In Like a Lion, Out Like a Dragon

Since January 2011, with the advent of GOP domination of the House of Representatives, our government has essentially lurched from crisis to crisis, seemingly unable to confront and resolve the pressing issues of the day. Each episode of brinksmanship has been thwarted at the last moment by essentially kicking the proverbial can down the road, at least until this week, when a pathetically inept Congress was unable to stop the ill-conceived and destructive sequester.  At the heart of the matter is the GOP’s steadfast refusal to “raise revenue” which evidently includes outrage at even the idea of abolishing subsidies to wealthy oil companies or ending deductions for corporate jets.  Instead, it proved easier for the intractable right-wing to throw 750,000 workers off the payroll, cut pay for numerous federal workers through a “furlough” program, and diminish supportive programs for the poor and struggling. This, from the “Christian” party of “family values”. Really?

These manufactured crises, including threats of a government shutdown, a refusal to increase the debt ceiling, and the infamous “fiscal cliff”, began in early 2011, with several months off for the 2012 elections, and resumed at the end of 2012, continuing into the present and beyond.  Seen astrologically, they cover the period of the progressed US Sun square to progressed Uranus (7Gemini02) in 2011 and the progressed US Sun square natal Uranus (8Gemini55) which began to take hold in late 2012 and will peak in September 2013. USchart

Ideally, Uranus dramatically stirs things up in such a way that a new and healthier direction becomes clear. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes several, increasingly painful shakeups before change actually happens.  In layman’s terms, the Universe will nudge you a bit, then, elbow you in the ribs, and, finally, kick you in the butt to get you to see the error of your ways and be motivated enough to make a change. Each hit is fiercer until a lucid awakening overcomes avoidance and denial.

As the spring of 2013 approaches, another round of uranian “kicks” is upon us. The old adage is that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I think this year it may indeed begin with the roar of a lion, but it will end with the flame spewing of a dragon. For the next ten days, from March 2 through March 11, Jupiter will be conjunct the US Uranus, triggering the very volatile progressed Sun square to natal US Uranus. It seems likely the people will make it clear that they are fed up about something, or perhaps many things. The push to break through some area of a dysfunctional status quo will be strong, possibly sparked by a sudden and unexpected upset.

Perhaps even more dramatic, during the last ten days of March, transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Uranus (8Aries07) and then square transiting Pluto (11Capricorn30) from March 21 through March 29. Somewhat overlapping this rather incendiary Mars/Uranus/Pluto combination will be the transiting Sun conjunct transiting Uranus and square transiting Pluto from March 27 through March 31.  This combustible mix will be followed by the building Mars/Sun conjunction which will be within a one-degree orb and waxing from April 13 through April 18.

Thus, in late March and into much of April, we can expect a rather inflammatory period of increased anger, aggression, and violent eruptions in many hot spots across the globe. It seems very likely at least some of this action will directly affect the US due to the agitation of the ongoing progressed Sun square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55) by a sextile from transiting Uranus (8Aries55) from March 20 through April 5, and by a quincunx from transiting Saturn (8Scorpio55) from April 4 through April 19. In addition, the transiting Sun/Mars conjunction (23Aries55) will be semisquare to the US natal Uranus from April 10 through April 13, further arousing some very troubling situations in the US.

It is very clear that the dramatic and upsetting events in April will be extremelyobama traumatic for President Obama who will be under the second crossing of Saturn to his Neptune (8Scorpio36) from April 9 through April 23. (The first crossing came during the massacre at Sandy Hook and its aftermath.) In addition, Obama’s progressed Moon will be square to progressed Saturn (23Capricorn14) from April 11 through May 7.  These will surely be very stressful days for him and likely for the country as well. It will also be another stirring of the pot by the transformative Uranus, with the ultimate goal of change we can no longer avoid.


  1. starlight says:

    Perhaps people will start to realize what the sequester will mean and start to rebel?

  2. will says:


    “At the heart of the matter is the GOP’s steadfast refusal to “raise revenue” which evidently includes outrage at even the idea of abolishing subsidies to wealthy oil companies or ending deductions for corporate jets. Instead, it proved easier for the intractable right-wing to throw 750,000 workers off the payroll, cut pay for numerous federal workers through a “furlough” program, and diminish supportive programs for the poor and struggling. This, from the “Christian” party of “family values”. Really?

    BAM!!! KaPOW!!! BADDA-BING!!!

  3. will says:


    You wrote:

    “Ideally, Uranus dramatically stirs things up in such a way that a new and healthier direction becomes clear. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes several, increasingly painful shakeups before change actually happens. In layman’s terms, the Universe will nudge you a bit, then, elbow you in the ribs, and, finally, kick you in the butt to get you to see the error of your ways and be motivated enough to make a change. Each hit is fiercer until a lucid awakening overcomes avoidance and denial.”

    And what popped into my head was, what kind of Uranus do malcontents like Lyin’ Ryan and Erica Why Can-I-change genders”tor have in their charts that evidently just doesn’t seem to kick either of their respective assess hard enough to bring them to change? Do repugs have some kind of a lower-rung, not-so-genius-related Uranus out there that just isn’t up to crackling some lightening bolts into the minds and hearts of this recalcitrant, unbearably retrograde lot? It just seems as if they are impervious to the astrological hits that most of here would probably agree are palpable, tumultuous, profoundly challenging and ultimately life-changing. Do they just double-down on the repression and denial when change is afoot or do they have some kind of astrological immunity to the massive power exerted by Titans like Uranus and Pluto?

  4. starlight says:

    Alas, I am not sure what makes Republicans tick. They are an alien breed to my mind.

    I almost included in the article a parallel with alcoholism, in that it often takes multiple crises, including DWI’s, car accidents, and personal damage before the blinders come off. And the GOP are certainly addicted to their self-righteous outrage, irrespective of the facts of the matter.

  5. will says:


    Just read the Reuters link you posted. All of these cuts and unless I am not reading the right articles, is the salary and benefits for members of congress also on the chopping block for these cuts? I’d wager they are not.

    I’m thinking we have to suspend all congressional salaries and benefits until this sequester is dissolved and resolved. Maybe then we’d see some action.

    Kick them where everyone else is getting kicked by the sequesters: where it hurts.

  6. will says:

    Perhaps they truly are aliens – from a universe where Uranus and Pluto do not hold sway.

  7. karen says:

    The republicans’ misaligned direction was seeded and rooted quite some ago. The purpose has always been a power grab, to control the world’s resources, to topple unions, and cull the weak and impoverished. With the help of the likes of Luntz, any number of think tanks, the Wolfowitz, the Cheney, et al, they’re coming far closer to realizing this dream than ever before. Many republicans view the sequester as a big win. Afterall, not one of their favorite subsidies was touched. Yes, there’s anger. And I for one am angry. And yes, it’s fear, a fear of repeating some past horror, but this time with nukes, and robber-baron banking systems.

    Great piece, Nancy!

  8. Helen says:

    The Keystone XL pipeline decision is around the corner, and the Sierra Club just wrote they were “deeply outraged” by the State Department’s recent release of the “deeply flawed analysis” claiming that the negative effects of the pipeline will “not likely result in significant adverse environmental effects.”

  9. Sharon says:

    I know that Obama and the Democrats are banking on popular opinion being with us and against the Repubicans…on the other hand, that could backfire in that the Republicans seem willing to take the hit, probably assuming the consequences will not be that bad. This is a real face-off and, like in all tough negotiating postures, both parties are publicly taking an extreme position. I hope that behind the scenes, those of good faith from both parties are mediating this and maybe by March 27, accord will be reached. I am thinking that Medicare & Social Security are the sticking points and the Republicans know that it’s the democrats who will suffer if these are lowered unless Obama can play his hand right and has luck.

  10. Wennye' says:

    Will my man! Your second paragraph about the Planet energies not affording change to the cretins, snatched out that side of my thoughts that I try to suppress. Table turning, Kharma creating all the goodies seem to sail pass them.
    I do feel they are so in Ego darkness and their belief that their God is only for the wealthy and powerful and that’s why they are..( left a response to the many on last post). We can get through much all we have had practice! Blessings

  11. Wennye' says:

    I’m thinking we have to suspend all congressional salaries and benefits until this sequester is dissolved and resolved. Maybe then we’d see some action.

    Kick them where everyone else is getting kicked by the sequesters: where it hurts.

    Wouldn’t that have to be decided by the ‘armed robbers’?

  12. Sharon says:

    Just saw on Du that Claire McCaskill/Bill Nelson will introduce a bill to cut congressional salaries, Wennye, so that federal employees don’t have to be the only ones.

  13. Wennye' says:

    Thanks Sharon :)
    Enjoy your Sunday

  14. Teresa Hill says:

    I try not to plug books here, but in reading the last thread and hearing how caught-up-in-the-crazy people are getting — and yes, there’s a lot of crazy going around hard not to get caught up in it — I feel the need to share.
    My long-time friend and very wise woman Maggie Shayne has a new e-book out that melds her love of Law of Attraction/spirituality/wiccan philosophy, one I just finished reading.
    She’s one of the coolest women I know (and I know a lot of really interesting women) and one of the best at being able to envision the life she wants and bring it to her. One of the very best about articulating the kind of mindset we want to be in, in order to be happy.
    She’s been through some real challenges in her life. I’ve watched them for years. And she’s created an incredibly happy, satisfying, spiritual life for herself.
    Her little book is here:
    She really is right, that we always get to choose how we feel, and we do ourselves and the world no good in getting caught up in the drama, the craziness. I’m not saying ignore it. I’m saying do what Wennye’ does — pick your little corner of the world and work to make it better in some way. Take action. Don’t sit and worry and feel terrible. It does no good.

    The other thing I’ve found really helpful when crazy tries to come inside and get comfy in my life is to be still, be quiet, close my eyes and reach out energetically to the people I love the most, the ones I respect and who I think are good and strong, building my web of friends and support, I call it. I feel those ties, me to all of them, and it helps me feel safe and grounded. And then I let that web grow, see us connected to all of us who are trying to stay calm and do good work and make the world a better place, to know things are evolving as they should be. See the connections, the web, in your head, feel how strong they are and feel safe and happy.

    Blessings to you all. (You’re part of my web.)

  15. Patty says:

    Many Thanks, Nancy! Great piece regarding the GOP from Canada: ‘The GOP is Destroying Itself’.

  16. alex says:

    The Republican/Libertarian/Tea Party is a fanatic subversive, iconoclastic NIHILIST organization:

    Nancy, have to agree the GOP/Libertarian/Tea Party embodies, and promotes metastatic outrageous behaviors, obsessively and compulsively – all addictive behavior are obsessive compulsive and they INDULGE in their addictions:

    example: 1980’s GOP declare that Reagan is the greatest American president and when it is challenged they up the stakes and want his head on Mt. Rushmore (and on every school house, court house and outhouse to indulge their obsessive compulsions:

    my astrology practice – key words for Republican/Libertarian/TeaParty are:

    (fanatic subversives, iconoclastic NIHILISTS)

    Main Entry: nihilist

    Part of Speech: noun

    Definition: skeptic

    Synonyms: anarchist, cynic, insurgent, radical, rebel, revolutionary

    Main Entry: radical

    Part of Speech: noun

    Definition: person who advocates significant, often extreme change

    Synonyms: agitator, anarchist, avant-garde, extremist, fanatic, firebrand, freethinker, iconoclast, insurgent, insurrectionist, left-winger, leftist, militant, mutineer, nihilist, nonconformist, objector, pacifist, progressive, rebel, reformer, renegade, revolter, revolutionary, rioter, secessionist, subversive, ultraist

    Antonyms: conservative, moderate

  17. alex says:

    dictionary definition of NIHILSIM:

    total rejection of established laws and institutions.
    anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity.
    total and absolute destructiveness, especially toward the world at large and including oneself: the power-mad nihilism that marked Hitler’s last years.

    Philosophy .
    an extreme form of skepticism: the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth.
    nothingness or nonexistence.
    ( sometimes initial capital letter ) the principles of a Russian revolutionary group, active in the latter half of the 19th century, holding that existing social and political institutions must be destroyed in order to clear the way for a new state of society and employing extreme measures, including terrorism and assassination.

  18. Sharon says:

    Great post, Teresa. I bring in my mother, her sisters, my father, grandmother, other grand parents I’ve not known, the brother who I did not get to know this lifetime physically, my uncles. I guess you can go on and on including those souls who are now in the non-material dimension. I’m going to check out your friend’s book…she sounds like someone special (like you & all of us here).

  19. Patty says:

    What about Obama’s Neptune at 6-Scorpio? After reading this piece…it sure makes me wonder?
    ‘Using the sequester to cut benefits was “Part of the DNA from the start”:

  20. Patty says:

    Sorry…don’t know what I was thinking. Neptune is not at 6 Scorpio. Yet, I still wonder.

  21. Noelle says:

    Theresa, thank you so much.

  22. will says:

    Teresa Hill,

    I wove being woven into your Web. Weewee, I do. Gwazi!

  23. will says:


    “Wouldn’t that have to be decided by the ‘armed robbers’?

    Aye, and there’s the rub, my friend.

  24. will says:


    Liked the Sunday Edition piece on the G.O.P. very much.

  25. alex says:

    Cardinal Donald Wuerl: American Pope Would be Unwise

    “The United States is a grand and glorious and great country, but the pope has to be able at times to speak a spiritual challenge, even to the United States,” he added. “So I’m not sure that it would be the wisest thing to have an American Pope.”

  26. Teresa Hill says:

    Love you guys, too. Let’s all try to keep each other relatively sane and calm, okay? Life is so much better that way.

  27. alex says:


    The federal budget consists of 1,200 projects, programs, and activities ( format since LBJ )

  28. will says:


    Coastal residents near Santa Monica awoke to a foul odor Sunday that probably was caused by a large release of methane in the ocean, authorities said…..

    Recent shifts in water temperature might have caused plankton and algae beds to bloom, releasing methane just under the surface, Walker said. The gas also might have been produced by a geologic event, such as a shift in tectonic plates, he said.

    PS I was at 7th Street and Montana in Santa Monica at 8:am and the odor was ubiquitous.

  29. fierywoman says:

    Will, I smelled that odor when I live in Venezia — the algae covered the canals and basin … I remember a cartoon in a paper that had Jesus walking across the Grand Canal. What I thought was cool about it was that no matter how rich or poor you were, there was NO escaping that awful smell!

  30. will says:


    Indeed. It was amusing to see the whole “North of San Vincente and Montana chic crowd with major stinkeye.

  31. Wennye' says:

    Teresa, may Spirit be with you! Sometimes ‘real life’ gets so complicated and here most days it is a soft place to land! Wennye’

  32. alex says:

    Wealth Inequity in America!

    Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers.

  33. clymela says:

    Starlight and Everyone-It seems so obvious to me that the Republicans are only interested in screwing with Obama. I believe that they will do anything,go to any distance in their hope of actually changing history so that Obama’s history will be one of failure.I do believe that the Republicans in charge right now are just flat out bat shit crazy. AND….racist to their bones.

  34. alex says:


    I have to admit I don’t give benefit of doubt to any REpug; when Reagan kept jelly beans on his desk in oval office the story was he liked to keep his favorite candy nearby; I didn’t think that was the only reason; because Ronny Raygun opened his first campaign appearance for presidential election with ‘states rights’ speech just a few miles from Philadelphia, Mississippi, a town associated with the 1964 murders of civil rights workers; I viewed the ‘jelly beans’ as a dog whistle message about the history of voter discrimination in the south; fi memory serves I think that some poll workers used the ploy of demanding that African Americans accurately count the amount of jelly beans in a jar by visually examining the jar to qualify they had enough education to be a voter!

    Ronnie’s jelly beans were nasty reminder of the ‘good old days’ of the south IMO.'s_Neshoba_County_Fair_%22states'_rights%22_speech

  35. Lorrie U says:

    I just signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama: Any across-the-board pay cuts for federal employees must include the same pay cuts for all members of Congress and the president of the United States.

    Pay Cuts for Congress:

  36. Lorrie U says:

    Progressive champions Rep. Alan Grayson and Rep. Mark Takano have written a letter with that pledge, and over 20 of their colleagues have joined them.

    Sign the petition thanking the 24 Democrats who have drawn a line in the sand and pledged to vote against any deal that cuts benefits.

  37. Lorrie U says:

    The Koch Brothers Take Credit for Imposing Economic Hardship on Millions of Americans

  38. Squallo says:

    According to Greek Christian Orthodox Monks Prophecies, there will be a third world war, but the US will not participate because it will be hit by a major disaster just prior to it.

    Could it be event predicted by , and Clif High.

    Perhaps the big event predicted is whats Nancy is seeing after March 20 and through April, because according to it will happen before June 1st., according to Clif High it will be between March and May, and according to it will be After March 13th.

  39. artsculturepeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    *Belated holidays, birthdays, etc. to each & everyone!
    *With gratitude for the eloquent & wisened astro-info presented on this blog, been watching national & world events from a place of alternating calmness and disbelief at how unconscious we as a species can be. The progressed US Mars Rx seems to be putting focus on internalized rather than projected/war violence/firearms discussions/our innocent children dying in our urban zones of war so the gun industry can continue making obscene profits in their business of death/suffering/grief.
    *From the point of a student of martial arts as warrior self-knowledge practice, it is fascinating to see the terrified weaknesses of ‘gop/foes’ blatantly, repeatedly & almost ritualistically displayed without adequate/ample/appropriate response from ‘team/Dems’ (if we must frame it as an oppositional warring/exercise Uranus/Aries) The gop mission has been for decades & remains in this very moment, this: Drown Govt in a Bathtub by paralysis & shrinkage to make way for massive privatized profiteering/enslavement. This is their mission. Sequester is a nasty tactic that serves well their mission. They will not stop unless stopped by a nonviolent force of discerned/wise public action that is tsunamic-like in nature/huge/unstoppable. They only move from amygdala fear not altruism. To awaken, they must fear we-the- people more than they fear their handlers/patrons/lobbyist-mentors, imv So very tired of their memorex tactics/repetitive ‘all hat & no cattle’ fear/projected attack moves…so very predicatable & immature.
    *i will never understand how it happened that in the ending moments of Bush 43, only Jack Abramov was indicted, tried & jailed for crimes that clearly also included Rove, Norquist & Ralph Reed. They were all in the same boat rowing to the same tune/cadence of their patrons desiring the same shore of personal wealth/power. They enjoy their impunity much too much, imv. Still today, Norquist’s devotees in Congress are both the lynchpin & weak link in all of this current bad behavior, imv. Surely, this weakness can be exploited thru a lawful cultural ‘push-back’ w/integrity for the good of the nation & planet. There are/will be many citizens with lots of time on their hands via sequester lay-offs, etc…if people can set aside the panic/fear and join together, there will be massive nonviolent actions to turn the tide of fear into a mirror that can awaken the gop/tp folks from their delusions. If people don’t reclaim democracy it will be permanently stolen, it would seem by renegade/violent/unconscionable/Uranus/Aries types rather than protected/kept viable by evolved pioneering types moving towards a better world.
    *If it is true that Capricorn relates to mundane/physical foundations…govt/economy/religion/civil society+? Where there is corruption, one can reliably expect crumbling/burning/pluto-slow-transformations of these institutions until the most basic core of integrity of found. That being love. Sadly, it appears there’s a long way to go for that core to be seen, touched, embraced, lived…meanwhile, we can individually do our best, for ourselves, each other & all that is…
    *Warm aloha all and blessings. E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua.

  40. artsculturepeace says:

    Here are a couple of possible legal, enlightened/nonviolent push-backs:


    Fat-Cat CEO+ Caps

    There are many other possibilities that do not require following the old methods/templates of 1900s, where masses of people gather together & ‘hope’ that they will be loved, cared for & change will come…doesn’t seem to work as well these days…Instead, as is generally done by abused spouses…after awakening to the untenable nature of the abuse, and after many good-faith efforts…the abusee leaves for her life & that of her children.
    Wonder what that might look like on a national/global massive & nonviolently peaceful/empowered scale.


    E Ho’omaluhia me ka honua!

  41. Francis says:

    If by the end of March there is no major earthquake off the coast of California, no major collisions with fragments from space, and if by the end of April there is no world war other than the current world in conflict turmoil, would it be too much to ask that those references and their fearful predictions not be cited anymore?

  42. Francis says:

    Thank you Lorrie for the pay cut petition. It really felt good to sign :) Posted it to F/B, too.

  43. oxthecat says:

    Squallo that was a great post. What do you think the odds are that people will rise up? I keep thinking that the Supreme Court’s decision about the Voting Rights Act may cause some sort of uprising if they strike down section 5.

  44. will says:


    Fabulous rant and aloha to you as well!

  45. will says:


    “Plenty of doom here to cover the needs of the prophecytards, bibletards, ww3tards, crashtards and all kind of tards”

    I just about moon-walked over these expressions – hilarious!

  46. CaseyM says:


    Don’t worry. Once we get by all these potential crises and they don’t happen, there will be a new crop of potential crises/disasters to worry about. The world has been ending since it began and for some reason we apparently need something to worry and obsess about. It seems to be human nature.

  47. Jerry says:

    About the Republican Party…… the Neptune Cafe website did an interesting astrological/ bio analysis:

    The Republican Party: The Party of Lincoln

    At the time of the Missouri Compromise in 1820, the Democrats had become the single, dominant party in American government, a situation which created a political vacuum. This situation continued until 1854 when the Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed the Missouri Compromise, and allowed for the extension of slavery into the Western Territories. Abolitionist elements from the disaffected Whigs, Free Soilers, and Democrats met to form a new party, which officially took the name the Republican Party at a state convention in Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854.


    It’s interesting to note that the Republican Party chart of July 6, 1854, has natal Saturn at 10 Gemini. It is the precise location where Jupiter will arrive when it forms that powerful yod to Saturn and Pluto in late March. Is this an indication the Republicans are willfully determined to obstruct and delay the March 27th Continuing Resolution agreement?

  48. barbk says:

    Nancy, thanks for the update on what the aspects for Spring will likely mean. As I read your breakdown of the past 2 years I couldn’t help but think that transiting Mars has also been an active player in these manufactured crisis’ since “early 2011.

    After he entered Aries in April 2011 and made his conjunction to Uranus, he slowly made his way through the early signs, spending over 7 painful months in Virgo due to his retrograde. In April 2012, he would oppose transiting Chiron and Neptune, as well as make a conjunction to the U.S. Mars and square the U.S. Neptune in Jan and Feb of 2012. Retracing his steps through Virgo he would make most of those same aspects twice more before moving on to join in the challenging cardinal aspects with Pluto and Uranus.

    Now, 2 years later, as you point out, he will again be in the thick of it in the days ahead. You say “unfortunately, it sometimes takes several increasingly painful shakeups before change actually happens.” One thing for sure, with Mars in the mix, we WILL pay attention.

    When the trans. Sun and Mars make their conjunction in Aries they will also be quite close to an exact square to the U.S. Mercury in Cancer. Since natal Mercury rules the sign natal Uranus is in he too will likely be influential in whatever those troubling situations the U.S. has to deal with from mid to late April. Communications related trouble wouldn’t you think?

  49. alex says:

    The GOP/Libertarian/Tea Party’s operating strategy is obstructionism: the hallmark of passive aggressive disorder; the GOP/Libertarian /Tea Party are subversives furthermore: fanatic subversives, ideological nihilists;

    Passive Aggressive Disorder is characterized by an obstructionist, hostile manner that indicates aggression:

    and they are discontented (not happy) won’t be happy unless they have the power to obstruct others needs: Paul Ryan and team think sequester panic is an opportunity to convince the American public that the idea of turning Medicare into a voucher plan is a great idea. They’re giving it a central place in the next round of budget negotiations.,0,7366545,print.story

  50. alex says:

    Paul Ryan:

    Natal / Phaedra @05 Aries 16 (depraved desires)

    Natal / Mars @03 Aries 36 (hostile, aggression)

    Paul Ryan
    January 29, 1970
    Janesville, Wisconsin–sY-Q4vo&

    GOP Budget an All-Out Assault on Working Families

  51. Squallo says:

    I think that there is no need to be afraid of prophetic talking or things like that, because, that’s mere probabilities and, more importantly, the worst that can happen is that we die, and that’s going to happen anyway, sooner or later.

    I am more afraid of not living this adventure that is life than death, because we surely are living in a point in time that´s going to be a watershed for future generations, and we can just deny the possibility of a disaster out of fear, or to embrace whatever happens without fear, because in the end, when we are dead, our soul will have huge volumes of experiences that go beyond rich people’s wildest adventures, and far beyond a nice house, kids, a good job, a couple of beers with the friends and so on, things that are nice, but that does not provide much to our real being. It doesn’t mean that we look for it, but if that’s what we have for dinner, bring it.

    And oxthecat, well… my experience here in Mexico is that the government can oppress the people to a point that you wouldn’t believe, and still the masses will duck their head in accordance. Why?… I don’t know… maybe because we live our entire life in a comfort world, we are domesticated, and what are the odds that domesticated pets rice up?

  52. Squallo says:

    To our soul it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad experiences, because it doesn’t have our moral values, our fears, our wishes. The stronger and unique the experience is, the better, because our soul grows in wisdom.

  53. fierywoman says:

    Ah, alex, the list of dates for apocalyptic events was SO refreshing … ! (;-) ))

  54. will says:

    Alex, Squallo, Fierywoman,

    Quite the industry it has become, this “End of the world” trade, huh?

  55. Patty says:

    Excellent video, ‘Wealth Inequality in America':
    What Voters in Switzerland are doing about Swiss inequality:

  56. Jerry says:

    Regarding this theme of possible shifts in the air; I rather like what the first elected US Republican President had to say about maintaining perspective. . . . . . . . . .

  57. Squallo says:


    indeed refreshing, but still will have some rough times ahead, even if they aren’t cataclysmic.

  58. alex says:

    Scalia has long had a visceral hatred of the democratic process.

    Mitt Romeny said if he were elected president he appointment more justices like Scalia – rmember!

  59. Patty says:

    Jerry…’Roses and Thorns’.
    We learned at the White House lunch today that the Obama’s have a family tradition that I want to adopt at our house.
    At dinner, they play a game called “Roses and Thorns.” Everyone takes a turn describing a good thing that happened that day (rose) and a low moment or tough problem they had to deal with (thorn).
    When the President finished his turn after a particularly challenging day at the White House (we didn’t learn which one), Malia told her Dad: “You have a really thorny job.”
    Smart girl! –George Stephanopoulos

  60. clymela says:

    Jerry-thank you for the link quoting Lincoln!

  61. angellight says:

    Patty: That is a great piece on GOP destroying itself, & us along with it.

  62. angellight says:

    I think this is a great idea — “Supreme Court Hearings Should be Televised.” via @mamiverse

  63. angellight says:

    BREAKING: Venezuela’s VP announces Hugo Chavez has passed away:

  64. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    starlight, you wrote about an upcoming inflammatory period for late March and April. In light of the passing of Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s very close relationship with Venezuela, I am curious about how you think how this will impact the USA from the standpoint of astrology. Especially since Cuba’s current leader, Castro’s brother is not running again when his term is over.

    All: It is obvious that Jeb Bush is going to run in 2016. Way too many signs and signals pointing in this direction. Please someone tell me astrologically that he has no chance of being elected. I can’t live through another Bush.

  65. B.A. says:

    Freedom to communicate conference:

    Glen Greenwald in 5 parts

    Others also.

  66. alex says:

    Lisa Robinson

    Jeb is running: every statement he says should be parsed immediately by the opposition: for instance in the last few days he made statement in media that ‘he is heartbroken that Romney wasn’t elected’ first of all this is a ploy to soften up the public to poor ‘heartbroken’ Jeb; really I’ve studied political manipulative language for years and years and years…. the Bush’s tend to follow the same script…. the foreshadowing for a beginning to campaign here is the emotion ‘sympathy’ for Jeb’s broken heart;

    no kidding (alot of politicians do this but little bro jr. especially elevated ‘sympathy’ from public in his 1999 campaign at the beginning)

    if people in opposition attack him now for his ‘bleeding’ heart then Jeb would expect to get ‘backlash’ support 2X times the effect of the original statement; but if he is opposed for thinking Romney would have been a good president then they should tie that to the first Romney interview from the other day where the same old deluded elitist was whining about how he would show minorities how to have a better life… etc etc…

    that should be put in the video vault to juxtapose with Jeb’s broken heart, to be used in 2016 not now;

    like a Texas bucking bull – have to ride Jeb down relentlessly until he is a goner; so every comment, op-ed and appearance has to have a campaign attack video but in the vault ready and waiting….. but don’t use it until 2016 don’t give him more ‘air time’ and headlines by opposing him now;

    since he started on the ‘sympathy’ note like his little brother George did in 1999 take out the Bush playbook and design THAT opposition campaign but expect another campaign strategy as well; and of course there should be experts on every campaign he ever ran in Florida and his record as governor should be plummeted by the opposition who should be ready for him way way way way ahead of 2016;

  67. B.A. says:

    There were some questions earlier in the thread on “why republicans act the way they do”, and I would add the same re democrats…

    This video is about the distribution of wealth in the US.

    It will ASTOUND you.

    It also may answer your questions indirectly (as it does not touch directly on that subject) about campaign finance… and why things work the way they do (for both parties, actually), and therefor for this country:

  68. B.A. says:

    Lorrie U, I just signed the Greyson petition you pointed out.

    Thank you.

  69. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    alex, great post! Jeb has already given us a gem. He has flip flopped big time on his original strong support for citizenship for illegals. And many Latino’s were gratified for his support. Now with his new book out he is now against citizenship. Really? Florida has a very large Latino population and they are very unhappy with him right. I simply can’t understand his new position since he is the former governor of Florida. In addition, his wife is Latino, how can this possibly play out as a positive? Also, I am of the strong belief that just his last name is poison.

    Very few people want to drink poison. I get filled with so many negative emotions and thoughts just thinking about the name bush.

    My apologies to horticulture and botany bushes (shrubs, GWB’s nickname, please don’t take this personal. Hedges, you are in the clear).

  70. Sharon says:

    We are this week studying the income inequality that, apparently has been going on under every administration in the last 30 years including Clinton’s. It’s a tough problem, this idea of redistributing the wealth and I think it has to be done slowly. According to some of my articles most wealth is inherited (60-80%) but there are now, in the last 7 years or so more billionaires than we would have ever imagined (I think there were something like 370 in 2006 or 2008, the year it leaped. How do you tell people they are not entitled to the wealth they have worked for without them feeling like you are ripping them up. The best way is to equalize things by raising minimum wage, creating good jobs again, closing tax loopholes. It’s a tough battle but we have to fight it and maybe even do it in a way that we can get the wealthy on board as poverty does hurt them too. An economist named Samuelson said a while back that if the Eiffel tower were made of children’s blocks (I guess those alphabet blocks), and each row was equal to $1000, most of us would be below the bottom 6 feet. Aside from reading about 75 pages about this (which included literature on Appalachia and reviews of “Beasts of the Southern Wild and a social scientists name Gregory Mantsios, I had to do a bias report so I did it on women’s head covering and am not finished with it (it’s a draft). I am concentrating on the types of Muslim head and face/body coverings but also include Jewish and Christian. Very interesting, I’ve learned so much. I also did a cover of colored photos with each section of the cover devoted to different groups. The idea was to show the similaries and they are there, as well as the reasons for wearing them, many more of them than suppression of women. For many, it’s a choice. Of course, the Catholic Church no longer requires it as it went the way of the nun’s habit but St. Paul wrote that a woman had to cover her head, although a man didn’t…his reasons were quite chauvanistic. I also have a midterm tomorrow on Human Behavior in the Social Environment; hope I’m not up all not with a brain turned to mush.

  71. Sharon says:

    Francis, I concur with you regarding psychic predictions….I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t want to worry about these things, I want to live in and love the moment so I agree with you Squallo about that part of it. Yes, we’re going to die but I’d rather not know where, how, when, under which circumstances, and some of it may not be decided yet anyway. I don’t want to know if I’m going to fall down a sink hole while sleeping, that’s for sure!

  72. B.A. says:

    Republicans revisit Medicare reform to cut spending
    A budget blueprint being drafted by Rep. Paul Ryan includes a proposal to create a voucher-like system, despite the GOP promise not to change the program.
    March 02, 2013|By Lisa Mascaro and Michael A. Memoli, Washington Bureau

    Republican Rep. Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin is preparing a budget plan that… (Win McNamee, Getty Images )
    WASHINGTON — Fired up as once-unimaginable spending cuts start to slice the federal budget, Republicans are launching a new phase in their austerity campaign — resurrecting the party’s cost-cutting plan to turn Medicare into a voucher-like system for future seniors.

    Despite public uncertainty Saturday about the $85 billion in so-called sequester cuts, Republicans now believe they have momentum to ask Americans to make tough choices on Medicare, as rising healthcare costs combine with an aging population to form a growing part of future deficits.

    That effort will form the backdrop as the White House and congressional Republicans enter their next round in the budget wars — keeping the government funded through Sept. 30. Unless they make a deal by March 27, the government could run out of money and be forced to shutter offices and curtail services.

    President Obama and Republican leaders have signaled that they are eager to avoid another bruising battle and federal shutdown as both sides position themselves for the next major pressure point, in late spring or early summer, when the government faces a potential debt default.

    Rep. Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee, is preparing a budget blueprint that aims to balance revenue and spending in 10 years. But his effort has run afoul of the GOP vow not to change Medicare — the federal healthcare program for seniors and the disabled — for those now 55 or older.

  73. Lorrie U says:

    Lisa L. Robinson – Re. Jeb Bush, I recall an astrologer, not sure which one, saying that Jeb would have had a good shot at winning if he ran in 2012, but after that it would be too late. Hope he’s right.

  74. rosendorn says:

    re: roses and thorns…

    “For the sake of a single rose, the gardener endures a thousand thorns.”

    “Never a rose without a thorn, but full many a thorn, and no rose.”

  75. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Lorrie U, I can’t begin to tell you how much I hope the astrologer scores big time on this. First Bush, fool me once, shame on you. Second Bush, fool me twice, shame on me. Third Bush, “try” to fool me, no FRIGGIN way!!!

    Not that I voted for either Bush but I did try to give both of them the benefit of doubt and support my country. Didn’t take long to figure either of them out. Been there, done that, no thanks. The Bush dynasty can kiss it!

  76. alex says:

    Lisa Robinson

    – Rick Santorum will run 2016
    Donald Trump will run
    throw in there GOP governor or two
    and GOP female governor

    there will be more after all that

  77. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t know…Rick Santorum, Donald Trump, GOP governors???? Jeb Bush is looking a whole lot better.

  78. Bob says:

    From my charts for Hillary and Biden I don’t expect either to win in 2016 but Jeb Bush’s chart looks good for a win on election night.

    Caveat – I will have to look at Hillary’s and Bidens’s charts for the day or 2 after the election as Jeb’s chart shows possible big time trouble then. Voting scandal?

  79. alex says:


    I’m referring to the GOP primaries…. it will be a zoo again populated with GOP governors, female governors, Rick Santorum big money donors declared their support for 2016 Santorum months ago right after the November election;

    the presidential election cycle is a MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY…. wealthy money elite financially bet on the GOP racehorses; they have their reasons eventually they get to ask for tax loopholes or deregulation from one or more of the former candidates and possible a GOP president;

    I charted the inauguration for 2017 awhile back and it looks like it is going to be hard to keep GOP out of the WH;

    Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton – – absurd isn’t it that the clinton(s)-bush(s) have ambition for presidential power over and over and over again; megalomania need for power;

    Jeb Bush vs Joe Biden sounds better to me;

    Cardinal T-Square by Synastry

    Jeb Bush’s Solar Arc Sun 2016 @26 Aries


    USA Pluto @27 Capricorn


    USA Mercury @24 Cancer

  80. alex says:

    election 2016 I think between now and 2016 and for the entire 2016 presidential election cycle all the Democrats have to do is THIS:

    over and over and over and over make graphic representations of wealth inequity in US ( it growth, it’s history, what they may do about it etc etc ) and if they HAD THE GUTS compare US inequity to the rest of the world….

    it should be simple for DNC and D-governors and D-mayors and D-Senators and D-congress people

    work one idea until two year olds can recite the inequity difference in US….. how hard could THAT be…..they risk boring us but since it is a disgusting FACT it is a disgusting motivator too…..

  81. alex says:

    PS: call the campaign: WHAT’S YOUR SHARE OF US(A) WEALTH ….this much or that much ( that one is for the two year olds ) the rest of us can talk ratios, percentages, and HOW IT FEELS US FEEL to have (this tiny tiny little bit of US(A) wealth)

  82. Michael from nyc says:

    Personal thought: We’re currently in the Chinese year of the snake — here’s a cool page of a previous year of the snake which was 1965 (note: you’ll seem some re-occuring themes:

    By the way in terms of re-examing the 60s I’d highly recommend reading “The Passage of Power” by Robert Caro on JBJ — it covers 1958 until 1964 through the eyes of LBJ and the world that surrounded him and you see a repeat in themes we see today: guns vs. butter, civil rights, international tension, etc.

  83. alex says:,_2014

    Gubernatorial elections
    Seats contested 38

    Senate elections
    Seats contested 33 seats of Class II

    House elections
    Seats contested All 435 seats to the 114th Congress

  84. tetramorph says:

    If Jeb Bush gets the nomination, do you think they’ll invite his father and brother to the GOP convention this time? sorry, I couldn’t resist! :)

  85. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    tetramorph, good one! That brought a smile to my face. A sense of humor will get me through the horrifying thought of having to deal with another Bush. I associate the name Bush in politics to all the characters from the 1st Harry Potter movie who can’t and don’t want to say the name Voldemort out loud.

    He who shall not be named.

  86. alex says:

    Badge of Honor: the very reverend the most evil Roger Ailes (Fox News) thinks [Joe Bidne] he’s dumb as an ashtray.

  87. Noelle says:

    Starlight, I’m wondering if you lost power again. Sure hope not.

  88. will says:

    Michael from NYC,

    Good to see your post. Are you perhaps, a fellow serpent?

  89. Patty says:

    Michael, Love your Pinerest. Our beautiful Michelle Obama looks exactly like one of the early Surpremes! Year of the Snake is not good. Check out this piece from France. ‘Asian Astrologers Warn of Stormy Year of Snake':

    Alex, You’re Spot-On. Dems must make it absolutely clear to the American people of how the USA has never before seen such a growing level of inequality.

  90. starlight says:

    They predicted a huge snowstorm -Snowquester they named it. The federal government closed, I canceled my clients, a lot of businesses closed. Further out, there is some snow. But here in the close suburbs of DC and in DC, there is a bit of white on the grass. That is it. Extraordinary miscalculation. On the whole, I prefer this to dealing with 10 inches of heavy wet snow, but still…

  91. alex says:

    Excerpt Email:

    Dear MoveOn member,


    Congress: Vote for the Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013 (HR 900)

    Last Friday, my friend Congressman John Conyers introduced a bill called the “Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013″—a bill that, not surprisingly, cancels the sequester.

    In case you haven’t heard, the sequester is an endless series of irrational and cruel budget cuts. Fortunately, since Congress invented the sequester, Congress can also kill it.

    Here’s the entire bill:

    “Section 251A of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 is repealed.”

    That’s it. That’s the solution, in a single sentence. No loopholes. No self-imposed crises. Just one sentence.

    Join us by signing a petition in support of just-say-no to the sequester. 75,000 people already have.


    Alan Grayson

  92. Patty says:

    Great Idea, Alex. Most voters haven’t a clue what a slippery slope we’re on.
    GOP Has Won a Budget Battle, Not The War:

  93. Lorrie U says:

    The Militarization of the National Security State

    Mark Karlin: Given the behemoth power of the military-industrial complex, is it safe to say that if we didn’t have an enemy, the Pentagon would invent one.

    Melvin Goodman: The Pentagon needs an enemy to conduct its war gaming; its preparedness; its culture; its spending demands. Since the demise of the Soviet Union, the enemy has been China, which could be a classic example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. For the past seven decades, we have exaggerated all threats, including international communism and the Soviet Union, and now China and international terrorism. The more things change; the more they stay the same.

  94. tetramorph says:

    I think the stench off Santa Monica, CA., was mentioned in the last thread. There was some chatter on the blog about a possible methane release being the cause, not algae. Looks confirmed:

  95. will says:


    Correct. Officials are indicating that the massive methane release was from a crack opening deep in the ocean floor likely due to a a shift in the tectonic plates. That is precisely why I bothered to mention it last Sunday. Today there was a pungent odor of natural gas that was equally pervasive. Rather odd. I am unfortunately, hyper-sensitive to smell and sound.

  96. barbk says:

    Upon hearing that the President would dine with some select Republicans, just as the stock market climbed back to where it was before the crash, some old sayings came to mind. Specifically, Make hay while the Sun shines; Every dog has its day, and Never look a gift horse in the mouth. With transiting Venus sextile to Pluto, and trine Saturn, and conjunct Mercury last night, it was a wise strategy. As transiting Neptune was trine the U.S. natal Venus too, and transiting Sun, Mercury and Saturn have also been sextiling the U.S. Libra Saturn, it was a perfect time to Strike While The Iron was Hot!

  97. barbk says:

    Strike that Sun, Mercury sextile US Libra Saturn bit. It’s late. Still they HAD been trine the US Sun!

  98. alex says:


    President Obama asked Lindsey Graham and John McCain to invite a group of GOP leaders for a dinner/summit; President Obama (news says) paid for the dinner personally; they went to Jefferson Hotel in DC ( where they serve fruits, vegetables, herbs grown at Monticello – Thomas Jefferson estate);

  99. Jerry says:

    UN preparations for the imposition of additional sanctions in reprisal for the Feb 12th No. Korean nuclear test; a clear violation of current nuclear treaty agreements has caught some media attention. North Korean army’s supreme commander announced yesterday that the 60-year-old cease-fire would be revoked on March 11th, the day that South Korea and the United States are due to begin their annual ‘Key Resolve’ drills.

    The March 11th New Moon at 21 Pisces as mentioned in an earlier post forms an opposition to President Obama’s natal Mars and in t square to the US Mars-Neptune square. Mars ingress into Aries on the 12th activates both North Korean and South Korean natal Uranus by square and consequently a semi-square to natal Pluto. The March 11th Jupiter transit at 8 ’55 Gemini precisely conjoins the US Uranus. A quick glance at the July 27th, 1953 Armistice agreement, one notices the agreements natal Venus at 21 Gemini in trine to Saturn (21 Libra). This Pisces New Moon in square to the Armistice agreement Venus could indicate an abrogation of previous understandings and therefore possible escalation of tensions over the next several weeks. Whether rhetoric cascades into a full blown conflict remains to be seen. The March 27th Full Moon at 7 Libra in t square to Uranus and Pluto has South Korea’s natal Venus (7 Cancer) right in the line of fire………

    A Look At What North Korea’s Vow To Scrap War Armistice Means For An Already Tense Region

    Washington Post
    March 6, 2013

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The armistice that ended the Korean War in 1953 is, at best, a fragile thing: The countries overseeing it have formally accused each other of more than 1.2 million violations.

    But North Korea’s threat to scrap the cease-fire next Monday still matters because the armistice is the key document blocking hostilities on the Korean Peninsula, which technically has remained in a state of war for six decades.

    If North Korea follows through on its threat to nullify the document that set up the heavily armed buffer zone between the Koreas, it could drive badly frayed relations even lower. The threat comes as diplomats at the U.N. negotiate sanctions aimed at punishing Pyongyang for its recent nuclear test and as allies Washington and Seoul plan massive war games set to start Monday.

    Here’s a look at what the North’s threat could mean for the Korean Peninsula’s fragile peace:


    The armistice signed on July 27, 1953, set up an apparatus meant to govern a cease-fire ending the war. It can be seen most clearly at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South.

    The armistice called for the creation of a military demarcation line and the DMZ around it — a 4-kilometer (2.5-mile) -wide “buffer zone,” with one side controlled by the American-led U.N. Command and the other side by North Korea.

    The armistice prohibited “hostile acts” within or across the zone. As a hotline between the sides, it set up a military truce commission at the Panmunjom village that straddles the DMZ.

    By scrapping the armistice, North Korea would be effectively refusing to recognize the DMZ, which is a violent place even with the rules of the armistice in place: Hundreds of troops serving under the U.N. command have died in the buffer zone over the years.

    “North Korea wants to show it can attack South Korea at any time,” said analyst Cheong Seong-jang at the private Sejong Institute in South Korea. “The chance for limited war … has increased.”


  100. Francis says:

    Barbk, I wish the dinner served genetically modified foods and water from fracked wells.

  101. Nick says:

    It’s quite possible the things Nancy is mentioning

    “in late March and into much of April, we can expect a rather inflammatory period of increased anger, aggression, and violent eruptions in many hot spots across the globe. It seems very likely at least some of this action will directly affect the US due to the agitation of the ongoing progressed Sun square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55) by a sextile from transiting Uranus (8Aries55) from March 20 through April 5, and by a quincunx from transiting Saturn (8Scorpio55) from April 4 through April 19. In addition, the transiting Sun/Mars conjunction (23Aries55) will be semisquare to the US natal Uranus from April 10 through April 13, further arousing some very troubling situations in the US.”

    pertain to Far East Asia. Recently North Korea (DPRK) stated they have abolished the Armistice between the two Koreas’ North and South. Just today they have announced… vowed to Launch a Nuclear attack on “Washington.” Its highly doubtful they have the technology to do that; however they have Missiles and The US has thousands of troops stationed in South Korea well within range of DPRK missiles and Artillery.

    “North Korea vows nuclear attack on US, saying Washington will be ‘engulfed in a sea of fire”

    Read more:

  102. Squallo says:

    Given a day or two before or after, expect upheaval for the nation’s people on March 27, 28, 29, 2013 as the Sun progresses to conjoin Mars and Uranus…for weather and JIT deliveries on March 28th, when the Sun progresses to square the Fourth house Moon…that will snowball on March 31st, as the Sun progresses to sextile Jupiter, triggering the YOD, bringing all Third house matters to conditions of trial: atmospheric conditions, transportation by land, river, and sea…travel…bridges…neighborhoods…communications (internet, telephone system, post office, radio, television) and local traffic conditions.

    The time for which we have prepared is upon us.

    It is curious that North Korea just all of the sudden started making treats, I think that they have missiles capable of reaching the US, but I doubt that they have the technology to deliver the missiles to their target at that distance. Worst they can do is to explode one over US mainland, sadly it could generate an EMP that affects all electronics and electricity network, worst consequence could be disruption of JIT “Just In Time” delivery system.

    But that’s my paranoid side of the brain speaking.

  103. Squallo says:

    Tens of thousands of sharks spotted by marine biologists in South Florida

    Read more:

  104. Sharon says:

    I have heard before that the oceans will be releasing methane and there’s methane under the glaciers, too. As well as the fact that cows release it so if we cut down on meat consumption, there will be less cows needed. What is North Korea going to get out of starting a war with South Korea? And I think they know the consequences of firing at the U.S.? What was all the kissy-huggy stuff with Dennis Rodman? Maybe he needs to go back?

  105. starlight says:

    When things in the world get dangerous and complex, North Korea begins to feel ignored and starts making dire threats to get attention. It is like dealing with a toddler. Let’s hope this toddler doesn’t actually throw a real tantrum.

    From March 20 through mid-April, the pot will be stirred a lot. Just the Mars/Sun/Uranus square Pluto at the end of March gives me the chills.

  106. Jerry says:


    Re: North Korea. . . March 18th. A provocative incident of some kind on the Korean peninsula? On this day, South Node conjoins the May 9th eclipse (19 ’32 Scorpio). It is within a degree of North Korea’s natal Chiron (20 ’41 Scorpio), the US Inaugural Moon (19 ’36 Scorpio) in square to US Inaugural Mars (20 ’13 Aquarius) and semi-square to the US Inaugural Uranus (5 ’13 Aries). On March 18th tr. Mars at 4 ’57 Aries could provide the spark. Here’s the chart I submitted last month……..

  107. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION: To be more precise; the March 18th Nodes are in exact conjunction to the May 9th solar eclipse.

  108. Jerry says:

    And….. US Inaugural Moon’s location is the reverse from what I had written. It is actually at 19 ’36 Taurus. Sorry for the confusion.

  109. Squallo says:

    It’s cucu time… yipee

    A North Korean general said Thursday that the country has placed long-range missiles armed with nuclear warheads on standby, as Pyongyang said it will not bow to the United Nations resolution condemning its latest atomic weapons test.

    According to the Rodong Sinmun, an organ of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), Colonel General Kang Pyo-yong said soldiers are already positioned to launch a war of reunification if the order is given by its leaders. The paper said the general made clear at a speech given at a rally in Pyongyang that intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and other rockets capable of attacking pre-set targets have been armed with various types of atomic warheads.

    Please someone give him his lollipop.

  110. Sharon says:

    And you thought you’d never see John McCain and Lindsey Graham stick up for President Obama against, but they did regarding Rand Paul’s filibuster against drones, while those who are anti-war and anti-violence (Liberals) sided with Rand Paul….it’s good for the country when they see this happen!

  111. starlight says:

    If North Korea really does try to nuke us or nuke South Korea, what do we do in response? Do we nuke them back? What a horrifying disaster that would create. They must be very desperate about the sanctions to respond this way.

  112. alex says:

    USA DK Lilith @19 Virgo – War

    January 24, 2003
    War on Terrorism: The United States Department of Homeland Security officially began operation, and former governor Tom Ridge took command. Reorganization of other departments affected by its creation in the United States Government would continue for some time. This represented the largest reorganization of the United States Government since the creation of the United States Department of Defense during World War II.

    USA Sun @13 Cancer opposite T/Chiron @13 Capriorn – DHS begins operating

    1/24/2003 Chiron @13 Capricorn (wounding) opposite USA Sun @13 Cancer (US Sun ‘will to live’)

    On March 17, 2003: President George W. Bush announces in a televised speech that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his sons have 48 hours to leave Iraq, or the United States will initiate preemptive military action against Iraq.

    Pluto at 19 Sagittarius was is exact square with US natal Lilith,while transiting Lilith was in sesquisquare (135 degrees) with its natal position.

  113. Jerry says:

    It seems North Korea is feeling cornered. There have been many bellicose threats made in the past, but check out North Korea’s progressed Sun….. it’s right at the 20 Scorpio mark in conjunction to its natal Chiron. Psychologically, a paranoid festering emotional wound is evident and being challenged as never before. If the March 18th aspects I’ve outlined proves to be correct, we could expect a more strident, provocatively dangerous North Korea on the horizon.

  114. will says:

    North Korea does not have the capacity to do much of anything. Like a very small, frightened dog, the bark and snap and growl first, as a defense. South Korea, Japan and China would likely pound rain terror upon them before we would be lifting a finger.

  115. Michael from nyc says:

    Patty I don’t think in Chinese astrology that a snake is a bad thing, and maybe even in western thinking the snake in Eden that offers us an apple of wisdom isn’t really a bad thing.

  116. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    I’m inclined to disagree. A desperate North Korea might be capable of anything, especially if as being suggested, all vital communication links are to be cut off, leaving the danger of miscalculation.

  117. angellight says:

    Sharon: It is good for the country to see some solidarity of Dems & Republicans, very good to see.

    Patty: Snakes mean wisdom. In Bible, be yee harmless as doves & wise as snakes. Egyptians wore the Headress with the snake on it. In India, Nagals/snakes are called Initiates of the Wisdom.

  118. Squallo says:

    If I were the top head in charge of defending the west against annihilation, I would have already nuke Kim´s ass out of this planet, because I do not tolerate fu**ers who try to blackmail me.

    Why don’t you contact your representative in congress and see what can be done.

    Pardon my french.

  119. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight and All!
    re: USPS

    The USPS was originally mandated in the Constitution (Art I/Sect. 8) & was an actual Cabinet Department until Nixon ended that in 1970. Before 1970 all of the post office buildings, New Deal Art Murals+ gracing many were funded by US citizens from taxation. After 1970 not a penny of fed. monies has supported the USPS, tho Congress has held authority to make legislation that creates rules/boundaries of USPS functioning.

    To shine a light of transparence on the Norquist/Koch Bros. “drown a bathtub” sedition unfolding there is excellent/ thorough reporting as to how the USPS was ‘poison-pilled’ in a W-lame-duck congressional voice-vote-only 2006 Postal Accountability & Enhancement Act–HR6407 Title VIII Sect. 8909a mandate that leads to privatization…Along w/articles included is a link to a petition to help stop the cannabilizations/closures of the USPS: (Thorough article with history/facts by Bob Sloan) (excellent history/options to prevent closures/privatization)

    Constitution Art.I/Section 8: “To establish post-offices and post-roads…” USPS is a backbone of our nation, our communities, our history. Let’s see if we can reclaim it from ‘southern strategies’ fans at ALEC+…

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua! May Peace Prevail on Earth…& The best of Intl Women’s Day!

  120. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,
    re: North Korea

    A reasoned analysis of the situation:

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua…

  121. will says:

    Starlight, ArtsCulturePeace,

    I believe you have hit upon the crux of North Korean’s real motivation.

    Nancy, the notion of l’enfant terrible pretty much nails it. These people embody a shared mass-delusion.

  122. Lorrie U says:

    2013: Year of the Water Snake — Overview

    Welcome to Year of the Water Snake! Snake is the Yin to last year’s Dragon Yang. That said, Snake does not settle for mediocrity, either. We’re likely to see significant developments in the area of science and technology this year. Research and development are apt to flourish. This is a Water year as well, the element most closely associated with education and research, making 2013 a very special year for scientists and scholars. Snake is a great sign, a positive one, with energy that can help us face all of the challenges ahead of us. Let’s take advantage of this vibrant influence to improve our lives — and our world!

  123. Lorrie U says:

    Marco Rubio: I’ll Vote To Shut Down The Government Unless Obamacare Is Completely Defunded

  124. Patty says:

    I hear it all the time, ‘Those damn Baby Boomers’.
    “In the coming years, baby boomers will be moving on (inching further through the python, if you will). “They will want to sell their homes, and they’re hoping there are people behind them to buy their homes,” says Nelson, director of the Metropolitan Research Center at the University of Utah. He expects that in growing metros like Atlanta and Dallas, those buyers will be waiting. But elsewhere, in shrinking and stagnant cities across the country, the story will be quite different. Nelson calls what’s coming the “great senior sell-off.” It’ll start sometime later this decade (Nelson is defining baby boomers as those people born between 1946 and 1964). And he predicts that it could cause our next real housing crisis”.

  125. alex says:


    – maybe the Senate gym could be shutdown until the government official representatives stop using American citizens as sequester hostages; or maybe the Architect of Washington projects should be suspended under the sequester;

  126. alex says:

    PS Lorrie

    and the Senate staff has their own gym since 2004 – shouldn’t be operating under sequester either;

    Senate Staff Get Their Own Gym

  127. will says:

    Please sign the petition to take all of the vowels out of Mark Rubio’s name.

  128. Sharon says:

    Good one, Will…where is it? I’ll sign!

  129. Barb says:


    Thanks for that link to the Elizabeth Warren story. Oh, how I love that woman! What a breath of bracing fresh air! I’ve gotten so used to hearing even the GOOD politicians on the hill praise the emporer’s clothes, it’s a revelation to hear her point out that he’s nekkid.

  130. will says:


    I am embarrassed FOR Eric Holder cowering to Big Banking with a lame excuse like that. We all remember Ma Bell’s Telephone Monopoly pulling the same cheap scare tactic stunt. And when the U.S. Attorney finally broke her monopoly over telephone services, all kinds of fresh new competition ensued. The Big Banking execs need to hang and twist in the wind and be brought back down to manaeable, accountable status. I hope Warren eats them for lunch.

  131. Gypsi says:


    I hope Warren eats them for lunch and serves the leftovers for a dinner party. They need to hang and twist in the wind.

    Lighting a candle for us all. Goodnight.

  132. Lorrie U says:

    Republican Culture Of Corruption In The Spotlight As Former Congressman Tells All In New Book

    Mr. Ney paints a picture of Boehner as being in the pocket of fat cat tobacco lobbyists, enjoying the high life on their dime. Boehner is spoken of as someone who wanted to kill programs, any programs, to help the poor, particularly poor children. One effort, to kill Head Start, had Boehner, along with then House Majority Leader Tom Delay, directly threatening Ney in a move backed by the Bush Administration, which unleashed Chief of Staff Andy Card on him.

  133. Gypsi says:

    Not that this is new news, but Corporations and the richest Americans do not want good public schools or intelligent voters.


  134. alex says:

    Ambition breeds envy ‘The Political Class': DC politicians and elsewhere talk about US wealth inequality being the strongest source of social ‘envy’ and shrug at it because conventional wisdom says that capitalism has its winner and its losers get over it: but that is propaganda IMO because the innate nature of ‘ambition breeds envy’ and there is nothing like the EGO’s territorial instinct, which propagates obsessive compulsive envy, when it is activated by ambition in ‘the political class';

    Hidalgo (ambition, urge to dominate)

    The North Node of Hidalgo is at 21 Aries 39

    3/10/2013 T/Eris @21 Aries (long, slow moving transit)

    Some interesting facts about this asteroid:

    It was discovered in the 16th degree of Aries on Oct. 31, 1920.

    The Sun this date was in the 8th degree of Scorpio.

    When Chiron was discovered, the Sun was in the 9th degree of Scorpio.

    Hidalgo has extreme eccentricity, more so even than Pluto, Juno or Chiron.

    Due to this eccentricity, Hidalgo remains in some signs longer than others. Now this in itself is not unique. Pluto stays in some signs up to 30 years, and in others as few as 12, while Chiron stays in Libra less than 2 years yet takes over 8 years to move through Aries.

    But Hidalgo takes this to the extreme. In its 14 year cycle it goes almost to Mars at perihelion, and out past Saturn at aphelion. IT CROSSES BOTH JUPITER’S AND SATURN’S ORBIT!

    So, near aphelion it spends 26% of its orbit (over 3.67 years) in Sagittarius, and 24% (3.36 years) in Scorpio.

    Imagine…50% of its orbit in just two signs! Half the people in the world have Hidalgo in either Scorpio or Sagittarius.

    But that’s not all. It is in the sign Gemini for less time than in any other sign, only about 42 DAYS out of each 14 years! That is only about .8%, about 1 out of every 125 people, compared to about 33 out of 125 people who have it in Sagittarius.

    This raises a number of questions:

    What type of majority does Hidalgo describe, represented by its stay in Scorpio and Sagittarius?

    What type of minority fits Hidalgo in Gemini?
    And what of the other 49.2% of the people with Hidalgo in the other nine signs?

    Al H. Morrison observed that when Hidalgo is transiting through the faster signs, “Events, both personal and mundane, tend to take on a hectic, reckless pace and variety, particularly for those who have planets in the midst of the areas traversed by Hidalgo.”

    Thus any planet you have in the sign of Gemini receives this ‘hectic pace’ for a brief while every fourteen years.

    3/10/2013 YOD

    Apex – Circe (bias, one way or no way) @29 Cancer


    Hidalgo @27 Sagittarius


    Moon @29 Aquarius

  135. alex says:

    Astrology’s Mirror” Full – Phase Aspects
    by Michael Erlewine

    All astrologers use aspects. What is not so well understood is the importance of looking at both right and left-handed aspects, what are called full-phase or mirror aspects.

  136. Patty says:

    Off Topic…
    A beautiful Barn Owl is So. CA just had her first hatch. It’s a miracle/magical window into nature. Wow, seven planets in Pisces!
    Einstein once said: “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”.