12th Nov, 2012

Fiscal Mountain

The election was barely 30 seconds past the finish line when the pundits began hyperventilating about another looming drama sure to bring us sweating and shaking to the edge of our seats for the next eight weeks. The “fiscal cliff” is a term coined to describe that moment at the end of the year when the deadlines for several fiscal policies coalesce to form an enormous danger to the economy if they are not dealt with intelligently and expeditiously. These include: the ending of the Bush tax cuts; the ending of the payroll tax cut; and the “sequestration” or draconian budget cuts promised – due to GOP extortion during the debt ceiling debate – if comprehensive deficit reduction is not achieved. If all goes as currently scheduled, an enormous amount of money will be suddenly sucked out of the US economy pushing us almost immediately back into recession.

The first place to look to understand how we have come to such an impasse is the 112th Congress chart, drawn for January 5, 2011. The Sun in this chart (15Capricorn00) is in a very tight, waxing square with Saturn (16Libra51). This configuration points to the tremendous difficulty and frustration (Saturn) that comes with every attempt to enact a goal (the Sun). Moreover, the paralysis indicated in the Sun/Saturn square has only intensified with time, as the progressed Sun moved to an exact square with natal Saturn around November 1 and will move to an exact square with progressed Saturn (16Libra55) as of November 20, 2012.  In addition, from December 5 through December 8, transiting Mars (15-16 Capricorn) will conjunct natal and progressed Sun, triggering this contentious square and signaling the likely culmination of an acrimonious battle between opposing partisan forces.

Further evidence of the upheaval in Congress comes with the long transit of Uranus square to the Congress chart Pluto (5Capricorn29) through the end of the year. Pluto in the 9th house of the Congress chart, where it has been for several successive congressional terms, suggests very intense partisanship. Thus, some angry partisan wrangling seems likely when transiting Mars (5Capricorn) conjuncts natal Pluto and squares transiting Uranus from November 22 through November 24, although the impact may be diminished due to the Thanksgiving holiday. However, it is also this prolonged Uranus transit that may facilitate unexpected events that lead to a breakthrough sometime after December 15, especially with the limitations and intransigence of the progressed Sun/Saturn square beginning to dissipate.

The US chart also offers important clues about how events will unfold over the next 8 weeks. As mentioned in numerous prior posts, the progressed US Sun (8Pisces) has moved into a square with natal Uranus (8Gemini55) as of mid-September 2012, reaching maximum strength in September 2013. This aspect, especially when it is triggered by strong transits, is bringing significant “wake-up calls” to Americans. Important issues which are being ignored but which demand effort and awareness are coming to the country’s attention, at times due to very painful circumstances.

The utter devastation and sorrow associated with Hurricane Sandy has woken up the country to the reality of climate change and to the need to act aggressively to curb it and build infrastructure that can withstand it. The shock of an overwhelming and unexpected election loss offers Republicans the opportunity to suddenly awaken to the reality-based world, piercing the bubble of their collective self-delusion. And it may be that the Congressional intransigence in dealing with the fiscal cliff and its likely negative impact in the markets and possibly on the US credit rating will wake the country up to the extreme dangers of such partisan dysfunction.

As of November 19, we will enter a period during which the very volatile and disruptive progressed Sun square to natal Uranus will become strongly activated. Transiting Pluto (8Capricorn) will be quincunx US Uranus (8Gemini55) from November 19 through December 21. In addition, from November 26 through November 28, transiting Mars (8Capricorn) will join transiting Pluto, likely causing some kind of very significant upset with the potential for violence or tremendous upheaval, including financial or weather related turmoil. The transiting Sun (8Sagittarius) will oppose US Uranus on November 29, adding yet another day of tension to the mix.

During the last 8 days of November, there will also be a transit of Saturn square the US 8th house North Node (6Leo36), suggesting significant stress that will accompany the above-mentioned tumult described in the Mars/Pluto conjunction impacting the US chart. This stress may negatively impact America’s relationships with other nations during the time of the Saturn transit.  Certainly, one possibility is that the ineffectual Congress, stuck in their partisan wrangling, causes world-wide repercussions due to its inability to deal effectively with the looming financial issues.

It should also be mentioned that during the stress indicated by the transit of Saturn square to US Node, from November 21 through November 30, there is a very dangerous configuration that begins late on November 21 and continues through the early hours of November 23 (EST). November 22 is Thanks giving Day in the US. During this holiday, transiting Mars will be square to transiting Uranus (4Aries47), while transiting Mercury (19Scorpio47) will be simultaneously sesquiquadrate Uranus and semisquare Mars. The Moon joins this volatile configuration in the early morning hours of November 23. This combination suggests some kind of violent upheaval or attack (Mars/Uranus/Mercury) that in some way upsets the US or its interests (Saturn/Node).

An even more dramatic period is likely from December 13 through December 24, when Jupiter (8Gemini) will conjunct US Uranus and both Saturn (8Scorpio) and Pluto (8Capricorn) will be in a quincunx.  There is likely to be a strong public display of concern during this period, with the potential for huge demonstrations and large and effective protest movements.

Indeed, another manifestation of the progressed Sun square to US Uranus over the coming year will be the growth of “people power” – citizens, aided by social media, becoming increasingly adept at exercising their potency in the political and social landscape.

Regarding the fiscal cliff, my sense is that the relevant issues are either resolved or successfully deferred on or around December 21. Certainly, President Obama has nothing in his chart to suggest the profound upset that would accompany a stalemate. In fact, by the last week of December, he moves back into the Neptune transit trine his Venus (1Cancer47) and, a few days later, the Jupiter station square his Pluto (6Virgo59). Both aspects are suggestive of feelings of success and popularity and will continue through January 2013. In addition, Harry Reid (dob 12/2/39) will be under a prolonged Jupiter transit opposite his Sun and square his Mars from December 7 through December 25, pointing to his feelings of contentment and optimism as solutions for the threatening deadlines unfold. Thus, although we can expect that the next few weeks will bring some powerful and possibly painful jolts that will once again wake the country up in areas it has been ignoring, these issues will be somewhat resolved, at least in the short term, before Christmas.


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