27th Nov, 2012

Cracking the Glacier

As the exultation from the 2012 election recedes, there can be no doubt that its results have significantly shifted the political landscape. What were once bands of roaming partisan thugs bent on the wanton destruction of anything associated with Democrats and, in particular, President Obama, now seem more like curmudgeonly old men yelling, “Get off of my lawn.” They engender more eye-rolling than rage in these post-election days.

It should be noted that some in the GOP are actually attempting to sound sane and reasonable as they scramble to remain relevant amidst the wreckage of defeat. The nonsense still spewed by many of their compatriots, however, continues to contaminate the brand.

Into this mix, the negotiations for avoiding the fiscal cliff are proceeding. While there is the beginning of hope when some Republicans agree to put tax increases on the table, the demands to slice and dice Obamacare and the faux outrage over Democratic “abuse of power” in contemplating the return of the filibuster to its intended purpose, among many other examples, remind us who we are dealing with.

The good news is that some of the ice may indeed be cracking, as indicated in the 112th Congress chart. The natal Sun (15Capricorn00) square to natal Saturn (16Libra51), indicative of enormous intransigence and frustration during this two-year session, culminated when the progressed Sun reached the exact square on November 4. In addition, the progressed Sun made its precise square to progressed Saturn (16Libra53) as of November 20. With the early dissipation of these aspects comes the beginning of flexibility and the possibility of actually getting something done. Moreover, there will be a great deal of energy expended from December 5 through December 8 when transiting Mars crosses the natal and progressed Sun. No doubt partisan bickering and aggressive posturing will be stimulated, but some progress will also be possible.

President Obama’s chart shows increasing contentment and success after December 20 continuing through early March 2013, largely due to transiting Neptune trine natal Venus and transiting Jupiter square natal Pluto. Clearly, the nation will not fall off of any kind of cliff during that time. It may be that the actual details of a deal are hammered out between December 11 and December 20 when Saturn crosses Obama’s Neptune, forcing real-world compromise and some disappointment to get it done.

It is also possible that the president will be aided by his grass-roots army of volunteers who demand action in Congress at this crucial time. Certainly, there is a great deal of focus on the progressed US Sun square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55) during late November and December, due to transits of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. This configuration suggests some “awakening” of the people and a strong collective push to break free of past restrictions or dysfunction. A super-charged battle against an uncompromising Congress is one way in which this could manifest, but sudden awakenings can come in many, usually unsolicited forms.

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