21st Dec, 2013

High-Tension Holidays

The Holiday Season is upon us. Bells are ringing, carolers are singing and people are mobbing the stores. What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, lurking underneath the annual glitz, there are some very dark shadows, particularly for those already struggling. Unemployment benefits have not been renewed. Food stamps have been drastically cut. And the nation’s new health care law, although improving, continues to have some “issues”. ‘Tis not necessarily the season to be jolly.

In addition, the slender ray of hope for a new era of detente with Iran, a potential paradigm shift away from the growing imminence of war, is being threatened with a bipartisan mutiny. Moreover, an unexpected spat has developed with long-time ally India over American treatment of a diplomat who was abusing a babysitter, and with Russia, over its odious treatment of the LGTB community.

As has been mentioned in previous posts, we are now in the first crossing of Saturn opposite the Inaugural Moon (19Taurus38), exact on December 23, and partially concurrent and then followed by Saturn square to Inaugural Mars (20Aquarius13), exact on December 30. The Inaugural first house Moon, near the Ascendant, describes the administration’s strong identification with the needs of the people. The square from Mars to the Moon points to significant anger and impatience directed at the inaugural13administration over various issues, such as that encountered when healthcare.gov initially misfired or from India in the past few days.  The opposition from Saturn to the Inaugural Moon points to limits and frustrations imposed on the administration in its attempts to fulfill the needs of the people, currently manifesting in the cuts in food stamps and the refusal to renew unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. With Saturn at present opposed to the Inaugural Moon, the latter issue is very much in play this Christmas Season.

Saturn is now in orb of its square to Inaugural Mars, peaking on December 30, and limiting the administration’s options for action. This is likely to become increasingly relevant with the multitude of disruptive planetary configurations over the next 12 days. The first of these is the potentially violent and very agitating Mars/Uranus opposition on December 24 and December 25, further triggered by the Moon on Christmas Day. In addition, the Sun will be semisquare to Saturn on December 25, thereby also activating the difficult Saturn aspect to the Inaugural Moon and Mars. It seems likely from this combination that we will see at least one destructive or brutal incident (Mars/Uranus) that is very upsetting to the administration (Sun activating Saturn/Moon/Mars) during the holiday.

The next period to watch covers from December 28 through January 3, during which Mercury will square Uranus and conjunct Pluto, the Sun will square Uranus and conjunct Pluto, Mars will square Pluto, and, finally, the Sun will square Mars. This is a huge translation of the ongoing, highly volatile Uranus/Pluto square and could dangerously inflame any one of a number of high-tension situations currently simmering throughout the world in the days just before the New Year. It should also be noted that Uranus is at present in a long conjunction with Russia’s Mars (8Aries49) through early January, and these transits may imply an increase in aggression – economic, military, or domestically repressive – from the Putin government during this time.

One big question in light of these disruptive and somewhat unexpected events will be how the US responds. Initially, Saturn will be quincunx the US Mars (21Gemini23), from January 1 through January 13, suggesting caution and restraint. But on January 15, Jupiter will move into a one-degree orb of the US Sun (13Cancer19) through January 22, indicating a declaration of US power and possibly the intent to use it assertively. USchart

The Jupiter conjunction to the US Sun, from January 15 through January 22, will come during the first Pluto quincunx to Obama’s Sun (12Leo33) from January 9 through February 8, implying that the president will be struggling with how far to push in the exercise of his executive power and is in some kind of confrontation over this issue.  Moreover, the nearly four-month transit of Pluto opposite the US Sun will begin on February 1, implying the country will be involved in a very high-stakes confrontation, domestic and/or foreign, that may well evolve out of the above mentioned series of events indicated in late December and January. We will know more as the situation unfolds.

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