12th Jan, 2014

Christie Crumbles

What has seemed like a non-violent version of The Godfather, Part 4, played out in the news coverage on our TV screens over the past week. The harsh and intensive glare of media scrutiny revealed for us a corrupt world of payback, vendetta and vengeance, otherwise known as the administration of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. The original story was about a plot hatched in the governor’s office to tie up traffic for days in early September in the town of Fort Lee as some form of as-yet-unexplained political retaliation.  The negative impact of this malicious and unhinged  policy decision was suffered by thousands of commuters, hundreds of bus-riding Fort Lee school children, and several unsuspecting citizens in need of the much-delayed emergency services.

It has become apparent, however, that petty, vindictive vendettas are the norm these days in New Jersey, with numerous examples exposed by the media of retribution by Christie’s office against those who refused to support the governor or any of his policies over the past four years. In one story, former governor Richard Codey was suddenly denied his security detail, while a cousin and a former aid were both fired from their jobs, all in response to Codey’s disagreement with Christie over an issue. In addition, several New Jersey politicians were interviewed who described a widespread fear that to go against the governor in any way was to court a potentially crippling reprisal. Barbara Buono, who ran against Christie for the governorship last November, reported that most donors feared giving more than $300 to her campaign because they would lose their anonymity and thereby expose themselves to retaliation. At one point, the mayor of Fort Lee expressed great anxiety about what would happen to him or his city once this story died down. In a later interview, he was delighted to report that Christie had personally promised him that he need fear no negative reprisal. Thank you Don Corleone.

After Christie’s bipartisan landslide victory last November for a second term, his name was frequently mentioned by those looking toward the presidential race of 2016. Truly, it seemed his political ascendance was unstoppable. But that was before the aptly-named Bridge-gate. Now pundits are debating if this is the end of his political rise or if he can even survive this unfolding disaster. Without an accurate birth time, we are, as usual, limited in our prognostications. But it does seem very clear, based on the astrological data we do have, that Christie will not become president in 2016.

Christie’s Moon is in the early degrees of Sagittarius. A birth time within a few hours of dawn would mean that Neptune has been in a square to his Moon roughly from when Hurricane Sandy decimated New Jersey’s shore in late 2012 through Christie’s gargantuan election victory in November 2013. This is essentially the period during which he was seen by many as the most promising GOP frontrunner for 2016. Neptune transits often bring glorified fantasies of great possibilities and achievements which somehow turn to ash when the transit passes, especially if Saturn is active during the aftermath.  A late Leo Ascendant, which puts the Moon at roughly 3 Sagittarius, also puts the IC of the chart at around 22 Scorpio, where the current Saturn station is taking place, from some time in January through April 2014. It should be stressed that this is no more than a guess, not even a chart rectification, but it does fit the current situation of great dreams followed by crashing despair and loss.

What we do have, based on only the birth date of September 6, 1962, in Trenton, New Jersey, is a Uranus transit square to natal Mars (9Cancer35) from mid-December 2013 to early February 2014, and opposite Mercury (9Libra42) from mid-January to mid-February (or throughout January if we use the earlier, guessed birth time). Uranus brings sudden, unexpected, quickly-unfolding events that wake people up to a hitherto hidden reality and change the trajectory in a moment. We can assume from this transit that the currently swirling, rapidly-shifting situation will continue at least through early February.

From mid-February through mid-April 2014, transiting Pluto will move into a stationary trine with Christie’s Sun (13Virgo34), joined briefly by transiting Uranus quincunx his Sun during much of April 2014, with both planets returning to impact his Sun at the end of 2014 and early into 2015. Pluto here describes a building power struggle, especially since it activates the natal Sun (13Virgo34) conjunction to Pluto (9Virgo59) in Christie’s chart. Christie will feel himself involved in a colossal clash, utilizing every effort he can garner, to maintain his position. If that hypothesized Saturn station is also involved, the result is likely to be devastating.

Whatever the outcome of the current struggle over Bridge-gate, the key year of 2016, during which the primaries and then the general election will play out, does not look promising for Christie. January to early February, late April to May and October through early November 2016 will all bring some combination of Saturn opposed to his natal Sun and semisquare his natal Venus (29Libra40) which would seem to wipe out any possibility of victory in 2016. In addition, Saturn will make its station square to his Pluto (9Virgo59) in July and August 2016, during which a newly-crowned candidate will be involved in the early stages of the general campaign and preparing for the Republican Convention. It seems pretty clear to me that Christie will not be that candidate.

As for the present-day abuse-of-power episode in Fort Lee, no one knows quite how it will end. Much depends on whether or not the main characters will tell the full story, perhaps stemming from some kind of immunity deal or plea bargain. On the other hand, they may be given some kind of well-cloaked promise of future employment or monetary gain if they keep their mouths shut. Or they may simply be given an offer they can’t refuse. This is New Jersey, after all.

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