The GOP’s Bitter Harvest

With the advent of the George W. Bush administration, Democrats had a very difficult time adjusting to the extraordinarily aggressive tactics of Republicans. In many ways reminiscent of an abusive spouse, the GOP became proficient in over-the-top attacks that were unexpected, often irrational, and highly successful in keeping Democrats on the defensive. It has taken the Blue Party a long time to not be outmaneuvered by this classic bullying offensive. By nature more empathic and more willing to compromise, the much-maligned Democrats have finally figured out who they are dealing with and that it is time to start playing offense.

Leading this charge is President Obama, who began to shift gears in the spring of 2012. It was at that time that the very inhibiting and frustrating progressed Mars square to natal Saturn (25Capricorn20) in his chart began to wane, while the very energizing and strengthening solar arc Mars square to his Sun (12Leo33) began to manifest (continuing to wax until April 2013).  It was also at this time that Obama initiated his very muscular and very effective campaign against Mitt Romney.

As of late November 2012, and just in time for the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, the president’s converse Sun has moved into orb of a square with natal Mars (22Virgo35) which will continue through November 2013. The pundits have proclaimed that the startled GOP is dealing with a “new Obama” who no longer begins negotiations with a conciliatory gesture nor backs down from their extortionist threats.  The planets describe it as the simultaneity of two potent Mars progressions that have exponentially stiffened the president’s spine and starkly clarified his intent.

It seems likely that the aggressiveness of the negotiations with Congress will reach a fevered peak around December 13 through December 15 when the Sun (22Sagittarius) and then Mars (22 Capricorn) move to trigger the Obama converse Sun square to natal Mars. It is also at that time that the 112th Congress chart will have its Venus return (28Scorpio10) and then its Mars return (22Capricorn01).

It also is probable that the president will need to compromise on some issues during the Saturn transit to his Neptune, December 11 through December 20. But by December 21 to December 22, resolution of the current crisis is likely to be well in hand. The Sun will oppose Obama’s Venus, while Neptune moves into a month-long trine to his Venus (1Cancer47), and transiting Jupiter will complete its quincunx to his Neptune (8Scorpio36). Within days, transiting Jupiter will move into its 6-week square with his Pluto (6Virgo59).

At the moment, the president is also in the last week of his Chiron return, exact December 9.  Chiron creates a wound that leads to a surge of creative force. Due to the Chiron imperative, the destruction wreaked by the GOP’s wanton aggression and shameless political opportunism has pushed Obama to the necessity of a much more assertive and audacious stance in many areas. We saw this in the difference between the first and second debate, and we are seeing it again in the “cliff” negotiations.

I tend to think that the vituperative and groundless attacks against Susan Rice, a long-time, loyal ally and friend of the president, may also be seen as a part of the current Chiron wound. Thus, these attacks seem likely to birth an as-yet-to-be-determined creative and effective new strategy that will be utilized by the president as he deals with the no-holds-barred political gamesmanship of the Republicans going forward. The GOP should be wary of the seeds they sow in the waning days of 2012. They may not like the bitter harvest they reap.


  1. will says:


    This is a wonderful forecast to kick off the Holidays. For the G.O.P.: The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  2. clymela says:

    Thank you,thank you ,thank you for this bright forecast. I am so looking forward to Obama fighting back and giving us something to count on.

  3. cappy says:

    Starlight…with greatest gratitude, i second what Will and Clymela said. Love that last sentence, too.

  4. alex says:

    President Obama marks the 20th anniversary of the Nunn-Lugar Threat Reduction program, one of the country’s most successful national security programs.


    Missile by missile, warhead by warhead, shell by shell, we’re putting a bygone era behind us. Inspired by Sam Nunn and Dick Lugar, we’re moving closer to the future we seek. A future where these weapons never threaten our children again. A future where we know the security and peace of a world without nuclear weapons.

    December 3, 2012


    The National War College
    Washington, D.C.

  5. Jerry says:

    The Dec 13th New Moon/ 21 ’45 Sagittarius

    There are worrying indications, that out of desperation, Pres. Assad of Syria might be preparing to resort to the use of chemical weapons to put down the increasingly threatening rebel uprising. President Obama made a public statement Monday that such an act would be considered intolerable and would evoke a stiff US/Nato response……

    Obama Warns Al-Assad Against Chemical Weapons, Declares ‘The World Is Watching’

    Dec 4, 2012/ CNN – The United States warned Syria in no uncertain terms Monday not to use chemical weapons amid intelligence reports indicating President Bashar al-Assad’s regime could be preparing to take that step as it escalates its fight against rebel forces.

    “I want to make it absolutely clear to Assad and those under his command — the world is watching,” President Barack Obama said during a speech at the National Defense University in Washington.

    “The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. And if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable,” he said.

    Obama has previously warned that any use of chemical weapons by Syria in its civil war would be crossing a “red line” that would prompt a swift U.S. response.


    The December 13th New Moon with its simultaneous Uranus station (4 Aries) as mentioned earlier is hitting many key points in the US/Obama charts. Syria (DOB Sept. 16, 1941) has an inherent Sun/North Node conj. square n. Jupiter at 22 Virgo – 20 Gemini so I am assuming President Assad could very well overstep his boundaries and challenged at this critical juncture, esp. with Uranus stationing in close trine to Syria’s natal Pluto (5 Leo – within a half degree). The problem with US/Nato military intervention in Syria, is that this could be the beginning of a regional war with uncertain consequences. Assad has threatened severe retaliation outside its borders…..

    Syria’s Assad Warns of Apocalyptic War

    Press TV
    Nov 10, 2012

    In a rare interview with Russia Today TV, President Bashar al-Assad vigorously clarified his stance on the current Syrian crisis created by the West and some regional states including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and warned them of the apocalyptic consequences of any foreign intervention in Syria.

    “I do not think the West is going [to intervene], but if they do so, nobody can tell what is next. I think the price of this [foreign] invasion if it happened is going to be more than the whole world can afford,” Assad said in a Thursday interview with the Russia Today TV network.

    Assad warned that the domino effect of any military attack on the country “will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific and you know the implication on the rest of the world.


  6. will says:

    Only a vomitous cowardly creep would put forth such a threat. He and his regime may very well be toast before Christmas.

  7. Lorrie U says:

    Tell the DOJ to Investigate Mitt Romney’s Serial Fraud and Perjury

    It is true that an investigation into him and his son’s connection to an $8.5 billion Ponzi scheme, and concealing over $15 million from the auto-bailout are being pursued, but the Justice Department must conduct a thorough investigation into all of the accusations of racketeering and criminal malfeasance that will inevitably lead to serious charges and if there is justice, a far-reaching RICO investigation. To expedite an investigation by the Department of Justice, a petition on We the website petitioning President Obama to instruct the DOJ to investigate “fraud & confessed, deliberate acts of perjury” may help bring Willard Romney and Bain Capital to justice, and now that he is no longer a candidate for public office, there is no reasonable excuse to allow this liar to escape justice any longer.

  8. Lorrie U says:

    This was posted on FB by Americans Against the Republican Party:

    Republicans hate President Obama because they think he is muslim…

    But they believe only what they hear on Fox News. Fox News’ second largest owner is Saudi Arabian Prince Walid Bin Talal. The Prince funds radical madrasses all over the world.

    And they give their allegiance to Grover Norquist. Mr. Norquist is married to a Palestinian Muslim. He and his wife help run the Islamic Free Market Institute. This institute took donations from the terrorism financing SAAR Network.

    Yep, it’s totally not because they’re racists.

  9. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    One word comes to mind. Instability. The financial markets hate instability. Greece is coming up for review on Dec. 13th. The ECB and IMF are meeting that day to determine whether Greece will receive the long awaited allocated tranche loans. With Uranus stationing direct on the 13th precisely conjunct the EU Sun (DOB March 25, ’57 Rome – 4 ’48 Aries) in opposition to Greece’s Pluto/Moon conj. (4 ’32 Libra) chances are Greece will not be able to meet the bond buyout sale quota required for the release of those funds. A disorderly default will be inevitable. Maybe not immediately, but this may be a major turning point for all concerned which can only inject lots of uncertainty and volatility in world financial markets. It’s the ‘Perfect Storm’. We’re all going to be affected.

  10. Barbara Delaney says:

    I’m very gratified that our President stood firmly by Susan Rice. I will never, ever forgive or forget the sick-making posturings of the vile McCain or Lindsey Graham, the Confederate Queen, who is still trying to fight the Civil War and have a different outcome.

    Republicans refuse to accept the outcome of the 2012 elections, how do they hope to continue to be a viable political party when they cannot even come to grips with reality?

  11. alex says:

    Senate – Filibuster

    strong>GOP’s Senate Steering Committee, headed by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.),

    The Senate often tries to expedite legislation when time is running short by passing bills with unanimous consent. But in a letter circulated to all senators last week, the GOP’s Senate Steering Committee, headed by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), declared that more than a dozen of its members will not grant such consent for anything that is not sent to them first, by 5 p.m. on Dec. 18.

    Natal Pat Toomey
    November 17, 1961
    Providence RI
    using noon EST

    Minor Asteroid Analysis by Mark Andrew Holmes

    Nessus 29 Taurus 05 R 27N32
    (bad conditions, associated with abuse)


    Uranus 00 Virgo 23

    Yi Xing 00 Libra 37 2N40
    (the desire to repair problems)


    Jupiter 01 Aquarius 54

    Zwingli 12 Aquarius 41 20S26
    (“by the book”; rigid or fundamentalist outlook)


    Neptune 11 Scorpio 34

    Transylvania 08 Aquarius 43 14S37
    (attitude toward civilization and its institutions)


    Eris 09 Aries 34 R

    Mercury 09 Scorpio 26
    Venus 08 Scorpio 06

    Mony 25 Virgo 39 10S11


    Ouro Preto 27 Libra 43 9S36
    (the dark side of money and its influence)


    Sun 25 Scorpio 06


    Vesta 26 Taurus 50


    Saturn 25 Capricorn 18

  12. angellight says:

    Gregg Braden Spirit Tv Interview on 2012 & that we are Living at a Pivitol Time In our Planet’s History!

    For those of us who deem ourselves spiritual and/or awakening Souls, it is imperative at this time that we prepare our instruments for the energies that will be available to us at this time for greater consciousness and service. We must eat better, more fruits, veggies, less meat; we must not get as angry, jealous, and love more, be kinder, and work with the energy of harmlessness. We must meditate more & stay in the Prescene more and see Vishnu the Soul in each form we meet because God does dwell in each form, though hidden by those forms, it is the very breath that keeps those forms living.

  13. angellight says:

    Starlight: How intuitive that you relate Susan Rice to Barack’s Chiron. That is very interesting. Interesting too about your remark on the seeds sown by the GOP and the harvest which will come forth from those seeds. The seeds we are planting at this time will have tremendous impact on our lives for either good or bad.

  14. Nina says:

    That’s the mark of a truly successful threat reduction program – it’s so obscure many people have never heard of it. Thanks for the link.

  15. clymela says:

    Oh!! I love you and thank you for this Lorrie U. I was just running over these facts as I was doing the dishes this weekend. My first thought was on the recently received news regarding Norquist and his conversion but there is no ignoring the issue of FOX which I did know about but pushed back. This is a hideous mess and just thinking about this level of our reality causes my eyes to cross. Thank you so much for putting this info,these facts together.

  16. Connie says:

    Angellight – thanks for the Braden link! Galactic Channels, and Starlight are visited daily.

    Nancy Starlight, thanks again for your wisdom and this webspace!

  17. cappy says:


    Some time ago i read a question by a Huffington poster: ‘what if Grover Norquist were a Muslim
    bent on bringing down the USA’…i thought that Q was only hypothetical at the time.

  18. Diane L says:

    Great post, Starlight! Very good news to help brighten this holiday season. It has been entertaining watching PBO’s more aggressive approach setting the repubs back on their heels. GOOO DEMS!!

  19. Prizgar says:

    Excellent post.
    On Susan Rice. I wait to see what Obama will do on this. For me, it will determine what type of President he will be during his second term. Will he continue to allow the Republicans to push him around? Or, will he now stand and fight for the things he believes in.
    Will the Republicans (McCain/Graham) choose the next sec’y of state?
    Or will he?

  20. Jackson says:

    A strategic move by the Washington Post to stop Rupert Murdoch from taking over Tribune Company (Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, et al.)?

  21. karen says:

    Excellent, Nancy. They continue to throw so much *hit on those fields of posturing, bad conduct that the seeds are going to die before they even sprout.

    There’s been all sorts of speculation about 2016, whether or not Hilary will run for Pres. But, there are others who also may play a big role in the future, including Cory Booker:

  22. angellight says:

    “There’s a new sheriff in town: Elizabeth Warren wins Senate Banking Committee seat!”

    Excellent news there; she will give them “hell”!

  23. DPH says:

    Hooray! The news about Elizabeth W
    arren is fantastic!

  24. angellight says:

    Ashley Judd seriously exploring Senate run against Mitch McConnell! – via @POLITICO

  25. Nina says:

    Nancy Pelosi just filed the discharge petition asking the House to take up the Senate middle class tax cut bill. The President has released a campaign-style commercial for it. 218 signatures needed to force consideration.

  26. Noelle says:

    I am not an astrologer but it seems to me that astrologers are able to predict a good day to get married or maybe launch a new business, and the like. So, I’m asking any of you who know how to do this to explore when between now and the 21st of December would be the most likely time for some world leaders, scientists, etc. to tell us that “we are not alone”, that there are far more advanced people elsewhere in the universe, who are willing to help us, in fact have been helping us. Some of you might be rolling your eyes but for those who aren’t, what’s your guess?

    Starlight, wrote about an “awakening” of the people due to transists of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn during late November and December. We haven’t seen anything yet but I feel it is going to happen. Does anyone else sense this and, if so, can you speculate on when based on astrology?

  27. pat says:

    I also would like to send love and Hugs to Nancy Starlight ….Huge appreciation for YOU and this website. And Thank YOU to all the community members.

  28. Lorrie U says:

    I’ve had the same fleeting thoughts from time to time…

  29. Lorrie U says:

    I think it’s was correct for Pres. Obama to defend Susan Rice. I do believe Rachel Maddow hit the nail on the head when she put forth the premise that they don’t want Rice because they want John Kerry nominated instead. The plan is that Scott Brown will then run for Kerry’s vacated seat, which is why Kerry said not to put his name forward. Bad thing about Susan Rice is her ties to the Keystone pipeline.

  30. Lorrie U says:

    Good one, Fe! Thanks…

  31. cappy says:

    I sincerely hope that the US Senate in 2014 IS Ashley’s destiny…she is both soft power and the pre-emptive strike, with an important multidimensional touch of magic, imo.

    The article was extremely positive.

  32. Jerry says:

    Evidence is mounting that Syria is currently ferrying chemical weaponry to the outskirts of Allepo, Syria’s second largest city to quell the rebellion there.

    Nato issued their own warning to Syria yesterday on the heels of Sec. of State Clinton’s warning Monday that there would be serious consequences if these weapons were used……

    The Twin Threat Posed By Syria’s Chemical Weapons

    France 24 International
    Dec 4. 2012

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may not want to risk crossing “the red line” by using chemical weapons against his people. But that’s only as long as he can maintain command-and-control.

    Twenty months after the start of the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the international community has its eye on the regime’s stockpile of chemical weapons, with US President Barack Obama warning Monday that the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people would cross the “red line”.

    On Tuesday, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen joined the chorus of international warnings, telling reporters that the use of chemical weapons would be “completely unacceptable for the whole international community”. He also warned that, “If anybody resorts to these terrible weapons, then I would expect an immediate reaction from the international community.”


    NATO’s role in the Syrian conflict from an astrological point of view will be interesting to watch. The December 13th New Moon (21 Sag) will exactly quincunx NATO’s Mars (21 Cancer) while tr. Mars at 20 Capr. forms an opposition. The major component to consider is NATO’s Venus-Uranus square (4 Libra-Cancer) during this period. The Uranus station at 4 Aries will be forming a t square to the natal Venus-Uranus degrees. Here’s the NATO chart with added commentary provided by the Bristol School of Astrology website…..

  33. will says:


    Totentanz rocks………..and so do you. I am sorry for your many painful losses. I celebrate your gains.

    Thank you for posting and sharing your astute observations.

  34. Lunagardener says:

    Thank you Fe. I read every article you write.

  35. cappy says:

    Willing Starlighters …

    We could help Nancy Pelosi and President O right now by making a list of your State’s current Dem.US Congressional House Representatives phone numbers via Google … and ask each receptionist if US Congresswoman______ has signed Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Discharge Petition’…(they all know what it is.)
    Ask for an answer…if they have Not signed…ask them (you are counting on them) to please do so ASAP:) Call their your State HQ … and their Washington, D.C offices.

    Keep this all important golden list for Everything that comes up for a vote! Even call your State’s US House Rethug. Reps!

    We are needed now.

  36. fierywoman says:

    In their own ways, these two Muslims have done more to destroy the US than Bin Laden did.

  37. teresahill says:

    She does much work with the UN as on women’s rights and just completed a master’s in public policy from Harvard. She’s no lightweight celebrity playing at politics.

  38. fierywoman says:

    If you’re interested in channeled stuff on this subject, go here:

  39. teresahill says:

    Wow. What kind of transits hit you this year?

  40. Noelle says:

    Thanks, I was really looking for astrological input but it loks like I came up dry.

  41. Fe says:


    Can’t tell you off the top, though my natal Neptune is in Libra in the 8th and my Mars in Aries in the first. So Uranus has provided many unexpected turns this year around mortality.

  42. angellight says:

    REPORT: Fox News Is Taking Karl Rove Off The Air and his fellow GOP pundit Dick Morris, via @bi_politics

    The End of an Era, maybe?

    Cappy: So true. We are needed now.

  43. tetramorph says:

    “Starlight, wrote about an “awakening” of the people due to transists of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn during late November and December. We haven’t seen anything yet but I feel it is going to happen.” —
    I’ve been looking for that as well, and, without and astro-software, and wondering if this refers to the ideological shift that is now occurring in the US, post-historic-election. What is going on is very difficult and uncomfortable for some, and absolutely invigorating for others. I’ve been seeing comments in articles along the lines of “Progressives won’t forget to vote in ’14 like they did in ’10.” I see that kind of attitude as awakening to our collective power.
    Perhaps when Mercury returns to its’ station retro degree we’ll get another bump in the right direction!

  44. tetramorph says:

    that should be “any astro-software”, not “and” :)

  45. clymela says:

    tetamorph-I was thinking yesterday that we will turn out in 2014 and i did hear that the Obama machine is continuing not simply folding up and going home but working to be sure that there is a permanent liberal Democrat voting block. i would be so relieved to see us turning around the right with actual work and effort. i do “feel” that the right has suffered a blow that will keep them the right size-an extreme minority.

  46. Noelle says:

    Thanks, Tetramorph. Mercury would cetainly seem to play a role in such an event and when it goes direct makes sense.

  47. Jackson says:

    My guess is it’s because Murdoch is trying to buy the Tribune Company (Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, lots of TV stations and other newspapers), and having two obvious homers for the Republican Party — one of whom may be an architect of election fraud and voter suppression — on his flagship cable news channel might make that acquisition process more treacherous.

  48. angellight says:

    CIA Being Dismantled by Panetta Intel Will Belong to the Military!

    Excerpt: This is a Fascinating Story, Hope you Read it..,

    “Civilian versus the Military… that’s what we are facing as the CIA goes bye bye and is replaced by military men and women. When you look into the background of the CIA… you realize that it was created by and for the benefit of the Wall Street Bankers.

    This is a long article, with lots of personal asides that help explain things. I hope you read it all the way to the end. And please excuse the mistakes. I just don’t have the time to proof it.
    Source Says CIA Being Dismantled by Panetta – Intel Gathering Will Belong to the Military

  49. will says:

    Fascinating and pretty much altogether fantastic, wouldn’t you say? The CIA is a massive entity with tentacles all over the world and in the sky……….and I would doubt the likes of one cabinet member would have the power or inclination to dismantle it. Color me doubtful.

  50. Sharon says:

    Fe, What beautiful writing! And I didn’t know you acted! You are doing some wonderful work. I enjoyed your article, and the comments. All I can say is “from your voice to God’s ears” (regarding the descendancy of Conservativism. When women are allowed to die because a dying fetus’s heart is still beating, when our climate is turned on it’s head and our beautiful planet unnecessarly destroyed, when science is subjagated to religion, there is surely something bizarre and Neptunian in it’s worst sense going on. Here’s a GREAT article you guys will enjoy:

  51. Sharon says:

    Posted this above—wanted to make sure everyone saw it—it’s written by a physician, Dr. Brian Moench and does not mince words.

  52. cappy says:


    Starlight mentioned above in her great and uplifting article:”The Bitter Harvest”
    PBO’s ”very muscular and very effective campaign against Mitt Romney.”

    i am taking the liberty of reprinting your excellent and very uplifting Obama team summation of what O’s historic campaign consisted of…
    Most fortunately, it seems, O is keeping his muscular, winning organization intact this time:)

    From Alex on Nov.29th from “Cracking the Glacier”:

    “news back from
    excerpt email:

    “Between April 2011 and November 2012, you built the largest grassroots campaign in history to re-elect President Obama. Here’s a breakdown of what that looked like in communities across the country.

    813 field offices

    10,000 neighborhood teams

    2.2 million volunteers

    But it wasn’t just about offices and volunteers, it’s about what you achieved:

    1,793,881 voters registered

    Over 150 million calls made and doors knocked on

    More than 25 million calls made and door knocked on during the last four days alone

    The President’s victory on November 6th was thanks to you.”

  53. Bob says:

    I hope that the nearly 1/2 of our voting population that voted for R$ are not Schizo or psycho. Having that number being dumb enough to vote against their own best interests is bad enough.

    With the first two playing nice is not an option but a calm, firm approach (to establish that conscience is not weakness) may work with the third as long as boundaries are set first and held to in any dealings. The behavior of Republicans in congress since their party’s loss in the election (the same as it was before the election) is similar to to what the former classifications have been shown to exhibit – unwillingness or inability to change, pursuit of the same goals in the same manner (intractability), looking for the most extreme measures [hoping to affect the voting of the Electoral College] to get their way.

    Those so afflicted have been demonstrated to have a higher than average energy level when in a manic phase. This may be present most of the time when constantly surrounded by others of the same profile. In our favor is the fact that the election numbers show that we outnumber them but as their affliction does not magically go away we must be constant in our own endeavors to deal with and defeat their actions.

  54. Bob says:

    As I posted in another thread (I think) chart readings for some of the top Republicans in congress are not favorable on election day in 2014. Better yet, Nancy Pelosi’s chart is so positive that I believe the Democratic party will retake the House in the mid-term elections.

  55. Bob says:

    Reading my chart for Rove has me believing he profited from the 9-11 attacks and was indeed thwarted in an attempt to steal the election for R$.

  56. Bob says:

    The short story is that the use of such weapons is against international law and should it happen there will be a severe response by a coalition of international forces with no help from Assad’s backers as helping him defend against such a response would have them facing the armies of the free world also. Russia’s oil sales, China’s manufacturing would instantly dry up. Middle Eastern countries, if defeated, would have their oil deposits taken at greatly reduced compensation (if any at all) by the victors.

  57. alex says:

    Where each state stands on ACA Medicaid expansion

    A roundup of what each state’s leadership has said about their Medicaid plans

    NOT PARTICIPATING (9 states)



    PARTICIPATING (13 states and the District of Columbia)

  58. Bob says:

    We can not rest until we replace the intractable Republican members of congress with progressive Democrats in numbers sufficient enough to stop their obstructionism to getting the country back on its feet. This includes replacement of state governors and legislatures, as well as local level politicians, in like numbers where necessary. The GOP has brought such activism on themselves. They will reap what they have sown.

  59. ScorpioX3 says:

    Glad to see her stepping up. (Please, someone make Mitch O’Connell just.go.) Judd has political/advocacy clout, but she is a Liberal in a Very Red State. We can only hope for her success.

  60. Lorrie U says:

    Yay! I don’t think you posted that, I think I’d remember such a wonderful scenario! That’s great news.

  61. Lorrie U says:

    Syria Chemical Weapons Readied For Use: Sarin Loaded Into Aerial Bombs Despite International Warnings

    Syria’s military has loaded chemical weapons into aerial bombs and is waiting authorization for their use from President Bashar al-Asssad, NBC News and Fox News report. From NBC News:

    The military has loaded the precursor chemicals for sarin, a deadly nerve gas, into aerial bombs that could be dropped onto the Syrian people from dozens of fighter-bombers, the officials said. As recently as Tuesday, officials had said there was as yet no evidence that the process of mixing the “precursor” chemicals had begun. But Wednesday, they said their worst fears had been confirmed: The nerve agents were locked and loaded inside the bombs.

    U.S. officials stressed that as of now, the sarin bombs hadn’t been loaded onto planes and that Assad hadn’t issued a final order to use them. But if he does, one of the officials said, “there’s little the outside world can do to stop it.”

  62. Gypsi says:

    Great article Nancy – I tweeted it and picked up a new follower or 2. And Fe, I really enjoyed your article as well. The last 12 months have had a lot of changes in them for me. I’m resting now, now sure whether to laugh or grieve.

  63. Sharon says:

    I know things have been happening for you, Gypsi as you’ve made a few comments about it. How are you doing now? It sounds like you’re getting through it….I hope things run smoothly and the planets are kind to you :-)

  64. Barbara Backus says:

    The Rice stock share connection to the Keystone pipeline is worrisome. Wonder if the fact that her husband is Canadian has anything to do with it? She’s a tough customer – supposedly gave the finger to the late Holbrook, who was no sissy either.

  65. will says:

    Mitch McConnell is like a toxic, ill-fitting tampon for LadyLiberty. He’s got to be yanked out of her skirts once and for all.

  66. lili says:

    @will…that is a stunning and impressive metaphor…;-)

  67. fierywoman says:

    OUCH !!!

  68. alex says:

    President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) saved American consumers $1.5 billion on out-of-pocket health insurance premium costs in 2011, a study published Wednesday (PDF) claimed.

    Despite this, benefits of the law were not applied equally across all health insurance markets, leading the study’s authors to propose that stronger rules are needed.

  69. angellight says:

    FYI: “The Etheric Body” by Sri K. P. Kumar – The Aquarian Age has arrived. Man gains the experience of etheric existence. Consequently he also gains the etheric body. It unveils the truth of deathlessness – meaning immortality. The Masters of Wisdom inaugurated the Yoga relating to it a hundred years ago through H.P.B. and A.A.B.

    Master CVV, the Master of Nilgiri, gave out the technique relating to the Yoga of Immortality, which is part of the Ancient Wisdom.

    This book contains the practical steps towards attaining immortality. The training involves working with Saturn initially and Venus subsequently.

    Sri K. Parvathi Kumar, a disciple in the Yoga path of Master CVV gave out the technique to the seekers of truth.


  70. karen says:

    Fe, your beautiful, evocative writing seemed courageous to me, a gift in light of what you’ve recently experienced.

    Will, it’s time to publish. “Will’s Witticisms” or something like it. The world needs a good laugh!

  71. will says:

    Boehner Gains Strong Support From House Republicans. Pat Tiberi of Ohio Needs Droning.

  72. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Hi Noelle, tetramorph and clumela: I’ve been meaning to post astrologically about your comments to a upcoming change and awakening in the collective. I can’t for the life of me remember which post by Starlight you are referencing but most major life changes almost certainly happen during what I fondly refer to as the “adult” planet transits. Namely, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Not to make light of the personal planets (and Jupiter) by any means. It just that these others, the big guys simply don’t play around and they certainly don’t or won’t tolerate any lame half-hearted response back from us humans. (Ask Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!)

    The lessons will be learned come H*ll or high water. Two things are certain, you WILL GROW and become a much more evolved human, or you WON’T. Your call. Just don’t expect your phone to ring much as you become a bitter and mean-spirited person.

    With Saturn transiting Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn they are now in mutal reception. (In each other’s natural sign) and that is a very good thing. Because Pluto is sometimes just ruthless digging uncomfortablely deep and makes you know your true self. With Saturn, we have the power and more importantly the patience and perservance to get the job done. See it through. So bottom line with these two if you are WILLING to see your reality, (whatever that may be and only each of knows this personally) then the positive life-awareness changes will occur. And you will welcome them.

    I am also very happy and pleased with Neptune now in Pisces. Mostly, because I get to experience this rare event in my lifetime. Neptune in Pisces will no doubt add more room in people’s life for compassion. Evidenced in the past presidential election. Will it make EVERYONE on the planet, nice, warm and fuzzy….NO, but it will go a long way.

    I just love Rachel’s Maddow latest commerical about the past election. America said NO! No to prejudice against latinos, african americans, said no to woman’s reproductive rights being taken away and no to a gay couple’s beautiful marriage being denied. If that is not Neptune in Pisces in it highest moral form, I don’t know what is.

    Caring and compassion, I can dig it! Okay now I am showing my age!

    And oh dear, I won’t or don’t forget Uranus in Aries, like it would let me. With more squares to come with Pluto in Capricorn. Life changing indeed.

    Noelle, hope this helps a little bit. Coming from a hopefully much more wiser and patient every evolving astrologer. All the best. ~*Lisa*~

  73. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Sorry clymela, I spelled your name wrong. Rats!!! My bad. ~*Lisa*~

  74. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Will: Will I never learn, I was drinking water when I read your comment about Mitch McConnell. Not good! But easy to clean up.


  75. Patty says:

    Sharon, what a brilliant piece! I hope everyone here has a chance to read and bookmark it. Thanks so much for the link.

    “The greatest threat to the United States will never be Al Qaeda, Russia, China or Iran. It will be our failure to wrest control of public policy from the inmates of our own insane asylum”.

  76. will says:

    Sharon, terrific article, indeed. Thank you for posting it.


    Pardon me re: Mitch McConnell. He is just such an irritating little infection of a man.

  77. clymela says:

    No problem re the name thing. I could see what happened. By the way I was thinking today that some of the “good”part of Pluto in Capricorn is showing up in that we are forced by circumstance to recognize the racism that is such a part of our society. Just now I was thinking Saturn/Pluto in mutual reception!? Putting our blame and shame to good use?!?!
    Regarding the evolutionary power available now, myself,I can’t imagine holding on to the “old ways”too cruel and too painful.

  78. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    clymela, you just said a mouthful about the evolutionary power avalable now. “You can’t imagine holding onto the “old ways’ Too cruel and too painful”.

    Very well stated. And by the way, I don’t have any worries for you, because you are clearly willing and able to do the work necessary. Let’s just say, I can “see” you crossing the finish line. The power of Pluto and the endurance of Saturn await!

  79. tetramorph says:

    Nice post. Thanks!

  80. Jerry says:

    Jude Cowell over at the Stars Over Washington website wrote an interesting analysis on the November 13, 1970 Syrian Coup chart. The recent November 13th solar eclipse conjoined the Sun in the Syrian Coup chart.

    Here’s the article with accompanying chart…..

    Carrying it one step further if I may, this seems to bring added emphasis to the upcoming Mars transit of the Dec 13th New Moon. Tr. Mars at 20 Capr. will form a sextile/trine to both the 11/13/12 eclipse and the 11/13/70 Syrian Coup Sun-Saturn/Moon opposition degrees.

  81. Jerry says:

    Re: Dec 13th New Moon

    Mars (20 Capr.) conjunct the Saturn/Uranus midpoint (21 Capr.)

    If we are to consider Mars as a potential catalyst, a study has been done on midpoints and the likelihood of a major accident or violent episode when Mars, Saturn and Uranus are involved.

    Here’s the article…..

    By David Cochrane

    A good subject for research is any extreme situation or trait. An example of an extreme situation is an accident. In an entire lifetime, one is likely to experience just a few major accidents. From an astrological perspective, one may wonder what astrological influences are in effect at these extreme and unusual moments in a person’s life.

    Astrologers are likely to associate the planet Uranus and perhaps the planets Mars and Saturn with accidents. I believe that patterns involving 3 or more planets are extremely important and that midpoint structures are important,


  82. Jerry says:

    Forgot to mention….. the US Chiron (20 ’09 Aries) will be directly impacted by the Dec 13th Mars transit.

  83. alex says:


    Whatever activates US Chiron 20AR also activates USA Juno 20 Libra, the other axis point in the USA Independence chart;

    Dec 13th New Moon

    There is a New Moon Cardinal T-Square (or more if the 4th vertex is filled in by relevant US/or/Syrian synastry )

    Cardinal T-Square:

    USA Chiron @20AR

    Mars @20CP & midpoint SA/UR @21CP

    USA Juno @20LI

    dark star has a column on Dec 13th New Moon & Uranus SD – – fixed stars, YOD aspect, Eris-New Moon trine;

  84. fierywoman says:

    I was giggling (as usual, to what you write) as I wrote it… so, no pardons accepted!

  85. Sharon says:

    Thanks, and great metaphor, Will. I had an image of Lady Liberty squirming around there in her high heels and skirt, looking very disgruntled.

  86. Linda Gomez says:

    Mitch has been in the Senate way too long.
    Its time for him to go, he’s become an old nag. I’m all for term limits. 20 years should be cap, even then its too long, but better than 40 or 35.
    I never liked the idea of aging legislators. The late Sen. Bob Byrd, RIP, was there waaay too long 50 years(?)when he finally passed away while serving.

  87. Jerry says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for bringing that article to my attention.

    I noticed a reference in the article to the emergence of Mercury’s shadow on Dec. 13th re: Mercury conjoining the Mercury retrograde station of Nov 7th that coincided with the US presidential election.

    To elucidate what that might possibly mean, I found one reference to it in the Vision Quest astrology website…..

    “Mercury will not fully emerge from the retrograde shadow until December 13th when it progresses past the 4 degree mark of where it went retrograde. Truths that were hidden or covered up at the time of election night will come to light dramatically on the week of December 13th under the influence of the New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury’s simultaneous emergence from the shadow.”

    It’s anyone’s guess what disclosures if any will come to light at the time of the Dec 13th New Moon. Could it be related to Pres Obama? The Mercury retrograde station degree at 4 Sag forms a close opposition to Obama’s natal Moon (3 Gemini).

  88. angellight says:

    New video explains the Israel-Palestine conflict in just 6 minutes — and it’s wildly popular! Over 100,000 views in just 4 days. This is a historic moment when people are hungry to understand Israel-Palestine.

  89. alex says:


    Astrology can’t produce a literal map of certain outcomes for objective events or an endorsement of ‘fate'; good astro-interpretation is a tool that illustrates strength and weakness conditions, favorable or unfavorable circumstances;

    it delineates what is ‘possible i.e. worst case’ scenario; and what is ‘potential i.e. best case’ scenario;

    astrologers can be either pessimistic or optimistic, my thought is it’s best to understand your natural tendency or default setting; though IMO you want to go beyond your default setting and present a perspective that best applies to the chart; similar to the practice of scientific study that means weeding out faulty ideas before you’ll find a conclusion that supports your hypothesis or premise;

    There is plenty of clear and common sense evidence that this era cultivates political officials doing everything in the extreme; and we want to know those extremes so we can avoid them; their rule-making impacts us with a force not of our own choice and a power beyond our control;

    sound interpretation expands the chance that we can find and use better options among the mix of choices; that is the influence of useful astrology;

  90. Jerry says:

    No dispute there. We are simply reviewing the astrological influences in tandem with what is going on geo-politically. It’s logical to be curious about it. The mid to late December aspects have been under discussion periodically here for quite some time now.

  91. tetramorph says:

    Interesting Jerry… Mercury opp Moon is emotional issues clouding communication. Hand says, “You may say something that you didn’t want to say.”

    Given the “heat” surrounding the “Cliff” as well as what’s going down in Syria, I can see the possibilities…

  92. clymela says:

    To revert to cliche: OMG! When Steve gets up I have to show this to him- your reference to McConnell. Whenever Steve even hears him my Steve begins to hiss and yowl, Oh!Brother!he is going to love this…..

  93. clymela says:

    Lissa-I should bookmark this to remind me during the times when I feel like I am in some weird holding pattern. I don’t always feel like I am well on my way rather I feel like a nice nap.The recent election race and all the extreme right wing influence and knowing that people that I actually love listen to that dog whistle took a lot out of my faith. I am continuing to be concerned about the US love of fascism-we haven’t surrendered utterly but oh my how far we have gone over and over and over.
    Just an aside our two kittens really want to know how to type and this response took much longer than you would guess.

  94. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Will, I am sure you are enjoying your “favorite” Senator’s latest misadventure yesterday concerning the debt hike limit. Harry Reid totally got him played. And I must admit it was deeply satisfying to watch him squirm after embarrassing himself. Please oh please, let Ashley Judd run!

    It is really hard to listen to him talk, it’s right up there with listening to Sarah Palin, I try, but I usually fail.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. ~*Lisa*~

  95. Noelle says:

    Lisa,, thank you very much. It wasn’t what I was looking for but it was very helpful

  96. barbk says:

    What I’m getting from the December 13 New Moon chart is about communication, but that is based on the degree of the New Moon at 21+ Sagittarius. At the moment, asteroids Iris and Isis are conjunct at 21+ Sagittarius. Iris might represent the messenger’s message, and Isis the pulling together of scattered fragments. A Chinese Laundry is the Sabian symbol for this degree and Dane Rudhyar believed it represented an individual’s background or interests as a basis for creating a foundation for “smooth operation” and “acceptance” in an alien environment.

    Eris, goddess of discord, at 21 Aries trines Isis and Iris right now and will also trine the Sun and Moon at the New Moon next week. Her symbol is The Gate To The Garden Of All Fulfilled Desires, which Rudhyar believed could be achieved through organized cooperation.

    With Mercury emerging from his shadow stage (exact on the 14th) he will trine Uranus stationing direct in the New Moon chart, and Uranus can be depended on to disrupt. Uranus’ degree’s symbol is of a Triangle With Wings, which Rudhyar sees this way: “A New Dimension of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavors.” The New Moon’s Mercury is also sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) transiting Eris.

    This aspect, part of the same family as the square and opposition, brings on dramatic events that demand immediate attention. In the case of the New Moon that might suggest that our modes of communication could be disrupted, if I understand the present conjunction of Isis and Iris.

    Compounding this thought is the Winter Solstice during the week following the New Moon next week. It features a yod that focuses it’s energy on the U.S. natal (Sibly) Uranus in Gemini. Once again communication is suggested. In addition, asteroid Hermes (another name for Mercury) at 1 Capricorn is conjunct the Sun at 0 Capricorn, as well as asteroid Juno. Gary Caton tells us that Juno not only represents partnership but also indicates the principle of connectivity, and hearkens back to the degree symbol where Eris is as well as the degree where transiting Uranus is, and where Isis and Iris are now; the degree of the New Moon next week.

    Mercury, the end-all, be-all communication symbol has a remarkable position in the Solstice chart. He opposes Vesta in Gemini and Vesta in a chart represents the object of most singular focus. In the Solstice chart that would be communication. Solstice Mercury is also conjunct the Great Attractor, a source of powerful gravity forces dragging us toward it into deep space. Mercury is caught between an irristible force (the GA) and an immovable object (Vesta). The great communicator is at a stand-still.

    Mercury in the Solstice chart is also trine the Moon in Aries who represents the people. I take it to mean that the still-stand of Solstice Mercury between the GA and Vesta will affect all the people in an individual (Aries) way, and it reminds me of the symbol for where Iris and Isis are now and where the New Moon will be next week. It also mimics the New Moon Mercury in his return to the degree where he stationed earlier.

    This is open to interpretation of course, I’ve only supplied some of the fragmented pieces.

  97. Noelle says:

    barbk, that’s what I was looking for. Wish I could find a way to print just your segment above. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. It has to be good I think.

    Thank you so much.

  98. will says:


    Well-composed explanation of how to approach astrology.

    Sharon, great visual!

  99. Azizi says:

    Greetings. barbk!

    As an aside, and with all due respect, with regard to your comment that “A Chinese Laundry is the Sabian symbol for this degree and Dane Rudhyar believed it represented an individual’s background or interests as a basis for creating a foundation for “smooth operation” and “acceptance” in an alien environment”, I wonder how many other Sabian interpretations are outdated because they contain cultural insensitive phrasing.

    A laundry operated by people of Chinese ancestry doesn’t have to have anything to do with “smooth operation and acceptance in an alien environment”. Also, what does the symbol say about how those Chinese have to operate in order to be accepted in an environment where there aren’t many other Chinese? It seems to me that those questions are pertinent to how that symbol is supposed to operate.

  100. Sharon says:

    Ashley Judd—didn’t I read she’s going to run against Rand Paul? You’re saying McConnel. Paul has already said she’s too liberal but he could just be commenting. Well, she is one talented, smart, likeable lady but isn’t TN still the Bible belt? Maybe she will use her gift for expression to reach them because I know her heart is in the right place. She’s an Aries by the way (if memory serves…)

  101. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    angellight, I just got finished watching the video, it is really well done, informative and very interesting. Thanks for the link, I have forwarded it to friends.


  102. Patty says:

    Thank you, Angellight. I pray for this peace.
    That we see it happen in our lifetime…What a powerful breakthrough for man/women-kind it could be!

  103. Francis says:

    SCOTUS will take up hear cases for marriage equality in late March re: DOMA and Ca’s Prop 8, and will decide late June. I looked at an ephemeris for June 21, 2013 and Uranus will be in opposition to my Sun, Pluto will be on my North Node, Venus will trine my natal Venus and Saturn will be retrograding away from my ASC. The Venus aspect looks promising but does anyone have any thoughts on Pluto transiting my North Node regarding a SCOTUS decision?

  104. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Ashley Judd, a Kentucky native and a very well-liked and popular University of Kentucky alumus is reportedly considering a run for the U.S. Senate against Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell in 2014. And yes, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is very against Ashley Judd being a possible fellow Kentucky senator (if she runs in 2014). But Rand is more scared and unhappy about Ashley winning against McConnell as Rand Paul is considering a 2016 presidential run. I don’t know why but whatever.

    And yes Lord knows, TN is a strong red state planted firmly in the bible belt. She does have a home in TN as well. She has plenty of time and I am guessing money to purchase a home in Kentucky.

    Sharon you are right in that Ashley is an Aries sun sign and a very strong one at that. Four planets in Aries (Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus. Also, the NN as well. Could be very interesting down the road.

  105. barbk says:

    Thanks for replying Azizi, it is necessary to be brief in any quoting when commenting on a blog, but I agree with you that the symbol, when interpreted by Mr. Rudhyar, might sound insensitive. However, the interpretation is based on the psychic who had the vision of the chinese laundry, meaning that in the early 1900’s this woman’s “observation” of her own vision was framed within her own experience, much the way the unconscious uses symbols in our dreams. There was no intent to be disrespectful on her part or Mr. Rudhyar’s part I’m sure.

    Because I only quoted brief bits of his interpretation to fit the space and still make my point, I’ve added to the appearance of insensitivity. I apologize for that and only hope that someday you get a chance to read Mr. Rudhyar’s entire passage on this degree. I continue to refer to his book “An Astrological Mandala” because he is still the best at ferreting out the meaning of these “outdated” symbols. The very best. Sadly, he’s no longer with us but has left a treasure of knowledge through his writing.

    Try to look beyond my poor editing and grasp the meaning it has for today’s societal setting. Any individual who finds him or herself in a setting other than what he or she was born and raised in has facets of his or her upbringing that will provide a way to thrive in the new surroundings and eventually fit into it comfortably.

  106. barbk says:

    Thank you Noelle, I too think it will be a good turnout, and feel it fits in with the prospect of having to adapt to the changes suggested by the outer planets, specifically the Uranus-Pluto square. If there is a disruption to our communications systems, it is likely in order to re-focus our attention to where it is needed and be temporary in duration. After all, we are talking trines here, not squares!

    I have successfully printed out portions of Nancy’s blogs and her responders remarks by highlighting the segment I desire and then select Print, then Selection to get a copy of only the portion I want. It should work for you too!

  107. Jerry says:

    Alex/ Will,

    I think it’s desirable to be balanced in ones outlook. However, if one were to apply the astrological aspects to events on the ground, based on what I have been reading from various reports coming out of Syria, there is an intractable stand-off that defies solution. Bashar Al Assad remains defiant and the US/NATO threats against the Syrian regime have all the appearances of an imminent invasion. Put two and two together, the most logical period for hostilities to commence, especially when one looks at it from a military logistical point of view would be under the cloak of darkness during the New Moon phase – the December 13th New Moon. As enumerated earlier, the astrological aspects impacting the US, NATO, Syria and President Obama support the possibility of a major conflagration in the region in mid December. I could be wrong, but there it is. The repercussions to our economy if that were to happen will be incalculable.

  108. Azizi says:

    barbk, I appreciate what you are wrote.

    I’m aware of how the interpetation of these symbols occurred.

    I recognize that for the most part, more people now are open to & accepting of differences than people were in the early 1900?s when the psychic had those visions and Mr Rudhyar interpreted them for his now classic book. It seems to me that because times have changed it may be time to re-examine some of those interpretations or at least the language used for those interpretations and update them to more culturally competent language that better fits the sensibilities and experiences of this multicultural world.

    For instance, with regard to that symbol that you shared, I believe that the burden to fit in shouldn’t always be or shouldn’t only be on those who for whatever reason are considered to be different. If that is the case, would the image of the Chinese laundry still work?

    But I hear your point that that is just shorthand and reading the entire interpretation might flesh that symbol out for me. I guess it’s just a matter of that symbol not working for me.

  109. alex says:


    When you interpret you must follow the aspects. Nancy is an excellent example; when you read her columns carefully observe how she describes a waxing aspect or a waning aspect so on so forth – her model for interpretation with aspects is a fine one to emulate.

    War plans for the middle east (and their costs) have been worked out in the Pentagon they make these plans going out as far as the eye can see; now in this case those plans will have been updated and applied to the intelligence about conditions gathered on the ground; they go 24/7 in the big five cornered building;

    the White House has been briefed daily and as a democracy and global leader with our allies , who under the coalition of nations with the Obama administration ( wants peace in the middle east, they aren’t NEOCONS ferchristsake) they are working on it;

    barbk said it very well:
    excerpt – [The New Moon’s Mercury is also sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) transiting Eris. Mercury is caught between an irristible force (the GA) and an immovable object (Vesta). The great communicator is at a stand-still]


    [with Mercury emerging from his shadow stage (exact on the 14th) he will trine Uranus stationing direct in the New Moon chart, and Uranus can be depended on to disrupt. Uranus’ degree’s symbol is of a Triangle With Wings, which Rudhyar sees this way: “A New Dimension of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavors.” ]

    The Sesquiquadrat, or commonly referred to as the Sesquisquare, is a minor aspect that is 135 degrees, (with a 1 degree orb). It causes irritation and aggravation. Positively, we are being asked to resolve conflict and discord.
    example how sesquiquadrate is applied

    SEMI-SQUARE and SESQUIQUADRATE (45 and 135 degrees)

    These operate like the inconjunct/150 degrees. I interpret then as problems with which you are not directly involved. Do not get pulled into another’s problems. Even in natal aspects, these aspects rule excessiveness so that it is easy to get pulled into a problem not your own – then it becomes bigger than it first appeared! It is not a square unless you get involved.

  110. Gypsi says:

    BarbK – superb analysis.

  111. Gypsi says:

    I ran the accident chart for the one I was in last November which was caused by a semi-trailer flinging a car my direction, etc (5 cars damaged, at least 2 totaled) and the truck driver got away and was never caught.

    The real kicker: Black Moon Lilith precisely conjunct my Mercury – but there were a lot of nice solid aspects including Pluto conjunct my Saturn, and I think Uranus was exactly square my seventh house Venus. I do not use midpoints. I have not seen the need.

  112. Gypsi says:

    And my truck was totaled, I walked away with a dislocated rib and a lot of pulled muscles, miraculously no one was killed or terribly injured.

  113. Gypsi says:


    I’m doing well now. Adjusted to the new normal. The ford runs badly but I have highway allergy anyway – just don’t want to drive, and the ford runs enough to get enough money in the door. Improving my home, gardens, up to 5 healthy beehives, 4 healthy dogs, 5 healthy hens, 1 healthy goat, and 4 indoor cats. Couple of ferals outdoors eat here. I have much to do, then much writing to do, but I have yet to begin. First finish remodeling the kitchen (almost done) and get the 8 shrubs on the front porch planted for next year’s bee fodder. I work less, don’t make as much, but my costs are lower, and I do not shortchange myself on billing, contract signing, etc anymore. I’m doing well. Thank you for asking.

  114. Jerry says:

    Hi Alex,

    To offer a comprehensive analysis is what you are suggesting. Admittedly, I’ve been doing it in small increments over the past few weeks. Perhaps when I have more time tomorrow, I shall put my mind to this. Thanks for the suggestion.

  115. alex says:

    no really that’s not what I’m saying

  116. Sharon says:

    Wow, you sure have an intersting life. So independent and self-sufficient….That’s the way I always wanted to live. Sounds like you’ve been working hard, Gypsy…a kitchen remodeling as well as raising bees, etc.! I give you a lot of credit and you have my admiration. The money you need to fix your ford will come to you. Godspeed xoxoxo

  117. Sharon says:

    I forgot to say, I love your dry humor: “the new normal”

  118. Lune Prière says:

    Francis, I was interested in your question, and since I’ve never really understood the nodes, I googled the aspect. Here’s one response which is interesting.

    “Circumstances may change enabling you to move closer to achieving your goals. Whatever the circumstances, life will take a dramatic turn during this period.”

  119. Jerry says:


    Sorry. Without specifics, there is not much more in this little exchange of ours I feel one can contribute.

  120. Gypsi says:

    Thank you for your comments Sharon – and your husband was the inspiration for much of what I’ve done out here, my kwh usage is down to about 700 a month. My kitchen remodel is green, reuse, or recycle.
    And my ford is the replacement for the mazda the semi-trailer totaled. As soon as my chevy is back on the road, the ford goes on Craigslist as a parts truck. There is a time for everything and I drive too much for that ford! (even with highway allergy – I knock out about 500 miles a week.)

  121. barbk says:

    Gypsi, thank you for your earlier comment, and like Sharon, I really like your style! Would so love to try it myself, but not by myself. Any problems between the chickens and the cats?

  122. Francis says:

    woohoo!! Thanks LP!

  123. Iris says:

    Hi Barbk

    Great analysis of the asteroids & planets @ New Moon & Solstice. The asteroids form a Grand Trine with my natal Jupiter @21Leo and Mercury activates a natal Grand Trine @ the New Moon.
    I’ll take what I can get with Pluto conjunct my IC, squaring my Asc and my natal Sun on the Desc. Oh, and Uranus in between my natal Merc & Sun.


    I, too, admire your self-sufficient lifestyle – thank you for telling us about it!

  124. alex says:


    Are there any activation points at Dec 13th New Moon, or Solstice to USA Sun square Saturn? Some astrologers use su-square-sa as aspect/symbol representing severe conservative strain in U.S.

    Good comment on upcoming transits.

    Working in slow-mo recently pulled through pneumonia, I’m at the fix-er-upper stage phase of life; this last year been going from this or that health challenges; sorting through A,B,C,D, medicare stuff geeze confusing on purpose and complicated; thought the mars/pluto conjunction was going to be ‘the’ medical transition nightmare that could be the end of me but it turned out fortunately only-quite frustrating instead;

  125. cappy says:


    Sending Oceans of Love and … Immediate … Healing … with Full Joyous Energy and Permanent Strength to Thee…Plus…all Medicare obfuscation and obstacles are removed Now!!! Healing and Grace Prevails in Your Wonderful Light-Filled Life.

    And So It Is!!!

  126. alex says:

    You are really something cappy – Thank you

  127. barbk says:


    My heart goes out to you having to deal with the Medicare paperwork, on top of recuperating from pneumonia too. Hopefully, this will be a distant memory soon.

    As a matter of fact there ARE activation points in the Solstice chart to the Saturn-Sun square in the U.S. chart. The Moon will be at 14 Aries 14 opposite the US Saturn and square the US Sun. Mecury will sextile US Saturn and Vesta will trine it. I haven’t checked the minor planets for the upcoming New Moon yet, but there are no major planets affecting the US Sun-Saturn. However, the Sun-Moon at 21 Sagittarius does oppose the US Mars and square the US Neptune.

    Something curious about the Solstice chart, when set in Washington DC, is that the ascendant at 13 Sagittarius 21 is only 1 degree from the natal Sibly US chart, 12 Sagittarius 21, and the midheaven is the same degree as the US midheaven, 1+ Libra. This coincidence repeats the coincidence of the US solar return chart in July also having the same asc. and MC as the natal chart, even though the birth chart was set in Philadelphia. I got the feeling from the solar return chart that it was like a second chance, mostly becaue the Moon at 28 Cap was just one degree from the natal Pluto at 27+ Cap., and of course, Venus was conjunct the natal Uranus. However, now I think there might be more to it than that. Maybe a deja vu all over again. Any thoughts?

  128. barbk says:


    I thought about you when I saw that conjunction between Iris and Isis. It seems the Universe is giving you a green light for something, probably in concert with the Pluto transit. Since natal Jupiter rules the sign where the asteroids were and where the Sun/Moon will be, any chance foreign travel or study is an option?

  129. Gypsi says:

    none that a fence won’t solve. The chicken run is in the center of the backyard with the dogs, the birds are only freeranging in the yard a couple of hours a day.. A weasel got in this summer, closed up openings, never caught the weasel.

  130. Gypsi says:

    Pluto field-dresses us, strips us down to bones it seems, but always gives something back. After 5 years of Pluto transits, which I went into thinking I could never do the self-sufficient off the grid stuff by myself, I found that yes I could and it was time. Not all the way off the grid, but I would get by if I had to.

    Iris, if the Pluto is exact now you are beginning to be on the up-side of the transit.

  131. alex says:

    Thank you for your kind thoughts; and the notations on the USA points activated on Dec 13 and solstice;

    haven’t worked on it but first impression:

    2012 Solstice

    11th House Mundane Astrology (ideals & relation to the greater social scene )

    Most Elevated Planet, Saturn @08 Scorpio in 11TH house ( congressional legislature, community goals, hopes, dreams – humanitarian work what does for others, what’s best for us all; an indication of fame, how might promote political views )

    11TH House Natal Astrology (friends, group activities, mentors career or business profits because it is the 2nd house to the 10th house of career)

    2012 Solstice: House sector
    The only planet in Western Region is in the subjective sector 6TH house is Jupiter @08 Gemini conjunct USA Uranus @08 Gemini, with South Node @26 Taurus;

    6Th House Mundane Astrology:
    (all uniform service workers military, police etc, employees, health care)

    T-Square Synastry Solstice-USA

    T/Moon@14 Aries (cnj Uranus @04 Aries)
    4th House


    USA Saturn @14 Libra ( sun square saturn key for severe conservative politics )


    USA Sun @13 Cancer

    If we can say there is a sense that the public, the collective is awakened to Washington DC GOP obstruction using population as hostage in budget/tax negotiation and the effects it has on basic needs of the many( unemployment benefits expiring, taxes $2,200.00 for everybody may go up causing rollback into economic recession, GOP threatening to use Debt Ceiling as hostage again and potential for downgrade in USA credit rating further increase federal debt ) then WE THE PEOPLE are awake!

    we are coming right up on Dec 13th:
    it is a big paradigm shift, you’ve commented on it numerous times wish I could quote you but at the moment I’m signing off to zzzzzzz :-)

  132. Lorrie U says:

    That was lovely, Cappy! Very sweet of you….

  133. barbk says:

    damn weasel!

  134. alex says:


    Solstice Moon @14 Aries

    this is key to the narrative of solstice chart, (strong>inconjunct (forced changes)

    Saturn @08 Scorpio, Most Elevated Planet
    11TH House ( legislature )

    additionally, Solstice chart

    Moon, Aries & Uranus, Aries in the Western Chart Region, subjective sector;

    Western Region ( social relationships, interdependence, reliance on social connections of/with others )

    Subjective Sector ( opposite axis of Objective Sector, which are = events, so the subjective sector is the fabric ‘A priori knowledge’, that is justified by arguments of a certain kind, the underlying network/fabric which in the solstice 2012 chart is the moon dominating the subjective sector, included in the subjective sector western region is the 6TH house = working people;

    Mundane Astrology:
    moon – the people in general the public, and in 4th house which indicates the political party out of power ( even GOP voters are included in the awakened collective )

    6th house – working people

  135. alex says:

    113TH Congress

    House of Representatives

    GOP 234 seats
    DEM 201 seats

    Chairman of House Budget Committee Paul Ryan R-WI
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor R-VA
    Speaker of the House John Boehner R-OH

  136. alex says:


    Equity Capital Firms

    There is a good reason why equity capital firms such as Bain have flourished in recent years. Their business model depends on three specific tax breaks, and without them, they are much less attractive to investors.

    In short, Bain and other equity capital firms are simply tax arbitrageurs. The tax breaks are:

    1. Debt interest tax-deductibility. Contrary to popular belief, equity capital firms do not “rescue struggling companies.” Their ideal targets are slow growth, long-established “cash cow” businesses (I worked for one taken over for this reason). Cash cows are undervalued in the market, where aggressive growth at all costs is the paramount indicator of worth. Smaller, family-run firms with low debt, who trade growth for stability and community commitment, are ripe targets, ready to be “milked.”

    Basic college finance classes demonstrate how a new owner can issue dangerously-high levels of debt to finance the purchase, use the operating cash to pay the interest, and take a tax deduction worth up to millions of dollars annually. The risk of default in bad times will sink the company eventually, but the equity capital firm tries to “flip” it before then.

    2. Capital gains tax rate differentials. In 2003, the long-term capital gains rate was shaved by 20% for high-income earners (from 35% to 15%). The goal of an equity capital firm like Bain is to turn “ordinary income” from the “cash cows” into “capital gains income.” Instant 20% savings on taxes!

    3. Carried interest. This is a very fake term for what other businesses call a “management performance bonus.” Since normal management bonuses are taxed at the regular rate, lobbyists invented this new form of “income” and got it taxed at 15%. Again a 20% tax savings!

    If these three tax breaks were to disappear, the Bain business model starts to collapse. Even the tax deductibility of interest on business debt is, according to many tax and finance experts, simply a government subsidy of debt capital over corporate stock, and overall puts too many companies in a high-default-risk state.

    UPDATE: Correction – the drop in capital gains rates began in 1998 under President Clinton, going from 28% to 20%. The point still remains, however, that there is now a 20% differential between ordinary income and capital gains income. The opportunities for tax arbitrage are massive, often exceeding booked profits.

  137. angellight says:

    Alex: Sorry to read about your recent illness. I read recently Vitamin D is a great immunization supposedly better than the Flu shot. I don’t take the Flu shot and have just started the Vitamin D. All the best to you.

  138. alex says:

    I appreciate your well wishes; as you said natural prevention is better than flu shots, nettle tea, EmergenC, ginger tea; I’ll get D capsules as you suggested; I don’t use milk or other dairy often (almond milk ok) if I’m low on D vitamin gotta do something about that;

  139. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Alex, so very sorry to read about your bout with pneumonia as well as the myrid of bureaucratic paperwork you have to complete. You are a very valuable voice on this blog and I wish you a thorough physical recovery.

    All the best to you Alex. ~*Lisa*~

  140. cappy says:

    Lune Priere,

    Thanks for introducing the great site :)

  141. will says:


    All of the best to you on your road to recovering and obtaining the support and cooperation you need to master your health. I am wondering if you are taking advantage of one of the greatest healing modalities of all……………good sleep and lots of it.


  142. Iris says:


    Thanks for pointing that out. Nothing was in my conscious field about foreign travel or study – until now. You are correct,with Pluto coming up on my IC and Jupiter involved – foreign travel/study would be an option. Yep – I’m up for it – maybe a work/study thing in a group (N Jupiter in 11th).

  143. Iris says:

    Hey Gypsi:

    I admire your getting through to the other side. Five years? That’s a really long time!
    My Pluto, tansits are just starting, if we go with a one degree orb. First my NSun/NAsc at 10Aries/10Libra, then my IC at 11Cap. Also, starting next month TNeptune squares my Sag NMoon/NSaturn conjunction, then in April, TUranus conjuncts my NSun.
    Yep, all 3 outer, outer planets are hitting my 2 most personal planets w/in the same time frame. Squares, conjunctions – lots of inner work!
    No doubt it will be an interesting 2 years. I’m pretty sure I’ll be in a completely different frame of mind, if not a completely different person.

  144. Iris says:


    Want to add my well-wishes for a speedy recovery and a dissolving of any obstacles to your paperwork being speedily processed.
    I echo the sentiment you are a valuable voice here. I do enjoy reading your comments.
    Sending light and healing your way.

  145. Noelle says:

    barbk, perhaps you can tell me what you think of this My natal Venus is 21 degrees Sag opp Jupiter at 20 Gem. squaring no node 21 Virgo and so node at 21 Pisces. Oh Sag is 3rd house, Jupiter, 9th, No node 12th and south 6th

  146. cappy says:

    More views of Dec. 13th and Dec. 21, 2012:

  147. Noelle says:


  148. Noelle says:

    Thanks, Cappy, very similar to Barbk’s and also very helpful.

  149. clymela says:

    Alex-let me join in the communal prayer & visualization seeing your health and organization strong and clear. Really you are such a clear voice here.

  150. alex says:

    Lisa L., you’re very sweet of you to say so; like you I’m a big fan of Nancy’s blog her work activates my interest in the issues we’re facing; her skill and insights are outstanding;

    I’m on the mend/recovering taking things at a slow pace which is part of the plan. Your good wishes are uplifting – Thankyou

  151. alex says:

    I’ll take your good advise Will and thank you.

    I do have support I talk with my kids everyday on phone; they travel for visits when the schedule-Goddess favors their work calendars. Healthcare providers require lots of paper work; that jammed up at same time I’d become the ‘patient'; things have smoothed out since then;

  152. alex says:

    Thank you for sending light & healing thoughts, I appreciate it.

    I enjoy reading the comments you share with us all.

  153. alex says:


    I’m often a cranky curmudgeon, so thank you for overlooking that and for sending your healing good thoughts.

  154. will says:

    Hear, hear!!!

  155. barbk says:


    You too seem to have a direct invitation from the Universe to partake in the great awakening now in progress. At the Lunar Eclipse 11 days ago, Vesta was conjunct your natal Jupiter in Gemini and Juno in opposite Sagittarius was conjunct your Venus, while Pallas-Athene at 22 Pisces was conjunct your south node. This T-square of asteroid goddesses inherent in the Eclipse chart looks to find balance between our most important relationships (Juno) and what we personally dedicate ourselves to (Vesta).

    Pallas-Athene uses her strategic skills and her position in Pisces squaring both Juno and Vesta, to bring this about. By being conjunct your south node your innate compassion facilitates this negotiation. In your chart these mutable signs fall in cadent houses so these feminine symbols (planets) will express as transformative energy.

    If your natal Jupiter in the 9th house provides knowledge through communicating, then the Eclipse Vesta will have encouraged that with dedication and likely provide a sense of protection too. Your natal Venus in the 3rd house attracts family and neighbors to explore a bigger picture and by Eclipse Juno joining with her, can provide connectivity and awareness of those who can’t speak for themselves. Your north node in Virgo will provide you with opportunities to manifest this combined energy. Likely areas would be where people (or animals) are confined (12th house) like hospitals for example.

    The New Moon on the 13th is providing further encouragement of the goddess energy released at the Lunar Eclipse, and through you, as it targets the degrees of the T-square of the eclpse and your natal mutable cross. Because it also is trine transiting Eris, it seems to want to include those people AND feelings that are dis-associated with the mainstream of society. It beckons (your north node) to serve in some capacity, and seems to be right up your alley.

    Hope this provides some insight into your experience of these remarkable times.

  156. teresahill says:

    My doctor’s immune power soup includes tons of fresh onions, garlic, tomatoes. She recommends echinachea with purpurea root (strongest form). And if you have an essential oils (the real kind) you can get almost any gunk out of your lungs with them. My daughter and I have both had gunky lungs and sinus stuff this year. I rub any number of oils over my chest and back where my lungs are, eucalyptus is probably the easiest to find. Five or six drops, rub it in, at bedtime and in the morning. (Grossness warning: be prepared to hock it up and spit it out. But hey, out is out.)

  157. alex says:


    Didn’t know about purpurea root but I’ll get right on that one; I know eucalyptus but have not used it as an essential oil – rub and I will also do that.

    On 3/19 eight days after the earthquake-tsunami in Japan after the the Fukashimi nuclear plant toxins were released into the atmosphere the radiation from it was measurable in the (agricultural fields) milk of CA dairy cows; on the 19th I came down with a fever; my knee to ankle bones were so hot with fever (never had anything like it before) it felt as if my legs were cooking in an oven; I could feel the heat rising and rolling off my skin;

    I’ve been searching for remedies to support my immune system (bone marrow production) every since; I’ll let you know what happens with the purpurea root; I know the eucalyptus oil will help target lung recovery – Thank you for sharing your experiences and remedy solutions;

  158. Lune Prière says:

    Francis, cappy, my pleasure :)

  159. DPH says:

    Alex– Adding my wishes for a speedy recovery to everyone else’s!

    You might also want to consider supplements that enhance the role of the mitochondria in your system: CoQ 10, alpha lipoic acid, and l-carnitine. Powerful immune support!

    All the best to you.

  160. teresahill says:

    Oh, wow. I’m sure it’s everywhere now. :( Sorry it got you so hard.
    I pulled out my oil book to see what it says about radiation and then remembered that my oil supplier is in California. I bet they’ve heard from people especially in California who were worried about the radiation or had symptoms. You should call them and ask them to recommend oils to you. The site is here: They have four different eucalyptus oils. I really don’t know the differences in them. But they’re only $10-$12 each, very reasonable.
    If you’ve never used essential oils medicinally, you should know that just a few drops are a lot. I’ve never had skin irritation from oils unless I tried some right after a shower or bath. (Pores are really open then.) If anything should sting or even burn, dilute it with olive oil or an oil like that. Telling you just in case.

  161. alex says:


    I’ll see about those remedies; I appreciate your input – Thank you

  162. Jerry says:

    Syria: The Case For War/ The Dec. 13th New Moon Phase

    In his “Book of World Horoscopes”, astrologer Nicholas Campion lists a time for Syria’s independence of midnight EET, 1 January 1944 Damascus. See related chart:

    If we are to regard the 1/1/44 Syrian chart as relevant to modern Syria, several major aspects are currently impacting the Syrian chart indicating possible imminent hostilities around the time of the Dec 13th Sag New Moon.

    1) Tr. Pluto conjunct the 1/1/44 Syrian Sun at 9 Capricorn. Pluto – the underworld, destruction and transformation. The Sun – core identity.

    2) Tr. Saturn (the hard task master) at 8 Scorpio in square to Syria’s natal Pluto (8 Leo).

    3) The 21 Sag. December 13th New Moon’s conjunction to Syrian Pres. Al Assad’s progressed Venus (perhaps representing the focal point of Al Assad’s physical survival and/or security) in opposition to Syria’s natal Saturn and the US Mars both located at 21 Gemini.

    4) The Dec 13th Uranus station (sudden dramatic events) at 4 Aries in opposition to Syria’s natal Neptune (4 Libra). Neptune oftentimes relates to issues regarding chemicals, drugs and obfuscation.

    5) Tr. Chiron at 5 Pisces conjunct Pres. Obama’s natal Chiron (an unresolved emotional wound from the past) in square to Syria’s natal Mars/Uranus conjunction at 5 Gemini. Mars and Uranus….. suggesting a propensity for sudden and aggressive events whenever it is activated.

    Parallels drawn between US/Syria rhetoric and run-up to Iraqi invasion

    ‘Ground being prepared for Syria intervention’ – ex-US Chief of Staff!

  163. teresahill says:

    They do. I love my oils.

  164. Jerry says:

    PS. The bottom URL youtube video link posted in the above entry is an 8 minute interview with former Col Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Chief of Staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell. I would strongly urge everyone to view it. It is a chilling reminder of what we can anticipate in the event of US/NATO military intervention in Syria.

  165. alex says:

    cooking garlic onion soup at the moment; will look for remedies this week;

  166. Sharon says:

    Just tuned in after a few days of work. Alex, I hope you’re feeling much better!

  167. alex says:

    Thank you Sharon,

    Thank you everybody, enough already :-)

  168. Francesco says:

    Posted on She’s an exceptional ftieghr, and a very strong person. I’m very proud of her, and glad of being by her side loving and supporting her. <3