One More Day

At this point, I have said pretty much what I am going to say about this election. Basically, Romney’s need to do what his father couldn’t, as shown by his natal Saturn square to Chiron and his 4th house Pluto, is likely to be thwarted by the current Saturn transit in early Scorpio. President Obama’s popularity and success seem likely to grow (progressed Venus square Moon and transiting Jupiter station square Pluto) as we move into the New Year.  This is the very short version of how I see things. My recent posts on The Final Stretch explain in greater depth.

There is little to add until the votes are tallied. With the Mercury station tomorrow, some of the lines may be very long and very slow to move. Delays and confusion and miscounting are possible. If the delay goes on for days, there may be a shift around the 12th or so.

So let’s all take a deep breath and hold good thoughts as we watch the final stage of this long and brutal campaign.


  1. Rose says:

    Thank you SO much, Nancy, for continuing to provide your astrological wisdom and insight, and this blog so our online community can support and be supported, both during the superstorm and the run-up to the election. I have been following you for many years now, and I’m still impressed by your abilities and voice of sanity.

    How are you doing personally, as far as the Sandy impact? Have you had any serious damage, or *just* a huge mess to clean up?

  2. mima says:

    Thank you, Nancy! you have been so helpful. Your posts really educate and you do it with so much integrity.

    My son requested an absentee ballot and it was received yesterday at our address. I will have to send it overnight tomorrow so he can have it mailed and dated on the 6th. That is not right. He said he requested the absentee ballot a couple of weeks ago and gave them his address.
    Many people oversees did not get their ballots either. Big mess with that.

  3. JA says:

    Thank you, Nancy. This is the very best blog.

  4. Sharon says:

    Thank you again, Nancy. Yes, let’s all take a collective deep breathe and let it out slowly, be calm, and light our blue candles tonight :-)

    Hugs to all here!

  5. angellight says:

    Yes, one more day and everyone working so hard.

    Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is an embarrassment to Democracy!

  6. Anita in MD says:

    Thank you Nancy. Peace and Blessings to you and everyone here. God Bless this country!

  7. virgo says:

    Yeah! I am a Florida resident. When I early-voted I waited on line for over an hour at 7:00am Saturday.

  8. alex says:

    have you considered contacting your state SOS to tell them about the request, the delay, the arrival, return difficulties… put it on record likely other people have same problem; if any follow up is necessary for you or folks in same situation the timeline is established by first letter;

  9. alex says:

    I told my adolescent child after the win November 1996 presidential election (Clinton-Gore) to plan on getting through college as fast as she could because she/we were not going to believe what the GOP would do to the economy after Clinton-Gore second term;

    Gore 2000: I hoped he’d overcome (every fraud, recount etc we came to understand happened 20/20) but he ran an under performing campaign in the first place…. he was not prepared or ready or willing, one or all of the above, to overcome the BushCo/Neocon coup;

    I don’t have the same urgent insight I had in 1996; but 2012 be prepared/plan, with worst case & best case scenario which always applies in challenging times; but especially now that plutocracy/oligarchy/consolidated under Citizen’s United is bent on thwarting/demising the democracy;

    Obama OFA is prepared (unlike Kerry, unprepared and unwilling to challenge BushCo/Neocons) for RomneyCo/Neocon attempt to steal 2012; OFA are running better campaign than the 2008 edition and that was good this one is better;

    I don’t have any big insight this year though I’ve been cautious optimistic since AHC was signed into law; I still believe in the people/Obama-Biden/OFA who came out for the vote in 2008 and are voting 2012 with the same ‘will’ to succeed;

  10. starlight says:

    Rose – We truly dodged a bullet. In this area, we tend to lose power with every big storm. It was a miracle that most of us didn’t during Sandy. We all expected to. Maybe the infamous “derecho” got rid of all the loose tree limbs in advance.

  11. starlight says:

    I would love to see some significant increase in federal voting regulations: several weeks of early voting required and uniform hours everywhere. They could also have rules that require a certain number of working voting machines correlated to population density. What we have now is clearly an easy means to voter suppression and discrimination against certain segments of the population.

  12. alex says:

    EXCERPT dailykos diary by DemFromPit

    In the past seven days, I have been amazed at the sheer efficiency and effectiveness of OFA. After maxing out on my donations, I decided to help with GOTV efforts. I was going to be home for a couple of weeks (I travel constantly for work), so what time better than this?

    On October 28, I looked at the polls in PA (pretty stable) and the ones in Ohio (stable, but razor thin margin for the good guys), and decided I would go to Eastern Ohio this year instead of GOTV in western Pennsylvania. So I picked a random OFA office in Ohio (Columbus) and sent them an e-mail saying I wanted to go to Eastern Ohio to help with GOTV.

    1) Within two hours, I got a response from the office that they were forwarding my e-mail to the Office of Out-of-State Volunteers for Ohio (yes, there is such a thing).

    2) Within a few hours after that, I had an e-mail from the Office of Out-of-State Volunteers. They thanked me from my interest, asked if I could help with GOTV in Canton, Ohio, where they needed help. I replied “yes”.

    3) Within a couple of hours again, I heard from the volunteer coordinator for Stark County, Ohio. She thanked me, asked me if I needed a place to stay and/or transportation help. I said “no” to both, and asked for a nearby hotel. She responded immediately, and gave me her cell phone number in case I had any more questions, and said she looked forward to seeing me on election day.

    4) Since I was going to be busy with GOTV on election day, I went downtown to vote “in person absentee”. There was lots of activity there, with a steady stream of voters. In fact, they had about a dozen “polling” stations setup (you can pick up your absentee ballot, fill it out, and then turn it in right there). When I went in (took my mom with me), every station was busy and we had to wait to vote.

    5) While waiting to go to Ohio, I went to the OFA website and signed up for a couple of canvassing sessions here in Pittsburgh.

    6) Almost immediately, I got a call from OFA, telling me that the location I had signed up to go to was further from my home than the location at Carnegie Mellon University, which is steps away from my house. They also asked if I could sign up for more shifts closer to election day. I told the volunteer I was headed to Ohio, and he talked me into staying in Pennsylvania. He said that with Philly possibly being effected by Sandy, we really needed to GOTV in Pittsburgh. So I delayed my trip to Ohio to Monday, and decided to stay home this weekend and help here.

    7) One hour before I was to go to my canvassing shift on Sat, I got a text message reminding me to go, and where to go, and a telephone number to call if I had any problems.

    8) When I got to CMU, there were a group of enthusiastic students working to GOTV. A young man with an Eastern European accent was phone banking, another was doing data entry, a young lady was managing the volunteers. A steady stream of students was dispatched with Obama campaign materials. Six of us were told we were being “exported” to the outer edges of the city because our area was saturated with volunteers.

    9) We were picked up in a van driven by a Teamster volunteer (he told us he was one of the 47%) and worked a second job in funeral home and was the deacon of his church. We drove to Braddock, PA, and were discharged at the Braddock office in a beautiful old home functioning as the OFA Braddock office.

    10) We spent the next few hours knocking on door of likely Obama voters. Lots of people not at home, but EVERY single person we spoke to said they were voting for the good guys (this is a mixed AA/blue collar area: lots of small, well cared for homes all decorated for Halloween, which had been postponed to Saturday because of Sandy).

    11) When we were done, we called the OFA office and they sent another guy to pick us up. Back at the office, there was pizza and fruit and homemade salsa. While we waited for others from our group to show up, I did some data entry (update the list of doors knocked on, who was home, who was not, what was the level of support of people we spoke to, and there was a Notes field for information such as “there is no longer a house at this location”).

    12) We were all driven home by another teamster volunteer.

    13) An hour or so later, I got a “Thank you” text from the campaign, with another reminder of my GOTV shift today.

    14) And this morning, I woke up when I heard the “beep” signalling a new text message. It was OFA reminding me of my shift today!

    I will close by saying how wonderful it was to hang out with the bright young students yesterday. Their enthusiasm was amazing, and gave me so much hope for our future!



  13. Lorrie U says:

    Nancy, do you think the fact that Mercury is only beginning the Rx will have a different effect than 2000 when it went direct on election day? In other words, the previous three weeks of this election were not in retrograde when a great majority of voting took place.

  14. Lorrie U says:

    I agree, Starlight. Present federal voting regulations were put in place when the population was smaller. It is inconceivable that millions of people can vote in only one day. Most places of employment only give you three hrs. in which to vote, if at all. It is archaic. Defintely need uniform voting rights and voting machines correlated to population density makes great sense.

    Perhaps after this is over and we all recover our equilibrium, that is an issue we could all focus on and enlist help in getting this to be a definite initiative.

  15. Squallo says:

    Sorry if my posts perturbs someone, it’s not my intention, seriously, it´s just that I don’t see the next few years as being peaceful, and I’m trying to shape things a little, in order to better understand our reality, our everyday life. I believe that’s what all of us are doing.

    Here in Mexico we live in a pseudo revolution whit the drug cartels, there has been two times that dead people appears outside of my house in the morning, and I don’t think it’s the end of the world.

    Revolutions come and go, wars come and go, it’s just how our species behaves. Maybe it’s instinct.

    I don’t remember where but I have read of a discovery of ancient ruins in India that are radioactive, like there have been a nuclear war in some distant past. The Mahabharata tells a story of ancient kingdoms with ships called “vimanas” that flew over mountains without making a noise and had the power to destroy entire cities.

    Also, do you know what the universe did when we, as a species, detonated around 2000 nuclear bombs in test underground and at open air?, the universe did nothing, because we are so little, our planet is so little, like an electron orbiting an atom, and because there’s just no sense in making drama out of natural things like wars. Because whether we like it or not, they are a natural events. Bacterias and viruses make war, even animals and insects make war, it’s just that they don’t have weapons. What do you think happens when two galaxies collide, do you think it’s pretty?, like a ballet?, no!, planets are destroyed, entire star systems cease to exist, species become extinct, maybe even intelligent ones, like us… well maybe really intelligent not just skilled.

    Real life its crude, grotesque, not bound by rules of morality. And if you will alter or become offended by a simple comment, sooner or later life will hit you and tear your world to pieces.

  16. Lorrie U says:

    Squallo, keep in mind that as consciousness changes, it changes the influences of transits, etc. As we change choices based on conscious thought, it changes the outcome.

    There will not be big upheavals. We will continue on an upwards path out of the denser energy into a more positive future. Depend on it!!

  17. mooncookie0829 says:

    If Romney wins, the Rs will move towards their ultimate goal of getting rid of the Voting Rights Act. The evolving demographics of the country doesn’t favor them. So they have no other tool but voter suppression. Getting rid of this act will allow them to suppress greatly without the people having anything to sue them on. This is just one of the many reasons this country needs Obama to win.

  18. Lorrie U says:

    The Romneys’ Hands Caught In The Cookie Jar, Time For Mitt To Prove Himself

    It is high time that Mitt and his ‘blind’ trusts are investigated. How can he run for the Presidency without revealing his (in my opinion) tainted and questionable taxes? I refuse to have an alleged thief for a President and the onus lies upon him to prove his quality and commitment to represent America…and by extension, the world.

  19. alex says:

    Lorrie – well said;

  20. alex says:

    American apartheid in other words; oh USA will be a class act for sure under those conditions!

  21. Prabhata says:

    I predicted, wrongly, that Mitt would never be accepted by the evangelicals a.k.a. religious right. I used belong to an evangelical group until I realized how much hate filled their hearts. It was in that period that I came to also see that the evangelical groups absolutely detested LDS Church because of two reasons. First, the Book of Mormons had teachings that the evangelicals saw as false. Second that the Book of Mormons was put before the Gospel. I was wrong. This has been my greatest surprise of the 2012 presidential campaign.

    There’s another surprise. I live in Pelosi country and unlike 2008, I see no outward signs of strong support for Obama. I drove yesterday and I saw one car with the Obama 2012 bumper sticker. I saw zero Romney bumper stickers. In 2000 and 2004 there were plenty of bumper stickers for Bush, even in Pelosi’s district. I think people are not willing to show their support for either candidate. Maybe people don’t feel safe to show their support for the Republican candidate in a Democratic district, and vice versa. That’s unfortunate. Campaign signs and buttons are a big part of American culture, and I miss it. I still have a few buttons and other memorabilia from past campaigns.

  22. M. says:

    I have been wondering the same thing

  23. M. says:

    This morning on the Chris Mathews Show he twice mentioned the Romney father/son paradigm

  24. Rose says:

    Quote of the day:

    “Millions of thousandaires will beat thousands of mllionaires!!”

    For anyone who’s interested, Sam Wang of Princeton Election Consortium says he’ll probably be on CNN today at 4:20pm.

  25. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: It is time for Mitt, been time, to prove himself! I believe this post is true but late. Watched Mitt speak yesterday, didn’t want to but was curious. I was amazed! He sounded and spoke to much like Barack Obama. No wonder he garnered more support and is fooling people. You would of thought he was a Dem. He is such sleaze…,

  26. Jackson says:

    Perhaps the reticence to display bumper stickers and other signs of support are because there are too many people floating around who are all too willing to damage property. It’s sad, but there’s a lot of anger jlpating around this election cycle.

  27. Nita says:

    You were solicited by several on this blogging site not to post pessimistic comments so you decisioned to try to sneak in like a snake and put your taunting poison back on this blog at such a critical time two days before the most important time of this election trying to get the President Obama reelected. How dare try to get into the minds here it’s not fair and you know.

    Nancy wouldn’t request for you not to post your poison on her blog and you should be ashamed to do so why do you want to ruin it. You are not stupid and you can clearly tell that Nancy is a very light spirited and very positive person she put this blog site up with love. I personally have followed her blog for years and this site brings me peace and joy and love for my fellow bloggers with the same mindset and we really do love Nancy.

    I personally asked you to stop with your negative comments here and you instigated back up again.
    Huh… so you thought I wouldn’t keep my promised you made the wrong decision on that I am very protective of good things and this blogging site is a very good for some many of us.

    The Void moon is done on Monday after 2:30 pm I will then keep my promise to you.

  28. julie says:

    I’ve also heard that the campaign has been focusing much more on GOTV than on yard signs because there’s more bang for the buck that way. Yard signs are nice for we partisans to see, but apparently they aren’t that effective in terms of motivating voters.

  29. Connie says:

    only for Orange county where they lost hours on Saturday pRick Scott is worse than Jeb, and R$ is worse than Bush.
    A plane has been flying around this area today with a banner: Pres Obama you’re fired. The GOP in NE FLorida are freaking out already!
    Just breathe …. and GOTV

  30. Connie says:

    add to that Election Day as a national holiday

  31. Connie says:

    my biggest darkest fear if R$ wins – the Tparty will move to get Ryan promoted to pres.

  32. Squallo says:

    I really hope that there are more people like you so that humankind will transcend this bitter reality, and that conscience lead us through the troubles ahead.

    But my common sense tells me the opposite.

  33. Salemone says:

    Interestingly enough, I did not feel any negativity from P’s post. I too have observed the same thing in my town. A complete lack of political signs or bumper stickers for one side or the other; the exception being for local elections.

    I have some friends who one might call ‘born again’ or evangelical, and they have made no comment one way or the other on who they are voting for, where as before, they were very vocal.

    It is an interesting observation.

  34. Connie says:

    yard signs, stickers or the most money do not win elections – Votes do – GOTV

  35. Squallo says:

    On the other hand, I’m just saying the worst that could possibly happen, so that what actually happens, would not be that bad.

  36. Prabhata says:

    Do you own this website?

  37. Prabhata says:

    Nita, my comment was for you. Is your name “Nancy”?

  38. Stardust says:

    Totally agree.

  39. Ox The Cat says:

    I live in one of the reddest states in America and there is only one Romney sign in the whole subdivision. One. One man had a Romney Ryan sticker on his car, the sticker was removed about a week ago. That being said, I think the whole conversation about signs and stickers is meaningless. GOTV

  40. Stardust says:

    Unfortunately, Orange county is big repub stronghold. On a more positive note, the info is getting out (but way too slowly) that you can vote “absentee-in-person” today in Miami-Dade County from 1:00 to 5:00 Pm

  41. Salemone says:

    Shapeshifter..that one.

  42. Wennye' says:

    I llve in Rep. Pelosi’s land and have family in Contra Costa County..we vote Dem, no bumper stickers, yard placards, no frills just pencil to paper on election. Prabhata

  43. Sharon says:

    I don’t know all the legislation without looking it up but Voter Rights & Civil Rights legislation are being violated!

  44. Bob says:

    Just a heads up on posting times.

    The site’s clock must still be set to DST. Your post is showing me a time of 2:47 pm here in the Midwest. My time is 1:17 pm, CST. That would indicate a time of 2:17 pm, EST.

  45. Wennye' says:

    Connie, They use to have this when I was young in the 50’s.

  46. Rose says:

    Nancy, I’m so glad to hear that you were spared the worst of it.

    My hope for the election is that BPO will be so far ahead that OH will not matter. From everything I’m seeing at PEC and 538, PBO’s win is looking more and more likly. And even Karl Rove seems to be admitting that PBO is winning. Yay!!

    Have you looked at the inauguration charts in comparison to PBO’s and R$’s charts? I would think there would be some strong contacts somewhere.

  47. M. says:

    “Obama Sets New Hampshire Political Record
    The first stop of the second-to-last day of the presidential campaign brought with it a new political record in the politically rich state of New Hampshire.

    The Obama campaign drew 14,000 people to an outdoor rally in Concord. That was the biggest crowd for a campaign event in Granite State history, the Obama campaign said.
    The prior record seems to have been the 8,500 people that Obama drew to an Oct. 27 rally in Nashua. Following that rally, WMUR political analyst James Pindell reportedly said it was the largest campaign gathering the state had ever seen.
    Obama’s Sunday morning event — which featured speeches from both him and former president Bill Clinton — shattered that total.
    New Hampshire is a small state. The capital, Concord, has a population of less than 43,000. But it has also witnessed its share of campaign moments, owing to the tightly contested primaries every four years and its status as a toss-up state in the general election. So for Obama to have set the record there says something about his continued appeal in the state, especially since he has had difficulty drawing crowds of the size he drew as a presidential candidate four years ago.

    For the record, the weather in Concord on Sunday morning was cold, but not painfully so for that part of the country. At the time that Obama started speaking, had the temperature at 48 degrees Fahrenheit.”
    ? Sam Stein

  48. alex says:

    dailykos diary by The Troubadour, for Writing by David Harris Gershon

    NY Marathoners Running Supplies to Staten Island in Large Volunteer Effort

    Today as many as 500 runners, all wearing orange and carrying backpacks stuffed with essentials such as batteries, prepaid mobile phones, gift cards, baby wipes, personal hygiene items, medicine, garbage bags, hats and gloves, traveled on the 8:30 a.m. ferry to Staten Island.

    “We have our courses mapped out and we’ll use our legs to do charitable work,” Metzl said. “The running community is the most charitable community I know. People say runners are selfish, but that’s not true. Runners are always running for a cause.”

    A further 500 or so runners waited at the ferry terminal for later crossings, while other marathoners ran wearing their numbers in Central Park and along the Hudson River bike trail.

  49. Patty says:

    As I sit here in The San Francisco Bay Area, I must admit, I’ve been dreaming of something like this:

    California has decided to allow all of the “blue states,” those with Democratic Party majorities, to join the new country as equal partners. The E.S.A issued this letter explaining their reasons for seceding from the United States.

    Dear Red States:

    We’re ticked off at your Neanderthal attitudes and politics, and we decided we’re leaving.
    We in California intend to form our own country, and we’re taking the other Blue States with us.
    In case you aren’t aware that includes New York, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and the rest of the Northeast.
    We believe this split will be beneficial to the nation and especially to the people of the new country of The Enlightened States of America (E.S.A).
    To sum up briefly:
    You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states.
    We get stem cell research and the best beaches.
    We get Andrew Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren. You get Bobby Jindal and Todd Akin
    We get the Statue of Liberty. You get Opryland.
    We get James Taylor. You get Ted Nugent.
    We get Disneyland. You get Dollywood.
    We get Intel and Microsoft. You get WorldCom.
    We get Harvard. You get Ole’ Miss.
    We get 85 percent of America’s venture capital and entrepreneurs.
    You get Alabama……. sorry.
    We get two-thirds of the tax revenue. You get to make the red states pay their fair share.
    Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22 percent lower than the Christian Coalition’s, we get a bunch of happy families.
    With the Blue States in hand we will have firm control of 80% of the country’s fresh water, more than 90% of the pineapple and lettuce, 92% of the nation’s fresh fruit, 95% of America’s quality wines (you can serve French wines at state dinners) 90% of all cheese, 90 percent of the high tech industry, most of the US low sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools plus Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT.
    With the Red States you will have to cope with 88% of all obese Americans and their projected health care costs, 92% of all US mosquitoes, nearly 100% of the tornadoes, 90% of the hurricanes, 99% of all Southern Baptists, virtually 100% of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia. Oh, and we’ll throw in Ann Coulter as a bonus!
    We get Hollywood and Yosemite, thank you.
    Although we liberals don’t believe evangelical Christian teachings and ultra-right wing stupidity catching, it is increasingly painful to witness on a daily basis:
    38% of those in the Red states believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale,
    62% believe life is sacred unless we’re discussing the death penalty or gun laws,
    44% say that evolution is only a theory,
    53% that Saddam was involved in 9/11,
    and 61% of you crazy bastards – including all you Catholic priests who’ve been screwing our children like the Energizer Bunny behind our backs for the last 1800 years – you are welcome to continue to believe, contrary to all evidence, that you are people with higher morals then we lefties. But please, for once, please be quiet about it.
    And finally, we’re taking the good weed too. You can have that crap they grow in Mexico.
    Citizens of the Enlightened States of America
    (Formerly the Blue States)

    A look at Romney Supporters:

  50. Rose says:


    Life is very hard sometimes, and in Mexico right now, it is downright frightening. I think what you are saying is: mentally, we must be prepared for the worst, even though we hope against hope that it won’t happen, just so we can survive if it does. And that is a good survival strategy.

    Ultimately, we’re all bonzai trees, shaped by the winds that have blown through the canyons of our lives. Some of us are bent more than others by that wind, but we’ve all been bent.

    However, whatever we focus our energy and our thoughts on is what we give power to. There are many people in the world who are working to make the world a better place, and who want that ‘positive future’ Lorrie speaks of–for everyone. So that survival mode is no longer necessary for anyone.

    I see the great divide in the US electorate as an indication of the change in consciousness that is happening around the world. Some are afraid of losing what they have, so they ascribe to the philosphy of “everyone should take care of themselves–I’m hanging on to everything I’ve got.”

    The rest want to change things so that everyone’s needs are met, based on the principle of sharing and the desire for the greatest good for the greatest number. They ascribe to the philosophy of “we can only rise as high as our lowest common denominator, so let’s lift everyone up.”

    Ultimately, this is a time of deep and fundamental change, from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. Many old, outworn modes of thinking and being will have to change, and change scares many people. But the change is inescapable, simply because of the astronomical time we live in.

    And take heart. It won’t require all of the people to make a change in consciousness in order for that ‘positive future’ to become reality. It will only require that those who *have* made that change can be in positions where they can influence the outcome for all people.

    It will take a little more time for these changes to show up in the outer world, but despite what your common sense tells you, these changes *are* happening. Hang in there. And please stay safe.

  51. Lune Prière says:

    Agreed! I had to wait for weeks for my Obama Biden yard sign and the the outskirts of Sandy blew it off the stand! The O campaign isn’t interested in yard signs. They use their money more wisely. Yard signs or a lack thereof mean nothing.

  52. Lune Prière says:

    Great story Alex. Thanks.

  53. pisca says:

    Hmmm. It’s 4:08 central time here…. what is post time?

  54. Casey says:

    I too have noticed a lack of Obama signs this year. However, I think I understand. I know I’m not advertising my affiliation. I can’t help but feel there might be some backlash towards Democrats should Obama be re-elected (and yes, I pray he is).

    But I have another question, why are some of the people on this site so adamant that opinions other than their own not be posted? While I strongly support Obama, the attacks on Prabhata and others baffle me. This post was nostalgic more than anything else. Why the attack?

  55. pisca says:

    I am so *proud* to have an Obama sign posted in my yard. And I see many around town — at least in the neighborhoods I frequent. R$ signs are rarer than the few Gary Johnson signs. I have seen only one R$ bumper sticker (lots of Obama’s) and of course it was on a Mercedes! I know of many people who would have a sign but the campaign doesn’t have any any charges for them anyway. The only reason I have my sign is because I saved it from 2008.
    To the argument that yard signs don’t do any good: many sites have discussions about yard signs so they ARE noticed!
    Any and every way an individual chooses to support PBO is welcomed!

  56. pisca says:

    I’m sick of it too Nita.

  57. pisca says:

    Have you been reading here for long? If you have the time, scroll back through comments from previous threads… you will see certain people consistently breathe doom and gloom with little knowledge/legitimate references to back up their remarks. You might also notice that they seem to come in pairs (same times).
    Many of us have different opinions but can find common ground for discussion without offending other readers.

  58. Rose says:

    This was posted by a commenter on PEC. Please watch this–it is hysterically funny!!

    All this discussion about how Romney is going to win reminds me of an old Monty Python classic – the Black Knight


  59. barbk says:

    I would imagine you are exhausted at this point Nancy, and no wonder. This last week of campaigning, along with the aftermath of Sandy, has drained the emotional if not the physical and psychic energy out of all of us. Thank you for keeping up our spirits this past year.

    A phenomenon that should be intriguing for astrology buffs with an interest in history can be found by looking at the charts for the Venus occultation of the Sun in 2004 and 2012. This rare event of a pair of Venus occulting (conjunct) the Sun aspects; always 8 years apart and then not again for 100’s of years, reveals information that could be of value, even in hindsight.

    In 2004 the occultation in Gemini was opposed by Pluto in Sagittarius. In 2012 the occultation, again in Gemini, was squared by Mars in Virgo. In both cases, the challenge to the Venus-Sun conjunction was by a planet ruling Scorpio. In both years, the occultation was followed by an election in the U.S. for a new president. The Sun was transiting Scorpio both times.

    Mars is a personal planet and Pluto is a transpersonal planet. Humanity is conscious of Mars, but not so much Pluto. In 2004, Pluto was opposite Venus and Sun, a challenge experienced as coming from the outside, whereas this year’s Mars square Venus and Sun was a challenge stemming from internal forces. 2004’s opposition was experienced through a wide philosophical view (Sagittarius) powered by a non-personal energy (Pluto), while this year’s square dealt with specific details (Virgo) delivered by a very personal and focused point of view (Mars).

    The Moon, representing “the people” in the 2004 chart was in the late degrees of Aquarius, conjunct the U.S. natal Sibly Moon. The Moon in this year’s Venus-Sun chart was conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. In both cases, U.S. voters were/will be influenced by what that represents. In 2004 there was a Full Moon just before the U.S. election at 5+ Taurus. This year there was a Full Moon just before the U.S. election at 6+ Taurus. The FM in 2004 was a total eclipse of the moon, meaning something was hidden (from the people). Combine this with the 2004 occultation chart’s Moon trine the U.S. Moon explains much about the deception regarding that election. This year’s emphasis on early Taurus in the Full Moon preceding the election holds no such hidden factors.

    However, in both 2004 and 2012, the transiting Moon’s nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio. In ’04 the north node was in Taurus at election time and this year it is the south node that is in Taurus. The south node is what we are moving away from. In 2004 the nodes were about to leave for Aries and Libra, while this year they recently left Sagittarius and Gemini. In 2004 Mercury was at 26+ Scorpio on Election Day and this year Mercury will station retrograde on Election Day but the north node will be at 26+ Scorpio. The nodes pointed to a direction of growth based on the Taurus idea of “I own” and “I value” in 2004. Now, it is the Scorpio end of the spectrum where the north node points the way with the idea of “shared resources and values”.

    Because Venus makes her rare occultations of the Sun in pairs eight years apart, it appears to represent a period of transitioning or development. She represents values and in the case of this set of occultations to the Sun, it looks like a move from a “me” attitude to a “we” attitude regarding values. Venus of course is best known as a symbol of love and the law of attraction. The Sun represents our sense of self and what we are conscious of. Venus is telling us it is time to become conscious of the fact (Gemini) that we are all one and it is time to understand what that means.

    If the transiting long-term square between Pluto and Uranus represents an evolutionary jump, then Venus and the Sun are giving us a better way to determine our values. This way includes a trip through Scorpio where we examine our deep hidden motives and desires. It is the sign of death and rebirth and requires a love of life to get through the process. We in the U.S. have been pushed into the transformation by becoming more conscious of our planet and how we must interact in order to go forward. How we vote will tell us how well we get the message.

  60. Barbara Delaney says:


    That is the most beautiful, uplifting news item I’ve read today. How wonderful that instead of grumbling about the cancellation of the marathon these runners have chosen the path of service. Thank you!

  61. Barbara Delaney says:


    Texas WAS a slave state. In Oklahoma, which was Indian Territory at the time, residents were allowed to own slaves.

    May I ask how you would dispose of Ohioans? We were a blue state in 2008 and our voting was subverted by then Secretary of State Ken Blackwell in 2004.

    I find your secessionist fantasies hateful and dismissive of the many very enlightened people that I know personally who live in southern and midwestern states.

    This post of yours is as repugnant to me as Mitt Romney’s comments on the 47%.

  62. barbk says:

    Sorry, I erred in the previous entry when I said the 2004 Venus-Sun chart’s Moon trined the U.S. Moon when it was conjunct the U.S. Moon.

  63. pisca says:

    Patty– You really could have given a BRIEF description and a link for this lengthy, vile letter. That could have prevented unnecessary alarm, questioning (is this YOUR opinion?) and utter disgust!

  64. fierywoman says:

    Some states haves a way to vote online if ballots were not received …

  65. sonya says:

    Actually the federal government has little control over presidential and congressional elections. States have the power to regulate.

  66. pisca says:

    Thank you barbk. Your posts always send me into deep thoughts. So much of what you say weaves a thread through the many issues discussed here. Keep it up !!!

  67. fierywoman says:

    Reach for the thought that feels better and watch what happens.
    Reach for the thought that feels better and watch what happens.
    Reach for the thought that feels better and watch what happens.
    – Abraham via Esther Hicks

  68. Rose says:

    Wow! I thought this was a *funny* post (obviously not Patty’s, since there is a link at the bottom), and I took it as *satire*. In fact, I copied it and sent it to a friend in Texas who has a very droll sense of humor.

    This is the second time today someone has gotten a very strong response to their post. Perhpas someone could post the rules of what’s “allowable” and what’s not. Makes me feel like I should think twice about posting *anything*.

  69. Fe says:

    I live in Berkeley and I’m voting for Obama, and my neighborhood is one of the more liberal bastions, most people do not have signs up, but if you question them they will say “of course I’m voting for Obama!”.

    One street sign or lack thereof does not indicate how you’re going to vote. Why such a big deal about something so inconsequential? Feels logically slim, IMO.

  70. alex says:

    dailykos has had loading problems for a few days and at least in my computer kos/glitches spread to other sites of my computer; so I don’t usually url dailykos only post the name of the writer/diary easy enough to look up; google the name + dailykos;

  71. alex says:

    over the years there have been blooms of signs etc…. but this years no signs…. only local ballot measures not anything else; sentimental but not very useful yard signs are IMHO;

  72. Wennye' says:

    So did I Rose, maybe because I live in San Francisco..darlings it was jest, like many post links with your shared messages. Take a breath and ‘don’t get britches in a bunch’ ..Blessings All

  73. fierywoman says:

    7-11 poll:

  74. Ardy says:

    I enjoyed your post … thanks for the effort … a little bit of satire never did any harm

  75. Ardy says:

    The aggregate of polls from HuffPo shows Obama 277, Romney 191. With the toss-ups, at the moment the likelihood is N.Hamp. and Virg to go Obama, taking him to 294 and possibly Colorado too, giving him a max EV of 303. Very happy with this :) At present, the likelihood is Florida & Nth Carolina going to Romney, giving him a max of 235. BUT if they swing to O he’ll have a maximum of 347. How wonderful that would be!

  76. Virginia says:

    I don’t like some of the posts either. Maybe it’s Mercury in Sagittarius about to go retrograde that is provoking the strong reactions. Some of the posts do seem dissonant in this group, but it’s up to Nancy to decide how much is too much. I think some of these people are negative out of fear and anger and want to be proven wrong. Others are like a young teenager silently passing gas in a crowded elevator – it gives them a gleeful sense of power; you can only hope they’ll out-grow it.

  77. Lune Prière says:

    Mystical Chick, if you’re around, you got a mention along with Sammy at BJ!

  78. maryhu says:

    Ouch. I am a big,fat progressive, both literally and figuratively. Would you kick me out of your ESA? You’d be missing out…

  79. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed that I’ve been posting in the early hrs. of the next morning while I’m really posting late evening. I stay up late, but not that late!

  80. maryhu says:

    Inspiring! Awesome! Please let us know what you see in Ohio.

  81. Lorrie U says:

    A dem twitter follower said that some TX redneck drove up 12 feet! on her lawn to take out her Obama sign. Others have mentioned their cars being keyed or damaged in some way. A friend who has Obama bumper sticker had a policeman follow her for miles and then stopped her on a bogus excuse. I have not seen very many signs this year on either side, so guess people are just not advertising it anymore.

  82. Lorrie U says:

    Unfortunately, lately I’ve only been a dollaraire!

  83. Lorrie U says:

    I saw him for a few minutes today and thought he looked defeated. He is desparate at this point and will try anything.

  84. Lorrie U says:

    That’s a great idea!! They can go where cars aren’t getting through due to lack of gasoline.

  85. Lorrie U says:

    I found it quite funny myself, kind of tongue in cheek.

  86. Lorrie U says:

    It needs to change through an amendment so that there can be more uniformity.

  87. Rose says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s an update to my post from 1:00 on Nov. 2nd, showing the probabilities that both Nate Silver and Sam Wang are giving.

    The first letter/number following the state shows who holds the lead in the aggregate of the state polls (Sam Wang), and the second letter/number shows the probability of a candidate winning the state (Nate Silver).

    November 2nd November 4th
    NH O +3.0% O 78% NH O +2.0% O 81%
    PA O +5.0% O 96% PA O +4.5% O 98%
    VA O +0.5% O 66% VA O +2.5% O 73%
    NC R +0.5% R 80% NC R +2.0% R 80%
    FL O +0.5% R 55% (tossup) FL R +0.5% R 54% (tossup)
    WI O +5.0% O 91% WI O +4.5% O 95%
    OH O +3.0% O 80% OH O +3.0% O 88%
    MI O +4.5% O 99% MI O +6.0% O 99%
    MN O +5.0% O 99% MN O +7.0% O 99.5%
    IA O +4.0% O 79% IA O +3.0% O 82%
    CO O +1.0% O 65% CO O +2.0% O 70%
    NV O +3.0% O 88% NV O +5.0% O 91%

    As of 8:00 pm tonight, these are the results of their data crunching: Nate shows an 85.5% (up from 81%) probability of Obama winning, with 306 projected EV total. Sam shows a 99.9% probability of Obama winning, with 303 projected EV total.

    Sam’s site ( also has an interactive map of the states, where you can toggle each state between blue/red/tossup to see what effect it has on the total EV outcome.

    Here is the link to the Excel spreadsheet that will calculate the remaining odds of either candidate winning as each state is called: and there are also links to two web versions of the tool in this same article.

    And here is the link I previously posted to the more visual NYT election tool that will let you play with scenarios now, and track results as the election is called:

  88. Lorrie U says:

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” ~Sinclair Lewis

  89. Lorrie U says:

    Romney Surrogates Get Beaten Down by David Gregory and Fox News for Jeep Lies

    Today, a relentless assault on Romney’s auto lies dominated on the Sunday shows, from Fox News to David Gregory. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Sadly, I suspect this is more about who Romney lied about than the fact that he lied, as Romney has lied this egregiously before. It’s just that this is the first time he took aim at major U.S. corporations with his lies. It took corporations with power and money to spend on advertising to call Romney out before the media suddenly found the ability to call a lie a lie. If there is one thing that we value, it’s the right of corporations to maintain their brand.

  90. Ox The Cat says:

    Big twittersphere story Romney staff refused to let frostbitten children leave the rally in PA. Mom’s were pleading with reporters for help. I don’t know if this is hyperbole or the real deal but it is all over twitter.

  91. DutchUncle says:

    Hi Nancy, a belated thank you for a inspiring talk 2 weeks ago in NYC. Although we’re down to the wire, I wanted to share with you and your followers 2 blog posts I wrote: one describing 3 reliable sources – also often mentioned here – forecasting the elections, which consistently point to an Obama win.

    The other post is about the Californian referendum on proposition 37 and the required labeling of GMOs. Important to Californian voters and also to all of us concerned about our food supply and health.

    best of luck in the next 2 days.

  92. Rose says:

    That’ll get him votes!! (snark)

  93. Noelle says:

    Why don’t you just release that fear and focus on what it will bee like when Obama wins, pls.

  94. Noelle says:

    Thanks, Nita. Well said.

  95. Noelle says:

    The reason for so few street signs is that the Obama campaign is particular is putting it’s effort into calling and social media. The signs tell them nothing. They gather info from the calls, etc.

  96. Salemone says:

    THAT was friggin’ hysterical!! Thanks for lightening up my evening!

  97. Noelle says:


  98. Lorrie U says:

    Wow!! Conservative Talk show Michael Smerconish endorses Pres Obama!

    The Smearing of a President

    This election has always been a referendum on Barack Obama. For some, not on matters of substance. They can’t have it both ways. It’s hypocritical to distribute a vicious, false narrative about him while fancying yourself a patriot and a great American. Vilify a sitting president of the United States with fiction and innuendo, and you are neither.

  99. Lorrie U says:

    It’s true, but they attribute more to the secret service than to Romney staff.

  100. Rose says:

    Well, just as Nancy said, R$’s hopes are unraveling right before his eyes. And here’s an excerpt from Nate’s latest article that interprets R$’s odds based on the latest polls [*emphasis mine*]:

    “Based on the simulations that we ran on early Sunday evening, for example, Mr. Obama would have an 85 percent chance of winning the Electoral College *if the popular vote were exactly tied nationally*. This is where Mr. Obama’s Electoral College advantages, particularly in Nevada, Ohio and Wisconsin, would be of their maximum benefit. Given a tied national popular vote, we would expect Mr. Obama to underperform his polls slightly in these states — but since he leads by a minimum of about three points in the polling average in each one, *he could underperform those numbers and still win them*.

    “Mr. Obama would be almost certain to win the Electoral College if he won the popular vote by a percentage point or so. … the model estimates that Mr. Romney would need to win the national popular vote by about one percentage point *to avert a tossup, or a loss*, in the Electoral College. A tied popular vote, as Mr. Romney’s *better* national surveys now indicate, would likely yield an unhappy outcome for him.

    “Mr. Romney would not be in much danger of losing the Electoral College if he won the popular vote by more than about 1.5 percentage points. For example, he would be about a 95 percent favorite in the Electoral College if he won the popular vote by *two* percentage points, according to the forecast model.

    “But with national polls now showing a slight edge for Mr. Obama, these outcomes have become less likely. If Mr. Romney wins the popular vote, it may be *only barely*, and that might not be enough for him to win the Electoral College.”

    Nate is very conservative in his modeling, and leans over backwards to be sure he has considered all the possible outcomes and not slanted his interpretation. So this is “Nate-speak” for “It’ll take a Hail Mary pass to pull this one off, R$!”

    How many of you are going to watch his concession speech?

  101. Rose says:

    That is amazing, Lorrie! Wow is right.

  102. lightgraphs says:

    I think the last of visuals is a “sign” of the shift to social media, e-mail, blogs and so forth. I’m in Boston and haven’t seen one bumper sticker or yard sign at all this year. It is odd. I still have the JRK button and 50 cents piece I won from my father, who bet me Nixon would win. :-:-) Pins, signs and bumper sticker do seem to belong to the past.

  103. Bob says:

    Did Pittsburgh get hit hard by the hurricane? That is where Azizi lives. Her power must be out. Does anyone know how Pittsburgh is doing power wise?

  104. lightgraphs says:

    Agree. The extreme feelings and divided souls make it uncomfortable for me to even be with the scarcity age-of-Pisces people described so well by Rose above.

    My Republican father drove a Buick; my Democrat mother drove a Chevrolet. And that was the ONLY difference. How times have changed!

  105. lightgraphs says:

    Rose, I love your description of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius as being at the root of our divided electorate (and world). It explains so much.

    Thank you!

  106. lightgraphs says:

    Oh, I LOVE this! It completely overrode my ADD — I loved every word and it made me laugh. Such a welcome relief. Thanks for posting it — and for the link. Now to circulate it. BTW, it’s all true. Weird, huh?

  107. Nita says:


    No, my name is Nita! Prabhata no I don’t own the website? However, I have followed and admired Nancy’s Blog since August, 2008 when Senate Obama was running for President. So I’m not someone new the the site.

    You may not like me revealing to you about your being so negative but I will do it anyway it imperative that you know about posting negative comments and what it does to the readers of this blog.

    A negative comment screams so loud in our head that nothing else can be heard for a while. To negate one negative comment that you make on this blog it takes how 5 positive comments to negate what you are doing with your comments

    It is important to remember at least five positives for every negative comment that you are posting and that’s not fair to the rest of us.

    So Prabhata why would you post negative comments? Prabhata what would make you think that you should send negative comments to Nancy her comments are always coming from a positive and progressive place.

    I truly love this website it keeps me grounded about this election don’t want snakes in the grass bringing it down knowing you are trolling and rooting for Romney enough already and I mean it. You are too negative and such a Debbie Downer I am not the only one that thinksso.


    I am doing so very special tomorrow for the President

    I asked you to stop several times before I will not ask again.


  108. Nita says:

    ME, ME, ME

  109. Sharon says:

    Just want to chime in that there are almost no signs in the areas I frequent (except for school board, things like that, but not so many). It is a change from every other election so the question for me is why? I can see why Obama supporters might want to not antagonize others unnecessarily if they are in an area where there are rabid anti-obama extremists (which there are in my area), but why not Romney signs. Is it because each side is so convinced they will win or is it because of the high drama this year caused by the debates, the cable networks? I think Facebook & Twitter have something to do with it. They keep people busy and they’r not bothering to communicate the older ways—in print!

  110. Rose says:

    Thank you, Lightgraphs. It’s really just a matter of crystallizing the old archetypes so they can be shattered. Kind of hard to shatter jello, right?

    So as the forces that still identify with the old paradigm become more rigid and resistant, it becomes easier to see where the changes need to be made, and easier for those old outworn forms to be destroyed.

    On the other hand, we are just beginning the entrance into the Aquarian Age, so those on the side of the new paradigm aren’t necessarily getting it right either.

    It takes practice to become skillful at using the new energies. And we must be on guard against becoming just as dogmatic and rigid, through an excess of zeal and enthusiasm for the new ways of being.

    The main thing, I think, is to realize how frightened most people are, and just love them through the changes. If we saw a frightened child, we wouldn’t demand that they stop being frightened–we would offer them comfort. Fear makes everyone childlike in some ways.

  111. Lorrie U says:

    Nita, I think this is excessive and not the most positive energy.

  112. starlight says:

    There are some commenters here who bring astrological ideas but who may not agree exactly with how most others here see things. If you do not like what they say, you can easily ignore their posts. I do not think that personal attacks are helpful. I know that the election is making everyone anxious and seeing any negativity is upsetting and makes it harder to contain our own anxiety. You can choose to engage or ignore. But I would appreciate that the personal attacks stop.

    Please know that I have gotten some new commenters recently that have gone to the moderation panel and that I have simply trashed their posts. These were truly poisonous attacks and very nasty. There is no comparison to the largely mild comments that have been posted here but have nonetheless been objected to.

    Please try to be respectful even when you disagree. I would greatly appreciate it. Know that this kind of healthy disagreement is very different than dealing with some of the really ugly trolls that try to sneak in.

  113. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t know, it’s the 4th but I still have a little case of angst. I keep bouncing back and forth because of all the voter shenanigans which makes it hard to know what to believe.

  114. Rose says:

    I’ve seen posts on other threads from people who said their signs were stolen during the night. Maybe they had them, and just didn’t bother to replace them when they got stolen. Also, with so many out of work, maybe they’re giving what money they can spare to the campaigns, instead of buying yard art with it.

    I agree, there are very few signs this year. I actually think it’s a good thing though. :)

  115. Rose says:

    Thanks, Nancy, for shielding us from the trolls. Sorry you have to read that ugliness!

  116. starlight says:

    I keep telling myself: Paul Ryan has Saturn square his Sun/Mercury in January; Mitt Romney has Saturn coming to square his Venus and sit in square to his Pluto. Obama has that sweet solar return and lunar return, etc.

    Just keep breathing, deeply…

  117. starlight says:

    I read a sentence or two and it becomes clear what it is. Then, poof, and it is gone. Like magic!

  118. Rose says:

    Ain’t it great!!

  119. Rose says:

    I will be so glad when this election is over. It feels like everyone is either hyperventilating, or holding their breath.

  120. pam says:

    And with some very important points being made. i.e. all the taxes the blue states pay etc. (there are good arguments for some important things we’d lose if the country did split but that’s not the point of this piece of ironical writing)

  121. Gypsi says:

    Idid not get an obama sricker this year.
    A lot of hate here in Texas
    Could some kind astrologer tell me how long by degree
    Saturn conjunct Neptune lastS. My Neptune is 5. Scorpio 12R.
    10th house

  122. Sharon says:

    Lorrie, I just posted that on my Facebook page which disgusts me daily when I see the absolute BS people say about our president. This is a wonderful article. This is what I wrote when I posted it (and I cannot tell you all how controlled I have been – or fairly controlled up until now, with the absolute ignorance and excuse for humanity I have seen people exhibit–I am really very, very angry about it): “This intelligent article is from a Right Wing talk show host whose intelligence makes him stand out from among those who are propagating and believing a bunch of bigoted garbage not worthy of the American people I want to know. If you disagree with someone’s policies, fine, disagree intelligently. Yes, that’s my word of the moment – “intelligence” – because I cannot believe the lack of it that I’m seeing exhibited. So disagree based on substance, not based on immature name calling and thinly (very thinly) disguised racism! From Michael Smercoish in this article: “Real patriots vote for or against candidates based on substance, not smears.” And try basing the substance on factual reasons and within the context of where the causes started.”

  123. shoalsister says:


  124. shoalsister says:

    but you can bet I’m lighting candles tomorrow as per Nita’s instructions. Blue, got it. Water alongside, got it. Positive prayers beneath. Whew.

  125. Sharon says:

    Good satire, and a lot of truth there, too. Of course there are a lot of good people in the Red states, no one said there weren’t. I think the difference here is that even though we are polarizing ourselves from them, it is more a defensive measure that the most self-righteous and vocal among them have caused! I have this one guy on my FB list that keeps calling me a stupid Liberal and the President a Commie who is going to ruin America. Am I bothering him? Am I making up lies about the president? (And why is he on my list? I like to know what the other side is thinking and he is actually not a bad guy). I happen to live in a Blue city (New Orleans) in a Red State (LA). Great people in NOLA and a lot of good people in LA but if they want Bobby Jindal, they can have him! I’m immigrating to the E.S.A. and taking New Orleans with me! Love to have you there with us, Maryhu.

  126. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Nancy!

  127. Rose says:

    Saturn hits 5°12′ Scorpio for the first time on Nov 18th. It goes SR on Feb 18th, 2013, at 11°31′ Scorpio. It gets back to 6°12′ Scorpio on May 26th, and crosses 5°12′ Scorpio rx on June 16th, 2013. It goes SD on July 8th, 2013, at 4°49′ Scorpio, and crosses 5°12′ Scorpio again on July 30, 2013. So it is basically on your Saturn from May through July next year, but you get a quick taste of it from now until the 18th.

    Thanks for the heads up–mine’s at 5°50′, but in the 12th. :)

  128. alex says:

    the folks in my area are rapid recyclers every shred of plastic and paper etc gets scrutinized …. maybe less signs this year because every year issue of resources wasted and landfill clogged gets addressed, amended new ways to handle it…. the signs have dwindled over the years feel sure that’s part of the reason;

  129. Ox The Cat says:

    I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster, up and down. My main worry is the voter shenanigans in Florida and Ohio. I just saw the President’s speech in Aurora Colorado. He was remarkable watch the speech if you get a chance. Made me feel better.

  130. Ox The Cat says:

    I think I have made it clear that I have little astrological knowledge but I did look up my chart for election day and I have Jupiter conjunct Jupiter on election day with lots of moon transits. May mean nothing without a full chart but I like that I have Jupiter somewhere!

  131. Nita says:

    Lorrie U

    Yes you are right I have to get ready today for a for 6:00 and ask for more light.

    I had to really pull my energy in I really don’t do well with negative energy.

    I sat and spoke with my Guardian Angel and asked for his help with removing the non positive from me.

    I will post the time when I will start my prayer and I will post the tarot card reading for the elections.

  132. angellight says:

    OxtheCat: That is very heartless of Romney if it is true, forbidding cold children to leave due to Image. Sick.

    There is something morally bankrupt about a party that looks at people in long voting lines for hours yet refuse to extend the hours or want to stop early voting all together. That is not progress, nor is it goodwill.

  133. angellight says:

    Our voting system has become a national disgrace!

    Russia skewers US election as undemocratic –, ‘the worst in the world’!

  134. angellight says:

    Romney staff tries to hold frost bitten PA crowd hostage. “I feel like caged animal!” woman complains.

  135. Ox The Cat says:

    Hi Angellight I think the reporters are walking back the comments and making this a security/secret service issue. People left one of his rallies in droves after the concert so it does not make sense but there you are.

  136. tetramorph says:

    Oh Saturn…. in my 8th, right on top of Mars conj S. Node…. anybody want to dance? ;)

  137. tetramorph says:

    Thanks Nancy, for all the astrological insights into this election season. It has been worrisome and difficult.
    The GOP and supporters seem like they have been grabbing at straws the last several days, while Obama and the Dems have come out clear and concise. And the news about tax cuts not helping the broader economy really seems like a nail in the coffin.
    Haven’t looked at my chart, or any others,(the last Mercury Retro nailed my old computer w/software) but I have a good feeling about the election… an underlying feeling of confidence, that real change is upon us.

  138. Connie says:

    Forgive me for expressing such darkness. Today my Scorpio eagle soars in early morning light and shines on sustainable abundance and world peace for all with President Obama leading the way.

  139. Roderick says:

    I would love to see some significant increase in federal voting regulations: several weeks of early voting required and uniform hours everywhere.

    Unfortunately when the Democrats had control of Congress and the White House from 2009-2011 they didn’t pass laws that required a paper ballot receipt for e-voting machines or push for Election Day becoming a national holiday( although I guess that would have taken a Constitutional Amendment).

    But it’s typical of the Democrats to not have an agenda or to get distracted easily.

    Although Republicans are as wrong as two left shoes they always have an agenda before they are voted into office and they do everything they can( legal, illegal, ethical or not) to pass laws which favor themselves and theirs.

  140. Roderick says:

    the Tparty will move to get Ryan promoted to pres

    Is that per Ann’s observation that Mitten’s would become mentally unstable if he were president?

  141. Ox The Cat says:

    Talking Points Memo has a small blurb about Wall Street heavyweights feeling that Ohio is a “lock” for Romney. I obviously disagree and if it were would Husted put himself so visably on the line with the computer patches and the new changes in provisional ballots? I don’t think so. Makes no sense. They may throw out the provisional ballot change today in court. I am thinking that these folks who have donated so much money have been made many promises..

  142. Ox The Cat says:

    OK sorry if I have been over commenting but this is interesting.
    John Husted, 08/25/1967 Royal Oak Michigan. No time. Election day. Mars Square Uranus. The little blurb read rebellion, explosions accidents. Time is supposed to be 17:49. He was abandoned as a baby in Detroit and adopted by a family in Michigan and later moved to Ohio.

  143. Rose says:

    Er … one step forward, one step backwards? Saturn/Mars is kinda lik driving with the brakes on.

  144. Rose says:

    That’s because they came to hear Kid Rock, not R$. Guess he didn’t like it.

  145. karen says:

    Yes, thank you for this, Nancy. The quibbles are a distraction. This has occurred on so many boards, where some (other than the site owner) become the arbiters of what is correct, and allowable discouraging many from posting for fear their comments will be personally shredded.

  146. angellight says:

    OxtheCat: When it comes to Romney & the Neocons, nothing they say can be trusted.

    Morn Joe got angry because Mika wanted to report on the long voting lines in Florida. He would not let her and started chanting over & over again Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Sick.

    A CNN reporter asked John Husted about the software, so he knows public and authorities are aware. Will he try it? Probably. They are desperate. We have to hope & pray that Divine Providence will intercede. We the group/America cannot go back to those dark, heavy days of Bush again. Lightworkers are active.

  147. Bob says:


    Does anyone live near Pittsburgh or have news about their power situation?

  148. Suzy says:

    Anne Ortlee’s “Weekly Weather” has an observation that might help explain what many of us are feeling right now causing some of the anxious posts that some find offending. Particularly her second paragraph which I’ve been feeling profoundly these days:


    Weekly Weather November 5, 2012

    Neptune stations this week on Sunday November 11 at 0:21 Pisces. Neptune is summoning up the story from last February 12 when he was last at this degree of 0:21. If something dissolved last February, you might find it reforming or reappearing this week. Similar to the way the ocean moves the sand from the beach and then brings it back with the waves that form the dunes, Neptune’s pause will carry you back to earlier memories and times as he shifts the sands and images of your life. Allow 5 to 6 days on either side of the Neptune station to process the pause, tides, feelings and shifting to direct motion of the big, unformed, methane gas blue planet named for the ruler of the oceans. Neptune’s station will be intense between Monday November 5 to November 17 bringing us days of Chaos and Craziness of creativity, dreams, emotions, drugs, dissipation, disillusionment and redemption. Notice that both Mercury and Neptune’s station days overlap… making our week ahead profoundly emotional and intense as those planetary stations combine to amplify each other.

    Adding to the mix of energy, Mercury and Neptune are both stationing while square to each other in the heavens. It is a psychological, closing square asking you to work consciously with your communications, dreams, illusions and manner or method of seeing things. You have to take responsibility and do the work. You can have profound psychological realizations about things you never realized before. Mercury traveling out of bounds has the potential to flare up and be angry ~ perhaps even shout about things. Mercury’s square to Neptune stimulates you to ask what you really want. I often find Neptune and Mercury’s square an interesting time when you can easily burst into tears or have a profound emotional reaction to situations that normally wouldn’t cause a reaction. Often deceptions are revealed or exposed. Combining these energies with the upcoming eclipses, we can anticipate a powerful and very emotionally challenging week. The challenges are designed to clear thing out and up.

  149. Suzy says:

    A very philosophical post from Josh Marshall at “TPM”:

    Into the Mist
    Josh Marshall November 5, 2012, 12:24 AM 17889

    I always find this time in a campaign fascinating and surreal. I remember it from 2000, 2004, 2008. Little memories. I think Joe Lieberman and Al Gore getting a cheesesteak in Philly in 2000 in the middle of the night? My experience of it is a certain way because I experienced it as a reporter. Sometime, perhaps yesterday, the campaign took that turn into something like a fugue state.

    The spin and the chatter continues, sort of. But it starts not to matter. The arguments are really done. The table is set. The cake is baked. Pick your hackneyed metaphor. Now the actual voting process gets underway and all of that fades into the background. It’s almost like in a card game where you show your cards at the end. This is where everyone turns over their cards. Nothing really to talk about.

    Vast, trundling, almost organic machines stand up across the country. Hundreds of thousands of people doing a million different little jobs and exertions to finally actually get people up and to the polls.

    One element of this 72 hours or so of compressed and undifferentiated time is that the news cycles — to the extent they exist any more in this new media landscape, which is barely — vanish. It’s one long blur. The candidates and key surrogates move into one breakneck series of appearances that won’t end until tomorrow night. Three days of blur.

  150. Azizi says:

    Greetings, Bob and other Starlighters!

    The superstorm Sandy hardly affected Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at all.


    “Sandy knocked out power to millions elsewhere, but the numbers in Allegheny County were a relative flyspeck. West Penn Power was reporting about 9,000 outages about 4:30 p.m. Fewer than 100 Duquesne Light customers remained without power as of 4:30 p.m. and the company expected to have all of its service restored by 11 p.m., spokesman Joey Vallarian said. West Penn Power reported about 1,300 outages at 9 p.m…

    In Westmoreland County,[near Alleghney County where Pittsburgh is located] 18 people from Ligonier Borough and a dozen others from nearby communities had to be rescued from their homes because of rising floodwaters…

    -end of quote-

    There was some rain, but it wasn’t heavy. And there were some downed trees in a few areas. I also read that there was some land subsidence on some of our hilly roadways as a result of that storm. But, at least in my Pittsburgh community, for some reason, the high winds seemed to occur more Sunday night than the Monday of the superstorm.

    But thank goodness there will be NO problems on election day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a result of superstorm Sandy. Also the weather tomorrow isn’t particularly bad – 46 degrees with overcast skies and the possibility of rain, but that’s par for the course in Pittsburgh.

    While Western Pennsylvania usually goes Republican, my prediction is that Pittsburghers will give the majority of our votes to the Democrats and with the help in particular of Philadelphia in the East, Pennsylvania’s 21 electoral votes will be in President Barack Obama’s column.

  151. starlight says:

    Neptune opposite the Sun, Saturn semisquare Pluto for the election, Saturn station in January quincunx natal Saturn. Maybe – one hopes – Saturn opposite the Moon sometime around or after election.

  152. pisca says:

    What if they planned a group photo and nobody came?

  153. Azizi says:

    Also, via my Philadelphia relatives, while there were some power outages in parts of that city & its surrounding areas, things are basically back to normal. And most of the people in Philadelphia will definitely vote Democratic.

    Ditto from my Atlantic City, New Jersey relatives regarding voting conditions in that city and that city’s support for the re-election of President Barack Obama.

  154. Sharon says:

    God’s will! I do not blame God when people get hurt though as I do not think God/the Great Spirit punishes people.

  155. Nina says:

    Don’t put away those flashlights yet; the nor’easter is coming through late Wednesday/early Thursday and could cause some more grief.

  156. Nina says:

    I don’t have a bumper sticker on my car because I know that on occasion I drive like an ass, and I don’t want to tick off potential voters by cutting them off in traffic or scooting into their parking spot.

    I know, I know, the solution is to stop driving like an ass. I tried that last election, and just found myself feeling guilty when years of habits took over or when I realized I was in the wrong lane a shade too late.

  157. Rose says:

    1. Here’s a link for a map of poll closing times and the expected release of results listed state-by-state. Note that many of the early poll closings are in red states, so R$ will take the early lead. However, that is expected, so don’t let it bother you.

    2. I understand Stewart and Colbert will be doing live election coverage tomorrow night. THAT should be interesting. I assume it’s on Comedy Central, but if anyone knows for sure, please reply.

    3. Here’s are some of the comments I’m seeing from the stats nerds on PEC. I share them with you as encouragement.

    —If Obama wins Florida, go to bed, it’s over. If he doesn’t, Ohio is still the key. Watch PA, NH, and VA. If Obama gets all three, it’s probably going to be a good night.

    —And you don’t need to wait until a state is called to know which way the wind is blowing. That’s especially true when looking at county-level data – for instance in Pennsylvania I always look to Bucks County first, and then Centre and Luzerne.

    —Watch New Hampshire, a small state that counts fast and is heavily polled. If NH and PA go to Obama, there are still 31 ways for Romney to win. If VA goes blue, that reduces to 6, and if OH does as well, then Obama wins.

    —Another thing to keep in mind is that Obama doesn’t need Ohio like Romney needs Ohio. Even if Romney wins Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, Obama can STILL win by taking PA, WI, NH, CO, IA, and NV. Now granted, I don’t want it to get to that point, but that’s, as of the polls right now, a better likelihood than Romney getting to 270.

    —Eyeballing the polling right now, I’m getting more and more confident that Obama has the advantage in Virginia. It looks like he’s breaking away there much as in 2008.

    I find these comments encouraging, because that community is able to interpret the statistical probabilities the way Nancy interprets astrological charts. They area as cognizant and concerned as we are about vote-stealing, voter suppression, etc., but they are very confident that Obama has this one in the bag, simply due to the consistent margins he has in the polls in almost every state.

    The tone is more one of excitement than concern–one poster even commented that it was like Christmas Eve.

    Hugs to everyone–keep breathing!

  158. JA says:

    Thank you, Rose!

  159. Nita says:


    If the Republicans knock on more doors and turn out more voters than we do, Mitt Romney will become the President of the United States.

    It’s that simple, really.

    So . . .




  160. alex says:



    We’ve got to ask the wealthiest Americans to go back to the tax rates they paid when Bill Clinton was in office. And by the way, we can afford it. I haven’t talked to Bruce [Springstein], but I know he can afford it. I can afford it. Mr. Romney can afford it.

    OBAMA: Because our budget reflects our values, it’s a reflection of our priorities, you know. And as long as I’m president, I’m not going to kick some poor kids off of Head Start to give me a tax cut.

    I’m not gonna turn Medicare into a voucher just to pay for another millionaire’s tax cut.


    So, Wisconsin, we know what change is. We know what the future requires, but we also know it’s not gonna be easy.

    Now, back in 2008, we talked about it. I know everybody sometimes romanticizes the last campaign, the posters, you know all the — all the good feeling, but I said back then and when I talk about change, I’m not just talking about changing presidents for political parties, I’m talking about changing how our politics works.

    I ran, because the voice of the American people, your voices, had been shut out of our Democracy for way too long by lobbyists, and special interest, and politicians who will say and do anything just to keep things the way they are to protect the status quo.

    And the status quo in Washington is fierce. And over the last four years that status quo has fought us every step of the way. They — they spent millions trying to stop us from reforming the health care system. Spent millions trying to prevent us from reforming Wall Street. They engineered a strategy of grid lock in Congress refusing to compromise on ideas that both Democrats and Republicans had agreed to in the past.

    And what they’re counting on now, is that you’re gonna be so worn down, so fed up, so tired of all the squabbling, so tired of all the dysfunction that you’re just gonna give us and walk away and leave them — leave them right where they are, pulling the strings, pulling the levers, and you locked out of the decisions that impact your lives.

    In other words, their bet is on cynicism. Well, Wisconsin, my bet’s on you.

  161. Gypsi says:

    Boy does this fit. I am rarely emotional, started falling
    Apart yesterday. Thought it was Saturn/Neptune

  162. Diane L says:

    Good stuff! Thanks, Rose!

  163. alex says:

    With razor thin margins predicted in Ohio, the state’s Republican Secretary of State took steps this weekend to modify vote counting procedures in a way that could invalidate thousands of provisional ballots.1

    Previously, it was the responsibility of trained election workers to record identification information presented by voters who submit provisional ballots. But now Secretary of State Jon Husted has put that burden on voters to record this information (which can often be confusing to identify) on their provisional ballots — paving the way for a significant number of ballots to be thrown out due to recording errors even though the voter presented a valid ID that was accepted by the pollworker.

    Tell Ohio’s Secretary of State: Count every vote — rescind your administrative orders aimed at suppressing the vote in Ohio. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

    Husted, a Republican, has already been working to suppress the vote in his state. Many workers who have trouble getting to the polls during regular business hours on a Tuesday traditionally favor weekend early voting. Husted tried to end weekend early voting in Ohio by reducing the state’s five weekends of early voting to zero. In response, the courts ordered him to maintain access to one weekend of early voting — the weekend before the election — open to Ohio voters, though allowing him to cancel the previous four weekends of access. As a result, voters at many early vote locations had to wait outside in the cold, in lines stretching outside the buildings and around city blocks.

    And now, as the election in Ohio is reportedly a dead heat, and it’s clear the state’s 18 electoral votes could very well decide the presidency, Husted is taking additional steps to suppress the votes of Ohio citizens.

    Republicans have a long tradition of partisan Secretaries of State like Ohio’s Ken Blackwell and Florida’s Katherine Harris who cared more about delivering their state’s elections to Republicans than ensuring their state’s citizens could cast a ballot that counts.

    We cannot let Jon Husted join their ranks and use his position as the chief of elections in Ohio to swing his state’s electoral votes to Mitt Romney.

    Tell Ohio’s Secretary of State: Stop the shenanigans and count every vote.

    Thank you for standing up to help stop Republicans from stealing this election.

    Becky Bond, Political Director
    CREDO Action from Working Assets

  164. alex says:

    EXCERPT dailykos diary by Frank Schnittger

    Memo from the Obama For America leadership team sets out the broad parameters of the approach:

    “This morning, as our volunteer Neighborhood Team Leaders opened 5,117 get-out-the-vote (GOTV) staging locations in the battleground states that will decide this election, they began to execute the final phase of a ground game unlike any American politics has ever seen. These staging locations are even more localized versions of our field offices – set up in supporters’ homes, businesses or any area that can serve as a central hub for a team’s GOTV activities in the final days.

    From these hyper-local Obama hubs, volunteers have signed up for 698,799 shifts to get out the vote over the final four days of this campaign, a number that grows by the minute as organizers continue assigning supporters who have expressed an interest in volunteering. These volunteer led GOTV staging locations embody what this campaign has been all about since we started organizing for change in 2007. The Neighborhood Team Leaders who are running our get-out-the-vote operation have been working in these neighborhoods for months, if not years.

    Since we launched the re-election campaign in April 2011, those teams have been focused like a laserbeam on three things: 1) expanding the electorate by registering new voters, 2) persuading undecided voters, and then 3) turning out our supporters. On all three fronts, these volunteers have blown away our most optimistic expectations.”

    It’s worth reading the memo in full to get a flavour of the strategy. But what has been even more remarkable has been the the reports of volunteers on the ground.


    Booman Tribune ~ Volunteering For The Campaign- Finally Walking The Walk

    In my county in 2008, Obama’s campaign had no office. Volunteers met and coordinated their efforts from a local Panera Bread cafe. Early this year, I read about an OFA office opening just a mile from my office. I decided to attend the “Grand Opening”. Since this is a very reliable Republican area, which went 67% for McCain in 2008, my expectations were not high. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find over 150 people crammed into this office space. I was floored. I had no idea there were even that many Democrats in our county. The energy was palpable. I felt like the prodigal son returning home. It was incredible. I didn’t know it at that time, but I was hooked.

    I signed a list to phone bank, wondering if I could really bring myself to do something like that. A few days later the Regional Field Director called me and we had lunch. From my discussions with him, I gained confidence that I could do this. He brought up the idea of canvassing, which I wasn’t so sure about. But after a couple of sessions of phone banking, I knew I needed more than faceless conversations. I had to go the next step and do something more personal. I had to get some real skin in the game. So in the early summer of this year, I volunteered to canvass. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was going to be a seminal moment for me.

    As a canvasser in this area, it is easy to imagine that at every other door you walk up to you will be greeted by a scowling Sean Hannity or a growling Rush Limbaugh imitator, sending streams of spittle onto your face while screaming and calling you an Islamocommunifascist Nazi. And I have to admit that when it came time for my first canvass, while I was outwardly confident and comfortable with what I was about to do, on the inside my stomach was churning. In my job, I have always had to deal with people and stressful situations. But this was different. This was something which people take very personally and viscerally. It was politics. Honestly, I was kind of scared.

    But what I found was that it was nothing like my wild imaginings. I found that people largely were respectful and polite. I also found that there were a lot of very frustrated and worried people in my area who were thankful to have someone standing on their front porch asking them about their concerns. Even those who were very blunt about their dislike for the President and his policies appreciated that someone was knocking on their door and asking them for their feedback. I also found out that there were many people who looked at me as not just an anonymous surrogate for a distant politician, but as a representative of the President. I quickly realized how important a role people like me were playing on the national level. It was exciting, nerve wracking and humbling, all at the same time. I discovered that these conversations were honing my ability to talk in depth about all of those issues and ideas that I had seen discussed in great detail here on this website and so many other places. It was Political Basic Training, at its best.

    Basically the OFA organisation has turned a large number of ordinary citizens in trained community organisers – with the skills required to work on all kinds of political and community campaigns in the future. But what has been even more remarkable, to me, is the level of organisation which has supported and reinforced this effort. Volunteers report being put in touch with their local OFA office almost immediately they contact OFA by phone or email. They report excellent follow-up work on all their questions and early commitments. They report good training and mentoring. But they also report a level of information systems support which most commercial sales and marketing operations can only dream of.

    Volunteers are given call or knock lists when they are phonebanking or door knocking giving information on the previous voting history of the household. Early phone and knock lists focused not on reliable or “likely” voters who had voted in previous elections, but on “sporadic”, unlikely and new registrant (SUN) voters who had only occasionally voted if at all. Where early or postal voting was available, they were encouraged to vote immediately. Once they voted they were sent a thank you e-mail, removed from phone and knock lists, and asked would they like to volunteer to get others to the polls. The campaign then moved on to the more “likely” voters to make sure they had the means to get to the polls etc. No calls were wasted on people who had already voted, or who had indicated they were not open to persuasion, one way or the other. The volunteer who phone banked a voter is often the same volunteer who door knocked them or gave them a ride to the polls facilitating the building up of a more personal relationship.

    The early voting statistics in almost every state with early voting indicate a huge rise in the number of early voters, but also a significant rise in the number of voters registered as Democrats or others contacted by the OFA campaign. Republican voters have also voted in greater numbers (often reducing the Obama lead in early voters relative to 2008), but what these figures don’t show is that while Republican voters are generally reliable voters voting early, the whole focus of the Obama early voting campaign has been to get SUN voters to the polls, voters who generally wouldn’t have voted at all, and whose voters are thus a net addition to the Obama potential (and likely) vote total.

    Another feature of the OFA information systems support has been the amount of micro-targeting it entails. College age students are sent information on what the Obama administration has done to improve the cost and availability of student loans. Older voters are sent information on the improvements in their medical entitlements under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Data from the voting centres is integrated with the system each night to ensure that those who have voted are sent a thank you e-mail, and a suggestion that they might like to donate or volunteer.

    The Romney campaign, on the other hand, seems to be based much more on TV advertising and blunderbuss direct mail campaigns – sending wildly inappropriate messages to the wrong demographics. GOTV efforts seem to be indiscriminately targeting likely as well as unlikely voters, thus reducing potential Republican turnout on Nov. 6th. Sending a pro-choice voter lurid information on abortions is not likely to change their mind and may even increase their likelihood of getting out to vote and voting Democratic. Republican operatives admit that OFA is “cleaning their clock” in Florida in particular. There is record African and Hispanic turnout in all early voting states and the traditional Republican advantage in mail-in voting has been eroded.

  165. Rose says:

    Yeah!! I think the Rs are in for a real surprise. Their first mistake was underestimating the power of a former community organizer! Their second was underestimating the determination of fed-up voters!!

    And the great thing is, this turn-out model can, should—and hopefully, WILL—be used by every Democratic presidential candidate from now on. Between this and the shrinking pool of angry old white men, this country is turning the corner.

    ‘Bout damn time! :D

  166. ScorpioX3 says:

    Thanks to you Starlight – and your wonderful community here – for keeping me from railing at the wind and pulling my hair out in clumps during 18-month absurd, agonizing, down-right awful campaign.

    This is one political junkie that has seriously considered swearing off politics for the reminder of my life. It won’t happen, not really. A loyal fan of this site since 2008, I’m not about to drift away knowing there’s more I can learn here.

    Rose, I’m not holding my breath, but even my intuition tells me we’re in for a bit of a wait to learn the prez outcome. My trusty intuition also tells me Obama will win but circumstances will not allow you and I to leave it up to him to do all the heavy lifting in setting this nation on the right course.

    Love and Light to all! O-B-A-M-A!!

  167. angellight says:

    Romney to campaign in OH & PA tomorrow and one more other state, I think!

  168. Apple says:

    As one from NE Ohio, I’m aware of the man-in-the-middle trick that the smarmy Ken Blackwell used to throw the election in 2004. Pls see Truth-Out site and read the article titled Ohio Secretary of State’s Office Admits Direct Reporting Function of Untested Election Software. Non-certified “counting” patches have been added to machines all over Ohio including Cuyahoga County. I hope Ohio will be awash in observers, lawyers and concerned Democrats to follow the votes. We should not be surprised by this. I remain hopeful.

  169. Rose says:

    I think all of us would have gone nuts without Nancy’s blog and this community. It’s great that we can come here for her wisdom and to support each other.

    And I agree that we may have to wait to know what the exact margin of victory is.

    But I’m not suggesting that we leave it all up to Obama. The great thing about his ground game is that it empowers all us “little people” so that we can move mountains. So many times, people feel hopeless or helpless, and have a “what can I do? I’m just one person” perspective. By him providing an organized structure, each one of us can contribute our little mite, and together we *can* change things.

    We’ve now see that organized power at work in two national elections. It’s a game-changer. And it’s up to us to keep it in play for the future. That’s all I’m saying.

    Hang in there, okay? It’s nearly over.

  170. alex says:

    we won’t have to wait hours, days, weeks, months or years to get criminal charges, civil charges and investigations and corrective measures on the counting patches there is an small army and team of computer – legal experts ready to bounce on the mischief they hope to unleash – – Husted and his helpers et al . . . will have hell to pay their heads will roll;

    personally I think both OHIO and FLORIDA should have all of their electoral votes invalidated 2012 this election; until these states bring in pest-control political clean up in these they should be banned from the electoral process….. the people of these states will have the political officials for ‘dinner’ bring out the steak sauce they’ll cook them on their backyard BQ’s until they squeal for mercy….

    I’m sick of American apartheid;

  171. Virginia says:

    I vote by mail and I wouldn’t enjoy waiting in line (back trouble), but there is no reason I couldn’t show up with free coffee, cookies, what ever might make someone’s wait more comfortable. Thanks for the inspiration.

  172. Bob says:

    Glad that you are safe Azizi. And thank you for the local news in your area.

  173. alex says:


    Lawyers for both parties are descending on key swing states, anticipating legal challenges after what could become a razor-thin decision that rests on how, where, and which ballots are counted. Such disputes could provide a coda to an election cycle that has been marked by state moves to limit early-voting days and require voters to provide photo IDs.

    “We’re getting all kinds of lawyers,” said William A. Anthony Jr., director of the board of elections here in Franklin County. “You got voting rights groups, groups on the right, groups on the left. Some have been here awhile; some come out of the woodwork. They’ll all file lawsuits.”

    The legal maneuvering is already starting.

    On Sunday in Florida, a judge extended early-voting hours in several counties after the state Democratic Party filed a lawsuit because lines were too long on Saturday for some voters to cast ballots

    Late on Friday in Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, issued a new directive telling election boards not to count provisional ballots if a section that is supposed to be filled out by poll workers is left empty. Federal law allows voters to cast provisional ballots when their identity or polling place is uncertain on Election Day.

    Attorneys for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless are challenging the directive in federal court, saying that it is the poll workers’ responsibility — not the voters’ — to ensure that provisional ballots contain all needed information.

    If the election is close, it could mean that the campaigns that have fought on the airwaves, on the debate stage, and door-to-door would turn to more technical arguments in courtrooms and before county election boards.

    Steering Romney’s legal strategy would be Benjamin Ginsberg, a Washington-based attorney who has been close to him for years, and guiding Obama’s would be Robert Bauer, who has advised Obama since he came to Washington in 2005. Both would probably employ strategies that have grown more advanced in the aftermath of recounts like the 2000 presidential race in Florida.

    “The analogy to warfare makes sense; the Pentagon is always improving its weaponry,” said Edward B. Foley, an Ohio State University law professor and an expert on election law. “Something of the same thing is going on in the legal battles. You just accumulate experience and sophistication in how to think about what to do.”

    One of the biggest postelection disputes is likely to occur over provisional ballots. Voters who use them have to return later with the proper documentation in order to make their votes count.

    In Ohio, voters have 10 days to prove their ballots should be counted, which means the country could have to wait that long to know who won the election. If either Obama or Romney needs the state’s 18 electoral votes to win, the election may hinge on those ballots.

    Several election observers said that, even if Electoral College tallies produce a winner Tuesday night, it is unlikely that the full scope of the popular vote will be known then. As a result of the hurricane, New York and New Jersey will have large numbers of provisional ballots, which will delay counting from large population centers.

    Election Protection, a nonpartisan voter advocacy group, has more than 200 lawyers spread around Ohio who will be monitoring polls on Election Day. They will be standing outside polling locations, giving voters information on their rights as they head in to vote, and helping report any complaints.

    They are watching for a variety of things, with heightened concern over the use of challenges to voter eligibility and any attempts to keep voters from casting a ballot.

    “We are getting ready to go to court if we have to, if we have concern that there’s discrimination or intimidation, especially of challenging voters on Election Day,” said Jennifer Scullion, a New York-based lawyer who will be fielding reports for Election Protection on voting issues in Ohio.

    Even before the dispute over early voting, election controversies began boiling in Florida.

  174. Lorrie U says:

    You know, Roderick, there is so much wrong that needs to be addressed that it’s impossible for a political party to address them all, especially when no one’s talking to each other any more. Dems or reps can’t do ANYTHING by themselves because of filibusters, etc. It takes WILL on all sides to accomplish anything AND it takes a proactive populace to get things initiated.

    Maybe if progressives hadn’t gotten their feelings hurt and had not stomped their feet in 2010 because Obama tried to be more centrist and made the effort to cooperate with reps, maybe more could have been accomplished. The reps get what they want because they coalesce around themselves.

  175. Bob says:

    I did the charts for Ryan on the 28th. It matches those for R$, transits to Husted’s and Tagg’s charts and others who are not political but are R$ backers. They are ALL negative. They may flip some votes in the hope that they might somehow eke out a win but I do think that if they do investigations will be quick and they will be exposed somehow between Nov 22nd and 29th. Legal procedures would follow and last for quite a while.

  176. Lorrie U says:

    I completely understand, it is a struggle to remain positive when dealing with negativity on such a large scale. That’s why we have each other here!

  177. From one Nancy to another, THANK YOU for keeping me sane. Personally my gut tells me that there is no way we are moving backwards now. Old Mitt is just too retro and I don’t want to live in a world where liars and cheaters win.

  178. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon, I know exactly how you feel. It boggles the mind when I see the hatred spewed by these people on FB, yet I was told by a repub friend of mine to stop sending her my hate emails. LOL! I am sending fact-based rebuttals of the right-wing crap and I’m the one sending hate email. These people really seem psychotic, and I have no problem releasing an energy which no longer resonates with my own.

  179. Cappy says:

    The metaphysical community blogs that i read are solidly behind President Obama…saying we haven’t seen anything of his true abilities…Yet.
    I am also encouraged by this Sabian Symbol snippet found on astrologer Terry Lamb’s astro-column at: website…as O is a Sun Leo-w/ Scorpio MH:)

    “The Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon at 16 Leo is “brilliant sunshine just after a storm”, while the Sun’s Symbol at 16 Scorpio is “a girl’s face breaking into a smile”. These symbols suggest happy outcomes, but when it comes to the election some wouldn’t agree. The majority, however, are likely to find joy in the events of the coming week, from whatever quarter.”

  180. Lorrie U says:

    In the 12th for me, too, Rose. What degree is your Asc.?

  181. Bob says:

    Alex, I did not read your post until after I had made my post below. It may work out that the negative charts I am looking at for R$ and his fellow Rethugs coincide with the popular vote count being finalized and found to give the win to President Obama.

    The Rethugs tactics opened people’s eyes, stirred up a hornet’s nest, and energized the left. They are likely being scrutinized more than they would have if they had not taken steps to suppress the vote.

    Maybe we owe them one. Imagine the tsunami that will sweep most of them from congress and the executive branch for years to come (like they were because of the depression of 1929) if they are caught cheating as well as eliminating electronic voting machines of any kind from the election process.

  182. Cappy says:

    is the astro site above.

  183. Lorrie U says:

    Pretty bad when our elections become the standard-bearer of undemocratic to the rest of the world.

  184. Rose says:

    Quote of the day:

    “Newscasters and pollsters are already being blamed for sudden shortage of crows likely to ocurr on November 6th in the U.S.”


  185. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, thank you, Rose, will print this out to refer to.

  186. Rose says:

    24°32′ Scorpio.

  187. alex says:

    I’m imaging the tsunami!

  188. Diane L says:

    25°04? Scorpio ASC here . . . Saturn’s also transiting my 12th now.

  189. Iris says:

    Thanks, Lorrie.

    Our President is the consummate chess player. No war. Can’t get much better than that.

  190. Rose says:

    There’s an update at the bottom of the article that says they’ve *offered* to suspend, if the sanctions are lifted. Not a done deal yet, but a very hopeful sign.

    Thanks for the info.

  191. angellight says:

    Peace & good thoughts to everyone. Light candle at 6:00 p.m. and thinking positive thoughts with all lightworkers and people of goodwill who want the best for all people in America and in the world. I believe Obama is a lightworker. Hold steady with strenght and positive intention for his Victory for the people. We come to far to get faint of heart now.

  192. Nita says:

    I will light my candle for the President at 6:00 pm

    All will be answered

    Thanks to all that sent out their prayers though the power of God.

  193. Anita in MD says:

    Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You……in advance I Thank You!

  194. Jackson says:

    That Michael Lutin site was just flat-out nuts. That is all.

  195. Lunagardener says:

    The Romneys look really sad today at their rallies. They know it’s over. With 23,000 attendants in Bristol VA at the Obama rally this weekend….compared to 8,000, for Romney the same night. It’s clear they worn out and deflating. I have been watching the Obama rallies, and they are high energy, organized, taking people to vote in vans. It is really amazing to watch.

    Thanks to everyone posting on this blog during this cycle… It is surely a bright light in the storm.

  196. Lorrie U says:

    I know Michael and he is a little quirky but pretty astute in his funny way.

  197. Lorrie U says:

    I’m not sure how much value I put on a lot of this, but I think Michelle Obama and Chris Christy do have a major role to play in the future of politics. Perhaps Christy may emerge as a split republican party candidate in 2016 separate from the Tea Pty. And Americans love Michelle!

  198. Lorrie U says:

    I hope they look even sadder later this week!

  199. Lorrie U says:

    Nancy, you know tomorrow is going to be CRAZY posting! We are really going to be codependent…

  200. Lorrie U says:

    Nancy, I posted the following question on Nov. 4th. Was wondering if you saw it?

    “Nancy, do you think the fact that Mercury is only beginning the Rx will have a different effect than 2000 when it went direct on election day? In other words, the previous three weeks of this election were not in retrograde when a great majority of voting took place.”

  201. Lune Prière says:

    Sounds like you’ll be feeling good Ox! I looked at mine a few threads ago and they were positive for tomorrow night. I’ll be SO relieved if this is over by late tomorrow.

  202. alex says:

    oops first the url was ok … now it goes who know

    substitute url image/pic Wisconsin Obama Crowd

  203. Bob says:

    Thanks for the link pisca. Republican efforts to affect the vote in some manner have been more diverse in Ohio than anywhere else and given Ohio’s history in past Presidential elections I think that if they try anything (and I strongly believe they will) it will be there that they will try hardest.

    I hope there is a plan on the Democratic side to get one of the machines from one or more polling places where they most suspect vote flipping might occur. I would hope that they have been thinking about how this might be done but maybe it cannot be done even by a federal official.

  204. starlight says:

    I just took another look at the planets for election 2000. Mercury retrograded briefly into the 29th degree of Libra before turning around. So it was not only stationary (in that case about to turn direct)but was in that weird 29th degree, when things are about to completely shift into a new reality. I would think that this might have added to the dysfunction of the Mercury reality (vote counting) at the time.

    In addition, the country was moving rapidly into phase one of Pluto crossing its the Ascendant (if you buy the Sag rising chart). This first phase was manifested by the gargantuan power struggle that ensued over the next month, which culminated in Bush v. Gore. (The last crossing of Pluto to US Ascendant unleashed the US power struggle with global terrorism in September 2001.)

    The Mercury station will cause long lines, as it already has, will cause delays, and with the square to Neptune, perhaps confusion and dishonesty. But I don’t think it engenders the Plutonian battle we saw in 2000.

    On the other hand, US Uranus will be highlighted from November 20 for about a month. So there will be some kind of upheaval, but more in the line of rebellion, sudden awakenings, and surprise events than power struggle, imo.

  205. Ox The Cat says:

    Thanking everyone who joined in for the meditation.

  206. starlight says:

    A lot of truth in Michael Lutin’s page: we are in a sense at the beginning of a revolution. So much Uranus and then Uranus /Pluto over the next few years in the US chart! He also mentions November 12 as a turning point, though I couldn’t tell if he was saying he thought Romney would become president.

  207. Wennye' says:

    Just got off SF public bus and said to driver, “you are voting tomorrow?” so I could be heard by the riders ..smiling he said enthusiastically, “yes ma’am”. As I stepped off the bus “you better” I said with a smile. Going out early tomorrow to get in the last push for the ‘butt draggers’. Blessings

  208. alex says:

    SOS – OHIO

    Columbus Free Press:

    At 9am Election Day, a federal judge will decide whether untested and uncertified secret software will remain on Ohio’s vote tabulation and reporting systems in 39 counties. Bob Fitrakis, in his capacity as the Chair of the Ohio Green Party, filed suit at approximately 12:30pm on Monday, November 5 against Ohio Secretary of State John Husted and Elections Systems and Solutions for their clandestine installation of uncertified and untested software.

    Judge Frost, U.S. District Court Southern District Court of Ohio, agreed to the hearing to be held Tuesday, November 6.

    The suit seeks immediate the injunctive relief of removing the untested, uncertified software from all county tabulators.

    Should there be insufficient time or resources to remove said software from the tabulators, those tabulators will not be used and all ballots will be counted by hand if either the state or federal judge grants the injunction.

  209. Suzy says:

    Starlight…I wondered if you are rethinking whether the “Sag Rising” is correct for USA Chart.

    If it isn’t what would this mean. I Googled to see what other Risings for USA Chart and came up with Gemini Rising from “Astrotabletalk” who goes into some discussion about Gemini.

    If it was Gemini…though…how much would it change what you think we will go through going forward after this election? From the article there…I couldn’t see a huge difference…but, given the “close times” we live in…maybe just a “little difference” could be important.

    Our “dualistic approach” to many issues since USA’s founding would seem to fit American Psyche…but, then the “Sag” with the with a little more blustering and religious indignation thrown in is also so American it’s hard to separate. I just feel that Gemini is always more pragmatic about issues than Sagittarians who tend to get so caught up in the “fever of the moment for a cause..and then toss it out in a few days” leads me to believe the Gemini might be the correct one. Yet..Sag’s fervor and zeal about “everything” would explain our Mainstream Media that latches on to one Great Idea for News one day and tosses it out the next…no matter how pithy the story that might need to be explored.

    In the end does whether it’s Gemini or Sag…make that much of a difference in USA Chart? So far if you are using Sag…your predictions have been pretty dead on for years. I don’t know which astrologers I read use Gemini…though. But, I read the ones that are pretty common links from posters on your blog aside from a few I scout out on my own.

    Does it really matter that much about the “rising” sign when it’s Mundane Astrology as opposed to Sun Sign Astrology?

  210. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    Ummm, I don’t believe Election Day was ever a national holiday. Certainly not in my lifetime, and I’m 64.

  211. fierywoman says:

    “…quirky but pretty astute in his funny way…” — exactly!

  212. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    You may have read somewhere about radioactive ruins in Inda, but there seems to be absolutely no valid or verifiable information about such things on the internets.

  213. fierywoman says:

    From Caroline (“Believe nothing, entertain possibilities”) Casey:

    One derivation of the name “Sandy” is “Cassandra.” “Believe me now?”
    Stella Coyote and I set forth for more Inauguration auguries (bird patterns), walking to the Potomac River to give her our regards, encountered 30 vultures, whose feasting on death we interrupted…”Big fans of your work, Vultures.” “Please join with owls to be our election supervisors, seeing in the dark and feasting on corruption.”?“Owl – seeing in Dark” is the Sabian for Election Eve’s stationing Mercury (god of counting votes.)?“Let anything up to no good be revealed, rendered harmless, and an occasion for mirth.”?“May all those abusing power, be moved to a place they can no longer harm themselves by harming others.”?“Let lie-ability become a liability.”

  214. Cappy says:

    Yes, President Obama is a master chess player and he has definitely created a checkmate experience for R$…i even felt that O was using his inner chessman skills in the first Debate … when he quickly realized
    that R’s inner sociopath was ‘Out’ … and it was loudly, aggressively hogging the stage and bullying Moderator, Jim Lehrer, Plus, egregiously lying his head off…totally denying his own political repub. platform–making a traditional Debate impossible … flapping his arms, fixing his crazy-eyed stare, serial killer smile on PBO, the audience … And the unblinking TV cameras … for all the world to watch in horror…as R uninterruptedly had free reign to fully impale himself…which the corporate propaganda Media immorally spun as R being wonderfully assertive … and PBO being passive…. Who will ever forget that pathological performance… Checkmate!

  215. Ox The Cat says:

    This does not make sense to me at all. Is this to create chaos? Per Starlight, from what I can understand, it does not look like tomorrow will be a stellar day for him. When I looked it up on astrodienst it had something to do with authority figures. Wow. this is really something.

  216. Cappy says:

    More news re Nuclear Weapons Ban Negotiations for Middle East:

  217. Cappy says:

    HOOORAAAY!!! Paper Ballots are GREAT!!!
    Canadians and some European countries strictly use easily verified and recounted, if necessary, paper ballots and a #2 yellow pencil.

  218. Cappy says:

    PS…the paper ballots are counted by patriotic volunteers by the Evening News unless so close, recounts needed.

  219. Bob says:

    Cappy, thanks for providing the description of R$’ smile I have been trying to come up with for months!

  220. Geo says:

    Thanks Alex for that beautiful, gi-normous Wisconsin – President Obama crowd scene:)

  221. Iris says:

    I literally could not watch that debate. Watching R$ makes me feel nauseous. Love your descriptions.

  222. Bob says:

    I used a noon chart for Husted. Figuring the earliest and latest positions for the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn on the day of his birth and then figuring the possible midpoints of Sun-Saturn and Mercury-Saturn reveals that transit Mars will oppose those points on November 7th and 8th.

    Along with transit Pluto’s applying square to his progressed Saturn (less than 1° and closing) those transits of Mars do not paint a happy picture for him in the days immediately after the election.

    Now it could be because the Rethugs lose a lot in Ohio but it could also be because they are caught cheating or that somebody outside of their party gets hold of one of those election machines.

    I prefer it be one of the latter two because that would lay the groundwork for replacing many Rethugs in congress by the fastest route – a party switch by voters in coming elections – and possibly getting those in congress now to stop their obstructive ways and work across the aisle in hopes of saving their jobs. That would allow President Obama to accomplish much in his second term.

  223. Suzy says:


    Lutin seems sort of “OTT” in his post…but, it seems to me he thinks it’s Obama…but there’s other stuff he sees that’s quite ominous.

    I can’t say I disagree that some tumultuous times are in store for all of us and that this election isn’t going to be one that will point out so many problems that need to be corrected because of the Big Money/Fraud/Power/Influence and Deception that’s gone on with elections for decades now but starting the biggest decline in 2000’s Stolen Election of “Bush vs. Gore.”

    But, that said, Lutin is having a “Freak Out Moment” it seems to me…and since most of us these days who are so concerned about this election and that Romney must not win.. we can appreciate your own calmness and reasoned approach on this website to this election as we’ve read here on your blog to try not to get as freaked out as Lutin.

    Here’s what he said that’s probably something to think about, though…if one can just read it for what he’s seeing and cut through his anxiety for some forward thinking rather than letting what he says get us as anxious as he is.:


    This one is a freaking dooziie. First day of retrograde Mercury. Could be anything from a hurricane (it IS still hurricane season), to people going completely mental and having martial law and huge police presence, or a million other minor intrusions into the natural flow of life.

    The thing about it is, you will not know the final results at all immediately– whether some people call it voter fraud or demand recounts or who the hell knows what else will be going on behind the scenes. It does reflect, however the chaos in choosing a President neither candidate for which seems particularly truly interested in the job, If you watch them when the camera is not focused on them, they seem both as if they had both been t shot up with a Starbucks Venti Supremo triple shot of espresso, before they go on stage to feign enthusiasm-. You can see how depressed they both are, even though they see, higher than Charlie Sheen at three AM in a hotel room.

    Who can blame these two poor guys? Somebody comes along and says,,,”Hey, you want to get your picture in all the papers? All you have to do is take the shittiest job on the planet Earth. And you could be thought of as the Saviour.

    Obama the Leo likes the picture in the paper thing. . Romney a Pisces doesn’t. But they both love the Saviour part. hey both love it, even if it is hands down, right now at least, the absolutely shittiest job on Earth. There’s no comparison to any other job I can think of.

    BTW, gotta say it. Obama’s got serious opposition to his presence in WASHINGTON although in the end, Saturn and the North Node is most likely a strong indication of a win. Although the current retrograde of Neptune in Pisces (Romney’s planetary ruler) in his whole sign Midheaven, does NOT AT ALL make it look that good at all for a win, oddly just a few days later Neptune goes forward, and I just can’t figure that out. It is probably merely an heroic public statement of honorably supporting the winner, or Jesus, could that be a weird a reversal in his favor? But that’s the trouble with astrology. A race this close is going to be indicated in the planetary configurations, and only the lucky astrologers who bet on the right horse will turn out to be right. But the question is, how lucky is the winner going to be? Not really very, not at all.

    All I can say is this once again a I have consistently been saying. America will produce the truly heroic leader it deserves to take it out of the darkness into the light of a new revolutionary nation, when the country is ready for such an enormous transformation, but it isn’t in 2012.

    So take your pick.

    It is simply not at all the most auspicious day to choose any one leader for the next four year Administration. But considering the state the nation is in, how could it be? Read into that what you will.

  224. pisca says:

    WOW. Fingers crossed! This could be the tip of R$ & Gangs demise!

  225. Rose says:

    Two tweets from Nate Silver within the last hour:

    “There’s been a pretty clear shift toward Obama in national polls. Based on most recent data, he may lead by 2-3% in popular vote.”

    “Obama gained an average of 1.5 points between 12 national polls published today. Big sample sizes. That’s a pretty big deal.”

    Sleep well tonight, everyone!

  226. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Nancy! That’s very interesting and gives a much needed in-depth look at the 2000 election vs. this one! YOU ARE AMAZING!

  227. Rose says:

    As posted by a commenter on PEC:

    “Jon Husted appears to be trying to set a record for most ass-kickings in federal court this season.”


  228. Salemone says:

    I am checking Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog like a rat on crack.

  229. Suzy says:

    Fritakis has been working on this stuff in Ohio for years…let’s hope he’s finally managed to get a breakthrough so that this election in Ohio won’t end up like it did with Kerry/Edwards in ’04.

    My fingers are crossed. Let’s hope the fraud there is finally exposed because they’ve become so emboldened in Ohio and elsewhere because of the “Citizens United” decision.

    They thought they could steal it all this time…but, maybe years of work by dedicated Democratic Grass Roots from 2000 onward will finally pay off..!

  230. Lorrie U says:

    It sounds like he thinks it looks like an Obama win and the Rx Neptune looks bad for Romney, but is stymied about what might happen when Neptune goes direct a few days later, with a reversal as a possibility.

  231. Salemone says:

    No forgiveness necessary. No blame. This is a great blog where we can express fear and then release it. I am a quad Scorpio and I completely get what you were saying. We always want a backup plan..

  232. Rose says:

    Another great quote from PEC commenter:

    “My only wish is for Romney to lose with 47% of the national vote.”

    Harrr! :)

  233. Salemone says:

    That is classic!

  234. fierywoman says:

    Beautiful quote!

  235. fierywoman says:

    From what I understand, in Germany the paper ballots are counted by civil workers, one from each party count each set of ballots so that everyone agrees to the sums. And it takes about a week, so no one stresses out on “election day.”
    Sounds utterly genius to me.

  236. Lorrie U says:

    A Court Clerk Indicates that Romney and Bain Capital are Above the Law

  237. Squallo says:

    Lets have fun, let the games begin.

    The notional starting point of the game was 9 November 2012, just after the American presidential elections. Participants were divided into ten groups each representing likely key players in the conflict – Israel, Iran, the US, Russia, Hezbollah, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Russia and the UN. All the teams were made up of Israelis.

    The war game is what it says it is – a game. Despite its seriousness, inside the Institute there was an air of make-believe.

  238. fierywoman says:

    Here’s what we do in WA state, where all the ballots are mail-in and paper — you go to and check out the status of your vote; mine just said:
    “We have received your ballot, your signature has been verified, and you will be credited with participating in this election.

    Your returned ballot packet will soon be opened and your ballot will be prepared for counting.

    Thank you for voting.”

    Makes me feel secure.

  239. Rose says:

    Ha, Ha! Too funny!!!

  240. Lorrie U says:

    Thank You, Mr. President: You Held Back the Worst by Deepak Chopra

    It’s worth pausing for a moment to show gratitude to Barack Obama for his decent moral character. Under the most trying conditions he has held the tide against disheartening reactionary opposition. It took character to do that without descending to the level of right-wing ideologues, for whom no tactic is too low.

  241. Lorrie U says:

    Just for the record, I under no circumstances would read this article.

  242. Rose says:

    Someone should tell Mr. Lutin that when Neptune goes direct, the fog will clear—but that doesn’t mean there will be a reversal.

    It just means the results will be so clear there will be no mistaking the fact that R$ LOST! But he and his supporters can dream for a few more days, lost in the fog of their own illusions.

  243. Lorrie U says:

    Tea Party Group Blocks Florida Voters, Stops Water Handouts at Polls

  244. Lune Prière says:

    Thanks for that Rose.

  245. M. says:

    Have to say I sort of turn off when people start talking about martial law. That has been a huge fear for some for over a decade and it still hasn’t been enacted. I also disagree about Obama not wanting the job and rather than depressed I’d say what Lutin is seeing is exhaustion. While I’m glad he sees an Obama win, the post seems a bit hyperbolic to me and maybe he should lay off Starbucks for a while.

    Right now Nate Silver has Obama at 92% and Romney at 7.+

  246. RobinMoonrise says:

    RE: Astrotalbetalk link. I graduated from Doris Chase Doane’s Astrological Faculty in the early 70s here in SF, which was based on The Church of Light’s hermetic teachings. We used 7° Gemini 35′ Asc., 13° Aquarius 58″ MC, 18° Aquarius 12′ Moon, and 8° Gemini 50′ Uranus from a birthdate of 7/4/1776 @2:14:42 a.m. LMT, Philadelphia.

    Most astrologers I know use the Saq rising and dismiss Church of Light as “quaint,” even though it’s based on statistical analysis. What always appealed to me about that chart was the Asc. conjunct Uranus at 8° Gemini 50′. As a Nation we were born rebels and identify as rugged individuals.

    What’s worrisome to me is the USA’s Progressed Uranus at 7° Gemini approaching an exact conjunction to natal Ascendent. No matter who wins tomorrow turmoil and rebellion will ensue. (I know I’ll be rioting in the streets if Rommoney “wins!”)

    Also, the progressed Moon (13° Libra) is applying to conjunct natal Saturn (14° Libra 47) in the 5th house. (I use 1.5 degree orb for Sun and Moon progressed aspects.) It intensifies when it’s within one degree orb beginning on 11/23/12.

  247. Connie says:

    Fired Up & Ready To Go !!

  248. Ox The Cat says:

    Incredible. The first lady was in Florida today she made a remark about not letting anyone push you out of line, now I know what happened.

  249. barbk says:

    Did you see that speech at the Iowa rally in Des Moines a few minutes ago? Wow. . I AM fired up! At some point it dawned on me that the U.S. Venus was only 2 degrees away from the President’s Venus, although I’m sure many astrology articles have been written about it. That led to understanding why Iowa is so important to him. It’s a nurturing place, and transiting Ceres the Nurturer is conjunct his Venus and the U.S. Venus and she (and those 2 Venus’) are in a grand trine with transiting Neptune and Saturn right now! So there were two grand trines going on as the President gave his last campaign speech (for himself); the transiting Moon (feelings) was in Leo trine Mercury (stationing and powerful) in Sagittarius and Uranus (surprise!) in Aries.

    Our prez was emotional and it caught him off guard. . did you see him tear up? I hope you get a chance to see it if you didn’t see it “live”. Awesome!

  250. Bob says:

    Voting has begun in Dixville, Notch. Who won?

  251. Bob says:

    First time in Dixville Notch history. A tie!!

  252. Azizi says:


    I saw that great, historic campaign speech by President Barack Obama. I also saw First Lady Michelle Obama’s wonderful speech. How fortunate we’ve been to have this couple in the White House. And God willing, President Obama will be re-elected for four more years.

    I was inspired by President Obama’s story about how he came to adopt the fired up ready to go chant. As a result I published this post on my cultural blog:

    “Fired Up Ready To Go” Chant (Comments & Video)”

    The video is produced by the President’s campaign and is “The Story About The Fired Up Ready To Go Chant”.

    When those November 5, 2012 Des Moines, Iowa campaign speeches for President Obama and Michelle Obama are added to YouTube, I’ll include hyperlinks for them in this post.

    We’re fired up! Ready to go!

  253. Bob says:

    CNN reports the results from Hart’s Location: President Obama 23; Romney 9!!

  254. TJ says:

    I’m not an astrologist, but since I’m benefiting from all your posts I thought I’d contribute this. Sharon Salzberg, a well-known Vipassana Buddhist teacher, posted:

    “In the Tibetan calendar, Nov. 6 is considered a day when our positive and negative actions are multiplied ten million times. I think of voting that way anyway. When we cast a vote we are participating in a process where that action ripples out and multiplies, affecting our families, communities, the world, the planet.”

    At first I focused on Obama and Romney’s positive and negative actions being multiplied on Election Day. Then I realized it applied to me too, reminding me to keep my thoughts and words positive, and to stay spiritually grounded during what will surely be a long and stressful election day and night (not to mention the period afterwards that Nancy has written about).

  255. mima says:

    Alex and fierywoman, thank you. He actually requested it last Thursday that is why it came on the 3rd. I hope he does not cut it that close ever again!
    He was emailed the ballot. Phew!!!

  256. Ardy says:

    Thank you for these questions. I have wondered similar things myself.

  257. mima says:

    6/24/64 @ 4:06 chicago Il. will I be happy past tomorrow? anxiety big time!!

  258. Bob says:

    Am or pm? And present location as I do locational charts.

  259. anita says:

    I am checking in to say that I relish every post and comment I read here (when I get the chance to peruse the page). Thanks all. I wish I had more to contribute. I hope it’s OK just to listen/read. Blessings! May tomorrow bring us good news.

  260. shoalsister says:

    Yes! and wow. It was amazing and emotional. I didn’t intend to watch it, wasn’t even on my radar but the TV in the other room was tuned in. And I was drawn in. As he spoke of his journey to this, his last campaign speech, I was also overwhelmed with the big picture. It’s no wonder he shed a tear, so did I. Thanks, barb, for the lovely astro to lovely up the already lovely picture!

  261. shoalsister says:

    Thanks, TJ…with this and the blue candles I think I’m going to be alright!

  262. Ox The Cat says:

    I thought they looked sad too. Campaigning on election day is odd too. I just want them to go home.

  263. Nita says:


    I use the 78 tarot cards for the yes or no answers
    I ask very precise questions where there is no doubt about the answers

    Here are the questions:
    Will Gov. Willard Mitt Romney lose the Presidential Election of 2012: Answer Yes
    Cards drawn: Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands the Queen of Wands
    Will President Barack Obama continue to be the President for the next four years: Answer Yes?
    Cards drawn: Ace of Cups, Ace of Pentacles and Seven of Cups
    Will President Obama be graceful that he was reelected for a second term: Answer Yes
    Cards drawn: Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Wands and the Ace of Cups
    Will Mercury Retrograde benefit President Obama tonight: Answer Yes
    Cards drawn: Ace of Wands, Four of Cups, and Ace of Swords
    Will I be happy that President Obama won reelection tonight: Answer Yes
    Cards drawn: Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords

    I want to personally thank everyone that light the candle and said a prayer for the President the cards that were drawn were very positive for the President.

    Many Many Blessings to all

  264. angellight says:

    ‘Letter to a Non-Voter’
    …from Michael Moore

    “Tomorrow, the bankers and corporate chiefs are planning an historic victory party. With the election of Mitt Romney, their takeover of American democracy would be complete…It’s High Noon in the USA, a literal showdownon the Main Streets of America between the rich and everyone else. The 1% truly believe they can defeat the 99%.” – Michael Moore

  265. Bob says:



    NATAL SUN-MARS 279°04′



  266. kiwi says:

    I always read your comments Bob and appreciate them. Unfortunately, often, I don’t know enough about astrology to interpret what the aspects mean.
    Keep up the good work and you have a Great Day!

    Regarding your earlier post about dixville notch results being tied – 5/5 for a total of 10 votes – they have had quite the vote drop – last time it was 15/6 for a total of 21 votes. Interesting.

  267. Bob says:



  268. Bob says:

    Thank you.

  269. angellight says:

    “For Romney, who is expected to lose, the odds makers give him around one chance in three, he died long ago. Romney has rebranded himself so many times that even American voters began to notice, and that takes a lot.

    The election is decided by the State of Ohio. One problem we have in Ohio, as this is where I live, is a criminal state government. Ohio, with Florida, rigged two Bush (43) elections. We even know who did it, Mike Connell, working for presidential political advisor Karl Rove. Connell was caught, was being forced to testify against Rove and sought police protection.

    He believed Rove, Bush and Cheney were going to have him murdered.

    Then, a few days later, his small plane crashed for no reason, there was no investigation, no questions asked, he was dead. His family talked to the press once, then stopped.”

  270. kiwi says:

    thanks for posting that link for the speech Bob – I just love that man.
    Love some of the comments too – Obama for Ohana (hawaiian for family) Mitt for Shi*

  271. Charles [cj] says:

    I usually never read anything that is typed in caps. That seems like I am being shouted at – so I ignore those writings.

  272. barbk says:

    Thanks angellight. This is pretty bad/sad for Ohioians; I was born in Columbus, Ohio so share your grief. I guess that makes living in Kentucky now, with Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, not quite as bad (but pretty darn close!)

  273. pisca says:

    You GO Bob! I SO appreciate your following the astro significance of these scums’ charts. And I have no problem with your hollering from the rooftops.
    I am watching another chart, the individual is well linked to Bush, Rove and fraudulent voting tactics: Today: progressed moon square mars/nodes (self destructive). Solar return shows tight sun/mars/saturn/venus aspects… was hit hard by several recent eclipses… Pluto SR squaring Nodes, just short of squaring mars… caught in Pluto-Uranus square big time… and a whole lot more! Nancy’s prediction that this creep “will run into some difficulties” is IMO quite an understatement.
    I won’t holler (more like a “shhh” ) because this is merely from the nobody-gives-a-sh1t state of Texas But check out the Starlight post of 8-18-2011.

  274. pisca says:

    POSITIVE thoughts, folks. We’re going to be celebrating before this day is done!

  275. mima says:

    4:06 am. I originally wanted just for how I would feel with the elections but there is some family drama going on so it may not show too happy, lol!
    Thank you!

  276. Lune Prière says:

    Hi Bob, I love your posts, I just dont understand the format. What does this mean:

    NATAL SUN-MARS 279°04?

  277. alex says:

    Ohio – Court – INJUNCTION request to stop use of ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ SOFTWARE: happening right now; I’m looking for the decision on internet will post when I find it:

    US District Court for the southern district of Ohio, eastern division


    The suit alleges that the secretary of state’s office used a legal loophole to install software on electronic voting systems
    in 39 counties across the state without having it checked by the Ohio Board of Voting Machine Examiners, the state’s technical board charged with reviewing elections software. State officials say they have followed federal guidelines and that the equipment is secure.

    defendant Husted,

    federal complaint

    Robert Fitrakis, the Green Party candidate for Congress who filed the suit, alleges that the secretary of state’s office
    eluded the examining board’s scrutiny by deeming the software “experimental,” because last-minute fixes under that moniker
    do not require certification and testing. Mr. Fitrakis says the ES&S contract was leaked to, of which he is editor.

  278. Connie says:

    The screaming CAPS is rude but the governor of Florida is another elevated white collar criminal. There are similarities between pRick Scott and Lord Voldermort beyond mear looks, so it’s understandable that you’re shouting. The astrology is over my head, but I get the gist of it and it further confirms: Scott = Romney

  279. Connie says:

    Now that the rain has stopped, I’m heading out for last day of GOTV activity to keep Florida blue! Fired up -ready to go!

  280. Gina says:

    Coming home today from a long road trip. I voted two weeks ago in New Orleans. As I have for the last several days, today I am feeling a sense of calm. I don’t know what it means, but I like our chances.

  281. Jackson says:

    I’ve always thought that the American preoccupation with religion and rule of law were distinctly Jovial. And given Jupiter’s rulership of Sagittarius, a Sag Ascendant fits the U.S. much better than Mercury-ruled Gemini does.

  282. JA says:

    It is going to be a great day!

  283. angellight says:

    barbk: Thanks but I live in Philadelphia, Pa. The writer of the link provided lives in Ohio.

    Alex: I too am waiting for the decision, please post when you find out. I will be checking back.

    Gina: I too feel more confident, but its not over to the Fat Lady sings. I believe Obama will win, but I worry about the machines.

    Pisca: Yes, positive thoughts!

  284. will says:

    I think its going to be a good day for the Blue. I’m finally allowing myself to breathe. Yet I also feel a powerful, violent backlash of hatred coming from those who are voting for the Dark Side.

    The Western Suburbs of Chicago have become mega-racist. I moved from there to California some 33 years ago. The population there was always rather conservative, but I could never have imagined the level of vitriol that has evidently saturated the collective body politic there. I met relatives who live there at a wedding this past weekend and I thought I was in a different Universe, let alone state.

    I hope PBO has beefed up his security for the months to come.

  285. Sharon says:

    Re Connell, I agree that it looks like murder. When I researched it, the weather was also bad that day (or night). I hope that whomever perpetrates anything having to do with voter fraud, ranging from throwing out ballets to changing electronic votes to murdering, is caught and punished.

  286. maryhu says:

    I also cast my vote with the Sagittarius ascendant for our country; big, brash, excessive, optimistic (irrational exuberance), funny, philosophical, hypocritical, never shy with our opinion on the world stage…yes, there are other aspects to the US character, but I do believe that we present to the world in a Sagittarius way.

  287. mitzi says:

    Thank you Alex, I’ve been looking for this Ohio court decision since early morning! There has been no mention of it in the media, not even on MSNBC. If it weren’t for all you wonderful souls, I’d be so uninformed, and basically, lost in the woods!
    Thanks again, and blessings to all.

  288. ox the cat says:

    I feel calm. I am waiting for that decision too. Husted has another case on Wednesday for the provisional ballots.

  289. Sharon says:

    So much of this IS about racism and the sad thing is that many people don’t even see it in themselves.

    Waiting for the Judge Frost/OH verdict also but have to leave the house…I’ll keep checking. (We don’t know if it’s even fraudulent—I hope the Judge, unlike the U.S. Supreme Court, decides not to instil any doubts and take the chance!!! OH says it will slow things down in the counting — I say F*** ‘em!)

  290. alex says:

    Will Rule This Afternoon – OHIO court

    U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost held an evidentiary hearing on the injunction request, after which he said he’d rule later today. In court, Fitrakis’s lawyer asked the judge to consider the alternative remedy of a sample hand-count of ballots in counties where the software is being used.

  291. alex says:

    November 6, 2012

    Bob Fitrakis just returned from court for his lawsuit to stop the software patches on voting machines in Ohio. Judge Frost has not ruled on the matter yet, and at the conclusion of the hearing at approximate 10:20am he said he would issue a ruling “forthwith,”(before noon today).

    Mike Donohoe, retired National Security Agency master of computer security, testified by phone. Donohue stated that the software in question is also available for free on the internet, and he was not sure why the state of Ohio paid for it.

    He said it would have been more sensible for the stated purpose of the software to have placed it onto the secretary of state’s computers instead of the county computers.

    Donohoe also stated that it is customary, in his experience, if the Secretary of State put “experimental” software on an election system, it is usual to require hand counts in addition, in order to ensure that the added software had not affected the accuracy of the vote count, Donohoe pointed out.

    He also said that if a virus had been inserted through this new software, it could remain in the system. So removing the software may not remove the virus. That is why a random hand count of 5% is so important.

  292. angellight says:

    BUSTED! – Electronic Voting Machines Videotaped Changing Obama Votes To Mitt Romney!

  293. lightgraphs says:

    Thanks for posting, Bob. I’ve been looking for this!

  294. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Just wanted to add my two cents to all the positive vibes and good wishes to PBO’s re-election day. I am about to head out for my four hour shift of volunteering to drive folks who need a ride, to cast their ballot. My husband and four children voted early but I am sticking with tradition and always vote on election day. Just voted and am I pumped and excited.

    Starlight is so right about Mitt Romney and his deep-seeded obsessive need to win the presidency. In my mind there are two reasons for this. One, to one-up his father, or two to redeem his father. I am strongly leaning to the first. I studied two charts this weekend using the teachings of Steven Forrest’s evolutionary astrology and Vedic astrology. Both of which I practice. After much study and deep thought I can not for the life of me “see” a Romney victory. What I can “see” is a lot of anger and bitterness for Mitt and his family.

    But karma is karma and boy oh boy has he earned negative payback in spades. Saturn as the late astrologer Grant Lewi put it, “Saturn is the cosmic paycheck. You get what you deserve”.

    To sum it up, Mitt’s cosmic “bill” is due. And good riddance, I might add.

    Looking forward to driving people around to their voting precincts and hearing their funny stories along the way. Everyone, much peace and many blessings to all of you today.

  295. alex says:

    Thank you for shuttling voters to the polls!

  296. alex says:


  297. alex says:

    From my comment 1:42PM

    Mike Donohoe, retired National Security Agency master of computer security, testified by phone. Donohue stated that the software in question is also available for free on the internet, and he was not sure why the state of Ohio paid for it.

    I’m going to speculate why OHIO paid for software that was free on the internet…after the judges makes his ruling;

  298. Wennye' says:

    ha, ha that is so funny, Salemone!

  299. Wennye' says:

    Blessings to you Lisa Robinson!!

  300. NEOBuckeye says:

    Must be the natal Sun-Saturn square in the US chart. Seems like a lot of men here have issues with their fathers. Look at George W. and his father. Even with Clinton and Obama, their fathers were either abusive (Clinton) or absent (Obama).

  301. starlight says:

    11:05 PM tonight in Chicago which would be 12:05 AM Eastern time, the Moon will conjunct the Ascendant within a degree and waxing opposite Obama’s Ascendant. Could this be his victory speech?

  302. NEOBuckeye says:

    As a native Ohioan, I am amazed at the attention my state is getting. I just wish it were for something more positive. But the scrutiny may be beneficial if it actually exposes and leads to prosecution for the wrongdoing and corruption of the Republicans here, stuff that didn’t just start happening when John Kasich became governor (google Tom Noe). The Ohio Republican Party has been extremely corrupt for a very long time. It doesn’t help much that the state-level Dems are unusually weak, particularly for a state with so many large and mid-sized cities. We are fortunate, however, to have Bob Fitrakis working to expose the GOP’s shenanigans here. Would dearly love to see that entire lot of smug charlatans brought down smack on their faces.

    The Noe scandal in 2006 was enough to give the Dems a chance to regain control of the state for the first time in more than a decade. But memories apparently are short-lived, and Kasich and the GOP were able to reclaim the governorship and line offices in 2010 from Ted Strickland’s administration. Kasich and Husted, the Secretary of State, are up for re-election in 2014. Maybe the exposure of their corruption will negate any potential for a second term for them here.

  303. mitzi says:

    Angellight, I just saw the video you posted, the truth comes out! Thank you for this. Tamron Hall, on MSNBC, announced it will report on this incident, I hope they do. I’ll be watching!

  304. Virginia says:

    I agree with him about Chris Christie, who clearly has had a wake-up call both humbling and profound. Not sure I’d want him for president but I think he will be more on the national stage in future.

  305. Geo says:

    To God-Goddess’ Ears Nancy:). YES!!!

  306. angellight says:

    Mitzi: You are welcome. Here is another article from Salon asking does Ohio plan to steal the vote with the experimental software that is at issue. She also goes into a story about Karl Rove’s programmer who was killed in an airplane before he was to testify on the matter of altering votes for the Bush presidency. I do hope the truth comes out and we won’t just accept it and say Oh Well, this time.

  307. angellight says:

    Starlight: I don’t know much about astrology, but I sure hope you are right about that Victory Speech!

  308. angellight says:

    NEOBuckeye: Yes you are lucky to have Bob Fitrakis. I do wonder just how many elections they have stolen that way?

  309. Stefanie says:

    Thank you all for the warm and sweet words of support last thread! We’re all rising up from the post-Sandy ashes here. Will write more about my experience soon.

    My quick two cents on today: I’m feeling good, vibe-wise, that Obama will win. I just saw the tireless Obama advocate Rosie Perez at a local lunch spot in the Village, and I take that as a very good sign! She looked happy, so I’m happy. Let us all be happy, pray, and believe that in an outcome that will benefit humanity. Four MORE YEARS!

    On my way to VOTE!

    If you didn’t get a chance when I last posted it and you know anyone in a swing state, please feel free to share my Huffpo piece, Dear Women: Wake the F**k Up — my last ditch effort to get undecided humans with vaginas to vote in their best interest:

  310. Lorrie U says:

    Bob clarified he was doing caps so that we wouldn’t miss his posts in the long thread, so he’s not being rude or shouting, he’s being CONSIDERATE!

    Thank you, Bob, for all your efforts. I too don’t always understand them, but I appreciate all your posts and great efforts to inform! Thank you so much…

  311. Rose says:

    Some selected comments from the PEC posters on the last few threads to cheer you all while we bite our nails:

    “It’s all over if Obama wins Virginia, which closes at 7 PM. Assuming he wins NH (an early state) and NV (a near-mortal lock), he hits 270 exactly, even if he loses OH, CO, IA, FL, and NC.
    In other words, if he wins VA, he can lose all the swing states except for two out of three of the easier ones: IA, NV, NH.”

    “If Obama wins in OH, NC, VA or FL, then Romney is out of the race, but they will not declare him dead until CA closes.”

    “Friday, I would have given Romney FL. Now, I’m not too sure. Scott made a lot of people angry with the way he handled early voting and angry people vote. The ‘likely voter’ models giving it to Romney are low turnout ones. High turn out give it to Obama.
    The other factor is that Scott is unpopular. I’ve seen a 70% disapproval rating. That is why he wasn’t at the Republican convention. For some unfathomable reason, Romney asked him to tour with him today. That is going to hurt among soft Republicans and independents. It will also vote the soft Democrats.
    I’m going to give Obama 3% over the average poll.”

    “J K Galbraith nailed the Reactionary Right decades ago: ‘The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.’
    And now to enjoy the great wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments by the Reactionary Right in the aftermath of their can’t lose election. The Senate will be an especially bitter pill if they make no gains.”

    “Tomorrow’s Drudge headline: “Arizona Shocker! Latinos flock to polls, oust Sheriff Joe, send Carmona to Senate, deliver state for Obama.” If I’m right, remember that you heard it here first.”

    “Check out Intrade. People who put their money where their mouth is are buying Obama and dumping Romney at a furious rate. POTUS is now up 4.5% TODAY. Another confirmation of Dr. Wang’s predictions.”

    “I’m seeing that almost everywhere things are getting bluer. As the old Montana ranch wife said, ‘Progress is made one funeral at a time’.”

    “If one more person sends me an email talking about early voting in Ohio by county, and decides to not include the fact that the GOP county they are touting with increased turnout has only 10,000 people versus the Dem county with 1.2 million, I will scream.”

    “I think it’s important to note that Flake from Arizona might wind up in prison instead of office after his campaign was caught robocalling Democrats telling them to go to the wrong polling locations. FBI and DOJ opened up a federal investigation already.” (

    “GOP’s massive elections group–True the Vote-has lost their observer license and all TTV watchers have been banned from in and around Columbus, OH polling stations. Possible criminal charges coming for fraud and suppression.”

    “GOP elections group True the Vote has been banned from Ohio polling locations after they forged signatures to gain observer status. Also reported that they falsified their 503(c) filings. Also, lines are ENORMOUS. Toledo poll workers reported that this year’s morning turnout dwarfed 2008.”

    “The headlines report the early NH returns of Obama 28 to Romney 15 as “tied in New Hampshire.” Long rant short, GRRR!”

    “Hart’s Location NH frequently picks the presidential winner. Last night’s result …
    Obama – 23
    Romney – 9
    Johnson – 2

    2008 …
    Obama – 17
    McCain – 10
    Paul – 2

    So Obama is doing better in Hart’s Location this cycle.”

    “Chrysler sends Mitt Romney a message: What happens when you irritate a major employer?

    “The President playing basketball in his hometown, Romney still out seeking votes. Speaks volumes about where the voting is at.”

    “If the 2012 [early voting] totals are close to 2008, that is actually a miraculous thing given how much early voting has been cut. Florida and Ohio lost several days worth of early voting and almost matched the 2008 total as it is. People are extremely enthused.”

    “The ‘final and definitive’ prediction at has Romney at 275 and Obama at 263. In other words, if you stand on your head, tweak the numbers in every partisan way imaginable, and make a few final corrections suggested by your “gut,” Romney wins by an eyelash. Otherwise, not.” (Unskewedpolls has been predicting a landslide for R$.)

    Hugs to all — it’s almost over! Keep the faith!

  312. Lorrie U says:

    YES!!!! Obama will be watching results in Chicago, so it’s perfect!

  313. Betsy says:

    People in Ohio are being pushed to use provisional ballots (which may or may not be counted) due to the storms and a push by lawyers for the Republican side. It could take up to two weeks for those provisional votes to be counted (if they ever are). There’s the reason for the delay, perhaps. –

  314. Rose says:

    Update via a comment from the PEC posters:

    “We have our first case of a rigged machine in PA per NBC News. The machine allowed voters select any candidate except Barack Obama. If you selected Obama it voted for Romney. However you could select Stein and it voted for her.

    **NBC confirms machine has been removed.**

    Apparently the calibration was checked, and the only issue with the machine was Obama to Romney vote switching.”

  315. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for all the info, Rose! I’m hopeful for AZ, at least down ticket and would love to see Flake imprisoned.

  316. Lorrie U says:

    If Obama wins enough in other states, maybe OH won’t matter that much.

  317. shoalsister says:

    This is very cool…watch Facebook America vote in real time. As of right now (abt 2:30pm CST) there are twice as many women who’ve voted. Also impressive number of 18-24 year olds have voted. It will be interesting to see how this correlates to actual voting reports after all is said and done. I don’t know if you can access this if you don’t have a FB account.

  318. angellight says:

    According to CNN, the faulty machine was in Pa and supposeldy it was taken out of service, recalibrated and then put back in service!


    Disappearing box in E-Voting for President in Toledo, Ohio! … via @videothevote

    Its a good thing we have phones with video and cameras, but what about the theft going on inside the machines? Surely we can figure out away to vote smart and fool proof.

  319. maryhu says:

    Thank you for your posts about the Ohio scene, alex!

  320. Lorrie U says:

    Sean Hannity May Have Broken Law While Tweeting Picture Of Ballot: Think Progress

  321. Lorrie U says:

    From Political Astrology blog:

    We plan to update this page with some notes about the astrology underlying today’s events, record times when significant developments take place, and post notices about important news stories related to the election.

    ?9:46 AM ET: Reddit user Centralpavote uploads video from cell phone showing voting machine switching his Obama vote to Romney. NBC has confirmed. Separate reports of similar issues coming in from North Carolina.
    ?2:24 PM ET: Moon is currently at 12 Leo 17?. The Moon is currently bonified, separating from Venus and moving toward Jupiter. Moon is rapidly approaching Obama’s Sun at 12 Leo 33?. The Moon was on Romney’s Pluto at 11 Leo 22? a couple of hours ago.

  322. Betsy says:

    Hope you’re right Lorrie.

  323. Betsy says:

    Of the currently 4.5 million who have registered their voting activity on Facebook, 3 million are women. :)

  324. Betsy says:

    Also, 18-24 year olds are 30% of those reporting.

  325. Lorrie U says:

    “Obama has 431 ways to win. Romney, 76″

  326. angellight says:

    GOP “Poll Watchers” in PA Ordered to Stop Asking Voters for ID
    The Pennsylvania GOP’s attempt to impose a voter ID law on the state has been well-documented. Recently, a judge ordered the law not be put into effect for this election, meaning that voters in Pennsylvania DO NOT need ID to vote…but that hasn’t kept GOP “poll watchers” from intimidating voters and demanding ID today. Finally, a judge had to step in.

    The story is here, from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette. A snip:
    An Allegheny County judge on Tuesday issued an order to halt electioneering outside a polling location in Homestead. County officials received a complaint shortly before 10 a.m. Tuesday that Republicans outside a polling location on Maple Street in Homestead were stopping people outside the polls and asking for identification.

    The order states: “Individuals outside the polls are prohibited from questioning, obstructing, interrogating or asking about any form of identification and/demanding any form of identification from any prospective voter.” Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Guido A. DeAngelis, one of two judges overseeing Elections Court, issued the order and said such actions by partisans “could have a chilling effect” on voting.

  327. angellight says:

    Registered Philly voters required to cast provisional ballots in large numbers | Philadelphia City Paper | 11/06/2012

    If this Election is stolen by machines, suppression, are we as a Nation going to stand by and say ok or will we stand up to this?

  328. clymela says:

    Thank you,Angellight for posting this

  329. Noelle says:

    They were asking for ID in my area of PA….”just for practice”. I declined to show ID and went ahead and voted.

  330. virgo says:

    GOOD FOR YOU, Noelle

  331. starlight says:

    I put up a new thread though I still have nothing to add until it is over.


  332. Bob says:

    Thanks for understanding Lorrie.

  333. Bob says:

    You are both welcome. I have never felt the love for any President, including JFK and the Big Dog, that i feel for President Obama. Have said many prayers for him.

  334. Bob says:

    The Rethugs could not overcome the backlash against GW Bush’s illegal 8 year residency in 2008 but they may have stolen elections at all levels in 2010 in their drive to limit President Obama to 1 term and set the table for this years general election when they likely planned to gain the White House and Senate, giving them complete control of all branches of government by the end of the next 4 years with appointments to the Supreme Court.

    An early article from the NY Times before the full count was known in 2010. (Republican final gains: 63 US House seats (enough to take solid control of the US House of Representatives), 6 US Senate seats ( of most importance as far as possibly influencing future races – ILLINOIS [to give the appearance of the President’s weakness in his home state], PENNSYLVANIA [with 20 EV’s tied with Illinois for 5th largest block and where Republicans have not won since 1988], and WISCONSIN [believed to be a swing state within reach]. This year (2012) the Democrats have to defend 21 seats with only 15 incumbants running. If the Republicans could swing just 4 of those seats they would have control in the Senate.), 11 governorships (In the main, IOWA, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, and WISCONSIN, having a total of 80 electoral votes)

    “The tide swept aside dozens of lawmakers, regardless of their seniority or their voting records, upending the balance of power for the second half of Mr. Obama’s term.”

    “The Republican tide swept into STATEHOUSE races, too, with Democrats poised to lose the majority of GOVERNORSHIPS, PARTICULARLY THOSE IN KEY SWING STATES LIKE OHIO, …”

    “One after another, ONCE UNASSAILABLE DEMOCRATS like Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Representatives Ike Skelton of Missouri, John Spratt of South Carolina, Rick Boucher of Virginia and Chet Edwards of Texas FELL TO LITTLE KNOWN Republican challengers.”.

    And, “The outcome on Tuesday was NOTHING SHORT OF REMARKABLE comeback for Republicans two years after they suffered a crushing defeat in the White House and four years after Democrats swept control of the House and Senate.”.

    Note the states named in this passage “In the House, Republicans found victories in most corners of the country, including five seats in PENNSYLVANIA, five in OHIO, at least three in FLORIDA, ILLINOIS and VIRGINIA and two in GEORGIA.” (Important because of possible influence in future races. TOTAL EV’s 116.)

    Further on, “Throughout the evening, in race after race, Republican challengers defeated Democratic incumbents, DESPITE BEING AT SIGNIFICANT FUND RAISING DISADVANTAGES.”

  335. B says:

    The Caps in the above post are mine for emphasis.

  336. Bob says:

    Hope you don’t ignore WARNING! signs.

  337. Bob says:


    Cornyn has a progressed t-square which will be hit by Mars within days after the others I have checked but will be hit by Pluto in 2013 and perhaps 2014.

    Akin’s Neptune will be hit by the Mars-Pluto conjunction at the same time the other charts I am following are later this month.

  338. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    The main demographic of FB users is probably 30 and under. Lots of us old people either aren’t on FB or (like me) have a FB account on which I almost never post anything.

  339. Bob says:

    Lune Priere,

    Short answer is the positions are “true body positions” (where the physical mass of a planet really is in space). The numbers are measurements in right ascension from 0° Aries. It is part of how astronomers locate an object’s position in space – important if you want to know where your space shuttle is.

    The 277°36′ of the Mercury-Mars midpoint is 9 signs of 30° plus 7°36′. The conjunction of transit Mars and Pluto takes place at 278°39′ of right ascension (278°10′ or 8°10′ of Capricorn in longitude). Transit Mars will transit all of those points in short order around Nov 27th and as transit Pluto is within a degree or so to all of the points the conjunction will affect them all.

  340. Gypsi says:

    You are getting read, and I hope that Mars/Pluto means the whole bunch are getting brought to justice.

  341. Cappy says:

    Rumors galore in Mass. that Brown stole his Senate seat…via hacked voting machines…only Paper Ballots will DO!

  342. Cappy says:

    Yes! Many thanks for the vital info, Rose…hoping also Flake is charged.
    Love your wishful call for AZ.

  343. Betsy says:

    I’m sure there are many people who are much younger on FB, but the largest part of my relatives and friends on FB are 40+.

  344. fierywoman says:

    I loved that you suggested we all unite with a blue candle — I prayed for everyone who wanted to vote to be able to vote and that all the votes, every last one of them, be counted honestly.

  345. fierywoman says:

    Times like these ya gotta love MarsPluto!!!

  346. fierywoman says:

    I felt this very same eery feeling about impending violence right after the Rodney King verdict when I lived in LA as I do now about Obama winning.