The Next Four Years

Although the 2012 election is behind us, the next presidential term has not yet begun. Until January 20, 2013, we remain in the waning days of President Obama’s first term in office. After that date, the second term begins, and with it, an entirely new Inaugural chart takes precedence.

When a president is sworn into office, whether it be for the first or second time, that swearing-in moment marks the birth of the next four-year administration.  As historians have often noted, the two terms of a reelected president are often very different in tone and character.

During President Obama’s first term, the weight of the financial crisis and the work of guiding us out of it were at the forefront. After an initial burst of emergency legislation, however, the ongoing obstruction by the Republicans in the Senate through the use of the filibuster and, after the 2010 election, the uncompromising nature of the Republicans in the House, rendered progress on every front slow, tedious, and extremely incremental.

This process is described in the 2009 Inaugural chart by the Venus/Uranus conjunction opposite Saturn. Venus is the chart ruler (Taurus Ascendant) and, thus, stands for the administration. Its conjunction to Uranus points to the Obama administration’s inner imperative to push through creative, ground-breaking, and future-oriented policies. The opposition to Saturn, however, describes the constant obstruction and frustration that have made progress very difficult. By progression, Venus made its exact opposition to Saturn a few days before the November election, pointing to the growing effectiveness of the opposition right up until a second-term victory was declared.

Although the 2013 Inaugural ceremony has been moved up to January 21, due to January 20 falling on a Sunday, the Constitution declares that the swearing-in will be on January 20 at noon. It is my understanding that this will be done quietly as required, with the symbolic public event scheduled for the following day. We are therefore using January 20, 2013, at noon, as the birth moment of President Obama’s second term.

Where Obama’s first term was cautious, thoughtful, and steady (Saturn opposite Venus/Uranus and Mars trine Saturn), the second term seems likely to include many more volatile and potentially disruptive situations that demand quick and aggressive action. There is an underlying combativeness and irritability in the 2013 Inaugural Mars/Moon/Node T-square. Moreover, Uranus (5Aries14) lies at the midpoint of the Moon (19Taurus38) square to Mars (20Aquarius13), and is semisquare to both.  This describes the likelihood of sudden, unexpected, and ferocious events that will be responded to with force.

We may get our first glimpse of a very assertive, sometimes angry and impatient second-term administration during its earliest weeks, from January 20 through February 9, 2013, when the progressed Moon moves into its exact square with natal Mars. But most of the consequential aspects in the Inaugural chart will lie dormant until set off by subsequent transits over the next few years.

Many of the most treacherous periods seem likely to come within range of the very volatile, four remaining Uranus/Pluto squares that will unfold through early 2015. The next one, in May 2013, is accompanied by Uranus quincunx Inaugural Saturn, suggesting the surprise nature of events, and, subsequently, Saturn quincunx Inaugural Uranus, suggesting that the administration holds back in acting aggressively in response. With transiting Saturn square to the US North Node (6Leo36) also in May, it seems likely the strain will surround our relationships with foreign nations and the explosive events entangling them.

October and early November 2013 brings the next Uranus square to Pluto which coincides with and is followed by a far more stressful time for the Obama administration and the country. In the US chart, the progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Saturn for all of November. In addition, transiting Saturn will be sesquiquadrate natal US Venus (3Cancer06) and Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47), as well as square to Obama’s Ascendant (18Aquarius03) in early December. These aspects point to a time of significant grief and upset in the US, possibly as a result of the events set off by the Uranus/Pluto square. Furthermore, Saturn will conjunct Inaugural Descendant (14 Scorpio) in early November, and will oppose Inaugural Moon and square Inaugural Mars in later December. There seems to be a great deal of struggle and trauma in these waning months of 2013, and possibly much criticism of the administration in the mix.

The planetary lineup for 2014 and early 2015 suggests overwhelmingly powerful events of tremendous drama and historical significance, especially in the US but likely in many parts of the world as well. In the US chart, the Sun is 13Cancer 19. In the 2013 Inaugural chart, Venus, the chart ruler, is at 14Capricorn27. In the 113th Congress chart, the Sun is at 13Capricorn29. In the 2014 Spring Equinox chart drawn for Washington, DC, the Ascendant is 14Cancer07. Transiting Uranus will be in a hard aspect to every one of these points in April 2014, simultaneous to the occurrence of the next exact Uranus/Pluto square and suggestive of sudden explosive events and fast-moving and transformative situations. Moreover, transiting Pluto, suggestive of intense power struggles and the experience of a life-or-death struggle, will oppose the US Sun and conjunct the Congress Sun from February through May 2014. In addition, both transiting Jupiter (13 Cancer) and transiting Mars (13 Libra) will join this volatile mix in April, thereby creating a cardinal cross, and indicative of a strongly patriotic mood that supports some kind of military action at that time.

Uranus and Pluto will join in their final protracted square from late November 2014 through mid-March 2015. For much of the same period, beginning a bit earlier in mid-September 2014, transiting Uranus, followed by transiting Pluto, will again cross by hard aspect the US Sun, Inaugural Venus, the Congressional Sun and the Spring Equinox Ascendant. Although Jupiter and Mars will not be a part of the equation at this juncture, circumstances are nonetheless likely to be extremely volatile, unexpected, and dramatic. The Pluto transits, in particular, can herald a feeling of deep fear and a need to remain very vigilant and aggressive in response. This Pluto activity continues through 2015 and may indicate a significant power struggle between Congress and the administration, as well as with some perceived enemy of the nation.

By 2016, events are likely to settle considerably. The Uranus/Pluto square will be dissipating, and the country will find its way into a new normal. It seems quite likely that whatever compelling situations transpire between early 2014 through 2015, they will be long remembered and leave an indelible mark on this great nation.


  1. Jerry says:

    Nancy, I hope you don’t mind. I’m transferring that last entry of mine in the previous thread over to this current section. It is relevant to some additional material I wish to post…

    Syria: The Case For War/ The Dec. 13th New Moon Phase

    In his “Book of World Horoscopes”, astrologer Nicholas Campion lists a time for Syria’s independence of midnight EET, 1 January 1944 Damascus. See related chart:

    If we are to regard the 1/1/44 Syrian chart as relevant to modern Syria, several major aspects are currently impacting the Syrian chart indicating possible imminent hostilities around the time of the Dec 13th Sag New Moon.

    1) Tr. Pluto conjunct the 1/1/44 Syrian Sun at 9 Capricorn. Pluto – the underworld, destruction and transformation. The Sun – core identity.

    2) Tr. Saturn (the hard task master) at 8 Scorpio in square to Syria’s natal Pluto (8 Leo).

    3) The 21 Sag. December 13th New Moon’s conjunction to Syrian Pres. Al Assad’s progressed Venus (perhaps representing the focal point of Al Assad’s physical survival and/or security) in opposition to Syria’s natal Saturn and the US Mars both located at 21 Gemini.

    4) The Dec 13th Uranus station (sudden dramatic events) at 4 Aries in opposition to Syria’s natal Neptune (4 Libra). Neptune oftentimes relates to issues regarding chemicals, drugs and obfuscation.

    5) Tr. Chiron at 5 Pisces conjunct Pres. Obama’s natal Chiron (an unresolved emotional wound from the past) in square to Syria’s natal Mars/Uranus conjunction at 5 Gemini. Mars and Uranus….. suggesting a propensity for sudden and aggressive events whenever it is activated.

    The following URL youtube video link is an 8 minute interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell……..

    Parallels drawn between US/Syria rhetoric and run-up to Iraqi invasion

    ‘Ground being prepared for Syria intervention’ – ex-US Chief of Staff!

  2. Jerry says:

    Ok. This may be over-reaching a bit, highly speculatory, but here goes…..

    Narrowing the timing to a possible ‘event’ i.e. a Syrian chemical attack incident of some kind, that would serve as a catalyst/ a casus beli if you will for western intervention in Syria…. I’ve been looking at the secondary aspects. The Moon-Uranus square (Uranus still stationary) during the morning hours of December 14th is one such possibility. A chart set for Damascus, Syria at 7:00 am Dec 14th (see related chart: ) with its exact Moon-Uranus square happens to coincide with Vesta at 28 Sag right on the ascendent in opposition to Syrian Pres. Al Assad’s natal Jupiter at 28 Gemini (aggression?). According to astrologer Mark Lerner whenever Vesta is adversely affected it is often associated with terrorism. Later on that evening, tr. Mercury progresses to 5 Sagittarius forming a square to tr. Chiron, Pres Obama’s natal Chiron and Syria’s natal Mars/Uranus conjunction. One interpretation can be extrapolated from that….. Pres. Obama after careful consultation with his allies, will he make a formal announcement to the news media on the commencement of hostilities at that time? All conjecture of course. The momentum for war appears very real and consequently perhaps nothing should be overlooked or discounted.

  3. starlight says:

    One point I want to make that I did not include in the article is that Obama may feel the need to take on exceptional powers during the next four years, either in response to an obstructionist, inactive Congress or due to some emergency situation. This would be especially true in 2014 and 2015, when Pluto is opposite the US Sun or in 2013 and 2014 when it is quincunx Obama’s Sun. Either way, it would be due to the intensified power struggle described by Pluto.

  4. Noelle says:

    Barbk, thank you so much for your answer to my request about Sag 21 in last comment section. Very helpful and very relavant. Thank you again.

  5. Diane L says:

    Very informative post. Thanks, Starlight! Those of us with personal planets between 13° to 15° in the cardinal signs look to be in for some interesting times in 2014-2015. *sigh*

  6. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    starlight, as always it is so helpful and informing to read your posts. I gain so much more perspective not only on the astrological side but the political side as well.

    As difficult as some of the upcoming situations may be, I strongly believe that President Obama is way more seasoned and tougher than his first term. He is a deeply philosophical thinker and spiritual as well. President Obama seems to take his mistakes, failures and life lessons with humility.

    I am very grateful he is the president during these upcoming times. starlight, thank you again for your calm and knowledgeable writings. After reading your blog for over 4 1/2 years, I have never been disappointed. Warm regards. ~*Lisa*~

  7. Noelle says:

    For those who follow Matthew, he has a new message out today Leaves some questions but is reassuring about world unrest.

  8. angellight says:

    Starlight: I second Diane L. Very, very informative post. We your groupies thank you for it.

  9. clymela says:

    Thank you so much for this one!! I know by intuition that things are stirred up in our world not that there isn’t always something cooking somewhere but this is greater.
    I need a new calendar so that I can capture these dates and then journal on what is going on.
    Thank you again. And do you have any suggestions on books that could help me learn more of mundane astrology?

  10. angellight says:

    ‘A World of Love is Coming!’ This is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the Full Length Documentary film ’2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning’ Please share the message and support the film by making a small $2 donation. It is the key to being able to make films like these possible! This film has been completely independently funded and produced! We appreciate your support. To donate visit Paypal below! (You don’t need to have a PayPal account to make the donation, simply click on ‘don’t have an account’ and fill out the form)

  11. teresahill says:

    2013 daybooks are on sale now. I got one at Ross’s for $5. Hope to be more diligent about recording what’s going on in my life and noting astrological events of those specific times.

  12. teresahill says:

    Uranus goes direct on Thursday. I haven’t been able to come up with an idea I really like for my next book since this summer, when it went retrograde. Which is very unusual for me. Have had other things that needed to be done writing-wise, but the lack of the next idea has been bugging me.
    Hoping all that changes once Uranus goes direct. It’s in my third house by transit, so that makes sense, right?
    (I’m telling myself it does, and that the new idea will be there ASAP. I never have problems like this.)

  13. kiwi says:

    Thanks so much for this overview Nancy.
    I feel like putting my head under the covers as far as the news pundits are concerned for the next 3 years. Seems they will be having a field day with the Drama. Best to focus on the 2016 outcome, not the ‘drama of the day’ until then!
    Happy Holidays everyone.

  14. kiwi says:

    Oh, just as a footnote – I have seen in my mind for some time that Obama has a sort of archetypal Frodo mission in the grand scheme of things.

  15. karen says:

    This latest is profound, Nancy, in that you’ve given us such a far-reaching glimpse of potentials. My emphatic intuitive sense has been and remains convinced that there is a battle to establish oligarchies thorughout the world. Banks (and those who hold them) have regained the kind of power we’ve successfully eluded time and again. However, within the past decades, those powerful manipulators have been created a literal army of spokespersons, purchased positions, manipulated currency, and buckled economies. That Obama would take on unprecendented presidential powers indicates to me that he’s ready to fight power with power. While I do not idealize Obama, I do believe he intends to right some wrong.

  16. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    teresahill, you will get your answer, just trust your instincts. You will not go wrong. The other things you needed to get done was very Saturn like. Now it’s Uranus’s turn for your creativity to come out. You have a wonderful gift and a way with letters and words naturally, so just think of it as alphabet soup. One spoonful at a time and before you know it, you will have eaten the whole bowl and your ideas will come to you. Let go of self-doubt and worry.

    It will happen. Looking forward to the new “birth” of your next book. Warm regards, Lisa.

  17. barbk says:

    Thank you so much for this report Nancy. It’s so nice to come out of our bunkers far enough to look into the future isn’t it?

    Looking specifically at Election Day in 2016 shows that transiting Pluto will have just passed his square to the U.S Saturn for a long, long time. Whatever trials and tribulations our country has weathered will still be fresh in the minds of the voters though, as transiting Saturn (along with Venus) will be sextile the U.S. Saturn. I’m hoping that is a sign of support.

    On the day after Christmas in 2016, a unique opposition takes place between trans. Jupiter and Uranus. Unique because Jupiter will be conjunct the U.S. Juno (a husband-wife team for the moment) in Libra, and Uranus will be conjunct the U.S. Chiron in Aries. Transiting Saturn will sextile Jupiter and the US Juno while forming a trine to Uranus and the US Chiron. Something to ponder as we move forward!

  18. starlight says:

    We are beginning to see demonstrations in Michigan reminiscent of 2011 in Wisconsin. Tr Pluto heating up the pr Sun square to Uranus in US chart, soon to be joined by Jupiter and Saturn.

  19. alex says:

    Excerpt Email – Stephanie Cutter

    Who will decide if your taxes increase in just 22 days? A few dozen members of the House of Representatives, that’s who.

    Cutting taxes for the middle class shouldn’t be difficult, especially when Republicans claim they agree with the President on the issue. But some Republicans are still holding middle-class tax cuts hostage simply because they want to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires.

    Here’s what’s going on right now: President Obama is asking Congress to move forward on a plan that would prevent 98 percent of American families from paying higher taxes next year. The Senate has passed that bill, and the President is ready to sign it — but the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives won’t even bring the bill to the floor for a vote. House Democrats have filed a petition that would force a vote if it attracts 218 signatures.

    If a bill has enough votes to pass, Congress should vote on it and pass it. It’s a pretty simple proposition. And every Member of Congress who hasn’t signed on to keep taxes low for the middle class needs to hear from you.

    Facebook Page Login

    Use the call tool today to reach out to fellow Obama supporters and make sure they contact their Republican representative.

    Let’s get one thing straight: If your taxes go up, Republicans will have made a conscious choice to let that happen. They’ll have missed the opportunity to prevent it, just to cut taxes for the wealthy.

    Republicans need to stop using the middle class as a bargaining chip. If they fail to act, a typical middle-class family of four will see a $2,200 tax hike starting in a few short weeks. Middle-class families could face some tough financial decisions simply because Republicans didn’t want to ask the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans to pay their fair share.

    That’s not what President Obama and you campaigned on, and that’s not what millions of Americans voted for just one month ago.

    We know we can affect change in Washington when we raise our voices together. So pick up the phone and make a few calls. Republicans in the House need to hear from their constituents. You can help: Facebook Page Login

  20. teresahill says:

    Thanks for that. I’m just trying to be patient — not one of my strengths. And I have had a lot of Saturn to do. Going back through really old books of mine to get them for sale as e-books. Updating and fixing and trying to get comfortable putting such older work out there. Plus, I worked like crazy for the past year. Really needed a break.

  21. Lorrie U says:

    It’s Not the End of The World, Just the Mayan Calendar
    By Rick DiClemente

    An Astrological Insight into the End of the Mayan Calendar

  22. will says:


    This is one potent forecast. From what I can surmise, the first part of 2013 is about the “easiest” and then a purgatorial slog until the next presidential election….just in time for Hilary to assume the throne. Well, as most of the advanced masters have said/written, we all asked to be reincarnated for these times so, let it all be done. I offer my gratitude to you for all of your fine, carefully deliberated perspective.

  23. alex says:

    in addition to social media tools the Democrats in the House of Representatives filed a ‘discharge petition’ to force a vote on middle class tax cuts;

    this is an important plan of action by the Democrats whether they get 218 votes ( some GOP votes are needed ) or not this is reflected in the 2016 November 8th presidential election vote (barbk comment upthread) I’ll post about that when I can;

    it may be possible to get the GOP votes and every bit of grassroots/citizen participation is needed to support the President and the Democrats policy of tax cuts for the middle class now;

    Rep. Tim Walz D-MN filed discharge petition

    @ 12/4/2012 noon filing, capitol building ( can chart the building from )

    @ Rep. Tim Walz DOB 4/6/1964 West Point, Nebraska

    @ earliest vote possible X-mas eve 12/24/2012

    House democrats file petition to force vote on middle class tax rates

  24. will says:


    I would imagine Uranus in your third house finally lurching forward will bring you the very inspiring flash needed for your next book.

    It won’t be long as I have felt things churning this past weekend already.

  25. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    What does Hillary’s chart look like in 2016?

    I honestly do not think she will be running. I’m inclined to think that someone we would not even suspect now will be the Democratic nominee that year.

  26. fierywoman says:

    Since a few months before the election I’ve been avidly AVOIDING the pundits — feels good to ignore them.

  27. fierywoman says:

    … and isn’t it nice — and interesting — that Obama went out there today to support the workers’ right to unionize, and for calling the union busting for what it is?

  28. M. says:

    Great piece Nancy, as usual. You mentioned Congress several times and I’m wondering if you see any indication of Republican losses in 2014, perhaps restoring the house to the dems. Though with the amount of obstruction you see the status quo seems likely.

  29. Sharon says:

    It seems like Barack Obama was put here to get us through some interesting times. From some of the irrational comments of the right-wing Tea Partiers through this point, calling him a socialist, communist, fascist, I can imagine they will have a field day if he takes on new and stronger powers! Thanks, Starlight, for providing us with a framework for the 2nd term!

  30. Sharon says:

    And I thik it was Starlight who also said that we are going to have some really good pepole running for the presidency in 2016, in both parties!

  31. barbk says:

    Thanks for the link Lorrie U, very interesting take on the end of the Mayan Calendar, 12/21/12 “chart”. Instead of using the time of Sun’s ingress into Capricorn, he uses 11:11:11, which is less than one minute’s difference. Therefore, the chart has a Sagittarian Sun.

    Most all astrologers see the same basic picture for the Mayan calendar phenomenon, but there are a variety of views as to what symbols (planets and aspects) are seen as the primary focus. In this case it is Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Others see the Sun conjunct Juno as the big message.

    I prefer the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter yod as the pimary message, but a close second would be the yod between Mars/north node/Ceres, with Ceres as the focal point opposite the Galactic Center (+ Iris + Aphrodite). It’s almost like a puzzle that can be put together several ways to form a different picture, all of them portraying the same story.
    That is probably not an accident!

  32. alex says:


    You’ve pointed out the utility and beauty and power of synchronicity with the solstice yod narrative. saturn/pluto/jupiter

    [ Ques. would you tell me what is the node/ceres degree/sign, i’m doing the math but I think my math is foggy this evening ]

  33. alex says:


    I put on my reading glasses and looked again, excuse my confusion – ceres yod:

    Apex Yod
    Ceres @26 Gemini


    N. Node @25 Scorpio


    Mars @26 Capricorn

    Ceres 26GE opposite GA 26SG, Iris 26SG, Aphrodite 25SG, midpoint Mars/N.Node 25SG

  34. alex says:

    26 Gemini Ceres Apex in 7TH House, YOD – Solstice
    (conjunct Vesta @14 GE)


    Mars @26 Capricorn in 2OND House, Capitol Building DC

    Second House – Corresponds to the economy, national wealth and prosperity, purchasing power of the nation, liquid assets, national expenditure, revenues and ability to make profits. This house represents banks and financial institutions, money markets, investments, stocks, bonds and shares. It represents the currency and its circulation, liquid assets, consumer spending, commerce and all activities connected with money.


    N. Node @25 Scorpio in 12TH House
    (people in confinement, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, charities – welfare, institutionalized government public policies that ‘shelter’ us all – safety net matters)


    mercury @14 SG
    aphrodite @25 SG
    mipoint mars/n.node @25 SG
    GA @26 SG
    iris @26 SG

    The social media, technology influence (Aphrodite) as an organization tool for the election made huge difference in getting out the Obama/Democrats message (Iris); is using social media tools to address the tax cuts for middle class that can be done Dec 2012 and is inclusive of many of the progressive election issues about the budget;

  35. teresahill says:

    I’ve felt it, too. Little bits of it. It’s just really weird right now. I wonder, too, if we’ll see more and more freak-outs in general the closer we get to Dec. 21, the way people freaked out at the year 2000.

  36. teresahill says:

    She’s seemed so happy in the Secretary of State’s job. Really happy for her. I wonder if the Presidency would make her as happy. Or if she sees her current job as the pinnacle of her career.
    (I say this as a woman who’d love to see a woman president.)
    Just thinking, the woman’s had a crazy life. Crazy-hard at times. Right now, she seems happy. Bill seems happy and loving his work. I wonder if either one of them is up for another huge fight to get elected and then govern. Or if she sees what he’s done with his foundation and could see herself doing much the same.

  37. teresahill says:

    A non-astrology note: I know we have some people here into frugal/sustainable living and wanted to mention, I’m reading a great book called You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap) by Tammy Strobel. A bargain $2.99 in e-book format here:
    She and her husband went from a 1200 square foot apartment to 800 square feet, then to 400 square feet and then to a custom-built 182-square feet tiny house. (I’m not that crazy, but it’s made me think, in a good way.)
    Hmm. Maybe it is part of the astrology of our times. :)

  38. will says:


    I am not using astrology regarding my sense about Hillary – although it will be better for her as Saturn will no longer be on any of her several Scorpio planets and will not be squaring her Leo planets. I just think she’s got a destiny to be the first woman president – and I think she’ll be all rested up and ready to rock and roll when President Obama finishes his historic second term in office.


    I’ve seen people freaking all over the place this weekend – Nutty-Nutty butty-bo-butty, banana-fanna fo-mutty, me, my, mo-nutty, Nutty. I’m not getting all end-of-the-Worldy on anyone’s ass – just that things are coming to a proverbial head. Thank goodness for the mirth of the season to help keep it within bounds.

    Good night, my lil’ Starlight elves.

  39. Jerry says:

    A Tiny 344 Sq Ft Apartment Transforms Into 24 Rooms

  40. will says:

    Jerry, love the “transformer-apartment clip!

  41. Jerry says:

    Hi Will, Yes. Quite fascinating isn’t it.

  42. Salemone says:

    Thank you so much Nancy, for all the time, energy, talent and insight you put into these posts. And all of you here are the greatest!

  43. alex says:

    Winter Solstice 2012, Capitol Building

    Natal Obama Saturn @25 Capricorn


    Mars @26 Capricorn in 2OND House, Capitol Building

    Winter Solstice, Ceres Yod

    OFA campaign grassroots population, using social media to advance citizens mandate for Obama/Dem policies for middle class tax cuts etc;

    USA Sun @13 Cancer square USA Saturn @14 Libra(severe conservative strain in USA)

    …with notation from prior thread from barbk; ‘there ARE activation points in the Solstice chart to the Saturn-Sun square in the U.S. chart. The Moon will be at 14 Aries 14 opposite the US Saturn and square the US Sun’

  44. alex says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s discharge petition to force a vote in the House of Representatives has only 178 of the 218 signatures to bring the bill to the floor.

    Fortunately, President Obama and the Democrats are not sitting quietly on this one. They are asking supporters to pressure Republicans by using the campaign’s call tool to contact Obama supporters who are represented by Republicans to encourage those supporters to call their Republican Representatives to pressure them to sign the discharge petition. There is a sample script to use just the like the campaign.

    there are 201 Democrat seats in H.R. ( Jessie Jackson Jr. seat inactive, he has withdrawn from Congress so there are 32 Democrats in House of Representatives that still need to sign the ‘discharge petition’ and 8-9 GOP to make 218 – even more would be better)

  45. alex says:

    2012 Winter Solstice, Apex Yod Saturn, inconjunct Jupiter, inconjunct Uranus-Moon (Yod Awakening Public)

    11th House Mundane Astrology

    Most Elevated Planet, Saturn @08 Scorpio in 11TH house (congressional legislature, community goals, hopes, dreams – humanitarian work what does for others, what’s best for us all; an indication of fame, how might promote political views )

    11TH House Natal Astrology (friends, group activities, mentors career or business profits because it is the 2nd house to the 10th house of career)

    2012 Solstice: House sector

    The planets in Western Region of the solstice chart are in the subjective sector 6TH house is Jupiter @08 Gemini (conjunct USA Uranus @08 Gemini), 4TH house solstice Uranus @04 Aries conjunct solstice Moon @14 Aries;

    6TH House Mundane Astrology:
    (all uniform service workers military, police etc, employees, health care, working people)

    Mundane Astrology:
    Moon – the people in general the public, and in 4TH house which indicates the political party out of power (even GOP voters are included in the awakened collective)

    If we can say there is a sense that the public, the collective is awakened to Washington DC GOP obstruction using population as hostage in budget/tax negotiation and the effects it has on basic needs of the many (unemployment benefits expiring, taxes $2,200.00 for everybody may go up causing rollback into economic recession, GOP threatening to use Debt Ceiling as hostage again and potential for downgrade in USA credit rating further increase federal debt) then WE THE PEOPLE are awake!

  46. Jerry says:

    Re: Uranus going direct

    It’s kind of like the film Cast Away. You can never be absolutely certain what life will bring…..

  47. angellight says:

    Video by AcTah (Mayan Walking Teacher) explaining what will happen on the Dec. 21-23 event.

    “The Mayan elders were looking for a couple of sites to put pyramids in the northern hemisphere for the planetary alignment. So one is going to Santa Fe and I have offered to have the other pyramid coming here to Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz county). It has all happened in a few days and is really very exciting.

    The pyramids have been designed by the Mayan elders to receive and hold the incoming planetary energy so that these energies can continue to be accessed for the upliftment of humanity during & beyond the time of the alignment (Dec. 21-23). This (absorption, anchoring) is what the ancient pyramids were designed to do according to the Mayan elders.”

  48. alex says:

    Thousands of Americans across the country are working through, the AFL-CIO, SEIU and the Campaign for America’s Future to stand up today, December 10th, to say that working families have suffered enough pain and demand that Congress protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

    Because Congress may only have six more working days left this year in which to rush a deal through before they go home, this is a crucial time when your voice can make a difference.

  49. cappy says:


    Thanks so much for pushing the phone calls to our House Dems-Repubs. for the extremely crucial remaining Votes to activate the Discharge Petition,
    which will supercede Boehner and give the all important tax bill passage a needed advantage.
    Something we Starlighters could do…several Dems. have not signed (!!!@#$%&^%!!!).

  50. cappy says:


    Thanks so much for your steady pushing for critical phone calls to our House Dems-Repubs. for the extremely crucial remaining Votes to activate the Discharge Petition,
    which will supercede obstructing Boehner and give the all important Tax Bill passage a needed advantage.
    Something we Starlighters could assist…as several Dems. have not signed (!!!@#$%&^%!!!).
    Checking on who they are….

  51. cappy says:

    Reps. Jim Matheson (Utah), John Barrow (Ga.), Mike McIntyre (N.C.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.) – have not endorsed Walz’s discharge petition.
    Are any Starlighters from any of the above 4 states … who would call these Reps. State HQ or Washington, D.C. office….

  52. teresahill says:

    That was amazing! Makes me think that guy could make a fortune in New York City, transforming tiny apartments.

  53. teresahill says:

    Will I remember at the year 2000, there was just all this odd energy in the air, like anything could happen. You knew it probably wouldn’t, but anything could and it seemed like a momentous move, from 1999 to 2000.

  54. teresahill says:

    Well, I’m not sure of much. I just want my new book idea, so I can play with it in my head for a while before I write it.
    Although I could really use some unexpected news about my daughter getting herself together and leaving home. That would be really unexpected, but welcomed.

  55. barbk says:

    You like that yod too don’t you alex! Thanks for your followup info and thought. Sounds like something to do with food stamps or whatever they call it now. The south node (release) in Taurus (25.36) is conjunct Atropos (ending) at 25 Taurus 54 rx, and Hybris (hubris) at 28 Taurus rx is close by. It also sextiles Pallas-Athene who trines the north node but squares Ceres and sextiles Mars. Hope this means she’s got a plan up her sleeve that avoids cuts services to the needy amongst us.

  56. barbk says:

    That DOES sound exciting angellight, thanks for letting us know. Wonder if there’s meaning in the fact that “Santa” is in the name of the two regions where the pyramids will go? (heh heh)

  57. starlight says:

    I have been talking about this for well over a year. We are now in the midst of the Pluto activation of US pr Sun square Uranus. As of tomorrow, tr Jupiter and Saturn will join in. Let’s review:

    1 – protest building in Michigan and across the country over Snyder’s stealth attack on union rights (very similar to Wisconsin 2011) ;

    2 – Supreme Court will review DOMA and prop 8;

    3 – potential for upheaval if tampering with Medicare eligibility or Social Security benefits becomes part of cliff negotiations;

    4 – more to come?????

  58. Francis says:

    with the deadly fire in the garment factory in Bangladesh and this going on here while at the same time unions are losing clout, I wonder if there is an opportunity for US unions to go global? By fighting for worker rights abroad as well as here they could do a lot of good and become an international force that checks global corporate power here and abroad. Likely it won’t happen now, but by the next Uranus-Pluto opposition with Pluto in Aquarius, it may just be a global workers’ rights movement.

  59. alex says:

    I usually copy paste your comment and print it out so I can read it clearly and make notes; because I like to sketch a chart even if I have an image of it online I can examine the aspects closely to see how they might have weight from force and momentum; I haven’t been printing lately, I have plenty of ink and paper just skipped the print part as if that would give me have more energy!

    I think the winter solstice capitol building DC chart is a ‘great occasion’ chart; it narrates the budget/tax political alignments, policies and positions precisely; mapping the heavens is interesting these days;

    The two yods are so inscribed that I dreamed about them this morning; I use to think of the inconjunct forcing changes with a visualization of each leg of the Yod one at a time considering the planets involved and their relationship; but in my dream state I saw the apex planet and the two prongs/legs of the inconjunct sending the force of the apex planet towards the base platform like a stamping tool; the apex planet the grip point of the stamping tool pinning the Yod form together;

    Thanks barbk your notations enrich the chart;

  60. Wennye' says:

    Francis, the Universe would be pleased if that would be the path it took. Blessings

  61. David says:

    More war on workers:

    I know you posted this above Starlight but this bears repeating.

    Your husband – a working man

  62. alex says:

    mother sky – predictable shock:

    Over the solstice period, Jupiter catches up with the Sibly Uranus at the same time that Saturn quincunxes it.

    This natal Uranus is the signature of America’s independent spirit, and when it is provoked we can expect a surge of creative popular outrage.

  63. starlight says:


  64. starlight says:

    What I have been talking about for well over a year. Greatly strengthened by the progressed Sun square to US Uranus at the same time.

    When Jupiter crossed Sibley Jupiter the first time, we had the shooting in Aurora. That was before the pr US Sun, tr Pluto, and tr Saturn joined in.

  65. starlight says:

    Keep an eye out for other manifestations of this intensified Uranus: explosions, big accidents, wild weather, etc.

  66. Lorrie U says:

    They could call it Occupy Workers Rights!

  67. Jackson says:

    I’m assuming this is funded by our friends at Koch Industries?

  68. Lorrie U says:

    Anonymous Announces Wikileaks Alternative (VIDEO)

    Now instead of a single target, every single machine connected to Tyler will become a hub. Millions of machines, all churning over and handling the data. It is a nightmare scenario for any group or agency seeking to hide its secrets. No longer will there be a large rat to target, but millions of scurrying cockroaches, any single survivor enabling the reconstruction of the entire network.

    The Anonymous TYLER system, the culmination of years of work for the hactivist collective, stands poised to change the rules of not only the internet, but of society itself. The age of state secrets, of corporate lies, cannot continue with the bright light of TYLER to shine on them. This is a disruptive technology, you cannot fight it, only adapt to it.

  69. Fe says:

    There’s a shooter at a shopping mall in Oregon. Live coverage goes on as we speak:

  70. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Fe, this is just heart-breaking. Starlight, I can’t believe that what you posted above about Juptiter crossing the Sibley Jupiter and the deadly shooting in Aurora. Again, you are so astrologically prescient.

    After all the backlash against sportscaster Bob Costas, speaking from his heart about stronger gun control (involving the shooting death/suicide of the former KC football player and the girlfriend/mother of his child). Fox News was at it again ranting loudly against Mr. Costas and their 2nd amendments rights to bear arms. Please, please may these upcoming difficult transits be transformative for the positive in the long run.

    Being a mother of four, I am just so shakened. We all have loved ones in our lives, these times are very tough for me.

    This is just a terrible, horrible mess.

  71. alex says:

    Thanks cappy, you are focused on the main logjam in DC

  72. cappy says:

    Lorrie U,
    Merci and OMG!!!

  73. thrasybulus says:

    I predict that Cantor and the tea people will push Boehner out of the Speakership before Christmas, as part of “the more to come.”

  74. will says:


    Looks like Wiki took quite a leak. If there is credibility to the story, its a whole new ball game.

  75. angellight says:

    barbk: Wow! Good observation on the words Santa and most likely is meaningful.

    Lisa L. Robinson, I agree with you that that some made a big deal regarding Costa’s heartfelt message and yet we continue to have terror due to guns that does not have to be if we had the stoppage of selling guns in America. Until we do, these types of terrors will only continue to rise. We of good conscious all have to speak out against this gun cancer.

  76. Salemone says:

    I’m taking a guess here that it is named TYLER for the character Tyler Durden in the book (and movie) Fight Club.

  77. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: Anonymous has become a “force” to contend with!

  78. catsandmusic says:

    Whether it is the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in NYC or a factory in Bangladesh, the same greed is at play.

    When I was a little girl, New England (my home) still had lots of textile mills.There were other types of industry as well–I fondly remember the Baker’s Chocolate factory, which provided an olfactory treat if one chanced to be in the neighborhood. As a child, I did not understand why little by little the mills and factories disappeared. Not until the JP Stevens boycott in the 70’s did I realize that the reason all the industry had left my(largely unionized) area was to find cheaper labor. And then when the South began to unionize, the companies moved overseas, where not only were wages a mere fraction of what they would be in the USA, but there weren’t any pesky nuisances like OSHA who might do the right thing for the workers’ health and safety.

    Now we have these tragedies happening many thousands of miles away instead of in NYC sweatshops, but it is still the same evil that is behind it. The same evil that will not rest until there is no union labor left in the USA as well. The vote in Michigan yesterday–the latest attack.

  79. Gypsi says:

    It is what it is, until it all turns upside down. Soon.

  80. Diane L says:

    Second that, Gypsi . . . watch out for falling debris.

  81. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    angellight, well said. I have more than my fair share of vigorous discussions with gun owners. And will continue to do so. ~*Lisa*~

  82. kiwi says:

    Just came across this website and thought that some of you here may be interested in reading through.
    Have just glanced through it at this stage – its about political tendencies for people with various astro combinations

  83. angellight says:

    Sagitaurius New Moon Webinar & Meditation:

  84. angellight says:

    Lisa L. Robinson: Good for you, speaking to gun owners about your concerns.

  85. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    That’s very much the way I see things. Plus, she will turn 69 in 2016, and while we have already elected presidents — namely Ronald Reagan — already older than that, I just honestly think it’s a job that requires a younger person.

    She just seems to be someone at peace with the idea that Secretary of State will be her highest office. I can easily imagine she still daydreams about running again, but it’s hard to see her doing it.

  86. alex says:

    The DCCC is aiming to pressure the GOP lawmakers to sign on to a Democrat-backed discharge petition on a Senate-passed bill that extends the Bush tax cuts on the middle class.


    Despite claiming to be independent, these House Republicans refuse to add their name to a discharge petition that would force a full House vote on middle class tax cuts passed by the Senate.

    – AR-01 Rick Crawford
    – AR-02 Tim Griffin
    – CA-10 Jeff Denham
    – CA-25 Buck McKeon
    – CA-31 Gary Miller
    – CO-06 Mike Coffman
    – FL-02 Steve Southerland
    – FL-10 Dan Webster
    – FL-13 Bill Young
    – FL-27 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
    – IA-03 Tom Latham
    – IA-04 Steve King
    – IN-08 Larry Bucshon
    – KS-03 Kevin Yoder
    – LA-04 John Fleming
    – MI-01 Dan Benishek
    – MN-02 John Kline
    – MN-03 Erik Paulsen
    – NE-02 Lee Terry
    – NJ-02 Frank LoBiondo
    – NJ-03 Jon Runyan
    – NJ-05 Scott Garrett
    – NV-03 Joe Heck
    – NY-02 Peter King
    – NY-19 Chris Gibson
    – NY-22 Richard Hanna
    – NY-23 Tom Reed
    – OH-06 Bill Johnson
    – OH-07 Bob Gibbs
    – OH-16 Jim Renacci
    – OK-04 Tom Cole
    – OR-02 Greg Walden
    – PA-07 Pat Meehan
    – PA-08 Mike Fitzpatrick
    – SD-AL Kristi Noem
    – VA-02 Scott Rigell
    – VA-10 Frank Wolf
    – WA-03 Jaime Herrera Beutler
    – WI-07 Sean Duffy
    – WV-01 David McKinley

  87. Sharon says:

    Gals, people feel it’s a constitutional right to defend yourself against the bad and feel threatened we want to take it away. The most we can I think, at least at this point in time, is lobby for it to be done intelligently. I don’t know what to do about those who already own guns and believe in hunting for sport, etc….but there should definitely be a waiting period, a mental health test and a mandatory gun safety and skills class.

  88. Sharon says:

    The 12-12-12 Sandy relief concert is available to anyone with basic cable on ION and AMC channels…it’s pretty historical and impressive—I’m watching right now. On for 3 hrs. Also, at 8:30 CT, Barbara Walters interviews 10 most interesting people including Hillary & Chris Christie.

  89. alex says:

    The DCCC is aiming to pressure the GOP lawmakers to sign on to a Democrat-backed discharge petition on a Senate-passed bill that extends the Bush tax cuts on the middle class.


    Despite claiming to be independent, these House Republicans refuse to add their name to a discharge petition that would force a full House vote on middle class tax cuts passed by the Senate.

  90. Lorrie U says:

    Tom Harkin: Conservative Media ‘Manufactured’ Fiscal Cliff Crisis ‘To Scare People’ (VIDEO)

  91. Lorrie U says:

    It’s also on Bloomberg channel.

  92. Lorrie U says:

    Join together via Temple of Sacred Sound
    Jonathan Goldman

    If you are able to, at the time of the Winter Solstice, December 21st and throughout the following day, whenever you can, sound forth with a tone encoded with the energies of Light & Love. This sacred sound can only amplify the already powerful and positive energies that are occurring. If it feels appropriate, please go to and to any of the Toning Chambers-the “AH”, the “OM” or the “HU”; whichever feels most resonant with you-and sound forth in that chamber with others throughout the planet, encoding Love & Light to our Mother Earth. The Temple of Sacred Sound was created for this purpose; a cyberspace sacred sound temple which can be utilized to project positive sound for Global Harmonization.

  93. alex says:

    Discharge Petition Filed 12/4/2012 Capitol Building DC
    the time was published, noon filing

    Synastry Discharge Petition & Paul Ryan, GOP Chairman House of Representatives Budget Committee

    Zwingli @10 Taurus
    (“by the book”, rigid or fundamentalist outlook)


    Circe 12 Leo (bias, only one way)


    Saturn @07 Scorpio


    Paul Ryan, Natal Venus @10 Aquarius & Natal Sun @09 Aquarius

  94. Gypsi says:

    Good stuff to follow up on – Tyler / Anonymous stuff is PERFECT for this year. Just seems to fit. Not sure if it will do any good to get the middle class tax cuts if the debt ceiling is still being held over our heads. I favor a brief cliff dive to get the republicans attention.

  95. Sharon says:

    Yes, let them take a dip in some icy water! It’s going to turn into a game of chicken but this time I think Obama will call their bluff like Clinton once did with Gingrich.

  96. Lune Prière says:

    Glad to see Bernake taking a more active role. I think he’s figured out congress is incapable of action.

  97. alex says:

    The state House has approved a proposed replacement for an emergency manager law championed by Gov. Rick Snyder but struck down by Michigan voters in the November election.

    The Republican-controlled House passed the bill on a 63-46 vote and sent it to the Senate.

    goes into effect late March

  98. angellight says:

    Proof a MAJOR Event September – December 2012 UNBELIEVABLE YouTube – Wow Documentary!

    Lorrie U: Thanks for Global Toning Event.

  99. starlight says:

    Interesting update on the new Michigan Right to work law:

    Less than 24 hours after Governor Snyder signed his damaging “Right to Work” legislation into law, analysis shows that the flawed legislation may not even have the result the Governor claimed it would, raising serious questions about whether the Republican leadership even read the language of the bills before voting it through and signing it into law.

  100. will says:


    May I inquire as to what you are referring? Your link leads to a compilation of clips from Hollywood disaster films…end-of-the-world porn and the like. Is there something I am missing? I see no evidence of a documentary.

  101. Sharon says:

    You know, I used to follow Edgar Casey preeety closely and, since there is documentation that he healed so many by using the akashic record, he was pretty credible to me. I also enjoyed his past life and karmic interpretations as well as his descriptions of Atlantis and Jesus, etc. HOWEVER, what was predicted has not all come about, and what may have come to pass is not exactly in the way he said it, no matter how much people try to make it match. This shows me that it’s all somewhat fluid. Anyone who is a true student of math and esoteric studies (including Kabalah, etc.) understands the repeated patterns and numbers in creation, etc. We are all looking for the truth about God and the future. To me, though, a lot of it is just theory. After Dec. 21-23 comes and goes, we will know if there is any truth to this kind of stuff, but you can plumb drive yourself crazy with these kinds of things as well as scare yourself. I don’t know if Nania9 (I think that’s her name) uses stuff from the history channel, or writes for them, and I surely don’t know why she is whispering, but I do not like to scare myself with possibilities that are mined from the studies of often very intelligent people since these are only possibilities. A lot of what happens offers potentiality but only the energy that knows everything that we think of as God might know what is going to happen and that might even be fluid and subject to day-to-day actions, interactions, etc. Until then, I would say that, in all due respect, this stuff is fairy tale stuff to me (and fairy tales have a lot of truth and archetypes, etc.) and that, in all due respect, Nania(or is it Narnia9?) would make an excellent pair with Jerry, who is also into these huge destruction scenarios. What is in store for us is in God’s hands, as far as I’m concerned, and I’m not supposed to know so I am not going to make up scenarios no matter how much they may seem to connect. I took LSD in the past a few times and I saw lots of patterns and connections but, big deal, I still had to come back and live my life. We all love mystery but I am not going to be a sheep about it. I guess you can tell that all of this history channel speculation kind of irritates me somewhat.

  102. cappy says:

    Tyler Durden is also the name of the lead writer for…perhaps from the iconic Fight Club movie, as well:)

  103. cappy says:

    Lorrie…thanks so much…toning is so awesomely powerful …esp. globally!!!

    Frequencies are climbing …. shifts appearing everywhere:)

  104. will says:


    I am very pleased that you have addressed what I sometimes feel is a malicious and physiologically-cruel tendency of a few individuals who bother to post this very brand of doom and gloom, Chicken Little The Sky is Falling speculation. Frankly, I think it debases the credibility of this site. I’d like not to have to scroll past so much of this sensational and alarmist’s histrionics.

  105. cappy says:

    Alex…so glad to see the better news than Gov. Rick Snyder’s initial fascistic emergency manager’s law, blessedly struck down by Michigan voters in the Nov. election.
    From your link:
    “A new version proposed by Snyder and GOP legislative leaders gives several options to communities in a financial emergency, including accepting a manager, going into bankruptcy or going through mediation.

    “Democrats say the updated bill doesn’t fix the problems and defies the wishes of voters. Supporters say many cities still aren’t getting their houses in order.”

  106. cappy says:

    We immediately need a new non-debt based -transparent Justice based financial system, lead by honest men and women of the 98% !

    We immediately need Debt Forgiveness !

    i.e All Mortgages, Credit Cards and Student Loans zeroed out!

    Free Housing, Health Care and Education for all as a Human Right.

    We, the 98%, immediately need, as compensation for decades of fraudulent financial debt enslavement … at least $3million per citizen … and extra compensation, honoring and acknowledgment of all native Americans and African Americans … who have for many generations suffered most grievously !

  107. Iris says:

    Very interesting, Starlight. How deliciously ironic the legislature and the governor have failed to actually read and understand the state constitution as it applies to this legislation and vice versa. Surely this is a cautionary tale to those who – start something new within 3 days before a new moon – ignore Uranus moving forward in its square to Pluto and who think Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Cap won’t uncover their secret structural ineptitude in politics. Silly people.

  108. Lorrie U says:

    Yay! Cappy for President! You have my vote…

  109. Nita says:


    I found this on online please everyone read very imformative about the future for the next fours years for President Obama. I am going to send this to the White House and I will use my spiritual gift to make sure someone takes this to heart for the President.

    Four years ago, Yangon astrologist predicted Obama’s second term

    American computer expert Nate Silver has received plenty of attention for his use of mathematics to predict, a few months ahead of time, that Barack Obama had a 90.9 percent chance of winning re-election in November 2012.
    Sounds marginally impressive, but the fact is that a Yangon resident beat Mr Silver to the punch by nearly four years, using quite different methodology to determine well in advance that Mr Obama actually enjoyed 100 percent certainty of victory in this year’s election.
    In early January 2009 The Myanmar Times received an unsolicited, hand-scrawled note from a local astrologist. In the letter, Aung Myin Kyaw (also known as Williameast) explained that he had read the star charts for Mr Obama with the aim of paying his respects to the incoming United States president, due to be inaugurated on January 20 of that year.
    “I came up with the idea to predict the future of Barack Obama, just to honour and encourage him in his political role as a great leader,” Aung Myin Kyaw told The Myanmar Times in an email interview at the time.
    His main prediction stated that Mr Obama would, without doubt, win re-election in 2012. As we now know, this forecast ended up falling on the correct side of the 50/50 divide.
    Aung Myin Kyaw, who has been studying and practicing the astrology of what he calls “eastern and western cosmology” for nearly 40 years, explained that the reading – based on Mr Obama’s date, time and place of birth – showed that the planets Saturn and Jupiter played key roles in foreseeing how his presidency would unfold.
    “Saturn, the so-called Evil One, is actually in a very positive and effective position in Obama’s zodiac. This is a very good planet for Obama because of its powerful position and relation to others,” the astrologist was quoted as saying in an article published in The Myanmar Times just a week before his inauguration.
    “And because of the great power of Jupiter, Obama will surely win re-election in four years.”
    Aung Myin Kyaw said the strong influence of Jupiter – a planet that stands for peace, ease and wisdom – also ensured that Mr Obama would be a “fortunate and lucky” political leader.
    However, the astrologist warned that he also foresaw an assassination attempt on President Obama sometime during his second term, most likely in the years 2014 or 2015, but that the president would escape unharmed.
    “An assassination attempt will be carried out but it will be unsuccessful. There will be no bloodshed and the president will escape from any enemies,” he said.
    In April 2011, on the occasion of the release of Mr Obama’s “long form” birth certificate, Aung Myin Kyaw felt compelled to update the horoscope. He reiterated that a second term as president of the US was unquestionably in the stars for the incumbent.
    “President Barack Obama will always encourage others to ask the hard questions, rather than simply accepting what seems apparent on the surface. His Jupiter also represents the soul’s need to grow, improve and experience more,” the astrologist said.
    “Saturn rules all foundations and matter, and integrates soul and spirit into reality” with the result that “Mr Barack Obama is sure to continue his second term role as president of the US government with a spirit that is positively contagious to all others”.
    This interim horoscope likewise showed that President Obama’s luck would hold throughout his prospective second term: “There’s still a chance that he could face an attempt on his life, but there is no chance that it will succeed,” Aung Myin Kyaw soothsaid.
    The astrologist has now conducted a third reading, following this month’s election, providing greater detail about the ways in which the President’s second term in office will be influenced by the alignment of the heavenly bodies.
    Aung Myin Kyaw started by sending his congratulations to Mr Obama for winning a second term in the White House, but warned that “all is in a state of flux and nothing is stationary”.
    According to the reading, from September 13, 2012, to September 16, 2015, the influence of Saturn means that Mr Obama can rely on a “spiritual awakening” to make positive changes in an atmosphere characterised by a “deficit of trust”.
    The president will also be called upon to use his “virtue and intellectual power” to prevent technological competition from “leading to a meaningless war”.
    A new influence, this one from Mercury, will take precedence from September 16, 2015, to May 25, 2018, leading to a “great process” that will result in “changes in international relations”.
    “A historic opportunity will make Mr Obama great” during that time, although the president must be sure to keep lines of communication open to maintain his “perspective of the world” as well as his “perspicacious quality”.
    Aung Myin Kyaw also broke down the Saturn-influenced portion of the presidency into more discrete chronological segments, as follows:
    September 13, 2012, to March 4, 2013: “Powerful management will be your main role.”
    March 4, 2013, to August 7, 2013: “International political controversies must be reconciled using your knowledge and wisdom.”
    August 7, 2013, to April 10, 2014: “Learning and observation should be your best policy. Let others go first.”
    April 10, 2014, to June 4, 2014: “You will be victorious in social communications.”
    June 4, 2014, to September 4, 2014: “You will enjoy financial results and personal prosperity.”
    September 4, 2014, November 7, 2014: “Unexpected contradictions and hidden plots will affect you.”
    November 7, 2014, to April 19, 2015: “An assassination attempt can disturb you, but you will escape without harm or injury.”
    April 19, 2015, to September 16, 2015: “Good fortune will make you comfortable, respected and esteemed.”
    Given Aung Myin Kyaw’s proven track record in predicting the outcome of US presidential elections – he’s one for one, even without the use of highfalutin computer models or mathematics – Mr Obama would do well to take note of these heaven-sent insights and act accordingly.

    Here is the site with the very important article:

    Light and Love

  110. Gypsi says:

    I agree, but I don’t think the 1% is going to let that one through unless we lose both coasts and all computers that track the debt

  111. fierywoman says:

    BRILLIANT! From Wikipedia: “Tyler is an English (old English) word which means door keeper of an inn.” — the keeper of the door to the knowledge? Makes me see how the predicted revelations of this time could come about !!!

  112. Gypsi says:

    On the fluid nature of prediction, I found this site because I started observing, around 2001 when I got my new ephemerides, Pluto’s position in relation to my own chart. When GWB was elected and post 911 I was rather busy – having looked at what Pluto would do to my ascendant,Venus and Saturn, divorcing and moving myself to a place where I would be less vulnerable if things got crazy. In about 2006 I dug out my Times Hammond Almanac, circa 1980, and my old ephemerides, and had a look at what happened when Pluto went through cancer (I use the Sibley chart, for better or worse.) I saw a flu virus that echoed the bird flu, spread by WWI returning soldiers, Wall Streets Boom followed by the Crash of 1929 and years of recession. I tried to talk to some pagan friends about this and was regarded as doom and gloom. So I googled Pluto transits mundane astrology, and ran across Starlight on another blog. She sent me here.

    There is certainly some fluidity, but because I looked in 2001, I am in a position where my survival is not guaranteed, but I’m no longer living in town, in an unstable marriage, between Section 8 apartments. Can you imagine the riots if a republican vision of austerity were fully enacted? I chose a spot where I might be safer, and my children would have a place to run to.

    It becomes harder and harder to forecast as all the decisions made between the point where one is and the distant future will affect said future. But in a broad stroke, well, you be the judge. Thanks Starlight, for making us a place.

  113. fierywoman says:

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if the TYLER/Anonymous revelations made the 1% agree to the debt forgiveness ?

  114. cappy says:

    Hounded by malicious Senate Republicans — running a long con to push Sen.John Kerry’s nomination — so as to capture Kerry’s Senate seat … UN Ambassador, Susan Rice removes her name from Secretary of State consideration.
    Member of the Council on Foreign Relations — Former Sen.Chuck Hagel (Oct. 4, 1946 -Nebraska) is rumored to be PBO’s choice for Secretary of Defense.
    As the 1992 owner, Chairman and CEO of a voting machine manufacturing corp, Hegel was roundly seen as
    rigging his own voting machines in his successful 1996 run (he ran successfully for 2 terms) for the US Senate. It is all covered by:

  115. kiwi says:

    Sharon, hear, hear. You have a gift for stating so clearly what my thoughts are too.

  116. ox the cat says:

    That is so true. I was walking today and a woman was standing on the side of the road with a big sign that read Choose Love.. Smile More. I thought how brave. The experience really moved me.

  117. Lune Prière says:

    The Grifter of thr North strikes again!

  118. Lune Prière says:

    Really interesting Nita, thank you.

  119. Lune Prière says:

    I have an intuitive feeling that the arc of justice is going to bite John McCain on his ass for this last act of silly, mean spirited spite against Susan Rice. Please proceed, Senator. Your karma’s gonna get you.

  120. Lune Prière says:

    Lorrie, I go to sleep every night listening to Jonathan Goldman on my iPod. I have it on right now! Great post.

  121. alex says:

    What threatens to take the country over the cliff is the political momentum of the establishment’s wrong-headed propaganda.

    The mild-mannered Fed chairman Ben Bernanke is standing in the way, but nobody important seems to take him seriously. Though not given to inflammatory rhetoric, Bernanke is virtually standing in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue, waving his arms and screaming at the lawmakers.

    Turn back! You are heading in the wrong direction. Don’t you understand? The real economic problem is not too much government debt. It is too few jobs!

    This message was again delivered by the Federal Open Market Committee at its meeting this week when it formally declared job creation as its central objective.

    The Fed hopes to stimulate employment by keeping interest rates near zero and pumping many more billions into the economy—at least until the unemployment rate falls to 6.5 percent. Fed officials, however, do not expect that to occur before the end of 2015.

    The Fed chairman described the persistence of mass joblessness as “a waste of human and economic potential.”

    I think we are witnessing the hangover from thirty years of conservative idolatry—the political worship of so-called free markets and deregulation. Democrats are infected too—either afraid to propose aggressive measures or ignorant of what is possible in crisis.

  122. alex says:

    Ben Bernanke Natal Chart: DOB Dec. 13th 1953

    Natal Incarnation Mutable Fire, Singleton Element Earth, Chiron @19 Capricorn (galvanizing/polarizing point),_Ben_S.

    Natal Sun @21 Sagittarius


    New Moon @21 Sagittarius, Dec. 13TH 2012

  123. alex says:

    Bernanke, this is a working link don’t know why it won’t open from wordpress…. google search term, Ben Bernanke + astro databank should get you there; he has an interesting natal chart;

  124. angellight says:

    Will: I like the way the producer put together text from all faiths to show one Truth. I am not sure if she says the world is going to end as she also talks about 2017. She says each day is 1000 years per the Bible and other sacred texts, and that on the 7th day there will be rest so a 1,000 years of rest. Basically, I am taking the info and trying to understand history. She even does not know what she has found, as she says. The info is worth pondering. I think.

  125. cappy says:


    What a clarifying article and comforting reminder of ‘The Nation’s’ ever watchful eye.

    Also a reminder (to me) of an online subscription…after canceling the magazine months ago, to save precious trees.
    Katrina and her incredible staff are often on MSNBC Sat-Sun mornings w/ Chris Hayes (UP with Chris Hayes) and Melissa Harris-Perry (MHP)…as i’m sure everyone here who connects the dots … knows.

  126. cappy says:

    Lune Priere!

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  127. alex says:

    Timeline 2004: One More Look at the Ohio Election

    Richard Hayes Phillips was the leading forensic investigator of the 2004 presidential election in Ohio. He and his assistants photographed 126,000 ballots, 127 poll books, 141 voter signature books, and other election records, from 18 counties in Ohio.

    His analysis, and the raw data upon which the analysis is based, are presented in his book, “Witness to a Crime: A Citizens’ Audit of an American Election.” The book comes with a CD containing 1200 of the most telling photographs.

    Troy Seman has fifteen years experience working in Information Technology and dealing with computer security issues. He was Phillips’ most trusted adviser during the investigation of the 2004 election in Ohio.

  128. starlight says:

    More from the major hit on US Uranus:,0,3969911.story

    a shooting at an elementary school!

  129. starlight says:

    She is right. It is appalling. And I don’t like hearing blame cast on Obama for this either. The culprits are the racist, misogynistic bullies on the Right, who will do anything to harm Obama and the Dems and don’t care if the country becomes collateral damage! The whole thing is outrageous, and I am still fuming about it. If Obama had gotten in the weeds of this battle, he would have pulled energy and attention away from the fiscal cliff negotiations and ended up with a tiresome, protracted, and damaging battle in the Senate with bullies who wouldn’t back down no matter how ridiculous their claims.

  130. Noelle says:

    OMG! When will it stop?

    Starlight, didn’t you say previously that you didn’t see anything indicating celebration for Susan Rice? But I thought you said the same for John Kerry. Am I correct?

  131. Sharon says:

    A parallel incident in China–22 children wounded in knife attack, 2 of them seriously. Why children????? When it comes to the mentally ill, there is no sense of reason. But I guess China has better gun control at least.

  132. clymela says:

    I really need to talk to other astrologers right now or at the minimum people who are not uncomfortable thinking in these symbols. I was born when the Leo Moon was less than a degree from Her monthly reunion with Pluto-this morning when I heard the news about the shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut I saw “the rings of energy released by the bombs created by splitting the atoms,etc. used in the second WW and I
    thought” that this hideous crime is the result of one of those rings moving across us as they exploded out. If this is too negative or ugly I am sorry but I really didn’t have anyone else to share this with and I guess that I cannot carry it myself.

  133. will says:

    Mother of God, Bring comfort to the other children, parents and the families. This is an evil abomination.

  134. Sharon says:

    Speaking as someone who did not lose a child myself but saw my mother’s grief at the loss of my brother 8 years before I was born, and my first cousin’s at the loss of her child (both under 7), I cannot even begin to grasp the horror of this event. And to top it off, when I post on FB about these incidents, perfectly intelligent people respond that it’s not the guns, it’s the people! My friend has told me that assault weapons are kind of easy to get these days—-when is this horror going to stop???!!! I know nothing about the astrology but it seems to fit with what Nancy has been pointing out. It seems like you are a sensitive, intuitive person, Clymela, who is picking up on the horrible negative energy that has been with humanity through this point in time. The positive side of any of these shootings is that people band together to start movements and processes to create protection, especially for children, such as the Walsh Code that is now used at retail stores by the staff to protect lost children. May that happen now. It’s gotta stop—we have to start controlling this in spite of the NRA and the paranoia of the gun totting crowd!

  135. will says:

    Gypsy, Clymela,

    Please never refrain from posting real news…it is what it is and we need to share and witness horrible tragedies like this together. What I was rebuking are the unfounded and unnecessary apocalyptic porn that gets bandied about here from time-time…. As if the real world and actual daily events aren’t enough to break our heart . Over and over.

  136. Noelle says:

    You know I wonder if this is going to keep on happening until we at the grass roots level stnd up to the NRA in some way. No child is safe unless there is at a minimum better checks on who can buy guns and how many, etc.

  137. Jackson says:

    Nancy, this is from your November 1 post:

    “Looking farther ahead, it is hard to overestimate the drama and turmoil also likely to unfold between December 12 and December 24 when both transiting Pluto (8Capricorn55) and transiting Saturn (8Scorpio55) will be quincunx natal US Uranus, with transiting Jupiter (8Gemini55) conjunct US Uranus for much of the same period. This is a massive strengthening of the progressed US Sun square to natal US Uranus, greatly intensifying the mood of rebellion against the status quo, as well as the potential for sudden transformations and bracing, unanticipated awareness. No one knows what the actual circumstances of this period will be, but the underlying need for the US to rouse itself and make some significant adjustments to the new and demanding exigencies of the modern world will be very evident. Hurricane Sandy was only the beginning.”

    Perhaps it’s time we began an adult discussion on gun control in this country? Specifically, automatic weapons.

  138. starlight says:

    Jackson – You are exactly right. All of these horrifying incidents are about waking us up. Each time, the stakes are higher until we change course. The Moon will be conjunct Mars late tonight and early tomorrow. Mars is moving into a sesquiquadrate with US Uranus. Jupiter and Saturn are in aspect to US uranus. There are likely to be more upsetting incidents in the next few days: wild storms, violence, or other sudden upsets that people need to pay attention to.

  139. karen says:

    You don’t have to carry it by yourself, Clymela. I’m right there with you. So is this community. Horrific.

  140. ScorpioX3 says:

    (Clymela, I too was born when the Leo Moon met up with Pluto – 6 minute separation – and I cannot stop crying, inside and out.) Dear God, why kill innocent children?! Are we being shocked into action? Because loving, sensible people must help find a way to put an end to the senseless violence in this country – and everywhere.(Could this be the event you spoke of in an earlier post, Starlight, if I remember it correctly, that would see the nation grieving?) My prayers for all.

  141. ScorpioX3 says:

    That’s it, Jackson. That’s the post I was thinking of.

  142. barbk says:

    I can tell you this much clymela, today at 6:31 EST, the Moon occulted Pluto for the 10th time in a series of 19 such occultations. If we didn’t know what it meant before we have a good idea now.

    This reckless, needless tragedy MUST be considered within the framework of the larger picture, starting with (1) the Pluto square to yesterday’s station-direct Uranus and (2) the New Moon.

    Even more so, the Scorpio solar eclipse on 11/13/12, and the lunar eclipse on 11/28/12 that featured the Pluto Mars conjunction bears study as that initiated whatever motivated the shooter to act out the release of the energy.

    No doubt the repercussions (rings of energy)of the WWII atom bombs released mark the beginning of the cycle we find ourselves in now. Pray God it goes no further.

  143. kiwi says:

    Could this be the unexpected sadness and shock that Nancy predicted?

    Sadly I sense more of these sorts of things will continue for a while yet. There are several generations now who have been so ‘brainwashed’ into buying into the gun rights issue peddled by the nra thugs. The ‘guns are good’ crowd still far outweigh the others in the struggle for meaningful change.
    In this era I have wondered what real pyschological effects on today’s young adults has been from watching the ever escalating violent yet romanticised content in films, tv, and video games for the past 30 years and more. It has become way too ‘normal’ for the glorification of violence to be accepted by the mainstream. A momentary shock relating to real life sometimes, and then all is very quickly forgotten again.
    I very much fear its going to have to get worse before real change happens.

  144. barbk says:

    Asteroid Child was at the Aries Point at the time of the eclipses, and stationed direct between them at 0 Aries 50, sometime between Nov 20 and 21. I may have noted that here regarding another incident but nothing so devastating like this.

  145. Lune Prière says:

    Me too. This is the only sure I can bear to visit today.

  146. Lune Prière says:

    Meant the only Web site I can visit. OMFG. This is a devastating wound to our country

  147. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Jackson, I could not agree more with you about having SERIOUS discussions about gun control. It is beyond time for asking the hard questions about why anyone needs a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle (or any automatic rifle for that matter) for their 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Really? A automatic rifle? Really?

    angellight and I exchanged a few posts on this thread above about this same subject earlier this week after the Oregon mall shooting. Again, I will continue to voice my opposition against automatic rifles.

    Full disclosure: I have family members and friends who are avid hunters and yes the conversations can get very heated. I listen to their concerns about their constitutional rights but I won’t be bullied and back down to “keep the peace” at social gatherings. My convictions are also very strong about having freedom and individual rights.

    But as I always ask them when these horrific mass shooting tragedies happen, “this has nothing to do with hunting, bearing arms or individual freedoms”.

    I don’t know a word in the english dictionary that I can come up with to describe how I feel right now. My heart is very heavy. Many deeply heart-felt prayers to all of the people involved in this terrible incident.

    Much peace and blessings to all on this blog. ~*Lisa*~

  148. andre says:

    I was born with a Moon-Pluto conjunction 2 degrees apart in Leo square Saturn at 19 Scorpio. My second Saturn return is coming up. I will follow Will’s advice and stop predicting nasty and violent things. I feel they are coming nonetheless, and we must work on our response. No need to fantasize about the apocalypse, when reality can be this bad. Tr Uranus is square the US natal Pluto as well at 27 Capricorn.

  149. alex says:

    we must work on our response nation with the most incidences of gun violence – USA;

  150. Jackson says:

    I would guess this is it.

  151. Salemone says:

    No words…no words at all.

  152. Jackson says:

    Definitely adult language here, but I think it gets the point across.,30743/

  153. Francis says:

    new article up by Bill Herbst

  154. Francis says:

    I believe that we will continue to be at an impasse on this until Republicans step up to the plate and support sensible gun control measures. Maybe this horror will wake them up to the need to stop using this as a political issue against Democrats and start acting like adults. Obama can not do much as most of the Rs believe he is waiting for the moment to move on confiscating their guns.

  155. will says:

    Indeed, gun control would help deter these acts of horror. And then there are the some 22 children in China who were evidently slashed by someone wielding a knife. No doubt there is an overarching discussion about school safety that needs to be addressed.

  156. Salemone says:

    As well as accessible mental health treatment and emergency mental health care.

  157. Marcia says:

    I agree completely about gun control but I want to add that I think our country needs to make major changes in how we handle mental disorders, substance abuse. There was a great opinion piece in the Washington Post a month or so ago by a man who was involved in policy years ago when they closed the mental institutions so that people could be treated in the community, and how much we have just dropped the ball about it. (Sorry–I don’t have a link.) I have read so many stories of people who struggled for years to get their family member to treatment without success.

    And this was a 24-year-old. Probably has the Capricorn stellium my daugher has (about 26 degrees Sag rising and then Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune all in the first house in Capricorn and being hit by Pluto. She has had anxiety disorders and abused substances for years but now is in a really good treatment center out West and seems to be doing well there. We are lucky, our insurance somehow decided to pay most of it.)

    And attacking his mother’s school—it was an attack on his mother? Who knows what all led up to this? I’m not defending him, but guess I feel a little close to it because I have a daughter the same age who we have had real hair-on-fire moments with in the last few years.

    And last, I think some people see horrible things like this happening around the country, and when they finally snap they want to top the last horrible things they saw—killing children now. How can we stop the escalation of horror?

    I’ve been reading this blog for years but this is probably just my 3rd post.

  158. teresahill says:

    Was gone all day, so luckily missed this as it unfolded.
    News now reporting one brother dead at the home of the shooter, shooter dead and almost all the people inside the school killed in two classrooms. Apparently, shooter’s mother is a kindergarten teacher, and shooter targeted her students. So we have a bunch of dead kindergarteners. What could be more horrific than that?
    Saw one ridiculous news reporter asking — as if it’s important — about school safety procedures and if they were followed. As if elementary schools have some protections against people who show up with guns shooting. The 17-year-old, whose little sister was in the school, had to explain to her that this guy likely showed up with a gun. The sign-in procedure probably wouldn’t have done any good.

    We could honor the loss of these lives with gun control. Truly honor them.

  159. will says:

    Actually, there are schools in L.A. who have one entrance, covered by security scanners just like we see at the airport. Of course there will always be the occasional breech, but I think its well-worth the trouble.

  160. Jackson says:

    Ronald Reagan was the guy who really got the ball rolling with getting rid of that pesky mental-health care entitlement in California, when he became governor in 1967. Before that, state mental hospitals. After, all those patients roaming the streets.

    Saint Ronald, as they view him in conservative circles.

  161. will says:

    A case of a young man who felt unloved by his mother and deeply resentful and jealous of his brother and all of his mother’s other “children?”

  162. will says:


    Yes, another twisted, distorted Republican myth-appointed mythology about Ronald Reagan. And most of those profoundly-mentally ill men and women are seen all over the streets of the nation – and if veritable flocks here, in Los Angeles.

    Perhaps not such strange karma that Ronald would ultimately suffer from and perish from Alzheimer’s Disease, one of the most cruel of mental illnesses. And then of course there was that pesky assassination attempt which James Brady and his family sought to transform, not Ronny or Nan.

    In the 80’s, I managed a few very high-end retail concerns on Rodeo Drive, B.H. From time-to-time, the Secret Service would cordon-off the whole block when Nancy needed her fix of Chanel couture. And this was the wife of the man who took vegetable off of the School Lunch Program because he insisted that the ketchup on their burgers was vegetable enough. Look who became the real vegetable.

  163. clymela says:

    I know that we must find the way to get rid of all automatic weapons whether rifles or handguns. Perhaps the military and law enforcement have call for these weapons… AND we must also get rid of the movie violence, the violent computer games and all the forms of seduction that make violence and insane attitudes seem obvious and reasonable.I grew up in the country and I was taught to use rifles or as far as my father could get me because I naturally did not like guns still the rifles were used for hunting and my father from time to time brought home birds and rabbits that our mother cleaned and fried up ( and I helped) Only during my sister’s last year did I learn that our father did this when we had no money for food!! I was always believing that he did this just to get outside although the man was a lineman for a gas company-his entire life was outside. Well I don’t know why I am rambling on about this-guess I am a troubled old woman wanting people to know that I m not a hippie-dippie liberal who doesn’t know what life is about- I know and I also know that we are one mad, troubled society and I do pray that we are going to change.
    I want to thank everyone for being here in this way. I don’t know you in the flesh but i know you through words and I am deeply grateful that I was able to turn to you all this morning-thank you and I do really love you and I pray that we are helping in our solitary ways as members of this world to create a brighter tomorrow.

  164. Jackson says:

    One of the reports I read, in the New York Post, quoted his brother Ryan Lanza as saying the shooter Adam Lanza was “autistic.” Not sure of the veracity, but there was another allusion to “mental health problems” I saw at another site.

    People with mental health problems shouldn’t have easy access to automatic weapons. Actually, no one should.

  165. starlight says:

    Every time there is one of these shootings, we hear within a few days about how the shooter fell through the cracks of the mental health system or should have been in the system but the symptoms -which everyone had noticed – were ignored. Every time.

  166. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    The Onion is often the most astute observor of things in this country.

    They nailed in in 2001 with the article headed, Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over. Published January 17, 2001.

  167. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    And I honestly think that the claim of mental illness is simply a way for the easy access to guns to be overlooked.

    There’s also an assumption on the part of too many people that of course someone who does something like this MUST be mentally ill. Well, I for one am totally sick of that crap.

    Guns are designed to kill living things. In this country anyone can get guns. Anyone. There are no effective controls at all.

    Does anyone here remember the Dunblane, Scotland, school shooting in 1996? I do. Did the people there just go, oh, alas that poor man he was mentally ill? No they did not. They tightened restrictions on gun ownership in the UK. What an extraordinary thing to do!

    In this country there’s simply a lot of hand-wringing and saying we should install metal detectors in school buildings or have better mental health facilities. Bullshit! GET RID OF THE GUNS!

  168. loyalurker says:

    Ditto that, Lisa.

  169. barbk says:

    Thanks for the link Francis, this was a great essay. I especially liked isosceles trapezoid section. Brilliant!

  170. loyalurker says:

    And of course I read that Texas is actually pondering whether weapons should be allowed to be carried outright without concealment. Wow. Yes by all means lets display our weaponry rather than hide it in shame.

  171. loyalurker says:

    Oh boy…

    Pentagon to send missiles, 400 troops to Turkey

    NCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey (AP) — The U.S. will send two batteries of Patriot missiles and 400 troops to Turkey as part of a NATO force meant to protect Turkish territory from potential Syrian missile attack, the Pentagon said Friday.
    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed a deployment order en route to Turkey from Afghanistan calling for 400 U.S. soldiers to operate two batteries of Patriots at undisclosed locations in Turkey, Pentagon press secretary George Little told reporters flying with Panetta/

  172. JA says:

    This is from the NYT’s
    Second Amendment proponents have dominated our gun control discussion for far too long. Now it’s time for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, teachers, first responders, health care professionals and all city mayors to fight for gun control as well as rewriting current gun laws.

    Let’s call gun violence what it really is — terrorism — and let’s do something about it now.

    Lake Worth, Fla., Dec. 14, 2012

  173. loyalurker says:

    I have real concerns about labeling it ‘terrorism’.
    And that really doesn’t reflect the deeper issues behind the epidemic of violence at its core. It just creates more convenient boogeymen and scapegoats for what is actually a deeper Plutonian dysfunction in our culture.

  174. Iris says:

    If, as you say, there is an epidemic of violence, let’s tightly regulate the guns until Pluto passes. Pretty hard to do anything about the finality of shooting people to death if we don’t demand strict gun control.

  175. loyalurker says:

    I was referring to the way we think about and respond to this problem which takes on a different meaning and mindset when labeled a ‘terrorist’ act. I wasn’t suggesting that we didn’t need better gun control.
    I’d like for this country to get at the heart of this issue which is in keeping with the meaning of Pluto, rather than to pass it off as JUST a gun problem associated with some ‘terrorist’ and not associated with “us”.

  176. Iris says:

    My apologies, I misunderstood your post.

  177. will says:


    You are awesome! I am grateful you blog herein.

    Now for a real kick-in-the-head. I’m listening to a “mass-killer expert” being interviewed on NRP tonight. He gives the listeners some highlights of the profile of such a person. He claims they are usually male and between the ages of 20 and 35. They have most-likely sustained a catastrophic loss of some kind; job, relationship, death-of-a-loved-one, etc. They are looking for someone to blame for this great loss and so they are utilizing one of the more powerful psychological defenses; projection. Here’s where it gets exasperating. They usually have planned the attack for a protracted period of time – sometimes several months – in order to work out all of the plans with precision. And the kicker – about 80% of the time, they have obtained the firearm LEGALLY. So we’ve got a massive level of denial/utter-lack-of-awareness/obliviousness with people who know this individual (family, friends, enemies, school teachers, co-workers, etc) and we have someone who, in the lion’s share of incidents, has acquired the weapon through proper means.

    There are clearly many layers to the national discussion that needs to be had about gun-control, mental illness and school and market-place safety.

  178. teresahill says:

    But if you show up with a gun, ready to shoot, at the scanner, you get in. The scanner only stops a concealed weapon.

  179. loyalurker says:

    This country has very deep-seated issues around security, fear (as in a fear of authority, government, etc) and the Wild West-like association of guns with freedom… although this is not unique it is pronounced in this Cancer-sign country. We have quite a long track record already for involvement in wars and violent conflict the consequences of which are now coming home to roost in our wounded and PTSD riddled vets. Need I go on? Pluto has a way of stir the poisonous dysfunction muck that has settled to the bottom of pot so we can no longer avoid or deny it with words like ‘terrorist’. We have met the enemy and he is us

  180. Salemone says:

    Yes, I remember Dunblane. I hoped and prayed I would never hear of something like that again.

  181. Lorrie U says:

    That’s disturbing to think Hagel is suspected of rigging voting machines and PBO would appoint him to such a high post!

  182. Sharon says:

    We are not going to be able to control all the guns that are out there which are making huge profits for some, wether legally or illegally. I think in the coming days, weeks, years, as we think of how to handle this intelligently, we’re still going to have to develop a plan for more security and protection at public places. After Hurricane Katrina, the National Guard policed New Orleans and had check-points, due to roaming bands of looters. I felt so safe…no thought of a police state, I just felt safe and crime was very low for a while. There also is the mental health aspect. I would have no problem with there being regular mental health checks in this country, as well as a requirement to have all weapons registered. If the Tea Partiers and Conservatives are worth anything at all, they will want to take steps to make this country safe, too.

  183. loyalurker says:

    For one thing, I think males in particular don’t have the tools for admitting pain, sharing problems, resolving conflict. I wish conflict resolution, for instance, was more a priority than math in schools. It does have so many layers to it, but that would be one place to start. If a person lacks those skills and feels misunderstood or isolated then it seems to me that the frustrated energy and pain have a greater chance of triggering something like this….and the weapon of choice is only a secondary issue. But it’s like removing all the potential tools of self-destruction from a suicidal person. So perhaps stricter gun laws would help, but it doesn’t solve the problem or get at the underlying issues which is both individual as well as societal.

  184. teresahill says:

    I believe we have the world we created. Even if you believe in God and the Bible, the Bible says God gave us free will.
    We do what we want here in this world, and we have the world that all of us, collectively, have created.
    If it’s a cruel world with lots of guns and people who are mentally ill and don’t get the help they need. And if they have access to guns, this is what happens.
    We all created this world where we live, and we are the only ones who can change it.
    Look at what we did with this election. We stood up to greed and we won this round. Look at what the Occupy movement is doing with debt right now, attacking the problem in such a creative, effective way.
    We are not powerless.
    Our world is what we’ve made it. It will always be what we make it.

  185. Noelle says:

    Actually, Marcia, the man was 20 years old. He was carrying his brother’s identity and the brother is 24.

  186. loyalurker says:


  187. Noelle says:

    No one asks why his Mother had these guns. That’s what I’d like to know. And if he had mental problems why did she allow access to these guns?

  188. Lorrie U says:

    We already have the open carry law in Arizona. Saw a guy at the park with his kid wearing a gun. These republicans then teach their kids the same demented mentality.

  189. alex says:

    whatever the disturbance that caused the pre-meditated death, wish: they have given up, they are going to commit suicide and take other people with them before they die; the infamy validates the twisted need for recognition, acknowledgement that they ‘were here’ so if their existence didn’t have enough relevance to satisfy ‘who they aspired to be’ when they were alive – it will matter to the world when they die;

  190. alex says:

    Thank you Francis for the introduction to ‘Bill Herbst’

  191. Sharon says:

    You are right, Teresa. We need people to stand up and show some leadership and some guts about this issue as they did about the the campaign issues. I am not a leader but I am on board. I hope this is the time that we see concerned people of all persuasions come together. Wouldn’t it be powerful if the NRA was one of the groups that took the lead?!

  192. Lorrie U says:

    As long as republicans keep thinking this is the only reason for the problem, progress in finding remedies will be difficult…

    Mike Huckabee: Newtown Shooting No Surprise, We’ve ‘Systematically Removed God’ From Schools

    “We don’t have a crime problem, a gun problem or even a violence problem. What we have is a sin problem,” Huckabee said on Fox News. “And since we’ve ordered God out of our schools, and communities, the military and public conversations, you know we really shouldn’t act so surprised … when all hell breaks loose.”

  193. Lorrie U says:

    God help us…

    Gun Advocate On Connecticut Shooting: Armed Teachers Could Have Minimized Tragedy (VIDEO)

  194. fierywoman says:


    You don’t need an assault weapon. You really really really don’t.

    You’re going to defend yourself against a government that has nuclear weapons, stealth bombers, drones, SEALs and the United States fa-chrissakes Marine Corps with your piddly-ass AR-15? Good luck with that; send me a note from the front.

    Grow up.

    You don’t need it. You want it. End of file.”

  195. Lorrie U says:

    Proves my point…

    According to Victoria Jackson 20 kids murdered in a school shooting is just like abortion

    “…go to any conservative site, and read how they pray to the Sky-Spook and argue that if the children had firearms or worse, compare this heinous crime to abortion, like conservative Christian Victoria Jackson said in her Facebook post…

  196. Lorrie U says:

    Great article…

    “If only one of the teachers had a gun…”

    One did. She owned several, in fact. Her son used them to kill her, her colleagues, and 20 children.

  197. Lorrie U says:

    Posted by astrologer Rick DiClemente on FB:

    Everyone asks me, “What’s going on with the PLANETS to cause all of this hatred, destruction and heinous murdering?

    It’s NOT the planets.

    It’s us failing at our overall Neptune transit. What does that mean?

    …It means we have gone down the drain collectively and morally.
    Can we turn it around? Yes, certainly.

    How? We have to stand up for what is right.
    That’s simple…eh?
    Yes, it’s that simple.

    There is no magic answer.
    Planetary activity is SYMBOLIC!
    We cannot heal the whole until we heal ourselves.
    It all starts with self-love.
    And we all know that.

    That’s why these sick individuals go on murderous sprees in grade schools; no self-love.

    Doesn’t matter what CLUB you belong to, I mean “religion”, they all say the same thing. Please help me pass this thought around.

    P.S. We ARE BLESSED to have such a great man as President right now and half of the country wants to do him in because he believes in talking as adults before dropping bombs.

    And, do you believe that those Email “Jokes” some of you pass around making fun of those in “turbans” doesn’t hurt us all?

  198. loyalurker says:

    The GOP’s Existential Crisis (P. Krugman)

    We are not having a debt crisis.

    It’s important to make this point, because I keep seeing articles about the “fiscal cliff” that do, in fact, describe it — often in the headline — as a debt crisis. But it isn’t. The U.S. government is having no trouble borrowing to cover its deficit. In fact, its borrowing costs are near historic lows. And even the confrontation over the debt ceiling that looms a few months from now if we do somehow manage to avoid going over the fiscal cliff isn’t really about debt.

    No, what we’re having is a political crisis, born of the fact that one of our two great political parties has reached the end of a 30-year road. The modern Republican Party’s grand, radical agenda lies in ruins — but the party doesn’t know how to deal with that failure, and it retains enough power to do immense damage as it strikes out in frustration./

  199. loyalurker says:

    I think the GOP needs to take some classes in conflict resolution before they take out the whole country in their angst-riddance ‘frustration’.

  200. arbo says:

    Jesus, they all sound like goddam Holden Caulfield…

  201. alex says:

    Monday Dec 17TH: Grail Moon Probe Crash
    latitude 75.62 degrees north, longitude 26.63 degrees east – on the Moon

    Two NASA moon probes will end their gravity-mapping mission in spectacular fashion Monday, crashing intentionally into a cliff near the lunar north pole.

    The twin Grail spacecraft, known as Ebb and Flow, will slam into the raised rim of a moon crater at 5:28 p.m. EST (2258 GMT) Monday, mission team members said Thursday. The probes will impact about 20 seconds apart, with each traveling at 3,760 mph or so.

  202. alex says:

    Mirror Site On Earth for Grail Moon Probe Crash:
    latitude 75.62 degrees north,longitude 26.63 degrees east; go east of Greenland Southeast to Svalbard in the Barents Sea;

    Earth Mirror Site Chart:

    Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable Grand Crosses:

    <strong<Cardinal Cross

    child @02 Aries
    Uranus @04 Aries


    kronos @07 Cancer


    Urania @08 Libra


    osiris @07 Capricorn
    Pluto @08 Capricorn

    Fixed Cross

    sphinx @14 Taurus


    circe @12 Leo


    deucalion @12 Scorpio
    hebe @15 Scorpio


    damocles @18 Aquarius

    Mutable Cross

    Jupiter @09 Gemini


    dionysus @09 Leo


    orpheus @08 Sagittarius
    Mercury @08 Sagittarius


    lilith @08 Pisces
    niobe @10 Pisces

  203. clymela says:

    Lorrie thank you beautiful one for sharing Rick DiCleminte’s words and thoughts with us.
    How ,I am asking myself, am I to forgive these conservative Christians,right-wingers,anti-choice people for their words of hate and judgement from today,from this monstrosity?
    I could not sleep more than 90minutes at a time last night and so this morning at 4:30AM I just gave up and went out with our cats who are so calm even though I have seen them do some awful stuff to rodents of various types and to birds-evil does seem to be part of creation still our cats this morning comfort me with their presence and I look forward to Chris Hayes and Amy Goodman. They are on a talking about how rather than accept the need for mental health services and the downgrading of violence as an entertainment we have only reacted in making criminalization bigger and crueler and of course this thing of mass murdering only grows is NEVER diminished by the metal detectors, the body searches of children of color,etc.

  204. clymela says:

    Will-thank you! I love you for your dry wit and oh! that you could make me laugh today. I guess, rather, I am so grateful to just be wounded psychically(is that the correct word??),that my grandchildren are asleep in their beds even though they are no longer little ones.
    From the first hint via the TV I have been turning to Starlight to gather with my community. That seems sad but there it is for me. I would love to go to Mass but I wonder if I might not encounter some of the hideous thinking of the right-wingers blaming those of us who want women to have dominion over our own lives. Perhaps the rosary could comfort me today. This has left me so terribly restless. I want to scream at those who say this happened because we no longer have prayer in school, I want to say. “whose prayer shall we use?” God is not a Christian and I am convinced that Jesus is not a Christian either.
    Love to you, Will. I know that we will laugh again in time. And love to all of you I meet up with,here,almost everyday.

  205. clymela says:

    OH!! beautiful sister thank you for the point that you just made. I had forgotten that he used guns that his mother owned and registered.

  206. andre says:

    From Ed Tamplin’s site this morning:

    Last week I wrote about a looming focused Yod affecting the horoscope of the USA. I wrote of Jupiter, the planet of justice, sitting at their Descendant and how such has coincided with increased military involvement and/or civil unrest in the past. The Yod forces one to recognize uncomfortable adjustment and deal with it through sacrifice.

    If a civilized society cannot move on from its divisive and degenerative mistrust, fear, and paranoia that has 88% of all Americans owning a gun, then there is no need to worry about any apocalypse on December 21. In the USA – it will have already happened.

  207. will says:


    That’s a possible scenario, but there are armed guards at the scanner. There are no fool-proof deterrents, ever, is there?

  208. will says:



  209. Diane L says:

    Sad but true, Andre. BTW, that is one powerful Yod for all of us with planets/Angles at 8° . . . one message as I see it is the necessity to stay based firmly in reality & do one’s best to ignore all the crazy rhetoric filling the ether now.

  210. Francis says:

    I totally agree with you! As a licensed therapist I totally agree!

  211. Francis says:

    I don’t think the issue is the mother. Many people have guns. This issue is our policies around guns and the political impasse we are at to accomplish anything remotely sensible on this. Republicans and gun owners need to start demanding sensible regualtions for this to move forward.

  212. Sharon says:

    I thought I would google the wording of the 2nd amendment because everyone who wants to bear arms always cites the 2nd amendment. It was called to my attention by a headline on Democratic Underground that the 2nd amendment actually refers to a “well regulated militia.” Apparently, the punctuation of the statement that was actually ratified only has one coma which comes after the word “State” and this seems to emphasize even more that the right to bear arms relates back to a “well-regulated militia” and not the entire populace (see below), although I guess it could be “stretched” to be interpreted that way. The question for me is how to proceed? Do we somehow, through attitudes and emotions like love, calmness, gentleness, shape a world that has no weapons, and how long will that take? In my class we talked about how territoriality and fear of strangers is such a basic, tribal thing coming straight from the brain as it were (the amigdala): the “us and them” mindset. Or, do we somehow compromise in a reasonable, mature way so that the those who want to own guns go through the most stringent checks and regulations, AND, law enforcement weeds out illegal weapons much more than they do. Because, when certain unstable, unethical people can access guns, I think it is perfectly reasonable for mature people to want to be able to defend themselves. What do you all think?

    Overall link to the site:

    Amendment II – Right to bear arms. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Also found this…
    U.S. Constitution, Amendment II
    (also known as the Second Amendment)

    A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    One Comma or Three?

    The Final (ratified) version had only one comma according to the Library of Congress and Government Printing Office.
    Edited 7 years ago Report Abuse
    9 people rated this as good
    Asker’s Rating:Asker’s Comment:
    This answer demonstrates an actual desire to research an answer. The single comma 2nd Amendment is the only version actually ratified and its meaning is quite different from the use of 3 commas.

  213. Sharon says:

    Sorry for the length, and not editing the answer that I copied—I thought it was important for people to read. My other point is that if we confront and fight the other side, it will make the more extremists among them (and there are many) who feel threatened about their gun rights, stick to their extreme position. I tend to like what President Obama does—it is actually a good politician and leader on his way to becoming an even better one, (and, if some of the predictions hold), a great one. He takes the mature, reasonable, intelligent path and compromises where possible. I think it’s the nature of compromise that everyone gets something but that, hopefully, all of our better selves meet to agree on the most intelligent way to proceed.

  214. Helen T says:

    There ARE those out there ready to have a serious discussion about gun control – unfortunately it’s not the one we want:

    Actually this page on his site is entitled:
    They’re Coming For Our Guns

    I’m from a red state – I don’t know what can happen to wake these people up. Remember the adorable child that was slain in Gabby Gifford shooting? I actually heard her father state that, yes, his daughter had been taken from him, but that shouldn’t mean we have to hand in our guns….because FREEDOM is more important.

    Can he really look the parents of those 20 children in the eye and saw that now?

  215. cappy says:

    Hopefully, this excellent, desperately needed discussion, will also include the immediate ending of all US Shadow Gov’ts current and future WARS =heinous crimes against humanity all — where children, parents, grandparents … of an invaded country are often murdered mindlessly as ‘collateral damage” in the safety of their homes, or crossing the street — the ‘survivors’ who find a distant refugee camp — later experience godawful deaths from disease, weather and starvation.

  216. cappy says:


    Too sadly true:(

  217. teresahill says:

    God. Armed guards at the front of elementary school scanners? That’s hideous. And even then, I don’t think it’s going to work. You get $8-an-hour people, who’ve probably never shot anyone in their lives, never had a gun pointed at them, who let people in day after day, year after year, without incident. And the one day in the one school in the country where someone’s intent on a massacre, those guards are going to be able to pull out their guns in time and stop an armed intruder? I just don’t think they would.

  218. Gypsi says:

    No one needs an assault weapon. But when a mentally ill man injured
    An animal here, and I rescued her, I borrowed a weapon, kept it
    Secured. And practiced time trials on how quicklyu I could have it out and loaded. I now own a gun. I live alone. Police are slow.
    And violent. Mentally ill people are on the street in Texas.
    Until they kill someone and Texas executes them.
    But notice: wealthy young men doing these shootings.
    Their parents could Probably afford mental health services.

    Pride? Pretty costly pretending all is well.
    The poor here get outpatient care at mhmr. Mainly meds.
    Better than nothing I guess. My psycho stalker assaulted his mom,
    Got locked up and got help. Again.

  219. fierywoman says:

    Looking at the sentence (thanks for posting it, I was kinda itching to read it!) it looks like the thrust of the thought is about the MILITIA– none of the NRA guys think of keeping firearms for their militias (well .. except the truly far right crazies.)
    I keep thinking that the argument against the NRA might be the reverse of the point Obama made against Romney (in I think the second debate — ) where he put down R’s point about us not having as many ships in the Navy as we’d had a hundred years ago by devastatingly noting that we don’t use muskets & etc anymore. What if we were to read the 2nd amendment literally for the time it was written in? (H—, the gun nuts read the Bible literally…!)