28th Jan, 2013

The Big Picture

Pundits everywhere are doing their best to prognosticate President Obama’s second term.  In retrospect, the first four years, despite some significant early successes including the Affordable Care Act, were largely about grappling with the Great Recession while hampered by a willfully obstructionist Republican Party determined to undermine the president at every turn.

Many are now openly wondering how much can be accomplished going forward, with tedious warnings about the ever-obstreperous Republican House and the imminent Lame Duck status that will all too soon infect the administration and limit its impact. Despite the current proclamations of the political cognoscenti, however, it seems likely, from an astrological perspective, that a series of unexpected and fierce eruptions over the next few years will repeatedly color and transform the landscape of this administration and make it far more memorable than is presently anticipated.

The first Obama term was mostly about the restrictions, frustration, and struggle indicated by the strong presence of Saturn, which opposed Venus and Uranus in the Inaugural chart and was in a hard aspect, consecutively, with eight planets in the US chart from November 2008 through mid-September 2012. These were the configurations of painfully grappling with and climbing out of the Great Recession, as well as dealing with intransigent and uncooperative Republicans. Obama’s progressed Mars (action) was also constricted by Saturn after the mid-term election through the spring of 2012.

Beginning in September 2012, however, the sustained Saturn energy in the US chart USchartbegan to dissipate, while the looming whirlwind of the Uranus/Pluto square began to increasingly impose its full heft on the US and the world.  The Uranus/Pluto square, which spans from 2011 through 2015, describes wild, unanticipated events that often manifest in the sudden eruption (Uranus) of tension that has been building over a long period (Pluto).  This planetary configuration awakens new awareness, sometimes rather brutally, and liberates the future from the shackles of the past. There is, moreover, often a vicious power struggle unfolding within the electric events that transpire. The multi-nation, anti-American rampages of mid-September, which we now refer to as “Benghazi”, but which burst forth throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond, were a herald of the flavor of things to come.

Astrologically, these volatile and violent September 2012 events came during an exact Uranus/Pluto square while, simultaneously, transiting Saturn was square to the US Pluto (27Capricorn33).  The Saturn transit significantly colored the impact of this explosive energy, in that we witnessed a painful (Saturn) series of circumstances that pointed to the limitations (Saturn) of US power (Pluto). There are several more periods of building tension and extreme circumstances that will be sparked by the reigning Uranus/Pluto square until these two behemoths begin to truly separate in mid-2015. It is extremely useful, therefore, to look at the planetary aspects that accompany them in order to begin to understand their potential consequence.

The next exact crossing of the Uranus/Pluto square runs from May 4 through May 21, 2013, with perhaps a two-week window prior as the energy begins to build and several days after this period as it dissipates. Of great concern is that transiting Saturn will be square to the US Node (6Leo36), from May 6 through May 21, at the same time. The last crossing of Saturn square to US Node came during a brief but intense flare-up of hostilities between Israel and Gaza in late November 2012. The Saturn/Node aspect describes tensions, concerns, and frustrations in the US relationship with other nations.

Also of significance during the same time-frame is the progressed US Moon square to natal Pluto (27Capricorn33) from May 7 through June 7 which describes increased emotional upset and deep anxiety among the US population. Clearly, the agitated events that are stimulated by the Uranus/Pluto square in May will provoke grave concerns and upset in the US, possibly over the actions of another nation or over  a troubling situation that impacts American interests abroad.

Towards the end of 2013, there will be another crossing of the Uranus/Pluto square, and it too will be accompanied by and followed by some potentially stressful planetary configurations in the US. October 13 through November 2, 2013, will bring the exact Uranus/Pluto square, using a one-degree waxing orb. During the first part of this period, from October 15 to October 23, the transit of Saturn will square President Obama’s Sun (12Leo33) and cross the Inaugural Descendant (12Scorpio43). This suggests a very difficult and distressing week for the administration, quite possibly sparked by the wild circumstances associated with the simultaneous planetary clash of Uranus and Pluto.

As the Uranus/Pluto square waxes exact, the US progressed Moon will begin its month-long conjunction with progressed Saturn (October 27 to November 27) which will be followed by the transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47) and the US Venus (3Cancer06), as well as the Saturn transit square to the president’s Ascendant obama(18Aquarius03) from November 30 through December 9. This series of transits and progressions from late October through early December point to another upsetting, grieving period in the US. Several overlapping and challenging situations seem likely, including the possibility of another climate-change related weather event.

The real fireworks will begin in 2014, when the Uranus/Pluto square will also be in an exact hard aspect with the US Sun (13Cancer19). The square itself will become exact again during much of April 2014, but the buildup will include a long, slow Pluto station opposite the US Sun, active for much of the period from February through mid-May 2014, and suggesting a prolonged feeling of power struggle with an adversary. During the greatest heat of the Uranus/Pluto square in April, transiting Jupiter will conjunct the US Sun (April 10 to April 19) and transiting Mars will square it (April 20 to April 25). Jupiter aspects to the US Sun often indicate intense patriotism and confidence. The combination of Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars aspecting the US Sun at the same time could easily point to an upsurge of military fervor and possibly a brief war or a retaliatory attack of some kind.

The final Uranus/Pluto square is quite prolonged, from November 22, 2014, through March 16, 2015.  This will be a whirlwind time for the country, with transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto again in hard aspect to the US Sun for significant periods. There will be many confrontations, both foreign and domestic, with issues that have come up in the earlier Uranus/Pluto crossings re-emerging in a new and more lasting iteration. By the spring of 2015, the historical Uranus/Pluto square will begin to dissipate, although Pluto’s opposition to the US Sun, and the fierce power struggles it implies, will continue through early November 2015. In probably several yet-to-be-determined situations, the country and probably the world will be transformed, awakened in some measures and scarred in others.

In much the way that the 1960’s, the decade of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, are remembered as a time of turmoil and change, the early 2010’s will also be remembered in future years for their turbulence and transformation.  The Arab Spring has deposed dictators, but ushered in a new volatility, unleashing many factions in the Arab world to find their way to a new equilibrium. The Syrian Revolution is the most brutal and least resolved thus far, and also carries the most potential to spill-over into a wider war engulfing more countries. Iran, strengthened by the unwitting overthrow of Saddam Hussein, now pushes hard for nuclear weapons, as tensions between it and Israel build, also threatening wider hostilities should this conflict erupt. All of these situations remain in flux and are likely to be further stirred up by the Uranus/Pluto square in the next two plus years.

Global climate change and the danger of unregulated gun violence are also issues that have flared up in the wake of the Uranus/Pluto square. It seems likely we will see more super storms and more massacres until we take real action to stem the tide, with some significant progress likely on both fronts by the time this transit is over. Moreover, a new wave of civil rights legislation and awareness, this time impacting gay Americans and immigrants, has come forth in the wake of these potent astrological configurations and will continue to rapidly evolve over the next few years, much as civil rights was a clarion call of the 1960’s.

Ultimately, it is impossible to say how any of these unfolding dramas will play out, other than to be sure that today’s long list of trumped-up outrage and rather petty squabbles will be long-forgotten in the enormous upsurge of titanic clashes and generational change that we are in the midst of witnessing in these historic years.

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