3rd Dec, 2012

The GOP’s Bitter Harvest

With the advent of the George W. Bush administration, Democrats had a very difficult time adjusting to the extraordinarily aggressive tactics of Republicans. In many ways reminiscent of an abusive spouse, the GOP became proficient in over-the-top attacks that were unexpected, often irrational, and highly successful in keeping Democrats on the defensive. It has taken the Blue Party a long time to not be outmaneuvered by this classic bullying offensive. By nature more empathic and more willing to compromise, the much-maligned Democrats have finally figured out who they are dealing with and that it is time to start playing offense.

Leading this charge is President Obama, who began to shift gears in the spring of 2012. It was at that time that the very inhibiting and frustrating progressed Mars square to natal Saturn (25Capricorn20) in his chart began to wane, while the very energizing and strengthening solar arc Mars square to his Sun (12Leo33) began to manifest (continuing to wax until April 2013).  It was also at this time that Obama initiated his very muscular and very effective campaign against Mitt Romney.

As of late November 2012, and just in time for the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, the president’s converse Sun has moved into orb of a square with natal Mars (22Virgo35) which will continue through November 2013. The pundits have proclaimed that the startled GOP is dealing with a “new Obama” who no longer begins negotiations with a conciliatory gesture nor backs down from their extortionist threats.  The planets describe it as the simultaneity of two potent Mars progressions that have exponentially stiffened the president’s spine and starkly clarified his intent.

It seems likely that the aggressiveness of the negotiations with Congress will reach a fevered peak around December 13 through December 15 when the Sun (22Sagittarius) and then Mars (22 Capricorn) move to trigger the Obama converse Sun square to natal Mars. It is also at that time that the 112th Congress chart will have its Venus return (28Scorpio10) and then its Mars return (22Capricorn01).

It also is probable that the president will need to compromise on some issues during the Saturn transit to his Neptune, December 11 through December 20. But by December 21 to December 22, resolution of the current crisis is likely to be well in hand. The Sun will oppose Obama’s Venus, while Neptune moves into a month-long trine to his Venus (1Cancer47), and transiting Jupiter will complete its quincunx to his Neptune (8Scorpio36). Within days, transiting Jupiter will move into its 6-week square with his Pluto (6Virgo59).

At the moment, the president is also in the last week of his Chiron return, exact December 9.  Chiron creates a wound that leads to a surge of creative force. Due to the Chiron imperative, the destruction wreaked by the GOP’s wanton aggression and shameless political opportunism has pushed Obama to the necessity of a much more assertive and audacious stance in many areas. We saw this in the difference between the first and second debate, and we are seeing it again in the “cliff” negotiations.

I tend to think that the vituperative and groundless attacks against Susan Rice, a long-time, loyal ally and friend of the president, may also be seen as a part of the current Chiron wound. Thus, these attacks seem likely to birth an as-yet-to-be-determined creative and effective new strategy that will be utilized by the president as he deals with the no-holds-barred political gamesmanship of the Republicans going forward. The GOP should be wary of the seeds they sow in the waning days of 2012. They may not like the bitter harvest they reap.

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