20th Feb, 2014

East versus West

An escalating insurgency in Ukraine is fighting to save the country’s fledgling democracy from the dictatorial and repressive regime of President Victor Yanakovych. While the opposition movement wants closer financial and other ties with Western Europe, Yanakovych is leaning on Vladimir Putin’s Russia for economic support and a building alliance. The Western half of the country, in particular, dreads being under the thumb of the autocratic Putin and his Machiavellian machinations.  The memory of decades of Soviet domination has not faded after only 23 years of independence. In the past few days, after weeks of relative quiet, a renewed and virulent wave of violence erupted when promised reforms were suddenly jettisoned and riot police attacked the protesters’ camp in Kiev. At the same time, the Russian noose seemed to tighten with Putin announcing billions in loan money slated for Ukraine.

The increasingly ferocious standoff between the two sides comes with the beginning of the two-month Jupiter/Uranus square, which points to a heightened push for freedom from repression (Uranus); a series of unpredictable, sudden and tense situations, possibly related to a prolonged standoff of some sort; and a rapidly escalating and transformative situation.  An analogous set of circumstances may also unfold in the worsening violence in Syria with the collapse of negotiations in that theater.

In Ukraine, the population is likely to remain enraged and rebellious at least through the first week in March, with progressed Moon square to natal Mars (25Virgo05) and transiting Jupiter (10Cancer26) not quite stationary opposite natal Uranus ukraine(10Capricorn06). Unfortunately, this will be followed by Saturn re-crossing the square to Ukraine’s Moon (22Aquarius09) from March 16 through April 9, pointing to heavy-handed repression of and sorrow among the people. With transiting Uranus opposite to Yanakovych’s Mars (12Libra04) during most of March, followed by Jupiter opposite his Mars from late March through April 7, it is likely he will be extremely aggressive and relentless during this period.

Moreover, transiting Pluto will be square to Yanakovych’s Mars in June and July, as well as late September through November 2014, suggesting he will be continuing his heavy-handed tactics through most of the year. With Ukrainian progressed Mars square to natal Uranus through December 2014 and transiting Uranus sesquiquadrate the natal Sun (00Virgo56) from late May through August 2014, it seems likely the Ukrainian president will still be dealing with some level of angry rebellion against his control. It is also possible that there will be some big changes and further rebellion against Yanokovych’s tyranny in the spring of 2015, when the Ukrainian progressed Moon crosses the natal Ascendant (8Capricorn41), followed by the crossing of natal and progressed Uranus (9 – 10 Capricorn).yanakovych

Although the current crisis may be seen as an insurgency against an autocratic ruler, it may also be understood as a barely concealed proxy standoff between Russia, on the one hand, and the US and its European allies, on the other. As the tense energy of the prolonged Jupiter/Uranus square builds through late April, merging ultimately into hard aspects with the powerful energies of Pluto and Mars, all of them coming together in a grand cross at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs, there is great danger of a wildly escalating conflict.

With the US Sun at 13Cancer19 and Putin’s Sun at 13Libra56, it seems likely that the US and Russia will be deeply involved in whatever events are transpiring at that time. As mentioned in previous posts, the Spring Equinox charts for both Russia and the US also point to powerful and transformative circumstances involving the US and Russia in April. It is a horrifying prospect to even consider the US and Russia facing off in April, but the building tensions of the Jupiter/Uranus square, aggravated exponentially in April with the addition of Pluto and Mars, could well bring us right to the water’s edge, much as the last prolonged Jupiter/Uranus opposition of late 1962 did in the Cuban Missile crisis.

The autocracy versus democracy theme, which underlies the East versus West theme in both the Ukrainian and the Syrian insurgencies (although also colored by religious and ethnic differences in Syria), is a hallmark of the multi-year Uranus/Pluto square, which  is reaching an important climax from now through April with the Jupiter/Uranus square culminating in the Grand Cross. Uranus demands freedom from perceived oppression and unjust limitations, while Pluto aggressively, albeit sometimes covertly, grasps and hordes overwhelming control. It is these two forces that are in dramatic conflict from 2011 through 2015, as the various manifestations of this dangerous clash play out on the world stage.

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