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  1. David says:

    Testing Testing Testing I hate Rand Paul.

  2. David says:

    Testing Testing Testing I hate Ron Johnson.

  3. David says:

    I hate John McCain.

  4. David says:

    I hate Scott Walker

  5. starlight says:

    So far so good. Ha!

  6. starlight says:

    I love Hillary. She was awesome yesterday. A giant among pygmies.

  7. David says:

    Testing Testing Testing I despise Paul Ryan.

  8. Test says:

    This is a test

  9. karen says:

    David, you forgot Paul Ryan. hahahahaha Oh, and Rush. Then, there’s Hannity.

  10. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    David, yes, yes, and yes to all the above mentioned. starlight, Hillary’s testifying yesterday brought to mind the lyrics of Helen Reddys song, “I Am Woman”. Talk about a positive self image for women!

  11. will says:

    HRC essentially slapped crap-slapped her interrogators. It was a beautiful things as she rendered them aphasic – as if she had caused the old codgers to have a stroke at her command. God in heaven, it is a joy to have actual brain trust running the country again! If her health carries her, I keep getting the sense that she’s going to be the candidate-to-beat in 2016.

  12. commimac says:

    You manage to make me laugh out loud again, Wil, and your comments about a “brain trust running the country” is giving me such a lift this a.m. I also watched the hearings and I agree with your comments, Starlight, Hillary did look like giant among pygmies intelligence wise. Of course, I had to watch ED, Rachel, and Lawrence reprise the best moments of the hearings. It certainly feels as though there was a shift in consciousness that took place on 12/21/12 that has put some wind in the sails of liberal/progressives. May it continue. Alex, yes, we absolutely MUST keep watching the repub rigging of elections. Rachel is on it now, and many others have been watching their criminal tactics since 2000. Dems must not let this go on or repubs will keep stealing elections, which seems to be all they can do now that the majority of the country agrees with dems.

  13. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Here here, Will!

  14. Wennye' says:

    You darlings are just too funny..

  15. Lorrie U says:

    The list is endless…

  16. starlight says:

    Today’s provacative statements from Noth Korea about aiming nukes at us would seem to stem from that pr Moon square Mars in the Inaugural chart. We should watch events over the next few weeks to get a better sense of what that aspect is about. Today it was set off by the transiting Moon. I think the vicious partisan and unhinged attacks against Hillary yesterday are also part of the mix.

    Btw, I think the comments issue has been fixed.

  17. Lorrie U says:

    The 2 charts for Obama’s Inauguration

    In my vlog on Saturday I discussed the Inauguration Chart for President Obama, using the date of Monday’s public ceremony. A number of people responded but what about the official swearing in on Sunday, maybe that is the correct chart to use?

    I think it’s an interesting one. There are 2 charts here, and I think they both represent different things. It’s a bit like the chart for the USA itself. Usually we use the Sibly Chart, based on the Declaration of Independence on 4th July. But the governmental declaration of independence took place 2 days earlier. It read: “That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, Free and Independent States.”

    So we could see the earlier chart as having an emphasis on Congress and the governing of the USA, and the later Sibly Chart as having an emphasis on the people, on the nation as a whole.

    And I think we could see these 2 swearing in charts in the same way. Sunday’s official swearing in says more about Obama’s relations with Congress, and Monday’s is more about his relations with the people. I was looking at the Moon as the people (standard in a mundane chart), so Monday’s seemed more appropriate to me. Should have explained myself at the time!


  18. starlight says:

    I think Sunday at noon was the beginning of the term as mandated by the Constitution. It is too bad since the Moon/ Jupiter is preferable to the Moon/Mars.

  19. alex says:

    Thanks to a remarkably successful gerrymandering operation carried out in the last two years, Republicans comfortably retained control of the House of Representatives last fall despite Democratic candidates winning nearly 1.4 million more votes. And now, the GOP is trying to mess with the rules of the Electoral College to get an anti-democratic leg up in the race for the White House.


    The Great GOP Gerrymander was enabled in part by the 2010 midterms, which gave Republicans a slew of statehouses and governorships around the country, including in large states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, and North Carolina. That let them control the redistricting process—by drawing the lines for each congressio

  20. will says:


    I think even Ayn Rand, post-mortem, hates Paul Ryan.

  21. Francis says:

    sometimes I wish the Dems were as strategic. the latest strategic attempt by the Dems to change the filibuster rules in Senate failed by their own hand. It is very frustrating.

  22. Sharon says:

    We have to change this!!!

  23. fierywoman says:

    ha-ha-ha !!!

  24. fierywoman says:

    and I also think it was that Mercury “pivot” on election day…

  25. mitzi says:

    She’s scrappy too, I love it! Hillary totally had them for lunch!

  26. mitzi says:

    I’m not sure, but did Harry Reid just “throw us under!?”
    After all his “Filabuster talk”, what happened?
    Did the Rethugs, or better yet, the Koch bros. give him an offer he couldn’t refuse?
    Or maybe, Mitch Mcconnell sucked out some of his brain-cells, and had them shipped to some far-off galaxy for future harveasting? – What happened??

  27. cappy says:

    Hooray for Mary Jo White’s momentous return–role out the Wall Street-Federal Reserve criminal indictments…pass the popcorn!!

    On Rachel Maddow last night, Sen. Sherrod Brown said PBO will use (most likely) his Constitutional Authority to go over (roll) the Rethugs and use Executive Orders to push through his agenda.
    Hopefully Nancy Pelosi will indict the criminal R’s for TREASON!

  28. cappy says:

    The good news about Harry Reid’s throwing us under (as it appears), is that PBO has the Executive Order Constitutional Authority to keep his agenda’s momentum moving toward success.

    Time for a Mary Jo White to indict the criminal Rethugs for Treason ~ (at the very least) !!!

  29. cappy says:

    Never Fear…popcorn sales will be going through the proverbial ROOF!

  30. cappy says:

    Plus…All Dems…All Hands … Must Be on the Political Deck for All 4 Years…Doing Everything in Our Power ~ Which is Huge!!!

  31. cappy says:

    Step #1…Here are Sen. Harry Reid’s Office Contacts…there are his emails as well (not shown on page).

    Anything at all that we do will be heard–loudly and clearly!

    Perhaps Say to Receptionist answering the phone:

    Why did Harry Reid Fail in fixing the corrupt Filibuster!?!
    Keep a list of Senators-House Reps. Both D & R–Call –Fax or Email Frequently!


  32. cappy says:

    Lastly–Here is Sen. Harry Reid’s E-Mail Contact Form:


  33. Francis says:

    Thank you Cappy. FYI this is what I e-mailed to Reid’s office:
    “Regarding filibuster reform, I feel you took us for a ride, that you had no intention of real filibuster reform and that this was mere political drama. Dems, especially Senate Dems have a reputation of not having backbone and once again that meme is underscored by your hand. I am deeply frustrated and disappointed, as should you be that the Senate’s business will be (back to) gridlock.”

  34. Sharon says:

    Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2013/01/florida-house-speaker-weatherford-rigging-the-electoral-college-is-for-sore-losers.html#storylink=addthis#storylink=cpy

    Republican FL House Speakers says no changing the electoral college, the Republicans just have to get better.

    Also, just read in an article on DU that Ed Schultz (MSNBC commentator? I think he has “The Ed Show”) thinks (or knows?) that Reid weakened filibuster reform in exchange for support on gun control.

  35. mitzi says:

    Thank you,cappy!

  36. Francis says:

    if filibuster reform was implemented Reid wouldn’t need to make a deal on gun control legislation. Also, Reid was against bans on semi automatic weapons. It does not make sense to me. My thought is by weakening filibuster reform it gives him and other red state Dems political cover by not having to vote for progressive legislation that would offend their red state folks.

  37. Lorrie U says:

    Yeah, well, the dems couldn’t get the votes for the assualt weapons ban. They live in districts where their constituents oppose weapons ban and they rather keep their seats.

  38. Lorrie U says:

    I posted this above; it’s helpful in understanding the pros and cons…

    Three Winners And Three Losers In Today’s Filibuster Deal


  39. Jerry says:

    A financial astrological website called Trading Daze posted the following observation in its analysis for the year 2013:
    “On March 18th, the North Node will conjunct the point of the May 9, 2013 Solar eclipse. Transits of the North Node over eclipse points can result in significant world events.”

    The author unintentionally refers to the North Node position when in actual fact it is the South Node that conjoins the May 9th solar eclipse degree (19 ’32 Taurus) on March 18th. All the more noteworthy is that the 3/18/13 South Node conjoins the US 2013 inaugural Moon (19 ’36 Taurus). Delving a little further and using the time of 12 pm/ March 18th ( see related chart for reference: http://i50.tinypic.com/1zvea9y.gif ), one notices the Mars transit at 4 ’57 Aires close conjoins the US Inaugural Uranus (5 ’13 Aries) and forms a semi-square to both the US Inaugural Moon and US Inaugural Mars (Inaug. Mars at 20 ’13 Aquarius). I would imagine this unusual astrological set of transits, triggering the US Inaug Mars-Moon-Uranus configuration (discussed here at length) will usher in some sort of intense crisis in US geopolitical affairs.

    So what’s happening in mid March that could indicate a crisis? A number of clairvoyants are picking up on major seismic activity in the Pacific Ocean around that time.

    A website called Psychic Focus has gone even further and narrowed the date to March 13th. Apparently there will be a sudden rupture in the tetonic plates, an earthquake of unprecedented proportions along the Pacific ‘ring of fire’ is expected on this day. The writer describes this earthquake as “The sound that was heard around the world”. A major sell-off in world stock markets is anticipated to follow within a two to three week period; culminating in a total collapse of the worlds financial institutions. The intuitive who posts these impressions seems to feel that the primary affected areas will be felt as far north as Alaska down the coastline of China to Northern Australia. China will be the most affected with immense flooding inundating its coast. It is my sense that if this were to occur and China’s financial centers of Shanghai and Hong Kong located right on the coastline areas were adversely affected, this would have an immediate impact on financial markets. China after all is the primary economic engine that is holding everything in place. Glancing at the ephemeris for March 13th, I did notice the 13th happens to coincide with Mars ingress into Aries and curiously enough, moon conjoins Uranus at 7 Aries in opposition to China’s Sun (7 Libra). More on this later.

  40. cal hayhow says:

    Reid, Levin et all, really like the system. The republicans block progress, the senile democrats pretend they are for legislation they are really against and the world goes on. The big money supporters are happy and people like Carl Levin and Harry Reid get to die in office:Neptune,Pluto and Saturn. We are ruled in the senate by old men who lost most of their brain cells years ago. Wizened old men with crazy out of touch ideas holding on to the last power until the nurse at Bethesda Naval Hospital pulls the plug. May God help us all.

  41. Lorrie U says:

    We must stay ever vigilant with the dems, too…

    Senator’s Denial of News Story Reflects Deep Resistance to ‘Chained-CPI’ Social Security Cut


  42. Patty says:

    Wow, Jerry…Please remind us again as March 18th comes near.

  43. Francis says:

    Jerry, do you know if Psychic Focus has any track record of accuracy?

  44. mitzi says:

    Actually, I read a similar prediction on another site.
    Although, it actually predicts that these eruptions will occur mid-Febuary!
    Planet Alert – January 2013 – part2

  45. Francis says:

    Does this web site have a history of accurate predictions? Feb is almost over and I don’t believe we’ve had any volcanic eruptions, so far.

  46. mitzi says:

    I’m not sure as far as accuracy, Francis. It was passed on to me by a dear friend a few months ago, I’d need to check with her.

  47. mitzi says:

    Although, I always take in these things with a healthy dose of scepticism and a grain of salt

  48. cappy says:

    Counting on ‘we the people’ to be much more ‘on deck’ to change things! Plus newly formed “Organizing for Action,” the uber, ultra successful campaign revolutionaries are reportedly totally fired up to now spearhead & push through PBO’s agenda…which i certainly hope soon includes JOBS!!!

  49. cappy says:

    Francis…WOW!!! Bravo!

  50. cappy says:

    Great Mitzi…Feels so good to hold our citizen paid political representatives to their OATH!!!
    Our emails are forcefully rippling through cyberspace:)

  51. cappy says:

    Please don’t fall for this prediction…happily they do not ever ‘come true’…do they Scary Jerry?

  52. cappy says:

    Jerry…enough already w/ the scary ‘predictions’ … as we all know …there is a huge dustbin of your uneventful … though always doomy-gloomy-catastrophic … fear – promoting
    ‘predictions’ on this wonderful site …and other astro sites … filled w/ light workers.

    How many times have you been asked to stop this gratuitous astro-negativity by nearly every starlighter …for years and years.

  53. cappy says:


    The US Justice Dept. says the Labor Board appointments by PBO are Constitutionally sound.
    May go to Supreme Court.

  54. Francis says:

    How exciting, times like this that I wish I had cable. I hope I can pick it up later on HuffPost.

  55. clymela says:

    Francis-right there with you! I feel like I have been thrown off the wagon. Why is Reid willing to have us all turn away from him? I don’t know but I am feeling like he betrayed us.

  56. Francis says:

    I found this in the comments on DailyKos: “According to Ed Schultz, the NRA was worried that if Harry were to introduce any gun restrictions without the threat of a filibuster, there was a chance that a few of those restrictions might be passed into law.” Can anyone verify this? I think this would be huge if true and should be grounds to remove and replace Reid from his Senate office.

  57. will says:

    Um, I think its still January.

  58. will says:

    I would wager that Harry Reid played the filibuster card very close to if not exactly how PBO, Biden,Pelosi and other powerful leaders in the Democratic Party advised him to do it. This is all very strategic and well orchestrated horse-trading a.k.a. politics.

  59. jan says:

    This is SO interesting, no?
    Get fixed soon : )

  60. JA says:

    I thoroughly agree with you Will.

  61. Jerry says:

    Hi Francis,

    Audio tapes of her “readings” are provided at the end of each thread in the website. The tone of her narratives seems genuine. It appears unrehearsed almost halting in its delivery without any trace of affectation. She only began recording these sessions from last October so there isn’t really a track record to go by – except for one interesting detail. Based on a number of questions posed to her in October and November; she wasn’t picking up any unusual activity for December 21, 2012. That in itself is reassuring (to me at least) that she is not posturing. There are a few other intuitives who have also mentioned potential earth changes in late March, so I’m inclined to believe the veracity of these sessions.

    One stunning piece of information surrounding the events of 9/11 mentioned in her sessions is quite disturbing (maybe not to the conspiracy theorists). It’s listed under the category of 9/11 (categories are posted on the right hand column side menu).

    Here’s the question posed:

    “Q. Who was the mastermind behind this?

    A-Dick Cheney, does that even make sense?

    Q-Just report, What was the motive?

    A-It was something about trying to create unity within the country, get a hold on oil, boost the economy, and at one point Halliburton popped in my mind, and I feel like there were a couple other big corporations that this helped to get a boost. I feel like there were a couple of financial institutions that financed some stuff related to this that got a big boost from us going to war. I am also hearing something about um…trying to get better control of the citizens, like this allowed government to tighten the reigns and get a little better control of the citizens.”

    That little revelation sent chills down my spine.

  62. Teresa Hill says:

    Chris Matthews (not my favorite guy or one I consider that credible) acted like this was absolutely unprecedented, for a sitting president to be interviewed with someone like a secretary of state and wondered if it’s Obama giving his blessing to President Hillary in 2016. I have no idea if that’s true. If Rachel Maddow said it… :)
    Does anybody have an idea what this is about?

  63. Lorrie U says:

    CBS isn’t cable, you should be able to pick it up locally.

  64. Lorrie U says:

    Unfortunately, I tend to think so too.

  65. Lorrie U says:

    Filibuster Reform Official – Not As Strong As Hoped, Still A Firm Step Forward

    Reid is playing politics. These changes give House-passed bills a special provision to bring them to the floor for a vote, while continuing the ability to filibuster Senate-developed measures. Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has pledged not to allow filibusters against Senate-originated bills should the minority be allowed to submit amendments, a long-standing argument. Reid is, in effect, giving the GOP enough rope to hang themselves. With the GOP in control of the House, he knows no progressive-minded policies will pass regardless of what the Senate does. By giving the House a quick-pass, now the House’s bills will be put front and center, and broadcast to the nation, before the critical 2014 midterm elections. If the GOP filibusters measures after they are given what they want, the right to propose amendments, then in the midterms these same senators, such as Mitch McConnell who is up for re-election, will find the fact that they are dishonorable and dishonest put front and center into their campaigns. Keeping the sitting filibuster now becomes a test of moral character.

    The Republicans in the Senate, failing to pull together a policy or program, have come to use the filibuster as a crutch to compensate for a lack of policy. Reid has now turned it into a poison pill, and is daring them to swallow it. Note the key phrase in his statement, “at this time.” Reid knows that reform will happen. Doing it now would do little good; the House is still in GOP hands and would block any progress in the Senate. But not doing it now gives the Democrats a strong lever with which to flip the House and expand their control in the Senate, in 2014. Reid is playing a long-term strategy, one which looks well-poised to deliver the progressive, liberal, congress which the United States has needed to recover from decades of conservative damage


  66. Jerry says:

    Well Cappy, It’s kind of like this……..


  67. Jerry says:

    Sorry. The images are fuzzy on that video. The following is a much better version……


  68. Jerry says:

    Nope. Not that one either. Here is is……


  69. alex says:

    Hillary paid off her 2008 campaign debts in January 2013; she is retiring from cabinet to think about options; Bill is campaigning for Democrat candidates; Hillary outwitted and stood up to the witless GOP num-nuts at the Congressional hearing ( making video clip of her own for 2016); I’d say she is running for president 2016; unfortunately she married the wrong guy so can’t vote for her; Bill is just tooooooo close to the Bush family and it gives me the creeps;

  70. alex says:

    Astrologer Laren Owen references StarlightNews, Nancy:

    The Cardinal T square of Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto especially affects the US chart, with Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer and Saturn at 14 Libra.

    By June Uranus reaches 12 Aries, beginning to exactly square the US Sun while Pluto is gradually making its way to oppose the Sun and square Saturn in 2014.

    Both Pluto and Uranus are retrograding at this point, so it will be the same old arguments all over again about fiscal cliffs and dodgy Middle East interventions, but the presence of Jupiter in Cancer moving towards the US Sun is risky in terms of overstretching where the economy or foreign policy are concerned.

    Jupiter transits the natal US Jupiter and Venus mid July bringing good financial news and apparent recovery but nothing can stave off the profound reorganizing effects of Pluto in Capricorn, gradually moving to oppose the US Sun in 2014.

    In the US progressed chart, the progressed Sun at 8 Pisces is now squaring natal Uranus at 9 Gemini, signifying shocks this year. At the time of the Sandy Hook massacre this aspect was activated by Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn.

  71. alex says:

    because the natal chart for Hillary has various & many birth times and they seem to be dodgey as far as astrology analysis goes:

    1/23/2013 Committee on Foreign Relations: hearings to examine Benghazi attacks, 9 a.m., SH-216.


    WAPO: two-and-a-half-hour morning session & three-hour afternoon hearing not short on drama;

    I’ll use the Benghazi congressional hearing with 1/23/2013 moon nodes conjunct Hillary’s natal nodes, as my foundation for any analysis charts going forward;

    Equal House Chart:

    ASC Hillary Clinton, North Node 23 Taurus 34


    Benghazi Congress hearing, South Node 23 Taurus 43

    Sextile Kite Aspect (Equal House Chart)

    Apex Natal North Node 23 Taurus – H. Clinton
    (ASC nose of kite, lift)


    N/apx Moon 22 Pisces


    N/Saturn @21 Leo


    Natal South Node 23 Taurus – H. Clinton
    (DES tail of kite, drag)

  72. alex says:

    for some astrologers USA Sun 13 Cancer, USA Saturn 14 Libra is aspect symbol for ‘extreme conservative’ strain in USA politics from the start of United States independence from British empire:

    2014 T – Square transiting Capricorn Pluto (USA Sun square USA Saturn) indicates midterm elections will usher in GOP majorities (similar to 2010 midterm elections) because of GOP redistricting in key states; (hope I’m wrong it will depend on ground-game organization of our opposition to Corporate Citizen’s United Dark Money ( ouro preto – minor asteroid )

    There are ways to discriminate and get away with it: Tom Hofeller draws “exceptionally smart” redistricting maps. His objective is to “design wombs for the GOP team and tombs for the other guys,” Draper wrote.


    Thomas Hofeller resume – GOP redistricting strategist


    Thomas Hofeller – RNC

  73. alex says:

    Hillary Clinton is a unique case insomuch as there appears to be a few conflicting reports about what time she was born.

    Her data is currently listed on Astrodatabank as being Dirty Data where there are “two or more conflicting quotes that are unqualified”.

    One is an 8:00 pm chart with late Gemini rising that is apparently quoted from Hillary herself, and the other time is quoted from an article in the Chicago Sun Times that said that “Her mother went into Edgewater hospital after midnight and Hillary was born early on the morning of October 26th.”


  74. alex says:

    lets say the early morning birthtime is correct and 19-20 Pisces is degree of birth moon Hillary Clinton

    2016 November election

    transiting Node@20 Pisces cnj Clinton N/Moon

    since she seems to have a sensitivity to objective events on Moon Node synchronicity then rectification of Natal birth time, the early morning with 19-20 Pisces moon might be good for analysis tool kit;

  75. tetramorph says:

    Great posts, alex, thanks. No doubt the GOP will be doubling down for 2014. I recall a comment made in a previous thread that many in the GOP don’t appear to be too happy after the 2014 elections, though I don’t recall the aspects or charts that would indicate that. I hope it’s not a false memory!

  76. Jerry says:

    I understand your feelings. Whatever your grievance or angst Cappy, you have to remember this is an astrologically based discussion forum. It might be much more productive and easier to confine the discussion to the astrological aspects, which was my original intention. If you can’t follow astrology, it’s ok. Let the others join in.

    So…. let’s discuss it.

    0 degrees Aries “The World Point” – is considered the most potent degree of all the 360 degrees in the zodiac. The Sun-Uranus midpoint on March 13th happens to be located right at 0 Aries just as MARS crosses that degree. Aries being ruled by Mars brings added potency and emphasis. Things have a way of bursting out on to the world stage when that 0 Aries degree is activated. I wouldn’t be at all surprised therefore if a dramatic shift in the tetonic plates were to occur. March 11, 2011 witnessed one of the worst earthquakes recorded in modern times. The Japanese quake measured 9.0 on the richter scale. That day marked Uranus’s ingress into Aries. The potential for a major seismic event around the March 13th date therefore can not be ruled out. The astrological factors involved in the World Trade Center attacks for example with a Moon-Mars opposition at 28 Gemini – 1 Capricorn activating the June 21, 2001 0 Cancer solar eclipse degree (by antiscion) is another illustration of how outward events manifest when this point is activated.

    Celeste Teal describes it this way…..

    Aries Point Degrees

    The true Aries Point degree is 0 Aries, however, the 0 degree of the four Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are all referred to as Aries Point degrees. This beginning degree of the Cardinal signs has similar connotations to the angles of a chart and is an indicator of eventful times when occupied by a planet or found on a house cusp. These points are indicative of a spectacular out rush of energies. There is frequently an involvement with the world at large. Outsiders or those who’re considered an expert in some area becomes involved in one’s personal matters. Ramifications of events often have a domino effect into each personal area of the life as represented by these four Cardinal points: personal, family, relationships and status. Those with a planet in this degree in the natal chart often have some influence in worldly affairs or at some point they come into public view. As such, the degree is also associated with fame. There is no “orb” involved. The planet must be within that opening degree of one of the four Cardinal signs, not one degree higher or lower.

  77. alex says:

    speculative chart 1AM – Hillary Clinton

    Natal Incarnation Fixed, Water chart missing element Earth, Ceres @02 Taurus (galvanizing, polarizing point)

    Earth Trine by Synastry USA chart

    Rodham-Clinton N. Node @23 Taurus


    Rodham-Clinton Pallas @23 Capricorn


    USA Neptune @22 Virgo

  78. alex says:

    my observation and emotional point of contact was the sleight of hand by VA legislature bill that was passed day of public ceremony inauguration of the re-districting bill for VA;

    it set the tone for the presidential term of office and political elections going forward;

    in a perverse way VA did us(a) all a favor and set the trajectory against GOP redistricting and launched the public domain collective awareness of
    the upcoming GOP attempt to steal elections;

    the roar of the crowded ‘we the people’ who are participating in democracy process are now well informed or will be; the distribution of this latest ‘insult’ to U.S. democracy has been set in stone so to speak;

    the work priorities 2013-20214 are known; the work goes on the dream never dies;

  79. Bob says:

    Election night 2014 doesn’t look pleasant for several leading men on the right side of the aisle.

    Boehner baby – not to be confused with Beanie Baby – has transiting Saturn conjunct natal Sun, transit Mars square progressed Mars, and transiting Pluto square progressed Mars-Neptune midpoint. These are even tighter when measured in right ascension.

    That other Rethuglican STALL WART, PTB, no not P.T. Barnum; MM, no not her, Mitch McConnell aka Phineas T. Bluster (It’s Howdy Doody time!)


    has transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn-Uranus midpoint (approaching opposition to natal Uranus) and in the chart I have for him progressed Moon 1 degree away from exact opposition to progressed Mars.

  80. Bob says:

    For anybody worried about what may come in March (besides the beginning of Spring) here is a catchy little tune you can dance around to and help me celebrate my 72nd (yesterday).


  81. Bob says:


  82. Bob says:

    My razor also celebrated (37th) and me coffee cup was 22.

  83. alex says:

    Congratulations Bob




    Leonard Nimoy on the Spock “Star Trek” Vulcan Salute

  84. Sharon says:

    Very interesting…I like this way of looking at it.

  85. Sharon says:

    Bill is keeping his enemies closer as the saying goes–don’t underestimate old Bill Clinton! I think his respect was more for George HW than George W but he will not burn any bridges. He is a consensus builder like POB.

  86. Sharon says:

    HAPPY 64th, Bob!!! Live long & prosper, indeed! That says it in a nuthshell…thank you for those interesting posts of Leonard Nimoy, Alex! (My husband sang that song for several years in anticipation of his 64 & now he’ll turn 65 in March!)

    By the way, Aquarius sun sign people have always been prevalent in my life: I love ‘em!

  87. alex says:

    CNN ‘Your Money’ Libertarian type interviewer for CNN talks to Donahue Chairman of US Chamber of Commerce from the Davos global economic meeting;

    both characters straight out of ‘central casting’

  88. alex says:


    World Economic Forum: Committed to Improving the State of the World

  89. Patty says:

    A. Sullivan has an interesting blurb on the ‘Gerrymandering Old Party’. I think we should refer to them as that!
    I love the second suggestion: Infiltrate them!
    And the ‘frosting on the cake’ The Colbert Report, many Pub’s still think Colbert is actually speaking to them!

  90. Blueraven says:

    How do we move on from Pelosi and Reid? I think their time to leave has come. I feel a shudder every time I see them asked anything about anything. I don’t trust them. I want to see new faces and ideas in their positions.

  91. alex says:

    me too over the hill they are!

  92. will says:


    Your input on the 0-Aries point is fascinating and speaks truth to me; as a solar native of this very point, it offers astrological proof of my certifiable madness. My brains feel like tectonic plates that shift and burst forth………..quite often. I don’t have any “hit” on this coming March – but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some shakin’ and a rollin’ and a rockin’ happened.

    We shall see, huh?

    Next time I reincarnate, I am most definitely asking for a different degree – ANY other degree!


  93. cappy says:

    Lorrie…so glad to see this article…many thanks.

  94. pisca says:

    Thanks for your input, Jerry. I learn a lot from Starlighters.
    The Cardinal points are found in charts of family members– every other generation has one! That domino effect into all aspects of their lives is felt by the people around them. Just being near them when transits hit feels like tremors! I have learned to look for these points as active times even though they are not prominent in my own chart.

  95. pisca says:

    I give Hillary a sunrise birth time. Maybe it’s just convenient because i have the chart of a relative who was born at 6:45 am a day later, and 400 miles away. They have had similar experiences at the same time throughout their lives. Also that Pluto-Mars conjunction (Saturn 7 degrees ahead) would be very near or conjunct the Midheaven. This would put Pisces on the 5th House cusp of children (Chelsea’s sun is in Pisces) and her moon in that house also.

  96. pisca says:

    Whether she runs or not, Hillary and Bill could make a difference in the next few years.

  97. Lorrie U says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Blessings, Bob!

  98. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    You have a 0 Aries Sun? That’s fascinating. About the brain…… Sometimes dwelling in the right side of the brain (the area often associated with creativity and dare I say – a touch of disorder) can be a good thing. Here’s a chart Mercedes Benz put out a few years ago. To read the fine print, just place your cursor on the specific location and click:


  99. Lorrie U says:

    Dems outplayed again. By dissing Susan Rice & supporting Kerry, the repubs will probably get their wish, another senate seat…

    Scott Brown up big in Massachusetts Senate poll

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/01/scott-brown-up-big-in-mass-senate-poll-86744.html#ixzz2J8oc6Xwf

  100. oxthecat says:

    I love Charles Blow and you are right, his readers are very well informed, very interesting comments.

  101. alex says:

    Big oil was a major contributor to Brown’s last campaign …….Individuals such as the Koch brothers, whose holdings include oil and gas ……….

    The most nation’s expensive Senate race last year took place in Massachusetts, where more than $81 million was spent in the high-pitched contest between successful Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren and Republican incumbent Scott Brown.

    That figure could be topped this year, again in Massachusetts, with a special election to fill the vacancy that would be created if Sen. John Kerry is approved for secretary of state.


  102. will says:

    Yes – 0-Aries sun – and I am not telling tales out of school to inform you that our fellow-Starlight blogger, Jackson Griffith is also a 0-Aries sun native.

    Jerry, the Mercedes ad is molto beni! When I shifted from the arts to the sciences in my career, I had to use the left side of my brain almost entirely to earn the degrees and the licenses – and it felt like I had had a stroke – as if I was learning an entirely new language or developing muscles in a whole new part of my head that had been sitting dormant. In retrospect, I’m glad I put myself through it – although it was a very tough transition.

  103. Jerry says:

    Sono felice che ti sia piaciuto!

  104. Jerry says:


    In an earlier entry you asked:

    “Do you know if Psychic Focus has any track record of accuracy?

    I’m posting a follow-up reply here in a new thread.

    Nothing so far (her website has only been up and running since October) other than her response to questions regarding the date of Dec 21, 2012 (query was posed in November and early December). She stated that she didn’t see anything significant happening around that time.

    But we may have an opportunity to find out sooner than March just how reliable her perceptions are. She’s mentioned on a number of occasions a noticeable change occurring in early Feb. (that’s just another week away).

    Here’s what she writes in her facebook blog…..

    “I always see things happening by March of this year 2013. I never see a planet, but rather a Red Comet. I have confirmed this multiple times in various readings. It first came to me in the form of a carved XLVII in stone. Then it came in seasons and weather, then I started getting months. So the end of the first quarter, beginning of 2nd in 2013. I hope I am wrong. I looked up XLVII and to me that means Superbowl. I was surprised to find it is Superbowl 47, to be played on Feb 3rd 2013. I am not saying that is the exact day, but that is the time frame. I have 90% of my preparations done. So used this date as a guide, and if nothing happens then you will still have the peace of mind that you are prepared.”

    In the Market Watch section of the Wall Street Journal yesterday an article appeared citing “10 Things The Super Bowl Won’t Tell You” in which one point mentions the security concerns……

    7. “The stadium may be in the crosshairs.”

    The sheer number of people worldwide who tune in to watch the game make the Super Bowl a potential target for a terrorist attack, researchers say. A joint report by Texas Tech, the University of Colorado and the University of Miami found that sporting events like the Super Bowl could be significant targets because of their connection to the American economy and culture, their global appeal and the potential for mass casualties. ”It’s the most watched event in the world, so you get the notoriety,” says John Miller, one of the researchers. In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security has said there was no specific terrorist threat to the Super Bowl but warned that such high-profile events do draw interest from terror groups.”

    Glancing at the astrological aspects for February 3rd the only aspect I can see that has any significance is a waxing Mars/Neptune conj. Could this indicate some sort of nerve gas being released in the stadium similar to what happened in a Tokyo subway station a number of years ago? Anyway, I don’t wish to speculate any further than that. We shall just have to wait and see.

  105. cappy says:

    Anonymous hactivists for the people vowing revenge for Aaron Swartz inhumane persecution:

    http://gawker.com/5979203/anonymous-hacks-department-of-justice-website-threatens-to-launch-multiple-warheads (files for Truth).

  106. Jerry says:

    Ok. I’m beginning to see the connection between possible events at the location of the Superbowl in New Orleans on Feb 3rd and a not so widely publicized horrific natural disaster in the making over the past year or so in an area 75 miles west of New Orleans.

    It has to do with a massive sinkhole containing methane gas which if ignited would not only have potential to affect New Orleans, but the entire Madrid fault line. According to scientific studies this lethal combination of gasses has the explosive power of the equivalent of 100 Hiroshima size bombs!!! The facts involved in all this are truly mind-boggling and bewildering.

    If a terrorist group with malevolent intentions finds it convenient to set this area ablaze the result would be catastrophic.

    Since the article (posted below) was published last month the sinkhole has increased exponentially to a much wider area. It’s a perplexing ongoing nightmare that evades all efforts towards resolution……

    Update On The Louisiana Sinkhole, New Madrid And California Earthquakes

    December 6, 2012

    I am predicting that the Louisiana sinkhole has a 50-50 chance of forcing the NFL to move the site of the February 3rd Superbowl (American football championship) away from New Orleans. I expect that Louisiana sinkhole to explode long before that. My only thought is whether or not that radioactive waste stored in one of the adjacent salt caverns is also blown far up enough in the air to be carried by the prevailing winds to the Superdome in New Orleans which is about 75 miles away – snip –

    ……. Let me review and update what is happening at that sinkhole in Louisiana. The US government has been storing butane and propane as well as crude oil at that site The federal government decided it was a great idea to store oil, natural gas, butane and propane in hollowed out rock salt mines called caverns near the Gulf of Mexico. I guess it did not occur to them that water would dissolve the salt walls and that there is a lot of ground water near any ocean. The sinkhole problem has been known to the governments of the United States and the state of Louisiana since January of 2011. Hydrogen Sulfide has just recently been detected. This is in addition to the methane which naturally bubbles up in Louisiana and has collected in amounts sufficient to be explosive in several of the salt caverns adjacent to that sinkhole. Seismic monitors indicate daily deterioration of the walls. There is 18.5 million barrels of butane and propane stored in the caverns with crumbling walls adjacent to the sinkhole. A scientist said 1.5 million barrels of butane could explode with a 100 times the explosive power of the bomb at Hiroshima though the real number is more than 10 times that because his estimate of the butane involved was less than 1/10th of what is actually there. And he was leaving crude oil, Hydrogen Sulfide and methane out of his calculations.



    Another article explains the complexities….

    Sinkhole: H-Bomb Explosion Equivalent In Bayou Corne Possible

    August 12, 2012
    The Examiner

    Louisiana State of Emergency: Oil and gas sinkhole disaster area risks and rights violations escalating

    A possible breach of a butane-filled well 1500 feet from Bayou Corne’s sinkhole, the size of three football fields, is so “very serious,” it has Assumption Parish sheriff and local residents ordered to evacuate worried about a catastrophic explosion, one according to scientists in an Examiner investigation, would be in the range of one and a half B83 thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, the most powerful United States weapons in active service.

    “The disaster is made all the more worrisome because the hole is believed to be close to a well containing 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane, a highly volatile liquid that turns into a highly flammable vapor upon release,” CNN reported Friday about Louisiana’s declared State of Emergency.

    Earlier it was reported the butane-filled well is only 1500 feet from the sinkhole and it will not be emptied.

    A breach of that well, Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack said, could be “catastrophic,” CNN reports.



  107. alex says:


    That’s the number of votes the minority would have to muster to keep a filibuster going under the stronger version of Reid’s filibuster reforms.

    That would be a reversal of the current situation, where rather than the minority needing to find 41 votes to keep a filibuster going, the majority needs to find 60 to stop it.

    The result would be that filibusters are much more difficult for the minority, as at least 41 of them have to show up to vote whenever the majority leader decides to schedule the vote — say, 3 a.m. on a Saturday.


  108. mitzi says:

    “…Not this time, this time there will be change, or there
    will be chaos.”

  109. alex says:

    Nancy Pelosi – failed liberal crone

    St. Anthony’s

    The Tenderloin facility will be built through a partnership between St. Anthony Foundation and Mercy Housing California.

    The new, ten-story facility will include a free dining room, the city’s largest free clothing program, a social work center and 90 units of affordable housing for seniors. To date, St. Anthony’s has raised over 90 percent of the funding necessary to complete the project.

    “It’s not just about food and housing,” Pelosi said. “It’s about dignity, stability and respect.”


  110. alex says:

    Jan 24TH

    Bad news: House passed 3-mos poison pill tied to Ryan budget to end Medicare guarantee. Good news: Senate action to be tied to Murray budget


    Senate Democrats have a new top budget officer in town—Patty Murray of Washington state—who’s substantially more liberal and also more politically adept than her predecessor. With Kent Conrad, D-North Dakota, now retired and Murray in the chair of the Budget Committee, Democrats are eager to play “compare the budgets.” They believe they can win the budget politics as soundly as they won the 2012 elections.


  111. pisca says:

    This sinkhole could provide an “explosive” event that we have been expecting. Yet, predictably, msm hasn’t reported it at all. I have been following this story since early last summer and have had to dig deep to find information. The Baton Rouge and NOLA papers have offered some news from time to time but the most detailed and up-to-date information (with vids and input from local residents) has come from navigating the enenews website. Here’s one of the latest reports:

  112. alex says:


    Solar Arc Sun @15 Scorpio (age 13 years old)
    Natal Venus @16 Scorpio (Hybris @16 SC)

    … “at age thirteen Rodham helped canvass South Side Chicago following the very close 1960 U.S. presidential election, where she found evidence of electoral fraud against Republican candidate Richard Nixon”



    6:45AM sunrise

    Most Elevated Planet(s) Pluto @14 LE, Mars @13 LE ( ruler and co-ruler of ACS )

    @07 Scorpio Asc, @15 Leo MC

    Vertex (sunrise chart) @16 Gemini


    Venus @16 Scorpio

  113. will says:

    Without Nancy Pelosi, it is doubtful PBO could have garnered the support he needed to make the the Affordable Health Care Act a reality. In just about every way, she has been a thoroughly good egg throughout the course of the administration. I wouldn’t be so eager to dis her or be wanting to get rid of her in any fashion. It would be a big mistake for progressives to start hating on her. She takes un-Godly hating from the rabbid Right.

  114. alex says:

    Hi Will,

    SNARK my dis was snark, following a comment upthread argued it was time to ditch Reid and Pelosi, which kinda brought out the sarcastic typist in me;

    the filibuster reform is not what I would have liked but when did Sen. Harkin ever get his progressive policy passed in one legislative ‘move’

  115. Sharon says:

    I tend to agree with Will about Pelosi & Reid. Policians make strategic concessions. Just because people aren’t ideal doesn’t mean you should throw away “good” in the service of “perfect.” (Many wanted to throw Obama for that reason.) You just never know if you are going to get someone that much better (kind of like personal relationships). Choosing change over experience is a calculated judgment call and has an element of risk; on the other hand, changing things up and bringing in new blood can be good (although, as many Republicans found out, that wasn’t necessarily the case with the the Tea Party candidates they voted in).

  116. Sharon says:

    Well, since I live in the NOLA area (& attend LSU in Baton Rouge, 50 miles from this hot spot), this is important news to me (understatement) and it had escaped me, so thanks for the heads up. As far as media reporting, of course they don’t want to create panic but people have been evacuated for a while on a voluntary level. The latest news item I could find was 11 hrs old.


    I don’t know if they are minimizing the situation or if the other reporting maximized, overinflated & dramatized it…but they do they say they successfully dealt with venting underground gas back in ’03/’04: “Boudreaux, director for the Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, said workers must replace the rig they have been working from with one that will allow them to vent the gas from the well. They still do not know where the gas is coming from. Boudreaux said residents will not be allowed to return home until the gas is under control. If history repeats itself, that could mean sometime next year. ‘Back in 2003/2004, a similar process was done here on the Napoleonville Dome and it did take several months,’ Boudreaux recalled.”

    I am trying to bear in mind the fact that media outlets have always sensationalized news and if we took literally what is said on some of the History Channel programs, we would not live on the East or West coast of the U.S. or in the Yellowstone Nat’l Park area. I stopped watching those programs & scaring myself, but sometimes read the news items. (After Katrina, I had read that they expected an unground earthquake within 3 mo. or something like that, causing a massive tsunami of course.)

    We have to go when our time comes. May God & all the benificent spirits & guides & angels bless & be with us all. Death is most probably not the end of the road and there are other dimensions & other lives.` We’ll have to continue blogging telepathically on the other side one day :-)!

  117. Sharon says:

    Oh yes, as far as psychic predictions go, I do read them but am aware that many don’t happen or are stretched to be tied to events after they happen so I don’t put much credibility into that. As far as a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl, that is always a possibility. I don’t necessarily think the terrorists have the wherewithall to pull that off and I know the security & intelligence is going to be working hard. On a sadder note, I just read that a CIA dog fell off a roof deck yesterday during a security sweep related to VP Biden’s visit.

  118. Sharon says:

    Actually, in my experience “most” don’t happen.

  119. alex says:

    PS Nancy Pelosi is CA’s favorite liberal progressive; I’ve admired her since way back; whenever there are liberal critics attacking her boy do I get ticked off; she is my champion; she has been fighting for Americans in the political boy’s club successfully her whole career; she is the best fundraiser for the left; she is a force of nature ; she is a winner and always will be;

    apparently I have to make my sarcastic posts in a more pointed manner; it must be bolder bigger snark to be recognized as snark; I’ll have to remember that;

  120. Lorrie U says:

    Glad you clarified, because like the others above, I support Pelosi and even Reid. I think things would be a lot worse without them.

  121. Lorrie U says:

    Obama Calls Out Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for Creating a Toxic Partisan Environment

  122. will says:

    There is more to life than being happy;

    “The very pursuit of happiness is what thwarts it.” V. Frankel


  123. alex says:

    Lorrie I really have to improve my sarcasm geeze :-)

  124. Wennye' says:

    Alex, thank you dearly for this information! I was saddened (title of my upcoming post on my blog) that I soon will have to close the Food project here soon for lack of funds. I wondered about the people who I had been feeding and their everyday needs. Though the new St. Anthony’s site is at it’s beginning, knowing help will be on it’s way has lightened my heart much. Blessings All

  125. kiwi says:

    You have the soul of an angel Wennye – and I’m sure they put you in any given place for a time where you will be most needed at the time, and then provide others to take your place.
    It must now be time for you to move on, so here’s sending best wishes and great success with the next phase of your life. Much Aloha.

  126. kiwi says:

    Yes Will, most people don’t get the difference between their search for meaning versus illusiary instant gratification.

  127. Bob says:

    “We have to go when our time comes.”

    That is the most important statement regarding this subject (in my opinion).

    For most who have died in the history of the world and for most who have yet to die, their time and manner of death was not or will not be of their choosing, no matter what news or information available.

    So what are we to do? I think a good plan is to live in the here and now, be as good a person as we can at all times, show our love and respect to loved ones often, never go to sleep angry with another if you can help it, be thankful for what we have (good health; loved ones; financial adequacy for food to eat, shelter, health needs; an easier lifestyle than most of the world’s population), and not worry about things we cannot control but, if aware of such, do what we think we should, and what we can, to best deal with them according to our abilities.

    Things happen. Butterfly’s live through hurricanes.


    ‘Ob-la-di ob-la-da’ means exactly what the words after it mean. It means “Life goes on” in Nigerian.
    P.S. Although I really enjoy your posts Sharon, I am claiming all of my 72 years. While some of them were difficult some of them were very pleasant.

  128. Sharon says:

    As you should — and all of the respect & honor that goes along with living 72 years & exhibiting the positive attitudes & spirit that you do. I guess I took your 1st Beatle post literally!! We still need you & will feed you spiritualy & mentally, Bob! (Thanks for liking my posts!)

  129. Sharon says:

    Wow, that’s so good to hear. One door closes, another opens. May God continue to provide & bless both you & those you have shared with. Would you please email me separately, Wennye? Sharonkatz@cox.net

  130. alex says:

    the SF facility St. Anthony’s-Mercy Housing is good for the city: another big liberal idea, helping the most vulnerable done well in SF; as a sidebar SF is now the first US city with zero waste – – they really know how to recycle;

    do you happen to know how the ‘health care for everyone’ program in SF is unfolding?

  131. Michael from nyc says:

    Jerry can you provide links to both sites?

  132. Michael from nyc says:

    They only win if we let them win by not tying — if fellow progressives contribute and if there is a real get out the vote effort there’s no reason that the seat has to go to Scott Brown. Keep in mind that Republicans win when Democrats stay at home…

  133. Blueraven says:

    Does my thinking that it is time for Pelozi and Reid to move on make me a bad person?

  134. will says:


    One wonders if giving sick dweebs like Limbaugh and the Dickless freaks at Fox any notice will embolden them – let’s hope not, huh?

  135. Sharon says:

    We don’t know the right answer to that one…your opinion is as valid as anyone’s! I just happen to think they have needed expertise & are good politicians (sorely needed when you have to deal with other politicians). Not sure who would do a better job…but there undoubtedly are other candidates out there. I happen to like John Kerry ALOT but his schedule is now full!

  136. will says:


    Rumor has it that Pelosi and Reed are both deeply hurt and offended by your remarks. They are planning severe punishments for you.

  137. Blueraven says:

    oh no….Mama and Daddy are disappointed in their offspring.
    Little ingrates.

  138. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Will. I had read his book in the last year. It’s so hard to believe the statistics the article quote that something like 60% of Americans report being happy & free of stress, but then again, that’s such a simplistic description—it doesn’t say what their happiness is based on. With so much suffering in the world, I find it hard to be completely at peace in my own life.

  139. will says:

    “With so much suffering in the world, I find it hard to be completely at peace in my own life.”

    I so agree.

  140. Gypsi says:

    I might sell a couple of nucleus beehives. Wow. I even had my apiary inspected last september. This is kind of exciting.

  141. JA says:

    I just watched the interview with President Obama and Hillary,
    what remarkable people. Truly collaborators, allies and friends.

  142. Sharon says:


  143. alex says:

    The succedent houses (the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th) follow the angular houses and are said to be the financial houses of any horoscope.

    The 2nd is your money.

    The 5th is where you spend your money (and take other risks)

    When you spend your money it goes to other people, and so the 8th house is other people’s money (collective pooled money, corporations, insurance, taxes, debts)

    when other people spend their money, it comes back to you,
    so the 11th house is a place of acquisition.


    Venus, the Sibly USA chart, and the “Debt Crisis”

  144. alex says:

    That moment of right-wing arrogance represented a culmination of decades of hardball Republican politics, a take-no-prisoners style that usually encountered only the softest of responses from the Democrats and progressives.

    Arguably the pattern was set in fall 1968 when President Lyndon Johnson learned that GOP presidential nominee Nixon was sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks to ensure his victory over Vice President Hubert Humphrey – but Johnson stayed silent about what he called Nixon’s “treason” out of concern that its exposure would not be “good for the country.”


    AMERICAS STOLEN NARRATIVE takes you on a journey from America s founding and the plotting of George Washington and James Madison to Richard Nixon s sabotage of Lyndon Johnson s Vietnam peace talks, on to the Watergate scandal (showing how those two dark chapters were really one continuous storyline). The book then explores the political deceptions that surrounded the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and the two George Bushes and explains how that false history entrapped Barack Obama.

    America’s Stolen Narrative: From Washington and Madison to Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes to Obama by Robert Parry


    Nixon’s victory began the transformation of the Republican DNA, instilling a conscience-less ruthlessness focused only on getting and keeping political power. Reagan’s victory added the ideological component that “government is the problem.”

    Combined with those two key victories came clever right-wing messaging, whether the exploitation of racial resentments among working-class whites or the alteration of the founding national narrative into a story of free-market selfishness.

    The GOP and its right-wing allies also set to work investing billions of dollars in a media out-reach infrastructure. Soon, the Right’s angry messages were everywhere, about how “big guv-mint” programs favored lazy minorities over hard-working “regular” people, i.e. whites. Other messaging blamed the nation’s problems on the interference of “bureaucrats” with the “free market.”

    Beyond rewriting the founding narrative, the Right had great success in framing the story of recent American history. From the days of Richard Nixon, the Republicans had grown more and more ruthless in how they grabbed for political power but they also displayed greater and greater skill at concealing some of their more outrageous tactics, even ones that bordered on treason, going behind the backs of sitting Democratic presidents to sabotage their foreign policies.

    In 1968, Nixon’s campaign disrupted President Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam peace talks while a half-million U.S. soldiers sat in the war zone. In 1980, the overwhelming evidence now indicates that Ronald Reagan’s campaign pulled a similar stunt to sink President Jimmy Carter’s negotiations to free 52 American hostages then held in Iran. These parallel operations exploited the perceived weaknesses of the two Democratic administrations, that Johnson had no serious plan to end the Vietnam War and that Carter had made America weak before its enemies.

    The one big Republican miscalculation over this four-decade-plus era had been the Watergate break-in in 1972 and the botched cover-up which led to Nixon’s resignation in 1974. But even that political disaster taught the Republicans valuable lessons about how to contain potential scandals. Indeed, the failure of Official Washington to fully comprehend the context of Watergate, especially its links to Nixon’s earlier sabotage of the Vietnam peace talks, enshrined a dubious conventional wisdom that Watergate had been a one-off affair traceable to Nixon’s personal paranoia.

    The prevailing view after Nixon’s resignation was that the national institutions – the press, Congress and the courts – had protected the Republic from a uniquely dangerous president, but that was only partly true. A misguided lesson from Watergate became a favorite Washington saying, that “the cover-up is worse than the crime.” Yet, if the full Watergate story were understood, it would have been clear that the broader crime encapsulated in Watergate was far worse than the cover-up.

    As a setback for Republicans, the messy Watergate scandal was just a blip in a continuum that could be traced from Nixon’s torpedoing Johnson’s Vietnam peace process in 1968 through Reagan’s similar tactics regarding Carter’s Iran-hostage talks in 1980 to the readiness of the Republicans during Obama’s presidency to hold the entire U.S. economy hostage, blocking legislation to reduce unemployment and then blaming Obama for the high unemployment.

  145. Noelle says:

    Was’t that nice to see. I just wish the media would focus on the NOW instead of speculating on Biden vs,. Hilary in 2016. Chris Matthews is the worst and he’s never right.

  146. alex says:

    Jordan Gehrke, a D.C.-based strategist who’s worked on presidential and Senate campaigns, is teaming up with Ken Blackwell, a former Ohio Republican secretary of state, to raise money for an effort to propose similar electoral reforms in states across the country, he told me this week.
    Gehrke and Blackwell have been talking to major donors and plan to send a fundraising email to grassroots conservatives early next week. The money would go toward promoting similar plans to apportion electoral votes by congressional district in states across the country, potentially even hiring lobbyists in state capitals.


    The GOP Plan to Take the Electoral-Vote-Rigging Scheme National

  147. starlight says:

    Happily, a new and rather long article is up:


  148. Lorrie U says:

    Couldn’t have said it better!!

  149. Lorrie U says:

    Wow! Great post…

  150. will says:


    I’m interested in knowing if this is your interpretation of “money houses” or if you are basing it on a referred source.

  151. Wennye' says:

    My dearest Kiwi, I needed that gift of encouragement..Thank you so much. Aloha nd Blessings

  152. Wennye' says:

    Alex, I will share how it is working for us seniors..help is there to an extent through MediCal for drugs and partial procedules. Main problem I am hearing from seniors they don’t know what they qualify for in programs out there. The messaging is so bad for those living alone or immigrants not understanding what to do or where to go. Deciding to eat food or get meds.. what a mess, what a sad mess.

  153. Dave says:

    Testing for comment ID – test post 01

  154. Dave says:

    Testing for comment ID – test post 02

  155. Dave says:

    reply to test post 01

  156. Dave says:

    reply to test post 02

  157. alex says:

    Scott Brown will not run for MA Senator special election to replace Sen. John Kerry; but he has run in 2014 for governor ( though he has not announced that, it is going to be a lock unfortunately he will most definitely do unless act of God interferes with the timing) if I were his astrologer I’d tell him 2014 is good timing for him personally ( without measuring him up to events near 2014 and his challenger ) he will be formidable and here is brief summary:

    In 2014 he’ll be fifty five years old, he is young looking and photogenic, he is good at staying on message when facing the media; he is good at softening the GOP message and convincingly hiding that he’s an extreme by the numbers GOP; he is a twit and the media will collude to obfuscate that because they’ll make the governor’s 2014 election a horse race for ratings; Brown is adroit ‘poser’ and GOP will pour money ( & Koch money ) into him as they have in the past; Romney will support him as he did when he ran for Senator so on so forth;

    MA governor’s race will be a big deal!

    Brown’s Solar Arc Sun 2014 @14 Scorpio
    Natal Mercury @14 Virgo (exhalted)

    Natal Saturn @00 Capricorn (world point)
    Solar Arc Saturn 2014 @25 Aquarius
    USA Moon @25 Aquarius

    The next election for Massachusetts governor will take place on November 4, 2014. Incumbent Democratic Governor Deval Patrick is eligible to seek a third term but he has stated that he will retire at the end of his current term.

    Scott Brown was the first Republican Senator from Massachusetts in over 30 years.

  158. Bob says:

    Looking at charts of Walker (WI), Snyder (MI), Kasich (OH), and Brown (MA), I don’t think Walker or Kasich will win re-election. Not sure about Snyder or Brown, although I can’t see Michigan wanting to be under Republican rule any longer if they can prevent it at the ballot box. If Snyder were to be defeated that would put Democratic governors at the helm in Wi, MI, and OH.

    With John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick, and probably Caroline Kennedy helping his opponent’s campaign in 2014 it does not look to be an easy race for Brown in Massachusetts. Who will speak for him? Romney?