15th Dec, 2012

December’s Darkness

Once again, tragedy has struck America, this one so horrific that it is hard to even contemplate. Once again, we hear that a controversial subject forbidden by our craven political discourse has demanded a hearing and a bold response. Does anyone remember a mere seven weeks ago that this familiar refrain was heard after the horror of Hurricane Sandy? Then the verboten topic was climate change; today it is gun control.

Underneath this pathetic inability of a powerful nation to intelligently face its challenges, often stands an obscenely wealthy industry, armed with flush lobbyists and effectively-targeted propaganda, that will not tolerate the least interference with its profit motive. We live now in the time of Pluto in Capricorn, from 2008 through 2024. For those under its gaze, Pluto intensifies the drive for power to fanatical extremes. In Capricorn, Pluto pushes the manifestations of earthly power – both corporate and governmental – to an appalling overreach, leading inexorably to their demise. We have already seen several dictators fall thanks to the Arab Spring. We have seen such huge amounts of unregulated money pouring into the 2012 election that the voters revolted against the deluge. And we are beginning to see so much destruction and carnage and pain emanating from the corporate blockade of our political process – witness Sandy and Sandy Hook – that a backlash is forming.

But first we must clearly understand the process. An extremely prosperous industry – such as oil, gas, finance, or gun manufacturing – wants to continue to grow and maximize profits, unimpeded by regulation and undiminished by taxes. They donate gargantuan sums to help elect those who will be amenable to their goals, mostly Republicans. In addition, they support propaganda and the distributors of such propaganda (right-wing media) to rally a large swath of the electorate against intelligent action to deal with a significant problem. Voters’ fears of powerlessness and victimization are massaged relentlessly. They are told the government wants to steal their guns, take their hard-earned money through higher taxes, lie to them about the global warming “hoax”, take away their freedoms, discriminate against white Christians, install sharia law, or even allow the UN to rule the country. Terrified and angry about this crazed, paranoid narrative that has taken on the force of a collective delusional system, many voters vote against their best interests and for the agenda of the corporate behemoths. As of today, after the events in Newtown, Connecticut this week, the raw pain derived from some of this political paralysis is beginning to break through our frozen national discourse.

During the long reign of Pluto in Capricorn is a period during which Uranus is in Aries, from 2010 to 2018. Uranus in Aries points to the earliest imperatives seeding an 84-year cycle of human awakening, egalitarianism, and progressive, creative thought.  Within this Uranus in Aries period, from 2011 through mid-2015, Uranus is also in a square with Pluto, bringing these two transformational titans into a dynamic and confrontational relationship. On the one hand, people are pushing to break through barriers that have held them back and are coming to a greater understanding of a better path to the future (Uranus), and, on the other hand, the concentrated centers of earthly power are pushing more fiercely than ever to maintain and magnify their dominance (Pluto). Ultimately, the concentrated effort to dominate will overreach and implode, while the clarity of new awakening will break free of the chains that bind. Unfortunately, these moments of epiphany become increasingly painful in order to break through the collective somnolence and effectively marshal the energy needed for transformation.

In the US chart, the dynamic impact of the Uranus/Pluto square is beginning to be particularly potent. Since mid-September 2012, and peaking in September 2013, the progressed US Sun (8Pisces) has moved into a square with natal Uranus (8Gemini55). This aspect brings bracing, upsetting, and transformative events that serve to arouse the country to what needs to be done and what has hitherto been ignored. If the call is not heard, the next hammer blow will be even more distressing. Transiting Pluto in November and December 2012 and mid-July through late September 2013, is crossing 8 Capricorn; transiting Uranus in March 2013 and October through mid-November 2013 is crossing 8 Aries. Thus, the Uranus/Pluto square is also acting as a trigger for this highly agitating progressed aspect in the US chart. Moreover, transiting Saturn and transiting Jupiter, from 8 Scorpio and 8 Gemini, respectively, are also inciting this very volatile configuration, both of them in December 2012 and March 2013, and Saturn only in September 2013.

Thus, we are now in the first period of a multiple activation of the progressed Sun square to natal Uranus in the US chart.  We can expect a series of jarring, upsetting, and unexpected events that point us toward the changes we have avoided for way too long.  Although Pluto has been in a quincunx to natal US Uranus since November and continues through December 21, Saturn and Jupiter have now joined in and are ramping things up exponentially from December 13 through December 24. It is not impossible to imagine massive demonstrations developing over the next week to demand legislation to curb gun violence. Nor is it impossible to imagine further dramatic situations that agitate and disrupt, perhaps traumatically, but serve to stir up a normally lethargic population, too prone to be distracted or manipulated into fulfilling someone else’s agenda. Let us hope that this time, in this season, we can stay awake long enough to be effective in taking control of our lives, and that the wild, seemingly random circumstances that transpire will lead to greater cooperation and intelligent planning of the future.

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