2nd Feb, 2013

The Next New Senator

Back when Susan Rice was being viciously attacked on a daily basis by the right-wing scream machine for the supposed sin of repeating CIA talking points on TV, there developed some interesting speculation about what was really going on.  This kind of speculation is a necessity in today’s world, since much of what transpires is fueled by twisted motives that have little to do with the overt line of attack, but are well-camouflaged by the sturm und drang on the surface.  Thus, for example, the GOP’s endless denigration of President Obama’s policies – from health care to Libya and everything in between – has had less to do with the reality of the plans, many of which were originally supported by Republicans, and more to do with a vindictive attempt to sabotage Obama’s presidency.

Another example is the foaming-at-the-mouth bullying on display against Chuck Hagel at Thursday’s hearing, as it had little to do with his positions on the issues and everything to do with John McCain and his fellow Republicans’ ire at Hagel’s purported betrayal of the pack by growing to disagree with the Iraq War. After all, Hagel’s stands on foreign policy are for the most part in alignment with those of John Kerry, who was easily confirmed mere days before. But McCain is a very sore loser who seethes with resentment and barely contained rage after twice losing his bid for the presidency. His one accomplishment in recent years was his push for a surge in Iraq. Hagel’s opposing that has been tantamount to treason in McCain’s eyes. After all, hell hath no fury like an aggrieved McCain ego scorned.

The campaign against Susan Rice, according to many, may well have been a preemptive strike to eliminate her from the bidding for Secretary of State and create a smooth path for John Kerry. This, of course, would mean an empty Senate seat in Massachusetts, with Wall Street’s favorite pretty-boy Scott Brown ready to snatch it from the Democrats. This well-played chess maneuver looked to be bearing fruit until Brown himself dropped out of the race yesterday, no doubt to the great consternation of the plotters.  I had been ready to astrologically detail why Brown would not win the election in June 2013, despite his huge lead in today’s polls, but that is all beside the point now. Instead, I will just discuss Ed Markey, who it seems is likely to be the next Senator from Massachusetts.

Representative Ed Markey (6/11/46) has been in the US House of Representatives since 1977 and is a stalwart progressive with a strong focus on addressing the issue of climate change. It seems quite likely that he will win the primary on April 30, with Jupiter crossing his natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and then conjunct his Sun/ North Node conjunction (20 Gemini) for much of May. Although we have no birth time and therefore are missing some crucial information, Markey has a number of strong planetary configurations that point to success in the June 25 election and becoming a strong force in the Senate in 2013 and 2014.

There is a Mercury station at the time of the election, which could cause some delays in the vote counting or a need for recounting some of the results. But the station sits on Markey’s Venus (22 Cancer) without quite reaching his Saturn (23 Cancer), suggesting a positive outcome for him. This will be followed by Jupiter conjunct his Mercury (3Cancer) just after the July 4th holiday, again an indication of success. Perhaps more interestingly, there is a very strong focus on Mars in Markey’s chart from June 2013 through June 2014 due to progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars (25Leo), as well as the transiting Uranus/Pluto square (10Aries/10 Capricorn) in minor hard aspect to natal Mars and triggering the progressed Sun aspect for much of the same period. This points to hard fights and an aggressive stance on policies that are important to Markey, displaying an attitude all progressives will be happy to see in their new Senator.

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