Building Conflict

Spring arrived last week with the President of the United States in Israel. His goal was to bring a warm flush of renewal into this historical alliance, repairing any recent stresses to forge a seamless melding of strategic purpose. To that end, Obama’s speeches were inspiring and visionary, and the consensus is that Israel and America comfortably stand shoulder to shoulder, with barely a breath of air between them, in their opposition to Iran’s nuclear program and their plan of how to deal with it.

Although this seems to be good news in the short run, it nonetheless feels like one more step forward in the path to an impending, wider war in the Middle East. With the increasing difficulty of keeping Syria’s civil war from spilling over its borders, with Hezbollah’s growing grip on Lebanon while that nation’s more moderate Prime Minister resigns, and with Iran edging ever closer to a nuclear weapon despite the world’s opposition and the tightening sanctions, it is hard not to worry about the escalating danger of a regional conflagration in the months or years ahead. Even the success of President Obama’s push to reunite Turkey and Israel after a recent breach in their relationship, can be seen as a lining up of global alliances on a path towards a far bigger breach.

As an astrologer, I am especially concerned, given that we continue to be in the midst of the waxing Uranus/Pluto square over the next two years.  This aspect describes growing world-wide tensions, with the potential for massive upheavals against a confining status quo and intense, explosive power struggles. We have already seen the Arab Spring and its rather tumultuous aftermath in several countries, the ongoing and fierce civil war in Syria, the swelling conflict between Iran and Israel, and the growing unrest in several other African nations. This swirling, wild energy will continue to build through March 2015, with maximum impact, when exact, in May and October 2013, in April 2014, and from November 2014 through February 2015. Moreover, transiting Jupiter, acting to exaggerate the already potent impact of these two planetary behemoths, will be in opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus during late July and August 2013, in January and February 2014, and, aspecting both Uranus and Pluto simultaneously, in April 2014.

As noted, it is in April 2014 when these aspects come together, with an exact Uranus/Pluto square magnified by a hard aspect from Jupiter. A slow-moving retrograde Mars will also be in the mix at that time. Moreover, this combustible, highly agitated configuration will directly impact the charts of Israel, the US, and Iran.

The most commonly used chart for Iran derives from the 1979 revolution, with the Sun at iran11Aries06. In this chart, transiting Pluto is currently in a long square to the natal Sun, from late January through May 2013, returning in December 2013, and again from July through October 2014. This aspect implies a sense of intense power struggle within the government and between the government and outside forces. The global alliance against Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the crippling economic sanctions aimed to thwart it are certainly manifestations of this ongoing confrontation.

Moreover, transiting Uranus will conjunct the Iranian Sun from late April through May 18, 2013, and from mid-July through mid-September 2013, as well as in February and March 2014, pointing to times of potentially precipitous action and sudden unpredictable and transformative events. The addition of a long, slow Jupiter station very close to a square to Iran’s Sun in February and March 2014 suggests a time of enormous confidence and success, possibly pointing to a culmination of nuclear ambitions.

It should also be noted that the present parliamentary regime in Iran was founded in Iran19061906 and is still functioning, despite the collapse of the monarchy in 1979. It is this chart, assuming it is still relevant, that most strikingly points to the potential of a confrontation in the spring of 2014. The Sun here is 13Libra10, with solar arc Pluto conjunct the natal Sun from March 2014 through March 2015. The natal Sun is square to natal Neptune (12Cancer36) and semisquare to natal Venus (28Sorpio19). Moreover, these planets in the Iran 1906 chart are in tight hard aspect to the US Sun (13Cancer19) and the Israeli Mars (28Leo18), which itself will be under a solar arc progressed Uranus conjunct natal Mars from February 2014 through February 2015. And quite dramatically, hitting all of these combustible combinations multiple times in 2014 through early 2015 – in Iran, Israel, and the US – will be transiting Uranus (13 Aries), transiting Pluto (13 Capricorn), transiting Jupiter (13 Cancer), and transiting retrograde Mars 13 Libra, with all of them coalescing in April 2014.

With astrology, we can never predict precisely how things will unfold. What is possible is a description of the quality of energy that will surround events during a particular time frame. There is currently a strong build-up of tension in the world that is likely to flare up each time the Uranus/Pluto square becomes exact and most intensely when it is further strengthened by other transits such as from Jupiter and Mars. With several national charts drawn into the turmoil in 2013 and more profoundly in 2014 due to the impact of these inflammatory configurations, we can predict the likelihood for some very tumultuous, explosive, and transformative events erupting. How these will play out is unknown, but today’s situation certainly points to the potential for a huge geopolitical conflict quite possibly sparked in the spring of 2014, one year from now.


  1. starlight says:

    Remember we are still in this 10-day red zone of Mars/Sun aspecting Uranus and Pluto. So far there has been mostly an increase in noteworthy and grisly gun violence, including the murder/suicide of three marines at Quantico and the shooting by a 17 year old of a toddler, on purpose. There is also the huge snowstorm in the mountain/Midwest region. And today Israel sent a missile into Syria.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Nancy. Not happy news but good to know the time periods involved and what kind of energy to expect. I just finished watching the 1970s or 1980s miniseries, “The Winds of War”…so World War II is on my mind and heart. My uncle landed on Omaha Beach in the Normandy invasion and later said “no one ever really wins a war.” Let’s hope divine guidance or extra terrestrial intervention continues to help us avert one, as well as the intelligence and wisdom of our world leaders and citizens.

  3. clymela says:

    This is definitely a time when I say “well,thank you!?!?.” The astrology you present is stunning but the facts are unnerving to say the least. Thank you so much for your generous application of your depth of knowledge. Now if only the world leaders-all-can be inspired to see their part in the troubles and perhaps to initiate a change of direction.

  4. clymela says:

    yes!! Sharon! Any and all intervention is welcome at this time.
    Nancy-the story of the child’s murder seems off to me-the baby is dead but something is weird about this story.Made me sick and still does-what is this attack on innocence?

  5. starlight says:

    War comes when disagreements can’t be worked out peacefully. Will Assad give up without a total defeat, i.e. his death or capture? Will Iran give up its nuclear program? Will the US and Israel allow Iran to have nukes? Is there any give in this configuration anywhere? I think the easiest issue is a Palestinian state, and that has proven nearly impossible but seems to have more wiggle room than the others. I wish I could be more uplifting, but I am really concerned where things are headed combined with the building cosmic tension. The next exact Uranus/Pluto square comes in May. Let’s see what that one brings.

  6. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    Mahalo for the clarifying reminders of the urgently important global upheavals formulating. Uranian energy is sudden lightening and it’s destruction one of blinding/burning awareness, imv. We are now in the time of gathering storm clouds. We feel the heavy/dark pressures developing, as you describe. Helps to be prepared to release any well-kept beliefs, realities for when the lightening awakenings do occur, nothing remains as it was…we learn/evolve/change. :-) My prayer is always: let this be the time the masses of human family successfully decide that war is obsolete & powerfully refuse it when war profiteering men offer war yet again.

    While looking for some comic relief came upon this site:

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua. Hoping all are well & finding joy! Much appreciate this site/group/wisdom-gathered!

  7. MHR says:

    To dovetail with the political astrology, enjoy Carl Boudreau’s “The Astrology of April 2013 – For Everyone”.

  8. clymela says:

    Sharon-your uncle was so wise. Those simple words sum up the truth of our collective life.

  9. karen says:

    After reading this, Nancy, I could not help but think of Russia, Jordan, the European Union, the impact on banking, and resources should a conflagration occur in the Mideast occur. So many divided interests would be pulled into this conflict. No wonder you don’t like what you’re seeing. I don’t either.

  10. Sharon says:

    He had been in the thick of it, Clymela, and seen the horror. He had emotional trauma the rest of his life as well as wounds that never healed.

  11. alex says:

    I’ve been working on midpoint analysis related to advertising influence for long time; have been building an astro-tool kit then chart testing it:

    this is outline and draft of my midpoint theory for “Awareness or Attention focused marketing” & P300 brain response = capturing attention by triggering the mind’s ‘intruder alert':

    AIDA is an acronym used in marketing and advertising that describes a common list of events that may occur when a consumer engages with an advertisement.

    A – Attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the customer.

    I – Interest: raise customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits (instead of focusing on features, as in traditional advertising).

    D – Desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs.

    A – Action: lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing.

    Mind’s Intruder Alert

    right brain – midpoint ‘intruder alert’ mismatch, departure from expectation UR/MO

    calls in the left brain – midpoint ‘security alert’ attention, check-out something wrong ME/MO

    Using midpoints:


    Television = alpha waves – passive hypnotic-like low attention

    In an experiment in 1969, Herbert Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person’s brainwaves switched from Beta waves– brainwaves associated with active, logical thought– to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.

    Advertisers have known about this for a long time and they know how to take advantage of this passive, suggestible, brain state of the TV viewer.

    television watching = alpha brain wave

  12. Noelle says:

    Starlight, the shootings and the storms that you mentioned above seem to be calling our attention to two big issues that we have to address, i.e. gun violence and climate change. Through grass roots efforts and collective consciousness we have the ability to be transformative and isn’t that what Pluto is really all about?

  13. Gypsi says:

    I observed more awful road rage driving on Friday in a 20 mile trip than I normally see in a week. Came home and parked my truck, went and rescued a dog on Saturday instead. Great article Nancy.

    I continue to hope. Having seen so many hard transits in my own life and having slipped through them still alive and relatively still intact, I have hope for our planet, and our own evolution, despite the constant onslaught of depressing news (regardless of source). I’ve given up ABC and CBS, never did follow CNN, I do look at Mother Jones, Alternet and Huffington Post, but it is just all depressing, so much is wrong and more could easily go wrong. So I read enough to knowledgeably sign my daily petitions and then I try to move past it into animal husbandry – goat, chickens dog, gardens, and sustainability stuff that both calms and serves.

    Alex, I don’t remember what my question was. 2006 was pivotal. 2007 was more pivotal, and 2008 and 2009 were pretty awful to put it mildly. But I persevered. I did what I could and let the rest go. I signed petitions, learned to fix my own house, got chickens in 2010, just move forward on my stuff. There comes a time when I for one am just grateful I am still standing, and I experience more wonder, awe and gratitude than a need to know or question. My faith in life and the universe is affirmed, and our straits ecologically are so dire, I think faith and a faint hope for either some common sense or mother earth to do some housecleaning in a minor way, are all we have left.

    thank you for looking. It is an unusual chart. If you enable astro to draw lines to chiron with standard orbs it is a Star of David. Some of the individual things in it were quite painful when I was younger, but with age comes acceptance. Pain is a waste of time… Namaste

  14. Apple says:

    An incredibly powerful post, Gypsi, and I thank you for sharing your hard-earned wisdom. In the midst of my sixth decade, I’m still searching for life’s simple truths. I think you’ve found them.

  15. Gypsi says:

    However there was a day when I believed in love (from people), and I find that all this Pluto has made me fairly cynical. I rescue dogs and honeybees and fish and a goat. I raise chickens for their eggs. I see my grandchildren and occasionally show up for holidays with my grown children. And some times I just don’t bother, if I’m short on gas money or have work to do. The bitterness isn’t a good thing, but I do not think it will leave until the Uranus Pluto phase is over.

  16. alex says:


    could you note the points of the natal star of David with chiron I can not see it?

    – If you enable astro to draw lines to chiron with standard orbs it is a Star of David.

  17. Gypsi says:

    Chiron trine Moon/Venus trine Neptune
    Pluto trine Saturn trine Mercury.

    Orb is wide from the 27 to the 6 (Mercury/Saturn)
    and from 25 to 5 (Moon/Neptune)

    I never noticed it in conventional software, since it never used Chiron, popped the chart in the firt time and went wow.
    I don’t normally use 10 degree orbs either, but astro does. Makes a pretty picture.

  18. Virginia says:


    Sounds like you already have the life I’m aiming toward, soon as ever I can get a house with a decent amount of land. Gardening, chickens and other critters, sustainability, maybe solar power. I’m using Uranus – Pluto to help me get there.


  19. alex says:


    – this is way over simplified;

    whatever use you have found, experienced, learned from ‘love’ is reflected in natal saturn opposite to natal venus… Saturn in first house (likely represents your father) that was your early ‘encoding’ or inscribed relationship to love;

    this is an opposition at the angles of your chart which is considered a ‘controlling’ aspect of significance; I’m guessing but your father didn’t deserve your love and as all children do they turn criticism of their parent onto themselves through guilt in their immature years.. which means your inner voice probably has been telling you your whole life that you don’t deserve love;

    impossible inner conflict within the child:

    children turn critical judgments of their parents onto themselves rather than or instead of applying that criticism to their parent;

    it is impossible for a young child not to love their parent no matter what flaws they have( neglectful or abandoning, or abusive, or selfish or other deeply flawed characteristic)

    so that creates an impossible inner conflict for the child and the ‘reversal or inverse’ happens the child becomes critical of themselves instead;

    if your father didn’t deserve your love – – you overcompensated I would venture to say – instead of finding fault with him you found fault in yourself;

    that was an early or first lesson; you sacrificed your
    self-image to block out the critical feelings towards your parent;

    that is the pattern I found in your chart SA-VE

    animals give unconditional love and you love them back unconditionally….

    people have to work/ make a choice to give unconditional love and that begins for a child first when they are and can feel safe, next through kindness and caring from parents, but if any of that is missing children blame themselves for it;

    convincing yourself that you deserve love can re-write the early childhood pattern; it’s hard work because all of those early messages are part of your subconscious mind which oscillates that pattern internally voicing neg messages;

    because you do deserve unconditional love re-write your subconscious with positive messages – – you don’t need to carry negative subconscious burdened childhood guilt any longer;

    an opportunity from the Chiron return to its natal position;

  20. Gypsi says:

    Actually Alex, look at my tenth house, top planet in the chart, and realize the 10th is a parent. I have done much onion peeling of childhood patterns, but my luck, as it comes, is that I always find Neptune. There are good Neptunes and bad Neptunes. Certainly the fish, the orphaned dogs, and the dying bees are good neptunes, safe neptunes. In time my occupation may shift and I may incorporate a different form of Neptune into the tenth, but I am at this time closing out some of the more time consuming aspects of my former occupation before I attempt my hearts desire, something the other May 10th person already does, writing fiction. Neptune. I may simply aim for screenplays and have no idea if I will be any good, but certainly what is never attempted never manifests. My solar return this year features a packed 4th house, as I manifest the aquaponics and more of the permaculture and garden stuff, no time to write; hopefully I’ll get my nonfictions finished and published, one is done, one needs edited, and the 3rd my helpers could probably write after hearing me say the same thing over and over. But no year lasts forever. Also, look at what is conjunct my Sun, in the way of asteroids. I can have love, but there is always a price, and some times the price is too high.

  21. alex says:

    parent can be 10th can be first can be 4th….

  22. alex says:

    PS neptune not likely parent symbol: not enough physical matter –
    but as a symbol was there a religious cult that substituted for parent its long odds on neptune/parent – neptune is your creative arts/writing …. is free service can make lots and lots of synastry charts to test against your family charts; partners, children, grandchildren, siblings…. always the core reference charts … it’s exciting to take positive strength from astrology analysis; it’s your chart/primal it has to make sense to you;

  23. Gypsi says:

    Alex, my dad drank himself to death, died in 1989, and most of my family is alcoholic. My mother abandoned me to drunk father at the age of 5 days. Trust me, it’s Neptune.

  24. alex says:

    your Neptune …. to have been abandoned by mother to an alcoholic father, sounds like a crime against nature!

  25. Sharon says:


    Wishing you lots of luck and opportunities to write and to publish and sell your writing….you certainly have a lot of life experience and a lot of stories to tell.

  26. Sharon says:

    In some ways, I don’t blame you for keeping your distance from people…they can be such a pain in the ass, so entitled & petty or controlling and power hungry. (Can you tell I have pluto on my descendant right now?) I hope that some come into your life who deserve you.

  27. Gypsi says:


    Look at it this way, my mother is alive and well and I will NOT have to take care of her as she ages. My stepmother the same, she has had no interest in me — well really never terribly much. Kind of a mutual respect but don’t really need to see each other. So no aging parents to take care of.

    The only question is, who is the Neptune, the mother who disappeared and did not even exercise visitation (I found out she had it after I was an adult)? Or the father who drank. I learned a lot from my father. He was an unusual person, highly intelligent, absolutely plutocratic, tight pluto mercury conjunction in cancer, a nasty man, but also very very smart. He read Malcolm X and the Peter Principle, and since I borrowed reading material and read voraciously, so did I. Mercury is in my 4th in Aries, and he was a dictator, so I actually give the 4th to the father, and the 10th, and my wistful wishful seeking, to the absent mother and neptune. But trust me, in my case, Neptune is a parent.

    And when your career is housewife, guess who you marry, with Neptune in 10.

    Sharon, Pluto on the 7th and Pluto on the ascendant by transit are much the same, the people who come into your life are some real jerks. Which is a big part of my retreat – in Feb 2011 I cut all outgoing social ties and all groups that serve no purpose (I do still go to bee club), because I don’t have the patience. I don’t want friends taking my time up right now, I have so much to do.

    But in a few years, yes, after pluto/uranus are done, I have done much work on myself in the hopes of perhaps finding someone to grow old with. Otherwise I simply am going to have to keep surrounding myself with young helpers and doing larger projects and maybe learn to weld and who knows where that would go. I need an anchor, in my 7th house, to do my best mental and communicative work. I find that tangible things and research and gardening and building are much more satisfying when I am alone.

  28. Gypsi says:

    Alex – for future interpretation: Saturn opposite Venus also indicates extreme poverty or the perception of extreme poverty. In my case I knew we were poor but had no idea how poor or how people lived til I left home. And it also can indicate hypoglycemia, which I have, mildly. I test normal for blood sugar, but I have occasional issues.

  29. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,

    *Fascinating stuff! Brave & beautiful souls, all here! Mahalo!

    Looking at astrocartography and PBO’s placements around the world. Seems that Korea has the harshest Pluto for PBO & mr. un. Perhaps this explains PBO instinct to shift military focus away from Mdl East to orient?

    Blessings one and all! :-)

  30. Iris says:

    @ArtsCulturePeace: Thank you so much for the link. I miss Molly Ivins so much. Best to you & yours.

  31. alex says:


    Don’t see the competition of ideas here that you may be seeing; thank you for your interest in my astro-POV this is the max time I can spend; all the best to you and yours;

  32. alex says:

    What is a “Bucket Pattern” and how does it work?

    Vernal (Spring) Equinox 2013

    This pattern is more about finding an effective release for energy within social settings, but also about the individual imposing their patterns on society rather than adapting to what is there. It’s about focused intention. So all of us can expect some sort of focused attention on the house where we have 11 Scorpio.

    The Yod, or Finger of God, created by Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn with both quincunx Jupiter in Gemini is the other outstanding configuration in this chart.

    The interlocking Yods about to begin as Mars moves into the Aries quincunx to Saturn on March 22. This is a major “expansion through sacrifice” configuration that is squeezing all of us into new beginnings, new horizons, new adventures, and “virgin lands for experience.”

  33. Gypsi says:

    Alex – thank you for your efforts. I am primarily a personal growth sort of astrologer that did a LOT of charts before Pluto started hitting and I quit taking clients. I just have reached the stage where I can’t remember the question. Now for the important stuff:

    Let’s make sure our voice is heard loud and clear today!

    Right now, the short-term spending budget bill with Monsanto’s poison pill is sitting on the President’s desk, waiting for him to sign. He has until Wednesday March 27th to sign this into law, unless you stop him.

    We need you to do three things:

    1. Make a phone call to the White House asking that President Obama veto H.R. 933, and send it back to Congress with the express instructions of removing Section 735: The Monsanto Protection Act.

    We realize that the phone lines will be very busy today, but please keep calling until you get through. Every voice counts!

    2. If you haven’t already done so, please sign this letter calling for President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act.

    If we reach more than 200,000 signatures today, Dave and Lisa will fly out to Washington DC to deliver your comments to the White House.

  34. alex says:

    – from your url posts: Barack Obama’s chart relocated to Washington DC, Midheaven @21 Scorpio

    Jessica Adams astrologer excerpt:

    The 13 November 2012 eclipse at 10.08pm in London, saw the Sun at 21 Scorpio covered up by the Moon, also at 21 Scorpio. This is a sensitive spot in the charts of some powerful US political figures.

    Joe Biden has Mercury at 21 Scorpio. Hillary Clinton also has Mercury at 21 Scorpio, square Saturn at 21 Leo. General Petraeus has Vesta and Cupido at 21 Scorpio. President Barack Obama has Hygeia at 22 Scorpio, just one degree away.

    Astrologer Michele Adler has also pointed out that key Obama team members Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and David Plouffe also have astrology chart factors at the sensitive 21 Scorpio position

  35. alex says:

    – One last notation:

    Neptune 10th house = the ISSUE of family alcoholism IMV;
    the following is why I don’t think it is ‘father’ – – because he can not have been nor was/is he the zenith of your life path in the 10th house; from out of childhood’s/youth’s immediate family environment you elevated Neptune’s influence, associated with addiction chaos, into the higher dimension symbolized by Neptune in the creative arts that is your focus;

    ‘The north point is known as the Midheaven or MC, and it is called that because the constellation that is noted on that point in the chart is the one that was at the zenith on the day and moment you were born.

    The right point of the chart is where the constellation was descending below the horizon, thus it is known as the Descendant.

    And the South point is the darkest part of the chart, known as the IC or Nadir. The constellation there would be below the horizon when you were born, thus no one could see it from your place of birth.’

  36. Gypsi says:

    I am so relieved to discover that Caput Algol is at 26 Taurus (I had mis-remembered it at 22 and that did not look good with the combination around 21 Scorpio.

    Thank you for your comments Alex. I wish I could thoroughly and totally channel Neptune into the arts. Perhaps one day

  37. angellight says:

    Gypsi: We have to learn to see God in all things, even if it is hidden and hard, because God is in all things. As we practice this exercise our Hearts expand to really love people more even when the outer personality seems not so loveable. We know that is not the real person but only the illusion who is blind to their true self.

  38. Lorrie U says:

    Just getting caught up after some very busy days. Very interesting posts!!


    Income Growth For Bottom 90% Of Americans Averaged Just $59 Over 4 Decades: Analysis

  39. Lorrie U says:

    A Steelworker’s Personal Fight To Beat John Boehner In 2014

    John Boehner’s opponent in 2014 is an Army Veteran, steelworker, husband, father of triplets and a native son of Ohio – and aims to give the 8th District the representation it deserves.

  40. Lorrie U says:

    Pope Francis, the Empowered Devotee

    Trouble awaits: over the coming year his progressed Venus, Mars and Pluto are all moving into a three-planet configuration which is primarily concerned about sexuality. We will see how Pope Francis deals with empowered women, homosexuality, and the possibility of removing the celibacy prohibition.

  41. Gypsi says:

    Thank you Angellight.

    Sometimes the best way to love a person is to let them walk their own path. That is my practice. Perhaps one day someone will choose to share my path without expecting me to do for them what they should do for themselves. If not, I am ok. This is neither loving nor hating, it is accepting that people are who they are, and many never mature, but ever seek a parent to provide for them and facilitate their enjoyment and rest.
    I quit seeking… oh around age 35.

  42. angellight says:

    Senate Unanimously Votes Against Cuts to Social Security: Media Don’t Notice!

  43. starlight says:

    Cold spring and massive snowstorms due to global warming:

  44. alex says:

    The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins
    by Jeff Connaughton

    Connaughton, a former lawyer in the Clinton White House, illuminates the pivotal moments and key decisions in the fight for financial reform that have gone largely unreported.

  45. starlight says:

    It is interesting that the gay marriage case is being presented today on a Sun/Venus conjunction (love) and a Mars/Pluto square (passionate contention).

  46. alex says:

    FYI: small test sample SUN-NEPTUNE MIDPOINT of religious cult leaders (I was thinking about cult of personality political leaders, after test charts for religious cult leaders is expanded to see what if any SU/NE midpoint has relevance then will look at political personalities)

    Small Sample Cult Leaders

    Mispoint SUN/Neptune

    SU/NE @04 Capricorn:
    Shoko Asahara – Aum Shinrikyo
    DOB, March 2, 1955
    Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Japan

    SU/NE @29 Virgo:
    David Koresh – Branch Davidians
    Vernon Wayne Howell
    DOB, August 17, 1959
    Houston, Texas, U.S.

    SU/NE @02 Libra:
    Sun Myung Moon – Unification Church
    Mun Yong-myeong
    DOB, 25 February 1920
    Jeong-ju, North P’y?ng’an, Japanese Korea
    (now North Pyongan, North Korea)

    Sun @02 Virgo cnj Neptune @01 Virgo:
    Harbhajan Singh Yogi – 3HO
    DOB, 26 August 1929
    Kot Harkarn, Punjab, British India

    SU/NE @27 Libra:
    Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh – Osho International Meditation Resort
    DOB, 11 December 1931
    Kuchwada Village, Bhopal State, British India (modern day Madhya Pradesh)

  47. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight and All!

    *Starlight–yes, was wondering how today’s sun/venus/mars/pluto influences would spot the supreme court case! perfect example!

    *alex–fascinating, your AIDA research & Scorp 21 PBO connections… you may find this of interest as well:
    always find it curious how just a few people can design/direct/manipulate the lives of masses for good or ill…

    *gypsi–monsanto/food action. mahalo! You may also find this of interest:

    *LorieU–re: Pope planets confronting the long-ignored issues of catholic sex…good to hear he will likely face them for the institution & it’s awaiting cleansing/metamorphosis!

    *When choosing to disempower decaying media-driven/amplified dysfunction in politics, media, culture+ here is a note of beautiful/innovative being, thinking, doing that offers an elegant/coherent/competent solution to a devastating problem of vast islands of ocean debris:

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua! May Peace Prevail on Earth!


  48. Francis says:

    This is a realistic analysis on how the Prop 8 case will likely be ruled:

  49. angellight says:

    Americans pay $40,634 for a hip replacement. Brits pay $11,889. The Swiss pay $9,574.

  50. angellight says:

    I thought you should know:

    Obama took 131 vacation days in his first term; George W. Bush took a staggering 1,060 vacation days over 8 years!

  51. Patty says:

    Thank you Nancy, Excellent Post!
    Check out France: “Evidence of widespread violence in Paris 3/24/13 from religious right anti-gay thugs who outright antagonized and attacked French police while giving the fascist one-handed salute in the air.
    Heckuva way to celebrate Palm Sunday.
    The religious right was marching in opposition to government plans to legalize gay marriage in the country.
    The video is chilling. These are Christ’s servants who claim to be worried about the poor children. In fact, they’re vicious religious right hooligans, giving Mussolini/Hitler-style salutes while kicking police officers, throwing smoke bombs, and waving racist white supremacist flags. A chilling look at what passes for “family values” in the French religious right”.

  52. angellight says:

    Easter Festival Aries full moon webinar:

  53. angellight says:

    “Astromony Picture fof the Day” – Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured

  54. angellight says:


    “It is no accident that as we are about to enter this cycle, following the massive outpouring of energy during the Festival Week, we have a new Pope leading the Roman Catholic Church (the largest civil society organization in the world) — a Pope whose life and energy is dedicated to standing with the poor and down-trodden, and a Pope who, when speaking with representatives of the news media, pointed out that the Roman Catholic Church seeks to be guided by the Holy Spirit in fulfilling its purpose of promoting truth, goodness and beauty. Recognizing that the journalists before him came from all religions and philosophies Pope Francis gave this blessing — a blessing which surely echoes the true spirit of the living, universal Christ: I give this blessing from my heart, in silence, to each one of you, respecting the conscience of each one of you, but knowing that each one of you is a child of God.”

  55. alex says:

    Excerpt Email Democracy For America:

    Forget John Boehner and Paul Ryan — Republicans don’t need Congress to push their radical right-wing agenda. They’re doing it right now, state by state:

    Ending women’s right to choose
    Busting unions
    Deregulating industries and pillaging the environment
    Giving away huge tax breaks to big corporations and the super rich

    Republican state legislatures are laboratories of right-wing extremism — and we need to stop their radical agendas before they go any farther.

    That’s why DFA is launching the Purple to Blue Project, a new multi-year effort dedicated to winning state House and Senate chambers across the country — starting right now in Virginia.

    Even as Democrats picked up wins nationally last year, conservatives continued to cement control of state legislatures — and they’re using states like Virginia to build momentum for radical, extreme agendas.

    We’re seeing the damage they can do. Virginia’s newly-enacted restrictions on abortion have spawned a national assault on women’s right to make decisions about her own life: just this weekend, North Dakota’s Republican-controlled legislature passed a “personhood” amendment, effectively banning all abortions in the state.

    Whether it’s stripping away labor rights in Wisconsin, restricting voting rights in Pennsylvania, or attacking a woman’s right to choose in Virginia, conservatives are growing bolder and reaching further than ever before.

    It’s time to get back to basics. DFA is targeting five swing districts in Virginia to send a powerful message to Republicans: If you continue to wage war on our core values, progressives will defeat you at the ballot box.

    Thanks for all you do,

    – Howard

    Governor Howard Dean, M.D.
    Founder, Democracy for America

  56. barbk says:

    So much good stuff here to read in all the comments, but how on Earth does one keep up with all the reading! Still, will try to get to more of it later, but wanted to thank Nancy for this article that has made me more conscious of the effects the U.S. and Iran have on each other. No doubt you have discussed these points (of difference) between them and I didn’t get to it (or absorb it at the time), but several of them bear repeating I think.

    Seeing that the U.S. Saturn is conjunct Iran’s Sun explains a big part of why they feel smothered by us. Understandably they would defy the rules, especially since our Sun also squares theirs. Their Neptune conjuncts our Sun and that spooks the hell out of us, makes us see things that might not even be there, and of course, Neptune symbolies their oil.

    Their Moon, if even close to 7 Gemini, is a symbol of their people, and is conjunct our Uranus which would cause them to see us as unpredictable and without feeling. Their Saturn (9 Pisces)brings out some of the worst in us as it conjuncts our centaur Nessus (9 Pisces), symbol of things like poison, lust (for oil), betrayal, lying. . . and he conjuncts our Ceres at 8 Pisces and Child at 10 Pisces making them fear for their mothers and children just like they make us fear for ours.

    Since their Pluto is conjunct our Mars in Gemini, they intimidate us with their nuclear threat, but since Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, they also symbolize an agent for our growth. .. . This might be possible since their Mercury (communication) at 22 Libra (harmony, negotiation) trines our Mars (action) at 21 Gemini (dual in nature, communication). Really? This is possible?

    The good news (hopefully) is that we both have Jupiter in Cancer so we both understand the importance of roots, home and family. We both have north nodes (moon’s) in Leo, only 3 degrees apart so we share the same (creative) path toward evolution, and we both have Sagittarius rising, and theirs is conjunct the Galactic Core! Any day now they could get the vision, in some way, that they need to acknowledge a greater source of power then anything (like nuclear bombs) or any country on this planet.

    Today’s remarkable Full Moon holds more possibility for stuff like that than a typical full moon, and the midpoint of Iran’s Jupiter-Neptune (11 Cancer) is in a perfect spot to benefit from it. Transiting Pluto opposes this mid-point, but Saturn and Chiron trine it, Mars (and soon the Sun and Venus too) squares it and Jupiter is semisextile it. While all these FM transits interact with one another, they will also trigger that midpoint between Iran’s Jupiter and Neptune, the old and new rulers of Pisces. Pisces would prefer peace to war and, being at the end of the cycle, can enable a release of what needs to be let go.

    This Full Moon chart should be read in a yin way as well as the usual yang way. Instead of just logic, allow intuition to inform. Let feeling have a stab at interpretating the symbols. The Moon in Libra seeks balance. How do we “feel” about transiting Ophelia (madness) and Nessus (deception) conjunct our U.S. natal Moon (27 Aquarius) – The People – at the same time Ceres (nurture) in Gemini trines her and Pallas-Athene (defense) sextiles her? These air signs. . . don’t they just make you want to speak out?

    Well, of course, we here at Starlight News do speak out, but maybe this Full Moon is torching the Aries fire to get The People (Libra Moon) world-wide to communicate their feelings. Trans. Venus conjunct the Aries Sun rules the sign Moon is in and that can’t be just a coincidence! Today the Moon reflects the Sun and all of his fiery companions to “see” each other and what they have in common. The Sun (and Venus) Sabian Symbol is: A Man Succeeds In Expressing Himself Simultaneously In Two Realm. See? The Moon Sabian Symbol is: A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks” See?

  57. Patty says:

    Barbk…Beautiful post!
    In the early 1970’s, I dated a fellow from Iran, he was attending MIT and referred to himself as ‘Persian’. I’ve often thought…I’d be living in Iran now, had it led to something more.
    This is my favorite video on Iran-48:00 Min.

  58. Wennye' says:

    Patty, that’s interesting years ago when dating my friend from Iran, he also referred to be known as Persian. Interesting huh..Blessings, Wennye’

  59. alex says:


    small cabal design/direct/manipulate !

  60. Lorrie U says:

    Obama Can’t Fix Congress’ Monsanto Giveaway with an Executive Order

    The “Monsanto Protection Act” (section 735) was attached (anonymously) as a rider to a short term spending bill (HR 933). President Obama signed it into law on March 26th.

    Food activists (and generally sane people) are outraged, as they should be. 250,000 voters signed a petition opposing the act and others called for Obama to strike the Monsanto provision (aka, “biotech rider”) from the spending bill.

    “Passing the Monsanto Protection Act is the last straw for millions of Americans who are tired of being betrayed by their elected officials,” said Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now! “We’re calling on President Obama to stand up for family farmers and the Constitution and veto the Monsanto Protection Act.”

    The problem is that the President does not have line item veto power; it’s all or nothing. This is called a poison pill. As part of the short term spending bill, President Obama had to sign the resolution in order to prevent the federal government from shutting down today, March 27, when the current funding was set to expire. He doesn’t get to cherry pick what parts he signs into law. He either lets the goverment shut down or he signs the poison pill.

  61. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha alex,

    re: mundane power structure: small cabal design/direct/manipulate…what continues to elude me is how this destructive process can work over millenia when history shows that it is simply a closed-cycle/circle that feeds like cancer on healthiness around it & eventually dies-off…or maybe it’s more like an archetype of a hurricane that sucks moisture (fear/tears/suffering)from wide miles and creates destruction everywhere except at the center (1%)?

    anyway, i keep looking to find new levels of understanding of this imbalance in mundane power that seems to perpetuate so much mass suffering. of course, integrity, truth, coherence among masses of people does seem to dis-empower cabals eventually. and, then, of course, there is the spiritual answer: love, unity, compassion.

    warm aloha, blessings to one & all!

  62. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Lorrie U,
    re: legal impunity/perks for Monsant.

    On Line item veto:

    On signing statements, some say this methodology is de facto line item veto and has been freely used to ensure “unitary” presidential power (famously by W/cheney)

    With one of many weak links in the species survival food/air/water foodchain for all peoples, bees being decimated by Monsanto+ poisons/pesticides should qualify as a national security issue, eh? :-(

    So much threatens the well-being of humanity & the whole of the planet…

    Warm aloha! E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  63. alex says:

    small cabal design/direct/manipulate

    Pluto’s manifestation determines the grade of evolution.

    Pluto represents willpower and the process of transformation.
    Pluto – Kali the goddess of death
    (cosmic expression)
    Kali – means ‘time’

    Pluto often brings desire towards material acquisition
    (amass, build-up, collect)
    Pluto often brings the tendency towards self aggrandizement (augment) and the abuse of power (magnified,intensified)

    augment is an addition that, serves to extend that to which it has been added;

  64. alex says:

    newly elected Dr. Ami Bera:

    Rep. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) has a message for his fellow members of Congress: don’t ask others to cut back without cutting back in your own home.

    Bera on Tuesday signed over 8.2 percent of his monthly pay–the same amount most federal agencies are being cut during sequestration–to the Meals on Wheels by Asian Community Center, a program that serves food to seniors across Sacramento County.

    “The men and women of Congress have to understand the impact of the decisions they’re making,” Bera said.

    The newly elected representative handed over a $1,189 check at the Senior Center of Elk Grove, where the Meals on Wheels program serves lunch for a $2 donation fives times a week.

    Meals on Wheels Program Director David Morikawa said the organization gets 85 percent of its funding from the federal government, and could lose 5 percent of that funding because of sequestration.

    “It doesn’t sound like a lot to some people, but it’s a tremendous cost,” Morikawa said. “A 5 percent cut in our program is a very difficult situation for us to overcome.”

  65. alex says:

    DOB March 2, 1965, Los Angeles, California

    Natal Sun @12 Pisces


    Uranus @12 Virgo, PLUTO @15 Virgo, Mars @21 Virgo

  66. Sharon says:

    Very commendable of Dr. Beri…I’m going to post this on facebook; hope it gets wide play.

    My husband has an interesting solar return chart for his birthday tomorrow: transiting sun, venus, uranus conjunct natal sun; transiting mercury conjunct natal mercury, among a few other things. He has some very forward thinking ideas and I look forward to seeing him run with them this year as well as see a favorable response to them.

  67. barbk says:

    FYI, As his show ended tonight, I thought I heard Lawrence O’Donnell say that the parents of Sandy Hook’s slain children would gather at the NSSF (Nat’l Shooting Sports Foundation) in Newtown, CT tomorrow, presumably as a form of protest. I believe he said they would then appear on his show tomorrow night. I’m thinking, if this is so, then you should know that tomorrow the Sun, Venus and Uranus will be conjunct at 8 degrees of Aries, which will sextile the US Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini. The progressed US Sun is still at 8 Pisces so it will be square the US Uranus. 8 Pisces is also the degree which the US Ceres is in.

    The Sabian symbol for the triple conjunction of Sun-Venus-Uranus is of A Crystal Gazer, which Dane Rudhyar refers to as CONCENTRATED ATTENTION.

    Also, tomorrow morning Mercury at 10 Pisces will trine Saturn at 10 Scorpio. Mercury will also conjunct the U.S. asteroid Child at 10 Pisces.

    As of now, the Moon is void of course and will be until tomorrow at about 9 PM, when it enters Scorpio.

  68. Gypsi says:

    barb K – the crystal gazer sounds like excellent timing for their gathering.

    Why does Obama not try to use signing statements and line item vetoes – congress would overrule him in some way?

  69. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Sharon & All!

    Best of luck to your hubby on his auspicious solar return! May be of interest, here’s an example of how populist technology (uranus/sun) can be used to move evolutionary change forward:

    The platform is free, open, brilliant in design and absolutely easy to use as a survey for testing; as a brainstorming tool; as a platform for easy sharing etc. It was created by formidable cutting edge corps., so we’ll see it’s eventual use. Meanwhile, it’s freely available and quite exciting!

    All the best one & all! E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  70. Dave says:

    BarbK, the protest is actually being organized by the Newtown Action Alliance (of which some of the parents of the slain children are members), and there are several other groups who plan on joining us this afternoon. If all goes well, I hope to be there with them! “Connecticut Effect”…..hhrrmpph!! WE will show you some Connecticut Effect you NRA piece of…..(**)

  71. Francis says:

    I read an opinion piece in the NY Times on same-sex marriage and the way the author framed the article: equality and science v religion, it dawned on me that this issue is about our transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.

  72. barbk says:

    Thanks Dave, and good luck with your group’s efforts to raise awareness. I hope you will be able to join them this afternoon. This morning I learned just how wide-spread this movement is, and looked ahead to see when Saturn would trine Jupiter and be past this difficult adjusment (quincunx) in our evolving social structure. I found it would include Neptune; a 3-way grand trine in water, at the same time Uranus stationed retrograde in a trine to the U.S. ascendant. The Moon would be conjunct the north node at the time of the Uranus station and Mercury would station direct a couple of days later conjunct the U.S. Sun!

    This all happens in July, with planets in the Uranus staton chart activating the U.S. Jupiter, Venus and Pluto as well. It is something that seems positive in this battle for improved gun control legislation. Change doesn’t come easy in battles like this and I appreciate your efforts for the cause.

  73. karen says:

    Thank you, Dave. Hope you take us with you, extending our support to families, and friends.

    I finally received a reply from one of our senators to whom I had written on this subject. Lamar Alexander still stands by “second amendment rights” and didn’t address a question in my letter which was, “does this right trump all others?”

    It’s despicable to me that so many representatives fear the NRA and the power they wield. Is ongoing slaughter or so many citizens worth their silence?

  74. Virginia says:


    Thanks for the link. I loved the bit about the Easter Bunny in the bible (Eggsodus 3:31).

  75. Lorrie U says:

    Bye, Bye American Dream! U.S. Economic Inequality Is Permanent, Study Finds

    It will be curious to see if this study will be cited in Washington’s ongoing debate about ‘reforming’ entitlement programs—namely Medicare and Social Security. It suggests, if anything, that growing slices of American society are heading to less financially secure futures, especially in old age. That means federal safety nets are more needed than ever—despite the GOP’s ideological crusade to cut spending on them.

  76. Lorrie U says:

    Republican Policies Result In 20%-32% of Kids In the Poorest Red States Living In Poverty

    As it is now, America has the second highest child poverty rate in the developed world behind Romania, and the rate will only increase as Republican sequestration cuts keep 70,000 children out of the Head Start program as well as tens-of-thousands more losing access to healthcare coverage. The Republican budget slashes billions from anti-poverty programs and it leads one to wonder how Republicans claim to be pro-life when their policies are detrimental to children living in poverty’s lives. They are pro-life as long as life is a zygote, embryo, or fetus in a poor mothers’ womb for nine months, and then their culture of life becomes a culture of hunger, ill-health, and eventually death.

    If Republicans cared a fraction about children’s lives as they do a zygote’s, maybe they could wear the pro-life label with pride, but they care about children’s lives about as much as they do jobs, and as they are killing Americans’ jobs, they are killing America’s children; and they are barely getting started.

  77. will says:

    Despite Fears, Same-Sex Marriages will boost American Marriages

    There is an unforgettably sweet cartoon drawing that precedes the article in the L.A. Times. Worth it for the visual alone.,0,7309873.story

  78. alex says:

    Astro-mipoint distinction between: Backlash & Backfire

    Midpoint Mars/Pluto

    Backlash – (NRA) push back

    Wayne LaPierre Is Winning

    The December 14, 2012, massacre of twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School seemed like one of those rare moments when the sheer monstrosity of a preventable tragedy breaks through our national stupor and galvanizes political action.

    In the days after the shooting, prominent opponents of gun control were jolted into reconsidering their position.

    “Everything should be on the table,” said West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin, a heretofore enthusiastic advocate of gun rights. Public support for an assault weapons ban climbed to 60 percent, and more than 90 percent supported universal background checks for gun purchases.

    NRA Chairman, Wayne LaPierre appeared on TV as often as he possibly could so that he could elucidate his ‘Bizarro World’ theory that the solution to gun violence is more guns, especially in schools.

    Three months later, it’s not the NRA and Wayne LaPierre who appear most inept or bizarre. It’s Congress.

    Midpoint Uranus/Saturn

    Backfire – Unintended Consequences

    Change always carries risks of unintended consequences

  79. Noelle says:

    Francis, great article. Thank you

  80. alex says:

    Astro-mipoint distinction between: Backlash & Backfire

    Midpoint Mars/Pluto

    Backlash – (NRA) push back

    Midpoint Uranus/Saturn

    Backfire – Unintended Consequences

    The up thread examples of Backlash & Backfire were drawn from politics/policy & economics/policy:

    I began some practice charts with natal midpoints MA/PL & UR/SA, and though it is too early to drawn firm conclusions, an objective example of constructive manifestation of these natal midpoints to significant transit coinciding with an announcement of career promotion for a family member:

    Promotion: NATAL MA/PA & UR/SA

    Natal midpoint MA/PL
    T/Chiron @10 Pisces

    Natal midpoint UR/SA
    T/UR @07 Aries, T/Mars @05 Aries

  81. Gypsi says:

    If the republicans cared about children’s health and lives, instead of just zygotes, they would read this report and act on the results:

  82. Jerry says:

    We appeared to navigate through that difficult March 27th Full Moon-Uranus-Pluto t square period somewhat intact. More interesting times lay ahead.

    Two astrologers seem to be in agreement. There is potential for an Israeli-Iran war around the time of the May 10th solar eclipse and May 20th Uranus-Pluto square transit…….

    Traders Talk

    There is some information regarding eclipse patterns of 2013 that I need to share with you. As most of you know I regard the influence of an eclipse in a natal chart as rather a positive influence. However when one studies the effect of an eclipse in regard to the other planets in our solar system quite a different conclusion can be drawn. In this way there are some disturbing patterns in 2013.

    On April 25 2013 a lunar eclipse occurs @ 5.46 Scorpio. The degree of this eclipse conjuncts Saturn (which is at 8.25 Scorpio). The most disturbing fact is that there is a Saturn/Mars opposition occurring then with Mars @ 4.29 Taurus. This means that Mars is conjuncting the Sun while the Moon is conjuncting Saturn. The degree of this eclipse falls very close to the degree in Scorpio which has been traditionally associated with the country of Iran. There is great danger that a war will ensue as a result of this eclipse. Israel is a Taurus country and can be a target. However this pattern can go quite beyond Israel and be a dangerous one for the entire Middle East. Now follow me to look at the next eclipse:

    On May 10 2013 a solar eclipse occurs @ 19.31 Taurus. Mars is in a close conjunction to this eclipse point (it being 14.50 Taurus). This is a very volatile pattern. It can continue the first eclipse’s pattern for war and in fact expand it to a dangerous level.

    Amazingly there is a third eclipse coming up on May 25th. It occurs @ 4.08 Sagittarius. This makes a close square to Neptune which is @ 5.20 Pisces. Neptune is associated with oil and therefore connected to all the bearing countries of the Middle East. Egypt has traditionally been associated with the sign of Pisces. These aspects can create a dangerous time for Egypt and draw it into war.

    Things continue to be dangerous with an eclipse latter in 2013. On Nov. 03 2013 a solar eclipse occurs @ 11.16 Scorpio. This one also conjuncts Saturn which is @ 13.53 Scorpio. The karmic Moon’s nodes are involved with this eclipse and the previous one on May 10th. The eclipse points conjunct either the South Node (May 10th) or the North Node (Nov 03rd).

    Together all this make for a rather warlike flavor for 2013. Combined powers of meditation and prayers are most needed this year to “combat” these energies and “transform” them into good. Please spread the news to all and work on changing these energies into peaceful ones.
    Harmony in 2013, Ronald Cole


    By Bill Meridian

    The January 4, 2011 solar eclipse at 13 Capricorn cast a shadow through North Africa and the Middle East. Eclipse horoscopes and the areas that they darken can be activated by future transits. This eclipse had an immediate effect; demonstrations in Syria began on January 26th. The governments in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya fell…………… – SNIP –

    …… The summary: planetary tides did not favor Israel in the autumn, but the spring appears much better. The reverse is true for Iran. The Uranus-Pluto square on the Iranian and the 2011 eclipse Sun in May of (2013) will be the most dangerous period in the Gulf, the period when Iran is most vulnerable to attack. The same configurations are unfavorable for Syria and President Assad, subject for a future article.

  83. alex says:

    Midpoint Uranus/Jupiter – Innovation & Success (change that delivers constructive intended consequences)

    Innovative Projects & Success

    Heifer Project

    Success Stories

    Heifer International is crafting a new approach to strengthen more families and to increase their economic resiliency in Heifer projects around the world.

    We are still driven by the same mission to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth; we still have the same finely honed, well researched, impactful agricultural development model.

    We are challenging ourselves because the global situation demands it.

  84. alex says:

    Midpoint Uranus/Jupiter – Constructive Innovation

    SUN OVENS International has been innovative in developing methods of placement, training, and marketing to assist in the positioning of over 34,000 family sized GLOBAL SUN OVENS the U.S. and more than 100 developing countries, and 250 large VILLAGER SUN OVENS in deforested developing countries.

    Creating Self-Sustaining, Self-Propagating Micro-Enterprise
    The purpose of these programs is to alleviate poverty and enhance the quality of life throughout selected developing-world countries by empowering the hard working poor to raise their standard of living through self-sustaining micro-enterprise called Sun-Bakeries.

    Local Assembly Plants

    Entrepreneurs, Relief and Missions Organizations can now assemble ‘Sun Overs’ on location – dramatically reducing the cost, creating local jobs, while getting ovens into the hands of the people who need them most.

  85. alex says:

    More Midpoint Uranus/Jupiter – Constructive Innovation Success

    Access To clean & safe water unlocks potential

    When water comes, everything changes…

    When students are freed from gathering water, they return to class. With proper and safe latrines, girls stay in school through their teenage years.

    Safe water, clean hands, healthy bodies. Time lost to sickness is reduced and people can get back to the work of lifting themselves out of poverty.

    Access to water leads to food security. With less crop loss, hunger is reduced. Schools can feed students with gardens, reducing costs.

    LifeStraw – Innovation & Success & Clean Drinking Water

    LifeStraw has been described as the “Invention of the Century” as it offers a simple and cost effective solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems – Lack of fresh drinking water!

    LifeStraw has been created to filter drinkable water from surface fresh water and is designed with humanitarian aid for developing countries in mind. Many of these people are forced to drink water from a creek that may have a dead animal, faecal contaminants, or associated diseases in it, simply because they have no other water to drink.

    LifeStraw and LifeStraw Family filters the fresh water to significantly reduce the user’s chance of catching disease that could be carried in the water. In humanitarian aid conditions this includes using the LifeStraw for the filtration of well water that can be tainted by nearby toilet trenches or burial areas.

  86. alex says:


    – because of aging eyesight I use outlines

    full moon – culminating energy (issues revealed)

    new moon – initiating energy (issue begins or renews)

    4/25 full moon lunar eclipse (05 scorpio)

    5/9 new moon solar eclipse (19 taurus)

    5/25 full moon lunar eclipse (04 sagittarius)

    10/18 full moon lunar eclipse (25 aries)

    11/3 new moon solar eclipse (11 scorpio)

  87. alex says:

    Backlash or Backfire 2013 – 2014 : money/TA & power/SC

    October 18 2013 Lunar Eclipse(issues revealed) @25 Aries

    Capitol Hill Chart – Lunar Eclipse 25 Aries (INITIATIVES)

    Oct 18 2013 Capitol Hill Chart – Midpoint NE/MC @00 Taurus (money, practical issues Taurus)

    NE/MC (hidden strength)

    Oct 18 2013 Capitol Hill – Midpoint UR/MC @23 Capricorn (government, society, culture either excited, or disturbed, or enraged)

    (government, Capricorn)


    October 23, 2014 Capitol Hill – Solar Eclipse @00 Scorpio (New Moon, initiatives)

    Oct 23, 2014 (power, Scorpio) backlash or backfire

  88. Wennye' says:

    Wishing All a loving renewed season and holidays for those who celebrate! Blessings All, Wennye’

  89. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,

    Blessings to all!
    In this time of Spring, renewal, resurrection a spark of hope & problem-solving more important than media memes and celebrities & political puppets:!enablers

    Crowdsourcing is a 21Century way to solutions! So long as there is electricity, internet connection, people connecting..that is :-)

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  90. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Arts, Culture & Peace for your birthday greetings to my husband.

    A little Uranian conjunct sun in-joke: he needs to replace his “totaled” prius and doesn’t want another used prius but wants to get an all-electric car…not so practical right now but very affordable with all the government incentives and the deep discounts to start with because they aren’t selling that well yet (but pretty poor resale value at the back-end since the battery has a shelf life). Think practicality will win, or will it be the all-electric car with Uranus on his sun sign?

    Alex, thanks for the great posts. I was especially interested in the one on the affects of fresh, accessible water. For us who are privileged to have it, we do not appreciate the fact that it can be hard to get.

    And, for those who observe and celebrate, Have a holy, whole, happy Easter weekend!

  91. barbk says:


    I appreciate the links you have provided for the clean water project in Africa.

    Do you happen to know – or does anyone – the birthday of the youngster Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea? We seem to know now that he is 28 years old so he is approaching his 1st Saturn Return. His natal Saturn would be somewhere between 9 Scorpio and 28 Scorpio (March 1984-March 1985). It would put his natal Uranus somewhere between 9 Sagittarius and 17 Sagittarius, degrees transiting Jupiter will oppose between now and the first of May.

  92. alex says:

    – I tried looking up his birth date a few months ago; it’s a mystery !

    Natal Uranus opposite Transiting Jupiter

    The diplomatic community has characterized the belligerence of his late father towards the imperialist US as a tactic used as leverage for whatever he was in the market of concessions from immediate local nations; I read an article yesterday saying the same thing about the son Kim Jong Un; but he obviously has ramped up the ‘hostility'; you can bet your bottom dollar that US military and world wide allies have all kinds of plans ready for myriad contingencies that could come from N. Korea’s military aggression;

  93. alex says:


    neptune cafe says 1984 but who knows; the lamestream media says he could be born 82-83-or 84;

  94. alex says:

    The place: The Eagle, a genial pub and favorite luncheon spot for the staff, students and researchers working at the University of Cambridge’s old Cavendish laboratory on nearby Free School Lane.

    The date: Feb. 28, 1953, a day when real, honest-to-goodness history was made.

    The time: 12 noon.

  95. barbk says:

    Thanks alex, I’m sure you are right; “world wide allies” seem to be ready for him. A Google search turned up a couple of astrologers that use January 8, 1984, as his birthdate. If this is so he would be 29 years old now. His natal Saturn would be at 14 Scorpio 31, making his Saturn Return about the same time as the Scorpio Solar Eclipse (11 Scorpio 16) on Nov. 3.

    Even more concerning is that his Pisces Moon would likely be square his natal Uranus (11 Sagittarius), which puts transiting Chiron and (today) Mercury at 11 Pisces exactly square his natal Uranus. That might explain the saber rattling we got on the news. The Equinox Yod of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter would also trigger his natal Uranus if this date is correct, and transiting Jupiter is exactly opposite his Uranus at this moment, along with the Mercury-Chiron square in Pisces.

    He would also have a conjunction of Mars (28 Libra) and Pluto (1 Scorpio) if he was born on January 8, 1984. That seems plausible. Saturn stationed retrograde on 29 Libra in Februry 2012. That was after his father died and he became leader wasn’t it? There was a Full Moon that day at 18 Leo which would be quincunx his natal Sun at 17 Capricorn.

    The stationing Saturn (conjunct his natal Mars and Pluto) would also quincunx his natal Chiron at 28 Taurus and sextile his natal Neptune at 29 Sagittarius and Jupiter at 27 Sagittarius, all contingent on his birth being on 1/8/84. This would have created a yod with trans. Saturn sextile natal Neptune (& Jupiter) with his natal Taurus Chiron at the apex. At that time (Feb, 2012), Jupiter was transiting the early degrees of Taurus and would reach 28 Taurus in June, just as trans. Venus occulted the Sun at 15 Gemini. One astrologer puts Kim’s north node at 15 Gemini 27, another puts it at 14 Gemini 24. Here is a link to one of them. . .

  96. Sharon says:

    I don’t understand what was so mysterious about Kim Jong Un’s DOB. I put those words into google and got 1/8/83. Here’s the page that came up with several ilnks. Google rarely disappoints!…0.0…1c.1.7.psy-ab.VFsddhpGWuc&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44442042,d.Yms&fp=ed026ff60bd20b9e&biw=1600&bih=802

  97. Sharon says:

    I think you have to cut and paste the entire link into a browser, not just the part that’s blue…or….google Kim Jong Un date of birth, guys

  98. Sharon says:

    Sun and moon in Capricorn (uncomfortable with feelings?, ambitious, into tradition), one of which is possibly conjunct a symbol that looks like “black moon lilith” in 22 Cap? (from, but no time known so neither may conjunct it). Mercury in early Aquarius conj. venus (also aloof and distant emotionally but with a very good mind), Mars in late Aquarius trine Libra in Pluto (7 degree orb?), Jupiter conj Uranus in early Sag sextile (?) the early Aquarius planets….that’s my stab at it…he looks like a very cool character who is into tradition yet wants to bring Korea into the future? Just jamming here…

  99. Sharon says:

    I guess I should have said the moon is possibly conjunct the Lillith, not the sun LOL which is too early in Cap at about 7 degrees.

  100. Sharon says:

    Also, Mars at around 22 Aquarius, is conjunct the U.S. moon (not good?), and I guess some of that Capricorn is opposite the U.S. Cancer planets as well as POB’s venus in Cancer (I’m not checking the degrees). Pluto has passed his sun sign for now but not his moon of yet. I guess the pluto/uranus square will heighten things. However, with 3 planets in Aquarius, he is probably stubborn & ideological but also friendly and progressive and concerned with humanity? Again, just jammin’ until Nancy and the rest of you get ahold of this.

  101. alex says:


    well it’s officially more than N. Korean ‘trash’ talk now; declaring war on S. Korea and showing photo of map for missile strikes into US which is trash talk; can you imagine the airspace above N. Korea and every US missile defense and air defense and military satellite bearing down on N. Korea ready to erase them;

    N. Korea against the whole world;that takes hubris!

  102. alex says:

    – what the mystery is about is that even when he was in middle school in Switzerland it was unclear who he was, which son he was and his age by year of birth has been a matter of speculation all these ongoing years; their official information about which year he was born has been a kind of game where any reports on it are meant to obfuscate; so in the range from 82 to 84 google pinned it at 83 and several astrologers pin it at 84;

    there is nothing new about taking incomplete birth information and running the possible charts and reverse engineering using events in the life and world to reconcile the different dates;

    I have not been interested enough in N. Korea to do that; he is on the world stage engaging in brinkmanship with world powers that outsize them exponentially take any information about extremism, radicalsim used in astrology and apply to all the speculative charts;

  103. Dave says:

    So, how about that “liberal” media? Last Thursday we protested in Newtown, and according to that “liberal” media there were an equal amount of PRO gun supporters as there were gun control supporters. Equal? I would guess about 100+ on our side and about less than a dozen on theirs. Equal? In whose mind?

    But overall it went peaceful and well, of course you had a few drivers saying inappropriate things but that’s to be expected I suppose.

    What really amazed me was what happened out in Indiana, with those thugs showing up carrying rifles. I couldn’t believe it, and also couldn’t believe this wasn’t front page news across the entire world! Good god what’s wrong with these idiots? Do they even understand that they just perfectly made out point for us?

  104. barbk says:

    alex, hubris indeed! More stats for January 8 1984. . .

    Hybris conjunct Hekate 25 Aries (opposite Mars 28 Libra)
    Transiting Sun at 25 Aries on April 14th-15th

    Pholus + Eris at 14 Aries, sextile Vesta 14 Gemini rx, both quincunx Saturn 14 Scorpio. (one to watch!)

    Trans. Mars at 14 Aries today and tomorrow. Trans. Venus at 14 Aries on Tuesday. Trans. Sun at 14 Aries on Wednesday and Thursday. (Trans. Moon was at 14 Libra this past Wednesday, and trans. Moon at 14 Sagittarius tomorrow night)

    Trans. Jupiter at 14 Gemini from April 13-18 (at same time trans. Sun conjunct 1/8/84 Hybris and Hecate) Hmmm..

    Trans. Saturn at 14 Scorpio in November 2013.

  105. barbk says:

    Dave, thanks for the report. Too bad the media is still big business first and foremost. Thank goddess for the Internet!

  106. alex says:


    – I am not going to say this as well as the author of ‘Astrology Inside out’ the arc of 15 and 30 degrees are harmonic and strengthen each other (15 degree aspect is little used minor aspect – as an action or verb it’s key phrase is = will get it done)

    as the writer of “inside out” suggests make visualization of an angle and arc as a form with tension holding up the pressure of the rest of the 360 circle;

    at 15-30 there is inherent strength and harmonic strength

    at 14 degrees if you visualize and ‘feel’ the pressure from the 346 circle bearing down on the radial arms of the 14 degree arc from the outside while the inner inside ‘growing’ arc at 14 degrees from inside the arc are pushing towards 15 degrees (345) the contest so to speak of Ultimate tensile strength (wiki) is UNSTABLE at 14 degrees

    whenever you picture an aspect visualize the slice of arc in the 360 circle with it radial arms holds back the pressure from the remaining part of the 360 circle….

    it’s a good visualization for understanding the significance of an aspect to see the arc/&/radial arms as the narrative to its innate nature;

  107. starlight says:

    Sharon – That is great news they have finally settled on a birth date for Kim Jong Un. That will help a lot. They weren’t sure for a while.

  108. clymela says:

    Alex-thank you so much for sharing the exercise that can lead to the feeling experience of the aspects. once we “experience” the life behind our thoughts and words we are living on a rare level of consciousness, one that leads us to a deeper understanding of others.

  109. alex says:

    – yeah the method of visualizing the tensile strength of a slice or aspect or arc-of-the-angle (out of 360 degrees) is quite potent reminder of 1 dimension, to 2 dimensions – visualizing 3 dimensions

    every 360 degree circle is an orange to me and the aspects are slices of the orange;