Spy Versus Spy

The US has been in an uproar during the past month over the issue of NSA surveillance. In early June, an NSA computer contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked numerous top-secret documents to the Washington Post and The Guardian describing the surveillance of American citizens. Due to his startling and unprecedented disclosures, he became a national hero to some and a treasonous villain to others.

Snowden has recently been charged with three felonies: two counts of espionage and one count of theft of government property. Although the US government had been seeking his extradition from Hong Kong, authorities there allowed him to fly to Moscow, aided by Wikileaks, and reports in The Guardian suggest he may eventually flee to Caracas or Quito through Havana.

There are some fascinating dynamics in Snowden’s chart that have been on display snowdenduring this gripping international spy drama. Snowden was born on June 21, 1983, at 4:42 AM in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He has a Mars/Sun/Node conjunction (24-29 Gemini) in the first house, suggesting strong technical skill and tendency to rash, if bold action. This stellium is opposed by Neptune (27Sagitarius48) which sits very close to the South Node (25Sagitarius06), denoting a deeply ingrained pattern of self-delusion and exaggerated emotional response to situations. In addition, there is a Pluto/Saturn conjunction (26-27Libra) in sesquiquadrate to the Ascendant (12Gemini15), as well as the Moon at 13 Scorpio, which combined point to a streak of distrust and the fear of being controlled (Pluto/Scorpio).

From May 28 through June 23, Jupiter had been crossing Snowden’s Gemini stellium and opposing his Neptune, bringing a grandiose and extremely idealistic flavor to his unrealistic fantasies and exaggerations. As long as Jupiter was strong, it was possible to hold onto hopeful, if delusional expectations. But Jupiter is now separating, and the future is likely to seem more dangerous and frightening.

The August through September 2013 Neptune station square to Snowden’s Jupiter (3Sagittarius08) may bring another round of flight from reality and consequence, but that seems quite likely to by smashed by late September. Essentially, from September 17 through November 11, 2013, Snowden will be in an increasingly difficult, desperate situation, including perhaps an unhappy return to the US. There is a long string of Saturn transits that will build in intensity and seem likely to thwart his grandiose plans. Consecutively, Saturn will sesquiquadrate his Mars, quincunx his Mercury, quincunx his Ascendant, semisquare his Neptune, conjunct his Moon, sesquiquadrate his Sun, and square his Venus. These last five aspects are particularly onerous and will begin around October 12. He is likely to be very upset during this period.

The return of Neptune to the square of Snowden’s Jupiter in November and December 2013, combined with the progressed Moon opposition to his natal Mars in December, suggest an attempted legal battle of some kind. But this does not seem to lead to anything more than hot air by January. It seems very likely that this young man, with the overwhelming strength of Neptune in his chart, did not clearly see the consequences of his actions on his life, instead being caught up in the high drama and self-aggrandizing trap that often snares the unwary.



  1. Sharon says:

    Great character portrait & forecast, Nancy! He sure came out of nowhere. It’s pretty hard to believe he was acting alone but I guess it’s possible. And, I don’t think you mentioned (but I might have missed) that transiting Jupiter was involved in all of that as it reaches the tail end of Gemini. Astrology is so fascinating. I feel sorry for the man, am somewhat angry at his rash, idealistic, quixotic actions without considering the context of what he was doing, but this must be part of what is meant to happy to loose the grip of control of all governments. At the same time, they have the right to use investigative techniques to protect us and it’s true that we have been safe. Then there is what Matthew says – that our CIA, etc., have planned the terrorist incidents in the first place. What a convoluted world!

  2. Nick says:

    Very Poignant Nancy.
    As I read your blog He is in the news having left Hong Kong and Arrived at Moscow’s International airport, enroute to possibly Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Ambassador has arrived at the Moscow airport to have a meeting with him. Possible asylum? Another interesting point is the British News “Skynews” have reported a Ms Harrison traveling on the same Aeroflot flight to Moscow. Now Julian Assange from Wikileaks has a girlfriend with that same surname and Wikileaks has said they have facilitated Snowdon’s transport arrangements. Very Interesting.


  3. barbk says:

    I second Sharon’s comments Nancy, and was especially pleased you mention the Fall transit of Saturn making a quincunx to Snowden’s Mercury (+ Ascendant). Part of that time – early October – transiting Uranus will also be quincunx trans. Saturn (and sextile Snowden’s Mercury), forming a yod which might symbolize a new (surprising) release of info that pushes Saturn into action.

    Snowden’s relationship to the American People is shown in his natal Moon trine the U.S. Sun, his 7th house (partnership) cusp is conjunct the U.S. ascendant, and his natal Ceres (mother) at 28+ Aquarius is conjunct the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius. This might explain part of his delusion. Also, his Pluto-Neptune conjunction trines the U.S. Moon but squares the U.S. Pluto (27+ Capricorn) which would add to his “fear of being controlled”.

    My heart tells me that this young man is playing his part in the transiting astrological picture for the U.S. (if not the whole world). July might be very difficult for him too because his natal Venus not only squares his Moon but in mid-July his Venus will form a T-square with the transiting nodes.

    At the same time, transiting Uranus will station retrograde just about 1 degree away from an exact quincunx to his Moon, just as trans. Chiron trines his Moon (as well as the U.S. natal Sun which makes me wonder if some agreement might be reached between the U.S. government and Snowden.) It’s impossible for me to label him either hero or traitor after looking at his astrology. I see him only as a catalyst in the alchemical process sometimes referred to as evolution, or ascension, and/or disclosure.

  4. Patty says:

    Nancy, Fascinating focus on Snowdon. Thank you.
    After watching this interview today with Glenn Greewald. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/23/david-gregory-glenn-greenwald-crime_n_3486654.html
    It seems Greenwald’s book must have inspired Snowdon to take the actions he did. A look at GG’s planets may be as revealing as his book:
    A printable book excerpt from “How Would A Patriot Act?”
    Glen Greenwald Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Greenwald

  5. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight & barbk – Thanks for such insightful postings. Very helpful in understanding his actions. I like seeing him “as a catalyst in the alchemical process” rather than as a villian or a hero. Such wisdom here!

  6. Lorrie U says:

    Some more intrigue…

    Michael Hastings Sent Email About FBI Probe Hours Before Death

    Hours before dying in a fiery car crash, award-winning journalist Michael Hastings sent an email to his colleagues, warning that federal authorities were interviewing his friends and that he needed to go “off the rada[r]” for a bit.

    “Hey (redacted names) — the Feds are interviewing my “close friends and associates.” Perhaps if the authorities arrive “BuzzFeed GQ,” er HQ, may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.

    Also: I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.


  7. arbo says:

    Did you mean “gripping” drama? Although griping works too. :)

  8. starlight says:

    Regarding Snowden’s connection to the US chart:

    the US has Pluto semisquare the Ascendant (Sibley chart);
    12 Sagittarius Ascendant and Pluto at 27 Capricorn;

    Snowden has a similar Pluto sesquiquadrate the Ascendant at 27 Libra (Pluto) and Ascendant 12 Gemini.

    In Snowden’s chart, Pluto is conjunct Saturn and both square the US Pluto. Spy versus spy indeed. He taps right into the vein of chronic paranoia in this country (Pluto/Ascendant aspect)with his own version and yet tries to thwart the US Pluto by the square from his Pluto/Saturn.

  9. alex says:

    Email Excerpt DNC: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    If you or someone you care about has a student loan, take a second to share your story. And if you know one of the seven million Americans who could see their federal student loan rate double in a few weeks, tell them to go to DontDoubleMyRate and share their own story.

    We fought the same fight last year, and because people like you stepped up, we won. Let’s go do it again.


  10. will says:


    This is a rich forensic characterization of our national hero/villain. It is most unfortunate that he didn’t think this whole thing through – or if he did, that he was so terribly mistaken. Nonetheless, I think his actions caused plenty of pause and hopefully an intelligent reassessment about privatizing our government away to corporations

    Darn the luck for this misguided Millenial.

  11. Patty says:

    While searching for Michael Hastings birth chart…I came across this interesting ‘Planet Waves’ discussion on both ‘Snowden & Hastings’.

  12. Suzy says:

    Starlight and barbk,
    Thought both of you would find Ed Tamplin’s “Trilogy” an interesting read to go along with both your insightful posts about Snowden and the Pluto-Uranus. These are three separate articles but scroll down at the link to read them continuously. I found it fascinating and would add Assange and Manning as part of the transition.
    -Ed Tamplin
    There is a predominant planetary theme unfolding in the heavens and simultaneously enacted here on terra firma. It concerns the geometric squaring of Uranus and Pluto prevalent from 2012 until 2015. This combination emphasizes the will of the individual against the forces of the ‘system’.

    Pluto, lord of the underworld represents subversive coercion, power brokers and established wealth. Uranus the sky king signifies independent action and progressive ground breaking movements and technologies.

    Uranus and Pluto were in square during the synchronized English and French Civil Wars of 1648. They were also directly opposite in the heavens, throughout the French Revolution. The human choice of Uranus and Pluto equates to using independent alternatives to create a new and different society, as against being a powerless pawn, trapped within the walls of the current one.

    Heroes are born from the turning points of the Uranus Pluto cycle. Initially they emerge as agitators challenging the status quo, and are usually branded enemies of the state. At the beginning of the current Uranus Pluto cycle, during the mid-60’s, freedom icons such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were considered serious threats to national security.

    Such rebels initially appear as lone voices fighting for civil justice, or representing apparent minorities. In truth they are echoing the chorus of a previously silent majority. That is why the power of one inevitably expands into the empowerment of the many. Radical beliefs of today become the freedom anthems of tomorrow.

    Being ahead of history entails recognizing the voices of the future, and the emergence of youth. One factor is obvious. The establishment will naturally oppose those who would effect change. However, the establishment will reward those who maintain its control. Change players identify with insurgent Uranus – powerbrokers identify with domineering Pluto.


  13. alex says:


    Reagan put his CIA men, Bill Casey and Vice President Bush, in charge of undoing all reforms of the previous decade, and reimposing a new, much tighter secrecy apparatus with a vengeance. The first secrecy/censorship law that Casey pushed through Congress was the “Intelligence Identities Protection Act,” which made identifying US spies a jailable offense.

    The real purpose of the law wasn’t to protect the Jason Bournes in foreign hotspots, or the Valerie Plames — it was to bury the dirty secrets from the public, and to scare away potential heroes inside the Agency and in the newsrooms.

    The Reagan Administration had big plans — death squads in Central America that would kill tens of thousands; massive domestic spying programs against US antiwar activists; illegal underworld covert operations like Iran-Contra — none of which it wanted the public to know about.

    The really depressing thing is that the CIA found an unlikely ally in this: The ACLU. Some of the very same people who helped draft the FISA laws and laws expanding the FOIA program — Morton Halperin, Mark Lynch — turned around and quietly worked with the CIA’s lawyers to undo those reforms, and create the most effective secrecy apparatus this country has ever had.

    It began with the bill criminalizing naming CIA agents. In April, 1981, CIA chief Bill Casey went to Congress pushing hard to pass a bill that would make exposing names of US spies an offense punishable by up to three years in prison and a $15,000 fine — even if a journalist pinpointed a spy by analyzing public information, rather than classified information from a leaker. Casey also wanted a law granting the FBI the right to make surprise searches in American newsrooms if a leak was suspected.

    Publicly, the ACLU denounced the bill. But on July 13, 1981, the ACLU’s Morton Halperin went to Langley to work out a backroom deal, according to files and transcripts uncovered in MacKenzie’s book “Secrets”: in return for softening the language against journalists, the ACLU would get its Democratic allies to back the bill. The deal offered by the ACLU — exempt journalists and publishers – would essentially legalize a sleazy unspoken arrangement that grew out of the Nixon years, in which the same information is considered criminal and immoral when leaked by one party (the government employee), but when leaked by another party (journalist/media) it’s considered heroic, democratic and beyond legal reproach.

    Profiting off that information is considered sleazy if the leaker profits from it, which leakers rarely do; but it’s perfectly fine and honorable for that same information to provide journalists with lucrative prizes and promotions, and their media outlets to win advertisers and subscribers off that same leaked information.

    Somehow, leaking has been divided into two totally separate and antithetical actions: one is Benedict Arnold, the other Jeffersonian; one is a criminal, the other reaffirms the very purpose of the American Republic.

    It makes no sense: by this logic, journalists should be leading the crusade against leakers and whistleblowers. But the media wants to profit off what they do without having to share in the downside. And politicians are far more fearful of pissing off the powerful media than they are isolated whistleblowers; and publishers and journalists don’t want to go to jail. As MacKenzie described the ACLU’s backroom deal with Reagan’s CIA:

    The government now had powerful new weapons to wield against any whistleblower who talked to a reporter and against the reporters themselves.

    Among those who voted for the bill, called the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, that was used to put CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou in jail: libertarian hero Ron Paul.

    Among the bill’s few opponents: Sen. Joe Biden, whose administration jailed Kiriakou, for violating the same Intelligence Identities Protection Act that Biden railed against in 1982.

    This law was one of the first steps under Reagan in a multi-pronged effort to impose secrecy and censorship, and institutionalize it in government. Most of what the Reagan people implemented — secrecy contracts for most of the federal workforce, rules regulating contact with the media, penalties and vicious pursuit of leakers — was drawn from the same outline Richard Ober offered to Nixon a decade earlier.

    Despite getting screwed the first time around, the ACLU’s relationship with its CIA counterparts grew even cozier throughout the Reagan years, providing crucial cover for new rules forcing employees to sign non-disclosures contracts (Form 189, Form 312) and helping draw up new restrictions on FOIA laws rolling back Kennedy’s reforms in 1974. When the ACLU’s relationship with Reagan’s CIA broke into the open, it caused a minor scandal — the “Nation” covered it, and even the “New York Times” ran a piece in 1985 headlined, “The Dept. of Strange Bedfellows: C.I.A. and A.C.L.U.”


  14. barbk says:

    Wow, what a treasure trove of intrigue! Between Nancy’s original article and the 13 following comments, there’s enough to keep me reading all night. Suzy, will get to Ed Tamplin’s stuff ASAP. Nancy you finding the connectivity between native Pluto and the ascendant in both the U.S. and Snowden’s chart is breath-taking; I was unaware of both. Thanks Lorrie, and thanks too for the Michael Hastings link. . that one really makes me sad.

    Here is something I’ve been working on regarding the grand water trine (primary players being Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter) that, IMO, dovetails with the Uranus square Pluto energy. The “surge” has already begun and shows up in the 3 recent eclipses, with minor or personal planets standing in for the Cancer hub which Jupiter will soon occupy. In the later phase, Chiron will take over the Pisces hub when Neptune falls out of orb. It is also woven together with the 3 Mercury retro’s in water signs.

    At its most exact next month, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will perfect their trines with each other within the period of July 17th mid-day (initiated by the Uranus station retrograde)and the morning of July 19th. During that period the Moon will be about 13-14 Scorpio through 13-14 Sagittarius, the transiting Sun will conjunct the U.S. Mercury, trans. Mercury will conjunct the U.S. Sun, trans. Venus will be midway between the U.S. Mercury and Neptune, and trans. Chiron will trine the U.S. Sun. Jupiter will be at 4+ Cancer, Saturn at 4+ Scorpio and Neptune at 4+ Pisces. Here is a condensed look at the 3 Sabian symbols as seen in Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala.

    5 Cancer AT A RAILROAD CROSSING AN AUTOMOBILE IS WRECKED BY A TRAIN “karmic readjustment” (individual VS society) This is where Jupiter will be increasing understanding through feeling.
    5 Scorpio A MASSIVE ROCKY SHORE RESISTS THE POUNDING OF THE SEA “stability” (inertia VS evolution) This is where Saturn will be holding on to the status quo.
    5 Pisces A CHURCH BAZAAR ritualized beneficence” (blessing the material) This is where Neptune will absolve the sins of nature.

    This grand trine in water could manifest in positive ways as well as negative ways but I sense it as the anesthesia for the surgery, or mother’s tending your wounded knee after a bad fall. It is the Universe’s way of absorbing the difficult adjustments humanity must make represented by the Pluto-Uranus squares. The effects of the trine will last up to July 2014. Any thoughts?

  15. lisam says:

    This is somewhat off topic – just catching up on my astrological reading, and this was last week’s article by Leo Knighton Tallarico. Embedded within the article are 2 videos on the topic of aliens. Not sure what to make of it, because the whole idea seems so fantastic to me, but you can view them and draw your own conclusions.


  16. pisca says:

    Yes, barb, let’s please get back to the water trine! A native water triner, I was floating freely with the tides, accepting a few weepy moments sprinkled in with the excitement of what I wanted to see as a compassionate worldwide awakening. Then… BAM… here came the war cheerleaders and the msm-generated hatred for fellow human beings! AHA — we stepped away from that flowing water trine into the “reality” of warring Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto’s uprooting the old goat in Capricorn. Maybe Mercury’s retrograde in the midst of the grand water trine will let us freely float again– at least for a short while!
    “All of us are struggling at the crossroads where Pluto… and Uranus… are challenging each of us with the energies of death and revolution, … letting go of the old so the new can be born. This is exhausting work and everyone needs some lovin’ at times like these. So while the universe is sending us challenges all month, it is also sending us the blessings of the waters.”

  17. andre says:

    Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are so far the quintessential Uranus in Aries individuals fighting the oppressive Pluto in Capricorn military surveillance state. They stand for inalienable freedom for all. In today’s world that seems quixotic and dangerous for most people who live in fear. That is why we are closer than ever before to losing our freedom. In truth, we are giving it away because in our sleep we have lost our values, and it will take a major catastrophe to awaken us. That catastrophe will be economic, environmental or military, perhaps all three, and it is now overdue. I now better understand how the two world wars came to be. Too many people in this world had lost their way.

  18. will says:


    “Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are so far the quintessential Uranus in Aries individuals fighting the oppressive Pluto in Capricorn military surveillance state. They stand for inalienable freedom for all. In today’s world that seems quixotic and dangerous for most people who live in fear.

    I believe you are on to something, as hard as it is to accept. These nefarious Plutocrats, their fixes and abuses of power need to be laid bare and exposed for what they are – demonic and obsessed with control and greed.

    Let it all be done.

  19. connimac says:

    Excellent psychological profile of Ed Snowdon, Starlight! Your analysis of his self delusions rang especially true for me.

  20. Helena says:

    “It seems very likely that this young man, with the overwhelming strength of Neptune in his chart, did not clearly see the consequences of his actions on his life, instead being caught up in the high drama and self-aggrandizing trap that often snares the unwary.” Starlight

    Edward Snowden, in his recent publicized interview with Glenn Greenwald, stated with chilling specificity and in clear terms his awareness of what may befall him as a result of his actions. It appears that your assessment of Snowden’s “overwhelming strength of Neptune” is made in the absence of having heard him in his own words or statements Snowden’s father made to the press about his son’s character.

    The great C. E. O. Carter stated that Sun Neptune in hard aspect is common among “conscientious objectors, and others, who frequently are actuated by the noblest motives, but, in the case of those with the afflictions, either carry their ideals to injudicious extremes or suffer through the opposition of others or the excesses of their associates, with no apparent fault on their own part.” The excesses in Snowden’s case I would argue being those of an out of control surveillance state.

    Another point I wish to make is that the state of evolution of the soul cannot be ascertained by a birth chart in and of itself. And this point applies directly to your conclusion re Snowden’s “self-aggrandizement.” On a purely mundane level, without consideration of the state of evolution of his soul, he has drawn to himself the wrath and might of the U.S. government, has left all the comforts of his former life which were considerable, faces permanent exile, possible prosecution, life imprisonment, or death. Yet, in the recent Q&A with Guardian readers, he said “this country is worth dying for.” Snowden’s Moon square Venus is indicative of a sacrifice of close ties, and the comfort and happiness of ordinary life.

    It’s interesting that you chose to single out his “overwhelming strength of Neptune.” Yet, his Saturn Pluto conjunction speaks of an acute moral conscience. And what about the strength of Saturn and Pluto which trine both his Sun and Mars.

    Carter speaks of the harmonious aspects of Sun and Saturn as indicative of “profound and painstaking thought, a moral well-ordered life, and wise well-considered actions,” the latter also indicative of Saturn trine Mars. This is hardly in line with your assessment of an “unwary” or “rash” individual who did not think through his course of action.

    And then there is the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. Yes, Snowden is simply a human being, “just a guy,” as he says, but his story is archetypal. Rick Tarnas aptly links Uranus with Prometheus who defied Zeus, the king of the Gods, in order to bring light to humanity. In our time and in this case “Zeus” being the U.S. government. Prometheus is a tricker who steals fire from heaven and gave this gift to humanity. Snowden has divulged state secrets, which the government claims is theft, and as events have played out is also a trickster who evidently with help from China, Hong Kong, Russia, and Ecuador, has outwitted the U.S. government.

    It’s interesting that the chorus in the media and among politicians about the “high school drop out” has dropped out of their “discourse” on Snowden.

  21. Helena says:

    “Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are so far the quintessential Uranus in Aries individuals fighting the oppressive Pluto in Capricorn military surveillance state. They stand for inalienable freedom for all. In today’s world that seems quixotic and dangerous for most people who live in fear.” Andre

    True, well said, Andre.

  22. Sharon says:


    Just saw this on DU – 40 tons of GMO sugar beet plants were torched in Oregon! The poster thinks it took more than a few people to do it and that it’s a revolt!

  23. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    About that grand trine in mid July, I couldn’t agree more – most likely, both positive and negative influences are going to be felt. The inner dynamic on a soul level (Neptune) has all the appearances of a spiritual renaissance peaking. While simultaneously, hand in hand, severe cracks in the worlds financial system may be emerging at this juncture.

    Among financial investors, the primary concern has been with China. The worlds second largest economy is facing a noticeable economic contraction. The question being raised; will there be a soft or hard landing? The new Chinese leadership is grappling with dangerous levels of massive debt excesses that have accumulated since 2008. Indications are, it will succumb to market driven forces, and a hard landing is becoming increasingly inevitable. The country according to the New York Times article (enclosed below), in a worst case scenario is rapidly approaching a Lehman Brothers moment. If that were to occur, because of the closely woven interdependence of trade, we can expect dramatic repercussions in world economies……

    China’s Cash Squeeze Raises Fears Of Global Economic Slowdown

    The New York Times
    June 20, 2013

    China’s financial system is in the throes of a cash crunch, with interbank lending rates spiking Thursday and bank-to-bank borrowing nearly stalled, even as growth in the economy displays signs of slowing further.



    A quick glance at china’s natal chart (below) reveals a potentially startling ominous alignment for mid July:


    The July 17th Uranus station at 12 Aries in China’s second house (the domain of financial resources) will form an opposition to Chin’s natal Mercury and Neptune (13/14 Libra) in the 8th house, the area most associated with endings. Five days later, China’s natal Uranus at 4 ’59 Cancer will be at the epicenter of the July 22nd Jupiter/Mars conjunction in exact grand trine to Neptune and Saturn. To me that indicates the danger of severe economic turbulence in China’s system with global economic implications.

  24. Helena says:

    …with help from China, Hong Kong, Russia, Ecuador, and Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

  25. Jerry says:

    Just a brief follow-up to my previous post above of what exactly happened last Thursday when the world stock markets plunged, partially due to Bernanke’s signal that the QE3 printing of money (Quantitative Easing) might be eventually phased out but also directly related to China’s bold initiative of the tightening up of credit to wring out the countries excesses……….

    China’s Economy Is Freezing up. How Freaked Out Should We Be?

    Washington Post
    June 20, 2013

    Thursday was a very bad day for China’s economy, the world’s second-largest and a crucial pillar of the global economy, with credit markets freezing up in an unnerving parallel to the first days of the U.S. financial collapse. The question of how bad depends on whom you talk to, how much faith you have in Chinese leaders and, unfortunately, several factors that are largely unknowable. But we do know two things. First, Chinese leaders appear to be causing this problem deliberately, likely to try to avert a much worse problem. And, second, if this continues and even it works, it could see China’s economy finally cool after years of breakneck growth, with serious repercussions for the rest of us.



  26. alex says:

    PS post 5:13PM

    per spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk

    Richard Ober


    In June 1970, Richard Nixon held a meeting with J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Helms and the heads of army and navy intelligence. Nixon wanted better intelligence on “revolutionary activism”. The result was Operation Chaos. Richard Ober was put in charge of the operation. He was given an office in the White House and worked closely with Nixon, H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman.

    Nixon was unaware that Ober was placed in the White House to spy on his administration. In her book, Katharine the Great, Deborah Davis argued that it was during this period that Ober gathered information on Nixon’s illegal activities. Ober discovered that Richard Nixon was trying to undermine the power of the CIA. It was therefore decided to bring him down. Ober therefore became Deep Throat and provided information to CIA assets, Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward.

  27. starlight says:


    Good article on Snowden’s chart and his afflicted Neptune. See page 4 of pdf

    The opposition is confrontational. Me against the world. The world against me. The world is this way or that, I must be on my guard; the world does things, I must be prepared; I can get even or exact revenge by saying or doing things to others before they say or do things to me, etc. Sun-Neptune, Moon-Neptune Mercury-Neptune when opposed are compulsive liars. They lie because they are lied to, they lie in equal measure.

    RETURNING to Mr. Snowden,his Sun-Neptune opposition makes him a liar, while his Mars-Neptune opposition means he is having fun at our expense. Of this there is no question whatever. The North Node, an energy inlet conjunct Sun and Mars means he has a great deal of energy available to the two most energetic planets, while South Node, an energy drain, means Neptune is his eternal victim.

  28. starlight says:

    We may get a lot of the SC sending back decisions to lower courts this week due to the Mercury station turning retrograde, which signifies no forward movement and then moving backward.


  29. starlight says:

    I am also concerned, with the Moon crossing Obama’s Saturn later today, that he may lose the SC case over recess appointments. That would be a big blow, and I am glad this progressed Moon square to his Saturn (exact 6/29)will begin to separate in a few days. This loss (if it comes) and the continued difficulty with Snowden may be the culmination of this progression. by late Tuesday, Jupiter will begin to quincunx Obama’s Jupiter and then conjunct his Venus. So better news for him by the weekend.

  30. rosendorn says:

    Starlight, the perfect example of the Sun opp. Neptune description you just posted from astroamerica.com is Dick Nixon. Also, less-evolved Sun opp. Neptune types tend to view themselves as something they’re really not, with their real “mission” often being quite different from what they and others like to imagine. Again, Tricky Dick…Snowden, too?

  31. alex says:

    from astroamerica: (great articles thank you Nancy for posting them)

    key words for moon – saturn in configuration

    moon-saturn = suspicion

  32. will says:

    Broken China

    Its only a matter of time. Its what happens to market-driven economies. That’s the fatal flaw of capitalism.

    Starlight; Bravo! Extraordinary fleshing out of the ‘liar-to-liar, spy-on-spy dynamic of Neptune’s making. It reminds me of people in therapy who think they “get” something because they have learned the language and concepts on a cognitive but have completely failed to internalize the process: how their behaviors and responses create and perpetuate their misfortune.

  33. alex says:

    and Natal


    Progressed Moon square to Natal Saturn @25 Capricorn (6/29 exact) separating thereafter

    Natal 12TH: organizations – Capricorn – government – Saturn – authority

    apply – crisis in action
    separation – lessons learned from the experiece of applied planet/aspect configuration

  34. will says:


    “on a cognitive level but..”

  35. alex says:


    the primary key for mo-sa that I go to is:

    (and it based on abundance of PRACTICAL, caution [cautiousness] so can use astroamerica key word – ‘suspicion’ in same context IMV)

    astroamerica very clear mundane analysis points not equivocal at all; lots of confidence and skill there

  36. Lorrie U says:

    Snowden’s Poorly Thought Out Actions Will Be Used Against The Left (VIDEO)

    Many lefties have been jumping onto the Snowden bandwagon without any thought that this is a setup using someone’s own vanity against them. Make no mistake, I am a proud lefty liberal, as we are the ones responsible for an American middle class and expanded access to equality for all (I include both liberal Republicans, liberal Democrats, and liberal others.)

    After seeing Snowden for the first time I was extremely doubtful of him; not that the surveillance program isn’t real, — hell, we’ve known this since 2006 — but the messenger and the statements he was making were problematic. I am a software developer and knew immediately part of his statement showed a severe lack of actual software knowledge.

    Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/06/24/snowdens-poorly-thought-out-actions-will-be-used-against-the-left-video/#ixzz2XA2ziwyx

  37. Lorrie U says:

    Despite Massive Protests, Texas GOP Rushes Through Abortion Restrictions In The Middle Of The Night

    More than 600 women’s health advocates crowded into Texas’ state capitol building on Sunday night, hoping to prevent a vote on a package of abortion restrictions before the state’s special session ends early this week. Ultimately, however, their efforts were unsuccessful. In the early hours of Monday morning, Republicans used their majority to cut off debate and give preliminary approval to Senate Bill 5, an omnibus measure that would force most of the abortion clinics in the Lone Star state to close their doors.


  38. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha, All…With every visit to this site, more & more respect for Starlight’s wisdoms & the crowd-wisdoms that arise from it all! Always interesting! :-)

    re: spy vs. spy
    Once briefly met someone in intel in a socially tangential way. He said w/frustration: it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore. Ultimately, a good conscience resulted in a quitting of service.

    Apparently, it’s a nasty, very Neptunian/slight-of-hand kind of business. And like other Neptunian higher expressions found in spirituality/religion today…it is all a business, it seems, particularly now w/ Pluto/Cap.’Follow the money’ to find the truth?

    re: E.S. motives, etc.
    He could be a set-up to infiltrate/catch elusive wiki-folks. He could be a double-spy/messenger (knowingly or not) for Carlyle Group encountering all these inter-national players & mucking up US governmental negotiations. He could be a sincere Neptunian martyr sacrificing himself for the greater good supported by his fearless Scorpio Moon set on revenge (tho seems to be having a way-too-easy time of traveling around unmolested for that–compared to Michael Hastings/Aaron Swartz+). Could be he will eventually embrace the dark side of his moon & turn against wiki-folks when eventually something/someone he really loves is threatened. Could be his revelations yet to come could bring down the symbiotic oneness of corporations/government/military/war machine. Could be this is all just more theatre distracting from a variety of events/facts/movements that are being kept hidden-in-plain-sight from we-the-people even more shocking/devastating than the horrific corporate/govt/military surveillance state that has now officially surfaced to public view/consciousness in corporate media.

    Early on in life it became obvious that it is unwise to deify any human being as we are all quite a-work-in-progress and it is more useful to assess reality by performance as much as instinct/promise. With Pluto/Cap weighing heavily on all organizations/institutions that hold up civil society, it might be good to hone the skills of dispassionate observation, detachment, measured action as human beings, citizens, individuals with life purposes, facing all the major/historic changes formulating as we watch and engage.

    The US population thru it’s govt institutions,subjected to the longstanding Mars Rx progression, it seems, is being invited to re-evaluate the national tendency towards exceptionalist bluster/violence/bullying that many other countries have experienced/witnessed and don’t like/trust/value the US for. We in the US may be just beginning to have our eyes fully opened to the variations on the theme to ourselves, regressively within our nation…our own innocent children dying on our streets as if it is somehow normal or cannot be stopped…It is my hope that many of us can put down our favored team colors/pompoms and leave the gamesplaying field altogether…move onto a better more-real platform altogether (Uranus/Aries)…one based on aspiring integrity, courageous truth, fearless compassion, authentic power that is always based in love not fear. Unifying healing not divisive violence.

    Possible tools for the consciousness wake-up:
    * http://cognitionandculture.net/home/blog/42-glorias-blog/2473-don't-talk-to-strangers-why-is-misinformation-so-persistent
    (includes a very helpful list/visual on how to correct persistent misinformation ala media+)

    (the map saddens: cutting up/the selling off of the breadbasket of US for dirty/life-threatening corporate profits…)

    (or, how unintended consequences of international blowback could bring justice to complicit corporations…and how the legitimacy of all branches of US governance has grown suspect)

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua. May Peace Prevail on Earth! Blessings all!

  39. Lorrie U says:

    US rulers fear American people

    What the disclosures of former CIA contractor Edward Snowden show perhaps above all else is just how petrified the leaders of the United States have become – of ordinary citizens both in the US and around the world. When we say “leaders” we mean the ruling elite – the top one percent of the financial-corporate-military-industrial complex and its bought- and paid-for politicians.

    In the 1970s, US Senator Frank Church led a groundbreaking investigation into illicit American government covert operations. Church warned then that if the secret powers of the NSA were to ever become deployed against the American public – as opposed to “foreign enemies” – then that country’s democracy would be finished. That is precisely the present abysmal outcome of secret US state powers.

    There are two corollaries of the imploding capitalist system, for which the US still remains the lynchpin for historical reasons. The first is the increasing militarism of the US and its Western allies to compensate for this economic demise. This militarism has evolved over the past decade since the purported 9/11 terror attacks on the US in 2001 to become a condition of “permanent war”. The present US-led covert war in Syria and underway against Iran are part of a continuum of imperialist war-making that connects Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, as well as Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Mali. This state of permanent war is needed by the waning capitalist powers to try to assert control of natural resources, markets, finance and investment against perceived rivals, such as Russia and China.


  40. will says:


    Methinks that’s exactly the rub:

    “US rulers fear American people

    What the disclosures of former CIA contractor Edward Snowden show perhaps above all else is just how petrified the leaders of the United States have become – of ordinary citizens both in the US and around the world. When we say “leaders” we mean the ruling elite – the top one percent of the financial-corporate-military-industrial complex and its bought- and paid-for politicians.”

  41. Lorrie U says:

    Unbelievable! Another case of police abuse…

    Chicago Police Accused of Using Gun to Sodomize Innocent Man

    A federal lawsuit alleges that Chicago police sodomized a man with a gun until he agreed to become a participant in a drug sting, the Courthouse News Service reports. Plaintiff Angel Perez is suing police officer Jorge Lopez and the city of Chicago for excessive force related to the incident, which, according to the lawsuit, was quite the nightmare.


  42. Teresa Hill says:

    Just read a great book, the Afterlife of Billy Fingers: http://www.amazon.com/The-Afterlife-Billy-Fingers-ebook/dp/B00B7L5TI4
    A woman wrote down everything her dead brother told her that he experienced after death. I really loved this book and found it fascinating. Thought some of you here would love it, too.

  43. Teresa Hill says:

    Also… yet more changes coming in my 4th house following the May 9th eclipse. My son is now engaged, planning an October wedding. So I’ve gone from a mother of two kids to a mother with one married child and one soon-to-be married, within 6 months of the eclipse.

    Told both kids I felt very lucky and pleased in their choices of spouses. Really good people who I think will they’ll be very happy with. It’s odd. I thought both my kids would be about 30 before they even thought of getting married. My son is 24 and daughter 21. They are both saying they intend to wait at least five years before making me a grandmother, but we’ll see about that.

    My daughter, the wild child, is starting massage therapy school in the fall. Still very grateful for all of you listening and praying and offering support through all her troubles.

  44. Lorrie U says:

    Evil Monsanto Aggressively Sues Farmers for Saving Seeds

    Farmers have always saved seeds from their harvest to sow the following year. But Monsanto and other big seed companies have changed the rules of the game.


  45. alex says:


    In an index of hypotheses about ES motives…. I’d put this at the top:

    He could be a double-spy/messenger (knowingly or not) for Carlyle Group encountering all these inter-national players & mucking up US governmental negotiations.

    here is something that was new to me:

    Jack Anderson’s source was a 27-year-old Navy Yeoman named Charles Radford, who served as an aide to the National Security Council.

    At first Nixon thought Radford leaked to Anderson because both were Mormons. But under polygraph interrogation, Radford confessed he’d been acting on orders from top Navy brass — two admirals serving in Nixon’s National Security Council, and the head of Nixon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer.

    On their orders, Yeoman Radford stole classified documents right out of Kissinger’s briefcase on Air Force One flights, during meetings, or in “burn bags” meant for destruction. It was no secret that the military brass and military-industrial complex were unhappy with Nixon’s plans to form an alliance with Red China and to bring de facto peace with the Soviet Union through arms treaties and detente.

    But finding out that officers at the highest levels of the American armed forces were running an illegal spy operation against Nixon, and leaking damaging information to the press, was downright frightening.

    (It was later revealed that the National Security Agency illegally spied on Kissinger during this time, and passed his communications on to Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, for roughly the same reasons.)

    When Nixon learned that the Pentagon was running a spy ring against him and Kissinger, he gasped: “Jesus!” As recounted in the book “Poisoning The Press” by Mark Feldstein. ~ per nsfwsorp.com (subscription newsletter)



  46. alex says:

    I’m still reading the astroamerica newsletter with attachments that Nancy posted:


    (I’ll have to read this attached to June 2013 newsletter later tonight)

    I’m referring to the Snowden column: I focused particularly on his comments for key phrase of opposition aspect, angularity and cadence as take-away information for my analysis tool kit:

    Many people had expected Pres. Obama to be more progressive and confrontational with status quo Congress (from his debate performance remarks 2008 and his campaign policy position statements); he draws the most criticism from the left because he is not confrontation or particularly progressive; hence brief examination of two opposition aspects in his natal chart:

    Opposition: confrontational aspect ‘me vs world’ (do to the other before they do to me)

    12TH House, organizations/institutions:
    Cadence (3,6,9,12 houses) toil forever in background

    6TH House, military (from 911 column)
    Cadence (3,6,9,12) toil forever in the background

    1RST House, strongest angle
    Angular (1,7,10,4) promotes self, promotes ideas – initiates

    So taking a page from Dave@astroamerica used it as an option to make a fresh brief summary analysis of Pres. Obama as CIC commander in chief, from his natal chart for myself:


    Obama ASC strongest angle: ruled by Uranus @25 Leo – residing in 7TH house; Natal Uranus conjunct Natal North Node (brings plenty of energy to North Node direction)

    Natal: ASC Aquarius = egalitarian, projects to the world, perceived/seen by the world

    Angular Opposition Aspect: representing Pres. Obama CIC commander-in-chief

    Natal Chiron @05 Pisces (1RST House)


    Natal Pluto @06 Virgo (7TH House)


    Natal Jupiter in 12TH House

    12TH House – Cadence, toils in the background forever

    Natal Jupiter @00 Aquarius (takes on Constitutional role of Executive Branch leader of federal government – President)


    Inauguration Sun @00 Aquarius (the 1/20th day inauguration date)


    Natal Mercury @02 Leo (6TH House, military)

    Cadence (3,6,9,12) toiling in the background forever

  47. pisca says:

    Lorrie, RE TX women in the Capitol Rotunda— it’s NOT over yet!!! Since Thursday, hundreds of women from across the state have packed the (limited space) Texas Capitol. Had the ptb been “on schedule”, the bill would already have been signed by Gov. Perry and the leges would be on vacation. However, hundreds of people wearing orange have significantly delayed the process. It wasn’t until 4am today that the House passed this despicable bill and it must wait 24 hours before the Senate can consider it [of course there are “rules” to shorten the time]. Senate Democrats arrived to the chambers 2 hours late this morning; hundreds of people wearing orange (some teeparty people showed up in blue but they are hardly visible) are still filling the Rotunda, balconies and hallways of the Capitol. There is a video (somewhere) of supportive legislators thanking the protesters for buying time. The Special Session ends at midnight Tuesday; so holding on a little longer increases the chance of this bill’s non-passage.
    However, as our “democracy” works, the gubnor can call another special session for whatever issue he fancies and he has threatened to do so until he gets what he wants.
    FDL has provided excellent coverage, even for non-tweeters like me.

  48. alex says:

    Opps – transposition of this phrase

    as written:
    Angular Opposition Aspect: representing Pres. Obama CIC commander-in-chief

    Should read:

    Angular Opposition Aspect; representing Pres. Obama, leader of executive branch federal government, president

    conversely :-)

    Jupiter in 12th as written , takes on Constitutional role of Executive Branch leader of federal government – President)

    Should Read:

    Jupiter in 12th: takes on Constitutional role of as Commander-In-Chief CIC

  49. Suzy says:


    I don’t understand the person who posts at this Astrology link and what she says….She or He seems really harsh and judgemental in he/she’s reading of Snowdon’s Chart. In all my years of reading posts from Astrologers …I’ve never seen such an attack on a Chart and the Person.

    I would hope I’d never requesting a reading from that person of MY CHART…because of their ATTITUDE…

    I don’t know how that person could ever be in the same league of Astrologers that you are…because I’ve not EVER seen you do something like that in ANY of your posts.

    What is going on with that?



    Good article on Snowden’s chart and his afflicted Neptune. See page 4 of pdf

    The opposition is confrontational. Me against the world. The world against me. The world is this way or that, I must be on my guard; the world does things, I must be prepared; I can get even or exact revenge by saying or doing things to others before they say or do things to me, etc. Sun-Neptune, Moon-Neptune Mercury-Neptune when opposed are compulsive liars. They lie because they are lied to, they lie in equal measure.

    RETURNING to Mr. Snowden,his Sun-Neptune opposition makes him a liar, while his Mars-Neptune opposition means he is having fun at our expense. Of this there is no question whatever. The North Node, an energy inlet conjunct Sun and Mars means he has a great deal of energy available to the two most energetic planets, while South Node, an energy drain, means Neptune is his eternal victim.

  50. alex says:

    can I put in my 2cents please:

    mundane astrology is always references extreme political behaviors in political natal charts….. 1) political authorities are the least accountable people on planet earth they are insulated insulated insulated; 2) since political authorities have their hands on the ‘levers of power’ they INFLUENCE the rest of us they make THE RULES – therefore how the rest of us must live in the world without legal confrontations

    Snowden has elevated himself onto the world stage and is influencing ( with the ongoing and eventual result of his engagement with national/political authorities) what the rest of us will have as more intrusions of our privacy and basic freedoms, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness;

    Snowden is stirring the ‘pot’ so to speak…. he is the spoon in the US cauldron;

    Harsh means reality to some people…. reality is harsh; I don’t mind the harsh criticism of Snowden – I’ll give it the weight I think it must have when Snowden’s life/story/ event narrative has ripened/matured before I find perspective of the big picture consequences from his individual life as it impacts the rest of the cultural collective – all of us;

  51. alex says:

    should read:

    how the rest of us must live in the world to avoid legal consequences directly, indirectly, randomly or accidentally;

  52. pisca says:

    Anyone interested can follow the Texas Legislature drama on this live blog:

  53. Fe says:

    alex @ 5:42 – you may be on to something. Black ops is nothing new with the spooks.

  54. alex says:

    – how often do the inside military top leaderships position on their CIC come to light; not often….. the Nixon era stuff is revealing; I have always wondered how NEOCON sympathy from William Cohen Sec. of Defense, Joint Chiefs et al Hugh Shelton et al, NSA, CIA pre-shadows (dark figures or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light) on BushCo era subsequent roll out of 911 event;

  55. pisca says:

    Suzy– I am far from a professional but have read astrology for a few decades and I must agree that I’ve never seen such an attack on a person in a chart reading. As far as the current NSA story goes, I see a clear and intriguing MESSAGE; the vilified-by-the-msm messenger is not so important .
    I also believe that there is a balance, i.e that one aspect does not make one a liar, murderer, villain,”all bad”, etc. We make choices. If one is afflicted with a hard natal aspect, they might well be a victim, of the injustices/lies seen in their natal charts.
    When my progressed sun opposed my natal Neptune (I won’t get into the eclipses and harsh transits that hit at the same time) I was the subject of “scandals” perpetrated by liars. I was the VICTIM, not the liar. Years later, my children asked why two of the liar-perpetrators “always look so guilty.” I don’t know what transits were affecting them at the time, but they chose deceit … maybe Scorpio/Pluto were prominent and they chose a path and can’t go back.
    I am looking at the chart of an autistic child whose Sun opposes Neptune. I would hardly call him a liar: he says what he feels like saying, he doesn’t even understand what a lie is! Given his presence in this judgmental world, however, he has been and is being deceived by people around him — he is the victim, not the perpetrator!
    In Snowden’s case, we definitely know that the information he disclosed is about LIES of our government. That certainly doesn’t make him a liar but the lies and deceit surrounding him at this point in his life would seem to be prominent in his chart.

  56. Suzy says:

    To Alex and Pisca:

    ALEX: You had a reply that I can find some interesting viewpoint with. READ: Ed Tamplin and put it into historical perspective..which he does so eloquently would be my reply to you for your seemingly “Open Mind” about Mundane Astrology:

    In Reply to What you posted that I pulled out to reply to:

    “Snowden has elevated himself onto the world stage and is influencing ( with the ongoing and eventual result of his engagement with national/political authorities) what the rest of us will have as more intrusions of our privacy and basic freedoms, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness;

    Snowden is stirring the ‘pot’ so to speak…. he is the spoon in the US cauldron;

    Harsh means reality to some people…. reality is harsh; I don’t mind the harsh criticism of Snowden – I’ll give it the weight I think it must have when Snowden’s life/story/ event narrative has ripened/matured before I find perspective of the big picture consequences from his individual life as it impacts the rest of the cultural collective – all of us;”


    (you are assuming from Edward Snowden’s Chart that he is an “Autistic Child?” I’ve seen no evidence of that and to characterize him that way just from a reading is to portray him “too early” to fit into a pattern you surmize. You may be correct…and have caught something OUT about him…but, it’s going to the PERSONAL and NOT what he has REVEALED.

    You Said:

    “I am looking at the chart of an autistic child whose Sun opposes Neptune. I would hardly call him a liar: he says what he feels like saying, he doesn’t even understand what a lie is! Given his presence in this judgmental world, however, he has been and is being deceived by people around him — he is the victim, not the perpetrator!
    In Snowden’s case, we definitely know that the information he disclosed is about LIES of our government. That certainly doesn’t make him a liar but the lies and deceit surrounding him at this point in his life would seem to be prominent in his chart.”

    ANYWAY…Appreciate both your replies…

  57. will says:

    Suzy, pisca

    I had the impression that that person who posted that was probably a troll. It was just buzzing with condescension and ridicule. I’ve been salivating to pounce on it…. Downright “Hel-ish” hmm?

  58. alex says:

    – I always go back to how benefits the most for political ‘events’ of any kind…. here Obama administration is being tagged in the public mind as ‘big brother’ …. so Libertarians will, GOP/TeaParty get the benefit for 2014;

    whomever else wants to thwart Dem majority…. now and 2014 thereafter…..

    there has to be deeper covert reason for Snowden ( witting or unwitting actor on world stage ) because NSA has been spying on Americans FOREVER ………

  59. Jerry says:

    Russia – the seat of the former Evil Empire – protecting an American citizen from his own government for championing the 4th Amendment rights of all Americans?

    This strange, rather amusing dilemma being played out in diplomatic circles of government for all to see; reminds me of Rod Serling’s opening narrative to the popular science fiction 60’s tv series The Twilight Zone…..

    “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.”

  60. Suzy says:

    Alex…these are new and Devastating Revelations of how FAR THEY HAVE GONE…since what you call “Old News,” though.

    The Internet has GROWN with Facebook, Twitter and all other kinds of Social Media since what you are talking about.

    I go back to Ed Tamplin’s views on his Weekly… He gets the Historical Perspective in Mundane…and he’s UP ON HIS FACTS.

    Appreciate your reply.

  61. Suzy says:


    Kind of “unkind?” What you said and you knew it was NO TROLL…and you thought I wouldn’t pick up on that? Whatever…:

    June 24, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Suzy, pisca

    I had the impression that that person who posted that was probably a troll. It was just buzzing with condescension and ridicule. I’ve been salivating to pounce on it…. Downright “Hel-ish” hmm?

  62. pisca says:

    Suzy— a misunderstanding as mercury turns retrograde? The autistic child I referred to was NOT Snowden!

  63. Jerry says:

    Addendum to the above;

    For those not following Snowden’s movements to avoid extradition, here is a brief update that will help fill in the gaps….

    Russia Defiant Over Snowden Pressure From U.S.
    By Lidia Kelly and James Pomfret

    MOSCOW/HONG KONG, June 24 (Reuters) – Russia defied White House pressure on Monday to expel former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden to the United States before he flees Moscow on the next stop of his globe-crossing escape from U.S. prosecution.

    Snowden, whose exposure of secret U.S. government surveillance raised questions about intrusions into private lives, was allowed to leave Hong Kong on Sunday after Washington asked the Chinese territory to arrest him on espionage charges.

    The 30-year-old flew to Moscow as a transit stop before heading elsewhere, several sources said. But reports he would fly to Cuba were put in doubt when witnesses could not see him on the plane, despite heightened security before take-off.



  64. alex says:


    2014 Senate – Midterm Election

    South Dakota Senate candidate Rick Weiland believes the single most important thing to getting America back on the right track is to take the money out of political campaigns.

    “We have a Congress that wants to invest more in billionaires and corporations than they do in our kids, seniors, and crumbling roads and bridges,” he said. “I think that’s a fight worth making.”

    “I think Big Money and all that it represents is the reason the rich are getting richer, the middle class is falling behind and the poor are barely getting by,” Weiland said, citing the well-funded corporate agriculture, insurance, oil and pharmaceutical lobbies as part of the Big Money problem.

    “We have 100,000 people in South Dakota who go hungry every day. One out of nine people you meet in this state are hungry.”

    He is the only Democrat who has announced a candidacy for the seat being vacated by Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) in 2014. Meanwhile, former Gov. Mike Rounds is the only Republican candidate.

    Weiland said one of his first acts in the Senate would be to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision. It extended First Amendment rights to corporations, allowing those entities and unions to spend unlimited sums of money on political campaigns so long as they remain independent from candidates and political parties.

    Several such pieces of legislation are currently being considered by Congress.

    Meanwhile, many of the nation’s most profitable corporations are sheltering money overseas to avoid America’s taxes, he added.

  65. will says:



    Kind of “unkind?” What you said and you knew it was NO TROLL…and you thought I wouldn’t pick up on that? Whatever…:”

    Very confused here. Were we referring to different posts?

    Also, I don’t think pisca was referring to Snowden – I think she was referring to someone else entirely.

  66. starlight says:

    At the very end of Rachel’s coverage of Snowden tonight, she mentioned a comment of his from an interview recently. It has not gotten any play elsewhere, but evidently he said he had purposefully joined Booz Allen to be an NSA contractor so he could reveal to the world what the NSA was doing. If true, he planned the whole thing. He didn’t just happen on things that upset him. He planned to deliberately go in and take and reveal secrets. It will be interesting if this gets any more coverage or confirmation. Did anyone else hear this? I think I heard it correctly but would have thought she would talk more about it. It came at the very end.

  67. alex says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell gave this information an airing as well with discussion among panel; the federal charges against him will stuck;

  68. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – I heard that yesterday, that he admitted he purposely took the job with Booz Allen to gather evidence. Hence, the label of spy and traitor by our govt.

    Wow, mercury RX has begun early as evidenced by the many misunderstandings here tonight.

  69. Lorrie U says:

    Wanted to share the good news about our shelter! Last month, we hit an all-time high of 93.4% in our Live Release Rate! This is amazing for a shelter, which reflects the percentage of animals literally leaving alive through adoption, return-to-owner, or transfer to another non-profit agency that can guarantee a home for all of the animals it receives from the transferring facility. According to the City and County of San Francisco Animal Care and Control, the national average live release rate is calculated to be in the neighborhood of 30-50%.

  70. Lorrie U says:

    Pisca – Didn’t I hear that a woman senator in TX was going to filibuster until the deadline? Awesome….

  71. Jerry says:

    One investment blog/newsletter dated May 8th calculates an economic crash by early July. I’m more inclined to think however, volatility in the markets may accelerate around that time but won’t crest until mid July with the July 17th Uranus retrograde station…….

    by Toby Connor

    May 8, 2013

    The euphoria phase of the bull market that I warned about months ago is now beginning its final parabolic phase.

    I’m guessing we still have another month to month and a half before this runaway move finally ends. Depending on how far above the 200 day moving average it ends up stretching, I think there’s a pretty good chance we will see the entire intermediate rally wiped out in a matter of days or even hours when this house of cards finally comes tumbling down.



    Given current unfolding trends in China’s economic malaise (see article below), I suspect the July 8th Saturn station in trine to China’s natal Uranus will exacerbate bear sentiment to the downside…….

    Asia Crumbling; China’s Worst 2 Days In Almost 4 Years, Nikkei 450 Pts Off Session Highs

    Zero Hedge
    June 25, 2013

    Things are getting a little out of hand in Asia once again. China’s Shanghai Composite is down 3.7% at the break for its biggest 2-day drop in almost 4 years (-8.9%) and Japan’s Nikkei 225, after staging a solid come-back has collapsed 450 points from its highs of the early session smashing below the US day-session lows.

  72. andre says:

    Big Brother in the UK:

    «Talking to Sunday’s Observer, a senior intelligence source expressed his or her concerns about mass surveillance. “If there was the wrong political change, it could be very dangerous. All you need is to have the wrong government in place.” But it seems to me that any government prepared to subject its citizens to mass surveillance is by definition the wrong one. No one can be trusted with powers as wide and inscrutable as these.

    In various forms – Conservative, New Labour, the coalition – we have had the wrong government for 30 years. Across that period its undemocratic powers have been consolidated. It has begun to form an elective dictatorship, in which the three major parties are united in their desire to create a security state; to wage unprovoked wars; to defend corporate power against democracy; to act as a doormat for the United States; to fight political dissent all the way to the bedroom and the birthing pool. There’s no need to wait for the “wrong” state to arise to conclude that mass surveillance endangers liberty, pluralism and democracy. We’re there already.»


  73. karen says:

    Despite Mercury, discussions on this board have been quite extraordinary. You opened quite the door, Starlight.

    I will add, humbly, that for several years I thought that my Pisces ascendant disabled me from experiencing a “responsible” life, that, in fact, this placement was a detriment. Of course I have deluded myself about many aspects of this mysterious, confounding, and beautiful life. Each of us delude ourselves in one way or another especially when we align with those who seek to “delude” others. By this I mean the likes of any group which seeks to impose their beliefs on others for the purpose of attaining power.

    This above aspect is a part of the Age of Pisces, an age confounded Neptune yet begun withthe possibility of spiritual enlightenment. Yet, instead of using this magnificent energy for “personal” power, it was absconded by those seeking to impose power, law and order, and the most heinous — the degradation of the feminine.

    As this age comes to an end, those imposing their power on others, are becoming frantic, it seems to me and are using every known trick –misinforming, obfuscating, and attempting to eliminate any opposition. This will come to an end.

  74. alex says:

    Opposition Aspect:

    The opposition aspect is harmonic & dynamic. An opposition can positively build strength. Examine the planets and houses involved in an opposition, they are in a tug of war.

    An opposition puts the planets in conflict with each other producing difficulties, but increasing the range of possibilities open to the individual.

    There can be an interplay of fear with the opposition aspect, especially fear of rejection or the fear of being used. These influences tend to act out in a concealed or indirect way.

    An opposition can bring about fears of being sanctioned or disapproved of, with an accompanying urge to repress the opposing influences within oneself.

    The classical astrology meaning of an opposition is that the powers involved are separated and opposed, so that at a given moment either one or the other is at work – rarely both.

  75. Noelle says:

    Lorrie U, congratulations. This says a lot about the people in your area and you must be so pleased with your efforts.

  76. starlight says:

    Sharon – Thanks for finding that. To me, it is very condemning. He went in already expecting to find things and then went after them. That is very different than going in with an unbiased mind and then stumbling across things that are upsetting and seem wrong. I expect to hear more comment on that point. I also think it makes him more of a spy than a whistleblower.

  77. starlight says:

    karen – Pisces/Neptune is best when universally compassionate, self-sacrificing, and embracing of all our differences. It is worst when it holds impossibly high expectations that are inevitably disappointed or when it is unable to handle the material world’s demands for responsibility, integrity, and accountability (escapism).

  78. starlight says:

    I am not surprised by the loss of the voting rights act section 4 due to the exact pr Moon square to Saturn in Obama’s chart. I am sure this is very upsetting to him.

    There is also a Moon/Saturn square right now, exact in about an hour, that is no doubt deeply upsetting a lot of people over this egregious ruling.


  79. Noelle says:

    Starlight, it’s really hard to believe especially when we’ve seen such blatant attempts to suppress votes in recent years.

    I’m dumbfounded, especially by Justice Kennedy’s vote. God help us all if this is what we get from the highest court I the land.

    Good old Justice Ginsberg, a woman after my own heart. She doesn’t mince words nor hold back on what she really thinks. Not surprising that we share the same first name and a mutual friend.

  80. Suzy says:

    Pisca and Will…

    Apologies to both of you. I mis-read that Pisca was referring to Snowdon’s chart as that of if one was doing a reading of an autistic child’s chart. I see she meant that she agreed that the article at
    http://www.astroamerica.com/astroamericanewsletter.pdf was a harsh interpretation of Snowden’s chart and used example of autistic child’s chart to further how she felt a chart could be misinterpreted if one was seeking to find something there that would confirm a preconceived opinion.

    Will, I mistakenly thought you were calling Snowden a troll. :D I see that you were actually agreeing that the analysis of Snowden’s chart was harsh and seemed self serving in regard to that astrologer’s individual pre-judgmental viewpoints. Sure seemed to me that that astrologer has a very vicious side to them which trolls often exhibit.


    Yes…could be the Mercury RX….Mercury rules my Sun.

    Again…sorry for the misinterpretations.

  81. starlight says:

    There is an eerie confluence of stories today in the news. Other than the Snowden story, we have: the Zimmerman trial; the Paula Deen story; and the killing of section 4 in the Civil Rights Act. These are ALL about racism (and the convenient, dishonest denial of its existence) in the 21st century. A strange synchronicity for them all to happen simultaneously.

  82. will says:


    Hi. Glad we were able to navigate Mercury’s pranks. Cheers!

  83. Noelle says:

    Starlight, I seem to recall some astrologer, whose link was posted here, who said that we would have to go back and revisit unfinished issues of the fifties or 60’s for some astrological reason which, of course, I don’t remember. The issues included civil and women’s rights. Snowden brings back the fears associated with Big Brother.

  84. lisam says:

    Has anyone noticed something unusual about Snowden’s birth chart? All the planets in the western half of his chart are retrograde, with the exception of the moon, because the moon is never Rx. I have noticed this pattern in other charts, but have never come across how it should be interpreted. Maybe astrologer Marc Edmund Jones might have written something about this pattern in one of his books that I don’t have, but I am sure it is significant.

  85. alex says:

    now that SCOTUS threw voting rights back to the Congress critters; I would hope progressive caucus would look to Australia’s election laws where everyone is required to vote and if they don’t vote they are fined; and do what other nations do and that is allow voting to take place over a time period as long as a few weeks and make election days like national holidays that are celebrated!

  86. Sharon says:

    Good day from NOLA –
    1) Lorrie – many congratulations to your shelter staff & volunteers for their fine, fine work. If there is a written link to the material, I’d like to share it with our local no-kill shelter – but either way, that is such great news –
    2) Jerry, the thing about China – I hope it doesn’t start to reign in the money we owe them –
    3) Starlight, I tend to agree that on a personal level, Snowden had his own agenda that, however admirable and heroic it looks, did not take our national security into consideration and was very far from objective….on a universal & karmic level, maybe it’s meant to happen—it will continue to play out
    4) May the latest SC decision that seems to operationally open more doors to racism be the catalyst needed to get us to rise up to fight it and elect the right people!!!

  87. Sharon says:

    PS: http://news.yahoo.com/us-factory-boss-held-hostage-073624139.html

    Whoo Hoo – Chinese workers are getting into the sedition act, rebelling, breaking laws…encouraged to do so by the pluto-uranus relationship and the vibes of what’s happening all over the world…will they be held accountable for holding someone hostage – an American at that? And has the boss been behaving unethically — and which standards are we using, capitalism’s or communism’s? Yet, I would think holding someone hostage is a more serious law in this case.

  88. alex says:

    when my child graduated high school her valedictorian speech was about the importance of voting; the school principal read the draft speech, the guidance counselor listened to a reading of the completed speech; because the student speeches were big tradition at the school;

    as it turned out the salutatorian was a born again evangelical Christian and surprisingly went off script giving a speech about what was wrong with the culture, government and the world that Christianity could fix; and he spoke twice the length of time he was suppose to….. the maverick act seemed like foreshadowing of the religious extremists taking up the mantle of discrimination by showing their intent to destroy women’s rights, and civil rights wherever they could;

    instead of giving the speech about ‘your voice/your vote’ my kid wrapped up the ceremony simply with thanks from the graduates for the parents and teachers participation and support for their educational goals throughout the years;

    young people don’t become fanatics in a vacuum; I came to the conclusion then that the modern extreme religious conservatives had their war-path-campaign-on to IMPOSE their beliefs one way or the other; the young man was classic example;

  89. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – I truly hope we can see some changes as you outlined–required to vote w/ fines for not voting; allow voting to take place over a time period as long as a few weeks. Don’t know if anything is possible with this Congress!

    It makes one wonder, though. If anything that is passed/approved can so easily be overturned by the next change in majorities or judicial decisions, does it really matter? All the years of toil and perseverance just went down the toilet today with the SCOTUS decision re. civil rights!

  90. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Your example of conservative bullyism is a learned act which starts in the home at a very young age. A friend with whom I once had much in common married a fairly affluent man and I watched as she allowed her status and her catholicism change her from an empowered young woman into a stepford wife and ideologue who has programmed her children quite well. Getting together for breakfast was like turning on Fox News talking points until I ended the relationship.

    My brother is very much a religious fundamentalist leaning to support of the likes of Ron Paul. He is a know-it-all who feels it’s his duty to educate others with the Good News even if they decide to dismiss it. Ironically, everyone of his children has gone in the opposite direction (one actually became a lawyer and worked for Goldman Sachs much to his horror!), so sometimes the heavy hand can be a turn off once they become adults.

  91. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks Sharon & Noelle – I’m quite proud that our organization has done such an amazing job. We have had some administrative changes & the person in charge of the shelter now is also much more cat-friendly. She used to run the off-site locations and would often take home an animal that would otherwise be euthanized and completely rehab it. We got rid of some “old-timers” and are more progressive now. I finally have someone (a young person who intereviewed me for her university paper and whose mother also uses alternative methods) who is going to bat for using calming aids for the cats. We’ll try to document some incidents showing how helpful they are.

    We had a nice male cat with an exceptional history w/ kids, cats & dogs who did nothing but hiss and spit if you tried to pet him. Treated him one day with At Ease (available to PetSmart) and the next day we were petting him as he gave us his best bedroom eyes and became a complete mush. Next day he was adopted! Wish we had filmed it, but we will in the future.

    Sharon, a great link for a great article “Sara Goldenthal Turns Fearful Cats into Adoptable Pets.” Using flower essences and therapeutic touch, she transforms unsocialized and traumatized cats.


  92. lisam says:

    Suzy, I enjoyed reading Ed Tamplin’s article, his analysis of Ed Snowden, and the analogy to George Orwell’s book “1984” being published on June 8 (1949), the same date of the June 8 Gemini new moon that brought Snowden’s revelation to light, accompanied by the very bright star, Rigel which was aligned with this new moon. With Snowden having all those planets and Asc. in Gemini, with the new moon conjunct his ascendant, he seems to be the right messenger at the right time for this particular revelation. I don’t see any hidden agenda here.

  93. Noelle says:

    Lorrie U, do you have any experience with using At Ease with dogs?

  94. Lorrie U says:

    Noelle – No, but I think it’s supposed to be for dogs as well. I have used Rescue Remedy spray with dogs and find it very effective. When doing a potential adoption visit with a dog that is not interactive because it is emotionally displaced, two sprays into the mouth will bring it back into it’s body. It then starts to connect and interact, and makes an adoption possible. I’ve also found that holding such a dog against your body while having a normal conversation with another person can help them relax and release. I discovered this quite by accident at an adoption event when a dog that had been at the shelter for three weeks (I had never even noticed it) was given to me to care for while the other adopter had some lunch. I was being interviewed by a university student and we both witnessed this extreme shudder and release. The next day the dog was greeting people at the front of his cage and had two people fighting over him. He got adopted!

  95. Lorrie U says:

    Ooops – meant “while the other volunteer” not adopter.

  96. Noelle says:

    Lorrie, holding the dog against your body and getting that effect tells me that you have a lot of white light coming from your heart chakra. What you are doing for our four-legged friends is so . Thank you. I’ll try the Rescue Remedy. Too complicated to get into here but you have helped.

  97. Virginia says:

    Lorrie U

    ‘My brother is very much a religious fundamentalist’

    My brother’s mother-in-law was such a bully about her religion that her children now reject any form of religion. When she would start her hell-fire screaching, the kids would clear out and her husband would adjourn to his workshop (where NO one was allowed to disturb him when he was working. In there he had an easy-chair, a lamp, and a small table with a block of wood and a hammer. He’d sit there reading a book and every so often he’d hammer that wood to keep her away.

  98. Bob says:

    Wendy Davis (born May 16, 1963) is an American politician who represents District 10 in the Texas Senate.


    “Today is the cutoff for the Texas legislature’s special session. It’s also the final day of the session to pass a bill, which was jammed through by the Texas senate’s large conservative majority, to severely restrict abortion rights.”

    Also has live stream of her filibuster to prevent the bill from passing. She must talk until midnight today to prevent passage of the bill.

    While we may be dismayed by an obstructionist U.S. House of Representatives and a wrong headed (in my opinion) Supreme Court this is an example of how progressives continue to fight our fight.

  99. Teresa Hill says:

    Rescue Remedy is great. I have a dog (stray, so no telling what happened to her previously) who’s deeply afraid of thunder and heavy rain and winds. Rescue Remedy is better than anything else we’ve tried with her, including tranquilizers from the vet.

  100. Bob says:

    Regarding Wendy Davis.

    She is reading messages (emails, letters?) from Texas citizens (so far it seems they are all from women). Apparently she began at about 11:00 am, CDT.

    One of the comments on the internet site.

    “Wow, this is unbelievable drama. What a heroine. Let’s go viral on Twitter #GoWendy!”

    Posted by Miss EMH on June 25, 2013 at 12:26 PM

  101. alex says:

    – devotion is the highest emotion; everyone one time or another comes to understand devotion; but religious beliefs baughhumbug

  102. CarolDuhart2 says:


    Comment on the VRA Chart. VRA was born on August 6, 1965 at 12 noon-the picture is Martin Luther King’s telegram inviting him to the signing.

  103. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Lorrie, for that info….my sister-in-law may have more time to spend at the LSPCA these days as she has to put her horse out to pasture. I don’t have a lot of time yet but I am sharing this with her…it’s something I hope to find the time to do in the coming years. RE: Recue Remedy, my girlfriend has used it for years, and on family members as well. I’ve started taking it as flat gel tablets–comes in a round metal tin, I forget the name—anyway 2 before bed time when I have anxiety or trouble sleeping and it seems to help.

  104. Sharon says:

    Karen, I did want to say that although I too hope for the best for the Aquarian/Golden Age that is coming, realistically, each sign has it’s negative and positive aspects, so just as the Piscean Age did, so will the Aquarian Age….we can conjecture what those challenges might be but we won’t really know until they manifest. We live in the dual material yin/yang dimension.

    Alex, that really is upsetting about your daughter’s speech. It makes me angry. Congratulations on having such a “conscious” valedictorian as one of your progeny…I am sure he is quite a human being. On that note, congratulations to Teresa Hill for the wonderful strides her talented children are making….from where I stand, it’s all part of the growing up process and, although I don’t have children, I can only imagine how great parents feel when their kids turn that corner, find a path, and start becoming responsible adults. What a relief that must be! I feel it about my husband’s son who seems to be doing pretty well but still has some challenges regarding finding himself. There is no perfect life, as Lorrie demonstrates in her book on amazon…there is only weaving one as we go along, creating our work of art…I used that analogy in a college application 2 years ago. Lorrie, I’m sorry but I forgot the name of your book.

  105. Sharon says:

    I meant to say, that, of course, there is a master weaver behind all of this but most of us don’t know how that actually works – what part is us and what part is God, the Universite, the universal source energy…and, Alex, I didn’t mean to use the pronoun “he” but the way things are going, these pronouns are becoming much more flexible. Yesterday a transgender female child, age 6 or so, who was former part of a set of 2 male twins, won a legal case about using the girl’s bathroom! That is a great step forward for those who are transgender: born into the opposite gender’s body.

  106. alex says:


    – apx fourteen years old she declared couldn’t wait to vote when she turned 18 it was a big event; she wanted that more than wanting to get driver’s permit :-) she had excellent, caring school teachers for the most part;

    teachers spend many more waking hours each day, week, year than many parents can helping the kids grow up; it’s an important job!

  107. will says:


    That this despicable, counter-clockwise decision was made by the SCOTUS during the second-term of our first Black American president simply drips with irony and pathos.

    O, Fortuna!

  108. CarolDuhart2 says:

    And Will, desperation out of demographics. I saw a chart yesterday that showed that the white reproductive rate has stayed at 1.8 (below replacement) since 1990. while the black rate is at about 2.0, and the Latino rate has gone down from 3.0 to about 2.3. Replacement rate is 2.0 children per couple to have a steady population. Add all the immigrants from the Middle East and Asia coming here to improve their lives as well, and the rage over the VRA is obvious.

    I’ve calculated the VRA’s birthchart and a link is here:


  109. will says:


    Indeed to everything you have stated.

    Thank you very much for the chart – quite stirring.

  110. CarolDuhart2 says:

    The VRA is a child of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the mid 60’s with Venus between the two. With the Moon in Sagittarius squaring the stellium, I suspect that there was a certain sloppiness in doing this-more show than go. But there are saving trines in that chart that kept it going and effective none the less.
    And Starlight, there is a Natal Moon/Saturn square in the VRA birth chart. True, it’s Moon in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces, so it isn’t all that harsh a square.


    Transcript of the VRA

  111. Lorrie U says:

    Noelle, Sharon, Teresa Hill, et al – I’ve used Rescue Remedy for years. In my experience, it takes much longer to work in cats. My recent experience with At Ease is miraculous! Works almost instantly after just a couple of spritzes to the bedding. It is a PetSmart exclusive product, currently on sale for $7.49, normally $9.99–much cheaper than Feliway!


    See reviews:


  112. Bob says:


    Most complete film of speech and signing.

    President Johnson began speaking at the 00:06:15 mark of the film. The note in the LBJ Library says he began speaking at 12:05 pm. The speech times out at 20 minutes and 27 seconds (12:26 pm). Takes about 5 minutes to get from podium to signing table. He begins signing at 00:31:03 which would make the signing mark about 12:31 pm. At about 12:38:20 he hands out the first signing pen. There are so many people to give pens to he asks for more pens about 4 times.

    Speech only


    Transcript with note about time of speech


    President Lyndon B. Johnson’s
    Remarks in the Capitol Rotunda at the Signing of the Voting Rights Act
    August 6, 1965

    NOTE: The President spoke at 12:05 p.m. in the Rotunda at the Capitol, prior to signing the bill. In his opening words he referred to Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, President of the Senate, and Representative John W. McCormack of Massachusetts, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    Source: Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965. Volume II, entry 394, pp. 811-815. Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1966.

  113. Lorrie U says:

    God Bless Wendy Davis! And those like her. And Shame on the Supreme Court justices who gutted one of our most precious legacies! I wonder who owns them. Oh, wait, it’s the Kock Bros.!

    God help us all!

  114. Bob says:

    Live blog of SCOTUS decisions:


    Welcome back to Bloomberg Law’s live blog of the final days of the U.S. Supreme Court’s term. We’re live blogging each of the decision days this week, with today’s cases being handed down at 10:00 a.m. ET. by Edward Adams 6:35 AM

    Shelby County is up. by Dimitra Kessenides 10:10 AM

    Voting rights act provision struck down by court, Bloomberg News reports by Edward Adams 10:10 AM

  115. Lorrie U says:

    Ooops – Koch Bros. (freudian slip?)

  116. alex says:


    homeopathic ‘calms’ works good on people

  117. Bob says:

    You can have the live stream of Wendy Davis on a tab and listen as you use other tabs to go to other sites. Good to see the re-thugs beaten after all they have been jamming through in Texas.

    This is happening because of the strong backlash from Texas women against re-thug tactics.

  118. alex says:

    Representative Edward J. Markey won the special election MA… he will have to run in 2014 buthe is the replacement for John Kerry in the Senate until then….something to lift spirits

  119. Bob says:

    In my post about LBJ signing the Voting Rights Act I made a typo. He handed out the first signing pen at 12:33:20 not 12:38:20.

  120. Bob says:

    Texas bastards!

  121. Bob says:

    10:07 p.m. by Becca Aaronson

    The Senate Bill 5 filibuster is over. The Democrats, led by state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, have lost after she talked for more than 11 hours, nearly continuously, in an effort to kill abortion legislation.

    State Sen. Donna Campbell, R-San Antonio, jumped to her feet to call a point of order on Davis when she began discussing the impact of the 2011 abortion sonogram law in Texas.

    Davis tried to argue that her discussion of the impact of that law was germane, because the abortion restrictions in SB 5 would be coupled with the sonogram requirements. But that argument didn’t stick.

    “After going over what people heard as far as discussion, Sen, Campbell your point of order iswell taken and is sustained,” said Dewhurst.

    Davis’ third violation of the Senate’s filibuster rules came just before the filibuster countdown hit the two-hour mark. Now, the Senate can vote to end the filibuster and likely a vote on SB 5.

    “Let her speak,” the audience in the gallery chanted. Despite multiple attempts, Dewhurst struggled to bring the chamber to order. State troopers have begun forcing everyone in the Senate gallery to exit the chamber.

  122. Fe says:

    The filibuster is still going strong, even with Republican attempts to disrupt. One plus hour to go. Follow here:


  123. Sharon says:

    And now 20 minutes to go, Fe!!!! GOOOO WENDY!

    And then there’s this:


  124. Lorrie U says:

    HuffPo Headlines: Shame! Shame! Shame!

    SILENCED: Texas GOP Shuts Up Dem Senator’s Filibuster Of Abortion Law… Passes Bill After Deadline?…

    Official timekeeper says vote started at 12:02 & Dewhurst had handed off the podium at the time. (illegal)

  125. Lorrie U says:

    Right after Texas Senate drops live feed, state troopers enter chambers.

  126. Lorrie U says:

    When laws are blatantly broken by our legislators and representatives, it’s setting up for a real case for anarchy and street rioting.

  127. Helena says:

    Starlight, are you sure you want to cite a person I am presuming as an authority who basically puts your readers in the category of “invariably right” but “mindless” and “perfectly brainless fools?” Who proclaims that intellectuals are always fools?

    “The people who think Snowden is a hero are responding intellectually. Rationally. They are using their minds, which are well-trained. They are, in fact, fools. They are always fools. Those who condemn Snowden are doing so viscerally. Emotionally. Irrationally. Without due cause nor just reason. And it happens they are right. They are invariably right, and for the following reason: Mental development, college educations, train one to ignore his emotions, or to put his emotions at the service of whatever intellectual phantoms as may be lurking in his head at that moment. This is not only elitist, but actually dangerous. By contrast, those who react viscerally are relying on sheer, raw instinct, Which, short of the extremes of mass hysteria, is almost never wrong. It is, in fact,
    invariably right. But it only works if you are, in fact, a perfectly brainless fool. Thus its appeal. But as much as the common people are invariably right, because as they are mindless, they do not know why they are right and are easily subject to manipulation.” David R. Roell

  128. will says:

    Wow. Totally bat shit. Check please.

  129. tetramorph says:

    Snowden & Manning — Real men who live by their Convictions and Conscience — Thank you God, for these Patriots, for THEIR Courage, may we follow their lead and move this Nation forward into the Light of a New Dawn, where self-serving corruption fades like a shadow in the Sun, where we set aside our feelings of exceptionalism and embrace Awareness, Understanding, and Compassion. We are All Here Together, One Planet, One Life, One People. Do Unto Others as YOU would have THEM Do Unto You.

  130. Bob says:


    In reversal, Texas abortion bill fails to pass after protesters delay vote beyond deadline

    Article by: CHRIS TOMLINSON , Associated Press
    Updated: June 26, 2013 – 3:35 AM

    AUSTIN, Texas — Hundreds of jeering protesters helped stop Texas lawmakers from passing one of the toughest abortion measures in the country, shouting down Senate Republicans and forcing them to miss a midnight deadline to pass the bill.

    Initially, Republicans insisted they had started voting before the midnight deadline and passed the bill that Democrats spent much of Tuesday filibustering. But after official computer records and printouts of the voting record showed the vote took place on Wednesday, and then were changed to read Tuesday, senators convened for a private meeting.

    An hour later, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was still insisting the 19-10 vote was in time, but said, “with all the ruckus and noise going on, I couldn’t sign the bill.”

  131. Bob says:

    Date changes to Texas State Senate website:


  132. alex says:

    Transiting Mars @24 Gemini – July 5th 2013

    will be conjuncting

    Snowden’s Gemini stellenium:

    Natal Mars @24 Gemini
    N. Node @25 Gemini, Sun @25 Gemini (1RST House)


    Natal Neptune @27 Sagittarius

  133. karen says:

    Donna Campbell’s extraordinary feat found me weaping with joy. Her acts (for she has filibustered before) are sign posts for humanity’s future. Just WOW!

    Helena, I found it hard to swallow and/or absorb Roell. Lots of anger coming through along with the point he is trying to make. Try this, it may resonate with you? And it may be more digestible? http://thesunmagazine.org/issues/448/out_of_our_heads

  134. pisca says:

    Good news from Texas: the PEOPLE have spoken!
    With thousands watching livestream and estimates of more than 10,000 in the Texas Capitol, the GOP was caught red-handed altering (changing the date stamp) the official record of a vote. But they couldn’t get away with it this time! Thanks to alternate media coverage and, most importantly, to all the people who were at the Capitol, the PEOPLE won! It was the voices of the people that saved the day— so loud that the votes could not be heard and had to be suspended until after the midnight deadline.
    MSM (which provided NO live coverage) rushed to LIE, initially reporting the bill had passed but hours later had to change their story. Senate Prez David Dewhurst blamed an “unruly mob” for the failure to pass the bill and one Texas Senator actually called the PEOPLE “terrorists.”
    The struggle continues but the PEOPLE will not be silenced or lied to!

  135. Francis says:

    DOMA is dead in a 5-4 decision.

    Prop 8 struck down for “no standing” and only applies to CA in 5-4 decision

  136. starlight says:

    Some fascinating astrological points about this week’s SC decisions. Yesterday, Mercury was stationary, i.e. not moving at all. And the Court sent back Section 4 to Congress where it will sit and not move at all because of Congress’ dysfunctionality.

    Today, Mercury is retrograde, and both decisions are about overturning previous actions – typical of Mercury retrograde. Also today, Jupiter is in Cancer where it is exalted and shines on a happy home! Yesterday, it was in the problematic last degree of a sign, Gemini, where it is in its detriment.

    Also, note the reversal of the Texas abortion bill as Mercury moved from stationary (the long filibusters by the people and then by Wendy Davis) to retrograde and Jupiter moved into Cancer.

  137. starlight says:

    After yesterday’s sorrowful news, today we have several victories. Hurray!!

  138. Francis says:

    Thanks Nancy for that analysis!!
    Re: DOMA’s demise, now same sex binational couples have the same rights as straight couples and no need for any of this to be an issue in the immigration debate!

  139. Bob says:

    I could not get the images showing the datestamp change to show up using my posted link. I think this a better one anyway. It shows an attempt to access the page between the changes and was done by a technology analyst.


  140. Bob says:

    That should read Technology Policy Analyst.

  141. Noelle says:

    Starlight, what do you make of Australia dumping their female Prime Minister (Labor Party) and bringing back the previous Labor Party PM whose name is Rudd. It certainly sounded like she was doing all of the right things….maybe just like Obama but she’s a female and he’s black. What’s happening?

  142. Sharon says:

    Well, people, I ALWAYS feel it when Jupiter changes signs and it is now in the sign of the People! …of feeling and emotion, nurturing & motherhood, food! …and I surely feel this one because it trines my sun and will go on to conjunct my ascendant and trine my Jupiter, Mars, Venus, NN, MH over the next year…should be great (especially because I’m in my 2nd year of graduate social work). My plan is not to gain wght while it transits my 1st house but to exercise more (already swimming more this summer in addition to walking about 4 miles a week).

    But what stands out even more is the NEWS that has happened in the past two days – progressive, forward-thinking, showing the people fighting back EXCEPT in yesterday’s Voting Rights debacle. I can’t fathom that one; however, Chris Hayes on MSNBC might be right. He said that this SC decision has handed the Democrats victory in 2014 (“From his mouth to God’s ears!”) by mobilizing the minorities. I say they should all start registering now & I hope community organizers are paying attention – I know Obama’s group is wonderful at that. Perhaps the House will even do the right thing about it but I’m not holding my breath.

  143. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,

    Here is a description of how Wendy Davis’ powerful fillibuster (unlike silent emailing singular Senators in dc) in Texas on behalf of her constituents, the nation & the supportive/powerful ‘peanut gallery’ proved the best side of Capricorn/Pluto where in the face of the sleezy (timestamp manipulation?), snarky, dodgy(procedural suppressive/repressive games thrown at her, stood in integrity & justice has prevailed, for now:
    The photo of Davis & her co-legislators standing in integrity, facing up to the gallery showing proud victory/peace signs just brings tears…

    Have been watching with curiosity the treatment/strategies against Australia’s femaleLabor PM, who has withstood outrageous, mean-spirited, juvenile attacks to her ‘womanhood’….they finally forced her out because she had had enough, imv….this is sadly how not to allow bullies to steal authentic power…but, so it goes.

    *Overheard re: marriage equality: If I don’t belong to the same church as you, I don’t have to follow your church rules; but we are both citizens of a democracy & we must respect each others’ inalienable rights to liberty & justice for all…

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua…Blessings!

  144. Patty says:

    Sharon, I’m so proud of your accomplishments!
    You go Girl! Regarding weight, a hand-full of raw or roasted unsalted Almonds is a great way to tide you over when you’re starving. (only a hand-full works wonders)

  145. starlight says:

    Militants changing tactics: the Snowden effect


    Intelligence agencies have detected that members of targeted militant organizations, including both Sunni and Shi’ite Islamist groups, have begun altering communications patterns in what was believed to be a direct response to details on eavesdropping leaked by the former U.S. spy agency contractor, two U.S. national security sources said.

  146. Patty says:

    Dear Starlight, This Snowden Effect surely is a tangled web! My intuition tells me…the Libertarians believe this ‘effect’ is their ticket to our WH next election. Reading the ‘Daily Paul Liberty Forum, I came across this nugget on Snowden’s former employer, worth a read and makes me wonder, where does the truth lie?

  147. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Patty, and I do eat handfuls of almost regularly when I’m really hungry and don’t want to indulge in something bad for me (which I sometimes do of course!)…it’s nice to hear it re-affirmed in case I forget.

    Tetramorph, I know what you mean about people of conscience standing up for their beliefs. I believe that’s what Wendy Davis did in Texas yesterday. With Snowden & Manning, I agree with Patty that it’s quite complex. I don’t think they considered all the possible consequences of their actions and, if compromising security is one (and it might very well be), then the situation is not quite as black and white as hero/villan or good/evil. Idealists can do damage when they are being extremists and not balanced stewards of the situation. I don’t know what the choices were in this case and am not saying what part of it was right or wrong but in this case, I see the potential for both.

  148. Lorrie U says:

    This actually confirms how extensive the ability to expose private conversations is…

    Edward Snowden In 2009: Leakers Should Be ‘Shot In The Balls’

    NSA leaker Edward Snowden despised classified leaks in 2009, illustrating that the former Booz Allen Hamilton employee was not always the champion of transparency that he has become.

    The technology website ArsTechnica published IRC chats where he railed against a New York Times story about the U.S. rejecting an Israeli request for aid to attack an Iranian nuclear site and the United States’ covert efforts to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program.


  149. Lorrie U says:

    The Battle for 2014 Begins Today

    This is war, folks, and the battlefield is the year 2014. Progressives and Democrats sat on their hands pouting in 2010 because too many believed President Barack Obama wasn’t being progressive enough for their tastes. Yeah, well, we all see where that got us. Next year is the year we cannot afford to lose come November, because if we do then it’s hard to calculate the extent of the damage coming our way.


  150. Lorrie U says:

    Via ThinkProgress twitter feed:

    BREAKING: Texas Governor Rick Perry just called another special session, anti-abortion bill will likely pass then

  151. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks To The Supreme Court, Wendy Davis Will Probably Lose Her Senate Seat

    Just two hours after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced that the state would advance a voter ID law and the very same redistricting map that was designed to keep Davis out of office.


  152. kiwi says:

    Noelle, regarding Julia Gillard, Australia’s PM:
    Her party’s polls have been slipping of late. And just as she got their vote of confidence to be the leader of her party over Rudd a few years back, resulting in his ouster as PM back then, she now has got their party vote of no-confidence in favour of Rudd once again. In the parliamentary system, the party insiders decide who is best placed to lead them and that person becomes pm if the party retains the majority of seats in parliament after an election. Meaning that the party who holds the majority, or is able to form a successful coalition with minor parties, will decide who will be their prime minister. They have chosen a new leader in the hopes that they can retain a majority of seats in the next election. She has become a bit of a lightning rod for controversy from a political standpoint. Sounds to me like it could be another mercury retrograde reversal decision.

  153. Lorrie U says:

    The Court, the Corporate Coup, and the Call to Struggle

    Our democracy was under siege even before the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Voting Rights Act. This decision caps the Court’s clean sweep on behalf of the United States Chamber of Commerce and is part of a concerted effort to seize democracy on behalf of moneyed interests.

    It’s a mistake to view this decision in isolation. It’s part of an ongoing, corporate-backed constitutional coup.

    Their plan for the future is harsh, but simple: preserve these enclaves, limit minority representation through gerrymandering, and use other techniques — including “caging,” voter ID laws, and gerrymandering — to limit minority participation in democracy.

    The Resistance

    They’re well organized, well funded, and antagonistic to the democratic process. That doesn’t mean they can’t be defeated. But it will take hard work.

    A new coalition has created a website called “Restore Voting Rights.” The National “Right to Vote” Act, announced today by Representatives Marc Pocan and Keith Ellison, would restore some of these lost rights.


  154. alex says:

    Wendy Davis should graduate to the US Senate – she needs to teach them how politics is DONE ….. I’ll have to google around to see if there are any Texas Senator seats up for re-election in 2014 or 2016….. she earned it and the national DM/Progressive base needs to get her there!


  155. alex says:

    oh hell The 2014 United States Senate election in Texas will be held on November 4, 2014 to elect a member of the United States Senate. Incumbent Republican Senator and Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn is running for re-election to a third term.


    further down the page it looks like Wendy Davis declined to run in higher office….. primary… I have to read this closer; I just got home and have to do other things…. but if declining was in the past…. she should have the popular and institutional Dem support to run for US Senate….

    she would be a doozy!

  156. alex says:

    Excerpt Email HCAN: Health Access CA


    Companies that typically don’t provide health care to their workers, from Walmart to some chain restaurants, are lobbying heavily against the bill. The bill simply asks these large companies of more than 500 workers to pay a fair share for the health of their employees. If they don’t pay, we all do.

    Under AB880, more Californians will get needed on-the-job benefits, and it will raise revenues for desperately needed restorations in Medi-Cal that faced severe cuts in the past few years of budget crisis. It provides fairness and a level playing field for the vast majority of large businesses that provide health care to their workers, and it moves us closer to the goal of a successful health reform in California.

    As advocates for health reform, we together have won some big victories at the state and federal levels, from fighting to preserve Medi-Cal for low-income Californians even during a time of tough budget cuts, to expanding such coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

    Medi-Cal and the Affordable Care Act are now essential parts of our health system–needed lifelines that are essential for any of us who fall on hard times.

    But these programs are threatened if large and profitable companies decide to play by their own rules, and actively exploit loopholes to shift some of their workers onto taxpayer-funded public safety-net programs.

    A company like Walmart costs taxpayers like you and me more than $32 million a year while making it hard to financially sustain these crucial health care programs for the rest of us. With your voice, we can stop this practice and close the “Walmart Loophole” here in California.

    The California Assembly will be voting on AB 880 (Gomez) this week, which closes the loophole and ensures Walmart and other huge corporations pay their fair share of health care costs. Please call your legislators TODAY.


  157. Sharon says:

    Wendy Davis: born in Ft. Worth on 5/16/63! A very interesting chart.

  158. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Twitter is wanting Davis for TX governor!

  159. Lorrie U says:

    Issa directed Treasury inspector general to ignore IRS treatment of liberal groups

    The bombshell IRS audit released in May omitted information about liberal groups at the request of House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration’s office.

    A spokesman for Treasury Inspector General J. Russell George told The Hill on Tuesday that Issa had requested investigators “narrowly focus on tea party organizations.


  160. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon – Just getting caught up on my “back reading” and came across your nice plug about my book, “The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by The Divine Weaver.” Thanks!!

    And, I always enjoy your insightful comments even when I don’t always respond. Sometimes we’re so down thread by the time I get around to reading some of the comments, it seems like we’re far away on other subjects.

  161. alex says:


    – it is on dailykos too…. come to think of it…. SHE SHOULD!!!!

  162. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Lorrie, I truly enjoy your very informative & wise posts too. Your book is great — I didn’t read the entire book but most of it and I still have Teresa Hill’s Christmas download to read — school has been very time consuming but I made time for your book because that’s exactly how I look at it – Our higher selves/souls are weaving a tapestry in each of our lives…and the divine weaver is guiding & inspiring us….it is so very amazing how the puzzle pieces fall together.

  163. Ardy says:

    Very interesting to see our Aussie PM change. Whilst I support the party (Labor) I’m not a fan of either new/old leader but they are much preferable to the alternative Conservatives. Starlight did a reading here a while ago & couldn’t see any strong astrological indications for the announced election day. Now we know why. We will have at least one different leader (maybe 2 yet!) and probably a different election date. Kudos to Nancy.

  164. alex says:

    2014 Midterms election are much more of a priority than 2016 presidential election ( because voter turn out is low for midterms and the balance of power the day after the Nov 2014 midterms will make the difference between maybe holding onto democracy rather than being demised by oligarchy-corportocracy)

    however I wanted to make this notation about 2016 because Gen. Wes Clark sent email endorsement on behalf of draft Hillary for 2016 called ‘Ready for Hillary’….

    email date Sunday 6/24/2013 T/Venus @23-24 GEMINI

    this has significance regarding DEM primary months 2016

    Mutable Grand Cross by Synastry:

    T/Venus @23 Gemini 6/24/2013 Ready for Hillary PAC emerging
    June 2016 Chiron @23 Pisces
    Howard Dean Natal Mars @23 Sagittarius
    Jan-Feb 2016 Jupiter @23 Virgo, N.Node @23 Virgo

  165. Noelle says:

    Kiwi and Ardy thanks for your comments re the change of PM in Australia. I am so intrigued by the sudden (Uranus, I suppose)changes that are taking place and the tensions concerning women who, after all, are still considered a minority.

  166. alex says:

    someone up thread ( sorry can’t remember who ) mentioned the Aquarian age upcoming; the downside of Aquarius is INDIFFERENCE… every thing has duality zone; and indifference is for Aquarius what delusion is for Pisces;

  167. Sharon says:

    It was me. I can picture the Aquarian age as becoming very technologically advanced in every realm, but there being an absence of emotion, more detachment…similar to the indifference you have mentioned.

  168. Sharon says:

    Detachment can be good, and Aquarius does pour the waters of brotherhood and advancement on mankind…I guess what makes detachment a downside is when it goes to the extreme.

  169. will says:

    My personal experience with strong Aquarian solar and stellium placements is also that of a very cool, impersonal, detached and indifferent posture. A.t tcmes it can present even as a rather chilling form of disloyalty. especially as to its opposite pole of Leo that thrives on warmth and loyalty.

  170. David says:

    Wendy Davis for higher office!

  171. will says:

    But I suppose Uranus needs to have that aloof, take no prisoners quality or it wouldn’t accomplish its duty to shock and surprise us out of stagnation and complacency………nothing personal.

  172. Fe says:


    Just looked up Davis’ chart on astrodienst.

    Using a noon birth time, on 11/6/2014, Wendy Davis has the Moon just about exact on her MC, and Jupiter just about exact on her Ascendant.

    Starlight, would love your take on her. Since MA now has a Senator Markey, which was your good call earlier this year.

  173. Sharon says:

    Fe, what happened to the 5/16/63 DOB?


  174. Fe says:


    I used the 5/16/63 DOB. The 11/6/14 is the election day date.

  175. Patty says:

    Will, Thought you would appreciate this. (If you haven’t already seen it)
    ‘Astrology of The Santa Monica Shooting’

  176. Fe says:

    The Moon and Jupiter placements on her MC and ASC are her transits for that day, with a noon birth time.

  177. pisca says:

    Juanita Jean covers the truth about TX politics in a most hilarious way! The link here recaps the People’s Filibuster by someone who actually watched it (as opposed to msm which didn’t). A scroll through her site is quite informative!

  178. pisca says:

    ^^^ Juanita Jean also has a story about Rick Perry’s attack on Sen. Wendy Davis. Apparently Perry is scared of her (LOL) but some or wondering if Perry will even run for governor again. There is currently speculation about several GOPers who might create a primary in the governor’s race. I haven’t heard much from the Dems but I hope they do a better job of supporting any and all of their candidates than they have since the last century.
    Beware: Perry just might be considering another run for prez in 2016!

  179. pisca says:

    B.A. thanks for the link. It’s difficult to keep track of all the information pouring in; and so many “leaky” cases. The information we are leaning from the supposedly “traitorous” leaks are tying together many different whistleblower cases. The media is conspicuously ignoring the Bradley Manning trial (now in its fourth week) but some of the information Snowden leaked could allow Manning’s lawyers to seek dismissal on some (more) of the charges against him. Firedoglake has excellent coverage (by one of only two journalists who have followed this story for more than three years) of that trial. Also, wired.com is reporting that NSA leaks have completely vindicated an AT&T whistleblower.

  180. Sharon says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Fe…is Mercury retrograde yet or is it just me?

  181. Sharon says:

    Sounds like the forces were with her during the filibuster….I want to see her go up the ladder in politics now — she makes me proud.

  182. Sharon says:

    I just cruised DU and found a response Wendy made to Rick Perry about his new special session…DEFINITELY worth reading.


    Also on Democratic Underground (and I didn’t get the links) there were 2 other news items that caught my eye:

    — background check bill goes to Christie’s desk – it’s supposed to be a model bill, and,
    — very sadly, the largest dead zone in history is headed to the Gulf this summer due to the pollution run-off from MS River floods….and it will kill all the marine life within it.

  183. will says:


    Yrs, I have seen it; nonetheless it was greatly thoughtful of you to remember me and to have shared it with me. If his astrology is correct, the coincidences along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis are remarkable.

    Merci beaucoup, Patty.

  184. Lorrie U says:

    New Age Martyrs by Rick DiClemente

    How does one “get” a strong Neptune/Pisces influence in their chart?


  185. Bob says:

    Just for the record, election day in 2014 is Nov 4.

    The ladies are surging. Perhaps some of my wishes might come true in my lifetime. The list of names below are the most recognized by us but I think it is safe to say that they would not be if they did not have the strength of many women behind them.

    Nancy Pelosi
    Tammy Duckworth
    Elizabeth Warren
    Wendy Davis
    Hillary Clinton

    Based on her first winning election to the Texas State Senate and her filibuster this past Tuesday I have come up with a birth time in Warwick, RI, of 8:14 pm, EDT (6:14 pm, CST in Ft Worth, where she will probably be for election night 2014).

    Using my charts, it looks like she will win whatever she runs for in 2014, if she runs. Would she be more valuable as Governor of Texas or another seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    If President Obama is given a House and Senate controlled by the Democrats beginning in January 2015 what might he accomplish in moving the country forward and possibly rolling back some of the Republican dismantling or defunding of programs for those in need of help in our society. One dream would be to see a Congress that would pass tax increases on the 1% at least.

  186. starlight says:

    Please sign this petition on White House.gov to force Congress to rewrite section 4 of Voting Rights Act:


  187. alex says:

    Senator Dick Durbin, D-IL is up for re-election 2014 (likely challenger GOP Joe Walsh); I got an email this morning from Rep. Tammy Duckworth who narrated the story of her first contact with Dick Durbin who called her while she was in veterans hospital (double amputee Iraq war) and asked her to run for Congress!

    Dick Durbin is the epitome (archetype) of a mentor; he was mentor to IL Senator Barack Obama, and Tammy Duckworth among others now in public service from Illinois thanks to help and support from Dick Durbin;


    there are 33 Senate seats up for re-election in 2014: 21 DEM, and 14 GOP – – this is a challenging year for Democrats/Independents to hold their vital majority

    it is imperative for the Democrats to win every one of the 21 Dem – Senate elections in 2014:

    we all have a stake in winning those 21 elections – so here is Dick Durbin DOB 11/21/1944 E. St Louis; besides being an excellent progressive Senator you might find his natal chart an interesting study – archetype-mentor;

  188. alex says:

    2014 Senate Elections – Democratic

    West Virginia (Rockefeller – retiring)

    Virginia, Mark Warner

    South Dakota (Johnson – retiring)

    Rhode Island, Jack Reed

    Oregon, Jeff Merkley

    N. Caolina, Kay Hagan

    New Mexico, Tom Udall

    New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen

    Montana (Baucus – retiring)

    Minnesota, Al Franken

    Michigan (Levin – retiring)

    Massachusetts, Ed Markey

    Louisiana, Mary Landrieu

    Iowa (Harkin – retiring)

    Illinois, Dick Durbin

    Hawaii, Brian Schatz

    Delaware, Chris Coons

    Colorado, Mark Udall

    Arkansas, Mark Pryor

    Alaska, Mark Begich

  189. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: Thank you for your written reponse on The Gospel of Jupiter in Cancer, which I am now just seeing! Thanks again

  190. alex says:


    – I’m using the time of 4:16PM for hypothetical chart Wendy Davis and here is why:

    when I work with hypothetical chart rather than a complete chart rectification (to adjust a chart with an unknown birth time) I only need synchronicity in directions and transits…. because my focus is on bringing the individual into focus, but not necessarily for making a natal report;

    so my WORKING chart is hypothetical –

    a) 4:16PM gives her a CARDINAL birth cross

    b) brings her SOLAR ARC SUN meeting up with her MIDHEAVEN
    for the Texas filibuster year-2013 as she tutored the rest of the political class nationwide, how to use a filibuster in a working Constitutional Representative Democracy;

    when I rectify a chart I like to use several tests and one of those tests is to solar arc direct the natal sun from it’s natal house location as it crosses the cusp of the next house ( when a person essentially leaves childhood behind and takes on responsibilities becoming defacto adult)

    when she was 14-15 years old she went to work at her first job – her solar arc sun makes contact, reaches the next house, 9TH house cusp

    I like the 4:16PM hypothetical chart – if she runs for TX governor in 2014 (likely) and if Rick Perry is her opponent (likely) I might make adjustment to her hypothetical work chart; and even if I don’t find cause to make adjustment when I get more data, for my purposes, the hypothetical work chart will reveal the 2014 election narrative and that is all I’ll need (since I’m not preparing a natal report for Wendy Davis)

  191. Fe says:


    Thanks for catching the right date for 2014 election day!

    Markos at Daily Kos’s instincts are most always right. He says the same as you do — that whatever Wendy Davis runs for in 2014, she will win.

    I think she needs to be governor of Texas first, re-examine Texas re-districting, and usher in a blue era for Texas. This would seriously counter the Republicans push for voter suppression in other states. Republicans cannot win without Texas like Dems can’t win without NY and CA.

  192. Teresa Hill says:

    I think that’s right. Texas is a huge electoral prize. Wendy could do a lot of good as governor.

  193. Sharon says:

    Starlight, I have never yet been able to sign petitions on the WH site, Starlight. You have to create a log on and it then takes down several winding paths, as I remember, and I haven’t yet had success…right now I’m a little too busy to go through that process but otherwise would love to. It’s much easier to sign petitions with the many organizations that disseminate them!

  194. Patty says:

    Interesting Newsweek piece by the very conservative, Niall Ferguson. (who endorsed Romney) “The End of the American Dream?” ‘How rising inequality and social stagnation are reshaping us for the worse”.

  195. pisca says:

    It looks like all Texas Republicans are afraid of Wendy! One of the most powerful Republicans in the TX House has scorned Perry for his attack on Wendy:
    Meanwhile, at least 6,700 people (so far) plan to protest at the TX Capitol on Monday— the first day of the new special session. And a twitter account @UnrulyMobTX has been restored after someone (wonder who?) created havoc with the original account.

  196. pisca says:

    This link might have been posted in the last 200 comments; forgive me if I repeat. The Mountain Astrologer has a discussion with Eric Francis about Snowden’s chart (also see Planet Waves).

  197. Suzy says:


    Thanks for that post that Eric Francis has on “Mountain Astrologer.”

    Eric took some heat for posting Snowden’s Birth Certificate with his Parents Names…in full view on that post at his own website. I, too felt that Eric went OTT in posting Snowden’s parents names when all he needed was the Birth Time…and not the whole thing to bring them into what their son did.

    But…I see he has an interesting article on “MA”…without the Birth Chart revealing parents names. Eric is often a renegade…and a good read… Sometimes I think…he gets the “best of himself” but then we all have our “moments.”

    Thanks for the post…I would have missed this from Eric over at “MA” because i was kinda “pissed off at him.”



    June 28, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    This link might have been posted in the last 200 comments; forgive me if I repeat. The Mountain Astrologer has a discussion with Eric Francis about Snowden’s chart (also see Planet Waves).

    June 28, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    This link might have been posted in the last 200 comments; forgive me if I repeat. The Mountain Astrologer has a discussion with Eric Francis about Snowden’s chart (also see Planet Waves).

  198. Bob says:

    LIVE BLOG 2011 FILIBUSTER – with pictures (in living color!)


    10:45 p.m. by Morgan Smith
    Sen. Wendy Davis up now. Will she or won’t she? “This will be the very first time ever, that we will not be funding student population growth,” she begins.

    10:48 p.m. by Ross Ramsey
    In case you thought she was just going to talk for a minute, Davis’ staff just sent the media a press release with this subject line:

    “Senator Davis to hold press conference following her filibuster on the Texas budget”

    10:49 p.m. by Morgan Smith
    A press release from Davis’ office calls it a filibuster. Here we go.

    12:03 a.m. by Morgan Smith
    It’s 12:03. Davis concludes her speech. The filibuster is over.


    Good read. Her outfit in pic reminds me of martial arts uniform.

  199. Bob says:

    Wendy 2 – Re-thugs 0

  200. Suzy says:

    Couldn’t find Lorrie’s post on “Gospel of Jupiter in Cancer.” I scrolled up…but the post here scroll through so fast.

    Is this part of her book you read or from a post of hers. If it was a post and you can remember…would appreciate a link to it or a synopsis or something when you have time. As I said..things move so fast on this thread that some good reads are missed or embedded somehow that it’s hard to find when one scrolls back.

    June 28, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Lorrie U: Thank you for your written reponse on The Gospel of Jupiter in Cancer, which I am now just seeing! Thanks again

  201. fierywoman says:

    I seem to recall reading over at Juanita Jean’s that Texas voted about 40% Dem. And Bloomberg (news) said that if half the Hispanics (in Texas who were eligible to vote but didn’t) had voted, Texas would have gone to Obama. I think Texas is ready to go the the light !

  202. alex says:

    thanks for the url post pisca:

    Snowden per Eric Francis;

    background: speaking up/out Mars-Uranus

    if you look at Wendy Davis Natal Chart her Mars in Leo conjuncts (out of sign conjunction) Uranus in Virgo; this describes how she ‘speaks out/or up’ lets other know how is sensing an experience (in this case the legislative (mis-) treatment of women’s reproductive health, health care access, civil rights of women) her thoughts are about it; this is a constructive use of Mars-Uranus speaking up/out energy;


    Cadent 12TH House (re: 1RST Stellium Gemini) – Cadent 6TH House

    Mercury @10 Gemini


    Jupiter @03 Sagittarius, Uranus @06 Sagittarius

    background: I borrowed a technique used in horary astrology generalized to use for natal chart analysis;

    in horary astrology when you study a zodiac house’s influence (planets and points therein) you examine it as if it were the FIRST HOUSE, so that the preceding house’s content reveals 12TH occult intentions, motivations, psychic driving forces; example – study the 4TH house for intentions, motivations, psychic driving force of the natal fifth house;

    Snowden’s natal chart: 12TH house Mercury in stellium with the other Gemini influences ( mercury, ascendant, mars, n. node, sun) is the psychic driver of the 1RST house planets,points)

    therefore the opposition from Mercury Gemini Stellium takes in the planetary group Jupiter-Uranus in 6TH House;
    taking on special significance for the public examination his motives;

    Mercury is tied to Mars by stellium – in sign of Gemini:

    and so Uranus in 6TH becomes part of that study; the Mars-Uranus issue ‘speaking out/up’ about something falls under the influence of Gemini – Sagittarius axis;

    you all probably know the descriptive key words, phrases for Gemini-Sagittarius so I won’t go redundant on that theme;

    my focus is Snowden’s Gemini Mercury in the 12TH as the psychic driving force behind ‘speaking out/up’

    12TH Cadent Gemini Mercury (toiling forever in the background) Snowden initiating action of Angular 1RST House Gemini Mars group energies bringing forth the 7TH house (relationships) planet,point group – his Neptune-S.Node dynamic energies in relationship/partnerships;

    7TH House – mundane astrology key word ‘open enemies’ – competitors

    Snowden’s Jupitar @03 Sagittarius


    Pres. Obama’s Natal Moon @03 Gemini (conjunct Joe Biden’s Natal Ascendant @03 Sagittarius)……..

    Snowden aims his actions at the current administration (not past administrations; Snowden was 17 years old when Bush took federal executive office and 25 years old when Bush left office)

    the weight of Snowden’s natal charts goes to the subjective sector with seven planets in houses 1-to-6:

    the objective sector holds two planets plus Chiron ( Mercury – Neptune ) Mercury resides in the chart Eastern Hemisphere (self initiating,individual) and Neptune resides in the chart Western Hemisphere (social connections, cooperation)

    all in all when we will eventually understand his Neptune as the ongoing events unfold (over the years) and it will probably narrate the story of the peak/pinnacle experience (leaking classified documents) of his life as it effects the cultural collective (all of us) which of course will bring forth more (not less) plus newer methods & means for controlling the covert access to our private communications;

  203. Bob says:

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/28/wendy-davis-abortion-filibuster_n_3516524.html Length 6 m25s.

    Very good video created by Huffpo’s Oliver Noble. Watch for police action at the 4:25 mark.

  204. Bob says:

    Wendy Davis progressed Sun during the April 2014 grand square will be at 13° + or 14°+ Cancer. Transit Jupiter conjunct, Pluto opposed, Mars and Uranus square.

  205. alex says:

    Thanks Bob for post notation of Wendy Davis progressed:
    I’ll study up on it tonight;

  206. alex says:

    Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, applauded the final rule in a statement on Friday.

    “This means that women will have access to birth control at no cost, no matter where they work,” Richards said.

    “This is a historic moment for women’s health and economic security.

    Birth control is basic health care for women, and this policy treats it like any other kind of preventive care.

    Throughout history, birth control has had a transformative impact on women’s health, education, and economic opportunities, and this policy expands access to birth control like never before.”


  207. B.A. says:

    Glen Greenwald introduced by Jeremy Cahill, speaking at Socialism 2013 in Chicago this evening (6/28) on Snowden and surveillance:


  208. lisam says:

    Thanks for posting that video B.A. Truth will out.
    Greenwald said something in his speech concerning Snowden which is borne out by astrology – he said that if Snowden was after fame, he would have accepted invitations from so many talk show hosts who wanted to be the first to have him on their show, but that he turned them down because he was somewhat of a recluse. Mercury, the ruler of Snowden’s ascendant in his natal chart, resides in his 12th house. This is a sure indication of reclusive tendencies.

  209. alex says:

    upthread 6/26 – 6:40PM


    CA AB880 Bill – The Walmart Loophole Bill


    AB 880 Walmart Loophole Bill – Fails in CA Assembly

    Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, D-Los Angeles, was granted reconsideration after his Assembly Bill 880 failed on three roll call votes.

    Gomez conceivably could take the bill up again, but Democrats will lose their super majority Sunday, clouding prospects for a future vote.

    The final tally Thursday was 46-27, eight votes shy of passage.

  210. Azizi says:

    I wonder if anyone has identified the birth date/time of birth for Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel.

    There’s been a lot of discussion in the social media about Rachel Jeantel’s two days of testimony in George Zimmerman’s trial. Much of that discussion focused on Jeantel’s reporting that Trayvon Martin called the man who was following him (now known to be George Zimmerman) a “creepy ass cracker” and also a n***a (the form of the n word that many African Americans prefer who use that word -which I don’t). [My apologies for the use of both of those words.]

    I co-sign with all those who have thanked Rachel Jeantel & Trayvon Martin’s parents for their strength & commiserated with them for all that they have endured through this ordeal, including facing the plethera of hurtful & racist comments that are found in the social media.

    With regard to Rachel Jeantel’s testimony, I wonder if she misunderstood the defense attorney’s question as to whether she thought that “creepy ass cracker” was a racial term. Could she have thought that the defense attorney meant “racist?” If so, and if she considered “cracker” to be the same thing as “White” and she considers that calling someone White isn’t racist, it’s probably that Jeantel thought/thinks that calling someone a “cracker” isn’t racist.

    Also, I want to mention that I published a post on my cultural blog which focuses on some linguistic aspects of the phrases “creepy ass”, “punk ass”, “bad ass”, etc. That post can be found at

  211. alex says:

    RE: June 26, 2013 at 9:51PM, Mutable Grand Cross by Synastry
    (2016 Dem primary)

    T/Venus @23 Gemini 6/24/2013 Ready for Hillary PAC emerging
    June 2016 Chiron @23 Pisces
    Howard Dean Natal Mars @23 Sagittarius
    Jan-Feb 2016 Jupiter @23 Virgo, N.Node @23 Virgo

    Al Gore 2016 – Dem Primary (I haven’t studied yet)

    Al Gore 2017 – Inauguration 1/20/2017

    Inauguration 2017 Venus @17 Pisces
    Al Gore Natal Mercury @16 Pisces

    Inauguration 2017 Uranus @20 Aries (USA Chiron @20Aries)
    Al Gore Natal Midheaven @21 Aries

    Inauguration 2017 Chiron @21 Pisces
    Al Gore Natal Cupido @20 Virgo ( family history, issues )

    Joe Biden 2017 Inauguration (haven’t studied yet)

    Joe Biden 2016 Dem Primary
    Jan-Feb 2016 Jupiter @23 Virgo, N. Node @23 Virgo
    Joe Biden Natal Circe @26 Virgo (faulty feedback information from vested interests of campaign staff; self-referencing cohorts in an echo-chamber)

    RE: June 22, 2013 at 12:41pm

    a) hybris
    b) circe
    c) hildalgo

    Nate Silver described campaign internal political polling source errors in these terms:

    Hubris (overconfidence, no humility, presumptuous)

    Circe (faulty feedback information from vested interests of campaign staff; self-referencing cohorts in an echo-chamber)

    Hildalgo (not self correcting or learning by adjusting assumptions; without self discipline, driven by ambition and desire to dominate)

  212. alex says:

    upthread Bob – June 28, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    Wendy Davis – 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry (world stage)

    P/Sun @13-14 Cancer
    Mars @13 Libra
    Pluto @13 Capricorn
    Uranus @13 Aries

  213. alex says:


    as written:

    Inauguration 2017 Chiron @21 Pisces
    Al Gore Natal Cupido @20 Virgo ( family history, issues )

    Should read:

    Inauguration 2017 Chiron @21 Pisces
    Al Gore Natal Cupido @20 Virgo ( family history, issues )

  214. Sharon says:

    Fierywoman – Re your post on Texas being ready to “go to the light,” I wonder how the SC ruling that is allowing the voter ID plan requirement to pass will affect the balance of power….I sure hope that those of Hispanic descent that you speak of are able to go out and get voter ID cards, as well as get to the polls on time and be serviced. I’m wondering which voter IDs the bill will allow – will there be restrictions, does it have to be a driver’s license or passport? I’m thinking that some of the Democratic organizations will be doing community organizing in the states affected by the new voter requirements that place restrictions on voting rights and have already started.

  215. Patty says:

    Excellent video interview of Madeleine Albright by Arianna Huffington! Subject: “Being A Woman In A Man’s World”.
    Back in the 90’s Arianna was a staunch republican, as her husband ran and lost the CA Senate race. She wrote severely against Democrats, one day I sent her an email saying, “Why are you taking sides? You’re in a unique position to heal our nation, don’t cause division and strife”. She must have received similar thoughts and she changed her ways.
    Madeleine Albright is brilliant, her quote at 4:37 “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”. Video 20-minutes long:

  216. will says:

    Paula Deen Jan 29, 1947 Albany, GA

    Saturn sq Saturn
    Pluto sq Neptune


  217. alex says:

    upthread: June 28, 2013 at 12:12 pm
    2014 Senate Elections – Democratic

    what I do when there are so many charts of sitting political officials up for re-election is to simplify precisely, keep the symbols that narrative the re-election the same for each chart review; and compare the chart to the swearing in day for the next Congress (sometimes use the ingress chart for Sun to 00 Capricorn);

    the thing I eliminate is analyzing Pluto: this list is of incumbents, I’m not going to analyze Pluto for policy positions and power alignment;

    I use a) natal sun b) solar arc sun c) natal saturn

    that is my first working draft which I review:

    second draft adds (maybe) some consideration for Chiron return, Jupiter return, etc

    third final is using election day chart but I give most weight to swearing in day in January usually 1/3:

    [how I read the opposition party charts is another thing]

    there are four retiring Dem Senator seats and those election will need the usual complement from astro-tool box election charting;

  218. alex says:

    Swearing in 114TH Congress: (2015-2017)

    Swearing in, likely date, Monday 1/5/2015

  219. alex says:

    Senator Election 2014 – CO (2008 won 53% vote)


    Sen. Mark Udall says he’s targeted by Koch brothers’ group

    U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., this week claimed he is being targeted for defeat by the national conservative organization, Americans For Prosperity (AFP), and called upon his Colorado supporters to help him win re-election in 2014….

  220. fierywoman says:

    Sharon — I’d heard the Obama get-out-the-vote organization was going to rev up for mid-term elections — Texas would be sweet, wouldn’t it?!?

  221. alex says:


    Texas Senate Election 2014

    Incumbent GOP John Cornyn (2008 won 54% of the vote)

    DOB 2/2/1952, Houston TX

  222. Lorrie U says:

    The 5 Races That Will Decide Who Controls The Senate
    (2014, Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina)

    The seats currently held by retiring senators Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) will — barring some great miracle — be won by Republicans. That leaves Democrats with five seats to defend in order to preserve their majority. And if you think Republicans are successful now at obstructing the president’s agenda and nominations, just imagine what they’d do if Mitch McConnell (R-KY) were running the upper house of Congress.


  223. alex says:

    PS Texas John Cornyn

    any challenger to John Cornyn should keep this outline in mind:

    In 2010 John Cornyn was voted one of the “most conservative congressmen” by the National Journal.

    Natal Sun @12 Aquarius
    Solar Arc Sun 2014 @14 Aries
    Natal Saturn @14 Libra

    Natal Saturn @14 Libra
    Swearing In 2015 N. Node @14 Libra

    Natal Pluto @20 Leo
    Swearing in 2015 Jupiter @21 Leo

  224. Lorrie U says:

    Commercial Colonisation of Africa

    Dancing to the tune of their corporate benefactors, governments of the ruling G8 countries are enacting complex agriculture agreements delivering large tracts of prime cut African soil into the portfolios of their multinational bed-mates. Desperate for foreign investment, countries throughout Africa are at the mercy of their new colonial masters—national and international agrochemical corporations, fighting for land, water and control of the world’s food supplies. Driven overwhelmingly by self-interest and profit, the current crop of “investors” differ little from their colonial ancestors.


  225. alex says:


    – so far (have done partial work up)

    Women Senators on the 5 list you posted:


    they look ok so far but having said that I didn’t yet finish the checklist -tool box analysis for them….

  226. Sharon says:

    Well, maybe there will be a miracle in SD or WV? I think God will orchestrate one. As far as Mary Landrieu, my senator, I’m glad her prospects look good astrologically. I’d find it hard to believe she is going anywhere. She has done good by LA and is just conservative enough to please the conservatives. Her brother, Mitch, who was a long-time Lt. gov., is one of the most popular and successful mayors NOLA has ever had (I would think) and so was their father.

  227. alex says:

    – I’ve hardly begun the SURVEY ( not anywhere near a comprehensive analysis for Landrieu )

    and I can’t do all this 2014 Survey-charting myself! too much

    WHAT was her % that she won by in 2008?

    Who might be her challenger….

    all I’m saying with my notation so far …. is that I don’t see synchronicity favorable or unfavorable for swearing in – 2015

    that’s hardly conclusive …. there is lots more to do…

    do you practice astrology…. if you do make some chart investigation and let me know what you find:

  228. will says:

    When the time comes, none of us Stargazers can really know……no matter how many times we slice and dice the charts, moving them forward and backward. It’s fascinating and magical and mythical, even noble but ultimately no more than an educated call. We do what we do and the Great Unknowable unfurls as it will. At best we can become skilled at recognizing some patterns, permutations and persuasions……. but rarely anything comprehensively and consistently accurate.

    “Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'”

  229. Gypsi says:

    I have a pair of stray kittens here. Was considering naming one of them Wendy Davis… Here’s hoping. Starlight, any clues?

  230. Patty says:

    Gypsi, I’ve learned from experience. With a new kitten, start bathing them early-on, much easier when they’re young. As they age you can keep them sweet, clean and shiny without much fuss.

  231. B.A. says:

    Surveillance and politics (for the most part, with some exceptions, Wden, Udal, Rand & Ron Paul, Justin Amish and perhaps some others I do not know):


  232. B.A. says:

    Add to the list of exceptions, Alan Greyson.

  233. alex says:

    Sharon – why do you so easily grasp at straws and from my draft outline and turn that into BELIEF, hope, miracles and wishes;

    first of all I was replying to Lorrie – you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion you want with so little data; a chart analysis survey is 1) based on a premise/or/hypothesis then the analysis comes in to test the theory/(hypothesis) with different methods (appropriate transits and progressions etc ) after that a conclusion can be found/offered when the opinion of the person doing the work tells you how they much support/weight they themselves will give to the conclusion;

    I gave my methods for this survey upthread so that other people who are can duplicate and help test the 21 charts faster than me doing it alone;

    I’m not looking to create a racing horse election hot sheet that gives tips to gamblers on the election-race; I’m practicing mundane astrology on this public forum and in this case was open to having some crowd-sourcing input because their are some other practicing astrologers here who might offer their skilled opinion to expand the analysis perspective….

    I put up outlines of a chart and then expect if someone is interested too they will get out their pencils/computers and find data to support (or not) the hypothesis….

    don’t jump to conclusion so fast Sharon – think it through – astrology is a tool box that can help sort data and get answers; I work with probably outcomes…. more likely, less likely, not likely, that is it; I am not a predictive astrology I’ve said that about myself more than half dozen times on the blog;

    Nancy is a predictive astrology (that’s not what I do) and she is one of the few astrologer’s that is any good at it…. she has lots of experience and she is skilled;

    – I think I will only work on those five Senate election charts you mentioned!

  234. alex says:

    PS Sharon, at the moment I have a wicked headache!!! I enjoy your comments here and read them often

  235. alex says:

    it was 108 degrees today where I am …. what temperatures have you gotten lately?

  236. oxthecat says:

    I am wondering about Sarah Palin’s recent announcement about starting a third party, the so called “Freedom” Party. I am wondering if this might have an impact on 2014. It seems that I remember and I might be wrong, that Nancy said something about the Republicans and Mitch McConnell in particular not being happy around the time of the 2014 election. My intuition is telling me that this third party thing might have some legs, depending on how the current bills on immigration etc. play out.

  237. oxthecat says:

    sorry about the spelling error, I was in a hurry.

  238. Bob says:

    All of the below listed positions are for considerations with the transits on April 20, 2014 at 8:30 pm, EDT.

    Sibly Sun 104°29′ (13°19′ Cancer)

    Sibly Saturn 194°36′ (14°45′ Libra)

    President Washington Inaug Mars 12°50′ (13°33′ Aries)

    President Washington Inaug prog Moon 193°40′ (16°03′ Libra)

    113th Congress Sun 284°45′ (13°35’Capricorn)

    First House of Representatives quorum April 1, 1789, 11 am, LMT, New York, NY. Sun 11°21′ (12°21′ Aries).

    Prog Mars 142°46′ (19°43′ Leo) opposite prog Pluto 322°20′ (16°54′ Aqua)

    Prog Sun 228°22′ (20°49′ Scorpio), transit Saturn 229°42 (21°27′ Scorpio, retrograde)


    Venus 283°18′ (11°56′ Capricorn)

    Neptune 195°38′ (16°19′ Libra)

    In my chart for him the Moon is at 194°13′ (15°24′ Libra) and when the chart is progressed to April 20, 2014, 8:30 pm EDT, in Washington, DC, the midpoint of prog Mars and prog Neptune is on the IC at 192°28′ (13°33′ Libra).

    Mercury 229°50′ (22°14′ Scorpio) transit Saturn 229°42′ (21°27′ Scorpio)


    I will use a noon war time chart for him as I have not yet decided on a time from the 2 I favor.

    Mars 48°40′ (21°28′ Taurus), Saturn 50°30′ (22°23′ Taurus) opposed by transit Saturn 229°42′ (21°27′ Scorpio)

    Nothing for President Obama or Harry Reid but prog Venus and Mars for Nancy Pelosi by the grand square.

    From charts I have looked at for prominent politicians on election night 2014 I recall that charts do not look favorable for Republicans while they do look favorable for Democrats. I think I posted earlier that I
    thought that Nancy Pelosi would once again be Speaker of the House.

    Difficult getting this typed as the cursor kept jumping around. I’ll blame it on the NSA snooping.

  239. tetramorph says:

    Alex, that’s brutal. I’m Up North (as we like to say here) and very close to Lake Michigan. The forecast is for mid-70’s all week.

  240. Bob says:

    Rockford, Illinois, Northern Illinois (15 miles south of border with Wisconsin.

    Jun high low Humidity Precip
    Max Min
    23 87 66 97 63 0.77 in
    24 83 66 97 65 0.37
    25 83 66 94 69 0.48
    26 83 67 100 69 0.83
    27 89 68 100 44 0.00
    28 82 65 93 49 0.09
    29 72 62 100 61 0.74

  241. alex says:

    tetramorph -Bob
    – I am jealous

  242. Bob says:

    Rockford, Illinois, Northern Illinois (15 miles south of border with Wisconsin.) It has been very humid all week making the temps seem higher on the skin.

    June 23 thru 29

    Temps High and Low
    Su 23rd 87 66
    Mo 24th 83 66
    Tu 25th 83 66
    We 26th 83 67
    Th 27th 89 68
    Fr 28th 82 65
    Sa 29th 72 62

    Humidity High and Low

    Precip in inches

  243. Sharon says:

    Alex, You are right, sometimes I do jump too fast, but I was actually speaking in a lighter vein. At the same time, I was basing my conclusions regarding Mary both on the fact that you do thorough analyses, and (and this was the main reason), the fact that she is such a long time Senator here in LA and she and her family are so loved. I rarely hear complaints about her, and with her brother’s great work as a mayor of New Orleans, coming after the fiasco Ray Nagan created, all the building up of the city Mitch has done, there is no chance in hell she will lose! Pls don’t feel pressured as in you say something and I take it to the bank. I, too, realize that astrology, like the social sciences, cannot come close to being an exact science, but it is often, more often than not, in the ballpark and it’s so interesting. (In fact, I’m going to a reader this week who is a combination tarot reader, astrologer and channeler of those who have passed on–I will say a few words about it here afterwards.) I’m sorry to hear about your headache and the annoying heat where you, and Bob are. We are having a very tolerable summer here in NOLA so far, after a long, cool winter and spring. I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means), I’m really grateful. Alex, you are very valuable around here and I would never want to upset you. You have a really quick and sharp mind, I’m not surprised your daughter was valedictorian of her class. I’d love to know (not that seriously right now, I’m so busy with school & other projects) what about our charts or karma clashes as you seem to take me the wrong way sometimes. I am saying that in a friendly way & with curiousity-although it does hurt my feelings slightly (with 6 planets in Pisces and 2 Cancer placements) but I just get over it! I appreciate your apology. Love, Sharon

  244. alex says:

    – M.L. is an abstraction to me for you she is a reality, she is your representative you know the conditions and circumstances better than I ever could for the election 2014; it’s your community you know how they feel….

    You didn’t upset me: I didn’t want you to take false hope from a draft unfinished data outline ….

    along the same line and STILL uncompleted… the 5 senate seats that Lorrie’s url listed – Montana doesn’t have an announced Dem candidate as far as I know that is a wait and see;

    but of the remaining four…. and I’m very much NOT finished working on the astrology….. It looks like N. Carolina – Kay Hagan is going to be the most vulnerable – the most challenged to hold onto her senate seat….

    I use the control plus button to enlarge the page ( I have eye sight difficulties) you tend to write in one large paragraph block…. we don’t clash .. it’s hard to read your comments with my aging eyes :-)

  245. alex says:

    PS Sharon

    as matter of fact I don’t have a fast mercury mind …. I learned to accept that long ago; I do best when I take time to study up, work a thought through with a process and reflect…which takes time;

    according to classic astrology the natal mercury needs to be at least fifteen degrees away from the sun to have a fast, quick, mind;

    when I was in college I “clashed” or rather stayed away from Aquarius and Scorpio people…. the folks I knew were sarcastic, quick to find fault and openly criticized people around them; they were just showing off – immature people who are quick to think on their feet have the urge to do that;

    my daughter is a Scorpio we are entirely different; I am a home body she loves to travel, she was a dedicated student, I was into poetry and art didn’t care much for school studies until I became more mature then I found that I loved to learn;

    my daughter’s fiancé has a strong Aquarius moon; he loves to tease and clearly finds fault with life’s moving and changing tableau but is quite thoughtful and caring person; they get along famously and so do I with them :-)

    you are water sign element archetype (with 6 planets in Pisces and 2 Cancer placements) and sensitive …. if I was an immature Aries I would have steamroller over you and cared not the least about what you wanted or felt….. but that is not the case I find you interesting to read but I’m not always interested in the same things that interest you;

    I’m fire element archetype I scorch people at times , I am impatient with typing and my eyes get tired quickly …. I break away from reading long text unless I’ve prepared with pen/paper to take notes and dig into it, which puts me in the right frame of mind;

  246. alex says:

    tetramorph .. . . tomorrow is going to be 111 degrees