January Unleashed

As predicted on this page, the last ten days of December 2013 into the first days of January 2014 brought a spike in upheaval and violence throughout parts of the world, much of which lays the groundwork for increasing turmoil in 2014.  The combined triggers of Mars, the Sun, and Mercury set off numerous volatile power struggles embedded in the ongoing tension of the predominant Uranus/Pluto square.

The clash between the Russian government and the Islamic separatist movement in the North Caucasus suddenly escalated in intensity due to three terrorist attacks in and near Volgograd, Russia, threatening the security of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics,. In addition, cross-border attacks between Israel and Lebanon and between Israel and Gaza, as well as between Lebanon and Syria, all threaten further instability in the already-combustible Middle East.  Moreover, both Lebanon and Iraq are reeling from newly invigorated sectarian violence as they get further drawn into the deepening Sunni/Shiite clash inflamed by the Syrian civil war. Meanwhile, the military-backed government of Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization during this same period, escalating its battle to suppress the religious group, and going so far as to arrest four al Jazeera journalists who were covering the organization.

As we enter 2014, we come immediately to the first New Moon of the year, and, with it, a chart that gives a general picture for the coming month. The January 1 New Moon (10Capricorn57) is within 19 minutes of a conjunction to Pluto (11Capricorn16) and within a degree of a square to Mars (11Libra51).  This chart is a strong indication that many intense and angry clashes will certainly continue unabated for the next four plus weeks.newmoonjan14

Moreover, by January 23, we will move into a profoundly powerful three-month activation of the Uranus/Pluto square, beginning with the Jupiter/Pluto opposition during the last nine days of January and followed by the protracted Jupiter/Uranus square from February 14 through April 20, 2014. Jupiter tends to amplify whatever it touches, and, in particular, is likely to magnify the disruptive and rebellious willingness to break through established boundaries so common under Uranus transits. We can also anticipate unexpected clashes, sudden and powerful weather events, as well as volatile and tumultuous power struggles, given the underlying prevalence of Pluto during this same time-frame. On the positive side, Jupiter/Uranus can also bring about a paradigm shift in global cooperation in exceptional and unique projects such as the collective activity of several countries over the next few months working towards the dismantling of Syria’s chemical weapons, while unprecedentedly utilizing a US military ship at sea for the actual process.

While the US has not been directly involved in the more dramatic events of late December, the Jupiter transit to the US Sun (13Cancer19) from January 15 through January 22 and the progressed US Moon trine to natal Jupiter (5Cancer56) from January 21 to February 21, point to an optimistic and confident expansion of US efforts and determination in some area of the world. This will rapidly move into a protracted USchartperiod of tension, anxiety and political strife, as well as a sense of struggle with some kind of foreign situation, as Pluto moves to oppose the US Sun from February 1 through May 19.  Events are likely to reach a dramatic and fevered pitch during April 2014, when Uranus, Jupiter and Mars join Pluto in hard aspects to the US Sun, sweeping the US into the eye of the swirling storm that is the behemoth power struggle and breathtaking transformation unleashed by the Uranus/Pluto square during its winter/spring 2014 iteration.


  1. starlight says:

    By the way, that New moon chart is very close to de Blasio’s swearing-in chart, which was around 12:02 AM on January 1. It promises to be an aggressive, transformative and turbulent administration. Note that the Jupiter/Uranus square will fall on the Sun in that chart. This definitely will require some more study.

  2. SarahG says:

    Thank you Starlight for elaborating more on this turbulent period.
    May we all rise to the occasion presented to us collectively and in our personal lives and be courageous in allowing and/or bringing about needed transition, a new canvas and fresh paint.

  3. will says:


    Your take on the new moon on January 1 with its conjunction to Pluto and its square to Mars is a revelation. To wit, I have been e-mailing a long-time contributor to this sight who shares the Aries point birthday with me. We BOTH experienced one of the all-time worst days of our lives on January 1. The “expnlosion” for me was utterly unexpected, out-of-the-blue and breathtaking involving family-of-origin. It all took place without any discernible warning or provocation – which is unusual for me. It has also been a Herculean effort to de-escalate from this event.
    I share this not for any other reason than to underscore and validate the crackling volatility of these transits. There is no question that my relationship with at least four family members will change forever from this point forward. Yup, that bad. And of course the fact that it took place on a new moon in Capricorn, I know in-my-bones that it will affect the entire month to come. Oh, joy.

    (And this took place over a late brunch spread I had provided – wild-caught Alaskan lox, Einstein bagels, cream cheese and fresh dill, sour cream, fresh onion and sliced tomatoes, capers and Mimosa. So much for the curative power of deli)

  4. alex says:

    Senator David Vitter R-LA, DOB 11/3/1961, New Orleans

    hasn’t decided if he will run for Governor in 2015 but he “might”

    Natal Sun @13 Taurus
    2015 Solar Arc Sun @07 Cancer

    YOD 2015

    Apex Natal Jupiter @06 Aquarius
    Natal Pluto @05 Virgo
    2015 Solar Arc Sun @07 Cancer

    well the sextile between Solar Arc Sun 2015 @07 Cancer
    and Natal Pluto @05 Virgo could be an indication to astrologers that he “might” run for governor; sun-pluto-jupiter…. what narcissist could resist;

    re-elected US Senate 2010, 57% (US Senate re-election 2016)
    election US Senate 2004, 51%
    election US Congress 1999, 51%

    what do you LA residents say about his Senate terms …. he is reliable GOP/TEA/Libertarian/Neocon agent for big oil/plutocrats

    if big oil and Koch Brothers continue to back him he’ll have a long career in high office politics..

    Out-Of-Sign (Earth) Natal Trine

    Natal Saturn @29 Capricorn
    Natal Hylonome @29 Taurus
    wan trine
    Natal Sisyphus @04 Libra

    Natal Fire Trine

    Uranus @21 Leo
    Moon @21 Sagittarius (noon moon)
    Ceres @19 Aries (Orius @18 AR, Vesta @18 AR)

  5. alex says:



    Politics of the Southern United States (or Southern politics) refers to the political landscape of the Southern United States. Due to the region’s unique cultural and historic heritage, the American South has been prominently involved in numerous political issues faced by the United States as a whole, including States’ rights, slavery, Reconstruction and the American Civil Rights Movement

    The South becomes Republican

    For nearly a century after Reconstruction, the white South identified with the Democratic Party. The Democrats’ lock on power was so strong the region was called the Solid South, although the Republicans controlled parts of the Appalachian mountains and they competed for statewide office in the border states.

    Before 1948, southern Democrats believed that their party, with its respect for states’ rights and appreciation of traditional southern values, was the defender of the southern way of life. Southern Democrats warned against aggressive designs on the part of Northern liberals and Republicans and civil rights activists whom they denounced as “outside agitators.”

    The adoption of the strong civil rights plank by the 1948 convention and the integration of the armed forces by President Harry S. Truman’s Executive Order 9981, which provided for equal treatment and opportunity for African-American servicemen, drove a wedge between the northern and southern branches of the party.

    With the presidency of John F. Kennedy the Democratic Party began to embrace the civil rights movement, and its lock on the South was irretrievably broken. Upon signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson prophesied, “We have lost the South for a generation.”

    Modernization had brought factories, national businesses, and larger, more cosmopolitan cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, and Houston to the South, as well as millions of migrants from the North and more opportunities for higher education.

    Meanwhile, the cotton and tobacco economy of the traditional rural South faded away, as former farmers commuted to factory jobs. As the South became more like the rest of the nation, it could not stand apart in terms of racial segregation.

    Integration and the civil rights movement caused enormous controversy in the white South, with many attacking it as a violation of states’ rights. When segregation was outlawed by court order and by the Civil Rights acts of 1964 and 1965, a die-hard element resisted integration, led by Democratic governors Orval Faubus of Arkansas, Lester Maddox of Georgia, and especially George Wallace of Alabama. These populist governors appealed to a less-educated, blue-collar electorate that on economic grounds favored the Democratic Party, but opposed desegregation. After 1965 most Southerners accepted integration (with the exception of public schools).

    Believing themselves ignored by the Democratic Party, traditional white southerners joined the new middle-class and the Northern transplants in moving toward the Republican Party.

    Newly enfranchised Black voters began supporting Democratic candidates at the 80-90-percent levels, producing Democratic leaders such as Julian Bond and John Lewis of Georgia, and Barbara Jordan of Texas. Just as Martin Luther King had promised, integration had brought about a new day in Southern politics. The Republican Party’s southern strategy further alienated black voters from the party.

    In addition to its white middle-class base, Republicans attracted strong majorities among evangelical Christians, who prior to the 1980s were largely apolitical.

    Exit polls in the 2004 presidential election showed that Bush led Kerry by 70–30% among Southern whites, who comprised 71% of the voters. Kerry had a 90–9 lead among the 18% of Southern voters who were black. One-third of the Southern voters said they were white evangelicals; they voted for Bush by 80–20.

  6. alex says:



    Year 2014

    February sees the first Mercury retrograde of the year with the trickster turning tail in Pisces on the 6th February. Once again, the retrogrades are in water signs this year but each time they back up into the preceding sign. So there is still an emphasis on our emotional life and how we relate to others. Mercury is looking for a profound connection, something to unite us all.

    This is intensified as the North Node moves into Libra on the 23rd February which shifts into gear the year’s theme of relating and relationships. Mars will spend nearly 8 months in Libra due to retrograde action. The North Node transiting Libra pulls us towards evolving, learning, growing within the realm of relating. It’s not just love and partnerships, this is relating on all levels, one to one. Mars fuels a debate on how and why we love. He forces us to focus on the art of harmony. The Nodal axis says this is no longer about the ‘I‘, it’s about the ‘we‘. Libra is about harmony, balance and compromise. It’s an active sign so it inspires us to get involved, to make amends, to find peace.

    But Mars is in detriment in this sign. He’s out of his comfort zone and that may well be one of the manifestations – feeling uncomfortable. With Libra we tend to project those things we don’t like about ourselves – or we don’t see. Anger, rage and how we defend ourselves are all called into question. It’s a fight for peace which sounds like a paradox.

  7. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – 2016 will be a year of “change” for Sen. Vitter, one way or the other. Could be he runs and becomes governor rather than a senator. Does he have to resign as senator to run as governor? If so, maybe he’ll run and lose, and become unemployed?

  8. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – A lot of evangical christians have become libertarians and support the likes of Rand Paul, causing a republican split which might give him some advantages in primaries. Don’t know about his chances of winning a national election.

  9. alex says:

    Southern Politics continued

    the new GOP/Tea/Libertarian/Neoncon talking points is just getting warmed up…. and it is “the Democracts want to create a nation of ‘dependents’ (dependents on the government)

    Bill Clinton’s speech at Mayor Bill De Blasio’s public swearing-in ceremony (private swearing-in 12:01AM 1/1/2014) remarked that “we are entangled, look around you today, we are <strong)inter-dependent

    and there you have it GOP vs DEM 2014 -2016 (2017 ++) “talking points” which the medianoise will amplify into the stratosphere as POLARITY AND FALSE PERCEPTIONS…

    GOP – the Democrats want a nation of dependents (on the government) their theme FREEDOM from government creates/builds ‘opporunity’ ( but what they really mean is exclusion, plutocracy. monopoly, inequality, continued demise of the middle-class for the benefit of plutocrats and the wealthy elites who want to continue taking it all… whatever crumbs are left over the 99% can die fighting over)

    DEMOCRATS… we are a nation of people who are inter-dependent, we are all in this together….(inclusion brings about opportunity)

    and the subrosa theme will be (Racism, hatred, resentment, fear)

    we will hear re-runs of Romney’s social engineering…. there are makers and there are takers….

    and it will be polished from the nascent muttering from the Extreme right wing GOP/TEA/Libertarian/Neocon media-dropping of late 2013 …. blaming Democrats for creating a nation of ‘dependents’ (Affordable Care Act will be their boggie-man)

    and the Democrats will be shaping their talking points around, inclusion that creates opportunity, we are all in this together because we are inter-dependent

    tell truth…. I think we can do better than this!

  10. alex says:

    oops correction

    should read… the new GOP/Tea/Libertarian/Neoncon talking points ARE just getting warmed up

  11. Francis says:

    Nancy, I so look forward to your analysis and to the comments of many who share! I had an ominous feeling during the terrorist attacks in Russia and thought them that this would present a wonderful opportunity for the USA and Russia to begin a joint surveillance operation to track potential terrorist activities. When I say terrorist I mean what is defined as terrorist by governments. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is now defined as a terrorist group and in country we have an expanded definition of terrorist to include environmental terrorism that doesn’t target people but targets Big Agriculture properties and also works to expose the mistreatment of animals. In your post you say, “On the positive side, Jupiter/Uranus can also bring about a paradigm shift in global cooperation in exceptional and unique projects such as the collective activity of several countries over the next few months…” and I can’t help but feel creeped out by the possibility of trans-governmental cooperation for increased and coordinated surveillance of citizens which I think is a timely and perfect blending of Jupiter and Uranus for something like this.

  12. alex says:


    lsot of things can happen in a year of politics…. my focus is on Vitter’s ambitions which are clearly visible and predictable …. he can safely run 2015 and lose governor’s race because he’ll still have Senate seat til 2016 and he expects to be re-elected;

    or Vitter can run 2015 for governor and win consolidating the opportunity to use the office for connections/resources/momentum to elect a ‘New Republican US Senator to be elected in 2016;

    or if the LA Democrats get their act together there could be an opportunity for a ‘New Democrat’ to run successfully for US Senate in 2016…. EITHER WAY!!!!!

    there are probabilities out there and Vitter will run the odds according to his personal ambitions; his vision of politics is based on personal ‘opportunism’ not much chance for change for the better for the citizens of LA … unless they get involved and participate;

  13. karen says:

    This closer look at unfolding events was well worth waiting for, Nancy. Thank you.

    These explosive events are impacting millions. Despite the fact that this past year was filled with challenges for friends, family, and self, I am not homeless, stripped of food, water, and living in some obscene tent city.

    While 2014 may be even more stressful, I’ll be looking for more evidence, greater knowledge to challenge the criminal elements of structured society (I’m talking the shadow government, insurance, banking, and other corporate entities who make the Mafia seem like a beginner’s-level game.)

    I’m attempting now to figure out how to expose BCBShield of Tennessee. The con game is signing you up for a plan with what appears to be decent coverage at an affordable rate. Once purchased, however, you discover that you are consigned to a network with very few providers. Thus, I lose both my long-time family practice doc, and the rheumatologist. Those physicians in my network require an hour’s travel time one way.

    These entities remind me of gangs offering protection for your store, and for a price. Then, the price increases weekly. If you don’t pay, your store is vandalized or worse.

  14. arbo says:

    Will, I feel so sad for you, and I’m not being ironic or snarky. But I did grow up in a family, so I empathize. One of the things I came to understand — about my own, anyway — is that they often tended to treat one another more rudely, sometimes more cruelly, than they would their worst enemy, then expected to be forgiven for it. As the youngest — and therefor an observer — I’ve tried to not do that, but sometimes it just happens because it’s the family dynamic. I’m not saying you’ve been cruel or rude, but your post on the 31st might be a clue as to where your head may have been at when you hosted the deli spread. If so, remember that people are who they are and wishing doesn’t change that. And we don’t get to choose our family but we can choose our reaction to them…hard as that may be. Hang in there through this latest crackling volatility. Great phrasing, by the way.

  15. Teresa Hill says:

    You went to the trouble of preparing a lovely brunch for them, and they still kicked you in the teeth? That’s just wrong. So wrong.

    I have Saturn opposite my natal Sun three times this year. Well, had the first direct hit Christmas day and two more coming in 2014. We had our first Christmas with neither of our kids at home, and it’s been a full year since I saw my wild child daughter who ran off to Seattle and married an Army Medic. She’s doing well, just far away. My son was working and had a terrible cold, two and a half hours away
    I just wanted to ignore the whole holiday, wanted it to go away as quickly as possible. And my father’s not well. Hello, Saturn.

  16. starlight says:

    The New Moon, Sun square Mars storm was very fierce:


  17. jackson says:

    As the other zero-degree Aries mentioned by Will, I should add that while the first few days of January have been much more difficult than usual, I am within a couple of days of the first exact contact (of three) of my second Saturn return, I’m still under a Saturn square Venus transit (which reinforces the Saturn square Venus side of the fixed grand cross in my natal chart), and retrograde Jupiter has moved away from its station atop my natal Jupiter. I do have a natal Saturn-Jupiter trine, too, and transiting Saturn currently is trining my natal Jupiter. Anyway, I figure my current Weltschmerz is due to all that Saturn, and I’m just trying valiantly to roll with it.

  18. alex says:


    you have pointed out the unfortunate direction of the planet relationship Jupiter-Uranus for further building the real MATRIX network “possibility of trans-governmental cooperation for increased and coordinated surveillance of citizens which I think is a timely and perfect blending of Jupiter and Uranus”

  19. will says:

    Teresa Hill,

    Thank you very much for your empathy.

    From this point forward with my horribly-behaved family members, I will probably have to become the smoked-fish Nazi:
    “No lox for you!!!”


    You’re too kind. I am the eldest in a brood of nine – so I have had a very different perspective. Odd as it may seem, my youngest sibling is the one with whom I am closest. And I have attracted a disproportionate number of youngest-siblings or only-child people into my life. There something to it.

    Thank you for helping to make me mindful, arbo.

  20. alex says:


    Opponents of neoliberalism the people most positively affected are people who DON’T FACE LIMITS OF ANY KIND.

    The Extreme Right Hand Conservative – Neocon, work for the people benefit the most from their neoliberal economic policies; and they are the people/plutocrates/corporations that have no limits, or regulations of any kind placed on them.

    Do you recognize the GOP/TEA/LIBERTARIAN/NEOCON PARTY?


    Tea Party( freedom from the awful government) GOP(no government regulations in the marketplace, business etc)

    Libertarian (unlimited personal freedom, no recognition or restriction on personal freedom to accomodate ‘community’, no recogntion acknowledgement of ‘common good’ the rugged individual to infinity )

    Neocon( the creation of an international class of wealthy elite who control everything and have not restrictions on how they go about getting all the money and all the power)

    The GOP et al creates economic-political identification derived and identified with: politics that celebrates resentment and racism and those who wield corporate, political and financial power in the United States that thrive on the misery of others (symbolic violence) ~ Henry A. Giroux


    The GOP et al tap into and activates the perversion of the pleasure principle in the human limbic brain. They normalize pleasure derived from the power to cause the misery of others. Causing the misery of others is a form of symbolic violence.


    Henry Giroux’s “America’s Education: Deficit and the War on Youth,” Reviewed


    Henry Giroux has spent most of his academic career making one poignant point: the world is doomed as long as neoliberalism continues to encroach on our education system.

    His latest book “America’s Education: Deficit and the War on Youth,” makes no exception. In a series of essays, Giroux tackles the militarization/neoliberalization of our school system and the culture of ignorance and cruelty it breeds.

    Giroux’s most recent work focuses on public pedagogy, a term he coined to describe the nature of the spectacle and the new media, and the political and educational force of global culture.


    Neo-Liberalism is a set of economic policies that have become widespread during the last 25 years or so. Although the wword is rarely heard in the United States, you can clearly see the effects of neo-liberalism here as the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer… aound the world, neo-liberalism has been imposed by powerful financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank… the capitalist crisis over the last 25 years, with its shrinking profit rates, inspired the corporate elite to revive economic liberalism. That’s what makes it ‘neo’ or new.

    Classic liberalism vs neoliberalism

    They are the same thing even though some left wing people tend to claim the two are slightly incompatible. Classical Liberalism follows the works of John Locke, Adam Smith et al. Neo-Liberalism follows the works of Hayek, von Mises, Leo Strauss, Milton Friedman et al. Neo-Liberalism is essentially the Modern Classical Liberalism.

    Both drive economic policies that view ‘states’ as the most important actors. But neoliberalism argues that there are other actors which are important too, such as MNCs, TNCs, Intergovernmental and Non-governmental organizations. They both view anarchy as the structure of international politics.

    Friedrich August von Hayek originated the concept of neoliberalism. He was greatly influenced by von Mises, who was critical of socialism and a strong defender of laissez-faire liberalism. For Von Hayek’s theories and critical opposition to the “welfare state” ( read: “The Constitution of Liberty” and his subsequent writing of “Law, Legislation and Liberty”

  21. alex says:


    it reads – Opponents of neoliberalism the people most positively affected are people who DON’T FACE LIMITS OF ANY KIND.

    it should read – Opponents of neoliberalism STATE THAT the people most positively affected by NeoLiberaliam are people who DON’T FACE LIMITS OF ANY KIND.

  22. Teresa Hill says:

    As I keep telling my mother, you don’t have to be nice to people who aren’t nice to you. (She finds that idea so troubling. She’s a born people-pleaser.)
    I don’t like fights, and I don’t want to live angry, but I don’t feel the need to be nice to people who keep crapping all over the world, either. Although avoidance is certainly better, if possible.
    9 kids? Wow. Although I’m not surprised you’re the oldest. We oldest children are pretty easy to spot, I think.

  23. will says:


    Words of wisdom. Its the alcoholic family dynamics that still manage to grab me from time-to-time and knock me for a proverbial loop.

    So you have the eldest child script too – I guess there are a lot of us out there, huh?

    Thanks so very much for your kind words.

  24. starlight says:

    Does anyone still remember that al Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq until we invaded?


    A rejuvenated al-Qaeda-affiliated force asserted control over the western Iraqi city of Fallujah on Friday, raising its flag over government buildings and declaring an Islamic state in one of the most crucial areas that U.S. troops fought to pacify before withdrawing from Iraq two years ago.


    The upheaval also affirmed the soaring capabilities of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the rebranded version of the al-Qaeda in Iraq organization that was formed a decade ago to confront U.S. troops and expanded into Syria last year while escalating its activities in Iraq. Roughly a third of the 4,486 U.S. troops killed in Iraq died in Anbar trying to defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq, nearly 100 of them in the November 2004 battle for control of Fallujah, the site of America’s bloodiest confrontation since the Vietnam War.

    Events Friday suggested the fight may have been in vain.

    “At the moment, there is no presence of the Iraqi state in Fallujah,” said a local journalist who asked not to be named because he fears for his safety. “The police and the army have abandoned the city, al-Qaeda has taken down all the Iraqi flags and burned them, and it has raised its own flag on all the buildings.”

  25. SarahG says:

    Will, so sorry for the hurtful family ordeal. I’m just coming out of a long trial with family and have discovered a number of important things about myself in the process. At first I felt scapegoated, unappreciated and disrespected. I have slowly released myself (my ego) from getting caught up in other people’s drama or needing them to be a particular way for me to feel good about me and my life. At first I simply removed myself from them, accepting that there was some larger transition happening within our family and everyone had their own stuff to deal with and move through. It is only recently that I’ve come to a point where I can enter back into these relationships again with genuine love and acceptance. I have kept in mind that if what I want is to be able to be in relationships of all kinds, fully present, with love and self possession then my feelings, actions and exchanges need to be in alignment with that intention. And it seems family members have indeed been dealing with and working through their own stuff and I can see a transition now to a much better place with them AND others. Nothing easy about these past few years but for me it has been invaluable to my own growth.

  26. will says:


    Thank you for sharing some of your coping and survival skills. You are very fortunate to have other family members who actually care enough about their own evolution to be working on themselves. I envy you for that. I am the only person in my family who has been doing “the work.” None of my other siblings have seen a day of therapy save for a couple of their children. I have to remind myself that I am really like the voice in the wilderness with this militantly-Republican, Bill O’Reilly ass-licking crowd; they hang on his every hemorrhoid as if it was the source of all wisdom. Its a scary tribe and it is daunting job to not judge them or hold them in contempt as they stubbornly cling to stupidity and overall horribleness. All said and done, its a heck of a good work out for me as it only clarifies my values and galvanizes my regard.

    Starlight, speaking of awful ugly, shit-all-over-everything-and-everyone-alcoholic parent; the United States military is pretty a larger version of that kind of monster. And then we even wonder why the dark counterparts of all of their ugly projections emerge as murderous terrorist cells like Qaeda – its like instant karma in a way, isn’t it?

  27. will says:

    “regard” was supposed to be “resolve.”

  28. alex says:


    Rachel Maddow Show:

    The Koch Borthers have been political figures as long as they have been richer than God.

    When David Koch ran for Vice President on the Libertarian Party line in 1980, he minted gold dimes with his own head on them, as a campaign trinket.

    The Koch brothers have so much money, one of the Koch brothers literally made his own money with his own head on it as a means of trying to persuade you to vote him into the White House. Wow!

    That’s the level of money, and that’s the level of politics at which these guys have always operated. And when you operate at that level, I think maybe you are not used to hearing things that you do not want to hear; particularly things about yourself. And so, very frequently, when we cover the Koch brothers, we then hear from the Koch brothers’ lawyer.

  29. Todd Bennett says:

    Enjoy the upcoming war with Syria then, in other words, right Starlight?

    People ask me if I like Barack Obama. Sure. But so far he is a disappointment, and for one reason; rather than take on the establishment head on he tried to reform it from within.

    He has watered down his own ideology, only to be mercilessly labeled an extreme leftist regardless.

    He might as well be a prisoner complaining about the food.

    Now you might not like me calling him that. Imagine how frustrated I am for him to be in this position. But he, and by extension we, have no choice but to succeed. To this point, he has been the President the wealthy have most benefited from, in history mind you. And the wealth gap continues to grow, and the interventionist foreign policy steamrolls on unimpeded.

    Sooner or later, we will involve ourselves in Syria. And soon after that, after realizing that he is engaging us in Iraq 2, American Coffin Boogaloo, he will retreat, thus sealing the new movement away from the paradigm of occupation and intervention, and towards mutual cooperation.

    At first this may look like a bailout, like the fall of Saigon in fast forward. The reality is it will be a mistake to enter, and an even bigger one not to leave. The more machismo infected Americans will suffer a hit to their pride, but for the rest of us, it will be a relief. As the disaster unfolds, and the President crashes into the 30s with approval, he will see the light and stop the madness. He will be accused of making a political calculation, and take heat, but over time be forgiven.

    His greatest success may not be the war he wins, but the war he walks away from.

  30. starlight says:

    Todd – I am concerned with Jupiter and Pluto both coming to the US Sun that we could take the plunge somewhere, albeit briefly (maybe through early 2015). When I saw that part of Iraq was taken over by al Qaeda, I got a big chill. I really hope Obama knows not to get involved there again. And there is also South Sudan which we might think we could help with. Unfortunately, we go from Jupiter and Pluto to the US sun (megapower) to that long Saturn station sesquisquare Obama’s Venus, bookended by Saturn square his Ascendant and opposite Inaugural Moon and square Mars. So, in other words, big action may be followed by entangled frustrating mess.

  31. fierywoman says:

    Alex — speaking of gold dimes, did you know that when Silvio Berlusconi was running for Prime Minister of Italy, he sent a copy of his book (autobiography, I think) to EVERY household in Italy? I know about this because my Polish friends who were living there at the time (he a Dante scholar, she a glass designer) told me about it and then asked, “Ya want ours?”

  32. alex says:

    meglomaniacs of the world unite!!!

  33. Teresa Hill says:

    Yes, I’m the oldest. My brother is still firmly hanging onto the idea that as the middle child, he was the poor, forgotten, non-special one, although he was the only boy. Surely that’s a great spot in a family, too. And my sister the baby. Good God, it’s really time to let these things go. I turned 50 this year and my siblings are in their 40s. You’d think we’d be done with the family labels by now.

  34. will says:


    Don’t feel too bad – I am 60 and still dealing with this toxic crap. It gets handed down through generations. We can only do our part to not infect or be infected.

  35. SarahG says:

    Will, I have a sibling that would fit nicely into your family though I think the reason he has moved to that political camp is more about personal than political/ideological ‘issues’…fear, mistrust, isolation, etc. which seem to be common threads among that political group. So those are the issues we are focused on improving rather than political stuff.
    I hope you surround yourself with relationships that DO nourish and support you.

  36. Sharon Katz says:

    Good thought, SarahG, about surrounding ourselves with nourishing, supportive relationships…the tricky part for me comes when relationships seem to nourish and support me to a certain (necessary) level and, often many times in a really caring, acknowledging way, but then there are those times when those same relationships don’t. When that happens, I think it’s because we have things to work out about ourselves and the planetary aspects are putting us on the hot seat so we can consciously do that. Either way, sorry for what both of you have had to go through recently, Will and Jackson. Maybe it will help to send loving thoughts to the souls of those involved. As my 82 year old first-cousin (who meditates and studies with the Brahma Kumaris group) told me recently, “bless the mess.”

    About Obama and possible forthcoming war. I hope Obama learned his lesson from the “crossing the line” remark and has become more & more discrete because I don’t think he wants to or will take us to war easily. The situation is as dicey as elsewhere in the M-E because there are no clear-cut good or bad guys, just as when we helped train OBL, and thought we were doing the right thing. Are we learning when to help and when not to help? It’s not such a simple decision. Whether our invasion of Iraq was the first domino to fall or it would have happened some other way, it seems the planets have and continue to support uprisings and rebellions, and the armed militants take advantage of that to gain power as well as play out old grudges. And the media is always there to dramatize it.

    As far as being disappointed in Barack Obama, I still find myself fully behind him. We knew he was “green” and new at government when we chose him (I walked into the voting booth during the primaries fully intending to vote for Hillary & something in me chose Obama–it was too strong to ignore). I contend that “we” (intuitives? progressives? light workers?) subconsciously KNEW that Hillary was the experienced one and Obama the untested leader, but we saw many things in him beyond his polished rhetoric and charisma that spoke to “us” strongly. I do not think we were wrong. I believe he makes mistakes, as even the most experienced leader would–especially in these times–but he also navigates very carefully, knowing just how much leeway he has to be progressive, and how much he has to bow to convention and structure. As the first black president who a back-ground of being relatively liberal before becoming a U.S. senator (not as liberal as Grayson or Sanders but would they be elected president now and/or last in the position?), he was that much more vulnerable to propaganda and lies, and I so much admire the strength and dignity with which he preserveres. He has stayed consciously grounded, and consistently and deliberately moves forward among the minefields of this world. He is no longer the elected politician representing one group or one region of the country, but someone who has to represent all the people, and, as such, will always be criticized because “you can’t please all of the people…” as FDR said.

    I also think that the Democrats KNEW that the final healthcare product was not really good but that it was better than nothing and a step forward. I hope it does not turn out to be our undoing because we are still the better party. No matter who this country elects in the near future, I don’t think there is yet enough real awareness to support the election of a true progressive, and even when one is elected, it seems that the reality would be that they would have to know how to navigate the economic and governing systems in order to change them in a way that avoids collapse (meaning they will have to have a pragmatic, politically-savvy side). Maybe Hillary or someone like her could be the next stepping stone in that direction. We will not be happier with her as she’s not all that different than Obama or her husband; at the same time, I think I am a realist insofar as thinking that the best way to move forward is carefully, as something of a centrist, so as not to alienate the Independent voters and the disenchanted Republicans (can’t help alienating some of the disenchanted Democrats I guess)–those who will help determine the 2014 and 2016 elections—and, as the Democratic centrist hold things together and makes modest steps forward, voter demographics continue to change and the progressive future will take shape so that we can have some measure of peaceful growth & change. At least that’s my sense of how things may unfold. On the other hand, it may explode or collapse but I don’t want to see that happen as it may mean suffering for many more people.

  37. Patty says:

    Nancy, Thank You…”January Unleashed” is very apropos with this frightful freeze! Happy New Year to You and all Starlight fellow travelers.

    Has anyone heard mention of the recent Crop Circle in CA? I’m not crop circle savvy, but found it interesting because of the of a Date with three planetary positions.
    “On July 8, 2014, 192 days from December 28, 2013, when the pattern was first discovered – in the inner solar system Earth will be at the 1 o’clock position , Venus will be at the 9 o’clock position and Mars will be at the 2 o’clock position.”- Mark Wood, U. S. Naval Flight Officer Captain
    Linda Moulton Howe is very respected: http://www.earthfiles.com/
    Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7tNKVDYuJk

  38. Jerry says:

    Ed Tamplin has a lot of interesting observations to share on the upcoming April Cardinal Grand Cross Square…….



    You remember 2012. No reputable astrologer gave it a second thought, but even the modern Mayans couldn’t quell the new age media hype. But…2014…well that’s a different ball game. It’s not the end of the world – although it may be for some – but it will put you on the edge of your seat. Here’s your galactic guide to a rather attention-grabbing year ahead.

    The key planetary cycle of 2014 is the ongoing and challenging square between insurgent Uranus in aggressive Aries and controlling Pluto in governing Capricorn. It is pitting the freedom of the individual against the control of the state, and the culture of nations against the monolithic steamroller of globalization.

    As Confucius reasons, to understand the future – consult the past. The last square of Uranus and Pluto occurred between 1932-34 as the world climbed out of paralyzing economic depression. The fear dividing Europe was of being devoured by the polar political ideals of Russian collective communism or American unbridled capitalism. Both came to pass.



  39. alex says:

    Chart 7/8/2014, Chaular CA, Noon

    First Impression

    ASC @00 Libra – MC @00 Cancer

    Water Trine

    Sun @16 Cancer
    Saturn @16 Scorpio
    Neptune @07 Pisces, conj, Chiron @17 Pisces


    Apex Saturn @16 Scorpio
    Sisyphus @15 Gemini, conj, Venus @18 Gemini
    Uranus @16 Aries

  40. will says:


    Your notions as to your brother’s political affiliation for personal reasons makes sense. And Fox and their crowd know just how to key into those insecurities and fears. Thank you for reminding me to surround myself with healthy people.

    I went to confession and then mass and communion tonight – it helped a great deal as the priest was well-informed about the toxicity and menacing nature of advanced alcoholic families. He actually encouraged me to think about a family intervention. Easier said than done because of the enormous unanimity needed to get all family members on board. But it sure helped to redirect all of that awful energy I was carrying from the nuclear blast of January 1.

    Sharon Katz,

    After the sacraments, I meditated at this little jewel of a contemplative chapel in a separate building on the parish grounds – its part of a convent, actually. And “bless-the-mess” is exactly what I found myself doing. Thank you for sharing that fetching phraseology.

  41. Sharon K says:

    Sounds like the experience was healing, Will.

    And, Jerry, the Ed Tamplin article was very interesting, especially the discussion of the ills that befall the U.S. in mid-April, a very hairy period (but also the discussion of Russia, China, Japan, N & S Korea) Whew! Maybe it means war after all–could it be domestic for us and not international? However, I remember Starlight stating she felt things leaned toward international problems.

  42. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    One astrologer singled out April 20th as a date to be mindful of (possible US terror attack). Tamplin’s observations seem to confirm that. With the April 20, 2014 Mars conjunction to the 9/11/01 WTC chart’s Mercury/ascendant degree (14 Libra), it completes a grand cross square to an exact Jupiter (13 ’34 Cancer) Pluto/Moon opposition (13 ’34 Capr.) in t ssquare to Uranus (13 ’31 Aries). Here’s the chart set for 8:32 pm April 20, 2014 New York City for quick reference:


  43. Eliseo says:

    Yes, I too truly like and support Barack Obama but am also disappointed. I believe we (or at least speaking for myself) overestimated the ability of a charismatic president to get things done without a 2/3 Dem Congress like FDR had, and underestimated the racist resentment his election revealed.

    Knowing at least in part the radicalism of our current crowd of pseudo-conservatives, I think he tried to do what he perceived as politically possible, thus no public option in the ACA, and many compromises which in hindsight seem dubious.

    But I also think we are far closer to outright Northern Ireland style civil war than we would like to believe. In some cases, doing the “right” thing would probably precipitate massive loss of American lives.

    Example: I’m sure many on this blog believe as I do that GW Bush and Dick Cheney and others are guilty of war crimes and/or sedition, and/or treason. The fact that they’ve suffered no consequences for their actions sets us up for more of the same later. But had they been arrested, tried, etc. the reaction… well, I think you get the picture.

    Another example: No Wall Street CEO has gone to jail. Could that be because Finance now represents 40% of our economy?…and how actually bringing these guys to justice would affect the behavior of our investor class?…or how that would affect campaign contributions for Democrats?

    Hard moral choices here, and I’m not sure what is best in these bizarre times. I get the feeling ANY Dem president would be facing such “damned if you do/ damned if you don’t” type scenarios in this historical period. It didn’t take but two terms for GWB and company to get us into this mess, and let us not ignore the wrong headed direction we’ve been on for decades under several bad presidents who laid the groundwork.

    I will certainly continue doing all I can to improve our political lot, but I wonder. I hope I am wrong, but sometimes I wonder if we’ll not really be able to set things straight for several decades until the Mars retrograde in the US progressed chart goes direct. Unless I live considerably more years than anyone has since the mythical Hebrew patriarchs and matriarchs, that’s beyond my lifetime.

  44. will says:


    April 20 is Hitler’s birthday, I believe.

  45. will says:


    The link below is to a brilliant and compelling documentary which makes very clear why there are no bankers in jail. Its all about how the finance laws were written, who wrote them and how they got passed. It is both vexing and damning. Well, well worth the watch. If you can’t get it at the link, it is available on PBS and also on Netflix.

    Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream | Watch Free …
    topdocumentaryfilms.com › Society?
    Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream ….. would actually be a plus to humanity unlike Wall Street speculators, financiers, government leeches, …

  46. will says:

    Medicinal Cannabis Educational Docuemtary

    Quite well done. One might even say, “baked.”


  47. alex says:


    FOURTEEN DEGREES SATURN is symbolic/representing the UNELECTED, INSTITUTIONAL U.S. federal government with many prominent, influencial officials, authorities


    is a significant degree/sign in US mundane astrology (US Sibley Chart), it represents the UN-ELECTED, INSTITUTIONAL federal government and its officials/authorities who are appointed or hired i.e. CDC staff, FDA staff, NSA staff, NASA staff. DOE staff, US National Laboratories staff etc etc. FBI, Secret Service in and out of DC;

    U.S. Square Sibley Chart 7/4/1776

    US Sun @13 Cancer
    US Saturn @14 Libra

    with all the various aspect degrees to that square which are important activation points for United States

    using Saturn 194
    semi-sextile 14 scorpio
    sextile 14 sagittarius
    square 14 capricorn
    sesqui-quadrate 29 aquarius > 00Pi
    yod 14 pisces

    there many other aspect points to that important US square with places of importance to US mundane astrology

  48. Eliseo says:

    Many Thanks! I’ll watch as soon as I can get to it. probably tomorrow. Also, you have my sympathy, empathy, and prayers re: your family situation. Although I’ve felt all my life I was born in the wrong family and the wrong country, I get along OK with my younger brother, his wife, children and grandchildren. But my wife’s family… Reverse values I suppose. Right now, they are all 1000’s of miles away, but were we to live in the same town, or to do holidays together,…?

  49. tetramorph says:

    Happy 2014 everyone — with all eyes on April, and looking at the 4/20 chart for NYNY, I find myself wondering more about another financial crunch than a terrorist attack (though, if we’re splitting hairs, perhaps we can envision the financial elite AS terrorist)…

    Pluto Rx in the 2nd house Opp. Jupiter in the 8th… money money money… Mars Rx in the 11th, other people’s money (group dynamics) Opp. Uranus in the 5th (sign of the child, enjoyment) — speaks to me as to what are we leaving for our children’s future.

    Mars Rx is above the horizon line, as is Jupiter, the highest planet in the chart. The Grand trine lends an agreeable feeling for internal metamorphosis.

    Here’s to Pluto transforming our sense of shared possessions and values, using that Grand Trine involving Saturn Rx in the 1st, to Venus Conj. Chiron/Neptune in the 4th, to Jupiter late in the 8th, focusing back onto Pluto Rx.

  50. alex says:

    SciShow 1/2014 space news – Missions for 2014

  51. karen says:


    A timely reprint given the shifting sands, and how very little we know as a species.

    Although not necessarily related, I, like many of you, have found myself thinking of the illusions created by the few to the detriment of many. The most egregious illusions magnify fears and threats, judicial systems mete out “law and order” under the guise of public safety.

    If we are to navigate these turbulent times and learn from them, we may will have to bravely shatter our own illusions, and recognize our “oneness.” The collective awakening has the potential of unmasking the illusionists and rendering them impotent.

  52. will says:


    “Although I’ve felt all my life I was born in the wrong family and the wrong country,”

    I so share this perception about my own life!

  53. SarahG says:

    Eliseo and Will….just curious what country you feel should have been your home? I’ve always wondered if, in a previous life, I lived in Persia/Turkey/Greece area of the world. It feels so familiar!

  54. SarahG says:

    Not a good sign….corporations are trying to erase pension agreements everywhere. Boeing is being particularly greedy as they’ve had record profits recently. I do wonder about agreements made while Venus is retrograde. Anyone have any information on that?

    SEATTLE (AP) — Under pressure from national union leaders, machinists in Washington state took a late-night vote that defied their local union bosses by narrowly approving a new labor contract that secures a coveted plane project for the Seattle area but moves workers away from pensions.
    The tight count exposed deep rifts in the once-powerful union, but with plenty of states lining up to give Boeing exactly what it wanted to get work on the 777X, the aerospace giant had a tremendous advantage.
    The company, the state’s governor and national union leaders all hailed the contract as a vital boost to the region’s economy, but to some observers the vote dealt a blow to local union influence.
    “It shows that even a strong local is vulnerable and has a limited defensibility to slow the tide of concessions that has been going on across the country,” said Leon Grunberg, a sociology professor at the University of Puget Sound who co-authored a book, “Turbulence: Boeing and the State of American Workers and Managers.”

  55. SarahG says:

    Alternatively, in the U.K. pensions appear to be protected:

    (BBC)Pensioners’ incomes rising fastest, says IFS
    UK pensioners’ incomes have risen faster than all other age groups in the last 30 years, a study has shown.

    The study from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) described the trend as “a triumph of social policy”, arguing that poverty in old age was being reduced.
    The research also found that the over-60s are the only age group to have become better off since 2007/08.
    The findings may fuel the debate over how much protection pensioners should be given from austerity measures.


  56. SarahG says:

    Starlight –
    “The New Moon, Sun square Mars storm was very fierce”

    Also severe winter storms across the pond along England’s coast.
    Flooding, freezing, destructive winds.

    And a significant volcanic eruption in Indonesia/Sumatra has thousands fleeing as the intensity builds.

  57. SarahG says:

    Iraq conflict: US backs Iraq but will NOT send troops – Kerry

  58. will says:


    Re: what country?: probably France or Italy.

  59. SarahG says:

    Hallelujah!! This is BIG! I do hope there is some kind of rehab for those who have lived within these walls their entire life and know nothing else. A very positive ‘Jupiter’-aspected event?

    Farewell to Shanghai’s ‘re-education’ labour camps
    By John Sudworth
    BBC News, Shanghai
    The Beijing News, a state-owned newspaper, reports this week that all detainees in the city’s re-education through labour camps have now been released and the signboards have been taken down.

  60. SarahG says:

    Kurdish Oil interests “could lead to the break up of Iraq” –

    NKARA, Jan 2 (Reuters) – Crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan has started flowing via a new pipeline to the Turkish Mediterranean export hub of Ceyhan but will not be shipped to world markets without the consent of Baghdad, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said on Thursday. Yildiz hopes a deal can be reached this month for exports to begin, he told a news conference in Ankara. Flows through the pipeline would start at 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) and rise to 400,000, he said. Turkey signed a multi-billion-dollar energy package late last year with Iraqi Kurdistan (KRG) under which the semi-autonomous region plans independent energy exports via Turkey. Kurdistan could eventually export some 2 million bpd of oil to world markets and at least 10 billion cubic metres per year of gas to Turkey. Its bid to export oil and gas independently from Baghdad has infuriated officials in the Iraqi capital, which claims sole authority to manage Iraqi oil. Turkey has been working to get the central government on board before exports start. – See more at: http://www.rigzone.com/news/oil_gas/a/130895/Kurdistan_Oil_Flow_to_Turkey_Begins_Exports_Await_Iraqi_Consent#sthash.0mJLDjDF.dpuf

  61. Helen says:

    Time to wake up – no reasonable government would allow this…this is the Twilight Zone for real:


  62. SarahG says:

    Apparently this Bill Moyers documentary on the rightwing corporate take over of the North Carolina government was blocked from being seen in that state on the main networks. Thank goodness for the internet!

    About the blackout – http://www.camelcitydispatch.com/bill-moyers-documentary-blacked-out-in-nc/

    Moyers Documentary

  63. alex says:

    Compare Health Service Costs – (image post)

    should be an eye opener for Americans


  64. alex says:

    MICHIGAN Senate Elections 2014



    US Senator Carl Levin announced on March 7, 2013 that he would not seek re-election for a 7th term in 2014 and retire.

    Three term Democratic Representative Gary Peters of Michigan’s 14th congressional district is running for Levin’s seat, and has received the endorsements of Levin and Senator Debbie Stabenow.

    Republican former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land is running for the Republican nomination, as is businessman and former minor league hockey player Matthew Wiedenhoeft.

    DOB 1/1/1958, Pontiac MI

    DOB 6/30/1958, Grand Rapid MI

  65. SarahG says:

    Why “quietly”? What does that mean? Lack of press coverage or deliberately on the down-low?

    Kerry Quietly Takes Steps Toward Climate Control Pact

  66. SarahG says:

    Will – Oui! Si!

  67. alex says:

    continued Michigan 2014 Senate Election

    First Impression

    Synastry Mutable Grand Cross

    2014 Solar Arc Sun @06 Pisces – Peters -D (male)
    2014 Solar Arc Sun @04 Virgo – Land – R (female)

    Land, Natal Venus @04 Gemini
    Peters, Natal Mars @06 Sagittarius

  68. Eliseo says:

    RE: “I so share this perception about my own life!”
    You’d like a song I wrote and perform, actually my most popular one, “Pretending to Be Normal.” I’ll be recording a CD of it and some of my other songs and poetry in the next few months, hopefully to finish it up before August.

  69. Eliseo says:

    I don’t want to go into too much detail in a public forum, but if memory serves correctly, “I” spent the years 1867 – 1935 in Ireland. The Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the sixties “triggered” my memories and induced in me a profoundly spiritual and mystical experience when I was a sophomore in High School. And no, I’ve NEVER taken any drugs…During the days of the counter-culture they called me “Mr. Natural.”

  70. Eliseo says:

    P.S. I didn’t really begin to feel “American” until after I was 50. Then GWB stole the 2000 election and ruined the experience.

  71. will says:


    Maybe you will post it sometime – as a You-Tube link.

    And yes, when GWB stole the election, I felt a horrible, sinking whelm come over me – like an elevator in my stomach plunging down to a dark awful bottomless place of inner-collapse.

  72. Eliseo says:

    Similar feeling for me in 2000, exacerbated by the fact I had a vision of it in 1972. In the 3 part vision I was warned of a Texas oil man taking power in 2000-2001 and to “Beware of the power of the karma puppet!”

  73. Eliseo says:

    Yes, I will probably post it on you-tube after I’ve copyrighted and recorded it.

  74. will says:

    I am in Chicago; an Arctic vortex of sub-zero weather has devoured the whole region; oh, if you could hear the frigid, fierce winds howl like woe-begotten wolves against this pitch blue night sky. Utterly eerie.

    I’m actually thinking a splash of antifreeze in my commode might prove wise.

  75. Eliseo says:

    My Goodness! All this time I thought you were in California. Hunker down. Stay warm. Don’t let those “wolves” inside. Do everything necessary to stay well and alive. I’m in SE Texas waiting for that arctic blast to arrive here as we anticipate. Our house is poorly insulated and my wife is quite ill. I have to check on her every few minutes. It looks like it will be a difficult night and tomorrow I have to go back to work at the university where I teach and am finishing some long lost graduate work. Be Well. Our kind and warm thoughts are with you.

  76. Lorrie U says:

    Eliseo – Wow! Interesting vision in 1972! In 2000 when GWB was elected, I had a vision of an endless sea of body bags, an image which unfortunately came true.

  77. Sharon Katz says:

    Will, you have quite a way with a phrase, very poetic (“frigid, fierce winds howl like woe-begotten wolves against this pitch blue night sky”), and I like the antifreeze touch. Eliseo, Sorry to hear that your wife is sick tonight-may she feel better under your tlc; congratulations on your CD….It’s wonderful to be in the company of such creative people. Everyone be safe and warm! The low will be 21 in NOLA by tomorrow night; I can’t remember it being this cold since moving here almost 11 years ago!

  78. starlight says:

    To Will and any others who are in the Northern half of the country, please try to stay indoors and warm over the next few days. It sounds brutal out there. They expect it to get in the teens here on Tuesday, but that sounds mild compared to the Upper Midwest. Please be careful, everyone!!

    I don’t usually write about New Moon charts but this one was so dramatic and intense!!

  79. Eliseo says:

    Lorrie U,
    “an endless sea of body bags” – Yep! GWB set forth a process which continues. The bodies keep falling, now fewer American bodies than before, but those of other nations in cycles of violence re-awakened.

    The 1972 vision was quite complex. I wrote here only of a small piece of it. The children of Houston, Queen Elizabeth II, and beings in a space far away all gave clues about events of 2000-2001. It even involved the WTC Twin Towers, which had not yet been built. In the vision the towers swayed like in a cartoon and fell to the ground. The vision (and I don’t mean this in a bad way) “haunted” my Sisters and Brothers in a religious order with which I was long affiliated. We talked of it every few months until the events unfolded. It was clear then “who” the “Karma Puppet” was.

    In November of 2000, I went into the voting booth intending on voting for Al Gore. There I hesitated as a very strong, powerful and clear thought came to me as if it were not my own…A very loud voice from deep within, “The winner loses. The loser wins.”

  80. alex says:


    Bernie Sanders asks NSA if they are spying on Congress members


    PSYCHE ingress the sign of Aquarius 3/15/2014

    Psyche enters Aquarius 3/15/2014 where she will remain for the year probing the group mind. Here she has the ability to raise the group consciousness.

    March 15, 2014, 12:20PM Capitol Building

    Sun @24 Pisces (12TH)
    – Trine –
    Saturn @23 Scorpio (7TH – Cusp 8TH);

    Mercury @27 Aquarius (11TH) opposite Pallas @27 Leo (5TH)

    First Impressions

    10TH House Cusp @10 Capricorn

    pluto @13 Capricorn
    sisyphus @26 capricorn
    persephone @29 capricorn
    psyche @00 aquarius

    11TH House Cusp @03 Aquarius

    venus @08 aquarius
    mercury @27 aquarius
    nessus @29 aquarius

    Synastry T-Square

    Venus station retrograde 21 December at 28º Capricorn 9.53pm UT; Venus leaves shadow 4 March at 28º Capricorn


    Psyche Chart 3/15/2014
    North Moon Node @28 Libra (7TH), South Moon Node @29 Aries (1ST)

  81. Eliseo says:

    Sharon Katz,
    Thanks for the kind words re: my wife. Congratulations are a bit premature but thanks anyway. If you like I’ll let you and Will and anyone else know when the CD is complete. Ha! I haven’t even assembled the right musicians and singers yet! But I need to get it all done this summer while I’m not teaching or taking any grad classes, i.e. before late August when classes begin again.

    Please stay warm and indoors as much as possible.

    Will, that goes for you too and anyone else in harm’s way of this icy head of the year.

  82. alex says:


    In 1999 when the GWBushCo campaign got started I had vision of the
    Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I could hear their hooves galloping/pounding on hard ground ( I’d never had a premonition with ‘sound effect’ before then!)

  83. anita says:

    Heavy stuff.

    I’m going to be focusing toward your “On the positive side, Jupiter/Uranus can also bring about a paradigm shift in global cooperation…”.

  84. anita says:

    Thanks Francis & Alex for pointing out the surveillance possibilities with the Uranus/Jupiter. I had not thought of that. Still going to focus my attention on a positive use of the energy. I’ve wasted too much time/energy in reactive and anger/fear mode these years.

    Good to be aware though.

  85. anita says:

    Interesting all the posts about family dynamics. I, too have a difficult time with mine and this holiday avoided them all except my child’s family. It didn’t feel as healing as I thought it would, to stop the hurtful (for me, anyway) sibling interactions. Maybe next year will be better.

  86. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    April 20th happens to be Easter Sunday. Over the years there have been a number of Al Qaeda terror alerts and terror attacks issued and carried out on this day against western interests. The christian holiday of Easter Sunday is commonly thought of in Islamic extremist circles as satanic hence its symbolism and significance.

    Mitchell Scott Lewis in his Sept. 2013 appearance on the Coast To Coast am radio show with George Noory refers to the April 20th, 2014 date in this way…..

    “…. In the second half, Mitchell Scott Lewis also referenced the squaring of Pluto and Uranus which will continue until 2016. This is a powerful configuration that affects the financial markets, and relates to America’s chaotic government, he said. On April 20, 2014, the Pluto-Uranus square will be squared by Jupiter and Mars, creating a grand cross that sets up a great amount of energy. “What really catches my attention is that it falls directly on America’s sun,” and there’s a correlation in a number of people’s charts at this time, he outlined. Jupiter can blow things out of proportion, and Pluto rules plutonium and energy, so around April 20th there “could be an event involving either a nuclear plant or a pipeline or maybe a terrible spill. But this looks more like a terrorist attack,” he cautioned.”


  87. Jerry says:

    Joni Patry 2014 Vedic Astrology Predictions

    Video: 58 min. 50 sec.


    Even if you don’t follow the vedic system, this is very well presented. It has a lot of parallels to the discussions expressed here on the aspects coming up in the early Spring of 2014.

  88. will says:


    I have taken a sabbatical of sorts for one year in Chicago – fragile, octogenarian parents needing post-surgical help, a profoundly mentally-challenged brother close to my age, and some financial incentives are all part of the conditions. Its a real kick-in-the-head with the dramatic changes of season as I have spent the last 34 years in Los Angeles, the place of eternal sunshine. I am enjoying the heartland for the time being.


    Thank you for your cautionary comments – and your “January Unleashed title for the new moon chart is fantastically-intuitive on so many levels!

    Eliseo and Sharon Katz,

    Thank you for the thumbs-up on my imagery. Today, everything is glistening like bolts of white sequins fluttering in the crackling blue air. Stunningly cold b

  89. will says:


    I have taken a sabbatical of sorts for one year in Chicago – fragile, octogenarian parents needing post-surgical help, a profoundly mentally-challenged brother close to my age, and some financial incentives are all part of the conditions. Its a real kick-in-the-head with the dramatic changes of season as I have spent the last 34 years in Los Angeles, the place of eternal sunshine. I am enjoying the heartland for the time being.


    Thank you for your cautionary comments – and your “January Unleashed title for the new moon chart is fantastically-intuitive on so many levels!

    Eliseo and Sharon Katz,

    Thank you for the thumbs-up on my imagery. Today, everything is glistening like fluttering bolts of white sequins against the the back-drop of crackling blue air. Zhivago-esque allure.

  90. SarahG says:

    Eliseo, such visions! I love the title of your new song and can’t wait to hear it! Please do post a link when it comes out.
    I had a series of dreams several years ago about this time period and will only say this…the general message seemed both personal and global and let me know that the changes happening then in my life and around me were not just small transitional endings but that something was changing so profoundly that there would never be any going back….everything would be new and uncharted. And it let me know that the primary thing I would need to move through it was intuitive heart energy, not my mind. I was told to not try to ‘figure it out’ with my head…it was a dead end street. It has taken me many years to accept and value what I already ‘knew’ within. Just had to learn to trust that knowing part of myself and it has indeed been a reliable guide in unfamiliar territory.

  91. SarahG says:

    Will, I’m also a big fan of your poetic imagery and turn of a phrase. Are you a writer?
    Hope everyone is snug and warm today cuz baby it’s cold outside!
    Been busy checking on bird feed and breaking ice in the water containers for the critters. Only another day or two of this extreme frigidness I hope.

  92. Lorrie U says:

    Eliseo – Very powerful visions and messages, my friend! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your CD! Many blessings to you and your wife for health and prosperity in all of your endeavors.

  93. Lorrie U says:

    This explains the crop circle, a little disappointing. It’s still about the money…

    Confirmed! Crop circle caused by … a tech company

  94. Lorrie U says:

    This is unbelievable!

    Do Nothing Congress Looks To Do Even Less In 2014 By Scheduling Only 97 Work Days

  95. will says:


    I am not a writer. Just manage to smith a few well-chosen words from time-to-time.

    So the meteorologists are calling this weather phenom as a brush with the Polar Vortex – a weather system that normally reins over the North Pole. We have a wind-chill of 47-below-zero as of noon. Its trippy. The snap is supposed to begin dissipating within 24 hours from now.

  96. Lorrie U says:

    Koch-backed political coalition, designed to shield donors, raised $400 million in 2012

    The resources and the breadth of the organization make it singular in American politics: an operation conducted outside the campaign finance system, employing an array of groups aimed at stopping what its financiers view as government overreach. Members of the coalition target different constituencies but together have mounted attacks on the new health-care law, federal spending and environmental regulations.

    Key players in the Koch-backed network have already begun engaging in the 2014 midterm elections, hiring new staff members to expand operations and strafing House and Senate Democrats with hard-hitting ads over their support for the Affordable Care Act.


  97. Lorrie U says:

    I cannot possibly imagine what those who are homeless are enduring during the incredibly cold temperatures! Just being homeless is deplorable enough.

  98. Eliseo says:

    I empathize with your situation entirely. I had to come back to Texas (a place I’ve never been fond of) to take care of my mother until she died. I’m now attending to her estate, teaching here and finishing some graduate work that should have been done decades ago.
    Go figure. When I was 18 I lived a semi-monastic lifestyle at a Theosophical meditation camp in the mountains in California. An astrologer there told me something no 18 year old ever wants to hear; that I would not be successful until I was much older. Well, I’m much older now! It’s a tough slog and I don’t really like being here, but for the first time I honestly feel I have a shot at something I’ve always wanted but could not obtain, an actual career as educator/writer/performance artist.

    Losing my house and income, my mother’s illness and death, my wife’s terminal illness, an excellent offer I could not refuse at a University here, and other factors all conspired to more or less force me here. My old mentor Fr.J. would have said it all was the operation of the Holy Spirit. If that is the case I think she is awfully cranky.

    I understand we have some more cold weather to endure. You take care and stay warm.

  99. anita says:

    I can’t trust my heart because I always get screwed. Thus the “trying to figure it out” mentally. Yet it’s impossible to know all info… one bit left out and the whole interpretation can change. Therefore now I am trying to get back to my heart. Main problem is survival anxiety really messes with my intuition or any messages I get. Glad to hear people voicing strength in visioning here.

    Lorrie U yes, it always gets back to the money. I’m so disgusted with misinformation, sensationalism and manipulation.

    I couldn’t believe when GWB won. I actually stayed up all night, expecting a different reality. You know, some kind of network news mistake or a problem with my understanding, lol.

  100. Eliseo says:

    Lorie U,
    RE: Do nothing Congress.
    Of course! They want to do all possible to insure PBO has no legacy. If he chooses to use executive authority to get anything done, particularly if there is no precedent, they’ll impeach him.

    Strategy is simple. Create a terrible, gosh awful mess; hire a black man to clean it up, obstruct him in every possible way, preventing him from doing that job and then blame him for not getting it done. Isn’t America wonderful?

  101. Eliseo says:

    Lorrie U,
    Thanks for the blessings and well wishes.

    Alex, SarahG, Lorrie U, Anita:
    Good to know I’m not the only one on this blog who has occasionally been knocked down by precognitive visions and dreams.

    To All interested:
    As my poetry, songs, essays, CD’s and sci-fi books gradually become available I’ll certainly let you know.

  102. Lorrie U says:

    Eliseo – Success can be measured in so many different ways. I would say you are immensely successful in being an enlightened, caring human being!!! That’s the best kind of success. I was told about the same age by an astrologer that very few if any children was indicated, depending on husband’s chart, and a near marriage and true marriage later in life; and that I would come to realize that marriage is not a piece of paper. 90% correct. I have one adopted child (husband was not able to have children), I guess we had a near marriage, and realize a marriage on paper means nothing unless there is a marriage of spirit. Now it’s later enough in life that I really don’t care about having another marriage. And my chart indicates that I had to do the sacred marriage within myself, so there you go.

    Although it must be difficult for you coping with your situation and your wife’s terminal illness, just think of what a blessing you are to her and how lucky she is to have you at her side for whatever lenghth of time she has on this plane of life!

  103. Lorrie U says:

    AstroCast: January 5 – 18, 2014

    Capricorn may not be known for compassion but when put to its highest potential, it is great for creating efficient structures to organize life. We’ll reach the tipping point when the imbalance can no longer be sustained. Until then, what these dominant aspects have to offer us is a very constructive build up of energy. In cardinal signs, that energy is likely to be used to start something big. With all the squares, it may very well mean a tectonic shift or two is in the works. We would do well to use this time to lay out a few blueprints of our own for the new structures we want to build to replace the old, dysfunctional ones we may have suddenly realized don’t work for us anymore! – See more at:


  104. SarahG says:

    anita, it’s a process for sure! Of course you won’t learn to trust until you allow yourself to…well….trust. No other way that I know of. My first emotional response to these dreams was fear…ultimately of death. All my survival instincts then kicked into gear and I did exactly what the dreams warned against. I began to try to figure it out…began thinking like a survivalist who was preparing for a long and treacherous trip. What would I need? Where should I go? Who should I trust? etc ETC…my rational mind in an endless loop of why, how, where, when….? So it has been quite the process to develop my spiritual muscles and is still, of course, ongoing though I’ve made great strides and feel very much at peace these days. Trusting spirit is actually a great relief and so freeing! That experience is what keeps me striving to be in that loving space as much as possible. And I’m no longer in fear of death because experiences have revealed a bit about what is behind the curtain of illusion most of us call reality or life.

  105. Sharon Katz says:

    Not that I’m any expert but I find that I get the best intuitions (a sense of knowing what’s the right choices, or the occasional little dream clip or visions) when I’m not trying, which is not to say I’m super relaxed at the time. I can just be in a serious, open, questioning mood. Too much survival anxiety can def be counterproductive so I hope those issues are resolved for you very soon, Anita. On the other hand, I’ve often gone to http://www.facade.com and used the yes/no feature and, no matter how anxious I am, I often get an answer that feels right, or is repeated enough on many attempts that I feel the universe is giving me a clear message.

  106. alex says:

    These energy dyad minor asteroid pairing sets are new to me and seem useful :


    One of the ways of deciding which asteroids are useful is found by considering the concept of the energy dyad. The Sun-Moon dyad of archetypal masculine and feminine energy is very well known to astrologers, as is the desire and love dyad symbolized by Venus and Mars. But other possibilities are proposed in the table below:

    Yang symbol Yin symbol

    SUN: archetypal masculine/yang MOON: archetypal feminine/yin

    life energy, spirit life energy, soul

    MERCURY: masculine/yang intelligence, IRIS: feminine/yin intelligence,

    “left brain”, data collecting, “right brain”, intuitive

    and analytical mind and synthesizing mind

    MARS: masculine desire, dynamic VENUS: feminine desire, receptive

    activity, outward acting pleasure activity, inward drawn pleasure

    JUPITER: Sky Father, male CERES: Earth Mother, female

    protector and nurturer, nurturer and protector,

    promoter of ethics/abundance promoter of ethics/abundance

    SATURN: masculine energy of VESTA: feminine energy of

    tradition, structure, and tradition, structure, and

    material good order material good order

    CHIRON: masculine energy of healing- HYGIEA: feminine energy of healing-

    transformation and purification transformation and purification

    URANUS: masculine change agent PALLAS: feminine change agent

    and consciousness raiser and consciousness raiser

    NEPTUNE: masculine passivity and PROSERPINA: feminine passivity and

    sublime/altered states sublime/altered states

    PLUTO: masculine energy of primal JUNO: feminine energy of primal

    power and transformation power and transformation

    HEPHAISTOS: masculine principle of ASTRAEA: feminine principle of

    work, order, integration and work, order, integration and

    disintegration disintegration

    APOLLO: additional solar symbol, DIANA: additional lunar symbol,

    creative maturity emotional maturity

    BACCHUS: masculine symbol BLACK MOON LILITH: feminine symbol

    of dark primal passions, of dark primal passions,

    escapism and individualism, escapism and individualism,

    and inspirational power and inspirational power

  107. Lorrie U says:

    How Janet Yellen’s Agenda Could Transform Washington

    According to more than a half-dozen longtime friends and colleagues, she has two grand passions that will require government to help in a very big way: reducing chronically high unemployment—which is the focus of her life’s work and is probably the single biggest economic problem in America today—and reining in Wall Street’s excesses.


  108. alex says:


    Re: premonition, vision, SUBLIME ALTERED STATES

    Hope you find this helpful: Proserpina index number is #26; you can find its location in your natal chart at astro.com in the extended chart selection…



    then note its degree of arc separation from your natal neptune; which will help narrate/chronicle the vision timeline that you have experience; this may give you perspective on the patterns/cycles that bring to you contact with ethereal realms;

    NEPTUNE: masculine passivity and PROSERPINA: feminine passivity and sublime/altered states sublime/altered states

    BTW: what Lorrie said !

  109. alex says:

    Eliseo .. continued

    IRIS #7 (index number)

    MERCURY: masculine/yang intelligence, IRIS: feminine/yin intelligence, “left brain”, data collecting, “right brain”, intuitive

  110. will says:


    I am sorry you have had such a terribly tough sojourn and for such a long time. My hope is that your path will open up before you from now on with an easier way and nothing to obstruct you.

    Thank you for your blessings and good wishes.

    I am wondering if you were in the hills of Ojai, at the Krotona Library or Annie Besant’s meditation society and the Krishnamurthy ranch. I spent some time up in those parts over the last few years.

  111. Eliseo says:

    Thanks for the sentiments. Actually I was at Far Horizons in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I was a TS member in Ireland until 1935, born again this time as an American citizen, found the TS again in 1970. Although my training was through the TS, I guess I’m more of a post-TS person in many respects. Much of it I accept, but much of it I don’t. I’m ready to go on to deeper things but no such society yet exists.

    Thanks for the info. I’ll follow it up soon. Right now both my wife and I are down with the flu, so I need to back off of things for a bit. It’s also terribly cold in this unheated house.

  112. anita says:

    I just came back here for a peek. Oh my, SarahG and Sharon Katz, it sounds like you know exactly what I meant. Thank you. I really needed the assurance, especially now. It is a challenge to release fear and allow. Back in the 80’s, before “New Age” became popular (and bastardized, I might add) I took some workshops in alternative seeing and my tendency toward anxiety and wanting to know details (controlling?) has always been a hindrance to my abilities. I do not trust my interpretation of what I
    get. I think I’m caught up in the fascination of the process also.

    Here’s hoping we come through this new year with strength and new ways of Being.

  113. anita says:

    Hey, I’m going to try facade.com, thanks. I love the I Ching and it’s uncanny how the changing lines fit my questions. Even if it isn’t relevant to the question at hand, it’s wisdom to apply to general life.

    With these tools it’s imperative to be grounded and set aside fear…even expectation. I try to get in a neutral space. Of course, like we discussed, anxiety is counter to getting a clear reading.

    Sorry to take us so far off topic from the politics of the month!! I know I’m not alone in experiencing the effects of the economic and global issues on finding my calm center.

  114. anita says:

    …and center again…

  115. SarahG says:

    anita, have you asked spirit for help with the trust issue?
    I do think any of the intuitive practices like iching, tarot, etc. are great practice tools to exercise some of those muscles as well as meditation, breathwork, yoga, etc. Anything that helps to quiet the noise of the mind. You have plenty of company on this journey!

  116. will says:

    For any of you who like to consult the iching with Richard Wilhelm’s traditional interpretations and changing lines. Its a full-service site that allows you to toss coins as well. There are also interpretations by a Barbara Hejslip, but I don’t know anything about her verbiage is very awkward.

    Check it out.


  117. alex says:

    I hope you both manage the flu quickly – flu must-have is hot water bottle which is soothing for the aches…. really old hikers rememdy for warm feet in the cold… cayenne pepper in your socks.. don’t need too much just tiny sprinkle;

  118. tetramorph says:

    Transiting Jupiter conj. natal Sun is the beginning of a new, 12 year cycle of growth.

    I like what Hand says, “Be careful of extravagance, and if you invest money, remember, today’s luck is not permanent. Otherwise, you can have a good time with this transit.”

    (interesting that Jupiter in the 8th is opposing the 2nd house Pluto/Capricorn in the 4/20/14 chart set for NYNY — this is right in line with what Hand says — I find myself wondering about the influence of the newly named Fed Chair on this date)

    He also says, “If your chart is severely afflicted by other transits at this time, this one will largely serve to give you a break.”

    Should I repeat that? :)

    And in the 4/20 chart, the time given, the only 2 planets on the day side are Jupiter and Mars Rx (in Libra, no less, talk about inhibited…)

    I just don’t feel a terrorist attack from that chart, given the House placements of the planets as well as the Rx’s involved. Yes, it is tense, but there is also a tremendous potential for release.

    As a Leo with a tight natal Sun/Jupiter conj., I love Jupiter, even his proclivity to exaggerate. He has never, ever, let me down.

  119. starlight says:

    Some possible events coming with Jupiter crossing the US Sun:

    initial destruction of some chem weapons from Syria;

    weapons and perhaps some limited bombing raids against al Qaida in Iraq.

    Actual transit runs roughly from 1/14 to 1/22/14. We will see what happens.

  120. fierywoman says:

    And Will, what was the version (book) of the I Ching you turned me on to a couple of years ago? Written (very well) by a woman, I think? It’s a wonderful addition to the dear Wilhelm edition.

  121. Jackson says:

    Is that the Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog version of the I Ching?


  122. SarahG says:

    Great links for I-Ching practice! Thanks!

  123. will says:


    Jackson has it right.

  124. will says:

    Ha! The weather-people are calling this area “Chiberia.”

  125. SarahG says:

    Another wonderful I-Ching book is The Everyday I-Ching
    It really speaks to me.
    Love the way she interprets and communicates the essence of the hexagrams in modern, easily relatable terms. It feels more like an intimate conversation than Wilhelm or the others, although I use his as well quite often.

  126. anita says:

    I’m having a hell of a time trying to sleep for over a week now. It was especially bad around New Years and again last night. Something feels very “off”. Been trying to heal a dysfunctional boundary issue with several people, maybe that’s it.

    Or is it Sunspots, lol?
    From spaceweather.com:
    “STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY:  One of the largest sunspots in years, AR1944, has turned toward  Earth and it is crackling with strong flares.  So far on Jan. 7th, the active region has produced M7- and X1-class eruptions, and more appear to be in the offing.  As this alert is being issued, analysts are waiting for more data from solar observatories to clarify the possibility of CME impacts and geomagnetic storms in the days ahead.  For updates, stay tuned to http://spaceweather.com.”

  127. anita says:

    SarahG, yes been asking for guidance. I allow other people’s perceptions to mess with mine, so I simply must get help from Spirit to sort things out. I haven’t asked specifically for help with trust though! Good idea.

  128. anita says:

    I fought Breathwork for a long time. The name “Breathwork” really annoyed me. After learning in Massage school that our muscles do, indeed, relax when we release our breath, I was sold on it. Shallow breath=stress…so what’s up? check in to see.

    Did TM thru my teenage years. Now getting
    back into an active grounding meditation. I have Natal Mercury conjunct Uranus and am quite nervous with many thoughts at once. For example, by the time I’ve read the comment thread here I cannot focus to respond to the many fantastic posts I have read.

    Great links for new IChing sources. I just checked my book and the cover & title pages have long been lost. Can’t find an author’s name anywhere. The first chapter is a generic title of
    “The Book of Changes Explained”.

  129. Clymela says:

    Sleep problems? I have a humble offering. When I go for a rather long walk I find that I sleep like a school child that night. I am thinking that the walk is best done in the morning no later than noon. I was just thinking about this today when I awakened from a long,undisturbed night sleep and this is rare for people age 66 as I am. I often walk but just this morning made the connection of the early walking and the later sleeping.

  130. Jerry says:

    An intense international diplomatic row has been swirling around the arrest and detention of an Indian consulate official in New York City last month. American officials say the treatment was fair and judicial. The Indian government suggests otherwise….

    India Minister Warns Of “The Return Of The Ugly American”
    by Tyler Durden

    Zero Hedge
    Jan 7, 2014

    Nearly a month after American authorities arrested India’s deputy consul general in New York, Devyani Khobragade, outside her children’s school and charged her with paying her Indian domestic worker a salary below the minimum wage, bilateral relations remain tense. India’s government has reacted with fury to the mistreatment of an official enjoying diplomatic immunity, and public indignation has been widespread and nearly unanimous. So, has an era of steadily improving ties between the two countries come to an end?

    Judging from Indian leaders’ statements, it would certainly seem so. India’s mild-mannered Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared that Khobragade’s treatment was “deplorable.” National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon called her arrest “despicable” and “barbaric,” and Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid refused to take a conciliatory phone call from US Secretary of State John Kerry.

    Emotions have run high in India’s Parliament and on television talk shows as well. Writing to her diplomatic colleagues after her arrest, Khobragade, who has denied the charges against her, noted that she “broke down many times,” owing to “the indignities of repeated handcuffing, stripping, and cavity searches, swabbing,” and to being held “with common criminals and drug addicts.” A former Indian foreign minister, Yashwant Sinha, has publicly called for retaliation against gay American diplomats in India, whose sexual orientation and domestic arrangements are now illegal after a recent Supreme Court ruling. The government has not taken him seriously, but his suggestion indicates how inflamed passions have become.



  131. will says:


    For your sleeplessness: Melatonin 3mg tablets – over-the-counter. Take about an hour before you want to retire. It is safe and usually effective. It helps to lower body heat and that makes one want to sleep. No addiction or dependency.

    Benadryl in any form is also an over-the-counter sleeping aid on a short-term basis.

    All you’ve got to lose is having to count sheep. And I am sure walking in the morning as Clymela has suggested would be helpful to get your circadian cycle back in sync.

  132. alex says:

    In this wicked world of woe, there are hucksters, flimflammers, plain ol’ crooks…and Republican members of the California Assembly.

    This last bunch of scoundrels went out of their way to monkeywrench the rollout of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

    This gang concocted a fake website created by California Republican lawmakers in August to look like the state’s official health exchange site, where people can sign up to get coverage.

    When things finally got worked out on the national health care exchange in November, the Repubs mailed a pamphlet to their constituents, directing them to the decoy site, calling it a “resource guide” to “help” them navigate the ACA sign up process.

    There’s so much bunkum on the site that its fine print includes a disclaimer saying they don’t vouch for “the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information” it provides.

    However, the faux site is a trap. It’s filled with boilerplate Republican propaganda against the law, gimmicks to discourage viewers from even applying for the health care they need, and a rash of distortions and outright lies.


    We can laugh at their low comedy, but if you’re a California taxpayer, congratulations: You paid for the GOP’s bogus website and mailings.

  133. Jerry says:

    Hi Tetramorph,

    Re: The April 20th, 2014 aspects.

    It’s all up to conjecture of course. I think we can both agree something very unsettling may be in the offing, especially with Pluto still in stationary mode (retrograde station exact on April 14th). From one of the astrological blogs, one person observes……

    For the last few months, I have been doing research for possible outcomes of this grand cardinal cross coming our way exact in April 2014. Moon Valley Astrologer’s, Celeste Teal, and I have been communicating and she, too, feels that we have a very rough ride ahead. After reading her book, ECLIPSES, and understanding how an eclipse “operates”, I believe when the Jan., 2011 solar eclipse is activated on April, 20, 2014 at 13 degrees Capricorn, conj. trans. Moon and Pluto, opp. U.S. natal Sun (conj. trans. Jupiter), square both Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra (conj. U.S. Saturn), The proverbial shit is going to hit the fan!

  134. Jackson says:

    Meanwhile, looks like Governor Sammishes, a Gooper frontrunner for 2016, has that same “shut-her-down” virus infecting the rest of his party.


  135. Lorrie U says:

    I’m delighted the truth is coming out about Christie and the bridge lane closures! (Thank you #7 Universal Year!) Not only was undue expense involved, but lives put in jeopardy…

    “The closures came on Sept. 9, the first day of school in Fort Lee, leading to massive traffic jams as bridge traffic backed up into local streets. As a result, police and emergency vehicles were delayed in responding to reports of a missing child and a cardiac arrest.

    The emails point to clear political motives for the closures, and the officials seem almost giddy at the problems they create.

    At one point, Wildstein received a text message from an unknown sender — the emails are partially redacted — saying, “Is it wrong that I’m smiling.”

    “No,” replied Wildstein. When the other person added, “I feel badly about the kids. I guess,” Wildstein reminded them that their parents are probably Democrats anyway.

    “They are the children of Buono voters,” said Wildstein, referring to Democrat Barbara Buono, who unsuccessfully challenged Christie in the Nov. 5 gubernatorial election.


  136. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All!

    Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the assassination attempt on Gabby Giffords’life and wounding/loss of others at an open democracy gathering in Tuscon, AZ. She’s written an inspired, inspiring op-ed in NYT. Such a remarkable/courageous/heroic (Aries/Sun) human being is she, imv. Here’s the link:


    Also, Frank Luntz, mind-control maven for the gop/tp reportedly has been having a long overdue wake up call to reality:

    Oh, the big astro square forming/pending. There are just so many developing catastrophes to choose from…a tough call. Thinking that whatever structures/orgs/systems/ideologies/ways of perception/being that are fearful/weak/corrupt/unstable/out-of-time/incorrect for survival of the species/wrong-headed will all be shaken down and shown for the house of cards they are…beit, banker thievery, politician corruption, NSA/panopticon surveillance schemes, wealthy prosperity-Zionist Evangelical Kings, gop/tp, Fukushima, warmongering personalities/nations, mindless militarism while innocent children die on American streets to pervasive gun violence and citizens suffer from climate change/oil disasters, lost work, lost savings, lost dreams, lostness….in search of a solid constitutional democracy being attacked from so many dark forces in this Pluto opposite Sun/ Pluto Return/Mars Rx / cycle…expecting American life/culture to be unrecognizable by 2025.

    Blessings all. E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua.

  137. Lorrie U says:

    In Defense of Obama on the Gates Memoir

    The president questioned the generals? Good. That’s his job

    “All too early in the [Obama] administration suspicion and distrust of senior military officers by senior White House officials—including the president and vice president—became a big problem for me as I tried to manage the relationship between the commander in chief and his military leaders.”

    If military commanders were shown disrespect or given obstacles to fighting war, that would be one thing. But if they were questioned and challenged and kept in check, it is another. Isn’t that the president’s job?


  138. Lorrie U says:

    In Defense of Obama on the Gates Memoir

    The president questioned the generals? Good. That’s his job

    “All too early in the [Obama] administration suspicion and distrust of senior military officers by senior White House officials—including the president and vice president—became a big problem for me as I tried to manage the relationship between the commander in chief and his military leaders.”

    If military commanders were shown disrespect or given obstacles to fighting war, that would be one thing. But if they were questioned and challenged and kept in check, it is another. Isn’t that the president’s job?


  139. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Lorrie U,
    re: gates memoir cheap shots

    Here is a great list of reasons why Bob Gates is a source to be ignored, inspite of media force-feeding his pettiness & hypocricies:

    “It’s very hard to be coherent when the foundations of your worldview have gone away.”~Hurlburt, National Security Network


  140. will says:

    Well, well, well; Governor Chris Christy a.k.a. “Joey-Bag-o’-Doughnuts” just might have bullied himself into a corner this time. At the very least, it will be entertaining to see how he wiggles out of this jam over allegations that he closed off the George Washington Bridge to avenge a Democratic mayor who didn’t endorse him. So much for his brand of one who “reaches across the aisle.”

    No apologies – I just don’t like the guy.

  141. will says:

    Lorrie and ArtsCulturePeace,

    Good stuff re: Robert Gates rankle. Thank you!

  142. alex says:

    January 8, 2014

    The NSA pretty much admitted to spying on Congress this week.

    And it’s not just the NSA.

    Last year, Eric Holder refused to say whether the Department of Justice was spying on Congress.

    When one branch of government spies on another, “America has no functioning democracy”.


  143. Sharon Katz says:

    At the risk of sounding skeptical, Will, (who me? skeptical?) I’m pretty sure the aides will take the fall & may even have to resign, etc., to protect the big man.

    I was just at my inlaws; her spouse is a northern LA Democrat (he insists he’s a Democrat) which means he’s more of a Republican (and it isn’t racism necessarily as he used to stick up for GWB, too). So – I was forced to watch the Fox Newscasters and have to just come out and admit that as much as I try to have a spiritual attitude towards them, after all they are human beings like we are, ALL of them almost without exception are totally detestable assholes. This country has two human species now – and one of them is alien to me and I don’t want to have any part of them!

  144. Gypsi says:

    They may vote on the fast track for the TPP as early as tomorrow. This should NOT be authorized, congress hasn’t even read the treaty unless they went to https://wikileaks.org/tpp/. Levin of Michigan seems to be at the top of the ladder on deciding
    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is called a trade deal, but it’s really a corporate wish-list aimed at attacking everything from environmental protections to affordable medicines to internet freedoms.

    If the deal is signed, future laws designed to protect consumers, our health or our environment could be challenged by corporations that claim that the law reduces their profit — and there is nothing we or our governments could do to stop them.

    Corporate lobbyists and government insiders are keeping the text of the deal secret because they know that if the full details got out into public view, we wouldn’t like what we saw. Even Congress can’t see the bill, but the Obama administration wants authority to negotiate without any oversight. But we already know enough through leaks to know it’s really bad. We can’t let this sail through without public scrutiny, and the only way we can give the public time to review the bill is by stopping fast track now!

    Can we count on you to call Rep. Levin and tell him not to let the TPP sail through without real oversight?.

  145. Sharon Katz says:

    Here’s Christie’s statement as picked up by the WA Post today – a master politician at work….he is dangerous to us! Barf.

    Christie says he was ‘misled’ by aides on traffic jamming

    In a statement released late Wednesday afternoon, Christie said he had no knowledge that his top aide helped arrange traffic jams as retribution for a Democratic mayor. He promised there would be punishment. “What I’ve seen today for the first time is unacceptable,” he said. “I am outraged and deeply saddened to learn that not only was I misled by a member of my staff, but this completely inappropriate and unsanctioned conduct was made without my knowledge.”

    Christie said the people of New Jersey “deserve better.”

  146. Eliseo says:

    Sharon Katz,
    Well, I think we can at least agree on one thing with Gov. Christie: “the people of New Jersey (do indeed) deserve better!”

  147. Lorrie U says:

    SharonKatz – “This country has two human species now – and one of them is alien to me and I don’t want to have any part of them!”

    Very well said! Echoes my sentiments exactly.

    Re. Christie, his aides are going to be subpoened and they will either have the take the fall and possibly face jail time, or throw Christie under the bus as he did them. His top aide has filed a lawsuit to try to prevent his having to testify. They are all scumbags, and Chrisie has a known history of get-even politics. Hope they can make something stick.

  148. will says:

    Sharon Katz,

    “….and admit that as much as I try to have a spiritual attitude towards them, after all they are human beings like we are, ALL of them almost without exception are totally detestable assholes.”

    Priceless! HaHa!!!

  149. tetramorph says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I agree, it is all conjecture, yet, we should be able to look at a future chart and get a barometric sense of what may be possible. FYI — I know nothing about Vedic Astrology.

    In looking at the 4/20 chart (and only in relation to the US natal, nothing else) perhaps it would be best to single out those aspects that are significant (significators) — Sun conj. Mercury (though loose), Pluto conj. Moon, Venus conj. Chiron, Jupiter exalted and the highest planet (conj. the natal US sun). The Grand Water trine speaks to the structure of our feelings; that Jupiter (the apex of the Trine) is involved in the Grand Square speaks to me that we will feel them strongly. I am beginning to get an image of an event meant to prod us into conscious action — an event that will either provoke the willful choice to act, or that will cause us to fall back on unconscious behavior and lead to a “fated” outcome.
    Thanks for the discussion!

  150. tetramorph says:

    And the Sun, just inside Taurus in the 6th, feels significant (any planet changing/moving into a new sign is a significant aspect) — aside from Mercury, the closest aspect is a loose opp. to the mean (north) node @ 28Libra….

  151. alex says:


    Ken Bowser is an outstanding Western Sidereal Astrologer:

    I’ll have to paraphrase something I read in 1999 by Ken Bowser, I can’t recall direct quotes: he weighed in on the Aug. 11 1999 Last Solar Eclipse of the 20C which was being discussed in terms of terrorism on American soil by some astrologers.

    What I recall about his column was that he tied Washington DC to New York City…. saying something about the two cities would be involved in an event…. as far as I know he is the only astrologer who put that together before 9/11.




    Ken works as a full-time astrologer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He recently sat down to talk with me about the origins of sidereal astrology and its modern day practice, the tropical/sidereal debate, and how tropical astrology came to dominate the West.

    Q: For those who don’t know, can you explain the difference between tropical and sidereal astrology?

    In the sidereal system the positions of celestial bodies were reckoned from the stars in the ancient world—it was an entirely stellar frame of reference. In the tropicalsystem the positions of celestial bodies are reckoned from the equinoxes and solstices—it’s a seasonal frame of reference. The tropical zodiac is known as the ‘moving zodiac’ because it’s continuously moving against the background of the stars.

    There are two schools of sidereal astrology: Eastern or Indian astrology and Western or Babylonian astrology. Western sidereal astrology is the rediscovery of ancient astrology that was originally practiced in Babylonia and Assyria and spread throughout the Near and Middle East and the Mediterranean World.

  152. alex says:

    Rep. Carol Shea-Porter
    DOB 12/2/1952, NYC
    Natal Sun @10 Sagittarius
    2014 Solar Arc Sun @12 Aquarius

    In New Hampshire, former GOP Rep. Frank Guinta hopes to win a third campaign against Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, the Democratic incumbent, in a race that is likely to draw interest from potential presidential candidates eyeing the state’s first-in-the-nation primary. Guinta, a former mayor of Manchester, ousted Shea-Porter in 2010 but then relinquished the seat to her in 2012.


  153. SarahG says:

    Nightline did a program on Fukushima Power Plant last night. For all their efforts I don’t think they had anything new to say, particularly for those who have been keeping up with this unfolding disaster. Their “experts” did seem to downplay the threat for Americans as far as radiation showing up along our western shoreline or in our fish. And while the amount of radiation varies in fish being caught for consumption, there is apparently a ‘safe’ level acceptable for eating! No thank you! I’m guessing as was the case along our Gulf after the BP disaster, that many of the local fishermen who have an intimate relationship with the ocean are speaking out about the problems they are seeing and many probably being silenced too. The health of the economy seems to trump human heath every time.
    I’ve read that many Japanese are changing diets away from fish which is huge and I’m sure the powerful fishing industry is panicked about these changes. And will these contaminations show up in our food supply in the US (and elsewhere)? This is where the program seemed to offer some fuzzy science and ‘expert’ opinions. In the part two video toward the end they posed the question of whether these contaminated fish will show up on our shores and in the food chain and the answer was something like…”as fish migrate across the ocean the levels of contamination are diluted”. Huh?

    The epidemic of sick and dying eagles (how’s that for symbolism!) in our western states, which many in the wildlife departments initially said was NOT west nile virus (now saying it is) but looked very much like what they have seen in other birds and animals who have been exposed to radiation poisoning, leaves little question in my mind. And I think once again economic concerns (and fear of panic?) trumps human health.

  154. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Food Democracy Now:

    This is one of the most important emails that we will ever send. We’ve been hearing rumors about this for months, but Monsanto and the GMA have made their move.

    Two days ago, Food Democracy Now! received an unpublished copy of Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) secret plan to try to sneak in a toothless piece of legislation that would eliminate federal mandatory GMO labeling, give the illusion of serious regulation, usurp states’ rights to pass similar bills and call for “voluntary” labeling of GMOs based on fraudulent criteria.

    The 5-page document details the 7 main provisions of the proposed bill and contains 3 pages of Monsanto and GMA talking points that outline their secret plan to undermine states’ rights, subverting both democracy and the will of the people, 90% of whom support GMO labeling.

    This plan is so devious that it radically speeds up the approval process for new GMO crops, limits the FDA and USDA’s ability to extend premarket safety reviews, declares GMO foods “safe” and redefines genetically engineered foods as “bioengineered” in order to sanitize this deeply flawed technology to the American public.

    Make no mistake about it, this is an outrageous power grab to deny Americans their basic right to GMO labeling and protect flawed GMO products – and we can’t allow them to get away with it.


  155. will says:


    I share your concerns about the fallout from Fukushima.

    I read an article the other day that blamed mites on making the bald eagles sick.

  156. alex says:

    2014 Virginia Senate Election:

    R- Ed Gillespie, DOB 8/1/1961, Mt. Holly Township NJ

    D – Senator Mark Warner, DOB 12/15/1954, Indianapolis ID
    2008 election won 65%

    Edward W. Gillespie is an American Republican political strategist, senior advisor to Mitt Romney 2012 and former Counselor to the President in the George W. Bush White House. Gillespie, along with Jack Quinn, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Al Gore, founded Quinn Gillespie & Associates, a bipartisan lobbying firm.

    Gillespie is also the founder of Ed Gillespie Strategies, a strategic consulting firm that provides high-level advice to companies and CEOs, coalitions, and trade associations, and together with Karl Rove, founded Crossroads GPS.

    R – Gillespie Natal Sun @09 Leo, 2014 Solar Arc Sun @02 Libra

    Gillespie Natal Saturn @25 Capricorn
    conjunct, Warner N/Chiron @26 Capricorn


    Warner Natal Uranus @26 Cancer, N/Jupiter @28 Cancer


    Warner 2014 Solar Arc Sun @23 Aquarius
    Warner N/Sisyphus @24 Leo


    Gillespie N/Vesta @23 Taurus
    Gillespie N/Uranus @25 Leo

  157. alex says:

    I became interested in Proctor & Gamble as a business corporation when I learned that many American powerful corporations that had began in the 19th century and have continue to dominate Corporate America to present day. The story of corporate dominance is intertwined with the history of SCOTUS (too much history for comment format)


    In 2012, P&G recorded $83.68 billion in sales. (Fortune magazine)

    During the American Civil War, the company won contracts to supply the Union Army with soap and candles. In addition to the increased profits experienced during the war, the military contracts introduced soldiers from all over the country to Procter & Gamble’s products.

    Planet Waves as an article (excerpted here) you might like:



    Crisco: A Short Story

    The process of hydrogenation was patented by Wilhelm Normann in 1903. Procter & Gamble, the Cincinnati-based soap company, hired Edwin C. Kayser, former chemist for Joseph Crosfield & Sons (who had acquired Normann’s patent to produce soap), and patented two additional processes to hydrogenate cottonseed oil, which ensures the fat remains solid at normal storage temperatures. Their initial intent was to completely harden oils for use as raw material for making soap.

    In 1905, Procter & Gamble began blending fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil with liquid oil to produce semi-solid fat that could be used to make soap and candles. The spread of electricity made candles increasingly obsolete, but luckily for P&G, hydrogenated oil looked enough like lard or butter to be recognizable to lard-eating Americans.

    P&G settled on the name “Crisco” and began selling their new product in 1911, advertising it to women as “an absolutely new product, a scientific discovery which will affect every kitchen in America.”

    In 2002, Procter & Gamble divested the Crisco (oil and shortening) brand in a spin-off to their stockholders.

  158. starlight says:

    After months and months of endless Obamacare bashing, Ted Cruz ranting and Rand Paul smirking, I am happily immersed in the Schadenfreude of Bridgegate. What a lovely change of subject.

    Rachel was brilliant tonight explaining how the political attack might not have been against the Fort Lee mayor but against the state senator whose area includes Fort Lee. Very compelling discussion.

  159. alex says:

    oops should read:

    I became interested in Proctor & Gamble as a business corporation when I learned it was established during the 19th century.

    The story of American corporate culture’s dominance is intertwined with the history of SCOTUS (too much history for comment format) and Madison Avenue advertising.

  160. alex says:


    ‘All in With Cris Hayes’ had the NJ D-legislature leader on as guest; she gave him this information; when she was fundraising ( sorry forgot which years) the regular D-donors told her that Christie was out to hurt people so they wouldn’t donate more than $300 because that was the amt. that defined when publication /notification of the donor and their identity was required by law… her donors did not want to get on Christie’s enemy list so they only gave in $300.00 amts to stay anonymous …

    she said she has never had a meeting with Christie even though as a Democratic leader for the legislature it would have been better for overall management of NJ government to have a working relationship with the R-governor;

  161. SarahG says:

    Will – hadn’t heard the “mites” explanation yet (eye roll). I want the ‘experts’ to say for the record that there are NO traces of radiation in these birds, because my guess is we’ll be coming back to this story very soon with that very finding.
    The eagles are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine.

  162. starlight says:

    alex – I heard that on Chris Hayes. That was Barbara Buono, the woman who ran against Christie for Governor. The mayor of Fort Lee was on Rachel Maddow, and he said that he got Christie to promise, during his visit to Fort Lee today, that he would not retaliate against the Mayor or Fort Lee in the future. He had expressed fear of this when he was on another show the other night. David said it was like watching The Godfather.

  163. alex says:


    Christie public corruption rollout will be hallmark in American politics for sure;

    the GOP primary circus has been shortened for this year and I believe it is to contrast it with the Democratic primary which is expected to be long and con·ten·tious a) it won’t be a coronation as some are setting it up to become and b) the corporate media will want to up the infighting within the D’s primary to help the GOP/TEA/LIBERTARIAN/NEOCON party not get tagged with public disgust with political fighting therefore hardening the public against the Democratic eventual nominee;

  164. Gypsi says:

    Sharon Katz, I live in Texas. Trying to make that temporary and get some democrats elected before I bail, but yes, “This country has two human species now – and one of them is alien to me and I don’t want to have any part of them!”

    I belong to a UU church so I’m not totally outnumbered…

  165. Sharon Katz says:

    Gypsi & friends, the more I think about it, the more it looks like lizard people have taken on human form in an attempt to take over earth and they all work for Fox News and the Republican Party, and live in Red States.

  166. Lorrie U says:

    This is unimaginable…

    A school board member has stepped down after suggesting the handing out of ammo to remember the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, CT.


  167. Helen says:

    Can’t find anything on the Yahoo news homepage about Christie and the bridge – imagine that! Frontpage has stories like a creepy-crawly found in someone’s luggage. Not watching Foxnews, but I hear it’s barely on the radar there. Where are all of you reading about it?

  168. Helen says:

    Well, I went to the Huffington Post (duhhh…) which decidely isn’t Yahoo ‘News’ and found this interesting post on a Rachel segment where she presents a different theory behind the bridge closing:


  169. tetramorph says:

    Alex, thanks for the links on Sidereal Astrology!

    Also, thanks for bringing up the topic of the 100+ year history regarding corporations and their influence. I’m currently reading “The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and their Secret World War.”

    Holy Mother Mary, the history in this book is almost unbelievable, and it explains A LOT! Goes all the way back to pre-WWI and the influence of the Corporate Elite in shaping our modern economy and geopolitical landscape (if it’s good for Wealthy White Men, it’s good for the World).

    I’ve only read about a 1/3rd of the book, and highly recommend it!

    About the sick eagles, starfish, elk, deer, manatee, dolphin, whales, humans…..

    Fukushima will haunt us for who knows how long, and I have been very concerned about the impact on Japan and the Pacific Ocean, but I do find myself wondering if it is the current cause of the wildlife sickness. Looking at the official nuke test list from the USA, there were well over 1,000 tests; many tests were “multi-shots.” Most tests were done in the US. Here’s a complete (and chilling) list:


    Be sure and read the notes on each ‘test.’ Clearly, the incidence of cancer in humans rose sharply following some of these tests, and no doubt those rates will also rise due to Fukushima, but the sick animals are appearing in a wide variety of places.

    The cause may be military/weather radar sites. This guy has a very interesting and compelling theory. Not sure if it is accurate, but it is something that really should be looked into and tested. He has correlated radar sites (and esp. locations where radars over-lap) to fish kills, chronic wasting disease, cetacean beachings, dissolving starfish, manatee deaths, ect. — it is worth the time to scroll through his blog:

    Here’s a blurb on FL. —

    “FL. is loaded with doppler radar: Overlapping FAA, Military and one NOAA/NWS NEXRAD 750,000 watt microwave Radar and Reflectivity. Radars surround sites of chronic algae, diseased biology and waterways in the Indian River Lagoon, FL. Fish Kills, Dead Manatee, Dolphin and Pelicans through accelerated ionization and decay.”

    I would add that Indian River is a cesspool of toxic agricultural runoff.

    Anyway, here’s the link:

  170. angellight says:

    “Last week an unusual message appeared on Facebook from author, spiritual teacher, Findhorn Fellow, etc. David Spangler, (see his websites http://starshamansview.blogspot.com, and http://www.davidspangler.com), concerning the waters of the world.

    He writes of being contacted by a water spirit (Spirit of the Waters) asking for cooperation from the human kingdom. The water spirit said the waters of the world are so polluted, toxic & poisoned (due to human contamination) that the water spirits (who protect the waters) are weakening, less able to fully contact the waters they serve (Devas, Light Beings, build, protect & serve the world) to strengthen and purify them. That a “drinkable water will soon become a rarity and all of life would suffer.”

    The water spirit asked when we are using water (drinking, etc.) to offer the water spirits thoughts of love, healing, upliftment and gratitude that will strengthen them. Let us ponder upon this message and then, in love and cooperation, respond to this appeal. In the early 1960s the Plant Kingdom Devas (spirits) appeared to the founders of Findhorn, saying humanity must begin to cooperate with the Plant Kingdom or the spirits of that kingdom would have to leave the Earth.”

  171. Francis says:

    Thank you Angellight. I have been feeling deeply disturbed and helpless about the state of the Pacific Ocean and if praying to water spirits will help heal the oceans then they can count on me!

  172. starlight says:

    Helen – Thank you for posting the Huf Post piece on Rachel’s alternative theory. I think it makes more sense than the payback to the mayor.

    Attention New York Starlighters:

    I will be in NYC next weekend and want to get together with you for brunch Sunday. Please email me if you are interested:


    Hope to see you there.

  173. starlight says:


    A discussion of Rachel’s alternative theory and this:

    It made clear to me the radioactive toxicity of the bridge scandal for Christie, even if no evidence emerges to tie him directly to the Fort Lee revenge plot: it forces local and national reporters to revisit every instance of Christie’s pettiness, wrath and payback. And there are many.

  174. Lorrie U says:

    Knowing Christie, both motivations probably apply! Why stop at one vendetta when two will be better.

  175. Lorrie U says:

    tetramorph – “FL. is loaded with doppler radar…” I would venture a guess that all that toxic doppler radar is affecting human minds there as well.

  176. alex says:


    RE: Dulles



    The Washington Post
    December 22, 1963 – page A11

    Harry Truman Writes:
    Limit CIA Role
    To Intelligence

    By Harry S Truman

    Documents in the Truman Library show that nine days after Kennedy was assassinated, Truman sketched out in handwritten notes what he wanted to say in the op-ed. He noted, among other things, that the CIA had worked as he intended only “when I had control.”

    Truman’s warning fell mostly on deaf ears, at least within Establishment circles. The Washington Post published the op-ed in its early edition on Dec. 22, 1963, but immediately excised it from later editions. Other media ignored it. The long hand of the CIA?

    When Kennedy himself was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963, it must have occurred to Truman – as it did to many others – that the disgraced Dulles and his unrepentant associates might not be above conspiring to get rid of a president they felt was soft on Communism and get even for their Bay of Pigs fiasco.

    ‘Cloak and Dagger’

    While Truman saw CIA’s attempted mousetrapping of President Kennedy as a particular outrage, his more general complaint is seen in his broader lament that the CIA had become “so removed from its intended role … I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. … It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government.” Not only shaping policy through its control of intelligence, but also “cloak and dagger” operations, presumably including assassinations.

    Truman concluded the op-ed with an admonition that was as clear as the syntax was clumsy: “I would like to see the CIA restored to its original assignment as the intelligence arm of the President, and that whatever else it can properly perform in that special field – and that its operational duties be terminated or properly used elsewhere.”

  177. Lorrie U says:

    The Number of Americans Identifying as Liberal Jumps to Record High

    What we are seeing here are the dawning signs of a long term paradigm shift, ushered in by President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party he helped reinvent. The changes Obama demonstrated most clearly during campaigns and less clearly while governing exemplify the new Democratic Party, boldly staking out the moral ground of social and economic justice, unwilling to cede national security and morality to the Republicans, who’ve proven they excel at neither.


  178. Lorrie U says:

    How Chris Christie’s Traffice Problem Spans Beyond the George Washington Bridge

    Commuters to New York City spend nearly 60 hours in traffic a year, wasting far more time on the road than the average American. Much of that traffic bottlenecks across the George Washington Bridge, the busiest road bridge in the world. Congestion is only expected to get worse as people continue to flock to the New York suburbs.

    But as New Jersey’s nightmarish traffic devolved over the years, Christie has dealt severe and repeated blows to the only viable solution to ease the area’s gridlock: public transportation.

    To alleviate the constant traffic jams into New York, New Jersey spent 14 years planning and finally broke ground on a new commuter rail tunnel in 2009. The Access to the Region’s Core (ARC) Tunnel was expected to double the number of trains that could enter Manhattan, shave off 15-30 minutes from commutes, and convert thousands of New Jersey drivers into train passengers. In October 2010, Christie abruptly canceled the project, claiming unforeseen costs. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report later concluded that Christie had greatly exaggerated these costs.

    The money set aside for the thwarted tunnel was then diverted into the state’s depleted Transportation Trust Fund, which pays for basic maintenance for highways, roads, bridges, mass transit, and other infrastructure. The trust fund usually draws from gas taxes paid by drivers, but Christie has refused to raise the tax despite the state’s transportation woes. New Jersey Democrats accused the governor of tanking the tunnel in order to avoid raising the gas tax.

    The existing commuter rail, New Jersey Transit, also took a hit after Christie became governor. Christie suddenly froze $33 million in state subsidies to the agency. Soon after this decision, NJ Transit was forced to cut service and hike fares for the first time since 2007. The cancellation of the ARC Tunnel also sucked up NJ Transit’s revenue gains, leaving the agency on the hook for millions of dollars in lawsuits and insurance costs triggered by Christie’s decision. Meanwhile, demand for more public transportation is exploding — along with commute times.

    In light of this protracted war on car alternatives, Christie’s traffic scandal may strike a particularly sore spot for his constituents. After all, they’ll still be sitting in traffic long after the TV crews lose interest.


  179. Lorrie U says:

    Insurers under fire as Obamacare kicks in

    Consumers are easing up on criticism of government exchanges and turning their frustration and fury toward some of the nation’s biggest health insurers. All too often, new policyholders say, the companies can’t confirm coverage, won’t answer basic questions, and haven’t issued identification numbers needed to fill prescriptions or get medical care.


  180. will says:

    Whether or not Christy had any knowledge of the criminal intentions of his capos, I think it is fair to say that his very manner of behaving toward any one who even questions his motivations in pubic has fostered in his administration an esprit de corps of aggression, defensiveness and hostility.

  181. alex says:


    Re: effecting human minds

    From the day I learned about Palm Beach butterfly ballot CONFUSION
    of Jewish seniors (residents in that specific voting poll area) voting for Pat Buchanan (well known for his anti-Semitism) instead of Gore by mistake who called the polling place on voting day to say that after they got home they realized what they had mistakenly done (after vote phone calls to polling place in response to mistaken votes for Buchanan was a Palm Beach phenomena)

    and that though it was later reported there had been clear intention of the ballot designer to make it hard for seniors to use the ‘butterfly ballot’ ( there was lots of articles on the person involved in making the butterfly ballot and their political bias )

    I felt since the voters mentioned they felt confused and didn’t realized it until after they got home when they understood they had become disoriented at the polling place…. (Buchanan got upwards to eight thousand or more ‘mistaken’ votes on the butterfly ballots of Palm Beach)

    in another context: that temporary mental disorientation can be artifically induced …

    the Palm Beach seniors felt disoriented – – which reminded me of mental confusion weaponry which disorients its target with intense ‘directed’ radiation;

  182. Mary says:

    Think Progress just sent out this piece:

    Not an Isolated Incident-Christie has been repeatedly accused of political retribution.

    At a morning press conference on Thursday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced that he had fired Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff and top aide in his administration, for her role in the growing scandal involving the manufactured delays on the George Washington Bridge in an apparent act of political retribution and asked another aide not to seek a top position within the state Republican party.

    He denied having advance knowledge about the lane closures or the involvement of his own staff. “I was blindsided yesterday morning,” he said. “I apologize to the people of Fort Lee, I apologize members of the state legislature.” Christie also faced questions about his abrasive leadership style that some have described as bullying, and insisted that those characterizations are untrue.

    “This is the exception,” he said. “It is not the rule of what’s happened over the last four years in the administration.”

    But while Christie claimed that this was “not the way this administration has conducted itself over the last four years” and denied being a bully, accusations of political retribution have long surrounded the governor. For instance, former Gov. Richard Codey (D) accused the Christie administration of “sending a message” by denying him state trooper protection after he publicly disagreed with Christie. The same day, a Codey cousin was fired from his position at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and a former Codey aide was removed from the New Jersey Office of Consumer Affairs.

    After then State Sen. Sean Kean (R) told a reporter that Christie erred in not calling for a state of emergency sooner, during a 2010 blizzard, Christie’s staff banned Kean from attending the next news conference Christie held in Kean’s home district. A Christie aide told the Star-Ledger that Kean “got what he deserved.” Rutgers Professor Alan Rosenthal saw his state funding slashed after backing a re-districting map more favorable to Democrats and last year, confirmation of a judicial candidate recommended by State Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R) suddenly stalled after the legislator voted against Christie’s public medical education system reorganization.

    On Thursday, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey announced that he would be opening up another investigation into the lane closings, joining the state legislature and the inspector general of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who are conducting investigations of their own.

    On another note…Will, I live in Chicago (I’m in the city in Uptown) if you ever want to have coffee and a chat…

  183. Jackson says:

    That bit on Christie abruptly canceling the ARC tunnel and diverting the funds into the highway fund? Stick a fork in him. His political career is over.

  184. will says:

    Hi Mary,

    Great Think Progress piece – thank you for posting it.

    You my obtain my contact information from Nancy if you would like to meet for “coffee and a chat” some day. I am an absolute coffee addict – the over-the-counter remedy for ADD.


  185. Sharon Katz says:

    Angellight, my friend sent me the email from David Spangler…so beautiful…I printed it out yesterda to remind myself to do this but thus far haven’t posted it…thanks for the reminder. I am a big fan of the Findhorn Community’s spiritual leaders and almost visited Findhorn in the ’70s. Those who communicate with the nature divas & sprites (elves & fairies) relayed the horror these creatures felt at what mankind is doing to “nature,” a realm that they experience in all its magic & rarified spiritual essence. Most of mankind (I include myself, a female) is too heavy handed & clunky & dense to go there. It makes it clear to me how materialism, war, violence, fear, insecurity literally blind our spiritual eyes.

    Speaking of heavy handed, clunky & dense (& materialistic, etc.), puleassse don’t under-estimate the very shallow, limited ability of our people to do any kind of serious evaluation of political candidates. 2016 is 2 years away, a long-time for simple televisionland minds. All Christy’s handler’s have to do is come up with some strategies–and he is intelligent enough to follow them convincingly–and much of the U.S. public will buy it.

  186. Mary says:

    Hey Will,
    I just sent an email to Nancy asking her to forward my contact email to you!

    Enjoy the balmy 35+ degrees! :)

  187. Bob says:

    “Attention New York Starlighters:

    I will be in NYC next weekend and want to get together with you for brunch Sunday. Please email me if you are interested:


    Hope to see you there.”

    To get there you start by crossing the George Washington Bridge, then . . .

  188. Bob says:

    From Mary to Will – “On another note…Will, I live in Chicago (I’m in the city in Uptown) if you ever want to have coffee and a chat…”

    Here we go again! A couple of Daley Machine grads meeting in the Windy City to kick off an election year. As if Christie studying the Illinois Governor’s Playbook wasn’t enough! But maybe Christie’s transgressions won’t land him in the Big House. After all he is just a bully – not the Capo di tutti capi.

  189. Bob says:


    When people and the government work together. We can make the kids happy.

    UPDATE: After Sophie’s letter went viral, the CSIRO was inundated with inquiries about how people could help make her dream come true. The scientists knew they couldn’t sit idly by — so on Friday morning, they 3D-printed Sophie her very own dragon! See how Toothless was made in the video below.

  190. Lorrie U says:

    Bob – “maybe Christie’s transgressions won’t land him in the Big House.” Maybe they’ll find a smoking gun and maybe not, but if they do, someone died as a result of the lane closings…Then there’s this:

    Christie asked Cuomo to back off investigating Fort Lee. In mid-December.

    In what seems like ages ago in the Chris Christie Gina Close-a-your-bridgeda scandal saga, the WSJ reported something that looked exceptionally fishy at the time; that Christie had talked with Andrew Cuomo and asked him to get Patrick Foye, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, to back off investigating the Fort Lee bridge closure.

    Mr. Christie, a Republican, complained in a private phone call to Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, that Patrick Foye, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was pressing too hard to get to the bottom of why the number of toll lanes onto the bridge from Fort Lee, N.J. was cut from three to one in early September, according to this person. The lane closures occurred without notice to local authorities, officials have said, and snarled traffic for a week in the small borough on the Hudson River bluffs.

    According to the WSJ story, that phone call was the week of December 12. Yeah. Kind of makes Christie’s little press “performance piece” this morning look like the firehose of lies that it actually was.

    Among the mounting stream of evidence that shows Christie knew damn well what was going on, this one would seem to be the final nail in the coffin.

    And it’s very easily proven … if Governor Cuomo has the backbone to be a proper partisan and put his boot on Christie’s neck.

    He doesn’t have to do it personally. Heck, the WSJ would be HAPPY to report the facts if they just got the nod … they’re the ones with the connections to “a person familiar with the matter,” which by the sound of it has to be someone in Cuomo’s office anyway.

    Ball is in your court, Andy. End Christie’s political career.


  191. Lorrie U says:

    UH OH! Now the Police Dept is Involved in Bridgegate

    Via Business Insider, it turns out that Sokolich was told back on September 12 that officers from the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) were telling commuters that Sokolich himself was responsible for the lane closures. The revelation was contained within an email Sokolich sent to the former Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni. Baroni resigned last month.

    Well, that’s a dirty trick, they either told the PD that was the case or the PD was in on the lie, I’d bet the former but what do I know?


  192. Lorrie U says:

    I guess I feel a connection to Ft. Lee, NJ, since it’s where my father and family are buried, and I spent a lot of my childhood in the area.

  193. lisam says:

    So, did anyone receive a jolt from Uranus going stationary direct on Dec. 18th? I did. On the exact same day, I received a notice letting me know that my apt. bldg. had been sold, and my rent will be increased by $205! After recovering from the shock, I am now frantically searching for new digs. Uranus is transiting my 4th house, and even though it wasn’t making any hard aspects to natal planets, it went SD square progressed Jupiter in my 1st house. I think this is the first time that I’ve seen astrology work in such an exact and precise manner……took a Uranus hit upside my head! Lol.

  194. alex says:

    The War on Children:


    circa 2012

    GOP Child Labor: put expresso in their sippy cups

    1/2014 Salon online

    It’s almost impossible to exaggerate the effect of Reagan’s War on Poverty lies, especially as they’re warmed over by Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Paul Ryan as they dream about 2016.

    Even though Reagan began his Republican political career as a race-baiter and anti-welfare demagogue, by the 1980 campaign and his presidency, he’d softened some.

    He didn’t rail as much against “welfare queens” and “young bucks” buying T-bone steaks with food stamps. Now he projected concern for the poor: He wanted to help them, and poverty programs hurt them.

  195. alex says:

    Richard Tarnas: Interview



    TMA: You once referred to your first book, The Passion of the Western Mind, as a Trojan Horse, in terms of laying the groundwork for your astrological writings for a general public. What exactly did you mean by that?

    Richard Tarnas: In 1978 – 79 I wrote a monograph entitled Prometheus the Awakener, which by 1980 grew into a full book. But in the course of doing it a final revision of the book for James Hillman’s Jungian press, Spring Publications, I came to the decision that I should not publish it. That was because the book was directed too much toward the astrological (and Jungian-transpersonal community, and it focused too much on just one planet, Uranus.

    I felt that what I really needed to do was engage the whole planetary pantheon, all the planets and write the book in such a way that it could serve as a bridge to the much larger world of intelligent readers who had no yet been initiated into astrology and who could not imagine taking astrology seriously.

    Later I did publish a shorter monograph version of Prometheus the Awakener. But as I took up the larger task of writing a book that should serve as a bridge to the non-astrological public I started writing about the necessary concepts and the history of those concepts that I felt readers would require to grasp the evidence I would be presenting.

    I felt that people would need to understand the nature of arche-types, starting with Plato and then how Aristotle’s view shifted that understanding, and then the role of Christianity, and how the Copernican revolution shaped modern cosmology and what depth psychology and Jung brought into the unfolding drams and so forth.

    But as I started filling in the larger narrative to provide that kind of a history, it eventually turned into a book in itself and that was ‘The Passion of the Western Mind’. In that book, I didn’t explore or defend the astrological perspective; rather, I included it in the narrative, just as any good intellectual history of the West would discuss the role – the quite important role – that astrology has played in that history. But I did not exmaine the history from an explicitly astrological point of view in that book.

    When Passion was published in 1991, it was taken up by many universities and colleges as a text. At this point it’s used in – I stopped counting quite a while ago, after 80 or 90 colleges and universities were using it. And yet many professors and students who are using it would never guess that it was written by someone with an astrological perseptive on all these developments. In a way I never expected when I was writing Passion, I ended up being invited to lecture at many universities and colleges, graduate schools and seminaries – sometimes even to give commencement addresses. So, in that sense, the book has become a kind of Trojan horse because it has been embraced by thousands of people who would not regard themselves as being the least bit open to astrology and its possible validity.

  196. alex says:

    Politics 2014: Psycho (psychopath) – Psyche (soul)



    A true psychopath cannot be cured. It is a brain deficiency which you can see under an MRI scan. They are born without empathy and their prime motivation is survival. They get an adrenaline rush from exploiting people and getting away with it. They have to win at all costs.



    Psyche – soul

    2014 – House of Representatives

    House 113TH Congress, Second Session Convened 6:30PM Capitol Building, Majority Leader Eric Cantor

    Chart – Cardinal Grand Cross (psycho-path cardinal cross)

    First Impression:

    Vesta @20 Libra conjunct USA Juno @20 Libra


    Eris @21 Aries conjunct USA Chiron @20 Aries

    DK Lilith (astro.com) @23 Cancer
    Mercury @23 Capricorn
    Venus @23 Capricorn

  197. alex says:

    continued 2014 politics (Psycho – Psyche) USA JUNO @20 Libra, and 2014 – 113TH House Representatives Vesta @20 Libra (determined or devoted focus, in extreme Narcissism)

    The ninth harmonic (novile) shows the future – what we are headed toward, what we are producing, what we are becoming.



    The power and control wheel gives examples of an abusive relationship while the equality wheel gives examples of a healthy relationship.

    House 113TH Congress, Second Session Convened 6:30PM Capitol Building, Majority Leader Eric Cantor

    Chart – Cardinal Grand Cross (psycho-path cardinal cross)

    First Impression:

    Vesta @20 Libra conjunct USA Juno @20 Libra
    Novile energy – the future, what we are becoming


    Eris @21 Aries conjunct USA Chiron @20 Aries

    DK Lilith (astro.com) @23 Cancer (20-22 degrees unassigned yet)
    Mercury @23 Capricorn (20-22 degrees unassigned yet)
    Venus @23 Capricorn (20-22 degrees unassigned yet)

    USA 20 Libra, Juno opposite 20 Aries, USA Chiron
    Juno (power & control in relationships, partnerships)
    Novile energy: USA JUNO @20 Libra has 9TH harmonic ‘partner’ @20 Aries, Chiron

    Noviles are derived from dividing 360° by 9 = 40 degrees. Multiples of this give: bi-novile = 80°; tri-novile = 120°; quad-novile = 160°; quin-novile = 200°; sen-novile = 240°; sept-novile = 280° and oct-novile = 320°. This makes up a nine point star.

    The ‘novile’ degrees of the zodiac

    taken from 0 Aries are:
    10 Taurus;
    20 Gemini;
    0 Leo;
    10 Virgo;
    20 Libra;
    0 Sagittarius;
    10 Capricorn;
    20 Aquarius.

    People with these degrees prominent carry the novile energy regardless of whether they have a novile pattern or not.



    The novile aspect is one ninth of the zodiac, or 40 degrees.

    The Hindu astrologers say that the 9th harmonic is to the birth chart as the fruit is to the tree from which it grows. In other words, the ninth harmonic shows the future – what we are headed toward, what we are producing, what we are becoming.

    The Hindu astrologers also say that the 9th harmonic signifies the marriage partner, and can be thought of as the chart of our ideal mate. It makes sense that the person who we would be most attracted to would carry the same energy as our goals. Just as we are pulled through time toward what we are becoming, we are pulled to people whose energy will help us to become that.

  198. alex says:

    continued 2014 politics (Psycho – Psyche) USA JUNO @20 Libra, and 2014 – 113TH House Representatives Vesta @20 Libra (determined or devoted focus, in extreme Narcissism)

    The ninth harmonic (novile) shows the future – what we are headed toward, what we are producing, what we are becoming.



    The power and control wheel gives examples of an abusive relationship while the equality wheel gives examples of a healthy relationship.

    House 113TH Congress, Second Session Convened 6:30PM Capitol Building, Majority Leader Eric Cantor

    Chart – Cardinal Grand Cross (psycho-path cardinal cross)

    First Impression:

    Vesta @20 Libra conjunct USA Juno @20 Libra
    Novile energy – the future, what we are becoming


    Eris @21 Aries conjunct USA Chiron @20 Aries

    DK Lilith (astro.com) @23 Cancer (20-22 degrees unassigned yet)
    Mercury @23 Capricorn (20-22 degrees unassigned yet)
    Venus @23 Capricorn (20-22 degrees unassigned yet)

    USA 20 Libra, Juno opposite 20 Aries, USA Chiron
    Juno (power & control in relationships, partnerships)
    Novile energy: USA JUNO @20 Libra has 9TH harmonic ‘partner’ @20 Aries, Chiron

    Noviles are derived from dividing 360° by 9 = 40 degrees. Multiples of this give: bi-novile = 80°; tri-novile = 120°; quad-novile = 160°; quin-novile = 200°; sen-novile = 240°; sept-novile = 280° and oct-novile = 320°. This makes up a nine point star.

    The ‘novile’ degrees of the zodiac

    taken from 0 Aries are:
    10 Taurus;
    20 Gemini;
    0 Leo;
    10 Virgo;
    20 Libra;
    0 Sagittarius;
    10 Capricorn;
    20 Aquarius.

    People with these degrees prominent carry the novile energy regardless of whether they have a novile pattern or not.


    The novile aspect is one ninth of the zodiac, or 40 degrees.

    The Hindu astrologers say that the 9th harmonic is to the birth chart as the fruit is to the tree from which it grows. In other words, the ninth harmonic shows the future – what we are headed toward, what we are producing, what we are becoming.

    The Hindu astrologers also say that the 9th harmonic signifies the marriage partner, and can be thought of as the chart of our ideal mate. It makes sense that the person who we would be most attracted to would carry the same energy as our goals. Just as we are pulled through time toward what we are becoming, we are pulled to people whose energy will help us to become that.

  199. alex says:


    Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

    Protecting the Scientific Endeavor

    The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund was established to make sure that legal actions are not viewed as an attack against one scientist or institution but as attacks against the scientific endeavor as a whole. Our goal is simple: let scientists conduct research without the threat of politically motivated attacks.


  200. alex says:

    Powell Memo 1971 & 113TH HR 1/7/2014

    Powell Memo 1971 Vesta @23 Capricorn
    113TH 1/7/2014 Mercury @23 Capricorn, Venus @23 Capricorn

    113TH Psycho-path Cardinal Grand Cross

    Mercury @23 Capricorn, Venus @23 Capricorn
    Eris @21 Aries ( USA CHIRON )
    DK Lilith @23 Cancer
    Vesta @20 Libra ( USA JUNO )

    Powell Memo 1971

    Mutable Grand Cross

    saturn @05 gemini
    mercury @05 virgo
    Neptune @00 Sagittarius (novile degree, the future, what we are becoming)
    pholus @01 pisces

  201. will says:


    It would be a pleasure to meet you for java and Starlight chat (maybe with Mary) in Uptown. Haven’t been to those parts since high school.

    We can probably exchange contact info through Nancy.

    Look forward to connecting in vivo.

  202. B.A. says:


    When asked more broadly if they approve or disapprove of Obamacare, Americans come down on the disapprove side by 54% to 38% – a new record low for ‘approval’.


    This will matter in the next election.

  203. kiwi says:

    Happy New Year everyone – interesting articles all. thanks.

    And I see that BA is still reliably pushing the Obama’s terrible meme

  204. Lorrie U says:

    Kiwi – Yes, and had they called it the ACA they would have had a different percentage. Here’s another example of the lies…

    GOP Senator’s Anti-Obamacare Story Denied By Doctor Who Saved His Daughter’s Life


  205. Sharon Katz says:

    As an introduction to the topic of the article Lorrie just posted about the upcoming SC case whose vote will determine the president’s right to make judicial appointments, the author believes it is likely the Republicans will get back the Senate due to Senate races in states that have become more and more red (including mine but I just cannot see Mary Landrieu voted out, particularly since her brother has done such an amazing job for New Orleans). This is one of my fears. A lot does seem to hinge on what’s happening with the ACA by next November!

  206. Eliseo says:

    Millionaires Are Now the Majority Party in Congress

  207. will says:

    I do not believe the ThinkProgress piece about the Supreme Court undoing this president’s (our) work holds much merit. I think by the time the big transits happen this spring, its going to be a whole new playing field.

    Color me blissfully ignorant.

  208. Helen says:

    Emergency situation in West Virginia as a result of a chemical spill into the Elk river near the capital city of Charleston: nine counties and 300,000 people affected.


    Reuters, AP & Huffington Post:




  209. Helen says:

    Oh really?

    “The water company has had no contact with Freedom Industries, the company that manufactures the spilled chemical. According to McIntyre, the company provided no notice of the spill and hasn’t been in communication with the water company since.”

    After a spill of this nature? Boogles the mind! Where’s the investigation?


  210. alex says:



    Now, I am not an atmospheric scientist. But one thing I have learned well about atmospheric science is that what happens in Earth’s atmosphere, usually happens in other atmospheres. Indeed, there is a polar vortex in every atmosphere — it’s just what happens when there is an atmosphere over a spinning ball. So here’s a little tour of polar vortices in the solar system.

    Mercury has no atmosphere — it has an “exosphere”, which essentially means that although there are molecules moving about in the space above the solid surface, there are too few of them for collisions to take place. Without collisions, you have no wind, no circulation.

    Next out is Venus. Venus has wonderful polar vortices — in fact, there is usually a dipole, a double vortex at each pole. That’s what Pioneer Venus saw, and it’s also what Venus Express usually sees.

    Venus’ south pole

    A view of Venus in the thermal infrared, at a wavelength of 5 microns. The brightest part of the image is the uppermost atmosphere reflecting solar radiation on the dayside of Venus.

    On the nightside, subtle cloud features are visible, especially near the south pole, as thermal radiation is emitted from Venus’ upper atmosphere at an altitude of around 60 kilometers.

  211. will says:


    I can see why you would find the NBC News headline “challenging,” at the least and perhaps even incredulous. I think the pivotal phrase in the article is probably “controlled meltdown.” The Japanese nuclear authorities are (hopefully)going to conduct this experiment in a manner that will not (again, hopefully) allow for hot nuclear substance to contaminate anything outside of the protected laboratorial surround. A loose analogy to this is along the lines of forest firefighters setting “back-fires” to prevent a wildfire to move into high-fuel areas.

    That’s my best shot.