19th Jan, 2013

Birth Pangs

As of Sunday, January 20, at noon, President Barack Obama will be sworn in for his second term.  Although all of the pomp and circumstance will take place the following day, it will be noon on Sunday that will stand as the birth moment for the next four years.  Already, there are some very significant planetary configurations in President Obama’s chart and in the US chart that are shaping current events. The addition of the next Inaugural chart is about to further define and intensify the situation.

In the US chart, we are in the midst of progressed Sun square to natal Uranus USchart(8Gemini55), from September 2012 through September 2013.  This aspect is bringing upsetting, unexpected, and potently transformative events that serve to awaken the country to the need for change. The devastation of Hurricane Sandy brought a renewed awareness of the reality of Climate Change and the need to not only curb carbon emissions but the immediate imperative to build more resilient and effective infrastructure to withstand  more turbulent and extreme weather. The horror of the massacre at Sandy Hook, only weeks later, brought with it a sudden and sustained outcry for common-sense gun regulation.  As of January 16, the day of President’ Obama’s presentation of his plan to curb gun violence, the progressed US Moon moved into a sesquiquadrate with natal US Uranus, through mid-February, thereby agitating a nation-wide movement to transform the status quo (Uranus) and break free of the power of the gun lobby that has stymied progress in this area for years.

As for the President, he is in the midst of one of the most popular, assertive, and effective periods of his presidency.  Transiting Neptune is trine his natal Venus obama(1Cancer47) through January 25, while progressed Venus is square to his natal Moon (3Gemini21) through mid-October 2013. Both aspects are fueling his rising poll numbers and strong support among the public.  In addition, the Jupiter station that runs from late December 2012 through February 19, 2013, in a square to Obama’s Pluto (6Virgo59), the ruler of his Midheaven, points to a great deal of success in his cabinet nominations and the policies he can push through up to late February.

February will also bring Uranus (6Aries59) into a quincunx with President Obama’s Pluto (6Virgo59), overlapping with the transiting Jupiter (6Gemini59) square to his Pluto from February 9 through February 19, and further agitated by transiting Mars (6Pisces59) opposite his Pluto on February 9 and 10.  With three planets simultaneously aspecting his Pluto, the president is likely to be exercising significant, bold, and far-reaching power during much of February.

President Obama is also under two very strong Mars progressions that are strengthening his far more assertive stance on issues. The solar arc Mars square to his Sun (12Leo33) will peak in April 2013, and the converse Sun square to natal Mars (22Virgo35) will peak in November 2013. There will also be the tertiary Mars conjunction to Obama’s Sun that will run from August through October 2013.  These aspects point to a president who is willing to be quite dominant and assertive in pushing though his policies during the first year of his second term. We are likely to see this manifesting in both domestic and foreign affairs.

Added to this robust mix, as of January 20, a new chart will come into play: the 2013 Inaugural chart.  The most striking aspect in the new Inaugural chart is the very tight inaugural13Moon/Mars square (19Taurus38/20Aquarius13), with both planets semisquare to natal Uranus (5Aries14), which is also at their mid-point. This is a very inflammatory configuration, suggestive of sudden, violent outbursts and a great deal of anger and irritation.  It suggests the possibility of domestic eruptions and unexpected foreign attacks and confrontations, and it points to a high level of volatile emotion throughout the next four years.

We are likely to immediately be swept into some high drama from this Mars/Moon/Uranus configuration due to the progressed Inaugural Moon, which will be moving into the exact square with Mars and semisquare with Uranus through February 9. Moreover, the transiting Sun will conjunct natal Mars (20Aquarius13) on February 7 and 8, while the transiting Node will square natal Mars from February 10 through February 22.  These configurations will make the first month of the new administration ripe for some very agitated and unexpected strife.  As mentioned, this parallels a time when both Jupiter and Uranus, and briefly Mars, will be aspecting the president’s Pluto. It is clear there will be some very challenging and potentially violent events to navigate, although the president is likely to manage these situations reasonably well. From the limited vantage point of today, a burgeoning uproar over gun reform is one possibility, and involvement in the evolving and dangerous hostage situation in Algeria and the crisis in Mali might be others.

Although the irritability, volatility, and potential violence of the Mars/Moon/Uranus configuration in the Inaugural chart will be a theme throughout the four-year term, the good news is that it will not be activated by any transit from either Uranus or Pluto.  On the other hand, Inaugural Venus (14Capricorn27), the chart ruler due to the Taurus Ascendant, will be crossed by transiting Pluto and squared by transiting Uranus in 2014 and 2015.  These inflammatory transits will, for the most part, coincide with aspects by these two powerhouse planets to the US Sun (13Cancer19) and the Congress Sun (13Capricorn29), suggesting enormous turmoil and historical events unfolding for the country in 2014 and 2015. War with a foreign adversary during this term should not be ruled out, especially in the first half of 2014, nor should an escalating power struggle between the administration and Congress or within the country along the calcifying partisan divide. It will clearly be a memorable time of high drama, and we are likely to emerge transformed, strengthened, and somewhat bruised.

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