23rd Jun, 2013

Spy Versus Spy

The US has been in an uproar during the past month over the issue of NSA surveillance. In early June, an NSA computer contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked numerous top-secret documents to the Washington Post and The Guardian describing the surveillance of American citizens. Due to his startling and unprecedented disclosures, he became a national hero to some and a treasonous villain to others.

Snowden has recently been charged with three felonies: two counts of espionage and one count of theft of government property. Although the US government had been seeking his extradition from Hong Kong, authorities there allowed him to fly to Moscow, aided by Wikileaks, and reports in The Guardian suggest he may eventually flee to Caracas or Quito through Havana.

There are some fascinating dynamics in Snowden’s chart that have been on display snowdenduring this gripping international spy drama. Snowden was born on June 21, 1983, at 4:42 AM in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He has a Mars/Sun/Node conjunction (24-29 Gemini) in the first house, suggesting strong technical skill and tendency to rash, if bold action. This stellium is opposed by Neptune (27Sagitarius48) which sits very close to the South Node (25Sagitarius06), denoting a deeply ingrained pattern of self-delusion and exaggerated emotional response to situations. In addition, there is a Pluto/Saturn conjunction (26-27Libra) in sesquiquadrate to the Ascendant (12Gemini15), as well as the Moon at 13 Scorpio, which combined point to a streak of distrust and the fear of being controlled (Pluto/Scorpio).

From May 28 through June 23, Jupiter had been crossing Snowden’s Gemini stellium and opposing his Neptune, bringing a grandiose and extremely idealistic flavor to his unrealistic fantasies and exaggerations. As long as Jupiter was strong, it was possible to hold onto hopeful, if delusional expectations. But Jupiter is now separating, and the future is likely to seem more dangerous and frightening.

The August through September 2013 Neptune station square to Snowden’s Jupiter (3Sagittarius08) may bring another round of flight from reality and consequence, but that seems quite likely to by smashed by late September. Essentially, from September 17 through November 11, 2013, Snowden will be in an increasingly difficult, desperate situation, including perhaps an unhappy return to the US. There is a long string of Saturn transits that will build in intensity and seem likely to thwart his grandiose plans. Consecutively, Saturn will sesquiquadrate his Mars, quincunx his Mercury, quincunx his Ascendant, semisquare his Neptune, conjunct his Moon, sesquiquadrate his Sun, and square his Venus. These last five aspects are particularly onerous and will begin around October 12. He is likely to be very upset during this period.

The return of Neptune to the square of Snowden’s Jupiter in November and December 2013, combined with the progressed Moon opposition to his natal Mars in December, suggest an attempted legal battle of some kind. But this does not seem to lead to anything more than hot air by January. It seems very likely that this young man, with the overwhelming strength of Neptune in his chart, did not clearly see the consequences of his actions on his life, instead being caught up in the high drama and self-aggrandizing trap that often snares the unwary.


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