Birth Pangs

As of Sunday, January 20, at noon, President Barack Obama will be sworn in for his second term.  Although all of the pomp and circumstance will take place the following day, it will be noon on Sunday that will stand as the birth moment for the next four years.  Already, there are some very significant planetary configurations in President Obama’s chart and in the US chart that are shaping current events. The addition of the next Inaugural chart is about to further define and intensify the situation.

In the US chart, we are in the midst of progressed Sun square to natal Uranus USchart(8Gemini55), from September 2012 through September 2013.  This aspect is bringing upsetting, unexpected, and potently transformative events that serve to awaken the country to the need for change. The devastation of Hurricane Sandy brought a renewed awareness of the reality of Climate Change and the need to not only curb carbon emissions but the immediate imperative to build more resilient and effective infrastructure to withstand  more turbulent and extreme weather. The horror of the massacre at Sandy Hook, only weeks later, brought with it a sudden and sustained outcry for common-sense gun regulation.  As of January 16, the day of President’ Obama’s presentation of his plan to curb gun violence, the progressed US Moon moved into a sesquiquadrate with natal US Uranus, through mid-February, thereby agitating a nation-wide movement to transform the status quo (Uranus) and break free of the power of the gun lobby that has stymied progress in this area for years.

As for the President, he is in the midst of one of the most popular, assertive, and effective periods of his presidency.  Transiting Neptune is trine his natal Venus obama(1Cancer47) through January 25, while progressed Venus is square to his natal Moon (3Gemini21) through mid-October 2013. Both aspects are fueling his rising poll numbers and strong support among the public.  In addition, the Jupiter station that runs from late December 2012 through February 19, 2013, in a square to Obama’s Pluto (6Virgo59), the ruler of his Midheaven, points to a great deal of success in his cabinet nominations and the policies he can push through up to late February.

February will also bring Uranus (6Aries59) into a quincunx with President Obama’s Pluto (6Virgo59), overlapping with the transiting Jupiter (6Gemini59) square to his Pluto from February 9 through February 19, and further agitated by transiting Mars (6Pisces59) opposite his Pluto on February 9 and 10.  With three planets simultaneously aspecting his Pluto, the president is likely to be exercising significant, bold, and far-reaching power during much of February.

President Obama is also under two very strong Mars progressions that are strengthening his far more assertive stance on issues. The solar arc Mars square to his Sun (12Leo33) will peak in April 2013, and the converse Sun square to natal Mars (22Virgo35) will peak in November 2013. There will also be the tertiary Mars conjunction to Obama’s Sun that will run from August through October 2013.  These aspects point to a president who is willing to be quite dominant and assertive in pushing though his policies during the first year of his second term. We are likely to see this manifesting in both domestic and foreign affairs.

Added to this robust mix, as of January 20, a new chart will come into play: the 2013 Inaugural chart.  The most striking aspect in the new Inaugural chart is the very tight inaugural13Moon/Mars square (19Taurus38/20Aquarius13), with both planets semisquare to natal Uranus (5Aries14), which is also at their mid-point. This is a very inflammatory configuration, suggestive of sudden, violent outbursts and a great deal of anger and irritation.  It suggests the possibility of domestic eruptions and unexpected foreign attacks and confrontations, and it points to a high level of volatile emotion throughout the next four years.

We are likely to immediately be swept into some high drama from this Mars/Moon/Uranus configuration due to the progressed Inaugural Moon, which will be moving into the exact square with Mars and semisquare with Uranus through February 9. Moreover, the transiting Sun will conjunct natal Mars (20Aquarius13) on February 7 and 8, while the transiting Node will square natal Mars from February 10 through February 22.  These configurations will make the first month of the new administration ripe for some very agitated and unexpected strife.  As mentioned, this parallels a time when both Jupiter and Uranus, and briefly Mars, will be aspecting the president’s Pluto. It is clear there will be some very challenging and potentially violent events to navigate, although the president is likely to manage these situations reasonably well. From the limited vantage point of today, a burgeoning uproar over gun reform is one possibility, and involvement in the evolving and dangerous hostage situation in Algeria and the crisis in Mali might be others.

Although the irritability, volatility, and potential violence of the Mars/Moon/Uranus configuration in the Inaugural chart will be a theme throughout the four-year term, the good news is that it will not be activated by any transit from either Uranus or Pluto.  On the other hand, Inaugural Venus (14Capricorn27), the chart ruler due to the Taurus Ascendant, will be crossed by transiting Pluto and squared by transiting Uranus in 2014 and 2015.  These inflammatory transits will, for the most part, coincide with aspects by these two powerhouse planets to the US Sun (13Cancer19) and the Congress Sun (13Capricorn29), suggesting enormous turmoil and historical events unfolding for the country in 2014 and 2015. War with a foreign adversary during this term should not be ruled out, especially in the first half of 2014, nor should an escalating power struggle between the administration and Congress or within the country along the calcifying partisan divide. It will clearly be a memorable time of high drama, and we are likely to emerge transformed, strengthened, and somewhat bruised.


  1. starlight says:

    For those who will be up to see Biden sworn in at around 8:15, please keep on top of the exact time. It looks like at least MSNBC will carry Obama at noon (or 11:55). I don’t know if they will also show Biden. I do not want Biden to be late by more than moments. A few minutes will put the Ascendant in the path of a square from the Saturn station next year. That would not be good. I am a little concerned about Biden having such a different chart. Not quite sure what that will mean.

  2. will says:

    To the Congress, the recalcitrant Right and those ignorant and stubborn jackasses who refuse to change and transform with this President:

    The beatings will continue until moral improves.

    Outstanding forecast, Starlight – very encouraging and energizing.

    Thank you for your generous and valuable work. I learn from your many brilliant posts.


  3. Teresa Hill says:

    How you feelin’? Good? Enjoying tough-guy Obama? I am.

  4. will says:

    This is just a shot, Starlight – but could it not be inferred that the Vice-President’s swearing-in would, in a very real sense, also be conferred under the umbrella of President Obama’s swearing-in? Do you get what I am driving at – kind of like a dual-consecration simultaneously? I mean, they did get ELECTED together, didn’t they? So, isn’t the V.P. swearing-in just a kind of technical formality?

    TeresaHill, I should be most happy to see this play out as predicted, indeed.

  5. RobinMoonrise says:

    Common ground found between’s co-founder and Tea party members in “Living Room Conversations.”

  6. alex says: domain name was registered on
    September 18, 1998, Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, Berkeley CA

  7. alex says:

    Tea Party Express
    Formation 2009
    Headquarters Sacramento, California
    Chair Amy Kremer

    The Tea Party Express is a California-based group founded in the summer of 2009 to support the Tea Party movement. Founded as a national bus tour to rally Tea Party activists, the group’s leadership also endorses and promotes conservative candidates running for state and federal offices.

    It was founded as a project of the political action committee Our Country Deserves Better PAC by Republican party members Howard Kaloogian and Sal Russo.

    The Daily Telegraph named Amy Kremer the “most influential” person in the Tea Party movement.

    Amy Kremer is an American political activist and the chair of the Tea Party Express.

  8. alex says:

    Tea Party Express: Howard J. Kaloogian (born December 30, 1959) is an American politician and a former member of the California State Assembly.

    A Republican, he failed in 2004 to be elected to the United States Senate and in 2006 to be elected to the House.

    Kaloogian was a force behind the successful 2003 campaign to recall California Gov. Gray Davis.

  9. alex says:

    Howard Kaloogian DOB 12/30/1959 noon chart
    relocated to Sacramento CA

    Tea Party Express:

    First impressions natal chart HK/Tea Party:

    YOD #1
    Apex Eris @08 Aries


    Pluto @09 Virgo
    (from charting experience I identify nine degrees Virgo GW BUSH MARS with Neocon PNAC pre-emptive war, and the fossil fuel industries that his family represent)


    Neptune @08 Scorpio

    YOD #2

    Apex Hidalgo @20 Capricorn (assert by conquest, promote ambition) noon Moon @23 Capricorn


    Uranus @20 Leo


    USA Mars @21 Gemini

    Stellium: Sun-Ceres-Saturn
    Sun 8 CP
    Ceres 8 CP
    Saturn 9 CP


    Pholus 10 Aquarius (GWBush Ceres @10 AQ, Dick Cheney Sun @10 AQ – Neocons, fossil fuel industries)

    YOD #3

    Apex Mars @19 Sagittarius


    Inaugural Moon @19 Taurus (1/20/2013)


    Circe @19 Cancer (bias, only one way)

  10. alex says:


    In an article in the August 30, 2010 issue of The New Yorker magazine, author Jane Mayer links the billionaire brothers David Koch and Charles Koch, owners of Koch Industries to tea party movement funding.

    Mayer writes,
    The anti-government fervor infusing the 2010 elections represents a political triumph for the Kochs.

    By giving money to “educate,” fund, and organize Tea Party protesters, they have helped turn their private agenda into a mass movement.

    Bruce Bartlett, a conservative economist and a historian, who once worked at the National Center for Policy Analysis, a Dallas-based think tank that the Kochs fund, said, “The problem with the whole libertarian movement is that it’s been all chiefs and no Indians. There haven’t been any actual people, like voters, who give a crap about it.

    So the problem for the Kochs has been trying to create a movement.” With the emergence of the Tea Party, he said, “everyone suddenly sees that for the first time there are Indians out there—people who can provide real ideological power.”

    The Kochs, he said, are “trying to shape and control and channel the populist uprising into their own policies.

    Reports indicate that the Tea Party Movement benefits from millions of dollars from conservative foundations that are derived from wealthy U.S. families and their business interests.

    It appears that money to organize and implement the Movement flows primarily through two conservative groups: Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks.

    Howard Kaloogian:
    Natal Circe @19 Cancer
    Natal Ouro Preto (dark money) @21 Cancer

    Ouro Preto – Koch Brothers Money

  11. starlight says:

    We just saw Zero Dark Thirty. I highly recommend it to everyone. The torture scenes in the beginning are not gratuitous but likely a slice of what was going on in the early days after 9/11. they were not as bad as I expected. The movie brought a lot of those years back and did an excellent job of putting the whole story into context. Jessica Chastain was amazing. Great, great movie!!

  12. Linda Gomez says:

    I’ve had a busy 2 months,2 people in my family have died. Is there a powerful transit going on? or something? Auntie is Taurus, mother is Aires and I’m a Capricorn.

    Seems there are more deaths lately touching me than I feel comfortable with.

    I enjoy Nancy’s predictions as look forward to each of them and have come to trust Starlight as the go to place for sanity these days.

  13. Jerry says:

    Now that the Republicans have expressed a willingness to vote on a 3 month extension (April 15th) on the debt ceiling limit, the re-calibration of the Republican battle ground seems to be taking shape. Here’s the Republican strategy as outlined by Newt Gringrich, an interview given before the public announcement of a possible compromise…

    Gingrich: GOP Can’t Sustain Threats On Debt Ceiling
    January 15, 2013
    by Ed Morrissey

    Newt Gingrich thinks that the House Republican caucus is gearing up for the wrong fight. On CBS This Morning, the former Speaker noted the danger of fighting over US credit, which would prompt the business community to oppose the GOP and end up isolating Republicans on the overall budget fight. Gingrich insists that Republicans have much firmer ground in March (beginning March 1st), when the sequesters hit and the continuing resolution expires (March 27th)…..

    March 27th (the Full Moon in t square to Uranus and Pluto) may be the ultimate day of reckoning on this highly contentious issue…..

    Finger of God—Spring Equinox 2013

    Another potent planetary alignment begins to form in the heavens near the Spring Equinox of 2013 with Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio, and Pluto (subterranean energies of the earth and the human psyche) in Capricorn, to create a “Finger of God” between March 23 and March 29. This line-up portends a confrontation with reality where expectations have been over-inflated. The Finger of God also will bring latent disharmony to the surface, as it raises issues that have been ignored. Consequences of ignoring signs of imbalance could manifest as illness in the body, illness in the financial system, or illness in the ecology of the planet as a whole. The Finger of God applies equally to physical, mental-emotional and financial health. The Finger of God will expose financial scams and will rattle the financial markets. Take precautions with your physical health and finances under this planetary influence. The Finger of God also will have a hand in exposing government corruption due to an alignment between Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries in April and October 2013; it is not a good time to cover up scandals. With the abundant spiritual energies available during the year, all physical losses will be transmuted into spiritual lessons and gains. You will not feel you have lost out by the time the year is over.

  14. cappy says:

    Here is Lance Armstrong’s Birth Chart–date, no time.,_Lance

  15. cappy says:

    Thank you for your keen analysis of 3D future…hoping one day you see a more positive, uplifting
    era for us.

  16. alex says:

    Thanks cappy, he was always boring IMO no interest; the only time I looked closely at Armstrong was when he did ( I think it was a Nike) commercial in 2000 where he resuscitated a circus elephant breathing life back into it…. it was an election season commercial that upped the emotional interest in the GOP brand image – the elephant in subtle ways…..

    a sports champion breathing life back into an elephant… it was a fantasy scene but ya know certain images stick in the unconscious…. of the cultural mass consciousness;

  17. alex says:

    ok edit: stick in the cultural mass consciousness

    -unconscious- strike out

  18. cappy says:

    Our ‘reality’ reminds me of a story in the NYTimes in which the writer was wondering if the 5th grader who created our simulated ‘Human Game’ in which we are all ‘players’ has walked away from her computer??

  19. karen says:

    The trasformative energies (you speak so well to, Nancy) are hotspotting throughout the world. Tensions are also high between Japan and China, and it I’ve not seen much about it. There is this: and it is troublesome on many levels, adding the the complexities of POB’s challenges.

  20. alex says:

    prayer 5:19 AM
    Oath begins 5:21 AM
    Oath finished 5:22 AM

    V.P. Biden

  21. mitzi says:

    Hi Nancy,
    You helped us navigate through some trecherous waters, during all the stormy, hair raising elections! Thankfully, PBO wins his re-election, and we still have a couple of days to celebrate his win! You and The Starlighters, are a beacon of light during dark, and stormy days! – But today is a very special day, and so I’d like to post a couple of vedio tunes by the late & great Louis Armstrong! – I hope you all get to enjoy this occasion! – “A Kiss To Build A Dream On” – “When The Saints Go Marching In”

  22. alex says:

    Eastern Time

    8:21 AM

    Naval Observatory ( atlas)

    ASC @17 Aquarius
    Midheaven @05 Sagittarius

    Part Fortune @05 Gemini – 3RD House
    IC (nadir) @05 Gemini
    Jupiter @06 Gemini – 4TH House

  23. Elizabeth says:


    I misread your question about Bidens swearing-in.. It was 8:21 when Biden was being sworn in this morning.. but I missed the very beginning, it may have been 8:20 when it started.

  24. Rose says:

    I was watching MSNBC, and Biden took the oath at 8:24 am EST, by my watch. Does anyone know where I can calibrate my watch to make sure the time I noted is the “real” time?

  25. mitzi says:

    Ooops my bad…”When The Saints Go Marching IN”

  26. cappy says:

    Alex…definitely understand…. my consciousness cannot expunge scene of his biking w/ GWB!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I always use the time that is on my cell, computer and cable.

  28. starlight says:

    According to my TV, it was 8:22 AM. I will use that time. I assume this chart will describe Biden’s Vice Presidency. But the real Inaugural chart, the chart for the administration, as Will pointed out, is Obama’s swearing in. This 8:22 one is more about Biden than about the whole administration. Still, it is interesting that the charts are different. I wonder what if anything it means.

  29. Sharon says:

    I’m no expert but you probably need to put up the birth dates and, if you have them, the times, Linda. Pluto & Uranus are affecting the cardinal signs of Aries & Capricorn, and Saturn in Scorpio is opposing Taurus, but, of course, it depends on dates and degrees.

    Namaste & stay involved here. It’s a great and special forum :-)

  30. Sharon says:

    Nancy, I don’t know if it makes much of a difference but this report also says 8:21. Maybe it took a minute to get down to it, though.

  31. starlight says:

    He began at 8:21, which is what the news reports will use. But he actually, officially, finished and it became a done deed at 8:22. That is the one that makes sense to me. I will use the same reasoning for the Obama swearing in.

  32. Teresa Hill says:

    My TV said 8:22, too.

  33. cappy says:

    My computer said 8:21 start of Oath for VP Biden–8:22 end of Oath.

    and ~~11:55 start of Oath- 11:55 end of Oath for PBO

  34. starlight says:

    My phone just went to 11:56 for the Obama oath. Saturn opposite the Ascendant (12Taurus43) just under a two-degree orb. Trouble with allies and enemies. The good news is that it only crosses the Descendant once. The bad news, although probably expected, is that it crosses at the same time it squares Obama’s Sun (12Leo33) and during another wave of the waxing Uranus/Pluto square, in October 2013.

  35. Pat Sharp says:

    according to cspan it was 8:21………………..

  36. Pat Sharp says:

    that was on the screen of the video..I did not watch live. They are pretty accurate……….

  37. Pat Sharp says:

    And the video of the Pres sweaering in says 11:55 in the lower left corner of the screen.

  38. Noelle says:

    My Verizon clock still said 11:55 when the oath for PBO was completed.

  39. Teresa Hill says:

    My computer flipped to 11:56, too, just before he said the last words.

  40. starlight says:

    I just updated the Inaugural chart in the post and changed the peak of the progressed moon square to natal Inaugural Mars to February 9.

    Lorrie – I agree that the Far Right poses as much danger. They are getting more and more rabid and the planets for the next 4 years spell possible trouble from all quarters.

    Even if some of the clocks said 11:55, my guess is that they were getting very near to 11:56:00, so I am going to use it even if it is a few seconds off. It will be closer than 11:55:00.

  41. starlight says:

    Good article!! I think this is really important for people to grasp.

  42. will says:

    And on that note, Lorrie and Starlight, we have a flaming self-righteous hemorrhoid tripping on some really bad acid.

  43. Jan says:

    So insight of you and judgement too!!! Go figure!

  44. Suzy says:

    Starlight, others…

    The Progressive Left of Dem Party has some issues with President Obama also. It’s heating up on detention, Bradley Manning and other issues about Wall Street Bankers getting fines instead of being held accountable.

    It’s not just the Far Right that has problems about issues that are for the most part INSANE from them…but the Progressive Right of Dem Party who has issues with Obama’s policies that continue Bush on Foreign Policy and Individual American’s Civil Liberties to protest without the harsh retribution he has shown to whistle blowers and those who honestly reveal Govt. Secrets because they show abuse of the public’s trust.

    Do you see any of this in that chart/ I’d rather think the Progressive Left will steer him in a good way to make the changes he promised and thwart the INSANE RW showing how crazy they are.

    Does Obama listen more to those in Dem Party on the Left in his second term?

    Thanks for all your forecasts…they’ve been spot on and accurate.

    Appreciate all your insight on US Chart and Presiden Obama going forward.

  45. Lorrie U says:

    Ex-Army Officer Accuses CIA of Obstructing Pre-9/11 Intelligence-Gathering

    Paul Church and Ray Nowosielski, Truthout: Offering new revelations about the CIA’s role in shutting down military intelligence penetration of al-Qaeda, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer joins a growing list of government officials accusing former CIA director George Tenet of misleading federal investigators and sharing some degree of blame for the 9/11 attacks.

  46. Lorrie U says:

    Rand Paul Blocking Treaties That Would Help Find Tax Cheats

    The “populist” Senator from Kentucky, having sold his constituents a sack of bullpucky that he’s just one of them, is once again showing his true colors, this time in the arena of tax dodging. He’s helping his rich buddies hide their wealth overseas by blocking three treaties that would help the U.S. government find them and make them pay their taxes. Hiding money in Luxembourg, Hungary and Switzerland is common practice among the very wealthy (so I hear) and these countries are very secretive about their clientele. The Obama administration has been trying to hunt down these tax dodgers to make them pay their fair share, running into opposition from… you guessed it, the party of the rich.

    Being the curious kind of individual I am, I went looking for financial information on Sen. Paul. First, I went to Open to find that Mr. Paul raised nearly 3 times the average war chest for Senatorial candidates, with nearly $10 million over the past 5 years. The majority of that came from… well, lookee here – the top 5 contributors are financial companies. And the Koch brothers. In fact, only 2 of the top 10 contributors were not concerned with finances, capital, union busting and banking.

  47. Lorrie U says:

    Not an easy read…

    Facing The Reality Of Gun Death – Newtown Mother Asks CT Governor To View Son In Casket

  48. alex says:

    Libertarians are about TAKING from the government, and definately NOT about paying taxes; whatever else they say is Libertarian principle is BS;

  49. alex says:

    Anybody that was paying attention has been waiting for more information about how ‘Able Danger’ was shut down; some brief information could be found in 2001 articles;

    Several paragraphs (not in sequence) stood out for me on the second reading:

    Army Intelligence and Security Command attorney Tony Gentry got involved, claiming to be concerned over domestic spying by the US military, which is not allowed; he also worried about rules prohibiting the retention of data about a US person for longer than 90 days. Shaffer was told many of the individuals in the cells were becoming citizens or had green cards. They were told they couldn’t look at them, that they were out of bounds.

    “I still to this day believe this concern [over data retention] was a farce,” Shaffer says with a tinge of anger in his voice,“based on the way the US government abuses US citizen information constantly in other areas.”

    “It became clear that someone didn’t want us looking at the data, and they gave an extraordinary direction.” Army staff lawyers directed Capt. Eric Kleinsmith to destroy some 2.5 terabytes of publicly sourced data.

    In March or April 2000, the offices of Orion Scientific Systems, a private contractor employed by LIWA for the program, were stormed by armed federal agents. Much of the material produced for Able Danger was confiscated – and with it went the US military’s best shot at unraveling the hijacking plot.

    In late 2000, the data mining aspect of the military’s project was reconstituted as “Able Danger II” and moved to a classified private intelligence research center in Garland, Texas.

    When command of SOCOM changed hands from the retiring Gen. Schoomaker to Gen. Charles Holland in November, Holland again ordered termination of the efforts in Texas and for the personnel to return to SOCOM headquarters in Florida.

    Shaffer claimed there were at least three senior military exchanges over the order that resulted in yelling contests. Most notable was in December when Maj. Gen. Rod Isler, director of operations for DIA, called in their boss Admiral Tom Wilson, the DIA Director, who reported to Tenet. In a shouting match, Wilson directed Isler and Shaffer to stop supporting Able Danger II.

  50. Patty says:

    This is wonderful, thanks Robin for bringing this to our attention.
    In 2000, (after Bush’s stolen election) Move-On put out a blurb on the net looking for interested people in the Bay Area for a ‘Brain Storming Session’. I responded along with people who shared their progressive thoughts. I suggested: Move-On needs to actually send those of us passionate Dems…to the ‘Swing States’ where we can help them to coordinate their State voter sign-ups and organize ‘get out the vote’. Exactly what Democrats are doing now that’s been so successful in putting Obama over the top!
    I just signed up for this group…imagine the powerhouse we could create if we combine our strengths with the TeaParty!

  51. alex says:

    my personal experience with Tea Party Express devotees is that they are low information voters who watch Fox News; in the article Robin posted it is an ex-cofounder of a Tea Party branch that got together with MoveOn cofounder after what was it five years of email exchanges; bravo !

    if individuals of Tea Party in swing states can relate to you Patty and San Francisco progressives you are an angel-group blessed by the saints…. please keep the starlighters updated; I expect great things from MoveOn they always deliver;

  52. alex says:

    I remember that photo too! the visual cortex is the largest domain of the brain – large storage capacity…. have to rewrite the images of stuff like Armstrong-Bush-biking

  53. alex says:

    Charles R. Holland (who served as the Commander of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida) has served as a member of our board of directors since May 2004.

    General Holland retired as Commander, Headquarters U.S. Special Operations Command in November 2003 and currently serves as an independent consultant for various entities.

    Mr. Holland has been a consultant of AeroVironment since February 2004. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Holland was responsible for all special operations forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force, both active duty and reserve.

    Mr. Holland serves on the board of directors of SELEX Galileo, Inc., AugustaWestland N.A. Inc., and Protonex Technology Corporation and as an advisor to Cubic Defense Applications Incorporated, General Atomics Technologies Corporation, and Camber Corporation.

  54. starlight says:

    Remember we are now in the zone of that Moon/Mars/Uranus configuration that will be the tone for four years. On the first day of this term, this is on the front page of the WP.

    A week of violence in Algeria and Mali has transformed al-
    Qaeda’s North Africa branch into a cause celebre for militant Islamists around the globe, boosting recruitment and fundraising for the jihadists and spurring fears of further terrorist attacks in the region and beyond. Even after suffering tactical defeats in both countries in recent days, the movement known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is being lionized in Internet chat rooms and in official statements by extremist groups, some of which are urging reprisal campaigns against Western interests.

    U.S. officials and terrorism analysts are pointing to last week’s hostage drama in eastern Algeria as a turning point for the al-Qaeda offshoot, boosting its credibility while marking its transition from a predominantly Algeria-focused organization to a true multinational threat able to draw manpower, weapons and resources from across the region.

  55. cappy says:

    Yes!! Love re-writing and re-framing the negative…happier picture always
    possible. Joy is a thought away … when one remembers. We have our work cut out for us during Uranus-Pluto era.

  56. cappy says:

    Thanks, Mitzi…love Louis Armstrong…so many great memories w/ his voice-trumpet in the background!!

  57. cappy says:

    Happy President Obama’s Second Inauguration… Starlighters!

    What a thrilling day for Democracy…Washington, DC in Full Glory!!

  58. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Good morning everyone, just set my TV to record six hours of this beautiful inauguration day on MSNBC. And family and friends are starting to arrive for a day of thankfulness and good eats.

    Mitzi: Thanks so much for helping me remember Louie Armstrong. You helped me plan my dinner menu! Chicken and Okra Gumbo, Shrimp and Crabmeat Jambalaya, Candied Yams, Squash, Eggplant, Corn and Cheese Casserole, Collards and Kale and plenty of desserts.

    We here in my home, which is starting to resemble the United Nations, people of every hue and gender, will raise a glass to all of you wonderful folks here on this most excellent blog.

    The only thing missing is my late dear mother, who would have been over the moon today. So in honor of her, when PBO takes his oath, I will say to myself, ‘What a Wonderful World’. Much peace and many blessings to everyone one of you. Lisa.

  59. Sharon says:

    My friend just wrote a screenplay about Louis Armstrong, Lisa, who grew up here in NOLA. Do you live in the South? Do you, Mitzi? Your dinner does it proud. Yes, the South has its narrow-minded people but here in NOLA everyone is pretty tolerant and loving (as well as in other areas of the South as I don’t like to stereotype). Sounds like you & your family & friends are going to have a GREAT time day, and your mother is there with you in that dimension we can’t yet see but which is as real as the material one, I think. Thanks for your post…we all need to be reminded that it’s a Wonderful World ?

  60. alex says:

    Third reading:

    When command of SOCOM changed hands from the retiring Gen. Schoomaker to Gen. Charles Holland in November, Holland again ordered termination of the efforts in Texas and for the personnel to return to SOCOM headquarters in Florida.


    The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is the Unified Combatant Command charged with overseeing the various Special Operations Commands (SOC or SOCOM) of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps of the United States Armed Forces. The command is part of the Department of Defense. USSOCOM is headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

    Gen. Schoomaker

    Peter Jan Schoomaker (born February 12, 1946) is a retired four-star general of the United States Army and served as the 35th Chief of Staff of the United States Army from August 1, 2003 to April 10, 2007. Schoomaker’s appointment as Chief of Staff was unique in that he was recalled and came out from retirement to assume the position. Schoomaker voluntarily retired from the Army for the second time in 2007 after completing the full four-year term as Chief of Staff.

    His most recent assignment prior to assuming duties as the Army Chief of Staff was as Commander in Chief, United States Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, from November 1997 to November 2000. According to the 9/11 Commission, Schoomaker wanted to take action against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan using his special operators but was unable to gain approval for the mission.

    Gen. Charles Holland

    Charles R. Holland (born January 21, 1946) is a retired United States Air Force general who served as the Commander of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. As Commander, he was responsible for all special operations forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force, both active duty and reserve.

    Maj. Gen. Rod Isler, director of operations for DIA, called in their boss Admiral Tom Wilson, the DIA Director, who reported to Tenet. In a shouting match, Wilson directed Isler and Shaffer to stop supporting Able Danger II.

  61. will says:


    That I could tele-transport myself to your home…..what a sumptuous feast! Enjoy your celebration!

  62. Sharon says:

    Don’t know where that question mark came from but…I don’t always proof read my posts. It was mean to be a statement. In the midst of everything going on we can retain joie d’vivre.

  63. Lorrie U says:

    Not a very comfortable event for Paul Ryan…

    Paul Ryan Booed By Inauguration Crowd

    “HuffPost’s Ryan Grim reports that Obama got in a jab at Ryan during his inaugural address, attacking the former vice presidential candidate’s “makers vs. takers” rhetoric.”

  64. will says:

    In case you missed it – The Inaugural Address

  65. will says:


    Is there a way for you to avoid using that very large type for quotes in your posts? It is time-consuming to have to scroll through it when it is in an entirely different font from everything else posted.

    I appreciate your posts.

  66. Wennye' says:

    Thanks so much Alex..

  67. Wennye' says:

    Blessings to you and your home that hosts love for the Spirit and food for the Soul, Lisa!

  68. Wennye' says:

    Noelle, Rachel just said he was 5 mins. ahead of schedule. C-Span had his speech starting before 11:55. Blessings All in this moment of time

  69. cappy says:

    Alex…so happy to see these outstanding heart -opening historical photos to file and remember … from a truly Divine Day!
    A life~ changing Inaugural Address by, our awesome, soaring President Obama ~ uplifting and actually freeing people ~ souls worldwide!!!

    Will treasure these photos….

  70. Patty says:

    Great photos…thanks so much, Alex!

  71. Patty says:

    Love it…thanks Will. I’m so proud of this President and our beautiful First Family!

  72. karen says:

    Phenomenal day! I’ve been waiting for a president to invoke “we the people.” That day has come. The crowds lining the parade route are as inspired as I am. If I were there I’d be one of the loudest. ;0

  73. M. says:

    Thank you Nancy, for this interesting and, to me, hopeful piece. Hopeful because I think Obama will be very much in charge. Watching him today, he strikes me as a different man from the one who took office 4 years ago.

  74. alex says:

    Wennye, Will – I haven’t checked the url for several hours but it is likely that they had added to the photo collection with parade photos; MSNBC said 15K thousand people participated in the presentation of the inaugural parade;

  75. Sharon says:

    Nice to see what people look like, Wennye and put a face to the brain, heart & soul. I have wanted to post a picture but couldn’t figure out how to do it as yet….how did you do it? Someone told me to enter through FB but that didn’t work.

  76. alex says:

    Patty, Chicago (Tribune) has a stake in and a special place in their hearts for their favorite son Obama!

  77. alex says:

    it is blockquote – there has to be a way to make quotes distinctive rather than making it strong print; to use blockquote is just like using strong or em

    blockquote (quote)

    em (italics)

    strong (darkens font)

    Sorry WILL

    I find that it is useful because there is no preview or edit feature on wordpress and I have weak eye sight; I need to use quote – blockquotes; aging eyes!

  78. Patty says:

    Obama takes a look…one-more-time.
    All I could think, Your watching Mom is proud of you!

  79. alex says:

    Hispanic music, film and television stars as well as Latino lawmakers gathered at the Kennedy Center on Sunday night for a raucous celebration that included a visit from Vice President Joe Biden.

    “This is your moment, and America owes you,” Biden told the crowd.

    “You spoke in a way that the world and the US cannot fail to hear,” Biden stressed to cheers, noting that a record of more than 12 million Hispanics voted — 71 percent in favor of Obama.

  80. Teresa Hill says:

    Me, too. Seeing him in the weeks since the election, he seems like a take-no-prisoners kind of guy. He’s here to work and move forward and nobody had better try to get in his way.

  81. will says:

    I didn’t realize you had problems with your sight. I’m okay with it – its just confusing at times because Nancy doesn’t use it and the format has me thinking at times that I am at different website.

  82. alex says:

    try using there are many long long comments I can’t follow because my eyes get too tired to read it all;

    sometimes I’ll take barbk comment copy and paste and print…. after I break it into shorter paragraph, and

    highlighting the aspects;

    I always have to draw by hand a chart even if I see it or draw it myself with the computer program;

    it is the way I try to turn my weakness into a strength; it is my way to drill down and see what I have trouble seeing otherwise;

  83. alex says:

    PS I have to use magnifying lens to read some print and especially charts with lots of detail and I luv the detail in charts!

    try using

    it helps make a long comments easier to read for old eyes;

  84. alex says:

    What he [Paul Ryan] actually offered was a plan to hurt the poor and reward the rich, actually increasing the deficit along the way. – LINK

    A Public Service Reminder

    Ryan Natal Sedna ’00 Taurus’


    Ryan Natal Quaoar ’01 Scorpio’


    Obama Natal Jupiter ’00 Aquarius’

    Natal Paul Ryan
    Asteroid Analysis
    by Mark Andrew Holmes

    Paul Ryan
    January 29, 1970
    Janesville, Wisconsin

    using noon CST

    Mars @03 Aries 36

    Chiron @03 Aries 20
    Wurm @03 Aries 23
    Phaedra @05 Aries 16
    (depraved desires)

    Eris @11 Aries 31
    (need to challenge system or status quo, conflict and dischord)
    Bellerophon @11 Aries 08
    (put in one’s place)

    Saturn @02 Taurus 41

    Sedna @00 Taurus 49
    (cold-hearted, wounded)

    Pluto @27 Virgo 08

    Clemence @25 Virgo 28
    Grant @25 Virgo 45
    Balbastre @25 Virgo 54
    (busting ass)
    Pia @26 Virgo 05
    (piety of some sort)
    Industria @26 Virgo 29
    Zero @27 Virgo 37
    (wanting to wipe something out)
    Medusa @27 Virgo 40
    (enthralled by something)

    Uranus @08 Libra 40

    Nemesis @08 Virgo 57
    Bourgeois @09 Libra 41
    (philistine mentality)

    Jupiter @05 Scorpio 17

    Ixion @04 Scorpio 57
    (lust for something)
    Pavlov @05 Scorpio 52
    (predictable response)
    Arachne @05 Scorpio 53
    (entangled or entangling)

    Neptune @00 Sagittarius 36

    Mjolnir @28 Scorpio 44
    (loyal servant)
    Mr. Spock @29 Scorpio 44
    Yi Xing @29 Scorpio 45
    (fixing things, solving problems)
    Leviathan @01 Sagittarius 02
    (monsters surfacing)
    Mallory @01 Sagittarius 26
    (because it’s there)
    Hollar @01 Sagittarius 28
    (proclaimed far and wide)

    Mercury @15 Capricorn 23

    Fox @14 Capricorn 10
    (crafty; name asteroid—Fox News)
    Lala @15 Capricorn 23
    (“way out there”, reckless, crazy)
    Thersites @15 Capricorn 26
    (railing against)
    Demokritos @15 Capricorn 44
    (disaster, courting disaster)
    Teharonhiawako @16 Capricorn 15’16”
    Hektor @16 Capricorn 16
    (to push something aggressively)
    Oileus @16 Capricorn 26
    (oil, oily, to grease the skids)
    Blow @16 Capricorn 43
    (to blow off)

    Sun @09 Aquarius 26
    Venus @10 Aquarius 37

    Vinciguerra @07 Aquarius 48
    (in it to win; “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”)
    Pallas @08 Aquarius 15
    – conjunct –
    the Sun

    Meesters@0 9 Aquarius 21
    Heracles @09 Aquarius 22
    (lawless, brute force, clout)
    Sisyphus @10 Aquarius 41
    Lie @11 Aquarius 05
    – conjunct –
    Sun and Venus

    Sibelius @11 Aquarius 28
    (based on mythology)
    America @11 Aquarius 57
    Agricola @12 Aquarius 12
    (reaping a harvest)
    Anubis @12 Aquarius 24

  85. alex says:


    Nancy: Remember we are now in the zone of that Moon/Mars/Uranus configuration that will be the tone for four years.

    State Senate Republicans muscled a surreptitious redraft of Virginia’s 40 Senate districts to passage Monday by a single vote over bitter objections from Democrats who were blindsided by the surprise move.

    On a party line 20-19 vote after limited debate, Republicans won Senate passage of an amendment to a House bill that previously had made only minor technical corrections to district lines.

    A court fight is exactly what Republicans can expect, Democrats said.

    Virginia Senate Sneaks Through Gerrymandering Bill While Country Watches Inauguration

    Blue Virginia further reports that, according to a Virginia political analyst, “If VA Republicans were smart enough not to touch the already cleared VRA districts, the plan will likely stand. Dems are toast.”

    The great Republican election rigging continues.

  86. starlight says:

    What an awesome day!! My face hurts from smiling so much!! The Moon/Jupiter conjunction is just separating now, so I am starting to come down.

  87. starlight says:

    Alex – You could leave out the blockquote and just do the italics. That works well. Also, I would prefer shorter posts, if you don’t mind. A lot of people use their phones to access the blog and it just gets too long. Thanks.

  88. Sharon says:

    Not that we don’t appreciate your posts, Alex…you do a really nice presentation that’s easy to read & stands out!!! The content is even better.

  89. alex says:

    Sharon – this is the third time (tongue in cheek) you have flame thrown your words at me since I joined Nancy’s starlight threads;

    You have blessed all of us with long long comments – that I skip without comment:

    Nancy I will use ” ” marks

    The stealth redistricting has wiped the smile right off my ‘mug’ in 2009 15 GOP congress members gathered during the inauguration to plot how to obstruct Pres. Obama’s first term in office;

    This GOP re-districting might very well make Pres. Obama the LAST president from the Democrat party to every hold office.

    Can you imagine 2017 GOP Presidential Inauguration and the plots they will hatch to make federal legislation thwart all Democrats in all 50 states “BY FEDERAL RULES”

    Danger Will Rogers……

  90. alex says:

    Nancy 2017 is already crowding in on US(A) with GOP stealth redistricting VA today ( other states to follow )

    2017 Inauguration Likely GOP President

  91. will says:

    I was wondering why I was smiling and beaming at people on the street much more than usual today – I must have looked like a pervert!

  92. alex says:

    well it was a good day for smiling; now I am looking at 2017 from GOP re-districting it seems likely GOP president; I could be wrong but I don’t think so;

    I’ve also sent emails around asking if anyone knows the meaning of the minor asteroid HOUSE-11 @08 Sagittarius, (or House @08 Libra); it’s something I haven’t found with research in years before or up til now – maybe I’ll get an answer since it plays a part by being in square to 2017 Circe @08 Gemini conjunct USA Uranus @08 Gemini;

  93. Bob says:


    I will try one more time to help you but in the end the choice is yours to make. This Firefox add-on allows you to have control on a site by site basis. You can even set your text and background colors if that is a help or if you just want something besides Black and White.

    I have enlarged the image 133% but you can make it still larger by clicking on it when it comes up.

    Here is the homepage link.

  94. alex says:

    I’m using IE because firefox has been misbehavin; my kids at X-mas didn’t have time to reformat or fix the problem; my computer is 10 years old; they want to replace it – I’ve told them not to bother; even with glitches the computer limps along and they can tinker with it when they do have the time; if they do replace it will be with an IPad or laptop but my idea is to stay with the old puter because other priorities are more important to me;

    Thanks Bob but don’t concern yourself; I’ll pass on your links to kids when they visit again;

  95. angellight says:

    The Gayatri
    (The oldest mantram known to humanity)

    Gayatri – Daily Prayer/Invocation for Humanity

    “O Thou who gives sustenance to the Universe,
    From Whom all things proceed,
    And to Whom all things return,
    Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun,
    Hidden by a disc of golden light,
    That we may know the truth,
    And do our whole duty
    As we journey to Thy Sacred Feet.”

  96. Lorrie U says:

    Breakings news…

    Lone Star College Shooting: Multiple People Shot At Texas College Campus

  97. alex says:

    Well Lorrie, this sounds like good advise to me:

    “What exactly is the big attachment to the past? What is the fear of the future, or of our potential?

    This sounds like a good question for therapy, which would probably be time better spent than getting involved in the federal level of politics, at least at the moment. ”

    after I looked at 2014 and 2017 I need someone to talk me off the wall! The Democrats are complacent, corrupt, unprepared and in cohorts with the redistricting (gerrymandering) GOP; one or all of the above and I am really angry about it; they let the GOP get way ahead of them and now the Dems are behind the curve and doesn’t look like they can make up the difference;

    it took about 4-5 hours of googling and reading to find articles that show the GOP RNC had their redistricting Guru on board in the 1980’s 1990’s and that the Rose Institute of CA, Claremont has been using him as well to plot out their long term plans for a permanent GOP majority rule; RedMap is just the latest to crow about the lock the GOP is making on eliminating the D-party to go for Plutocracy/Oligarchy with Paul Ryan riding seniors, disabled and children into their graves….. I am @((@#&@(##&@&93

  98. Patty says:

    Bob, I hooked it up and I love it!
    Thank you for sharing it.

  99. will says:

    I get the intuitive impression that the Republican Party is in a decided fall from grace and that after the next three years of transformation, the U.S. is not going to be terribly inclined toward the G.O.P. in its present state. I have no astrology to back this up. I just think we are in for some permanent changes to the way we role as a nation in the next 3 to 4 years – and I think we’ll have another Democratic or progressive President elected in 2016.

  100. Barb says:

    Sorry to hitch a ride on your comment — Just wanted to make sure Alex saw this!

    Alex, I saw in an earlier comment thread that you said your eyesight is weak and you need the larger font. Here is something else you could try that might help. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, open the View menu and click on Text size. A submenu appears with five options: Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, and Smallest. Click on Largest. The text on your screen will get a great deal larger and easier to see.

    Best regards,

  101. Barb says:

    Oh, forgot to add — Internet Explorer is not the only browser with this capability. I think most browsers have this. If you are using a different browser and having trouble finding the text size option, let me know which you’re using and I’ll try to help.

  102. Todd Bennett says:

    Nancy are you concerned this conflict could be nuclear? This post has me very very concerned, even upset. Also to Miss Wennye, I left facebook. But I will try to contact you again.

  103. Todd Bennett says:

    Left message up the thread for Nancy, but meant for it here, do you think this war potential could be nuclear? Or does the lack of Uranus and Pluto mitigate that?

  104. Todd Bennett says:

    If you are going to use a birth chart for the U.S., it seems to me the original inauguration date of March 4th applies here, but that aside, the second chart could not be anything more than supplementary, and not defining, as the President assumed power in 2009 and this is just a continuation of authority. For the purposes of second term predictions I would suggest this against the U.S. chart: (The Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes on January 6, 2013. Congress may pass a law to change this date. On December 28, 2012, President Obama signed Pub.L. 112-228, as passed by both houses of Congress, moving the day of the vote count from January 6, 2013 (a Sunday) to January 4, 2013.) as that is when his contract was officially renewed, thus being the only significant judgment of authority since 1-20-09. As he never stopped being President, the second oath is of limited importance as he is not assuming power, but just reaffirming his current role. Even more interesting, is that the President moved it. I have it on good authority elements of the administration consider astrology.

  105. cappy says:


    Joe Scarborough on ‘Morning Joe’ called the Republicans out for winning their Legislature seats in 2010 …not by more votes ….which they absolutely … lacked but by … gerrymandering.
    Implying that his party won only by CHEATING!
    He is thankfully relentless lately, re shining a light on the political R. conservatives con jobs for his audience.

  106. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Sharon: Yes I am a southern, I live in what is called the triangle of North Carolina. (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). But I was born in PA. Also have lived in the midwest; OK and KS and also upstate New York, (Ithaca) as well. Luckily, the triangle is very liberal and progressive and we have really great farmer markets! But I am jealous, you live in NOLA not fair, You are blessed to live in a very food-centric city. Now that’s just mean! Just kidding.

    Will: You would be so welcome in my home for dinner, but I have only one request that I give to all my guests. Come very HUNGRY. I do so love to shake and rattle the pots and pans.

    Wennye: You are very sweet, I have a innate love of cooking and feeding people, it makes me very happy and peaceful. We had a very special and wonderful time.

    Hope y’all enjoyed yesterday, it was special indeed. I cried, clapped, laughed and jumped around; (today I am sore from the jumping). But it was so worth it.

  107. cappy says:

    Also, Colin Powell blasts the conservative corrupt R’s:

  108. Stefanie says:

    Much joy over here for the last two days as well — reveling in the beauty of the first family, the notion that America is a center-left country (as Ed said on his show a short while ago) and that a huge amount of people believe in keeping abortion legal. It feels like justice and rationality are on the upswing. However — even though the GOP is clearly dying, they are not going to go gently into that good night. They are going to lie, steal, scam and do whatever it takes to hold onto their rremaining power. That feels like what we need to fear. Also — Katrain Vanden Heuvel of the Nation was on Ed, and said something that I’ve been thinking. All of the social agenda is good and well and needed — gay rights, women’s rights, immigrant’s rights, gun laws, etc. But if we do not address the central core of all of our issues: capitalism and money in poliitcs, no change will last. Obama talked about poverty yesterday, which is rare for him — but will the adminstration address poverty at its roots? It’s not only about education and housing and social programs, it’s about how the 1 percent hoards wealth, the prison-industrial complex, and the fact that there is no social mobility anymore, since the Reagan years. It’s Wall Street. We need a force like Occupy to hold the administration’s fee to the fire, or else we will have the idea of progressivism without real progress.

  109. Stefanie says:

    Sorry for all those typos! Typing on my iPad does not agree with me this evening.

  110. alex says:

    Thank you Barb I’ll try that;

  111. alex says:

    between GOP re-districting and outright gerrymandering of the electoral college distribution system Pres. Obama could be the last D-President and the states could all go politically officially red; they are aiming for a permanent GOP majority; 2014 looks like 2010 to me and 2017 is lock down GOP presidency and I’m not a prediction astrologer; 2017 looks so bad I’m MAD as hell; somebody at DNC better do some explaining – how did they manage to let the GOP cripple the Democrats legally and WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT FASSSSSSSST?

  112. alex says:

    I figured out Serennu minor asteroid chart display with some help from Mark; who reminded me that the 11th House is House of Representatives and the 9Th house is the Senate;

    the minor asteroid ‘House’ in 2017 Inauguration chart is @08 Libra trine Circe 8 Gemini, conjunct USA Uranus 8 Gemini; I still haven’t found anybody that has done minor asteroid work specific the influence/meaning of ‘House’ for now I’ll test/practice with it meaning – house of representatives since they have become extra-illegally constitutionally obstructionists, it’s like they are floating in the air of the most helium filled DC bubble ever created;

    the 2017 inauguration chart is toxic IMO overall how exceptionally awful is this:

    12TH House – 6TH House Axis

    Transiting Uranus @20 Aries conjunct USA Chiron @20 Aries
    Transiting Jupiter @22 Libra conjunct USA Juno @20 Libra

    This is the advise I’m taking to heart:

    Saturn enters Capricorn 12/19/2017 – LINK

    Saturn remains in Capricorn – until March 21, 2020

  113. alex says:

    Dems aren’t doing enough even though the following article notes they have organized to legally oppose GOP redistricting….. anything done in the justice system is after the fact; BEFORE THE FACT IS WHAT IS NEEDED!

    “Last year, the National Democratic Redistricting Trust sought and was granted permission by the Federal Election Commission to allow members of Congress to solicit unlimited, undisclosed donations for the trust. The group, set up to fund lawsuits that inevitably spring up during redistricting fights, argued that redistricting is not a primarily political activity. Legislators doing the same fundraising, but directly for their parties, would be violating McCain-Feingold campaign finance laws. The trust is currently funding the Democratic legal response to Minnesotans for a Fair Redistricting.

    The GOP formed its own opaque group dedicated to redistricting. Making America’s Promise Secure, which was headed by prominent Republicans Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott, was able to secure 501(c)4 status from the IRS as a “social welfare”organization—the same status granted Disabled American Veterans and the Lumberjack World Championships Foundation. Groups with that status do not have to disclose donors or how they spend money. And there is no limit on how much individual donors can contribute.”

  114. fierywoman says:

    Beautiful ! thanks.

  115. starlight says:

    Todd – I have no idea what we are facing. It could be some domestic upheaval, it could be a big destabilization in the Middle East. There are so many hot spots there, they could erupt together into a broader war. Thank heavens Romney is not in office with John Bolton as Sec of State. We would be in multiple wars in a heart beat.

  116. Bob says:

    Listing of inaugurations.

    Washington’s seminal inauguration was on April 30, 1789, in New York City.

    Dates in the first column outlined in RED indicate dates inaugurations took place on dates other than authorized by the Constitution.

    Dates outlined with double RED lines indicate instances when an oath for a term was taken twice. There is a note at the bottom regarding Coolidge in 1923 as he is only listed once in the list and a note in the third column for President Obama because I couldn’t find anyplace else to put it.

    Boxes outlined in Red in the third column indicate locations other than Washington where oaths were administered.

    Also in the third column, in RED font, are reasons why Presidents did not finish their terms.

    March 4, 1877 fell on a Sunday. The oath was not administered in a private ceremony on that day but about 7:30 pm, LMT, on Saturday night, March 3 and again in public ceremony on Monday, March 5.

  117. Bob says:

    Something is wrong with this site. My last 2 posts have not posted where they were placed by me.

  118. alex says:

    Wonderful resource Bob – thanks for posting;

  119. David says:

    I despise Wayne LaPierre. If you can get his birth date do a chart of him and I think you will find he was born under some Satanic aspects.

  120. David says:

    Starlight – regarding your comment on Romney being in office – if we had to watch those creepy people on Inauguration Day there would have been a great palpable sadness in the world. I am less sure we would be in wars so quickly, but am very sure talk of the job creators (whoever the *&^%$% they are) would have preempted the beautiful talk from Obama about EQUALITY of ALL People.

  121. starlight says:

    I am trying to fix this weird out-of-time posting. If you want to go in order, post as a reply to the post immediately above (i.e. mine for now). I think that will work.

  122. starlight says:

    Some good things in the new Inaugural chart, btw. The progressed Ascendant will trine Venus, and the progressed Venus will trine the Moon during the course of the term. These are signs of popularity and support despite the difficulties in the world. They don’t cover the whole term, but the latter aspect does cover most of the last year though January 2017.

  123. will says:


    This is good news. God forbid he should end his last term like Truman, Clinton, Carver.

  124. will says:

    Made me spit up my Starbucks, David!

  125. angellight says:

    From The Master DK, a Prayer to heal humanity and even the Planet!

    “The sons of men are one
    And I am one with them
    I seek to heal but not hurt.
    Let pain bring due reward of light and love
    Let the soul control the outer form
    the life and all the events and
    bring to light, the love that underlies
    the happening of the world.
    Let inner union demonstrate and
    outer cleavages be gone.
    Let Love prevail! – Let all men Love.”

  126. angellight says:

    From The Master DK, a Prayer to heal humanity and even the Planet!

    “The sons of men are one
    And I am one with them
    I seek to heal but not hurt.
    Let pain bring due reward of light and love
    Let the soul control the outer form
    the life and all the events and
    bring to light, the love that underlies
    the happening of the world.
    Let inner union demonstrate and
    outer cleavages be gone.
    Let Love prevail! – Let all men Love.”

  127. cappy says:


    Yes, sincere thanks for the good news.

  128. Teresa Hill says:

    I think I mentioned I hadn’t been writing, really frustrating to me. Well Uranus went direct, finally, in my 3rd house, and it seems like that was what I needed because I’ve been writing like mad. (Phew.)
    And my daughter? She met a boy around Nov. 1, a good friend of a good friend, home from Afghanistan when a relative died. He’s a medic, seems very nice. They skyped constantly when he went back to finish his deployment.
    Then, he wanted to fly her to Tacoma when he got back on Jan. 1 for a visit.
    Well, she went and now she wants to get a job and an apartment and stay.
    I can’t say I’m surprised. My intuition told me the guy was going to be important in some way and I’d had an odd sense just before this guy that she might be heading for what I thought would be California, but I guess now was the West Coast.
    Now sure what will happen. I told her if that’s what she wants, she’ll have to make it happen with a job and a place to stay. (Guy’s in the barracks. She can’t live with him there.) I noted the upcoming full moon was seeded (is that the word?) by the new moon at the end of July, 2011, and it was Aug. 2011 when she got her DUI and crashed her car and life just fell apart and she moved back home.
    So, maybe all that is ending now.

  129. Teresa Hill says:

    testing posting order

  130. Teresa Hill says:

    (Reposting this in case it ends up in the right place now.)

    I think I mentioned I hadn’t been writing, really frustrating to me. Well Uranus went direct, finally, in my 3rd house, and it seems like that was what I needed because I’ve been writing like mad. (Phew.)
    And my daughter? She met a boy around Nov. 1, a good friend of a good friend, home from Afghanistan when a relative died. He’s a medic, seems very nice. They skyped constantly when he went back to finish his deployment.
    Then, he wanted to fly her to Tacoma when he got back on Jan. 1 for a visit.
    Well, she went and now she wants to get a job and an apartment and stay.
    I can’t say I’m surprised. My intuition told me the guy was going to be important in some way and I’d had an odd sense just before this guy that she might be heading for what I thought would be California, but I guess now was the West Coast.
    Now sure what will happen. I told her if that’s what she wants, she’ll have to make it happen with a job and a place to stay. (Guy’s in the barracks. She can’t live with him there.) I noted the upcoming full moon was seeded (is that the word?) by the new moon at the end of July, 2011, and it was Aug. 2011 when she got her DUI and crashed her car and life just fell apart and she moved back home.
    So, maybe all that is ending now.

  131. JA says:

    This is very entertaining and some of the
    comments are excellent.

  132. JA says:

    This is very entertaining and some of the
    comments are excellent.

  133. Lorrie U says:

    I tend to agree with Will and don’t think the current projectory is going to take kindly to dirty tricks to win.

  134. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    starlight, most excellent news, especially since the NRA has truly gone bonkers. Wayne LaPierre is simply crazy.

  135. Lunagardener says:

    Sounds like a plot for a book! Life is an unending spiral Huh?

  136. Lunagardener says:

    Oop’s that was supposed to be a response to Theresa Hill’s post.

  137. Francis says:

    Larry Schwimmer’s astrology article is up on Huff Post. It’s rather bleak so gather up a few grains of salt to go with, before reading it:

  138. Teresa Hill says:

    I’ve never seen comments go all over the place like this. Oh, well.

    I hope this is the start of a whole new cycle for her. Her troubles have been triggered in the past, it seems, by the Uranus-Pluto square, but I think there’s only one left at 8 degrees. The rest are around 11 degrees, I believe. I’ hoping those won’t hit as hard.

  139. Sharon says:

    May this be the start of a wonderful new cycle of opportunity and achievement, happiness, health & love for your daughter, Teresa!

  140. alex says:


    I think the VA state legislature did ‘us(a)’ a big favor hoodwinking their state citizens on inauguration day thwarting their temporary 20-19 vote favoring GOP to push through a ‘redistricting’ plan – – it set the tone for the second term and created a wake up call in the progressive media; but to what extent did it wake up the unprepared D-party?

    the VA Dem-party, who said they are going to challenge them in court, and who have no other choice but a court challenge ( and the national DNC or associated national org has a legal team to challenge redistricting around the country )

    are committed to make AFTER THE FACT judicial efforts to strengthen, correct the balance of power that is being thwarted by GOP/Libertarian/Tea;

    court cases are a 50-50 proposition at best and with the ticking clock drilling down on election calendars optimistically VA Dems and national DNC can win some and lose some cases and maybe get their feet back on the ground;

    but AFTER THE FACT tactics to combat rigged GOP redistricting is unacceptable;

    Dems should be working BEFORE THE FACT to protect, and adjust the balance from redistricting, & gerrymandering power to their advantage and strength;

    in it inexcusable that they/DNC were outwitted and sitting on their hands while the GOP began, worked up over the years and now GOT TO THE MATURE phase of implementing their state by state redistricting & gerrymandering offensive;

    BEFORE THE FACT strategy is the only way to ‘perfect our union’ so to speak not ‘after the fact’

  141. Gypsi says:

    Wonderful inauguration. State level redistricting needs attention.

  142. fierywoman says:

    OK, I just have to ask — at the inauguration, was that the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir that sang a gospel tune? (Had it been Romney, wouldn’t it have been the Mormon Tabernacle … ?) And Michelle wore a red dress — I’m not used to seeing her in red (totally rocking) but wouldn’t Queen Anne have worn red? … just wondering …

  143. alex says:

    Kansas’ Governor and G.O.P. Seek to End Income Tax

    “I think it is the leading edge of the conservative economic and political movement,” said State Representative Tom Sloan, a Republican representing the area around Lawrence.

    Skeptics, meanwhile, contend that Mr. Brownback is leading Kansas toward economic devastation that will leave many of the state’s residents without basic services and its children without a proper education.

    Representative Barbara Bollier, a Republican representing the suburbs of Kansas City, questioned why the state was cutting taxes at a time of sagging revenues. “It’s beyond extremely conservative because no one else is doing it,” she said.

    Now, for the first time in generations, the House, the Senate and the governor’s office in Kansas are controlled by conservative Republicans. In much of the rest of the country, the political equation is similar: The Republican Party now controls both legislative chambers and governorships in 24 states. Democrats have single-party control in 13.

    On Wednesday, lawmakers received a bill to inch the state closer to eliminating income taxes, a centerpiece of a broad legislative vision that many in the Republican Party here hope will serve as a model of conservative governance for other states, if not the nation, to follow.

    This month, the largest tax cut in Kansas history took effect, and most of its Medicaid system was handed over to private insurers.

    The bill introduced this week would pare taxes further, with the goal of eventually eliminating the state’s individual income tax.

    Mr. Brownback has already slashed the state’s welfare roll and its work force. He has merged government agencies and is proposing further consolidation.

    He is pushing for pension changes, to change the way judges are selected and for altering education financing formulas.

  144. alex says:

    May 19th 2013 Debt Ceiling Date: First Impressions

    Jupiter @21 Gemini ( cnj USA Mars @21 Gemini )


    Pholus @21 Sagittarius (small start of major event, catalyst, Pholus + Jupiter: issues of conviction)


    Hidalgo @25 Sagittarius (vested interests)

    Mystic Rectangle: TA-SC axis, money Taurus, power Scorpio

    S. Node @16 Taurus
    Moon @16 Virgo
    N. Node @16 Scorpio
    Chiron @13 Pisces

    Vesta @09 Cancer


    Hybris [hubris] @13 Cancer, cnj GOP Sun @14 Cancer


    Ceres @15 Cancer

    Ouro Preto @10 Leo (dark money)
    Circe @13 Leo (bias, only one way)

  145. alex says:

    “We have been documenting over the last few days what appears to be a coordinated effort by Republicans in a number of key states to change the rules for electing a president,” she said. “To change the rules so essentially Democrats running for president cannot win.”

    GOP’s presidential vote rigging plan

    Republican lawmakers in the state are advancing legislation to replace the current winner-takes-all system with one that allocates electoral college votes based on the winner of each congressional district.

    The bill would ensure Republican presidents pick up electoral college votes from rural, conservative districts. Combined with the latest gerrymandered electoral maps that were pushed through the state Senate, the proposed changes would virtually guarantee that Republican presidents obtain a majority of electoral votes from the state, even if they receive less votes.

    “The action today in Virginia is the first of its kind in the nation,” she continued. “What we have been covering is Republicans making noises about doing this across the country wherever they can. We’ve been covering Democrats bracing for the prospect of moves like this all across the country, not just in Virginia, but in Wisconsin and Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania. And in Pennsylvania, the Republicans have a bill in committee. But Virginia is the first state to actually get on with it and start moving it forward.

  146. starlight says:


  147. starlight says:

    I have been working on fixing this weird issue in the order of the comments with no success so far. I will start a new thread and see what happens to the comments there. Sorry about this.

  148. starlight says:

    I have been working on fixing this weird issue in the order of the comments with no success so far. I will start a new thread and see what happens to the comments there. Sorry about this.

  149. noel711 says:

    There were no surprises in Schwimmer’s article; each topic has arisen already in the country, and so he’s just rechewing old fodder. His astrolgy is very sketchy. I want more ‘meat’ before I will take any predictions seriously.

  150. Pat Sharp says:

    Well I will post this……………….hope it gets read.
    When Barack Obama took the oath of office to begin his second term on January 20 the sun, as usual, was in the astrological sign of Aquarius – where it has been on every Inauguration Day since in 1937.

    Thanks to the 20th Amendment to the United States Constitution passed in 1933, the President’s term begins at noon on January 20th. Before this change the term began on March 4.
    “Setting the date for January 20th at noon Eastern Time virtually ensures that the sun will be in Aquarius when the U.S. President is sworn in,” Diaz says.