28th Oct, 2012


This has been a political campaign devoid of even one reference to global climate change. The dire threat it poses has hardly, if ever, been mentioned amidst the endless stream of rhetoric of the past year. Thus, it is with supreme irony that the campaigns are now canceling events and scurrying to avoid the danger zone as the East Coast braces for a massive storm arising out of an unusually warm October sea. Even the catch phrase du jour – Frankenstorm – implies a man-made creature that became a monster. This is not an October Surprise, it is an October Alarm.

As Hurricane Sandy travels up the East Coast, there are fears of a large swath of flooding, danger, and destruction that could slam several states over the next several days. Not only is Sandy massive in its own right, but it will be meeting up with a cold front from Canada likely to push it westward onto the land and dramatically increasing its wallop.

There are several planetary configurations that come together that describe the likely period of Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the East Coast, USA. The first is a long, slow progression of Saturn trine to US natal Venus (3Cancer06) which runs from 1996 through 2015. This aspect has become increasingly noticeable as it gets closer to exact in 2015, and it is clearly part of the larger picture of the slow recovery and sluggish economic growth we have seen for the past few years. Since Saturn is forming a trine and not a hard aspect, its contracting impact is mild and workable, but nonetheless a burden to more rapid progress.

What is significant at present is a transit of Saturn that is deeply intensifying this configuration beginning on October 23 and building in strength through 1 AM on November 1. Saturn is now conjunct progressed US Saturn (3Scorpio12 R) and trine natal US Venus (3Cancer06). This combination indicates anxiety and strain for some segment of the population during this time-frame. We are not looking at another Katrina, but we are looking at some serious stress that will need great effort and discipline to manage over the course of several days.

There are two periods when this Saturn transit is further augmented by the movement of other planetary bodies. The first is early on Monday morning, October 29, through about 8:45 AM, during which the transiting Moon will oppose Saturn. This is likely to be a tense and upsetting time. The second is for the entire day of Wednesday, October 31, through about 1 AM on November 1, when transiting Mars (18 Sagittarius) will be semisquare transiting Saturn (3Scorpio), just at the time the above mentioned Saturn transit trine natal Venus and conjunct progressed Saturn, becomes exact. It seems likely the storm or its attendant damage may also be strengthened at that time.

Another configuration to note is the first crossing of transiting Mercury (00Sagittarius24) square to transiting Neptune (00Pisces24) on Sunday, October 28, and Monday, October 29 through approximately 2 PM. This aspect will be further intensified by transiting Venus (00Libra24) quincunx Neptune through late Sunday afternoon. This excessive Neptune energy coupled with the Full Moon at 3:51 PM EST on Monday suggests a huge amount of water and likely flooding. The strong Neptune combined with the above-mentioned Saturn aspects also indicate a lot of fearful hyperbole and agitated anticipation through mid-afternoon on Monday.

As we move into later Tuesday, October 30, through 6 PM on Wednesday, October 31, the transiting Sun (8Scorpio) will quincunx US natal Uranus (8Gemini55), activating the progressed US Sun (8Pisces) square to US natal Uranus. This suggests some kind of surprise upset or unexpectedly potent storm event that then leads to a generally stressful day on October 31 (Transiting Mars semisquare to Saturn).

In summary, the most upset and anxiety of the first section of the storm would seem to be in the early hours of Monday until around 8:45 AM.  A second phase of disturbance and stress, as well as some unanticipated events is likely to come late on Tuesday through Wednesday. After 1 AM on Thursday, November 1, circumstances are likely to be on their way to resolution.

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