Fiscal Mountain

The election was barely 30 seconds past the finish line when the pundits began hyperventilating about another looming drama sure to bring us sweating and shaking to the edge of our seats for the next eight weeks. The “fiscal cliff” is a term coined to describe that moment at the end of the year when the deadlines for several fiscal policies coalesce to form an enormous danger to the economy if they are not dealt with intelligently and expeditiously. These include: the ending of the Bush tax cuts; the ending of the payroll tax cut; and the “sequestration” or draconian budget cuts promised – due to GOP extortion during the debt ceiling debate – if comprehensive deficit reduction is not achieved. If all goes as currently scheduled, an enormous amount of money will be suddenly sucked out of the US economy pushing us almost immediately back into recession.

The first place to look to understand how we have come to such an impasse is the 112th Congress chart, drawn for January 5, 2011. The Sun in this chart (15Capricorn00) is in a very tight, waxing square with Saturn (16Libra51). This configuration points to the tremendous difficulty and frustration (Saturn) that comes with every attempt to enact a goal (the Sun). Moreover, the paralysis indicated in the Sun/Saturn square has only intensified with time, as the progressed Sun moved to an exact square with natal Saturn around November 1 and will move to an exact square with progressed Saturn (16Libra55) as of November 20, 2012.  In addition, from December 5 through December 8, transiting Mars (15-16 Capricorn) will conjunct natal and progressed Sun, triggering this contentious square and signaling the likely culmination of an acrimonious battle between opposing partisan forces.

Further evidence of the upheaval in Congress comes with the long transit of Uranus square to the Congress chart Pluto (5Capricorn29) through the end of the year. Pluto in the 9th house of the Congress chart, where it has been for several successive congressional terms, suggests very intense partisanship. Thus, some angry partisan wrangling seems likely when transiting Mars (5Capricorn) conjuncts natal Pluto and squares transiting Uranus from November 22 through November 24, although the impact may be diminished due to the Thanksgiving holiday. However, it is also this prolonged Uranus transit that may facilitate unexpected events that lead to a breakthrough sometime after December 15, especially with the limitations and intransigence of the progressed Sun/Saturn square beginning to dissipate.

The US chart also offers important clues about how events will unfold over the next 8 weeks. As mentioned in numerous prior posts, the progressed US Sun (8Pisces) has moved into a square with natal Uranus (8Gemini55) as of mid-September 2012, reaching maximum strength in September 2013. This aspect, especially when it is triggered by strong transits, is bringing significant “wake-up calls” to Americans. Important issues which are being ignored but which demand effort and awareness are coming to the country’s attention, at times due to very painful circumstances.

The utter devastation and sorrow associated with Hurricane Sandy has woken up the country to the reality of climate change and to the need to act aggressively to curb it and build infrastructure that can withstand it. The shock of an overwhelming and unexpected election loss offers Republicans the opportunity to suddenly awaken to the reality-based world, piercing the bubble of their collective self-delusion. And it may be that the Congressional intransigence in dealing with the fiscal cliff and its likely negative impact in the markets and possibly on the US credit rating will wake the country up to the extreme dangers of such partisan dysfunction.

As of November 19, we will enter a period during which the very volatile and disruptive progressed Sun square to natal Uranus will become strongly activated. Transiting Pluto (8Capricorn) will be quincunx US Uranus (8Gemini55) from November 19 through December 21. In addition, from November 26 through November 28, transiting Mars (8Capricorn) will join transiting Pluto, likely causing some kind of very significant upset with the potential for violence or tremendous upheaval, including financial or weather related turmoil. The transiting Sun (8Sagittarius) will oppose US Uranus on November 29, adding yet another day of tension to the mix.

During the last 8 days of November, there will also be a transit of Saturn square the US 8th house North Node (6Leo36), suggesting significant stress that will accompany the above-mentioned tumult described in the Mars/Pluto conjunction impacting the US chart. This stress may negatively impact America’s relationships with other nations during the time of the Saturn transit.  Certainly, one possibility is that the ineffectual Congress, stuck in their partisan wrangling, causes world-wide repercussions due to its inability to deal effectively with the looming financial issues.

It should also be mentioned that during the stress indicated by the transit of Saturn square to US Node, from November 21 through November 30, there is a very dangerous configuration that begins late on November 21 and continues through the early hours of November 23 (EST). November 22 is Thanks giving Day in the US. During this holiday, transiting Mars will be square to transiting Uranus (4Aries47), while transiting Mercury (19Scorpio47) will be simultaneously sesquiquadrate Uranus and semisquare Mars. The Moon joins this volatile configuration in the early morning hours of November 23. This combination suggests some kind of violent upheaval or attack (Mars/Uranus/Mercury) that in some way upsets the US or its interests (Saturn/Node).

An even more dramatic period is likely from December 13 through December 24, when Jupiter (8Gemini) will conjunct US Uranus and both Saturn (8Scorpio) and Pluto (8Capricorn) will be in a quincunx.  There is likely to be a strong public display of concern during this period, with the potential for huge demonstrations and large and effective protest movements.

Indeed, another manifestation of the progressed Sun square to US Uranus over the coming year will be the growth of “people power” – citizens, aided by social media, becoming increasingly adept at exercising their potency in the political and social landscape.

Regarding the fiscal cliff, my sense is that the relevant issues are either resolved or successfully deferred on or around December 21. Certainly, President Obama has nothing in his chart to suggest the profound upset that would accompany a stalemate. In fact, by the last week of December, he moves back into the Neptune transit trine his Venus (1Cancer47) and, a few days later, the Jupiter station square his Pluto (6Virgo59). Both aspects are suggestive of feelings of success and popularity and will continue through January 2013. In addition, Harry Reid (dob 12/2/39) will be under a prolonged Jupiter transit opposite his Sun and square his Mars from December 7 through December 25, pointing to his feelings of contentment and optimism as solutions for the threatening deadlines unfold. Thus, although we can expect that the next few weeks will bring some powerful and possibly painful jolts that will once again wake the country up in areas it has been ignoring, these issues will be somewhat resolved, at least in the short term, before Christmas.


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  1. starlight says:

    I just added the link to my talk. It takes about 4 minutes to download. I can’t figure out how to do streaming.

  2. Bob says:

    Haven’t read the new thread yet, just bringing this forward from the last one as I was typing it while you posted this one and it is appropriate here.

    I see a few polls asking about how should President Obama and Congress avoid the “Fiscal Cliff”.

    I wonder what results a poll asking participants if the President should seek to avoid it by any means or not (compromise) would indicate.

    I say he has compromised for 4 years many times and it is time to show the Rethugs that he can and will play hardball. If the majority of the electorate backed a position of him holding firm on his tax cut provision (no compromise – let the sequestration happen, hold the Rethugs to the deal they made) it would send a public message to the media and the Rethugs that we have his back and are willing to fight for and with him.

  3. Diane L says:

    Excellent update. Thanks! Good to know PBO & Reid end the year feeling upbeat too.

    Given the widespread Repub state of denial over election results from R&R to McKenna’s reluctance to concede here in WA state, any thoughts on Neptune transits to GOP chart? Thanks!

  4. angellight says:

    Thanks Starlight: All of us now know you are right-on about your predictions and a helpful guide through these times of transition.

  5. angellight says:

    “World Intervention Saves Obama, Ben Fulford

    The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

    Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.

    That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired. The purge at the pentagon and agencies included CIA Chief David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M.Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, according to CIA and other agency sources.

    Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term. The agenda he is expected to follow is to set the stage for a swords to plowshares transition of the military industrial complex.

    He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board.

    The voting patterns for Obama reflected the fact that he was elected thanks to non-Europeans. He got over 70% of Hispanic, Asian and Jewish votes, close to 100% of African American votes and only 39% of European American votes. There was also massive support from the 180 nations of the world that are sick and tired of never ending American and European war-mongering.

    Obama is now a high priority assassination target of the Nazi/Bush faction, according various sources.”

  6. angellight says:

    Behind Petraeus’s Resignation
    November 10, 2012

    Exclusive: The resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus over an extramarital affair marks a stunning reversal for the longtime media darling. But some in President Obama’s inner circle are not displeased the neocon-friendly ex-general is gone, reports Robert Parry.

    The messy departure of CIA Director David Petraeus over an extramarital affair removes the last high-ranking neoconservative holdover from George W. Bush’s administration and gives the reelected President Barack Obama more maneuvering room to negotiate a settlement over Iran’s nuclear program.

    BEHIND OBAMA’S BACK: As Bob Woodward reported in his book, Obama’s Wars, it was Bush’s old team that made sure Obama was given no option other than to escalate troop levels in Afghanistan substantially. The Bush holdovers also lobbied for the troop increase behind Obama’s back.

    According to Woodward’s book, Gates, Petraeus and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen, refused to even prepare an early-exit option that Obama had requested. Instead, they offered up only plans for their desired escalation of about 40,000 troops.

    (reposted, thought it was important information)!

  7. karen says:

    Though it would be highly sophisticated to do so, your analysis (so well done) when paired with the historical would yield even an greater picture. Specifically, the IMF and other powers that have, in essence bowed to austerity, and in fact promoted such erroneous policies that benefit only the wealthy. The “fiscal cliff” is a part of our vernacular because it was intentionally created. The alarms are sounding in all quarters. Wake-ups for the people who have been at the butt end of draconian measures, and wake-ups for those who line their pockets with the despair of others.

  8. M. says:

    Nancy…for some reason I find myself concerned about an earthquake here in NYC. We had a tiny one last year and for some reason I can’t move off that concern. Am I being too woo woo?

  9. starlight says:

    There is also the possibility of yet another wake up call about gun availability and the need for some gun control during some of these Uranus activations,especially when Mars is involved.

    I am very concerned about some kind of Thanksgiving Day attack. Terrorists love to use highly symbolic days, especially when people have their guard down. I hope our troops are very careful over the holiday.

  10. barbk says:

    Thanks for the introduction of the 112 Congress chart Nancy, this helps me better see the big picture. Also, as you are probably already aware by now, General Petraeus has natal Mercury at 7 Sagittarius 55 (just realized that awhile ago myself) which opposes the U.S. Gemini Uranus and squares the U.S. progressed Sun. No doubt the progressed Sun was set off when the investigation began a few months ago.

    Regarding the “dangerous configuration” (11/21-11/23) when trans. retrograde Mercury will be at 19+ Scorpio, he will have just passed over the degree of the solar eclipse tomorrow (21 Scorpio 56), so any secrets hidden in that chart could come to light too. In tomorrow’s chart warrior goddess, Pallas-Athene transiting at 22 Pisces rx, trines the eclipsed Sun (and Moon) and she’s known for her strategies. She squares Vesta in Gemini who is also retrograde and she represents investments. Hmm. . .

    The 11/13 eclipse chart also has trans. Mercury (0 Sagittarius 26 rx) in opposition to the last solar eclipse at 0+ Gemini, so anything hidden in that chart could also come to light. In this eclipse chart (and right now) Saturn in Scorpio is quincunx Uranus in Aries, begging for an “adjustment” of some kind. Both signs are ruled by Mars, with Pluto co-ruling Scorpio, and Saturn is in mutual reception with transiting Pluto. Could be about war, could be about government, could be about secrets of all of the above! With Uranus also in the picture, it most likely will be unexpected and even shocking. (In that solar eclipse in May, the midpoint of Pluto and Saturn was 0 Sagittarius and 0 Gemini, as well as where the eclipse was.)

  11. will says:

    Well Starlight, nothing like spiking the holiday nog with a few extra shots of rum. What stands in relief is the period of December 13 – 24 during which you predict potentials for “huge demonstrations” and “large and effective protest movements.” I get the “large” and “huge” coming from the Jupiteran influence but, can you talk a bit more about where the “effective” indication comes from?

  12. starlight says:

    I am concerned about the coming hard aspects from Mars to Uranus and Pluto. They come during the triggering of the pr Sun square US Uranus by Pluto (and Mars) and during the Saturn transit to US Node. The final week of November could bring all kinds of things. Check your own chart to see if these events could impact you personally. I think the week after Thanksgiving could bring a tanking Stock Market, but only for the short run until the “cliff” becomes a plateau. Thanksgiving seems like a dangerous day of some kind. If you know anyone in the military, tell them to be on high alert.

    As for an earthquake, I have no idea. Bloomberg’s chart would be another place to look for something powerful during this period.

  13. will says:


    I dont want to offend you……..but the Ben Fulford material…..what up with him and his blog. Forgive me for being forthright with you but he comes off as maybe suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Or am I the delusional one? Maybe.

  14. pisca says:

    I have read several articles that refer to 8 degree Cardinal signs as being a quake trigger.

  15. Diane L says:

    Never mind . . . tracked down GOP chart & found Nodal Axis at 0° Gemini-Sagittarius. Perfectly aligned with R&R’s ASC-DES. Just checked Allan West’s birth date & he has 0° Gemini Mars. Neptune at 0° Pisces squares to all.

  16. Bob says:

    Thanks JA. From what I am hearing on progressive talk radio the hosts and the majority of their callers see it this same way.

    To keep going forward, the President has to stop the Rethugs from holding the Congress and the country hostage in order to further enrich the wealthy (and further widen the financial gap between them and the masses of the population) at the expense of the general population.

    The stand must be taken now, not after the inauguration. Let the President throw down the gauntlet now and let the people (us) show their support loudly and repeatedly.

  17. Bob says:

    Data for the 112th Congress recorded from CNN Live:

    vote electing Boehner announced: 1:38:35 pm, Jan 5, 2011

    Boehner announced to enter the House 1:48 pm

    Gavel is passed 2:04:15 pm

    Boehner oath of office 2:16:40 pm, “I do” 2:17:12 pm

    Oath of Office administered to assembled House 2:18:32 pm

  18. Bob says:

    President Obama was re-elected by a coalition of women and minority factions but women were probably the largest part of every faction as well as the general electorate (including some crossover from the Right). Lead on, Ladies!

  19. M. says:

    Thanks for your response upthread. As for something like a wake-up call on guns, sadly we need one though I don’t relish the idea of what could bring that about. Also, the 22nd is a very significant day in terms of this country suffering a wound and shock.

  20. alex says:

    Mitt Romney got fewer votes than John McCain – 2 million fewer ~ quote Newt Gingrich

  21. Abilene says:

    Starlight, should I be worried with an Asc at 8gem51, natal 8th house Mer at 8Cap22 and natal 6th house North Node at 8Sco33?

  22. Bob says:

    Most here may already listen to some of these progressive talk radio programs but for those who may not be able to get them on the radio if you Google the host’s names you will be able to get to their sites and listen on your computers.

    The link is for the Chicago area but is meant to give you the names to Google.

  23. alex says:

    Hey barbk,

    May 2012 SE @00 Gemini with Midpoint SE PL/SA @00SG (00GE)

    Every crisis is also an opportunity…. Pluto ( drawing on deep inner strength to reach goal, result great potential to bring about conditions that are better than before )

    changes coming – reform – – existential force Pluto/Saturn midpoint, & , mutual reception

    (FRICTION/TENSION/INTENSE: difficulty comes from holding onto those things which once symbolized security, tend to equate what have/status quo with what we – or – who we are)

    11/13/2012 SE @21SC
    11/13/2012 Mercury @00 SG 26 rx

    Axis Gemini (ruler ME) – Sagittarius (ruler JU) natural zodiac houses 3 – 9

    Mutual Reception Solar Eclipse 11/13 Pluto – CP > Saturn – SC
    (theme/premise for mutual reception is ‘reform';
    reform, rectify, ameliorate, amend, rebuild, reclaim, reconstitute, reconstruct, redeem)

    OPPORTUNITY: tendency Mutual Reception PL/SA:

    (ready, willing to hurdle obstacles, stamina, strength, therefore with determination can reach goals)

  24. Salemone says:

    Will, I totally agree. And I mean no offense with my agreement. I have a finely tuned BS antenna, honed from many years of surviving my dysfunctional family of origin. Reading that blog, it came off as mostly fiction with enough factual words to sound credible.

  25. starlight says:

    Worried – No, but you will have an eventful time. The longest action is Pluto on your Mercury, intensifying and deepening your thought process and maybe adding some anxiety if you are not careful. Jupiter will probably cancel out most of the stress of Saturn.

  26. starlight says:

    Women don’t like men who lie to get what they want. I think the war on women’s issues were only a part of the push back from women.

  27. starlight says:

    When US pr Sun was square pr Uranus, we had the months-long demonstrations in Wisconsin, the beginning of the recall election, the demonstrations in Ohio out of which came the repeal of something Kasich had done (re: unions, I think). We also had Occupy Wall Street under that aspect. I think that the whole demonstration movement gained power and effectiveness during that time, and I think part of what we will see under this progression is more of that same energy. I think I discuss some of this in my talk, linked to that download above.

  28. Lorrie U says:

    Be still my heart…

    Are Republicans Ready to Kick the Fox/Drudge/Rush Axis of Propaganda to the Curb?

    Republicans are so shaken by the Obama’s huge victory that some are calling for conservatives to escape from their self imposed Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/Drudge Report media bubble.…

  29. Lorrie U says:

    2 years ago Fox News called taxing the rich immoral. One Obama reelection later, they support it.

    On Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol floated Fox News’s complete cave on taxing the rich,’It won’t kill the country if we raise taxes a little bit on millionaires.’

  30. angellight says:

    Will: Actually, I am very skeptical about his blog. There seems to be some truth to it mixed with as you say delirium or something like that. I have been aware of his blog for sometime and do not usually post his material. This time I did as I believe there is some truth to what he says, not all but something there.

  31. will says:


    Will do and merci beaucoup!

  32. barbk says:

    That’s how I tend to see it too alex; you lay it out perfectly. Now for the nitty-gritty details!

  33. Lorrie U says:

    Michael Wolfstar at Neptune Cafe has some very interesting insights into the Petraeus/Broadwell affair, as well as a serving of humble pie for his wrong election results (although it doesn’t sound that humble to me, more excusatory).

  34. mitzi says:

    Thank you, Starlight, I was so looking forward to your post! – I did listen to your talk also, and I love the sound of your voice. You communicate so effectively as a writer, but in the spoken word as well! I really look forward to you’re posting more discussions in the future!

  35. Sharon says:

    Have you known this information site to be verified in any manner? It kind of sounds off the wall, although I know that truth can be stranger than fiction.

  36. Francis says:

    During that period of late November the Supreme Court will likely decide Prop8 and DOMA which will add to the contentious zeitgeist Nancy describes… There are very strong feelings on this on both sides and it is one of the pieces in play during this period of transformation. The Court will very likely knock down DOMA because the gov’t is clearly discriminating and taking the issue of marriage that I think will be framed as a state’s rights issue. I think the Court will trash DOMA and support Prop 8. Either outcome will be contentious and will add to whatever is going to transpire late November.

  37. starlight says:

    I am often amazed when I read other astrologers. There are a few who use the same kind of aspects I use, but so often they pick an entirely different set of astro facts on which to base their predictions. This Wolfstar article is a case in point. The aspects he refers to are ones I never would have chosen for something like a presidential win. We all see things so differently.

  38. Francis says:

    Nancy, got a lot from your talk and thank you for posting the link! Someone hinted at 2014 and you joked that the world is going to explode. At some point soon I hope you post something on what we can expect. At the same time, maybe it is best to move through one evolutionary wake up call at a time :) Also, In your talk I believe you hinted at a new concept in astrology — astro family counseling by looking at similar astro effects! I am deeply impressed and fascinated that you consider the chart of other family members!! It makes so much sense, is a lot more work and, it makes so much sense! Brava!

  39. barbk says:


    You have a natal Yod (sextile and two quincunxes)in the same degree areas as the trasiting Yod that takes place at the time of the solstice; Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn and each of these planets in a quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Gemini. This will put the pressure on Jupiter as the release point of that combined energy. With Mercury in your 8th house and the north node in your 6th house, it’s sorta like a mutual reception in that Mercury is affiliated with the ‘natural’ 6th house and Scorpio (NN)is affiliated with the ‘natural’ 8th house. I would assume that your Mercury and your north node have always had a good working relationship. I would also assume your Gemini ascendant has adapted to the periodic stimulation it gets when Mercury and/or the NN is stimulated by transits or progressions. You should probably be telling us how this works!

    My guess is that Gemini your ascendant (as well as the transiting Jupiter in Gemini) is able to flex with the AC/DC type of energy that it receives from the beckoning north node and the cautious but well thought out stle of your Mercury. He has a lot more say on how you express yourself than most of our Mercurys since he is the ruler of your chart.

    If it were my natal chart I’d be looking forward to it! Assuming transiting Uranus in Aries is in your 11th house, on Christmas Day when the Sun squares Uranus, friends or a group you are associated with might trigger that Yod (Uranus still in square to Pluto). Mars will move into Aquarius that day too and he co-rules Scorpio, while Uranus rules Aquarius. My guess is that an opportunity for you of some kind will present itself at that time.

  40. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    The Pope and the Queen were financing Obama’s re-election? Really?

    And you think this is a reliable source because?

  41. Gypsi says:

    The quote was amazing and impossible, but certainly an
    “awakener” for my sleepy eyes.

  42. Gypsi says:

    I think you are right.

  43. Gypsi says:

    Nancy, you do so well picking events out of the stream of time. Thank you.

    (and yes I’m the one that had the wreck just before Thanksgiving last year. The fallout from that is still bothering me some.)

  44. fierywoman says:

    HILARY IS A BUSH OPERATIVE??? I don’t f-ing think so.

  45. NEOBuckeye says:

    I have yet to be able to determine if Fulford’s posts are true underground news, purposeful misinfo, ramblings, or some combination of the three. Some of the truth of what goes on in our world behind the scenes would be stunning and outlandish to most people, but I don’t know that Fulford really has that firm of a grasp on it.

  46. fierywoman says:

    Ah, that would explain my personality and my 8-Aries Sun ;-))) … which was partile conjunct Eris when I was born …

  47. NEOBuckeye says:

    Meanwhile, MSNBC gains ground and expands its reputation as “Dem TV” — the answer to Fox as “GOP-TV” — but with critical analysis and facts as opposed to the blatant propaganda Fox has become notorious for.

  48. Lunagardener says:

    Thanks Starlight for the link to your talk. I seem to only get to hear the first 5 mins and then the player stops. I liked what I heard, regardless. A Thousand thanks for your analysis, always spot on.

  49. fierywoman says:

    This post makes me think of someone who was my houseguest many years ago in Italy. I was just learning to read tarot cards and she was very good at it — told me she’d been taught by gypsies, who’d taught her to tell some of the truth but mostly include false things that would frighten the client into staying latched on to the reader ($$$)

  50. NEOBuckeye says:

    angellight, I also posted above. There might indeed be a grain of truth to what Fulford says, but I’ve put him into the same file as David Wilcox. Lots of ongoing talk of insider knowledge, but reality so far doesn’t seem to bear them out much.

  51. alex says:

    well have to change my draft notes derived from your comment: INTENSE is the only descriptor I’d use – strike the words friction, tension;

    (-FRICTION-/-TENSION-/INTENSE: difficulty comes from holding onto those things which once symbolized security, tend to equate what have/status quo with what we – or – who we are)

  52. NEOBuckeye says:

    2014 brings another grand cross similar to the one in 2010, but Uranus and Pluto will this time be exact, and in mid-Cardinal Aries and Capricorn. Jupiter will be in Cancer and Mars in Libra. And it all hits the US natal Sun-Saturn Square in Cancer and Libra. The US by then will definitely be in some kind of major upheaval over something or a lot of somethings that affects its built-up structures (Saturn) as well as its very identity (Sun). My guess is we are going to see a genuine challenge to the US role and status as a military, energy and economic superpower, with great implications as well for how we do things here at home. Whatever Republican/conservative resistance to change that has been built up over the last 40 years or so is about to crumble completely and be swept into history.

  53. alex says:

    President Obama,outer chart

    Nov. 13 2012 Solar Eclipse, inner chart

  54. alex says:

    BTW :

    48 million moderates (Obama up by 15%)

    34 million independents

  55. Sharon says:

    But you know who they’ll blame when that happens, Neo….that’s the whole problem!!!

  56. Abilene says:

    Starlight, thank for your comments. I was concerned because I’ve been under a lot stress with my husband’s job situation (he’s a Gemini). I feel like I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next shoe to drop.

    Barbk, I want to thank you for you comments too. But I have to be honest, most of what you wrote is a bit over my head. However, I look forward to going over it a few times. I learn so much from all of you. Thank you for saying if were you, you would look forward to it. That’s easy enough for me to understand.

  57. alex says:


    This week President Obama declared an amazing victory for the values that built the middle class in this country and urged us to remember that we’re all in this together. It was awesome.

    That’s why the Republican-led Congress is moving full steam ahead to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security…..wait, what?

    Paul Ryan and a coalition of CEOS and lobbyists are pushing now to gut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to fund even more tax breaks for the wealthiest 2%. Even though voters said a resounding “no” to their failed economic ideas and made-up math.

    But leaders in the Progressive Caucus aren’t backing down.

    When George W. Bush was in office and a Republican President, House and Senate all wanted to privatize Social Security after their big wins in 2004, it was the unwavering opposition of progressive members of Congress and grassroots outrage that stopped them.

    We can win this fight again – but only with progressive Democratic Congressional leaders standing strong. Voters clearly said no to the Ryan Congress’s endless cuts, and yes to protecting Medicare and passing a real jobs bill.

  58. starlight says:

    Francis – Sometime around the New Year I will probably do an article on Obama’s second term: an overview.

  59. Emmy says:

    Another really bad Nor’easter is going to hit the same areas that were affected by SANDY and the second nor’easter, shortly after. The time frame is around Thanksgiving or a little after. That would be within the time frame you are speaking of regarding another “disaster” – I do believe it will be weather related.

    As far as the “Queen” and the “Pope” financing President Obama and also Hilary being apart of the Bush camp, I got a bridge to sell you, if you’re interested :-)

  60. anita says:

    I’m hoping President Obama sticks to his strength this time and does not compromise with this Congress. He’s in a much better position and there simply is nothing to gain by caving. Maybe his Chiron return will help him realize this. (Although painful, during my Chiron return, I became fully aware of the depth of my wounding and how the circumstances which presented the wound were, indeed, permanent. However, somehow that revelation freed me to allow events to unfold without further resistance of my own making (from the fear of the pain? I don’t know). In the acceptance, I moved through or beyond the issues. I’m not sure if this makes sense.)
    I enjoy Krugman’s posts too.
    Thanks Starlight for the audio link. I need to start taking notes. This is fascinating and your analysis is so thorough.

  61. pam says:

    another amazing article.
    Also I don’t think I’ve thanked you yet for holding up all of our spirits as we went through the tense pre election months. Thank you and thank you and again and again thank you.

    About all the upcoming upheavals – I just keep thinking climate change. maybe because living in NYC Sandy is still a very palpable presence. Or because I know that this nation including most of those who are aware that this is a problem, have no idea at all of what we’ll need to do and change to start to, and I mean to just begin to start, to work our way out of the box our love hydro carbons and our ever growing population has put us in.

  62. NEOBuckeye says:

    Yeah Sharon, but of course we see how we’ll that worked for them this time around! I don’t see it being any easier for Republicans and conservatives over the next several years, if for quite awhile to come. The world is changing and they are going to either have to learn how to swim with the tide or be swept away in it. The pace will continue to pick up over the next few years. This election was only a preview of more changes to come that they probably aren’t going to like much at all.

  63. Baraka says:

    Despite reading all I can here about Chiron returns, I’m still not clear on the frequency of same (or whether I’ve had one recently – 10/10/47, 7-something pm with a 26º Taurus rising). But I have certainly been through the wringer with the Saturn return! Lost pretty much my entire old life, have moved to a new area and am struggling to renew things by becoming a Reiki practitioner and am now trying to get that off the ground by advertising holiday gift certificates, networking with other like-minded folk, etc.

    I must say that, thanks to your offerings I have been solidly unworried about Obama’s reelection, but would dearly love to see the total disintegration and demise of the GOP! Thank you for all you have done to keep us grounded in positivity the last few months – you are a treasure!

  64. shoalsister says:

    Interesting. I’ve heard it said that as the forces organized in WI and OH Obama’s incredible ground team moved in and they never left. By the time GOTV rolled around the dance was perfect! and effective!

  65. shoalsister says:

    me too.

  66. anita says:

    Chiron return is between 48-52 years old. :)

  67. angellight says:

    Starlight, you state “Indeed, another manifestation of the progressed Sun square to US Uranus over the coming year will be the growth of “people power” – citizens, aided by social media, becoming increasingly adept at exercising their potency in the political and social landscape.” I am feeling this too, intuitively. I call it Obama’s Army.

  68. angellight says:

    Starlight, one thing I do worry about is Obama’s plan to take his message to the people. Is there danger in his doing this, especially in light of all the CIA/FBI troubles and upheavels? I worry about his protection.

  69. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: Funny! Rush Limbaugh had a meltdown yesterday or a pity rant stating some in his Party want to run him off the air. MSNBC played a little of this tyrant. Funny to watch.

  70. tetramorph says:

    Climate Change really is the biggest challenge we collectively face. I’ve been following the research for 25 years, and what I see makes me very nervous. Recently, new understanding of the paleo-climate records has shown that the climate can tip (or flip) in a 10 year time frame — we are, at best, at the initial phase of that 10 years, at worse, 5 to 6 years into it. The climate is proving to have much more “sensitivity” to it than previously believed, IPCC timelines are at least 30 years off, if not more. IPCC has new computer modeling coming online in 2014, that takes into account positive feed-back mechanisms(which they have not done before,) but, it may very well be too late by then to stop the freight train, as we are not even 50ppm CO2 above the 350ppm mark, and we are seeing a lot (more than predicted)of positive feedback. I think we can expect a catastrophic “flipping” to a new, high temp. state sometime 2018 through 2024 without some major negative feed-backs, like wide scale volcanism…

  71. tetramorph says:

    People Power is here.

  72. Roderick says:

    “I am very concerned about some kind of Thanksgiving Day attack.”

    Could the Macy’s TGD parade be a target?

    Are they even having one this year due to Hurricane Sandy?

  73. barbk says:

    Thanks for posting this chart alex. Great tool, however they left out Obama’s Uranus at 25+ Leo which squares the transiting nodes (and the eclipsed Sun). . probably a Mercury rx thing, huh?

  74. barbk says:

    In fact, they left out all 3 outer planets, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, in the Obama chart. Guess they did it for a reason.

  75. barbk says:

    Nevermind! I get it now, he’s a traditional astrologer; doesn’t use the outer planets.

  76. Sharon says:

    I believe that some of the Republicans are well meaning in that they think their plans for budget cuts,privitization etc., will be good for the country in the long run (just as Hitler thought about his plans). Maybe they are coming to their senses to some degree, seeing that the country, just as it did not support private SS accts for those under 55 during Bush’s term, does not support it now. So, just maybe those Republicans will be more reasonable. What turns my stomach is their small-minded grasping for power to the point where they become what John Kerry once called them when the mike was on: “a bunch of crooks and liars!!!” I am especially worried about their plans to gerrymander more counties…I wish there was something legal to prevent that..there just might be. In their narrow-mindedness they tie up the Democrats’ energy when we who could be doing good things like promoting the steps we need to take against the travails of climate change. It’s a good thing that there is a lot happening in other countries that is right now advancing the technology we need to changeover to alternative energy. I believe it will happen fairly fast, but fast enough to avoid major earth change? It does sound doubtful from Tetramorph’s post.

    Baraka, good luck to you in your quest to re-establish your life and yourself professionally…May the forces be with you.

    Angellite, I share your fears about Obama’s plan to take his ideas to the road. It is so ironic that “Lincoln” is coming out at this time. I am not sure if it shows his assassination but I don’t want it to give anyone any ideas. May God protect him and surround him in a protective shield at all times and may the secret service, etc. apprehend anyone who means him harm.

    I am so sick of this Petraeus stuff already (and where did he get that name—from a Roman general?)….. I hope the back story doesn’t keep deepening—we don’t need this kind of distraction. Did Cantor try to use it as something to set up Obama? …not sure, but somehow I doubt it.

  77. alex says:

    Nov 13th Solar Eclipse: Pres. Obama ( as far as I can recall – part of his schedule today )

    meetings with Union leaders
    meeting with big business leaders

    wish him luck in his second term…. it is exciting for us ‘peeps’ that he and OFA ran an excellent re-election campaign therefore we the’peeps’ didn’t get massacred by the Mitt Romney – Ryan the plague /Liberatarian/Neoncon/Tea/GOP party as they intended

  78. Diane L says:

    I sure hope Reaganomics truly is dead! Maybe one the reasons contributing to the continuing turmoil.

    How Mitt Romney finally killed Reaganomics

  79. angellight says:

    Sharon: We & all people who love Pres. Obama must keep him in light, prayer & protection. If Eric Cantor knew and kept quiet, it is only because it would be detrimental to them not Dems. On Crooks & Liars site, they have a picture of Rove & Paula ?? together in an article on Petreaus, so she knew Rove.

  80. angellight says:

    Diane L: Good article on Reagan’s policies finally dying. Let’s hope so. However, William Kristol in trying to sell an increase in taxes on Morn. Joe, he stated, that Reagan had a higher tax rate and that was the most success economically the country ever had. Of course I tweeted Kristol and said we had the greatest boon under Clinton!

  81. pisca says:

    Hmmm… All those involved in this “scandal” are Rethuglicans and this is certainly a diversion from the election as well as more serious matters; maybe that’s why Cantor opened this can of worms. I found some clarity as I read this link and its comments:

  82. pisca says:

    The People’s Bailout: from the people, by the people, for the people! Thanks tetramorph for getting this word out.

  83. clymela says:

    i would so love it if Rush/FOX/Drudge get kicked to the curb and to fill the space we heard more from Rachel and others like her who are intelligent and speak truth as they know it from day-to-day. This time of the “conservative entertainment” block has done so much damage fostering resentments,prejudice and hatreds-healing is required now. Well from what I read recently over at Huffington perhaps some are not ready for Rachel!!!

  84. Baraka says:

    Well, since I’m now 65, guess that’s not the issue, but I have certainly been dealing with releasing lifelong wounds anyway! All for the better, of course.

  85. Baraka says:

    Thanks, Sharon – I’m sure it will be wonderful once I get it physically going. I’m seeing it as a done deal already, just doing the footwork now.

  86. Sharon says:

    Reagan created a climate of inflation and great poverty, and GHB continued those policies…Clinton had to clean it up, although his first 2 yrs did not accomplish much which brought the great Republican takeover of Congress and the Senate and Gingrich’s Contract w/America. I’m taking a course on this right now :-)

  87. kdez says:

    Angellight, you need to lay off these intergalactic-illuminati-conspiracy-nut blogs — unless you mean them purely for entertainment?

  88. Sharon says:

    There’s another aspect, if you look at the latest threads on Democratic Underground where now, apparently, there are like 30,000 pages of emails between Kelly (a tall, buxom brunette who is a military family liaison on a volunteer basis – un, huh)and General Allen, Patraeus’s replacement as head of U.S. & Nato troops in Afghanistan???!!! And, remember that about 2 generals were fired a few weeks ago. There has to be something going on and I hope it does not end up reflecting negatively on Obama.

  89. ox the cat says:

    The way I see this is that there was a partisan FBI agent who could not let the investigation take its natural course. I keep reading that his “worldview” made him take action prior to the election because he felt that someone was keeping the whole thing under wraps to protect the President. In reporting to Reichert tand Cantor he set about a chain of events that I do not believe had his desired effect. He wanted to trip up the President and instead tripped up high ranking members of his own party. I believe he was taken off the case because others involved felt he was becoming obsessed.

  90. kiwi says:

    Just checking in from NZ to say we are watching the solar eclipse right now – 20 min to go till maximum here, only 91% from our house, but cool nontheless.
    Last one I watched went right over our house in Kona in 1991.

  91. alex says:


    Below is an email from Linda Masterson, a MoveOn member in Felton, California, who created a petition on, the nonprofit site that allows anyone to start their own online petition.

    Dear MoveOn member,

    According to investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, more than one million votes on CA Prop 37 (the GMO labeling initiative) in California have gone uncounted to date. Since the margin of “victory” is about 600,000 votes, this means Prop 37 may conceivably have passed.

    Rappoport called the voter registrar offices in the largest California counties and nearly 1.7 million votes remain uncounted in Santa Clara, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties alone. It is still unknown how many votes are uncounted in other California counties.

    A petition on to California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, says:

    We petition Debra Bowen, secretary of state of California, to require that ALL votes cast in the November 6 election be counted immediately. We specifically demand that ALL ballots in the following counties be counted and recorded: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and Santa Clara. We demand that the results of this complete ballot counting be made public immediately.

  92. barbk says:

    I’m sorry Abilene, just think; around Christmas, trasiting Pluto will conjunct your natal Mercury in your 8th house. You could be thinking/speaking/hearing/reading/learning powerful stuff, perhaps secretive, likely something to do with what you share, say an investment of some kind.

    At the same time, transiting Saturn is conjunct your north node presenting an opportunity for you to create a permanent stabilizing structure, perhaps a job, maybe a new health regimin. These events (aspects) combined will put some pressure on your ascendant (where transiting Jupiter will be) to act out and/or communicate all this energy. Jupiter in Gemini (on your ascendant) will give you confidence and provide a “big picture” of all the ideas (data) you have access to. You might network (Jupiter) with others (esp. if trans. Uranus is in your 11th house) or maybe just partner with your Gemini husband, due to the pressure of transiting Saturn sextile trans. Pluto in a yod with Jupiter on your ascendant. Yods stimulate action through the “finger” planet; the one that is being quincunxed by the other two planets.

    Whatever it is it, because it involves your north node, it will be something you should benefit from (Jupiter on ascendant), will give you great focus of thought (Pluto conjunct your Mercury), and likely be of service to others. Hope this example helps you and good luck!

  93. CarolDuhart says:

    10/13/1956 Cincinnati 10:05 am- Pluto and Mars will be trining my Venus, starlight. Anything you can tell me?

  94. teresahill says:

    So excited for you. And envious. Enjoy.

  95. teresahill says:

    Keep sending too fast.

    This eclipse is opposite my 4th house natal sun (within 2 degrees). Maybe my troubled daughter is about to get herself together and move out.

  96. Bob says:

    Under Reagans 8 years:

    July 29, 1981, Regan tax cut passed.
    In December 1982 unemployment rose to 10.8%, the higest since 1940.

    Jan 5, 1987, Reagan produced the nation’s first trillion-dollar budget.

    (On Aug 12 Regan denied knowing of funds diverted in Iran-Contra Affair hearings)

    Oct 19, 1987, Wall Street crashed, losing a then record 508 points.

    Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants. Reagan signed into law a bill that made any immigrant who had entered the country before 1982 eligible for amnesty. The bill was sold as a crackdown, but its tough sanctions on employers who hired undocumented immigrants were removed before final passage. The bill helped 3 million people and millions more family members gain American residency. It has since become a source of major embarrassment for conservatives.

  97. Bob says:

    Image of nation’s debt under president’s Reagan through Obama.

  98. Lorrie U says:

    Update On Arizona Countdown

    The vote count in Arizona continues, under the watchful eyes of at least a dozen activist groups and the rest of the nation. The races especially at risk, in terms of a possible undercounting of ballots, are for Sheriff of Maricopa County, the state’s 2nd Congressional District (Tucson metropolitan area) where Democrat Ron Barber holds a very narrow lead [this is Gabby Giffords’ seat] and the Senate seat contest between Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Richard Carmona.

    “Arpaio Update: Since election night when Arpaio claimed a landslide victory, his margin of alleged victory has dropped from 53% to 51% with still tens of thousands of ballots to be counted. The total anti-Arpaio vote has now exceeded 48% and should exceed 50% by the time all votes are counted.”

    While problems persist throughout Arizona with getting early and provisional ballots counted, the biggest area of concern is with Maricopa County (Phoenix metropolitan area), where over 300,000 votes remained to be counted as of Tuesday morning. Legally, the deadline for completing the count is Friday, November 16th.

    If they get away with not counting hundreds of thousands of Latino votes, which are primarily voting Dem, it will have a very negative outcome and they will have gotten away with stealing the election here in Arizona! If this election turns out in favor of Dems because of the huge Latino vote, there will be a major uprising in this state!! Count on it…

  99. Iris says:

    Lorrie – I’m curious. Will there be repercussions for election officials if the votes are not all counted by the 16th?

    Surely they must have some accountability, yes?

  100. clymela says:

    OK! I do believe that all the Patraeus uproar is connected to the planed attack on Obama and this is why the story doesn’t make sense when adults listen and try to connect things.
    I am saying something here that may be wrong but I think it is important. I read in some paper about two weeks ago about two general/admiral types who were removed from their positions because they were involved in some planned attack on the president. I don’t know what form the attack would take-I think there is a plan to impeach him and I heard another law-maker say in a mean tone to some journalist something to the effect of “Do you know where Obama was the night of…referring to the night of the attack that resulted in the death of four Americans sounding as if Obama was on the loose doing something evil.
    I didn’t keep the newspaper article because I thought that I would hear more but there has been nothing from any source and I have been wondering if I should say anything since there is no other source and I can’t even remember the names of the men who were relieved of their duties. I think there is a huge ugly, very ugly thing going on against Obama.

  101. fierywoman says:

    Transiting Saturn is now approaching your natal Chiron and I suspect the Pluto/Uranus square (although they’re not in hard aspect with your natal Chiron) have been flirting with it these past months.

  102. alex says:

    does anyone have experience with horary astrology?

    regarding charting the likely outcome of ‘warranty’ issues on a vehicle? this was my May – 00 Gemini – 00 Sagittarius solar eclipse matter; had to work on it from May to August it was a tedious long slog to get the manufacturer to authorize a replacement covered by warranty;

    now a repair issue, also covered under warranty, has come up…. both issues are solar eclipse triggered (Nov 13th solar eclipse); the retailer is customer friendly, the warranty group is customer friendly, the repair service is customer friendly but the manufacturer is definitely NOT and they control the outcome and how the warranty company might respond;

    anyone with experience on horary astrology?

  103. alex says:

    if you recall Husted natal chart – has a ‘relentless stellium’

    Provisional ballots in Ohio not counted until 17th:

    Judge Marbley’s order today halting Ohio Sec. of State Husted from changing provisional ballot rules

    Federal judge Marbley ruled that Ohio’s Husted violated state law and consent decree on provisional ballots, not yet counted there.

    Unless overturned, Judge Marbley’s ruling will mean that many more provisional ballots cast in Ohio WILL be counted in state’s tally.

    SOS Husted’s office said he is appealing;

  104. alex says:

    Justice Department personnel as well as FBI agents were on the ground on Election Day in Ohio looking not only for voter suppression but also for electronic election tampering.

    Election protection activists blanketed the state with a visible Video the Vote project that was based out of Columbus and also included Cleveland and Cincinnati.

    Under the glare of intense light activated from law enforcement, media and election protection activists, no one seemed willing to tamper this time with Ohio’s vote totals – despite the unrelenting magical numerology of Rove. This time, reality and fact-based numbers prevailed.

  105. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t know, but certainly hope so. I’ve signed a petition to have the DOJ investigate, as I think it very much smells of voter suppression (this state is run by TP’ers/Jan Brewer). This happened while all eyes were on Ohio, Florida, etc. and no one even gave AZ a thought.

  106. kiwi says:

    Clymela, the fact that it was ultra partisan Cantor and/or his staff that were responsible for making the affair public, speaks volumes. And leaked on the evening of the election no less. I smell major scullduggery of the political kind. I hope it backfires on those sh**stirrers. I wonder who is vying for movie rights already?

  107. kiwi says:

    And I also agree with you that this feels it is connected to something much much bigger.

  108. Lorrie U says:

    The Republican running for Gifford’s seat went to court today to block the counting of the provisional ballots. Rachel Maddow said tonight that since yesterday only 18,000 ballots were counted, with over 324,000 still to be counted by Friday. No mention of what happens if they don’t get counted.

  109. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for that Free Press link! Have shared.

  110. alex says:

    this is the work of democracy thank God people are participating to keep our democracy in existence and strong;

  111. starlight says:

    I have been wondering if under this major activation of pr Sun square Uranus, if we will see a big demonstration/movement for secession? I know we are seeing some of that now, but the aspects get much stronger over then ext few weeks, so this may grow. As I have said previously, one possibility with this aspect is that the Right rises up and demonstrates, especially since Obama won. There is also, as mentioned, the possibility of a big movement pushing Congress to get its act together over the fiscal cliff issues and stop its paralysis, probably more from the Left. Maybe both.

    I don’t see Nancy Pelosi giving up her leadership position. I see her getting stronger.

  112. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, Clymela, I remember a few months back about military removals because of a planned attack on the president. I’m not sure if these two are connected, but I do believe that there are those in the Pentagon shadow govt. that want to bring him down, and I have my suspicions that Benghazi was a setup.

  113. teresahill says:

    I can’t see Nancy Pelosi leaving, either. She’s seemed so energized and excited this past year. Ready to battle.
    And I still think the battle will be within the Republican Party, the tea party versus the old Republican power base. The base is ready to compromise. They know they have to in order to have a chance to survive. The tea party is ready to start its own country.

  114. Lorrie U says:

    Did you see this? I would think this will assist the GOP in finding a solution…

    Poll: If government careens off fiscal cliff, GOP to shoulder blame

    Fifty-three percent of Americans said Republicans in Congress would be more to blame in that instance, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted in the days following the election.

  115. Lorrie U says:

    I agree with you Teresa, it’s the TP people who want to secede. Did you see this?

    New viral petition requests all the secessionists be deported

    Maybe they can self-deport and move to the Cayman Islands and have Mitt Romney as Presidnt!

  116. Lorrie U says:

    I have to say, I’m almost enjoying this post-election season!

  117. Lorrie U says:

    How The Occupy Movement Helped Obama Win – And Why That’s A Good Thing

    Some Occupy activists, especially those who are critical of President Obama, may not realize Obama advocated for the 99% and criticized the greed of the oligarchy long before Occupy Wall Street injected these ideas into the mainstream.

    Obama’s reelection signifies that the nation is ready for more progressivism and for a restructuring of our economic system. Obama clearly ran on a platform of reducing corporate subsidies and raising taxes on the wealthy. The willingness of our fellow voters to support the “People before Profit” mentality that Obama represents is the reason why even the most radical member of Occupy should be celebrating his election victory.

    Now, for the nuts and bolts of Obama’s progressive vision, let’s look at some passages from The Audacity of Hope, Obama’s 2006 book that approximates the Occupy vision five years before it would take root in Zuccotti park:

    See link for more:

  118. alex says:


    Mark Andrew Holmes suggested that I add #1808 Bellerophon to the set of tools I’ve been practicing with since election and beyond: 944,34,430,1808


    as time allows I’ll be going over my test charts adding Bellerophon; if you have an interest and use Bellerophon in your analysis please let me know what you find?

  119. teresahill says:

    They’re completely illogical. No recognition of facts. Or math. Or the makeup of the country or the beliefs the majority of us hold.
    I think the TP is completely capable of tearing apart the Republican Party. What a shame that would be.

  120. Sharon says:

    Oh good, maybe they’ll leave…just leave us New Orleans and Austin!

  121. NEOBuckeye says:

    Looks like the Mountain Astrologer prediction of a new way emerging to combat corporate power in 2012 has now come to pass.

    “* 2012: Uranus squares Pluto at 7° – 8° of cardinal signs. This is the waxing square of the cycle that started in the mid 1960s, with the conjunction of these two planets in mid Virgo. This square is a symbol of innovation competing directly with the entrenched power elite (corporate power may be challenged in a new and positive way, especially in a U.S. election year).”

  122. NEOBuckeye says:

    Not really. At least not in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t want to see a one party state at all. I just think the Republican Party is laden with so much awful energy that a collapse and rebirth under one or more new entities might do them some good.

  123. fierywoman says:

    “Maybe they can self-deport and move to the Cayman Islands and have Mitt Romney as President!”

    Utter genius idea !!!

    Let’s get out the candles …

  124. NEOBuckeye says:

    Nancy and everyone, please forgive me for a longer than usual post, but I think the content of it represents the most pressing issue of our time… and it looks like there is a movement afoot now to confront it directly. Big Oil, Climate Change, and the will to put a stop to them both.

    Bill McKibben, you may go down as one of the next generation of heroic leaders on par with MLK. But please, sir, watch your back. Big money is nothing if not evil and ruthless about going after threats to its continued existence. But I believe its days are numbered, one way or another. Either they must fall, or we all do.

    2028: The End of the World As We Know It? – Mon, Nov 12, 2012

    “There is nothing radical in what we’re discussing,” journalist and climate change activist Bill McKibben said before a crowd of nearly 1,000 at the University of California Los Angeles last night. “The radicals work for the oil companies.”

    Taken as on its own, a statement like that would likely sound hyperbolic to most Americans—fodder for a sound bite on Fox News. Anyone who saw McKibben’s lecture in full, however, would know he was not being hyperbolic.

    McKibben was in Los Angeles as part of his nationwide “Do the Math” tour. Based on a recent article of his in Rolling Stone, (“The one with Justin Bieber on the cover,” McKibben joked) the event is essentially a lecture circuit based on a single premise: climate change is simple math—and the numbers do not look good. If immediate action isn’t taken by global leaders: “It’s game-over for the planet.”

    The math, McKibben explained, works like this. Global leaders recently came to an international agreement based on the scientific understanding that a global temperature raise of 2°C would have “catastrophic” consequences for the future of humanity. In order to raise global temperatures to this catastrophic threshold, the world would have to release 565 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Here’s the problem: Fossil fuel companies currently have 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide in their fuel reserves—and their business model depends on that fuel being sold and burned. At current rates of consumption, the world will have blown through its 565-gigaton threshold in 16 years.

    To prevent the end of the world as we know it, it will require no less than the death of the most profitable industry in the history of humankind.

    “As of tonight,” McKibben said, “we’re going after the fossil fuel industry.”

    Obviously no easy task. The oil industry commands annual profits of $137 billion and the political power to match. As McKibben noted, “Oil companies follow the laws because they get to write them.”
    However, there are some numbers on McKibben’s side. Recent polling data shows 74 percent of Americans now believe in climate change, and 68 percent view it as dangerous. The problem environmental activists are facing is in converting those favorable polling numbers into grassroots action.

    Much more:

  125. NEOBuckeye says:

    I should add that McKibben has led the successful opposition against the Keystone XL project.

  126. barbk says:

    Thanks alex; I’ll check it out.

  127. alex says:

    Natal Paul Ryan:

    we seen/know the inside/outside of his Natal ASC-DES from the campaign: Asc 00SG – DES 00GE

    SE 11/13/2012 Mercury @00Sagittarius

    Natal Neptune @00Sagittarius


    Natal Incarnation Cardinal Air chart; Singleton Element Water, Jupiter @05 Scorpio – – the polarization/galvanizing point of his natal chart:

    The opposition of his natal Jupiter @05 Scorpio
    to natal Saturn @02 Taurus is next up is my guess for working/analyzing his chart with the 113TH Congress;

    hybris, 06cancer (overconfidence,hubris) 8TH house

    trine jupiter, 05scorpio <here is a guess, not a prediction, he'll challenge Tammy Baldwin 2016 for senate seat

    circe, 08sagittarius 1rst house (bias,only one way)

    hildago,16sagittarius 1rst house (vested interests)

    bellerophon, 10aries – 4th house (error prone, despised)

    sextile venus 10aquarius, sun 09aquarius – 2ond house

  128. alex says:


    he’d be driven relentlessly to do – –

    natal wedge aspect:

    ( or aka wide cradle )

    DK lilith 05 leo


    Uranus 08 libra


    circe 08 sagittarius


    pallas 08 aquarius

    Grand Sextile by synastry ( filled in degree point by transits, progression, other natal associations)

    DK lilith 05 leo


    Uranus 08 libra


    circe 08 sagittarius


    pallas 08 aquarius


    bellerophon 10 aries


    (synastry by transits, progressions, other natal association 5 to 10 Degress GEMINI)

  129. angellight says:

    Alex: Thanks for the picture. So many great articles from everyone.

    Lorrie U: I do think they want to Impeach Obama, but I think they were hoping to defeat him in the election with the Benghazi story so now Plan B or C. But, I believe they will get tangled up in their own mess. This is not the 60s, 70s, 80s or your grandfathers’ America.

  130. ox the cat says:

    Angellight I sense they want to impeach the President too but part of the calculation has to be political will and they are in too weak a position to muster that kind of will at this time. That is why it is so important that we stay engaged and active.

  131. ox the cat says:

    I also think that the press conference today with the President will be must see teevee.

  132. angellight says:


    “There is something else strange that the corporate media has missed or dodged. If Lt. Col. Broadwell, and General Petraeus had a thing going on, the military would have had jurisdiction to take action. But they have not.”

  133. angellight says:


    “Cantor’s inappropriate meddling into an FBI investigation for opportunistic political purposes — likely aimed at influencing an election — simply failed. Cantor took the risk of assisting a rogue FBI agent to make an end run around his superiors, without even informing his fellow Republicans on the Hill. He thought he would end up a GOP hero, but he really just looks as seedy as the whole lamentable saga.

  134. tetramorph says:

    Thanks, NEO.

    I am hoping these become part of the solution. Anerobic bio-digesters that make methane from sewage/livestock waste. The methane can be easily cleaned of 1 sulfur molecule to make natural gas. WE become the energy producers, closing a big loop. Very encouraging to see these at major universities:

  135. karen says:

    We were joking about this very thing last night, and thinking how funny it would be to start another petition (tongue in cheek) proposing to sell Texas to China.

  136. karen says:

    Yes, Clymela. You are spot on. Something going on behind the scenes in an attempt to find an impeachable offense. But it backfired. Interesting the two Scorpios involved (that sting came back to bite) and the New Moon elicpse in Scorpio to highlight it.

  137. Francis says:

    I’m not seeing much in the way of secession gaining ground, maybe in the short run but nothing more simply because so many people are now willing to let them go. I think that will translate into them backing away. Kinda like a child who threatens to do something he thought would elicit a dotting response but gets instead something like, “You go ahead dear and let me know how that works out for you.”

  138. starlight says:

    Obama asks activist base to pressure Congress over fiscal cliff:

  139. will says:

    I’m thinking the secessionists are a cowardly lot and would not be able to tolerate making such a move. It’s all about getting their sour-grapes hatred thing on, post defeat.

  140. Noelle says:

    Thanks, Starlight. That’s good news. A lot of emails on my home computer but good news.

  141. angellight says:

    Conservative Michael Savage has a current rant about 4 Generals getting fired in 4 days and that there is a Communist Coup! I do not believe there is a communist coup but I do believe something is going on! Starlight wrote about turmoil after Obama’s election. This is it. General Allen wrote 30,000 letters to Kelly! There are hints all over the place. There is definitely a inside battle being waged. Those of us who can work with light energy must do so more aggressively.

  142. angellight says:

    “Paula Broadwell’s father Paul Krantz gave the New York Daily News a strange, cryptic quote this afternoon outside his home in Bismarck, N.D. This is about something else entirely, and the truth will come out,” he told the Daily News. “There is a lot more that is going to come out … You wait and see. There’s a lot more here than meets the eye.”

    Read more:

  143. Lorrie U says:

    Ha, ha! Outsource Texas! Love it…

  144. will says:

    Go ahead and build that ark!

    Sea level rise overflowing estimates
    Feedback mechanisms are speeding up ice melt

    By Tanya Lewis

    November 8, 2012

    Global warming feedbacks are speeding up the rise of sea level, which is expected to rise 1 meter by 2100. If the East and West Antarctic ice sheets melted, waters would rise by about 80 meters, submerging Florida and the Gulf Coast.

    Sea levels may swell much higher than previously predicted, thanks to feedback mechanisms that are speeding up ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica.

    Climate simulations need to take such feedbacks into account, William Hay, a geologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, told the Geological Society of America meeting in Charlotte, N.C., on November 4. So far the models haven’t incorporated such information because “it just makes them much more complicated,” he says.

    Many scientists share Hay’s concerns, says geologist Harold Wanless of the University of Miami. “The rate at which ice melt and sea level rise is happening is far faster than anything predicted,” he says.

    Global sea levels rose an average of about 15 centimeters over the past century. Current data suggest they will rise another 1 meter by the year 2100, and some scientists predict far more. But the 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projected a rise of just 0.2–0.6 meters over the same time period. “The data weren’t available in 2007 to say Greenland and Antarctica were melting,” says earth scientist Benjamin Horton of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. “Sea levels are going to be greater than the upper estimate of the 2007 IPCC, but the big question is, when?”

    To help answer that question, Hay is looking at underappreciated feedbacks. For one thing, big infusions of freshwater in the Arctic — from melting sea ice and from northern rivers — are driving cold ocean currents away from the North Pole and bringing up warm ones. This process is helping melt Greenland’s ice sheet, which could cause sea level to change very quickly, Hay says. Also, Arctic melt is exposing large areas of dark water, which absorbs the sun’s heat instead of reflecting it like ice does. As a result, warmer temperatures are disrupting local weather. After a record melt in August, for example, the high-pressure weather system that keeps the Arctic in a deep freeze was seasonally replaced by a low-pressure system that sucked in warm air, causing even more melting. To top it all off, the Arctic Ocean and thawing permafrost are releasing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that traps atmospheric heat and raises temperatures still more.

    The last time Earth’s climate was as balmy as today was about 120,000 years ago, when the planet was 2–3° Celsius warmer and sea levels were 4–6 meters higher. Much of the Greenland ice sheet was melted then. “Those sea level change rates are very, very large, and that was under natural conditions, not the human perturbation that’s going on now,” says Hay.

    And Greenland isn’t the only concern — Antarctica contains a vast amount of ice that, if emptied entirely into the ocean, would cause 80 meters of sea level rise. For years scientists suspected the Antarctic ice was frozen to the ground, but evidence now suggests there is liquid water under many regions, lubricating the ice base like a skating rink. The only things stopping that ice from sliding into the sea are ice shelves, which act like corks in a bottle, Hay says. As these ice shelves break up — as some are already doing — “it’s like taking the cork out of the bottle.”

    Even modest sea level rise can have far-reaching impacts. Higher sea levels make it easier for storm surges — like those produced by Hurricane Sandy — to reach further inland and inflict damage, Wanless says. “The future of our coastal cities is at stake.”

  145. Lorrie U says:

    Mainstream Media GOP Hacks School Paul Ryan on the Meaning of Elections

    While Joe Scarborough is away, talking points go awry. So on Morning Joe today, in response to Paul Ryan announcing that he doesn’t concede to reality regarding the meaning of his lost election, even S. E. Cupp admitted Democrats are probably going to get what they want on tax cuts and Jon Heilemann reminded everyone that the President does have a mandate to let the Bush tax cuts to expire. And, unbelievably, David Gregory said if there’s a mandate it’s for the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the President has a framework for the budget.

  146. ox the cat says:

    I watched the presser today and I thought that the President was really livid about something. John McCain and Lindsey Graham said that Susan Rice was “not bright enough” to be be secretary of state and they would do everything in their power to keep her from the position. He said I have not made up my mind but If I want to nominate her I will, and he said it was outrageoud to go after her, he said if you want to come after someone come after me. Quite a moment.

  147. Lorrie U says:

    I know, I loved the strength Pres. Obama showed!!

  148. alex says:

    well it seems like it is going to work out: using ‘demand’ letter language moved things along: i.e. closing of email –

    ” I want a phone reply today from _____ otherwise their position on the performance of the warranty contract will speak for itself.” Thank you yada yada best regards,

  149. Lorrie U says:

    Will this conspiracy crap ever stop??

    Top Georgia GOP Lawmakers Host Briefing on Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot

    President Obama is using a Cold War-era mind-control technique known as “Delphi” to coerce Americans into accepting his plan for a United Nations-run communist dictatorship in which suburbanites will be forcibly relocated to cities. That’s according to a four-hour briefing delivered to Republican state senators at the Georgia state Capitol last month.

  150. NEOBuckeye says:

    The Republicans are completely unhinged and irrational. Apparently they never believed they could be beat out of the White House TWICE by a black man. So naturally, it must be a conspiracy!

    Here’s a take on this from Gordon Duff…

    It is time there were some things written by the reelection of President Obama that reflect reality. We hear the crying from Tel Aviv, their doom sealed by Netanyahu’s “blood enemy” with four years to push Israel into the sea.

    This is how they are talking, them and so many others.

    Let us be honest. If you know America, if you know Israel, the two places where the election has caused so much pain to those who deserve it so much, there is an underlying reason for the feeling of impending doom.

    President Obama is a person of color. He is of African origin, and anyone who knows Israel or who knows the states painted “red” on the political map as “Republican,” knows the real basis of this election is the primal fear and hatred that those of European background, those with neither culture nor education, have for those who are different.

    Obama was never a Muslim though that should never have mattered. He certainly was not born in Kenya, a country that has proud traditions and a great people.

    The election did prove more than just the racism of rural and Southern America and the ignorance of many who are driven by fear and anger.

    More at the link:

  151. Gina says:

    Neo, I can hardly wait for the conservative movement to finally be swept away from power, but I have a personal reason to be concerned about the grand cross coming in 2014: that all touches my Sun in mid-Cancer/Saturn opposition. I guess the good news is that I don’t have any planets in Libra, so for me, it’s just a T-square. :-)

  152. Sharon says:

    I think some of the stressful events for Obama & the U.S. coming up for late Nov. & Dec. are beginning to take shape and include, in addition to the “fiscal cliff,” the new Israel/Gaza flare-up, always so frightening to me. Hamas shoots rockets into Israel for weeks, terrorizing people and, this time, injuring 7, and Israel finally responds but with a heavier hand. Hamas has now said “Israel has opened the gates of hell”…how’s that for a metaphor? The 2nd situation is that McCain & Graham seem to mean business and are coming after Obama…people on DU think that they are hoping for impeachment…I cannot see how. These are horrid, vengeful people, and remind me of those that went after Clinton.

  153. Cappy says:

    Thank you Angellight re very important background info re Petraeus resignation.
    OMG…next we may be hearing info re planned military coup vs PBO…(cancel that thought!!!).

  154. Patty says:

    Does anyone remember my post Nov-4th with a link Re: “California to The Red States” which created a bit of a fuss? I sincerely want to apologize, if I offended anyone here by posting that piece. On a similar note…
    What’s up with all these “Red State Republican Secession Petitions”?

  155. Bob says:

    Why shouldn’t this act become the law of the land in perpetuity (and be all inclusive) rather than expire therefore taking Congress time away from other problems to work on?

  156. NEOBuckeye says:

    Maybe McCain wants revenge for 2008? He is such a cantankerous old man.

  157. NEOBuckeye says:

    Looks like the emerging split in the Republican Party may in part be generational.
    The “entertainment-based” conservatives, easily Pluto in firey Leo/the Baby Boomers, including the party leaders and financial backers, relied on the Faux News narrative and were devastated by the reality that emerged.

    The “thinking-based” conservatives were referenced as younger, with Pluto in air/rational Libra. They were devastated too, but have been arguing that the entertainment-based approach to news and information needs to go.

    My only question is, what will they replace it with? The entertainment narrative to me seems to be filling a huge void in GOP philosophy and reason for being that may simply result in the entire party collapsing in on itself once that is gone.

  158. Cappy says:

    Great find Angellight….Very dark plot thickens…feels like PBO stopped neocon military coup.

  159. Sharon says:

    I must say — I really loved that Goodbye Red States piece you posted. For those who took offense, red and blue is a state of mind, not just a state!

  160. Sharon says:

    Every once in a while, McCain comes out with something so fair, filled with integrity and non-partisan that I think so highly of him….but lately he’s had a really sour grapes attitude. He was complaining about Obama’s cheap shots in the last debate and sneeringly called him “the community organizer.” He is being extremely partisan right now and on the offensive. I think that he wants revenge for 2012 more than 2008…probably a closet racist.

  161. Virginia says:

    ‘The entertainment narrative to me seems to be filling a huge void in GOP philosophy and reason for being that may simply result in the entire party collapsing in on itself once that is gone.’

    And this is a problem because . . . ?

  162. Bob says:

    Sour Grapes by people who are not intelligent enough to think out the repercussions of doing so.

    The citizens of such states would have to pay for all federal properties in those states (nor should they be allowed to place tolls on interstate highways built with tax dollars from all states), would no longer be automatically eligible for federal assistance following major disasters (think Red states in “Tornado Alley”, gulf states after hurricane disasters, midwestern and southwestern states in times of prolonged drought, flooding in states along the Mississippi or anywhere else affected by floods after heavy rains), would see a removal of US military installations which are the a large part of the economy of some of them.

    Most of those states are among the poorest and least populated in the US. Of the states highest in percentage of returns paying no tax 17 of the top 20 are traditionally “Red” states.

    They could face import taxes to get their goods into the states who did not secede. Their young people would not be eligible for entry to our military academies. If secession were granted quickly, citizens of those states who did not want to live in them would not have time to settle their affairs, find housing in Union states to move into, and thus have to go through the process of becoming citizens of the US. A population shift could make some of those states (perhaps many) fiscally unsustainable. If they had to apply to the IMF for assistance their citizens would be faced with it’s austerity policies which are a forced transfer of wealth from the already poor and middle classes to the wealthy.

    Those states could be faced with massive debt if they were required to repay federal funds they have received for various programs for the current fiscal year. What would their currencies be worth?

    Those petitions reveal those in agreement with them for the fools they are.

  163. Bob says:

    Forgot to proofread the above and left out that the paid no taxes figures are for 2010 and the figures come from the IRS.

  164. mitzi says:

    Very good point Cappy! This makes sence to me, because PBO always seems so strong, firm and confident, whenever the subject comes up.

  165. fierywoman says:

    Bye-bye Venezia.

  166. fierywoman says:

    Didn’t the Georgians invite Allen West (sp?) after he lost in Florida to come on back to Georgia ?

  167. fierywoman says:

    I admit, I loved it too!

  168. Azizi says:

    Here’s a link to a creative adaptation of a Dr Suess poem that speaks to the desire to see the last of Mitt Romney, especially after his comment to his donors that the reason why Present Obama won relection is that he promised “minorities gifts”: Willard M. Romney, will you please go now! by skralyx

    Here’s some excerpts of that poem:

    I don’t care where
    I don’t care how
    Willard M. Romney, will you please go now!

    You didn’t reach 2-7-0
    So the time has come to go, Go, GO!

    We don’t care what you have to say
    You’ve clearly overstayed your stay
    Obama won, but not with ‘gifts’
    Go ride your automobile lifts

    You ran a really low campaign
    Got fewer votes than John McCain!
    Mistakes were made, and they were Mitt’s
    (Way to go insult the Brits!)
    Yes, you got whipped and got whipped good
    So you can’t defund Planned Parenthood
    Get lost, Mitt Romney, if you would

    The time has come
    It’s come, indeed
    It’s time now, Governor
    Please proceed!

    End of quote.

    I like the entire composition.
    I heartily agree that
    It’s time for Mitt Romney
    to Please proceed.

  169. Azizi says:

    skralyx wrote that that poem is a parody of Dr. Seuss’ 1972 children’s book “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!”

    According to the Wikipedia page about this book! in 1974 Art Buchwald wrote a parody of that Dr Seuss book about then President Richard Nixon. Days later Nixon resigned his scandal filled presidency.

  170. alex says:

    Aetna Inc. Chief Executive Mark Bertolini, who is among a dozen chief executives meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama later this week, on Monday warned that companies are preparing backup plans that include layoffs if the White House and congressional leaders are unable to reach a deal to avoid the combination of tax increases and spending cuts known as the “fiscal cliff.”

    “The American people are going to suffer because we’ll lay them off–because we know how to respond to these kinds of situations,” Mr. Bertolini warned at a Wall Street Journal CEO Council event.

  171. alex says:

    this is corporatism/fascism:

    Mr. Bertolini is part of a group called “Fix the Debt,” which has supported the 2010 deficit-reduction package designed by Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles, which called for a combination of tax increases and spending cuts to reduce the deficit. He said that changes to Medicare and Social Security had to be a part of any solution.

  172. alex says:

    There’s a strand of thought — I identify it especially with Corey Robin, although he’s not alone — that says that conservatism isn’t really about the things it claims to be about. It isn’t really about free markets and moral values; it’s about authority — the authority of bosses over workers, of men over women, of whites over Those People.

  173. angellight says:

    This is the first time an American president celebrated Diwali: Pres. Obama’s Happy Diwali Greetings!

  174. angellight says:

    Karen: That is priceless!

  175. angellight says:


    “Earth Changes

    What will occur when our solar system receives more electrical energy than usual? Let’s pretend the Earth is a spinning top and see what happens when an electrical current or “wind” moves across it. Naturally, the top speeds up ~ modern science verifies the speed of the Earth’s rotation varies with an all-time high speed of 19 hour days being recorded in rocks 3.5 million years ago. That’s alarmingly fast. What happens to a sphere that spins faster? The poles begin to flatten while the middle bulges out at the equator. This action stretches the oceans causing submerged land masses to rise above sea level.

    Spinning also causes an extreme wobble of the Earth’s axis to occur, with the globe sometimes actually falling over onto its side. Scientists know this has happened to the Earth at least nine times when it hast tilted up to 51 degrees (our axial tilt now is at 23 degrees). When this occurs, the land at the equator moves up to where the north pole is now, which explains why Alaska has fossils of alligators. Each time the Earth speeds up, it must slow down again due to the drag from the Moon, bringing about additional geophysical upheaval.

    Djwhal Khul further notes that certain basic changes in the orientation of the Earth’s axis are now taking place … and periods of upheaval, confusion and cataclysm always precede these great shifts in the planet’s axis. He also divulges the planet is in process of taking an initiation, marked by the great event of an axis shift as the Earth literally “repolarises” itself. His prediction of “increased earthquake and volcanic activity during the last decade of the millennium” has been confirmed by world seismologists today.

    Seismic activity has indeed picked up dramatically in the last three to four years. California scientists state “more earthquakes are now seen in specific areas (L.A., for instance) than ever previously recorded.” Many volcanic eruptions have also occurred in this same time period with Mt. St. Helens leading the fray with its 1988 eruption, Mt. Fuji’s recent expulsions and of course, Mt. Penatubo’s contribution.”

  176. Jackson says:

    What about Pluto in earthy Virgo? That’s a pretty wide swath of voters between Pluto in Leo and Pluto in Libra.

  177. angellight says:

    SuperStorm Sandy!


    The New Moon &
    Lunar Cycle Theme

    Our late sidereal Virgo New Moon of October 15, 2012 primarily conjoins Eta Carinae, and the quadruple star system QZ Carinae in the Great Carina Nebula, all of Argo Navis.

    Eta Carinae is Lord of the Waves (the Akkadian Ea (Ia), the Sumerian Enki, chief god of the city Eridhu (Eridu*)—he who warned Noah), generally is considered the foreteller of impending catastrophe, but also the instructor of the way through such evolutionary transitions. Eta is also associated with the Sirian amphibious fish-man “Oannes,” who taught the Chaldaeans, both esoteric science and that which would civilize their lives, from building cities and temples to agricultural technique (Robert Temple, “The Sirius Mystery” / Blavatsky, “Isis Unveiled”). Eta embodies the esoteric Gnostic wisdom behind what to most is merely the mystery of life or unfathomable acts of God.

  178. Nina says:

    The other other woman’s twin sister was married to a guy who at one point was in charge of Iraq reconstruction in the Bush administration. Both generals attempted to intervene in her child custody dispute. She’s also presented notes from a Democratic senator (Whitehouse) in this child custody case.

    The twin ladies come from a Lebanese family.

    Perhaps nothing. But wealthy people who throw huge elaborate caviare and open bar parties for upper-level military, not asking anything in return? Something fishy here that has nothing to do with sex.

  179. Nina says:

    Oh, and from Americablog, this made me laugh:

    Something to think about today. It all makes sense now.

    Gay marriage and marijuana being legalized on the same day.

    Leviticus 20:13 – “if a man lays with another man, as with a woman, he should be stoned.”

    We’ve just been interpreting it wrong all along…

  180. Cappy says:

    McCain is a deplorable racist re the native American Tribes and Nations in Arizona.
    News reports re how he publically and salaciously demeans his beautiful devoted wife, Cindy who as heiress to a large beer company franchise, is his total Banker…are too many to count!!!.
    McCain wrote a biography b/4 his first Pres. campaign, putting out all his lifetime known scandals and they, also countless, depict a very heartless, angry, reckless, twisted man…way b/4 his untreated PTSD.

  181. Cappy says:

    Yes, that was a thrilling and epic moment…PBO calmly and incisively stood up to All Bullies on behalf of All Women in the magnificent way in which he defended Ambassador Rice, and in clearly addressing the reckless neocon power abusers: Sen. McCain and his groveling Graham…the usual offenders.
    President Obama is showing more of his soaring heart and soul…and aways the master chess player.

  182. Cappy says:

    Such a beautiful and loving outreach by PBO to all Hindus and their families.
    Thanks Angellight:)

  183. Cappy says:

    Good behavioral catch, mitzi.

  184. catsandmusic says:

    Love it!!! Sending this far and wide! Thanks.

  185. angellight says:

    5-Hour Energy blamed for “heart attacks, convulsions and, in one case, a spontaneous abortion.”

    Nina: That is really funny. Thanks.

  186. will says:

    Nina, that is some smokin’ funny stuff! That quote is brilliantly clever!

  187. Fe says:

    You know, Lorrie, there may be something to setting up FEMA camps, even if just temporarily to de-program Republicans.

    But then again, they will not wake up until we have three or four more elections like we did this last time, which James Carville called “a blow to the head with a two by four”. By then, we should have things hopefully straightened out — at least from the damage caused by the Bush years.

    The old world has definitely been usurped by the new. Uranus in Aries v. Pluto in Cap. Love it.

  188. Virginia says:

    You just made my day!

  189. karen says:

    OMG! Hilarious!

  190. Nita says:

    OMG this is too funny made me laugh with my coffee!

  191. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    Much appreciate info/conversation!

    Love the “people power” potential in all of this status quo threatening change/chaos in this nation & elsewhere. Encouraged to know that peaceful/powerful OWS has an astro imprint to offer.And natural disasters do tend to awaken the realizations of what really matters more than the fleeting material measures of success.

    In terms of “people power” ever since W’s admonition for the country to “keep shopping” after his 9.11.01 debacle..while the world still loved us and the world wasn’t laughing at us or hating us…a friend began to initiate active citizen democracy every day he was a consumer. Days when there were consumer purchases, there were calls, emails, texts, etc to use citizen voice & give comments,direction,complaints,anger, gratitude, suggestions to supposed ‘governmental representatives, media, DNC, RNC, etc…

    Been doing so as well since then. Being more than just a consumer cow feeding hungry corporations, etc :-) Keeping one’s own voice viable in this democracy is a very enjoyable/empowering thing to do. During these volatile/divisive times, imagine offices in the beltway and legislations in every country, city, state flooded with communications from the millions who voted for Constitutional democracy not a corporate ‘Citizens United’ buy-out of the country. Imagine all the ALEC members across the nation being buggered by massive “people power” communications.
    Imagine all the Norquist (drown govt. in a bathtub)traitorous 0-Tax Oath-takers (particularly the Southern Strategy bunch) being informed that, according to their friend David Horowitz (co-author w/Gingrich of Contract w/America): “Grover Norquist is a Muslim; he is a practicing Muslim.” And that his wife of Palestinian origin was a co-chair of “Arabs for Romney” in 2012! Truths that Evangelicals need to know as the Evangelical meme-makers have been falsely projecting this republican problem onto PBO, who, by his ‘fruit of spirit’ is clearly not a Muslim. (Gal. 5:22-23). Some preachers including John Hagee & the Impe couple have been making & profiting from DVD’s and so forth that have been continuing the PBO false meme. Thousands of their followers have been mis-led and from the lies they’ve been told are terrified of the wrong guy (from their point of view)!
    If/when Evangelicals realize they’ve been duped and that the guy their people have signed on for, with the zero-tax oath, are tools of Satan (their point of view)…well, the lynchpin & weaklink that is Norquist may find himself isolated, abandoned en masse by throngs of REp/tpwing true believers. Who knows, with Uranus!?

    Also, re: Banghazi impeachment campaign
    It was at least in place & being made public during the first week of the Prez debates when Limbaugh was on his air screaming “worse than Watergate”…i was practicing the Gandhi suggestion: your ‘enemy’ knows something you need to learn. During that week i listened to Limbaugh as a student would, ready to learn. Took copious notes detailing his methods of deception, delusion, outright lies, etc. The first 2 days of this project gave me a headache from all of his invitations to be terrified and follow him down the rabbit hole w/his self-proclaimed blame-game on who to blame (lib/dem/soc/comnt/etc)for that contrived and toxic fear of his…it was amazing! Anyway, it was clear that the campaign to impeach PBO was being launched then…media began dutifully picking it up, even pbs..and now it’s going to the House where they can try their putrid impeachment ploy again…these folks seem to learn nothing themselves. And that is sad, indeed!
    Believing more & more that there is an “Amygdala Tribe” of all demographics & inhabited by many TPwing/REp folks and other violent terrorists around the world. They have never healed some deep damaging wound and they are being used by handlers (RW media, etc.) who keep re-opening their festering wounds (wars/fights/usvsthem/intimidations) and keeping them in toxic realms of autonomic, primitive, tribal, survival, fear that turns to hate & violence for them after awhile. From this point of view, it is possible to have actual compassion for their condition, which a good dose intervening love & self-assessment and reality-checking would help solve. They are enslaved by their physiological & psychological patterns of deep inner terror. The “war on terror” described their predicament accurately while healthier others could recognize that ‘war is terror’. The most important thing is to prevent them from harming themselves & others, imv.

    All for now. Blessings & prayers that those who are conscious and awake around the planet (Israel/Palestine at it again) are able to keep the love, kindness, peace, patience, joy+ flowing to cool/temper the others who are burning in their testosterone & amygdalic inner terror.

    *Been noticing a sense of the recent Regulus move from millenia of Leo/tyrant kings…to Virgo, servant leaders….i do believe there is something to this shift. Just beginning this shift. E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  192. barbk says:

    NEObuckeye, you have done a great service by finding and posting this article written in 2004. Not only does it help to make sense out of these senseless times, it explains the septile aspect better than I’ve ever read anywhere else.

    But what is most remarkable is that the last Neptune Pluto conjunction in 1891-92 was at 8 degrees of Gemini, where the U.S. natal (Sibly) chart’s Uranus is. This adds even more potency to the present day square from transiting Chiron in Pisces and other transits, and the progressed U.S. Sun in Pisces. When transiting Jupiter again reaches 8 Gemini, it will be as the apex of a yod with sextiling planets Saturn and Pluto. Thanks to you we may better understand the underlying energies, past and present, that will be contributing to what transpires at that time, here and even abroad. I’m so glad I caught this entry of yours!

  193. Bob says:

    Unless Pluto is on or going to station on an angle of Paula Broadwell’s natal chart I think that events are going to unfold much more intensely for Jill Kelley. She was born Jan 1, 1975, Beirut, Lebanon.

    Pluto is going to cross her Sun 3 times, station either side of it within about 1 degree twice and on her birthday in 2014 is conjunct it exactly and squared by transit Mars. There is also a New Moon on it that day.

    Her progressed Mars is now opposite her progressed Saturn, exact within minutes of arc. Remember what Donald Bradley said about this combo representing “the dirty linen in one’s life” and the possibility of one’s darkest secrets being exposed when they are prominent?

    If the time I propose for her is correct it lay across the Asc-Desc axis of her progressed chart on Sunday when she was exposed as the other “other woman”. But there is the possibility that they could have come to the angles when Petraeus resignation became public knowledge on Friday. Perhaps coming events will allow me to determine what time of birth best fits the circumstances.

  194. Bob says:

    There is a Full Moon on Dec 28, 2012 at 7 degrees Cancer-Capricorn, just 1 week after Dec 21.

  195. barbk says:


    the Mt. Astrologer article that NEObuckeye linked to upthread states that the last conjunction between Neptune and Pluto was at 8+ Gemini. That was in 1891-92!!! No doubt this event will add much to the outcomes of the U.S. progressed Sun square U.S. natal Uranus, as well as the yod between Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.

    The article is about the ongoing septile between Pluto and Neptune and explains a lot regarding the polarization seen in this country and its government reps, and elsewhere in the world. I found it fascinating.

  196. barbk says:

    Just a reminder that on Election Day (Mercury retrograde), transiting Mars was conjunct Quaoar (“dances” things into reality) in Sagittarius, and they were sextile House (of Reps) and Rhadamanthus (judging) in Libra and formed a Yod aspect with Sphinx (secrets/riddles) and Sedna (abandoned and left to die by her father, as in the way some see the Banghazi disaster). I’m thinking its possible the President may have gotten a heads-up that day because the Moon (woman) passed over Askalaphus (tattle-tale) at 12+ Leo which is the degree of his natal Sun.

  197. Lorrie U says:

    “it’s about authority — the authority of bosses over workers, of men over women, of whites over Those People”

    Yes, and the only way they can have authority is to practice passive-aggessive methods to bolster their own inferiority.

  198. Lorrie U says:

    I saw that! Hysterical!

  199. Lorrie U says:

    This is great! Have to share.

  200. Lorrie U says:

    David Petraeus Debunks Right Wing Conspiracies about His Resignation and Benghazi

    It is going to be very difficult for impeachment charges to be brought against the president when one of the key players in the Republican conspiracy is telling them that they are full of crap.

    No matter what Petraeus eventually publicly states in his own voice, don’t expect these right wing conspiracy theories to go away anytime soon. Republicans are so desperate to overthrow the twice elected president that they have convinced themselves that Benghazi is criminal conspiracy involving the president.

  201. Lorrie U says:

    Post Election Romney and Bain Face a Federal Corruption and Perjury Hearing

    Exactly ten days ago, this column reported on a Delaware bankruptcy court’s failure to enter an Emergency Motion into the public docket that included Bain Capital and Romney operative’s perjury and corruption in the eToys bankruptcy case. At the time it appeared the judge was protecting Romney and Bain Capital by suppressing the Motion in expectation he would win the election and have the Motion tossed out of court leading to the question; “is Romney’s main impetus for seeking the White House to appoint an Attorney General who will guarantee that all charges against him will go away?”

    Well now that he lost the election, it appears the allegation had merit because on November 7, the day after his crushing defeat, the Delaware bankruptcy court judge entered the motion into the public docket and scheduled a hearing for December 4, 2012; all on the same day.

    Wonder how Dec. 4th looks for Mr. Romney…

  202. kiwi says:

    progressive companies, and there are some solid ones, need to publicly announce their expansion and hiring because Obama was ReElected!! Perhaps put job offers out to those from scrooge companies?

  203. KIM says:

    Wasn’t there some date coming soon that Nancy said that Romney does not look happy? She thought that it looked to her like this doesn’t coincide with a Romney win, but I wonder if it is because of this?

  204. KIM says:

    Wasn’t there some date coming soon that Nancy said that Romney does not look happy? She thought that it looked to her like this doesn’t coincide with a Romney win, but I wonder if it is because of this?

    From Romney’s post…….
    For about 5 days after the election, there will be a tiny break during which some of the results may be in doubt, but essentially there is little to indicate great celebration indicating a win for Romney. Instead, complications and distress for Romney are signaled by the march of Saturn through early Scorpio which relentlessly impacts his chart, especially difficult from November 12 through December 2012: quincunx the Ascendant (00Gemini43), square Saturn (2Leo24), quincunx the Node (5Gemini29), sesquiquadrate the Sun (21Pisces11), square the MC (6Aquarius28), square Venus (8Aquarius33), and stationary square Pluto (11Leo22). In my opinion, there is little to suggest, should Romney be the GOP nominee for president, that he will win the election.

  205. Bob says:

    Mitt and Tagg hard aspects (conj, sq, opp) from Saturn measured in both longitude and right ascension . Abreviations are used for planet and aspect measurements made in longitude. A noon chart for Provo, Utah was used for Tagg’s birth chart.


    Sat Sqr MC Dec 1 2012
    Saturn square prog Saturn Mon & Tue, Dec 10 & 11, 2012


    Saturn opposition Saturn Mon, Dec 3, 2012 (Same date both measurements)

  206. Sharon says:

    Starlight or anyone care to comment on the escalation going on now in Israel and Gaza? I read that 1400 rockets have been shot at Israel since January, and about 300-400 this month (I believe)….they had to do something about it. My take is that they wanted Israel to do something (not kill their military head though) so they would have a reason to use their longer-range missiles this time into Tel Aviv.

    Speaking of leaders dying and falling, doesn’t that have something to do with the solar eclipse?

  207. Sharon says:

    Getting back to the question of this escalation in the Mideast, let’s all pray for peace and light our blue candles, they seem to work well :-)

  208. alex says:

    the thing about ancient source material astrology precedents and modern is that ancient astrology was used by monarchs to plan best time for war battles and weather advantages; of course monarchs and big land owners were always vulnerable to be overthrown by competitive family members or territorial enemies; being poisoned, assassinated was a big risk then and the life span during the middle ages was way shorter than now;

    so the comparisons from language describing sovereign authority like emperors, monarchs to modern presidency is different conditions and circumstances;

    the only astrologers I’ve met from my experience that can predict death ( death date ) are very experienced traditional Vedic astrologer;

    if the CIA/ & The Secret Team, Edward Lansdale and current cohorts of the same milieu were still involved in assassinating presidents it would be something to consider the risk of death by assassination; but The Secret Team and rogue military shadow government have moved onto stealing elections with money and computers…. that ‘s how they overthrow now…. which by the way is why we need to savor the overwhelming turnout 2012 and 2008 cause we ‘peeps’ we the people showed up used our vote/voices and made our choice known unequivocally;

  209. NEOBuckeye says:

    Glad I could help, barbk. ;-) So much has been written over the past decade in advance of these times that it seems helpful to revisit articles like this one that examine the larger, overarching trends and how our time now fits into them. We talk a lot about the Uranus-Pluto and Uranus-Neptune cycles, but the larger cycles such as Neptune-Pluto and even Pluto-Eris add addition depth and perspective to our whereabouts in time and history.

    The Neptune-Pluto Conjunction of the 1890s in particular set many long range patterns into motion that have dramatically shaped and influenced the past 120 years, and will continue on until the late 23rd century at the next conjunction. I think the conjunction at 8 Gemini on the US natal Uranus surely speaks to the “American Century” and the revolution in communications and technology, led by the US that shaped the modern world.

    I’m quite curious to see what will happen when Uranus returns to Gemini and Pluto ingresses into Aquarius in the 2020s. America is likely to stand at the forefront again in communications and technology, but in a completely new way.

  210. NEOBuckeye says:

    That’s interesting, Bob. I’ll be watching for it!

  211. NEOBuckeye says:

    Good question, Jackson. Virgo, like Libra, also tends to be much more rational than Leo, but is also practical (moreso than either Leo or Libra) since it is an earth sign as you mention. I don’t see Virgo as a generational energy that would be swayed much by entertainment and over-the-top appeals like what you would receive from Fox or the likes of Rush Limbaugh, the one exception possibly being those born with Uranus in Leo between 1956-62. I see conservative Pluto in Virgos like Paul Ryan (he is one) as being more in tune with CNBC and the Wall Street Journal than conservative infotainment sources. As a generation in general, the Pluto in Virgos (and for that matter, the Uranus in Virgos during the mid to late 1960s) would seemingly tend to be interested in practical, earth-ly matters, like economics, health care, sustainability and the environment. Making things work. Making things last. The culture warriors? That’s Pluto/Uranus in Leo.

    Pluto in Libra to me, incidentally, looks like they are interested in balanced perspectives (surprise, surprise). Generationally, they would seem to consider or weigh two or more sides of an issue, but rationally so. They would likely tend to read the New York Times and view MSNBC as much as they would consider rational viewpoints from conservative news sources, which aren’t likely to include Fox or Limbaugh, since they are anything but rational. More like the WSJ, pre-Murdoch and his creepy hand.

    Pluto in Scorpio I suspect will probably be somewhat like Pluto in Virgo, sans the Plutonian drive/emphasis on rationality or practicality (water is irrational), although many of them do have Neptune and Uranus conjunct in Capricorn. My guess its they’ll probably tend to be somewhat conservative as a generation, but probably more of the old-time definition of conservative as it was during Theodore Roosevelt’s time in which environmentalism wasn’t a dirty word and communal/civic values mattered. They would probably eschew the media choices of their parents and grandparents anyway (square between Leo and Scorpio) but the implications of inheriting a resource-scarce world will likely drive them to react against many of the things their parents and grandparents embraced. For them, I see a focus on the underground and alternative sources of media (e.g. websites, urban tabloids/alt. entertainment news), which in time could go more mainstream.

  212. NEOBuckeye says:

    LOL! Never thought of it like that!

  213. Gypsi says:

    Whether prejudice is applied to the news or not, yahoo news said Israel targeted and took out a head of the palestinians in Gaza before the war declaration by Gaza against Israel. Not prejudiced myself – but the news of the attack and declaration of war against Israel came from a friend whose daughter is now in Tel Aviv, with no mention that Israel did something first.

    Can we get an alien government to drop a peace net over the region?

  214. ScorpioX3 says:

    Very informative post, NEOBuckeye. Thank you!

  215. ScorpioX3 says:

    Too funny!!! Sharing…

  216. will says:

    Israel had every right to defend herself. Unfortunately, Netanyahu is still in power.

  217. Gypsi says:

    As someone a long time ago said: “it takes two to tango”.

    I am neither pro israel or pro palestine. I did some historical reading on the situation around 9-11, and after but it led me back to it takes two to tango. The time has come for both parties to come to the table.

  218. fierywoman says:

    and just a kindly reminder to support the progressive companies and (when possible) boycott the fascists.

  219. alex says:

    you can give supportive reviews good businesses or critically review the fascists ( every little bit helps )

  220. angellight says:

    ArtsCulturePeace: Explosovie stuff —

    “David Horowitz (co-author w/Gingrich of Contract w/America): “Grover Norquist is a Muslim; he is a practicing Muslim.” And that his wife of Palestinian origin was a co-chair of “Arabs for Romney” in 2012!”

    Not many people know that.

  221. angellight says:

    Does the Below Information Confirm that Paula Broadwell was Actually and Agent?

    “The FBI confirmed it conducted a search of the home of Paula Broadwell in relation to the investigation former CIA director David Petraeus. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell discusses with Jon Meacham, author of the new book, “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power,” and Jane Mayer, a staff writer for The New Yorker.

    The new information offers clues about how federal investigators could connect a handful of anonymous emails to Broadwell, a trained intelligence officer who spent years working with some of the most “”””secretive agencies”””” in the world.

  222. angellight says:


    “In heavily populated Gaza scores of civilians have been killed or injured in the latest attacks by Israeli forces. Human rights activists report from its largest hospital that some of the injuries are “consistent with the use of white phosphorous”.
    RT spoke with two human rights activists, Adie Mormech and Joe Catron, who have witnessed the mounting civilian casualties at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza following the first day of Israel’s military operation “Pillar of Defense”.

    ‘People completely exposed to the fourth most powerful military in the world'”

  223. Suzy says:

    Starlight had a post on Israel that I found in archives:
    Blowing on the Embers
    July 31, 2012 starlight Uncategorized

    A more acute period of increased stress and agitation due to sudden and swiftly moving circumstances is likely during the Uranus station square to Israel’s Venus (4Cancer49) from October 19, 2012, through early January 2013.
    In addition, the end of September 2012 will bring with it several aspects which suggest some kind of violent, sudden, or disruptive events that may be the source of a very stressful and mournful week in Israel from September 29 through October 8, when transiting Saturn crosses the Israeli Ascendant. Transiting Mars will oppose the Israeli Sun and quincunx Israeli Uranus (9/26 to 9/29), while at the same time the transiting Sun will oppose transiting Uranus and square transiting Pluto (9/28 to 9/29). An increase in the tension between Iran and Israel is also likely during this time due to transiting Uranus square to the Moon (5Cancer43) in the Israeli/Iranian composite chart from September 24 through October 19, and triggered by the Sun on September 28 to 29.


    It should be mentioned that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, will be under the Uranus station as well during this same period, square to his natal Uranus (4Cancer58) from October 14 through January12, and pointing to the increased agitation in his own life that parallels the Uranus energies going on in Israel. Of greater concern, however, is the Neptune transit that has been in effect since mid-2011 that will make a tight station square to Netanyahu’s Ascendant (00Sagitarius27) and sesquiquadrate his Neptune (15Libra23) from September through November 11, and which will also be triggering the May eclipse (00Gemini21) conjunct his Descendant. These configurations point to the very real danger of Netanyahu being blinded by ideology and self-deceptive and grandiose expectations leading to troubling results. Even if the birth time is off, Neptune will still be stationary in its minor hard aspect to Netanyahu’s natal Neptune, activating its strong role in his natal chart. It will be better for Israel when these aspects in their leader’s chart begin to dissipate in mid-November.

  224. starlight says:

    Suzy – Thank you for finding and posting that. We should watch out for the Mars transit square Uranus building over the next several days, exact over over Thanksgiving and into Friday morning, and likely to further inflame the whole mess.

  225. Kdez says:

    I agree. These people are silly, hateful, sore losers. Unless the Koch brothers start throwing money at them, they won’t do anything beyond signing petitions. They are too full of cowardice and self-loathing to hit the streets in an organized mass movement.

    That said, a Timothy McVeigh type attack can eadily come out of this group.

  226. clymela says:

    I thought that the statement that Norquist is a Muslim was a joke and that he is homosexual with a longtime partner who is male. Now I don’t know what the truth is-I am heading over Wikipedia.

  227. clymela says:

    Well!!! back from Wikipedia and….. Norquist is married to a Palestinian and they have adopted two children soooo-I was misinformed-hmm.

  228. clymela says:

    Angellight-I shiver every time the news refers to the missiles landing in Israel and no one is hurt and they never,never mention what is happening in Palestine.

  229. alex says:


    Republicans, led by House Speaker John Boehner, want to scare Americans into accepting yet another extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% and deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. So they’ve created a “fiscal cliff” boogeyman.

    Unfortunately, if you’re following the media story, you may believe Republican claims that the world’s about to end. But the only thing going off a cliff on December 31 is the ability of Republicans to hold our economy hostage for the sake of the rich.

    That’s why we have to spread the truth, so our friends and family don’t fall for the Republican myth about the fiscal cliff. We’ve put together a 5-point guide on what this fiscal showdown is really all about.


    5-Point Guide To The Fiscal Showdown

    1) The “Fiscal Cliff” Is A Myth. As Paul Krugman put it, “The looming prospect of spending cuts and tax increases isn’t a fiscal crisis. It is, instead, a political crisis brought on by the G.O.P.’s attempt to take the economy hostage.”1 Republicans are manufacturing this crisis to pressure Democrats to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and accept painful cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    2) The Bush Tax Cuts Finally End December 31. If Congress does nothing, the ax will fall on all the Bush tax cuts on New Year’s Eve.2 Then, on January 1, the public pressure on John Boehner and House Republicans to extend the middle-class tax cuts (already passed by the Senate and waiting to be signed by President Obama) will become irresistible.3 So the middle-class tax cut will eventually get renewed, and we’ll have $823 billion more revenue from the top 2% to do great things with.4

    3) The Sequester. The sequester is another political creation, forced on Democrats by Republicans in exchange for lifting the debt ceiling last year to avoid crashing our economy.5 It’s a set of cuts (50% to a bloated military budget and 50% to important domestic programs) designed to make both Republicans and Democrats hate it so much that they’d never let it happen.6 And the cuts can be reversed weeks or months into 2013 without causing damage.7

    4) The Big Three. Nothing happens to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits on January 1—unless Republicans force painful cuts to beneficiaries in exchange for tax increases on the wealthy, which are going to happen anyway if Congress does NOTHING.8 So, there’s literally no reason benefits cuts should be part of the discussion right now.

    5) We Should Be Talking About Jobs. The real crisis Americans want Congress to fix is getting people back to work. And with just a fraction of that $823 billion from the wealthiest 2%, we could create jobs for more than 20,000 veterans and pay for the 300,000 teachers and 52,000 first responders, which our communities so desperately need.9 That’s not to mention jobs from investing in clean energy and our national infrastructure.

  230. Geo says:

    Thanks Lorrie,
    Very moving-true letter.

  231. Wennye' says:

    Thanks Lorrie for this find, sending it out for Thanksgiving reminders. Blessings

  232. Lorrie U says:

    Well, you can be a homosexual and married to a woman and adopt children. Know many who have. Many women love the companionship of homosexual men.

    I am astounded to hear he’s a practicing muslim, knew he was married to one! After all the hatred by the GOP’s constituency because they believe Pres. Obama might be a muslim, that just smacks or irony. I bet they don’t know that little fact.

  233. Lorrie U says:

    Unfortunately, Gypsi, peace is difficult to achieve when you have a small group of terrorists who want to keep agitating at the expense of the people.

  234. Lorrie U says:

    You’re welcome. And thanks for the great idea!