As the world winds its way through the widespread convulsions of the multi-year Uranus/Pluto square (2011to 2015), building tensions are leading to violent eruptions and rebellious demonstrations in many parts of the world. Recently, we have seen mass protests in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, and Bulgaria. Even the Uighurs in Western China are protesting, while the ever-expanding Syrian civil war continues to be at the dangerous epicenter of this wild, defiant energy.

In the US, the issues that seemed resolved at the conclusion of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the 1960’s have reappeared with the first quarter square and are currently being challenged. The right to privacy and choice regarding abortion is being thwarted in a number of conservative states by craftily constructed restrictions on access and increasingly cumbersome regulations. Moreover, with the 1965 Voting Rights Act lately gutted by the Supreme Court, several Republican states have immediately moved to severely restrict voting among minority and student voters, populations that lean strongly Democratic.

But there are some glimmers of hope. The recent people’s filibuster in the Texas House, followed by the heroic Wendy Davis filibuster in the Texas Senate, may provide a template for future action. Although Governor Rick Perry has called yet another special session to push through his anti-abortion program, the successful quashing of his first attempt gained national attention for its dramatic thwarting of the extremist anti-choice agenda of Texas Republicans.

As for the mushrooming restrictions on voting rights since the Supreme Court’s despicable ruling, there is another template that might serve. Currently Republicans are terrified that they will lose almost all Hispanic voters for another generation if they fail to enact immigration reform. If this self-serving motivation proves successful, it should be linked to an updated reenactment of the voting rights act as well. After all, why would any minority citizen vote for a party that had systematically and purposefully worked to limit minority access to voting for selfish, power-hungry, political purposes?

As we move into July 2013, the next seven-plus weeks may contain some further ratcheting up of the tensions inherent in the reigning Uranus/Pluto configuration. Although the square between these two planetary behemoths is separated by a few degrees during July and August, strong transits can rapidly reignite the blistering struggles characteristic of this aspect. There are three periods to watch for this magnification process to take place.

The first of these is the briefest, with the Sun opposing Pluto (June 30 through July 1) and then squaring Uranus (July 2 through early on July 4). Already, we are seeing massive protests in Egypt and a new offensive by the Syrian government against the rebel-held city of Homs.

The next triggering of potential conflict related to Uranus and Pluto will come during the last week of July, when volatile and violent Mars will oppose Pluto (July 25 through July 27) followed by Mars in a square to Uranus (July 30 through July 31). This will be immediately followed by the third potent activation of these two planets when Jupiter moves to oppose Pluto on August 2 through August 8, followed less than a week later by Jupiter square to Uranus from August 14 through August 21.

There is a great deal of energy in all of these aspects, and the pot may be stirred multiple times and in many locations by late August. Rebellion against a restrictive status quo after a long-simmering build-up of tension is the key to understanding the Uranus/Pluto square. Eventually, it will produce significant transformation, but there will be a significant stress, violence, and conflict in the process of getting there.


  1. Lorrie U says:

    Just finished reading last thread & wanted to comment on Alex’s question re. temperature.

    Here in Tucson, AZ, which is usually less hot than Phoenix or Las Vegas, I left my house at 10:30 am yesterday & the car reading said it was 109. By the time I got to my son’s house 25 mins. away, the temp. was 113! And that was with an overcast sky! I think I saw where it hit 127 in Las Vegas.

    Bob, I lived on Long Island, NY, a long time ago and remember well having humidity like you posted. Believe me, heat combined with humidity is much worse than what I experience here in Tucson!

    Luckily my A/C went out two wks. ago & needed a replacement part. It was a little uncomfortable overnight, but nothing like it would have been had it gone out yesterday. So thank God for small favors!

  2. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Starlight. It does seem like the pot is getting stirred quite vigorously! In fact, I’m feeling like taking to the streets myself these days. We grew up hearing about this is a free country and I believed it, but now realize that freedom of choice is becoming restricted to those with status and wealth. I get angry when PBO is talking about freedom and democracy in Africa, while our own freedoms are being destroyed. It seems hypocritical to be promising aid to Africa when so many of our own are being stripped of basic human needs.

    Do you think that Palin and the Patriot Party or whatever will syphon enough votes from the Repugs to nullify them? We can only hope!

    On social media, whenever someone is complaining about the temperatures, I comment, “Thank a Republican!” I hope the extreme heat doesn’t create an even worse atmosphere for fires this year.

    Finally, does anyone having a feel for the outcome in the Zimmerman trial, which is taking place during a Mercury Rx? I’m hoping that the defense overdoes it’s aggression so that it backfires on them. The ice cream pic & comments by defense atty West did not go over very well on social media.

    Hope everyone stays safely indoors from the heat and may your A/C keep working! Eat, love & pray for rain…

  3. alex says:

    re: other column spy v spy I commented on John Cornyn who has strong synchronicity with the 114th Congress swearing in chart; having said that I wouldn’t want anyone from Texas to think that challenging him is a waste of time….

    astro-info is good to study up for those factors favor him; eventual challenger needs to understand his strengths/weaknesses to prepare to persuade the Texas public that he has more in common with them than John Cornyn and would represent them better than John Cornyn; John Cornyn is an elitist in my view and serves himself and the lobby corporate money that takes care$$ of him;

  4. Lorrie U says:

    Great speech by President Obama! Too bad the NSA controversy is overshadowing his trip.

  5. alex says:

    Joe Biden in Virginia – fundraising for Dem candidates:

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we stand for equal rights and women’s rights,” Biden said. “With virtually zero support from the Republicans, the president and I have moved the country from the worst recession since the Great Depression to 38 months of private-sector growth.”

  6. will says:


    Fascinating pattern you pointed out re: issues of the 60’s now being challenged/reinforced as the Uranus/Pluto square tightens. Thank you for Trifecta.

    Gonna. be a long, hot summer.

  7. alex says:



    If there was ever a combination of the real life “Men in Black” it’s Scorpio/Gemini.

    Both Scorpio and Gemini are associated with spy-craft, smuggling, and special operations albeit in very different ways. Scorpio is the covert operative who slips through the shadows, Gemini is the double agent who plays both sides. Scorpio is the power broker, Gemini is the information broker. Scorpio probes beneath the surface, Gemini reads in between the lines.

    Scorpio knows where the bodies are buried, Gemini knows where the phone lines are buried. Combine the secretive nature of a Scorpio Sun with a Gemini Moon’s need to constantly communicate and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that will insist on knowing everybody’s secrets even as they give up none of their own.

    To illustrate: using the date of its establishment as its date of birth, the National Security Agency is a Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon.

  8. alex says:

    From space everybody is a captive population – Air Force motto:

  9. will says:

    Re: ………….trippy.

  10. Matt Savinar says:

    The Scorpio/Gemini bit about the NSA that Alex quoted from North Bay Astrology should go to this link:

    Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon: The Coffin Makers and the Code Brearks, the Black Widows and the Men In Black

  11. Matt Savinar says:

    ignore previous post, just saw that it has the correct url.

  12. alex says:

    The GOP aren’t becoming more reasonable they are become more extreme. They’ll be in a good position for major gains in federal and state offices later this year and in the years to come if we don’t get serious now. ~ Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  13. alex says:


    Two planetary cycles compared to each other and recognizing their resonance with each other: Example – the progressed lunar cycle and the Saturn cycle.

    The progressed moon takes about twenty-eight years to make it all the way around the natal chart and return to its original location, while transiting Saturn takes about twenty-nine and a half years to return. They pace each other throughout our entire lives and especially closely during the first thirty years of life.

    The progressed moon represents the cycle of our emotional evolution. We will always have our baseline emotional needs as part of our emotional makeup which is represented by our natal moon’s location in our chart. Yet, we experience and express those emotional needs in ever-evolving, ever more mature ways as we grow older and, through trial and error, find better and better ways of getting our emotional needs met but still within the context of what our natal moon will always need.

    Interview with ‘Cosmic Trends’ author Philip Brown

  14. fierywoman says:

    OMG! NorthBay Astrology: “According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey the Virgo/Libra pairing has “great powers of observation . . . but finds the whole sphere of relating to warm blooded humans a bit messy.” — it’s my parents !!! (Mom Libra, Dad Virgo)

    BTW, the weather up here in the Pac NW (Seattle) is what the locals call a heat wave (in the 80’s, sometimes dipping up to 90) with 40-60% humidity — heat wave: yeah, right!

  15. starlight says:

    Huge Sun opposite Pluto demonstration in Egypt against Morsi.

  16. will says:


    Walk like an Egyptian!!!

  17. Lorrie U says:

    RUSSIA Suggests that WAR May Be Necessary To Stop MONSANTO

    The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting last month with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.

  18. Sharon says:

    Well, if it does lead to World War, I’m siding with the Russians against Monsanto!

  19. alex says:

    Draft Sources For: Political Blind Spot (re: Montsanto biotech rider signed 3/26/2013)

    Lorrie: Obama’s 12House – 7House

    WORKING DRAFT comment: I’m reviewing 3/26/2013 chart tonight – tomorrow

    12House: conjunction
    Saturn @25 Capricorn
    out of sign conjunction
    Jupiter @00 Aquarius


    Noon Moon @26 Virgo (signed biorider HR 933 Montsanto Protected)


    3/26/2013 signed biotech rider
    Admetos @26 Taurus
    Ceres @27 Gemini
    Vulkanus @26 Cancer
    Nessus @27 Aquarius

  20. Sharon says:

    Alex, I’ve already got the immature Aries steamrolling over me, my husband! Anyway, you do have a good mind – do you by any chance have mercury in Aries?

    If you or anyone else wants to look at the Republican and Democratic charts in conjunction with the 2014 election (at your convenience and leisure), Sally McDonald has the dates posted on For the GOP, she uses a birthdate of 7/6/1854, Jackson, MI, 12 noon, and the birth date used for the Dems is 5/13/1792 (a much older party), Philadelphia, noon.

  21. will says:

    What a horror!

    Nineteen Firefighters Killed in Arizona Blaze Tonight.

  22. alex says:

    – tell truth I don’t find the GOP or DEM party chart particularly useful any longer ( I use to work them into synastry charting) IMV it’s useful to know their lights in the charts SUN-MOON ( I found the ASC and Midheaven not much synchronicity with modern political events…. ) the political parties have morphed over and over I couldn’t tell you what event time-date stamp to use for either one!

  23. will says:


    The two pieces about uprisings and the deadly fire in Arizona buttresses everything youve been writing about all year. “Connecting the dots…” You have indeed. Bravo!

  24. alex says:

    Named Objects in the Solar System by Mass

    How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries – Adam Savage

  25. alex says:

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights

    Mark Karlin: How would you define the food rights movement?

    David Gumpert: Like all movements, the food rights movement is one that has evolved, and continues to evolve – in this case around conflict over accessing private sources for basic foods like dairy, meat and eggs. When I state it that way, it seems as if it should be pretty benign, since well into the last century, most food was obtained privately, directly from farmers and other food producers or small vendors.

    All that changed with the advent of supermarkets and box stores beginning after World War II, which essentially created a huge public food system, requiring regulation. This public system was accompanied by ever more economic concentration of the meat and dairy businesses among just a few corporate behemoths.

    For the regulators, the explosive growth of the public food system signaled the end of the private food system. Except no one clued in small farms and food producers, nor the people who bought from them.

    As concerns have mounted about the integrity of the public food system, what with reports of downer (sick) cows in slaughterhouses, of pink slime in hamburger meat, of antibiotic residues and hormones in meat and milk, growing numbers of people have sought out the safety of private food sources, outside the regulatory system

    Public health and agriculture regulators at both the federal and state levels have taken this movement as an affront to their authority. The regulators have tried to block private food transactions, via raids of farms, court suits and even criminal charges against farmers and private food club operators. There’s been an increasingly bitter and brutal struggle, and presto, you have a food rights movement mobilizing to fight the crackdown on private food sources.

    At its heart, this is a movement about economic freedom and community. The food rights movement is trying to preserve the freedom of small farms to sell their goods privately, at higher prices than they can receive in the commodity system controlled by large corporations. And it is about preserving the communities that small farms represent.

  26. alex says:

    Brief Notation: Signed Bill HR933 White House

    RE: UPthread Lorrie U
    July 1, 2013 at 12:36 am

    3/26/2013 chart: Gemini – Sagittarius Axis

    jupiter 11 Gemini
    hybris 19 Gemini
    vesta 20 Gemini
    DK lilith 21 Gemini
    [conjunct USA Mercury 21 Gemini]
    ceres 27 Gemini


    cupido 22 Sagittarius
    pholus 22 Sagittarius
    hidalgo 28 Sagittarius

  27. karen says:

    Brilliant Nancy: “After all, why would any minority citizen vote for a party that had systematically and purposefully worked to limit minority access to voting for selfish, power-hungry, political purposes?” I might add, however, that both parties are engaged in this convoluted message banter intended to divert our attention from the Power of Wealth riding the the horse hard to the finish line.

    Lorrie posted something last thread regarding this slight of hand.

    And the following is Jessica Murray’s take.

  28. Francis says:

    One of the bright spots in this transformational time was the strong SCOTUS ruling striking down DOMA and Prop 8 ruling allowing the resumption of same sex marriages in California… this from a conservative court!

  29. Jerry says:

    Arbitrary same-sex marriage rulings, the Monsanto debacle, Republican intransigence, NSA’s invasion of privacy etc, etc; the endless conflicts that never seem clear enough in consensus to arrive at resolution. I find it kind of amusing. It’s like that ongoing marital squabble as depicted in the following two minute video – It’s Not About The Nail…….

  30. alex says:

    Tell the EPA to Keep Glyphosate off Your Plate!

    Dear Environmental Protection Agency,

    I urgently request that you not increase the acceptable levels of glyphosate residue in our food. In response to (Docket Number: EPA-HQ-OPP-2012-0132) I believe it’s important for the Environmental Protection Agency to reject the current request to increase the allowable tolerance limits on the common herbicide glyphosate in the food that Americans eat every day and feed their families.

    As the main chemical ingredient for Roundup, glyphosate is the most commonly used weedkiller in food and agricultural production and a number of recent studies have linked the chemical to breast cancer, obesity, infertility and Alzheimer’s disease.

    I urge your agency to review the growing body of independent peer-reviewed scientific evidence to determine potential human health and environmental impacts of glyphosate and take the appropriate steps to protect the health of the American people and the environment.


  31. Francis says:

    Jerry, how do you see the marriage equality rulings as arbitrary and I have to wonder why you lump them in with “the Monsanto debacle, Republican intransigence, NSA’s invasion of privacy” as if the ruling striking down DOMA is a bad thing?

  32. Lorrie U says:

    GOP could pay price for gerrymandering

    New York Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, argued that Republicans in moderate suburban and exurban areas will find themselves under increasing pressure in the months leading up to the midterms.

    “The problem for many Republicans in these specific districts is that if they’re less partisan, they face a primary from the right. If they protect themselves from a primary by being more partisan, they’re in trouble in the general election,” Israel said. “They’re getting squeezed. We’re going to make sure that hole is very small.”

    Read more:

  33. alex says:

    2014 Alison Grimes will challenge Senator Mitch McConnell

    Natal Midpoint Mars/Uranus @01 Sagittarius (speak up/out)
    Natal Sun @01 Sagittarius

  34. alex says:

    Black Budget Articles

    Since 9/11 the Pentagon’s classified budget has grown so exponentially that the so-called “black world” now comprises an entire empire onto itself, a $35 billion dollar ghost realm that exists all around us yet which we know almost nothing about.

    Listed below are articles analyzing the astrological charts of “entities” which operate in the dark, above the law, and off all maps: hidden bases, clandestine missions, invisible organizations, black magick technologies, psychic spies, advanced surveillance systems, shadow corporations, stealth banks, and top secret agencies which (officially) do not exist.

    Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon: Dr. Mind F*^*^ and Mr. Double Agent
    NSA leaker Edward Snowden

    Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon: The Mind Bender
    The F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter

    Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon: Call Me Snake
    Julian Assange and the United States Secret Service

    Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon: The Sea-Farer and the Far-Seer
    The secret history of SeaSat One, NASA’s “psychic” space satellite

    Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Praying Mantis and the Mission Impossible
    The Central Intelligence Agency

    Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon: The Real Life “Knight Rider”
    Trevor Paglen, the photo-journalist who photographs that which does not (officially) exist

    Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Widow Maker
    American International Group, the Covert Operations organization “The Activity”

    Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon: The Lone Crusader and the Last Valkyrie
    The U.S. Delta Force

    Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon: The Coffin Makers and the Code Breakers
    The National Security Agency

    Pisces Sun, Aries Moon: The Men Who Stare at the Moon
    The Five Eyes’ “ECHELON” spy network, the Plunge Protection Team

    Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon: The Psychic Surveillance State
    The computer software/surveillance system known as “PROMIS”

  35. alex says:

    Monsanto Protection Act meets Senate push-back

    Sen. Debbie Stabenow, chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee, has vowed to oppose the biotech rider’s extension

    Never mind the recent defeat of a Farm Bill amendment that would have killed a temporary provision that limits the ability of federal courts to halt the planting of genetically engineered crops.

    Critics are hoping they have done enough to convince lawmakers to allow the law to expire this fall.

  36. alex says:

    by ericlewis

    July 1

    Obama First POTUS in History to Publicly Support Divestment Movement

  37. Lorrie U says:


    Woman Says George Zimmerman Molested Her For More Than A Decade

  38. Jerry says:

    Hi Francis,

    It’s a humorous look at how seriously we take ourselves and our views. Sometimes it’s helpful to brush all these anxieties aside and find the humor in it – these attempts of ours to try to “fix the world”. It’s funny. I wouldn’t put too much interpretation into it.

  39. andre says:

    To me, POTUS has lost all credibility in the Snowden affair. Snowden has taken the moral high road. Obama has certainly not.

  40. Jerry says:

    With the Egyptian military’s 48 hour ultimatum to Pres. Morsi to restore democratic rule or the military will take matters into their own hands, the dangerous slide towards an out of control Sunni-Shiite civil war across the entire region of the mid east is rapidly gaining momentum. President Morsi’s chart (Aug. 20, 1951) is particularly vulnerable to an upset of the status quo with the approaching Uranus station in mid July (12 Aries). The Uranus station conjoins Morsi’s natal Jupiter (13 Aries) in square to natal Uranus (12 Cancer) and at 45/135 harsh angles to his natal Sun (26 Leo)………

    Dangerous Divisions in the Arab World

    The New York Times
    June 28, 2013

    Even in a region where violence has become all too commonplace, the killing of four Shiite men in Egypt last weekend seemed particularly vicious. According to news reports, a cheering Sunni Muslim mob armed with clubs, swords and machetes raided a house in a Cairo suburb where about 30 people were marking a religious festival and beat, stabbed and lynched the four men. Video footage showed the victims’ bodies, bloodied and motionless, being dragged through the streets. Among those killed was a prominent Shiite cleric, Hassan Shehata.

    The incident illustrates a pernicious sectarianism that was largely repressed by pre-Arab Spring dictators but that now threatens Egypt and much of the Arab world. If left unchecked by newly elected leaders who either exploit simmering historical animosities or refuse to address them constructively, divisions will worsen between Sunnis and Shiites or between Muslims and other minorities, like Christians, ensuring prolonged regional turmoil.


  41. Sharon says:

    The internet is saying 33 million protesters in Egypt today, the largest protest in history! Hard to fathom but if the animosities are this strong (per the article posted above), there is a lot of hate and mob anger driving this. An American student filming the protest was stabbed in the chest and died, someone who was Christian/Jewish and felt very connected to the Mideast, and who wanted to make a difference. In another vein, a Jewish American kid from the Midwest, traveling to London for a summer job, was put in detention for 9 hrs in customs when they saw Israeli stamps on his passport. Either his father or employer called and the customs officials used anti-semetic remarks in discussing the matter. He was fingerprinted and put into their database, then refused entry and sent back to the U.S.

  42. Jerry says:

    One quick follow-up….

    The July 13th Mars ingress into Cancer square Egyptian Pres. Morsi’s natal Saturn (0 Libra) could prove to be the turning point when he will be ousted from power.

  43. alex says:

    Wednesday – yikes
    117 | 70 °F
    Partly Cloudy

  44. alex says:

    Excerpt Email: Food Democracy Now

    For the past 20 years Americans have been denied the right to know what’s in their food, but that’s about to change! With your help, GMO labeling bills have passed in two separate states in the past month, but we’re not stopping there!

    We won in Connecticut: The breakthrough win in Connecticut overrode attempts by Connecticut Governor Malloy to water down the labeling bill and strategically turned the tide. We successfully mobilized over 40,000 phone calls to the Connecticut state legislature, driving them to pass the first labeling bill in the United States.

    We won in Maine: Hot on the heels of Connecticut’s historic victory, Maine passed the 2nd GMO labeling bill with a unanimous vote in the Senate and a 141 to 4 vote in the house. This decisive victory would not have happened without the support of people like you.

    Together, we are going to win in Washington. The momentum is on our side, and Monsanto knows it. Now is the time to press our advantage, and we plan to do just that in Washington State.

    While 64 other countries give people the right to know whether their food has been genetically engineered, Monsanto’s corporate lobbyists have manipulated U.S. regulations to deny this basic right to everyday Americans.

  45. starlight says:

    As we move from Sum opposite Pluto to Sun square Uranus (all day tomorrow), Egypt is in total upheaval.

  46. alex says:

    My guess is that for 2014 re-election Senator Mitch McConnell will conduct a misogynist attack on every feminine quality of challenger Allison Grimes since that is McConnell’s political history, and what he did most recently to actress Ashley Judd when she was considering running as his challenger.

    This presents an opportunity to look at the astrology of LILITH.

    I am out of date because i was using references to LILITH from 6-10 years ago (from several) articles called The Three Liliths for a long time.

    But there are Four Liliths. Since different writers call Lilith dark moon and other calls the same point black moon I’ve decided to un-confuse myself and remember them from their most useful and easily found sources on the web.

    Index numbers from astrodienst:

    a) #1181 Asteroid Lilith – Mark Andrew Holmes
    b) h13 Osc. Lilith – Juan Antonio Revilla
    c) h21 Astronomical Lilith – astrodienst
    d) h58 Waldemath Lilith – DarkStar astrology

    Mitch McConnell – Natal Sun @01 Pisces
    DOB 2/20/1942, Tuscumbia AL

    a)asteroid lilith @06 capricorn – mark andrew holmes
    b)astrodienst lilith @08 gemini (conjunct USA uranus @08 gemini)
    c)osculating lilith @13 gemini – juan antonio revilla
    d)waldemath lilith @03 capricorn – darkstar

    Descriptive/influence continued in second URL’s comment:



  47. will says:

    On a horsey Mr. Morsi
    You’ve been in De-Nile
    You haven’t been Pharoh to Egypt.
    Something sphynx in Cairo
    You have not been a Peer-a-midst them.
    Daddies and Mummies in the streets
    Kicking Asp and hissing venom.
    Ain’t no dream,, Is rael

  48. Sharon says:

    Will —- I knew you were creative and talented but this is amazing! (And I know you wrote it!)

  49. Sharon says:

    Egypt is going to have yet another Independence Day! What will fill the vacuum this time?

  50. Sharon says:

    Just found this live feed on DU of the main square in Egypt, fireworks & everything! It’s from youtube & looks to be the Mideast’s CNN

    And Morsi still won’t step down –

  51. Lorrie U says:

    There is something just a little disturbing about cheering the overthrow of the results of an election by the military…

  52. Lorrie U says:

    Administration postpones a key Obamacare provision for one year

    The Obama administration is postponing the federal health care law’s insurance mandate for employers next year, in a major concession to the business community and lawmakers who have become increasingly vocal about the law’s potential to damage a slowly recovering economy.

    The announcement doesn’t affect the main coverage tools in the law — the individual mandate and the new subsidized insurance markets.

    Read more:

  53. Lorrie U says:

    Presidential commission probes Florida voting lines, which study shows were longest for Hispanics

  54. Lorrie U says:

    According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison.

    All three of those arrests, however, were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident. So how was someone with a violent past including that of battery against an officer able to carry a 9 mm handgun? Maybe that’s a question Robert Zimmerman should answer …

  55. Lorrie U says:

    Ooops…headline for above post:

    George Zimmerman, Son of a Retired Judge, Has 3 Closed Arrests

  56. will says:


    Hugs to you. I’m just s big fool. Would love to see an American Spring like the one in Egypt. I’m jealous and hopeful. I trust you are still enjoying your graduate studies.

  57. alex says:

    Upthread: Correction from
    July 2, 2013 at 3:10 pm


    Mitch McConnell #1181 Asteroid Lilith (should read) @08 Capricorn


    USA Sibley ERIS @08 Capricorn

  58. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the above posts, Lorrie, I agree that it’s scary (more than a little)…the Egyptian economy apparently is very, very bad. Matthew’s last message said this was growing pains…

    Will, hugs back, and don’t be too quick to want a crazy violent mob bringing us an American Spring — lawful political activism is the best way the way the civil rights movement did it….we have to unit around one very, very strong issue the way they did. My studies are going well and I’m sitting around with the rest of my class right now because we have an online class and the teacher is offline. Gonna wait several more minutes than go to Lordes. Actually, I’m taking a 4.5 week summer course on social work ethics and, after reading some of the complaints (and analyzing what ethics were breached and what part of the practice code was violated) about what social workers have done, the course is somewhat like a soap opera…but it’s good to know what to watch out for.

  59. Lorrie U says:

    How the Professional Left’s Blind Obama Hatred Got them Played by a Far-Right Nutjob

    So let’s talk about this man that has been granted hero status by the Left’s loudest prognosticators and provocateurs. The transcripts released by Ars Technica are about a lot more than Snowden’s previous contempt for leakers. He hated social security, loved Ron Paul and his ideas, and peddled the NRA’s garbage about fighting the government with guns. He suggested punishing both leakers and publications that publish the leaks. All in all, Edward Snowden is a right wing, anti-government nutjob who has managed to become the hero of so many on the reactionary Left.

    Ars Technica reports that Ed Snowden is not much more than your typical, teabagging, cookie-cutter right wing nutjob who hates Obama. He complained about everything from the president’s appointment to the CIA to gun control to how Social Security has turned old people into lazy moochers.

    Once Obama took office, Snowden groaned about his policies with increasing frequency. Fears that Obama might revive an assault weapons ban didn’t sit well with him as a defender of the Second Amendment. Another sticking point was social security. Snowden was an individualist, even when it was unpopular; he saw little need for a safety net.

  60. Lorrie U says:

    I recommend reading the whole article on the link I just posted. Very enlightening!!

  61. alex says:

    classic libertarian delusion ~ Social Security has turned old people into lazy moochers

  62. will says:

    Sharon, I don’t think we would have a revolt like Egypt’s…..I doubt anything as violent as Cairo’s. But no one can say those people don’t have plenty of spirit and guts.

    I don’t know what Lordes is. I hope its a good thing.

  63. alex says:

    RE: Upthread Lorrie – the people’s view url

    RE: alex, june 28 8:37PM spy v spy

    Snowden’s Jupiter @03 Sagittarius


    Pres. Obama’s Natal Moon @03 Gemini (conjunct Joe Biden’s Natal Ascendant @03 Sagittarius)

    Snowden aims his actions at the current administration (not past administrations; Snowden was 17 years old when Bush took federal executive office and 25 years old when Bush left office)

    Edward Snowden Lilith:

    mundane key words/phrases

    natal lilith asteroid @17 cancer (aversions, denial, where one must deal with world reality per mark andrew holmes)
    natal pallas @20 capricorn (strategic politics)

    natal waldemath lilith @03 virgo (feeling powerless per darkstar)

    natal oscillating apogee lilith @24 capricorn (impossible dream turns into nightmare, very dangerous per Juan Antonio Revilla)

    natal dk lilith @10 aquarius (destructive to self, destructive to others per astrodienst)
    natal mercury @10 gemini (‘unconscious’ shadow, psychic driven motives)

  64. Lorrie U says:

    Wow! Snowden’s mundane phrases pretty right on!

  65. Bob says:

    Egypt is in a band or stretch of countries from Africa to the far East which have lived in an unbroken string of violence for many generations whether through dictators, wars or revolutions and where extreme poverty is the norm for most of the people of those countries. With the images they see through electronic and/or print media of styles in some European countries and North America while their own lot seems to stay the same as years go by it easy for me to imagine the angst I might have if I were in those circumstances. As their teaching has largely been change through violent measures, not democratic activism, that is where people in the region have turned as Uranus squares Pluto. It is what they know.

  66. Bob says:

    And in many cases the only means available to them because of real circumstances.

  67. Sharon says:

    Sorry, I meant Lourdes, and I know you know what that is (and the line is from Annie Hall, where Woody Allen says he’s been in therapy only 25 years(something like that)–he’s giving it 1 more year and then going to Lourdes. I like that the Egyption people are expressing their objections to their government but they have had some practice already so it’s not as hard the 2nd time. I still think there is a kind of mob rule there, where last time it happened a journalist got raped and almost got killed, and this week an American kid was stabbed in the chest. And there’s all this Shiite and Suni hate in the air. The Civil Rights movement had plenty of spirit—that’s what we need, not a crazy, dangerous mob bent on revolution. I am on the cusp of Aquarius with mercury in Aquarius opp. my moon in Leo (conj.) Pluto so I believe in standing up for rights, but all of my Pisces planets, including venus, just recoils at angry mobs (and 330,000,000 is quite a mob).

  68. will says:


    I do indeed know the Lourdes reference – hilarious. This may sound and feel like profiling -but I’ve talked more than a few Mid-Eastern peeps over the 34 years I’ve lived in L.A. and have always wondered why this region has been in the news since I was a kid and why the story is always the same – unrest, violence, fighting, bombings, killings, more fighting, etc. Anecdotal it is, but the upshot I’ve consistently gotten from even close friends from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel is this: they like to fight; they like to act out violently, passionately and aggressively – that is part of the region’s ethos. Some of them have said that the Arab people thrive on fighting and discord. And then of course there is the bitter and endless factions amongst the Muslim faith. Hard to figure. Pisces as a rule would rather cool it than get all Mars and Pluto about things. All that fighting is exhausting. My 0-Aries sun is always ready to throw down – but I do have Mercury in late Pisces and that can serve to cool me down – its a very strange and challenging cusp.

    When my higher angels prevail, I envision Mother Mary holding the orb of the earth in her hands, lovingly, gently and with great compassion. She is often referred to as the Queen of Peace. She is a powerful ally in times like these. Lourdes it is.

    May Mother Mary comfort you. May Egypt have peace, soon.

  69. alex says:


    The Saturn-Pluto Mutual Reception (2010) Only Strengthens Plutocracy — And It’s Only Going to Get Meaner


    Uranus needs help, bigtime, to gain a foothold against The Establishment. And it’s going to get it in two ways:

    1) Just before Christmas in December 2014, Saturn enters Sagittarius, which is a horrible place for Saturn to be, especially after all the fun and games with the Mutual Reception. Jupiter, which will be in Leo, will be within 4 degrees of a square with Saturn in Scorpio for most of the Fall of 2014, as well as trining Uranus much of that time.

    The trine will be separating, and the square doesn’t perfect before Saturn ingresses into Sadge. But Jupiter will be retrograde during the ingress, so progress will fall apart, and Saturn’s dispositor will mitigate much hope of change or reform. Any gains at that point will be stalled and put on hold.

    2) Uranus will conjoin Eris in early June 2016 at 23 Aries, forming a T-square to the US Pluto-Mercury opposition in the Sibley horoscope of the USA (7/4/1776, Philadelphia, PA, 5:10 pm—see below).

    The transiting Uranus-Eris conjunction within three degress of the US natal Chiron will quincunx the US natal Neptune. The outlet leg for the T-square will be in the 10th house.

    Translation: The problems at home will be too big and troublesome for the government to ignore any longer, and the fight will be on for economic justice. The wounds of the people will be too deep to ignore.

  70. alex says:

    again yikes… correction;

    strike the (2010) in the above comment box~!

  71. lisam says:

    I watched Frontline on the PBS channel last night. It profiled Bradley Manning, Assange, Manning’s father, and other members of Wikileaks, computer hackers, et al. I had not paid much attention to Bradley Manning prior to this, but I now understand why he was considered a problem in the army. The guy is only 5′ 2″ tall, of slight build, and gay, so no wonder he was picked on in the army. He did not want to join the army, but was forced to do so by his father (an ex-navy man), who probably thought it was the best way to make a “man” out of Bradley. In the interviews, Bradley Manning’s father, Brian, came across as a nasty piece of work, so I believe that Bradley’s problems really started with his father. Bradley had a boyfriend who lived in Boston, and was part of the hacker scene. At one point Bradley is shown attending a hacker’s convention at a Boston university, which started me wondering if the elder Boston bomber suspect might have been connected with this group, as it was about the same time that he was interviewed by the FBI at his home. I was also wondering how the NSA with all its sophisticated spyware, was not able to track, and act on the 2 Boston bomber suspects before they carried out the bombing at the Boston Marathon, especially as they were already targeted by the FBI…..

  72. barbk says:

    Lorrie U,

    Regarding your question as to anyone having a “feel” for the outcome of Zimmerman’s trial, I’ve been looking at the chart (Zimmerman Trial 6/10/13, 9 AM, Sanford, FL). The “outcome” is represented by the 10th house (midheaven) cusp which is 14+ Aries. Uranus at 11 Aries 58 is less than 3 degrees away and in the 9th house (legal matters). The ruler of the 10th house (outcome) is Mars at 7+ Gemini conjunct Pallas-Athene (who was a legal-eagle and strategist)at 6+ Gemini. The ruler of the 9th house is Neptune (modern ruler) at 5 Pisces retro, and Jupiter (traditional ruler) at 26 Gemini. Wherever Uranus is involved, it is going to be unpredictable. However, it will likely also be a breakthrough (Uranus) regarding law (9th house) having to do with individual rights and actions (Aries).

    The ruler of the chart (ascendant ruler) is the Moon at 10+ Cancer opposite Pluto at 10+ Capricorn retro. Mercury at 13 Cancer 55 (and still direct) is conjunct the Moon and they are in the 12th house, and they square Uranus as well as oppose Pluto. This is a ground-breaking and historical event, at least in the field of law, and the T-square between Moon-conj-Mercury, Uranus and Pluto has as it’s “open leg”, Libra. The nadir (4th house cusp)is 14+ Libra (opposite midheaven) and that is the degree of the U.S. Sibly (natal) Saturn. That Sabian symbol is CIRCULAR PATHS Keynote: Coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity. Keywords: Boredom or Transpersonal Peace. (From An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar)

    This point in Libra is a release point from the energies engaged in the T-square, not necessarily a reflection of the outcome. owever, transiting Zeus is at that degree (14+ Libra retro)and may be indirectly influential on the outcome. Personally, I see it (14+ Libra as representing an aspect of the jury.

    The ascendant itself is 23+ Cancer and Ceres is also at 24+ Cancer. Also at 24+ Cancer is Varuna, an ancient Hindu God of the Waters who symbolically dispenses ultimate justice and keeps the cosmic order. Sometimes it will be taken to an extreme as in excessive conservatism. Also at 24+ Cancer is Hybris (hubris, as in arrogance). As this is Zimmerman’s trial I would assign the ascendant and 1st house to George Zimmerman.

    Jumping past a lot of other aspects (such as the Sun opposite Pholus, square Karma and trine Juno) I would say my “feeling” is based on the chart ruler, the Moon, who is not only part of the T-square (with Uranus and Pluto), she’s also in the grand trine between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio and she’s conjunct Venus at 9+ Cancer, as well as Mercury, who rules the 12th house of “behind closed doors” fame. Because of this heavy influence of the motherhood angle (Ceres is also on the ascendant), my guess is that Zimmerman will be found guilty. Because the ruler of the “outcome”, Mars is also conjunct Lachesis (she who measures the length of the life thread) and Lilith (personal dark side; outcast), as well as Pallas-Athene, I sense that it will be a lengthy sentence and it will incarcerate him somewhere far from home. Mars in this chart is also conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus on the cusp between the 6th and 7th houses

    Because this chart’s Chiron at 13+ Pisces trines Mercury at 13+ Cancer (ruler of 12th house of prison) and is also conjunct the U.S. natal Sun and natal Psyche, it could go a long way in healing past wounds this country has been burdened by, specifically, injustices levied against the African-American race. I will wait with you for the final outcome, and welcome any discussion, theory and/or feelings anyone else might want to air regarding this trial.

  73. Lorrie U says:

    Fight Back, Vote Them Out: 71 Senators Who Betrayed You by Not Labeling GMOs

    It is estimated that GMO companies like Monsanto have spent upwards of $750 million buying off members of the senate and congress with special interest money and possible bribes, and if not money than scare tactics, but we won’t stand for it. Just the money that has been openly pumped into the Senate and House amounts to $122,000 and $260,00 respectively, and you know there’s a lot more where that came from.

  74. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,

    Pre-emptively wishing all Blessings for this July 4:
    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers & affects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.”~U.S. Bill of Rights/Constitution
    “Privacy is not an admission of guilt…”

    RE: political/judicial/media culture of lies & liars on astro theme of Capricorn/Pluto/integrity:
    * * * * *
    There was an entertainer in Britain years back. His mind-boggling mentalist work is still viewable on YT+…Derren Brown…he used long-memory,lies, obfiscation, misdirection, magic techniques, embedded NLP commands to by-pass critical consciousness & fool people into the most remarkable false realities that appeared irrefutably real to the unsuspecting. He could stealthfully maneuver/lie/perform/trick his way in audacious situations including an overall simultaneous win against 9 master chess players; dramatic designed conversions of atheists to Christianity; arranging a scenerio to entrap by lies/drama/covert planning, an innocent/kind man into believing he had killed someone…and so forth…we see more timid versions of this kind of thing everyday in examples of injustice/falsehoods/manipulations in popular media/politics/judiciary/business/advertisements….at least he didn’t use overt real life/death violence or bullying as do some in the realms of corporate profiteering/armament profiteering, etc. We can all learn something from his methods and realize what we are shown is not always what is true…As a nation, may we now regain our discerning/empowered critical consciousness after the hypnotic injuries of the 9.ll.0l shocks and reclaim our democracy once more.

    It helps to know/recognize the various mind-bending tricks ala Derren Brown to gain skills of discernment as the mega lies in local/national/global Capricornian structures bring the crumbling edifaces built upon those lies crumbling down before rebirth…
    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua…

  75. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – Thanks for your lengthy analysis, much of which was above my head. But I find comfort in your conclusions and agree that a conviction will be more inclined to healing past wounds than an acquittal. I have been glued watching since I wanted to judge the testimonies personally rather than interpretation by pundits. I was feeling somewhat discouraged at first, but feel the tangible facts are beginning to paint a picture of a man devoid of a conscience and with no remorse for taking the life of an innocent young man. I think I could accept his actions just a little if he truly believed he was apprehending a “bad guy,” but his lack of horror at learning the deceased was unarmed and innocent of intended criminality is beyond comprehension. Thanks for giving me some hope that justice will win out in the end.

  76. kdez says:

    Live feed from Tahrir Square! So exciting — I hope things go well for them.

  77. Sharon says:

    Well, Will, nothing like hearing the opinions straight from the mouth of the people to understand why things are the way they are. I agree with your beautiful images. May there be peace everywhere on earth and for us personally—and especially for Egypt at this moment. I feel a little sad for Morsi; he probably thought he was doing the right thing.

  78. Lorrie U says:

    Democratic Run States Move Forward While Republican Controlled States Dither

    While it has become fashionable for cynics to lament the ineffectiveness of both political parties in governing, a look at the United States right now reveals that when Democrats are given a governing majority they will pass common sense legislative agendas that benefit the populations they serve. Put Republicans in charge and they will try to suppress the vote, probe vaginas and pass laws that are wildly unpopular even with Republican voters. Ignore the false equivalency cynicism. In our current political climate, the difference between Democratic and Republican controlled states could hardly be any wider.

  79. lisam says:

    I am hearing that France, Italy, and Portugal closed their airspace to the Bolivian President’s jet which was flying home from Russia. It appears that the US thought that Snowden might have been on the plane, which was forced to land in Vienna. Once the European countries realized that he wasn’t on board, they lifted the restriction, and the President’s plane was allowed to continue its flight home. Just shows how much power the US exercises over other countries! Snowden now a man without a country.

  80. Patty says:

    Hi, Hope everyone has had a chance to listen to Eric Francis’ podcast on Edward Snowden, his planets and the 9/11 connection.
    Also, near the end of the 1:22 podcast, Eric’s study on “Monsanto Chemical Works” Astrology is mind blowing!

  81. alex says:

    Governor Rick Perry: political opportunist, fanatic leader of war on women

    War on Women is an expression in United States politics, used to describe Republican Party initiatives in federal and state legislatures that restrict women’s rights, especially with regard to reproductive rights.

    [background instead of using dual model – neg or positive, I use a tripicity model for the unfolding utility of planets and points i.e. constructive, destructive, unredeemed – – further, in an astrology analysis of Nazi physicians (included other physicians following WWII) who conducted cruel medical experiments on involuntary human subjects, I found that there was significance prominence to their unredeemed, Venus, anti-social relationships ]

    Aquarius Indifference
    Natal Chart: Most Elevated Planet – Natal Venus @05 Aquarius, Midheaven @09 Aquarius, Jupiter @21 Aquarius, Mercury @24 Aquarius

    per solaris astrology


    Natal YOD – Rick Perry
    Mundane key words/phrases – Lilith

    Apex Yod (12TH House Cadent, forever operating in the background)

    Oscillating Apogee Lilith @17 Aries (impossible dream turns to nightmare, very dangerous per Juan Antonio Revilla)


    5TH House, N/Saturn @16 Virgo, N/Waldemath Lilith @16 Virgo, N/Moon @16 Virgo (takes pleasure in projecting primal instincts, darkest demons, destructive to self/others)


    N/Neptune @16 Scorpio (6TH House Cadent)


    Natal DK Lilith @05 Taurus (urge for sacrifice to the Absolute rooted by-the-contest with unconscious/shadow/psyche, powerlessness before inhibitions)


    N/Venus @05 Aquarius

    Mystic Rectangle Synastry Aspect, Natal Nodes – USA Chart (political opportunist)

    N/North Node @07 Aries


    Natal Asteroid Lilith @03 Sagittarius (aversions, denial, at facing world realities one must deal with to achieve integration)
    conjunct – Natal Ceres @14 Sagittarius cnj ASCENDANT USA Sibley chart @12 Sagittarius


    Natal Mars @08 Libra
    Natal South Node @07 Libra


    DESCENDANT USA Sibley Chart @12 Gemini

    [sextile, Natal North Node Aries]

  82. Lorrie U says:

    Occupy Oakland protesters awarded $1m over police violence during arrests

    12 activists to split compensation, including $500,000 for one woman who suffered permanent hearing loss during protests

  83. alex says:


    What is the ZERO Degree Aries Point? The Aries point, or vernal equinox in the tropical zodiac, is a NODE. It marks the place where the sun crosses the equatorial plain going north. Think of it as a Sun/earth node, as opposed to the Lunar nodes which involve the Sun/earth/Moon).

    In the Uranian system, the Aries Point, or AP, also links to zero degrees of all the cardinal signs (as seen on a 90 degree dial). Every chart—natal, progressed or horary—has the AP at exactly the same zero degrees, yet each chart will be unique as far as the house placement of this degree and the planets and other points that relate to it. Think of the AP as a 0 degree cardinal cross involving Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    What is the significance of the AP?

    The AP represents a movement (cardinal) from an inner quality to an outer manifestation. It orients us towards the world at large—society, public events and all relationships propelled from the individual to the collective. Sometimes it represents a “spectacular out rush of energies… and involvement with the world at large” Celeste Teal

  84. Jerry says:

    More on that upcoming mid July Grand Trine in water signs…..

    An Introspective and Intense July
    by Henry Seltzer

    Astrograph Astrology

    “This summer might be just the time to rethink core beliefs regarding where your life is taking you; it could be amazing to contemplate what you can indeed accomplish when you reorient yourself to soul purpose.”

  85. lisam says:

    Does Eric Francis always ramble so much before getting to the point? Lol. Oh well, I persevered until he got to the part about Snowden, and as he mentioned Snowden’s Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, I remembered an article I had read a long time ago on this subject……very enlightening. Here it is:

  86. Squallo says:

    I believe that the coup in Egypt is the direct result of Obama´s decision to arm the rebels in Syria, because that’s where Russia said enough with this muslim brotherhood mercenaries, and then gave the order for the military in Egypt to take action.

    Remember, any coup without foreign support, either outspoken or discrete, always fails.

  87. will says:

    Mitch McConnell is considered the most unlikely Republican to survive the next election. Heard it on MSNBC on s flight today and did a little jig o’ joy in my seat. Today McConnell, tomorrow Cantor.

  88. alex says:

    RE Upthread: July 3, 2013 at 8:05 pm
    Governor Rick Perry: political opportunist, fanatic leader of war on women


    Natal DK Lilith @05 Taurus ( instinctual impetus, pressure, urge ingrainedto sacrifice self/or/others to the Absolute; the compulsion/momentum tied to the force of unconscious/shadow/psyche; powerlessness before inhibitions)


    Natal (anti-social) Venus @05 Aquarius

  89. alex says:

    “Poll: McConnell Popularity Sagging” reads one in Politico

    “Party leaders for about 50 years had pretty much a free ride,” Mr. McConnell said. “Now, there’s a new paradigm.”

    He has responded by instructing aides to assemble, as he put it, “the best U.S. Senate campaign in the history of the country.”

    After the Tea Party candidate Rand Paul bowled over his establishment choice for the other Senate seat in Kentucky in 2010, Mr. McConnell hired Mr. Paul’s campaign manager to run his re-election bid.

    Mitch McConnell Election History

    1994 49.9% – Dem 49.5%
    1990 52.2% – Dem 47.8%
    1996 55.5% – Dem 42.8%
    2002 64.7% – Dem 35.3%
    2008 53.0% – Dem 47.0%

  90. alex says:

    Congress Swearing In = (likely) 1/5/2015

    any challenger(s) to McConnell needs to study up on this outline for campaign strategy of their own:

    Solar Arc Sun 2015 @14 Taurus – Mitch McConnell
    Swearing in Sun @14 Capricorn, Swearing in Pluto @13 Capricorn

    —- further

    Swearing in Venus @01 Aquarius
    conjunct McConnell Natal Pallas @01 Aquarius

    Swearing in Mars @24 Aquarius
    conjunct McConnell Natal Ceres @20 Aquarius

    Swearing in Jupiter @21 Leo
    McConnell Natal Ceres @20 Aquarius

    McConnell Natal DK Lilith @08 Gemini
    USA Uranus @08 Gemini

    McConnell Natal Sedna @20 Aries
    USA Chiron @20 Aries

    McConnell Natal Stellium:
    Mars 21 Taurus
    Saturn 22 Taurus
    Uranus 26 Taurus

    Swearing in Mercury @29 Capricorn
    McConnell Natal Neptune @29 Virgo
    McConnell Natal Uranus @26 Taurus

  91. alex says:


    Solar Arc Sun 2015 @14 Taurus – Mitch McConnell
    Swearing in Sun @14 Capricorn, Swearing in Pluto @13 Capricorn
    McConnell Natal South Node @14 Virgo

    if anybody has the statistics for his state dollar for dollar how McConnell took money out of Kentucky middle-class pockets/economy that might be a campaign video worth producing…

  92. Azizi says:

    Some here may be interested in this new post that I published on my cultural blog: “What Afro-European and Afropean mean”

    That post provides information, commentary, and two videos on a change in group & self referents for Black people in European nations, but ultimately other changes, including a significant change in the meaning of the word “European”. The first use of a form of the referent “Afropean” that I found was from 1992/3 (the title of a Zap Mama album. Zap Mama is a Belgium singing group & the stage name of the lead singer who of Congolese/Belgium ancestry.

    One example of this new paradigm is the fact that in 2012 a Black (mixed race) woman became the second Black woman to beee crowned Miss Belgium. (The first such winner was in 2005). Since 2000 a number of other Black (mostly mixed race) women have also been crowned “Miss ____” of their respective European nation. Click for a partial photo & date listing many of those winners.

    While there probably have been peaks to these changes, it seems as though these changes have been happening slowly but steadily below the surface but have speeded up since the early 2000s. I’m sure that these changes have been influenced by the civil rights movements & black power movements in the United States, the end of apartheid in South Africa, various study & work opportunities, and all kinds of events that have led to legal & illegal immigration of African people usually to their European former colonial nation. Note that many of these Afro-European people are are mixed African/European ancestry & citizens who were born and have only lived in their European nation.

    Which planet/s can be assigned responsiblity for such significant changes? Saturn? Uranus? Pluto?

  93. Sharon says:

    It’s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Azizi :-)

  94. Azizi says:

    Lol, Sharon!

    So when exactly was “the moon in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligned with Mars?

    And I haven’t seen very much
    “…peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars…
    Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding
    No more falsehoods or derisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelation
    And the minds true liberation*

    So I guess we’re not in the Age of Aquarius yet.

    *Lyrics from“*

  95. Francis says:

    Azizi, I happen to agree with Sharon and believe the results of the Ur-Pl square will push us over that threshold. But I am also thinking that Neptune has a lot to do with the changes in racial demographics. Neptune dissolves boundaries…

  96. Noelle says:

    Azizi, good question. When exactly di or is that alignment to take place. I’m sure not feeling it yet.

  97. Noelle says:

    For any who follow Matthew, his new message is out today.

  98. Azizi says:

    Thanks for the responses.

    Francis, I hadn’t thought about Neptune & I only mentioned Saturn because the changes in the system appear to be slow and hard work.

    I see which you mean about Neptune dissolving boundaries, but I think there are & there will be alot of Plutonian & probably also Uranian influences & actions having to do with bringing to a head and bringing up to the surface long buried issues and uncomfortable & ugly feelings pertaining to race & racism and priviledge & disadvantage because of race/racism & ethnicity before racial boundaries will truly be dissolved.

  99. Lorrie U says:

    Nelson Mandela has passed. RIP!

  100. Lorrie U says:

    I’m not sure that Mandela has officially passed, I think he is considered in a vegetative state on life support but is basically considered gone.

  101. Sharon says:

    I just read they’ve advised the family to take him off life support. There’s a great video on FB of the jubulation in Egypt, especially in the TV studies with TV hosts wearing flags, etc.

  102. Sharon says:

    We’re not quite there yet, Azizi, but we’re getting closer :-)

  103. barbk says:

    After hearing that Trayvon Martin’s mother will testify tomorrow, and because Uranus (near the midheaven) rules the 8th house in the Trial chart, and Requium (!) is conjunct Uranus I think it’s possible Zimmerman will get life without parole, if not the death penalty. Do they have the death penalty in Florida?

    I had believed that because the chart ruler, Moon was in the 12th house of incarceration, and the 10th house (outcome) was ruled by Mars who had asteroid Lilith (banished)and Lachesis (measures life) among others conjunct him, he would be imprisoned somewhere far from Florida. But the mother thing. .

    Ceres was vengeful in myth over the loss of her child, and she’s on the ascendant, while the Moon is ruler and opposite Pluto, as well as being part of the emotional water grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio in the 4h house and Neptune in Pisces in the 8th house. Those 6 women on the jury might just have had a bellyful of Zimmerman’s self-defense protest.

    Uranus on the midheaven does guarantee a surprise outcome.

  104. Noelle says:

    Barbk, you make astology so alive. Thank you.

    Saturn is in Scorpio. No wonder my finances are so incredibly constrained.

  105. alex says:

    REWIND circa 2011

    Gov. Perry’s Cash Machine

    The exchange of campaign contributions for government contracts, favors or positions is all too common in Washington and around the country. It has been developed to an especially high art — or more to the point, a low art — by Gov. Rick Perry in Texas. For a presidential contender who insists that big government is the country’s biggest problem, it is particularly cynical.

  106. andre says:

    This is much worse than anything Snowden has done. Clapper is an official US government liar. The world’s freedom is in his trustworthy hands:
    I wonder if Russia, France and all those other countries subservient to Obama, because all they want to do is to be left in peace to spy on their own citizens as well, would allow him on the Bolivian President’s plane?

  107. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – I am heartened, as most people I know think Zimmerman is going to get away with it or else get a lesser charge. Maybe that’s the element of Uranian surprise, because I think most mothers are outraged that this man appointed himself judge, jury and executioner that night in order to get rid of a black man who he had predetermined was a criminal. He has shown no remorse for his poor judgment, which I think the average person would once they realized they had killed an innocent, unarmed teenager. Hopefully his daddy the judge can’t buy his way out of this one, and the prosecutor puts on a really good closing argument.

    Noelle – I can sympathize. Saturn has been approaching my ascendent for quite some time and my finances are also constrained.

  108. alex says:

    With Texas, North Carolina and Ohio are collapsing civilization for women:

    North Carolina Republicans attach sharp abortion restrictions to anti-Sharia bill

    by Laura Clawson dailykos

    July 3, 2013 7:00AM PDT

  109. alex says:


    Kasich signs extremist anti-woman Ohio budget
    by Laura Clawson – dailykos

    July 1, 2013 6:32 AM PDT

  110. alex says:

    My wish list for X-Mas

    Io Sprite, my astrology software

    Io Sprite

    A dynamic charting tool with extraordinary fluid chart analysis.

    Dynamic charting

    Io Sprite is linked to your computer’s clock, so today’s chart is always instantly displayed, moving at real time every time you launch the program. If this isn’t quick enough, just fast forward into the future.

    This remarkable tool allows you to observe charts spinning forward or backward in time at actual or accelerated speeds. You can view several charts in motion simultaneously, and you can halt any chart at any instant for saving or printing.

  111. alex says:

    Ohio Joins the War on Women, Redefines Pregnancy

    Kasich is up for reelection in 2014, when he’ll face Democrat Ed FitzGerald. By signing the new abortion restrictions into law, Kasich can expect to be, along with Perry, a top target of the “war on women” fury that was so effective in helping Democrats in 2012.

    North Carolina readies new abortion limits as GOP war on women expands

  112. alex says:

    Ohio: DEM candidate for governor 2014 vs Kasich

    DOB 7/10/1968 (unknown, time or place…. using capitol of Ohio for his hypothetical natal chart)

    Ed FitzGerald assails Ohio budget as harmful to middle-class families, the poor and women

  113. Jerry says:

    As many of us are probably aware, a great deal of intense astrological activity will be unfolding from mid to late July. Although the Mars-Uranus-Pluto t square in late July is arguably the most obvious configuration, suggesting possible transformative events on the geo-political landscape, in my view, what transpires on July 22nd may be the primary catalyst. Here’s the July 22nd 0 Aquarius Full Moon chart for quick reference:

    The July 22nd Full Moon will conjoin the 2013 US Inaugural Sun and President Obama’s natal Jupiter. In addition; a Mars-Jupiter conjunction occurs right at the peak of the US Jupiter return on this day. The Mars-Jupiter conj. (5 ’54 Cancer) forms a tight conjunction by declination as well as by longitude (Mars N 23 ’54/ Jupiter N 23 ’08) – a mega-conjunction as it were (a fuller explanation is provided below), Mars will be technically “Out Of Bounds” conjunct the dark Moon Lillith and most significantly, it closely dovetails the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand trine. All of these factors will be explained in fuller detail.

    With the Mars/Jupiter conj forming a sextile/trine to Obama’s natal Chiron-Pluto opposition, my conjecture (for what it’s worth) is that President Obama and the country may be vulnerable to another major terrorist attack on this day – July 22nd. Worst case scenario, perhaps Obama’s life may even be at risk, although for obvious reasons, for the good of the country, hopefully that can be avoided.

    I say this with good reason. The last in a series of US Jupiter returns began on August 6, 2001 within a few days of a troublesome memo received by President Bush and cabinet that was dubiously ignored. It was entitled “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US”. The brief warned of terrorism threats from Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda 36 days before the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Jupiter return on Aug. 9th exactly conjoined the North Node transit. A hint of destined events to come?

    As the following article explains, the July 22nd Mars/Jupiter conj. arrives at full maturation from its previous Mars/Jupiter conjunction of May 1, 2011 the day Pres. Obama announced the assassination of Osama Bin Laden so there seems to be a tangible astrological connection there. With possible WMD resources at its disposal, will al Qaeda seize the opportunity and exact revenge on the 22nd?

    July 22, 2013: A New Mars-Jupiter Cycle Begins @ 5 Can 54
    by Jude Cowell

    Mars joins US natal Jupiter at ‘6 Cancer’ = “Game Birds Feathering Their Nests”

    The current Mars-Jupiter cycle began with their conjunction @22Ari20 on May 1, 2013, the day President Obama announced the assassination of Osama bin Laden, former CIA asset, and said to be the mastermind behind the tragic attacks of 9/11/01.

    This month, that cycle nears its end as a new cycle of activity of a Mars-Jupiter nature will soon begin and it falls upon the day of America’s Jupiter Return, July 22, 2013. Therefore, this indicates a Mars-to-natal-Jupiter transit for our nation, a time when plans may be exaggerated or expanded (including military actions) and/or there may be improvement in finances, more cultural or spiritual awareness, and/or someone’s social status may be lifted. An increased appreciation for comfort and luxury may also be in evidence as the motivation (Mars) toward gaining such comfort is encouraged (Jupiter.) Yes, grand actions may be taken (as on May 1, 2011) and they may be broadcast (Jupiter), too–an ‘announcement of military action’ may be indicated or heralded on or around July 22, 2013 thanks to the combined energies of Mars (troops; police force) and Jupiter (the General–or, Commander-in-Chief.)

    Now since this is a Political Astrology blog, it may be worth noting that in Politics and Business, the combined energies of the Mars-Jupiter duo denotes potentials for:

    ‘Action taken in response to legal judgments; advice that inflames or angers others; too much legal activity or opinions; legislative actions regarding sports; religious activities or festivals (Thesis); Antithesis: misuse of forces when engaging others; an expansion in military hardware; legal opinions which affect the military or metal industries; judgment of enemies seeking to do battle.’ (paraphrasing Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey).


    I’ve provided additional excerpts from various selected articles below. The reader can google the title of any given article if there is a desire to read the contents in its entirety……..

    The Dark Moon Lilith

    The Moon travels along an elliptical path around the Earth. An ellipse has two focal points, and the other focal point, not occupied by the Earth has been called the Dark Moon, the Black Moon or Lilith.

    The Dark Moon describes our relationship to the absolute, to sacrifice as such, and shows how we let go. In transit, the Dark Moon indicates some form of castration or frustration, frequently in the areas of desire, a powerlessness of the psyche, or a general inhibition. On the other hand, it shows where we question ourselves, our lives, our jobs, and our beliefs. I feel this is important, since it gives us the opportunity to “let go” of something. The Dark Moon shows where we can let the Whole flow into our selves, without putting an “I” in the way, without putting up a wall in the form of ego. At the same time, it doesn’t indicate passivity – on the contrary – it symbolizes the firm will to be open and trusting, to let the Greater World flow through one, relying entirely on the great laws of the universe, on that which we name God. To prepare us for this opening, the Dark Moon creates a necessary void.”

    (Joëlle de Gravelaine in “Lilith und das Loslassen”, Astrologie Heute Nr. 23)

    Lilith Conjunct Jupiter 2013
    By Marina | Dark Star Astrology

    Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter for much of 2013. This only happens every 33 years. In 2013 we have the third and final exact conjunction between 11 – 13 July. Lilith follows Jupiter in a wide conjunction up until the end of the year though so I think 2013 will be a culmination of that which has been brewing for the last 3 years. So what can we expect? Lilith Conjunct Jupiter brings together two apparently opposing forces in western culture. Lilith and Jupiter share sex and religion in common. Jupiter was the insatiable chaser of nymphs while Lilith is also accused of being insatiable. However with Lilith, her apparently greedy sexuality is vilified and seen as destructive somehow. Instead of a congratulatory slap on the back she is labelled a succubus and a nymphomaniac.

    The same double standard goes for the religious aspect between them, Lilith’s magical ability is branded as witchcraft, but for Jupiter these powers are just an example of the divine miracle of his godliness. Lilith like Jupiter has a hunger for knowledge and mind expansion, indeed it was this desire for wisdom and the passing on of that sacred knowledge that caused Eve to be booted out of paradise.

    Astrologer Says Double-Dip Recession in 2013 Unlikely
    by Jude Cowell

    “…… America’s last Jupiter Return was a three-fer and was horribly botched by the awful SCOTUS-enabled presidency of Bush-Cheney, their two misguided wars fought on credit card (which hobble our economy still), the attacks of 9/11/01, the creation of Homeland Security, and several other schemes of a pyramid kind leading up to Financial Collapse 2008, the year of the low point of the financial cycle.

    Jupiter returned to its natal degree of 5 Can 56 (‘6 Can’ = “Game Birds Feathering Their Nests”–and boy, do they!) on August 9, 2001, February 15, 2002, and March 15, 2002 (when using the ‘Sibly’ 5:10 pm chart for July 4, 1776) and it’s the third conjunction affecting us now–until a new cycle opens on July 22, 2013.”

    Astrologer Jude Cowell writes of Mars ‘out of bounds’….

    “The Earth’s orbit as viewed from the Sun is called the ecliptic and when a planet goes beyond 23 degrees 28 minutes in either north or south declination, that planet is said to be outside the boundaries of the ecliptic, or out-of-bounds.

    In astrological terms, the energies of a planet when out of bounds tend to act in an exaggerated fashion and its effects may be extraordinarily distorted.

    With Mars’ archetype as the god of war, an out of bounds Mars engages in violent events, extreme aggression, and incendiary acts.

    Then we see such things manifest as world leaders assassinated, arson perpetrated, bombs planted and triggered, and vicious disagreements wherever we turn – and our news sources are filled with them.

    And fighting Mars understandably represents military forces–the soldier and the mercenary.

    The July 22, 2013 Declinations/ Mars N 23 ’54/ Jupiter N 23 ’08

    Declination for Beginners
    By Paul Newman

    In a nutshell, declination is a form of latitude rather than longitude. It is the measurement of planets north or south of the celestial equator, which is the Earth”s equator extended into space. It is worth remembering that when we talk of an exact conjunction of planets in a zodiac sign—for example the Moon and Saturn in Leo—these would not necessarily be conjunct in the sky. They would be conjunct by longitude (maybe appearing one above the other) but not necessarily conjunct by latitude or declination.* Similarly, the Moon and Saturn may be conjunct by declination (parallel to each other) but from different zodiac signs and therefore not conjunct by longitude. Separately either of these types of “conjunction” (longitude conjunction, declination parallel) has an equal force, but the strongest possible conjunction in astrology is when two planets are conjunct by longitude and parallel by declination at the same time. They would then appear to be conjunct in the sky. This may also help to explain why some transits seem stronger than others.

    “When the Twin Towers Fall in the City of York” by Betsi Sites

    “….Anything beyond 23 degrees is considered “extreme declination” or “exdec”, and the higher the latitude, the more extreme the behavior. In general, an “out of bounds” Mars, as such high declinations are often called, stimulates wild, unstable and aggressive expression, as well as extreme, unpredictable and explosive energy, well outside of the confines of socially-acceptable behavior.”

    Posted by peteluceastrology

    The Saturn-Neptune trine continues all month, prompting idealistic efforts and self-sacrificial actions for a “greater cause”. Around the 19th the expansive, optimistic, generous, rash influence of Jupiter is added, forming a Grand Trine in water signs. And on the 22nd Mars also conjuncts Jupiter, adding his forceful, dynamic, competitive, and aggressive qualities. Thus optimism and energy are added to self-sacrifice and endurance. This is conducive to attacks by idealistic persons indifferent to their own survival, rather than cautiously planned military campaigns. An upsurge of rebel attacks in Syria is very likely, but again, all the present flashpoint areas could be affected. Ramadan begins on the 9th July, so more Muslim men than usual will be assembling at their mosques each Friday for the next month.

    NewsScope for June 3, 2013
    By Michael Wolfstar

    Obama’s Dilemma

    Looking at Obama’s overall chart conditions, his progressed Moon jumps out as being in a critical location. The progressed Moon advances at the rate of about one degree per month, and its aspects often pinpoint important events. Currently at 24º Aries, his progressed Moon is entering into a nice trine to Uranus, his chart ruler. This aspect is in effect now and will be exact on June 26, making June a relatively good month for him.

    Looking at Obama’s overall chart conditions, his progressed Moon jumps out as being in a critical location. The progressed Moon advances at the rate of about one degree per month, and its aspects often pinpoint important events. Currently at 24º Aries, his progressed Moon is entering into a nice trine to Uranus, his chart ruler. This aspect is in effect and will be exact on une 26, making June a relatively good month for him.

    Obama’s natal Sun-Neptune square makes him a prime candidate for a scandal-plagued presidency. These three cases coincide with transiting Saturn conjoining his natal Neptune. Transiting Saturn’s first passage over this point came last December when Congressional hearings began investigating the consulate attack on Benghazi. Saturn conjoined Obama’s Neptune a second time when the IRS scandal emerged. A third and final Saturn hit comes again in September.

    However, at the same time his progressed Moon squares his 12th house Saturn, indicating that he’s got some hidden concerns. On July 19, his progressed Moon and Mars oppose each other, a sure sign of enemy action. To be sure, his political adversaries will be piling on, but another major factor is his uncertainty about Syria: whether to engage militarily or watch the humanitarian disaster worsen. Russia, Hezbollah and Iran are actively supporting Bashar al-Assad’s presidency, while the western powers remain on the sidelines.

  114. Jerry says:

    PS Forgot to mention…… the July 22nd Mars/Uranus conj. will be triggering the 2013 US Inaugural Moon-Mars-Uranus configuration (Moon and Mars at 19/20 Taurus-Aq./ Uranus 5 Aries).

  115. Jerry says:

    Correction: Read instead: “…..the July 22nd Mars/JUPITER conj.”

  116. barbk says:

    The Catholic Church weaves some interesting astrology together incorporating the charts for the Vatican dated 6/7/29 (provided by Neptune Café), Pope Francis (provided by AstroDataBlog) and recent lunar charts going back to the series of 3 eclipses. Examining several of the main threads in this tapestry reveals how the new Pope serves the present Zeitgeist, starting with one thread from the June 23rd Full Moon at 2 Capricorn 10. The Pope has natal Jupiter at 3+ Cap and the Vatican has Venus a 2+ Taurus that was trine the Full Moon and the Pope’s Jupiter. On Friday, June 29, high-level officials of the Vatican bank were arrested (see link below).

    Another thread ties the two May eclipse charts to the June 8 New Moon chart and the Pope’s and the Vatican’s charts. 19+ Gemini (duality) in the Taurus solar eclipse chart is where Jupiter (church) was, and where Venus ($$)-conjunct-Mercury (trickster) was in the Sagittarius (search for truth) Lunar Eclipse chart was. The Pope’s Pallas-Athene (the goddess of weaving) is at 18+ Sagittarius (opposite 19+ Gemini) and the Vatican’s Mercury retrograde is at 19 Gemini retro and conjunct it’s Sun at 16+ Gemini.

    During this period two major transiting symbols appeared motionless in the sky; the north node at 16+ Scorpio was there from April just before the first lunar eclipse, through May’s 2 eclipses and up to the June 23 FM at 2+ Capricorn, weaving together with the Pope’s Jupiter (seeking truth) and the Vatican’s Venus ($$).

    The other symbol was Pluto who had reached 10 Capricorn early in the year, then returned retrograde early in June and will stay until mid-July. The Pope has his ascendant at 10+ Cancer conjunct Mercury (11+ Cancer) opposite trans. Pluto conjunct his 7th house cusp of partners. The Vatican has natal Uranus (doesn’t follow rules) in the 8th house (other people’s money) at 10+ Aries where transiting Uranus was late April through mid May, and where it will return (retro) in September and again (direct) in February 2014. The Church’s Uranus squares the Pope’s ascendant-Mercury and transiting Pluto to form a T-square.

    During the north node (evolving pathway) period at 16+ Scorpio it completed a grand trine in water with the Pope’s Saturn at 16+ Pisces, and the Vatican’s Pluto at 17+ Cancer, allowing the Pope to hold the Church’s spiritual structures (Saturn) together while the Vatican dug deep (Pluto) into it’s long held secrets (Pluto).

    Finally, this Monday the New Moon at 16 Cancer 17 again will weave together the Pope’s Pisces Saturn with the Vatican’s Cancer Pluto, as trans. Pluto, still at 10+ Capricorn, remains on the Pope’s descendant. These are the main threads (so far) that reveal how the design pattern of the Catholic church fits into the historical tapestry of time we are experiencing now. I find it fascinatingly colorful.

  117. Noelle says:

    Barbk, thanks for the link to the article. Very interesting. Your analysis above is way over my head. I do believe Pluto is at work in the Vatican and Neptune too. Veils will be removed and the corruption will become apparent.

  118. Lorrie U says:

    Re. the GOP war on women in various states, I think those dems (progressives?) that decided to sit out the 2010 election in a foot-stamping temper tantrum are as much to blame for this state of affairs. What did they think would happen to their progressive agenda by sitting at home and letting the GOP take over? Progress? Well, it happened much as we fellow dems warned and now we are watching what happens when we do nothing. Let this be a harbinger of 2014 if we stay home!

  119. Lorrie U says:

    Conservative Groups Lied To The IRS By Failing To Report Their Political Spending

    The recent furor over the Internal Revenue Service scrutinizing applications for social welfare, tax-exempt organizations, has revealed that the IRS was doing its due diligence in screening political activists’ applications, and one aspect going unnoticed is the level of perjury most of the conservative groups are guilty of just filing false declarations. However, many of the groups are also guilty of perjury for failing to report, or underreporting, their political spending on tax forms filed with the IRS.

  120. Lorrie U says:

    Oregon Legislature Unanimously Passes Tuition Free Higher Education

    Read more:

  121. Patty says:

    Barbk, Trayvon’s Mom delivered an outstanding testimony…my heart goes out to her and I hope she touched the jurors.
    Regarding the Catholic church, I was raised Catholic and my ‘convert’ Father-in-law, always told me that the Devil began running the Catholic Church in the 1960’s. Astrologically, do you know, did something drastic happen to the Church in the 1960’s?

  122. barbk says:

    Patty and Noelle, thanks and thanks for the news re: Treyvon’s mom.
    In the mid to late ’60’s is when Uranus was conjunct Pluto in Virgo starting a new cycle between these forces. This conjunction happened in the first house (self) of the Vatican chart. Now that Uranus is squaring Pluto, like every other entity that existed at that time, the Catholic Church is dealing with the repercussions of those events. (see link).

    Noelle, I’m sorry for the complexity of the astrology – maybe I should have included a time-line. However, the Devil IS in the details :) – seeing how it all connects – but bottom line it’s all about the Uranus-Pluto cycle. And yes, Neptune is quite involved – maybe even more so, but in the end we will also see the positive sides of these symbols I’m sure.

  123. alex says:

    Representative Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston)

    TEXAS: Operation No Choice

    Copy of Closing Remarks in Opposition to Senate Bill 5:

    “Mr. Speaker and Members, the war on women is in full force. Women have been fighting for decades for their equal rights, their equal pay, their equal medical care, their equal insurance coverage.

    Just this last regular session women celebrated a short-lived victory with the passage of my House Bill 950 — The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Bill. And this victory didn’t come easy — of course it wouldn’t; nothing benefiting women comes easy or comes without a hard fight.

    The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Bill was filed in both the House and Senate. I consistently fought for each and every passage in both the House and the Senate to get the bill to the governor. As I told you, this was a battle that was not easily won, but we came out victorious with the passage of HB 950 at the end, or so we thought.

    On the fateful day of June 14, 2013, the first shot in the war on women was fired with the veto of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Bill.

    To add insult to injury, the governor fired another missile at Texas women by adding abortion late into the call of this special session.

    We are here today on this floor fighting for the rights of women to decide what happens to their own bodies.

    I was a member of this House when the Roe vs. Wade decision was handed down by the United States Supreme Court. I was here when Senator Hyde’s amendment prohibited the spending of federal money on abortion.

    I stood on this House Floor to stop redlining in the bedroom in Texas — back when insurance companies added Viagra to men’s coverage despite the fact that they were charging women more for insurance coverage and refused to cover contraceptives.

    I had to fight to pass a bill for the Screening of HPV so women could get an advance pap smear to be screen for cervical cancer.
    While these separate battles for women’s rights were fought, we, as women, must stand our ground on this war we are fighting now.
    This bill could have been debated during the regular session. Debating this bill now during this special session is an all-out assault on women!

    Governor Rick Perry, as one friend to another, I want to put you on notice, women are tired of being bullied!

    We are not living under Sharia Law. Texas is not a theocracy where the clerics impose their religious views on everyone. We must not succumb to the same archaic views against women here in Texas. We live under the laws and Constitution of the United States of America and Texas.

    We have a right to the same democracy here in our home land. As America goes around the world spreading democracy, spread that democracy here where women can benefit.

    Ladies we are in a race against time. However, women have a God given potential, and that includes making decisions about their own bodies whether you are rich or poor, black, brown or white, gay or straight, educated or undereducated. We demand equality.
    This war on women is unacceptable. Women are not going to tolerate the constant chipping away of their rights. We are not going to be bullied and this is plain unadulterated bullying.
    The women of Texas stand together as a band of sisters. We are soldiers in the army of women’s rights!

    While today we may be outnumbered and outgunned, our causes are just and, as God as my witness, we shall prevail! The God of the Mountains is the God of the Valley. We will not be shut down or silenced.”

  124. alex says:

    — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed a contentious Republican bill that would require women seeking an abortion to view an ultrasound of the fetus before the procedure and prohibit doctors from performing abortions unless they have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

  125. alex says:

    The Trial of Susan B. Anthony for Illegal Voting

    “Susan B. Anthony is not on trial; the United States is on trial.”–Matilda Joslyn Gage

  126. Patty says:

    Thanks Barbk. Another article from the Guardian of interest, I came across on a Pub website:
    “Just How Low Can The Republican Party Go?”

  127. Sharon says:

    They sure have some DYNAMIC female state legislators in Texas…first Wendy Davis, now Senfronia Thomas….I LOVE the passion…they are making this a cause everyone can rally around and I don’t believe it will help the Republican cause in the long run!

  128. alex says:

    – I forgot the url for upthread comment so I’ll post Senfronia Thompson wiki

  129. Sharon says:

    I checked her out, Alex…I love her! And 74 years young!

  130. Bob says:

    Governors by party affiliation – list and map.

    Chronological listing of Democratic Senators by age.

  131. Sharon says:

    I just came across this on facebook (can’t sleep) for those of us who want to re-live the Wendy Davis filibuster and what happened afterwards, a great day for Progressives and for liberty :-)

  132. Bob says:

    List of Governors separated by party, listed alphabetically by state, with birth dates.

  133. Bob says:

    Still good reading.

    From the left sidebar: Control disguised/mistaken as protection?


    Why Boys With Sisters Are More Likely to Be Republicans

    “Boys who grow up with sisters are more likely to express socially conservative views about gender roles.” – Micah Cohen

    “Men who had sisters were 3.8 percentage points more likely to agree that “a woman’s place is in the home” than men who did not, wrote Healy, an economist who teaches at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and Mahhotra, a Stanford University political scientist.” (Andrew Healy)

  134. Bob says:

    It is found on the right side (my other left)

  135. Bob says:

    Thanks for the link Sharon. On the top at that site clicking on Politics or Women will take open a tableau of stories in either category that will keep you reading or returning to read.

  136. alex says:
    circa 2011

    20 weeks map – 2013

    In light of the newly passed GOP state bills impinging upon their safety, health and well being, women in the legal profession need to go to their state bar and national conventions and forge a method to bring legal cases for ‘PERSONAL INJURY’ brought about by the new GOP state anti-women rules.

  137. Lorrie U says:

    Bill Gates & GMO Cronies Plan $30 Million Seed Vault While Poisoning the Planet

    Bill Gates is spending $30 million in a remote place called Svalbard, a barren rock near the Barents Sea about 1,100 kilometers from the North Pole to build a seed bank.

    Along with him, pals from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Monsanto corporation, the Government of Norway, the Syngenta Foundation, and others are building a ‘doomsday seed bank’ officially named the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard island group.

  138. Jerry says:

    In the run-up to the July 22nd date mentioned in my previous entry, one astrological phenomenon developing in mid July may offer some clues as to what we may expect. Stationary Uranus at 12 Aries (exact July 17th) forms a square to stationary Mercury at 13 Cancer (exact July 20th). It’s important to remember that the Mercury station arrives at an almost perfect conjunction to the US Sun (within a 3 min. orb), so whatever transpires; American interests are clearly at stake, especially with the Mercury-Uranus square’s potential in activating the latent Uranus-Pluto square. Looking at the Moons position (as a possible catalyst), I noticed on the 18th, the Moon arrives at late degrees Scorpio in quincunx to both Mercury and Uranus. Using a midpoint calculator here are the following coordinates when the aspects become exact:

    Thursday 10:42 am EST July 18th

    Moon at 28 ’04 Scorpio in dual quincunx to Uranus (12 ’31 Aries) and Mercury (13 ’34 Cancer).

    Ordinarily I wouldn’t put too much attention on to this sort of thing. But one has to wonder; the time and date happens to coincide with a major US sponsored cyber terror drill exercise scheduled from 9 am to 2:30 pm on the 18th. Could this US terror drill go “live” as a number of conspiracy websites are suggesting? Chinese hackers are well-known for their persistent attacks on US business establishments. The following are several articles with the details……

    Wall Street to Face Cyber-Attack in Exercise
    Posted by Felix Shipkevich

    CFTC Law
    Jun 14, 2013

    Can Wall Street survive an all-out cyber-attack? According to Reuters, that question will be answered on June 28 (PERSONAL NOTE: the date has been re-scheduled for July 18th as reported in an update enclosed below this article). That is when SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) plans to commence Quantum Dawn 2, an exercise that will simulate the confusion and turmoil that a successful hacker attack can cause.

    The exercise will take place from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and participants will face viruses that will try to invade trading systems and induce latency in trades, all of which will necessitate active communication and teamwork to overcome.

    “The drill involves not just big Wall Street firms like Citigroup and Bank of America, but the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, [and] the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to SIFMA officials,” reports Reuters.

    In Quantum Dawn 1, which took place in 2011, SIFMA members were given the opportunity to gather in one location to communicate and compare notes. In the upcoming Quantum Dawn 2, members will be located in their own offices so the simulation can more realistically portray how communications will work in the event of a real attack; through phone calls and email.

    SIFMA Sets New Date for Quantum Dawn 2

    Wall St. & Technology
    June 24, 2013

    The new date for Quantum Dawn 2, the Security Industry and Financial Markets Association’s (SIFMA’s) simulated cyber security exercise, has been set for July 18, according to a SIFMA spokesperson. The original date of June 28 was delayed due to increased interest from financial firms wishing to join the simulation.

    At press time, approximately 50 financial organizations are planning to participate in the exercise. Nasdaq OMX, BATS Exchage, and Direct Edge are a few of the participating organizations, Wall Street & Technology has learned. S&P CUSIP told Wall Street & Technology it was too early to discuss the exercise. Bank of America and other firms declined to comment.


    Hackers From China Resume Attacks on U.S. Targets

    New York Times
    May 19, 2013

    WASHINGTON — Three months after hackers working for a cyberunit of China’s People’s Liberation Army went silent amid evidence that they had stolen data from scores of American companies and government agencies, they appear to have resumed their attacks using different techniques, according to computer industry security experts and American officials.

    The Obama administration had bet that “naming and shaming” the groups, first in industry reports and then in the Pentagon’s own detailed survey of Chinese military capabilities, might prompt China’s new leadership to crack down on the military’s highly organized team of hackers — or at least urge them to become more subtle.


  139. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: Forgive me for the typo. The July 18th Moon position (28 Scorpio) to Uranus (12 Aries) and Mercury (13 Cancer) are at 135 degree angles. It’s a dual sesqui-quadrate. My mistake.

  140. alex says:

    With an anxious eye toward the coming debt-ceiling negotiations, House Republicans are drafting what members call a “menu” of mandatory spending cuts to offer the White House in exchange for raising the country’s borrowing limit.

    This menu is more a matrix of politically fraught options for the Obama administration to consider: Go small on cuts and get a short extension of the debt ceiling. Go big – by agreeing to privatize Social Security, for example – and get a deal that will raise the ceiling for the rest of Obama’s term.

  141. Lorrie U says:

    Well, if Obama goes for the latter and agrees to privatizing Social Security, there will be a revolution. Cuts should not even be a part of the debt ceiling debate. He has the ability to raise it using the 14th amendment. He has declined to do so in the past, but if he caters to the GOP again, he will go down as one of the most unpopular presidents in current history.

  142. Lorrie U says:

    NSA: people are “normally selected for targeting” based on their “Facebook or webmail content.”

  143. alex says:

    — apparently the state of MO wants to officially ignore all federal laws regarding guns… so I guess the insurance industry will be writing off MO …. too

  144. andre says:

    Germany has protested Snowden’s revelations. At the same time, it has agreed to a new NSA secret base in Germany. This entire story has a chilling effect on freedom worldwide. It looks like we must accept that our communications will never be private again and will more than ever be exposed to surveillance that could become abusive at any moment. I grieve for the loss of our fundamental liberties.

  145. Lorrie U says:

    andre – I have never had delusions that public communication is private. If you put it out there on social media, understand that it’s there for the world to see. Private phone conversations and emails that can be stored and retrieved at someone’s will is another story and a complete violation of one’s privacy. However, in this age of secret plots to blow people and buildings up for one extremist cause or another, we have silently given permission to be spied upon in order to stay safe. It is a conundrum. How does one protect it’s citizens from terrorists without risking terrorism? It’s a bad, bad world full of people with ill will toward those who disagree with them, so what is the answer? How do we find an alternative?

  146. Noelle says:

    I’ve just started to read Dan Brown’s “Digital Fortress”, written, I believe in 1997 or’98. It’s about NSA and touches on just what you’ve written Lorrie U. It’s amazing that he wrote this 15 years ago. It’s in paperback now and just like his newest book, “Inferno” nad “The Divinci Code” and others,it’s a page turner but gives you a lot to think about.

    In the case of NSA, it’s the balance between privacy and security. I, for one, don’t care at all if they read my emails. They’d be bored stiff.
    And they aren’t reading everyone’s emails. They are looking for patterns encryptions, etc. Andre, before you get yourself too upset, why not really try to find out what”fundamental liberties”
    of yours are really at risk.

  147. alex says:

    The D-governor of MO vetoed the bill from GOP legislature that wanted to make laws that gave state citizens the right to sue federal agents if they confiscated their guns; and the bill included allowing citizens to own military grade munitions (portable missile launcher type weapons) other stuff I’m doing this from memory should have the url but it is easy google search; Missouri + gun laws + veto;

    the D-Governor will have less chance of re-election cause of veto it was a principled sane veto; the DNC need to headline/stand up for and support Dem governors under pressure to keep their offices in 2014 if re-election is their choice;

  148. Sharon says:

    What is the matter with those people? Why do they need to own military grade munitions????? So delusional

  149. Lorrie U says:

    I highly recommend reading almost any book by James Patterson. Currently reading The Devil’s Colony, about the Founding Fathers, the lost tribe of Israel & Mormons, the Anasazi, Fort Knox. Other subjects have also been about the seed banks, Russia and autistic savants, and other current events. The scary part is at the back of the book, you find out that his book is based on truth! I have learned more about what is truly going on by reading his books. As they say, if you want them to know the truth, write it as fiction.

  150. alex says:

    If I had Kindle the copy of the book is $1.99

  151. alex says:

    either my memory is temporarily fogged or ? but upthread I commented that military munitions grade stuff was being oked in Missouri gun owners protection bill that was vetoed;

    this morning I went looking for what I had read before and either that info was ‘scrubbed’ or the article got morphed with my most recent rem sleep dreaming and I remembered some merged content of a dream…

    in any case all I can find now ‘very briefly’ is that uzi style machine guns with 16 inch barrels were being made legal in Missouri but got vetoed with the bill…

    state by state gun report circa January 2013

  152. alex says:

    Mars begins its next retrograde cycle on March 1, 2014 when it goes retrograde at 27° Libra. Moving back to 9° Libra, Mars resumes direct motion on May 19, 2014. Mars then makes it back to 27° Libra on July 20, 2014.

    Due to the dynamic nature of the planet, the length of time involved, and the concentration in a small portion of the zodiac, these retrograde cycles of Mars have as much impact as a slow moving outer planet.

  153. alex says:

    2014 Mars retrograde path: upthread July 8, 2013 at 7:17 am

    April 3, 2014

    Mars @20 Libra (USA Juno 20 Libra)
    USA Chiron @20Aries

    Uranus 12 Aries, Sun 13 Aries
    Pluto 13 Capricorn

    Venus 27 Aquarius
    USA Moon 25-27 Aquarius