9th Feb, 2014

Heating Up

Tensions across the globe are escalating. There are so many areas of civil unrest, rebellions against governments, civil wars, and generally out-of-control conditions, including crazy weather patterns, that we are unable to keep track. Seen astrologically, the first five months of 2014 may be understood as the current chapter in the volatility and tumultuous transformation sparked by the multi-year Uranus/Pluto square, in this iteration greatly magnified by some potent and simultaneous planetary activity. My sense is that the pressure on numerous fronts builds until April, at which point the situation enters a month-long, highly combustible and increasingly dangerous phase.

For now, the pieces are starting to fall into place. As of February 1, Pluto has moved into a protracted opposition to the US Sun (13Cancer19), through May 19, bringing with it a growing sense of insecurity and situational danger in the US in various areas and a need to be increasingly vigilant and assertive to keep the situation under control.  Pluto brings anxiety bordering on paranoia, on the one hand, and a need to control to theUSchart point of tyranny and manipulation, on the other. Due to the nature of an opposition, this is likely to stem as much from foreign partners and adversaries of the US, as from domestic opposition to the current government or even from extreme and threatening climate conditions.

The paranoid delusions pervasive in Republican thought about President Obama are a prime example of this Pluto opposition, as are President Karzai’s equally paranoid perceptions of the US, all of which make developing and executing policies an ongoing struggle for the Obama administration. Increased national security fears and a hyper-vigilant response are also a possibility during this Pluto transit. In addition, Pluto is crossing the Congress Sun (13Capricorn29), as of February 8 through mid-May, pointing to the likelihood of increasing polarization, growing distrust and an escalating clash of wills on multiple issues between Congress and the president or against a perceived outside threat.

Moreover, we are about to enter the prolonged Jupiter square to Uranus, from February 14 through April 20.  This aspect suggests suddenly shifting and rapidly escalating situations across the globe, as well as potentially explosive, unanticipated incidents.  The magnification (Jupiter) of the rebellious Uranian energy suggests actions that push the boundary of accepted behavior and cause significant transformation in the expected trajectory of events. In essence, the Jupiter/Uranus square will put a series of wild cards into play for more than two months.

The plot then thickens exponentially as of the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2014. The Equinox chart is the birth chart of the year, and, when drawn for the capital city of a country, can offer clues for the coming year. A tight conjunction, square, or opposition to one of the angles in these charts, especially from Uranus, is often a highly significant prognosticator of dramatic and cathartic circumstances. Over the course of the year, as transiting Uranus transits crosses the exact degree of the aspect, a powerful and transformative situation will often be unleashed.

The two charts of the 2014 Spring Equinox that stand out are the one drawn for springequinox14dcWashington, DC, and the one drawn for Moscow. In the DC chart, the Ascendant is 14Cancer07, opposite Pluto at 13Capricorn 25 and square to Uranus at 11Aries45. From April 14 through May 2, transiting Uranus will move into the exact square with the Equinox Ascendant. During that time, transiting Jupiter will conjunct the Ascendant (April 17 through April 26) and transiting Mars will square the Ascendant (April 19 to April 21). Strong aspects to the Ascendant in the Equinox chart usually suggest events that quite directly impact the country and its population. Thus, an explosive and dramatic situation seems likely to unfold that will particularly impact the US during the second half of April, according the 2014 Spring Equinox chart.

It should be noted that transits of Jupiter (April 9 to April 19), Uranus (March 31 to April 16), and Mars (April 20 to April 24) will additionally be making potent aspects to the US Sun (13Cancer19) during much of April. These  also point to forceful and compelling events impacting the country and its government, likely bringing the intense power struggles of the prolonged Pluto transit opposite the US Sun to a climax. The possibilities are infinite in terms of what is likely to occur given the combination of such strong aspects to both the US Sun and the Spring Equinox chart, but conditions are likely to be very volatile, fast-moving and quite possibly dangerous. A terrorist event or a natural disaster or getting pulled into a particularly nasty conflagration abroad cannot be ruled out.springequinox14moscow

As for the Russian Spring Equinox chart, the Ascendant is 13Libra28, and it will also be hit by hard aspects from Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars (conjunction) during April. Moreover, Vladimir Putin’s Sun is 13Libra56, and it will receive the same forceful combination of aspects, except for the Pluto transit which falls 22 minutes shy of a square to his Sun. It is quite possible that the battle between Putin and the Islamic freedom fighters/terrorists at his southern border will heat up during this period, with the Equinox chart pointing to some unexpected, transformative and threatening events in Russia. Intervention in the Ukraine is another possibility.

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