Winners and Losers

Americans love sports. We go to Super-Bowl parties and populate sports bars with our friends, avidly watching the World Series and the NBA and NHL championships, as well as many of the games leading up to them. We are consumed by the professionals, the college leagues, the high school competitions, and even the junior varsities and the kiddie games.

Threading through all of this very passionate competition, however, is the highly-valued attribute of good sportsmanship. How many times have we seen a post-game interview of the losing coach or the top player of the losing team congratulate the winners for a game well-fought, while also vowing to work harder to achieve some future victory? Even our grade school children learn to shake hands when it is over, mimicking the tradition of those older and wiser all the way up the ladder.

Thus, it is particularly jarring and cringe-inducing, and often downright offensive, to listen to Republican leaders and pundits whining and complaining and casting blame after their recent thumping. After losing an election that has universally been acknowledged as marking a sea change in the American electorate, where the decisive importance of the minority vote and the women’s vote have now been established as a given, Republicans are almost uniformly disparaging those voters, even now, ten days past D-day. To continue the sports metaphor, the Republicans were clearly outplayed by a better team, but they are blaming the fans, the weather, the referees, or even their uniforms for their failure. They need to go review the tapes.

Two days ago, Mitt Romney came out of his bunker to declare that the only reason he lost was because President Obama essentially bribed the voters with “gifts” such as free contraception and free health care. Bill O’Reilly has said that Obama won because he gave 50% of the voters “stuff”. Others blame the skewed polls or the destructive hurricane. Perhaps the most offensive comments, although there is a great deal of competition for that distinction, came from a Wisconsin politician who lamented that Romney would have won her state if only they hadn’t been prevented from voter suppression by the court.

With a huge serving of unintended irony, these tone deaf and disparaging comments that illuminate the GOP’s disdain and dismissiveness for huge swaths of the American electorate do not describe the reasons for their resounding defeat, they model it. But somehow, many of them have missed the memo.

Astrologically speaking, the most significant narrative for the Romney campaign is described by the planet Neptune, which has been sitting in square to Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43) and Paul Ryan’s Ascendant (00Sagitarius38) for much of the election season. This aspect, which sows confusion, self-deception, dishonesty, unrealistic expectation, and ultimately disappointment, continues in their charts through mid-December.

Neptune has been particularly highlighted since the election with the slow-moving Mercury retrograde waxing into a square aspect with it through November 13. Many astrologers, including myself, wondered if this would mean a delayed and confusing election result. Happily, most of the returns were finalized within hours of the voting, enough to be determinative.

Instead, the Neptunian confusion and self-deception following the election has been among Republican operatives, politicians, and pundits, who have been awash in conspiracy theories and completely false and misleading discussions about their defeat. In quintessentially Neptunian fashion, Republicans could not initially even believe they had lost, having hyped up false expectations of a sure win, only to have the fantasied prize disappear before their eyes. With the separation of the Mercury/Neptune square in the past day or so, conservatives are coming out of the woodwork to denounce Romney’s misguided and condescending comments, attempting to steer their party onto a more realistic and productive path.

As for President Obama, victory becomes him. His calm confidence and willingness to stand up to Republican perfidy and self-serving machinations is a joy for his supporters to behold. The boldness and strength of Mars is increasing in his chart, due to solar arc Mars square his Sun (12Leo33) and the about-to-begin converse Sun square to natal Mars (22Virgo35). These aspects also accentuate the likelihood of aggressive confrontations, now manifesting with Republicans over the Benghazi events and the fiscal cliff issues. The solar arc Mars square to natal Sun is currently being intensified by transiting Jupiter sextile Obama’s natal Sun from November 14 through November 23, offering a Sun/Mars/Jupiter combination that emphasizes confidence, energy, and assertiveness as he works toward his goals.

The president is also in the midst of the final crossing of his Chiron return (5Pisces19) from November 9 through December 9.  This suggests some kind of painful wound out of which will come greater creativity and growth. November 26 may be notable in this regard due to the transiting Sun square to Chiron.

Also of significance is that this Chiron period includes the highly inflammatory and potentially violent Mars/Uranus square (November 21 to November 23) and the Mars/Pluto conjunction (November 26 to November 27), as well as the transit of Pluto (November 19 through December 21) triggering the US progressed Sun square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55). Thus, we can expect enormous upheaval, violence, anger, rebellion, and volatility during this final passage of Obama’s Chiron return with any of a number of painful issues demanding great strength and resolve as they unfold.


  1. Noelle says:

    Nancy your writing is absolutely excellent. You capture the situation perfectly.

    I wonder if you have looked at Susan Rice’s chart or, for that matter, John Kerry’s.

    Wouldn’t Obama’s Chiron return have to do with the house it’s in?
    Which is?

  2. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,
    Yes, poor loser sportsmanship. Glad to know that PBO’s Mars is being energized. He needs the people who voted for him to stand with him, nudge him forward & protect him from further abuse on all levels. People Power. Does Pisces Chiron reflect issues/wounds with the inner knowing of universal unity/spiritual unity/higher mind while not seeing it in the world with so much antagonism, violence, fear, hate? Maybe he finds some deep solace from the genuine love from his supporters this election cycle? The sense of “we”?

    Also, among the more virulent Rep/Tp, etc loser cultists, their reactions are those more like that of the abuser-husband who after repeatedly beating his wife nearly to death (their vile lying media attacks on liberals/democrats/PBO) and incesting his innocent children (using innocent God-believing white evangelicals for cynical political purposes) and while putting their family’s finances in the toilet (Norquist Oath induced S&P downgrade 2011/fiscal cliff, etc)…that abusive husband (Rep/Tp/White Evang & media memers) is shocked, stunned, furious, out of his mind that his wife has left him behind and in the dust.

    Usually the abusee, before leaving to safety, takes legal action to protect herself & her children from further, more intensified abuse. Wonder how this scenerio plays out on a national level?

    Meanwhile, a new oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico with deaths, injuries and God knows how much damage to the rest of Nature. Just happened. Details still to be found.

    re: Violence of Israel/Palestine and Middle East in general. When do the masses of citizenry demand the leaders who issue war directives, that those leaders themselves lead & risk their own lives by being in the first plane, being the first on the ground and vulnerable to the injury/death themselves. The people of both nations suffer more than their leaders ever do.

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  3. alex says:


    Republicans, led by House Speaker John Boehner, want to scare Americans into accepting yet another extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% and deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. So they’ve created a “fiscal cliff” boogeyman.

    Unfortunately, if you’re following the media story, you may believe Republican claims that the world’s about to end. But the only thing going off a cliff on December 31 is the ability of Republicans to hold our economy hostage for the sake of the rich.

    That’s why we have to spread the truth, so our friends and family don’t fall for the Republican myth about the fiscal cliff. We’ve put together a 5-point guide on what this fiscal showdown is really all about.


    5-Point Guide To The Fiscal Showdown

    The “Fiscal Cliff” Is A Myth. As Paul Krugman put it, “The looming prospect of spending cuts and tax increases isn’t a fiscal crisis. It is, instead, a political crisis brought on by the G.O.P.’s attempt to take the economy hostage.”

    1) Republicans are manufacturing this crisis to pressure Democrats to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and accept painful cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    The Bush Tax Cuts Finally End December 31. If Congress does nothing, the ax will fall on all the Bush tax cuts on New Year’s Eve.

    2) Then, on January 1, the public pressure on John Boehner and House Republicans to extend the middle-class tax cuts (already passed by the Senate and waiting to be signed by President Obama) will become irresistible.3 So the middle-class tax cut will eventually get renewed, and we’ll have $823 billion more revenue from the top 2% to do great things with.

    3) The Sequester. The sequester is another political creation, forced on Democrats by Republicans in exchange for lifting the debt ceiling last year to avoid crashing our economy. It’s a set of cuts (50% to a bloated military budget and 50% to important domestic programs) designed to make both Republicans and Democrats hate it so much that they’d never let it happen. And the cuts can be reversed weeks or months into 2013 without causing damage.

    4) Nothing happens to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits on January 1—unless Republicans force painful cuts to beneficiaries in exchange for tax increases on the wealthy, which are going to happen anyway if Congress does NOTHING. So, there’s literally no reason benefits cuts should be part of the discussion right now.

    5) We Should Be Talking About Jobs. The real crisis Americans want Congress to fix is getting people back to work. And with just a fraction of that $823 billion from the wealthiest 2%, we could create jobs for more than 20,000 veterans and pay for the 300,000 teachers and 52,000 first responders, which our communities so desperately need.9 That’s not to mention jobs from investing in clean energy and our national infrastructure.

  4. clymela says:

    Nancy thank you for this beautifully written article. Personally I am stuck on that first house Chiron in Pisces-thank god he has the strength of a preponderance of fixed sign points-i imagine that more than one child has been swept away by the power of that 1st house Chiron in Pisces-that understanding of the ways of the world and the heavens through direct personal experience-whew!
    Thank you again.

  5. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    re: Israel & Palestine

    Those with eyes to see, ears to hear & hearts to feel must ask the question: what is really driving the war-mongering there? Who is profiting? Benefiting? Netanyahu has not had the support of the people and is looking at a new election..his power has been threatened. Is this his way of distracting his own people? A plan for a “permanent truce” was already drafted before Israel did it’s targeted strike on a peacemaker.

  6. Salemone says:

    Alex, Would it be OK if I copied/posted those 5 points on my Facebook page?

  7. karen says:

    Once again, electrifying, Nancy. Wow!

  8. Jackson says:

    I see this noise from the more butthurt of disgruntled Republicans increasing in amplification — until some unbalanced person, or persons, under the influence of that whining goes postal with a so-called second-amendment solution. Romney, Ryan, McCain and company are being downright irresponsible by fanning those flames. As for Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and others from the GOP agitprop bureau, they need to be called to account.

  9. Cappy says:

    Starlight…you write as a beautiful, gifted, wise, poetic Star Being, imo.

    Your breath taking prose captures every layer of truth and psychological nuance imaginable.

    Your incisive, astro insights deeply prepare your devoted readers, well in advance, for the calm sailing periods … the choppy seas…or full tilt hurricanes…their ingresses and egresses, precisely.

    Cannot thank you enough for this gigantic gift in our otherwise bewildering shifting times.

  10. M. says:

    What a nice surprise! The person I’m wondering about is McCain and his ongoing pugnacious bitterness. He has jumped the shark with his vendetta against Susan Rice and I hope there is a backlash waiting for him.

  11. maryhu says:

    Following the Neptune argument, my opinion would be that the Republicans are going to continue to try to paint themselves as martyrs for a while. While I doubt that anyone will go so far as self-immolation, I suspect that they realize at some level that attempts at violence will garner more sympathy for their opponents in the long run. At least this is my hope!

  12. Abilene says:


    Wonderful article. ”Instead, the Neptunian confusion and self-deception following the election has been among Republicans…” – I can live with that.

  13. starlight says:

    First house Chiron return which forces him to be more aggressive and push himself out there more than he is comfortable with, or has been comfortable with in the past. Since debate 2 we are in new territory. The wound of debate one led to the assertiveness of debate 2, imo.

    I have glanced at Kerry and Rice charts but found nothing illuminating without a full work up.

  14. starlight says:

    I think the bullying abusive husband is the perfect metaphor for them. They are besides themselves with fury over losing. Can’t deal with it, so they attack.

  15. Noelle says:

    I agree and wonder what’s behind this ampllification.

  16. Noelle says:

    I don’t know why McCain gets so much air time but I heard that yesterday on the Today Show he criticized Obama’s campaign by saying the he, McCain, would rather lose the election than accuse his opponent of being resposible to someone else’s death Of course, that ad about the woman who died because her husband was no longer employed thanks to Bain was run by a Super Pac. Seems to me McCain’s anger toward PBO is very personal.

  17. Cappy says:

    McCain, himself has been responsible for many deaths when on 2 different aircraft carriers during Vietnam, he insisted on a certain type of very, dangerous, highly explosive, uncontrollably volatile bomb to be used by him and the other navy pilots onboard –and perhaps bec. his father was Admiral McCain – Commander of the US 6th Fleet, he got his way–one night bombs exploded on deck, started a devastating fire-killing many crewmen.

    This was alluded to in his auto-biography, with many comments following from former Navy pilots of other McInsane deadly exploits. He is unfit to govern.

  18. Es says:


    What do you think about the Hamas / Israel conflict of this week?

  19. Cappy says:

    The Rethugs have, imo, self-immolated as shown by the election results -which when the truth is known … was never ‘close’ and always skewed and rigged.

    They are thoroughly discredited worldwide…need to step down – ASAP!!

    What other political party would be appropriate … The Green Political Party??

  20. Virginia says:

    The death-throes of something that needs to die.

  21. Jackson says:

    A new Conservative Party, I’d guess, which divorces the saner elements of the Tea Party crazies and builds an alternative and counterpoint to the Democratic Party. The money for support of a party is there already, and I’d guess there are supporters of an idea. Or, a revamped GOP, relatively free of the nuts who have taken the party into cloudcuckooland.

  22. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight,

    Yes, sad situation.

    Keep looking to solutions. Maybe those in congress ought to have daily meditation sessions/prayer sessions before they devour each other? :-)

    It is proved that meditators develop a pre-frontal lobe which allows for reasonable thought and ability to see consequences of actions, and counterbalance to amygdala primitive fear/behavior etc. How to get screaming RW media hosts signed up for some meditation classes :-) Always hopeful!

    Warm aloha!

  23. alex says:


    yes of course please copy and paste; thank you for distributing the information that’s why I posted it on the thread hoping it would get wider readership and so others who want their government OBSTRUCTION FREE ( kind of like gluten free and/or no Monsanto sterile seeds and/ or no “NO rBGH” in milk could work on strengthening their coalitions;

  24. alex says:

    Another Dem seat won in House of Representatives:

    California GOP Rep. Brian Bilbray concedes

    CA and San Diego cheer!

    Bilbray trailed San Diego Port Commissioner Scott Peters (D) by 3,877 votes.

    With the win, Democrats have now gained six House seats in the 2012 election, with the GOP’s House majority reduced to 234-199.

    Democrats also lead in the last two undetermined races, with Reps. Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.) and Ron Barber (D-Ariz.) holding small leads.

  25. anita says:

    Perfect post. Clarifies and comforts.
    Also, the bullying husband metaphor is right on. I’m having deep concern about the BS which insues around the whining and tantrums. It’s easy to spot the unsportsmanlike behavior. It’s the relentless misrepresentation of reality which gets to me.

  26. anita says:

    “ensues” sorry
    Like your meditation suggestion and explanation about the frontal lobe, ArtsCulturePeace!

  27. kiwi says:

    I wonder if these transits are stressing certain repubs more because they are so fixed to the ‘way it was’. We all know that transits really hit us until we “get the lesson” and modify. Dems are much better at going with the flow and evolving toward the future.
    The Cultish holy-roller Repubs need to believe in Darwin a bit more – evolve or die.

    And speaking of Republicans, I listened to, of all people, Tom Coburn on CSpan yesterday and was most pleasantly surprised to hear him calling for common sense reviews leading to cuts in the enormous military budget for non specific military related spending, of which there is a huge amount! He cited among other things the number of admirals being paid are almost more than 1 admiral per US ship! Also calling for a thorough audit and review of the pentagon finances which has never been done – always been resisted!! It’s a start toward change perhaps?

  28. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight, All,

    re: Neptune Pisces. Pluto Capricorn. Uranus Aries.

    It seems that these the deep, long-view influences/archetypes being played out in the nation & around the world. The challenge, ultimately seems to be this: how to move forward, evolve upwards towards enlightenment rather than regress into primitive self-destructive darkness.

    Neptune Pisces, imv on the low-end is the mass hysteria/delusion, which we are seeing in the national Rep/Tpwing/Evan folks, who are tending to take their discomforts/fears towards violence rather than reasonable resolution. The high-end movement of this long-term influence seems to involve the open-handed/open-hearted creative release of delusions to dissolve with appreciation more than grief. To choose to see truth, which in Neptune/Piscean terms is not so much physical, but spiritual. ‘Forgive them, they know not what they do.’ kind of love beyond tribe. Mundane solutions are better left to Uranian Aries pioneers.

    From the loss of jobs or destruction by Sandy, for example, people can face their fear, suffering, loss with unreasonable/spiritual faith and find that their love of neighbor brings them not only mundane solace but spiritual survival.

    Pluto/Capricorn. All this obsessive focus by Rep/RW/tp folks on false appearances of “money/ownership is power” was flaunted forth by the novel writings of Ayn Rand . While too many of the current Congressional crowd are devotees (Norquist bunch)+ of her anti-Christian philosophy they are deluded & committed to medieval rule over the masses. Watching corporate CEOs beginning to punish the workers by closing down plants & Bain/Clear Channel building a pattern of censoring progressive talk personalities/channels are signs of the intentions of some Randian fans to act-out “Atlas Shrugged” in the 21st Century. Wealthy ones wish to leave/abandon everybody else to their own devises. This is the contextual explanation of how/why they can feel good about “drowning government in a bathtub” and worse that constitute the mission statement of the Rep/Tpwing Party of today. (Of course Ayn did make needed use of Soc. Sec in her later years, btw)

    For the 99% it would be helpful to begin thinking/perceiving/communicating outside the old class/capitalistic box that is being threatened w/destruction by the box owners! Transitional thinking. TimeBanks. Freecycle. Urban Permaculture. Transition towns. Self-sufficiency. All of which also lends itself to new Uranus/Aries influences. Stepping off the political chessboard: us vs them, with one King alone as the final winner. Creating new paradigms and norms as pioneers have always done. OWS is continuing to do this w/their Rolling Jubilee project. These folks are stepping outside the box and i, for one, am grateful for their nonviolent creativity, courage, stamina in doing so. At times politically, it does feel like we are beginning to live in parallel universes: past transitional future.

    While the control-freak versions of RW want to lobotomize the LW from our culture, leaving everyone with not a whole brain between the two, what seems to be most prudent to do is to initiate a cultural cross crawl with the symbolic both sides of the brain/culture. Opposition does eventually become complementariness w/love and reason directing the movement forward. People in power are largely too far gone/too invested in status quo to dare try this healing process; but one-to-one, it can be done by We-the-People among ourselves. I myself am proof, having witnessed a healing w/a rabid Limbaugh fan, over time, just stepping together outside that partisan box and arms-open-wide hugs and sincere “I love you’s” have resulted in a healing in conversations and a marked turning away from Limbaugh’s shrill fear-machine habit. There is more peace in communications now because we allowed love not fear/contention to rule. It can be done.

    Just some long-term view ideas, for consideration. Your ideas?
    “Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will seem like it’s from Neptune.”~Noam Chomsky

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  29. Lorrie U says:

    Attacks On Gaza: What Israel Doesn’t Want You To Know

    What gets reported in the mainstream media are the “terrorist” activities and rocket attacks by the Palestinians on Israel. What usually doesn’t get reported is the Palestinian reality, which includes daily rocket attacks from Israel into Palestinian neighborhoods on their border, the regular incursion of Israeli tanks into Palestinian territory, the absolute control of life in Gaza, characterized as a total vertical occupation–absolute control of movement on the land, under the land, in the air, and by sea.

    The daily restrictions and oppression of the Palestinians are now well-documented by people like Jimmy Carter (Peace Not Apartheid), Jewish political analyst, Phyllis Bennis (Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict), and a group of Israelis called the New Historians, like Ilan Pappe. Pappe and other historians were given complete access to the archives of the government and the Israeli Defense Force. The resulting picture of a distorted history resulted in Pappe writing a book called The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Since it’s publication in 2006, he has been forced to leave Israel because of death threats.

    The latest assault on Gaza is being depicted as a defensive move made necessary by the firing of a Palestinian rocket into Israel on November 10th. In fact, as reported in the Guardian, a four-month-long ceasefire, brokered by Egypt, was broken by an Israeli raid days before, on November 5th. In addition, on November 4th, the Israelis shot and killed a mentally-ill Palestinian man and, on November 8th, they killed a 13-year-old boy playing soccer. These are not isolated or uncommon events, but they are what preceded the rockets being fired from Gaza.

  30. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha anita,

    Warm mahalo. The “relentless misrepresentation of reality” gets to me as well. Just must keep reaching for truth, integrity, courage no matter what the externals look like, imv :-)

  31. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Lorrie U,
    re: Reps Deflate on Benghazi
    Excellent link to encouraging news. Love your posts. With warm aloha and gratitude!

    Maybe some folks will begin to abandon their “divide & conquer” mission and start to actually govern for the benefit of the nation? :-)

  32. Cappy says:

    This Conservative Republican party is totally unrecognizable to the party pre-Reagan. We know this group as deeply treacherous, lethal and treasonous … have clearly demonstrated that they would gladly destroy America, Americans, the Constitution for the Presidency and thus control of the Treasury. They are a more symbiotic, vicious part of the ‘shadow gov’t’ that pulls the darkest strings of power, greed, financial enslavement.
    They are ramping up their lethal plans and threats as we speak.

  33. Gypsi says:

    Haven’t gotten to read the post, got on twitter to ask PBO to fire Salazar, and ran across this gem – another oil well has blown

  34. alex says:

    RELEVANCE (his chairmanship is term limited on a Senate committee), he and GOP Lindsey Graham are proposing a new select committee where he would have seniority in the new committee and become the chairman)

    So That’s What McCain Wanted

    by Susan from 29, at

    Nov 16TH, 11:41 AM PST


    He is politicking Libya and Benghazi to create new select committee where he would become the chairmanship.

    John loves admiration and applause; John McCain tends to be very self-confident, even arrogant because of his self-confidence;

    Birthday: August 29, 1936

    Time of birth: 09:00

    Place of birth: Coco Solo Air Base, Panama


    John has repudiation ( 10TH house ) for being overly aggressive, hostile, confrontational – he’s not a people person!

    Mars in 10TH House
    Mars in Leo
    Mars 12 Leo conjunct Natal Hybris 12 Leo
    conjunct President Obama Natal Sun 12 Leo

    John holds grudges, he resents Obama, and he wants revenge – nice guy!

    McCain Natal Midheaven @16 Cancer
    Cancer is a sign that easily becomes oversensitive, thin – skinned, overly possessive/territorial when negatively expressed;

    McCain MC @16 Cancer conjunct midpoint Venus/Uranus @15 Cancer (key phrase VE/UR obsessive compulsive)

  35. Gypsi says:

    don’t hold your breath, they are covering their back-sides

  36. Patty says:

    Does anyone know Chris Christie’s Astrological Data? I keep thinking, perhaps Christie might be that magical link/connection that brings the President and House Republicans together for cooperation in moving America Forward.

    Beautifully written piece today. Thank you Nancy!

  37. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Lorrie U,

    Once met a gal who had served (as all citizens must except torah scholars/and this is up for change) in the Israeli Army with time in occupied Palestine.

    I asked her to tell me about what she experienced there. She became pale, tears formed in her eyes and she said: I cannot talk about what happens in Palestine.

    She didn’t have to say anything. It must be unconscionably bad. Sad.

  38. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Gypsi,

    Definitely won’t be holding breath, but always happy to see small openings for light to shine through the darkness:

    Example: Megan McCain, daughter of John McCain:
    “We can’t let the Tea Party bully us any longer. We can’t keep worrying about ultraconservative white male voters.”

    “And if we don’t move forward, adapt, & become relevant again, the Republican Party isn’t going to survive.”

    Also: via Reuters/Melanie Warner reporting on Barbara Bush:
    “People spoke. Move on, get on w/it. I want to do other things & not to be ugly.”

    While i do not have any kind of devotional respect for the families involved in these quotations, it is important that they are speaking and sounding at least, reasonable.

    Warm hugs!

  39. anita says:

    ArtsCulturePeace, Thanks for your uplifting loving perspective. It’s a great reminder that there’s more than just the conflict. In the past, I listened to the opposite more than my own heart. Now I’m backtracking too far to overcompensate. Best to remember the balance. :)

    Chris Christie’s data on Internet is Sept 6, 1962, no time avail. If it’s accurate, I really like what I’m seeing. Lots of close aspects. Some for getting to the root to repair problems in a fair manner. Shows positive use of Neptune intuition (!) and sudden/unusual partnerships with detached working together for others. Yet this very ability would carry huge responsibility which could sacrifice his enjoyment or popularity. Hmm, and Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. I’ll leave this to you Pro’s!

  40. alex says:

    Hey Nancy, good columns, great astro-insights that kept up with the momentum, all these months, of consensus building among the Obama/democracy voters;

    per Neptune key words:

    I’d like to suggest an edit –

    ‘unrealistic expectations’ toUNREAL expectations; their parallel universe characterized by self delusion, living in a collective cult of megalomania;

    meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a (mg-l-mn-, -mny)
    1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.

  41. alex says:

    only a quick comment not complete workup: Chris Christie –

    He is positioning himself as a moderate for a run for prez in 2016: he is not moderate ( his rhetoric is but his actions are not; he’s a committed DE-regulator for big money industries, the stock and trade of GOP/Libertarian/Neocon/Tea; and ‘privatizer’ which is privatize the profit and socialize the debt on the collective taxpayers, another stock & trade tool on his side of the fence; additionally if you are hoping for government to become less corrupt than it is at an all time high/pentacle of corruption, Christie would not be your guy )

    DOB 9/6/1962 Natal Sun 13 VIRGO – 2016 Solar Arc Sun 07 Scorpio

    Natal Incarnation Mutable Water, Singleton Element Fire, Moon 06 Sagittarius polarizing/galvanizing point

    NATAL VESTA 15 LEO (dedicated focus) opposite PHOLUS 14 AQUARIUS (works against conditiong)

    Moon-Saturn-Dk Lilith Aspect

    Moon 06SG (apex kite, nose of kite aspect – LIFT galvanizing, polarizing point)
    Dk Lilith 04LI (bellephron 05LI)
    Saturn 05AQ

    by Synastry transit, progression, others natal point forms Kite Aspect
    at 06 Gemini (tail of kite aspect – DRAG )


    Natal Kite Aspect

    Pluto 10VI (apex kite, nose of kite aspect – LIFT)
    Neptune 11SC
    Mars 09CA
    Chiron 08PI (Jupiter 06PI) (tail of kite aspect – DRAG)

    hybris 27SC (overconfidence, hubris)
    circe 27AQ (bias, there is only one way)
    hidalgo 14TA (vested interests)
    bellephron 05LI (error prone)


    In 1998 Christie registered as a lobbyist for the firm of Dughi, Hewit & Palatucci, alongside fellow partner and later, gubernatorial campaign fundraiser Bill Palatucci. Between 1999 and 2001, Christie and Palatucci lobbied on behalf of, among others, GPU Energy for deregulation of New Jersey’s electric and gas industry; the Securities Industry Association to block the inclusion of securities fraud under the state’s Consumer Fraud Act; Hackensack University Medical Center for state grants, and the University of Phoenix for a New Jersey higher education license.

    Christie served as the chief federal law enforcement officer in New Jersey from January 17, 2002, to December 1, 2008. His office included 137 attorneys, with offices in Newark, Trenton and Camden. Christie also served as one of the 17 U.S. Attorneys on Attorneys General John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales’ advisory committee.

    On December 7, 2001, Christie was nominated to be the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey. He was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on December 20, 2001, and sworn into office on January 17, 2002.

    Controversy surrounded his appointment; some members of the New Jersey Bar professed disappointment at Christie’s lack of criminal law experience and his history as a top fundraiser for George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign. The extent of the role played by Bush’s political adviser, Karl Rove, also became an issue after Christie’s law partner, William Palatucci, a Republican political consultant and Bush supporter, boasted that he had selected a United States attorney by forwarding Christie’s résumé to Rove.

    Christie has been accused of using his office’s role in crafting deferred prosecution agreements to award lucrative federal monitoring positions in no-bid contracts to friends, supporters, and allies. Questions first arose after Christie awarded a multimillion-dollar no-bid contract to David Kelley, another former U.S. Attorney, who had investigated Christie’s brother, Todd Christie, in a 2005 fraud case involving traders at the Wall Street firm, Spear, Leeds & Kellogg. Kelley had declined to prosecute Todd Christie, who had been ranked fourth in the investigation—initiating a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) complaint among twenty traders who earned the largest profits for their company at the expense of their customers. The top three were indicted, as were eleven other traders.

    Christie was similarly criticized for his 2007 recommendation of the appointment of The Ashcroft Group, a consulting firm owned by Christie’s former superior, the former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft, as a monitor in a court settlement against Zimmer Holdings, an Indiana medical supplies company. The no-bid contract was worth between $28 million and $52 million. Christie defended the decision, saying that Ashcroft’s prominence and legal acumen made him a natural choice. Christie declined to intercede when Zimmer’s company lawyers protested the Group’s plans to charge a rate of $1.5 million to $2.9 million per month for the monitoring. Shortly after the House Judiciary Committee began holding hearings on the matter, the Justice Department re-wrote the rules regarding the appointment of court monitors.

    On February 9, 2010, he signed Executive Order No. 12, which placed a 90-day freeze on the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) and established the Housing Opportunity Task Force to examine the State’s affordable housing laws, constitutional obligations, and the effectiveness of the current framework.[53]
    Christie at a town hall in March 2011

    On February 11, 2010, Christie signed Executive Order No. 14, which declared that a “state of fiscal emergency exists in the State of New Jersey” due to the projected $2.2 billion budget deficit for the current fiscal year (FY 2010). In a speech before a special joint session of the New Jersey Legislature on the same day, Christie addressed the budget deficit and proposed various fiscal measures to close the gap. Christie also suspended funding for the Department of the Public Advocate and for the Office of the Child Advocate and called for their elimination. Some Democrats criticized Christie for not first consulting them on his budget cuts and for circumventing the Legislature’s role in the budget process. In late June 2011, Christie utilized New Jersey’s line item veto to eliminate nearly $1 billion from the proposed budget, signing it into law just hours prior to the July 1, 2011, beginning of the state’s fiscal year.

  42. anita says:

    Re: Christie is a Healer in Action with a grand water trine (Mars trine Jupiter/Chiron trine Neptune, Mars sextile Pluto) yet some conflict between the need for security and communicating fairness.

  43. anita says:

    Alex, thank for info. I’m not familiar with his politics. Guess I need to wait to comment.

  44. Lune Prière says:

    Patty, he’s a Virgo, Sagittarius moon. Jupiter in Pisces (size) conjunct chiron (wounding), opposes Sun/Pluto/Uranus and squares moon. No birth time but I bet Jupiter is on an angle, possibly the ascendant. He has a grand trine in water, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune. Interesting!

  45. virgo says:

    Thank you very much. I agree, He is trying to position himself as a moderate, but is not.

  46. Gypsi says:

    Wow – Alex, great expose’. A Bush baby in sheep’s clothing.

  47. Gypsi says:

    It is good to remember that the chart is not the person, and particularly when we have no birth time, the approach, outlook, attitude (aka ascendant) are absent. The chart contains the elements of personality that the soul is born into, the soul being the light shining through a stained glass window. I’ve seen identical charts produce opposite people, and the ethics and choices of the individual are NEVER in the birth chart. Only the pinches and pokes of psychological discomfort which contribute to those choices.

  48. alex says:

    it’s not a bad thing that he is cooperating somewhat with Pres. Obama but it’s seems most if not all self-interest for 2016; but it feels good after all the contention of pre-post forever months of campaign-election; he will capture some public goodwill from people tired of being pummeled to death by nasty politics i.e. all of us(a);

  49. alex says:

    fortunately he has a long long record for the public to examine; each and every decision can be analyzed and understood for what they are;

    wiki is just a way to get started; then there are the article notations and notations from within those articles but as always best of all ask New Jersey residents to comment, witness, and share their stories of life under Cristie;

  50. anita says:

    Good points!

  51. alex says:

    he wants to build up and capture the mass/collective/psychological/capital by polishing his image as being the least crazy GOP/Libertarian/Neocon/Tea; the same psy-capital Romney got in a field of ‘crazies’ as Cristie works to craft his image that position him as the one who least insults the intelligence of Independents ( former GOP who don’t want to be associated with all-of-that ) to get the nomination;

    Chris Christie wants to spin his image as the least extreme, dog whistling crazy;

    one argument is that Democrats can’t win in 2016 because that would be a third term for a democrat as president in a row, it’s goes against logic and against statistics; so why not go along with the Christie foreshadowing of 2016 to avoid the Santorum types or worse;

    it’s not the argument-road I want Obama voter coalition to go down now or then-2015,2016; because it becomes self fulfilling defeatism that will be made into traditional corporate media NOISE that drives the electorate;

    we have fabulous Democratic bench we don’t need to have fear of election presidential history by involving ourselves with self-censorship and start to limit our options before we even run the first mile;

    we have a fabulous Democratic bench let me say it again; 2016 should be another exciting time … Pres. Obama campaigns will be a hard act to follow he is a might great campaign politician but we have 2016-future to look forward to and not the-2016 to avoid by pre-selecting the least crazy GOPetcetc to put on the expectation path for 2016;

    we have a great bench ….. between now and then have to build up Democrat governorships again and the mid-terms where we can re-take the majority in the House;

    there are lots of good things to work on to make manifest;

  52. NEOBuckeye says:

    I’d rather see the current incarnation of the Republican Party completely liquidated and wiped off the face of the earth. It’s become quite clear that the GOP entity and its energy are a threat to governance, humanity and life on this planet. It’s constituent members can always reassemble under a different label and energy, but its clear that the Grand Old Party needs to go the way of the Whigs.

  53. NEOBuckeye says:

    How much of the current state of the Republican Party is reflected by Uranus-Pluto moving toward the party’s natal sun at 14 Cancer? 2014-15 is likely to be quite an explosive time for them, if their current behavior is any indication. The Pluto-Sun opposition alone could be viewed as the destruction/loss of identity (Sun) as overwhelming external forces pose an extremely intense challenge of some kind (Pluto). Maybe the whole country rises up to beat them down with devestating midterm losses in Congress and in state governments? They could lose control of the House nationally, and many if not most of the state legislatures and governorships that they currently control as a result of powerful organization (Pluto in Capricorn) moving to strike against them directly. For a party that believes power and control is something owed to it, this would be a most fitting comeuppance, and possibly even it’s Waterloo moment.

  54. alex says:

    Becker’s also published this list of 19 Recent Hospital Mergers & Acquisitions on September 4, 2012.

    There are trends revealed by reading the Daily Job Cuts and Beckers material.

    1. Hospitals moving to becoming just outpatient care.
    2. Merging with other hospitals
    3. Affiliating with other hospitals
    4. Acquisitions of hospitals
    5. Private Equity firms and Venture Capital firms are interested in investing in hospitals.

    I suspect the mergers, partnerships, and affiliations are a first step to creating a large enough entity to qualify for a buy out. You see, upper level management of these hospitals get paid off in the deal.

    VAMPIRE CAPITALISM Private Equity Firms Buying Up Hospital

    by War on Error – diary at dailykos

    Nov 16TH 6:02 PM PST

  55. alex says:

    please read the dailykos diary; this is important stuff –

    the Vulture capitalists are targeting hospitals

    1) to out flank Obamacare and close hospitals

    2) make profit by taking out loans on hospital then the piling up debt on the hospitals give them reason to squeeze every last penny of out it…. by laying off employees, raiding the pensions, cutting health care benefits; closing the hospitals or selling off the hospital ( that eventually go bankrupt under the crushing debt the vulture capitalist put on the hospitals

    and it does more

    3) it BUSTS the very progressive National Nurses Union

    4) it throws them out of work

    5) and it makes operating hospitals only available to the wealthy elite….

    they want to make hospitals extinct stripping out all their services and leaving only outpatient care….

    it is a strategic direct hit on Obamacare and universal health care for Americans….

    please read the diary and distribute far and wide;

  56. NEOBuckeye says:

    Geez, these guys really do have a death wish, don’t they? If they can’t dominate and control all the world, then no one will, if they can help it.

    Alas, like fools, they forget that it is WE the people, not they, who hold the REAL power. Who makes AND then buys your stuff? Your pizzas? Your twinkies? Your car parts? Who gave you your fortune? And you have the nerve to get mad and take things out on us?

    What damned fools you CEOs and banksters are!

    Keep it up, boys, and you will most certianly be brought down from your silly perches like the kings and nobles of old.

    This time now marks the beginning of the end of corporate capitalism as we know it. The people are waking up. Look out.

  57. angellight says:

    Alex: Is there a link for the Christie information?

  58. ox the cat says:

    Someone at DU wrote that the reason that McCain is so desperate for a special commitee is that his current ranking placement on the Armed Forces terrorism etc commitee will term limit out at the end of this session and he will only be eligible for the Native Affairs commitee next year. I see a man desparate for power and seeing everything slip away. I bet he was promised some kind of position by Romney. He looks really perplexed to me, I think they were all told this was in the bag.

  59. Michael from nyc says:

    After Mitt I just can’t see the Republicans going w a moderate north east governor — my first guess is that they’d focus on Paul Ryan

  60. angellight says:

    Much information is coming out about the Child Sex Slave:

    “It was revealed by a WikiLeaks cable that DynCorp threw “boy-play” parties for new Afghan police recruits. The exploits of DynCorp — funded by the U.S. taxpayer — is perhaps the supreme example of the predators stalking this planet. Here is Donald Rumsfeld stammering through an attempt to explain the continued governmental support for DynCorp:”

    Watch Rep. Cynthia McKinney Grill Donald Rumsfeld on the child sex slave business and Dyncorp who continue to receive Gov’t contracts!

  61. angellight says:


    “Today, Israel again is bombing Gaza and it’s beaten and brutalized population. As they say in youth land “that is so old school”. I mean, they have no answer for humanity. That’s their solution to resolving disagreements with neighbors? Bomb?
    Yeah, let us bottle up a whole culture and population and then call them terrorists. And when they resist, bomb them into submission. Wow, what a great idea! Who’s running that show over there? I suppose that strategy worked in the centuries previous to this one. But in this century, we have lights on everywhere! We, in the global community, can see that reality that they don’t see with their 20th century glasses.

    Now, I know this comment is being read by many in the USA who are saying “What is he talking about?” but hear me out first.
    In the USA, we just had an election that exposed the reality that the Christian White Evangelical is losing its luster both in ideology and demographic reality. The youth of the USA just don’t buy the fanatical non-cents they are selling. And the Zionist Lobby led by AIPAC and cheered up by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu backed this dying demographic and lost! This is the 21st century USA and Oldsmobile is no longer a product anymore! Get it!”

  62. loyalurker says:

    Good one Starlight! Indeed the Repubs believed their own
    ‘PUNDIFICACTORS’ – PUN intended… my new term for pundits who pontificate. And apparently they even convinced their employers
    and puppeteers on the Right.
    I don’t have any faith in their ability as a party or as the titans of big business to do any self-reflective soul searching because in their arrogance and dualistic world of winners and losers, black and white, them and us – there is ONLY the game….and what to do to win next time. So they’ll say or do whatever it takes to sell it, to alter its appearance, to make it taste better….to win ‘it’….but there is no substantive truth at its core. It’s all image, rhetoric and any means to an end. Because they have no core or ‘soul’ they have no sense of themselves or others, no moral compass, nothing but the hot air of their egos filling their sails but without a rudder. They rely on polls, they manipulate, beg, borrow and steal from those WITH a ‘soul’ in order to co-opt this mysterious and elusive ‘it’ not out of any authentic desire to become ‘it’ but to convince others they have ‘it’. That image thing is so Neptunian – an illusion that seems so real and yet is so elusive…mirages in a desert for thirsty souls.

  63. loyalurker says:

    correction — “PUNDIFICATORS”

  64. virgo says:

    Do you have a link for your post on vulture capitalists taking over hospitals? I searched Dailykos diaries and could not find it, and I am very interested. Thanks.

  65. loyalurker says:

    About that ‘neptunian confusion’….I just don’t get this whole Petraeus scandal. There’s got to be more to it. A connection to the Benghazi incident perhaps? I’m listening to the usual over-the-top hype and ecstatic reporting by a press who revels in catching someone with their pants down (literally) like adolescent boys who just learned a dirty joke. Perhaps its all been politically orchestrated to bring him down and hence the exaggerated public flogging and magnification of what, at least to me, is pretty much just one more story about someone’s infidelity. True, it does seem to be a sure-fired way to end careers…look at Eliot Spitzer, to name just one. But I’m just curious what machinations are behind this one and I’m relatively sure we’ll never find out. It just has that stench…

  66. starlight says:

    It isn’t complicated. Spending all that time together with a young, attractive woman, who in many ways had a lot in common with him, and who listened to him and all this thoughts and his life story, and who knew him incredibly well? It is easy to see that turning into an affair. But as the head of the CIA, that makes him vulnerable to it being a national security issue. She can overhear him on the phone or look at his email when he sleeps or is in the shower, etc. And with the threatening emails, she shows herself to lack judgment and stability. If she hadn’t sent those emails and the affair had been discovered, especially after it had ended, it might be a different story.

  67. angellight says:

    There is writing on Internet about Anonymous warns Israel: ‘No one cuts internet on our watch!’ — Which was posted the day before yesterday, and then the Bank that processes FoodStamps (which is supposed to be owned by Israel) was unable to be processed yesterday all over the U.S. People stood in long lines waiting for their stamps to become active! … via @RT_com

  68. loyalurker says:

    Yes, it’s easy to see how affairs happen and therefore it’s pretty unremarkable. It just seems as though this ‘opportunity’ has been seized upon to bring him down. Or put another way…if he was someone they valued and wanted to keep they would have probably found some way to cover up and/or protect him. But instead it’s been a very public flogging. I’m not defending him AT ALL because I was never a fan. But I am very curious who is permitted to fall and who is protected. Spitzer, for instance, gave his enemies the ammunition to bring him down and they did. And in the case of Straus-Kahn that seemed a true set up – the U.S. certainly didn’t want him to become the next leader of France. They dirtied him just enough to prevent that from happening and then picked him up, dusted him off and sent him on his way. So I’m just sensing that there is more to this than just security vulnerability issues. That’s the story they are selling, but I’m just not buying it as the primary reason.

  69. alex says:

    Hi Virgo, Because I pick up so many computer glitches from dailykos I don’t like to directly link to them and pass them onto other sites; I don’t know one thing about computers therefore sure I’m worried about nothing but in any case here is how you find the link when you use google search line make the search terms read like this: ( use the plus sign between identifying information )

    VAMPIRE CAPITALISM Private Equity Firms Buying Up Hospitals + War on Error + dailykos

    VAMPIRE CAPITALISM Private Equity Firms Buying Up Hospitals…/-Private-Equity-Firms-Buying-Up-Hospitals
    War on ErrorFollowRSS. Daily Kos member. Profile · Diaries (list) · Stream. Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 06:02 PM PST.

  70. loyalurker says:

    I think the press is on a leash held by ‘the powers that be’ (certainly there are CIA/intelligence ties and journalists within the press) and when they are let off that leash to attack at will someone in such a high ranking position in this over-the-top sensational way, my antenna goes up. It just doesn’t ring true.
    Only speculation of course, which is all it can be.

  71. alex says:

    glad you found it – it’s 7AM in CA just woke up; another way to locate dailykos information is to google search the authors name + daily kos;

    it takes you to the author’s profile page, clink on the authors name and the list of their diaries will show with their links in chronological order;

    sorry to be such a fuss budget about KOS LINKS;

    I tend to be slow-mo in life and on the computer; my body thinks it’s 85 years old even though I only just reached retirement age; because I haven’t developed any face skin wrinkling I look 45 years old maybe younger to someone not paying attention; I had to convince the service contract people who fixed my wheelchair that I was who my ID said I was when I signed the paperwork for service visit; I don’t look my age but my body clock sped up and I’ve aged faster than my calendar years…

    anyway I move slowly in life;

  72. alex says:

    Hey loyallurker,

    I certainly agree with you there are intelligence ties to journalism and all media;

    here is how I break it down:

    CBS – CIA ( look up the history of CBS and you’ll find the original people were embedded with CIA… and the same is true now)

    ABC – National Security Intelligence ( sometime I’ll look up article links for you with cute names like ‘Mickey Mouse is a spy’ or link to Bush’s appointed director of NSA related intelligence post that his resume showing his work at Disney intelligence agency… ABC Disney has big big presence in the ‘surveillance intelligence’ world; it is surprising but true; Walt Disney used CIA advisers to design CA Disney World before he broke ground and he was personally cozy with the FBI during the era of McCarthy blacklisting people from the Hollywood film industry;

    NBC is General Electric which of course is one of the oldest and biggest defense contractors in the world – they do intelligence work and defense contract work;

  73. alex says:

    PS loyalurker:

    Oct. 15, 2007 – Page 2976

    The Mouse That Spied
    By Tim Starks, CQ Staff

    Mickey Mouse and the nation’s spy chief, Michael McConnell, share more than the same initials. Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, former and current Disney officials have been advising and sometimes joining the intelligence community to help with everything from spy technology to intelligence analysis.

    A former Disney “imagineer” — to use the Magic Kingdom’s preferred term for its personnel — designed the operations center for the National Counterterrorism Center in Northern Virginia. Another Disney veteran headed up the director of National Intelligence’s science and technology division, and he remains a contributor to the intelligence community. Two panels at a conference in Chicago this past summer on intelligence analysis offered the Disney perspective on spycraft. And the list goes on.

    To be sure, plenty of Hollywood companies have been assisting various federal intelligence initiatives since Sept. 11; federal authorities have even enlisted a small, informal group of directors and producers to storyA-board out prospective terrorist moves. And Disney had been aiding the cloak-and-dagger set long before “synergy” became an entertainment industry buzzword: Walt Disney himself worked closely with the FBI, according to the agency’s files.

    But the new relationship the Walt Disney Co. has with the intelligence world is a special one, observers say — thanks in part to the striking convergence between the conglomerate’s innovations in high-tech wizardry and the spook community’s adoption of the same kind of gadgetry.

    “You’d be astonished at the overlap,” says Eric Haseltine, a former Disney hand who specialized in virtual reality before taking on executive posts in the National Security Agency’s research and development division and the Directorate of National Intelligence’s science and technology arm. Haseltine says he’s but one out of a significant (though he won’t specify) number of Disney employees

    who went into national security service after Sept. 11.

    He notes that both Disney theme parks and American spy agencies are profoundly interested in robotics, bolstering intellectual property protections — and even encryption, since roller coasters are run by radio transmissions that must be protected. “There is almost no discipline of science and technology a theme park doesn’t touch,” Haseltine said.

    And as a media company, Disney is in the business of telling stories, Haseltine says — in much the same manner that intelligence analysts put things in a format stressing ready comprehension and proper interpretive context.

    There are organizational overlaps as well. In a session at the Chicago conference that was supposed to be off the record — until a video of the session was posted for a time on a Web site affiliated with the conference — Disney official Rodney Faraon declared that the company’s own intelligence analysts are focused on threats not all that different from those the government assesses.

    “If you take a look at any of our products, they’ll probably look like what the president reads every day” in his daily intelligence briefing, said Faraon, the company’s director of global intelligence and threat analysis (yes, that’s really a job title at the company). He also noted that his unit has grown from a small cadre of analysts to a “world-class intelligence enterprise.”

    A spokeswoman for the National Counterterrorism Center, Leslie Jewell, offered no comment on the Disney-fied development of the facility.

    But Rick Foglesong, a professor at Orlando’s Rollins College and author of “Married to the Mouse,” says it’s a natural convergence of professional niches: Disney’s people are among the brightest in corporate America, and they tend to be patriotic.

    They’re also, well, nosy. “Disney really excels in providing invisible security, relying on cameras and undercover security officers and background intelligence reports,” Foglesong says. “They have a special need at the park: the need to provide security without giving alarm to their guests.” As with NSA surveillance initiatives, some of the theme park’s security measures — such as fingerprint scanning — have drawn fire from civil libertarians such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

    Tony Mendez, the legendary former chief of disguise for the Central Intelligence Agency, says that, at least in his case, the lines of influence also ran the other way, from spookland to the Magic Kingdom. “It’s a robust relationship, and if you’re looking for the best, sooner or later you’re going to end up at Disney,” says Mendez, who is now on the board of Washington’s International Spy Museum.

  74. angellight says:

    President Obama knew about Benghazi by Jennifer Ruben, supposedly two days after the attack.

    (GOP Plan to make a Big Deal out of this new news)!

  75. alex says:

    JP Morgan – food stamps

    JP Morgan is the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the United States. JP Morgan has contracted to provide food stamp debit cards in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. JP Morgan is paid for each case that it handles, so that means that the more Americans that go on food stamps, the more profits JP Morgan makes. When the number of Americans on food stamps goes up, JP Morgan makes more money.

  76. clymela says:

    loyalurker-I have hard from more than one source that Patraeus is a Neocon and did want to run for President. I suspect that he was/is involved with those who want to bring Obama down. There is the fact of his two very different reports of what happened at Benghazi and the Neocon effort to destroy Susan Rice. I don’t “know” anything I am just reporting my intuition based on what I hear and read.

  77. angellight says:

    Franklin Graham: God May Have to Cause “A Complete Economic Collapse” to Save Nation From Obama! via @motherjones

  78. mima says:

    It seems that Paul Ryan is going nowhere:
    I like one of the comments that go into more indepth of his chart. Here is an excerpt:
    How about a taste of long-term forecasting of this man’s political career? We don’t expect it to end well as Uranus is ill-starred in his chart so what starts with a dash ends in a crash. At 42 his directed Uranus is around 20 Scorpio. It is exalted here so he is a high-roller in the back-rooms of the Party and has the ear of the Republican leader. 20 degrees when dignified often ends up in the Press as it brings you a large but distant audience – he may even get his picture in the newspaper! But it is only about 5 years before directed Uranus reaches his natal Ascendant and is exposed by a public scandal, in fact a crime, for then it opposes that worst of all fixed stars, the outrageous Algol on his 7th House cusp.
    This was written back in June of ’12.

  79. loyalurker says:

    I think there is probably some truth to that. My only point was … “someone” doesn’t want Peaches around. I can’t even imagine the intrigues that go on at that level of government and power so don’t get too wrapped up in it. I don’t watch soap operas for similar reasons. However, my instincts operate like an antenna that senses some inconsistency or cognitive dissonance in the usual patterns of things, even if ,generally speaking, I don’t much care about the story itself too much. So my antenna went up with this Patraeus incident, that’s all.

  80. Sharon says:

    I just did a report on the food stamp program (now called SNAP – supplemental nutrition assistance program) and had to live for a week on the $36 food stamp budget, and report what it was like (not easy but not as hard as it would be for some people; it forced me to eat very consciously and I loved doing that). I am also learning about the history of social welfare, and, like everything else, it is starting to become privatized. For example, Medicaid, is largely privatized now, just like managed health care. The idea is that the programs will be run more efficiently and, in this way, the government (who is funding it) will save money in the long run. I am about to do a policy analysis in the next few weeks as my last assignment for the semester. Maybe I’ll choose this issue or something similar. Privatizing is now part of this world and, probably, the way of the future. Although there are concerns that the companies will put profits above people, I would say the jury is out on how good many of these programs are proving to be.

  81. Sharon says: I checked on whether anonymous was responsible for the problems with Chase Bank and no one is saying for sure, but a) Israel owns Chase Bank – I strongly doubt that, although there may be Jews involved, b) it’s hard enough to eat on a foodstamp budget (I forgot to say that the budget for 1 person in my state is $200 no matter your wght & size; I happen to be small-framed & thin & I was a little hungry on that budget–causing problems for those people to buy more food is outrageous to me.

  82. ox the cat says:

    Hi Angellight John Solomon has a terrible reputation as does Jennifer Ruben who was a total hack for Romney this election cycle. Solomon is known for “distorting the truth”. He was taken to task by the Washington Post’s Omsbudsman when he worked at the Post. Not a reputable source. I think his last job was at the Washington Times, he may still work there as an editor of some sort. I think the Times was owned by Moon but he just died and it may be owned by someone else now. If this story gets traction there may be something to it but at this point I would doubt that will happen. That being said I think the pubs will ride the Benghazi pony as long as they can.

  83. Sharon says:

    $200 a month, that is, which is the maximum you can get so you have to have almost no income to get that “much.”

  84. ox the cat says:

    That article was not as bad as I thought it would be but I still think Franklin Graham is a total loon.

  85. barbk says:

    I had just noticed that asteroid Child was on the Aries Point (0 degree Aries) yesterday and thought there would be something about children or a child in the news. (Aries Points = politial is personal)

  86. Sharon says:

    There is a lot in this opinion piece that is not quite correct and that I disagree with..the person writing it shows a superficial understanding of history and the mid-east situation…Just one example, an obvious one, is when he states: “That sales pitch does NOT work when you have all the guns and the other guy has a bottle rocket, a butter knife, and some string whilst you control the movement of food, energy, and other resources needed for modern life.” We all know that the other side has more than “bottle rockets” and, perhaps, have been intentionally provoking Israel to respond to their terrorizing rocket attacks, with something like 300 rockets in the last few weeks alone fired on Israeli cities before Israel started this operation. They know Israel has more power and will eventually respond, yet they keep “attacking”…why might that be? What I do agree with is the bottom line of the piece which is that it should be settled with diplomacy. I heard that Morsi went to Gaza to try to stop the rockets but it did not work. So what will stop them? What will stop Hamas? My take on it is that they want to draw Israel into a war so Iran and Syria can inflict damage through Hamas and Hezbollah. Their aim is to drive the “zionist” state out of existence (and I would point out that when Israel was established as a homeland for Jews, a miniscule amount of land was given to them–the rest was given to the Arabs who established countries like Jordan and Syria…so is it zionist to want to keep Israel as a homeland for the Jews when so much land was alloted for the rest of the people in the region, who ejected their Jewish population at the time?) I may have made some errors in my own version of history, but the spirit of what I have written is true.

  87. Sharon says:

    Many do want to go (or are acting like it) on a moderate course. Bobby Jindal and others have come out with such statements recently…as determined as the extremists are going to get to redouble their efforts (and moderates may cooperate with them in back rooms), how can their policies win when demographics are against them? They’ll have to do an awful lot of gerrimandering, voter supression and fraud, and those tactics have become transparent.

  88. Wennye' says:

    Sharon, this situation is what I hear when I distribute food and water to those living on the street. I have been told that the sandwich packs supplement their dietary needs after the stamps run out in the middle of the month. I miss more people than I have food to feed. Starting this in May this year and reaching over 800 people, many regulars who chase me down or out there looking for me so they can get food before I run out. By the grace of Spirit( I truly mean that) we keep going through meagre donations we are trying to feed 1000 by the end of the year. Blog for FEEDING THE HUNGRY Blessings All

  89. Sharon says:

    I just went upthread and saw the article posted about venture capitalists trying to buy up hospitals and strip them so Obamacare won’t work? I know many hospitals are having financial problems and many are already privatized. I can’t see this venture capitalist plan working all that well, but it does seem like a bad things and should be countered–there will be ways to fight back. My point about privitzation is that it is not necessarily “all” bad, just as business is not necessarilly all bad, just as social programs are not “socialism.” We have to really look at each situation and try to analyze it as objectively as possible.

  90. Rose says:

    McCain has turned into a caricature. He needs to go find a nice barrel cactus out in the AZ desert somewhere and just sit on it!

  91. Rose says:

    If we think their whining is bad now, just wait. They have not shown very much self-awareness during this election cycle, and I think they will take a real thrashing in the mid-terms. The “urban” voters are paying attention.

    Pluto aspects always trigger survival issues, so they will probably experience the transit as a fight for their very survival. With the opposition, they will experience “others” as the ones threatening their survival. The square from Uranus just adds the element of the unexpected to the whole mix.

    Could be that the party splits due to rebellion from within, or could be outside events that they have no control over. Could be a “shoot yourself in the foot” event, too. Major wake up call, if this year’s election results didn’t do the trick. Already I see them rationalizing the outcome instead of really examining themselves.

    Whatever form the GOP party takes post-transit, it will look very different from what it looks like now. Pluto is intense, unrelenting, in-your-face pressure, that just grinds you down to a fine powder and then reconstitutes you. You don’t get a vote in that process.

    Should be interesting to watch.

  92. Sharon says:

    Wennye, is there a place on the blog to make a donation? I didn’t see one offhand.

    Having tried to exist on a foodstamp budget I am positive that it is not enough to live on, nor is the TANF one (this is the name for welfare since Clinton and the “T” stands for temporary–it has a 2-year limit at which time you must work or train for work, and I guess still get assistance, & a 5-yr lifetime limit although the states can get around that somewhat if they want to). I also understand why people have to hide their other income sources as it will cause the government aid to be reduced. Thank you for the work you are doing, Wennye.

  93. will says:


    Exactly. That is precisely why the affair was problematic. Although I abhor what the Republicans did to Clinton, he made himself and the nation potentially vulnerable in the same way. Although it is likely that Monica Lewinsky wasn’t privy to top-secret military or diplomatic issues, there was always the outside chance that she could have happened upon or overheard some very sensitive information and passed it along to her “confident,” Linda Tripp. That was the huge blind spot and folly in Clinton’s affair. It wasn’t just about the sex……it was about the potential undue exposure to national security. Of course, Ken Star and the Rethugs made it all about the tawdry sex.

  94. NEOBuckeye says:

    If Rumsfeld is implicated, think of who else is likely involved. Cheney, and the Bush Family. This is the one scandal that could bring the whole house of cards down on that entire criminal network.

  95. alex says:

    more ABC-Disney:

    National Security Agency Hires New Associate Director for Research

    Dr. Haseltine brings more than 23 years of private-industry experience to NSA/CSS, most recently serving as the Executive Vice President, Research and Development at Walt Disney Imagineering in California. Prior to over 10 years at Walt Disney Engineering working in various research and development senior leadership positions, Dr. Haseltine was employed by Hughes Aircraft as their Director of Engineering.

    Dr. Eric Haseltine is a neuroscientist.

  96. alex says:

    the link is old for ‘The Mouse That Spied by Tim Sparks…. but here is bio for the writer

  97. Rose says:

    It is very interesting to look at the transit of Pluto through the signs from a societal perspective.

    When Pluto went through Libra, we had the focus on societal issues related to women (Venus rules Libra, right?), like equal rights, women’s liberation, open marriages, Roe v. Wade, etc.

    Pluto in Scorpio forced everyone to confront sexuality and its consequences, including AIDS and death.

    Pluto in Sagittarius outed the religious hypocrisy of sexual abuse in the priesthood, Jim Baker, et al, and the rise of 12-step treatment programs and the “rehab” movement. This is also when the religious/fanatical elements emerged in the political parties, i.e “Moral Majority”.

    Now with Pluto in Capricorn, we are seeing the rise and fall of corrupt politicians, power brokers, and corporations, and the focus on oil/gas (Pluto rules the underworld, right?) and by extension, the environment. Very powerful storms, whether financial, political, or environmental. You are right–the end of corporate capitalism as we know it.

    But all of this is clearing the way for Pluto in Aquarius after 2020, when we will see the emergence of social justice for all, freedom from religious and political tyranny, and group consciousness.

    All of the Saturn/Uranus/Pluto stuff between now and 2020 is just waking people up and clearing away the cobwebs.

  98. will says:


    One of the problems with the $200. per month food stamp program is that the recipient cannot buy any hot meals with this – and because allot of the people who get food stamps are homeless, they can’t cook the food they have to buy raw, from the grocery store. Its quite a cruel conundrum. In rare instances, you will find a fast-food place like a Subway or a Jack-in-the-Box that will accept stamps. But just try to get a hot piece of pizza or chicken from a 7-11 or from the deli section of the grocers. So, if you have no stove, no cookware and no kitchen or running water to prepare food with, you are going to be eating peanut butter out of a jar or cereal out of the box. Yeah, its food, but its not real eating. And when it comes to cleaning those vegetables or fruit with no running water. Its hardly the huge give-away the Rethugs are screaming about.

    Glad you had the experience though.

  99. alex says:

    angellight – sure no problem the link is in my comment – it is a wiki link

  100. Sharon says:

    This is another informative article that explains things to me. However, I fear that there won’t be peace for a good while, at least not for another generation, not while Hamas and the Jihadist groups are active, and both sides are at a standstill. Although I’ve admired Netenyahu, whose brother was killed in the Entebbe raid to free just over 100 Israeli hostages taken from a hijacked Air France plane, and who I know is very strong on Israel’s defense, maybe it is time for both sides to have leaders who can negotiate peace. With Hamas firmly entrenched in Gaza (and whose control is threatened by smaller groups), it is not going to come from there, and it would need popular support and flexibility on the part of the leaders. Many people think that just because Israel has weapons, including nuclear ones probably, that Israel should feel secure enough to negotiate a peace deal and share land. Things are not that simple. All it takes is for a group of martyrs to get through with a dirty bomb or chemical weapons, or coordinated suicid bombs and this can happen if Israel let’s its guard down. That is why secure borders are mandatory for Israel. They tried giving back land both to Lebanaon and in Gaza and it has not worked in their favor. There is currently an investigation into the cause of Arafat’s death and any evidence that it was caused by Israel will make matters worse (and it may not even have to be proven to have an affect).

  101. alex says:

    when the company buying them is private equity capital (like Bain Capital ) then it is a problem they all follow the same formula;

    go to banks borrow huge amt of money against the hospital ( the private equity partners take their ‘commission’ which amounts to the loan against company;

    then because the interest on the loan is big big big and due the private equity buyers lays off workers, cuts health care benefit, cuts pension benefits and squeezes the hospital of every penny – cutting essential services replacing RN’s with part time certified nurses not RN’s ( there were articles about this because one of Romney’s first private equity capital business purchases was hospitals that is where he developed the ‘formula’ to vulturize.. Pres. Obama was not kidding when he said Romney was a pioneer in the vulture capital business… the article I read way back when was that Romney was honored by the equity capital business for making so many profitable cuts to the hospitals he purchased)

    now if you’ll read the diary at DKOS you’ll find that former V.P. Dan Quail if involved with the equity capital business going after hospitals;

    it’s all so predictable….

    it is outflanking Affordable Health Care
    it is union busting of the very progressive National Nurses Union
    it is
    it is
    it is

    really bad news it is a politics/business as war movement… it is not one hospital the vultures/sharks are going on a feeding frenzy after many hospitals;

  102. kiwi says:

    There is so much drama spin from various ‘news’ entities, that I have taken to watching cspan lately to get the unedited version.
    Last night I watched a panel of economists discussing fiscal issues. It gave me a broader understanding of the fiscal reality of the whole economy, domestic and as it relates globally. They also mention the problem of global corporations moving money internationally to avoid paying taxes not only in the US, but other countries such as britain as well.
    The video is very lengthy but IMO, worth it.

    I loved it when a former republican who was in daddy bush’s budget office said in reference to the republican shenannigans “these guys now are liars and crooks”
    The video is broken into 3 separete segments – an overview of the reality of the current fiscal crisis; military spending; medicare and social security. I have not listened to the 3rd segment yet.

    This whole Petraeus affair is so bizzare I’m almost left thinking it has been scripted by the gods to uncover rot at the highest levels for all to see.

  103. Sharon says:

    That’s what John Kerry called them when he was running for president over a microphone he didn’t realize was live.

  104. Wennye' says:

    Hi Sharon, yes I put the address which is 120 Portola Dr #12 SFCA, 94131..tried paypal but after several people tried fixing it luck we get the logo but not processing page. Thank you dearly. Also may I add to Will’s post: This couple who have been on the street and are on a waiting list for housing (long list of names) get the small penance try eating package noodles if they can get a cup of hot water..make coffee with luke warm water and get bread for peanut butter etc. no meat can not refridge. We want to add oranges in the pack for Vit.C. This helps to cut down on hospital visit’s from the flu. Thanks for caring! FEEDING THE HUNGRY-Wennye’ Edwards

  105. will says:


    In the former thread, you wrote:

    “An even more dramatic period is likely from December 13 through December 24, when Jupiter (8Gemini) will conjunct US Uranus and both Saturn (8Scorpio) and Pluto (8Capricorn) will be in a quincunx. There is likely to be a strong public display of concern during this period, with the potential for huge demonstrations and large and effective protest movements.”

    So, I am sitting at a coffee shop amidst a sea of Los Angelinos completely fixated upon their cell phones, i-Pads or PCs…and more-than-half of the peeps are wearing earphones. And many people are now texting on or reading from their devices AS THEY CROSS BUSY-TRAFFIC STREETS. When I See Jupiter in Gemini conjunct U.S. Uranus, I can only imagine that one thing that would really get this data-electrified nation to rear up in raging fury is if their Internet Provider Service was compromised or impinged upon in some manner and their cell-phones or data devices were rendered inoperable in some manner. It just seems as if something like that would really get today’s populace into an uproar.

    Just musing.

  106. virgo says:

    The issue is not whether Obama knew it was a terrorist attack a few days after. The issue is whether the administration wanted to release this classified information so soon after the attack for fear they might not be able to capture the terrorists.

  107. virgo says:

    Will How true.

  108. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    Karl Rove’s time for serious introspection, humility & disempowerment for his political record of unethical illegalities may be starting. Let’s hope so:
    * * *
    And a Forbes contributor says: Last Hurrah of Old White Men

    Fascinating times we live in! Pluto/Capricorn obsessiveness for material stuff, power, total control at all costs…Plutonian energy seems to be separating ‘wheat from chaff’ in terms of powerbrokers who have not in past or do not now have integrity worthy of public service? Maybe? Like to believe these are the trends today. Waiting for Limbaugh to, oh you know, decide to ‘retire and take time for his family’. :-)

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  109. Geo says:

    Good reminder and recap, Rose…thanks.

  110. Cappy says:

    Neo…brilliant!! Thanks for your uber-ultra hopeful — dare i say joyous– transit reading vis a vis the truly unfit to govern Rethugs … and their imminent demise.
    Feels spot on…. Am memorizing every sentence…also putting up post-its:)

  111. Virginia says:

    But it would be a *silent* uproar – no Facebook, no twitter, no email. Maybe it will be a big electrical grid that goes dark. For the sake of those who rely on electricity for heat, I hope not.

  112. Geo says:

    Thanks for another great reassuring find Lorrie…the tide is turning, apparently.

  113. starlight says:

    will – It is certainly possible. Although a similar event is only one possibility, the first crossing of Jupiter to US Uranus in July brought us the Aurora shooting. We were also under a Saturn transit at the time. In December, we are not under a Saturn transit, but we can expect a lot of volatility and rebellion of some kind. And a cyber attack is not out of the question at all.

    I am probably more concerned about that last 9 days of November. Mars square Uranus followed by Mars conjunct Pluto, both setting off various other configurations in several charts and both with great potential for violence. It seems very likely things in the Middle East will escalate more before they settle down. And we are under a Saturn transit during that time: Saturn square US Node, which may mean there is stress with other countries. We will find out very soon.

  114. NEOBuckeye says:

    Spot on, Rose. I also totally agree with you. By the end of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, we will likely have seen many of the most corrupt businesses and organizations–ranging from government agencies to the major churches–exposed, if not brought down for their corruption. Certainly, it won’t be business as usual for them once Pluto ingresses into Aquarius and the power shifts into the hands of the people.

    Neptune also rules oil, and isn’t it funny how shale fracking and tar sands have come into focus within the industry? But there are also very serious ramifications for these methods, as Chiron in Pisces also suggests. Literally, our fresh water sources are being wounded (Chiron) by the methods being used to extract the fuel from the earth. Is it worth it? Of course not. But even the threat of extinction won’t stop the oil companies from raping and pillaging the planet to maintain their cash flow at any cost.

    I see Pluto in Aquarius as being a time for major social and technological advances, also supported by Uranus in Gemini then and a sextile to both from Neptune in Aries. Civic engagement will be at an all time high, and I am pretty sure we will see expanded opportunities for mass participation in government. Imagine if people could collectively vote in real time on the business of governance. That might have only been a dream during the founding of the US during the 18th century, but our technology since then has made so much more possible. Since Pluto pushes whatever it touches to survive or die, and humanity seems to be ruled by Uranus/Aquarius, I think we will also be dealing with a lot of the karma of our past collective actions at this time. Issues like water shortages due to depleted or fracked (unusable) water tables are probably going to come into focus. Places such as the Southwest US with its scarce water resources may face an unprecedented crisis.

    As for Pluto in Pisces, it should represent in many ways a culmination of the 1960s and the Uranus-Pluto conjunction then. In fact, the late 2040s feature the Uranus-Pluto opposition, Virgo to Pisces. I suspect we will see massive changes in our global climate manifest then, and they probably won’t be positive. At the same time, the social and spiritual seeds planted during the 1960s will also be fully manifest. Hippie ideals won’t simply prevail over corporate hegemony; they will become the order of the day because their simply won’t be any other way to make things work and continue on.

  115. Cappy says:

    Hooray…another House seat for Democrats today with Arizona’s provisional ballot count coming in decisively for Rep. Ron Barber…Gabby Gifford is happy for sure…she was his boss before her wounding.

  116. fierywoman says:

    Eeeeewwww — is THAT what the hinky vibe I always got off of Rumsfeld is? And this is the administration that had the breasts of the statue of Justice covered ?!?

  117. fierywoman says:

    Aren’t there sun spot storms ( or something) that are supposed to affect electrical things on earth in this period?

  118. DPH says:

    Fascinating article up on Daily Kos:

    Explains Karl’s meltdown on Fox News. A good Mercury retro story!

  119. Lorrie U says:

    I know, that’s great news, Cappy!! Wish we could have overtaken Flake. Any news about Apaiao?

  120. Lorrie U says:

    Hopefully this will silence the Patreaus/Benghazi matter once and for all. This was posted on FB:

    The CIA asked Congress & the WH not to call the Benghazi attacks terrorism so insurgents wouldn’t realize that American intelligence agencies were eavesdropping on them.

    Republicans in Congress knew this, even as they attacked Obama for it. (

    Now the insurgents know it, too. Happy?

  121. Noelle says:

    Or perhaps it’s the last roar of a man who knows his life is about to be cut short.

  122. Pat Sharp says:

    This is available online ONLY till the 19th………….It explains the whole take over by the wealthy………………from the 70’s………………..DON’T MISS IT!

  123. starlight says:

    Mars is in Capricorn now, as of very late last night. It is moving towards that square with Uranus, and the horrible accidents and increasing violence have begun, even from the last degrees of Sag:

    A float of wounded vets hit by a train in Texas; a bus full of nursery school children hit by a train in Egypt; the suddenly escalating war in Gaza and Israel; explosion of Gulf oil rig; etc.

  124. alex says:

    Thank you Pat for letting us know about this great opportunity to see the film online until the 19th: It is inspiring to hear,see, this important fim not controlled by the traditional media.

    The Film

    Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) presents his take on the gap between rich and poor Americans in Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream. Gibney contends that America’s richest citizens have “rigged the game in their favor,” and created unprecedented inequality in the United States.

    Nowhere, Gibney asserts, is this more evident than on Park Avenue in New York. 740 Park in Manhattan is currently home to the highest concentration of billionaires in the country. Across the river, less than five miles away, Park Avenue runs through the South Bronx, home to the poorest congressional district in the United States.

    In Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream Gibney states that while income disparity has always existed in the U.S., it has accelerated sharply over the last 40 years. As of 2010, the 400 richest Americans controlled more wealth than the bottom 50 percent of the populace — 150 million people. In the film, Gibney explains why he believes upward mobility is increasingly out of reach for the poor.

    Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream

  125. alex says:

    That is great news thanks for the update Cappy:

    what is the count now in House of Representatives if you know?

  126. alex says:

    Transiting Mars in @00 Capricorn 11/17

    it meets up with Pluto on 11/28 @08 Capricorn

    11/28/2012 Lunar Eclipse
    10:33 AM EDT

    Transiting Mercury goes station direct @18 Scorpio

  127. alex says:

    Fixed Stars:


    Lunar Eclipse The Lunar Eclipse on the 28TH November 2012 is at 6º Gemini 47’:

    in the stormy Hyades star cluster found dappled along the face of Taurus the Bull.

    I think this is an extremely important eclipse due to the fact the Sun/Moon opposition forms the centre rod of a very destined Lilith Yod.

    There are conjunctions at each corner. This eclipse will bring a sharp focus on soul mate and triangular relationships.

    Mars conjunct Pluto is on Facies, the penetrating, and sometimes ruthless stare of the archer.

  128. alex says:

    correction: lunar eclipse time 9:46 AM EST

  129. alex says:

    this is not a complete workup – these are brief notations Lunar Eclipse 28th:

    The Yod (narrative Pres. Obama – Congress negotiations)

    Saturn cnj Venus @08SC cnj Natal Obama Neptune @08SC


    Pluto cnj Mars @08 Capricorn in 12TH House
    (key words mundane 12TH House – charity institutions, hospitals, nursing homes etc )

    This appears to me to be the GOP/Libertarian/Neocon/Tea symbol Pl/Ma 08CP in 12TH –


    8TH house (national joined vested interests = all of us)

    circe @11 Leo cnj ASC Capitol Building DC @11CP
    (circe – key words = bias, only one way)

    Yod apex

    hybris 03 Gemini (overconfidence, hubris)
    Moon 06 Gemini
    Dk Lilith 08 Gemini
    Jupiter 11 Gemini

  130. Sharon says:

    I saw “Lincoln” tonight, an excellent film. It was so weird seeing the Republicans as the good guys and the Democrats as the bad guys in terms of caring about the rights and treatment of others!

  131. alex says:

    Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 by
    The Rise of Fascism in America
    by Gary Alan Scott

    The status quo breeds resignation in the citizenry, and this resignation, too, is in large part an effect of Big Business and its Big Money. It keeps ordinary folks and their common sense away from the political arena, which might otherwise force a change in the way things are done.

    Big Money does everything it can to sour people on political participation, so that the little guys who just don?t know what?s best for themselves or the country will leave matters of governance to the professional ruling class.

    To formalize this relatively recent reality, it would seem necessary to reword our Constitution to reflect those entities called ?corporations,? which have now been deemed ?persons? and whose capital is now regarded as a form of ?speech.?

    (See, for example, Jeffrey Kaplan, ?Uncivil Liberties: ACLU Defense of ?Money=Speech? Precedent Undermines Democracy.?)

    The United States has become a country ?of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation.?

  132. alex says:

    hope Anonymous does get wiki leaks to publish the whole thing;

  133. alex says:

    Back in April Karl Rove had outlined the 3-2-1 path of states Romney needed to put together to win 270 electoral votes and the presidency. Romney had to win all the states John McCain had won in 2008 against Obama. Then he had to win three states the GOP had traditionally won that Obama had taken from them in 2008 – Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. If he won those three Romney had to win both Ohio and Florida and if he won those two he had to win one out of the other 5 or so remaining swing states. The Obama campaign had set out to block that path by mounting an all out campaign in all the 3-2-1 states except for Indiana. Winning just one of the critical 3-2 states would make it not impossible but very tough for Romney to get to 270 electoral votes – winning Ohio would be a huge stop for Obama.

    Election Night

    So what happened on election night? Where is all of this going?

    On election night for some reason neither Rove nor I can get into the Ohio Secretary of State’s website to get any county data – or any data for that matter. We both tore into the Florida and Virginia election data the second their polls close.

    Karl started calling out GOP leaning counties in Florida and I started to call out the percentages Obama and Romney were getting in them. Rove quickly pointed out that Romney was performing two percentage points ahead of the 2008 McCain percentage in these counties. I called out Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade and the Obama and Romney percentages in those huge Democratic leaning counties – and early on Obama was performing 2.8 points ahead of where he did in 2008. Obama was winning Hillsborough county by 6 points! It was going to be close – really close. It’s was almost like that first night in Iowa we had together at the beginning of the whole thing – Karl convinced Romney would pull it out by a few votes – and I was convinced Obama had Florida. Florida! What a chicken – I started kicking myself some more.

    We started to look at Virginia. Same thing — it’s a dead heat everywhere and everything is coming in except for Fairfax county and Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is leaning Romney hard and Karl thinks there might be enough there for Romney to pull it out. He has to pull it out – it’s a 3-2-1 state – hell they are all 3-2-1 states. Fairfax county is moving hard for Obama and I think there are more votes still out there than there are in Virginia Beach. I think maybe just maybe Obama can win Virginia too and start to run up his electoral victory.

    The Fox Decision Desk calls Pennsylvania for Obama – Romney’s plan C is gone.

    A little later plan B would fall too as they called Wisconsin for Obama.

    Plan A is all that is left for Romney – he has to win Ohio, Virginia and Florida. All are 3-2 states and when one goes so too goes the Presidency. Win them all or Romney never gets to Colorado or any of the 1 states.

    Chris Wallace off air is begging us to get into the Ohio Secretary of State website but Karl and I get the same error messages we have gotten all night long.

    At that moment two emails come in at the exact same time.

    Chris Wallace received an email that he would read on the air from someone high up in the Romney campaign – that email says that Romney will win Florida by 10,000 votes. Virginia is tight and Ohio is moving their way. At that same moment I receive an email report from an Obama contact insisting that Obama will win Florida and with it the Presidency, Virginia is close but they will win it – but (and this is a direct quote) “Ohio is scary”. Chris reads his email to Karl and me off air – I read my email to the two of them. And then I turn to Chris Wallace and said – “wow wouldn’t it be the ironies of ironies if we ended up calling Ohio for Romney and everyone thought he won the presidency and then it turned out that Obama won Florida and won reelection that way instead?”

    Karl and I scrambled to see if we could get into the Ohio Secretary of State’s website again. Karl yelled out that he had gotten in. And just at that moment we hear in our ear Bret Baier declare that the Fox News Decision Desk has called the state of Ohio for Barack Obama.

    We were separated from the main anchor desk that Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly hosted the election coverage from by a good 30 feet or so – but it felt like miles.

  134. angellight says:

    “It was Romney Vulture Capitalist Style Management that Killed Hostess, Not Unions!

    A scapegoat is a person or group made to bear the blame for another’s actions, and usually they are easy targets to assign blame for something they had nothing to do with. Republicans have attempted to blame union labor for much of the nation’s economic woes in recent years and, yesterday, the Hostess Brands took a page right out of Republicans’ playbook and blamed a union strike as the reason they were shutting their doors and liquidating their assets costing 18,500 employees their jobs. However, much of the responsibility for Hostess shutting down lies with the company’s management and the private equity firm behind them, and yet union workers are the ones bearing the blame and subsequently will suffer the consequences of the shutdown.” via @politicususa

  135. angellight says:

    OxtheCat & Virgo: Thank you for your info on Benghazi.

    Lorrie U: Thanks for the Facebook link and it makes perfect sense that CIA would ask them not to release information because it is Covert!

  136. angellight says:

    FYI: Tweet —

    Yes, over 9,000 websites are down or defaced right now for #OpIsrael. RT @Shaved_Llama: @YourAnonNews ITS OVER 9000!

  137. karen says:

    Regarding Will’s initiated discussion on cyber security: I’ve been concerned with this for quite some time. A glut of info is available, but rarely does it take center stage in media. Don’t alarm the masses kind of thing. However, an attack on the grid would cripple the US. We’ve become far too attached to our widgets and gadgets with little redeeming value. And losing a gadget is not life threatening. Losing power IS, especially for those who depend upon it (as Sharon stated above).

    That losing gadgets would result in uprisings? That’s not even funny.

  138. David says:

    Nancy – your article is excellent. As you know I follow sports fairly closely and would mention that I don’t think I have *ever* seen such a disgusting display of poor sportsmannship, lack of grace, indecent disrespect for the opponent, or blaming external factors for a loss such as the crazy comments made by Romney et al. That said, we should all be grateful that Romney and Ryan (and others) lost and we have been saved from this kind of behavior launched against foreign countries, our own citizens who may not be Red-minded, women, LBGT’s, and many others.

  139. Cappy says:

    i totally agree Karen…and purchased a solar panel and battery combination on wheels…found on the Internet that will
    power our critical small devices.

  140. alex says:

    corrections: additions:

    Saturn cnj Venus @08SC cnj Natal Obama Neptune @08SC in 10TH House – mundane astrology = president


    inconjunct 12TH House symbol of GOP the Pluto/Mars Capricorn

    (circe – key words = bias, only one way)

    circe @11 Leo in 8TH house (national joined vested interests = all of us)


    11CP the Ascendant location Capitol Building

  141. Cappy says:

    For solar back up, there are many devices listed on google. The website for the 1 i have is:

  142. will says:

    Pat Sharp,

    Outstanding PBS video – really well-done. Thank you for posting this. Will do best to help it go viral.

  143. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,
    re: winners-and-losers topic
    Who wins? Military/Corporate Profiteers or Constitutional Democracy Citizenry? (Aries/Uranus/Military could be surprised)

    With all the media promoted sex-scandal applause for Petraeus’ military honor, here’s a link to an alternative reality-check : a serious, scathing, insightful tome detailing the failure of military leadership in historic/current perspective. The military failure rests in part due to it’s fall from performance-based, merit-based leadership into a morass of unaccountable, next-in-,incompetent leadership.

    Also, would love to see meme-media move away from “fiscal cliff” sound-bite propagandizings to actual/factual “fiscal pit” discussions of the wastage/corruption/insubordination of DOD. For example: a years-old Congressional mandate requires a complete DOD Audit for the Bush wars; the DOD has yet to produce it. (DOD has yet to account for ‘missing’ $9B that is known of, as well!) Rather than (jumping on the TPwing wordsmithed bandwagon of “entitlements”)penalizing currently solvent social security+ which has not caused the debt & been funded by those who reap the insurance they bought over years of valuable work, why not hold accountable the real “entitlement” scam of no-bid war profiteering contractors? These are the corporations & bonus-fed CEOs, many who expatriate/hide their ill-gotten taxable gains offshore with total impunity. What about holding accountable also, complicit bureaucrats in Congress, Govt, military for their actual part/responsibility for nation’s current “fiscal pit”? Corruption. Status quo protecting it’s ‘okole.

    Criminal negligence disguised under a loosely veiled media complicity evades cultural consciousness w/o serious investigation/accountability. How the media fawns over military leadership as an untouchable celebrity class, imv. Our children in military service have died & suffered & continue to do so based on the evil sham-Iraq-war-quagmire that was contrived/sold to the public by Rendon Group pr. The Iraq war never had a plan to win & no strategy to exit. The only plan was a mission of obscene war-profiteering, & personal presidential pique. imv.

    By contrast, overseas, in a small 3rd world country, the wise leadership of Bengladesh (sp?)is today still holding months-long massive Criminal Crimes against Humanity court trials & producing criminal convictions of prominent Pakistanis involved in 1970’s war crimes. When does the beacon of democracy begin to rebuke time wasted on politicized sex scandals? When do we see serious inquiry/action/accountability in the USA from citizenry/media/public servants/criminal court judiciaries of these immoral/incompetent/devastating/loser Bush wars? Where is the singular thread (person, place, thing) in the contrived cloak of invisibility for the war criminals, that when yanked, publicly unravels the entire traitorous, war-profiteering scam the Bush Iraq/Afghan wars were/are/will be? Feel free to inform your public servant representatives as to the actual sources/causations/coverups of federal debt and places where accountability will bring huge solutions to that debt.

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua.

  144. Cappy says:

    Per the above website for my solar-battery kit on wheels…i see that in the last 2 years since the purchase, they–Solutions from Science– have changed their website from that of a DVD showing all the possibilities of the solar pack to now mailing the explanatory DVD for s&h charges of $9.95…to the inquirer.

    You could undoubtedly do better by checking out google.

  145. clymela says:

    Does anyone have the Chris Christie birth data? I have B/D and place but no time. I am very interested in him-he has Jupiter trine Neptune-i have always thought that this represents a”believer” in this case a Catholic-and a this is part of a kite. I would love to see where the aspects happen, the houses involved. He is representing himself right now as an enlightened player but i read people who think of him as corrupt,etc. Reminds me of the childhood verse about “ol’king Cole was a merry ol’soul….”

  146. Cappy says:


    Arpaio is still listed as winner, even though the vote count is not finished.
    Sen. Jeff Flake illegally suppressed the vote by last minute massive robot calls giving out clearly false voting info.
    Flake belongs in prison and Dr. Richard Carmona, an honest man, deserves to be Senator.
    Friends who worked so long and hard campaigning for Rep. Ron Barber are thrilled and celebrating galore.

  147. Cappy says:

    Alex, thanks…that was a great read!!!

  148. alex says:

    Cappy: isn’t it interesting that the direct email contact to Joe Trippi in Fox News Room election night said “OHIO SCARY”

    when Stephanie Cutter on CNN or was it MSNBC or whatever on election night as moderator was discussing Virginia results (not final) being tabulated and she said (paraphrase):

    ” that the path to 270 for the Romney campaign has significantly narrowed he didn’t have much of a change ” now that’s a paraphrase wish I could quote exact words she is worth quoting…. it was when I listened to her say that that I knew it was all over Obama was going to win that night – no day after recounts etc –

    then Ohio was called on MSNBC – period end of story – it was the most exciting election night in my lifetime……

  149. Patty says:

    Wow…This video blew me away! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  150. alex says:

    Karl Rove Natal POSEIDON @10 Libra

    The true spirit of reality is perceived. If the upward crescent outweighs, there are unrealizable ideals. If the downward crescent outweighs, we find dogmatism or obfuscating propaganda appealing to the lower instincts.

    When in balance, this planet brings us to core truths grounded in a balance of physical, personal, and collective realities, past, present, and future, and gives us a keen sense of time and timing, cause and effect, and the connections between abstract essence, ideals, and what we are able to manifest consciously on the material plane.

    Poseidon gives us the potential to link our lower primal instincts to higher trans – personal objectives. Poseidon is a major source of universal wisdom and truth.

    It is the most distant of the Hamburg School Trans – Neptunians.

    Karl Rove – Birth Natal Chart

    Cardinal Grand Cross – Karl Rove

    Solar Arc Mars 2012 @10 Aries


    Natal Venus @13 Capricorn


    Natal Poseidon @10 Libra


    Natal Uranus @07 Cancer

  151. Ardy says:

    Interesting that in the same week Australia announced a Royal Commission (virtually unlimited power to investigate matters) into child abuse by churches & other institutions the people of Ireland have risen up to demand the end of the Church’s influence on abortion policy (after the death of the woman who was denied a life-saving abortion). It seems the power wielded by the old guard is being torn down everywhere.

  152. Noelle says:

    As it should be! Let’s watch for more.

  153. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, it makes sense to us, but unfortunately today on the news shows it was still all about Benghazi and the repubs are intent on making it into a scandal.

  154. alex says:

    EXCERPT EMAIL: Dr. Howard Dean

    As you read this email, I am in rural Thailand near the border with Burma with 20 mostly young people from all over the world who have walked over 200 miles so far to raise money for five organizations on five continents which fight human trafficking. The whole 15-day walk was organized by a 23-year-old American woman and a 23-year-old Thai woman who met while volunteering for victims of Thailand’s devastating floods in 2011.

    Yesterday was my birthday, which I spent on this walk. I would love it, as a birthday present, if you could go to to learn more.

    Human trafficking is, short of genocide, the most evil form of humans devaluing other human beings. The traffickers make money by exploiting children and adults of both genders not only for sex, but for forced labor. Governments often turn a blind eye because of corruption, or simply because this is a hard problem to deal with and powerful people in or near governments make a lot of money if they don’t have to pay a workforce.

    The most vulnerable are the likeliest victims. Adolescent girls in the US and abroad are sold into brothels after they are lied to about legitimate job opportunities. Small children are simply kidnapped in India or Africa to provide 15-hour days of labor for no compensation. Even able-bodied men in China are forced into a cycle of indentured servitude all over the world, from which they cannot escape.

    A lot of progress has been made. Moldova, which was one of the most notorious centers for traffickers in Europe, has made huge strides in reducing trafficking based there. And President Obama made fighting against traffickers one of the main issues in his speech to the UN this year.

    This has been a long, hard political year, and for the most part, we won a lot more than we lost. But I remind you that the purpose of these political fights is to create real change. We won the election. Now we have to act to force change. Keep up the fight.

    Warmly, and another year older,


    Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.
    Founder, Democracy for America

  155. NEOBuckeye says:

    I wondered what Howard Dean has been up to. He’s been keeping a low profile, and from the sound of things, doing work for change at the grassroots level.

  156. oxthecat says:

    I agree that they want a scandal. Joe Lieberman and Saxby Chamblis tamped down the issue by breaking with John McCain on his request for a special panel. I think this may be taking a tiny turn downward. Not that they won’t try and fling a little more mud.

  157. Sharon says:

    I believe Obama highlighted this issue when he spoke at the Clinton Initiative meeting a few months ago. I have a picture of myself with Howard Dean when he came to New Orleans to campaign the year he ran. He is one of my heroes and always will be. He was the first person I know of who stood up against the Iraq war — which he did when anouncing his candidacy. I remember watching that speech and crying because someone finally had the courage to tell the truth! Happy Birthday, Dr./Gov. Dean!

  158. angellight says:

    ArtsCulturePeace: Thanks for the links. I will pass them on.


    “A 14-year-old New York student was named “America’s Top Young Scientist” for inventing a solar-powered water jug that changes dirty water into purified drinking water.

  159. angellight says:

    BBC News -” Jimmy Savile case has highlighted how much the culture of child protection has changed in the last 40 years. One of the extraordinary things about the Jimmy Savile case is the level of regular, easy access he appears to have had to vulnerable children in institutions such as care homes, schools, hospitals and the BBC.

    It has emerged Savile had a room at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, keys to doors at Broadmoor secure hospital and a caravan he often parked on BBC premises.”

  160. Cappy says:

    Thanks Alex…good to find more options.

  161. Noelle says:

    I wonder if Bill Gates or Bono will put some money into this to get it into places where it is most needed.

  162. starlight says:

    Pluto has just gone into a one-degree orb with the quincunx to US Uranus:

  163. Virginia says:

    Thanks! It’s a great story and I love to disseminate good news.

  164. angellight says:



    “This year, a cabal of generals evidently believed it could secure the White House for Mitt Romney by staging the Benghazi incident and using it as the signal for a cold coup under cover of elections — probably including computer-generated election fraud — to bring down Obama. They guessed wrong.

    Politicians sometimes purge generals. When the French Secret Army Organization (OAS) staged a putsch in Algiers in April 1961 to prevent the independence of Algeria, President de Gaulle had to round up and jail a number of generals and other officers. The Obama administration and its establishment controllers appear to be ousting a number of intelligence and military officials who took part in illegal operations to replace Obama with Romney. These sackings are being presented to the public under the guise of soap opera sexual infractions or expense account padding, in the hope of hiding some real mechanisms of power from the popular gaze. The outgoing US military cabal favors the extension of colonial wars, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as an attack on Iran. Good riddance.”

  165. kiwi says:

    Hi Sharon, I too share your feelings that Howard Dean has always been a very special person in the grand scheme of things.

  166. Cappy says:

    Methinks you found the key to this riddle, Angellight.

  167. Lorrie U says:

    Angellight – From the same link above:

    Romney campaign, CIA Mormon Mafia both responsible for Benghazi attack

    Dr. Walid Phares has been named as a member of the Islamophobia network in Fear, Inc., a 2011 report issued by the Center for American Progress. This Islamophobia network, of which the best known figure is the neocon John Bolton, Romney’s chief foreign policy adviser and probable secretary of state in a Romney administration, is implicated in the production of the anti-Muslim film which set off the protests in two dozen countries on and after September 11, 2012.

    Walid Phares is a Lebanese Christian who was named on October 20, 2011 as Special Advisor to Mitt Romney and co-chairman of Romney’s Middle East Advisory Group. According to Mother Jones, Phares in the 1980s was a “close adviser to Samir Geagea, a Lebanese warlord.” Phares’ appointment as a Romney advisor was also criticized by The Daily Beast, Politico, Salon, and The New Republic. Serwer reports that Phares had told a third party that “Romney had promised Phares a high-ranking White House job helping craft US policy in the Middle East should the ex-governor win in 2012.”

  168. angellight says:

    Obama Starts His Own Buddhist Tradition!

    President Obama visited a 2,000 year old Buddhist pagoda in Burma, where he put his own spin on a traditional ritual of bathing a Buddha statue.

    The Shwedagon pagoda contains individual buddhas that “correspond to the day you were born,” the pool report explains. Obama approached a Friday Buddha for the bathing ritual, but he didn’t pour as much water over the statue as he might have.

    “I’m going to do it 11 times,” Obama told reporters, rather than the 52 that tradition would have seemed to require.

  169. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: Thanks! There is so much deep, long standing, entrenched corruption and tangled webs, that I fear and it’s just a fear, that we will never be able to really trust or know who to trust. At least, that is what I think Obama is thinking and feeling. Who knows! May be has some insight I don’t have.

  170. Noelle says:

    Angellight, fear is a negative, depleting emotion. You use the namebut you send out darkness instead of light with your fears Please try to focus on what you want the world to be instead of searchng and focusing on what you don’t want.

    There are so many good people who post on this blog but so much energy is spent on the negative stuff and it goes out and attracts more negativity. It’s senseless, if you think about it.
    This isn’t just my opinion, it’s a law of nature. Like attracts like.

    Could we all try it even if it’s just for one day. I’m betting we will all feel better.

  171. Jackson says:

    It’s an entertaining read, but the author’s ties to the LaRouche cult make me want to go shave with Occam’s razor. Sometimes a general getting sloppy with an attractive biographer is just that. I’m not saying there’s not more to the story, but I just suspect analysis coming from this particular source.

  172. Sharon says:

    Nevertheless, a few other generals stepped down about a month ago, too. There is something going on. “Go shave with Occam’s razor!” That’s funny!

  173. Jackson says:

    Just a caveat: PressTV is based in Tehran, so one must consider the source.

  174. Sharon says:

    As much as I agree with what you are saying about focusing on and making powerful what we want, I also feel that we need to know what is going on and what we are dealing with. We have to stay informed as well as positive, don’t you think?

  175. barbk says:

    will’s hypothis of cellphones & data devices being rendered inoperable when tr. Jupiter conjuncts US natal Uranus in Gemini finds some support in the Winter Solstice chart (12/21/12).

    Tr. asteroid Atlantis (over-dependence on technology) at 1 Aries squares the solstice Sun (0 Capricorn). The Sun also conjuncts asteroids Juno (connectivity) and Hermes (aka Mercury). Considering that the Uranian point Hades (can’t bear to think of it) opposes the solstice Sun from Cancer and they are both squared by the group of black holes in Libra called The Super Galactic Center, seems ominous at the very least. That’s a heck-of-alot of gravity pulling on our solar system.

    Also, in the Winter Solstice chart, the Moon (masses) in Aries is trine another massive gravitational source called The Great Attractor in mid Sagittarius, while Mercury is conjunct it. Meanwhile, Mercury is in mutual reception with Jupiter (conj. US Uranus). Something is trying to get our attention here on Planet Earth, especially in the USA.

    Recalling the Mt. Astrology article linked by one of the commenters at Starlight News recently, which noted that Neptune and Pluto made their last conjunction in the 1800’s at the same degree where the US Uranus is located, and where tr. Jupiter will be, and where Venus was located in the US solar return chart – 8 degrees of Gemini – it seems a quite plausible scenario for what has been foretold, at least in the US solar return chart.

    At the Winter Solstice, we will be under the effect of a Yod between the sextile of tr. Pluto and Saturn (in mutual reception) and Jupiter (conj. US Uranus) at the apex release point. That Yod is under the influence of the Uranus square Pluto aspect, along with Neptune’s ongoing septile with Pluto and his semi-sextile to Uranus. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place. For us in the United States, it could be a breakthrough that requires we put down our devices, unplug, and just pay attention to the Now.

  176. Lorrie U says:

    That’s good to know, but I have to say that the articles seem to be well-documented.

  177. Lorrie U says:

    I agree with you, Sharon. Saying you fear who to trust does not make you a fearful person and is not putting out “darkness.” Angellight is one of the most enlightened light beings on this blog and a searcher of truth. Just because we post articles for reflection which might or might not shed light on a situation is not a testament to negativity.

  178. alex says:

    Hi barbK,

    thanks for your notations to 12/21/2012:

    here are some charts; I also like to sketch the chart myself to closely look at aspects;

    two reply boxes because comment box will only take two url’s at a time;

    Cairo 12/21/2012

    NYC – USA media center

  179. Lorrie U says:

    This was on twitter, seems to be true but seems more like a joke. If true, the GOP/Fox would go ballistic. Ha, ha, ha…

    UPDATED: National Park Service Moves Ahead With Plans to Put Obama on Mt. Rushmore!

  180. alex says:


    The Mayan calendar does not end on December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period but then — just as your calendar begins again on January 1 — another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar.

  181. alex says:

    The Mayan Calendar consists of three separate corresponding calendars, the Long Count, the Tzolkin (divine calendar) and the Haab (civil calendar). Time is cyclical in the calendars and a set number of days must occur before a new cycle can begin.

    The three calendars are used simultaneously

    The Long Count is an astronomical calendar which was used to track longer periods of time, what the Maya called the “universal cycle”. Each such cycle is calculated to be 2,880,000 days (about 7885 solar years). The Mayans believed that the universe is destroyed and then recreated at the start of each universal cycle. This belief still inspires a myriad of prophesies about the end of the world.

    The “creation date” for the current cycle we are in today, is 4 Ahaw, 8 Kumku. According to the most common conversion, this date is equivalent to August 11, 3114 BC in the Gregorian calendar or September 6 in the Julian calendar.

  182. Lorrie U says:

    Occupy Eradicates Approximately $5 Million In Debt

    In the next few weeks, thousands of people will get surprise letters informing them that their medical or student loan debt has been eradicated thanks to the Rolling Jubilee Project. The plan is simple, use the laws for debt collection to instead help out the millions of being now suffering from debt.

  183. Noelle says:

    I agree, Sharon but if you take the comments as a whole, there’s very little positive and an awful lot of looking for trouble imho.

  184. pisca says:

    “a breakthrough that requires we put down our devices, unplug, and just pay attention to the Now”…. we NEED that!!! However, I’d like a sneak preview before we get disconnected from Starlight: I’m hoping just the teevees go black.
    Barb, again thanks for adding to my knowledge of those points that i haven’t known about.
    I’m watching that Winter Solstice chart— still being a bit overwhelmed by the eclipse charts of the past couple of years– as not only is it one of the many “end of the world’ dates; but i have been frequently been reminded by a grandson (full moon, cardinal point baby) that he becomes a teenager on that day!

  185. Lorrie U says:

    Elites Will Make Gazans of Us All

    The impending collapse of the international economy, the assaults on the climate, the resulting droughts, flooding, precipitous decline in crop yields and rising food prices are creating a universe where power is divided between the narrow elites, who hold in their hands sophisticated instruments of death, and the enraged masses. The crises are fostering a class war that will dwarf anything imagined by Karl Marx. They are establishing a world where most will be hungry and live in fear, while a few will gorge themselves on delicacies in protected compounds. And more and more people will have to be sacrificed to keep this imbalance in place.

  186. Sharon says:

    Hmmm….I don’t see the comments as all that negative, myself, maybe a little fear stuff here and there(where’s Jerry?-LOL)….but mainly celebratory & positive…maybe some criticism but often constructive…I always hesitate with these “conspiracy theories” as truth is so hard to pin down….anyway, your point is well-taken (both of you but addressing mainly Noelle) and your suggestion is great. I’m not super-religious but I am a believer and I do like the Bible, old & new, so I often think of Ecclesiastes, to everything there is a season, the yin & yang of things, but I love the idea of visualizing the outcome you want in all it’s brilliance and making that your focus! My friend told me of a “mantra” that’s supposed to be said while turning 3 x to the right: Mightly Eternal LIGHT dispel the darkness. I like visualizing myself turning (as I can turn a whole lot faster that way without getting dizzy)! And I think it would be even better if it didn’t have the word ‘darkness’ in it as that may lower the vibe — so I agree with you there, Noelle.

  187. Sharon says:

    Interesting…isn’t he supposed to have a life path # 22 numerically? I think someone, maybe Lorrie, addressed that…also the name “Barak” means blessings in several languages I would think.

  188. Sharon says:

    I do want to say that I’m not meaning to come as across angry or over zionistic. I am a zionist in many ways but I also want to see Israel behave very responsibly. Hamas hasn’t made it easy, but that doesn’t excuse all this killing. I am hoping and praying for an immediate cease fire and for those involved to realize the folly of trying to make progress this way. The only thing that will lead to peace is a mutual trust that is sustainable and the ability to rein in those who cannot respect it (but also not to over-react to the spoilers). Maybe, just maybe, we ARE getting closer to the peace we visualize. Sometimes just one incident of violence too many wakes up people. May it wake up both sides!

  189. alex says:

    I think Obama treads his way very carefully through the nest of DC corrupt/ideological- ‘poopy heads’ with his eyes wide open – – he can’t overturn every rock looking for worms, some of them turn themselves over, and besides a lot of corruption collected over 200 years the dust,dirt,rot,and termites undermining the constitution/democracy can’t be made right in one or even two terms, he does things in smart, common sense way when it comes to that – – we need to keep on electing Democrat president 2016 and between better democrats for a majority in the house of representatives and so on so for the Senate (how is your state doing on cleaning the closets, attic and basement of built up CRUD?

  190. Bob says:

    Sharon, would it be OK to make it your own by changing it to “Mighty Eternal LIGHT enlighten” every thing, or everyone or something similar?

  191. Sharon says:

    I saw the funniest cartoon on facebook with two Mayans looking at their calender and one saying to the other: “Oh, that’s what it means…no more Twinkies!”

  192. Sharon says:

    So amazing…

  193. Sharon says:

    Of course!!! I’m busy with school and was a little too preoccupied to think of a new version. Thank you!

  194. Lorrie U says:

    Wall Street’s Plan to Push Obama to Betray Those Who Elected Him

    Through its lobbying group Third Way and media mouthpieces, Wall Street is determined to destroy the social safety net.

  195. Lorrie U says:

    How America Is Turning into a 3rd World Nation in 4 Easy Steps

    It starts with destroying our manufacturing base.

  196. teresahill says:

    Yeah. Apparently, debt is sold and resold all the time. I know because the woman who had our phone number before we did, owed people money. And every three or four months, a new debt collection company calls looking for Angie. I have to explain, Angie had this phone number before we did. It was more than two years ago. We do not know Angie. We do not know where she is.
    Hope that you never get a phone number belonging to someone who owes money.

  197. Fe says:


    This article was snark, written as a satire for people to stop putting up conspiracy theories up as fact on Daily Kos!!

  198. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    That sounds almost as if it has come from The Onion, not Daily Kos.

    I am under the impression that there really is not space to add another head. Plus, as much as I admire Barack Obama, I think it is a really crappy idea to put him on Mt. Rushmore before completing his second term, when we really do not know what his legacy will be.

    I bet this really is a joke.

  199. Cappy says:

    Thank you for your passionate deep ‘call’…describing our dark situation so clearly and with great backup.
    By this time next year, and undoubtedly before that, the whistle blowers and investigations we need in order to expose and unceremoniously stop the unchecked and no longer celebrated criminalization of America by the neocons et al … will occur.
    Can you feel the sea change with the awesome Election…we, the citizen activists, are about to move, and Nancy states that the people will be effective. Light always prevails, thankfully.

  200. Cappy says:

    Since our amazing Election in which the American people United by the millions …spoke as One … and citizen grassroot activism flourished again and more … am feeling so hopeful. In this ‘Winners-Losers’ thread, Nancy firmly stated astrologically that the people will continue to be Effective. We are awakening in greater numbers, our shadow gov’t is almost totally exposed.
    Evil will no longer be tolerated…Light Prevails.

  201. Cappy says:

    We The People are powerful beyond our current knowing.

    To quote Nancy: “An even more dramatic period is likely from December 13 through December 24, when Jupiter (8Gemini) will conjunct US Uranus and both Saturn (8Scorpio) and Pluto (8Capricorn) will be in a quincunx. There is likely to be a strong public display of concern during this period, with the potential for huge demonstrations and large and effective protest movements.

    “Indeed, another manifestation of the progressed Sun square to US Uranus over the coming year will be the growth of “people power” – citizens, aided by social media, becoming increasingly adept at exercising their potency in the political and social landscape.”

    Thank you, Nancy Starlight:)

  202. teresahill says:

    Oh, that’s fabulous! Best Mayan joke yet.

  203. Noelle says:

    Thank you so much, Sharon.

  204. alex says:

    Hi Nancy, I’ve always used the South Node for ‘politics/the status quo’ in mundane chart analysis….. it seems to work for me; do you have a symbolic representation for ‘the status quo’

    midpoint of Saturn/south node is useful as well

  205. Lorrie U says:

    I truly think it is a joke, but I wouldn’t expect to see something like that on Daily Kos without a disclaimer of some sort. It’s just too preposterous to be true, but the thought of the GOP & Fox News commentators’ reactions if it were true is priceless!

  206. NEOBuckeye says:

    Same here, Sharon and kiwi. I believe Dean has a natal Chiron-Sun conjunction. Chiron seems to be a gateway to higher awareness, but that awareness (as I can attest, based upon my own Chiron-Sun conjunction) often comes at a high personal price, a loss of some kind, or the mythic “wound” associated with Chiron’s tale. Wounds or losses may be a recurring theme throughout the life of the native. Dean saw his presidential aspirations thwarted by the media, who used his now infamous campaign rally “scream” to make him look insane and unworthy of the office (despite the fact that they have given a “free pass” to far less qualified and capable candidates like the Georges Bush and Reagan). He also was voted out of the chairmanship of the DNC despite running a successful 50 state strategy that made the Democrats competitive in many state and local races in 2006 for the first time in years, and allowed them to reclaim the House. Arguably, his 50 state strategy, adopted by the Obama Campaign, is directly responsible for Obama’s victory in 2008 and again in 2012.

    Supposedly, Dean and Rahm Emanuel don’t get along, which might also go a long way to explain why he has stepped back from national politics. Of course, Rahm is in Chicago now, but perhaps Dean sees his efforts as being most effective outside of the political arena? In any case, we could sure use him and many others like him in our politics. So many of our problems in both parties stem directly from lack of awareness, though the GOP is certainly far worse in this regard.

  207. NEOBuckeye says:

    This is precisely what the corporations and their CEOs/owners are most afraid of. An engaged and well-informed population that can elect to tax them or even revoke their charters to do business is quite apocalyptic in their eyes. If greedy rich men like the Koch Bros. and John Schnatter (Papa Johns CEO) think they can throw tantrums like two year olds, flaunt their excessive wealth, and win favor with people, they are going to be in for a very rude awakening over these next several years.

  208. alex says:

    Gold Star family members will be joined by Congressional leaders, senior military officers, and veterans for the ceremonial groundbreaking for The Education Center at The Wall Wednesday, November 28.

    Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta will deliver remarks during the ceremony. The Education Center at The Wall will be a national landmark dedicated to bringing to life the stories of the more than 58,000 American service members lost in the Vietnam War.

    It will also tell the stories of the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving as a temporary place of remembrance until today’s veterans receive their own national honor.

  209. NEOBuckeye says:

    Don’t look now, but the Bushes have already begun prepping their next generation… George P. Bush (Jeb’s son) has aspirations in Texas. I guess they think he can make inroads with Hispanics for the GOP since he’s half. Chameleons, that family is.

  210. alex says:

    their are megalomaniacs: did you ever see W.Bush x-mas family photo will a zillion of them – – Bush W had S#*@eating grin on his face….. they are probably already writing fake bio for George P.;

  211. alex says:

    Mitt Romney’s Surprisingly Unbusinesslike Campaign

    Obama ran his campaign like a business, outsourcing specialized tasks like media buys to outside firms and keeping a tight rein on costs. Conversely, Romney ran his campaign like a millionaire’s personal fiefdom, figuring that his buddies could do the job as well as anyone else. But although they were pretty deft at making excuses for their inefficiency, it turned out they couldn’t. What’s more, outside the world of TV ads, he directed a tremendous amount of campaign money to his friends:

    Mitt Romney’s campaign has directed $134.2 million to political firms with business ties to his senior staff, spotlighting the tightknit nature of his second presidential bid and the staggering sums being spent in this election….Ryan Williams, a Romney spokesman, said payments to firms with connections to staff members were not only for consulting, but also were used to purchase a variety of services, including “polling, video production, political mail, get-out-the-vote phones, online advertising, website development, and budget and compliance management, among other things.”

  212. ox the cat says:

    Something just came out about Scott Walker. One of his cohorts was just sentenced to prison and Walkers name was mentioned. Not sure what this all means. November 2nd 1967 Colorado Springs Colorado at 11:12 am. The time may not be right, I could only find a time in one place and not sure about the accuracy. I was wondering about December.

  213. David says:

    Longtime lurker here. I’ve enjoyed all the wonderful, uplifting, lucid posts that you all have contributed to this great site! Here are a couple of links which may be of interest…

    A Mayan Calendar has been found in the Guatemalan rainforest that refutes the end-of-the-world hubbub.

    Here’s a NYT review of a well-researched book by Thomas Byrne Edsall, titled, The Age of Austerity, which systematically details how the politics-of-resources may well play out in the US over the next few years.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, all.


  214. angellight says:

    Noelle: Sorry to have offended you. I am not a perfect person and I am human. I can say unequivocally, I am a servant of the Light. Yes, from time to time I have fears, as we all do. There is nothing wrong with admitting your fears as long as you do not stay in that place and you call in the light to dissapate it. I hope you don’t mind being human?

    Lorrie U: Great links, which I have posted on twitter, ex., Rolling Jubilee, Amer turning into a 3rd World. And I love Anonymous!

    Sharon: Great Twinkie Cartoon/Joke!

    And by the way, I think it is important to see behind the lies and to see the truth. Only the truth can set you free and sometimes it can be painful — fearful to look at.

  215. mitzi says:

    Thank you for the link you posted regarding POTUS visit to the ancient temple in Burma, where he ceremoniously poured water 11 times on the statue of the Buddha!
    “…POTUS arrived at the Buddha and announced, “I’m going to do it 11 times…After finishing he turned to the pool to explain why he chose 11, “I was dousing 11 flames”…then gave one exsample – anger.”
    I love that!
    11, is a Master Number, whose desire it is to illuminate the world with its vision of harmony and cooperation. It is the vision carrier. To carry a dream, and a vision takes great courage. Its guardian is Uriel, the archangel.
    It’s interesting because Romney’s, 47% mostly voted for Obama: 4+7=11
    Another point of interest is that the Mayan Calender, 12/21/2012
    3 + 3 + 5 =11

  216. Cappy says:

    NeoBuckeye …SO TRUE!!!

    “This is precisely what the corporations and their CEOs/owners are most afraid of. An engaged and well-informed population that can elect to tax them or even revoke their charters to do business is quite apocalyptic in their eyes. If greedy rich men like the Koch Bros. and John Schnatter (Papa Johns CEO) think they can throw tantrums like two year olds, flaunt their excessive wealth, and win favor with people, they are going to be in for a very rude awakening over these next several years.”

  217. Geo says:

    Signs of neocon Republican defection everywhere…Grover Norquist’s Anti-Tax Movement for One:

  218. Cappy says:

    PBO is fired up and hitting the ground running:
    Contacting the citizen activist groups all over America who helped him win 2 elections — to put pressure on moving his agenda—full speed ahead!!!

  219. Sharon says:

    Great news about Israel ending attacks while cease fire negotiations are going on:

    Rachel calling out McCain for his “incompetence” on foreign policy:

    Just some examples from DU of people who are fed up and not going to take it anymore! The first one is cute!

    For any of you who don’t read, just go to the home page and after scanning that, click on latest threads to get lots of recent news items from all over.

  220. starlight says:

    My first non-US election article in a while:

  221. alex says:

    occasionally I have compatibility problems with wordpress especially after my computer does an automatic update;

    Hey barbk, Philip Sedgwick wrote a great article about GA – it is the first time I’ve seen Gravitation Lensing and astrology put together:

    12/21/2012 Moon in Aries trine GA @14SG cnj Mercury @15SG: as far as media goes… I use NYC chart the focal point of US media; and in that chart GA is in 8TH at cusp of 9TH house; significant key issues indicated by both mundane houses; moon @17 Aries is in the

  222. Lorrie U says:

    His life path is 11/2, Sharon.

  223. Lorrie U says:

    Proof that Barack Obama is certainly familiar with esoteric practices!

  224. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you, David, for the great links!

  225. Lorrie U says:

    All this aversion to using the words dark or darkness is a little over the top for me. Esoterically light and darkness co-exist:

    “Darkness is viewed as a dual concept not only referring to the forces of decline and opposition, but also to the state of procreation from which all things arise…In metaphysics darkness is not to be confused with night since they are both distinctly different terms. Darkness should not be equated with evil since it is a positive natural force just as light is. Night is a lunar force just as darkness is a cosmic force. The commonality that they share is the absence of their opposite force, or light.”

  226. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha & Warm hugs & Mahalo! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  227. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Cappy,

    Warm hugs & aloha to you…re: seachange?
    Having a sense that a new Ang Lee Movie: Life of Pi may hold a subliminal key to a broadening expansion of human consciousness…Movie critic, Roger Ebert says “Best movie of the year.” We shall see! :-)

    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!