21st Dec, 2012

Tick Tock

We are now in the final days of a potent 10-day activation of the extremely volatile and life-altering progressed Sun square Uranus in the US chart. This year-long progression, building in strength from September 2012 through September 2013, is bringing unexpected and very upsetting situations that serve to wake up the country to the imperative of transformation. The attack at Benghazi and Hurricane Sandy were the first severe body blows of this progression; the recent massacre at Sandy Hook has been the most devastating. The latter, unimaginably horrific event came in the midst of the heightened agitation created by simultaneous transits from Pluto (8Capricorn), Jupiter (8Gemini), and Saturn (8Scorpio) to the Sun(8Pisces)/Uranus (8Gemini) progression, from December 13 through December 22. USchart

Just days before Christmas, perhaps the final blast from this multi-planet configuration erupted, when the Moon (8 Aries) joined an already-volatile planetary mix on the evening of December 20. It was at this moment that the fiscal cliff negotiations essentially blew up. Speaker of the House John Boehner’s erratic move to circumvent the reasonable progress he had been making with the White House by attempting a vote on “Plan B” – a Christmas wish-list for Republicans – was thwarted by the lunatic fringe of his own party.  The complete dysfunctionality of Republicans was on display for the world to see:  faced with a colossal fiscal calamity solvable by compromise and negotiation, there was not enough political courage to stand up to fears of right-wing voter disapproval and the potential of some future primary challenge. The wake-up call this time was another painfully outrageous reminder of how much party, personal ambition, and ideology trump country in today’s Republican world.

In addition to the sudden and often agonizing awareness bestowed by Uranian activity in the country’s chart, there is often a popular movement of aroused citizenry that demands change and the overthrow of a limiting or outgrown element of the status quo. Indeed, the aftermath of Sandy Hook has brought a broad-based public outcry about the need for better gun control and more available mental health services. Unfortunately, it has taken an event of such monstrous horror to arouse this nation to insist on action from their leaders. Will it take an equally enormous calamity in the fiscal sphere to get Congress to do its job in that domain as well?

Interestingly, the stress in President Obama’s chart is now lifting, as the 10-day transit of Saturn conjunct his natal Neptune (8Scorpio36) began to dissipate with the conclusion of the Boehner fiasco. Included in this first of three transits over the next nine months has been the anguish of Sandy Hook and the tension of the cliff negotiations.

For the president, the first two months of 2013 look quite promising, which implies that the predictions of fiscal calamity will not come to pass, and some kind of obamaresolution, at least in the short term, will be found.  The transit of Jupiter square to Obama’s Pluto, ruler of his Midheaven, covers from December 29 through February 19. Moreover, the Neptune trine to his Venus begins again on December 21 and continues through most of January.  The first week of the new Congress looks like an especially strong period for the president, with transiting Venus opposite Venus and quincunx the Moon while transiting Mars will be opposite the Sun.

Continuing to lurk through much of 2013, however, and always ready to be ignited into full force by a transit or a minor progression, is the progressed US Sun square to Uranus.  The progressed US Moon will be sesquiquadrate natal Uranus in late January through mid-February, possibly unleashing a broad, grass roots movement pushing for action on a particular issue. By March and early April, Jupiter (conjunct), followed by Uranus (sextile) and Saturn (quincunx) will all return to aspect the natal US Uranus, likely again agitating events that serve to energize and awaken the US population in some way. And so it will go for much of the year, as Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars repeatedly stir up powerful, unexpected situations that shift the political and social landscape, forcing the nation to confront burgeoning problems that have been too often avoided. The energy for transformation is clearly upon us if we have the courage to take up the challenge.

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