Brutal January

The Polar Vortex is back, having blanketed much of the eastern half of the country in snow and slamming it with a prolonged frigid blast of arctic temperature direct from the North Pole. As mentioned just before the first time this weird climate contortion came stomping on our lives, the New Moon this month, which impacts roughly from Januarynewmoonjan14 1 through January 30, is particularly stressful. It depicts a month of great tension and agitation, colored by an intense feeling of struggle against an overwhelmingly strong adversary, either in the form of a brutal and relentless weather pattern or an actual, guns a ’blazing enemy. While a large swath of the US has been battling a blistering and wide-reaching storm followed by days of glacial temperatures, Iraq has been erupting in what looks like an increasingly brutal civil war, and anti-government demonstrations in the Ukraine have been mushrooming into a convulsive civil upheaval.

In the Ukraine chart, the January 1 New Moon (10Capriorn57) fell within a degree of ukraineUranus (10Capricorn06), thereby stimulating the willingness to rebel against perceived oppression and unjust constraints for the entire month.  Even more dramatic, transiting Uranus is now moving into a square with its natal position (10Capricorn06) from January 22 through February 17, likely to further this movement against perceived tyranny. With progressed Mars currently square to the Ukrainian natal Uranus, the potential for violence and explosive events in this configuration becomes very potent.

Also of note in the Ukrainian chart, transiting Saturn is currently square to the natal Moon (22Aquarius09), from January 11 through January 25, and returning for most of March through April 9, 2014. This aspect points to the people feeling oppressed, anxious, and unhappy. The government’s extremely aggressive response to their initially peaceful demonstrations seems likely to be the source of this dark mood.

Moreover, the progressed Moon in the Ukrainian chart will move into a square with natal Mars (25Virgo05) from February 4, peaking on March 4, coinciding with a portion of the Uranus transit square to natal Uranus mentioned above.  This combination suggests that the people (the Moon) will be particularly angry and engaged during this time. It is hard to see the situation calming down before early to mid-March, at which point the returning Saturn transit square the natal Moon indicates repressive and aggressive government tactics rather than more democratic negotiations determining the final outcome.

To further this narrative, we find that Ukrainian President Victor Yanakovych has Mars at yanakovych12Libra04 (using generic noon time), in direct line of the massively strengthening energy of the cardinal cross, building in early 2014 and the continuing Uranus/Pluto square through the year. This is greatly stimulating his aggression, anger, and willingness to commit violent acts. His natal chart already indicates a very strong Mars, due to its square to the Sun (16Cancer34) and Mercury (14Cancer24). In addition, Neptune’s (14Libra37) conjunction to Mars and square to the Sun and Mercury indicate grandiose posturing and self-delusion.

The current round of tension shows up in Yanakovych’s chart with Pluto in square to natal Mars (12Libra04) from December 26 through January 25. This is being followed by Jupiter square natal Mars from January 23 through February 2. In the designated period in March, when Saturn returns to square the Ukrainian Moon pointing to great stress and repression among the people, transiting Uranus will oppose Yanakovych’s Mars, suggesting his heightened combativeness during that time.

Moreover, with Pluto returning to square Yanakovych’s natal Mars in June and July 2014, as well as transiting Uranus and Pluto coming into aspect with his natal Sun in 2015 and 2016, and progressed Sun moving to square natal Mars from mid-2015 through mid-2016, it is hard to see Yanakovych going into any kind of retirement in the immediate future. And with Vladimir Putin’s Sun (13Libra55) also in direct line of many of the same transits and in conjunction with Yanakovych’s Mars, the embattled president of the Ukraine may get significant help from his northern neighbor in his quest to remain in power.


  1. starlight says:

    By the way, note that the frigid temperatures are expected through the middle of next week (January 29). And with the Jupiter/Pluto opposition also in effect during the final week of the impact of the January New Moon (through January 30), it should be a pretty intense week.

  2. starlight says:

    And this is a really good article about the Sochi Olympics, a topic which clearly will be receiving more astrological scrutiny.

    The Olympics aren’t supposed to kill people. They’re supposed to exalt them. But it’s too late to take the dangerous, despoiling Winter Games away from the thugocracy that is Vladimir Putin’s Russian regime, so the only option is to count on the man’s bulging biceps and hope it’s an adequate “ring of steel” that can keep people safe in Sochi. It’s a cold hard fact that these Olympics have become an agent of death.

    Sochi already is a catastrophe, and if it becomes a tragedy too, it will be because the International Olympic Committee has become the tool of “colossal authoritarian branding,” to borrow a phrase from Russia scholar Leon Aron.

    The choice is an ugly one: Removing the Games at this late date would devastate Russians who have invested national self-worth in them, and the athletes who have trained for them. Therefore the only option is to watch Sochi become a contest for prestige between two warring parties: a corrupt strongman who wants to flex his political authority, and the murderous jihadists who have vowed to strike in Sochi.

    much more…

  3. will says:

    Oh,jjjjjjjjoy! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  4. starlight says:

    We are now in the zone of the Jupiter/Pluto opposition and violence is erupting in Egypt and Ukraine. Both are confrontations between anti-government protesters and government troops.

  5. Anne's Aunt says:

    Thanks Nancy for your post. Hope you stay warm! California is experiencing a terrible drought and is very dry and hot and the Santa Anna winds are setting the stage for wildfires. I visited Chicago a few weeks ago when it was -22 and helped my mom get some extra heat since her boiler could not keep up. She closed off parts of her house, but then had problems with indoor pipes freezing.

  6. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will, I very much appreciate your response to me in the last thread. I respect your view on relative good and absolute evil, tho I don’t share them. I think in terms of positive, negative, and movement. Guess that is more reflective of squares. Oppositional thinking seems rather static to me and it gets into a rut whereas the only thing an oppositional perspective can see is the opposition. Like when talking about the color of an apple the answer is always about the miles (that are blocking the view).

    And I agree about the repub party these days. Unfortunately a oppositional view is that means in all ways and all times repubs=bad dems=good (or the other way around) and absolutely everything is thrown into that pot. OK repubs=bad is mostly true from a political pov, but there is so much more happening! I read one teapot blog just to see what these people are thinking and it is shocking. Everything, and I mean everything is somehow Obama’s fault. Yes, they are mostly racist and extremely partisan in that they are anti-dem but they simply cannot see that not everything in the world is a function of Obama. They seem addicted to turning any conversation into their pet oppositional peeve which are the dems. And it gets complicated when there is really no “good” option like in Syria. If Assad=bad that does not mean that all rebels=good. I am not meaning to imply in any way that this blog does that!!! But oppositional thinking is part of humanity and I simply wanted to comment about it.

    I know lots of young people and I also hear some in my generation complain about them. Ah, “kids these days!” — which reminds me of when I was young and the oldsters bitterly complained about rock ‘n roll, clothing, attitudes, hygiene, and how we always talked on the phone. But today the young generations attitudes about acceptable social behaviors are much more tolerant and accepting. I know many gay young men and women and for most it is really not a problem whereas in my day it would have been.

    I think the cultural move towards new connections and networks is simply fascinating. Politics come into it in ways to regulate the internet and for governments and institutions to use new connection capacities. I don’t think it can be stopped, just like the industrial age could not be stopped. Old skills are lost and new ones gained. I remember my Grandmother mildly criticizing my mom’s generation about how they no longer churned butter, darned socks, or grew/hunted/fished for their own food, or even knew how to do laundry properly. By my generation those skills were largely lost. I remember my daughter’s pudgy 3 year old hands working a mouse expertly and her playing on a keyboard. Every kid I know is far more expert on their communication devices than anyone in my generation.

    I have no doubt that plagiarism is a growing problem. In the age of aquarius the individual (leo) is connected into a community and the boundaries of that grand leo self are being melted. There must be ways to work with this, introduce some movement, not just oppose it which will be pretty much useless anyhow. Ideas about what is cheating have changed. I have a friend who is dyslexic but can write passably because of spell check. He is very smart but his spelling was a problem for him in school. Spell check is not cheating and is now standard. I think our generation has so much to pass on to young people but how do we gain their trust and interest in order to communicate with (and love) them?

  7. kiwi says:

    I just happened on Huffpost Live from Davos.
    There are some remarkable and really encouraging positions put forward from a good many of those being interviewed. Gives me hope in what’s going on behind the scenes around the globe.

  8. Lorrie U says:

    Today another mall shooting, dead includes a 21-yr.-old mother of two…

    Truthdigger of the Week: William Rivers Pitt

    I am puking sick of reading every single day about how your baby, your toddler, your brother, your sister, your cousin, your niece, your nephew, blew their brains into their lap with a gun you left lying around, because freedom, or something.

    I am sick of mourning the gun dead day after day, every day, because every day someone wins the Someone Gets To Be Dead Today lottery, because of you, and a whole lot of those winners are children.

    I am sick of how you hide behind gun money, gobs and gobs of political gun money, while complaining about the influence of money in politics. If any other item in common use in America – like aspirin, or a car – was wasting people with the dreary regularity of guns, that item would be banned by congressional fiat…but it’s guns, so the slaughter slogs on, even as you tell your friends you hate the influence of “special interests” in politics, because you’re a fraud in Technicolor.

    I see you. And I am sick and tired of you.

  9. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, I did not understand the gun culture until I saw the movie “Winter’s Bone” and understand that much of this country is without laws (or at least laws that make common sense). Clans and gangs rely on guns to enforce their own laws since in many cases the police are corrupt and enforcing laws that are really questionable. Of course I agree that gun owners are often careless and stupid, and the NRA is feeding on this.

    I think the DEA needs to be disbanded, it is a rogue agency. And the drug laws changed drastically so that law enforcement is not so engaged with prohibitions. Government money would be better spent on drug recovery and treatment, the economy and local jobs, and support for the poor who feel completely disempowered and not protected by local, state and federal government.

    Huge swaths of this country are lawless like some Taliban controlled areas. The laws are not fair and the law enforcement is not fair. I agree in opposing guns, but the solution is not in simple opposition but in the deeper causes.

    Of course I don’t blame the president, the federal government is much larger than one person and he has his political interests that he needs to attend to. But the DEA has, under his leadership (following Nixon’s war on drugs – as all presidents have since) , busted many state approved legal growers of medical marijuana. I have a good friend who grew for the medical clinics for years legally in California and he was targeted by the DEA last year and they destroyed his property. Legally. It was all a mistake (or more likely a retribution by the DEA) but there was no justice for him. He lives in a rural area and I assume he has guns for critter protection and he did not use them for his property protection. He does not live in the same nice, cultured, good cops environment that I live in.

    Money could be better spent on not just restricting guns (that genie is out of the bottle, but maybe not totally) but on gun safety! I think that magazines (or whatever they’re called) could be restricted. I personally think that a heavy tax should be levied on the manufactures of ammo and the import of ammunitions. That seems to be a sticking burden for gun people, but it is like any abortion restrictions on and choice people. Oppositions.

    And I agree that money has a lot to do for the gun culture in this country. But it is not the only reason. The USA was founded on the right to bear arms. Against each other or the government. Money better spent would clean up unfair laws, enforcement, and poverty.

  10. alex says:


    it appears to me that Mitt (who is raising his media profile again… slow jamming the news on TV with Jimmy Fallon)might run again for president BUT

    this time he will reun ON SYMPATHY…ahhhh he is ear·nest nice guy, he prays a lot (Mitt the movie HBO) he is really really devoted to his cuddley family, he really really really tried hard to win twice before, it’s not his falut he lost it’s Obama’s fault and the damn Democrats who won’t let him win….. ahhhhhhh give him a chance he really really really wants it he should GET HIS CHANCE… after all how bad could nice guy Mitt be as president…. look how bad Obama was… Mitt can do better than that!

    DON’T UNDERESTIMATE SYMPATHY AS A CAMPAIGN STRATEGY… GEORGE W. BUSH RAN ON IT IN 1999 – 2000; Bush was the IMAGE (strategically groomed image) of a lovable loser who reformed himself and became a devoted Christian born again and a nice family man who loves his wife… who loves his Daddy Bush Sr. and mummy Barbara…. ahhhhhhhhh

    ahhhhhhh it’s ok that he was an entitled spoiled rich kid who blew off his air force reserve duties ( he ran off to help his DAD campaign…. ahhhhhhhh he isn’t so bad )

    ahhhhh it’s ok that he drank decades away failing at one startup business (funded by George H.W. Bush Sr’s friends looking for political favors) after another startup….. ahhhhh that’s just the way it is for earnest George W.; he isn’t corrupt and incompetent…. ahhhhh he sobered up and he really really really wants to be OUR president….

    ahhhhhh he is part owner of a sport’s team (bought as a resume builder and an IMAGE DEVICE for his eventual presidential run) … see he’s a sports luv-in-guy just like the rest of us… he’s a regular Joe…. why not give him a chance, look what happened when we got ‘know it all smart Bill Clinton’ and ‘know it all’ Gore….

    ahhhhhhh George-ie is going to run with Dick Cheney. a GOP former Congressman, and a seasoned political insider former Sec. of Defense Georgie will get good advise/advisors…. Georgie can call his father too for answers that’s what we expect from a president in the presidential family business to call his father, former president for help to run the BIG SHOW….. and Dick(y) can help George W. run the country what could go wrong I’m asking ya…..

    ahhhh George W. was the family underdog, underachiever not expected to run for president because Jeb seemed the family’s best shot at continuing the Bush presidential political legacy…. but look George W to to be Governor of Texas…. he really made something of himself… ahhhhhhhhhhh he deserves a chance

    ahhhhhh poor George W. he was born with a silver foot in his mouth but he is really a regular good-old-guy like the rest of us it’s about time we had a guy like George in the WH someone we’d like to hang out with and have a beer with….

    ahhhhh give the earnest lovable guy George a chance he’ll appoint really experienced GOP team ….if he’s president with a good team he can run the country what could go wrong….

    ahhhhhhh underdog George W. really really wants to be OUR president, he deserves a shot ahhhhhhh it’s not his fault he was rich entitled bad boy ( it’s not his fault he was a spoiled and degenerate drunk, he grew up an got saved by Jesus, he loves Jesus and… he tried and he tried and he tried REAL hard and finally he got into politics (the family business) he ran for TX governor and won ….afterall what could go wrong he’s a former governor….give him a chance;

    if Mitt runs again (can you imagine it and I know it is unimaginable now but then I couldn’t image that MITT was such an arrogant, obsessive, compulsive liar who could in the same and successive days contradict himself over and over and over ( rhetorically that is called a double-bind and guess what it works on the public it is a favorite strategic cynical devise used by politicians who think they are SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE )

    if Mitt runs again it will be ON SYMPATHY… don’t underestimate sympathy used to soften up the public done with conditioned rhetoric designed by NLP language experts for media campaigns developed by the Bush clan and ROVE, ATWATER, LUNTZ etc etc GOP operatives skilled at hoodwinking the public into falling for a made-up presidential IMAGE ….

    Mitt is working on rehabilitating his IMAGE… he is slow jamming the news, he is raising his public profile again… he will run on sympathy if he runs (unbelieveable I know none the less)don’t underestimate the real possibility that a national sympathy campaign can’t work it did for George W. in 2000 ( with alot of rigged state elections to make him a shoe-in)

    Mitt ahhhhhhh he is earnest nice guy give him a chance!


  11. alex says:

    “Slow Jam The News” with Mitt Romney (Jimmy Fallon)

  12. alex says:

    Mitt Romney Natal Chart
    DOB 3/12/1947, Detroit, 9:51AM

    Natal Sun @21 Pisces
    2016 Solar Arc Sun @00 Gemini

  13. alex says:

    Mitt continued: Solar Arc Progression

    2016 Solar Arc Sun @00 Gemini,
    2017 Solar Arc Sun @01 Gemini (2017 Swearing-In Oath of Office)

    Natal Ascendant @01 Gemini

    2016 Solar Arc Pluto @20 Libra
    USA JUNO @20 Libra

    2017 Solar Arc Ascendant @14 Taurus
    2017 Sign/Degree/Ascendant on 1/20
    Inauguration Swearing-in @13 Taurus

    that’s the synchronisticity… I haven;t yet analyzed the transits for the GOP primary months, 2016 Jan, Feb, March…..June GOP convention;

    in any case there are very very very important 2014 mid-term elections to focus on and the outcome will set the ground for the 2016 election and for Obama’s final years in office

    2014 ELECTIONS….. the focus

  14. alex says:

    oops correction: the Nov 11th 2014 chart posted is for Mars conjunct Pluto chart NOT THE ELETION CHART ( ELECTION NOV 4TH )

  15. alex says:

    Mitt Romney(NeoCon)
    astro-profile 2014 & Republicans from his POV:

    Converse Solar Arc Progression:
    Venus @01 Sagittarius (formerly natal venus) conjunct his Natal DESCENDANT @01 Sagittarius (forming relationships/partnerships and challenging/contesting his competitors, these will be ISSUES he is involved with; 2014 SA/Venus/Converse applied to the cusp Natal 7th House … ongoing thereafter as it transits his 7TH house 2015,2016 etc )

    as he said during ‘Slow jam the news’…. he will be involved in supporting the Republican effort to recapture the White House 2016 election; he is raising his public profile and will continue …

  16. will says:


    Wondering if you’ve had a moment to look at the State of the Union chart for January 28, 2014.

  17. Ms Canadian says:

    Starlight…There are also protests against the government in Thailand.

    And a rather ominous portent: “Black crows attack peace doves freed from Vatican window.”

    Thanks for not blaming Canada for sending the “Polar Vortex” :)

  18. starlight says:

    Will – Funny you should ask. I was just going to post about it. :-)

    What is interesting in the SoU chart is what comes just before it. Throughout the afternoon, we will have the Moon moving to activate the Jupiter/Pluto opposition. In addition, Mercury is also in aspect to Jupiter and Pluto. So the day will see: Jupiter/Pluto/Mercury/Moon all waxing in hard or minor hard aspects until roughly 6 PM. And the Moon will square Uranus a bit earlier in the day (around 11 AM EST). I don’t know if these aspects will impact what is happening in the US or will manifest more in places like Ukraine, Russia, Syria, etc., but they are very strong. Two planets activating the already intense Jupiter/Pluto. Expect high drama, powerful clashes, possible action from fanatics, and possible violence.

    During the SoU itself, the Moon is waxing into a conjunction with Venus, exact around 9:55 PM. So warm feelings are strong to that point. Maybe we are more united than usual in the face of the day’s events, or possibly around immigration reform? The Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto continues a bit longer.

    I have mentioned before that the volatile events of the Jupiter/Pluto opposition may lead us into the Pluto opposition to the US Sun (power struggle) beginning within days, around 2/1. It is possible Obama will have to revise his talk at the last minute to include what happens on Tuesday. Hard to say.

    The Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto transits are also in aspect to Obama’s Node. The Ascendant and MC in the So U chart for 9 PM, if he begins on time, aspect his Mars, so we may see some a very assertive words from him.

    And, remember that I mentioned the upcoming Pluto opposition to US Sun suggested an increase in Obama using more executive power, stimulating strong resistance from Congress. There was an article in today’s WP that said this is what he intends.

  19. will says:


    Thank you very much.

  20. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – I think you’re right about Romney, I’ve been getting the same vibe. God help us. We need more Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens in this country and less of the monied elite. Personally, I really think anyone of the old school in politics will have an uphill climb with the public, including Hilary Clinton. If the dems can put up a fresh, innovative candidate that addresses their concerns, they’ll keep the WH. I hear Brian Schweitzer’s name is being tossed around. And then our friend Todd Bennett, whose ear is close to the political ground, thinks it might be Mark Warner. Either of these with a strong progressive woman might really have a good chance of changing the playing field. I think the people are ready…

  21. alex says:


    – Obama has to use executive power because the GOP/TEA/LIBERTARIAN/NEOCON contingent in Congress (agents for the plutocrats/oligarchy) are operating as a bloodsport cabal against everyone but the 1%…. their obstruction/holding hostage of legislation, government regular business, and negotiations on all bills preforms the function of cutting/shortening people’s lives, starving the working poor, abandoning generations by demising public education, shredding the social safety net, withholding expanded medi-cal health services to millions of people who qualify but the GOP governors/legislation won’t participate in the Afffordable Health Care Law….

    to rig the economy for the plutocrats/oligarchs they operate the congress as a bloodsport… and they enjoy being cruel and lethal to citizens they decide are ‘unworthy’…..

  22. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – “Clans and gangs rely on guns to enforce their own laws since in many cases the police are corrupt and enforcing laws that are really questionable.”

    That’s all true, much of this country has a mentality that matches the tribal leaders in third world countries. Does that make it okay? Or do we try to change it? Recently a tribal leader in India ordered a woman gang-raped because she was seeing a man from another tribe, leaving her near death! When we have thinking like that, it needs to fought against and opposed. Reason doesn’t work in situations like that.

    You bring up solutions that we all here know and understand. The problem is no one seems to be able to come up with an answer to how we make the solutions come into being, unless we defeat those whose minds have been corrupted with misinformation at the ballot box with people who at least understand what compassion is even if they have limited power to bring it about collectively.

  23. alex says:


    I also think that all Democrats in public office should stop dancing around the truth and campaign on the 2014 message now to the elections that GOP/TEA/LIBERTARIAN/NEOCONS are deadly lethally focused on abandoning them/and their children to joblessness, starvation, sickness, death, wage slaves and debt slaves instead of talking about the real issues in politically correct terms….

    then no matter how imperfect the D-nominee in 2016 will be able to show they are seriously about and agenda to make things better for all of us not just the elite!

  24. Lorrie U says:

    Eric Cantor’s Excellent Davos Adventure: No Money For Unemployment Benefits, But Plenty For Congressmen Going To Alps

  25. alex says:

    continued: Natal Mitt Romney (angles of chart)

    his Natal Part of Fortune by converse solar arc will exactly conjunct his Natal Descendant in 2015 following his Converse Solar Arc Venus conjunction in 2014:

    I’ve done a survey of the angles (I’m not writing further lengthy report on it)

    the next analysis will be transits and progressions to government & government agency charts PLUS THE 2014 ELECTION TRAJECTORY

  26. Lorrie U says:

    Alex, I agree that would be an amazing way to go forth! Hit them with the truth that is based on realities that everyone can see in their everyday life without sugar-coating it. They try it in little spurts but with no real focus.

  27. alex says:

    Bernie and Alan (GOP plan if you get sick then die quickly) aren’t enough the whole D-choir needs to been focused on keeping democracy alive… even if it means they retire or don’t run for upcoming re-elections because their polls number in their district go down… if D’s have to retire or stop short of re-election because polls are down then they should be grooming strong D-politicians at home to take their place immediately….

    most if not all politicans protect their careers not the public… they know how to support the one’s that have special GOP election targets on them; and they should be doing with money and by showing up to strengthen deepen and broaden the Democratic bench and the Democratic base;

  28. Karen says:

    Brutal January indeed! Haven’t posted for awhile since I’ve also been “brutalized” by these energies. (So many friends, family members touched by some incredible challenges, some life threatening.) Then, your answer to Will’s question regarding SOTU raised the hair on the back of my neck.

    I’ve been attempting to keep up with all the posts, many incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking. Thank you all! And welcome new posters! And Clymela and Pat, so good to see your posts.

    Anne’s Aunt touched upon much of what continues to vex me. That is, the audible aspect of our national divisiveness. Conversation consists of strident statements. One person may fist-pound the table, interrupt other speakers, and refuse dialogue with anyone else. How does change? What tools does one use to softly counter this trend?

    Ms. Canadian…chilling account of the black crows.

  29. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, I agree that defeating at the ballot box is important. It is also important that once the preferred candidate is elected pressure it put on them to make policy changes that would help. Simply electing some politicians is not going to cut it. Its the partisan solution and its not working now. And attempting to forcibly remove guns from people, or ban the sale of guns is not going to work in any practical sense. But there are more practical solutions coming at it sideways, like in gun education, heavy taxes on ammunition and restrictions on ammunition. I am also very much in favor of increased media coverage of gun use and deaths. It will change the culture over time, like I hope the increased attention to how women are raped in India and other parts of the world. I’d love to see news that exposed the workings of the NRA and see if they could be discredited and so less of a force.

  30. Anne's Aunt says:

    And, -I know this won’t work, but- I would love to see the district gerrymandering and electoral college system favoring red states end.

  31. B.A. says:

    This runs about 2 hours.

    It IMHO is very worth while, if you have the time for it:

    Published on Jan 25, 2014
    “Our ‘Almost Orwellian’ State & NSA Surveillance” forum
    January 23, 2014, @ 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary- St. John’s Presbyterian Church

    This event is a fund-raiser for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee & the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

    Daniel Ellsberg — America’s most well-known whistleblower, Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers and changed Americans’ understanding of and support for the Vietnam War.

    Shahid Bhuttar — Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, constitutional lawyer, grassroots organizer, independent columnist, musician, and poet
    Norman Solomon — Journalist, media critic, anti-war activist, co-founder of, founding director of Institute for Public Accuracy, and author of War Made Easy.

    Cindy Cohn — Legal Director and General Counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Ms. Cohn serves as counsel in First Unitarian Church v. NSA and Jewel v. NSA, each seeking to stop the ongoing dragnet warrantless surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans.

    Moderator: Robert Jaffe — Volunteer Attorney, Hedges v. Obama.

    Hosted online by
    Streamed by John Parulis, with audio assistance from Alex Espolet

  32. B.A. says:

    test comment

  33. B.A. says:

    For those that are interested, this is the Colorado Statute on home defense. We agree with it, particularly the first paragraph:

    18-1-704.5. Use of deadly physical force against an intruder

    (1) The general assembly hereby recognizes that the citizens of Colorado have a right to expect absolute safety within their own homes.

    (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 18-1-704, any occupant of a dwelling is justified in using any degree of physical force, including deadly physical force, against another person when that other person has made an unlawful entry into the dwelling, and when the occupant has a reasonable belief that such other person has committed a crime in the dwelling in addition to the uninvited entry, or is committing or intends to commit a crime against a person or property in addition to the uninvited entry, and when the occupant reasonably believes that such other person might use any physical force, no matter how slight, against any occupant.

    (3) Any occupant of a dwelling using physical force, including deadly physical force, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall be immune from criminal prosecution for the use of such force.

    (4) Any occupant of a dwelling using physical force, including deadly physical force, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall be immune from any civil liability for injuries or death resulting from the use of such force.

  34. Anne's Aunt says:

    Karen, I think you are on to something with “soft” power. the non-violence movement was about soft power and it certainly has its place.

    I was sorry to see the Occupy movement fade. But it truly impacted the conversation and attention of people. In that it was a huge success.

    Gun laws are tricky. The stand your ground was was originally intended to help victims of violent crimes, like women who were required by law to retreat and leave their homes and children in the face of a violent threat. But then it gave us Zimmerman. Of course police corruption/cronyism/incompetence/racism is a huge problem, and they are heavily armed. If one is a middle class white person then the police seem to be doing a good job, but impoverished people both urban and rural are often the victims of police. The police don’t protect them, they have to do that themselves and guns, clans, and gangs are the result. For many people the DEA and police attack them. Its not a partisan issue, its much more complex. Both parties love the DEA.

    Cars do kill many more people than guns and they are heavily regulated. But the NEA has resisted even the basic registration of guns. Probably wouldn’t help anyway. Its one reason I think a tax on ammunition would be good – a heavy tax to discourage large purchases and it could be dedicated to programs we apparently cannot afford, like education and rehab programs.

  35. Anne's Aunt says:

    oops…. NRA not the NEA. ha!

  36. B.A. says:

    This runs about 2 hours.

    It IMHO is very worth while, if you have the time for it:

    Published on Jan 25, 2014
    “Our ‘Almost Orwellian’ State & NSA Surveillance” forum
    January 23, 2014, @ 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary- St. John’s Presbyterian Church

    This event is a fund-raiser for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee & the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

    Daniel Ellsberg — America’s most well-known whistleblower, Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers and changed Americans’ understanding of and support for the Vietnam War.

    Shahid Bhuttar — Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, constitutional lawyer, grassroots organizer, independent columnist, musician, and poet
    Norman Solomon — Journalist, media critic, anti-war activist, co-founder of, founding director of Institute for Public Accuracy, and author of War Made Easy.

    Cindy Cohn — Legal Director and General Counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Ms. Cohn serves as counsel in First Unitarian Church v. NSA and Jewel v. NSA, each seeking to stop the ongoing dragnet warrantless surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans.

    Moderator: Robert Jaffe — Volunteer Attorney, Hedges v. Obama.

  37. Lorrie U says:

    Anne’s Aunt – “police corruption/cronyism/incompetence/racism is a huge problem, and they are heavily armed.”

    Yes, this is an issue which really concerns me, you’ve stated the problem well. It seems like many are becoming more and more out of control. They’re ready to kill anyone that even looks at them funny, and there’s a lack of respect for an individual’s dignity.

  38. Lorrie U says:

    Senate Republicans To Announce Plan To Take Away Healthcare from 10 Million Americans

    Senate Republicans are about to propose an alternative to Obamacare that involves taking health insurance coverage away from nearly 10 million people, and replacing it with a tax credit.

  39. Lorrie U says:

    So, how do we “soft power” this?

    Mitch McConnell Threatens To Destroy The Economy Unless Obama Approves Keystone XL

  40. Anne's Aunt says:

    Lorrie, Yes, and I think it in part (not certainly the only thing) is the imbalance of power. Remember that study done years ago where students played the role of prison guards and others played the prisoners? It was a while ago. Anyhow, the ones that played the guards became increasingly repressive. The students were not “evil” but the experiment unlocked basic human nature which becomes oppressive when given too much power. I don’t think it has anything to do with politics. I live in a very progressive city and during Occupy the police were pepper spraying people like everywhere else. They do it because they can and have the power to do so and their bosses say “control this disturbance and shut it down” and that is the police solution. It is striking too that most police and military volunteers (not the officers) are from the less privileged classes who have lived in an environment of power imbalances. Frankly, it is all heartbreaking. I think you would like the movie “Winter’s Bone”. Well acted, good plot and, IMO, rather realistic.

    I am personally much more connected with urban situations, but my roots are rural (as most are), and see that in poor rural areas there is truly little opportunity. Same as urban, often the local economy is augmented by $$ from drugs and the drug black-market. Our drug laws and the DEA enforcement are, to put it mildly, not helping. And when the local economy is dependent on drug trade there is tension between local and federal agencies.

    I remember Joh Stewart saying, a number of years ago, that corruption was much more of a pressing issue than party politics. I don’t know if I totally agree with that (I’m rather partisan myself) but I understand the issue of corruption and imbalances of power affect many people very directly and negatively.

    Thanks for raising the subject – appreciate the discussion!

  41. will says:

    Mitch-the-Bitch-McConnell; nothing like a bucket of miserable old right-wing-nut crud to kill any buzz of bipartisan progress. Talk about a good reason a soul to recycle.

  42. SarahG says:

    If you feel life has slowed down a bit, it might be because Venus has been retrograde since Dec. 21st. She’s turning direct the day after this New Moon, on January 31st, Chinese New Year. But don’t expect things to go smoothly for a while. Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday February 6th until February 28th. But then Mars will go retrograde! So don’t rush things this year. It is a year to go deep and re-discover who you are, what you want, and what you’re going to do about it.

    You can read the Cosmic Story at:

  43. Bob says:

    Senate Democrats Introduce Bill That Would End Republican Debt Ceiling Hostage Taking

    By: Jason Easley

    Tuesday, October, 29th, 2013, 4:48 pm

    Senate Democrats introduced legislation today that appears to put Republicans on notice that if they mess with the debt ceiling again, Democrats will permanently eliminate their default threat.

    Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), and Mazie Hirono (D-HI) introduced a bill that would make permanent a rule devised by Mitch McConnell that uses resolutions of disapproval to allow the president to raise the debt ceiling.

  44. alex says:


    Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has to make this their message for 2014-2016 Senate elections or they are crazy…

    November 4, 2014: 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate up for re-election,_2014


    The practical effect of what Republicans are proposing is to take away access to healthcare from the 3 million plus who have signed up through the exchanges and the 6.3 million people who are eligible for coverage under the Medicaid expansion.

    So the Republican plan is to take healthcare away from nearly 10 million Americans, and replace their health insurance with a tax credit.

    The GOP plan would take away access to healthcare for 20 million Americans, and it will do nothing to cover the uninsured and expand coverage.

  45. will says:

    Provocative piece by astrologer Jessica Murray reflects some of Nancy’s observations in her January Unleashed article up from the beginning of January.

    The Most Important Moment

    Posted on January 24, 2014
    in Jessica Murray’s blog

    The first moment of a cycle is its most important moment.

    What the sky is doing at the moment a baby takes its first breath encodes the child’s lifelong potential.

    The first few days of the lunar cycle set the tone for the entire month.1

    And the first month of a given year encapsulates the teachings of that calendar year. 2

    If you are mystically-minded you’ve no doubt explored this principle. You’ll have noticed that whatever occurs to you at a cycle’s inception says something about the cycle to come.

    It might be a parking ticket you received on your first day as a house guest. Or a freshly remembered dream that colors the rest of your day. Or an animal you see just as you pull out of the driveway for a road trip.

    This principle applies equally to the human collective. Certain of the global events that hit the headlines3 at the start of the year can be read as bellwethers for the year to come. They allow us to predict themes (which is different from predicting events.4)

    Events are knots of cosmic tension that have become actualized; clusters of energy that have made the leap across the threshold of manifestation. The ones that make a big stir are ideas that have jumped from the collective unconscious to mass consciousness.

    By reviewing a few key events from the first few weeks of 2014, we get a sense of this radical, exciting moment in which we are alive.

    See more at:

  46. alex says:


    – Over the past year Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, has worked his way down a checklist of items commonly associated with a run at the U.S. presidency.

    He has written a campaign-themed book and visited Iowa, New Hampshire and other pivotal election-year states. He has stumped for candidates nationwide. He even has criticized conservatives who challenge moderate incumbents, pleasing party elders.

    With a growing pre-presidential checklist, it is little wonder Walker is beginning to emerge as a top-tier candidate in a potentially crowded field in 2016.

    But first, he must win a tough reelection race in 2014, against Democratic businesswoman Mary Burke, his only announced opponent.

    “Walker is working his way down the presidential to-do list,” said Mordecai Lee, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. “He’s doing the formula to a ‘T’.”

  47. Lorrie U says:

    Great article!

    The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

    Our financial system—like our participatory democracy—is a mirage. The Federal Reserve purchases $85 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds—much of it worthless subprime mortgages—each month. It has been artificially propping up the government and Wall Street like this for five years. It has loaned trillions of dollars at virtually no interest to banks and firms that make money—because wages are kept low—by lending it to us at staggering interest rates that can climb to as high as 30 percent. … Or our corporate oligarchs hoard the money or gamble with it in an overinflated stock market. Estimates put the looting by banks and investment firms of the U.S. Treasury at between $15 trillion and $20 trillion. But none of us know. The figures are not public. And the reason this systematic looting will continue until collapse is that our economy [would] go into a tailspin without this giddy infusion of free cash.

    The ecosystem is at the same time disintegrating. Scientists from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean, a few days ago, issued a new report that warned that the oceans are changing faster than anticipated and increasingly becoming inhospitable to life.
    The human species, led by white Europeans and Euro-Americans, has been on a 500-year-long planetwide rampage of conquering, plundering, looting, exploiting and polluting the earth—as well as killing the indigenous communities that stood in the way. But the game is up. The technical and scientific forces that created a life of unparalleled luxury—as well as unrivaled military and economic power for a small, global elite—are the forces that now doom us. The mania for ceaseless economic expansion and exploitation has become a curse, a death sentence. But even as our economic and environmental systems unravel, after the hottest year [2012] in the contiguous 48 states since record keeping began 107 years ago, we lack the emotional and intellectual creativity to shut down the engine of global capitalism. We have bound ourselves to a doomsday machine that grinds forward.
    Collapse comes throughout human history to complex societies not long after they reach their period of greatest magnificence and prosperity.

  48. Lorrie U says:

    Good article, Will. Thanks for posting…

  49. alex says:

    Another Line of Attack Brewing For Affordable Health Care Law

    DailyKos Front Pager Joan McCarter reports:

    Republicans threaten debt ceiling hostage-taking that could raise your insurance premiums

    MON JAN 27, 2014 AT 08:21 AM PST

  50. Lorrie U says:

    Forget Obamacare — What’s Really Wrong With Our Medical System Is Right Here

    While this clip is specifically about California, the same principles apply in every hospital across this great land. $21 for an aspirin that I can simply go down the street to get for a few pennies? Yep.

  51. B.A. says:

    This is the English version of the Edward Snowden Interview taken by the German TV-station NDR 1/26/14.

  52. Wennye' says:

    Mitch-the-Bitch-McConnell; nothing like a bucket of miserable old right-wing-nut crud to kill any buzz of bipartisan progress. Talk about a good reason a soul to recycle.

    WILL…this is too funny! Bad bad me and bad bad you.

  53. will says:


    Our kind o’ bad be good!

  54. Sharon Katz says:

    Just as a personal testimonial, with 10 degrees Cancer rising, I really feel the effects of the venus retro and pluto transits of Capricorn on my primary relationships…the effect is that I’m a little more honest with myself than usual about what I truly like, want & need in relationships…for some reason I’m thinking clearly a lot more clearly about it (and I guess pluto is the “some reason”). Also wondering what will happen when Mercury retrogrades over my sun sign, 0 Pisces, in the coming month! I hope I can stay coordinated but, like all transits, the actual unique experiential learning is always so different than the possibilities one thinks about.

  55. Anne's Aunt says:

    Will, very interesting link! I enjoyed reading it and browsing around her site.

    Karen, happy birthday, almost!

  56. SarahG says:

    Anyone have any thoughts about all the retrogrades of the inner planets and how that might play into events. Beginning in January, Venus (Cap.), Jupiter (Cancer thru early March), Mercury(Pisces/Aquarius) in Feb and Mars(Libra) in March until mid May! Ugh.

  57. Anne's Aunt says:

    oops I mean happy pre birthday Sharon!

  58. Helen says:

    From Bill Moyers:

    “State of Conflict: North Carolina, offers a documentary report from the state that votes both blue and red and sometimes purple. Now, however, Republicans are steering North Carolina far to the right: slashing taxes on corporations and the wealthy, providing vouchers to private schools, cutting unemployment benefits, refusing to expand Medicaid, and rolling back electoral reforms, including voting rights.”

    Bill Moyers – a national treasure…

  59. Lorrie U says:

    I got one of those annoying right-wing emails today, “WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!!”

    Before deleting I sent this response:

    “I thought we were a nation based on freedom to be a Christian or not without prejudice. People settled here to be free from persecution of one’s religious beliefs. I support all who believe in God no matter what they call Him.

    “I believe we are a diverse nation of many religions. I do not want Christian rule in our democracy or politics. It is a private matter…”

    Surprisingly, I got this response: “I love your response. I will forward. Thank you. “

  60. Lorrie U says:

    These people give me a headache…just go away, please!

    The Republican Obamacare Alternative Raises Taxes on 150 Million Americans

    Senate Republicans unveiled their big Obamacare alternative plan today, and besides taking healthcare away from 10 million Americans, it also raises taxes on the 150 million people who get health insurance from their employer.

  61. Lorrie U says:

    This is priceless! I’m saving this one!

    50 Signs You Watch Too Much Fox News

  62. Sharon Katz says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you, Anne’s Aunt—that was very observant of you :-)

  63. SarahG says:

    Ukraine’s Azarov offers his resignation:
    KIEV Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:31am EST

    (Reuters) – Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov offered his resignation on Tuesday, saying he was stepping down because of the threat to the economy caused by two months of unrest, his press service said.

    He said he had personally asked President Viktor Yanukovich to accept his resignation “for the sake of a peaceful settlement” to conflict in the country.

  64. SarahG says:

    Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels
    WASHINGTON Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:35pm EST

    “The Syrian war is a stalemate. The rebels lack the organization and weapons to defeat Assad; the regime lacks the loyal manpower to suppress the rebellion. Both sides’ external allies… are ready to supply enough money and arms to fuel the stalemate for the foreseeable future,” said Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA analyst and sometime foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama.

  65. alex says:

    Natal Governor Scott Walker – there are two different birth locations in the public domain for Scott Walker so I relocated him to the capitol of WI, noon chart; no doubt about it, it’s frustrating when there isn’t a known birth time:

    he looks like he was born/made to be an aggressive political opportunist bent towards fascist bullying – – I think at some point, as far as I can see, he will be at the cross roads dealing with legally defending himself (there are John Doe legal cases now but in the future it seems to amount to some of the same but more intense) for tall tales, lies and misconduct, might have to wait awhile for it though;


    Natal Sun @09 Scorpio, Mercury @07 Scorpio
    2014 Converse Solar Arc Sisyphus @09 Gemini
    Natal Saturn @06 Aries, Eris @11 Aries

  66. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,
    Mahalo for such important links, dialogue, info on this forum stream. Mahalo Starlight…

    Today we lost musician, activist, authentic human being Pete Seeger, 94, a national treasure for the common person & democracy. In his memory:

    E ho’omaluhia me ka honua.

  67. alex says:

    blagh blagh blagh blagh

    THE GOP STATE OF THE UNION TRANSLATED: We want to rig the economy for plutocrats/oligarchy and push through hostage negotiations with junk-policies that rob everybody else

    Rand Paul,
    Mike Lee,
    Cathy McMorris,

    Florida Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen will give a Spanish version of the party’s response to President Barack Obama’s annual speech, her office tells CNN.

    That will parallel the response Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Washington, plans to give in English and will mark the first time that the GOP has tapped two women to give its official rebuttal of the President’s remarks.

  68. Lorrie U says:

    Talk about inequality…

    Watch Michele Bachmann’s And Bernie Sanders’ Epic Debate On Income Inequality (VIDEO)

  69. Lorrie U says:

    Daily Kos

    So here we have billionaires and millionaires, a group of “free market capitalists” that tout meritocracy, conspiring and colluding to cripple wages for their workers.

    The secret wage-theft agreements between Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, and Pixar are described in court papers obtained by PandoDaily as “an overarching conspiracy” in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act, and at times it reads like something lifted straight out of the robber baron era that produced those laws.

  70. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – We know the republican response will be the same old baloney. Think I’ll just read about it later so I don’t get sick to my stomach.

  71. alex says:

    Thxs for the heads-up


    ….Just before joining the wage-theft pact with Apple, Google’s human resources executives are quoted sounding the alarm that they needed to “dramatically increase the engineering hiring rate” and that would require “drain[ing] competitors to accomplish this rate of hiring.”

    One CEO who noticed Google’s hiring spree was eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who in early 2005 called Eric Schmidt to complain, “Google is the talk of the Valley because [you] are driving up salaries across the board.”

    Around this time, eBay entered an illegal wage-theft non-solicitation scheme of its own with Bill Campbell’s Intuit, which is still being tried in ongoing federal and California state suits.

  72. Sharon Katz says:

    The Republicans are giving their speech in Spanish—the Democrats have to do a version of that, too, if not tonight in the near future…the Hispanic vote is very important.

  73. alex says:

    hang in there Lorrie: MSNBS could be fun or DVD comedy even better!

  74. Barb says:

    Wow! Ukraine PM and cabinet quit! (Saw SaraG’s comment & checked BBC)

    From BBC article:
    “The BBC’s David Stern, in Kiev, says that two weeks ago, Mr Azarov’s resignation would have been unthinkable.”

    From Starlight’s 1/26 response to Will about the astrology for the January 28 SOTU:

    “What is interesting in the SoU chart is what comes just before it. Throughout the afternoon, we will have the Moon moving to activate the Jupiter/Pluto opposition. In addition, Mercury is also in aspect to Jupiter and Pluto. So the day will see: Jupiter/Pluto/Mercury/Moon all waxing in hard or minor hard aspects until roughly 6 PM. And the Moon will square Uranus a bit earlier in the day (around 11 AM EST). I don’t know if these aspects will impact what is happening in the US or will manifest more in places like Ukraine, Russia, Syria, etc., but they are very strong. Two planets activating the already intense Jupiter/Pluto. Expect high drama, powerful clashes, possible action from fanatics, and possible violence.”

  75. starlight says:

    Barb – I think the other big story is simply the horrifyingly cold over much of the country. There may be more surprises or stresses up until about 6 PM Eastern time. Thanks for the update on Ukraine.

  76. Jerry says:

    A last minute deal averts a potential January 31st default on a 492 million dollar debt incurred by the China Credit Trust Company, but the risk of an implosion of China’s shadowy banking loan industry remains large over the next several months……

    China: Orderly Default of Trust Product Kicks The Can Ahead

    FX Street
    Jan 28, 2014

    China Credit Trust today announced that it has reached an agreement on restructuring its trust product ‘credit equals gold #1’ (CEG1). – snipped –

    ………..A risk of negative credit events still remains. Loans made by trust companies such as China Credit Trust could be regarded as sub-prime or junk debt. For that reason, it will also be among the trust loans that we expect to see the first signs of an increase in bad loans and there is a high likelihood that similar cases to CEG1 could emerge in coming months. Arguably, a more severe default on CEG1 could have been healthy for the longterm development of China’s financial sector, as it could have contributed to a larger acknowledgement by investors of the true underlying risks in, for example, trust products. In the long run, this might prove to be the only way to curb strong growth in the trust sector. In that sense, the partial bail-out announced today has just kicked the can ahead.

  77. Sharon Katz says:

    Well, I can’t watch the SOU speech because I have to get ahead on my school reading (250 pages, along with note taking this week) but I can’t wait to hear what you all thought of it. My husband is watching in another room when I walked in for a minute and heard emphasis on job creation. The prez looks good, like he’s in good health and his delivery is sharp and energetic. I don’t know about the rest of you but I love it when the planets start going into Aquarius!

  78. will says:

    The State of the Union Speech:

    Not so much.

  79. alex says:

    sitting behind Pres. Obama John Boehner was making the usual faces, alternating between THE FACE and staring at the back of his head in a menacing manner – his usual demeanor in Pres. Obama’s presence;

    when Obama got to the part of speech that was about equal pay for women 77cents on the dollar room cheers and standing ovation
    …. when Obama continued that most low wage workers are women…. and John Boehner’s usual demeanor (at SOTU & in photos of meetings with Obama) changed Boehner broke into a tight smirked, HE LITE UP he was enjoying the thought of women being repressed, held back, discriminated against by employers, he enjoyed the idea of women (their children) suffering from poverty….

    well the GOP et al have certainly proven themselves to be MISANTHROPES, and active, practicing misogynys but if people would take the time to learn how to decode political demeanor… they’d know for certain the GOP is a cabal of sadists real practicing evil sadist by watching the clip of the speaker of house, the leader of GOP’s face from tonight SOTU (and by referencing a collection of Boehner in photos with President Obama since he became president…….if someone with skills would video montage Boehner’s face in presence of Obama from over the years and some text of what was being said when Boehner reacted with facial expression in order to provide context…. they’d GET IT;

    I realize it is hard to shake denial… when you look into or at the face of someone who does not wish you well/goodwill it is difficult to reckon the reality of what you are seeing… the narrow translatable exact emotion they embody when they look at you/or someone else in/with dismissive, demeaning demeanor and then take it in emotionally (it is unpleasant I know) and register/recognize it for what it is… in the mirror of someone else’s facial expression; they would become instantly more sophisticated, more mature and certainly more realistic about the world we live in;

    let’s take an analogy from the quote “The Banality of Evil ” and stretch it a bit… what the banality of evil looks like is John Boehner’s face sitting behind Pres. Obama during SOTU!

  80. Omphale says:

    Starlight….. I think that you’re right about the extreme cold being an issue going into SOTU. While the speech was going on, the temp outside was in the high teens, with wind at 23 mph gusting to 29 mph. I noticed that there was a fair amount of nose-blowing going on, and that prompted my remembering the weather (I live in SoCal). I would guess that a lot of Americans were hunkered down at home….maybe watching the speech, and hearing that the President wants to make things better for them. It was good ‘staging’ for the SOTU. Rethugs seemed oddly quiet for the evening. Maybe weather had something to do with that…. They just wanted to get home to the fire….

  81. starlight says:

    I thought it was a good speech. It reminded me why I voted for him. I also thought it was a giant F U to the GOP but clothed in a smile. This is the time when the Pluto quincunx to his Sun leads into the Pluto opposition tot he US Sun. I continue to think we will see intensifying power struggles both at home and with foreign adversaries over the next four months.

    Karzai’s amazingly paranoid and delusional attacks on the US of late are particularly Plutonian, imo. Given the transit is an opposition, it stands to reason that the paranoid and fanatical energy (Pluto) will oppose the US and its goals (the Sun). Possible actors: Karzai, terrorists, Republicans, to name a few candidates.

  82. Francis says:

    I wasn’t impressed with the President’s speech and thought much of it was repeated from previous speeches. How many years ago did he bring up the issue of equal pay? Nothing done even though everyone wants it, not that it is only up to him to make it happen, but it is just another issue on a long list in which he was blocked. He looked weary and old and how could he not after being in battle with the entrenched status quo which includes some Dems too? He began taking executive action already, years ago on many fronts including SSM and carbon emissions and I think we all agree his power to take executive action is all he has. I totally support him doing all he can without Congress!

  83. Francis says:

    As I process my hatred of the Republican Party I realized that all that hate feeds them energetically! From now on I am transforming that as I am now choosing to regard them as mere bumps in the road rather than road blocks, on the road to a better future. Already I feel better!

  84. kdez says:

    “Brutal January” is exactly right – headlines from the southern storm:
    Winter Blast Paralyzes Much Of Deep South… Hellish, All-Night Commutes… Students Camp Out At School Gyms… National Guard Sends Humvees With Food And Water… 790 Car Accidents In Atlanta… 300 In Texas…

  85. kdez says:

    And another headline: “NIGHTMARISH — Calls for help flood social media as freak snowstorm turns Atlanta into ‘frozen hellscape’”

    As Nancy predicted, so it has come to pass.

  86. Noelle says:

    Starlight, I agree with your thoughts on PBO’s speech.
    And did you listen to the Repub Congresswoman’s reply? I kept wanting to ask her “And, tell us, how are you going to do that?” She presents well but she said nothing that PBO hadn’t just said only he gave the “hows”.
    The Republicans really are a bunch of empty suits but what scares me is that people actually buy what they are hawking. It’s like buying bags of air.

  87. Noelle says:

    Lorrie U, I saw the Michelle Bachman/Sanders debacle. I had to turn it off. Again, she said nothing but kept interrupting to do. I really fault Wolf Blitzer for giving her air time. She’s on her way out the door. Who cares what she says. Bernie Sanders is an intelligent man. Having to deal with her was an insult imo.

  88. Lorrie U says:

    My take on the SOTU speech was that the President seemed resigned and resolved. He’s accepted the resistance he gets and realizes he’s probably not going to get much cooperation as usual. At the same time, he’s resolved to do as much as he can through whatever avenues he can, including getting businesses on board and the executive pen whenever possible. Considering the last six years, I think it was the best he could offer.

    What needs to happen is the dems, including progressives, need to get more engaged on local and state levels as well as in Congress. We have several progressive voices making waves and changes, and changing minds even on the other side of the aisle.

    I think the GOP responded much as we expect them to respond to this President, but I think he seemed energetic and determined to make a difference wherever possible. Remember, we are in a #7 year of introspection and reflection, not action, allowing things to unfold in God’s time. I think the shift to more enlightened thinking happens inwardly until the last part of the year, and it will be reflected in the 2014 elections.

  89. Lorrie U says:

    Noelle – I didn’t watch the video, but reading the transcript showed me that Bachmann was in way over her head and blabbered her way throughout it. She showed what an ignoramus she really is going up against such a keen and pragmatic mind.

  90. Lorrie U says:

    This is perfect…

    Jon Stewart: ‘President Obama Is Now In The F*ck It Stage Of His Presidency’

  91. angellight says:

    “The north node in Libra will be a whole new ball-game. Libra is usually a peaceful sign that rules justice. It also rules the balance between positive and negative energy, and relationship issues. That energy will be affecting the Vatican and more rules will change. Look at what happened in January-the Pope fired all the top people in the Vatican Bank, except for one person. This is awesome because the Vatican Bank has been at the top of the control ladder for a long time. The buck stops there.”

    From: Planet Alert

    Has anyone here talked about the Pope firing all the top people from the Vatican Bank? Maybe I missed it. That is very interesting indeed!

  92. angellight says:

    From Jon Carson, Executive Dir, Oganizing for Action, on Pres. Obama’s Speech:

    “Tonight, President Obama made sure everyone knows:

    He’s not waiting for Congress. He’s taking action now, and he’s going to explore every method in his power to restore real opportunity for all Americans.

    Let’s follow the President’s lead. We can win big fights this year, but with all the forces standing in our way, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that will happen without real commitment at the grassroots level — from all of us.”

  93. Lorrie U says:

    The Work Ethic

    Obama is betting that Americans will side with labor over capitalism. He’s right.

    People will tell you this was a boring speech. Don’t believe them. It was a speech with a sharp edge. It distinguished the free market, represented by Republicans, from the work ethic, represented by Democrats. If that’s the debate in 2014, Democrats stand a good chance of winning.

    Here’s the basic idea. Many people who vote Republican don’t really believe in the free market. What they believe in is the work ethic. These two things aren’t identical. Sometimes the free market betrays the work ethic. When employees bust their tails, but the CEO gets all the money, people don’t like that. They aren’t capitalists. They don’t want a government that punishes effort or rewards sloth. But they like a government that makes sure the economy rewards work.

  94. fierywoman says:

    Francis at 11:30: “As I process my hatred of the Republican Party I realized that all that hate feeds them energetically! From now on I am transforming that as I am now choosing to regard them as mere bumps in the road rather than road blocks, on the road to a better future. Already I feel better!”

    I so agree. I’m sure our energy is what kept GWB in power for 8 years. There’s the idea from Mother Teresa that she would never go to an anti-war rally, but would always show up for a peace rally. I ran across this yesterday (from Andrew Martin) and, although I’ve heard the IDEA for years, something about the way it was said here really got to me. (BTW I’m working on my inner Cheney — slow going!)

    “You do not and have never had to wait for someone to give you your power back, for you were the one who agreed to create the illusion of someone else holding your power from you so that you could experience on an emotional level what it felt like to muster your courage and reclaim it!”

  95. Sharon Katz says:

    Great Andrew Martin quote Fierywoman! I will save it…it’s pretty important and it does take courage to become empowered.

    I think that one strategy the president (backed by most Democrats) might use is to work on getting the message out to the country effectively about concentrating on job creation and nurturing our work ethics, per Lorrie’s distinction, as opposed to catering to the “haves” (he can’t say he’s opposed to the free market, though, which will make him a socialist), and, right after the 2014 election, start using executive power judiciously to get some important things to happen. The Republicans will rant in return and we will see more of Boehner’s grimacing and tight smiles (his health must be feeling the results of all the stress of pulling the dissenting factions of his party together while younger, healthier, predatory men stand in the wings ready to eat him for dinner–but I still prefer him to an Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan). By 2016, and after these pluto-uranus squares, the country will be in a better place and the right person will be elected, whomever that is. Obama is waving the sword of executive power over the Republicans but they will call his bluff until he has to use it (unless they’ve learned their lesson from the government shutdown and actually decide they prefer the image of being a party that can work with the Democrats to help the country). It seems to me that the one fool proof way the Republicans have been holding onto power is through 1) religion and 2) guns, and 3) the illusion that they want fiscal responsibility; 4) lying. Except the last, these motives speak to deep security needs so it’s hard to dismantle them. If Obama can create jobs for the middle class, that should help a lot on many levels.

  96. Francis says:

    Fireywoman, YES!!

  97. alex says:


    I thought it was a good speech too for same reasons…. reminded a lot of people why they voted for him… heard that and felt it and then MSNBC team Rachel, Sharpton, Mattews, etc said same thing…

    on the same page… the noise and the narrative BAD OBAMA.. FAILED OBMAM is just to soften up the public for 2014-2016 election

    disapointment in politicians leads to election turn-overs… and that is the point of media noise… when they up the disatisfaction then politicans/PACs have to spend more media money to keep their image polished…

    so GOOD OBAMA connected with his 2008 voters

    and BAD OBAMA is the media narrative

    so relieved he has moved on from changing the tone of washington with bipartisanship …. he’ll take the reins… the corporate/plutocracy/oligarchy paid agents aka GOP representatives in Congress will try to crucify Obama it will be mean, nasty and hateful stuff that they do….

    Obama is charging the hill ( military slang ) I like him this way and I support him this way;

  98. Anne's Aunt says:

    LorrieU I totally agree with this: “What needs to happen is the dems, including progressives, need to get more engaged on local and state levels as well as in Congress. We have several progressive voices making waves and changes, and changing minds even on the other side of the aisle.”

    In my locality the city I live in is solid blue. Very solid. The rural parts of the state are red. The urban populations outnumber the rural so the state is blue. Still, there is a huge divide over rural vs. urban. It seems like identity politics and there is a lot of peer pressure in both environments to agree on politics. And people naturally go to where they fit in. I think it is a sad divide as we pretty much want similar things– big government to regulate our neighbors but not us. We’re so similar and yet so opposite. I wish there was a way to find common ground (for me it would include with some family members).

  99. SarahG says:

    I don’t know if the security at this year’s super bowl is typical or extraordinary, but it is certainly getting a lot of media attention. Perhaps it has been stepped up due to the incident that happened at the Boston Marathon.

  100. Michael from nyc says:

    I had an odd dream that Mark Rubio was given the VP slot for the Republican party, I guess we’ll find out in 2016 if that comes to pass.

  101. alex says:

    United States House of Representatives elections, 2014


    There are 47 districts with a partisan divide of 70 percent to 30 percent in favor of Democrats. Only 23 such districts exist on the Republican side. Of the 16 districts where the partisan divide is 80% to 20% or more, Democrats represent 15 of them.,_2014

    United States House of Representatives elections, 2014

  102. alex says:

    How GOP Gerrymanders Away Democracy


    Amid America’s demographic changes, Republicans have exploited every trick they can think of to stave off actual democracy, where every vote is respected and equal. One scheme has been to modernize the old practice of “gerrymandering,” as Beverly Bandler explains.

    Beverly Bandler

    In Election 2012, Democrats received 1.4 million more votes for the U.S. House of Representatives, yet Republicans won control of the House by a 234-to-201 margin. Thus, the second-biggest GOP majority in 60 years was not the will of American voters. It was gerrymandered.

    Or, as Republican strategist Karl Rove has said, “He who controls redistricting can control Congress.”

  103. Helen says:

    I urge everybody to take a look at this article:

    Robin Lim, who received the CNN Hero of the Year award for her work at a midwife in Bali wrote this in her blog:

  104. alex says:

    How high is the House levee?

    Today we have some outlier statements made by other political analysts. As rounded up by Andrew Sullivan, we have Nate Cohn at the New Republic quoting Alan Abramowitz:

    Democrats need a 13 point Democratic edge on September 1 to win the 17 seats necessary to retake the chamber in November.

    For any wave election, that would be a very soundly built levee. However, recent data suggest this statement is rather overstated, for two reasons:

    In the last 6 elections, the drift from previous-year generic-opinion polls to November outcomes is a median of 3 points (4.6 points for midterms only).

    Republican-favoring gerrymandered districts are weaker than they look. Because they seem to have more independents than other Republican districts, the necessary national popular-vote margin for a Democratic takeover is lower than in 2012, and I estimate it at about 4 points.

    I have analyzed this all recently. I think the levee could be breached by a 7-point generic polling margin next October. Also, here’s a rather good overview by David Wasserman at the Cook Political Report. Let me review a few points about what appears to be in past and present polls.

    Regarding point #1, Abramowitz’s claim runs up against evidence showing that midterm generic Congressional races are more stable than is commonly supposed:

  105. alex says:

    Natal Karl Rove
    Natal Sun @03 Capricorn

    2014 Solar Arc Sun @07 Pisces
    Natal Uranus @07 Cancer
    (as yet unassigned)@07 Scorpio


    Natal Mars @08 Aquarius
    Natal Uranus @07 Cancer
    (as yet unassigned) @07 Virgo

  106. alex says:

    Karl Rove continued:

    Election 2014

    2014 SA/SU @07PI
    Natal Uranus @07CA
    Election Pallas @07 Scorpio

    Swearing-In 2015

    Natal Uranus @07 Cancer
    2015 Swearing-In @08 Cancer


    “Standing above” or “rising above” material realities is key here. The crescent faces downward, yet is located above, in the superconscious, hovering over the cross of matter. This symbolizes subjecting physical realities and assets to higher ideals based in the superconscious.

    In contrast with Neptune, Kronos has grasped full understanding of the ideals, and is now systematically bringing material reality up to meet them. If the crescent outweighs the cross, there is arrogance and a detachment from daily reality, where one assumes oneself, as an extension of one’s ideals, to be somehow superhuman, in an ivory tower.

    If the cross outweighs the crescent, one clings to the status of accomplishments, rests on laurels, loses sight of the transpersonal purpose of one’s talents, or makes the mistake in believing that the gifts and talents one has serve only to build up one’s ego and fatten one’s pride rather than serve humanity.

    In balance, the practical implementation of one’s ideals serves a higher transpersonal purpose, lifting up others as one aspires to to enact unifying universal laws of justice, responsibility, and respect for all beings as part of an interdependent cosmos.

  107. alex says:

    Thirty Three

    November 4, 2014: 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate up for re-election,_2014

  108. alex says:

    oops correction KRONOS – Karl Rove continued

    Swearing-In 2015

    Natal Uranus @07 Cancer
    2015 Swearing-In @08 Cancer – KRONOS


    “Standing above” or “rising above” material realities is key here. The crescent faces downward, yet is located above, in the superconscious, hovering over the cross of matter. This symbolizes subjecting physical realities and assets to higher ideals based in the superconscious.

    In contrast with Neptune, Kronos has grasped full understanding of the ideals, and is now systematically bringing material reality up to meet them. If the crescent outweighs the cross, there is arrogance and a detachment from daily reality, where one assumes oneself, as an extension of one’s ideals, to be somehow superhuman, in an ivory tower.

    If the cross outweighs the crescent, one clings to the status of accomplishments, rests on laurels, loses sight of the transpersonal purpose of one’s talents, or makes the mistake in believing that the gifts and talents one has serve only to build up one’s ego and fatten one’s pride rather than serve humanity.

    In balance, the practical implementation of one’s ideals serves a higher transpersonal purpose, lifting up others as one aspires to to enact unifying universal laws of justice, responsibility, and respect for all beings as part of an interdependent cosmos.

    2014 Converse Solar Arc Saturn @28 Cancer


    2015 SWEARING-IN, VULKANUS @28 Cancer


    The triangle or triad of order and integration is directed upward by the arrow. The triangle is also like a funnel which channels powerful primal collective energies from below, through the individual, toward higher objectives.

    Vulkanus thus represents one-pointed energies which are amassed and directed toward certain aims, ideally of benefit to society.

    The triangle indicates an innate potential for balance. If the balance is disturbed, the powerful energies can be disrupted and almost lightning-like or warlike coups may occur in order to restore order and bring all energies into alignment. If the arrow outweighs, the enthusiasm is not backed with stability, in which case the power of Vulkanus can be destructive.

    If the triangle outweighs, overconcern with maintaining stability can incline us to a reactionary mentality, and undermine progress.

    In balance, the primal energies from the collective subconscious are effectively directed toward higher ideals that serve humanity, where rapid and true evolutionary progress can be made.

  109. alex says:

    Zodiac Sign Cancer – extreme negative, destructive expression

    Apex of Karl Rove’s SYNASTRY WATER Trine with 2014 Election:
    - Uranus @07 Cancer

    Karl Rove: rigging elections, GOP rigging the economy for plutocrats/oligarchs robbing from everyone else

    Swearing-In 2015

    Natal Uranus @07 Cancer
    2015 Swearing-In @08 Cancer – KRONOS

    Negative expression of transneptune point – KRONOS, Sign Cancer

    There is arrogance and a detachment from daily reality, where one assumes oneself, as an extension of one’s ideals, to be somehow superhuman, in an ivory tower.

    One clings to the status of accomplishments, rests on laurels, loses sight of the transpersonal purpose of one’s talents, or makes the mistake in believing that the gifts and talents one has serve only to build up one’s ego and fatten one’s pride rather than serve humanity.

    Negative expression of transneptune point – VULKANUS, sign Cancer

    KARL ROVE, 2014 Converse Solar Arc Saturn @28 Cancer


    2015 SWEARING-IN, VULKANUS @28 Cancer

    VULKANUS: Innate potential for balance but if the balance is disturbed, the powerful energies can be disrupted and almost lightning-like or war like coups may occur in order to restore order and bring all energies into alignment.

    Enthusiasm is not backed with stability, in which case the power of Vulkanus can be destructive.

    Reactionary mentality: undermines progress, rapid de-evolution

  110. barbk says:

    Sara G,

    Regarding the retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics, I see as a healing therapy. As both are retrograde (look within), and the lesser benefic Venus even slows down to station thus prolonging the effect, they oppose each other and simultaneously surround (enclose) Pluto, a symbol of deep unconscious fear and anguish, with positive energy. Chiron in Pisces sextiles Venus and Pluto and trines Jupiter and acts as the supportive physician/teacher in the therapy. As the fear and anger rise to the surface (consciousness) a balm of well-being neutralizes the negativity.

    At this New Moon, the asteroid Narcissus joins Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and (as I see it) he shows us that in order to love the soul of the world (animus mundi) we must also love ourselves. It is in the balancing of these polar opposites (between Venus/Capricorn and Jupiter/Cancer) that healing begins.

  111. Francis says:

    This from the NY Times about Russia testing a missile
    if you read it check out the comments. I guess we can add this to the stressors in the developing Cardinal Cross.

  112. alex says:

    V.P. Joe Biden former Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee

    Chair of Senate Foreign Realtions Committee

    Bob Gates said:
    “That Joe Biden was wrong on all major foreign policy decisions for last forty years.”

    V.P. Joe Biden said:

    Vietnam: I thought we should end the war in Vietnam and Bob didn’t

    Iran-Contra: I thought Iran-Contra was a disaster, Bob thought it was a good idea

    Gorbachev: I thought Gorbachev was an agent of change….Bob encouraged Reagan not to deal with Gorbachev as an agent of change

    Bosnia: I thought we should have more war tribunals in Bosnia… Bob thought we shouldn’t

    Afghanistan: I thought we should end the war in Afghanistan after we dealt with Al-Qaeda…. Bob didn’t

  113. alex says:


    good thought!

    Pluto in Capricorn – Jupiter in Cancer…. the BIG(ies)

    love theyself… translatable remedy for loving/transforming the sould of the world….

  114. pisca says:

    Thanks, barbk. The healing therapy may be just what we need right now!
    Nancy has mentioned that Obama may face resistance from Congress and that Obama may have needed to revise his speech before he presented it Tuesday. We don’t know what may have transpired to warrant that but I noted he did not address some issues which were expected, most notably the keystone pipeline and TPP. Now it seems that Reid and Wyden have publicly denounced the fast-track-TPP bill:

  115. barbk says:

    Thanks alex, and pisca, I suspect that Pres. Obama may have revised his speech Tuesday night (27th) as Pallas opposed Chiron followed the next morning by Sun sextile Uranus.

    Thank you will for the link to Jessica Murray’s article. It has prompted me to note that as transiting Saturn approaches his opposition to Sedna (23+ Taurus) next month it is possible we will hear through the grape-vine or twitter about a serious problem within our own waters. That’s because the U.S. natal (Sibly) asteroid Atlantis is also at 23+ Taurus.

    Although Saturn will station at 23+ Scorpio, he will have moved retrograde by this May when there will be a full moon at 23+ Scorpio, opposite transiting Sun, Sedna and the U.S. Atlantis. This follows the April 20-21 cardinal cross (Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter-Mars) and the solar eclipse in Taurus on the 29th. The eclipse features a retrograde Saturn (20+ Scorpio) opposite the U.S. natal Vesta (investments) at 19+ Taurus, less than 4 degrees from natal Atlantis. By the time of the May Scorpio full moon, Saturn will be at 19+ Scorpio and opposite U.S. Vesta 19+ Taurus. Transiting Chiron will be trine transiting Saturn and transiting Jupiter.

  116. alex says:

    John Boehner crept of the GOP winter retreat to announce to the world that the public must come to understand they are not just the opposition party they are the alternative party…

    ok need clarified/translated…. you understand a rose is not really a rose!



    their motto is ‘you are on your own’, ‘if you get sick die quickly’, ‘drop dead it’s your fault you are in a vulnerable population’

  117. alex says:


    geeze you got the top 40 hit parade of celestial events revealing the ever changing shifting force field of official power at cross roads with collectie consciousness…

    I’ll chart a few of these charts beginning with May full moon, and then ? thinking about it…

    thanks for your notations

  118. alex says:

    2014 Moon Phases

    March 4, 2014

    Novile degrees (the future, what we are becoming)

    JUNO @00 Aries

    DK LILITH @00 Leo (

    VESTA @29 Scorpio 58 > ingress 00 Sagittarius

    (Pallas @00 Virgo inconjunct Juno @00 Aries, discomfort, adjustment of resources necessary)


    The story of Hylonome and Cyllarus is indeed touching. The two were inseparable. Ovid states “Their love was equal; on the hills they roamed together, and together they would go back to their cave”. So then when her soulmate died what else could Hylonome do but join him in the afterlife. Its safe to say that Cyllarus would have followed suit such was their devotion to each other. “Hylonome embraced him as he died, caressed the wound and, putting lips to lips, she tried to stay his spirit as it fled.”

    Asteroid Hylonome 10370 was a female centaur in Greek mythology. Hylonome was heartbroken and killed herself when her beloved partner, the centaur Cyllarus was killed in battle. She immediately took her own life with the very same fatal arrow. This is the ultimate centaur sacrifice; suicide in order to be reunited with one’s soulmate and be at one with the cosmos. Like Chiron and all centaurs, Hylonome bridges two outer planets and has a transforming influence. Here she transforms Uranian shock into altruism and Neptunian yearning to connect with source.

    The negative manifestation of this is fairly obvious, playing the martyr and thinking ones life is meaningless without a partner.

    Suicide bombers are a good example of this archetype, with the explosive thunderbolt Uranian energy being the passport to ultimate Neptunian redemption in heaven.

    Uranus @10 Aries
    Cyllarus @10 Cancer
    Jupiter @10 Cancer

  119. SarahG says:

    barbk – Thanks for your thoughts on those retrogrades. Venus/Jupiter might also signify changing values. I guess I’m most interested in the Mars retrograde which lasts for a few months beginning in March as regards both ‘getting things done’ and the various areas of volatility and aggression that Starlight has been talking about.

  120. Lorrie U says:

    If you haven’t seen this, Jon Stewart brilliantly nails it!!

    Jon Stewart Calls Out Republicans On Their BS For Claiming They Want Bipartisanship

  121. SarahG says:

    More ‘mysterious’ die offs along the west coast and still they won’t make an official linkage to the nuclear disaster in Japan. There is a mass die off of all species of starfish. Massive and sudden. Similar stories are reported along Japan’s coast. This is VERY significant.
    I wouldn’t eat any fish or go swimming in the ocean these days. Of course the repercussions are much greater than that.

    West Coast –

  122. Nita says:

    Hi Starlight

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will run for re-election in 2014.

    Could you check to see if this is a good time for her I really hope it is.


  123. Bob says:

    Is the Prez a rock?! Gallup (or GULP) said he dropped like one. And then this happened.

    Electoral vote: President Barack Obama 332, Mitt Romney 206

    President obama’s aproval ratings 10 days before the 2012 election according to Gallup.

    Gallup: Obama’s Job Approval Drops 7 Points in 3 Days
    October 27, 2012 – 3:22 PM

    “On Oct. 26, it dropped yet again to 46 percent who said they approved and 49 percent who said they did not.”

  124. Bob says:

    A big thank you to Will, Lorrie, Sharon, and any others who sent well wishes an/or healing thoughts my way. Symptoms have receded since then. Still a ways to go, probably until spring or early Summer before I am completely whole.

  125. Sharon Katz says:

    Bob, that is good news – will keep sending you good energy for continued healing.

    I just read this short news item & feel it explains why Iran is being so cooperative at this time… I think it has big ambitions for consolidating power in the Mideast

  126. will says:

    michael nyc,

    If Rubio gets the rethug vp nod, I’m going to punch you right in your dream.

  127. will says:


    Glad things have brightened for you.
    In God’s time.x

  128. will says:

    Bob, “x” was typo. Of course Freud might argue.

  129. alex says:


    really glad to hear you are recovering – something great to celebrate

  130. alex says:


    here is Pelosi’s natal chart, if starlight has the time to check her out she would be good choice for 2014 analysis of election outcomes… I’m hoping she gets really happy

  131. SarahG says:

    Secretary of State Kerry rejects notion U.S. is disengaging from world
    DAVOS, Switzerland Sat Jan 25, 2014

  132. Helen says:

    Really out there, that’s why I’m putting it out there:

    Facebook page is open to public. Fast forward to 3:20 on YouTube video.

  133. barbk says:

    Bob’s offering (thanks Bob!) regarding Christie and Ford maybe being part of the message of the Cardinal Grand Cross in April reminded me of how I viewed the NJ governor as a cartoon character when I first learned of his existence. Humor awakens something in us – we connect through it – starting in early childhood and it stays with us all our life. Everything about humor involves exaggeration, most obvious in slapstick, pie-in-your-face comedy and then it becomes more subtle and sophisticated as we evolve. Bob’s remark is evidence that these two particular government representatives trigger that “something in us”.

    Wondering just what astrological symbols would associate with humor, the asteroid Child was the 1st thing to surface. Funny faces, animals, other people falling off of things and running into walls will make a child laugh because children relate it to something they have experienced. We could think of it as a low (young, early) common denominator.

    Long ago (and I’ve read similar things since) a comedian said/wrote that “timing is everything” and time is ruled by Saturn/Kronos. I think it was Jack Benny or Bob Hope who said that. Another thing that Saturn represents is old age.

    Astrology is a tool for understanding behavior and events as well as prediction, and trying to decipher the code of astrology can often be challenging. By using humor, astrology can reach the broadest audience with it’s message and, at this time, astrology is using Christie and Ford, at the lowest common denominator possible. Even little kids get it.

    Just for fun :) I put transiting Child (presently at 9+ Cancer retrograde) and transiting Saturn (23+ Scorpio) on the U.S. (Sibly) chart to see if and how they relate to the natal placements. Since last August transiting Child has been in the sign of Cancer, transiting over natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun, stopping short of natal Mercury (23+ Cancer) before stationing retrograde in November. Transiting Child was square transiting Eris (discord). Transiting Eris was, as she is now, one degree past the U.S. Chiron (wound) who opposes the U.S. Juno (wants to be treated equally) in November.

    Transiting Jupiter in November was at 20+ Cancer stationing retrograde, only a couple of degrees away from trans. Child and made a T-square with U.S. natal Chiron and Juno. By the end of December trans. Child and trans. Jupiter would be exactly conjunct. In the meantime, an old U.S. “wound” was being exacerbated (tr. Eris conjunct U.S. Chiron squared by tr. Jupiter). Something about not being treated equally (Juno opposite Chiron). For those who had been following Christie’s story, there was something almost comical about it. So exaggerated. So amateurish. A traffic jam!

    Because the U.S. chart’s Venus rules the 10th house (government) and 6th house (service) of the Sibly chart, and U.S. Jupiter rules the 1st house (identity) and U.S. Sun rules the 8th house (shared resources), if viewed by (transiting) Child, it might read as: Our (U.S.) identity (1st house) is determined by how our government (10th) services (6th) are using our shared resources (8th). This wouldn’t apply to Canada’s mayor but would certainly fit the governor of NJ’s story since last August. The child in us might find humor in this observation.

    Transiting Saturn in Scorpio last August (when Christie’s Bridgegate actually started) had been in a trine with U.S. natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun as far back as October 2012 and now was also in a grand trine with trans. Jupiter in Cancer and trans. Neptune in Pisces. He was also trine transiting Child. If timing is everything, transiting Saturn and transiting Child had the perfect setup for some wide spectrum humor. Getting all the props in place would take longer. They would be ready by the time Jupiter stationed at a degree that would challenge the old wound (U.S. Chiron) being jabbed by trans. Eris (conjunct U.S. Chiron) who opposed U.S. Juno.

    When Election Day, November 2013, was over transiting Sun (make conscious) was conjunct transiting Saturn (gov’t) and transiting Jupiter (big picture) was almost conjunct transiting Child (low common denominator). Transiting Uranus (unexpected) had just squared transiting Pluto (undercover) and trans. Jupiter was about to station. Places everyone, curtain going up!

    In most quarters Toronto’s Mayor Ford and Chris Christie are small potatoes, and like other elected officials who have taken the low road, have become the butt of jokes. However, they will be remembered and from astrology’s perspective, this insures that the message will get through; that political figures, as always, are susceptible to human frailty and it is up to the voters to weed them out, and then be thoroughly educated on the makeup of those who would replace them. If we don’t participate in the process (we voters), we are as guilty as they and look just as foolish.

    At this time transiting Saturn trines the U.S. natal Mercury (23+ Cancer), a symbol of education and children and communication, while transiting Child trines the U.S. natal Child (10+ Pisces) and transiting Chiron. For comedy this is great. We see the web catching flies (probably symbolized by transiting Arachne at 13+ Aquarius trine U.S. Saturn 14+ Libra) and feel good because the “smart” guys look to be beating the “dumb” guys. Hopefully, we will all learn a valuable lesson, unfortunately at the expense of those who were – in real life – wounded (tr. Chiron conjunct U.S. Child) in the process. There’s no doubt in my mind this is part of April’s 5th Uranus-Pluto square and the cardinal grand cross lessons. Two more to go after that.

  134. Marcia says:

    Barbk, thank you so much for your post about the healing therapy of retrograde Venus and Jupiter surrounding Pluto in Cap. My daughter just returned (retrograded) to a rehab place where she spent a month at last year. What you said made me hopeful about truly healing therapy for her this time. She is 25 and has the Capricorn planets that her age group has (Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, plus her Mercury)–all there in her first house (Sun and Ascendant both at about 25 Sag). That was a beautiful post. Thank you.

  135. alex says:

    There is a frequency for everything in nature including individual humans….. frequency,astrology

    Planetary tuning

  136. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Thanks for the link to Planetary Tuning. This is a subject I’ve been involved with in the past. I was involved in the development and marketing of “Crystal Sonar” which was created by a brilliant scientist/musician I knew. “Crystal Sonar is a concept developed to aid the healing of the body, mind and spirit through the resonating sounds of crystal energy transmitted through salt water.” Long story with a bad ending thanks to Pluto going across Asc. and opp. Uranus at the time.

    You can listen to it at this link…

  137. alex says:

    Thxs for the info creative healing… on the other hand here is
    pharma news


    Nexavar is a kidney and liver cancer-fighting drug that was developed by Bayer and approved for use over 9 years ago. Despite it being almost a decade, the price has not come down much for the drug. A one-year drug treatment costs $69,000 at minimum.

    India has a law that says they will allow other companies to manufacture a generic version of any life-saving drug IF that drug is massively overpriced.

    So India allowed a generic version to be made by another company at a cost of $177 a year.

    Bayer’s reaction:

    “We did not develop this medicine for Indians… we developed it for Western patients who can afford it.” – Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers’

  138. alex says:


    wow I’m listening to it now it is incredibly soothing and lovely..I’m going to put this on an audio loop what a great find this is;

  139. alex says:

    seems it is already looping at the url you posted :-) I emailed
    the link to my daughter she’ll like it too – this is a great service you’ve done sharing dancing lizards

  140. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Alex! I’m so happy you are enjoying it. I put my heart and soul into this project, did all the writing, marketing, promotional, the cover picture was given to me by spirit (without the dolphins…long story) as well as the name of the album and pieces. Got nothing but rave reviews and it could have gone far. It was a time of high spiritual growth and insights for me, my partner was not in the same place. Walked away without compensation or recognition for all my years of work.

  141. Lorrie U says:

    Ha! Wildstein has provided the proof! He’s definitely toast…

    OFFICIAL: Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closings

  142. Lorrie U says:

    The GOP death panels!!

    Harvard Study: States’ Medicaid expansion refusal will kill thousands

    Refusing the expansion is a political decision by Republican state lawmakers that will have a big economic impact for those states. What it will also cause, according to a new study from Harvard University and the City University of New York, is eight million people remaining uninsured, and up to 17,000 premature and avoidable deaths.

  143. alex says:


    I’m so sorry you had a business betrayal.

    Your creative work is beautiful.

    Nobody should commit their time or talent without some kind of protection regarding terms of doing business. Nolopress online and has sample variety of business contracts no cost or low cost…..and google search has free forms available too;

    one way to stage going into business would be to set out terms in ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ securing the tentative beginnings before binding contract is entered into;

  144. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Alex. All the protections were there, but sometimes it’s just best to put things behind you. Pluto said be done with this person, this project had been used as a passive-aggressive tool for many years so the best thing to do was just let it go and heal. Which was the right decision for myself, the karmic lessons were complete and I emerged as a new person.

  145. Sharon Katz says:

    Thanks, Lorrie, I liked it very much, and felt it in my body…a nice venus stationing gift.

  146. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Sharon. I’m so happy that others feel the music the same as I did, it has always resonated with me. We got a lot of positive feedback from bodyworkers and nurses. I always felt it was very healing, and I’m thrilled that you and Alex find it to be so as well!

  147. alex says:


    Sometimes it’s just best to put things behind you. Pluto said be done with this person, this project had been used as a passive-aggressive tool for many years so the best thing to do was just let it go and heal. Which was the right decision for myself, the karmic lessons were complete and I emerged as a new person.

    well I understand what it feels like to know a difficult personal relationship decision is the right decision…. I’ll have to say
    you expressed your wisdom so clearly sharing good guidance to self-actualize difficulty into a healing experience

    :-) you’ve got a talent for teaching paradox (among your other creative talents)

  148. alex says:

    – here is historic example of boomerang aspect from 6/17/1935 for the chart of a pivotal scientific achievment (reflections of etheric energy propagations from radio wave radiation used to determine range, altitude, direction and speed of an aircraft for the first time – Ground Based RADAR)


    Apex, Sisyphus @03 Libra
    Orius @03 Pisces
    Uranus @04 Taurus

    ERIS @03 Aries


    The Boomerang is one of the newer aspect patterns identified by Joan McEvers. The boomerang example Boomerang looks very much like the Kite configuration except that the opposition is connected to the apex planet of the Yod.

    The Opposition in the Boomerang is similar also to the Opposition in the Kite as it adds an important piece of perspective to the configuration.

    According to Joan, the fourth planet in the Boomerang typically added an important element that seemed missing in the Yod; a sense of understanding what the goal will be.

    The opposition provides an added focal point in regards to timing and actions which is missing with the Yod.

    The semi-sextiles connecting the opposition to the base of the Yod are also integral in blending the energies of the Yod into a unified force for a sense of understanding what the goal will be. (or conversely – unintended consequences itself controlling thereby becoming superintending)

  149. barbk says:

    Bless you alex! So one of the advantages of the Boom in the Boomerang is “an understanding of what the goal will be.” Here is an example of a Yod-turn-Boomerang (questionable orb range). . November 3 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio has a sextile between Uranus (surprise!) at 9+ Aries sextile Juno (partners) 9+ Aquarius and Mars (attack) (11+ Virgo with 2 deg orb) quincunx both Uranus and Juno. Eclipse Mars opposes Eclipse Chiron (raise awareness) at 9+ Pisces.

    The NJ-NY Port Authority chart has Jupiter at 8 Virgo 58 retrograde close enough to be considered conjunct the Eclipse Mars, and even more tightly aspecting the Eclipse Uranus-Juno sextile. Furthermore, the P.A. chart has Uranus at 8 Pisces 50 opposite it’s Jupiter (big tent), fitting into the Boomerang pattern with P.A. Uranus providing the Boom and the understanding of the goal.

    Other than the Wildstein letter that came out yesterday, the news that the Rockefeller Group severed ties with the Wolf and Sampson attorney group was a big development in the Bridgegate/Hoboken/Christie investigation. A guest on Steve Kornacki’s program UP (MSNBC) today confirmed what I suspected when he inferred that Wildstein was a paper-saver. My guess as to why Wildstein wrote the letter to the Port Authority (and the media) was something akin to blackmail, possibly to Chairman Sampson (of Wolf and Sampson) although under the guise of seeking payment of legal fees for his own lawyers.

    I have a feeling that it is why the Rockefeller group has severed ties with Sampson (in his legal role as opposed to his role as Port Authority chair) at least in part. I suspect there are emails or documents that connect “someone”, maybe more than one at the Port Authority who communicated with Christie or someone close to him regarding the GW bridge lane shutdowns. I suspect Wildstein has copies of those documents that he took with him on his last day at the P.A.

    Christie’s natal Jupiter (6 Pisces 52 retro) is very close to the Eclipse Chiron and the P.A. Uranus, as is Christie’s Pluto (10 Virgo 00) close to the Nov. Eclipse Mars and the P.A. Jupiter. Christie’s Pluto of course, is conjunct Christie’s Sun at 13 Virgo 51.

    If I’m reading this right this means that the Boom (understanding goal of yod) in the Boomerang of the November solar eclipse chart is Chiron (the wound, the wounder and the wounded) which is conjunct the Port Authority’s Uranus (unexpected breakthrough), which is conjunct Gov. Christie’s Pluto (buried deep) which is conjunct his natal Sun (consciousness, ego awareness).

    Gov. Christie’s natal Neptune (which I think might be the ruler of his chart) at 11 Scorpio 15 is conjunct the Nov. Solar Eclipse at 11 Scorpio 15. The Eclipse Mercury and north node are at 7+ Scorpio and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that David Wildstein has a planet on or near 7 Scorpio; that he’s writing a book, and the profits will pay off his lawyer bill!

  150. alex says:


    boomerang – sense of understanding what the goal will be;
    (The semi-sextiles connecting the opposition to the base of the Yod are also integral in blending the energies of the Yod into a unified force)

    Yod/Kite: the key for semi-sextile aspect inherent energies in a primary semi-sextile indicates difficult associations that need reconciled to work together or otherwise…… but in this all inclusive YOD/Kite, the semi-sextile is an operative energy that easily works towards integration;

    I think the word ‘boomerang’ invites this semantics discussion; boomerang implies to some that it has the effect first foremost as a negative force but that is definately not the case with this aspect;

    the Yod/Kite aspect is quite self-contained (the context of the symbolic narrative and the energies involved are all inclusive) and that makes the apex and it’s opposition authoritative functionally and purposeful for the utility of the aspect (its issues and elements) the apex and the opposition complete each other; they don’t compete, as the PRIMARY opposition only aspect does; PRIMARY oppositions are competing tensions that need harmonized, compromised, balanced

    but all/every aspect(s) has/have a converse expression probablity, potential and for the YOD/KITE the converse is – – “unintended consequences itself controlling thereby becoming superintending”;

    it is really easy to use the word controlling twice replacing the word superintending because superintending is not a commonly used word; but superintending is a great word to use with the narrative of the Yod/Kite

    SUPER-INTEND (above, beyond, embracing a number of
    other processes than those intended)

    Intend: have in mind as something to be done or brought about; plan; to design or mean for a particular purpose

    Christie’s dilemma seems to have become the converse expression (understatement!!)

  151. alex says:

    continued – Ground based Radar

    Yod/Kite (#2) BOOMERANG

    Apex Saturn @10 Pisces
    Venus @10 Leo
    Mars @11 Libra


    Neptune @11 Virgo

    Grand Air Trine

    Sun @25 Gemini
    Pavlov @27 Libra (conditioned reflex responses)
    Protegeneria @27 Libra (pioneering something)
    Damocles @24 Aquarius (menacing, threat)

    Mallory @26 Leo (possibility of insurmountable challenge)
    Damocles @24 Aquarius

    USA PLUTO CAPRICORN (27degrees)

    Semi-Sextile Kite

    Apex Vesta @16 Pisces
    Dioretsa @16 Aries (veering off track)
    Nemesis @15 Aquarius (devastating situation, affliction)


    Neptune @11 Virgo

  152. Sharon Katz says:

    Understanding paradox, in my opinion, Alex, is one of the most important things we can do in this world–to understand that many states sides exist together and most have validity to an extent, even if we can’t see it (because to see it means going more deeply into the situation and at the same time rising above it?) I don’t know if this is what you mean by paradox but it is my understanding of it – when more than one seemingly contradictory state exist but all have truth.

  153. alex says:

    paradox – assertion seemingly contradictory

    A paradox is defined as “a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.”

    This is good astrology article – paradox

  154. alex says:

    Sharon K

    per the paradox url:

    – Spirit breaks of Ego’s self constructed prison. We master self through challenges.

    August 2013 is the first meeting so we see the issue to be resolved. January 2014 brings a change when we revisit the subject. We conclude the matter April 2014. It’s 3 steps

    I’m first and second hand experiencing this PL/UR/JU T-square through the lens of resource/expectation adjustment, from family member’s home purchase, accompaning unexpected costs and expenses in other areas first hand for myself …. and in fact some of the issues won’t be settled until April 2014

    the politics/economy Nancy and Barbk have addressed this very well… I’ve posted other astro-urls that are insightful about the CHALLENGING TOPIC of PL/UR/JU too;

    there is uncertainty and surprises because of this ongoing challenging aspect/planet configuration… it’s kind of a yikes time…. can’t go back to the way things were have to go forward, right or left….

    the Pluto deep cleaning has brought back old traumatic memories

    have you ever seen a Chinese finger lock – the lesson it teaches is if you struggles it locks stubbornly but if you relax then can escape the finger lock… it is a child’s toy … good example of tactile sense paradox….

    my childhood older sibling introduced me to one as a prank… it was a real passive-aggressive episode in a chapter of sibling rivalry tensions… which I survived with a few near-death experiences (all in good fun really it was just a joke) he needed more parental supervision but being a child was risky stuff when he turned his attention on me! that’s one of the life – places I learned paradox ….

    don’t panic it only gets worse when you do… life rules: I’ve not actually numbered them but it has to be one of top ten if I had done;

  155. Wennye' says:

    Dear Lorrie,
    The Crystal Sonar is absolutely lovely, peaceful and healing. When my Healing Center was operating years ago this type of music played continuously. Once stepping across the door sill from the outside world one was transported to an Oasis. This soothing melody immediately put me in a calm, Thank you dear one for sharing..Blessings, Wennye’

  156. SarahG says:

    An insightful discussion of Aquarius for those with this energy prominent in your charts. Many with interest or talent in astrology have a prominent Aquarius/Uranus. And he juxtaposes and compares it to the preceding sign of Capricorn. Very very interesting. Maybe your chart has both prominent and are attempting in this lifetime to ease them into more of a collaborative duo?
    Here is the link (scroll down to the second article) –

  157. barbk says:

    alex, haven’t even heard of some of these asteroids but LOVE super-intending! Thanks for your entire explanation(s) and the discussion with Sharon K re: paradox, esp. the finger-lock toy. Ouch. I’ve seen magic tricks where the same principle applied. . getting out of a jacket-like garment. . where the more you struggled the tighter it got. It is indeed a “yikes” time, all the better to grow in my dears.

  158. SarahG says:

    The Geneva Code – What Syria negotiators say, and what they mean
    BEIRUT Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:19am EST

    Reuters) – Syria’s political foes are beginning to speak a shared language at peace talks in Geneva to end their country’s devastating civil war, but the words they utter at the negotiating table have diametrically different meanings to the two sides.

    With the first round of talks now ended, here is a guide to deciphering the ‘Geneva Code’ – terminology that President Bashar al-Assad’s government delegates and the opposition both use – and the contrasting interpretation each side attaches to their words.

  159. SarahG says:

    This ought to be interesting given the transits and time frame:

    Obama to visit Saudi Arabia amid tensions over Iran, Syria

    (Reuters) – President Barack Obama plans to travel to Saudi Arabia in March on a mission to smooth tensions with Washington’s main Arab ally over U.S. policy on Iran’s nuclear program and the civil war in Syria, a newspaper reported.

    Obama is preparing to meet with King Abdullah for a summit, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing unnamed Arab officials briefed on the meetings.

    “This is about a deteriorating relationship” and declining trust, said a senior Arab official in discussing the need for the summit, which was pulled together in recent days, the newspaper reported.

    A White House spokeswoman declined to comment.

    The United States and Saudi Arabia have been allies since the kingdom was formed in 1932, giving Riyadh a powerful military protector and Washington secure oil supplies.

  160. SarahG says:

    Oops…forgot to post the link to that story about Obama’s visit to the Middle East:

  161. Sharon Katz says:

    Alex, your comment, “Don’t panic it only gets worse when you do… life rules: I’ve not actually numbered them but it has to be one of top ten if I had done;” and your example of the Chinese fingerlock lesson were just great. Thank you. Those are concepts that I can’t hear repeated enough….and not so easy to learn.

  162. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks Alex for sharing your own experiences and the story about the Chinese finger lock! You and Barbk have an amazing communication on a level which astounds me while leaving me feeling a little bewildered since it’s so beyond me at times.

    Wennye’ – I’m so happy that you found peace listening to Crystal Sonar! I hadn’t listened to it myself in a while and I’ve enjoyed experiencing it again.

  163. alex says:

    Sharon K & Lorrie

    the last time I spoke to my older brother he apologized for the way he had been to me during my childhood; because he was dying (47 y/o) he had turned a corner and found some wisdom in the reflections of his life;

    I asked him if he believed in reincarnation; he said “I hope not”and laughed chuckling at the idea not really comfortable with it ; (the conversation flavored with no BS – finality) he was not too amused at the thought he might have to make more amends to balance the scales with people he had been hurtful to (this was his understanding of re-incarnation) in his customary way he used humor and repartee to deflect strong emotions directing his observation as a disclosure about himself; I was glad to know he made peace with the idea before he died;

  164. alex says:


    most of the minor asteroids I mentioned were mark andrew holmes’ narrative that we co-wrote for astro-review about the real lives of the Odone family immortalized in the film called ‘Lorenzo’s Oil ( movie at netflix)

    though Pavlov (conditioned reflex responses) and
    Protegeneria (pioneering something)where not from that effort but from another column we did together…

  165. Lorrie U says:

    Welcome to the Light Party. The Light Party is a wholistic, proactive, educational new political paradigm party dedicated to “Health Peace and Freedom For All”. The Light Party Platform is a synthesis of the finest elements of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties.

  166. Sharon Katz says:

    Beautiful story about your brother, Alex…so many people deflect real emotions with humor and repartee as you said.

  167. Sharon Katz says:

    Also want to comment that the recent developments in the Christie saga are finally getting me to believe that he just might not be the Republican presidential candidate after all. He was booed in Times Square at pre-Super Bowl festivities twice today, the largest newspaper in Jersey (my home state) said he should resign or be impeached and he was on the cover of 3 main NY-NJ metro newspapers being dissed, as well as that negative NYT story yesterday…I just can’t see him getting out of this…we shall see.

  168. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon Katz – I personally don’t think the Christie persona plays well enough with the south to earn him the republican candidacy even if nothing can be proven, but I think enough people think there’s enough smoke to be suspicious anyway.

    I read on FB a prediction by an astrological website (lost it before I could post it), but it suggested that March is not going to be kind to the governor.

  169. Lorrie U says:

    “If anybody can find someone to love them and to help them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form.” – Will Smith

  170. Nita says:

    Thanks Alex for the information on Nancy Pelosi

  171. alex says:

    continued Nancy Pelosi (top synergy chart)

    Natal Sun @05 Aries

    Natal Uranus @19 Taurus
    2014 Solar Arc Sun @19 Gemini

    su 05ar
    mo 16sc (noon moon)
    me 17pi
    ve 20ta
    ma 25ta
    sa 00ta
    ur 19ta
    ne 23vi
    pl 00le
    node 21li
    chiron 14ca
    dk lilith 21pi
    ceres 08vi
    pallas 22ca
    juno 26ar
    vesta 20ta

    poseidon 05li
    vulkanus 17ge
    admetos 14ar
    apollon 12vi
    kronos 15ta
    zeus 15le
    hades 17ar
    cupido 09vi