6th Jan, 2013

The 113th Congress

For Congress watchers, angst is the new normal. Two-years of chronically stagnant “Do-Nothing” dysfunction is leading to fears of only worse to come. Already, there are rampant threats to trigger a global financial calamity by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. The Crazies are impervious to public opinion, rationality, and compromise.  Like the hostage takers that they are, they want their demands met or else.

Meanwhile, there are land mines waiting to go off in the birth chart for the 113th Congress, set to detonate throughout the two-year term. As Pluto (9Capricorn25) moves forward to repeatedly conjunct the Congress Midheaven (10Capricorn31) in 2013 and the Congress Sun (13Capricorn29) in 2014, epic and extreme power struggles are likely unfold.  This process will be augmented by the sudden, transformative, and revelatory events promised by transiting Uranus in square to Congress Midheaven, from April 2013 through February 2014, and square the Congress Sun twice in 2014.

Using a noon chart for Minority Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi, Mars is at 25Taurus58. Using a noon chart for Speaker of the House John Boehner, the Sun is at 25Scorpio01. These two will always manifest an aggressive contest of will due to the natal Sun opposition to Mars aspect between them. This angry pattern of conflict will be greatly heightened in 2013, however, by the very same Uranus and Pluto aspects to the Congress Midheaven. In other words, the Speaker’s Sun and the Minority Leader’s Mars stand in a minor hard aspect (semi-square or sesquiquadrate) to the Congress Midheaven (10Capricorn31) and, therefore the transiting Uranus and Pluto positions as well. 113thcongress

Moreover, the identical transits of the powerhouse planets, Uranus and Pluto, will set off President Obama’s Uranus (25Leo16) at the same time. Uranus gains prominence by being the chart ruler of the president’s Aquarius rising chart, as well as indicating his most progressive and forward-thinking instincts. Thus, the clashes going on in the House in 2013 would seem also to involve the most progressive and ground-breaking elements (Uranus) of the president’s agenda.

We are already in the midst of the first round of this partisan battle which will be most potent in January and most of February 2013.  The president is likely to be especially aggressive about pushing through his goals until February 7, due to the progressed Inaugural Moon moving to its exact square with natal Mars (20Aquarius13) in the first few weeks of the new term. In addition, the beneficial and expansive Jupiter station square to his natal Pluto (6Virgo59) will hold through February 19. With Nancy Pelosi also being particularly assertive and effective during this period due to transiting Uranus conjunct her natal Sun/converse obamaMars progression (5Aries53), as well as the Pluto sesquiquadrate to her Mars continuing to February 23, the first round may go to the Democrats. It is noteworthy that the Pluto transit to the Congress Midheaven, the progressed Moon square to Inaugural Mars, and the Uranus transit to Nancy Pelosi’s Sun all peak on or around February 7. Action in the administration and Congress is likely to be especially intense up to that point.

From April through December 2013, the conflict between Pelosi and Boehner seems to be almost ongoing, with Pluto sesquiquadrate Pelosi’s Mars and Uranus semisquare, while Pluto is semisquare Boehner’s Sun and Uranus is sesquiquadrate for much of the time. Pluto will cross the Congress Midheaven in May, June, November, and early December, perhaps focusing the clash more in the halls of Congress in those months than within any particular caucus.  Uranus will also quincunx Boehner’s Mars (11Virgo53) in May, June, July, and August, perhaps stiffening his spine in some as yet undetermined direction.

The most stressful and potentially paralyzed times for Congress during 2013 will come during the Saturn semisquare to natal Moon (25Virgo30) from February 17 to March 27, a time likely to bring great distress, and during the Saturn square to natal Mars (6Aquarius48) from May 4 through May 17 and again from August 13 through August 28 (hopefully a recess). It is doubtful much will be accomplished during these times and there is likely to be much blood on the carpet from this ongoing family feud.

It is quite possible the long Pluto station of early 2014 will bring us the cacophonous crescendo of this bitter partisan power struggle. Pluto stations not only on the Congress chart Sun (13Capricorn29), but quincunx Obama’s Sun (12Leo33) and opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19). One possibility is that a hyper-partisan Congress, incapable of getting anything done, begets an administration that takes more and more power unto itself in order to run the country and protect its interests. This would indicate more executive orders and other strategies for circumventing Congress, only deepening the viciousness of the partisan divide. It is also possible, and these are not mutually exclusive, that the wild events indicated by the grand cross in the spring of 2014 will create a power struggle with an outside enemy or natural catastrophe that will ignite the nation. No matter how it plays out, the early months of 2014 will be some of the most dramatic and transformative in US history. The ugly battles and tumult of 2013 will only be the prelude.

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