10th Dec, 2012

The Next Four Years

Although the 2012 election is behind us, the next presidential term has not yet begun. Until January 20, 2013, we remain in the waning days of President Obama’s first term in office. After that date, the second term begins, and with it, an entirely new Inaugural chart takes precedence.

When a president is sworn into office, whether it be for the first or second time, that swearing-in moment marks the birth of the next four-year administration.  As historians have often noted, the two terms of a reelected president are often very different in tone and character.

During President Obama’s first term, the weight of the financial crisis and the work of guiding us out of it were at the forefront. After an initial burst of emergency legislation, however, the ongoing obstruction by the Republicans in the Senate through the use of the filibuster and, after the 2010 election, the uncompromising nature of the Republicans in the House, rendered progress on every front slow, tedious, and extremely incremental.

This process is described in the 2009 Inaugural chart by the Venus/Uranus conjunction opposite Saturn. Venus is the chart ruler (Taurus Ascendant) and, thus, stands for the administration. Its conjunction to Uranus points to the Obama administration’s inner imperative to push through creative, ground-breaking, and future-oriented policies. The opposition to Saturn, however, describes the constant obstruction and frustration that have made progress very difficult. By progression, Venus made its exact opposition to Saturn a few days before the November election, pointing to the growing effectiveness of the opposition right up until a second-term victory was declared.

Although the 2013 Inaugural ceremony has been moved up to January 21, due to January 20 falling on a Sunday, the Constitution declares that the swearing-in will be on January 20 at noon. It is my understanding that this will be done quietly as required, with the symbolic public event scheduled for the following day. We are therefore using January 20, 2013, at noon, as the birth moment of President Obama’s second term.

Where Obama’s first term was cautious, thoughtful, and steady (Saturn opposite Venus/Uranus and Mars trine Saturn), the second term seems likely to include many more volatile and potentially disruptive situations that demand quick and aggressive action. There is an underlying combativeness and irritability in the 2013 Inaugural Mars/Moon/Node T-square. Moreover, Uranus (5Aries14) lies at the midpoint of the Moon (19Taurus38) square to Mars (20Aquarius13), and is semisquare to both.  This describes the likelihood of sudden, unexpected, and ferocious events that will be responded to with force.

We may get our first glimpse of a very assertive, sometimes angry and impatient second-term administration during its earliest weeks, from January 20 through February 9, 2013, when the progressed Moon moves into its exact square with natal Mars. But most of the consequential aspects in the Inaugural chart will lie dormant until set off by subsequent transits over the next few years.

Many of the most treacherous periods seem likely to come within range of the very volatile, four remaining Uranus/Pluto squares that will unfold through early 2015. The next one, in May 2013, is accompanied by Uranus quincunx Inaugural Saturn, suggesting the surprise nature of events, and, subsequently, Saturn quincunx Inaugural Uranus, suggesting that the administration holds back in acting aggressively in response. With transiting Saturn square to the US North Node (6Leo36) also in May, it seems likely the strain will surround our relationships with foreign nations and the explosive events entangling them.

October and early November 2013 brings the next Uranus square to Pluto which coincides with and is followed by a far more stressful time for the Obama administration and the country. In the US chart, the progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Saturn for all of November. In addition, transiting Saturn will be sesquiquadrate natal US Venus (3Cancer06) and Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47), as well as square to Obama’s Ascendant (18Aquarius03) in early December. These aspects point to a time of significant grief and upset in the US, possibly as a result of the events set off by the Uranus/Pluto square. Furthermore, Saturn will conjunct Inaugural Descendant (14 Scorpio) in early November, and will oppose Inaugural Moon and square Inaugural Mars in later December. There seems to be a great deal of struggle and trauma in these waning months of 2013, and possibly much criticism of the administration in the mix.

The planetary lineup for 2014 and early 2015 suggests overwhelmingly powerful events of tremendous drama and historical significance, especially in the US but likely in many parts of the world as well. In the US chart, the Sun is 13Cancer 19. In the 2013 Inaugural chart, Venus, the chart ruler, is at 14Capricorn27. In the 113th Congress chart, the Sun is at 13Capricorn29. In the 2014 Spring Equinox chart drawn for Washington, DC, the Ascendant is 14Cancer07. Transiting Uranus will be in a hard aspect to every one of these points in April 2014, simultaneous to the occurrence of the next exact Uranus/Pluto square and suggestive of sudden explosive events and fast-moving and transformative situations. Moreover, transiting Pluto, suggestive of intense power struggles and the experience of a life-or-death struggle, will oppose the US Sun and conjunct the Congress Sun from February through May 2014. In addition, both transiting Jupiter (13 Cancer) and transiting Mars (13 Libra) will join this volatile mix in April, thereby creating a cardinal cross, and indicative of a strongly patriotic mood that supports some kind of military action at that time.

Uranus and Pluto will join in their final protracted square from late November 2014 through mid-March 2015. For much of the same period, beginning a bit earlier in mid-September 2014, transiting Uranus, followed by transiting Pluto, will again cross by hard aspect the US Sun, Inaugural Venus, the Congressional Sun and the Spring Equinox Ascendant. Although Jupiter and Mars will not be a part of the equation at this juncture, circumstances are nonetheless likely to be extremely volatile, unexpected, and dramatic. The Pluto transits, in particular, can herald a feeling of deep fear and a need to remain very vigilant and aggressive in response. This Pluto activity continues through 2015 and may indicate a significant power struggle between Congress and the administration, as well as with some perceived enemy of the nation.

By 2016, events are likely to settle considerably. The Uranus/Pluto square will be dissipating, and the country will find its way into a new normal. It seems quite likely that whatever compelling situations transpire between early 2014 through 2015, they will be long remembered and leave an indelible mark on this great nation.

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