Wake-Up Calls

Underneath all the shameless speculation about who will benefit politically from the ravages of this week’s mega-storm, there is a growing murmur in the trenches: climate change is here, and we had better start making plans on how to blunt its potency and deal with its impact. As we rebuild the Mid-Atlantic coastline after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, it would be useful to keep this salient reality in mind.

After the horror of Katrina, America woke up briefly to the new dangers indicated by a warming planet, but quickly returned its more accustomed slumbering avoidance as soon as other matters came to the forefront. In fact, nearly half of the US population is so set on denying this “inconvenient truth” that government has been practically paralyzed on the issue. Nonetheless, President Obama has made some inroads by investing in renewable energy and setting higher gas mileage requirements. Unfortunately, this is nowhere near enough, as we have seen in the past few miserable days. The infrastructure of the 21st Century requires nothing less than engineering that factors deteriorating 21st Century climate into the equation.

I truly hope it is not lost on the electorate that one of the two major political parties basically denies all climate science and wishes to simply “drill, baby, drill”. Governor Romney has promised to end investments in renewables and focus solely on fossil fuels, while at the same time getting rid of the Obama directives for better gas mileage. The president’s campaign slogan of “Forward” takes on an even more profound meaning in this regard.

Astrologically, we are now in the zone of the progressed US Sun (8Pisces) square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55), from September 2012, waxing through September 2013 and then dissipating. This suggests a year of unexpected and powerful upsets that serve to wake up the American electorate and push it toward a different, more appropriate, and healthier path. Dramatic circumstances are most likely when transiting planets cross 8 degrees and strengthen the disruption and agitation contained in this volatile progression.

As of October 2012, transiting Pluto (7 – 8 Capricorn) has been sextile progressed US Sun and will move into a quincunx with natal US Uranus as of November 19th through December 21st.  Thus, this entire period is ripe for potential upheaval and situations that push for change or foment rebellion (Uranus) against the status quo. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, as Hurricane Sandy and its immediate aftermath ravaged the East Coast, the transiting Sun crossed 8 Scorpio, further triggering the progressed Sun square to Uranus in the US chart and slapping the country with a massive wake-up call. This week also included the transit of Saturn to the US progressed Saturn (3Scorpio11) trine natal Venus (3Cancer06), underlining the grief and loss of this particular episode.

There is no doubt that the last 8 weeks of 2012 will see further activation of this volatile configuration. As mentioned, the Pluto stimulation is already beginning to be felt and will be even more potent after November 19. The Pluto/Mars conjunction (8Capricorn09) of November 26 and November 27, followed by the transiting Sun crossing 8Sagittarius55, opposite US Uranus, on November 29 and November 30, suggest a period of significant disruption, possible violence, and unexpected and transformative circumstances that serve as a jolt to force the country to pay attention to some hitherto unheeded, but serious issue. As with this week’s destructive storm, the late November Uranus activation will be accompanied by a Saturn transit in the US chart: Saturn will square the US Node (6Leo36) and semisquare US Mars (21Gemini23) from November 21 to November 30. Thus, the anticipated tumultuous events will be very stressful for the country in some way and difficult to respond to as energetically as we might like (Saturn/Node/Mars). It is possible that troublesome and strained interactions with other nations (Saturn/Node) will be a part of the picture at this time.

Looking farther ahead, it is hard to overestimate the drama and turmoil also likely to unfold between December 12 and December 24 when both transiting Pluto (8Capricorn55) and transiting Saturn (8Scorpio55) will be quincunx natal US Uranus, with transiting Jupiter (8Gemini55) conjunct US Uranus for much of the same period. This is a massive strengthening of the progressed US Sun square to natal US Uranus, greatly intensifying the mood of rebellion against the status quo, as well as the potential for sudden transformations and bracing, unanticipated awareness. No one knows what the actual circumstances of this period will be, but the underlying need for the US to rouse itself and make some significant adjustments to the new and demanding exigencies of the modern world will be very evident. Hurricane Sandy was only the beginning.


  1. alex says:

    Romney broke ethics law hiding millions, say good government groups.

    Mitt Romney learned yesterday the he will be “charged with violating the federal Ethics in Government law by improperly concealing his multi-million dollar windfall from the auto industry bail-out.”

    Quote: “While Romney was opposing the rescue of one of the nation’s most important manufacturing sectors, he was building his fortunes with his Delphi investor group, making his fortunes off the misfortunes of others,” King added.

    If this is properly covered, Romney is sunk in Ohio. Game, set, match

    UAW Files Charges Against Romney on his Auto Bail-out Profiteering

    Wednesday, October 31, 2012


  2. M. says:

    This very scary article is the very reason we need Obama to guide the nation over the next four years. I always feel when dealing with Saturnm you can make necessary changes voluntarily or Satyrn will come down on you like a hammer. We have been a nation of ostriches and it looks like Saturn is going to come along and yank our heads out of the sand. I believe you said there is a turn in Obama’s direction after tomorrow so I hope he gets extra help in winning.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much, Nancy. You are especially prolific lately.

  4. alex says:

    Saturn concept:

    preparing for more responsibilities that you want in life; Saturn Return apx 29 years old ‘ready or not’ example career or family;

    OFA has done is doing the real groundwork….. he ran 2008 and now 2012 the best campaigns…. keep the faith;

  5. Jackson says:

    Yes. Thank you for the heavy lifting, Nancy, especially in the wake of Sandy.

  6. angellight says:

    Starlight: This such a potent truth – “The infrastructure of the 21st Century requires nothing less than engineering that factors deteriorating 21st Century climate into the equation.” That I must twitter it.

    Alex: I hope the UAW charges gets the attention it deserves. We shall see. I hope to do a lot of posting on it today.

  7. Anita in MD says:

    Thank you Nancy.

  8. will says:


    Alarming caveats and potent pros on this All Saint’s Day. “The shocking will continue until morale improves” might be the code to live by during these wild shifts by an ever-changing and dynamic Universe. That we have a young president who is deeply comitted to preparing our nation for this growing reality would seem to be reason enough to appreeess, tragic isn’t dme close to describing almost half of our fellow citizens who contine to either outright deny or who seem to remain indifferent toward this burgeoning truth.

    On this very note, it is hard to imagine or calculate just how much damage agencies of denial like Fox News et al have perpetrated upon our national brain trust with respect to how we will navigate policies and resources surrounding this and renewable energy sources.

    Faust News, get thee behind us!

  9. will says:

    My cell phone is not behaving today. Pardon spelling and grammatical mangling to prior post.

    Jessica Murray echoes much of the energy patterns you have so artfully described in her November article.

  10. catsandmusic says:

    I just checked print msm for info re the ethics charges filed against R$$–nothing in Boston Globe, NYT, WaPo, or cnn online. Do you really think that they can let this go by? If nothing on the evening news tonight, we know they are ignoring it.

  11. alex says:

    OFA excerpt email:

    I know I’ve asked a lot of you. Today will be one of the last chances we get to affect the outcome of this race, and I’m counting on your response.

    No matter how this ends, on Election Night I’ll get up on stage and thank everyone for all the time and effort and hard-earned dollars you’ve put into this.

    But I also want to be able to tell our country that our hard work paid off, and that we will continue moving forward for four more years.

    That will only happen if you get on board and chip in what you can.


  12. starlight says:

    It is the kind of thing Ed Schultz might cover on his show. He does a lot of union coverage. If Rachel thinks it important, she will cover it and push it for a few days. Then it will trickle out.

    It is getting so that there are so many examples of his lies and so much crap surrounding Romney that none of it is sticking anymore. There is too much of it!! Any one of these stories might have ended his career years ago. Now there are hundreds of them.

  13. starlight says:


  14. JA says:

    Just sent article to scoop@huffingtonpost.com hope it works.

  15. ox the cat says:

    Bloomberg just endorsed the President he wrote that he was concerned about climate change. BIG news.

  16. starlight says:

    Yup, at least one republican made the connection. Notice the Uranus effect: the subject has entirely changed since Sandy.

  17. Lorrie U says:

    Economic Update Before The Election Looks Good For Obama

    In a report by CNBC, “The private sector created a better-than-expected 158,000 jobs in October, while jobless claims edged lower and productivity rose about as much as expected.”


  18. Suzy says:

    (could mean more problems for Election Day)

    Nor’easter possible along East Coast next week, but not as severe as Sandy
    By Miguel Llanos, NBC News

    A nor’easter winter storm could hit the Mid-Atlantic and New England next week, the National Weather Service warned, but said the impact would be nowhere near as devastating as Superstorm Sandy.

    The storm may affect the regions anywhere between “Election Day (Tuesday) into next Thursday,” the service’s prediction center said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

    “Increasing winds along coastal New England and coastal Mid-Atlantic states Tuesday onward may lead to some coastal flooding and beach erosion,” it added.


  19. Patty says:

    Thank you, Nancy. I cherish the respite of coming here, reading the kind, positive thoughts and shared links.
    As much as I’m a political junkie…I’m looking forward to things calming down and the Election to be over.
    Sorry, if this has already been posted. It’s just so true and you’ve got to love:’Broco Bamma’.

  20. alaska says:

    Love this website and Nancy’s blog!

    Mayor Bloomberg endorsed Obama today, in large part to his stance on climate change.

  21. karen says:

    Wow! Potent stuff, Nancy. Since we’ve been incapable of moving forward for the health of the planet and its occupants, it seems we’ve effectly created the very things we fear.

    For anyone who is curious, solar power has become far more affordable than in years past. There are several other energy-saving ways to BE a part of helping to transform our use of power. How ironic that we the people could (and should) be supplying power to one another.

  22. kiwi says:

    Thanks so much Nancy once again for being such a wonderful, uplifting ‘port in the storm.’

    Way back in early 2008 I had the very distinct feeling that Obama would not be able to effect the change he was touting because the task was so huge, but he would be the bridge to changes that would only be visible after his term was completed. I still feel that way.
    I truly believe he is, behind the scenes, working steadily for a centrist, best for all, fair, efficient government.
    Being a Community Organiser was his best training, as well as all his boyhood experiences of successfully bridging social variences.
    He is human and fallible at times, but possesses more brains and common sense than I’ve seen in most politicians.
    What more could anyone ask for or expect?

  23. Linda Gomez says:

    Nancy I just got this email about Romney’s hand in the Colorado vote. If this and uaw filing gets goes viral it will reduce Mitt’s chances.

    I don’t write often because you’re all so talented, I just come here to be schooled! Thanks Nancy!


  24. alex says:




    It seems Republican nominee Mitt Romney still cannot shake the demons of the auto bailout he opposed, and a new one is looking like it is coming to haunt him just days before the General Election.

    The biggest auto workers’ union and several government and public interest groups are planning to file an ethics complaint against Romney, alleging “serious conflicts of interest” and calling for the presidential nominee to release information about what they say are millions he made from the industry bailout.

    United Automobile Workers, or UAW, on Wednesday announced that it is calling upon the Office of Government Ethics to investigate Romney for alleged noncompliance with the Ethics in Government Act. They also want that authority to force the nominee to either “disclose his investments or divest them.”


  25. Rose says:

    I saw a comment on DK saying that R$ isn’t just a flip-flopper, that he actually has a sociopathic personality disorder.

    I know some of you are in the mental health field–what say you?

    Does he fit the DSM for it?

  26. Rose says:

    Or is that DMS?

  27. loyalurker says:

    Thank you once again Starlight for an enlightening piece. And so glad you made it through the storm okay.

    When one considers that vast financial and power reserves WE the people are up against, it might seem like David vs. Goliath. But perhaps WE will fully awaken to the fact that WE are Goliath in the minds of the few but moneyed class and they are throwing every stone in their reserves.

    Yes we ARE goliath and perhaps we’ll fully awaken to our collective power.

    I laughed out loud at the pundits trying to convince us of a scenario where Romney actually wins the popular vote! Hahahahahaha! Hell, I’m not buying the scenario that this race is even close, let alone neck and neck. This is what happens when our information channels are owned by the 1%. When faced by ‘goliath’ wouldn’t you also try your best to make yourself seem bigger and more powerful than your were? Wouldn’t you employ all your tools of persuasion? Of course you would.

  28. Suzy says:

    I would wish that given all this weather disruption that Obama could move the election to later in November.

    Starlight…do you see any indications that Obama might think about doing this which might go along with the Astrologers predictions about this election being delayed.

    It might fit into the Mercury Retrograde that folks would have “extended voting period” which would fit that results would be delayed but not because of “irregularities” …but, because the voting period needed to be extended because of problems with Sandy and the follow up Nor’Easter predicted?

    What are your thoughts, Nancy.

    You’ve done excellent work which shows in the growing readership of your site. But, I, like many others have followed you for years and know your wisdom and non-hyperbolic responses to the Pluto-Capricorn and the Uranus.

    I was trying to think “out of the box” that Obama might do a Good Thing by decreeing an Extended Voting Period and that might fit with your prediction of the election not being resolved until Mercury goes Direct…

    Your Thoughts?

  29. Todd Bennett says:

    Do the polls improve after the 2nd?

  30. barbk says:

    Let me add my thanks for this article too Nancy. There is so much energy in the atmosphere at this point it’s a wonder we don’t all have nervous breakdowns. So glad you keep us anchored in reality.

    Whenever the natal U.S. Sibly Uranus is aspected, it also aspects the natal U.S. Sibly Ceres at 8 Pisces 41 rx, as she is square natal Uranus. When transiting Jupiter conjuncts U.S. Uranus he squares U.S. Ceres (earth, agriculture, food, nurturing, motherhood). However, transiting Saturn in Scorpio will trine her and transiting Pluto will be sextile her, so not only does it stabilize (trine Saturn) any disruption caused by the natal Uranus+transiting Jupiter, it also will be positively transforming in some way (sextile Pluto). I tend to see it as a positive when looking at Ceres as rebuilding neighborhoods (Ceres in the 3rd house) in the aftermath of Sandy.

    It is true that whatever happens to set off natal Uranus in December will be shocking, but with Ceres off-setting the energy through her trine and sextile aspects to Saturn and Pluto, it will be positive in the long run. U.S. Uranus is the release point of the yod energy from Saturn and Pluto in their sextile because of the transiting Jupiter conjunction. That is, in this country. Other countries may experience the yod with Jupiter at the apex in other ways, but we won’t be alone in it’s effects. I suspect Ceres may actualize through help provided by the U.S., such as providing food. Being she’s in watery Pisces, it could be rescue from floods, etc., since her myth involves rescuing her daughter from Hades.

  31. KIM says:

    Donated 50.00

  32. kiwi says:

    Suzy, I cant see that happening without the support of the legislative branch because of existing and historical voting laws.
    And we know there would be no cooperation from the obstructionists in control.

  33. kiwi says:

    Barbk, I am wanting to learn more about ceres in my chart. Since you seem to be so learned on the asteroids, might I be able to contact you somehow to discuss further?

  34. Lune Prière says:

    Dr. Wang has Obama at 315 electoral votes today!

  35. Rose says:

    Yes, and he shows VA and FL are tied in the polls, and NC is only R+0.5. The early election results for NC show a strong Dem turnout (5/3).

  36. Rose says:

    Make that “NC is only R+0.5%”, i.e. half a percentage.

  37. alex says:

    angel star!

  38. alex says:


    The Romney campaign is airing a new ad in Youngstown and Toledo that suggests that production of Jeeps may move from the U.S. to China. It has angered local leaders of the auto workers union.

    At the Obama campaign office in Youngstown, the presidents of the two UAW Locals at GM Lordstown held a joint news conference to blast the Romney ad.

    Jeep’s Italian parent company, Fiat, said they may make and sell jeeps in China, but that would not impact U.S. production jobs.

    “They’re not taking those jobs and moving them overseas, and that’s the misleading fact of that ad,” said Glenn Johnson, President of UAW Local 1112.

    The Obama campaign immediately responded with an ad calling the Romney claims dishonest.

    The ad states, “Chrysler itself has refuted Romney’s lie. The truth; Jeep is adding jobs in Ohio.”

  39. Lune Prière says:

    I’d really love to take FL and make it an early night!

  40. alex says:

    Romney’s Ads Clearly Misleading:

    The Romney campaign has stood behind its statements and TV ads that strongly imply Chrysler moved production of Jeeps to China under President Barack Obama’s watch.

    It’s not true, and plenty of fact-checkers have pointed that out.

    “GM calls Romney’s ads ‘politics at its cynical worst,'” the voice-over says.

    “And Chrysler’s CEO said it’s simply not true.”


  41. Suzy says:

    I guess that’s the way it could go… But, I feel sad that
    delaying the voting to give time to those who can’t cast their votes wouldn’t be so important in this election cycle.

    But…I guess it “Is What it Is” and so things will move forward that will cause another 2000 vote which goes on and do the “Supremes” decide once again?

    That would be Nightmare Revisited….and Nancy knows from her DU Days how terrible that would be.

    We CANNOT have THIS COURT TRAVESTY happen again! Not in my Lifetime!

    Please forgive my Shouting “FULL CAPS”…I don’t mean it to offend you…just for “Emphasis” since I don’t know how to do Italics or Underlines on this website.

  42. alex says:

    Email Excerpt: Senator Jeff Merkley

    After President Obama wins re-election next week (keep up the hard work!), the U.S. Senate will still be an obstacle to his efforts to meet our big challenges for one simple reason: the routine abuse of the filibuster.

    Too often, good ideas die in the Senate – even when they have majority support – because a single Senator can tie up the process and prevent an up-or-down vote. Not by mounting an impassioned lengthy floor speech, but by making one quick call and then heading out to dinner.

    If Senators want to filibuster, they should be required to stand on the floor and make their case to the American people with a real, talking filibuster!

    Here’s the good news: Our campaign to reform the filibuster is picking up momentum. These nine candidates running for the Senate right now have committed to helping me fix the broken Senate by reforming the filibuster.

    Tammy Baldwin (WI-Sen)
    Richard Carmona (AZ-Sen)
    Martin Heinrich (NM-Sen)
    Heidi Heitkamp (ND-Sen)
    Mazie Hirono (HI-Sen)
    Tim Kaine (VA-Sen)
    Bob Kerrey (NE-Sen)
    Chris Murphy (CT-Sen)
    Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen)

  43. Nita says:

    Send Email to The Ed Show 8:19 pm tonight airing UAW

    Mitt Romney Likely To Face Ethics Complaint From UAW For Allegedly Hiding Auto Bailout Profits

    The UAW is holding a press conference on the planned ethics complaint at 2 p.m. on Thursday in Toledo, Ohio.

    Mitt Romney Likely To Face Ethics Complaint From UAW For Allegedly Hiding Auto Bailout Profits http://t.co/SHct2d7O via @HuffPostBiz
    7 minutes ago from Tweet Button

  44. Nita says:



  45. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    We don’t have a single national election. We have 51 (50 states plus the District of Columbia) state elections. State laws control almost everything, except the date of the election. It’s distantly possible that some states might choose to delay the close of their balloting for a few days, but do you think the networks will hold back from announcing all the results on election night?

    I’m sure we all know that answer.

    All of the early voting that so many states have is the real solution. I was astonished to learn recently that New York is one of the states that has no early voting. Perhaps that will change within the next four years.

  46. Rose says:

    This is not a good sign.

    “The Ohio Secretary of State’s office sent me their county level spreadsheet, current as of Oct. 26th. I do not know what to make of it. There are 17 counties reporting fewer early votes as of Tuesday, Oct. 30 than were reported to the Secretary of State’s office on Friday, Oct. 26.”


  47. julie says:

    Here’s a diary from DailyKos with a video of Romney discussing his faith:


    Just in case you all needed any incentive to vote. Heckuva swell guy.

  48. KIM says:

    Let’s all please be positive, I know that there are still negative things on the net. But Nancy has reassured us and I think with only 5 days left we need to focus all the positive energy towards Obama winning. Peace and Love to all

  49. Suzy says:

    Dutchess of Gadsen..

    Yes…that’s the problem with NY which will still be having problems but it’s the downraces in the Northeast states who are still having major problems that could spill over into election day. PA has that weird “Voter ID” problem and then there’s CT, RI, Mass, NJ, WVA, VA, Maryland..

    These are important elections that go “down ballot” and “Up Ballot.”

    Even though Nate Silver thinks Obama is the WINNER…How can we be sure?

    With a new Nor’Easter coming (according to weather forecasters) that means it’s going to be more disruption.

    Why not delay the November 6th to a few days later…or even extend from 11/6 for a few more days through the weekend? Given the extreme trauma of the NE and Mid Atlantic….wouldn’t that make sense?

  50. will says:

    Positive-Schmositive. Its time to look at things realistically right up to the gritty end. I say do all the magical thinking and visualization in the world – but fhen its time to get out the vote even if you have to go tooth and nail with loved ones and in-laws and friends and co-workers or colleagues who are going the wrong way.

    I just turned around a cousin in the Chicago suburbs who actually believed that Obama was a communist radical Muslim who was working on the inside to destroy the free enterprise system at the behest of some hidden mullah. Faust News Junkie!!! And my cousin is a self-made multimillionaire in the home-made food business. He also has an evangelistic Christian pastor. Believe me, it wasn’t about “being nice” and “staying positive” – it was about going bare-knuckles and being willing to lose the relationship by challenging some of his core beliefs.

    I’m worn out for the wearing but I feel victorious.

    Now that’s what I call positive.

  51. will says:

    Here’s a good line to Faust News zombies:

    Do you actually think that Michael Bloomberg – a self-made billionaire who is Jewish and mayor of the largest city in the United States that is the symbol of the fruits of hard work, democracy and free enterprise would endorse a radical, hidden-Muslim terrorist whose goal was to destroy the free-market system?

  52. Sharon says:

    Good for you, Will! Wear ‘em down with the truth!

  53. Connie says:

    Battleground indeed! Earlier this week Ryan held a rally, and R$ & Jeb were here yesterday. Today, Michelle Obama (along with surprise guest Stevie Wonder!) were in Jax. Great to be in this very huge crowd and hear our First Lady. The campaign had buses ready to take folks to early voting at the end of the rally, very clever! Five more days, keeping the faith and working so that Florida is again in the Obama column.

  54. Lorrie U says:

    U.S. Offers New Details Of Deadly Libya Attack

    CIA officials in Washington strongly deny there was any order not to mount a rescue mission. And the source tells NPR there was never an order to stay put. It was all about getting ready, not delaying. Within 24 minutes, the American and Libyan team moved out toward the consulate.

    The convoy drove along an indirect route to avoid hostile militias, and the Americans and Libyans hustled along on foot for the last half mile, arriving an hour after the call for help.

    The source said that surveillance cameras establish what time they left the annex and what time they showed up at the consulate. When they arrived, Ambassador Stevens was missing. He was carried to a hospital by looters, and later died there of asphyxiation from the smoke he inhaled while in the consulate’s safe room.


  55. starlight says:

    I hope this goes viral. He is just so irritating.

  56. Gypsi says:

    Sounds like Ohio’s been throwing out ballots again.

  57. starlight says:

    I think election day is fixed by the constitution. It can’t be changed. The only thing that could change would be the location of the polls where people vote and if they use paper because they don’t have power.

  58. Gypsi says:

    Nancy, Thank you for all you do. Blessings and light.

  59. Lune Prière says:

    Way to go, Connie!

  60. Prabhata says:

    WNBC reporter Jonathan Vigliotti said people are “so hungry they literally pried open this dumpster — you see that door open right now — and they are literally picking through for whatever they can take home with themselves.”

    “We’ve seen everyone here from the elderly, to families with children, literally up on top of this,” he added.

  61. alex says:


    N.J. to extend mail-in ballot deadline, use military trucks at polling places

    With election officials scrambling to prepare polling places pummeled by Hurricane Sandy, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno said today the state would deploy military trucks to serve as makeshift polling places and extend the deadline for requesting mail-in ballots.

  62. Virginia says:

    Your Grace is correct, but I am thinking that it is an opportunity to stream-line the voting process from beginng to end, and this situation may provide the impetus to do it at the federal level.

    Here in Washington state, anyone can use a mail-in ballot. They are mailed out two weeks before the election and arrive with the Voter’s Pamphlet. I’ve been voting this way for ages, and I particularly like being able to take my time, study the issues, do my own on-line research. I think it is criminal for some states to only allow voting in person at a polling place where they have to stand in line for *hours*, then present the voters with long, complicated and deceptive descriptions of ballot measures.

  63. alex says:


    In New York, according to Bloomberg News, state law provides that in a natural disaster, an extra day of voting is allowed in low-turnout districts. That kind of leeway could be vital next week.

    After voting ends, it is important to extend deadlines for finalizing and certifying results in the most storm-ravaged areas. This would give canvassing boards more time to resolve discrepancies and properly check the many provisional ballots that are likely to be cast by voters unsure of their proper jurisdiction, lacking I.D., etc.

    Under federal law, Dec. 17 is the date set for the Electoral College to meet this year. Delegates’ votes are to be opened in early January 2013. That framework still seems feasible, although things could get complicated if an explosion of election-related litigation materializes.



    NEW YORK — Election officials were ordering generators, moving voting locations and figuring out how to transport poll workers displaced from coastal areas as Tuesday’s presidential election became the latest challenge for states whacked by Superstorm Sandy.

    Communities along Lake Erie in top battleground Ohio have lost power, but election officials said early voting continued to be robust. The states crippled most by Sandy — New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — are largely Democratic and considered safely in Obama’s camp.

    In hard-hit New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg referred all voting-related questions to the city Board of Elections. But he said recovery crews were working hard to restore electricity to schools, many of which serve as polling places. Voting should proceed smoothly in those places, he said.

    Elections spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez said officials were determining the condition of polling places around the five New York boroughs even as the storm stripped power from the agency’s headquarters, forcing workers into temporary office space.

    “Our trucks are loaded and ready for delivery of all voting materials and equipment once we know that sites have not been damaged,” Vazquez said. Elections officials, she said, “will be working around the clock and through the weekend to make sure that all voting sites receive everything they need to be up and running on Election Day.”

    In Connecticut, Gov. Dan Malloy signed an executive order extending the voter registration deadline until Thursday — it had been Oct. 30 — to accommodate people affected by the storm. Connecticut’s strict voting rules — the state does not have early voting, and residents can only request an absentee ballot if they are out of the area — added urgency to the task of preparing polling places.

    Secretary of the State Denise Merrill was holding daily conference calls with some 260 local election officials to determine their needs, her spokesman, Av Harris, said.

    “Could some polling places be moved? Yes. There are procedures in place, and people are volunteering to help out,” Av Harris said. “This is New England, people help their neighbors. That’s the best way to get through this.”

  64. Virginia says:

    Remember when George W. waved at Stevie Wonder?

  65. alex says:



    DFA’s Dialer is set up for supporting progressive candidates from your home.

  66. alex says:

    The governor of Maryland extended early voting so ultimately the state will only lose one hour of early voting, in the District, early voting has been extended to 9pm each remaining day and additional machines were added to each location and in Virginia, the governor called on local registrars to extend the time for in-person absentee voting.


  67. alex says:


    Thousands of lawyers from both presidential campaigns will enter polling places next Tuesday with one central goal: tracking their opponents and, if need be, initiating legal action.

    The lawyers will note how poll workers behave, where voters are directed, if intimidation appears to be occurring, whether lines are long. And they will report up a chain of command where decisions over court action will be made at headquarters in Chicago and Boston.

    This will go on in every battleground state — including Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, even Pennsylvania — but it will be most focused in Ohio;

  68. oxthecat says:

    This is going to be a doozy of an election. I can feel the tension. Romney is supposed to give his final “closing” speech tomorrow a.m. I’m guessing he expects good job numbers and wants to step on that information. Since the gallup was 7% and they have to figure in California I am guessing mid to high 7’s. Anything under 8 will be a winner. Could be too that he expects bad numbers and wants to capitalize. Time will tell.
    On a lighter note has anyone seen the film Cloud Atlas?

  69. alex says:

    Quick Sketch Noon Nov 6th – Chicago HQ – Boston HQ

    Election Protection Lawyers:


    Eris @21 Aries 2House (opposite Venus 11 Libra 2House) (conflict on value of vote/ ballot types)

    semi-sextile (difficult associations)

    IC noon Chicago @21 Taurus


    MC noon Chicago @21 Scorpio

    semi-sextile, inconjunct, opposition 2H-8H > 8TH House (mutual sharing; desire to control; feelings about support; reciprocation of one thing for another)


    Boston; focus on federal government

    IC noon Boston @22 Taurus – degree/sign symbol for Federal Government; 4House (house of political party out of power)


    Vesta @24 Gemini 5House (focused intention demise of sitting president)


    MC noon Boston @22 Scorpio

    4House – 5House, semi-sextile, inconjunct > Midheaven

  70. Todd Bennett says:

    You can not make this nastier than I can. This is a game you can’t win because like you I care nothing about the political enemies left in my wake. Your worst nightmare is that some lefty might get power who is not so Obamalike. Not so reverential, not so patient. I will run as an ax grinder and govern with an iron fist for equality in all of its forms. Welcome to your nightmare.

  71. alex says:

    oops Boston should read:

    4H-5H, opposition, semi-sextile, inconjunct > Midheaven

  72. oxthecat says:

    Could you please explain what that means? I understand the campaigns are based in Chicago and Boston. It also looks like there will be legal issues with the ballots on our side. Looks like there are determined to unseat the President on their side.

  73. angellight says:

    U.S. Secret Service agent found dead, apparent suicide: source http://reut.rs/X4MScR

    Congress not Prez has the power to change Voting date.

  74. alex says:

    this is a quick chart – not an analysis or a prediction ( can’t be done with one aspect in any case ) and I’m not a predictive astrology:

    these are for NOON Nov 6th……so we can as astrologers refine, reweigh new information that will be INCOMING soon; Nov 7th, Nov 8th etc etc decisions will be made…. by noon Nov6th information initial priority information will be on the tables in HQ Chicago – Boston;

    these noon charts are first impression charts ( they can’t be radix charts because no one there is going to report the TIME of the election protection team’s first decision)

    2nd house mundane astrology (relationships within country)

    4th house mundane astrology (party out of power)

    5th house mundane astrology inconjunct Midheaven (dependents 5H on authority 10H)

    8th house mundane astrology (mutual sharing; desire to control; feelings about support; reciprocation of one thing for another)


    In the United States, most states don’t announce official election results until weeks after Election Day. Florida is scheduled to certify its results Nov. 20 — two weeks after the polls close. Ohio’s deadline is Nov. 27.


    The United States has a decentralized system for counting votes in national elections. No single government authority oversees the process. Instead, officials in more than 4,000 counties, townships and parishes across the nation tally votes for president, Congress, governor, state legislature and a host of state and local offices.

    The Associated Press will deploy more than 5,000 workers on Nov. 6 to collect vote results from government agencies and report them to news organizations — and the public — around the world. In all, the AP will report results for nearly 7,000 races.

    Analysts at the AP and other news organizations will use several tools to determine election winners, sometimes with very few votes actually counted. In elections for Congress and local offices, analysts will rely mainly on the AP vote count to determine the winners.

    In statewide races for president, Senate and governor, analysts also will use exit polls, which are interviews with voters as they leave the polls on Election Day, and in some states, vote tallies from a randomly selected sample of precincts.

    About 35 percent of the electorate is expected to vote before Election Day, either by mail or in person. To gauge how those people voted, analysts will use telephone polls of absentee voters in states where large numbers of people vote early.

    As votes are tallied, analysts use statistical models to help project the winners. The models compare current votes in a race with results from previous elections.

    Ohio’s provisional ballots didn’t affect the outcome of the presidential election in 2008 because Obama beat McCain by a relatively comfortable margin. But what if this year’s presidential election comes down to Ohio — again — and there are fewer than 200,000 votes separating Obama and Romney?

    It might take a few weeks to figure out who won the White House, after all.

  75. angellight says:

    Linda Gomez: Great information! I am more worried about the Romney owned voting machines and criminal Secretary of states and their voter suppression tactics! We must educate, educate, educate.

    COLORADO SETS THE STAGE FOR A BOGUS ELECTION -: WITH A SERIES OF NEW RULES! http://www.bbvforums.org/forums/messages/8/82306.html#.UJOSL-zTK4Y.twitter

  76. alex says:

    clarification mundane 5th:
    natural zodiac – house of children, i.e. dependents

    mundane fifth house – inconjunct tenth house ( authority, monarch, president, sovereign authority figure)

    5H dependents inconjunct midheaven 10th house ( overthrow-overturn, demise of the authority figure i.e. prince plots demise of king-monarch, )

  77. angellight says:

    Spiritual Life TV Channel! Enjoy.
    Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Living. Free World-wide Internet TV. See it and Share the Link with Friends.


  78. angellight says:

    Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress – MSM Sitting on the Story!

    The story begins at Harvard and ends in South Africa, drug money, blood diamonds, spying for Cuba and Russia, a story offered to ABC News, a story documented to Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers and Harold Simmons, warning them, a warning they chose to ignore. They were told they were supporting an organized crime figure, told by unimpeachable sources.


  79. oxthecat says:

    I read a little bit about the SOS looks like he is a tea party person, his bio is sanitized. These folks are true believers and I think will go to great lengths to turn the election to their favor.

  80. angellight says:

    Starlight: The below story might be what you have been writing about as the trouble after the Election!

    “Press TV: US military planned mutiny on the Bounty to topple Obama – STEP ONE BENGHAZI!

    Those involved in the plot, those outside the military, are those who are spreading “conspiracy theory” rumors about US complicity or malfeasance in the handling of the murder of the US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stephens.

    Today, CIA Director, General Petraeus clearly stated that the CIA had received no requests for help. A month ago, the State Department also made it clear, the attack was military, well coordinated and that no forces were available capable of making a difference.

    In fact, the “conspiracy theorists,” those attempting to use their wild theories in order to implement an “October Surprise” are directly aligned with those who planned and executed the attack.”

    http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/10/31/press-tv-us-military-planned-mutiny-on-the-bounty-to-topple-obama/ …”

  81. alex says:


    Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette (April 2012 – October 2012)

    a b c Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Lex T. Wenberg, USN (25 May 2011). “John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Changes Command”. NNS110525-08. Retrieved 2011-05-29.



    Navy Replaces Admiral Leading Mideast Strike Group Because of Ongoing Investigation

    In an unusual move, the Navy has replaced an admiral commanding an aircraft carrier strike group while it is deployed to the Middle East. The replacement was prompted by an Inspector General’s investigation of allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment.

    Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette, the commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group, is being returned to the United States for temporary reassignment.

    In a statement the Navy said it had approved a request made by Vice Adm. John W. Miller, the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, to temporarily reassign Gaouette “pending the results of an investigation by the Navy Inspector General.”

    The statement said Gaoutte would return to the carrier’s home port of Bremerton, Washington.

    A Navy official familiar with the circumstances of the investigation said it involved allegations of “inappropriate leadership judgment” and stressed it was not related to personal conduct.

  82. alex says:


    Two senior American military officials — General Carter Ham of the U.S. Africa Command and Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette of Carrier Strike Group Three — have been summarily relieved of their command duties. Both dismissals appear related to events during the terror attack in Benghazi.

    The Washington Times reports that on October 18, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta appeared unexpectedly at an otherwise unrelated briefing on “Efforts to Enhance the Financial Health of the Force.” News organizations and CSPAN were told beforehand there was no news value to the event and gave it scant coverage. In his brief remarks Panetta said: “Today I am very pleased to announce that President Obama will nominate General David Rodriguez to succeed General Carter Ham as commander of U.S. Africa Command.”

    This came as a surprise to many, since General Ham had only been in the position for a year and a half. The General is a very well regarded officer who made AFRICOM into a true Combatant Command after the ineffective leadership of his predecessor, General William E. “Kip” Ward. Later, word circulated informally that General Ham was scheduled to rotate out in March 2013 anyway, but according to Joint doctrine, “the tour length for combatant commanders and Defense agency directors is three years.”



  83. Nina says:

    DSM IV. While I’m not a mental health professional, I’ve always read that diagnosing a mental health issue in someone without any personal interaction is against professional ethics and very susceptible to observer error.

    I think he displays some of the markers of a sociopath, but they’re also the markers of a goal-driven alpha personality.

  84. Nina says:

    I think much of New England and Pennsylvania are going to be called dramatically later than usual, what with the transportation disruptions.

  85. alex says:

    Chart Data:

    Leon Panetta assumed office Sec. of Defense 7/1/2011
    Pentagon, Arlington County VA (noon chart)

    Mars @07 Gemini cnj USA Uranus @08 Gemini
    Juno @22 Virgo cnj Obama Mars @22 Virgo


    Relieved of duty:

    Gen. Carter Ham – Oct 18 2012
    Adm. Charles Gaouette – Oct 27 2012

    General Carter Ham is retiring after being relieved of AFRICOM command. Rumors are swirling that Ham made the decision to override the“NoGo” or “Stand By” order given by CENTCOM and send in two waiting TEIR 1 operational units, 1 Seal Team, and 1 Army CAG(Combat Action Group) unit. It has been rumored that his second in command relieved him of duty.

    Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette was relieved from his command of the powerful Carrier Strike Group Three (CSG-3) currently located in the Middle East. According to internal documents from the Navy he is being investigated for “allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment”

    One is being investigated and one is retiring all together from the Military.


  86. M. says:

    The jobs report is better than expected!

  87. angellight says:

    “Glitch” wipes out 1,000 early votes in black FL neighborhood!” I think this awful! Feel helpless against these robbers. The divine hand of God hopefully will come into operation.

    http://americablog.com/2012/11/computer-glitch-votes-black-florida-county-election-fraud.html … via @AMERICAblog

  88. alex says:

    quick notes:

    Gen. Carter Ham DOB 2/16/1952 Portland OR

    Natal North Node @00Pisces
    Natal Pallas @00Pisces

    Relieved of Duty: T/Neptune @00Pisces


    Relieved of Duty 10/18/2012

    Gen. Hamm 2012 Solar Arc Sun @27Aries


    Mitt Romney Natal Vesta @27Aries

  89. angellight says:

    Holy crap! OH Sec of State had “experimental” software installed on vote count tabulators around the state!


    So this how they plan to win Ohio!

  90. teresahill says:

    You guys are freaking out. Stop it. We’re going to win this thing. Neptune and lies being exposed.

  91. alex says:

    Admiral Removed From Command of Carrier Strike Group Three
    Written by Neal Puckett

    The Navy removed Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette from command pending the outcome of an internal investigation into undisclosed allegations of inappropriate judgment. Gaouette took command of the Carrier Strike Group Three in April 2012, and the Group deployed in late August to 5th Fleet in support of the U.S. Central Command.

    While not formally relieved of command, removing a senior ranking commander in the early portion of a deployment means the allegations against Gaouette are serious and only his immediate removal from command ensured good order and discipline within the Carrier Group. Once the investigation is complete, a determination by the convening authority will be made as to appropriate action. Such action could include reinstatement to command, relief of command and a non-punitive letter, or Gaouette could be subjected to a military justice punitive action


    Neal A. Puckett, a military criminal defense lawyer, defends military members around the globe in all military legal matters.

  92. Noelle says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, KIM.

  93. Noelle says:

    teresahill, thank you. I was just thinking these comments sound ike something from the cheap newspapers at the checkout in the supermarket. Why are you all so into this frightening stuff?

    Get a grip. Obama is going to win. Go take a walk in the park or volunteer somewhere and do some good. Enough already!

  94. starlight says:

    I was concerned about today’s jobs report because of the tr Saturn quincunx Obama’s Moon. It turns out the sadness may have more to do with the suicide of secret service agent, as well as the ongoing drama of Hurricane Sandy which has been the main issue behind it all week.


  95. Diane L says:

    Please remember neither Intrade nor Nate Silver have EVER given Romney good odds for winning. Right now Nate says 80% for PBO & Intrade 67%. Tomorrow is Nov 3 & the day Nancy said Dem angst will begin to subside.

  96. JA says:

    I agree wholeheartily. It isn’t that fun to read this blog anymore.

  97. angellight says:

    Sorry if I sound negative. Actually posted what I thought were facts and they are facts confirmed on website OH Secy state put some kind of software on the voting machines. I don’t think we should stay in denial and think Republicans won’t cheat and can’t cheat. I think making this information public and wide spread will make it harder for them to cheat. I for one do not believe Bush ever won over Gore & Kerry. Nor do I think Gov. Walker won his recall. That said, I am positive but vigilant.

  98. Bob says:

    Ohio Sec of State Jon Husted (Aug 25, 1967, Royal Oak, MI) has progressed Saturn at 8°50′ in right ascension. It will be squared by the conjunction of transiting Mars and Pluto at 278°39′ on Nov 27. In longitude it is at 8°29′ Aries.

    As with the the charts of the Romneys’, and others, there are transits from Saturn and Pluto that extend into 2013 and 14. I think it may be because the wheels of justice turn slowly, especially when obstructed by legal maneuvering.

  99. Noelle says:

    Angellight, you are no doubt a very spiritual person. I’m going to ask you and any others so inclined to send some wonderful light and energy to my niece in NY who has been staying with the only friend she has who has power. The friend told her she’d like to have apartment back to herself tonight which means my niece and her little Yorkie will walk 25 blocks south and then up five floors to her apt. which has no heat nor water. To make matters worse, she has Type 1 diabetes. She is the most delightful person and my heart is aching for her.

    Con Ed said she’ll have power back by 11 PM Sat. nite. My prayer is that it will be back by tonight. Let’s see what some group prayer or energy can do. Thank you.

  100. maryhu says:

    Good job, Will. Your more “bare-knuckled” style is not in my skill set, but I also have been trying (in my more soft-voiced way) to call out the miseducated on their BS. For example: “Why do you say that? Where did you hear that? What do you think they might have to gain by convincing you to believe that?” I think of it as fighting Neptune (mental fog, deception) with Neptune (compassion, wearing down false barriers to a greater truth). But again, the Universe probably sends you tougher nuts to crack, so to speak.
    For people who want to use positivity as their weapon of choice, I would suggest asking around at places that share your values. Ask if there are people in the organization who need a ride to the polls, ask if there are phone calls to be made. Do your bit by SHINING your positive light! And then send the really tough cases to Will, perhaps….

  101. Francine says:

    Very good point made here about Neptune:

  102. M. says:

    Totally agree but was to chicken to say it. Fear begats fear. Think about the result we all want and try to bring that into focus.

  103. angellight says:

    Noelle: I will certainly work with you – link up with you on the plane of Soul, the place of light, love & power, to Visualize power being restored today for your neice. That said! If it is unable to come on due to forces beyond control, maybe she will have more fortitude and peace and patience. All we can do is try.

  104. alex says:

    Hey Bob,

    Jon Husted GOP SOS OHIO

    Natal Incarnation Mutable Earth

    (OVERCOMPENSATION )Missing Element Air (fanatical, opinionated,rigid)

    Air Galvanization/Polarization Natal Point
    N/Pholus @22Aquarius


    Single Cardinal Quality – N/Saturn @11 Aries
    N/Eris @11 Aries
    N/Nessus @11 Gemini


    A stellium is a multiple conjunction of planets.
    This configuration creates too much energy coming into the activities.

    Relentless Complex Stellium
    Natal Jupiter @19 Leo


    Uranus @23Virgo
    Juno @19Virgo
    Pluto @19Virgo
    Venus @08Virgo
    Mercury @02Virgo
    Sun @01Virgo
    Ceres @00Virgo

  105. angellight says:

    Noelle: What is your neice’s name. Also, that is some friend.

  106. Rose says:

    I am highly encouraged by the consistent and congruent probabilities that both Nate Silver and Sam Wang are showing. Although they use different methodology, their results are very much in synch. As of right now, these are the results of their data crunching:

    The first letter/number following the state shows who holds the lead in the aggregate of the state polls (Sam Wang), and the second letter/number shows the probability of a candidate winning the state (Nate Silver).

    NH O +3.0% O 78%
    PA O +5.0% O 96%
    VA O +0.5% O 66% (Sam shows the state as a tossup)
    NC R +0.5% R 80% (Sam shows the state as a tossup)
    FL O +0.5% R 55% (Both show the state as a tossup)
    WI O +5.0% O 91%
    OH O +3.0% O 80%
    MI O +4.5% O 99%
    MN O +5.0% O 99%
    IA O +4.0% O 79%
    CO O +1.0% O 65%
    NV O +3.0% O 88%

    Nate currently shows an 81% probability of Obama winning, with 303 projected EV total (although for at least a month his EV Distribution chart has consistently shown the highest probability at 332 EV, and the probability for this outcome has climbed from 12% to nearly 20%). Sam shows a 99% probability of Obama winning, with 313 projected EV total.

    In the prior elections (2004, 2008, and 2010), their models were *extremely* accurate. Their professional reputations are on the line with these probabilities and projections. They are both more concerned with their models being right than with who ultimately wins the election. In effect, they “don’t have a horse in this race.”

    And if you are interested in tracking the votes and the changing probabilities on election night, someone on Sam’s website has created an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate the remaining odds of either candidate winning as each state is called. There is a link to the file, which you can download. (Go to election.princeton.edu and look under the heading “Updates are Back.” He also says he’ll have a “geek’s guide” by this weekend, but it’s not there yet.)

    Yes, it is likely that there will be shenanigans again this year. But the odds of R$ winning are extremely low. This is *not* a tight race, despite what the talking heads would like us to think.

    Keep breathing…

  107. M. says:

    Forget Neptune: 6 Bizarre Factors That Predict Every Presidential Election

    Read more: 6 Bizarre Factors That Predict Every Presidential Election | Cracked.com http://www.cracked.com/article_20139_6-bizarre-factors-that-predict-every-presidential-election.html#ixzz2B5LLqs2F

    And the really bizarre thing is that against all expectations the dem is leading the con in Indiana by 9 points


  108. Anita in MD says:


  109. Nina says:

    Now, now. We all have a lot of nervous tension about this election and we have to let it out somehow. Best way to do that is to take command of something you can control; volunteer on issues in your neighborhood, get in touch with OFA, find some neighbors you can drive to the polls. But if, say, you’re at work and can’t do anything constructive at this very moment, fretting on a message board can be a good way to release that negative energy, so long as you don’t take negative energy back out of the messages.

    But you’re right, now that I think on it. It’s OK to freak out a bit over things you can’t control, OK to express concern. But do it then stop. Then turn that energy to something you can control.

    It’s like the people who make fun of other folks who buy all the milk and soup and bread in the store before a storm. But we’re all just spending our energy taking care of a variable that we can control, in the face of something we can’t.

    I can’t control this election any more. It may be close, good people and issues may lose, but overall we’re going to win. So now I’m going to close the political websites, concentrate on getting some work done, and carve out an hour or two from the weekend to do some phonebanking. That’s what I can control. Saturn rewards hard work, and the country is facing some Saturn energy right now.

  110. Noelle says:

    Her name is Alecia. Thanks so much. You’d have to see her. Always smiling. Truely beautiful.

  111. Noelle says:

    Thank you, Anita.

  112. alex says:

    Hey Noelle, could your niece call her local fire station/or/hospital and ask if there is medical shelter available for people with chronic conditions; there must be something being organized for people who take/need medically necessary medications;

  113. alex says:

    Medicine: Disaster Contingency

    Many pharmacies continue to offer delivery services in storm-struck areas, ..



    Who might find the Rx Response Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool useful?

    Anyone who needs medicine during a public health emergency in a disaster area
    Emergency rooms, acute care clinics, and physicians’ offices for patient referrals
    Biopharmaceutical distributors and manufacturers

  114. Noelle says:

    Thank for the suggestion, Alex.

  115. angellight says:

    Noelle: Thanks.

    Anita: So I will link up with you & Noelle. On the plane of spirit or soul when one links up, it is done.

  116. alex says:


    your posts usually get me to do more research and I always feel better when I understand the ‘bigger picture’ so I find your posts helpful;

    it isn’t easy challenging the plutocracy/oligarchy/GOP/Libertarian etc etc ad nausea and their relentless guerrilla warfare against the middle-class and democracy;

    information is power especially in the short term; long term it is sustained organization and mobilization to work out these difficulties;

  117. Rose says:

    Perfect timing. This article makes a very clear case for why Obama is winning, complete with stats, charts, trends, etc:


    And in the comments to this article, I found this:

    “I live in Ohio. Local polling agencies hired by our newspapers and TV news stations, as well as OSU are showing Obama ahead by a minimum of 5 points. It is not a tossup as some national news organizations are saying. For this reason, and many others, it will not be possible to steal Ohio from Obama. If the race was indeed a tossup and enough precincts could be controlled then it might have been possible, but as a resident of Ohio I can assure you that it will NOT be stolen from Obama. (he will probably win Florida too and end up with 332 electoral votes.).”

    This is not the first time that I have seen comments like this posted by people who live in Ohio. They are also livid about the ‘Jeep’ story.

    I would encourage all of you to read Nate’s article, so that you have good data to back up your “talking points” for any discussions you are having with anyone on the fence.

  118. barbk says:

    I don’t think it will be “lost on the electorate” Nancy. On Election Day as Mercury stations to retro, transiting messengers Iris and Hermes are alongside Mercury, driving the messages home. Isis who will be picking up the pieces left behind Hurricane Sandy will be conjunct Mercury at 4+ Sagittarius.

    This group in Sagittarius squares groups of minor planets from each of the other mutable (transitioning) signs; Hybris and Atropos at 7+ Gemini signifying a death of hubris (hopefully!), probably due to an over-dependence on technology, as represented by Atlantis (overdependence on technology) and Chiron (awareness through pain) at 5-6 Pisces. That leaves Orcus at 4+ Virgo, called the other Pluto, a transformational symbol, exactly square stationing Mercury. (U.S. progressed Photographica also at 4+ Virgo provides thousands of images insuring the electorate can’t forget the havoc created by Sandy.)

    As Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign and Mercury is in Jupiter’s sign, they have a mutually beneficial project in the works; one that informs and educates, through both the details and the big picture, of what climate change means to this country. On Election Day, Jupiter (still conjunct Chaos) is opposite the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius who is conjunct Juno at 15+ Sagittarius. Juno is the symbol of connectivity and the GA is obliging her desire with it’s powerful magnetic pulling towards them. Okyrhoe, Chiron’s daughter and a healer in her own right, is exactly conjunct the GA, providing a healing element to the coming together.

    The motivation factor is provided by transiting Karma at 14+ Virgo conjunct Elatis (written and spoken words) at 15+ Virgo, squaring both the Jupiter end and the Great Attractor end of the opposition. What’s more, these Virgo minor planets are sextile the Sun in Scorpio and they form a yod with the centaur Pelion at 15+ Aries, a symbol of nurturing and sharing with extraordinary generosity. It also represents a sacred space and a sense of destiny.

    These somewhat subtle but poignant energies are what the electorate will be experiencing on Election Day and with an emphasis on communication (Mercury, Hermes, Iris, Elatus), and connectivity (Juno), and the big picture (Jupiter), and memory (Karma, Atlantis), and transformation (Chiron, Orcus), it will surely have an influence on their vote choices. All under the broad transforming square between Pluto and Uranus, modified by Neptune’s sextile to Pluto and the decile between Neptune and Uranus, the Universe is quickly awakening even the slowest among us as to who wants to provide for the many and who wants to provide for themselves.

  119. Noelle says:

    Angellight, Anita and Alex GOOD NEWS. Alecia will be staying in a hotel tonight. A friend from work got her into a hotel and they said the only way she can bring her dog is if he’s a support dog.
    Believe it or not at her brother’s suggestion she just had the dog certified as an emotional support dog so he can ride on bus with her, etc. God is good. Thank you all soooooo much.

  120. Anita in MD says:

    All the time God is good!

  121. alex says:

    really great !

  122. Wennye' says:

    I’m saying thanks Kim, donating once a week a little bit each time which like most is a lot..especially when I am asking for money for my FEEDING THE HUNGRY project. Seeing people eating from dumpsters because of Sandy reminds us how fragile we humans can become from day to day. People homeless and hungry have to live this way constantly not temporarily when aid arrives. Blessings All

  123. Nita says:


    God Bless you for posting this great to know what is going on in Ohio

    I will do a Tarot Card Reading on Sunday to get the whole picture of what is going on in the spirit and post it here.

  124. Nita says:

    Noelle you go girl love your positive spirit you are so right Obama is going to win yes he is

  125. Lorrie U says:

    Angellight – I agree, we need to stay informed and sound the alarm when fraud or potential shenanigans are taking place. It is not alarmist to be alert and vigilant. So don’t apologize, your posts are not negative in any way.

  126. angellight says:

    Noelle, Alex, Anita: God is merciful and great. Thank you Lord for Alecia’s blessing.

  127. Lorrie U says:

    Good work, Alex. Excellent, positive advice. Bless you!

    And sending love and blessings to your niece, and her little Yorkie, Noelle! God bless and protect them.

  128. Lorrie U says:

    I have been encouraged by these figures. My only concern is that many who would normally vote will not because they are dealing with other matters due to Sandy or because they cannot get to polling places. The loss of those votes could change things.

  129. Lorrie U says:

    “…the Universe is quickly awakening even the slowest among us as to who wants to provide for the many and who wants to provide for themselves.”


  130. Lorrie U says:

    Public Records Reveal Romney Profited From Corruption, Fraud, and Racketeering at Bain

    Romney was head of Bain Capital while his team of conspirators committed fraud on the court, and when they were reported to the Department of Justice he “retroactively retired” to conceal his involvement and avoid a Department of Justice investigation. George W. Bush’s appointment of a lawyer from Bain Capital’s secret law firm as U.S. Attorney guaranteed Romney would not be investigated, but retroactive retiring does not change public docket records or FEC and SEC filings showing he profited from corruption, fraud, and racketeering (RICO) as head of Bain Capital, and as he was a corrupt vulture capitalist, he will be a corrupt president.


  131. Rose says:

    All of these numbers are using electoral votes, not popular votes. I agree some people may not vote in a few states, but unless the drop in the number of votes in a given state moves the state from blue to red, PBO still gets the EV, which is what counts.

    I have seen comments on Sam’s and Nate’s blogs asking them to factor in the possible impact of Sandy, but haven’t seen any number-crunching yet regarding the impact. If I see anything, I’ll post it here.

  132. Patty says:

    “One Term More”
    Energy follow intention…and passion!
    Please share: http://www.onetermmore.com/video_subtitles.html

  133. Bob says:

    I like to think that they will slip up somewhere or there comes a whistle blower that results in a machine being taken by officials on election night before company people can get their hands on it and a resulting investigation proves vote stealing to the advantage of Republicans at various levels of government. Might be in Ohio, might be in another state.

    I like the idea that obstructing Republicans (or any kind) would be as scarce as hen’s teeth around DC for decades to come.

    We could retroactively lay taxes of 99% on the 1% (just trying to get back the taxes they avoided with those offshore accounts, you know!)

  134. pisca says:

    People helping People: here’s a link to needs and drop off places to help storm victims:

  135. Tiggy says:

    That was delightful!

  136. Stefanie says:

    My dear Starlight friends — I have not had time to read through the thread, but just wanted to let all of you know that me and my family are well. Some of you know that my parents live in Long Beach on Long Island — one of the hardest hit communities. They evacuated the morning of the storm and have been safe, but without power, on the North Shore. Their house had some water damage, but not terrible, and compared to the utter decimation some of their neighbors suffered — it’s nothing. My mother’s car floated away. I lived in my dark apartment for a few days, but when my building began to empty, I started to panic. As a woman living alone I did not feel safe. I had no ability to communicate — not even text messages, so I was completely isolated while at home, and needed to go in and chain the door when the sun went down at 6. I was extremely lucky to get a hotel above the Dark Zone a few days ago, and I’ve been here as the adrenaline slowly left my body. Now I feel ok — and have massive survivor’s guilt, as the community that I grew up in, the one that my parents live in, and my own city have been so utterly devastated. I lived in Far Rockaway, one of the hardest hit areas, until I was 7. It’s as if every place I’ve ever lived in or had a deep connection with has gone through a brutal attack. New Yorkers are the most resilient people in the world and we will get through this. But I believe we’ll be talking about this storm in a 100 years. It’s like our San Francisco earth quake — the 1908 one.

    I hope you’ve all been well and I hope the other Starlighters from New York are safe and warm.

  137. pisca says:

    Gotit Todd and TY :-)

  138. pisca says:

    Stay safe, Stefani. It’s in your chart somewhere! And I’m a firm believer that we don’t get more then we can handle.

  139. pisca says:

    We all need to make noise about these fraudulent tactics. If those who have the stats and direct evidence of electoral shenanigans don’t pursue justice, it’s up to the PEOPLE to expose it!

  140. Diane L says:


    I lived thru the Mt Saint Helens eruption & have great faith in both the Earth’s & human being’s ability to regenerate & recover. You & your family will find your footing in the changed landscape along w/many others. The Saturn-Pluto mutual reception will help . . .

  141. Rose says:

    I’ve been reading some of the comments on Sam’s blog. This is how he replied to someone concerned about Ohio:

    “[E]verybody’s watching Ohio. They’re not sending teams of crack polling-station monitors to Princeton, NJ, you know. If Romney takes OH, IA, *or* WI, I’ll eat a bug and send you the photo of me doing it.”

    which was followed by a post from a Rabbi:

    “That’s not kosher :-(”

    Too funny. I’m still laughing.

  142. Nita says:

    Stefanie God Bless you and your family sending prayers your way have a lot of friends in NY and we have each other backs.

    I live in NJ and we are helping each to get through this.

    I am going to do a special spiritual pray on Sunday and as my Orishas for help. The ones in heaven can do it best and I am so lucky to be able to ask them for help and they do help.

    Many blessings to you

  143. Connie says:

    Stefanie! Oh Yeah Finally! So very good to hear from you! Sandy is Katrina’s terrible sister. Be strong, stay safe, and remember to laugh!

  144. Lune Prière says:


  145. Lune Prière says:

    Praying for her and her Yorkie. And trying to stay neutral in my thoughts about the person with the apartment who couldn’t manage to let her stay one more night. Light is all around your niece, now and forever.

  146. starlight says:

    Stefanie – I have been thinking about you and wondered if you and your family were safe and secure. Thank you for updating us. The word earlier was that power would be back on for Lower Manhattan by tonight. I hope that is still the plan. Take good care and keep us posted when you can.

    Many hugs from us all!!

  147. Lune Prière says:

    My post is for Noelle.

  148. Lune Prière says:

    Dr. Wang has an elegant expression of humor.

  149. Lune Prière says:

    Nita, when you do your reading, can you explain what the cards mean? It’s been many years since I’ve done tarot and I’ve lost the little bit of knowledge I had! :)

  150. Lune Prière says:

    So relieved she’ll be in a safe place!

  151. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much for checking in, Stefanie, so we won’t worry about you and your parents…it’s great knowing that you’ll all safe and your parents home is relatively undamaged. May God and all the angels, spirits and guides fill the NY/NJ/PA/New England AREA with LIGHT, POWER & SAFETY, and ELECTRICAL POWER, TOO, SPEEDILY!!! (Although there is something to be gotten from the peace of living without electrical power.) We’re all thinking of you so please keep us posted! @Noelle — so glad to hear that that your niece Alicia is solving her problems and that God is watching over her, too. I’m sure the prays here helped. Lots of stories of the human spirit will come out of this storm! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  152. Lorrie U says:

    New Matthew’s Message up for those who follow…

    Soon all individuals whose actions are motivated by greed and control no longer will be around. Then you shall see why the highest universal council selected the soul born as Barack Obama to fill one of the most vital roles in your world today. This would have been evident throughout his presidency had it not been for the tenacity of the dark ones.

    The global economy, which is a product of smoke and mirrors, to use your term, is irreparable. The foundation of the new system has been slid under the old so that when its collapse comes, the new foundation will be well established. That will enable the transition from the old system to the new to come about without the dam breaking, so to say.

    Customized changes in currency, banking, lending, taxes, commerce and investing will be instituted at a pace to minimize confusion, but debt forgiveness in the case of IMF loans to countries where the money never reached the impoverished masses is an economic priority and so is providing the essentials those many millions require. Remedying your bleak employment, homelessness and refugee situations also are priorities.


  153. fierywoman says:

    A big *mwah!* to you, Fe, for this !

  154. Lune Prière says:

    Interviews of Republcans at a Romney event. This is the level of ignorance, paranoia and hate we’re up against, folks.

    H/t Tbogg

  155. Lune Prière says:

    Absolutely devastating.

  156. Lune Prière says:

    Just watched video of PBO at a rally in Ohio from earlier today. It could be the lighting, but I got the feeling he’s worn out physically. He was perspiring, his voice is raspy, and he had dark circles under his eyes. Anyone who’s so inclined, please join me in visualizing the President Obama wrapped in healing and secure energy.

    (and yes, I do cluck over him like a mother hen sometimes. Always have. :) )

  157. oxthecat says:

    I will join you.

  158. Nita says:

    Lune Prière and oxthecat

    I will join with the both of you also.

    Prayer Focus: Please do this for President Obama

    Light a blue candle in a quiet place where you can pray without distractions, as the candle burns, you can either speak your prayers out loud or write your prayers on a piece of paper that you then place near the candle. Besides making requests, you can also express your gratitude to God and the angels for helping the President and his family to keep them safe and healthy

    Ask for protection, faith, courage, and strength, healing and the power to defeat Romney for the good of the country. Also place a glass of water next to the candle that you have blessed.

    Best Day to Light:

    Many blessings

  159. oxthecat says:

    OK I have a blue candle.

  160. Anita in MD says:

    I’m IN

  161. angellight says:

    Stephanie: You and your family are in my prayers.

    Lune, Oxthecat, Nita, Anita: Sunday Visualization/Mediation: I am in.

  162. karen says:

    Stephanie, my thought has been with you. Like others, it’s downright relief to hear that you’re alright. Your posts are always informative and this is no exception.

    To all those Starlight posters affected by this storm, Nita and Michael, know that all you need do is ask should you need help.

  163. alex says:


    8PM at night – Nevada

    image -pic


  164. barbk says:

    Thank you so much for the heads up Lorrie U!

  165. barbk says:

    Me too.

  166. Connie says:


  167. Diane L says:

    In Ray Merriman’s latest article, he has some very good things to say about summer 2013 . . . the foundation laid for positive change.


  168. Lune Prière says:

    Many thanks to all who are meditating for PBO. You gave me chills – in a very good way!

  169. Rose says:

    Nancy, the latest article on Sam Wang’s PEC site supports what you’ve been seeing in the astrological indicators. I hope you don’t mind if I post some excerpts here, since this concern has been raised due to the effects of Sandy.

    How likely is a popular-vote/electoral-vote mismatch? http://election.princeton.edu/how-likely-is-PV-EV-mismatch-3nov2012.php

    “President Obama is peeling away. As you can see from the electoral vote (EV) estimator, he is the candidate with the momentum, not Romney. In terms of EV or the Meta-margin, he’s made up just about half the ground he ceded to Romney after Debate #1. And the indicators are still headed straight up.

    “A few days ago, the word was that Team Romney was buying ads in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. If he wins either of those states I will eat a bug. Ohio…a really big bug. And yes, I will post a photo.

    “Today I’ll address a common concern among the commentariat: will President Obama lose the popular vote? … I estimate Romney’s chance of winning the popular vote at 6%, odds of 16-1 against.

    “The exact popular-vote prediction today is Obama +2.1 +/- 1.1%. Allowing a little bit for Gary Johnson, this gives a vote share of Obama 50.3 +/-0.5%, Romney 48.2 +/-0.5%. I’ll update that to a final prediction this weekend.”

    And from the comments thread on Sam’s article:

    (from PA) “I live in the middle of Philadelphia and there really were no problems here from Sandy. I haven’t heard of any significant power outages and the city is up and running like the storm never happened as far as I can tell. I wouldn’t expect any effect on turnout or the voting process on Election Day.”

    (from MA) “I have a better measure that points to an Obama win. I have coffee at a Dunkin Donuts every morning and there is a group of republicans who have been talking very loudly since Debate #1; this morning you could hear a pin drop! :)”

    “some of the more rational Republicans are starting to look to post-election damage clean up: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/11/03/mitt-romney-s-delusions-of-victory.html

    And I can’t resist adding a couple of comments from one of Nate’s articles:

    “Wow! 30,000 people coming to see just Mitt Romney speak? My god! The man must move mountains!

    “Oh wait, though. You forgot to mention that Mitt Romney is just headlining a desperate, Republican Lollapalooza: Kid Rock, John Boehner, John McCain, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Rudy Giuliani, Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham, Bobby Jindal, and a dozen other surrogates. Wow, it was Boehner’s district too. He’s got over 400,000 Republicans in his constituency, and he couldn’t get even 10% of them to take the trip to West Chester to see the guy (and their other favorite republicans) that they’re supposed to be voting for in 4 days? Yikes.

    “And you know what the best part is? That entire rally, for all that it cost, will get nowhere near the traction in Ohio that Obama already got this week for free, without even setting foot in the state.

    – GM, Chrysler, and Christie, his newest surrogates.”


    “Even basic things like attendance counts are total lies:

    “The campaign announced that 30,000 people attended, but Secret Service sources said just 15,000 went through metal detectors. And local law enforcement counted the crowd at 18,000.”

    And I can’t find the link now, but somewhere in one of Nate’s threads, there was a link for a NYT interactive voting scenario, which fortunately, I saved to my favorites, so here it is:

    I think it’s all over but the shouting.

  170. angellight says:

    Streaming Live – Pres. Obama in Ohio! CNN.Com/Live

  171. angellight says:

    I read on this blog today from a woman who Channels and she said she channelled the Real Barack Obama. The the Barack Obama we have been seeing at the 1st debate, is his clone; that it was made two days before the first debate and had not been fully inclimated. That the Barack we are seeing now is the Clone because he has to be protected from the Cabal. I started to provide the link but, you know, I don’t really believe everything I hear or read.

    However, the last two days of Obama’s stump speeches have been filed with fire, passion and something I have not seen from him before. It’s highly inspirational and coming from Soul levels. I joked with my husband, maybe this is Obama’s clone. Sure acts different.

    Do I believe its a clone? No not really, but after seeing the devastion from Sandy may have fired up the personality to bring in more soul fusion for the fight ahead.

  172. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    A clone? Really?

    This simply brings up an awful lot of questions, such as, how could an adult result two days after the few cells that would be the start of a clone? Would the clone have an independent soul? Where did the clone go after the first debate?

    Inquiring minds are eager to know.

  173. NCDem says:

    Just voted early in North Carolina. Today’s the last day of early voting. The line was out the door and around the building in my little mostly GOP area. Lots of young voters, several of whom were registering.(same day registration here). Poll workers said turnout has been heavy every day and they expect more of the same on Tuesday. Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama both will be in the state before Tuesday – I’m thinking the campaign would never waste those valuable resources if they didn’t think we had a good shot at turning NC blue again this election. Long-time lurker – just thought you folks might like to know.
    Many thanks to Starlight for the awesome work!

  174. julie says:

    Thanks, Diane — that is very encouraging. I’d be interested in reading your and Nancy (and other astrologers) interpretation of those transits.

  175. julie says:

    I’ll join in, too.

  176. starlight says:

    I think I read somewhere that some people walked out while Romney was speaking. they had come to hear Kid Rock.

  177. Wennye' says:

    Lune P. thanks for this video though hard to watch and listen to one needs to know the opponents. As usual the truth is not voice straight out closest they come is I want my America back as that weathered old women said pointing to herself. Blessings

  178. Rose says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. LOL

  179. Wennye' says:

    Thanks Lorrie for the heads up!

  180. Rose says:

    That “paths to the white house” interactive link in my post is quite interesting. R$ really only has one or two avenues to winning, and they begin with OH or FL. If PBO wins one of them, R$ is pretty much toast.

    I’ve seen it in writing, but the visual is very strong. Nice thing is, we can play with it ahead of time, which should do a lot to soothe some of the jitters while we wait for Tuesday.

    The last round of polling is out today, so I’ll update my Nate/Sam number from a previous post once they’ve factored them into their models.

  181. Rose says:

    Yes, I live in NC too, and I’m very hopeful that we can turn the state blue again. I’ve been watching the early voting results on http://elections.gmu.edu/early_vote_2012.html, and the numbers are consistent with what you and I have both seen at early voting.

    If NC goes blue, R$ would have to win PA, FL, *and* OH to even have a chance. Not very likely!

  182. Sharon says:

    People who channel, are psychic, etc., see a lot of things that appear real but are actually symbolic. A clone might be a possibility but I don’t think we are advanced enough yet (but what do I know?) On a symbolic level, it’s very interesting and I think it speaks to your perceptions, Angellight, of not getting the real spirit of Barack Obama, because it was blocked. I think the Chiron and Saturn influences challenged him to deal with the physical demands of campaigning (and he was a smoker for a long time, too) as well as all the animosity towards him in the country, the Republican Congress blocking the economy from improving the way it could have, and Romney’s degree of success in the 1st debate, also, which Obama had to take responsibility for. All of this ties directly into his ability to continue his mission and has to hurt. However, he IS a Leo sun which helps him rise to the challenges. It also must feel like a relief to be so close to the finish line(hopefully). You know, the Spielberg film about Lincoln will be out in a few weeks which I am sure, (although L. was a Republican & a very different kind of Republican I think)will have a very interesting effect on the collective consciousness (or, possibly, is a reflection of it).

  183. Nita says:


    Please don’t light the candle on Sunday the moon is void on Sunday Nov 4 at 3:37 am until Mon Nov 5 2:29 pm void moon ends
    So please light the candle at 6:00 pm on Monday at Nov 5 that would be so great for the President to receive the prayers.
    The moon sign enters Leo at 2:29 pm on Monday Nov 5 which is great for the President being he is a Leo lighting the candle after 2:29 pm is best.

    If everyone can light a blue candle great all the better, if you can’t get blue please get a white candle that’s ok we will be heard please remember to place a glass of water next to the candle alone with your written petition if you like I am going to write my prayers down on paper and place next to the candle.

    I will ask for my Guardian Angel to open up the communication with the lights from the candle for the prayers to be answered for the good of the President and is family.




  184. Sharon says:

    I just found a blue candle and will meditate also, bringing into it the healing of the NE and the earth because President Obama and the Democrats are the best ones to do that.

  185. angellight says:

    Duchess/Sharon: The channeler said that the real Barack said Galactic Entities with knowledge of this science created it. That’s all I know. I am like Sharon stated, “what do I know”.

  186. angellight says:

    I found the info on this site


  187. angellight says:

    Michelle Obama live on CNN Live. She is simply amazing, a great asset and her Soul, too is shining through. Powerful messenger.

  188. Sharon says:

    I’m glad to see this positive picture for the summer of 2013—I want it to be President Obama and the Democrats who are in power to take credit for it. The Republicans largely caused the Recession; they should not be given credit for the recovery as they will be out there taking it.

  189. Salemone says:

    Amazing video. I had no idea Buddhists were taking over the country…

  190. Sharon says:

    6 p.m. at which time period? ET?

  191. Lunagardener says:

    NCDem, Thanks for that update. I am in NC too. Caldwell county….very red here..crossing fingers and toes…

  192. Lunagardener says:

    I watched a video Starlight, of the Romney rally with meatloaf acted very strange….I actually felt sorry for the Romney campaign, and thought, how on earth could his admin run a country, when they can’t even manage a decent rally….It was pitiful. http://entertainment.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/26/14724826-meat-loaf-screams-wails-america-the-beautiful-for-mitt-romney?lite

  193. shoalsister says:

    That was funny! and the interviewer almost lost it on this one. He was most gracious to all he interviewed, though. I liked that part.

  194. alex says:

    November 4TH – Call Out The Vote

    Obamacare saved my mother’s life. After she lost her job and her health insurance, she needed a major surgery that she couldn’t afford. Luckily one of the early provisions of Obamacare kicked in just in time.

    She’s on the mend now, and with her new reasonably-priced insurance plan, she can continue to get the care she needs to avoid a relapse. But we’re scared, because we both know she’ll lose her Obamacare coverage if Mitt Romney wins on Tuesday.

    President Obama fought for us, so now I’m fighting for him.


  195. alex says:

    I’ve been following NC news at dailykos… great news

  196. Nita says:


    Yes ET time at 6:00 pm

    I will post when I am starting after I do a reading with my guardian angel to open up the light.

    Thanks so much for you help with the light

  197. alex says:


    When asked about how voters waiting in lines were reacting to the lines in Hillsborough County, Travis Abercrombie, the public information coordinator for the Hillsborough County Elections Office, said they have “the patience of Job.”

    South Florida Voters Waiting 4 Hours to Vote Early

  198. alex says:

    I finally decided how I would ask my GOP extended family to Vote – Obama…. here it is:

    Protect Affordable Health Care – You Know What To Do. Best Wishes,

    good uplifting GOTV video and one pic…

    that’s it – kept it simple

  199. Noelle says:

    Lorrie U thanks for posting this. I think for readers of this blog it’s important to read this message of Matthew’s if only for the portion devoted to fear attracting fear just as light attracts light, etc. The portion on Obama is also important and should be of interest.

    Stephanie, I’m so happy you found room in a hotel.

  200. Noelle says:

    Will do and he needs your clucking.

    I think Starlight saw this ailmect.

  201. Connie says:

    okay! thank you…

  202. Lune Prière says:

    Haha! Those &@#% Buddhists!

  203. Lune Prière says:

    Dr. Wang is showing all the toss ups leaning blue, except Florida, which has gone from lean Romney to toss up. OBAMA-MENTUM!


  204. Patty says:

    When you have a chance…
    This breathtaking speech Obama gave in Lima, Ohio today will blow-you-away.
    The way he says it, the values, these are all things the things the majority of Americas understand and hold dear.
    He’s fantastic…stuttering and all. Obama’s not perfect. “Presidents are like Roses…they all have thorns”.
    A speech is so reminiscent of Bill Clinton with an evolved current day twist.
    It’s only 27 inspiring minutes long.

  205. Rose says:

    The following was posted by a commenter on one of Nate’s threads:

    One need only look into the classic literature to recognize why Romney is losing this election. Perhaps Lewis Carroll best summarized the Ryan/Romney campaign years ago when he penned Alice in Wonderland. Both the Author Mr. Carroll and Mr. Romney popularized a Tea Party!

    Alice (Romney)
    I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!

    Eaglet (The Voters)
    Speak English! I don’t know the meaning of half those long words, and I don’t believe you do either!

    Alice (Romney)
    I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.

    The Mock Turtle (Karl Rove)
    Reeling and Writhing, of course, to begin with, and then the different branches of arithmetic — Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.

    The Duchess (Ryan)
    If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.

    Alice (Romney)
    If it had grown up, it would have made a dreadfully ugly child; but it makes rather a handsome pig, I think.

    The Cat (Anderson Cooper-CNN)
    We’re all mad here.

    The Duchess (Ryan)
    Tut, tut, child! Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.

  206. starlight says:

    Ohio is looking like a mess, and my guess is the results of Ohio, and possibly the election (??) may be delayed:


  207. pisca says:

    RE: Romney’s mental health! IMO Mitt is already too far gone, but ya think Ann can hold up for 3 more days?

  208. alex says:

    WNYC Radio:

    For any storm-weary voters considering skipping town before Election Day, in-person absentee voting is an option at local Board of Elections offices through Monday. But under state law, voters can only cast absentee ballots if they have a qualifying reason, such as being out of town, disabled, or responsible for primary caregiving for someone disabled.

    Manhattan — 450 West 33rd St-To Pick Up Ballots and Vote In Person. Hours: Friday 9:00am-8:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm, Monday 9:00am-8:00pm

    Brooklyn–345 Adams Street, 4th Floor, Hours: Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm
    Phone: 718-797-8800

    Staten Island–1 Edgewater Plaza, 4th Floor, Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm
    Phone: 718-876-0079

    Queens–126-06 Queens Blvd. Hours: Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm
    Phone: 718-730-6730

    The Bronx–1780 Grand Concourse, Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm,
    Phone: 718-299-9017

    Naussau County–240 Old Country Road 5th Fl Mineola NY 11501
    Friday 7:00am-10:00pm, Saturday 7:00am-10:00pm, Sunday 7:00am-10:00pm, Monday 7:00am-10:00pm
    Phone: 516-571-2411

    Suffolk County–700 Yaphank Ave. Yaphank NY 11980, Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm, Sunday Closed, Monday 9:00am-5:00pm
    Phone: 631-852-4500


    How to Vote After Sandy

    Offices are OPEN over the weekend! You can walk in and VOTE NOW during the extended weekend hours and on Monday, if you will be away, think you will be away, or have storm-related issues getting to the polling place on Tuesday.

    The NY State Board of Elections and the NYC Board of Elections have added hours for IN-PERSON absentee voting.




    You still need an approved reason to vote absentee in NY, but the BOE is making it much easier.

    For any storm-weary voters considering skipping town before Election Day, in-person absentee voting is an option at local Board of Elections offices through Monday. But under state law, voters can only cast absentee ballots if they have a qualifying reason, such as being out of town, disabled, or responsible for primary caregiving for someone disabled.

  209. alex says:

    WNYC Radio:

    For any storm-weary voters considering skipping town before Election Day, in-person absentee voting is an option at local Board of Elections offices through Monday. But under state law, voters can only cast absentee ballots if they have a qualifying reason, such as being out of town, disabled, or responsible for primary caregiving for someone disabled.

    Manhattan — 450 West 33rd St-To Pick Up Ballots and Vote In Person. Hours: Friday 9:00am-8:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm, Monday 9:00am-8:00pm

    Brooklyn–345 Adams Street, 4th Floor, Hours: Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm
    Phone: 718-797-8800

    Staten Island–1 Edgewater Plaza, 4th Floor, Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm
    Phone: 718-876-0079

    Queens–126-06 Queens Blvd. Hours: Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm
    Phone: 718-730-6730

    The Bronx–1780 Grand Concourse, Friday 9:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm, Monday 9:00am-9:00pm,
    Phone: 718-299-9017

    Naussau County–240 Old Country Road 5th Fl Mineola NY 11501
    Friday 7:00am-10:00pm, Saturday 7:00am-10:00pm, Sunday 7:00am-10:00pm, Monday 7:00am-10:00pm
    Phone: 516-571-2411

    Suffolk County–700 Yaphank Ave. Yaphank NY 11980, Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm, Sunday Closed, Monday 9:00am-5:00pm
    Phone: 631-852-4500


    How to Vote After Sandy

    Offices are OPEN over the weekend! You can walk in and VOTE NOW during the extended weekend hours and on Monday, if you will be away, think you will be away, or have storm-related issues getting to the polling place on Tuesday.

  210. alex says:

    The NY State Board of Elections and the NYC Board of Elections have added hours for IN-PERSON absentee voting.



    You still need an approved reason to vote absentee in NY, but the BOE is making it much easier.

    For any storm-weary voters considering skipping town before Election Day, in-person absentee voting is an option at local Board of Elections offices through Monday. But under state law, voters can only cast absentee ballots if they have a qualifying reason, such as being out of town, disabled, or responsible for primary caregiving for someone disabled.

  211. alex says:



    TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey will allow residents displaced by Superstorm Sandy to vote by email or fax.

    Officials announced Saturday that registered voters can vote electronically. A resident must submit a mail-in ballot application by fax or email to the local county clerk.

    When the request is received, a ballot will be emailed or faxed back. Ballots must be returned no later than 8 p.m. Tuesday.

    Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno says the effort will help alleviate pressure on polling places Tuesday. New Jersey is using military trucks in place of damaged polling places.

    Officials say electronic voting is also an option for emergency workers. The option is already open to New Jersey voters overseas and in the military.

  212. Todd Bennett says:

    The results of the election will be Tuesday. Take the stress out of your mind and do your readings like you normally do. You said angst reduces, it is as we are taking the national lead now even.

  213. Todd Bennett says:

    What you may not know is without OH we are still sitting on 276 evs with a lead in VA. We are tied to slightly ahead in FL and CO as well. So it does not all come down to Ohio. However in 2008 POTUS won by 260,000 or so votes, or roughly 5 percent. The story you reference involves 33,000 votes, or would be relevant in an election within .6 of a percent, where he leads so far by an average of 4-5.

  214. fierywoman says:

    Third one’s the charm?!?

  215. fierywoman says:

    Will do.

  216. Gypsi says:

    Way more than 3

  217. Gypsi says:

    Lighting one tonight. I am at home and be sure that it doesn’t start a fire. I will probably be phone banking Monday evening and might not be here.

  218. Bob says:

    Loved the speech, the passion, the honesty. Also Joey’s speech should be viewed. It’s on the same page. Presidents Obama, Clinton, and VP Biden are all very good speakers, the GOP has not one who can compare imo.

    We will win this election for the President and then we have to root out, put out of office (if they hold any), and if possible prosecute and put behind bars, any who are found to have used dishonest means to try to “steal” this election, no matter who they may be. No slap on the wrist – hard time behind bars and a ban from participating the election process in any manner (including voting) forever. If any would dishonestly deny our ultimate voice (our vote) in participating in the process of how this country, which we helped to build, which our blood has defended, which we will pass on to other generations, is governed, they should never again be allowed to participate themselves in any manner, at any level.

  219. Rose says:

    This was posted as a comment on Nate’s 538:


    “Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina:

    Early voting in Wi, Ia, NC, Fl confirms that Romney needs to win 65% of the Tuesday vote in NC ! and @ 58% in the balance of those critical states.

    When a campaign gives out confirmed data, especially the kind that could discourage their own voters, well, they just wouldn’t deter their own voters by saying that voting is less than essential … but Messina basically just did … claiming that it is impossible for Romney to get that percentage of votes in those states.

    It would require more than an energized turnout and tampered machines and poll disruption to gain nearly 60% of all votes on Tuesday in Wi, Ia, NC and Fl.

    Still think the GOP has the money, will and tech. to attempt to steal this election, but that is where it is.

    GOTV for Obama, folks … make this a landslide mandate,
    and this time, let’s not let up on them … let’s get this right.”

  220. lightgraphs says:

    It would be a blessing if Obama could win the electoral vote while Ohio is still deciding. No one state should hold the country in thrall the way Ohio has done this cycle. I’d love to see Obama declared the winner while Ohio is still dithering over it’s GOP-tainted ballots.

  221. frs says:

    NJ will allow people to vote via email – this is a recipe for disaster as right wingers can vote over and over again. They are going on the honor system – http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/new-jersey-absentee-ballot-electronic-voting-hurricane-sandy-177112241.html

  222. Rose says:

    Here’s the rest:

    “The ground game outlined in Jim Messina’s memo today is astounding (even if only 50% work out). I have seen this kind of organizing from very very up close. It can be quite deadly! If their ground game works out, we may actually see President Obama winning in excess of 332 EVs.”

    And the memo:


  223. Virginia says:

    Yeah! What you said!

  224. Rose says:

    I don’t think they are going on the honor system. As Alex posted above, the person must already be a *registered voter*, and must be displaced by the storm. He further states:

    “A resident must submit a mail-in ballot application by fax or email to the local county clerk. When the request is received, a ballot will be emailed or faxed back.”

    In other words, someone can’t just email or fax a vote in repeatedly. Once a person has requested a ballot, they must return the ballot in order to vote. Ergo, only one vote per person, regardless of their email address.

    You can bet they will be checking off which registered voter’s requested a ballot, and which ballots were returned.

  225. Lorrie U says:

    “I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed. Not a child educated. Not a child housed.

    “That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth.”
    Sister Joan Chittister

  226. alex says:

    Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin,
    Chris Murphy in Connecticut,
    Jon Tester in Montana,
    Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota,
    and Bob Kerrey in Nebraska

    are all being targeted by corporate special interest money in the final stretch before Election Day — and they can all win.

    If these progressive candidates win, we have a real chance at reform.

    excerpt email – Progressives United

  227. alex says:

    at a massive rally Saturday evening in northern Virginia.

    Obama crowd estimated at 24,000; NBC & WAPO crowd numbers

    Saturday Night Virginia



  228. Bob says:

    Videos of the speeches. President Obama’s is the same as one linked to earlier but with small differences which make it worth watching all the way through.


  229. Bob says:

    Nate Silver, Jan 13, 1978, East Lansing, MI
    Using noon: Natal Mars 4°54′ Leo

    Sam Wang, May 4, 1967, No place of birth
    Using noon (Princeton, NJ) Prog Jupiter 4°48′ Leo
    Natal Saturn 7°27′ Aries

    Some worrisome transits in either natal or progressed charts for each of them. Could their predictions appear to be wrong because of a stolen election?

  230. alex says:

    last night Ed Show: they are breathing down Ohio SOS neck… he continues to suppress…. and experiment with computers but the legislature, reporters, population et al are going to string him up figuratively he is flirting with personal disaster; I don’t think he/they/whomever can hide election fraud for long…. heads will roll, courts will be involved; criminal charges will be brought;

  231. angellight says:

    Obama Toilet Paper Leads To Firehouse Fiasco!

    A South Florida firehouse is under an official investigation after firefighters there stocked their bathroom with toilet paper bearing the face of President Barack Obama. The rolls,…

    HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol

  232. Todd Bennett says:

    My transits look good, and those two people could not possibly care about it as much as I do. You are reading too much into this, don’t give life to something that is dead. There will be no theft, nor question about the President’s decisive victory which we be clear on Tuesday.

  233. angellight says:

    “Bain Capital owns Clear Channel, the largest radio station group owner in the United States. Clear Channel owns the networks which air the most popular radio talk shows, including The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Glenn Beck Program, The Sean Hannity Show, America Now with Andy Dean, Coast to Coast AM, The Savage Nation, The Mark Levin Show, and The Dave Ramsey Show.”


  234. angellight says:

    FYI: Mitt Romney says Lying is a Business Plan! –

    (1) Liar Romney Bain Capital Cover UPs:! http://youtu.be/QCc_XgHSllU via @youtube
    View media

    (2) Dirty Secret Behind Bain Capital Profits Under Mitt Romney: http://youtu.be/ENd0x4bqqVI via @youtube
    View media

    (3) Hypocrisy: Mitt Romney is Still Earning Millions From Bain Capital: http://youtu.be/3Z_R4IelNGI via @youtube

  235. ox the cat says:

    Nate Silver said he was a libertarian and would be more in that camp than the Democratic camp so he does not really have a horse in this race. Not sure about Sam Wang.

  236. Rose says:

    Sam wants Obama to win.

  237. Squallo says:

    My forecast is for an Obamas victory followed by a coup attempt 3 to 10 days later coordinated with an attack on Iran, bringing world conflict and the second american revolution, ending in a nuclear conflagration around 2015-2017.

  238. Bob says:


    The positions are real and so are the transits. The timing is during the time of the election. Wondering what they might indicate is not predicting their outcome. Don’t put words into my mouth.

    If vote totals were changed in a successful or unsuccessful attempt to steal the election which resulted in their forecasts being out of the range they predict a negative light would be cast on their work. It might be that disruption in the voting process caused by the hurricane skews the results away from their models forecasts. At any rate, the transits to their charts will take place.

    There is no exact forecast in astrology beyond positive or negative, easy or difficult, basically good or bad. To be more specific beyond that, in most cases, is guesswork. How many times has Nancy said something like “There is no way to tell exactly how it will work out” or words to that effect?

    I have gone on record stating my belief that President Obama will be re-elected because his positive transits are stronger than Romney’s imo.

    You might want to check the transits of the Sun and Moon to your natal Saturn and Saturn to your natal Mercury at about 9 pm, CST on Nov 6th.

  239. Squallo says:

    Dunlap wrote an essay in 1992 called The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012[3] in which he asserts that the blurring of the military role of the armed forces into civilian missions might be dangerous to democracy and civilian government.


  240. Rose says:

    Something like that would surely show in PBO’s chart, and it doesn’t.

  241. alex says:

    dailykos diary by davidkc

    In-person early voting ended on Saturday in Florida, but what many people don’t know is that you can still vote early in many counties on Sunday and all counties on Monday by picking up a vote-by-mail ballot in person at your nearest elections office, completing it on the spot and handing it in at the office. Please spread the word about this important aspect of early voting in Florida that seems to have gotten lost amid the focus on the long early voting lines in many parts of Florida. Click below for a partial list of elections offices in Florida that are open today – Sunday, November 4 – where you can pick up and complete your vote-by-mail ballot!

    The deadline was October 31 for a person to request that a vote-by-mail ballot be sent to them in the mail. Although this deadline has been widely reported, what hasn’t been reported is that after you October 31, and through election day, you can still pick up a vote-by-mail ballot at your local elections office, complete it right there at the office and submit.

    Here’s a partial list of counties where elections office are open on Sunday where you can complete a vote-by-mail ballot:

    Hillsborough County
    Open Sunday, Nov. 4, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Over-the-counter Vote By Mail Ballots available at the Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center; 2514 N. Falkenburg Rd., Tampa, FL 33619

    Orange County
    Open Sunday, Nov. 4, 10 am – 4 pm

    119 West Kaley Street
    Orlando, FL 32806
    phone: 407-836-2070

    Pinellas County
    Open Sunday, Nov. 4, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at these locations:

    Election Service Center
    Starkey Lakes Corporate Center
    13001 Starkey Road
    Largo FL 33773
    Telephone: (727) 464-VOTE (8683)

    Pinellas County Courthouse
    315 Court Street, Room 117
    Clearwater FL 33756

    County Building
    501 First Avenue North
    St. Petersburg FL 33701
    (Fifth Street North entrance)

    I will continue to research other counties that are open on Sunday and update this list, but I wanted to get this up ASAP. Spread the word!!

    Important note about signature: If you use this in-person vote-by-mail option to vote, please make sure that your signature on the mail-in ballot matches what is on your ID! We’ve had many reports of mail-in ballots being thrown out because the signatures don’t match.

  242. teresahill says:

    Why don’t you start your own site and post your gloom & doom predictions all the time. Wall to wall gloom and doom.
    But don’t bring it here.

  243. starlight says:

    I put up a new thread basically so the posting wouldn’t get too bogged down for the next few days.


  244. Prabhata says:

    I feel compelled to respond to this with a little more reasoning than attacking the messenger.

    First, Squallo, a coup attempt in the U.S. would have to be done by the military. It’s coordination is very unlikely because of the structure of our military. It’s not happening. Second, I don’t see a war with Iran until maybe 2015, when transiting Saturn is conjuncts Israel natal Sun.

    Squallo, predicting the future is difficult. Even those who have studied to read the stars have a 50:50 chance of predicting. If I were you, I would keep such predictions to self. Even if you are right, knowing about it, won’t change the outcome.

  245. Prabhata says:

    Theresahill, only Nancy has the authority to say what you said.

  246. Virginia says:


    Come on – if you want to be REALLY scary, predict a world chocolate shortage!

  247. Lorrie U says:

    Can you provide the link?

  248. Nita says:


    You were solicited by several on this blogging site not to post pessimistic comments so you decisioned to try to sneak in like a snake and put your taunting poison back on this blog at such a critical time two days before the most important time of this election trying to get the President Obama reelected. How dare try to get into the minds here it’s not fair and you know.

    Nancy wouldn’t request for you not to post your poison on her blog and you should be ashamed to do so why do you want to ruin it. You are not stupid and you can clearly tell that Nancy is a very light spirited and very positive person she put this blog site up with love. I personally have followed her blog for years and this site brings me peace and joy and love for my fellow bloggers with the same mindset and we really do love Nancy.

    I personally asked you to stop with your negative comments here and you instigated back up again.
    Huh… so you thought I wouldn’t keep my promised you made the wrong decision on that I am very protective of good things and this blogging site is a very good for some many of us.

    The Void moon is done on Monday after 2:30 pm I will then keep my promise to you.


  249. Squallo says:

    maybe knowing we can change

  250. Squallo says:

    Lol, i’m not trying to scare anybody, Just a thought.

    I dont see the reptilians… ups, republicans, handling another Obama´s 4 years to well.

  251. Nina says:

    I missed seeing this yesterday – any changes to do it tonight?

  252. Diana Shaw says:

    Just read your excellent run down of the coming 8 degree aspects triggering the Sibley pr. Sun square Sibley natal Uranus. Definitely stressful, but, to me at least, obviously the energy heading towards the Fiscal Cliff. I learned that if taken, challenges to Uranus bring rewards. I got doubled my own salary when my pr. Sun opposed an 8th house Uranus in my progressed chart. (Frankly, I was afraid that my life, or that of someone close to me was about to be terminated). So, I anticipate much turmoil, as you predict, and I’m hoping for a happy ending if the ideologically challenged (Pr. Sun in Pisces) can just use their creative intelligence (Uranus in Gemini).