16th Nov, 2012

Winners and Losers

Americans love sports. We go to Super-Bowl parties and populate sports bars with our friends, avidly watching the World Series and the NBA and NHL championships, as well as many of the games leading up to them. We are consumed by the professionals, the college leagues, the high school competitions, and even the junior varsities and the kiddie games.

Threading through all of this very passionate competition, however, is the highly-valued attribute of good sportsmanship. How many times have we seen a post-game interview of the losing coach or the top player of the losing team congratulate the winners for a game well-fought, while also vowing to work harder to achieve some future victory? Even our grade school children learn to shake hands when it is over, mimicking the tradition of those older and wiser all the way up the ladder.

Thus, it is particularly jarring and cringe-inducing, and often downright offensive, to listen to Republican leaders and pundits whining and complaining and casting blame after their recent thumping. After losing an election that has universally been acknowledged as marking a sea change in the American electorate, where the decisive importance of the minority vote and the women’s vote have now been established as a given, Republicans are almost uniformly disparaging those voters, even now, ten days past D-day. To continue the sports metaphor, the Republicans were clearly outplayed by a better team, but they are blaming the fans, the weather, the referees, or even their uniforms for their failure. They need to go review the tapes.

Two days ago, Mitt Romney came out of his bunker to declare that the only reason he lost was because President Obama essentially bribed the voters with “gifts” such as free contraception and free health care. Bill O’Reilly has said that Obama won because he gave 50% of the voters “stuff”. Others blame the skewed polls or the destructive hurricane. Perhaps the most offensive comments, although there is a great deal of competition for that distinction, came from a Wisconsin politician who lamented that Romney would have won her state if only they hadn’t been prevented from voter suppression by the court.

With a huge serving of unintended irony, these tone deaf and disparaging comments that illuminate the GOP’s disdain and dismissiveness for huge swaths of the American electorate do not describe the reasons for their resounding defeat, they model it. But somehow, many of them have missed the memo.

Astrologically speaking, the most significant narrative for the Romney campaign is described by the planet Neptune, which has been sitting in square to Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43) and Paul Ryan’s Ascendant (00Sagitarius38) for much of the election season. This aspect, which sows confusion, self-deception, dishonesty, unrealistic expectation, and ultimately disappointment, continues in their charts through mid-December.

Neptune has been particularly highlighted since the election with the slow-moving Mercury retrograde waxing into a square aspect with it through November 13. Many astrologers, including myself, wondered if this would mean a delayed and confusing election result. Happily, most of the returns were finalized within hours of the voting, enough to be determinative.

Instead, the Neptunian confusion and self-deception following the election has been among Republican operatives, politicians, and pundits, who have been awash in conspiracy theories and completely false and misleading discussions about their defeat. In quintessentially Neptunian fashion, Republicans could not initially even believe they had lost, having hyped up false expectations of a sure win, only to have the fantasied prize disappear before their eyes. With the separation of the Mercury/Neptune square in the past day or so, conservatives are coming out of the woodwork to denounce Romney’s misguided and condescending comments, attempting to steer their party onto a more realistic and productive path.

As for President Obama, victory becomes him. His calm confidence and willingness to stand up to Republican perfidy and self-serving machinations is a joy for his supporters to behold. The boldness and strength of Mars is increasing in his chart, due to solar arc Mars square his Sun (12Leo33) and the about-to-begin converse Sun square to natal Mars (22Virgo35). These aspects also accentuate the likelihood of aggressive confrontations, now manifesting with Republicans over the Benghazi events and the fiscal cliff issues. The solar arc Mars square to natal Sun is currently being intensified by transiting Jupiter sextile Obama’s natal Sun from November 14 through November 23, offering a Sun/Mars/Jupiter combination that emphasizes confidence, energy, and assertiveness as he works toward his goals.

The president is also in the midst of the final crossing of his Chiron return (5Pisces19) from November 9 through December 9.  This suggests some kind of painful wound out of which will come greater creativity and growth. November 26 may be notable in this regard due to the transiting Sun square to Chiron.

Also of significance is that this Chiron period includes the highly inflammatory and potentially violent Mars/Uranus square (November 21 to November 23) and the Mars/Pluto conjunction (November 26 to November 27), as well as the transit of Pluto (November 19 through December 21) triggering the US progressed Sun square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55). Thus, we can expect enormous upheaval, violence, anger, rebellion, and volatility during this final passage of Obama’s Chiron return with any of a number of painful issues demanding great strength and resolve as they unfold.

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