29th Oct, 2012

The Final Stretch: Romney

As the nation reels from Hurricane Sandy, and climate change trumpets its omnipresent threat once again, we are entering the final stretch of the 2012 election. The various polls are all over the map, enough to allow partisans on both sides to claim an edge.

For candidate Mitt Romney, there are mixed indications until November 12, and then the forecast turns increasingly grim, especially after November 20. To fully understand these trends, it is useful to look at two aspects from his natal and progressed charts.

The first of these is a natal Saturn (2Leo24) square to natal Chiron (8Scorpio20) which has  progressed to a very tight, waxing square with progressed Saturn at 3Leo36 square to progressed Chiron at 3Scorpio59 retrograde. The progressed square runs from 2008 through mid-2015, and will be profoundly intensified from October 28 through November 7, 2012, when transiting Saturn crosses it.  Essentially, it brings to a culmination the emotional complex suggested in the natal square.

According to Melanie Reinhardt in her seminal book on Chiron, Chiron and the Healing Journey, a Saturn/Chiron square implies a deep, personal wound relating to the father. She points to a struggle to be different from the father, often manifested by attempting to fulfill “the father’s unlived potentials, unconsciously trying to redeem him by fulfilling his unrealized ambitions”… and “redeem a negative inheritance from the father’s side of the family.”

As is well known, Mitt’s father, George Romney, ran for president and lost, ostensibly in part because he became fervently opposed to the Vietnam War, a liberal position at the time. As is less well known, the Mormon Church, with which both Romneys have been long associated, has a prophecy that one of their own will come to great power in the United States and save the nation, as well as bring Mormonism to significant prominence. With a natal Saturn square to Chiron beginning to build toward full fruition by progression, just as Romney began aggressively running for president, it is hard not to wonder if these ancestral and religious aspirations, as well as a drive to complete his father’s ambition to become president, have been a powerful motivating factor. If this is the implication in the progressed Saturn/Chiron square, it seems that the Saturn transit to this aspect from October 28 through November 7 would indicate a thwarting of that goal.

The second aspect relating to these issues in Romney’s chart is his 4th house Pluto (11Leo22), which suggests an intense power struggle in the family of origin, likely between Romney and one of his parents. Here the implication is of a very potent father figure with whom Mitt struggled to compete, most likely on an unconscious, emotional level. It leaves him with a need to dominate in situations and a tendency to feel subtly threatened when he is not. Natally, his Pluto is in opposition to Venus (8Aquarius33) which is conjunct the Midheaven (6Aquarius28), offering an outlet for Romney’s imperative to dominate through a successful business career (Venus/MC).

This configuration thus points to Romney’s push to be powerful and his tendency to do well in business as a way to live out that inner drive. As of November 20, transiting Saturn will begin to cross this configuration, beginning with a square to the MC (and sesquiquadrate the Sun) from November 20 through 29, followed by Saturn square to natal Venus from December 10 through December 20, and finally by squaring natal Pluto from January 13 through March 4, with all of the Saturn crossings returning in the spring and summer of 2013. To me, these Saturn transits suggest a frustration and failure of Romney’s drive for power.

There are a few uplifting and positive configurations in Romney’s chart, some of which continue for a brief time after the election. Most notably, Jupiter will square his Mercury (13Pisces55) from November 4 through November 12, and progressed Moon is sesquiquadrate to his natal Jupiter/Moon conjunction through November 20. Again, the possibility of confusion and delay at the time of the election would fit with this picture. Due to the hurricane, it is not impossible to imagine paper ballots being brought to places without power and taking significantly longer to tally, not to mention the mess likely to be created by all the new voter suppression laws.

But as of November 12, Jupiter will leave the aspect to Mercury, and Neptune will return to its waxing square to Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43). Moreover, Saturn will begin its quincunx to his Node (5Gemini29) followed by the long series of Saturn transits denoted above. There will also be some Jupiter transits in Romney’s chart in January (trine the MC and square to Mars).  But I continue to think that the overwhelming imperative of that 4th Pluto, and its frustration by the long Saturn station in January and February, suggest the failure of a years-long drive to finally overpower that inner father figure with whom he is forever competing.

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