Giving a Talk on Saturday

 Uranus Strikes the US Chart


A discussion of the potent and disruptive transits and progressions in the US chart over the next several months and how they will push America to a more enlightened path.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Country Inn & Suites, 2600 Housely Road, Annapolis MD 21401
Calvert Room (downstairs, and there is an elevator)
10:30 am – 12:30 pm



  1. Celeste says:

    Sounds great, Nancy! Best of luck! Wish I could be there!

  2. starlight says:

    I hope all my Annapolis friends can come! Also, anyone from the DC area who wants to make the trip will be welcome. This talk came kind of at the last minute. I am filling in for someone.

    I doubt I will be able to start another thread until at least Sunday. When it do, it will include some of what the talk will be on.

  3. starlight says:

    Once again, I will try to record it and see if David can figure out how to post it here.

  4. dlitlbird says:

    looks like uranus may have already struck

  5. starlight says:

    It actually began in mid-September: first Benghazi and then Sandy. I just had to come up with a title and blurb fast.

  6. Salemone says:

    How bout ‘Surviving the Uranus Challenge’?

  7. Rose says:

    Memorable quote:

    “You know your party is in trouble when people ask, ‘Did the rape guy win’, and you have to ask, ‘Which one?’”
    . — Alec Baldwin

  8. Rose says:

    Rachel Maddow is knocking it out of the park tonight! If you aren’t watching now, please try to watch a podcast or capture the rebroadcast later.

    She’s the best thing that’s happened to TV in a long time.

  9. Rose says:

    Ignore David Gregory’s tweet: “And Barack Obama received 9 million more votes in 2008 than he did in 2012.”

    There are about 13 million botes that aren’t tabulated yet.

    Idiot! He knows that. More spin! Sheesh.

  10. sorah says:

    YAY! America is not entirely unenlightened.

  11. ScorpioX3 says:

    I’ll be there!

  12. will says:

    Rose, that quote is one of the decade’s best!

  13. will says:

    David Gregory should not be in journalism. He’s a disgrace to the profession.

  14. will says:


    This is great news and something I believe you should try to do on a fairly regular basis. I wonder if you realize just how good you are and how much much more knowledgeable you are compared to others in the field. Trust me – you’re as good as they get. You go, Aquarian Lady!

  15. KIM says:

    I miss Tim Russert…..can’t stand Gregory

  16. Noelle says:

    Many of us can’t. I’d rather see Luke Russert.

  17. Gypsi says:

    Great news. I tweeted a link with an “invitation”. Don’t have that many followers but maybe someone will come.

  18. Lorrie U says:

    Conservatives Living In A Bubble – Why The Right Was Surprised They Lost

  19. teresahill says:

    She was outstanding tonight. A plea to come over to the reality side and start actually solving problems.

  20. kiwi says:

    Speaking of conservative bubble – my husbands former business partner (female) is someone whom I’ve met and up til now, liked. She posted on facebook totally distraught at Obama’s win. I sent her a nice note, with love, saying that the rest of the world appreciated his reelection because of his steady hand regarding international affairs. Well. The vitriolic response was unreal, said she didn’t care about the rest of the world that I was a socialist and I could go to hell! My, my, my, the republican bubble is so filled with hate and mis-information it is hard to comprehend how brainwashed they have become over the years. Fox news certainly has a lot to answer for.

  21. NEOBuckeye says:

    I guess for a lot of people like her, they must feel like their world is coming crashing down to an end. The world just isn’t supposed to change!! Stop it!!

    Too bad for them that it is, and to the extent that they cannot cope and adjust their treasured ideals and beliefs accordingly, they are going to suffer. A lot.

    Conservatives’ acute myopia about life, the passage of time and the world may be their own worst enemy, far more than any socialist, brown-skinned, Qur’an-adhering bogeyman real or imagined.

  22. Bob says:

    Lune Priere,

    I posted this several threads back but not sure if you saw it so I am bringing it forward.

    Short answer is the positions are “true body positions” (where the physical mass of a planet really is in space). The numbers are measurements in right ascension from 0° Aries. It is part of how astronomers locate an object’s position in space – important if you want to know where your space shuttle is.

    Regarding FL Gov Rick Scott’s chart and the Mars-Pluto conjunction in late Nov.

    NATAL SUN-MARS 279°04?

    The 277°36? of the Mercury-Mars midpoint is 9 signs of 30° plus 7°36?. The conjunction of transit Mars and Pluto takes place at 278°39? of right ascension (278°10? or 8°10? of Capricorn in longitude). Transit Mars will transit all of those points in short order around Nov 27th and as transit Pluto is within a degree or so to all of the points the conjunction will affect them all.

  23. NEOBuckeye says:

    The fallout, finger-pointing, and fury over Romney’s defeat begins. Apparently Romney’s followers weren’t the only ones who were confident to the point of being totally shellshocked by the outcome. His closest staffers and donors apparently truly believed the White House was within their reach.

    But wait, there’s more! The transition site for President-ELECT Romney that was all ready to go but will now never go live.

    Archived here:

    I’m sure he and Ann even had the Oval Office curtains and carpet already picked out. Of course, he couldn’t be bothered to write a concession speech.

    No wonder Rove was having a meltdown on Faux News last night. I’m sure his wealthy clients are going to come knocking for their money back. And they’ll likely get it out of him, one way or another.

  24. Bob says:


    Near term that I am concerned about. I see the difficulties you posted about. Your progressed Mars is at 7°58′ Cancer. It is opposed by transit Pluto. On November 26th it will be at 8°.

    There are probably dates before Nov 26 that may be stressful but because of the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in opposition to that progressed Mars I worked a progressed lunar return to see when the combination would aspect one of it’s angles and came up with Monday, November 26 around 5:30 pm for Chicago. I see where you have since posted that you are in Wisconsin so the timing could be off by hours. The weekend days before Monday look to be stressful but that combination is more serious than Saturday or Sunday.

    For a more comprehensive long term reading of your chart I suggest that you get a reading from Nancy.

  25. Patty says:

    Beautifully said, NEOBuckeye.
    As Mark Twin said…they harm themselves.
    “Anger and Hatred is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”.

    The Rights New Line:
    ‘Obama has no mandate’
    The president won by wider margins than Bush in ’04, but that hasn’t stopped the right from dismissing his victory

  26. Bob says:

    What a hypocrite!

    On the 2nd screen capture under Factors to Consider it mentions scrutiny, financial disclosure, and conflicts of interest.

  27. Lune Prière says:

    Thank you Bob. I appreciate the time and knowledge you put into your comments, even though I don’t usually reply, I always read them!

  28. Wennye' says:

    Neither can I!!!

  29. Bob says:

    Continuing to look at the Mars conjunction with Pluto later this month I find that it hits the Citizen’s United decision Mercury dead on as well as points in the charts of the Right leaning justices. Perhaps infighting about reversing that decision.

    Around the same time there are positive transits to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Could the Left leaning justices convince Justice Kennedy to vote with them to reverse the CUD? Or maybe she announces her retirement?

    A reversal would hit Republicans much harder than Democrats. Compare the amount of money generated by super PACs to the 2 partys.

  30. Michael from nyc says:

    Nancy glad to see you doing more public speaking!

    You did a great job when you came to NYC…

  31. oxthecat says:

    That is interesting. Something tells me that he will not run for office again.

  32. oxthecat says:

    I read he told the donors that the 345 million was worth it because without the money they would have lost even more races. Huh? I bet that went over like a lead sinker.

  33. angellight says:

    Starlight: Congrats on your growing speaking/teaching engagements.

    Rose: I will not be able to ignore Gregory’s tweet! Thanks for the info. As soon as I am done here, I will tell him what I think of his negative tweet in a nice way.

    NEOBuckeye: They really thought the Election was in the bag. One the candidate who usually goes to Bildeberg Dinner is the one who is supposed to be President. That did not happen. At the last minute, someone exposed Romney’s ties to the Mexican Drug cartel and they knew they could not have a President like that. VeteransToday site is very informative on this info. They are not a quack like the Alex Jones and some other sites.

    Gypsi: What is your twitter address? I’ll sign up.

    Rachel Maddow rocked last night.

  34. angellight says:

    Apple: Congrats in quitting that smoking habit! That was some inspirational charge. Wow!

  35. angellight says:

    Morning in America, by Michael Moore

    “Congratulations everyone!!

    This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday. That is amazing in and of itself. And all the women who were elected last night! A total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes. Now the real work begins. Millions of us — the majority — must come together to insist that President Obama and the Democrats stand up and fight for the things we sent them there to do. Mr. President, do not listen to the pundits who today call for you to “compromise.” No. You already tried that. It didn’t work. You can compromise later if you need to, but please, no more beginning by compromising. And if the Republican House doesn’t want to play ball, do a massive end run around them with one executive order after another — just like they have done and will do if given the chance again.
    We have to have Obama’s back. As he is blocked and attacked by the right, we need to be there with him. We are the majority. Let’s act like it.

  36. mima says:

    Thank you Bob!! Is good to know so I can be prepared. I will be definitely contacting Nancy.

  37. alex says:

    well I really luv MM but I don’t agree with him on this comment; the way I see it is we have to do much more than cheer or jeer Obama to have his back; we need to get involved in the politics of DC that is opposing him through obstruction and that means getting involved in opposition to Mitch McConnell in KY his home state ( he is up for re-election in 2014 ) the huge organizations that worked well together this time have to take it to Mitch McConnell ( how convenient that Michael Moore has the same initials );

    everything has to be brought to bear on the political interests of Mitch McConnell in Kentucky politics that will re-elect him 2014 if we all sit on the sidelines;

    we have to step up our citizen’s organization participation now; I’m sure you all read/heard McConnell’s statement minutes after the win was announced;

    we are lucky we don’t have to work on Karl Rove the Obama team did that for us ( we did out part in making Dems successful up and down the ticket ) but the strategy was Obama team; that I think is above our citizen’s pay grade; but speaking of citizens the power that Rove used was ‘Citizen’s United’ consolidated money …. that we can have a lot to do with;

    we can get involved in every effort to overturn it;

  38. alex says:

    Progressive Change Campaign Committee

    excerpt email 30 winners!

    Last night, 30 PCCC-endorsed candidates won Senate, House, governor, and state races.

    This is truly amazing. The PCCC didn’t exist 4 years ago, but now — thanks to nearly a million people like you — we are winning elections, influencing policy, and building progressive power.

    PCCC members made over 2 million phone calls through Call Out The Vote. 82.5% helped winners!

    PCCC members donated $2.5 million directly to candidates this cycle. 73.3% helped winners!

    PCCC was the #1 grassroots supporter of Elizabeth Warren. Some details below.

    Plus, our PCCC staff gave expert advice to candidates and helped place competent, progressive campaign staffers across the nation.

    None of this would be possible without you. In 2013, we’ll work together with the progressive heroes we just elected to push bold policies into law. Get ready for more wins!

    Thanks for being a bold progressive.


    PCCC members made an infusion of 10,176 last-minute calls to defeat Allen West! 50.4% to 40.6%. Congrats to our friends at CREDO Action, who targeted this race.

  39. Nina says:

    Urgh. Luke Russert, like Chris Wallace and Mark Halperin, is an illustration of the failures of nepotism.

  40. angellight says:


    “This is the report that was pulled out due to the pressure from the Republicans in Congress. The reason you may ask… Well, it’s quite simple: The Republicans in Congress do not want you to learn that what has been for decades their theory that Reaganomics is what creates jobs its not true. The trickle-down theory simply does not work, it is a scam to benefit the rich.

    Their economic theories are false and the only purpose it has served is to hurt this country, the middle-class and making the gap between the middle-class and the very wealthy wider and wider while sinking the working class into poverty. That is the Republican Party for you, their only interest is for the rich not their constituents, not “we, the people.”

    I decided to post it this way instead of just the link to the report (which you can find at the bottom) because I am sure that it will not be available for long.”

  41. angellight says:

    Alex: I believe that is what MM meant, that we have to get involved by calling our Congress or writing a letter to the editor, etc.

  42. Azizi says:

    Also, with regards to the United States Presidential campaign, I think that the 47% hidden camera video was also an example of Uranus.

  43. Sharon says:

    We have to be vigilent as, although the demographics are changing in the direction of diversity and equality, there truly is a movement afoot that reminds me of fascism and nazism somehow. Per this video, they are going to get even more serious about winning!

    Another ‘movement’ in the works to undermine Obama’s second term?
    By: Alvin McEwen Wednesday November 7, 2012 7:45 pm

    Batten down the hatches because some people are beginning yet another fake “movement” designed to undermine President Obama like the Tea Party did during his first term.

    And this time, they aren’t even waiting for him to at least be inaugurated:

    How long will it be before Fox News and the usual cast of idiots begin hyping this madness up?

  44. pisca says:

    Agree. As PBO said in his acceptance, he is listening to the PEOPLE. We cannot be silent and/or cynical anymore.

  45. pisca says:

    Millions of ballots are waiting to be counted. The electoral votes will remain with Obama and his lead in the popular vote in the popular may surge! Here is a morning update of uncalled House races:

  46. JA says:

    Hi Nancy, I’ll be in Washington, D.C. 11/13-11/16. Are you having any other speaking engagements that week?

  47. Jackson says:

    The Great Vanilla Throwback of 2012 failed! But look what we missed out on:

  48. alex says:

    you know angellight the thing is every policy by GOP is a cover story a snow job a sale job….. a rationale for a pile of BS … it is a salesjob to hook the public that’s it a rationale to hide behind because GOP politics is only about ‘less FOR you more FOR me’, ‘less OF you more FOR me’, ‘what’s mine is mine what’s yours is mine’… it is exclusion and rejection of others it is ‘tribal economics’ it is the law of the jungle dressed up as political policy; it is elite wealthy consolidating their wealth and power; it is greed and it is racist…. with the GOP/Libertarians whatever they say they elevate to gospel but it’s all limbic savage brain and brutal;

    that’s all there is period end of story; the rest is just naming Reagan the mythical king of BS economics…..

    I wish on election night I had saved and remembered something I read at a diary… I’ll have to paraphrase… it was a diary by a former committed GOP; he wrote about his evolution to Dem it was done very well; he had been very involved for long time when he had his conversion moment; it was at the dinner table of the father of a girlfriend; the
    father was a lawyer and I’ll paraphrase something he wrote very well but I can’t find it to copy/paste:

    that government can of course get too big or do harm, be wasteful etc but government is regulated by the constitution and the constitution is backed up by the judicial system;

    GOP/Libertarians philosophy is about one thing deregulation and no rules they want to eliminate checks and balance; GOP Reaganomics is for one thing …no regulations on corporate behavior… they want no checks or balance… that’s why GOP/Libertarian BS fail as a governing system…

  49. alex says:

    dailykos diary by Charley James

    In a little-noticed piece of legislation he is moving through his Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Lieberman wants to strip independent regulatory agencies of their independence and power to effectively regulate just about anything.

    Without holding a single hearing, Lieberman’s committee wants to pass the “Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act of 2012” which strips the independence of a raft of federal agencies: Everything from the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and National Labor Relations Board.

    Among its many provisions, the law would require each of the agencies that Congress quite deliberately established as independent to submit all proposed rules to The White House for “vetting” before they could be published. According to a report buried election day afternoon on a back page of Tuesday’s New York Times, the bill would “introduce delays to an already slow process, and would give banks and businesses yet another place to lobby for favorable treatment.”

    The Times also notes correctly that bad reviews from The White House would enable industry groups to use an administration’s objections in mounting legal challenges to rules that are eventually put in place.

    Lieberman’s bill to defang regulatory agencies has bi-partisan support in the committee – perhaps not entirely surprising given that its Republican members include Tom Coburn, outgoing Senator Scott Brown, John McCain and Rand Paul. But Carl Levin also is a member as is Hawaii’s Daniel Akaka, yet they are supporting the measure even though they should know better.

    Moreover, Lieberman has refused to hold a public hearing on the measure despite requests from six of the primary financial regulators. Each wrote a letter to Lieberman asking to be heard on the issue. Dozens of consumer and legal advocacy groups have voiced their opposition.

    And yet, there is no sign of a public hearing in the works. Even worse, it appears that Lieberman’s plan is to quickly ready the bill to be included in must-pass legislation that will come up in a lame-duck session intended to deal with things such as a phony panic over the “fiscal cliff.”

    It may be too late to stop the Lieberman train as it pulls out of the station but it won’t hurt to write to your Senators urging an end to this bit of anti-regulatory chaos, Joe Lieberman’s good by gift to America.

  50. Salemone says:

    It’s called “DENIAL”.

  51. Wennye' says:

    mcconnell ( writing his name in small letters to match being a small man) has to GO!!!

  52. alex says:

    The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don’t – by Nate Silver

    The Signal and the Noise, Nate Silver’s brilliant and elegant tour of the modern science-slash-art of forecasting, shows what happens when Big Data meets human nature.

    Baseball, weather forecasting, earthquake prediction, economics, and polling: In all of these areas, Silver finds predictions gone bad thanks to biases, vested interests, and overconfidence.

    “Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise is The Soul of a New Machine for the 21st century. Our political discourse is already better informed and more data-driven because of Nate’s influence. But here he shows us what he has always been able to see in the numbers—the heart and the ethical imperative of getting the quantitative questions right. A wonderful read—totally engrossing.” —Rachel Maddow, author of Drift

  53. will says:

    I don’t know Constitutional Law and I am not a lawyer. Nonetheless, we have got to find something legally-actionable regarding the likes of Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and their ilk. If we can impeach a president and censure a Senator, surely we can bring significant legal heat and relentless political pressure on them and the other Obstructionists in the Congress.

  54. Nina says:

    So, how positive was Romney that he was going to win?

    He ordered a huge fireworks display over Boston Harbor, timed to go off when they declared him President-elect.


  55. Lorrie U says:

    Will, I’ve been crying that battle call ever since learning of the meeting held on inaugural day to defeat Obama. I’m not a lawyer either, but you cannot tell me that this was not a planned, purposeful undermining of a sitting president and is therefore treason or anarchy.

  56. Lorrie U says:

    Hysterical!! What an ego. He thought he was going to be made king. What a rude awakening. I love it!

  57. Patty says:

    Thank you, Angellight…Excellent Post!

    On Blog comments all over the net, I’ve posted this Top-Tax-Rate-Chart asking people to look at the years when when we could afford new Highways, Bridges & Schools:
    And now Romney and his pals are only paying 15% of their Taxes. It clearly shows the Rich are no longer helping to pull the American Wagon as in the past.
    During the run-up to the Election I heard Obama mention those three examples I had constantly used : HIGHWAYS, BRIDGES & SCHOOLS…perhaps some of his people saw my post, I thought.
    Also, my favorite multi-millionaire…tells it like it really is:

  58. alex says:

    Mitt Romney’s Chief Strategist Stuart Stevens

    no birth data available as far as I can tell Stuart Stevens:

    Vested Interests,Bias,Overconfidence: Nate Silver – statistic model errors

    #944 Hildago (vested interests, imperative,necessary,obligatory,exigent)

    #34 Circe (bias, belief in one way, disposition, predilection)

    #430 Hybris (overconfidence, hubris)


    Natal Mitt Romney:
    Hildago @22AQ opp Pluto @11LE
    Circe @08LE cnj Pluto @11LE
    Hybris @01SC cnj Chiron @08SC

    Natal Paul Ryan:
    Hildago @16 SG cnj Circe @08SG
    Circe @08SG
    Hybris @06CA

    Natal Yod – Ryan

    Apex Yod Hybris @06CA – 8th house opp Pallas @08CP


    circe @08SG – 1rst house


    Sun @09AQ cnj Venus @10AQ

  59. alex says:

    Brett Doster – campaign spokesman Mitt Romney

    Over the last 15 years, Brett has been highly involved in Florida politics, first serving as special assistant to former Governor Jeb Bush in his first gubernatorial campaign in 1993. Brett has since served in leadership roles on five other statewide campaigns, including executive director of the Bush-Cheney 2004 Re-election campaign in Florida. He has pursued a variety of interests that include commercial real estate and statewide economic development.

    Brett graduated from The Citadel. He resides in Tallahassee with his wife Iris and their daughters.

    The Miami Herald reports that Romney adviser Brett Doster said in a statement, “The numbers in Florida show this was winnable,” and added, “We thought based on our polling and range of organization that we had done what we needed to win. Obviously, we didn’t, and for that I and every other operative in Florida has a sick feeling that we left something on the table. I can assure you this won’t happen again.

  60. Jackson says:

    The cornucopia of conservative butthurt is just staggering, and the sheer schadenfreude-induced joy from watching it is rather sweet. I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m waiting for an angry mob of them to drag Karl Rove to a makeshift gallows, although they’ll probably find someone else, like a liberal, on which to pin their blame.

  61. alex says:

    Check this out: The Master Race SSS: in DC where subject titles, reports and all the government agencies use alphabet signatures/designations here is Mr. GOP/Libertarian Romney’s unfortunate alphabet designation for transition to ‘his’ government: “Smaller, Simpler, Smarter

    Romney had tapped former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt to lead his transition planning, and screen shots of a transition website were captured Wednesday by Political Wire’s Taegan Goddard.

    “Smaller, Simpler, Smarter,” was the motto, and a quote from “President-elect Romney” read: “I’m excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work.”

    Remember this is a guy who told Obama to start packing after he won the nomination:

    And said Obama would be a footnote in history:

    Well, look who’s a footnote in history now.

  62. alex says:

    Check this out: The Master Race SSS: in DC where subject titles, reports and all the government agencies use alphabet signatures/designations here is Mr. GOP/Libertarian Romney’s unfortunate alphabet designation for transition to ‘his’ government: “Smaller, Simpler, Smarter

    Romney had tapped former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt to lead his transition planning, and screen shots of a transition website were captured Wednesday by Political Wire’s Taegan Goddard.

    “Smaller, Simpler, Smarter,” was the motto, and a quote from “President-elect Romney” read: “I’m excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work.”

    Remember this is a guy who told Obama to start packing after he won the nomination:

    And said Obama would be a footnote in history:

  63. pisca says:

    R$ has conceded Florida. Electoral Votes: PBO 332, R$ 206. Looks like a landslide but don’t expect to hear that from msm.

  64. alex says:

    pundit/writer appearing on Martin Bashir MSNBC said that one of the billionaire ( doubling down ) said after Romney loss that he will support Rick Santorum for 2016 GOP primaries:

    Solar Arc 2016 Sun @17 Cancer
    Solar Arc 2016 Saturn @22 Aquarius

  65. kiwi says:

    my cousin just posted a shared photo on facebook:
    I LOVE it
    To the Republicans who said they will move to Australia if Obama won: Australia has universal health care, Compulsory voting, No guns, no death penalty, Pro choice when it comes to contraception, Openly gay politicians and judges, Evolution is taught in all schools, And our unmarried female PM is an athiest. Be sure to declare your pitchforks at Tullamarine.

  66. Diane L says:

    My thought exactly when I read that, Fe. :)

  67. NEOBuckeye says:

    Some “Tin Foil” thinking on what actually happened behind the scenes on election night in Ohio. Some think Kasich and Husted (Ohio Sec. of State) chickened out at the last minute about flipping Ohio for Romney because of all of the scrutiny surrounding the process, and the dire implications for them had they been exposed (prison and the end of their careers in public service, at the very least). It would also do a lot to explain Rove’s surprise and meltdown on Fox News when Ohio was called for Obama. For a man that seems to pride himself on being tightly in control and in command of the details, Rove was clearly as far from them both as he could have been on that night. Kasich and Husted did what criminals normally do when their plans go awry: focus on self-preservation and set up someone else to be the fall guy. Guess who that was?

    What’s now so ironic about it all is that Obama would have won anyway, even without Ohio. I kinda wish now that the fools had gone on ahead and tried to pull off a steal using Tagg Romney’s voting machines. We could have exposed and brought down Kasich and the entire corrupt Ohio Republican Party, as well as the Romneys, father and son, as well as Rove himself! Maybe that could still happen? Didn’t Nancy mention some grim-looking transits for Husted and Romney?

    Personally, I suspect there really was indeed a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on, but the difference this time is that it came from the Right AND the Left: from George Duff’s vets as well as all of the left-wing/progressive media. Rove got checkmated by them, but also because of his own smug arrogance and contempt for the idea that anyone could go toe to toe with him and win. Except they didn’t go toe to toe with him; they flew circles around him and then hung him out to dry.

  68. NEOBuckeye says:

    Was thinking the same thing too, Fe. Here’s another article from CBS. They really believed they were going to win it all:

    Adviser: Romney “shellshocked” by loss


    Romney was stoic as he talked the president, an aide said, but his wife Ann cried. Running mate Paul Ryan seemed genuinely shocked, the adviser said. Ryan’s wife Janna also was shaken and cried softly.

    “There’s nothing worse than when you think you’re going to win, and you don’t,” said another adviser. “It was like a sucker punch.”


    Both wives looked stricken, and Ryan himself seemed grim. They all were thrust on that stage without understanding what had just happened.

    “He was shellshocked,” one adviser said of Romney.

    Don’t forget, too, Romney was supposed to be the “Chosen One” of the Mormon Church and prophecy to lead America out of a crisis. But that prophecy clearly isn’t going to be realized now, at least not by Mitt Romney. That is indeed quite a Neptunian fall… to think and believe fully that you are some kind of heroic and prophetic figure, only to have the door slammed in your face on what seemed to be eve of your ascent to full saviorhood.

    At least maybe now Romney can appreciate for the first time in his life, a little bit of what it feels like to have your dreams crushed to pieces before your very eyes, just as he did to all of the workers whose companies, towns, and lives he gutted with Bain Capital. Except unlike them, he doesn’t have to worry about where his next paycheck is going to come from.

  69. Diane L says:

    “Saviorhood” is so essentially Neptune. Since Neptune was/is sq both R & R’s ASC, I tend to believe they both bought into this big time, more fools they.

  70. will says:

    Shocking, shell-shocked, surprised, totally unexpected….all things Uranian., to be sure

  71. starlight says:

    JA -I have no speaking engagements but email me as to when and where you will be.

  72. ox the cat says:

    The thing that no one, at least no one I have read, is talking about is that when Karl Rove was having his melt down on Faux News he mentions that he is connected by phone to someone on the ground in Ohio with the Romney campaign. He then says we can’t get anymore information because their system has gone down. I believe this was that big Orca system that was supposed to be able to micro target voters. They paid a fortune for that system and it seemed odd that it would go down at the same time Ohio was being called for The President.

  73. teresahill says:

    Orca was a disaster. I read a web article about it, through a link at DailyKos tonight. I’m sorry. I don’t know where it was exactly.
    But the guy is a web designer, and he was skeptical about the Orca thing leading up to the election, and it failed him and many others. He said he didn’t get his information packet until 8 p.m. by email as a PDF file, 80 pages he was supposed to print out and have with him at the polls at 6:30 a.m. (He says, imagine some 75 year olds doing this?)
    His instructions said nothing about going to pick up his poll-watchers’ certificate, and when he got to the poll to do his watching, they kicked him out. No certificate. None of the numbers he was given or e-mail addresses worked to find help or find his certificate, so he did nothing. And he never got a call reminding him to vote.

  74. Patty says:

    Don’t know if this is true…surely sound like George Dubya…
    ‘Bush Accidentally Votes for Obama’
    Former U.S. President George W. Bush accidentally voted for Barack Obama today at a polling place near his Crawford, TX home.
    According to local reports, the two-term Republican was confused by the instructions on his electronic voting machine and mistakenly cast a ballot he intended to discard.


  75. teresahill says:

    Oh, and the guy Rove said he had on the phone was merely on the internet, hitting refresh on the secretary of state’s website — something anyone can do on election night and often does do when races are close. Or at least, that’s what Rove said on the air on Fox. I had to watch the video, after hearing so much about it.

  76. kiwi says:

    harry reid is also a morman – havn’t heard anyone float the idea of him being the morman’s saviour – oh, I forgot, wrong party for the religious right.

  77. Celeste says:

    That’s great – I look forward to it! Thanks so much!

  78. alex says:

    ES&S contracted with SOS OHIO for software patches:

    Election Systems & Software (ES&S) is an Omaha, Nebraska-based company that provides voting services.


    After the November 2006 elections, Indiana launched an inquiry into poor service by the company, settling when ESS agreed to pay $750,000. West Virginia filed a formal complaint against the company with federal officials. Arkansas put together a panel to investigate. The company denied any major trouble with its machines, attributing problems to errors made by poll workers.
    Withdrawal of InkaVote

    On 3 August 2007, California Secretary of state Debra Bowen withdrew approval of the ES&S InkaVote Plus optical scan voting system after a “top-to-bottom review” of the voting machines certified for use in California in March 2007.

    2010 antitrust investigation

    ES&S acquired Premier Election Solutions (formerly known as Diebold Election Systems) on September 3, 2009.

    Following the acquisition, the Department of Justice and 14 individual states launched investigations into the transaction on antitrust grounds.

    In March 2010, the Department of Justice filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against ES&S, requiring it to divest voting equipment systems assets it purchased in September 2009 from Premier Election Solutions in order to restore competition. The company later sold the assets to Dominion Voting Systems.

  79. alex says:

    I posted a url to article ( not dkos ) on the last thread ) on ORCA

  80. NEOBuckeye says:

    Maybe it was Mercury Rx working against them? LOL

    Also meant to say Gordon Duff earlier instead of George.

  81. alex says:

    Romney shellshock

    Those assessments were wrong.

    They made three key miscalculations, in part because this race bucked historical trends:

    1. They misread turnout. They expected it to be between 2004 and 2008 levels, with a plus-2 or plus-3 Democratic electorate, instead of plus-7 as it was in 2008. Their assumptions were wrong on both sides: The president’s base turned out and Romney’s did not. More African-Americans voted in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida than in 2008. And fewer Republicans did: Romney got just over 2 million fewer votes than John McCain.

    2. Independents. State polls showed Romney winning big among independents. Historically, any candidate polling that well among independents wins. But as it turned out, many of those independents were former Republicans who now self-identify as independents. The state polls weren’t oversampling Democrats and undersampling Republicans – there just weren’t as many Republicans this time because they were calling themselves independents.

    3. Undecided voters. The perception is they always break for the challenger, since people know the incumbent and would have decided already if they were backing him. Romney was counting on that trend to continue. Instead, exit polls show Mr. Obama won among people who made up their minds on Election Day and in the few days before the election. So maybe Romney, after running for six years, was in the same position as the incumbent.

    As a result, they believed the public/media polls were skewed – they thought those polls oversampled Democrats and didn’t reflect Republican enthusiasm. They based their own internal polls on turnout levels more favorable to Romney. That was a grave miscalculation, as they would see on election night.

    Those assumptions drove their campaign strategy: their internal polling showed them leading in key states, so they decided to make a play for a broad victory: go to places like Pennsylvania while also playing it safe in the last two weeks.

    Those assessments were wrong.

  82. teresahill says:

    Ahh, okay. There it was. :)

  83. alex says:

    I’m a total amateur and I knew way back that Independents were mostly disenfranchised Republicans ( who didn’t want to be on the GOP fundraisers phone tree lists anylonger);

    those people are distinct from true Independents and those break into several subgroups with different distinct motivations;

    and then there are Undecided that get polled and sampled by the media to death; they are always ascribed motives by the media and the media is always wrong…. because they are undecided for reasons other than politics; you all can figure that one out if you paid attention to the media performance of the undecided groups on NBC,ABC,CBS after each debate…… :-)

  84. Lorrie U says:

    Chris Christie Called Obama To Congratulate Him, Offered Mitt Romney Condolences Over Email

  85. alex says:

    If, before election day, Barack Obama still maintained any illusions about the possibility of working with Congressional Republicans in a second term, he’s got to be over that now, because…

    When Obama tried to do the gracious thing–calling Republican leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell after accepting Mitt Romney’s concession–not to gloat, but probably planning to say something like, “I look forward to working with you,” both of those “leaders” REFUSED TO TAKE HIS CALL.

    From the New York Times:

    After his speech, Mr. Obama tried to call both Mr. Boehner and the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, but was told they were asleep.

    John Boehner:

    Hildago @08 Libra (vested interest)
    Circe @11 Pisces (bias)
    Hybris @ 23 Aquarius (overconfidence)

    Mitch McConnell

    Hildago @17 Sagittarius
    Circe @29 Taurus
    Hybris @17 Libra

  86. ox the cat says:

    That is interesting too then if the the SOS site went down.

  87. ox the cat says:

    Alex did your read about the court case with Husted about the provisional ballots? The judge is African American with a long history of interest in voting rights. He has demanded to see the research which led to Husted issuing an order Friday evening before the election to change the way the provisional ballots were read. The reporter wrote that the Judge was almost shouting at the lawyers that Husted sent to represent him. Husted did not show up in court. Must have been a real barn burner.

  88. alex says:

    ox the cat:

    hadn’t read that do you have the url?

  89. fierywoman says:

    Oh, and to be crushed to pieces before hundreds of millions of people in real time.

  90. fierywoman says:

    Maybe the Anonymous hackers threat got through to them about exposing all their machinations.

  91. alex says:

    the eyes of the world, and Anonymous

  92. ox the cat says:

    I hope this works and sorry I missed your link

  93. alex says:

    Montana voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved an initiative stating “that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings.”

    Voters approved Initiative 166 by 75 percent to 25 percent, according to early, unofficial returns reported by the Billings Gazette.

    The initiative also clarified that in Montana, money is not speech; it’s property.

    The initiative was a rebuke to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which unleashed corporate political donations. According to the Gazette’s early returns, 224,679 Montanans voted for the measure, and 74, 361 opposed it.

    Montana initiative 166: corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings; in MT money is not speech; it’s property.

  94. alex says:

    you link doesn’t go there:

    A federal judge on Wednesday angrily demanded that attorneys for Ohio’s elections chief name the author of an election-eve order that placed the responsibility of explaining what kind of identification voters use on provisional ballots on the voters themselves.

    google: Husted + provisional ballots

  95. fierywoman says:

    We’ve got to get this initiative going in the rest of the states.

    And I’m thinking of how to avoid buying products from the billionaires’ companies — if even 10% of us stopped buying paper products from the Koch brothers, we’d start making a statement. Buy Blue!

  96. Nita says:

    Sounds great to me do you have the list. Or can a petition be started? Twitter would be a great place to start

  97. ox the cat says:

    Thanks for the fix.

  98. angellight says:

    NEObuckey: You nailed it. They Husted & other, decided on self-preservation. It had simply gotten too hot!

    I also think its the Bildeburg dinner that is held every year and which candidate gets picked for the dinner is the one Chosen for President. In 2008, Obama went to this ilustrious dinnder. Romney was picked to go this year; someone leaked his true History likeed they leaked the 47 percent comment, and America was spared the catastrophe of Austerity she was supposed to suffer. Thank God and this is a Victory, no doubt, of the forces of Light & Goodwill and a big Defeat for the dark forces. This is real, not made-up. They are losing power. They know it now. But, be prepared for more battles. They won’t win.

  99. teresahill says:

    Those sites crash routinely on election nights. Not designed for that much traffic, and if tons of people are sitting there hitting refresh, it happens.

  100. julie says:

    Just read this from Lynda Hill on the Sabian Symbol of the upcoming eclipse:

    It seems pretty ominous. I was wondering if any of you astrologers had an insights to offer about it. Maybe when you get back after the weekend, Nancy? Good luck with your talk!

    This is my first post since the election, and I wanted to thank you all for the helpful and inspiring posts up to and through the election. It really helped me to survive the process to be able to read them.

  101. julie says:

    Also wanted to share this wonderful idea:

    The creative response to problems by this group of people is inspiring and heartening!

  102. Connie says:

    jeepers! light & love surround, protect & enlighten us – all

  103. JA says:

    Let’s get started.

  104. clymela says:

    Dear Friends-I don’t usually ask for astrological help but the Tuesday Solar eclipse falls on my Jupiter which is the only planet save Chiron above the horizon in my chart. My birth data is 5/25/1947 2:59 AM;Long Beach,CA. For those of you who have Astrodientist,etc it is easy to pull up a chart and I would love to hear some ideas. I have always been a little blank about eclipses although I wass born five days after one and have Sun conjunct N Node and Vesta-bookwormy wild girl-yep!1

  105. DPH says:

    Clymela, Bernadette Brady has the following description of the 15 North Saros Series that the November 13th eclipse belongs to:

    “There is a sense of joy through commitment about this Saros Series. When this family affects a chart, it is a time of good news which entails responsibilities or commitments, but one in which there is joy in the undertaking. Pregnancy, birth, parenthood are just some of this eclipse family’s expressions”.

    Sounds to me like a benevolent eclipse series, so there’s nothing to fear. Since your Jupiter is in the 7th house, maybe you’ll see some expansion in relationship or partnership areas, of either a personal or business nature; most likely an upswing in optimism and abundance. Would love to hear how it plays out in the coming weeks!

  106. alex says:

    I hope other threadreader astrologers comment for you:
    first impression of your chart: most of the weight of your chart is in the eastern hemisphere indicating ‘self initiating archetype’ and that combined with a natal cardinal cross… you act on the world stage more so or before the world has impact on you;

    it would follow logic that your Jupiter conj Nov 13th eclipse at 21 Scorpio has potential to be a hallmark for a long lasting phase in your life;

    Jupiter – the only planet in the objective sector of your chart and it is in 7TH house of relationships / western (social)hemisphere you probably already know the archetype key word/ key phrases, not noted here, that narrates 7th house issues and matters ( you have minor asteroids on both the eastern and western objective sector (above the horizon) of your natal chart: but your Jupiter has a significant placement for sure;

    you had relatively recent eclipse trigger/activation of your vesta 00 Gemini, north node 02 Gemini, Sun 03 Gemini …. so what were the events/issues in your life that unfolded then possibly an initiating time for retirement benefits and other retirement matters?

    eclipses are what you make of them if you have an unstable or insecure established business relationship, or personal relationship or legal matters in the lower courts they will have a priority likely involving trailing issues for the next six months or more; if you are initiating fresh business relationships or personal relationships or legal matters in the lower courts wait until out of the orb of the solar eclipse ( 2-3 days before and after ) to make changes or major decisions ( that is if you can wait sometimes …have to do what you have to do regardless of timing )


    Hemisphere Emphasis

    There are two major axis’s of the horoscope, each diving the chart into two quadrants. The Horizon, which is the Ascendant/Descendant axis (the cusps of houses 1 and 7), separates the north and south hemispheres. The Meridian, which is the Midheaven/Imum Colei axis (the cusps of houses 4 and 10) separates the east and west hemispheres.

    Northern Hemisphere: This is the realm of subjective consciousness and consists of houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Persons with a dominance of planets in this hemisphere are introspective, inclined to learn from their own experience and tend to lean toward realism and at times pessimism. As it is dark in this hemisphere, they learn and assimilate information by relating things to their own experience. If the Sun is in this hemisphere, the person was born at night and has a nocturnal chart.

    Southern Hemisphere: This is the realm of objective consciousness and consists of houses 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Persons with a dominance of planets in this hemisphere are social oriented, learn by watching others and are more outgoing and optimistic than their northern counterparts. As it is daylight in this hemisphere, these people are into what is going on in the world at large; they take in and learn from information that exists outside of their inner world. If the Sun is in this hemisphere, the person was born in the day and has a diurnal chart.

    The next thing to consider in hemisphere emphasis is on which half of the meridian the majority of planets fall.

    Eastern Hemisphere: This is the realm of awareness of self and consists of houses 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and 3. People with a dominance of planets in the eastern hemisphere are independent and more likely to be self-initiating go-getters. They believe in the possibilities of the future and their attention is geared toward a self-awareness focus.

    Western Hemisphere: This is the realm of awareness of others and consists of houses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. People with a dominance of planets in the western hemisphere are dependent upon others; they can be co-dependant or just realize that things are sometimes done quicker and more efficiently with the help of others. This hemisphere begins as the day is half over. All the hope for the possibilities of the day that the eastern hemisphere so eagerly sought after is fading and coming to realize that help is needed to achieve the goals. People with a dominance of planets in this hemisphere are adept at working with others. They understand the values of compromise and teamwork.

  107. clymela says:

    Thank you! This really helps-hearing the voice of other astrologers.

  108. clymela says:

    Thank you so much! Just reading the thoughts and words of other astrologers is so expansive and freeing-just what one would need at this tie. Thank you and I will watch my dreams closely the next few weeks.

  109. pisca says:

    This eclipse falls on Mercury in two family members charts, both in first house. One has natal Mercury square Saturn in the 10th. Anyone care to comment on possibilities of this lineup?

  110. Nina says:

    Mercury retrograde.

    Anyone in IT knows that you beta test and stress test any large system before you deploy it live. All of the ORCA bugs could have been solved if they hadn’t outsourced it to the lowest bidder. Although I’m sure their management company took home a sweet premium.

    Then again, most IT people are liberal or libertarian. So don’t rule out deliberate sabotage.

  111. Jackson says:

    What happened to Gen. David Petraeus? He just resigned.

  112. Lorrie U says:

    Heck, I started doing that two years ago!

  113. Lorrie U says:

    As I understand it, Hilary was supposed to be the dem candidate but because of a divide between factions within, Obama became the chosen challenger and upset the applecart. It changed the direction of where they wanted to focus rather than war with Iran. I think Romney was the choice to become the challenger for the other faction, but Obama has some very powerful people behind him as well. So we dodged the Iran bullet again.

  114. Stardust says:

    He had an extra marital affair and felt he needed to resign because of it.

  115. Lorrie U says:

    SCOTUS is to hear Voting Rights Act case challenge from the south this week. Might have an impact on future of Act, could strike it down.

  116. Lorrie U says:

    Peter Morrison, Texas GOP Official, Calls For ‘Amicable Divorce’ From ‘Maggots’ Who Voted For Obama

  117. Lorrie U says:

    I like the sounds of that, DPH. My grandson is due any day, but they will induce on the day of the Eclipse if necessary. Being born with the Uranus-Pluto square as well, should be interesting.

  118. Patty says:

    Wow…Amazing! We need to replace the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ or something similar.
    Fox&Radio Friends have done more damage to our American Unity than anything in US History.

  119. Patty says:

    Pubs are saying: Petraeus wanted to slip out of the ‘Benghazi Impeachment’ of Obama…which is now they’re main goal and focus!

  120. Lorrie U says:

    Good news in AZ. We might be able to keep Gabby Giffords’ seat & gain a few more…

    Hold Your Horses, Arizona’s Not Settled Yet

    It has now come out today that 631,274 early and provisional ballots have not yet been counted towards Arizona’s vote total. And of those, it is estimated over 400,000 are Latino, which have broken 71% for Obama in the election.

    Comparing the totals in the state, it is looking at a potential flip not only in the Presidential, but in other races down the ticket. With Sheriff Arpaio’s lead at roughly 40,000 votes, and with 120,000 votes left to count, a majority Latino turnout could sink Arpaio’s ambitions to waste the taxpayer dime on more pointless trips to tropical paradises. Arizona might have up to four of its congressional seats flip to Democratic as well.

    The real question is, why have so many Latino votes been put in to this provisional state? This election has resulted in numerous issues where Latinos have been directly targeted. If even half of the turnout is as expected, we are looking at Arizona having a massive shift.

  121. Jackson says:

    Fricking idiots.

  122. barbk says:

    Blackmail threat maybe?

  123. Patty says:

    If Obama will, as he promised, Re-Engineer The Voting System…the power, you speak of, will have even less control.
    Let us all hold Obama’s feet to the fire for a new streamlined US Vote Process!

  124. Cappy says:

    What wonderful news about Gabby’s seat and the other possibilities…my early vote is languishing in that stack (!!!) Praying the boxes are really counted accurately and fully.

  125. Patty says:

    Lorrie, You are so fortunate to see your next generation. This is my greatest wish…’To become a Grandmother’. My 30-year old Twin sons still seem faraway from that reality.

  126. Geo says:

    Wasn’t there talk of Petraeus eventually running for PRESIDENT??

  127. Geo says:

    Doesn’t Pres. Obama have a Uranus-Pluto Square also?

  128. fierywoman says:

    Need a good laugh or more schadenfreude?

    % returns on campaign investments:

  129. Lorrie U says:

    Ha! My son’s 37, so it’s been a long wait!!

  130. Lorrie U says:

    Yeh, he ruined the GOP’s dream of making him the next President. Ha, ha.

  131. Lorrie U says:

    Nah! They’re still in denial…

  132. Lorrie U says:

    I’ve heard that Petraeus was at a movie opening for “Argo” on the night of the Benghazi raid. If you note he resigned because of his affair and “poor judgment” which could be attributed to actions other than just an affair.

  133. Lorrie U says:

    Why is your early vote languishing? I voted early by mail-in ballot, checked online and verified signature was accepted and ballot was counted on 10/25/2012.

  134. pisca says:

    PBO has Uranus @ 25 Leo and Pluto @ 6 Virgo.

  135. Lorrie U says:

    Nice Tweet by Gov. Chris Christie:

    In the last 2 days, the First Lady has raised $8.5 million dollars for the #NJSandy Relief Fund. Donate here:

  136. pisca says:

    It’s time for PBO’s team to leave if they’re going to, for whatever reasons they choose. We will have a new “team” selected by our mandate Prez… so what? I’m sure this will give the neocons something to whine about but we’re moving FORWARD!!!

  137. Lorrie U says:


  138. Patty says:

    I came across this Comment and though-provoking quote and it sparked an idea I haven’t seen mentioned:

    Comment Posted:
    “This era and election brings to mind the works of two intellectual giants of the last century. Leon Blum and Czeslaw Milosz. Leon Blum, as the first Jewish Prime Mininster of France endured the same sort of opprobrium and slanders President Obama currently is from political rivals and allies.
    Czeslaw Milosz wrote “The Captive Mind” describing how hypnotized and captive the political leadership of Eastern Europe was by Communism. Similar to the right’s current Psychic attachment to Free Market Capitalism and Small Government Ideology”

    I wrote back:
    A Brilliant Quote…Thank you. It helps to see:
    Our current situation is the ‘mirror image’ of ‘The Communist Scare’. It is The Right who don’t realize they are being influenced to lead us toward PLUTOCRACY.
    America’s Vote shows we are wise enough to know we can recover…we can take America forward into a more prosperous future…IF ONLY we have the cooperation of The Republicans. Because our greatest asset has always been The Two Party System…(like two wings of an airplane working in tandem). THIS is the strength America now needs to get this baby off the ground!
    Are you with us, Republicans?
    Tell your Reps…if you are.

    Anyone else see this analogy?

  139. barbk says:

    Once again, thx Laurie. Don’t see anything that was triggered in his natal chart but he does have a square between his natal Sun in Scorpio and natal Juno in Aquarius, that form a T-square with his natal Jupiter conjunct Nessus in Taurus.

    He has another t-square between Mars in Cap, Uranus in Cancer and a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Libra. Transiting Eris in Aries forms a grand cardinal cross and Eris has upset many an apple cart over time, but surely there is more than just this.

    Birthdate: 11/7/52, Cornwall, New York, time unknown

  140. Ardy says:

    As a non-American, I would appreciate it if anyone here is able to help explain the grip on the GOP of Karl Rove &, particulary, Grover Norquist. Particularly the astrology of it.

  141. alex says:

    ORCA : did they pay the 34,000 poll watchers or were they volunteers? the articles I’ve read didn’t say; imagine paying them maybe $50.00 a day do you think paid political pollwatchers connected by mobile app to HQ have an interest in anything other than collecting $50.00 apparently the numbers reported to HQ were really off;

    ok there is that possibility but what did they intend to do with the up to the minute poll information? the article said they intended to call out their voters…. ?

    ok let’s suppose they had enough voters who would go to vote on Nov 6th if they go a little call from HQ but wern’t inclined to vote unless they got a personal call;

    alot of people go to vote because of GOTV there is no doubt about it… especially if the info is handy and tells them the correct address and times of polling place but here is the thing;

    the data they got from 34,000 Orca pollwatchers confirmed their statistic model that Romney would win 323 EV…. at 4pm Nov 6th that is what they believed!

    wow a lot of things wrong with their statistical model but beyond that I’m still curious how they expected to bring out enough as needed people/Romney/Voters by GOTV on Nov 6th based on ORCA calls that day…

    who the heck are THOSE people… something is fishy it isnt’ just error prone design flawed mobile ap and GOTV organization….

    I’m missing something – what was the Romney win on election day formula that I’m not seeing!

  142. andre says:

    I just heard and saw PBO’s acceptance speech after a few days’ delay.It was the greatest political speech of my lifetime. It expressed much maturity and wisdom earned through a combination of hope and pain. I was tired of Obama’s speeches during his first two years because of what I then perceived as a lack of the substance needed to back up the high-flown rhetoric. Now I think this almost egoless speech ranks way up there with the Gettysburg Address. He has finally achieved the greatness many saw in him. The challenges ahead will ask the utmost of him, but we now can be sure he will meet and overcome them. His acceptance speech will have a worldwide impact. He is the first great leader of the 21st century. As a Canadian and a proud and committed separatist Québécois, I wish he were president of Planet Earth. In a way he is. And I think he will be even more interesting once he has left the White House.

  143. ScorpioX3 says:

    Might be, barbk. In our world, who’d care if the guy had a fling? Unfortunately, in CIA circles, if his fling partner was a subordinate – or worse, an operative – you can bet there’s national security concerns. Spooks and sex. Great in the movies (and on NCIS) but in the real world?

  144. alex says:

    since my last orca comment: I googled fresh articles apparently they were volunteers and the mobile AP GOTV system failed badlly;

    but here is the thing they said in ‘red’ bias articles that if they had used the 34K volunteer in traditional GOTV they would have brought out enough committed Romney voters on Nov 6th to win…..

    it still doesn’t add up to me – – committed Romney voters…. like the ones counted from corporations that told their employees to go vote for Romeny or get fired – – they must have been counted in as ‘committed voters’ I’m guessin… under those circumstances the safest bet would have been not to vote at all;

  145. ScorpioX3 says:

    Meant to post this earlier today, but I was busy getting a fantabulous and very informative reading from Nancy. (If she hasn’t done a reading for you yet, don’t hesitate – do it!) Anyway, take a look at this because it could be a game-changer in 2016:

    Puerto Rico Votes And Selects Statehood In Referendum

    “…With statehood, Puerto Rico gains more than it loses. It gains a voice, equal to the other members within Congress. By population, Puerto Rico would have 5 seats in Congress, eliminating seats from Washington, Texas, California and Minnesota according to the 2010 census. It would also gain two Senators as well, changing the dynamics in the upper house dramatically…”

  146. Lunagardener says:

    Ohh, the possibilities are endless….I am loving the new energy of shift and change in the world.

  147. Lunagardener says:

    Thanks Andre for your joyous perspective, let it be contagious.

  148. mitzi says:

    If thats’ what they intend to do, then I say its still not to late, for Dems to demand a new investigation into, who and what was responsible for the attacks upon our nation on September 11, 2001? – And I suggest they keep it simple, and cost effective, for instance;…”Why was the entire Bin Laden family,(siblings) who were residing within the U.S.A., why were they all rounded-up, during a “NO FLY ZONE”, official, “Pentagon ORDER”, issued moments after the attack, and across the entire U.S.- Why were they all flown out of this country, that day? – I say if they (Repugs), plan on conducting an independent investigation, regarding the tragic, Benghazi killings on the U.S. Embassy, with the sole intention on finding some “convoluted grounds”, in order to purposely humiliate and defame the President with “trumped-up” charges of impeachment? Then I say lets open the whole PANDORA’S BOX, for scutiny?
    I seriously have a deep feeling, all of this “ugly”, is in some way either directly or indirectly connected. And I seriously wonder if we’d be ready, for the TRUTH?

  149. pat says:

    A couple of weeks ago, I found Nancy’s site…and it feels like a home-coming/community!I am beside myself in gratitude and appreciation of the knowledge/intelligence/integrity/kin-ship, of the people who share.and who are here…I have learned SO much. And you all have been so helpful w/last week’s election. It calmed me. Empowered me….it was like I’d been lost in triviality/sameness. Thank YOU ALL so much!!! Very much would like a reading from you Nancy…looking forward to it. My birthday is today..born in Fayetteville, N.Carolina 6:43 AM 1950 Again finding you, has been the best birthday gift, EVER!

  150. Cappy says:

    Where could i check online to see if my early mail-in ballot has been counted?
    Thanks for the info. I am in Coconino County, AZ.

  151. will says:

    Here is the direct e-mail address to the President and the White House.

    Let him know what you want to have happen – evidently, he is quite adamant about reading e-mails that are sent to him by voters.

  152. Lorrie U says:

    Well, maybe it’s different here in Pima County. All I had to do was go to the PC Recorder’s Office website, click on the Early Voting button, put in my name as it appears on my ballot and my birthdate. Told me when they received, accepted and counted by ballot. Hope they do the same thing in your county.

  153. Lorrie U says:

    P.S. They included a info sheet with my ballot on how to followup on my status.

  154. Lorrie U says:

    I guess they’re now investigating the journalist he had the affair with, since she had access to his emails; not sure if she had permission or it was hacked. Some are thinking she was a plant. Of course, the right wing are saying the admin. did this to keep him from testifying re. Benghazi.

  155. Lorrie U says:

    What lovely thoughts, Andre! President of Planet Earth, love it! And like you say, in a way he is. Thank you.

  156. Lorrie U says:

    I especially like losing seats in Texas!

  157. Lorrie U says:

    So It Begins – GOP Civil War (VIDEO)

    Members from both sides of the Republican internal division have now called for a split, or a takeover, to oust the other half from the party.

    The next few years will be very telling for the Republican party. Shall the Tea Party split off, perhaps to merge with the Reform, Libertarian and Constitution parties to become a force on their own, the Liberty Party? Will they focus all efforts into taking over the Republican party? Will the GOP leadership reject them and force the Tea Party out? Difficult to say. But the seeds are planted, the first shots of the civil war begun.

  158. Bob says:

    If Republican members of the House continue to obstruct most proposals submitted by Democrats pressure must be brought to bear on them. This must be done essentially by voters in their home state but perhaps a petition signed by large numbers (millions) of voters from any state to show support for their removal would be an aid. Such actions begun and supported might accomplish the goal of removing them from office or scare them into changing their ways for fear of losing their office.

    Forced Resignation or Recall

    4. Begin a campaign to force the representative’s resignation or to hold a recall election. You can begin this from the ground up, contacting people you know, the media, the opposition party, and any influential people in your congressional district.

    5. Consult your attorney general’s office for details on how to hold a recall election. In most cases, this will involve getting enough signatures on a petition. Many states, however, do not provide for recalling congressional representatives. If a recall is not possible in your state, you may continue to campaign to force the representative’s resignation.

    6. Register to vote. Contact your state attorney general’s office if you’re not sure how to do this.

    7. Vote for the representative’s opponent in the recall election, or when his or her term is up for re-election. You may choose to participate in the opponent’s campaign if you want to do more.

  159. mitzi says:

    Lorrie U,
    I mean these guys can’t even give us a moment to “bask”!
    But to your point, I truly can believe that perhaps she was a “plant”, or got some kind of “pay-o-la”, after the fact! -Least we forget Linda Tripp, and her “motherly” advice to Pres. Clinton’s unfortunate intern, concerning the infamous dress!

  160. Lorrie U says:

    Cappy, this is especially for you…

    Based on the provisional ballots counted in the senate race since Wednesday, the elections office is counting around 1700 provisional ballots a day. The counting has to be completed and certified by November 16th. If they count every day between now and then, including the weekend and Veterans day, at this same rate, less than 12000 ballots will have been counted.

    In other words, this is a good old fashioned clusterf**k. The Secretary of State’s office is NOT on track to have all provisional ballots counted by the deadline.

    For anyone who had to vote on a provisional ballot, there are a few things you need to know:

    * If you voted on a provisional ballot due to ID issues, you need to go into your local elections office and show ID to get your ballot counted.

    * If you voted on a provisional ballot due to address issues, but had proper ID, then you don’t need to do anything. Once your registration is verified, your ballot should be counted.

    You can check the status of your provisional or early voting ballot on the SoS website:

  161. Bob says:

    If there is no change in the behavior of Republican members of the House before then it may be that the majority switches to the Democrats or at least John Boehner might be ousted in the midterm elections. Mitch McConnell in the Senate may also be waving good-bye or at least having a major crying jag with Boehner.

    The House majority leader has natal Sun at 232°27′. The night of the midterm elections transit Saturn sits on it at 232°29′. His natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint is at 156°25′. It will be opposed by transit Neptune at 336°57′ on election night.

    Mitch McConnell in the Senate has natal Sun/Saturn midpoint at or within minutes of 11°59′. On election night (his term will be ending) it will be squared by transit Pluto at 282°15′ (11°59′ + 270° = 281°59′).

  162. Lorrie U says:

    Count Every Vote in Arizona Now!

    Over 632,000 votes in Arizona have yet to be counted. 632,000!

    About 172,000 provisional ballots throughout the state are still outstanding, with 115,000 of these in Maricopa County alone. Many of these voters will be required to produce additional identification before their votes will count, yet the County Elections Department is not reaching out to these voters. 459,000 early vote mail-in ballots have yet to be counted–and a record 344,000 of these are in Maricopa County.

    At the same time, many candidates have already conceded their races, without understanding that hundreds of thousands of ballots–one-third of all votes cast in Arizona–have yet to be counted. This could change the outcome of many local and even Congressional races.

    Please join me in insisting that EVERY VOTE COUNTS and that we need real reform, transparency and accountability in the Arizona elections process. Our very democracy depends on it.

  163. mitzi says:

    What about a PUBLIC HEARING, with the charges of TREASON!

  164. Lorrie U says:

    HAHAHAHA: Romney hits 47.9% in the popular vote. MITT CANT HIDE FROM THE NUMBER 47!!!!!

  165. Bob says:

    Keep on basking mitzi.

    We have not seen the how the Republican House members are going to behave yet but they will reveal it soon. If they (the current and new House members after they are sworn in) continue their obstructionist ways we have a Democratic electorate which is fired up and ready to go to put major pressure on for their removal or perhaps succeed in their removal through recall elections before the midterms even.

    One way or another we can send an “in your face” message to them about what they can expect in the midterm elections and if the Rethug leadership believes that their party might be made irrelevant when it comes to voting on bills in Congress the word could go out to pull in their horns and play nicer.

    There are ways to get things done but it takes coordination and participation.

  166. Bob says:

    I would like to see that but doubt that the Congress would fight across the aisle in that way and such doings might prevent Congress from working on other issues. The effort must be grass roots, come from their voting constituents, “we, the people”, the ones whose votes they need to keep their cushy 2 1/2 day per week jobs.

    They are ignoring that they are there to represent ALL Americans, not just some. We have to prove that we are watching and acting when need be and when we can by law.

  167. mitzi says:

    Lorrie U,
    Took care of the pettion for Arizona voting citizens! THANKS!
    Its interesting how the number 47 continues to pursue Mitt.
    4 plus 7, is 11. ELEVEN, is a master number, it represents the visionary, the peacemaker, the spiritual teacher. Eleven wants to achieve the balanced energy of the feminine and the masculine.
    Whereas, 47.9%,(4 plus 7 plus 9 adds up to a 20/2),TWO can be very positive, it is a soft number, representing the feminine.
    The challenge of two, is patience, and surrender. It is also the number that represents duality.

  168. mitzi says:

    I agree with you Bob,it makes better sense, and its less reactionary! But hey, a “gal” can have her dream?
    Do you think we should begin now? Or wait until they get even more ridiculous? I like the idea of taking action collectively, because theres’ power in numbers!

  169. ox the cat says:

    This worries me. How could anyone look at those long lines and not know that if there were no laws that the minority vote would be surpressed. These little weasels are such sore losers.

  170. alex says:

    Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Already Has A Plan To Rig The 2016 Election For Republicans

    This is huge and should raise giant red flags

  171. alex says:

    Jon Husted – SOS OHIO Natal Incarnation

    This is huge and should raise giant red flags

    Jon Husted GOP SOS OHIO

    Natal Incarnation Mutable Earth

    (OVERCOMPENSATION )Missing Element Air (fanatical, opinionated,rigid)

    Air Galvanization/Polarization Natal Point
    N/Pholus @22Aquarius

    Single Cardinal Quality – N/Saturn @11 Aries
    N/Eris @11 Aries
    N/Nessus @11 Gemini


    A stellium is a multiple conjunction of planets.
    This configuration creates too much energy coming into the activities.

    Relentless Complex Stellium
    Natal Jupiter @19 Leo


    Uranus @23Virgo
    Juno @19Virgo
    Pluto @19Virgo
    Venus @08Virgo
    Mercury @02Virgo
    Sun @01Virgo
    Ceres @00Virgo

  172. mitzi says:

    Posted: August 24, 2012
    STARLIGHT(Nancy Sommers)

    “…September 20th through October 20th Chiron will return to its first house natal position in the president’s chart(5 Pisces 19), an aspect that will be repeated from November 9 through December 9th. The first of these two crossings could bring some kind of personal political attack that is extremely wounding to Obama, something so shameless and ugly that it manages to pierce his relatively thick emotional armor …
    The second crossing of the Obama Chiron return from November 9th through December 9th is, however, quite troubling. It comes during a period I have previously highlighted, from November 21 through December 24, when the progressed U.S. Sun square to natal Uranus (8 Gemini 55) will be triggered by transits from Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. This will be a time of significant upheaval and rebellion of some kind in the country.
    …November and December will also include the Lame Duck Congress’ bickering over a further extention of the Bush tax cuts and the fate of the sequestration’s draconian budget cuts. But the highly volatile planetary configuration of a very agitated progressed Sun square to Uranus suggests something far more dramatic than even that confrontation.”

  173. alex says:

    Jon Husted SOS Ohio –

    Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Already Has A Plan To Rig The 2016 Election For Republicans

    Hidalgo @15 Scorpio (vested interests)

    Hybris @ 04 Sagittarius (over confidence, hubris)
    2012 Election Mercury @04 Sagittarius

    Circe @27 Aries ( bias, only one way)


    ongoing years IMO
    air element Pholus galvanization/polarization point in his natal chart @22 Aquarius….
    is significant signature for analysis/synastry/prediction

  174. alex says:

    Pres. Obama made his statement in first press conference after election, he will not be extending Bush Tax cuts for the rich; the bell has been rung….

  175. angellight says:

    Good luck on your talk today, Starlight!

  176. angellight says:

    Starlight: I too, think David Frumm “coming out of the closet” re: Fox News & other pundits is very important for the growth & awakening of GOP and overcoming the hate & crazies in their party, which is ruining it and the country.

  177. barbk says:

    Could it be the FBI investigation of the CIA regarding Gen. Petraeus’ infidelity to his wife and his subsequent resignation? I hear much suspicion regarding the timing of this since it is so soon after the election, but I’ve heard of no one who has any suspicion regarding the timing of this coming so soon after the general turned 60. Sleeping around would seem to be an Achilles heel for anyone involved in the protection and investigation aspects of government, USA or otherwise. Dangerous businesses; protection, investigation and sleeping around.

  178. angellight says:


    People like me don’t hate Obama because he’s going to raise our taxes, although we hate that plenty. We hate him because his views about the importance and primacy of the middle class diminish our status. The threat he represents isn’t economic; it’s existential. It’s not just our pocket books that are threatened, but, more importantly, our prestige and our influence on this country. Our manhood is at stake.”

    Read more:

  179. angellight says:

    A Treatise – ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, Alice Ann Bailey, who Chanelled the Master D.K.

  180. Cappy says:

    Thank you enormously, Lorrie for your excellent sleuthing…i have been reading every one of your posts for years, and am passing on your wonderful news re Arizona voting situation to family and friends far and wide.

  181. clymela says:

    Patty-thank you so much. this analogy is so close to my own perceptions, the ones my family and friends hear more than they want. It is this mindlessness that frightens me at any rate the mindlessness blended with the public acceptance of gross racism and on but I lost a friend who had to return to Kansas after years in the Boston. The rupture started with Obama jokes “accidentally”posted on my Facebook page things about his ears and dumbness-really! Well in a few more months she got so angry over my objecting to another accidental Obama joke that we no longer communicate but I have picked up on words about her guns,and her Believer status,etc.This is more personal info than folks want I am sure but I am trying to describe something that my intuition tells me is going on with people I have known for a lifetime.

  182. clymela says:

    Pisca-has the Mercury sq Saturn individual had trouble with reading or quick communication? From what others pulled out for me I am thinking that the next year or so will highlight their(your relatives) soulful verbals and that I am off my own trip and thinking of you I just realized that my 22year old granddaughter has an amazing Scorpio stellium at the top of her chart-I am off to look at that-perhaps her changes are what jerked my intuition to the point of anxiety.

  183. alex says:

    Rachel Maddow did 1/2 her show on this: the thing is the mistress is his biographer and she had access to his emails and other files; apparently Petraeus’ isn’t well liked within the CIA… the FBI was called in by someone from within the CIA (that’s a big deal) to investigate if she had access to classified information and other stuff she shouldn’t have;

    Rachel listed all the DC rumors about Petraeus resignation that went around before the story broke about the mistress… the video is probably available by now;

  184. julie says:

    As an American, I’m curious, too. Wish I had an answer. I guess a glance at the synastry between Norquist’s natal chart and the GOP’s might be revealing. How can a guy with no real political power command a pledge from members of the party and make it stick?

  185. chrys says:

    Patreaus turned sixty this past wednesday – it would be interesting to look at his chart

  186. chrys says:

    David Frum was born and raised in Canada – certain social issues like abortion, gay marriage, universal health care -are not even touched by the conservatives there. In fact his mother Barbara Frum was a much beloved journalist for the Canadian CBC which is opposite of Fox

    So Frum is coming home more- maybe then coming out …….

  187. alex says:

    Excerpt CREDO: We knocked on over 120,000 doors and made over a million phone calls. We had the volunteer-to-voter conversations which are the single most effective way to move voters. Thanks to this work, and in the wake of the defeat of Allen West and the other Tea Party Ten members, all Republicans are now on notice: If you continue your attacks on women, Medicare, minorities and the middle class there will be a high price to pay.

    We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and so thankful to the donors, volunteers and activists who got involved and worked to make it happen. We look forward to continuing the fight together as we move forward.

    Over a year ago, we decided to create CREDO SuperPAC in order to take down some of the most odious and extreme Tea Party Republicans in the House. People like Allen West who were just too crazy to serve in Congress and who set a new low for what is acceptable from Republicans in public life.

    On Tuesday we did just that. We took down Allen West. And Joe Walsh. And Chip Cravaack. And Frank Guinta. Dan Lungren is trailing his opponent as final provisional and absentee ballots are being counted. And Michele Bachmann got the biggest scare of her political career — she retained her seat by a shockingly small margin of just over 4,000 votes.

    To put in perspective just how difficult it was to pull off this feat, you need to know that 98% of incumbents win re-election. It is against those astonishing odds that we defeated five Tea Party Republicans who not only enjoyed the deep coffers of being a sitting member of Congress but who also were backed by tens of millions of dollars in right wing super PAC ads which flooded the airwaves with negative television advertising attacking Democratic challengers.

    Our campaign shaped these races, and put our progressive values squarely in the local and national conversations in this election. We hired progressive organizers and opened local storefront offices that quickly became community gathering places for activists working on our campaign. We held protests in their districts, we packed their town hall meetings, we got local and national journalists to cover the Tea Party Ten’s extreme statements and actions.

    There is much to do. But Tuesday’s defeat of Allen West and his Tea Party compatriots from the House was a clear victory for grassroots activism and a clear defeat for the Tea Party ideology that has gridlocked Congress and worked to move us backwards.

    We are grateful to everyone who has stood with us through this — CREDO’s biggest electoral effort ever — in the past year, and for your continued efforts to fight for the progressive values we all share. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

  188. Lorrie U says:

    Maybe we could some high-end attys to start the process. Gloria Allred comes to mind and, hey, why not John Edwards, I don’t think he’s doing much these days.

  189. Lorrie U says:

    This was in reply to Bob above, don’t know why it ended up here.

    Cappy, thank you! Glad it was helpful. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this gets rid of Araipo, keeps Gabby’s seat, and maybe even overthrow Flake! I would die of an overdose of happiness!

  190. Lorrie U says:

    But we also have to look at the 11/2 or 20/2 in it’s negative expression as well. 11/2 can be the enlightened spiritual leader in a balanced, awakened individual. From “It’s All In Your Numbers” by Kathleen Roquemore: “The 11 is powerful and if not handled carefully easily falls into the negative and is then impractical and aimless with no real goal or purpose. You can be miserly, shiftless, and lacking in understanding–you can impose your will on others. You can be fanatic, full of pride, dishones and devilish.”

    Sounds like she had Mitt Romney in mind while writing that!

  191. Lorrie U says:

    I believe most of the problems encountered were in Maricopa County, seat of the state govt. as well. They are rabid right-wingers led by dear Jan Brewer, so I have no doubt similar behind-the-scenes shenanigans went on by deleting over 600,000 people who were on the rolls in 2010. Just didn’t get the same attention as Ohio and Florida, but maybe now it will.

  192. JA says:

    Can somebody work on this. I think this story has some very strange elements.

  193. Lorrie U says:

    Hopefully, he will be either voted out in 2014 or in prison. I would prefer the latter, but accept the former.

  194. Patty says:

    Wow…Interesting, thank you Angellight.
    However, it doesn’t mention Millionaire Rick Hanauer’s take from his TED Speech, on ‘The Job Creator Myth’. As posted before, it’s fascinating to hear a Millionaire discuss frankly, how our economic system has actually failed America for the last 30-Years. Obama should contact Hanauer and ask him to help Obama incorporate/sell this concept:

  195. will says:

    Wicked funny, Lorrie!

  196. Wennye' says:

    Alex, that was a PRIVILEDGE!

  197. Patty says:

    Interesting video of ‘Paula Broadwell’ in an interview with Jon Stewart, from January. Wonder what Sign she is. She certainly is beautiful.

  198. Patty says:

    Our thoughts/vibs are with you, Nancy!

  199. Patty says:

    Alex, Bless your heart for all your efforts!
    Especially, Alan West! Even here in CA, I’ve heard Pubs say how much they loved and respected West…wishing he would run for Prez. Can you imagine? After West was forced out of the Army!
    Also, read a piece on a Pub/Site, saying the Dem organization blew their minds! “When we moved into States, we saw that Dems had it totally wrapped-up for a year prior!”.
    Can’t possibly thank you enough!

  200. starlight says:

    I am back from Annapolis now. The talk went great!!! I will write up a summary of most of it tomorrow when I start working on the next post.

  201. NEOBuckeye says:

    I had the opportunity to meet Husted once. It was brief and prior to his becoming SoS–he was then the Speaker of the House here in Ohio. He is as smugly confident as he appears. It’s easy to see how this could lead to his eventual undoing.

  202. NEOBuckeye says:

    Manhood? Bah. They need to be castrated, figuratively if not literally. Then maybe they can focus on what being “manly” is really all about.

  203. alex says:

    I am only passing along a CREDO email ( excerpt ) they did all the work ( and their organization, volunteers, donors etc ) but they played big big part on Nov 5-6 they were called by the coalition for GOTV and asked them for extra help to call voters; they added the strength of their organization to the Teamsters-Moveon campaign worker; we progressives/democrats have a TEAM a great willing strong good TEAM

  204. alex says:

    JA what could be strange or intriguing about a NEOCON BUSHCO general, CIA and military intelligence warrior having to resign from high office….

    it’s a mix of gummed up insider business we’ll never know about… it will produce a book or two and buzz in the media for a few more weeks or months;

    look at his chart and Bush/Cheney and the rest of the Neocons Iraq middle east pre-emptive war shock doctrine players and /or pawns…. that is his milieu

    I don’t find him or his situation at all interesting and because he is BushCo player good riddance as far as I’m concerned;

  205. NEOBuckeye says:

    Good thread from DU about the extreme pressure on the Secret Service right now.

    With all of the hate and nuttiness circulating among the unhinged right-wingers addled with narrow beliefs and the notion that they are losing control of the country to minorities, gays, women, and non-christians, the number of threats the Secret Service have to deal with on a moment-to-moment basis must be unimaginable. I worry for Obama and his family these next few years, particularly with Pluto in Cap moving into opposition against the natal US Sun at 13 Cancer. If the Sun in a country’s chart symbolizes its head of state, the Uranus-Pluto square is going to mean that Obama is going to be facing something quite dramatic.

    In the long run, I think we are finally going on see the marginalization and collapse of right-wing, corporate mogul-financed political misinformation and extremism here in the US. But it doesn’t mean that we won’t see people in the Faux News bubble lash out in hate and anger in the meantime. Lets just hope they aren’t successful in causing any real harm.

  206. Patty says:

    My husband & I spent a week in Puerto Rico last March and were surprised to learn most of the 20-And Younger population could not speak a word of English…only those wealthy enough to afford Private Schools are taught adequate English Speech. There’s great opportunity there for lots more teachers. A beautiful Island with an integrating history. I love adding a new ‘flavor’ to America.

  207. andre says:

    My concern is Saturn in Scorpio square Obama’s Sun at the next Inauguration. It could be a dangerous second term.

  208. will says:

    Knew it would. Looking forward to your summary.
    This is your time!

  209. starlight says:

    Andre – not to worry. Saturn does not even reach to within a degree of orb to the square of Obama’s Sun, 12Leo33. It stations at 11Scorpio32 before turning retrograde. I don’t think it will have much of an affect.

  210. starlight says:

    Thanks, Will. Pluto is now heading for my Ascendant and is currently square my Node. I guess this is it.

  211. starlight says:

    The Petraeus story is getting really sordid!

    The collapse of the impressive career of CIA Director David H. Petraeus was triggered when a woman with whom he was having an affair sent threatening e-mails to another woman close to him, according to three senior law enforcement officials with knowledge of the episode.

    Good grief!

  212. teresahill says:

    My AC is 5:52 Cap, and I remember being scared of it, and you telling me it would be transforming. There has been some crap, but professionally, I’m in the best place I’ve ever been. Everything is just clicking. I’m in the absolute right place at the right time, which has seldom happened in my career. It’s really astonishing. And I wrote a nice, big check to the local food bank today. Felt really good to do it. I’m going to write nice checks to the animal shelter and maybe my daughter’s former school, too. I hope Pluto is just as good to you.

  213. teresahill says:

    I just watched the Jon Stewart interview with her. It was odd. A former West Point grad, a triathlete, a woman in and out of a war zone with the general, and she shows up at her interview with JS in black pants and a top I would wear to a cocktail party. Not just sleeveless, but those cutaway sleeves that go in a triangle from your armpits to your neck, so there’s almost nothing but a collar around your neck. I find it an oddly sexual choice for a woman who graduated from West Point and supposedly wants to be taken seriously as a biographer of a general. I don’t like to judge women by their appearance, but it’s such an odd choice. She’s a PhD candidate. Her audience, you’d think, would be mostly serious military and political people. This is absolutely not what you wear to a TV interview.
    JS makes jokes about how glowing her portrayal of the general is. He obviously found it oddly glowing. And her husband is in the audience that night. JS asks if the general is going to run for president, and she hesitates, then claims her husband wants her to say the general is so she can sell more books, but it’s not true.
    I can’t tell if she looks like a woman enjoying pulling off her secret affair or begging to get caught. Here’s her photo:…0.0…1c.1.V6CX5lm6c-w&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=9b8a6c8d33530d36&bpcl=38093640&biw=1177&bih=670
    The black, frilly, cutaway-sleeves one is her JS interview top.

  214. thrasybulus says:


    The mortally wounded Tea Party caucus has its greatest power for destruction as it dies, as it loses what little self-control it had.

    They can replace Boehner with Cantor anytime they can garner a majority within the Republican caucus. If they do this NOW, they can thwart any potential compromise and force the across-the-board cuts in an attempt to destroy the economy in order to “save” us all.

    Nothing to worry about as they are patriots and love their country?

  215. Diane L says:

    Both she & Petraeus are Scorpios (11-9-72 & 11-7-52) oddly enough. Not much makes sense about this except maybe they outsmarted themselves . . .

  216. Casey says:

    I’ve noticed that many of the recent serious issues have been natural disasters. There was a show a couple years ago that documented the most devastating natural disasters that could happen in the US and both the New Orleans and the New York scenario have occurred. Could it be that the stress in both the president’s and the US chart is related to another natural disaster?

  217. barbk says:

    JA and chrys,

    I mentioned upthread that I could find nothing major in his birthchart being transited except for Eris in Aries forming a cardinal cross with his natal Mars in Cap, Uranus in Cancer and Saturn+Neptune in Libra, but I might have missed something. However, in light of the story of how this was an investigation NOT of Petraeus but of the author who might have access to his files, it might be wise to check out his natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) as well as transiting Pholus. He is a Scorpio so the “evidence” will be well hidden I think!

    Perhaps the earlier eclipses or a solar return or even progressed planets will clarify the General’s fall from grace. His birth date is 11/7/52 in Cornwall, NY, but, alas, no moment-of-birth time available. Or you can Google astrology, birth chart, Petraeus and locate a site with the chart already done.

  218. barbk says:

    Thanks for posting alex!

  219. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    At the beginning of the 2008 campaign Hillary Clinton was a huge favorite with the media. It was widely assumed she’d get the nomination. Voters had a different idea, so I don’t think it’s entirely accurate to say “Hillary was supposed to be the dem candidate.”

    Obama was a more appealing candidate to many, and Hillary did not run as good a campaign. There were lots of stories on that subject back then, long before she lost the nomination to Obama.

  220. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    That’s actually a little scary. I would have expected a far greater degree of bilingualism there. Not speaking English severely limits their opportunities in the rest of this country.

    Mind you, I’m not at all suggesting they give up the Spanish, just that they also have English.

  221. Suzy says:

    Agree…watching that I had all the same, exact observations of her that you did. It was quite a bizarre watch seeing that interview with Stewart.

    Did you see the Charlie Rose interview with her? Also very strange, in my opinion. Again..her presence seemed to be “about her” and she’s quite the seductress. Charlies questions to her also seemed to be veiled with something underlying that I couldn’t quite make out.

  222. Lorrie U says:

    Clymela, I recently ended a long-time relationship because my fact-based rebuttals to her RW rhetoric was perceived as “hate emails.” Which, coming from a repub, is comical. I think it’s important that we communicate our distaste and disapproval of the repub racism and not participate in their negative dysfunction.

  223. Lorrie U says:

    From what I understand, Norquist is very powerful and is capable of ruining their political careers and gettin them ousted.

  224. alex says:

    it’s going to take more and stronger grassroots organizations and and OFA like team to keep going for 2016 if Citizen’s United is still operating; I don’t think the billionaires will give up on flooding money into the system;

    Patreaus has a boring chart :-)

    2012 cycle there have been lots of political archetype charts that have been instructive because this is a time of great extremes in greed, arrogance, elitism the dear yahoos let it all hang out proud of their craziness and inhuman ideologies; the charts have been reading like novels with clear, certain, corrupt premises;

  225. julie says:

    Right — I agree. But what is the source of his power? What I meant, I guess, is that he has no political position that carries with it that kind of power. So how did he get to the point that he can ruin people who don’t sign on to his pledge?

  226. fierywoman says:

    I’m having a fantasy these days about Fox News’ license being revoked because of treasonous acts against the United States of America.

  227. fierywoman says:

    Did you see that in the averages of the swing states, Romney averaged 47% ?

  228. teresahill says:

    Yes, oddly seductive. Flirtatious. Girly, even, and she’s 40 years old.

  229. Lorrie U says:

    Amazingly, Before He Died Ted Kennedy Tutored Democrats on How to Beat Romney

  230. starlight says:

    Frank Rich:

    That a presidential hopeful so cavalierly mendacious could get so close to the White House, winning some 48 percent of the popular vote, is no small accomplishment. The American weakness that Romney both apotheosized and exploited in achieving this feat—our post-fact syndrome where anyone on the public stage can make up anything and usually get away with it—won’t disappear with him. A slicker liar could have won, and still might.

  231. Lune Prière says:

    Happy birthday and welcome pat!

  232. alex says:

    the Democrats began to fight like they mean it – all of ‘em’ – they really pulled it together down-ticket 2012; I think they like to win and will keep on going;

    Senator Patty Murry

    really did great great job the Dems had 23 seats this race and the GOP had I think 13 …. think of that the Dems increased their majority under those Citizen United conditions… she is one great politician and leader;

    Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from 2001 to 2003, Murray assumed the role again in early 2011, for a term ending in 2013.

  233. alex says:

    Sen. Patty Murray, the chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, could be forgiven for taking a few moments on Wednesday to gloat. After all, the Washington Democrat had guided her party to an election night romp that surpassed all expectations, as Democrats expanded their majority to likely 55 seats.

    The Democrats were defending the seats of 23 senators who caucus with them on Tuesday, to the Republicans’ 10. Still, the party managed to gain ground, with a virtual sweep of battleground races in Massachusetts, Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Maine. On Wednesday, Republicans conceded races in North Dakota and Montana, as well.

    “Every single Democratic incumbent won reelection last night,” Murry beamed.

    Murray said the election was a warning shot for the GOP about the need for compromise. “If Republicans want to follow the tea party off a political cliff that’s their prerogative,” she said, adding that Democrats wouldn’t let the country follow.

    If coming talks to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff in January, when taxes will rise and cuts automatically go into effect, are to succeed, she said Republican must “put that one ingredient back into the solution and that is revenue.”

  234. alex says:

    barbk, long long ago I read an article about charting scandal aspects in a chart… the chart and bio was for Benjamin Franklin…and Thomas Jefferson it was a classic old article;

  235. alex says:

    The great thing about a model like Silver’s (and that of similarly winning math nerds, such as Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium) is that it takes all that myopic human bias out of the equation. The ever-present temptation to cherry-pick polls is subverted.

    You set your parameters at the start, deciding how much weight and accuracy you’re going to give to each poll based purely on their historical accuracy. You feed in whatever other conditions you think will matter to the result. Then, you sit back and let the algorithm do the work.

    Silver may be a registered Democrat, but he learned back when he was doing baseball analysis that he’d never get anywhere if his models weren’t absolutely neutral, straight down the line between feuding teams.

    By 2016, if the networks are paying attention, don’t be surprised to see that the talking heads are all Nate Silver clones. Every media organization will now want its own state poll-based algorithm, especially given how much traffic Silver has driven to the New York Times‘ website. We’ll see more about that kind of model, and less stories about individual polls, which are almost always misleading unless you aggregate them.

    Statistics, big data, neutral mathematical models — this, it turns out, is what people want. Who knew?

  236. alex says:

    in case you missed this email:

    Share via Email

    President Obama’s election night message to supporters:

    I’m about to go speak to the crowd here in Chicago, but I wanted to thank you first.

    I want you to know that this wasn’t fate, and it wasn’t an accident. You made this happen.

    You organized yourselves block by block. You took ownership of this campaign five and ten dollars at a time. And when it wasn’t easy, you pressed forward.

    I will spend the rest of my presidency honoring your support, and doing what I can to finish what we started.

    But I want you to take real pride, as I do, in how we got the chance in the first place.

    Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests.

    There’s a lot more work to do.

    But for right now: Thank you.


  237. RobinMoonrise says:

    Talk about sordid! Did Paula Bradwell’s husband write the NYT’s ethicist’s column in July? Looks like it to me.

  238. Jerry says:

    This notice was posted in one of the Australian newspapers the other day………..

    To the Republicans who said they will move to Australia if Obama won:

    Australia has unlimited Health Care,
    Compulsory voting.
    No guns, no death penalty,
    Pro-choice when it comes to contraception,
    Openly gay policians and judges,
    Evolution is taught in all schools
    And our female PM is an unmarried atheist.

  239. mitzi says:

    To RobinMoonrise,
    Thanks for that link.
    My question is, who really wrote and sent that letter? Was it the jilted husband? Or was it really someone else? – Smells like a set up to me no matter how you look at it!

  240. alex says:

    If 2008 and 2012 have taught us anything, it’s that we get to decide. “If we work hard, and work together, we can overpower all the special interests that have controlled Washington for so long.”

    So here’s the plan. Some of the Obama campaign’s top organizers are joining a coalition of progressive groups — the Common Purpose Project — to launch “The Action.” It’s a campaign to end the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 a year. They’ll be making a historic amount of noise — let me rephrase – very targeted, driven, motivated, respectful, and purposeful noise — to support the president in bringing about some real change and letting Congress know that letting the wealthiest Americans off without paying their fair share is a non-negotiable demand. It’s one of the things that America voted for on Tuesday.

    We’re writing this piece because they need the help of every grassroots volunteer, everyone who made a phone call, everyone who knocked a door, everyone who carried a sign, everyone who hosted a house party. If you care about President Obama’s movement for change, they need you. And that’s why we’ll be joining them.

    It starts by spreading the word. Visit and download an “Action Kit.” Follow The Action on Twitter at and be sure to like the Facebook page at If you’re on social media, make sure you use the hashtag #TheAction.

  241. Nita says:


    My interpretation of the piece has the impression of a woman feelings
    Scorned women are very dangerous they will do anything to get even if you don’t leave your home.
    Men don’t typically seek advice through columns.
    Payback karma is on the course now for them.

  242. Nita says:


    I feel the same way it’s a set up to detailed not to be Paula “the other woman some can be dangerous”

  243. mitzi says:

    Quebec, Canada most citizens speak French, although their official language is English. I’m sure it would not threaten non-spanish individuals, if they visit a state where you’re surrounded by those who speak a different language than your own? – For many years in Puerto Rico, english as a second language is taught in all public schools throughout the island. – Actually, its almost impossible to get employment in P.R., without knowing how to write, read, and speak the english.
    Many Puerto Ricans work very hard to send their children to private schools, because they want their children to dominate both languages! – But, most people there do speak and understand the english, its just that they prefer to speak spanish, sort of like the people in Quebec, who prefer to speak french! – No need to feel nervous about it, just take the plunge, consider a shift in perspective, and why not broaden your horisons?
    YA just might Love-It?

  244. Ox The Cat says:

    Eric Kantor contacted by FBI whistleblower regarding Petraeus

  245. Ox The Cat says:

    Eric Cantor Richmond VA June 6,1963

  246. margriet says:

    right on will, I second every word!

  247. mitzi says:

    OH NO! Just when you thought you were done…they PULL YOU BACK IN AGAIN! – Yes ladies and gents there’re back, the “Sketchy” Repugs, along with there “Bag of Tricks”, and featuring, one of their favorite cronies, partner-in-crime, and full time villian, yes folks he’s back, the one and only, Eric Kantor!! And he’s back to doing what he does best, he’s down there scrapping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel again, to see what kinda, “SLIME” is down there, so’s he can “spin” and conjure-up, all sorts of, the ugly, the crazy, and the demonic! – Honestly my brothers and my sisters, will it ever end?? – In the words of the late, Mr. Rodney King, (whom almost got his brains handed over to him, in a case of mistaken identity?), “Why, Can We All Just Get Along?”
    Mr. King I honor you today, and I pray that you’ve finally found the PEACE, you’d been searching for!

  248. angellight says:

    “Koch-Backed Group Warns Chris Christie
    —By Andy Kroll| Fri Nov. 9, 2012 10:30 AM PST

    Conservatives are peeved at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a GOP favorite, for praising President Barack Obama response to Hurricane Sandy days before the election. Some right-wingers even blame Christie for boosting the president’s prospects at the last minute. (Christie hugged Obama! How could he?!) Now, in the aftermath of the election, a powerhouse conservative outfit partly funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers is coming after Christie on another front, sharply questioning whether the governor will sell out conservatives in the latest battle over Obamacare.” (MotherJones Blog)

  249. angellight says:

    OxtheCat & Mitzi: I smell a “rat” with Eric Cantor.

    Alex: I will join action group and twitter.

  250. Patty says:

    And Karl Rove is feeling the heat!
    The face of the historic $1 billion plan to unseat President Barack Obama and turn the Senate Republican, Rove now finds himself the leading scapegoat for its failure. And he’s scrambling to protect his status as a top GOP money man by convincing disappointed donors to his Crossroads groups that he did the best he could with their $300 million.

  251. angellight says:

    The Bush Regime Card Deck: THE 52 MOST DANGEROUS AMERICAN DIGNITARIES! [Voltaire Network]

    Patty: Can you believe that Romney never saw it coming? That is incredulous to me. I will read the article. Still hard for me to believe that somewhere in that mind of his there is a thought that maybe I just might not win this!

  252. angellight says:

    Patty: In the end Romney had to watch CNN to get the real campaign results. In otherwords, as David Frum is now saying Romney brought into the lies of Fox News. Frum has a scurrilous article on Fox Entertainment News and how it lies and deceives their audience. Some are furious with him for being truthful.

  253. angellight says:

    Daily Kos :: David Frum on Morning Joe: Republicans have been exploited and lied to by Right Wing Media!

    Media Matters
    David Frum: The Republican Party has “been fleeced, exploited, and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex”

  254. alex says:

    I recall Obama sometime shortly after the 2008 win saying that they didn’t expect there would be as big a turn out for presidential election as they had for him in 2008 to repeat itself; Obama’s campaign strategy from the start was to make a winning EV map with what they expected the turn out to be 2012 and the OFA Jim Messina video/with roadmap to win 2012 had at least five different EV formulas…. the Senate re-election campaign must have been taking some lessons too they certainly were working together with their message and money better than I’ve seen them since 1994;
    (with the exception of 2006)

    in any case voting now has become like guerrilla warfare with all the suppression and dirty tricks it has to stop it just has to stop;

  255. angellight says:

    More Progressive talk pushed off the airwaves! BREAKING: Portland’s Clear Channel-owned Progressive Talk Station Cancelled! Flipped to Fox Sports

  256. angellight says:

    “Twitter Comment”

    Yo @MittRomney the 47 guy: born in 1947, drove MA to 47th in job creation, dissed 47% of Americans & ended with 47% of the vote. Some Legacy

  257. Sharon says:

    It’s not gonna help them… Don’t Democrats and Progressives have something comparable?

  258. Sharon says:

    …to Clear Channel? With the internet we may not need it anyway.

  259. Sharon says:

    What I don’t understand is all this talk among right-wing Conservatives & Tea Partiers about America dying! Exactly what is it that died???!!!! How brainwashed can they be!?

  260. Elizabeth says:

    What is dying is their experience of America. Much in the way that the 1960’s changed the way the Archie Bunkers of the world were experiencing their world so is the new shift in politics. It is shifting to reflect the new electorate which is increasingly becoming more diverse in ethnicity, religion and inclusive beliefs about respect for others. When you are loosing your control of the power it is frightening. I think there are two seperate shifts happening with two seperate groups of people who have merged together feeling the shift. The money interest are seeing the shift of their control over the tax structure slipping out of their grip. The social conservatives are seeing a shift of their “family values” being eroded with the acceptance marriage equality as well as women having their rightful place of equal power. In the words of Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changin”.d

  261. Diane L says:

    I agree, Elizabeth & feel the death throes of this experience is reflected in the Uranus-Pluto squares unfolding. We know these folks will not go quietly either. *sigh*

  262. alex says:

    Those figures left a crucial group to capture — the independents and moderates who, indeed, decided an election where the President won the popular vote by just over two percentage points, 50.4%-48.1%.

    Self-described moderates and independents — groups separated by the fact that moderates are generally more liberal than independents — were a large portion of the electorate in this election. There were 48.9 million self-described moderates and 34.7 million self-described independents.

    There is overlap within these groups — they are not mutually exclusive identifications. But within that big number, there was only a minority, 5% to 7% of each, that was truly undecided heading into the election. It is this small segment of moderates and independents that helped deliver a second term for Obama.

    That’s because, while Romney won independents, he won them by a much narrower margin than expected. And among self-described moderates — 41% of the electorate, according to exit polls — Obama prevailed by a significant 15 points.

  263. Apple says:

    Thanks for posting the article. They believed their own fabulousness!

  264. alex says:

    I find this article helpful – if moderates see Obama as a ‘moderate-liberal’ and they like or are ok with liberal social issues but moderate about economic issues then here is how I’d use symbols of the factions of electorate for political astrology:

    Jupiter – GOP (‘excessive greed’ & religious)
    Saturn – Democrats (everyone play by the same ‘rules’)
    Venus – Moderates (venus=social issues, venus=money)
    Uranus – Independents (Libertarians & former GOP)

  265. Diane L says:

    Like this one, alex. As a Libra Sun-Moon I do identify w/your Venus description. Uranus as in “cut off your nose to spite your face” sure fits too.

  266. Cappy says:

    Cannot thank you enough for this petition re demanding that AZ. fully and immediately count all it’s early and provisional 2012 ballots(!!!) Also, news of the 600,000 voters dropped from the rolls in 2010 (!!!) must get out, as you say…have been sending your super-sleuthing posts to avid tweeters and Facebook aficionados everywhere.

    Your post, Lorrie re the current – horrifying Arizona vote counting Stall situation…bears a peat and repeat here, imo:

    “Count Every Vote in Arizona Now!

    Over 632,000 votes in Arizona have yet to be counted. 632,000!

    About 172,000 provisional ballots throughout the state are still outstanding, with 115,000 of these in Maricopa County alone. Many of these voters will be required to produce additional identification before their votes will count, yet the County Elections Department is not reaching out to these voters. 459,000 early vote mail-in ballots have yet to be counted–and a record 344,000 of these are in Maricopa County.

    At the same time, many candidates have already conceded their races, without understanding that hundreds of thousands of ballots–one-third of all votes cast in Arizona–have yet to be counted. This could change the outcome of many local and even Congressional races.

    Please join me in insisting that EVERY VOTE COUNTS and that we need real reform, transparency and accountability in the Arizona elections process. Our very democracy depends on it.”

  267. alex says:

    well I’ve for many years now analyzed with ancient, traditional and modern description of political symbols to tell truth I worked out my own methods adapted from others work sort of a patchwork of tools; but as far as political astrology assigning generational planets to political parties… I found it not useful and not practical…. there have been so many changes so quickly;

    for instance

    Democratic Leadership Council – DLC Clinton…. corporate driven nearly GOP-lite

    Obama has lead the evolution of Democratic party to ‘party that wants everyone to play by same rules’ that is apt for Liberal-Moderate which I think describes him well;

    Since GOP has revealed themselves to be totally for the 1% & NEOCON who use evangelicals and religious hate groups to create grassroots pressure groups and GOTV who primarily benefit the wealthy elite by using wedge cultural issues Jupiter seems appropriate; GOP/TEA/Evangelicals ( TEA which was seed money funded-created by KOCH BROTHERS$$ TEA PARTY are pawns of corporate money)

    Saturn for the Dem for the reasons I commented above plus Saturn is government … so government that operates best when everybody plays by the same rules;

    adapting for practical reasons

    Uranus certainly describes the aggressive Libertarian Independents and former GOP/other small government ideologies;

    in any case that’s how I’m working the charts – – the description of moderates helped me find my bearing I’ve tried and tried to use Independents and subgroups within that group – Uranus for symbol/tool and it hasn’t been good for close analysis;

    that’s my working tool kit unless new stuff happens that necessitates adapting some more;

    Venus (liberal social issues, moderate $economic issues)

  268. alex says:

    Diane L;

    PS Venus has shorter orbital period than generational planets ( ju-sa-ur ) and that fits the situation of practical changing issues that need/can be resolved by government when government is functioning well and Venus – Money Capital the economic issues that make/keep capital working well for societies revenue/profit generators – and their receiving entities, individuals and corporations;

    that’s it for 2008-2012 parameters and beyond;

  269. alex says:

    as far as inauguration goes 1/20/2013 noon legal by constitution oath of office ( public ceremony 1/21 )

    Heads Up:

    DK Lilith @14 Gemini


    2012 Election Jupiter @14 Gemini

    narrates the obstructionist contingent mode of operation


    There are lots of good things about the Inauguration chart;

  270. Sharon says:

    I think Starlight covered the inauguration chart previously & predicted a hard 4 yrs for whomever wins. Wouldn’t mind reviewing all that and having Starlight taking a closer look (when she has time!!!)

  271. alex says:

    well Sharon I know you called me ‘people like you’ in your comment a few threads back but none-the-less) here is my bit literally I’m doing aspects one at time when I have time to focus…. not yet comprehensive overall which I think Nancy would be best to cover herself – thank you very much !

    First House:

    Moon @19 Taurus (population distinct from electorate)
    Sedna @22 Taurus (degree/sign symbol for Federal Gov)
    N. Node @23 Taurus


    7TH House:
    S. Node @23 Scorpio (politics, status quo)

    semi-sextile (difficult associations)

    8TH House:
    Hildago @23 Sagittarius (vested interests, lobbyists etc representative aka paid agents for banks, oil corporate-profits)


    Quaoar @23 Sagittarius (spin/dance into creation the negative expression of Quaoar, pre-condition chaos)

  272. alex says:

    or ‘extreme’ negative political expression – Quoaoar @23 Sagittarius


    Moon @19 TA/ population distinct from electorate)
    Sedna @22 TA / negative expression Sedna ‘victimization’
    S. Node 23 TA/ (status quo, politics)
    Hybris @29 TA/ 29th degree ‘amends’ last chance degree > world point 00 Cancer – the people opposite world point 00 Capricorn – government, authority

  273. Wennye' says:

    Clymela, your intuition is correct, I found that out about a lady I have known several years though casually. One day crap came out her mouth while we rode our bus which I held up blessing her from mason grason to a floating opportunity! Have a Blessed Sunday…

  274. alex says:

    T- Square Oath of Office legally set for noon 20th White House: (public ceremony Monday 1/21)

    Nessus @24Aquarius – Legislature, Congress 111TH house

    (the abuse, abandon population policies of the 1%)


    S. Node @23 Scorpio (status quo, politics)


    N. Node @23 Taurus


    Nessus @24AQ


    Varuna @24 Cancer cnj USA Mercury @24 Cancer
    3rd house

    (Citizen’s United definition of free speech – corporate $$)

  275. Patty says:

    Don’t always agree with Maureen Dowd…yet, she’s clever:
    ‘Romney Is President’
    “Team Romney has every reason to be shellshocked. Its candidate, after all, resoundingly won the election of the country he was wooing.
    Mitt Romney is the president of white male America”.

    “If 2008 was about exalting the One, 2012 was about the disenchanted Democratic base deciding: “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.”
    Last time, Obama lifted up the base with his message of hope and change; this time the base lifted up Obama, with the hope he will change. He has not led the Obama army to leverage power, so now the army is leading Obama”.

  276. Sharon says:

    Did I? I don’t remember what it was in regard to, but it sounds like I was objecting or criticizing, fairly rare for me so it must have been over something I really thought was unfair…sorry if I offended you and thank you for the analysis, Alex :-)

  277. alex says:

    yes it was to you a casual forgotten insult that you forgot about;

    I was newish to thread commenting here; my comments you might notice are all similar; chart analysis or copy/paste url’s that are timely and sometimes not well distributed otherwise;

    it was about my support of Obama – that’s what your reply to my comment was about…. I would appreciate it if you’d ignore my posts that would suit me because I don’t have energy but sometimes feel obliged to reciprocate to replies and I find your POV unnecessary and distracting; concentration on these long threads, with aging eyes is a task… so consider no comment on my comment I can go back to focus rather than giving attention to you;

  278. Seeker says:

    Thanks. I will continue to scroll past your many posts too, Alex.

  279. mima says:

    We just received a robo call authored by none other that Anne Coulter trying to mobilize young republicans. My husband has voter republican in the past I imagine that is why we got the call. Tough luck Anne. Wonder what is in her stars?

  280. Stardust says:

    Wow. In one full swoop you have just insulted a number of us. Sharon is one of the most thoughtful, informed,spiritual ones on this board. Her posts are always conciliatory and informative. Please think before you “speak.”

  281. kiwi says:

    Gee alex, there’s an expression: “when we take offense, we give offense.”
    Sounds like you to take some time to chill out today! Are you feeling unloved? Just because someone does not agree with you all the time, there’s no need to be snarky!

  282. alex says:

    you are the multiplier; the civilized rule of online is ignore what you don’t agree with and comment if you have something amazing to add;

    one thing I use to like about this thread ( except for the trolls ) is people were much less randomly unconsciously limbically urged to knee jerk negative muscousy snoot all of the blank white virtual paper…..

    there is a inauguration coming up and this one is a dozy…. we could all be walking ‘the green mile :-) or on the front lines of Normandy;

  283. Salemone says:

    I do hope that Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t screw up the swearing in ceremony like he did last time.

    Has anyone done a dissection of Karl Rove’s current aspects?

  284. alex says:

    well stardust she wasn’t to me… I said my piece now you must be bored to defend her she was nicey to youzeeeeee but not mezzzzz;

  285. ox the cat says:

    Kantor is a weasel. This story is now on the front page, apparently he is saying that if not for him the story would not have come out??? He was hoping for something to come out to swing the election and was not able to accomplish the task.

  286. alex says:

    I always wondered about Roberts messing it up…. how much reluctance he must have stuffed away inside about Obama – being – president to mush up the oath of office… imagine with the kind of memory skills he had perfected and practiced in the nit-picky job of lawyer and judge; man… that was an incident wasn’t it?

    someone should do/work/chart Rove’s dilemma lots of money but unloved;

  287. KIM says:

    I am just excited that it is on the weekend this time!! Last time I had to use a vacation day, and I only had 10 for the year, as I had just started this job in 2007. But I felt I needed to do it since it was so historic, I didn’t want to miss a thing!

  288. Ardy says:

    Thanks for posting this Jerry. Many of my friends & family have been facebooking this. I might also add that we are a much more centralised country too – our States & Local govts play a much reduced role compared to our Federal government, that’s why (generally) the right wing loons don’t unduly influence social policy.

  289. KIM says:

    Oh Alex, I wanted to tell you in case you didn’t follow all the seats in Congress….Remember a while back I asked you about Buerkle/Maffei? Well Maffei won!! I am so happy to have him back and that teabag gone.

  290. alex says:

    Kim – congrats… enjoy!

  291. fierywoman says:

    What I LOVE is the karmic justice of Romney & Co. being lied to as they lied to the American people — as in, do unto others …

  292. fierywoman says:

    I’ve been thinking that they are the ones the Uranus/Pluto square are going to impact rather severely.

  293. Sharon says:

    Alex, being a sensitive person myself, I know how it feels to be at the tail end of criticism or an insult. Also, although I can be reactionary (lots of water and a strong fire placement in my chart), I don’t say things casually especially when I’m addressing someone personally and taking the risk of letting them know that I disagree strongly with what they said. The reason I don’t remember it is the rush of information that passes through my own “aging” brain daily (and I’m in graduate school, too)…and, my eyes are also aging, as well. So I’d like to apologize again for hurting your feelings, am glad you got it off your chest, and now intend to let go of it. I hope you can, too. I very much enjoy 99.9% of your posts and intend to go on appreciating them.

  294. alex says:

    Sharon – well said what are you studying?

  295. Diane L says:

    Considering Saturn rules Cappy & is exalted in Libra it makes sense for Saturn to represent those who emphasize fair play & equity in gov’t. Much needed IMO.

  296. alex says:

    Diane L

    I’m glad they are progressing towards the archetype and also thrilled they got beyond their Ms. Congeniality collective personas and stepped up for some, serious, SING:

    SING: solar plexus, instep, nose, groin

  297. RobinMoonrise says:

    Nita, a woman scorned, indeed! Good intuition. I heard on ABC World news tonight that Petraeus and Broadwell broke up four months ago in July, around the same time as the ethicist column. And the FBI began its investigation of the threatening e-mails to Jill Kelley “several” months ago, which uncovered here-mail trail to Petraeus.

  298. Gypsi says:

    OK, I’m having a fairly awful moment or 2 here. Saturn conjuncting my 10th house Neptune – is it safe to drive?

    (wasn’t last year with Pluto on my Saturn)

    I’m happy about the election, but the rest of my life is feeling fairly distressing at the moment.

  299. RobinMoonrise says:

    Petraeus seduced America. We should never have trusted him:

  300. Stardust says:

    Exactly the kind of response i would expect from Sharon. Also interested in what you are studying, Sharon. Peace to you both!

  301. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Alex, and Social work! Something I started to do many years ago and gave up for other pursuits :-)

  302. Sharon says:

    Oh, I didn’t see your comment, Nancy. Thank you, too! I’m not sure if I’ll go the therapy route or something more with groups and advocacy but be sure I will combine it with astrology and continue learning right here. Peace to you & Alex & all others here! xoxoxoxox & hugs

  303. alex says:

    once they are at the J-level they are invisible, untouchable, unaccountable oligarchs….. he’ll be on the board of directors of an oil company or pharmaceutical company or bank in no time

  304. Sharon says:

    I wish I could be more helpful astrologically…sending you Love & Light, Gypsi.

  305. ox the cat says:

    Social Work! I was a social worker for 36 years. I had a degree in fashion merchandising and tried that field for a few years but decided to go back to school for a degree in socal work so I understand your interest in the field and trying other pursuits.

  306. teresahill says:

    Paula is seeming more and more like a woman out to self-destruct.

    What’s the astrology for that? (Just curious.)

  307. Lorrie U says:

    Gee, that sounds perfect to me!! Wish I could live there.

  308. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Alex! I joined & have shared.

  309. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t see how they would think this story coming out would affect the election and discredit the president in any way. Petreaus was a GOP favorite and there was some hope of running him for president and was being considered for the v.p. slot. That being said, and I don’t have any idea if this could in any way be connected to Benghazi, I still suspect there is more behind the scenes involving the GOP to try and discredit the president than we know. Seems strange that there is a link between Petreaus and Benghazi, although I did hear today that what Petreaus knew would back up the White House. Very weird.

  310. alex says:

    I get jazzed when there is something worthwhile to bring to the thread – could have guessed you’d share :-)

  311. alex says:

    12TH House – self help or self undo

  312. Lorrie U says:

    You’d think with the hurricane disrupting the RNC Convention, hurricane Sandy giving a helping hand to PBO, and the complete failure of their ORCA system that the GOP could see the hand of God at work! Thank you, Neptune, for keeping these people in a fog.

  313. Lorrie U says:

    She’s such a toxic person, I can only think the future is not good.

  314. Lorrie U says:

    I had Saturn conjuncting my 10th hs. sun/venus/neptune (18-22 degrees Virgo) last year. Lots of things came up but all turned out well. It will pass…

  315. Lorrie U says:

    I think he’s just an aging Scorpio man who was entranced and enchanted by a seductive 20-yr.-younger Scorpio woman. He was flattered and fell for it. That just makes him a man who is human, and not the first to fall victim of having his waning sexuality being boosted by a beautiful woman. It’s just sad, really, for both he and his wife.

  316. Lorrie U says:

    Jon Husted Hatches a Plan to Make Sure Democrats Never Win Ohio Again

    Bottom line. Stay on top of all the upcoming inevitable political and constitutional vandalism from the Republican Party and its legislators. Obama’s win has made them really mad.

  317. ox the cat says:

    He is a weasel par none. I thought Nancy said that he might have a bad transit in January? Perhaps that is when he will find out his plan will not work.

  318. Lune Prière says:

    Gypsi, was it you that was involved in a car accident some time ago? I don’t feel qualified to give advice, but I’ve noticed mars/Saturn/Uranus constellations around accidents and sudden upsets. Sometimes mercury too though that could because it’s my chart ruler and square Neptune natally.

    Whatever is going on with your chart, remember there’s a higher power (I believe) and you’re not alone. Plus you have all your buds here too :). Sometimes when I’m stressed, I just focus on this day (or hour or minute sometimes!). Remembering to breathe helps too! Hope you feel better soon.

  319. pat says:

    I feel so Blessed to have found you all. It’s an honor! It’s alot to absorb though, sometimes ..all the information. But the general feeling, is truth with wisdom…..and I catch the humor, at times. That feels Good. Actually, you all feel good to me(because of “the intention”) I wish I had a magic wand. It would be, that this group, could be in contact with our President. I believe it would be so helpful.. kind…. and with clean clear clarity. I’m in awe..

  320. alex says:

    I’ve been under the impression for long long time that politicians use astrology services

  321. angellight says:

    Behind Petraeus’s Resignation
    November 10, 2012

    Exclusive: The resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus over an extramarital affair marks a stunning reversal for the longtime media darling. But some in President Obama’s inner circle are not displeased the neocon-friendly ex-general is gone, reports Robert Parry.

    The messy departure of CIA Director David Petraeus over an extramarital affair removes the last high-ranking neoconservative holdover from George W. Bush’s administration and gives the reelected President Barack Obama more maneuvering room to negotiate a settlement over Iran’s nuclear program.

    BEHIND OBAMA’S BACK: As Bob Woodward reported in his book, Obama’s Wars, it was Bush’s old team that made sure Obama was given no option other than to escalate troop levels in Afghanistan substantially. The Bush holdovers also lobbied for the troop increase behind Obama’s back.

    According to Woodward’s book, Gates, Petraeus and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen, refused to even prepare an early-exit option that Obama had requested. Instead, they offered up only plans for their desired escalation of about 40,000 troops.

  322. Kdez says:

    They are both Scorpios? The first thing I said on reading about this was: “Oh I get it. He’s having an affair with himself – a younger, female self.”

    Both driven overachievers, elite army, top of their class, blah, blah. Narcissism strikes again…

  323. clymela says:

    Thank you so much for this link. I have been sitting here in my little personal life saying WHAT???? Now the picture is coming in-Obama will now be able to free himself from the neocon love of war

  324. Noelle says:

    Isn’t that incredible.

  325. David says:

    Front page of today’s New York Times:

    Let’s hear it for Rachel, Ed, Reverend Al, Chris and Lawrence!

  326. angellight says:

    clymela: Welcome! Since finding VeteransToday Site, it has given me more newsworthy sites that seem to be-in-the-know about truth. I too wondered about those wars and from the Robert Parry article it shows how the neocons went behind Obama’s back and did their surge and so on. Nasty.

    Noelle: Incredible indeed!

    David: Yes, MSNBC deserves their prompts. Very helpful in Prez Obama’s agenda and getting out information. I read they want to replace Ed Schultz! I love Ed and I hope they don’t.

  327. Bob says:

    I see a few polls asking about how should President Obama and Congress avoid the “Fiscal Cliff”.

    I wonder what results a poll asking participants if the President should seek to avoid it by any means or not (compromise) would indicate.

    I say he has compromised for 4 years many times and it is time to show the Rethugs that he can and will play hardball. If the majority of the electorate backed a position of him holding firm on his tax cut provision (no compromise – let the sequestration happen, hold the Rethugs to the deal they made) it would send a public message to the media and the Rethugs that we have his back and are willing to fight for and with him.

  328. clymela says:

    OH! be still my aching heart!! Can it be that there are “fellow-travelers” out there? WOOT WOOT WOOT Could it be that this is actually a ‘NEW DAY IN AMERICA”??? This has taken a long,long time. Well, let me get at those dishes now-I am ready for anything.

  329. clymela says:

    angellight-I saw some of the regulars dissing Ed on the holiday festivities. I thought then that there might be trouble. I have tangled with him over the years but I love his standing up for us wage earners and his proving that NYC is not the only source of “cool” in our country.Also, with the new owners I have noticed a desire to fill the schedule with Reagan/Bush lovers-I know that the billionaires who can buy networks are absolutely terrified of sharing-terrified.

  330. clymela says:

    Sign me up!!!

  331. Lorrie U says:

    I think Mike Mullen is being considered as Petraeuss’ replacement, isn’t he?

  332. Lorrie U says:

    Maybe we can blitz MSNBC & Twitter supporting Ed Schultz!

  333. Lorrie U says:

    Be still my heart…

    Are Republicans Ready to Kick the Fox/Drudge/Rush Axis of Propaganda to the Curb?

    Republicans are so shaken by the Obama’s huge victory that some are calling for conservatives to escape from their self imposed Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/Drudge Report media bubble.…

  334. Patty says:

    Yes, yes! It feels like America has reached a new level…We have evolved! An extraordinary period…perhaps, marked in history by the Obama Presidency.

    This Election enthusiasm/vibration has sparked something significant…leaving Regressive’s sitting back in the dust.

  335. fierywoman says:

    ROFLMAO — and these are the self reliance guys ?!?!?!?!?

  336. fierywoman says:

    I think I’ll donate to whomever he runs against the next time.

  337. fierywoman says:

    Me too !!!