3rd Mar, 2013

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Dragon

Since January 2011, with the advent of GOP domination of the House of Representatives, our government has essentially lurched from crisis to crisis, seemingly unable to confront and resolve the pressing issues of the day. Each episode of brinksmanship has been thwarted at the last moment by essentially kicking the proverbial can down the road, at least until this week, when a pathetically inept Congress was unable to stop the ill-conceived and destructive sequester.  At the heart of the matter is the GOP’s steadfast refusal to “raise revenue” which evidently includes outrage at even the idea of abolishing subsidies to wealthy oil companies or ending deductions for corporate jets.  Instead, it proved easier for the intractable right-wing to throw 750,000 workers off the payroll, cut pay for numerous federal workers through a “furlough” program, and diminish supportive programs for the poor and struggling. This, from the “Christian” party of “family values”. Really?

These manufactured crises, including threats of a government shutdown, a refusal to increase the debt ceiling, and the infamous “fiscal cliff”, began in early 2011, with several months off for the 2012 elections, and resumed at the end of 2012, continuing into the present and beyond.  Seen astrologically, they cover the period of the progressed US Sun square to progressed Uranus (7Gemini02) in 2011 and the progressed US Sun square natal Uranus (8Gemini55) which began to take hold in late 2012 and will peak in September 2013. USchart

Ideally, Uranus dramatically stirs things up in such a way that a new and healthier direction becomes clear. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes several, increasingly painful shakeups before change actually happens.  In layman’s terms, the Universe will nudge you a bit, then, elbow you in the ribs, and, finally, kick you in the butt to get you to see the error of your ways and be motivated enough to make a change. Each hit is fiercer until a lucid awakening overcomes avoidance and denial.

As the spring of 2013 approaches, another round of uranian “kicks” is upon us. The old adage is that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I think this year it may indeed begin with the roar of a lion, but it will end with the flame spewing of a dragon. For the next ten days, from March 2 through March 11, Jupiter will be conjunct the US Uranus, triggering the very volatile progressed Sun square to natal US Uranus. It seems likely the people will make it clear that they are fed up about something, or perhaps many things. The push to break through some area of a dysfunctional status quo will be strong, possibly sparked by a sudden and unexpected upset.

Perhaps even more dramatic, during the last ten days of March, transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Uranus (8Aries07) and then square transiting Pluto (11Capricorn30) from March 21 through March 29. Somewhat overlapping this rather incendiary Mars/Uranus/Pluto combination will be the transiting Sun conjunct transiting Uranus and square transiting Pluto from March 27 through March 31.  This combustible mix will be followed by the building Mars/Sun conjunction which will be within a one-degree orb and waxing from April 13 through April 18.

Thus, in late March and into much of April, we can expect a rather inflammatory period of increased anger, aggression, and violent eruptions in many hot spots across the globe. It seems very likely at least some of this action will directly affect the US due to the agitation of the ongoing progressed Sun square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55) by a sextile from transiting Uranus (8Aries55) from March 20 through April 5, and by a quincunx from transiting Saturn (8Scorpio55) from April 4 through April 19. In addition, the transiting Sun/Mars conjunction (23Aries55) will be semisquare to the US natal Uranus from April 10 through April 13, further arousing some very troubling situations in the US.

It is very clear that the dramatic and upsetting events in April will be extremelyobama traumatic for President Obama who will be under the second crossing of Saturn to his Neptune (8Scorpio36) from April 9 through April 23. (The first crossing came during the massacre at Sandy Hook and its aftermath.) In addition, Obama’s progressed Moon will be square to progressed Saturn (23Capricorn14) from April 11 through May 7.  These will surely be very stressful days for him and likely for the country as well. It will also be another stirring of the pot by the transformative Uranus, with the ultimate goal of change we can no longer avoid.

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