The Next New Senator

Back when Susan Rice was being viciously attacked on a daily basis by the right-wing scream machine for the supposed sin of repeating CIA talking points on TV, there developed some interesting speculation about what was really going on.  This kind of speculation is a necessity in today’s world, since much of what transpires is fueled by twisted motives that have little to do with the overt line of attack, but are well-camouflaged by the sturm und drang on the surface.  Thus, for example, the GOP’s endless denigration of President Obama’s policies – from health care to Libya and everything in between – has had less to do with the reality of the plans, many of which were originally supported by Republicans, and more to do with a vindictive attempt to sabotage Obama’s presidency.

Another example is the foaming-at-the-mouth bullying on display against Chuck Hagel at Thursday’s hearing, as it had little to do with his positions on the issues and everything to do with John McCain and his fellow Republicans’ ire at Hagel’s purported betrayal of the pack by growing to disagree with the Iraq War. After all, Hagel’s stands on foreign policy are for the most part in alignment with those of John Kerry, who was easily confirmed mere days before. But McCain is a very sore loser who seethes with resentment and barely contained rage after twice losing his bid for the presidency. His one accomplishment in recent years was his push for a surge in Iraq. Hagel’s opposing that has been tantamount to treason in McCain’s eyes. After all, hell hath no fury like an aggrieved McCain ego scorned.

The campaign against Susan Rice, according to many, may well have been a preemptive strike to eliminate her from the bidding for Secretary of State and create a smooth path for John Kerry. This, of course, would mean an empty Senate seat in Massachusetts, with Wall Street’s favorite pretty-boy Scott Brown ready to snatch it from the Democrats. This well-played chess maneuver looked to be bearing fruit until Brown himself dropped out of the race yesterday, no doubt to the great consternation of the plotters.  I had been ready to astrologically detail why Brown would not win the election in June 2013, despite his huge lead in today’s polls, but that is all beside the point now. Instead, I will just discuss Ed Markey, who it seems is likely to be the next Senator from Massachusetts.

Representative Ed Markey (6/11/46) has been in the US House of Representatives since 1977 and is a stalwart progressive with a strong focus on addressing the issue of climate change. It seems quite likely that he will win the primary on April 30, with Jupiter crossing his natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and then conjunct his Sun/ North Node conjunction (20 Gemini) for much of May. Although we have no birth time and therefore are missing some crucial information, Markey has a number of strong planetary configurations that point to success in the June 25 election and becoming a strong force in the Senate in 2013 and 2014.

There is a Mercury station at the time of the election, which could cause some delays in the vote counting or a need for recounting some of the results. But the station sits on Markey’s Venus (22 Cancer) without quite reaching his Saturn (23 Cancer), suggesting a positive outcome for him. This will be followed by Jupiter conjunct his Mercury (3Cancer) just after the July 4th holiday, again an indication of success. Perhaps more interestingly, there is a very strong focus on Mars in Markey’s chart from June 2013 through June 2014 due to progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars (25Leo), as well as the transiting Uranus/Pluto square (10Aries/10 Capricorn) in minor hard aspect to natal Mars and triggering the progressed Sun aspect for much of the same period. This points to hard fights and an aggressive stance on policies that are important to Markey, displaying an attitude all progressives will be happy to see in their new Senator.


  1. will says:

    “After all, hell hath no fury like an aggrieved McCain ego scorned.” Tres bon!

    This is all good news, Starlight. Something to cheer about in the wake of PBO’s legal imbroglio of his recess appointments and the subsequent hostile rulings from G.O.P. ideologues.

    I am confident that will a galvanized progressive demographic, we will turn the tides of this nation over the next four years.

    Thank you for your time, devotion and generosity.

  2. starlight says:

    Thanks, Will. I think the most important point in the article is this one:

    …much of what transpires is fueled by twisted motives that have little to do with the overt line of attack, but are well-camouflaged by the sturm und drang on the surface.

    This strikes me anew all the time. What we are arguing over is never what is really going on. We and the pundits get distracted by the b*llsh*t and seldom discuss the underlying issue. The GOP are masters of this kind of sleight of hand. Then they get caught up in their own nonsense.

  3. will says:

    Sadly true. So much of the discourse is an utter waste of time, talent and treasure. And we all suffer from this form of evil as it manifests in stalemate, a feeling of “stuckness,” resistance to sorely needed reform.

    I continue to be awestruck by the raging resistance to change and reform.

  4. Teresa Hill says:

    From the last thread, about posting troubles, a lot of WordPress themes get updated with small coding changes to help them work better or continue to work. Or deal with updates to WordPress software.
    If you know how to check through WordPress (info. shows up when you sign-in, that there’s an updated version of WordPress, or if you go to the themes page, an updated version of your theme) it’s easy to update. WordPress does it almost automatically. It might fix the posting thing. I could talk you through it.

  5. alex says:

    California Governor’s Election 2014
    Karl Rove is hatching evil plots in CA for 2014 election:

    Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff and senior adviser to President George W. Bush, will keynote the Saturday-night banquet at the California Republican Party’s 2013 Spring Convention March 1-3 at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento.,_2014

  6. Wennye' says:

    So Alex, you are telling me I need to get to Sacramento with a truck load of burning sage in March?! Blessings to All

  7. alex says:

    yes Wennye that’s what I’m sayin :-)

  8. Jackson says:

    Wow. That’s right down the street. Time to get the word out to all my Facebook peeps that Porky Pig the Plutocrat Hijacker will be in town. There are a lot of folks here in the 916 who are not amenable to this man or his handiwork. Myself included.

  9. alex says:

    Jackson, so glad you’ll be getting folks up against theRove invasion, thank you

  10. karen says:

    Markey would be a great assest indeed, Nancy! This is hopeful news. And, yes many motives are camouflaged, especially by the ilks of McCain. This point was also made by Lawrence O’Donnell when he stated that that gotcha questions being lobbed at Hagel had nothing whatsoever to do with the Secretary of Defense position.

  11. Blueraven says:

    “truck load of burning sage”What a beautiful image.
    love it.

  12. Lorrie U says:

    Skeet Birthers Freak Out Over President Obama Shooting Picture

  13. alex says:

    USA chart: 20 Libra, Juno (opposite 20 Aries, Chiron)

    JUno (relationship participant with equal power, partnerships)

    Novile energy: 20 Libra
    (9TH harmonic ‘partner’ 20 Aries, Chiron)

    Noviles are derived from dividing 360° by 9 = 40 degrees. Multiples of this give: bi-novile = 80°; tri-novile = 120°; quad-novile = 160°; quin-novile = 200°; sen-novile = 240°; sept-novile = 280° and oct-novile = 320°. This makes up a nine point star.

    The ‘novile’ degrees of the zodiac

    taken from 0 Aries are:
    10 Taurus;
    20 Gemini;
    0 Leo;
    10 Virgo;
    20 Libra;
    0 Sagittarius;
    10 Capricorn;
    20 Aquarius.

    People with these degrees prominent carry the novile energy regardless of whether they have a novile pattern or not.

    The novile aspect is one ninth of the zodiac, or 40 degrees.

    The Hindu astrologers say that the 9th harmonic is to the birth chart as the fruit is to the tree from which it grows. In other words, the ninth harmonic shows the future – what we are headed toward, what we are producing, what we are becoming.

    The Hindu astrologers also say that the 9th harmonic signifies the marriage partner, and can be thought of as the chart of our ideal mate. It makes sense that the person who we would be most attracted to would carry the same energy as our goals. Just as we are pulled through time toward what we are becoming, we are pulled to people whose energy will help us to become that.

  14. alex says:

    Part 2: Novile

    survey of equality of power issues, news database

    Headlines for Oct. 13, 2011

    TRANSITING SATURN @20 Libra conjunct USA Juno @20 Libra,

    Novile pattern USA Juno @20 Libra

  15. alex says:

    Juno: 12/21/2012

    World Point, Zero Degrees Capricorn
    – Winter Solstice December 21 2012

    Transiting Juno @00 Capricorn


    Transiting Sun @00 Capricorn

    When the Sun arrives in Capricorn on Dec. 21, there will be a little planet [Juno] waiting for it on the solstice point, I kept looking at the chart, seeing that Sun-Juno conjunction, and thinking, well, that can’t really be important enough to be the 2012 alignment…….

    Marriage itself is at a historic turning point. Same-sex couples can now marry in many places……..

    One thing about the first degree of Capricorn — the winter solstice point — is that it relates to all of the other cardinal points, one of which is the first degree of Aries. The whole cardinal cross resonates with the Aries Point, which has the theme ‘the personal is political’.

  16. alex says:

    USA Juno @20 Libra opposite USA Chiron @20 Aries (becoming Chiron)

    Charles Kowal discovered Chiron in 1977 while examining some photographic plates. Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron’s own orbit is elliptical and eccentric. It takes approximately 50 years for Chiron to orbit around the zodiac. At certain times it crosses the orbits of both Saturn and Uranus.

    One of the earliest books on Chiron by Erminie Lantero titled ‘The Continuing Discovery of Chiron’

    CHIRON is the essence of pragmatism, of gaining a palpable or “hands on” awareness of ourselves so that we can metamorphose into something entirely new.

  17. barbk says:

    You are beautiful Nancy; this Jupiter in Gemini has been a wearisome trial of jibber-jabber, which you have surmounted in this article about Ed Markey (and Chuck Hagel).

    Chris Hayes remarked that (and I paraphrase) until the USA gets a new self-image (no longer a nation of war but of peace), it won’t be able to move ahead on such issues as climate change. Mr. Markey’s election will be testimony we are moving in that direction.

    Once Jupiter gets through the dreadful Gemini visit, including the conjunction of the U.S. Uranus (again) and then the U.S. Mars, it will be entering Cancer and will soon conjunct the U.S. Jupiter. A Jupiter return is a good thing most believe; and the start of a new cycle (for the US). Jupiter is the ruler of the U.S. Sibly ascendant, the 1st house ruler. The 1st house symbolizes self-image and that, along with the transit of Pluto in the US 1st house, should do wonders for the country’s “self-image”.

    In the meantime we would do well to remember that a kind of mutable grand square will be taking place symbolizing a transitioning period, with much changing of minds, negotiating, confusion and yes, jibber-jabber. This is symbolized by March’s New Moon at 21 Pisces opposite the US Neptune in Virgo and square the US Mars in Gemini. Add in the placement of centaur Pholus (or not if you don’t want to) in the March Equinox at 22 Sagittarius opposite the US Mars and square the US Neptune and the total effect will be seeming blockage. Pholus is a symbol of something “small” happening that causes something “big” to happen. The New Moon looses its effect by the following New Moon on April 10 but the Equinox will be effective at least until the June Solstice.

    Your clear and positive vision of Mr. Markey’s attributes (and transits) will go far in helping me ride out the March sturm und drang testing we must endure. Maybe we should print t-shirts and bumper stickers to remind us it will get better.

  18. barbk says:


    Thanks for all the new insights and the links I look forward to exploring. You probably are already aware that the April New Moon (after the wild and crazy month of March) on 4/10/13 is 20 Aries 41 and conjuncts the U.S. natal Chiron (opposite US Juno). The fun never ends and the hits just keep coming.

  19. alex says:

    barbk, thanks for the new moon in April @20 Aries notation; and
    March New Moon Pholus @22 Sagittarius T- square

  20. Lorrie U says:

    How A Nixon-Appointed Supreme Court Justice Set The Stage For Ruling Against Obama’s Recess Appointments

    Not satisfied with hundreds of years of precedent and court rulings upholding the practice of recess appointments, Republicans found President Obama’s appointments “too labor-oriented,” and a PepsiCo distributor, Noel Canning, unhappy with a ruling against them in a union dispute, rather than appealing the ruling itself, challenged the legitimacy of the board in court, resulting in this recent decision. And while it’s common for different courts to come to different conclusions on the same matter, there is a question here as to the legitimacy of the D.C. Court even taking this case in the first place.

  21. alex says:


    I hadn’t found Sam Wang on my own; thank you for the link;

    Karl Rove is coming to keynote GOP CA meeting in March ahead of the 2014 governor’s election – they want another shot at CA from Meg Whitman’s crowd: Rove is probably plotting and scheming to thwart the CA. Citizen’s Redistricting Commission.

    from article:

    “Surprisingly absent from the guilty list is California, where 62 percent of the two-party vote went to Democrats and the average mock delegation of 38 Democrats and 15 Republicans exactly matched the newly elected delegation. Notably, California voters took redistricting out of legislators’ hands by creating the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.”

  22. mitzi says:

    Astrologer Paul Saunders article,”What awaits President Obama in his 2nd term of Office?”

  23. mitzi says:

    (A Citizens United Wedding)

  24. Lune Prière says:

    JA, Dr. Wang was my hero and kept me sane during the 2012 election. I’m so glad to see him published in the Times. Yay Dr. Wang!!

  25. Lunagardener says:

    Mitzi, Thank you for posting that wonderful video!
    I love creative activism!

  26. andre says:

    The Japanese government wants to use financial policies that worked in the run-up to World War II.

  27. Lorrie U says:

    Mitzi – Thanks for posting Saunders article about Obama’s 2nd term. Very interesting!

  28. Lorrie U says:

    Mitzi – That video is hilarious. Reminds me of a modern-day Les Miz…

  29. Sharon says:

    What’s with the Super Bowl blackout? What do the psychics say, huh?

  30. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    The approaching “red comet” in March according to Psychic Focus will be playing havoc with the electrical grid system. When asked when this would start being noticeable she saw the Roman Numerals XLVII which she later learned may have an association to the Super Bowl.

    In one comment she writes:

    “I remember when I was focused on this and my husband was asking me questions regarding “when things would change or happen”. I was laying in bed and I saw the letters XLVII carved in stone, much like a sign or something. I told him the letters having no idea what they meant. I thought it was a year or date or maybe even nothing. He googled it to see if it meant anything, and we were SHOCKED to find it was a symbol for the upcoming Superbowl. I felt that a natural disaster was involved and I didn’t feel like it was any kind of terrorist thing, but rather some natural event. I can’t rule out the sinkhole, but I didn’t see one in my vision at that time.”

    As a reminder (as mentioned earlier), she saw a cataclysmic earthquake, a fracturing of the tectonic plates underneath the Pacific Ocean floor on March 13th which would have major financial implications. Mars ingress into Aries conjunct the Sun-Uranus midpoint could be a partial explanation for that. But she saw it related to the “Red Comet” which is expected to be within the earth’s orbit around that time; exerting enormous pressure on the earths inner core.

  31. Sharon says:

    OK, thanks, Jerry…let’s hope that whatever happens has as mild an effect as what happened during the SB tonight.

  32. tetramorph says:


    thanks for the comet info. Currently, there are 9 in-bound comets, with 3 having the potential to put on a show for us, the Red Comet, the newly discovered Green Comet, and the one that may be a fragment of the Great Comet of 1680 — in addition to the very close pass of Comet ‘Siding Spring’ to Mars, maybe even impacting. Wow! The tectonic break-up of the Indonesian plate is pretty well documented and occurring now.

    If you have not seen this guys blog, check it out:

    An alternative theory on dark matter, he includes comets. Not entirely sure what to think of this, but I feel it is worth considering — he does make some interesting connections. There are some “fluff” posts, he makes around 1 post a day, and some really interesting ones. I actually hope he’s off his rocker. If he’s even 50% right, his theory is a major game changer.

  33. alex says:

    On March 13, 2007, JPL announced that it found strong evidence of seas of methane and ethane in the northern hemisphere. At least one of these is larger than any of the Great Lakes in North America.

    “Titan is just covered in carbon-bearing material—it’s a giant factory of organic chemicals,” said Ralph Lorenz, who leads the study of Titan based on radar data from Cassini. “This vast carbon inventory is an important window into the geology and climate history of Titan.” Several hundred lakes and seas have been observed, with several dozen estimated to contain more hydrocarbon liquid than Earth’s oil and gas reserves. The dark dunes that run along the equator contain a volume of organics several hundred times larger than Earth’s coal reserves.


    The American aerospace engineer and author Robert Zubrin identified Saturn as the most important and valuable of the four gas giants in the solar system, because of its relative proximity, low radiation, and excellent system of moons. He also named Titan as the most important moon on which to establish a base to develop the resources of the Saturn system.


    Robert Zubrin has pointed out that Titan possesses an abundance of all the elements necessary to support life, saying “In certain ways, Titan is the most hospitable extraterrestrial world within our solar system for human colonization.” The atmosphere contains plentiful nitrogen and methane, and strong evidence indicates that liquid methane is on the surface and, liquid water, and ammonia are present under the surface and are often delivered to the surface by volcanic activity. Water can easily be used to generate breathable oxygen. Nitrogen is ideal to add buffer gas partial pressure to breathable air; indeed, nitrogen forms about 78% of Earth’s atmosphere. Nitrogen, methane and ammonia can all be used to produce fertilizer for growing food.

    Saturn Lord of the Rings

    Via a meticulously-selected combination of outer space footage, state-of-the-art CG graphics and informed scientific discussion,
    the History Channel documentary series The Universe investigates various aspects of the cosmos, with each episode devoted to one particular subtopic. The episode “Saturn – Lord of the Rings” investigates Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun and the furthest one out that can still be glimpsed from the Earth’s surface without the aid of a telescope.

    The program explores the famous “rings” of Saturn and asks if they are real or simply an optical illusion; it also discusses the connections between Saturn and the weather on Earth, and makes a fascinating proposition about mankind’s ability to locate a permanent supply of oil on one of Saturn’s moons.

  34. will says:


    I don’t know what the psychics are saying about the SuperBowl blackout now, but its probably too late.

    Personally, it was one big weird event – the game, the score, the blackout, the snafus. What came through for me was something Uranian and Jupiter moving forward in Gemini.

    I think Beyonce was the luckiest – she got her half-time show and all of her routines in before all hell broke loose.

    A very strange event.

  35. M. says:

    Good news about Markey and I hope another dem fills his house seat. As for that bitter old man McCain…when oh when will we see the last of him and his amigo Graham. Also, Reid really failed in the filibuster fight and if Hagel gets filibustered, as has been hinted at, I will place the blame at his feet.

  36. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Common Cause

    If a decade on the Federal Communications Commission taught me anything, it’s that a working democracy relies on a vibrant — and transparent – media.

    And after Citizens United triggered an eruption of anonymous political spending, knowing who’s behind the smears and distortions blanketing our airwaves is more critical than ever. That’s why I’m proud to be leading Common Cause’s bold new Media and Democracy Initiative.

    I’m a former FCC chairman who spent 10 years with that agency. In the coming weeks I’ll be putting a comprehensive plan into action to win some badly needed media reforms We’ll push back on consolidation in ownership, promote local control and universal access to open information, and do everything we can to take back the public airwaves.

    We’re starting with the FCC because it’s our best chance to restore some basic transparency to political spending, and undue some damage Citizens United caused.

    The FCC has clear authority to force broadcasters to disclose political advertisers. Its own rule could not be more clear: advertisements must “fully and fairly disclose the true identity” of whoever is paying for them.The rule goes on to say that “listeners are entitled to know by whom they are being persuaded.” I couldn’t agree more.

    Tell the FCC to start enforcing its disclosure rule. You and all Americans have a right to know who’s behind the political ads distorting our public discourse.

    Let’s bring overwhelming public pressure to bear on the FCC and show them it’s past time to shine the bright sunlight of disclosure on big-spending political advertisers.

    Michael Copps
    Former FCC Chairman
    Senior Advisor, Common Cause Media and Democracy Initiative

  37. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – your post re. Saturn was fascinating! Now the race will be on to see which one gets there first to begin ruining that planet, too.

  38. Lorrie U says:

    S&P To Face Charges From States, U.S. Over Wrongdoing Before Financial Crisis: Report

    Federal and state prosecutors intend to bring civil charges against Standard & Poor’s for wrongdoing in its rating of mortgage bonds prior to the 2008 financial crisis, The Wall Street Journal said on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

  39. Lorrie U says:

    Is Wall Street’s Next Disaster Staring America In The Face?

    Too Fast To Fail: Is High-Speed Trading the Next Wall Street Disaster?

    Computer algorithms swap thousands of stocks each instant—and could set off a financial meltdown.

  40. Lorrie U says:

    Alabama Man Holding 5-Year-Old Boy Hostage ‘Listened to a Lot of Conservative Talk Radio’

    The Vietnam-era veteran is described as someone who listened to conservative radio and didn’t like government, starting with Obama. “He is just against everything – the government and his neighbors.”

  41. Patty says:

    Robert Reich had piece yesterday…(Anniversary of America’s First Progressive Revolution)
    Looking at planets for date…there was a whole lot of Capricorn with 5-Aries North Node.
    I often think of ‘Square’ as a Step-up (like stairway steps), if you can harness/master it.
    Thank you, Nancy!

  42. Squallo says:


    There is also this experiment done by this Farsight Institute who uses remote viewing, that also sees some comet, but they say that we actually get hit by it before 1 June 2013, and it causes severe disturbances on coastal areas.

  43. barbk says:

    FYI – per MSNBC right now, AL hostage taker is dead, 5 year old boy is alive. Awaiting a news conference from Alabama site.

  44. will says:


    Very much enjoyed Thank you for passing it along.

  45. Sharon says:

    If we were going to get hit by a comet by June 1, wouldn’t astronomers know it by now?

  46. JA says:

    Lorrie U., Thank you for the article about McCain, wow it made me shudder. Now I understand about Susan Rice.

  47. Squallo says:


    I’m sorry to say this but with our technology, detecting an object that will actually hit the planet, is science fiction.

    Any astronomer would tell you that unless you know where to look, or you actually see it with your naked eye, there is no way to know that it’s there, other than luck.

    That kind of objects are just too small compared to the amount of space there is, you would have to know where to look, íts trajectory, the speed, its depth, because most objects doesn’t shine until…, just like car accidents, sometimes you just see the lights that come at you, and you just hold your breath, not knowing where it came from.

  48. alex says:

    Lorrie, the Saturn exploration happened during BushCo nightmare years, I was too busy bleaching my brain and OMing my sanity from sinking from the the worst of times to notice that particiular part of space exploration; the Universe series episode on the Cassini probe to Saturn mission is really amazing over the top good;

  49. Jerry says:

    Hi Squallo,

    From the blog site I quoted, there’s no anticipation of direct impact. The site you shared states:

    “Impacts from what appear to be LARGE METEORS leading to tsunamis and possible volcanism”

    Using the google search engine, what I have gleaned is; a meteor is a fragment broken off from a comet or asteroid. It is usually the size of a small boulder.

    The main point that is being stressed, is that supposedly in March this red comet will be exerting tremendous gravitational pull on our earths atmosphere and pole axis alignment.

  50. Lorrie U says:

    2013 – Year of the Water Snake

    Years of the Snake share many of the same characteristics – they are years in which events behind the scenes may be more significant than the big events that capture a lot of attention. So this year may be just as transformative as 2012 (which was considered a very dramatic year energetically) but in a less obvious way. On a personal level, this is a year for pulling inward and figuring things out, and contemplating decisions carefully before acting. They are considered years in which great progress can be made on personal and business goals, but also years in which deception can be a problem – whether deception by others or self-deception. Discernment and self-awareness are key advice for Snake Years.

    Predictions on a public level for 2013 are very similar. Coming on the heels of the dramatic 2012 Year of the Dragon, 2013 is considered by many to be a year of processing those events and changes on a subtler level. One twist however, is that the 2013 element (water) and the native element of the animal (snakes are considered fire animals in this system) are not very compatible. Although predictions vary, some predict that this clash of elements will mean a continuation of strange and dramatic weather patterns that we have seen. On a personal level, any ongoing discord in your life, especially between men and women, is unlikely to abate. 2014 will see an end to this element clash however, with the elements finally lining up amicably.

    Because of the Snake association with intelligence and seeing under the surface of things, this year is considered a potentially good year for scientific and technological research and advancement.

  51. will says:

    From a different kind of star-gazer.
    One of the female astronauts, who is about to return to earth, takes you on a lively and very thorough tour of the space station, while in space.

  52. Squallo says:


    I think that we will not even know what happened, just like the 2004 tsunami, how do you know that it wasn’t a meteor that hit in the ocean?, you can just dismiss the scenario by stating that it was an earthquake, but how could you possibly know?, other than studying the epicenter, because the effects are so similar.

  53. Squallo says:

    Everyday there are thousands of asteroids and small meteors hitting the planet, and we don’t even realize it.

  54. tetramorph says:


    here’s a quote from wikipedia: “The hypocentre of the main earthquake was approximately 160 km (100 mi), in the Indian Ocean just north of Simeulue island, off the western coast of northern Sumatra, at a depth of 30 km (19 mi) below mean sea level (initially reported as 10 km (6.2 mi)).”

    Even at 6.2 miles, it would take a big stone to generate that quake and would have been very noticeable after the fact. Yes, we get hit by tons of stuff monthly, but it’s all very small. There is most certainly gravitation effects on Earth from the Sun and Planets. Suspicous0bververs on Youtube does quakes watched based on the heilocentric positions of planets and coronal hole activity, he’s pretty good at calling them. As for a solar “kill shot,” it seems NASA has revised earlier predictions and are now concerned that the sun is actually winding down towards what is know as a “Maunder Minimum,” which is to say, the current cycle is over-hyped…

  55. Jerry says:

    Hi Squallo,

    I gather it will not be confined to a specific area. According to Psychic Focus, the impact of the rupture of the tectonic plates along the Pacific rim on March 13th will be so vast and enormous, that it will have an immediate knock-on effect on the financial markets. It will be an earthquake of unprecedented proportions. She expects a full economic collapse within two to three weeks of the initial quake. That would take us right into the March 27th Full Moon (the Aries Full Moon in t square to the Pluto-Uranus square).

  56. Squallo says:


    I didn’t knew that we could pinpoint the depth of an ocean earthquake, but now that I think about it, it can be triangulated.

    But the fact is that, if there is going to be a meteor impact, most probably will be unannounced.


    I’m not so sure that the effects could be that big, because something like that would affect too many people, and that would be noticed by some other methods, like astrology.

    I think that, as always, if it really happens, it will be a lot less damaging than is foretold.

  57. mitzi says:

    “On Wednesday, May 9, 2001,(four months before Sept.11, 2001), over twenty high ranking officials, including air traffic controllers, ex secret op. officials, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists with top secret clearance, who had access to very sensitive documents, lieutenants, ex commanders in the U.S. airforce, astronaunts, etc…, all came before The National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., to discuss
    what their experiences had been regarding U.F.O.’s, . Most importantly, all of them declared they were willing to come before Congress to testify under oath.”
    After these enormous declarations, why was Congress never compelled to hold a hearing for review and exsamination?

  58. alex says:


    they had a press conference but the inherent power of media is that it can create enough noise and distraction from anything other than their controlled matrix which could work against the wealthy elite corporate vested interests; logic would suggest that ‘those people’ the corporate elite media conglomerate businesses have ‘inside’ information of UFO’s and the inside track on advanced research from reverse engineering alien technologies; media conglomerate money will have their projected timelines when they will be able to ‘realize’ profits from such things;

  59. Rose says:

    Quote of the day: “Every time Republicans faint and clutch their pearls, it’s a sign that the White House is winning.”

  60. mitzi says:

    Thank you Alex, I totally agree. I wonder about The Dome weapon recently deployed in the mid-east? When I saw the video, and its capabilities, well I must say, it was quite extraordiary, and “out-of-this-world!” Makes me wonder, is all I’m sayin!

  61. Patty says:

    Will, I enjoyed the NASA Spaceflight link…so interesting, it blew me away!
    Had to look up Sunita Williams on Wiki:

  62. Patty says:

    Lorrie, An interesting article from Astrologer, Michael Lutin ‘The Year of the Black Snake':
    “The presence of Neptune in the sign of Pisces is the power to rise above rage. It is the antidote for the poison. It is the call to a higher purpose, the opening of the door to higher perception. This is anarchy in its truest form-as peaceful as a snake minding its own business, happily doing its swimmy thing. As long as nobody tries to hassle it”.

  63. Lorrie U says:

    Patty – Thanks, I always enjoy Michael Lutin. I read something similar somewhere else, so I think those on the right who are more fearful will be angry, and those who aspire to higher consciousness will rise above it all.

  64. Lorrie U says:

    The Romney Effect: States Lose $39.8 Billion Due to Offshore Tax Avoidance

    The need to close corporate loopholes became even more apparent after a new study revealed today that state budgets were hit collectively with $39.8 billion in lost revenue from offshore tax dodging in 2011, and corporations account for more than $26 billion of that lost tax revenue.

  65. Lorrie U says:

    Bernie Sanders Exposes 18 CEOs who took Trillions in Bailouts, Evaded Taxes and Outsourced Jobs

    80 CEO’s raised the ire of Sen. Sanders by publishing a letter in the Wall Street Journal urging America to act on the deficit, and reform Medicare and Medicaid.

    Sen. Sanders responded to the lecture from America’s CEO’s by releasing a report that detailed how 18 of them have helped blow up the deficit and wreck the economy by outsourcing jobs and evading US taxes.

  66. will says:



  67. starlight says:

    There is this theory that Obama is the reincarnation of Lincoln. Of course, we don’t know and never will, but it is an interesting possibility. Along with this theory comes the related possibility that many of those who so hate him now are also reappearing from the same time in history. Supporting this concept we find: the talk of secession, the talk of nullification, the paranoid need for guns to defend from an aggressive government, and now, ta da, in Virginia, wanting to create their own currency. I kid you not.

    The Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates on Monday advanced legislation that could lead to the establishment of a state-issued currency.
    …The legislation… would have the state set up a group to study the creation of a metallic based currency. Establishment of the currency would allow for the state to move back to the use of the gold standard….the state needs a currency in case of a collapse of the dollar or other problems with the Federal Reserve, The Washington Post reports.

  68. alaska says:

    I LOVE Ed Markey!! So glad to hear this!!

    I also think he would make a great President!! If Hillary does not run, I hope Ed Markey does.

  69. starlight says:

    From Jan 19 post:

    We are likely to immediately be swept into some high drama from this Mars/Moon/Uranus configuration due to the progressed Inaugural Moon, which will be moving into the exact square with Mars and semisquare with Uranus through February 9. Moreover, the transiting Sun will conjunct natal Inaugural Mars (20Aquarius13) on February 7 and 8, while the transiting Node will square natal Mars from February 10 through February 22. These configurations will make the first month of the new administration ripe for some very agitated and unexpected strife. As mentioned, this parallels a time when both Jupiter and Uranus, and briefly Mars, will be aspecting the president’s Pluto. It is clear there will be some very challenging and potentially violent events to navigate, although the president is likely to manage these situations reasonably well.

    We have the Brennar confirmation hearing Thursday and the unresolved Hagel candidacy before us. Also the aggressive push on gun control is happening now. Things should go well for Obama through 2/19 at least.

  70. fierywoman says:

    A tech guy explained to me that the comet/asteroid expected in March would/ could be just above the earth’s surface … or as he told me, the satellites would be higher above the earth…
    Will: the lady astronaut: sheer magic. I also adore Lutin when he’s on.

  71. will says:


    I’ve felt that the current heavily-nominated Academy Award movie, Lincoln, speaks to this notion on many levels. Why all about Lincoln and why now? I think examining Lincoln’s presidency in every conceivable way is to be well-informed about the energies and situations to unfold during PBO’s second term.

    Michelle is no Mary Lincoln though, and this is probably a good thing with all due respect to the former First Lady.

    Fierywoman – happy you enjoyed the Space-Station clip. I liked Sunin’s tour a great deal….a peach of a gal.

  72. tetramorph says:

    Hey, what happened to the reply tab?

    Fierywoman, here’s a link showing a skychart for PanSTARRS:

    This comet may be over-hyped. It is a “new” one, which tend to have weak shows.

    Of course, by now we have all heard of the M8.0 earthquake off Santa Cruz Islands in S. Pacific. Watch for corresponding movement of plates in the N. Pacific over the next 2 weeks, probably an M7 — this has been the pattern. A massive tectonic event somewhere in the Pacific over the next 6 weeks is a very real possibility. The Aries Point seemed to be involved with the big Japan Quake of March 11, 2011 — Uranus had just crossed from Pisces, or was about to. Looks like Mars will transit that zone March 12-13.

  73. angellight says:

    Tweet from Zandar ~ “Let’s remember why the Post Office is broke right now: Congress made it pay all its retiree benefits up front in 2006.”

  74. alex says:

    How should Congress address the March 1 deadline for automatic spending cuts?

    March 1, 2013

    su 10 pi

    mo 22 libra – 29

    node 19 sc

    me 17 pi

    ve 03 pi

    ma 21 pi

    ju 7 ge

    sa 11 sc

    ur 6 ar

    ne 3 pi

    pl 11 cp

    Sequester cuts deal must be reached in US by March 1

  75. angellight says:

    Humanity at a Crossroads Documentary!

    Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview ~is a documentary exploring the depths of the current human condition and the emergence of a worldview that is recreating our world from the inside out.

    Weaving together insights and findings from biology, psychology, network science, systems science, business, culture and media, the film reveals the inner workings of the human experience in the 21st century, urging viewers to step out of the box and challenge their own assumptions about who we really are.

  76. Noelle says:

    Starlight, what do you make of all of the todo about drones killing US citizens and the concern about the secrecy of policy and subjectiveness, etc. Setback for Brennan/ PBO?

  77. Lorrie U says:

    Bernie Sanders Exposes the Dirty Secret that a Few Wealthy People Control Congress

    People have got to understand that the issue in Congress is not what the media talks about on why can’t Democrats and Republicans get along.

    That is not the issue. The issue is that, to a very significant degree, the Congress of the United States of America is controlled by a handful of extraordinarily wealthy people and corporations, Wall Street being at the top of that list. And unless we address that issue, I fear very much for the middle class. I fear very much for our kids, for low income people and for seniors.

  78. will says:

    Mercury goes retrograde February 23 through March 17; will be in “shadow retrograde” from this Saturday, February 9 through Feb. 22 and again from March 18 through April 6.

  79. Jackson says:

    Which means, Will, that Mercury shadow retrograde will be part of our upcoming solar return.

  80. will says:

    Pray tell, what do you think this portends for us, fellow Aries Point-person?

  81. Patty says:

    I wonder…Where are the great books, songs inspired by the positive spiritual vision we on the left see/feel turning?
    ‘Lawmaker Wants to Require Students to Read Ayn Rand’ Idaho state Sen. John Goedde (R), chairman of the Education Committee, introduced legislation to require every Idaho high school student to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and pass a test on it to graduate from high school, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reports. Said Goedde: “That book made my son a Republican.”

  82. Lorrie U says:

    Patty – Unbelievable! Now right-wing propaganda should be required reading? Can you imagine the outrage if someone wanted to make a liberal book required reading?

  83. clymela says:

    Okay-no reply button-oh well here I go after reading to catch up. First thing I have come across some words and thoughts that are disturbing me. the first thing was that today I read,not here, someone talking about millions of people killed by drones. I hate the drones-the idea of killing others even enemies while remaining invulnerable reminds me of all the monsters I ever feared in childhood–plain old-fashioned evil still I don’t think that millions have been killed. Does anyone know about this? also last week I opened a link from someone regarding Martin Luther King-the point of the rant was that in sometime previous the King family sued the government in civil court and won in that the US government was convicted of the murder of MLK. I have never heard of this-has anyone else? I wondering if my mind is really turning to pudding here or have I just encountered a monster lie campaign. I would ask people closer to me but they all turn to me for clarification of details.

  84. Lorrie U says:

    Clymela – I don’t know anything about MLK. Re. the drones, there has been some collateral damage of civilians with the drones, but certainly not “millions.” My personal take, there is always some collateral damage, no matter the method, in wars, whether by dropping bombs, sending in troops, placing mines, etc. The good thing about drones is that it saves our troops lives. There is some outrage about going after American citizens. My personal feeling is that if you are an American citizen living abroad and a member of Al Queda who is plotting to attack us, then go for it. I think there should be some added oversight, and certainly an attempt to keep collateral damage at a minimum. Chris Matthews has been covering this and I think that is the consensus for most democrats.

  85. alex says:

    Does Saturn hold the key to Earth’s weather and will one of its moons supply us with all the oil we’ll ever need? As technology allows experts to get closer to this gas giant, they can begin to explore these possibilities.

  86. alex says:

    Saturn – Part 2

    The Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn:

    The effort to ease the Cassini spacecraft into a trajectory utilized the gravity of several planets to slingshot its way to Saturn; alignment that made this possible will not be seen again for 600 years;

    Cassini-Huygens craft completes mind-boggling feats. It must travel over two billion miles across space, utilizing the gravity of several planets to slingshot its way to Saturn. There is no room for error as the unique planetary alignment that makes this possible will not be seen again for 600 years.

    Cassini has to then pass through Saturn’s rings undamaged before launching the Huygens probe towards Titan’s surface. Everything must work perfectly—the explosive bolts, the heat shield, each one of the three parachutes that were packed almost eight years before, prior to the launch on Earth.

    The Cassini–Huygens probe (launched in October of 1997 for an encounter with Saturn on July 1, 2004) made two Slingshot passes of Venus and one of Earth.

  87. fierywoman says:

    Tetramorph, thanks for the link!

  88. alex says:

    House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, accused Obama and Democrats of avoiding needed spending cuts and trying to put off tough decisions instead of facing their responsibilities as elected leaders.

    “At some point, Washington has to deal with its spending problem,” he told reporters. “I’ve watched them kick this can down the road for 22 years. I’ve had enough of it. It’s time to act.”

  89. pisca says:

    Clymela– Articles about Obama’s use of drones have been plentiful but you will not find them in msm or on sites which tout PBO as faultless. And as noted in this bbc article (linked through firedoglake), msm has had plenty of information but has an “informal arrangement” to just hush. At the end of this article is a list of helpful related articles.
    Recently, I saw (but forgot where!) an excellent site that is keeping count of the number of civilians– including women and children– who have been killed by US drones. Does it have to be millions before anyone cares?
    The UN is investigating USA drone actions. There are serious issues surrounding the use of drones to spy on citizens and of the need for police departments to have drones.
    The confirmation hearings are an excuse for msm to shed little light on the subject but please read sources who have been following –and reporting– on these issues for years.

  90. Francis says:

    When it comes to the use of drones authorized by an American President, any American President, and when it comes to the authorized use of torture by the President I feel strongly that any legal, moral or ethical consequences should be assumed by the President. The President has access to intelligence that we can not fathom. I would hope that as the most powerful person in the world and as the Commander in Chief of the USA he or she would do whatever it took, whatever action that those of us who do not have that level of responsibility deem evil or unsavory to protect and secure the USA. However, I also believe that at the end of the President’s term he or she should be vulnerable to international and domestic laws AND that the American people should have that person’s back as the person faces those consequences.

  91. angellight says:

    It is better to “drone” than to have a mass war! Drones are the future whether we like it or not. It is more efficient & more effective and much less human damage.

  92. will says:


    I concur with your comments re: drones and the President. We, none of us, can probably fathom the intelligence that is available to him. All leaders of nations have information that must be kept under-wraps less they tip their hand to their enemies. Unfortunately, war is not pretty. As such, I find the “spin” that some Democrats and Republicans have created by coupling the term “American” with those citizens who have decided to go to the dark side, join Al Qaeda and plan destruction toward other Americans to be surreal. If you are working against your own people, you cannot be considered a fellow-countryman simultaneously – you can’t have it both ways. The fact that this has become such a hot issue with Congress is bizarre, if not politically dubious. To target those individuals, be they “American citizens” or not, who intend evil and harm toward us with the micro-accuracy of drones is probably the most intelligent way to apprehend them and stop them. Would these malcontents in congress have our operatives Mirand-izing enemies of the state before taking them out with drones? All powerful leaders can become corrupt and drunken with power. Nonetheless, I am not concerned that our present Commander-in-Chief is over-reaching. He’s proven to be relatively thoughtful reflective and insightful person.

  93. Francis says:

    Angellight, I thought of you as I was considering my post. I don’t know why but I regard you as one of the voices on this site of love and light and truly I thought you may have different thoughts on this and I struggled with that. I completely agree with you and feel somehow validated that if you feel this way then I haven’t gone completely over to the negative side. So thank you.

  94. Lorrie U says:

    I tend to agree with Angellight. While it’s unfortunate that this is necessary, but the world is a dangerous place and many wish harm on our country as well as others. Whether they have reason to wish us harm is another discussion, and what we’ve done in the past is water under the bridge and cannot be undone. What can be done is try to prevent future wars and protect our citizens as best we can from terrorists–whether external or internal! Technology is the way of the future. And, I tend ot feel as an american citizen that if you plan no harm, no harm will come to you.

  95. Francis says:

    It occurs to me that on this issue of drones we are dealing with Saturn in Scorpio. We are dealing with it on the national level and within our own minds and hearts as we grapple with what this calls up in us. Heavy stuff. Very heavy stuff and as Will says, it is not pretty. And we are dealing with the survival instincts of Scorpio stimulated by the heavy responsibility of Saturn… and this is something we are all about to grow through as Saturn challenges us to do.

  96. Lorrie U says:

    Will – well said. And I think the targeted american had renounced his citizenship as well, so was no longer under the protections which that warrants.

  97. Lorrie U says:

    Kepler Space Telescope Data Reveals Billions Of Earth-Like Planets Near Earth

    While we don’t know if intelligent life exists on any of these planets, it raises the chances of that possibility. [And we still haven’t figured out yet if intelligent life exists on Earth.]

  98. Lorrie U says:

    Asteroid Bound for Close Call With Earth
    But DA14 definitely won’t hit us, NASA says

  99. Lorrie U says:

    I like this comment re. astrology by Gahl Sasson which was in his recent email newsletter…

    Is Astrology only about fate? Do we have any say in what happens to us?

    Astrology is not a fortune-telling tool. Like any other map, the astrology chart can give you directions, show you where you can walk easily or where you might find obstacle. It is like looking at a map of Moscow, you can see where the Red Square is, where the ring-roads are, where there is traffic, but it is up to you to decide where to drive and what to visit. Astrology, like life, is a marriage of fate and free will. The same way that our personality is determined by the interaction of nature (genes) and nurture (environment influences) so does our soul navigate between the planets we are born with (fate) and our choices (free-will). You might be an Aries but it does not mean you have to be pushy and aggressive. You can choose to be a leader and study martial arts.

  100. alex says:

    CREDO petition:

    Right now, the Senate is poised to pass the Violence Against Women Act with bipartisan support. But the overwhelmingly male House Republicans caucus, led by Eric Cantor and John Boehner, stand in the way of protecting victims of domestic violence.

    We need you to act now to ensure that the Senate bill is passed quickly by the Republican-controlled House.

    Momentum is on our side. Last year, ten Republicans in the House broke rank with their party and joined Democrats in support of reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Eight of those Republicans remain in Congress. On the Senate side, Republican women Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Kelly Ayotte are all co-sponsoring the bill. It’s time to increase the public pressure on the 212 male Republicans in the House to get with their Republican women colleagues and pass the strong Senate version of the VAWA reauthorization bill.

  101. Lorrie U says:

    Alex – Signed & posted.

  102. Sharon says:

    I like that definition of astrology, too, Lorrie.

  103. barbk says:

    Alex, signed, sealed, delivered. Thanks for posting.

    Lorrie, I liked that definition of astrology too. Thanks!

    Francis, yes drones = Scorpio. Today the transiting north node of the Moon at 21 Scorpio was conjunct the November 2012 solar eclipse. At that time there was a grand trine between Saturn in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces and Ceres in Cancer and only Saturn was traveling direct. Ceres was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Venus so that means Saturn and Chiron were trine the U.S. Venus too. Venus is about values. She rules the U.S. 10th house of reputation and government and the U.S. 6th house of service.

    Ceres and Chiron have stationed and turned direct since that eclipse and soon Saturn will station retrograde. U.S. citizens must think and feel, long and hard about many issues including the use of drones, the rights of gun owners vs the rights of gun violence victims, the suffering of women victims of violence, and many other emotional issues. Saturn makes the rules that we live by and Scorpio is the sign of rebirth. Chiron and Ceres will meet up again with Saturn and they each symbolize a kind of pain and suffering.

    Astrology IS a marriage of fate and free-will. We are capable of making decisions and making changes. On Sunday morning the New Moon (and Sun) in Aquarius will square the Moon’s nodes and square the solar eclipse of November 2012. Aquarius is a sign of freedom. The U.S. Moon is also in Aquarius and she represents the people of the USA. All of us are to be challenged to see the possibilities; to make decisions about our values, and to realize we have the power to change rather than accept an unacceptable fate.

  104. angellight says:

    Francis: Thank you for your kinds words and thoughts.

  105. angellight says:

    FYI: “Your Place in the Divine Plan” – A Talk on the Initiation of our Planet & the Externalization of the Masters of Wisdom; Going into Aquarius under Saturn. Knowing what our subtle energies may be. Conditions necessary for the reappearance of the Christ. Possible planetary destruction. The need for love. Buddha, the Spirit of Peace, and the Avatar of Synthesis. Discovering yourself as soul. The degree of soul unfoldment. Understanding your ray chart and astrological energies.

  106. tetramorph says:

    That’s a good connection you made Francis. Scorpio was once the eagle, and the eagle is America’s totem and it is expressed in our mastery of the air & skies.
    The question I have, is why did the Eagle become a Scorpion? Does anyone know? What does this transformation say about the human condition? Which is fate and which is free-will? And what of America’s shadow side? Is our shadow the poisonous scorpion?
    I’m not sure why, but what is going on in CA. with the ex-police officer/Navy lieutenant feels like an expression of this dynamic.

  107. Wennye' says:

    Tetramorph,Scorpio starts off as a scorpion(ego) in some cultures as a snake. Evolving to Eagle, goal is to reach Higher Self the Dove. Information via Scorpion Wennye’..Blessings

  108. Wennye' says:

    Violence Against Women-V Day, February 14.. find an event in your area and dance. Blessings All

  109. mitzi says:

    angellight- Thank you so much for the link to the seminar,”Your Place In The Devine Plan”, would it be to much to ask for pt.II?

    Alex- “The Women Against Violence Act” saves lives, thanks for posting the petition!

    Lorrie- I love Bernie Sanders! God bless him and God bless you, too!!

  110. Lorrie U says:

    Maybe this is why the dems are ready to let sequester happen…

    Republican Sequester Self Destruction Could Cost Them at Least 10 House Seats

    Politico is reporting that Democrats are already targeting 10 Republican held congressional districts that are heavily dependent on the defense industry.

    If the sequester cuts happen, a 10 seats loss might be a huge underestimate. John Boehner will probably be able to turn another potential disaster for his party into their latest cave, but if he doesn’t, Democrats are preparing to ride what could be a wave election back to the House majority.

  111. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you so much for your blessings, Mitzi. Blessings to you as well.

    Re. above article re. sequester, I hope the dems still try to do everything to avoid it for the sake of the economy. I’d hate to think they would put regaining control of the house over the people’s well-being.

  112. mitzi says:

    The impending government sequester issue looming before the American citizens is starting to feel like a dangerous game of russian roulette, where no one’s a winner, and the biggest loser is not the government, but the people. I don’t believe the American people have the stomach for it! It’s actually quite reprehensible, I mean for crying-out-loud theres’ a war going on, and Congress is behaving like creeps. If this goes on then we need some sort of intervention, either by the citizens and the higher courts or God willing, by The Devine!

  113. Michael from nyc says:

    I notice that we tend to get lost in the issue of the moment, but there is a larger change going on with the world that will be with us until 2023 in terms of pluto in capricorn, some ten years from now (i.e. if the next President after Obama has two terms, that this will go to the very last year of that administration).

    This is an interesting article by Joseph Stiglitz which sort of sums up the the state of the world economy — it’s very “pluto in capricorn” in terms of economics (note the shift from 2008): “It goes without saying that developing and emerging-market countries no longer look at the advanced countries as they once did.”–stiglitz

    Another article that caught my eye in terms of the environment is “The Scary Truth About How Much Climate Change is Costing You” which is from a political website that tends to not focus on that sort of issue: ““In the last couple of years, we’ve seen more and more evidence of the waters rising”

  114. Noelle says:

    Wenneye, I’m not an astrologer but I’ve read and always believed that the third and final stage of evolvement for a Scorpio is the Phoenix. After all it’s ruled by Pluto and I never associate a dove with Pluto but I do think of transformation and rising from the ashes.

    Maybe it doesn’t make any difference. either one is good.

  115. Noelle says:

    Alex, I signed petition CREDO sent to me. Don’t you love CREDO?

    I must have missed something because I don’t understand why we are debating this issue again. I thought it was the law. And why would anyone, even a Republican, want violence against women to continue? I listened to some of the debate and it seemed that it was protecting native American women that was the sticky issue.

  116. clymela says:

    Michel from NYC-so happy to see your signature again-have been missing you. Do you still reside in NYC?? Have you been away due to weather changes? Really happy to see you back.
    angellight-I came across some RC writings that sounded so much like what is found in your link!! I found that very interesting.
    Happy weekend everyone!!Love and Light to all.

  117. Lorrie U says:

    Debunking the Ridiculous Rhetoric that Obama is an Assassin Who Targets Innocent Americans

    There is one other aspect those concerned about the so-called “killing of American citizens” seriously need to consider. When a terrorist who was fortunate enough to be born in America brings his son along and joins an extremist group and plans, directs, or intends to carry out a mass killing of American civilians, it is reasonable to assume they are no longer Americans, they are an imminent danger. Maybe in an idealistic Utopia they would surrender to law enforcement to receive their Constitutional right to due process, but this is the real world, and they pose a real threat, and one hopes the President takes real steps to stop them before they kill real Americans.

  118. Francis says:

    Michael from nyc, thank you so much for the link to! what a wealth of great articles! I was getting so bored with huffpost and other more politically based news sites. Thanks again!

  119. will says:

    “The West never had any moral authority.” Colonialism, slavery, the splintering of Africa into small countries, and a long history of resource exploitation may be matters of the distant past to the perpetrators, but not so to those who suffered as a result.”

    “With the US politically paralyzed by the Republicans’ infantile political tantrums…”

    Says it all, “Manhattan Mike.”

    Good to see your post.

  120. Wennye' says:

    Hi Noelle, I have seen that as well.. again symbols are from different teachings. The Druid Astrology use interesting symbols for example. The Phoenix as you wrote represents our transformation and the Dove represents our highest achievement as man. Blessings friend

  121. alex says:

    Micheal – thanks for the reminder of the big picture; Pluto in Capricorn til 2023 (two presidential terms 2016 to 2024)

    Pluto (rebirth) of economies & earth climate; the direction and momentum; of Pluto in Capricorn moving towards ingress Pluto in Aquarius;

    Jessica Murray

    Pluto represents the forces of regeneration which manifest as takeovers and makeovers. The second house governs resources and ownership. This placement, whether in the chart of an individual or a country, links the planet of control together with the activity of possessing.

    Our money issues are merely symptomatic. At issue is our collective karma about right use of power, which gets expressed through the way we use our resources.

    In our own natal chart, Pluto’s placement points to issues we may be semi-aware of but rarely look into, because we simply don’t know what to do with them.

    It is human to resist confronting this realm of the psyche. As individuals, it is difficult to even begin without a trusted, dispassionate guide. We need help negotiating that dark, uneven path, which is why we have therapists and AA groups. But what do whole countries do with their Pluto issues?

    For the United States, the big taboo is money. Our enthrallment with the world of matter is something we are all too aware of, but don’t know what to do with. In the USA birth chart (July 4th, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, Pa), Pluto resides in the second house, the house of valuables, territory, things of worth. Materialism is America’s elephant in the middle of the room.

    Certainly it is obvious to the rest of the world that the USA has a desperately neurotic relationship with money. The problem is that it is not obvious to us. Individual members of a collective inevitably have a hard time seeing the idiosyncrasies of the whole of which they are a part. But as astrologers, we are in a good position to achieve this perspective; and as souls who have incarnated into incomparably perilous times, it would seem that we had the responsibility to use it.

  122. alex says:

    The Pre-view of State of Union Speech – JOBS, from DNC retreat

    The CBO Report: The short version of the CBO’s report is: Spending’s going down, but we desperately need jobs

    The CBO report predicts that the Federal deficit this year will be under $1 trillion, if the “sequester” or other cuts of similar magnitude go into effect, for the first time in five years.

    But unemployment won’t be reduced to an acceptable level until 2018, according to the CBO – and Washington’s not talking about how to create jobs. Those spending cuts will make the unemployment situation worse. Apparently that’s now Washington’s official plan: Cut spending, and keep more people out of work.

    If things happen according to our leaders’ plans – which are the basis for the CBO’s projection – it will have taken 10 years for the job market to recover from Wall Street’s misdeeds.

    Corporate profits recovered in 18 months, and today they’re higher than ever.

  123. Patty says:

    While searching info on this Chinese Snake/NewMoon…came across an interesting read:
    Also on Opednews, The Aquarian-Age:–by-Anne-Nordhaus-Bike-130131-897.html
    Interesting to find thought-provoking articles on a news site as

  124. Noelle says:

    Patty, thanks for the artticle on the Aquarian Age. I’m always looking for something that gives me hope and that article does.

  125. Lorrie U says:

    Today was a great day! Our shelter adopted out 124 cats & dogs, 72 of them were cats age 5 mos. to 13 yrs. who have been isolated since Nov. with the calicivirus. Only socialization has been with a few volunteers & waiting patiently in small dog crates or cages. They were all happy and healthy & found great homes! I will miss them greatly, but am so joyously happy that I had to share.

  126. will says:


    You’re the cat’s meow. Purrrrrrrfect day!

  127. Sharon says:

    Lorrie, That’s really GREAT news!!! If you have any tips on how that happened (marketing?), pass it on and I’ll share it with our shelters over here.

  128. angellight says:

    Patty: Thanks for the Aquarian articles from Op-Ed!

  129. angellight says:

    Mitzi: I will get the link for Part II. Just getting back to the site.

  130. mitzi says:

    Wonderful angellight, thank you so much!!