30th Jun, 2013


As the world winds its way through the widespread convulsions of the multi-year Uranus/Pluto square (2011to 2015), building tensions are leading to violent eruptions and rebellious demonstrations in many parts of the world. Recently, we have seen mass protests in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, and Bulgaria. Even the Uighurs in Western China are protesting, while the ever-expanding Syrian civil war continues to be at the dangerous epicenter of this wild, defiant energy.

In the US, the issues that seemed resolved at the conclusion of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the 1960’s have reappeared with the first quarter square and are currently being challenged. The right to privacy and choice regarding abortion is being thwarted in a number of conservative states by craftily constructed restrictions on access and increasingly cumbersome regulations. Moreover, with the 1965 Voting Rights Act lately gutted by the Supreme Court, several Republican states have immediately moved to severely restrict voting among minority and student voters, populations that lean strongly Democratic.

But there are some glimmers of hope. The recent people’s filibuster in the Texas House, followed by the heroic Wendy Davis filibuster in the Texas Senate, may provide a template for future action. Although Governor Rick Perry has called yet another special session to push through his anti-abortion program, the successful quashing of his first attempt gained national attention for its dramatic thwarting of the extremist anti-choice agenda of Texas Republicans.

As for the mushrooming restrictions on voting rights since the Supreme Court’s despicable ruling, there is another template that might serve. Currently Republicans are terrified that they will lose almost all Hispanic voters for another generation if they fail to enact immigration reform. If this self-serving motivation proves successful, it should be linked to an updated reenactment of the voting rights act as well. After all, why would any minority citizen vote for a party that had systematically and purposefully worked to limit minority access to voting for selfish, power-hungry, political purposes?

As we move into July 2013, the next seven-plus weeks may contain some further ratcheting up of the tensions inherent in the reigning Uranus/Pluto configuration. Although the square between these two planetary behemoths is separated by a few degrees during July and August, strong transits can rapidly reignite the blistering struggles characteristic of this aspect. There are three periods to watch for this magnification process to take place.

The first of these is the briefest, with the Sun opposing Pluto (June 30 through July 1) and then squaring Uranus (July 2 through early on July 4). Already, we are seeing massive protests in Egypt and a new offensive by the Syrian government against the rebel-held city of Homs.

The next triggering of potential conflict related to Uranus and Pluto will come during the last week of July, when volatile and violent Mars will oppose Pluto (July 25 through July 27) followed by Mars in a square to Uranus (July 30 through July 31). This will be immediately followed by the third potent activation of these two planets when Jupiter moves to oppose Pluto on August 2 through August 8, followed less than a week later by Jupiter square to Uranus from August 14 through August 21.

There is a great deal of energy in all of these aspects, and the pot may be stirred multiple times and in many locations by late August. Rebellion against a restrictive status quo after a long-simmering build-up of tension is the key to understanding the Uranus/Pluto square. Eventually, it will produce significant transformation, but there will be a significant stress, violence, and conflict in the process of getting there.

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