18th Jul, 2013

Trayvon’s Legacy

Many in the country are now venting their anger and grief over the failure of the justice system to hold a wannabe cop/vigilante accountable for the murder of Trayvon Martin. The lethal convergence of lax gun laws, racial profiling and institutional racism in this case has pushed long-simmering resentments to the boiling point. Suddenly, the national conversation is all about the increase in violence and death condoned by Stand Your Ground laws and the ubiquity of racial profiling that subjects minorities to disproportionate prison terms, stop-and-frisk policies and legalized victimization and murder.

The sad irony is that the deeply felt loss of the prosecution’s case against George Zimmerman has been far more potent in awakening the country to the horrors of the status quo than a satisfying win would have been. At the moment, there is an on-going sit-in at the Florida State Capitol demanding the governor open a special session to amend or preferably repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law. In addition, dozens of protests erupted all over the country during the weekend following the Zimmerman acquittal, and dozens more are expected this coming weekend, many focused on opposing the Stand Your Ground laws that exist in multiple states. And in an extraordinary touch of synchronicity, the movie Fruitvale Station, a story about the toxic mix of racial profiling and white paranoia which tells of a young black man murdered by a white cop in 2009, comes out tomorrow.

The astrological indications for this heightened fervor are quite strong and getting stronger for the next two months.  In the US chart, the progressed Sun in Pisces is nearing its exact square with natal Uranus (8Gemini55), culminating on September 19. Moreover, just as the shameful Zimmerman verdict was being absorbed by the nation, transiting Pluto was moving into a two-month quincunx with US Uranus, from mid-July through September 21, activating the latent rebellion and impulse to transform injustice that is found in the Sun/Uranus square. Under Uranus, it is often a sharp, sudden event, such as the outcome of the trial, which sparks an acute awareness that leads to action. Let us remember that when the US progressed Sun made its square to progressed Uranus in 2011 and was triggered by a long Pluto station during the first five months of that year, we were witness to the months-long demonstrations in Wisconsin against the machinations of Governor Scott Walker. The Occupy Wall Street movement came later in the year as the progressed Sun/progressed Uranus progression moved toward exact in November.

At present, under the progressed Sun square to natal Uranus, we are seeing a profound intensification of not only civil rights issues coming to the forefront, but also a growing clamor to push back against the anti-abortion steamroller and blatant voting rights suppression of Republican state administrations. The strength of these movements is likely to build through September as the aspect becomes exact, and possibly into mid-November due to the transiting Uranus sextile (8Aries55) to US Uranus, from mid-October through November 17, triggering the waning progression.USchart

September 2013 may be particularly tumultuous due to the transit of Saturn (8Scorpio55) and the Node (8Scorpio55) further agitating this volatile Sun/Uranus aspect during the last weeks of the Pluto quincunx (8Capricorn55). The Saturn/Node conjunction from September 9 through September 18, which also crosses President Obama’s Neptune (8Scorpio36), is also likely to bring a very stressful, traumatic and unexpected event to the nation. Because it will be triggering the culminating progressed Sun square to Uranus, we can expect a potent and painful wake-up call over something we have hitherto resisted addressing.

As for Trayvon, although it is now painfully clear that he will not get justice in the short term, the events surrounding his death have galvanized a large swath of the population and starkly clarified the next phase of the struggle. This clarity is his gift to us; and our unremitting effort to transform the status quo is the only thing that can give his enormous sacrifice meaning. As Martin Luther King once proclaimed, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward Justice.”  

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