that T-square, and with Mercury (data, communication, etc) in a septile (irrational aspect not dependent on logic) located in a degree where she (Juno) spent many weeks last spring/summer when she was in the north bending of the nodes. . . . .

    . . .and Mercury having no other major or minor contacts that I can see, seems to occupy this degree for the sake of backup data from Juno’s earlier lengthy stay. Likely the news archives will recall any related stories about immigration or stupid remarks from Repubs about women’s reproduction systems; stuff like that. Perhaps going back to Nancy’s blogs in June would give clues as to what Juno was getting fed from the cosmos. Women’s work is never done.

  154. alex says:


    as I always say when I read barbk comments “let me makes some notes” :-)

  155. alex says:


    Arachne: I’m not going to note a key word for Arachne … this astro-url is so good that ‘it speaks for itself’ (I’ve excerpted portions of it but the whole thing is definately worth the read time)


    Arachne was once a beautiful princess, gifted with a talent for weaving. So skilled was her work that people compared it to the Patron Goddess of weaving, Athena. Arachne wasn’t happy to have her work compared, even to a Goddess and boasted that she was better than the Goddess herself.

    Athena wasn’t impressed so disguised as an old woman, she challenged Arachne to a weaving contest and warned her not to speak ill of the Gods. Arachne accepted the challenge and dismissed the warning, whereupon Athena revealed herself. Undaunted, Arachne began to weave. She wove a scene of the indiscretions of Zeus, frolicking with a variety of his lovers. Athena wove a scene depicting her winning the city of Athens.

    Whilst Athena had to admit that Arachne’s work was flawless, she was incensed by the subject of the tapestry and ripped it and the loom to shreds. Arachne was so devastated she hung herself. Athena saved her from death but punished Arachne to ‘hang’ for the rest of eternity by turning her into a spider, committing her to weave forever.


    In some stories, Athena herself inflicts a mortal wound on Arachne. In others Athena fills her with guilt so that she tries to hang herself. In yet another story

    Arachne has always refused to bow to Athena as a Goddess, even in spider form.

    Astrological Meaning

    arachne-dialectsArachne’s meaning in the chart can be as complex as a spider web. There is certainly something here about natural talent, a gift in the extreme that must be used. But there is an underlying tone that the gift should speak for itself rather than boasting about it.

  156. 0x the cat says:

    Will I think you are right. I had forgotten that.

  157. will says:

    A compelling treatise by Professor Richard Tarnas
    The Astrological Association of Great Britain.

    The Carter Memorial Lecture
    Astrological Association Conference 2013
    The Role of Astrology in a Civilization in Crisis

    Richard Tarnas

    In a world undergoing such fundamental and rapid transformation on all fronts, what role can be played by the newly thriving yet still marginalized practice of astrology – at once the gold standard of superstition in our culture, yet for the initiated, capable of uniquely illuminating virtually every realm of human experience? How can we hold this paradox? And what might be the historical role of the astrological community itself, carrying principles and perspectives so contrary to the mainstream culture’s assumptions about the nature of the cosmos?


  158. Patty says:

    ArtCulture, So interesting, the Daykeeper link. Wow, all the asteroids dancing in this Chris Christi’s BridgeGate are amazing! Was he having an affair with Kelly and was she aiming for the White House as much as him?

  159. Michael from NYC says:

    According to the chart on this article on March 14th the US government will default:

  160. alex says:

    barbk – 2014 Juno Ingress 00 Aries Chart continued

    chart 3/3/2014


    Vulkanus @27 Cancer (3/3/2014 JUNO,ZERO,ARIES chart)

    41 degrees (wan novile)

    2016 Transiting Node @08 Virgo (11/10/2016)
    2016 Solar Eclipse @09 Virgo (9/1/2016)

    121 degrees (wan trine)

    <strong)USA Pluto @27 Capricorn CONJUNCT T/Venus @27 Capricorn
    3/3/2014 JUNO CHART(/strong)

    41 degrees (wan novile)

    2105 Transiting Neptune @08 Pisces (3/18/2015)
    USA Ceres @08 Pisces

    USA CHART – SYNASTRY BY TRANSIT (semi-sextile, opposition aspect/ form)

    27 degrees Leo (as yet unassigned)

    semi-sextile (difficult associations among the astro-features of this aspect)

    2014 Vulkanus @27 Cancer (3/3/2014 JUNO chart)


    USA PLUTO @27 Capricorn cnj T/Venus @27 Capricorn (3/3/2014 JUNO chart)


    2014 Pandora, Arachne @27 Aquarius (3/3/2014 JUNO chart)
    cnj USA Moon @27 Aquarius

    Partial Eclipse Table 2016,2017,2018

    2016 Solar Eclipse @09 Virgo (9/1/2016)
    *2016 Transiting North Moon Node @08 Virgo (11/10/2016)

    2017 Solar Eclipse @08 Pisces

    USA Ceres @08 Pisces
    2015 T/Neptune @08 Pisces (3/18/2015)

    2018 Solar Eclipse @27 Aquarius

    USA Moon @27 Aquarius
    2014 Pandora, Arachne @27 Aquarius (RE: JUNO CHART NOVILE, TRINE ASPECT)

    NEOCON YOD – 2016 Solar Eclipse @09 Virgo (9/1/2016)

    Solar Eclipse @09 Virgo – Apex of YOD

    Natal Mars @09 Virgo George W. Bush


    Base of YOD
    @09 Aquarius

    Natal Sun @10 Aquarius Dick Cheney
    Natal Ceres @10 Aquarius George W. Bush
    Natal Venus @09 Aquarius (N/Sun Aquarius) Paul Ryan

    Base of YOD
    @09 Aries

    Natal Venus @09 Aries Jeb Bush

  161. SarahG says:

    Just posted something twice which didn’t show up so this is a test post. Please disregard.

  162. Lorrie U says:

    Another 2016 Hopeful Bites the Dust as Scott Walker Appears to be Under Investigation

    Beyond Governor Scott Walker’s slobbering submission to the Koch brothers, what is going on here is an example of why the Republicans made a big deal out of a fake IRS scandal. They ginned up that scandal to tire the public of the subject, because the truth is that they are abusing the Citizens United ruling. Scott Walker’s campaign’s intimate ties with Club for Growth are the perfect example of how they are doing this.

  163. Lorrie U says:

    National Republican Congressional Campaign using fake Democrat websites to lure voters

    They’re also using deceptive twitters they think dems will retweet, have to actually read the article to discover that it’s not what it seems. Can’t win on their platform so let’s just cheat.

  164. alex says:


    Google slaps phishing warning on misleading GOP website

    by Laura Clawson Feb 05, 2014

    This is probably not what the National Republican Congressional Committee was expecting when they decided to make the contribution page on their websites targeting Democratic candidates mimic the Democrats’ websites.

    First, after public backlash, they had to start offering refunds to donors who’d been misled, and now, Google has put a “reported phishing website” warning on at least the anti-Alex Sink site.

    That’s some digital strategery right there.

  165. Jerry says:

    Hi Ox The Cat,

    I have come across that reference to a March 4th ‘event’ purportedly attributed to Paul Volcker but I couldn’t trace it to any direct quote of his. I think it may be related to an off-the-cuff remark he made in an October 2012 Washington Times article that given the current trends in US borrowing, the economy could start unraveling in about a year and a half’s time (that would bring the date up to March 2014).

    I have also seen suggestions that the repercussions from a supposed ‘currency re-set’ (allegedly to be implemented in March 2014) wouldn’t be noticeably felt in the market-place until several weeks or so afterwards; which brings us brushing up very close to those mid April aspects.

    About possible changes in the near future…. I love E Tolle’s solution on how to deal with stress:

    How To Inhabit Your Body In A Stressful Environment

    Video: 9 min. 33 sec.

  166. alex says:


    something to consider mundane astrology: Arachne – spider


    A web crawler, also called a spider, automatically moves from website to website, following links embedded in each document, and can be programmed to copy everything in its path.

  167. Helen says:

    Another article on Chris Christie:

    “Embellishment, prevarication and outright deception have long proven to be powerful prosecutorial tools. Christie’s tenure as U.S. attorney was served well by these methods, allowing him to rack up a superficially impressive record as a crime fighting federal prosecutor. Serving as the chief federal prosecutor for the district, with near limitless discretionary power, likely fed into his despotic/authoritarian tendencies which are often exhibited by sociopaths.”

  168. barbk says:

    OMG alex, that is brilliant. Considering that Arachne conjuncts Pandora exactly, and they are conjunct Nessus who is one degree past the U.S. Moon (whom he was conjunct for ages), and that Mars in same Juno ingress Aries chart trines them all (27 Libra retrograde). Great find on your part!

    Another tight connection to the U.S. chart is Saturn’s trine from 23+ Scorpio retrograde to the U.S Mercury at 23+ Cancer retrograde. Also, the Juno chart’s Chiron (13+ Pisces) “wound” + Hermes (13+ Pisces) “trickster” and “data”, + Sun (12+ Pisces) “awareness” are trine the U.S. Sun (13+ Cancer) adding importance to Mercury’s repeat performance of Juno’s (earlier) long stay in the Aquarius 18+ degree. Not to mention the irrationality (astrology’s septile) of it all.

    Another thing, Neptune (5+ Pisces) in the Juno chart trines the U.S. Jupiter at 5+ Cancer. Does the change from “fixed” signs (unchanging) to “cardinal” signs (action) of the nodes imply prosecution of Snowden? Don’t forget that Venus at 27+ Capricorn in Juno’s chart is conjunct the U.S. Pluto and square the Juno chart’s Mars.. . . woweewow. I bet that’s a big part of the Moon conjunct Uranus being part of the T-square with Jupiter and Pluto. Back to the drawing board.

  169. azizi says:

    barbk wrote on February 7, 2014 at 9:27 pm
    “I believe this yod speaks to the political discourse regarding women’s reproductive issues, the fight over equal rights for gay marriage, a path to citizenship for illegals, and several other hot topics…

    Juno is also a symbol for giving support to the disenfranchised”…
    Here are two more issues that are receiving renewed energy lately:

    The first example was Saturday February 8, 2014’s Moral March in North Carolina (organized by the same multi-issue, multiracial groups that sponsored North Carolina’s Moral Monday rallies).
    Click for a dailykos article on NC’s Moral March. Here’s a quote from that diary:
    “Despite predictions of freezing rain, a record number of people of all ages came today to Raleigh for the Moral March (aka HKonJ) to protest the corrupt Republican Legislature and Governor that stand in the way of good affordable health care, unemployment insurance, food stamps and freedom over our own bodies.

    People came to protest the return to Jim Crow like voting laws.

    People came to protest raising regressive taxes on middle class, poor and retired North Carolinians in order to give breaks to the rich and corporations.

    People came to protest McCrory and Thom Tillis’ war on teachers.

    People came to protest the hate against people who dare to love someone of the same gender.

    People are angry that they want to risk our water supply and beaches forever for some short term financial gains for a few by drilling under our homes and off our coast.

    People came to prevent the government from forcing young people to get permission from their parents before they can protect themselves with birth control.”
    For those interested in that topic, my pancocojams blog features two posts that document Moral Majority’s protest chants & songs slogans.

    The second example is the continued push by Native Americans and their allies to change the Washington R*dskins football team name. Click for a post showcasing the“Proud To Be” video that was recently produced by the National Congress of American Indians. That video promotes American Indian self-esteem and also promotes changing the name of the Washington R*dskins (American) football team. My blog post also features twenty-five selected comments from that video’s viewer comment thread in part to side step the numerous comments in that thread that include profanity and/or racially offensive language.

    I’m hoping featuring that historic video of American Indians with that sampling of supportive comments will enable this video & those comments to be used as a supplemental resource by schools and various groups which will not consider content that has objectionable language.

  170. Jerry says:

    With China’s natal Mercury/Neptune conj. in the 8th house right at 13/14 Libra (DOB Beijing 3:01 pm October 1, 1949) there may be reason for some concern as we approach the Cardinal Grand Cross Square in April………

    How Dangerous Is China’s Credit Bubble for the World?

    Global Meltdown Predicted by Charlene Chu

    Feb 8, 2014

    Following on the heels of a report that appeared in the Telegraph on the topic, William Pesek at Bloomberg has recently also written an article about Charlene Chu (formerly with Fitch, nowadays with private firm Autonomous Research) and her opinions on China’s shadow banking system and the dangers it represents. The article is ominously entitled “China, the Death Star of Emerging Markets”.

    China has recently made unwelcome headlines, as one of the shadow banking system’s countless ‘wealth management trusts’ which was evidently invested in a bankrupt venture (in this case in a coal company – reportedly a great many such investments in insolvent coal mines exist) was about to go belly-up and then was bailed out at the last minute. Here is a recent article by Mish on the trust that was ironically named “Credit Equals Gold Number 1”. At first it was reported that the trust wouldn’t be bailed out, but in the end its 700 investors were able to ‘breathe a sigh of relief’ as Tom Holland remarked in the South China Morning Post (SCMP). However, Holland also cautioned that by bailing out this trust, China has laid the foundations for a much bigger crisis down the road, as moral hazard has increased considerably as a result.


  171. alex says:

    i think we are working the juno 00 aries chart together don’t you :-)

    nessus (bad conditions,abuse,generational or events derived from ongoing pattern of)

  172. Sharon Katz says:

    Post on FB by Tarek Moustaka, a very interesting Egyptian astrologer whom I met through Pat on FB (Pat sometimes posts here, used to do it more)

    “Today is a beautiful day.
    When a beautiful grand trine configuration form in the sky between three planets like today’s Moon in Gemini, Sun in Aquarius, and Mars in Libra, therefore we can expect and experience a really good day.

    If you are lucky and you have three points in your chart harmoniously aligned with the above formation…

    Therefore you can experience a hilarious day.

    This is the beauty of creation, gifts from god, … who allow us to experience beautiful days even in the midst of our deepest despair.”

    According to, the sun is at 20 Aquarius, the Moon’s at 23 Gemini, and Mars is at 25 Libra, so enjoy!

  173. Sharon Katz says:

    It was a good day yesterday for Sage Katsenburg & today, for Jamie Andersen, both U.S. snowboarders who won gold at the Olympics for the U.S. (our only gold thus far). I didn’t see much of Jamie but Sage is the coolest, most relaxed dude (as my friend called him), a joy to watch. A few other U.S. competitors did not make the cut, including Bode Miller in men’s downhill, who was favored to win based on winning at 2/3 practice runs. Love the Olympics, love the emotions and joy of the winners & feel really bad about the mistakes of those who get out there & make them — after all of that effort and practice!

  174. will says:


    Nice find on The Sociopathy of Chris Christie – thank you!

    I forwarded the piece with the following subject line:

    “The Bad Ravioli Who Won’t Be President”

  175. Lorrie U says:

    Helen – I also send thanks for the Sociopathy of Chris Christie article. Right now, he’s playing the “humble, who me?, I’m being wronged, I’m really a nice guy” persona…quite the opposite from usual bullying, brash hubris. I think deep, down inside he’s scared to death that he’s going down, so he’s trying to play nice.

  176. barbk says:

    azizi, thank you so much for these 2 examples; this goddess formation has been in the works for quite a while (obviously!)and, to my knowledge, March 1 is the first ensemble performance, at least with a wide audience such as is drawn by a new or full moon. My instincts tell me that there is a unifying spirit (symbolized by this yod) which will develop into national, even world-wide demonstrations/marches/sit-ins/protests . . . .

    . .yes we are alex, yes we are, and bad-boy Nessus is bringing it all to the surface. Did you see that boomerang, that DOUBLE boomerang in the March 16th Full Moon chart? The Sun (26+ Pisces) is semi-sextile Mercury in Aquarius and the south node in Aries, while opposite him the Moon (26+ Pisces) is semi-sextile Vesta-Mars-north node in Libra (+ Ceres at 0 Scorpio) and Pallas in Leo. That’s a boomerang that just won’t quit booming!

    Helen, will, Lorrie, that editorial sums up what a lot of us see, and although I admit it’s not what you’d call “fair and balanced” reporting it does cut straight to the point, Christie style. I believe that this matter is also covered by the goddess formation; gone will be the over-powering brute strength bullying epitomized by Mr. Christie’s reputation once societies adopt a more fair and balanced approach to government and relationships.

    Together Juno, Ceres, Vesta and Pallas, with the aid of Venus and Moon (and probably many more symbols we haven’t uncovered yet) as depicted in the 0 Aries Juno chart (as well as the March 1 new moon chart) have reached a conscious and symbolic point where there is readiness and space for what they represent to manifest large scale.