3rd Jan, 2014

January Unleashed

As predicted on this page, the last ten days of December 2013 into the first days of January 2014 brought a spike in upheaval and violence throughout parts of the world, much of which lays the groundwork for increasing turmoil in 2014.  The combined triggers of Mars, the Sun, and Mercury set off numerous volatile power struggles embedded in the ongoing tension of the predominant Uranus/Pluto square.

The clash between the Russian government and the Islamic separatist movement in the North Caucasus suddenly escalated in intensity due to three terrorist attacks in and near Volgograd, Russia, threatening the security of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics,. In addition, cross-border attacks between Israel and Lebanon and between Israel and Gaza, as well as between Lebanon and Syria, all threaten further instability in the already-combustible Middle East.  Moreover, both Lebanon and Iraq are reeling from newly invigorated sectarian violence as they get further drawn into the deepening Sunni/Shiite clash inflamed by the Syrian civil war. Meanwhile, the military-backed government of Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization during this same period, escalating its battle to suppress the religious group, and going so far as to arrest four al Jazeera journalists who were covering the organization.

As we enter 2014, we come immediately to the first New Moon of the year, and, with it, a chart that gives a general picture for the coming month. The January 1 New Moon (10Capricorn57) is within 19 minutes of a conjunction to Pluto (11Capricorn16) and within a degree of a square to Mars (11Libra51).  This chart is a strong indication that many intense and angry clashes will certainly continue unabated for the next four plus weeks.newmoonjan14

Moreover, by January 23, we will move into a profoundly powerful three-month activation of the Uranus/Pluto square, beginning with the Jupiter/Pluto opposition during the last nine days of January and followed by the protracted Jupiter/Uranus square from February 14 through April 20, 2014. Jupiter tends to amplify whatever it touches, and, in particular, is likely to magnify the disruptive and rebellious willingness to break through established boundaries so common under Uranus transits. We can also anticipate unexpected clashes, sudden and powerful weather events, as well as volatile and tumultuous power struggles, given the underlying prevalence of Pluto during this same time-frame. On the positive side, Jupiter/Uranus can also bring about a paradigm shift in global cooperation in exceptional and unique projects such as the collective activity of several countries over the next few months working towards the dismantling of Syria’s chemical weapons, while unprecedentedly utilizing a US military ship at sea for the actual process.

While the US has not been directly involved in the more dramatic events of late December, the Jupiter transit to the US Sun (13Cancer19) from January 15 through January 22 and the progressed US Moon trine to natal Jupiter (5Cancer56) from January 21 to February 21, point to an optimistic and confident expansion of US efforts and determination in some area of the world. This will rapidly move into a protracted USchartperiod of tension, anxiety and political strife, as well as a sense of struggle with some kind of foreign situation, as Pluto moves to oppose the US Sun from February 1 through May 19.  Events are likely to reach a dramatic and fevered pitch during April 2014, when Uranus, Jupiter and Mars join Pluto in hard aspects to the US Sun, sweeping the US into the eye of the swirling storm that is the behemoth power struggle and breathtaking transformation unleashed by the Uranus/Pluto square during its winter/spring 2014 iteration.

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