A Paradox Unfolds

The simmering pot of tension between Israel and its Arab neighbors has once again boiled over into a war. One is reminded of the old paradox of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object when considering the Middle East. This time, it is a rekindling of the barely-contained violence between Israel and Gaza into full-scale hostilities.

Although many similarities exist in these perennial clashes, there is also an evolving narrative that points to some shifts in the landscape.   In the early years, the Arab neighborhood was no match for the more technologically superior Israel, and her wins were dramatic and quick. In the summer of 2006, however, the Israeli war against Iranian-backed Hezbollah inside of Lebanon was more painful and more protracted than expected and considered more of a “draw” than a win, which more or less translated into a defeat for the hitherto undefeated Israel.

Although Israel continues to retain a huge technological and military advantage against Gaza’s Hamas in the current iteration of this ongoing struggle, there are some notable differences once again. Supplied largely by Iran, Hamas’ rockets are more numerous and reach much further into Israel than previously, some getting as far as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. In addition, the newly-minted governments of the Arab Spring countries are more vocally supportive of the Palestinians in Gaza than were their predecessors, although none has yet become militarily involved.  On the other hand, Israel now has the Iron Dome, a sophisticated shield against incoming rockets that is about 90% effective. Taken together, these trends raise questions more about the outcome of future conflagrations than of the present clash, as the scales slowly seem to inch toward greater equilibrium.

Despite intensive negotiations for a ceasefire, any cessation of hostilities seems unlikely until at least the last day or two of November, and even that seems optimistic. The planet of sudden upset and a desire to throw off constraining limitations, Uranus, is currently stationary square Israel’s Venus (4Cancer49) and square Netanyahu’s Uranus (4Cancer58). This transit has been active since mid-October and will continue through the first few days of January. It points to the rapidly-escalating and transformative series of events now unfolding. With transiting Mars (4Capricorn) coming to square transiting Uranus (4Aries47) from November 21 through 23, we can expect an increase in violence and turmoil over the next few days.

Additionally, transiting Pluto (8Capricorn) is now in a sesquiquadrate with Israel’s Sun (23Taurus41) from November 11 through December 16, highlighting the increased feeling of a power struggle for survival that always accompanies Pluto’s presence. Transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Pluto on November 26 and 27, strengthening the ferocity of this high-stakes battle and likely adding further vehemence and brutality to the mix.

Although the Mars triggers will pass after November 27, both the Uranus and Pluto aspects will continue for weeks, Pluto to mid-December 2012 and Uranus to early January 2013, thus prolonging the feeling of instability. In January, the Israeli progressed Moon will conjunct the progressed Ascendant (23Sagittarius41), somewhat overlapping the Israeli progressed Moon opposite natal Uranus (24Gemini21) in January through the first 10 days of February. Thus, we may see further unexpected and dramatic events leading to some kind of sudden awakening or resolve during January and early February, leading to altered circumstances in this ongoing clash. The status quo will likely be altered in some significant way by mid-February due to the events of the next two months.

It is possible that circumstances between December 7 and December 17 will not go well for Israel, a period during which we may see that nation forced to restrain its actions. The Saturn transit will oppose the Israeli solar return Ascendant (8Taurus16) at this time, which may be indicative of a brief ceasefire.

In truth, my biggest concern is for the late winter and early spring of 2014, when Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars make their very dramatic and potent grand cross around 13 degrees of the cardinal signs. Not only will these impact the US Sun (13Cancer19) and US Moon (27Aquarius12), but they will also stimulate Israel’s Mars (28Leo18), also under a solar arc progressed Uranus conjunct natal Mars, and Iran’s Sun (11Aries06) at that time. It seems possible that the rapidly unfolding and rather wild events of early 2014 may include another, wider Middle Eastern war, one that dwarfs the current hostilities by pulling more countries into the fray. For now, this is only one theory of how these exceptional configurations may manifest, but it will certainly be a highly-charged time to watch.


  1. starlight says:

    Due to the holiday and family coming into town, I may not post another article until early next week. A Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

    In the meantime, it will be helpful to keep track here of the various manifestations of Mars square Uranus and Mars conjunct Pluto over the next several days. It will be felt all over, not just in the Middle East. Pluto is just going into orb triggering the US pr Sun square natal Uranus, so Mars may further stimulate that in some untoward way.

    Also, Saturn is moving into a square with US Node (trouble with other countries). Note the tensions building between the US and both Egypt and Turkey over the Israel/Gaza clash, as well as just general concerns about the current eruption in the Middle East.

    We should all be careful, especially driving. The Stock Market may suffer next week; weather events are possible; the fiscal cliff negotiations are also an issue next week and may hit a big snag, etc.

  2. starlight says:

    Obama will campaign for fiscal cliff issues outside of Washington. The timing is perfect given the big triggers to the pr Sun/Uranus aspect over the next month.


    The Walmart Rebellion:


    More from Saturn square US North Node:


  3. starlight says:

    I know they are talking about a possible cease-fire, but it is hard to imagine going into the Mars Uranus square. That sounds more like a sudden, unepxected and brutal attack. Mars is also quincunx Israel’s Moon for the next few days.

  4. alex says:

    Hey Nancy what symbolic celestial body relates to ‘ the status quo ‘ for your analysis?

  5. Diane L says:

    next week’s lunar eclipse is not exactly a piece of cake either.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving w/your family! :)

  6. alex says:

    Yeah Nancy enjoy the pumpkin pie and cranberries around the table with family;

  7. angellight says:

    Starlight: Thank you for the be careful driving warning. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and to all the Starlight Readers & Writers, Have a great Thanksgiving.

  8. alex says:

    Hi Nancy having a glitch on computer I can post as reply but not as a comment; occasionally when my computer does an automatic update I get compatibility problems with word press; it usually clears up; is it something you can clear?

  9. starlight says:

    I really don’t know. I see everything as moving in time from past to future, as evolving. The status quo is simply where things are today on that line. Saturn is resistant to change. The South Node describes past habit patterns, but then so do some difficult natal aspects.

  10. starlight says:

    Sounds like your computer not mine. Sorry.

  11. Sharon says:

    Thank you for another informative and well-written article, Starlight…I look forward to the next big step towards the peace we are all praying for and hope it is sooner than we think. May everyone have a Thanksgiving in the spirit of the full meaning of the word…meditate and light candles….I’m very thankful for the friendship and opportunity for really good communication I find here (and thankful for the internet as well). May God Bless you & all of your famliies and friends, the world, and the universe with universal peace, love, empathy, compassion, harmony and kindness to each other in the midst of these potentially explosive transits.

  12. alex says:

    politics itself is so status quo; most of the ‘representatives’ are paid agents via lobbyists to help corporations fend off competition and/or changes/evolution or both;

    entrenched corporate interests are set in concrete!

    that’s why I use the South Node – just checking in with you for your POV – thanks

  13. alex says:

    it is … adobe wants an update it is something my kids will have to fix; when adobe sends messages with it’s download link I get verclempt;

  14. will says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Starlight, and to all fellow bloggers.
    Stay safe, be peaceful, be grateful.

  15. angellight says:

    Worldview Prophecy and Prediction – Excerpt:

    “Prophecy” is a rather old-fashioned word, linked as it is in most minds with the prophets of established religious texts. Perhaps we need to re-imagine the term, for prophecy is the power to contact a higher vision, to resonate with the potential for a higher expression of the soul of a people, or even of all humanity. It thus requires a vast sympathy for the human condition, an ability to perceive the complex dynamics of a society through the eyes of the heart, and to lift this perception into the realm where divine Ideas are ever seeking to work out into manifestation.

    Thus, while a forecaster is preoccupied with attempting to analyse how already existing complex patterns of forces will evolve over time, a prophet is instead concerned with sensing what new energies can enter into human consciousness and produce change. In addition, a forecaster is generally concerned with a concrete outcome – a date, a number, some previously defined measure of success, such as economic prosperity or political stability. By contrast, a prophet is usually seen as deeply concerned with showing the way – “Prepare ye the way for the Lord, make his paths straight” (Mark 1:3 re John the Baptist) – proclaiming a vision and persistently holding it before a people as an ideal state of affairs to be aspired to – hence prophecy always has a moral, even spiritual dimension, in the broad sense of an advance of human spirit and consciousness. We could say that the forecaster is seeking to be right, while the prophet is seeking to bring about righteousness.”


  16. angellight says:

    “Breaking the Israeli-Palestinian Cycle of Violence

    Achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians is a critical issue of human rights, justice, and global security. But it is also an issue that Winning Progressive rarely writes about because there are few issues that we find more frustrating. Rarely do we find an issue where the solution is so obvious yet the parties involved on all sides are so unwilling to work in good faith towards such solution. Instead, Israelis and Palestinians are trapped in an accelerating cycle of violence, and even discussions of the issue rapidly devolve into finger pointing and recriminations.”


  17. starlight says:

    Alex – The only glitch is that sometimes some words put your posts into moderation because they think it might be spam. Also you can’t switch your name or email address without going through moderation again. I posted one of your many attempts at the end of the last thread.

  18. Lorrie U says:

    Tea Party Leader: Romney Can Still Win

    “Mitt Romney carried 24 states. We need to have conservative activists from all over the nation contact the electors, the Republican Party and the secretary of state in all of these states and tell them not to participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17. If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives. That is how we can still pull this election out and make Mitt Romney president in January. We need this concept shared with every tea party, liberty and patriotic group throughout the country.”


    God help us, I don’t put this past them…

  19. ox the cat says:

    I read that too. They are the sorest losers in history.

  20. ScorpioX3 says:

    Hillary Clinton is in Israel meeting with Netanyahu. I just received an uncomfortable flash about her safety, Starlight. Any thoughts about that?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the members of this wonderful community. Blessings to all!

  21. pisca says:

    The November 13 Solar Eclipse conjuncted Hillary’s natal mercury and squared natal saturn. Her progressed sun is 8-9 degrees Capricorn. Some heavy stuff!

  22. Sharon says:

    Good article, thank you.

  23. Sharon says:

    Well, if anything would cause civil war (of sorts), this would! Can you imagine the reaction to this travesty!?

  24. alex says:

    It’s the update (needed) or new update automatic that makes these bumps in the road on my computer… the adobe thingy had some issues; it wanted to disconnect my virus protection to install a new update and I said no; I’m stuck for awhile; my kids fix old computer when they can; I point and click, Thanks it might iron itself out before anyone has to deal with it – have to wait and sort of thing;

  25. Lune Prière says:

    You’ve been posting like mad! Hope you enjoy a relaxing, non-blogging holiday nancy. Thanks for all your great posts the past few months.

  26. alex says:

    if you google search term: ‘tea party unhappy’ or tea party unhappy with election results’ you get tons of headlines that have all kinds of date….

    seems unhappy is the key word for tea party;

    do you know any tea party people; I only know one who is a woman has worked middle class blue collar jobs all her life she was happy to have Medicare/Medicaid pay for her 90+ mother’s stay in nursing home but doesn’t want Affordable health care act for everybody;

    she only watches Fox News and can afford better media but won’t; she can afford a computer but she is suspicious that they are turning our privacy over to the government ( well she’s right on that ) she belongs to a union but hates them;

    the odd odd thing is that she is the friendliest, approachable person and seems sincerely happy ( there must be something I’m not seeing going on that she wants to deny other people the basic freedom from insecurity and instability and the very human need for health care)

    so the disassociation seems to be, as far as I can tell when I’ve spoken to her, is that she doesn’t want universal health care or extended health care benefits for more people – it’s ok that she and her family have health care but not everybody deserves it in her tea party universe;

  27. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    This is not a viable plan. There’s no need for a quorum in the Electoral College. Obama will have the 330 (is that the correct number?) of EC votes. The fewer Republican Electors who participate, the greater his percentage of those cast.

    This nonsense comes from a total misreading of that part of the Constitution.

  28. pisca says:

    My guess is this is just wishful thinking by Tea Party nuts. However, the timing is interesting in light of the fact that Texas Secretary of State just resigned and Rick perry will appoint a new one. I wonder what’s going on in other “red” states.

  29. alex says:

    Paul Ryan is 113TH Congress,
    Chairman of the House Budget Committee:


    Paul Ryan’s 5TH – 6TH Houses (Aries, Taurus – Mars, Saturn)

    de·prav·i·ty (the urge to deny basic needs to others)

    Natal Mars @03 Aries (5th House)
    Phaedra @05 Aries (depraved desires – fanatic objectivism ideology)
    Jupiter @05 Scorpio (12Th House)


    Sedna @00 Taurus 49 (cold-hearted, wounded) – Paul Ryan’s Natal Sedna is significant because his fanatic Milton Freedom, Ayn Rand objectivist ideology that is designed to ‘ Sedna = victiimize’ other people; and because of its aspect to Pres. Obama;

    Ryan Natal Sedna ’00 Taurus’


    Ryan Natal Quaoar ’01 Scorpio’


    Obama Natal Jupiter ’00 Aquarius’


    Natal Sedna ’00 Taurus’ ~ Paul Ryan


    Minor Asteroids – key words, Mark Andrew Holmes

    Tweedledum, ’00 Taurus 18′ (same ideology as before, no real change)
    Altjira, ’00 Taurus 31′ (a dream or vision, ends justify the means)
    Vinifera, ’00 Taurus 38′ (intoxication; having to do with wine or wine making)
    Mohorovicic, ’01 Taurus 13′ (fire within, keeping a lid on something)
    118401 LINEAR, ’01 ta 57′ (in a straight line, on a glide path, following logic or method)

    SATURN @02 Taurus 41 opposite JUPITER @05 Scorpio


    Mars @03 Aries 36

    Chiron @03 Aries 20
    Wurm @03 Aries 23
    Phaedra @05 Aries 16
    (depraved desires)

    Eris @11 Aries 31
    (need to challenge system or status quo, conflict & dischord)
    Bellerophon @11 Aries 08
    (error prone, despised)

  30. alex says:

    oops correction:

    Milton Friedman ( you all probably know who he is, the father of Shock Doctrine Capitalism – NEOCON )

  31. Lorrie U says:

    Well, we know that no one would ever classify Tea Party people as rational or astute.

  32. Lorrie U says:

    It is ironic and poetic justice. What mystifies me is that he ended up with 47% and it terrifies me to think that so many could be so easily hoodwinked.

  33. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight, looks like you were right. Israel rejected terms so no truce at this time.

  34. Cappy says:

    Don’t you suspect that when the total truth is known re the tabulation of votes for this election…including the widespread vote suppression… plus the undeclared exact amount (billion$) in buying votes – one way or another…and even though Rove’s 3 State hacking grand clincher plans were themselves hacked.. we will discover what we suspect … that the Rethugs-Romney-Ryan depraved cabal were nowhere near to 47% of the true vote of the people. Romney rigging was happening in more states than 3…but not allowed by Anonymous, hacktivist for the people, to be enough for a Rethug *WIN*.

  35. fierywoman says:

    … or particularly well educated.

  36. Virginia says:

    I had the same gut feeling about Hillary’s safety.
    She looks awfully tired to be going in harm’s way again.
    Let us all keep her in our prayers.

  37. alex says:


    The “Do The Math” tour is kicking off a new campaign to take on the fossil fuel industry for standing in the way of climate progress.

    Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be posting more information about the steps that all of us can take to isolate this rogue industry and start building a more powerful grassroots climate movement here and around the world. All of that starts with making the Do The Math tour a big success.

  38. starlight says:

    First terror attack in Tel Aviv since 2006:


    Sixteen people have been confirmed injured in a bus bombing in central Tel Aviv at the corner of of Shaul Hamelech and Henrietta Szold Streets, according to the Jerusalem Post. Police say the blast was a terrorist attack.

    The worst of this Mars/Uranus square could come Friday AM when the Moon joins Uranus (4Aries) and the square becomes exact. It peaks around noon in Tel Aviv and 7 hours earlier here on the East Coast USA.

  39. Diane L says:

    Speaking of the fiscal cliff . . . any indicators for no action being taken & allowing all tax cuts to expire? Sure makes Norquist irrelevant . . .


  40. alex says:

    Natal Grover Norquist, Ntal Incarnation Mutable Fire, DOB 10/19/1956, Sharon PA noon chart:

    If you are like me you’ve noticed from life experience ( from realm of politics ) that some people like being hated or despised they draw power from it and it gives them validation.

    QUOTE: Mr. Norquist contends that every few years, several noisy Republicans say their support is squishy. Yet every time, he says proudly, the outcome is the same.

    “It’s been 22 years since a Republican voted for a tax increase in this town,” he said in a recent interview. “This is not my first rodeo.”


    Natal Cardinal Grand Cross

    N/Bellerophon @13 Cancer conjunct USA Sun @13 Cancer
    (error prone, despised, downfall thru hubris)


    N/Juno @13 Capricorn

    …completing the Natal Cardinal Grand Cross…

    N/Eris @08 Aries conjunct N/Ceres @11 Aries
    (strife, discord – Eris)(doing what is best for oneself – Ceres)


    N/Mercury @10 Libra


    Natal Fire Trine

    N/Vesta @12 Sagittarius (determined,devoted sole focus)
    N/Hildalgo @10 Sagittarius (vested interests)


    N/Eris @08 Aries (relentless)</strong)
    N/Ceres @11 Aries


    N/Uranus @06 Leo

  41. alex says:

    Norquist’s power came from a threat that he didn’t hesitate to brandish: Any member of Congress who broke the pledge would be called to account before voters, preferably in a GOP primary against someone more reliable.

    But an increasing number of Republicans are sidling away from Norquist’s pledge and reassessing their resistance to any kind of tax increase. Before this month’s election, Norquist counted 238 members of the House of Representatives as signers of his pledge, a majority of the total of 435. But no more than 212 members of next year’s House consider themselves bound by the pledge — fewer than a majority.

    Some of Norquist’s signers lost their seats. Some newly elected Republicans say they see no reason to sign a formal pledge on taxes. And at least six House members who once signed say they no longer consider themselves bound by it.

    Even more striking, an increasing number of prominent Republicans are dismissing Norquist as a pest. House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) has referred to him as “some random person.” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) says Norquist’s power has been “broken.” And in the unkindest cut for any Washington idea-monger, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) dismissed Norquist as inconsequential. “It doesn’t matter what he says,” Coburn told MSNBC in July.


  42. alex says:

    Grover Norquist YOD by Synastry USA chart:

    Apex of YOD

    N/Circe @08 Scorpio (bias, only one way)


    N/Eris @08 Aries (strife, discord)


    USA Uranus @08 Gemini

  43. will says:


    So true, unless one considers oneself sufficiently educated after reading Atlas Shrugged. The majority of Tea Party people I have encountered are either very greedy and mean and/or quite rigid, primitive and not very educated at all.

  44. starlight says:

    Ceasefire agreed to. I still am concerned about something explosive and damaging Friday morning in Israel (around 8:30 to 9AM).

  45. Wennye' says:


  46. kiwi says:

    To all of you, a very joyous and peaceful thanksgiving!!

  47. Cappy says:

    If correct, the truce agreements stipulate:

    1. Understanding Regarding Ceasefire In Gaza Strip
    a. Israel shall stop all hostilities on the Gaza Strip land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individuals. b. All Palestinian factions shall stop all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel, including rocket attacks, and attacks along the border. c. Opening the crossings and facilitating the movement of people and transfer of goods, and refraining from restricting residents free movement, and targeting residents in border areas and procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.
    d. Other matters as maybe requested shall be addressed.

    2. Implementation Mechanisms
    a. Setting up of the zero hour for the Ceasefire Understanding to enter into effect. b. Egypt shall receive assurances from each party that the party commits to what was agreed upon.
    c. Each party shall commit itself not to perform any act that would breach this understanding. In case of any observations, Egypt — as the sponsor of this understand — shall be informed to follow up.

    — Eline Gordts

  48. Cappy says:

    According to the White House:

    President Obama spoke to Prime Minister Netanyahu today and reiterated his commitment to Israel’s security.
    The President made clear that no country can be expected to tolerate rocket attacks against civilians.

    The President expressed his appreciation for the Prime Minister’s efforts to work with the new Egyptian government to achieve a sustainable ceasefire and a more durable solution to this problem.

    The President commended the Prime Minister for agreeing to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal – which the President recommended the Prime Minster do – while reiterating that Israel maintains the right to defend itself.

    The President said that the United States would use the opportunity offered by a ceasefire to intensify efforts to help Israel address its security needs, especially the issue of the smuggling of weapons and explosives into Gaza.

    The President said that he was committed to seeking additional funding for Iron Dome and other US-Israel missile defense programs.

    — Eline Gordts

  49. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    Warm hugs, gratitudes & aloha to each/ever!. Many blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

  50. Lorrie U says:

    Alex, I think it would be a lark to start the rumor that Norquist was a Muslim plant to undermine the American economy and bring down the democracy! There are enough paranoid GOP/TP people who might just buy into it–kind of a turning the tables on the GOP practice of buying into their fears.

  51. Lorrie U says:

    The Time is Now for Obama to Educate in Order to End the GOP Assault on Social Security

  52. Sharon says:

    Thank you & the same to you & yours!

  53. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Wishing everyone here on this wonderful and informative blog a happy and safe Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving gift has been granted. President Obama was re-elected, I am beyond grateful simply because many thousands of people will have a better quality of life here in the USA.

    Now that is something to truly be thankful for. All the best to everyone.

  54. Virginia says:

    I too am most grateful to have Obama continue to lead us. Around our Thanksgiving table we traditionally lead off the conversation by listing the many things for which we are grateful. With everything from serious (still employed) to silly (the biscuits didn’t burn!) I always include this blog, which teaches me and keeps me sane.

    May you all have much for which to be grateful this Thanksgiving and always.

    Blessed be!

  55. Patty says:

    Wishing all…a warm & wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank You, Nancy for your wise guidance and the kindness of creating this wonderful Blog for all of us to take part in.

    “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”.
    -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  56. clymela says:

    Today I walked about by an empty dwelling place and noticed several apples on the ground that had fallen in the rain onto the ground from the limbs of the old apple tree.I felt sad that the apples had grown to maturity without any of us noticing and I harvested the ones that were not utterly rotten and I have them now in the kitchen and I plan to make an apple crisp for tomorrow and these apples are my prayer of gratitude for life that flows abundantly, overflowing. I am so grateful knowing that we will have a full house tomorrow and I know that all will be blessed by the sacred apples-THANK YOU MOTHER/FATHER FOR ALL THAT WE HAVE WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING. Bless you all and may tomorrow warm your hearts and mind. Thank you for all that I have learned here and for your consciousness that is so bright-I always turn here when I feel down and somehow I am always lifted up to carry on.

  57. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    clymela, you gathering those apples and making good use of them warms my heart. You are a sort of a Johnny Appleseed in a slightly different kind of way. Good on you! I am sure that the apple crisp will be delicious. I am gonna pretend that I am having a serving. Yep, it’s going to be good!

  58. alex says:

    To you and yours – Happy Holidays

  59. Lune Prière says:

    Love your comment Clymela. So evocative

  60. alex says:

    well he likes being condemned he draws power from it – – ignoring him would be a good strategy – YES?

  61. Lune Prière says:

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Starlighters! So grateful for this forum

  62. Suzy says:

    Clymela, what an incredible post.

    Makes me think that even the most overlooked or abandoned of us can have hope that we can be plucked up off the ground and be used for good.

    I love your post about making use of the “abandoned apples” for your Crisp.

    This is what we will do and must do going forward. “Look for the things that others neglect and make good use of them.”

    What a wonderful post! And, thanks and Happy “TG” to all here including and most of all Nancy who puts this site out here and all the participants that make it such a good read.

  63. Sharon says:

    Yes, Clymela…you have captured the essence of what it’s all about. That’s going to be one delicious & special apple crisp and Thanksgiving gathering. Thank you. And thank you to Starlight and everyone else else here—we do share star light!

  64. Sharon says:


  65. Cappy says:

    A Gigantic Thanks Giving to Starlight and each Starlighter on this most unique astro – political -plus
    cybersite on Mother Earth spinning within the Milky Way Galaxy that is experiencing it’s 26,000 year alignment as we speak!!!

    Unending Blessings to one and All…including our loved ones everywhere:)

  66. Iris says:

    Adding my thanks for this wonderful website. To Nancy, for her wise interpretations and fabulous articles, and to all the posters for their wit and wisdom. Many your blessings be many this Thanksgiving.

    Also, in response to fierywoman a few threads back: Solar eruptions and earth magnetic disturbances/solar flares are only forecast a few days out as far as I can tell. See spaceweather dot com for the latest updates and “News and information about the Sun-Earth environment.” Fabulous pictures, interesting links and solar monitoring.

  67. KIM says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks for all you do for us–keeping us sane :)

  68. fierywoman says:

    Thank you for the info, Iris!
    And a blessed, peaceful, joyous Thanksgiving to all Starlighters.
    (Anyone else had the passing thought of, “ONLY four more years, damn!”?)

  69. Lorrie U says:

    So many wonderful Thanksgiving posts, all I can do is echo the sentiments. Wishing all of you and those you love a Blessed Thanksgiving Day.

    I am so thankful for this wonderful forum with supportive, like-minded friends. Thank you, Nancy, for making it possible!

  70. Bob says:

    Giving a BIG thanks for Nancy, this blog, and all of the wonderful, supportive and informative posters here. I hope all of you have a safe and happy, happy Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. It is a special time of year and President Obama’s re-election and the new cease fire in the Middle east help make it a happier one.

    Peace All.

  71. Lisa L. Robinson says:

    Yes fierywoman, that about sums it up about the next four years. Let’s enjoy and all continue to help do our part. Here’s to four more great years. By the way, you are very funny. I always enjoy your posts.

  72. oxthecat says:

    Thank you Nancy for this wonderful blog. Thanks to all the posters too. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  73. Abilene says:

    Here is wishing everyone here a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with lots and lots of good food, family and friends. I would like to give Starlight an extra thank you for providing a forum for all us to gather. Be happy and well everybody!

  74. karen says:

    Oh, you said exactly what I intended to Lorrie. Thank you all! And the Earth for her providence.

  75. KIM says:

    any numerologists here? Any significance for Thanksgiving being on 11/22?

  76. connimac says:

    So much to be thankful for today, but Starlight and all her thoughtful posters are right up there at the top of the list. This is such an inspirational as well as informative site, and we do owe it all to the high tone Starlight sets and keeps. Thank you, thank you!

    In fact it was on this site that I learned of the Matthew Msgs. I’ll return the favor by giving a link to a special Thanksgiving msg. up for view now. http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=155&z=2

  77. Cappy says:


    Thank you for mentioning that a new Matthew Message is up on this most special day.
    i also learned of Matthew and also David Wilcock and his amazing site:divinecosmos.com
    Both Matthew and David unfailingly supported Barrack Obama and assured their readers that President Obama was not only going to be re-elected, but he was specially sent and totally prepared to lead us into a better life and time.

    Also Today, there is a ‘Call’ sent out from various metaphysical websites for a worldwide united Meditation-Prayer Day.
    It has been scientifically noted that since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, whenever large groups of Meditators unite across the Ethers that the planetary frequency goes up.

    So now every Sunday is becoming a worldwide Meditation-Prayer day, and special days like today:)

    ‘People Power ‘is growing and very exciting. Scientists who study the human and the human body have for too long ‘thrown out the Diamond and studied the box”

  78. Cappy says:

    Another great site for Matthew and others is:

  79. pat says:

    Thank you Nancy and posters! I too can only echo all the sentiments of Gratitude, and for finding you. Blessings and Peace….Happy Thanksgiving!

  80. alex says:

    Nov 28TH Lunar Eclipse: ‘popularity out of being unpopular’

    Apex YOD Lunar Eclipse, Moon conjunct Dark Lilith

    Moon @06 Gemini conjunct Dark Lilith @06 Gemini
    (moon conjunct Lilith brings popularity out of being unpopular)

    Mitt Romney Natal North Node @06 Gemini

    Lilith Astrology:

    In Lilith astrology one can use three Lilith Moon’s. Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith and the lesser known Dark Moon Lilith. Together they work as a Triple Moon Goddess.

    Demetra George wrote: ” The Asteroid Lilith describes the first stage in the mythical journey where she is suppressed, humiliated and flees in a fiery rage to the desolate wilderness. The Dark Moon Lilith depicts the pain of her exile where she plots and executes revenge. The Black Moon Lilith shows how she transmutes her distorted image back into its natural healthy expression”

    – Finding our Way through the Dark by Demetra George

    Dark Lilith Bush & Cheney

    George W. Bush
    No one is more responsible for racking up our debt than Bush. He campaigned in 2000 promising to cut taxes in order to avoid paying down the national debt. And when the recession of 2001 arrived, he said tax cuts would revive the economy. And when the economy didn’t revive, he cut taxes some more. Tax cuts for all occasions. And it was all guilt-free.

    Dick Cheney
    While Bush was busy cutting taxes, Cheney was busy planning the war on terror. For the first time in our history, we sent our military into battle without raising taxes at home to help pay for it. It added trillions to the debt.

    Natal Dick Cheney:

    N/Uranus @22 Taurus conjunct N/Hybris @22 Taurus (overconfidence, hubris)


    Federal Government radix chart Midheaven @22 Taurus

    Natal George W. Bush: one element symbolically representing Bush’s addictions is the minor asteroid HYGEIA :

    Bush N/Hygeia @26 Aries
    Cheney N/Dark Lilith @25 Aries

    This aspect association narrates the Bush/Cheney presidency that many people describe as Cheney’s presidency with Bush as the figurehead president.

    Synastry Semi-Sextile Kite Aspect: Bush & Cheney partnership

    Apex Kite (nose of kite, lift)
    N/Belleophon George W. Bush @04 Pisces
    (error prone, despised)


    N/Pallas @04 Capricorn, George W. Bush


    N/Vesta @03 Aries, George W. Bush


    N/Juno @04 Virgo, Dick Cheney

    Tail of Kite (drag)

  81. alex says:


    During the 2000 presidential campaign, Bush said that he gave up drinking after waking up with a hangover after his 40th birthday celebration: “I quit drinking in 1986 and haven’t had a drop since then.” He ascribed the change in part to a 1985 meeting with Reverend Billy Graham, after which he began serious Bible study, as well as to gentle but persistent pressure from his wife, Laura.

    In the book The Hubris Syndrome: Bush, Blair, and the Intoxication of Power, Lord David Owen, former British MP and a founder of the Social Democrat Party, writes:

    “Bush claims he has drunk no alcohol since 1987 but there have been rumors in the press to the contrary. On 13 January 2002 he lost consciousness while sitting on a couch in the White House watching a football game. His head hit the floor, resulting in an abrasion on his left cheekbone. The incident was blamed on a combination of not feeling well in previous days and an improperly eaten pretzel.

    I was contacted by a British doctor who had visited Johns Hopkins University and in talking to a group of young doctors was told that, following this incident, the President had been admitted to Walter Reed Hospital, a blood sample of his had been sent to Johns Hopkins which showed a blood alcohol level in the range of 200 mg.

  82. tetramorph says:

    Today is Julia Child’s birthday. 11 & 22 are master numbers. She was a master cook!

  83. mitzi says:

    Because of You, NANCY and the entire STARLIGHT Family, the World is Already a Better Place! – Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to All!!

  84. Patty says:

    Hope you all had a Great Turkey Day!
    As our family, here in California, waits for our Turkey to cook. Thought you all might enjoy this:

    15 Thanksgiving Dos and Dont’s (From the Movies)

  85. Lune Prière says:

    Bush definitely seemed impaired at the Olympics.



    Ha, in one of the photos, the Romney’s are sitting in front of him.

    I’ve always felt his Katrina problem was a result of being on a binge in Crawford.

  86. mitzi says:


  87. mitzi says:

    Thanksgiving on 11/22/2012 = 11
    2012 = 5
    11, Master number, illuminates the World with a vision of cooperation, and harmony.
    22, Master number, or the Master Builder, also known as the architect of peace
    5 = Change
    We now come to the realization that life has changed, the years almost over, we’er all a little older, but it’s deeper than that. Our perceptions of reality are in question? We want peace, love, and unity. But are we willing to break-free
    from our self imposed limitations, and lift the veil of our collective illusions? – This requires strength and courage.
    On this special day are you willing to claim and live in your TRUTH? And if so are you willing to roll-up your sleeves and help to build the kind of World you believe in? A World where there’s plenty of love, peace, and love for everybody! – It is a blessed day!

  88. alex says:

    yeah he drank his way through his WH years:




    N/Moon @16 Libra
    N/Juno @16 Libra
    N/Jupiter @18 Libra

    George W. had a (vested interest – Hildago )
    in Dick Cheney

    N/Ceres @10 Aquarius cnj N/Hildago @05 Aquarius
    N/Sun @10 Aquarius


    Natal Bush Dark Lilith @06 Sagittarius
    Natal Cheney Hildago @08 Sagittarius


    (Sagittarius energy rebellious in nature, risk taker, can’t stand to be restricted or controlled)

    N/Pallas @00 Sagittarius
    N/IC @06 Sagittarius
    conjunct (S. Node Nov. 28th 2012 Lunar Eclipse)
    N/Hildago @08 Sagittarius
    N/Mars @17 Sagittarius
    N/Ceres @18 Sagittarius


    Astrology Uncut: A Street Smart Guide to the Stars by Rob Marriott

    Sagittarius is arguably the most gangsta sign of the zodiac, because they are equal parts intellect and instinct.

    Ruthless and ambitious, these are the last folks you want after you; Sagittarius is the sign most likely to go out in a blaze of glory, teeth clenched and bustin’ shots.

  89. Barb says:

    What a lovely thing to do! Makes me feel happy just hearing about it!

  90. fierywoman says:

    Lisa, a big Thanksgiving *mwah!” to you, thank you.

  91. angellight says:

    connimac/cappy: Thanks for the Matthews Link. I was especially glad to read the following as this has been happening to me so much that I told my daughter yesterday, that I was going to get a check -up, I have been so forgetful lately and just plain disoriented. Matthews says:
    “On a different front but also due to increasingly high vibrations, many are experiencing conditions such as weakness, disorientation, forgetfulness, fatigue, sudden mood swings and other uncustomary sensations. In healthy bodies that have absorbed light, the anomalies are few and brief as these bodies’ crystalline cells adjust more easily to energy fluctuations than can the carbon-based cells of bodies with less light.”

    I am still going to get a check-up because of the above symptoms but maybe this is as Matthew says is what is going on.

  92. angellight says:

    Hope everyone had a good & safe Thanks Giving! Also, thankful and grateful for the cease fire between Israel & Humas. Hopefully, we can work toward a more harmonious and peaceful life, coexistance among nations/countries/people, who are essentially one.

  93. angellight says:

    John McCain (R-Ariz) has been acting erratically for years now, but things are getting worse. With all the problems confronting the U.S., he has made Susan Rice, current ambassador to the U.N. and possible Obama nominee for Secretary of State, the focus of his increasingly irrational annoyance. He seems to think that she should have substituted her own analysis of the attack in Benghazi Libya for the official CIA briefing. What her own analysis could have been is entirely unclear, nor is it her job description to have one, much less substitute it for official intelligence reports. It is really unclear why he is so obsessively negative toward her.

  94. angellight says:


    John McCain (R-Ariz) has been acting erratically for years now, but things are getting worse. With all the problems confronting the U.S., he has made Susan Rice, current ambassador to the U.N. and possible Obama nominee for Secretary of State, the focus of his increasingly irrational annoyance. He seems to think that she should have substituted her own analysis of the attack in Benghazi Libya for the official CIA briefing. What her own analysis could have been is entirely unclear, nor is it her job description to have one, much less substitute it for official intelligence reports. It is really unclear why he is so obsessively negative toward her.


    (Sorry for duplicate, 1st one did not have link).

  95. cappy says:


    Always learn so much from your astroid inclusive posts … and now this insightful, entertaining book looks like not only a hoot but quite educational. Thanks:)
    If you feel like it sometime, what are your favorite key astro books to recommend?

  96. cappy says:

    This does not feel like it is from Anonymous, hactivist for the people.
    Anyone can claim to be Anonymous. We will know them by their deeds.

  97. KIM says:

    thanks, Mitzi….that was inspiring :)

  98. Sharon says:

    I didn’t get this video—it seemed more like a trailer for the movie (and I didn’t watch more than half of it). I have observed that things are not always as they seem on either side. There have been many revoluations and government takeovers where those taking over did not offer an improved solution because their understanding was also faulty and, in some cases, those who took over were violent and corrupted by power as much as the people they ousted. Which is not to say that the violence part refers to “Annonyous” or “Wikileaks” or a group like that, but there is an aspect of what they do that I find can be unethical. I question their maturity.

  99. cappy says:

    Fascinating Messina article, alex.

  100. Virginia says:

    I think it is simply the McCain is an old warrior without a war to fight, so he creates one. This is his comfort zone, but his way of doing things is rapidly becoming irrelevant. He senses this and it scares him, but he does not know how else to behave, does not know how to back down. In charity, we also need to factor in the effects of his captivity so long ago, and send him love&light in hopes that he ‘wakes up’.

  101. alex says:

    Hey Cappy, my list of favorites is too long to include.

    I like minor asteroids too. Mark Andrew Holmes answered an email question maybe 2003? and we’ve carried on a conversation since. He has extensive research on minor asteroids among other things. He’s been quite helpful with minor aspects as well. I enjoy a good conversation about aspects!

    Way back when I can tell you that I started with Isabel Hickey, Astrology A Cosmic Science, and Alan Oken, Complete Astrology, and Astrology Inside Out by Bruce Nevin in the mid 1980’s and told myself I’d read them when I had time; I first got around to doing in that in the mid-1990’s :-)

    Isabel Hickey was my first astrology author her concepts are inscribed in my memory.

  102. Sharon says:

    True..and he does have some very good ethics and integrity also, I’ve noticed, BUT he did sneeringly call Obama “the community organizer” on CNN right before the election, so he does see himself among the elite also, how could you not with that much money? There are exceptions of course and we appreciate those who have social consciousness.

    So what’s Lindsey Graham’s excuse? — (the sore loser)

  103. Lorrie U says:

    I can definitely relate to the fatigue & sudden mood swings! And sadness with no real reason for it. Had a checkup and everything was fine. My acupuncturist/chinese medicine doctor said I had too much heat from not assimilating my food properly, changed my herbal mixture and I am finding the energy I need to accomplish things although I still feel fatigued to some extent. I think the negativity of the past year with the election where the stakes were so high, have left us depleted.

  104. alex says:

    Students at Patrick Henry College can complete their christo-fascist indoctrination before joining right-wing think tanks and media groups in Washington. Nearly all of the students have been home-schooled by ultra-conservative evangelical Christian parents. Students are taught to kneel before images of Jesus and Ronald Reagan; they attend lectures on how America can waterboard its way to global dominance.


    German – Translator Online: http://www.bing.com/translator

    Patrick Henry College is a small school in Virginia where a reactionary form of Christianity is taught along with neoconservative political theory. At home they were taught that God has a special covenant with America, Europe is a cess-pool of atheism and relativism, and the United Nations is doing Satan’s work.

  105. Lorrie U says:

    Meet the Man Who Has Been Battling Romney and Bain’s Bankruptcy Fraud for 12 Years


  106. alex says:

    what a great catch Lorrie – Thanks

  107. Virginia says:

    Lindsey Graham? Bad manners, I suppose, and a lack of grace I might otherwise associate with someone from South Carolina.

    Interesting that McCain disparaged Obama for being a community organizer, since it was precisely those kind of skills that enabled his re-election.

  108. clymela says:

    Perhaps love and light will help him but I have thought for months now that McCain has gone around the bend. I agree with this article regarding his sanity and have said so many times to my family (I am not a public person so there would be no way for me to announce my intuitions to the greater community.) His vicious attack on Susan Rice seems to me to be attacking her because she is female and is a sort of “pissing on Obama” at the same time. I have been shocked and appalled and hurt that no one seems willing to bring him down and send him for treatment.

  109. Patty says:

    My husband and I were talking…We don’t remember anything like this ‘Black Friday’ business ten or twenty years ago. It’s bizarre what is happening to America.

  110. alex says:

    FYI: kneel before images of Ronald Reagan


    Miss America


    Patrick Henry College is a small school in Virginia where a reactionary form of Christianity is taught along with neoconservative political theory. At home they were taught that God has a special covenant with America, Europe is a cess-pool of atheism and relativism, and the United Nations is doing Satan’s work.

    Nearly all of the students have been home-schooled by ultra-conservative evangelical Christian parents. Students are taught to kneel before images of Jesus and Ronald Reagan; they attend lectures on how America can waterboard its way to global dominance.

    Mutable Air Chart, Missing Element Water

    Opened 9/20/2000 (speculative time 10AM)
    Purcellville VA

    (pallas 08Libra) Mercury @19 Libra (circe 22Libra)
    Eris @19 Libra

    Vesta @20 Capricorn
    Dark Lilith @22 Capricorn
    South Node @22 Capricorn


    Ceres @03 Scorpio
    Ascendant @03 Scorpio (polarizing water element)
    Pholus @03 Scorpio


    Jupiter @11 Gemini
    conjunct (sense of entitlement)
    Moon @21 Gemini


  111. starlight says:

    Fires broke out in Egypt Friday in response to Morsi’s power grab:


    A shooting in Gaza but the cease fire holds:


    I am happy to be wrong about the cease fire.

  112. cappy says:

    Going to forward this everywhere possible…wow, Lorrie!

  113. cappy says:

    alex…love your list…already have the great Isabel Hickey and wonderful Alan Oken tomes…will add with relish your other treasures…Thanks:)

  114. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    I would seriously question that McCain as “some very good ethics and integrity”. It’s my observation that he has neither. Start with recalling some of his behaviors while in the military, including the crashing of more than one jet.

    Then there’s his abandonment of his first wife after he came home from the war. After that, he took up with Cindy Lou Hensley, now McCain, well before he divorced his first wife.

    Later on, after he served in the U.S. House of Representatives, he moved out of his district to a much better part of Phoenix (and I was living there at the time and remember this clearly) even before he announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

    Ethics? Integrity? I don’t think so.

  115. Jerry says:

    by Roeland de Looff

    According to many prophecies something important is about to happen in 2012.

    In 2012 the galactic equator cuts the ecliptic at 0 degree of the Western zodiacal sign Capricorn. 0 degree Capricorn is the point of the zodiac where the Sun is during the December solstice.

    At December 21, 11.12 GMT during the December solstice the Sun touches the Dark Rift, which is located near the Galactic Center. According to the Mayas the Dark Rift is the cosmic womb: the place of dead, transformation, regeneration and rebirth. This moment shows the end of their calendar.

    To know more about what this means it is interesting to make an astrological chart of the December solstice of 2012.



  116. M. says:

    There was a small earthquake in NJ today, apparently the second in a month.

  117. Jerry says:

    Al Jazeera Correspondent – The Greek Resistance

    A video documentary: 47 min. 37 sec.

    Greece – it is where Europe’s civilization and the very idea of democracy began. But today the country is in crisis; a crisis that may well destroy the dream of a unified Europe. A dream born out of the nightmare of World War II, a dream to unite different nations under one currency, has become a tragedy. Ten years after joining the eurozone, the Greek economy has collapsed, living standards have plummeted, hundreds of thousands are out of work and thousands more have left the country to find a new future. Many Greeks blame the European Union, and Germany in particular, for the crisis they are in.

    Today, almost 70 years after its military defeat in World War II, Germany is the strongest economic power in Europe and its political leadership holds the future of Greece in its hands. Al Jazeera correspondent Barnaby Phillips travels to Greece to discover why these two countries, tied by history and culture, are now locked into a conflict. Why has the European vision, designed to heal the wounds of the past, instead brought them back to the surface? And who is to blame – the Greeks themselves, the EU or the old enemy, Germany?


  118. fierywoman says:

    I agree, it doesn’t feel like Anonymous.

  119. fierywoman says:

    I’m going through similar stuff. Then too, we’re at the tail end of Merc Rx!

  120. fierywoman says:

    He has been seen to be rather the misogynist — remember that stuff that came out during the last campaign about how he treated his wife in public?

  121. alex says:

    December 21, 2012: winter solstice the sun will track across the sky in the lowest of these three paths. The top one in the summer solstice. The middle is the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.



  122. pisca says:

    The anonymous I know and love is always PEACEFUL!!

  123. Patty says:

    Jerry, I noticed on 12/21/12…Saturn in Sco 8/40 is hitting Obama’s natal Neptune in Sco at 8/36. I worry for Obama.

    “As our Sun moves through the dark rift center of Milky Way -The Galactic Center- considered by the Mayans to be ‘The Birth Canal of the Great Mother’. This is a critically important moment for humanity and Earth. It will mark the unification of male principle (sun) with female principle (cosmic womb), while also representing the transfer of the Staff of Power to the Spirit of the Feminine”. Consciousness of this transition will help us through the birth canal into a new era, a time of unity consciousness and expanded awareness.
    Taken with grain of salt. Yet, it’s facets are fascinating. http://mysteryoftheinquity.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/2012-guardians-of-the-dark-rift/

    I Love ‘The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades’ story. Doesn’t this image in photo…almost look like a woman holding her arms above her head? http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap070413.html

  124. alex says:


    Patton Boggs, one of the top lobbying firms in D.C., has released its forecast for what it expects will happen in the nation’s Capitol this year now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected.


  125. Jerry says:

    Hi Patty,

    Good observation. The December 13th new moon is intense from various angles (as enumerated in earlier posts) and Pluto’s exact sextile to Obama’s natal Neptune (in close conj. to nearby tr. Saturn as you astutely pointed out) may not be coincidental.

  126. anita says:

    Alex, I am guilty of befreinding two Tea Party types. I am still trying to figure out what went on there. They have a completely different view of reality. I assumed we were having an honest exchange of ideas in which they actually considered my viewpoint and allowed me my right to think as I naturally allowed them. I totally don’t understand arguing with another person’s experience and interpretation of their experience. I no longer speak to either friend. In thinking back, I do remember some red flags. There was a strong attitude of right and wrong. But both friends were able to discuss nuance and layers in arguments. With one friend I’m remembering various instances of disapproval toward me, I can’t quite explain it…a superiority. In the last year, as the Tea Baggers became more outrageous, I noticed this friend would pick fights with me, whereas before we just agreed to disagree. It felt like she was being aggressive, emboldened. The other friend was constantly haranguing me about politics and religion. She was hilarious and we had similar experiences with ex-husbands. I was so relieved to be understood (about the ex) that I let it pass until she, too became invasive. It seems there’s a focus on trying to control, judge and overstep boundaries.

  127. anita says:

    sorry, my spelling “befriending”

  128. alex says:

    every person has a ‘survival instinct’ ( you might find it interesting research to learn how military-gov did years and years of human experimentation/test to find various ways to overcome a person’s ‘survival instinct’ so they could use it as a tool for war) in any case;

    I’ve been working on analyzing tea bag mentality for years; I believe it is the result of susceptibility to fear conditioning among other things; the hostility and condemning judgement tea baggers have for other people who will not agree with them makes them DE-humanize those people and ‘those people’ become to the tea baggers the EXCLUSION GROUP/scapegoated segment of population;

    and fear conditioning elevates the brain dominance of self-righteousness so much that it has become more hyper-satisfying for them to experience feeling/a sense of superiority/right/righteous over their own ‘survival’ interest;

    they choose self-righteousness and condemning others over theircultural wedge issues above their own needs ( for things like AHC per-exisiting condition protection, protection from medical bankruptcy, having access to free preventive health exams, end of the health insurance business model of making women pay more than men for same insurance coverage, the need for access to reproductive health care rights)

    tea baggers can’t be convinced even though they really need some of these health care policies that are part of AHC Act aka Obamacare;

    so you can’t reason with them…. they are delusional ( no longer connected to reality ) they’d rather experience hate or hateful superiority;

    that’s how powerful fear conditioning can warp/twist people when it becomes constant cultural media noise for years and years; fear conditioning makes people UN-uncontrollably , obsessively, compulsively ( to whatever degree ) REACTIVE

    PAVLOV’s dog…. their unconscious minds have been conditioned to react to ‘triggers’ from fear mongering politicians and hate groups….

    it is a dangerous situation… to have so many people delusional, conditioned, reactionary, and brainwashed!

  129. mitzi says:

    Rapheal Advanced Defense Systems – IRON DOME

    Amazing Video!! Rockets Intercepted By The Iron Dome

  130. ScorpioX3 says:

    A poignant perspective beautifully expressed, clymela. Thank you.

  131. ScorpioX3 says:

    The devolution of John McCain is terrible to watch, but no surprise given that he has been wrong about almost every national security issue of the past decade. He must know he’s becoming less and less relevant, and will finally have to exit stage right now that he’s lost his shot to chair the Senate Committee on Armed Services. The reason, I’d guess, for his demands that a special select Senate committee (headed by him, of course) be established to examine the attack on the Benghazi consulate. I agree with your comment below, Virginia: I too hope he “wakes up” and gracefully fades with the bit of dignity he may have left.


  132. Sharon says:

    Imagine if Israel didn’t have the Iron Dome. If you watch the video, those rockets do not stop coming, they are all aimed at civilian areas and they have been coming at Israel for a long time.

  133. Sharon says:

    Yes, it is a dangerous situation. There was a study that we’ve mentioned here that shows the size of the reptilian part of the brain larger in Conservatives (in general) implying that they are more fearful and security conscious. Then, there is the religious aspect. If you believe God wants something a certain way, there is no reasoning with you (this idea was generated by a post I just shared on FB and the quoter was Barry Goldwater, of all people).

  134. loyalurker says:

    100 car wreck in SE Texas on Highway 10, two dead on Thanksgiving day.
    A huge gas explosion in Springfield, Mass. yesterday, some injuries but no deaths.
    Arafat’s body to be exhumed to try and determine if he was murdered.

    And I think the most important issue that might really begin to topple the dominoes that would lead to a much broader war is Turkey’s entrance into the fight. They’ve tried to remain neutral but that stance is getting harder by the day. I think their neutrality is absolutely critical to preventing a broader war from occurring so I hope and pray that they are able to stay out of it. But this is very troubling and as Starlight said, could finally let loose early next year:


    Turkey asked NATO for the Patriot system, designed to intercept aircraft or missiles, on Wednesday after weeks of talks about how to shore up security on its 900-km (560-mile) border as the conflict in Syria deepens.

    NATO said it would discuss the request “without delay” but the move has riled Syria, which called it “provocative”, as well its allies, including Russia and Iran, who are hostile to any development that they perceive could be a first step towards implementing a no-fly zone.


  135. loyalurker says:


    But “early next year” I was referring to 2014, not 2013.

  136. Sharon says:

    Arafat exhumation and samples to be taken on Tuesday….this will challenge the cease fire as Israel will be blamed for the nuclear radiation that is found (which seems pretty certain to be found since it was on the personal possessions that were left).

  137. Lorrie U says:

    Amazingly I never seem to have difficulty with Mercury Retrogrades for some reason. And I have five planets in Virgo so you’d think that would make me crazy.

  138. Lorrie U says:

    I’m with you. I don’t see much in the way of integrity. He has no respect for women, has been known to call his current wife the “c” word in public, and his war record is questionable.

  139. Seeker says:

    Who do you think may have murdered Arafat, Sharon? You say Isreal will be “blamed”…as if this were likely untrue? Or perhaps you are speaking of the outrage that will follow (on both sides of the checkpoints)?

  140. Lorrie U says:

    How Clear Channel Helped Keep the Romney Campaign Alive While Being Gutted by Bain

  141. Lorrie U says:

    Personally, I don’t feel that any real progress will be made in the Middle East until Israel gives up control of Gaza. A two-state solution is the only way or this conflict will continue for generations to come. While I understand Israel’s right to exist and protect itself, the Palestinians have suffered greatly with no self-rule which inflames the Arab world further. As it is now, it is a no-win situation on both sides and if they keep trying to fix it the same way, it will just continue as it is. Time for new thinking and new solutions!

  142. anita says:

    Alex, thanks for the feedback. I’ve been trying to understand their mentality also. It was Crazy Making to try to get a dialogue going without bringing in a scapegoat. I was my family scapegoat, so I clued in on that right away, yet that is exactly why I allowed the friendship to go on for so long–it was familiar. I’ve mentioned before on here that I attract Tea Bag types like a magnet and I’m deeply trying to figure out why. I am so frustrated with their lack of seeking out alternative news sources or IDEAS. Yes, it always comes back to survival. Interesting. And they ARE delusional. Very sad. I try to avoid labeling, but I cannot resist anymore.

  143. anita says:

    Hi Lorrie, as usual, good info.

  144. Seeker says:

    I agree 100 percent Lorrie. It’s way past time to find solutions…. Means Israel has to share the resources and make some radical shifts in thinking/consciousness. Will it take a WWIII before they are willing to share? Probably.

  145. alex says:

    anita, that is an important insight about yourself…. I am going to venture a guess; control freaks are always on the lookout to find people to control; so they ‘test’ other people’s boundaries prodding and manipulating looking for a response that will be a ‘tell'; tea baggers are control freaks dressed/disguised as political ‘ideologs';

    a) you must have more tea baggers in your immediate demographic area than you actually know about;

    b) now that you are convinced tea baggers are attracted to you formulate your instant ‘perimeter’ response and stick to it for awhile to see if you have developed an effective ‘defense’ persona;

    if you find TB still bothering you adapt your defense posture until you feel that you are safely and capability sure you’ve stopped broadcasting unconsciously any vulnerability that attracts them;

    I have a similar but different problem, I am disabled and I found out it is not a cliche that disabled (or elderly) people attract random abusers out of the blue in public situations; similar to your control freak type TB personalities, in the past abusive hostile people have stepped into my personal space; I had to learn to adapt my ‘situational awareness early on;

    I’ve ‘toughen’ up my standard instant response posture; one weak spot in my circumstances is the wait-time for the para-bus disabled transportation in my area, even though the ride is by appointment only, the return ride has a window with some flex-time for the drivers because of traffic or other delaying conditions;

    I spoke with the police when I reported a verbal assault incident that happened five plus years ago; the police told me it’s completely true that disabled/elderly randomly attract abusers when they are in public spaces; as you can guess I always carry a cell phone and defensive repellent safety guard devices;

    after that first incident I found other people in my immediate area who had an ‘encounter’ with the neighborhood cruising abuser ( who eventually was charged with a hate crime and sent to prison after he escalated up from verbal abuse to a physical assault of a women in a local store )

    adapt your instant your personal perimeter response until you’ve developed the ‘right setting’ that puts you back into your own safety zone;

  146. loyalurker says:

    Since the majority of the conflicts going on involves resources, this may turn out to be one important story or back story for some conflicts and strategic gamesmanship.
    It seems Greece who is now in a position of having to unload assets has put their energy gas company Depa on the block. Who do you suppose is the highest bidder and why? Lots of info packed into this short article:

    Greek utility sale risks undermining EU energy goals

  147. loyalurker says:

    Another p.s. – The above story was from a month ago. According to this Nov. article the bidding is now closed and there are only two primary bidders. They expect to close the deal in January.


  148. kiwi says:

    I think McCain used to have some political ethics, but he sold his soul to the devil during the Bush years. He had a need to remain relevant with the movers and shakers in the increasing bizzareness of modernage republicanworld.
    As for his recent behaviour, early stages of dementia perhaps?

  149. kiwi says:

    Patty, the whole ‘black friday’ thing makes me want to throw up! This video shows just how spiritually unconscious so many are. They have been brainwashed and spellcast by the magicians of retail merchandising. Sad.

  150. Sharon says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said but another key is what Hamas and groups like that will do with a 2-state solution. Will they use it as another way to squeeze Israel and have better access to violence? If this particular mindset could be difused, peace can happen and Israel can give up control to everything but their security. Did you know that, at this time at least, things are very different in the West Bank, where Fatah is based, than Gaza, where Hamas is based? The West Bank has established a good infrastructure and there are not attacks from there (largely–I heard the bus explosion last week was masterminded from the West Bank). Of course, Israel may have murdered Arafat, but I don’t know if there will be a proper investigation because the truth is more important than what I or anyone think. However, Israel will be blamed and there will be major backlash, because, even if there’s an investigation, it would take time. I don’t see what good this action will do at this time. And I do want to point out that Arafat pocketed a lot of the foreign aid…he was not the best leader, in fact he later said he should have accepted the 2000 peace offer, but he did not. Of course, murder is not right; however, murder has happened on both sides repeatedly.

  151. Sharon says:


    Hamas leader says Jews will think twice about attacking Iran, than goes on to say that Iran contribution of weapons will only increase now. Does this sound like someone who is in the least bit interested in peace? What is Israel supposed to do, just give in to Hamas and trust they will not continue the violence?

  152. mitzi says:

    Americans Protesting Israeli Attacks Against Gaza: Manhattan,N.Y.C.

  153. Sharon says:

    There are many who do not fully understand the situation and rather blame Israel because the people in Gaza are so much the underdog. Yet they voted in Hamas and Hamas has not shown any evidence that they would like to have peace.

  154. Seeker says:

    The time for Israel to show a willingness to share the homeland was 65 yrs ago! You insult those who have watched the subjugation of an entire people within their own borders for generations… It is you that lacks understanding of the situation. I don’t blame either side. I just want the killing to stop… And my tax dollars to stop being used to support the Israeli war machine.

  155. kiwi says:

    The problem with israel & palestine begins around 100 years ago.
    How many today really understand the whole history? From zsarist russia, jewish persecution there. Massive jewish immigration first to europe and then to palestine. Resentment from first european then palestinian locals who perceived displacement by immigrants! (sound familiar?)
    And the desire to carve out a jewish home in convenient proximity to oil sources and the suez trade shipping route, promoted politically thanks to the influential titans of commerce of the day!

    Neither side is blameless, but as long as neither side is willing to forgive, compromise, and move on, it will continue. And today, the only people that win are the titans and peddlers of weaponry.
    So much damage to the pschye of souls growing up and living with intermittent violence and suppression.

    I wonder what the greater soul lesson for humanity is in all this?

  156. Iris says:

    NASA releases animation of the moon phases for 2013! It’s very cool. A whole year in 5 min or so. The blogger added some music for the video, as well.


  157. Sharon says:

    I respectfully submit that your understanding of the situation is limited. I too want the killing to stop, on both sides.

  158. Sharon says:

    That comment was addressed to Mitzi.

  159. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon, it is that kind of thinking which prohibits progress. If everything gets justified because of the past transgressions of one side or the other, it will not change. I personally feel the Arab world is furious because of the suffering of the Palestinians and as long as they continue to suffer, they will stay angry. As long as they stay angry, Israel does not feel it can be safe. So? Stalemate. Can it end only by the decimation of both, or can they find another solution? That seems to be the only choices, so perhaps if no one wants to see the former, then they better choose the latter.

  160. mitzi says:

    I am trying to understand. I just saw a video presented by Miko Peled, author of “The General’s Son”, on youtube, and he expresses his own experience, perhaps differing from yours. I believe we need to have open hearts and minds and have the courage to go on the journey and gain a better understanding of ourselves and others.- The media is always slanting the news one way or the other, its not always easy to find the truth, and I understand that the truth sometimes differs depending on where you’re standing.- The video is entitled, JEWISH MAN EXPOSES ISRAEL’S LIES
    (inspite of the title I did find his presentation to be thoughtful, and compelling)

  161. Seeker says:

    Mitzi, Thank you for posting the video link. Powerful.

  162. alex says:

    The top people in the Romney campaign were paid $134 million in this election. The top consultants in the Obama campaign were paid $6 million. Democrats just spent their money smarter, better and with less nepotism or favoritism. It’s stunning that a community organizer would be so much more efficient than a head of one of the largest private equity funds.


  163. Lana says:

    Sharon, I appreciate your efforts to put the other-than-prevailing view.

    Here is hopefully an even-handed view:


    Love and Peace


  164. Sharon says:

    Thanks for posting the videos, Lana and Mitzi. I can’t watch them immediately but I promise I will. Mitzi and Seeker, this is a political situation where people have been manipulated. I never thought the Israeli government was an angel. I disagree with many of their actions. However, they do want peace, with security for Israel, and Hamas does not seem to want peace, or at least they say they do with the full right of return–meanwhile Hamas does not negotiate for peace but organizes rocket strikes. Israel is a tiny piece of land. 800,000 to 1 million Jews had to leave or were expelled from their homes in Arab lands when Israel became a state and they were assimilated or absorbed into Israel but the Arab countries–which are huge compared to Israel–did not absorb the Palestinians. Why are they still living in refugee camps in Jordan? I don’t know if it’s their wish or the Jordanian government’s decision (but think it’s the latter). I am sorry they lost their family homes but so did many Jews. There has been violence on both sides and 3 wars that Israel did not start. However, whatever has happened, Palestinians do deserve a state. A pretty good peace deal was constructed in 2000 which included East Jerusalem as a capital and it was rejected because it did not have right of return for all the progeny of the original settlers of the land (I say this from memory). This was not a realistic solution. Land captured by Israel in a war that Israel did not start was given back, first to Lebannon and then Gaza. You may not believe this but it was a good faith gesture on Israel’s part. Still suicide bombs killed many Israel civilians until Israel built a security wall—then they seemed to stop. Now rockets have been continuously fired over the borders at Israeli towns where people have had to build bomb shelters. With Hamas in power in Gaza, Israel has no one to deal with or trust. There are legitimate gripes and tragedies on both sides, especially for the Palestinians who are suffering greatly, with many more civilians killed (and it is a known fact that Hamas puts their “military” installations among civilian targets intentionally). Israel does not want to risk its security and continually be drawn into war but right now is given no choice by Iran-backed Hamas. I am not sure Netanyahu is the best leader but I do know that to give into Hamas is to eventually orchestrate Israel’s demise as the thriving country it now is (and I have read interviews with Israeli Arabs, who make up something like 25% of the population, who say they like living in Israel, but that is another story that can be debated).

  165. Elizabeth says:


    I remember a long time ago hearing a psychic predict that the next big revolution will not be directed at government but at corporation. Becuase people will begin to understand that corportaion is really the cause of the problem. Do you think that Walmart strike by employees is the follow up to Occupy movement? Is this the beginning of the American people waking up to the power that is really ruining their quality of life and we will begin to see a 1960’s like movement of political will to finally get the change that we need?

  166. starlight says:

    It is very, very possible. Pluto in Capricorn is taking corporate power to its extreme and to the point where it implodes through overreach. This process has certainly begun. The Walmart strike is part of it. So is today’s WP expose on pharmaceutical company interference in new drug studies. So was our exposure to vulture capitalism and the life and investments of the super rich thanks to the Romney candidacy. So is the impact of Citizen’s United. People are waking up to the corruption of too much money concentrated in corporations and the self-serving way they wield power. Add to the the progressed US Sun square to natal Uranus this year and you get rebellious movements from the people gaining strength.

  167. angellight says:

    A Biography of Mary (Maria) Magdalena. After you click on the link, I believe you have to click on the book to get on-line version. Interesting concepts and look at her life.

  168. will says:


    The culture of many of the largest corporations in America have been subverted into fascistic, Neo-Nazi organizations. Personal morality and ethical responsibility is absorbed by the impersonal group-think that takes over the will of weak weasels who cling to the power-in-numbers and hide behind the legal construct of a corporate shield. Until intrinsically-fostered corruption of the corporate structure is plowed under and debrided, there is little hope of a significant paradigm shift gaining traction in our national life. “Justices” Scalia, Alito, Roberts and Thomas need to be removed from the bench of the SCOTUS in order to achieve this.

    We have to have a full-scale revolution in this country before we can regain a healthy, prosperous middle class. Bringing about what can be nothing short of radical reform of corporate structure and law would probably be the best place to start. And then there is that pesky issue of completely-gone-obscene CEO and executive compensation.

    I spent the holiday with a relative who earns 1.25 million a year because he is “a good numbers man” in a retail banking concern. He stands to receive a 40 million dollar retirement package. Although this man is generous, good-natured and kind, there is a fundamental greed there that has to be put in check. No one deserves that level of compensation because they are good at pushing numbers around on a f***ing corporate spread sheet for the pleasure of board members and stockholder.

    I don’t see any other way around a full-scale war waged against corporations and the banking industries.

  169. will says:

    The point I am trying to make is that the monetary compensation for being “a good numbers-man” is completely out-of-proportion and distorted with respect to, lets say, the compensation for “a good teacher,” “a good nurse” who consistently delivers good care, “a good physician” who cares about his patients and does nothing to harm them, “a good family-court judge,” who consistently hands down rulings which protect children and advocate for the healthiest parent concerned, “a good fireman/woman,” —- there are all kinds of professions and people who work with other skill-sets who make enormously important contributions to the fabric of our society – yet their work and their skills have managed to become obscured, devalued and otherwise marginalized all in the name of corporate culture, stockholders portfolios and executive compensation packages. How did the prevailing hierarchy of values, power and compensatory rationales ever get so utterly distorted and perverted? How did we let this happen?

  170. kiwi says:

    Will, this is nothing new.
    Shakespeare’s Shylock is case in point.
    People that work intimately with the key item used for trading everything else, are in the ultimate position to manipulate for self interest. How to solve that dilemma is the issue.

  171. will says:

    “There is nothing new under the sun.” But what is your point, Kiwi? How would you solve this corporate-culture-uber-alles problem?

  172. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Nancy and Will. I appreciate both your inputs. To answer your question, Will. I think I will use the analogy of addiction to your question about how we got here. It starts out infilrating slowly and then you wake up one morning and your life is completely taken over by it, changing the way you think, believe and experience life. We have become too comfortable with the new “normal”. The explosion of people out Thursday night and Friday trying to get those sales is too easily explained by consumerism. It’s much more than that. It’s people who’s lives have been changed by the way the income inequality has left people desperate for good and services they don’t really have the money to purchase. It’s a society that thinks it’s a good thing to buy something at walmart for $10 that was made is some sweatshop in another country by people sometimes children, making 10 cents an hour. It’s a society that thinks bottom dollar food stores is a good thing instead of good wages to buy good quality food. It’s a shift we have been creating for many years, like addiction it creeps into our lives like a virus and now we are left to find out how to get healthy again.

  173. Patty says:

    Everything you said Will, is spot-on! Our most sacred values have been intercepted by Pure Greed.
    BTW…It’s referred to as: ‘Firefighters’. One of our son’s graduated with honors from Business School…after working a few years in that world, Brian wanted a career he could be ‘proud of’ and become a Firefighter. He now says, ‘I came to realize that ‘money’ is not everything I thought it would be’.

  174. will says:


    I like your addiction model. Probably got used to accommodating each small increment of corporate cultural en encroachment.

    Party, hurray for Brian! A better man and better life for it.

  175. loyalurker says:

    And the clothing factory fire in Bangladesh yesterday where American clothing is made. Outsourcing for cheap labor, exploiting poor countries, is once again on the radar.

    AND “J.R.” died…..

  176. loyalurker says:

    I associate the phrase “it’s nothing personal, just business” with this mindset.
    It is a reversal of values toward profit without any excuses or responsibility for how one’s actions affect others.

  177. will says:


    That would be the very vernacular of the afflicted. But when it comes right down to it, its always very, very personal.

  178. loyalurker says:

    I love this counterweight to the negative energies we are describing. What I love about it is how gentle it is…and how powerful.

    Meditation Flash Mob Sits in Middle of Mall on “Black Friday” (Video)

  179. Salemone says:

    A lot, I mean A LOT could be accomplished if the U.S. just quit sending money to any other countries for a year. One year. Make it on your own, or don’t make it on your own. We sent a huge amount of foreign aide to Israel, to Pakistan, to India…even to Cuba! It’s insane!

  180. Lorrie U says:

    More fuel for the People’s Revolution!…

    CEO Council Demands Cuts To Poor, Elderly While Reaping Billions In Government Contracts, Tax Breaks

    The corporate CEOs who have made a high-profile foray into deficit negotiations have themselves been substantially responsible for the size of the deficit they now want closed.

    The companies represented by executives working with the Campaign To Fix The Debt have received trillions in federal war contracts, subsidies and bailouts, as well as specialized tax breaks and loopholes that virtually eliminate the companies’ tax bills.

    The CEOs are part of a campaign run by the Peter Peterson-backed Center for a Responsible Federal Budget, which plans to spend at least $30 million pushing for a deficit reduction deal in the lame-duck session and beyond.

    During the past few days, CEOs belonging to what the campaign calls its CEO Fiscal Leadership Council — most visibly, Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein and Honeywell’s David Cote — have barnstormed the media, making the case that the only way to cut the deficit is to severely scale back social safety-net programs — Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — which would disproportionately impact the poor and the elderly.

    As part of their push, they are advocating a “territorial tax system” that would exempt their companies’ foreign profits from taxation, netting them about $134 billion in tax savings, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies titled “The CEO Campaign to ‘Fix’ the Debt: A Trojan Horse for Massive Corporate Tax Breaks” — money that could help pay off the federal budget deficit.


  181. kiwi says:

    Don’t know what my point is Will, its just a comment.
    And I don’t know how it can be solved until the vultures are no longer are in charge of making up the rules.

  182. Lorrie U says:

    Sign me up for the Revolution…

    Millions of jobs lost as corporations continue to set up overseas call centers


  183. Lorrie U says:

    We recently discussed this! So, where are those lawyers…

    America Must Prosecute Grover Norquist and His GOP Acolytes for Treason

    The U.S. Constitution contains a passive provision to protect against traitors within the government that entails requiring public servants and politicians to swear an oath to support the Constitution and by extension, the government, but most Republicans signed a pledge they feel overrides their oath of office with the goal of destroying the government by starving it of revenue.

    Regardless one’s definition of treason, Norquist and his Republican acolytes are guilty of acting against the government with the goal of destroying it. Norquist is not a public servant and therefore cannot personally affect government operations, but his Republican foot soldiers are guilty of treason by refusing to fulfill their Constitutional duty to raise taxes. In the U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 8 says, “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States”

    The important part of Section 8 is Congress’s duty to levy and collect taxes to pay debts and provide for the nation’s general welfare, but as Republicans bemoaned the national debt they created, they refused to fulfill their constitutional duty to lay and collect taxes to pay the nation’s debts. Some Republicans are re-evaluating their strict adherence to Norquist’s attempt to destroy the government, and questioning the wisdom of promising to never raise taxes, but they are in the minority and Norquist recently made it clear his true followers are moving forward with their assault on the government and the people.


  184. alex says:

    2010: fifty-four blue dog democrats

    2012: fifteen blue dog democrats

  185. Michael from nyc says:

    Foreign aid takes up very little of the federal budget and in many cases buys the world peace. It’s not perfect but for example I don’t think you’d want to see a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. Also if you look at US foreign aid vs China you’d see that we are far less self interested if you look at what Chine is doing in Africa.

  186. mitzi says:

    The People’s Revolution! I like the sound of that, or Occupy U.S.A.?
    At this point the powers that be are so deeply entrenched, I don’t believe a call, a letter, or even a petition to your local senator or congressman is going to make a difference, sadly not even if he or she is a the democrate. – Those who marched during, The Civil Rights Movement, and The Feminist Movement, felt so desperately disenfranchized, and finding no other real alternative, took their indignation out unto the street, by implementing mass demonstrations and boycotts. Their efforts, though very difficult, made a huge impact, and changed our society and culture, its impact still reverberates on our nation today!
    Unfortunately, we all fell asleep, consumption and greed took over, and we gave our power away to Procter and Gamble, Exon, Black Water, and The Central Banking System. At this point, this might be the only alternative we have left? – My question is will we wake-up in time to save and preserve our individual rights and as a nation?
    Can you imagine if those crowds of people huddled in front of those hugh department stores, on Black Friday, had been their
    protesting with the workers, instead of pushing and stepping over grandma, in order to get their hands on a new pair of running shoes, or the latest flatscreen T.V.? The impact on these companies would’ve been devastating to their “bottom line.” This kind of “people power”, would send a message where it hurts. – Perhaps a grass roots effort to inform and educate the public, through facebook, twitter, e-mail…, and by utilizing the unions, churches, universities, etc…, people can feel empowered, and motivated enough to believe that they can make a difference? – GOD HELP US, I sure hope so!!!

  187. angellight says:

    Anonymous Tweet: Would you trust Vladimir Putin with the keys to the web? http://bit.ly/TlAmRc

  188. angellight says:

    Talk about Greed: Tennessee Cop Stole & Used Inmate’s Food Stamps-Could Face 12yrs In Prison!


  189. karen says:

    The discussion (inspired by Will) is one that has obviously occupied many of our thoughts. My observations over the years have included how I too participate (often voluntarily) in a system of “valuing” that has become corrupted by, what I perceive, as a second-tiered, hidden government. The likes of Goldman Sachs et al are operating throughout the world. The same coded words are being used to force “austerity” including an attack on “entitlements.”

    Push back on the streets has been evident in Greece, Ireland, and other countries whose populations are becoming aware of the power brokers’ corrupting influences. My hope is that Occupy Wall Street and others continue to use available communication resources, feet on the street, etc. to push back in this country.

    Each of us are already considering and are aware of how we participate in the construct. I’ve read the comments of so many Starlight posters who are countering (as well as they can) the misuse of language, an insidious form of control. The power brokers have worked diligently to create this image prison bar by bar through the use of language now coded into law. Tax shelters are justified as protection for “small business,” for example.

    I have faith that Obama will ride the wave “we the people” are creating for him. That within the next few years we WILL see the dissemination of, at least, part of this prison complex.

  190. Virginia says:

    Ooooh! That phrase “it’s nothing personal, just business” raises my hackles like nothing else does! When someone harms others and then tells them to ‘not take it personally’ it just sets my hair on fire. I suspect the only way to change things is to take it all VERY personally as a means to make it visible and very uncomfortable for the ones doing the harm.

  191. cappy says:

    Bravissima to Pat P…WHAT A GREAT VIDEO!!!
    A fascinating production and educational chef d’oeuvre.
    This 11-28-2012 Lunar Eclipse will be one for the history-herstory books…so glad you persevered throughout the highly volatile astro energies.
    Thank you, JA.

  192. connimac says:

    Wonderful discussion underway here about whether we are a culture or simply a society which lives to consume. From all my esoteric reading, mankind has journeyed into matter about as far as it can without completely losing its connection with its spiritual side. All the addictions — from drugs, to food, to sex, to shopping etc. all exist to fill a spiritual vacuum which none of them really ever can fill. Those on this site who have experienced any shift in the consciousness side of the equation know that matter is good, but it isn’t all there is, and it has to be spiritualized or conditioned by love to remain a harmonious world. We are witnessing that crystalization of old thinking that comes before a major consciousness shift. OWS, 350.org, and oh so many other groups get this. I believe we all are somehow helping to create this shift away from unfettered consumption and greed to sharing if humanity is to evolve.

  193. cappy says:

    Thank you, Starlight, for your powerful deeply insightful analysis…and hat tip to increasing power of the 300 million American people…we are awake, hear us roar!!!

  194. cappy says:

    Voila! Here is a Re-Declaration of Independence 2012…that we the people can actually sign.


  195. Noelle says:

    Wow, conniemac, that’s good. I believe the shift is coming very soon.

  196. connimac says:

    I do too, Noelle!

  197. connimac says:

    Thanks, Cappy! I’ll check these links out.

  198. Bob says:

    Help Wanted Ad:

    With hundreds of years of combined experience amongst our posters perhaps someone can tell me if this will work on a 100% cotton shirt.


    “If you own a lace tablecloth or doily that is beginning to turn yellow, let it soak in a bucket of sour like for a few hours to return it to its former brilliant white. Just make sure to hand-wash it in mild detergent afterward!”

  199. Virginia says:

    Depends on the stain, but I would use Hydrogen Peroxide (H202).

  200. Bob says:

    Thanks Virginia. It is not a spot but all along the edges (bottom, sleeves, collar, pocket, etc.). An oldie but a favorite.

  201. Bob says:

    Revised list of Uranus-Pluto squares showing dates in right ascension as well as longitude.


    After saving/printing the above list of Uranus-Pluto squares please read the following Wikipedia entry in its entirety transposing the U.S. citizenry for the French. There may be parallels in experience in the next few years in this country as the rich and powerful are not likely to accede to changes asked for, then demanded, by the general populace.


    “The French Revolution (French: Révolution française; 1789–1799), was a period of radical social and political upheaval in France that had a lasting impact on French history and more broadly throughout the world. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed within three years. French society underwent an epic transformation, as feudal, aristocratic and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from radical left-wing political groups, masses on the streets, and peasants in the countryside.[3] Old ideas about tradition and hierarchy–of monarchy, aristocracy, and religious authority–were abruptly overthrown by new Enlightenment principles of equality, citizenship and inalienable rights.”

    The last two segments, “The Role of Women” and “”Legacy” are “must reads”.

  202. Bob says:

    Just noticed that I forgot to change the last revisits to the original position in right ascension by transit Pluto to Red. My head was swimming from looking for the dates.

  203. Bob says:

    Of interest is the fact that as the French Revolution (an overthrow of the ruling body) was beginning (June and July, 1789) America’s government had just begun with the first quorums of the House and Senate, and the election and inauguration of George Washington in April of 1789.

  204. Bob says:

    Koch’s and their ilk = Jacobins

    T- Party = Sans-Culottes

  205. alex says:

    BILL HEMMER (FOX HOST): In these negotiations, is Obamacare being negotiated?

    ERIC CANTOR: If the president is serious about joining us and fixing the problem, he ought to be putting Obamacare on the table. There is no question in my mind,that is the largest expansion of government programs that we’ve seen.

    HEMMER: Can you say at the moment that that is being talked about?

    ERIC CANTOR: All I can say is that the president has got to get serious and the Speaker is correct, that Obamacare is such an expansion of government spending and involvement in folks’ lives it ought to be on the table.

    HEMMER: You wonder what he is willing to concede on that.

    This, of course, despite the fact that the CBO estimates that the law will reduce the deficit already, by $210 billion in the next decade and about $1 trillion over its second decade. Of course, Cantor and Boehner don’t believe that analysis. Boehner said it was just CBO’s “opinion” and Cantor refused to believe it because “most Americans don’t like the health care bill.” Solid arguments, there.

    The White House has already answered this, saying that Obamacare is entirely off the table. To emphasize the point, an aide to Senate Democratic leadership said the demand is “a total nonstarter. Boehner’s office knows that, so even bringing it up is counterproductive.”

    Minor Asteroids – Eric Cantor:

  206. kiwi says:

    Warren Buffett’s weighs in with NYTimes opinion – implement minimum tax for the weathiest
    wonder what Cantor’s response to that would be?

  207. alex says:

    Eric Cantor’s high school year book motto was:

    “I want what I want what I want”

    no daylight there!

  208. Lorrie U says:

    Jim Greer, Ex-Florida GOP Chair, Claims Republican Voting Laws Focused On Suppression, Racism


  209. Lorrie U says:

    Warning: GOPers Dumping Norquist Intend To Gut Social Security And Medicare (VIDEO)

  210. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    I have not done that, but I do understand that soaking in milk is very effective for stains, especially on very old material. I think bleach could be far too harsh on old lace, and the advice to handwash afterward is excellent

  211. JA says:

    Thank you for watching.
    I think it’s excellent

  212. ScorpioX3 says:

    Your point was perfectly and eloquently made, Will! I’d have loved to be in on the holiday conversation between you and your millionaire relative. lol! Because I have firefighters in my family who go ballistic if they’re called firemen, I offer this: A fireman is one who installs and repair boilers, burners, furnaces and the like, whereas someone who fights fires is known as (and preferred to be described as) a firefighter. (Almost all belong to the International Association of Fire Fighters.)

  213. ScorpioX3 says:

    conniemac, noelle – Don’t you think we’re undergoing “the shift” even now? In my small world of contacts, there is an ever-increasing number of people becoming concerned and engaging in the conversation about where we are headed – as a nation, as a people, as spiritual beings. The shift in consciousness is happening around us – within us. That doesn’t bode well for the entrenched greed meisters and plutocrats.

  214. ox the cat says:

    This may not work this time of year but what I have done is use an old trick that originated in Brussels. If the fabric is hardy you can soak in biz rinse and then soak in a gallon bucket of lemon and water solution. Lay the fabric on green grass in the sunlight, the lemon reacts with the chlorophyl in the grass and will even get old rusty stains out of vintage tablecloths. Labor intensive, but it can work.

  215. will says:

    Occupy McConnell
    Drone Cantor
    Nuke Norquist

  216. Bob says:

    Thanks ox (was going to do otc but didn’t want to get you mixed up with over the counter).

    This is a short sleeved summer shirt so I can wait but how much lemon water? I like the smell of lemon and the smell of Sun dried clothes but wouldn’t necessarily want to smell too lemony (I might wear it without washing it again!) :)

  217. Bob says:

    That should have been “lemon to water”.

  218. will says:

    Post-US world born in Phnom Penh

    President Barack Obama used a summit in Cambodia to tout a US-based Trans-Pacific Partnership that would exclude China. Representatives of 3 billion Asians preferred, with good reason, a regional grouping that excludes the United States. Washington might want to pivot towards Asia. At Phnom Penh, Asian leaders in effect invited Obama to pivot 360 degrees and go home. (Nov 26, ’12)

    more at link: http://www.atimes.com

  219. Jerry says:

    There have been a number of observations made by astrologers over the past year or so regarding the upcoming December 13th Uranus station forming an exact opposition to Greece’s natal Pluto/Moon conjunction. Here is one view; Dharmaruci comments on it from a Sept 23rd article entitled:

    Uranus-Pluto and the EU:

    “Look at the Greek chart for Dec 13th this year: Uranus will be stationing almost exactly opposite natal Moon-Pluto. Expect an autumn of instability for Greece. And then continuing pain over the next few years as Uranus-Pluto heads on to hard aspect her Saturn-Ascendant at 11-13 Cancer. Uranus can be about splits, sudden departures, and it is perfectly possible, astrologically at any rate, that Greece will suddenly leave the Euro this autumn. The Moon in a chart is the people, so if Greece leaves it may be due to pressure from the people on its government, which is doing its best, according to its mandate, to stay within the Eurozone.”


    As if to underscore the point, Dec 13th has just been designated as the new date for the IMF scheduled release of tranche loan payments to Greece. It is pivotal on certain conditions that have to be met. This agreement has yet to be approved by German parliament. Will the German government put up stiff resistance to this new release of funds if the Greek government fails to live up to its commitments? The situation remains remain uncertain.

    Greece To Gets Its Money From December 13: Eurogroup Statement

    Bangkok Post

    The eurozone said Tuesday it will be in a position to re-start the paying out of 43.7 billion euros in loans to Greece from December 13.

    A statement after 13 hours of Eurogroup talks gathering finance ministers, the IMF and the ECB said would be paid in four instalments through until the end of March, but conditional on the implementation by Athens of tax reforms agreed with creditors.



  220. ox the cat says:

    I used about a cup of lemon juice, I used real lemon (I think they still make that) in the bottle but you can use fresh lemons and about 4 gallons of water make sure you rinse the lemon juice out of the shirt before you dry the shirt after you are done and the stain is gone. Really green grass is best and for really tough stains I would do the process twice. I used to have an antique business and I bought old stained linens cheap and I fixed them with this formula.

  221. angellight says:

    Excerpt from Esoteric Astrolger Sagitauris Newsletter:

    “The world will indeed ‘end’ on December 21, 2012 – one cycle passes away and a new one begins. Cataclysms have been occurring for decades and will increase in the next few hundred/few thousand years, as the Earth makes a major reorientation and pole-shift. This process always occurs between the beginning and end of rootraces and civilisations – it is part of the natural cyclic evolution of the Earth that must renew itself periodically.

    Mayan elders talk about a ‘dark cloud’ that may envelope the Earth for around three days and some speculate that this refers to the ‘dark rift cloud’ in the centre of the Milky Way. The symbolism is closely akin to the northern hemisphhere solstice that occurs during the same period, from December 21-24 – the ‘greatest darkness’ of winter – extraordinarily amplified and aligned with the bigger cosmic picture. The annual winter solstice is a period of initiation where the candidate to the mysteries must ‘find their way through the dark’. Perhaps Humanity may experience a similar opportunity en masse.

    The Mayans regard this period as the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. The intersection of the Sun with the Milky Way and plane of the ecliptic is said to create a cosmic cross, an embodiment of the World Tree, prominent in all traditions. Hence, an outflowing of energy from the galactic centre is expected, that will purify and cleanse the Earth.

    The conjunction of the Sun with Pluto in December 2012 signifies the darkness of the underworld experience, transformation and initiation. The Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries, reflecting the new revolutionary cycle that will begin in consciousness.

    The exotic Mayan tradition provides a focus for the increasingly mystically-oriented evolution of humanity who recognise the heart-based values of caring for the earth and compassion toward all beings.”