25th Jan, 2014

Brutal January

The Polar Vortex is back, having blanketed much of the eastern half of the country in snow and slamming it with a prolonged frigid blast of arctic temperature direct from the North Pole. As mentioned just before the first time this weird climate contortion came stomping on our lives, the New Moon this month, which impacts roughly from Januarynewmoonjan14 1 through January 30, is particularly stressful. It depicts a month of great tension and agitation, colored by an intense feeling of struggle against an overwhelmingly strong adversary, either in the form of a brutal and relentless weather pattern or an actual, guns a ’blazing enemy. While a large swath of the US has been battling a blistering and wide-reaching storm followed by days of glacial temperatures, Iraq has been erupting in what looks like an increasingly brutal civil war, and anti-government demonstrations in the Ukraine have been mushrooming into a convulsive civil upheaval.

In the Ukraine chart, the January 1 New Moon (10Capriorn57) fell within a degree of ukraineUranus (10Capricorn06), thereby stimulating the willingness to rebel against perceived oppression and unjust constraints for the entire month.  Even more dramatic, transiting Uranus is now moving into a square with its natal position (10Capricorn06) from January 22 through February 17, likely to further this movement against perceived tyranny. With progressed Mars currently square to the Ukrainian natal Uranus, the potential for violence and explosive events in this configuration becomes very potent.

Also of note in the Ukrainian chart, transiting Saturn is currently square to the natal Moon (22Aquarius09), from January 11 through January 25, and returning for most of March through April 9, 2014. This aspect points to the people feeling oppressed, anxious, and unhappy. The government’s extremely aggressive response to their initially peaceful demonstrations seems likely to be the source of this dark mood.

Moreover, the progressed Moon in the Ukrainian chart will move into a square with natal Mars (25Virgo05) from February 4, peaking on March 4, coinciding with a portion of the Uranus transit square to natal Uranus mentioned above.  This combination suggests that the people (the Moon) will be particularly angry and engaged during this time. It is hard to see the situation calming down before early to mid-March, at which point the returning Saturn transit square the natal Moon indicates repressive and aggressive government tactics rather than more democratic negotiations determining the final outcome.

To further this narrative, we find that Ukrainian President Victor Yanakovych has Mars at yanakovych12Libra04 (using generic noon time), in direct line of the massively strengthening energy of the cardinal cross, building in early 2014 and the continuing Uranus/Pluto square through the year. This is greatly stimulating his aggression, anger, and willingness to commit violent acts. His natal chart already indicates a very strong Mars, due to its square to the Sun (16Cancer34) and Mercury (14Cancer24). In addition, Neptune’s (14Libra37) conjunction to Mars and square to the Sun and Mercury indicate grandiose posturing and self-delusion.

The current round of tension shows up in Yanakovych’s chart with Pluto in square to natal Mars (12Libra04) from December 26 through January 25. This is being followed by Jupiter square natal Mars from January 23 through February 2. In the designated period in March, when Saturn returns to square the Ukrainian Moon pointing to great stress and repression among the people, transiting Uranus will oppose Yanakovych’s Mars, suggesting his heightened combativeness during that time.

Moreover, with Pluto returning to square Yanakovych’s natal Mars in June and July 2014, as well as transiting Uranus and Pluto coming into aspect with his natal Sun in 2015 and 2016, and progressed Sun moving to square natal Mars from mid-2015 through mid-2016, it is hard to see Yanakovych going into any kind of retirement in the immediate future. And with Vladimir Putin’s Sun (13Libra55) also in direct line of many of the same transits and in conjunction with Yanakovych’s Mars, the embattled president of the Ukraine may get significant help from his northern neighbor in his quest to remain in power.

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