The First Debate

The First Debate has been cast as the Event of the Century by the palpitating pundit class – a scant 90 minutes capable of changing the trajectory of the entire election, the future of the country, and the path of the world. Meanwhile, the campaigns are busy indulging in the time-honored tradition of downplaying expectations, while damning their opponents with faint praise. The only real winners have been the late-night comedians.

Thus far, Mitt Romney’s inability to find a coherent and appealing message, his dismissive and cavalier attitude toward those who struggle, and his weather-vane-like propensity for shifting with the wind on any given issue have been the story of this election cycle. Republicans hope that the debate will provide him an etch-a-sketch moment to erase all of that nasty stuff swirling around him and replace it with Ronald Reagan 2.0.

Unfortunately, the long Neptune station that sits in a square to Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43) from the GOP Convention through mid-December 2012 continues to deny him a solid, clear life raft in the midst of a murky sea. The self-delusion, the dishonesty, the hyperbole, the confusion remain for the duration.

In addition, as of October 3 through October 12, transiting Saturn will be in a quincunx aspect to Romney’s Ascendant, a difficult configuration further triggered by the Moon on the morning after the debate. This suggests that the grandiose expectations (Neptune) that Romney holds for the debate – the magical impact of his many programmed “zingers” and the planned destruction wreaked by his aggressive attacks – will come to naught. From what I can see, there is little to suggest Romney will make any headway in the first debate.

As for the president, the planet of success and optimism, Jupiter, continues to sit in a two-month sesquiquadrate to his natal Jupiter (00Aquairus52), as well as in a two-month square to his solar return Ascendant (15Virgo43). Moreover, transiting Venus will be sextile to natal Venus (1Cancer47) during the debate and through the next afternoon. This suggests that President Obama will come off as far more likeable and more trustworthy than Romney, not unexpected but still crucially important. As will no doubt be discussed in the many late-night and morning-after reviews, a majority of debate watchers,  in the traditional American measure of political success in difficult times, would probably prefer to have that iconic  beer with Obama.


  1. angellight says:

    Starlight: So glad you posted this, as I was beginning to get nervous. I have faith in your anaylsis and will stay positive.

  2. Jerry says:

    2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain refused to use the race card in his bid for the White House, although he certainly had the option to do so. At the time, Senator Barack Obama had connections to the controversial, radical reverend Jeremiah Wright and openly acknowledged his high regard for Rev Wright as his mentor; a source of inspiration. At a crucial juncture during the campaign however, Obama’s advisors managed to distance their Democratic candidate from the Reverend. The Republican party lost the election and the rest is history. Fast forward four years later……

    It’s election season again, and this time things could get ugly. Those very same issues could come back to haunt Obama in the 2012 campaign. Romney is of a different temperament than McCain of course. As former CEO of Bain, he was well-known for his unscrupulous business tactics.

    A 40 minute video tape with accompanying article released yesterday by a news media organization called the Daily Caller contains a controversial 2007 Obama speech delivered to a black minister’s gathering. How damaging it will have on the Obama campaign remains to be seen. It’s still hot off the press – too early to tell. It is not a flattering portrait of the President. Ironically enough, with remarkable timing it conveys the unmistakable theme of Obama’s Chiron return (mid October), with specific, direct references in the speech of a real life incident during the time of the 1992 LA race riots. Obama narrates a scene wherein a pregnant woman is shot in the abdomen. The infant still in the womb sustains an injury. Obama literally refers to this injury as the “scar” that never heals. “That bullet, Obama explains, is a metaphor for the problems facing black America, namely racism.” Here’s the article; which includes the 40 min. video speech…..

    Exclusive: In Heated ’07 Speech, Obama Lavishes Praise On Wright, Says Feds ‘Don’t Care’ About New Orleans

    The Daily Caller
    October 2, 2012

    In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government short-changed Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.

    “The people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much!” Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. By contrast, survivors of Sept. 11 and Hurricane Andrew received generous amounts of aid, Obama explains. The reason? Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government considers those victims “part of the American family.”

    The racially charged and at times angry speech undermines Obama’s carefully-crafted image as a leader eager to build bridges between ethnic groups. For nearly 40 minutes, using an accent he almost never adopts in public, Obama describes a racist, zero-sum society, in which the white majority profits by exploiting black America. The mostly black audience shouts in agreement. The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.

    Obama gave the speech in the middle of a hotly-contested presidential primary season, but his remarks escaped scrutiny. Reporters in the room seem to have missed or ignored his most controversial statements. The liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan linked to what he described as a “transcript” of the speech, which turned out not to be a transcript at all, but instead the prepared remarks provided by the campaign. In fact, Obama, who was not using a teleprompter, deviated from his script repeatedly and at length, ad libbing lines that he does not appear to have used before any other audience during his presidential run. A local newspaper posted a series of video clips of the speech, but left out key portions. No complete video of the Hampton speech was widely released.

    Obama begins his address with “a special shout out” to Jeremiah Wright, the Chicago pastor who nearly derailed Obama’s campaign months later when his sermons attacking Israel and America and accusing the U.S. government of “inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color” became public. To the audience at Hampton, Obama describes Wright as, “my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me. He’s a friend and a great leader. Not just in Chicago, but all across the country.”

    By the time Obama appeared at Hampton, Jeremiah Wright had become a political problem. Wright told The New York Times earlier that year that he would no longer be speaking on the campaign’s behalf because his rhetoric was considered too militant. And yet later in the Hampton speech Obama explicitly defends Wright from unnamed critics, a group he describes as “they”: “They had stories about Trinity United Church of Christ, because we talked about black people in church: ‘Oh, that might be a separatist church,’” Obama said mockingly.


  3. DPH says:

    The 2007 speech was covered fully by the press, including Fox News. It isn’t something new. The Republicans who are hyperventilating over it were never going to vote for the President. It’s a non-event, and most thinking people agree with Obama’s statements that the government response to Katrina was a disaster, and neglected the black community. I thought my opinion of Tucker Carlson and his Daily Caller could not go any lower, but he is despicable, as are Sean Hannity and Matthew Drudge.

  4. Jerry says:

    My apologies. The entire 37 minute speech can be viewed on the third and last page.

  5. DPH says:

    Andrew Sullivan dissects the rightwing hype concerning the 2007 speech well here:

  6. Jerry says:


    The article indicates that this is the first time the entire length of the speech on video has been released. I hope you’re right and the negative impact will be negligible. I thought it fascinating that the themes expressed in the speech is being released right at the time of Obama’s exact Chiron return. The timing is quite remarkable.

  7. Jerry says:

    Hi DPH,

    I looked through the June 2007 article you submitted. No video content provided. Nowhere near the same impact. The video reveals an Obama we’re unaccustomed to seeing, and I for one felt rather sad watching it, not because of the rhetoric, but because I understood the emotions expressed. He is merely giving voice to the history of oppression that the black people have had to endure. It can be easily misconstrued as racism. In any case, The Daily Beast 2007 article you submitted appears to be an edited version of the speech. According to the Daily Caller:

    “In the prepared version distributed to reporters, Obama’s speech ends this way:

    “America is going to survive. We won’t forget where we came from. We won’t forget what happened 19 months ago, 15 years ago, thousands of years ago.”

    That’s not what he actually said. Before the audience at Hampton, Obama ends his speech this way:

    “America will survive. Just like black folks will survive. We won’t forget where we came from. We won’t forget what happened 19 months ago, or 15 years ago, or 300 years ago.”

    Three hundred years ago. It’s a reference the audience understood.

  8. Jerry says:


    Again, one has to watch and listen to the actual video instead of reading the text to get the full impact (just watch the first fifteen minutes of the video). Obama’s pronounced racial intonations was obviously intended to appeal to his predominantly black audience, but to the impartial onlooker it could unintentionally characterize him as a man with political aspirations who is exploiting the racial divide.

  9. jeremy says:

    So Obama is being accused of being a politician. that video is nothing, if anything if the right keeps pushing the racial angle it will help Obama more than hurt.

  10. Gina says:

    I watched that portion of the video that talks about the aftermath of Katrina, and I was thinking, “Really? Is that all they have?”

    When he was talking about the federal government dragging its feet in waiving the fee in the Stafford Act, I remembered that a whole bunch of us in Louisiana were saying pretty much the same thing he’s saying.

    And I’m supposed to be offended by that now? Are you kidding me?

  11. Todd Bennett says:

    Or to a concern troll it might make fodder for dissension. Listen very carefully, Obama will win handily, do you want the exact percentages? 53.56 percent of the vote. And watch AZ, GA, and SC.

  12. kdez says:

    This is just another wingnut, lizard-brain reflex – they see something works for the Democrats, so they clumsily cobble together an “equivalent.” Romney gets caught on tape sneering at the 47%, so now they have to have a tape.

    It’s a truly infantile, kindergarten, nya-nya tactic and they do it every time. Their supposed “gotcha” is pathetic; they got nothin’….

  13. Davis L says:

    I agree.
    I’m a trained public speaker, BUT…I grew up in Texas. I live in the Pacific Northwest now, and consider myself a “refugee from behind the magnolia curtain.” So….I usually don’t sound or speak like a Texan. But when I do it’s because I’m in Texas or surrounded by Texans. I think that’s probably true for all of us. Not just politicians.

    So….Obama is reported to have spoken in a black church with a black accent. So What?!?! And if you view the video or read the transcript, I don’t think he said anything most people would regard as false or controversial. The only people who will take offense are those who are already offended by his “black-socialist-fascist-communist-radical-muslim-foreign-illegitimate” presence in the whitehouse. And those folks won’t vote for him in any case!

    I think you are VERY right! If the right keeps pushing the racial angle it will just continue to reveal their virulent & hysterical racism & help Obama far more than it can possibly hurt.

  14. TJ says:

    TPM, Huffington Post and others have debunked that this video was not previously public in numerous articles. What I found most poignant was a comment by a biracial TPM reader, posted by the TPM editor:

    As the mom of a biracial son, I know this touches on why it might be personally wounding to Obama in a way not grasped by those who don’t navigate being biracial on a daily basis.

  15. Edith says:

    Perhaps you don’t know the history of the black church in America. The church that was allowed during slavery was the only place blacks could congregate. Of course we praised the “white” Jesus given to us, but we also plotted and planned our escape from slavery. I attended Trinity Church with Rev. Jeremiah and Barack Obama and loved every moment. Where else can a black in America find solace for the soul? The only problem with Rev. Wright is that he made us feel like we belonged to this place we call America. For my entire lifetime we have been at war with the “land of the free” to get our fair share. President Obama is our voice, we are the oppressed! This church was not a separatist church, they just let us know what we were up against. The black church has been misunderstood by the majority of white America, we just didn’t bend on our knees to praise the God that brought us to slavery we also expressed our need to be free. The only problem I see is that the slave master had no idea what we were really talking about. Rev. Wright also talked about love for your fellow man and Obama should have never shunned him, I love and respect both of them. This 2007 tape is an attempt to bring race into the campaign and the always frightening “angry black man”.

  16. Lorrie U says:

    I second that!!

  17. Lorrie U says:

    I tend to agree with you, Todd. I don’t know about AZ, though, right now it’s 53% Romney, BUT repubs are breaking from the party and voting for Carmona against Flake, with 1%. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

  18. Lorrie U says:

    And I also tend to think that early projections by MSM is going to going toward Romney to discourage western voters. Then the Mercury RX is going to send shock waves as the election turns around.

  19. Lorrie U says:

    Good article, TJ, thanks!

    Was having a good conversation at the pet food store with what I considered a reasonable person about the coming election. She didn’t really like either one. Said she couldn’t vote for Obama because he’s a muslim and it says in his book that he would choose his religion over his country. (?????) I then learned that yesterday we went to war with Libya (????). I left feeling sick to my stomach because she was convinced because she had done the research herself.

  20. starlight says:

    “personally wounding to Obama” – Indeed! He is in the midst of his Chiron return.

  21. starlight says:

    Newsflash: Turkey and Syria exchanging fire as Syrian civil war escalates.

    I am thinking of Saturn now square Obama’s Jupiter and then moving to square his Mercury as it crosses Hillary Clinton’s Sun. This is a situation to watch.

  22. M. says:

    Bless you Nancy, thanks for this.

  23. Bob says:

    Jerry, your apologies have long fallen on my deaf ears as years of moderators and co-posters asking you to submit just a few lines of copy or statement and then provide a link have fallen on yours. Control your need to see, or have others see, wondrously long posts you have made.

  24. Iris says:

    The real threat to our democracy is the ownership of the voting machinery in many swing states by donors to Romney’s campaign and foreign interests.

    Even more disturbing is the power held by 9 swing state GOP governors in tallying the final votes.

    It will be interesting to see how exactly this Merc retro will play out in the elections. I’m hoping Saturn in Scorpio will uncover those who attempt to steal the election from the will of the People. Maybe the answer will be clear around the middle of Dec 2012 when Merc, arriving back at its initial retro degree, trines Uranus stationing direct which quincunxes Saturn and squares Pluto; Saturn is within a one degree sextile of Pluto, at the same time.

    Any thoughts on this? Or, am I just way off base?

  25. KIM says:

    Thank you Nancy, glad to have some positive news before the debate.

  26. Noelle says:

    Starlight, you probably know this but I find it interesting with Venus Sextile Obama’s natal Venus, etc. that today is his and Michelle’s 20th Anniversary of their wedding.

  27. chrys says:

    ask her to show you the passage or tell you the page in Obama’s book as you are interested in reading that … see what she says..

  28. Todd Bennett says:

    The polls will likely show a 3-5 point race because the pollsters are not understanding the concept of cell onlies. It will end 8-9.

  29. Calvin Neal says:

    Everyone has seen this speech! It is moldy news! I am white, I know the truth is racism was behind the Katrina debacle! Please stop the hysteria!

  30. Calvin Neal says:

    Good comment

  31. mitzi says:

    How low can the GOP go? Honestly, Obama was addressing this audience concerning the tragic aftermath, that besides 911, may have been one of the worst American incidents, in recent years! As I can recall, due to the extreme mismanagement, governmental and political neglect; many lives were needlessly lost, and most of the victims were black and poor, people lost there homes, and many families were displaced forever! So as I watched the video, Obama’s indignation, and “tone”,seems rightly appropriate, as he speaks to a black congregation, whom may have been directly or indirectly impacted by this event! – But to pull this video out of context to use as a political ploy, is truly reprehensible! – At this point what comes to my mind is something I remember grandma would like to say,”…so what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?”

  32. Diane L says:

    Thanks for the update, Starlight! Since my aries husband flat refuses to watch the debates, I’ll catch the analysis & clips later. *grin*

  33. Nancy, you are my favorite astrologer, ever and I am excited and grateful every time I see a new post. And about the comment, taken up gleefully by some pundits on Fox News, that Obama was trying to sound blacker, even Oprah changes her tone when she’s with an all black crowd. I know, I’ve been there. Republicans are just grasping at straws, and Matt Drudge of the Drudge report, saving this”bombshell” for the night before the debate is so irrelevant now and a nasty piece of work besides.

  34. alex says:

    OFA – Obama For American has more teevee ads up than Romney: seems Romney has less money than his campaign people suggested they had; the OFA does great rapid response videos… next day they are on it; the air war is going to Obama, the ground war is going to Obama, Obama campaign team and Obama are 10X better COMPETENT than Romney shape shifters;

    Romney can never win ( could never win 2012 ) except for GOP voter suppression ( which has been rolled back by OFA, DOJ,DNA, state Democratic party orgs and advocacy groups going to the courts ) NOE the Voting Counting Machine FRAUDBain,Blackstone set up…. is the latest issue to surface;

    Romney can only win if they/et al commit CRIMINAL ELECTION FRAUD
    and I think OFA is on this too….. OFA hasn’t disappointed yet

  35. Davis L says:

    Todd Bennett,
    I’m curious. How did you arrive at your 53.56 percent conclusion?

  36. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, let me just first say thank you! I have been upbeat about this debate for weeks since you first noted that it looked like a win for Obama tonight..

    I wanted to ask your thoughts about a story I saw and I am not sure if anyone here posted it yet? It is a story about President Obama’s mom having been a porn star. I was wondering if this could possibly be the personal wound that you have been suggesting coming his way in October. If the story is coming out right now the timing doesn’t seem right as you said Oct. 20th. It’s probably the ugliest and dirties political stunt I have ever seen.

  37. alex says:

    this is just the kind of dirt the GOP is all about: they are trying to get under Obama’s skin …. for the debates or have him answer this crapola at a rally so they can make a clip of it out of context to use as a video against him;

    fortunately Obama is cool…….

  38. pisca says:

    Elizabeth, this was discussed in depth in last two threads.

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, pisca.. I must have missed it~there are always so many comments I don’t always get to check them all out. I will go back and look:)

  40. alex says:

    Good opening context: pundit guy on current tevee

    Mitt Romney has held one elected office for one term and at the end of his one term as governor he did not run for re-election because 65% of MA public said – good riddance….. he could not run again on his lousy unpopular record

    Obama is running for a second term and has alot to be proud of;

    Hey Mitt way didn’t you run for re-election for Gov of MA…..because he was a lost cause

  41. janet says:

    Starlight, thank you for this post; It helped to soothe frayed nerves.

  42. Todd Bennett says:

    Written June 11 Our enthusiasm is polling fine, per Gallup Pew, and PPP. Outside spending has limited blunt impact on a candidate as well defined as the President. See Kerry vs. Bush 2004, for example. No this is shaping up to be the election of missed polling. You see the President has very definite advantages. A Latino Decisions poll gives the President a 67-24 advantage over Romney, and they should account for about 9 percent of the electorate. African Americans give the President about a 95-5 edge as 12 percent of the electorate. The other minority vote accounts for roughly 9 more percent at about a 70-30 advantage. Put together and Barack should accumulate 24 points of his two party vote total off of roughly 30 percent of the electorate. This means he just needs 40 percent of the white vote to carry 52 percent, which should project to a healthy EC margin. However if turnout is depressed, and minorities turn out at closer to 2008 levels, and Barack wins 40 percent of the white vote, he still clears 50 percent, and with the swing states of Florida and Virginia being particularly emblematic of specific demographic advantages, anything over 50 percent will likely net over 300 evs. My main prediction is based on current white approval, which is hovering around 42 percent. Typically a candidate can exceed his or her approval rating in vote percentage by a point or two, again I reference Kerry/Bush, and this would allow the President to win 43 percent of the white vote, a number matching 08. Should that happen with the current projected electorate he should clear 54.5 percent of the two party vote, easily winning his 2008 states and adding quite possibly SC and GA, and almost certainly AZ, which I currently have leaning Obama. This will be the year the likely voter screen gets trashed for good. The Pew and PPP polls are most accurate, but many others seem to be polling the past.

    Additionally I feel that the economy will continue to strengthen, especially relative to Europe, and a best case scenario involves a Reagan Mondale type of outcome where TX goes with it, though not currently forecasting that, but it is possible. I see less than a one percent chance for Romney, and that would involve a scenario where turnout is down among Barack’s base and he collapses to the 37 percent mark with whites, a highly unlikely scenario given the current mood of his base.

    I have adjusted a point down to reflect .42 percent of the white vote.

  43. Jerry says:

    Hi Bob,

    Slightly puzzled by that comment of yours. The apology has to to do with my failing to mention the appropriate location of the URL video link. The issue you raised is unrelated. Anyway……

    Re: The article… Six paragraphs instead of the customary two (my personal commentary may make it appear longer). I felt it to be significant and important enough subject matter for an exception to be made. Most people tend to gloss over things and pre-judge the content without further investigation.

  44. alex says:

    Hispanics and blacks, are disproportionately victimized by faulty machines — often by older, failing models allocated by GOP election officials.

    That was confirmed in a groundbreaking precinct-by-precinct analysis of New Mexico results issued by Voters Unite in 2007.

    It found that Hispanics and Native Americans were 250 to 350 percent more likely than whites to be counted as “under-votes” — not voting for President — while voting on touch-screen machines in the 2004 election.

    When then- Governor Bill Richardson pushed through a law banning all touch-screen machines for the 2006 election, the undervote rate for Native Americans plummeted by a stunning 85 percent when they used optical-scan machines with paper ballots — and the Hispanic undervote declined by roughly 70 percent.

    It’s small wonder that USA Today, hardly a bastion of the conspiracy-minded left, declared: “Electronic voting’s the real threat to elections

    Mainstream groups such as NYU’s Brennan Center, Common Cause, federal research centers and sweeping government reviews by states such as California and Ohio have all underscored the failings and porous security of those touch-screen machines.

  45. kiwi says:

    Political Astrology Blog has a new article up on the debates
    The Astrology of the Presidential Debates

  46. Nita says:


    You should not even put the garbage on this site stop giving it light. Karma is coming fast for the ones responsible for doing such a thing to someone that has past on to eternity life.

    It’s a lie and should not be read by anyone. It’s the dark side of evil and no one should put that in there head.

    I have stepped on crumbs bigger than those sending out.


  47. NEOBuckeye says:

    Interesting. Romney seems desperate… And inauthentic.

  48. alex says:

    I’m streaming online with audio
    and have the live debate on teevee without audio

    you have to watch it without sound; and separately only sound;

    it is helpful to watch Mitt that-a-way :-)

  49. NEOBuckeye says:

    Romney just seems like a mean-spirited jerk.

  50. Wennye' says:

    going to try that Alex because I have so tune him out..just watching his body animated language.

  51. Jackson says:

    Why hasn’t anyone brought up the fact that the National Federation of Independent Businesses is a very partisan, right-wing lobbying organization?

  52. Geo says:

    Cork it Jerry…not interested in your arrogant unending diatribes!!

  53. Lorrie U says:

    Because that’s what he is, he can’t hide it!

  54. NEOBuckeye says:

    Sorry everyone. I honestly can’t bear to watch any more of this. I know there is something to be said for taking the high road, which I believe Obama is doing in this debate, but Romney is coming across completely unhinged and I would so love to see Obama snap him back into place. Talk about Bain Capital destroying jobs and lives… Talk about Romney’s tax returns. Go for the jugular Mr. President! Whatever Romney’s lies and inaccuracies, I worry about the post-debate spin favoring his aggressiveness.

    Oh, and Lehrer is a total wet noodle as a moderator.

  55. NEOBuckeye says:

    Anyone have a different interpretation? Believe me, I want to be wrong about what it is that I think I have seen tonight…

  56. Jackson says:

    I’m listening, Romney sounds arrogant, flaky and desperate. His imperious manner would suit a dictator or CEO well, but not an American president.

  57. Chokyi says:

    Yeah…I am so wishing the Prez would have a bit more fire in his rebuttals. I can’t understand why he is letting so much slide…like about the Medicare cuts argument.
    The longer the debate goes on the more manic Mitt seems. At first it seemed to me (and unfortunately)like he was sharp and clearer than he has been in a long time…but now he looks jittery. Obama finally seems to have his stride as I write this.
    Come on JIM L. Be the man!!!

  58. NEOBuckeye says:

    If he somehow wins, a dictator-CEO is exactly what we’ll have.

  59. Chokyi says:

    The comments on the site I am watching the debates being streamed say that the focus groups are saying that Romney is winning handily….ugh….I am going to have to turn this off…

  60. Davis L says:

    It seems to me both candidates are doing poorly.
    They both seem nervous. I especially don’t like the lack of rebuttals to Romney’s oft said outrageous lies. I wish Obama would refute more but it seems refutations don’t seem to be part of the flow. Neither candidate seems to have gotten the rhymthm of the evening.

  61. starlight says:

    Maybe Obama is letting Mitt dig his own grave. Mitt is so hyper and so aggressive and so full of lies. At first, his energy was a positive thing, but after a while it seemed repulsive and offensive. He will get points for being aggressive, but I think the fact- checkers will cause him damage. And I think the fact that he basically changed his entire tax policy suddenly as of tonight will be a headline tomorrow. As Obama described it, “nevermind”.

  62. Lorrie U says:

    Concensus on twitter is that Romney won the debate. Ugh…

  63. barbk says:

    I think you are on to somethig Iris. About that time there is a new moon in Sagittarius. The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is at that time still retrograde in Gemini but is also the apex of a Yod aspect that includes the sextile of Pluto and Saturn. Just days later Jupiter backs up to conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus at 8 Gemini. Jupiter and Sagittarius are seeking truth through the expansion of knowledge and understanding. When that happens, Venus in Sagittarius will be opposite Jupiter, expanding on the truth aspect and as well, the yod effect. In other words if Jupiter is the finger pointing (or the arrow being drawn) then Venus is the receptive target. Venus is values, and Venus will also oppose the U.S. Uranus. That should be shocking.

  64. Wennye' says:

    I painful must say the president left so much to be desired.

  65. Noelle says:

    Starlight, that was/is my only hope…that Obama was letting Romney dig his own grave and that fact checking will be Obama’s rebuttal.

    I just couldn’t believe that Jim Leherer is such a wimp and that he let Romney hog so much time and that Romney can lie and lie and lie.

  66. Jackson says:

    Twitter consensus can be manipulated by organized logrolling.

  67. starlight says:

    Romney definitely dominated tonight. I hope the after image of his bullying and his lying takes away from his “win”. I do think the Neptune influence will suck away some of the expectation that he will benefit, but we will see. The president did not have much energy. Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz were pretty upset at Obama.

  68. Sharon says:

    Romney has his moon at 27 Scorpio where Mars and the Moon’s node are at right now. I knew the Mars transit of his moon would give him a lot of inner fight and power. Well, we’ll see for next time.

  69. Sharon says:

    I think the president was nervous, and maybe even tired—because being the president, campaigning AND practicing for a debate can spread one quite thin.

  70. alex says:

    msnbc panel is so messed up tonight their expectations/bias drove their perspective of the experience;

    Al Sharpton: said what I think will go the lasting impression with the public….. everybody saw Romney put on a smooth performance but he LIED and said he was not going to cut taxes for the rich so he would not be accountable about how he would do that…. the public the jury knows Mitt simply lied to avoid being challenged about tax cuts for the rich…. Al Sharpton said the public/the jury would say if Romney was the role of prosecutor he did that but within days he will be charged with PERJURY by the public as they realize that the premise of Romney tonight was based on the initial lie to the viewers tonight at debate that he did not intend to cut taxes for the rich;

    yikes…… backlash to come

  71. Francine says:

    This isn’t just now coming to light. i read about this and saw photos on the net at least 2 years ago.

  72. alex says:

    Ed always wants blood, he has never followed Obama’s strategy at public relations; Ed day in day out says often Obama should have done this done that… he is rarely all that supportive;

    Ed is not big on nuisance;

    I think the problem is that MSNBC talking head ( usually very smart very shart ) showed their bias they think the public is dumb enough to have fallen for Romney’s big lie tonight;

    only Chris said what needed to be said: Romney simply cut out all his conservative base by denying his extreme positions the public already know about… Romney did a performance at being moderate and then said he simply wouldn’t cut taxes ( 5 trillion worth ) on the rich as he has said day in day out every day forever;

    MSNBC panel thinks he did good …… I don’t think the public will agree with that…. they’ll see it was a head fake performance… Romney denying outright denying he was going to cut taxes on the rich and then agreeing with Obama on all the social issues… but saying he would do the same only differently….. yeah right!

  73. Noelle says:

    Sharon, my first thought was that his eyes looked tired and that if that was the best that his makeup people could do with the dark circles under his eyes, he needs a new makeup person.

    Let’s credit him for his restraint.

  74. Gypsi says:

    And I’ll third it. I actually watched the whole debate. Romney was changing his tune like a teenager changes her outfit. Ooops, no I am for health care. Ooops no I am protecting social security & medicare… Attempting to show compassion…. Neptune… but lies. Or was he lying for the last 6 months.

  75. Noelle says:

    The disappointment Starlight wrote about for Romney might very well come from the base he cut out. I hope so.

  76. angellight says:

    Jennifer Granholm said correctly, Pres. Obama would lose the first debate. I am not sure what she said about the second. Pres. Obama was too passive & did not want to lose his Presidential status. In a debate you have to put that aside. Romney did a lot of lying tonight. We Dems have a lot of work to do to dispel all the lies Romney said. The moderator was certainly ineffective, as Romney took over him too. He was fighting for his life, Romney and did what he had to do.

  77. Noelle says:

    I thought the same thing when I heard Al Sharpton talk about the lies. Trust the public…they see through the lies as jurists. Let’s hope they do on this debate.

  78. Gypsi says:

    I think that is the biggest thing to be concerned about, and you are not off base. I’m hoping for Saturn in Scorpio and the uranus/pluto square to handle the big “reveal”

  79. Lorrie U says:

    My take is that PBO is so disgusted with the lying, smirky Romney that he couldn’t look at thim any more than I can. I tend to also not look at people who disgust me.

  80. mitzi says:

    Nancy, Watched the President tonight, I wondered if that horrible film, and even the meaningless video, and all the other madness, was perhaps injurous, and I recalled your concern over his Chiron, maybe Hes’ already influenced by it? Nevertheles,”Shapeshifter” Romney’s House of Cards will tumble!

  81. Lamis Faris says:

    Obama LOST the debate! I only hope he can regroup for the next one.

  82. kiwi says:

    I thought Romney performed as expected … the slick salesman, which is what he’s done all his life. But I do think he blew his closing.
    Obama on the other hand, had substance, but I agree, he really seemed tired – worries with recent events with syria and turkey I’m sure have not helped.
    I just hope enough americans can see through romney’s ‘promise the sky’ sales marketing modus operandi.

  83. Lorrie U says:

    Following excerpts from Political Astrology’s analysis of the first debate seems to make it sound like the debate has a delayed reaction…

    Although it isn’t playing a very major role in the chart for the debate itself, Jupiter stations retrograde early the next morning, which is very significant. Interestingly, it doesn’t station direct until late January, just after the inauguration. This seems to reflect a close connection between this particular debate and who is sworn into office on inauguration day.

    Transiting Jupiter, which stations retrograde a few hours after the debate, is trine to Obama’s ascendant within about a degree and a half.

    Ultimately Obama seems to have better career transits for the first debate, with transiting Mars conjoining his MC in his nocturnal birth chart, versus Romney having transiting Mars conjoin his Moon and Jupiter (which rules his 10th) in a diurnal birth chart.

    Obama may still be in for some surprises though, with the Moon square his natal Uranus, and transiting Jupiter stationing conjunct Romney’s natal Uranus in the 1st.

  84. sonya says:

    Plain and simple President Obama lost the first debate and didn’t call Mittens on all his lies. Polls indicated that Mittens won the debate and they aren’t going to see his lies.

  85. kiwi says:

    Interesting, Chris Brennan from political astrology blog posted this after the debate:
    Chris Brennan says:
    October 3, 2012 at 9:08 pm
    Initial reactions after the first debate, on October 3, 2012, at 9:10 PM MDT, about 40 minutes after it ended:

    It seems that Obama was the one who ended up having problems with the Mercury-Saturn conjunction that was setting over the western horizon when the debate began, and the communication problems we mentioned as being associated with it. His delivery seemed very stiff, and he seemed to have some difficulty saying what he wanted to say, especially at the beginning of the debate, although even in his closing remarks he stumbled a bit. He started to recover around 7:20 when the ascendant moved into Taurus and trined Venus, although he still didn’t seem to be at the top of his game tonight.

    Romney, on the other hand, did pretty well, and it seems that he got the comeback that he needed, with that Jupiter station in his 1st house, conjunct his natal Uranus, which turned out to be even more positive than we anticipated.

  86. Ardy says:

    Before the debate, I imagine the Pres would have been monitoring the Syria/Turkey situation & may have been distracted by that. But he did what he always does … brings the ‘adult’ to the room. And those of us (& sometimes I want him to blast back) who want more overt emotion from him … well it’s the same as 2008 … he’s right. I thought Romney, at first, had a strong presence but when you thought about what he was saying it was mostly nonsense. And I did think he was trying to steer back to the moderate spot … I would think he infuriated the extremist in his own party.

  87. Betsy says:

    The delay will be due to the monumental number of lies that are fact-checked and broadcast all over the airwaves, methinks.

    On a separate note, Jim Lehrer’s rules for the debate were posted prior to the event and Lehrer apparently broke them all (including allowing candidates to ask each other questions directly, which Lehrer actually encouraged) –

  88. Lamis Faris says:

    So now it is up the Democrats and the spin masters to hold Romney’s feet to the fire and point out the lies; to force Romney to face the base of his party, to show where he has lied to them, to show where he has lied to us during this debate since obviously Obama didn’t do it. I’m still hurting and disappointed.

  89. sonya says:

    I agree with the comments about Mittens turned into a moderate. We saw how a politican turned into an etch sketch on live tv and the President only feebly addressed it. What the heck?

  90. mooncookie0829 says:

    Wow, I disagree with the criticizm of Obama’s performance. Watch the ads that run next week. The more Romney talks, the more he lies. And those lies will certainly catch up with him.

  91. alex says:

    Romney created lots of video clips to be contrast with reports about his plans, the facts and statements by Romney – –

    tomorrow’s new videos should be good;

    if one is called : Never Mind…. well then I’m prescience!

  92. starlight says:

    It is summed up well here: Romney gives Obama all the lies he needs to hang him with

  93. alex says:

    from dailykos front page:

    silver lining for Obama in post-debate poll: fave/unfave numbers for both candidates mostly unchanged.

    That’s the same snap poll that shows Romney winning handily. So if he didn’t fix his favorables with this debate, it means his victory was worth ZERO.

  94. Gypsi says:

    Romney’s changed his tune now that he’s singing for the whole country, instead of just the Tea Party folks. And most of his song were lies.

  95. Gina says:

    Maybe, but I tend to think that if Rmoney were to win, he wouldn’t be much of a leader, but he would be led by the tea party Congress.

  96. Gypsi says:

    Romney’s changed his tune now that he’s singing for the whole country, instead of just the Tea Party folks. The lies just kept on coming!

  97. Gina says:

    The difference is that, in 1994, when Romney tried to co-opt Sen. Kennedy’s positions, Kennedy called him on it. The President didn’t do that.

  98. alex says:

    Romney came out tonight pretending he agreed with Obama and social programs but would only do them a bit differently Romney pretended he was a caring moderate ( who the hell is going to buy this dumb performance… the public knows Romney is an extremist )

    Romney put his big foot into a pile of poo…. he said outright tonight that he was not going to cut taxes for the rich….

    backlash to come…

  99. Davis L says:

    I am bizarred out!
    I’m still stunned from Romney admonishing Obama that he was “entitled to his own opinions but not his own facts.”

  100. fierywoman says:

    I couldn’t watch the debates because I was teaching young men and women how to play the violin or the viola tonight. But I spoke with my parents in PA this morning, and they (who voted R until 2008) talked about the “nothing there” in Mitt’s eyes …

  101. Todd Bennett says:

    Well it is like this, if Nancy was wrong, then so could be Wolfstar or Orr. Nobody is perfect. But me thinks Mr. Romney is about to be attacked not by facts, but a big yellow angry bird. It may be yet that Obama is the one to benefit from this debate. And Mr. Brennan, it is the height of cowardice to explain after the fact what transits were at play affecting what. If you had any faith in your abilities, you would stand by them for longer than 40 minutes after the debate. I think there is something left to this debate that is going to radically alter perceptions, stay tuned..

  102. alex says:

    that will be a great contrast video tomorrow showing hypocrisy Mitt being entitled to his own facts;

    then there will be the video of ‘Never Mind’

    there are a few more ….. but it’s zzzzzzzzzzz time

  103. Todd Bennett says: This is my facebook if anyone needs to be talked down. I have lots of experience with high level campaigning and can explain why panic is not warranted.

  104. Gina says:

    Somebody’s got to call Romney on his lies. These aren’t just his lies: these same lies have been going on for 30 years. We’ve been governing based on them. And millions believe them as truth.

    Even when you know it’s lies, it’s a lot like when you’re in therapy, and you’re trying to break old patterns, but you keep going back to them, because the new ways are scary, and the old patterns are familiar.

    What Romney’s lies have given us is trillions in debt, and very little to show for it except for a wild-west dystopian low wage economy, with few meaningful regulations, millions of people without health care they can afford, if at all, and the rest of us well under the thumb of corporations.

    And they call that leadership.

    I don’t know what the planets hold for the two candidates, or for the election; but it amazes me how some configurations can be more significant than others, e.g. Obama’s Chiron return.

    I thought that the Republicans would do well based on the aspects at their nominating convention. But it’s often not the aspects or placements; sometimes, it’s what one does with them (Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” moment, for example, was not a good use of their placements). I hope we don’t end up looking at this election and saying that these debates changed things for their side. We can only hope that the lies become more apparent, and that the Democrats find a way to effectively address them.

  105. Jackson says:

    I’m not worried. Romney did not sound presidential at all. His opponent did.

  106. Azizi says:

    My take on the 1st Presindential debate is that although Romney appears to have won, in the long run that appearance will prove to be deceptive (the Neptune influence).

    Here’s three comments from that speak to that view:

    (12:39 AM)
    Romney won……and he will spend the next few days backtracking, backpeddling and doing more moonwalking than the late Micheal Jackson because he is LYING.


    (12:40 AM)
    that’s why he didn’t win. president obama has been outsmarting republicans from day 1.


    (12:42 AM)
    He set Romney up big time.

  107. alex says:

    you like quick: here’s quick from TPM – –

    Obama To Romney: Are You Keeping Your Plans A Secret ‘Because They Are Too Good?’

  108. Gina says:

    That’s what Romney does when he runs against a Democrat: he co-opts their ideas, and morphs himself as a moderate. Ted Kennedy famously called him on it; tonight, Obama didn’t. The etch-a-sketch didn’t even get mentioned.

  109. Gina says:

    I think that what Brennan is doing is a fair analysis; I don’t see how it’s cowardly to take a second look at the transits that were in play. Maybe it will help us understand what happened and why, and it may help the astrologer make a better prediction next time.

    We all have positive and challenging transits in our lives. Sometimes, it’s a matter of what one does with them that makes the difference.

    What happened tonight may or may not make any difference in who wins. No matter what, if you’re studying astrology, it helps to know what’s going on with the planets. As everyone knows, often the best analysis is done after the fact.

  110. Todd Bennett says:

    Because any fool can see blame a home run on a slider that hung looking at the replay. It makes astrology no more useful than yesterday’s newspaper. Shameful.

  111. Todd Bennett says:

    And my point Gina is not just that he is using hindsight, but so quick to back off what may still have been accurate analysis.

  112. shoalsister says:

    Totally agree with you, Lorrie. I found myself ashamed of Romney, embarrassed for him. It was painful to witness the spiteful eyes flashing, the arrogance and easily spewed lies. And I saw pain in President Obama’s eyes…and great sadness. To think the choice is not even between two honorable men. What lessons these are. I will be interested to hear what the people say about these performances. The pundits are way too volatile and I had to turn them off immediately. I am especially interested to learn how women are reacting. Romney’s act was way too reminiscent of what many of us have come up against in the years since the 70s. The Arrogant White Man. Oh Lordy…

  113. alex says:

    Stephanie Cutter OFA….. here we go:

    Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter talks post-debate

  114. Francine says:

    No wonder Obama was so repressed tonight. Transit Saturn conjunct his Mercury/Saturn midpoint and conjunct his progressed Mercury at 27 Libra. Unfortunately for him Saturn will move into Scorpio by the next debate Oct 11th and square his natal Mercury and Jupiter. I don’t hold out much hope for a comeback that night. I was appalled to see so many Libs including Bill Maher tweeting things like “he should have had his teleprompter’ and ‘Worst. Anniversary. Ever.” I do admit though that he came across as very listless or tired.

  115. Todd Bennett says:

    Obama is going to win this thing. In fact, this debate will have proven to help him in a few days. Not sorry to burst your hiding in the GOP closet bubble.

  116. Gina says:

    It might still be accurate analysis, but another significant transit was also in play. I don’t have a problem with Mr. Brennan looking back at it.

    Astrologers use chart data to look back over historical events all the time. That’s one way to learn more about how astrology works.

    Astrology is not just for prediction; often, what one sees in the charts is subject to interpretation. Which is a big reason astrologers are making contradictory predictions about this election. One sees one transit and predicts one result; another sees something else and predicts the opposite will happen. The rest of the world then becomes more skeptical about astrology, but it’s not astrology so much as different astrologers seeing different things.

  117. Davis L says:

    I think women will make the difference this year. So I too am more interested (and for other reasons as well) in the reactions of women.

    I think Mr Romney is NOT an honorable man whose enterprises in a more moral or ethical society would be illegal. Conversely, although I am far to the left of Mr. Obama, I do think he is an honorable man.

    I too saw the pain and sadness in President Obama’s eyes. I suspect the burdens of the office are heavier than usual right now. Possibly the Syria/Turkey problem. Considering the network of alliances, were a NATO country (Turkey) to go to war, it could all spiral into a world war, very much like how the first world war started.

  118. fierywoman says:

    By tomorrow we’ll see a new — or several — OFA ads cutting and pasting Rmoney’s debate statements with stump statements and maybe a few golden oldies from the MA days …

  119. alex says:

    After the first presidential debate at the University of Denver in Colorado on Wednesday night, Eric Ferhnstrom one of Mitt Romney’s top advisers acknowledged that, as a result Romney’s plan to repeal Obamacare, people with pre-existing medical conditions would likely be unable to purchase insurance. ~ TPM

  120. alex says:

    “In states like Ohio and Virginia and Florida, Romney’s positions on tax cuts, on Medicare, are going to be real problems for him,” he said. “And he doubled down on those all night.” ~ White House senior adviser David Plouffe

  121. Davis L says:

    Romney wins debate, but watch the polls
    Mark Mardell

    “The three men on the red carpet – the two candidates at their pulpits, and the moderator Jim Lehrer sitting at his over-large desk – all seemed to have a different conception of what the debate should be like, as if they were each playing a different sport on the same field. Romney was playing American football, Obama cricket and Lehrer tiddlywinks.”

  122. Jerry says:

    More on that video-tape. Despite what has been expressed here in this forum, it is a source of concern among aides in the Obama re-election committee…..

    Video Potential Worry For Obama Campaign

    October 3, 2012

    The five-year old video showing President Barack Obama talking bluntly about race, Hurricane Katrina and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a source of worry for a campaign that’s already on a knife’s edge over Wednesday night’s high-stakes debate in Denver and thinning leads in national polls.

    Obama’s aides and top Democratic officials projected an air of nonchalance and nothing-to-see-here Tuesday night as Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller promoted the 2007 speech at Hampton University as a racial rant with the capacity to change the game. But the reelection campaign is concerned especially by the possibility of re-litigating Wright’s role in Obama’s life — a storyline long seen in Obamaland as among the most damaging to the president.

    That’s made even stronger by the new focus on the tape coming at a key moment in the run-up to the debate — timing that could become a distraction for the campaign as the president prepares to take the stage. The larger threat posed by the video isn’t its content — many of the statements Obama makes have been made by the president or other Democrats — but its capacity to stop the campaign’s accelerating momentum


  123. Davis L says:

    Todd Bennett
    ThankYou for the statistical analysis you provided above, (8:05 PM). Your breakdown was quite interesting!

    But I’m curious again. “In fact, this debate will have proven to help him in a few days.” Although your pronouncement here seems intuitively correct, I’m wondering: Is it based on astrological indications or on other data, or both? What is your reasoning here?

  124. How did I back off of what may have still been an accurate analysis? All I said was that the Jupiter station in Romney’s first was more positive than I anticipated, and that Obama seems to have been the one to get hit by the communication difficulties associated with the Mercury-Saturn conjunction we mentioned.

  125. Lorrie U says:

    Agree, Shoalsister & Davis L. I’m sure there is so much worry on the President’s mind and having to go through the paces of such stupidity with such an unworthy adversary is demeaning. I just hope that people will see the bigger picture and have some empathy for a very tired president.

  126. Lorrie U says:

    I agree with your assessment!

  127. Lorrie U says:

    My feeling is that the American public, at least the sane part of it, wants to move on and solve real problems, like survival, food on the table, jobs, homes, etc. They are weary of war, weary of the bickering, weary of the obstruction and bomb-throwing at the president, and frankly sick of the GOP underhandedness against the president and this country. They have done much harm, this is not a frivolous game, and much is on the line. I think all this maliciousness will have a boomerang effect that will leave them reeling.

  128. Todd Bennett says:

    Right 40 mins after the debate, you are suggesting how you might have misinterpreted. Real strength there Kreskin. The sad part is you were probably right in the first place. Obama won the debate, was perceived as having one the debate per Nate Silver, until after the fact, (poll rigging?) and then unabashed poll rigging. The lesson here is keep your powder dry and hold true to your predictions at least long enough to verify your inaccuracy. You did not even wait long enough for the pundits to unglue their lips from Romney’s posterior.

  129. alex says:

    Romney’s Big Bold Idea is “Never Mind”

  130. Todd Bennett says:

    The rigged CNN poll shows out of a sample all white, southern, and over 50, Romney leads on economy 55-43. How over is this thing? Very. Obama in a landslide. You young Mr. Brennan, need to learn about the concept called the other shoe. Good day, and I hope it serves as valuable instruction for your future growth professionally and personally.

  131. Lorrie U says:

    Mitt Romney Gives Obama All The Lies He Needs to Hang Him With

    Romney may have given his best performance tonight, but his best was not enough to beat Barack Obama. Romney is hoping that the American people are dumb enough to forget what he said yesterday and be fooled by his lies.

  132. Lorrie U says:

    This will make you feel better…

    Mitt Romney’s Attitude During The Debate

    This man, this intensely dislikable (did you see his smile?) and arrogant man, resumes himself to be above the rules, above the facts, and above any kind of decency. He made sure to get himself as much camera time as possible.

  133. Davis L says:

    Amazing times we live in.
    The R party seems to have enormous difficulty putting forth truly good candidates.

    “Unworthy adversary” is the perfect phrase. In the past 13 years, I see only 2 honest, honorable, NOT TOTALLY NUTS R presidential candidates, John McCain & Jon Huntsman. The rest seem to me highly delusional, pathological, irretrievable NutJobs very passionately in lust with their own lies & skewed view of the universe.

    I find it galling & very tiring to have so many extremely unqualified candidates with such outrageously bizarre views, who honestly think they should be president, running for any office at all! And I’m not running for office! Surely the president’s feelings are deeper than mine.

    It surely must be profoundly & deeply frustrating for our Prez to have to “debate” such a transparently dishonest, politically fickle & unscrupulous opponent. Having to pretend Mr. Romney is an honorable, honest & worthy opponent who simply has a different set of views, has got to be a very tiring game… if the Prez didn’t have enough major world headaches to begin with!

  134. No Tribe says:

    Chalk one up for Marjorie Orr.

  135. Todd Bennett says:

    Wanna bet troll?

  136. mima says:

    The Rev. Wright and the birther thing are two things some republicans won’t let go of. They can’t find any more dirt for their puddle.

  137. Todd Bennett says:

    (concern troll) not an actual troll-look whoever you are not in the mood for your GOP bluster, Obama is going to be President come 1-21-2013. And you said the exact thing to enrage this blog. Orr is a sycophant, broken clock accurate astrologer, and the victor, the true beneficiary of this debate will still be Barack Obama. By this afternoon the water cooler talk will be centered around Mitt’s lies and Obama’s dignity.

  138. kiwi says:

    Todd, your intolerant words grate, and detract from your support of Obama.

  139. angellight says:

    Pres. Obama needs the help of Al Sharpton for the next debate who has an uncanny ability to expose lies & tell the “clear, cold, truth.” I twittered Team Obama with that suggestion, who knows. Obama is too long with answers & to aware of presidential cloak, it seems, to swordfight. We have a lot of work to do. Media will show Romney’s lying talkingpoints which will sway some to him who were undecided. He indeed, was slipperly, a shapeshifter. How I longed for Ted Kennedy to take over Obama’ body last night.

  140. Todd Bennett says:

    As a professional astrologer he should reserve judgment. I am in a very intolerant mood. Astrology has purpose, but talking incessantly about enlightenment and how we use the transits grates ME as I am watching a plutocracy rigging polls and attempting to buy my country, and have to work to stop it. I could not give a damn and a half about feelings. Buck up Buttercup. This is war, this election, line up or sneak out the back. But if for some reason you thought I was a nice guy in this, I apologize for misleading you. I am stone cold focused on one thing; saving this country and world. Other people will have to carry the burden of niceties.

  141. angellight says:

    Punish CNN for Bogus Poll & Remove Crowley as Moderator! A short but excellent read.

  142. Todd Bennett says:

    Once again weakness and fear permeate my fellow progressives. Have fun being manipulated by the likes of No Tribe.

  143. karen says:

    Whew! this board is popping! Starlight hinted at this above, but it seemed to me that Obama was “playing” with Romney. We have several horseshoe matches during the year, and one stealthy player who waits until game points are very close, and then zing, he lands not one but two consecutive ringers. Game over. He does it every time. Or like the pool shark, letting the novice “win” the first game. Just wait, the second debate may determine whether or not Romney even shows up for the third. Remember McCain? who after participating in one debate, returned to his senate duties in order to handle the financial crisis?

  144. starlight says:

    A poster on DU summed it up for me:

    I’m still digesting the debates, but it is clear what went on here. It is also clear that Mitt Romney’s singular debate strategy was to lie, lie and then lie some more–making it impossible for President Obama to engage in substantive or rational discourse.

    First, Romney lied about this tax policy and his tax-cut plans–which would cut $4 trillion in taxes for upper-income millionaires and billionaires. Romney has run on this tax policy for more than a year, and he has also run on the his plan to voucherize Medicare. Romney also denied that.

    Romney lied about this healthcare plan, revealing tonight that he had a plan to cover people with pre-existing conditions even though he has promised to repeal Obamacare on day one.

    Obama’s head must have been spinning–and that was the plan. Romney knew they couldn’t win on substance and that their ideas would be rejected. So they decided to just deny the basic tenants of their campaign.

    Listen folks. This was a very deliberate strategy. Romney would lie and frustrate Obama–and it worked. No one, including the President–expected such sheer depravity.

    When you agree to debate an opponent–you expect that they will stand up for the ideas on which their entire campaign has been based. Romney didn’t even ADMIT his ideas! He called Obama a liar for spelling out Romney’s own ideas that he’s been showcasing for years.


  145. Chokyi says:

    Starlight – thanks for that post. It’s helping my post debate blues. I hope the lies do trip up Mitt big time.
    I just wish our President had a bit more oomph in him last night…many of the fence sitters I fear will be swayed by the energy and sound bites Mitt was swinging with. And that’s why he brought that game. I think it will be a different feel next go ’round….

  146. No Tribe says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Anyway, looks like the “lucky break” that Orr was talking about is that Obama arrived listless to the debate.

  147. Diane L says:

    Surreal experience as always with Romney. Sure didn’t change my mind. All I could see was Neptune at work, spreading further confusion.

  148. barbk says:

    I think it was the Uranus Factor folks. Davis L said it best . . we were bizarred out and stunned.

    Four nights before the debate there was a Full Moon and it was conjunct Uranus.

    In that Full Moon chart Venus at 26 Leo was conjunct the President’s natal Uranus at 25 Leo.

    In that Full Moon chart Jupiter at 16 Gemini was conjunct Romney’s natal Uranus at 17 Gemini.

    In that Full Moon chart (and even now) Jupiter is conjunct Chaos and opposite Pholus. In myth Pholus opens the forbidden wine and chaos ensues.

    In it’s stationing, Jupiter is more powerful than ever. Conjunct Romney’s Uranus, Jupiter will remarkably increase the expression of that 1st house Uranus. Trans. Pholus was/is in Romney’s 7th house (partners, open enemies) and my guess is that Pres. Obama said something subtle but shocking (FM Venus conjunct natal Uranus) that “triggered” (tran. Pholus) to push Romney’s 1st house Uranus (conjunct FM Jupiter stationing) into breaking free of his programming and being his true self, which apparently hasn’t been seen in a long while.

    Anyway, that exploded due to the transiting Jupiter which led to Chaos (conjunct trans Jupiter and Romney’s Uranus).

    Transiting Uranus being square to transiting Pluto, and (in the Full Moon chart) opposite the Sun had the effect of exposing entrenched and rigid government ideologies (Pluto) and raising our consciousness (opposite Sun). Conjunct the Moon he has shocked the “people”.

    So it is back to the drawing board with our new-found understanding and awareness. If we can just figure out what it was that Obama said to trigger Romney’s Uranus, we’ll have a leg up.

  149. Squallo says:

    Here it comes… they just prepared the terrain to the middle of the month… Fight¡

  150. Jerry says:

    “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”

    – Former President Ronald Reagan

  151. catsandmusic says:

    RMoney was coached for months, memorizing whole paragraphs that he just regurgitated by rote. I can just see him reciting for Ann. They also must have worked on his tone of voice and his smirking, probably made him review videos of himself. After all, what else did he have to do?

    His mendacity was shocking. That was not a debate. It was something else entirely.

  152. catsandmusic says:

    barbk-could you explain what the intensification of the expression of Uranus means? I followed the other explanations, but what exactly does that mean?

  153. Asta says:

    Are any of us who remember candidate Obama from the McCain debates surprised at the president’s performance? How many of us yelled at the TV for him to go at McCain. He didn’t, not in either debate; he’s not a fighter by nature. His way – is to go out of his way to find compromise. That’s how he’s governed. He even agreed with Romney on Soc. Sec. which was ridiculous! His was a rather gentlemanly demeanor that didn’t necessarily enhance his stance as the president. That said, Mitt was down right creepy with the smile of his and the ease of the lies. He “beat” President Obama, but that’s not saying much. He gave his campaign a sigh of relief that he didn’t blow it (that was an automatic win in the eyes of the media punditry – they too, are relieved that they can manufacture new stories of how the pres. is in trouble) and absent donors will once again open their check books. romney’s most rabid conservative supporters have reason to scratch their heads regarding tax cuts for the wealthy and deduction eliminations. Obama didn’t lose or gain anything in this debate which is sad because the opportunity was there.

  154. catsandmusic says:

    Just a thought–wonder if the altitude in Denver affected Obama a bit, especially if he was tired and had just arrived. Rmoney rested up for several days in Denver and had plenty of time to get used to the lower O2 levels in the air.

  155. starlight says:

    Here is a sample of what’s being reported about the truthiness of what Obama and Romney had to say Wednesday night on stage at the University of Denver:

    One of the biggest disputes was over tax cuts. Obama argued that Romney’s plan to stimulate the economy includes a tax cut totaling $5 trillion that, Obama said, isn’t possible because the Republican nominee is also promising to spend money in other places.

    Romney flatly disputed that number. “First of all, I don’t have a $5 trillion tax cut,” he said.

    Who’s right? The Washington Post’s Fact Checker says the facts on this one are on Obama’s side. The New York Times notes that Romney “has proposed cutting all marginal tax rates by 20 percent — which would in and of itself cut tax revenue by $5 trillion.” has weighed in too, tweeting during the debate that “Romney says he will pay for $5T tax cut without raising deficit or raising taxes on middle class. Experts say that’s not possible.”

  156. alex says:

    Hey I agree – he was & this is who Obama was talking to last night:

    “In states like Ohio and Virginia and Florida, Romney’s positions on tax cuts, on Medicare, are going to be real problems for him,” he said. “And he doubled down on those all night.” ~ White House senior adviser David Plouffe

  157. Francis says:

    The consensus is that Romney bested our President. I hope Romney’s lies are exposed in the media but the San Francisco Chronicle gave scant coverage to the lies. The news seems to be that Romney did well and that his campaign deserves a second look. I am concerned about Obama, he looked tired and I can only imagine his plate is overflowing with major issues and responsibilities. I suggest my fellow progressives steel their spines and remain steadfast and that we beam replenishing energies to our President. He is our leader and he needs our strength now, and not the other way around!

  158. Nina says:

    Romney talked too fast. Before my eyes he turned into that salesman on late night used car advertisements. He had a lively patter, well-honed jokes, and he was lying through his teeth the entire time.

    And the projection! “Just by repeating a lie over and over you won’t make it true”.

    Obama was too passive. But perhaps he’s thinking the long game. Romney thinks he won, he’ll come out even more aggressive in the next debate. Neptunian delusion. Sooner or later Romney will go too far and then suddenly realize like Wile E Coyote that there is no ground underneath him.

  159. clymela says:

    I believe that Obama will win this one. I just can’t believe that the US will vote in Romney.

  160. kdez says:

    Romney creeped me out with his testy, smirking “aggressiveness” and the stunning policy reversals and shameless lies. He may have “won” in some sense but I don’t see how anyone could like him.

    The President…well. Whoever said that in a debate, Obama “goes for the capillaries” was right. I’d like it if he were more of a street-fighter, but it’s just not how he rolls.

  161. Nita says:

    No Tribe

    Go away No Tribe no one here wants to hear about that of hack of Marjorie Orr, no one here wants Romney to win sounds like you do want him to win. We don’t need that type of energy that you are sending out here STOP IT!!! You may think that Romney has won trust me he has not so stop chewing at the mouth.


  162. angellight says:

    OpEdNews Article: Article: What the Hell Happened, Mr. President?, by Greg Palast! – Excellent Read!

    What the hell happened? Did Barack have a fight with Michelle? Was it nicotine withdrawal? Do really rich guys just scare you, Mr. Obama? Dear Mr. President: As a journalist I don’t take partisan sides, but I do take America’s side. And as Commander-in-Chief, you simply cannot fall asleep in …

  163. pisca says:

    Things look a whole lot brighter after my good night’s sleep (Neptune’s dream time)!
    Here’s a transcript of the debate —- read Romney’s lies without having to look at him:
    From comments on a few sites, I note that PBO came off as way more empathetic than Romney (we knew that)…. someone noted that Romney told 27 lies in 38 minutes (transcript could verify that) …. Romney’s “plan” for creating 12 million jobs = firing Big Bird and governments workers. I think the Big Bird story will be the most remembered part of the debate.

  164. Sharon says:

    Bear in mind that Palin more or less won her first debate with Biden, too (or at least looked so good that she surprised and wowed people!) It just took a little more time before she was exposed. Romney is smarter and shrewder than Palin but Obama will not put up with his lies and double talk in the next debate, will at least win that one and, if not, he will win the last. He is so bright–this was a red flag and he will use it. I think with Mars on Romney’s moon (of course, I am a primative astrologer :-))–and I don’t know how the Moon’s node conjunct that factored in–but Mars gave Romney a great deal of emotional energy and aggression. I know many people with moon in Scorpio and see that drive in them to win. They have lots of inner resources, it seems (not considering any other aspects to it).

  165. Gypsi says:

    Good analogy!

  166. Gypsi says:

    Romney was definitely looking Mars-ey last night – and he was just champing at the bit anytime Lehrer or PBO tried to say anything.

    But I don’t really see this as a win. The darling of the pollsters and press this morning was either lying through his teeth last night or has been lying for months, not sure which. Don’t care. It is a moot point.

    It will all come out in the wash I hope, and he will be seen for what he is. Malleable. Etchasketch. Will say anything to get what he wants. Was he the youngest child?

  167. virgo says:

    Both my son and I thought that Romney looked like he was having a manic episode.

  168. Bob says:

    What went wrong! What went wrong!

    Nothing. As above, so below. The President was Saturned. I doubt his performance was a planned strategy.

    I should have checked the transits to the President’s relocated natal chart for the night of the debate. I would have found that transit Saturn was square his natal Saturn and the midpoint of transit Sun and Saturn was square the relocated MC. The Saturn involvement to these natal points explains his body language and delivery.

    The charts for last night can be viewed by clicking the link below.

    Now a clarification of a past post I made about the President’s charts for this morning. wordpress 2012/09/changes-in-the-wind/#comment-September 17, 4:47 am

    The Sun-Uranus midpoint in the post below on the Asc of the progressed anlunar this morning are indicative of his practically calling Rmoney a liar today.

    “Working President Obama’s charts to the same parameters has his progressed Sun and natal Jupiter trine the ascendant of his progressed anlunar for the debate and the midpoint of his natal Sun and progressed Uranus on the Asc the next morning with his progressed Venus-Pluto midpoint on the Nadir.”

    In the above I should have said that the midpoint of the Presidents’ natal Sun and progressed uranus are on the Asc of his progressed natal chart, with progressed Venus-Pluto on the Nadir of the progressed Anlunar.

  169. alex says:

    Obama: ‘When I got on the stage last night, I met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be Mitt Romney’

    Video Link:!

  170. No Tribe says:

    Nice read barbk. I too was thinking, this is Uranus manifestation, but didn’t yet get a chance to look into it. I think you are right on.

    That Obama looked so Saturnian, and Romney had a Uranus-Jupiter vibe to him going on.

    Funny, because Obama being Saturn in 2008 worked so well for him, against the erratic McCain finding he couldn’t deal with Uranus.

    This aspect that you mention I believe is also aspected on Romney’s chart during the eclipse a week after the election.

  171. No Tribe says:

    Really good point, especially because they had Obama prepping in Nevada at low elevation. Bad move on the advance team’s part.

  172. Connie says:

    Rmoney and the billionaire bandits are money hoarders who want the freedom to make money and seize control. Why aren’t they creating business and jobs here instead of offshore money houses.

    Last night Rmoney was an aggressive bully claiming supreme credibility from winning 1 election in Massacusetts 10 years ago. Obama is already using this against him.

    Pres Obama plays chess while the 2002 Gov plays with an etch-a-sketch

  173. Bob says:

    The President’s subdued body language and delivery was like throwing red meat to a hungry lion to Rmoney. I think he took them as a sign of submission which just propelled transit Mars on his Moon which was within 10 minutes of arc at the start of the debate and grew more exact as the debate went on.

  174. Wennye' says:

    *******’S to you Nita..when one is trying to re-group with like minds and see that joy in a dark horse, robs you of your civility. Like banning them to a cold damp

  175. Wennye' says:

    I frig… mad too Todd and seeing on the streets when delivering food, people who may have a chance with full healthcare perhaps 2014 to a chance that could not happen with Romney in office. I want to be mad so I can have a louder voice getting people to fight for their lives NOW!

  176. Wennye' says:

    that summary gave me a chuckle..I needed it, Davis

  177. Bob says:

    The President did not lose the debate. He lost the presentation performance in the eyes (and minds) of those who prefer style over substance.

  178. Mary says:

    “Just by repeating a lie over and over you won’t make it true”.

    Nina, unfortunately, karl rove and all of the criminals of the Bush administration perfected this strategy (eg: WMD, the Iraq/9/11 connection and more) and this strategy continues to work quite well for the republicans.

    Why let a little thing like the truth stand in your way when there are billions of dollars for your corporate masters and your wealthy co-criminals at stake.
    The republicans have no qualms about blatantly lying-and, unfortunately, Mr. Obama seemed to have misplaced his spine last night and did not call Mr. Romney on some of his most grievous and blatant lies.

  179. Bob says:

    Mittwit’s chart relocated to Denver has a 195°31′ MC, it was trined by stationing Jupiter at 75°18.

  180. Nita says:


    The Rope-A-Dope Debate, How Obama Won Tonight

    Obama lost the debate tonight.

    He lost MISERABLY.

    He did so without a single gaffe and without a single factually incorrect statement.

    So he lost the battle, but won the war. Join me after the orange noodle for why.

    It’s simple.

    During that 90 minutes, Mitt Romney directly contradicted himself on past statements in debates and on the campaign trail with nearly every sentence out of his mouth.

    The Obama campaign now has all of the material it needs for every ad from now until November 6. After 90 minutes of Romney prevarication, every last statement can be played in an ad followed up by a directly contradictory statement either from a GOP primary debate or from a stump speech.

    Obama’s performance tonight had nothing to do with putting points on the board.

    Obama’s performance tonight was all about letting 50 million Americans watch Mitt Romney’s convincing language speak for itself so that it can be placed directly opposite of Mitt Romney stating the exact opposite of what he said in the debate.

    50 million Americans will now see Mitt Romney’s beautiful statements from tonight’s debate be directly refuted by none other than Mitt Romney.

    IMO, this was the most brilliant performance of using a debate for pure political advantage in the history of American presidential politics.

  181. starlight says:

    A Joke going around on the Internet today…

    Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio are walking along.

    They see a sign: “Contest for World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” Snow White goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing a crown.

    They walk along and see another sign: “Contest for World’s Strongest Man.” Superman goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing the belt.

    They walk along and see a sign: “Contest for World’s Greatest Liar.” Pinocchio goes in, later comes out with his head down crying.

    “Who the hell is Mitt Romney?” Pinocchio sobs.

  182. starlight says:

    Good find.

  183. Todd Bennett says:

    OK so I think Neptune is trying to fraudulently rig the debate spin and polls, and don’t think it will much work. I stake my real name and rep on this. What say you Nancy, as you are being called out on accuracy, not by me, but Orr-icles. Not feeling good about being ambushed, but really think Obama may shock the world and come out better for this debate in the polls.

  184. Squallo says:

    I’m sorry but I think that everyone around here are overestimating the intelligence of the masses, individuals can be smart, but the masses are dumb, and they don’t scrutinize events, they just make an judgement and hold on to that. Maybe individuals can investigate who is better, but the masses just saw Obama lose.

    It doesn’t matter that Romney may be the devil himself, it’s just pure animal instinct, as birds, we also move in groups, and if you ask someone in the group “where are we heading?” the answer could be i’m just following the rest.

    That’s why we have so many mistakes in history books, because there have always been people with the solution to avoid problems but we don’t listen to them, we as animals listen to testosterone.

    I believe that Obama can win the future debates but I honestly think that it will not be with Ideas, it will be with security charm, eloquence, etc… he can win by being the alpha male in the event.

  185. kiwi says:

    My thoughts exactly Francis. He needs energy boosting vibes not energy depleting anger. He has always performed more in tune with martial arts tactics – in it for the long haul -rather than a flashy, instant, boxing ring take out.

  186. angellight says:

    “Saturn’s exit from Libra

    marks the end of the US Saturn return. While it was in Libra, Saturn was, among other things, depressing the US economy. Because the US economy is so important globally, it was depressing the global economy. Hence, the US and global economies should show greater resilience beginning early in October. We should feel a little economic bounce immediately.

    Saturn’s exit from Libra will also have a positive effect on politics. It will no longer suppress the partnership-forming, consensus-building processes. US politics should also be able to move on from the stalemate that has existed the last several years.

    Leaders will achieve a hard-fought consensus on all of these typically 8th house/Scorpio issues over the next two+ years. Saturn will keep us at square one while we work out the issues, but at the end of its stay in Scorpio, Saturn will present us with a new, promising path forward.” ~ Astrologer, Carl Boudreau

  187. Lorrie U says:

    Todd Bennett – I think you’re being a little hard on this issue. The analysis was pretty accurate, he points out that Romney has a beneficial Jupiter-Uranus conj., but he feels that ultimately it will show that PBO benefits. What he actually says is that one of the candidates literally has problems speaking. As it turns out, it was Obama.

    “Traditionally Mercury-Saturn combinations are associated with difficulties in communication, which in this context might mean some sort of verbal gaffe, or perhaps one of the candidates literally having problems speaking.”

  188. Prabhata says:

    I didn’t watch the debate. Maybe I’ll watch the recording later. The article below doesn’t say, but Fox News got the most viewers, followed by CNN and MSNBC was last.

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – More than 58 million Americans tuned in to Wednesday’s first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, early figures show, higher than the television audience for the first 2008 match-up between Obama and Republican John McCain.
    More than 37 million watched the 90-minute encounter on the four leading broadcast networks and 21 million turned to cable news channels CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, according to preliminary figures from Nielsen media.

  189. Lorrie U says:

    That point was brought up on MSNBC today.

  190. barbk says:


    Jupiter increases. When it is in aspect to a planet it tends to increase the other planet’s energy too. When any planet is stationing, direct or retrograde, their energy/power is intensified, so with Jupiter it is more, more, more. Being conjunct Uranus it is more shocking, more surprising and more unexpected. Does that make sense?

  191. barbk says:

    Thanks No Tribe,

    I do know that transiting Juno at 17 Sagittarius (married women), along with Phollus, will be opposite Romney’s Uranus at 17 Gemini in the eclipse chart for November 13.

  192. Salemone says:

    What most are missing is Romney betrayed his base last night by saying he would do the same things as Obama only do them better, by re-embracing his healthcare plan in Mass.etc,etc. He walk backed on all of his previous platforms.

    I have quite a few right wing friends and they have NOT emailed me or posted on their Facebook pages about this so-called Romney victory. I don’t think they are real happy with him right now.

  193. barbk says:

    I believe Al Gore suggested this high altitude as a problem too, and he would know!

  194. kate says:

    The corporate dark lying media had to say R won.
    When PBO realized, to his silent shock, that the repub. ceo – sociopath -neptunian – etch – a – sketch was on stage last night, the master chess player in PBO, STEPPED SLIGHTLY BACK and let the arm flapping, fear-filled eyed, eerily smiling nonstop, Romney liar, hold center stage for all the World to clearly behold Romney’s suicide.,

    Did Romney Win??
    Romney shot himself, his entire family, campaign, party in the Heart last night.

  195. kate says:


  196. Nita says:

    Here is what A former trial attorney’s thoughts on the debate

    Cases are never won in the opening statement. A person should not try their case in an opening. Anything said in an opening statement which is untrue will be held against you to your excruciating regret.

    Again a person does not try to win the case in an opening. They try to establish a cogent and powerful theme. So yes, maybe Romney won the opening statement. But now he must live with all those lies. Every single day, discussion about his lies. He must live with the additional theme that he will not explain any of his plans. The theme now potentially established for the debates are Romney’s lies and Romney’s secrets. It is likely the dominant strain to run through the campaign for the next few weeks.

  197. pisca says:

    “President Obama will come off as far more likable and more trustworthy than Romney.” — Once again, Starlight was right!!!!

  198. clymela says:

    Thank you ,Edith. i have had a hard time understanding why he is so frightening to those of us with the pinker skin

  199. angellight says:

    GOP Reverse Psychology; The release of 2007 tape of Pres being black by Fox & the revelation that Mitt will be using zingers, both to hamper Pres Obama from being more aggresive; Brillaint!

  200. clymela says:

    What hysteria??

  201. Todd Bennett says: 2 points, all unconsolidated wacko support, no Obama drop in favorables, or support. Cake baked.

  202. alex says:


    Thank Goodness Somebody Is Finally Getting Tough on Big Bird ~ President Obama

  203. KIM says:

    Hahaha…Oh Starlight….I am so stealing that for FB…thank you for a good laugh….I love it!!

  204. Fe says:

    Romney solidifies favorability amongst his own party. Obama gains, get this, with Independents:

  205. Todd Bennett says:

    Neptune Baby!

  206. Lorrie U says:

    Good news! Thanks, I needed that.

  207. TJ says:

    Fox stats are often hyped, but if you look at the overall stats a different picture emerges:

    6,977,000 Fox broadcast + 10,421,380 Fox cable = 17,398,380 Total Fox
    10,176,000 CBS broadcast
    10,117,000 ABC broadcast
    9,914,000 NBC broadcast
    6,045,109 CNN cable
    4,710,511 MSNBC cable
    N/A yet PBS
    N/A yet C-Span
    N/A yet Univision (Latino)
    N/A online viewers
    Total non-Fox minimum of 40,962,620, plus other pending returns

  208. Lorrie U says:

    From Sher Astrology…

    10/3/12 – 7 pm MDT – Denver, CO – First of three Presidential Debates of 2012
    “…don’t expect a “clear” winner as the fog and confusion of Neptune will probably keep most people guessing for a while.”

    10/11/12 – 9 pm EDT – Danville, KY – Vice Presidential Debate
    “The good news is that Venus is no longer in orb for the opposition to Neptune as it was for the first Presidential debate and the Moon isn’t void-of-course. The bad news is that the Pluto Uranus square is still in orb and at play and the Moon has taken Venus’ place and is still in orb and opposing Neptune. Since the Moon represents the people in this chart, it would appear that one or both candidates may be working the “smoke and mirrors” on the public. Will Biden show his “silver tongue” to go along with his silver hair or will the young upstart Ryan steal the show? A clear winner, probably not as with 29 Taurus 50 rising at the 9 pm air time, things may not come off quite as expected for Gemini will be rising during the debate. Loose lips sink great ships.”

    10/16/12 – 9:00 pm EDT – Hempstead, NY – Second Presidential Debate
    “Gemini is rising as the debate begins with retrograde Jupiter, ruling planet of the Republican Party in the 12th house. Jupiter in the 12th house is sometimes referred to as being like having an angel on your shoulder. But whose shoulder is the angel sitting on for this debate?”

    10/16/12 – 10:23 pm EDT / 7:23 pm PDT – Moon occults (super conjunction) Mercury 16 Scorpio 19
    “Good news, this won’t be visible from any populated areas. Bad news, second Presidential debate is under way. Not enough for you? Following this conjunction the Moon goes void-of-course (10:23 pm EDT) for the next 22 hours. What did the candidates leave unsaid? What questions were unanswered for the people (represented by the Moon)? Or will the Moon help to focus what the candidates are saying? Will the people hear the truth? Will the void-of-course provide a time for us to find clarity? What of our need to act, to choose because of the Jupiter Venus Mercury aspects earlier? Will the Moon block the mental clarity of Mercury leading to more confusion and uncertainty compounded by the void-of-course?”

    10/22/12 – 5:14 pm – Sun bids adieu to Libra and enters Scorpio
    “Feel the shift as the Sun moves from trying to please everyone Libra to plumbing the depths of our soul Scorpio.”

    10/22/12 – 9 pm EDT – Boca Raton, FL – Third Presidential Debate
    “Just what we need. A Presidential Debate with Mercury in its shadow. Mercury stations retrograde on Election Day. What does this portend? Will something one of the candidates says during the debate come back to bite them on Election Day? Or will the people find out to late to change their votes? Only time will tell.”

    11/6/12 – 12:01 am EST – Dixville Notch, NH – Polls open
    “The chart for Dixville Notch has Moon in Leo in the 12h house and 29 Leo rising. The citizens of this small town may be the first to vote in this Presidential election, but with the Moon in the 12th house, are there secrets being kept from them or have they been keeping secrets that might affect their vote?”

    11/6/12 – 3:04 pm PST – Mercury 4 Sagittarius 18 stations retrograde
    “Here we go again. The last time this happened on Election Day was 11/7/2000 Bush v. Gore. You remember hanging chads and all that. This could be another close contentious election.”

    11/6/12 – 4:36 pm – Moon 15 Leo 00 third quarter square Sun 15 Scorpio 00
    “This is a crisis of consciousness square. When combined with Mercury stationing retrograde, what might we expect on this no doubt memorable Election Day? Can the exit polls be trusted?”

    11/7/12 – 7:27 am – Moon in Leo goes void-of-course
    “Following an easy flowing fire trine to Mars, the Moon goes void-of-course. While this will only be 13 hours long, since the Moon will be void-of-course for most of the normal work day, it may prove significant as this is the day after the election. Finally, 8:35 pm, Moon enters Virgo and all is right with the world … we hope.”

  209. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Fe! Just what I needed to hear after last night~
    I am sharing this article all over the place!

  210. loyalurker says:

    I just wanted to give my impressions of the debate. I don’t think anyone’s minds will be fundamentally changed by the debate although I’m sure those Republicans who have not been pleased with Mitt are thrilled. And the opposite will be true for Obama – I’m guessing his supporters are a bit let down by his performance. To me Obama seemed tired and not as focused and I heard one commentator suggest that it might be due to the fact that Obama arrived in Colorado just prior to the debates and might have been suffering from altitude sickness. That struck me as a distinct possibility because I have had that happen to me. I drove to the mountains and quite suddenly became sooooo tired and lack luster and could hardly put two sentences together. I could not for the life of me figure what was wrong with me until someone explained to me that this was a typical physical reaction to altitude changes.

  211. alex says:

    do you think those/Independents were the people OFA strategy focused on for the debate; do you think the OFA team knows the psychology of Independent voters and their behaviors under all phases and stages of campaign like the back of their hands; I do; Obama’s performance and his team’s educated calculation/probability of who,what,where,when Romney – shtick would come out for the first debate by studying of all Romney’s previous debates back to 1994 ( pre and post spin and manipulation ) were considered you can be sure of that……and Obama’s presence, and performance was choreographed to create all the post debate opportunities to ‘work-over’ Romney performance into OFA campaign rallies and media post debate…. of course they didn’t brief the media, or Al Gore or former Governor Rendell or Chris Mathews MSNBC on their debate strategy;

    OFA and Obama know how to weigh the impact of pre-post and debate factors and values, the lighting the stage craft, the timing, etc etc how many focus groups do you think they had booked before this event…..

    I think everything including introducing altitude impact on his demeanor and physical presence helped set the stage they wanted to present…. it was better than make-up giving Romney the impression on stage that he was doing well against Obama……. and with enough rope to hang himself;

    Romney went into debate having to keep or get more GOP base on his side and motivated…. Romney insulted the extreme conservatives and tea party ( tossed them under the bus ) by playing at being a ‘caring’ moderate last night and he embarrassed his inside support even down to his surrogates as the backlash effect began … you can measure that in the Former Gov. Sununu projection description of Obama as ‘not too bright’ haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me-thinks he was projecting his real impression of Romney!

  212. Jerry says:

    No “hysteria” involved here. We’re simply discussing the nuances, the advantages and disadvantages of the two presidential candidates and the strategies in the race to win the election. There are “perceptions” and subtle influences at play here that may be a deciding factor.

  213. Azizi says:

    Here’s an article about the suspension, and then re-suspension of what appears to have been the most widely followed Big Bird twitter account which was created after Romney’s debate comment that if he were elected President of the USA, he would stop funding for PBS even though he liked Big Bird:

    That twitter account is now at ttp://

    There’s also a story in the Washington Post about #FiredBigBird

    Among the other “Sesame Street” twitter accounts that were created shortly after Romney made those comments last night are BlGBlRD, BigBirdRomney, and my favorite, FireMeElmo.

  214. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    Romney as Emily Latella?

  215. Jerry says:

    And now for the other news.

    I keep hearing about this from my Iranian friends who have family, personal property and investments in Iran….. the sharp devaluation of the Rial in recent weeks. The west is waging an economic war on the Islamic government of Iran via imposed economic sanctions, but it is the ordinary innocent citizens who are beginning to feel the pain…..

    The Iranian Currency Crisis: Three Possible Scenarios
    By Jay Newton-Small

    October 4, 2012

    During my trip to Iran last month, the owner of a chicken shop in Shohada Square, a lower middle class neighborhood in southern Tehran not far from the bazaar, complained to me about the fluctuating price of chicken. “Yesterday, I had some orders from some regular customers. So I sold them chickens for 50,000 rials each,” he said. “But when I went to buy the chickens today, the price had spiked 5,000 rial overnight. I had to pay 55,000 rials for each chicken, so I lost some money. It would be fine if this was a one-time thing, but it keeps happening. The prices, they’ve fluctuated so much the last couple of months.”

    The Shohada chicken-seller must have had quite the ride this week–as have consumers and merchants across Iran with he rial devalued suddenly and dramatically by 40%. As a TIME reporter in Tehran notes, the bazaar closed on Wednesday in part because merchants no longer knew how to price their products in such an unstable market, and in part to protest President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s economic policies. There have been increasing labor strikes for months around Iran, but unrest in the bazaar is a dangerous indicator for the Iranian regime: It was striking bazaaris who began the successful take-down the shah in 1979.

    Most experts see three possible outcomes – or a combination of these three steps:

    1) The Regime Falls.

    There is a lot of anger at Ahmadinejad’s mismanagement of the economy, but there’s also not a lot of love for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei. When I was in Tehran last month there was much speculation on the street that Ahmadinejad was stepping back – he is a lame duck with his term expiring next summer…


  216. pam says:

    Chill a little bit guy. This is very much a pro Obama site with a few exceptions, but there are always different ways to be supportive and sometimes worrying you guy might not win can even be helpful

  217. rc says:

    Hi Starlight , Great Timing Great Topic Title

    I believe i have the answer to last nights debate, in regards
    to the Presidents performance.
    I believe that a global issue of high impact had Obamas
    mind occupied at last nights debate.
    He is an aquarian rising and last nights look in his eyes ( that glassy mirror look)
    gave away his mind .
    I hope i am wrong

  218. fierywoman says:

    “I have quite a few right wing friends and they have NOT emailed me or posted on their Facebook pages about this so-called Romney victory. I don’t think they are real happy with him right now”
    …now that is interesting!!!

  219. Jerry says:


    No response necessary on that remark of yours, except to say….. Feel free to contact the moderator if you have any issues or grievances.

  220. Todd Bennett says:

    I believe we are much closer to the brink of WWIII than we want to admit. He looked worried, not about that mendacious clown, but the real world. At any rate, Romney lost this debate, not to Obama, but to Big Bird.

  221. Lune Prière says:

    Shoalsister, thanks for articulating my phantom thoughts. Barack seemed grieved to me, and like Lorrie said, to listen to Romney and stay engaged and centered seems impossible. How do you debate a shape-shifting, lying, toxic ghost of a human? Quite a spectacle.

  222. Prabhata says:

    I read Yahoo news, so probably that’s where I read that Fox News had gotten the most viewers of the news networks (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News). Your numbers confirm that.

  223. Lune Prière says:


  224. Prabhata says:

    Both Obama and Romney are Harvard lawyers — Wikipedia:
    [Romney] earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University and, in 1975, a joint Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Harvard University.

  225. arbo says:

    I think you’re onto something. Maybe part of the plan is to let the talking heads — and the internet community — talk about the unrelenting stream of lies that Romney spewed all over Obama and Lehrer. And us. It was a startling display of juvenile behavior on Romney’s part, and all the president could do was let the tantrum play out. But Romney, having had much pratice, kicked his heels for the whole 90 minutes and pretty much got his way.

    The not-too-bright guy keeps getting chucked into the briar patch…

  226. Iris says:

    Good point, Barbk. Even if the presidential election isn’t under suspicion, the election of the 113th Congressional House could be under a lot of scrutiny in Dec. Lots of ways for it to play out. Here’s to us all observing and making our own conclusions without depending on the media. HuffPo had an article today about exit polls being discontinued in 19 states this election. Seems odd.

  227. Iris says:

    I’m sorry? I don’t understand.

  228. Lune Prière says:

    FireMeElmo! Haha, that’s funny!

  229. will says:

    Romoney as Snidely Whiplash tying damsels, dogs and Dems to the train tracks. A cheap, hollow, greedy-ghoul flitting around in Bally loafers with a truckload of hair product to help lube himself into office.

  230. Wennye' says:

    yes Gypsi, he is the youngest.

  231. will says:

    A slick, wet fart of a man.

  232. Wennye' says:

    Wnt by the Prez headquarters here..asked how the night was received ( they had a viewing for all of the debate). The volunteers were very low and those who watched the debate left dejected. However they are moving on getting ready for the vp debate. I really wish the pondits would stop hedging their bets on how good Biden will do. We hear this and people get psyche out thinking it to be a cake walk and when it is not well..

  233. alex says:

    did you happen to read the (think?) Vanity Fair article someone posted link on these threads of soldier who worked at WH with Obama who was shot down over Libya and then rescued?

    In it he described Obama’s 2or 3 X per week basketball game; that Obama invites guests ( there are regulars ) to play and if they take it easy on him they aren’t invited back; in one game someone gave Obama 16 stitches blocking him or vise versa when he was blocking; it is a nine page read and worth it;

    Obama exercises every morning of every day cardio one day; and alternative next day; his wife, nearly a nutritionist, designs what meals he has he says of himself he doesn’t have to waste time deciding about what to eat or what clothes to wear; he has two types of suit colors so that he doesn’t have to waste time deciding about that; every night after his family goes to sleep he reads briefing papers, reports until 1am or so; he is up by I think at 6AM; he has physician with him at all times if not two at all times; when he has meetings with experts and cabinet and staff he knows the subject up/down his meetings are so he can hear POV from everyone and he asks for jr. staff to give theirs….he listens;

    he was a teacher and good teachers love to learn…. he must be ( and remember lesson plans) I think he is good at designing them; he is a trained lawyer and the the most competitive politician I’ve ever seen; what struck me about him before the public knew much about him in 2008 was how competent his campaign team was… he chose them and we directs them… it reflected his ability to lead;

    people understand how badly Romney is at political ‘leadership’ and they resent him more and more every passing day for being a jerk and wasting their time and scaring the hell out of them about his big plans to remake America for the plutocrats the hell with the rest of us…..

    like a lot of people with Republican extended family… I expect mine will be voting for Romney… the women GOP in my family otherwise good at what they do in the world are brainwashed, dissociated personalities when it comes to GOP politics …. it happens people will be Republicans it seems it can’t be helped… oh well; at the level of national power there is power in archetypes myths, legends and there is power in wishful thinking and ignorance; everyone should be required by law to vote as they are in Australia… it isn’t perfect by any means for pete’s sakes but you know!

    the psychology of independents ( as is all voting demographic is completely studied and up to date, )they know their financials, family size, interests, hobbies, what they buy, what foods they eat, where they vacation, where they work … you name it that is the kind of information political campaigns have; they know what they like and dislike what they think about character traits what makes them vote, not vote, protest vote, vote their self interests and the independent vote histories broken down by region and district;

    let’s see OFA/Obama know every debate made how it ‘reads’ real time, in pre-post workups; the historic effect; they know media audiences, and debate audience reactions, expectations, and behaviors, everything about a debate is choreographed, anticipated, negotiated, practiced and critiqued ahead of time ( and post ) they consult past living political participants and read the notes of those passed on; it is a science!

    Obama was in the Nevada desert what is that next to zero sea level for practice debate prep and then flew to Colorado mountain Denver to debate… you don’t think he decided to want to let altitude effects show ( an energetic healthy vigorous fit and disciplined man ) he came to Denver at 2pm and began debate at 9pm… I’d go as far as saying he probably under hydrated so his appearance was less than ‘energized’ with his performance designed to be ‘detached’ so he appeared less than alpha knowing Romney would do alpha shtick persona and show his arrogance and elitism, lie to the public and expect to get away with it; they designed their opponents reactions… they knew what Romney’s demeanor in debate would reveal about him; they knew what the pundits would say about the debate…

    the net effect of debate is that it didn’t change Romney’s favorability it reduced it further… even if the pundits thought his alpha act won the day… Independents were polled and Romney lost Independents;

    Romney basically insulted the nation’s intelligence by bringing out the ‘caring moderate’ persona, by lying through his teeth about everything…. we learned the hard hard way from the Bush campaign persona and the Bush neocon presidency in office how destructive to all of us after experiencing being politically betrayed and deceived…. you’ll notice most of the left wing pundits can’t back off most of what they said about Obama not going for the jugular missing opportunities…. cognitive dissonance… they refuse to learn;

    Hillary was declared to be winner of the debates by majority of pundits for most of the debates… McCain was declared to be winner of first debate by pundits…..sound familiar?

    the pundits said Obama didn’t want to appear angry to alienate his supportive voters….. have they no memory at all… Obama is plenty alpha and he doesn’t have to be angry or a bully ( like Bush-Cheney 1999 -2004) to be alpha or faux dominant like Romney ( the dumb lying wonk ) to let out his inner ‘alpha’

    everybody wanted blood…. Obama wanted Independent voters… he got more of them from the debate… who won ?

  234. alex says:

    30,000 people Obama rally today &

    huge fundraising increase for OFA

  235. loyalurker says:

    The world hasn’t seen much of Daryl Hannah but she’s still around and still fighting the good fight, apparently. The pipeline is an issue dear to my heart as well and one of the things that I’m assuming Obama would not get in the way of if/when he’s re-elected. And we all know where Mitt stands on this as well. This issue is going to have to be fought by grassroots groups if it is to be halted :

    HOUSTON (AP) — Actress Daryl Hannah of “Splash” fame was arrested in northeast Texas on Thursday, along with a 78-year-old landowner as the pair protested an oil pipeline designed to bring crude from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

    “They’ve arrested Daryl Hannah and a rural Texas great-grandmother,” said Paul Bassis, Hannah’s manager.

    Hannah and landowner Eleanor Fairchild were standing in front of heavy equipment in an attempt to halt construction of the Keystone XL pipeline on Fairchild’s farm in Winnsboro, a town about 100 miles east of Dallas. They were arrested for criminal trespassing and taken to the Wood County Jail, Bassis said.

    Hannah has long opposed TransCanada’s construction of the $7 billion pipeline, which is designed to transport heavy tar-sands crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to Texas’ Gulf Coast refineries.


  236. loyalurker says:

    P.S. – also just read about earthquakes that were happening in the Dallas area and am guessing that drilling is the cause.

  237. alex says:

    Governor Romney, after patiently listening to your laundry list of brand new moderate policy positions this evening, where you’ve suddenly abandoned virtually every single already tested and failed George W. Bush tax cutting and regulation gutting policy, vehemently argued for by you and your surrogates the last eighteen months, I think I’ve found the reason you’ve been having so much trouble keeping your sons from lying to you repeatedly in the hope you’d finally believe them. You’ve set a bad example.” ~ Jon Stewart.

  238. Azizi says:

    Volunteers at President Obama’s community headquarters may have been psyched to believe that President Obama didn’t know what he was doing in that first 2012 Presidental debate. But I have the up most pconfidence in my President that he fully knew what he was doing and he did it well.

    As to Vice President Biden, I’m also very confident in his ability to do what he has to do to win re-election for him and for President Obama.

    As the history of the cakewalk term shows, doing a cakewalk wasn’t easy. But at the end of that dancing contest of skill & grace, one set of partners was judged the winner and was rewarded with their prize of a cake.

    On November 6, 2012, Obama/Biden will be the winners.

  239. Azizi says:

    For those who may be interestes, here’s a link to a post on my cultural blog about the history and performance of the cakewalk. That post includes a few historical film clips & videos of the cakewalk dance. “The Cakewalk & The Grand March – The USA & Canada”

  240. tetramorph says:

    Hi folks.

    I just wanted to throw a little bit of Uranus’ other work out there — I recall his tenure in Aries will bring some medical breakthroughs. Here’s a couple from this past month:

    Though technically, not a breakthrough, this one is very interesting, as no known mammals do this —
    African Mice Regrows Skin:

    And just yesterday, a major one,
    Egg (and sperm) Cells from Stem Cells:


  241. Azizi says:

    My apologies for the typo in both of my previous comments.

    My Mercury in Sag in my 3rd house is conjunct my Sun & Jupiter. And my Sun squares my Virgo ascendent. I wonder if that’s what causes me to be prone to typos.

    But my Mercury is exactly trine my Pluto in my 12th house. I view that as a definite plus since interest in and research of old and somewhat hidden subjects and communication are so important to me.

  242. angellight says:

    In order for Mitt Romney to turn Olympics around, he asked & received $1.5 billion in direct federal funding from the Government! … … via @nationofchange

  243. angellight says:

    Mitt Romney debate aftertaste, & it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He was manic, rude, pushy and a liar. I do not think this is going to go down well with Independents. Yes, he was a storm, but storms are destructive.

  244. Azizi says:

    Here’s the current link to FiredBigBird:

    And here are some sample tweets from that site:

    “Mitt Romney wants to sell out Mr Hooper’s store to China, give his Social Security to Wall St, and call him a bum for not working.”

    “Life begins at incorporation.”

    “I like PBS, I love Big Bird… He is the right height.” — Mitt Romney”

    “Organizing a Million Muppet March against Mitt… #MuppetsAgainstMitt”

  245. Excellent post by Imani Gandi (AKA: Angry Black Lady) discussing her perspective on PBO’s strategy:

    FWIW, I agree with her 100%. (For those intuitives among us, watching Romney put up that disgusting facade was almost barf-worthy. I couldn’t watch him. He makes my skin crawl.)

  246. Stefanie says:

    Quick 2 cents on the debate — I’ve been around a lot of people on coke, and the first thing I thought when I saw him was “This guy just did a line.” Also, there was a weird red irritation under his nose — I saw it and then noticed a bunch of people tweeting about it. Maybe it was just allergy medication. :>)

  247. Stefanie says:

    I’m sure this doesn’t need clarification — but I was talking about Mitt, of course…

  248. catsandmusic says:

    very much so. Thanks!

  249. virgo says:

    I agree. My son and I thought Romney was manicky.

  250. pisca says:

    Thank you loyallurker for publicizing this issue. The Texas XL pipeline blockade is in its twelfth day. Apparently news is spreading (although not on msm) because Daryl Hannah heard about it and joined the blockade. Here is an article and pics:
    The XL pipeline is one issue which I believe PBO will have to address…. protesters across the US and Canada are not going away. Since PBO is currently on the same side as rethuglicans’ the oil barons and the 1% controlled media, there isn’t much room to criticize him without publicizing their own greed… and they certainly don’t want Americans to see that people ‘s homes and farms are being stolen for pipeline construction.

  251. virgo says:

    Job numbers out: unemployment below 8% due to people getting jobs, not leaving the workforce. Good for Obama!

  252. pisca says:

    Excellent day to day coverage of the Texas pipeline blockade can be found at

  253. mooncookie0829 says:

    This president has got to be the luckiest guy in the world! Everytime its seems he is about to take a hit(ACA at Supreme Court) something happens and he snatches the narrative right back from his opponents. Starlight….anyone else….can you tell me astrologically what you see that this good luck can be attributed to?

  254. mooncookie0829 says:

    Oh and if there ever was an October Surprise, this has to be it. UE down below 8% and the Republicans are crying foul already.

  255. starlight says:

    Unemployment now 7.8%!! I attribute the good luck streak to Jupiter now retrograde as of yesterday and heading back to sesquiquadrate Obama Jupiter and square Obama solar return. The good energy from that continues to October 24.

    There are also some Saturn transits for him during this time which are stressful and may dim his energy some: currently Saturn square Jupiter (10/4 to 10/13 – probably not so difficult); followed by Saturn square Mercury (10/16 to 10/24) potentially stressful; and Saturn quincunx Moon(10/25 to 11/2) likely also stressful.

    I still think there may be an upsetting October Surprise in foreign policy/events between 10/16 and 10/19 with Mars opposing US Uranus and square US pr sun.

  256. clymela says:

    Azizi-it is the presence of the squares that bring on the sensitivities-we all make the typos.

  257. Noelle says:

    Starlight, won’t the Saturn square Mercury mean restrained communication? A repeat of 1st debate?

    Anything for Biden vs. Ryan?

  258. starlight says:

    I think the most we can hope for in round 2 is a draw, but I think Obama will do much better in the 3rd debate. The 2nd debate may be drowned out by other unexpected events within a day or two.

    I am concerned about the Biden debate. I do not think he will do well. He has tr Saturn opposite his Moon AND pr Moon quincunx Saturn. Ryan will be in Neptune land.

  259. Noelle says:

    You know it seems like they are constrained much as you would be while arguing with a drunk or an irrational child or even my relatives.

  260. starlight says:

    More Neptune comes out: Romney cheated in the debate by using notes – against the rules. Here is the video!

  261. Diane L says:

    Been there, done that & don’t EVER wish to end up there again. And I agree with you, Noelle.

  262. Noelle says:

    I’m not sure those are notes. I had heard that he puts a watch down and a card with “Dad” written on it. That might be what he put down.

  263. alex says:

    Jack Welch charges White House manipulated unemployment numbers – latimes Oct 5, 2012


    Globalization and the Demolition of Society


    In the 2000 Presidential race, when the major TV networks retracted their earlier and correct projection that Florida was going to Gore, thus making him President, Bush’s cousin John Ellis, who was brought into Fox’s studios to act as the head of their “decision desk,” called Florida for Bush.

    Jack Welch, head of NBC/GE, who was in the NBC studios while this unfolded, asked the NBC elections desk chief why NBC was not also calling Florida for Bush. NBC listened to their boss and put Florida in Bush’s column; they later retracted it, but they had nevertheless helped to set into motion the impression that Bush was the winner and that Gore’s subsequent insistence that all the votes be counted were the actions of a sore loser. The rest of the major networks then followed suit, again without any new data about the actual vote count. As David Podvin and Carolyn Kay describe it:

    Shortly after George W. Bush declared his candidacy for president in June of 1999, General Electric Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Welch was contacted by Bush political advisor Karl Rove. Welch later informed associates that Rove told him a Bush administration would initiate comprehensive deregulation of the broadcast industry. Rove guaranteed that deregulation would be implemented in a way that would create phenomenal profits for conglomerates with significant media holdings, like GE. Rove forcefully argued that General Electric and the other media giants had a compelling financial interest to see Bush become president.

    Welch told several people at GE that the conversation with Rove convinced him that a Bush presidency would ultimately result in billions of dollars of additional profits for General Electric. Welch believed that it was his responsibility to operate in the best interest of GE shareholders, and that now meant using the full power of the world’s biggest corporation to get Bush into the White House.

    NBC News was an asset owned by the shareholders of General Electric. It existed to make profits and to serve the interests of those who owned GE stock. Anything else, Welch told associates, was “liberal bullshit.”



    By David Podvin

    In 2000, when Karl Rove called General Electric Chairman Jack Welch to guarantee that a Bush Administration would be extremely generous to media conglomerates that were sympathetic to the Texas governor’s presidential campaign, it was a notable moment in history. If only this once, Rove wasn’t lying.

    Since taking office, George W. Bush has lavished spectacular taxpayer funded largesse on the corporate media that made excuses for his inadequacies, overlooked his corruption, shielded him from scandal, and escorted him into the White House. It has been a squalid quid pro quo that has gone largely unexamined, because those whose job it is to report on such corruption are too busy benefiting from it.

    The payoff began immediately. Two days after he was inaugurated, Bush appointed industry puppet Michael Powell to head the Federal Communications Commission. The media conglomerates were thrilled. The New York Times editorialized about Powell’s virtues, as did the Washington Post. They knew that, as an FCC commissioner, Powell had supported every media mega merger without ever voicing any concern about the consequences to the consumer. They knew that he had stated that the government should not protect the public interest against media conglomerate excesses because he had “no idea what the public interest is”.

    They knew that Powell advocated total deregulation of the airwaves, meaning a transfer in ownership from the public to the multinational corporations that currently need licenses in order to broadcast. They knew that he opposed any rules to restrict media monopolies. They knew that the son of Colin Powell was so brazenly unethical that he had failed to recuse himself from considering the anti-trust implications of the AOL/Time Warner deal, despite the fact that his father was on AOL’s board of directors.

    Michael Powell claims that he is a capitalist who embraces the free market. In this guise, he has “deregulated” the media industry by eliminating consumer protections regarding consolidations and cross ownership. The changes that he has made will provide a huge financial windfall to General Electric (NBC), Disney (ABC), Viacom (CBS), The New York Times Company, and the Washington Post Company.

    And, of course, Powell has been generous to News Corporation (Fox). When Rupert Murdoch needed a waiver to buy additional TV stations in order to provide more Americans with a fair and balanced look at the infallibility of George W. Bush, it was Powell who made it happen.

    Free market advocate Michael Powell says that he opposes allowing more competition in the FM radio industry because it would reduce ad revenue for the existing media powerhouses. His staff consists of lobbyists from the major print, broadcasting, and cable companies. He is not a capitalist; he is a manipulator who has gained prestige and power by whoring for the biggest communications companies in the world.

    Powell gets extremely favorable media coverage. When profiled on the networks and in the major papers, he comes across looking like a billion dollars. It’s only fair. Michael Powell’s appointment was a multi-billion dollar reward to the media conglomerates that have been so good to George W. Bush.

  264. kdez says:

    Come on Will, don’t be shy – tell us what you really think!

  265. Todd Bennett says:

    Foreign policy surprise a problem for Obama in polls or for country?

  266. Todd Bennett says:

    Never mind, see earlier quote from you. The president will have tr Venus (15Virgo) activating that lovely Jupiter station sesquiquadrate his Jupiter and square his solar return Ascendant on 10/16 and early 10/17. Venus will be conjunct solar return Ascendant. He does also have Saturn square his Mercury, but I think that has more to do with some other issue. As I said, it is not always easy to tease out what is the presidency and what is the campaign. but since Romney doesn’t seem to benefit from it, it would seem to be another issue, probably triggered by that Mars transit.

  267. arbo says:

    The president is a very secure man. Romney is not, and all the money in the world will never make him feel secure.

    Obama is also the best kind of teacher: one who shows instead of telling.

    And he’s a great point guard who knows how to make them come to him to try to get the ball…

  268. angellight says:

    Starlight: Thanks for info about Romney cheating. He believes he does not have to follow rules, that he is above the law & on top of the world.

  269. angellight says:

    Stefeanie: I don’t know if Mitt took coke or not, but he was Manic, hyper & very full of it!

  270. Noelle says:

    I think we need to be careful about accusing anyone of cheating or using coccaine without real proof.

  271. Todd Bennett says:

    Here is what I know, note taking, coke accusations, that is all indie turn offs. Now the lowest unemployment since Bush, that is indie gold.

  272. Wennye' says:

    Azizi, I doubt these tireless volunteers have lost their confidence in our President, they like myself wanted Roomeys lying mouth stopped. As humans these emotions are part of our makeup being disappointed is ok and now they are moving on working harder. When you care alot for another you don’t like seeing them bullied and want them to fight back. Still wish the liberal media stop telling us Biden will be to the rescue during his debate. Then when it’s not enough done they go bat crazy. Blessings All

  273. Wennye' says:

    hee hee, alrighty Mr. Will

  274. catsandmusic says:

    My first thought was amphetamines, like adderall or ritalin to boost attention span. But then I remembered the guy doesn’t even drink coffee…

    I think he was running on pure spite and vitriol.

  275. catsandmusic says:

    I think Rmoney’s only slip from all the practiced and memorized speeches was the PBS riff. It was his only real moment. I still treasure the look on Lehrer’s face! (I like you, but I’ll fire you anyway.)

  276. M. says:

    Dear Lord I hope this gets picked up and goes viral

  277. Patty says:

    During the Debate…My thought was:
    They slipped ‘something’ in Mitt’s drink without him knowing. They are ruthless and they’ll do it again!

  278. Francis says:

    posted it to F/B!

  279. Francis says:

    It looked like paper to me. It may not be notes but sure looks like it.

  280. Davis L says:

    I agree. We need to be very careful here. Suspicion is one thing. Accusation another.

    Also, you don’t necessarily need coke to be hyper or manic. Power, (political or financial) can be a drug in itself, a process addiction. Someone addicted to power could get very manic in the pursuit of the presidency. I think the situation itself is quite sufficient to explain Mr. Romney’s behavior.

  281. Sharon says:

    Maybe all that Saturn will ground him and keep him organized and methodical….? He just needs to stay calm, as he’s an emotional Scorpio. I’ve been a little worried myself as he’s all heart and Ryan is like a computer.

  282. arbo says:

    He was full of himself. The worst drug of all.

  283. connimac says:

    So true. Romney really did seem “high” on power that night. His solar plexus (personality confidence center) radiated out and soon included the whole stage. Like a teenage boy, he had a sort of bravado that if not checked leads to being a bully, which he was. I think POB at one point looked at him in wonder, knowing what he was seeing and decided not to try to talk sense with this hyperinflated ego talking at him. POB will get his turn to use what was said in that way overconfident and falsehood ridden assault of Romney’s when the time is right. I hope I’m right here that what I thought I saw at one moment was POB seeing thru the whole thing, and in disbelief at the arrogance of Romney, decided to let the man do himself in. I think Starlight was right, but time will have to elapse before the full impact of all Romney’s lies get full exposure, and POB will have won. He’s way ahead of the other side strategically, as we’ve seen time after time.

  284. arbo says:

    Sure. And Bush never did have that receiver strapped to his back under his oversized shirt.

  285. arbo says:

    Obviously you can say anything you want about a public figure or FoxNews would be in jail. Not to mention the Tea Party.

  286. Mayfly says:

    True, Iris! And thanks for your comment. You are right on base. In GA all voting machines are Diebold–no paper trail–no way to recount. However the Diebold machines are programmed–that’s what we get. Diebold delivered the Ohio vote for W. in 2004.

    There have been court cases here and there in the country where voters organizations have sued for the right to examine voting machine software to make sure it is honest. Noooo! say the courts. That is corporately-owned software. You citizens can’t look at that!

    Everybody–wherever you live–work for a mandatory paper trail for all ballots.

  287. Patty says:

    Azizi, What a beautiful site! I enjoyed the videos and ‘Uncle Tom’s Cakewalk’ so much.
    I regret…I personally know so few Black People and have always wanted to attend a Black Church. Sadly, we tend to travel in circles that sometimes limit our growth and emotional evolution. Thanks for sharing your wonderful link.

  288. Lorrie U says:

    Great article, Mystical Chick, thanks.

    “He changed a central plank of his platform at the debate in an attempt to draw out President Obama, to encourage the President to raise his voice and express outrage at such malicious dishonesty.”
    This is what I surmised. When PBO was nodding his head and gritting his teeth, he was inwardly assessing, “Okay, so that’s the game you’re going to play it tonight and I’m not going to take the bait.”

  289. Lorrie U says:

    I think it’s highly possible that there are those who are in positions to help shape and inflame foreign events to suit their own purposes. If you get my drift….

  290. Patty says:

    After the Debate, Romney did hand something ‘larger than a hankie’ off to his son…looks like notes to most people.
    The first top/left photo:

  291. Nita says:


    God bless you I saw the same thing.

    If President Obama had performed anywhere resembling that of Liar Man Romney (He would have been characterized as (The Angry Black Man) I am so proud he never allowed that Liar Man Romney to get to him the President continued on his course.
    The President just let Liar Man Romney continue with his falsehood positioning himself over the cliff so very soon. I will be so happy when Romney falls
    Romney scammed his way in the first debate that’s the only time he will be allowed to do that.

    (When a fool like Romney is talking they always think fools are listening)

  292. Lorrie U says:

    A hankie? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…that was no hankie! Plain as the nose on your face! Both have been shared and posted. Good detective work guys!

  293. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Patty. I’ve shared and posted. Good work…

  294. Diane L says:

    This is just excellent on the debate. It’s next week’s New Yorker magazine cover. Josh Marshall of TPM calls it “truly epic”. Check it out. :)

  295. alex says:

    this I 100% agree with; that was exactly way I saw it;

    …..Stephanie Cutter said on CNN later in the night that they expected Romney to lie through his teeth (obviously I am paraphrasing her; in her own words she is so elegant) but they didn’t expect Romney to deny his central platform that he has been running on for 18 months, the tax cuts for the rich the 5trillion dollar crater to the deficit….. she said they would re-calibrate for the magnitude of that deception;

    I thought Obama strategy was very well done – he tuned himself for Independent voters – – he got them with debate #1 ( he has made both pundits and the left wing screaming angry with him before to accomplish his landmark goals why would he debate to satisfy the left wing or fer-chris-sakes the pundits of all things)

    teamObama had to let Romney in the first debate shape shift so that Romney would lock himself into a final position that he now can’t escape from, though we know he will lie about his lie about his lie, but he can’t evade the first debate he is stuck with it until the election;

    anybody could anticipate that Romney was going to say WHATEVER he thought people wanted to hear in the first debate… he does it everytime he opens his mouth changing positions from morning to night, day to day;

    and now Ryan has to defend that first debate crap …. it should be interesting!

  296. Lorrie U says:

    Paul Ryan: 60 Percent Of Americans Are ‘Takers,’ Not ‘Makers’

    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said in 2010 that 60 percent of Americans receive more financial benefits from the government than they pay in taxes, making them “takers,” rather than “makers,” according to a 2010 video of Ryan speaking with Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.).

    So I guess they would just like the 60% takers to commit suicide (or go into another war) so the 40% can continue to live in their utopia…

  297. Lorrie U says:

    Personally, I think it’s a terrible visual, will reinforce a negative image for PBO.

  298. arbo says:

    This is Randspeak. Someone’s going to have to nail him for it. Maybe Biden likes Objectivists as much as I do.

  299. alex says:
    19 states won’t conduct exit polls:

    States that will be excluded from exit poll coverage: Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.

    That would seem to be an invitation to fraud in those states, since Exit Polls have traditionally served as a helpful check and balance against fraudulent or simply inaccurate election results, particularly for the almost 100% unverified election results that the media now counts on to report results in all 50 states.

  300. Lorrie U says:

    ouse Republicans Caught on Video Refusing to Stay in Session to Create Jobs

  301. Lorrie U says:

    Oops…first letter should be an “H” but feel free to make it an “L”.

  302. arbo says:

    It reminds me of the cover they did four years ago, which could be interpreted depending on what you brought to it. Their defense was that it was satirizing the far right’s version of the Obamas. They’re doing it again. What I see is the loony Eastwood character imagining an Obama that wasn’t there. Unfortunately, it bolsters the belief that he was out of it, which I don’t buy into.

  303. Jackson says:

    I think it’s a pretty lame cover illustration, too. If you were in a debate and some crack-head Joe Isuzu showed up in place of the guy you were scheduled to go up against, and if he rolled over the moderator, ignored the rules and spewed nothing but lies, lies and more lies, how would you respond? I’d make like Muhammad Ali and do a rope-a-dope, knowing my research staff would capture all his BS and reconcile it with previous statements.

  304. Lorrie U says:

    Obama’s Critics Misread President Obama and Fail to Understand Debate Strategy

    There is a tactic in debating called “spreading” that involves throwing as many unproven assertions as possible at an opponent in hopes they waste time refuting lies instead of expounding their message. If the President had spent his limited time refuting every lie Romney told in Wednesday’s debate, he could not have shared his vision for America’s future or how he intended to fight for Americans who are not in Willard’s wealthy elite class. What Americans were treated to, was a President with a clear vision and message, replete with specifics, that the people have come to expect from Barack Obama. Romney’s tactic was popularized by a creationist maniac, Duane Tolbert Gish, who without facts or valid arguments to back up his creation myth ideology, drowned his opponents in lies, half-truths, and straw-man arguments in rapid bursts they could not answer in real time. Romney utilized the tactic well, but he failed to take one simple fact into account. His lies on Wednesday night do not square with his campaign rhetoric and he came off looking more transient on the issues than ever, and it is a misstep he has made throughout his run for the White House.

  305. Apple says:

    Maybe the notes were inside the card. I did notice Romney look down at one point and he reacted as though prompted for an idea (it may have been near the end of the debate). Whatever he threw down seemed to have some weight to it.

  306. Diane L says:

    Hmmm. Sorry all. I saw it as Romney debating a totally imaginary PBO, a figment of his imagination ala Neptune that had nothing to do with the real man. Guess I should have said something.

  307. alex says: has partnered with national union organization to do GOTV and poll watching; I don’t think it would be too much of a leap for them to form exit polls in 19 states where they are already organized – – seems like a natural evolution for election protection which they are doing together now;

  308. Edria Jeffs says:

    Thank you for your post and the referenced article. This article reflected my thinking about this debate. Having had no training in debating, I nevertheless recognized what Romney was trying to accomplish and disagreed with all the comments from the pundits. Lorrie I go to this website daily and really cannot express enough the satisfaction I feel from reading your contributions and all the other contributors. My special thanks to Nancy, who is a wonderfully enlightened soul. THANK YOU ALL!

  309. Bob says:

    Rmoney’s nose isn’t long enough.

  310. barbk says:

    Thanks Lorrie U. It appears that about 90% of the talking heads on TV would have fallen for that strategy had they been in the debate with Willard. This article may assume the same thing but I’ve not read the whole thing yet. Even Mark Shields (on PBS News Hour) tonight still thinking the President failed to materialize.

  311. barbk says:

    Good call catsandmusic, Romney’s natal Apophis, the asteroid named for the mythological Egyptian spirit of evil is conjunct the transiting south node. Apophis takes the form of a serpent and his venom represents all things evil. It is opposite the transiting north node which is also where Romney’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction is. The President’s midheaven is also there – opposite Romney’s Apophis.

    I suspect Mr. Romney is out of touch with his feelings (Scorpio Moon in the 6th house and 3 degrees from his 7th house cusp of partners and open enemies). It could be that because the Moon is conjunct Jupiter, who can sometimes overshadow any planet it aspects, esp. a conjunction, that his emotions are tangled up in his more masculine Jupiter expressions. Jupiter being authoritative, godly if you will, Romney might have projected that onto the President instead of “owning it”. Could it be that he thinks it’s “sappy” (emotional Moon)to express caring for the “people” (Moon)?

    With transiting Mars conjunct the north node and Romney’s own Moon-Jupiter, and, as well, Pres. Obama’s midheaven (reputation)at the time of the debate, it likely activated Romney’s natal serpent and that pure spite and vitriol you sensed was the venom of evil; the result of fear.

  312. barbk says:

    Lorrie, I responded to this comment of yours but somehow it wound up under Nita’s comment at 5:58 PM. Wierd.

  313. barbk says:

    Amen alex, amen.

  314. kate says:

    Romney showed America once and for all that he is neither capable nor trustworthy to run for president. He wins lier in chief….

  315. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, I was confused at first but realized you were responding to something else. Andthanks for all your contributions and special insights.

  316. fierywoman says:

    I LOVED this Angry Black Lady — I so agree. Mille grazie for sharing.

  317. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Edria, for your kind comments. I, too, get so much from Nancy’s incredible gift and the wonderful site.

  318. alex says:

    I’ve noticed in past Romney interviews that he gets very excited and animated when he thinks he has an opening to do damage to Obama ( & primary opponents);

    since Romney has clearly demonstrated behavior/history that is extreme, I use the extreme key indicators from mundane and natal astrology to analyze his horoscope;

    Jupiter conj moon – extreme Jupiter’s key is greed, with the moon it is lust & primitive uncontrollable (obsessive compulsive) greed;

  319. Todd Bennett says:

    I am officially ruling out Marjorie Orr as credible. She predicted the Republicans would win 2008 as early as 2007, scroll down for comment, and predicted that POTUS would hit rocky Saturn 10-6-10-14 without mention of Jupiter cushion. I would say record low unemployment(record low since Bush) is about as anti bad of news as you could get. She picks Republicans. Truth is any fool could have guessed Romney would have received a bounce from the first debate. Historically most challengers do. Nancy has not said one thing inaccurate yet about the debate. Remember Neptune and lies, be patient kids. Hang in there, it will be ok.

  320. Todd Bennett says:

    Granted there could be a brief poll drop, but the long term factor of the improving economy outweighs all that IMO.

  321. mitzi says:

    Lasts months D.N.C. breakout star, former govenor, Jennifer Grandholm, was “slammed” by Jon Stewart on The Daily last week before the debate, because she said on T.V. somewhere,that Pres. Obama would lose the first debate! And now it seems she may have been right.-Then I saw her two days ago, after the debate on another taped T.V.,talk show, asking democrates not to worry, because the following debates Obama was gonna, take it down! -But I’m still trying to figure out, does she know something? Starlight’s right, I think Pres. Obama was just giving “Shapeshifter” Romney enough rope!- I noted, that after the last convention,”Shapeshifter” and his Cohort, became very crafty and careful about not revealing any details concerning there platform, or the implimentations regarding their agenda.When asked, Ryan even stated more than once, that it would take too long to explain it… -But during the debate that all changed, and Romney gave himself away, away to all the percenters, the 1%s’,the 59% and I’m sure plenty of the 47% percenters’ tuned in. He seemed like a caged beast hungry for its’ prey.-I hope when all is said and done, that most of those percenters’, America saw what I saw, a man so empty,as empty as his heart is! Maybe he’ll find it someday, I mean his heart? And maybe then he’ll finally have something to put on top of that empty chair.

  322. Azizi says:

    You’re welcome, Patty.

    I love how the Internet helps us to connect with kindred souls, regardless of the geographical distances and/or cultural, ethnic, and racial differences.

    For instance, look how we all are connecting on Starlight’s site from throughout the USA and elsewhere. This is the part of the manifestation of the age of Aquarius.

  323. alex says:

    Hey barbk:

    bit of trivia : campaign events Oct 6th

    Believe it or not, only one campaign released a schedule for today and there’s only one guy on it:

    Mitt Romney — Apopka, FL

    Fields of Fame, Northwest Recreation Complex
    6:30 PM (EDT),_Florida

    Apopka Florida

  324. alex says:

    Triple Astrology:

    Natal Paul Ryan

    Directed – Solar Arc Paul Ryan

    VP Debate



    Like Romney at the first debate the real Ryan won’t show up.

  325. barbk says:

    Remarkable! Absolutely remarkable. Thanks alex!

  326. will says:

    I normally don’t like to share things like this because of the possibility of generating unnecessary fear. But if it can serve cautionary in any manner: I awoke from a dream last night wherein I was standing amidst a vast farm growing either wheat or barley…golden and plentiful and swaying as it was being kneaded by a midday breeze. This could have been a scene right out of a Wyeth painting. Suddenly, a deep roaring sound begins at the horizon line which was framed on each side by two large red barns. The roaring intensified and then a massive billowing cloud of smoke began to advance on the “waves of golden grain” with a gaining momentum. At first I was somewhat mesmerized by the enormity of the white, nimbus smoke formation. But my trance was broken at the shocking appearance of a colossal fire ball which ambled through the smoke. In a moment, the fire storm advanced in monstrous proportions and velocity and was consuming the entire field of crops. I ran and ran until I was inside one of the barn structures. I managed to survive the event but awakened quite shaken and disturbed. The dream presented in vivid colours and the heat from this explosive firestorm was palpable on my forearms. It felt like a nuclear fire.

  327. alex says:

    Signature of the Triple Chart:

    Directed – Solar Arc Jupiter 15 Sagittarius (breaking the boundaries of honesty)


    Transiting Jupiter 16 Gemini (expanding on lies)
    Directed – Solar Arc Saturn 16 Gemini (working hard at – expanding on lies)

    Musical Theme Song for Debate Pundits:

    High anxiety

    High Anxiety – Whenever you’re near
    Ooh, anxiety – It’s you that I fear
    My heart’s afraid to fly
    It’s crashed before
    But then you take my hand
    My heart wants to soar
    once more.

    High Anxiety — it’s always the same.
    High Anxiety — it’s you that I blame.
    It’s very clear to me, I’ve got to give in!
    High Anxiety — YOUUUUU WIN!

  328. Diane L says:

    Starlight, with more & more early voting & absentee voting spread out over the next month there is no solid chart or time for this event to work with anymore. What are your thoughts on this?

  329. pisca says:

    Hi Will.
    From various dream dictionaries, I found these keywords and possible interpretations:
    Smoke- doubts and fears will cloud your life, if you allow them to. Beware of flattery and deceitful persons.
    Wheat- fields of ripe wheat predict great fortune and prosperity as well as faithful love.
    Barley- food shortage, worries.
    Fire- favorable omen if you do not get burned.
    Fire (blaze) – seeing unconditional love, wealth, your children are being blessed; Also, you will be caught up in the enthusiasm or blazing excitement that will ignite among those around you.
    Fire (running away from it) – vexation ahead.
    Barn (full of grain and animals) – expect great prosperity and happiness.
    Barn (empty) – poor finances and lack of funds.
    Dreams? Neptune’s escape!

  330. will says:

    Thank you, Pisca. Cannot seem to make heads or tails of it as almost all of my dreams involve people I know well or who are public figures. This dream has me bewildered because of the impersonal nature and the strength of it.

    By-the-way, gas prices have spiked stratospherically within this last two weeks in L. A. We are 4.89 for regular and over 5.00 for all others. This has got to be G.O.P. maneuvering to throw the election through Big Oil.

  331. alex says:

    if you recall every presidential election year the oil refinery companies in CA have fires, breaks in their pipelines and other sudden hazardous conditions that create gas shortages and therefore the price of gas in CA goes up;

    the oil companies are corporations that bully the public into panic every four years during campaign season to set up the conditions to vote to reject the incumbent ( or challenger ) that the oil corporations least favor – – Obama wants to end the government welfare program for big oil…..

    you can expect more of the same…… the prices will drop after the election;

  332. starlight says:

    This is a wonderful endorsement! They summarize the whole thing perfectly!!!

  333. connimac says:

    Excellent article, Lorrie U! And you picked out one of the most valuable paragraphs to illustrate. Thanks for this link and for so many others you continually provide to the group.

  334. Diane L says:

    Wow! I agree! It is wonderful. Fair, accurate summation. Great find, Pisca.

  335. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Connimac!

  336. Lorrie U says:

    Hi, Alex. Have to admit, I don’t always get what you’re saying in your posts, leaves me a little lost, guess it’s above my head. Wanted to ask if the above link has done a Biden chart for the debate? Couldn’t find it, if so.

  337. barbk says:


    Thanks for sharing this dream with us. There is much symbolism in it and so a few notes of astrology are mentioned, also in the name of caution.

    Transiting Ceres (amber waves of grain) will station retrograde on Halloween at 3+ Cancer, conjunct the U.S. natal (Sibly) Venus.

    Ceres will be square transiting Venus at 3+ Libra and trine Saturn at 3+ Scorpio. The Venus square will be exact that same day, October 31, while the Saturn trine will be exact late night (Pacific time) Nov. 4 or early morning (Eastern time) on Nov. 5, the day before the election.

    In the U.S. progressed Sibly chart, Saturn is at 3+ Scorpio, Uranian Point Hades is at 3+ Scorpio, and asteroid Persephone is at 3+ Cancer.

    The good news is U.S. progressed Persephone and trans. Ceres are conjunct. In their myth, Ceres withheld the grain until her daughter was returned to her. Not as good is the news that transiting Saturn is conjunct U.S. progressed Saturn and progressed Hades, but with the trine to transiting Ceres (conjunct U.S. prog. Persephone) we should be able to save half the “grain crop”.

  338. Lorrie U says:

    Will, I’ve studied dream interpretation. Fire represents cleansing similar to Pluto in transformational energy. I see it as a very positive imagery. The smoke represents the slow transformation which is currently taking place, setting the stage for the cleansing. Red is the color of the life force, the root chakra, and finding safety within the stucture tells me that this country will survive intact.

    I’ve been doing a lot of visualization, seeing the white light of the Christ energy enveloping this country, raining down and cleansing the bodies, minds and spirit of each person, and emanating outwards to envelope the whole planet, awakening the true Christ spirit. I see a mandate for the election, that only those who are for the highest and best good for the people of this country are elected to work together to move our country forward, not back. I see this white light of the Christ energy protecting the integrity of this election and the purity of the democratic vision upon which this country was initially created, emanating outward to envelope the planet with the spirit of good will to all species which inhabit it.

  339. Diane L says:

    This is reflected in the shift of opinion on social media from Thursday to Friday after the debate. The more people thought about it, the more they felt Romney lied. Neptune at work.

    Social Media Analysis, who really won the debate

  340. Wennye' says:

    Lorrie U- As it is written let it be done..Amen

  341. Lorrie U says:

    Excellent! Thanks for posting…

  342. Wennye' says:

    Thanks my friend..pep rally is always appreciated Todd! Blessings

  343. clymela says:

    I am there with you and thanks for the reminder for me and others.

  344. Lorrie U says:

    Chris Rock: Mitt Romney is a mannequin in a store window. Looks just fine, until you get up close and notice his eyes are painted on. Spooky.

  345. Azizi says:

    I’ve been interested in dream interpretation for quite some time. I remember this maxim in a book whose title I’ve forgotten: “The dream is the best interpreter of his or her own dreams. Of course, some of the symbols we use in our dreams come from cultural motifs so may have the same meanings for others-and maybe many others- in our culture.

    To use a example other than fire, when I dream of dogs I take into account the fact that I have always been afraid of dogs. I remember [in real life] as a young child either being bitten by a dog or being scared because a big dog jumped on me. Also, I never had a pet dog and as a child I didn’t know anyone else who did (Dogs weren’t allowed in the housing project where we lived.) Also, as an adult I have had very few friends who have had dogs. And even to this day I can’t say that I have totally conquered my fear of dogs.

    It’s still a major achievement for me to sit or stand with people around their dogs and not be totally conscious of where the dogs are, and it’s a big deal for me to get the courage to touch and pet dogs -even those I know are good, and won’t bite me. I’m still working on this, but I haven’r reached the point where I would have a dog as a pet, though I know having a puppy might help this heightened consciousness if not fear of dogs.

    The point is that when I dream of dogs it means something different than it would if a dog lover dreamed of dogs. Add to that the common saying in the USA that “all men are dogs”. When I dreampt of dogs chasing me or dogs barking at me after a romantic breakup, I know that that symbolizes more than my fear of those four legged animals. And when I have dreams that I have a dog or dogs and the dog is my friend, and I’m cuddling it withoug any fear whatsoever, that dream may mean that I feel good about what is going on in my life, or I feel good about (and comfortable with) a romantic relationship I’m involved with, or both. You see what I mean about the dreamer being the best interpreter of his or her dream?

    Also, while it might help to tell another person your dream, or tell it to yourself (by writing it down, which I feel is a good habit), sometimes the things you chose not to tell about the dream help reveal what the dream means to you. And sometimes the act of writing the dream down helps you interpret what that dream means.

  346. alex says:

    Asteroid Analysis, Peter Peterson
    By – Mark Andrew Holmes,0,376906.column

    October 2, 2012


    Who’s the most influential billionaire business figure in national politics?

    If you answered one of the Koch brothers (Charles or David) or George Soros, you’re wearing your partisan blinders. The former are known for their devotion to conservative causes, the latter to liberal. In either case, you’re wrong.

    The most influential billionaire in America is Peter G. Peterson. The son of Greek immigrants, Peterson, 86, served as Commerce secretary under President Nixon, then became chairman and chief executive of Lehman Bros. Subsequently, he made his big money as co-founder of the Wall Street private equity firm Blackstone Group.

    Peterson’s views are subtly infiltrating the Washington debate — which is why Americans should start getting worried about him.

    He isn’t content merely to express concern about the federal deficit. His particular targets are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which he calls “entitlement” programs and which he wants to cut back in a manner that would strike deeply at the middle class.

    It’s a measure of Peterson’s achievement that for Washington Republicans and Democrats alike, the idea that social insurance programs such as Medicare and Social Security desperately and urgently need “reform” has become a foundation stone of the debate, even though Peterson’s evidence can be misleading and his contentions questionable. That points to the question of whose interests Peterson is really promoting when he talks about ratcheting back programs that were designed from their inception as universal benefits.

  347. Glenn Wing says:

    Neither Rmoney or Obama were supposed to be using notes. I just saw a video of Rmoney pulling out notes as he approached the lectern. Another indication of Mitt’s nefarious, unsrcuplous behavior.

  348. Sharon says:

    I hope it means that God is going to get rid of the chauvinistic right wingers by destroying those “amber waves of grain” they so cling to in their bigotry and xenophobia! I would say that it’s the right-wing movement destroying the U.S. but I don’t believe they are as powerful as painted in your dream….maybe it’s your fear that they are? Or, it could resonate with you on a personal level, but for some reason, I take it as political. Or, it could mean war if you have experience with precognitive dreams, but I don’t think that will happen (can’t tell you why) or if it does, not at a nuclear level.

  349. karen says:

    Will, I’ve had far too many prescient dreams regarding earth changes, earthquakes, floods, etc. I’m never in the know about the where or when of them. Too, the quality of prescient dreams is different, not symbol centered. When I read your post, I felt that it was of the same quality. How it will manifest is the question that can’t be answered. Given the growing unrest throughout the world, and given the number of times the military/industrial complex has scorched the earth in the name of “freedom,” I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve a comeuppance in store.

  350. Azizi says:

    I meant to add that by over time, by writing down your dream I think you realize that you have a distinct dream vocabulary of symbols. And you begin to realize what those symbols in different contexts mean to you, though some of them may mean the same thing to other people within your culture and outside your culture.

    But my comments here are about “regular” dreams and not precognitive dreams or other types of dreams which may have supernatural meanings.

  351. Prabhata says:

    Will, I’ve found that if I don’t try to complicate the meaning of a dream, they are very simple to understand. It’s your dream, and your reaction to it, that the fire was nuclear is probably right. That doesn’t mean that there will be a nuclear holocaust, but what a nuclear event means to you. If you think about it, most of us think of a nuclear explosions as devastating. So your subconscious may be “seeing” the future as totally different from what you are accustomed to. I think I told you guys about my election dream in 2000 when I woke up right after a dream that Gore had lost by 4 votes. I laughed at the dream, but my subconscious was seeing electoral votes, not individual votes.

    Anyhow, you survived, so your initial reaction to the event means that it was not as bad as you initially thought.

  352. Prabhata says:

    Btw, the reason I say that you are the best person to interpret your dream is that once, when I went to my teacher to interpret a dream I had the night before, he looked into my eyes and said: “It’s your dream”. I got the message. The dream speaks to the dreamer. So I’d ask questions like: What does a field of wheat and barley mean to me? What does a nuclear fire ball mean to me? What does a barn mean to me? Why was a barn a place I’d run to if I was in danger?

    You constructed everything in that dream. It came from your mind and it speaks to you.

  353. will says:

    Karen, I feel my dream was prescient of some external event and. Thi is why I chose to share it.

    Pisca, Lorrie, Alex, Sharon, Azizi, Prabhata, Bar k and Karen, many, many thanks for pondering my dream and your personal feedback. I am mostgrateful.

  354. barbk says:

    Thank you pisca.

  355. Patty says:

    When you have a chance…Please watch this if you have not yet seen it.
    This week’s show explores a scheme involving state politicians and powerful corporations to remake America, one state house at a time.
    ‘United States of ALEC’

  356. barbk says:

    I appreciate your letting us know about this tetramorph. Amazing stuff is happening!

  357. KIM says:

    Thank you for that….Now I just may have to force myself to watch the VP debate.

  358. KIM says:

    Can I just say after looking at Romney’s sons…they remind me serial killers. What was the name of that movie that Christian Bale played on in?

  359. Todd Bennett says:

    Anybody is welcome to follow me on twitter where I make sense of and project future polling. @ToddBennett10

  360. will says:


    American Psycho

  361. Ellie says:

    Traditional dream interpretation starts with the personal before moving to the trans-personal. Begin with events of proceeding 24 to 72 hours. Often we are too busy in our day to day activities to pay attention but the sub-conscious files everything away and then it pops up symbolically in our dreams. The more vivid, horrific or nightmarish the dream the more likely we are at a major turning point in our lives; big decisions to be made or something significant being avoided.

  362. fierywoman says:

    THANK YOU dear one for this interpretation — and thank you dear Will for sharing !!!!

  363. will says:

    Ellie, Thank you.

    I’ll try it on a more personal level. I’ve got a couple of Uranian transits (ascendant and midheaven) right now and Saturn directly opposing Mars and Venus. Excruciating, actually.

    Fierywoman, you know the drill.

  364. alex says:

    don’t listen to the pundits… write note to self stick it on your computer…. stream the debate online with audio; and the teevee without audio; and do some third thing to keep busy; only watch to analyze:

    take behavior, demeanor impressions so on so forth from the teevee with no sound;

    and listen/watch a tab barred streaming audio on your computer;

    read something or write something else don’t focus on the debate directly … it will make you angry and that is distracting… there is so much coverage you can pick up any pieces you missed while you were concentrating on watching for the force, direction of the debate on the collective-public and yourself;

    when I hear something that peaks my interest I’ll go sit in front of teevee and watch a few minutes;ten go back to computer and listen maybe watch while I do something else;

    I usually take a few notes about the debate; go to dailykos to read thru the chaos debate blog looking for the degree of cogent there and to see how the emotions of my friends on the left are being played by the experience of watching the debate; I’m interested in the collective experience and taking away what I think was valuable from the debate experience;

    when 60 million people tune into something on the teevee and you are one of them you are having a massive collective experience; and it has subsets;

    collective conscience
    collective unconscious
    mass consciousness
    and mass hysteria

    I watch for the collective behavior, and I pay attention to what I like what peaks my interest and alternatively what disgusts me from the debate;

    I’ll be disgusted with Ryan that’s a given; so I’ll have a few things prepared like delicious comfort tea or food to nibble on to take the taste of Ryan away…. and after the debate is over and I watch some MSNBC for the post debate comments especially watch for OFA people commenting post debate, or if any MSNBC have their head screwed on right that night I want to caught a few impressions from them because it goes by quick and I want to know info/event/experience I didn’t catch myself or to compare what the talking heads find important and what I found important;

    Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell usually say something worth while but it depends what their expectations are i.e. last debate Hayes and O’Donnell, Sharpton were only ones that had any useful perspective… the rest were freaking out;

    I study the debate I don’t watch it to be persuaded, media is very persuasive I know I’ll take impressions that are media manipulated that’s why I split audio, from visual… to lessen that effect on my emotions….

    I know apx what Joe Biden will do I’ve been closely watching him since 2008;

    in contrast 2000 I watched Joe Liberman’s selection, and his campaign lack luster contributions at rally and on teevee…. he was a red herring diverting attention from the real forces for and against Gore/Dems; to me Liberman was a plant for the plutocrats and Gore was absolutely stupid to pick him, but since then I’ve come to the conclusion that Gore is a plutocrat through and through irregardless of his ‘populous’ persona and his devotion to climate crisis….. he is out for himself… he caved in 200 but most of all he didn’t do the work in 2000 campaign and he ran a bad campaign team – – he exuded self interest wasn’t all that interested or cared on principle what was going to happen to ‘we the people’ if he lost to the neocons;

    anyway after the V.P. debate if I’m feeling up to it I’ll post a few astrology notes that reflect what I think is going on and my pre-post impressions on the debate some of it might be good enough to post… we’ll see;

    when I was younger ( early middle-aged ) I thought I kept myself well informed enough to make good decisions for election choices; then when I finally got on the internet I realized how truly uninformed I was all those years; after that I began to monitor my emotional connection to political things and realized I wanted to ‘detach’ from the manipulated conditioning of politics so that I could have a chance to understand the big picture;

    I sue a few tactics with astrology and careful study that guide my consumption of political media; the thing is you can’t ever let the media influence you if you can help it they are corporate interest agents chosen for their positions as fake authority figures to shape what the public thinks is going on and can’t be trusted;

    once in a blue moon media talker has an insight which can be helpful but for the most part it is noise that will distract you from your own good common sense and your reflection on your own thoughts and from what importance and event may have and what’s important for you;

    you are one of millions of people watching…. think about that effect and what you are seeing, watch the people on the blogs, and watch your own reactions;

    it is a highly manipulated experience and it is a collective experience…. the debates are very unique experience that is being inscribed into your consciousness…. discriminate carefully the impressions you take away and compare them with a version of your younger self who might have thought quite differently for comparison and perspective to your more mature self now… debate watching is a big massive collective experience….

    I recall when I read up on the timeline for the first time about the pure science of radio, the first technological advances of radio and the first public inauguration of radio to the public I realized radio what a collective powerful transformer it is because it brought so many millions together to have a collective experience ( historically religion has been the big collective massive mover of people )

    Obama team is way beyond the status quo media heads who still find it useful to tell the public how transformed we were with the first televised debate Kennedy-Nixon… then later in Nixon’s subsequent debates over the years he had Roger Ailes (fox news) as his debate media adviser … Ailes brought teevee production/distribution values to the Nixon debates…. he knew how to influence the public to ‘buy’….. Ailes was self trained by being a producer of the Merv Griffin talk show Ailes knew where the public’s ‘buy button’ was and how to manipulate it;

    I once heard Ron Brown chairman of DNC (very sharp intelligent guy) give a speech to a group of 200 or so contributors he was criticizing the GOP’s use of ‘brand politics’ …. he and his associated greatly underestimated the GOP development of ‘brand politics’ the GOP learned from advertising world how to sell their candidates and their politics;

    those days are gone; if you liked and believed in Obama and Joe Biden don’t let anyone or anything dissuade you only listen to your own inner voice and your own experiences…. we the people have the presidency now, no imperfections or political mistakes by our team should create a divisive effect on you…. media is divisive to the max… it is meant to heighten feelings of inner conflict so that you will align yourself with media authority figure – and away from your empowered self; don’t fall for it;

    because there is so much distracting NOISE out there it takes a few days to gather your thoughts and come to a perspective about the big picture; don’t let yourself be rushed into an opinion a feeling or a mood that ultimately betrays your goal/the progressive collective goal…. to keep the White House, reclaim the House of Representative,s keep and increase the Senate and move forward to make things better;

  365. Teresa Hill says:

    I’m out of town. Will write more when I get home.

    I’ve had dreams that came true, but they were always about personal things. Sometimes people who are close to me. I would say to ask yourself how this could apply to your personal life.
    And as people have said, what the symbols mean to you. Fire is a common theme of death and rebirth. Lots of death and rebirth energy in the universe right now.
    Are you coming up to a big change? I’d say it’s about a big change and telling you that you’ll be leaving parts of yourself or your old life behind and parts will survive.

  366. alex says:

    per Nate Silver

    As of October 6th, the presidential swing states are:
    North Carolina,


    states with competitive races for the U.S. Senate are:


    Virginia has been dropped from the competitive senate contests because Nate estimates that Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine has more than an 80% likelihood of winning. Also, Nebraska should have been removed from competitive status last week, as Bob Kerrey has less than a 10% chance of becoming Senator again.

  367. will says:

    Teresa Hill,

    Many thanks for these pointers thus far. As I had mentioned, I have Uranus squaring both my ascendant and my MC….and Saturn directly opposing my Venus and Mars conjunct. This is one of my toughest group of transits to date. Feel like a peeled grape.

    Look forward to your insights. Mille grazi.

  368. Lorrie U says:

    Unlike the Corporate Media, Citizens Aren’t Buying Romney’s Debate Lies

    A new tool was applied to social media following the presidential debate, and it showed that public sentiment was Obama won on substance, whereas Romney appeared to win by lying. The ability of social media to spread the word about fact-checks has changed the game. As of 10/5

    Obama Won/Romney Lost – 44%
    Neutral/No Opinion – 23%
    Romney Won/Obama Lost – 33%

  369. loyalurker says:

    Thanks so much!

  370. loyalurker says:

    Interesting that Saturday Night Live, which did a spoof of the debates, emphasized that Obama was suffering from altitude sickness during the debates. And they played up Romney’s lies.

    Will, interesting dream. I don’t know what it means for you but I’m curious why two red barns were framing the horizon. Maybe the direction of the horizon is important too (east, west, north, south)? And one of the barns became your ‘safe place’. That seems important. And then this peaceful feeling of abundance was quite suddenly threatened by a fireball. Does sound very Uranian.

    I suppose if I were to read its symbolism in a less personal way, maybe it has something to do with drought and food shortages? I’m just reminded of some stories I’ve read about the collapse of these major crops due to drought and just how significant that is likely to become. But I doubt that is what your dream was about.

  371. angellight says:

    Mitt Romney, American Parasite: His brand of “creative destruction” left a lot of human wreckage in its wake.

  372. Bob says:

    Romney is not afraid to take on even iconic figures. If you have any doubts about how ruthless he is. BB had this nightmare.

    (Not Safe For Children)

  373. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    If he really is only getting five hours of sleep a night that is not good. There’s this myth out there that people can manage very well on a lot less than they really need. Individuals do vary, but almost all of us need between seven and nine hours a night. Five is going to leave him chronically sleep deprived.