4th Nov, 2012

One More Day

At this point, I have said pretty much what I am going to say about this election. Basically, Romney’s need to do what his father couldn’t, as shown by his natal Saturn square to Chiron and his 4th house Pluto, is likely to be thwarted by the current Saturn transit in early Scorpio. President Obama’s popularity and success seem likely to grow (progressed Venus square Moon and transiting Jupiter station square Pluto) as we move into the New Year.  This is the very short version of how I see things. My recent posts on The Final Stretch explain in greater depth.

There is little to add until the votes are tallied. With the Mercury station tomorrow, some of the lines may be very long and very slow to move. Delays and confusion and miscounting are possible. If the delay goes on for days, there may be a shift around the 12th or so.

So let’s all take a deep breath and hold good thoughts as we watch the final stage of this long and brutal campaign.

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