The Hagel Nomination

Despite the usual Republican caterwauling, the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense is likely to easily survive the confirmation process. In what would be seen as humorous if it were not so dangerous for the fate of the country, it has become an almost knee-jerk reaction from what was once the Party of Lincoln to viciously oppose anything put forth by President Obama as if it were the incarnation of evil itself. Thoughtfulness and serious policy considerations lay dying by the wayside, ravaged by the obsessive partisan rancor of the rabid pitchfork wielders who now run the GOP.

Of course, there is a corner of the Right that is truly concerned about the Hagel nomination and what it implies. The neoconservatives, whose answer to all foreign concerns is to bomb now and ask questions later (see Iraq), fear that Hagel will be far more scrupulous about utilizing military intervention and far more attuned to the potential devastation that war can bring than would their Kool-Aid drinking lackeys.  Happily, their guy lost the election.

As for Hagel, he is now entering the first round of the Uranus/Pluto square in hard hagelaspect to his Sun, which will continue well into 2014. From mid-January through most of February 2013, Pluto will be square to Hagel’s Sun (10Libra54, using a noon time), returning from mid-April through early June, alongside of the first opposition from Uranus to his Sun from late April through mid-May, coming again in late August through September 2013. This first round, which is primarily about Pluto, is bringing Hagel into greater prominence and greater scrutiny, as well as the feeling of needing to push back against the forces aligned to oppose him.  The good news for Hagel is that transiting Jupiter is stationary quincunx Hagel’s Mars (6Scorpio50) through mid-February, suggesting that he will have a successful confirmation by that time.

The first crisis he will face as Defense Secretary is likely in late April and May 2013. Uranus, which tends to bring sudden, unexpected and transformative events, will be in opposition to Hagel’s Sun from April 24 to May 13, while Pluto is still in square. This will bring an enormous amount of pressure on the new Defense Secretary, demanding a high level of performance.

It should be noted that the next transiting Uranus/Pluto square also comes during this period, from May 4 through May 21, likely to bring waves of upheaval across the world in some form. The last exact square, in September 2012, brought the destruction of our consulate in Benghazi and the assassination of our Libyan ambassador, as well as the numerous other anti-American riots and demonstrations in the Middle East and South Asia that came with these events.

Of further significance for Hagel is the transit of Saturn conjunct his Mars (6Scorpio 50) and square his Saturn (6Leo55) from May 2 to May 17, indicating he will be making some onerous choices in difficult circumstances, none of which will seem optimal at the time. This transit is almost simultaneous to the transit of Saturn square the US Node (6Leo36) from May 6 to May 21 (during the Uranus/Pluto square) which strongly points to agitation and strain in some US relationships with other nations and treacherous circumstances for US interests on foreign soil. The progressed US Moon square to natal US Pluto (27Capricorn33) from May 7 peaking on June 7 further suggests that the US population is upset and dealing with some kind of emotional turmoil and struggle during these weeks.

There is a great deal more that will be discussed over the coming four years, as Hagel’s chart lights up along with the US chart and the Obama chart at various times. International affairs are likely to be in significant flux as the Uranus/Pluto square continues its potent transformative thrust across the globe through early 2015, impacting the charts of leaders and nations, and shifting many of the current dynamics on the world stage. It seems likely that Chuck Hagel, Obama’s choice for Secretary of Defense, will be in the midst of at least some of this dramatic action.


  1. will says:

    “Thoughtfulness and serious policy considerations lay dying by the wayside, ravaged by the obsessive partisan rancor of the rabid pitchfork wielders who now run the GOP.”

    So good, Starlight – so good!

  2. will says:


    Here’s a formidable source for VOC moon meaning. I don’t think their views “diminish the field” of astrology.

    Understanding the Void of Course Moon – by Jenny Stone

  3. alex says:

    Up With Chris Hayes: Timothy Geithner’s America

    The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ activist held her own with another guest who was special adviser to the TARP funds; who knew occupy wall street had former bankers in their midst!

    Alexis Goldstein, an Occupy Wall Street activist and former VP at Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank

  4. Iris says:

    @Will – Thanks for the link. Good article – the Moon can be very subtle – I like the author’s presentation of her findings. They make a lot of sense.

  5. Iris says: has a new video up of the latest sunspot. It’s huge, and the video shows it flashing like a camera. Really amazing stuff. They are asking for amateur astronomers with backyard solar telescopes to track the sunspot as it turns towards the Earth.

    Thanks for the article about Hagel, Starlight. Interesting Obama picks a Libra for his Secretary of Defense. I’m not surprised, he did pick a Scorpio for Secretary of State – a wise move, imo.

  6. Lorrie U says:

    I agree, Alex! I was very impressed with the Occupy Wall Street activist. I did know that OWS had some impressive people in their ranks, and was very impressed by their buyout and forgiveness of discounted debts. They seem to know what they are doing.

  7. Lorrie U says:

    Very interesting article, Will. Thanks for posting…

  8. Lorrie U says:

    About the buyout of debt, I was getting OWS mixed up with Anonymous. Which I think also has some impressive people.

  9. Lorrie U says:

    GOP Tea Party Traitors to the Constitution Must Be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law

    The idea that so-called “real Americans” and “patriots” can violate and defy laws they object to is a troubling development enough, but the threats of “shedding blood to preserve their freedom” at the urging of a former congressman is tantamount to sedition.

  10. Lorrie U says:

    Obama’s Jack Lew Nomination Is a Warning Shot to Republicans

    Exiting Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner said of Lew, “He’s committed to defending the safety net for the elderly and the poor.”

    Jack Lew doesn’t play Republican games, and that’s why he irritates them so much. In fact, they claim Lew is just against whatever they are for (insert irony here). Republicans were reportedly aghast in 2011 when Lew told them he wouldn’t “reform” Medicare without a tax increase. Republicans are used to taking hostages — not compromising. So when the oppositions draws a line in the sand, they’re outraged.

    Lew balanced the Clinton budgets that resulted in a surplus and protected Social Security. It’s tough to imagine a better person to have Obama’s back during the upcoming budget battles. The Lew pick was a definite warning shot to Republicans.

  11. Lorrie U says:

    Joe Biden Suggests ‘Smart Gun’ Technology

    To the firearm industry’s dismay, Biden has suggested considering ‘smart gun’ technology, which will only allow the owner of a gun to fire it.

  12. karen says:

    Impressive work, Nancy! Uncanny how so many astrological implications are at work in a number of charts. And, your first para, well, sweet!

  13. alex says:

    you were right OWS has sub·sid·i·ar·y offshoots!

    Rolling Jubilee, an action by Strike Debt, an “offshoot” of Occupy Wall Street, has now raised enough money to retire over $9,000,000 in medical debt.

    A bailout of the people by the people

    Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. Together we can liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. Debt resistance is just the beginning. Join us as we imagine and create a new world based on the common good, not Wall Street profits.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    This is so wonderful! So how does it work? If you are one of the recipients of the debt forgiveness, do you receive a notification from Rolling Jubilee? What an incredible idea!

  15. Jerry says:

    Regarding the Feb 18th Saturn retrograde station (11 ’31 Scorpio) discussed in the previous thread and its effect on our political leaders (specifically Joe Biden), I wonder if anyone has noticed…. it’s within one degree orb of squaring Pres. Obama’s Sun. I have read that Saturn generally speaking has a wider orb of influence than the other outer planets due to its density of composition, especially if is in applying aspect. So it’s reasonable to expect that the impact when Saturn goes stationary retrograde will be considerable. Setbacks and other problems can be anticipated.

    If we apply that to the contentious struggle currently going on in the US congress on whether to raise the US debt ceiling; according to the latest estimates, the extraordinary measures put into place January 1st to continue funding the US government will be exhausted somewhere between Feb 15th and March 1st – refer to the following article: . There is a danger of default (first time in US history) if a tangible resolution is not reached at that time, the consequences of which would be extremely damaging to the economy, due to the inevitable downgrade of the US credit rating.

    Here’s what to look out for……

    Feb 23rd: The Mercury retrograde station at 19 ’52 Pisces (within 2 degrees of tr. Mars at 17 Pisces) in sextile/trine to the US Vesta, 2013 US Inaugural Moon and tr. nodes (19/20 Taurus-Scorpio). One astrology blog defines Vesta as “the capacity to dedicate oneself to a cause and to bring a higher level of efficiency into it” (read: Republican intransigence?).

    Feb 25th Full Moon (7 ’23 Virgo) t square to tr. Jupiter (7 ’28 Gemini. Here’s the chart for quick reference: ). The full moon activates the US progressed Sun-Uranus square, the 2013 US Inaugural Chiron (7 ’01 Pisces) and Pres. Obama’s natal Pluto (6 ’58 Virgo). I think it’s reasonable to assume that the US debt limit will be breached on or around the Feb. 25th Full Moon. This date coincides with the opening bell on Wall street Monday morning. Most likely, because of steep falls in financial markets that this ineptitude and inaction of Congress will generate, they will no doubt feverishly try to plug up the holes and come to some kind of agreement as they did in September 2008. But the political dispute between congress and the administration this time around could have real consequences. The downgrading of its credit rating could send the US into deep recession.

    I find it ironic that the Academy Awards scheduled for Sunday evening Feb 24th has the film Lincoln at the top of the list with 12 nominations, a film that focuses in on the contentious struggle between a US president and congress on the passing of legislation on the abolishment of slavery. There are many parallels drawn between President Obama and Lincoln. Is there an unconscious connection? Could be. It’s all very interesting.

  16. Lorrie U says:

    Well, I’m wondering if there isn’t a connection between Anonymous & OWS since they are both buying/forgiving debt! It’s incredible…

  17. Lorrie U says:

    I know that people whose debt was forgiven were sent a letter telling them they no longer owed the debt, I believe it was mostly foreclosures and student loans.

  18. Lorrie U says:

    Michele Bachmann Refuses to Pay Employees Unless They Promise to Hide Illegal Activities

  19. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t know…I’ve seen some awful-looking men, especially in the GOP (McConnell for starters).

    Pat Robertson Blames Bad Marriages On ‘Awful-Looking’ Women (VIDEO)

    If you’re having problems in your marriage, it’s the woman’s fault. It’s also most likely because she’s hard to look at. At least, that’s the way of the world according to Pat Robertson.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I was thinking the same thing, Lorrie.

  21. alex says:

    good call Jerry: the intensity of congressional power struggle ( their slip is showing) with the democratic party, democracy, the constitution, and Pres. Obama ( GOP don’t acknowledge/ recognize the legitimacy of democrat-presidents the GOP/they jumped that broom long ago )

    GOP might is right, GOP/they are dominant if you don’t agree with them die quickly, GOP ‘those people’ it’s their way or no way etc etc etc bullies;

  22. Noelle says:

    Starlight, thanks for your good news re Halgel as far as his confirmation is concerned. Come May it sounds like he might wish otherwise but maybe this has to do with Syria.

    If only we would see Congress start putting America first.

    I listened to Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address today and was very impressive. I don’t know where he’s going to get the money to do all that he is proposing but it was sooooooooooooooooo much better than McConnel of virginia which I turned off after the 1st ten minutes. The contrast was not to be believed.

    Thanks for helping us see what’s, ahead, Nancy.

  23. will says:

    Lorrie, You said it! And who does Robertson think he is, Brad Pitt?

  24. Jerry says:

    About the GOP….

    Pres. Obama has publicly laid out a very strong position; that there will be no negotiation on raising the US debt ceiling in exchange for more cuts in spending. And the Republicans on the other side of the aisle have made it clear they have chosen to contest this, even to the point of precipitating a US default on its debt if that is what is required to get spending under control.

    Timothy Geithner is leaving his position as Secretary of the Treasury at the end of January at a very crucial time (maybe he knows something we don’t) and in his place Jack Lew current White House Chief of Staff has been nominated for the post. Forget astrology, Jack Lew’s handwritten signature has been the brunt of a lot of jokes recently including the President himself during a press conference for the Jack Lew nomination announcement……

    Handwriting Experts Agree: Jack Lew’s Signature Means Something

  25. Jerry says:

    Even political commentator Jon Stewart couldn’t resist…

    If the U.S. starts “making s— up” and decides to mint a $1 trillion platinum coin to avoid another debt ceiling fight, Jon Stewart said Thursday, America should “go big or go home.” Why not a $20 trillion coin? he said.

    “We don’t need some trillion-dollar coin gimmick,” Stewart said. “We need a way to get the world to take the U.S. dollar seriously again.” Then he saw treasury secretary nominee Jack Lew’s signature, which will be printed on new U.S. currency.

    “That’s your signature? “Or are you just testing to see if the pen works?” Stewart said. “Hey, Lew, here’s a tip: stop signing all your checks on the tea cup ride at Disney World.”

    Watch the video:

  26. tetramorph says:

    I wonder if the Saturn station retrograde indicates that Obama will yield to the pressure, making him reverse his stance on no negotiations over the debt ceiling, saying yes when he (or we) wants to say no.

    His natal R Saturn also indicates this — and haven’t the progressives been a bit miffed by his willingness to make concessions? Saturn is in his 9th house of law, and also conjunct his natal Neptune — an aspect that can make things worse appear than they really are (R. Hand).

    There is also the mutual reception of Pluto and Saturn to consider, as well as transiting Jupiter.

  27. tetramorph says:

    woops — that should be “an aspect that makes things appear worse than they really are.”

  28. alex says:

    Pres. Obama stated that he isn’t going to allow 113TH Congress to take ‘political hostages’ in issue negotiations: in other words Congress has gone too far; breaking boundaries going beyond its constitutional role when taking political hostages;

    113TH Congress: determining one of various possible ‘symbols’ for political hostage taking,

    Story/mythology of Pluto kidnapping Persephone
    Pluto – kidnapping

    eliminate Pluto because Congress isn’t kidnapping

    they are ‘TAKING’ – Mars

    political hostages

    Mars (taking) – Saturn (boundaries)

    Mars pushing limits (Saturn) too far

    Working symbol for political hostage taking by 113th Congress is mars-saturn, by aspect or midpoint;

    113TH Congress: fixed square SA-MA

    Saturn @09 Scorpio

    wax square

    Mars @06 Aquarius

    113TH Congress: SA-MA Midpoint

    Saturn/Mars Midpoint @22 Sagittarius


    Hidalgo @21 Sagittarius (assert by conquest, promote ambition)

  29. cappy says:

    Hopefully…total debt forgiveness-jubilee for all is in our reality soon.

    Here is excellent article written from UK’s little known historical facts regarding their and USA’s ENSLAVEMENT by UNLAWFUL DEBT… that … can be ended overnight.

  30. tetramorph says:

    Pluto square Sun is actually a pretty good symbol for what Pres. Obama has been and will be going through — “To overcome the forces arrayed against you will require extreme ruthlessness. On the other hand, you may know precisely what you need to succeed and go after just that, being willing to compromise and make your success the success of others.”

    Or: “…you may have to contend with someone else who is (on a power trip or over stepping their bounds).” — All R. Hand’s transit interps

  31. cappy says:

    Lorrie…thanks for this uplifting view of Lew.

  32. alex says:

    Didn’t JFK propose doing something that made THE BANKERS really mad?

  33. cappy says:

    Thank You, Nancy Starlight, for shining your insightful inner-outer light on the soon successful nomination for Sec. of Defense–Chuck Hagel.
    Esp. appreciated this paragraph:
    “The neoconservatives, whose answer to all foreign concerns is to bomb now and ask questions later (see Iraq), fear that Hagel will be far more scrupulous about utilizing military intervention and far more attuned to the potential devastation that war can bring than would their Kool-Aid drinking lackeys. Happily, their guy lost the election.”

  34. cappy says:

    Yes! Thank You…
    Somehow the excellent UK Column article omitted JFK’s assassination vis a’ vis the criminal central banking cartel:
    This is from David Wilcock’s latest article on his earlier ground breaking ‘Financial Tyranny’ info. being shown as a 3 hour Documentary on Russian TV in Moscow – Dec. 2012:

    “In 1963, John F. Kennedy quietly worked to put the Federal Reserve out of business – and return the control of currency to the American people.

    “In Geneva, Switzerland, he signed the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with President Sukarno.

    “[This Agreement allowed the US Treasury] to borrow funds from the Global Accounts to back new Treasury dollars – and remove the power of the central bankers to control America’s destiny.

    “On November 11, 1963, he signed Presidential Directive 11110, to authorize US Treasury silver certificates – a direct move against the bankers’ power.

    “Eleven days later, [President John F. Kennedy] was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

    “In the years since then, the central bankers seemed on the brink of taking final and complete control of human destiny.

    “[They] promoted – with shocking frankness – a vision of a planet depopulated to a more “manageable” number of about 500 million.

    “But the human spirit has proven more resilient than they knew.

    “A generation of brave new voices began to seek the truth behind the façade.

    “And the emergence of the Internet allowed a flood of previously hidden information to reach the people.” (snip)

  35. Francis says:

    Thanks Will. I think though that the article lacks rigor. She doesn’t cite any studies to show:

    “There is a distinctive quality to the energy during a void-of-course Moon: Stores and restaurants are unusually quiet, judgment is impaired, and many people have a hard time making decisions. Business meetings can take a strange turn, and people find it difficult to work together as a group.”

    It sounds like heresay at least to me, and VOC Moon “may” do this… but it may not. Stone makes suggestions of what to do and what not to do and I am certain that because she has some standing in the field that people will take what she says as true and try to fit their choices accordingly. The VOC Moon that astrologers were concerned about when it came to Obama’s campaigns and his last inauguration disproved VOC Moon. The VOC Moon effects are inconsistent and I think the field should have a little more rigor and let go of measurements that don’t pan out. I know people get attached to certain notions and enjoy them even if those notions are disproven.

    It makes sense to me that in a natal chart, an unaspected Moon would have effect. But I think that in our daily lives, a VOC Moon has little if any effect. BUT, it may have more of an effect on people with a VOC Moon in their natal chart… I don’t know though but that would make sense to me. Also what makes sense to me is that if a VOC Moon makes an important aspect in a natal chart; that seems likely to me to have an effect. But to generalize about its effects seems wrong to me, especially when it is so easily disproven.

  36. clymela says:

    This man has come out blaming women for everything. I am thinking that the old reptile has gone mad with “old folks” disease which I thought I was hearing the first time I heard Alzheimer’s disease. I know he has always thought this way but he was always too sneaky a reptile to say so out loud when the press is around.
    I know I shouldn’t put the reptiles in the same cage as this old monster.

  37. Patty says:

    This is the latest from RFK Jr:
    “RFK Jr. says lone gunman not solely responsible for assignation of President Kennedy”
    (I still believe JFK Jr’s airplane was sabotaged to make way for The Bush/Cheney/disaster-2000)

  38. Bob says:

    I don’t think there are signatures for anything in astrology. For every world leader, sports champion, movie star, singing legend, astronaut who has been on the Moon, mass murderer, serial killer, or rapist, there are very likely hundreds, if not thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands, of people in the world with same day birth charts having the same aspects, VOC Moons, etc., who did not perform as they did on their most prominent day or during their entire lives. Considering the lives of multiple birth siblings whose birth charts are virtually identical are perhaps the most convincing examples for this argument. The only differences between my chart and Neil Diamond’s are the angles of the charts and the position of the Moon by about 3 degrees.

  39. Lorrie U says:

    Cappy, this was info contained in Matthew’s Messages on Feb. 14, 2010:

    16. We can tell you what is fomenting behind the scenes regarding the truth about the global economy, but because Earth’s energy field of potential is in such wild commotion, we cannot discern what information will emerge first or the order in which other facts will follow. We can say, though, that it cannot be much longer before the “first spill” because all the corruption must be exposed so it can be eliminated and an honorable system implemented. It is possible that the end of the Federal Reserve in its present form will be the first public “news,” and it seems likely that close on its heels will be a new and much fairer system of taxation. The disclosure that the United States’ unmanageable debt is due to the owners of the Federal Reserve banks very likely will include that the system was slyly established a century ago along with a corporate structure that fundamentally has kept the country under England’s dictate. However, because United States’ chaotic economy was the first domino to fall, so to say, and the line of dominoes around the globe swiftly followed, the long history of corruption within all major banking and lending institutions worldwide could be disclosed first.

    22. We don’t know if a moratorium on all existing debt will be a blanket provision of the planned restructuring of the global economy, but it seems likely during the transition from the old systems to the new. What we do know is that debts incurred by countries due to loans at usurious rates of interest from the International Monetary Fund—money that went to those countries’ greedy leaders in exchange for Illuminati control of natural resources—will be forgiven, and it appears that adjustments in individuals’ debts will be in accordance with circumstances that caused the debts. The purpose of economic restructuring is to fairly distribute the wealth of your world so that no one lives in the poverty that enables others to live in luxury.

  40. alex says:

    Jerry, I have not given a close read to your comment but I clicked on Virgo Full Moon 2/25; I haven’t studied the chart yet though my first impression is that the IC (nadir) @27 Libra


    2/18/2013 (saturn goes station rx)
    Midpoint Moon/Mercury (strategic plans, intelligence) @28 Libra

  41. will says:

    I don’t believe that one president’s campaign or inauguration necessarily proves or disproves anything in astrology. In fact, applying scientific “rigor” to astrology more often than not disproves most things in astrology.

    You wrote: ” Stone makes suggestions of what to do and what not to do and I am certain that because she has some standing in the field that people will take what she says as true and try to fit their choices accordingly.”

    But isn’t that pretty much how it goes in this field? If someone establishes themselves over 20 years, isn’t it likely that they have probably earned a little bit of respectability and honed their craft to at least be considered as quasi-knowledgeable?

    My sense is that the astrological field is vast and much more open to creativity and interpretation than anything like a science, in the formal sense. How can you actually measure divination, intuition or poetry? Once the chart is mathematically constructed, interpretation becomes more of an art form than anything else. Indeed, there are some astrologers of note who base their interpretations almost exclusively on the solar sign. I don’t think the field of astrology is rigid and orthodox like other scientific fields.

    Have you written scholarly articles that have been published in some peer-evaluated astrology tomes, Francis? Have you been published in The Mountain Astrologer or other astrological publications?

  42. will says:


    I had not read your entry before I responded to Francis – but I very much concur with your assertions.

  43. Gypsi says:

    I can’t believe they pay him to be on TV, he must be paying them.

  44. Gypsi says:

    I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I never believed in the lone gunman.

    It was either Bay of Pigs gone wrong, or something to do with the world financial community. Not that I’ve had a lot of time to research.

    Airplane sabotage is also not unbelievable.

  45. Jerry says:

    Former president Bill Clinton gives an inspirational introduction to the film “Lincoln.” at the Golden Globe awards last night.

  46. Jerry says:

    Hi Alex,

    The 113th US Congress Mars-Saturn midpoint (Mars – 6 ’49 Aquarius/ Saturn – 9 ’45 Scorpio) according to my calculations is actually at 23 ’17 Sag. The midpoint forms an opposition to its natal Venus (23 ‘9 Gemini). Tr. Mars will be t squaring those degrees in early March; just at the time US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says that if there is no budget deal by then the Defense Dept will have no choice but to radically cut back on its operations – a very serious and dangerous precedent…..

    Panetta: Impasse Would Mean Severe Cuts In Operations

    USA Today
    Jan 10, 2013

    Defense The Defense Department is preparing to ground military aircraft and call ships back to port should the Pentagon get hit with nearly $50 billion in budget cuts in March.

    Senior defense officials appear to be losing hope that congressional leaders and the White House will be able to come up with a comprehensive deficit-reduction plan before the spending cuts are enacted.

    “(We) have no idea what the hell’s going to happen,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said during a briefing at the Pentagon on Thursday. “All told, this uncertainty, if left unresolved by the Congress, will seriously harm our military readiness.”


  47. Jerry says:

    My mistake. The 113th Congress natal Venus is at 23 ‘9 Sagittarius (not Gemini). It is conjunct the Mars-Saturn midpoint. Here’s the 113th Congr. chart for quick reference…..

  48. alex says:


    consider redrawing the 113TH congress chart using the capitol building as location available from atlas and free chart service;

  49. Jerry says:

    Hi Alex,

    As far as getting an accurate Asc/MC reading you mean. I don’t think that would affect the Mars-Saturn midpoint in the chart however.

  50. alex says:

    no it would not effect the Mars-Saturn midpoint but when referring to a radix chart like the 113TH that is the go to chart until the 114TH gets sworn in …. would be good to have the location of Congress chart at the ‘capitol building’ where the corrupt political hostage taking weasels spend their time;

    I usually don’t analyze/drill down to the second of arc on chart interpretation etc but since Washington DC is a deluded bubble of money sucking narcissists I think the bubble location should be as accurate as possible;

  51. Jerry says:


    If you can provide the chart, yes of course, by all means do post it. I was sharing the chart Nancy introduced in her previous thread. Nancy mentions in that 113th Congress thread of hers:

    “The most stressful and potentially paralyzed times for Congress during 2013 will come during the Saturn semisquare to natal Moon (25Virgo30) from February 17 to March 27, a time likely to bring great distress”. Mind you, the Mars transit (25 ’30 Pisces) on March 6th triggers this configuration by t square only a bare few days after Mars hits the Venus/ Mars-Saturn midpoint degree we we were discussing, so one would assume a lot of frantic activity is going on in the halls of Congress during that period.

  52. Patty says:

    Perhaps, we lost Aaron Swartz, American Hero, in the same manner:
    “How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?”
    Anonymous Hacks MIT For Aaron Swartz

  53. alex says:

    my computer does not like to open the charts on word press pages and enlarge (it does other places but that’s a story for another day) and even with a magnifying lens I can’t read Nancy’s charts on Starlight pages;

    I’m saying when you know a published time – noon for swearing in of 113th congress use the free atlas at to place it in ‘capitol building’ which is a location that can be drawn with their free chart service;

    2) I will have to look at 3/6

    3) the only T-square that comes to mind is:

    113TH mars/saturn midpoint (political hostage taking) @22-23 SG
    USA Mars @21 Gemini (US military symbol fro Declaration chart)
    T/Mars @21 Pisces

    that would be the Pentagon budget under sequester conditions as a guess; if you think that Congress is going to negotiate in bad faith then goes up to likely rather than a guess;

    Saturn @11 Scorpio (2/18) its degree at station
    forms a 46 degree waning semi-square (lessons learned, after the exact semi-square and after the wan semi-square (crisis in action)

    more entropy energy and the frantic consequences
    rather than initiation from actions taken

    further underscored as ‘lessons learned’ by the planets involved

    saturn – moon: when these two bodies are involved in aspect it indicates decision pending or decision made;

    if 113Th continues to obstruct and the Super Congress recommendations go into effect – – it’s a good bet frantic activity will be happening in Congress;

  54. Jerry says:

    Hi Alex,

    Since you seem insistent about it, I did take a look. The charts are almost identical – off by 2 min. on the asc. and 1 min to the MC.

    Here’s the “Capitol Bldg” 113th Congr. chart for quick reference:

    Anyway, my feeling is they’re likely to reach a resolution of some sort and continue to muddle along, but not without some damaging repercussions. This is just but one hurdle in the ongoing Congressional political dispute.

    What is not generally spoken about is the “drop dead” date of March 27, 2013 which should be real cause for concern. It is when the expiration of the appropriation bill for the fiscal year 2013 kicks in. It is truly astonishing and multi-faceted from an astrological point of view. It coincides with the Full Moon in opposition to Uranus square Pluto. It also contains two yods…. Jupiter (11 Gemini) sextile Mars (11 Aries) both in quincunx to the Moon at 11 Libra (6 hours after the full moon achieves maximum maturation). There is also the Pluto (11 Capr.) – Saturn (10 Scorpio) – Jupiter (11 Gemini) yod that has been discussed here before. Chiron (11 Pisces) square Jupiter (11 Gemini) also needs to be factored in. Here’s the chart…..

  55. Jerry says:

    - Continued from above –

    The Starcats Astrology website wrote an article on it. It’s an interesting read……

    Fiscal Cliff & Debt Ceiling Overdrive

    “The deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff hasn’t even been signed by President Barack Obama yet, but Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) has already moved on to the next fight by suggesting that Republicans should shut down the government if they don’t get drastic spending cuts before agreeing to raise the nation’s debt limit.” (

    Pat Toomey (R-PA) appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning sporting his natal Sun conjunct warring Mars (out of sign) in square to radical Uranus (a short fuse aspect. John McCain has a Mars-Uranus opposition) by shouting his Thelma and Louise hopes for shutting down the government over the debt ceiling. The appropriations bill allowing the U.S. government to pay bills its already racked up has to be passed by the drop dead date of March 27, 2013.


    What is most striking about the March 27th chart is that when it is relocated to Tehran, there is an exact Mars-Moon-Pluto t square forming a Grand cross square to the natal Sun of Iran’s chart (11 Aries) AND North Node 19 Scorpio conjunct Iran’s natal Uranus (20 Scorpio) falls right on the charts ascendant (19 Scorpio).

    Here’s the chart for the exact Mars-Moon-Pluto chart on March 27th relocated to Tehran…

    Is there a connection to a US default/ meltdown in financial markets, and in the chaotic aftermath, Israel seizing the opportunity for taking out Iran’s nuclear installations? One can only speculate.

  56. clymela says:

    Patty- I also have intuitions about the JFK Jr. death but I don’t talk about them because there is no public support for my intuition. One thing that catches my intuition is when so called random things begin to match human thinking-I don’t know how to explain this only that when life begins beating out a rhythm such as 4/4 or 3/4 time I “know” that human minds are at work in the “news”. I don’t discuss this publicly since I have seen my own family’s eye rollings when I try to explain to them why I think something in the news stinks.

  57. alex says:

    yes I insist on accurate

  58. alex says:

    Here is the thing: Toomey was a member of the original Super Congress Committee that helped write the sequestration bill;

    He was playing a game then and expected to one day PUSH Obama into a GOP cuts only deal using sequestration as a weapon; things have changed Obama won the election and now the taxes on the richest 2% are going up;

    GOP/Toomey et al using the debt ceiling as a weapon in the 113TH is looming, they are drooling to shut down the government and Obama said he won’t negotiate the political hostage taking debt ceiling treasonous tactic with the treasonous GOP; this is not the Alamo the 113TH congress is going beyond their constitutional role by taking political hostages over each and every bill they don’t like;

    Toomey was racking up the pressure on Obama on Fox/GOP new media fear condition the public to cave give up and not support Obama when the GOP debt ceiling threats are raining down;

    well Obama has his election numbers to back him up people who have been participating in their democracy since 2008 (2006 & Deans 50 state plan) they keep on holding together;

    Toomey wants to wedge the Dem base to undercut Obama: Toomey is a treasonous GOP punk;

    GOP Member of the Supercommittee
    Mark Andrew Holmes

    Pat Toomey
    November 17, 1961

    using noon EST

    Nessus 29 Taurus 05 R 27N32
    Uranus 0 Virgo 23

    Yi Xing 0 Libra 37 2N40
    Jupiter 1 Aquarius 54

    Zwingli 12 Aquarius 41 20S26
    Neptune 11 Scorpio 34

    Transylvania 8 Aquarius 43 14S37
    Eris 9 Aries 34 R
    Mercury 9 Scorpio 26
    Venus 8 Scorpio 06

    Mony 25 Virgo 39 10S11
    Ouro Preto 27 Libra 43 9S36
    Sun 25 Scorpio 06
    Vesta 26 Taurus 50
    Saturn 25 Capricorn 18

    Senate Steering Committee,
    Chairman Sen. Pat Toomey R-PA

    The Senate often tries to expedite legislation when time is running short by passing bills with unanimous consent. But in a letter circulated to all senators last week, the GOP’s Senate Steering Committee, headed by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), declared that more than a dozen of its members will not grant such consent for anything that is not sent to them first, by 5 p.m. on Dec. 18.

    I wouldn’t take a leap from 113TH congress obstruction to Iran going nuts thinking USA is weakened; Iran has the world of allies and US drilling down on them about nuclear bomb ambitions… that’s an ongoing mess; I wouldn’t give the 113TH credit for giving aid and comfort to our enemy Iran just yet…. but ya never know maybe Congress should be charged outright with giving aid and comfort to USA enemies;

  59. alex says:

    PS ……when it’s available to be so;

    and we want the most accurate picture of the treasonous 113TH Congress we can delineate; they will try to re-write history to give cover to themselves; anywhere and everywhere the alternative to corporate media has a say it should make a clear record of the corruption of the 113TH Congress;

  60. Francis says:

    I consider astrology a testament, even proof of some kind of intelligent, unitary evolutionary process. Astrology is about synchronicity, how cosmic events and human beings are connected in meaningful ways. I disagree with you that scientific rigor would disprove much of astrology. Nancy’s interpretive assessments, for example are damned accurate. There are measurements that pretty consistent. As you know, astrologers have been predicting the events that have come to pass when Pluto entered Capricorn, years and decades before. The current Uranus-Pluto square, a cosmic continuation of their conjunction in the 1960s has also been discussed for decades prior with accurate predictions. The very fact that these and other cosmic measurements have validity blows my mind and points to me the proof of something I participate in that is beyond my comprehension. I celebrate and am awed by that ineffable something. VOC Moon measurements come and go and may or may not seem to have meaningful effect. Compare that to the effects of a Saturn return, for example and may be able to understand my impulse to cleave away the more folkloric from the substantive in astrology. Nancy’s work, the work of Richard Tarnas, Bill Herbst and many others I do not know have produced a body of work that is objective. They may get some of their predictive details wrong but their broad brush interpretation are always spot on. Tarnas and Herbst don’t get into specifics as much as Nancy does, never-the-less these are stellar astrologists and I gobble up what they say because their work is accurate, consistently accurate. For me, that spells scientific rigor. An objective look at their work by anyone outside of the field would validate astrology. Whereas a study of VOC Moon would not, and therefore is not a valid measurement.

  61. Noelle says:

    He wanted to do away with interest rates for money from the Fed

  62. will says:

    Gee, that’s swell Francis. Cleave away. Are you published?

  63. Francis says:

    Thank you Will. I have published and co-published articles but not in the field of astrology.

  64. will says:

    Terrfic editorial and at very least, disappointing with respect to how COLA is being crunched for SS recipients. Terribly misguided, indeed.

  65. Jerry says:

    In my haste I completely forgot to add; the March 27th relocation chart for Tehran posted above, as mentioned, has the critical 19/20 Scorpio on the asc. conjunct north node/ Iran’s natal Uranus, this also conjoins the much noted 1/20/13 US Inaugural Mars-Moon square with natal Uranus at the midpoint (5 ’13 Aries). Here’s the 1/20/13 Inaugural chart:

    The March 27th Full Moon at 6 ’52 Aries/Libra conjunct tr. Venus at 6 ’32 Aries is hovering right over the US Inaugural Uranus (Mars-Moon midpoint). It’s widely speculated that due to weather and political considerations Israeli prime minister Netanyahu may be waiting until Spring before making his move.

  66. alex says:

    Asteroids – Senator Toomey R-PA

    Nessus 29 Taurus 05 R
    (bad conditions, associated with abuse)


    Uranus 00 Virgo 23

    Yi Xing 00 Libra 37
    (the desire to repair problems)


    Jupiter 01 Aquarius 54

    Zwingli 12 Aquarius 41
    (“by the book”; rigid or fundamentalist outlook)


    Neptune 11 Scorpio 34

    Transylvania 08 Aquarius 43
    (attitude toward civilization and its institutions)


    Eris 09 Aries 34 R


    Mercury 09 Scorpio 26
    Venus 08 Scorpio 06

    Mony 25 Virgo 39


    Ouro Preto 27 Libra 43
    (the dark side of money and its influence)


    Sun 25 Scorpio 06


    Vesta 26 Taurus 50


    Saturn 25 Capricorn 18

  67. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    According to Wikipedia, JFK signed Executive Order 11110 (NOT Presidential Directive) on June 4, 1963. It had to do with the issuing of Silver Certificates, and nothing at all to do with putting the Federal Reserve out of business.

  68. ox the cat says:

    I like reading your posts Alex.

  69. alex says:

    ox the cat

    Thank you – I appreciate that you are reading the details and putting up with my ‘shorthand”

  70. Gypsi says:

    BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking

    Supreme Court in #Pakistan orders arrest of country’s prime minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf, along with 15 others over corruption case

  71. Sharon says:

    It seems so did Jody Foster (I watched the GGs but tuned her out somewhat as she spoke a very long time about her gripes & inner feelings; I hear people were tearing up). Interesting that 2 political films are vying for the Oscar now-Argo & Lincoln. Haven’t seen Argo so not sure of the message except that I heard in a Ben Afflict interview with Terry Gross today that it somewhat vindicates Jimmy Carter who appears at the end and, had the truth been known, may have helped his re-election. I’m sure Argo is a great film but I hope Lincoln gets the awards it deserves.

  72. Sharon says:

    Woody’s editorial in the NY Times on the difference between hypochondria & alarmism. Very cute—stay with it until the end-you won’t be sorry.

  73. Wennye' says:

    THANKS Sharon, I truly enjoyed this piece. Blessings

  74. cappy says:


    Thanks…excellent multidimensional financial sleuthing…time for reset.

  75. Lorrie U says:

    Really enjoyable article, Sharon. Thanks…

  76. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Sharon, thanks so much for the link, way too funny for me, that was very good.

  77. Sharon says:

    Glad you all liked it – I love Woody Allen! I see Jackson posted some comic relief too. (Whoever reads my link, pls read the whole thing to get the full effect)

  78. will says:

    Sharon, The Woodman rocked it! See what ten years of formal analysis and an infant bride will do?

  79. Sharon says:

    Only 10 years? He should give it one more year, than go to Lourdes!

  80. fierywoman says:

    Uf-fa, that was good, just what I needed this afternoon, mille grazie.

  81. Teresa Hill says:

    Wow. 19 years old. What a kid!

  82. pam says:

    He’s amazing.

  83. Gypsi says:

    No impact from Pakistan president’s arrest?
    Caught it on early morning news, and
    Not a word since. I would think it is
    Going to have wide ramifications.

  84. alex says:

    Welcome to Wikivoyage,
    the free, worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit.

    This is great – FYI

  85. angellight says:

    One Month After Newtown Shooting, NRA Releases Shooting Game App With Coffin-Shaped Targets’ Check the picture out! If you can stomach it and shows the mindset of this group. …

  86. Ardy says:

    I absolutely agree. If Pakistan blows, every other ‘trouble’ spot will pale into insignificance.

  87. mitzi says:

    Thanks for the link Angellight!
    The hubris and contempt for humanity, that these despots, in the NRA, display here, show just how powerfully indistructible they believe themselves to be!

  88. cappy says:

    The issue heroic Aaron Swartz was truly passionate about … and was actually hounded and prosecuted for=The Freedom to Connect (!!!).

    “When the law is unjust, man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

  89. cappy says:

    “There is no justice in following unjust laws.”

    ~ Aaron Swartz (1986-2013)

  90. Dave says:

    Apparently the only target the NRA can hit is their own foot.

  91. cappy says:

    “Aaron’s Law” Introduced to Alter Computer Fraud Penalties:

    In Washington, Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California has introduced a measure in honor of Aaron Swartz dubbed “Aaron’s Law”.

    Lofgren’s bill would modify the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to omit terms of services breaches.

    In a statement, Lofgren said:” There is no way to reverse the tragedy of Aaron’s death, but we can work to prevent a repeat of the abuses of power he experienced.”

  92. Francis says:

    Thanks Angellight. I posted it to my F/B page. People need to see this so called game from the NRA that targets kids! Reminds me of the Camel Joe campaign targeting kids by the tobacco industry. Evil!

  93. Sharon says:

    Have my M.A. in Communications/Film and had to direct that very scene from Annie Hall! LOL In the screenplay it’s “only” 20 yrs.

  94. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Alex. Good find :-)

  95. Sharon says:

    I’ve been checking out some of the Sandy Hook “hoax” and “conspiracy theory” information and there is some disturbing information available that does make you wonder.

  96. Dave says:

    Sharon, I live here. I watched friends and neighbors put their children into the ground. I wish it were a hoax, and these families were not broken, but it is not. It is the worst thing we have ever done to ourselves as a society. Let’s hope we can change ourselves before something even more horrifying happens.

  97. Lorrie U says:

    Michael Hastings: Benghazi Victims’ Arrival Contributed To Obama’s Failure In First Debate (VIDEO)

  98. Nita says:

    Sharon please don’t be fooled go to this site below and it will answer the Sandy Hook hoax or conspirary theory.

    Please send a prayer to God for the victims and their broken parents.

  99. Nita says:

    Thanks Dave so much for posting the truth.

    We all are supposed to know that the most in the GOP and the NRA will continue to be liars and evil and most think only about money.

    The Sandy Hook “hoax” and “conspiracy theory” all of that is coming from them this is so very evil.

  100. Patty says:

    Sharon, I’m fearful that the Right is living in an alternate very evil reality. Long ago I had read…”We will begin to create our own future”.
    What was it ‘specifically’ that made you wonder?

  101. alex says:

    Republicans live in alternate reality – LA Daily News…/republicans-live-alternate-reality

    Nov 25, 2012 – Today’s Republicans cocoon themselves in an alternate reality defined by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and The Wall Street … to teach modern geology must give equal time to claims that the world is only 6,000 years old?

    Grand Old Planet –…/krugman-grand-old-planet.html

  102. will says:

    Lorrie U.,

    In-as-much as I would like to exonerate PBO for his abysmal performance in the first debate by ascribing it the arrival of the Benghazi victims – I personally can’t go there. A president has to have his proverbial s–t together and always have a good poker-face. First it was “altitude sickness” due to Denver – sorry, the president has two doctors and a whole cabinet of advisers – he should have taken oxygen or prepared himself for it. Now its Benghazi. Sorry, I think he got cocky and overly-confident and it was hubris and a complete lack-of-preparation.

    I’ll cut him slack, but his failure at that first debate caused a mass-level of demoralization and disappointment to many of his supporters. It just stunk-to-high-hell. He can’t afford to EVER just phone something in like that. Not now, not in this day and age when the margins are so slim between party identification and media is pretty much everything.

  103. barbk says:

    A reminder that today, Thursday January 17th, the transiting Sun is conjunct the U.S. natal Sibly Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33 retrograde. This will be followed tomorrow AM by the transiting Mercury conjunct Sun. What we have seen and heard, and will continue to hear from the powerful NRA and the likes of Rush Limbaugh, represents the worst of the toxic reptilian fear entrenched within the U.S. psyche.

    The Yod aspect in the Winter Solstice chart – Saturn sextile Pluto and both quincunx Jupiter – targeted the U.S. natal Sibly Uranus in Gemini, while at the same time, the US progressed Sun squared the US natal Uranus. The last U.S. solar return (birthday) chart had Venus conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini. It was the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School (Gemini) who sacrificed their lives which finally woke (Uranus) the citizens of the U.S. to what must be ended. President Obama initiated that action yesterday as transiting Venus was making a conjunction to transiting Pluto. As she reinforces the Solstice Yod (today she sextiles trans. Saturn), it is Vesta who now joins Jupiter at the apex of the yod. Vesta represents what we invest in, in this case it is the safety of our children.

    The U.S. is in the process of transformation and even though it is painfully difficult to watch and listen to, it is a healing process. It requires courage to endure. In February, transiting Chiron will square the U.S. Uranus as the process continues. Our awareness (consciousness) increases, and in time this wound will be healed. Try to remember that the soul of this country needs the support of its people; through their prayers and the encouragement of its leaders who will stand up against the powerful toxic effect of the NRA and the Rush Limbaughs of the world. All we need is Love.

  104. Sharon says:

    I agree with y’all and, Dave, I was hoping you would respond. The things that caught me on the Hoax video were items like the fact that Homeland Security was doing a workshop on Children’s Security very close to Sandy Hook (and apparently that has happened on other catastrophic occasions like 911?)…also there were some facebook pages honoring those who were killed (either 1 or 2) that were put up before the date of the shooting….. Well, having a degree in film and having studied propaganda and non-fiction film, I know you can make ANYTHING seem true. I just wish I had something to counter their evidence that I could post under the links people have up on FB (my gun-owning friends and relatives)

  105. Sharon says:

    …meaning that specific “evidence” regarding Homeland Security + the Facebook pages (which are including on the hoax video with the earlier dates).

  106. mitzi says:

    That was truly lovely, barbk!
    Your message resonates deeply, another veil has been lifted.
    Thanks! Blessings to you and the Starlight community!

  107. chrys says:

    this is a tragedy – such a brilliant mind wanting
    information free and access open to all.

    and although I support Obama –
    it is time we look at why the Justice department
    tries cases like this instead of going after the people
    who/bankers etc who created the financial crisis-

    why did this young man get hounded with 30 years and
    one million dollars in fines over his head – and Hsbc
    get off recently with only fines. it is time we look at
    how cases are formed and prosecuted……

  108. dave says:

    The best way to deal with such foolishness as these Sandy Hook conspiracy theories is not to expend energy in acknowledgment of it. I suppose one analogy could be imagine yourself as a sailboat in the midst of a storm. Don’t try to raise your sails and negotiate with the winds, but instead lower your sails, head below and focus on only what is important, and soon enough the storm will blow itself out. I have a very wonderful friend, a mother of one of my sons classmates who moved here from Texas a few years back, and she is absolutely horrified at the reaction of even her own family members about what has happened and the direction we are taking because of it, and I’ve told her the same thing. Don’t let it effect you, it’s only noise and distraction by souls who are not nearly as tuned. The universe has a way of righting itself, and we need to be quietly diligent and focused.

    I see what is coming, and I would imagine our esteemed host Nancy will be writing about this over the next year or so. This change that has been building will take time, it will not happen overnight, but it will happen. You see, we have the most powerful force ever known to the universe, and that is the force of a mother in protection of her children. It can’t be stopped, not by a gun, or a sentence, or an ad on tv.

    From a perspective of astrology, two interesting things that I notice are the charts of John Boehner and the chart of the NRA. Boehner’s chart has Mercury around 22-23 Scorpio and Sun around 25 degrees of Scorpio. NRA’s chart has the Sun around 24 degrees of Scorpio. Right now the nodal axis is crossing those degrees, and next November (2014), Saturn will be visiting those degrees. I’ve always felt the nodal axis presents us with opportunities to define ourselves and our path, and of course Saturn is the taskmaster and teacher. Both Boehner and the NRA have expended a great deal of effort lately to define themselves, and I have a notion that when Saturn (the teacher) visits those degrees around the election time of 2014, the “grades” they receive will not be in their favor.

    As the Sandy Hook Promise states, our hearts are broken, but our spirit is not. And it never will be.

  109. alex says:

    Thank you barbk,

    The U.S. is in the process of transformation and even though it is painfully difficult to watch and listen to it, it is a healing process. Try to remember that the soul of this country needs the support of its people; through their prayers and the encouragement of its leaders who will stand up against the powerful toxic effect of the NRA and the Rush Limbaughs of the world.

    (gun safety executive directive)
    1/20/2013 Inauguration chart – noon Sunday

    Process of Change, Transformation – Pandora, minor asteroid
    Pandora symbol for the process of change (impact, prolific and uncontainable source of troubles, ‘can of worms’)

    Oath of Office: emphasis aspect 2013 sesquisquare aka sesquiquadrate – 135 degrees

    Apex of the sesquisquare aspect, Natal Obama
    Uranus @25 Leo

    sesquisquare (135)

    Transiting Uranus @10 Aries

    Aries, the sign of Pandora’s perihelion: Pandora’s North Node is at 10 Aries 50; the Sabian Symbol for 10 Aries, ‘the president of the country, the positive use of power requiring discipline’

    sesquisquare (135)

    Transiting Pluto @10 Capricorn

  110. alex says:,_2014
    ovember 2014 – Midterm Elections

    Transiting Saturn @24-25 Scorpio

    Good Point dave,

    John Boehner and the chart of the NRA: Boehner’s chart has Mercury around 22-23 Scorpio and Sun around 25 degrees of Scorpio. NRA’s chart has the Sun around 24 degrees of Scorpio. Right now the nodal axis is crossing those degrees, and next November (2014), Saturn will be visiting those degrees. I’ve always felt the nodal axis presents us with opportunities to define ourselves and our path, and of course Saturn is the taskmaster and teacher.

    Both Boehner and the NRA have expended a great deal of effort lately to define themselves, and I have a notion that when Saturn (the teacher) visits those degrees around the election time of 2014, the “grades” they receive will not be in their favor.

  111. Francis says:

    Thank you barbk! Your perspective and reminder that we are in a process, is in itself is healing to me.

  112. Francis says:

    Thank you Dave. An ex from long ago believes gun control legislation is Step 1 to the USA being taken over by the New World Order and it sickens me. Great advice to not engage. I like what you said about Saturn and may He teach them a few hard lessons!!

  113. Dave says:

    Alex, another couple of interesting hits:

    Wednesday 11/7/14, Mars crossing 7-8 Capricorn. NRA’s natal Mars/Saturn conjunction is at 7 Cap. Given this I would not expect a lot of joy from the election results.

    Also notable, Mitch McConnel (2/20/1942 no time given) has Saturn/Mars conjunct 21-22 Taurus and Uranus at 26 Taurus. Again Saturn is aspecting those degrees by opposition.

  114. Dave says:

    I suppose the sentence above should be clarified: I would not expect a lot of joy from the election results FOR THE NRA AND IT’S SUPPORTERS!!

  115. alex says:

    Excerpt Email Common Cause org:

    Your help landed big victories in November — in Montana and Colorado, voters demanded a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Now, we’re sending staff to more than a dozen states and cities to repeat those wins across the nation.

    It’s Time to Get Big Money Out of Our Elections

    Let’s take back our democracy. Three bills introduced on Capitol Hill this week would shift political power away from corporations and millionaire campaign donors and back to “we the people.” The legislation would use public funds to match small-dollar campaign donations from individuals, allowing candidates to run and win without relying on special interests.

  116. alex says:

    Hi Dave, yeah the public has been awakened seems hopeful that they are going to be up to speed for 2014 too! Thanks for the good news;

  117. Francis says:

    Nancy, in one of you articles from a while back you wrote about a more aggressive Obama in his second term and prophetically suggested he may lead the public against the entrenched status quo. I would appreciate reading that again. Do you happen to know which article I’m referring to and can you post its link? Thanks!

  118. Patty says:

    Dear Sharon, I watched the video as well and did wonder about a few things.
    Yet…explore a little further:
    Check out this video:

    Then, came across this:

    Perhaps we actually have a choice in which reality we want to feed and than create.

  119. angellight says:

    Dave: Here, Here! I too did not give any energy too the Sandy Hook conspiracies. I am saddened to see Veterans Today give credence to this conspiracy.

  120. Fe says:


    You are writing what I’ve been feeling, and working on for PW. We’re going through a period of dense matter and there is no way out but through. We’re going to be sickened by them and need to find the social homeopathy to combat it.

  121. M. says:

    As usual Nancy, you’ve written a great piece. There is one thing that has left me wondering. You mentioned that Biden has the most favorable chart of all, at least for now, and what I’m wondering is…do you see him as president, that is to say running in 2016 and winning?

  122. Sharon says:

    Snopes straightens us out on the misinformation in the Sandy Hook hoax video…however, I did not see it address the Homeland Security seminar on children’s security scheduled in that area for that day, the remaining loose end.

  123. alex says:

    We the People: Government Petition Page has updated the threshold for petition signatures; the whimsical ‘Death Star’ petition gained 25 thousand signatures in the blink of an eye; it was one of the fun petitions that participated at the rollout of the unique initiative from the White House to increase citizen participation in democracy;

    AS OF JANUARY 15, 2013:

    To cross the first threshold and be searchable within, a petition must reach 150 signatures within 30 days.

    To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days.

    White House response to the ‘Death Star’ Petition

    When a petition to secure resources, funding, and begin construction of a Death Star — the planet destroying mega ship commissioned by the Empire in Star Wars — gained the necessary signatures for a formal response from the White House, most people probably figured the Obama administration would offer up a simple “nope”.

    In a letter titled “This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For” (a play on words from a classic Star Wars quote), the White House proceeded to lay out a rough cost for building a Death Star, state its position on the destruction of planets, and pose questions about the project’s worth to American tax payers:

    The Administration shares your desire for job creation and a strong national defense, but a Death Star isn’t on the horizon.

    Here are a few reasons:

    The construction of the Death Star has been estimated to cost more than $850,000,000,000,000,000. We’re working hard to reduce the deficit, not expand it.

    The Administration does not support blowing up planets.

    Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?

    The response to the petition is not only littered with references to the classic movies, but it also takes care to highlight the administration’s support for the International Space Station — saying this is already sort of the project that’s been requested, minus the massive scale, world-shattering weapons, and armada of TIE fighters. If you have a moment to check it out, it’s actually very clever.

  124. alex says:

    Because of gerrymandering we have to rethink the way we vote – REPUBLICANS RIGGING THE RULES:

    Times change, and with those changes should come willingness to ask whether the fundamentals of our democracy still work. Our nation’s history has been one of regular evolution of our democratic practices, but our minds have become increasingly closed to change.

    It’s time for a new way of looking at U.S. House elections.

    The fundamental bias of the House

    Democrats had a very good 2012 election. In the presidential race, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney by 126 electoral votes and nearly five million popular votes. Republicans won only eight Senate races, the worst performance for a major party in Senate races since the 1950’s.

    In House races, Democratic candidates won about a million more votes nationwide than Republicans and would have increased that margin substantially if all races had been contested. After controlling for factors like vote inflation for incumbents and uncontested races, the data suggests voters generally preferred Democrats for Congress by a 52 to 48 percent margin.

    Yet Republicans won a comfortable majority of 234 seats, compared to the Democrats’ 201. That disparity in voter preference compared to seats did not result from ticket-splitting; in fact, there were only 24 districts in which one party’s nominee carried the presidential vote and the other party’s nominee won the congressional race, all but four of which were won by an incumbent. The real problem for Democrats was that in a year in which Barack Obama won a decisive presidential election victory, he carried only 207 of 435 congressional districts.

  125. alex says:


    The problem is districting, not redistricting. Fortunately, there are reform options that address that more basic dilemma.

    The route to a balanced and effective Congress: Constitutional forms of fair voting

    The real problem at the root of the Democratic demographic disadvantage and the gridlocked Congress is the statutory decision to elect House members exclusively through single-seat, winner-take-all elections.

    The best way to remove the structural unfairness inherent in the current House of Representatives is to get rid of winner-take-all elections. FairVote has a plan to do just that, grounded in our Constitution and American electoral traditions. The first requirement is an act of Congress. The more ambitious plan would be for Congress to prohibit winner-take-all elections in all states that elect more than one House member. A more modest step would be to repeal the congressional mandate for states to use single-member districts that was established in 1967.

    Our plan is fully constitutional and would combine existing congressional districts into multi-seat “super districts” of between three and five members, in which members would be elected using fair voting systems – American forms of proportional representation based on voting for candidates – and most voters would help to elect a candidate that they support.

    These voting methods have already proven their effectiveness in our local elections and for over 100 years in state legislative elections in Illinois. When fair voting is used in a five-seat district, like-minded voters who make up 20 percent of the district would be sure of electing at least one candidate. The plan would reliably result in balanced and accurate representation of the left, center and right of every district, as would other proven voting methods that are consistent with our traditions of voting for candidates rather than for parties.

    Switching to fair voting would balance congressional elections between the parties. Under the current system, there are 195 seats that favor Republicans by at least 54 to 46 percent, but only 166 seats that favor Democrats at that level of safety.

    Under the plans we propose, for the U.S. House there would be 195 Republican-leaning seats, 192 Democratic-leaning seats and 42 seats that would regularly swing between the parties. And while the major parties would usually win the seats leaning their way, voters would have credible general election options within their party of preference as well as among third parties and independents.

    In the long run, fair voting could also help save the Republican Party. Although congressional Republicans earn a partisan advantage under current rules, the party is hurting in presidential and senatorial elections. Today, Republicans can only win in certain areas of the country. As they become more and more reliant on these strongholds, their presidential candidates become less successful in being able to build support in areas where more voters live.

    As a result, the identity of the Republican Party at the national level has become more closely associated with positions that today seem to be a minority view among Americans. For the party to evolve with the times, they need to be able to contest and win seats everywhere in the country. But that broadening of their tent won’t happen if we continue to elect Congress with a single-member district, winner-take-all electoral system.

  126. alex says:


    FairVote acts to transform our elections to achieve secure access to participation for all, a full spectrum of meaningful ballot choices and majority rule with fair representation. As a catalyst for change, we build support for innovative strategies to win a constitutionally protected right to vote, universal voter registration, a national popular vote for president, instant runoff voting and proportional voting.

  127. alex says:

    Hi Dave,

    Nov 5th 2014 ( day after election )
    when Transiting Mars arrives at 07 degrees Capricorn


    NRA Mars-Saturn conjunction at 07 degrees Capricorn

    Sextile Kite Aspect Here

    I have not studied this chart yet…. NRA – Election first impression November 2014 chart

  128. Patty says:

    Wow Will, you’re angry! There are so many possibilities to me….
    Obama’s weak first Debate tremulously sparked Romney’s campaign that had been dwindling fast. Perhaps PBO’s actions were calculated for just the reason.
    Yet, look at the current Pub reaction to the President’s small gun control initiatives.
    I’m very concerned with what I read and hear lately…
    And low-information folks are even more filled with fear!

  129. will says:

    Yes Fe, dense – like taking a spade to clay deposits. I’ve been feeling that for the past few days on a deep plane – like trying to tread in a deep pool of sludge.

    What can we do but press on?

  130. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for the link, Alex!

  131. Lorrie U says:

    Gun Found In Seven-Year-Old’s Backpack At Wave Preparatory Elementary School In Queens

  132. alex says:

    So goes Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, so goes any chance of there ever being another Democratic president

    The GOP’s Electoral College Scheme

    Republicans alarmed at the apparent challenges they face in winning the White House are preparing an all-out assault on the Electoral College system in critical states, an initiative that would significantly ease the party’s path to the Oval Office.

  133. starlight says:

    We need a constitutional amendment to fix this.

  134. starlight says:

    Francis – I don’t know which article it was – probably several. There may be some more in the coming one.

    M – I don’t see Biden becoming president anytime soon. He will be very much loved for the next year or so, but he is not grieving.

  135. mitzi says:

    Thanks, I so appreciate all the recent posts regarding the unfortunate loss of the young, Aaron Swartz, a 21st century Robin Hood, and a free world culture activist. Many of us have been touched and saddened by his loss. Nevertheless, I believe his unexpected death has imortalized him here, and across the world! – Here’s a link, I found quite moving, perhaps you haven’t seen it yet.
    Anonymous Aaron Swartz: In MEMORY SEMPER V

  136. will says:

    I was angry and disappointed about the incident, Patty. I have supported this president steadfastly since day-one. Lots of energy, risk and effort from millions of people went into getting him there against incredible odds. No one is perfect and presidents make mistakes. But cannot engage in the magical thinking that there was anything “strategic” about his bungling the first debate. Its over, its in the past. I will not however, abide some of these rather pathetic “explanations” for his blunders. There comes a point when such indulgences becomes pathological; a form of enabling, if you will. He wanted what is arguably the most powerful position on the planet and got it.

    He’s a big boy. He can take the heat. God knows we have.

  137. alex says:

    Nov. 5, 2014 day after midterm elections

    Water Signs – Donna Cunningham

    11.5.2014 Water Trine (emotional binge, emotional hangover)

    T/Sun @13 Scorpio (Venus 16 SC)
    NRA Pallas @13 Scorpio


    T/Chiron @13 Pisces
    NRA Eris @11 Pisces


    USA Sun @13 Cancer

  138. alex says:

    2014 November 4th Election Day Midterms,

    midpoint saturn/mars @15 Sagittarius
    vesta @14 Sagittarius

    political hostage taking – determined, dedicated focus

  139. alex says:

    Nov 4th 2014 election day midterms,

    Hidalgo @00 Capricorn – world point
    (assert by conquest, promote ambition)

    this suggests studying the 2014 ingress charts

  140. Noelle says:

    It’s been a long, long time since I was in school, but I clearly remember that gerrymandering was something that wasn’t supposed to happen. Does anyone know when this became ok? It’s not supposed to be done by banks, etc. either I thought. Is that okay now also?

  141. M. says:

    Thank you Nancy

  142. Francis says:


  143. alex says:

    Organizing For Action, OFA

    Jim Messina, National Chair

    Robert Gibbs, Board of Directors

    Stephanie Cutter, Board of Directors

  144. barbk says:

    Fe and all,

    First on the list of cures is increased light; believe we are on the path to healing, no matter how repulsive the material you read and hear is. Like any cleansing, it takes time and dogged persistence. Sharing our belief with others who doubt, spreads the light of a better world coming. Keep writing Fe. (Warm water and a dose of honey and mother-lode vinegar helps the tummy too!)

  145. Teresa Hill says:

    It’s always happened. It’s just becoming more and more pronounced, more obvious.

  146. cappy says:

    mitzi…thank you, thank you…beyond words.

  147. cappy says:

    Starlight Citizens for Justice ~ another important Petition ~ directed at Stephen Heymann~
    Aaron Swartz’ main prosecutor:

  148. cappy says:

    Plus…Sen. John Cornyn, R, Texas Criticizes Eric Holder re Aaron Swartz’ outrageous prosecutorial

    Why are all the real US white collar crooks free (!!!)

  149. Sharon says:

    Maybe Christie will run as an Independent—who knows? I will take a closer look at him as well as Jerry Brown of the CA economy who is bringing CA to a surplus. He did make draconian cuts and raise taxes, but they are coming out of it now.

  150. cappy says:

    This is hilarious, Alex…thanks for finding & posting.
    Loved the response, too.

  151. cappy says:

    Alex…is 100,000 signatures within first 30 days possibly a typo??

  152. cappy says:

    Starlight Astro-Ninjas for Justice:
    Per Alex’ super sleuthing ~ we see that the WH increased signatures needed on an important petition for a WH response ~ from 25,000 to 100,000~ in 30 days. (egads!)
    Here is petition (of course) to revoke required petitions for a White House response, back to 25,000.
    Thank You!

  153. cappy says:

    Just retraced your peerless steps and found petition to revoke 100,000 needed
    votes in 30 Days!
    I feel fascism’s breath!

  154. Patty says:

    Interesting article.
    ‘The Second Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery’

  155. cappy says:

    i second that….

  156. alex says:

    100K signatures in 30 days that’s a good thing; this unique opportunity it is a valuable vehicle to participate with government; it doesn’t need to be collecting Death Star petitions, fun as that was;

  157. alex says:

    We Can’t Stop Now – excerpt email from Organizing For Action

    Following in the footsteps of the campaign you built, Organizing for Action will be an unparalleled force in American politics. It will work to turn our shared values into legislative action — and it’ll empower the next generation of leaders in our movement.

    We may have started this as a long shot presidential primary campaign in 2007, but it’s always been about more than just winning an election. Together, we’ve made our communities stronger, we’ve fought for historic legislation, and we’ve brought more people than ever before into the political process.

    We have the power to do even more to change our politics and our country for the better. With Organizing for Action, you’ll have every resource you need to do it.

    But it starts with you. This new organization is in your hands.

    I’m so excited to see what you all do next — and so grateful to be part of it.



  158. pisca says:

    From another perspective, when did gerrymandering NOT happen?
    More than a decade ago, Tom Delay hijacked my Congressman (Lloyd Doggett) in a crafty ploy to integrate the new Congressional district which stretched from Kill-the-Innocent Willamson County to We$$$t Houston. I am privileged to live in one of the few rainbow neighborhoods near the district line, so my neighbors and I got sucked into this 200+ mile district (which is 2 miles wide at one point), represented by the wealthiest member of the House. Meanwhile, Lloyd got redistricted 2 or 3 times and people keep reelecting and loving him!
    If you look at some states’ districts, it’s easy to see what a farce “redistricting” is.

  159. Teresa Hill says:

    You guys! We’re about to have so much fun in the South Carolina House race. (Jim DeMint resigned, and the governor appointed a House member to the Senate seat, which gave us an open House seat.)

    Stephen Colbert’s sister is running! And she may end up facing our former lover-governor Mark Sanford for the seat! Can you imagine how much fun this race could be?

  160. Gypsi says:

    That would be almost as good as Stephen Colbert! Did you join our little “nominate Stephen on Twitter” campaign a couple of weeks ago? Got quite a wave going!

  161. cappy says:


    Right On! Hoping that Aaron’s horrific judicial abuse will be the Tipping Point to massive push back and takedown of our financial debt slavery…then the rest of greedy, power crazed cabal’s pervasive controls of the 99%.

  162. Fe says:


    Thanks for the clarity. Here is my riff on the subject at PW:

  163. alex says:

    Long-term YOD to Jupiter from Saturn-Pluto sextile.
    Joined by Vesta and Juno

    FOCAL point of the YOD – Vesta conjuncts Jupiter
    BASE of the YOD – Juno conjuncts Pluto and sextiles Saturn

    Venus joins as she conjuncts Pluto (Jan 16) and sextiles Saturn (Jan 17)

  164. alex says:

    On Inauguration morning, the Moon will enter Gemini where it will conjunct Jupiter, trine the Sun, and sextile Jupiter. At sunset, the Moon and Jupiter will be conjunct in the sky,
    “Get ready for closest Moon-Jupiter conjunction until 2026?
    We’re all connecting….

  165. cappy says:

    SO glad to see Public Option is still breathing, Lorrie!

  166. cappy says:

    WOW…PBO’s non-profit: ‘Organizing for Action’ is fired up and ready for moving mountains.
    Great Cast, too!

    “The president has the most exciting campaign apparatus ever built. It’s time to turn that loose,” he said. “It’s time to turn that loose for something more than just an election.

    Thanks Alex for the GOOD NEWS:)

  167. alex says:

    Rachel Maddow announced that Swearing in Pres. Obama 1/20 at White House, time is 11:55AM

  168. cappy says:


    Feeling that WH raised the requirement too @#!!$%#!! …HIGH!

  169. cappy says:

    Hoping 11:55 is as harmonious as it looks=12/3.
    Researching numerology….

  170. Teresa Hill says:

    I didn’t, but I should have. Can’t wait to see how Stephen covers his own sister’s campaign.

  171. cappy says:

    From one numerological source:

    12 / 3 ” 12/3 people have strong individual principles. This number denotes the end of a cycle, with new beginnings to come. The 12/3 person has a love of pleasure and is creative and artistic. Growth and expansion, communication, rhythm and completion are all to do with the 12/3 vibration.”

  172. Patty says:

    Heard a Numerologist say, Whenever you see 123 together it’s positive and means tremendous progress.
    On another note…”Humanity Connected Is God”. An amazing and thought-provoking short video:

  173. starlight says:

    I am counting on everyone to stay alert to see if 11:55 is the actual time or if it is 12 noon or even later. We never know who might actually announce the correct time. As you all know, an accurate Ascendant will be very important. Many thanks in advance!!

  174. Lorrie U says:

    Obama’s Second Inauguration Charts by Chris Brennan

    If you compare the January 20th chart to the January 21st chart, the major difference is that the Moon changes signs and moves into Gemini, which changes the chart in such a way that it goes from having one of the worst possible electional aspects (Moon square Mars by day) to having one of the best possible electional aspects (Moon conjunct Jupiter by day).

    Unfortunately it seems that the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution stipulates that the President’s term will always officially begin at noon on January 20th. This was ratified in 1933, and it is the reason why Inauguration Day always takes place on January 20.

  175. Lorrie U says:

    Chris seems to feel the 11/20/2013 chart’s “alignment of the planets at the time of the official inauguration on January 20, 2013 look kind of ominous.”

  176. Lorrie U says:

    No wonder I often feel like I’m losing my mind and falling down the rabbit hole…

    The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia

    In 2008, Tea Party Queen and Shoot ‘Em Up and Hang ‘Em Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) disarmed brigade members of the Alaska State Defense Force (think volunteer militia) at the recommendation of the state military officials, based on a report by an investigator with the Washington National Guard.

    (I)n a major decision proving unpopular with at least some of the force’s roughly 280 members, the state is taking away the brigade’s guns.

    Yes, Sarah Palin, as executive of the state, took away their guns. And no, conservatives, you can’t have it both ways. Clearly they gave Sarah Palin the report and she took executive action on it (also known as “tyranny” when a Democrat does it).

  177. alex says:

    First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will host the Kids’ Inaugural for America’s children and families as part of their ongoing commitment to military families.

    The concert continues a tradition they started in 2009 that builds on initiatives like Joining Forces by honoring and celebrating the service and sacrifice of our U.S. military as part of official Inaugural activities.


    Vice President Biden’s Official Swearing-In
    Location: Naval Observatory
    Start Time: 8:15 AM ET
    [White House Press Pool only]

    President Obama’s Official Swearing-In
    Location: White House – Blue Room
    Start Time: 11:55 AM ET
    [White House Press Pool only]

    Historically, Inaugural Ceremonies are not held on a Sunday because Courts and other public institutions are not open.

    This year, in accordance with the requirements of the United States Constitution, President Obama and Vice President Biden will officially be sworn-in on Sunday, January 20, 2013.

  178. alex says:

    11:55 AM

    ASC 12 Taurus

    Moon @19 Taurus

    Midheaven 25 Capricorn

  179. alex says:

    8:15 AM Swear in Joe Biden

    The IC @03 Sagittarius (nadir )
    Natal Biden ASC @03 Sagittarius

  180. alex says:

    Here’s a taste of some of the people the White House has had to deal with lately: If you are a concerned citizen living in Maryland who wishes your state animal were a Pokémon character like Bulbasaur or Snorlax, there was a White House petition for that.

    If you want Beyoncé barred from singing the national anthem at Obama’s inauguration, there was a petition for that. For anybody craving a lighthearted reality TV series on C-SPAN starring a jolly Vice President Joe Biden, there is indeed a petition for that. Want to deport CNN host Piers Morgan for being in favor of gun control? Put your John Hancock here. And there is, of course, a petition requesting the Obama administration take these petitions more seriously, and multiple petitions requesting that the White House abolish White House online petitions.

    In late 2011, the White House was forced to respond to two separate petitions demanding answers regarding an X-Files-style alien cover-up. One of the petitions was posted by Paradigm Research Group, a paranoid fringe group that espouses garden-variety Martian-conspiracy theories and runs this terrible-looking website.

    Shortly after President Obama won reelection, dozens upon dozens of petitions came rolling in calling for the secession of individual states. (A backlash to these included several counterpetitions, like this one titled, “Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The United States Of America,” and one titled, “Peacefully Grant the State of Herp-a-Derp to Withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW Government.”) Early this year, the Obama administration responded to the cries for secession (they are not in favor), a move that did little to deter certain secessionist elements in the country.

  181. angellight says:

    “Dear friends,

    The US is about to treat the world to the first genetically modified meat: a mutant salmon that could wipe out wild salmon populations and threaten human health — but we can stop it now before our plates are filled with suspicious Frankenfish.

    The new fake salmon grows twice as fast as the real one, and not even scientists know its long-term health effects. Yet it’s about to be declared safe for us to eat, based on studies paid for by the company that created the GMO creature! Luckily, the US is legally required to consider public opinion before deciding. A growing coalition of consumers, environmentalists, and fishermen is calling on the government to trash this fishy deal. Let’s urgently build an avalanche of global support to help them win.

    The consultation is happening right now and we have a real chance to keep mutant fish off the menu. Sign to stop Frankenfish and share widely — when we reach 1 million, our call will be officially submitted to the public consultation:”

  182. alex says:

    On Inauguration morning, the Moon will enter Gemini where it will conjunct Jupiter, trine the Sun, and sextile Jupiter. At sunset, the Moon and Jupiter will be conjunct in the sky,“Get ready for closest Moon-Jupiter conjunction until 2026?

    Aquarius Pluto is about the ideas of equality and liberty. 1778-1798, 2024-2044

    Pluto in Aquarius changes the system, and a society. People who have this placement are motivated by seeing themselves outside, or above the status quo system, inclined to alter it in order to change human social interactions on a national and international scale.

    Robots replacing workers: excerpt for dailykos front page:

    Once human cognition is replaced, what else have we got? For the ultimate extreme example, imagine a robot that costs $5 to manufacture and can do everything you do, only better. You would be as obsolete as a horse.

    Now, humans will never be completely replaced, like horses were. Horses have no property rights or reproductive rights, nor the intelligence to enter into contracts. There will always be something for humans to do for money. But it is quite possible that workers’ share of what society produces will continue to go down and down, as our economy becomes more and more capital-intensive.

    This possibility is increasingly the subject of discussion among economists. Erik Brynjolfsson has written a book about it, and economists like Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen are talking about it more and more ( huge collection of links, courtesy of blogger Izabella Kaminska).

    How to Protect Workers From the Rise of Robots – LINK

    In the academic literature, the theory goes by the name of “capital-biased technological change.”

  183. alex says:

    Castle Besiegement assessment of a chart used by Bernadette Brady: The champion and the challenger in sports astrology

    Article from:
    First published in the AA Journal, May 1997.

    Cast a chart for the commencement of the siege. The Castle (champion) is the Fourth house of the chart and the attacker(challenger) is the First house of the chart.

  184. cappy says:

    Fascinating chart comparisons…in the extreme.

  185. Noelle says:

    Starlight, maybe someone has already mentioned this but it looks like the debt ceiling issue has been pushed back to April which as I recall is when you said the troubles start for our President. God bless him. If only we had a congress who cared about America and it’s citizens instead of their whacky ideology or whatever it is that they care about.

  186. alex says:

    correction:113TH congress, midpoint SA/MA

    Saturn @09 Scorpio – 219

    Mars @06 Aquarius – 306

    306 minus 219 = 87 / 2 = 43 + 219 = 262 – @12 Sagittarius

    12 Sagittarius Midpoint SA/MA 113TH Congress (midpoint saturn/mars, political hostage taking)


    USA Sibley Chart ASC @12 Sagittarius

  187. Patty says:

    Alex, regarding Sports Astrology…did you see Lance Armstrong’s birthchart?

  188. alex says:

    no I haven’t but in era of Neptune in Pisces = posers ( huffingtonpost has slide 10 biggest cheaters, financial and otherwise )Lance is among them;

    Neptune deceit in this era goes to POSERS, people who hide behind pre-text and pretense ( sociopaths )

    tell truth I was never hoodwinked by Lance Armstrong; the media builds up the sports hero images to sell media products but everybody knows what’s up but want to live in denial;

    from high school sports upward the use of doping, and steroids etc is encouraged so high school sports kids can bring ‘glory’ to their school and get college sports scholarships, and then it is the same for college, glory and maybe college sports guys go onto professional sports, and professional sports use all the enhancements and occasionally one or two people are made examples of when they get caught doping;

    Neptune in Pisces (pretext, pretense, posers) – age of open secrets made possible by strong cultural/business/economic/status quo state of DENIAL
    – driven by the profit motive

    Neptune in Pisces in mundane astrology:
    well one of the best open secrets was unveiled; that corrupt congressional representatives are little more than corporate brokers/agents – that we can be grateful for;

    we live in era of open secrets…. that are destructive to the culture and the population, using a metaphor the ‘unconscious’ of a person becomes toxic when it is not confronted, dealt with, unpacked… unconscious behavior is toxic and destructive in individuals and the same is true for the collective culture, an unconscious collective is destructive and toxic;

    we are going for transformation into the collective conscience; as many people see it ….the more inclusive we become the more integrated we become increasing the probability of manifesting the ‘collective conscience’ in our culture

  189. starlight says:

    Yes, April and May look very stressful. I think there will be a multitude of issues, including the debt ceiling.

  190. Todd Bennett says:

    Some good news. Article 2 Section 1. The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term, be elected, as follows:

    And, Clause 8, Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:— “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    The President did not become President on 1-20-09. He did on 1-21-09, at the properly worded swearing in done out of an abundance of caution. He also serves 4 full years. His term ended on 1-21-13. Not 1-20. As these are the original clauses of the Constitution, and March 4th was the original date in the first place, I feel these supersede the 20th amendment in terms of astrology. The 1-21 chart is the correct chart IMO