Tick Tock

We are now in the final days of a potent 10-day activation of the extremely volatile and life-altering progressed Sun square Uranus in the US chart. This year-long progression, building in strength from September 2012 through September 2013, is bringing unexpected and very upsetting situations that serve to wake up the country to the imperative of transformation. The attack at Benghazi and Hurricane Sandy were the first severe body blows of this progression; the recent massacre at Sandy Hook has been the most devastating. The latter, unimaginably horrific event came in the midst of the heightened agitation created by simultaneous transits from Pluto (8Capricorn), Jupiter (8Gemini), and Saturn (8Scorpio) to the Sun(8Pisces)/Uranus (8Gemini) progression, from December 13 through December 22. USchart

Just days before Christmas, perhaps the final blast from this multi-planet configuration erupted, when the Moon (8 Aries) joined an already-volatile planetary mix on the evening of December 20. It was at this moment that the fiscal cliff negotiations essentially blew up. Speaker of the House John Boehner’s erratic move to circumvent the reasonable progress he had been making with the White House by attempting a vote on “Plan B” – a Christmas wish-list for Republicans – was thwarted by the lunatic fringe of his own party.  The complete dysfunctionality of Republicans was on display for the world to see:  faced with a colossal fiscal calamity solvable by compromise and negotiation, there was not enough political courage to stand up to fears of right-wing voter disapproval and the potential of some future primary challenge. The wake-up call this time was another painfully outrageous reminder of how much party, personal ambition, and ideology trump country in today’s Republican world.

In addition to the sudden and often agonizing awareness bestowed by Uranian activity in the country’s chart, there is often a popular movement of aroused citizenry that demands change and the overthrow of a limiting or outgrown element of the status quo. Indeed, the aftermath of Sandy Hook has brought a broad-based public outcry about the need for better gun control and more available mental health services. Unfortunately, it has taken an event of such monstrous horror to arouse this nation to insist on action from their leaders. Will it take an equally enormous calamity in the fiscal sphere to get Congress to do its job in that domain as well?

Interestingly, the stress in President Obama’s chart is now lifting, as the 10-day transit of Saturn conjunct his natal Neptune (8Scorpio36) began to dissipate with the conclusion of the Boehner fiasco. Included in this first of three transits over the next nine months has been the anguish of Sandy Hook and the tension of the cliff negotiations.

For the president, the first two months of 2013 look quite promising, which implies that the predictions of fiscal calamity will not come to pass, and some kind of obamaresolution, at least in the short term, will be found.  The transit of Jupiter square to Obama’s Pluto, ruler of his Midheaven, covers from December 29 through February 19. Moreover, the Neptune trine to his Venus begins again on December 21 and continues through most of January.  The first week of the new Congress looks like an especially strong period for the president, with transiting Venus opposite Venus and quincunx the Moon while transiting Mars will be opposite the Sun.

Continuing to lurk through much of 2013, however, and always ready to be ignited into full force by a transit or a minor progression, is the progressed US Sun square to Uranus.  The progressed US Moon will be sesquiquadrate natal Uranus in late January through mid-February, possibly unleashing a broad, grass roots movement pushing for action on a particular issue. By March and early April, Jupiter (conjunct), followed by Uranus (sextile) and Saturn (quincunx) will all return to aspect the natal US Uranus, likely again agitating events that serve to energize and awaken the US population in some way. And so it will go for much of the year, as Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars repeatedly stir up powerful, unexpected situations that shift the political and social landscape, forcing the nation to confront burgeoning problems that have been too often avoided. The energy for transformation is clearly upon us if we have the courage to take up the challenge.


  1. Jackson says:

    Thanks, Nancy. What’s going on in Wayne LaPierre’s chart, or the chart for the National Rifle Association?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Bravo, Starlight for nailing last night’s Lunar trigger !

  3. will says:

    Terrific summary and forecast. I am relieved to see PBO getting enjoying some much-needed favorable transits.

    It is however, stunning to accept just how intractable and entrenched the “lunatic fringe” of the Republican party is. What is even more incredulous is that the millionaires who would be subjected to the tax hike represent a mere 1% of the U.S. population. How is it that the political party that buoys and supports this elite 1 % capture what is usually close to 50% of the electorate? And how can a Congress that is, in any way, representative of a democracy still be owned and controlled by this 1%? The numbers don’t make any sense.

    As painful as it may be for us to go through, I for one, look forward to the rather relentless and intense disruptions and rebellion that you envision over the next year.

    What have we got to lose???

  4. Francis says:

    Nancy, another powerful piece. You end with, “The energy for transformation is clearly upon us if we have the courage to take up the challenge.” I firmly believe that this challenge is why we are all here, to work in concert with each other to pull back and turn away from where we are heading. The NRA is urging armed officers in schools as the solution to Sandy Hook. They envision a logical progression of where we are heading which is the normalcy of a bunker mentality in a locked down society in which the fortunate live in gated communities safely tucked away from the violent chaos of the rest of us. We have another vision, though. On this day, when the world as we know it ends, may we indeed have the courage and strength to take up the challenge you pose. Much love to you and to all of your readers on this special day.

  5. will says:

    Message to John Hinkley Jr.

    Eric Cantor is dating Jodie Foster.

  6. alex says:

    While my thoughts are not on the insane NRA ( I can only stand to read summary on dailykos front page ) because they showed up to usurp/jockey for relevance on the day of the memorial services for Newton’s innocent dead; it reminds me of Orrin Hatch speaking at the funeral of Ted Kennedy; and the GOP congressional leaders speaking at the public memorial for Paul Wellstone;

  7. alex says:

    transformation: possibility – potential

    March – April

    Mercury Station Direct 3/17

    Neptune Station Retrograde 4/12

  8. Sharon says:

    Back at ya!

  9. angellight says:

    Starlight: postive, hopeful analysis after the days,months of darkness that we have lived through these past months and years.

  10. alex says:

    still working up chart Mercury SD 3/17:

    the fixed signs

    Aquarius – Leo axis emphasized in Obama’s Natal Chart
    (Asc @18 AQ – Des @18 SC)

    transiting Nodes Scorpio – Taurus @18 degrees

    by synastry form a fixed grand cross with Pres. Obama
    (world stage)

    since he is always on the world stage then the chart narrative of Mercury SD will be found in other aspects of the chart; which I’ll be getting into – this seems to me to be a significant chart, upon brief summary notes of the aspects so far;

  11. alex says:

    surfed into Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Situation Room CNN using a phrase that only caught partially not yet tuned in only just sitting down living room chair … something to the effect of collective consciousness of American people …. the issue they were discussing was gun violence in US….

    DWS I’ve always been impressed by her excellence now I’m enjoying that she thinks along the lines of collective American consciousness :-)

  12. barbk says:

    Way back in 1891 and 1892, transiting Pluto and Neptune were conjunct on the U.S. Uranus at 8 Gemini. There were a couple of deadly mine explosions in the U.S. and even a 7.8 earthquake in California during that time period, but most interesting to me were all the inventions making history.

    Thomas Edison was very prolific and was granted a patent for “transmission of signals electronically” (the radio), publicly displayed a prototype of his kinetoscope (?), and patented the motion picture camera. The 1st escalator (Gemini)was patented by an inventor from New York, and most interesting of all, the automatic ballot booth (voting machine) was unveiled in New York!

    The following year there was the Great Crash on the NYSE and a hurricane in Mississippi killed 1,800. No doubt the many month-long conjunction of Neptune and Pluto played a role in these events, probably by some transit or eclipse, but I am noting this historical conjunction to the U.S. Uranus so we can watch for new inventions or discoveries or cures to also play a role as transiting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, and the U.S. progressed Sun stimulate the U.S. natal Uranus.

  13. barbk says:

    Here’s a list of world-wide events during the years of that Neptune-Pluto conjunction.

  14. thrasybulus says:


    This is not funny, please delete it.

  15. Jackson says:

    I dunno. I laughed.

  16. Seeker says:

    She is gay. It’s not funny Will…

  17. Jackson says:

    That makes it even more funny, don’t you think? I mean, the sheer ludicrous quality of it.

    Why the clarion call for censorship here? Do you do this for every little thing that offends you?

  18. will says:

    Seeker why would that even matter??? The butt of the joke is Eric Cantor, not Jody. Bah, humbug!

  19. will says:

    Jackson, yes, even better!!!

  20. alex says:

    good idea barbk,

    it would be great to see if stem cells would be ‘allowed’ to cure diabetes, parkinsons etc in 2013;

    this article is tangential or sidebar to activated USA Uranus @08 Gemini;


    The patent system, intended to legally protect innovation and intellectual property, is essentially useless, rife with abuse and trolls, and should be disbanded.

    In spite of the enormous increase in the number of patents and in the strength of their legal protection, they have not accelerated R&D investments or technological progress.

    That’s the view taken in a new working paper from Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine, researchers at the US Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. (As noted in the document: The views expressed are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the Federal Reserve System, or the Board of Governors.)

    Rapid and massive innovation usually springs out of cooperative environments in which technologies and discoveries are shared, not when industries batten down the hatches and call out the lawyers. As they bluntly put it:

    “There is strong evidence, instead, that patents have many negative consequences…. The initial eruption of small and large innovations leading to the creation of a new industry – from chemicals to cars, from radio and TV to personal computers and investment banking – is seldom, if ever, born out of patent protection and is, instead, the fruits of highly competitive-cooperative environments.

    It is only after the initial stages of explosive innovation and rampant growth end that mature industries turn toward the legal protection of patents, usually because their internal grow potential diminishes and the industry structure become concentrated.”

  21. Sharon says:

    Thanks for that post about Herb Lubs, the scientist who first saw the fra X gene (that’s how he abbreviated it) under the microscope, Alex. He was a cool guy…nice dry sense of humor, and there are some interesting stories about him and his life dramas. His second wife, who worked with us, was a specialist in reproductive immunology, a technique used to prevent repeat miscarriages and her entire lab wall was filled with photos of the babies she helped bring to fruition. Dr. Lubs was a very good scientist, administrator, speaker, writer, internationally known, etc. I used to house sit for him and water his orchid collection. He was a great role model for me, especially his ability to organize scholarly papers and just his writing in general. I would edit/proofread it for him but there was so little to change. Sometimes he would stubbornly insist on keeping it his way, even if it was strange or possibly, incorrect. My husband can be like that.

  22. Sharon says:

    I worked for 17 years at the Mailman Center for Child Development, part of the U. of Miami and on the campus with Jackson Memorial Hospital, the earliest hospital in Miami and a teaching/charity hospital. Most of the children we saw had birth defects and developmental delays; much of it was genetic.

  23. thrasybulus says:


    What is the moral difference between the lunatic right making assassination jokes about Obama and this joke about assassinating Cantor?

  24. will says:


    Oh yeah. Its even fouler than Monsanto patenting, branding and hoarding seeds.

  25. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    I agree. It’s in incredibly poor taste.

  26. clymela says:

    Thank you once more Nancy for this article. I admit that I feel as though I am in a small ship on very choppy troubled waters sailing from one island to another. I am not afraid but deeply engaged in our journey.I am praying that this desire to live more deeply rooted in the ancient soil will be free to develop fully and that we will be able to turn away from the shallow “fun” that has caught our imaginations and turn to a deeper connection to life.

  27. alex says:

    that is interesting career work good situation to be helping children must have been fulfilling;

  28. will says:

    Oy Gott, a few people have taken ugly pills today. Its really okay to have a sense of humor about a horrid politician AND grieve a national tragedy at the same time, people. Ever see anyone laugh at a funeral home? Its called irony and “a sense of humor” – Google it. We’ve all grieved deeply and profoundly this last week. If the joke had been about the children victims, their loved ones or Lanza I could understand righteous indignation, censure and criticism. But its a reference to an old Clinton-era prank-letter and GWB, transferred onto Eric Cantor – a.k.a. Satan himself. Relax. Chill. Have a nog. Jeesh!

  29. M. says:

    The front page at HuffPo is chilling


  30. Iris says:

    Joking about an assassination attempt simply to get rid of a politician one is not fond of – our violence culture in a nutshell.

    The joke does serve to highlight how we attempt to solve the vast majority of our problems with violence. After all, jokes are not funny unless people find a larger truth behind them.

    It’s not hard to see why we have so many murders by guns in this country.

  31. kiwi says:

    you said it Will!!
    Happy Solstice Everyone!

  32. kiwi says:

    There is a time to be serious and a time to laugh.
    Knowing who is making the comment and having a grasp of their sense of humor, makes all the difference regarding intent and ‘joke’ telling.
    If you’d been visiting this blog for as long as I have you’d know that Will is well known for his delightfully irreverent sense of humor.
    Lighten up and focus on real issues!

  33. Iris says:

    You could be right, but I was hoping to point out the fact that our culture thinks it’s ok to solve problems through violence. Specifically, through gun violence and we are reaping the spoils of that kind of thinking.
    Saturn in Scorpio sextiling Pluto in Capricorn is giving us the tools to uncover the secrets of our current structures and transform them publicly if we choose.
    I am not attempting to chatise anyone’s humor, just pointing out our cultural humor, even our everyday language is filled with violence.
    Of course, you may disagree. What is the real issue, for you?

  34. Lorrie U says:

    Guess what? I don’t even get it. Have no idea what any of you are talking about…

  35. Lorrie U says:

    I still don’t get it. Must be above my head…

  36. Lorrie U says:

    Today’s headline on Huffington Post:

    3 Shot And Killed In Mich… 18-Year-Old Shot Multiple Times, Dies… Man Kills Wife, Teen, Himself… Man Shoots, Kills Own Son… Cops Shoot Teen Dead… Man Gunned Down In Parking Lot… 5 Dead In Spate Of Shootings… 2 Murdered In Philly… 2 Kansas Cops Shot Dead… Shooter Killed… 4 Die In Apparent Murder-Suicide… Ga. Cop Dies From Gunshot… Argument Leads Teen To Shoot Friend… Man Shot To Death… Teen Dies After Being Tied Up, Shot… Man Shot Dead In Street… Drug Deal Leads To Shooting Death… Mother Of 2 Killed In Road Rage Shooting… Man Shoots, Kills Intruder… 1 Killed In Coney Island… Man Dies From Gunshot Wounds… Cops Investigate Gun Death… Shooting Victim’s Body Found On Bike Trail… Man Charged With Shooting Own Brother Dead… Man Dies After Being Shot In Chest… Body Of Shooting Victim Found In Pickup… Teen Arrested For Robbery Shooting Death… Man Carrying 2-Year-Old Son Shot Dead… Man Fatally Shot Near Home… Parolee Dies In Shooting… 1 Killed In Buffalo Shooting… Man Shot Dead In Apartment Complex… Street Gun Battle Kills Grandma Bystander… Man, Woman Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide… Woman Shot Dead By Intruder… 14-Year-Old Arrested Over Fatal Gun Attack… Man Found Shot Dead In Parking Lot… Woman Shot In Face By Ex-Boyfriend… 1 Woman, 3 Men Shot Dead… 2 Die In Attempted Robbery… Army Reservist Shot To Death In Alley… Man Shot To Death In Bodega… 2 Shot Dead In Burned House… Man Shot During Break-In… Man Fatally Shot… 20-Year-Old Gunned Down… Man Shoots Self During Police Pursuit… 1 Killed In Baltimore Shooting… Cops ID Shooting Victim… 60-Year-Old Man Shot Dead… Shot Man’s Body Found In Vacant House…. Woman Shot And Killed Outside Her Home… Shooting Victim Was ‘Trying To Turn Life Around’… Slain Shooting Victim Found In Street…. Driving Altercation Leads To Shooting, 1 Dies… 3-Year-Old Dies In Accidental Shooting… Man Turns Self In After Allegedly Shooting Wife… Man Shot Dead Outside Home… 3 Slain In Separate New Orleans Shootings… Cops Investigate Shooting Death… Man Shot Dead In Ohio… Teen Shot To Death… Man Dies After Being Shot Multiple Times… Man Charged Over Son’s Shooting Death… Cops Find 2 Men Shot Dead… 1 Dies In Shooting… Man Charged Over Gun Killing… 1 Shot Dead In Confrontation… Man Charged With Murder Over Shooting… Motel-Owner Shot And Killed… Husband Shoots Estranged Wife Dead… Suspect Arrested Over Deputy’s Shooting Death… Police Probe Fatal Shooting… Cops Kill 2 Suspects In 3 Shooting Deaths… Man Killed Fighting Back Against Robber… Man Killed In Home Invasion…. Nightclub Shooting Kills 1… Child Brain Dead After Drive By Shooting… Man Charged Over Shooting Of Ex-Wife… Body Found In Vacant House… Teen Fatally Shot…

    U.S. Shooting Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 100

  37. kiwi says:

    Hi Lorrie U – not surprised you didn’t get it … the assassination reference was pretty obscure, so I don’t get the knee jerk outrage either!

    (PS: the joke links to hinkleys attempt to assassinate Reagan because he wanted to get jodie foster’s attention.)

  38. kiwi says:

    Hi Iris, I absolutely agree with you the gun culture in the US is NUTS!
    The biggest issue for me is the corruption in politics that have fashioned laws that allow misery for the masses because money is to be made by those who can influence certain politicians. I think organized crime went ‘white collar’ after the 70’s when the old crime families were ‘busted’. But they all knew which side their bread was buttered on so the next generation adapted. Sadly, I think solving the chaos will not come until corrupting influences are removed from the lawmakers, and the general population learns to live by a code of common sense, compassion, and a loving heart – which by the way are the core basics of real Christianity, unlike what is practiced by the ‘religious right’.
    I could ramble on, it’s a huge subject, but I think the best we can do as individuals is try to change attitudes in our own circle of influence, lovingly, peacefully, yet firmly and with humor, and trust that conditions will soon be right for all circles to eventually merge.
    In essence, it boils down to manners – society has lost its manners toward each other.

  39. Lorrie U says:

    Oh. Thanks, kiwi, I guess it never went into my long-term memory…

  40. Iris says:

    You bring up some very valid points. Lawmakers are important for a society. Additionally, how we interact with each other on a one-to-one basis is the foundation for a society.
    Here’s to kinder, gentler times ahead.

  41. teresahill says:

    Saw that on the HuffPo page. Shocking. What is it? A day’s worth of shootings?

  42. fierywoman says:

    Did you know there is research happening with stem cells to regrow lost (adult) teeth?

  43. will says:


    That is amazing. I guess dentistry will become a bad career move.

    Maybe someday stem cells will be able to grow a sense of humor too.

  44. fierywoman says:

    When you consider how medeival and draconian dentistry is … the growth of a sense of humor would be welcome news!

  45. will says:

    Indeed. And I’m thinking that maybe much of the shall we say, cool and less-than-merry moods herein are a function of the sun ingress Capricorn today….ruled by cold, serious, somber Saturn. No wonder so many are behaving like cops. And it is directly squaring mine and Jackson’s sun. Astrology works!

  46. Jackson says:

    Will, I was gonna say that it must be a zero-degree Aries sun sense of humor thing. I certainly laugh at things that some of the more PC among us will tut-tut me over. And some of the bunched-panty responses here are funny, too.

  47. alex says:

    no didn’t know that about teeth; but I do know that the diabetic epidemic could be stopped in it’s tracks if the friggin pharma industries ( who make more money than the oil companies if you can imagine that) would allow human beings to get well instead of pill popping us at the cost of an arm and leg – – to death;

  48. alex says:

    directed evolution:

    The 56-year-old La Cañada Flintridge resident said she works with a research group at Caltech to use biology to help solve human problems. “I direct the evolution of DNA sequences to encode useful, new properties, particularly enzyme catalysts that can be used to make chemicals and fuel.”

    Natural materials such as petroleum will eventually run out, she said, and creating renewable fuel is important.

    In her laboratories at Caltech, Arnold is harnessing the evolutionary process to create new proteins and enzymes that have the potential to wean the world off of fossil fuels, advance doctors’ understanding of disease and addiction and solve other pressing social problems.



    Directed evolution is a method used in protein engineering to harness the power of natural selection to evolve proteins or nucleic acids with desirable properties not found in nature.

  49. alex says:

    Sun square Neptune, reflects a missing/ineffectual or “weak” father presence in child’s life. ~ Melanie Reinhart

    Dark Goddess archetype and the exiled feminine: on the internet with Sedna at it’s lowest vibration –

    “Sedna is evil. A Sedna business will leave its customers in the gutter after it has taken all their money and stripped them of self-dignity. Sedna symbolizes drugs and prostitutes, products that promote violence and or emotionless sex. Sedna is so insidious that it helps nobody. During so-called “good transits” by Sedna, a person will make money – but the profits will corrupt the person’s soul to the very core. And then Sedna will eat the person alive.” [Magi Astrology]

    “Sedna’s myth may exemplify a female who does not want to commit in marriage, participate with men, or even be here on Earth, due to her fear of being hurt–an unresolved issue or molding from her unfortunate past, one that only perpetuates a life of loneliness. “ [Lunar Planner]

    “The encounter with what has been lost, drowned out, or frozen long ago… In other words, our own ‘Ice Age’: the wounds in the soul caused by the impatience, condemnation, dismissal or anger of the father; the living hell of unresolved outrage; the violence of hardship where we cut off from what is desperate and vulnerable in ourselves or others in order to survive. “ [Melanie Reinhart, in her article “The Goddess of the Frozen Waters.”]

    “Sedna swims into your life to tell you to stop being a victim. The way to wholeness is to recognize how you’ve been caught up in and are living the victim archetype, then to change the pattern by empowering yourself. Are you fond of saying, “Why is this happening to me?” Don’t get stuck in the “why”. … Sedna says we have all been victimized by something, by patriarchal institutions, discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or color. She encourages you to claim your power “ [Lynn Koiner]

    “The goddess Sedna teaches us that we must delve into the dark, cold places that we fear most if we are to find the riches that rest there. Sedna reminds us that, in spite of all our infirmities and our foolish mistakes, we are still worthy of love and respect and have every right to expect, and even demand, that others treat us well” [Goddess Gift]

    Planet Sedna Keywords
    Victim or victimizer, betrayal and/or abandonment by the father;

    Mundane Sedna:

    Conjuncts of Saturn and Uranus to Sedna in the last 100 years, orbs under one degree.

    • 1908, 28 June, Sedna conjunct Saturn. The Tunguska Event, a mysterious explosion devastating a wide area in Siberea.
    • 1931, May 11, Sedna conjunct Uranus. The Creditanstalt, Austria’s largest bank, goes bankrupt, beginning the banking collapse in Central Europe that causes a worldwide financial meltdown.
    • 1931, November 8, Sedna conjunct Uranus. The Panama Canal is closed for a couple of weeks due to damage caused by earthquakes.
    • 1932, January 15, Sedna conjunct Uranus. About 6 million are unemployed in Germany. 1932, January 22, Sedna conjunct Uranus. The British submarine HMS M2 sinks with all 60 hands.
    • 1932, January 30, Uranus conjunct Sedna. Brave New World, a novel by Aldous Huxley, is first published.
    • 1932 February 18, Uranus conjunct Sedna. Japan declares Manzhouguo (Japanese name for Manchuria) formally independent from China.
    • 1932, February 25, Sedna conjunct Uranus. Adolf Hitler obtains German citizenship by naturalization, opening the opportunity for him to run in the 1932 election for Reichsprasident.
    • 1932, March 1, Sedna conjunct Uranus, Charles Lindbergh Jr., is kidnapped from the family home near in New Jersey.
    • 1939, March 28 Sedna conjunct Saturn. Dictator Francisco Franco assumes power in Madrid
    • 1939, April 3, Sedna conjunct Saturn. Adolf Hitler orders the German military to start planning for the invasion of Poland.
    • 1969, May 10, Sedna conjunct Saturn. The Battle of Dong Ap Bia, also known as Hamburger Hill, begins during the Vietnam War.
    • 1969, May 15, Sedna conjunct Saturn. THe first death from HIV/AIDS in North America.
    • 1999, Juloy 16, Sedna conjunct Saturn. A plane piloted by John F. Kennedy Jr. crashes into the ocean off Martha’s Vineyard killing himself, his wife and her sister.
    • 1999, July 27, Sedan conjunct Saturn. Twenty-one people die in a canyoning disaster in Switzerland.
    • 1999, July 31, Sedna conjunct Saturn. NASA intentionally crashes a spacecraft into the Moon to detect frozen water on the lunar surface.
    • 1999, August 17, Sedna conjunct Saturn. A 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Turkey kills 17,000 and injures 44,000.
    • 1999, September 7, Sedna conjunct Saturn. A 5.9 magnitude 5eathquake in Athens kills 143 and injurs 2,000.
    • 1999, September 21, Sedna conjunct Saturn. A 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan kills 2,400.

    By Jamie Partridge

  50. alex says:

    Sedna Through The Signs

    3000 to 1443 BC Sco (1557 yrs)

    1442 to 0026 BC Sag (1416 yrs)

    25BC to 1046 AD Cap (1071 yrs)

    1047 to 1628 AD Aqu (581 yrs)

    1628 to 1867 AD Pis (239 yrs)

    1867 to 1967 AD Ari (100 yrs)

    1967 to 2023 AD Tau (56 yrs)

    2024 to 2066 AD Gem (42 yrs)

    2066 to 2107 AD Can (41 yrs)

    2107 to 2157 AD Leo (50 yrs)

    2157 to 2235 AD Vir (78 yrs)

    2236 to 2393 AD Lib (157 yrs)

    2394 to 2780 AD Sco (386 yrs)



    Sedna Discovery Chart

  51. Abilene says:

    I’m reminded of a Chris Rock performance talking about how the last disease to be cured was polio – polio! The reason being there’s no money in it. No truer words were spoken.

  52. will says:

    Indeed Jackson. Indeed.

  53. Francis says:

    In India the brutal gangrape of a young women has sparked mass protests, young people have had enough and this seems to be another manifestation of the Uranus-Pluto square: an event that wakes masses of people up energizing them to demand change.


  54. will says:

    Incredibly clever! Many thanks.

  55. Patty says:

    Nancy, Thank You for all you do to make us feel like this blog is ‘home and family’.
    Wishing all of ‘You and Yours’ a Wonderful Christmas!

    This brought a smile to me…hope you too:
    Christmas Video from US EMBASSY WARSAW:

  56. cappy says:

    Nancy … thank you so much for your new amazing column: Tick Tock.

    …your recent last sentences are like banners of hope and heraldic shields to me…
    May i say also, that i deeply salute your awesome work ethic … knowing the many full time jobs you have-hats you wear in this incarnation!

    Happy Return of the Winter Sun — Happy Saturnalia — Happy Winter Solstice to ALL:)

  57. Lorrie U says:

    Shootings in the one week since Sandy Hook. Today, the 22nd, there has been a string of shootings here in Tucson.

  58. barbk says:

    Can’t thank you enough for this chart alex. Wanted to know the degree Sedna was in at her discovery so followed up your info at serennu.com and learned a great deal that helps me understand Sedna’s symbolic meaning.

    A couple of the most important points here only; The Sun was opposite Sedna and conjunct dwarf planet Makemake, the Bird Man! Phil Sedgwick’s negative meaning for Makemake includes “cunning & verbally manipulative. Double talk. Diversion of facts. Declaring false findings (laying an egg, so to speak).” Wow.

    Sedna herself was at 17+ Taurus rx, and conjunct Ophelia (madness) at 17+ Taurus rx and conjunct the north node. Sun conjunct south node, Pholus, Pandora, as well as Makemake. Amazing.

    There is a yod (if you don’t quibble about orbs) between the sextile of Venus and Neptune with Saturn at the apex. Saturn is opposite Chiron, making it a Boomerang. Venus is conjunct the Great Attractor. Venus/GA (comfort and ease + powerful gravity pull) and Neptune (illusion) put pressure on Saturn (father, society expectations), and Saturn “takes it out” on Chiron (wounded). This is why I love astrology.

    The Moon was about to be exactly conjunct Ceres (25+ Cancer) who also lost the most important thing in her life. Ceres daughter Persephone at 20+ Capricorn was opposite the Moon and Ceres but sextile the Sun. She was “offered up”; a sacrifice if you will.

    Again, many thanks; you made my day!

  59. Sharon says:

    Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dog), makes a great Moses! Yes, this was clever.

  60. barbk says:

    oops, Makemake wasn’t conjunct the Sun afterall. He was sextile the Sun at 20 Virgo, not 20 Scorpio. However, Mars was trine Saturn making a good impression on Dad, but Mars was also opposite Jupiter (truth) and this opposition was t-square Venus and the GA. I still stand by the yod. :)

  61. alex says:

    glad to make your day; astrology workers of the minor asteroids UNITE :-) two more baking days til X-mas, to you and yours have a good holiday;

  62. Lorrie U says:

    Holy Moly! There were a series of shootings here today in Tucson. One man shot at a country club, another man shot in south Tucson, four injured at a strip club, and shots fired at the Tucson Mall, no injuries found. Plus gun sales are surging here after Newtown. Open-carry here, lots of crazy repubs…

  63. Gypsi says:

    It almost missed me. Hinckley attempted
    To kill a friend of Foster’s. I didn’t
    Know she was gay

  64. mitzi says:

    Wonderful, Alex. Thank you!

  65. angellight says:

    Risa’s Esoteric/Mystical/Astrological Site:


  66. cappy says:

    As Nancy stated when discussing the Congressional Republican’s dysfunctionality:
    “The wake-up call this time was another painfully outrageous reminder
    of how much party, personal ambition, and ideology trump country in today’s Republican world.”

    Isn’t this *Treason* and immediately worthy of criminal charges re the solemn
    Constitutional oaths taken by now deliberately hostile – obstructionist Republicans??

    What is Constitutionally most expedient?
    Slow impeachment proceedings or waiting until 2014 election is untenable.
    The Brits have an always available “Vote of Confidence” card to play…as we saw when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher lost her Office when she was simply out of the country a few days.
    Time for a quick ‘Vote of Confidence’ re the Repubs. possibly Online!

  67. clymela says:

    Hope that everyone is moving toward a rich and happy holiday time.
    Something on my mind today: I rise very early on the weekends so that I can listen to Chris Hayes and I have done so this Sunday. the discussion is about the budget problems and where to cut to change the deficit. inn all the discussion no one has brought up all the money that goes to the military or rather what we call the military/industrial complex. I read a piece on drones and the fact that they can be as small as birds or simply monsters-this type of development and people cannot afford to go to the doctor. At any rate my question to even Chris Hayes is why are we, the people, the only problem? Seems to me that we only think of human needs as a problem and never the industrial especially that connected with military powers. Perhaps I am forgetting how small the services are now and other cut-backs but I felt troubled that the only problem people are thinking about is how much trouble humans are.

  68. cappy says:


    This is the Treason mentioned above by our Gov’t …and now sadly by our best political thinkers, e.g Chris Hayes (!)

  69. will says:

    Clymela, you are so, so, right on. I share your vexation – and I would imagine many who post herein as well as the lion’s share of Americans do as well.

  70. will says:

    Good grief, Laurie. And to think you are living in the state “governed” by Jan Brewster. Nonetheless, I am sure you have carved out a very pleasant and blessed sanctuary for yourself…………away from all of those alcohol, God, Guns and no-Guts extremists who tend to live in that area. You’re like the proverbial “voice in the wilderness” there, no doubt. Be safe.

  71. alex says:

    clymela I’m going to comment on one of my long held beliefs but since it’s Sunday errands I’m facing not going to stick around to support or defend my idea; I’ll check back in during the day to read – I don’t want to start a ‘flame war’ simple tell you that:

    a decade ago I read about the ‘National Security Act of 1947′ signed by Truman; you can wiki that term to get the basic outline of historic event;

    in that act the ‘intelligence surveillance agencies’ which included the military intelligence surveillance operations were given a ‘black budget'; what that meant is a) they would no longer have to report to Congress or any institution in the government what they did with that BLACK SECRET BUDGET – they were released from ‘oversight’ by our democratic institutional check and balances system forever;

    as I studied up/read up on our economic/political history from before and after 1947 I had to come to the conclusion that the National Security Act of 1947 shifted our foundations as a democracy into a permanent Military Oligarchy the democracy remained in a parallel universe becoming more and more corrupt;

    so much so the left over parts of our economic political government culture began to abandon ‘democracy’ in favor of plutocracy for the wealthy elite which the GOP/Libertarian/Tea party lead over the years abandoning the middle class abandoning ‘We the People’ government under the early – Neocon Ronald Reagan et al Hoover Institute and Chicago School of Economics extreme conservative inside advisers;

    the emergence of NEOCONS (as we know them) came out of those economic – government business models ( Milton Friedman, : Friedrich August Hayek , Leo Strauss etc );

    I think late 20th century Plutocratic-Neocon driven foreign policy / Global World view is an attempt, in some ways, to reclaim control over the American Military Oligarchy; these extreme Neocon entities were operating in places of power before Bush jr. but emerged for the public to see and understand under the Bush;

    the Neocons turned out to be especially corrupt and amoral ( permission to become corrupt/amoral from Friedman, Hayek and Strauss is part and parcel of the Hoover Institute, Chicago School of Economic Libertarian/extreme conservatism )

    and that amoral corruption has ushered in the transformative thread of hope ironically push from ‘We the People’ to participate and exercise their ‘franchise’ in the democratic government once again;

    ‘We the People’ are fighting to survive treading water keeping our our collective noses barely above the water-line;

    in my view the Military Oligarchy has been our national ‘form’ since 1947…. what I hope to see is that they lead the way in environmental sustainable behavior ( they are slowly doing that as a national security matter ) and tangentially push for mitigation to causes of climate crisis ( but since the climate crisis shapes the world into world-wide plutocracies replacing democracy I think they will use continue to use climate crisis to entrench Neocon Shock Doctrine “Capitalism” everywhere )

    in any case….. by the ‘military’ oilgarchy I mean the flag staff upper strata military institutions and offers not the rank and file military workers; fact check me on this but I think US military is our largest employer-agency;

    if we are to have our democracy survive I believe that we have to have this view of reality come out of the shadows into the sunlight to be known and understood throughout the public domain so we can re-balance towards the foundations of a functional democracy;

    I believe the foremost step towards that re-balance is by dealing with Legislative ( both federal and state) /Corporate national corruption;

    the comment box has no preview or edit function… so there will be my usual mess of typos and errors in my long unstructured (un-sentence grammar) comment….

  72. Sharon says:

    Very, very nice, Angellight. Thank you for sharing this. I also went to her website. There’s a lot of different description of this time that we are going through in the world that I found a little difficult to unify mentally but the words and, especially, the images create very high and beautiful spiritual vibrations (higher than where I am at). I liked the individual natal sign descriptions on her website, too..general but lovely.

  73. Wennye' says:

    this beautiful holiday season.
    from FEEDING THE HUNGRY blog..

  74. clymela says:

    Cappy,Will,Alex-thank you for your responses-I needed to hear from “my family”and I have and I do feel strengthened even if not comforted.
    Alex-I have been unconscious of this law from 1947 but I plan to take care of that gap in my knowledge. I was born in 1947 (5/25/1947) and have wondered about the wicked Saturn/Pluto conjunction that with my Moon sits at the bottom of my chart.Oh! And Jupiter was in Scorpio thus ruled by Pluto. I have wondered from time to time about how this was born out in the world since we are referring to the social and trans-personal planets here. I imagine the idea was to keep us safe from communism-the Cold War as it was. Thanks so much for directing my thoughts to this fact that has gotten us to the insanity. I’m sure my heart would break if i knew who has had the knowledge to guide us into this moral ditch-my generation, the wealthiest children ever, no doubt benefited but not our children and certainly not our grandchildren.

  75. alex says:


    The United States Department of Defense has a black budget it uses to fund black projects—expenditures it does not want to disclose publicly.

    Shades of Black

    THE DIFFERENCE between black programs–officially termed “special access programs”–and those merely employing classified activities is simple: A black program is one in which the identity, purpose and even costs of the entire operation are concealed not only from taxpayers, but also from a majority of congress members. Secrecy makes waste and fraud inherent in a system that evades public–and often internal–checks and balances.

    “Paint it Black”, a 1997 metroACTIVE article very critical of the use of Black budgets in the US

    “Exposing the Black Budget”, a 1995 Wired article with the same stance

    “America’s Black Budget and the Manipulation of Mortgage and Financial Markets”

  76. alex says:



    Blank Check by Tim Weiner

    The origin, growth and uses of the Pentagon’s secret treasury details the virtual hidden army within the U.S. Army. This is a hard-hitting expose of power out of control.

  77. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, I seem to have a cocoon of acquaintances who are sane and think like me, so between them and this site, I can manage to live a fairly pleasant life. Like they say, like attracts like…

  78. Lorrie U says:

    Cappy, I’ve been crying the call of treason for quite a long time, have seen it addressed occasionally on the internet, but no one seems to actually take up arms to make it happen.

  79. Lorrie U says:

    Ha! We kinda knew this…

    Mitt Romney ‘had no desire’ to run for president, his son says

    Romney did not want to run again after he was disappointingly passed over for the 2008 party nomination. “He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to . . . run,” claims his 20/20 hindsighted son Tagg, who reportedly badgered Mitt into running with help from his mom, Ann.

  80. Lorrie U says:

    Not Voting in 2010 Could be the Costliest Mistake Democrats Have Made In Recent History


  81. Virginia says:


    ‘This is the actuality of what is occurring – light falling to earth and into each of us. We are the Receivers & then the Radiators of Light.’

    An excellent description of the Ascension – Thanks!

  82. cappy says:

    The Role of Antidepressants/SSRI in Violence!!!

    This list will astound you-i had a relative – on Paxil – who one day quietly put a bullet through his Heart! He and thousands ++ are not on included on this list…nonetheless it is a powerful wake- up call for Congress-Mental Health professionals, Big Pharma – Gun Control and all those looking for relief from an antidepressant pill.


  83. cappy says:

    Are the Romney’s now trying to sell London Bridge??

    No man was more willing to Sell His Soul than Walter Mitt Romney.

  84. alex says:

    that’s a good idea: if progressive groups supported a web site to vote ‘no confidence’ on GOP official conduct and behavior that was distributed widely enough on the web to attraction 100’s of thousands of petitioners

  85. cappy says:

    Lorrie…Yes…Nancy mentions a successful people’s revolution toute de suite…more people are awake and staying awake…am affirming it will be peaceful… e.g. non – compliance — en ma$$e — will get our Traitors and financial Terrorists attention.

    Wish it didn’t need to come to this!

  86. Sharon says:

    This is an important article! I find the prospect frightening.

  87. Sharon says:

    This is also very important. I think I posted it in a different format earlier. I believe the doctors/psychiatrists are failing here as they need to be following peoples’ reactions to these drugs, particularly adolescents for whom the cerebral cortex, which controls the rational, executive functions of the brain, doesn’t mature until age 25, while the emotions and hormones run very high at that time. But they are not the only ones who are vulnerable. Right, therapists?

  88. cappy says:


    That is a great idea–perhaps a ‘No Confidence Petition’ on the well respected central WH petitions site– where all American citizens are entitled to 1 recorded vote per issue up to a certain automatic % =*REMOVAL* # .
    We would vote on the professional -reasonable-humane-balanced- conduct and behavior of the GOP- as they have been seriously ‘out of order’ — ineffective — and deeply treacherous -willing to destroy the country and at least 47% of the people=the Ill – Poor- Children (after birth) & Elderly for at least 12 long frightening years!
    As their impoverished bosses-the 98%- who pay their salaries–and listen to their solemn public oaths-We the People are Constitutionally *The Deciders* on their Trustworthiness vs their Treachery-Treason.
    Not just in early November every 2-4 years when the e- machines are rigged and the minority vote is suppressed by the R’s * Anytime *.

  89. Patty says:

    Hi, Lorrie, I absolutely love Politicususa.

    And this is an important article on how the Dems have totally underestimated their strength/power/numbers. We merely need to reach/wake-up more people.
    Go Read RightWing websites, they’re constantly filling heads with fear-fear-fear…imploring them to man-up like brave soldiers to save their states!
    They’ve got the ‘tricks’…but, we’ve got the numbers!

    My question to Astrologers here:
    When, this year, would be most advantageous period to implement a large scale operation engaging American Voters?
    I have one ‘little’ contact, Robert Reich’s secretary. I so admire Reich…he’s very dedicated! http://robertreich.org/

  90. fierywoman says:

    loved the US Embassy Warsaw; I shook Snoop’s hand at a recording session: the wussiest handshake EVAH!!!

  91. alex says:

    they don’t like bad PR…. every little bit helps;

  92. Jackson says:

    This link to a talk by San Francisco astrologer Jessica Murray showed up in my e-mail box. Thought some of you might enjoy or get something from it, so I’m sharing.


  93. will says:


    I’m a huge fan – she’s terrific. I am very glad you posted the link…a wonderful hour of astrological/political/spiritual validation.

    Many thanks

  94. Lorrie U says:

    Mental illness, medications and school shootings: Preventing another Sandy Hook

    One common factor in nearly every school shooting and many other crimes is that the perpetrators were being treated for some sort of mental illness with mind-altering medications.


  95. Lorrie U says:

    Another insane RWNJ…

    Montana Man Arrested For Waterboarding Sons And Making School Threat

    An unidentified witness gave a statement that, on December 5th, they saw Province waterboarding the boys, who are ages 9 and up. Province proclaimed that the punishment was “a learning experience” for the boys, as he straddled one of them with his hand over the boy’s face while pouring water over it. Province was in the process of waterboarding a fourth child (why did that person do nothing??) when his girlfriend came in and tried to stop him. Province grabbed her and twisted her arm behind her back so hard that he broke her wrist and a few fingers. He was ready to fight the police when they arrived on the scene but they managed to arrest him without further incident.

    He was wearing military-style body armor and, the witness told police, owns assault rifles and armor-piercing bullets. The latter is of concern as the accused was also heard to make threats to “take care of everything and everyone” at a nearby school and a Child Protective Service office. He also threatened an unidentified foster parent.


  96. alex says:


    1989 YOD, SA Capricorn – PL Scorpio – JU

    YOD ‘shape shift’ where suddenly way of life can be altered in a good way as it was for Europe in 1989, or in an evil way as it was in Tiananmen Square also in 1989.

    December 22, 2012 YOD, SA Scorpio – PL Capricorn -JU

    Alan Leo is considered the father of modern astrology and in his published work he describes Jupiter as ‘the preserver’ and compared Jupiter to the Trinity. The influence of Jupiter in the Yod will bring about a critical awareness that is heightened among the people and most likely delay any evil that could have been precipitated from the aspect between Saturn and Pluto.


    Military and intelligence sources report: The Russian foreign minister’s statement was a message to Washington that the transfer of Syria’s weapons of mass destruction to one or two protected sites was under Russian control.

    This had removed the danger of them falling into the hands of the al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra ,which had come ominously close Friday, Dec. 21, when the Islamists spearheaded a Syrian rebel assault for the capture of the al-Safira military complex and Bashar Assad’s chemical and biological stores.

    Lavrov did not go into detail about how this arsenal was removed and to which locations. But his reference to “Russian military advisers training Syria’s military” clearly indicated that Russian forces were directly involved in removing the WMD out of the reach of the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.

    His assertion that they were “under control” indicated that Russia was also involved in safeguarding them.


  97. alex says:

    The chemical warfare threat looming over Syria’s civil war and its neighbors has taken an epic turn with the announcement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Saturday, Dec. 22, that “the Syrian government has consolidated its chemical weapons in one or two locations” amid a rebel onslaught. He stated that these weapons were under control of the Russians.


  98. tetramorph says:

    National Weather Service is calling for strong storms Christmas day, with the threat of tornados from NOLA over to FL., with MS., & AL. facing significant threat. In the blog on wunderground, the folks are saying this is a first. If you’re in that region, please stay alert & stay safe.

  99. cappy says:

    Thank you, Alex.
    Every sentence we all write here ripples galactically – basically everywhere in the Ethers.
    We will see to it that bad PR re Dangerous -Treasonous GOPERS heats up-no possibility of their ‘saving face’ unless they grow a Heart – Soul – Will and actual Evidence of effectively Helping the 100% !

  100. cappy says:

    Alex…wow!…brilliant expose of major historic event–the ‘National Security Act of 1947′ signed by Truman (!!!)
    You are definitely more knowledgable & insightful than any of my Political Science professors @ Georgetown U. Foreign Service School.
    Do you think that PBO very recently forcefully put down a potential Conservative-Neocon Military Oligarchy Coup d’Etat by basically ‘firing’ 26 top military officers–
    Petraeus amongst them under the guise of romantic affair??

    Will look for the whistleblower account of this possibility.

  101. Sharon says:

    …and that means me/us. I knew about this because a friend is flying in from NJ tomorrow, expected to land about 1:45 p.m…wondering if they will delay her flight…weather.com says we in NOLA won’t get strong weather until 2 p.m. It’s a strange time of year for tornados but it’s also been unseasonably warm in the 70s and 60s, with high humidity. After the front passes, temps will drop to the 50s. Thanks for the good thoughts, Tetramorph—may everyone in this area be safe and may the storms be downgraded and weakened.

  102. Sharon says:

    –And, in spite of it all, let’s laugh in the face of any and all storms and have a very Merry, Peaceful, and loving Christmas. I love the holidays of my faith but I will always have a very special place in my heart for Christmas, the holiday of Christ consciousness. Nothing can blemish that, no matter how commercial it may become. May all of you keep Christmas in your hearts and be surrounded by love, including self-love.

  103. angellight says:

    Starlight & all Starlighters: Happy Holidays to everyone. May it be safe and peaceful & blessed.

  104. alex says:

    it’s a complex world :-)

  105. teresahill says:

    Yes, our DailyKos weather blogger, WeatherDude just posted. Strong possibility of nasty storms in the deep south. Everybody please stay alert to the weather in that area.

  106. teresahill says:

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

    We had a crazy year here, didn’t we? But we got through it. :)

    Here’s hoping 2013 is better.

    Grateful for all the support and interesting conversation and having Starlight and everyone else’s insights into what’s coming.

    If anyone’s interested in reading one of my books, the Christmas story is free right now at Amazon for Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Twelve-Days-McRae-Series-ebook/dp/B007MB7FYO/ref=pd_sim_kstore_3

    Very, very grateful to everyone who listened to my troubles with my daughter and offered insight and encouragement.

    She’s not drinking and I’m sure now, not an alcoholic. Is fairly stable on her anti-depressant and calmer. Hopefully, getting ready to pull her life together and move on. (Please, God.)
    Had a blow up over house rules and general respect and I invited her to find another place to live last week, if she wasn’t ready to behave here. (Hello, Pluto-Uranus Square. Right on time.)
    She did, lasted a week with a friend, cold and hungry and bored. (Not much money for heat. I gave them some bland food from my pantry, so not starving but not well-fed. No internet. No TV.)
    She came back last night. Not sure if she’ll leave again or not. It’s stressful, but I’m not scared she’s self-destructive and will do something dangerous or scary while gone.
    This is progress.

    Anyway, thanks for everything.

    Anyone interested in talking goals/hopes for 2013? Maybe some of the personal aspects you’ll be facing in your chart?

  107. Virginia says:

    I spent the 21st – in between meditations and waiting to lifted into the 5th dimension – making chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them many times before, so it was a big surprise when they came out flat and greasy. Hmmm. Added some flour to the batter, but it made no difference. My boyfriend dubbed them Mayan cookies and wondered if the day’s special energies altered them somehow. Great – the cookies ‘ascended’ and I didn’t!

    May you all have a great holiday and lots of loved-ones to share it.

    Blessed be,

  108. barbk says:

    Thanks Virginia, I needed that! We should always be prepared for great expectations to fall flat I guess. Still, ascension is supposed to be a gradual thing I’ve read, so keep an eye on those cookies.

  109. fierywoman says:

    Well I’m glad I’m still “stuck” in 3rd D with the community at this site !!!!

  110. JA says:

    I like Michael Moore.

    Merry Christmas, everybody. I’m so happy that Nancy has a blog and President Obama was re-elected.

  111. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Teresa Hill, for your lovely, honest message and update on your life. I definitely AM interested in reading your book so thank you for the gift. I am SO glad things are moving along with your daughter and that you are finding Pluto/Uranus square to be a help. May you, your daughter, and your family have continued growth and fulfillment in 2013. And, yes, I am interested in talking about the personal aspects. What with Neptune beginning to move from 0 to 1 Pisces (my sun sign is at 1 degree, something—and much later it will hit my jupiter, mars, venus, NN and MC placements), I feel spacey and slow during my break from school, cranky, but better today–I was able to get moving (sun in my 7th; getting along well with my husband). My stepson is the problem–not talking to us for 2 mo., a very dramatic double-Leo (sun, mercury) with 2 planets in Virgo who cannot see things clearly and has been difficult on and off since I’ve been in the family the last 11,12 years, but more on, as well as manipulative. Robert Hand in astro.com says that with Saturn trine his natl Cancer Mars, and Pluto opposite his natal Mars in 2013 (the entire year), he will be a “formidable opponent” and very strong in pursuing his goals. I hope he succeeds and they make him independent and secure, but he has been a tough opponent, wanting his way without earning it, trying different tactics from sweet and casual to tantrums, and always very stubborn—dependent on the family but sensitive and insulted if he is not treated the way he feels he should be, not considering others all that much. My husband’s sun is in 8 Aries so he’ll have the Uranus effect in 2013 (I think the next Pluto/Uranus Square is at 11 degrees, affecting my stepson’s Mars, not my husband’s sunsign) so I hope it enlivens my husband’s life without undue stress. I will have Pluto on my 10 Capricorn descendant affecting me on and off through 2014, then passing through the 7th with it’s emphasis on powerful people. Robert Hand says Pluto on the descendant means put your cards on the table, draw your boundaries, take your stand, and be careful of deception. All this being on my toes is beginning to hurt them (and Neptune on my sun, making me a little confused and over-emotional). Anyway, that’s what’s happening with me (as well as Uranus continuing through my 10th house as I continue in grad school in SW which, hopefully, will be right for me). Interested in hearing what’s going on with others here for 2013. I like Teresa’s idea if you would like to share.

  112. Sharon says:

    With Neptune crossing my sign last year, I found myself more empathetic and able to have my heart touched. At this point, it’s making me a little obsessive and paranoid. It’s good I realized what was happening so I can detach more :-)

  113. Sharon says:

    Michelle Obama reading a Christmas story to the children at a children’s hospital with Bo on her lap – with two beautiful children at her side (and Bo is such a very gentle dog). The DU comment is that Bo reflects the vibes of the household he lives in.


  114. teresahill says:

    I heard Michelle tell Oprah when Bo was very young that he climbed into her lap, like a little lap dog.
    Never imagined he was still doing it. :)
    I bet he weighs 50 pounds. That’s no small dog in your lap. And he got to stay there the whole time she read, like he was used to that kind of treatment. Obviously a happy, well-loved dog.

  115. teresahill says:

    I feel I understand your stepson so well. My daughter is a Leo Rising/Aries Sun. So much fire and drama. (sigh)
    I’ve been really spacey, too, and not getting any writing done. Uranus was retrograde in my 3rd house. Felt very strange. But it just went direct, and I can feel the next story coming. (Whew.) I’m just all out of sorts when I’m not writing.
    Here’s to a better 2013.

  116. starlight says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!!
    Stay safe from any wild weather those of you near the storms.

  117. Noelle says:

    It was rather deflating. I had such high expectations. But family relatonships seem to be getting better in my life and the weather was just a tease rather than a problem. Maybe it is a gradual thing. I hope so.

  118. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Teresa. Glad to hear your moving forward with your writing, too. Productivity feels so good. I’m looking forward to reading “Twelve Days.” I just saw a great Nature special called “Christmas in Yellowstone” and found out that bears don’t sleep when they hiberate….tey are actually up but resting quietly. I guess that’s what we do at this time of year when the days are short and life can be at its most peaceful, and one of the best things to do is to pray for those who need solace and healing.

  119. Bob says:

    Merry Christmas to all and my wishes that everybody has a safe and happy holiday season.

  120. alex says:

    cappy – patty

    Establishment Democrats like former Rep. Lee Hamilton and former Sen. David Boren – consortium news

    they are Democrats (brand) but I watched them over the years – – they are died in wool NEOCONS; Boren has some special Bush magic and Hamilton is insider’s insider;

  121. alex says:


    venus transit frequency

    Merry Christmas – – Starlighters

  122. will says:


    A terrific clip. Many thanks for sharing!

  123. will says:

    And I believe Jupiter moves direct today – which will hopefully make it an even Merrier Christmas for all. Thank you, Starlight, for having this blog as my favorite daily touchstone. Even if I don’t post all of the time, I am always checking in. And I am grateful for all of the excellent input from the fellow bloggers. You all make a difference in my life, even if we don’t agree on everything. Viva la difference! Joyeux Noel!

  124. Sharon says:


  125. Sharon says:

    And Feliz Navidad and a Joyous Kwanza to everyone here!

  126. Lune Prière says:

    Merry Christmas Starlight and Starlighters! I would’ve never made it through the crazy election this year without you! May 2013 be filled with blessings for all of you!

  127. tetramorph says:

    Peace on Earth & Goodwill to Humanity ~ Nancy and the all the other Starlighters, thank you for playing your part.

    The Shift happened, I’m certain, though really it’s been a slow train a long time coming. We’re clearly in New Territory; it’s just that we’re still close to the old one, and things kind of look and are the same – there’s still a lot of “karma” to resolve; some may even choose to go back, but either way, that train, she’s rolling now! Nothing will stop her.

    Morning HAS broken!!!

  128. Wennye' says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my sisters and brothers of Starlight! Blessings going forth..Wennye’

  129. alex says:

    after reviewing analyzer venus transit page decided it is not so cool but the following page about ‘orbits’ is good because you can view the same orbit information in three sequences, beginner, medium, advanced….. which is cool


  130. Lorrie U says:

    Brain chemistry controls violent behavior like Newtown shooting – decades of research has shown

    Abnormal chemicals in the brain fuel violence – Many people with behavior disorders have abnormal levels of copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, calcium, magnesium and manganese in their blood. This nutritional imbalance can easily be diagnosed via tests of blood and urine. Parents, educators and mental health providers need to become aware of the nutritional research, some of it decades old, that can TREAT these individuals, many of whom are currently on pharmaceutical medications that only add to their delusions, suicidal tendencies and impulses to violence.
    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038453_brain_chemistry_violent_behavior_Newtown_shooting.html#ixzz2G63PXTYD

  131. Lorrie U says:

    George Bailey’s Famous Speech from It’s A Wonderful Life

    Jimmy Stewart plays George Bailey to Lionel Barrymore’s Mr. Potter in Frank Capra’s movie It’s a Wonderful Life We used to call George Bailey’s belief in a fair chance for everyone the American spirit, but now it’s the liberal spirit because the conservatives are rooting for Mr. Potter (and Scrooge, apparently – no, really).

    Here’s George Bailey’s famous speech from It’s A Wonderful Life (1946), in which he admonishes the greedy Mr. Potter, “You know how long it takes a workin’ man to save five thousand dollars? Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about, they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath? Anyway, my father didn’t think so. People were human beings to him, but to you, a warped, frustrated old man, they’re cattle.”

    Be careful this holiday, because your tea party family and friends will surely try to convince you that It’s a Wonderful Life is actually the story of the Great and Free Mr. Potter and his grassroots attempt to create Pottersville, a paradise of Right to Work misery befitting the lazy, entitled working class of this country. Moochy and lazy Mr. Bailey is the 47% who clearly thinks he and his fellow citizens are entitled to decent housing. His kids are probably on food stamps, and what’s up with the socialism (helping others? thinking of others?!) pre Kenyan! Bah.

    And surely Mr. Potter has an A+ rating from the NRA because nothing helps the elite more than violence and chaos among the 99%.


  132. barbk says:

    Jupiter stations direct on Jan. 30th will, but Mars enters Aquarius in less than an hour from now. As the President has Jupiter at 0 Aquarius, I imagine he will hit the deck running tomorrow morning. Behind closed doors likely, as his Jupiter is in the 12th house!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful safe Christmas and that you don’t have to drive through this winter blizzard to get home!

  133. Noelle says:

    Tetramorph, I sure do hope you are right. I think you are but I’m not a certain as I was this time last month.

  134. Patty says:

    The (Big Money Created) Tea Party might not be over, but it is increasingly clear that the election last month significantly weakened the once-surging movement, which nearly captured control of the Republican Party through a potent combination of populism and fury.

    Read the whole story at The New York Times

  135. mitzi says:

    Love that Micheal Moore! Thanks JA!

  136. will says:


    Thank you for the correct day of Jupiter moving forward – I was looking at last year’s forward movement which was on December 25. My bad.

  137. alex says:

    barbk, CNN reported on the exponential growth of ’26 acts’ on social media, Jupiter in collective cultural conscience has found it’s legs;


    ’26 acts of kindness’ movement honors Sandy Hook, makes life better

  138. angellight says:

    Paradise or Oblivion: A Fesable Plan for Social Change And An Alternative to Strive For!

    http://youtu.be/KphWsnhZ4Ag via @youtube

  139. tetramorph says:

    It will take a lot of love and most likely another 45+ years of work… I do see us collectively moving in the right direction, despite the efforts of some to pull us back, and those efforts will certainly continue. However, just look at how the world has changed in the last 45 years — the overall movement has been positive. We stand at a door; we are the ones who have been trying to pull it open all our lives, but that doesn’t necessarily mean *we* get to go through…

    The experience, for me, of the past month, was a type of review: I looked at my own life choices (which are radical and heretical to the mainstream) and found them to be worth living for; a reaffirmation. I have, in my past, questioned those at times — now I see that I should have lived my convictions even stronger than I did, that I should have never questioned them. But now I know, and I’m sticking to it.

  140. cappy says:

    Thanks Alex, made my 2012:)

  141. clymela says:

    I am so grateful for all the warmth and interest I find here year after year. i come here every day or usually. I dropped out Christmas Eve in order to ‘COOK MY BUTT OFF”for family and friends. I love to cook and bake and to have company.We had a wonderful Christmas.
    Happy Christmas and New year for everyone here.
    i am still wrought up about the “shadow government”and the destructiveness of that part of our country. I look forward to the days when we give up on this killing of humans and animals to supposedly protect ourselves. All I have ever seen from this attitude is increased expenses that are destroying education and social supports. I also look forward to the day when we view animals as sharing life with us even though there was ham and
    turkey on my table yesterday-I would have been happy with the trimmings but not everyone in the family is quite there yet.
    Thank you Nancy for this wonderful site and prayers of light and love for everyone here.

  142. alex says:

    The Democrats in Senate better be smarter than this: the article reports Boehner wants Senate to pass their version of bill to avert ‘cliff’ then it goes to House; what the article doesn’t say is that Boehner et al will attach more demands to the bill – pass it – send it to the Senate so then the Senate is forced to take the blame for going over the cliff ( not the House ) or pass an austerity-loaded RETHUG’cliff’ bill;

    I don’t know parliamentary/legislative rules but I know a trick when I see the same old ‘GOP/Libertarian/Tea/OBSTRUCTION coming!


  143. barbk says:

    “An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree.” This Sabian Symbol resonates with the American people this year because it is the symbol of the degree where the 2012 U.S Solar Return chart’s north node was located. It is the degree where Mercury stationed retrograde this year and it is the degree which Mercury was in when 26 people were murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Dane Rudhyar writes that “the owl has always been a symbol of wisdom, and its hooting call has evoked a rise to mysterious and hidden elements in life.” The Moon’s North Node in any chart is a compass needle pointing toward the direction where opportunities for growth will be found. Therefore, this year the USA’s symbol to follow for guidance, opportunity and growth is the hooting of a wise old owl.

    When any planet stations retrograde or direct there is an emphasis on that degree as well as any aspects between the stationing planet and other planets, and as well, any significant aspects between the other planets at the time.

    Mercury stationed retrograde on 11/6/12, and voting Americans were in the process of electing a President. The Moon was conjunct the sitting President’s Sun but it wasn’t a sure thing he would be re-elected since the country was divided in half over many issues. The Sun in this Mercury retrograde chart was square the Moon, but Jupiter was sextile the Moon. The Moon in a chart like this one represents “the people” – it’s citizens – and it also represents the mood of the country at the time. The Moon was in Leo and the people desperately wanted a leader. Jupiter in Gemini offered an easy choice of two, but the Sun in Scorpio challenged the Moon with its secrets and its power. Dane Rudhyer further says about the degree where Mercury stationed, “The owl functions lucidly in the night aspect of existence. His eyes see what men normally fail to perceive.” Stationing Mercury was conjunct the US solar return chart’s North Node, the Old Owl, symbol of a guiding north star. Stationing Mercury also trined Uranus and squared Chiron in the election day chart. Uranus promised a breakthrough and Chiron promised it would be painful.

    On the day when the U.S. was shocked by the murder of 26 innocent people, 20 of which were only 6 or 7 years old, the people grieved en masse. Again, Mercury was conjunct the degree of the wise old owl. Just the day before, Uranus had stationed direct himself, intensifying the possibility of a shocking breakthrough. Again, he was exactly trine Mercury, both of them in fire signs which provided the power of divine inspiration. Dane Rudhyar on the wise old owl: “He represents that consciousness which is active when the processes of life normally escape the attention of the personal ego and its intellect.” It was a Uranian consciousness takeover.

    As Mercury’s higher octive, Uranus represents a higher field of awareness than Mercury; it was instant evolution for Americans that day. Chiron was again square Mercury with his unrelenting message to become conscious, even if it meant suffering to do so. Rudhyar says this symbol “suggests the possibility of developing a wisdom beyond tragedy, a peace and poise beyond conflict.”

    But what is wisdom without love and compasion? On the higher octive Neptune symbolzies compassion and on the lower octive Venus symbolizes love. In the chart for the Sandy Hook disaster Venus was conjunct the transiting north node, the guiding star, and Neptune was conjunct Chiron. They brought love and compassion to the grief and shock of the experience of that terrible loss. Venus did even more though; she was sextile the Acendant in the Sandy Hook chart and they together formed a yod with Ceres at the point, symbol of the grieving mother. Whats more, the Sandy Hook chart Ascendant was also conjunct the U.S Solar Return Moon symbolizing feelings and family. The Solar Return chart’s Moon and the Sandy Hook Ascendant were both conjunct the U.S natal Sibly Pluto, symbol of our dark and hidden fears and our instinct for self-preservation.

    These feminine aspects of humanity represented by the Moon, Venus and Ceres, brought the nation together as one family to grieve and to ask why. Why did it have to happen, why does it continue to happen, when will it end?

    The answer lies within the symbol of Pluto. Our deepest fears, our most ancient instinct for self-preservation holds the key to unlocking our resistance to the repeating message of Chiron: grow beyond those fears. Expose those fears to the light of day in order to heal them and be free of them once and for all.

    In symbolism, birds represent a spiritual influence and that would include the wise old owl. With love and compassion we can do this; we can heal this country. The time is right and the time is now.

  144. teresahill says:

    Sounds like George Bush, the elder, is in really bad shape. In ICU with complications from Bronchitis. He’s 88.

  145. Lune Prière says:

    I’m not too worried. Harry Reid has proved himself to be a wily old fox on occasion. Poor Boehner, though, trying to pass the buck to someone, anyone!

  146. alex says:

    Bush Sr. didn’t know the cost of one gallon of milk or loaf of bread during a town hall style debate with Bill Clinton…. Clinton did know the answer and gave an immediate answer, that’s why Clinton won!

    cost one gallon of milk

    the cost of milk – – it’s changing constantly and rapidly upward; David Kay Johnson on Ed Show 12/26/2012 says cost could go up to $8.00 a gallon if we go over the cliff; unemployed benefits stop; unemployment goes up all over the place, real consequences;

  147. alex says:

    brief note: GOP will not pass farm bill because it funds food stamps…. and the milk issue is attached to farm bill…. since $8.00 gallon will not sell retail… the government will buy $8.00 gallon milk and sell it back to retail market at a loss;

    this is GOP on steroids……

  148. alex says:

    as long as Dems don’t fall for GOP divide and conquer tactic then Harry Reid can lead;

  149. Lune Prière says:

    Agreed alex. And we know the Dems excel in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. :)

  150. Salemone says:

    I would guess he is having lung complications. At his age, that is a very bad sign, being in ICU.

  151. clymela says:

    barbk-this is stunning. I read every word I am moved to look within. Thank you so much for this. I don’t know where to begin so I will begin with prayer and trust that instinct will lead me in the correct direction and that my companions will alert me if I wander off track.

  152. Nina says:

    I find it odd that Bush Sr. and Nelson Mandela were hospitalized at the same time; Mandela was released yesterday, I believe, but Bush remains hospitalized. Mandela was released from prison around the time of Bush I’s presidency, wasn’t he? I wouldn’t be surprised if they both shared an aspect.

  153. tetramorph says:

    wow. Thanks barbk!

  154. Noelle says:

    Thank you BarbK. I always enjoy and learn from your posts. We can do the healing.

  155. Diane L says:

    Unfortunately true, alex. Like the NRA proposing armed guards w/backup in all schools . . . and the gov’t paying for it.

  156. alex says:

    EXCERPT – Jed Lewison – Front Page dailykos

    Boehner says he’s staying in Ohio until the Senate takes action to extend tax cuts, but the Senate already did that—in July. Boehner, meanwhile, couldn’t even get his Plan B to the floor for a vote. So, barring some last minute epiphany on the part of the GOP about the political pummeling they are about to take, taxes for everybody are about to go up—starting at midnight on Monday. Adding to the bad news: unemployment benefits will expire for two million Americans.

    Even if House Republicans continue to hold tax cuts and unemployment benefits hostage past their December 31 expiration, the new Congress can always retroactively extend them. If they don’t do so quickly, however, the economic fallout will be swift as jobless Americans run out of cash and IRS withholding increases.

    In addition to the expiring tax cuts and unemployment benefits, we’re also set to hit the statutory debt limit on Monday and the automatic spending cuts contained in the sequester will also become effective. Fortunately, the administration has tools to delay the impacts of the debt limit and sequester cuts for a few weeks or months, but if House Republicans can’t even bring themselves to cut taxes and extend jobless aid, the debt limit and sequester cuts will eventually become an issue.

    Altogether, if Congress does nothing on taxes, unemployment benefits, or spending cuts, the Congressional Budget Office projects the unemployment rate would rise to 9.1 percent by the end of the year.

  157. alex says:

    some of the new congress members 113th:

    Senator Heidi Heitkamp D-ND, DOB 10/30/1955 , Mantador N.D.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren D-MA, DOB 6/22/1949, Oklahoma City OK

    Rep. Tammy Duckworth D-IL, DOB 1968, Bangkok Thailand

    Senator Angus King I-ME, DOB 3/31/1944, Alexandria VA

  158. cappy says:

    Patty…interesting article…2013 for Truth…Anonymous Hactivists for We the People could easily expose ALL!!

    Alex…Agree re Boren and Hamilton.

  159. cappy says:

    Great find re sleuthing the 113th.

    Wishing GWBush would stay alive long enough to receive his ‘just desserts.’

  160. loyalurker says:

    Talk about the lunatic fringe….”bizarre” doesn’t even begin to express the depth and bredth of the sickness. But it seems they are turning on each other now which is a good thing…


    He brought a gun to a tea party.
    Former Rep. Dick Armey stormed the offices of influential conservative think tank FreedomWorks, where he was chairman of the board, in an armed coup attempt earlier this year that nearly tore the group apart, The Washington Post reported.
    The outlandish September incident began when Armey — the former Republican House Majority Leader — decided to purge his rivals in the group.
    Armey, his wife and an armed aide stormed the group’s Washington D.C. office, and the gun-toting man escorted out President and CEO Matt Kibbe and Senior Vice President Adam Brandon.
    “A man with a gun who didn’t identify himself to me or other people on staff, and a woman I’d never seen before said there was an announcement,” one worker told the newspaper. “My first gut was, ‘Is FreedomWorks in danger?’ It was bizarre.’”
    The coup lasted a mere six days…

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dick-armey-tank-offices-gun-report-article-1.1227633#ixzz2GHKr73mz

  161. loyalurker says:

    Here’s the Washington Post version:

    Inside Dick Armey’s failed FreedomWorks coup

  162. cappy says:

    … i.e. George HW Bush.

  163. Donald says:


    You’re correct that Mr. Mandela was released from a South African prison on February 11, 1990 during the 2nd year of GHW Bush’s presidency. Pretty busy time as the Berlin Wall had fallen three months earlier as well as the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. Of course, we were dealing with the invasion of Panama and the capture of Mr. Noriega in early 1990.

  164. Patty says:

    A fascinating look at ‘Why Romney Lost’.
    This really is an interesting, long, article from the Boston Globe a few days ago about the Romney campaign reassessing what went wrong.


    (Can’t recommend it enough to fellow Political Junkies…it took my breathe away!)

  165. Gypsi says:

    sign a petition to get his test approved. It will be in Europe in 2 years, but expected to take 10 years for U.S. approval.

  166. Lorrie U says:

    We are so stupid in this country! Boggles the mind…

  167. Gypsi says:

    A late happy holidays and an early Happy New Year.

    It’s going to be a wild one!

  168. alex says:

    Patty, it is an excellent article!

  169. oxthecat says:

    Great article.

  170. Bob says:

    While that is true for a large portion of the population Lorrie, what drives fast approval in some cases is how much money is promised or has been delivered to some members of congress and/or the CDC, FDA. Remember a while back when a number of drugs that had been given the fast track had to be taken off the shelves?

    Inch by inch, step by step, vote by v

  171. Bob says:

    Computer acting goofy (probably homeland security). My cursor keeps jumping around instead of staying where it should. That last comment was not finished.

    Inch by inch, step by step, vote by vote, we have to take OUR country back.

  172. clymela says:

    Lorrie-we are not stupid but we are being screwed by the pharma-money folk and many of our fellows don’t read and listen to FOX so…… it will be easy to keep this wonderful breakthrough under raps.
    I didn’t mean to sound sharp here-I was trying to be dry but dry wit doesn’t come through in this medium.

  173. clymela says:

    Gypsi-certainly has been the wildest Christmas/New Years that I remember! I for one am grateful for my spiritual family here to get me through with some level of consciousness.Happy New Year!!

  174. Bob says:

    They never mentioned the almost daily lies put forth by Romney that were quickly refuted by left wing media shows like Rachel, Ed, and others or the blatant voter suppression tactics which were likewise revealed to a national audience. I think that these tactics fired up the Democratic base more than the President’s campaigning.

  175. Bob says:

    Hi clymela,

    I did not mean to indicate that it would be wrong to get this test on the fast track, just that in this country the criteria for putting procedures and products there have at times been financially based rather than on their possible merit.

  176. Lorrie U says:

    I understand that, Bob. What I’m indicating is that we are so far behind other countries where health care is concerned–regardless of what the cause might be. But we don’t change things, and until we get mad enough to demand better, we won’t advance. Our whole system is broken. We are stupid in that we don’t wake up to the problem and let them keep getting away with it.

  177. Lorrie U says:

    Democrat Chris Van Hollen Destroys Fox News’ Fiscal Cliff Propaganda


  178. Lorrie U says:

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. Haven’t had much time to give input and add my good wishes, so doing so belatedly. I spent a very nice peaceful day with my son, daughter-in-law and new grandson, who is quite beautiful! We looked at my son’s baby pictures and the resemblance is incredible. Saw Les Mis yesterday and was amazed at the similarities and nuances to our present political situation. Fired me up! Ready to fight!

  179. alex says:

    The lies delivered on media would be called the ‘air’ war; the article talks about the ‘ground war'; Obama won both fields of battle;

  180. alex says:

    Jim Messina’s email this morning:


  181. alex says:

    Chicago IL (Noon) April 4, 2011
    Obama for America Launches Campaign:

    Natal Incarnation Cardinal Fire Chart, Missing Quality Fixed Sign, Vesta @00 Aquarius (polarization, galvanizing point)

    Vesta @00 Aquarius and
    Pallas @07 Aquarius in 7TH House

    Cardinal Cross
    Midheaven @00 Aries, Ascendant @19 Cancer

    Pluto @07 Capricorn in 6TH House
    N. Node @26 Sagittarius in 6TH House

    Saturn @13 Libra in 4TH House

    Juno @16 Virgo in 3RD House

    Stellium 10TH HOUSE

    Uranus @01 Aries
    Mars @01 Aries
    Sun @14 Aries
    Jupiter @15 Aries
    Eris @21 Aries
    Mercury @23 Aries
    Moon @26 Aries

  182. Jackson says:

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  183. Patty says:

    Bob, Keep in mind…This is from The Boston Globe and Romney is beloved by many in MA.
    I thought they spun it gingerly, omitting the true reason Mitt Lost: The Republican message is lacking heart, empathy and love.

    “Love is a moving energy which causes us to travel toward wisdom, goodness and the beautiful. Love is the primeval cosmic desire, the spirit which moves between the gods and people linking us all and giving birth to that which becomes ultimate and eternal. Love is that which transcends from the individual to the universal bringing us spiritual inspiration and the great motivation of divine madness”. From the teachings of Socrates

  184. alex says:

    fact check me on this…………. but I believe that Pharma is largest profit industry topping even oil!

  185. Betsy says:

    Gypsi, I hadn’t realized Jodie Foster was such good friends with Former President Ronald Reagan.

  186. starlight says:

    Happy New Year post up. I am taking some time off. Both my kids are now home for another week. Happy holidays to all!!