2nd Feb, 2014


In a few days, the 22nd Winter Olympics will begin. They are being held in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, a stone’s throw to the west of the most dangerous area in Russia today, the North Caucasus.  The Chechen separatists in this part of the country command an active insurgency repeatedly proven capable of devastating attacks committed in their quest for independence. These insurgents have recently issued pointed threats to the coming Olympic activities.  As a preview, they have already delivered two suicide bombings in late December to an important transportation hub in the region.

The Olympic sites in Sochi are currently brimming with security, but the surrounding area is far more vulnerable, especially the transportation routes by rail and road.  Many family members and supporters of the athletes are choosing to stay home rather than risk what is largely perceived to be a potentially hazardous situation.

Astrologically, the building Jupiter square to Uranus is beginning to be felt and will move into a protracted one-degree orb of extreme potency from February 15 through April 21. The first exact square during this period will come on February 26. The Olympics will run from February 7 through February 23. Thus, the entire period of the Winter Games will be increasingly under the building intensity of the Jupiter/Uranus square.

The Jupiter/Uranus square is essentially a magnification (Jupiter) or an over-optimistic, potentially reckless (Jupiter) push to rebel against seemingly unjust or uncomforatbly restrictive limitations (Uranus). It can also point to outside-the-box creativity (Uranus) in solving intractable problems. We have seen it manifest in a government pushing the limits of acceptable behavior, such as Syria’s use of chemical weapons on August 21, 2013, during the first exact crossing of this aspect. And we are currently witnessing numerous movements throughout the world of people rebelling against the perceived injustices of their governments (Ukraine, Thailand, Syria, Iraq, etc.). This Jupiter/Uranus aspect suggests a two-month period of significant instability in some areas and possibly increased violence or unexpected, rash behavior. It is not at all impossible to imagine that it may ignite some kind of dangerous drama during the Sochi games, although this extremely volatile energy could manifest anywhere.

There are a few periods during the time-frame of the Games when the waxing Jupiter/Uranus square is more likely to be ignited, either in or near Sochi or possibly elsewhere in the world.  The first of these is in the early morning hours on February 11, roughly between 12 and 5:30 AM in Sochi (up to 9:30 PM EST, February 10). The Moon will be square to Uranus and conjunct Jupiter, while the building energy of the Jupiter/Uranus square is 30 minutes shy of a one-degree orb. This configuration will be followed by a Sun/Saturn square for the rest of the day, suggesting possible upset and sorrow following what could be an early morning surprise event.

The second time of concern comes on February 18, somewhere between noon and 5 PM in Sochi (up to 9 AM EST). Here we have a Moon/Jupiter/Uranus T-square, followed by Mercury square to Saturn through mid-morning the following day. Again, a tumultuous, sudden event is followed by a day of stress and difficulty.

The third time during the games that seems significant is the very early morning of February 23, the day of the closing ceremony and evidently an important date for the Chechen rebels. Up to about 7:30 AM, the Moon will trine Uranus and quincunx Jupiter, but the Jupiter/Uranus square is only 16 minutes from exact and therefore very volatile. Interestingly, this aspect is followed by a Sun/Neptune conjunction, suggesting confusion and chaos rather than sorrow. Given the importance of transportation as the games end, we may see some difficulties in that area. Transportation and logistics may also be affected at the beginning of the games by a very slow-moving Mercury turning retrograde, causing delays and frustrations.

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