Christie Crumbles

What has seemed like a non-violent version of The Godfather, Part 4, played out in the news coverage on our TV screens over the past week. The harsh and intensive glare of media scrutiny revealed for us a corrupt world of payback, vendetta and vengeance, otherwise known as the administration of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. The original story was about a plot hatched in the governor’s office to tie up traffic for days in early September in the town of Fort Lee as some form of as-yet-unexplained political retaliation.  The negative impact of this malicious and unhinged  policy decision was suffered by thousands of commuters, hundreds of bus-riding Fort Lee school children, and several unsuspecting citizens in need of the much-delayed emergency services.

It has become apparent, however, that petty, vindictive vendettas are the norm these days in New Jersey, with numerous examples exposed by the media of retribution by Christie’s office against those who refused to support the governor or any of his policies over the past four years. In one story, former governor Richard Codey was suddenly denied his security detail, while a cousin and a former aid were both fired from their jobs, all in response to Codey’s disagreement with Christie over an issue. In addition, several New Jersey politicians were interviewed who described a widespread fear that to go against the governor in any way was to court a potentially crippling reprisal. Barbara Buono, who ran against Christie for the governorship last November, reported that most donors feared giving more than $300 to her campaign because they would lose their anonymity and thereby expose themselves to retaliation. At one point, the mayor of Fort Lee expressed great anxiety about what would happen to him or his city once this story died down. In a later interview, he was delighted to report that Christie had personally promised him that he need fear no negative reprisal. Thank you Don Corleone.

After Christie’s bipartisan landslide victory last November for a second term, his name was frequently mentioned by those looking toward the presidential race of 2016. Truly, it seemed his political ascendance was unstoppable. But that was before the aptly-named Bridge-gate. Now pundits are debating if this is the end of his political rise or if he can even survive this unfolding disaster. Without an accurate birth time, we are, as usual, limited in our prognostications. But it does seem very clear, based on the astrological data we do have, that Christie will not become president in 2016.

Christie’s Moon is in the early degrees of Sagittarius. A birth time within a few hours of dawn would mean that Neptune has been in a square to his Moon roughly from when Hurricane Sandy decimated New Jersey’s shore in late 2012 through Christie’s gargantuan election victory in November 2013. This is essentially the period during which he was seen by many as the most promising GOP frontrunner for 2016. Neptune transits often bring glorified fantasies of great possibilities and achievements which somehow turn to ash when the transit passes, especially if Saturn is active during the aftermath.  A late Leo Ascendant, which puts the Moon at roughly 3 Sagittarius, also puts the IC of the chart at around 22 Scorpio, where the current Saturn station is taking place, from some time in January through April 2014. It should be stressed that this is no more than a guess, not even a chart rectification, but it does fit the current situation of great dreams followed by crashing despair and loss.

What we do have, based on only the birth date of September 6, 1962, in Trenton, New Jersey, is a Uranus transit square to natal Mars (9Cancer35) from mid-December 2013 to early February 2014, and opposite Mercury (9Libra42) from mid-January to mid-February (or throughout January if we use the earlier, guessed birth time). Uranus brings sudden, unexpected, quickly-unfolding events that wake people up to a hitherto hidden reality and change the trajectory in a moment. We can assume from this transit that the currently swirling, rapidly-shifting situation will continue at least through early February.

From mid-February through mid-April 2014, transiting Pluto will move into a stationary trine with Christie’s Sun (13Virgo34), joined briefly by transiting Uranus quincunx his Sun during much of April 2014, with both planets returning to impact his Sun at the end of 2014 and early into 2015. Pluto here describes a building power struggle, especially since it activates the natal Sun (13Virgo34) conjunction to Pluto (9Virgo59) in Christie’s chart. Christie will feel himself involved in a colossal clash, utilizing every effort he can garner, to maintain his position. If that hypothesized Saturn station is also involved, the result is likely to be devastating.

Whatever the outcome of the current struggle over Bridge-gate, the key year of 2016, during which the primaries and then the general election will play out, does not look promising for Christie. January to early February, late April to May and October through early November 2016 will all bring some combination of Saturn opposed to his natal Sun and semisquare his natal Venus (29Libra40) which would seem to wipe out any possibility of victory in 2016. In addition, Saturn will make its station square to his Pluto (9Virgo59) in July and August 2016, during which a newly-crowned candidate will be involved in the early stages of the general campaign and preparing for the Republican Convention. It seems pretty clear to me that Christie will not be that candidate.

As for the present-day abuse-of-power episode in Fort Lee, no one knows quite how it will end. Much depends on whether or not the main characters will tell the full story, perhaps stemming from some kind of immunity deal or plea bargain. On the other hand, they may be given some kind of well-cloaked promise of future employment or monetary gain if they keep their mouths shut. Or they may simply be given an offer they can’t refuse. This is New Jersey, after all.


  1. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Starlight, for another amazing insight into current events. I personally feel Christie’s 2016 hopes were unrealistic even without this unveiling of corruption within his administration. As they say, birds of a feather flock together, so whether he ordered the closure himself or not still points to a frightening collective mindset!

  2. Lorrie U says:

    World’s Greatest Boss Sells Restaurant To Save Employee With Brain Tumor

    One Texas business owner is restoring our faith in humanity with his decision to sell his restaurant to save his employee’s life.

    Gov. Rick Perry refused to expand Medicaid coverage as part of the Affordable Healthcare Act overhaul. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured in the nation. A quarter or 6.2 million Texans are without insurance. Had the great Rick Perry thought about his citizens, instead of his political standing with the teahadists, Brittany Mathis may very well have been covered. Michael De Beyer wouldn’t have felt that he needed to sell his restaurant to save a life.

    The next time Rick Perry boasts about how ’pro-life’ he is, remember Brittany Mathis and all of the people like her in the great state of Texas. Unfortunately there isn’t a Michael De Beyer to save the rest of them.

  3. Lorrie U says:

    Some Folks Say It’s the Beginning of the End for the Christian Right — Dream On, They’re Getting More Powerful

    The Christian Right is seizing control of state legislatures and governors’ mansions while we laugh at Ted Cruz.

  4. virgo says:

    I watched “Up with Steve Kornacki” this morning. He had a guest who theorized that the lane closings were a way for Christie and his operation to “muscle in” on the one billion dollar redevelopment project the democratic Mayor Sokolich had started for Fort Lee.
    Apparently, this also represents Christie’s hardball politics. There are records of town meetings in Fort Lee, with the developers, at the very start of the lane closings, and just after they stopped. This could explain why Mayor Sokoloff was so fearful of retribution when Christie apologized to him recently. His first request of the governor was to promise not to retaliate against Fort Lee or the mayor.

  5. starlight says:

    10 minutes shy of one-degree orb of Jupiter crossing the US Sun, and it is announced that Iran will begin dismantling its nuclear stockpile in a week. Wow! Just wow!

  6. starlight says:

    virgo – I also saw that this morning. Thanks for bringing it up here. Kornaki gave a very plausible reason for the lane closings, far more plausible than the endorsement issue. Maybe Christie wants Fort Lee to use his favorite (translation: donating) contractors, or wants to “muscle in” in some other way. It certainly adds yet another angle. I will be very surprised if Rachel doesn’t cover this new theory in her first story on Monday, and interviews Kornaki in the process.

  7. will says:


    Thank you for explaining the astrology for likely demise of The Crisco Kid. I cannot help but to feel schadenfreude. He always seemed like such the puffed-up turd to me – and his demeaning and brash public admonishments were hardly the stuff of an enlightened or even civil leader.

    On a personal astrological note, I know all-too-well this Neptune fantasy-followed-by-Saturn phenom you write of; I have Neptune/Saturn conjunct within 2-degrees in my first house all in Libra, including ascendant. So often my biggest ambitions and aspirations come floating out like a bigger-than-life Macy’s Parade balloon (Neptune) only to have it popped by an unforeseen spoiler (Saturn).

  8. Francis says:

    Nancy, terrific news on Iran! By looking at USA & Iran charts with transits can you glean anything more? I believe that how this plays out: moving toward diplomacy and peace or further sanctions and military involvement will have a lasting and transformative effect on our world.

  9. angellight says:

    “The Dream of the Cosmos” – A new Vision of Reality! The need to heal the split between spirit and matter and the need for the return of the feminine is one of the most important stories of our present time. As we wake up to our ecological crisis, we sense the imbalance that lies at the root of our culture, the result of our loss of contact with the sacredness of the earth that is the cornerstone of all indigenous cultures. But few have dared to penetrate to the very foundation of this cultural split and to see how it has evolved over the centuries, to comprehend the real depths of the imbalance that now threatens our whole planet. Anne Baring’s extraordinary personal journey has taken her to that deeper vision and understanding. Her book is a testimony to the Feminine; it is the story of what we have lost and what we need to regain.”

    Inspirational interview with Anne Barring, author of Divine Cosmos

  10. Sharon Katz says:

    Good article, Starlight. Maybe I’m wrong about Christie and he won’t bounce back, but while people are gloating over his troubles and demise, we cannot be distracted by this one matter and have to look at the big, long-term picture. What is most disturbing to me is Lorrie’s article about the underhanded, stealthy way the Christian Right (teamed with the Tea Party & funded by the 1%ers)is slowing getting their tentacles on many parts of the country. Politicians are a tough bunch and do use their muscle. Their are stories about Obama’s aides in Chicago, but nothing is more revolting to me than some of the hypocritical Southern Christian Right politicians who couch their iron fist in the most disgusting of polite, Southern velvet gloves. Yech!!! At least with Christie you get someone who is too blunt, honest and open to be able to hide too many of his tactics! My only hope as we move forward and much of the country continues to stay red is to defeat the Christian Right/Tea Party/1% Republicans using the weapons we have in our youth and “minority” voters. Some of the states are becoming more & more liberal in their approach toward gay rights and marijuana while the redest of states will stay firmly red. Maybe there WILL be two U.S.s one day. And, as good as the news sounds about Iran, I really do not trust their ruling cleric and his supporters—I believe there are two sides to this and they will not totally give up their nuclear ambitious.

  11. angellight says:

    Great writing, Starlight. Reads like a novel. Put it on twitter!

  12. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: Your story on the businessman selling his business, is indeed an inspirational story of service & being our brother’s keeper!

    Lawmaker leading Christie probe says scandal is “impeachable offense” if he knew!

  13. barbk says:

    Wow Nancy, what a helluva movie this is gonna make! As for the 2016 elections, I just realized recently that the U.S. progressed retrograde Mercury will be stationing direct around that time.

    Prog. Mercury has been in the U.S. Sibly 2nd house of Values, I’m guessing since 911 at least. Prog. Mercury now sits at 20+ Aquarius where he will station and from this position he sextiles natal U.S. Chiron (20+ Aries) and trines natal U.S. Juno (20+ Libra). If the U.S. has been re-thinking it’s Values for over 10 years or so it is also affecting the U.S. natal opposition between Juno (defender of equality who displays a terrible vengeance when betrayed) and Chiron (teacher and healer who can’t heal himself) and possibly even Chris Christie’s MC if it turns out to be around 20-22 Scorpio (square prog. U.S. Mercury).

    In December 2016, after the elections, transiting Uranus (breakthrough) will oppose transiting Jupiter (greater understanding) and Uranus will be conjunct the U.S. Chiron while Jupiter will be conjunct the U.S. Juno (Jupiter/Zeus and Juno were married in myth). Transiting Saturn (gives form) at 20+ Sagittarius will trine transiting Uranus (and U.S. Chiron) in Aries (action) and sextile transiting Jupiter (and U.S. Juno) in Libra (balance). Could this mean that the new president (and Congress) might bring about a stabilizing of the political picture?

    The progressed U.S. Mercury should be direct by the Winter Solstice in Dec. 2016 so that when the transiting south node conjuncts him at 20 Aquarius by November 2017, it could result in a long hoped for event. If the south node symbolizes releasing what is no longer effective, and if Mercury stationing direct means the review of Values (2nd house of U.S. chart) has finally ended, then might we hope to see a release (south node) of the divisive (opposing tran. Jupiter [+ natal Juno] and trans. Uranus [+ natal Chiron] in solstice chart) nature of the present government bodies so divided in their values, that it could become more stabilized (solstice Saturn)?

    Transiting Saturn will cross the U.S. Sibly chart’s ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) 3 times in 2016, squaring trans. Jupiter and trans. Neptune in the process. That alone will have a sobering effect on the populace. A lunar eclipse that conjuncts transiting Chiron in Pisces which opposes the U.S. Neptune in Virgo (who squares the U.S. Mars in Gemini), and squares transiting Mars in Sagittarius will also have lasting effects. The 7 squares between trans. Uranus and Pluto will have done their work but the reverberations will continue at least until after the elections. It would seem then that voters will be looking toward a government that not only provides experienced leadership, but compassion for the beleaguered, and fair play between the haves and have nots.

  14. Teresa says:

    I recently moved to Texas from Missouri (no choice, no place else to go) and not only have I found it very difficult to find work, I discovered that I can’t even use the ACA for healthcare due to Gov.Perry’s refusal to expand Medicare (I did work part of last year). I am a diabetic and I have been without my meds for more than a month now. I don’t know what to do. I am already starting to suffer from the effects of uncontrolled diabetes.

  15. alex says:

    Re: US rethinking values

    present degree for US Progressed Mercury
    hopeful narrative @20 Aquarius ( novile 9TH harmonic degree, about the future, what headed for, what producing, what becoming )

    9TH Harmonic – Novile degrees

    00 Aries
    10 Taurus
    20 Gemini
    00 Leo
    10 Virgo
    20 Libra
    00 Sagittarius
    10 Capricorn
    20 Aquarius

  16. Bob says: from 131 charater url

    “Here’s a timeline of how the scandal has unfolded:”

    I originally posted the article (it fit) but then decided to just provide the link.

    The article is very thorough showing the almost daily activity in Dec (Christmas eve and Christmas day were spared).

    I have the article saved if it needs to be posted.

  17. Bob says:

    Event dates for Christie

    Elected Nov 3 2009
    Anger Aug 12 2013
    Re-Elected Nov 5 2013
    Attempt to Cover Dec 5 2013
    Email Disclosure Jan 8 2014
    More Revelations Jan 10 2014


    Thurs., Jan 2, 2014, transit Pluto 282°02′ within 1° of Christie’s natal Neptune-Pluto midpoint at 193°02′

    Wed., Jan 8, emails published


    Christie progressed Neptune-Pluto midpoint 8:56 pm, EDT, April 20, 2014 at 194°38′.

    Transit Mars 194°03′ = conjunction
    Transit Moon and Pluto 284°27′ = square
    Transit Jupiter 104°47′ = square
    Transit Uranus at 12°42′ within 000°20′ of opposition to natal Neptune-Pluto midpoint


    Busy progressed Moon was or will be:

    Was conjunct natal Venus at 206°53′

    Conjunct progressed Sun (depends on time of birth) I have a time worked out which seems to fit but I have a feeling it is not right.

    Square progressed Saturn when at 217°35′

    Will Square progressed Mars when at approximately 220°51′

  18. SarahG says:

    Christie Creamed!

  19. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa – How terrible! I knew TX was a cesspool and horrible for women especially, but to not have access to your meds for diabetes is life-threatening! Maybe you could go to the media and contact Pres. Obama. If there is a big enough stink about people’s lives being threatened by TX politics, maybe someone will come in to save the day for you. Are you sure there isn’t anywhere else you can go? Please keep us informed!! Love and prayers for you…

  20. starlight says:

    Teresa – I think Glaxo Smith Klein gives meds to those who can’t afford them. Any chance they make what you need? You could check with the manufacturer whoever they are. They may also have a program. I would also contact Wendy Davis since she is running for governor. Also, don’t ER’s have to give you something, although waiting until it is an emergency is clearly not a very viable solution.

  21. SarahG says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems. I know it must be made harder by being new to an area. Not sure where in Texas you are but I did some googling and came up with a few websites that might be helpful. I’m sure if you talk with a doctor about this or begin calling around you’ll find some help. Best to you:

    How to Get Free Insulin and Other Diabetes Medications –

    How to get the help you need:

  22. ox the cat says:

    Teresa go to they have all the downloads for insulin and just about any other medication you might need. Looks like the insulin Novalog, with a pen, has a 7 day turnaround for a 90 day supply. In the interim clinics can offer a short term supply or as Nancy said go to the ER. I was a licensed clinical social worker when I was able to work and I used this site all the time.

  23. alex says:


    these are patient assistance programs TX – free ( or low cost ) medicine for qualifying patients….

  24. alex says:

    Teresa – continued

  25. will says:


    You go ahead and walk right into an emergency room of-your-choice to get insulin every day, if need be. They cannot turn you down and they can also provide resources. Don’t think twice about it. Charge it to Perry’s account.

    You never have to go without insulin or diabetic medicine – just waltz right in and let them know you are not feeling well, that you are a diabetic and that you cannot get insurance in Texas at this time.

  26. will says:


    Christie Creamed – Ha!

  27. SarahG says:

    Teresa, I agree with Will that you can absolutely get the help you need from a number of sources, not least of which is the emergency room of any hospital. I listed some options I found online here in a post last night but I guess it had too many links in it and so requires the approval of a moderator in order to show up on this page. Such an annoying rule! Anyway, I’m sure it will show up here soon but from the looks of other posts on this page there are even MORE options (and people who care), so I hope to hear from you again soon that you were able to get the help you are looking for. You are not alone and I think once you start looking you’ll find there are lots of caring people around you.

  28. SarahG says:

    The agreement with Iran will be done on the 20th (in Geneva?). I wonder if it’s possible to get a time and chart for that?

  29. SarahG says:

    Let me try that again…
    The pact with Iran was made on November 24th which I guess is the best chart to look at but it will begin implementation on Jan. 20th so I’m not sure if that deserves a separate chart or not.

    By Anne Gearan and Joby Warrick, Published: November 23 | Updated: Sunday, November 24, 10:40 AM E-mail the writers
    GENEVA — Iran and six major powers agreed early Sunday on a historic deal that freezes key parts of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for temporary relief on some economic sanctions.

    The agreement, sealed at a 3 a.m. signing ceremony in Geneva’s Palace of Nations, requires Iran to halt or scale back parts of its nuclear infrastructure, the first such pause in more than a decade.

  30. SarahG says:

    I went back to look at what Starlight wrote about the Iran situation back in Nov. and thought I’d repost it as a refresher –

    …. “Of perhaps greater interest is the coming Jupiter station very near a square with the Iranian Sun from February 1 through March 26, joined by Uranus conjunct the Iranian Sun for its final crossing, from February 16 through March 9. This protracted Jupiter/Uranus square directly impacts the Iranian Sun for much of February and March 2014, and points to a period of great optimism, increased patriotism, renewed hope and a potential for progressive transformation, most likely as a result of the new accord.

    There are other planetary aspects, however, that may point to some difficulties as change (Uranus) attempts to take hold. The progressed Iranian Moon will be conjunct progressed Saturn (7Virgo05) from December 7 through mid-January, followed by the progressed Moon conjunct natal Saturn (8Virgo18) from mid-January to mid-February 2014. It is not impossible to imagine the ongoing partisan struggles in the US, signified by Pluto quincunx President Obama’s Sun (12Leo33) and opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19), endangering this accord. Furthermore, transiting Pluto will return to square the Iranian Sun from July through October 2014, potentially signaling renewed conflict within the government and heightened distrust of other nations, including the US.

    Nonetheless, it seems clear that Iran will be very much in the news from February through March, with events moving at a fast pace and the potential for great transformation very much in the air. The saga of the coming two-month long Jupiter /Uranus square and the swift winds of change it portends will most definitely be casting Iran as one of the main characters.” …..

  31. starlight says:

    Sarah – Thanks for digging that up!!

  32. Teresa Hill says:

    I don’t know who that other Teresa is, but it’s not me.(The long-time poster here. I’m fine.) Just didn’t want you guys to worry about me needlessly. I’m still in South Carolina.

  33. SarahG says:

    The 2014 State of the Union Address will be a speech given by President Barack Obama on Tuesday, January 28, 2014, at 9 p.m., in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives.[1] It will be the last State of the Union address given by the president before the 2014 midterm elections.

  34. Noelle says:

    So, what do the planets, say about Jan. 28, 2014 at 9 P.M.?

  35. Lorrie U says:

    I guess Christie really is this petty…

    Records Show Christie Administration Canceled Meetings After Jersey City Mayor Didn’t Endorse

    Documents Back Up Jersey City Mayor’s Claim that He Was Cut Off

  36. Lorrie U says:

    What a surprise…

    WV: Freedom Industries Has Ties to Koch Brothers

    If news reports have left you with the impression that Freedom Industries – the company that has contaminated the water supply serving 300,000 people (and who knows how much wildlife) in nine West Virginia counties – is a rinky-dink Charleston operation, that might be because the media isn’t mentioning its influential ties.

    In 2008, Freedom Industries was specially selected by Georgia-Pacific Chemicals as a distributor of G-P’s Talon brand mining reagents for West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Kentucky and Michigan.

    Georgia-Pacific Chemicals is, of course, a subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific, which was acquired by Koch Industries in 2005.

  37. Francis says:

    Larry Schwimmer’s 2014 astro predictions which kinda echo some of Bob’s predictions about the upcoming elections:

  38. alex says:

    thxs for link to schwimmer predictions


    The nature of this Uranus-Pluto cycle is that behind the scenes – world leaders, politicians, corporations and powerful individuals are suppressing knowledge and information for their own benefit.

    They want to control events to their own advantage. With Pluto in sign of Capricorn expect more “big secrets” to be revealed, causing outrage, revolt and talk of impeachment.

    Canadian Conservative government orders closure of Science Libraries and the destruction of the library science book collections – no remedy – no recourse – no notice;

    In addition, the Harper government has forced hundreds of researchers and Coast Guard workers to be laid off. Harper has dismantled a marine contaminants program, closed the Kitsilano (Vancouver) Coast Guard station which is reportedly the first line of defense against oil spills.

    Science Library Closures

    Post Media News has obtained a document stamped “SECRET” which exposes the closure or destruction of more than half a dozen world famous science libraries and countless scientific documents that they contain.

    The destruction and burning of documents has little if anything to do with digitizing the books and documents for cost savings as claimed by the Harper government.

    A DFO scientist anonymously told The Tyee, “The cuts were carried out in great haste apparently in order to meet some unknown agenda.

    No records have been provided with regard to what material has been dumped or the value of this public property.

    No formal attempt was made to transfer material to libraries of existing academic institutions.”

    reported per Pakalolo DailyKos Diary

  39. alex says:

    Prosperina – US Federal Reserve Chart, 12/23/1913 DC
    (time 18:02 UT, House System – Krusinski)

    Proserpina @26 Pisces – trine – Neptune @27 Cancer

    US Federal Reserve

    House System
    Bogdan Krusinski

    NEPTUNE: masculine passivity and PROSERPINA: feminine passivity and sublime/altered states sublime/altered states, per cafeastrology Iris report

    Proserpina, keywords: separation, separatists; transition; job change; personal growth; rites of passage; marriage; adolescent crisis

  40. alex says:

    US Federal Reserve continued – Prosperina

    Bootes Hart (Noon Chart) US Fed Reserve

  41. alex says:

    Prosperina – US Federal Reserve, continued

    Financial Astrology (mundane, geopolitical astrology) Prosperina (SEED CORN) Prosperina (TRANSITIONS)

    Fed Reserve Chart Prosperina – conjunct – Fed Reserve Juno

    Fed Reserve Prosperina @26 Pisces trine Fed Reserve Neptune @27 Cancer opposite USA Pluto @27 Capricorn

    Fed Reserve Juno @25 Pisces ( balance of power & control issues in relationships, partnerships; vengence if betrayed )

    Proserpina signifies the seed-corn which is cast to the ground (carried to the Underworld) and reappears in spring (restored to her mother).

    The asteroid Proserpina 26, discovered on 5 May 1853 by the German astronomer Robert Luther, is named after this goddess.

    Martha Lang-Wescott analysis

    “Proserpina shows: the inner/other life of the child (away from the mother) or conflicts between parents or family and partner. It can also show examples of shared custody or loss of & separation from children.

    Proserpina deal with experiences away from home and family; they show what happen when “mother’s not there to take care of you”[…] it’s your experience of being away from the family and what makes you “different” from other family members. […] deal with life passages – time when you must “leave” one place and go to another; the asteroids address what impels these transitions, as well as how you handle them. They can indicate “separation anxiety”.[…]”

    Mechanics of the Future – Asteroids, 1988

    We can see that mythology and astrology have a similar view about Proserpina because both deals with the concept of separation from home. It is related with what is happening when you (are forced to) leave family, with periods when you feel alone, like a stranger. We can observe though, that the similarities end here and we can’t go further with our analogy to reach images like abduction, destruction, fertility, death.

  42. alex says:

    US Federal Reserve Neptune @26 Cancer (Cancer – financial astrology – real estate)

    Some issues Financial Neptune:

    patents GMO food – SCOTUS 2013 and future cases (21C redefinition of valuation)

    copyright cases in media/broadcasting (21C redefinition of valuation)

    Neptune, copyrights and patents, selling and creativity, oil and gas (petro dollars), minerals

  43. alex says:

    1/15/2014 Cancer Full Moon @26 Cancer – Sun @26 Capricorn


    US Fed Reserve Neptune @27 Cancer

    T/MO @26 Cancer – Fed Neptune (MO/NE)

    T/SU @26 Capricorn – USA Pluto (SU/PL)

  44. Lorrie U says:

    Francis – Enjoyed the Schwimmer predictions (I likey!). Thanks for posting!

    Alex – Disturbing about Canada’s actions in destroying valuable data!

  45. Sharon Katz says:

    Thanks for the Larry Schwimmer astrological predictions, Francis…thought they were pretty interesting and in line with what Starlight has been saying.

  46. Lorrie U says:

    BREAKING: What The Newest Obamacare Numbers Mean For The Health Law

    Just under 80 percent of the 2.2 million people who have chosen plans qualify for federal subsidies, and one in four are aged 18 and 34 — a figure that’s expected to go up as youth enrollment spiked in December.

  47. alex says:

    April 5-6, 2014 Transiting Mercury @26 Pisces


    US Fed Reserve Proserpina @26 Pisces (seed corn = reserve currency = petro dollars, transitions)

    September 20, 2014 Traniting Sun @26 Virgo


    US Fed Reserve Proserpina @26 Pisces

  48. alex says:

    Lorrie –

    Fahrenheit 451- (themes)


    Mass Media

    Much of Fahrenheit 451 is devoted to depicting a future United States society bombarded with messages and imagery by an omnipresent mass media.

    Instead of the small black-and-white TV screens common in American households in 1953 (the year of the book’s publication), the characters in the novel live their lives in rooms with entire walls that act as televisions.

    These TVs show serial dramas in which the viewer’s name is woven into the program and the viewer is able to interact with fictional characters called “the relatives” or “the family.”

    Scenes change rapidly, images flash quickly in bright colors, all of it designed to produce distraction and fascination. When not in their interactive TV rooms, many characters, including Guy Montag’s wife Mildred, spend much of their time with “Seashell ear thimbles” in their ears—miniature radio receivers that play constant broadcasts of news, advertisements, and music, drowning out the real sounds of the world.

    Throughout the novel, Bradbury portrays mass media as a veil that obscures real experience and interferes with the characters’ ability to think deeply about their lives and societal issues.

    Bradbury isn’t suggesting that media other than books couldn’t be enriching and fulfilling. As Faber tells Montag, “It isn’t books you need, it’s some of the things that once were in books…. The same infinite detail and awareness could be projected through the radios and televisors, but are not.”

    In an interview marking the fiftieth anniversary of the novel’s publication, Bradbury indicated that some of his fears about mass media had been realized. “We bombard people with sensation,” he said, “That substitutes for thinking.”


    Books are banned in the society depicted in Fahrenheit 451. When they’re found, they’re burned, along with the homes of the books’ owners.

    But it’s important to remember that in the world of this novel, the suppression of books began as self-censorship. As Beatty explains to Montag, people didn’t stop reading books because a tyrannical government forced them to stop. They stopped reading books gradually over time as the culture around them grew faster, shallower, intellectually blander, and centered around minor thrills and instant gratification.

    In such a culture, books became shorter, magazine and newspaper articles became simpler, cartoon pictures and television became more prevalent, and entertainment replaced reflection and debate.

    Another factor that contributes to the growth of censorship in Fahrenheit 451 are minorities and what we might call “special interest groups.”

    In order not to offend every imaginable group and sub-group—whether organized around ethnicity, religion, profession, geography, or affinity—every trace of controversy slowly vanished from public discourse, and magazines became “a nice blend of vanilla tapioca.”

    In time, the word “intellectual” became a swear word, and books came to be seen as a dangerous means for one person to lord his or her knowledge and learning over someone else. Books, and the critical thinking they encouraged, became seen as a direct threat to equality.

    By making widespread censorship a phenomenon that emerges from the culture itself—and not one that is simply imposed from above by the government—Bradbury is expressing a concern that the power of mass media can ultimately suppress free speech as thoroughly as any totalitarian regime.

    Conformity vs. Individuality

    Pleasure-seeking and distraction are the hallmarks of the culture in which Montag lives. Although these may sound like a very self-serving set of values, the culture is not one that celebrates or even tolerates a broad range of self-expression.

    Hedonism and mindless entertainment are the norm, and so long as the people in the society of Fahrenheit 451 stick to movies and sports and racing their cars, pursuits that require little individual thought, they’re left alone by society.

    However, whenever individuals start to question the purpose of such a life, and begin to look for answers in books or the natural world and express misgivings, they become threats. Their questions and actions might cause others to face the difficult questions that their culture is designed to distract them from.

    For that reason, in the society of Fahrenheit 451 people who express their individuality find themselves social outcasts at best, and at worst in real danger.

    Human brains wired for positive living

    The human brain is wired for positive living, with well-developed pleasure centres. Using the latest imaging technology you can watch someone’s brain activity change as he or she feels happy or sad. So what happens when we use plant extracts and other substances to activate these pleasure centres? Is psychological dependency inevitable?

  49. SarahG says:

    Israel defense minister says Kerry messianic, obsessive: paper

    (Reuters) – Israel’s defense minister called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s quest for Israeli-Palestinian peace “messianic”, a newspaper said on Tuesday, reporting what it described as remarks made behind closed doors.

    Moshe Yaalon’s spokesman declined comment on the account in Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s biggest-selling newspaper.

    “Secretary of State John Kerry – who has come to us determined and is acting out of an incomprehensible obsession and a messianic feeling – cannot teach me a single thing about the conflict with the Palestinians,” Yaalon was quoted as saying.

    “The only thing that can save us is if Kerry wins the Nobel prize and leaves us alone.”

  50. SarahG says:

    IAEA says Iran asked for nuclear talks postponement to February 8

    (Reuters) – The U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Tuesday a planned meeting with Iran next week to discuss steps meant to ease concerns over its nuclear program has been pushed back to February 8 at Tehran’s request.

    The International Atomic Energy Agency did not say why Tehran asked for a delay. But the original date, January 21, is just a day after Iran and big powers are to start implementing an interim deal on curbing Iranian nuclear activity, suggesting a busy agenda in coming days may have led to the postponement.

    The IAEA has been tasked with checking that Iran carries out its end of the six-month preliminary accord, so the U.N. agency is also facing an extra workload.

    The IAEA-Iran negotiations that have now been postponed are separate from – albeit still closely aligned with – broader, high-level diplomacy between Tehran and six world powers over Iran’s nuclear program.

  51. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Common Cause

    Bad news. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals just struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet (“net neutrality”) rules that guarantee free speech online.

    The upshot of the decision is that Internet Service Providers like Verizon and Comcast now have permission to censor access to the sites and services you rely on every day.

  52. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Yes, Verizon and Comcast are right-wing owned. Goes to your post re. Fahr. 451. Keep us dumbed-down and don’t search for alternative answers or we’ll shut you down and limit your access to what we approve of. Reminds me of how the early catholic church killed all the Cathars and destroyed their books because it contradicted what they wanted people to think.

    “…in the society of Fahrenheit 451 people who express their individuality find themselves social outcasts at best, and at worst in real danger.” Well, welcome to Fahrenheit 451 where progressive thought is vilified and those who question religion are demonized.

    Great post! Thanks.

  53. Helen says:

    Article in Huffington Post on how ALL the Sunday shows ignored the ongoing environmental disaster in West Virginia:

    “Some 300,000 residents of West Virginia are without safe drinking water this weekend after 7,500 gallons of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol leaked into the Elk River. It’s a news story of great importance to ordinary human Americans, and so let’s round up all of the coverage the Sunday shows gave to one of the most significant (and potentially scandalous) environmental disasters in America since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

    Oh, yeah, there was none.”

    Of course, no conspiracy here to keep us in the dark!

  54. Eliseo says:

    Another school shooting.
    12-year-old boy opens fire at NM school; 2 wounded

    When will we begin dealing honestly with the deep alienation of our adolescent youth?

  55. Niki says:

    Thanks for all the interesting comments. I love reading starlight news. Does anybody have experience or thoughts about solar returns? Does flying to a different location make a big difference in changing the year? If you already live in a relocated place,does that chart count more than your birth place location? I am looking forward to your responses.

  56. alex says:

    Today at 3:37 PM

    What just happened is a travesty. And it’s going to do irreparable damage to millions of lives and the economy.

    Senate Republicans just voted against a bill that would have reinstated long-term unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans — including more than 200,000 military veterans — even after Democrats agreed to offset the costs to meet Republican demands. Harvard economist Lawrence Katz says that the denial of these benefits will cost the economy up to $1 billion a week. Yep, billion with a B.

    As Salon’s Brian Beutler argued recently, it’s almost as if Republicans want to sabotage the economy to take back the Senate in this November’s election.

  57. alex says:

    Kissinger – rectified horoscope
    Placidus House System

    Natal Incarnation Air Chart, Singleton Element Earth
    Venus @06 Taurus (galvanizing, polarizing point)

    Venus @06 Taurus (3RD House)
    semi-sextile (medical astrology semi-sextile, illness, not at ease, mercury and venus at odds with each other)
    Mercury @07 Gemini (5TH House)

    First Impressions:

    MC @12 Scorpio conjunct Jupiter @11 Scorpio (9TH House, Most Elevated Planet)

    Psyche @09 Scorpio cnj Jupiter @11 Scorpio, MC @12SC
    Pluto @09 Cancer (7TH House)

    Strong>Eris @00 Aries-2HOUSE (Novile degree, the future, what he became)
    QD Quindecile 165 degrees (intensely obsessive compulsive)
    Neptune @15 Leo (8TH HOUSE)

    ASC @09 Capricorn

    Natal Grand Earth Trine

    Asc @09 Capricorn
    Vesta @09 Virgo (8TH House)
    Venus @06 Taurus (3RD House)

    Pluto @09 Cancer (7TH House) cnj DES @09 Cancer
    Juno @13 Cancer (7TH House, balance of power & control in relationships, partnerships; vengence if betrayed)
    conjunct USA Sun @13 Cancer


    Ceres @13 Aquarius (1ST House, best way to care for self)

  58. alex says:

    Kissinger rectificed natal chart – continued

    Eris @00 Aries-2HOUSE (Novile degree, the future, what he became)
    QD Quindecile 165 degrees (intensely obsessive compulsive)
    Neptune @15 Leo (8TH HOUSE)

    Natal 5TH House (pleasure of being alive per Dana Gerhardt)

    Malignant Narcissist

    Sisyphus @03 Gemini
    Sun @04 Gemini
    Mercury @07 Gemini


    Vesta @09 Virgo (extreme Narcissism)

  59. Bob says:

    Christie’s natal Neptune-Pluto midpoint at 193°02?, Christie progressed Neptune-Pluto midpoint at 194°38?. That’s 13 and 14 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Extend the orb before and after by your choice for effectiveness for transiting planets.

  60. Bob says:


    I do not think anyone has enough life experience to give you a definitive answer regarding your relocation question. Any person’s personal experience is likely to involve a small number of charts at best. A much larger study, numbering in the hundreds at least and preferably in the thousands, would give you an answer you might trust as accurate.

    My experience (about a dozen locations) has been that the chart is effective for where you are not where you were on your birthday or where your birth location might have been. Except for aspects to the angles, all aspects between planets will still be present and be visited by transits on the same day during the year. The only difference will be the days the progressed angles of the solar return aspect return planets.

  61. tetramorph says:

    Speaking of censorship:

    DirectTV drops The Weather Channel…

    “I obviously cannot offer an unbiased opinion on DIRECTV’s decision to dump The Weather Channel, but think this is probably a bad thing… I’ve never seen the coverage from WeatherNation, the replacement for The Weather Channel on DIRECTV, and do not know if they have plans to do any climate change coverage as part of their programming. If not, this will mean there are now 20 million people seeing less climate change coverage, at a time when The Weather Channel is actively expanding their climate change coverage, and at a time when society greatly needs as much awareness of how our climate is changing as possible.” — Jeff Masters

  62. alex says:


    Bring in your prescription, and you can get some antibiotics for free at several pharmacies, including those at Giant Eagle, Meijer, Publix, Schnucks and ShopRite.

    You can also get free prenatal vitamins at Meijer, Shoprite and Schnucks. Publix, Price Chopper and ShopRite stores give out free diabetes medications and supplies.

  63. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Food Democracy Now

    With votes on GMO labeling bills coming up soon in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York, biotech and Big Food lobbyists are trying to kill these efforts behind the scenes in DC.

    This plan is so devious that it radically speeds up the approval process for new GMO crops, limits the FDA and USDA’s ability to extend premarket safety reviews, declares GMO foods “safe” and redefines genetically engineered foods as “bioengineered” in order to sanitize this deeply flawed technology to the American public.

    Make no mistake about it, this is an outrageous power grab to deny Americans their basic right to GMO labeling and protect flawed GMO products – and we can’t allow them to get away with it.

  64. Patty says:

    Thanks Nancy, Christie has such a mutable Chart, I worry that he’ll just roll-with-the-punches and come out smelling like a rose.
    He’s the one of the few Republicans many Dems thought worthy of voting for.
    Word is, Romney considered C.C. for VP, but rejected him after learning of his spiteful temperament.

  65. Sharon Katz says:

    Thanks for the “privacy tools” link, Lorrie, and, Patty, whether or not Christie wiggles out of this or not (and, in the scheme of things, Bridgegate doesn’t sound so significant), we are going to have a problem with whomever the Republicans run because they are going to do what they usually do to try to win an election – pull out all stops. But if “Obamacare” continues to do well, they will have a problem!

  66. starlight says:

    You know Christie is in trouble when his idol, Bruce Springsteen, does a song about Bridge Gate.

  67. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon Katz – I think Bridgegate is a big deal in the larger sense. It’s no longer just about inconveniencing many people, it’s about intimidation and misuse of political power in a vindictive and purposeful way. There’s no way these people would have done such actions unless they knew it was condoned by the man himself.

  68. barbk says:

    What if Christie was born around 7 PM and had Jupiter in Pisces on the ascendant (possibly indicating an entitlement attitude as well as weight issues)? It would put his Moon at about 10 Sagittarius near the MC, as well as the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius(associated with an irresistible and insatiable gravitational pull). 1st house Jupiter would be the ruler his 10th house of career.

    November’s solar eclipse (11+ Scorpio) fell exactly on his natal Neptune and if Neptune were the ruler of the chart (ruler of Pisces ascendant) and Neptune landed in his 9th house of law, it could manifest just as his current situation has.

    Christie’s Sun-Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the 7th house (or straddling that cusp or even partly in the 6th house) could symbolize his heavy-handed approach to partnership or his way of working in across-the-aisle-cooperation.

    Transiting Pluto would probably now be in his 11th house of friends and/or groups of associates and they seem to be abandoning him. Possibly transiting Neptune is on his ascendant right now. Possibly transiting Chiron is square his Moon near the MC.

  69. Sharon Katz says:

    It’s a big deal to those who are genuinely ethical, Lorrie, but I’m not so sure about some of these brainwashed voters who see what they want to see and close their eyes to the rest! Can’t help it – I’m so skeptical about the ethics of so many of the “good people” of this country – they have so many double standards and so much hypocracy.

  70. will says:

    Uranus in Action in American Culture
    This Frontline presentation really brings it all back into focus. Well done.

    The American Experience 1964

  71. alex says:


    I wondered and hoped that you’d weigh in on Christie’s chart –

    Jupiter at ASC (weight issues) spot on!

    – I think you have made a strong argument for a Pisces ASC 7 PM birth…. I’ve been looking at noon moon chart wondering if he had 10 degree Sagittarius Moon potent 9TH House vertex for a grand natal fire trine.. which I think would bring that significant element and aspect in his chart into tight focus….

    ask Lorrie (numerologist) is she supports my working idea used for many years (it tests well for men ) that the tenth degree is (one of several various and certain degrees )that indicate innate natural LEADERSHIP)

    if his charisma is symbolized by natal Neptune @11 Scorpio in 8TH house experiencing the SE in November at same degree inscribed the issue of the conditions & circumstances involving his personal charisma and image likely undergoing upsetting sudden changes;

    Grand Fire Trine

    9TH House Moon (7PM) @10 Sagittarius
    Eris @10 Aries
    Ceres @08 Leo

    all the planet notations (natal and transit) in your comment makes sense to me;

    Transit Neptune (transit chiron) Pisces 12H
    opposite 6TH House Uranus @01 Virgo (out of house stellium with Pluto @10 Virgo ( natural house novile degree, which suggests the future, what he would become in this natal incarnation)

    then the future dates 3/4/2014 & 10/10 2014 would bring the natural novile fire degrees Zero ARIES & ZERO LEO into play in his natal charge via:

    Transiting Juno @00 Aries 3/4/2014 (novile degree )

    sesqui-quadrate (discussion of this aspect)

    6TH HOUSE (important natal point of focus)

    the Novile degrees ( the future, what he is becoming) come into play again on 10/10/2014 with Transiting Juno @00 Leo (15 degree minor aspect, ‘it will get done’) to 6TH House Juno15LE, Vesta15LE

  72. alex says:

    oops correction –

    should read….natal CERES @09 degrees leo

  73. barbk says:

    Wow alex, thanks for the asteroids. . .hadn’t gotten that far yet. That grand trine in fire (Moon, Eris, Ceres conjunct the north node), and now I see his Chiron in Pisces (8+ retrograde) conjunct Jupiter (and possibly his ascendant) and trine Mars, would make for a very sensitive (to perceived slights) person. Ceres too, in myth, wasn’t above retaliating when wronged.

    With natal Eris (discord) in the mix it would add to the retaliation-revenge quotient that having transiting Juno (jealousy) on the (possible) ascendant this month conjunct natal Jupiter-trine-Mars and opposite Sun-Pluto-Uranus would encourage.

    Transiting Juno was playing a key role when that email was sent by Bridget Anne Kelly “time for some traffic problems. . “. At 9+ Aquarius retrograde, she was opposite trans. Mercury and square the trans. nodes and quincunx trans. Jupiter at 10+ Cancer. If we add in Christie’s natal Pluto at 10+ Virgo which trans. Jupiter was sextiling, it would put Juno (revenge when betrayed) at the apex of a yod. Fascinating. Mr. Christie will have to develop a thicker skin if he is to survive the brutal arena of presidential campaigning.

  74. barbk says:

    . . . and transiting Juno at the apex of that yod would have been opposite Christie’s natal Ceres in Leo. So you know what Ceres did when the gods wouldn’t help her find her daughter, she punished the People by not providing food.

    This guy is a astrological lesson (in 3D!) all by himself.

  75. alex says:

    – the email…. transits… what close active aspect for transiting Juno!

    yeah if i was writing a book on natal charts his would be featured;

    he is not cancelling fundraising for eventual primary run and
    the GOP/ base is notorious to go contrary; when the GOP/persona gets tagged for crimes or scandal the base and from within GOP inside politic will ELEVATE that person’s status not lower it….

  76. starlight says:

    New post up because I will be away until next week: